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 (•' Empire" TpwS
For ease of operation ar^'
perfection in results
unsurpassed.    Price $t
Interior Publishing Co., Ag.
The Mail-Hepald
Visiting Cards
Interior PuDlishing Company
Vol. 17-No. 98
$2.50 Per Year
Leading Businessmen of Revelstoke Gather to Consider Ways and Means to Assist Advancement of City and District
There wus a good attendance of
tlie Hevelstoke liourd ol Trade ut the
City Hall ou Thursday evening, Dec.
7th, ou thu occasion ol the regular
monthly meeting. President W, H.
Pratt took the chair at S p.m
roots prior to the planting! The tiov
ernment would he pleased to hear
Irom partieB having & suitable location.
Tin;     Secretary     reported that arrangements  had  heen  made Ior    de-
minutes   ol  the last meeting  scriptive articles illustrated with cuts
Ivory and Peal Handled
Knives for the Boys
2Scts. to $2
In Handsome Cases
Best   Brands
$4 to $15
Knive   Fork  and   Spoon
in plain or Fancy Boxes
25cts.'to $2.50
Jardineres from 25cts. to $6
Candlesticks   $1 to $3 pair
Kettles    75cts. to $4
In Fancy Cases makes
a beautiful present
$1.5o to $4.
Knives    Forks    Spoons
Knives from $2,50 doz. to $7
Tea Spoons $1 doz. to $4
Great Values in Tea Sets
$15 to $40
Fruit Bowls $4 to $6
8 Imperial Bank of Canada
X .    ....     -      w -*._•«*-■     nM4*arlA
Head Otf lo-o-Toronto, Ontario
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
Winter Butter Supply for Families
Save money by getting your winter Butter in
bulk.   Get our prices.
See us, telephone us, write us, or give your
orders to our driver.
Wholesale and Retail Produce and Meats
Mrs. H. N. Coursier carries off two first  prizes
with ROBIN HOOD FLOUR.   Tlie special prize
we offered and also for the best  loaf from any
flour.   If you want good bread use Robin Hood
the (lour of quality.
of the new Uume anil the new school
housa, to appear in certain trade
journals, as advertisement*-! for Revelstoke  anil  (listrict.
Various communications were ordered answered oi* tiled. Correspond -
ence trom the Nelson Board of Trade
w...,v. ■„  ..„._       was read, referring to the steps tak-
Assoolatlon was read advising tn Iiy that body to tight against thj
inauguration ot cheaper rates -from
Western Terminal points to points
iu ihe Interior, unless at thc same
time corresponding reductions were
allowed -t0 interior points from original shipping places iu the East, and
I held  November  2nd,   were  read,    and
| adopted.
Following the rending ot the minutes, the lirst business coming under
discussion was the question ol thj
removal ol the Crown Timber Otlice
from Revelstoke, iu connection with
which correspondence trom Couserva
that this  matter  had  been  faken up
with A.  S. Uoodeve, M.I'.,  and    was
being attended to by him.
ln addition to the  matter    ol    tha
Timber Otlice,  the  Secretary of     ths
Conservative  Association  also  stated  it «'as decided to lay same over    to
await (subsequent developments
Several complaints, some ot them
couched in very strong term*- and
threatening u withdrawal ol business
were read trom. merchants on the Arrow Lakes, complaining of the ser -
ious delays whieh took place to goods
shipped from Revelstoke to Arrow
Lake points. Thc discussion wbich
followed disclosed that this is a very
sore sub-ect with the Revelstoke ship
Was  decided that
in his letter, that the time was opportune for bringing forward the
Board's proposals regarding the new
Government wharl for Revelstoke,
and the reading of this correspond -
cuce brought about g general discus-
Biou re the "wharf" and also "improvements above Death Rapids" in
whicli every member present took
part. The position appeared to be,
that the government would build the
wharf provided the city connect by
menus of a good road with the same,
sition work. Some interested friends
visited the school one day when several students addressed the class on
various subjects. As a resKrl'tl, Mr.
Coursier ollered a medal to the boys
nnd Mr. Cunningham Morris one to
the girls to be won In a public speak
ing contest. Hence the program this
year will consist chiefly of the
speeches of the youthful orators for
the medals above mentioned, and a
sscond prize in each contest given by
Messrs.  Lefeaux and W, Bews.
Tho addresses will lie:—"Federalism
in Canada and the United States,"
Murold Gordon. "The Canadian
Naval Question," Alfred Tapping.
"Home New Developments in Scientific Botany," Leon Coursler. "Thi
Awakening of China," Fred Fruser.
"The Indians of H. C." Henry Johnson. "The Marvel of Vancouver,"
Miss ('.. Urquhart. "Early Days ln
British Columbia," Miss L. Moran.
"The Wonders of the West," Miss I.
rrucunici'. "The Conservation of our
Forests," Miss L. Brock. "The I'an-
ain.-i Cunul," Miss K. Simmonds.
Our New People," Miss M. Field.
The high school will sing threo
choruses dining the evening under the
direction of Mr. Patterson. Several
of the students assisted hy Mrs.
Dmt, Mrs. Squarebriggs, Miss Law-
son, and Mr. Lawrence, will give a
musical   program.
The medals won at the recent midsummer departmental examinations
will be presented, as will also the
medals and prizes won that evening
n the oratory contests.
Admission    25      and  10  cents;    no
seats reserved.
  „,   pers, and  it     Was decided that    the
but they do not seem disposed to mailer bc adequately presented to
conimenre actively with the new the C.P.Ry., with a view to an im-
wharf without i-ome guarantee that pro.'cment lieing cflected. The Board
the approach will be provided. The were unanimously of the opinion that
Board were unanimously o! opinion sucb serious delays as those com -
that the wharl should be commenced  plained of should not be allowed   to
occur, being detrimental alike to the
railway company and to the merchants ot Revelstoke and consumers
at destination points, uun the Secretary was requested to take the matter up and submit specific complaints
to thj  proper quarter.
The government propose to insti -
tute a eommission of local men well
acquainted with conditions, to consider the question of the settlement
of government lands in the railway
belt,  and the Secretary  ol the    Con-
BrancUos or Agents at all princip tl points in Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and Uiuu a S!..uua London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago- First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seat tie National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank, Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposit* of 91 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
a     Revelstoke Branch- A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
■"■" ■■■—■■■■■■■!■ ■'■■V ■■'■>
Useful Xmas Presents
at Reasonable Prices
Mrs. A, G, Crick, • First Street
before the next high water, or at
least that the plans and estimates
should be prepared, and the committee previously appointed, namely
Messrs MeCarter, McDonell and the
Secretary, were requested to appear
belore the council at their next meeting and place the matter liefore
them with a view to ascertaining if
the city would push forward with
th.' necessary work for the improvement of the street.
The  committee  appointed  to Inves
tigate     the
the C.P.H. depot, made their report,
recommending two electric signs, one
to be placed in front of the steps
lendin**: to the hotel, tbe second on
the side hill west ol the station, such
possibilities of placing s.rvatlve Association, in advising
Revelstoke" signs at th.s tact, requested tbc Board to
draft out their proposals regarding
la n.l settlement, for presentation be-
loro such Mommission, should same lie
appointed. After discussion, the
Board  requested  the  present      Com-
Mr. U.S. Goodeve, Head of Mines
and Minerals
Ottawa, Dec. G.—Thr chairman of
tb? standing committees of the House
of Commons have been named as follows:
Hallways and Canals—Mr. Haugn-
ton Lennov, South Simcoe.
Privileges and elections—Mr. Sam -
uel   Barker,  East Hamilton.
Standing orders — Mr.    E. Paquet, j
Public accounts—Mr. W. 8. Mid-
dlebro, North Grey.
Banking and commerce—Mr. H. B.
Ames, St. Antolne division, Montreal
Agriculture—Mr. J. A. Sexsmith,
Easl  P-Jterboro.
Marine and fisheries—Mr. Clarence
Jamieson,  Digby.
Mines and minerals— Mr. A. S.
(loodevc,  Kootenay.
Forests and Waterways—Mr. Rich -
aid  Blaln, Peel.
Debates—Mr. J. D. Taylor, New
Private bills—Mr. O. S. Crockett.
York,  N. B.
Dainty Sugars and Creams, Nut Bowls, Card Trays,
Pickle and Butter Dishes, Cake Trays, Rogers Bros.
1847 Knives, Forks and Spoons.
Sheffield Carving Sets in cases two to seven pieces,
Child's Sets, Fish Sets, Pocket Knives. 150 varieties,
Safety Razors, Razor Strops, Scissors in sets, Shaving
Brushes, Skates, etc., etc.
Very pretty Vases, Bowls, Candlesticks, etc.
New Designs in Fern Dishes, Bowls, Bonbons, Knife
Rests, Salt and Peppers, Tumblers, Sugar and Creams
Decanters, Wine Glasses, etc.
A large assortment of Vases, Plates, l'itchers etc, in
Limoges, VV edgewood and other makes, Tea sets, Dinner sets, Chamber sets, Jardinieres, Teapots. All
these have to be sold before we move into our new
store, and prices are put right down accordingly.
Our Grocery Department is well stocked with new
season's Fruits, Peels, Nuts, Choice Fruits,Vegetables
Potted Meats in glass, linest brands of Canned Goods,
Huntly & Palmer, Carr, Christie Biscuits and Cakes,
Webb, Frys Cadbury Chocolates, Nut Bar and splendid line of Candies.
We have a very large stock of Roasters, Bake Pans,
Cake Tins, Jelly Dishes, Saucepans, in fact everything
necessary to get up a Christmas or any other dinner,
and we shall be pleased to have you call at our store
and see all the good things we have to sell.
Hardware Dealers     GROCERS     McClary's Stoves
recommendations being of course sub mittee on land settlement to prepare
1 ject  to  the  approval  ot  the  C.P.Ry. a series ol draft proposals on    these
I This report was considered very sat- U*M, and submit same to the Board
lisfaciory,  and  the  committee     were at subsequent meeting
p. O. Box 208    QROOER & BAKER    Phono No. 23
re iiiested to go further into the mat
ter with the railway company, and
report at the next meeting ot the
Heveral old standing matters were
then discussed. In connection with
tbi' application of the Board lor re-
bate on amounts paid for coal rates
from Fort William, a communication
was read from the C.P.R. stntine
that that company were unable to
allow any rebate for the extra freight
paid prior to the lower schedule being published, and a resolution Was
carried, that the Secretary request
the assistance ot the Railway Com -
mission to obtain refund of the over
Further correspondence was read
regarding the Arrow Lakes Mail 8er-
uire nnd the Secretary informed the
meeting that nothing had yet been
done and that a dilliciilty had arisen
between the government and the railway company regarding the amount
of board allowance for B man on this
service. It was decided that the Secretary aga,n take up through cor -
rtspondence and endeavor to have
the difficulties adjusted so that this
much needed nin.l isrviOS might bo
available on the Arrow bake boats.
A communication was read -from
tbe Hon. Tbo*. Taylor, regarding tbe
i t il.lishment ot a Land Ollice, and
Demonstration (in-hards at Revelst.ike. Informing the Board that
these matters have been discussed by
th** Bxectttive Council, but that no
decision bad been arrived at. As regards the Demonstration Orchard,
the Secretary stated lor tbe informal .mh ol those present, that Governmenl Horticulturist French, when In
Revelstoke recently, informed him
Umi b.' Wai unmoiis to hear from
parties who WOUM like io secure thiB
m ,| mi nn. ntal orchard, The orrhnrd
must   In'  located  nn  bench land, must
bars iii   acres cleared, plowed, Btum
pi'.l and  I   I, .nil which must have
i ecu uuJci  cultivation lu clover   or
Tha only new business brought before the meeting, was a, suggestion
that something might be done to improve the appearance ol the city by
requesting th,i railway compuny to
install additional lights along the
platform; at present the stranger
wit bin our nn.1st might be pardoned
for mistaking our thriving city tor n
"deserted vintage" owing to the
feeiilo scattered lights which greet
him nt his point of arrival, ami the
Secretary wns requested to communicate with the C.P.R. nnd the city
council, with a view tosome improvement bein*; edected by joint action.
The  adjournment  was adopted    at
in p.m.
High School Goncert
The High School annual opening
exercises Concert will take placo ln
the HMison theatre, Friday, Dec. 15.
Din ing the sohool year 1910-11, Miss
MacKenzle Introduced public speak -
Ing as one of the features of compo-
Kimloops Will Be Large Exhibitors at Revelstoke
We arc in receipt of a copy of
the prise list of the 2nd annual
exhibition of the Revelstoke Poul -
try and Pot Stock Association, to
Ik' held in that city on January 2-3-4
Handsome prizes arc offered in every
class, nnd with n competent committer theshow should prove ft great sue
cess. Kamloops will be among the
larger exhibitors, and as some of the
local fnnciers bave some, splendid
birds, it is hopod that many of tho
trophies will come this way. Revelstoke bas done a great deal towards
the furthering of thc interests of
poultry breeding In B.C., and the
annual show is a great factor in
stimulating the Industry and the im-
provemsnt of breeds generally. The
association Is In the hands of men
who are thoroughly versed In tbe rnis
iiiT of poultry ns a commercial f«c -
tm. and who rsajiSS that this industry is one of the most iinportnn tof
nny In the province. R. M. Smythe
is the Secretary, and all Intending
Qxhlbitors should communicate with
him.—Knmloops Standard.
p Hams   Bacon
T Silver Leaf Lard
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Distributors for Swift's Products
High Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 261 •»• O. Box C
The Annual Mceiin
lhe Revelstoke Conscrvati c
Association will be lielJ on
Wednesday evening, Doc.
i.lth, ai Selkirk Halt. All
members are i rgently requested to be present.
I). M
Wadm in,
West's Minstrels Coming Back
Judging from tho satisfaction ex -
pressed by all who witnessed the per
formance of West's Minstrefs, It will
be good news to know thnt this com
pany is booked to piny a return on-
gagement at the Mdison next Saturday, Dec. 16. There will lie a mat -
luce in the afternoon at llSO o:clock,
when all tbe children will lie admit
ted  tor 25c. nnd adults for 50*0.
in the evening the prices for this
engagement will bo $1, 75c. and 60c.
The company haB lieen augmented
with two more comedians since the
last visit and an entire rhnnge o(
program   Is  promlsod.
If you have never sei* West's Minstrels don't miss them this time. II
you have seen them you will be glad
to see them again.
Christmas Shopping
The shrewd buyer is looking around for Xmis Gifts,
We have just opened a fine assortment of Xmas Jewelry
and invite you to come and inspect it.
We are able to spend more time with you now and
show you the pretty things than during the last few days
before Xmas, when everyone is in a rush.
Every article purchased in this store guaranteed as
F. G. BEWS,    -   Jeweler and Optician
YounR Man 'and al?o the
man who stays youngi make
it a point to try on some of
the Smart New Styles we arc
specializing in Overcoats.
Prices: $15 to $30	
SATURDAY, DEC 9th, 1911.
We have been informed by the Bankhead Mines
that they will forward us Briquettes within the uexl
few days and Hard Coal about the middle of Oeceni-
The priees will be as follows:
 $ 8.75
Briquettes, per ton
Broken Coal, per ton
Egg Coal, per ton
Nut Coal, per ton
Wellington Soft Coal, per ton ....                                          .  11,00
Stove Coal, per tsm    10.50
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Cbc flDaiMbcralfc
gards  their
The     merchants
shipments to lake
f   ihis city
many  tbousgnds  of  dollars  to     the
Railway   Company   annually,   and   we
•JlltertOr pUbliflblltfl Company,   ■„-,. convinced that the Company will
Limited do their  share  by  meeting all  legit -
j.  K. JOHNSON, Manager. Imate     Deeds, especially when us in
RALPH G.  3CRUTON,  Editor. | this  iustance,  by furnishing a  reae-
—- .— | onably prompt service,  they can    at
one. and the same time, increase their
own business and gratify some of
their best customers.
Revelstoke Hardware Co.
Will open in a few days w'th a
full and complete line of
Watch  ihi.s space for
fulure Advertiseing
Legal notices in ceuts per line first
insertion, 5 ceuts per hue each
subsequent insertion. Measurements Nonyariel (12 lineB make
one inch.) store aad general
business announcements %'2.~.tU per
inch per moulh. Preferred positions, lij per ccDt. additional.
1..: •:..-. Marriages and Deaths, 50c
each insertion.
Land noti'-es 17.50.  All  advertisements subject to  the approval  ol
the  managemeut.      Wanted      and
Condensed       Advertisements  :  —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
Uations wanted,    Situations    Vacant,  Teachers Wanted,  Mechanics
Wanted.  26  words or    less,    25c,
each      additional      line  10  cents.
Changes     it   standing advertisements   must   be   in    by 9 a.  in.
Tuesday and Friday ol each week
to  secure good  display.
CORRESPONDENCE invited on matters of public     interest.       Communications to  Editor must      be
accompanied    by    name ol writer
tot   necessarily    for   publication,
but     a**?    evidence ot good faith.
Cortespoodenrs  should  he  brief.
Itlciu.ling postage to England,  United States and Canada.
By lhe year'through  postofllce) $2.50
jj v '__.■: l        _.  _--
SATURDAY, BEC. 9th. 1911.
The  Reval-toke  Hoard  of  Trade are
iniin,; a  public service by active
ly  taK.n-;  up  the matter  of the ton-
lelays  '    sh.pments  of    merits!   (rum   Kevelstoke  to    points
in   the   \no«*   Lakes.
.   :    years     past   the   enterprising
.-.:. - tb.s city have     been
• ■(!;,   possible  means
.    • >m   ilus distributing
I   a  latge  trade  with   the  towns
The first chaptet   in one ol the most'
soi did and    nauseautiug  stories     ol
crime ever unfolded,  oven  in tue police annals ol the great republic, was
c.os*.d on Wednesday. December    uth,
wuen following a complete confess imi
■i.lines U. McNamara     was sentenced
to life   imprisonment, and John    ,1.
.McNamara to fifteen years  Imprisonment,     for    the   blowing    up of the
Mines buildiug in Los     Angeles     on
October 1st, l'JIO, by which explosion'
twenty-one  Innocent   workmen, many I
ul   them leaving    wives  and  families,
lust  their lives. ,
it is   not   our intention    to   dwell
upon ttie painful particulars of     the
crime,     nor the disgraceful   circumstances     surrounding    tbe   notorious
trial.   Mouth aftei   month,  ever since
lh • dramatic arrest of the  principals
t>j   Detective     bums,   the dirty  linen
Oi   this  un wholesome  case  has     beeu
washed   iu full   v.ew   ol   the   public  of
tb.'   United  States  nnd  o! the  world.
Money has    llowod   like   water, liebiu.l
ili.'  prosecution      were  tbe  unlimited
llUi.de of the  master erectors ussocia-
t.i.u, and the wealthy manufacturers
ol  ihe Western Stutes.  whilst the de-
: n'c   bv   the   process   of   holding      up
two  criminals  us  the  victims  of      a
n.e  conspiracy,   succeeded   in  filching
.■early  $250,000 from  the  pockets    of
ili.' hurd  working  men  ol thc  Stutes
ai. 1   Oanada.   Certified    professional
liars, experts, detectives, lawyers .ml
K.tnesses,      were  secured   for     lioth
s. !.'s,  anil   it  must   Indeed  have  beeu
ciifyifig to their  dupes to see    with
whal glee the vultures of tb* Amcrl
r..n law  Hocked   to  Lo-   Angeles,    all
; M.i, ei  t,, seize the lasl  scrap     fi■ -m
ih- rotten carcase ol tbis unedifying
.    i ti-: population ol tbe entire coun
try  in  which the trial  was held,  eras
vainly  ransacked  iu search for    twel
, ve honest      in. n    wbo could be  relied
so far the McNamara- anil other sim '
Har  dyn.imitists have confined    their i
efforts to their native country,    and'
it.  is sincerely  to be hoped that    the
result  of this  trial,  Will  convince the,
solier element  of  the  Canadian  labor I
movement, thut the less they involve !
themselves  with  the  secret  rings    of
American      Unions,    the  more   likely '
they    will    be  to continue to  receive
the     support and    approval  of     the,
host   class   of   employers,   and      their ;
own      membership  of    honest intelli-;
gent   workers.
Mr. and Mrs.  Haaman, n son.
Mr. Shaw of Calgary, came
Monday to take charge of P
& Co.'s shop. Mr. Ingram is
feiTcd to Calgary.
What to Get for Him
Is Easily Solved
at This Store
Wc have spent days and days
and days preparing, selecting,
buying and getting ready to
present to you this great stock
of things that men like best.
and now that everything is
ready it is with a feeling of
pardonable pride that we ask
you to come and see the result
of all this effort wc have put
forth to present a line of Holi
day Goods for men that would
excel in extensiveness and distinctiveness any that had ever
been shown in this cily.
Don't you think you had
better get the benefit of all
this by coming here to buy
Christmas Gifts for your gentlemen relatives and friends.
Give Useful Presents, they
are most highly  appreciated.
The things you get here for
Cheistmas gifts wil not only
be most acceptable on Xmas
day, but a source of use and
pleasure for many months to
come. Your thoughtfulness
in getting something he would
have to buy anyway, is sure
to be especially appreciated.
Cash Outfitters for Men who Know
lidint thut such farms, after they
were once got Into running order,
would he almost, if not enl Holy, self-
As an illustration ol the way in
wbich tb' poultry business is spread-
lug throughout Hi*' province, it may
he mentioned that four new poultry
associations have heen formed within
i'i.' past fow days. These are Mission cilv with twenty-five members^
Sidney, with thirty; Vernon, with
I'birty, mii,I Soolte, with fifteen. Tho
three lirst named have adopted a
system of   co-operation In the     pur-
:hase of food supplies from tbe prairies and it Is estimated tb.it in tbis
way they Bave from live to ciimIiI dollars a ton, The Vernon Association
har- ehosan Hon. Price Kllison iib its
president, Kach association receives
from the department an annual grant
of *"."> to *ioo towards defraying the
expenses ol holding its annual exhibition.—Province.
Leave     your    orders Ior Cult Coul
with Vi. ll. Robertson or Andy Dav-
| idsoh.
Revelstoke Skating Rink
Frank W. Hopkins, Manager.
Ladies single tickets        -           - $4.00
Family ticket, not to exceed 5 members 15.00
Gentlemen's single ticket       -           - 6.00
Children's single ticket    -           - 3.00
Secure Ticcket Early and Have a Full Season's Skating
We wonder wlun we will have a
church service again. Keeling is very
strong here tbat a supply could not
be sent, to keep the church go'n;
wlrilc our minister is unable to be
out and especially at this time of the
year, ll will be some time in lhl
new year before Mr. Hartley can possibly get out und it looks like as if
the Presbyterian powers have abandoned us to our fate.
Sam Walker will represent thc Farmers' Institute ol Uurton at the annual meeiiug in Westminster during
January   1912.
A. A. Uurtou bas returned from tbe
Conservative convention In Victoria,
au.l   reports  a good  turuout. mi ,    .   ,,
The masquerade ball given on Wed-
We arc beginning to be kuown as an i n -sday  evening   by   Fire   Brigade  No.
health    resort   already.   Mr.   Bcha&sr  i,  wa8 .,„ nmitialitkcl success,  nearly
having  returned   to  Uurton  for      the   flve   hundred   people
Edison Theatre
Mitchell & Byrnell, Props.
largely fitterded and fn Unqualified Success
paigns    bave been   ari ed out,     In ,*,,„.„ ,,, g^ aI1 unprejudiced verdict
- *■ ids of business es- 'iha police courts ami the very    pro-
..ment- here    bave  personall) ,    m 0j justice becami    .   screaming
-■ I  lh  Order  tost a,,,eking fane,  evi-u  within   ,,  week of
less ol  thes    [rowing  tbi    famous or Infamous confession,
:t»   have      been   attempt!      Were   made  to   bribe      the
. _•:<•*.,t  measure of sue-   Jurj   men,  seemingly   as   though      all
lt   .-   therefore  all  thc     more   tha difficulties of picking twelve boo
unfortunate,      that this good      work  est   nun  sod  true  out  of  an   Vmer.
can    county   population    of
- **ils, were regarded as a |oke, in tbe
winter to benefit bis health. He visited us for a short tune In Si'pti'ni
the Ladies'   Aid  Society  met  S.u
in ,la>  evtn.ng, nud will bold .-, bask
cl   social      aud    concert  on  tne   15ta
.nsi. in aid ..I church funds.
rbe chin* h is rapidly Hearing completion and is going to be an orna
menl to Uurton.
The Kev. Aubrey p. Durrant will
lecture under tbe M.1..H. Society on
Dec. '.'tb. on Di an Swift, bis life and
Two very interesting lectur s were
given Saturday evening on Bees and
ii.ii-M at Hi*' Farmers Institute-meet
*ug by U.H. Paul an*! A W. Robin
son. lhat thej were both instructive
ting was evidenced by th.'
number of comments,   We enjoy these
■ '..'u*-   ;.     Burt
■ omi ■      '
Miss   R    Fa ■ .;-..-.,
,n Thursday and Mob D. B.
M >r- The
1 ba        • •'    mil Bed  bj   short -
.n     the railway  in..
States apparently no man,     however
carefully  chosen,   is  ileemel   f,,    have
. sgrity proof against  t iw   rtl
duy  gold.    And   now   after   bbe
.'•-■null,   we Ifttin  that   these  two   rim
'■■  li were  induced  to confess  by   tb *
>mlse ul   immunity   from  the   1 * , *
■ i'.    i.    i'l"!   tb.it   political  sob
kogetea, might be
tbe another two yeai
, b*>  whi ■    i ni,*  i- -rn sickening  In
I ItlOg   HI    US    I'' '
i table   ii Its dose, tbat
me iiinol   be sxp
*     do Tl.   r*   .ue       in iIIV
lupposed  i" sn
i our gre«l :,..!•
I Hi *i   judli re  oertainly  la
n t un,* •,; tin*.,  th ngs.
We ,*an only   o '  |   the  Aup  •
• i    th.-,   Mt ..' e wbo   w ire
Id '-.on making       Hsb enough  to   - good
... lule,   ll     Is   *-'  mi'Iian money   to   I"'   inisiiseil      for
' .ct:.
Many       ^	
rom lal I >m I     * *.:lmg'
lelu)        whu h
.. sl -  fi urn  Revels!  I
■iiiueres.*.Mi i    :   *
tail   ■
• ■ ■    itati    bat num
to ti,-.  ..      e of the 1 Pi ■ li
ag tb lcci in
p ,0 • ., . ■ mces  by  thn al.
that  .: an  improvement i innol
' .  net*.-, t
H"tn tb.- eity I      thei  i
It j l such • state of
i cannol        allow   I con
• ■: lian Pai *'*   Railway
Fretgbt  Department  must   move with
tbe      timi            -      .ee    winch    yeai
ago  mirht   bt      tlsfectory,  is     uow
obsolete,     uul    oi
Improvement.'  u.  'he
up to the compatt) ■ .-••• thai the I ■ purposes of thia -•. called trial;
knercbants ol Rcvclbtoki actually get ■**. ran only express oui regret at
th** service arranged f"i. Thc present being compelled to WRtob lustloe
daily service to Arrowhead ml ihi be mocked ami mads .. laughing it.,ck.
Improved by the provision I ucreaa-. nird we can only murmui our hi*.,rt.
ed facilities for the handling ■ , *,n t bbanka thai lueh ,*, legeneratlag
freight, even with ibe ejistiun scbed ordeal us this trial, hai nol and Is
ole. ,m I without aDy Increase "f ex, not likely, to occur ■ nth<* Dominion,
pebse to Hi Company. It is rldlcti | For ninny mo„ths more, probably
Ious that shipments should take ni-ar f"i years, the aftermath of thin ms..
Ij week ti> makp „ journey of OBly, Will Continue to cling to lhn Amen
'i few inil-s. mid »<■ «ajl upob the can i«'o;iin. and tbey ara welcome to
C.P.Ry. to art up lo tbeir boasted.all of It. British Justice may be s
reputation as tbe greats*! and nnwi| trills swift, or sometimes even un
buelnesslfke     corporation In thc Dn-, "scmsariiy severe, but ii  is far pre
minion,  .nd fount al t Introducing! rable to the degrading nnd *<irki*ii
t'n    ilteratkNit    nnd   improvemsBts ini-' process of iim Dnltcd Htates law
■  a   ..I-,   to    ensure our merchants conrte,
iidt"ju.,t'iy catered for as v    it's Indeed pleasant to reflect that
.' i   o     '
...mn  ip   ,. ladlao
SI Miin rr
Burl . -    tbe end ol
M       . .,,     ,
lore to out  I
-   :**'■■
including   many
spectators were present.     The supper
i was     superb,      tbc  ball  presented a
I most artistic appearance,  being hand
Bomely      decorated    lor the occasion.
I The bull  was a great success liuaiici
ally.   The  lollowing  is  a  list  of  tlii
various  costumes  and  prize  winners.
Mr.  aud  .Mrs.   .1.  Henderson,  Spanish couple.  J.   C.illiu, Turk,  Miss tll-
ler,   Uuod   Luck.   K.   G.   McKac,  lio-
ijulos) Miss Alli-oii, School Girt; Mrs.
Sipiarcbrigg.-,,   Uuhemiau  Girl;   J.Don
aid,     Remnants;    Miss   L. Bklwards,
Ladj of the Geisha; Mr. Brock, span
;*-h Gentleman; M.ss Fleming,Spanish
Girl;   Miss   Young,   Gipsy,   Mis-   Sei
tier, German Santa Claus Lady; Mrs
Ganon       I Chocolates;     Mrs.
Bell, Moses  Brine;  i1   McCannel, lJo-
liceman;  Mrs.   McCannel;  S.H.  Green
Sight  of "i.l:  Mis^ McLeod,  Bpanish
Mi<.   Warner,  Queen  Kli/.abctb; ]
Mi    Jackson, Sii      Walter    Ralleigb; !
H       Masson,      Sparkling    Diamond; '
-  in   .   Knight   ol  rli* thins;     F.
Packet* . Midshipman; Miss
L.   Steed,   Girl        im   Texas;   Miss    D.
ison,   lr.-,h  Girl;  0.   Jones,  Chin
ese Clown; J       -.. t-   iinck Hunter;
iforroe.   L'm -   Sam;   W,   Frisby,
Mi i.  Lal ii me,     Liberty;    Miss
M    Mi Lean ■*.    :.>ona  Tiavotore;   W,
Return Engagement
— nl   THK —
Wm. H. Wests
One Night Only
December ■"
Matinee Saturday Afternoon at 21 o'clock
Adults 50c. - Children 25c.
Your Electric Fixtures
If they go wrorij. don't worry, but just Phone   to
Ni   284 in the day or No. 40 at  Night
and they will immediately be attended to. There is
nothing we can't do in this line as years of experience
wiih electrical machinery has given us an insight into
the business that could not be obtained etherwise.
Don't swear when the lights go out.    Let us do lhat
for you.	
A. G. DUCK,   •   General Manager
Store nnd Ollice, Old llowson Block,  VrKenzie Ave.
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson 4 Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
Don't Forget
The Popular Comedien
in  " The Rivals "
Monday,  Dec. 18th
I        'II ——II   ——■■ — ■ I       l.ll-M*,^—1^— I       ■
Oeotleman'e Custume—Mr.  C,
12-inch and 16-inch lengths
Furnished House on 3rd st. To Rent, $20 a Month
Apply" for particulars to the undersigned
Office on Second Street, next to Cummings Transfer Office.
pfleW;   Mrs.     W
Tin* i
Ben   i
an Ci iiipiin*.
T,.'l 11
tor i.m
lirm'i  1
C,   It.
, I. 'lilllli:!
Mr.   ,iml   Ml        I     II    Port
Ii    ii     -.   II u'i-   ll  * i* In    .ii .1111*1    It'irt'ili
Iui in •     ri,- Uni (<"*   i ij
home mi   -iiini.rM
Mr.  N.  K   l.nnnin2 ret ill M I * n 8nt
nrdny  from  *■''*'• W*wtitilnrter,
lie innl  been one ol tbe delegate! to
tiie  i onaet' iti a  I *,:*■ tnlloo,   wini"
away he rtelted     Hoattle mA   tFthei
I i un   I     cit ich.
Mm.  .1.  M.  "liuu.-. manageren   ol
tin-     r.l'.U.  hotel  iit. lilnrlcr.  pawwd
iiiniiii'ii iiii Sun-da j mi her wuy *„ a
trlji nbroa-d, ehe will ni»onii tbe trlirl
ii  monthn In Kit [laml
IIMllN   nil  l-tiiiiilny,  Dcccmli i
M.iiil*  Hay,
. log, Poliey; ii
Mnih. Mihh     Jean
Hyatt ■        *!'     Lawrence,  Pink
li'.in. Lawrence.   Oourtlel
Mr    Wat
tit*   CiitteiBon.  i nl
•   i   *        Hn   Corning, Weel
,*i ii.-r.  Mi.    i,    . i.i tow
I     K ,*.<■•* I ..*.      K
"i i,*i.: Mi l:*t**
>li - MeKII
.'.- \.
ii           ■  no       I '■   *
*.'.     l:     It*.!..   *
•  i'lmrlm,  Mihtm
M ,* . H
H:    * * -     ' ■
V.  Overt
..ii.  T irt
.  Mn   li" gi
I, H
H   Trayer
..',    tbe   Ocean;     I
'    Mr   .M'l,.nn* i    ,'t, inn
Mi      i    i 'i   Knox,
-  mi iih m ArtlH
Ro    * •  iiu'lit
'ii -   ii*.!"*'.   T*i, \rltifi I.uiv
M        ' *       ■■   ;   iii ! I in-  Hood;    Ml
nn; A
i-'.   K n« i'i   in ii * ■    '    ' mmi! i a,, i
\li     Mi I,. nn.iii Iiuitih;       K.
i I*"'*.    i*. hi   Mi K le    \i  m Mainwarn
In •.  Red  Ridln ( Hood;  J.B   vi.*i,,*m
    Queen -,f  Hearts; MlMa Hai i"'i.
Lamp Shade At, Qutb, Old Mnn.
Mrn. Bruce, i.mIv In Black; MIhh
Bruce, Rummer; !•'. D(tici, (llown; k
llrnlinm. Clown; Wiil Hyatt, Jaimn
Reel     I, i li     I'oitUBM—MIm   Ruth
Inl,   tn     I'l.iV.'l
Best ^^^^^^^^
Comic—Ohas. Newsome.
Best Couple—Mrs, 0.
Mr.   Joe  Howson.
Knapp and
Benefit to Poultry Fanriers.
Victoria,  Dec   8   The establishment
ni ,i poultry demonstration (arm    In
<*,,im "■!lot   *. ii, iin* department nf ag
licnltun  I,.,    m* q  in  cootemptatlon
"in.' time and it is not unlikely
•i..,t   iin- ., gistatun at tbe approach
i   viii in* asked to provide
ii v Funds fm timt purpose,
thai   mi     itch  farm  slmll
Uthl   I""!   In Hn' lirsl   instance in
..! ol Victoria.  About
,! ground would     lie    re
■ !   i.i !  the  Initial e ipenee would
. i(   (8000     \ii'*i   tbe   lirst.   year,
■  i ■ *.i ion ii. *  been    Wed
,i.   eiperlence  oh
:  similar (arms would
*   ,ne  ,n  tbe neighbor
i   md anothei  some
I,  tlie  interiot
'i'i. si poultry fm in*  ,!"• ii"'  Intend
■ i ii. I..* in any   i*n ■•     expci I mental,
lor   'lerniin trai Ion     pur
i■        - ilMiii.it' i    that     they
would be ..  gn .i  b n llll   to    poultry
rs,  win. u'l.niii  thereby  be   en
!      I"     1.1111*1,. I  .        Ml il ll        11. Ilil  il   I
fm    theli    iiiiii1,.!
i * i ■,   i, ible ,*i Ice    As things
umi  .ii     hi i   h Coli mble     poulti |
f.illii'** ■     m     i.    (.,   i rn |i • OVe   tln*|i
tm ke ai ■    "in; * I b " N '.I ■
i    Iiii ils.      Panclen     under
11* ise ' "ii iii i ii i iin.I the prloes high,
nui tli" goods as delivered nol always
up to spui'ii ,itone \ government
r.Hin  «uniii obviate these difficulties
nl Would al Ihi' ..inn I mie he n ren
ter tor the diffusion ol vatUaMs
kn.iwlrdgip.   The  department  Is    fon-
Player Pianos, Pianos and Organs
Our reputation is well known (or square dealing.
We can give vou lititer  prices,  better quality,   limn uny
other house in lbe trade.
WHY?   Call and we will prove ihis statement up to the
Revelstoke Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
Storm  Doors and  Windows
IS Vol 11 nol SK WAKiM? iii'l you ever slop io consider thats
■mall outla) in Mm ni Windows antl Doors at this time ol vear will
make your home more comfortable? You >vill save the rost ol
windows "i doors Installed in iln* s.iiinn lhat it uiil make in your
l mi bills, ttcl yonr order In linuieilluleli and get lhc lull beitefil
Vou will nevei regrel It, Let us tend our man nround slid take
the necessary uieaaureuieulii Wcwill buvcvoii trouble, und you
wiIIs.im im .in v iiy purchasing Irom us. we msnuiacture win-
ilows, l'i"!**, Mouldings, t'abinets, Tables, Ktoreslid UlHce I'ix-
I in ts 1-'      hii'v! ol all kinds,
II mu "int I,ime I i uii'iit mnl Plaster or paint ior inside work,
Kalsouiiue or Brushes, plain and fancy Sheet lilass, we bave it,
and inn ki*' Mm the best prices obtainable in lar>;e or smell quantities. No order is too small nor no (order loo lar^e lor u* to
handle. We will gladl) furnish \ou witli prices on unytbing we
Sell oi manufacture.
The Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
p. ii. ii.
I'honi Si
KI'.XI'l.STiiNI.. B, C SATURDAY, DKO. Ulii, 1911.
SATfRDAY, DEC. »th, 1911.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, -   $8,000,000
With its large number of brandies, agents and correspondents, Tbe
Canadian Bank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
thc world promptly and at reasonable rales. Kates will be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on all countries of the world, drawn in sterling,
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Our Doctors An(i=5eptic Shoe is Proving a Winner
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We carry a full line of the famous Pene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoe Repairers,
Harness Makers
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund •    $4 600,000
lias 83 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.
Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
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The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
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McKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke
Fresh Groceries, Vegetables and Fruit
Order now your winter's supply
Best on the Market
D. GALLICANO, 2nd Street, Near Railroad Track
He Now Condemns All Mixed
The Bishop of Montreal has issued
the lollowing reply to Archbishop
His Grace the ltuman Archbishop
of Montreal has made -nine remarkable .statements concerning thc 'Ne
Temere' decree, umi the marriage
question, lt is not a matter of wonder that we, non-Romans, should
misunderstand him—as he complains
wc do —when we have such conflict -
ing statements put forth.
Let us examine some of his statements. His Grace says 'it (the Ne
Temere) has been in force since Master, HIGH, and that in every country
in the world.'
Mnyl draw his attention to the tact
thai it is not now, and never has been
in force in Germany. The Trovida'
decree prevails in the German Empire, and it says:
'Wc will, nevertheless, and expressly declare, define and decree as valid
mixed marriages already contracted
without the Trldentloe form in auy
province or place, whatsoever ol the
German Empire.' So that Germany
is certainly exempt from its operations.
His Grace further says, 'This is no
new thing in the world, since it was
dealt with at the Council of Trent in
It was a u >w enactment then, an.l
Its enforcement is a new thing in Ca
inula now.
We   did  not  object to it as long  as
it was  lying  dormant in the pages of
history;  mr  did we trouble  ourselves
when the decree  was promulgated    In
Canada, so long as it did uot conn-
nnd the United States do not trouble
themselves  about  the  decree,  because ,
they  know that  the  civil  law  amply ,
protects them.     When,  however,    the !
Ecclesiastical     Court   annuls ;l mar-1
rlage and our civil court sustains its \
decision; and when its other features
are being rigorously enforced, it then
becomes    n  practical    matter    which
deeply concerns every citizen   of   the,
Again,  His  Grace says  'particular-!
ly as it (the Ne Temere) is no    new '
thing for  us in  the   province of Que-1
bee,  where the decree  "TameW"    of
the Council of Trent hus been In force
since  the tirst dnys  ol the     colony. I
And  according  to  this  latter  decree. ;
as according to tlie "Ne Temere" any
marriage  to  be  valid  must  be    celebrated before the rare.:
This is extraordinary in view of tin.
statement made in His Grace's Pastoral  in  1901,  in  which he says:
'By virtue of the constitutions    ol
th-- sovereign pontiffs there are countries,  and the Province of Quebec    is,
of the number,  where in spite of the
promulgation of the Council of Trent!
wc are to consider as valid, marriages
celebrated  clandestinely   between   two.
parties, one being B Catholic and the
Other   ,*,   baptized     non Catholic.   Tb:
marriage of a  Catholic    and a    hap
tized   Protestant,   or  vice-versa,   cele
bratcd  before  a  rrotestunt  minister
although   giavely   illicit     and   calling :
down  the  censures  of the  church,  is.
however, a marriage contracted in a
valid  manner, even in the eyes ul tlir»,
church      itself.   Once     consummated, j
this  marriage  cannot be broken     by
any  earthly  power,   death  alone  rendering  liberty  to  the  party    BUTVlv - j
The  Tametsi  decree  distinctly  says
that  'clandestine'   marriages contract
ed with the frre consent of the    par-,
tics arc  true  and     lawful.   But this \
decree  was neve!  promulgated in England,   France  or  Quebec.   Sinca  17*11,
before the acession     of    Quebec     by ,
Prance to England,    and up to   the j
time ol the 'Nc Temere' decree,    the]
Benedictine  rule  prevailed  in  Canada
Pope    Benedict     XIV.  then  declared j
1. Thc Tridcntinc Rule (i.e., th-
decree of the Council of Trent I is not (
to apply at all  to Protestants.
2. Consequently it will not apply
to the marriage of a Protestant with \
a Roman Catholic, as in such cnBe it,
would be interfering with the marriage of a Protestant, the right to
which interference the civil power was
not prepared to admit.
3. Therefore, in tli,* interest ofthe,
public peace and tranquility, mixed ,
marriages were permitted.
When the Archbishop says tbat the.
Tridentine Rule does not »fleet Pro
testants he differs Irom Pope Ben* -
die XIV. The Benedictine Rule is the
one upon wbich His Grace's pastoral
of 1901  was based.
Then His Grace said that mixed
marriages before B Protestant minister where even in thc eyes of the
church valid; now he says they are
invalid. Surely when a decree declares a 'Protestants' marriage null
and void ab initio, and disturbs the
peace and happiness of his home, it
does  interfere  with him.   This thc Ne
Temere certainly accomplishes. This
is all the mon* clearly emphasised by
Ilis Glare's c ir n:.,i, No. 66, November,   PUT.
'Tell jour parishioners in mir name
thai we will no longer grant dispensations for mixed marriages at we
have done in tin' past. Th *y raniiit
in lutiire expeel to obtain tli,*sr dis
(tions .vi n    though    they     hrmg
forward tbe weighty reasons oi temporal advantage or mutual affection,
even though they threaten tn seek the
Tho underwear
without a fault
Jitst    the
style,   size
or   weight
:  I ly ou    like
x'i^^iiy season or climate* :
foreman, ^oman or child,
at  the   £ighit. price.
r    And Jt wqiVt shrink!
.  Purchase   "by
A-      *;-' .   ." *"".*:.>
'■<•-' the trademark. •
It's on every
1jn$l(i garment-in red
\'.',    Try   ;No*   95-
medium weight
«■—■■■■=» OPEN NIGHT AND DAY-———
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant-Short Order
W. C.  BATCHELOR,       -       ^Manager.
services ol a minister of another religion. We would also remind yon
that (here is excommunication again
st every Catholic who attempts to bo
married  by a   Protestant,  minister.'
The Archbishop says the Roman
church's right to so administer the
marriage law, is secured by treaty
nn.l by thc constitution. Certainly
the Treaty of Paris, whieh gives to
Ills church tho free exercise of its
worship 'as far as ths laws of Great
lir tain permit' docs not give such
rtghts. The Quebec Act gave the free
exercise of religion to his Cburcb
'subject to the King's supremacy de-
cinred and established1 by an act made
In the lirst year of the reipn ot Queen
Elisabeth overall the DominiMi and
countries which did then or thereafter ter should belong to the Imperial
Crown of this realm.' This act does
not give them any such right. At tbe
time of cession and for I0115 after,iRo
miuiists in Kngland eould only legally be married in thc Anglican cburcb
so that he cannot get his treaty
rights th.To. Nor did thc law of
Krnee before the cession, grunt to
th" Roman church such rights. Tho
decrees ol th.* Council of Trent were
n it promulgated in France au that
l'i i-c rights arc not a part of thc
an-ient laws of Praiiee.
Tha Archbishop says that no outcry
is made against divorce. He cannot
have read thc prees of today; if he
did ho would know that our clergy,
un.loiir   methods  hive coiid.'mn.d di-
,11 ve over nnd over again. He does
know that no Anglican clergyman is
allowed to ollii iute at any marriage
1 if ;, divorced person during tbc lifetime ol the former partner. His stite
ment  is hardly  born'.' out. by  the facts
This prelent agitation bas arisen
chiefly through the action nl the
Archbishop in annulling the Herbert
marriage, which our courts have not, \
happily, now sustained. To parmlt
a woman who bas b, mi faithful to her
marriage vow, to ho cast ofl with her 1
innocent child, beoatise sh,*- was married by a 'Protestant' minister duly
authorised by the State to perform
marriages, is much worse than divorce, whicli can in Canada, only he
granted for the rnuse of adultry. II
this woman sinned against her
church by her act. 111 ■ would have
thought thnt the fatherly heart oi the
Archbishop would have persuaded her
tn permit him to validate the marriage according to the laws ol this
church, and nol to rast her awny as
a 'vile woman.' No one questions the
right of any church to make laws to
govern Its members, nor ol its right
to discipline them when they violate
these laws, but th* extreme penalty
which any church ran exercise is to
excommunicate the offender. No chur-
i*h or society can be permitted to annul   marriages.
Thc Roman eburrb has no s|>ocial
privileges by our const it nl ion in Can
ada. Provincial legislation may have
granted such.but not the constitution
Most oarncstly would I appeal to His
(Irace and to nil cltlneni who believe
in the sneredness of marriage, not to
force upon us In Canada purely civil
marriages, as is th? ease in Italy. We
want equal rights for all in this Dominion; and it is the right of any
citizen to say what officer shall officiate at his wedding, and when one ls
authorized by the Stntc does It, then
tin* State must uphold the net of thc
officer who acted under its license. No
one can he permitted to touch the
eovil status of suoh persons, nor their
offspring. Tha church mny refuse them
communion, thai is her right; hut she
must not sny thnt the marriage, for
ecclesiastical offences is invalid. Nor
must anyone impugn such marriages
legally  Contracted,   The   State    dare
not permit any church to <in nw, if it
li.'s,   then   It   Undermines   the   stability of the State nml the Church.
Tnronto, November '27—The combine.I Protestant churches , 1 Oanudc
ai-e now ready to make tbclr big effort t<i get the 'Nc Temere' deoree of
the Roman Catholic church, declaring
merrlsgei  between 'Catholics nud Pi"
testants Illegal and Immoral, abrogated.
The Kev. Dr, H.ncks, in a powerful'
sermon preached at Broadway Tabernacle last night made q forecast ol
the line the churches will take In their
opposition to the decree.
An appeal, said Dr. Hincks, was
being issuad to all Protestant chur -
chs throughout the Dominion asking
them in preach sermons of protest
against the action of the Roman Catholic church. A further development
is to be the sending broadcast for
public signature of petitions to the
Dominion and Provincial governments asking them to take action in
order to preserve bhe legality ol the
niirriare tie, no matter what expression is made by any particular
The Broadway Tabernacle pastor
was earnest and direct* in his ser -
mon, which was a complete condemnation of the attitude of t.he Catholii* church on ths quest 1011. The mischief that lay behind tbe enforcement
of the Nc Temere decree and the doe-
trine it promulgated, he -aid, must
be prevented hy conceded action on
the part of the combined Protestant*
H. J. McSORLEY, Proprietor.
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Flaky Biscuits
Delicious Cake
Healikftil Food
made wiih
Tlie product of
10 W^'-^USkiJ'ifcas t^yiHiiS >5
An Interesting Story ot a Bear
Hunt in the Rockies Excit
ing Experiences
\i tii.* time 1 went out to llriliKh
Columbia in the summer ol 1907, to
lane my brother Clinton's place hm
caretaker ■*. lhe Lispar mine, 1 rc-
. iniiM.i longei tli.iu I hail in
i.i-t intended, instead o. returning
irom his visit ,u August, Clinton delayed t.ii October, tic seemed to be
mysteriousij uetained; why, i was
una-jie to learn, till he bnally return-
v .. .n. ug ii.• ,i new Blster-in-law,
who 1'io.iJ a  »ery attractive girl.
At the Bame tunc two young nmg-
Ushmen, named Weeks and Oalgard,
made the.ii appearance, They were
un a hunt .ut grizzlies. Sum.' oi
their luggage bad goue astray, including iheir camera, und they asked
uie to take mine an-d go with them ou
a trip o.-er the range to thc northwest .
ol in. n . lor they wished to t
.*.. * graph .. ars, as well ab shoot
fhej I **tii   tliem  a Swiss  guide
Irom   the  little  colony of Swiss uiuiin
lain men now settled at Glacier; and
and food  :**i   live days,
is .i small tent.
We  Lid  crossed   tbe  range,  follow-
.ce- the course ol tbe uld snow-slides;
and on    evening we pitched tne  tent
ill   a  iittlfc   hollow   which u   slide   hud
.*'*■;-.     it clean two winters   before.
Just .it  d..rti it i.e6an to snow;  and
iutei     ■   were  all  inside  thc     tent,
. '.tie oil stove having supper.
-  a    wax caudle t.ed  to    a
* the ground    between
ilies are.  or how   they  pick up    their
liv ng.
\\c followed for three or four miles
i ,,nn.i the loot uf the mountain, and
cams to when* tin* hear had made his
lirst bid lor breakfast by digging out
,i Columbian groubd-suuirrel. Theso
Northern gophers arc nearly as large
,i ,i grey squirrel, but, of course one
ul i h.-iii would hardly make „ mouthful for ,*, grizzly. It seemed an abed amount of work on thc beur's
iMitt for so sinull a titbit; lie had dug
down fully three leet into bard, rocky
iiiiiiiul, the top of which was frozen
iim perhaps thc sweetness ot the mor-
e ' repaid him lor his toil. It seems
su, for wc smm came to where he had
s npped  to dig out several others.
But, il at lirst this looked to he n
great deal of bard digging, wc had
yet to see what a grizzly can do iu
that respect. About live miles farther
i.mud this,mountain, to the smith
,\ st, we saw where lie hnd Btoppod
to do some digging in real earnest,
to unearth a burrow ol hoary mar-
n ols, or whistling marmots, as they
.ce generally called here. These animals are ahout tbe size of thc wood-
ihnck of the Eastern States, and
when fat weigh from twelve to eigh-
t . u pounds. The burrow was in the
of tbe mountain; we saw tbe huge
pile ol fresh earth whicli the bear bad
.lug out, aud not ouly dirt, but stones
gioat, Hut angular rocks, weighing
ih ee or tour hundred pounds. These
he had wrenched out and sent rolling
down the mountainside.
Hi* got the marmots, as blotches oi
Pl. od plainly showed; but to     reach
Hi m he  had  dug  a  hole  full)
tett deep, carried  back (oui teen or hf
ti n feet into the mountainside,   and
more   than     four
fho   *( ■       a.n.:
:   short,  his  eyes
.*   ■■        le. then he pointed Bileutly
t« tb il Ute   tent     directly
-  m.thing  from    the
:..:    In    th    canvass
i ....
ned to look,   lie had     a
t fork    n lut  ban I,  „n:  drawing
fcarp tinei nght
■ bi can ere il was bulg
ing .;.
We beard an at
•    poles,  pei; and     all,
*t- i n
■ ii, ..: to a
■■ilvt leet I
All lour of us were     n.  wi.it  bang
. Un i  '• .   pegs an . .
imped to oui leet in tli
aeba-dowy  object  di-eappearii
• ■ ness.
It whs a grizzly, but  we bed ns-.ii!
heart ipproaching   a tent In
I  •        .   * ■ Ion      \s  ., i uie, they are
tl  orrect  ideas    as
.  . n*
Oalgard supposed  tbat, on accounl
i.f t.'i itoiin. thm bear w.i- nn
ing iiiieas.h a mnt looking for a place
to Ii.hein.it   In   ■ til  :t may  lur*
hunger m i bad Incited him
or curiosity to learn what that dim,
)umifiOUS   white   ulij'ft   r..uld   be.
With the Mist light the next morn
Ing, 'he Englishmen Bel »H to trail
the ii.-.i'". it wae spitting snow, cold
nnd cloudy, Iml tbe bear's tracks were
still visible, large tracks, six by nine   I      Hack-, ol lormel avatouche
inches.   I did not like  to show    Uie
White   feather,   and   so  slung    on    my
and   followed   them    in
li    hud   thrown  out
e ,i loads   of  earth.
The two Englishmen were astonished. "Could the bear have done tbat?"
•A'   -ks asked  me.
'What else could " I asked him.
So other animal on the coutinent
c. n do such a job ui digging. We
cuiild understand uow to what use a
grizzly's hit- ' ire put. It
wi  ild  seem tbu  BUch  a  task
hive  occupied   the  bear    inr     many
In urs, but the     snow
Bb 'We-d   that   he bad    •   n *.:
time,  lb* probably got thirty or (orty
■ inds of marmot be
Evidently    this grizzlj
that be might be
I think that all grizzlies of
.t   n  live  ;n constant .'ear oi   , i
l>, man and his ritle.  A  lltl
ire found     where  I ■       bad
i,, I,- a detoui to windward
lor hall a mil.* or m
trai r.   plainly to gain   .
: lid        '  iiMl.   ni**
in) one     who might, lie lollowing
*...-   i lar) manoeuvri*. be bad
. ,.n foi a mile or two  then
i, a hr  t.hir.kct lor a while
here ins body had mell
i   11 obably  lor ,i  nap. to
Vet h 1 nti      been     gone
,'i i m  ban nn*  time. It was now
1* ng     pa '        :■   1  was nearly    Ire l
We  had  •   imped   fifteen    miles
i  ,,ii..|, Mi        lour Inches uf mow
,,ii I the bear alien I appeared   to   lie
■ B food *■*, tra' eller aa ever.
1 'those two Englishmen were bent
. n getting „ »hol at „ grtM-ily. w>
'ii... climbed the track ot an uld slide
up the pide ..I another mountain, lot
t ...i in three miles. I bee* Colum -
in. ,i mountainsides consist largely ol
w,nti rs before, fetching down a muss
of broken trees. We had to wait here
llfteen or twenty minutes, for the
much disgusted Swiss to overtake us
nud while we -at there in tlle shelter
,,[ the spruce thickets that grew along
the siiiiiiiiii, l happened In see lhe
hear, a mile nr more away. He was
arross lhe valley, at the toot of the
other mountain, and was partly mil
of Bight ni the old rick oi Iree trunks
It was a long distance, but I saw him
moving   there,   and   saw   an   old     log
thrown out.
"There's your grizzly!" 1 said to
lie looked, then nushing his licld-
gluss. "Hy Jovel" said he to Oalgard
"Tlle boy'8 right!"
They both looked, then let me take
thc glasses. They were powerful binoculars. Kvery movement the bear
made was distinctly visible; and tu
sec that Samson of a beast labor
there In that "id nek was one ofthe
lines!  spectacles I  ever witnessed.
What he was alter 1 do not know.
It may  have been beaver or otter,  tor
there was a little creek burled under
the slide. Beaver now build few
houses hereabouts, but. live under tho
banks i.l streams, or in such places of
refuge as these old avalanche ricks.
i be logs were of all sizes, and lay
crisscross and everyway in n mass
twelve or tiftccn leet high; and that
hear was tearing them out to get mass,
down under the rick. He hnd already taken
opeued a considerable passage tor
himself, aud wus ripping aud tuggiug
away like a Titan of old. Logs, brush
and rotten wood cumc hurtling out.
of thc gap. Even away np there on
top of the ridge I could hear the
old stuff crack nnd break as he
yanked aud wrenched at it; then out
would come a log,  end over end.
Vet, eager and mad as he was, he
kept his caution, tor he knew he wns
making a great deul of noise. After
every lew minutes be would stop,
eome buck out o. the tunnel he. had
excavated, and plant his .'ore paws on
a log. Then he would take a good
long look all round, suilt the air and
listen. After thut lie would hurry
buck aud rip out more logs. Ten
nun and a span ol horses could not
have  done  what that  bear was  doing
The only possibility ot approaching
near cuough for u shot lay in going
round to windward, through the
woods, descending into the valley and
then stealing up in cover ot some
thickets along the bed of the little
cieek below ihe rick; and that was
whal we now attempted to do. I wus
sn tu, ,1 that I could hardly step, and
the Swiss absolutely refused to go
farther with h.s loud. So they lelt
Inm there to watch. 11 the heur took
to' lligbt he  was to shout to us.
As quietly us possible we worked
our way down to the little creek. It
was a terribly tangled place. We were
halt un hour crawling in the snow
among great rocks and snarled evergreen. Meanwhile large Hakes oi
.-iniw bad begun to fall again, but tbe
Swiss bad not shouted, and pres tttly
we heard the bear quite plainly, he
was still at work there. Finally we
came to when w< could seethe nek
ind the loose snul wbicb the grizzlj
*.. ..s flin     .*
'i b * two  Englishmen confei i   I   an ;
,i-  the bear
'■■ » d    himself.   The  distance      was
pel haps a thousand  feet.   Th
just  back of a fallen  pine  trunk,  and
rested their rilles across it. 1 also
uuslung  my    camera,    although    ol
course there   Wns   small   elialiee ol   get
ting a picture nt that distance In
cloudy weather al that time ol day.
At best. 1 Bhould have in*., del a tele-
phut ographie   lens,
Some iiuniit.'s passed. The bear
did uot come out, hut we could still
hear him, At lost Weeks whistled,
and a moment later we saw the heur s
head rise up in sight. "Cua—-two
three," Oalgard counted lor me to
make my exposure. Thm both their
rilles spoke, almost in one report and
the  white smoke hid  everything.
Iliad my eye on a trie to climb, in
case 1 heard the bear coming for us;
but we neither saw nor heard anything ol him.
The Englishmen bad been told large
stories u.s tn the ferocity ol wounded
grizzlies; neither ol them eared to approach the rick. Al lasl, as tbc storm
was Increasing and night coming on,
wc went luiek to where we hud lelt
ibe weary guide, nnd camped    there
ovei uigllt.
The next morning I was so still
and so hoarse that 1 could hardly stir
or speak; but Weeks and Oalgard
went dowu to the rick lo investigate.
They found the bear dead in tho gup
which he hud made beneath tbc logs.
They said that he had worked hack
for turty feet ot more bcueath tho
Only one of their shots had
effect. This bullet had struck
the heur directly beneath thc right
ear and penetrated to the base ot its
Up at camp we heard their exultant shouts. They were all the forenoon   removing   the  skin.
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preferred eoine back    to
The even more reluctant Swiss KUi<le
ti.ii, .I on fnr IxMod ""• with ttK't*'nt
and  a  paek ol food  on bis buck.
Tl.it   surpass,-.1   all   tbe   long,   lun *1 ,
tramps I bud ever takeu. Till  then  I , ley
i r.i* swept, down ihe   (orestf    Into
■.he gorges below, making enornaons
j rieks  ol  brokrn  timber,    pll 'I      ami
packed, hei tei skelter, sometimes toi
' ly  or lifty f.et* in depth,
Kor an     hour oi  two we Lollod up
Ithat steep slide, ami finally reaobed
lhe  top,  where  wc could  look      over
Into the next valley. Across this val
ii.se another mountain; and there
A Christmas Pleasure That's Mutual
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England and Shanghai, China.
Factorial in Mnnlr«al, Roitnn. I.... -.1 --
324 Berlin and Parla.
•ie n.,t;on what travellers grls-ltoo, u
snowsiijc hud occurred a i«*
?i*. wr* m#;/«^ffM^,-ftm£ -^
I'nriiT in.
LIST 1912.
Tli;. Court of  Revision  will Hit    In
lhc   Oity Hall   on    Moiulny evening,
Deoember inii, at s o'clock p.m.
iiy Order,
Oity Olerk,
Notice is licroby given tli.il at tha
expiration ol ouo mouth from th«
lirst publication hereof, tbo Rcvci-
utolte Agrloultural Society, Limltcil,
intend to mipiy to tho Registrar oi
Joint Stock ComimnioB to change the
uume ol the Company lo "Weutcru
VOTERS'.Turl Association,  Llmitoil."
Dated thin 15th day ol   Novomber,
1911, N.18,Dtl8.
Secretary  ol Bald Oompany,
Furnished Kive-roomcd house ior
rent at oni-e on Fourth street.—H.N.
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Good wivkcs. Apply Mrs. W. M.
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WANTED-—Married mnn seeks work,
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For full particulars apply A. P.,
Mail-Herald  OHice. 4t.
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'UlLD HANUE LODGE,      K.  ol    P..
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I'liird  Wednesday  ot each  month      in
Oddfellows'  Hall  at 8 o'clork.   Visit
in^  Knights are  cordially Invited.
J. Y.  SIMPSON, 0. C.
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M. of F.
W .      H.      WALLACE
P. 0. Dox llll,  Revelstoke, B.C.
KUOTENAY      LODGE,  No.  15 A.   F
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held In MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
ou the Third Monday in eacb montb
at 8 p. in. Visiting brethren art
cordially  welcome.
W.  B.  ROBERTSON,  Becretary.
SELKIRK LODGE 12. 1. O. 0. F.
Meets evory Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
J.  8. HOOLEY, N. G.
JAS.  MATI-HE,  Secretary.
Corporation of the City of
Notice He bowers
Whereas uuder the "Local Improvement Sewage Assessment Dy-law No.
1(11), l'JOT" provision waB made Ior
tho construction of a system of sewers in the City of Kevelstoke, the
lunds therefore to be provided by
special rate of frontage tax levied
equally upon the laud or real property and portions of same iu or on
or fronting or abutting upon the
streots and lauea Immediately benefited by the said works.
And wherenB the said By-law has
been acted upon ny the construction
in part ol the works therein providc-d
And whereas the Council deems it
Inadvisable to complete said works
as originally provided lor and con
lemplatcd by said By-law and have
determined to amend said By-law and
to cause a readjustment ot assessments to be made upon the lauds or
real property aud portions thereol
immediately beuafited by tbo said
works so carried  out iu  part.
NOTICE is therefore hereby given
that a statement showing the lauds
or real property and portions thereof liable to and proposed to be specially assessed under the said readjustment and tbc uames ol the owners thereof so far us tbe same cun
bc ascertained from tbc last revised
assessment roll and otherwise is now
on Hie in tho Ollico ot the City Clerk
uud Is open tor inspection during ollice hours.
A sitting ol the Court ot Revision
will be held on the 12th day cf December, 191*1, nt thc hour of S o'clock
in the atteino n at thj City 6Hall,
iu the City ol Kevelstoke, to hear
and determine nny complaints or appeals against the proposed readjusted assessments or accuracy of frontage measurements or nny other complaint which tha persons Interested
may desire lo make and which Is by
law cognisable by tho Court.
All notices of appeal shall be serv
ed on the Clerk of the Municipal
Council at least eight days prior to
such Court of Revision.
Dated the 17th day ol November,
1911. t.d.
Oity Clerk.
Revelstoke Lund District,
District ot West Kootenuy,
Tuke notice that I,  John A. Stouu
of Rovelstoke,  British  Columbia,  occupation hotel-keeper,  Intend  to
ply  for  permission  lo  purchuse
(ollowing described lands.
Commencing  at a post planted
the     North West Coruer ol land applied lor to be purchased by    W. B,
Robertson    and     Marked   "John A.
Stone's S.W. Corner,"     thenoe north
torty chainB, thence cast lorty chains
thence     south    forty  chains,  thenco
west     lorty chains to tho point    ot
commeuoement      and containing    one
hundred     and sixty acres moro     or
Duted 17th October, 1911.
Per  Jumes  A.   Shields,  Agent.
In thc Matter of an Application (or
the issue ol a duplicate Certificate of
Title to Lot 10, Block 21, being part
o( Section 27 and 34, Township 23,
Range 2, West o( the Cth Meridian,
Town of Revelstoke, Map 63GA.
Notii-e is hereby given that it Is my
intention to Issue at the expiration
of one mouth after the tirst publication hereof a duplicate ol the Cerliflcato of Titlo to the above mentioned lot in the name ot Fredericka
Tiede, which Certilicate is dated the
llith day ot October, l'JOti, and numbered  C164A.
Datod this 13th duy of November,
lllll, Nelson B.C.
District Registrur.
MT.      BEGBIE,
OF I. O. F.
No.  3461
Meets in I. a 0. F. Hall noit to
Tapping's Opera Houso every aecond
and fourth Monday in month. Visit
■ ng  iiiiilii'ii  coiuiuliy   weleuuied.
0. W. BELL, C. II.
WM.   S.   CAMERON.   Rec.-Sec
O. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp, No.  229
Meets Second    and      Fourth  Wedne»
iliiyi    in  each  month  ln    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woodmen  arc
cordially invited to attend
11.  V,.  KHWARD8, Con. C0m.
Barristers, Bolloltors,  Etc
Imperial Bank Building Reveletoke, B. C.
Money to Loan.
Olllc«»— Kevelstoke,    II.    ().,     and
f'ranlirook,  I).  0,
'.in.   H. Mcl.'nrter,
A.  M.  Pinkham, J.  A.  Harvey
Reveletoke, Cranbiook
Provincial   Lnnd   Huveyor.
Mining Surveyor,
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French r*tgslatormover l«il»   Th«M
Bill! „i.. oxCSSdlnfl! pi.wriliil In n eulntlnij tin
i*.n*-r,iiiv.- portion i*l tlir imi.ilc lysiem. Hrtn**B
.ill i li-.ip Initiation**,. Dr. H« T»n'§ are mid at
IS., li'i\, nr three Inr llll. Mailnl In anv aililrc".
Tbe Soebell Drnot Ce., S». Cstharlnee, Ont.
lu the Mutter ot thc Estate ot Louis
Soderman, deceased.
Nolice is hereby given that uli
creditors and others having claims
against thc Estate oi Louis Soderman, late ot Arrowhead, B. C.,
deceased, who died at Arrowhead, B.
C, on or about tho 9th day of July,
1911, are requested to send to the
iindcrBigued, Solicitors tor August
Peterson and Herman Carlson, Executors of the last Will of said deceased, within I/O da. k Irom date,
full particulars of their claims, duly
verilied, and that alter that date the
said Hxecuton will prooeed to distribute the su.d estate amongst those
entitled thereto, regnrd being had
only to those claims which the said
K-.Tiiii.i:* shall have then received
Datod November 15th,  1911.
Harvey,  MeCarter und Pinkham,
Solicitors for  August  Peterson    and
Herman    Carlson,    Executors ol
thc Last Will of Deceased.    60d.
Navigable Waters Protection Act
R. S. C. Chap.  115,
Notice    is    hereby     giveu that the
Qibbons   Lumber   Compuuy,   Limited,
have upplicd to the Minister ol Pub-
lie  Works  for  Canada for  permission
to construct an Aerial Tramway from
Dominion Timber  Berth     310,     over
the  Columbia  River  to connect  with
a Hiding ol the      RevelBtoke und  Arrowhead  Brunch of the Canadian  Pacific  Railway  Company, uiul  have deposited with tbe said     Minister     of
I'ublic Works copieu ol plans nud description    ol     site of  such   proposed
work,   und  have  also  deposited   with
the District Registrar of  Land Titles
for Kootenay at Nelson,  DC., duplicates of such plans and description of
Dated  November 23rd,   1911.
Macdonald,    Honeywell &   Graham,
Ottawa,   Ont.,     Agents for    G. 8.
MeCarter,  Revelstoke,  B.  C,  Solicitors for tbc Applicants.  N.25 3M.
Revelstoke Land District,
District of West Kootenay.
Tuke notice thut I, 11. Hellion, ol
Arrowhead, B, C, occupation Lineman, intend to apply for permission
to purchase tho following doscribed
Commeuciug at a post planted
about the south wesl corner of Alex.
.1. McDoncll's application to purchase, thenco north sn chains, thence
west 10 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence enst 40 chaius along
lake shore to point ot Comm'.'ncemcnt
containing 320 acres more or less.
I'er W.F. Ogilive, Agent
Dat.il this 28th duy ot November,
l'Jll, first issueDec2.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of  West Kootenay.
Tako notice that 1, Alex. J. McDonell, of Kevelstoke, B.C., occupation Hoti'l Proprietor, intend to apply for permission to purchase tho
following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted near
the north west poBt of Lot 7952, east
of Capo Horn, near thc smith west
corner of T. L. 43498, thence north
SO ehains, thence west 80 chaius,
thence south 80 chains, thence east
80 chains, along lake shore to point
of commencement, containing 640
acres moro or lesB.
alex. j. mcdonell,
I'er W.F. Ogilive, Agent
Dated  this  28th day  ot    November,
l'Jll. first issue Dec. 2nd.
Revelstoke Land DiBtrict.
Distiict  of  West  Kooteuay.
Take notice that I, Ralph Parker,
of Revelstoke, li. C, occupation hotel
clerk, intend to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing ut a post plantod near
H. Ileflron's south-west corner, being
the south-east point of Richard Par-
ktr'i land, thence rust 10 chains,
tlunce north 20 chains, thence west
•10 chains, thence south 20 chains,
along lake shore to point of com-
m.niement, containing forty acres,
more or less.
Dated  this  2Rth  day  of November,
Dec.2, Per W.F.  Ogilive,  Agent.
Rovelstoko Land District.
District of West Kooteuay,
Take notice that I, Hugo Koch, ot
Vancouver, B.C., occupation, traveler
intend to apply tor permission to
purrhase the following described
Commencing at a post planted
a; mil. three-quarters of a mile nortll
oi Lot SCO on Arrow Lakes running
w.st 80 chains, thence north 40 chains
ihence east HQ chainB, thence south
40 chains, along the Lake shore to
point of commencement and containing three hundred and twenty acres,
more or less.
Dated November 4th, 1911.
JJ.18J.13 I'er W, Oglllvc Agent
I SATURDAY, DEC. 9th, 1911.
ATURDAY, DEC. 9th,  1911,
In Ladies' Gift Umbrellas—a
mixed lot of fancy handles —
anytine of them will make a
most acceptable gift. Shop
early and look at this line of
15.00 to 7.50 umbrellas at
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. /fume Sii Co.. limited
Such a shower of pretty,
dainty white household linens, the best bargains we
have yet shown in all our
Linen events, from the dainty
hand embroidered tumbler
doylies to the magnificent
dinner sett of extra size
cloth and napkins
25c, to $25.00
Wen's Furnishings and Shoe Department
The largest and most carefully selected stock of Xmas Gifts we
have ever shown. Call and let us show you where it means saving
monev  and time to purchase from us.
FANCY SUSPENDERS in   separate boxes, from
75c. to 2.00.
SUSPENDER SETS with armlets and garters   75c
to 2:60.
FANCY HOSIERY in separate boxes—60c. to $3.50
per pair.
UMBRELLAS with gold, silver and ebony handles,
from *8.60 to $8.50 each.
BRIAR PIPES with composition or amber mouthpieces—$1.25 to 9.00.
MEERSCHAUM   PIPES,   amber    mouthpieces
*3.50 to 8.50 eaeh.
CALABASH PIPES, from *2.76 to 4.60 each.
PIPE SETS containing two or more  pipes- $5.00
MEN'S GLOVE*, Jaegar, from 60c to 1.23 per pr,
BOYS' WOOLGLOVES, 35c. and 50c; Boys'Chrome
gauntlet lined, 1.2*6 per pnir.
MEN'S SMOKING COATS. 4.50 to 1000.
MEN'S   DRESSING   GOWNS   9.50 to 1200 each.
SUIT CASES, litted, L8.00 to  30.00;   Suit  cases,
3.00 to 40.i iO each
CLUB BAGS-2.75 to 40 00 each.
FITTED CLUB BAGS  '*18 each.
Everything over 75c. put up in Fancy  Boxes
to $25.
CIGAR HOLDERS from $1.25 to $3.60 each.
CIGAR CASES from 75c. to $4.50 each.
TOBACCO POUCHES from 75c to 300 each.
COLLAR BOXES   in   leather,   round   or   square
shapes, $1.00 to 2.00.
EXCELDA   HANDKERCHIEFS,   plain   or fancy
booders. 2 for 25c.
LINEN   HANDKERCHIEFS,  hem-stitched,  25c.
and 40c.
HANDKERCHIEF BOXES, fine linen, six in box,
•fl.25 to 2.50 per box.
SILK HANDKERCHIEFS fancy borders,  50c. to
$1.00 ench.
SILK   HANDKERCHIEFS, plain,   50c.   to  *1.60
MEN'S NECKTIES, bows, 25c.  to 50c;   Four-in-
Xmas Shoes
Felt Slippers for Children—40c. to 60c. per pair
Felt Slippers for Girls   50c. to $1.35 per pair.
Ladies' Felt Slippers   75c. to $1.75 per pair.
Men's Felt Slippers—$1.25 to $2.00 per pair.
Childrens Soft Sole Shoes—SOc, to $1.50 per pair.
Ladies' Dress Slippers and Pumps—$825 tb$5.00
Men's Leather Slippers, $1.75. 2.00, 2.50. 2.75, 4.50
Men's and Women's Kosy Klog Slippers, $4.50.
Boys' Hockey Boots. $2.75 to 5-3.50 per pair.
Boys' Moccasins—$1.25 per pair.
hands, 50c. to $2.50; Irish Poplin,  11 each;
Large Ascot, 75c. to 11.25 each.
MEN'S SWEATER COATS-$3.75 to 5.50.
BOYS' SWEATER COATS—11.60 to 2.30 each.
MEN'S GLOVES, unlined, brown or grey at $1.50
Silk lined, at 11.50 to300; Wool lined, *1.00
to 3.00; Fur lined, brown mocha, 3.50 a pair;
Mufflers!   Mufflers!
Muffler Sets, of mufller and Tie to mutch—$2 50
per set.
Mufflers, all kinds,  from 50c.  to $1.50 each.
Fleece Dressing Gowns
Get Fleece Dressing Gowns for Ladies, a
most appreciative gift.    Especially  displayed,
because so timely and so attractive in price and
quality.   Fine, warm looking colors and very
prettily trimmed, at
$5.00 to $10
Dainty Things for Babies
One of the most attractive places in the
store is where the dainty things for lubies are
shown.   The little tots of humanity are usually
incentive   to  great    extravagance.    Personal
pride,   love anil  vanity combine to make   us
lavish towards the wee tots at Christmas time.
Come in and look at the cute coats, dresses and
Take the  Elevator  to   the
a thousand  and   one   other things  for their
majesties, the babies—a piece at any price.
Toy and Fancy  Goods Department.
Shop   Early.    Only   two
weeks till Xmas.
Santa Claus at home to the
Children   every   day   from
now till Christmas.
Christmas Waists
in pretty Silks, Satins and the ever desired
White Muslins and Lingerie. They make a gift
lhat is always appreciated by a lady at any
time of life-   You can get them at any price
From $1,00 to $15.00
Fancy Neck Fixings
for ladies. The pretty Wing Jabot, the new
ruflled Fishu, the new large Wing Bow, the
new Auto Scarfs, t|ie new Ascot Veils, all in
fancy Holly Boxes.   Very attractive gifts-
25c to $5.W
Holiday House Decorations
Why not buy that long delayed rug or carpet?
No more appropriate time of year than this
glad season. While in the store visit the House
Furnishing Department and Imi't them over
Some splendid Rugs to show you just now in
Turkish and Wilton, almost any size, from
$12.50 to $75f)0
Hearth Rugs and Mats
Some very interesting designs in these, the
Oriental colorings that are in vogue at present
are most handsome and appropriate to uso with
the present styles of furniture and house deco
$1.25 lo $25.00
hm an
It is in the heart of the little ones
that Xmas is kept green. It
may be your child or it may be
the child of some friend or relative.
We bave always been proud of
our service to the children and
as Xmas I9li approaches we have
a larger pride than ever in our
knowledge of what will be most
suitable for the youngste rs.
From the small and useful article to the much appreciated one
of wear, we have hundreds to choose from which will be a source
of joy to your friends at this glad season of the year.
Come and See the New Cash Carrier System
We have just installed a new system of cash carriers that are quite
interesting. They are the spread wire and gravity. system.
Come in and see them working.
Groceries, Chinaware and Brass Goods
Cheese!   Cheese!
Do Vou know that Cheese is an excellent
article of diet. It is one of the best things to
give thc children now and again. It makes a
most welcome change Irom butter and jam,
and is very nourishing and digestible. We
carry most every kind. Canadian Plain,
Ingersoll Cream and McLaren's, in small,
medium, large and invidual.
The home for the little oiks is now fixed
up and all the good things that please the
little folks. A look al our Candy department
will show both old and young that the good
things exhibited in our Candy departments
ate equal to any other on the market.
Again we call vour attention to our display of Pancy China, Glassware and Crockery,
Our stock is now complete and you have the
lirsl choice now on the list and ncwcsl goods
shown in ibe city. Tables of CUT til,ASS,
Did you try any of our Mince Meal in
bulk? If you have not, why not? li is made
of the finest fruits, meats and spices obtainable,
'lake a few pounds home anil enjoy one ofthe
gre.it big, brown, luscious appetising pics.
Our Xmas Groceries are now all on our
shelves waiting for your orders. The line
weather, the pleasant days and good, clear
sidewalks are an excuse for you to get down
and visit our store, ll there is nothing we
have that you need, ihere are things that we
bave vou will buy. Visit the Store and you
will liud something for somebodv for Xmas.
Our Jap Oranges are now commencing to
arrive, and we can assure you of good fresh
slock. Don't wait for the last shipment, order now. Lemons, Oranges. Bananas and
Grapes arriving daily.
Did you see our display of French Peas.
Mushrooms and Asparagras in glass jars?
This is one line you uiil want for youi Xnuis
dinner:    The best article on the market today
See our table of new Brass Hoods. Some
of the latest designs and patterns, lea Kettles in three si/es, Trays, Jardinercs, Teapots,
Fern Cots, Baskets, Candle Sticks and Vases. BATURDAY, DliC. Sth,  l'.Ul
■SATURDAY, PEC. 9th, lDtt.
Our determination not to carry over any of this
Season's Hats. All Hats selling at prices to clear.
Regular, $12, Sale Price, $6;   Reg.  $8;  Now $4.
Men's Coals
Only ,i leu oi these Heavy Winter Coats
lefl.    L'.ood value at $19 and Si;* To clear at
|i■'. price ol
■  I
Sale I'.ii'-   i'n   Mi--.-.'   Winter Coats,   all
O.is .eason's goods.      Must clear out at Sale
Men's Suits
In bine, Fashionable Tweeds. This is a
value ihat should not be overlooked by any
111.in wanting a suit.
Call iu and see the bargains lhal «e have
in store Ioi yon nl tlii*- Sale. We nre sure
vou will go away ivcll satisfied,
        in ti.wn  inilay       ^^
w.iy to Vancouver.     The genial cap
tnin is tnk;ii; „ w.ii ,..,iiim'I Blxmcm-
tlm leave ut absence,   Tlie    residents
ol Arrowhead regret that the    nows
,,! ins departure had been hu sudden,
as otherwise bhey would most    certainly have glv n  bhe Oopt. a     ban
quot.    N,, man mi  Hi*'      All'"w  1"lk,'s
has  fur the.  past,  decade  li-een     l""r('
prominently     l*denllfle*d in a"   publio
matters than rapt* Fraser,   an-d bin)
genial    countenance and hearty hand ■
shako will he greatly missed In   the
Arrow    I.alie district   for thfl     next
half  year.
Among the Interesting features    ol
ihe Bazaar given by  the Ladles   of
the   Altar llnllil on Tuesilay ami W'''1"
nesdny albernoon ami evening next,
in the new Parish Mall, will lie the
Vrohery competition al which three
prize birtlH donated hv poultry laiiel-
ers 11. MeKinnon, Jack Fraser and
.1. A. Morgan, considerable Interest
will also be concentrated at the doll
booth, the tency work booth, the
, Chinese tea room. Hi' cookery depart
ment, aa well as lhe Mower hootJi,
ami tlie plain sewiiii- booth, This
Bazaar will undoubtedly i«' one     of
lhe hest ever held in Hn' interior of
B.C., as it will he literally bristling
I with Interesting features anil bargains unpreoendented in the nnnnls nl
bazaars. Don't, forget the time nnil
plaee, at (lie New Parish Mall, on
Tuesday ami Wednesday next the 12th
and  13th  inst.
LEFEAt'X — Vancouver   and   Coast
Ed.  P ie t  .'..in**  *n fioni his ranch
at Bi.,'  ;■ the middle ol 'ins week.
Why  do all  the  i>o*>i>lo  go to    the
st.u  theatre.
Buy a useful holiday gift at  How-
Spec,.,',   prices  on  lure  fur  Christ -
mas  .it  Miiyennan's.
Useful  gifts ai   Howson's for     the
Moving pictures tonight at the Bd-
Prices   IC  and  lo ceuts.
Books ol view i.t Rocky Mountains
nt Macdonald's drug store.
See     Howson's    show  window  for
eas;   chairs.
Special *   tancy work pieces.—
Prices from  IOc.  up, at  McLennan's.
Sei thi prices we are iiuotlng on
the balance ol uur new Kull Coals.—
McLennan & Co.
...i   selection  ..f  dolls  is complete
all well made  and prettily dressed at
Irug  store.
. ..i.iii :. o-. Monday the Star the
■ ti. changes its entire program everj   lay.
The newest        Gold .Mounted  Fountain      Peas,   „iJ;es  and   L-ents.      just
:..-l at Macdonald's drug store.
w. c    II,  Dominion land agent
.   In  town  mu  Thurs
.     • -uess.
t  where you uret ;1  li.-mi*
ent ol Ohrlstmas ear,Is.
Mar ug store .it th** corner
Th..  s reports from
Libert l anyon,  »ill     ap-
■ tt    ■'■ * In -■'*...> 's    -sue.
Tbi   Revelstoke Hardware Company
*     ,  handsome Jio    prize
to I Show  to iie held    the
•   •    D  lanuary.
• il ire pii tun    "Krom
1     ■■• • • •        -     3ea     .a the Btar
• '■'•     . *.*      .-lr.
Christ mas   --hop -
t lorget I
• •    *•!    the
IM ■ ii  Tion-
, -    ...
bai for I ■    •
Mt   K.  W. Lamg le • *.  .    for
■-..  *'.t.
Let ir. -   ne   the   Poultl v    Ind .  ': ',
• ' :,,      *
loll mint      ,.f
.;. -   ratta, m.o.
. ng   ■ Um -     -t-rtlDK
■   ny   Call ;,nd s.*e them
m.* . - store
We h,uv in -iivk everyihiiiK lhal you require l.u your
Xmas Cakes, I'nddiiiRs ami Mm.,* Meat. All fresh
ami (fond, iiclutliii); New Raisins, Cm-runts, Peels,
lii:-. Dates   Nui-.. ele.
1 i uii*-li.m* in ,\.il .ni,l ihey are eerlninlj nice, Thej
eonsisl ol" Aprli-ots, Peaehes, Prunes, Pigs, Pears and
MacKenzie Avenue
look At This
We have ninety cords of pood, clean, dry cedar in 11 and
16 inch lengths. We also have cedar, fir and hemlock
mixed.   Get your orders in early for immediate delivery.
The late M". Ferguson
It is with regret  that we have   to
announce the death ol     Mr. Duncan
Ferguson al tbe hospital last Tuesday night, The deceased was loi-c-
inaii of the building department of
the C.P.R, nt. Field, and was taken
ill there ahout a week ago with typhoid fever, when bo was remove,! to
the  Revelstoke  hospital
TIip late Mr. Ferguson hud no relatives In this country, bhe nearest
bein; at his old home in Mienleen-
sh-re, Scotland, lie was unmarried,
ai>.i only l!'.' years of use and was a
iren^riil fakorite with his fellow workmen, lieiru; of a kindly and generous
disposition. His sudden death after
sueli ,, short illness came as „ great
shock I o several of liiR young countrymen who were with hi in during his
i 11ness.
The funeral will take place at two
o'clock this afternoon from the Roman Catholic church.
In the Churches
Come and see the splendid program
ol   moving   pictures   nt   the      K.lison
Keep the date ..pen tor 'At Home'
by Ladies Auxiliary to BUT., on
11 camber 2Mih.
After this issue all advertising
locals will be run in a column under
the heading  "BUSINESS  LOCALS."
There will  i.e a     meeting    of    the
Olrls'   Auxiliary   to   the   hospital      at
tbe residence ,,t Mrs. 0.8.   MeCarter,
Mi.inlay      evenin,-    the   llth  in-t.    at
•ht o'elock    All girls int.*iested are
cor li 1II5  Invited to attei I.
The men ,.f the Quarterly Board of
church will give ., bo
eial  evening  .it   the  h,,nie  ,.f    .1. C.
Robe  n.  Thirl stre*. |
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H •" Strangers  will    be
CH. Temple, Supt.   ol   Mot "   '">'  "elcomert.
er for tlie C.P.R., with bee Thi   Orangemen oi tbe citj  at   mek
ing     preparations .'..r th.* eotertain-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ men' dai Grand
.   ,, ,r.,r,     •'■'turn meets here In They
Ovei eighty children are m     train
,          .„,.,,   ■'•' expect ng   imooe the rteitoreMr.
In:  for the  cantata • Bt*0   r_ 	
tf      il       ~.*,„,-.       Vf   r.        „ ,^h     |_I^.«,      t r.i
In   the      K.lison   theatre   on   Tuesday.
Rev. .I.U. Hobden ol Salmon Kim,
was a visitor in Revelstoke on Thins
lay afternoon.
We regret to announce thai Mr. 0
Hawker of the King Edward hotel
i| iff, Is confined to his room through
Iln iss
at  Winnipeg, paid  Revelstoke a
hi    nu,l.tie  of   this   week.
De unber i'ith. Th ,* is Mi Uie
lloose characters will be dressed in
appropriate costume.
H.   11
Sam   Hughes.
M.I  . and  Hon. Col.
Tho-.    Becketl
w th ( , .Vvill.-
_.    J     "' ill"   rl .'
drama .*!    the ,
Henry H. In moving ptctures ...    ,h.
it the B<1
.    e.   eitAr>tli^l
mar * i, De)
ifetbodlst  paraooag)
the  i Mi Intj *    Th- bappj
{couple   lefl   ,.n   the  evetttair  iiain     f..r
wher.*   they    v.il   make
K..HOO theatre tonight- I
IS cents.
The  Star  t ueatre did not
make      any     alt.-i
to the     requirements ol   the   umler-
writerl   Association,   as
m nt was perfect ■	
,l»avs have bad  the ohoii    I Hal
.. am) tbii -,■■  m if'-"   l '
-■   n  perfume   • >■ i ; * .  m*   ti .   R
■   itock  to ■' •«  :"""   ■''   '   l! .  ...  Meat  Mark, t be        I  open
tOW , ,.,•,,, nt   ,,!   gwtft'l
,   N,   K,.l;        -       |   nighl on  'am imong  whieh  an
,    ,,.,: „„,,„.       lrtM« trm to Bur    Wool     s.e,p- The    Pride     sonp-the
„ the m.i Couirtrj      Mi
K.*iiie win visit    Oennany .u.^i   M
. |i confer *»itb iobh
mail estmntf.
.   ,.   Th-'
Pride these
D '*.   -r.ii!
pui*!,* 3oap*
Rev. .1. \v. Stevenson, minister.
Services nest Sunday nt il a.m. and
;«1 p.m.; Sunday school and Bible
class at 2:30 p.m. The Westminster
Guild will meet on Wednesday even -
in< at eight. "A Great Man, a great
Opportunity and a great Failure,"
will tie the stihject for Sunday evening. The choir Will sing the anthem
"Hark, Hark My Sou:," by J. R.
Wataon. There will not be the usual
organ recital piece.lin; the evening
service. Th.. public nre invited to all
l h'— servici
Uev.   P.   J.   Mclntyre, pastor.    Ser-
n.lny  at  11  a.m.,  BUbJeet,
•-   tmong the .lews."    The junior choir will sing the Anthem,  "()n-
wart   and   Upward."   Sun,lay   school
at 2:31 10  i..m.  iuh]ect  "Pu
rl, ■   choir   will     sing
■    m "Whai ai    thei e   Vrrayed    m
*.   evening,   social     at
Robe, ii   Third St.,
.   -*■: -   i     ipeclaUy     In-
p.m.,  Mission-
;he   Kpworth   League.
■    J inloi  iii,er prac-
• .enuig.   Senior   choir
be   public  .- cordially  In-
• *,*..■ Mrvioei
.Ti'i: -  CHURCH.
\   Procunier, ractoi
\ ■•   nr    Ber\ ices will
. Holy Cmmun
Morning  Prayei      and
i.i'.,.* in    Evening Pi
a     Sunday school
n wist i lir le H
red s* ne lav. Dm
m:    J    i h.ive  irill   speak on
.   |  • •   ' *'   '
.•Ttl, Reas
... ne   is
1     ■*    M
I) p.m     Kb
| up.
n. 0. OHUROH.
Services—On    all    Sundays,  except
the tourth ol eaiOh montb,   Low mass |
with Communion  of  llie  Faithful    at
S a.m.      High  Mass at    10:80 a.  in.,'
Christian   Uootritte   for children     at
2;::o p.ni.   Rosary with Bendlotlon ot;
The Blessed  Saei-ameiit 7:;I0 p.m.
On week days—Holy     Mass     evory *
morning at 7:30.     Conlesslons      are
heard  every  evening alter 7:11(1      ami I
In lhe mornings hefore Mass.
.1. F. MeNBIL, P.P.
Sunday services—Tomorrhw after -
noon at 8:45 u song service will l»o
held, every man invited. Como prepared to choose a hymn you would
like sung. One hour's real enjoyment
Sunday morning at. Ill o'clock, Hoys
llible class.
At the King Edward
The following guests are registered
nl lhe King Edward hotel for the
week ending  Friday  tlie  Sth Inst:
l.ee  Wolf,  Chicago.
Miss  Ida Kerr,  Arrow Lakes.
Miss Irene  Kerr, Arrow Lakes.
I. I.ove, Arrow Lakes.
M.   McDonald,  Saskatoon.
II. Crosby,  Nakusp.
B. F. Pratt, Vernon.
M.  Pratt,  Vernon.
II.  II. Pratt, Vernon.
It.  Lodwlt, Vancouver.
II.  Arnold, Vancouver.
Co.  Williams, Notch Hill.
F.G,  Huh  and family,  Rogers Pass.
W. 0. Lambert, Comaplix.
W. F, C.rahnm, Comaplix.
.'.  E.  Wilson, Comaplix.
P u'cy Shove, Comaplix.
F.  S.  Wolgnmutt,  Olncicr.
II.  F.  Cameron, Winnipeg.
.1.  II.  Young, Vancouver.
J.  Brayley, Toronto.
■I    Carpenter,  Sicamoust
II. dinner, Sicamous.
11.  T.   Hamilton,  Seattle.
C.   ,T.   Boyle,   Seattle.
A.  W.   Elmer, Seattle.
L.  Rae,  Toronto.
' v.  Lovering, Toronto.
W.B.  Morris  and wife, Rogers  Pass.
T.  Pappus,  Rogers Pass.
Mr. and  Mrs. Tbomatt,Rogers Pass
P.  0. Campbell, Kamloaps.
Ilo. Crondinc,  Kamloops.
Robert P    Hall,  Vnncouver.
A.  Derrothers,  Vancouver.
F.  Hoilcaii, Vancouver.
P.  Roilean, Taft.
A.  Themos,  Taft.
W.  0.  Meyers, Calgary.
L.  0. Meyers, Vancouver,
.tick  Snyder,  Calgary.
F.  J. ,H. Aseon, Calgary.
W.  J. Lesage, Calgary.
Ralph C.  Bcruton, Revelstoke.
•t.  R.  McLennon,  Calgary.
•T. Sneddon, Nakusp.
John Bhaw, Galena Bay.
R.  Rowe, Arrowhead.
H. Tyo,  Calgary,
lt.  A.  Murray, Calgary.
N.  B.   Smith, Afrowhead.
• • •   —-——■—
The snme knotty probletna presents itself every
Christmas. It will surprise you how easily it is
solved at this store. You never saw a more
tempting array of useful presents, and they are
pretty, too, as well as remarkably low priced.
This is one of our specialties, and we have it in all
styles and prices, from 15c- up, Collars in every style,
Jabots, Mufflers in silk and wool, Chiffon Scarves,
Frillings, etc. See our box of Frillings with bow to
match—only 75c.
Our range is very complete Everything from thc
feet up and the skin out. Shoes and stockings, shirts
and hoods, dresses, petticoats, baracoats. >'ee them for
Our Blouses are the talk of the town, for style materials
and cheapnes combined' We have just opened a new
McLennan 0% Co.
Card of Thanks
Fire Brigade No. i wish to express
their thanks to thc very liberal patronage tbey received at the masquer
aile ball Wednesday last, and to all
those who assisted to make it -such
a   huge  success.
Committee  in  Charge.
Many regrets have beeu made to
the Committee asking that in future
the whole evening Iw given to those
In fancy dress anil masks only. This
will l>c" brought forward at the next
meeting ot thc brigade ami due uo -
ticc  given.
WANTED—Oilers for new laid eggs,
and lat chickens. Apply, Vickers,
Salmon  Arm.
The G B Lady has left
a lusting impression in
Town. All and sundry
are clamoring for these
Confections. So keep
tlii-. in mind and do not
loose favor wi h your
lady (ri.nd by presenting her with any other
G  B
Christmas  Fancy Boxes
large variety ill
Rnougli saiil
Last year with our Xmas Fruits. We are
again to the front with the best obtain-
ablelat the lowest prices. Try us for the
fruits to make your cake or pudding and
be sure of success.
JOHN ™jjj££ am] packm for the Hills
#:h) down
Balance Over 18 Months
We have our private
opinion of lhc mnn who said-.
" There is nothing new under thc sun." and so will you
after seeing the beautiful gifts
we have been buying for you
Novelties from  every clime.
A well chosen gift
Is a lasting joy".
Revelstoke Panorama Photograph
i (. .1 in length, *    '
Rovelstoke Drop Calendar*
W(    i 1„. >i ***
Xmas Post Cards
mil Id a rto/.i a
Several Thousand TaetyXmns
Cards to choose from.
Xmas Novelties in All Men's Wants
Fine Lonther Card Cases, '* lo ■*
Fine leather Cent rmen .. Wnllete
and Letter Cases -!.'' lo -, 1)0
Centlemen's Auto Strap nnd CHI
ett Safety Razors. V>, '        ,   n
Such as Pirns & 'ash's  Irish   Poplin
Ties. Men's Sweater Coats, Dressing
Gowns and Smoking Jackets.
Sole Agents for Fit-Reform Clothing
and Foot-Kite Shoes.
opportunities Edmonton Real Estate offers you for a safe, sure
profitable investment? The unprecedented development of
Edmonton, the Capital City of Albersa, due to the remarkable
expansion in mining, agriculture and trade has engendered
growth which has been little short of phenomenal; while the
increase in population, predicted to double in a few years, point
to a steady demand for Rea   Estate.
No. 35   RIVER VIEW LOTS  No. 35
two and a half miles from Edmonton Post Office, commanding
a magnificent view of the Saskatchewan River, is now offerered
$30 Down and Balance Over 18 Months
This property, from its convenient an^ pleasant situation,
will in the near future be the centre of building activity and
should be worth double its value in a very short period.
Take This Opportunity and Reap the Reward
See Us for Full Particulars


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