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The Mail Herald Apr 30, 1910

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Vol. 16—No. 33
'*<*«; .°iWELSTOKE. B. C. APnlLlM 1910
$2.50 Per Ye*r
Un . (INCH
■i     I
So simple is Alahastine to
andle thai anyone can decorate his
or her own home with it. By following lhe simple direction given on every      ,.-.,...,...
plottage you, yourself, can reproduce any tint combinations, not only in
tha plain tints, hut also in the wall* decorated with stencils. We would
liLe to tell yciu more about what Alnb.istine will do for your home, how
easy it ia to apply, nnd how beautiful are its results. Ask Ul to show you
■ tint card and copy oi* " Homes, Healthful aad Beautiful."
We carry a full line oF all shades made
also the principal colors in frescoes
Recognized the world over as the Best
Varnish Made
Try Liquid Granite on Your Floors
Full lines of Paints and Varnishes in stock.
Ready Mixed Paints $2.00 per Gallon.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd.
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Otfico   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches nr AgentB at all principal points in Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, I dotted. Chicago-First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
landmark   Innl   lulil   vim   I"   iim'     Villon,! cement.
Mr.   Siii'luii:   The   Victoria    cement
delayed   mu and   I   nnl   tllohc   I.limber
The regular    meeting "f tlie Council   Co.  cement  lill  stopped  hy  Mr.  I.ind-
,v,i- held last  night  with all members   mark.
I    Aid.   Abrulmmson:   The  rit\   can	
COMMUNICATION'S. pay anything nol  in  lhe contend.
From C, I'.  It.,   Cnlgnry, re   refund      The  Mayor:   You   should   nol     have
on   -t'w.'i-.-   I.aid  over. 'i'1   lhe laic mayor dictate    to    you.
\V.  .1   floepel,  N'elson,  re  refund    ol      Cily  Clerkr.   There  wa-  nothing     in
sewer  tux.—Filed. ''"'  "'''''    walk  contract   binding      Mr,
I    Smith,     Kerry    and Chacc,  r n-   Sinslair  lo gel   a  certain    kind of ro-
Iflrmiiij   purchnsc of governor for    tho   menu"   The 8INIU was deposited  bj   Mr,
,„,«,..   plant,    Dealt  with. Sinclair  till    tho work  wns c |)leted
I    Wine &  Spirit  Co, asking  lhal    per-   sntisfaclorily.        A    resolution     was
!,„i-M,„'     lv griinterl In dose up     ili"   I'nssecl    ilml   the   Public Works    Combine behind  their premises bctu  ili"   "lit   lo inspeil   lhe sidewalk  ami  il
Y    I'.   U,      spurs.    Referred   lo     Publi''   I'nssed   ami   found   in   good  order,   Mr.
Works Committee. Sinclair   lo  he  paid   in   full  a irding
I    Smith,     Kern     anl   Chi ,   l'o   I'M"'   '"   ll"'   '•nnlraot.
I line „„d llu„„. al   the power dam. in t SKWAflK   INSPECTION
recommending    a  new  double  Hume.'        Considerable discussion aro-,.    ns  lo
j \ld. Cowan ndvised     the council     to   lh» necessity ol having nn oxperl man
form  n  committee of  lhe  whole     and   '"  <"-'   lh'     "i.-iin  sewer bef      the
meel Mr. HelTner, lhe engineer in llii- the '''> 'nke« them over. Aid, Trim-
matter which wns a very importanl l,,c u"u1,1 lil:" l" '''"awl through ihem
one. Two distinct pipe lines nre nee- nnd ninke -arc tlml Ihey were nol
I unitary if Ihe idea of lhe council ill broken, li will be a diflirull mutter
[supplying power lo the C. P. II. is i" "' be sure lhal ihey an- nl right now
[be carried out. The council will meel ll"" they nro in the ground.
lh" en.'iieei' ai   tic work- today. '['"'     "latiei' is of great importance
The   Revelstoke   I.ami   Co.,   inclosing   "ttid  Al'l. Cowan and wr are now    iv-
juiil claim on lane now dose'.l through   sponsible.
Block 50.     City Clerk to acknowledge      "  "''- decided io Hud a man    who
and   Ihnnk   npany. """ul '"'     capable of inspecting    tho
C. M. Field re tin; I'Utting olT by the moin sewe1''
government of portions of lhe Revel- *'''• Sinclair said thai the flush
stoke school district. Tlie council ag- lankH n'ere being pul in- The quest-
reed lhat ihere would probably be n '"" "' appointing an inspector of sew-
new school across ilie Eddy,.bui there ;,!-"' connections to the houses was
was  no reason why  the land this side   discussed bill  left  over till  the plumb-
of the river should 1 m out     from   inP by-law could be gone into.
the Revelstoke district,    ft appeared as      A    meeting was called for    Tuesday
if the people    themselves had applied   next'     Tl"' meeting then adjourned,
for   this.   The   school  board   will      be
asked   to  take  lhc mat ler up with the
governmenl . ^M	
.1.  Maley. submitting prices for new       VV. T. Stein, the city auditor, has com-
boulevard   trees   and  planting  same.-    pleted his   first  quarterly   audit   of the
Lacrosse anil Lawn Tennis
Goods in all the best makes.
Slozenger, etc.
Rubber Hose and Lawn
Mowers, Garden Sets, (Jar-
den Seeds, Flower Seeds.
In Hardware, Paints,
Stoves, Harness or any of
the numerous lines wc carry,
our stock and prices will be
found up-to-date.
Crooerlee   Hardware    Paints
City Quarterly Audit
• I.   Shaw    applied   for   water   connei
city's accounts  and   reports   that everything is going very   well,   and   that the
city is being run within its estimates.
ion ai     Benson     slreel  to his house.       The following is the statement by Mr.
Referred    to the Public     Works Com-   Stein:—
minis'. RECEIPTS.
Aid.  Cowan  reported  thai   Ihe mnl
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have recently been completed under which  the  branchei
of this Bank are able to Issue Drafts on the principal points
ln the following countries:
Austrim-Huagmfy    Finland Ireland Rus«ia
Belgium Formosa Italy Servia
Brazil France Japan Siam
Bulgaria Fr'ch Cochin-Chin*   Java South Africa
Ceylon Germany Manchuria Straits Sei tli miar>
China Great Britain Mexico Sweden
Crete Greece Norway Sw.-t ?■■. land
Denmark Holland Persia Turkey
Egypt IcelacJ Phillipine Islands West Indie* rn
Faroe Islao'JB Iodia Roumania and elsewher*
I avallon
,8 ii.OD.'l.BS
ler of the  ne«   tool   -hed  had  been  laid
nvcr. ■      i ■                                                  i^.» .tn
Mindries          l^J.-'J
;    II.  I.ni.ghced  had offered  lo build a   «/atel. ant| ,.,. „,. |lt    r..TlJ.r.l
-nl" walk  between  Jul and 3rd street-   Teniporal.y |.oan    15,000.00
al  In-  block   il   the cily would    supply    ,,„,,,;,.   „,,.,,,,,        ,-.;-,,
tnttterial Other U ipis  ■...
The     committee    is preparing, plans p,,.,|.,„,,..,, :i|s,  Manh.  1010
j for the new  addition to lhe gaol.
 I Hank Overdraft   	
'lhe mad up the hill io Mr.Mitchel's .	
house applied  for eould  nol  very well 835244.39
he done  hut   'li-aiti-  collld  he put   in and 	
make  the  surface  dry, l'WMrVI'S I
Vld. Cowan suggested lhal  iln- Pub-   |;.j..ltl,.,,.    a,   |gt,  January,
li.- Hoiks Committee should gel busy, pip,   p,„n|, Overdraft ....$11,248.19
a-   they   lind   not   done  all   the   thine
|they  should huve.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I'ublic Safety 	
Aid,  Abrahamson  submitted  a  sket-   [>ublic- fharitv
eh  oi     ihe  gaol    addition-      to en-i    ]>,,|,n.. Convenience 	
s;""- '»' ' " ";"1 »'  "> ;■'-' *"'"•   I'i '■ education 	
Tic  recommend  of the committee was   <. j x\  Ra(e   Vee'ts
accepted. Temporary  loan (repaid)
Oilier Payments,.,
•J.'.ls.S.   I.-,
I.Till I.-.".I
Revelstoke Branch   A. B, McCleneghan, Mgr.
Watch Revelstoke Grow
Fruit and Vegetables
When Everyone Uses
P. Burns & Co.'s Fertilizer
Try a Sack of It For Your Lawn
Aid. Trimble asked if anything had
been done alioin the sidewnlk at the
Windsor  hotel.
Aid.   M. I'u-H :     No,   He   Hill   take     it
up at  a -j ial  meeting.
I The matter nf a road to the ri,ty
nniit- on ih" wnj '" lhe Rev, I'. A
I'"" inier's ranch ua- lefl to the Public Work- ( oinmit tec.
T.  I". Sinclair ua- pre.en* and   wns
asked b>   ihe council ,-,- to progress] he
j lllld    made    on    the    -ewer    te-l-. Mr.	
Sinclair -ail he hud tested rigid al- I (in Monday anl Tuesday, May 2,
on'.' an I had Hushed 'hei t a- well a pretty juvenile cantata will lie proas making lantern tests, There were duced at ihe Edison Theatre, ovei I"
no  -iei,    ,,i    ..''i.etioii  or .ink   He   oi'  lievelstoke'    !i"l" children    taking
asked   llic  Publii   Works Committee  In   part.   Tl nntntn     i- made up     of
l'o with i.i'"    "i   .-.' ihe i'n I.   ,t   i"    iho.'  nrt,   ami  i-  a  charming     liul"
te-l-. plnj   tj pi nl  "(    I'llii-. entitled  "Dre-
CT.MKYI    SIDEWALKS I am of the Flowers."   Included
The   matter  of   lhe   side   will
UoVelsUikc,  n.  (     29th  April.   1910,
('.-iiiii."1 correct,
W, T. STEIN fi iu..
I 'harteri <1  Accountants,
(iiy Auditors.
1910—MAY DAY—iqio
New Edison Theatre
Monday and Tuesday,  May 2-3
A May Day Cantata
And Juvenile Entertainment
Under auspices of tlie Ladies' Guild ot" St. Peter's
"Dream of the Flowers"
A Fairy Idyll of Spring
Forty children taking part.
Pretty Scenes.    Dainty Costumes.    Charming Music
there will lie one pii f 60c. all over
the house ami children 2fic.    The   plan
can  lie   seen   n      Mnodonnld's      liuu
The cantata     is  lieing arranged by
the   Ladies'   I,mill   of   .-St.   I'etei -.     « ho
are doing all  ilie}   cau  lo in un      i'-   <|„. -i,„.i-  |„.,   „i.dii.    I'l
success,     and  ilm patronage ol     ''"    paid.
i I  .      i'p it» i
,   .,     ' ■ !    •
[iiiiii;.-  i-   looked   foi.
Poultry Meeting
i    i t.
fori V
Scliuol Debentures Sold
1      I- M
1   i'. "    i   ». :l   ,,l lend."I   nill
Mc A.     .lull, ihe poultry experl of
  llle    lhe    HI.        lo",, ■! nun lit,    ha
PI -i'ul   iiiimhi i     nre    .''ial     p |ileusuro nl llu     real  inlere     I tken i'i
■He K,   V. Hi '   use nu   ili    . . choruses ami -ol,, . ii,„ Hnnl acl intra  .poulti    renrii     ii   Itevcl toko   .
",l     Mr. ii  n I. ' i   lhe   i-'  in ,hi. mr  a countn   Maj   pole .1 n  ■ I nlion oi viaiting    lhe
" SMI.     I''    Dninlj   dresses typical ol dowers will I citj   on   Mnj   lilh,   iind lectute on      |
*'n" ""'   his fault   ihai   I ii i .,,,,,, while , -, ...
'"   h thi' v -. ■  | p ,j(|   ,,,   ,in     . t .. ,,,,..      , nj,       Sir. -lul' intend    '■■ nlu ti
had   I.,  unit   fm    ,■!,,,"        ii,. niraction       Kiwi   cal      oloi    plTi  I     cure with lantern   dido* and  also    to
1   ':   ■ ",|  lho (Jlobe  l.umboi   Co'     ■■• will add to the charming nnl ill'-   denionslrule poinl    on live birdii.     '•   '■»'' *«».""*» hnv» tM
'"""'  '""  hud been  oi'lei-,.1  to slop ii piiM'e, und     lhe     Iiii!"   ictre "■    i       hoped llinl   Lhe |  tr;   men    and
">   'hi a      Ih.-ie   wn    ii'ih well up with their Moil, ami n lieniii-   others     v»ill  turn    out  en   masse and
"l-   I'     :l"        '"I'lia   l   Which   compelled lal    l"le   |.Ml'"iti,ai imh,i."I.
111111  '" 'i" Ihis I"..,-p.  ., ,|.,    „ | '|'he     cnnlnln glvo    tl.' girl    ..i     the
'"'-'  »"'lh   ii-  hit'     num ii ... ,1     as  Well   , ■   ihe   ind" idu i   lead
1 '      ' lerl      Mi       Sinclair  wn     -e ,,,.'  p.ni    every nppnrtunil;   nl     'ti
layed  le.   weathei   and  nol   w;,,i<     .,i lingui hiny   il Ives,
Ilo    'li'h' nplnin of    iini       I'.etueei, tl,,'.',. i    ;l  novel and pretl}
l«»l    >'l     I drill   will   he       pr.formed,   wl,, .
\   '      '""an:    Mr.      S,r luil   i        o Hi   i .I.i      movii uiil     make
"lame i'.i   nol  linishing quicker.     II p n  ronll.i   inlen  lii      onl   iltrn
 i""il mu""'  -land for anylhingnol eutottnlnmonl,   The whole will he pro-
•,,|,l'"|i"1 '" lhe contract. iltieed on  M In   and  Tuosda;   noxl
''""       '""l    were foolish    lo On Mondnj   lho prh-e    will Ik     onoi     |     Houiebold Ammonia, Ox tiall Soap,I
1'"''' "''  ,'11 ''"' fro»l  came and make admission     nOc,     rved    oal    Tfic, |Soap Bark tod Other cleaners al Mao*     Moving I'i "ti,., nt the New Edison
a botch of ii  nil sltnplj  because    Mr. nnd  children 25c.   (hi  Tuo ilo;     I . h    donald'l Drug Store. Theatre tonight.
li   ""
ili" 11
i'-      ^   II    I
[lank of I
n l>   ii'  i .   -.      - ,.
Roosevelt Pictures at The Edison[
Special Btiinctiiiii   at   the   I'.'hs' n
Theatre nexI Wednesday and Thun<
duy in mnvlog pictnrcn; tlie celcl r.i ted
"Hooievelt Pictures"   the   very latest
nima made, '""' "' d tjrei
 Sulphur -i • .!• ■    trees, all prepated
ii Maodonald'i D u% .--Pre. Pa ■■ 2,
—    K&mH \-.ti33flI2
11 K A D I
Actual comparison oi Eastern Catalogue prices, freight added, with
II OWS O X ' S     PRI C E S
Winnipeg price   Weight    Freight   Total    Howson's Price delivered
•■ $9.60
•• 14.40
•• 13.00
" 14.00
■• 5.20
" 7.20
" 4.00
•• 7.20
"    16.50
'i   ; ■■ om profii Iiy ■ lni't ti u in car IonH Ion, tliprpby saving freight rates.    Unu,!;
■ ■■ r ci nu 11. -. ■ i: i. ■ i - -11 of other irnmls nm   spi rilied in this list to our store nnd we
w i'.' iii'nve niir   iat,'ii,"i,'s,    |;.. mlvr we deliver it'imls and t-el up free from hrenkage.
R.   IKiM'SON   ts-   OO.     -    REVELSTOKK, B. C.
Kitch n Chairs
Ki'chen Cabinet
$3 53
Dininq Table
3 87
Dining Chairs
Ur f,ser .-ind St?.nd
3 52
1   ri
6 94
Dominion Spring
3 81
Child's Cot
0 :im mo'c Waitress
lie,.iirs nf nil  kimls neatly oarrieii  on
l;i,v, ie nml Cun work aeueulalty
Ksilinates efven on any Hush
of work.
Front     Street.
Basted Pupils
Fight White Plape
ii-i   inn em-liei     .ni
I hits, not   fell    lie
illy   ili .1       •!::•-   with
Tin re
tl       is
fori        i<        :    .lie
ve,  wini   lo
I      i :      l lie      CXplllTl ll "'i    ii.'n iidy
i mi 11    lie I      I lein,        	
..!   ill Hit}.      V   vi r\     nlilc  nnd    sue
m,      tcnclii r uns    iicciislonipd      In
lhn     lie   always   ivnnilercd     wlint      |i,    i;,.,,,-._..   II.   I'ortcr,   Formerly    of
hecinne  of  the   'level   pupils.      Nothing   Toroni., .,,,.!   now   ..■.■.-,,:   fn  the ('ills   more  surpi-isinu'   limn   io  see    hoys   mll|i,ln   Assuciation   fur   lhe   I'reventiou
wen      t n ll eii  i In - -   ,,t   | iiberciilosis,  i-   iniikiiis.'  n   t •   of
.'I.-.       clcveliipiiic     into     useful   L.ie:ii   Ku^ieci   of  Ilie I'mlit  uijiiinsl    lho
men,    or trirls who seemed nimble    to   Uriiisli    Columbia,     sp, iking    on  Iho
n.     mn "id   I "'iin-      or   cinbniciiiii  nil  ihe  iiiipiiiinni   points in
siu-ccsslul   business   women. Whilo l'mjiie.     \      ^.--.-r.-il      ,iini|iiii)rn
  llle    province     will  be pliinueil nnd u
-■eries  of  Icclurcs  will  In-  piven.
Ur. Porter will pnibnbly visil lievelstoke shortly. I..i-i Sunday was Tu-
berciilosis Sunday in tlie I nitetl States.    More     than     lifl\   thousand Rcr
Many Strike
Devi"! I llll III I      lire
led            i;i  onl                           } x"' on,   April   •_".'   Thirty five Inin liw
iln nm     I,. •■  time    wlvle  I lie  !..'«     are miners     nre   mil      today in a syinp.i
in   Mm..     The   -ii -■     of Ihelin strike     today  followiui;  ii„.  ,-,.
In   it      -. I   lhe     teacher's   fusnl   nf   the   Uritish   tolumbin   Cippe.    ",""'*/''   as many pulpit* wore proa-
,", ,„y   to recorrnise  ill* Worn   IV-   ;'h";|  '"  -"I'l1"" auti-luberculos
,,    .     ii     l deration  of  Miner-     All     llle men
AKK0*'HKAD, B. r.
Special Attention Riven t«» commercial
mi 'i and ton UN. First-dam sample
nn'ins, FtnpKt Hcent-rv in British Colnm-
hin, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
MHiinfttRi tired for hII ciHsr-rs of   hnilttttiRi
forvtile Id larce nr small qnantttUll
& at tha lowest prloes ior i Afh.
All kiadfia»f hntldtDR andfplns taring
Foote & Pradolini.
Hut   tin i '■ nre .
,'■■■■;-     ;
,,,1,,.,   nloye.1 a. th.
' iranbv   mi
i-   war.
The     im 'ii ui   ilu* head of  ihe move-
"/,'' '   work"  "There  is' TfiriZ "oiiUool   'for   '"•""  'l:'i'"   ll'»<   <'"' -'";"   ™»Jorily oi
 '""""«" ^LTf^eZ:. ""'
le student,   ml da;      nflei     day ■	
her.     Now lin l        l
ki ..uy.        Just nBEsntment
I'm     ufti ner -     arl linn lie     that ,
, n   ;m   fill, ,1'ta     the   Winntne^      lee-        Caieflrv     llig      An^il '"I Tl,o f„r.l
omnium and tnij.nrj,   ,\irn.,   .in'ii _.i—i ne luct
„„„  -'■' ",1 |!-"","'n "',:'    ""   that   the   pr.in of Alberta will be ex-
uli ' lhat Lord  Kuehcner missed   ported vi* Vancouver, which has been
heniitv    in I   in     '-:       II' ii   ihere  are ".' , q'lestionid bv mime people, nmv he ae
'-ii,.,     ,,...,, ,i.. ..,  i  i.i,..,..    ,,,.,
■ Iiim I' ■!,      who  are  v, anl inu     in      me
To    mn li, drnwinj   *"
make  life      a   ,
1,1-    |',1-M,L'
Big Grain Shipments
prrain   makes   significant   eomment
the fad      lhat   Lord  Kitchener missed
Canada  in his  tour
"The     people  of  Canada  haw*
_ .. C" >ted    ss    liinillv privcd hv the ehin-
rounds  for resentment  'Arc  the avoin ■ '
uc of r.uii'ln bv  Lord Kitchener in^ m«-"" oUrain for export already made
,    ,| miiieiit, through     V»nnnuver.     Twenty-five
thai  Cnnudii has anv par- tnol,8a"d   tone   of   wheat,   oatd   nnd
or   lionise     Lord biiley of the    1009   crop    in    Alberta
!'   Kitchener,   ,lih,„i_h  he wmild  have re- have been uli  p d (rom Vancouver  to
reived   ;,   liearlj   ami   spontaneous   wel- date, this   sliiiniient    beinn    made   lo
Ihi       i aniidn   is  an  ■    enlin M. xico, the Philippines and Alaska,
importani   fiiclor   in   the   military     ur- 	
Canada's Trade Increases
burd mi     li     \-   -u. li   children
ioi   h    lhe>     mi
l« •„'») In work,     n.l .ii thi
■ pi      iiumHi . i Itlencr
l hi    	
. .    ■ ■      .  .        :>
II Ild    - islt'lV    | :i-
■ onsideiccl   impfu lanl      thai    Ihe    in
nil,,  imiuIiI
ot   t he     I
show an increase in   the   irideofthe
Dominion  ol   $117 506,234, or over 20
uf I per cent, as compared  with   tbe   pre
vious   war      The  lotal tr.de for the
O'tnwi.   A prii    111—Final   re'urns
■-,.",,,■•"'    M-ireh     'lis
 ol   the     I.    :   '.     ;,.     ;;!p.    i t mc n t,*i year entiion  .narcn    .lie.
■  ,
year was $677,140,180, an increa-e ol
over $26,000000, ci mpared with 1907-8
tbe previous high w^ter mark. for
the current year a total trade of $800,-
 OOOie e-timated
Imports for the year were $305,763,
.n increase ol   over   $76,000,000,
soil im 'mr sold est ic products $279
211.537, an increase ol over $3,000,000
Tne biggest increase in exports was
in agricultural products, which jumped
I $72,1 WO to  over   $90,
ll KM 00.
- collection fur tl e
yeai w.-re $61 010 Ic I
E.    G.    BURR1DGE
Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot  Air
Pipe and  Furnace  Work
Cnnnaught Ave.   -    Revelstoke
Splendid residences,
Suitable Building I^«ts
Those interested will do well t" call
ami sec us before deciding to buy.
You can obtain fair rntes for Fire Insurance in reliable companies uitli Do-
mini -ii Charters.
Call and iM figures.
Money to Loan ou Residential Property.
Cor. Second St.and Mackenzie Avenue
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie  Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigar--, Tobacco.
Meals 35 centp.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
R. M. R. Notes
102nd Reg
Vegetable and Flower
Ornamental  and Flowering
Best varieties of
Send for Catalogue
786 Granville St.   P. 0. Box 1063
Vancouver, ll. C.
SI (i xs
Ml kinds
onablc Prices
Painting and
Paper Hanging
U  ml, ,,l
ii   i i,.Ml -t   and lioli-on Avenue
"    ■   lhn
Iln       |"
1  help
Union Hotel
i ioi' r Mew  Manage nt
Stewart Macdonald
See Its "Artistic Arch"
hems" JL ia.N
Of all the 20 improvements of the clever-looking
Napoleon Shoe the feature which best pleases the
eye of the buyer is the Artistic Arch. Special lasts
are made for every pair of Napoleons—foot-sculptured
lasts—and inside there is a stout steel arch which
snugly holds the instep.
That free, athletic stride which marks
the man of action is not possible when the
arch support of the shoe fails in its function.
Showing the Napoleon Shoe is a
pleasure—whether you come to see or
to buy.
Sold everywhere in Canada, the
United States and Great Britain at the
same price— $5, $5.50 and $6.
Scotch  Whisky
A Genuine Highland Whisky.
There are   hundreds  of   brands  of  so-called
'Scotch Whisky."
Many of these are not genuine.
Tor your health s sake, confine your choice
to standard hrands ; use a whisky of recognized
Wataon s Whisky is one of these; distilled
in the Highlands of Scotland -the district
acknowledged to he the best in the world for
whisky distilling.
We age our Whisky in Sherry wood, and,
after careful blending, it is bottled in our warehouse and sealed with an adhesive capsule
bearing our name.
Every such bottle carries with it our unqualified guarantee of purity and quality.
Insist     on
"THREE STAR" — A miltl, tboroughly maturlj Scolck.
"NO. IO"—A lull-bodied, richly lUvored Scolck.
JAMES WATSON & CO., Limited -  Dundee.
3 Superb Styles
The famous Fit-Reform designer
has created three models in 2
Button Sack Suits that surpass
anything of this style ever seen
in this country.
The comhination of originality
and elegance will appeal
to every man who prizes
exclusiveness and good taste.
The  patterns—
FIT- ^4 'n  ^ne English
REFORM^ Worsteds— are
(M   equally   distinctive. 15
ReveLtoke,  D. SATURDAY, Al'lill. 3D, 1010,
Page 9
Notice is hereby given tlml an application will ln> made under I'art V. ot
the "Water Act, 1909," to obtain a
license in tin1 Revelstoke Division of
West Kodtciiiiy District.
(a.) Tin1 name, address and occupation of the applicant, Jacob S. Wions,
Nakusp, P.. C„ fruit grower anil vegetable gardener,
(b.)   The name of  the lake, stream, i
or source (il unnamed, the description ,
is)   Little  stream,    unnamed,  running
out of small lake i of mile east of said
(c.)   Tho point  .,1 diversion, -20 rods
west   of  rn-t   i'llll  of  lol   2,   sllli-ilivisioli
of lot 427-1 Group ill.
(d.) The quantity of water applied
for (in cubic feel per second) one cubic foot par second.
(o,)   The    I'haraeter of the proposed
works: Taken will   tend ire»ghs (rom
tream to pardon.
(f.) The premises on which the water is to do used, Lot 2, Subdivision
of Lot   l-TI Group (I)  Kootenay.
in.) The purposes for which the wa
ti'i- is to be used,—irrigating vegetable
(Ii.l If for irrigation, describe. the
land intended to be irrigated, giving
acreace,—1 acre on wesl end of Lot 2
sub-division of Lot  4274  of Croup (1)
(k) This notice was posted on the
14th day of March, 1910, and an application . will be made to the Commissioner on the 1 Ilh day of April, A.
D.,   1910.
(1) Give the names and addresses
of any riparian proprietors or licensees who or whose lands are likely to
be affected by the proposed works,
either above or below the outlet,—
Buisnal! Bros,, Robert La Rue, Nakusp
B. C, below outlet.
Dated March 16th.,  1010.
(Sinned) m.16.
Nakusp, B. C.
More bread
v.*. ■ ■.
■ ^W'ii* -J
-And the Reason for it
In the Goods of Thomas Beecher
iletheiall. deccised.
Notice is hereby given that all persons bating claims ncnni-i the late
Thomas Beecher Metherill, of Ping
eton Creek, decea-ed, who dini on or
about the 4-h day nf September, 11109
are required to send bv post prepaid
or delivered to the undersigned, solicitors lor the Administrator, their
names, addresses and the full particulars ol their claims in writinir, and the
nature of securities, il any, held by
And take no-ice that after June 1st,
1910 tbe Administrator will proceed
to distribute the assets ol the deceased
amongst tbe persons entitled thereto,
having regard only to the claims of
which he shall then have notice.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. f , tlii.- l;; h
April, A. D.1910.
Revelstoke B. C.
4ws Solicitors lor Ailministratir
Eggs for Hatching
Eggs  for  hatching  (rom  the  follow -
ing imported pure bred stoen:
S. C. Rhode Island Reds.-W.00.
Silver   Laced Wyandottes,—$2.00
Barred Plymouth Roeks,-82.00
S. C. Bull Leghorns,-J2.00
Cornish Indian 'lame,—82.00
White  Crested   Black  I'olish,-?2.00
Emdeu Geese.—$3.00.
Imperial  Pekin  Ducks.—$1.75.
Also stock from   the above for sale.
MRS. R. A.    UPPER.
^* be made from strong when*..
Manitoba hard wheat is acknowledged the strongest in the world—
and that is the kiud used for
Purity Flour,
Hut that's not all, Kvcrv rfrnin
of this wheat contains both high-
grade nnd low-grade properties,
In separating the high-grade parl3
from the low-grade tin- Western
Canada Flour Mills ; ;,' the haul
wheal through a process so i leading
that not a single low grade part
has the remotest chance ui getting
iu with the high-grade.
Of course this special process is
nunc i :■ :.,■ I-, om rate I t it
lit I  I lo Purity (lour users—
that's why wc use it.
It means  that   Purity  Flour is
elyol llic high, -. :.   .   •
I       parts of the strougtat wheal
ia I'm uui I.i.
Y mi high-i lass   iri ■■-• flour
in 1 '.'■■     ' •:■ ;, iclda "uijic I ii.i.i
aud belter brcaC."
riui';- may coi t a Utile more
til "i : . but ■ .- piove
'■'■ lhe ' In pest u;.,. must economical -.:,.	
-, /■?■?■'''" '<:>\
gsFn iw&zi ffi tm\ nqsrn n /?> .      ■-':.
' 1    : *M
■ Western Canada  Flour pant,  Limited
Office, Winnipeg, Man. Mills at St. llouil iderich, liiuudon
Mail newspaper, for the lirst aeroplane
(light from London to Manchester, a
distance ol over I8U miles, has been
won by Louis Paulhan, the French.
man, after one of the most sensational
coiiti-HlH that baa ever occurred in
(Ircat Britain.
Graham White, mi Englishman,
also competed, but w»» forced tnonme
down when within 711 milts of .Manchester.
Paulhan   was    greeted    I-v    a   crea
crowd nut lo see I lie finish if t lie flghl,
His   machine worked  perfectly,    lie
declared today   lhal   he  would   have
been able In   make   Ihe   whole   High!
BmOOtbly    thnt    hn   could   have   llu, li
another bond-id miles under favorable
weatler conditions.
Great Aerial Race
I.OM'ON,   April 28—The  routes! fi i
the   $50,000   prize   donated   hy   Lntd       \  meeting of  the  school  board   was      Vie heurli
NorilHi-hll'",    proprietor   of   lhe   Daily   held yesterday  afternoon with R. How-   South   Kootenu
.-on,   I-'.   Young,   \.   Abraluunson,   .ml   oi  Dominion     Iuu  hei ■ ■-.    Hie      Huul
K.  ICdwnrds  presenl. lisl f  Kootenu be J
U.   llowson  was elected I'liairnuui   of   of   the      best      us>els   of   i:      h
the   Boaril. l'i inginu     li>re 1
'Ihr mutter "i drinking   fountains i"' afforded      I'ln        \ l\
lhe pidniit' school was lefl  in the hands   Trout,       Suimnil,     \
of   I-:.   Kdwards   lo   report   ai   lhe  next    lakes,  besides smnl   i i   -    lhe
i ting.
\l'\\  DESKS.
Requests for     ordei   for  nev      chno
desks were -''lit   in from  various   linns, vnr'cties
and  il   wns decided   In  ask   ii   lirm-     li-iricl      I , .
lo s, ii I     niiiii,' desks  lo the  Board, earn
\l Vi   .-i 11001    SI I I
V   \i'i,,I, un ou  mm  I   it  l.ioM,  .-.i' I" I'he  Domiie.      Covriim
longed      io   tin-  Sch ".I   Board   "i    the   .,,_   m,  ,   -
without stopping had it not bem for i .'">"■ i"
.,     :   , , , hi-  Ktlw arils     slated  t hnl   the    blm-k ,
the Intense colli.
n      li ill 1 rl      I I W'US    llOUglll    tor    school     I Mill lo.-,'-.      liu-     ,.,,,-L    ,:,,     ... ' .- .
raiilhiin sind   he   bad   p'entv of fuel
. Icily would have  th.' deeds  >,, an\ case,    lisheri,..      \   • . .:;.
and    bis   aeroplane    was   working  »<)'.. ,      . ,
\.      V   i'llll  M'l    "!,    ihllllglll     lll.lt     ll        ill''       (|,
City owned thcl block- the | pie would     I,	
hi"'    '"   l)C   U'ivcll      a   'I'.il'"'   of   snj HU     , .    	
whether     ihey    would   nun  il  over  i"   ,,,,■   „ ;     \]v    ,, •.; >■     , .,
Paulhan   avemuiri   -14-1   miles per jtheschnol board,
hour,   aid    Wlnlei   S8 5.     Doth   used I    I'.  \>.    Bradshaw:   The school  lo
Farman hi-plaiis, hut   Paulhan's  wis   paid for tl„- rlearins; "? it.       , ,.  ,.
a racing niael ine aid White's was n it |    Mr.    Abiahiiiii      Thi-    should    I"'
1'a n I ha ii was in lbe air lour hours and   '" ''"''  mlo.
11  ni.tiiius.
Timber > m
had no Time
Mr.   *> mine:   Thai   U  rieht.
Mr,   Abralmin.-on  <uppo<t'(l   the  plnn->
ivlm'p out   fnr  lhu new    •■ iinnl and   lhat
Employment Wanted
A Big Healthy—Hearty —Happy
Abie-Bodied -Three Pound Package
Golden West Washing Powder
Competent to Do All Kinds of Cleaning:
Washing Dishes a Specialty :
Neat - Pleasant—and of Good Character:
Can Refer to Everybody Who Knows Me.
Will Not "Sleep In "-Chew Gum   or "Talk Back."
Wages No Object:
I Want a Place in Your Happy Home.
Meet Me At The Grocery Store
he  believe!     thej   enJIed   For  an  eight-      One  ,.•'   the    mo-i
room-, ho,,!. ,, , ,   ,.,!,,.,, h\   tin   (1
Lord Kitchener   on   his   arrival in      Mr-     llowson   pointed  mil   that   the f,,r  the  |  -  •  rest-  of
England atked legirdinp his inability!goveriimeni    would     mil     assist in n the provinci aiiiioii
to visit Canada, expressed   regret that Igrunl   towards  ,-,   l-rooin  -.-hool;  .-,n> - },,  ,|„. ||. ,    , -.,
he had not bad time   to   do so, aa he  way  an  s-mom  selmol  was  necessary. ,,i  lands,  i„i,.-t-  ,,,,,1  ,,,,„...    I,
waa merely   r-p'dly   p.asing   through I'"'e     average cosl     of n school  room t;,,n  ,,,     preserviiiii
the United Stales Irom San Franoiico,W,,M >'-' ■ '■'   nae in the governn "ill
VU-IACKXT  SI 11001.  D1STKICT ,,'i,., ,  ,l„. |„,„l„.,   u-ade, and  wi
to New York.
" I made the j uirney as ipiickly   aa '
The matter ,,t' the boundaries of   the in  „  substantial   inciea
Itevelstoke     scliool  dislnel   was   lalo'ii ceiiue,  bin   ii   will   nol
poaeib e," he eaul, -and did   not even
up.    II"'     I'.i. I.ii/etle having shown -,,, or embarrass   the  inteivts  .,t    the
have tutu-to io   to    \\ iishingtou.      1
lhat   certain portions,  usually included   lumber   trade
(eel it would bave been a poor compli-  h|  lh|i , (,is(l..(.( llr|„ ,,.,-, ,„„    ,, , hr|..^   U(|  |;
ment   to   Canada    to   have    passed  Wllii tp,..,..,,.,- ,i,|,.,| ,,, a-k ihe Supt, Ml  timber dues will Ik ,.i,..-,,! hy
through it in such a hurried «ay."       JofKduciui o    redefine   the boun- lifty eents     |"T tliougand    fen   hoard
                       ilaii,-   of   the   Revelstoke   School     Ili- measure,   l,,iii.i:_      lhe    dues on pnic
Intoninp rirrharil   Wnrk       l"':''1 '" '"r|"'1'' ''' ", hn" "'"■''"" --'« ">u- »p i«   --i-vi   i^r ikouaAtd
inienor uiuidiu wum    |:!:, ■„, -, „hi|I,,. RnngB,,. , ,„ ,.,.,., l)oanl „„..„„,.. Duii> im squiin,
llc|iul\   Minister Vi.   Y. Seotl ol   the   t,lc r,t'1 meridian, and  to refer him  lo   timber   have  b    incivn-ed   fi-om   Ss.1l
li.   r.   department   of  agriculture    has   the arrnngrment      in      the tinxette ol to Soil per thorn             ..._',
concluded  hi- lour of the  Interior.          -vl"u  i''"i;i- •""'- I'"'      thousand leet has  I.
"The iwople everywhei    seem to ren-      Tli"  "'','o.i,u-  were  passed  and     the   ,1,-d      to  the  .1    on  hemlock.    !■
li/,..-   ..at.-   the   minister,   "thai     the   " ""-   '' '■   ''"'   i'",;1"1   expreasing ,,,.  other  small  but   nnimpoi
governmenl   is  doing good  work    and   uxtoiiialuneiit   tlml   Mr.   lapping   nevei creases.   The q»B»-tiou  of  gn   .
helping Ihem     oul .,1 nmriv diflieultiea   I""- '" '"' uPPearam-e  al   the.   sel I also     was
J,y mean- of this demonatrntion work.   I"'""1 meetings now.
inenl,      and  it   ha- I n    de
signnti f T.  Vi.   Bradshaw,   there  -I Id  he an  i .-•   of .<_' per
nol  ne-   mil.-,   bringing  all   ground up   tr
as seeretarv of the board wi
' which  i- practical  and  better  ili.ui the
whole  libraries of work- on   the    subject.   The   demonstration   ofchardpro-   '"I"'"1-   ^'-   Hradshaw   stating  lhal Ms   *5 |ier  mile.   There  i
gramme     has     also    caught  on well.   ""Iv   '"•'-"" for wishing to resign was   province,    li  i- interesting   i,    •
intry of course,    tlml  '"' ''''' ""l  ll,il,k  lll'u  '"'  bud Uie   punin." of Quebec  has  also in   -,-.-]
lime to ait,-nd lo ihe work properly,   j the ground rem ".,  timber limit- from
Sil io Si ., mile
Ti n ir.'ir- lias been tiv.-.l  i,
ernmeni   a-  I lie time during whi I   -
dues shall  nol be i.ii-. d, so  thai
"ill  be  a,,  on' oi t.-,ini\   o,     iiufnii
Every disti iei in   i h,
wain- om-.  although  il   is  nn obvious
impossibility  lhal .ill - an !"■ obliged.
Tin-.- den strati rchnrds will lx-
established in the very near future,
lhc -ite- being selected soon, and the
ground made n-aiK ior use wherever
fall planting  i-     advisable,    liepresen
About   four   vear-
a    lew       llll-
in     ii"i      hai ^ii_.  some definite |
lie--   men  in   Van oncer  met   and  acre-   , -,,■     .  ,.
tative districts wlinbe chosen so that        ,      ......      ,   ,,    ,,    »'lhin which     lhe dues shall  i o
jed  lhat   an  annual  exhibition  heldt   in   ,..,;,,.,|
Guaranteed Full Weight
Notice is hereby given lhal lhe
partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned under ibe linn
name at,d style of The Paget Supply
Co., has this   day   been   dissolved by
mutual  consent and the business in
future   will   be   caiiied  on under tbc
name name b.v E, W. 11  Paget.
All BCCi mils owing by the liiin will
lie paid bv. and all account! owing lo
the Hem nill he collected   by K. \V. B,
Haled  al Hcvidsloke,   H.I'.. this 5th
day of April, 1810. 41
(Signed)       E. \V. B. PAGET,
Certificate of Improvements
" Main" mineral claim, situate in the
Trout Lake Mining Division ol West
Kootenay Mist rict.
When- located ; On Poplar Creek,
near Poplar Townsite.
TAKE NOTICK thai I, A.R. Ilcylaiul,
Free Miller's Certificate N". lh M40S,
Intend, sixty dais Irom dale hereof, to
npph to the Mining Kccordei l"i a I'er-
lilic-ili- of [uiproieinents, Ioi tin-purpose'
nl obtaining a Crown Oranl ol ihe above
And blither lake nolice ihut action
mulct Section .(7, must he ominenrnl
jicloicthe issuance ol such l ertificate i I
Dated iln-   I 'ih dav "I   \pril,   A. |i.,
"SALADA" Tea is weighed by electric weighing
machines. The net weight is printed on every
package. We absolutely guarantee it to contain
full weight without the lead covering. Have your
grocer empty a package and weigh   it for you.
the     greatest    good  ,.,  the    greatest   v„n.i»uver  « d  do  some  good     to
number    interested      mnv   l>c  brought1.           ,,...,. ,   ,, ,     ,■           ,     ,      ,■ In lulilition     lo the        .          .   ,,,„.
.   . boo-t   l.riti-h  I obmibi.i. and nilvertisc i„„. ,,„
about.   The.se   orehai-ds.   I   hope,     will I,      , ,,  _   ,    ''"  «       nnd ground   rem   .
In- bin tl,,- beginning of thiiie;- They
will be very useful lo us in furnishing
suitable places  where ive can  in future
conduct       general        demonstration
woi'l*.  and   to  which   the people    may
the nty,  than  all other  agenci om
bi I.
The    Vancouver   Exhibition   Associn
and   I1I0S.    In  I'.ni'.i the , in   grunted
Sealed  "SALADA" Packets  guarantee   full   weight and tea
unequalled for goodness, freshness and fine flavour.
 Black, Miiec and Natural Green, 40c, 5Ue, 80c and 70c per lb. 	
Import direct from country of origin.
REVELSTOKE    3=1.   O.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.     A T.-R-R1T?.T     STOISTE      P^OP.
'■on,,, for practical  advice and lllustia- [,„BW  ,„  ,,,„ E„ tion  Asw
linn-  iii   their  work.
I llaVe l1M-eive.il word from Mr. I.alli-
gitn lo the elie, i thai Mr. IVhyte has
authorised     the    continuance    ol    the
barge servi u  the KootennJ   Lakes,
although thai «ervico wns a loss to
the eompiiu.i lasl nenson ol ■-;'J.||i'".
and  it  i- certain  i" again  involve    a
he,,\\    loss   .'imiiii   thi^  y,.nr.
Hough handling of consignment hy
Dominion     I!\j►,.— C'ompatii   came iu
for . oioidei at ion.  nnd  grenl are in
fui ure w ni j,, nini ,■ l l,\   il inptin.t '-
e|i|e-,'l,l at ,\ ■■
Tin' givnl ae. oiu|'li-hln> ni ol tl"
Knmloop    galheriiiu      just   held which
wa-   Ihe   Im ..,'   I    ,,, I       l t   itii|'"i lin'
I'ruil onl',.,,',,,,• |IHiii, i'olumbin hn
ei er w lines ied, w ., |he re-ori; ou.ii Ion
of ihe     lb il i-h i oliiinln i   l'i in'  ' Iron
el'-' association Under lhe |.l'' Id, "■ \
"i II M I'ltlmer, and will' sill li a dl
 ale  of   I'l lll'l "   il   and   -hreii'l \.     ,
ne--      men   that   it       future   usefllh	
md       ill . i'       ale       a-   Uled       ll   w a     lie
' ided to appoint  n  ■.•' Ulan  lifter ihe
"H -    J   Mali,   and    I;     M.   Uo,   low.   p|„
I iiieial  hurt i'lilt mi-'.   was  named.
■niineni   ha-   dei i le/l   thai   ownei -
linilxu- limn- nm-.   ini,-    i . ,    , v.,   tll„
laii'.'er-      and     pal   a'l  evpel ■ ■ I I -
t   Was  lormiil, and  inu,-,  u-elnl  nu-1       .... .,,
,    .       ,    .  '-■"■  'i nt,  however,  will  relnin some
Work   wa-   done  during    I'."1,         , ,,   i                                            .        ,
  contioi ovei  it,•■ men nppointed, wl	
;;   name-    r„u-i      he siibir.itt.il to th- dell o inieut.    In      , ,-e   .«,...,.   ..i
iail   1"  appoint   ii,,,   ". i
ihai      venr  ll I't.u-  voted  s.,11.0011            ...   .
■ . ''" "I     Will     ,1.,     -,,       ,'     I ,.   .,  _,.     M
'"'■   "Xl"b";""    I""' •' |»',,.e-   a,'ai„-l    the   lill
'"   '''""   li"•'i,■,    1""*1   »   "" '"""     H"    li	
ol s-.'i.iiiiii     tlm*     making  n  total ol 	
si:'..",.ii"".  all  i.n   il re, tion of     th,-
exhibit ioi,  buil.ling* and preparing  the
grounds.    I,,  ad litioii   ihe  mcinbei    ol
lhc \ .,    -a,    >. ,   •     ftltlll I        all'    ■
ti                 'I ,'     ■'•■•'.. !
S'Jo.ooo       fo,    lhe   -| al   |nn| I
mmI'iim    ,   ,        irnck    a."   i   ,-. _ioiind
i,,,      ,e ■ ■ ■  i
The in,'ml'.,    i'. no  i ui    up
I he    llomiiiii u    I.
I'otllllll '
of     Kl,',.|nffg    ear
I ilollnr  r»U   for  n
,',.'" 'i i '' v ii- liftv ii-ni- to..
will   -.'el    ,„,   .,  I", Hue    i„,   dm-                     « .            -
,,.,,,            i ,, inii'li   nu mfnrta  of a  dornii-
,|. nd    a ill  In   i'.d ill proln    "i
o,  ,      ,
will   be   dm I   lo   en - llllll   ll -   lil
lieuutifi inu   il"-   m promi
, . mu, li     l
o,       :l"     ill '   'i.',,'    "I    III"   |'i"'. ,
Hon   i     prep llllll    '."      ' ■    ' ■    ' llu
i ■  ,        i,   i      i   i i    i ,i
lion,        win, I,   will   I,,    held   .|ilin,_       lh"
Week     ' "II '      II \   •       '     I      l.i'h,      I'.'l"   •      ,
|   I  V   ill I"      ],, ,-•'        .lll'l     I"     III        '
olleled I"    lhe        Vial III     nl   >'-'''.' f
■  ml  the  I'to' ln< ial    ' " -
111.'Ill    have    V I    81(1,	
,, ii  i       ir      i   ""' irei  ii,-
Pi-i'e-   and   |iteiiiiiiiii ■   will   he   offered
-wine,    polllll V .    and       'I'-'H' lilllli al    |'l'-
llll,,. ;
duel-,  gnrileii  pi'oiluce,  liuitei.  cheese, .
■I  Hi       win, I,    lhe   nolle;
houel ,    el"
,' I I ,t       "'       Ml1
\, ran  ,i," ill     have  lii "ii   made    with
a       wi "   th"
up)       i"
I he   railwa/,    an,I    -I>■ nn -hif
i,,i     ,,,■., ,1   , ilei  i.,i   exhibll i,    il " for
passenger e\i iirsh,n   r., ■•
Temperance fight
llegina,      Vpril •_■<■.    \ gignnl
pni|||i     I mperance   pnrpo
I." "-.I bv    -oeial  and moral ,.'   I     |',,, |,,|,. ih.   facilities     will" ''"'"'
I il of S„ kale an    ,,-m '      ,h,        I  tl ,
i th. and  will  I I I  until the ii    ,„.|  ,,„,     ,,,  vlsltm     Ili ...
Mighl   of   Deceinbei    I'.',   wl,,-,,   llm  poll       ,,,, I   „    ,',,   ,i    pei    ibli 1'"r,,l
■I""   ni'l   ih"   l'i'. imh .'  place i,t ,„    •      '     ,ri.  w„||  j.    i      ;    ,'.,,■
voting  ihi    fall   will   have decided    foi    ,■ -rariion-
the li'i'ioi   Had" I he   ,-iii*.i     ,,f V„n.'i»	
Ill    i"i winl   in   linMlik' ' uniber-
I'll Il'l
buil'    ■
the exhib
May Day Can 1,11 a.   I'.di-u n   Theiitc   "'■'"'"    'i',mnllp,' pro •
May   i   and   8,       Pretty   imstnines,
charming rriufie, I11 dainty children,
Moi ing Pitta"'9 To-night.
' I'lrtiirei io
11 Page 4.
Zbc fifcaiUlbecalb
Jntecior flJublisbtim Company
Subscription   Rates
I lull U liiiK pti-,..^i- Lo   K
mil (.
uliinit, United Suites
I.j* 1
.   UK'
Hy the your [thi
Quarter "
J\)H    KIN LINU promptly uxoouted at reason-
ablu nut'-.
TERMS -i'lihh.    tiubdcriptit, .H payable in art
Logalnollueri lUcenU per line llr-i. insertion,
5 cent* pur line each cittwoqmmt lut-ertion
M.a-un-im-iiN Sonparlel [12 lilies make one
inch). Sinn- and Kouoral business an-
iiiiiiin'.■in-ill -  J.", hi   pur  Inch   por  mouth.
Preferred  po-n *,   l'i   per   cent,    ad-
iiiiii Ml.   Birth*,   Marriages   and   Deaths,
51*0   each   Inferl i in.
Land uul teed $7.M Ail advertisements
hiibieel loibe approval of lhe management*
Wanted and Condensed ArivorLisemonU:
tgoiiui Wanted. Help Wanlod, Situations
wanted, Sit milium Vacant, Teachers
Wauled. Mechanic* Wanlod, lu words or
lvrtri 25o.. each additional line 10 cent*.
Change* in MtaudiuK adverllnementa must
bo in by !i a. m, 1 uesday and Kriday uf
wen wi'i'k to secure good display,
CORRESPONDtiNCK invited on matters of
public Interest. Communications ui Bdi*
tor must in- accompanied by name of
writer, ma necessarily fo publication, hut
ii- evidence nf kimmI faith. Correnpoii'lonce
"hnnlil he brief.
OrriGBs :   Imperial Rajjk Hcildino Hkvkl
btokk, B. C,
Money to loan.
Otllees: Revelstoke, B C.    Cranbrook, B, D.
Geo. B. McCaktkh
A. M. Pinkham1
J. A. Hakvky.
Solicitor, etc.
Solicitor fm:—
Thk Canadian Bank of Commkrck,
The Molsons Bank, Ktc.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Min,nn Surveyor
McKenzie Avknck,
Hi ix Km, Rkvklhtokk
VAMiirvKK ami Revelstoke,
11, 0.
All communications .nlilressHil to Post
olliie, Ri'Velslolce, will have prompt
c. w  o  w.
Mountain View Camp, No. 220
■ Meet* 81'Wind anil Kourth W<jitiii>Klayii In
I.. I ninnl.h, in Solkirk Hull. Vi-ilni Wood-
niea cordially Invited io attend.
W, E. 0?BORNE (ten. C-om.
JAS   Mrl.M lUK. Clerk.
Kootenay Lodge, No. IS, A F. Jk A. M.
The rotfular mewl-
lim< nrt. hei,I in lhe
Udilr«ll«w« Hull, un
the third M"inlay ni
,arh mouth al 8
.1 m. Visiting brethren cordially w.l-
J   T. 1'Ol.Llli K. Ma-h t,
CHAS. J. AMAN.Sei klimrv
Meet- »verf Thnrs-
day   evening   n,   Bel*
lA Hn II »t s o'olooli
  PVisilinii brethr.u are
cordially invited to attend.
J IS   MATHlE:$«r.
Glearview Addition
At prices one quarter of those asked
in other parts of Revelstoke
It is one of the most desirable locations in the city
for Residences and has a superb outlook, fresh air, no
wind or hot air.
Liberal Discount if Purchase MaJc During April
i!\ nn -
lipejj loilnv.
i-eil ilml ilie
iii'i- in hand,
m exhibition
We are glad to see the city
authorities are now engaged in
the work of clearing the streets
from rubbish, removing all
stones and other obstructions
and levelling up the street crossings for vehicles. While on the
subject of cleaning up we would
suggest that the large quantity
of paper and rubbish around the
postoffice ground be removed.
This is invariably an untidy
corner and the postal staff should
see that the burnt paper, etc., is
cleared off this lot.     'J'he public,
too, should be less careless in the, hi. H, ,,.,, Iln(| ,lu, ,.
way   of   throwing   paper   about [ such un exhibit  would be lamely
ilone. Tin
splendidly nnd nilli inin
Inge in i In' • ity. V hnl
in this dircetion yeni-s n
talking nl doing in \\ in
In Ind ii is almost ,i ■-
ll innipeg in In-irinl und
bureau will take tlie inn
.-uul thai n lim- perinniii
of iniiniifnrl
duets nt llu
the,  result."
prairie proi inee will bo
And the Spectator pro -
y the lesson to lltunilton
ll'as ln,i, ited in Re\ el -
sliike Iiy ilm Hoard ol I'rnde Innl
your bin iln- matter unfortunately fell
through, So better menus ,,i adver -
hising   ili,'  eity  nml  its  resom s could
I -.,
. uppi
A coast correspondent wlio heard
the lecture on Forestry  by   I'rofes-
-i in uiul
lettlera  here.
fusion of literature from Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Brandon,
Winnipeg, etc, each setting forth
their respective attractions.
Kootenay had none and Revel-
stol i' is never mentioned at all.
If we ever hope to gain publicity
or desire settlers to invest in our
Ian Is we must circulate literature
far and wide, where it will reach
lhe class of people who have
capital and are anxious to emigrate to a locality where Ihey
can profitably invest No belter
investment can be ha 1 than in
the Revelstoke district and the
reason that settlers do not come
here in any number is because
they have h 'anl nothing about
Revelstoke and are going to look
round in plac is they have read of.
It should be our aim to distribute
attractive literature broadcast
if this is done Revelstoke can
come under the notice of the
many thousand of English emigrants and receive her share of
the influx of people. Our soil is
suitable for all kinds of fruit
culture, there is every opportunity for the establishment of
industries, but capital is wanted
and the people with it who will
work the land and develop the
resources of which we have such
an abundance. A "Greater
Revelstoke" can only be attained
by extensive advertising overseas
and it is hoped that the Board of
Trade and the city will bring it
about with mutual interest.
l  I'Rom v s.u
While everybody is glad to see
sor  Knechtel, Inspector  of   Fores-! the initial steps taken to open up  Puhl
fy for the Dominion Government,'the Big Bend by a railway,   the  M- I
informs us that   this   lecture   waB j policy of tieing up the whole  of
one of the best and most   interest- the Canoe and Columbia valleys
ing ever   delivered   on the Pacific between Revelstoke and Yellow-
coast.     The Pender 11*11, in Van-' head Pass is all nonsense,   and it
couver,   where  it   was given, was i is to be hoped these reservations
packed,  'lhe speaker was frequent": will not be  kept  long  in   force,
ly loudly applauded.   The inform- The only justification for making
ation he gave on forestry astonish- these reserves is to facilitate the
ed his audience, and the numerous  location of the  railway line  and i KhZ't]v
colored illustrations   were   among the government should fix a time
the finest ever   shown   on a < ana-  for this to be done.     That   time "' tl
dian screen.   The writer says: should be the shortest  that  can """
" Your Board of Trade made a reasonably be allowed consistent
terr.l.l" mistake when they turned with the time required to do this
down Prof. KnechtelV offer to give work- Two -veai-s is ample for
this lecture in Revelstoke, and the sut'h P"rpose. After that time
people of vour city missed one of the lall(1 slloul(1 >* thrown open
the finest treats in the way of an for settlement,
interesting and instructive  lecture      Now it is known these valleys
School League Lacrosse
lirst  game
serieM   belwei
nehoolti     wai
A.   grounds
ili.' sehedulod
n   lhe   High     nud
played mi the Y.
•esterday evening,
lh,' high school boys starting, off well.
Alter several of the players on both
sidiu li.nl been iiennlised in the fence,
fm mistaking llesh for rubber, ihe
game -loud ll-ii in  tavor ol the    high
M-, I.
llu-      ln-1   hull"   wns   fusl   nnd     sollle-
times     furious, hut   the public school
lutl wind     unit iii'-i, nnd combination
inii-il     in iheir    favor,     When    the
bleu  i"   terminate   il"' game
llii' score stood seven  to four in favor
public school.   The  latter    are
now one game lo (he ndvuntage with
four more tn play.
I'lie high s,-li,i,,| aggregation was
;,i somewhat of a disadvantage by tho
alwence ,,i one of their Btrongeil players. From now mi lo the end uf the
-■lies    ii,,. citizens may look for some
good he i'  by tIn- hoys, und ii is to
be hoped that     those in the blecehers
iml ilui grounds will in the   funn
that has
ever   been   offered   your are to be traversed   by  railways be somewhat fairer in their laudation
D. A.
In reference to an editorial in
cold Range Lodge, k of p.   our last   issue   regarding
no. is, Bew.i.toke, b. c.    ^ unnecesaai
M*5S.Jtvft?d*S2K?#l inK of the fire alarm bells at any
H^m«l" '.     -i '"vuiuVi hour of the da
Knl«hU«reoor4Ulrf  a, ,
Mlo'."b.Van'orkK     '   K   ,1 -
t. p. smith, ii. of p. -,vas una
there will lie an active demand
for these lands north of Revelstoke. and to keep them tied up
indefinitely will only block the
settlement of the country and
retard that progress for which
the people nf the district have
been waiting and watching for
- are.
"I   go
' ,',■!'
nl play
in   the
Court Mo M
Meets     i||    |.     II.    II      Im    II  ill
N-'..-- before has a ich  ■
•   the
lightn .
wirr . In
than has marked
ceclll   games.
('    K  .   I      w:l \. 1-    II >11TK.
I:.      »," .   II.   W.   Kir.v '
Zbc flfcatUlbcralb
s       s     •„.
■ immigrants \<<
ion   this
Tapping Open. H
,'omell. .    .
from th'' i '       ■
inin-t' r   - ini ft)
.-ond   Italians   emigrated   '..
Canada between IHOO »nd   I ll
the Italian i-rni_t i'i in    I itho
- ompute the li I n 1901
the Canadian   censun
; Italian?        i   i
immigration peemn lo Im ini n
These people have been the r.i
li r- nf   i iBtern  I  ia,  but
iseful a-  ihey have   been    theii
. i           mbei '.-■ adding •" Mn'
||the «"i"  ol   I.-
ing   alien   races   which  Canada'i
ighl milli nol | pie fai •■
work i
bell.   At thi
work i i
■ .
. ,i
ST. I'I'.'l Klis rill RCH.
I'iiih Sunday after Ranter.
^ a.m.   Holy rnmmunion.
II     a.m.    Mniins    nnd      Holy  Com-
T.:lll  |i.tn. —|-'.\ei|smiLi.
Siindaj  School   2.30 p.in.
lhe morning subject will be "Burden
Hearing."   Evening    aubjecl  "Mow   to
Ihink 'j
-nndin    Si leu.I   ,il   L'.llll  p.m.
r|.\\"i tIi'I.. i_'iie nn Monday evening
- ,,', lock
nl the ,,lli, i,,l board
I    III'      ll.ll ' ' M I   I S       ,,'.    |(M.||
,',   Weilnesilny   oven*
- ojcloi k.
it M'l i -1 nn in ii
I   , i"   In   Urn  \\   i i t'al-
A straight, honest,
healthful cream of
tartar  baking  powder.
Made from Grapes.
Contains not a grain
of injurious   ingredient
Fifty Years
the Standard
I*e nl
'   '-"  |. in
■ ■
1 I'      I,'
nan."  '"   read
ii   ll'ii., In
Elect New Bishop
1 - ■     '   ■ ,1 upon foi
Doll      i"i
II   hop ol  Sow   Wo i
.   ,,-,|   the
I'hi       i."l  will  .|,e
'■I i,1   '■• I      H.   I mi ll  ■■ i      \  'i'n, inin
i,il,|      ol
nd  Iwo iliii'l     "(
'■ . |i   i!     m,'in
\fi>' i mi
• ',   -.,,',      by
hi      -'i'ii, I   In.   ' lie
'    r.   hop      in
WANTED    \ ■■"••
M  0 ai    Vpply to V
I iry.
'ulii i    '■ r the V
Mi     A   .-"re
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
West Kootenay Steam Laundry
Revelstoke,  B. C.
Send your Blankets and have them
Properly and Promptly Cleaned.
Satisfaction e;uaii;itili'i-il in all lines
Phone 73.      Office Corner 2nd. St., and Mackenzie Ave.
Big Eddy Logs
Tbe Minlili-ii turn in the current at
tbe Big I.ilily this week has been responsible (or tbe diilting away of over
one million leet ol logs which are now
tcattered all over the river, a large
number being carried into the quiet
water behind the dam. Although the
losing of tbe logs from the Eddy mill
will probably curtail the work at the
mill itself this year. Vet there is no
actual loss ol lumber, as the driver
will send them all down tbe river
where they will be caught at the
mouth tbe sorting boom and towed
into Comaplix to be sawn. The
company has an excellent system of
operation and although the cut at tbe
l.il'ly this season will be small, yet on
the other band the company will get
ciedit for their logs at Comaplix. A
big " !■'. " is tho company's mark on
tbu ends of the logs.
Gun Club Shoot.
The following aro tho   scores of the
weekly shoot oi the Bcvelitoke Quo
VV. A. Kturdy—21
(■uy Barber—IV
W. Kipp—111
J. B. H   Monro—12
A. .1 McDonoll—9
li. Illakcly—i
I' ii ili- score is 25.
W. A. Sturdy   wins   the   button in
Claw A , mnl  W. II. K'i|i|i in  Class II.
Take notice t lin I thirty il.-iys after-
dale I intend to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of Liquor License for tlm Si.
Leon Hotel, St. f.wn, H.C.. for thn
half year from May -lUt., to December :tlsi., I'llll!
M. <;i(\HY.
Thirty days after date ol this advertisement we intend to make application to thi' Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoria, for a renewal ol
Retail I.i.rnor License for the flraml
Hotel, Nukusp, B.C., from July 1st to
December 31st., 1910,
Our logs are stamped
on the end "E" and all
persons are warned
against taking them or
the driving of nails or
spikes therein. Do not
touch our logs.
Revelstoke Sawmiil Co,. Ltd.
Table Apples lOo, per lb, at Mclnty-
H \ .llll     -innl   office   boy.   Apjily
in     mini.   '" Box 2IK1, city. (f.
Moth M.ili",   Moth Bags,  Camphor,
Lilac Hakes etc , all fresh at Macdou-
slil's limy. Store.
Moving Pictures to-night.
.    Budget and Lords
London, April 29—Chancellor l.loyil-
flcorge's finance bill, the rejection   of
which bj  the Hou 1 Lords cos! the
nation, ns Premier Isquitli announced
in In- linal speech last nijrlit, ?6,50O,-
nun In in nml money, pai •■ 1 lhe third
reading in the House of Commons by
9.'), amid enthusiastic cheer* from Iho
It  wu-  immediately oarric I  in    tlm
lliui.se of Lords, which was uniting in
•    i"n  i" receive it, and in quite un-
neniful fashion  the  I.mil-  pa aod   ihif
first reading ni the bill.
/ SATURDAY,'APim. .1". 19H».
THE mail-herald revelstoke, b. c.
P«e« •
If our methods suit you
tell others.    If they don't
suit you tell us.   Any criticism  of    our   mode   of
doing   business    will    be
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Mail Orders.
Telephone Orders.
Send   the   children    to
the Store,    Come yourself.
Have our city traveller
call   at   vour   home   for
This week we write of Hammocks. A special lot of "Old
Country" made Hammocks—
the good wenring kind, and
the colors nre the hest too.
Our experience has been used
in seltcting these Hummocks,
and we have only the strong
durable weave, and the colors
that will stand the sun.
$2 to $10
Ladies Parasols and I'm-
brellas. French made Parasols and Sunghades. The
popular Pongee Parasol with
French brass frame at
A selection of Mercerized
Parasols with Dresden and
Floral tops in all the desirable
shades to wear with wash
gowns, at each
A line selection of Parasols
for the   Little Tots, in plain
tops, and some with rullles at
75 cts.
Fibre Hat
For men, woven from unbleached grass fibre in wide
and easy fitting shapes at
Bed Spreads
Fnglish and Marseilles B»d
Spreads. The joy of the good
housewife—line snowy white
bed linen and coverings. You
would be pleased with our
showing. .lust now there are
some particularly fine Bed
Spreads in registered patterns
at from
$2.50 to $10
P.P. Print
Another lot of P. P. famous
Knglish Prints. These prints
are the acme of perfection in
the manufacturers art, pretty
and fresh in the color effects
and we can recommend them
as washers.
White Muslin Dresses
As cool looking as the snow-
on yonder mountain peaks
are the new White Muslin
One-piece Dresses. A sweet
selection prettily and daintily
trimmed with Val l.ace Insertion, Medallions and Pom-
pome. You will enjoy having
a look at them.
See our corner window for
Light House Soap. See the
inside of our store for all the
other SoapB on the market.
We carry them all. Laundry-
Soaps. Toilet Soaps, Shaving
Soaps. Soap Powders, Pearline,
Cold I Hist, and Scouring
Get It at Hume's
We are just now opening up
a large assortment of Water
G lasses in all the newest designs, and patterns. Our
prices will suit you all—75c,
$1,00, $1.25, $1.50, *2.00, $3.00
and $-1 00 per doz. Also a
few lemonade sets in the latest
make. Come in and get your
pick first.
Biscuits and
1 n our Biscuit and Confectionery Department we were
never in a better position to
cater to the wants of the public. A full car is now unloading at our wholesale warehouse
made up of all the newest and
best biscuits and confectionery.
We can save you money if
you let us quote you prices in
these lines.
A large consignment of nice
apples arrived to-day. This
is the last chance to get any
Apples until the new stock
arrives. A 1 grade and good
keepers. AIbo OrangeB, Lemons, Bananas, Crape Fruit
arriving daily. We buy in
large quantities and can sell
at a very low figure.
The time to plant is now
here and we are again to the
front with a quantity as well
as a quality of field and garden seeds. We can vouch for
the freshness of our seeds as
we always send our boxes back
empty after the season is over
and consequently they aro returned full of new seeds. Bulk
and package seeds, anything
to suit our customers.
Rice St
For men, medium shapes,
leather sweat band. A good
hat for hard wear.
$1 each
English Boaters
F"ine straw, self conforming
band, shaped to fit any head.
Satin and leather trimmings
$2.75 each
English Boaters
Heavy straw and wide rim,
a perfectly finished and nobby
article at
Mexican Straws
Don't forget our line of
Mexican Straws for garden
wear. Equally suitable for
men or women.
25c. each
Canvas and Linen
Hats for Men and Bays
A wide assortment of Can-
vaB and Linen Hats for Mem
and boys, from
50c. to $1
Don't forget to get our pricos
on Hay, Oats. Bran, Shorts,
Chops, Wheat, and all kimlH
of feeds.
The Klevator is the most perfect type of passenger elevator
made. We spared no expense to
get the best and most reliable. All
the safety devices so far produced
you will find on it. The most
approved automatic safety brake.
C. B. Hume Sr Co.
Revelstoke,   *   B. C.
Cool   Hats
for Hot Weather
It is not too early to get
that straw hat which is sure
to be needed in a few weeks.
Our assortment of imported
Knglish straws has never been
so complete. We can give you
any of the newest shapes in
the best straws at prices which
will save you money. Shapes
which lit the head, and feel
comfortable, as well as'heing
dressy and right up to the
Canvas and
Linen Hats
for wear right now. You
can't beat them for looks and
they are just as comfortable as
they are dressy.
Men's genuine Panama hats
—the real, unbleached fibre,
medium shape, with Russia
leather sweat. The best Panama value on  the market at
Brazil Hat:
for men, high telescope crown
dip shape rim, satu lined and
Russia leather sweat. The
real thing at $4.00.
Square crown, leather sweat
an extremely serviceable hat
at $1.75.
renume luscan
for men, medium square crown
flexible rim, absolutely the
most serviceable and nobby
hat on the market at $3.50
You may find a mistake in
our accounting, let us know if you
do. We have installed the finest
ollice system possible and are doing
our utmost to keep apace with the
times. You can help us if youjlet
us know of any mistake that might
occur. 1
SATl i:l>\1. A I'll If, 'Mi. HUM;
Famous Buffalo Herd
•  i herd nf bull du  In     lhu
v now   oi\ in- !   I"   '   Hindu,   mm -
,i   iM-iti'i    in   "i 'niiiidii."      I liei      fm 'I'
in'tiii'esipit'   _i'-i|'
,. over   llii'   ll "   null uiul   ii'sei i ■■
F        |„u ,   f,„   ii mm   nr ii   Wiiinwriirht .
,   .     ;           L'l-uwiiii;  towns  "ii     the
«. Ili ink I'm il". li" mill's wis I
i dnii iiitun 11 i- niilv m itliin
mi ,v i'iii- thai I    ■ hus « resled
f 'h,-   I iiii.'il  Sluli  il
. tin.   m,i-i   representative     lierd
, ■     '   .      ilislineli.velv    S'oi lh   Villi li   in
I : iu[i|ii'uriiiu
i   ,m ■   , nist'.l
,1 if  i       M. ■        were
, ■   -.     V,      ■
; it pilfi-l      i'ii   |"M
,e|| -    '   ■    ' llll Mi
I i      Mm uniii. who I
i 'p... 1  llu'ii i'lhi'1    .'..I  pro-
-     i -
Would Explore Canada
■ _ in ■
North    and
-..,-.,      --ii-   I .       II
tlii" I'm-    "I
ii'i'ti        S     I i-ri\ -'.I ii;
: -I   "I
I       tt ilker.
I :
t '               illu h
\ . \ | i. I i  -
,                        i-ietltilie   e\pl to   eur-
i .u r\ e\      In
ihi-v would di- ri'iil
\ ... ><   in.
i n hiil     ni-  si ill
ml     inuki'     i,-[',,i ts  , ,1     ili,,
'        ■ ■       f..i-i-i-     nnd   plmv,   -iiiinhl-
f >un- ill's.       till I'-       _
I-       .'-.,. I    ;, - ,•       fill        llll-
SllOilfl Damcges
i.i-d   i   for     -^1 l.i  i  is  brouirhi
i- ilu-  jury  in   llu-  siipri'ini'    rotirl
-  Slnylmi vet-sti-   i Iw ll, i .  I'.,
i.     j i-      week  m   \ ivur.      Hiirrv
I     -  ivtnn  iviis killed in  the 1
Hi      « i    Hi       ,       if   ait,
i il 1    ilil    ■■  ' . ,- uli u SI   i   ilnj
n, he      lime   r,f   his    li
, Mrs.   I..  .*-
:- mill     em li  of  il"'  two Infant
i       iren   ivns   u\\ m ded   s'-'~     \11.    I).
<      'I ud II  mnl   Mr.  .1    V     lell   In-
i       ,-en   foi   llie plait
lie   M-l   wns   i,  In .1 .
.- I] I   UoVi
Jessie Marlachlan
i |r0ll|   inlere-1   i-  li'-inj   in vi!''-- ii'il mi
.-,11  sides nvei   I lie ii|i|irmiehili|    appeal
  in   Huvelsloke  nl   ll"'  N'e«   Kdison
Theulre on I'ridny, Ma,\ liTlh, ol Mi -
.lussie Miieliu-liliiii. il"- k'i'esi Scottish
|.,.•„„„   (Imiim,   supported   In   her     own
 ipnny.    Mi-   Mii'i'liU'hlnn   hus     been
fortunnte  in sei-iii inn   lhe  ven   I"'-1   l
sistint!  artists  nvnilixlile  iu   Ihe  person
of  Mr. Hiiniubi   Nelson, leniir robustir;
Mr.  ('ruiuliill  Sherry .   Srotli h   S  '<
Kiileiliiiiier, nu I Mr, Hubert lliu linn,
uu,      piniiisl   nnd      iieeonipiinlsl.    'I'his
v vii   uiil   I."   ihr     notullle  I'M'iil      I"
ih,-   iniisieiil   lim-   llii-   si'usou,   HI   'le
sie   Mui'luelilun's   sinirini!   «.' feel    llinl
ii  ]- nun,', essun   io    uj   iinyi liinir. i"i
proliulily   ii" -iii^'-i   i'i  i'  em  .-•' u    hus
herself  inin   lhe   hearts      oi     the
! pie   a-       ili-  uil'lril   soiiiistress   hn-
Me  ipiote      ili ■      I.-' ....  i      from      lhe
I'hisi I.'."      "If  I here  i-  any   i     in
ihi-   .vide,   v i-l.-  woi-Id.   '.im''   ' >"   i'i
mon   I.;., I,   :■■     -,"m - "' om    - liild
llh'l '  '";,,  I.     Ill    tl I'il'l-
i I .- i'   thai
■ 'in    rekindle     ii    i    i   bn isl- renewed
I," e  for  S  ' . - In      coin
,,i    ,   -iiiM-i'  would  brii I    tear,
lo our eyes us «     - - mn
im,     its   -;in_.   ii    i>   :   . li    Miss
Jessie Mn i hlan, llmt ineoiiipiirable
ipiei'u   of S .      Sniil   mn
\ l:,M. irtisls, '    ul
ji. :     ■   now ti      iii    miisii il    ireles;   " I
Mm." I      lll'l      -"   _      Llllll        Vlil ' ".
i'iiI poem, '0 llown Iter." and ii was
.-i drenui. Kvcn note seemed new lo
uir.    I -    ' c soul with new  eini i-
Tlie piuu ■ '■ p ._-.•- in thi-
iii.ii mm ,    is im    Miss  .Mui laehlan,
ir,- ,i revelation t" those tinaeipuitnl
.-I with iii'i ["Tim i -., .i ,■ I'onirol, and
liie      i-oiieludiiii!   phrase   <>f eaeh   verse
ii Itownii Ti - '■' dying aw ,i\ in i he
soflesl .onl -Wit!.--t of whispers, pro-
.in, es a niiisieal »-1V.-.-1 of exipiisito
I..-i ity. She -".'in- close lo you. The
power "t sony really draws you to
her. Win ii -I"- ships, thi- harriei of
tin-   footlights   i.   removed,   The   songs
of mii- childl i. tin- sonps ni heather,
nuiutilttiti uiul irlen, ns -I,.- Aim* them.
appeal t, i  hi'ai i-  .-i- nn other mils-
Si ,'i i ish  iiin-i.-   h.i-   iu  pectiliur
eluirin,   lun    it-    inlerprelalion    i-    a
.-. in h     few     possess,   Jessie   M.-e -
lacliliui possess      ihi- irifl  as no ■" her
-iiiM-i   il,,- ivoiM  ii -    known.
Big Colliery Purchase
Viinioiiver,       April      2S    illli. .,-il   -it
lniiiii.-i'iiii-iii   wus mude of  th"  purchase
of   the  lliiii-niiiii    colliery.   ou   Vni   ■■.
ver  Isluiid,   Tin- price paid  i-  -<l i.li"".-
 i.    \  new   compnni   hus  been  incov.
I"- '"-'I with Viclorin limned n- lliu
lii-.nl ollice, to In- know u as the I'ann
dinn i [olliei i,-- I'hr provisional diree
i..r- nre ollicinls of ilie Caniidiau Nor-
I hern  railway,  headed  l'i   I-'.   II.   I'hip-
p   chief of  ili,-  I'Miil  depurtmenl    oi
''I 'I -
The Poop Barber
Waterloo.   Neb,.    Vpril  :ln.       \,,    ,,,-.
ilinnnce   ha-    i    |msseil   li\    ihe    cilj
'"HU' 11    an,I    -iulli',1      In        thr        111. i \ .a
1    It   ;ini.>11-'   oilier   iliina-   provides:
"Ii   -hall  lv- unlawful  for mij    liai
liei   in   tlii-   lown   i"    cul     "iii,,ii-    be
iw i " .-i.ni. .m.i 'J p.ni,     V.   barber
"liiin  sliavittii   a  '-lisl i   shall   iuserl
t.i-   ihiliub "i- linirer in   lhe     -.-ii.l  ,-u- -
tier's  m."iih;  shull   nm   di    .i..    ,h.
_"--i|' "I th.'   lown, nnd  -hall  nut  use
i "I-i,,"   w Iiii,'  workinii   nvei i li",
-hall  nm   iii-i-t  a         nstniner I,a'
in--:   hi-  neck   shoved,  ...   in-   hnir  -inu
\   violniion     -hull   -uli..- i     ili"
11    11    I'll,     of   Na
Moving Pictures tonight.
Kootenay Forest Reserve
\.              \
.       j|         .-,','  !   ...  |            |t]
1                -'        |.\  ..
Only One Jimmy Fax
•1 ■
"j •■■
Telephone Despatching
\ mi-Oliver \|"-,. ■-"' II" Ureal
\,,i i hern Uailw i\ ha- just oi del ed
telephone   liuin
ii-   t"   I"'   inslulli i   «li\ i--
i.'ii- of ii- i ,,i'l     I his  ruilroud i -     t
n'.iil'.   a inu  i he ti fm   i tn- inn ■
po    npi       innii      JI. i in
. hides   the   I
Ni a ; hen .      I'"l. ■
1 '   ■
Tenders w ill ho received hy tbe undersigned up to Thuiediiy the 28th
insi., at 5 p n, . for supplying lumher
•mil constructing a sidewalk in Clear-
l.nwpft or any tender not necessarily accepted. Particulars can be
obtained In,in tlie llevtUti ke Genera
On and after May  1st.  inin
team hire will he $7.00 per day of
!i hours.
Team Owners"
Mini E,
To All Wiium It May Cum kkn:
Take notice lhat we. Julius Dongal
anil .V. !•:. Halghi of the town ,.| Nu-
kusp, in the Province of British Col
11 in liia. iut "nil in apply to the Chief ol
Provincial Police 30 days after the
.laic hereof, for ihe transfer "i licence
held by II. .1. LaBrash. of the Hotel
Krand. Nukusp. to A. I-:. Halgli and
.luliii- Dougal.
Dated .-it Nakusp. };. c, this ISth
lay "i April.
Ji i.n- DortiAL,
ap -i lin V. E. ll.Mi.H.
Tenders for School Building at
Sealed 'I - perscril ed "Tend-
Bulldin -   Revelstoke",
ivpd     v   il ndersigned
ding   ih» Ninth day "I
Maj. I'.'l ection   ami  com-
-": '  in     '-I 1' k    ati.I
hool-luiildin(i    i-\i lush .- . t
.'      Ml     I la-    .  || \-
-   ike, I; i
i Tenders, , | "Tend
Heal nn ind   V'entilal ng - hi t I
ed hy I In-
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Regulations
AN,- iivitiliiblA Dominion Lands within thn
Kuihvttv Belt in British Columbia, may
ba homesteaaed by any person wha is tho *nlo
hoHcl nl » family, or any male <»vor '8 years of
agOi In ii"' BxtHiit.of otitH|tinrior Mictiim nf lt>U
at'res more or'leaB.
Entry must l»> mnit*' personally st tlm lornl
lund Diuoe for tho ilistrn-i in which thi> Land is
-itniL,.i!; Kutry hy proxy may, however, bn
■nmln on enrtain ponditlons by tlm fattier,
Snthar, sou daughter, brother *>r Bister of an
luteutUug homesteader.
Thn homesteader is required u> perform tli**
ooudittous oonneeted therewith under <>iio nf
i\w following plans :
in At least six months' residence upon mid
oultlvation of the land in eaeh year for three
(8)    If thn father (nrmnthnr,  if   the   fntlinr is
daces <"') t»f thn homesteader resides upon »
farm mi tin- vicinity of thn lam) entered f"r, tlm
requlromeuts astu residence maj be satNfled
by "ili person residing with tne fnthnr nr
mm tier,
(;ii It the settler hash! perm annul residence
npnn farming land owned l>.v him in tlm viciu-
itj of \ii.n liomi'stniul. tlm rei|ulrementa as in
residence ti ay be satisfied hy residence upnn
tbe  ai i l»i d.
Si\ mt iu lis' notice in writing should im glveu
to tlm Coinmissiouer of Dominion Lauds at
Dimwit of Lnteution in apply for patent,
i'n \ i.. (onl mining riL-ht- may hn leased f'>r
a   period of  twenty-one years  at  an annual
reimil   • t    !1   per   arm.    Not    morn   than  2,5110
arm-   slmll  be  loased  to oue   ludlvldna
Company A royalty at tlm rate of llvo ennts
per ton >lmli ho collurtLHl uu the merchantable
joal mined,
Deputy of tlm Mini-b<r of lhn lnlnrinr,
N B, Uuauthi-rised publication ot ihis ad
vertiHiinntit wnl nui bn oaid for.
/:       . -• - '■'■■'
(&   -:-':■ ■
'    ,•■     y    .--   v      .
HAow ii? tbc time of Meat tor Seed llMantino
Bcauttfj) ijioiu' ©avfiens
A Inrge iissorlnii'iil  "I  l-'n-.li Clnrdvn ami Kield Seeds,  inrliiding
ANM BURPEE'S,    I'i.K' Lnwn Grass, Clover, Tiinolliy, Alfrvlln
The Paget Supply Co'y-
\"-y * Jy-.Jiy
Corporation[of the City
of Revelstoke.
I'.V 1,.\\V Ml. 153
A l.\ law tn linn-nil bylaw So. 8 lii-ini; a
bylaw providing (or llu- levying "I an
annual tax on ilo^s ami bitcbes.
Tlie-Municipal Council of iln- Corporation of the Cit\ ol Revelstoke i-nai-l-as
1. Paragraph One (I) of bylaw number eight being a bylaw providing lor the
levying of an annual tax on ttogs and
bitches is hereby amended by striking
out the words after the word "persons"
in tin-1welftli lim- oi -.ii.l paragraph ami
substituting therefor iln- following, "ami
even such owner shall pay lor such license the -uiu of Three ($3.00) dollars
I ir a dog ami llu- Mini ol Five (S5.00)
dollars for a bitch."
2. This bylaw -ball come imo lorn-
nml take i-ITeit immediately after the
final passing ami adoption thereof by the
Read a first time   the   13th dav ol
April 1910.
Read a second nine iln- 13th dayol
April 1910.
Read a third time tin-   13th day of
April l'lpi,   ami   passed   with the
unanimous consent of tlu- Council.
Reconsidered   anil    finally    passed
tin- Council the l.nb  day  ol April
n-2 Citv CU-rk
Bloodless July Ith
7 "   ■       .
ll. ■■!    ,
1 i I   In   I
Ij -.
j o 1 11       I ro n zi
■ 'I!  i .t
r I ■ ■ ,
notice to Creditors.
All persons having claims a^aia-i  the
c-i.iie   ol   Samuel   Ellam   Needham  or
i-.iinst ilu-   estate   of  of   Emma   Bury
N'eedhain, both deceased, are requested
to iih- particulars of tbc  claim duly vcri-
tii-i! with  the administrator of tlu- said
listril Ution   will   be  made of the
estates   regard   being   bad   to tbe
[aims -o filed.
Revelstoke, B. C. ISth April 1910.
r.H.i.AN ,\ ELUOTT,
For Sale or Rent
Eightv acre ranohe, about
five miles BOUth of tlie
i ity, about l'i acres under
cultivation. • 'ne team of
bones, mower, boiler, rake,
plow, Bleigh and wagon
mil other fitrii. implements       I 'Till- rail be fur-
!."il on  application  to
D   I 0771      D0WNIf s™
.   LULL I,    ' Revelstoke, B.C.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Oash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
to  !.\vi:stows
If  you  want  n iiirn  ttivoilmftnl, nntl nno
thnt will Stand tit*OlOIMl in«|ifctlon wrlle
Tin' Ovir-Lani)  Financiers Limited,
VANCOUVER.    II   0.        imli I '  'I
i'    Por *V"10ll
i  ik, D ■ Bend. Apply E   A.     Hind
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged and Impioved.     Flrsl-ClBPS in every rei-peil.    All modern eenvenieneej.
Large Sample Kooihr.
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
are   disposing  of   their  entire   Stock   at a
small advance on cost.      It will pay you to
investigate   their    prices    on     Diamonds
Jewelry,  Cut   Glass,  Silverware,   Watchen
Doyle and Allum, Limited
i. % juiv^t :.iiwwmui..iazT' 'uxBtuxxsn
f—     •' j-*-. <~^y i
Local Industry
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock gf printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTHenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
cylccount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
Fear Lumber Shortage        Revelstoke School District
Nelson, April 20,—The News pub>
lislu'H ii despatcn Inini Calgary which
reports James W, Davidson, president
ol the Grown Lumber Co, as saying
that there in every prospect ol n wi'
mis shortage in lumber during the
next two months, The demand during the pact nix months lum been bo
muoh larger than was anticipated that
it has left die mills with badly broki n
stooks, and some of the mills, especially at the Coast, have been refusing
orders lor prom| i shipment. The
early opening ol spring has destroyed
the ii'i' roads in the Saskatchewan
spruoe districts interfering with log-
King, and it is reported that this will
deorease the output ol Saskatchewan
mills hi least 2'• pi r cent, This «ill
rhruw increased business onto the.
British Columbia mills. Higher
prices are uniicipated,
B. C. Will Appeal
Victoria, 11.(1, April 29,—Attorney-
General Bowser has received a telegram Irom London intimating that
the judicial onmmittee of the privy
council has allowed the application en
the part uf the province fur leave to
appeal from iho decision of the su-
preme court of Canada, denying private ownership "1 and jurisdiction over
waters contained in the Dominion
railway hill in British Columbia,
The original judgment adverse to
tbe contention ol the province waa
banded down by Hon. Mr. Justice
Cassels in the exchequer court, being
sustained upon appeal to the supreme
court of Canada,
The following notice appears in the
Inst nuiiilier ol the B C, Gai itte » h
comprises the school district ul Revelstoke.
Revelstoke:—All that area embraced
within the corporate lin i's of the city
of Revelstoke, and in addi i n I In
lowing p ire. - hi il tracts of land !n
Township 23, Range 2. wesl I the
Bixth meridian; northwest qusrter of
Si otion 26; north ball ol Becti i 26
Boutb hall of Si otion 35; legal sui divi-
aiinia .'i and i I S oti ■ " 28 and I n
portion of S ci i i a 27 and ll I lying
easi of tin- Columbia River and it■
si le the b undaiiea ol tl •• city ol K- v-
elstoke 1 n 'I >wi ship 21. Rans 2,
wes! : tin - - li meridian: weal hall
i nd - nth t*as quarter ol Si ctiun 3;
east hi  : ul - '•'. ir I
li will he notiil iu thii that the Hig
Eddy a is J ii cut out, a:- the g ■ • thii ent ini . diug .. schoi I ti	
flu north hall il .-• ol i n 33, township 23 rai gi 2. west ol I hi Uth meri-
di tn which previously h is - il nge I I i
tin RevelstokeBchool district has also
i"' u cut nut It in b ■ 11 - - v. 1 to he an
error in tho arranging ul the notice,
Sermon Breaks Sabbath
Topeka, Kan., April 29,— Does the
preaching of a Sdrmon ou Sunday for
pay, the singing in a church choir
lor compensation and the playing of
the church organ fur money c institute a breaking of Topeka'a Sunday
anti-labor law'.'
Mayor llilluril aays these things are
just na much of an infringement of
the ordinance as the working ol
actors and stage hands, wtio are uow
prohibited trom following their vocations on Sunday.
Mayor Billard does not believe in
the closing of theatres on Sunday.
He says that this is the day ol recreation fur the laboring man, and so
long ns the attending uf theatres is
an innocent amusement the people
should be allowed to enjoy it.
'• lu other worde," said the mayor
recently, "the best way to get an obnoxious law repealed is to enforce it
to the letter. That is what I intend
to do with the Sunday auti-labor
fierce Prairie Fires
Winnipeg, April 29—Fi rce prairie
lir ■ are rep irted tn bi raging t id iy in
many sections of western Canada.
Greal loss has been sustained by the
settlers in tbe districts surrounding
Tisdale, Buchanan, A ajrde nam! R»s-
t■ ni. At the latter poin i woman
was caught bv the tlamea and burned
to death, winch in liei I iwna iir.'ii-
ers lost principally building!.
Get No Increase
Winnipeg. April 29—The C. X. R.
machinists were notified yesterday afternoon by   the  company   that their
riipie't fur a higher wage scbedti!" was
turned down. At present the machinists are nialiii-g lorty cents an h or,
which ia two and a hall cents an hour
less than the C. P. R. man presented
to'he company they asked for f rty-
tive cents per hour.
Cedar Export Forbidden
Victoria, April 29—It   was decided
bv the cabinet that the pttition of the
BritiMi Columbia 1. 'ggers Association
lor authority to export rough cedar
for purpoai b ol shingle manufacture in
the adjoining states must !>< refused
as being in ooutraveoti in ol the spirit
of the British Columbia Timber Manufacturers' Act and   iuiniic.il to | i'dic
Modern Crucifixion
Win i.i.i\,i, W. Va„ April 211.—
Spiked and lashed to a hastily constructed cross, w ith a rudely-fashioned
crown of thorns pressed upon his
brow, until the blood gushed forth,
crimsoning his writhing body, George
Kahiah, a Slav, was crucified on Saturday by a mob of his fellow workmen. As he hung his torturers
jeered at him and hurled stones and
empty beer bottles at bis half naked
laidy. He died Saturday night after
being rescued hy a posse which engaged in a pistol battle with his per-
The story   is   one   of   the   Aeudilh
punishment meted nut by foreigner.
on a countryman whom they accused
of treachery.
Company Settled
Fargn. N. P., April 29— An echo of
the Spanish River tragedy was beard
in district COUlt yesterday afternoon
when the Canadian 1'aciiic railway
paid over to the heirs of Edward '1.
Boemmele, late ol Lisbon, N.P., the
sum ol if 111,000 in cash without any
legal struggle whatever.
Joe Called to Order
London, April 'i'.i—In the Common,
today Mr. Joseph Martin, speaking iu
referenoe to tbe government proposal,
to exempt   agricultural   lands   from
taxation, which are stand in the bud-
get somewhat vaguely, declared that, I
iu spite ni the government', intention ]
thu ell'ect of the bill   waa t"  tax such.!
lie was   pulled up   at once   by l.lnyd
George and was proceeding to illustrate -
his point when called to  order hy the
Chairman lor   exceeding the    limit fi.r
discussing ii clause.   Martin remarked:
amid general laughter, that it seemed
pretty hard to get  on with the matter
at all.
Card ot Thanks
I wiib I" I hank all the ladies ar.d
gentlemen who were so kind to me
during the time ul my husband's
Moving Picture, tonight.
Dangerous Bush Fire
The season for hush hrts has commenced early this year. The tire a
few miles down the south track has
been making rapid headway and on
Thursday assumed large p.-iportiona,
the glare lighting up the whole sky.
Rain fell in small .bower, on Thursday night and helped in checking '.he
in sil  FIRE   M. Ill CITY.
\ spark Ir- in a pasting ' KJOm 'tive
on Tbur.day morning goiled tbe dry
bru.b "ii ti,' iti betwi n th C. i'. K.
irack- and t ■ bouae. lituated on the
top "I the bill icrth ol th • o iurt :;ouse
A higii west' ; ly w ind was I wing at
the time and tbe bru.h s • n Ignited,
the tla: ii - ipreadlng with alar: ng
rapidity. Fire Chief C. Abrahao
and sasistand Cbiel   S Keedbam were
nil lhe gr.   . I    tl      :i    tuing,
watching th. li.i-. T wards afternoon
it had ssaumed large pr p rtl ns. and
had crept dangerously mar the outlying bouse., the sparks being carried
by the   wind   intu   tin -■ •   ta      At
ahmit 6 p.m. it was decided I '•   .
1 Rrlgade OUI    to    handle    the    I
Two long line, ol   bote   wen    ;n out
and water was thrown unto the h ret
part of the lire, while men with bucket., axes and shovels extinguished the
blazing stumps. Alter about three
huiirs work the fire wsb extinguished.
Buoh an outbreak il not handled and
checked in time is liable lo spread to
the city and sweep right through it,
especially if aided by a strong wind aa
wa- the i:*'e ou Thursday. Pag
SATURDAY, .-Willi. 30, 1010.
Another shipment of Millinery
just opened up. N.ew Stylish
Pattern Hats. Also a lot of
Untrimmed Hats----New Shapes
H J, Watson, ol the   department o /
tbe interior, has opened olllces in the, j
building adjoining   R. Howson & Co's
Come and see Kevelstoko's little
ai'iresse-' in charming costumes, in the
May Day Cantata at the Kdisoii
Theatre on May '2 and 11
There «i'l be a special me'ting of
L, 0 1.. 1(158 held i n lhe evening ol
May Ith at H o'clock sharp, in their
hull on Seoond Street.
Ul ii'i'llellow- and  li-iiine  brothel's
nre i Bled  i" iii.->'i  nl  Sulkirk  llnll
..ii    Sinulin     next,    May     IsC, IS, I".
Laces and Embroideries
Have Come
It is reported that the federal house
will prorogue uu May 5th.
There will la? a total eclipse of the
sur. on Sunday. May 8th., but will be
invisible in Revelstoke.
A sitting of tbe county court of
West Kootenay will be held here on
Wednesday, June 1st.
J.B. Cftrlin & Co., nl Field have
Bold out their business lo W. T. Kidney of tbe Bankhead Trading Oo.
The deposits in tlie Canadian banks
increased at the rate of upwards ol a
million dollars a day during March.
F.. A, Spring, saddler and harness
maker, is retiring Irom businecs and
ia holding n sale of his entire stock in
The splendid moving picture "Don
Foicnnio," the equine hero will be
be shown during the Cantata on Monday night at the K.dison Theatre.
All local Oddfellows and visiting
brothers Bre requested to meet at Selkirk Hall Sunday at 6.30 p.m. (rom
■where they will march to St. Johns
.jhurcb to attend service.
H. and J. McSorley, of Revelstoke,
recently bought ten   acre,   at   Surry
and have since been ottered a hundred,
per cent,   on   their   bargain,   hut are
ho". ling for a .-till higher price.
A sitting ol the supreme court will
be held here on Tuesday. May llrd.
(•De ul tiie cases will he the trial ofthe
•la; ! r attempted murder "f Mrs. J.
D. Sibbald some little while ag'
Sir Thomas Bbaugnneuy h»s implicitly denied that he contemplates
retiring from the presidency of the
CP.R. and entering the political arena
in the Htuse of Common, at   Ottawa
At the town of Hunger;', rd :n Berkshire. Fngland mere lean
-'    . in use. which allow- the m.
kit. any woman whi   di es  Dot pay tiie
bouse   hi.    ■ tax   *     n   the
time Ior collecting come, round
. :..-dust nuisance is
ua ind calls lor imo
it .-   ... i-;   tbe   mi -■    lifflcu
biems with which toe city   -
ed, -.-.ulei- ihey   are  |
Ad--        - taw.
t .■ |   iti i.e.- authoril
on a   weekly   mail   ••
i      je, once I
ning.   A i.. nej      d
a.-..  :.. itions
Moving Pii ture
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so if you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the leading- lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market.
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
Your Insurance
Is  one of  the   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid 4 Anderson
Spring Tonics!
$1.00 a  Bottle
Bews' Drug Store
The dati . I r I be   M ini     Cup   :nc-
- b.i game* have   been   fixed for July
I8tb ami 24rd.
I ii '    P, R.   will   d -     -.
-   - .-inner
\   urve it Bear Creek --nigh-
»nd   extensive   ini * shed
put   in nand to
•: the
- -
ex] er
The   Sell      I
i  -
-.- and
-  -
water >
- ■
|| -
I'.--, K-.
packing hi .u»«   tl
■ -       ■ ■        I
E. Cro
contract ' packing
Mr. Bigg,
iei   lor  the  fri ighl   ih< 1 il
Ki i ■■• i -.   and   ihe   Staadard   ll
i '.   .:'   \ ancouver,   h ive n cured
oontraot for the l.nnk  bou.e. al vari-
OU. point. Oil   tbe   . ornpany's system
TO LET—Furnished room, suitable
1 for either one or two gentlemen.   Centrally li cated     Apply tbi. office.
T   •   inspection   rA F. company, R.
, to have taken place on Thursday nas been indf finitely postponed.
Don t  miss   tbe   May Day Cantata
on Monday and Tuesday. May 2 and II
| at the Kiiisou Theatre.  Music, drilling
and r:
. »-   and   visiting
-It., meet at Sel
H      - ■'  p. m.   from
arch to   St. lobna
cbui -   end ii --ice.
-    .:    - ,   . ;,-■-'
i,   :,i., „
meel   the
111 ■
\l   I
i -
.     '
■ . lol   -'
pn  -     l ;.'■   pn
year        I 111,   And   001
thou ' lucoeeding
I   ■
rp, i
..1 1
di>\ in.
Sir Tliiuniis Shiuiirluii'Msj has mud
thai in Western Canada two now
towns   ire ii Itiblishod ovory week and
a new   -■ I I house i- built r\ .-ri  da>
in tho  i. Iinlastie year,
0. F. Lindmark is in the city U-day
f "in Vanoouver.
Mr. nml Mrs. A. McKae art) on n
visit to the coast.
.1 F. Haney has left for a month's
h iliiluy at, the cast.
Miss Mary Edwards has returned
from a visit to Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. E, Coming left on
Wednesday night for Vancouver.
Mrs. Gullaoh left this morning on a
holiday trip to Montreal and  Ottawa.
Mr. mid Mrs. F, 15. Wells will leave
on a trip to England about the end ol
M y.
0. W, Gordon has joined the staff ol
the local branch of the Imperial
Mrs. May and family, of Vancouver,
are the guests of Mr. and Mre. J. 11.
Mi6s Chamberlain has left for Spokane, where she has been called owing
to the illness of her brother.
Mrs. Samuel Hunter entertained
Thursday evening for her niece, Mi?s
Mary [dickey and Henry Sause, a very
dainty lunch concluded the evening.
Mrs. Knapp will receive at her residence on Filth street on the afternoon
of Friday, May 6th, from the hours of
I to li and on the 2nd Thursday ol
eich month following.
" Ned " Taylor, who arrived in Revelstoke recently from England with
his bride, is making extensive alterations and improvement, to his house
on Seeond Street west. A new root
foundation, etc , are being put in.
Joe Martin, M. P. for St. l'ancras
in the British Commons, states that
so soon as the session of the lmperia.1
l'arliarreut clotes he is coming hack
to British Columbia for an extended
visit with his friends and former
political associatts,
K. J. Watson, of the Department ol
the Interior, has arrived in the oity
and has been welcomed by his many
(riends here. Mr. Watson will be in
Revelstoke for some considerable time
aud will be busy on departmental
w Tk.
Hi,  I'uesdaj     evening the 26th inst.,
lembers of the Ladies Aid >.f   tho
Mi ■    disl i nun 1. called upon Mrs. Sic-
.;.    Iiome "ii 5th street andyaf-
ler     reading an address   expressive "f
ragrol nl  her     departure from
ity, ami  their high  appreciation
counsel and help in tho p.i-t,
:   her  --\ iiii  .-i   handsome   I-'ern-
i- ,-i     token ..i lhe besl  wishes
mi ■--  ol  the members    "f    the
\ d,   n I.i' h  go     with  her  to  bei   new
-    \  in oui■ ■■
Board of Trade Notice
nl members ..I thi  Bo in
invited   lo   meel
mighl .ii
■   I   M-I.II  \   .
Coming Events
ito,  \.■»      I.li on
I.1 i   m      I he
\   u    f'.Iis'.n
17—Th. I    Prima   D
i " ; i bl n  and   Coi
fbl   .Ire.
6—Can 'i ■       ;     ■-       dlan,
i     "  ..imi  '       tar Co
imh nd    -"in'
li on torn
ii tf
ol   ■ •    have preparation.
if  .11   kinds (or   'in.|i|' .1 hands    and
faoe    ll. al- in a night at Macdonald'.
Dmg Btore
li is always .m occasion lo he
remembered i« critical dressers
when the lirst ol these new season's things arrive.
Always there are changes in
palternlngs, changes lhal ure as
fascinating as the film) weaves
nml siitehiug themselves.
The clever workmen and workwomen "1 the lar awn) counti les
where these things nre produced
iu finest example "1 workmanship
and designing have worked with
greater skill nml appreciation "I
artistic possibilities Ihun ever hefore.
Y.ui uiil in- charmed from the
moment you look at the first yard
until yon have seen every one "1
them. These comprise our latesl
Importations in edgings, Insertions, corset cover, embroideries,
un.l all tin- lending laces, appliques
and all-overs.
We shall not have to urge customers over-much in order lo start
these laces and embroideries whisking away from the sum- lhe\ will
sell   ,1 si.nht.
llut must earnestly do we Buggest that you come to examine tnem
while the assortment is complete. Y"ii may not wish t.i buy, hut eveu
in that case there's much ol enjoyment and interest in store for you
I'lnihioiden lodgings and Insertions from 5c. per yard.
Dainty Plouncings, lois ol prettj patterns, lo Inches wide.
Speeial value at 40c. per yard.
Remnants of Edgingsand Insertions from lj h> S yards at about
Several hundred yards of Lace and Insertions, in
Valenciennes, Torchon, Cluny, etc.; regular values up
to 20C. Now on sale at ,', yards for 25c. This lot will
save you money.
Three Yards for 29 Cents
P. O.  Box 208
Seeding Time is Here
We have a full line of Garden and Field .Seeds in
stock. Onion Sets, clover and Timothy, Sweet
Peaa. Nasturtium [and other seeds in hulk, also a
quantity of l.awn Grass Seed.
G W. Bell
Phone No. 23
Poi Ladies and  Children—Cool and comfortable garments f..r tbe
Spring .eapoii are to hi- found in this department.     I.adit-.-. Undei
wear that will merit iu o   great   measure   praise by   wearers   lor  iu
comfortable, coo' and good fitting qualities,   That is the kind you can
obtain hen-.    Vour inspection Invited,
Mrs. A. G. Crick,
First Street
White Onions, Walnuts, Mixed Pickles and Spanish Onions
25 Cents Per Bottle
Orders Promptly Delivered'
McIntyre  & Son


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