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The Mail Herald Feb 1, 1913

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 "Revelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Alps."
The Mail-
Vol. 19-No 9
$2.50 Per Year
Presidents Report—Big Bend Railway.—New Post Office.— *
Settlement Railway Belt Lands.===Scenic Auto Road.—,;
General Meeting Discuss Publicity.—Request Experimental ;
Farm for Revelstoke. *
«■«■,,-   a   •
•   ♦   *   * •
The Hevelstoke  Board of Trude held do an immense amount ol good    to-   ii we me to do justice to tbe     at -
their adjourned  annual  meeting     on  wards   lhe  upbuilding  and  developing   tractions nnd advantage)  of our city
Thursday    evening in the Oity Hall.
Bome twuty     members were present.
President 0. B. Hume In the chair.
of the whole of our wonderful district and  district,  to  the'   tourist, invc-tor
GOVERNMENT ROADS. and settler.
In  mentioning  what  has  been donee SCENIC    AUTO   ROAD.
during the pasl  yeur I must     refer lo During the past year the Provincial
Becretary    H.  H.  MeVity read    the   t,b*a ron.Is thai  have he n constructed   government    appropriated    and      ex-
minutes ol the  last annual     meeting,   in our vi, inity and say that thc gov-   pcniled $10,WO on  a  road up     Mount
I ernment are to be congratulated    on  Revels(o?e, which,     when completed,
Lethbridge,     Altu.,   Jan. 20— *
W. D, Fiuley,      secretary  of the *
associated  boards  of trade     of *
Southern    Alberta, has u Utter *
fiom  W.  V.  Stevens,     livestock "
commissioner of  Alberta, assur- •
ing him of governmenl support *
in bringing public    opinion    to
hear on tho CP.R. for the estab "
lishing of a   feeding   station al "
some point west of Calgary.
Oaigary  is  now    thc  furthest *
feeding Btatlon west and ii is lm "
possible  to  ship  cattlo  to   Van- •
couver that way and still    com- *
ply  with thc shipping laws     in ♦
feeding every  thirty-six hours. *
Mr.   Finley    has    been asuired *
hy  the   company,  of    this,  that *
Revelstoke  would  he established *
ns a fjedin; stal-ion. which  will *
mean     considerable    to Alberta *
stock  growers. •
and whicl. were adopted.
President 0. B. Hume then submitted hia report for the past year as
RevelBtoke   B.C., Jan 30th, 1913.
Gentlemen,—It i< with u feeling of
satisfaction a". 1 pleasure that I s.ib-
mit to you my report for the year
just ended, I think tbat in reviewing
the events thai have happened in our
city, due larg ly to lho .lion- of our
the work th.-y are do'ng in this res- will make accessible one of the grand-
Bpect. We have hud our roads ext nd est piece* of mountain scenery in the
id for several miles in all directions world. We expect our Dominion gov-
and the rich I e ti built ernment and Provincial government lo
e.ill compare favorably will nny help ns with this by further substant-
roads built anywhere on tbe coutin- ;.il appropriations, and by the build-
i nt. It i- only a mailer of n few ing of other roads, in order tha". tour-
years now till Revels.oke will he one; ists may get in nnd out of towueas-
of the chief Tourist attractions in the ily. We nlso look to thc C.P.R. to
mountains nnd it is Well for u, to make this a tourist centre and to ira-
recognizo this fact, as being perhaps prove their hot.I ae'-ommoJation for
our strongest   asset,  at  least at    tbe this expected tourist tratlic.   It the're-
Hoard pl Trade, we have every reason   pre8ent ,.,,„,,_   ,.„[ too lmlch stress can   fore seems to me only fnir that       we
to  1 i    Bed   with  what   has     been   vu[   |)(, lajd Qn Ua, qUl,stion o( goo,   snouia do our     shnre and encourage
done, a".l     hopeful of what the year  highways mul ,norc of ,humi in order   Wna, we have to 0-Vr ns inducements
i ow before ti- promises.
The past year has seen a wonderful
feeling  ui optimism  take hoi.I  of the
citizens of  Revelstoke nnd     I  think
I am safe in  saying thai   ibis feeling
The newly organized D. Company,
102nd Regiment was inspected on Friday evening. Jan. 24th, by Lieut. Co!.
J. R. Vicars, of Kamloops, who was
attended by Captain Fislicr. adjutant
for the regiment.
After requiring the officers and noncommissioned oilicers to euch drill thc
company  separately,   in all  the  regu-
lhat we may he connected with     all to the travelling sight-seers in what-   ,a|. com|Jany mov,mnts,  lhe Coio:icl
Ihe  main   trunk roads and our     eity ever way may be coosidced the best.   .uld,.,s.e>1 Ul„ co.linnny in a few woU
made easily ae-ce-sible to the motor-     At  the present time, unfortunately,
ist. we cannot      offer mil li  to  the settler.
Besides this it  is our only hope of and it remains to be found out what
ilin,'  and  developing  our  agricul - wa have io offer the manufacturer. No
ha    al 0 ii to the outlying  town   tural   lands and the  easier  it  is    for doubt we will find  lhat  wiih ihe vast
and   '   ;■''■■-■ immediately adjacent to the farmer to reach (own and market resources we have yel   undeveloped our
u- and   who li  sta arc so vitally   lis produce the lower will  be thc cost .-ity  will   before  Ion*   attract  various
conoerni I with mir own.   It  has been  of living to us. industries,  our land  question will  be
oiu object to further their    interests big   gEND   RAILWAY. settled and we will  become a     very
aa a I       our own, knowing that our     |  (l,n  naturally  disappointed at not important commercial and agricultur-
own advancement is linked with theirs   |,ejng able to include in     ray repori, al centre.   Capital will be required for
and we are the   gainers by   whatever  lnB     a complishment     of more than all this nnl in     order to attract    it
progress they make. promises rega-ding th- building of a we musl advertise.
MEMBERSHIP. railway  through  th' Big Bend coun- SCHAPPER   BOOKLET
chosen remarks, complimenting them
on their smart appearance and decip-
lin>, especially the non-co.nmi>sione.l
oilicers, on their command and genernl efficiency, as the company had b ■'■:-.
so reoently organized that remarkable
progress had been made.
Alter inspection an impromptu
smoker amongst ths officers and men
was held in tho o—Crs mess, whil;
the regular fortnightly dan:e was
held in the main hall, which was well
attended, the Revelstoke Band having
special music for the occasion.
ed,   -e of our members also  mier'a word that our claims will not
at tract in\
.'. al ol attraction  yer,  Captain; (I. H.  Brock, Lieutcn •
moved from our city to tuke up    oc- be o vr looked in  this  respect. to tlii- part of B.C.. and  there is no ant.  A.  Grant,  Lieutenant.
rupation   els where, but we have been               NEW POST OFFICE! ,,,,„  m „1V ,m,„i  lhai theresults lul. Information as to terms of service,
nhle io augi                 tank    by the ad-      Th -  mutter of a  new post office is |y justify the expenditure that       has will be supplied by uny af the offi'-ers
ditton  of     several  new  members and likely  io     be     definite'y settled  this lem nuide.   our supply  oi     booklets of the company.
there are pro pects of e still greater year and from -on- hints that   have j.  „ow exhausted and I  think should Company Orders—Jan. 30th 1913.
hi-iii'm i h i for the   coming year.     I I een dropped by our member we bave be replaced with something more    up 1   Drills will be held    weekly,     on
might  •'•.   • fei  to the resignation of reason to believe that the appropria- to date.   A new booklet was proposed Thursday evening al   8 o'clock 'sharp,
our    former    Secretary,   Mr. Laing, tion for this,    will be a very      sub- |ast year as a farm of advertising and until further notice.
Which   took   eflect   in   June  Lust,   and tantial     One, and thai  the building, Mrs.   Schafler  was   brought here     to 2   Until  further  notice   it   will      be
whose valuable    services have     been when completed will be a aource    of gather    information     .'or writing it, optional for members to attend   drill
iiiueh  mi- ed,    Mr.   MeVity  was      up- pride to our city. ,,us Ia ,„.0bablv the form of advertis- in uniform or plain clothes.                6
pointed   his   successor  ut  the  regular SETTLEMENT OP BELT  LVN'DS.
ing we want, tun the matter now
-eenis io be at a standstill for some
rea OC or "'Iter. At anv rate so-nr-
thing new ought to be got unde-r way
at once a- requests for descriptive lit
erature- .ml  information are     coming ■
,n .-very  day nnd ' antioi  be complied
with,   l     i-'lit add that the balance
of     $132.57     showing in tbe financial
statement  was h.-lrl in  reserve to help
meeting of the Board held an tth We have also every reason to ex-
July la t. and he has Bince acted ln icct that all available Dominion
tbat capacity j land- within the railway belt will be
Among the public matters in which opened for settlement within the very
our board was interested nt the com- near future. You arc nil familiar with
mencement of the year 1912 and which Ihe recommendations mule by ihi-
1 avo -inc.. I "ti brought cither to a Board as to the alloment oi this la id
satisfactory conclusion or in which when the question is conside.'ll aid
seme  dePn t"   satisfaction  has      been though  many  people,  especially     tir
obtained, f might mention our     New squatter- themselves,     have opimrns  ,„P .t  the   demand  i     was
Court House, which i-   nearly   om- differing from our recommendations. I   would be made upon us in getting out
I lei d; our new     government  wharf, still am of the firm opinion lla! |.,   schafler booklet.   Thero are many
which  is  now   well   under  way.      und i-   lo the  l.c ;   in    rest!  of   ■ Hi-  , om -   sources,     of     course   of     advertising
should     he' completed within a     few munity that  the land be alb.ted     in   which m i .• be taken  advantage      of
months.   The mattei   of tbe delay    in -mailer tracts thnn  ISO acres.   M you   withoul    anv    outlay  of money,    mil
Shipments  of  freight  from  RevelStO'ie all   know   th.  go.vrnmeni   seat      Mr.   i   ,bink  that   most   of  these are'made
SOUth  thro i'h   the  Arrow   Lakes  (lis- Maber   their  representative,      through   u.e  nf  by  our  Secretary  and others,
Irirt.    we  have     Mr.  Uury's  promis- here during the pn-t -unimer   o loves-   who very kindly  volunteer their    si
that this  will   be adjusted and      that tigate   the  squatteis   rights   and      to   vj, ,..a  i„  write-ups nnrl in  sending pho-
ha has issued  orders regarding same, report   on  conditions  generally     per-   lographs and Hems of m-ws to news-
'lh- establishment of mail clerks     on taining to  the land question and our   papers, periodicals anl bureaus of in-
the Arrow Lakes steamers is also now views were bud h.-fore him and    have   formation in this country and others. |
an  accomplished fact.
3   Gallery  practice  will  be  held  ev-
ry Thursday evening after drill.
R. H.  SAWYER. Capt.
O.S. D. Company, 102nd, Regt.
About six o'clock on Wednesday evening the 29th, smoke was seen issuing from tho commodious warehouse
of thc Big Bend Lumber Co., Ltd., a
few minutes after Ihe building was a
mass of flames and had too mm h of
a start to attempt in anyway to
quell the outbreak. About forty or
fifty minutes after the fire was noticed the roof collapsed nn.l in a very
short time the building wa-i destroyed. The building contained only a
few odds and ends that were of noes-
Democrats Will Tear Down Tariff Wall Against Foodstuffs.—President Wilson Stands for Radical Policy.—
Canada Gains Entire Advantages Promised Under
Reciprocity Without  Sacrificing Anything.
Washington, Jan SO Hearing lie-
fore the ways iiiiii means committee
on the various schedules on the tariff
will close next Friday.
It is said lhat Ihe advocates of free
food have carried the day in the
councils of the Democratic leaders and
that Canada may be given virtually
an open market In the United States.
President-elect Wilson sent word to
the Democratic mcnibeis of the ways
und means ccmmitlce lhat be did not
propose to stand for any evasion of
the Democratic pledge lo the people
to reduce the cost of living In the
United States and lhat rcgaidless uf
what lhe fanners might do in a political waji the dm j if the Democratic
party was to muke frtc of duties lhe
necessities of life and provide "free"
competition fn m Canada,
The presenl agricultural schi dule in
the Payne Bill is of Republican ori
gin and every Republican policy was
designed to uphold It. It had iis origin in the McEinley Dill of Is ti, ami
contains complete protective iliri. s
upon all products of agtluullure. Tne
Republican ways and mcuns commit.-
tec of the past undertook to strengthen tbe system and takeaway the reproach tbat manufacturers were
favored at lhe expense of tl. • farmers
by giving to the agriculturists of the
country complete and adequate protection against foreign competition.
President-elect Wilson took the position that this system, more than anything else, Incirased lhe cost of living
in the 1'nitiil States,
Largo importations from Canada of
barley, beans, hay, eggs, nnd animals
und a total Importation ol agricul-
t ural | ii dm is to lhe value of $266,-
t'n11.! ft iu 1889, convinced lhu Republicans lhat tbe Amerli an i uiners were
subjected to foreign competition
« bleb, if ii bad octuiii il lu a manufacturing ludusln would have elicited
earnest lequt&te I.i reliel by means
of higher duties. The Democrats,
howevi i. take the v i-w that the cost
of  living   has   bt cou .   so   lii{ li  thai
Bonieihiug nu-:  i        ;,, gel food
pi ici-s In t hi  ual ui        i-vel   md   break
up llll'   u.e Ul pi Ij    V .       l.-.i llll-ls
. i lhe UniUd  S ati . n,j »yi d tu
tbe disc nii. it ; ,        e-i,i .ally
for many J i ..: -.
and attention at lho Union bote; an.l
prefers  to stay     there,     rather thati
move to the "o'd man's home,'' where
he has been advised it would be       I
er for him +o go.
A successful whist drive wns h 11 at
the home of Mrs. a.s. G ulii van, on
Tuesday afternoon, four table- were
occupied and a very pleasant .
noon was spent. The lirst prize Was
carried ofl by Mrs. G. Hind, st sond
by Mrs. H. Johnston,-, consolation by
Mrs. Capt. Forslund,
I) .11,1. - the  y.ar otf     vi.i pfisldent, iry,   but   as you are all  aware,  r.oth- T6e literature we have already dis- Thc company is recruiting naw mem
Mr. Ml. r.n.m.  moved from  town and ing has yet bicn d  ne.    Wo are. how- tru,uted ha-, Judging from the numer- bers conjinually  and .ah week see's
as he was an active member of   our eve.,  anticipating thi t Uiis will no. ,,„, enquiries received  by our Secre- new names add. d to the ioi.
Board bis            ; were gi atly miss- long be     layod a-  we bave th.- Pre- ,.,,>•, every week,  been a means     of The local oilicers are:—R, H. Saw-
peciol value,
sin.-e been laid before Mr.  Gre-u,  our   N-0 ,\onht the publicity "committee of!    A' Boi,J"» (,f •*« Lardeau hotel of
member, and we are assured that tbe   the Progress Club will  nl-o do   good   Comaplix, spent a few days in Rcvel-
Puring thc enrly spring we realized   department   will soon rome  to a dc -   work ln this connection
that our  board   had  not  a large en-'cision and the question be settled. It'
<uigh scope  to cover all matters     of is very important  to Revelstoke tbat
public Inters t   in furthering the well- these lands lie made available at an'
being of our city and district, and ns early date and  the     question     hould
a  result  a  committee   was  appointed Iherefore bo kept alive by us.
Ior tbe purpose of forming ft Progress PUBLICITY
(Continued on Page Eight.)
The Dge of Fggs
The following method for dotcrmin-
stoke this week
Dr. McPherson was in lown on Wednesday to lake home the value grand
fathers clock purchased from Mr. H.
Wa'lis. It looks as though the dc:-
tor was stocking up.
A party of the Arrowhead snowshoe
Cluh. We- ure all familiar with the Another important matter I would ing the age of eggs is said to be prac club, took advantage of tho crust
good work this committee accomplish like lo refer to is that of publicity tised in the markets of Paris. About j formed by the recent thaws and made
and the fine flourishing organization J Wc have in the past don-' considerable ( g|x ounces of common salt Is put inlo , the trip to the Arrow Lakes Lumber
we now have and with the work thoy ndverti-ing. but have been handicap- a large glass, which is then, filled with Co- dam, returning to Mrs. R. Gallt-
aie doing. This has undoubtedly done ped in not having suffl-ient money to water. An egg Is dropped in the
more lo arouse public enthusiasm for carry „n an extensive campaign. It solution. If the egg Is only one day
,,ur eity nnd Its possibilities lhan any-  is true    lhat     the   city council were   0ld it     immediately Ninks to lhe bot-
tblng else COUld hav,. done and If they, more generous in their grant to us torn; if any older it does not reach d^of""^"istriotT"i*olii'imitotoi|
continue as they have commenced and last yeftr than formerly but I am of _ the bottom of the glass. If three days from a stroke of paralysis Ib very
pull together In conjunction with our (the opinion that II will require an old it sinks only just below the j critical, and he Is not expected to recover, bc Is getting the     best ofcare
vans for refreshments late in the evening.
The condition of Chas. Davies, ran-
Editor Mail-Herald:—
Dear Sir.—P. was a source of greatest satisfaction to aU readers of the
"Herald" of Jan. 23th, to note the
matt'T of cleanliness in civic surroundings is being kept before thc
mind of the city lathers. Certain it
is, that n clean or nttra live city can
not exist where refuse, waste-pap r.
nnd garbage ot overy sort at.; per -
milled to accumulate about out-
streets and public buildings, aud even ahout our homes. This Is a 1,:
lem which every city has had to cope
with, and your proposal, Mr. Kditor,
should meet with the earnest epprov-
al of all citizens and further i! a
should not be permitted by the Revelstoke powers in tho adoption ot a
measure, so essential to the better-
ment of appear.nc c- and of sanitary
i onditions,
Wc are both )»Iens,-.l and proud to
he able to nssi rt without boast, that
Revelatoke, al the pn-s nt time, is a
markedly healthful city. On- n-'i
only look about him at people h-
miH'ts daily on the street to re ogniza
this truth. And when w,1 think ofthe
condition- in older cKie . ..f the hundreds of thousands living from day t.e
dav amidst dirt anl squa'or. With
their consequence pestilence nnl disease, we are wont to breathe a -'lent
prayer that such condition- may never obtain in Revelstoke, llut these
arc the thing-- that   huve   to  be  fought
1 agnin-t and the first essential is for the
maintennni-e of cleanly surroundings,
I     We are well   aware that  the      con-
I tagion of n single di-triet will soon
spread itself to the entire community,
, just as one diseased apple will speedily infect all the apples jn tbe barrel.
So, while conditions ftro normally
good, let in make use of su-h "ounce
, of prevention" ns is possible.   Let us'
safeguard   the   general   health   of   our
I people as vigilantly and almo-t Jealously as she D.C. Fruit Laws guard
against Infection from imported stock |
This ls a matter tbat we must deal j
with sooner or later and why not
sooner than later. The coming of the
spring is an opportune time for    the
Cure for Insomnia
Paris, Jan. 2 - Miss Tn ba     I    ■
tbe English air wo nan, who  11-.-day
took i an wbich ti ■
rei oi ti.'. fi ;■. s-en-
trip In  th   a r is a a i ■■
for any o:;e- wh     I .'. i Buf
fering from insomnia.
M SB Davis i a   a .rs • con-
l antly   with  bsi   nnl   thro,    do:'-:
were in ati .-eck
■    I  that   a   '.rip iu
nn .•■ ill she wan e;    to
'.   10 f   •     with M.    i
;_.>   I .Iiiii i     au 1
ndly than
ior wei ks,     Wl ird,
Miss Davis I   her  i as .. -■
ee'; which sh ■ i :
st th In oi co.-
r and the i ., in
the othr !.
The                 watch marked exactly
12 ' ' '.<> k v. h •    !■ .'t  the
■ '. an I Miss D 'note I oo :
"12 .in"
vi ry   -t   ily.       '.'. 'u'.ly
misty. Spi. nil.! vl Very
glad to b
"12:15,  " .    te    warm
and co • likj
I maj
"12 22— e to
-ee down owing I S    -ance
"12 25—Cro     :. ■ f .-t  up;
te 1  v.ry  pl .i---.l  wit': th' world,  par
• i    ,riy my li'.'t a d plane   Wonder
bow  !. n.-   ' .!   wiil  hold out.
"12:3       'il mi   rari I     again.
H .   • ,■:■■•   my  usual
. the ' arth, i ■    f proud to
wil Brm a p.lo'.
Mosl  pre.-.i      :      • ow my D
"12 so—9000 feet Right han J, on
which  only  one  glo warmer
than doubled glove left. Wonder why.
1 p.m.---Wlu.c houi passed n- rapid-
ly a a boo quartr d'beure, 10,000 ft.
II. :     baro working eor-
rectly. We -eem to be crawling u:>
the sky. 11 ' j cold now. but on'/
feel il in my rik-bt hand. Dif'icttlt to
write. Earth rath r misty. Air mor>
r.irified. Now at height of 10,500 ft.,
■ hilly.  Climbing  up more difficult.
"1:15—11,800 feet; too coll 'owrit'
When M. LegagMaUl had ri-eri over
12,000 feet, he lectin to descend, anl
at 1:40 his paFS-nrer mad' 1 his entry:
"Planning down.  Ms niflc'nt view."
The fina' entry  reads
"1 46—Making delightful descent to
Villa Coublay."
oilier  public organizations,  tbey    nan  even  more  generous  grant   this  year.' surface.
inauguration of proposed plan of handling the garbage question.
TO RBNT—Furnished House on Third
Street, weat. Apply to Arthur W.
CouDolly. PAGE TWO
List Tour Property With Ik
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
JOHN D, SIBBALD, 1',<i-;i. J. 1). SlHlt\l,l), Jit , SBC.
(he avorage by a typewriter. \
Thin is accomplished by the peculur
Bystem ol     dividing thu keys.   Seven'
oi lliem, at    the left of the keydoard, I
are used a* initial consonants, ami as
thoro are only 14 possible .initial con-1
sonants    the other seven are supplied
by  arbitrary      combinations  ot   thceu
sevi a keys, it being easily feasible to'
Strike    two     letters with one  linger.
The right  side     of the keyboard contains ten final consonants, and the re
mainlng eight      linul consonants pos-
Biblo in     English speech are supplied
arbitrary   combinations of some     of
thfse len.    In     the centre of th; keyboard are  four  vowel  keys—A,  E, 0,
U—lhc letter 1  being supplied by     a
combination of K and U.
Theso Tl keys and their combiiiu -
lions rover any possible combination
.1 our.-.ls, an I with the addition of
somo 150 .standard abbreviations constitute tho sole system or code necessary for the operator of thc rteno-
type to master, Numbers ars recorded simply hy using an u-'erisk in
combination with various letters.
This being the last week of our January Sale, we are going to make a"clean
sweep of all odd lines.   Price reduced to a fraction of original cost.
Reg. $1 to $1.50. Sizes,
15i to 17 only	
SALE PRICE, 50c. Each
HEAVY RIBBED Underwear. Reg. 75c. per garment	
35c. per Garment
Regular $5 to $6	
ODD LINES men's Underwear, heavy ribbed,
includ'g Stanfield Tiger
90c. per Garment
HI,ACK AND KHAKI colored Mackinaw Coats, besl
makes.    Reg.  $6	
MiJN'S SHIRTS, collars attached
cream ground, fancy stripes, U}i
Flannel Sb'rts, collars attached.
Reg. $1-25	
i'lKN'SSUITS, Tweeds, etc. Reg.
520 and $22. SO	
Stringent Regulations Govern Import Trees—Will  Check
Introduction Foreign Fruit Pests
All person- who are accustomed,
or intend, to Import trees, shrubs,
I'.ant- and other kin,is of vegetation
into Can ida.sh uld ma'ce themselves
thoroughly familiar with tho regula-
t ,,.. thi I om 11 Ion and Provincial
Governments in th.s matter. 11 this
i- not done inconvenience and possible
loss mny result owing to the neglect
to comply with the requirements of
Dominion or provincial governments,
which requirements are n3' essitated
by the dancer, always present, ol the
importation of dangerous* pcetB into
Canada or their spread from one province to another. I
The regulation governing the importation ol veget .tion of various kinds
into Can.i la an 1 the Dominion and
Provincial laws under which they
have been passed have been collected
in a convenient form an.l dublished
as a bulletin with explanatory notes
by lhe Domitvon Entomologist, Dr.
C. Gordon Hewitt. This bulletin,
entitled, "Legislation in Canada to
prevent the introduction and spread
of In-, t- Pests and Diseases destructive to vegetation with regulat ous
regarding th-- Importation of vcjeta-
ti r. r.to Canada" i- published as Bulletin No. 11. Second series, of the
Exp-rim, n'al      Fauns  Branch  of  the
Dominion Department of Agriculture.
It also forms Entomological bulletin
No. i; of the Division ol Entomology.
It may bo obtained free on application to the Publication Branch, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa.
Th ■ laws and regulations of the Dominion Government ami of ihe Governments of those Provinces possessing
such legislntion, namely, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and
I'r nee Edward Islnnd arc given. A
full explanation is given to the regulat.mis which must be observed by
per ona Importing stoe-k, which com-
pri-...- irees, shrubs, plants, vines etc,
nit" Canada     and into the provinces
A perusal of this Bulletin, even hy
those who do not import or intend to
import plant-, will afford the reader
nn excellent idea of the strict supervision nnd care ihat is being exercised
to pre vmi the introduction of further
in-.- t pe^ts into Canada, More than
ball ol the series pests of Canada are
nee1 native to the country but have
been introduced or have migrated
hiih-r. The object of this legislation
is t,, prevent further introduction and
spreading and the bene&t which is te-
suli iu- from ihe careful inspection,
an.l treatment when ne'cessnry, of
imported plants is Incalculable and
is ih,. uu mi-;    ol -aving the country
May Ha e Peri'tieil
Fred  May.  a cook  at Meeker's  lo»
glng camp,  near Tajhum,  has    been
| missing since Jan. 18 and fears     are
i entertained that he may have perish-
ed in  the      Kootenuy river or in the
| deep snow between Tagbum and Gran
tile.   On  Jun.  18, May,  about    whom
very little is known, lelt Nelson     on
the evening   train  for Tagbum.  When
the train      rea. h .1     gran'tj    he to'.d
those with whom he was that ho had
left  a parcel  in Nelson and  lhat     lis
proposed to walk hack and get it. He
did not rcash  lhc cily. ,
The same night Frank Phillip-, secretary of the Nelson Miners' union,
heard shouts which apparently came
from thc direction of the Granite
1 ridge and it is thought that May
may have fallen into the river.
It is suppo-e.l that he started to
walk to Nelson but found the snow
ico d.'ep nnd decided to retrace his
steps and go on to Tughum.
Vc-et rday Provincial Constable
Druce M't'lennan was despatched by j
Chief Black to make a careful investigation of tbe road between Nelson
anl Granite in case May had perished
in the -now but the officr could find
u.e trace of the missing mun. Th3
trail between the railwny camp and j
Meeker's camp has al-o been searched
with no result-.
| Kf   C. S. MCFARLAND   ?vAS2,E |
Hell in Upp
Much    interest      I.a-    bein  anm-cl
amonest  shorthand writer- In  America ' :•'  tl .       of a marvel 1-
. .»    ma bine     called the st notyp .
• taking ei.e-.vn near-
y 600 woi Tbe ca] ablli-
-' tl     new machine  were demon-
.- rated at  a <      petition held in MH-
|                           I in New  York.
The stei   type, it maj tated, is a
thai irried a
- a lunch box.
Tn     | ,   borthand
from '  . Bees, were po-
s Dl   'o    !.•> I   t       i- I Sl
how ra]   Hy, u •   I
:    taki       .••.■■•
.ere two
and a .• : iren
where the new i
-,r.'. ' . ed.
Mr. Cha I     M   M it    the
:'■ tbat
ght know
-.   they
and he added tba      0     bl     ludy   of
-  w ma hine tbe outlook
in favc  of it at
.   earned
adapt them*elve« ti icbine.
Mr, 3. V. Bi     •   ' r- asurer .
ny,    which holds patent  rights
on the machine, dictated to th- foul
•   m and supplied t.i him by
First ie-  read n letter of
99 v.or:-  in      I The girl .
tbeli   notes, foil-
awe 1 him with dying pencil    Both an
i. >•   led
. very word    Th'     two opt ratori on
the mn bit ,1 kept th, ir eyei
fa I     on the speaker's lips     nod
merely played as in n slow piuno pre
ludi upon the keys of their machines.
announced thut  they hal too.
A se ond latter of H3 words ir.   60
s ■ .e ds ',. lowed   with never a
ith.   Both the shorthand writer-,      looking     first  puzzle I
ti is';- .1 and no     Utile vex. I
oul  long before it was ov.r.   T
chines,   however.
Is easily,     with scarcely a sound,
a narrow slip like that of an a :
m.i-bine that curb-d out of     •   it
typ- :  almost as fa=t as  Mr
.ted   ea h as I
ind writ
-   •
-  ■
'•     ■
ly and w th
:      ,     n fi om   techn.. ■
in  ,m    arc'        ...
rate ■ illy, as n
th i
•  minute    rn
■ r'harcd
Tie        p|
■ 1   words
-    '
The i BS   .1    kcv»,o:,e
i .'er. mi' conl
onlj a' 11■-. 'he hnsls dl ;m operation ui'l recording Is phonetic sppll
,'ne. l'nlike lhe typewriter, however.
which requlri a operate itroke for
each letter the itonolype prints
hon] ol several letters al each stroke
..n  th.- average u  word at  each Stroke|
in ti ad of the six   troko   required on
The recent action of thc Minister ol
Militia and Defence in giving an invitation  to  representatives  of  the  varum- women's so ieies throughout the
Dominion to be present at certain ses-
lon. nf the military conference to be
luring February, bas
I lhi   endorsaUon of those    interested   n thc moral welfare of   th-
■nd   the camps  yearly
■   the country.
\      ■ king article  In support   ol   th-a
•he Montreal Da
wr-. s    (Liberal).   "Colonel      S.
tbe   witness,  "ha-
'      '      fa    tatesman in
romen into council
-  -  of our milli not ha
■ :.. n'."
Revelstoke Land Ditrict.
District of  West Kootenay.
Tnko notice that I, Bobert Arther
Mossrann of Nakusp, B. O., occupation Medical Practitioner, intends to
npply for permission to purchase the
following  described  land:
Commencing at a post planted at
thc N. W. Corner of Lot 9323
Thence West 40 chains thence South
■10 chains thence East 40 chains
thence North 30 chains to the point
of commencement and contalng 160
acres more or less.
Dated November 30th 1912
Robert  Arther  Mossman.
1st issue Dec.  14th
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at Manning's.
All kinds of machine needles
H. MANNING,   Agent.
Fruit   Land
Galena Bay lands in parcels of
10 or 20 acroB or en bloc. Correspondence invited.
John Shaw, Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
Unexcelled in Tone, Quality, Perfection i r Scale, Design, finish
and Durability.
Comparison with other instruments ..nly serves to emphasise
the qnality Miii makes tin- NEW-
( OMBE distinctive and pre-eminent.
v comparison.
Lat u>. show you our exclusive
met bod <.t   on il i icl ion,   « hich is
the foundation nf tl .ii pure fju i lit y
nd in I he New-
f a t'i nti.r/.  . experieni e In
■,-t   i  record ol    itla
en-]   ol i snadian
• our pun hase il you
'., m OMBK.
pened i  '.mi pom on
.1  Ki !,/<•■   A ve ,    Itevelstoke,
I   mr pianos under
11..- itiperi i ilon of .lohn   I!in«
linn   and   ll. tn   Rodeo,   wo
I fully   |ei|ii'-  I    I lie    puh
call   .uul   •' x.i mi ii i
The NfiwcoraliR Piano Co., Ltd.
HI 1 .  B. ('.
Head 11 i.   -.  i  .e.ii'... i int,
forty  yeurn lo  use,  20      yearn     tbe
standard, prescribed and recommend,
ed by phy«|cians. Kor Woman's All -
mentii, Dr. Marlol's Kemalo rills, at
your druggist.
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lead packages.
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P. O. Box 208            GROCER & BAKER           Phone No. 28 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1913.
It makes no difference which way the (^/Municipal Elections go,
the future of Revelstoke is assured, and our City is going ahead this
year as never before. Outside capital is already heading our way*
and properly values are gradually increasing. Appoint yourself an
" Investigation Committee" of one, Mr, Investor, and take advantage
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Modern House, 4th St. s&fsa $2200
Modern House, 2nd St. £*"•&?£ $1800
A good assortment of Webt End Property, $300
per Lot and up,.
atson i\ea
Realty C
R. R. COLE, Manager, MacKenzie Avenue
Local Agency, American Casualty Co.
.'-in   I value in a   Hi I Watei   Bottle.   A  2   quint  Red   Rul.ler
guaranteed bottle      r 1. < 5
1 1 amoisand Ijted Pelt 1 liesl Protectbre, Each      $1.50
Ri   . I Cherry Cough Cure 16c., 50c, (1.1 0
Rexall Wine or Cod Liver Oil jl.00
Rexall   Hypopho(phites- (the   Lest   tonic   we ran recommend)
Rexall Beef,  Iron nml Wiue    $1.00
All Kivail preparation guaianleee to give satisfaction or we will
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tawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
of  Dominion Lands.
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Bargain Prices. Sale will only last
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your choice at this Bargain Sale.
Goal mining rights of tbe Dominion
tn Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased lor a term of
twenty ono yearB at an annual rental of H an acre. Not moro than
1,860 acres will be leaaed to ono applicant.
Application for leaae must be made
by the applicant in person to the
Agent or Sub-Agent ol the dlatrict
In which the rlgbti applied for are
Tht leaae will include the coal inla-
Ing right* only, but the leeaee may
be permitted to     purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary (or tbe working ol
tho mine at the rate of 110.00 an
In surveyod territory the land must
bs described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions ot sections, and in un
surveyed territory tbe tract applied
(or shall be staked out by the ap -
plicant  himself.
Each applicant must be accompanied by a fee of |5 which will be refunded If tbt rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output ol the mine at the
rate of live cents per ton.
Tbe person operating the mine shall
furnish tho Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity ot
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights ars not being operated, sucb
returns should be turuished at least
once a year.
For full information application
should be made to tbe Secretary of
the Department ot the Interior,   Ot-
Sealed Tenders will be received by
the Minister of Lands not later than
noon on the 3rd day of March, 1913,
for the purchase of licenses Nos. XI,
X2, to cut timber estimated at 1,-
720,000 feet, 520,000 feet, and 310,000
feet B-M- respectively, together with
8,000 railway ties and poles from
Crown land adjoining Adams Lake,
Kamloops District.
Particulars of Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. 1st iss. N.30 3in.
Reveletoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Samuel James
Harlow, occuieutiou, Farmer, intends
to ai'Ply for permission to purchase
the following described lands:
Commencing nt a post plauted at
the North West Corner of Lot 0323,
thence west 4U chains, thenco soutb
ii) cha.iif, thence enst 40 ehains,
thence north 40 cbains to point of
commencement and containing lui
acres  more or less.
Dated October 2Cth,  1912.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notioe that I, James Sneddon
of Nakusp. B.C., occupation, Gentleman, iatends to npply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe North East Corner of Lot 8800,
thence north 20 chains, thence west
2D ehains, thence south 20 chains,
thence tast 20 chains to place of com
mencement, containing 40 acres more
or less.
Dated October 3rd, 1912.
lat issue Nov. 6th
th*   Mill*  lull.,,-. AdvlM Ilrvuclit   Dl*
One time dot little tailor comes fcy
■ay shop to get a patch on his shoe,
umi ash ho looks aiouniit. he says:
"Let uio glf you some little advices.
Peoples ln America vhaa dceferent
Irom peoples In Sliennnny. Oafer here
nopody likes to Bit up like a crowbar
wliile lie wults to haf his shoes fixed.
You must but some amuscineutt lu
your shop."
"Do you belief I enn half some brans
bands aroundl, vlien cement patches
vims ouly fceftecn ceut apiece?" I
"Mnype not, but you ean get a parot
und let lilm speuk mit your customers.
A parrot vhaa always a draw. Ho
vhill beat a free lunch or a ticker. If
you like lo build oop your pcesneS3
you must look a little oudt."
Vhell, dot tailor vhaa In America
ton years und builds oop a big pees-
ness, und so I belief he vhaa good advice. I goes by a bird store und finds
a parrot who vhas talking like four
old wonians. Der price vhas fccflcen
dollar, but I must, hflf lilm to build oop
my shoe shop. I take him home mit
a cage und hang hi in oup, und he says
"Hello!" und "roily" und "Cracker"
nml vhas all right. Vhen I opens my
simp for peesnesa next day a weni'ns
conies In mit a pair of Bhooa v'iil aaya:
"Cobbler, you may fix up does 5,lioos.
1 vhas speaking to some folks about
you. und I bellel you vhas a good muir.
1 see you have some parrot hero. Can
I talk'mil him?"
"Oh, yen. I buy bim dot he may
amuse my customers. Polly ahpeak up
to der li dy und say 'Good morning.' "
Dot bird he sbpenks oop ned I almost drop dead. Mit his ln-ad on one
Bide und a shmlle on his face, he calls
oudt dot be vhns some bully bov3 und
don't, go home nil night 1 try to stop
him, but he yells at me:
"Come off dot pi .ch! Get a lag ou!
Dry oop!   Go soak your head!"
1 vhas rolng to hit him mit der
hnnimer, but do' womens she picks
oop her eliocs und goes by der door
Und looks at me und Bays:
'I big your pardon. I half g-it ln
tome Baloons by mistake'"
Dot parrot he drlvfl neosneoq avbny
ond I talk to him und call him names'
for onu hour. He don't say nottlnga
back, und 1 1 diet ho vhas sorry. I
had shust got through mit him vhen
a man comes In mit a heel to be fixed.
It vhas thirty rents to fix dot heel,
und he must wait He takes ofl his
shoe uiul  says:
Cobbler, mnype you .<h ill also malic
me a pair of shoes Cor four dollar. You
look to me like some temperance
"Ves, I vhas temperance."
"Und you dou't swear not talk poll-
"Und maype you gnea by der shurcb
on Soondays?"
"Vhell, I shall glf you all my custom und help you along. I vhas looking at dot parrot Can ho speak somo
Und vhat yon be!!ef dot parrot says
to him? Bcrore I -an look at him he
stretches one leg on) behind uud cock*-
oop his head und calls oudt:
"Oh, you be !"
"Vlial! vhat! vhaa dot!" Bays der
mnn ash he shumps oop und looks
"Haf another mit rie!" says dot par-
rot. "Two beers! Go t'll! Shoot dot
I like to stop dol bird, but It vhaa
no use. Der man lr ks at me at little
vhile und den puts on his shoe und
"Vhen you goes by state prison und
your family vhas in der poor bouse,
maype you vhill renllze your wickedness und ery oudt to he Bnved. I tell
all my frleuds to keep avhay from
I vhas so mad T like to kill dot bird,
but my wife comes down und says he
vahs fifleen dollar uud In a strange
place, nnd probably he vhill do better
next time. I keep his rage covered up
mit a blanket for Iwo liourB und nobody don't see hlic but by nnd by he
Vhas forgiven. He don't say nottlngs
vhen der butcher und der grocer cornea
in for repairs, und I belief ho vhas
aslrep when an alderman stops for a
pair of shoe strln:";. Dot nldirmans
can bring me some' trade If ho vhil,
und I like to use him well.
"Hello!" he savs "but dot vhas a
One bird.   How vliis you, Polly?"
"You tict!" screams dot pai rot.
"Vhat:   ion call me a Uet!"
"Boodle! Boodh !  Boodle!"
It vhas awful—' wful, but vhen I
goes to oxctise dot bird der abb rman
looks red in der face und spits on hia
bands und says:
, "I'll knock dot 1 t -rot hy der middle
of next week! N'e '. ody can call inp a
tief und get avhay' Tlef und bnodlq
eh?    Vhell. you come oudt!"
Und be reaches  Into der ca;e inl 1
brings  Polly    oudt  und     wrings    hut
neck.   I enn't mnvi nor ipheak.   Vhen
der bird vhas dead der nldernians gift '
Vie ono awful kick und says:
"If  you vhas a shokor  maype you !
Thill laugh over dot!"
Vhen he has gone I goes hy dot little tailor und tells him all about It.   t
lose feefteen dollar und three custom- I
ers by bis advice, und I vhas seek.
"Vhell, I see how It vhas," he finally says. "It vhns all owing to der
deeferenec In peesness. A pftrrot vhaa
all right in a tailor shop uad all wrong
In a cobbler's place. I guess vhat yot
rant vhas a hand Opa and among*
Th.* Qold Dollar saloon, or Buffalo,
■aid ta ba one ot the handaamaet
drinking places la tht United States
is to bt converted Into a tempara.no*
—.loon. Tha proprietor Is tlrtd of sail.
ing liquor, and will be put ln dharga
•f tba n*w anterpriaei Tht floor ot
(bt plact la laid with 120 gold plects.
tha bar is atoddad with U0 gold
plooes, tht walla art hung with fin*
ploturtt, and tt la furnished with 1.200
faroaadtaaant light*-*** York Trlb-
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd
To  Clean the  Soot from
Stove Pipes and Chimney
Imp" Soot
15c. Package
for one Week
Revelstoke Hardware Ccmpany, Ltd.
January Clearance Sale
A few of the prices that are bt inping
Crowds to Our Store.
Boys' Suits, values up to $6.50      	
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8     McRae Mercantile Co.
SThe Revelstoke II. me o! Socirtj  Rn nd t lothi s
and H. S. Peter's I 11 tal >
Imperial Bank cf Canada
Koad Otflco   Tcror.io. O.-.tr.rlo.
Capital Subscribed            - 6.000,000.00
Capital Paid Up              - 6,(>20,00u.0G
Reserve        .... 6,620,000.00
Total Assets,        -       - $72,C0(,000.00
Hiiuri.i!. or Agents »i all principal poinU tn^Canada,
Agents in Great Britain and Ci.ited State*—-Londrn, Englai
Lloyds Back, Limited.    Chicago— Fii'sl National Bach, CVrn Exchange National Bank.    Seat tir-Seat ii • V   tonal Back,   Sun Frnti-
ritcr'—Wells Fai po Nevada Nat.i nal B. n«.     Spokane—Exukange
National lii.i.t.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of ifl and upward,  roociTi'd. evi   interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.    Corn-i   , ■  solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCIenegtmn, Mftr.
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No matter whether it is a hi^li prude Razor made of the very finest Sheffield Steel, with Fancy Handle or the latest Safety Razor, we
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i' .    11.    II e,. Razor, made spe.i-
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lms the better ol the argument and
there is u tremendous number of Amor
leans who take the same view. First
and foremost is Senator Root. The
opposite view is that, we have built
the oanal, it is ours and we can do
what we like with it. I am satisfied
that the nation will ultimately adopt
Senator P.oot's views in this and also
in rogard to the necessity 0t agreeing
to arbitration Bhould other means
"I am glad to slate that all over
the Union there is a very warm feeling toward Ureal Briton and Canada.
No feeling of hostility has been arous
id in connection with the canal dis
f ute."
Ck rtDail-lbecatt)
P l" li L I.s it K n   vv ROM E -. i)X V
RBVftltiroftV. n. c.
.     ':
ihe l'niie-,1 States an.l thc subjects ot
Greal Briton weiv to have the use oi
ihe canal on equal terras.
"When it   bei-amc necessary (or the
United  Stales to build the eanal,    it
3iuen^r feubUsbtna Company, wa8 found 10 be impossjt)Je t0 d0 B0
i. K. JOHNSON, Manager.        under the terms of the  Clayton-Bulwei-
RALPH  ''■    Rl'HJTTON    Rdltor.   Treaty an.l it      was repealed nnd re-
=======r^====r"^=r======"^==   placed  bj   i Iio Hay-I'auncefote Treaty.
'i'h- latter contained the clause: Subject to the limitations of Clause 7 ol
ilu- nl l treaty.' In so far as the loll
que i on is concerned, there is no
room for doubt that is definite.
Whn th.- H:iy I'.-iua-efutc agreement
went before the I" S. Senate for ratification, Senator Baron moved to
ttrike oui the limitations clause re-
firred lo above. His motion was defeated by three to one. If the motion
hail carried then there would row be
no question .i- io theaoundncas ol the
American contention.
"1 haw t,, admit that Great Briton
i .	
V* Wanted to Ray it lllrycle, lint Tntlited
Upon a Square  Uudt-rft.ndln|?.
The salesman In the bicycle shop
•tepped forward to great the prospective customer.
"Can I show you something In
■wheels that Is right up to date?" h»
"Yes," was the reply; "and what 19
more, you can sell lt to me, if you
Work It half way right. I've held out
ks long as I could. I've vowed I never
would make a spectacle of myself tor
the neighbors to scoff at, but I've
caught the Infection. 1 want to gd
•pinning along with the rest of them."
"Everybody comes around Uf lt if
time," said the salesman, wllh an en
eouraglng smile.
"I know lt. I've seen strong-minded
men whose Intellects aro tlttMl to grapple with t*a problems ot our social sys»
tern ga>t excited ln discussing whether
rat-trap pedals are better than the
other klud. And when I find myself
weakening so far as to want to ride
one of the things, I'm worriei] half to
death wondering how far tho attack is
going. So, before we go any further
with this transaction, I want you to
promise me something."
"We wlll give you any reasonable
"'Let me feel your biceps. That's a
pretty good muscle. I hope I'll never
have to call on you, but as I said,
there's no telling how severely the
malady may strike In on the best ot
us. What I want you to agree to la
this: If you ever see me coming up tho
Street in light-colored knickerbockers
and a red sweater, with a big collar
that folds over the back like the one
on a little boy's sailor suit, you art
to take > club and without saying a
word about lt, chase me right off tbi
bicycle Into the nearest, ambulance."—
Peroit Free rtes*.
The Provincial Labor Commission,
which co5?i i-- t.r-t s-ries ol nic.-t-
.1 Reve-stoke last Friday, has de
• ide 1 that the point* of importance
ca the Island *ha!l be includ-d In Its
next itinerary. Nanaimo will be visit
ed on Monday, Pe ruary 17. It le ez,
pe-ted tha: the ■ here will oc.
e-upy Monday evi n i g ar. I all Tuesday
Cumb-rlar.'". will be re?aeht-i in time
for the holding ■ •: ibe meeting there
oa tt-   i •••:. •..• '.ay. Febru
ary 19, or.J the remainder oi that
w.eajk ». Cumlierland     it
I --far;.- T. I tl Dg .,'. \ ' --rni will
..- on thi evening of Monday, P
ary  24,    ar. I it       I < tpeCt   I    I
: y  will
rmit the Co
ior the
.-   ■ - • the N .    ■ ■
on the Tues-
..   ■ iter
on th*     Thui T     ■   it
in Vancouvi
thro'jgbe.''j- the ■  i ' I
Th.   it. p.er fir'*   I  Heel,,
The aunager of an Antwerp dally
paper asm a reporter to Brussels ta
take town the King's speech, and provided him with a bra,c«a of carrier
plgeona to convey tha report without
any loea of Um Oa arriving at
Brussels, the reporter want to a ros-
Caurant, hand«d the pigeons to a
waiter and ordored lunch. He waa
kept waiting a lung time, but at la*»
they brought him a rich giic&ndeau
which made up for the delay. When
be had finished his meal he paid tha
bill aad asked for his aanier.plgeona.
"Plgeona!" exclaimed the waiter, "why
you have juat eaiaa Utam!"—Rtolle
Special Prices all over the Store.
Ladies' Pony Coats
Regular Price, $120.    Sale Price. $75
Furs!   Furs!
All our Furs to be cleared out at  less
than manufacturer's prices.
Call in and examine our
Stock and Prices. It will
pay you. Buy here while
Our Sale lasts.
Ladies' Suits
Sizes ,32,   34,    -5G,    38.     Made   from
Tweeds, Velvets and Serges.
Coats and Suits
Hoys' Reefer Coats $,VOO
Hoys' Overcoats         $3, go
Men's Suits $7.50
Men's Overcoats $8.00
Mrs. Edward Kennedy, of Meriden,
Conn., 40 years old, was advised by
ber Physician to try Dr. Martell's Female Pills, Bhe did so with wonderful
results. Thousands of others would
Bny the same. 20 years the standard
at your  Druggist.
oncert next Tuesday
All arc assured nn evening of be menl  who .-itten.! the Concert
ni St. Francis Hnll on February tth   inde   ■ ' the Children of
:      i prw nted
Mary  Sodality,   Th.- iollowine wel
"If   tl.- :■   is te,    he exemption ol
I'arama Canal to l« on    oa tw
tt -atm-nt v
to Vanco
• '!.• pro
^ieriond 0*? tht  Hay-Pa mc '   ■ Tt« itj
The    Ipea Ml      Vivian.   M.
Care*k, a 1
McDonald A Knapp.
Hoti. \ .
where he ha n by a rapreaent
..."Th-     t v. r Treaty  ba k
i  I -1 .-.•<■■. tbe United
j-    ,,-. ,ell-el
that no loll tnpoaed when
,.,'     wa      bu ■       - •. I  thoae
which e.l", .     .I.-'CI-I     HJ,
!., ontinued.    'The citizen   of
1   3 pet-da way,  Opening Ch rni  ol
\0.l'   -
ilo    ' What   would   >
M-    i'.i;  e       ■ Cashato
-..  Jackie Staer
5   Duet,    Matrimonial Sweeta,
■ ind Lai   Ho
; ■••-■
Wt I ■
a" ■.:■•-   T .
V:--hur Fr;;;
-■   B
In ma Fra
•  ■      .
A     T trim,  M.i .
on,   Alberta   Hob
\- ihur Ja kj'->n. .r
1   Cn
i    • tion—M       *
la   anl
b nd the Door,  Mar-
Francis Tur,-k.
1  Tevini.
■'   'ean.
Mora;,       Leo
\     •    Hell.
1 Well     that Knds
■■    rood,
TllK   KING.
Plenty of Gait Lump Coal arriving:.    Orders will have
prompt attention.
Order at Kootenay Agencies
McKenzie Avcue
A. Davidson, PH2§2NE
■\V.   PARRY
Bays nud sells even thin;;. (New
and Second-hand.)
Household sales a speialty.
Conducted anywhere.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Auctioneer and Valuer
ItBVBIaS    T    ■   1   ■     1   <
__ While Eggs are In good demand, and the price high, is the lime to
_«ry some of our ej-K producers, such   as   Crushed Hones, Oyster Shell,
Orit,    Heef    Scrap,   Alfalfa   Meal,   drains  of  all   kinds,    including
t Wheat, Barley, Oats. Corn.
r^OUR    FEED   STOCK   is  also   complete   willi    Iljy,    Bran,
Shorts. Oil Cal-e, Linseed Meal, etc.
AGENTS   FOR   PURITY    FLOUR   We   are   sole   agents
for Purity I'lonr.   (More Bread and Hetter Bread).
Tel. 41
A Hobson
Box 74
a dull momanl
, 10 !
Why ) a\   more fe-r it when you
el No. ! Green ' lal Hay al
0 i and N'o. 1 Peed Oats
)e.-r ton Backed  I' < I.B.,
rr-etnjei   hiptnent.
Hay, Grain and Feed
Office :
Cumming',s Transfer Co'y
Second Street
lii'h . ei , in bygrnd
- -el f'e| l||l-|   ffl  U   ll-'l   111 Sjlllll.t
eV sIi.im iin Ine    In itli tile, \',ui
liny and b     ens.
Nighl ichool,  three  nlghte   ei
w.-ek, IU.O0 pei month.
Public  itenograph) dono,
P. 0. BOX ,lr)6
First Street, Revelstoke,  Tel. No. 22
Choice Groceries,   Fruit,   Vegetables
Hay, Feed and Poultry Supplies
Heating Stoves
Kootenay Ranges
Saskalta Ranges
Sunshine Furnaces
Hardware and Sporting Goods
We are offering good discounts off all Crockery,
Glass and Silverware during month of January.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Plumbing Heating Tinsmithing
Special Attention I'aid to Mail Orders
D. Company 102nd, Reg. R. M. R., befl (oatraonnce that they will hohl
regnlai dancei in Ibe Drill Hall ou the 2nd. ami 4th. Friday evening
• -I each month. Dates will be ii followa:
January 10th. and 24th, 1913.
February 14th.   "   28th.    "
March 14th.       "   28th.    "
April 11th. '•   25th.    "
'iii- in .I of treatment guaranteed. Music by City Band. We solicit your
R. M. R. Dance Committee
C. H. Brock, Chairman.
^ itronnge
Trainmen, make yonr beadqoartera here,   yuick service.   Perfect Cleanliness
ami Reasonable Prices.     Give Us a Trial.     "We Never Sleep."
A. o. THIAKISON,     -      Manager SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1913.
During January There
Wiil be Plenty of Bargains Displayed in This
Store, Watch for Them
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. 2. /fume & Co.. limited
Watch Our Windows for
Special Lines and Bargains During Jannary.
Look at Price Tickets.
Bargains in Drygoods Department
Big Reduction in Furs
All our Furs go on at a Big Reduction.   We have   a
few choice sets in Persian Lamb, Cub Bear,   Whit©
Thibet, etc.   You can buy these now at a discount
New Lot of Wools Just In
All colors, in Eiderdown, with the (Big Thick Wools).
All colors in Double Berlin; all colors in Shetland
Floss; all colors in Saxony wools.
10 Ladies Coats
Go on Sale this week at $10.00 Each.   They are all
good Coats, worth up to $20.   Only a limited lot left
in sizes .34, 30 and 38.   Everyone a Bargain at	
Made-to-Measure Suits
LADIES,—Come in and look over our   Made-to-
Measuae Suit propositions.   We have put out about
30 Perfect-Fitting Suits since going into it a month
ago, and we would like to submit samples and prices
to you.
Ladies' While Aprons
A nice lot of Ladies' White Aprons in long lengths,
nicely trimmed, Bib and Strap over shoulder.    They
are worth 75c.   Now	
50 Cents
Remnants!   Remnants!   Remnants!
Still lots of Remnants.    We are into Our Annual
Stock-Taking and come acro33 odd lots and ends we
are anxious to clear, so we put them on the Remnant
Counter at	
A Big Lot of Fancy Linens
Runners, Table Cloths, Doylies, Scarfs, Tray Cloths.
These are slightly soiled.   All at	
Men's Furnishing Department
January Bargains
Al    ,    \                  i    '.f".       ;'t        I'-'        A                        '
MEN'S HATS ON SALE-A full table ol the
best hats the market affords, at prices which you
can't afford to miss.    They are all CHRYSTY'S
in  both soft  and  stiff styles.    All  the present
season's shapes and shades.    You can get your
size in many different lines.    Don't  put   it  off—
they won't last long at the price.    Regular Prices
run from $3 to $3.50	
Men's Overcoat Bargains
Don't forget that this is your opportunity to
buy first-class Coats at a price way below anything "on the market.   All are   20th Century
Brand, and all are guaranteed perfect in workmanship and fit.
fifty inches long.   Velvet collars.   SALE PRICE—
 __      | ■  . ..           $15.00
Women's Shoe Sale
Don't forget that we are still running
a  Sale  of  Women's   Boots.   Three
Large Lots  of High   Class Shoes at
prices which must sell them.     Take
a look at the Bargain Table.
MEN'S   ULSTERS in gray or brown.   Full fifty
inches length.   Three way convertible collar.  Either
double or single breasted SALE PRICE $17.00
MEN'S RAGLAN COATS-New Raglan shoulder;
fifty inches long. Browns and Grays.   A serviceable,
dressy coat.   SALE PRICE, Each $19.00
Prices, 95c, $2.35, $3.15 Per Pair
Our Grocery and Crockery" Department
Large Assortment of Pickles
Fresh arrival of New Goods direct from England
Mixed Pints     35c
Chow Chow     35c
Onions     35c
Girkins    .    35c
Cross and Blackwells Indian Mangoe Chutney
Quarts 85c
Fancy Sweet per bottle     40c
Stephen's Gloucester Pickles
Sweet Mixed half pints 20c
"      40c
Sweet Spiced Girkins pints   40c
Sour Mixed, pints   25c
30 oz 40c
Chow Chow pints    25c
Gold Medal    Whiteonions   35c
C .Si B Celebrated Spanish Queen Olives half pints 40, pints, 75c
C & B Junket Powder, bottle  15c
"Bovril   for a Cold Weather Drink
The right thing for "Zero Weather." Have it in the House
Served Hot. It Prevents Colds. We have a new, cleanstock
recently arrived.
Bovril, 4 oz. bottles 65
Bovril, 2 oz. bottles „ 35
Bovril Cordial, 20 oz. bottles _   .$1 25
Johnson's Fluid Beef, 16 oz bottles     $1 00
Specials for Friday and Saturday
Imperial Relish, Crosse & Blackwell's, Pint Bottles  25c
White Swan Pickles, 20 ounce bottles  25c
Lipton's Pickles, Pint Bottles  25c
Mushroom Ketchup, Crosse & Blackwell's  20c
Walnut  20c
Ouarter Pound Tins Lowney Ground Chocolate  1 oc
I [alf Pound Tins Lowney Ground Chocolate  , 5c TAGE SIX
.*Talks to Victoria Newspapermen about Revelstoke-
Year History City Predicted.
"Revelstoke was never hotter in iu
.history," aid Mayor "Tom" Kilpatrick to th* Times at tin EraproS3 ho-
t.e', on Saturday evening. "The' cotin-
<'.'. a all in harmonious agreement
as t.' thc policy to follow on the sck-
r- • i1 question, the' only one which
anj - " iltj wa anticipated, ami we
I.e the      !e. st  >' ar  in   tlio  , ity's
Mayoi Kilpatrick, nr "Turn" as he
is 1 nown from one end of tho province to tho other, is at the Bmprosa
iter :, few daj renewing aoquanint-
ani fri n.l   in Victoria. Re
cently hi I his position as su
perintendent for the mountain division of the Canadla Pacific Railway,
ami his friends havo heen working
day and night to havo him appointed
squalor «'hcn tho redistribution bill
i-e brought down at Ottawa. It is regarded as probable that lie will he
appointed, as none in the Big Hi n.l
I'onnlry is so popular. Ho is considered tlio most capable man on mountain work in the- service of tho groat
railway mmpuny .
Ilis election     this month as mayoi
of Revelstoke is tho second timo    on1
whieh he     has     been honored by the
citizen-e of thai city, as he served one
term in 1902, Victoria Times,
A cablegram from the Agent
al   of  Dritish  Columbia,  Hon.
Turner, received a fow
the Provincial Minister
at Vietoria, gives the
J. H.
days since by
of Agriculture
gratifying information that the exhibit of British
Columbia fruits swept all before it at
the great, exposition recently hold in
Manchester, which Is accounted one
of ihe most important fruit shows in
tho United Kingdom.
• ■■ ne m< nl  by Hon.  I,.  P,
Pell Postma   ei General,  in   the
Ho as,  thai   Canada    is
tc- i. iv    .,    \   •  ■ parcel post,     is
on    of the i deciara -
lie cj   n n I    in  many  years.
Pai ■   fits h ivi  already been
coi people of   many
oth i  ■     ntries, and an. experiment is
)'•  ■'- Ii   in  the United  ts tat.' .
' ier's statement show.- that
be   - ng up the question from   a
Ban ■    -'.;ko standpoint  and will
a equal n    b msi ll with  th ■  result!
syst ilready esl • ore Bn
ally determining upon   h - system t.»
lie . itry.   His    ob
ject is 1 ■ ysteni by which
not itricts now served by
''    ■ . mie . but othi r di
tricti bi rved by   tho
It wi I t ever thoro is
•a i ■ e of the advantages
of tl post will  bo felt      al
tho t  thought    [ee.-tsilele   to
ha-. ■  -.    h post i dice tho centre of   a
pai is in the 1 ■  • < I Sta
Nelson, n.c, Jan. 28—Kelson municipal elections, delayed through thc
death of Alderman P.J, Gleaser, took
place today. Much intnvst Was taken in the elections owing to tho fact
that the Ministerial association made
issue ono of moral reform and carried
on  a  vigorous and  lii nor campaign.
Alderman II. Koefe, who was op.
["■sure, the theories of the Ministerial
association, was elected mayor hy a
larg.- minor.iy tho largest ever known
in tho .ity of Nolson. Keofo's whole
an i moral reform slate of aldermen
were elected hy enormous majorities,
i-eeilnig practically double the votes of
i lal a - o tial ii m. Figures for
mayor are, 11. Keefe, 532, elected; .1.
A.  Irving :ti',l: Paul Nipou, 33.
Aldermen eli ted were: West War,],
1. A. Ua in. John I'M. W.M, Ounllffe,
c. Ounliffe; Easl Ward, Janus Johu-
tone   A   A. Perrier, Bdward Kerr.
that   the
on a Hat
T .
i ia--
S'KSS i; ^SIS,
■  - I the    Postmaster-
il a plan      by
!    car-
try will     he
he Po Th s
nought     about    by
'   ■   '   th    railways
- business    will
his plans com-
■   ikes  his       final
try,      Alta..   Jan.   28—Nineteen
•     ■ |  t   ,,;' t h ■ city aril        VAIV...
• nl a of b .    ling  U|
■ • ■ ■    i'.:   '    inl
I a ms
■ preliminary
BtepB   I.e-.    .■   I-   .  ■
:•■:■ n'   i    ai ainst   ihe   ;   i
gas  v. Ik- h
Calgary.   The
one ai
mains for     piping natura
bas t
Olaimanl of Woiid.s Title. (( kk
New York, Jan. 28—Freddie Welsh,
according to marked e-opies of English sporting papers just received has
proclaimed himself lightweight champion of th.' world. Welsh in n long
■ signed statement in one of these pap-
1 ers declai  s that, h -■ lirst Brit-
j on   lo earn a clear right   lo the title
! since   Kid I fi ■  ■  i<   from Bick
1 Burge on Derby light, 1896, at the
National Spo;1 i i • ..-. l.avinge, the
American cluinipion, ku- e-kod liurgo
out in seventeen rounds and thereby
won the world.s lightweight champion
With considerable ing tity Welsh
shows why he has recovered tho title
lo-t by Burge. In thc first place
recently defeated Matt Wells for the
championship of Great Britain and the
Lord Lonsdale belt. Subsequently
Welsh got a hard-earned decision over
Hugh Mehegan, champion of Australia, in twenty rounds nl tho National
Sporting Club of I.on Ion. On Thanks
giving Day, 1911, Welsh received a
verdict In twenty rounds over Willie
Ritchie at Yemen. California, when
the lattor was cal    I to     ke I be
place of Ad Wolgast, then champion,
who had suddenly been Incapacitated
with an attack of appendicitis.
Welsh doesn't base his claim to tho
world's title because of his victory
nvcr Ritchie before the latter had
beaten Wolgast, but he says that he
was justly entitled to the champion-
hip when Battling Nels n as title-
bolder po itivply refused to meel him
Ho tries
with the
Write Ideas for Moving Picture Plays
You Can Write Photo Plays and Earn
$25.00 or more Weekly.
It' yon have ideas—if you can THINK—we will show you the secrets of this fascinating new profession.    Positively no experience or literary excellence necessary, No "flowery language" is wanted.
The demand for photoplays is practically unlimited. The big film manufacturers are "moving
heaven and earth" in their attempts to get enough good plots to supply the ever increasing demand.
They are offering $100and more, for single scenarios or written ideas.
We have received many letters from the film manufacturers, such as VITA GRAPH, BDISON,
urging us to send photoplays to them. We want more writers and we'll gladly teach you the secrets
of success.
We are selling photoplays written by people who "never before wrote a line for
Perhaps wn can do the same for you, If you can think of only one good idea e\ery week, and
will write it out as directed by us, und it sells for only $2,*), a low figure.
You will
_ -^-m—» T""^1~^   Send your name and address at onot
M? M\.MidmHj  ".Moving Picture Playwriting."
Don't hesitate.    Don't argue.    Write NOW and learn just
von and vour future.
Earn $100 monthly for Spare Time Work
for free  copy of our  illustrated  book,
What Ibis  new  piofession may mean for
NATIONAL AUTHORS' INSTITUTE,   :   1543 Broadway, New York City
prialion will he unequal to tho demand. While this may bc left for fu.
ture consideration, I would like to
state clearly at this time that I   be -
(Continued on  Page Seven!
Teacher of Violin
he Pupil of Ernest Simple, of Winnipeg, and Prof. Frederick,
late of London, Eng.
Studio at City Hotel,
W.  H.  WALLAOB,   M.li.C.S.A.
Bos 205, Telephone 313, Rovolstoke
Provincial  Land   Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
BOX   106.   RHSyittLSTOKH!
The Revelstoke Boot, Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
The style, the workmanship and wear
And comfort born of every pair;
Of 20th Century welts that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold the old.
iei    tri rii-then hi-   argumi al
surprising stateni'-n! tbat on
18, 1 I0S, In a]        :      out in
M iwaukee,    li
out   Woi  a-'   in two
e a    t
'■I   nf      tho
BarrUters,   Solicitor!,
Imperial Bank Building
•toke, B. O.
Money to Loan.
Otlicei—Revelntoke.    B.   C,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Ueo. 8. McCart*:,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Revelntoke, Orachrook
r: t
and Modern Photography; also Developing,    ■
Printing,   Copying   and   Enlarging.    Prices
Room 1.     Lawrence Hardware Block, Revelstoke, B. C.
MOOSE No.  10S5
n of
-.nol por -
Meeta     every  tirst and third Tuesday    in  Oddfe.lows    HaU.      Visiting
hrethern  cordially  invited  to attend.
G. R. Lawrence,   Dictator.
E. Edwards, Secretary.
li A. BV
jus ify ;::•
lit it Again
for oi
I       ■ \\r      ■
I   rou
rirli   ■
'■■      ■' ■ -• tphic, am-
••    may
the      mor. !
the;   in
' i •  thoso cf Mm  Kep'-e-'h  half
world The true I ■
•l.o fashion '■'. Fr^ieoh
not   reach   Ameri   •     • i"..
urieni   ' ■ :,|       n0,
if liked thoro and thai the American
want      something    bizarre,
thing that is found in Par: 'en
ly a< t.he lo* gl - ! ihorit.ro and lhe
rn"- -our*. The ,\morioan womnn
who 'mteoae thnt qho is wearintr n
f-i hionable French amotion wanid he
taken for .-, member of tho half world,
if    he were to appear in thnt      same
produce were $278,K2 MO, and of for- creation In Pari,. Probahlt Bok I
Z,       rUC*  **'m'm   Th"  C0rr«.  B{attag fl  fart.   Mo.-oovor   he    qnota.
•     7J*ZZ!°r 'hn ^'"^y^ Bernhardt WM tlml rte rtandl aghwt
apaet.vely, B0 that here atrain    thare  ;i)  (hft amnz|n(, aCOepteI1M ,     Amor,.
ba. Wn an .ncrease of over 22   per' ran women of   tbc underworld  rtyl.g
•"*• I of Paris.
kul A.  M.
Regular     meotingg are held in MAS-
ONIO TEMPI K.     Oddfellows'      Hall
D  thi Third Monday in each month
t. Ip- m.     Visiting brethren     ar*
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
* 4,000,000
•■'   rordially  w.lcoms.
•   ■  ■
■ -   :  • !-    - -    rj
"   ' trade of
■ :
'   :~      ■■        •   :
: tbe nil
T.    trad    during
: I Of  1911   was
'  ' -   the   increase   thu-   being
U per
last D -: -e.-r were (51,142,000, as ae-
aintt $43,424,000 in December 19X1.
The increase thu- is it por cent. Th--
import- for the nine months wero
K)6,C92."K>, as aL-ain-^t 1382,541,000
in the correspondine period of 1911,
tbe increa-o bein;; 30 r*r cent.
Export-  during Deoember las'  were
$33,688,000, an     Increase of 25       per
cont.  over thc   ??n,W,0u0  fJf  Pocemhor
1911.  For nine months ending Decern
Vr 81,  nil,   tho export*  of domestic
-   '
J. ifl HAMILTON, W. M.
A. G. BROOKER, Secretary.
C. W. O.  W.
Mountain  View  U4mp,  Nu. 229.
t 3,000,000
Has 83 Branches In Canada, and Agents and Correspondents in nil
the Principal Cities In tho World.
Interest allowed nt highest current rate
Revelstoko Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
Reserve   -
Loans and Investments
Total Assets
I   Meet* Second    and     fourth  WoduM
daye    in each  month  in    Selkirk
for for  lhi
W ■:   WcLaa hlin, I
trar 1st - lm.
Hail.      V,ii ting  Woodmen are
radially  invited to attend
A.   ./.  WOODLAND,  Con. Com
JAME8  McINT.UK.   t'letk.
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B C
heforr I.mini; vonr oot-
fit of working clothes
for Ihr I,imh. I make a
■peclalty of tx>gg<ng
Shoes, I'nnts, Sox.Sfairte
Iiliinkrl-i Riideverything
required in yoar bnsineu.
';ODRT     MT.     UEOB1E,    No. Mtl.
OF L O. F.
MmU la I. O. O.  K.  Hall next   to
Tapping'! Opera  Home  every  eer,,nd
and fourth  Monday  tu  month    Vlilting brethren cordially welcomed.
H.  V.  MOROAN, O.  R.
WM.   H    CAMKHON,   Kec.-See.
riKI.KXHK      LODOB  12.  1.  O.  O. r
Meeta every     Thureday evening   in 1
Helklrk Hall et  | o'clock.     Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
./'(II.M I.VfiN      N. O.
JAH.   MATHIi:.   Hec.
OOI-D MANOK IJDlltlH.       K. of    P.,
NO.   I«,   HMVKI.HTOKM,   II.   0.
Meeta every WedoeeHay except   the
Third Wedaeeday of each month     In
OMfeUoWt* Hall at I o'eloek. Vlalt-
lag Kalghta sre nordlallg  invlUd.
P. W. TBRny, O. O.
O. H. BROOK, K    of R. h 8.
if. of r.
The die Lumber Company, Ltd.
Dealers in
Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Cement,
Plaster, Tar and Building Paper
Al Doors and Mouldings.
£. Mcllmoyh, Agent
Phone 254.        Third Street, West BATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1913.
High Class Residential and Day Schools
A. B. Tait, Ekcj., M. A., Principal
The stall' of Masters in Langara is
an exceptionally strong one.
Boys prepared for tho matriculation examinations of Canadian
universities or for the entrance examination of the Royal Military
College, Kingston.
Careful supervision of the pupils
in their games as well as in their
Special attention  paid to the development of character.
Mikh Mahoabkt Ross,   Principal
The   most n.odern buildings and
most efficient staff of all the giris'
schools of the Dominion.
Each mistress a specialist in  her
own department.
Regular training in gymnastics by
a competent mistress.
Both schools are under the management of "Western Residential
Schools, Limited."' Winter Term
opens Tuesday, Tth January,  1913.
Applications for admission should be made at once to
Dr. E. D. McLaren,   1497  Pendrell  Street,   Vancouver, B. C.
Are you wanting any Electrical Work Done ?
If so, call at the Revelstoke Plumbing CSt,
Sheet   Metal  Co.'s Store, Connaught Avenue.
Phone 281
Night Phone 40
P. 0. Box *69
Howson C& Co,, Ltd.
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson C& Co., Ltd.
Then take advantage of an exceptional oppootunity. Call
at BINGHAM'S MUSIC STORE and inspect our stock of
Mandolins, Violins, Guitars, Accordeons, Piccolos, Flutes,
Multi-Flutes, Harmonicas, Sheet Music, Albums, etc.
EDISON PHONOGRAPHS and VICTOR GRAMOPHONES. Also 500 Edison Records selling at 45c, (usual
price, 65c.) and a good selection of Blue Seal Unbreakable
Records at 65c. Good stock of Player Rolls. Selling at next
to cost price to clear.   Come Early and Get First Choice.
MacKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke.    Phone 262.
Sash, Doors, Mouldings' Turnings
W   are in the manufacturing business
Sash,  Doors, Mouldings, Turnings, Show
Cases,   Office and Bar   Fixtures,   Storm
Doors and Windows made to order and all
kinds of repair work done in good order.
We have a full line of building supplies, lime
cement, plaster, 'kHard Wall Finish, bricks,
Sewer Pipe, Plaster Plaster Board, Roofing
oTWetal, Lath and all kinds of Glass, Oils,
Paints, Varnish, all colors and tints.
Much pleasure in quoting anv~thing in the
Building Line.
P. O. Box 295, Revelstoke, B. C.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Be reasonable! Don't send vour hard-earned money
to China! Remember, we are here to do your work and
we employ local white labor only. Be progressive, and
have your washing done by the West Kootenay Steam
Laund.y.   Regular collector and delivery service.
Phone 80
. . It Miqht Be Cold. .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our.record of pures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Union  Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly rates to be arranged.       Meal Tickets, 21 meals for $6.00
A. P. LEVESQUE, Proprietor
Laughton C& Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
//       H, J. KcSORLkY, Frcpnetor.   ^Z^/
Strictly] First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with  Bath
Facts Concerning Our Home Town.—Geographic Centre oP
British Columbia.--Vast Mineral and Timber Wealth.
Throughout Surrounding Country.- Homes for Thirty-
Thousand Prosperous ^Agriculturists.—Scenic Attractions.—Industrial Possibilit'es.
Go where you will, you will find no
better located point for the site of a
Oily than Revolstoke. It is as nearly
aa possible in the centre of that great
section of Dritish Columbia extending
for a length of 3.">0 miles between the
Cro.v's Nest and B.C. Southern railway systems to the south and the
routes of the Grand Trunk Pacific-
and Canadian Northern railways to
the north
1'ie ttily situated on the Columbia
River where it is crossed by the main
line of the Canadian I'acilic Railway,
it is also the junction with the main
line of the Arrowhead and Kooteuay
Railway, which connects with the palatial steamers of the C.P.R. on the
Arrow Lakes, and with the B.C. Southern,  Columbia and Western,  Crow's
deg.;  Jan. 1910, Mean, 27 deg.; Jan.
1910, Minimum, 12 below zero,  Jan.
1910,  Mean   ITakoiv zero.
Precipitation—Summer,   1909,   2.32  in.
rain;  Winter, 1!I10,  l.ll in. rain; wia
ter,  1910, 22.20 in. snow.
The altitude of Revelstoke is 1,404
feet abovj sea level, and it is sub-
jee-t to Pacific Coast winds Influence,
a guarantee of moisture and mildness
varied  with  line and sunny  weather.
Vi. toria,  Jan.     29.—To-day in    tha)
Nest Pass and  Great  Northern  Rail-   chamber  of    legislature the  attorney-
way systems to  the .south.
As the construction of the Grand
Trunk Pacific and Canadian Northern
railways to the north proceeds, nnd
theso systems become extended
the Canoe River valley and the territory tributary to the Big Bend of the
Columbia, they must seek connections
with the south, and Revelstoke will be
the point of junction of tha railway
systems of the future with those of commission were
today as they traverse the great val-   government,     and
general will ask leave to introduce
no less than four new bills, while thai
minister of edii'-ation will bring down
into ctu'- T'le first °' tneso in importance
is the act respecting improvements in
municipalities. A few weeks ago thai
results of the inquiries and tbe reports thereto from the municipal
reported to thei
th.-se  have  been
leys     whi<h     radiate cast and west, irystali/ed  into legislation  giving  eU
north and  south from this city     as ,-„„, a.„     •*,     „ ;„„;,...    ( „„ _«^!„_„
* tcct to     the   majority of suggestions
their common centre.
n-i,-i„ d    „i ,t i.    .i                 • made by this bodv.
While Revelstoke thus occupies     an
exceptionally     strong    position as a Tb3 noxt on the  lisl 'a «he wU   ia
traffic emporium,  its outlook is still amend the Supreme     Court Act and
brighter from an industrial and man- will be followed by legislation regard.
ufacturing point of view.     There are
ing  the use   of     offensive     weapons.
1,000 miles of timber on the Columbia
x,- ,„         , ■.    .   ,„,„_•            ..     , .. This latter measure has for its object
River and its tributaries north of ihe
city. The expenditure involved in the thl' Pre""11^ of the selling of fire-
conversion ol this timber iuto a mar- arms, ammunition and so forth ta
ketable product will not fall far short minors. Hon. Dr. Young will follow
of $275,000,000.                                            ' th>,  at,oniey.gen,.ril,   with  a  biu  imL.
Water power is plentiful in the viciu .   ,   ,  .. .                               ..    „    .
•*~ ,.■,.■ .. . tuled An Act respecting the Profess-
lty, the city having     harnessed     one
| stream     to a capacity of 1,800 horse ion  of     ReS'*tereJ Nurses,"  aod tho
I power, which is oflered for industrial last on the list is a hi" to amend thi>
"Landlord and Tenant Act."
That to-day's sitting will be a long
one is forecasted by the fact that ia
addition to the new bills which will
come  before the House the attorney-
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigar?     Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all
i—i    respects, i u
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates   ^ ,9m_v
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnaoc work
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Oonnaught Av.. . R.Y.l.toK. Phone «        Night Phone 85
I purposes at low rates.
In the vaileys tributary to Revelstoke are about a quarter of a million
acres of land of good quality, and
which, when cleared of timber and
cultivated, is well adapted for     t'ruit-
j growing,     poultry (arming,    dairying general will move in a committee   of
stoek raising, and genoral agriculture, the whol"     two amendments to bill*,
This land is capable of supporting   a the first being intituled "An Act    to
rural population of 30,000 people. Amend the County  Courts Act"      by;
Extensive nnd varied mineral     de - adding to section 3 of the bill the fol«
posits are known to exist in thc neigh lowing clau.-e:
borhood, and await development. "Ul examinations for discovery, tha
Cradled and      beautiful scenes     oi oath     '"ay be     administered by  tha
mountain and glav'.er, forest-clad hill registrar, deputy registrar, or examin-a
and vale, river sti,am and lake; fav- er or by such officers or clerks in tha
ored  with an quable climate.   Revel- otlice ot    the     rogi-trar as have been
stoke is one of thc most picturesque-' duly  authorized     by order-in-council«
ly located of Canadian cities and an "And to strike out section 120 of tho
ideal town in whieh to make a home, act."
It is well lighted, ha< a high pres- The second amendment has refer-
sure supply of pur,' water which can ence to the Tool Rooms' Aet and
be extended to meet any future re- provides for the striking out of • lauso
quiiementK. good drainage and sewer-'"' of the bill, substituting th.' foilow-
age, high-class educational Instltu- ing word-: Where an oflincc against
tions in ill.- way of public and high this act ha> l>e?n committed the of-
sehools, a Y.M.C.A. with a well- fender shall, if no other penalty ia
equipped gymnasium, two public parks' elsewhere in tbU act prescribed, ba
fair grounds, raee track, magnificent liable, on -ummaiy conviction, to a
summer park on Mount Revelstoke penalty ot $50. und. in dt-fault of im-
connmi ted with tbe .ity by rail, nies mediate payment to imprisonment,
homes and gardens, and in fact all with or without burd labor, for a
the modern conveniences that go to 'enn not exceeding three months."
make a lown a*.tractive' from a residential point of view. (Thfl great'
summer and tourist resorts of the
Rocky Mountains are  within a     few !    Bait.mor.', Md., January 27-A me*
Message from flstor
huiiiH reach.)   Good fishing may     be
.-ag'' fiom Colonel  .lolin  Jacob Astor
had  in mnny of the adjacent stream!  supposed to have Keen written as tha
and lakes, Hunters will find here resorts of big garni- with reliable guides
at call.
One of the most valuable assets of
lbe district is its climate. It is comparatively mild, equable according t.j
the seasons, salubrious, bright      aod
Ill-fated Titanic wa- plunging into tho
il.ptb- ol the Atlantic has ben found
ni tiie shape oi a notfl icribMcd in
pencil and contained in u cham-
pagni boti •-. washed a horn tn Ohesa
i eake Iinv.
Th'' bottl ntaining the' note    waa
sunshiny throughout the greater part ,,,,                   ,, afternoon by Rur-
of thc year.   The heat is not . x.cs- ■ ,..v ],:1Va!l. of the commis-ion lirm of
,ve tn midsnmmer; thc evenings     ate DuVa , & c i. of this city, and   hia
always pleasantly cool.   The v.inters ,,roth„;.     W#D. DuVftll| on th„ ,uoro
are  not  extreme,   the  temperature  ra- „., |   ,,;  th ir     farm   in  Anne  Arundel
rely falling b low zero, and then nol .-,,,  ,,:ii„, .„. Annapolis,
exceeding I tn degroes below for a few vvii.l-- walk ■ ■ along the -bore, .ho
days In midwinter.   Th.. natural mo- Mean. Duvall    and several workmen
1 ""'" '«   n""'",,!' ''• '"•lk" irr -*1'0" emi               the farm discovered   .ho
unnecessary.   A more bracing atmos- ,,,,,„.   ,vt]I h th,v broka op€n   0n
nfKo open. Un a
■Ingle »heel ol ordinary personal cor-
b w.is tho on*
ly thing  inside the     1 ottle   th;.M  wai
• en:—
"Dropped from the Titani.' just txs-
.Tuly 1909, Mean, 77 deg« July 100'J   (or,  ,   BW     ,•,.•,.     mine away      Tha
Minimum, in deg.; July, 1909, Mean  , ,...    , rnn Btan<1 ,t
phere it would be dillicult to find.
The Government record   -how a i
mc. and winter rnnges of temperature
as follow
rfumm i    July, 1909, Maximum 89 dl |
no !>•'
Winter—January, 1910, Maximum, 40 lorever.
Good-bye to the   world
^%%s%x%a -flvflvti^evflJveiytv^
Mayor T. Kilpatrick is expected
Titrme from Victoria the fore part of
next week.
Wi regret thai some church notie'cs
as well as other matter is unavoid-
n   v  :rowded out of this issue.
The Y.P.S, ol St. John's church will
j octal  on Tuesday evening, to
v      b all young people are invited.
j. E, Hopgood, the new trainmast-
ei    formerly of Kamloops, is now   el
ie his new     residence on C.P.R.
li  I
Sold    at
. •- , piano music rolls al
j ,- m's, wc carry nothing but
I miversal music tolls,
Ja::. 3 the i himney Sweep,
5.   •    m, give  prompt
n to all .ioi
c    write Jame . CO
Phone 22'j
Central hutel.
Monday.  Keb.
Airship flights betwen Vancouver
and Victoria will be established during the summer providing the plans
of one of England's foremost hirdmeu
matierialze. Mr. R. Wickham, an
aviator who has gained distinction
throughout Great Briton and Europe
bus returned to Vancouver after looking iuto the feasibility oi inaugurating a passenger airship service over
the Gull of Georgia, linking up the
two   largest   cities   of   British   Colum-
I ia.
When Interviewed by The Sun last
night at the Hotel Vancouver he stvt-
.•d that his plan* formed several
months ago were well advanced and
tli" prospects oi a serious of nights
across the Gulf in the near tuture
were very bright.
"Since my arrival on the Pacific
coast 1 have busily engaged in Interesting capitalist- in my venture
and after sizing up the situation I  be
(Concluded From Page One)
l   the dat
B   .■' L. F. and E, First Annual] hrYe tllat : „liaU be sllcCt.Ssiul in com
Revi   tok    opera house. Tux-. plctmg arrangements lot'   a   series of
from ',i  p.m.   nights between the mainland and Van
couver  island."
Mr.  Vi. H.  Horobin     is
j   from  the  results   ol
i .  ilt.   and expect-   lo   b
.:. 59 on Tui sday next,
his recent
back     at
Gi ind Dance, under auspices     B. oi
1.   E. and F., opera hoti-is   Monday,
Fi   i tary 3rd,   High class program.—
:      : y Tuxedo Orchestra.
i        ng fi        I p.m.
G.  W. Hall, formei ly a merchant ol
has opened  up  business    in
barking in the hay an.l grain
i Si •   li s a.l elsewher • in     this
'.. the Presbyterian church on Sunday Rev, .J. \V. Stevenson will prea b
te'. the following subjects:—11 a. in..
'The Mind af the Master''; 7:il0 p.m.,
" The   Devil as an Angel oi Light. '
 dially invited to  thi -e -• r-
Boj ' Bib] i" , • igh Drive, to-
nighl a ■ ng the Y, alter    a
; re will go  to   '.be home  of
Mr. II" a •  Manning for t.i enjoy the
part ol the evening. Thos.'
• atables  bring  them  to    thc
Y M.I '.A.   Dim  t ime  in  store.
.!.   \. Bannerman. inspector of ofli-
i Domin on     government,
Tv.th headquarters ai  Calgary.     pniel
J: : yi derday.
ting the D Land
The   plans     as    outlined Mr. Wick-
bam provide for the operation ot daily flights between     the terminal city   c
and   the  capital,   carrying  passengers
who are venturesome enough to brave
the  dangegs of the air.   Hc will al-o
establish a school of aviation Ioi  the
instruction  of  would.he   birdmeu      in
the art ot Hying.
|     Asked  whether he  though,   it     pev-
i ie.-tly   leasable to  Ily across th ■  gulf
I without danger to possible passengers
j Mr.  Wickham  laughingly replied  that
it  would be the easiest thing Ln   the
uiul.!  te. make' such  Hights providing
lhal   lhe     weather   conditions     were
favoi ible
"How long would it take to make
ii flight between here aud Victoria'/"
interrogated  lhe reporter.
"Oh it could be done well under the
hour with agood following wind. A
speed ol eightj miles an bout' could
• a-iiy be developed."
'Would     flights be made a?      the
ClOW    flieS?"
"Well hardly," wa the r 'Oinder, "I
guess lhe presenl iteamer rout'' would
j be followed as closelj a possible, but
it would all depend on tho wind."
"\\ he'ii do you pt opose lo corn-
men e   Ihe sei ies of liighis '"
"Possibly    with n      two    or    tbr,' i
monthsf   My plans .,■     ,. , .mine' the
„,,, immer months
•:   whi -h I   should migrate to Cal-
In closing I wish to thank my fellows olii.-ers, the various committees,
and the members of the Board of
Trade for the hearty support they
have always accordod me in carrying
out the various works that we have
undertaken during the past year,
and though I am now to be succeeded
hi tho ollice of President by another I
wish to say that I am proud of hav-
ing had the honor of holding such
otiiivuu.l thai my successor will have
my heartiest support in any matters
thai mav came before him and that
may be in the interests of our city
and su it- ni iding country.
Report adopted amid loud applause.
The Secretary then submitted his
Qnan.ial statement showing a balance
of $147,  and th n continued:
I would like to mention one or two
things in regard to these matters. We
all thmk that we do not get sufficient
money to carry on an active advertising campaign, and I think we might
increase our revenue by raising our
membership feel We have fifty-four
members on the rolls now, from whom
we receive $274 per annum, if that
were doubled it would mean a matter
$550, whieh would go a long way
towards     defraying  any expenses  we
1 might wish to mak.'.    Our membership
might   also  be
membership fee-,
able parties    to
Report  unanimously
increased  by  present
We have fifty   four
ioin  the    board with
A long discussion took place on the
I matter of advertising.
Mr. Scruton, by permission of the
Board, called attention to the    over-
1 lapping  between  the Board of Trade,
and the Progress Club, and the futll-
I ity  of two separate bodies composjd
of tho same people,     wasting    many
1 hours discussing exactly the       same
1 Moved by Mr. A. J. McDonell, seconded by Mr. W. M. Lawrence— That
in future' all matters connected with
Hevelstoke city and district, be left
in the hands 0f the Progress Club.
Motion Carried
Mr. J. D. Sibbald, jr.—1 move that
the' Secretary  be instructed  to   loo'.t |
up the charter of the Board of Trade
, and find  the  matter of  the  member-
I ship qualifications for the Board,  wc
. seem to be' very much in the       dark
i regarding this.—Carried. |
The  following  were  nominated    for
Mr. P. Bent, Mr, Patterson, Mr.
GaUicano, Mr. Hall, Mr. H.G. Roden.
And will be ballot ted upon in accordance with bylaws at the next general
meet in';.
A   resolution  was  unanimously  ad - |
opted requesting the Provincial gov -
ernment to establish the promised experimental farm in this district.
The meeting adjourned at 11 p m.
Rev. Father McKenzie returne! from
Vancouver today.
Mr. Jas. Smith, of the P. Burns Co.
is in the hospital with the grippe.
Mr. Matheson, sr., wenl west on a
busiuesslrip this week.
Miss Myrtle Howson returned homo
recovered from the operation for appendicitis.
Mrs. Gf W. Bell will uot receive on
Tuesday, Feb. 4th, nor a^ain until
after Lent.
Mrs. Palmer's many friends aro
pleased to hear that she is improving
Mrs. J. H. Hamilton arrived home
on Wednesday's noon train from Van
No.    4—Arrives   24:45,   Departs  24:55
No.   14—Arrives    7:20,   Departs    7:40
No.    2—Arrives  11:55,   Departs  12:15
No.    3—Arrives    6:48,   Departs    7.03
No.-  1—Arrives    16k,   Departs  16:20.
No.   13—Arrives  18:15,   Departs  18:35
Arrives 15:40, leaves 7:45 a.m.
Execution Act
Mrs. Tho:
akwa this     morning and wi
over Sunday.
Th.' election of officers for 1918 resulted as follows:
President—Mr.  O,  B.  Hume.
Vice-President—Mr. A. J. McDonell.
Executive—Messrs. Wallace, Kilpatrick, Pratt. CR. Macdonald, Law -
rence, MeCarter, Gibson. McRae, How
bon. "
Secr.ta.y Treasurer—Mr   H. H
The Presideni  announced that
standing committees     would   be'
point   1 in    accordance    wiih custom
trom among the membership at large
repi to the next general
Th.  annual meeting then terminated
Tlio Forging of (lie l)l»l»T < Iniiie,
St. Peter's church are preparing an
entertainment for Easter week, under
the able management of Mrs. MeVity
and Mr. AUwood.
The Tennis elub held a business meet
ing on Tuesday evening and decided
to get up a first-class concert t0 bc
presented after Easter.
The West End Bridge elub met on
Thursday night at the home of Mrs.
Haggen, Mrs. Wl M. Lawrence, was
thc fortunate prize winneri
Mrs. Harry Cook, Miss Cook and
Miss Florence Cook leave on February
5th for an extended trip to Ontario.
'Ihey intend visiting friends in Bdmonton en route east.
The     Ladies'     Aid of   St.  John's
church will hold their annual meeting
M -
ap -
Mr. Travors, pretending to rinss
plates In the river Thames, look d perpetually toward Miss Daisy Middletun,
industriously    engaged   in     packing   fnr election of olllcers on Tuesday af- ants
dishes. ternoon, Fob. Ith, at the home of Mrs
"Don't you ti.n'nk I might take you   1Ia„      sixlh gtreeti   Jt u especially
out in that canoe?" , ,.       ,, ,   ,. ' ,
requested that all ladies ot the church
attend this meeting.
"But canoes arc so unsafe. Perhaps
if Miss Maltby would ccuie with uu il
would be skalier."
Mr. Travels saw light in the unkind-
Oess and willingly liucrificed a victim.
"Without in any way wishing to deny
the merits ol Miss .Maltby," hc said,
''she would add more than a featherweight Besides, in adopting un intention like canoes from the Choctaw?,
one must conform to their custom."
"Which Is?" asked Miss Mlddleton.
"Based on  the tribal motto, 'Two's
In the matter of the
In the mat ter of an action
Between:   D. (iallicano, Plaintiff, and
N. Tevenzak, Defendant.
In Chambers, Before His Honor .1. A.
Koi'ili, Judge, flte iSlh duv of Nov.
UPON the application of lhe Plaintiff for an  Order  for  sale  of lands
under the  Execution  Act coining on
on  this date   and   upon   re.itling  the
Notice of Motion and the affidavits of
Sturdy arrived from Mai j (1. 8. MeCarter anil 11. II. MeVity unit
'tlie Exhibit therein leferred to, and
upon hearing Mr. MeCarter of Conn
sel for the  Plaintiff   and  uo  one   appearing for the Defendant.
IT IS ORDERED that unless cause
to 111.'contrary be sh'eun by llie defendant, on the 10th Kcliiuarv, 1018, at
the hour of 1P.30 in the forenoon lei
the presiding Judge hi Chtmibeis, at
the Courl House, in lie ('ily nf Nelson
the interest of the defendant, il. Tev-
enzak, In tho hinds mentioned in the
Nolice of .Motion herein, lh.it is to say
Lot L in Block inf. according to a
registered plan of Cily of Itevelstoke,
B. C numbered (>.'«> E, or a competent
part Ihereof lie sold by lho sheriff (it
North West Kootenay according to
the usual practice to realize the sum
of $117.18, being the balance payable
upon the plaintiff's judgment ngntnsl
I he defendant which was obtained on
the 21st day of .lune. 1912, for the sum
of $117.18 logetlicijuii li Interest thereon at the tale of 5 per cent, pel
annum since thai dale
that notice of the intention of the
defendants to show cause against Ihe
said sale must be given bv Ihe defend-
to the plain! ill's solicitoi
twenty-four hours pruvious lo 10:30
o'clock of the sa'il lllfh day if I'd..
ruary, 1013, and In .Vault of said
notice il is oiilered tb.it the sale do
lake place as above elite ded without
further order,
that a copy of Ihis Order be served
upon the said defendant by publishing the same in one
M.\ii.:IIkk.\i.ii new sp ip
Revels oke aud lhal the
and incidental lo ibis i
added lo the Judgment.
J. A.
Mr. Jas. Armstrong, train de-pat -
cher of lhe C.P.R., leaves next we'k
to en'oy -ix wcekB' well-earned holi -
day In Bouthern California. Mrs.
Armstrong will accompany him.
The regular meeting of lho Political
Equality League will be held in     the
issue of  tin
■r published al
CORt I of I I'll
ipplical ■■ -ii be
Begini ng next     Sun.lay. Fell. 2nd,
nd wo-
.  will  be conducted in
:  ■     Pn The    class
el  ni  2 30     p.m. an 1 will be
I by the minister. Those not at
tending any oth i    'a-- will be     wel-
t  ■
•    ■   -        v   o    hav.:
■-. will be started
e bo ils .en Mon-
i should
it   thev   will
pted in    1
e the ICt Ft
I •    hurch  o
E following ■■ — In
tl    I    rning, "The i I     Ser-
rening,   'Elijah,  Fearless and
F ';:
■    ■   •
vice.   J
. ■  win tei
H ickhani i-     .!• I rmine 1 to co
with his scheme and he a
Th i  Sun    representative  that .
from  Vancouver     woe.',
daily   occurrence  durii      I .turner.
I., have permanent
• s ir, the immed at
I for th   aci
ns  who  ba
1 ti
• .
TIME  TO   STI IP   Yuri'.   Ali   I.-
l •' o ■■       • bad
' •:
I      ntinuously •       ally    un-
■ one     wo ill        ever
I ■ ■•'■   "property  poor."   Anl while  o:-
\i:i-; FACT8 WE .
i ,
..eial  '  ■
or to other
A it'. ... ui th" Revelatoke
Board ol  Tl held in  th    I
ing in   .ii.a   ;   meeting.   Pie I lent C.
:'..   1! .  :'■ aa:
m.i     UAILWAY.
Mr.  T.  K  | • ri k
wi b the   Big
i  company.'The canoes were constructed   city Hall next Monday evening, com-
mencing     at     S o'clock.   A program
both   instill, live and   entertaining  will
be presented, and all who wish to hc-
i ome informed on the question of eq,-
ual-suffiace are  invited to attend.
rlain.'d  the lad-
accordlugly and only hold two.
"Then there would not be room for
Mr, Congreve?" .sho asked.
"I  fancied  he    was    making    daisy
Id Mr. Travels.
Now, i,' .Miss Middlefon bad heen
averse to the voyage thiu foolish remark would heve lefl Mr. Travers solitary. But she was not, She suffered
"A girl I knew," said  Mr. Travers,
thoughtfully, "used to tell me that she   rimrslay evening.   Four tables play-
was quite ner-ous until she had tried a   eel till near midnight,  when dainty re-
canoe, but I 11 he thought them   fn..sh...en's and the "Lancets" brought
otherwise    Shi  even wanted to get en-   , , ,,.,,. .    .
! to a Close one of the jolllest evening s
i'.i' it   her  wlahT"  ii-ked
Mi     M - Ith a . U h of dignity.
Mrsl .1.  Purvis cut
to    bo   constrained—not   too' i03 of the East End Bridge club    and
their  hu-hands to  "five hundred'1  on
to a close one of thc
of tiie season.
to you
■   and   It
doesn t ] f wa
yo i,  nt .   nere ...
al     our stf.i
the:    I . If    it.
ally an a.l might have    to   be,    iiej;ili • • ...-   Hair Tonii   icl
repeated a a ore or   more of   timet,! CftUj  destroying the genus which are
ost of it would    be but trifling j nanaii,    ,, leH,    R
7'ar<\l to the advantage of finding
the buyer to whom that particular
property would be a bargain at th-
I rice  asked.
All property in or near this city,
is liable. Thus the rule of advertising your propetty until ft is sold la
s safe and prudent one. Of course the
1"st time to begin ia now—and, as
teugge-ted, the only time to stop la
»ben your snl" Is mad".
March 7—"The Rosary,
Empress thc-
iAprll  21  and 22—Juv.-nile Bostoniann
at the Empress theatre.
II    M
t a
s  on y
ie.' which
i   s.-t>lement      oi
lands     I    h.nk  m  rogaH  to    tbi
hair,    stimulating     and      nourishing   ,,. .,,y       „,,,. .
ia a mo I pleasant toilet Da     „ itislike
\   re-gular   m ■ 'te
nets to pi ■ to the roots of the
will not gum nor stain ths hair. raised to |10 i.e.- annum,   was
Ws wanl you to get a liottle of He.r  „,„v,.,i   ,,,,|   ,. or„i,.,|    An   ,
all "93" Hair Tonic .-,.1-1 use it. as dir^hat the to remain as at pi   ■
ected,   if    it.   does not relieve scalp(mo»ed and
Irritation,    removt  the  dandruff  pro-   imounly.
vent the hair from falling out an.L R |,„, „,, r( „,.„,„„ ,0 |I|P ,,,,, ,
promote «n increased growth of hair liv.lv Canvaai toi mombeM "ould do
and In every way give entire satis ,nr„,. goo6 „„,, ,„ ,,,,,. ,jl|r. inr0ln,.
faction, come back and tell ua, and r,lthf.,. MlHri doublta . . ,„, .,„„„„] fw.
got your money back. Two sizes Wo'a rni a in the ffli would put men a
and 11.00. Hold only at our store lnovo „„, „, t|l :|„(.,,lion
Walter Bews, the Reiall Store. 'member,  mighl drop onl
and    ome
"I she.uiil like to know your opinion
of a boat as a popping place," he per*
" slip isld, "the man wanted to go down on his   knees—just   to
.-ize bis wlthea—that would iei
it ruling   '.1 begin with.
Mr. . ra ■ wu willing to entertain
thm auppoa      n.
"Then sitppos* the girl said 'No?'"
Mr. Travera prefritd not to 6uppos(
anv'eine unpleasant.
' phe dil," said Miss Middle-
ton, "'ho mnn woild start up ln a very
hnd temper and btfln ' tamping al.ntlt."
M    . ".j,    itlve t bat no mau
1        be guilty ol such conduct
"I hen. ngnln. If the girl didn't say
•No ' aba * 0   d prob iblj expect"    ■
"Wl "i Mr, Travers.
•-,   bad   unfortunatelj
forgo-- ' '    -   . ntenee,
- "   he  said
'lie and t he
a to roll.   "Would she ex-
Conl c wai  'ho  rolling of tho
"We shall b» over, I'm sure," said
M!"S      " —yes—yes—
'he  man  oxppr-ta "
"■r  Travers, nnd tbe rolling con-
When somo timo lalor «ho cane.e ro,
f'lrno.l  <r,  if,.-  meadow  from   t I It
*tkr'»d tho royageri wore grli ,
perceive the tea was already aliuoet
"You Shouldn't have been nmklna
daliy chains Cop grove," said Mr.
'j r. -.ori Irrelevastljf.
"What Soma ho Dinin'" Mr. f'.inreTa
appoaltd to Mlaa Mlddleton fur a solution.
Mr. Travwrs haa nlno be»n making
daisy chain*," abe aaid —The King,
The annual Missionary meeting of
St. John's church took plaea on Tues
day afternoon in the church, with a
very large attendancs. Th' election
of ofliecrs for the coming year resulted as follows:—President, Mrs. Slev-
mson:  1st  vi president,  Mrs,  Haug;
LUST—On McKenzie Avenue or First
street, last Saturday evening, a
Hunch of Keys. Finder please re -
turn to It. It. Cole at the Watson
Really Co.
LOST—On Fourth street, a SUvei
Watch, finder kind.y return to thi.-
Oftice or to Lloyd Bennlsou, call
boy and receive reward.
The active medicinal ingredient of
Hexall Orderlies which is odorless,
tastless and colorless is a comparand vice-president, Mrs. McQuarrie; | tlvely new discovery. Combined with
secretary, Mrs. Creech; treasurer, Mrs'0ther extremely valuable ingredients,
Neineior. It was decided to hold a ' it forms a perfect bowel regulator,
Missionary lea In the church on the intestinal invigorator and strength -
afternoon of Feb. ISth. J ener_   Rexall Orderlies are eaten like
, ,,,,,•, ' candy and are notable for their agree
A good old-fashioned outdoor party ,    ,, ,. ,  . ,        .,
°    , ... . nblencss to the palate nnd gentleness
was thai  given  by the nun of Shep -     . „, .
,, ,      *_   ,      ,        , ,    '      of action.     They  do not cause gnp-
pard's camp la<t  Wednesday night.  A.. ,. ,,      „   ,
ing     or any disagreeable effect or m-
Aeer     I r.nal..
Agent—Tf wo advertise lhat your
patent f'>od Is for brain workors ws
iball attract almost everybody.
Agont—Tea,   everybody   oxcopt   the
...-.I    a.....    a*.aa.   a (Ul.Je     U„...l
jolly crowd ol :i.ri left town early in
the evening, 12 in one sleigh, and tho
reston   SnoWshoes,    On   arrival  at the
amp, throe miles .east of the town,
.hey we..- greoted by the    welcoming
ighl 1.1     ,-i huge    bonfire.   Log seats
w  provided at comfortable    range,
and with the aid of wooden toa ting
finks, supplied b.v untitle, the whole
party engagod with much delight in
toa ting 1.ti-ad, peanuts, marih-mal-
1 well ae laces an.l lingers. The
man ol the camp treni^.l lo an appet-
I'nlike other "reparations for a like
purpose, they d 1 not create a habit,
but instead they act to overcome the
rause of habit acquired through the
use of ordinary laxatives cathartics
and harsh physic nnd permanently re
move thc cause of constipation or
irregular bowel action.
We will refund your money without
argument If they do not do as we say
they will  .   Two sizes,  25c.  and  10c.
forty yours In uao, 20     years     the
Standard,   prescril-td  and   recommend
ed   by  ,.1,'tal. ,n,,a     for  Womnn' 1  All -
menta, Dr.  Martel'H Ccmala Pills,   at
your druggist.
Sold     only at our store Wultcr Dews
"     "       "w     SM| ''   1''l-l»d.!Thc Hexall Store.
ine happy circle raised the echoes   ot
Ibe fores!  dei p   with  many a    song
both Oanadian .nnl     Amarloan, while
the iir trees, gathering closer In   tho
badowa,  listened in every sprag,  all
too   10.11  the  , bai.. ron.s  declared      It
iva    Mine lo atari   for home, and ro-
luctanl  farewells were said but none
ol the patty will ever forge!  lhe typi-
c.il Oanadian picture ihey loft behind,
♦ lint "roaring ramp lire" in ils   et/t
ing of "clustering pine and cedar..'
WANTBD—A young girl ahout 12
yeara of age lo help ln home for
Hoard and privilege of attending
school, alio room to rent to one or
two ladles. Mrs. O.J. Treat, Filth
street,  East.
Iiovclstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tako notioe thnt I, Jamec Sncddou
of Nakusp. D.C, occupation, Gentleman, iatends to apply for permission
to purchase tbe following described
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe North Bait Oorner of Lot 8800,
thence north 20 chains, thence weet
20 ehains, thence south 20 chains,
thence east 20 chains to plane ol com'
menceinent, containing 40 acres more
or leas.
Dated October 3rd, 1912.
1st issue Nov. 6th


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