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The Mail Herald Feb 26, 1910

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 Vol.16   JNo. 15
The Mail-Herald
"•* tik   ————————  _—   . 	
2LST0KE. B. C. FEBRUAUrftl, 1910
$54.50 Per 7enr
Iln Accident Policy
We have been requested* by
the Perfecto Diamond Point Fountain Pen Company to offer with
each pen sold at $2.50, the above
policy with all premiums and registration fees prepaid.
This is an absolutely guaranteed Pen, has 14k. gold point and
if not satisfactory can be returned.
The Imperial Guarantee and
Accident Insurance Company, of
Toronto who issue this policy, have
a Government deposit of $100,000
Lawrence Hardware Co.
An Plumbing and Tinsmithing
At At Ai A A>. rfh Ar A' At A' At At A At Ar A A A A A A A t% A A A A
ft, I
FasfEN er Train Leaves Track at
LpenchR Bridge—No Casualties
A broken rail two milea west "'
Spenccs Bridge wns responsible lor
tin- dorailmont ol Ian cai-s on Wednos-
duy night on lho f'.l'.li. east bound
train No. 96, and tha blocking ol the
trnllit'  for   iibullt   sixteen   hinll'H.  At lho
point whore tin- nccidont happened is
n Bteep bank of 711 foal sheer down lo
the valley below. Strangely enough
thi- locomotive did not leave the rails,
nor tire lirst few ears, but ten passenger coaches jumped tho track but fortunately iliil in-1 overturn, probably
owing to the low retaining wall Unit
extended for some distance along tha
edge of the slope.
There were no casualties, and a terrible tu-. i,lent with probable heavy
loss of life might have happened luul
il not beiir for the careful manner in
which the engineer was driving at tlie
tinie. . 'I he train wtis pulled up very
quickly, iusl on the very edge ol the
bimU, and all the passengers were ordered to get out of the train in .use
she slipped over lhe gulch. A wreck-
In crow was sent out from Kamloops,
and a brakesman named Drinkwatev,
when netting olf a ear. slipped anil fell
a considerable distance down the bank
sustaining severe injuries to his head
and body. lie was taken to Kamloops hospital, where he lies in a
critical cond lion. The repairs to the
track and placing the train on the
rails were carried out after considerable delay, and No. 96 reached here
about midnight.
Gibbons Company Buy Out Big
Bend Lumber Co.
The Gibbons  Lumber Compuny, op-
orating at  I'ingston Crook,  lias adopted a policy of expansion,  During   tho
week  they  have closed a  deal  for'   tlie
'purchase of the Big llend Lumber Co's
tug, lhe Adam Hall, and have also
bought the learns, logs nnd .oiiiplete
logging outfit  nf ihat  company. They
have      also      put. ha-.-d    the  Big Bond
Company's     Dominion    timber berths
and hale taken an option on the remainder nf their plant and over Ihoir
thirty provincial  limber limits,
II. kirk, for some years accountant
of the Bio- Bend Lumber Company, has
joined ihe stall ol the Ribbons Lumber Company, whose business olli,.
will meantime he ai t|„. Hie Bend
Lumber Co's oiTuu at Arrowhead.
• The Gibbons Lumber Company will
now extend ii- sphere of operations
ami we wish them all success in thoir
>*. V,. eraser, one nl the principal
stoik-hohlei's in the Gibbons Lumber
Company, win, was here this week, is
ono of the principal stock-holders in
the company which took over the
Canadian Pacific Lumber Compnny's
mills at Vancouver, one nf the biggest
lumber concerns operating mi the
B? Hotel Fire
■    M onver.   Feb,   24.     The   HazeltOD,
buill   ten     years   ago,   was completely
d li\   lite about   2 o'clock  this
i' Burns, manager, narrowly escaped being burned to death, having
r-iity 1 i to make his est ape in his
nightcothing. Night Bartender Dick
o -' formerly of Victoria, received
several bad burns about the In.ads
i n f .... All occupants ui rooi • - >.,i
the second and third Boors escnped by
jumping through the windows, and
w n! mt wiih  the exception of   a
I h a ■    t'ook.  who jumped from      the
" 'o>\', breaking one arm anil re-
i'1'i' ■ 'veral  bad  cuts  about      the
head nnd face.
The Korth Vancouver Property
.   . With a Future .   .
"T|-|A"r Power haq been priinlpil lo build
Second Narrow Bridge.
THAT    ''he  Imperial   Steel Cur nnd  Dry
Dorks Corporation will commence work within six months.
THAT The Kpilli Road Car Line {p,c-inu
through the property ) is Scheduled for
.lune lit.
AND THAT We nn- pelling ourQiar*
ti-r  Acre  BloCK* in   touch   with   theM   tlin-n
most revolutionary operation) on tbo Pao lit
Coast, for—
del in before the move—Before the Block? double in
value—lienil vour paper and pee wnnt is lining in Vancouver
right nnli.    Come and have a heart lo heart that with
ARTHUR L. HRD,  Central Hotel
Country Sales Manager ior LeFurgey fl& Co., Ltd.
430 Homer St., Vancouver, B. C
St SI irks Church. Kitnilano, waa the
6cone of a very pretty wedding on
I • I the rector, the Rov, A. II.
Sovereign officiating. The contracting
parties were .Mr. ['. F. Wright, of thii
('it;., an I .\li<^ Myrtle I.. Tr mplo,
daughter oi Mr. ( . If. Temple, of
Winnipeg, and formerly of II. \el-tola-.
I h ' i le. who was given away by
her father, was hai.dsoineli .- tired im
a braided amethyat broadcloth gown
with plumed hat to match, ITer little
cousin, Siiss "Toots" Halt, ivti \-'.'
Bweel as maid of honor ia a pretty
while truck, and carried a bn I
llowers. Mr. .fervid Newbury  nupportcd
lhe groom, Only the immedi i e i'i I-
of lhe ftuiiili  were present.
After  Ihe  i.i.Mini ■,    I ..-   bri
returned to Sj '.■■      ''..:. th'  home of
the  bride's   nun!.     . her till  heo
wiir     nerved.     The    woddi       innl
were numerou      and lur daomi       iIn
groom'a gill Lo thi  brid   * l»'..i
liiul  .harm.i d  r ing; lie litlr    riiniil
of' honor a bracolol  . I ■ . the
be I man a pair <i
'I h. bappy couple if... '.,
Northern train Ioi  Sail I'ih      rn up,,,
their wedding    oui, wl In       111 i..
joined later n.   Mi    mil   \l       i      /.
llllll  antl   par t) .   in   I
Souther n I '   '■'.     i
'I'he Corleys and Dents met Wednesday night for the [iinil match to decide the championship. Tile Corleys
trimmed their opponents by a score of
•-'in-.' to 2033. li looked Ilk isy going for- the Dents the first game,when
they took the lead with ."il pins to
tin- good, but the Corleys got busy in
tlie next game and Hon by ION pins.
giving them a lead of .". I pins. The
final game was very close, ihe Corleys
winning by o pin-, giving them a total lead of .V.I pins. Quite a large
crowd untied out to -ee ihe mutch.
Following nre th.- individual scores in
the three game-:
Corleys-Small 150, Stortz llll.
Knight 381, Worth 176, Loesh 382.
Mm, Heard 105, Robertson I'll.
Pollock 367, Conley 353, Rose TJ7.
A meeting is called ior Tuesday, Isi
March, at 7.30 p.m., for the purpose
of arranging for another -hint tournament. All wishing to play are requested to be present.
I liday ami Wednesday night' Lame
was postponed until next week,
The Moonstone
ii •
Tho programme
Theatre is a fir      I
clndcH the i',• -   India liln   enl       I Ll
"Slooti-timi ," A;   •      Lhe  " Savage
Courtship,"       bowing
and condition    ..ir   lie  front iei
lOme  : .ind       iiii.mm     i'i.
-!i.    are al >■ good,
How oil's  a.I      i-   a ■ .- .'. ci        ai.. '
ment that people   ,rr o i; in ui ire f<u
their lurniture fi.i hi . i I i   u ihej
would iii  tie-
Third Sunday in Lent.
s a. in.   Holy Communion.
II a. iii.   Matins,
T::'.u |.. m.   Evensong.
Sunday School at 2:30 p. in.
Services     tomorrow     at   ihe  usual
1 our       I I   a rn.   and   7.30  p.m. The
ervices «ill he led both morning and
. '■• '.ii. '   b)   the   liai.." lists   l.cula- and
Reed, and ih.. sermons will Im- preach,
.I bj   Rev. John l.cuia-. Services will
1)0  . Olldlli li' I ci. h  all, ino.a,  anil  ,.\,.|i-
ii . during ti..- week at '.', and T.:tn .,'.
 I.-        'I I"'   meet Inu h evening
.iiii open  with a   let vi, !■ of sonu'     led
ll>    tin'   ' , jn I  aH   othel . who
dc ire i" li ke pint,     \ hi art) inula
',   i*\ti ndod to .-JI.
it.- evangelist       ,''  ■ indui I    t .   li o
i"   il"-  V.   M.  C.   \
New Edison Thsatre
\     ■    i I ■■        ' niovit
pii i lire    '.'.      givei   "■   Wi dc day and
i i.i   :,.   lhe New      I  u. on
I-i.in.i.  I.. .ml high
In     I. un ■!       1... .  i i s-i\ a,<
hip," i     lorj   . I  th.- Wild West,
itt I i    llu  i iiiiini.
evhi  ling
il .mi lone,"  a   I ■ iiulifilll}     lag
from  Intl        i.      ..ii i-l-
th.- f innticnl,     rel i     tipet I
... ..i     tl," natlvt  .     Two excellent   'i.i In- ,  "1 he hit.' of the gown"
and "I ilid ii  Mi t",   i ■ lovi i    ton I
ri i.- I  by     ehltdri ti,      il   - vet al leloi
lion      In   'In-   Symphony   lh' he trn,
made up n  good nntot minim nt.     Thi -
programme will I"   repented loni I.
Low  Prices  on Canned  Fruits
and Vegetables This Month
All varieties of Smoked and Dried Fish fur Lent.
Pancake Flour, Buckwheat Fit ur. Pure Maple Syrup,
California ami Ontario lli.i ey.
A full stock of Hardware including McClary'a Stoves
Ranges, Furnaces, Enamel and Tinware.
&    Sherwin-Williams' Paints and Varnishes, Alatwstine
anil Muresco Wall Tints.
* i__ES5fi.?i' General Mcirchamj
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,000
Aiionjiements have recently bt-en completed under   *hlch  the branches
of this i mi u
_ue able lo Issue Dra Ls on the           ^ -.1 points
Ui the foilo^Aii v> countrtes:
FmlanJ                         Ire.and                       Russia
Formos*                     Italy                         Servia
France                        )apao                       Siam
Fr'ch Cochin-China   |at»                           South Africm
Germany                      M__nehuria                Strai-S SciUf. nnoti
Greal Britain              Mexico                      Sweden
Groece                          Norwivy                     SwitzerUtnd
Holland                        Persia                        Turkey
Iceland                         Phill'pin*' Islands    West Indiei          m
Farue Islands
India                             Routnania                       and eUewbcr*
REVELSTOKE   BRArvt~l-t-*     tn      ,-___. A,    A l *
mwm&mMkmm&mmz mum- ®mm __
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Offlco—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
$10.000 000.00
Branches nr Agents ut all principal nnints in (anuria.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—LnndoD, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, ('.in t'.x-
change National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank. San Fran-
cisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane— Kx.lii.nge
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Choice Groceries
A lull and complete line of Choice Groceries now on hand. Our prices are
right.   Orders called for.
General Mc-chants
!■    I'    V.
•I i '
\ i'
i ■      1
Rod nr
\    i
i      -i Ppo| Io'    v        Club mi ■ Dividend
on Thumd 111 ,
llli.l   Ml        V. . \     Pool I i . : ■     . -.',;..
.-.        M'      ! Pago C.
Cfti V __,,
they going  lo build il? Tlio reeling of   bo  lhe objocl  in securing block 52? It   to mo somewhat  unreasonable,  A fow
tho town    seemed     lo bo moro unani-   thoy wanted  it   us  a   play  ground   il   years     ago     the   city had  tho block
^^m '■' 'bought antl sigiiod lor t?2,000, but that
was lurnod down in a way it is not
now necessary to explain.
Wo should, however, soouro tho
block if possible, us ovon it wo build
lho school .111 tho othor block it is
nocossury for n pluy-grotind, This is
it matter wo should docido on thoroughly boforo wo put tho bylaw us to
whore tho school i-- to bo built, bo-
ciiuso  it   ivi' don't   tlii' pcoplo  will   imi
mints  than lust   year, ami  Ihey      u 1   would spoil it  for Biicli   to placq     lhe
not  look  for much ilitliculty  in     thai   building     in tho centre of llu- block,
Ininf   klunHnn    i.i ."Vlinpil  respect.  With  n  view   lo straightening  ami ii they wero going  to plnco it nt
joint Meeting ui „i.j buuncii j lh(, ]itv.„nl lnnBto on,, ,,„ „, ml j as („ aavo ,,,„ p]ttygtaanA
Still    Rplnnl     i   'KIPR'S bi1° 'l:rv    ""' '""  ll,roufj'ln provision- I then   it   mighl   just   us   well  bo   placed
"ii ilic othor block.
\l.l.      Cowan   said   it   was  enneedeil
■  .through  lho     whole lown     thai      lhe
■used school  ucconimo-   bloc The   III N.Sibbald   lyiuliciile   Behool accommodation  was itiiideqimlii
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ■ tli"                   lam! .hi
A  joint   in.-.-tii,.   of the Cily   Council lho   high      school      stood,   nnd   which
and Schm I Trustee    ivus held 'I day would cover   lho revcrsionnry  right  on
night  at   the Cil?   Hall   in consider lho Wynn      -ireel      ami the limes  through
• |ii,'-ii.ui nf 1
datlou foi   the .-ily, had iiiiulc   ihem   un nH'cr of  thai    pro-   |lllt|  ,|„.,v un„|,|  |„.  ,„,  hesitation   on
P ml     n«   Mayor,   Vld.   M. Ki, n,   perlj   for ?f>ilil.   Thej   had   talked      lhe   llu. |mv,  ,„■ lh„ , ,,,,.  t0 .,,pport     a
Cowan,     M I         ,  Hew   ,   Vbriihiimson, mu ler       rver  wiih   tho  school   liourd,   |1>;,„   ,-,„. t],..  nur[KWC ,,i building      u
nnd    I'riinblr  I. n« n   result,  had put   throiuj    school.  The  poinl   to  bo   arrived      al
Mc   '       Mn   ■          II   «  on,   I'-.-.-.   ■ i'i.:   day,  subject   to   the  ralilli .    „ ,.  „|„,lv  ,,, |,,,j|,|   t|„,  school?        \i
i"|.i.  iiilcd   tl            ■     tru Ine lion "'     the     Council, he giving     lii-   [al.  ns  block S-J  was  concerned   if      it
M i \t)||'>:  UKI'OUT el-enne  in   the  meanlinin   to  close    tl
Mil,   Cow
b.iiL'uiii.    Hbii
111    till
aid  lie bought   ai   n  reasonable |i
wns,   However,  subject ;,   Would lie a good site foi   the     ptir-
„         ,,,,,.,     ,-,      ' " .ipprnviil  of lhe ti'ii-i.'i   Mr.   \. ,.,,....   |,,,,  [housnnd dollars  was     now
""  '"'<l   ' '■!'■                          ""' l,,J    II.   Mien.   I! Id not  .1"   hing „„.  ,„.;,.„    \  v,,„.  ,.„,  i,   was  85,400.
' '     '          '     '     ,   "'."'.",C. ..."      else but ratify it. Agreement was onlj While the price had gone up. central-
"■■»■•"■■"               '!"    Irl      provisional,,!  se. but  I     ,11.1      - irati,m wns tho most popular with tho
tecs,      wen,   ,..   Victor,,,   a-   "  | j'P^    ,„,„   .      ,„,!,:„ , „   i,    ,,,.,1      lhe | ,,,,.,   nlu,  |„.   ,,„lk,,|   ,.t,   1,   in      Ihis
lends cnul.l  bn  : indcil   r ;      w,   ij    .,.,.,    j,   would  be  grenl    tomj       in
..'. ent   t      \ ictoi a
. i        li, ■■■- ;■■-.'.    ^^^^^^^^^^^
with lin ,n, i:l  it    i
(am i-   Lowul i I'euse.l
The Mayor: This sontlmont of our
being unanimous in our action is lho
proper one. We shall know before allien! ing the hi-l.-tu where wo ate going tn build tlii- school. We shull know
in a few days, Mr. I.awson how long
.1  that bylaw have to bo advertised?
City I 'lerk:     Siv i .sue--.
The Mai or: We aro gel ling noor
the lit i ol March now and this bylaw
should be ,Iran a  up in a few days.
Mr.   Kdwnrds:      If you  do  thai      it.
•• ■   back  in Inii ing (hit  block.   The
only thing j-oll call do is In buy  it,
Mr. Manning: It is going lo malic
a liL dill'erence lo tho bylaw it you
aro going t.i buy this block, as you
will huve in provide for it. If you do
not I'U.Y it it makes a liie dilTeronco in
tho amount   required.
The Mayor: That will nol bo a difficult  matter to decide.
Mr,   Manning:     it    will  make a  liie
dilTercnco  in   lie-urine- out  j-our govern-
^^^_ mont  grant.  The building Mill       cosl
i ■ i   ' m'"v  hud     put      on it   at   the  present , a.K n ,       ,     .      ...       .... ,„„,
kntin   there  \   ,    uolhinc   I" ' ,    ,        ,       8in,ulHJ,     ami      tlio furnishing 53,000
         II       It ■   were      -,, , i   ,       rr limp,   though  lie did   not   think      tliey
^^"      I -   iwledge.   Uo was quit
ni   .nnil'   ilu ■     tiled  Ir    ' ho   City.
'<»■>■  hours,      Tlm   was   one   necessnrj „p,,|.„ting the m,, schools  ii they    hud
lep,   and   the   llrs    step,  before ,.,.,„      centralised,      und   hn  would be
Immodinlelv th.-v  _.,l  there thev went   '"'"    "",,"",.,      ,    , glad  to see block M purchased if     it
..    ■ :    ,-, :    tghlvwith .'"  !'!'        'j       ^      " :' "'■    "''      l» bought      ai      a reasonable
fereil  last  year for in, 100,  the pr on Ynfnre,      He   suggested    seeing whether
In-   pii '..uiil   lie   brought      down
considered   lici      ere   a-l.ini;  for   qu le .    ..    , ,, "-'
, ,   ,   ,    into,   lie wus  afraid  Ihev  l i  ■       uol
a  Iut   ! <■    i lie    Id    help  . . .       ,    ;
1    have   tlio   -\ nip uhv  ol   t lie        - i avers
then ' .   ■ nssible,  \i    ..   ,, -.... .„„, .        . ,'   ,
...      ii   ihe..       |n ill   -,""'ii      .   thai   block. . .
morning     In      had       uu - in,    ivith   t lie    , , , , ,      and eonsidorod lhe purchase     ol  lilocli
ll...     I';     i 'I ivlor, and 1 Jr.    , , ,     ,,  , ,   .     .rj -iunilil he hel.l  iii abeyance   lor     u
il.i so     there     should   ho some public    . , '        ,, ,
on,   -i nt   ..I   the      .!.--    iim ,   | n   tune  .-,i   least.      It   wns  possible      tin
ribni    for  the district,  lion.    I.   .,	
, It   WUS   1 OH s|"."II".    ||...   |
1   i.     nd      ii lule  '     told   them      he
i iii'. iii'.Mi; \i discussion*.
The Mayor agr 1  with  Aid. Cowan,
partmnnl   .          .             w..    ulso    pre-
ti.lil i
 tings     held,    un I the pi  ill    taken
into   their i   , .i'i' i   e  so   Ihey      • ■'.■
\ n.li.aie might   reconsidi r  the      price
.  '   . ■'
'         modation
OWICUge.    ,,<•   VBSqii.ie .
.... .       would.   I ho question lo  leaded that
ns  realized   Ih■       . , ,        , . .    ,
I he  purchase of  this block  i- 810,000,
making  ■-'."•s.iniii required,
The   Mayor:   I  don't think ymt   will
build    it  for   lho estimate of 815,000
sure i ,.,:.;. nhzed   lh, . , ' ...
'  ;cenhonnllv    ,       , ,.     , . , night   '.mm  as t"  whether  thev  wished
■ the plu ii Inn d was going        be to        , , ,    ,     , .  ,     ',     ,
L""'    ' ' ""     "- -h.MiM   i        mid " '»»>■  lho parcel the high school wns    ^
""' '      "■'"'   I' ''" i""'    ""!  ;;i-' lh,   ballot      mm   wouli  linst ""  """'  ",,d ge   " "'"~  "'      ^I'This    is one of the (kings wo    should
'       '"'"■ the bvluw.      It wn       I ortant tin- "H ways   and ,     up oul      a .^     mn   „f.   Th„ ,,,„,,,,„ in    ,,,;.
"  ''■">•      l»"1 should get thi ,■ |,ln"  '"     ho,fUnc    one or two publio{(.Uv    h;vs ,„.„„    „nde,-cstimating    and
'■"    '      ","1  -,.li       -    - -   „ to have     ii  lings, nnd  also      that    they    were   l|uJ1     |mvi„B l0 tako tho balance    lo
  i I '.  . '"in,.-  in      nut   this  Inlaw   In fire      the ,  .     ., ... ., .- ,,
te r back if       ■-■•■i i
■    i r>     ., r  ' fi   i
■9    1
 _l_0" Ij
does not prove entirely       ^..^
satisfactory in tl e baking, -^
PVON" he doll
i->    ,    ., Tlml nicini.il UR11 V I
..,, . |    ..     |   ... up l
by Lbe sttpcri    I
h.liii.'. q
rcltu ns, i     tinlj
SI'uril toil    I i
t    force, .    ich
j mmi
■ '
1   -i
1   ' : '■ ■
1      ,    i;:   | |   - ,.s.
I    i .
Wl SI '
Office, VVii uipeg        ti
1 ' ■      "•""        I !-   "- "'■   eompieted bvVheYnne snow ilies."       '   L'oin? l0     P«l ^ bylnw hefo»     lho
| I,-       |i..   , .   . 1 .,,   , \lnlllll 1 1 ill-.
have lo nh i       "i   the I     Mr.   I'.ilwnrds:      II  i-nn  nre gi
ntti tl III,,       !'■   v     j ■  ■'■/'■'      " "'I   lenvn   the      purchase      of block  fl_  in | Mns nsequenllv hud   to     mnl
t  of dollar fm  dollar,   1"""''1'      "'   • "■ '     Iter had be,       ver     ..bnjnnee you must also  len\e  the bj ,        ,,.■■„,..      fmml|	
Mil ^i ,ll l.t1 'I'   "     I'   "'   ; Mill. ,l|. 'Mil,
;   i        he  M rjiii-,  and   theiv   |,u,   |„  „beynnee.
. ■.     I. iwcvi '   '■    lil lie lie c, ■ i ,...  \| . s...--      ii   is  not    essury    tu
..     :. : [ ■■■   ••       Imld  il   over ou  that   iiceounl.   We  an
ll.llllll   ■ I     ' ■■   ■' -'"•      goinu   "i  build  lhe school ami urn n .1 j,
complete the i.iii.iii^ works oul of lhe
genorul re\'eiuie. Mr. Stein told me
11 hi-     city    had  underestimated  every-
Mr.   Kdwnrds:   The I, a-i  we can    d.t
the    work  for is S."0,IIIKI  if you    don't
i. block ra.
I'l      lelee-ation   '"!,;   ;' '   '":"'    ,|M' """" "'  " in i-   for  it   site.   Block  .Vi   is   lhe best I     ..,,,. ■ ,,
,     , ,  . I     Ami.     'li liii'iiiif   woulil
lid  bell ..     ,-,   . -I   .-, fair pri n it,      but i
itself  nnd      ij ' ' ' " f uM  we enn  go  somewhere else.   'I lie .
,    - ■ .... pin,-I,,,.,, oi il ;-.  ,.'.. k  i-  not  going lie- ,
  uey   to  put   Imsn   thai   Hi... I ■...,     ...     ..n.ii  .  but   „   tiyluw   to     prn-
-   .   .-   ...     ,    The     " IVv  In id  ink tnin   niiioiiul   ot  inonej     tot
,.'.,. .:....       -,,   |„,Vl. ' .      . .       .      ...
, .      , . rr.en el    loll ill-its    Mils    -   .....
"   •  Muvor:   No,  dollar for doll  ■
' ' "' '    """       " M       M.-Ki „■    i   „ ll.de   .he
"   " ' ' ■     -     - |, , ,      ■    .  -,
■    ''   " Md. ' MeKi'i in'   I    -     ivill   help    us
I'.d >     .      Ilo
"I   \
__Bli!" to
-"• .-. siill.tillll school stuel in a orner
and ■ would not be right to usk I lie
. i'i.i ',. for s'l'.ii.niiu for n building so
\h!.   Abruhtiinson:   Tin   1   un lerstniul
...'  ■   'e     i" : nl   Kill,   'i .m   l l-e  i:...  -
I  it   1        < ..-'ii
I'he   Major:    I   i   med   mj    check     for
lo    bind  tli" .!,  ,1   foi   -   e    hind
where    he high      '  ;      nd it her
ami    if  the   council   does   ma
lo close  i:   the eh, ek  «ill    be  roll    i      i   too-1   necessary     step
''   :    i   i\i in      rm ivcd,   i hut   i he    citj
id  of       mud, block
." -.   ie"  i. -        rights for    St till.
I,    I rinibl      ceonde.l     I    fried.
l'o ked  il i    il    for
king  him   t., attend
give hi-   m
\   i    Met   -       ior ■ I  '.,  I \ -
I and Ini me lin [.
..     M ivnr:    li   would   be   hoc ing
en I ii   lei tor    to  lion.
i .   ot   ,« I...    ing   our  npprc-
i,    of 11 inee he 1 '.i\eii
...    But  for him    wn
.1.1   ,," ,   lit   I,   with     llm
e havn
M   i.i       I hoiild
.     loo.
Ill     so.       I
..    .,,     Hon.
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, May,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated F.ng-
lish Ilorso and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget supply Co'y.
t;.,u l:.,rr_a»ai_n;--M
5 ..
I |
• /-"p
I'll i    v;#'
.     -iprr^*^-
— .?'•;•"-''
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
.i.'i.il.      I ii-i-this-in everv respuet.      \    •
Large Sample Rooms
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
'■'i.!.iri.-(..l un.l lmpiiivi d.      I-nsi-('hiss in everv lespnel.      \    ■      '.   a luiivcniences
Lnrfie Siiinplc Ixiuiius
Revelstoke, B.C.
E.   G.    BURRiDGE
 t1 I
.     no     ti
Tinsmithinp:, Repairs,   Hot   Air
i    who
Pipe and  Furnace  Work
Cnnnnught   Ave.    -    Rovol«str/.:o
To Trappers
Raw Purs B i      -(•
ih Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Kxportor of Furs
for Sale
.1 h, Tho   I..11I..1,  -JI   ft.
.1 .'•        hor   e puller   elH'ilie,
1 1 a    ii.-e . Deln.ii Imili. For tonni
d pnrtioulni     r/i'ilo to Bos 73, II
i 111    -11 l |    II
■ i     rt'   a.     ..ri   I In
,       ■
.',,,'1 rn   lie il   i credit lo   pin  utmni t Ij      ""   it        h
.    '. ; ',,   ,,.,    ih,   Imild    I"' ""  Irniihln in  p i   in«  the hylnw
I  it mid    In i I to tl 	
ith     lihel v,
. ,i   i:..     i
.    .    I, ,     '       hi I
 rnhei    ol
Colli iniieil
I \KE Mil MT lhat I Intend to
n die application t.. the Superintend-
on!   "f   l'i (.vim ial   Police  Ior   a   I i an ter
Ol     I.  '.'ill     HqUOr     li' "|i   '■     ,,f     the l\' i
Hotel, Cnmborne,  11.  C,  now  held I,;,
...   II.  li.   Ware.
,l'"       Hal.,I   Ihi.   Ifilh 'lav  ol   Feb,   1010.
'    lino. .1.  A, THEW.
i'i. iiii.     11  the New Ediion
. til   i'l"    lnliight,
Movin.     l'i   , ni.      t.itliL'lit.
\nl |l
In the mutter ol the estate    ol tbe
I.ne     < 'li.i-.   !•'.      Sorris,  doceuBod, nil
p;u tiei who lun.' hill    or claims
against the deiensed ''. Y. Norri-i nre
'2. . heruliy rmpiesled lo hand in lhe .iiuie
. in writing to the iindernigncd on or
before Monday, March 7th, 1010, after
« Ih.'Ii dalo u" - i lim "ii ii ..uni «ill
It"   r .'u'i/."I.
Mil II  I .
TAKE    NOTICE thai  I intend     to
Hike application  to  the  Superintendent nt Provincial Police lor a transfer
of mv liipinr     license     '.( tbe Ilealon
lintel, Beaton,    li, C, now held    hy
trie,   lo -I    A.  'I In u
Dated this I.Vh day ol Feb,  1910.
lmol A.   1V\NS. SATURDAY, FED. 2C, 1910.
'■..     7
a-^—>—- «.  ■*_»
%^    ppS
" /    v*!
Local Industry
tr bse
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock if   minting papers is large and
well selected.
L^tt rheads - Billheads - Cards
oTHenus - Envelopes - Programs
I: »oks and Booklets - Loose Leaf
^Account Forms - Ball Programs
\ edding Stationery - Memoriam
C ird    - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
Continued from page 6.
b pre-
■ ■ ihe Gi	
ly i-'..   !■ I     died for help    Km-
-     er quarrelled
with  de en      . ll    eased was di ink
ilml tn..: i: n_. tl the housr
too     glnd     lo rei-iproeute with  them,   »'»s   '  ' »" ' -"""'-■    al-
I ,uid when both pull together they   will ' ■■■'- ""'   ■>
I have    th" support of     the citizens,    in ;  il-     ''' '  ■ ';:   i:" saw   "'
their work ' ' ..,,..
;    v  i    IViinI,:.-:  I  wish       •   ■ ri       mj   "" " ,!' '"' ne,lr the h"1 fth,'n '" lKn'-
appreciation     of     the    actio      of the V) * enrly     in
Sel I  Hoard in  Inking   tip  tin    -
ler with  the Cilj   Council K. A. t'pp.M- a>ked -    ir
I    Mr.   M dug:    We   fei
I   n .i-t   mu   that   - ■       1  '   ■
tha    Sehool Hoard there has b, ■ n  the  morning of the lin
iitmosl    In,i ly  between   I        Uo ird ' :
nn I Cilj   C il,  uud evei .rily by  Kruger.     F. '1 trni      .    son
that    has r  up has been di- . ' ''" ' "" '■ -" videmc as  to the
ity  of ■ belonging
.  l,i-      : .i I.i      fiuind    in   tne  house,
■        ...    tt.'   :il -"   ih--. i ili.sl
nd  arrangement  of  the
uli   bodies  in  the
Mr,     ITows      Thi
,-iliui!:  nicoly.      1   mn  glttd  ll     (
has derided   t"      buj       thi    pie •■     t i
LO'ouinl, ns  it  nill clear up matters in
rooms \i here the bo ly n n
I.'   A.   I i-i   ■ lit '"-'I   I-'.  Turnross
I'liii'iiviiuii     uiil. .1."     hool property. ' '    '     cvel
Wiih  regard      lo   the  p in ' '     !s,li ''''■  whi ''  v';'~ ',u-
other bli.i-k     I would  like to see '" '  ■    :'"' "   a,ive-
bought.     With  regard  to  the      Sivtl        ;      Coroner p, d oul  that     Kru-
streel block,  I  took il  al  first      thut ;   •'  l"'",;  uornc   ""<■
was the place tor tin   uew   - liool, b ' i; to"nd- aU" '"'   :""'
in  talking  the  matter ovei   with I     '     "'  instable hud, gone out
thorities on education, tin ei I to   ' ' '"" '■''"' " - f>> i Monday, fi
bo n vers   strong argumei t in favor of |} the actual     times
rent alising  tlie   =chi ols  and   I      have    ,: ""  ,h" dilTerent  incidents     of   that
■other weakened on puttinc the school p,onda> -  '  '       be accura-
on Sixth street.     If the (..un imreaui
.'s east of the railway  track  there   i-       rl
the     place  tor  a   small   wai 1  sel le his death by     being
As Mr. Miller said it i- better to 1 ■. residence at   Greely
the small     children al  homt bad '    ' ''  kn'™"-
weather,     as     they would more I -
make up for the loss tn that waj  by     ON DEATH 01   I.I.OM   UAItCON.
the advantage,     ol having  the  schoi        Tin   inqtu Leone  Mnreon     was
centralised, I am sorry that some peo-   held  before  Coroner  Hamilton  at    the
pie have :i deeper interest in the    lo-  City Hal   oi   Wednesday night.      Tlio
cation  than in the necessity, but     ii  following  wen   the jury:     S, G. Rob-
tlit-iv Bhould bo such n thing that the  bins (f a
majority wanl  the school up Ihere on   '    Flcell nn.
.-; al  i '.i ■■"  it will be li"ii' :     - p it '■   Viyte.
Ihere than  lose ;' i- goveri nt gi   nl        ""'j'   tt <- -■■ "dai
I would like to see that block bougl t,
mu .li n't  lil,.. to give §10,(11X1 foi   it.     H    I-  Drige.-   ■
If wo could  gel   the price reduced     it |parties  interested.
A    S.  Gates,  ■'.   i ee,
I".   Kincaid, A.  II.
would be n great   asset  i>. tlii-   city in |
years to come for - In >o   put;	
The Mayor:     With regard     to
.-it".  I      have  been  surprised  in  goi  g
round town to Iinil people win
('.  Vi.     Model   wa*  sworn as official
-  ._
Th*  toll        i   evidei   c w us taken:
■ I.  K. Mi-Donal        Am  laborer    cm-
formerly strongly  opposed  lo  thi- ■   ■   I    '" ' >'•   provincial govern it,   and
|and     (ought against      ii  now  satisfied '"' il   ■" irge oi powder used   oi  bias-
with it, since the mnttei  I       I  '"■-■  V.-.-terday  1     was   thawing     out
jeitssed     and  tulked over.     A  lot     of "■•>'k      slumping    powder     at    Wing
■these people  Inii.- come  tn  the ' h'     '           ffttf  thawing it     on
elusion   lhat   centralisation  i-  the  bet-   »  '"•'  ''   ■'     "•"■-   ''■   "'"■<  "       the
i ler step,  and  muni   former!.-,   ii   favor ■""     '-'    "r ' of accident v
of putting  ih"  school  ..,,   Sixth  street "V this > ■'.'■■ ' "'"'  hon-    ul .     , ,.,    to
uiv now  piif.'.il.i   sutisficd  witli      the '"•''"        blow thr'v no,e"   l""   A""1-
central >it"
With  regard i" the sil
■ t    It      ■       Heard  no  nois
most people ure uware of the fuel md knew not I    g of il      lilt
the school i-  n  nei-essity, and  the site oue '"   '"   "'"'    "    -''' K  wncre '   "•'»"
i-   i,   secondarj   consideration.    I   -..- Benl '          -        "   ,:"'       '  "'•'"■■l     '"
gest cullini!   ii  publii   meeting and   • " • :   !'                   ;"""      w '"-
1 ting the |.".,|.l" I.H..W wli.it we ure do-  ' '-' ;	
ing, and getting  the bylaw in shape. '  ''             e there and   there wei      10
!    Aid. MeKinnon:     I-.  would ... n _ rod ': k      '               powder sittinj on top
idea for the aldermen  to tulk tt  over "' h"              Th""' »'n" nU'° n     tablt'
I l'i
Aid.   Kinili.i-I"i    told    -:,i    ' " an<l ™» "'    -:"";,!
ne  he ,.|.|.,,-".l   the  bylaw  last      time Have used  powder     quita
ni  account  of the  site, aud canvassed    ' bil  "       government work th,-     last
lii- wnrd     ipuinsi   it, hut  t!
iat   it      it
\ ■   ■   .      '1 he  n '•■ k   ]   wa*   doing
was ntjaiii put  he would woi
'1 h_  powder waa
hard  this time for its beii _
ti  then     I-   .• :  positive  or-
pivsput   -it--.
ise      ;;v
The motion o( nppn
. v.,t-   tl ■-:
nbfjut.     Did     not
■   Vi        il  adj
kn iv
ihere     Have no
.   i    •■    '.!    ■ fi •    a   ■ ill •'!' ,
un     tha
[i  »WI  I
in     lit ■
i:\ ;:<> —
Im       1
III.U II   nl    t  II \|;| 1 .-    ! 1
■        *           .            ...
The inquest  ol
■   i
I'lii'iii'i            ho wn
H             ,                          I
■   i..                   tin
n       need      We.l
II    ..
by Coroner  1!     llm
■ .   II    II
    1     «    II    l'ngi-1     '
,      :
1   -
'    1
I- I'l
,      IV.     .,
|d   but did I'm
Hi burnin Tage 4.
THE MAlL-HEKAl I), 111      I.S'M)
SATURDAY, FEU. 20, 1010.
Cbe fltalMbcralfc.
I'UBLl'illKli \VKI)-l-:si),VY AND
3-ntcrtot _M\btisbtn_ Gompan.,
Subscription   Rates
Inoluilng poatoge Ui KnRlund, United  States
.uul Canada.
By the year [through uualuttUje]       $2.50
Half        " " ■'      1.5(1
Quarter "        " •'   l.uo
J jii    ItlNiiM. promptlyttx-outudat reinson-
Tt.HM.s~Ca&h, BubitonpUoi payable in ad
LegaluoUues 10 irni- por Unu iii-i Insertion,
6oonu per line uaeli MiUsoouent inveriioii
Meaeuremeni > Nonparlel \v~ lines make one
inchl. Store .ui I general biwtuos. an*
DounoomunU ?j «- i»*i in 'i por month.
Preferred positions, 25 iier cont. ml*
dltiical. itii'in-. Mui ■',''■• and Deaths,
fiOo. oaeh  Insertion.
Land notice* J7.6U All advcrtleoinente
suUiecl mi in- aii|,i\i\ al oi [liu management.
Wanted and Condoned Advertisements: -
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Situations
wan ttil. Situation* Vacant, Tuac tiers
Wanted, Mechanic* Wanted, (" words or
lens 25c., oaeh additional line l't cents.
Changes tn staudiug advertisements must
bum by 0 a, m. liicsday and Friday uf
Been week to secure wood display,
CORREtiPONDKNCE Invited on matters of
public Interest, Communications to Editor must bu acoompauled by name of
writer, not neoosaarlly fo publication, but I
as evidence of wood faith, Correspondence
istiouid bo brief.
Seven-Roomed House for $1675. Lot 50 x too in de-
sirable locality.    Cash $(175, balance to arrange.
Eight-Roomed House, all modern and furnished. Lot
50x100, com rally located. For sale at $5,000. Terms to
suit purchaser.
Five-Roomed House. Centrally located for sale at
Building Lots for Sale in all parts of the City at prices
ranging from $100 upwards.
Till-'. QUARANTINE. ll was that tho Dominion should   lay
\V isider tho Cilj  Health Depnrt-   ,l"' foundation of 11 navy and gradual-
ment should if possible make some bet-  ty l"1'1,1     '<  "I1 <" n poinl where     il
ter  provision   than   the  present      fur  W""M be capable of protecting Cann-
tliceommodating    tho present  unfortun- ,li;»> roosts ,lll(1 tlade- Witl> this   "''-
[AKVKY, -^^J/t piNKHAM   "te victims of the small-pox opidemio  >'" '  ''"' Brit'^ Admiralty was     con-
„,„,„, «,„ .riTORM* ktc       ' \aa    w,'u     ns     <1'"    large number of ;sulted-    aml   '"-|i>"1    "■    lay down   a
BAKRisrhRB. solicitors, ti. j.       mutually bouolicinl  to Canada
OrncKs;  lanou-i. Bank.Bcitnnte Rbvtl-  P'opi.   ai     present     new at  uowws 1      . ■ _
a-i-uuk, B.C. Restaurant in quarunlini-.     That two and    Ureat     ""tain,    lho Admiralty
fcyRi?lfetoke.BC.   Cr.nbrooV.BiL-,     men and one woman with their nurses I""*     it-     recommendation,,  and on
"-....."«.» should be rouiined in a small building  <"  the    Canadmn bovernmenl    aro
with 11 partition dividing it into two nPlin8 today. Tho Niobe has been put
'rooms is not right, and lhat. nboiil ''hnsed from the British Admiralty ni
fifty people should be quarantined the nucleus of a Heel suitable lo t'ati-
rigiil in lhu heart of lhe most popul- ,ul"' and othcl' ve"mh wil1 be '""'",
..,1- pari ni tin- City is n menace to c'hase<l '"' l"lil' '"' IMtaiu till such
il,,- public heal 1I1 which should if pos- lime 11S ''"'"■ a'c in Canada ship-build-
sible be obviated, li would bo better!1"" >unU capable of turning out
if these     people could be moved     out j l'"'sl ''l:lv* s,lilw "' "'"'•
ui il ity iiliogL'thor into comfortable      And    why  not '.   Canada    i-   rich  in
quarters, during tin   time thej  have to   iron ores from which inn be nianufac-
l,r held. tured the steel in lv used in  ihcbuild-
 , iny uf these     slii|i<. Tho ores abound
I'lli: 1X1VKUSITY SITE. ""    l"'1'1    ,l"'    Allanlir    and    L'ncil
men unci one woman with their nurses   ' "■      "-^     ......................,..-  ...... ....
Quo. 3. McCahtkh Ishould be confined  in a  small building   these tho    Canadiun Government    aro
_. M.   I'lMiUAM- J. A.   ll.ll'.VKY. ,,.-,1. ^^^^^^^^^^*^™          'CI...  \ 1. .1... I...
lteveli-toke, I'mubwok I win
"\ylLLlA.\l  i.  iii. It.I.a
Solicitor, dc.
Snlicitor for:—
Thk 0A.VA.DIA.N Bank of Commerce,
Tuts MoLSu.-Jo Bank, Kto.
FIRST ST.,   -   KliVKLs'l'OliE, B.t .
pOBKKT s.Ullil
Pruviucial Lun,I Surveyor.
Miuiiof sui v«yi.r I           ' " '-'•>" '■"•-' ' '■-" '-. -----
KuKiueerlliK      Following up uur article last     week °"stS'   V',Vy   y,mls  s,,0,,1<i   lherefor
MoKKNZIB Avknuh,                                I i..    ..:...    r ii...j.,.,i  be   established     both on  lhe  Atl.-inti
ijux imi, Bkvblhtokk
illnwing up uur article lasl     week , ,.", '',   ','   '         ,'   ''""""'
,,..,,.,                           In-   I'-t.ililr-lii'il     liiith  un   tin-  Allantic
,l"' '•|,um  "'   't'^'itoke  '«  n    -ic    |    ,,„,..„„      ,,,_,„    (, ,.,,„     „ ,
Several donla nro on fov saw mills
and timber in this district.
'I'll.' fnnornl <>f the Into C, Turnrosfii
was fixed for this afternoon.
N'ot ;i Binrlo t-asi* was set down for
the City  1'olifi' Court  ilii^ week.
The Minstrels will moot in lho Kdl-
Bon Piirlor Thoatro on Monday night
at 7:30 for practice.
W. U. Fraser, of Winnipeg and R, U.
Gibbons, m:iii;>ut'i' of tho Gibbons I.uni
her Company, enmo tip from the south
on Thursday and nro nwalting tho ar-
ii\al of T. Moi*edith anothor di ran tor
of the Company.
Mr, Ffallock, manager for the Mundy
Lumber Company, wns on a visit to
the lily from Three Valley today. Ho
Fttatcs tho Mundy Lumber Company's
new mill will start cutting about
March 10th.
Th,- heavy mow fall of tho last few
days cailRed a heavy slide near Uie-
cillewnet on Thursday night, delaying
No. 97 which ran into it, fortunately
without any damage. A snow plow
operating east nf hero left the track
and collided with great tone with the
entrance of a snowshed.
Many complaints have been made to
ns both by business firms and private
residents of the state of the streets
during the present snowstorm. It is
contended the sidewalks have not
been in such a bad condition for
travel for several winters. Many women in the back streets are unable to
get nut of their homes as a result,
and children have been uuable to got
to school. The snow-plough has not
hern   put   out,   .ind   the   streets     which
drifted tip from Sunday's blizzard are
left :\< tlicv were, resulting in much
indignation amongst the eitiwms, who
say this is nol the son of economy
they want from the ii\i«- administration.
Fresh Ranch Eggs
Arriving Daily
Kippers             Finan   Haddies
Smoked Halibut
Fresh Fish All Kinds        Oysters
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Ai.l'iX i\:   liVELKIGH,
K   fi.r- the  I'l-iivin. ial  University, we pub
l'a.iii.-      ('nasi--,   I'aliinliai
VaNCOCVKK  ami   KKYI-l.t-TiiKI.,   li,   C.
For the Provincial  1 niversitv. we pub- ,  .
                      ■        . used iii the mantigacture nt  ih«• ships*
lisli   in   tins      issue   an  ev.-elleiu   letter .     .                    ..         ,■,,,,,
.                            ., .the   be-t   ( anatlian  skilled   inline      em-
troin   a   ijentleinan   »wm   is   thoroughly ,         ...           .,               ...
.....        , .            . nlt)\eo.  ano  training colleges ami *lnn-
iieiniMHiteil    Willi    In-    -UOlei-t     ,i'1'l    pre- '                ...           .
.                      ..     . varus maintained on hntli coasts where
sents   Uie   i a-e   ni     the   most   effective ' .                .                    .     .              .
                            _________H                                        .. ,    ■           , , ihe   he-t   i)<me      and   -mew   nt   ( anada
'*         ~                                   land ronviieum way  m wln.-h n  emild ,                .                 .          ..
—                                 .                   ....        ,.                      ,         ... can  oe trained  to in;in  these uhlps.
.        ... i l>,,  put.       I lie  effect   up.»n   the   min<!  of |    ,       , .                       ,» . . ,                   ... .
It finnitllUiiil'iiLiulitf addrcssca to rust |                      ,.           .    . In   tin-  wu\   ihe  British   naw wdl !»•
,,.            ..              ,     ,.          ,..,   i,.,,.,.., ,,     IlllVOnC    l'Milllli_    tlt<   letter   tnu-t    lie   to'          .      . ..          ...
i.lttre,   IteveldloiCtf, will nave prom pi.                         -         .,,,..           . eiitireb   relieved ot  the pi*esent  ifspon-
^^^^^™                                                      convince him that of all  the cities     m .....         .                               %   .                 .
i ......    .      ,.      ,,      .      .     ,            . -ibilitv  ol   protecting   ihe   \il.-min- and
Uritish  (olumbin.   Uevelstoke   I  is    ad- ,...',               ,     ,, - -  ,        ■   •    j
i                           , Purine   (twists,   iho  ilntish   Aumira1t\
damages   lor   the   purpose   n-r' .,,   ,                    .,  ,,      ,.        ,.         ,.'
C.   W    O    iW
Mountain Vic*, -amp No. 110
__|                                                                             have     nvnilnble Cnnndinn  ships
Mou«t..m  Vio*. 3amo   No. 110 .    when     il.e
,M,.'t-  Sci'O'il.u.ul   K-'iirtl,  W.';.H--.i^;n   •'   ■ n>   ,„  ,1,, ,„, ,m       It ,s tin                                                   . .           ,        ,„.
«ich mmttu in Selki-k Hnil.  VWUn   v>ooa   lo t lc     |:......t ,.t     Irnile I
men cordtaUr Invited to att mil.                            ,       ,   .          .   ,,                                          .   miitlier    ciiunlrj     hi1! have  in-    most
1.      *v   .Mwl.'.MV    1'f.n   l'o... I 111-    I'l.'llllW    ,.f     1..,. .UliiL-i.    ....'..    lull.-   ,.»..!   .
! to the     Itoaril of      l i-.nl*- to   •■■
.... . ,      , . « i.     i     i iii..ii...r    ciiunlrj     mi'i  have  the    most
iriHM ■  '.'.l-io'- i'oti. ' 'uni. 'llic .laiiiM ..t   I.' ii ,i
i  uStktvhKI IVorlt r • r ... nelp    she cun   have     in    lhe
I. M-1M1 hi., i'i.1- tinU   ti   iei   belinc both  the     '..
nllnvi        H.I  men    "I
 " in.'tn   and   the  I nv i.rsiiv   i uniini	
Kooton«yLod,o.No.1B.AF.*A.M.       ,. ,
o«.     J^ Tlm ie<Ql«r meet the
V*. ~ *J5-   -^   i   .   .,.-» i,uM ai tl-     -    ■-
Tlm  ro.-ui.ir meet.      i'Iicvi     I   lllll
i   -     ■•' i i .a i'"'     .-.,.,,.    ,    . "cr naval  in -
.     . ^, , \  I     T L- \l 1' I    I.'      ' ''      ' -
. Ji i .,; .    .   .   .       ■
I .- tr. rd ili.iKiny in |ir iti~.li   naval   interi
..!'.;     'ii-'lilll      Kl	
I . .11. Vlsttinicbreth- tin  unu- ,,i emeruencv.  Smart   crmsei's,
"1     f   -J'hIIj    wo
J. T. POLL.I I   K  M 1-' i '
CH IS, J. AM iNt am im
8ELK1RK LOUGK i: 1.0.0  F.
SI   , '.    i.v,.ri    ;
ii y   "i"!,ll fc-    ,1,   Sel ■
l ..-.   Ball ii.-
.^^_ —MrJ\ ■■-... i.i: lirnlhreu nre
-iiH.'i     .'•       o itf.eud.
'I UK  i   W Vl)l V.N   N ■
!.    I'lll).
I-     .r ITHIB.8K1
Lo!U Ran<(e Lc;l«e, K. of P.
kA     No.  IS,  Revelstoke, B. C.
MU I     . . .-.HV  W__N_8D-Y,
-I3i. l'i''    l    .   I .    > II -'.,M    O"
i-«i:3 ainnth. u     -.    .-,..'      n .-
HtU    »i   3    > el cl ill ni-
Ealthu i:      ti ■  j        wl.,
r p. smith r. C.
U. U. BHOi   v K     .   I.    I J
j   i. scorr. m, of p.
ind  .|.'.it..\.
I!. II, Sawyer returned on Friday
from \ mi. nm er.
Mr. .uul Mrs. II. .1. Ilcnjamin have
returned from a holiday Irip to their
nlil home in   \.i\a Si.'lia.
Mi--  Lain..-.     hIui lia< ln't'ii visiting
ister Mrs.      \.  K.  Hayward,   ro-
uinii-.l honie lo  Minncdosa.  Manitoba,
ii. I.nml has ivturned frnin his tiin-
li.-i* cruising; irip into the llend, tho
party being driven Im. I. on neeountol
the ..ilil wenther nnd soft deep snow.
I  i-i   eveninu   the   hi_h   school    boys
entertained   the Iri'.-li  school  uiil<   and
ernl     friends  ai  n  mosl  enjoyable
I   ■ ide <-\t<-ii liuu-  "\.'i   ft  ' ouplo nf
trs, innkinu tl"' -n.'.-t- rine     with
merriment.  The pnrtj   wound  up
r.-M-ilt-i.' .■ of Vi. M. Law reneo on
'.l K."i i.-  \\.'tiu... \. lift-., they wero tho
ol  I'-'rt   l.aii r.-iii-.' .it  a Lfamc of
nail sup|>er. The prixos wero won
'.    Mi--   Prancis    I.nwson,  (rlrln prize;
S;  I.   IN,Win',-. Imi q prize:  nnd  Donnld
. i   t! nsolation   a poi  of g\ue.
TLbe _lDaii*1bcral&
,    :i)AY
Business Locals
.   fresh   utock      at
Di       - ■. i.
-ietn-    . hi,]     lmr_fnihfi  in  d\velli.i_f;,
■ ••iifhil;,    Im tt.-'l.    II.    \. t 'ournior,
Vlliirator  Hand  Hat?*  al   COST,   :it
11        -'.mi'.
I   ■ md   \ ieu    Poul   f';nd<
I-..        l>.i'   Store.
ii'      ltd ■ i tern price*,
mpared   wiih   home
11 ui ••.
i thii i     in I   U'i ' ninth
,i mi     for
I upr,     a
! |<l> ■;!••■
Hei .Mire.
Capital Paid Up       -       $3,500,000
Rest Fund - -    $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, antl Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. P.5ATT, Manager.
Import direct from country of origin.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
v. .   .   . .
I 1
I •■ ..'I '        llllll ,   •
i'.i.    .■:'   i' iminn
kiwi of thin .   ■ i ■   rippor
■        loppod it      i
nro lo i i,- '-, |i--i Imp      mtir
I.    ■ |n ! \    poll   ■
111 .Iiii     nrvln
inity I nnlii - 11 me In  lhn
pi .      :   ml I in      I1      iii.
oi  -
nil  - ■.,   im'
i     ll.illi'V,
1   III      llll.
irI 1'   1
I        III   III  I'.i    .   1 , 1   \    thill
.   .     1
1   '
1. .
' '
i .iii..i
.   thr .
Ml,    ll
. j ,. ■ i ,
nil   '    'lii"   nl
i I  ■       i liloi       ..(   llu'
I   [it*.
i/hnl 'I,..     ivnl
Ill II I .
I   .   .    ,,.
I.'. I .,,      r;n
':  ... I
■ i.
i , pi n.
■ . " un   ii.
LP. Le Beau
Corner Third 5-& Campbell Ave.
Horse-Shoeing t Carnage Work a Specialty
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are   disposing  of  their  entire  Stock  at n
small  advance on cost.      It will pay you to
investigate   their    prices    on     Diamonds
Jewelry, Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watche>
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Garden, Field
and Flower
Nr iv  rup iiuv arriving from our growers in 15 igland, Kranco,
Holland, Canada and  the  United  Statm.     All   tested hm to
vitality and purity on arrival.    The Ihm'. is noo<J enouRh for our
torn im,   I italogue free.
Businesi  will be oontlnned at our old °tnnil until Miy.
\fter tlmt In new location, which will be announced later,
3010 Westminster Hod
VANCOUVER,      .       -      B. C.
Advertise in The Mail-Herald—lt^ Pays SATURDAY, FEB. 26,  1010.
«,wv k.oimivh; b. c.
Ps.e 3
We serve ourselves by
serving^you better.
A pleased ^customer is
our best advertisement.
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to pi ice before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Mail Orders.
Telephone Orders
Send the children* to
the store.   Come yourself.
Have our Jcity traveller
call at your home' for
Laces and Embroideries
J Welcome as an April sunbeam, are the new
Laces and Embroideries. The spirit ol Spring radiates from every fold of the beautiful creations. ?1Never
were the Laces, etc., more fascinating. We hav« them
from St. IJall,Switzerland; St. Eitinee.Krance; Plauen,
Germany; our mother laud, Nottinghim, England;
and the beautiful green isle Ireland. Spend an hour
any day and make friends with them.   Take Klevator-
New Dress Muslins
Fresh and beautiful as the flowers, these new
-pring Muslius. Kich, colorful and lustrous striped
and checked Batistes; striped Poplin; striped Cre-
polines will be among the highly favored of the new
Spring Muslines, ana certainly nowhere will you find
a prettier and distinctive showing than at HUME'S-
Take Klevator.
Dressy Spring Suits
Here is good news of  the  Spring Suits.    They
are on the counters, racks, and  figures, ready for you
to examine.     A   special this Spring with us is a well
tailored suit lined with si k serge, thoroughly made at
* 15.00.   Take  Elevator.
Small Things at Small Prices
Your attention at the Small Wares Counter
please. See—Hose Supports 15c. Skirt Hangers 10c.
Handkerchiefs per dozen 25c. Hair Curlers 10c.
I'.utton Holes Ready Made 10c. Fancy Markets 15c.
Chamois Skin 10c. Silkette Shoe Lacs 10c. Tape
Measures 10c. Nail Brushes 10c. Talcum Powder
15c. Bone Hair Pin«, package lOo. Mending Yarn,
skein 10c. Lace Pins, package 10c. Curling Irons
10c. Hair Keceivers 15c. Corset Steels 10c. Linen
Buttons Tie. Spools, ti for'25c Frillings 10c. Bo_
Writing Paper 15c. Writing Pads 150. Take Klevator.
Linen Towelling
All Linen Towelling, good  for Roller and Dish
Towels, heavy  weight, pure bleached, red  border, IT
inches   wide.     Special   Hume's  price  per yard lOt
Take   Klevator.
Battenburg Linens
Tako  Klevator.    A new lot of Sample Lineni
Battenburgs and Embroidered Linens in Hound and
SqUftTO, clearing at a big saving to you. We have
often demonstrated our willingness to give vou a big
bargain in Linens, but never one better than this,
liethereon Thursday, if possible, (or these. They
nre half-price.   Take Elevator.
Visit the new Ready-to-wear
Department on the Second Hour
(Take Elevator or stairs) opening
new   Spring   Sm!s.   Coat-    Skitt-
Waists, Children's w ear
Some'time next week we are going
to celebrate'the opening of our new~Dry
Goods Department and rearrangement!^
our store. 1
•We like to1 celebrate these little occasions and ws believe you like to help us
celebrate. They mark the mile stones of
our progress and everyone is interested Tn
a success such as the |C. B. HUME&CO.
business in Revelstoke, for most everyone
has had some share in building it up. ^J
Thank You!
Wall we will name the day in Saturday's issue and we want you all to be on
hand, whether a customer of the store or
not, and we will have a nice little souvenir
for each person right down to the baby.
Just now we are opening up New
GDods.   You will like the New Goods.
Fancy Biscuits
A large assortment of biscuits in packages just opened
up including Saratoga Flakes at 20 cents per package. New
England (linger Snaps at 15 cents, ilraham Wafers 15 cents.
Vanilla Wafers at 15 cents. (linger Snaps and Venetian Biscuits in barrels at 12J cents per lb.    Very Tasty!    \'ery Nicel
Delicious Cocoa
There is nothing nicer these cold nights than a nice hot
cup of Cocoa. We have a large assortment in the following:
l.owney's in lib, Uh, and Jib. cans. Van llouten's in lib, lib,
and jib. cans. Cro6se iv Black well's Dutch Cocoa in lib, Alb,
and jib. cans. Cowan's Cocoa in ',1b. and jib. cans. Fry's
! liiin.. puthir Cocoa in Ub. cans. When you want Cocoa
Apples!    Apples!
We have still a few boxes of Apple-on band. Good
eating apples and good cooking apples. lien 1 >.ivi-, I'ewakee,
ilolden Russets, Greenings, Northern Spys, Baldwins and
Grimes Golden. We are always in a position to offer you any
grade or quality you want.
I^arge quantities of Oranges, Bananas, Lemons and
I irape Fruit on hand, by the do/en or by tbe ease.
Breakfast Foods
See our corner window for Flours and Breakfast Foods
i large assortment ol the best grades 16 choose from.
Headquarters for Feed
Hay, Oats,  Bran, Chops, Shorts, and Wheat,     We can
lavelyou money on feeds,
Hen'. Waif Trims
Something that'is. hard to get is a neat hard
wearing trouper for every day work. We have solved
the difliculty for the present season. Oar lines are
all new and the worknan-ihip is decidedly superior.   '
Heavy gray worsted, dark stripe, silica faced
price $2.50 per pair
Striped effect in Knglish worsted, thoroughly
sewn anl raid^ to last. |A neat and dressy pattern,
price   .............   $.;.l)0 per^pair
Heavy hair line worsted, made to stand the
wear and tear of everyday life. Well lined and supported at seams. Two side and two hip pockets,
price  $"..00 per pair
Men's heavy Knglish whip-cord trousers, something which you can't tear. Comes in gray pattern,
with four pockets, price          $" 50 per pair
Blue serge trousers, made to fit and wear, fully
faced and all seams protected. 'Two side pockets,
and two hip pockets  with button   Haps, price ? I pair
Boys' Clotfiing
best the market offers can
only be said of " Lion
Brand" Clothing. Every
season sees a marked advance in style and lihi-h
and the present season we
can show you lines which
are strictly np to those
shown in the large ea-turn
Boys' two piece Norfolk
Suits, in light and dark
tweeds, sizes 25 to ".0 at
Boys' three piece double
breasted suits, worsted or
tweeds. Prices S!75, 4.SO
5.00, 5.50, and $d 00.
Boys' two piece I). B. suits, light or dark
tweeds, double seats, knees and elbows.,. Knickers
lilted with belt straps, at 17.50.
Boys'two piece I). B. nuit, "Lion Brand," bloomer knickers, price $7.50.
Boys' two piece 11. It. *nit-, double seats, knees
and elbows, made from li'ht -tripe and dark pattern
worsted, livery seam dotilde sewn and welled, connive padded shoulders,hair oloth stayed lapel*,bloomer knickers, fitted with belt straps. Every suit a
beauty and perfectly finished.   Prices $8, $!•. lio, $12
Special sale of While Lawn
Waicts in new Ready-to-wear Department,   Second   floor.
Klevator. "l.M     G
.\i^\ll -I
SATURDAY,  FEB,  20,  1911
fix __»j_£_
Look! Ic
___&_&___ -:-.
i», -
Actual Comparison o   Eaium Catalogue
Frites, Frei^l t Acoea, with
Kitchen Chairs 50c.
Kiichen Cabinet $6.75
Dining Table 10.55
Dining Chairs 88c.
Dresser and Stand 895
Bed 3.55
Bed 5.35
Dominion Spring 2.40
Child's Cot 5.10
Ostermore Mattress 15.00
rn .
H i y\«r r'f
f i in rJi I vi red
S     72
"    $9.60
3 87
"     14.40
■i 16
"     13.00
3 73
"     14.00
•■      f .20
"      7.20
3 81
"    4.00
•      7.20
"    16.50
tin. riMiili uf tin. investigation into
the mnnngomont nt tlml dopartmont,
otter iln' evils which came to light
through that investigation, lion, members mi this side, mi' warranted in
hositating before thoy commit tho
people tu ihis expenditure without
giving iln- pooplo nn opportunity In
pronounce upon il.
It li.is been said tlml lho loador ol
the opposition is shirking his responsibility in asking for :i plebls-
eito, I do mil so understand the resolution. Whul I understand bj tho
I'osoluliott ol my him. li.-ul,.t- is thai
n- this i mi entirely now policy and
;i- thf carrying ui it nut, as proposed
i"  ihr  i'.. mi in t   Bill,  may  involve
iiii.iM changes in out- rolutionship In
thi- empire, lho whole question should
in- put beforo thf people, not as a
plebiscite, Inn as tin. N'ulional I'olicy
was imi before thorn in Is7^. un th,'
public platform nml through (he puhlii' press, That is my understanding of
lhe resolution of Ihr leudoi uf tho opposition.
Tu ln> continuod.
Tin. monthly mooting nf tin- Bourd
if School Trustees was held Thurs lay
night, II. Manning (chairman), U.
I'apping, it. llowson, ami E. Edwards
■iini; present.
?'    We make our profit  by shipping in  car  load lots, thereby       I  '•«"» '   m. Hagar, t. .in.fi ;.,  s
. .    . , . _     , i days fm- wood.     Filed,
saving freight rates. Ermg catalogue giving description of other
goods not specified;in this list to^our store'and we will prove our
statements. Remember we deliver goods and set up free from
School Trustees Association requesting annual tee of S15.    To be sent.
Th.. matter of thr Encyclopaedia for
ihe principal ot llic public school was
ink.-ii up, innl was left with ~S\v. Pollock to decide,
Tenders fm- Bchool requisites 'ind
supplies wore received from C. 1!. Macdonald and Vi. Bews, nnd n resolution,
moved by 11. Howson, seconded by E.
Edwards was passed, awarding C, I!.
Macdonald 8112 in supplies, .uul \V.
Bowa  SltiT.
M.u si'iiuin   mil DTNti.
poinl ho had to bring before the con-  Reives, as we could n year iil'"    with      ||.    Mmininu stated that  Mr.      >il>-
teronce. Thi'     Imi.  member for  Pictoil   reason,   th insoling   a."I   comforting   buld Innl  told him  that   tin- I.anil Co.
iv-   that   tin-  Uritish  A.hnitaliy   hml   I'clltvimti llmt  ive havo the advnnlnge  n,, represented,     could     nu:. utter nil.
removed     it- ships     from  tho  Pacific   in  tin-     speed  nml   lhe  rate  at   which   SBU block oil and BS immelj   Wynne St.
InDOph    h\l   u    1    RnnilPlIP    MP   °''onn   "ml '" ln,e* bl" the conditions    lii|.   t-an be constructed.." and     tin. alley     through  lhe  present
fljjtcui  \i] h. a. uuuucnc, m.i. „, UIVva, WMtlire urc „„. ,,„,,. whMl| Tlm1 wus lhe k. giai o{ his ai_..,,„„,, ,.,,„ll„u larW us ,-„.., lllTnn.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, D. C.
The native purity   and  garden  freshness of
„W.»'.' x. ~.TTCJ»rr
is preserved by the use of sealed lead packets,
 Black, Mixed and Natural Green, 4Uc, Due, tiOc and 7l)c per lb. •
on Naval Folic)
exi t."l   -nm.'  leu year     ir .'i.'ii      iii
i.iii  tit   that   time   not   that    thero   ged, but would oul>  -''11 llmt property
years ago. Thej   an   rapidlj   changing .    ,  . ,| ,„,_„,,.,     i,„,  ,|la,  _hu dangerlnlong with block ~>2 as u whole     tor
Continued Irom  hisl   is ue               ':   "ver the world. , ,        ituully      incren*ed    and  he  was   §10,000.
,.    I  WUI,|   ,,, .„,„,!  ,,,,t   ,|,at I    I    Iui         I ■■ bei n    ai '   th  '   il     " i mi | -II. -1    to alter     the opinion     lu |    Y.   Edwards:        It   seems  an  unbu-i-
■       ,      ,,        ,    should  ir il,"  ti man             n       i'i had              ed n few   shorl  months hc-iness like way of doiuu  tliinu~.
lull   tr     I li.    ail
his, it would only he u I        ■ ■■•.. ;    li.   lapping: Ine   I.and  company
\.   |  ,,.„:..  ■   . ,    .,   problem     |ire-!t'a,"l°l ll'"1' ""l- •""'  '"  is doubtful if
....     ..,     < :,,,.L,l:>.     I',    two-fold,   ihoy huve auj   right to Wynne   street
Now. Si
'bat is  the  [lositiol
mindly      ami by   tli"      millisver i
f.-mv for  Australia.   Urn   Is   what    tlie      , M    i., ,,,    \\v\\.   .',.,   ilil
\      '   ,:li..   -uni.   «
minister ol  defeuci1 f
■mil it  appears   to In   e\in Ily   the pi i« the utl
,   . i       -..    t \-   i    i .    I'ri' ' llC( h
tion  tiiU.-n   I'l   I'mfi-■ oi   Nn liol mn     I
a . I, ahi
quote  from   the   report   nl   tin
nice ot  100.,  pugi    13
-I .-annul     think tor t'tinie
uul   Australia   !..  en   '    ■■   .       i   f.'W will    ,. ,   ,
.hips,  it hi 1  iln- ' 'ape  nnil   Vm
u h'W nlso. each im ;. , , ■ . ul
othor, is  u     i-l i
such a  I'l.'tii  would    ..I.:'.
nord  with   the   n
ui    a  number     of pntt; I  -
than     in        u
imi aspiration-
"li   the K
re wi ■ torir
Us;t- 1. ■
is of thi
in   the   ■     ■
npn ....
o be n
■   thai   •
Elen '
.,.  ,,,,„.,,    ,,,!   Clmirmiin:     h would I
■"'"'   ' ii   t,  li ereen     •   Hi-  Iwt-   :i,te''
rune  uf  ot
etui       ■   ■ '   '    ihere   i ilan-
e niivii |il'i'inil' j   uf lhe
'■   duty
'■ ■   how   Ileal   . in
s well lu
write thi- I.ami compauy in very
strong terms complaining of ihu manner in which they have gone buck nn
theii oiler.     I..t  us make ihem nn of
fer i.n- block
nl have done     « ith
Mr. liuii-nn: Tlie plebiscite last
in showed whui the Feeling uf the
ople 'mm   regarding  ti  site. We   can-
I)   ding   \i ii i.    the
.   uh      the   "'
ide-      ,.i
'1       ', - | iim
[■ .. ,   j..(|.   i".i   _,i  iln- laii.l we want  reasonably,
\|r      m.   all   IU'   iuu   iln   i-   In   llilil.I       i.n     I Im
bui ;"'"-"' -,,!""1 -"• '•4-
.   .|„. (|(in. I    ' liairmiin:     If we enn't  l'"i  block 62
iuu  'ft   it- build  nu   tin-  Sixth   street
properly. Ten  thousand dollars  is out
• .,    in' nil reason I'm  (he property,
I'..  Edwards:        I  think we     should
In.ihi  ilm school nn the grounds where
our i.e.--"nt    building     Btands;     there
•   r     in    uiu illative,
i in ii Yes,   ami   rub   thr   rhilil-
.f their play irround.     They have
i enough  r    us  it   i-   without
i! [hill
EdwanU:     L'se  lho flower gnrdei
Thai   v.milli  I... a  step
I'    is   foil}     to   Inll,        lilln
i'i' .'ul'   nil.I   it   W   lip
1-1. .,       .. .   J,.    ,i ,,
Ever'. -
1   I"
-    .ut,
■ -    ' 1'iilcpiiyi       «..
 pcoph .      nml
ompi i
1   peril np4       Im
!  ; .. pnn    ■ Ire  in
■■'!.' I
Scotch  Whisky
Keeping up the Standard.
Watson s Scotch Wnisky is known llic
world over for its unvarying quality and
exceptionally   line   flavor,
Every oottle you open lias the same smooth
taste — tlie same rich, full-bodied flavor, the
same characteristic aroma.
We use the old-fashioned Pot Still method
of distillation.
1 hen we leave time to do its work of
maturing and mellowing.
Io ensure against the necessity of shipping
any whisky before it is properly matured, wc
continually keep a stock of several million
gallons, absolutely our own property, ageing
in wood.
I hat is why our whisky never varies.
Insist     on
"THREE STAR"    A mllJ. thoroughly miuurrJ Scotch.
"NO. 10"    A Full-bodied, richly (Uvi.red Sci.trV
JAMES WATSON & CO., Limited  -  Dundee.
Don't Be Caught
Another cold   snap  coming.
£Car of Good Lump Coal from^Leth-
bridge just in.   Order now.
P.    O.    BOX    32
PHONE    24E
■ M
hipa to
i. c1   Syrl it
make   I- of l
■.    il.uiiM   In
I  would ■ ill
Hon.  Friend  'urn  Pirl.     < Mi    'I .
i mi
I... nl     ■     i,, i,.
nld I   to  that   qui '''timi    I,r.i-M  .-..ll.-,    .
i      .i-     Ir :■      ,.! di 'm '   i      i'i'-i, .   " ■ '     'run    .-ii    .
hat  thai hi ■ iportanl   lhat w .11 no Ioi ... I Mm
1 hn
11 -lit   hni
-velop     ,h      .
lit      Ihu
-.     and    .-
I       '.'
.,   I.   ■
(Ir     i       poi IUUI ,,f
'.'.I irojierty of I he I'" ni   nt
'■ ■ ,  ;     ,1   <     i''.   I..
II    l 'I'l'in      I   • ml  lh ■  in..linn
I lie million uu   ■ uiim'iI.
I'«,     ' it  Ihe  nen   hypo
Ml kinds Reasonable I'rices
| Painting and
Paper Hanging
Satisfaction (".uaratiteed
Notice is hereby given that GO duys
From ilato I, W. AndrewH, oooupation,
miner, intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands, to purchase
the following described land, Bituated
shout 200 ehains from mouth of Wood
River and n post planted on south
side of river and marked \V. Andrews
N. E. comer post, thence south 40
chains, west I'* chains, north -III
chains to poinl "f Wood river, theuce
Following bank of Wood tiver to point
uf commencement, containing 160 un-
11 i more or In s.
Dated li.i- tOtli day of IJ.,-.,     1909
al  of thi     hoi    ror  n   l»-  bought  from
H       Bl    ■       U>    J"        :i    f'Ml.
'I he moi titif     adjourned, aftei  pasB>
ounl     iiii Monday, Feb. 28th.
Ken|. tim date     in mind—St.  Johns
■hurch    Te i,     M trch    18th,, at Mrs.
pluto bl,ul, board    u,,, ed lor savor-  Laing's.
Water, Light and Power Department
By resolution of.'City
Water   and   Light    Accounts
must be paid on or before tlm 20tli to
thej" per cent   discount   whicli   it
Nn m count will he allowed to rut
over thi- month following thut in ti .
it is charged. i
"Powor Chr.'-gcs musl  hu  paid :'
Full un rn- before thu und ul tin   un ■
following that in which it is chnrged.
Installation   Charges   will   be
30 days cash, and must then In paid li
lull before any discounts will be allowed
nn water and light.
PLEASE   NOTE:    Tins resolution
nill lu- Btrictly enforced, innl i( tin   at
count is not paid on time,  tin   watei
light and power will Im cm off with
further notice. SA'J I HDAY.  I-I.i'.. 20,
Pa, ■ •
Closing Out Prices
Fruit and Ornamental Trees
(..iX«,w. _v»*_*J.
j •.'/V\iSl;V -V^.l,,
u~ar.Trja.vR.rJ..M____..»^:^»-^^::.:m-T ■■
Having disposed of our nursery grounds to lie cleaned up
by May, I am prepared to niter special prices on all cash bargains
Splendid assortment of ornamental trees, acclimated stock,
having been growing on our grounds for years, frnin lOo. Up.
tine of the Imst Beleotions of roses in B.C. in all leading
varieties, suitable for this seotion, iii good 2-year blooming si/, b,
25o. each, $20 por H>0, $150 per 1000, smaller nuns half-price,
r>o,GiiO fruit trees in leading varieties. Let nm price your li-t
10,000 shade trees, in all si.ns and prices.
Greenhouses full of plants in all sizes ami prices, from $;'•
per loo put.- up.
3010 Westminster Road, Vancouver
Looal examinations    iu   Theorotloal
Music im- nil grades     will bu   held or
APRIL I3th I'.iHi.
rilUlit oil.il _djlii.u.iJ
Local praoticai examinations eon*
ducted by Dr. II. C, I'urrin und an
Associate Examiner for all contros
from Vancouvor to Winnipeg) held
ti mn May 2nd. lo May 21st, 1010 star-
be built   this  spring.     This     will   Im   cl U.  To   leprivo  out   univei Itj   st
dun.., and provision  mado fui- women, dint-  uf tlm opportunity  ni indulgin]
li is nol  right in pul thorn     in    tho in such   porl    ..                 I !"■ lo _t
same quarters us tlio men. privo  them  nf ,i  vorj   large pari      oi
'" Initial Meeting ol  the New
ling ut  \ ancouvor,
Application Forms, filled in and accompanied by foos, must reach lhu
Central Ollice in Montreal mi or Im -
foro April 1st 1010. Forms aft' obtainable from •'. M. MrKiiiiniie, Gon -
eral Secrotary, 323 Shorbrooko St., W.
Information aboul tlm yearly examinations       fill'       diploma   nf   l.iiunliuln   ,',
nnd degree nf     Mus,  Bae. nun Im uli -
tuini'il fi.nu  thu GonornI  Socrolary,
for Sale or To Rent
I "n c, ii md housos and   I  acres nf
I'ho    Chief reported un quarantining It  is uni-   ■■ I  tlml      n..
RriRril                            °' Bowie's P>'eniisos und tho placing ni othor citj inoi  t in ...iii|M-t-i
guards,    two     specials   having     I n with     Ri .'iding  lb-
\ mooting of tho Police Commission-   Bworn in.     Ono man broke quarantine nmn.    for . ivinloi     ports
uus hold on Thursday afternoon,  on Wodnosduy morning, but  had   lieen of 'lii    kind, and   n   Hie     imi      'im
.nth    Mayor     Hamilton,  nml    Com- onughl   nnd  put  back.     A   (mil     and inti ind      re
luissiuiinis K, Trimble nnd A.  I'..  Kin- stum for tho nighl   gunrds hud     been quiri
caid presont, provided, also lights to illuminate tin      :    CHAIiACTKWSTl      MOtlNTAIB
I'HI.H K   \SK   INCREASED PAY lo.no nl   lho back, so that  anyone F.XVIH       :
i'nnil iealions  woro received    from ing lo bronk     qunrnnllno    could     be      rhu ino he   ino  irr.-ut
!'.    \y,     I'.nin. .-ity gaolot'i T. Sturdy, onaily dotneted, grat .1 feature ':
police    sergeant;      Constables ('Inland     Tho Mayor     stated   nl lhe Hi imbin, and ml a
nnd Terry, asking For ti I'ai o ol     al of small poM al  tho pn i  lion e hod   o a rl Cai
nI.,    nu     account     of   lho    Increased recovered  thai  the iniiii una now  inn ado It                      icrt   Revel Ink-
iiiniiiiui    of    work    dovolving ou    tho sing il ihor bad case,     \ nui o had land t no othor ml..
h    lecurcd   For   Mian   Crawford      lho if  '!■■ in  "        bi   seen such
llm Mayor pointed out lho r-ilv must ''t-1  trine wdiich  had been  rei ..I   I  if  thi    ova
•j.. very cnrufully,  and while    he    ml - tho  pesl   house.      There   wore   IU pped peak V'-i olhir
n    led iim police snlarlofi wore tno low quarantiiieil  al  Cowio's,  und  th"     n.v i-ity hit ur
im un tlm other hand, llm city council penso  lo tlm cilj   would Im hen  i       I equnlli is   Canyon
li    nii'il  upon  ., polios nf economy "" more . 'linos develop  the place   ivill ' Tip Falls,   tho UIociDi
NOTICE IS '.II Itr.l'.V GIVEN that
sixty days from dale 1 intend to apply'to   'the   Chief Commissioner    of I A NL8llwlab
s   v__s^_--lD&__?   -
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Regulations
lund. Been cultivated For years. All
hinds of small Fruit. A good location
jusl .1 ii.-ulu of citj limit..- 81,000.00.
Half cash. Will sell or rent any por -
tion of this properly.
A  good     investment ss   i-   ■ r
und ii  would  Im  inconsistent  on
i  of tlm city In mil ilnu ii one
i               ' lhe Iuu"
F.ake , Al I   ■. of
Cheo|           I the beauti if tin P.iu
ii hi fuiind
onvii lions   Of thi Is,  too,  there
•ast   which   will be a     lesson to gamblei .   nro  • numl i  b!     hand
Eggs for Hatching
Eggs  for hatching from  the  follow
ing imported pure bred stocn:
S. C.  Rhode Island Reds.—82.00.
uy Bolt in British ('olumbin. nuiy Oliver   l.n.md   \\ v.-indut Ins,- §2.00
Lands for     purchase of lund  Bltuated Be homesteaded by any perron who isi the solo ]..in.oli  ]>],..,„„,. i,   R00k._oo nr)
1                                                . iiinid ut n family,nr any main over 18 yearsof «al*u«  iijiiiouin nocks,—rs_.nu
ibotit  ll'.n chains up from mouln     ol age, to the extent of one-quarter section of loo i _   (:   Ruff Leahorns—S2 00
•      1 River, post planted about     100 •««»oro or_I                                       __ '■
'         ■                   ,    .              , Bntry must Im miide iiersniniltv nt tlio locui
hains above moutl   Ol \i'""l river ana land office for the district In which the land la
111-       l      l .,,!,..„ ■    <5    \v    ,.~„   annate;     l-.ntry   liy   proxy   tuny.   I .nwnvur.  Im
marked I-..    A. Andrews,  s. W, corner made  ,„. Mrtaln eondItl  'Iiy tho flllhorj
I .. ,,   thence  north 40 chains, east   40   Bother, son. daughter, brother or slater ot an !
, south -lu chains, them o west
following Wood river to point of comment • mt t".
Dated  this    10th  day  of  December.
1909. 13.   \.  ANDREWS.
uit.'-.i'liui,- li..iiie-i,j|..diir.
■ ii.uiii..loiiilur Is required to perform ti,
■ -ii-'itii'ii.-   i mi.    led   lam   i. nn   u  ilu   -    i
ii" '..1-...
tl)   At lei ■'   " '.■ ;.i . i - upon
in Livnt Ion .-! the I mi lu ■   im ■   -i- u r   lir
i-i   If tho fall M lor i.   ■   or, if ilu. (nther |.
-   ■■    '■' i ol  i...   •   ;t. rr      i>.   mi ii
rm In tlm virfuity nf I   ■■  uul enierwl t r, tin
-','■  at     on     - ., ,v i ■'.,.
lis   -iii-ti p.--- j   residing  with  tha rmtior .
. llm    < '' I.'Mm . I .    ,., .....      -,.,i,i... ,-.,
'■■: ■'■    lim Ini il owne   b)  liiin  lu    hn i
;.   "' :.-       '■   ■ ill    tlio   .i'..        -■:
,. . '■ untl ■: od I..  i --iiu'i. .. iii-ii'
    . ii
.S:* ui ml v ii ..i-.- ta \. -;■ i ■  !,,nui he L-iiin
'" 't ■ mfusionnr .-t   i'on hi on band    m
OH iwa "f intni t ir, t-. apply for p itnul
t'oal ii     ■ ■ ■    irl    ii.,,-. he '  ■
I    '      "1      Ul.'     MM        \ ,.;,, ,.,.,       ;,.,       .,   ■   •.,
■ i ■,.;>;  ; m. .        |   ...     . i! ;m ::.:,i^
        I'llll   i,<!    I. .|"0    1..     i|."    ill li. i .-.nl   ..r
l-M      ...     ■   i; .  n,ib ,,, live cent-
per ton shall n Itected oo im- aiorchontablr
••ml inland.
W. \v. COR?,
Doi.uty of il.. tlinlster nf tlm Interior.
NU.   llnautl 'n;-"'i ' ni.'.".     "i .f  tli. nd
' Bl ''II'.  Will   Un*   I "   |l    "I   dr.
IN Till'. MATTER "I V> .MM'1,1 -
■.'.' iui for the issue oi n duplir ate
Certificate of     Tit!., to   I'orl   (0   teres)
iixt;    !  ; - from  doti   1   intend   to   a| -
ply ii     the     Chief I   '  illli   -    nm      of
i: !-  For     purchase of  land  situated
u.       I m chains up from mouth     uf
,\,    '    river,     pn-i  planted un north
si ie    f river    nil  marked   I'.  A.    tl.-! -
Btron . S,  I.. ■ "' i"-;- !" • ■'.   i hence uorth
■   .  v'. ii   : i , ImUis,  si.utli      l"
., east   1" 'li.iins,  containing  160
more or less.
lh li .1 this     10th   day of Decembi t- .
V.   \.   HI'llSTI.'llM. , |   Souti,   |..,.(   |   , f   ,h(,   -v, ,. ,       nr,   ,
i,.  K.  HEDSTROM,      j   ,.,- gi   tion 25, Township 23,  Itange
Agent.     _( Vfest of th.- sixth meridian.
!   NOTICE is HEREBY GN EN   thai
7''.rO'T'T(   ^T~! " 's ln-v 'utontion  tu issue nt  iim ■\-
pirati n    -i oi o month after the   first
publi -ni..': hereof n duplii ate nf     the
'.■■  " r  is  HEREBY GIVEN   thai   Certil      - of Titli In   obove met
ilnyi  fr Into I  intend  to   op-   tioned     land in  ilm name nf William
il.  ■ ■      Chief Commissioner     uf  Edgar Smith, which Certificate it dat-
f.-i      purchase nf lund  situated  ed  the  16th  November  1909   ind  num-
1'"   hains np from    mouth    nf  bered U579A,
ft'i . r,     jiost plant..il on nutlii ■ j-    ij    DOWMAN"
•!| I  ,v"'! livi'1' ''""l  marked G.  E. j De] ' liegistrar
i|.,i. ,i     S      W. corner post, thehce  [...... t  Registrj  Oil i  20.1m,
nortl   "   [hains, east   pi chains, south \. |j  .      j,
•l'i chairs  to Wood river, west  follow-  	
ne  •;■ it    .   |, int of commencement, i _
contnini   ;  100 acres more nr less. J-^« U J—L kD .Ti.i
; ■'■'•  "'  "'   Bmber.       '    lice        ■-        hu,' l,i   given        thai
d lya     after     dato       I,     J.
Cornish Indian Game,—82.00
White Crested   Black  Polish,- $2.00
Km.!.ni i leese.   83.00.
Imperial  Pekin Ducks.—81.75,
Also stock from  tho above for  sale
Mli'S.   II. A,     I I'J'Kli.
Ll    K
M.N1 ,;,,;  •",    FI ■ SALE
Bl   CUV  AKD FIR.   Br'ir::
'»v ilf   '    - -     mall rjm nl Ittes
m .'..I'v. It   ..r nr-H lor   'K<l,.
' 11 cin". ol '      '■:■,■ mdiplnsterlna
-.,.!--.«■, ,,„
tl,,. Im released  in aboul   hi tl ij   .
penditure and i-ui-o nnotlier, cspocinlly The     Mayor:       Before  lhe npp
n    Ur, Stein, tho auditor, had attack-  nionl of police comini   ' r   1 in   fu
n.i the   cost of the Police Department, '''''  ''"' Chiel ol Police to do   ill     ho   n                                        nltoblo     field
saying     that   the oxpondlturo wns  all rould     to  rid    tho cily of  lin  hoi                                                  ■ al  rescorel
oui of proportion  to  lho revenue   "li- There     havo  been   several
lained,   While Mr, Stein did not
mn   reflections ou  tho efficiency of   lho ''"' Chief has     taken ovory    top      he'to ,n                          miasm of  the  bun
police  force,   he  po itively  stated    tho  c°nW   '"  stop  gambling.      I1  I       I; I.     of
expenditure   must  be olfsol  somehow, reported   tho  hotels  wen   giving                                             I, trlbutm      ■ •  tlv
Neither     ho    nor Aid.  Trimble   could trouble.                                                        ity n                                               all
very well sanction   the raising of    tlio Mr-  Kincaid:     Wn    there nol                   ition,                                                  n;;
police salaries .in -(  now,  as  thoir    ac- I1"1'1 thai when the now commis ionei     ricultui il                    ticullural    expori-
tion would  meet   \iiili   the disapproval w-ero appointed, gambling would be al-                                       '                     I Bri-
of ih-. nity council   ns n  ivholo.     Tho lowed ovorywhere?                                     tish'(                             be 1 -  ited in   ■
niiuter   must  be threshed out   for   a Chiof:     Yes, thai   i    true,                                  ristio   moun                   nment,
n   -:ii or so .ml left in abeyance   un- '""'" Ronornlly talked  about   thai    tho   end, if   o, no   it                            I  tlf
til tlm .-in   was in better shapo, Iowa would bo wide open, bui     man;    rcquiri
: . Kin   dd     i': ■ ■■ too In     "f •' ""'     have I lisapp ... i    ^v-   IDEA I    -I i i
and a "ii ennuol  live on them. cause  inch was not   the case,                       ii'
\   1,   Trimble:   We    must    econnmizi 'hl   '1i'""i     We  wai                                                  ivl  il      I   II
in iv,   .ml  ii  would  bo besl  to lay    the   tinctl.v understood  llinl   llu	
matter over,   The wages are loo   low, nol   ho     wide open,  and   llinl     II                                                               el
Inn   it  would  Im  im onsistenl   with    tho '" "'   '-   !' '                          severely   d                                                                                r
v     wi n        ' lot.   rid
ll  j. uni . and   ■   Chief,
overt   one of ihem I- now   it. i:
\   resolution  mus   passed   that I
do  with   - ,i ..    Mi,.  |,„ n  should   commissioners  i t   once  u   nth
In         iraiine thai an increase ''"' meeting adjourned,                                  ■■'   i
of pa; , ,,..  ,,,   , ;„.  I,,..,, fniur
city    ci
Mr. I
I'uli'V     ll
i hem
•id:     Tli
1 i
ost   of lasl ; in'
111-     llulllitln tO
lim' in.    givei
aftei     dato
I Brill, occupation,  carpenter, intend  to
apply  to the Chief Commissioner     of
1 1,anils for the purchase of the following described  lund,  commencing  ai    a
post planted about  20 chains  louth of
, ', KE l'i '    llinl   I   I'm-.-y  Humid'"""1'  ':'1''' '•''"''   ' " ii:   "  '
',   i lake,  !'..  ('.', ,,.'..pu-     mouth and '"'uk"' '!- Bril1 s' "•
tion •;.. t„   r, ii. ipply for per-   r"n"""    '"     '
'   ' •'  lh " |>lj   be sen!    to    tho
!' :   em n   hot tin   Police I   ii   ion
it-  null  lake  up  iho nm 1 nr with    the
City    Coin will ti    and ol tain
■■'       tin t -   pi    .  aud nol ity    them
BFVHST0K_j    , i .,. ., „„. i',„n,
H.B. STONEX1 ""  «"««™,fi
:r.: rmi
in-  r\i\ i.iisi i \
...   Mail llirul.i,
Somi    i
i   th.
'I rude
■ ition     of  lho     Provincial  I ni
.    and  made  ropre entiitioit      ,.   ....    i
:'   '   y:       iu'   |    lim    lo nol
iti i-edit  foi ...     \\,. '  '"! ::   ' "•' m   in. . t   witl   ii   view       to
ivi   in look after     health,       eiuhii having ii   located  here.  N iw thu
uul ot hei   ll md yet no    level lie S°VI ' muenl   is aboul
';•"'■' i- ■ •■ all  kit Is neatly  carried oa   '" our nvilit.    Heme 11  . ,-,. ",:"    i  over to  u cunimi   ion of r
liiuvi'ln anil (Inn work a specialty itrli.    No iredi.t   '-    given    to lhe    de ''"  c'luen        di c| In
Kstimales nfven on any class partmi        for  the cit; .  pei on taken       o     mnl
of work. "!■-. ii...' ,.,-!.      I  have tried     i run tin • '""  '■''"■
Front     Street.   '"'" '"'""    w"il
ible      md     ii   i\..uld ln< besl • mc ' '"'■ " ' '■   '"  I ' ' "  '' '■"■   V°"
-'■hull -     mi.I ; i.. "    '■ ■
of   vein   nice,   I   ivi    Iti lhat ''"'
he red  li   '„    . he taxed, except nn
uni    |..iii.li.    hi   doing   'lin  it   would '""' '
• ■iilli- menu   lhat      the ci en- harm lu lirii ei
\     ■
i     i.
■ ■
PllflfP   F/ACf 111ft? Itf     '-   ;l"' revenue  and  niiikin Force   !'"'   ,"1' ''
t -tidWt  l:\CMdLH_iii.l |,   ,,,,
MokKc.izic   Avcriuc
Fruit, Candies, Ci(.ar?,Tol'iircc.
Mpr. is o-t cents.
lhe i [ile.
\. H. Sins, Proprietor [o
Tho   M
lectipn? i
hut imlv
i ..1
lontioi       of  i   ■■  publi
mi..'   '.ni    well   ionce of  ir
A- for Mr, Stein ■      ii     ■
. the Force he did  lo   i
n  ll osl  of it.
■ numbered in nrdi i
I.  ' i mi; \:   i in • i ii'
A eareful    t nl'.   of
"  I illowing di -
north 20 . i.,,.    I f Wood riv
er,      thi nee    Foi li   bank   of
post  planted     at   " " ''   '"''''   '    ' it SO i
>n  to p ii
f 'I .I'-il lauds:—
Comn post r
the    .   H    co     i    if lot   4728,   theuce ' ! '      "'
,„s, then e uorth 20 chain.,   ''''•'"'" ;
theme west 20 chains more or less to   '""'"
fake shore,     thonce south easterly _•      Dated this i Dec.,
lone lake shore about lin chains to the '.  T.KII.I,,
S. W. corner of lot 4728, thence north I
cilon^ western    boundary of   lot -17u' -
bbout 10 ohains to poinl of conunenoe*
ment and containing   l'i acres more or
Deoember 10th, 190S
Chief  I'arry:      There  are  heaps      of various       guides
hoboes in lhe city,  which i-   i very ex- '"■   ''"' dillerenl     trni
Special Attention given   to  commercial  pensive     condition!        Soi i  them pnni enls tl
nen   ami   tourislH.     Pirst-class   sample .ven irj   and no! committed to gaol in I''   ■'-'   I'hui'   in   llriti
'"us. Finest scenery ll   British Colum-   order to gel   a omul meal and   night's "  enliven i
hia, overlooking Tipper Arrow Lake. !■ ■< 1 ^i,,__.. lol ■   I   i   from
Mr.  Kincaid:       Ves, tlm gaol (^     a lhe prnvi \
y  nil ■       ee rune peoplo1    w In. "f  the   I'reiu
 ii   ih.".   ine  be   ei   oil there      than "'  ll,r     ' uimdiiin     Vol
CT j_ I _,   liummiiif.   i." mi  lhe     Is. huili irly
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.   V['• K
i Irders Taken for
I'.;ir!\   I lelivcry
' 'hiof  him     ! im'   I    nu... and    ilm l'11" '■•   ' i' er     llu
the             hi    llll       . li '     ■■
ires   .rn- alw n <  I  "' I in
I in h   I'ii.I     I UK \'l Ml \ I. «l hy lh I
The Mn; oi        III ml, .■,  ,,„l,      pile "   '
Nl     llm    .    ,,,'    v    |    I',,,,,., "'    '
.1 IR s.m.i,         .,, ,  H, IVV v.'.ik
'     I'           hIsoh I ing and Drlvb g
i          i' '■   lie   • pi t   mill.    I!i ii i-
"    t mill Co., I ■ i
U\\\ Ilh -M
I', velstoke 1 md I,; -'t: it, coal  n
DI trlol ni tt ■-.: Ivu it, nuv. ,|„._
a   Take Notice thai  I.  M. K. Lawsnn, ,    ,              ,,         .    ,.
Pof Revelstoke. 1 '   eper. Intrnd to  "' '"	
apply for permit Ion I    purchase the v, .   .
tnllnivillK ih- ll i  I'd 1 iioIm'
Oomraanclngal n pi si plantedal the Rnd   "
louth-enal   oorner        '•'  8,808, and P   0   Box 772   lh          '               fl"-'
marked ".M. K. Lawson's Nnrth-wesl
Corner Posf't  thonce 40 chains south: POR  SAL1
thence 40 chains west) thence 90 chains nitura foi    ..     \.,v i       i-
niiiili: thonce Jn ehains easti thence
fflohalus north to line of U>t 8,0^1 ,,„ N„   A         ,,   ,                ■
llioiii'i aiuiii; surd lini'tu id.we of com. ,..,,.,,        ,                       ,
menootuent. '    wilumbia bridge   Ownei  cat    have
ll.il.'d (I, li.lmi Will. Il«in same by   applying  al   M dl ll-ru
Nov. I   ii.   MINNIK K. LAW80N, paying cosl   if thi                  aeni
fi-*-    I«    iii       iP      «0     -      ,nA     ■''  !   " moi-it ef 	
liill h    /.   hi    ii  (IP n    " '
UUi    '        "' Ll     ime  in  u  .., ■	
nf,,, ml ;
inch LenBths
First Street      Tel    6
Uniosi Hotel
l mli-r New Mn[i:i;'..|iiuiit,
Stewart Macionald
iter,  ami   I   think  il   will I
Ilis       |i!'ili'.j.
Chiel I'uii'        I  think  the iden      an
muII .,i   .,- . .   and   ivoiild dn   ,   lol
I'lll.li I.  SIGN M.S.
Id. Trimblo:      In  whal  condition i i
In- police red  .ii-iiul  lighl at   Hume'*
( hiof   I'm i \ :       .1 u ■ I   in nf   if   is       nut
..f repair, bui  «ill  be fixod up in     n
i I>    iu    I l\ i i   null .
The   Mayor:       I'he    ti •' $100    linn
' ti   .ni   apart   i   ■   '   ■   in lallation   of
n -I    -.11 -i iwer tost n.
I 'hinf   Pnrry:       I he o   li  lit     nro    linn
'mi     and ' mi   u eful,
W0JI1 \'-  G VOI, QUAltTKKS.
Chiel I'm i\ :      \  separate aparl menl
'"i- iiuinun      i     i     -in v    in  t hi-  t   nil
Vow, no hnvo in pul thorn in tho
'imn's living room, and ii in not vm-v
nice.     There In  no pi ii ncy nl all.
The Mm or:     Tlm committee ha : re
ported nn tho inadequate si/n of   tho
t hn    -   ■ ,ti     llllll     '-    ■
It   i |{i     .
0j     ni, .' .
jtioi      ii tl -i
bill, mid      ' i
litiun  ii,   It I  been nb
secure   Iho
iri. ,, ,
ly entitle I
2.   CHAIt.UTl lilS'l -in VN        H
I         ■       ■
III      1
aa ('aniida.     when I . I
v  u "i Ii       nf        ui.
ulm ,•■■   of the aitl
Ihe the
«in l Then
tin- oxhilniation of our Cat
tm-    iui in—kitting,  «no I
running,     tobogganing like     Duncan.
l" • lear    th bweh
immendod an addition  ;1,„i bring lho glo«  of health to     thi      " ■   . fnge 8.
TlO"   iN'iMl "H>h^ I I
OKB, B. C.
SATURDAY, Fr.ll. 2(1, 1010.
One Week More of Our Coupon Sale
Saturday, March 5, brewing Takes Place. Who will hold lucky Numbers
First Prize--Sewing Machine, - Valued at $55.00
Second Prize—Silver Tea Set.
Third Prize—Gold Filled Case Watch, fully guaranteed
Fourth Prize—A Grand First Class Marbleized Clock.
One Ticket for every 50c. worth of goods   purchased
New Spring Goods Coming to Hand
See our New Line a Suitings, New Zephyrs, New Ging
hamp, New India Linen, New Dimity, New Sateens,
Table Linens and Napkins, Ladies' New White Cotton
Underwear, New Skirts and Coats, Boys' Tweed Suits,
Boys' Knicker Pants, Men's Odd Pants, Boots and Shoes. "
Just Opened 25 Cases New Spring Styles
_____ __   ^ YOUXG
It. II. Tnri'innn iti here   uul "ill   be
nt the Studio until Tuesday, Mnrcli 1.
The Ii.'.h'k-i   mow    lortn ul ilm sen-
son Bel  in Wodncudoj  nml still      ,
' llllll'
The ii.l'l  weather il"- li,_iiiuni_     ol
the week     r an "-il havoc umniitj      thu
water |ii|ii'i-,     mid    llic |il hers ami
lily  'liuu ine     pltuil  hiivu I'- tr     I" I"
flut      in    li n   M inilnj   tl"- --tli.
Tho \tir lion Palo ol Hon • -i...:.i Effect*
begins     at   l.!IO |. in     hi ■ p   ll   id ■
ol I.. II   Ruck, M.-K.Mi/in   \'' uu.    II i
galas Foi  everybody.
Tlm Indie   uf iii" V. JI. I    \
arranged t" hold at   oj  lei  ten oi   thr
day ol iln- millinorj  orsminir;; Lho hours
being  from      I  till  S  |i in       rim iliti
nill In- announced ai  booh       lo   -.•
Don'l  in. rt  tl."   Vi        Moi
day p.m..  In In --tl'.   .,:   I Im residence
nf I .  II   Bi  I,. Mi Ki n :■    v    am
fui   I -.'Iiuii!  nn    li       .' -.  .       .
rilico.     Sal  begin    i '.i'   ' ii.     Iiurp
Tin-     Mayor
i •    ■■   mi.  ed to call       |
injz i" consider tli-   propor al «hich In
was depittctl In   the I I        oil     tn
lay  before thctn, nf I
ing 11 pei
in   I-i.'      hi
themseb ni •'■  '■ I
I'Vi'iiiii. .      A joll;
llir   .
nu i
Th.   Iui • V
who i
in a lio
In-    RcV.   I
\ll      .   .
.it V
r*nt, ■
,-d  n-        ' '
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would BUggest you doing so if you wish to procure the hest
as we absolutely guarantee every Back. Your money re-
funded if not just what we represent it to be.
Wc have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market,
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Your Insurance
Is  one of  tin-   most   important  items
in jour business
*-ET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this bnnch of your business
Successors to Kincaid 4 Anderson
...  would
a    nt.   lire
■     the
•...//.I .
.    !            -'
f. v.      Cure
25c  o Qox
Bews1 Drug SStatianery S.ore
MmX I    in   ill    111 l't K
t'     ''I-'IVH. n HKtt>
■ ,
mc.    j
it,   im'   I  p?
Tlm   Co In     ...mi'l   'lii.ill     ••     I
it     |..       Ir       ll   li    .., i     ol ,,.,.. | tell  mn   I   wn-   to  It'll
■   ii
,ii   ii
ll I   I
ll  I"
away Irom ilm powdor, He said it
waa safer fur tlm men in oat lunoh
ilim tt Un' river bank. 1 know, nil
know, thoro was powdor thawing there.
Told foroman 1 would mako too in
house nml limn iiinlii' tin- down river
'llm Coroner: Air. Tfutolilson, nn hii-
o.'itli, lias sworn Im initl .vnu in tell
llm limn nut in go into Wing Chuug'B
Witness: Nn.
Tin' Coronot" Ono nf you is perjuring hlmsolf.
Witnossi ll.- told uu- i" toll thf
tollowa ii was safer in cul lunoh down
tin. rlvor bonk and 1 know why. I
mill ns man} ns I saw what thoforo
nmn sold, Ton ratnuloi after I had
been in the house Hutchison come i".
.uul tlii'ii Mr. McDonald canto in. and
oponod n obuq nf powder nud pul tome
nntlor tlm stove nml sonic uruund.
Sir. McDonald unci linn' lakoil 'l'i
powdor away, in I hoard shoti aftor.
Tlti'ti l.n//i came and looked around at
tlm powder nml said: 'Wo Innl batter
hurry up booauso il is very dangerous
to In' iii here. Got tlm too and wus
walking out aftor Lozzi. Just as I
wont out ilt-i'i'iisi'il came in. I
aslioil liirn what ho litis going to iln
thoro? Ilo said Im would havo his
lunch us it was niio anil comfortable
anil Bald lio liiul his lunch there tho
day beforo yesterday. Deceased askod
mo for loa and I gave him some. Three
minutes oflor I loft Lho house, heard
the explosion   nnd glass nf     windows
;.|int  right  by.     When 'I used   went
in I iliil not tell Iiiii: il ua- dangerous. Asked him why In' i'i'1 not go
down tlm bank in have lunch with the
othor nii'ii, ainl 1"' replied Im had
lunch   llmto on Saturday befurc.  When
Mar 1  to out on river bank •! used
was [.ii'M'tit ainl must liaii heard. I
iini nut think of powder goiug nil. It
looked safe to nm us it wns two feel
from stove, but I didn'l like the look
if powder under tlm stove.
Coroner: Does it not strike you it
was rather cnrolcss nf you uol to
warn this man after you were wurned
by tlm foreman?
Witness: Well I I old lhe meu to
eat ilim n the river bank, not t<> go
ii";ii' the house. Deceased should have
known enough to stm awaj from ilm
house after 1 told Mm. Deceased had
no more rigid there ilmn .-my of tho
others. Was 7.1 feel down the bank
from tlm house when tin- window glass
flow past us.
'I'.. Mr. Kiti'tiiil: I stayed a minute
anil ,, li tlf after I.oz/i left. Took tm.
minutes tn po down the bank.
Mr. Kincaid: 1 don't believe ii did
niilc.   you  wi'ie seared nf something.
'l'o Mr. (late-: I don't think de-
I'-asi      moked,
To th" Coroner: Am positive there
was also powder under iln- stove. Mr.
McDonald laid  t/te powder under   tlm
love. I saw him place i: there. Hutchison uskoil Irini if he was cot afraid
the powder would explode?
To Mr. Kiiuai'l: It iliil not look
dangerous I" inc. T told my friend
io stay ni.i because the foreman hod
Ii.l'l ne- to wain tlm in.-n.
Xiek I'i-.'i.'i.'il t Baid: Wns working
alongside deceased and go! no warning to k.^-p ..ut of the lion-.. Was iii
there three time- that day and saw
powder under lhe stove. Knew it
-.ia- dangerous and would not po there
fm- my lunch, Knew deceased left
Imi did not know whero lie hud gone.
The foreman blasted al I'J o'clock.
without pivitiL' us nny warning, nnil
from ll> -nn;" cause a man nearly got
killed ll ere ihat morning. Know the
powder would do something there,
ui wc Hint into tho house was
t ■   -. t away from the shooting.
Coroner:     Why did you go back two
lim- .     when  you knew   It  was
ii - C" Che '.: hei - im at  lb ire and
1   .■ ■   '  too
1 ..filler:      So  t -ci'   if  tl'" rest     ...
up     ci would  .'• will, then '
Ml     I.."'.       Hid  J  "-ii:,-:-  AH     Mole of 1 indlin;    t iwdur
I ki oh  nothing abo I  i1.
.   '    m ■ ■ '            imniing up, 11.1
ntrndicto ' '"'
l owder ma     ind ei ■ in
two ft i
•     I   lei      o( -Ii.
itnt    ■      ivoro ihe
inder    tire stove   Kit hot
11..- i  ■ powder man
i'  rpose     ■  ' .i
,. im
.,•    'll,      I   "i   to       I'"
','        Whother   the
: m ■ ' i: I'm ■'
'    to  tin ould
I III i.       '....     t'e     i'
•    i. h "i i    ci     in-
 i i :
to keep       ty from
that     I ■   re they were »l iwing
and to i-i' their     lunch
ll     m       linik.  Tony ' rrrobor-
ii l wa   mi"     of    tho
'      men  to     Tony  when lie  told
''. i sop away     from 'li.- lei" '
i   i Is mi d lir called hi i al ten
•"ii to ii o thai deci"! :ed -imply ignored lhn warning. There was ii"
'lue""ne.      iliuiit  thii—hi had  no liusi-
Our Now Spring Corsets have arrived antl we are
shtiwiii"; the very latest models in this popular make. Wc _
have a large number of models to lit all figures,   [fyou
wish your new dress to fit well you must have a good '
fitting corset and we can assist you withlour up-to-date
LA* DIVA The newest model, lung- hip. extra
limp: back, medium bust, four good lisle supporters. All
sizes from IS to 2(i.
LA DIVA   Reducing—in large sixes or   styles.'"]
Stout ladies will find this one of the most effective and
comfortable reducing corsets on the market.   Six hose
DIRECTOIRE models in the modified styles
suitable to ihis season's'stvles. in all'sizes from IS to 30
and all prices from $1.25 to $4.00.
GIRDLE Corsets, Nursing Corsets, Health Corsets,
Children's Waists in all styles.
Buy D. & A. Corsets and Get
Complete Satisfaction
"~ Havejyou  tried tin-  Robin   lined  brand?    Ii
makes the whiti-st^unl liglitcsljbread ol anj in
mi"-'",i lhc market.     We use it in tin- making nf our
m wn" 1 irt-ail. "^, Try- afloat and you will he delighted.
-fe-iS Con be obtained in 25, 50 uud'lOOlb sacks luuu
G. W. Bell
P.JO   Box 208
Phone No. 23
Your Only Chance to Buy Now
Ames-Holden ^J |y Jh^   For Ladies
Mrs- A. G. Crick • First Street
the bouse al  thi t pat tii alar
iun.       ll    i ighl call Win- Chung.
Mt. '-'i-.".i d: I objci : lo sit ting
here till I o'clock in the morning to
be ii Vi ini i lhu :. I huve made up
■I.. tab '
l'!>   '' roi The whole thing hin
ties on this—whether then was carelessness or not? 11 Wing Chung inn
throw an; lighl on il \ie inn lake
his statement, It Is not a question of
low minutes, but tlml you nre here
fi. i. il i-i evidence out and give your
verdict on ii.
Wing Chung wus I lien called, but
knew nothing ubout it. Ilis man
Plinrlie •.'•as lulled und Bald bo fniv
the     powdor     placed      round       tho
!■ .(■ mid three nick.- placed und. i
nouth tho stove ill the morning. Wa
working thirly feet Irom lite liouat
heard n blast. sum smoke nnd thi
window glass blown out.
Tbo jury, after a short retirement
returned a verdict Hint deceased camt
to his dentil by burning in \\in_
Chung In.ii c. thut death was ,• c , i
dental, und thai there was no blt_ui
attaohod to anyone.
Next Friday aftoi-noon (March 4th)
tbo lltind of Hope vvill be organisoi
under ihe supervision of the W. C. T
V., in the City Hull at 8.80, All parents tno kindly asked to allow I licit
children to come. ',.


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