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FEB 141!
■    -—
Vol. 16-No. 11
$2.50 Per Year
» fvfr)
We have been requested by
the Perfecto Diamond Point Fountain Pen Company to offer with
each pen sold at $2.50, the above
policy with all premiums and registration fees prepaid.
This is an absolutely guaranteed Pen, has 14k. gold point and
if not satisfactory can be returned.
The Imperial Guarantee and
Accident Insurance Company, of
Toronto who issue this policy, have
a Government deposit of $100,000
Provincial Government Refuses Sir Frederick Bcrden Gives De-
Viotorla, Pob, II. Members ot lhe
Looal * > 111 i, n t League waited on Pro -
mier MoUrklo with a request that ilm
Government introduce a bill at the
present session lo provide lor locui
option, it was urged llmt as there
were a number ol pointH,throughout
tlie province in favor of lounl option ■
as evidenced by the vole cnsl iu favor
of it it would only bo just iliat such
places should bo afforded lhc oppoi: -
luniiy of Haying whothor thoy wanlod
Liquor or tail.
I Premier MoBride, in reply, slated the
government had very hilly considered
tho mallei' oi local option, and it had
boon resolved not  lo bring down any
I legislation along the linos suggested
during  tho  present   session.
Tho premier informed tho deputation
that tho government bad brought
down legislation for lhe hotter control of ihe liquor trafliu, and as the
law was lo bo very strictly administered, bi' thought, and hoped lhat it
would do much to bring about the
conditions  sought   by  local  oplionlsts.
At At A* A A". A' At A' A- At A- At Ar At An At At At A <*• A' A _h£_h_h_h_h
Spanish Cabinet Resigns
Madrid. Feb, I I. Tho Spanish Cabinet, headed by Premier Mama, resigned this; afternoon. The ministerial
crisis was brought about by lhe right
wing of the Liberal parly protesting
against  the premier's alliance with  the
Republicans,   .lose   Canalejas   Y. Men-
des, leader of the Monaichial Democrats, has been charged by tho King
with llu* tnsk of forming a ne.\ cabinet.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Electrician Killed
I'cll.      1(1.- The
tails ot Naval Programme
Ottawa, Fob,  10.   Sir Frederick Ilor-
den today gave details as to what the
Canadian naval service was to t„,
made up of. The Bristol was the
■latest doslgn of orulsor ol her class
ami the Canadian Itristols would be
buill entirely oil Lho lines laid down
by ihe admiralty,
The minister explained it had been
decided lo drop tho Dondlcoa, and in-
-.lead purchase front the admiralty the
Niobe, a cruiser ol 11,000 Ions, which
would cosl 81,075,000,
The dostroyorfl would be of the ini -
proved river class. Negotiations
were now under way for tlie purchase
of the Niohe and the Rainbow. Thu
latter would bo stationed ou the Pacific ast  as  a   training ship,  and    if
necessary a fishery protection boat.
The Niobe would be stationed ou
the Atlantic, nnd for tho time being
would be used for training purposes ,
although when the other ships were
completed she would take her place
With  (hem as an  actual vessel.
The object of huving these two
training ships was Hint by the timo
the naval force was eomplotod there
would be, it was hoped, a sufficient
number of trained men lo man llm
When eomplotod two of tho Brlstols
would be stationed on the Pacific ,
and two on the Atlantic with the
Niobe and the six destroyers. These
hips, Sir Frederick Borden affirms,
were moro suited for Canadian waters.
The minister presented a cost tablo
presented by Admiral Klngsuiill. The
cosl, exclusive of construction, would
he for the first year 81,260,000; second
year, $1,417,000; third year, (1,704,000
and fourth year 82,264,000,
The estimated annual cost oi main -
Come and try a cup of Ridgways
Delicious Tea or Coffee, Mrs. Healer
kept busy demonstrating all the time
Bourne Bros.
Vancouver,   Fob.   10.- The  switching  tonance ol the vessels when completed
ufi of the electric lights for about half   manned and fitted out will I
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Maundrell  Meat  Market
Quick Delivery.       Phone 251
Juicy, Young
and lender
ate what you want undoubtedly; you cannot,
maybe, get them at every
market, but you can here.
The Savory Roast for
dinner you will find in our
refrigerator, as well as
the choicest steaks and
chops for breakfast! The
fastidious customer will be pleased with our meats
and the most economical with our prices.
Chops Tender
and Sweet
Our Chops will tickle
the palate of the epicu.t
as well as of anyone who
tries them.
Taken   from   the   best
stock obtainable,and carefully cut and trimmed,
they cannot fail to please
l nil.
0     meats are all choice, and the prices are no highei
than you may pay for lower grade marketing elsewhere.
Green  Bones Chopped for Your
Chickens   Daily
Premier Bacon and Hams
Whole.   Halved  or   Sliced
an hour was accompanied hy a tvag
oily at ihe H. (.'. K. If. powerhouse ot
Bametj where the hiirh power. Line
from Lake Buntzen comes in. whoa
Mr. Webster was electrocuted and two
other workmen severely injured.
A number of men were busy making
changes on a "dead" line, when a
Live wire, carrying about 30,000 volts,
broke a short distance away and
grounded. Tlie men math' a rush for
safety, but the deadly fluid was com -
municated lo the galvanised iron roof
and thence to different pans of tho
building, and escape was impossible.
Czarina's Illness
EydtkuliDon, Russia, Feb. 11.—Tlie
I'/aii.na's illness took \ serious turn
today mid she was unable to recognize the Czar anil their children. Sho
is suffering the recurrent hysteria and
melancholia to which she has bocu
ttubjet'l for several years past, It is
feared lhat her death may be a question uf but a short time.
The illness of the Czarina is believed
to be an affection of the brain,     cau-
laed by her living in constant  fear of
anarchistic and nihilistic plots.
ho 83,680,-
000.  The estimated cost of tho eleven
hips, which included thu Dodicea as
originally proposed, was estimated ut
811,000,000, or substituting the Niobe
for tho Boadicea at  810,015,000,
Sir Frederick added these were ltri-
tish prices, ljul ii was hoped to construct lho ships iu Canada if the cost
would not bo much greater.
The naval college, it was estimated
would cost 8715,000, spread over n
number of years. The total cost of
construction, with ships awl college,
would therefore !;,. 510,760,000,
As to tho cosl per head, the minister argued the militia cost eighty cents
a head, and with tho naval expenditure tho lotal cost to every Canadian
at tlio time of construction would not
amount lo more than 11.26 a head.
Tho Niobe has a speed of twenty
and a half knots and has eight six-
inch sjuns.
Sugar Men Pay Up
New York, Feb. 9.—The National
Sugar Refinery Company finally turned over to the United Stales treasury
the    sum of 8004,304 duo the govern-
jment for shortago in importations
: sugar between 1907 and l'JUH.
Big Immigration
Montreal, Feb. 11. There is not the
slightest doubt thai during the present year we shall have a bigger immigration of American farmers into
the Canadian     west  than ever before.
I ast year we had B0,000.   I
convinced   that     this year wi
have over 100,000."
Such   Was   the   opinion   e\pie
morning by William Whyto, tl
\ ice-president ol lhe C, I'. R.
ed this
Volcanic Eruption
I I'orl l.imon, Costa Rica, 1'Vli. II. ■
Reports received today from tho vill -
aL'cs lying aboul lho foot of tho vol-
cuiiic mountain of Poas stated eighty
persons ware killed during tlio orup '
lion early   thin  week.
All the deaths woro caused hy enormous stones botched from (he crater.
Considerable proporty damage was
also done.
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have recently been completed under wbirh the branches
ot Hit* bunk aie obie tu issn»» Droits on tli" principal points
in the lollowin^i countriesi
Austria Hungry     Finland
I■ .!. ■   Islands
Formosa Italy
France Japan
r'rVh Corhto-China   Java
Germany Mam huria
Great Britain Mexico
South Africa
Straits S«ttl
Phillipmr Islands     West Indies
Ro ii. i    .i and elsewhere
/■ h I   t   . ... 7 O h h      & fV / /V C ti      A
Your Insurance
unc of  ihe   most   important  items
in your business
Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
k altei  thus bnmch ol your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
I Imperial Bank of Canada
Ho.-.<l Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Cupiiai Authorized
Capital Paid Up
$10,000,000.00 \
Local Option League
loriu,    I'fl)'  11.—The o
rear lot the I.a nl Opti
ala,-it'll ai  ilia annual convention,    are
ai follows.
['resident I',. IV Morgan, Vancouver,
i ice-presidents, li. H Cali'iiH. Dr. lain-! Ball, Joseph Patrick, J. A. Logan and Mr-. Shoffold, Imanrinl accro-
tary, W. J. Farris;. troiiHurer, J, A.
V resolution was adopl <l asking the
Dominion government it* nniond ilu*
Canada Temperance aol (Scott net)
i<i make it apply to tlii   province,
ROOM TO  RENT   Willi uonrtl   suitable for ono nr- two young men, bath,
etc.  Terms moderate.   Apply Box 300, 5)i„n|t|
Hew tdison Theatre
The programmo ni moving pictures
this week ai the New EldiBon has been
particularly interesting, On Wednesday and Thursday tho scenos ol tho
lift, anil career of Napoleon tho Great
wero shown, depicting nil llic groat
victories of the famous limporor, concluding wiih liis dofent al Waterloo,
and exile, at St, Holenn, l.asl night
tha "Destruction of Pompoli" and the
oruptloti nl Vesuvius «nst the principal
picture, and was magniliconl in staging and realistic effect, This piotureis
onu ol the best ever seen In Revel •
stoke, Tho balance of the programme
wns high-class and interesting nnd will
be repeated tonight, All win. have
not soon the "Destruction uf Pompeii
Ki»'">"'- tu Agents it all principal n Inis   i> Canada.
Annuls iii (irt-.r Hiitiiin and United Ktmp» r-rndoo, England,
Uoydi. Rank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Ex-
■'liiiiigi- Nsllnnal Rank. (Seattle—Seattle National Bnnk, Ran Fran-
••i—oti-— Wells Pargn Nevada National Bank Hpoa—ae—Kxchangfl
National itank
Savings Bank Department
Pepotdte (ii si and onward, n-.-.-i..-.i. and luteree! tllowed at
enrrem rate from date of deposit,   ( iirrespoiidenee tjolloiLed.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
l-kW-nHBBBS &£___SS_BS__i
Rustralian Navy
LondoDi Peb. 9.    Tlio Qrtt  unii     ol
tlie Australian navy w.-m  lam
GovaOj Scotland, this cftarnoon, Mi
A.squit h doing i lit* bon< n
In ohrifltening tba ihip tho premier'i
wife laid: "Kir t hum ol Lbe Com'
monwealth ol au itrall - d ivy, I
name yon 'Paramatta.' God blesa
you. May you upbotd lbe
traditions of the Britiih navy in the
dominion! oversea •  '
Tho Parramatta ii a tor]
drstroycr of tlio improved rivei
und nsgiitem 700 tons.
Scsii'e Wide Open
.111,'.   I . Will
whelm ■   a,,i|,,a     .,i  Ilirani i
limy. ,
-■   |i    ,
town and iudii.pl.
|      Ol I-      M
tonight's performance    Moving Pictures tonight.
Railway Strike Threatened
I bi.a Peb,    -    \   .     |»n  ,
Whitney, of the Broil  rl
v,ay  It ilnn   i     tnnouncod loday   I
In aj    «ith
minal -       - i gi ii,i  the li i
Saturday   ill      ;'- hmen  and ; ai I'llgO
'IHE MAIL-   R ,A\.\\ i:i:     LSTOkE, 1% C-
PKRKlWHY l-Jih., 1010.
boon mndo within twolvo months (nun   (ion to tho aha of tho ('ity. lion ol Mr. Stain's report clause    hy
tha iluif of ilm debenture, ™ ns     to     The dovelopmont of lho Water    and clause nnd thin wus proceeded with,
provide, for    tho levy during 120 yours  Light Department hns now reaohed   a BANK OVERDRAFT,
licloi'e tho debentures inntlire,                     poinl.  where  tho  amount  it  puys      to Aitl.   MeKinnon:    Uow   wns  the  $'211,-
goiioral  revenue  of  the  City        is llllll secured.?
Report of Audit and Investlaa- N° *** *-mw p\m, «>«»-
r J       that  at  least     one yoor had elapsed ,   MOI
tion li/ Stein & Co.
ire thnu lhc interest und sinking
oven if subsequent levies nru innde an '""'1 on tho whole amount expended
mildly before 2nd, July, f'"' u" purohow and extensions,     so
A ' I«l  ii"B was hold     Prldnj      .,.,„'. , ,,,sl „„ wni,.„ „,,,.„,.,.   that Instead of being a burden on the
nfternoon lo receive lho report of Lho ,,„„ „,,.„ ,„„  Unml s(, ,,,,„  ,,,,   ■„, .   ratepayers, tho rovom I tho     '
»P«olftl audit, „.,.,.,, a.ijtt^s its,.|(, bm it wa>   in
Mr. Slein: It is borrowed by spoelal
bylaw nnd to lie paid off from luxes
ns they conic in.
Aid. Hews: 'This yeur lhal would lie
represented by 810,000 less the laxos .
will now receive an Increasing unioiuu |j|ow  ure these temporary loans   pnld
l'r ":   The   Mayo,  Aid,   MoC.Crty, ,0 providn the arrears of   iuklni! "','';i     *"""'     ",w''"''ls ,'"' K''""'"1 ''v  "IVV
Trimbto, Dews,  McKiu, I Abru ■   ,„„,,. „,,„,, ,,„.,„,,„„            ,„, ,.„ ponsos. j   riiy     Olorki   Wo     lake  lho actual
han, 1,.,1,-mi..■ - i.   N„   provision   has hue.,      " ""' ,'""'"'1  "|,|"'"v'; "f '""'   »»«• nmnunl  pal md reduce lho   loan
lhe following  roporl  on  the      city   (ll.t,j,. (ill. sinking Kund on the lichen- H0"1'01"' '""' '"''' successful in carrying  month by  month, giving a new   note
finances, piled lis   Messrs. Stein \ i • .,   , , i oul  tho ro-nrrangoment of the    Debon   for  lho bnlnuco of     arroaro of  luxes
Co., Churlernd   Vecountants    of    Van lure deln over un extended period, tho outstanding.
couver, wiih read: "'" ."  ""I'l,l",""""">  '  '" ,:''     '" llnnnclnl affairs of  lho City  will     bo     Aid,   MeKinnon:   Tn     Btralgh ip
Kavelstokn, IV C       ",       "   ''"'     .      "'".'"''"■ "'" ' pormanontlj  Improved  lo thai extent,  everything then it will lako 900,01)0,
|.,.|,. 7lh..  llllll,  ' gl° ''"',    ""       ' ''' "',|"'""""  "• ,,n,l alh.«  of the nocussary civic busi- I   Mr,     Stein:     No. > ad 118,000
" noss being fnrrlod on wilhoul  further cash in hand mi Doc, Hint.
To Ilh Woi hip the Mnyoi,
und Ahlurni in,
City of Itevelstoke, U. f'„
i,lx I I.I MKV
We  havo  i"  report   that   In  uecord
nrico  with  .vnu   inslrucliiiiis jve    have
mndo a  thorough  and exhaustive   in.
i| tieai i  ihu affairs of lho I'll)
of     llevolslokc     from lllsl  December ,
lUlln  lo :'lsi   Decenibor  llllll).   We lind
that    l!lO       iv.ilil-    have   1)0011   Clirofull)
uud     iiecuriilely     kepi,  and  lhal   nil
miiiieyi    ived  triini  luxes, from  lhu
sale nl debentures,     und from     other
loun os ol  mo Imx f been nccoiinlod
issiietl     -lit>iilil     be    Included    in  the
raising the present rule nl luxation,
nmmmt, us otherwise the propertj « II Roportod by
mil  be charged  with  sii'lleieni  i" pro- ,,       .„,,,.,   ,
,, ,                               ' W, STKIN d CO.,
■ nle for ilm ll. bentiiros,
The  llelicnlnii. dclil   ni  lhe rill   i   it i
Chartered Accountnuls.
Aid, Trlmblo; Wluil  are the arrears
,1    taxes''
'I'm  Clork: 810,000,
All.  Hews: According to the Munich
Aid      Rows:   I-  the unpaid liability  I1"1     Ul >""     ''"""'."  ml1'"'' U>   [l"
sale  until   two  veins  in  uireur.
Citj  Clork: Wo havo boon In the hn
bit of treating buck luxns ns nu assol
into etui.
He  Milunii   herewith  a   bnlniico-slieel
a,   ,1   111, 1    ll hei    r.10',1.   I'l. I     bj
is,   ind u la,, li,     iii our opinion , -     a
||  i     |  trill      Ind incut   of   the  liunn - |
iini  |... ition ,,l  ; he Cilj   nl   lhal  dale,
I rom   ll"'  Imh :     iiliu il led   il
will I      eon I    'i-     nl     the I
Citj  .a ii io .-i'.'M'-'i.iil.
'    i     •    :       '   '
Debenture   I.in •"-'
1  1    \ lit llll 'i-l.."i7
Advi  fi tun  lhe litnil   ""I
.-        in    ml '    ',: ' li,
lltpl M'l
nltl,  ,,.    nd   i"   llu    '  .   .
1     Aid.   Mc.Kin :   What   i
1,,   .nil i,i -
Mr, Stein:   8S1 ,:132._7, li
"■  ' cush mi hand on Doc, lllsl boing     Iho
la- : duj  for paymciil foi   luxe .
Md. Abrahamson:     I'rnt lieully    the
line as  ihe bain heel.
A Id. Al.-K inn.oi: W i. doei he mean
bj the a.inal overilrufl being S?,|S,""0?
Aro we overdrawn fe? ts.noci more ihun
ihe law  allows?
The Mayor: No, no. I'h tl i- iho liu
bilitj   tn the bunk.
I'he     Mayor:    Iln       i i i ';h'il<     b	
,s l .I'm",'.! ,'u'i ^ -~ written  off for deprecintioi
li   liubili-      li will be - i from the above   that      M'    '":,''l":     N"' n  ''  '"!  necessary,
 l.o-   ihe Siiikiiiu  I' I on 9_.SU,NIM) amounts   because  Ihe earning   power   of      your
- due   io  oiniiinlK   lo ST.lilHl.l'J.   It is calculated   water and  lighl   planl   i-  such a largo
al   i ho olid nl lhe year lal
idem lion?
i'ii\  Clerk;   Ye-,
1    Tl myor:   The overdriifl  wus some  agninsl  the loan,
thing over 812,1100 Nlr   s,"",;  "  lw '""  lo«n1'   Yo" '"
Mr. Slain:        The   u  ligure ns in  l'i""""   "P '" ""' :"""""1  '""  "'" '
I he  liahillfe-sheel.
;    Aid.  MeKinnon:   Are all  lhe linbiji
i ios from lasl council inclu li
I    Mr. St. in.    .!•-•.
,,. a,.(„;1|      Mi.     Stein:  Nn. foil eon borrow  up
In  the aniiiiini  ol  lhe  laxt s  bill   oneh
. •,;',! ,,:i   ei il  should pay off such loan     I"1
lhe   lax
■   Aid.  MeKinnon: You can borrow  on
sin.11  Ioi in  loans us Ilia pasl  councils
have d	
•_   .-    •:
C   ..1   "    '
■'■    r     ..
fore Doe,  HIhI   in eaeli yi nr.
I   The Mayor: We shall hnvo lo lako
some action willi reference lo llioso
overdrafts',   Wo have    b i  borrowing
money nu ihe laxos for several years
an I   imi   putting  il   limit.
Mr.   Siein:   riial   is  i,t,  Thoy hnvo
treated    lbe    laXOK   as    llll    USSOl    llgllilisl
ih. louiiH. 'I*lie poinl as affecting
Ihi i 'oiini il i- whether lhe bonk ovor
drnfl   i-  n   lomporurj   loan,    li  it   is  n
lhn  In n    a  II i. •    .,.,  bash  for a 25-vcar   assel  ol which you have tnken .... n
and   lil
oil ol , Iii    irrciys of taxes lonn.   li  it   could  lie arrai   ed      thai   count,   Inn,   francln
nnd u   ter       ml     ,    lil   i   omits us an lho   Debe ivs   be   exchanged   for      a   '•'>>   large assel   based  on   it-  eiirnini
..li-et  lo Il.e  ienipor.ir>   loun i-      con new     i- i       lho Mime basis  (Ilpor   I'ower,      I  hove  allowed  ten  per ronl
1'iirj   lo lho pro n   of ihe Miinici- eem i  for ,, oil your  term,  the Sink-   depreciation     on  lurnMd
i il   V.-t.    I'his      Ihoil  ba-  probabl) ine  fund would bo ?2,1SU.2U, an     an-   '<ngs.
i i of no effori   I Mnnde mini reduction    in     tho taxes of 85, ■      Al1-     l'"'w''    l''i"   l!"'    dopreciation I
... pa)  oil vil. u  Im        icti      •  In i Ju'.l -:: '        ■ d< ' n1     ■• ■>   instnn o
j., iin.i". ■,    overdrnft. Vie     wmild     ihereforo    ro ommend
Illli"   iho  ratepayers lhal      lho  Council    open  negotiation
Mr,     Stein
lu      lie,..ml er      Illli"   iho  rulep.iyci     lhal      lhe  Council    ..pen  negotiations    ^rl   '"   ''':,;   >'""  "'"  " irized       le
wore .. ..e.l  in aulhorise  iho i.--uc     of  willi iho pre    holders ol the Dcbon-   l'l;""     li"' vn,,u' "'   ''"'  "'"''  ■>'   ;l"
Debenture    for  SI7,."IHI  lo  pay  nil   lhe   n    mid  endeavor  lo  arrange  tor   u   ""' '   >-0"  '""''owed   I i    air) il out
overdriifl     and  n  bjlan   lo  lhat  effect   noli   i    ue on   ,   Ill-veal  bu '*'"■   '"'u
was  i  I.    \i      :'l-i   H mbei   I'.un      I'he total    mil  of the   Assessment   *'enrs out.
lhe actual     delicicuci   wu    s IJ. I-l.'.'-J.   II..11 for  ll  i    S|,.V)|,5.'1S.(HI, Nl'    Stein;   Well  llinl   1-  nmpl)   pro
...                          ,,    ..nil   -iiiaiuler  this  iiinnt,\..   llic    iicnplc
I should     be    Increased bv  lhe   v"'"'!  '"'■  '•"   ,l"'  sinkini;   fund      win ' •.
-'Js.-Ji'i', :, of  in,, i
I I.2U2 ','n  * aiae i i .nlci'ed   in     th
leiuporury loun your bank loan powers ale exhall-lt'l. bill I lloll'l llllnU
it   is.
Aid. Hows: ll i- a loan wo hnvo lo
pul up some security for. The bank
ha-  im  prtiif, timi t'tii'  thai  overdraft.
The Mayor: How are wo going to
protect   it    bj   a  bylaw?
Md. Hews:  Apparently so.
I lie Maj tu. Whal it tho pooplo won't
pu<s it*
Mr.  stein:   Suppose you submit this
,.   ">l,u   5 "IVU  "'  '""   ''"'  I'""!'1''  '"
would      occur again,  but   I  don't   see
how   J tm can  l.-ll   them   thut.
Mil.  MeKinnon: I  look nl  il   ilml  If
,    - •■      put     through  anothor bylaw  for
ibis ■-1--,nun *,. have no a-stiruiiec thai
next   year's council won't Lro  to work
made up as follows:
Dank  overdriifl
Tempui irj   Loan
Deposit- i •  mil j  fn
11      :    i
i llher   I iiibililies
Less i ,,-h
should      be    Ini re i-d  by   the   ' ' '   ■ ,
... ■   wero  itili   hoforo   ha    i   thex   passed a
,,,,,,,.,,..   .,      ,.     vou  provide  ami   unorils    ho  mean-  ol •    '
,    . . by aw  for si:„',iin   it would .lean     up
• ei ,,' il,    lou must   ren ■ •  bol vou llux ■ .  '
\    ■        Hi.
2.JH2 I"       Iwei        i .
: I J ,'in    :...
— Hu I  Iss'd
|*i INil  -T
,'.    .
' I   '.
I now ihey liiul
lasl year's council or the ono before
li ul gone it, work nnd mado anothor
overdraft of sI'.i.mm. If wo submil n
bvlaw for ihi- 81(1,000 what assurance
in  tin   Mini
\  • ...■ i i-      is
.1- los,   thai   the an
\ -     M  ,.,,... . ■    . 11
¥121), i   ,
', i - :- i.i, ■■ mis,
In Utls nn          I !l"    M •' n! Wall    of     -SI-
li, mi,i ,„i   '   ',' ..' arreal
., have  the iieople i lint   there xvill  nnt bo
Mr. Men '     ' ,    ,      ,
, . uiuitner iixeiitati us   tine,  us the bank
, nil   the      A invlliin.,
permits  the < ity Council  lo overdraw.
I nl.--      \\e Min e'ixe the people   some
assurance  ihey  would  be  porfcctlj safo
poi ny loan and di
M        .1 ..     .        . ' ■'
I'he   ,.....■■ '        ■ .
M    : '
ll ink   m
J empi riir;   Ij    ii
:n I.*
Other i    "
I'--;   ..■
I ndi
.       ■        M      '
,i  -.in.
iloubi .:'-
,\i\: f ihe Cot]
from iiii- kind uf thing in future years
I do nol sot! how wo can expect them
io pnsH such ;i bylaw. Tho monoy has
 M    |ii ni   lavishly,  and what    ussur-
,,    incn have  lhc people it won't be spent
i\ ishly  agnin.
Ihr  Mayor: What id your BUggeptioo
li.  Stein?
Mr. Stein: ['hen there is no chance of
pouring it. On the ^0 mill rate you
avp nothinp to -pare after providing
.r your ordinary expenditure. Fpr in*
■ men you should provide 8-10(10 for
iii;dies a1   tlie power house,  I
Loose Tea Loses Flavour
It not only loses flavour, but worse than this, loose
tea takes on new odors, such as coal oil, molasses,
onions, coffee, soap, etc.,—to say nothing of
its exposure to the sun, dust, dirt and
air.   Therefore for your protection
it told only in sealed lead packets—never in bulk.
.  Bluck, Mixed uiul Natural Green, 40o, Btlr, flllu and 70c por lb.	
_-wi_i SEEDS
and f lower    w ** ** *^ w
New jrop now iiri'ivinn fr.nn o ir t-r i.v'i'- in 15   •l.t't 1, P-mw,
Holland, Cuntda mnl  lhe   UtiNl  S u»*.      \ I   as to
vitality nnd purity on arrival,    Th mjt ij t> • > -noun'i fiir mr
customers.   Gatalngun fr''1'.
BuainesH  ivill  lie ooutinimd  at  mtr   i I      in I until Miy.
After that in new looation, whioh will hn n n . ■  I I i'ur
M T       1rIl?MPV 3110 Wslminslcr Road
ri.   J.   flL-iAI,   vancju/zx, b.c.
ir loud    you    any
I,., i.i
I l,e
• .
lytiur (li'lionliir
Mr. Briggs: They should put n limit
u'lerstuncl fr    the engineer      he   ^  on the borrowiDg power,       Y..u can't   *
1     luPPUes '"  r ve;  repudiate your liability to the bank.
I.,  applied  .,, last  years council  an.l ,     .,,   Abl.nhnmgon; T|10,.(v „hould boo
■ ■aitl h'.i  giii  ihem.   It  i- inn ui-i' i
I limit  pin     \\i the borrowing     power
"" "   ''"'"   "x   ,:,i"'   ,'""  y°u '■'•'"   from the bank.
•uses  und  your I    A|(,   McKinnon; |, ;, |iko my bac_.
quor   li't-i   , [nsiirai
i.' .'il'I   ai  "   puj    a   li,.'li-
'   ■
"'"','"'"", ihu a nolo for a nmn uud L'iviii); him
"' • tha money lo pay it, and then back-
'"■'■ ''""^ >'"" ™n '-- ai " ''"' I"' ing ii again and again giving him
'     n"  i"'1"" ,ervil'e "-1 lftal  yenr the money lo pny it.   The only    waj
'■|i« to stop it.
The Mayor: How do von account for
i■ ..I  ;
M'.i.l'J .    ...    ,
..,.."■. We
v a.l,i  recommend 3 per
held this your, and il dnridnd |
do  so,      the      M ,:     |       \
tlml not    in a I be bi      I'roi
than 1st, March.
Among lho linbilil ic    ,'   II     li.    i,      if op iresei
Iut wi- n-ould dra i   to ol ill     of
lhn Spe ial    Rate    Account    i umoui borrowing, bul  ol
duo for    Mnkitii.' fund  Jl,627.02.)   Iln.      i     Hie  hi mi ial   ■;.
reprcsenti     n  liabilil;      ,.    lho I I sin!
Improvement   Bondi   sold during  1009,  fund.)
I    ■
,   :    ...    ■,
i,..nl I     It-   mado  to .'n: a-  that.
|,i,li't.  oxponditiiro   is   altogettior
I'ompured    with
'I nt.  Mu .a    I hero « n     I I!  lhal  do-
iftoi   pa   ini    I ho bylaw      foi
■•...  ■••    :. in up ' in. i nnil. il'.- over
!, ifi ■
iho foot thai wo ore 821, r worse oil
than tn" years ago?
Mr. Stein; You Bpent ?in,niui on now
plant last year. That should huve
been borrowed. Instead "f limiting
the expenditure t.. ordinary rovenuo,
they used the revenue to m^Uo up dc-
■ <fl"1" ■' Hie nmounl ,„.„.,„:;,., ,,„ works that ooet mow
-"■""■' tlian estimated, and carried oul other
wurks mi capital nccount for which
tlflii'iitnii-s     should have liomi lssuod.
lam    and lunik debts.
I'm       "      till   Nl'illllll
Your gross  income may bo stated ut
1 ho ■ "    imnting I he   n I
mpro . ni.ni    nnd  lhu    burdening  ilm
nnd for which only 810(1 | dd Into
tho linking fund
Tlm lorgcsl  of    iIip-i- debentun     K, income ol   the I I
(of which s.",.",,olio he    been I  mod)  ii ,    :    'n  undertaking lo pn    foi       the
dated July 2, '07, and lulls duo In 20 '<ighl  and tt'atoi  Works and  Plnnl    in
yoars from  lhal  date,   Tho flrsl      tax too   horl   i  time   lhu   making  Lho an
levy foi   these debentures should hove nuol sinking [und excessive in propor-
.   ■ hen I hi ■■ loan   are nol  logol?
1 M'l    Mn ih an ',,i    I ho I.anl.  has no
.   li  you  I i plu    ',i III, ' "• , ,,
, 'in. .   i" ' "II t from n
mm. -.ni11],.i| -,,   .
Mr   "'""    S  "'■""" "'"'" "lf  834,000 Imi  miii cannot oven got yom
'"'"  M    ■"   H    n,'° 821'000 wo"8 off ordinary expenditure     down to   that.
| Vour   ordinary      oxponditiiro   is  more
AW   '' ' ■'" ■■"    W'1"'1   i   ''ranco havo j tnnn v,„„. moome.
-."   iln    woii'l   rn ■ ni   ngain?
M'l   Trlmblo   II..«  doc*  Iho bank do   „„,. t(
I lit- Mayor: We slmll have to   raise
■    i	
Aid    Mi Ko . . .      ....   Ihi
wator nml  lighl  plant.?
\|,   , loin    i"
Tho Mil) "i   limn   'i..',;'" led   .... idoi .
M'l   11 iinliii.  i an we repudiate il?
Mi   Stoin   l li" liank «ill make somi
i,i,tl>  pay   !
if ;. .ni ai lompl  thai  kind "i thiiiL' no-
In ,'l.   will  a anl  to liny any more     of
Stein: No, instead of that 1
think you t-liiiuld riiisn your trade li-
■ ■ ai i' and cut down vour police ox-
|H>ndituro, I Dguro your not revenue
from water and light al 812,000.
( iiy  Clerk: The extra expense   .1 re.
(Continued on page 0.)
Reasonable Prices:
Painting and
Paper Hanging
Satisfaction Guaranteec!
Water, light and Power Or
By resolution of City
Water   and   -■ght    Accounts
inusi be paid on or before tlio 20tb to jjet
the 20 por cent discount which is allowed.
No   aocounl   will   lie  allowed  to  rm»
ovor the month following that in which.
it is charged.
Power Charges must he paid bs
(all on or before the end of the inontln
following that in which it is charged.
Installation Chargei will hr
30 days cash, and must  then be paid m
full before any discounts will he allowed!
on water and liK'ht.
PLEASE   NOTE:     This resolution-
will lie strictly enforced, and if tho nr
rount is not ]«itl on   time,   the   watrr,.
li^ht and power  will lie Cttl  off williouL
further notice. FEBRUARY 12th., 1910.
THE v /UL-hEltA     . RKVKIj    '>K , B-
Page 3
Closing Out Prices
Fruit and [Ornamental Trees
Having disposed of our nursery grounds to be cleaned up
by Mn y, I »ui prepared to offer special prices on nil cash bar gal ua
Splendid assortment of ornamental trees, acclimated slock,
having been growing on our grounds for years, from 10c. up.
Ono of the beat selections of roses 111 R.C. in nil leading
varieties, suitable for this section, in good 2-year blooming si?, s,
26o. eueli, $20 por 100, if 150 per 1000, smaller ones half-prioe,
50,0(10 fruit trees in leiuliug varieties. Let mo price your list
10,000 shade trcncj [„ lvn H\.m iuij prices,
G-reenhoU'ba full of plants iu all sizeB and prices, from $8
not 1°" pots up.
3010 Westminster Road, Vancouver
sixty daya from date I Intend to apply to     iho   Chief Commissioner    of
1 ..'uni; [or purohaso of lund Hitualud
about I''" chains up from mouth of
Wood HivtT, post planted attout ICO
chains abovo mouth oi Wood river and
■narked   K.     A.   Andrews,  S.  W.  corner
|K>Ht, thence north 10 chains, eaHt  40
chains, south 40 chains, thence west
following Wood river to point of commencement,
Dated   this     10th   day   of   December ,
1909. E. A. ANDREWS.
sixty duys from dutu I Intend to apply to tho t'iiit'f Commissioner, ol
Iaiitl' for purohaso of lund Hituutud
uboul 111) chains up from mouth of
Wood river, post planted on north
side of river und marked P. A. lied -
Btrom, S. _, coruor post, thence north
40 chain*, west 10 ohuLos, Houth 40
chains, enst 10 chains, containing 100
noree more or less.
Dated ihis luih duy of December ,
ustotice ._
M\iy duys from date I intend to up-
ply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands for purchase of land situated
alit.nl 111) chains up from mouth oi
Wood river, post planted on uorth
side of Wood river nnd marked G. E.
Kedslrom, S. W. corner post, thence
north 40 chains, cast 10 chains, south
40 ehuins to Wood river, west following river to poinl of commencement,
containing 100 acres more or less.
Dated this 10th day of December ,
TAKE NOTICE thut 1 Peroy Hurold
l'earse, of Trout Lake, B. C, occupation engineer, iuu nil to upply for permission to purchase lhe following de-
st-ribeil lands:—
Commencing at a pus. planted at
tho N. W. corner of lot 1728, thence
east 20 chains, thence north 20 chains,
thence wcRt '20 chains more or less to
lake shore, thence south easterly n -
long lake shore about 30 chains to the
S. W. corner of lot 4728, thence north
•long western boundary ot lot 4723
about 10 chains to point of commencement and containing 40 ncrcs more or
December Kith, 1909.
Revelstoke Land DI
District of Weal Ki
Take Notice that I.
of Revelstoke, bousek
apply for permission
following described lu
Commencing at a pi
south-east corner of
marked "M. l<- Law.
Cottier Post"i thence
thence 40chains west:
ti.>i tli:  IliciH e   211   I'llll
DO chains north to lit
thence along said line
Dated October 18th,
Nov. 17 tl.    MINNIE
M. K. Lawson,!
eeper, intend to
tn purchase the I
isl planted at the
Lol N.liliS, and
oil's Nmtli-wi -1
In , bains south;
thence 20 chains
Ins en-1: thence1
ie of Lot H.tKIS:
in place of cum
In the Counly Coui'l of West Kootenay holden ut Rovolstoke.   in the matter of "Plan Cancellation Act, 19U0."
In the matter of the application of
Hewitt Boslock to cancel u portion of
plans 032 uud 632a, tiled iu the Lund
Registry Ollice at the City of Nelson.
Notice is hereby given thut the petition of Hewitt Boslock dated the 2'.st
duy of September, A. 1), 1909, for uu
rder amending and annulling certain
parts of plans numbered 0112 uud 632a
being plans of subdivisions of por -
lions of Lots  llll  and  1112,      Group
ne, Kootenay District, mid known as
Comaplix Townsite, will bo heard at
the Court House, itevelstoke, ou Wednesday the 10th day oi February, A,
D., 1910, at the hour of 10.30 in thu
orenoon! and FURTHER TAKE NU -
T1CE thut the said petition is ior the
cancellation of that portion oi said
plan 032 as is comprised within the
following boundaries, namely, all thut
portion oi suid lot 1141 commencing
ut a poiut iu the easterly boundary of
said lot llll where the suine would
be intersected by the Northerly bouu -
dary of lot 1 in block 12 produced
easterly in a straight line to iutersect
the suid easterly bouudury oi lot llll
thence westerly in a straight line to
the uorth east corner of suid lot 1, in
block 12, thence southerly along '.he
easterly boundary of said lot 1 in
block 12 lo the south easterly comer
of said lot 1 iu block 12, thence sou -
therly following the easterly boundary
of suid lot 1 iu block 12, produced
southerly in a straight liuu to the
southerly limit of the alley running between the Northerly boundary of that
plot of laud marked "ilill Reserve'1
ou said plan 032; thence easterly following the southerly limit of said alley and the northerly bouudury of
suid plot of land marked "Mill Ke -
serve" produced easterly iu a straight
line to the easterly bouudury of said
lot 1141 theuce northerly, following
the said easterly boundary of said
lot 1141 to the point oi commencement. And for the cancellation of
that portion of said plan G32u as is
comprised within the following boun -
dui'ies, namely, all that portion of
block "A" according to said plan
032u marked "Reserve" on said plan;
all that portion of Main Street us
shewn on .said plan G32a lying eust of
u line drawn across said Main Street
at right angles to the southerly limit
thereof; from a point in said southerly
limit 127 feet east of the westerly
boundary of said lot 1142 and all
that portion of Sorueuos Avenue as
shewn on said plan 032u, lying south
of u line drawn across said Suuieuos
Avenue at right angles tu the westerly
limit thereof, from a poiut un saiJ
westerly limit 101 feet south of the
south-east corner of lot 1 iu block 12
as shewn on said plan 632a,
Dated at Revelstoke, B. C, this 3rd.
day of January, A. D., 1910.
Approved J. A. F.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
from date I, W. Andrews, occupation,
miner, intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands, to purchase
the following described land, situated
about 2o0 chains from mouth of Wood
River and a post plnnted on south
side of river and marked Vi. Andrews
N. E. corner post, thence south 40
chnins, west 4" chains, north 40
chains to point "i Wood river, theuce
following bank of Wood river '."point
of commencement, containing 100 acres more ot less.
Dated this 10th duy ol Dec..     1909
NOTICK is hereby given that pui-
uunt to the "Creditors''Trust Deeds
Acl, 1901" uud amending outs, James
C. Hutchison, of tho oily of Itevel -
Btoke, in thi' province of Uritish Col-
uinbiu, Laundryiunn, did on the 21st
<lny of January, A. 1)., lOIII, assign
all his personal estate, credits ami
elfects which may be seized aud sold
under  execution  to  Frank   lloltun,   of
the    said City   of Revelstoke, hook -
keeper, for the benefit of his oreditors,
AND NOTICE ia  hereby  given   that
a meeting of the oreditors of the said
James 0, Hutchison will be held in
the ollicit of Gillan „, Ullltitt, First
St., Itevelstoke, B. ('., on Saturday ,
the run day oi February, A. I)., 1010,
at the hour of 2 o'clock in the alter -
ALL PERSONS having any claims
against the said James C. Hutchison
are required lo forward particulars of
the same duly verified, to tho assig
nee at Rovolstoke, B. C, on or before
the 2.1th day of February,   1910,
AND NOTICE Is hereby given that
alter thai date lhe assignee will pro
ceed to distribute the proceeds of the
estate having regard only to the
claims of whioh he shall have received
notice und he will not bo responsible
for the assets or any part thereof so
distributed to any person or persons,
of whoso debt he shall nol then have
received notice.
Dated at Itevelstoke, B. G, this 28th
January,  1010.
Solicitors for Assignee
FOUND,—In lho lobby of tho post
ollice a ladies gold hinge bracelet .
stono setting on the top. Owner can
recover hiiiiiu by identifying property ,
anil paying for this nil. Apply at tho
{lost ollice.
FOR RENT:—Furnished house, upply at this ollice.
Two partly furnishisl rooms, suit -
able for light housi. luiepiiig.-- Apply
Mail Herald Oflice.
Destructive Flpe-tBdfc oi Com-
merri k wi
Mi. UuIh'jocU, r>l Aitov, L'ark, wiih
in town Tuonduy on buHinoHti,
Mr. ll, A. Uuui.ce rotuniod from bin
I rip to iln1 "Crow", lie report,
ovary thing progTouuing smoothly,
AaV Wi'ilnr 'tiny \\as Appropriately
numocl     yenterduy  bo  for  ai   Nukusp
tifnlh decorated with carnation*,
I Mr.-. A. Ilu-li i- entertaining her
mother and sinter from Krultvale* B.C.
Mr. Owen, <>f thi- Canadian iVmk of
Commerce, has been relieving in I ro
ton for the pout six weeks, and pent
ii few hour. In town on  1 ue* laj
Imperial Drpizatlon
l;   I    BORDEN,
A passage of great importance in
Mr. Btn'tlen'- s|k-i.i h on lho naval defence issue t.a-- hiit dealing with     tho
moor I.     For now a part
of   f"ti
lull    Al 1',    I ..>  nf it  ,i\  \\   il.   Nukusp's buslnoss    contra is In ashes,   Is
|i     li  ,,,. • Illt In.; 'Din .1 tf
'    ,, ('„,    I,     ,    ,      I.   llllll.     Itl'M'l
-  , , ,   !»i,t.ii 'II        I. •-.
culitni for the issue of a duplicate
Ce.tifioato of Tide to Part (ti acre.-)
of South Fust J of tho North West
i of Scci ion 26, Township 23, Kange
2, West of the Bixth meridian.
it is my intention to issuo at tho expiration of one month after the first
publication hereof a duplicate ol the
Certificate of Title to the above mentioned laud in the name of William
Edgar Smith, which Certificate it tinted tho 15th November 1009 and uum -
bered U070A.
Deputy District Registrar.
I.and Registry Ollice, j. 26.1m,
Nelson, 11. ('., Jan. 22, 1010.
WANTED,—At once, first class waitress. I.eland Hotel Co,, Ltd,, Ullln -
loops,  It. C.
WANTED. John Alox lillioll Vour
mother wishes to hear from you. Mrs.
I'llioll, 21)11 Nares street, Winnipeg.
WANTRD. RoproHtmtnttvo to handle
Okanogan Valley Croumory be Cream
in liovolsloko, Devonshire cream, etc
Liberal terms lo right party. None
but reliable persons need upply. -Ok-
auagan Valley Creamer)', Armstrong.
WANTED.—Capable parlies to take
contract Bowing lath by thousand.—
Apply The Sovereign Lumber Co., Ltd
Aiinis, II, I'.
WANTED.—A   s id    hand   O.holo
coul stove, in lirst class order. Ad -
dress, stating lowest price and where
to be Been.—W. S. A. I". o. IIok 35.
composition  ol  the  ompin     li
of  the iit'i-i   thoughtful,     Ul"-'
Ai   11.110 a,m,,  lho bells and  whistle,,   progressive    aii'l     boldest   ill|   0 tioi
ol tho ship yards nnd boats sounded   I1"1  forward b)   tin]   Canadian   it
man   in   -tt  respoi - il le  n  po*i' lol     Ilis
oxnel   word     ire   i,  foil, w -
" I know lhat it t . been ui ..di. nnd
with some f*.t- e, tlt.it we ii I Hindu
. annol propel l\ take a ppi manual
p.n I in the naval di foiu e of the whole
'• wi ire •," have some
\ ua.■ a- it, i he w ur. in w hit li     ' ii
I'.I llaia   mil)    ' I,.   ■..'•
Lol   lac  -a\   il,   the  In- t   |'l.c ■.   thai   I
the   alarm   and   atllioillictliy   to        this
peaceful little vitiligo thai  thoro wus a
"lire."    In   lev,  time than  u   lal D      I
lell ovorybody was at the lire,   which
proved to be the old opera house, l iti
ly reiniiilclieil and oceuplod by     .1.   S.
ami   Mr,   Wagstnfl .   '"'l'i
lire started in Mi
Yodor's nill. r and was dlscuvcrod   by
Mr.   Kothwcll,  manager  of  the      liana,    ^^^__^_^_^_^_^_^^_^_^_
who sounded  the ahum, The building  do uol  believe Ureal  Britain will     in
being old. ami uf wood, which     was   l'10 '""  ">>   -"''  "■"
r-orfeolly dry, it  was impossible     .le   except ind I it mnj  be a war forced
C rowel I, cnrponlor
as a  tin shop,    'l I
upile  lhe strenuous efforts of   the  will
ing help it, t.i\e the building, A hue-
hot brlgado tvjis mickly formed and
all elVoi'ts were directed toward tho
Bavlng of  the  Canadian   Dullk   ul   I'llll
merco building adjoining, All "i lho
bank's    furnishings,  including a  large
upon   her   \\ ithollt   a   111- lit. a:       UOtllt
before consulting  tit. ^leat  doininiona
of the empire,
1 have some w u' ml for thai statement when I re '.Hf i that before
i Irenl Rritain enfi t-.-.l in the Soutl
African    war,    which wa- In    the end
well   Idled   sale,   together   with   Close   of    '"""'  «P°"   !""'     ' «•   '''   H* IP»at
Messrs.  llothwell and Frusor, the bank   ''»'" "« '"  >1"' "!'1;:"' >™
s.,,11,     wee   saved.   But the buildin,: Canada and sh ight     ndvi
Notice is hereby given that
sixty days after date I, .1.
Brill, occupation, carpenter, intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
I.a nils for the purchase of the follow -
ing described land, commencing at a
post planted about 20 chains south of
Wood River and about KM) ehains from
the mouth and marked J. Brill S. \\.
corner post, thence west HO chains,
north 20 chains to bank of Wood ri'.
er, thence following youth bank of
Wood Hiver easterly ubout 80 chains,
thence 20 ehains south to point of
commencement, containing 100 acres,
more or less.
Dated this 10th day of Dec,    1009
G.  10.  Hcdstrom, Agent-
Water Notice
Notice, is hereby given that ;*n appti
cation will be made under Pail V. of
lhe "'Water Act, 1000," to obtain a
licence in the Revelstoke Division of
West Kootenay District.
|u| The name, address and occupation of the applicant - --Corporation of
the City of Revelstoke, B.C.
|If for mining purposes] FiveMinei's
Certificate No	
|h] The name of the lake, stream or
source |if unnamed, the description h |
a stream flowing oil'Mount Revels!oke
in a valley In naoulherly direction,
and emptying Into  tin- lllei illewaet at
a point about half a mile west oi Grooly
Creek bridge.
[c| The point of diversion- at a
point about 2800 feel above sea level
on said stream.
|d|   The quantity of wntei applied
for I'll cubic feet per becoud] lin
cubic feet per second.
|e| The character of the proposed
works h inch pipe line ta pouneel
willi Hridgo Creek
|f|   The   premises   on    whlrh   the
water is to  lw. list il [describe s.iun |
The Corporation of the ( ity nf  Itevelstoke.
.: The pin poses for which lbe
tracer Is to do used   (lencrnl i ity use.
|h] If for Irrigation describe the
land intended to lu- Irrigated, giving
|l] If the water is lo he used for
power or mining purposes describe lhe
place where the witter i.slo be returned
io some natural channel, and the difference in altitude   between |   i'.' of
diversion and point of return ...    ....
Ij! Area of Grown land Intended to
in occupied by lhe proposed works
—About 12 acres,
|k| This notice was pm-ted on the
eighth day of January, 1010, and application will be Hindi' lo llu • I '< in in im
sioin r on the eighth dav of Feb- uury.
|l| (live the names and addresses
of any riparian proprietors ic licensees who or whose lands am likely ta
be affected by the proposod works,
either above oi below the nutlet—
Government land aa fai a- r known.
City Clerk.
jan 12 lin Revelstoke, B.O,
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Rerjuliitioiis
\NY hv»ilnbl* DOW f'i"-i LlUi'lf Wlililu it-1
HitilU'i'V Unit IK Itrj i-h I'olUlltllH, mil)
rtti h'MtiestftMtlixt by noy [inr nn who i-* i*t*i - •!■
bend Of a ttttiilj.nr Htiy irn> <-<or 'H yoitrs*'1
mf, to thu (ix)» ni l't m o-t|ti:tr:«r ui'ii .i. il W'
hit«-3 Tnnm it Ins*.
fntrj tOQsl hn mnrte wminall) ^'t U>G loc I
Im.ri offioofor dm iti-in • in which Hip Intid U
sittmte: Ki try by projty mav. hnupyftr. I'
marie OD riTtaii. f<- <'il uiil Ity Ll*i fHtnfli
3"th.r,Min dfttistiter. brother or lUteri'fan
itiienriniK boQiekUMldat
Tlm lii'inPs'eH'lpr i^ riMuirnti t-' porfcrin tt'p
oonditiuua ci»iun*i.*to»i the/owltb ai>dor uufl «'
Uie follow tog |,lni-s :
(1)   At 1«h>i --ix moi ilis* wWercfl M)hhi «nil
oiilt-ivdium » f the laud iu c r'i  yeai   f"r tl r
t'.} If tdn hither 1,1 r mnilmr, if the lathe*
deceased)of ilm bnmMteeder roiidoa ap n.
firm in tho viciuity nl tin* Im il OUtered f- r. lh.
r*iiiii'mnt*nts as tn rantdenee iu:iy Ih> PtttlhOed
bv -u**h pera 11 rosiriiuj* with iho fmhui or
(8) If the settlor hnshi-^oO'toHoont rAKiiionrn
upon fa rm i ne land nwDfi oy biai ui the v toil'
ily nf l>is hitmi-.sioiiil. tli) ro'pitpmionls 11^ !■
resident tMiuiy ho gatUfled by tetidmefl upoii
the said l.tml.
Six mi'i tii-' QOtlo* in wril.imr 1 hcmt>l bo irivfii
t.t tli« Ouvnittalutiei ul INimlaloii LaodTii hi
nr, iw ' 'i Intention te apply U>t patent.
toAL — t i'h! tniuiuK rigfil* ii'O '«> loaned fnr
n porinti <»f Lwetity-<mo ;onr. at an annual
rental nf fl jior aero. Nut. mure than S.'wfl
acres -ii,iil bt> loaded to " 1" in Hvitti-nl <>r
rooipaiiy. A Mynhy at tho rate of llvo r«m-
pet too ihluJ bei'ollected tm tho mor^liaiitub'';
■tcti n. 1 ■   :.
Deputy nf the Misdate, of the Interior.
N It.   I'nituthnrizoil pnblicati»D of  this i  I
ertiseiuont will otit bo omd for
.'llll'-   lo
fe H
otinsel. And my right lion, friond tho
l'riiiip Minister, ttantiing in hi-* plmv
in iiii- lloiiHo move I n resolution in
IS9U expressing the nympnllij of tlii-*
lh.ii-.- with the elToi ta w lii' li fJrenl
lir it uiu    wan   tl en      making    1 1  bi ing
was burnad to tho ground. Tho wind
shifted junt ut lho right moment     i<»
suvr Lho l.ilaiu! Llotol from boing a
ruin. All tho men from (In- town,
helji from  tho boats and Boveral  im ■
vi'lIn uoih.'ii   Imi'fl   nml   williugl\I _    	
and it wiih through their efforts   that   ftbout  h,'tu'r t'onditioiw  for  her   sub-
the hotel was saved,     For tho     time
being tho Hunk ol Commerce will oc
copy iln1 building known ns the Knott
Bakery.   Their    effects    were removed
thorn immediately after ilm fire, and n
jectn  in  the     Timi nvaal   Uepublii        I
remember on thai     >• ruKtun thai  i ■ o
of the followers <■:  the right  honoi ible
gentleman   u man nol  uow     in
House,  but  one     of the most  faithful
fow hours later the bank sign hanging a,,,i Mq*x     t,f ,l"' '^hl  i,,,M   -"'''!"
high,     announced tho     fact that  the man'a  ■upportem   said  to me when tl
bank force wan   roady for business aa waa  mooted     that    _uch a resolution
culm and sorono us li burning oul wore wouW t,,> l"-"!"-'1     'I  shall vme for
a daily   occurrence.   Tli.- heavy losers and "*"PP<>r1  that  resolution but  only
iu litis lim will be Messrs, Oglivie and on «»ndition that if war does iome in
McKittrick    who owned  the buildings, ^ou*h  Afmn, Canada shall lm-k   ti..
ns well ns Messrs, Crowoll and     Wag
staff who lost u goodly Bhare of thei
tools and personal offects.   ttr,  Voder ,l-
will also share In the loss.
Wr.     Bowman, manager of the Big
Ledge,   is   in   (own   looking  after       his
company's interests. He reports thing,
looking well at liis mine.
Mr. Giltnour of Vancouver was here
Mothei   Count rj   up     with all  her re-
noun es and to I he utmost of hei   [ion -
I  venture
■    it
And,  mi  ^^^^^^^
in future the self'governiug nntions
of the empire «iii have -om. ing to
say about the wars of the empire.
I - i- no! wise to prophesy «hat  I! e
future may bring    forth,  but   I  would
, 111 1     venture  to  hope   thai   n defe
un   tin several   days   lanl   week ____■■
in ■•
'J'his gentleman is interested in the
logging and lumber business ami he,
says pro-pecis are very favorable f"i
another new -saw  mill  for  this  tout,
Mr. A. -I. tiehm, manager    ol    tbe
mittee or an  ini|ierial eonfereiicc ha>
iii_,r spe* in    i'ii 1-'.i' ' ■ :•  ovei      defem e
matters, composed "t men from   lx»th
parties  in Great   Britain  n-.-.f as  well
as  iu  the self-governing   nations of the
..   ,.   ,,   ,,      ,    '      "M'"'"   , **" empire, and as an outcome of     such
N. from ______■   _■__________-_-_■
short trip down the  l.ik
a conference 1 would exped  lhat     in
Wood For Sale
Orders Taken for
Early Delivery
Cut in 12, 16,18 nr 24
inch lengths
First Street     lei    B.
«,_    i'  "* ,  n, i     ■ fill Hi'   lllfat    I'.nlaii    Wtttlltl   i'li-a_,-
llu- local < lunette nml visiting guests
, , , ,.,. v ii"   L'n'at   war  uulioal   knttwiiiL   bei	
are colrtii'-'itintr    im-ir    ( Innesc    Ni-a
., .   r ii , .i ii linnit tlint she would have lhe buiii	
If.i,      A   fall   aitiallll   of  thin i ___■ "
linn will hf givon in our next  week's
(in Miimlav evening a crowd    ol the
friends ol Mr. and Mim I', tt. Jordw
nntl ^\m|i:iil,v     ol     everj  one ol the
great   self-governing  nations     of   the
Tlii"   would   _iw  •'•   tl Itiminioiw
,     ,      ,    . . , .   n voice in tin- conlrul nf war,  In-, an-.,
K'lttlt'ii'tl tlii'in a t'ompli'ti' surpn-i'. iuu]   , _______■
1 thoroughl) Mt".. il.it if we are to
tak,' pari ii thi permeneni defence ol
tin- great empire w-e miit.1  havo somi
control and some \  in  unvh mat -
La lir e ■ on Loyalty
Sir ^ ilfrid     I... in iei   addn
Union Hotel
Under New Management
Stewart Macdonald
Mi.i'iiftirtiir'd fnr nil SUIMM of   bntldluft
for_tal1* If) lnrp*i*nr *ni«ll nnnntiiUi
■t tl.f li: t prlCM fnr '■••fch.
41) kind* ot trolldlDi ind.plutoflnn
took possession "I their hospitable
home from It p.m. until the small
hours of the morning. At midnight in
excellent lun i was nerved by tbe ladles. With cards, dancing, musio and
words of a.»tl 11 r the evening passed nil too auiekly.
Monday morning Miss Violet   Wag -
HtnlF, of Naku-tp, ami  .Mr.  Allan    Hall, _
of Hall's Landing, B, C, wore quietly   ""•'""-'  '"     ''■'     Ot(awu by-election,
married     at     tbo home ..f the bride's   "'"'   "''' ''"■ '"      '      "' W"ebec I am
parents.       Tbc oeremony was witnes-   :;" " l"''' ,u   "'  '   '   I '"> '"
sod by a lew Intimate friends   of   the   a"'""1"" ""''  '•"    ■
couplo. Mr. and Mrs. Hall departed on   Ing ton fat     i     ln>naval qiuMion.    I
t lown l ...    lor n trip to Bpokane,   '"" *      " ' '     -
Seattle and    possibly San Krai '" ''•'■   I""1
Their man)   friends nr.' wishing  ihrir,   ■'  '   ' '• ■    '   '"   !""'- ''""
joy. '    ' Im'       i
Tho rogulat  monthly meeting ol thi    ''"'   '    ■    ' '    '
Nakusp Board of Trade was held but   ' ''"'        " l«t
I Hf da)   evening and  the reports     ol '"      '• '.'    ' '"
thf deli - '•    to (ho A - led Bo ,   i   '"       lhi"      ""    ' •       ■'1-      ba   been
..I i  . ',',.i li. r. meeting, wero reo        "■  '"'     '"'     ""  ' '■'   'birteen
ed,   \ vote ..I thanks was tandered    • ** '"'   l'"-'""" on   i bn    I
N   I'.. ,.f T   f,,r the ....ini.-y extended   -""'"1 "•''     will an . al t.. all racen
to tin' delegates "f Nakusp nml also t
vote "f tlianka,     ti'iiilfii'tl the Nakuni
dologato - f"i  the efficient  mannct
'I • ' an i m as lo
llu Mothei I it i -will, he mu '
look both I ii'.tl  in tin  left.
which they represented the inlere •- ol   '"' '""-1 ••'"k a" •"«' '" '"-1"'
tin- Sakusp Board    Ni .. busii    was
prop I, whli It will Ik' i il .0 up     at
the in-,i regular monthl)  mi i
Mi i,  U< l\,'iti k will  Im. hosteen  thi-*
l-'iitla.  t' .'it:iik' [oi   the It,, til     Bi
Mr. Charles  Itndden i« spending     n
-.iii it. I  ,i ■ ,t  prej idi	
we can ail
and develop
llll-    , inltill;.     , .' ,.,,'        it,    |,>
i. ,         , I   . . i       in wai    I  |.' t .
m)  reliant •■ '.',■ u mvi     ul            and
nit„li rati npiuidi         Imtli
fow days down     il"   lakes on business   b''1* "'i'1 '" 'be Moth, r Land. We have
ami i. expected back 8 t' tirda) .
Mt   i aitl. t L'ti\r a ilm. ing fn' v   ai
his homo  ii  Kdgewood  I
Mr.  ami  M    .   tlarlow   ■•(  Kak
in In 'I tin. music.
wn vi nossi.-AM) ii \~ ix
ll„. Dominion Ball given by the Nn- >»"
ku ;■ l" . Club lost Friday '
,.,,a!   iu   ■        li.' musii   furnished b)   I"' I   "'   ' '       •> "nc lime
yr   nn,|  m,     i ~l , was suppn-fil t" 1»- lion cnp».
Tin'  Iui.' It   ■■ "■.'   thai   .'mil 1
lie desired, nml (hs tables were I* n
tonight. fr
Page 4.
FKIIUI AHY  12th., 11)10.
Ubc   ID itl-lbc taio.
•AlllKlllY    AT
[invni.sui.il':. ii,  C.
Sutettoc ipuDUobiiifl Gompan.,
Subscription   Kates
[aoludluu iiurtuwu n' Kiiktiiuid, i mtod rfuiu.n
uud UuiiuiU,
By tho your Lutruuktli wmiuIIIov]   ¥■•■■••»
Unit       I.OU
Quarior "       " "   IsUu
JjJl    uhii ui in i»Hi |n ij uxuvulud tn lutt	
•Uiu   iut   .
TKH.il:->  i imi,   aubiuriplion- pnyaalu in imi
Legal n "Ut.. iu i cms. ihii  I mu lhal uiHurtmu,
i |IUI  Hlc   I Ul li   -llnsi'U'lt Ml    111     . . Lull
M     i     i. I in, III » Nuiltmi'lul [V* III1UI lltihKU ,'lic
im ii]    ttuiru   iiiiii   Kuiiunil  bu mi      tin
  iuumuiiitf $i.W   pur  iin-1  in i   mini ii
l'M',1'1 |, ll     ,iu.-.,ilu|i.-.      __       |tOF      UUU ■  i-
ilr H    u.   iiniim,   M-hi i.i,;< -   and   Dual u -.
.'il ,•     , .«. ii    in-, n lun.
Land   nuiiuun   fl.OU    .\ll  tulvuri-lMJim iin
•■nil ■ ■ t m uu iipiimvul uf Lliu in.i'i. „   11,'iu.
\\ unLutl innl i uliduilnud  VUvu 'Iim ni' in .
,\K. ul i  .v ii.iiin, |l, l|i   \\ illllCll,   tj.l ■!..   .
Wiuilud,    oituiil h     V :,     I   n   urn
Wim. ii, Alu.liuuiua Waulwi, lu ,vuixl        -
Ium* .".. uiu.ii   add I llu i ml  uuu   li   ■■• m ■■. '
UlUllrfUn   in  HLUIldlllH (MlVUI'ltnUlllunl I   ■ I   ,
ii. .u  ,j .) .v. in.   l ui tstlu) uud i" Iuj   ,m I
v    ii vVuuk i'i "'"'iiir rfuuii dlnuUy,
Ol III.: i-   i'' i.mm.M K  UlVlLud   Utl   lUittU.l'a ul
kS _ A.. JLj IEL
Seven- Kuomeci
sirable locality,    &<
50x100, centrally Id
suit purchaser,
litiiklitiL; I..H- I.
ranging from $ ioi i u 'V,
tonSio-fior'tu'hu™1              MI'Mt ll'\l.  RIGHTS. |iri||  ;,:.
if.    t.i     '"   ..tfuiiiiMtiii'ii   ny   uai ■            II,,, ,,.,,,,,1  ,,| M,. ,,.;,, a- c,       !',  '•]  ; Uli nm   I)
n       . mi ,,,... tl) i.i tiubu .'■':■!     i  ,"           ' ' '"" '" 1   "-!-l  wnlUllHL  li
„    ,m   .   ■ >, •,., „i itiiiii,  rm I-.'-,.,,,;., at'    iiii  ilia    City
of iln1 railwayi whioh is supposed to
havo soared tho larger ferae naturao
to lako rofujjo in more seuhidod haunts
Thin \ui ontiroly erroneous, Hnur, Cariboo nnil mountain ^onis run Im and
un- frequently obtained within a day's
march from Uovolstoko. Of lho for-
nior thoro aro Ml tho vurlotlos known
to iln1 sportsmaUi blaokt brownj oln-
namon and uri//ly. Cariboo are
found in lai'ua hords in (lie mountains
both onnt nml WOSl of llir Ciilumliiii,
white jjoats aro moi with in nil dlfoo*
tious. flood iinni li.-liinu can lie on-
joyod l>\ iln* lovers of (ha gontlor art
in in nil) of tho oreolts und lakes uf
the dislriol, lho north fork ol tho Ufa
clllowaol OHpeolally, and (ha Columbia
nml itll \\< iributuriori near Uo vol h toko
aro partieularly noted in this uonnoo-
linn in iheir soasons.
\\ hatover lho object of tho sports ■
mnn-tourisl may hv, it will be pur-
miiiI in tIn- prosenoa of soonory ns
grand ami romantic as can ba found
in any pari of Canada j in dim forosts
ui fragrant ecdarsj by tha side of
glucioi' fed torrouls rushing through
rock hewn canyons to the broad vul ■
li'\ of lhe Columbia, on lho cloar,
, blue     waters     of mountain    guarded
lakes, .uni     always   all mound,    .tho
i. .ppartiinities Awaiting ^»"«»«>»»*■ <** *«. ■«•• ■
for $1673,    Lol 50 x too in ik-
,, balance 1,1 arrange.
ill modern ami furnished.      Lol
. "M-   „iK; at  $5,000.    Terms to
Centrally   located for  sale al
in a'l parts of lhc City at prices
'; ,».!ISNCI_S. Ltd.
1.1 iitldr-RB, 1UL.H 1 1'iikh, k'i'i .
O^f .Mt'ia.i....  LANK BU1U3ISG llKlnt
1.1.'I"   i'IiimIki   I  f l llll ',
     .,iiii.attain     ,.f        tir     MAll.-llKl(.\l I), i
lhat   tin' 'in," of l'aiu-li L'oliimli a n i
VM""'>Ut"AMM'lN,'.,,,,   »'"    B"«|'««    » -I'""''' «'-«> " " . ,
!'"'";,": :',""' l:' ''';,:        j-ici&us nvestnient
has    noon    slencnly    usurping   uni c;   j
L-roachiup  on  I hi   i ■ i ■ j I. t - -if  inn      Ui (Continued   from  Inst   issue.)
"ll"   ,"'1"1   lienvy liimncinl I ,    sill Ut'KS OF 111 K nisTIU.T.    11,>- of lho Dominion'Kootonay°miBht
•'- .'"  ' '" ", '",'■"" ,'1  I>;" " ■   in valleys of Norih  Koolonny,   ns   hnv« bi me li- fairy la,„l nnil   play-
-"""''' "■'"" '!"   l'1'"'' !     fell a- lhe lower -!„,„" of the moun ■ 'gr „l. the Swilzorlaud of ll.o   Ouna-
Aer*    '"    tho cities witnoat ns, are well wooiled. The tioes most , dian people
«■"">««)    I""''1   ii'ini}   made    foi ,,„,„„,     ,„'o sprttce, loilni', douglas                 COMMUNICATION
,n,v""1 white     pine, hemlock and birch.      liovelstoko boing     on  lho main lino
t.  v
H. fi.lt.,   IL 0.
.   ,; ' ,h • n c.   Uraubronl
,,,,.„                    J. ...  It.'"-'
, 11, I
.,.1.1 ,. 1. UKlutia
ban later
,-v ,.1,1.11, etc.
iiiLr white against tha clear blue sky
or glowing crimson with tha radinnct
of lho setting sun. Ilml it not boon
destined  to l»' tho great  mining eouiv
Fresh Ranch Eggs
Arriving  Daily
Kippers Finan   Haddies
Smoked Halibut
Fresh Fish All Kinds        Oysters
P. Burns & Co., Lid.
b a
H ih, '
U'UK  t  .1 . .In i.n   liANK  UF I'n.MMi.i'f f,
I nt   iitiui iMb Bank, cin ,
KKVll.MtlKI'.,  I.,i
'J'iiUiiik    I, Istoke     :    1111  in Hit,. ,, n„|.,,. is |,u.„,, Ml„| „„,„, valuable  of the C. I'.  It. it easily accomiiblo.
this city finds    its ordinary   exp.-ndt        ,,l.er nnd the trees frei nlly     at - I    l)i«intiees from various points   oas
n eonsidornblo sizi'.     Tlie rapid do.   an.l west  on  lho main line arc ns foi
•...it 1 it
I' -wi.ual Luilil Sil
MinliiK6.ui»o   .   |nM_, j)e 1,(,sorU,(| U) in unl;M. l() Bii|.ure
t."^  ' " K
more revenue
Vld III it.
iv  has produc-  lows:
Malil'iiN, 11,'JSO mill's,
(Juebei, 'J.Tn ilas
Mttiitri'iil. ^,."iJ7 mill's.
11; lawn, '-. Yl° milt's.
J'ol'onlo,   i.lllKl   miles.
^ ,iini|it'f.   1.1(111 miles.
I'ale'aiy. :Ji"! miles.
1,1a, ief House,   11 miles.
I i',','illt>\\ aei, 'Jx miles.
\II.fit  t'anyon,  Is miles.
li.'velstoke forms the point of dopnr-
order lo pay its way it  i- fuio to fn u (,,,,,.,,,   ,,f   d„,
with the iiei.M-iii   ni either ruisiny  its (i(| „nfa „ sl;r ;„
mxes    t.i   Its  licenses,    \<         luxe THK LUMHKIt TltAUK,
tire nlreudy  t".' hiifh it is not    .t.l.i"- |,nrgo nwamills exist   a'   Itevelstoke,
nlilo if in.-ie.-i .'  ihem, -tt  lhat   an    it     Arrowhead,  C'omnplix,   l'i,..- Greek
of    trade     and liquor In. ,,,.,.   Valley, Wigwam,     nnd smaller
ones     are     springing  up   ul   various
Moh.h..NzlK AV-NUK,                                     '"""' "'"'""'' I .mils.
„ia 100, Kkvi i: I'.i'i-       I'l"" U"I,M :l"  '"' necessary it  In  i l..\MI  i-tii;  SI'.T II.KMI'.NT.
 H                                     now levied on  lhe cities went   to     the Uwing  t"    the  rugged  niiture of  the
A1...I.X .v   KVliLlilOH, i lu    li.aMii",   instead  of  llic  I'rovin-   ,. U1.y nluj  ,!„■ attraction, which tho
1 ial   Preasiiry,  which  is always     ovei- ^,.,,,.1,  [()l.  (|„,  hidden  wealth  coi.lniu-
    llt.wint.'. , | i„ \{s nioiinlain fee  . holds over       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
yNM,,. , , ,,   ^'u i;.., 11 -:....i ■.. I'., C      The  I'rovineinl  Treasury  no    n    t.i ,.   ,,,.,. ,:,,.,,,, .   agriculture   Itti-    been'tuie for  travel  into  the mining     dis-
                             f .    tin  ,-   luxes   levied  iii  .iti.'-,    thej scn  ,,,,,,),     ,.,t  a     discounl  in Xorth   tricls     by   the     •'.   I'.   It,  route.     A
All •-, ,aiii'ia.' a■:• n■■ uldresst'd to I'    I   should bo turued over t.. the   iliea   t.. Kootenay,                                                       branch lino   to  Arrowhead reachos   Lho
"tlii",   II  I'vlsioke, will have pi-ompt   w|lom   ,|„.y   |(roperlj   belong.    I'ake the 11,,.,..     ,,,■,,     however, miles of Hals   Arrow Luke and connects with steam-
stu'""""'                                                   poll   tux.  iiru'.i.alli levied us      nib n ;., _   ., .. ('olumbin  and  ..n  tho lakes   .a- running     Routh    us far ns Robson
5    WOW                          '"      ':'     " '     "'    education,   no-body w>,j,,nj if eleared, would  furnish  neon    uud Trail.    Al   linlis.ui connoction     is
I  about   it.    But   when   the     it'- sitlernble  urea     >.i farming  lund.    The   made with   Nelson,     where ono   again
Mountain Vl«w C_mp, Nt* »_•         lvm  BIU|,||,K|  with  the ■■..-'   nf win .,„,  „(,„,„   Kovelstoke  i-   verv   produc-   lakes     (he     0.   I',     I!,  ferry boat  to
udTui     '.""'-■"..'■ k SilL   VlaSo   wood-   lion   that   became  a   revet ux      of   ,ive  iU1,|  slmln     i,-,,,t~   and   vegetables   K uiy      Landing     and on by  rail
, . i f.              ''      '   ' ."'""■                         ,1,,,  j   ,,-, i   ...    It   i-  an  Iniipiitou     ' ,,,.               ,m.    ,   |    .,,    luxuriuni'i .   iliroiigh   Rasl   Kootenay   nnd   through
j^MulNTXlt&'tJlerk.'   '                                 u "•   but   we  notice  lhc  '." |:lrl,          ,, danger irom  frost,     from   the Crows   Vest   Puss   tt.  Alberta.   For
 ei-iiit...it   have  decided   to con   tine   lh. whit-li     the    heuvy snow  fall   protects   passengers      into   the   Sloenn  country
Kaotci.iv • ociito. No. 16, A F. — A. ss.      |,,                   It  ii   should  be even in  the winter,  ut    '.I..'   country   the   slenmer   touches   nt   Nu-
.-_-                                                                          lie    lie     ' hint    miii^-   l.usii, where n  railway runs to Slocan
V*,_ \%X   -v_      - ■  l"ii'l"'-' ■  lhn'  "' '■'l" nil" t.. -> , ri  legetntion n pring,   Lake points und annuon.
f',>^',\^   rf) 0J*t^ni«rTuaU,ou       '''                      the properti   und  i emented  b         eons'uler •      Passengers   into   the   Lnidonu   coun •
»- ^s™^Jp\     J   ihsthird -ondsrin f„]|  |.,t,.,- ,,,,.    |.   i* quite eer    irv  take a   steamer at   Arrowhead  up
<^^    ,   ——>                      ti   » '          ,                      ,                     .
; -^                  . a    Vi   i   gbreth    Is   •          ol     the  provin t.-iin  tl  il   after   lhe  pi-climinnrj       ex-   ihe North  I'.ast  Arm for Heaton where
'   r         '   •   *"                                                          ' '  .    been  inclined,   -lago lines     run  t" Trout   Lake   City,
,.ii a  -mail  -ie « I.   Ferguson, Camborne, and    C'omnplix,
J T  I'm'    "  K. Ma M^^
CHitj. J. AM AN. Slit ki
BELKi   a  LODUE 12, 1.0.0  Y.
V_ _? ^^. ''■" "       ,   .
^.it. ti.t     tSo   lock
PV - -:. an.
-    ,,:  L    s.'.rt ,i.
I.  rt!' nn v N.ii.      JAS. M \: •
L lit Runge Latlne, K. ol P;
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
A   i'l
etiv.i tie V."
ti,;;   »t   i    i'cliwk      > Islung
- a.
T   P.   SMITH. C   '
u   H.     ..t i -
read, way,      to    - Iii.l,    i-  an  important      saw  milling
ii :  al  lhe head     of the North-East
.!,-     should     rm i    reached by this steamer.
(To Ue continued.)
. 11.'       i-'in
f imp country i-.
Zbc m>aU*1beral&
rhe stat
•■.-   .Mn, Hi
i .   I'    li    -' v    ,
yrnit,  I     m   ■
temporal n ith ol
tj.ir itateni	
uity to take iI   ill bo -
Provincial Taxation
ll"ii.  Mr,    Bowser's now Assessment
Vet     means m  total reduction in the
Lxalion   of  §55,000.   Poll   tax  colleo -
n    ran over 8200,000 a year,      and
ie government says it is not ydt in a
.■ i;inn  to aboli ill it as it i- the only
.■I  of  taxing Orientals und      tbo
ni i' ilal ion,   11   has  been   ur -
1  thai   onl;   I he Orientals pay     ]mll
ix, but  it  thin  were donei it      would
ne uftor       in' i.xponsen of collection
uly a  little  ovei   $20,000,    lb- dec lar-
,i\     V    .i'l.ed    out   ,
nu   income undur $2,000
. i"r  i.'lii.i ion  in  hi- income
iiiii |.i;. ing on     i tvor
r.i kei   ,l ed  I he  n due-
he \\oiking  in,in.
rl   i in-  \\ orkmen
pd, Inn  i i-t those
bud      i in- |ioll
Capital Paid Up       -       $3,500,000
$3 500,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohcs.     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, VV. H. PRATT, Manager.
Standing on Its Merits
O.ir Furniture holds the lead
in the favor of discriminating'
buyers, li sells on its merits;
art and honesty in every piece.
We offer furniture elegance
with staunchness and durability. You have a wide choice
of prices you cm afford.
Import direct from country ot origin.
BEVBLSTOKB    ii.  Ci.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
f.   ^.LBE3I_T    STOzrsriE     PBOP.
Deport Chinese
\\,- M H
the interei i  hn i
lion ul  iii.pi'.' e I
tion in  Reveli I    and id     hii
I: ,'im. ol  \ '',■'. ■
log tha trusto    h   llu   -
hsve the     heai      ontloi nmcnl  -.f
, Itissni  in    I        ink,     H'i   rlon'l
why H" ■' ■   -i
dollar  Ioi   dollar  li mn   I lii   I'm   ii
OovefWni   '■ iiidnrsl ind   I i h
;i«i,i v.,,    mndp     lo  V'ci  "i  tow -imI .
tlm ii'.",     lio     b   Idii ml there.
e provj
the pin
■   I
,     ■    . ,,     lo plan
^J(';in*,n   Ifi'.IT   Will,
(en       nf   ll,.'   m hr   : ■■ m -, • ,, ■    ■ ,m
m. ■ party,    and i    pi
,    di ninnil     i'.i   hi      il
whi      ,    ,i    right.
in ftKN'l     Room with In I,    iii
iilili' fnr   (wo young   men    Uni !i, < li
I. i in    modi i ate    Apply Bus 300,
(,.   ,,f I,
riAMi    ■   I) I
\  woi I
lho ill Irii'l   " i"'' ri
Iravellor.   There
i inpre   i h a I re I
to   I ravel   Ini   liiu'l
1  II
,,  thi
, i   M
,   ,iiitiii„
||   .
> e  nol
■   ■ ■ I h    ■   i    country a hen
■   with  uii'ii-
I J •■< icitlliirnl  workers
i     pp landing
oi   ol   thi   Liverpool  immjgra -
ion   i i' hoi i'i-- .   -.' im  rei enlI;,   non|    a
1       ■  ■ ii'k to
M  j. iblic "\
A KKOW II BAD, li  ' .
Spi'iial Attention kivwi to comroercltl
man and tourists, Kirst-nlasi SHinpla
rn'iins. Kinesl scenery In British Colombia, overlookinx Uppsr Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
LP. Le Beau
Corner Third 5• & Campbell Ave.
HorseShoemg _ Carriage Work a Specialty
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
are disposing of their entire Stock st a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry, Cut Glass,  Silverware,   Watche*
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Advertise, Advertise, Advertise!!
The Mail-Herald is Your   Medium FEBBUAKY V2th„ 1010.
Yase B
Wo  serve  ourselves by
sorving you belter.
A  pleased customer is
our best advertisement.
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Ladies' Lawn Waists
<1S WiiUts, Embroidered Lawn, New
Sleeve, Luce Oul let and Edgings, extra
good bargain. In tbe lot there are
$2.50 nnd 18.00 waists. Sale Thursday
and Friday only at
50 WaiiN, AH Over Tucked l.nwn,
fine i-iieci nu.Mi , sleeve tucked full
full lt"ij:U>, i:iii' mined, all siaes ,'12 to -14.
Regular ^l 50 vaists lor
95 cents
Children's Wash Dresses
A new line o Children's Wash Dresses
in White .Mu-'iu and tbu lovely new
colored wash materials in Lawns, Dimities, etc., v rv pretty and Btyllsh, Neat
little dresses lhat you would like to see
the children wear.
Sanitary Diaper Cloth
Sanitary Diaper Cloth, a fine soft non-
irritating bleached cotton cloth, medicated, at per yard
15 cents
New English Flannelette
In perfect colorings, .\2 and 36 inches
wide, thoroughly sponged, non nettle
finish, ready for the needle, at per yard
15 cents
Fruits and Vegetables
Oranges, Lemons; Kueset, Northern
Spys, Pewaukee and Baldwin Apples;
Grapes, Lettuce and Celery.
California Celery, Ripe Tomatoes,
Cabbage, Carrot?, Beets, Turnips, and
Pie   Fruits
Pears,   Peaches,     Pineapples,    Blueberries, Rhubarb, in gallon tins.
d Jellies
ams an
We carry all kinds of Crosse & Black-
well's Jams in lib. glass jars, lib. and
Tib. tins. Crosse & Blackwell's Jellies
in lib. glass jars. Wagstaft'e's Jam iu
lib. glass jars, and 51b. pails.
Visit lhe new Ready-to-wear
Department un the Second Ploor
(Take Elevator or stairs) opening
new Spring Suits, Coats. Skirts,
Waists, Children's Wear.
Mail Orders.
Telephone Orders.
Send the children to
tin' store.    Come yourself.
Have our city traveller
call at your home for
New Spring Goods
Always interesting, the new goods for the
approaching season, and this year more so
than  usual.
The new Wash Goods were never shown
in more lovely and fascinating color effects.
The artistic effects in the New Prints, Per-
coles, Ginghams, Zephyrs, etc., are beautiful.<
The Muslins, Dimities, Vestings and Linens
are superb in design and color blends. The
Laces, Embroideries, All Overs, Bandings,
etc., were never shown in such profusion.
You will find all the New Goods on display
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Floor.   Take Elevator or Stairs.
Ladies' Boots and Shoes
Our line of Ladies' Boots and Shoes for Spring and Summer
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Montreal, and to-day this up-to-date manufacturing tirm can
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line comprises Boots in black, tan and patent, < Ixfords in tan,
black, patent, gray, and gun-metal: Pumps in all weights and
shades of tan, as well as patent and gun metal.
Ladies' Patent Leather Boot
New short vamp, military heel,
medium straight sole, either in
Balmoral or Blucher cut
The Red Cross Shoe
The most comfortable and dressy
shoe on the market; made from
vici kid, with mediumjheavy flexible sole; common senso or military heel; patent leather toe cap; ,'
Blucher cut
Boots $4.50   Oxfords 3.50
Ladies' Blucher Oxford
Either black or tan, vici kit, Cuban or
Common Sense heel; patent toe cap; turned
sole; the most durable and easiest shoe
in the store for tbe price
$3.50 per paii
Ladies' Blucher Oxford
Black vici kid or gun metal, patent, tan
or gray Russian calf. Made with welted
sole by the famous (loodyear process,
Ask to see thorn.    Prices
$3.50 to $5.00
New Prints
P I' Prints, the new colorings and
patteriH. We had this raaknrs line last
season aud we know thnv gave our customers satisfaction. Diinty patterns
pretty colorings and a perfect wash
goods at per yard
15 cents
New Anderson Ginghams
The   product of   the famous William
Anderson looms of Glasgow, Scotland,
in the l'.llO checks and stripes, a 'ID-inch
cloth, perfect wash goods, at per yard
15 cents
New Wabas. Ginghams
Pine new patterns.     This well known
brand needs no comment.    It is a staple
Canadian  product   we   have it the year       "^
round, but the new colorings  are   interesting at per yard
15 cents
New Sanitary Hair Goods
A Fine Straight Hair Switch, 18 inches
Light, Medium and Dark Brown at
New China Silks
New 20-inch China Silk, all colors,
splendid for foundation linings and
fancy work, at per yard
15 cents
Four Cars Feed
lust unloaded Timothy Ilav. Prairie
Day, Shorts. Bran, Chop. Wheat and
«>ats.   Special prices on ton lot-.
Rugs and Carpets
Wi are juBtjopening
up a choice selection
if Smyrna and Wilton Rugs, tt which
cannot be excelled
at the price.
Our new spring
wall paper is beginning to arrive, also
a choice selection of
Japanese] Mattings
and Mats.
Special sale of White Lawn
Waists in new Ready-to-wear Department,   Second    Floor.     Take
Klf valor.
/ I\v^*' 0
FEBRUABY 12th., 1010.
Continued from pm
Hwir on (In- wator mid li|.'lit plant Win
»m-y heavy (ant year.,
Aid. Ili'us: Tin' pormunont expense i>
Uio anmo,
Cily Clork:     Tho ffaa plant roquiroit jto    r
two oxtra nii'il wlion running, aollelt
AM. MoKiiinon:     I wondor if Hrown  uexl mooting,
would    «imi  lho gas pluut    on    his, SUNDRIES.
caooh al s'"" "s' I   In    roply     to llio Mayor Mr, Stoin
sniil:       Tho    hotnl  liiviiM'-  and  flnon
should pay the rout ol poliro and gaol
/uuu loiiipmui's.
Mr. Si.'in: Get ,i oopy ol lho bylawH
for Victoria, aoo thoir dlltoront aouroea
uf rovouuo, and frnmo now bylawi au-
uordingly. In 'l"' wo "( tlio Inmir■
antra compnnios you uould tnko 825,00
fnr I'm'li i'ompitii)   an a basis.
Aid, Abrahamson moviitMt ho an in-
Btruotion     i" tho By-laws Commllloo
to    rovlso    lho bylaws with il Ily
and briug in n report at  tho  »oounn8   i  lal
fci'i-il  Lasl  year, pointing out  thai
Aid. Bows; 1" thoro any oxponso on
ilm mi> plant now?
City Clerk   No, not now,
Aid, MeKinnon: I don'l soo whore
w.; un- going tn l"'| "IT at.
Ahl, MoCnrly I would like to soo
Uiis matter eloarod up.
Aid Hows: If wo nil down Bomo ol
lasl year's oxponsos,
The Mayor: Wo oan out ilmvn sum.'
uf Ihose oxpeiiBcs such us donations,
Mr. Stein: Vou could out them down
to $1000.
Tho Mayor! What waa lho eosi of
__t pollwr
Mr. Stein: For lho spootal Borvlce il
was $1,05(1. That was in connection
wlili  the lilni'k -hand business.
representatives (rom lho Booed of
Trade and City Council, What will tho
oxponso lie?
The Mayor: Mr. MlUUllllfl i- down
Ihoro now mid I don'l think il«' city
will bo at am oxponso lol him, For
myself il  won't  cosl  the citj  n cent.
Aid.  MeKlni :  I move Hint a dolo-
gntion be sent   to  Vieluriii  i"  hitor
vita   il"' Cioveriimonl  with a viow   to
r  cram   lliau  Was of -
volstoko has n  larger population     of
ndminiatration, amoiinliiiy. lo
87,000, Vour polieo expense i:
much The sularii's alono me
Yoll have live puliee ullll'OI'K Oil
The Mayor: We eau'l cut do'
polk'0 salaries. I don'l ee I
can bo i ul down on lhe police i
larger |
bi holars iu    proportion in
Ihun imi  either ell}   In B, I
Aid    Met.'nrly;     Om  meml
Btands tlie position
liie Mayor:     I  think     a
would strengthen his hnntls.
Mr,   llowson   We all     see
»il\    of   more   Bohool
ei     lltlilel
lepulallon i
lure,    due   polled   ""
lliis town at  night.
Mr. Stoin: Woll it is 	
ti.,u to ihe run of expense
venue from lines is vol'}   low
111K AUDIT I'dl.l,.
in   mn'l|i   i,   a  i| .li,,n   of  riunueiuy   and    lho
"«    wo 'JViwtoo Board feels thai if we can get
xpondi- moro assistant Irom  tlie Uovornmont
nee lho iioeos
aliliol    rover    ,|m||   Wl|'0atlj        pl'UPll
tho city i''i'.' ihoj   will I
uf propor - , to pass lho bylaw,
Vour   re- j      \|,|      M,t'arl> :       Would   yoi
|mend tho plans got up u yoni
.Mr.   llowson:   I  am in  fa\
I   it   will   us-dxt
more  liable.
Tho Mayor.     Whai  is your hill  for g., „„.„ .,.|1<M,i. because I  think if Wo |tllls
Tho opinion is expressed that within
next sixty or ninety days, under
lhe influence of a 15 per cent, metal
mnrkel, Uritish Columbia Copper will
riso t" abovo par- Jill a .share and
probably roach the 813 mark, roprwe
entlny an advance, of praolically B0
per cent ovor prosont ftguroe,
The metul market is on the point of
advancing 16 cents a pound for nice -
trolytlc British Columbia Is carrying
bolween 1,500,000 pounds and 3,000,-
i  pounds of 1'iipper, which in a     15-
leenl mnrkot can be liquidated lor near
||\  $100,0110,   The expense of  thin production was nil paid loop; ago, so that
'mi a liquidation the proueode will go
to swell  the 8300,000 which     British
I Columbia holds in cash in its treasury
This fund, which after liquidation    ol
Ithe present     holdings   of sloolt    will
i ml to nearly 8600,000, will    n\v,i
.JU'jtitsh Columbia, a cash rosorve     ol
praolically *1  .., share on its 000,000
I shares of outstanding capital, and aa
this audit  and invostigatte
Mr.  Stein;      8500,
nl    de
Aid.   Trimiile:   W'lial   were   I lu-   -|
police doing?
City  Clerk: There was  a 8|
The   Mayor:   Did   they   liiul   OUt   any ■
City Clerk:  I don'l know.
Aid". Trimble: I don'l wntil  to put a
money bylaw before tho people.
The   Mayor:  Thoy  would  oppose      a
fey-law   for 810,000.
Aid.   I rimlile:   I   would  never   lie      n
parly   to   a   Inlaw.
ii\ I'd! I) IK TAXES.
Aid.   MeKinnon:   We  had  a   tax    Hale
last yeai       '1 hen i,
are dm   'he City tor eleven years paat'i
The Mavor:  When did   ihey have  the
lav sa|,.'/ |   The Mayor said    ho had n  lelcgrain
City Clerk: Then- is a dispute us to  from   II.      Manning,  chairman of  the
taxes oil   Block 52 and   Ihere were some School   Board,  who  wa-   a!   \'ll > "' .
lhal  did  not  go up I" sale lhat      Mr. askim;  lhat   a  delegation  lie  arranged
Coursier agrood  lo  take over.     Thoro for,  to  proceed  to  thi
were   others   which   were  withdrawn   On lerview   the   1
account    of     lho position the people regard      to
were placed in at   the time. » hool
The Mavor: With reference     to   the sorr)  Aid. Cowan wa- nol pr ul   at
82,347 spent  ou  tho aidowalks      over tlml meoting.     Uo fi
tho am t ,,f loan, cannot  wo     levy tic aboul it. The point wa   this    I
special tax for this' all recognizod the soriousi :
Mr.  Stein   Yes, after the work      is school situation here a'   the     present
oomplotod. '""'■      Inside  of  another  six  months
Some discussion took place     on  the Ihey  would  have  lo open  up   anothvi
question of holding a tax Bale, aud it room,  possiblj   two  i is,     and   tin
was understood  that  such would      he extru expense would envoi
taken up ■'""' sinking lund on a  larje sum     ol
Aid. McCarty -aid there were a num- money toward- bu
i  more   limn  the company  needs
a working balance, lhe early    do-
hortlv  to  i,   again     ul juration of a dividend at the rale of
'] think we should  30 cents n share is most probable,
The only   dividend which British Co -
linnbla has     ever paid ,s,ls ,„„. ,,{ io
e, distributed in Soptom -
buill     a   l-n
have   to   add
Tiic .llayor:     Have you  taken up the   nn extru expons
matter of book-keeping? build on the plans got  out  last  year.
1   Mr. Stein: Yes. the walei  nml light j   Aid. Abrahamson: 1° it proposed to
books  are in  very good  shape. I uso  pari   ol  the building   lor a      high ,"'"ls °
|   The Mayor: That account should be scr,001?
kopt  separately ,   Mr. llowson:     Ne-. Thu tlovornmoul
j    Mr.  Stein,     ll Vs.   Tl ihor books won't nssisl a hlgti scliool, hut a pub-
are in arrear;   lhat  is lo say the samo   He   school,  and   the  Btaud   wc   tnko    i.-
books  lhat    were in use eleven years  the nocessltj of a publiu bcIiooI.
ago are still used and are out of date, j    \\,[.  MeKinnon:   Vou   will   havi
1  have recommended
replace these.
Aid.      MeKinnon: I  move  lhal      Mr.
Stein's report lie received and adopted
as far as suits our clreumslanees, und
w   is  it   lhat   taxes j that   his  account   he  paid.    Carried.
Coast   and  in
'rovineial r.ovornmont   in   |)m|,|   i)1(
a   grant   for   improved
mmodation, Me    wn
ver\ enthusias
I lii-
new  rooms this summer.
Aid. Abrahamson: lu regard u
■l-rooiiied school spoken of. nu one
suggested lhal. Last year the school
bylaw wa- voted down on account of
ihe -ite proposed.
Aid. Mow-on: If lhe citisetM are bo
narrow       minded  about   the  site      ihey
may vote it down again a- they did
last year, one cud voting ugainsl the
other. (*n thu necessity of thi- school
1 believe all ure ngrocd, Tho School
Hoard could not tell the cily where to
hool lull COUld tell them
where   it   was   needed.       ll   wa-      BOlllO-
thing io In- deplored, ihe action taken
last v,;o in regard to ihe site, and
personally In- could not .-ee any justi-
lieation i.n refusing i" buy the other
block tor ihe school hy voting ii
Aid.   M.i arty   nded   Vld,   M, Kin
noil's motion, which was then carried,
Aid. MeKinnon: I would like to •••
i ho Mo ,,i go   Mi. Manning i- already
Aid   Bew      I  move ihut   lh
Loudon.  Feb. .". -The suggestion has
I n made here that  the various cities
oi Great Britain should particularly
setllo thoir unemployed question by
the purchase of a largo placo in Canada where they i an Bond their work-
less. The men could loam farming
and loavo lo lake up grants when they
wore elliiieni. oi remain as paid employ ee- via the Farms.
Pictures tonight.
the list for proper-   I'   was  suggested  :1m dele* ,,i   ui   (,,„.,„  lepiesonl   th.
bor of accounts on
ty thai   do.- not  exist, """  '"   Victoria   t,     ■     rviett     I    ;
BAD HI UTS. M'tun.-i I  and see how   in i i   u one}  thej
Aid    Bow*   -iei   their  wo,'  accounts   ™uld possibly ..■;  nul  ol  ihen      I'he;
lo  aim imt   of 8007  in   the water    and   had  to gel  verj
light  department   that      could  nol    be  from the (Jovernineui
oollected ;ivlkl":
Aid   Trimble here let!   the meeting      -'''"'
SINKIV.   IT SH Aid    McC'artj
Mr.  Stein  pointed  oul   tl'.-    icwei v-.: ,i;. • ibmi.1
tax would  have  tn  ':.' Increased       to      Messrs.   I    •
make  up      :!'■   neen
fuud for the lirsi year, whi.'.   had  nol   the   Counei
been levied or provided foi  ii   the sink    aa   ■■
ing f" Mr      r    ■ .
i ii\\ KRS10N or DEBEN i\ ItES     "   :
Begai : ng   the   crop.,-, i   ;. --'.,■
yeai ore
scut 25 year     watei   ind lighl
tares      ^l,    Steit    -lid      tl .
shoul I ■   'hei -v
lure. better
it would releasi
hand, ■■■     I       uld _ iut the
' I the di        ire-.
',' :     M  I ait;. . in
new   i
Th     M i
'! i     o
t«, ' it. lebei
turn  holder!
.   • '
Thi     Mm '     ■■
,,,;    ■..;..
equalising o( . • ,
.  '   hy    Mr   - ii-
'l In- City ( • fund
hequi     I '. :   11 i
during hi   •• i       '
City Clerk: 1
ed Im   M . .;,' ■   m     allow
for rep i i     . untenant*
The   Mayor    hough    thi
of  Mr   Stein,   ia I ing      tho
pre ei '    -'■"     year    di bentnres for 50
year debenture       md ivh
th- city betwei 10000     a  the I ,        .
yeai   ii.   the sinking I i   vain    Iheii   offei ,'
able one.      P..   i   ei,.  •   ,   , . ,      promise  of   i   n
could get  tho bad   taxe   in    1 rj  wo are no
use putting a tivla'.'   liefon   Mm people  hole.   Ily
io laauc furthi -    ■ ns at present.  I II
RAISING Till. IP l "re m
Th    M   ■ M:    Steii we gel   '"""
j.lont,'  .'-i*I    i  tax "f ^f> mi
iii*' [.obturation.
A nl   Vbraham^nn   ^oi-nndtnl.   ('arrtnl.
\i iniui; i;i:>n,\s.
\l i\        ! hei*c i-  ■ other m it-
U*i   i" Itiiii'-r up.     I have a letter from
1     11     ■■ m k -• ".   i.' i.iiurj   lii-   j'*>-it it in
. tttol
\. !.  I'.'U      I  move ii  I"- left   "\'ii ;ili
■  the i ount'U,
A ■     M  Kinnoti   I  oriel that.
Motion ,nd   i lie  meet iuu  ad*
■■ .-■ ■       . -  '   ■
The  U .
here  he
s ■
• - ■   ?riin.
;.  we
fruit Culture in B. C.
in   in British ' "i imh
oi-' in i.    Applet,
herrii id
VI leon  p bs
■ . -I
What Our
Means to You
TT moans that the flour con-
tallied in bags and barrels
so trade-marked is decidedly
whiter, a great deal stronger
and more nutritious than
other flours.
u means tnat the flour has been
properly iiv.ed to mature its
full strength.
It means
"More bread
and better Bread"
and better pastry, too.
It means elimination of uncertainty—"your money back"
if Purity fails to give entire
Costs moro titan thcothcrlrir.:1,
1    hut worth the difference.
Scotch  Whisky
Popular the World 'Round.
The world-wide popularity o{ Watson'*
Scotch Whisky is on* ol the strongest proofs of
its exceptional merit.
The Canadian will seldom be disappointed,
if he asks for Watson'f Scotch anywhere from
Halifax to Vancouver.
If he travels down the Pacific Coast he will
find it at the "Portland" or the "St, Francis.'
Should he continue his journey through the
Orient, he will find Watson's jn Hpoolulu ; in
Levuka (Fiji); at the "Grand" in Yokahama;
the "Imperial in Tokio; and at every house of
any consequence in the Flowery Kingdom.
Even in far-off Korea the brand is well known.
It is the favorite of our American friends
in Manilla, and can he had at the "Hongkong.
From the famous "Raffles Hotel" in Singapore
to the "Taj Mahal in Bombay, it ia known
and enjoyed, and Australasia has accepted it as
Scotland's best.
Insist     on
"THREE 8TA_"—A mild. tkerongUy mjtur.il Scotcb.
"NO. IO"—A lull-fcojieil. rickly flavors! Scotch.
JAMES WATSON & CO.. Limited   -   Dundee.
Don't Be Caught
Another cold   snap  coming.
Car of^Good Lump Coal from Leth-
bridge just in.   Order now.
P.   O     BOX   32
PHONE    _4ff
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, May,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties,   Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
UVmciii i'.uik'.i   Flour Mills Co.,
,,'cd, ,
Hn ■   ,     i. H ' " m Bi • ran,
v ,i   'i>.
Aid.   ',! I
Tho  M   ,       Mi    ,
Mr.  Stoin    Vm ,  if you  rni e  the li -
M  n ai I ■•• '
'I In-  M, ■.oi    Wil nn oshII i"-   n
i>p,',iftl liyl.iu'.'
,    Vi",
hp   \|   ,,,i     lii    In
I •     ,  • M V, '
UiinL' In tho
' ■ i Im   inmir •
A hi    Mi'Kinnon:  I)
!/..    Ill    llii.   .■   m - ,|, I,.
l'i, I iiiii   10   \ i, ',,, in,
A I'l    l',i«      Mi    Wanning i
thoro iii.v.
M'l.   Mi Kii i,.hi.   \,, i   hai
■ •
•" ii
■ .•,,     ■ Hi illil
'        hn  I    ihn'
Ihi      ' f IV ,        ■',,,,
where      then v  . ,,    iii.oofi
."''■'" pi i. iroly 7,0'ni
Palace Restaurant
McKanzie   Avenue
Kru,'   '  mdil   .('ijtnr-'.Ti'l LCC(
Monlf 36 cent*,|
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Kepid   nl »li kiini" neatly carrii I on
I'.i, vi le iiiiiI i i'lii MTk ii unecltHy
EitlmMH .ften on iny cIrm
or work.
Front    Street.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
EiibrKnl ami Improved.    Flrst-ClMS in every re«pect.    All modern conTenieneet
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot  Air
Pipe and  Furnace  Work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
P.   B.   WELLS.
E_rrw*r>r r.f Furs ramuAiiY lath., lino.
Page %
Local Industry
**'*>. w^-•«_—.«_
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock if printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVlenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
c/4ccount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
C. P. L
Hew Division witri Supt. Susteed, "■"»»• «•; ■;■. '»■ ** *■■'
' | league games  played  ttednesaa) nigh
General Manager
ames  piayeo   we.ine-.iay night
the Beavers put ii over tbe Billlkins,
in  the     Intermediate  League to     the
Winni|iog,  Feb,  0,- During  tho   past   tune ol 10 to  10, and tbe Intermediate!!   days   there  havo  boen   many   ru -  tes won     from  tho gym by only  two
! mot s  in  Canadian I'aolllo circles with i points,   the  score bring  28-26,      Both
reiei'i'iue  to  ehangoa  in  tho uporating   games  were fasl  and  strenuous,  some
department  "I  thul  oompany.     Those of the best     playing yet Moo     being
suggest   a  possiblo ro-arrangoijttnl   of  done,
work nf supervision "f tho sorvico   in BOWLTN'G.
many  rospoets,   Ono ol the slaloments ;   Tho  standing  of  the  league remains
'which have boon ropeutedly mado ii imelmngod from lasl week. On Wed .
to tho offoet liuu (Jonoral Manager nosdaj next lho Intermediates mwl
Bur)   mighl   loavo lho   eltj   either   for  tho     Business     Men.  and some good
| Montreal or tbo south,  li   ii not   lie   sporl  i- anticipated,
lioved  probnblo  that   Mr.   Bury      will	
leave tbc ('anadian Pueillc, Inn ilmul.I U__*l__' t»»   _n„
I  i,  will beto accept  the gen Meei|[HJ    TOP   fflBIl
oral   ni.'ili.'iei'inrnt   oi  one  oi   the  1 irgoi
i\ sloniH in tho United Stales.
j    Another     rumor     which  I.n-  im.*,.!
'  oi 'red e «ni     lo tbo offecl   thai
owing in tlie groat increase in the
mileage of lho Cnnadiun Pacific, the
syslcm which has tor many years
liiiinistorcd  in  tno sections, an
I'.veu      Sninlay     afternoon  nl  3.45
',I  i-  ,i  programme     ou at  tho V'
,M ('. A, To-morrow night Mr. T. I'.
Newbigging is to sine, anil .Mr. It.
Woodruff i- to make n short addraw.
.Cil men are invited In ilo- meeting.
Columbia River Traffic Bridge
R. M. R. Notes
eastern ami a weslorn, woul I in future
he administered in tbreo sections.   I'he
eastern ainl wostoru divisions      would      Work  un     instruction     "I     the
disappear ami  instead  there would In-  new  '  mbin   IVa      bridge     hero   is
an     eastern,  a contral  ami a  western progrc -ina  verj   raped;,       (.illett     A
division.       I'nder      this    arrnngemenl   Mncdonnld,   the conlrartoi   lidenl-
there would lie iliree genoral managers ''■ ' vi                ' '    '" liridgi  completed
ami  the    third  was  lo he  I-'.  I'.  I'm-■ in   lie- lii   I   week  oi   \pril    During  the
teed,   now   gonoral  superiiileiideiil      nl last  fow  weeks  the bridge In-      taken
the  I'ncific division. "" a finished  appearance, .hie t"     lho
  fad   ine i'ii.,  have   efl   lbe   inderneath
. ,.• are   ii'l      ti-' now   ereel ing      lhe
Chinese New Year       ™*»* ->"■ <"<*' - ii"dock-
I'hore  yet   remains,  however  a     great
'I'he  festivities  in   connecrion      with   ,!,.;li ,,( »•„,.„  ,,, ,|,, ,,., t|„.  |.   and
Chinese    New   Veni   are  less  elaborate   braces ..:'  th.- spans   .- well a>   thi lay-
ami  oostlj   thii     year  than  formerly,   ing ,,i mun.i   more  toiu  of rock  round
.The lending I.ual Chinese stale     ihcj    several  til   (hi   piei  .    l'i..   construction
have  lint   little   money   to   spend      for   ,,f  , |„. mat trass,  along   the river bank
'celebrations ami although  tl      will  ,„, en,.h .ii,   ,,i th,. .;■■.   , ,„; ,'     tl„.
lie quite  a   l..t   .Inn,-,  ilill   their      New   bridge,   where   considerable  erosion    of
ilear will he exceptionally quiet, the bank ha-  taken pin •   owii to
I Dnily, ami mosl of lh.- night, torn tin urrenl lieing deflected in towards
.turns, drums, ami other instruments the cily, i- lieing pushed ahead to
j of music can bo hoard emanating from completion, md is ai evcellenl piece
tho Joss House on Front street, while ,,f work, ■!„ eonti u ors being con-
much  feasting ii lieing made. i;,., ...   that,   tie   mnttrnss  will  prevent
■    The t'binesd New  Year ii a moveable   u.j   furl hei   damage.
iea.il   an.l depends on   the birthda]    nf       vbout   two hundred  men are now be-
reigning  Emperor of liie Celestial  i'.m-   ;„L  employed on  th" bridge and mat-
pire.   Theoi ustom of thii   holiday   trnss,   whil ,,        ..•  .   toamB are
ihat stands pro-eminenl i- the general „l wori I iiiling In , li nd rock,
paying of debts. Woe to ihe man
who doc- not meet his liabilities, tin
iiian\ of the doors of Chinese bouses
on Front street are pieces «.f red paper covered with hieroglyphic meunlug
.".Ma> en.nl link attend you ai you
open thii door.", besides main othor
I 'The lire cracker i<= used as a religi -
'mu instrument, and not simply a- a
noise maker for celebration, ami the
bombardment  of     era.-ken  i- lie ausi
the Wicked spirits  thai   have  1 11 ban
-lied since the 23rd day of the month
have returned io earth ainl must be
driven   away.
li i considered unfortunate if the
Narcissi are not in dower nl New
All lhe local stores are closed and
Jn> whole colony are busy making
calls al  eaeh  others  home-.
A Celestial never knocks or rings,
but walk- straight in. 'This ii tin*
time of year when the Chinese home- 1
I arc thoroughly swept and garnished,
an.I many offerings of nuts and sweet.
nteati are made to tin- dosses, who
have io be appeased, The Chinese will '
not work during tho festival and even
in hard limes tlie desire ior -how ami
extravuganco i- kept up. Thi- \.w
Year i- 22(11  in tho Confucian era and | VERDICT  uh  MM'. .11 BY.
the soeond in the reign of lh- Ma jest?      The   a or's jury, which 1ms     h...
Soon  Holing,                                             investigating      tho    recent     wreck  at
  Webbw I, brougl I        . verdi '   thai
,,',   , , ,, ,.,.,. the accident was tho result of iho de
McGLLl   I M\ EKSII \. ,            .   ,                        .      , ,.
iailment   ol  the forward  trucks ot (he
I,h ,i     examinations    in Theorei    il ,,.,   ,.,..   .,., .                        ,,[   wn'.,,
Music foi  Ml grudes w II !..■ held       ui ,,„.,     .„,, ,  „.,. ,,„,,„,, ,,„.
April  Wth, Hint. rhc)   recommended  that tbo follow-
Local Practical Kxnminations     con- ing     ,„,;„,, ,..     juv, ,til...t.-.I    bytl-
,l'"""' >•>   Or. II   i'. Perrln ami ,,n a%- _«„_ .,{ Rallwfi)  I ommuurioner.:
soeiute examiner  (for all  centres from ,.'irs,    _Ari.   ,|„,.,    . ..„,„„„.,.   „„„-„.,
Von '""       '"   W »»"l""-l   I'"1'1   '".aa M,  „, koep „„ ,.,. M  „„,,. „,.„„,n     ,„
Kay 2nd    ... May 21sl   IOiO, starting propet , ,,n.|„;,„, ,.„,, .. lo0 „,,,,„. ;„
11       ''''■''■ the rigorous climate .i New Ontario?
si'i     '""""■ Rll9d  ">  ""'   "       -     :.l.   Should     n 't opouing.    be
oompunied  b;   foo      nm ,   ,.    |i|l., , i;, ,,„. rii ,,      •    ,,    . :i[rMn ,„
contral ..Hi.,. i„ Montreal .... ..r bofon ,„.,„,,   ,|„.„,.,| ,r„m ,.lt:„.r ;„_,,,,. oro,|t.
"M"'1  I '■ I! '°nw are obtainabh .„!„,  Bad  .„„,m.. ,-,„  „.,,,,„. „f ,,„.,
','""1 '    M   M.I,uh,,,,., dene. ,I     .- ,.,,_„ r. ,.      _,. ,,, M overturn-d c,,
rotary,     H23    Shorbrooke    itree
Inf'.i mat nm   ihuin   th,,  \,.,, ,
lh.- muster al lbe Hum Ilill l'hui.-
ila\ night w.i- largei than 'he aver-
age, iei it is hoped tl il ii will cou-
linue. The bugle band under Sergeant
I'M. m .1 Ringor i- making oxoaUasI
progress.   Following   are   the scores .'»t
the woekh   -ii    al   'he rifle range.
i    l'te.   I-'    Benuison,   -'"
j    l'i.'.   \!ii...   'JI.
i    Sergt.  'i.in.i'i     .'"
'   l'te. Oidiths.- -•::
Sergl.   Smyth,-.-  22.
Corji,  M. li,..,,,l,l.   22.
Sergt.  Shardlow     -
I ol.-Si r.i. Hon.ihi     J.'.
l'te.    Tell'.m.-JI'.
Corp.    Meek.-lft.
l'i...  Bobbins.—15.
Lieut. Grant
Pte.  rayloi     1 I
Corp. Leslie    I ■'•
Pte.  tt i-    13
l'te   tt'iggim     11
A .iu. ■• wn, Im I eld in tbo Dri?
II.,11 ,,.,  Fridnv, Feb. 1 -th.
The Webbwood Wreck
nmination-   im   diploma  "f   I .
ami degree of     \\„-   Bac. '-an be obtained  from  the iieneial   -•■■ retan .
ongeri in    . ■■ ..i on ovartumad car''
Ihii'i,   .--iiie.il.1 ii..t  emergency t.sils
i»- • un.-I  it convenient plaoas, out-
''    i      u     11   Well    I i   i.ni.le*
Keep Your Grit
Sn  matiOT  wlini
llaog otil  'In
FOR SALE. _„- My,
EGCS  fo,   hatching irom tin: follow- I Push onl  Sing on!   I kings will   conn
ing imported pure bred fowls:
S. c. id,,,,;,, iiiand Beds,   82.00
Silver l.nced Wyandottei S2.00.
Barred Plymouth Rock.,   $2.00
S. ( . Buff I.e.. horn..- 12.00.
Cornish Indian Games.- '"2MH
White Crested Black   Polish    82.00
Km.len .; .—23.00;
Imperial  Pokin Duck..- 11.76,
your  way.
Sitting down and  whiting never help.
a bit;
Best WU]   ." g.'.      'here is by keeping
>i[i yum grit    i   mie i:  Thayer.
The , ity wai in darkness for nveral
hour,  on Thursday night,   lhc   light
Is'ing  -hut off owing to one of     the
AI-'      toil,   from  the   vlmve for sale, Iturbine,   at   tho  power   In,use  WOtUng
MI.'S.  It,   \    DPPKR,       IIoom.
/ Togo 8.
FKimUAKY lath... 1910.
of New Spring Goods
New Dress Goods. New Zephyrs. New Chambrays.
New Colored Muslins. New Dimity. Cotton Suitings
New Embroidery. New Laces. New Victoria Lawns
at 10c. Per Yard. New Table Linen and Napkins.
New Towels and Towellings. New Lawn Waists and
Shirt Waists.
Don't Forget That Oor Coupon Sale is Still On
One Ticket for every 50c. worth of goods purchased
First Prize—Sewing Machine, - Valued at $55.00
Second Prize—Silver Tea Set.
Third Prize—Gold Filled Case Watch, fully guaranteed
Fourth Prize—A Grand   First Class   Marbleized   Clock.
l„ I). l„ 1058
One   .«"   lho besl attended meetings
yet hold of the lo, al l„ 0. I,., 1(|B8 .
Iwas tli,it l.iii night in the old Odd-
fcllo\\~   hall,   the   OCCn.lon   lic-illli       the
visit of Brother .1. \Y. Whitoloy,
Growl Organi/.er for U, ('.   Bosldos ihe
full  nllenil.tnic  of  local   member, there
.were \iiiine. brothers from I'lintliam,
IN. li.. Saskatchewan, Nelson anil
other places,   Brother Whitoloy was in
lhn  chair,  an.l   fll'Osillwl   over   two  inil-
intiiuii. n first dotrreo ami an ndvunco
inenl. mil .ja\e a eeneral oiilline in-
sirin tion in degree work,
Hi illscdiirs i the work and principle* of Ornngorj ami organic.ntion
was i, i, li appreclnlad by the membors
mum valuable lessons being loarnod,
Lighl refreshments concluded an inter,
ostiny anil profitable ovoning,
I'he following nre  ihe  newly oleetctl
ll'n'i i <  "f  the year:
1).   M,     I.   I..   Slalcn.
Vi. M,    I. II.   U-mstrong.
Chaplain.-  II.  II..y.
lie. .   See.- II.   MeKinney.
Pill.   See.   &   Trens.-T.   St 1.
Lecturer,- C Corson,
I). i . .1. Anderson,
Committee.- W,   McJInhon,  U.  Tt
ing, II. Slovens, \V, Andrews.
The annual "Glorious l'-'lh" of .Inly
will probably be held at  Kamloops.
Mr, Uhileley stated (he Orange Order wai particularly strong in II. C,
ami hail ma.le great strides all ner
Moving Pictures To-night.
An aeroplane factory is I" be established at Tocoma.
Goldwin Smith is reported dying at
Toronto, :n the result of an accident,
Small pox is sproading south of
Nakusp, thirteen new oaBOS being reported.
K. II. Truemnn will lie at the Studio
Rovolstoke from the 15lh Inst, to tin-
end of the month.
Mayor Hamilton, Aid. Cowan. 11.
Howson, ami ll. Manning, who have
boon at Victoria in connection with
the Revelstoke schools, are oicpectod
homo tomorrow
The I'.oaiil of Trade held a null
tnootinc! on Wednesday to appoint delegates on ii"- deputation to the Government at Vi loria, asking an increase.1 grant for a new public Bchool
an.l im.i.| credentials to Mayor Hamilton anil .Vld Cowan to represent ihe
II. B. Stonex, machinist, Front St.,
has completed his self contained electric lighting Bystem, Ins simp being
one of tin- mon brilliantly lighted in
the city. The dynamo which was made
on the premises, wilt light aboul 10
tungsten lamps of 41) ' b, ami
is driven hy a ■'. h   p. g isolii e ■
Mn.  HI     il   ■     if  II ■  Isl
.coived      '■'• ■ ihing  news      this
week that lur brother's w
»t    Burke'    I' Ont.,   had
birth to quad I he nl ints
being .
also  the mother.   '
the kind 1
\  !■■ 1 al    the
City      Ci v
aldorn u
of taxes ■!
I. hei,
wai • lennen,
to » I   ml s
board ■ I,    M
i.-'l i .
bold •'
the n
r.i -l •
lii' meanfi will
up i' " pa) '■"•■'
1st   .
porvl n  '-,,     olle
is      '
mono) will
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so if you wish to procure the hest
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money,,,refunded if not just what we represent it'to be.
Wo have a full stock of the leading- lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the hest values on the market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to .'3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
first class programme tonight     at  of thi
l.e \i«   lidison.
liev. W. ('. Gordon, authoi "I the
Prospector etc., ii now classed among
the millionaire, of Winnipeg,
Magnificent    realistic |i- -.no-       I he
Last   Hays of     i'ompeii"  showing  the
eruption "i v.- ir iu .  No«   l-l.-
i itj  Polii.  i'.en ■ I',   i        ■ iii    week
has boon  particular!)   ligl      - ou
of but .--. f-«  - Bses of drunk  and 'li- -
ot herlv.
Spectacular Beeni    prod ■■ tion      I hi
Last  Bays  of     Pompeii"   •
gramn f ■ nmed)    di .'.
New I  :
- ■.-   . -     ■    .
\,w    I ,li.
Feb.   15th .   ,   ■■
»-,  _.»•»■• ■,i<
£ax< fife Cold Cura
I In- i.i
for    ' oil        i    !■ •
i Irippe,   eti        i-i   '.
tune   i Ure    l.l a   ai.'1,'
1    181
J .
llon'i forget lhe Spen. c-Stiacliau
entertainment on Tuesday Feb. 15th.,
ii   lhe \e«  Edison Thentre.
Samuel I'. Roe, of il.e i ily of Vic -
torin, U appointed District Registrar
oi 'title, f.i il.- Kootemiy Land Itcrr-
iiti.it..' District ai Nelson from the
I'uli daj   of Feb.  19111, in the place of
11 ■  - M, Bo- man, resigned.
Ii   tl" amendments to the gome act,
in ide for protecting   the
. ■""■     assel  from invasion
bi    Vmeri ai    sportsmen  during      the
■  inunnce especially of the close Ben
i .te    A general
■••   of 810 i- prescribed, to    bo
paid ■ shooting or angling
I 'ini.11. who lias not been
•   the province foi     at
■ ii     months     \ special
■     ■  ingle will
C. P. R. Outwitted
Victoria, Feb, 10.—That McRenzio
and Maim of the Canadian Northern
Uailway Company, backed by 3. P.
Morgan, tho great New York llnanclor,
have acquired nil the immense hold -
iugs an Vancouver Island of the fum -
s DiiiKiiiuii family is the announcement made here today on excellent authority. For days past rumors have been alloal that the coal
mines and coat bearing ureas owned
by .lames Dunsmuir had passed into
the hands of tho C. P. I!, which is
known to have had an option on them
for some time but the rival road lias
apparently outwitted Sir Thomas'
Sliiuiejhnessy and his associates. The
price is reported to be 811,000,000.
Il i- stale.l also that the new owners contemplate the erection of a
great, iron and steel plant on Vancouver Island.
Household Furniture,—Apply to Mrs.
C, W. Boden, Third St., East. tc.
ike bis
ring his
.-. ox
BewF>-jjl5WionerY Store
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the Post IM
ilile   that      i' ■'■
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nrdei.   t he h,  il laid  bnfor.
iuthorities In thi     •
hrniL' about   a nitui It  to tl
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Bi mi ie   Is ■,
Moving Ploturoi I
ih'l        '    ,1,., '   ;,,
You judge a pair of shoes
■ 'hal   by   the way they
perhaps you judge them
ore by the way they feel, hut
a.   ured lhat if they do nut
■ el ble, the chances
ne that they will
II,   \ i'.i cannot be
..   :;'.;".'  unless  V
ible and   o  hoe
■.     be c ile unless it
fil      i '   '  fails to <ii i: will
1 .,. ■. for you '■-
be        'oi i I li in a vice
.   iusl yield.
.' ma 1' i!'!<-n   !;■ , al
i      vomer em-
.   . IV;.lures
!   " ■!.'. and
n um measure
that is
why so     •  • 'i; for
Shoe Talk
Nothing is prettier or
gives a well dressed woman more satisfaction than
a dainty shoe such as this.
While wearing it she is
conscious of a perfectly
dressed foot, always associated with comfort. We
have many other styles of
the Empress Shoe for
Women. It is always a
pleasure to show them.
"Classic" Shoes
For children have proven their worth, and those who have
been buying them say they are the best and cheapest shoe
for children that they have had. They are made of the best
stock, with stylish, good fitting lasts and you will find them
the highest quality at the lowest price. From infants to
growing girls sizes at prices to meet the popular demand.
Buy "CLASSIC" SHOES and you will be satisfied.
A lot of our Spring
stock of shoes is now on
our shelves and we will
be pleased to show you
how well we can fit your
purse and foot. You will
find this a much more extensive showing than
usual, comprising a full
range of shoes and Oxfords for the Spring and
Summer wear, including
some very pretty shoes,
pumps and Oxfords in
grey and tan Suede.
In addition to the
well known ''Empress"
Shoe, for which we are
sole agents, we have a
number of other first-
class lines, including "the
CANADA " and you will
find these lines are splendid fitters and give you
every satisfaction in appearance and wear.
Empress shoes sell at
$3.00 *:!. 50
$4.00 $4.50
and $5.00
6. TO. Bell
©rocer anl> Balicr
■Phone 53.   -   p. o. Hox 208
Everybody Invited to a Free Cup of Tea
y        —  _£}
Ladies Blouses at Sale Prices
| MRS. A. G. CRICK, First Street #
Choice Groceries
A full and complete line of Choice Groceries now on hand. Our prices are
right.   Orders called for.
Qnncral Merchants


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