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The Mail Herald Dec 21, 1910

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>£C 8{ VJio
K h
■>    .
" Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it* is
unsurpassed.    Price $00.4
Interior Pubhsnmg^Co., Agts..
The Mail-Hepald
Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company I
Vol. 16 -No. 100
"OKE. B. 0„DJiCEMBliR21, 1910
$2.50 Per Year
New Epoch in Revelstoke's Progressive History
i >n,' ,,i the most important events
in tin' progreBBlve history ol Revel-
Blokti took place tin Saturday nftcr-
nimn when n large number at citizens attended the opening ceremony
.,[ the new power unit at the city
hydro-electric  power  house
Through the kindness ol Bupt, T.
Kilpatrick, of the O.P.R., n special
tram was placed nt. the disposal ot
tiie  city to convey  its     guestB
himl tho whole of the city's electrical development, and ,,s Mich (laser V-
,'ti great, praise.
O.P.R. WILL   131 Y   POWHR,
Bupt. T. Kilpatrick voiced Ue for-
nier speakers that the now step
for Revelstoke's pro&r-otn.     !l«
oonvlnced that the worn was
stnntial  nnd  ifllrlcnt .iill    illi]
hesitate to say   that th,'   (.'. r
would   ho   prepared   to f.ke power
trim tho city  whon tne dovelopnit.it
was complete nnd wh»n n continuous
service could ho dopcul!<l upon.
1,'A1U    HANDS    AND  UK!   t'OROHS.
Mr. Hwlng, the en • ii( , expressed
much pleasure at seeing ■•" Pianj citizens take an Interest i, 1 lie work
and  congratulated  the  city  i.n
ll< was
,-nitli, Kerry
.- please! to
,    . energetic  council.
Oowan  Siding,   from where  the gath-l   ^  M & ^^
.■ring walked to the new ,1am. Much I gm ^ ^ mg[M„m ,
Merest was evinced in the extent nnn ohBM| wol|1(, ^ vm.
,,f the work and Its solidity. k[low  Umt  ^ ^  faM   ,m(1
A    STEP    FORWARD. opened hy such fair hands as
Aid. Oowan, chairman of the Fire, Hamilton's.
Water aud Light committee, in a Mr. Cowan Introduced Mr. Duck,
lew words explained the reason of in- : the superintendent Ol the power
vitiug the public to seo the now house, expressing keen appreciation
plain in order that they might sec of his abilities and Ills untiring and
for themselves where their money j conscientious work for the city's to-
had hecn Bpent. Ho assured the tercsts nnd much credit was -due him
people that they had got good value | SUCCESS TO REVEl.STOKK
in this work anil Revelstoke had A11 being pronounce ready, the
made a step in the right direction in Mayoress grasped lhe controlling
the increase of her electrical units, wheel of the governor that regulated
Mr. Cowan then ordered the head the huge turbines, and under the
gates to lie opened to allow the wat- guidance of Mr. Duck, gradually alter to enter the new flume, at the mitted the pent up water from the
same time breaking a bottle ol flume into the turbine, which began
champagne over the machinery and to revolve, gaining speed as the en-
wishing tin- venture every success, j ormous pressure developed. Soon
made to the pow   the maximum of HOfl h.p. was reach-
Glory to God in the Highest and on
Earth Paace and Goodwill to Men
Sunday next Is Christmas Day, the
greatest and dearest festival of humanity. Thoro is no grander anthem sung than the one thnt ushered
in lho tvirlh of Christ anil the Ohrlst
and the Christian era; no sweeter
choristers than those who then proclaimed the glad tidings of great joy
no happier lime for mankind net Iroe
from slavery of sin, than the commemoration of that, auspicious event
s   Ep,tuln.tion|which is being celebrated     through*
Adjournment wns
er house, where the entire plant was
seen in working order. The visitors
crowded round tbe gas engine and
took deep interest in tho many mysteries of dynamos, exciters, switch
boards,  rectifying  tubes,  etc. To
out, the civilized world for the nineteen hundred and tenth time; a day
when men may with sonic pure sense
of the spirit of thc angels' message,
catch up the echo of their song which
still vibrates and repeats with them,
"Glory to God In the highest and on
earth, peace, goodwill towards men."
It Is woll then, as the SSthof December approaches, to say with Kipling:
'Lord, (rod of Hosts, bo with us yet,
Lest wo forget!    I^cst wo forget!"
Forget what? Ah, there's the rub.
Too many of us havo gotten into the
wuy of celebrating tho birthdays of
our friends, anil expecting thom in
turn to celebrate ours, and we often
lose sight altogether of the guest, of
honor at the Christmas festival; anil
there is a danger, a very great danger, that we may in consequence meet
with the reproof: Inasmuch as yo
did it' not unto thc least of these
my brethcrn, ye did it not to mo."
Let us look to it then that we do
nol exhaust our means of giving   by
ed and  the  lamps  wero  brightly    lit
from the new 450 K.V.A     generator,
and with a smart blow Mrs.  Haniil-   	
ton broke a bottle of champagne ov-j'hoBe who arc near and ile.ir   to   us,
er the machinery and as thc spark-; and who will give to us again,    but
ling liquid  bubbled and  frothed  over   let us do what we     can to brighten
many this was a first visit   to    the : the shining metal, reflecting like   so  the lives of those who are poor   antl
city  power house and few there were \WU diamonds in the gleam of   tlio !lonely and sad and suffering for it is
who did not express wonder and ad-1 incandescent     lamps,    she
dedicated  the unit  lo the service
Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office    Toronto, Ontario
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
5 S30.000.00
Branches nr Agents at all principal points inJCanada,
Agents in Oreat Britain and United St ites—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago— First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Rank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Fran-
cisco- Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of tl and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Revelstoke and its future
Thus ended one of thc most historical and Important events in the pro
gressive development of a greater
Rovelstoke. Our electrical power
will mean a great deal for us as
years go on and if the public continue in the same interest as they
evinced on Saturday in their own
welfare and In the gnat public work
that is practically thc keystone oi
Revelstoke growth and prosperity,
our city's future is assured.
All who were present were greatly
pleased with the little excursion and
never before has so much interest
been manifested in the sourco of
Revelstoke's light and power.
Xmas Specials
Butter Clams
Little Neck Clams
Crabs     Olympia Oysters
Eastern Oysters
miration tor the powerful machinery !
which supplies  Revelstoke with light
power anil heat.
As Boon as the crowd had assembled in the     new brick   power house,
where sombre and gaunt in its business like  color  of  dark  grey the fine
new machinery  lay ready to operate
atthc slightest touch.
Mr.  Cowan expressed  pleasure      at
seeing such a large crowd ol cieizens
and was  particularly  glail  that      so
much    interest     in    this,  the city's
greatest asset, was evinced.    He was
pleased that tbe honor of opening thc
new plant had  fallen to the lot of a
lady,  and  instanced  how  vast forces
would yield to the light to'ich of    a
woman.     Reference was made to the
great power  that could    Im obtained
for  Industrial  purposes and how  important a step Revelstoke had  taken
in her power development. Mr. Cowan
dwelt brieily on the past history   of
the city's electrical development how
the income had rapidly increased.
To  Revelstoke  can  be  given       the
honor of having installed     the    first
hydro-electric plant in B. C.
The  fact  of   Mrs.  Hamilton,       the
Mayoress,     performing t he   opening
ceremony  was all  the more interesting as it was  by her childish hands
that she opened  the old plant years
ago. Since then the city has pros-1
pored. Mr. Cowan pointed out that ed in hiding severgl millionse antl
the new work hud cost tbe city much government detectives are endeavor-
but this would never be regretted as ing to trace tbe stolen money ami
the new unit of a 'Juo h. p. turbine securities,
and a 150 K.V.A. generator was a
splendid addition. Another unit
was to come yet, for if the city was
to sell power fur manufactures, etc.
an equal alternate plant was necessary. The new power house, the
work of E. 0. Fromey was strongly
built and the work Itself under the the last seat was formerly held by ft
superintendence  of  Mr.  Ewing,       the  Liberal.
engineer tor Smith, Kerry and Chase I   The   standing   of    thc parties with
was in good hands. I one poi, to hear from is:
Mr. Cowan regretted that this was | Government Coalition— Liberals,
a cold water proposition, but said 270*; Laborites, 43; Nationalists, 72;
that the     people   could get     some-' Independent  Nationalists,   12.    Total
formally I °u'y in *'liH wfty that we   can truly
„j j celebrate  the  birthday  of  the  Christ
Child who was born in a manger and
in after life "had not wncr3 to   lay
his head."
Fined $4,000,000
Copenhagen, Dec. 20. — Former
Minister of Justice Alberti today was
sentenced to 80 years' imprisonment
and a fine of £4,0CO,fl0O for having
robbed the people of millions during
his 14 years' career as a banker, bro
kcr and minister of justice.
The thefts are the largest recorded
in the history of Denmark.
Thousands of persons wore financially involved and hundreds of poor
people ruined.
It is believed that Alberti succeed-
p, Bums $ Company. £,td.
British Elections End
London,     Dec. 20.—With the
voting yesterday, the    general
tions  have  came  to  a  close,
plete results are not yet known
Revelstoke Offers
Thousands of acres of the finest
timber in  the  world.
An ever-increasing demand for
lumber at home and abroad.
A healthful climate.
Inspiring surroundings.
Golden opportunities in all walks
of life.
Just laws, well administered.
A complete modern educational
system—free, undenominational primary and high schools.
All the conveniences of civilized life
Health, peace, contentment and
Inexhaustible quantities of mountain trout, salmon and other fresh
water fish.
Unrivalled scenery   and     delightful
Unlimited game,  great and small.
The most profitable field for Invest
ment in thc known wor.d.
Useful Xmas Presents
Mrs. A. G. Crick, - First St.
thing  warmer  at  the  other end      of  395.
the line!
Mayor Hamilton, in a few words
paid a high tribute of praise to Mr.
Cowan for his hard antl conscientious work in connection with tho new
plant. This plant was good for all
time, and the growth ol the city demanded an increased unit. It was
more than probable that thc city
would Bell power to tha CP.R.which
would bc a great help. The outlay
for the plant was a good investment
for Revelstoke, and a nuinument to
Mr. Cowan's energy. The whole
council did their best in the matter
and he was sure that the people
wouldnever regret spending their
money in this work,
R. Gordon referred to his own connection with the city power houso
an.l testified to the line qualities of
Sir. Cowan as an employer, He felt
sure thnt Revelstoke bad mado a
splendid commencement ol a new eta
of electrical development, dilating on
the fact that near Revelstoke wero
many big streams .'.In 10 nlmo-it unlimited power could bo utilized w» tier or later. He pointed out t^at
Mi. Cow an was the leading sj'ii'it he
Opposition—Unionist*, 272,
Coalition majority, 123,
The election haB been thc most remarkable in thc history of Uritish
politics and has upset the entire calculations of the Unionists, who had
seriously expected not loss than
twenty scats.
Baseball Match
Tho world's championship baseball
match botween the Athletes of I'hila.
tlclphia, anil the Cube of Chicago, in
moving picture* is lieing shown tonight antl tomorrow night at tbo
Edison Theatre. The pictures aro
good and the balance of tho pro-
gramm? up to the standard, Romem-
ber only tonight and tomorrow night
tor baseball. A splendid new programme for Friday nnd Saturday
Matinee Monday
There will be a matinee on Monday at tho Edison Theatre, at three
o'clock in the afternoonf The "Eu-
charistic Congress" at Montreal and
other line pictures will he put on.
Including a splendid picture of
"Wolf Hunting in Russia" and the
"Japanese Firemen."
What it Costs
A railway expert states that it
costs 42 cents to stop a train of
532 tons from a speed of 50 miles
an hour, nnd another that it costs
U to stop a »K10 ton train. Tho
time losi in stopping a train on an
easy, straight track is 2J minutes.
When n passenger nt Cowan Hiding
is wrnthy because the limited express docs not stop to carry him
to the Country town, ho overlooks
thc fnct that the delay costs thc
compnny money nnd scores of passengers valuable time.
Mr, Ri T. Wilson (recently ol tho
principal orchestras of Mouth Yorkshire, Kngland) Is In the city and Is
! prepared to receive pupils for violin
(elementary or advanced I. For particulars and terms, apply in caro ot
Mr. T. rafdtn, Fourth street. 17 It.
t^mt    mi I r   - '•"■■
New Rai-ins, Currants, Peels, Shelled Almonds, Walnuts, Nuts, Figs, Dates, Dried
and Evaporated Fruits, Canned Fruits,
Canned Vegetables, Asparagus Tips, French
Peas, Mushrooms, Wagstallcs and Kootenay Jams and Jellies, Mince Meat, Ontario
and California Honey, No, 1 Apples, Spies,
Greening, Baldwin, Wagner and other good
varieties, California and Japanese Oranges,
Lemons, Almeria Grapes, Cranberries, Ashcroft Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes,  Celery, etc.
CANDY- Webbs',Cadbury's, McCormick's,
Cowan's Chocolates and a large assortment
of Mixed Candies. Hon Pons, Xmas Stockings, Fancy Biscuits, etc.
New s'vles in Cut Glass, Dainty Silverware,
Carving Sets, Lamps, Klectric Goods,
Fancy China, Dinner and Tea Sets, Toilet
Sets, everything in Cooking utensils, Roasters, Jelly and Cake Tins, Patty Pans, etc.
Our Store is full. Do your Xmas shopping
here. We have the Goods, and will try
and please you.
Bourne Bros.
Groceries,    Hardware.   Flour and Feed
ts a
Christmas Beef
We have the finest display of fresh killed Beef and
Poultry ever seen in Uevelstoke.
Our stock comprises the finest of Prime young
Beef, Pork, Mutton, Lamb and Veal, Turkeys, Geese,
Ducks and Chicken, Coast Sealed Oysters and Oysters
in shells, fresh Salmon, Halibut, Crabs and Lobsters,
Cauliflowers, Lettuce and cabbage. Fresh Sausages
made daily. We do not sell cold storage goods. Mail
and Phone Orders Promptly Attended to.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Iiiiiii Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 251 P. O. Box 181
A Few Suggestions
For the Table
Moving pictures to-night at the j
Edison Thoatre.
Snap Shot Cameras, films ami all
supplies for Xmas trade at Tucker's
8tudlo. t.c.
Every public school in the Dominion will lie provided with a nan ial
ol physical eicrclse, through the Ren
erosity ol Lord Htrnthctitia in his
recent Rift to Canada.
An ordsr In council has besn pan-
cd making Monday, Deeemlier 26 nnd
Monday, .Intiuary 2, public liolllayfl,
as Christmas aud  New  Year's    Day
lull oa tjunduy.,
Berry Spoons. Rogers' Plate     9 2 25
Berry Spoons. Sterling Silver    5 50
Half Dozen Coffee Spoons, Rogers' Plate    2 50
Half Dozen Coffee Spoons, Sterling Silver    5 00
Coltl Meat Forks, Rogers' Plate    2 25
Cold Meat Forks, Sterling Silver     5 00
Butter Knives, Togers' Plate     / 00
Butter Knives, Sterling Silver     2 SO
Sugar Spoons, Rogers' Plate  75
Sugar Spoons, Sterling Silver     / 75
Wc have hundreds of other little things
for thc table at very reasonable prices.
Come in and inspect for yourselves.
Xmas Choosin
Made Easy
Don't worry as to what you shall give your male
friends and relatives, our stock includes so many
suitable and useful gifts, things a man would buy
for himself and what better to give him than that.
Come in any time and see for yoursolf.
Sank Claus
Offers a few
Restricted District
New WOBtminster , Dec. 20.— New
Westminster mny see the question ot
a "restricted district" thrown into
an already Interesting situation in
tlie forthcoming elections.
The Citizens' Temperance League, '
at a meeting last week, decided that
there was no occasion for a "retrict-
ed district" in the city ami that it
should and could lie abolished if the
laws were carried out. It is possible
lhat mayoralty and nl.lcrnianic can
tlidates will be sounded on the question  before thc election.
M en 'sl Suits
House Gowns
Smoking Jackets
Shirts fe Sox
Suit Cases
Hats      Caps
Cuff Links
Stick Pins
Ties      Braces
Arm Bands
Sets of Braces
Banc's      Garters
Gloves      Mufflers
Sweater Coats
Sw eaters
For til Ties, Suspenders, and
small cniclcs wc supply Free, a
very alticctivc fancy tox.
McRae Mercantile Company, Ltd.
Help the Hospital
While we are enjoying the ninny
blesslngB that Ohrlstmas will bring
to most of us ibis year, let us not,
when surrounded by our dear ones
nnd all tbe home comforts of life
that are the featuroB of this great
lioine festival, torgct those who are
In less fortunate circumstances and
who are tumble to lake part in their
own respective home joys, by reason
ol sickness—we rctcr to the patients
in the hospital Net Itevelstoke tin
llll in its power In make their Ohrlst
mas as bright and cheerful asposslble
nnd make them feel, that although
far away from their homes, there are
some who take a kindly interest In
their  welfare and happiness. We
would ask our citizens to remember
the hospital at this festive season,
and by their kindness and goodwill
make Ohrlstmas for the patients
there a day of happiness. Tlie mnt-
ton will be glad to receive all donations of whatever kind of Christmas
fare, for the patients and those who
will accept this appeal will receive
the warm thanks of the hospital Lad
ies Guild and the gratitude of the
patients. We earnestly hope that
our citizens will liberally respond and
Iiy their actions make bright the
"happy day" of the sick and feel
at heart that by iheir generous acts
they have added to their own enjoyment and the pleasure of others.
"In as niii'li as ye have done it
unto tbe least of these my brethren,
ye have done it unto Me."
Revelstoke Land District
District of West Kootenay.
Tako Notice that I, D. McCarthy,
Of Revelstoke, B. 0., occupation,
Contractor, Intend to apply for a
license to prospect for coal nn.l petroleum mi the following descritjsd
Commencing     at    a    post  planted
about  three miles South of     Arrow-
bead,  li.  C,  and on  the  South    side
of Cranberry Creek and opposite the
mouth  of said creek;  thence cast    8tl*
chains, thence south SO chans, thence
west    80   chnins,     thence    north   HO ,
chains,   in all  040 acres.
Dated this 14th day of Dec,  11)10.
II.   McCarthy,  Locator.
Per J. 0. Bradley, Agent
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund    - •    $4 400,000
The Styles Shop for Men and Boys Who  Know
(tbc flDatMhcvalfc
R      ELSTOKE. B.   C.
Jntertot pubitsbtrig Company
Including postage to England, United states and Canada.
By the year (.through postotlicej $2.50
JOB PRINTING promptly esecuted
at reaaonable rate6.
TERMS—Cash. Subscriptions payable in advance.
Cbe flfcaillbevato
WEDNESDAY, DEC.  21ST,  1910.
Something You Ought to Have for Xmas
"y   \    'it.
• i '
Bandits Hiding at Crow's Nest
Moyle,  11.  C, Dec. 20— There     is
every reason for believing that Han
ey, the bandit who held up the C.P.
11. train at Ducks, near Kamloops, a
year or more ago,  is now in hiding
somewhere along the    Crow's      Nest
roa.l.      A short  time ago Haney anil
, his  gang    were     located  nenr  Lund
; brcck  by the     mounted police.        A
i strong effort was     made to   capture
ihem,   but  they  made  their  getaway,
and came to Dritish Columbia.
Shortly after tbe holdup at Ducks,
Constable Ike Decker attempted to
arrest Haney and another man, hut
was killc.l by Haney. There is now a
r.'Itnr.i of $0003 for the capture of
Haney. A man answering Hnney's
description has been seen around
Vahk anl Ourzon lately, in fact it
is believed lie was in Moyie only a
short time ago. Constable Browning of Moyie has been on his trail
and :- "ii the alert for any fresh cvi
tlenct-s ol him in this territory. The
description of Haney is that he 0 is
about 3."i years of age, heavy set,
and slightly bald. He has large hands
rt Btub s Angers. Tbe lingers
nre so -hurt that his hands appear
deformed. Brown hair tinged with
gray, large ears, and a mole on his
cheek. He goes well armed
nr>.'. would probably be a hard man
to take.
believed thai  Haney and   his
-tdes  were contemplating another holdup  when  the police frustrated
tbc pla-s
The ratepayers bbuuid not get disheartened when tbey see heavy
i.ills. taies   etc..  which  today      are
tbe  citizens'    burden,  but  the future
in store lor I Iw li very
a:. :  with the new plant complete an 1
with  municipal  ownership carried on
m-^re successfully t.-.an it has
some day th,!
All  we  can do  now    -
pay  up, »ay nothing anl     watt
bring the
* •  .:
defi ■ ' '■   ,; i:' '
bo aid iii building up of our     cil
We have practically    beei
the patronage ol the C P B. ai
in  as  the
:■ sent new   mlt *s 9
• i  thc  city      will   La
r  ninny   is .
ol the n.
•*    rent      1 Satui        alt   1
bei '    ' ''•' '
v.,,- ■•   d   an   to ••     :■
.    . at  a
I wbi ii a ne*  1 ra
of dec- -     *.-. entered
. ,.-,'.- '.... I              1.deed       to    h'.-c
,.    b a rltlseni at
-c .'  ng    lhat |
keen taken In  this   pbnsfl
.    .:■: ill       a
, • 1  ■  ol view mui *        ■*■• 1
tbat      it'
was . ktu Q  ol  what a  val-
uablc an I expi thi    city
bai  unJ o! what     almost  uni 1 m.: •• t
be put t 1 * '*■.,     ttt ni*
tun    if tl a ■!)">■ ha*
it, yel tbat ihe   wi.rk
>    1 well ■  *   tlay in thr neat
■  ■ ire,     With    1 ,,»rr     t,, sell     w*
.Id  all  do  our best  to   mi I itngt
tbc  csliib'nbliUfii:  u'.  .nd'.ietrics,  and
The      Van
.    ......
'-asionally.     Revelatoke can''        1
,.... ni ich  * ...
r.ght  km I ol 11.      Wo
• no    city
have ni; they mn do in the
Is      1m-
.."*■  ■
1.nre a  year.   In tl '
their   |ic',|ilc   '
1 iti/.i 11
What  wi.iil.i  ibey say"
Well,  il they eould  but start
nf  ,,iir  citizens  thinking  about   Iheir
* nubilities  as  citizens   their tl ity
to   d"   something  toward   mnkin,'      a
111  beautiful city, a -nfer rliy,   a
more  healthful   city,  a   cleaner      C ty
mid a bettoi governed city, that
would i,, something accomplished,
there arc a rlor-en civic problems tho
churches themselves are grappl a -
and struggling with charities, mor
al reform   temperance nucstlons, jro
'     l-Tice'
than  mi
a  lift,
rt    faith
end    to
ni aad
Pigtails Barred
■   ■       "sin   t.iilfly      state
- the Pek-
Bffl edict   re
lent*    ot      the
the royal famil-,   •    • ■   , .        ,* ;;
Revelstoke  Land  District.
District of West, Kootenay.
Take Notice thai. I, K. M. Allum,
d RevelBtoke, 11. c, occupation.
Jeweller, Intond to apply for a license In prospect for coal nnd petroleum on the following described lands
Commencing at a posl planted
ubout   [mile from lower wagon bridge
n Cranberry Creek lu a Smith eatt
rly direction from the said bridge
and on the South side of the Creek,
and about three miles South-westerly of Arrowhead, II. ('., thence oast
SO* chains, thence north *8b chans,
thence west ,S(I chains, thence south
SO chains,  in all 640 acres.
Dated this 14th day  ol  Dec,  1910.
10.  M.  Allum, Locator.
Por .1. I).  Ilriidley, Agent.
Has 77 Branches in Canada, ami Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.     Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Having purchased the business formerly carried on by  B.   A.
Spring we are prepared to execute all orders promptly.
Boot and Shoo Repairers,
Harness Maltors
Revelstoko  Land  District.
District ol  West Kootenay.
Take  Notice that, I,  A.  W.  Thomp
son, of  lievelstoke, D.  ('.,  occupation S
Hotel  Clerk,  intend  to apply    for    a
license    to   prospect     tor coal     and
petroleum on the following  described
Commencing at a post planted
about three miles South of Arrowhead, B. ('., nnd on the south side of
Cranberry Creek and opposite the
mouth of saitl Creek; thence north 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
south Sil chains, thence east SII chains
in all  (HO acres.
Dated this  Mill day  of Dec,  1910.
A. W. Thompson, Locator.
Per .1. I).  Bradley, Agent.
Revelstoke  Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take Notice that I, John V. Perks
of Revelstoke, 1!. 0., occupation,
Steward, intend to apply for a
license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following described
Commencing at a post planted
about three miles South of Arrowhead, B. 0., and on the south side of
Cranberry Creek and opposite the
mouth of said Creek; thence north
SO chains, thence east 80 chains,
thenco south M chains, thence west
SO chains, in all 1140 acres.
Dated this  14th day of Dec,  1910.
John V. Perks, Locator.
Per J. O. Bradley, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take Notice that I, A. J. McDonell
jt Revelstoke, B. C, occupation,
Hotel Proprietor, intend to apply
(or a license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following described
Commencing at a post planted
about three miles South of Arrowhead, B. C, and on the south side
of Cranberry t'reek and opposite the
mouth of said Creek; thence west 80
chains, thence south 80 chans, thence
-list B0 chains, thenoe north 81! chains
in all 640 acres.
Dated this Uth day of Dec, 191(1,
A. J. McDonell, Locator.
Ifi  J. O. Bradley, Agent.
Moving pictures  to-night    at    the
l-Mison Theatre.
Shiloh's Gure
quickly  stop* coughs*   cures  cold.H,   hrali
th* thm nt aad luntts.       •   -    -       23 cants.
New English Record
made   by   Ml
•    itch lie
of   171
ami ir ad HI Ion It Is n record for dis
llllll"    I,;,.!-
No tuns ,,r othef crall followed   the
ii'-intoi.     and      no  other   \ncc„ it
,,*ii' taken against  accident,
Snap Sli.,1 ''iiiiui t filiin and all
■upplltl for Xmas trade at Tuckers
Studio. t.e.
Tl a Largest Stock   of Smokers'
Supplies in the Interior
W business with.
Wa ing eciall) good  line this
li   thai   present
fath thet that was worrying
The C>far & Pipe Business is Our Business
at ii like *i book,   and you  ,:• i  the
'ii ol 'mr information.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Doors, Windows, Mouldings,
Turnings, Etc.
Write for Prices to
Revelstoke SbsIi& Door Go. Ltd
Hay, Oats, Wheat,Bran
and Shorts
Oi'i-'it'i;:   Cor.   McKenzie Ave.
AMI Skionii Stkki.t
l'liiiNi-;   73.
Send Your Orders
To ihe i ndersigiied for
Famous Gait Coal
A   HO *'HHAD, B. 0,
SpeclU Attention given to commercial
men ami tourists. First-clans Bample
rooms. Finest Hi'enery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
Tinsmith Repairs, Kot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Oonnaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Full particulars of select buildill?
lots given upon apphcatlor
Ortlers left   at   tins   office   (or   hay
and grain, promptly attended to
W. B. Robertson
Great West Permanent I.oan
Company Agency
Kauofactnrid for alt oia»M of  bnlldfuff
For sain i» 1'iruti or   inn ll ijruntitios
ill. I li" lllWfl ■!    W.f"     I.-:  r.   I,
Al) kinds of I'liil'liiiK and uliittteriiiK
Foote & Pradolini.
Still in Business
We nre  ncHdquarlers for
Pin iii»' Coaal Tented Seeds
ami RoscstShrub* ,ChEnenei
Japan, FYencllRIld Holland
Hulbs and Ornanu-nlals,
alio Implements, Bee Supplies* Spray Pumpsi Fertilizers nnd small fmiia.
Catalogue Free.
noil Westminster Road
A. K. McDoUOALL,    -   Manager
Store, Office and
House Cleaner
Wlndowa uiul floors Cleane'd and
Polished, 1'urnuuei attended t,,
and sahei removed, Work done
by montli or j,,ii contract, All
orden ideive i m lul and prompt
attention.   Beat oi References.
Next Door to Edison Theatre
©hanaoan Collcoc
Summerlatrt, S.G.
COURSES   FOR   1910-11
Preparatory; Hi^li School; Two
Years University; Business, including Stenography and Typewriting; Piano; Vocal.
Separate residences for young
men anil young women.
Well epuipped gymnasium.
Pali. Txrm Opbns Suit. 21.
I'or Calendar artl [further particulars address ihe Principal
Carriage and Sign
Simp in alley  hack of E. ,1. Houine'B
store, Pint Street.
First  Class  Work Guaranteed.
Prices Reasonable
Ki'sitlenct'o  r. Hnl St. ami Robson nve
New Line
Stirrup  Attached
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town, ^Kevelstoke, B. C.
llurristcra,  Holicitora, Ktc.
Imperial iinnk Huiiiiing iiovei-
stoke, B. O.
Money to Loan.
Olllces—HcvclBtoko,    U.   C.,    and
Cranbrook, D. c.
Oeo. 8. McOarter,
A, M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey,
RevelBtoke, Cranbrook
Han-Inter, -Solicitor, Etc.
Solicitors   for:-The   ( ai.vi m Hank
ol Commerce, The MoIbuus Hank,
FIRST STREET   •   Revelstoke, B,g, Page
THE MAII.-UKi: M.I),    tiEVL'LSIOKE,    B.   I
wi*:i.\i-:- day, Yi
Charity Begins Ut lioine
Here la a little wisdom from R.T.
Lowcry that is applicable right hero
at our doors: "Some people -dress up
nnd polish their hIiocs when there are
strangers in camp nnil pay no attention to folks around home. We send
our hest products abroad niul keep
the culls for thc local market. Okun-
ngan hotels serve Inferior fruit. Al-
liertan hotels put up tough beefsteaks
Manitoban hostelries provide bread
that competes with lend, while nt the
coaBt fish is often served by the
cafes and hotels that is only fit to tie
converted into fertilizer und shipped
to Japan. It is time for a change."
McnthEy lojging Scale
The approximate logging scale for
this month—December—Is expected to
exceed that of last month which wns
BS.OOa-.OM' feet. Tlie accurate figures,
however, will not be completed until
the first of the month hut tho figures
already in hand indicate that this
month will overtop last month.
Demand Free Trade
Ottawa. Dec. 20.—The [armors' dele
gation at its meeting this week, adopted memorials and resolutions
Which they will present to tho government tomorrow. The tarifl resolu-
:ijn  calls  for:
(1) Reciprocal free trade between
tie United States and Canada in nil
horticultural, agricultural and animal products.
Ul Reciprocal free trade between
the two rountries in ail agricultural
implements, machinery, vehicles and
parts  thereof
(il For an immediate lowering of
the duties on all Dritish Imports to
i n s half the rates charged under tho
general tarifl, whatever these may
general tarifl. whatever these may
le. That any trade advantages giv-
Irn the United States in reciprocal
rade relations he extended to Great
1*11 For such further reduction of
the r?maining preferential tariff as
will ensure the establishment of com
plete free trade between the Dominion and the Mother Country within
ten  years.
l5) That the farmers of this country are willing to face direct taxation in such form ns may be advisable to make up the revenue lost
under  ihe  new  tariff relations.
Practical Street Paving
We have received a recommendation
from Charles E. Shaw, of the Oity
Hall, Westminster, London, England,
in connection with the report on tlu
latest system of road paving. Mr.
Shaw was, for some time, city clerk
of Revelstoke. In the following he recommends the process as most suitable for Revelstoke, where wootl pav
Ing is expensive. This method has
been adopted with success in many
parts of  England:
The old macadam was sacrificed
and the contour of the road reformc'
an.l  thoroughly consolidated. On
this was laid the tar macadam whicli
was composed of hard limestone mix
ed with tar composition, the botton
layer being composed of materials
which would pass through a ring 2}
in. diameter, and the top layer
through a ring IJ in. diameter. Each
layer was laid with a light steam
roller, the top surface being flushed
up with fine tarred limestone. When
this was set and dry, the surface wai
tarred and covered with fine crushed
limestone, the finished thickness of
the tar macadam being -1 inches. The
total cost of this work came to£3S5,
which, over an area of 2,100 yards
super, represonts 3s. Sd. per yard
super. This was maintained free for
a peliod of twelve months, and is
being further maintained for two
years at thc rate of ljd. per yard
per annumf
New Bank Law
Ottawa, Dec. 20—Sir Wilfrid Laurier introduced in thc House the
bank bill, which comes into operation July 1. There are, as the
Premier set forth, one or two changes
of a radical character. The first is a
provision for an audit by shareholders.
Another feature of Importance is
that annual statements must be sign
ed not only by the president, but also by all three directors.
Tho bill also enables older banks,
whose shares were fixed at tan, to
change them to shares of $100 by
resolution  of  the shareholders.
Another new provision ol the bill
is that "product of the forest"
Which mny be ordered ns security to
hnnkn nro to Include saw logs nnd
railway ties as "timber" and deals,
boards, etc., as "'lumber." This
definition was rendered necessary by
iweni decisiou of tho courts.
Wireless Train Service
The latest invention for the safety
of a train and its passengers, Is nn
apparatus whereby a train can lie
stopped in case of emergency by wire
less telegraphy, which is operated
from the various stations along the
Apart from the Value ol such a
control in the point of preventing col
lisions, expert railway men estimate '
that the value of the invention will I
be tremendous in the matter ol short
ening the time of freight trains between divisional points. Tbc facility
with which trains may be allowed to
follow each other out of stations
tiinuiii'ii,Is Itself to them. ThiB, of
course, will require still further work
ing out, but those behind the scheme
have already demonstrated to the
satisfaction ol nil who have hnd the
privilege ol watching the system in
operation that trains enn lie successfully stopped without the human ag-
.'iit-y entering Into tbe transaction',
nl among those who have been so
convinced, it is snid, are the engineers nf the Board ol Uailway l',,minis
sion, who went over the Installation
unofficially two weeks ago.
Practical experiments are uow be-
Ing made by the C.P.R. between
North Pnrkdale nnd West Toronto.
Locomotive Whims
It is a remarkable truth and might
lie profitable in helping us to make
fair allowance fur the difference between the temperaments of different
men—thgt every locomotive engine
running on a railway has a distinct
ndividuality and character of its
It is perfectly well known to ex-
lerit-nced, practical engineers that if
a dozen different locomotive engines
were mnae at the same time, of the
ame oower, for thc same purpose,of
.ihe materials, in the same factory,
.inch of those locomotive engines
would come out with its own pecul-
ar whims and ways, only ascertain-
.1   by  experience.
One engine will take a great meal
.if conl and water at once; another
will not hear of such a thine, but
fill insist on being coaxed by spade*
uls and bucketfuls. One is disposed to start off, when required, av
lie top of his speed; another must
have a little time to warm to his
work, and  to  get well into it.
These peculiarities are so accurately mastered by skilful drivers that
nly particular men can persuade
particular engines to do their best.
It would seem as if some of these
'excellent monsters" declared, on
,ieing brought out of the shed, "If
.t's Smith who is to drive me, I
won't go. If it's my friend Stokee,
I     am     agreeable to     anything  ! "
All locomotive engines are low-
ipirited in damp and foggy weather.
They have a great satisfaction ia
.heir work when the air is crisp and
rosty. At such a time they are
.ery cheerful and hrisk; but they
itrongly object to haze and Scotch
nil ts. These are points of charact-
r on which they are all united. It
s in their peculiarities and varietiee
if character that they are most remarkable.
-.1-   vl.*Ull|Lr..'M : Mtil..-.
Under New Management.
Win. Boyd, Proprietor
Tin* i'.i-,* itest Mi
Natural Hot \\
Natural Hot W.ii
■::!: R
11 lilt*
g re'
ii* in
1 V
Rabs from  $ I 2 to *j I 5
VV eek
1 lum*  ,i   nice   line nf   Pnno Silk  Handkerchiefs and Table
Covers, suitable i,,i Ninas  Presents nt   verj   reasonable pi
A. 11. SIN'i',.   l'Kiii'ku.Ti.K
M   I
local Option Defeated
Chilliwack nn.l Prince  Rupert     on
Wednesday voted down tbe local optica bylaw, which was under the Dominion government act submitted to
the electorate in Uritish Columbia
for the tirst time.
At Prince Rupert local option was
defeated by 272* to 1-89.
At Chilliwack local option w, nt
.l*,wn before a vote ol 13'2 to 107.
The total vote wns 246,seven ballots
being spoilt.
The Canada Temperance Act is distinct from the Scott Act, with which
it is often confused. The Canada Tern
perance Act merely regulates the retail sale of liquor in licensed saloons
and hotels and do.'s not control the
sale of intoxicants by wholesale deal
rs  or in  licensed clubs.
To secure a poll under this measure it is necessary that a petition,
signed by at least twenty-five per
cent, of tbe voters upi n the lists
ai the city or district Interested be
forwarded to the Dominion' government, which then issues orders that
the poll be taken. A straight ma
iority is all that Is required for the
ilnidii'ii or rejection ol tho megsure
If the poll is favorable tn the act
n'n^ty days are given to tho liquor
interests affected in which to dispose
if their wares and close up shop
Should the result of the poll be un
favorable a poll cannot be taken for
hree years.
The success of the vote wns regard-
id as deciding the question whether
a poll on the subject shall he taken
n   Vancouver  in  th1  near  future.
No Export ot Eggs
Montreal, Dec. 20.—The hen is ad-
nittetl to be one of the greatest financial factors In the country today,
and she is also one of the most over
worked. Notwithstanding the fact
that the whole of the breed are work
ing overtime, as it were, they are
unable to meet more than the de-
-nntids of the Dominion, whose consumption is calculated at thirty doz-
n eggs per head per annum.
With the lmme demand thus developed to the extent of the supply egg
exports this year have fallen to zero.
The shipping company which carried
practically the whole of the export
egg trade in their ship's holds has
not conveyed a single case thisyear
from Montreal. Bight years ago
Canada exported twelve million dozens of egu-s during the tiscul year,
representing a value of $1,733,242. In
I90U the egg exports had fallen to
3-62,850 down, worth $124,816. This
year the exports amount to practically nothing in eggs good, bad, or
May Postpone Coronation
London. Dec. '20.*—A rumor, winch,
though officially unconfirmed, is current in circles often well informed on
court matters that the coronation
may be postponed. The reason assigned is the prosvect that thc queen
may be In an interesting     condition
xt May.
Snnii Bhot Cameras, films and all
-applies for Xmas trade at Tucker's
Studio. t.C.
Ctianfieur Admits Killing
Vancouver,  Dec.  16.—His  lips  froz-
n    into     silence     at    the     terrible
bought that he hnd run over     nn.l
killed  a  men,  Allen  Ruflcll, a  youth
of nineteen, was arrested at 4 o'clock
yesterday  morning by  Detective Dan
McLeod and chained with  mnnslniigh
ter  in  connection  with the death    of
the Chinaman Chew  Jim  Wing under
he wheels of an auto at the comer
>.' Ha'ris and Main  stteets n couple
of  weeks  ago.  The  arrest  was  made
at RufTell's home
Ruffell admitted knocking the Ch na
man down, but as the day was sn
[oggy, be did not see him in time
to prevent an accident. Ruffell snid
that he only knew that be had caused a fatal accident by thenewspapera
fire liiiii'iii Coxes
Box No. 14—-Corner First Btreet
aud McKenzie avenue, O. li. Hume
A Co.
Box Xo. 15—Corner First street
ud Rukcby  avenue,  post ollice.
Uox   No.   ili—Corner   Second   street
and Government Road and      Opera
Dox No. 17—Corner Third uti'wi
ni Campbell uvenue, Ulobe hum
cr company.
liox No.  18—O.P.R. station.
Box No. 24—Corner Fifth strce!
nd McKenzie avenue, CaUiotu
Box No. 25—Corner Sixth s'.ieot
nd Orton avenue,   W.  A.  Foote.
Box No. 26—Corner Fourth street
nd Townley street, corner i-juUi
Box No. 2S—Corner Second sttu.it
ud Robson uvenue,  Mrs. Daket.
Box No. 34—Fire Hall No. 2.
H"-\   No.   35 —Hospital.
Box No.   30—School.
Box  No.   11—Fire  Hull  No.   I.
Box No. 46—Front street wet.
ear c. P. It. bridge.
Box No. 46—Corner King uud
toiiglus streets,  Palace .Meat Market
Box No. 47—Corner Second and
Vales streets,  back  of court  house.
Box No. -IS—Corner Third ui.il
Jhas. streets, Cowan hlock.
Signal for practice—not less than
lx  i.6) slow strokes.
Cnc (1) indicates line brokn oi
re out.
Beaver Cigar Factory
Revelstoke,   B.C.,   Dec.   14,   1910.
To the public:
Our attention  has  been   called       I.i
the fact ihnt sonic person  or  ; ei
have set afloat rumors  to tin* effect
that  the  Beaver  Cigar  Co.    are    to
remove their factory from   Revelstoke
We take ibis means ",' Informing
our customers ami the smokers ol
"Beaver" and "Frits" cigars, thai
this report is utterly false and
Tin Beaver Cigar Co. Is hers to
stay, business was novel better with
us, nor future prospects so bright.
We assure tbe people ,,f RevelBtoke
a better than ever "Beaver" cigar,
,n  the city  of Revelstoke.
Wishing our customers and patron
a Merry Ohrlstmas and a Happy New
Vear, we arc,
S. Shellenbergor, Mgi
Coming [vents
Moving  pictures  Fridny  nml    Saturday at the  Edison  Theatre.
January    2.—Rjiind   (he  World  Trip,
by     Ladies   of     the   Methodist
Jan. 13—"Lyceum Players" under
management 0. p. Walker, iOdii
son Theatre.
Feb. 9—"Managing Mildred" under
management 0. P. Walker, Edi-
boii Theatre.
an. 21—"Stubborn    Cenderella." In
the Opera House.
C.P/. Timetable
fro. l, arrives     6:46 a.m.,  departs
.7:05 a.m.
No. ii7, arrives 6 61   p.m., *
7:16 p.m.
No. 2. arrive   12      midnight     deans 12:46 midnight.
No.  96, arrives 8 16 a.m., departs,
9 Di n. m.
South train leavi    Ri      toke at 9
a. in.,  arrives Iti*-,, i       -.,  p.m.
Sanford Evans hns been   ro-olcctcil
mayor of     Winnipeg with over
majority,   mnn ng    against   EI,   D,
Martin,   who,  backed  by  tho    moral
reform element, favored clearing   up ,
thc segregated district,
Teacher ol Voice, i'lano and Oi
Pupils propared  for Toronto Co
vaiory ol   Music.      Local examination i.
W.    II,    W A I, L A I'M,
Box 282, Revel toke.B.C.
Plans nml Specifications propar
ed for all classes ol bull lings,
i'lie    Draughting and nine Print
§Moh'§ Gure
if  '•■ M>    riftipv COSihti    ( lires   liiIiU,   hi   llll
liM-   ll  Mini    (i.iii  h.r.ii*. ... .;..   ( , Md,
w.' ■ ■   '.*
c     * ■«!*.
NOTICK Is horeby given    that   tin*
i- icr\ b exist in.:  upon  thc  Inn      i m
braced in Special Timber Lii oi
5848, Bttuate in    Kootenay  D
caucclled, and that the said lands
will be open for li cal on uudi r     tli
1 i*.-vi dons of Hie "Land     Act"     at
nidnlght   "ii  Di' ember 22nd,  1910.
ROBERT   \    RENtt [CK,
Deputy  Commissioner "I  Lan '■
i.*ii: i    Department,   victoria,  B.C.,
J .ih September, li 10 td
'■ ettcld, Hoi a. Colorado, Del
..... in .1 nun, Dolt , and di
iti i. Inoi .ii claims, .-ii uate In tbe
La,,1.au Mm.a , lu.i *."ii ". West
li, oti -in v u hn * ;,', ited i ni Mohawk Creek.
.*'..' notice thai 1, A, II. Green,
."■i a * as agent for John 11. I li my,
S] cial i' roe M im i • Cert idea *
3810, inten.I, sixty daj s from d ite
iioieof, I** applj i" ihe Min ng Recorder tor a Certificate ol Improve
,n in.;, for the pui pose ol obta.ning
ii Grant ol the above cli ms.
And further tako n, I Ic    I ial  *■*> I    o
n ler   tact ii i  mm i  be commenced
lel'ore the Issuance ol such Certtl
.   Improvements.
Dated this 21 th day of Octol   : ,  A.
I.,  1910.
A. 11. Green,
m v. 30th -     * ti. B.C.
(or M
].   Is nol   too    late  to order    yo::r
ii ms and Carnations lor Ch
'■     .. **.      Mums,  *l I, tS Oi
'  tra  Fi m .*,  .,* l.oo per dozen.
i -arnat Ion , ex ra  choice,
i   *.n.
*    ERS  write us about lettuci
■.' slj. i'.i.I   ii s,  etc., your cu
i 1  reqi i sh, cris]
in a for -ai ii ihlng, etc.
&~rache Bros.
Wii rli s, le an I ii itall Floi
'i LUMBIA, B. C.
All telegraph orders will  :
prompt   attention,
a'.' NTED   i bambermaid     tor
\ u •    ■•■'    0  per month.       A] | ly
at   .Mail llii ai I  i
MAGIC     I.ANTKRN and Slides
* -I  outfit, cli. ap.       Tin,mus
1 l.lllley.   \ ii toi ill,   11*   I
I er,     for   sale,      cheap.     Th
Plimley, Victoria, i). C.
TO  LET   i*
i n  Fifth    i *     i.     Applj
: Herald Office.
I'n    LET   Furnished    li *   .
■  a;  and  lain.     Mrs. Sadlelr,
["ED—Cook,  in. ii  an I    \*  lo    de
*' ii c ni  hotel  and camp    work.
< roni ■'  ;ii:i.i bed.   tddre a  s.   M.
. hi i aie im..  Ri staurant.
WANTED    A   l;
full      pai
id   co mn
to be forwarded to     \.. L. Cal din,
.', 15,       Dominion    Ti    I    i
;    r.. r
Flilt    . \LE   Plan i  n**     al   iailway
on  ii-ii   i.'i.   ■
Lady   unable to I t.      Apply
in   I
i  Columbia    treel
B, 0,
FLOWER     Fi i   choice  C I    l  *
and hou ,■ poi  i lant tt.
ll. Pottrufl, 'pi. n* 66
i'i ilt    sai.i-;   A I
in-.     Prii
i.i ii ITENAV     Ll IDGE,  No.  15 A.  F.
\.  M.
*   ll    MA
.    ii each ii*
at  S  p. in.     Visiting brethn n     are
J. T.  POLLOCK    '      ter,
CHAS   J. AMAN, Secretary.
L2,   I.  0.  0.  F.
'i . ng    in
Selkli     !'.       :   ■ Visiting
!:.   •'    .   ;i  iRI '*.. G.
JAS.   MATHIE,   :-'■•:   tary.
GOLD :: '■ IGE Li IDGE,      K, of   P.,
NO,   2i .   RE\ ELSTl iKE,   B.   I .
j except    tho
■ ich  month      in
■ ' ick.  Visit
ing Knights are cordially   invll   :.
Ii.  A.  McDl IN M.i'.  ''   C.
G,  li.  hi;,,i i  .  K.  ol R. & S.
M, oi F.
I 0 K,i
RT     MT.      BEGBIE.    No. S461.
M 0   O. F. Hall next   to
:, every    ac     I
and ;' * lay in  mi mth.  \
*     ,   rilio   .   .*.  I
C.  li..  ('. HARTE.
H,  tt.  EDWARDS.
c, v.. 0. w.
So.  2^3
* -
days    In each  mi nth  In    £
Hall.     Vis ■   .'■   "iiiiiii are
*  to at'.cu.l
W. E. OSBOR.N Com.
JAS. .Mtl.Vl"*, ,.
fellows'  lii. i£ -:.    AU
visiting  neigl  ted t .* at
A. T.  ANTHONY,  *   *:    ll.
Wm.  S.  SLuan.  Clerk.
Repairs  ul  un  i.;ih!-   ntaliy d nu
ilu v   •• and liun Work sspouialt)
h.-lr*... OS nill claob
ot wurk
Front       Street.
LAND    Al T    Ni TIl i-i.
Revelstoke Land
Bi  '   ,   oci ipation     en-
,    *
Comi ilanted t. u
Pre-empl , 71.'l,
all       '.:.. nee
poinl     • ;
HEi i    rd,
Liqi     .   .
a tbe
, np-
I   i.i ,
of   Deci mber,
FRANK T,   \h
Applicant [oi Transfer, WKDNE: DAY,  DE
r»Ko a
loom:      look      and      u e a j )
Actual comparison of li -itern < atalogue prices, freight added, with
1   «... 5 ~H" "*   1   »    IT   #r~^1   Tl ^   £Tj<
Kitchen Chairs
Kitchen Cabinet
Dining Table
Dining Chairs
Dresser and btand
Dominion Spring
Child's Cot
Ostermore iWattrecs
Winnipeg price   Weight Freight Total Howson's Price delivered
bUc.             10ii).       2oc. 73c. " "       70c.
$6.75 1501b. $3.53 $10.72 " " $9.60
10.55 1651b, 3.87 14.42 " " 14.40
88c.             121b. 28c. 1.16 " "        1.20
8.05 IbOlb. 3.52 12.47 " " 13.00
1.25 1601b. 3.76 15.01 " " 14.00
3.55 lulb. 1.41 4.96 " "      5.20
5.35 681b. 1.59 6 94 " "      7.20
2 40 60ib. 1.41 3.81 " " 4.00 i]
b.10 751b. 1.76 6.86 " "      7.20
15.00 " " I6.tiO
We mnke mn- profit Iiy ship 'ing in oi r load Un-. thei Iiy Baying freight rates.    Bring
,*;,• ,|  n.p*   Ii cription nf otlii'i I   i'i   specified in this lii-l lo our store and we
our statements,    Uememher w<  deliver goods and
will prove mir i-t 'ti mi nts,
ivcr gooas ana .-el up free from luonkage.
-     REVKLSTOKE, li. C.
LONDON. ENG.: 2 Lombard Street, E.C.       NE',   *        IG Exchange Place
MEXICO CITV: AvenldaSanFrc .    i, 1  .50
In addition to the offices nam   :   '       !' ie 1        '    : branches
in every i 'rovinceol'. includ ' ■ I    I cities)
and in the principal Pacific Coast seaports of tht  Unil   151 iles.
anltis thoroughly »■•   *;      I for the handli   : ol *  *     ti ns and
other banking business i.i the • - rritory coven d by these brani h< s.
REVELS I'OHE    BRANCH-   t.    H.     ALLEN.   'MO'l
Rovolstoke  Land  District,
District ul West Kootenay.
Take notico that I, Hazel    foyo of
Nei "ii. B. c, occupation    Bprtutor,
intend to apply for permission      to
purchase     the     following   iiesi-ribod
Commencing at n post nlaiVM at
the 8. W. corner ,,." Lot 113'J, llmnce
'east 2J chains, thenco bomb ID
■ hains, lln'iii',' v.i st ill ,:, i. ,.;, ino! e
or leass to lako i bora, thenco fnl.'ow-
ing the lako shore in a northerly direction to point uf cumin '.it*i-ir.i ul.
containing ki acres more ir lean..
hazel Tin k
A.   V.   1.11" is,   Ai,, i.i
Dated Nov.  l,.  18-10. ;-'.:i.
e    bu   v     tlii                            i   *
1   *
Xin is Da>. ii'i'I lcl   us
■  mi  v   i   :* ■        ni   Harvey s Finest
OUI 300tCh \\                                  mn as         j
'      '
ll.ir\ c\ 'h  Spl      il
We call p<                                  ■   i   i'
'. --■'■ "S,
'    ' 1            g&
Btrke.                                                        t
HAIi'EYS                                  ■
Tha Kevelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
■J.    _A ..PIT      S' JPROIF.
Central Hot
Abrahamson Bros,, I
In the matter of an application for
th*,' Issue of n duplicate Certificate ol
Title  to  nn  undivided   J  ut lot -IJI'J,
Group l, except 19 4-10 acres,
Notice Is hereby given   that it   Is
>  *   " ition  to    buo at the expiration of one mi nth a ter the first pub
ii n ' ,  a duplicate     of    the
ate oi T    *   to the nhove men
i in'..-   in the name of Thomas
.licit,' is dated
26th  Pel i in,iy,  1907, and numbei
Samuel It. Hoe,
rict Registrar.
Land  Ri -   try Office, Nelson, B.O.,
mber 3rd, 1910.
IN     THE MATTER OF AN       VI1-
• ie uf a dup-
cate  of    Title    '.o    Lot
11      Bloi:. •',    rown of   Revelstoke,
Map i
*   nt     ih
ii aftir     the
:: lical . *  i
■ .tie    : i      the
'■   in  the  nam**   ■■:
n Certifi.
ol   Jao'iaty.
', K.
. ■  I.:
. ison,    u   i .,
rter  St t'o.,
i *   •
Rat       ; 2.00 p
■M MMHHi I   •    ' - ■■ ■
Good Coal and Wood for Sale
nr..r.c m    .
A Merry Christmas
We an' approach ng the festive sea-
son whon tho whole of the Christian
world gives Itself up to unalloyed
pleasure and all ill will, hard
thoughts an*] despondent care are
put aside and tho spirit of "poaco on
earth and run.! will towards men,"
i- upon evoryone. Vci amidst all
ili s there are somo pooplo who look
on Christmas In a cynical light, l-id-
ui in ill. im 1 as If grudtflng , Ll.rra
tho pleasures which thoy thiniselvos
cannol or will not allow thorn mvi s
to enjoy, it is uur intontton to
give a cynic's view of rin-i-iM mi.
Wo deeply regret to sny that there
are sunn' of tbe would lit cynical
class In Revelstoke, who are out ol
sympathy willi everv'joly as well is
themselves. Prom tho'.r point ol
view, how i'liu they enjoy th,,mselv'os
Tho Cynic says:—"It is riutrmisiy
at this season to wish our friends
'i.'iil and apparent) and even very
slight acquaintances 'a merry Obrlst
na,,' but we are of the opinion that
merry ChrlsttnascB belong tn tbe
past. That past—familiar to must
of us by booklore -when Christmas
,vas Christmas; when the festivities
,vere kept up for a whole weok, with
ill Its etceteras and thc old tinui
honored customs were enjoyed by all
master and maid, squire and groom,
mi a common footing. That wns
Christmas! We knew it. not ns our
fatliTS knew It. This festive season has n .t the power to expand
inn's hearts as qf yore. The struggle
ir existence which is becoming more
terrible every year has blunted the
liner s nihilities of tho working
ilasses, while in the eager chase after thc almighty dollar the broador
i ntlmonts     of a  common  humanity
Kew Palace Livery
Ono of the newest and what Ik in
.li'i'.l a very necessary onterpriae has
just opened up In the oity In the
I alace Livery, Sale anil Feed Stable
which, under the proprietorship ol
Alderman F. MeOarty, has made a
bid tor the livery business oi Revelstoke The new stable and barn Is
iiitnati-,1 very oontrally, near the
business section of the city, hut a
little dlstanee to the north of First
Btreet at the foot of Orton avenue
and oonalstB nf a large substantial
building, with drive way offices,
Btable, feed room, etc. The en-
iraniT drive and rig bam is a roomy
si nnl ure t'lixiii, and adjoining ts a
comfortable office l"xlii ami a harness nn.l saddle room iitixio, both
well fitted, A telephone , extension
from ihe office is carriud to the
stable where tho man in charge day
and night can attend to all orders
In the second storey is a large hay
loft Mx60, titted with feed Bhoots to
the horse stalls below. On the roof
Is fitted a travelling hay fnrk tu
facilitate the handling of hay from
the outside to tiro bins. Adjoining
the loft is another spacious feed slore
fitted wiih oat bins, etc.
Arrangements will he made to fit
up a portion of this building as a
Bleeping accommodation for the help
it is alsn tho intention of the proprietor to install nn electric chaff
cutter and oilier machinery.
The stable itself is a large, well
arranged bull-ding 60x30, containing
eight Blngle, eight double nml two
Imx -talis, each fitted with thc latest conveniences. At present the
livery owns eighteen horses for nil
purposes, while in the nenr future
sum,, horses specially suitable for
ladles i-i.lin-,' and driving     will     be
Y.M.C.A. Notes
whil: formerly prevailed at     Christ*
nastlde seems to bo entirely wanting [secured.     There are a     numlier    of
n those whn "finance" and "mahlp- good Bln-gle nml double sleighs   and
late" but do no manual work. The rigs as well as several big     sleighs
ract so often commented  upon    that suitable for parties nnil picnics.  The
he "poor are growing poorer     and proprietor,  Mr.   McCarty,  is a    well
he r'rli are getting richer" may not known horseman  in Itevelstoke,    and
■e so n servable in this country    as in catering to  the  public guaraotces
n the o ler Bettled countries of civil every     satisfaction.      Arrangements
ni on,  .ml  even here the rule holds will soon be made to     accommodate
uu.i  ia  ils small  way anil men who private horses anil  rigs, where      the
have but  recently left the ranks     of same will he well looked after.
lie worl ers to take up a line whieh A   first-class   livery,  sale  and    feed
nys  better,  do  not  hestitate to use stable has  been  long needed in    this
•heir petty  power for their own    ag- city and the I'nlace should fill along
^randisement, heedless nf the wounds felt want.     The  barn     will lie open
ihey cause by trampling     nn      liner ,lny and  night,  and  nil  orders    will
sensibilities  than ihey  ever  possessed lie    promptly attended,     and      only
Successful selfishness is  now so puff- the best horses ami rigs supplied.
,1  up  that  not even    tho memories
which  i ii-i.stmns  brings  can     pierce
Its hide-bound nrmor of self esteem,
,r in w stern phraseology     ".swelled Ml.   ganford   Dodge and  his clever
heal."     Tho winds   written     yenrs company     achieved    a great success
im are still  uiu' today:         "Man's i,,,Kt  nit,ilt  in ,[lejr presentation      of
Alexander Dumas'   world-famous play
The li.ree Musketeers
Gummings Transfer Co. Ltd.
Freight and Parcels Promptly Collected anil Delivered
Bi ;gage Transferred icral Draying
Kurnilure and Piano  Moving a Specialty
Office   Corner Connaught Avenue and Second Street
Phone 27t REVELSTOKE, B.C.       N.^ht Can 7i
inhuman ty  to  mnn  ninkes  countless
thousands mourn"    But to.lny      the
iilmirnr, ty  is  hidden     behind      the
- mil i ii tr mask  and the     outstretched
band,     Not the inhumanity of     the
ash,  or :he  prison,  or  the  torture,
ut   of  .1   *e;t,      back-bitting,       two-
.11'.iin-   and other iin ilu siccle ac-
• iniplis!.: i'iiis.     'Do untn nil men ns
you  wm:', >   thoy Bhould   do  untn ynll'
wns flic command of Ilim whose nativity we celebrate.     Hut this   cora-
nan.l Ins, been  twisted intn     something m.i:! suitable  to  the age      of
.  which we live in.'Ho   thy
st  be ,lo thee first,'     nnl
■ "hiiur   tn  his  face.      but
.1 cule lum behind his back
h ii,i*:i all  men nre      not
liars, ne    ler are they all hypocrites,
mil    th'     genuineness and sincerity
■     ii'...       with  BOW  anil  then    poe-'
>i *:ile one to living ont Ins
, *:,* below, And what will
In   i few years time? When
■   Is  laid  away  in      the
!   the Miiiii'nt  being steps
.     i f  lis milker  where
II  men    -,' equal;   what  will  it   mat-
■     ui  Ibis plan
and duplic
!  i.      and failure
tence   will
!: Hi ance, Chi 1st
livltj may be u
iBt I great majoi
ty of losing 1 lie  < Ihrisi
*   Chrl imn       uh
tl    iy ol  iln' Guild's
hi   ,i  iim,      (,,i
en  foi    n  ii'iiti      whn
iloni   .n   Ihi
,, llll, "II
'.iii. we
* hat   . in" little ray
Illumine tho   day,
il ,*, n misnomer to
ill it * mn I."
"The Three Musketers."
Mr. Dodge has pot together a com
pnny eminently adapted to ihe portrayal of characters in which great
histrionic ability is required, and in
their performance la3t night the
whole of tlie enst upheld lhe r'.'puta-
tinn that  hnd  preceded it.
Mr. Dodge as B'Artagnan, the ad
venturer, interpreted the part to per
fection, un.l was equally successful In
humor nnd in pathos. Tbe whole
company is strong and capable, and
gave a capital display of their respective  parts.—Omaha  World-Herald
At the Opera House on Monday,
Deremher 20th.
I   M
*•    14,  1
\ *
Movll   '    :
ISdisou Theatre.
Ill     at     llie
Revplrtoke Poultry Show
That the coming Itevelstoke Poultry Show to he held Jan. 12 nnd i'.i,
iflll ho bigger and better ihnn ever,
is the assurance given by the officials
of the poultry association. Bince
liiHt year many new loenl poultry
nssociatii ns have been -""lized and
the provincial government , ■'s in
tiieste.l itself to the extent of n.ik-
Ing n very liberal appropriation in
uiil of tha poultry industry in the
The Revelstoke association itself is
offering for competition a number of
silver i- ipH and other handsome
prises, medals, etc, in addition to
those lonated by outside parties,
among which mny be mentioned a
inn:-inhri'i t silver cup donated by
the r,iln,iy Brewing fn., fur tho
lai ' ' and besl Individual display
of poultry at Revelstoke. The secrc
lary hns recoivod many letters from
intending     exhibitors      unking       fur
• s and ui her Information
and a lai ■" number of new coops arc
being built to accommodate the birds
i ..|", i, ,|
The    premium   list is now in the
crying down   l>rinten      IiuiiiIh     ami will be issued
i habit ..I undrei a     hortly
i,'   i" f* iing  to bed, i laimlng
;. ,i   i      '..,'  hi ','n. ■ i  '"  ■*. i" bed
nil .nm ling."     lie also denounces
:■        '       the
■ ii   ■ ■., i len , imn [i
. n'jT, ituro
The gymnasium class attendance is
steadily increasing, in October there
were 4111 -or the month, November
attendance was B63. To date there
has been 4117 for December. Tho mem
hers ahould try to make each month
hotter than the last. Tho morning
liiiHlness men's class is steadily increasing and the men wo attend are
receiving much benefit from the ex-
erciso, nil men who can como to the
gymnasium Monday and Thursday
mornings from 10 to 11:30 will bo
cordially welcomed. Do not be
afraid thut you will bo conspicuous
berause yuii cannot do a lot of
gymnastic stunts, the class iB not
to make gymnasts or athletes, it iB
to help you keep your blood in good
circulation and your miiBcles from
getting liabby. Man should excr-
cIbo as long as he lives, if the
muscles of his bodyare to be strong
and Vigorous. The stronger tho
body, the more it ohoyB. The weak
er the  body,  the moro It commands.
This applies also to glrlB and
young women, do not forget that we
have classes also for girls and young
vomeii, there seems to be much in-
,1'rcst taken in the work. It is nev
sr too late to start, como into one
jf the clnsses and enjoy yourself for
an hour and a half each week. Be
,i booster nml help the guod work
Hoost nnd  the world boosts      with
Knock uud you knock alone, but the
cheerful grin will let you   iu where
the knocker is never known.
Tlie world lias a certain admiration
for the "booster," oven if his enthusiasm carries him beyond the lines
of exact veracity. Thc "knocker"
has been defined as "a thing which
hangs on the outside at a door,"
and when it comes to bis obsequies
lew are to be found to do him reverence.
Frenzied finance, BttyB the rroviuc
a mild term for the head    of    th|
household  who is  now  spending sleiq
less nights  preparing  the      estimates
.or thc annual holiday  budget.    Thol
demands are so numerous   and   thol
revenue  limited,   that it taxes      th«|
resourcefulness  of     an expert in domestic  economy to devise    a    satii
factory equation.
Mr. R. T. Wilson (recently of the
principal orchestras of South York-
ihire, England) is in the city and is
prepared to receivo pupils for violin
;eleiiieutary or advanced). For particulars and terms, apply in care of
Mr.  T.  Pagdin, Fourth street.  17 4t.
We have a phonograph. Now is
your lime to think of getting one,
as the Revelstoke Music Store has
a big stock of them in; also a big
itock of tbc four minute records.
One car of stove coal and two cars
uf dry wood just in. Get your
orders in early before the cold weath
er begins.—Revelstoke General Agencies,  Ltd.
All Scandinavians are cordially invited to a dance and social to be
held in the I.O.O.F. Hall on Monday
evening, December 26th, under the
auspices of tho S.H. and E.F. of A.
Tickets Jl.CO, ladies free.
J. A. STONK, Secy.
Xmas Matinee and Night
Supported by
and excellent company presenting the
wm id's greatest plays
Trained Nurse with iirst cinss test-
Imonlals, tree to take cases. Apply,
" Iddress"  Mrs.   J,   II.  White,  Third
troet, eity.
*i  . :i,    pictures
EdllOD Theatre.
tonight    at    the
Shibhs Gure
anlekly -nop* conglm,
io  throat nod   '
cure* ciiIiIh,  beats
lunca. •   ■   ■ U ont*.
Monday, Dec. 26, 1910
Matinee at 2:30
"The Merchant of Venice"
" The Tiro Musketeers"
A guaranteed attraction. All Bpecinl
Hii'iieiy. ElegantOostutnee. Wonderful Blectrlo Effects. Crowded Houses
Every where.
Secure your 8eats Early.
Now nn Sale nt
Macdonald's Drug Store
Matinee, ZSc, SOc. Night, SI, 75c, SOc, 2$( WEDNESDAY, DEC. 21ST, 1910',
• •<« j
The puzzled purchaser of (lifts
will liml hern many Hiigges-
tions that will relieve them
from worry over the most
suitable or appropriate gift for
relatives and friends.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. 2- ftum* & Co.. limited
Mail or Telephone your
orders. Have our Traveller
call. Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
Store Open Every Night  till
After Christmas
Remember the Crowd the Last
Day—Shop  Early
Best Time to Shop—Mornings
and Evenings
Still Huge Piles of Desirable
Gifts to Choose from
Dry Goods, Fancy Goods, Toys,
Take the Elevator
Wtm        .r\y
WJii-'Hi' ■"'"■'''  ■" ',:':':'";. ' ~-S I (\   iM11 i
ftoiH/ii'-■■..- 'Wym%''      t   '■ ■ ■. f-, a*
IP t*' i  ^s**w^v     ■■••*'■,•        ..|V ■
,-•»*.  ' .■iiiBSliiC'.S'*
!   i'-*J
I:   I   *'
* h
^y-- ^
J2  ii"
Christmas Cheer
Each successive year more and more people who
try to bring all the happiness they can to the
children are providing for them "A Christmas
Tree." A backward glance at almost any of our
lives will reveal some of thc joy and gladness of
thc Xmas celebration. The brilliant glitter of
the "Tree" still twinkles and glistens before
our mind's eye. Why then not try and pass
along to the children some of the joys which we
bave tasted and found so wholesome. Homes
arc made happy by the gladness of children. Let
us do our share in providing joy for the children;
it is their birthright !1
In the Dry Goods department
(Take Elevator) we have collected
a lot of articles on to a table at
25c. Pin Cushions, Card Holders
Hat Pin Holders, Pipe Racks,
Thimble Holders, and a .score of
other 35c. and 50c. articles. Your
choice 25ci
Another table of Dolls, Wooly
Animals, Games, Trinkets. 75c.
to 11 articles, all at 50c.
A table of Dolls, Teddys, Wooly
Animals, Performing Bears, etc.
$1.50 to $2 goods for $1.
Umbrella Special
Three only Ladies' Umbrellas,
splendid gift goods, New Mission
Wood and Sterling Silver Handles
Twill Surah Silk tops, tape edged,
a most useful article, and a thing
of beauty.   $10 goods for
Get It at Hume's
Men'sSmoking Jackets
What more useful gifts or what
more suitable for a man than a
nice lounge or smoking jacket ?
We have them in all the new
patterns and tasty designs. Don't
put off coming into see them as
they are going fast. Either pi iin
or relaid linings with frogs or
buttons. Prices, $5.50,750,8.50
and $H.00.
Nothing will be more appreciated as a gift and give more comfort afterwards than an article of
Jaeger wool. We are sole agents
for the city and can give you anything in this line at Eastern
prices. Take a look at the catalogue; than come to us.
Men's Knitted Vests—Nicely
knitted backs, which make them
fit all over—no bagging. Fancy
fronts in stripes or patterns. All
the new classv designs, from $4
to $6.
Men's Smoking Jackets—
Light and warm—the real thing.
Price- *8.50 to $15.
Men's Knitted Wool Gloves-
The nicest fitting and warmest
glove on the market. Comfortable and dressy. Prices, 50c to sl
Men's Wool Lined and Felt
Slippers—Jaegar Slippers are
recognized as the world's standard, comfortable, warm and flexible. Romeos at $1.75. Pullman's
at $2 00.
Neat, attractive designs, rich,
warm colorings. They can't be
beaten for wear. Ladies' $1.50
per pair- Misses' (1.10 per pair.
The newest novelty for Xmas
Gifts—the handkerchiefs are all
fancy, snappy patterns with a tie
of a generous size to match; well
made of Rajah silk of clean, fast
colorings.    1'rice, $1.50 per set.
Just 3 Days to Xmas
standing on the brink of another Christmas we are planning
for a heavy trade. That the trade
will be heavy is the only natural
condition of affairs to be expected
because of the universal prosperity everywhere. We are prepar-
for the heavy trade with the
fullest and newest lines of groceries ever offered before.   Fruits
of all kinds, the best that money
could buy: Raisins, Currants,
Sultanas, Figs, Dates, Grapes,
Lemon, Orange, and Citron Peel,
Chrystalized Fruits, shelled Almonds, Walnuts, and Pecans,
Shredded Cocoanut. Icings in
different flavors, Evaporated
Fruits of all kinds, and all the
different varieties of Jams and
Mince Meat
Your Christmas dinner is not
complete if you don't have a
Mince Pie. Here is the place to
get the best and only Mince Meat
made. 21b. glass jars at 35c ;
GUb. pails at $1; 12Lib. pails at
$1.90; 281b. pails at 8.25; and lib.
packages at two for 25c.
Get It at Hume's
With the large space allotted to
our new Confectionery Department we were never in a better
position to cater to the Santa
Claus trade, shelves and show
cases are piled full of all the delicacies that the little ones enjoy
on Christmas Day. See that you
visit this department when buying your candy and nuts, and
make the little ones happy.
Christmas Crackers
See our window of Christmas
Crackers- The enjoyment you
get out of a box of these crackers
after your Christmas Dinner is
worth three times the money invested- We have enough for all
in prices from 25c. to 1 50 per box
Xmas Gifts\ in Cut Glass
Lest you forget that a little gift
no matter how small, nor how
cheap, makes someboby glad and
happy at this the season of Xmas
Let us suggest a few things for
your benefit:
Cut Glass Bowls, 4 50, 10,12,14.00
" Nappies 2.0o, 2.50, 8.00,12.50
" Bon Pons, 2.o0, and 2.50
Celery Trays at 8.00
Water Bottles, 8-o0,10 00
" Sugars and Creams, 6, 7,10 00
Oil Bottles, 4.50, 5.00, 6 00
Vases, 1.25, 4oO, 5 00
Butter Plates400, 5o0
Flower Pots, 6.00, 10 00
Japanese Tea Sets, Vases, Creams
and   Sugars,   Royal Doulton, Old
Greek, Royal Crown Derby. Austrian   and   Bavarian   China,   in
Vases, Hon  Bons. Cups, Saucers,
Bread and   Butter Plates, Cocoa
and  Chocolate  Sets,  Fruit Sets,
Cake Plates and Teapots.
Bargains in Dainty Curtains for Christmas
We are making a special display of Irish Point, Battenburg
and Novelty Curtains, for this week, at special cut prices for the
Christmas trade. Those curtains are the very newest shades and
designs, and make in excellent present.
TAPESTRY PORTIERES-A choice range jast
arrived direct from the factory, at prices never before shown in
Revelstoke.   Colors—Green, red, green and red, green and brown
Hearts com<s out of hiding at
Christmas. This year, with
plenty of money and good
times insight, most people can
and are proving to be more
generous than ever. Remember the crowds the last few
days before Christmas. Shop
Early I
C. B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
Revelstoke ««<* Arrowhead
SPECIAL! Five only fe»J
oil paintings, 20 % 30, mamlre
oval gilt fromes. We do not
handle the line regularly, bat
got a bargain, and pan them
on to you at a big saving—tbey
are $10 Pictures for $2.75.
/ Pl|4  >
WPIDNRRDAY, DEfl. 21ST,  1510.
Choose Xmas Gifts from Our List
K   :   M itf-
Litled Kid   CllOVM
Hand Bags   ,
1' - lias    '
.  ( "il.il s
i .-iuu, re Hosiery
S  *. M  a er}
II  ndkerchiefs
l \V list Length
Silk and Net Waists
- Ik hiiinlni-
[ iressina Gown"
I'.ni.n Cushion Tl I-
La Ut-  slipper-. Sidel
Ladies'  bone Coats
' ,.*, nlown Comfort
 $4 to $ltlt)
.. ,.$4.60 to $75
 $1.S26 to $2.26
 $1 to $UI
  $1 lo $7.5il
60o, to $2
'J.V. to $1,26
.  $1 to $2
llle. to 50c,
$2..Ml to $12
$11 IHI
$1 to $12
Wlti, lii $211(1
aid Scarfs and Centre Pieces
$7 lo $18
Coming [vents
ThoHO    lioine.  made   plum    puddings
are now ready nml are really     Une,
order at  once if you wish   ono     at 'January    2.   Round thc World Trip,
llolisnn's. by     Ladles    ol     the    Methodist
and Baxony Wool lllank'-ts
$|II.IHI eaell
in,If Coats and Sweaters.      (nils' Coats and Reefers
Infants'Wool Jackets. Infants'Silk Dresses
i     *      ll *.,ti-,iiiii Bonnets   Infants'Bibs in silk.
■.ilk Bootees Infants' Wool Mitts
Meu's Fanoy Unices 75c. to $2.60
Men's Fancy Ties 2.1c. to 76o
Men's Lined ft'oves $1 (HI to $2.50
Men s silk and Linen Handkerchiefs fill Cents
Men's Neck Snarl's fill cents
Mens Ouff Buttons ami Stick Pins $1.00
Men's Xnuis Umbrellas $6.00
Mull's Kaney Knit Coats $2lo $tl
Men's Fancy Sweaters $2 lo $4
Men's House Coals, each $(100
Men's Suits and Overcoats.
Fanoy Suit Onsen $8 to $20
Men's Hand Hags $2.50 to $10
'l'i links nnil (iiips All Prices
Hoy's Kaney Tie*, Sweaters, Coals,   Knits,   Oveirouls
Ladies' Pattern Hats  at   Reduced   Prices
Kor fancy hoses of choCOlataB or
sweet meats of any kin,I you cannot
dc liettcr than choose one trom the
large assortment to bo had lit lloh-
our inst warning to you tor your
mince ments, in jars, packages,palls
or hy tho pound, quality guaranteed
at Hobson's.
One car of bIov* coal nnil two cars
of dry wood just in. (let your
orders in early hefore the cold wrath
er begins.—Revelstoke Uenoral Agencies, Ltd.
Wo hnve n phonograph, Now is
your lime to think of getting one,
ns the Revelstoko Music Store lias
a big stock of them in; also a big
stock uf the four minute records
Kor fresh fruits an.l vegetahlee Iry
Hobson's for any of the follow ing ;
Jap Oranges, Navel oranges, grapes
bananas, grape fruit, radishes tomatoes, parsley, Spanish onions
sweet potatoes or Oranborrios.
Jan. 18—"Lyceum Plnycid" under
management 0, P. Walker, l'Mil
son Theatre.
Feb. 9—"Managing Mildred" under
management 0, P, Walker, Kill-
son Theatre.
an. 21—"Stubborn    Cenilerclla." Id
tho Opera Houso.
All Scandinavians aro cordially Invited to n dance and social to bo
held in the l.o.O.K. liiiii iiii Monday
ovenlng, Deoember 2Hth, under the
auspices of the S.H. and 10.K. ol A.
Tickets $1.00,  ladies free.
.1. A. STON12, Booy,
Return Engagement
Xmas Matinee and Night
-'-'■ '-■ i ?S
i.   X   a
i - 35 'j. >
k 3 o
/    ■£•
Your Xmas Groceries
Arc imw in stock nnd are strictly fresh and good -not only
Koud, iiui the beat that money can buy, including New Raisins,
New Currants, New Peels, New Dates, New Nuts, New l-'i^s, iu
fact we have everything required for your Xmas Cake and Pudding at prices within reach of all.
Try uur Fresh Apple Cider for your mince meat..
All Fresh Fruim in season always in Block,
Grocer and Baker
" <-5 -
1 = r-
Is one of the  most import,
ant items in your business
will look after this branch
the business for you.
WANTED—A   Girl for general house
work. Apply Mrs. K. A Haggen,
Third street,  went.
LOST—(inlil Bracelet, sot with pearls
nnil one amethyst. Finder returning to oity Restaurant will receive suitable reward.
FOR SALK—Rhtiile Island Reds, one
2 year oldiCock, 5 Hens mul 5 Pullets; Including 1st Vock nntl l«t
nail Hnl prize lions nt our Pall
Fair. Snnii' are now laying. A
good chance to start right In Reds
Apply  to  Jno.   J.  Devine.
LOST—A Bimch of Three Keys,       on
McKenzie Avenue, between Fifth
an.l Sixth streets. Finder will receive reward on bringing sume to
Mall-Herald iniico.
FOUND—Gold Filled Watch, with
letters on back. Owner can hnve
same hy proving property an.l
paying for this advertisement. Apply  Mail-Herald Otlice.
Supported Iiy
nnd excellent company presenting tin
world's greatest plays
Monday, Dec. 26, 1910
Matinee at 2:110
"The Merchant of Venice"
" The Three Musketeers"
A guaranteed at tract ion. All special
sceiU'ty. Kleuanl CostitnwR, Womlei-
ful Electric Effects. Crowded Uousie
Secure your Scats Early,
Now nn Sale nt
Macdonald's Drug Store
.68,25c, 50c, Night, 51,75c, 5Dc, 2j
Kjootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Successors to Kincaid A Anderson
a I
Easelft'ii  Match  to night
Thf (uneral ol the (ate K. R.     It.
Bayne-f.   ot  Malakwa.  who  died    this
week  Mrs (rom  acute asthma,  took
place  on  Mi n.iay   Irom  the      Baptist
■  *
The police have had    their     hands
toll thin week getting     after the ho-
-    tat  have  drifted  into  the city
ior Christmas, and putting them out
the city i-.tint-.
We >a:n that the matter ot      the
*.-: t  bills     and   bad
-   .-.hii-h     many citizens
have  :■ flsti red  ct n ; la nt    tl   -  win-
at  the  meeting
Fl  lay.
• .i :.       •■   „   ■   ■..-'.: Ity that
ment   have  paid
ce !.*r th-
*   Ml      ■   •  ■   n'   tbe      Ci rner
-■ i •     •     •-ntnent
... ...
Remember the Baseball Match al
lhe Edison Theatre.
The tirst sitting of the Court ol
IRevision of the city voters' list was
held tin.*-  morning.
Aid. Cowan, on behalf of the city,
wishes to thank tire Bupt. of ilie
C.P.R. company, Mr. T. Kilpatrick,
and Mr. limes, for their many favors
during the construction ol the eity'.-
new power plnnt during the last
yeai. If it were not tor the perst C
al efforts and the very many favors
received the city would have on
many  occasions suflered.
The funeral of Mrs. B ng      Chung
who .ho.', lust Sunday took plane
ii. The Kev. C.
A Procunier read the burial -ervice
of the church both at the residence
mid also at the grave. Aftei
rites ot the Christian faith I
carried  out,  the  customary  cerenvn
C.P/. Timetable
No.   1,  arrives     H.4.",  a.m.,   departs
7 06 a.m.
No, 97, arrives 6 tt p.m., departa,
T 15   p.m.
arrives 12 10 midnight.     de-
arts 12 45 midnight.
No.  96,  arrives  M5  a.m.,  departs.
9-35 a. m.
tram leaves -'* ke at 9
a. m., n
Bews' Drug Store
The Big Stock from which to Select
Your Christmas Gifts
Almost every line of our immense stock will still
afford ample selection to satisfy every want.
A very few days left, and we invite you to .shop in
the mornings, when we can give more time to pointing out
lines suiiable for everyone.
A New Stock of New Books
arrived yesterday, including
dian Rockies, by Outram	
Mistress ol Shenstone, Barclay  St.50
S   ije of Seven Suitors, Meredith Nicholson ..    1.25
Sl  •     ' Vuku, Dorothy Dean Tate     1.00
Ring, Kate Douglas Wiggins     1.25
R    :-,. Barclay     1.50
B *       Chums,   Baden  Powell  Seoul  Hook,
\nniial,   Chatterbox, and many others.
Ilent illustrated Children's Books.
carried   out,   rue   custuiuai>   cwier
lal.    • the 1 bi...- were    performed
Including the I'unfucian feast for the
* ■        ■ ...
, .nd Bg  SOI
-   ' .»-T<V "I ' '
-'.HV     llll
-.-.,   iran** ",'   \" ■■
■rfl t m * n tbi •"' ast  r* *    •
pric 1 being - nil the theatres
"Th"  mTOaurmn.-     t has
>"i-<-tl    '■     r,m-h •:      '.lr
Mtl • but relyiag   on
tip::   maty   pal     i     tfcere  will   l»c  no
• -•*••    ' ■  ■        ■  • 1 ...--iits and    it
'hat   thc   pubito -w.il    take
ndvniitat*  of this  ofler,     Other first
rli,-*. fllmi »i II led    with    a
nplett   Cbngt tor Friday and cat-
Ml-      I ii.l.      Holti
from a nnl
greatly improved  ,n health.
The   H   •
Ml li       MiKiim   .
• ■:     ■),   .1    . * -**'    ■'     i. *.
B«*l • ,  ■     tin
■. ■;     '•     .  \i     lay I
• ■   Merril   B. C
.1   11   li.  Benson, of Oolden,     has
.11.,,1,-' 111. lit    ul      til.'
il tha     Imperial   Hunk
of A   11   McClen
n bis holidays.
ii      :ii.:  Mrs,  A.  B   McCleneghan
eft on  Sun.lny on an nj-
*' nnlpsg and   other
(peel     to     t>e
Just   -a      -
i-.der  at   O.   W    Bl
The   ircr.
.  »
Movlni   pictures to-night
Bdlson Tlnatre.
at    the
Moving i'li'tnif-  Prlday and
WjJuy at the Uttisou Theatre.
II'        . '
Can 1
O.   W.   !
lies for 1 in Isttnai .11 Q   W   .*
Trained Nurse irtth Brat
Imonlals, free to "i>"'   Mas    -tpplj
"Address"  Mrs.  ■(*  H   wi
itreet, city
Chrl I'lum
1 ■ 11 < 1.1 1, "        ill kimln of
mils,     frill 'H       1111 I ll'
Botime ition.
Wi. advised vou  to shop enrly. anvt
ilml   the  1 imh   Is  on  we  ndvuti-    you
to   hop in the morning as 1     a 0
the oltciu.jou iubIj.— Mlbu Auderson.
Our Ekony Lines
Sterling Silver Sets
Fountain Fens
Uv  have over 50 differeni  lines of
- in   I'.mis  ;tt   im ii i'a  HiMt cnnnol
I  ;mi ' <ii   the woi Id.
ind   Conkltn   lim^,   each
* box.
Leather Goods
. I*-, n, Card
**   si, rt
and we feel assured you will appreciate the Large Choice wo are
giving you.
Bews' Drug Store
Store Open Every Night Till Xmas
Only 3 Days More
To (In your Xmas shopping.
It means a lot of hurrying, and
if yon are in a hurry, this is
the store to shop in. Right on
the street; everything where
yon can see it with the price in
plain figures, and people enough
to wait on you. Try here,
whether in a hurry or not.
Gloves for Christmas
Every lady likes Gloves, and they all like our
Gloves. We carry all kinds for every occasion. We
guarantee every pair we sell, and should you jret the
wrong si/.e or color we will exchange tiiem at any
Silk Underskirts
Our values in these arc very good, and we have had
a very large sale for Ihem. They make ideal presents and our prices tire extremely reasonable.
Scarves and Shawls
We have them for all ages and all purposes. Very
dainty head scarves in silk or wool, (ine shawls in
opera colors, comfortable wool shawls for infants or
old ladies.   Take a look at them.
New Neckwear
We have just opened another lot of
neckwear for our Xmas trade. Not
expensive, but particularly pretty.
Wo have them in all the best shades
and you cannot find anything more
acceptable,    l'rices range from
35c. to $2.00
,G.O  O.O       G O   O  D S.
There i>. n reeson lur this, qualitv and fnir treatment 1ms won
thi' volume ut business we uow eujoy.
(im Xnuis nnoils are in, and mir stool1 Is better tlinn ever.
By careful judgmeut in buying we can offer the public exceptionally good value's tli is year.
To get tlie best results use ROBIN HOOD FLOUR for
home luitcitn;.
G. W. Bell
P. O. Box 208
Phone No. 23
Never before lum our store had such a complete
assortment oftusty, new, reliable goods and at
the lowest market prices.   Our stuck includes:
Eating Figs, extra qualitv, per lb    150
CooKinv Chooolate, Cowan's or Cadbury's, per half lb...    20o
loing Powders, prepared, per packet    10o
John Mclntyre & Son
No.  93
This a Man's Store All the Year
But a Woman's Store at Xmas
The ladles nro receiving our very particular attention now, and ive are helping them to nmki their
iiien relatives and friends happy this Ohrlstmas.
Vnu miy mil think of a clothing store when yim
Ihlnk tl buying (In isl m ispri'si'iils fur a man; hut,
really, you'd hotter, It'saliolit as cafe a thing as
vim can tin If Vnu want to give the man souietliiug
he's sure to need.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Rt'torm Clothing
Foot-Rite Situs fttje iHatl-ltoatf*
— .
\   S    ,
ffliriBtmaa {Horning
)    )
)    )
♦ ^
♦ | ?
0 1
rt tin  ■   *■ ■ ■ ■
JJrare im Earth, (SiuiMmll tn fflru.
■ ■* ■■ mi
• n
;,*.,:    loimv
Emerson's Advice.
*     ■! ml
l-.i      .
■    ■ '   * ,  ■ ■   ihai
.   *   * il    ii I
■    11 the i. ■
feel. ii
1* ive * 'I
i> WAR or battles' sound
f|\Vas heard llie world around;
The- idle spear and shield wero high up-
The hooked chaiiot stood,
Unstain'd with hostile blood ;
Tlie i: umpet spake ii"t  to the armed
i lirong,
An 1 kings sat slill with awful eye,
As ii ihey surely knew their sovran
I.onl was by
Uut peaceful was the night,
Wherein ilu- l'rince of Light,
Ilis ri ign * i I*, ace upon tin- earth began."
Peace reigned throughout thc world "ii the starlit, wintry night,
; v*, thousand years ago, when i ::<■ herald angels sing "t iln- fulfilment
of iin- promise of thc agi s, tlie coming ol a Saviour, Christ ilu- I.'ml.
born it is true in a manger in Uethlehem  but a Prince, nevertheless,
a l'rince of Peace, thc only and well-beloved Son ol' thc King ol Kings,
Peace and joy mingled with awe in the hearts of thc humble shepherds,
■y ,, hearing the song ofthe angelic host, lefl their Hocks and hastened,
never '1'milling, to pay homage t" the long hoped for Messiah,    Peace
ami jov in hope fulfilled compensated the Wise Men for iln* t"il and
vearincss "i the long journey over deserts ami mountains as they
knell in adoration by tli,- infant   Kin:; and poured their treasures at
His feet,    Peace and joy filled lhc virgin mother who pondered all
t!i,-sr  things in  her heart.    And each  recurring  Christmas season
iugh all tin' centuries has brought peace and good will anew to tho
hearts of men, good-will in tin' smile mi tin- Iii'- and thr friendly
rreetings; pea e in the fa I thai               u   season is no time for the
bitterness that  rankles,  .        in pleasant I       m        Armies engaged
;,, ),,■■'* ' ,   * ceased for a little theii   carfare and as brothers, the
,;•-.; I,,,*; have raised together their voices in a Christmas hymn of
oraisc.    Once a year, a! least, there is an approach to thc true brotherhood of man.    The air is electric with g I feeling and poor indeed
is thc man or woman, though ei low I citl all earth's ri lies, who is
incapable of fee!ing the thrill of Christmas, thi thrill of companionship
in a common heritage ritl tin ■■' ' rid ':, thrill of mystery
that surrounds gifi :'i ing and gift n *: ing thc thrill that comes
■ .;/: a ! ling a little to tl im I ital I the world's happiness, of
i | iinn immensurabl • I    tin n tin     ason mi    ne indi idual
or inl: 'i luals.
■  ■
A Symposium on Art.
A ittrmt (Tliriiilimui.
■ hristmas - * uncs but once can      ut      a   Cl i i 11 a
with its merriment and i       " *  ii g I ■' ; ■ •:. its
irpriscs for old a e all. t
nts I til
the next
■   *
"ffiittg (Shit thr 0QI&, tKimi in thr Nrtu."
Fast upon the heels of Christmas comes the baby now year, a
bundle of possibilities. Few and fai between are the individuals who
do nol snatch at least a little time for mental strck taking from the
rinsing days of
t he old year
Pessimist indeed
is ilir man or
woman who dots
nol look foi -
ward \\ iih a re
newal of r< si ilu
tions ot hope
and of courage
in thc days lhat
are to come.
Have you faili d
in your purpose
during the year
lhal is quickly
passi n g in i n
eternity? Have
resolutions been
formed bul to
be 1 irokenagain ?
is yi nil' grip up
on yourself less
lirm than it was
a y i- a r a g - * ?
Have you been
reaved? Sorrow
ami suffering
have bin - | iciicd
tlu door iti„,n a
broader view.
Only when the
darkness of night
has fallen do the   From painting by Uaniomoii
myriads of star- a,,o«ation ,„ s a,,,,
jewels reveal the infinity of the universe. Have the three
hundred and sixty-five days of 1010 been paved with broken
purposes and shattered hopes? liven these may be trans-
I',,nm*,1 into "stepping stones to higher things." Do the chains of a
d,'grading habit bind you more closely than a year ago? The little
new year comes eagerly, a smile on its lips to greet you, tiny hands
extended to give you a new confidence, a new hold upon yourself and
upon lii'-. lias 1010 been a happy year, a year ol striving and
achieving, a year of approach to thc ideal, which, like "the vision
with the beckoning hand, still allures and still eludes," receding to a
■ plane just as it seems within lhe grasp?
I: such has been your lot, you have laid a splendid foundation
upon which to build a greater success in thc days that arc to come.
T * evi ryonc in the world, great or humble, learned or illiterate, rich
' ' r young, wise or simple, is given this gift of 1911, a book
and everyone must write deeds great and small.    Some
searccl     reacl    thc end of  the lirsl   chapter, others will write
ei  I ol twelve.    Balance your accounts, take a little
li itics, thc rush and worrv of these closing dayi
.   old    .;,,'  , 11 ui ing
:•  in  I he  new,"
* mind    the bitti rness,
f wi clu rished
a    bei :. woi t hy
*    '  I and
in em my to
The Least of These.
The  children  played  upon   the  1110:  v
1 watched llieni as I iilli'il there;
And Ihoughl "i , iiv nlli'\    ile dilute
of air
i if ml, irs f, 'ill. a swarming Ihiiiiiui m.i
Whii*,*   iih-ii  and   woiiien,   liabii's   too,
mil il day nml nighl lime pass;
Axil woman like, my -.,,ul within me
l.csl any little one lie from Ihi   piny,
ground 111ii,,,I
Who sought  its simile    not  anv l.ni or
My   vision    aw   t hem   once   again   in
stilling , ll V lle.lt.
Ami " I nasmuch " ivas written wide
L'poll a lialiiirr, held I*,- ide
'I'll,* I',,nn oi om- w li" e  ill, tii i*i*i ,\\ nei!
Was tieiil an,I marred I -,*,* il now
I ilil   1. I ii * lm i,* llirir ni'i'il ■ t" meel.
Tin* nl*",,* In,,* were written by Mr *
T, i' I inn. .a,, .iii.l .M*i" ireil in *i riveui
i. ue 'if "i'oiiti'inp,irary Liti'i-alure."
They were v. rillen in   upporl * *i i he
playgrounil in* >\ einenl. nml apply mon
directly  lo eonililioii    ..    I * iml   m   lhe
larger eilies,     In i mr own miii I we lun e
a piaygri uniii -*■■ In. I, is doing  ■* ■ *1 w< irk-,
a . well .,*   llu* free swimming baths I   i
liny*-  an,I   gil I       Al* olule   eleanlini
,i    well a    fresh air, i   ni   *      . ■     I   ■
pre\ enl i 11 "1 I tiliereuliv i *     Tin* p< ,re
of the hody ael as ventilator        When
these   ar,-   slopped,   a   double   .lun    i
placed up* 'ii I In* lum'      lum e llle '
of    free    halhing    pliu i       I'liarit il
'1:  I'" id pel'   ■:.    w lu * air 1*" '1 ing I. il' .in
ol'i,vi  "1 favor I'annol do heller lliau
ithsi nl*'* I*, iln   fund      Mi me} i    ilwnv
in -ed, d I**: iln* furthcrm * * * t    ueli wm-l .
The  Winner's Test.
Win ' ar,- i In- w inin rs in lil
ot them « 'II he found aim nig 'li" e w h"
Iiave won  weallh * i   .- iini  1   faun .     ill
llnir winning mil no:   he h    am e I
li.o i* gained these thing       Tin   tlreek ■
Iii'l  a   i"'ii   rai i*  in   whii h       '* d  and
endurance   were   nol   iln-   only   ti   I
Kach   man   ai   iln*   slarl   wa     given   .,
lighted torch, and llu* laurel w real li w.i
tor the one who , nine iu lir t   wil li lu .
lurch   alight.    As   ive     irive   tor   il„*
v, I* in. li ; n ,   a   in; * *i i, keep ili ■ I'm
• *i li* 'iini-. inn h and kindm      alighl  in
. .ur live
Measuring   Depth  of  Water   hv  Sound,
An elect rii al de\ i <■ w herel v ,, sound
wave is sen' to i lu*   ea '" *: i* * u, in ri'la
in-,-h    ' .,11 w w ■:■ ■*, ami i
delleeled haul, to tin* v.    el  i    received
'■■  .1*   .'I*. : i arl of |l-.i pp.am'
1 '   * i    I ''l     '*'].'    ' I',  \   it   '. t* ll' nu* I    in*
me t1',' dii'ili of ||ie sea. An null nnalic
Vi ,* 1,1 i in.ul,. ..I i! ,■ : iu ,* , |j,|
licl \n*,*ii i lm ileparl nr,- und 1 lu- reliirn,
.uul. ,i the veloeil' *' ..und in watei i
*. • i li, depl', ■ .,' *■ , ., , * lained
Tli,*   npparal n     imi i    .   nt iniion *
* * * * '■■■I. and i      ■   trui-h d
un alarm when llm water shallow lo a
' Tl iin d,'pili. Several tesl * nf ilm
apparalti * an aid i pn • c i in* nl * iluti
. i   nr I. y ..|  llle (lev i e
A Little Wisdom Now and Then.
t'ullivate \ i* i    v li, ii y, m are voting,
md   when   you  un- old.   : I ey   « il   n   :
I"     ul,,    \"U
l'< 'iiii'iitnu'ii'   In i" erv  un
door, Pul i   u unity ordered ufl 'In* pre
Wlia' a niar'iud woman doesn't know
she su ' ci i
Tin*   Iniili* * man i   nlwa*.    religion
''.■ lets tlod i,ike care ol hi   family
What ilu* heart knows ilu* mil d in iy
a. well nceepl
Wlnli* figure   won't  li,*   iln* trm
seeni' lot,- thut w,-don'l all ligurc alike.
There is hul one \ ivtue   .md llinl i
in. idct'al ion.
Ih.pu     i      , ' pei lin**       oun tiling     *.'.,
know won't happen
Spending nionev  i   like   lidum *
hill on a ioi** **.■■,i*     i ari ing u  i - I:' c
wall ing  up and  pulling  tin*  loho
all,*'' VOU.     I'm,       whii lii!      I   for lhe
leg    and wind.
Potted Philosniihv.
I'l,.i urr i. iilmo i anyl In*. * -** *  can't
.,*■ .rl
It   wi In*    were hor       there  would
"■ii P.- .i hay faniiue
Success demon [rati    lhal il    i long
lie.ul lhal has no lurning
A  mun iim\   lu* ,*i  power in tin.in, ial
, in I,*   and .nil lie on ilu*    m ire
li i ni enough lo p.iv u   we ;.:*'     Wc
iihl      ve enough to * 1.
Monev uch a lol I lu* *-
' hal ii never ca I  back home
ng on
A girl is more entlui ■    lii over being
I *    in   hei   over the man
ed to
I'll, nd *  an-  like  all   lllllbrell I     when
conn      *;       ii don'l    lop to
* i r   iln*  handle   :    pretl y  or
it, and I that
gri it
* i •*     ,
at I i       :
is that il
■ , - ■       '.    i- .,
1 I ii
ingcl    " Peaei        earl
heart, nol   on? day in thru       nd    In
every dav in a'! thc   ear!
\  II \PPY  '.'l.'.V  YEAR.
to   t until we
iheir i    p'-nsc*
"|)n you see thai  I     *        .    *  along
end n, iln* uu*.   nitling -.-.uli his
'i *      I know Iiim
I    ip|     e hehelievi    in taking ill tli"
I, pill
linnt       for a motor gar
id   the  mil
ip tin     itm
*    ** * *    iiited,"     ,i 1
dd imi.
■ *
■n   t!
the 1 ad;
l Know Nut Whv.
I know not  whv tin- golden nm
Stream   undent from t In- summer   I.e.
\'nr whv unbridled lightnings Hash,
1  km iw nailglll "I t he m.i i in win*
1 know uol whv llie gentle ruin
To fruitage woo   ih,- fertile   ml.
X'ot  why tlie ru iiiii '.; torrents break
(I'er niomimeul   •■< huiuan i"il
Uul  Hn    I h"ld. thai tlod is Love,
And   ilu.. igh ,d!  ilnm.' ..    nine  pi in
1 liviue
head . ever mi lo hull,a* lliing ,
Tlii      *'* ill   a   III   I'C   ll"       In.Ill   of   nine*
\'i in*:   Dli WITT  Row I 11.
Nnn-Inll-ininiahl" Moving Picture Films.
So many dm nihil ,h , ler Iiave re
suited na un u,, uh -a - llirougli lire in
einemalograpli show ; thai u i u itural
lhal ilu* I.,unu i inlere I lunild he
I iken hv llm pulilie in tin* nun' ion "I
,i new uh* i niuu fur eellul n'd, know u a i
humid, Mr Ucniio I! m *l. m 1.: re
' uiu !\ gave a demon I rati in in I.. uul.at,
l.u ■ . "I i ii" w lerful propcrtic  ol thi
new   mul in.il    w la* li  iii  "\ en   re peel
apparently    reseinhle      . elluloi I
■ ul* ian, i* u ed I-i , ineniatii iraph lill
Tin*   chiel   feal un-   "I   lliu   in wis    di
, overed   material  i    i lun   n   i. not   in-
11,'iiiimahle,     Ivven    when     uiaked    in
aleoliol    nnl   ilmu   *,*i    lire   lo,   lioroid
retain   all ii * ipialil ies of transparent y,
llexihility     and    duraliility      A      was
,1,-uniii i rated  hv  i he  in\ enlor,  hot   ,1
he used for a wide variel v "t purposes,   from   1 i * -.'■       I,,   ollice
w nnl iw   , alld even imitation   i'i.
lu friendship, as in nr ,M t   it I
lhu Iml.   lhn,''    lhal   ,   umi      \ .*
of elernal lilelilv, tuu ll
ih ail   i ru!      a   ure  u    tin'   our
In, n 1 re ilh* care   i ir ll        I'       mi  win.
kni * *    I*' inelively wh il '1 like
for ,i gifi. w Imi    nbi.'el   of eol
llllpl 111 In It       ,vllill
wu il*. not   like n> In* , *   esled   ih ml
win*.   I.l ::."   too  when   We   "*
; *:*  . 'I     ill  our W'bll      * 'a i*
1       'in* wil li win illl Wi' In
We , un in ver n: i'i,   i frien I '
an- uol willing lo like ]
In    I**** ul in- ies aiid I
M -     Vi i!     \ mn     ■■   , 1 :■',     \*.
hirlhd iv  !**: n iw      Wii .,*,
mu   I" **i*. "  lu**!  for .i   uo   , * *
I'i     I, he'   a ver\ *■** »l pny I'll I
tin*  front   vindei       leai.i'd and lei
look at Iln	
l-'irsl \
arre led ,|,,wi
s, * mid S ii.* in ,n     Wii ii  :   ■
I ■-.'■■
lh,* ael of eoni'i'.'dii ■   ■
Su "ud       S.du  *'i.in      Pool
Thai'   w hat     *■ * *      ■ ■
Vii ar's Daugliter    1
kept son from tin* fiuieral 1 * •  I
Mi     |:l***
M'     bl     W'lk part!}   •
I., -|" i    trm     ml w ul, il,,  ■
and  iluin'  ,i"..t\*   with  lh,* '.,
. .il.,*    .a:. * ueral *     *   *
laiint    they a .-.I I" In   lm u    '
Lawyer    Vn i havi   lal, - ■
and   I   waul   Vnu t<> III    ■*■.'■.
qill    ' : ■'      1     ii    ll
Win., N'*
l.u w \ er    What i   vour o.-e;t'   -
Witl - I au    i drivel
l.awyei     I >" \.. i drive .i  .*.,
Wm,,*  .    \*'.   ii     I do nol
Lawyer    V • •     '*-    careful     ud   *
member   iln-   roil  are in
You admit thut  v->a am .1 driver
in 'Ui* 1 lv. di inl v< 111 drive a .
Wu.,,*       \...   ir;   I driv,
I hi" i   soini  ,i-lv iee 1 Ini appeared il
.1 paper 1* *r moth, r   I lie *■* !**
I In   1.  nl,   11  : •   |„   * , *.*
, lean.     Win 11   iln    I*.,'*,*   h
drinking   :-    hnuM In
in a ei 11 'I place under tin  *
1 li *   1. - '   ralhet       * *   for an\  hal,
tlm   treateil,
I Ic wn mn *'!'.'■    •■
lm.ul, ,,| ■ luring know 1. *i .
in ,,iu*   " young,    Uul In  *  *  * *
himself th,* other dav.
" I'.i."   In*    anl.  " I   hear  I'm 1,* J IC
going 1,, h,* married mi l-'mkn
" ^'l   ,"   said   his  father.   "L'i    I
ha   . mlv three dav   mor,* "
The 'little liny siglicd. "The lasl
three -1 iv i," In* aid " llu-} gi ,n iln m
everything tocatjl     t tl . don't
they, p i -"
An aura ling in* idenl ■• :• :■ I at *
ih,nin* one night *■■ hen Mary Ami* *
'i'l" arm*       II        Lal.,i,*.l ll,     thirl
ler   M        \n*l r on  Ind   t,,  I in
with   "ni  ii'i* Inl   nn
■n ,* '.villi lh,* word   *
■' Tin* gods will help me!"
(in tlu . partii ular occasioi  ■ I ,
en, ,* wa  -" . arried away will In *
that with on,* accord tin  '     ids" ol
■ ill' ; -. ■ * rn i   -i' tin  hearty re ■:...:, i
" We will!"
" There's soi cthii * *.. mi \*, mr
daughter."   Mr.  Slav1 m*  - ,*,|    r* ||
ivelv    " tin ;*,*' ,    •; ■   \*,„ir
d ut ilitcl
" Ve ,"   iii.l old Tin tlcpnd, " 'In n  i
I   hu'.*"  notii nd   it   my .*ii     li   .
every evening   it ei ;hl mil il
Iwelveo'elock;   und
iu    I  rn, ■■   ,,.', |ifi
ii .all tin* -.-. i*. froit   iln  from ■ irlor m
in ii
f a-   hn   lint riot ii    f.*n "i*     i im*   il
ii.    uphlli *l
mood, he turned I ■' ■   pupil . an
nveragi i * * *
" \ow .   'I i ill ii lid   lm   'nil   a
f VOU       IW  llll
I   waving  proudly "-."i  tin
I    li * ill  think,"  replied  Tommy,
■ -hu wind  ■ THE MAJL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, 15. C, DECEMBER, 1910.
I Iimi-   I In-   clungil
Ami   lin*   ii   * • rei I
II.■ ir ih.*  vnici     ■ 1   *
A    ' i * ry fe
\ 1111 i n v 111 i 1111
To lliose happy d
1 , , :,     1
\. . * *
And the fori
In  iln*    im. h. ■*
Then   i    father   brothel
They are   entcd
Whi re   wi    *:
Then   11
'I'll   11
'kin i*.   llii   . ei
Wither ll •  ■   ■
Uow   I  nuiineil  ii
Through lhe fn
I hu   *  * 1*   *      I
I'liu    I    pent i
Daily lo tin
Playniiili *. full
hi uu   *   .    *
Sii t  1 lencu tl 1
i i'i r our I
Learning first 1 nd
i •
He v        ten
i lh ' tin* .   tin)    an   : . -   -
Bui   iheir nui  *
Through tin- -i ind  thosi
A nil    running nil
( Ine of ihr *
ipietil   upon  a
regard in iln- ,
v..,.   i|i
.In in     propcri
llu*   plan .    aii
" Wi
t in tlii .i hi
' And   We lie
And   then   ll
1 lum
'■ ll vmi In* ■
vnu have in.   *
"Artist,   .I-.
" Wii .
" Cork   "
m   my  ■
1 ....
1" both of  ei
1 hit,
marked   lhe   :
*   * *
i'.vi.d  fri
lo read   *
1    *
H   1
to live
,\!|     I.i      li
1   ■
■i*    •
■ *
fter   a
1' ■
1' ■
A Visit to tin- Former Russian Chief of
Police in Siberia.
■   ■ ■
* ■   Mu
'   Si     Pi
' '     eminent     el
ill that 1
-   '
■    f 1
:   .
•   el   :: :■ .
■      '*'
■  *   near
.-■   n
:   :
pital,  i
A  Zealous Angler.
:    . *  .'. angle] . *,
■   .*.*■ licet  ul
tin i
i I,     indie
1 i-vi-i
i   ,i
a liulv
...        .
BJmtirirfl (&imh iltU
Bv  S,  I*:    KlSER.
UCH snow had been piled in a drift upon the window
sill, and thc wind v.ns blowing madly through the
deserted streets. Lowric looked out and the helm;;
nl loneliness which had possessed him all day was
"Christmas," he said half aloud, "and here 1 am
without a lm nd to wish me well; with nobody to care
whether 1 am nn rrv or sad and with no one to whom
message; heard her as she picked ii  up, ami experienced a curious
feeling as he realized that they were separated only by an inch or i wo
n|   Win ill.
"What curious beings we are," he thought, "and how we shut
ourselves out from one another, We sit in loneliness and despair
when beyond thc thin walls against whieh we lean there may bc
i'thers whn, ii they knew of our troubles or were aware of our existence,
might have it in their power to lend us happiness or rescue us from
misfortune, li is all because of the foolish conventionality by which
wc are enslaved, 1 hope she may at least wear her hair in a becoming
fashion. Almost any woman can be attractive if she knows how to
wear her hair."
lie heard the lady go away from the door and cross thc room
I mav even olTer a'friendly greeting. I suppose the again' a,ld' fancying her sitting at her table and dipping her pen in
bov in thc elevator or thc porter would be glad the ink well, he went to the window. The lights were glowing in the
, * Ug] to i xi i a; -.', a word or two with me, ii 1 made slnrl* the snow wns coming down in a slanting deluge, and a few
it worth while, bul *   " people with upturned collars and bowed heads were hurrying along
Me sttddenlv ceased to think of his loneliness and     far below.    As he stood looking oul it occurred to him thai a warm
stood in a listening attitude.    In tlie adjoining room     ''"""' in a big llolcl  was ""• a had place in whieh  lo he. even at
Christmas time nml lar from home.    The answer he expected was
waiting fnr him when he turned from the window.    This is what the
a woman  was singing.    Tin- notes  Acre faint, Inn
sweet ami clear; yet there was a pathos in them that
strongly appealed to him.    lh* inclined his head tn    lady had written: _
hear thc wiirds
"Lead Kindly Light, amid thc encircling gloom,
I.i ad Thou me nn ;
The nigl i is i ark and I am far from home-
Lead Thou me on."
The singer .pan   d and Li wrie stood looking out at the whirling
sii.''-*'.  which was fallii .: so thickly that the light ol day was almost
out,    The   afternoon   was  well  advanced.    Sooi    Ihe  electric
lights  would begin I    glow  in the streets, and the candles on the
(    ■   ■.   .     trees
would   Le  lighted.
II a p p y childn •
would  shout   wiih
glci       nd parents
would   join   t
little   mn S   in   ;.
ing   expression   !•■
the   spirit   ni   tin
■ ii * asii ■ ;   . a g e :
greeting   cai h
a-   ;      ■ ultl   bi
sitting   .       ■    '
en;   his I
■ -
n o  o n i    I) u t   a
1 i I
a   v
■ :
Thank you for your kind greeting. 1 hope 1 shall not Le considered ten Lnlil il I suggest lhat you propose some way in whieh we
ian determine whether we shall care alter we have seen eaeh other tu
have a Christmas festival of our own. Ii would Le awkward if we
were tu decide to have a festival ami then you were tu liml, un seeing
me. thai you did nm care to go on with it, or ii I were lo have a similar
feeling alter seeing you. We ought lu decide upon some plan which
will leave each ni us free to advance or retreat without making it
embarrasing for the other. You seem tu Le resourceful. I leave ii
tii you tu suggest a mode of procedure. "Constance Matlock."
It had not previously occurred lo I.n wrie that thc lady might after
seeing him Le inclined to wish tn continue tn treat him as a stranger
and lie was .iisj...setl at lirst tu Le a little resentful because she had
hinted ai such a possibility, ll was Christmas time, however, and he
generously forgave her. After having done that he began working oul
a plan in ai cordancc with her suggestion. In a few minutes he had n
formulated, li all came to him as if he had been mysteriously iu
spire.1. ami he made haste tu write it uut, thus:
"My   Dear  Miss  (or  Mrs.    Hallock:    ln a little  while the lew
unfortunate people whn are stranded here will begin assembling in the
dining room  to partake of such Christmas cheer as may Le  1.*
then      I   pi   pose  thai   we join  them.    If you  will  take a  seat  al
nm- ui tlu- small taLles at the east side of thc room, 1 will wai i'h for you
u enter.     In . asc 1 desire, after seeing you, tu complete the arrangement which has been suggested, 1 will enter shortly after you.    I
w ili pretend tu 1 ave ft irgotlcn something, ami. just after getting inside
ll '  room, turn to go out.    Before leaving thc  room, however, I will
ai   ■ over al you and pause for an instant,    If you bow to mc I will
.v tl al lhc Christmas festival is to proceed, and after I have gone
l for a 1    nn in  ! will return, greet you as if you were my dearest
:• end and si 1 down beside you.    In case you do not bow in me when 1
ling out 1 will imt return.    Or if when I have seen you,
I'ii*: ■   go on with the programme I will not enter the dining
■   at till.    Thus we shall built escape any embarrassment.    11 this
         ur approval I will go downstairs in fifteen minutes,
■  I taki i from which it will bc possible for mc to see you as
head waiter to give you a seat at the east side of the
     :■ " Elliott Lowric."
" Voui i ii *i i  a very
. ,    *lli
i|  the .lining
all beci   ,ei uni
* ■:
IT   I
1-tl.      I
in, ami
l wa whei
•il hi;
■ -■
'*.',*'  1
l *   • i ■
Me jitishi      he paper under tin md listened, '■
e|.    Me heard  lhe la'l el   the    bt
An Insult From Lady of Court Led to
Napoleon's Prop i  '.
Tin- author el the n* enl ly i uni'.
work, " The hnnpn - - In ense : IISTtl
li'lu," lm . written lie following 1. Iter
in   I .■ I ondtin " Daily Telegraph " '
" Tin*   mm. i .1 iin:   und   pal hei ic   ai
i .unit ijivcn hy lhe ' I Inl*   Teli     iph' id
the    Kll'prc: ■     I'Y'.n'ine'*     v i   il    l*i   Coll!
pic'iii* en Sunday he i serve" us u renin.dcr of .* remarkable i pi ni!' al ll..
Imperial -bateau shortly heft ru he
marriage ..I Nnpolcon III nn.l Mile.
Eugenic de Montijo.    The you *■; lad',
nml   her   111 it her   Were   lhc   '.'.lie  I        11 il il
many olliei  , uf the Emperor.    Madame
de  F.n-i'ml.  win' iheii i.uh* a  fortnight
.1".., was i-I  Mii* pari v, and,  I cing  Ih i
w ne o   u   mini' ler,  she  mil uriilly  re-
'.'.ni'ili ill.' i elf .i* *i |'< r i inngei 'i . i nr idcr
uhle importance,    Madame de  Fortoul
ninl  many i>ilief  ladies  iif  ihe  i .■.*,h.
funned Imperial court i''crt very iealuin
i'l    the   nllenlli'i s   bestowed   lie.ill   tin*
two fair Spaniards hv the Emperor, mil
slighted lhe younger lady it'licncvi i nn
opportunity olTcrcd,    ' ine evening Mile,
de Muni ii" w,;    being letl into I In* dining-room hy M. tie Tonloiigeuu, nn,   ut
lhe   niii-i   priiiiiiiienl   members  nl   the
court, when the progress n\ tin* slalctv
proces iii *n   wa *   nn mieutarily   cheeked
Inunediatelv in front i '  M   de Toulon-
genu  .iini   Mile   'I.*   Montijo  wen*   M.i
dame   Fortoul   anil   her  cavalier     The
i ...'ii *n 11.,   beautiful "Spaniard" r<ui
I rived   i" ml   ui  front   "I   Madau ■    '■
Forloul  *   -   wiih     liliti illimnle     l'i
(iiviilh    incensed,    lhal    Iml       il    I
, * i I.nine I  nl* aid   lu  her  partner,
VOU  I'' HI*",  li ' .ill IW   1 hnl   IVolllall   lo pn
before u    ' "
"Illli   de Monliin, dct pi)   ***   ; del I".
I he n'.i, n i'i* remark,  I Hirst   into n.n
I' :*i*,** dinner tin* lhn] eror iii il iced her
il       ■;■*:* in,  .mil   saw   I lllll     1 i
:   n**i hn,"      Ai   iln*  earlit *i
: le   I        cut   he   si nighl    In i   out,
ami       ' ' * i     ' *' ■   * ■
nil."]   h.r     Mil,*    il.*   Monliin   i farm led
ll e  ;, i*i h ,;*; cued   ad :'* ■■ lhal   utti i
i-   insult,    lie had n     l\-etl
I. .i* n,..:   i he  chateau   on   11:.    ml*    ■
morning     Th.*  I *  pi *   *       ho had n< i
rto ' pr. ,|" ised," said,  il
im: tune, " *i :
uway,    Ti i n ■ irri iw I will cm
thai n. i :' ure no one will vein un
It lie I cpl   i I'.I. and lhe
II '   dnv   n *.i' li    n   h in lal      prop    .1
Thnl    III     *.'   i        .... pit ■! '    ii. .*'l    l.ol    I"'
.ml       !■   :     i- .*!!   In .....   ili .'   ' 1 .    I *
e 11 i '   *iml
* o   Mil
VI *.*;,■*,*
Ilii.nci        lin 1'
lie  el., nuiltert'il   ffi im   he   l« 'lul ivi
*    *      I intii     '*     nd trusti
frientl      ami  it  is ipiiti
ihr ■ iccnrreni -   -*i    nine   .uch 'null
is charniii        *   ■       is hen
wn*    re.|uisiti inaki    ]   -       * *     the
p:** ipriel \*   i '1   'lining   lhe   right
I'       lair I-* add lhal, I'l le ol
tuul    * *       einent,'    1       frieii'l
ceased I ..* nil, i'l*   marria: *
Clocks Betrayed Shoplifter.
A wi eil t'liarlutie Hi rdulli
arreslet] :     n   sh. .p   on
I'liiet   h   I.. II    lilli    Pari     md chill
: '    of Ihi*     hup'     ;*'
[i    ' .       * .  . ■     jeweller;
She deuietl  the thefl *  mt ly, aiid
* * :   : il'l .ill' '*.\
I-i ; *  ; I lhe wifi
**l   .i   * . * tie  lured       .i* il
*    . for thi [nil
I |„.j| died."     I'l
.in   .il inn   . I**. '■■
whieh    In
'■nt.     Mine.    Hcdltlli   wn       ,  u* '     1
anil i hree alarm i 1* n 1.   ol   '.ill   izt   Iw
.vat) hi     and   * ' thi   l*i- In*    ■ i
value  w.ii   found  iu .i    peciully made
1" ..I.i     iii-uli*     h.r      l.ni I.i
Ilis Hail   Dream.
Truly i ''■<■• ml .1   * t fm
■ ■ *.     ■   e i
with   lealiug a Iiiiui **iii.i
menl lated lhal llu   ■  dtlne     nil
lum in n 'he.mi ih.   nighl 1" i in
lie v      not propel
11* ■ dd    .    eiier lal eu
Iiim, .i   Moliauu  etliin, .ind
iimi  utile     he ton rge i i her w'ir
hip   In* ivoultl u. her vvral li destnn In
wh.'I'*   family,    Tl *    *
ever,   *' i    : ed with llu
mi'l ihi i'i    lo
lll"ll! llll* pi        III    'lit    .lll'l   !*i
p.iv  .i   iiiii*  ..I   nl-     i ipet        Bombay
Exploits of ihe Late "Count" Leontliw
Confidence Man.
A     1     * *':.;*■:.*'       ., '. A
■Lin   "i    large   ambition,
' l.ciuiliew,  h
ill I'm       \\ l.'l*   \"i [hi, ii bbler nl
Koepei e, i i.i    il   posi  ! upon 'In*
M :      't.i      m.'lll lOWl       1 .. ■ i.'  •   ■       III
! '        * i :
i,     en     i'iiI      ml   evei     llu     I     pcrur
:' i
Thi led ('mini resi
|     :.***,    *   ■■ *".   pi
111 *      1*1 till I I. *
■ ;    ■      represent   a
lhe   I        el'ol
|,i      ijev
(hi Id- st
■      *  ■
f  ,||,'   I
■   ' 11 wn
lhe i
ni.ui>-  ul   ihe  leading  merchants,  eon
viiiee.l   them   nf   ili,*   excellent   I rude
prospects iu Men.'li!,'-. ciiimiry nnd in
ihne.I llieni in entrust  him  with large
■ 111.-1111 il ies "I  *.' I    for -.ilu      lh* *.i'M
I he '.: Is  in   All)     mi.i.   hnl   1 In*  lll'ini'l'
lie received fi ir I hem ivenl into his 11\\ n
In   IKON   l.contiew      ipenrc I   in   Pel
"iimi ns llu* "I ioveri I  hi hiopni i."
mnl imlui ''1 mine- luinncicrs !.. form
. * unpi * ii . 'nr i Ih lii..nn in" i if w.Ti hi. ss
concessions in Abyssinia In the ci >ur*-c
nf I ime these came to grief and many
people were ruined. The Belgian polii e
making ii loo Imi for Imn, he llcl to
Pari    where he died.
Duped a Brigadier anil Fleeced Farmers.
A Rome des] an li In I he London
hen.lei* says* An nl'fair w hi h hears *>
close reseinhlaiice to llu K,„
pi in. k   iuciilenl    11.1     ■ ikei     pla.ee
Kummuccu, ,i sinall low u near Catania,
Sii ily      Toward ; ! he em! of Ini i   *
>.f <li-*l ingiiished appearance in    1*1 in   •
the  barracks  of  the  Carl inei i      rum
pi.niiiii'.: iimi ii'l i nrri ige h.i*! beci    cut
lo iiiiii   Ii   ,i .ii   ihe   italioii, Ihoiigh he
telegraphed   fm-  one   m  mei Ihi
lie e   i led up' ni **.*. im: ' he M.i *,   r. ' ■
whom   he  showed   suiuln
l'i***' ing iuu* I*, be .in in pet |. •■    ei ; l*\
ihe   goveriunent    i"   ini|uiri    ii *
iniin.riiii..   thefl *   ..I  ,nill'     ' ; i  ■    ha *
In mi . "ii ilanlly o inn m   in ll t rict
Tin* brigatlier ol i lie geiid.-irnu    p| icetl
him i l|  ! I*i    ii en at th. * .il "I
the goveriui      I iiispc.'toi
* mn *! :-*.   ihe i 'arbineer .    t.irlc ,    *
: nir  of   ih.-   neighh n'li ... 1       I'lu    lii  •
u wa   paid i" *i l.ni' er nm       (I
ihose licenses to can
i'' have expired      I   *
1 nm pay I
waleh  iii'l chain I
* *   ciitl the propel      *
1 i *        *       1     .1 i\     the
i      '        * ;
: *       I I i   :    . ' tht
■    in    if i       i i-'li In
ii": pn >\ t   In . ■
I'lieil he called oi *  *
 I head i.f caul     '
mis,  tin
ferrin fiinnei f tin
l.ea lie fai *   * *
li   ■    .mil, litialh
nested     ilk*   ers . *   *      *   *
* ■ ,       Mi'in
1.. * -1 - ■
lhe gemlariui
* ,
len    cut ii     11
I i  :   * * . cere fol tlu
-    1        ■   '      I tin isl
i  c'e.er  inipostoi
In  had pr     i
■ * .        re   lo * ■
Us! lhe brigiuliei
I.ool   Rosel.t i \   un   Maul: I.
In the hi
■ .     * *     ■       import,ml
\ll   nalioi
cut I * ;  *    t  * ■
* ■ *e "l i* i .* , w hii
*. , I  hecoin.
iiowari   It -
for' "-n-i en ' . fn
I'halcvcr degree tin * !  ■
I't.r allol
lion that wi
■■■ili' ■  '   : '.
l        * *       . :
li *
■*■,':.,   I- theil       li :
p to tin       ndcpcuil f tin
n nl which Mr, I
■   * * Inch he held
in   hi higl esl csleci        Iih*  ■**. mtetl
■   l|   i.e. 1. *:      .*   i   .1* I  In* *.*... lltl
li i    llllll  llie ill.m1
I      ,*    he   1 icnnt    Wll      'hii!    he    lliltl    lh
i'i* I   * I'll* .".   I *    .* l'|   i "li*. :   'l ■■
Nuw . I ilu nol ki... a u you w il' agree
*• *th me. hnl  I mn under 1 1. epe I
i * i ni    ni  thai   ih.* i    • ing
i-rh.e    1, .   *   nne     ivlien nicn. n .il men
- iinil I. real manh i.     renevei
n *.n h w.uitcl     I  think  there  i * a
temlt in the  world tn impair und
.:,*. i, ! he hhi r! v i .t  'in    mhvi-
.1   .  ti i li M y which I think i> ■■ iei
i      nd likelj   - *   up iln*  ' fc   *i ..uiil iiMii, and which can only he cifeetii'
led and    I   | pctl by renin;: up
.'. In ' uiv  men  uul   men iv   iii
appearaiii e, umi  in talk, hu'  in
hi ler, in i mirage, antl in t luct.    li e
iii li en icr m iln   world m go w uh ihe
I    ilill,   I" Ik *.,t   ll]'*'li   111'*     ileum.   In  |l*l
■ .  i nrry  you  v lun*  il   will
' ily i n-i in *li:' ing inl
ii ■■ I "ilti In   mi ■ Hut thai
*    I till    I'll)' to tin i I in, 1 ink ll
I ■ ,      Rccenl
I *   .
.     *
.   *     ■
in   ..in    ■■■■
, * ■  i
.... ....
letl      lie   Wii ed   il
: ry life o' me."
■   ' anil
■ ■
" '.'** ■ i   * •. urn . liltlt
ISnltBint—A (ftmuiitmit King
B Y   TH E   R I-V.   G.    R.   B.   KIN X E V
WE PUT in three seasons trying to conquer the grim, scarred old peak, Mount
Robson, and it took every packhorse, and every blanket, and every ounci * :
grub, and every bit of muscle and nerve we could rake out of our inner conscious- ■
in    *      not I I uttlcs    in look abroad from his naked horns on the wrinkled
valley ol •;:.  I'r
Yes, we had that look    had ii on Friday, Augusl thirteenth, 1009    had tin a cent
of thc highest peak in all the Canadian Rockies for Canada and the Alpine Club    and
In twi en you and i I tin   piebald bcll-nuile, it took most of our facultii s to do it.
It was in August ul 11)07 that I lirsl saw thc old bench-mark of IS"n on a big I >ougla   fir
at thc summit of Yell I Pass, where the waters of the continent divide and turn
towards two i iccans.
The summit nf Yellowluad I'ass is nut a popular resort by any means,    Only a very
rude trail marks tlie • ■     ■■   s of civilization there, yet.    We knew all about that rude
trail, h had bi en
worse than rude to
us for two hundred
miles ever since
weleft Lagganwitli
the gay intention
of climbing Mount
Robson, Wi I n I
haul i'.i our ten
horses, indi\ idual-
ly and ci illi * li ■ lv,
oul of the Pipestone mu '... . s; we
had hewn . iur way
and scratt hed our
faces in tbe fallen
timber * i tht Saskatchewan and the
Brazeau, ai I tin
bled off and int.
thingsinnun * r tl li
timi - * Iseei
the big Ci Iui I i i
(ilai ier, were inti-
mateh uainted
with Mounts Wilson, I li man and
Athal bad ft I
our Leasts in the
high ; .. -' uri - of
the Big 11"!';. ai
the (li .at at I tl ■
Cariboi.. Y'es, wi
knew thai trail to
the pi it ' I allinc
it by its first -
camped on the
bank of the Mi."
and after building
a raft, gingerh
trusted i iu rselves
and mir outfit to
the mercies of its
tumbling -.vaters.
we alnv ■-' sighed
■* ;•'. relii f.
F ■ a si re i r
■ ■. lilcs we
full* -.''  ItheMiette.
Al    UND   lllr  SHOULDER   OF   MocST  RoBSON   REACHES  A   Ml',HIV   ToNcl'l!  in**   lil*.   A   Mill    W'::l
AMI   Sl VI.KAI     Mill        I.***.,,
The Rainbow Mountains, in all their gorgeous colors, Hanked us on either han.I, and
brooded over us while we tumbled with the current, or toiled across timbered bottoms
and sunny meadows where the wild pea-vine grows as high as the horses' girths.    Up
tlii   lair of all the rivers of thc continent.    We were constantly fording ihem
■*'•-,    - wa i the habitual condition of our collective trouser-legs, and a good share iif most
ol   ur ■     -i ssions.    Personally, I could have gol along very comfortably with a few less
ri' ■ " . and 1 fancy the rest of thc party felt the runie way, after thc three hundred and
sixty-first :'■ r 1
Tl * party was an Alpine Club parly. In iwever, list '1 to such incidents, and wc had a
di : : iti : ■•"• ■ in view, which no amount of fords eould discourage: to climb Mount
Robson. No white men had ever been known to reach the king of thc Canadian Rockies,
and Dr. Coleman, of Toronto University, had organized us from the members ol iln
Alpine Club, with this intention,
Finally wc passed the last barrier, crossed the last ford, and sunn;: into the valli y
of tin Grt n '* Forks, Eight or ten miles away the great limestone wedge of the king,
13,70(1 feet up in the air, buttressed across thc whole valley, with a fall bigger than
ara roarin; unnotiet I at his feet, and the whole north side of him one gigantic, sheer,
unbi   ken r       faced -lii.  from pinnacle to base, rose befon  our overawed gaze.    The
rand, i   lated peak, cloaked with untold ages of snow, towering far above all tin    ilhei
f its range, its hi h-ilung crown almost touching heaven, its perpendicular walls
* rl * ■   ini glaciers br ling over the deep valleys with awful calm, is one of the
rai   lest   ights imaginable to man.
We did not makt tin summit that year, fi >r Mount Robsi m cloaks himself in storms,
and is not sympathetic towards venturesonn human ants, but we did a greal deal of
investigation around his lower slopes,    I. from my roving dispiisiiinn, became the ex
Put Watei
: l.'l.I Al*
I'l*' \ .His..     I'. 1"   111 I...  I.AKH
I   I*    I IM    \|H AltllVI    I'M      ill*.	
jl I in i        * I    I i.    ■*      * i   ,i   Mi     I
; .. ■* ** a       •
plorer of thi       rty, and was constantly wandering off on solitary jaunts.    M
very was tin beautiful lake that bears my name, and nestles al the fool "I Robson
..ii his western side,    It rivals Lake Louise for beauty    and in fact, tin- whole region,
as Banff, Paradise Valley, Lake Louise, Yoho ainl Glacier an- tn lhc heart nf the
mi untain-lover, wit limit doubt surpasses the beauties uf all tin- knowii ('a uai] ian Alps.
So :'. arful is the height "f Mounl Robson above this valley, ainl sn sheer is it*, whole
face, that the avalanches slide from its vt ry highest peak to within a nw yards ol the lake,
* thej ii- the year around, at an altitude of not mon than two tl I'm hundred
On every side ofthe great "Valley of a Thousand I'alls", a huge wall of perpendicular
f feet high, hems the valle) in closely,    Hen  and there, on   hellered
patches ol   pruces relieve with their dark greens, the greys ol lhe roel   .while
every win n the numen us streams from thc greal glaciers all around plui * * ■ ■ i    I
[irecipici   in countless falls ol spray.    A mighty tongui of ice lolls over a clill al ': ■
ley and curves so low as to reuch the valley floor, v. Idle lun- a ml there in the
" n  of the valley arc huge springs from which flow full-fledged streams,    A high-up
t side hi   'inii a lar;'. field of snow at its source and flows do'
. :. ::   '.;■.■  that hugt chunks of ice arc constantly breaking off its prccipiton   front and
crashing into tht valley below.   Thc most fearful avalanche I evei    iw     nn  fi  m thi
nd it took ten minutes by my watch for the foremost chunk   of iei   I
thi  ■* alii y botti •  .
At tin hi ad of fin valley ami in lhe north, rises Mounl Turner, a splendid pe il
' • twelvi thousand feet altitude, while to thc right  at nn altitude of bel   ■      twi    nd
threi  "   usand feet above the valley, thc Grand Forks, swift (lowing from Beri   I
ps froi      * cliff at I fori     i   uperb falls as high ns N'iagara  (hen plui   ■ number
of bi autiful eatar-
* :. a verv
:    ■- -   *     -iii
•' ■ fli - Ol the
vall.v. Ami from
theG  al Trail lhat
wii - ■ ul
imong thesi
•  *      Valley   of  a
I *;11  " is
rvel of Alpine
■ * climb
'■'.    nt K m
■   , to
■: • ; irtj returned
* .' ml
,  ii  Mourn Hi i.mi i in i    I.'.in.' l-i'i i IN nn-Am. anii i   I
ol ,.\  Mount H ■■ ■.   to Sunn Almost a Pari
M     un1     i-' tltlSOn. "i- nn: Main I'hak
Women's Footwear.
The   greal ■    tl
i si i'i'u.i 1-    ii* *■'   iiarruv        ■ ■  .   ■
1   ,n* den  intl   ;     Is thai *
.nnl ili lim ' ive     I ■   :
In       it i- the little i    *
lhat  iiiiinl
ivc.ir llu      *       ■    ■
I*      .■■.*.*.
nil   in  *
'    *
l*'n* I ul      I, tin    |vie |    itli    '
:   i    *
I  II *     *    ■      ■
liinatiui *     	
l*:ll vani|
Mn. I.      iin   fmi |-i
..    |    .......   I     *
I 111'    I!    * '     *       *
ll ...
I lll'l l.'l t I if t ] * '     ;   *
hieltl en	
  * '  •       111
tin   will   1 ;        le   i
:        * VI'll   I        	
Inini       ml rliii     ■ mi:
used ii   * ili'.i
In   ( i\i*'i-il    anil   ■
u.i       Tin nne, I
ti      ml Oxl     I
..iini*  * *      ure
llm       Imll ml
!':"■■ fill!
crystal and
Km- -1
I' -
■     *..*   v
lured  hn
|.  .   . .    ■
* '
lent lent I
.....      .     . *    .        ...   ;
|    ptilai        '
1    *   '
■ '
lai    iiui    ■:■        iii!      1
lit   : ■ ■
I Iml    tin
t Iii• in caniv ii
■   . ■
■ **      .  ■ *  ■■
\ 1   ■     ■
*     *   1   *   ■      nil
■■■'■**     mil
I la I      *     I '
Mm       nd  inm
.    : . .    ■
'       U'll   I
. I     . \   *
lull iiii t'-itcnt  1
ami '
...     .  *.
Hut I. ui
...     u j red i
11    ■    ii    *    * :
■    • ■
I  int.. I
i       ■'.*■■        :
ti.Mll tl
Upper      n-i  pul
Tl     I'-   H
■   I.   *
■ y  '    ■
Vin it her i
■     1    ■  I
■  :     ■■ ;   i *
'   '
'    '       I       Llli
■ ' i i in
' It to
'     littl
■ I.
. i    .
- .!-*.    I hal   i. onvlt is   Have   Liltl
Desire lo I
j iiuii- was
filled with snow and ice,   thc Fraser valley lay open belowus like a mapandlhe mighty
and   '' b arful was the work ol step
cutting in the ice thai ii wus afternoon before wc had climbed higher
: I -.'.i ii ii i   it*, t.    Thut    northern
. . ' f the peak seemed nnl)' a few
I Ired leet above us when ve turn
ml back fi ir camp.
At a little below eleven thousand
bet 1 hit Phillips in charge ni the
packs nml set oil to cxpli ire a 1 ict li r
route for our next climb. Following
;t ledge around to the west and smith
|(ij.   l]'*]t    n    uiil..      1    r. ,u u. 1,., I    lliu    n.,|-lli-
...      ml Iinil
rd tu I
*        Iheii
n   Ann rn,in   pal ■    *' as id unit   to
,     i                  i ii-
seek the ei i\ t led prize, ainl being
unabli   '     ibtnii n    inii n   ft ir a
pari)', 1 ether :i pack train
of lhn '   '      :     nths
:" - '            ■ ■            ii i-i
'               t ,• *    ■  i   i    •          i  ,      , I' i   nn ni
.1        I I '  ' l   .^'     1*1       Lllll. ..I'll,...
prtivision   and l     Ivh      ilon al me
*    ■
pi ' ' l  Ul' 'lin  . I I I' I   I'   I I     I .' II I I' 'I I I ' 'II   . I 1*  'II'
pi * .ip:*::     ihi   '    tintain,   ..* iping
: ; nipaiiion on  the
Cmintli ill'n ullii - ri larded
tm.    progress,
ly repri      * 1....1    ■•*   '1  1 ....
would   get
11       pnigri     .    :** uses    worn .
stuck   in  1       muskej     .iin!   packs
rn me ..li. il".*.!. *! •■ ..it.* be
.      ised. in  one of whicl    I  nearh
■   ■
■  i   in one of whicl    I  nearlj
i       : le 1 	
At the place ■   I
In 'V* ei*   .11 : A thai 1.1 * .;.    I
fortunali lv fi 11 in w ilh I'. maid
l'hilhn . ., 111 Ontario guiilc
and  pi al
Wi     II •
11- .*       rninl     Paci
Yell, iv Hi the Friisci
llowed   1
fnmi then '
■   -
Eraser was but a liny, crooked thread of silver. Then the
valleys disappeared and we were alone with thc slurs ami
ilm snow white peaks and the grinding avalanches,
Friday, August thirteenth, dawned clear and cold, and
by the time thc sun rose wc were on our way lo the peak:
The many dill's we had to climb were only from ten lo a
hundred teet high, but those hard, smooth, icy slopes
between were tipped al an angle o( from fifty to seventy
degrees. One slip on iln- pari ol eil her of us meant a fearful
slide in death thousands o( feel below.
The storm clouds nl sleet swept down and engulfed us
while we were at little more than eleven thousand feet
altitude. Wc had not enough provisions for anothei' two-
day climb. This was our last possible chance and wc despaired of ever reaching thc peak. Hut h irtunatcly, though
tin* clouds were very dense and cold, bul little snow fell.
Thc storm was a blessing in a way, for though it spoiled our
chance of gelling pictures, it shut oul of view those fearful
sheer sii ipes below.
Iii live hours of steady work we reached the peak.
The clouds broke open for one brief minute, revealing to
us :t wonder world, with the Prascr more than 11,lllll) feet
beneath us: limn the storm swept in worse than ever.
ll took us seven hours to reach our "highest up"
camp, sn dangerous had the softened slopes become on account of the storm, and by the time we reached our camp in
the valley the climb had enst us twenty hours ol hard
work but wc had finally captured Mount Robson for our
country and the Alpine Club of Canada.
< hir provisions were gone, and
we were hundreds of miles from
anything like civilization, We
made the Irip back ..11 whal mountain v.. iphers and small birds we
could pick up, ami the only reason
uhy wc didn't cal hicusts v.as thai
they wouldn't sit still long enough
in be caught. Finally 1 reached
Edmonton on September sixth,
only i" hud lhal Cook and Pi ary
wire monopolizing thc inleresl of
the world, and leaving no room for
such small fry as Mounl Robson
and ine.
11 lv HE never was such a goose.
Hob   suid   he   didn't   believe
there 1 ver was such a gi«ise
eil.     11 - tenderness and llavor,
and . Iieaptn      were themes of
universal   admiration,     liked   out
by apple sauce and mashed pota
lot   .11  was a suliieieiit dinner for
the whole family.    .    .    .Hut now
lhe pi.iii -   being changed by Miss
Hi linda,   Mr .   Crap lit 1   lefl   the
nn un alone    loo nervous to bear
witness      In   lake   the   ptlllllillg   Up
and brim: it in.
Suppose it should not be done
enough'    Supptise ii should break
in lurniug 1 ml'   Sup|  '  * *
All • "r!s . .1 horrors were sup]", ed
I It lh 1! n gn .11 deal of sh anil
The pudding was onl ol the copper.
\ ■ . 11 lh,- a \..i imi" day' That
was ilm cloth, A smell like au
eating lion e ami a pa -In Ci ink's
next door In eaeh other, willi a
laundress' next in lhat' Thai was
the pudding! I11 half a minute
Mrs t'r.iielit-t entered llu In d,
Imi smiling proudly with the
pudding like a speckled cannon-
ball, sn hard an.l linn, blazing 111
hall .a hall a quartern ..1 ignited
brandy, and bedighl with Christmas holly stuck into the top.
tih,   a   wonderful   pudding!
P.* Ii( ral. inl said, ami calmly, too,
that lie regarded ii as tin  greati   I
achieved 1 >y Mis. Crati hct
since  Iheir marria *
Al   he t   the dinmr wa-:
the cloth  was eh-.ne.I. the hearth
'   and   the   lire   made  up
The compound  in  the jug being
1     and     t ..ii* idert-d     pi : -
ipph■■; and oranges wen- put upon
•1"    ialilc   ami   11   shovel   full   ol
Tl t:i *dl the
1 uiul   llll
.   .
Tin ii P.* "A
Mel        I lo   u     all,   m>
.ll lhe 1.11:.il    ■■   - * ' I.
* i . Tin    'l ii  . the last
.     i -I
II   of  1
nine o'ci
|uly 1
1 1 111111   i * * ■       Hnl      Mhi     hei     level
Dickens's Son Says Original Had Habit
nf Fooling Ihe Coachman.
AI fret I Tennyson Dickens, tin  oMc I
un i\ im:   sou   ul   1 he   greal   novelii I
h.i    in 1 arrived in I. Ion from An
India,  where he ha    been for 1 he In 1
fm 1 v live year 1,     He wa   1 wenl \  year
ol age when he lefl  home    I levonshire
Ih'ii 1 .    till to be   ■ en  fm ing   Man k
hone Church.
In lhe course of .111 interview re
gunling In * father's work: . Mi Dii ken
slid '    "  kin   original  ol   1 he  Riven  in
I lurnaby   Ki hi  '   was  one   we   kepi
■ ii Tin isloek I lou '*. nol ils stieec isor
whieh .bed ill Hail's llill The former
lind, I remember, was an intelligent
all hough ul lhe nine lime .1 1 rouble
some 1 iv.11 un* lb- was nn excellent
lingui il. und ' ine nf Ins favorite pa
tune. \\;i. iu ,;ill up ilie eoiielmiaii
ui I In- mn*.I inconvenient hours nf llie
nighl.      ' Tupping,'     i!     would    call,
iii;e.ler wants t he herscs master
wan.*, Ihe , :u 1 iage ' ' Tupping used lo
think 1 lie .i'.iii.. -j ..fn from one >'1
Ik.* 111.11*1 1, und nne nighl In* h.ul a. hi
ullv ,ni ihe hurst*:* inin the earriugc
before di . overing 1 In   deception."
M'-. A.   I.l h 'ken * 'in.' - 11  1   renie
her   In       in Ul ,ther,    who,   howevt 1
he   is  convinced,   was   ihe  original  "i
Mieawber,    lhe    gentleman    who    wa
always    " wailing    fur   something    I
turn   up "    " My   grandmother,   Imw
ever, I en 11 w, II recall," he added. "Shi
v 1 e. .1 Cail's Hill in  imm.    She wa   .
genl le,    i|uii :,   sini] le   lady,   und   hei
character  undoitbtedlv   inspired   I
ui.dl degree lhal  of 'Mrs.Nit kelbv "
London "Standard "
Mi     Meeke    -The   paper    iays   the
: 1*!■■'■ re ' r\ ed in   *n   1 mil     I don'l   11
**. ie   e  1    1 ulge   im tiriiibly pul "ii th
riiliu*.: a p *int until llu* next ila\,"
Mr    \1       'Huh '    Judges have   en
mi* nigh I* • wan! 1 nsull 1 heir wn c
A . i*l.lini',   nil*   nf .in   linglit li bin
ber  who,   w inn  culling   hi    hair,  said
1 .     him
"You   '.i\t*   ,1   1.iii'e   'end,     11      I:
.1 gooil ! hing I** 'live .1 large 'cad, I* 1
large 'cad  means .1  large bruin . antl a
large   bruin   n.   t he   tii" !   11 icful   *
;i   man   ' in    *i\. .  as   il   nourisln
**l   lis*   kill' "
iim     "Hone l\    1     the    besl    :    li
alter  .,11 "
Hill    "How  • "
Iiiii     ' kernel ilier thut  tlog   I
inn     \.
Jim    "Well,   I   Iricd  1 *'.*■ ivhi.lt   *
I"     ell   llilil, lili'l   n .1* ■■'leu *!   1
.1 dollar, so I  wenl. hi,.* a Inu,est  111:11
ami   gave   him   :      ike   old   lady   wh.,:
owned   hum  antl       e gavt
lh*   bill .In*.I   11   h.-t-y   re.I,   her   I
Weill    pit   il   I'.It   .
head   ami   looki * llie   mal
I It    Irellibletl   111   hi     * pet 1 I. .   It*    ■
. :... li.    Yn'i'ri    ittii
"  I   am   g. ling    lo   gel    :
.,     k,*' plaei.d  .,   hand  a    lim
a   I >ul, h 1 li, •   1     ipol    llu
I  wain a wedding
" It   1.  eusiiunary,   nowa   .
ihe pn
h.i\ 1* i lu* materials ' ■! i hi' ea
il h lhe , ailing 1 *i 1 he bridegi
I    *
■ .11 -   .   t' u*   a   ui.111   w h"   hu
ami liv<       ,*  •   :      friend
* 1 ..  paper   pal
pi, 1   , ,   ■   .   ,,:.,|    * ■  on      \\
. .ill::. ■     1 It
I       * j      111'
I    * *      ,   * .'il    want    .:    i
. '■ *  day .1 Si "in li boy ami an I
lish  boy  who liml
lh,   S * 'he smaller
ul   iln    1 .'....   ki r
'Wlm   .'.iri.'1
bk.   ' eil  I
wiped  lb. lis nosi
And I'll 1. ■ hi
,*.| llu* huh " il I.'
kilts  bt * *iu '    : in ir  ft 1 i   .rn
* *   in'" iheir in 1   *
I'ltioil tienlli I    	
.ii  iln i'ii
\ ,\ *. *.     " Wi 11. '   1 lei   * au '    .
1 ,.;...'', "Ah 1      I
nobli    fi II, • li leetotiiali ■
\nvv>       \" in     a tlivei
I:* ml .ml  M ink *      'Ml    Si ■   pplt    i
,   * ■ I'
.    '
pel     lent     I   ill* 1      "Thai     il. *
'*. 1 I
1 :   '   *    *
Mi       \l   ;  |■    p
1       netl iii torrei
.  1, 1:    Inin li one   inula) innn
11   iiinlirella.
I I   . *     ■• ; 1   .,' in '     ihis     1   . lie     '■
I   1 , ..     li   uveretl  a   greal   Inlm
■ I  .il*.',.,        ml   you   ■■' re .1 Renin
l is ii
I * nmrrj   Mi     Hullioi
\*     . : !. ■ i.      ■ nill 111 111    iVIl
■uni iu In •!
II   v*!i   nit use 1
, i brute    "I
n poor "in.m grh   *
I   h. imi. 1 - '
I * 111 v.
|l|ill    .1   imi*
I   I I 1 I*
II t
'Where   are
ymi   going    my   prettj
" I turned if  I  know,  kind    ir,"   die
" May I *." * ..uli \ * ni, my pretl y maid ?"
' \v(     il       i 11 hobble, sir," she said
■' 1 low il • v*'ii walk, my prelIy maid '"
" I ilon'l;   I just I kind sir," -he
" Do you enj      it, my pretty i
"It i   iki lizzv, sir," she       I
•' Y"U ai',* wise -," ihe hi :
mail "
I  lumble lo everytl w,"  she
■' Ihiw   can you 1     I  this fashi m,  my
n  iiii
" Hy stai i* lid
'    \   i\V,    Will    •-    HI ■:'■'"'■
111.tid '"
Ih iw * in I walk 1" the , lum hi
•' I'll   bring ter    ■ iv   prctt;
"Tl  I'll *      *  .*    :
i i*.  *      ::    :     ..    •*■'.'     II    1"   '    '* '
law yer arm ed iu a then 11*
*    ■ kimv      With
in- si mtl   rn friend In irryii
■ '' '    '     negroi
M ....        lean   uegi
will. Pythian tl fafi.egi
11,],1   Eellt
IhmetHls   etnbl
.. ....
. row I iii greal tenieni
V. *       Wh  '   in
I lil n't
*     ' ' iitelligenl
vm;::'  * by the v
romir.eiil i       innl
"Tom, ' isioii for all thi
• nii i     ro  laughed
\    . * *      *
i'l'   '
Miss M.nul Allan      il      liniu-i
: ■■•*■■.
*      ■ •    '    •  :       :    >   ■
, * ■ ■     For
"A '   :
*  : ■ ear her
-   .-       flu
■ *    :
. i    * -    ml     iti : •
Ik*    mei     \\  Ikinsm
" ' I     I '
■ r ill New
Vi .i     *   '                   ng story at hi
n English
: t vein
• 'All i id the t     :..
lit- i:
I told ;    i Ihi
. *  ■ ■■ If ;
■■I rd.     lie looked
I * *   '      '
I'allii lard I told
nileil that tin
■     ■ e takei
', tl ..I.*1, luir-
le lie retui
II,    , I.    lie benl over
11*. \
■   .■ ■      11   has
me h    * '"1      I hm n : *     H.
Mt    \* *    ri
To impi n
■    lhe i
*,  llle
Wi   *   Pliiliulel
phi.i  •
.   [iu, i" carry
■ *     room
km in tin* hall he tl felt. - „
V* *   ■ ml iln* boy
-   . i-oiitd
lo il pn ai.   "I .in. ienl
I er was takei
ly   illoi ketl     She
il  1   * ■ -.ilk mi
the    ubji   '   "I   pn 'km*. I
, nth  'lul *,*.: ui.iki* iln* ri.'lil iinpn  isioii,
!,,*   llllll   , "in hnl, 'I.   l In    I   *
,*1,1, ,|  to hi r ui i • .iiiiii,iii- by e.xi I mu
li  ■       "I   ,mi    "irv   I     wore    "..iiiiiii.i,
|,„t I forgo! ii - uul i*
Tin* negro boy  wa    up for ilu
uharge of i lm kei
Tin     unu    ih.    inngislrtiti     '
appi-.ll   I"  iln*   bo        I   '
e hen     Un i.l In   lo tin
* i 1 i   been ue
niaiiy tiiiie-i foi
Ah 'I'.ii'l   Me*
\lk     nnil    n
■ **     '
I'hei lon'l        id     li hii
'  in i In  11 *lu   * , *.    "il
,\h  li.i     li" ■' 'I    uu   1*
Ih<     iki  I        earnesll
Ah  lia. sullenly showed
bul    In      itinehoH    keep     gel ling
, .ui.*lii   id dose i In. i ■
Nflt$ (Morals of Inglmtb
The Builder.
A though! i   like a   ••
The luiiltler finds e h. ing !■ * *-,*
Where. In- design ur nol
Ami lake       :   r his use
I le   lm pes il ln*n* in i   hi
lb- pure   u thill   ■* * *:*    il
To lil
Tin* pl.-u i* lu   r*. *    eleci    for il
And   a   iin  nii   .ni,*    *
Th.* larger builder'    thought
I Ic   lintl
ihem nil,
I'nlil, at lasl   *   ■      li
Ik.     plelldltl    truei ■:■*   ■
Ik k* kl :■       .      nil tl
lu iigining I hal ':   I or Fate
II favi *n 'I him « ith
< ir special talen!    I      real,
Wh it he 1
Strewn  ill ui   in
And wailing i*. be u eil in
Thev • .ill 1  *      *     '
"You    -..mi Ik:      : li    liill    mil I 1]
'I ther!    When  hi
we'll   v. ipe, in *.*. iti     irknu isters!
Ihi'    A\ .nu,:!"
Tin   nighl  w       lark, I
Still, in   Ihe two hi
silence iln* unwar
W;i   there no voice to wan
impel  ling do      -
Sih*ni ,*      ,*, ,*  for  the Hearing  I
\       ,   ,;.,;,. . ..     .... |
fool ■: ■ : I
" H:]l, did yer
" Vus!  An  'e's got nu    *  *
mi Iln*   idi* "i 'hi* iaw '      Arf i   ■
" An'   i*    near kin eked i I
und   ii"i   lurnin'  a   'air  ':■'."'    Smm
blessed prize lighter, I'll 1
And. I., thi, i! |d Mi
June, has no su       ion fi
fate   ili'*    iiildeu  '.
* nil Iiim
1 im . ible ' Ilil Cent (1 I girl wl
hn -  . *  "
into people like that\
he.'  your pardon
Cirl    There worn't i. i neetl      1 I
whal  you   a
Ily  ih,* extraortliiian   cuntorl
her neck, he , "in ludeii   ilu 11    -
in i;,*i ii glimpse of the I
blouse . by the tense lim
uie.  Iln h .I1** ml   her lips, In
ihu:  her mouth was hill *■! pii
"L'niph    im"!
" (Juite ■•*. my deal
luuk, very  nk i
"i lull"   'wm:        **■    .-      ; '
ighl   - " her m    t rei
" I', rliaj
did thnl." In* nodded 	
nn ely .,    i:  i
Shi   . ■ ; * *:    ■  '* ' .   '    ini
her hand
•• p..,     isketl  you  twin    I     • tl
blinds,   s,,   ihut    I.e.***      *•     light
Jiimi i   i I'iin't
nii'il*'* land  plaii    I
Oltl Hi,mil In*   '
cut up for tin      '     inal
win, h ihi".  wantetl I
it v lour.'      ITley sen!
*    *   '*	
1   ■
wenl ilown     " Win nil
-    ■: ■•        I  turned  I
' There     ..*.    1    il
ii Inst   ,1
V report
' Per nil
nl.i  Liuly    1
■i .   ..    *
l'i,     ■ ■ ' *
.        \ ■    ■ tin; pas-
eiijier trail
' ■
:             .....
trail 11 meai
"is I
I leeply I I. tIn
paid hillings I
" Vi
r.-iv i
A Youthful Advertiser.
II. the! figun    and
felt theii
It    I      heart
in tried
•    :.:. :     it        il Tl e
■   '    t  threatened  I
... ind the ] rev
... then, i iid
I'm  lost
PI ■ me to Ml Hii
'     ■       : '
I stoik of in         tings in,
.i      .    ,     . *    . per I     n an
.      n the
li     n E: ■       .*■•'■■     *     •   1
.... .   .. ,.
etl al
....     iVjjj,
'         ' t'nllel
anil thut:
'    '-.-*' .   ■ iitrvmai
■   '
•   '   - —      W   "      * "'     Mv
■    '
' '
• ■  ■
■   :
man  foi
■    *      * .
■ ti„.                ■■**.,
■ *     *      llle."
■   *
llted  1
■ *
...         .           .ely,
■ ill
n iv. v
'*'.     ■
- 1
•' i
...     . * . .
...              :
...                      ...
:.'- .           .:■■*
■ * i
-      -
-  ■   *
t...l                 fa
-.*  *
tar.'l, my di             id
y you
1            *                 :
■    *
did i. ■
II   ■
■ .,
' tl
:       [ettu
V Hei    - *   ■
......    ..... THE    MAIL-HERALD,    REVELSTOKE,   B.   C.
A Season ot the Living and the
Living Dead
Tomorrow is Christmas Day, the
great festival looked forward to by
young an I old. Years puss by rap
idly to bc sine and it seems but ycs-
i.-i-.lay Bince the Christmas of 1909
was being celebrated with gifts nn.l
cards, since friends were wishing each
other all the g 1 things ol the season ami youngsters were dreaming of
.Santa Clans Hiul his treasures, Bince
tin- nhl, old story nl Bethlehem was
being told in every church, since the
family gathering hailed Christmas as
the brightest day of all the year.
What memories are awakened by
tne word. How men's thoughts wan
der back over nearly 20\l0 years and
see once gain the crib where was
cradled in lowliness that wonderous
tiie who has hern fur nil these intervening centuries such a power among
the sons nf men. moulding their
thoughts, refininK their feelings, elevating their ambitions, stimulating
in every way their varied energies,
an.l awakening ns well ns retaining
among their countless myrnhls a
love which many waters could never
.pieneh, which fur multitudes hns
turned prisons into vestibules of
heaven, made tortures welcome ami
death itself, evell in its most repulsive form, an obedient servant. and
valued  friend.   This  is   the    greatest
■ .' all festivals. It stands solitary yet
honored and revered by all, by the
ruler the statesman and the peasant,
but myraids who think little or no!
at all about what Christmas tells of
Bethlehem's wonders er of tin- inlin
:te variety of circumstances and feelings in which men have given thanks
to Heaven fur the angel's message,
will yet tin,! Christmas Day one of
the most notable days of this yenr.
Memory will he busy, ns they repeat
"Christmas has eome back." The
shadows of former Christmases will
use from the buried past. The then
nn 1 now will stand side by side. The
voices of long ago will bebeard, faces
that have long been dust will again
put u:i beauty ami affection. In
ninny cases there will be felt some-
thing "like the touch of a vanished
band." The old, old days will reappear. Who shall say how many
hard and hard experienced men and
Women   ■•',   the   world   will     expi   I
at such a season more than one
touch ,.' strangely unwonted tenderness ' II, w many steel cold eyes
will havo at least the wonderous :*,e
tism ol tears. In any case multitudes by the Christmas memories ol
Christ's history and their own have
found themselves strengthened ami
rage I amid :.',,>'< work and cares
ai.d have already been helped tu
' rise ti the stepping si- nes * f their
•••■a I s* Ives to higher things," and
they w;ll contini..   ■ -,    in    years
to come. Christmas, whatever may
be the *. ar ■ ' pinio - about tin.
rner.> lay ,-,!-..I whether or tii ( :r was
th- .-. ■ on which Chr -; was
has eome with multit ides I be a
Season     '   m  r:   ■ *..•-    --.. •    ,     _•       (nI*
'••    tbe ; ast, in I .-.•■
* ta                  -. ■    ind fa
-'  : i - ■■               .-      -     it
■ ' fall ■ .,■ ■   .,
6tSnd.        Vi : ,     ...
i :.:. stmas    will t
force il
'    *
t   of  1 ':     :-
■■ mi moral ind     en   odled
■ ■   •
inadi   mai ;•* ■
Is There a Santa Claus?
No S an td
r.a i,  tb re  is a  I inl *   Clans    thank
The world I    Q leed     be
I  .               ■    n It. is true    that
* ea  ;; it  al »aj    wear  a ■
md drive a ndcei      team —
• .   '■■■.'■     j lent ■•■■   but      what
•  ■:.:,'•• r?     He I    Santa *   a
tig,     Christmas
that; Santa ' la *    vlth
lbe kind tb    .-* ■    foi  •■ * • i *    ne thai
: * '       :...-., a :     .,*       ;.     ;.!■
beam with bappinesn all day long.
* ■. I .-hall I mil y.ui a secret
which I did not Icai n at the po I
. " * * . t Is true all I be . ame —
,.f how ymi can always bc nro yo n
letten .-- '    b m   tralght     by   tbe
mncy route?     It Is th Send
along with  tht-m n  friendly    thought
;*,:  the boy you don't like; for Jack
who punched yon, or Jim who was
mrnn to you. The meaner he was
tli- harder do you resolve to mnke it
up; not to hear Ilim a grudge. That
is the stamp for the letter to Simla
Nobody can stop it, not even a cross
draught in the chimney, when it has
lhat   on.
Because—don't you know. Santa
clans is the spirit of Christmas;'and
ever mil ever sn many years ago
wh ui the dear little Baby wns born
after whom we ™ll Christmas, and
was cradled in the manger mit In tho
stable because there was nol room
in the in, tba! Spirit came Into
the world tn soften tlir lienrts nf
men and make them love nne another. Therefore, that is the mark
nf the Spirit of this day. Don't let
anybody or anything rub it out.
Then the rest dosen't matter. Let
them tear Santa's white benrtl off nt
th' Sunday Bchool festival and growl
n lis bearskin coat. These are only
les disguises. The steps of the real
Santa Clans you can irare nil
through the world as yon have done
hue with me, nn.l when you stand
in the Inst of his trnrks you will
lind the lllessed Babe of llethh hem
smiling a welcome to you. For
thin  yon  will  be home.
i'h, Revelstoke, the home of the good
and th.' brave,
You've now got to hustle,  your sal.
ary to save;
Km   winter  is on and  the chinks they
alf  few,
An.l  you'll need ail your dimes      to
buy something to chow,
Vour soil  is the richest are  the  pas-
Bing remarks,
Fm- enriching T.  Katun an I all  Kast
ern  sharks.
Doa't get  fooled, but  you're    paying
as  heavy  a  price,
For  your  gowns  and  your  garments,
your raisins un.l rice,
As   ynll-,1   pay   nil   tilt'     Hour   nf     your
own city Btore,
Sn please .1,, be  loyal an I  wan 1, i   in,
T.  Katun  seems cheap  iu  -nine  t nlles
nf   L'Uuds
In bark number  bats  uu I a few sta; le
Hut   in      quality  tin,',    such   as    solid
good   suits;
In the feminine  hn*'.    . :
men's   h, ots;
When  vnu  figure the stamps  an 1    ex
press nn y* mr .- iwi
Vmi  will lin I you ca
in your  town
T.  Eaton is canii},  hi -
Inl     yen'
lien;* ■   -•   fl
\    :   •
, -   -   -
-■    , . .    . ■
ray  1
*   *
Christinas Superstitions
fnunt I'dal
id sl
■ •
lis future
A   I'llllh/I \l A      ,   ■        .MT
I ,    Fa th and    H    e tht I  will
:   agree
Bul  ul! manh Ind  . coneei n
Columbia   River Traffic   Bridge
Eva Lake, Victoria Park
Spray Falls.  Canyon Creek. Jordon Pass
Above  Im" Clouds,  Columbia Valley
hittle Ethel   Mamma    •■  i n I
,•"      ,, il,   .... Imi .* doc III   ,-"
Mi I, Oaylol d I don'l km. ■ d.*ar,
Vnu might UH well link me .lii.
your father goes when lie goei out.
Jordon River Trail
The Garden City ot a Great and
Fair Province
The largest in I must progressive
eiiy, as well as the most important
.livi.it. nil innl, nn the main line
nf the IM'.lt. bel weiii Calgary and
Beautifully situated, amid characteristic moiinta n i nvii'oiimeiit, nt,
lhe junrtitui of th- lllecillewaet river
with  the  Columbia  river.
Population over four thousand.
Municipally owned water, light,
nn I electric power plants.
Modern sewage disposal system
just  completed.
The most up-to-date system of
street lighting  in the Province.
Continuous (twenty-four hour) tele-
: h  ne  mil  electric  light service.
All forms of summer ami winter
sports thoroughly organized.
Opera House, Electric Theatre,
Roller ami Ice Kinks.
Up-to-date stores wiih modern, well
select ed   storks.
Streets honlevanleil ainl planted
with   irees.
A   splendidly  equipped   Y.M.C.A*
Public and High Schools second to
n  ii'  in  the  Province.
Churches of all denominations.
All Important places in Uritish Columbia more eon .fluently reached
from Itevelstoke tin n from any other
one point in the Province.
Seven incoming, end the same mini
her of outgoing passenger trains
Five Incoming, au 1 the same number  of outgo'ng  mn Is daily.
Di op h-tt r-boxes at. practically
every other street corner. Collections twice daily.
Magnificent natural resources of
timber, minerals, fruit uiul farm
Value of building operations completed or actually i ndrr way for the
half-year ending June SO, 1910, approximately n quarter of a million
Excellent opportunities for investment and for the establishment of
new   industries.
Revelstoke hns the finest mountain
environment of any city in Canada.
The peaks vary in lieu lit from -S.OOO
to 10,1100 feet. Mi ny of them are
glacier hung, and nearly all are snow
tapped  throughout the year. For
those who love the mountains, thc
eonsti nt changing o'. tin' lights and
liudnws is a source of never ending
last'inatii ll.
A walk, ride, drive or wheel up thc
Hi,: Demi road will bring the tourist
into beautiful BCenery, while those of
the practical temperament will nt
once realize the enormous water pow
er available on all sides (or industrial purposes. Among these are
Jordon Creek and Can/on Creek,
both tributaries of the Columbin
river. Spray Kails, just near the
mouth of Canyon Creek iii a gem of
artistic beauty,
.lust back of the railway station
lies Mm ii, Revelstoke, ami mi its
summit, nlu.ut four in,les from the
city, Ins Victoria lark, nt an ele-
vniiiui nf from live iii .seven thous-
nII I   feet   above  sea level.
Ties park, consisting of about
ive thousand acre», is without doubt
the lineal natural park possessed by
any city hi the world, its surface
is varied Alpine meadows dotted
with elumps nf shapely dark green
balsams, rushing mountain tm rents,
and waterfalls, qtllel bikes, deep ra*
.iin-. mil. Ioi* about a int.nth or
sn weeks in the nml lie uf summer,
in,ii.Iii li ami hundreds nf aires of
ihe mosl  beautiful flowers.
Iln !, west, north and smith. nre
iiidlf :- attractions tin lovers of na-
lurc iml Revelstoke call claim lo bn
iin- scenic centre nt ihe Province of
Uritish  Columbia,
In  ih   i   modern days nf the siren
iioiiH life, when naiun' demands rest,
we  Would,  wliiii  the season  Is      new
.md   ih.'  glorious summer     enthral'*
everyone, give mir counsel     in     the
.* ..I its ..I Longfellow
"If thou me wmn nn.l hard beset,
With  sorrow thai  thou would'st lor-
I    thou   Wotlld'sl   (..-id   a  lesson    that
will  keep
'llu   heart  from fainting     and     tby
■" il from llsep
0u to tie wuyJii BB--1 IliUp-"
Keeping Christmas
It is a good thing lo observe
( hristmns Day. The mere marking
of times and seasons, when men
nitree (o stop work and make merry
together, is a wise ami wholocomo
riislotu. It helps one to feel the
supremacy of the common life over
the Individual life. It reminds , n
man to set his own little watch, now
and then, by the ureal, clock of
humanity  whieh  runs on sun time.
Hut there is n better thing than
the observance of Christmas Day,
and that is. keeping Christmas.
Are you willing to forget what
you have done for other people, ami
to remember what other people have
done (or you; to ignore what the
world owes yon, and to think what,
you owe the world; to put yonr
rights in the background, and your
duties in the middle distance, aiid
your chances to do n little more
thnn .vour duty in the foreground;
lo see that your fellow men nro just
as real as you are, and try to look
behind their faces to their hearts,
hungry (or joy; to own that probably the only good reason (or your
existence is not what you are going
to get, out o( li(c, but whatyou aro
going to give life; to close your
book of complaints against thc man
agement of the universe, and look
around you for a place where you
ran sow a lew seeds of happiness—
are you willing to do these things
even (or a day? Then you can keep
Are you willing to stoop down and
consider the needs ami the desires 0[
little children; to remember the
weakness and loneliness of people
who are growing old; to stop asking
how much your friends love you,
nn.l ask yourself whether yon love
them enough; to bear in mind tho
things that other people have to
bear on their hearts; to trim your
lamp so thnt it will give more light
and less smoke, nml to carry it in
front so that your shadow will (all
behind you; to mnke a grave for
your ugly thoughts, and a garden
for your kindly feelings, with the
gnte open—are you willing to do
these things even (or one day! Thcu
you can keep Christmas.
Are you willing to bellsvo that
love is the strongest thing in tho
world—stronger than hate, stronger
than evil, stronger thnn death —
and that the blessed life which began
in Bethlehem nineteen hundred
years ago is the image and brightness of the Eternal Love? Then
you enn keep Christmas.
Who comes dancing over lhe snow,
Ilis little soft feet all     hare     ond
Open the door, though the wild windB
Tnko the child  in mid  make     him
Take him iu antl hold him dear.
He is the wonderful  New Year.
Open your heart,  Ik'  it sn.l  or gay,
Welcome him there     nnd use      Ilim
For you must carry  him,  yen or nay
Carry   him with shut eyes  ku blindly
Whether he  hi ingeth  joy or (ear,
Take   him;  (iod  sends      him,      this
good   New   Year.
When the sidewalk's lined with cedar
and   the  holly  berries  gleam,
And the merry Christmas shoppers
seem to form an endless stream,
Ami the small boy's in his glory with
hii nose pressed  to the pane
of the dazzling toy window where old
Santa Class doth  reign,
Then It's Christmas—yes, it's Christ
mas—and you feel  it in the air,
And you seo it in the faces down
along thc shopping square;
And the mistletoe and cedar lead you
far and far uway,
And remind you of a caller Hint is
due on Christmas Day—
A caller that will reach you no matter where you roam,
That's your good old auiiusl visitor
"tb? vbri«»M bv» irvij j^ii.


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