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The Mail Herald Apr 19, 1911

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 {  ->
"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation'and
perfection in   results  it is
unsurpassed,     l'ricej, $(IOl
Interior Pubhsnmg.Co., Ag's.
The Ms>i
?IA, •'
Visiting Cards
| Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 17—No. 29
REVELSTOKE. B. C. A PillL  1!), 1911
$2.50 Per Year
; l
Hardware Co. Lid
awrence Hardware
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
-Toronto, Ontario.
5 S30.000.00
^^^^^      Head Otflco
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Reserve -   B
Branches 'ir Agents at all principal points in^Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. -Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seat tie National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date ot deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
They build up and permanently enrich ihe soil. The greatly increased returns will ptove a profitable investment.
Anj system of agriculture which dots not preserve the fertility uf
the soil and increase it when low, is not scientific and nut ^uod hust-
ness. If your land is rich keep it rich by using Bums' Complete Animal
Call i>r send for uur pamphlet on Fertilizers which describes how to
use them.
p. ^urns $ Company. <£td.
'':■ a
Children's Straw Hats
A Shipment just to hand
of Straw Hats. All sizes,
all shapes, all prices.
Mrs. A, G, Crick, • First Street
Garden Seeds
The fresh stock of Garden Seeds we are ntTering
you is reliable. OidetB taken for timothy clover and
other hulk seeds.
John  McIntyre & Son
Small Army of Men Will be
Employed Here in Addition
to Regular Employees
There are big things in tho alt tor
Revelstoke trom more sources than
ono. In those columns sunn' time
agowe tui.i ..I from    .>ij ...i. ii      to
.i.,; ,i n laid mm*Ii' by the C. P. K.
for Improvements ot the mountain
suction. A prominent railroad official has brought the mattei closer tu
home by informing thc Mall-Herald
that there is to he a great deal ol
money spent right here in the Revel
Btoko yards. "There will he all the
money spent here that we can lind
the men to do the work for," Baid
he, "and Kevelstoke yards will he
a busy  place."
Amu|ig the proposed improvements
will he the extension of the yards to
the east, as at present they are found
to he altogether too small for thj
amount of work required to be don.'
there. "We cannot go west," be
said, "or we will butt into the ciiy,
so wo will have to go east." Just
what the amount of the extensions
arc or what they will cost has not
yet been ascertained, but it is believed there will he a meeting of the
mechanical men of the road hero on
May lai, when all the plans will lie
under consideration. These it is
believed  are already made out.
Then too, it is proposed to raisj
the yard trackagc at least two feet,
as at present they are found altogether too low, What this will cost
or how many men will be required
has not been ascertain;.-.!, but it is
ijuitc certain the cost will run well
into the thousands and a pretty good
army of men required for the work.
District Engineer, Here on Saturday, Decided on Location
Capt. Lindsay, district engineer Ior
the Provincial government, was in
the city over Sunday, looking to the
welfare of the R.M.R's, and as a result of his visit it is quite probable
that the local regiment of the R. M.
R.'s will  get a new rifle range.
Will the local company get this
range was asked Capt.  Lindsay?
"Ob, yes; I have no doubt aboul
that," he replied.
Where will it be he was asked?
"Ob well, perhaps it would not be
well to make any definite statement
as to its location, but we have almost definitely decided upon it."
Capt. Lindsay also looked over the
drill hall and decided that the iron
railings on the roof which had been
torn away by the winter's snows,
must l>e repaired at once, and this
will  be done.
Mr. Gordon is Agent tor the
King George Coronation Fund
AU the Georges, and Marys too for
that matter, in this constituency will
be given a chance to contribute tu
the King George -Coronation fund,
as Mr. Robt. (iordon has been nppointed agent for that fund in this
riding. In fact every government
agent In every riding is empowered
to accept donations for this fund.
While Mr. Gordon's commission
simply state's that he is to accept
donations Irom thc Georges, still lie
stalls be is Hot averse to collecting
from the Marys if they are loyal
enough to come forward with their
free gilts. Sums of [rom live cents
up  will   be  accepted.
Pupils ot Mrs. H. McKinney
Perform Before Large Audience
Quite a large audience tumid out
last night iu Selkirk ball to tbe
Schuman elub concert given by lh'
pupils ot Mrs. Herman McKinney and
found it decidedly worth their while.
The little' embryo musicians, varying
*,n gnuIrs Iron) those who had been
tickling the ivory keys for years to
those who have practically just start
ed, all did remarkably Well, ami
showed just what diligent training
mi i careful application can do. Little
tots whose tiny legs strut bed themselves   vainly     io   reach the pedals
smilingly      played  their  little  pieces,
aud in turn gave way to other tiny
tots, while scattcrcd here and thoro
throughout the program were a number of selections hy advanced pupils
which were splendidly executed.
In touch, style, accentuation nnd
expression nil the pertormers Bhowed
considerable aptness, some of course
more thnn others, according to torn
porament, and on the whole tho pro
gr„in was very interesting ami entertaining.
Ii would lie invidious to especially
mention nny one of the pupils who
performed, much as the Mall Hci'iiM
Would like to, owing to the various
gradations of training of tho large,
class.      However,   there,  woro      ninny
of the   pupils of    whom tins paper
would like lo say much.
The ba.11 was very niceh decorated
for the occasion.
Synopsis of Closely Contested
Competition on Y. M. C. A.
Bowling Alleys
'I'll' interesting bowling tournament
which has been goin» on through the
winter months at the Y.M.C.A., is at
an end, and the results which have
been looked forward to with considerable interest have been completed,
and are presented herewith.
'lhe game this past winter has attracted more attention than ever be-
lore, and has been given an
impetus by the infusion of a number
of good players.
As will be seen Irom the scores below, the Corley House won the highest team percentage and 11. Mason, a
member of the C.P.R; team secured
the highest individual score, with W.
Stone for the Corley house a closo
The following arc the names ot
those making the highest single individual scores:—-H. Mason. 2'.l'2; W.
Stone, 222; O. Carson, 2(fe, A. Black,
21)9; G. Rannum, 206; S. H. Munro,
204; A. E. Rose, 202; H. D. Munroe,
202; W.  Robertson, 200.
p.    w.    1.  p.c.
Corley   House 1*5   It      -i     733
Business      Men     7     5     2   .714
0.    T.    R 16     8     8   .500
Dent's     15     7     8   .466
J.  B.  C 13     5     8   .384
V.   M.   C.   A 16     5   11   .313
H. Mason of the C.P.R. team besides having the high'st individual
score comos out on top on the averages beating J. Palmer of the Business Men by a small margin, thereby winning both prizes, an.l the Corley House win the cup.
The following is the result    of
different teams work:
C. P. R.
In.     Pins     Av. T. .
Mason  30      4S34      161
Munro    3'J       5S86       151
Roe  30       1331       141
Rai.uuni    45       6416       143
Maxwell     S      1273      141
C.    Palmer  ... 12      1574       141 146
.1.   Palmer    24      3861       161
Bqaurebi'lggfl   27     8518      130
.Mellon,,Id   21       2721       130
Hume    6        782       180
Foote    27      32H       119
McRae  21     2»3li      114 130
Carson  15      2218       148
Bti lr    12       5S77       140
Munroe   86      4946      138
I OOBoh    3'J       5325       136
Knight 45      6024      134
Stortz  42      5881       128 137
J.  B. C.
8amson  69     5875      151
Anderson    86       4968       138
Samson  33     4347     132
Corley    89 50116 131)
Lyttle  80 3««2 1*29
Cameron     15 1813 121 133
Hose   45 67*88 151
Robertson   45 5966 133
Heard  42 5406 131
Pati'isotl    27 3522 130
Connolly       27 3483 129
McDonald   89 4604 118 132
Y.  M. C. A.
Massoll    27 3955 146
Thomson  48 6292 131
Kerr  21 2723 130
Black    23 3121', 130
Veith    18 2280 127
Qreonwood    ...21     2530     120 I30
Victoria, April 16.—Captain   A. A.
.Sears, master of the steamer Iroquois, which foundered oil Mondny laHt
ofl Sidney with the loss of twenty-
one lives, Was arrested this evening
by provincial police oitieers on a
charge   ot  manslaughter.
Th? arrest was alfeeted at Sidney,
and Bears was brought to Victoria,
where he was liberated on $20,000
bail, $10,000 each hy Ilis solicitors,
Messrs. Elliott and Sbandley,
Court of Revision has Thirty-five
Kicks to Deal With—Some
Chopped in Two
No less than thirty-live kicks greeted the. Court of Revision on the As-
sesstaetll Rolls which met in the
city hall last night, un.l ns a result
of thnt. body's work Hie assessment
of the city was reduced practically
The work of adjusting these differences was somewhat todlOUS, but, in
terspersed with various little differ -
dices ol opinion its the meeting vies,
its monotony wns somewhat, relieved.
Of these thirty-live kicks only eleven
were considered anyways serious nu I
some liberal reductions were na.le,
while tlie other 24 will just havo lo
divvy up to the amount of the original nssessment.
The biggest reduction granted was
on the Molsons Bank building which
Mr. Assessor said was worth IIS.JOO
for assessment purposes. The Molsons
Ban1*; objected and Mr. Assessor balked down to the extent of $1500. This
was the lgrgest reduction in amount
but in proportion to the original assessment there was one bigger, l'hat
was on old St. Andrew's ih'irch,
which was originally assessed nl
$2,000, but ths kick came aud tho
ollicial axe fell chopping that assessment clean through the middle, so
that now it stands at $1,000.
Here are thc results of the kicks
nnd  the Court of Revision:
Horace Manning's store and building reduced from $2,500  to ll OoO.
Robert (Iordon, 'lots 1 a'ld 2, buck
35,  from $2500 to $2,1511.
Frank Bourne, lot 7, block 23, ttom
$:»00 to $1500.
Mrs. K. G. Bourne, house at il build
ing, from $2,000 to $1,800.
Mrs. Frank Bourne, lots 5 and 6,
block 43, from $3,C00 to $2,500.
Old St. Andrew's Presbyterian
church, from $2,000 to $1,000.
C. P. R. lire hose building from
$1,500  to  $1,200.
MolBons Bank building from $1S,-
000 to $16,500.
P. Burns & Co., n 5 ft., 16, 17 and
!'■'. block 24, from $1,600 to $500.
A. F. I.un.leH's house from $:,2d0
to $1,000.
Mrs. Ma.ldock kicked on a certain
building whicli was assessed too high.
Court decided that it should bc exempt if torn down.
Reported They Will be Called for
to be in May 23rd
Although no official confirmation "f
the report hns yet hcen received, it.
believed that tenders for the new
Provincial Court House will be called for to bc in by May 23rd, nil.I
that the contract for the same will
he lei  June  1st.
According to information nt hnnd,
the new building will approximate tn
cost closer to $100,0*00 than the
$75,000 estimated lor the. building,
and the location will be just a little
to the enst ol the present Innl,lim-.
The plans nre not yet to hand, Imt
the report that the teudcrs will 1)0
called for is indication that the plans
must be prepared and in the hands
of the Provincial Public Works Department. The building, if all reports are true, will bc one of the
best of its kind in the province as
Mr. Thos. Taylor has been very
careful to see that the plans prepared would ensure in overy way a
structure    that    would     do      ample
justice to the estimated importance of this constituency in his
Dominion Sawmills get into Handsome New Office Building
'rhe   Dominion   Sawmills, Limited,
on   Mondaj   Inst   tnoved   over       from
iheii  old quarters beside the  Revel
stoke Menl  Murket  to their new oflloe
building,  which  in  itsell  is  one       of
the   mosl complete     and up-to-date '
buildings     that con  be  found     anyplace.
The structure, which hns been put i
up in record time by Mr. Benjamin,;
superintendent of the construction de-1
partml nt of the company, is hand-j
snmely fitted up with red cedar trim- j
mings nil through. It abotinds in'
private otlices, stenographers offices j
and offices for the heads of all de-
partracnte, while on the second flat I
is oue ol tbc brightest and cheeriest'
A carload oi Sherwin-Williams Paints just put into
stock. This includes everything in the painting line for
outside or inside work.    Stains, Varnishes, Enamels, etc.
Good paint costs little if anv more than poor paint.
We carry the besl that is made, therefore be sure that your
Paint comes from our Store.
A full assortment o( Alabastine, Furniture Polishes,
Paint Brushes, Step Ladder1 and everything necessary for
I louse-cleaning time.
Bourne Bros.
,Groceries,  Hardware, Stoves,  Plumbing
Swift's Blofid and Bone fertilizer
To increase yeur yield of Harden Pro
duce, Fruits, Etc., Etc.
lievelstoke Meat Maket, Ltd.
High Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 251                                                     P. O. Box 181
Housewife's Favorite Brands
Robin Hood Flour
Jacob's Dublin Biscuits
Bell Blend Tea
Bell's No. I Java and Mocha Coffee
P. O.  Bex 208
Phone No. 23
V en
CB 2.
t/> ""••
—• co
3 <
<n 2.
ce tn
Lots in City of Vancouver
fi -
.if .I i tun tr rooms that can l>e Imagin
.•il. Kitchen, pantry, retrigerator
nn,I ii'i' boUM nn' nl'i'iirtcnanccK tu
this kitrlion Uhuh arc all at the
leaf nl th.' second Hat. Thc front
part is occupied hy suites and private sleeping compartments, while the
top Hat is alsn devoted to sleeping
Compartment*, In all there are fll-
teen bedrooms in the building, which
will nil In'  used hy ihe office help.
Thc main office of thc compBny is
at thc hack of the lower Moor and is
ho elaborately arranged aa to l>e
conducive only to the vciy be t ol
work. Thc front of the building will
he decorated with an electric Hign.
40 (eat by lb leet, containing   about
■0   electric    lights    formed     In tho
'shape of  "The     Dominion  Sawmills.
'and      Lumber    Limited,    Red    Cedar
IQuality."      It  is expected    that    the
office stall will he moro than doubled
Million Dollar Deal
It is reported nn good authority
; that the Dominion Sawmills & Lum-
Iber Limited, purchnsed the timber
interests' ,,f the Rogers Lumber Co.,
I of tin* iikanacan on Saturday &t an
'estimated value of over a Million
1 dollars.
It r«* good bargains in wall paper
to clear ..ut, at Macdonald's
, store.
£bc flDaiMbcialfc
Siucnof puMtsbing Company,
Legal notices iu cents per line lirst
lUoertiuu, ii cents per line each
subsequent insertion, Measurements Nonpariel 112 lines ukisu
one inch.> .Store uud general
business uun*juue*.uienis $2.aU pel
inch per oiouth. i'releiied positions,      21      per cent,  udditiuu.il.
Births, Marriages aud Deaths, 50c
each insertion.
Land uoiKta -JLot). All advertisements subject to the approval ol
the management. Wanted and
CoUdeusfd Advertisements : —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
uatious wanted, Situations Va
cant, Teachers Wanted, .Mcchiin.es
A anted, 2it «ords or less, 25c,
eacu addiiiuuul liuo lu cents.
Changes il siaudiug advertise
ments must be In hy u a. in
Tuesday aim Friday ol each ween
to secure good (iispiuy.
CORRESPONDENCE invited on mut
ters ol public interest. Com
mumcations to Editor must hi
accompanied by name of writei
not necessanly Ior publication
but as evidence ol good taith
Correspondence should be brief.
For 30 Days Only
with Bsthroom Complete and
Furnace, centrally located on
First Street for
Including  postage  to England,   Unit
ed States aud Canada.
By the year tthrough postotlico) %'2.fti
JOB     PRINTING promptly eiecutei
at reasonable rates.
TEHMS—Cash.     Subscriptions    pay
able in advance.
Cbe MaillbevaU)
5-Rcomed House
$1,250   CASH
7|* j   ii Centrally   Located   mi   First
"hooined uousb i   inn. u.
sale for
£2,100   CASH
li you .iir looking lor n house *".i" -uul wc
mny hi'lp you secure ono ot those properties on
Friday, April 21st, 1911
8:30 P. M.
i Undei' direction of Mrs. McVity)
The Hevelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
On Monday afternoon a meeting ..1
employers,    employees an.l c.cry.... ...
interested  is called  io consider      t.i.
matter  of a  ball  holiday during    lh.
summer      months.      Now   that       ih
warm   weather   is  so  nose   at    h.n i,
naturally  those  interested in     sport*;
are beginn.ng to get a Utile  uneasj
and would im*.* to know just what to
expect—whether  to iook Ior  a      hall
holiday, a short woik day during tue
summer months, or whether to      expect nothing more than     ordinarily.
Thii .-  *-bat the meetlug is     called
tor,  an 1  the  dec..-,on arrived  at      at
this  meeting   is expected   to   be  linnl,
and settle the matter tor tins Beason
at least.     Everybody interested     is
asked to be at the meeting and     ,x
press : ..   "i .ni. » Bo that .i  reason ■
able and satisfactory conclusion may
he arrived at.     Those desirous     ol
having the ball holiday or <urly clos
;ug do not wi-b  to     take atiy   ll" •*■"'
nd.antairt? ot those who do not, s,, it
is requested  that  both employer ana
i-i.;. ;.,.* turn out in tores to     taU
ovei   th«  matter iu a business      like
way.     Pel haps it u..ght ue      bettei
i..i  uiaj. ritj   ., the stoics      were
closed ,,t ,"  o'clock .iiiing the summer month.-, perhaps bettei  to havi  a
half    ho'., lay    i  perhaps better     to
leave th.u ..  are      This      Is
ij   wants   ti.   know   an i
know it next     Monday
even Dg for goo al      as
• in *d, an 1    then
let : *.:   ■       i n    . mployees
nat1..' are re
o   work     Saturda)
*   Dg, and tliat there
Is UU lunng the wlntei
* mes
inted th-'m.       Tne
;.  couatderation R probable m ueterj
. act.on. wh
chas. tless  may       have
ron,- '     a to an i'.i. I)
a hai all   In
u ■ ' not ested      in
be -. II
■ .ii. only b« that
all i
8    la    .'■    this pa|
we see no part
*   .*. .- th many       tl        ■•!;■.
y or tbe earl
a mei   to nth        I .*     we
menu  that  n»aj   ■ • u|      at
the meet   g on Mi nday. The pi
loss of t      ' *    lh th     li
argui la        t   the i -     .:
clock eacl
at tbe lame time the train ret
I * tbi       -ii ntll   :i
oext     in. in i , .     nnd   that
ild gl>e ampli tune (oi th.
itbern i.. nt      to   do
*•■       Tiniisi.ut trade .f Course is
tie ol  nothing her.* mil tint scarce
ly n.s I be tnken into ' "     ;* ■ iii Ion,
his i .i.   bo Id be beat i al thii meet
but tbere can be, we behove, 111
tie objection Irom Mm.     If In   is ed-
'.' ut. I   Up   to   the   kllowle I."*   that   the
pt*pR< urc doled    lit nn>  particular
unu* or dato ho should (lapse of
iratlon) be provident enough to pro
memory not being taken Into consideration ) be provident eu -
,,11-jh to provide against such omerg-
iiey. However the meeting is cull
, ,i to talk over all these matters „ud
hero's hoping that every body is lu- |
tL'1'.sted sufficiently to insure a big
crowd nud thresh the matter oul to
a satisfactorily conclusion. Every-
, od\ iniisL of course be a unit in
whatever is decided upon in order
hut the decision may he carried out
to the letter an.l m older that no
friction may result, ns an aftermath.
Sume two or three weeks ago tha
city council ordered a watering cart
to conic from Calgary. Apparently
it has not yet arrived here or at
least it has not yet put in nn appearance on the streets, whicli arc
rapidly becoming literal beds ot dust.
Why this delay? Surely two or
'.hn,* weeks is plenty ,,f time to get
n .'ait from Calgary which is scarcely more than twelve hours distant
Irom here. And our road inach nery
Is not here yet, nor is there auy
perciptible headway being made with
the addition to the jail, nor again
any perciptible headway with tho consolidation oi ihe debenture debt.
Alderman MeKinnon urged at last
council meeting that sometimes these
things arc allotted to drag along
meeting after meeting, and at tlu
end of the year we find ourselves uo
further advanced than at the beginning. Vic were a little sceptical ot
Mr. McKinnon's assertion then, but
perhaps after all then' was some
grounds for such a statement.
cnlh, the landing at any specified
| port of entry in Canada of Immigrants belonging to aiiy race deemed
i.iHiiited to the climate or require -
moiits ot Oanada, or oi Immigrants
oi any spec!Iled class, occupation or
Mr.  Oliver eould  put  this clause  In
force if he wanted to.
1.   Duet and Chorus 	
"The Sailor Boy"
Principals—The Misses Louise Rae, Doris MeCarter
CnoiuiS—M. Genelle, D. Purvis, D. Rae, I. Donaldson, 1('.
Donaldson, H. Brings, H. Tomlinson, E. Johnston,
V. Morris, H. McCarty, M. Lawlor, I, Genelle, M.
Genelle, S Hobbs, M. Henderson, J. Robbins, L.
Aman, 1. Donaldson, I. Henderson, E* Corson, M.
Field, M. Young, M. Porter, M, Paget, K. Sibbald,
G. Urquhart, I. Procunier, 1. Brown.
2.—Recitation Mr. Burbidge
"Only a Clown"
3.—Solo and Chorus Mr. T. E. L. Taylor
"My Six Little Wives"
CHORUS—The Misses P Robinson, E. Paget, M. Robinson, B.
McLennan, M. Hyatt, B. Evans.
Vocal Solos
\11   is  not   gold  that   glitters.      Kor'
-,.nie months past tho Liberal press
... Alberta has strongly favored tbe
torms of tbe proposed reciprocal ag"
iv.nu iit between Canada and the
United States a8 a giltcdged measure
I'racliculh unanimous have been
the res,.hit i,,n.- si nt m to l'i. tn ci
l.,iuner .ti endoisatioii of the measure.      II.ni    Prank  i 'liver,  li , I ll i II; uo
,,  portfolio thn" Minister of the
Interior,   is  otic  ol   the  sti   n .-. st   nl
locates ol the agreement,  this      big
man comes to Calgai y. a city ol tor
ty thousands souls, and gets an aud-
Bcarcely  big enough to fill  th*
K.lismi  lh *aln' an.',  hi   ta        '     them
, n reciprocity.     He | oe     ■■  Edm n
ton,   tlu     capital ol
where his henchmen sn
s..le.   and      il.e   Liberal     \ utton
turns him do'*' n
it could not ami an/
■ ng called foi the
ect to I
t Ot
i n any
i ■.  \\   .
a dam  probabl)
*    ■
Hon. Frai
The   ' ' ,..* ■
■'    me -
■  '.     \      :
f .i*:
The latest, statesman to give earn-
081 expression to the manliest truth
that the increase of expenditure for
war preparations cannot go on Indefln
itely is Mr. Clemcntel, who in submit
ting the French army estimates in the
Chamber of Deputies gave some lig-
Hi.'s that arrest, attention. During
the past twenty-live years, he said
tue armed pence has laid upon Bur -
ope a burdenof $25,0OO,(H!*,00<h 'i'he
Cost ol the Napoleonic wars in 18081
l.sil*s, according to the army and navy
budgets ot Napoleon, averaged about
$&3,WM>,0<)0 a year, aiid that was the
period of the conqueror's most splendid triumphs and most wholesale de-
-t ruction of human life. Uut for the
coming your of peace the French army estimates alone call for $180,000,-
The net cost to Great Britain
of the wars with revolutionary
France and with Napoleon, from
1793 to 1815, a period of twenty -
two years, was some $4,000,000,001).
Vet in tbc lifteen years to come,
assuming that the i>eace ul Burope
will not be disturbed, Oreat Britain's
expenditures ou preparations for war
w.ll exceed the Uritish war expendi -
lute during the entire period trom
the Reign ol Terror to Waterloo. Tak
nig only the expenditures into ac-
1 count, modern peace is vastly mote
'expensive than old fashioned war. A
mo.1.'in battleship costs twenty times
what Nelson's liagship the Victory,
cost to build, 'i'lie less civilized ancestors ol th.- present highly civilised
generation  found   then   wars  cheaper
than   twentieth-century armed   ltace
Frederick  tiie Greal   was at      war
during the greater part ..f in- reign,
oople  were  taxed t..
the -ii iw    i.f war f..r blm.    His
military expenditure in tune of peace
averaged  -i ■., vear. vtb
niuu*.  th.-  preseut  German  Emperor,  wh.*  i.n.. n-ver [ought    :,
-1* n Is •-•* * bat  amount
that     am-
■        .  - moi
lat '
l' ..*
• nr ia
•   ■
ma nta n
/  (a) "A Dream"    )        .. liarthti
\  tb) "My Rosary" \ W«
Mr. Martin
5.-Duet and Chorus   "Sailing, Gaily Sailing"
td,..„,„„. .,..    * Miss Valerie Cunningham Morris
PRINCIPALS-j MasterC- Lyons
CnoRUS—M. Genelle, B* Purvis, D. Rae, 1* Donaldson, F.
Donaldson, II. Biiggs, H. Tomlinson, E. Johnston,
McCarty, M. Lawlor, I. Genelle, M. ('enelle, G.
Urquhart, B. Hobbs, M. Henderson, J. Robbins,
L. Aman, L. Rae, I. Procunier, D. MeCarter, I.
Henderson, E. Corson, M. Field, M. Young, M.
Field, M* Young* M. Porter, M Paget, K. Sibbald,
I. Brown.
Fire Alarm Boxes
signals are given thus:    2 strj'te*.
I uterval 5 Bccunds—4 strokes,      Hoi
4.     No. of box will also be   shown
a indicator at Fire Hall.
Box No.   14—Corner    First    Btreet
and   McKenzie   avenue, U. B. Hume
& Oo.
Box  No.   15—Coruer  First      street
nd llokeby avenue,  pout, office,
Box  No.  16—Coruer  Second  Btreet
aud Government lioad and      Opora
Box No. 17—Corner Third street
nl Campbell avenue, Globe burner company.
Box No. 18—C.P.R.  station.
Box    No. 24—Corner    Fifth    street
nd     McKenzie     avenue,     Catholic
Box No. 25—Comer    Sixth    street
nd Orton avenue, W. A. IToote.
Box No.   26—Corner  Fourth street
nd Townley street,    corner      south
Boi No. 28—Corner Second    strejt
nd RobBon avenue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34—Firo Hall No. 2.
Box  No.  35-Hospltal.
Box No.  36—School.
Box No. 44-Flre Hall No. 1.
Box     No. 45—Front streot     west,
ear O. P. R. bridge.
Box    No.   46—Corner    King     nnd
lotiglns streetB, Palace Meat Market.
Box No.  47—Corner  Second      and
Vales streetB, back of court house.
Box No.    48—Oorner    Third      and
:'hnn. streets, Cowan block,
bignal   for practice—not  leas  tnan
lx (6) slow strokes.
Gne  (1)  Indicates line brok-sn      or
re out.
KOOTENAY     LODGE, No. 18 A. F.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially welcome.
W. B. ROBERTSON, Secretary.
6.—Vocal Solo Mr. Burbidge
" An Every Day Life Scene in London "
7.    Recitation Foley
" The Ten Wonders of Earth "
Master Glen Urquhart
8.— Duet—Song and Dance SfoHclon
"The I'iccaninnies"
Miss Hila Tomlinson, Master James Bourne
9.   Fairy Dances Rubnutnin, Mendeluohn, Toiti
" The Coming of Spring"
Spirit of Spring—Miss Doris MeCarter.
Wood Nymphs—The Misses M. I'aget, K- Sibbald, I. Genelle
Al. Lawlor, M. 1'orter,  G. Urquhart,   M. Young, I.
10.— ('horus— "Thrusting Glory Upon the R.M R.'s"— ^"iHntu
Soloists—Mrs. R, Squarebriggs, Mr. E Allum
Chorus—The Misses McFarlane,   McAdam,  Fraser,   Paget.
McLennan, Hyatt, Robinson, M Robinson, Evans.
The Messrs Taylor, Brown,   McVitty,   i atterson,
Woodman,   Robbie,   Robertson,  Gordon,   Reaves,
Dunn, Lawrence, StDbald.
SELKIRK     LODGE  12,  1.  0.  O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
K. ti. McRAE, N. 0.
JAS. MATHIE,  Secretary.
COURT     MT.      BEGBIE,   No. 3461.
OF I. O. F.
Meets in I. (X O. F. Hall next -to
Tapping's Opera House every second
and fourth Monday in month. Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
G. W. BELL, O. R.
WM.  B.  CAMERON,  Roc-Sec.
GOLD RANGE LODGE,      K. of    P.,
NO.  26,   REVELSTOKE,  B.   0. "ft
Meets every  Wednesday except   the
Third Wednesday of each month     in
Oddfellows' Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knights are cordially invited.
G. H. BROCK, K. Of R. & S.
M. of V.
0. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 220.
Meets Second    aud     Fourth Wednesdays    in each month in    Selkirk
Hall.     ViBiting  Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS, Con. C0m.
Property owners in the City
are hereby notified that all
houses must be connected with
the" sewer within 60 days from
By order,
B. A. Lawson,
Ap. 12-lOt. City Glerk.
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Bank Building RevelBtoke, B. C.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Rovelstoke,   B.   C,    and
Cranbrook, B. C.
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey,
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
Provincial  Land  Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
tention of the new management to that the wheel is eaulpped with Dun-
Immediately install a plant capable lop tires. After a stny of n couple
o) handling 100 tons of ore per dny. of hours here he again stnrtcxl out
Tins will consist of ii modern stump over the C.P.R. tracks, nml expects
mill an I cyanide plant; nnl with this to keep to them till he gets to Bnnlf.
In view Mr. W. U. Poole has sone to j
De with engineers for the pur- To  REGULATE  TICE.
; ise .,! surveying sites for the differ-; 	
enl     parts of the plant. Representa-     Montreal, April 17.—As a result of
;' the company Will no east at   the    too flourishing mul     prosperous
,.nce  t..  purchase  the new machinery,   condition of the ever moving nn.l slip
  I pery  population ol the  "red    light"
__,   .,. i district, and the acknowledged      in-
FROM  COAST TO COAST. ^.^ Qf ^ poUM  (lel,artm(,nt    to
,.  .     „    clean    np     anil  put the cover on,  a
Whl' '  W«   :    '"  '"K""   Vice  Commission  witl.  a salary    ths
"    ,b°m"   first     of  its kind on this continent,
lark, arrived in Revelstoke     on  ^ pra^iCft„y ,)(lfn ilecjiJed „„„„ ,)y
. ,rn ng at about B:», hav- ^^      The     utUe
379 miles of his journey ^ ^ hm; ^ ^ ^     ^.
Taking in     side ^^ [m             Montreaj.B morftU,
,. Clark     estimate bMn   uodertaken         c„aHul)lc
I fully flve hunil - nnl phUnIlthrom*c gocletleg| an<1| MCa
,     , m „ long while the    Provlnolal gov-
'   :    '   '";•,,,   "a','1   ernment     h„s taken  „  band      bv aP"
Mr.  < lark       to
Take notice tbat the store known
as Wing Wo, Kwong Kec, opposite
Y.M.CiA., Kirst street, cast, has
been taken over hy Mike Pat and
tilling Lock, nml all claims due to
undersigned must bc presented for
payment within ;it) duys from date of
this issue.
Dated April Sth, 1911.
"My tirst day
pointing a judge or a Royal
Tuke notice lhat "Campbell Shingle
Compnny Limited" intend after the
expiration of one month from thc
tirst publication ol this notice to apply to the Registrar of Joint Stock
Companies to change the Company's
name to Atlas Lumber Compnny,
Dated at Kevelstoke, B. C, this
7th day of April, 1911.
Harvey, MeCarter & Pinkham,
Solicitors for tbc      Shinglo
Company, Limited.
Eggs for Hatching
White Leghorns   No. l Pen, headed by
lirst   prize cock,   Vancouver 1911.
55 for 15; $S for 3D.
Nn. 2 Pen, headed by ii large while bird
from luist. $^'.ihi lor 15; $3.5(1
lor 30.
HuIT Leghorn!!   S. C. R. I. Reds;   $2.50
ioi 15; fl.tm for 30.
John J. Devine
Revelstoke, B. C.
Eggs for Hatching
Rhode [aland Red.
Silver-laced Wyandotte and Ruff Leghorn, per setting, 52.(10.
Kniiicn goose eggs, 50c. each,
l'ckin duels Ol eggs) $2.00.
Dav old ducklings.
l)ay old cbicUs a specialty.
Write or Phone 212.
Com -
•my   ur«  ..»,   o. ^^ ^ m ^ ^      ^^      ^
1       ,' through    the  police  department    and
1    '    '   "  "     "8''' make a  number  ol suggestions      for j
- purifying   the  atmosphere   whicl.  have
' ' ' hn" B0" -'": , ,. oarried out.       The   city
' "" my„       I7 I*-" Morality Squad which is
hum 1  enn   make      the ... 	
lie   Estate of    George    Nichols,   Jr.
Notice is hereby given  that all persons  having any  claims  or demands
i against   the aliove  deceased,    George
I  can  make
Nichols,   Jr.,  late  of  Revelstoke,    B.
C  railway  employee,  who died  near
.i~,  .■— ,h .,. n,i  .ii ri„hr " l'"M"1   '"  kn"w  WTtMng  that goes   gi,*, i-ass, u.  f.,  „n or about tho
of   on alter dark,  hut  the sporty  people   uh  day ot March,  mu,  are required
»   l.v       having   have  n" brtter iokc  '"   ■"'s,imt' thn»lto -cn.l  particulars thereof duly vcrl-
I »K '""*' "ortblea who have nev-1 M tl) thc un;lcr8igncd on or before
...   nin.le  „   renllv  laTM  raid    in    the   ....   ........  , ,     ._.,  »■*,„.
New Grove Parnt, Uevelstoke.
,.*  17th      • 0
^^^^^^^^^^   dersigncd on or licloro
tllc   the h'lrst day ol May 1911, and that
i after said date 1 will proceed to die
Ale .,n ■   a little
..** I
ovei  .'      The Oovernmoi I     i      then
com ti •   nti   ''nn i In if tb *v  want to,
But  there      n   erthsl 'l he   im
migration ai t con tail     provl ilon   I *
meel   |n«l      * I ■    this
Ol i-uti if I    ilulin   Into  Hi •       ' 'an i'Iiiiii
We t,
i-'.i. t ..i all Hun* i   the   monetary
check, which .   ntlll In  nxiatence mil
then   Miction   ■'.-   pt.*villi's   Hint     "Tli *
got ernoi In count II may, i.v proolam
nti..n  nt  uld i   whi n-.i'i   he lUvinfl It i
n a n in i  .'i  pipe lion!        i c)    pro
tn bit  tor a stuted period,  Ol   pcrman
.   *
\.l,,m  He
er made a really large raid   In
.*  •        *■'   'ii   ,i    a:   lence        	
Commission     WHI    attack I he social j tribute thc said Estate amongst those
■•■il from   * itandpolnt and'       .....       .   .
SI   what   •*lill   Ih*    Ili   ■   I
A     sale h. Ben   i umpl-etod
which will i..* ,i interest to mining
men throughout ihe province The
control of the Nugiget Gold Mine at*
Hheop Crook in West Kootenay hns
been purchased hy Ml * J.T HlW l
nnd Di. A. It. linker of Vancouver,
aud their MMCiates.     M i»  th'-    in
That ' .
• ,"
i-.i. ■ and
'.**   .*■
* i,
. ' .    IDOOI . * ' of
'• IIII-
ist not lx
r, .Ht.lv aellli •
,1. In''* '"*"
, .   ....
*.,* i. ..     ■ re      be
i    mon ■   bul icIich
, n the ■ Iplng him o it     a
* i does not,"
th m i  -"ill h.   i to * * '■•
.   make   up  the   I ui Inner
at i mu I  n'   Imh' before <soron»tlon
Thr     V.,    II ■     felloff     IS    II        M..II,'     lllll
i-tii* fellow mil looks good for tho
trip all Mi'hi lie rides n Raleigh
bicycle, and nival forgets tu mevtlop
m    \pii. ii.    As the result
>.f mi a .■ kward and probably unpre -
mi i ' .ie i    landing In a field outside
Pa ■    ■ terday,     Jack     Dc
:,* nn.i   Ilea in „ comatose
blj  '"in  death, in   a
■i i,eni the sn a   ,,f ih" accident
ii"   in* \mis hospitably i eeelved ami'
hi« frli ii i * are with bin.       it
it   a tn.  rebound and (al
entitled  thereto regard     being      had
only  to  those     claims  of  which      I
shall  then have received notice.
Solicitor,   Revelstoke,   B.   C,  Administrator  with  Will  annexed of
Estate ol Baid George Nichols, Jr
Hevelstoke  Land  District
District of West  Kootonay.
Tnko  notice  that  1,   Mary   Selkirk.
of Vancouver,     occupation,    married
,H  woman,  intcndi*. to apply  (or      per-
—   J*" mission     to   purchase tho following
'  tl..* machine  ba    was    struck  deacrilted lands.
ii  the bead by  the loin cycllndermo I    Commencing at a post planted   at
toi   which  supplies   the   |.o*h,      nnl   tha N.  K. Corner ol     Lot 6140 0.1.,
•rmptoma Indicate a frarturi   at ft,1(1    marked   M, s.'b s. e. Comer.
lhe base of the skull,  [thenco north 10 chains, thence   west
in RENT BU Roomed House, cen- TO chains, thence south 40 chains,
trail) located to rent it 125 per thence east 20 chains, thence south
nu mii Occupation April icth. —. +° chains, thence east 50 chain*-
Revelstoke Oeneral   •tgenclM, I to point ol commencement,   contain
ing 480 acres.
Dated January 9th, 1911.
Per 0. P. Smith, Agsnt.
Shifohs Cure
iinlckiT .top. confh», enr-n onlila, htii*>
A* itirii«t sad  Iud«». -   •   •  lb seal*.
IDp.c. Bonds
An Attractive Offering for
a Short Term Investment
We can offer the conservative investor for a short
while only an opportunity of
pleading his surplus funds in
a high-class security bearing
a rate of interest of ten per
Only 150 of these Convertible Debentures at a par
value of $100 each, available.
Do not gamble in stocks,
shares and other forms of
speculation, but Invest
where your principal antl interest is secured.
Write for further particulars of this Bond Issue which
is particularly attractive to
investors. Prompt application is necessary as number
is limited.
Canadian Securities Ltd,
1101 Dominion Trust Building
VMC0VYM 0m0| »pl| || WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19, 1911.
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL - $10,000,000
REST, - $7,000,000
of The Canadian Bank of Commerce will receive deposits of $i and
upwards, on which interest is allowed at current rates. There is no
delay in withdrawing the whole or any portion of the deposit. Small
deposits are welcomed. 234
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, to be
operated by any one of the number or by the survivor. A joint account
of this kind saves expense in establishing the ownership of the money
after death, and is especially useful when a man desires to provide for
bis wife, or for others depending upon him, in the event of his death.
The Famous Lcckie Loggers' Boots and our own
make always in stock. See our Pack Straps and
Pack Sacks.
Boot and Shoe Repairers,
Harness Makers
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund -    $4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in ail the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohos     intorost allowed at highest currant rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Under New Management.
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
The -Greatest Health Resort on the Continent
Natural Hot Water, 124 Degre'1 of Hea
Natural Hot Water in Baths.    O       All Year
Rates from $ 12 to $ 15 Per Week
Have you smoked the
If not you surely
never tried them at
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Have your architect prepare your plans for
your new building early and get my figures on
your work.
estimates;given. f irst-class work guaranteed
Everybody knows him, he will
tell you that thc whiskeys we nre
selling are the lipst. Call and he
Convinced. No household should
he without a supply of our Harvey's Special Scotch Whlekoy; our
Frapln Liqueur Brandy, i-hmiimn* •■!
litl yeai a old or Blaokberry Brandy
for Medit'inul purposes. Our stork
of rtaotce Winn and Liquoi s of all
kinds are unexcelli d. Sold hy all
the leading hotels, or telephone
lio uws i? «'«"'
A Symposium of What is Happening in
All Parts of the World
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Unladed e pioved.     First-Class in every respect.      All modern convenience
Larue Sample Rooms.
Rat' * $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke. B.C.
suitably   furnished   with   the  choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS.
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
hefore buying yonr outfit of working clothes
for the bush. I make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes. Pants, Sox, Shirts
blankets and everything
required in your business.
For Sale
25-foot  Lol and  House, Third Street
Three Uits on Second Street, near the
new Post Office, $lSiU
House and Lot near Y.M.C.A., $8160.
Two   lots  and   House. Third   Street,
House and Lot, Kirst Street, near the
new Post Ofllce, $2100.
So feet on Sixth Street, $700.
50 feet on Victoria Hoad. $550.
12 Room House, Second Street, 60-foot
lot, 84.500.
And other first c'ass values.
Call and Investigate
W. B. Robertson
Great West Permanent Loan
Company Agency
Fruit Lands
fialena Bay lands' in parcels of
10 or 20 acre? or en bloc. Correspondence invited.
John Shaw, Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Dialer* In Pur* wines, Liquors, cigars and cigartite*
John Lee
Manufacturer of  Ladies'
Ladies Suits Made to Order
Fit Guaranteed
All kinds of Silk, Gingham,
Muslin,  and   Fancy
things kept/in stock
Price. Rwsonabli P 0 Boi 106
Front 8t . Lower Town, Revelstoke
Mnnofaotortd fnr Sil eiaiMi ol  bDllrfiuO
Fnr .««!<• in lars* or •mull ijt'iintltlos
tlthiloiMtl  itr-rfl-for rush
All Hiidi ol hulMla^ *"d WlwUfiog
Foote & Pradolini.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Oonnaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Itevelstoke Land District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take aotice that the Canuilian 1'a
citic Hallway Company intends to
apply tor permission to lease the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted ou
tbe shore lino ot Upper Arrow Lako;
said post bearing tiouth tl degrees
WeBt a distance ot 'i'ii feet Irom tbe
South Bast corner ot Block 411 of tbe
registered town Bite of Nakusp, in
Lot a*J7 0. 1 Arrowhoad, aud dis
trict; theuco Westerly along Baid
shore lino a distance of 38&U feot to
a point; said point bearing Soutb 41
degrees, West a distanco of 8S7 feot
Irom tho Head block of Bouth leg
ot Nakusp Wye; thence south into tbo
Waters ot Upper Arrow Lake a distance of 80*0 feet, thenco Kastorly and
Parallel to the Shore line of said
lake a distance of 3850 leet, thence
North a distance of SOU feet to true
point of commencement, containing
70.8' acres more or less!
Dated February 9th,  1911.
The Canadian Pacilic Railway Company, Per E. W. Batemaa, Local
Right of Way and Lease Agent, Van,
Let me paint your house right. I ilo
nothing but first-class work. Quality
considered my price Is low. The best
materials used anil work done when
promised. Try me on your interior
decorating. My work is guaranteed to
SIGNS I can furnish you with any
kind you want. Class, brass, tin. cloth
or wood,    ('.et my prices.
Carriage and  Wagon   Painting at   my I
shop  in  alley  back  of   8. J- Bourne's
Store, First Street.
Residence Cor. 3rd St. and Robson a ,e
Pacific Coast
Tested Seeds
Arriving daily our new and
fresh Stock of Seeds, grown
under contract by the lie-it
growers in all parts of the
world. Seeds that will give
you the beslresnlts. One trial
will onnvinoe you. Also a full
Pne nf garden requisite*, Iin-
pleinents of all kind-; Bee
Supplies, Sprayers,Spray, and
a lull line of Chick Feeds Hiul
Conke\ 'h remedies. Press the
button, we will do the rest.
M. J. Henry Nurseries
3011 Westminster Road
A. R. McDougall,    -   Manager
Vancouver, B, 0,
Repairs ol all  kindu neally done
Bicycle and Oun work aspecialty
Estimates given on sny class
of work
Front       Street.
Revelstoke   Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Clarence H.
Schock, of Mount Joy, Pa., occupation coal merchant, intends to aPP'y
for permission to purchase the following described lands:*—
Commencing at a post planted 20
chains south of the south east corner of lot 7636; thence north 80
chains, thence cast 40 chains, more
or less to the line ot the Arrow
Lakes Lumber Company's timber
limit 43232, tbence south ti-0 chains
thenco west 20 ohains, tbence south
20 chains, thence west 20 chains,
more or less to place of commencement.
Dated March 24tb,  1911.
Ed.   McGnghrun,   Agent.
Tbi' federal labor depart meut bus
good hopes ol ii Bottlemcnt being
reached in connection with the coalmining' strike,
It is declared that Hie United
States congress at Washington will
have no dilllculty in passiug thc reciprocity bill.
In a spi-ech at Mnnitoti W. II.
Shaxpo, M.I'., for Lisgar, said iio
tcetioii was the policy lor Canada.
Edward .lardinc was found ijt.ilty
at Coderich of the murder of Li?.<ie
Anderson, and was scnt.eoied to
The Polo Grounds, the ball Pnr.. of
the New York Nationals, was destroy
edby fire.
Hon. tl. It. Collwoll In n" addrrs<
iitllnmiotn, ma lo a strong plea tor
consolidation . t s*.'!io0ls.
Over $3,HTO a toot nus paid for
I'oringo avenue frootago, the saY
aggregating  $134,003.
Ned Crane, a noted auto driver,
was killed during a practice run at
Kansas  Oity.
A   company   ol eastern   capitalists
is to eiect a $10fl',000 sewer  pipe iu-
dtistry  at.   ICstcvan.
Tlie lire which destroyed the l'n**i
Milling plaut at Pilot Mound, caused
a loss of $70,000'.
It is reported at Washington that
Mexico and Japan had arranged a
secret treaty.
The board ot trade at Carman
made a plea for licenses for tbo hotels of the town. Carman has been
under local option for some yeai-.
Mayor Woollcy, ot Magrath, Alta.,
was fined for selling land without a
Sir Henry ICIzear TaBChereaU, former chief justice ol Canada,  is dead.
Notice  is  hereby  given     that     all
back yards and lanes must he cleaned
| UP according to thc provisions of thc
I Bylaw within thirty days from      thc
date below.     Alter the expiration of
tbat time  it will he duty to proceed
summarily    to  convict those  persons
upon whose  premises nuisances exist.
Kirst notification of  this  published
ihis Sth day of April, lllll.
•4KKO-VHKAD, B. 0.
Special Attention given to commercial
men and tourists. First-class sample
rooms. Finest scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop
Affords superior educational advantages, Handsome new brick building,
modern equipment, cxlensivegrounds.
i Masses graded in accordance wiib ilie
.eliool- throughout ilii« Province.
Complete Music and An Departments.
Special courses In Shorthand, Typewriting ami Book-keeping. Particular
attention given lo refinement ol manners and collect English,
For Prospeotus. Address The Acdemy,
SMoh's Gure
ulckly slop* condbs,  . nn*. coLln.  t>. ,.l,
Ikrosl »d Inai      23 conls.
(Dr. J. 0 Morrison) Mi   Ceo, H  Croon
Vancouver and Suburban
Real Estate
Coquitlam Acreage and
Lots a specialty
•neolal attention givon to Mall ordori or inquiries
402 Dominion Trust Bldg.,Vanoouver,B.C.
TvNRSItlB P.O., Owf.
"I received your sample of GIN
PILI.S and after using them, I felt to
much belter that I got s box tt my
druggist's, and now I tra taking the
third box.
The pain across my bark snd kidney*
hns almost entirely gone and I am better
than I have been for years,  I was t
f;reat sufferer Irom Rhenium ism but it
ins all left me. I strongly advise all
women, who suffer from l'ain In Tbe
Back and Weak Kidneva, to try GIN
PILLS. Mas- T. Harris.
Thousands of women, right here in
Canada, owe their robust health, their
strength and vigor, thrirbrighteyesand
rosy cheeks to GIN PILLS. And they
know that CIS PILLS will cure the
Kidney snd Hladder Troubles with
which so manv women suiter.
Do just ss Mrs. Harris del -first,
write for a free sample box of GIN
PILLS and try them. Then, if they do
jroo good, get the regular 50c boxes at
your dealer's. Your money promptly
refunded i( GIN PILLS fail to give
relief. National Drug snd Chemical
Co.,  DepL W..    Toronto. **
Deuinnn  Thompson,
died     yesterday    at
X.  II.
a  noted  actor,
West Swanzey,
The tree list bill, t» bc introduced
in Washington by tbe Democrats pro-
vhli toi the removal ol duly upon
about M0 articles.
In.   Robertson  thinks that  intend •
. ttiers  in  Canada .should  prove
their  litness before leaving for      tbn
Major-General Frederick Wilson ot
Montreal Is dead. He hnd l>ccn con-
nccted with the Canadian and imperial armicv.'.
The baseball season was opened in
the National ael American leagues
an I the American association Thursday  last  week.
Thirteen persons were killed nnd
many injured In a tornado whieh
swept Oklahoma and Kansas.
Small Paddock pleaded guilty to a
charge ol arson at. Winnipeg and received a t wo year seutenre.
A Inboter boarding iu n Bt. Uotti-
(ure hotel took nn overdose of strych
nine and died.
James Fuller, assayer ot the lm
Hoi mine at Rossland, Ti. O. drank
potassium cyanide by mistake
J. G. Rossman, ol New York, ha«
been appointed manager of thc Win
nipeg power plant.
Judge William S. Kenyon has been
elected senator 10 Iowa to succeed J.
P. Dolliver,
Walter Williamson, a Neepawa lad,
Is to stand trial on a charge of abduction.
Three more large factories will bc
established In Winnipeg in the near
Count Zeppelin's airship made a
trip of ISO miles in less than five
I'.U. .Sheldon, the Montreal broker,
ha- been committed lor trial.
A judgv. of tbe Uritish high court
was  booted  in public at. Exeter.
KOH SALE— Home useful pieces ol
Furniture, cook stove, heater. Apply H. Thorpe, Connaught avenue.
Two warships aud twelve torpedo
boats  are  being   built  for   Argentina.
Medicine Hat has granted a free
site to a linseed oil and paint company.
Two hundred and lifty thousand
seamen have decided to go ou strike
if their demands are not complied
with. Such n strike would tie up the
shipping of thc world.
The Winnipeg Klectric Street Hail -
Way company's employees, at a meeting expressed conlideuec in their new
.Settlers are swarming into Canada
at North Portal, Sask., and the figures arc expected to exceed those of
last year.
I'eter McKeown, a pioneer ol Rath-
well, Man., well-known In railway
and hotel circles,  died  in Winnipeg.
The     London  Morning Host says
the   United   States   is   preparing to
take Canada by military force if
Three thousand Immigrants are expected to arrive from tbe east over
the Canadian Pacific.
The c. r. it  will commence double
tracking the line between Portage
and Brandon next week.
The military department at Ottawa
has selected  the Canadian olticera for
the coronation.
Coiitftable Beatty, electrocuted on
duty at a tire In Winnipeg, will hftve
11  public  funeral.
Tlie champagne riots In France,
caused Iiy n decision ol tbe Senate,
are nt an end.
Friday's storm, general throughout
Manitoba, was particularly severe in
The Deere Manufacturing company,
has inrn reorganized with a capital
ol lifty millions.
The Winnipeg bank clearings (or
the past week I Uow an advance of '2f>
per cent.
James  J.  Jeffries denies  that  he is
' to appeal  on tbi  vaudeville irtage.
The interstate commerce commission of the I'nited States has lulcd
that then* must lm no change in ex-
lake grain rates to United states
The court of appeal toi  Manitoba,
dismissed the appeal ol tlie defend
ant in the case ol Beaucage vs. wm
nlpag Btooe company,
(it.-at damage bai Urn done by
rioters In the Department of Harne,
France, following the champagne decision ol the senate,
Thc  British   Hoard  ,,(  Tra.Ie      has
completed a comparison of the cost
ol living .u England und America.
Montreal, April 17.—Word ihat the
Mexican irovernment has at last decided to resort to active measures
for the suppression of the Rebel for-
e.*s is received with rejoicum bene,
for Catiada is more than incidentally,
interested in the welfare of the little
Republic. Large amounts of Canadian money have been invested in
Mexico of late years and have al -
ways brought large returns. Home
people lately may have been worrying
about having their mone) invested in
a country wheie there Is internal
strife but their 'ears, (or the most
part, seem to be groundless, for no-
tli.iu short of a national calamity
Could artect their as-cts. The Mexican Mab igany & Rubber Corporation
Limited, one of the largest organization- of its kind on this continent,
which is almost entirely owned by
Canadians, and who own and aro
operating extensive areas ot somo
li" square miles of mahogany, rub-
ber and chicle limits in the southern
part of Menro have been closely in
tomb with the situation all during
tbc recent disturbances and at no
thne bave tbey tell any anxiety, sit
uated as tbey are some hundreds of
miles from tbe seat of trouble, and
even :ti the event ,,1 the revolution-
i-t*- gaining access to then property
no barm eould result, Thc mahog
gny, standing green as it do-ex. will
u**t burn, ta danger that is always
foremost in Canadian timber veu-
tdresj and tbe business of the company has gone on oblivious to any
disturbances. Amongst the t'anad
inns who are interested in it are Mr.
James I'layfair, ot the Inl nd Lines,
Limited, Mr. Chas. B, Read. Director
ol Rionlati Paper Mills, Mr. W. Grant
Monden, Hon. 0 J. Doherty, M. P..
for St. Anne's, Rodolphe Torget, M.
P., Mr. Frank Carrel, ■yiiebec, and
Mr, T. P. Hirchall of the Canadian
.Securities Corporation,  Limited.
Calgary, April 17—According lo tbu
prehui.nai;. tatUnatsa published for
civic expenditure in Calgary thin
year,  the  general expenses of the Citj
win rsijuire a rate o< 10 mills on   an
assessment ol about JM.OOO.OOl),
There are other estimates to bin
brought in yet, and then there aro
'be tixrd charges, such at i-inklng
lund and interest, which last year
called for 3 is mills, also thc schools
thc hospital, and the $30,000 which
will have to be provided to clear oil
the city hnll. Tins structure, from
present indications, will cost about
three hundred thi isaBd instead ot
thc one bundled am', n'ty tlmm-mud
which was originally voted. Tile
total rating will probably be about
Ui mills.
April  19 -Jensle     Mcl^acblnn Concert
Co, ot tbe Edison tbeatrt. . WEHNKSl'AY.  APRIL 19,   1911,
"" ■*»
i %^V%/%%*^k%**%%****^%**^^%^**-*'*'*^*'T
k%vw%"e>'%- v%^%%^^%-%^*vevsv%/%'sve>%^^%,vsv^sv*''«'''
To my way of thinking, the Cubs
are one ot the greatest clube baseball seen. Don'1 try to
:' irm an opinion on tins team trom
.t^ , la) against the -\tbletlcs. The
Cubs tbat went ,,ui and won the l'.Uu
pennant were not tbe Mine that were
beaten bj tbt Athletics, 01 course,
Mana-v-v; l bance uul bis players were
the -.mi'. i* 'i ihey did uot play
:.. iii   game by tar.
In talking this way about tbe Cube
1 am ming the flag tor them.
I coul In't.     Not tlmt 1    mn
ae out .n su. h a   frank
i. |   •     ch Li  m i in>  belief.
In ,* * :   tins race Is   going
to be among exactly a ■ ., our clubs.
!:.* ones I flgure which are really in
tne i ai • art l 'hii ago, New York, Cm
: i. ,' PittsbUl g, Philadelphia nnd
Brooklyn There they are, and li
any :. cai selci I I be winner from
mei civ guesswork nnd
uothing else.
St. Lo lis u'i 1 lio,*, a, i am Bure,
will make a great showing; but we
canD't consider them pennant eon
tenders. The real test is among the
Biz l bave named,
I Include Brooklyn in the list because I believe this out tit is going to
... big surprise. Dahlen has a
.'.I,; team, a bunch ol good hitters,
and iielders and pitchers. His twirlers
fell down lasi yeai*. and that was
the cause of ihe poor showing. Hut
they should come arouud and the
Dodgers will be a bard team to bent.
Take the entire eight clubs. uud
there isn't one which has not im
proved. The trades made (luting the
winter look beneficial to all parties
concerned and from the close watch 1
have made this spring eacb club is
strengthened wonderfully ■
While the Cubs appear to be the
same great outfit, there aTe others
which are just as formidable, and
ones which will not be a surprise to
me il they win out. line In particu
lar is the Giants, l can remember
when I was In the minora and never
thought of being President of the National League we always considered
McGraw's team in the running.
That's just what wc have to do to
day. McGraw's team is feared by
them all. and it will be the same
this year. But the Giants should lie
a better team this season ihau tbey
were last. The Giants are about on
a par with the Cubs.
Then we have Pittsburg, Cincinnati
and Philadelphia. Pittsburg was a
victim of many tough breaks last
year, which kept it down In the race.
Cincinnati profited by the deal with
the Phillies. So did the Phillies, So
don't think I mean the Reds got the
le, and the new material should
* * it hi Iffith's club.
Besides talking about the pennant
race. I want to add something extra,
and that is, tho National League is
g Ig to pay more respect to the
world - Berles. The owners elected
me to look after their interests, and
that ;- what I am going to do. It is
a great '** •■ to own the world's
championship, and 1 will do all I can
to bring back that title to our league.
Geo:--'.     Gray, the   Australian boy
billiard  wonder,   who has astonished
ting i his remarkable
rman   - in England,   where   he
has completely overshadowed the best
professionals there, will shortly start
tor Canada anl tbe I'mted
ac ompanied by  -I.hu Roberts.     The
eteran will give exhibl-
...  the  ...:--c-i  cities, aud      un
IT  Will   bt made  (rom
coast to coast and Winnipeg will   be
Included in  the itinerary.       Robert!
recently  entered into an     a/reemeet
with Gray to play with him   foi    a
jrr.'i  ol  eighteen  months, through-
The    .        te I hallengc  toi   •"      '     a
id     :'.. '   t ■■    thii i     il   '  •   gate    receipt "'.    > .Lhn Robei •      i be
half oi Gei rge ijia.  for ,, match
H, W, Stevenson, u, ,   .
ol tbe English     lia I i na     ■
a tbe old < ount
a while and                     ■  ol a stl..;
gle '• :  - .: " mai ■•  tbat »... go    * «■■■■
Inti          ,         tory a>   one   •     the
grca-'   '
■,: ij    . bis perfect It  ke
compiled ;, long    ' total
the fad tbat  before I Eng
land n single break ol that  size had
-, known undei the   pi• enl
Stevenson  Is  the .- icccssol   ol    thi
great  John Roberts and 	
i .*', :,  the advent oi Graj   a • secon
only to Roberts In ins prime ,u   his
>   ,,; the dime.
Gray 's tall nnd thin and lingular.
Hi !.»- n walk in approaching a table
that reminds one ,,f nothing so much
as a newly starched shut fmnt. To
judge from his manner he Is terribly
self-conscious; to ludge Irom bis playing he is at perfect ease Nothing
I t . ruffle or excite him. People
pass nno repass ln front ol the table,
arrive an ! depart, talk and applaud,
i ,, he goe« on compiling ri Itnge
breaks with the unconcern if n vet-
A meeting ot uli those concerned in
football will bc held tonight at the
V.M.C.A., nt  which meeting it is pro-
1 1 lo gel this sport on an equality lasis with the others which the
V.M.C.A. is encouraging. There arc a
large number of foothnll enthusiasts
in the eity who play thc. game and
the only thing n.-cessury to get Ilus
game going is organization. A good
i ui n..ut is re-quested.
Uu Thursday evening at 7:30' all
imn interested In track and field
,pons are requested to meet in tbe
Y.M.C.A. It unit ng, jumping, vaulting and u score ol other sports arc
included   in   this  curriculum.
mi Friday evening llic baseball
committee will meet to arrange   the
summer schedule.      The  grounds    are
now in excellenl condition alter the
expenditure of $50 or $60, und the
committee has ordered new bases «nd
a home ami pitching plate which nre
ou the way here, and the Y.M.C.A.
officials ate anxious l.o get the schedule made out to get the games going
properly. Teams intending entering
the schedule are requested to send in
iheir entry  before this Friday meet-
The Wednesday evening High  School
girls    class is postponed until     tbu!
lollowing   Wednesday  owing  to       the
coming of Miss  Jessie MacLiiehlnu to j
the Bdison theatre.
By Thomas Lynch—To make afore
cast of what will or what will not
haPpen In the National league pennant race this year is absolutely Impossible. But I will predict that
this will be the best season our league has experienced since it was organized. Never before has there, been
-uch a vast amount of excitement
gnil interest all over the circuit ns '
has been shown this spring.
I have been asked time and time
again to give my views on what team1
looks the liest for thc pennnut and if
ono certain club isn't so superior that
il will make „ runaway race. To this
I answer no. The club that lands
on top will know that it has been in *
a  blttei  buttle all summer.
1 have read and I have been told
tint (he Cubs have gone back; that
they are not thc same brilliant team
ot past years, and th„t this was proved when ihey were apparently outclassed by the Athletics. Throughout th*- east the question is asked —
cun the Cubs conic back?
It  is that   Query which seems to he
the talk of th ■ country nnd it ia just
that remark winch allows me to base
my views on the coming campaign.
The Cubs  have m-ver gone  back   Bo
tii v can't come back, can thes '
Editor Mail Herald'.—
Dear Sir.—I beg to announce thru'
the columns ot your paper that the
British Columbia Amateur Athletic
Union, has granted this club the privilege of holding the Amateur Boxing
an.I Wrestling Championships for the
Province of British Columbia in ibis
club on  May  tth nn.l 5th,
I have every encouragement to believe that this will he the best mil
most representative Championship
Tournament ever held in the province
I Iiave already received letters asking
for Information and entry blanks
from various clubs and unattached
Cl nli'staiits, from nil over the prov -
. You will see by the enclosed entry
form that we arc giving a handsome
gold watch for the first prize, and a
bronze medal for the second. Any
.further Information, entry forms, or
registration blanks, will be forward-
led by return. Trusting that we may
have the hearty support of your impel' in making this an Amateur Tournament which will he a credit to the
sport in this province.
Vancouver,  April it>t*h.
Revelstoke Land District.
District ol  West Kooteuay.
Take notice that Basil R. Reynolds, of Revelstoke, B. 0., occupation clerk, intends to apply for permission to purchase the [ollowing
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south west coiner oi Lot 7818,
thence east 80* chains, thenco south
6 chains to the north east coiner
of Lot 7*043, thenco along line ol
said Lot 40 chains, west 40 chains
south and 'if) chains west to line of
Lot 2112, thence along line of said
Lot 40' chains and 20 chains west to
the north west corner, thence about
0 chaius north to place ol commencement.
Dated March 1st, 1911.
Agent  John  Suhw.
Applications tor stock in tho Canadian Pacific Oil Co. ol California will
be accepted at thc ollice of the Kootenay Agencies, Ltd., until thc 20th
of Apri,. Subject however, to instructions from the head otlice of the
>   ■•
Old Fallacy That Drunkenness Cannot
Bc Cured  Exploded,
Many men drink wbo desire to stop
the bai,it. Whisky, however, bus un
derinin.'d the constitution and created
a craving Unit is mil to be denied,
and the man must lia\e whisky oi
something that will remove the crav-
Ing mil build up the system and restore  the nervus.
Samaria Prescription stops the craving, steadies thc nerves, builds up thi
gi mral health and makes drink actually distasteful and nauseous. H le
tasteless and odorless, and can be given with or without the patient's
knowledge, In tuu, coffee nr food, li
Is used regularly by Physicians and
Hospitals. It nas cured thorn-lands In
Canada, and restored happiness to
iiundreds  of  homes,
Read   what   Mrs.   Ci. .   of   Hull.
says of it and what it did  for her:
"li Is tour months to.day .since I
slutted to use ynur Remedy I folluw.
ed the directions, and had '.he best of
results. One week alter I started us.
ing your Remedy the patieni stopped
drinking, and has not drunk a glass
nf liquor since. I hope you will accept
lay heartfelt thanks, llopini; God will
bless your Remedy whenever tried, I
Mn. a ,  Hull, Que,
(Name   withheld   by  request.)
Now, If there is anyone in your
town who needs this Remedy, tell
them of it. Practical philunthrop\
can take no better form. If you havi
a husband, father, brother or friend
wbo drinks, help them help theni-
Belvee.    Write to-day.
marla., with Booklet givinu full particulars, directions, ICFtiniontals.
price, etc.. will be Hent in a plain sealed package to anyone mentioning this
paper. Correspondence sacredly enn-
li.lentlsl.    The trial package alone ha*
confidential, Write to-day. The Samaria Remedy Co., Kept. 46-49, Col-
norne St.', Toronto, Canada. Also
for Sale by C. R. Macdonald, Druggist ,  Revelstoke, B.  C.
In   tho     Matter   of the     Estate   of
Thomas  McMahon,  deceased:
Notice is hereby given that all
creditors aud others having claims
against the Estate of Thomas McMahon, late ot Revelstoke, B. C, deceased, who died at Revelstoke on or
about the 10th day ol November, 1910
ate requested to send to the undersigned Solicitors for Donald Mcintosh, Executor of the last will oi
said deceased, within GO days from
date, full particulars of their claims,
duly verified, and that, after thut
date tho said Executor will proceed
to distribute thc said estate amongst
those entitled thereto, regard being
had only to those claims of which
said Executor shall have then received notice.
Bated March 15th, 1911.
Solicitors of Donald Mclutosh,
Executor of the Last Will
Certificate of Improvements.
Glad Hand Mineral Claim, situated
in the Trout Lake Mining Divis-ion of
West Kootenay District. Where located:—At head of Seven Mile Creek
aud adjoining tho Winslow Mineral
Take Notice that I, O.B.N. Wilkie,
acting as agent Ior Bruce White, F.
M.C. B2900S, William Bennett, F. M.
0. B25221, and Nettie Davey, F. M.
C. No. B25561, intend sixty days from
dnte hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate ot Improvements, for thc purpose ot obtaining a Crown Grant of the auove
And Iui ther take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before thc issuance ot such
Certificate ol Improvements.
Dated Ninth day of March, l'Jll.
O. B. N. WILK1E, B.C. L.S.
Trout Lake, B. C.
Local Industry
We cTWAIL-HERALD has new
type and printing machinery.  Our
stock gf  printing papers is large
and well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVfenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
c>4.ccount Forms Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms     Tags, Etc.
Agents fcr the famous
$60.00 Cash WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19, 1911.
Watch   window  for   Big
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. jtume & Co.. limited
Mail   or    Telephone   your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.     Send the children to
_ the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
Ladies' Spring Costumes
A new lot of Ladies' Suits to show you. We are proud of
our Suits this spring. Never have the ladies looked so smart
on the street as this spring. There are still a few who are
looking for their Spring Costumes. We await the opportunity
to show them what we have.
$15 to $25
Ladies  Hose
When you have bought Silk
Stockings here and want some
inexpensive hose for hard service it is never necessary to go
slsewhere for them. We have
the best values in low priced
hosiery at
25c. and 35c.
Little Girls' Dresses
When you were a little girl
did you wear a Challie or De-
lainette Dress, and have your
curls tied with pretty ribbons.
If you did you will remember
how proud you were of that
pretty dress, and you will be
glad to be able to get your little
girl just such a pretty frock.
They are fashionable again and
we have some lovely ones at
20c. per yard
House  Furnishing Department
English Tapestry
We have a special line of these
Squares in the following sizes,
which are exceptional value.
2jx3 yards, price $ 8.00
2Jx3i " " 10.50
3x3 " " 11.00
3x31 " $12 and 12.50
2]x3     "   velvet $13.50
Heavy English
We have a choice line of these
squares, which is the standard
for quality, in fawns, reds, blueB
and greens; sizes 9x9, 9x104,
9x12, and 104x12. These squares
are suitable for any room and
cannot be excelled at the price.
For Kitchens and Bath Rooms,
in fact every room in the house
can be finished with this durable
material, permanent colors, can
be washed off.
Brussels, Wiltons,
A choice assortment of these
high-class squares in all the regular sizes, in Floral and Oriental
effects, in red, green and brown
grounds, splendidly adapted for
living rooms, dining rooms and
Linoleum, Oilcloth
A full range of Nairn's Scotch
goods, the best procurable Hall
rims, 8, }, 36, 45, and 54 inches
Printed and inlaid linoleums all
Dainty floral designs for use in
bedrooms, etc
Iron Beds,Mattresses
Pi/lows, Bedding
Splendid value in Maish laminated Cotton and Eiderdown
Friday Bargains in Veilings
300 yards of Veilings, all kinds, all colors.
See the window for Friday Bargains. They are
regular 50c. to 75c. per yard; Friday while they
last at
15c. per yard
Bargains in Baby Ribbon
1000 yards of Baby Ribbon on sale Friday,
all colors, fine for fancy work, in plain Taffeta
Silk and Corded Silk, at only
1c. a yard
April Sale of White
April—House cleaning month—you will be
sure to find when rummaging through your linen
closets that you are short of nice pillow slips,
sheets, and white bed coverings. Here is the
opportunity to fill up your stock.
Lovely pure white hemstitched Pillow Slips
at each 25 cents
Extra heavy English circular pillow cotton
pure finish, no dressing, all widths, 40 to 46 in.
at per yard 25 cents
63 inch. English Cambric Sheeting, pure
bleach, full width, no dressing, for ] beds, at
per yard 35 cents
72 inch English Cambric Sheeting, full
width, for full sized beds, very fine, no dressing,
ready for use, at per yard 35 cents
72 inch extra quality, 20 twill sheeting, full
width, for large beds, no starch, very heavy
quality, at per yard 40 cents
English Honeycomb Counterpane or White
Quilt, extra large size, fine pure bleached   $2.50
An extra fine English Merselles Quilt or
Counterpane, largest size, lovely .snowy white,
beautiful designs (registered) this one at a
special price.   Ask to see these at each $2.90
High Grade Teas
Watch our corner window for high grade
Teas in packages, tins and bulk.
You Will Want Seeds
Now that the farming and gardening season
is on you will want Seeds. We have them, all
kinds: Lawn Grass, Lawn Clover Seed, Onion
Sets, Timothy and Red Clover Seeds, and all
kinds of garden seeds.
Olives    Olives    Olives
We are showing a large assortment of Olives
these days;—Nut Stuffed, Sweet Pepper Stuffed
and Anchovie Stuffed,  Queen Olives in different sized bottles.
Tea Bargains Thursday-Friday
4 lbs.  Ceylon Tea for One Dollar.
Thursday and Friday Only
California Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh every Wednesday and Friday morning- All kinds
Hosiery for Men
A wide variety of the choicest patterns have just been
opened. You can be sure of the newest, as they are straight
from the old country manufacturer.
This season's novelties show some distinctly new ideas in
two-tone stripes of blue, tan, brown, and gray. Plain colors
predominate in browns, wines, greens, grays, and blues, as
well as their different shades. Tans, blacks and grays with
embroidered clocks will also be worn.
We have them all in Cashmere, Lisle and Silk.    Prices
50c, 60c., and 75c. a pair
cashmere, direct from the old country manufacturer. Full
sized, warranted fast colors. Will not shrink. Sizes 9*J to 11.
Price 50 cents per pair.
ALL CASHMERE RIB SOCK-medium weight, double
toe and heel.   Will not shrink, sizes 9 J to 11. Price 50c. a pair.
PLAIN CASHMERE—best of old country yarns, absolutely fast colors.   Will not shrink.   Price 35c. or 3 pairs for $1.00
Assert Your Identity
This you will admit:—If you
mingle with a million men you
arc merely one of the crowd,
unless you assert vour identity.
Good clothes are one of the
forces of modern living. No
man has ever hurt his cause by
being well dressed. Assert yourself. Wear good clothes wear
20th Century Brand clothss.
C. B.Hume&Co.,Ltd.
Spring Underwear
for Men
Not quite warm enough for
Summer underwear, but too warm
for winter. We are now showing
a full line of medium weight
underclothing for Spring and
Fall wear.
medium weight natural wool.
Price 11 5'i per garment.
Wool, guaranteed n<>t to shrink.
Soft and silky. Price 11.75 per
natural, fine rib, guaranteed unshrinkable,   Price $3.75 per suit.
—blue and flesh colors, hard
wearing, unshrinkable. Will not
irritate the most delicate skin.
Price $1 50 per garment. WEDNESDAY, Al'UII, 19, l'Jll.
Sale of Wash Goods
at u'.c. per yard in stripes,
checks and plaids, superior
In neat stripe designs in navy
and butcher blues. Selling at
20c. per yard.
English Prints
In Plain Blues,   Pinks,   Greys,
at I J '-JC. per yard.
Guaranteed last colors, best
qualitv, in navy and light colors    i - 'ic. per yard.
Reid 6 Young's Store
ROBERTSON   I''*   Kev.   J    ll       and
Mrs,     ii at   St.  Andrew's
Manse, Nanaimo,  B. C, on Bunday
April '.uli. nt  2  ['in*, a s"11 |
Tlu*  Band of  Hope will  meet
Friday afternoon  next  al  the      city
The W.C.T.U.  will hold n tea      nt
the home  ui Mrs.  F.  W.  Laing,      on
Tuesday, May liml.
Miss Sonis Kainlicin ,,l Minneapolis
ie visiting ;:i th,* city, tin1 guest nl
Mrs. Samuel Hunter.
' Mr. and Mrs. G. Granite     have returned Irom Sweden after a     year's
*,.?;t  to tn.*,i  native laml*
Mr. J. 0.    Bradley    leaves tonight
iver in Ci umi lum with the
business ol the  Arrowhead Coal, Oil
•j.- ilas Co,
Vour presence la requested at Sl.
Peter'a church concert Prlda}    even
mir.     It will be Worth your while to
A sitting .'I the County li'l" I ol
West Kootenay will be hold nt tie
Court House here on Weduesday, May
17th, at 10 .M a.m.
\;< \ McRae, presidi in ol  the Globe
bas    ust  returned from
ati  Inspection  ot the lumber      yards
, omi any  in Northern Alberta
Misses K lna Hi me and Elsie Hooley.    who an   attending  ibe    Normal
1 at  Vancouuer,   Bre    Kpend ng
ilidays  with their par
1 ity.
M:.   Ro "'i
yesterday  i"i   the
even   attack    ot la
1 1. in    to the
Tb" - .mm* r ticket lur the V. M,
■' \      r five n     I -   .&, are now
t lu*
\ . mi *   an
get into line.
Mi-     I    T    Tl '    •
! riday niL-ht
at ':.*
■ . i      tl 1 li'
We have just nre veil a shipment "I White Clover Honev put up in
live H>- cans, which we will guarantee lo be absolutely Pure Honey,
uul .**.-> I is is llu* season toi honey we would aiivise you lo try thia il
yoa wish to gel the genuine article,
Tin* name "WngstnlTe speaks lor itself in ren,nil toquality. Weliave
a lull assortment nl 'bis Pure Jam including Strawberry, Raspberry,
Peacll, I'luni, lllack i Ul rant ami A pii tot.
A.  HOBSON,        Baker and Grocer.
Is one of the most import,
ant items in your business
will  look after  this branch   of
the luisiib'ss I'm- you.
l^ootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Successors tu h.ncaid & Anderson
\n   Uistrian   was  brought   In       to       Vp *>i  stork in tbe I
'b* hospital  Irom Three Vail of t allfornia will
Saturday '  ':-'   K" '
I.t.i.,  uni
ui   VfV'y
wik  «»4|   ■• r\
AT'*%,| V,V*;,-    \
''Should AuM Acquaintance br Forgot"
Transcontinental tour
of the
Grand Scottish Concert Co.
Mr. Craigiiall Sherry
the Refined Scottish
-   $1.00
Admission, 7oc. Chldron, 50c
'l'icketsal Macdonald's
Drug Store
Mr. J.IC. Miekelson anl family, of
Bawlf, Alta., wbo bave been absent
[rom tbe eity for about lour years,
return il today. Mr. Miekelson, wbo
in an experienced book keeper and
carpenter, is looking for suitable employment here.
At a special session ot the 1,. O. It.
lliliS held on Tuesday evening, farewell was taken of its Master, Rev,
H, I'. Thorpe, who has accepted an
appointment as assistant pastor of
ihe 1st Baptist church, Victoria. The
Uev. R, J. Mclntyre (Chaplin) on behalf of the lodge, presented Mr.
Thorpe with a handsome suit case,
ns u token of personal regard and esteem, and for his Interest and work
in the lodge. Several brethren spoke
expressing deep regret at the loss
both to the city and lodge Mr.
Thorpe's removal entailed, but. congratulated him upon his appointment
and  wished, him every success.
The farl of belonging to ibe snme
family as Harry Lauder ought to be
sufficient guarantee to tin* people ol
the United states mil Canada, ol
the ability ol any member as a bum-
oi'isi. In Aliek Lauder the younger
brother of the world renowned Harry
llie people ol Kevelstoke will have the
chance of a lifetime iu bearing the
panky Scotch humor of this a ited
comedian, when he appears here on
April 29, Mr. Lau/ler is considered
in some lines of humor, b.v far superior. The company assisting Mr.
Lauder are all stnrs of the lirst magnitude. Remember the.date, and secure your Beats early for there will
doubtlessly be one of the largest audiences ever sei.li in the Edison
:,-.!  tb.it  am
•,.   iai j   and   the    ofli nd.n •
was removed.
holiday     moven
.,;n q I   i  ii, Bt '
all . i, Mi d
• p.m. Employe"
laembei - •*:' comn
.   v,      r' vie    and
■ *
•   l b
It on    suspended h< i
'   '
'* i
■ i    ■
■   •
•   ,
Subject however   to     in-
f the
:    *
' '
Mis. C. 11. Paget will not receive
on Friday, April 21st.
Jessie Maclachlan Concert Co. tonight  Edison theatre.
.Mrs. Thos. Sturdy will not receive
I'riday the 21st. nor again this Bea-
Hear the queen of Scottish S< lusters, Miss Jessie Maclachlan, at the
Kdisou theatre tonight.
A meeting ot the Ladies' Auxiliary
to the V.M.C.A. will he held in the
Parlors of that  institution     at 8:30
p.m.  rn  Friday.
St. Peter's church concert, the
program for which appears in another column of tins paper will he held
on Friday evening.
Merchants nn.l banks air requested
to refuse payment of a O.P.R. cheque
payable to John Macdonald for $69.26
uless presented     by Mr. Macdonald
Wm.  Tumor appeared  before Mayor
Hamilton  yesterday    oil a charge    ot
us n •     foul language on th,* Btreet
and   was  fined  (2*9 and  costs or    live
weeks in jail.
Mrs   j. j. Woodland, who Buccess
a Icrwenl   an   operati' n  ior appendicitis,   :s  lining  well  and  expects
able '" be removed home th?
Tomorrow     night  a"l     Saturday
mo tctures ui  the Bdison
theatre   Including   the   Selig   Comedy,
**        'i oung Woman, Go West,"
most   -i'i bable ever pro-
'*■       iaher  of other interest
h .wn.    On
h   ih.  theatre will he clos-
.,; Mr.-.  McVlty'a con-
■*•'*. church.
.    11    Koran.
.  rolled  ,n  lh * I irli ntal
ahi .i  ISO in
I * *i   tlie       ai
* .   •.', ;.;i. :,.,*, .*      w bite-
*     I  .      .   I.  i     Cl ill  *     t,,
t the chiel    ol    ole
and hnl    h s
,1   :*  .•   no,i'ii. ( bli :
nth this    morn
.in k       t,,i
\-   Home'   given      in
Ladle     \u ■*
i Rail
.,  •**, h ,   I
,1     a
■   Mi
Next Poultry Show Will Be Held
January 4-5-6
At a meeting of the Itevelstoke Poultry Assoeiati. n held last night in
the cily hnll it was decided thnt the
next annual poultry show lie hold on
January 4th. Sth and 6th, 1912, and
it was also decided to donate a cup
to lie competed for at the Provincial
Association Fair held in Vancouver
next  year.
Six new members were enrolled. A
number of communications were read
from various nourcea touching on the
poultry business.
*  iskws' drug stork —
V   Quart   1
Clllnrlili   I inu
rin • iv
On*  Pound  Rajah Linen
Call Soap'lot i nrpets
Vmi. (oi window!              ' *
and 75 Envelopes lo Maltih
'      lllll    II.Uld
'Advi                      *i
lor 75 Cents
We *.*n ,imii *   i* JI     *   * *    pn
....    ■... *
1,11m H ■
■ *•
|ti i irrlvril
promptly   .nnl  «ub ilu    lic«t «i|
■1,. i  oi.l \ * 1* * ' l: i   ■
, In mii ii*   in<l .Inn*   | i
i m-|i
Ml  iitliri  ndppl i   bind
lain i.
—    BEWS'   DRUG   STORE       	
Jessie Maclachlan To-Niyht
The Jessie Maclachlan company will
be at thc BJdlson theatre tonight for
oue night only. The Winnipeg Free
Press snys of her latest concert:
The task ol the critic is nn easy
one in handling such n performance
as that provided by Jessie Maclachlan and her company In the Walker
theatre last evening. There is no
trick of metaphor in thc bill board
announcement that she stars "Queen
of Scottish and Gaelic Song." In
that respect she is peerless, but her
histriottlo gills are of lln mean order,
Had she felt disposed to devote the
same time and cultured ellort to the
services of dramatic art that she lias
given to the ballad minstrelsy of
b't' motherland, her success had been
assured e.n.l  no less brilliant.
Thc theatre wns crammed to its
last capacity. A large numlier of
chairs had to be improvised on the
■itaei.'.  nnd  many  belated    applicants
or seats were glad to have per -
mission to stand in thc gallery. I
The program was well selected an.l
included most ol Miss Mnclaihliin's
favorite themes,  whicli she     rendered
n ha own inimitable style to a
breathless stillness, and nnoii the
excited plaudits of the Immense con-,
course ol people, whose eyes wore
rl vetted up, n her. Not a gesture
was nut of plnce and every quip and ,
turn employed In her wonderful interpretation w'as in perfect accord
with the fitness of things an.l were
us,d with the artfulness and untutored freedom ui nature. Said „ little
maid Irom the far east, "Why ,lo
people never tire of listening to that
pomnn's singing,"       Because      her
.,11   ;     iiii'ini-  and she lives      with
nature,   said the    Glengarry grand-
the little lass.
It  li not  possible to deal out nice
' I. i ,* i,  I *■! ■ ii ii  i li *   gi aw      and
th    pathetic an I tha    mirth
..- i bera ol her repertoire.
i.i ■ nil  |ii*i feci an I rendered
viih a faultless conceptb u ol all they
• 11 i.. aj I.* oi• human heart. Her
little    recital of    the circumstances
i a   on.ed ih ■ wi it ing of     the
"ll«iikn  ol   [,i,i h   Lonioa."   waH     very
lam11y an i wai as acceptable us   it
ii'i'n   In any program   of   the
kin i hem.i here In which I hat Immoi
inl ImllaiWia* !.. I n : nn,-. ainl there
i.'.i'l wii* moll „ •.tillucHH in the
WstkOI III. all* ,, dill in;' the giving
il li i In ii i ni 1.11 "A Golden Cindel
bee"   an aiu lent  tally  lullaby
• ti tib i I wm. a record night,
even foi a Ji »le Maclachlan conoerl.
nn i the     "y loon oi Scottish Bong"
ll •   way   With   the  coliscl
sntloUiness full on lur soul tlml the
( folk  love her great   womMii
iv heart,   and admire her undiminished powei    ol     n • no l«N than   they
NeH      llo.ik*.   nn*     Way     OUt,   Th"
''illh l'ii«*. Cynthia "I the Minute. Ad
• ii' *'i's ol a  Mo I" t   Man.—all     at
Mr I   Haiti's dl Ug
Sec our window for
the prettiest display of
parasols and umbrellas
we have yet made. We
have them in all materials and all colors,
for all occasions. Fancy
silks, pongees (plain
and embroidered) linens, muslins, etc. Vou
will find the prices as
attractive as the materials md the colorings, as they sell from
$1 Up
Children's Parasols,
in whi e and colors,
from 25c. each.
Wc have given particular attention to our Glove
stock for this season.    We carry the celebrated "Perrin's"
pair we se
I.    Wc have
Kid Glove and guarantee every
them iu all the leading shades.
Fabric Gloves are always in demand for the warm
weather, and wc can supply your needs in this line. We
have silk gloves, long and short, in black, cream, tan and
colors, both single aud double lipped, and I.isle Gloves,
in black, white, grey and tan.
On Monday we received a large shipment of
neckwear, just too late for Easter, but just in time for the
line weather. You will lind this one of the nicest and
cheapest lots of collars, j bots, etc., that we have ever
shown. Fine Dutch collars, I,tee trimmed, at 30c, 35c,
40c. and 60c.     Pretty Jabots lioin 25c.
We are also showing a pretty lot of linen embroidered collars in both straight and Dutch styles, sizas
1 j to 14 ' j .
Next Saturda) we will again begin our popular
"After Supper Sides" and it will pay you lo watch for the
Specials in seasonable goods that we will pul on sale.
jwaai.^i*K3K!-^^ .
How About A New Suit
Made to Order
Our Spring Samples for Suits and
Spring Overcoats just arrived.
We guarantee a perfect (it, stylo
and   well tailored  garments at
fair and honest prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Ritorm Clothing
Fool-Rilo Shoe
School Suits for Yct Boys
Wc have ihe kind tbat lioys di-llght in  wearing,  nmilc
ol llollllj  lulnlcs, well i'UI, will finii-thcd lltltl scum able
UiiSS -' I'IKCH Ul.oo.UKK Suits.
made ol inu* grcj str'nnl
Iwei ill and browns, with bill
cul BI001111 1 font-., all llr.ee.
Prices. $5 and $6
HOYS St'ITS, Buster atylee. nil
ibe new mixtureeltecU,colore
grey, green, brown, nnd navy.
PRICES, $5 to $10
HOYS .' PIKCH St'ITS, in.iib* ol
inn worsteds, iu ninl art) ami
brown effects, double-nrenstcil
Prices, $7.50, $8, $8.50
I'OYS St'ITS in ilouliir bri'iisliil
effects, uiiiili'of the very finest
worsteds, with tbc lull cut
Bloomer pnnte, eerviceabl*
mul dependable,
Prices, $9 to $15
McRae Mercantile Co., Ltd.
The Stvle Shop for Men and Hoys Who Know
(Strawberry, onrlj and late cabbage
cauliflower ant tomato plants,    'I'ho
TOR    rfALIS-Four   Logging  Hor**, gtrBWbnry lllan,6 ^ g,mrilll„,„,|
(■an br IWO nny dny nt Bight Wile w, II. l-UTTHl'I'-f
UuurJ, or see Satuucl lluutcr, city,
Tbuui' 5b,


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