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The Mail Herald Jan 14, 1911

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 'Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $G0.
Interior,Publisning.Co., Agts
•   i
Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 17-No.   3
$2.50 Per Tear
> i
Lawrence Hardware Co. Ltd
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hond Ottico   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
5 S30.000.00
Brunches nt AReiits at all principal points InJCanada.
A|?ents in Great Britain and United Statea-London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago-First National Bank, Corn hx-
chauge National Bank. Seattle-Seattle National Bank, Sanl-ran-
cisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Lxcbange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposit* of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Large Numbers of Almost Perfect Fowl are Ex-
hibited—Show Complete Success In Everything but Point of Attendance.
Every poultry fancier in RevelBtoke this pnst week has been hen
crazy, anil oobody who han visited
the lirst poultry show in Selkirk
Hall under lhe auspief-i of tbe
ltevelstuke Poultry and Pet Stock
Association the past few days
blames them for being that way.
This city for its size can put up
just as jjood a show in tha poultry
line as any more pretentious city.
" The show," said Mr. Ci. Wood
the expert judge, "was one of the
very best I nave had Ihe privilege
of visiting this year, not particularly in numbers, but in point of
quality of lhe exhibits, and I have
been at Victoria and Enderby
slows us judge, aud as spectator al
many others." This expression
coming from so eminent an authority on pet stuck as Mr. Wood is
worth a whole lot to Kevelstoke
and something that must be an
encouragement to the pro miters in
view of its being their maiden
Had the weather been mon*
agreeable the attendance would
bave been much larger, and every
visitor would have congratulated
himself or herself for attending.
Not only did local fanciers exhibit,
but there were a large number of
birds from other towns and cities,
and the management not only had
every pen tilled, but found it necessary to double up the entries in fl
number of cases. Two of the larg
est exhibitors were Mr. Waddell,
of Enderby, with a flock of aboul
twenty-five fancy birds of the
White Leghorn variety, and Mr.
Hawson with a similar number of
all breeds.
The quality of the exhibits is
evidenced by the high points scored
in many instances.    looking down
the list there were seldom anything
lower than S5 points, while from
!K) to 96 points were pretty general.
A Light Brabma pullet belonging
to T. Pound had the highest scon
which was illi points. Following
closely on tbis was a S. t'. Brown
Leghorn pullet belonging to H. E
W abey with a score of HI 1 points,
while lv Petrie's hirds in the same
class scored 933 Br|d 92^ points.
A Light Brahma cockerel, also lhe
properly of T. Pound, scored IllVf
point?; H. E. Wabej's Barred
Rock hen and pullet each
scored 93^ points; F. C, Waddell
White Wyandotte hen scored 93 j
points, while his Partridge Wyan
dotte hen came within a quarter
point of this. E. W. B. Paget'*
S. C. Ited pullet carried off first
prize with a s'ore of 'J-1J points.
In the 8, C. Buff Leghorn class a
marked uniformity of high BCores
prevailed. J. J. Dc-vine's hen in
this class secured first prize with
'.I'll points and following closely on
this H, Mi Kinnon's and T. W.
Bradshaw's hens secured 921 and
92 points respectively, ln 11. C.
Buff Leghorns F. W. Laing's exhibit was alone worthy of much
attention, his prize juillet scoring
do{ points. F. C. Waddell had a
fi ie lot of S. C. White Leghorns,
the first prize ben in this class
carrying off the honors with a
score of 11*4 j points. W. Dawson's
W. C. Polish hen had the remarkable score of 95 points and none of
E. Petrie's banlams scored less
than 90 points, 90J to 94J being
the range.
On the whole it was remarkable
j the number of almost perfect bird"
j that   were   exhibited,    while   lhe
! interest of the   first  poultry  show
(Onntinued on Iut page)
p. ^ums # Company. £td.
20 Per Cent. Discount Sale
Starts To-day and Comprises
Everything in Stock
Mrs. A. G. Crick, First Street
Jas Cameron Had Narrow Escape
at Kootenay River Ferry
Ckf.ston, B. C, Jan. 12.—Whal
might havo been a fatal accident
occurred last Friday evening at tin
Kootenay river (erry, j iBt a ooupli
ot miles from CreBton. It seems that
Cameron St Sons, liverymen, ol thin
place, were hauling baled hay from
the reclamation farm amiss the
Kootenay river lo Creston, when .1 '8
Cameron, who was driving, went down
to tbe lerry. He having rather a
heavy load ol hay, the sleigh crowded
the horses, and as the animals gained
the ferry, the weight of the team
managed to Btart thu lerry adrift, and
to young Cameron's horror the big
ferry left the shore with the team on,
while the load ol hay and wagon were
on thc shore. It was only the work
ol an instant before tbe horn's, load ol
hay, and all were plunged into the
rushing torrent. Young James Cam
eron uianagiil to escape out ol ill*
water by swimming, but was thoroughly chilled, while the valuable
team and wagon with the load of hay
was carried down stream, likely under
the ice. The losa ul the team snd]
wagon is estimated to be lolly IfNlHI
It is reported llut tbe driver lorgot to
tie the (erry baton driving on to it
which caused this aennus accident.
British Columbia Fruit Growers
Unanimous in Their Opinion.
The attitude of the fruit growers i f
lini imi Columbia on the question i f
reciprocity with the United 8tateB was
' mphatii'iilly expressed by the following resolution which carried at thi
oonoluding session ol the British Columbia Fruit drawers' Association at
Victoria —
"Whereas the larmerB ot the northwest are asking that the duly on American fruit be nduced, and;
"Whereas the Iruit industry ol British Columbia is attaining very large
proportions, and would sniler very
severely in such case:
"Resolved that this representative
meeting ol British Columbia Iruit
growers with it placed on record that
t icy aro absolutely agftiust any reduction ol duties, and that duty on
Iruit brought into Canada be raised Ic
equal the duty imposed by the United
States on Iruit going Irom Canada lo
the United Statet.
"He it further resolved tnat copies
ol tbis resolution be forwarded to llu
1),minion and provincial government*
and to member* ol both homes, and
that all affiliated ai-snoialiouB bc null
lied ol this action."
No light or power for we
don't know when, is the latest
announcement from civic circles. The gas producing engine is all frozen up and until
the weather takes a notion to
warm up the position is almost
a forlorn one. Ratepayers can
at least comfort themselves
with the prospect of lighter
electric light bills this month,
and in the meantime put in a
good supply of coal oil and
taper dips.    So cheer Up !
During 19" KffP '" Mind
John Mclntyre Sr Son
For General Groceries, Men's Supplies
"     Crockery and Farm Produce.
Goods Delivered to Every Part of the City.    Tel   93
Sleeping Berth Tariff
Wm. Skene, secretary nl the Board
o'Trade, ol Vancouver, is in receipt
of the billowing telegram Irom Mr. A.
11. Cartwright, ol tbe Railway Coni-
i "ti in connection with Canadian
sleeping car rates:
IS ..id will bear application ol
Canadian I'acilic (or approval cl tarilT
sleeping car rates at Montreal, Jan.
'23. Proposed standard lower berths,
east ol Calgary, six mills per mile;
wesl ol Calgary, eight mills. Upper
hertbi scaled twenty per cent, lets
•ban loweri. Minimum, lowers, $1 60."
Ml. Skene point! I nl that al tbi
iboVI rate a traveller Iri in Vancouver
to Calgary, a dirtance I Wi miles
in u il pay t'i lor a lower berth, while
a traveller In in Montreal westwards
ihe same   distance,   Woll d    pay   only
t:i It
Clever Kamloops Student
At the linal meeting of the commit
tee appointed by the faculty ol arts al
Montreal to make Ihe award ol tin
Rhodes scholarship offered tJ Mctlill
university, Waltor J. l'earse, ol Kam
loops, B. C, was elided. Mr. l'earse
ia an utidergtiiduale in the third year
in arts.
The committee named Henry An
gus, of Montreal, an undergraduate lor
thc fourth year in the fame lacully n-
proxiine accessit.
Six carloads ol cattle stalled on the
C 1'. R , at thu loot ol Casllc monn
tain during the recent billiard and ii<
danger ol being frozen to death, wen
slaughtered. The empty stock trail
arrived in Revelstoko on Thursday
alternoon, which, together with tw>
deiHidied logins! and a couple ol Iocs
tn.ins Irom <-olden were tbe Onlj
arrivals up to that time Irom the cai '
llnci Sunday.
0 Sj
Bourne Bros.
Trains Stalled nnd Passengers
About Famished—Slides at
Several Points—South line
Suffered Ton
With tbe discontinuance of thebliz-
zird which hiiB been tbe menace ol
business life and caused tbe stagnation
of traffic on tbe railroads since Sunday
night, Revelstoke has once more set-
fed down to her steady gait. Although almost four days and four
nights without train service Irom Ihe
■a-i.Minl delayed arrivals from the
west, tbe city has not solVend materially. Her biggeBt proposition now is
clearing tbe snow away and opening
up the roads and walks for general
The cold spell still remains and ie
probably more severe than dm ing the
raging blizzard, but with the absence
ol the later it 18 not at all unoomfort-
able gelling around, and citizens are
fairly well satisfied tbat they got oil
aa luckly as tbey did. Tbc ll.st train
service Irom tbe east reached here on
Friday night at about (1 o\ lock and
consisted of no less than four trains,
which during the paet week h ive been
accumulating at Field and un ble te
get further west. Later on in tbe
night two other annus at ived and
trsffic is now fairly well estsbli-b d in
its uBual course. With th so trains
necessarily arrived iarge mails, which
have sim e kept tbe post i tiice employees buBy aid have incidental y
livened up local business Solum s
have been closed owing to tl e inabil -
ty ol teachers and scholars getting to
and from tbe school bouses, but are
reopened once again and all the citizens now nquire to make Iheir joys
complete is light and power. It is
little use promising this at any pa>-
ticular date and buoying up tin
hopes ol citizens, as nobedy can tell
d. finitely when this ia due to arrive,
It may be tomorrow or it may be s
week or two away. However it will
be none the less welcmie Ioi a sudden
and unexpected arrival.
Tbe recent Btorin has been pretty
general all through the west from Port
Arthur to Vancouver. In lhe former
place the blizzard Btruck on Thursday
last and tbe therinometor dropped to
twelve below zero. At Calvary the
lowest point reached was thirty below
with a strong northwest wind prevailing. Krom there west the weather
was much the same brand, although
in (nine places more severe. At Field
a multitude of both east nnd west
bound trains were held up, and pus
j sengersdid the best they could with
I tbo limited hotel Hciommtalatirn
i there. A big snow slide nt Rogeri
I'ass lied up tbe main line it tbe C. I*.
It. completely, and the difficulty in
gutting laborers to work in the inclement weather aggravated the   situ-
lion considerably,
On lho Crow's Nest branch little
bettor waB experienced, their being no
ess thai! twelve trains tied up within
six null's ol Michel, and special wins
luiniitineed it to be the worst storm iu
years, (iangsof shovellers wero kept I
Imsy but about all tbey could do was
10 keep lhe switches open. No effort
was made at all io move Ireight as it |
was taxing the railway company to its
.iillesl extent to raise the passenger
tilookade. At Nelson, beyond the de-
I iy ol mails, little effect of the storm
was lelt.
A dispatch Irom Vancouver dated
fm Ml h. slaied imii a aovere snow
storm was ragi g in tbo Chilliwack
district and tbe tramway company
operating lines in the section had
been compelled to abandon traffic
uvea tbe eastern section. Two feet of
mow fell in two hours and a wind ol
ill miles an hour aruie with a blinding
snow storm which continued all night
Bourne Bros.
Groceries,    Hardware.   Flour and Feed
ts a
No uncertainty about the sort of Roast you are
getting if you buy it from us. We sell only
the Choicest Meats in tbe very beet condition,
and guarantee to give satisfaction at all times.
Sausage   and    looked   Meats   a     Specialty.
Swift's   Premier   Hams   and   Bacon.
Sealed Oysters.    Silver Leaf Lard.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd,
llu,ii Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 251
P. O. Box 181
Then a cup of BELL BLEND TEA
will refresh you. with its bright, spicy flavor,
ami fragrance.   s0ld in lib. lead packages.
PRICE  35C,   40C,   50C.
P. O   Box 208
Phone No. 1*
and all day. Kilty poles along the
train line were broken »nd the Hoe
Otbarwin blocked. At Winning the
temperature drop|«;d to 31) below sad
a slroiiK northwest wind prevailed.
At Brandon the storm raj;ed lor two
days with the therinometor standing
tt 82 below nro, 1'asBcngeri on tbe
Canadian Northern Saskatchewan express tell thrilling stories ol their experiences while Biiowed io on the
bleak waste through which tbe train
ruue south ol Carberry. All were
nearly lamished it the lood stock of
the dining car was completely exhausted.
A despatch Irom Spokane lays:—
"As the lead engine on the oriental
Limited, tbe crack train on the Ureal
Northern, cleared a snowsbed in tbe
Cascades early yesterday morning lets
than a mile Irom Wellington, where a
tnowtlide killed more than 100 persons last March, the engine wa* swept
Irom tbe rails and completely buried
by an avalanche that hurled itself
down tbe mountain side. With tbo
exception of the fireman on tbt lead
engine, who suffered a severely Maided
band, no one waa seriously injured,
although tbe tender of tbe engine was
demolished by tbe force of tbe anow
and debris wbiob tossed the locomotive Irom the rails,"
A repertoire of good standard plays,
such as Kevelstoke seldom sees, will
he given by the Jeanne RumoII Oo. at
Kdisou Theatre commencing Thursday next Tbe list include* everything Irom rollicking comedy to
serious society drama, while every uni
ul tbem ia wortb teeing. TJEl'E   M.AI^HEIR-AIGID,    l^ETV EL.STO-K ]i!
Che fl&aiUlbevalb
1 DI LISHE      ■■       *; SDAJ   IND
:-.1 11 i.;  *a   AT
R       ELSTOKE. B.   C.
Jntcrtot   ubltsblng Gompans,
■    i        per line I
luser:    * * s  per hue      each
■      .*.;■       . :•,..     .
luents  Nonpariel  U- lines
one inch.)       Sti re and
Dts  $2.50   i'.'l
inch per i Preferred
per cent, addil ioual.
eai *     .- ::ion.
. • ■   ;"     .  All advertise-
subject   ■     thi   approval  ui
Wanted     and
C *...*:* A ments  :  —
Agents  •.    ted, 1 le .   Want
>■ tions    Va
■•■■■■■.    - or    less,    -iv.,
; ■     i       i'i Ills.
■ n Ivertise-
nient-.    . * .*   9 u.  m.
Tuesd I i ach week
i .      splay.
t  iRRESl Ion  unit
t,       Com
tor must      he
y    name ol writer
;. :    | ublication,
'but     as    * *. li :.*'*   *■: taith
lence shuiild be brief.
..   . b to England,  Unit
ed State. and Canada.
By the yeai poBtofflce) $2.50
JOB     PRINTING  promptly executed
at reasonable rates.
TERMS—Cash.     Subscriptions    pay-
able in advance.
Something You Ought to Have at Home
■     "   ■  >■' *
*    .*"V;
** i    a  y: :    ■      ■--:
■ mm
... .      aUAW
expensivi     ihai depends   upon th-- I ptwtal   deparl it   of   this  print
view taken of ii by lhe citie< ado| I-    n 'I glorious I > uninion.-Kx ban ;e.
ing   il, but almost   everybody ad-      Well! well! would you believe it?
in is that    it    ilm-i l!y   I I arges the ,
in in responsible f ir nny mismanagement, that it ensures a capable
City governmenl  for « bich n pa\ -,
I are an oia,   re table  nnd   well   known j
l'o in w.h i pi-j v ' he conliib * ee  i I  the !
i ei plo ot Kevelstoke an 1 li* trict,   a  d
ii, turn I! nwson & Co ai *• to  he  ci in-
* i * "* t»'l nu ircui it :: ' ■ lunHe
.. li: :i ii to Ih *:i* huge lisl i i high
g ude hous ■ lur   it-1
AT II  HERE JilllCE 1900V
1        .  . .      §
'     . .
fcbe riDaillbcraU)
sA'J 1 KDAY, JAN. 14th, 1911
Revelstoke must be a bad, bad
citj. ; ■: lhe very elements leena to
conspire against us ; ihey add insult to injury. Around ibe corners
the wind bowls and we button up
our couw Hit cloter; we bustle
along ." our *-'-■ res and otlices and
-.1 around tbe stoves, and through
tba chinks in the walls ihe wind
-■ • ke ur to our dis omforture. The
Irill 1 - snow holds up our trains
so that ue oannot get out if we
wani ii. and we coul. not get in il
ue were 0  t.
Wecan't  be  happy because we
cannot get out to enjoy ourselves,
and we can't be miserable because
miki: com] iny and ue Lave
p.-lit;, of that. But Mother Nature
has been very unkind to u*- in a
good man) other ways lately. ll<r
mountain streams have swooped
down .; D - and deterred us
from building our power dam, our
pump broke I the Btorms
cam' 8W( ; I down the
wires so that we oul In'l li legraph
for a new one, and the very un-
kindi all   d tbe top of all
ihje   .-   for   bi r    to   dfiivrr   zero
wc&tbi:  ind Irei  1 up oui gas producing  plan'..      Yes, she has even
. me  this ■•-: d   ui ra ■  kind.
■ ■ 1 •  1 ieni ei omes along
and ': it »e are at her
mercy and must sit in the light ol
taper dips ai .. kero-
.11 * hiuery
hand   or   let   it  remain idle.
Wuafkm t bave
lhat it eliminates ward politics and
that   il   has bten 1 min ly sat ihf * -
tory when vi r il   Ins been adopti d,
Personally 1 believe it would be a
*ood thing for Revelstoke lo adopt
it.     Dcs   Moines   adopted  it and
(Vould    not    g 1    I m'k to any oilv r
si -nn ;   (inIvi-.-n.'ii,    Texas,     has
idopli il   n ;    Uuus on,   Tex is, hail; 1 lalgary has   a partial commission   form   of     government,   aid
Prince   Albert,   Sask ,   a city, nol
much if any larger than Itevelstoke,
•in- recently adopti d  il, a- well  1
lakland,  Cal.     There cilies li ive
.io* advantage 1 i  i eiag aide 10 oi -
miss   without    notice   any   public
'iHii'ial   not   competent, which the
..ii   form   does  nol admit of, and
const quently the officials are more
ittentive to their duties,    Under n
commission,   Calgary's   street  cm
sysii'tn   eamrd ior   itself   the iir-t
year of  its inauguration over ■ >■.-
ui 0, n iiiing iinlii- ml of   In tore   in
civic main rs, all because thi 1 Ioi
Duly one day left to buy your
■'; ristmas C mfi ctionery, Cull iu
and look over our stock. Low.imi'.-,
— Ladysmitb Chronicle, J.n Sth.
Wake up l.owd"i !    This is 11)1 1
Financial Caution KeEfcd
Wbeu Mr .1   I    Hill   tnlki-d   abi 11:
e approach ol a period   ol   onitiuc
1 11 in the   ii ilu- ■ ial  output   1 i  the I
United S* al '« he « is j-en .'. at.     The '
si*   ItVra :i n   ic s t"* ii.'W.       h     Iiiii  I.f -ti
h covered   that   ihe    Uoi'.ed   S'ates I
S   1 I Co  is 1 pcrHtiug only 51) per ci ni '.
of i's hi ,s>. furnace capiuity, a"d   that
ivi r nine miii >n tons ol   inai    re—>
m eh ureal tr quantity than m-tia!— ire
1 11  11 1    il. 1 Its   ' 1    Lake   E ie   pot'a j
W  ir in uiul Btl, 1 prodll  lion i- 1  W
th i" is in i'ii for gn at care iu bush ■■* s
K* rtuoati ly in Canada the il ,winii tide
i • si di with us. 'I In* in i lai.ds if Un
W1 sl are the nai ion's streugi h. '1 he
Hi ar, volume ol immigration   pomiug
into  ' b" I'oui 1 iy    lino '-l-l    lb"    por- :
chasing capacity of tho ptoplp, a d
keeps factories aid ivoikshnps running overtime that would tuques 1 a
al ly ". shut il iwn wen ibe p* pulation
u it 'i.i'iiasing bo rapid y.
mission gave   its   entire attention      Th( ,, ,.,,.,*,...,   guea   torwa,d  con i
to the business  of  conducting tbat   fldently to tin :■•• v. Y. m.   ft promises
ti Le i ne of great activity in lbe Kn-t
••ling of  Houston,  I • vis    a* mim I as iu t no \\ 1 st.   The only dun-
deli vi 11 d   gei to tbe pn sperity til Ihe country is
1 hi  k* " ">   extrav ivsnce   s.i   murked
in the United >• il - In   reeenl
sysli in.
At I I      	
ratepayers a   speech was
eulogizing lhat   system of  gi utn-
ment,   from which we copy the it 1-
lowing'. xcerpls ;
" A- stated   before, with the ex
ci piion of  the contrulli r evci   •
ployee of the 1 ity ca n be d   charged
without   so   much  as   n n. .    nl
notice by 1 he mayor,     W
rt'siilt ot    this   power a.-
Bouston?     A   barn . 1
alio corps of  employ ees perfoti
their   duty.      llicry one t:   1
wm ks ior   tbe   best interest uf   tin
city, ior 11  they  do not they
Bomi one   else   will .
prosont   plat ei   «ho s   .
whole   duty.      '1 his   u  us . 1
crtat   1 out 1   given   one n
bsen fr' qui ul
11-.  bill I 0
abuse me pow, r * * -
a bad man sboul 1
by .1   ] 1 o| .•■   w I
ernment.     If   tbi
ton, with 1
session evei
• Ic* 1 . lavag '■ ce 1 hat in 1-1 i;es 1 hi
, ue to buy auti mobiles ih.it ic.si-n
11  orchids lor   I* uquets   w hen   ro ce
*,\ iu d I e fur tno. 1
chat spi   ds ih"   lonli  .        '   ■!• -
lller llii all I
it is tlu    ,      .*.,;,      int centres a   fev    w
btiwn if    ,-,.   .1 .*
S  >  Vi tk.     1   natl 1   must he on     r
iUird agaius
.     :     .
. upts -
- S 0W,Ffi4sE-R t.
*(2.mTOence How!
We wartt cvnyourlo kiow
tljal ut are paying *
perarmutn credited m'ftily
on savings Sepo8\te(*1-
^c upwavtl) subject loWith-
^ drawal by cheque & *
on Wm 5cposit3 of *
Siji mon\li3,& over. *
Wc invest money for clients
in first mortgages & do a
general ftnancial business,
we warif^UT savinja accnt
& if yon are not saving *
r-y-atcmaticaltf', **■»-■*■
Commence NOW WittiUS.
Deposits by mail *,*:*r>
+ + + easily "hantllcS —
\ouotn sen9 by Draft,
Post Office * Stress
Or&er or Re^iatereS - +"*
hotter \ w'tthSrawat3
can be maOe-*- *■+•"* ■*
" * auy way you wish.
Weave Responsible
Refer V'f'-^ * *■*
or lo anyone In -
Write us alxratilto-Jlay
• '11|; S -VLE K!m Ic Island Reds, ono
2 year old Cock, .". I lou.s and 5 l.'ul-
lel *. includin : li 1 Cock and 1st
.m.i 3rd in ize I lens at our Fall
Fair. Same are now laying. A
good chance to sturt right In Reds
Apply  In  Jno.  .1.  Devine.
WANTED—Chambermaid tor hotel.
Wages >,.;.:.mi per month. Apply
in  Mail Herald Office.
MAGIC LANTERN and Slides' 'lor
sale, good outfit, cheap. Thomas
Plimley,  Victoria,  ll. C,
her, for sale, cheap. Thomas
Plimley,   Victoria, II. C.
wan'i'l*: 11 TO LET Furnished house,
on Fifth street, east. Apply the
Mail Herald Office.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take Noticu that i, d 01111 V. Perks
of Revelstoko, li. C, occupation,
Steward, intend to apply for a
license to prospect for coul nnd
petroleum on tlio following described
Commencing at a post plunted
about three miles South of Arrow-
lii'a.t, 1.1. I'., and on the south side of
Cranberry Creek and opposite the
mouth oi saul Creek; thence north
su chains, thence east SU chains,
liuin.' south SU chains, thence west
St) chaius, in all 040 acres.
Dated  this 14th day of Dec,  1910.
doliu V. Derks, Locator.
Per J. O. Brudley, Agent.
A Rosideni agent to write
nance In tho District, only
iditcor    need  apply,   giving
Fire  In
full particulars with credentials;
good    1011111, sslon. Applications
to be fi rwarded to A. L. Cardln,
505, Dominion Trust Building,
Vancouver, 13. C.
FOR SALE—Piano uow at railway
station near here will bo saeriliced
lor $250, cash. Never been used.
Lady unable to keep It, Apply
in lirsi in.-t.ini'e Mrs. Mungoam,
2040, Columbia stiei'i, Vancouver,
li. C.
FOR SALE—A Good Sewing Machine. Price $20.00, For particulars apply this ollire.
LOST- Near Y.M.C.A, a Hold Locket
wiih letters A.W.G, Finder will
bo rewarded on return of same to
the  V.M.C.A. 2t.
i \i;\ BY,  McCARTER
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
imperial  Lank   Building   RevelBtoke, II. C,
Money to Loan.
I1    ii .  -Uevelstoko,     B.    C,      nud
Cranbrook, fi. O.
Geo. ri.  MeCarter,
a. M. Pinkham, .1. A. Harvej
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
11 Valuable Agency
*   *      I   tap
i; I.     *.       dei   ie e i.
\ ■   ■
.: .iiiii
*    st R B. Hi::.. 1 ite ol
■    ■ 'in ,1 it
I; v   - .   ■       17th   dny
red   to
Ho   ■
■   ■
■ .
•i   ■*• il
.     II.     V, A L I, A C l'i ,
Dox 282,  Rovelstoko,B.O.
r .'oi:-  and    Specifications  prepared   tor   nil classes   of  buildings,
ICte.     Draughting and Blue Print
j    ing
Teacher of Voice. Piano aud organ
I Pupils  propared tor Toronto Conser
1   vatory oi    MubIc.      Local examinations.
MR.    It .    T .    W I I. S O N,
STUDIO—Music  Store,    Mc-
Kenzte Avenue.
TERMS—Elementary,  under 1- years
ol age, iii cents per   lesson,     over
12 years of age, $1.0*0.       Advanced,
$1.23    per   lesson.       Lessons three-
quarters ol an  hour,  once or twice
weekly, as desired.
Uevelstoke  Laud  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take Noiiee that I, E. M. Allum,
ol Kevelstoke, B. C, occupation.
Jeweller, Intend to apply for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum  on   the  lollowing  described lands
Commencing at a post plained
about ; im lo from lower wagon bridge
on Cranberry Creek in a Bouth-eatt-
eily direction from liie said bridge
and on the South side of thc Creek,
and about three miles South-westerly of Arrowhead, B. C, thence east
SO chains, thence north so chans,
thonce west so chains, thence south
cil chains,  in all B10 acres.
Dated ihis  lull day of  Dec.,  1910.
E.  M.  Allum, Locator.
Per d. u. Bradley, Agent.
Wakefield, Helen, Colorado, De.
.,'.., San Juan, Delta and Marguerite mineral claims, situate iu tbe
uarileau .Mining Division o, West
.MHjiuiny. Where located;—On 1V0-
uawk Creek.
lake notice that 1. A. 11. Green,
acting as ageni for John U. Henry,
special Free Miner s Certificate No.
JSIO, inieud, sixty days from date
jereot, to apply lo tbe Min.ng Re-
,-older for a Certificate of Improvements, lor the purpose of obtaining
a Ciowu Grant  ol  tho above  claims.
And further lake notice that action
under section 37, must be commenced
ocforo the Issuance eif such Certificate
ol Improvements.
Dated tins 20th day uf October, A.
D.,  l'JIO.
A. II. Green.
Nov.  30th Nelsou, B.C.
Revelstoke  Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that George A. Stewart, of Kev'elstoke, D.C., occupation
gentleman, inteuds to apply for permission to purchuse the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the south west coiner of lot 7965,
marked G.A.S. north west poet,
thence east 40 chaius, theaco toiih
six chains to the north cast corner
of lot S107, thence west 25 chains to
the north west corner of lot 8407,
thence south 34 chains, thence west
15 chains, thence north 40 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated Dec. llith, 1910.
Per F. W. Terry, Agent.
Revelstoke  Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Mary Ann Daiu,
of Itevelstoke, U. C, occupation mar
ried woman, inteuds to apply for
permission to purchase the -following
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
ihe north west corner of T.L. or lot
0140, and marked M.A.D south cast
corner post, thence west about 80
1 hains to the east line of lot 79C5,
thenco north about 40 chains to the
Lake foreshore, thence along said
shore line In a uorth easterly direction about eighty chains, aad thenco
south about 811 chaius to poiut of
Dated Dec. 19th, 1910.
Per F. W. Terry, Agent.
-  •*
we*otany«fy.'    Must it I the people can be. aod i»,
H" ! oata
I ,.• .*-.* we   in get it l *■
[ittj, cl   re* for im     Mutt the pen
nature I 	
befori ■' ■■
ipaonin itt   1
1   about   lime wi
Krmtoht   it  to time. 1 newly-created
In lhe Melt* r of the   Kstate
T. Jones, tleces n d,
N nice ie bi reby gi' en that nil oreri
i 01 ■- moi oi lii'i*. Ii iving t'lnini*' ngains
thi  Eststo ol John T. Johns,   lu'o   0
it. v. i-tiikc, 11 0 ■ deceased, who diei
11 Bieamous on or about the  llth day
of August, Illli), sre nquired to   boi i
to tin* undersigned .Solicitors lor  Mm
Urn Jam Jones and   Thomas   Kilpai
ink, Admini-dratr x nnd  Administrator "I tbe Estateol said deceased, with
in 60 day* from  date  lull   purlieu hi r-
oi iiuii claims, duly verified, and thai
that date tbe   said   Administratrix And  Adnunistmtor   will   proceed
• n1 ute the - 'id  1 ttate  suioogsi
■   : oi il li il   thereto   regard   in in
*   1 li   -i* i-.i 1111 ol which »ii
Adiiiiuististri.x    and     Adaiiuislratui
have '  in n '•■ ivi *l notice.
Dited January lOih, lull     .11! BOd
Hakvky, MoCaiu i.k & Pink it a.m,
Solicitors for Martha .Linn .lonii*
and   lh io 1- Kllpatriek, Allium
md   Administrator  ol
' . ■    I   ad   leei .in il.
Kevelstoke Lund  District.
District ol West Kootenay.
'lake notice that Thomas Hope, of
rtevclstoke, B, C, occupation \srd
foreman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following de
scribed luiids.
Commencing at a post plautjd
about half a mile in a southerly dir-
iction Irom lot 75S5 aud by llie
lorth east coruer of R. Evans' pie-
emption, marked T.H. i.orth w, st
corner post, thence south 40 chains,
thence east 20 chains, theu>:o uorrb
10 chains, thence west 20 eha'.m to
point of commencement.
Dated Dec. 17th, 1910.
Per F. \V. Terry, Agent.
KOOTENAY      LODGE.  No.  15 A.  F.
and A. M.
Regular meetings nre held in MAS-
tiNIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on lhc Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially  welcome.
Vi. ll.  ROBERTSON,  Secretary.
SELKIRK     LODGE  12, 1. O. 0. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
K. tl, McRAE, N. G.
JAS.  MATHIE,  Secretary.
Itevelstoke  Laud  District.
District of West Koutonay.
Take notice that Abraham Ake-
hurst, of Nuilield, England, occupation, Pit Foreman, intends to apply
for permission to purchase tho foilow
■ ng described lands.
Commencing at a post planted
about half a milo in a northerly direction from lot 11*140 north west comer post and marked A.A. south west
corner post, thence cast abo it, to
chaius to the line of lot HSo
(Rennie) thence north abjjt 40
chains to the uorth we6l corner of
lot 8085, thenco aast about 20 chains
to the south west corner of lot 7581,
ihence north to the Lake mor",
thence about 80 chains wosterly (tl-
lowing along the Lako shore loin urd
theuce south about 40 chains to lbe
oint of commencement.
Dated Dec.  19th  ,l'JIO.
1'er F. W. Terry, Agent.
Mattel iti  ul Aiigiu-l
dominant   power
tod 1
■.ij •     [1   -  a: * ul tin « this wph
■ ; >n< 1 or I
gel bej 11 g b ,1
ai, ex| ent 1         d •■
come.     1 ...   ■'■ 'i...;..
tbi * 11   ■■ 1 •  .'. rong
[U   -!■•'■ *■ i '   'ii .-■   be with-
and  bit v. h ile ttafl
.' up is
- :,.   : *   bat   told   ' 11
n;v - ': '   ""'
minion   Idb1 1   ol  lbe   way   In
wWch uil now, and l believe bim.
The      ,.■       oi tbe  cotntnii     ■*
form   f ':'il,k;"
v„ ,..i.   ,, I  itt »d\ ..:*.• - »re
, die. *     ; li   i ':"'"-
,,,*„•      g itne  thin it* '""
.,    thai   de,iend8,oi
.: m thi Dl   ''"'
aicu euij
i" Vi ll.
jome tliink il tuu
lbe rent
,   .     the    l or
N ii on *  !:• •.
men bant.
behol .
there wa
ol   the   right kind,     I fio n
* mi' ert   n thi i ipera Hon i
wai io ' • '
demonstration.— ^ummerl md   ■ •
•'      Kevelsloki
■     '    *        *
ien iy given tlmt uli ored>
. .   - u.i v in* * i*.iiii*. ,ig.,ln-l
■ 11.  1  1  1 nguiil Juhiiaou,  I its u
1. '    ii" e -' d, wh * died
1 dai
1910    ""    : 1 'i'liu 11   1
I 1*: 11 e
didn't she
The post oil ce    ' t\ ioe in I
;- honeycombed with    11
l'ml  many  chfi •■  1 ark
many   bit   po tmastei
difl 'rent to the nlamoi   r»'
public,   bi 1 am e   thi y  ti ind
hold their   jobs   throtii
uiiliioii i*.   'iLir 1  Lbe 1 ui ■■ ol ihr
• -
M 1 -
,     n
and   ohoici        •        nent  ul
*    ■
<o|i|i y   Heir   niaoy   agen •*• *   in tli
a nl 11 <;
This 1
, i|i • 1" 11       n A On
reprcii utai Ivi   in lbe oity   ai  tiny I
. . .
.*  • d 1   I on  rs  '"t
H H  - 11    Adn Inistrati 1
1     .'•■ * 1 -ii*i di 1 i,   i-,niuu
■ ■* il in* lull   purl iei Isi -   ul
lul)    enl   tl    inai   1 hat
i 1   Vdminii iiuii.1
:      .. d   io   distribute   1 lu*   f.iil
.*- in, si  mi itli il  1 lun to
■ claim*
uid     -idiiiiiii i rati 1   ihall
lo h, iuil
.1   ,i/', 1
: :
*   .
i ■ e sail ■'■
... 11 * 1 ino*'.
: oini'lio,
Dated Is IIH I
\\ III I WI   Ki
Pei 1   VV  Iiiiui, Ageul
II, It a 1 ii'i it■ 1 "I   1 In' I'.-lnli-
1 iii. ia|d di c'lM'il.        .111 i.n I
light  paper, best made.
1'aiin:■'    and   iiim"   ni uH
* nn.1 kodaks, Bannei    O-l 1 iy
P.O.P    ton ng sol I   01 kinds
.1   rucki ii'. open
•   ■    ,      o.i'i]'ing   whin
bbltit    l.i. bbridgi    Coal.
i' 'ii
il( U.I) RANOH LODGE,      K. of   P.,
NU.  26,   BBVEL9TOKB,  D.   C.
Meets every Wednesday except the
Third Wednesday ol each month in
Oddfollowa' Hall at 8 o'clock. Visit-
in.- Knights are cordially invited.
ii. a. Mcdonald, o. o.
li. II. BROCK, K. ol It. & 8.
M. of F.
COURT     MT,     HKil 111 bl.    No. 34C1.
Mnl : in  I. O   O.  K.   Iliill next   to
Tapping's  Opera   House   every  second
nud  fourth  Monday   in   month,  ViBlt-
ing brethren cordially welcomed.
0.  U., O, HARTE.
WM.   S    CAMERON,   ltec.-8ec.
C. W. O. W.
Mountain View  Camp, No. 229.
o . ' 1 ■ it I    uiul      Fourth  Wcdnci-
do]       11 '■* li  month  In    Selkirk
Hull.     Visiting Woodmen aro
cordially Invlti d to uttenil
W. i'i. OSBORNE, i'ou. Com.
JAS, McINTYRE, Clerk.	
COL.!   'in \ 1 AMI' No.  15071
Meets evei \ Tm day nighl lo Odd-
il id St.,  west.    All
visit ing bi * ;hboi 1 an   ln\ ncd to attend.
A. T. ANTHONY, Consul,
Wm.  ci.  SLOAN,  Clerk.
itevelstoke  Land  District.
District nf  West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, J. H. Selkirk,
of Vancouver, occupation, roel estau
agent, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted 20
ehains west of the S.B.O. of L. 75Si
theuce south 40 chains, thenco east
lo chains, thence south 40 ihains,
theuce east 40 chains, thence north
10 chains, thence cust 10 chains,
thence northliO chains, thenco wcit
411 chains, thence Mouth 20 chains,
thence  west  20 chains  to  point      of
commencement, coutnimni; 440 i.rm.
Dated Dec. 23, 89111
Deem Per  R.  Smith,  Agent.
Rovelstoke  Land District.
District of  West Kootenay.
Take Notico that I, A. W. Thompson, of Itevelstoke, 13. C, occupation
Hotel Clork, Intend to apply for a
license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following described
Commencing at a post planted
about threo milos South of Arrowhead, 11. C, und on thc south si do of
Cranberry Creek and opposite tha
mouth of said Creek; thence north 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thenco
south 80 chains, thence cast 80 chains
in all 040 acres. ,
Dated this 14th day of Dec, 1910.
A, W. Thompson, Locator.
Per J. O. Bradloy, Agent,
LADIES' nnd f lent lemon's clothes
cleaned and pressed. 11,00 a. suit,
Bret class work guaranteed. First
street across from V.M.C.A,, Gee
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund    - •    $4 400,000
Has 77 Brandies in Canada, anil Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Having purchased the business formerly carried on by   ES,   A.
Spring we are prepared ui execute all orders promptly.
Boot and Shoe Repairers,
Saddlers Harness Makers
-7iB-r.il l.u ■ IIIiIMIIiMP1   iill I HllilTiiai'ilflHI
look:      look      aad
■Votual comparison ol Eaetern Catalogue priow, Height added
5   A
Kitchen Chairs
Kitchen Cabinet
Dining Table
Dining Chairs
Dresser andStand
ii ti ii
Dominion Spring
Child's Cot
Ostermore Mattress 15.00
Winnipeg price
Howson's Price delivered
70c. ,
4.00 |]
We make our orofit by (shipping in car load low, thereby Having freight rates. Bring
caUlogTe givingC ipfion if other good, not Bpecified in this list to our More and we
will prove our etatements.   Remember we deliver goods and set up free from breakage.
Under New Management.
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Tlm Greatest Health Resort on the Continent
Natural Hot Water, \2-f Degree "1 Hea
Natural Hot Water in Baths.   O       All Year
Rates from $12 to $15 Per Week
-    REVELSTOKE, B. C.   j
You Will Always Have Time
Kor another onc*\vhen using
Harvey's Special Scotch the
genuine hi liclc,* is a great
fortifier against lliu inclemency of thc weather, But
pm nol your trust in doctored
or distilled stufl -it won't lill
the bill. You run no risk in™
getting yonr "inside overcoat" in the shape of a bottle
or sealed,, Harvey's Special
from anv of the LEADING
HOTELS or bv the case at
F Q U N 13
The Largest Stock   of Smokers'
Supplies in the Interior
We are the right people to do business with.
We are carrying an especially good line this
Come in and we will show you that present
for hubby, father or brother that was worrying
The Cigar & Pipe Business is Our Business
and we know it like a hook, and you gtt tlie
benefit ofour information.
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Aerated Waters, Pur*; Wines, Liqueurs,  Cigars, Cigarettes
suitably   furnished   with  the  choicest the
market afford 5.      Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rat::s $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Revelstoko  Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Hazel Toyo ot
Nelson, B. C, occupation Sptnstor,
intend to apply tor permiiiii'in to
purchase tho following ui'Bi'rtbtd
Commencing at a post plaato-i at
the S. W. corner of Lot 11C0, thence
east 20 cha.ns, thence boutli 20
chains, thence west 2(1 chains, more
or lcass to lake shore, theme following the lake shore in a noi".herly direction to point of comnij-ioemont,
containing 40 acres more jr loars.
A. V. Lucas, A-,1 ut.
Dated Nov. 14. 1310. N.26
Symposium of What is Happening in   i
All Parts of the World I
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Cummings Transfer Co. Ltd.
Freight and Parcels Promptly Collected and Delivered   |
Baggage Transferred and General Draying
Furniture and Piano Moving a Specialty
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
proved.     Fil-ft-Clnds in every respect.     All modern convenience*
Large Sample Rooms.
$2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
In the matter of an appli'iation for
the issue of a duplicate Certilicate of
Titlo to an undivided J of lot 4349,
Group 1, except 19 4-10 acres.
Notice iB hereby given that it la
my intention to issue at tlie expiration of one month after the lirst pub
lieation hereof a duplicate ot the
Certificate of Title to the a'jove men
tioned lands in the name o. Thomas
Kilpatrick, which Certilicate is dated
the 26th February, 1907, and number
ed 6612A.
Samuel R. Roe,
District Registrar.
Land Registry Office, Nelson, B.C.,
November 3rd, 1910.
Special  Attention (liven   lo  commercial
men   and   tourists.    First-claw  sample
rooms. Finest scenery in Hritii h Columbia, overlooking I'pper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop.
Office-Corner Connaught Avenue and Second Street
REVELSTOKE, B.C.       Night can 71
f.   Phone   276
e and Sign
simp in alley  back 'of E. J. Bourne's
store, First Street.
First   Class Work Cvw antocd.
Prices Reasonab e
Resilience Oor. Hid St. ami Robsonavf
Good Coal and Wood for Sale
LETHBRtDGE   Beat Bcroened Lump Coul.
WT.I.I.INIITON    Lun p ('uul.
HUY Wooit   Hemlock and Fir, oul laat winter, in length*  to
anii purobaaer.   I will have a stuck nn hand ill all times.
AU orders promptly attended to.
11 KI-;, 1,11'lv ANU ACCIDENT INSURANCE.    PHONE   60
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoko
Store, Office and
House Cleaner
Windows and Floors Cleaned ami
Polished, l-'iiriHiues attended to
and ashes removed, Work done
by month or job contract. All
orders receive careful and prompt
attention,    lu-si ul Reference.
P. O. Box HO
Next Door to Hdisou Theatre
MannfaettirAd for ah cin.it-- of   bnlldtuffi
Fttr tale in Inn-fl nr small qpantlttoa
at the lowest prices fnr cash
All klndl of bttlldlOR aud plHstar'mg
Foote & Pradolini.
New Line
Stirrup   Attached
F.   B.
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   lievelstoke, B. C.
Still in Business
We nre nendqunrtcrH for
Pacific Coast Tented Seeds
ami RoseatShrubi,Chinese*
Japan, French and Holland
Bulbs and Ornamentals,
alio ImpiemenU| Bee Sup-
plies. Spray I'umps, Fertiliser! and small huits.
Catalogue Free.
PAID-UP CAPITAL $10.000^C0JESERVE FUND, $6,000,000
LONDON. ENG.i 2 Lombard Street, EX.        NEW YORK: 16 Exchange Place
MEXICO CITY: Avenlda San FrailClSCO, No. 50
In addition to the offices named above the Bonk:t«u>tand"
ll In the principal Pacific Co„,l *m,h«Is « lho ',„li,l .Sink-,
Z,, "s ttinoufihly equipped lm tho handling of collections «nd
other bonking busineM In lho territory coven^d byjh«Mm
Send Your Orders
Tn ibe I'lulrrsifi.^^^^^^^
Famous Gait Coal
RevelBtoke  Lund  District.
District ot West Kootcaay.
Take notice that I, Ellic '.'<*}t'. ol
Nelson, B. 0., occupation Spinster,
intend to apply for permlsi on to
purchase the following ;lci>?.'ilied
Commencing at a post piatited
about 811 chains south ol tli; S. W.
corner ot Lot 1139, thence ust 20
chains, thence north 6*0 chair.i, theuce
west 20 chaius more orless to lake
shore, thence following the lake
shore in a soutuerly direction to
point of commencement, containing
120 acres more or less
A. V. Lucas. Ai_t:nt.
Dated Nov. 14, 1310. N.26
Kevelstoke  Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that William Drown, o!
Uevelstoke, It. C, occupation, Clerk,
intends to apply lor permission to
purchnse the following described
Commencing at a post planted at
the noith weBt corner of lot 6140,
marked W. U. south west comer post
thence east 40 chains, thenrc north
40 chains, thenco Wi'st 4H chains,
thence south 40 chains to point ol
Dated Dec. l'Jth, 191(1.
Per V. W. Terry,  Agent.
.,1  lur
Fire, Lite and Accident Insurance
Pull particular! ol select build ,v
ii'i- given uponapplicatlor
Order* left  at  Ihis   ollii-e   (or  hay
.nnl grain, promptly attended to
W. B. Robertson
* Wett l'i iiiiiiiii nt I,oun
Itevelstoke  Land  District.
District ot West Kootenay.
Tako     notice that  Mury  Cornelius
M- . .(•••nu   Hi uul:,     ol      l.'*i Iiiii nlr.',  occupation,
\J m       ri 11* l»  ■     marrfod  woman, Intends to apply tor
IpermlSHion to  puicImhc  tlio following
3011 Westminster Rond (described lands.
A. It. McDougai.L,    -   Manager •   Commencing at a post   planted at
     lho south east corner ot lot      704D,
marked     M.C.U.    north   cast corner
post, tbtnCO WCBt 40 'Iiiiiii:   to  the
line ot  lot 21 Till,  thence south    along
I said lino nbout 40 chains lo tho line
ot    lot   MOO,     thence east 40 chains
The Canadian mounted police ex
pedition from Herschel Island and
Fort McPuerson, now eu route to
Dawson, bringing the mail from those
points, will arrive about Feb. 1st.
A chi'd wearing lura at Muskogee,
iikln,. was attacked by a cat and
viciously bitten.
Approximately $800,000,000 was
paid ler live Btick at Miesissipi valley
markets during 1910.
Chiel ot Police Bradshaw, ol New
Westminster, hns recommended the
establishment of a work prison in
that city lur short term prisoners.
Frederick Mnllins, ol New Weet-
miiiBter, w«h sentenced to serve three
years in penitentiary for forgery.
Mr. Wells Murchie, ore nt the be.t
knawn young men of Ntw Westminster, is dead.
A fierce gale bus been raging on
Puget Sound and shipping has been
A snowtlide Irom one ol the Galena
Farm mine buildings last Saturday
suffocated Frtd. H. Barllett, an old
resident ol the Slocan district.
Six deaths occurred at San Antonio,
Texa*, through the eating o! bread
poisoned with arsenic
Jahpz G. Bent, a veteran ol the Kiel
rebellion, died at New Westminster on
Saturday last.
Geo. G. Tunstall, for many years
government ugent at Kamloops, is
Part ol an inlivnt'-i head, with which
a dog was play nc, w-s found on the
s'reets of Edmonton,
Five bcrnibi were discovered in the
debris ut the liie on Sidney street in
Two despondent girls in At. Louis
committed suicide by drinking carbolic acid.
Tbe annual statement ut the Board
of Trade, of London, Eng., show increases of $11,759,500 in imports, and
$18,171,000 in exports.
A permit fnr a fifteen storey build-
iug coBting $500,000 has been given J.
W. Weart, nl Vanoouver.
A correspondent to tbe Vancouver
Province Btates that he would rather
see a saloon or a gambling hell than a
dance hall started io a school as
Sjiiih Vancouver contemplate! doing.
Immigration the past year shows a
total ol 325,000, the largest in tbe
history of the Dominion.
Henderson's directories for 1911
give Winnipeg a population ol 200,
Scarlet lever is very prevalenl iu
Ciriaiu portions ol Maoitob.i.
A movement is on foot in Leth
bridge to rose the mayor's salary Irom
$2800 tu $3,000 a year.
An express car took fire at Poplar
Poml, near Wiuuipcg, and was completely destrjyed.
Aa a general rule, pastors ot Van
ciuver oppose tax exemption on
church properties.
Vancouver bad its tirst snowstorm
on Monday night uf thin week.
A boosters' club has b-'en orgaim»d
among tbe members ol the Vancouver
Athletic C.ub.
8everal libel suits are threatened as
an nltermath ol the English eleotions.
Two ol them nre taid to involve tbe
liuin- of Marlborough aud William
Waldorf Astor.
A conductor and two passengers
were killed in a roar end collision on
the Missouii, Kaunas and Texas railway.
that town asks the pertinent question
Do Ghosts Wai* at Night in Lady-
smith ?"
Silney Havcroft, of Oxford Township, in Ontario, waa caught in a
threshing machine belt and instantly
During the past six years Calgary's
building figures have increased nearly
$5,000,000. In 1910 there were 1,499
building permits let at a coat of
The mayor of Montreal has received
a warning letter from anarchists stating lhat during tbe present month
they will blow up the city hall and
the archbishop's palace.
Thirteen hotel keepers in the Cobalt district have been summoned lor
infractions of the liquor license laws.
Peter Fox, a shoemaker ol Toronto,
died from the tffects of cough medicine whioh he himself prepared. Tbe
concoction contained too much laudanum.
The Ontario legislature will reassemble on Tuesday, Jan. 24. Premier
Whitney anticipates a abort evasion.
Building permits for the city of
Nelson, B. C. totalled $163,430 lor the
year l'.HO.
A new B. C. telephone building in
Nelson, to cost approximately $26,01)0,
will be erected tbis year. Other buildings will be located at Kamloops,
Alberni and Duncans.
Captain John T. Sullivan, of Spokane, was shot through tbe lnng by
an assassin. He is in a precarious
An unknown man was found
drowned in a harbor at Port Hope,
Nine workers at Halifax. N. S.,
refrain from' working until rates are
ad j listed. Tbey disclaim any pretensions of being out on atrike.
Alex. Marks, of the Tom Marka
theatrical company, ia being aued by
John Terry in Cobalt, Ont., for $1,000
damagea for malicious treatment.
A Theatrical Feast
Tbo Jeanne  Russell  Stock  Co.,   10
well and favorably known througbont
tbe west, will be here at  the   Edison
Tbeatie Thursday next until Tuesday
night of tbe following week in a repertoire of comediea and dramatio  plays.
For the opening  night   "Polly Primrose," a   dainty   little   play,   will   be
given;    Friday   night   "The    Parish
Priest," a pathetic drama of love and
intrigue   will   be   played;     Saturday
nigbt, a comedy brim full  of fun  and
frolic, during wbioh the  audience will
be justified in laughing all  tbe time,
will be on  tbe boards;   Monday evening following, "The  Devil," a society
drama, in  which  Geo.  Arlisa starred
and ovrr the copyright of wbioh  aucb
di-putf oocurred, will be played, while
lor the final night " Tbe  Little Minister," with which  almost  everybody
ia familiar, will be presented.   Anyone
ol t hew plays  ia   worthy   of   a  good
crowded house, as  they  are all   good
a'andard plays.    Miss Jeanne Ruiaell,
who    recently   recovered   from    her
aevere     illness,   and     ia    now    out
ol tbe hospital, will positively be with
the   company,   accompanied  by   her
husband, Mr. Kay F. Brandon,   Popular pricea will prevail.
The llm/: ian government is maintaining a It rict MOMftbip mi all news
rdaiing to tbe death ol ifi sailors who
were conceriud in the recent muti-
n ms outbreak at Bio Janlero,
Hay, Oats, Wheat,Bran
and Shorts
in* ihk :   Cor,  McKenzie Ave.
ami Skcond Stumi.t
l'liiiM*; 73,
nlong    said    line,  thence north
iliiiins to point uf commencement.
Hilled Hoc.  lCth,  1910.
Per F. W. Terry,  Acont.
WANTED Log Scalern for camp
work. Apply with retcronces to
Bowman Lumber Company, Ltd.
SMkhb Gure
 ._>.,..   _. -    II..     . ....-.■   . t.l.la.   1,,-nl*.
■ii,.. I.i>*  •tops ■ "Ullli"
III. throat aad luatfa.
Repair! ol all   kinds   ii'iiily   il ni'
Bicycle and Gun work aPiwcialty
Ki'iiiiiiiirii i'f\rn on sny claKH
of work
cn^TeoHJ.-h.al. I Jjl   f    Q ft | S t T  6  6 t,
Five min'rs wire buriul alive by
the oaving In of the tool of a copper
mine at Ilullua, Spain
While en route to Htewart, B C„
Matthew B l'enilry, ol Victoria, and
Robert M. Lightiicr, ol Vancouver,
perished la a I lllMid while crosaiug
the Hear river glacier. Chas. Gordon
is seriously frozen and may die.
A Colorado rancher in aaid to have
rocently harvested l'lt> buehela ol
grasshoppers which he ia drying and
sacking lor hen leed.
Mr. Harold Nclaon, who played
Piorre ul the Plains and " The Wolf "
in this city, has been ordered to tbe
hospital at Vancouver owing to tailing health. i
The town ol Lulysmith Is coil-
plaining ul prowlers around their real- >
dences  at night.     The Chronicle of
Halcyon Notes
The Gibbons Lumber Company's
tug, Ad .ms Hall, arrived a tew days
ago and took the loga that have been
cut tn Dr. Brett's limit. Tbe logs
will be cut up into lumber and used
to improve tbe hotel and to builds
new saloon next spring.
Tbe steamers bave been late lately
owing to the heavy snow fall that has
occurred during the last few weeks.
W, McCombie, manager ol the
Halcyon Bottling Company, arrived
Monday Ir nn I'anil, where he had pul
a lew carloads of mineral water (or the
BanlV Sanitarium Company. This
water will be sold in and around
Perry L. Morris, of North Dakota,
who has puichaaed a piece of land
opposite Halcyon, will soon be building. He expects to go into tbe poultry business.
E. J. Hacking, who has been re*
lieving dispatcher at Golden, arrived
Wednesday. Mr. Hacking has a bad
attack of Minimalism but is able to be
around now.
Shiloh'* Cun
OnlaklT .topa sonaka, ear** eold-a kaals
tb*   throat ami   laata. .   .   -   is THE   Mj tIX.-HEE-A.Xjl3,    KETVS'LiSTOKE!
3       in* s
" lake f.way
Member of
Aiberta Legislature
i. *
Wi,-* • Btortu
'I .- nl . IL' de Mined to discuei the
alle-i;. ' * i which, ho Baid, was
ri w ' tor;     • sei pi   to deny
ing v wl      rash I
the accused men.
\ , . ild
Mr. i lions, and
• i  '■     i      *:
I  .    . * *. * •      nd don i
■a ith n   i and I  di u i   wish  to
:l *'
Vski 'i.i' t in  the  west
wai genuine, Mr
Cornwall   ■ i  *    I    " III s i   who
thought!      *■ ■     u  wo        i
worl re ai
ing, lie thinks,     I bi y ni 1 tiud oul
it  I ii"   tnovi mi nt   nn-
■■ But is   not   ; rn   larmer
gi tting more *  r , to-day
than ten yi ars ag •     «   ■ i-keil.
"Yes, bul i   i   i'**   i
I  ii i    Mr.    Cornn * ich     »r-
* I   I i  draw ii
herring scrota thi trail, Tbe c il
,   i ■: i nn r is
gettii it whal   he
iim rj
• Tlu* whole u.i! . ■■     '■' -
thia," ii it *.'.*•     i  iru ■■ ' lla*
western lai vem-
ment     ■I uni hr   n anu
lactun • ■ ' ng I U'i' ii protect! ■ ugh—'h'-h' ti'e li tt le
away—th;.' - ■
Here Uny I.
lusty-—they are in long trouti rs   t   t.
p) ink. mid yel tl .       I with
lhc tan e nurtii g I
■•   *
s   s    5
i      *  . ■  ,**
* .' Huijti
Express Cumpany Must Pay the
Assessment til Regina
Justice Siw
'.1    111      I 1,1,1       |
idge i        i ii nny i 11
whi* im-   .u.i* •    l     .i   Mini ur    in\    in
her of cor|
The '■* ..,,,_
'    ;
Ihey -.
undt -
..    .
■ ■
*   ■    ■
Douks lire Coming I
Illegal Action
*,. ii)"
m  ir lie
To Mis Worship the Ma i-or and Alderji
i \i\ op Revels' i ice, B. C.
Gentlemen: We have [ilsasure in submittinj ' ire' ith tatement of Cash Receipts and
Expenditure for the year ending 31st Decern] r, i* LO, and Balance Sheet as al 31st December, 1910, duly certified by us.
The proceeds of tlie Debentures for $50,000, issued during the pasl year wits applied in paying the Bank Loans and other liabilities as stated al the time when the By-law
was submitted for your approval.
The Finances of the City are now on a proper business basis. Tho Cash and Bank
Balances at the close of tha year amounted to ?>18o5.38 in additian to monies paid oul for
Debenture T.    All the current liabilities had also been paid.
Ri ported by,
W. T. Stein & Co., Chartered Accountants.
Revelstoke, B. ■ .. 5th Jai n ry, I'.'l I.
I' VSH  lil'XIClPTS  I'm; 'l I'.AK 1010
i;.*.*ii i'.'.|..*i*iy Tax, imn n.'.' in in
"    Al real *        13 I   0 *'2
L.lClll   llll]" I0W I    *    l   ni
I'ity Auditors.
CASH  I* \ I'l* Nl Mil H lis FOR VEAR 1010
UAI. \NCK8  AT  ,1 IM   USY   1ST,   10HI
li.ink Ovei draft          $.11,33:1 27
I,. -*. Cash "ii blind $18,5*1 2:1
Di li, niuu' .1 .in I   .     1,7117 in
Ai ii*.*ns	
I   :ini
Tax Sale fusls	
im 27
Road Tux	
S22 7')
Trade Licenses,
I.SSI 50
;   |
■j '.'Wl uu
Dog Tax   .
IUI 00
i*i rn  *
,:i \
I'im -                                    	
Weighing Fees
Jim in
Pound '-'i es
. i
i i■ 111• ■ t.• i-\ Ii'i" |>l
i" > -1111 hu y  Accounts received
52 50
.,;.,    l:l|
srxiuin -
Inten -l nn Alli   i -   nl  Taxi
'I'.i \ sal.* Surplus
S u 11 cl 1 j     .   * *
llili'i r-'  ,*ii  Sil'   , gl   ''*   * '   •
J;*. I'll
Mai liineiy
Sewiu i   ..iin.i i in
-   II
1    '
$11.uni 111
Fl. .1 i.'li   l'.\l rn  PS       ...
121  !.'■
Post'nge 'iml Ti'h'giI'm-
IK2 on
Pi i'ii ing .nnl Stul * .iii'i y
ir.: 15
(illi.,' Fxpenses
153 7*'.
3,070 2u
■y,:i 50
lull-rest Paid
|-'ii 1	
2,001   HU
107   nil
am ji
Jnultor in '1 Supplies
' .       '  , '\ |„ n*. ■ -
500 SO
1 liinraul ii* II  nd
IU uu
M i.-l'l   111 ll"
32 68
It  gi *i i... i.n nf Ily laws
li-l 70
in uu
Printing lly-laws.
20 80
■ *i ** •! Ri   ul T * (
711 ul
Teh l-'i me
KI nu
.   i     Hall Ki'p.'ii
mi .m
ou   I By-laws
pi no
II  75
   Mn!-   n-   i.a'*!*.
~. HOOl •
' ■   ■ ■   i ii . nl   ' i*ul '
it-llU        :
15,000 l 1
Health Ai'i'i'*  *i
Small Pox Iwi"
Plumbing In p
' ir
pi   ... ■  S
■ ; '.'iu 18
n.'iwi 03
ll 1 ...
280 15
8j 00
v.'l    |(J
l:  i;
1,211 75
i, , .'"'
15,040 '21
1,331 80
Balance Sheet as at December Cist, 1^!0
Municipal      $320,8 0 mi
Watei **u il Lighl  07,00(1 00
Lot il Improvement  117..771 2S
Sinking I'u ml Arc units.
HUNIlKY  i III* I'lTuI -
fi,-. Open Account  $   I III 02
Tax Sale Surplus  lul  IS
SI'Kl'l VI,  ll.VTK  Ac Tin NTS
Debenture K  1,151 01
Debenture Q    llii! 21
Debenture ll  130 117
Debenture S  IS2 7U
$505.37*1 28
11.Mn 38
1,298 30
AHSEI'S   A\ .VILA111 ''
Arrears of Taxes  $ 12,15
Arrears uf Taxed Lueal Imp..        '•'.''.:
Cash on hand	
Mul- i Mink	
Sundry !>. blor-a	
r.\K\n* shin n.VLANt'lW
Debenture K    $   2,372 13
Speeial Rate K    1,055 SI
Debenture Q  815 43
Debenture S  2S1 III
Debenture O  0,855 72
Advance Debenture T  1,1 in 34
$22,383 lu
280 27
I..'iiill 11
154 no
Being  exeei
• i  lll'l I S    VCIOUNT
of assets  over
■1,1127 02
5,7; 111 37
$37,855 311
Cily  Hall 	
Office I'm nil iu i
   $    I.7IO 00
  1,100 Oil
5, si iii i in
I'l  III.II    SAl I TV
Jail                    1.700 nn
I'lie Hulls  0,350 III)
Fire Alarm System   S.tl'H) 00
I'ii.- Brigade Kqniprnqnl 3.81 i
Isolntion Hospital  000 00
Oilier Properties       1,000 00
2,0350 no
In   Ui ins uf Sen.   03 nnd 01
Vict. Obap. in  $ 20.000 00
Concrete Sidewalks  10,220 05
B iiilevard' 3,500 00
Kipiipiuent., 2,500 0(1
s  7 200 03
Sewers  100,080 30
Land Purchased 1,300 00
100,410 00
I'l 111.II    IKDl'STHIKM    WATltll    I.IH1IT AMI I'OWKIt
(lapiinl Kxpendil ure . 274.038 78
II iol< Debts .,      7,528 71
School   Silo,  Hi illlillgs   ami
Savings It ink Al count     ...
281,567 72
111,Oil.". 51
11.sin us
$'i||>l'.l :'.'•
$1111.sill (KI
Revelstoke. II  C , .Ian. .Mil, IIUI.
(', iiiiii ,1 Curtect,
W. T. Stein ft Co.,
('bartered Are iiintanl b.
Profit and  Loss Account
WATKH   -VST'   Mi.UT IiF.l'A    rMEKT
i? 12,419 'ii
25.570 sl
The City Schools
2 8 in US
s:i7 '."-
511 <in
533 mi
Revenue luuu  Wai ei
Power   ..    .
Meter Rents
Tap'ng Mains
Inst. Fivlui's
Discounts                              . ii   'I 25
Priming and Stationery ll 80
Electiic R. .V M. I.   8 33
Waier K. ,\: M. ml 35
Salmios 8, "'1 '■■">
Electric li .V.M. City >*".:' 18
U. p..ii.*. in Tools 50
Coal Service 30 00
Fuel, ii.is Planl  I.UIW 15
Repairs to Plume  113 in
Fuel for Power House  172 20
Street Lighting   30 15
Pipe Thau ing  11 55
Siding Rents '..1' '».'
In-ill,* me 1,143   III
Postage ami Telegrams, 1)3 00
Gov, Inspection .Meiers ... 512 50
Ini. le.-i un Municipal Debens 1.250 00
Rebates  12 50
Balance l'mllt    18,428 B0
Iiy liai illi e li.ilil
I., ,pi -e,, nf as follows:
I'mi ',. General Fund 14,018 is
I'.u.1 I'm VV, ami L. plnnl.elc 3.5 HI 08
$18,4 18 si;   sis I'N sr,
in .i.Mi; I'.u to thu above profit "i $18,428.80,   the
■ iiy Iw- hui ii i ini. municipal nnl street  llglit-
ii>. .■ in,.mil nl $5,151 lo. aud also   iln-  ln-e use
ni water.
Expendltm e
11 palm
Prelim nary  cxpei ie   "i
new    BcllOol,    COSl    nf
by-law,    advertising,
tenders, etc
Pub, s li ii I    Ili il> S.lini.l
$10,513 i i $2,810 00
1.110 nil
ss i,.,
I*   .   I,
35'i 22
1 0.,7 W
28 110
;;"u n,i
21 30
in ;.
184 17
SI 1.7 21
i jn ;,ii
577  I"
.S'n.L'lll i«i
120 00
12 on
oi nn
7S so
I'l I'l
(13 lit
18,428 80
1 heri'bj certifj that lhe above flguies are a true
and correct exhibit of school expenditures for yeai
l(. Howhon,
(hall IIIIIII.
I.  \\ , llll MisllAW ,
*   Li n l Dli trii i
'  Kootenay
lh velstoko I.in.*I  In ii a i
..   ii, ,i   Jami * Pi tew, ol      DI trlcl  ol Wc I  Koi
Ri *'. toi •■ han l liisi-   i.
■ i ei !(■ i Kootenay.
**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ,
1 ■"' u"'k     Take  Notlc. tbat   I,  D.  MoCartliy,   ,,, Ucrrard, B, I      occupation     an
''     '"  "■■■■'  ""  "'       'f   Kevolstrke,   n.   O.,   occupation,   ,„,.,.,| ,„„„,.,,„;,,,, ,, ,,„     ,	
'        "'     '"'    Contractor, inund to apply     tot   » .|0B to pnrchaw the followJni     de
i n e to prospect  lor coal an I pel     ,,,, ...| : h i
Oommenclni at a i».st planted   at ,„„.„,„     ,.„ the following   described j ' commenclni al .*, po t planted ten
1      li   tho  lii  easl, (-(liner o!
Pre-emption,   Lot    7401,
'"'     "''       l.'il.ls.l	
oaet cornoi      Commi bi i> ■    al    a I     mt.-.l
"" '' " '•     ;""'1' '"      ""■'■' thence "we I  i.'.".-!.«"mV"„".'„1k"ii,p south
 '. "   ''■ "'"' "" "'■ *,i ...a T.M    thence   south
1 ''    "      : ' ranberrJ ''"'"k ""' "''■"'  "■ ""' -c,   chains,   thenca    eaat  10 chains
" "    ' "' "' '»"' creek; thence oasl    80 ,,,,„„. „,„,,, ..„ ,.lmi|iM t()     M     o|
• '   ■"'•» ■• thence commencement.      Oontaining   eighty
""""   *> * ■*,  I,   .     Located by,
i                    Terry, Agenl    thalns, In nil 040 acre*.                 ^^
Dated th    14th day .if Doc., l'Jl".
ii   McCarthy, Locatoi
Per J   "   Bradley,  '
ii.ii. i Deeambei 2b I, 1910,
"i ICE
, „ Per .1. ii. iiiiKiicy, a. NOTICE
i     i'l |    Itevelstoke Lund District.
Nnl i in ii t ..I wi ,i Kootonty.
ipply  in thi ..I    Take notice    Hint    Sllae Uad
*  iiiiui       uli '         "(    Lothbrldge,   occupation
ii' i     Pui uant  t" i i   ,..' ..I iim  Merchant, Intends to apply fur   per-
Honor Jddgo Forln, Local J"1                 * " '" purchaao tbe following de-
planted                 me < led Ti                 ' '   i,:i'
th of    Arin'.v    .mu   be received by tho undersigned     Commtnclng at a poet   planted «t
b ni, ii  c , uai .a i . i January ",(! So"Ul <,HKt corner of     ,it   7c-i:,,
ol i'i m                                               1911, (oi ■ ..I i.n undlvld     "' Barked B.M.B north west   post,
■ I                                  I ed one hal •   and to   l."t'                  ,h ,IJ chains,    thenco east
li ,,,k  Twelve,   I'lnn cliains,
40 chains to    point    of
i.'ii nencameni
w   B   McLAUCllLIN !   D«t«d Dec. 16th, 19U
* j, u. ur»'i:«), Agent, tt.
.  ■
Court, Itevelstoke, B. C.
I .i i. ff, Terry, Agent,
January Bargains
In All Departments
Revelstoke's Department
C. Z- I*ume * C°~ limited
Mail or Telephone your
orders. Have our Traveller
call. Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order  too large or too
small for us to handle.
A Great Snap m
Boys' Overcoats
We are closing out our line of Boys'
Winter Overcoats at prices which it will
pay you to investigate. Some of these
lines are away below cost, and all are in
first-class condition.
Full Length Overcoat—Gray stripe
tweed, velvet collar, sizes 34 and 35.
Regular $9 now $5.25.
Same style as above, sizes 30 to 33.
Regular 17, now $4.50.
Same as above, size 29 only. Regular
$6.50, now $4.
Full Length Overcoat—Dark stripe
tweed, high Prussian collar; sizes 34 and
35.    Regular $9, now $5.25.
Same as above, size 29. Regular
$7.50, now $4.50.
Full length overcoat—brown tweed,
high Cossack collar, sizes 30 and 31.
Regular $11, now $6.25.
Full length overcoat—Gray cloth,
sizes 24, 26, 30.   Regular $5, now $3.
Boys' Pea Jackets-Heavy stripe
tweed, a beauty, sizes 30 to 34. Regular
$7.50, now $4.25.
Same as above, size 28. Regular $6,
now $3.50.
Boys' Pea Jackets—Heavy blue beaver
cloth, double breasted, sizes 28 to 32.
Regular $6, now $4.
Same as above, sizes 23 to 26. Regular $4.50, now $3.25.
Boys' Reefers—Heavy gray frieze,
sizes 21 to 24.   Regular $4, now $2.50.
Coffee and Tea
Are you getting the value for your
money in your Teas and Coffees. Try a
pound of our Mocha and Java wnole roast
Coffee and you will be satisfied that you
have received full value for your money.
In this department our customers demand
the best, and by the increase in our sales,
we know we satisfy their demand.
Always a special value of 3 lbs.
of Coffee or 3 lbs. of Black Tea in bulk
We will not resort to extravagant language to
tell of our Clearing Prices for January. Come in
and look around, you will find in all departments
desirable goods at Bargains to clear. You will
not be disappointed. You will see all Bargains
ticketed as such.
Fine F
ine 1 urs
We have a few good
pieces of Fur left—Isabella Fox, Grey Squirrell,
Lamb, Coney, etc. You
can see the piece plainly
marked on each, and we
will give you 25 per cent
off during January-
Ladies Coals
10 Onlv Ladies' Coats
(see the window on McKenzie Avenue i. They
are being reduced in price
every day until sold. Today they are
Our Special Hose
"Our Special" Ladies'
Black Cashmere Stocking.
A superior all wool hose.
No seams, perfect color
and generous sizes, at
50c. per pair
Fleecy Underwear
In the Dry Goods Department there is a line of
Warm Fleecy Underwear
for Women, both Vests
and Drawers at 35c. each,
3 garments for $1
Bed Spreads
Beautiful snowy white
bed spreads, Old Country
goods. Extra good sizes
pretty patterns. These
are the famous Oak and
Ivy Goods. Monday nexl
you can get a special line
At $2.75
Ladies H
Ladies' Black Cashmere
Hose, fine all wool, full
sizes, absolutely seamless,
good weight, fast col ir,
at 35c per pair or
3 pair for $1
Sheeting Special for Monday Only
For Monday Only we have a very heavy twill
"Old Country" Sheeting, full bleached and full
width. No need to say any more about this
at the price.    Remember Only One Day.
Hand Cleaners
Ten cases of the fam-
aus Boss hand cleaner on
special Bargain Sale on
Tuesday and Wednesday
of next week, Jan. 10th
and llth, at only 10c per
can. This cleaner compares with "Snap," which
is sold at 20c per can- Be
sure you get a quantity-
For two days only
IO Cents Per Can
Flour and Feed
Remember wc are headquarters for all kinds of
flour, wheat, oats, bran,
shorts and chops. You
can save money b.v buying
your supply at once.
Sale of Dishes
We are sorting up our
Crockery and China before Stock-Taking and
have a few odd lines which
we are offering at a bargain. See our table of
cups and saucers, tea sets,
dinner sets, vases, bowls
and other articles. If you
need anything in these
lines get them now while
they are cheap.
Fruit and Candy
Come in and inspect
our Fruit and Candy. A
large and varied stock to
choose from.
Get It at Hume's
Blankets, Comforts
There is nothing tl
gives you the same sa
faction as fine, light r
warm bed covering: j
get this satisfaction wl
you buy a Maish Lam
ated Cotton Down Com l'i
We have a choice range
these goods, also a line
pure white Lambs Wi
Comforts which ex
anything on the marl
Try a Queen Alexandra
blanket, the best the n ar-
ket affords, at $•'■ to *7 per
Sec our Linoleums and
Carpel    Squares    before
purchasing elsewhere.
Hockey Boots for
Men ana Women
Before you buy your new skating outfit have a look at our line of skating shoes.
You can't make a mistake on them as we
are prepared to meet you with any size
and at different prices.
Men's Tan Calf Boot Goodyear welted, Slater, low heel, solid sole, low cut
blucher.    Price $5 per pair.
Men's Calf Skating Bsot—Black with
tan trimmings, medium heel, ankle strap.
Price $4 per pair.
Men's Mule Skin Skating Hoot—Pro-
tected ankle and toe; fully stayed; Fisher
patent sole; low heel.     Price *3.oO per pr.
Women's Black Calf Skating Boot—
Goodyear welt, Slater: fully stayed and
supported.    Price 14.
Women's Black Horse Hide skating
Boot Low heel, ankle strap. A first-class
boot in every respect     Price $4 per pair.
Boys' Mule Skin Skating Boot—A good
serviceable article, well stayed and perfectly finished.   Price $3 per pair.
Do you skate? If you do you will
realize what a comfort a good warm toque
is. We have them in all shades and combinations. Either in tbe cap or long style-
Prices 40c, 50c, and G">e.
Breakfast Foods
You always want a nice cereal for
Breakfast during this winter weather. We
are always ready tn cater to the public
with all tlu' Breakfast F'">ds on the
market. II* you want it ready for use we
have Malta Vita, Puffed Rice. Crape Nut.
Wheat Berries, Shreaded Wheat Biscuits,
'l'ilasted Corn Flakes. Oramre Meat and
Biscuits, and if you wanl food to cook we
have Quaker Rolled Oats, Cream of Wheat
Pettijohn's Breakfast Gem, Carnation
Wheal Makes. Cornmeal, Wheat Ground
and Rolled Oats. AH the puresl and finished goods on Hie n arket.
Dry Goods Department
Second Floor
Take   the   Elevator
C. B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
Revelstoke ««<* Arrowhead
Watch the Windows
I'or Special Lines
During January THE   MAIL-JEEElBiAX/D.
January Clearing- Prices
Ladies' Coats
' High  Hi'ii       '        ■'"    I
Sill  ies  lm  M12,   Will
Furs for  Everybody
:    ,   n*u   nl  those
Willi-       ' inu    H     I
v     .* I I'l
i -";',. in n s:;:'      I   ■•■•i
*   ,*,  x|n.     Mail
i SHI.
. ..,.   i,,, ,  l'i i-iaii Laiiili Oullat     Ueguliu1
ibiaii  Lamli  Mull'.    Itoguliu'
.   ., SI
\ V, uol, I*.   li'     x ''"'"  l'11"1
: .   Heav^   Itililieil    I mil I'lVeiil'   ul   Hoc.
ndiiwiii ul   Sale
Men's in .,»•>• I'o.ii*..   lU'guliir $18.   Now $12.
i I ()\ "ii'ii.it. SI 1.50.    Now Si*
Dovh OvoiL'ouls uiul lii'.-i'i'is all le clear at
Safe I'l-i'-i".
Velvet Cord Coats
To III el ihli'i'ii from II lu ,"i.    Sale I'l'ii'i'S'i
Misses Heavy Coats
Ueguliu  I'lirc. $7.50.    New $1,
Ladies Hosiery
liu ilnzi'ii moic Liulies' Cashmere  Hose   40c.
Sale l'i i■'(■    I pairs for $1.
Blankets! Blankets!
Just to I land HO pairs white  blankets  priced
al $1, $11, $7.5ll and SI" per pan
Come to Our Wearing Sale,     Bargains here
for evei \ li.nlv.
. m .—■-*-. ,
1911 Diaries
_.\ range of
i and     Poc
I . ■ and
them at
Macdonald's Drugstore
Prescriptions Filled Froniptiy
\\\ have just rece'vetl .1 shipment ol White Clover Honev put up iu
five lh. cans, which we will guarantee 10 he absolutely Pure Honev,
and as tl is is the season for honey we would advise you to trv thia if
mm wish to yet the genuine artich
Tin  11 in*    'WiiKstafte speaks fnr itscll in regard toquality,    Wc have
1 full iissnrtiiii 111 el iln- I'e.s■■ .'.en   ii . lu ::;i■■   Strawberry, Raspberry,
liuin. Slack Currant and Ap icol J
A. HOBSON,        Baker and Grocer.
W rk started   Monday  morning  to j
put n teli,    n< lini between Halcyon
uiul Blond in - i  int.
Mr. and Mrs. E. II. Latham,ol Kae-
lo. are the* ftuesta ': Mr- ■"d Mrs
v,     Hand Tilth street.
R. \V. i'. 11 irris, il tbe C.P K . who
hgS 1. ■ of relatives in Victoria,
returned to thf eity on " ■ dDeisday.     |
\V, '   the   Halcyon    Hot
Bj ring   - «ml  ^ ■ Ogilvie,
0j ^r, visitors   tu the
• day.
Ihe I .'■**. t iei   li irdware Co.  hav
Hi vi    toke   Meat
Market I thi   sleekest delivery
teania ii
Mr.... 1 Mrs I. '■ Woodland announce the marriage ol their dauglit
Is one of the   most import,
ant items in your business
will look after  thia branch   of
the business ior you.
K^ootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
ami the sucet'.-- nf llie affair is in a
large measure due to the indomitable efforts ni lhe ollicers ol the
A*--< cintion.
Tne partial pri/.i list us far np
:ould be secured early enounh for
insertion this week is appended
herewith and the balance will appear in our next issue.
Barred Rocks—Cook, It. A. Upper,
11. E. Wabey, it. M. Suiythe. Cockerel, 11. K. Wabey, K, M. Smythe, K.
li. Upper. Hen, 11. i'.. Wall y. lir-st,
second aud third. I'nllet, II. K.
Wabey, lirst, second and iiiiui.
While Hocks—Cock, W. Dawson,
2nd prisse, Hen, J. Devine, W. Dim-
son. Cockerel, .1. Device, sooow'.
Pullet, .1. Devine, lirst.
Silver Lucid Wyandottes—Ccck, I'.
Fleetham, >econd; K. (1 McRae, ihird
Hen, K, fi. McRae, tbi.a; F Pleat
luuu, second. Cockerel, F. Fleel ha ni,
third. Pullet, F. Fleetham, teound
and iiiiui.
White Wyandottea — Cook, ben,
.'iiekerel and pullet, K. il. Waddell,
lirst, second and third,
Hull Wyai dottes — Coi kerel ai d
Pullet, W   l> iwson, two "i oondi".
Partridge Wyandottea—Cook, F. P.
Waddell, li st; J. L. Stark, third.
Ooekeiel, P.O. W ddell, seoond; C. .1
Kiiiniar, third, Hen, F. C. Waddell,
lirst anJ second; J.L. Sttrk, third.
Pullet, F, 0. Waddell, C. J. Kinnear,
l', A. Kinnear.
S 0. Reds—Onck, .I Devine,second.
Cockerel, J. Fleetbain, Bint, second
mill third. IK e. •!. ' i vine, eeoond,
Pullet, K W.H. Paget, F. Fleetham,
s'coiul and third.
R. C. II' d—C ickerel, X Pound, lirsl,
a o nnl mid third.
Light Brahma-—C ckerel/l' Pound
ti -at and second. Pullet, T. Pouud,
fir-1', si ennd nnd third.
Laugbans—Cockerel, W. Diwson,
li sl ami second. Pullet, W. LUwsoi ,
lirst aud second.
W. F. Spanish—Hun, W. Dawson,
S. 0. Minorca"—Cuck, J. Mithie,
lirst. Oookenl.J. Mai lue, second; W .
liiirns, third. Pullet, ,1. Mutliie, s.c-
oiul; W. Burns, third.
K. C. Minorca*— Pullet. J. Malbir,
Bee u d.
8 C. Buff Leghorns—Ccok, II. Mo
Kinnon, lirst nnil i-ici'ini; W, Dawson
Keith, lirst. Hen. ll Keith, lirst,
si coi il hi il I hi I'd.
Wh te Orplngtrn— Cock, W. A.
Fooio. third. Cockerel, W. A. Poole,
second and third, lien, W. A. Foote,
third.    Pullet, W. A   Foote th rd.
W 0, Polish—Hen, W, Dawson,
U. ri. Hamburg—Cock, W. Dawson,
Houdans -Cook, ,1. Mutliie, lirsl.
Cockerel, J, Mm hie, third. Pnllet,.l.
lluthie, second and I llinl.
Game, A. 0. V.—Cock, C.Cormier,
lirst,    Hen, (!. Cormier, lirst.
Bantams—Cock, E F. Petrie, lirst.
Hen, i". F. Petrie, firs', second and
third.    Pen, lv F, Petrie, lirst.
Bnffalo Bill Pictures
The Buflalo BUI Wild West aims
will be shown nt the K.lismi theatre
January 30th and 31st nnl February
1st. There is 3000 feet of pictures of
this famous scout's open air show
given and will be Interesting to both
old and young. It will be nn opportunity to many who have never seen
the famous old war scout ami buflalo
hunter to meet him life size on his
famous charger in animated pictures.
Owing to the big expense in procuring this picture there will he a
small advance In the price of admission, but not to exceed 10c, ot
»a advance on the regular prices.
LOST—Bv n little cirl, from ber
pockel book, $50110 in hunk bills.
between C B HiuneN store and
the dui.. lu-t night sSout 5 80 p.m.
The tinder will he rewarded   on    re-
tur' ing ihe money to 0. B. Hume V
\-nlil Released by Wonderful Sn-
maria Prescription
I inini sets i;i iiiil.iiiini.it kin and Ir-
: in. inu i.i i ne si.iiiiinli and w en kei a
: ii* n. n ca       Tho sh'.idi* or periodical
i Irinker    is uften    foreed    i*>
'■iini. even against I '     -ill by Ills un-
ulural physic  1 condition.
Samaria Prescription slops the crav-
ii?, steadies the nerves,  huiUla up the
 ml   health  .md   inulcea  drink  ac
i i.ili>*  distiisi,.rui  mul   nuuseuus.       ti
ess and odorless, and can  i".*
tni'ii with ee without tlie knowledge
■ i iin* patient.
Thousands ot Canadla    homes have
i een saved from misery and disgrace
*.   sume   dc "ted      te.     mother    or
daughter through iliis wonderful Can
.i.li.in remedy.     The money Formerly
Itbird      Cockerel. J. Devine,   H. Mo-   -vasted in drink has   restored   hnppl-
iiiuu.     »..«,■■><.. i homo comforts, education    and
Kinnoii. J. Clt'land.    Hen. .1. D.viue,   inspect t"   the   tamllles formerly   in
T. Bradshaw.    PulhtJ ' ""[ "l"1 despair.
At   Hie  atatuti ry   n ting   * I   tin
Citv Council   mi   Mo day   night   the
Mr. George  R.Singer,  resignation of Edward 1
of Self :   in   St. Peter's   church,   on  accepted; the nominations to  BU   the
Wednesday the eighteenth.
The new council will hold  ite
meeting ii  "• City Hall on Monday  Saturday
l next iccording to statute, and      -j'h(,   VRCan
it is exp'   ted I   I   committees  will be
dra!uii '  "   ug year.
Rev, P. All  Peterson, rl Vanci uver,
■will pres '   •  Baptis  church   to
ll    i   ok, 1 i.i
,erv ,.. .etui iii the Sw.ii-
.'•    ily   «, lc
■:      ' Melvin, M. A.,
- •il"'i toSt- v'  ; : \      -
...      ',. Westminster.     pi   ■       .
\"      '
on li.'i i>. tbe
vacancy will be declared   Inr   Wednes
il iy     lollowing    and   I
•   ■
hoard  calls
Edward Ti imble,  will  n   sl
d   by   Mr.   R. v I). Mn
other ciiiidt.'. ilea a
Mayor Tsylor Re-Elected
Vanci    * er,    the
.■■.'■ii'   ni'    which   was  iln
I, ha
■ m *      r
II. McKiutoti,
H. MeKinnon. J.CIelai d, W  ll.nvso' .
K C I. ghoruB—C cken I. F Laing,
ii .-• , J. Devine, second. Pullet, P.
L,»iuj i! in (1 third.
8, c \\ ini* I.* gborn—Ci ek. I-' 0.
Waddell, ti »t;W Diwson,second and
i ird, Ci eki e , I . C. Waddell, tirrt
and third; W Dawson, second. Hen,
1'. (.'. \\ ui* :. Brat mnl second; W.
; Uweor, I liird. lie:* t, p. C. W'uddell
lirst, -ce " ■' md third.
« o Br ■*•* Leghorn—Cock, E. F.
I'.-ri,      W     li,* 0       H.    E   Wabey.   "ve   who   lias   formed   or   Is   forming
'     the  drink   hatdt,  help  him  to release
t   ckerel,   11    l-    wabey,   lirst   aud   himself from Us awful clutohes.     Sail  F. Petrie, -eaond.     Hen, 11.   •"■■'r'«- Prescription la used t>y Phyal
I . Wai ey, ti -
:     ii ., ti   ll. E. Wabey, lirst
Read   tli"  following, one of the  nu-
i lerous   unsolicited   iiatimnnliils     i-o-
,*l\ e.l:
" 1 run inner repny you fur your
remedy, it is worth mere than uiu
,i ii..'. Mj iiei'uiit hnd been offered
.i,iu(»r leveral times, but would not
nnil n. it,* *<Hiit ii hnl no charm foi*
im now. May Uod's choice blesslnga
,-ver rest "it you, and rours, Rre my
prayers ever. No ono kikiws ii i,,u
ihosc who iiuii* tried tt.    As noun ss 1
*:ul    1    will    See   others      thnt      1       Itiuiw
. i vtlilng iy -.tup thotr luiB.
nu is i i uiiuk.   i   win give t'l.'m
vuur etltlre!.!..
" Mrs.  k-    *   -* Dewlnton,  Alta."
(Nun,,  withheld en  request.)
Now     if   vnu   know   of   nny   family
eceiling this remedy,  tell them about
it.      If you  have any friend or rela
na and Hospitals.
"'"inl       A FREE TRIAL PACKAGE "t Samaria   Prescription, with booklet, kIv-
full pnt'ttculnn. testimonials, price,
"icond and third. etc.,   '"Ill he sent ahsoiutely free and
,     ,.    i   ii c  u-.k««    postpaid   In   plain  sealed   package    to
Bun—i"k. 11 I'. \\ abey,   '
anyone  asking for It  and  mentioning
rat, sec-   .his  paper.      Correspondence aacredly
..   ...   . confidential.       Write to-day.  The Ba-
"*bej,   mRrla ,:,.mefly Co.,  46 Jordan I'ham-
' ,-
i    II. I,. Wabey,
i     kerel, II   I   Wabey, second.
Black — Cl ek. rei,    I1.
rs, Jordan street. Toronto;  also for
hy    C. R. Macdonald,    druggist.
in Ir
Owiog  t     ■  -   c A   si.
w  • i matches 1
.. *   '
,    .      I that in       new
i,    .
'   i    '
.1. .1 ' ■
> i    *
Kil . .li i"   i.*.
i *,    * ■  v   '
' '
I Doors, Windows, Mouldings,
Turnings, Etc.
Write for Prices to
Revelstoke Sash & floor Go.Ltd
Hot Water Boi ties
For thc Colli Weather
Chest   Protectors   and
Chamois Vests
Bews' Drug Store
.  I ha '
I be
. ,  d ret. uiri     I
:,h|"      to      «'"'i  .1      I
.    * :
i    ■..*■''   i ■'■ ' • I
the  I Institute
tie- « .   tl
.,   ' *.,*.i.
inu program arrai
'Id,,* i,ni* * *     i h i  l.   i •*    I ' '   ■
I'., were installed  lij   M  D. fl   M**   II
I). M'honnlil, mi .Lm.  'Hi. u-   fol
\   I. ,   K. (e    ill li.i'*'   V. 0„ .1.   Huul 'V:
.*.  i rl. II V,    .1,     M.i' hi"    'I I'M     .     II.      lh
McDonalds Warden, il ':   II.
S,  V (e,    \.    Alio m:    It. H. V   fl..   .1,
\,. ||,|1  ,,,,*   |„ H    \    fl., H    '.! Con
l    !     ,,,,   •    I   h.    II    lm' "I.
I,, l'i.dun.  I' li .   I.'   H
l  I, ,,, I  I*,.TiiiiH'"*    ll, " w. A,
nti   ind L        ., I    Net'
Higti School Exams
.i     l
M. fl I. P
I                 * '
',old',n.    . I     V.    Trim li
i      ii      Brov *      l*
l i ,,.-,         i    flnndwln, Ofl ent 2
■il T i|uiiii * . 'iiiuk
(Wi  I    i              B;   fj.  (Imll (Wi  11.
[,,  VI ■' I *
I    ■  *   r     If,  Sibbald,   * I K.   Son
,,,'.,*! .   -I     11   Hi*.." i,   ill \l    I In t
mark, e    1    linn p  ?i")i   10. Ciirani    .1
s. Dinkey, illli I.. M"i.in. llll I,. John
.      I        \|.*('lile     (J , |b  uni     Iwo !
i    no       I    lliock, 01
o-N I c; 11 T S-o
Commencing Thurs. Jan. 19
ilnne Wm\\ Wii
In'following Repeitone
I'ollj I'rimrn
'AV I ;,"  I'*ni  h I'fil
I i RDAY ' barli *       uni"
MuM*   , "The lh vll"
,    li \ i "| i,e Little Miiii-'.i "
Populai   Prices
Seats on Sale at Macdonald's Drug Store
Plenty of cold weather this week, antl probably a
lot more to come. Wc have had quite a run on cold
weather goods, I'or no one can afford to be cold when
they can Ret winter goods at the prices we are offering them ill this sale.
Loot at these prices, and come and get some of
the goods.
Flannel, white, $2.50 fori? 1.50.
Warm Slippers in felt and wool crochet, values up
to $2, for *1.
Children's Felt Slippers, warm and comfortable,
35c. per pair.
Flannelette Night Dresses, pink, blue and white,
$2.50 for 11.50.   $1.75 for *1. LO.   $1.10 for 75c
Fine Sweater Coats, beehive wool, no seams, navy
cardinal, while and grey.    Keg. 14, now $2.50.
Heavy Wool Sweater Coats, grey and Ian. Reg.
$3, now $1.50.
Wool Gloves, ladies' and childrens, all colors, 15c.
per pair.
Petticoats, black, close fitting Jersey lops, with
moire frill.    Regular 1175, now WOO each.
Warm Dressing Gowns, German eider down, in
pretty patterns, pretty colors, in all si'/.es. Regular
*6.50, *7-50 and $8.50-   Your choice for *4.50.
See Our 25c. Table
We have gathered up a lot of useful, seasonable
articles on one table for easy buying. There are Children's Flannelette Underwear, Aprons, Toques, Wool
Scarves, Hosiery* Mitts, Gloves, etc. Your choice for
25 cents.
Our 50c. Table
Another lot of better goods are on this table,
most of them at less than half price. Dressing Jackets
Wool and Flannelette Petticoats, Shawls, Night
Diessi's, Cushion Tops, etc.—SOc. each.
!A.*'G.*:0'0   ll'i.C.O   O
Your Winter Overcoat or Suit
If you haven't purchased them \et you
had better come and look at our lai'jje
and complete assortment, We can suit
thc most iastidious in tlie clothing line.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Reform Clothing
Foot-Rite Shoe
Men's Dressy Winter Suits
At Sharp Clearance Reduction
Our entire stock of Fine Suits and Overcoats are
reduced for iniinedi'ite clearing.
Regular 12  Suits  $ 8 50
Regular $15 Suits    $10 00
Regular $20 Suits  $15 00
Regular $25 Suits  $19 00
Regular $30 Suits     $24 00
McRae Mercantile Company, Limited
The Style Simp for Men and Hoys Who Know
linn ;. t. *i,  Solicitor,  Ktc. Provincial   Lnml   Kiivcym,
Bollcltori  lm   -'l'lii!   Canadian Hnnk Mining Surveyor,
-I Commerce, The MoIhuiib Hank,
FIRST BTRBET   -   Hevelutoko, B.C.
MeKENZIB avi",.,
BOX   lot,,   RKVBLBTOK.B,


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