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The Mail Herald Nov 18, 1911

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**Empipe" Typewriter
For ease of operation antl
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $601
i Interior Publismng Co., Agts.,
Visiting Cards
Interior Puolishiny Company
Vol. 17-No. 92
TS ■ A. Bk. Q     A.    w*~. ■ ■{,  XT3*   n\ 3 tt*!* ,«, ,
Lawrence Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada %
Hoad Otfioo—Toronto, Ontario. 0
Capital Authorized      - $10,000,000.00 $
Capital Subscribed            - 6.000,000.00 A
Capital Paid Up 5 944,278,00 r,
Reserve        .... 5,944,278.00 Q
Brunch*--^ nr Atft.p.ts at -'-ill nri*irip*il pffntfl in Oani-wia. M
Ai{i'nta In Great Britala ami Uulteu Stftt-eB—London, England,   (S
Lloyris lii'i,, Limited.    I'hioaijo—Kirst. National Bank,  Oorn Ex-   J£
change N»'.ioin! ilinlc.   Seattle—Seattle National Bauk,  San Fran-
ci«co—'Vi'lls Fargo Nevada  National Buuk..     Spokane— Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank G^w^tment
Deposit*  of $1  and upward,  ree, iv *'.   •■-1  interest allowed at
current rftte frnrn date of deposit.    Oorrubpoliiiunoe nolinited.
Revelstoke Branch—A 8.McCleneghan, M;;r.    ^
Bear Skin Coats for Children
'Brown and White)
Bonnets  to  Match
Mrs. A, G, Crick, / First Street
REVELSTOKE. li. C. NOYEviBEft is  1911
$2.50 Per Year
Thirty-Hour Hunt on Mountains
for Missing Engineer Named
i Special to Mail-Herald)
it   Ior mount in j;
Robin Hood Flour Beats Them AH
Mrs. 11. N. Coursier carries oil' two lir.st  prizes
with ROBIN HOOD FLOUR.   The upecial prize
we offered and also for the besl  loaf from any
(lour.   If you wanl (food bread use Robin Hood
ilio flour of quality.
P. O   Box  208
Phono No. 23
Itilip  liuyin;
The M.L.U. Society opeue.l their
winter session Saturday eveuing at
the home of Mr. E. H. Stevens. It
being musical night, n pleasant time
was spent despite the fart that the
best part ol the originators ol the
society were missing. They will not
fail to afcteod the next meeting, when
James Gordon, B.C., will lecture on
reading, thinking and debating, in
tiie sohool house, Nov. 35th. Many
thauks are due to Miss A. v. McLaughlin and .Mr. Sam Ht'id. [or the
paits they took to ensure success to
i Saturday's meeting
on Friday.
returning    from  Nakusp
Arrowhead, Nov. 17—Intense eicite
meat wus en used tu Arrowhead 01
.Monday last. Iiy the receipt of a tele
gram from Halcyon announcing the' The dredge has resumed operations
distrcsstaf news that Engineer .lark n->i'" tt,ter " sMgbt breakdown. Oapt
.Mont/, ol the Arrow Lakes Lumber
Company, was missing trom a hunting camp back of Albert Point, and
was luftt. presumably in the suow on
a flat near Andy Ward's landing. The j
telegram asked for the despatch of a     Lethbridge,    Alta.,    Nov.  16-
search   party  at  the  earliest  possible  coal miners ol .listrict. No.  IS, United
moment. Mint'  Workers  of  America,  who have
Few places in the interior ran more
Mirers to Return io Work
Nov.   16      Tbt
readily furnish efficient men Ior such
an enterprise than Arrowhead, and
in a very short time a party of fourteen assembled on the ' wharf, fully
armed and provisioned, and prepared
io face the exceptionally fierce storm
of wind and snow raging over tlie
Tlie searchers were lead by Hob
Armstrong, the most experienced old
tinier and prospector in the locality,
and one whose services in similar circumstances have heen on' several occasions,   crowned  with  success.
As it. was feared, and with good
reason, that Jacks absence could only be accounted for by the extreme
probability of his having met a serious accident. Mr. Wallace had prepared a case of bandages and restoratives wliicb he brought along him -
self in order to give the popular hull
ter the benelit of his experience in
such matters, should tbe worst anticipations have been unfortunately
hei'ii'iMi strike since the last of March
will return to work ou Monday morn
ing, Nov. 20 l'Jll, at seven o'clock.
This statement is definite and accurate and can be relied on to the letter
The statement was made last even -
ing by an ollicer of the union in high
A meeting of the executive of the
miners will be li'.'kl in either Fernie or
Frank on Friday at which time thc
Motes will be counted and announcement made of the same. Later in the
day the executive will meet President
Lewis Stockett of the operator's association and will officially inform
him of the action of the miners. Orders will then be given for the open -
ing nf tlie mines on Monday morning
at seven o'clock, at which time all
miners that have been out on strike
will be ordered to report for work.
The vote as unofficially given out
late last evening with the exception
of Taber and  Diamond  City    and    a
Jack's  partner Garry  Flood.      was  number  ofthe  smaller  camps    which
also one of the party. It will be remembered that some time ago Garry
himself was the subject of an extremely dangerous and thrilling experience on the upper lake, particu -
lars of which were fully reported in
this paper at  the time.
Captain Bog«ois who bad embarked the party on his boat the Blonde,
k.'pt closs inshore from Galena Pay
southwards tn the hope of encountering tbe lost man on tbe shore should
be have succeeded in reaching the
lake Unfortunately these hopes were
not realized and the party on landing were [irey to tlle worst forliod -
nn the way to the hunters cabin,
which is a couple of miles from the
lake, the party, wbich was strung
out Into a long straggling line, one
nml another occasionally tiring a
signal shut, came across the hunters
returning to the shore. Jack it was
gladly learned hatl suffered no worse
than a weary night in the bush and
h id managed to return to enmp un-
asslsted about four o'clock on Monday afternoon.
The fact that he havi lieen thirty-
two hours in thf storm without food
sufficiently accounting then for the
stun 11 ness of the grub stake brought
back by the unsuccessful bunting
party It ia worthy of notice that
none of the ample supply of patent
rostorativee supplied by tbe kindly
landlord ol the Lakevlew hotel, Mr.
George Chapman, came hack to Ar-
rpwhead, tho entire quantity having
been only sufficient to allay the excited  feelings  of the ardent searches.
have not yet reported is as follows:
Town. For. Against
Lethbridge     129        28
Fernie  407 4S
Blairmore  35 4
Cassburg   35        10
llillcrest  119 14
Lille    17 23
Dankbead  152        15
It was also learned from the same
source that the majority iu favor of
returning to work at Coleman was
20*0, at Canmorc 100, and at New
Michel 150.
The total vote cast by the miners
will exceed 1.500. anil it is expected
that a majority of 900, possibly more
will he shown in favor of returning
to work. The definite statement that
the men should return to work on
Monday morning is indeed a welcome
piece of news not only to Lethbridge.
but to the entire district. It means
that thousands of idle men will bc
given employment at an increased
wage and that tlie s.-arcity of fuel
throughout the west will be a thing
i.f the past.
Mn.1.1111* 1'li.i 1 lift for Antwerp to
see Iimi father who is dangerously ill
onl n*it  expected  to recover.
11 • Farmers' Institute held a meeting to draft resolutions to lie    for-
'.1   tlie  Central  committer     at
Vict on 11 Papers mm also read on
"Intensive Potato Culture" and Cooperation, by A \ Hm I..n uul A.N.
Mr.  Miller,  jobool  Inspeotor, drop
pel in tt, see the youngsters one day
and no doubt found tli.'tn well up in
BverytWng. Thanks being due to a
good insiriictress.
St",t' Podhieliincik left on a visit.
to bis wife and daughter at Rossland
bone after ■
F.mills    hns returned
month'., sojourn     to
Mr. and Mis. 10. Unhurt ent. 1 tain
' 1 ,1 -.Mint company on Friday algnl
to whist and refreshments,
a troop "I iimti.jiiti's Uanos Company .nil imo.iie .uul goose-step at
Master's Dam od     mi   the
Jist      under the captaincy of A. A.
o(     the     "Ai|iillii
Chrysados"   was   shot   on   Caribou
Flat    by    Lo;       KooteBS] Ralph
An Enjoyable Evening
Tli,- animal .I.H.C. "sleigh ride nnd
nt home" was given on Friday evening. The hoys and lady friends in
.;11 numbering over 30, first enjoyed
11 sleigh ride around the city, then
.■•Iter returning to the parlors ofthe
Methi .li.st church sat down to a
splendid banquet, A dainty menu
card brining the colors of* the class,
set b>   each  plate,  was ;,  new feature
Mr C. F. Lindmark was tbe toast
master for the evening. The follow-
in.:   is   the   loast   list:
The .I.H.C, coupled with the names
of Paul SarnSOU antl C. Painting.
I resident   nnil   secretary   respectively.
The o.h.c.  Misses Bva Thompson
ind  May  Manning.
The Sunday School. Mr. J.C. ltob-
The  F|,worth  League, Mr.  K. C.im
The Church,  Rev,  ll.  J,  Mclntyre.
Tiie Social ('onimil tec, Morris An-
dei  on.  K.  Oorley and  II.  Anderson.
\ toast was proposed by tho iioys
to C F. Lindmark, to which ho suitably replied, Many ..I tiie uMrejMa
given were a surprise to the company
revealing the rapid progress the
young men are making in the art of
public speaking. Some of these
young men will be beard frnm in the
future 111 active public life.
Great credll  is duo the class    and
especially the social committee for
the  very  successful   way  in  which   the
evening's entertainment   was     ron
ducted, All wenf home with words
of praise for the .I.II.C. as exti'llcnl
Sleigh bells,    bona blankets,   lap
robes,  at   Pourae  nro«.
1.0HT—A Purse containing a sum of
money, at the C.P.R, depot, Flndei
*   cl 11111   same   t"  Mull Herald
At Last Night's City Councif Meeting—Free Light Granted to
Poultry Soow
The regular meeting of the eity
counoil was held last Friday evening, those present were aldermen MeKinnon. Sibbald, Lawrence, Oowan,
and Barber. As bis worship Mayor
Hamilton hud not yet returned home
acting mayor MeKinnon presided over thc meeting.
Tbe minutes of the previous rcgu -
lar meeting and the last special meet
ing were then read and adopted without amendment, after which a num -
her of communications were read,
among which was ,*, communication
from* C. Nortll in regard to the aro
lights which was referred to theW. &
L. Committee.
A letter from Mr. Tapping regarding danger to the public from snow
from tlie roof of his building was
referred to the I'ublic Works committee with  power to act.
A communication from the Board
of Trade regarding electric board
signs to advertise the city, was referred to the Water and Light committee on motion of alderman Cowan
seconded  by  Aid.  Lawrence.
Aid. Lawrence then moved, seconded Iiy Aitl. Cowan that the letter
from tbe Hoard of Trade regarding
the wharf be laid over.
Messrs. Laing and Devine appeared
before thc council as a committee
from the Poultry Association, and
asked the council for free light for
the drill sheds at thc time of the
poultry  show.
The feeling of the council was un-
inimously in favor of this aud tlie
committee's rci|iiest w'as granted on
motion of alderman Sibbald, seconded  by Aid.  Lawrence.
Aid. Lawrence then reported on behalf of the Health committee tbat
the Health By-law be enforced as regards Mar  Bulie laundry.
The  matter ot  the  street signs  be-
ng placed on electric light poles was
next introduced by City Clerk Law-
son, and after much discussion Aid.
Cowan moved, seconded by Aid. Law:
rence. that hereafter all street signs
lie placed on houses when practicable
and when not convenient on poles,
ind under no consideration on elcc-
•ric  light  poles.
Acting Mayor MeKinnon then spoko
strongly in favor of procuring a
horse or team to handle the hose
rrel and other fire apparatus, as it
appeared the lire department were
contemplating making „ request of
that kind  to  the council.
Tbe unanimous feeling of the me.-t-
ng being that the present city team
should   bc   stabled   at   the   city   hall,
Aid. Barber moved, seconded by Aid
Lawrence, that By-law No.— amending By-law No. 1(H) of 1907, re a-d-
itisiing the assessments thereof, be
read the first time. This motion was
passed,   Aid.   Sibbald  discenting.
Aid. Lawrence moved, seconded by
Aid. Cowan that thc Court of Revision for hearing appeal! from the sew
age taxation be held on Dec.  12th.
The second rending of the above
by-law was then moved by Aid. Cowan and seconded by Aid. Lawrence,
and was carried. Aid. Sibbald dis -
et nl ing.
Thc question of granting a fifty
vear lease to the Agricultural Society was then discussed, but It wns
deckled to lay the matter over till
the return of Mayor Hamilton.
A  numlier of accounts were then or-
tiered p.iid, after which the meeting
adjourned at 11) o'clock,
Hn Open Market
The  tlr.it  buyers   of     Calgary   .Iiiiii'
tun   Division   lot-   will bave    bbe
choice of the lots which hnve not
been reserved prior to nine o'clock
Monday morning, the opening of the
Sale at  the  J.   B.  Watson Realty Co.
Curlers Meet
Last  evening an  enthusiastic  meet
111.' of the Curling Club was held, nt
which     President   ('. II   Hume, Vire-
I'nsiili'tit      Mclntyre   and    Secretary
Field wen among the prominent mem
hern present. Tlio matter of accepting Mr. Frank Hopkins ofler of $378
for the season for providing Ice fiir
the curlers Was ilium s'tl nl length
tbe fi'i'ling of tbe meeting being that
i'i'iii wii" all they could pay for ihe
e,   as   there   would   nt'Cessarily      Ite
thei expenses that would make tip*
cost over the HM mark even If they
paid Wi for the Ire. Th.' opinion of
the meeting was that Mi. Hopkins
anil the curling committee should gut
together on thin Batter, for If arrangements are not made it means
no curling in Itevelstoke this winter.
We have j large stock of Relic
(lak, Sunbeam Oak, Hot Blast
Airtight antl other heaters,
with specially heavy grates
and linings, at prices to suit
all. I Kir .shipment of Kootenay ami Sask.Alta Ranges is
also due antl we will be able to
till all ortlers.
Hay, Flour and Feed
JiM unl<»ai1e<l a car oi Royal
Household Floor, one ot I fats,
Wheat and Mill Feed and one
ot" Timothy Hay..
Choice Groceries
Fruits and Vegetables
Hardware, Stoves,
Anything in the Grocery Line
Fresh lot of Christie's Biscuits such as Arrow Roots,
Cocoanut Bar, Sandwiches, Ginger Cakes, all at lowest prices. New Dried Fruits beginning to come in—
Peaches, Apricots, Raisins and Currants are  now in.
JOHN McINTYRE & SON     Phone ir.l
Shippers and Packers for the Hills
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd
Distributors for Swift's Products
C ast
Sealf d
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Hum Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 261
P. O. Box 181
Diamond Hall, Ltd.
EYE   STRAIN-The   use   of
suitable glasses save the eyes
from strain and all the evils
which follow.
Profit by the experience of
The benefits of properly fitted
glrsses are testified to by the
thousands who use them.
We examine eyes free of
charge and guarantee satis-
 I    faction.
F#C. BEWS. Jbwelbr and Optician
Cheerful Clothes
Our ClQtV.es are made to fit
thc V^Tsonality of the wearer.
Special styles are designed for
men in all walks of life. You
can always rely upon the sewing, the lining, the fit, the tailoring. Just now we are showing some striking effects in fine
tweeds and worsteds.
Mercantile Co., Ltd. Saturday, now isth. ion.
SATI'ntlAY,  NOV.  ISt.h,   1911.
Fuel for Winter
Pittsburg Anthracite Coal $16 per ton
Wellington Soft Coal $11
WOOD   3 ricks to cord
16 inch mixed  hard wood $7.50 a cord
4 foot Cedar $6.25
Order your supply early to be sure
of Fuel for the Winter
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Crc flDail-foeralo
BtVtLnrilKt.   B.   C.
anterior Unbltsblng Company,
.1    K    JOHNSON    M
RALPH  LJ.   SCRUTON,   Editor.
ki t,n us  Kevelstoke  tins t-enclictl    the
t.t.'f *.*. bit ',i «,ll enable ii to Bupport
h Daily I'aper worthy t.i the city.
Vlcniitlmc  we have nrrau-god  ttt t>i
i  capable Btafl  ot special coi
Interesting Account ot the Dogs
at Northern Latitudes.
The Labrador husky is the ham
among cIorb. Ii was probably from
his spfi'i.il type ul existence there
came the expression, "a dog's life."
Anything that can exist through Uie
treatment meted out to the luisky,
can live on the Labrador. Only
those having seen life down there can
understand tin- lull expressiveness of
that, ill is well to start out t-o be
explaining that Labrador is "down"
and   that  "the"   prefaces  Labrador.)
1 had read something about the
Labrador husky hefore 1 visited that
country, some of it right, but a great
deiil of it worthy of a profcnsionul
short story writer. Most of the
charaoter sketches of the husky
would Justify Bhootlug on siitht aud
llavor decidedly ot a political cum
patgo. Nothing 1 bad itiokeil up iu ihis
reading bud recommended it Btrong
lv ns a personal Iriend. In (net, I
had been led to believe Unit the
tenderfool who gol away alive Irom
the most   unexperienced,    uncannlhal
prise one     would natural  (eel    t.hrit To bo olvlllzed'he would have to work
any living Wring, outakla of an Estel- such  alterations    in his    appearance
m.i.  would im attracted by anything that he would not be a husky,  Under
I with smh an odor and ho little Julci- the  eye ot   man he  scarcely  hides  his
' ii'-w.   1  was leaning against  a rati- thoughts,  bui  controls bis Instincts.
Ing  at   Rlgolebte  watching  the  Hud Al   night, however, he Is tree to yield
| -' n's  Hay  steamer  preparing  (or    its and  then he oun l.c heard  ill      droves
northern  trip.   A     pair  ot s.\il skin ulong  tho heights  overhanging     tha
Legal notices '" eents per line first 'Vhereby
insertion. 6 cents per line eael. •
subsequent insertion. Measurements Nonparlel (12 liuefl make
one inch.) a'ore and general
ess announcements i'i.aD pel
inch per month. Trelerred position.*,. 21. per cent, additional.
Births. Marriages aud Deaths. 50c
each  insertion.
Land  noti-.es *T.5*U.  All  advertisements subiect to the approval ol
tbe management.     Wanted      anil
('an.lensed       Advertisements  :  —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sil
nations wanted.    Situations    Va
,-ant. T-e-achers Wanted,  Mechanics
Wanted,  2i. -words  or    less,    25c.
nueh      additional      line  10 rents
Changes      IL   standing  advertise
ments    must,   be   in    hy  9 a.  m
Tuesday and Friday of each wee-
t*.  secure good display
CORRESPONDENCE invited ou mat
ter? of public interest. Coin
ni'iniretions to Editor must lit
accompanied hy name of writd
not necessarily [or publication
t\.it a- evidence ol good (aitb
C'Tt-Mitonlenee should he brief.
luclodlm?  postage to  England,  United State? and Canada.
By the year -.through postoffice W.5<
,  I Istlc busky  had passed  through     an
pondents at    Nakimp,    Arrowhead, I" .    . ,     ,,
,,    ,       ,,..       v     n       ,-i ii   experience tlml, promised n  vnu.leville
iim 11.ii ( it v.  Needles,   Edijewood and .        ,   ,
, , . ,   i engagement.       One story   that   liud
\rrowlake  points,  mid eastern  points
...       , .      i        , stuck to me in my waking,     and   m
it ml   will   set  apart   adequate     space '
., ., , ,   „ | moBt  td mv   sleeping  moments,    con-
n  this paper  tor the accommodation
, .,     ,. , ,. ,   ... ,    i i.'inid  liie  utter  disappearaiiMi?  of I,a
ol the   live news   from   these  districts.
same  will be kept In    thfl
to Hie     mutual advantage
of   these     rapidly developing points
..ml  of  the  city  ol  Hevelstoke.
This paper exists to serve ihe entire community on the principle ol tho
"BUjUure deal" all round. Matters of
controversy will he dealt with in a
spirit "! broad gunge independence,
. ml all thuse varied projects, which
lying outside controversy are part of
the uccepbed programme of every pro
grcBBive     citizen    as    the    necessary
man who had last beeu seen driving
a team of huskies, tbe only tinal evidence o! him obtainable being the
peculiarly satisfied condition ot the
animals upon their return home. An-
i.th'i- told of a brave mother who had
rescued her baby son from the devouring huskies by lighting them oft
with a whip. I suppose the. know
l"tlgt> thnt the same series o[ stunt's
had attached themselves to every
writer who had ever attempted to
describe a  husky ha-d assisted in lm-
lioots I hnd purchased were lying be
Bide ine until 1 Bhould he ready to
move  on;  instlnctly   one kepi   them re
water, howling and yelping al the
union or the lack if it, and sending
uway to his unturned brethren his
moved when tho wind was not in the resentment at conditions and man
proper direction, A woman came up kind, At the Bound the heart of thfl
and Warned me that I had better bravest ot men dances with the ting-
take  ihem up or   the  huskies      would   le   of   tear  that   enables  him   to   keep
the lirute under  hy sheer cruelty
I have become acquainted   with   a
few representative liukics, hut they're
Stop It:
gi-t them.   Later 1 sat  down     on   a
step     with    the hoots beneath    me.
Gradually I became aware that some
thing     was moving under me,     and   not    on     my  correspondence list
looking around I could see one ol the   Toronto Saturday Night.
boots  being slowly  worked  over the
edge of the step, the nose ol a huskj
appearing as the- cause.
Any "liveryere" can narrate inri -
dents of the huskies' unreliability us
a friend. One mun 1 talked with hud
raised a pup under all the benign influences of a wood-stove and milk
Irom a china howl; but the dog had
the blood. It turned on him, and
only a rille enabled me to gel the
story. If it were nol for the win
tins, the "hveryeres" would i-lcuii out
the quasi-civilized wolves more in
dustrtously than they do the kind
that have not been captured. But
"komatik" travelling is necessary.
and to overcome the husky evil dur
ing lhe four months of summer,
many of the animals are marooned
on rocky islands where their fear of
the water keeps tbem prisoners, and
the owner*- can sail out at their leisure with the bad tish they cannot,
dispose elsewhere. Their weird howling, at night 1 can  vouch tor; the  La
brador hank  i- a memory  that clings
pa towards the future greatness of,',rc
although  the  popularity
5 vT. Ill'A'l .   NOV.   18th,   1911.
ii,  y;  i .;..>    N tvember   l3tb,  u leal
,. ,s       ... *   thereby   Messrs     Joseph
K.   Johust n,  and   Ralph  Ci.   s,niton.
I      riei  i-   manager and edi
...    .,.'  theCreston,   D.C
■ ru-   beavUj   inK
-  l-ubitfhing Company
**•  Itli ■* ;,. a     ■-    experienced
men.  Mr.  Johnson, born  in
,- li i the past twenty
.- d «sman Bod i
■   during ui""'
.,( wbvjI   ' "if he bas been connected
.   a   Press, whilst Mi
.  i meml u   of the  Institute
sta  . ■ ecord   as    .i
England v
.   -    .  ■•      x     .
.   . lr. Jo
*■ . nt       of
'   ■
•     UB "U .      r. U.f     .Ut        	
-   *„h   oyster,   .!.'■•
v„..      tC..it»r*», rwlfr
.     '
.* .rt;..* • - '-' '    "'
tqa ■
.   erttaei    ,r. -
al    be..-   Ill)
*    ■■  thrte naptMc  and  energei
.   ii whom ii .in c.
Ljk lai   branch  of  the     M
.    „ wl Mti  arrangement     re
'.   n n.   at It d'.-s.  the nest  features
.   -j •      mint with th
htio    '    dvft.    ■•" '' ':'"   "
'..    ' I    atlifacUoti *
,     tht c of Revel
tok.     I   - '  •
Mist I si       fty.'
City,   Will   lee,"ive  enthusiastic and
ivholehearted support. In these laudable aims we bespeak the assistance
..' our readers and the businessmen
' the city, the interests ol one ure
im interests of all, it is our desir.'
:iat   Publicity
ot these  two tales should have  warned  me of their scarcity.
At any  rate,      when   I  looked   over
tm   shoulder  from  the  bow of     the
little row boat that carried the mail
autl Business should I from the steamei into I'artwright on
narch forward band in hand, each the far north coast of Labrador, I
'.longer by the other's strength, and lost most of my ambitions to main
hat wiib such combination backed tain the foremost position in tbe
iy our matchless resources and uni- boat. There were huskies enough on
ne position, we should reach out'the "staging" (Labrador for land-
•ith confidence, along every road ing-) to make the disposal of me a
ending us forward to that Greater matter for minute mathematical tre-
rtevel8toke for which the pioneers and atment to avoid partiality. Had there
■rogressives of the past have laid I been but one or two I might have
inch a firm foundation, whereon we'fell capable of satisfying all de -
.re building, and which greatness at j mauds temporarily, but my impend-
■ ,, distant  date  we are destined     to, inS   popularity   foreshadowed  strife
this    issue    will be
With tha quick wltednessed of fright
I made a display of hanging tu the
poles   that   formed   the   landing.      so
i ,t«tr v, ilia c ill       mm       inr,,ir      „,,,    „*c
.. ,       ,    ,    ,    ,       .,    ,    Ithat    some    others of  the passengers
.mud an article which deals with the
, .  , ,      ,.   . . . ,    . and  crew   mirbt  beat*   the   hrunt      of
nigh    price  of     living  which  is  now, .. .      ,.     , ,
the   urst     onslaught  of  hunger      ami
■a'h.ng  an  aggravated   state.      the  .   , ,,
habit.    Hut   to  mv  disgust   the bus
•ause  is  not  with  the  merchants, but   , , ,, '
kicfl  1" t   all    n1' rest   in  us  the  tuoiii-
rom  a combination   of  circumstances ,     ,   ,     ,        .. .,   .
int  we landed.    I  Man t say     that
,s set   forth  *.n   that   article,   lr, m.inv '
eould  lone  my  interest   in   them
■ laces  in  the      west   the  hoard
Irade are taking this matter up with
i view by a gigantic unit,*.I efforl ot
lettering present conditions. At Winnipeg stipar ts Belling a1  v*       	
. i-., and In that eity there tiae bt in
i jump hi [trices all round during the
ast   -i»  weeks.
Latest Official Census Returns
Ottawa,   Nov.  16—The  Census  ii *
• an  published today  the follow
i*  jm orporatod   m ■        •   ..
.ml  villages ii> British
*    vAllm -   Cuiiil.t" I ,• I
"ii",,     Prince Ruperl    1,134;   \ bti
Kootenay* —Fernie
Steele.  271 .  Nelson   ei
nrbs *   l,5i and,  2-.8J!"
■ rook   2,31 *'    rrail, 1,1
\ew   Michel   " ■'
Revelstoke,  3,010;   N'aku ;
len,   'i-   Hosmer,
n.h. ,;m Esquimau,   >
,,,.      |,3$S       Ladysm I *
I U ng as  ti,.*: .*     ,vas a person  1 el we n
nn  ami  them    Uut  1   was unselfish; I
ittempt tn monopotia ■ Iheir
attention.   Then       I mem
the .il  mod-
admitted   .'..*' I liter - it
tion   than   I   *
Th ■ I; .*-.' i     * -.      ke a woll
bas Motne to live  with
■   -
■  ea   hie  teeth
': ::■   ire make
not     iwn
■ v   he
*, ,
.   ■
I ear—ha
tl '■:  .
I bide 1
longer than is welcomed.   At present
the huskies have a monopoly  of trans
portation that merits government in-
t-rference.   They   welcome  tbe   Intro -
auction of any other animal, such as
thp reindeer or horse;  it  makes variety in the fare of the husky.
But to return to my own personal
friends among the huskies.     When    1
obuerved the immunity ot my passen
ger friends I summoned courage   to
unsltag my camera. Ten or a score of
the animals     lay in the shade ot   a
Hudson's     Hay    building  apparently
satisfied with the last man.  Creeping
bravely  within u  dozen feet of them.
I prepared to transcribe their principal   features   "for  tho   benefit  of  our
readers."      Immediately    the    whole
hand vacated; they seemed to think
; t  had  the      drop  on   them.   One  big
brute turned his head slyly towards
! me and threw such a glint into his
: eye and Hash across his mouth that
11 pressed tbe bulb as if it had been a
At     Spotted    Islands    the huskies
swarmed around the  "stagings"    In
dozens,  tearing  at  the  tish-eleanings,
and  sneaking  about  for a chance    ,,,^0^ 8- MeCarter,
get inside the  tish-houses*.  Their only j A' M' pinkn»m.
11-ti Vflf-itf ik*n
other occupation  was biting at them- '
an  occupation  that   was car -       —	
rie i on Bo enthusiastically as to make i
feel uncom.ortably    sympathetic i
In  the hot  sun   they  slunk  into    the *
'.  bo   th it   ri    .vas     imp'*ss.hie to i
■.»:•:   away   Irom   them.   Hut 1 had    be-i
. •• uainted with them by ]
thai  time   md went on my way with
studied  Wat Mul  dignity.
It   was at   Rigolette,  far into     the;
Inlet,  that  I got on)
iking with them,  an 1 then
egac  to   .   . rstand  each  other bet-
i     * ..        -•     ambered to     the
wnarf when something rushed    at me
evei   with  my     !a*e.
It was oi ■ ■ ■ isness    that
ll yuu are the man that has
been buying- Inu shoes ana
luiiiisliings on time; stop it;
vou are wasting money.
ttemeniber, it is not what
you earn, it is what you save
mat counts. liiai's why so
many men (men who know
aie now buying their shoes,
clothing antl lurnisuings
irom JUHN BULL, hardly
anybody would believe that
buch high class goods could
be sold lor so little money,
but then the reason is simple; lie sells lor cash, that's
Wily HE SELLS SO REASONABLE. 01 course il you have
uought goods here belore
you uon t neeti to be told
mat our qualities are wortn
noticing. We are showing
an excellent range ol titan-
tield's Underwear |usi tne
miiu lor tins weatner and
our shoe department is iuu
oi sucti wen Known lines as
J. i 1, bell's, Uuciors
special, and Ur. keeu s
ousnion tiiiue—ine easiest
snoe on eertli, and Mci'iier-
bon's line shoes lor men wiio
o. w. o. w.
Mtii.uiu.iu  View Camp,  No.  'i'ii.
Meets Second    aud     Fourth  Wednes
iiayn    in each  month  in    Selkirk
Hall.      Vieiting  Woodmen  arc
cordially Invited to aium.i
H. W. EDWARDS, Con. 0om.
Barristers,   Solicitors,   Etc.
Imperial  Bank  Building  Rwel-
■toke, B. 0.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Rovelstoke,    B,   0.,'   nnd
Cranbrook, B. C.
J. A.  Harvey
Provineial   Laud   Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
I'. O. Box  116, Revelstoke, B.C.
Westminster    .* y Wesl
,i.-an.   1,100;    ■ * .     • f ■
\ . i * .; , i .
i Irand    Pork
I - ■   • l.    Had**i by,    •■■■
■  •   Kamloops, :t 778
'. mcou' ei
iver    7,781; St ith
:   Int Orej    l,»W
... -M,    tllM.t
e a 1
ii t,
-   i   !•,,. weak
am   II   ml   i
LODGE,   No.  \f> A.  F
and A.  M.
, | ,.,, ;,,,*   Itegular     meetings are held in MAS-
•   me from    going' ONI0 TEMPLE,     Oddlellows'      Hall
t.   bhe  nearest  direc-' on ths Third Monday in each mouth
ii-d   mj   tooting,   ut " P'  m.      Visiting brethren      are
the small   'lordmily  welcome.
-   Bay   factor,   whom.        ROBT.  GORDON,  W.  M.
W.  B.  ROBERTSON,  Secretary.
■'■ 'ii  .,   ka'k ,
m -':  In anything aMUCIRK     LuDGE 12, 1. 0. o. T,
Meets every     Thursday eveniug   iu
■ endeav ■   ttttU    s-''''
ireen    antl
I Revelst        lit      -ot!
--,,-•      ,-   the     Premlei  Rnllv iy,
Lumbei ing,   kgi ' il   irul,  Mining and
Totii 1st   'Vii't'r  "f  the  Proi li    an I
,,f hold    oul   'ho glad    hand  to  on ■
nnd all who nill  assist   ua  '    ncfcievt
our 0bJ«ct "*' ., ORHATBR RBVBL
The    Inf«rloi     I'ublishing  Company
•-   ample  capital   .-ml    resources
i  . xpci lencd and  capacity to  provnlt*
adequately lor 'he presenl   and fui
■nr newepapci   retiulremcDts  ol thii
■ n * • :u. ami our bye wecklj will
.,.   ri.T' ,* ed tti a    da *■■    will' ''il'
p»Wc M i Koreifn Newi Si    l«
14 w.
II. iii**in    .   ".    U •oand  ' oi-" rt
i   the     K Imoe   'I tr«  u sdne dn] *
: uh 11
Don't   '■■ I."*!   Hv*   Mai :    A ■■•
•n December bth,   il the opei *
ian Isome pi .* • -i ■ ont ime«
it tt is n •
*       .   *    ll      -I *
'    ,;;,H   ""   '      ■'"'"   .Selkirk   Hall  at 8  o'clock
"aim   uiutbrdn  coiMially  Invited
*  • -
•    .riskiy   iround as
'    B| , ,,iy  tatki
m   the  WORTH
,f.-l ti.e mi
,...   ii,
■ *.    M *'
J.  S. HOOLHY,  N. G.
JAS.  MATHIE,   Secreury.
' OURT     MT      BEOBIB,   No. »46l.
OF 1. O. K.
Meein .a  1   it.   u.  K.  Hall next   to
lup;iiug»  opera  House  evory second
and  fourth  Monday In  month.  Visit
u^  arethieu cordiallj  welcomed.
U   W. BELL, 0,  R*
*A1    S.   CAMERON,   Rec.-Sec
OLD KANQH UiDGE.      K. of    P..
NO    iK,   REVELSTOKE.  B.   C.
'•;,*.•■•<  r.«i;   Wedneeday  except    thf
'   f   ..
■■'-tn     ■ nstanl'    or tbt
lur a mot I inae
I own :
n il to'' .•  bui   ii*   o '■!,.'   ■
.- 11 ■ li       ■                      ■   i, i i
I the ttt'itm
, i  .*    the do-vn trip, leaving h
\,.tlr..f    .:     hereby    '.'i. thai, the   land alone lull  'ot   tbe   '   ■     Ofl our
nm' tor recoivlng tenders for "Loek-|return  trip  wt  learned  thai   In his
*,p      Oourtroom,     and    DonataMn's  mhaanea the huaklea bad elea^ed *.i
Quartae* nt Arfowhend," is artwded   iverythinu thn* r^u, could dent. W«
*,p   I"   12   O'clock   i.ottit   '-f   .".iturdav, t en  Ins  seal skin   bouts an"!  mltta tu.ti
■dntin  November, MU. :""'■" uHHwd fm  Inliernal service   In
J.  V,.   QRUTF1TH !:i*.*.*i  nl  Umii   original   Intention
licpart infill   nt   Public  Worka, I    I fan  font* '       lie'r li inlnga     to
Victoria,B.C.,   lit.h   November, Uli.   ■'■•■'■     ml   kin, an    *      Ioi  the »i|r
*  ..nl   W*tln*Mtlay  ,A earn   month      in
idlfii*,**!    Hall at «  o'clock.   Vlmt
i»t oi (in art cordially  .nviwti
In tl tp
J    7.   SIMPSON,  0.   0.
0. H.  nam K,  K.  ot K   * 8.
m. of r.
LIQUOR   kCT,   1910,
NOTICK   'l'r>   « iiyil'" I   '
ArroWlivao t'11*'- •■
the  Kamlltoii   rnlet    i   i i    Inten
iy ..  'but,  on the
.   ii* .'inii'i   next,   ippllca
■ ill   mm mode 'it ilm   i.ipt.i iu
oi     i'i*u.-tut ..0   Police   fui
renewal   ol the   hotel license to «tl
liquor  bj  retail In  the  hotel  kpn«n
as ti i   *», total, si tun to at st.
M„',K  ™ '..is MtTt. 'm'moV^et .',1' '-'""■  '«  *»     '''"'""' •'•      BritUb
! |  'to ■   ' '"   la]  "' ei-i'ic ,:■ ,i.
HERBERT  UOI    INI    Vppl.cunt
' ■■     ■■':■■',      ,■:
i'im'i.'i  from
turdj bavi ■*• ■ '**.!.* ■■! j few
marks ol his nnrrtiw escape Bfl hi In
fei.oi I.-moi at.u*. and Inking it nut,
na Hit .*kiHi '.f t!i« ununtii*   i
not foi cot ten ' ne  it'.'ia,. to." avni   bul
ll'ii ,    11,,     .  ,,,   ,,l   inotlifru
I li.    IlllSkj     nil    lirvt'l    lie   -quit*  civil
lue i    * ii then nothlni       Ua'brndoi li
Your Electric Fixtures
If they go wrong, don't worry, but just
Phone to No. 284 in the day
or No. 40 at Night
nnd they will immediately be attended to. There is
nothing we can't do in this line as years of experience
with electrical machinery has given us an insight into
the business that could not be obtained etherwise.
Don't swear when the lights go out.   Let us do that
for you.
A. G. DUCK,   -   General Manager
Store and Office, Old Howson Biock
—    ■'   ' OPKN NIGHT AND DAY ■	
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant    Short Order
W. C.   BATCHELOR,        -        -Manager.
Player Pianos, Pianos and Organs
thir reputation is well known tor square dealing.
Wo can (five you better  prices,  better quality,  than  any
otli-pt house in tiie trade,
WHY ?   Cull ami we will prove iliis statement up lo the
Revelstoke Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
Wellington Lump Coal,
f %
Fresh Groceries, Vegetables and Fruit
Order now your winter's supply
Best on the Market
D. GALL1CANO, 2nd Street. Near Railroad Track
Do You Want Windows, Doors, and Finishing
H will pay >on to (jet our  l*rice« before  prrcliasing elsewher
WE CAN  SAVE YOU   MONEV.    W(■ rarr>   a large   stock   0
Windows 1 Doors and can lill your orders promptly,    We  "ill
be pleased to give you a delivered quotation mi anything vou
require, We manufacture windows, doors, mouldings! storm
saali, screens, cabinets ol all kitnls, tables, turnings, •■tore nml
bar fixtures, church seats aud pulpits, door uiul window frames,
finishing ot all kin.Is. etc. We hut lur^e dealers in sheet, funcy
and Plate kImv,, shingles, lath, etc,    Write lor l'rices.
S. (J. SMITH LUMBER CO.. Vernon. B. C.
Storm Doors and Windows
1^ "'."•I It nm si', WARM? Iii'l you ever stop to consider that a
small nullay in Storm Windows and Doors at this time of year will
niniif tour home more comfortable? Vou will save the cost of
windows or doors installed in the -.i\inv; lhat it will innlti? in vour
imi bills, r.ft vour order In Immediately and get tbc full benefit
Vou will never regret It. Let us bend our num around and take
ibe necessari measurements Wewill save yon trouble, aud you
will save monet by purchasing irom us. we manufacture Windows, Doors, Mouldings, l!abiuets, Tables, Store and Office Imx-
tures mnl V     lintj; of all kimls.
II you tMint Linn* L'emeUt ami Plaster or paint for inside work,
Kalsomint m Brushes, plain and fancy Sheet Glass, we have it,
mnl tan tne you the besl prices obtainable in lar«e or siiuill quantities No order is too small mn* no order too large lor us to
liainlle. We will glatlh (uriiisli you with prices on anything we
Sell or manufacture^
The Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
I', 'i  Bi
Phom Ni
i SATURDAY,   NOV.   18th,   lllll.
PATl-RDAY. NOV.  18th.   1311.
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, -   $8,000,000
With its large number of brunches, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Hank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
thc world promptly and at reasonable rates. Rates will bc quoted on
Cheques and drafts on all countries of the world, drawn in sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any oilier foreign currency,
can be negotiated at The Canadian Hank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
Our Doctors Anti-Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is filling a long felt want and its waterproof qualities are standing the test.
We carry a full line of the famous Pene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
■oot and Shoe Repairers,
Harness Makers
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund -    $4 600,000
Has 83 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohea     Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Revelstoke Plumbing, Heating & Sheet Metal Co.
Estimates given lor Sanitary work, Electric Lighting, Hut
Air, Water, Steam Heating ami all kinds of  Sheet   Metal
N Baths, Lavatories, Water Closets, etc*,
Prompt attention given to all orders.
See Our Show Room on Connaught Avenue
Phone No.-
Ilox 401
Have the Best!     It Pays!
You can get the best of
Everything in the line of
At the Reliable Headquarters
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Everybody knows him, he will
tell )-<ni lhal the whiskeys we are
Billing air tlie lirst. ('nil ami I"*
ttinvinced. No household nhoulil
lie without a supply of rur Har-
vsy's tpselsl Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapln Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
3(1 years old or Blaokborry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our Btock
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
kinds are unexcelled. Sold hy all
the leading hotel*., or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
importers and Dealers In Pure Wines, Llquore, Cigars snd Cigarettes
The Coldstream Estate Nurseries
Have a very fine assortment of FRUIT TREES
Ornamental and Shade Trees and Slirubs
Budded   Stock   a   Specialty
All trees ollered (or sale are yrown ill uur own  Nurseries
on lhc Coldstream   Bstate
V. D. Curry, Geo. Matheson,
General Agent. Local Agent,
Vernon, B, C, Rtvelstokt. B. C
i Seam-in-front
\* ri/> stockings
$/ would seem absurd F
' Then  why any seam1
Vnu hsve kept on wearing tittiukinits
with  a seam up tli" liark   shapeless,
uncomfortable ihinus ! because you probably didn't realize the perfection reached
Tlicne are linsr without Ihr sign nfa scam—look for the sign nf the
trade-mark. As thoy arc being knit they are shaped lastingly to
the curves of the foot nml leg. 7/teu fit—they wear better—
and thf utter absence of any scum at all makes llieni
ever so much inure comfortable.      No difference
in cost -but much In quality, iu economy
and in comfort. 65
Makers sf
Made by
Pcnmans Limited
Paris, Canada
the   King"   —  "tloit
-  proposer,    John
A.  McKelvie,
Received Enthusiastically by the
Okanagan Citizens on His
Return from Ottawa
That the Okanagan and upper
country fully availed themselves ol
tbe opportunity of giving cxpreasitjii
tu their enthusiasm at nut only his
election hut the Inclusion of Hou.
Martin Burrell in the Uordeu cabinet
as minister ol agriculture, In tbe
banquet tendered him at Kelowua
lust week, is further illuminated by
Okanagan  exchanges  since  received.
The gathering was ;l memorta'bU
one and furnished an outlet for tht;
entliusiasm ol the upper country in
the distinguished memher for Yale-
Cariboo. A special boet was run
trom the south end ot the lake and
curried a large numlier of guests from
Penticton, Summeiiiind und I'encb
land, while guests came equally as
strong trom  the  northern  cities.
The opera bouse at Kelowna, in
which tbe banquet was held, was
crowded, some SOU lieing present. Tho
decorations were on a very elaborate
scale, a large Union .lack in the
centra ot the hall, while Hugs, suit
able mottoes, portraits of Sir John
Macdonald, Premier llorden, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, and Premier Mrllri-de
hung on the walls, and an orchestra
supplied music. The toast list follows:
"His   Majesty,
Save tiie King.'
"Our  leaders'
Dilworth; responder,  J
"The House ol Commons and Our
Honored Quest"—Proposer, .1. M.
Robinson, Natamata#; responder, Hon.
Martin burrell,  M.P.
"The Provincial Legislature" —
Proposer, Vi. A. I.ang. Pearhlnnd;
responder.  W. T.  Shatfonl, Penticton
"Tlie City of Kelowna" — Proposer. Mayor Husb-nud, Vernon; responder, Mayor D. W. Sutherland, Kclowna.
"Local Industries"—Proposer, Dr.
W, H, Gaddes; rcsponders, B, Mc-
Houald, K.W.  Fraser,
"The      Ijcarned    Professions  "
Proposer,  C.  T.  Daykin,   Armstrong;
responders, Rev. T. Greene,     ll,   A,,
Vi.  It.  Banton,  Knderby.
"The Press"—Proposer. W.B. I'ool
ey; rcsponders, John I/eatbley, Thos.
"The Ladies"—Proposer, J, 11.
Knowlev; responder, A.  R.  Lord, It.A
J. M. Robinson, proposer of the
principal toast, and .1. A. McKelvie,
both made excellent speeches, as did
lhe others. The heal ill ot the guest
nl thc evening was drunk with "three
times three" amid rousing enthusiasm. In responding, Hon. Mr. Ilm
rsll spoke [or about half an hour and
relerred appreciatively to Ilis present
antl past associations with his Yulc-
C'ariboo friends and expressed his
cordial thanks to all thorn; who had
so kindly assisted In congratulating
him. The minister did not deal at
any length with iiuestlons ol policy
BXOepI tu make some stirring rr. -
marks in connection with Cnnutta's
responslMHttes in the great matter
of Imperial defence, remarks which
were rcrrivet! with Ihe greatest elation.
Among other guests were 0. K.
Stocss,  formerly of Grand   Forks und
now working as irrigating engineer
or the Belgian syndicate m Kelowna, W Bunting "f St. Catherines,'
tint . who is .*, special commissioner
it i iii • li,,minion government oo tbe
fruit growing conditions In Canada.
Takes Place in the West-Calgary
and Winnipeg Taking Action
to Discover Cause
Calgary, Nov. 15—A rise in the
price ot staple articles unprecedented
in the history of the country has occurred during the past six weeks ac
curding to information obtained from
looal grocery dealers. Sugar, tea
coffee and dour bead thc list ot commodity S on whicb now piic-ss have
Sugar is selling at Sli.T'J per hund
red pounds iu this city and willprob-
ably go higher before the end of the
year. This is the highest price ever
asked for sugar. Bad crops in all MUg
ar raising sections except Michigan,
is given as the reason for the advance In the price.
Because uf the Chinese rebellion tea
is up two and a half cents t\ pound,
and  will also go higher,
Klour is 20 cents higher per bund
red   pounds   than   it  was  six      weeks
ago and   with a continuance      ot    the
present cold   weather   may    advance
The coffee trust in New York has
practically cornered all Rio eoltee
and the cost of this beverage is 33 1-3
per cent. bf-yher than It whs tl\
■•weeks ago. This advance In price
is not due to the poor crops or any
other reason than the action of the
comblped coffee merchants of the east
according to the News Telegram informants.
Winnipeg, Nov. 11—Sugar Is selling
today in Winnipeg at fourteen pounds
for a dollar. This price is the highest
that has ever been paid in recent
years, and there is no assurance at
a reduction.
The sugar trusts have been steadily
at work for years, stiffening the price
This year they are assisted by tha
boet crop being very short in Burope
In addition to tbis, It Is 6aid that the
"I have been » Pullman Conductor mi
the C. P. U. snd Michigan Central
during thc last three ye.ira, About
four years SCO, 1 WHS laid Up Willi
intense pains In llle groin, a ve y sore
back, and suffered most severalv wlftl
I tried to urinate. 1 treated wiib my
'siiiily physician for two mouths fof
gravel In the bladder but did nuj
receive sny benefit, About Hurt lime
I met another nllrosil mm wllQ Inl
been similarly affected ami who had
beeu cured by liking Ota i'iUs, ffte»
hiving been given up by » prominent
physician wbo treated bim tor Diabetes,
He is now running oa tbe road and is
perfectly cured, Hr strongly advised
rot to try Gin Pills wbich I did,—with
tbe result that the pa|ns left |»e entirety,
FRANK 8, H'K, |iii'i'*i.o. N. V,
joe. a bos, 6 foi $t,$a. Sample free,
Write National Drug and Chemical Co.
of Canada, Limited, Dipt. \V   Toronto.
If you aitfler wiih Constipation or
need age itle laxative, taVf NATION -VI
LAZV 1. V H IUM 1,1,S,  jjc, a bos.   |0)
WANTED—Pair utcond hand Bob
sleighs, must I*. ■ in good repair.—
.1. II JobMODi Malakwa or Mall-
Heral.1 office. Jt,
t'hiiHtinus lu i'uii|i||g. Mnke, glad
the hearts ot your friends with a
nice pbotfl of yourself, tnken by
Totirner and Thorpe, at tho lots R,
II. Truemnn's Studio, W» are doing
the latest styles. it,
price of sugar haa soared in sympathy
with tbe increases in ihe price ol
manyotlier commodities  of  life.
Until Released by Wonderful la.
t      marts Prescription
l.l.junr ..i. up Inflammation ami Irritation of tha stomach and waaktna
lhc ik rv.a. Th* itoacl. er perlojleal
lajiraej drinker la eflsn tores! te
tlrinlj .van against h'- /III by hia as-
natural phrste-.l esadltloa.
Samaria fraaerlptlea steps th* •raving, atsadlee th* urvia kullda up th*
«*ner»l hoolts aad atskaa SrlnS actually alal.at.fnl *>« atussaua. It
la taetalesa aaj •SwIms. anj eas ts
|lv*n with *r wlthsat Um kaa»U4.a
of th* pattest.
Thousand* ml CaanaUa tana sat*
k**n *ST»a fr.m als*rr aad dlsatas*
*t nm Jsrstsd \ Its, Mtta *r
dsufhur thrsugh this w-eeiderfal Canadian r.medy Th* sseasf farmer lr
waatad la tlrlak has rasters** happt-
naaa, horn* aamfortii, adiawtUn asd
t .ap.ot t* tk* fasslHss fsrasrlr la
want sad d«spalr.
Read tka foliawla*. •*• •( th* n«-
mtrotu unssltslt*** t-aSaHlah ra-
e*lv*d: i
"' »•*■ ?•"•» »«•«» »•» *•'    r*«r
ramadr.     It   la   vvrtl   aaara   tkaa   Uf*
to  m.     Mr huksad haa b**s altered
llsuor Mtini ttssasb kut  v.alt      a*t
i.uch It   Ha aalr "
i.uch il Ha mis it kai >. afcara far
i'i" saw. Mar dmtrt •*»•!«• klsssiai
avar r**t as frnm, matt »*»ra. an mr
prarar* av«r, B* m im.m. It kst
ih... wh* hav* Mai It As m«* *s t
•aa  I   will ia* attiaaa    asat    I    ka*w
roar adaraaa
"u<m- f—■—> Bs««as**> Alav"
(K.aaa   mtUMtt  SB SSShMal)
N*w,   If pan  hstwr  •(  aar  tmrnmilr
aaad'as thk raa»ad».  MH «taaa akaat
it.     if r— hum mmr t.*mt ,
tW*  wk« has mmm «r m
ths  drlah  kahM. tab Ma a
hlaessM (rssa Ms »-»ral stassksa     Sa-
r aria Prassstftist Is vast hf Pafslf
alsas aad RaasUala. ,
a run nuAJb vaokaox «r •*-
mart* rrasayi»tl«a. wtth basklet
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson t\ Co.. Revelstoke, B. C.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Salaried  *nt( improved.    First-Clsse in svery reipaet.    All moders oooTsnlsae*!
Large Sample Kooma.
Ratca $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke. B.C.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Beat Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.   -AXiBEJRT     ST03STE3      PEOP.
na frasartatlaa. wtth hMklat. aHr.
fall MtsJcaiaas, saHlaaaaiala. pria*.
. win h* mm ataalatalr tt** tamt
postpaU la ptala aiM *M
aaraa* aaktaf f*» K sad at*
this saasr. a
contideatiat. Write to-day. The Samaria Remedy Co., Dept, 46-49, Col-
borne at., Toronto, Canada. Also
(or Sale by C, R. Macdonald, Druggist, Revelatoke, B.  0.
LIQUOR  ACT,  1910.
Notice ia hereby given thut, on the
first day of December nex:, amplication will be made to the Superintendent ot Provlnolal t'olice for
renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail lu tho hotel known
aa the Glacier House, situal at Glu-
cier, in the Province ot British Columbia.
Dated this 28th day ot September,
1911. 30ds.
Canadian   1'acltic   Railway   Company,
Half a Blook East of McKenzie
l-iir Terms ami Particulars applj
D.    R.   McKENZIE
Wood for Sale
First class wood, any desired length and in any quantity can be had hy leaving
an order at S. McMahon's
blacksmith shop.
Phone No. 87
Rhode Island Red Chickens
F. G. Buff Leghorn
Parred Plymouth Rod's.
Pekin Ducks
Endden Geese
Young and old stock at reasonable prices.
Write or Phone to
Nw Grove Poultry Farm
Revelstoke. B. C. Phone 212 j
Tinsmith Rapaira, Hot Air, Pira j
and Furnacs work
OonnauiM Av*.   •   Haval'rtoha
kH.HWHU.il), B. C.
Npsr.iai Attention fiven to conuaerr-Fsl
mm snd Mnriaia. First-class ssmpls
roomi. Finsat acanary in Brilisk Colombia, overlooking Uppsr Arrow Laks.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop
14 Villa Lots
Close to Revelstoke
From 2 to / teres Each
Very Suitable for Market
Gardening.   This proper-
is   cleared.      For Prices
and Terms apply to
Roal Estate and Insurance
Cornar HeHenils *vs. and lntt St.
Satisfaction  guaranteed
Agent  for
Kesidenre Cor. »r«l St. ami Rt li-mm.,*
Shop in Alley back of li. J. Bourne's
Store, l''irat Street
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Sing-
er and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
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All kinds of machine needles
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W. Parry
Starting Sat. Oct. 14th and every
Saturday and Monday
Watohes, Jewelry, ets.
Ladies' Tailoring
Fit Guaranteed
Hund-PainteU Cu|xs. Saucers
Fine Japan China Tea Sets
Opposltt Central Hottl
It will pay you to
make a call &tm
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
before buying yonr nut-
fit ol working clothe.
for the bnah. I make a
apecialtv of Logging
Shoes. Pants.Soi.:Shirts
Planketa and ever\ihing
rs-qsired inyosr baainest.
Fruit Lands
iialens Bsy lands in parcels of
10 or 20 acres or en bloc. Correspondence invited.
John Shaw, Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and Birds
Lessons in Painting and Drawing
Oils and Water Colors
Miss Wrijfley, hulitrr of South Kensington (Kngland) Art Master'*-, Cerliti-
bate, Group I. l'irat-Clssa i enititsies
for Still Life Painting; Ornanicni Tainting in monocbrome toilai; drawing from
lhe Antique; Modelling in < lay Iruin tlle
Winner uf   National  lSc-ok   Prises  for
Interior iu I ills alld Figure iu Oils.
A I'lass forming for junior   pupil*  on
| Saturday afternoon.
Kor terms apply to
Care Mrs. JIaggen.
Revelatoke Laud District.
IXatrict of West Kootenaj'.
Take notice tbat James A. Shields,
of Itevelstoke, British Columbia, occupation, Packer, intends te applj
for permission to purchase tha follow
mg described lunds
Commencing at a post planted at
the 8-outh West Corner of Lot 2778,
Group 1, West Ko«tenay District, B.
0., and marked "James A. Shields'
South Kast Corner Tost," thenee
west about twenty ehains more or
leaa to the south-east corner of Lot
J712. Group I, thenee north 40 ehains
thence east 20 cbains more or less ta
tlis north-west corner of Lot 2771.
theses south 40 ehalas to point et
comraenseeaent, snd containing 8h
acres mors or less.
Dated  August 29th, IUI.
Andres   Kltson,  Agaat.
Packed in
•©* •'pound
suratiia   »f  >ji, nirnrilloa   »f
Kitlf t.vMtRt V*,^ MMrv.j.s" ba«* put
■tamt a c^reiraJtN-i tin oi a bh,m i kiu
'^"I't'ttil 4c«l,«. k*t<rifi*r<ic<llrnl poruana
at ki«sll«»»»c \, Owes M«r>sit„l ihe I'Hiko
ol Malaa, SlKflal (avll Iiave hr, ri d,*«(nr I
l»l"«««lir» CaoaSi, Indi^ lima, AiMratia
asd N'» •ai.-i.i
llnly a iTUlt^t Siitnber liate httn iaipoitevf.
Price -Mb*-*, for nne r"u*n,i tim.
^1   It.*.! 'I**,..
Electric Restorer for Men
i Phosphsnel r«>!*-rc»srsryasn■ la n, • i.^i»
________ to lla pioMr Uaima : rulciaa
na aad illalllr. Prtaulara4arar lad ■ iwisal
■MtatN ir.it-1 alaaci.    ru,pk«.l ,,||.
P. 0. Box 31, Revelstoke ms^^^
-gawR'aas-?: -vn.ltl'.\\.  NnV.   ISth,   l'.Ul.
SATURDAY,  NOV.  ISth,  1911.
Revelstoke  Land District.
District   ut   West   Kooteuay.
Take notice that Bd. McGagbraL,
ot Arrowhead, B, C, occupation
Lumberman, mn-n.is to appls tor per
mission to least tlle following described lands foi marble and lime
quarrying  p u poses.
Ct tnmencin^ ..t a post planted
abutr ■ ■ miles south of Pingston
Creek Mill and marked "13. McGaghran a South Bast Corner", thence
west 40    chains,    thence      north    4ii
Notice to Contractors':
AlllluWIlKAll  LOOK-UP
Sealed Tenders', superscribed "Ten
ler ior Lock-up, Court-room, uud
chains, thence east 40 chaius, more I constable's Quarters at Arrowhead,"
or less to the lake shore, theuce! will be received up to 12 o'clock noon
south a!ou£ tbu lake shore 40 chains j 0j Woducsday, the litb day ot
more or less to tne point ot com- November, 1911, for the erectilon aud
mencement. containing 160 acres) completion ot ,**. Lock-up, Court-room
more or less. mnd Coustable's Quarters at. Arrow -
Dated   Aug.   22,   l'.Ul, ».fi-N.81 ^4,  in the     Kevelstoke     Electoral
Revelstoke Land D.strict
District  *•!   tVest Kooteuay.
fate notice that 1 Edward Kuso^ll
,   nd, ul Nakusp, U. C, occupation
c-ontiactor, intends to apply tor per-j
mission  to purcLaae ths following de- |
■scribed  lands.
Cummeiicn^ at a post planted 111
chains south of N. li. Corner ■•'. T.L.
41.174, ti.euee south SO chains, thence
east about 20 chaius, to Arrow Luke
theuce north along Lake about SO
cbains, thence west auout 2 chains to
1'o.nt ot commencement
ahout  100 acres,  more  or  less.
Dated September 13, 1911,
cept.  23—Nov.  22.
I.IyL'OK  ACT,   1910.
Not.mm la Usee by given that, on the
first day ot December next, applicu
tion will he made to the Superintendent ot Provincial Police for
renewal ol the hotel license to sell
iiquor hy retail iu the hotel knowii
.»a the City hotel, situate at Arrowhead, In the province of British Co
Dated this 4th day of October, 1911
JOHN CALEY, Applicant.
Plans, spccttiiatious, Contract uud
(onus of tender may ho bjui ou and
after the 20th day of Octjhor,    l'.Ul,
t tbe otlices of the Constable In
tharge, Arrowhead, the Government
Agent, Itevelstoke; und the Department of Public Works, Parliament
liuildings,   Victoria*
Kuch proposal must lie accompan-
,l m\ an accepted ban,\ cheque "i
certificate ot deposit on tt chartered
lank of Canada, n,uae payaull to
tha Honourable the Minister ot Public Works, for the sum of *J„jO, which
shall lie forfeited if the party tendering decline to enter into contract
contaiuiug : W|ien CijlleU upoD lo iu g0| or jf   ^
' lail  to complete the work contracted
■ for.   The cheques or     certificates   of
diposit of  unsuccessful  tenderers will
] he returned to them  upon  the excut-
;  n  of  tlie contract.
Tinders will not he considered unless made out on'the forms supplied,
s.gned with the actual signature of
tm: tenderer, antl enclosed in the envelopes  furnished.
The lowest or any tender uot nec-
esaaelly accepted.
Public  Works  Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria,   B.C.,   October Ultb,
Revelstoke Laud District,
U.strict ol West Kootenuy.
Take notice tbat I, Fredrick I'
William Vipond, ol Nakusp, 11. O,''
occupation loreman, intends to ap- ■'
ply Ioi permission to purchase the \ '
; 'Hoping  described lands:
Comment.n.;  at  a  post  plauted  120
chains south ol N."B. Coiuer of T.L.
412" 1,  theuce soutn Su chains,  iheuce '
east about 3m cha.tis to Arrow  Lake ;
thence     Uorth uiong Lase about    Su i
■'Crt-ii.   thence  west  about  20 chaiub
to point oi commencement, contain -
,ng about 200 acres more or less.
Dated September 13, 1911.
Sep.23-N'o.22        ER.   Vipond,  Agent.
Broadview   (Fractional!  L.   II.  an
Indiana   Mn.etal  Claims, situate      iu i
tne Trout  L,a&e Mining Dmsiou    oi
West  l-.ootei.-Hj   I'.str.ct.
Where . cated - On Great  Northern
Mountain. '
Notice is hereby given tbat thirty
■jays alter tue date of the lirsl pui>-
i, iation hereof, vbe undersigned will
..take an application to the. Uoatd ol
...censing Commissioners tor tne City
tl Kevelstoke Ior permission to trans-
.er to A. P. Levesque, ot Revelstoke,
.i. I'.,  the license  to sell liquors   by
.tail at  the  Hotel  premises at Rev-
.-.stoke known as ihe  union Hotel.
Uatod this 21st September,  lHalt
.Ma. Levesque   tt   Walsh.
Notioe is hereby given that, on tho
first day ot December next, application Will he made to tlle Superintendent ut Provincial Police tor
renewal ot the holel license to sell
liquor by retail In the' hotel known
aa the Lukeview hotel, situate at
Arrowhead, in the Province of British Columbia.
Uatod this 2nd day of October, 1911
CHAPMAN  & 'IRWIN;' Applicants.
LlqUOK    ACT,  l'JIO,
Notice is hereby given that, ou the
lirst day of December next, application will be made to the Superin -
tendeht of. Provlnolal Polico for
renewal ot tho hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in thc hotel knowu
asthc Eva Holel, situate at Camborne, iu ihe Province ol Uritish Columbia*
Datod this tilth day of October, 1911
11. G,  WARE,  Applicant.
LIQUOR ACT,   1910.
',. Notice is hereby given that, uu the
hist day of December uoxt, application will he made to the Superin
teiideul of Provincial Polico fur
renewal ol the hotel liceuae to sell
liquor hy retail iu the hotel known
us the Criterion hotel, situate at
Camlioiue, in the Province of British
Dated this llth diiy. of October, 1911
Vi.  S.  RBNN1B,  Applicant.
Kevelstoke   Land  District.
District of West Kooteuay.
Take notice thut 1. B. R, Reynolds
.■! Kevelstoke, B. C, occupation,
.. lerk, Intend to apply for permission
*u purchase the following described
Commencing at a post plunted at
.ne South West ('orner of Lot 781s,
old marked B. It. Reynolds North
..est Corner Post, theuce east SO
.-uains lo the South West Corner o!
l\ L. 1143, thenee south aboul 4'Kt
t-et  to  tlK'     North      East Corner oi
fAKE    NOTICE    ii-tt   1.   "    "    -s    '-ot  7043,   thence  along  line  of    Lot
WUkie,  acting as agent for the Ohii
Min, ,.meut      Co.,   Limited,
Free Miner's Certificate Numuber
li.;,:,,;, inteud, s.xty days Irom
date aereoi. to apply to the Mining
i t srtificate of Im-
;, :   the  purpose  of    oh-
j'.et. order
'.i.i,jv'  .*.  L'i iwn Grant of the above i meucement.
n*' I .uore oi les.
v:.. lurthei  '.toe notice that action
, li      eciioo 97, must In commenced
■guana   * : -tch Certilicate
Dated *  *,'     August,
0. B.  N. WILKIE,
Trout Lake. B   C.
,'.U3 forty chaius, west 40 chains
»"Utb and 20 chailns west to hue ut
i-ot 2112, thence along line ol lot
1112 10 cbains uorth and 20 eiiu.n*>
north and 20 chains west to the
North West Corner, thence north
about 4'Kt feet to the place ol com-
containing  Ll 0      .a-rea,
Dated Septem:»er 25th,
Land   1
       Wt-'   i-. *  •■    .
Take     n ittci     lhal    I   W
P.eid,  of Arrowhead. 1     C,
tion,  merchant,  intends tu
, hv isfoo •■   pun base '       i
bed  Ian it
,.' mmem ng • -t plant
Angu.    McKay's South Wert • urn
i .. •    L^'t 501, ,,ntl iunu,ng north 4<i
• bains,   i .et.''    '■'''■'•    '''  thatu-. '
10   ch**.'n«
.    y*tt\
Notice  is hereby given  that,
inst  day   of  December  am.
> ; "u     will    be  made  to  the   *
indent   cf      Provincial   i
' : -uewal    of  the    boiel license  t
,aor   by   retail  in   tha   Jotcl       *v.n
.,.- the     Lardeau     hotel, sit.
.niapm,  >n the Province
Dated  -I. r  ...Lb  day   of  *
1911. J la
i.CSSELL    M     EVANS,    applicant.
LIQUOR ACT,  1910.
Notice is hereby given that, on the
tirst day ot December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police Ior
renewal of the hotel licens'e to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Hotel Queens situate at Coui-
aplii. iu the Province ot British
Dated this 9th day of October. 1911
J.  H.  YOUNG,  Applicant.
In t.he County Court of West Kootenay, htjldeu ai RevelBtoke, In tue
Matter ol the "Plans Cancellation
Act," 1900.
In  the Matter ol Johu Andrew Mara
to Cancel Plun   049A filed in the Lund
Kegistry  ollice at  the  City  of  Nelson, B.C.
Tu All  Whom it Mu}   Concern.
Notice is hereby given that the
petition ot .lohu Andrew Mala datcu
the '2Mb day ot October, ml, tor uu
order cancelling and unnuiing uud
amending uli thut portion ul map or
plan lii'JA, Dlock A, Revelstoke, deer,ned  as follows:
Ciiiumcnciug at a point opposite to
the West side ol Kootenaj street and
tbe South Bide ol Douglas stre-t, and
running aluug the South side dofeet
oi Douglus street 492.32 teet to a
post .-..*uth of the centre ol Block It,
i Ian i'i'1. tlier.it* .:i a southerly lir
ection 125 48 • et I a post ,,n th •
bans ui the Columbia River, tbence
.:. .i tsteily Course .'21 feet, thence
.Northerly ill. teet to the South Kast
undnr; ot Canadian Pacific
■ ompan; pan", o, thence
Easterly  67 1-eet to
i a* ific   Railway     I    n,
jtany   parcel
* *
adian  Pac.ht   i'..,..* ,..       tnpany   par-
'■*"•-■■ ':;erly  20
:. cm-en
: ire His H
( ourt House .;. tht Revel'
BHt -: ■:.  Thurs
'   '   •
..*        ; ■ no
.      :'■   I
John  Andrew   Mar,,
Notice is hereby given that undei
and pursuant lo the powers ol sale
contained iu a certain Mortgage dat
eil 22nd March, 1902, made by < har
les Turnross to Lucy Law and by her
assigned t.i Patrick Burns hy luden
tine dated 20th March, 1905, there It
offered tor sale by lender Lol 1117 in
(.■roup One, Kuoteuuy District, savi
und except in acres thereol compna
ed in Certificate ol Title No* U055A,
the lauds ottered tor sale contain.ug
ahout 150 acres and being situate
nour Trout Luke City in the District,
of  West  Kootenay.
Tenders uddresued to the undersigned Solicitors for the Mortgagee,
Patrick Bums, will be received up to
und including thc 2i>th day ol November, 1911.
Terms of salu  cuBh.
Dated this 3rd day of November,
l'Jll, ut Revelstoke, B.C.
Harvey,   MeCarter and  Pinkham.
Solicitors  for  Patrick  Burns,
Kevelstoke Lund District,
DiBtrict of  West   Koolili.t
Take n ttice lhat I, John A. Btone
ol Reveletoke, British Columbia, occupation botel-keeper, intend to apply for pcimiss'on to purchase the
following described  lands.
Commencing at a post, plunted at.
ths North Wesi Corner ol land applied for to be purchased by W. II.
Robertson and Marked "John A.
Stons's S.W. (.'orner," thence north
forty chains, thenee «ust forty chains
th-mce south forty cha ns. thence
wist forty chains to the point of
commencement anl containing one
hundred and sixty acres mote or
Dated  17th  October,   l'Jll.
Per  James  A.   Shields,   Agent.
Having been presented with a very
large petition ot the rate payers ot
t.he city, requesting me to otter myself as a candidate for the oftlce of
mayor tor 1912, I take this opportunity of thanking my friends fur
their support and confidence and announcing myself us a candidate; and
it elected will promise to do my utmost for the welfare of the city.
■    v  l.   ■'■'
thence east I" g
comm 'ni em nt.
o-rts.   m ir*
I   •-  *
or leas.
,     a       "•     'I'''
list,   ''.ii'tica*
■  made to 'be ■•
inciel   Pol."
.. ■   . tbe 1 del  k»t wn
las the Beat       iot<      ll late it Beat
-   . i,   in tbe Pi o lm •   ■: British Colum
i.'ateil  this 2Mb  da)   ol Be| em ief
•JI. . ■•"''■
H.   NELLIS,   A,,
I renewal   i
liquor  i.y
LU*<.'»6 *»''T,   1910.
Revelstoke Lai. 1 Dltti ti I.
District o' Wi...:. Kootenay.
lake uotice that 1, Charles ritadlcrl	
ul  Nak'iep. U*  C, occupation  Loi-t.
,nl«.ds   to apply  tor  permission    to      Notlrt  le be«fc| *— "->.
n„„bu.« tbe Mlu*.«f deseril*! lands  ms,   daj   of  Decern*,  btn,   ivfo
Tl mencng m a port planted   at Mon    will   be mode to tbe imm
£5ZT£«<£Z< O.T.L. 41274,   MM  o.      P, -1   Police    tor
»henoe south  40 chains,     th""* "art . r.'new„l    „l lbe
„bout 2 chaios to A.row Lake, tbence j liquor by retail
sloug Arrow Lake to point of   «°»>-
n«ccm«.t.  caacUlning  40 acres more
Notice is hereby given that ou the
tirst day o! December nest, appllca-
tian will be made to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police tor
renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in tbe hotel known
as the Union hotel, situate at Arrowhead, oi the Provinoe of British Columbia.
Hated tins .ith day of October. 1911.
W.a.   LIGHTBURNE,   Applicant.
Furnished Five-roomed     hous.
ent .,' .n Fourth street.-
LOST-  V  :
■u ntiu
.. .
n   pap, about su
Fs.utk   spot  on   iiurk
K.nier   will   be   rewarditl
irning -atne tn G. Woodland.
••   -
i Baled Tlmotbj bay
\ppl> CH Bdwards,
FIRST * TEA.MSTEP.      strict
work.   Apply ">'■"
il I OTice. 2t.
or less.
Datod Beptembei »th, LHL
E. R. Vlpctti, AjfUU
holel  Iicciikp to sell
in  tbo  hotel  known
as Out     llal/ryou  )i.',t   Springs  hoM,
.'litiuite at Halcyvn,  it? ill" Provinoe
irf Hi it ish t'.lii-mhla.
Dated  this ZKth  duv  -Tt  ll,   u , nr,
Mi, aud*.
w.itd.iAM hum). Applieant,
■ ,
against tb<
erman B.   I
l'      OU    it   J'
1911   are ' "■'
i/oderflji ed
ecuiors     "f "• ■   ,i *   '        '    t
■  **
Hit!   tha'     ,
-, : :■'.<'■ rton   *
,ut   ■■* **. *
Miii,tit-ii  thereto,  regard    ••
i',-, 15th. 1911.
lio* "v   Mi i ai '"i  an l  Pinkham
■•■tcr.i..:.   '-.r   \  .-       ' **n     o* I
i|t*,iiioi,   r.|.i.ti,    ffliecutors ol
tbc L'tai v^ill n l»»cit»H«<.|*    i*0tl.
Dr. dc Van's Female Pills
l t- , • French rtfpriitfti never fn * ThsM
4? •(* hi* etCMdlnglf pnwerj In rc| lUtlpji (!■«
|cner*l   e pari  m nl thr fi    •    •  il Kef»««
* *. t|J    I '     Or. H* ▼•■'• e  • -
t;> i ■   .      '.nf • . lin   fi, >•! to ^'
flit Ir-»»W|I tir** I »., ^t, (•{tUrlt.n, Otil.
.n .-  l-
i.     ne
,* Laks.
on tbe
will     l>e
,oi *   »H<
.    .ady
"   ■.IJ..'
;,sUurant     Be*
-..ca. F   UOfb
*'.    Ilio
I   .*»■;■ ute   to   •
npaB)  .ucorpor.it.ne .
■      anl,   » ■:.
.   : i.,*
ineonrer    n
Ubersl 'I'jinm -■:.,.•.
■ .
H 0
D        i'lipet
3wsmpers,    Trai.
Sti   .   'ur i'
. lir.r    . m«   st   on" VI
River i.'iin*M ,,,  i.td ,
* h ,-> ,  B t.o.
WANTED   A position In hotel
Ii'B   ytttirii expfi ■' "'"   *'' ""'l blase
ruok iq 6"|i:U „i, t.h» tii-tqpt    Apply
I'barilr,  p,0,  Ut" 104, Rerelitokl
WAI1 ri'.h    \    ,n  ...inti,it„i,lv   li«„i
* '"iitiaiiy situated     Apple
I'.U   Ilo* 907. ii 6
Preparing for Immediate Action
- Their Hatred of England
is Evident
Loudon, Nov. la—1/itst. Thursday i**;
likely to be an Important date in th.'
h.story ol thf Anglo-German rein
tit.u*i. It, will mark cither a halt In
tho policy oi mutual suspicion and
nival rivalry or a new and more dan
;arouB abase in the road along which
.he two countries arc marching to
.vai.l  wm- or  liuuncinl ruin.
In both London and Rerliu thc gov-
itnmentul declarations made are
noli' than usually plain spoken In
character, in thu relobstag the Qer
man chanci'llor related details nl re
presentations that the Imperial ko**,'
'tuiiieiit hail mgilc to the British
.lovernnient regarding Lloyd-Geo-
r-e's Bpeech nt the .Mansion House
last. July at the moment of the hiph
est tension in the situation provoked
by the anaillr incident. These representations as Chancellor von Betb-
mann Mollweg outlined them, were
is plain a snub as was ever ndminis-
t.'ied by a cabinet minister ol a
Ki'eat power and it in a tribute to thc
tiiicilic feelings whieh nnimnted the
British government that "the con
vcrsatlon" thus entered upon was not
carried to tlve point of nn open quarrel. How serious the situation became ia common knowledge.
Hostilities ol course, would not
have been begun by Great Britain
on the grounds that, its chancellor ot
tli3 exohoi|uer had been told by tho
minister of ,, foreign power to stick
to bis lasl but the reception accorded in Germany to remarks that, bad
bun designed to point out amicably
Lloyd-George being selected as the
spokesman because he was known not
to be tainted with Germanopbobia,
th it Hngland could uot sit quiet and
nitertnin unapprehended attacks up-
t n her prestige ami her position in
the world, was of a most hostile
Dr. von Betbmann Hollweg's latest
declaration cannot be said to have
smoothed England's ruffled feelings,
in fact, a legding London financier
Baid that bbe Herman imperial chancellor's statement in the relchstag
was as great blunder, from «n Knglish point ot view as the Knglish
i hnncellor'8 Mansion House speech in
duly had been from the German point
ot view. The financier referred to
., I*! ..I that in his opinion and in that
of a large number of prominent men
nf th-e city, an Anglo German war
was  a certainty in  the  future.
It may lie Raid that Cr. von Bi"th-
iniinn Hollweg's references to the
Kaiser's readiness to draw the sword
in case the honor of the nation needed it, were understood to be responsible for ihe reports current in a
s.'rtion of the German press that the
emperor nnd his cabinet are at olds
over the Germany policy regarding
Morocco and that, the crown prince
was greatly upset by the terms of
the treaty arrived at by Germany
ami  France.
Private advices received In London
.ti  ihe course  ol the  negotiations sug
gested  that the crown  prince was  iu
lavor  of aetthug  all  nuestions in dispute by war and the legend ib already
t  -.1   lhat thc  next   ruler  of      Germany is bitterly anti British. Following   Son   llethmann   Hollweg's declarations  in  the relchstag,      whicli,      it
should    be noted wound up with    i
■ :'i'liu at     that diplomatic arrangement     concluded    by  Germany     antl
France  cleared  the  table  with     re-
to German relations with England,  at  leust iu respect   to Morocco,
Mi    Ohurchill  came  out   with a con-
.tte:  ta Germany ol peace    at
rltiglund's  pr.ee  or  in the  alternative
oi i i.uipieiiMon in naval construction
'   'tuu.    be    a  I,   Great   Britain  was
ihe  strain    than
•lit Io.itIiiII     laid
. in   believes pre*
* inciting i be oon*
imp!  .i>  i'iriglaiiil   i,y  making
.■ ! a. |.!.*.!.i*   lion   Hint   louring
,t.i  i.i.,.  ;..    down     with
lioal    iiuii,  bleating   for     a
*'  ti ixpen Inures.
ii -t method of proterrlog inn   plan
..  man   on   Bt    •■ Web  *    neces
ii oess, in not altogetbei
ind      likel)  i" arouse
ttei ' oiniiifiit in the pit'
11,     plan probably  will be regal I
a    <;••' to inj    od I bough
•   tin* Oei in ut govern
I,, ot I not   ippeai   to hu\      i
•  calling t]i,*Aii     ih,*
.,; i   •■ 'ia* ., Iml rally i"i    tbi
i ■ ■ i ■ Hon bll own
ti ss i liml I nr mak
spreeentatlou when thi chancel
oi *.( tbe exobequei Indulged In ae
excursion mo loreign sflatri, it is
Hfceljp tbat Mr chiir'hiiPs npeeoh will
*"•"''• it. bvtt-lf Impi-cssit'ii iu Gtr -
iii^nv   llinl  dl'l   Mr.   Lloytl ileorge.
if Mini,mi   ilh   in   the   ,|ate    nf     lb«'
■ I.*   lance   Bl   'hf  opeia Ihhiuc
r No, i i'.i ■ iii tc.
I   No .anxiety on   |
I Baking-day if you use!
Dr Prices
Baking Powder
I Insures ligni. sweei.l
I wholesome    -food I
|mmmi«< A pure£ream of Tartar W
w Powder
I   No Alum
No. il arrives at 6 a.m., leaves at
6:20 a.m.
No. 1 arrives nt 3:15 p.m., leaves
at 3:35  p.m.
No. 13, Seattle train, arrives at
1:35 p.m.,  leaves at 4:45 p.m.
No. 14, Seattle train, arrives al
7:15 a.m., leaves 7:35 a.m.
No. 2 arrives at 11:40 a.m., leaves
at lii o'clock noon.
No. 4 arrives at 12:45 a.m., leaves
at 12:55 a.m.
South train leaves Revolstoke st
7:35 n.tn., arriving back at 4:15 p.m.,
connecting here with No. 13.
I    ored concert company on the road.
Bdison  Iheatre.
Ke binary 9—Everett Kemp,  Impct'Hoti
ator, auspices of St. John's church
nt  llic  Ktlison theatre.
Feb. 2(i—The Cast.lesciuare Knler
tniners in high class concert at the
Kdison theatre.
April —The Royal Male Quartette,
auspices ot St. John's church, lu
thc Edison theatre.
November 23—Johu p. Clum, Lecture
aud Moving Pictures, through California.    At  Elistm  theatre.
November 24—Amateur Vaudeville for
benefit of Hospital.   Edison theatre
November 2'.i- Midland Concert Co.,
auspices of St. John's church. At
Kdison  theatre.
Nov. SO—Mark Hamburg tbe great
Russian Pianist, at the Edison
December 6.—Masquerade Hall, under
auspices of Kire Hrigade No. 1, in
the  Opera  House.
December 7—West's Great Minstrel
Show and Big Band, at tbe Edison
December 8—Pollard's Lilliputians of
Australia,   Kdison  theatre.
December 15- High School entertainment,  Kdison theatre.
Due. 18—O.P. Walker presents the Wm
Yule company in the Rivals, at tb
Kdison  theatre.
Ian. 2G-The famous Kergiison's Jubilee  Singers considered the hest col
Fire Alarm Boxes
Signals are given thus: 2 str Aim,
uterval 5 seconds—4 strokes, Box
4. No. of box will also be shown
n  Indicator at Fire Hall.
Box No. 14—Corner First street
ami McKenzie avenue, 0, B. Hume
& Co.
Box No. 15—Corner First street
ml  Rokeby avenue, post office.
Box No. 16—Corner Second street
and Government Road and opera
Boi No. 17—Coruer Third street
nl Campbell avenue, Globe I,unite company.
Box No.  18—C.P.R.  station.
Box No. 24—Corner Fifth Btreet
nd McKenzie avenue, Catholic
Box No. 25—Coruer Sixth meet
nd Uiton avenue,  W.  A.  Foote.
Box No. 26—Oorner Fourth street
nd Townley Btreet, corner soutb
Box No. 28—Corner Second strsjt
ud Hobson aveuue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34—Fire Hall  No. 2.
Box  No.  35—Hospital.
Uox No.  36—School.
Box No. 44—Kire Hall No. 1.
Box No. 45—Front street west,
ear C.  P. R.  bridge.
Uox No. 46—Coruer King and
Jniiglas streets, Palace Meat Market.
Box No. 47—Corner Second and
Sales  streets,  back of  court house.
Box No. 48—Corner Third and
^has. streets, Cowan block.
big-nal for practice—not less than
lx (6) slow strokes.
One (1) Indicates line broken or
re out.
This is the way to
tell a really good Suit
cr Overcoat.
»fji i
W Vou [it n receipt in evory l'lt-Ilcform
"        Suit mid  Overcoat,  is  well as kv/7i every
J .no!*; in the inner pocket.
You'll see ilie Fit-Reform Wrcnth.
'his is the trademark cf" Canada's greatest
igli grade tailoring urbanisation.
It's vour receipt-—your guarantee of value
and satisfactioni ,.,
1 SATURDAY, NOV.  lstli,  IUU.
PATfRDAV, NOV.  18th,  1911.
|    I    |
Calgary Junciion Division Lois at $ 125
80 Lots in this Subdivision will be offered to the
Public of Revelstoke
AT  $125   PER  LOT
Terms Easy, Small Payments Down, Balance Extending Over 18 months.
These Lots adjoin the Car Shop City where the C. P. R. and
C. N. R. are building their Western Shops and Repair Works
and where several large manufacturers have already secured sites. This means within a short time a population of
15,000 people, as for example the C.N.R. built their Shops at
Hillyard, Five Miles out ot Spokane, employing about 500
men and a City of 3,000 people sprang up at once. The big
C, P. R. Shops in South-East Calgary will employ alone
more than 2,000 men, figuring at the same rate there will be
a city of more than 12,000 in S. E. Calgarv inside the next 2
years; this without including the big manufacturing plants.
ASK YOURSELF whether a lot adjoining the  Indus
trial centre of such a City as Calgary is  not a profitable or
safe investment at $125.
Sale Commences Monday Morning Next. November
20th, at Nine o'clock.
RESERVE YOUR   LOTS now and   get  first   choice.
J. B. WATSON REALTY CO., - Mackenzie Ave., Revelstoke
\^*- — ■■ ■■     ■ i ■■in  i i»nm    '■''   ii ZZ.TTZ^tZ.' MHHMM^.Mff*-MMBiWMMBBMIMBBBHWMWMBM?'^r''?^ . .'■■   _.'  ■   ■' H-VTUnbAY,  NOV.  lStli,  1911.
SATURDAY, Nov. iftli.  1911.
UNTIL t few year. »»„. althouch
-to hait already heen nen*
- illy » I . ■ I Ihroufhcul 'hf mun-
trs ■   acton  and  farm en  fur
tlmoat   ill    uructural work,   li   wai
•  :   ■■       • mop al)  work  nn  thia
matructlon a* aoon ri tha
■  a'eathar -set in.
It t tea found, however, lhal
-.:....-•>.r tturk  maj   bt carried on  In
■: -a'ea'.hei auccaaifully, und with
but varj I •• e mora trouble thnn un-
Ser    rdinarj  . Ircumataneoa,
Thia tact is of neat  benefit to tttc
farmer   n*. n   , in  ihe   *,, )».   ..,..■,, |
nf   the   yeai   :'..*    h.   la  able   In   And
■ t**     ' '. r. a    t. r,rl    mtiltinn   'h,-
a:       * -    a -    md    the   farm    to
which   concrete   eo
readily   n2ap.s  It-      ___^_,
With t few
ilmpla  precit  tiona
hns * sen found
that ooncrete car
ba -<■• I r.ir only
In fr.--'**:*-* a-ea-
*n*r bui when the
thermometer han
'.ti»t*n    acttia
inw   far...        ,
If   the reta
freezes    before    It
e'.ar"   t,,   "tn,"   K
will  not   b<   Injured      but     If     lhe
freezing '.ikes
pla -     after     'lie
.*:■ Ing ti mon
haa     atarted     up,
•h«     concrete     la
- .• .. '*,*   dam
aged       when       'i
'hft«.      owing
th?    expand f
lhe   mt Itlng   tvj;*cr
forcing     Lhi     par-
lea     j , . -       ind
making      .   com i -Mt
tha       ither      hand.
ra;.      hj
- tt    :
A almple and canly-made veaael
for hei'.lnff wa'er la ahown lr lhe accompanying driiwlnir. (fee Fig. i.i.
* coll l> made of une-inch pipe with
the enda fastened In the barrel and
mode walcr-tlght. A §1111111 fire built
inder the ooll will hea; the waier
rapldlj .til »*:l keep H in circulation, Ihua kei*plng ail llie water
fm  thia purpoge 11 la wise tn uh
a   length   "f  malleable  Iron  gai-pJpe,
 .tuiti'  II   te easily  bent inin  the re-
■ iu :' .1 .11 1. Thia i.t done b> i.,Kmir
, ig .1 fenct poet ahout ihi* if -f
llu coll ar-tl bending lhe \,i\.* around
11.    Thia  method  prevents   the  pipe
pipes, and will aoon thaw out and
bet ome  beoted.
In very cold weaiher. the t-eutent
may be healed by laying the bags nn
top at ihe sand, but this la not absolutely necessary, as lhe cement itself
must be kept dry until used, wheiher
the  wen ther be hoi or cold.
Material! ahnuid n*n be heated to
100 h.»h «. temperature. A good wuy
to  Judge  ihe  proper  amount  of heat
Is tn itntk,* theii jtiet hot enough to
cr . trnfortable to touch. Care should
he •nkan not to uae any frmen lumps
uf sand. a
reta tbi cot.n wares in -ran saaait.
raaa  «i/r asraa eaow  rati  aaaaai..
sauwiso Two-iaaaiL MSTaon or tittTiKa waria.
trumbly. On
I the con -
a chance to bet ome
"ael" iefore freex-
*.* I bi done. To ff^ e
lt this thance you must firs; nl all
prepare the materials aa described
below ind secondly, you must protect th ■ '•■ ''a, It in-**, been
placed In :hr "forma."
Concrete  wil     on  lta own account,
dtve.  ,*  .,  certain  amount  of beat  ln
from  "buckling"  and  makes the colli
more 1, gular In fit*.
'where concrete work t being dune
*.n a i.n-ge scale, ii is advisable '." use
the two-barrel healer shown in l*'ig.
-'. This allows Hie waler lo lie con-
-■iii*.'..* replenlahed without reducing ili, Vit-tit i*.f th-* water ln lhe barrel from which t1t< ho: waler la
* tken.
Must farmere, however, poaseaa large
boiling  kettles,   used  during  butchering time, or for niaktra soft s**aii, •■•
One of  thesa    will  do  equally    well.
After llie enn-
creie has been
placed In "forms"
It ahuuld be protected ae as to
keep the hest In se
lon.a aa possible.
This !e mere easen-
tlsl In thin struc-
turea than In mna-
ilve walls and
foundational for
the latter will hold
their own heat
limner nn account
of their thickness.
Wooden "forms"
are:,, ii-condur.iore,
and will retain the
heal In ihe m, ncrete
up •.I a cc 'tn! ti point,
but she cuncrete
ah. .ilil be protect'
ed un tup by a covering of canvaa or
heavy papei. with .1 layer of ten or
twelve inches of manure on top of title.
Straw will aim anawer 'ite purpose,
If manure ls used, care ihould be
taken lo prevent It from coming In
1 *'.:..••• w'-h the concrete, as it will
il scoli ■ It and poaalhly even seep
through sufficiently tn weakee the
It*,   tha.   case   nf   thin   walls   where
*-\*: . .* -,e\ weather calla fnr addltion-
E-— -^Viwrr^^-ru^- *-***-=^
*.*,   •   .norma
'wri.s  -aiTeoi* or  watis
.■   ing"   process.     But   ir.   cold
weathi      • italde  aaslatance,  in
•h» form '. srtltlolAl he«-., la necea-
aary. Tii, lee: way to develop thia
heal *.« **. warm the trm-
-*-*'. * • ' . mx'.rs This shurt-
.t> hi me tl .,: . I »ke» tht
--»*. ;,-. "a,'" gnd '-^r.g'hens the •tn'.,
-. mar : hi ::.c It I 'ha freei -c
pn'.r.' | Bear Ji mind tha' 'he Ic-a^t
■artfa- .-• 1, 'he quicker concrete
"..-. therefore, '■• is advisable tn
*.a. -,. • • - rn'.r aa pn^^ih'a 'r\ the
mixing  during fold   westhsr.
rie.  ■■■   scewreie   low   «.-■..,   ..     a.
*ti,  »■* ar  i.,,*- us  a  riaa is aw -md
arovi etes
Sand  ami   *ai.»n»,  mat   ha   *. at \   ....    .
heate.l tj   making  uae  of  *u.   piecea
nf atvtve pip., ..:.. pie • ft r ■!-... ,.,r:.*l
tnd the other fnr the stone ". .
■e'.pe.a     are     laid   nn   the     gr    ;i n
ttieh a position i« tc allow -he
wind 'o mak*« a gorui .lraf'. The
Ire is 'hen butll In "ra ard The
!1.amee pass through, heerlr.g 'he
whe'.B pip*, and as fresh fuel '• ad
ded, the dndera are yuehed a'.ong
•h» pip" «r.d gradual'v week fil at
the other and Ths eartd and stone
sfeeuld    be    piled en ■*•» ef tke
4 a.i*,a - . • ,      a  . ,s tl ,-fOSTS
to  IOTBC1  OSCBKia tBOM r.n.-r
ai  protection   h'att   papei   •     ild  it.
illed   '     the     er! cal   poats     f   'h*-
forme,   .see   F's . -   < *
pair    f poets     "heae  air s,     ■ •   ■
have   » **-.**   Bf'.een      t*"gr.*es     Higner
temperature    ,v-.ar    the
TV e       forma       ihould •
left    "-.    ''ttla-     -.    Mid    waa'--"     a"   It
takee   lone* he       I —•    '■<
There   .s  ne   -.a. -
-*^rt*    *>•    •is-*'.    •*¥■■•-
-a., tt  a«id  waa*her
..aaa;,ia-^a    aa   t.'AHBI
(From uur Own Oorrgjptttlautj
Mrs. .Itlin Km ,1 til Weal DoUllirB, ia
nt  pro-aunt n  patient nl   the bogpltlll.
The Ktenmer Minto, which nn her
trip tn Arrowh mi.I on Kriilns lasl,
iltini.'itte.l her 1'iiiUler so lailiy that
slie hail to he Iui.I up for repairs anil
w.iBllllable to in.ike Iimi* trip Boutll
• n  Snturtlay.
Mr, Thos. Austin is rocelvlng the
oongratlllfttlons of his friends on the
arrival of a bouncing  lifili.v  lioyf
Mr.  !•'. VV.  Jordan ol     Edgewood,
spjni   a few  da> s in town.
The ImlicH ol tlie rresbyterian
church will hold their Hu'/.nur on
Thursday afternoon, November 23rd.
Iu the evening tbey will *<ivc a [pee
concert, everybody  welcome.
Miss olive Vanderburgh, tbc t'.l'.U.
operator, is on her vacation. Il«r
place is bein***; taken by Mr. Han
At. last Nukusp bus awakened to
the fact that it in lime wo bad un
up-to-date orchestra, with the result
that on-e h«s been orgnntwd, consist
inn of Ist anil -ml violins, cornet,
born tuiti drums, so look out for thi>ir
tirst public appearance, which we
trust   will  be.  very stA>o.
A few things Nukusp would like to
know:—When will Jimmy Bue-Jdong
electric litbls sb*.ne' Where is L.
If'. McUougHld'a car of coul'.' When
will Bob Ahhie's bond appear'.' Will
we get a skating nnl*." What's th-u
uiut.tcr wiih tlie quadrille club" If
George can get a bind ior the. Cag** '.'
When the Nnkusp hockey teiim will
win  tlml   mug  'inm  Slocan.
Mr. I,. J, liilwaiils spent a few
days in Nelson.
Wont reached town .Saturday evening tbat Henry Prlesen, son of J.P.
Kricsen uf Nakusp* was drowned. Ilo
was employed at boucbard's pole
camp opposite tbe town, lie w-ctit (or
a pail of water mid never returned,
Upon investigation bis bat ami one
glove was found in the boat, and
the water pail about twenty feet
from tbc shore. Constable McW'his-
ter was informed, and on Sunday
inornin^ with several assistants tbey
dragged near the scene for bis body
without success. In the meantime
lUSpiClOD wtis aroused that the young
fellow might have run away, and liud
iii.iile it appear he wus accidcntly
drowned. On the arrival nf the morn
lag boal tui Monday Uie suspicion
was coiilnmc.I -fur youm; Krieseu wns
discovered eheie he was trying to
bixlc nu board endeavoring to make
Ins way t*, Ite vel a I oke. lie was
promptly taken in charge by Constable McWhlster, who turned bim
over t, his fnthjr, whom we trust
would sevcrelj  repremand bim.
Rdgewood i- oPganlilng ,, hockey
team and will challenge Nakusp, so
•et   ren-dj   boys.
I  ;• t    th nk   nf   it.   a   part     o!       tlle
potato  eih bit   which  captur-sd     tint
■    ■   ;'      ft e in  New  York,   was
secured 'in.  ihe  Home Ranch ot Mr.
Thus.    X      ■
Maj. t   H    II.  Rothwell,  nf  l,.x  An-
atr.v,-.l   in   town   on     a
-   -■ t,   II.   Huthwell   of   the
ni of Ommerce
i- arrived and imw must
•:     I    i      '  t.i II    Can-
ot son angemenl   i *■ ma If fur a
I * t :.** ...ie
w tli,t      the
II -.!•     ,   (untl
v-implet*   -   '
..a    .-r   •
Save over S25
«™       am» WE PASTniE FREIGHT
Yo.u Can Buy "DOMINION PRIDE" RANGE At Factory Price
Direct ream liie Largest Malleable Range Work* In Canada
r I*' r -n.   a a   t tl
ifgie from t • '" .'
1 look inin ■  ■ i""
i i at»'io-^«e »i»l l°°« ""','"
r - --' I von i Icnticallj lhe lame
fi*      i S fm it.   Vtm ye"''! '" W"
-1»« laMatt.. tt   I
t*f (.-H .I**''    J
TKLI.S     ■'*«    '
-   V ■-■£ f*-»*«
the limt '.'
C»t-   D w e 1111 f
dr«t»pc.1 hot »to*ae»
««a  l.r ..,: la Uiil
It, Jl»jai telle all
• fao-tit   "t*ttM,lp|cn
prtdt" *»*»t«*«
aVketbrr yv*i uf'
. - .at- jual now
.at   ,u
line time get tb* moot Miis'ectorykil Itei  •.-.*•   •    -
in of the   r>OMINION PRIDK,    •      n >tito>io
ange   In   '*,.    ■■•u»!   art-     thfOUgll   >   !-,'.'■    » "I « «M  *  »   ■ '
g iwo »i'r. profit!   to wbolettler end retiiler   which i        •
|>; In fp   to tlt» cent ol your run.'*     'it *!*.      -
iti eilut
t'.eir,   -eattrr   not* it    >a.   ts.n   alha'    r.«*|e»   in      t.        aa.     it«a
lOMTMION  t.1 UP. ' I. mlirh  wit. * -  Miiafariofv      It ,.  in a   f   nf   *- ,'
„,.., m.i:..Ki..... a.i ts- >wt ki-a »^,.k-i h-.i   materia ■--   ■ ».|i
*...t   -a.a      •.' •» aa Waa.
Tbf itfC.^rtl \\.tt\ \ar\ tint n---!     «   .   ar    , .-    -
w.*h Ait!, lit cpld rolled aleel plate o» en .aro,-n.i ,.s-- at llal-ai
e^ai, an cbe-ai-hera and deuhle-walled fl*te. llaed "its ■. -»• ,. Hit
* oot-tu-io't e.l UK' i)ih, mud eceaanilcal i.rt n eaa bt,. Arttmj
tt.t. Itaea ptt.ti o,., ,i aa.a. nym .10 fa ot la.1. wrelif at'lier wi*******
ar coal.
• day
I   hfavily.
■ •urday
V9% PAY THP. mi K.nT
rv;a. ffal'ftf I
tt. o»>a,
Wrlla ta, it,.
Canada Malleable & Steel Range Mfg, Co., Limited, Onhawa^ Ont.
Wl.-a tmlini it ".II Iw a Hiatran laaar t» u. H ran »ill ■)
i .      : *
■        |
,   • .mii
- -   i     - ' ' I   !
I'l     '
•■ tb    tt
bree sitting
.-'   * mn .    .11, 1   V teal
m i,ii nva|.*tti convealcneu
\ppllcationi   *iii   !''   received     fur
etstht   'htv-   Irom    late        K'irttict   par
11  . tin    t. ! , M.'a.lte'l   from
{•upeliUti'lt'lent   I'l' It
flerelHtliKti     hiivemhep    IT.th,    lllll
Sllcklf *10|M> e*an|h«.  'ifwnliU,   benla
t  ihrtai tad  taut*. •   •   • 3» cnb
Local Industry
We oMAIL-HERALD has new
type and printing machinery. Our
stock sf  printing papers is large
and well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
oTVtenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
Recount Forms Ball Programs
Wedding Sttaionery Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms    Tags, Etc
■■«■»»■— M—H»     «*■—■!- — *j...
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash KVITItUAY,   NOV.   ISth,   lull
PATfntUY,  VOV.  ISth,  1911.
32 Colored Paget
2000  llltulratiooa  tlf
5c if purchased with a  15c  pattern
Mail    or    Telephone    your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.     Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
See special window displays.
A) Dry Goods Department JV
r\LD    FRIEND    SANTA   CLAUS   will
^"^    make   his   Headquarters  as  usual  at
this year.
This prosperous year Santa's pack ought
to be overflowing. There ought to be something in it for each and all of us. To see
the huge piles oi merchandise in the store
would convince you that we have something
for every" one, big or little.
"MppIt    T^iYitlP"^   °f irresistable attractiveness: all  the dainty  trifles  that goto
"*-^ CL/JY    L   lAJll^O    make up a welj dressed person.    The touch of white that softens the dash of color that smartens up the plain costume.    The pretty" hand made laces, the
exquisite Lingerie from Paris, the London Bow. all are here.    A multitude from 25c to $2.50
Spero Flannelette
This is sturdy Old Country  Goods,  all
widths, all colors, all weights.
I5c. to 25c,
Silk Waists
We know the limitation of types well
enough not to try and describe all the
Silk Waists we have. The collection is
rich in novelty. A glance will convince
you of their distinctiveness.
$3.75 to $10.00
Women's 'round-the-house
garments that are JN3
stylish as well as    §L        ff\
comfortable \f?^t  )
If you have thought that you must wear
dowdy, common[4ace garments to be
comfortable, just ask your dealer lo show you
Garments for Women
Tl)r one on and see how perfect fitting aad stylish
it is—soft, restful and comfortable.
House Furnishing Department
Eiderdown and Lambs
Wool Comforters
These are by far the choicest goods on
the market at the price.
Choice Eiderdown Comforters, covered
with best English Sateen, quilted and ventilated, choice bordered effects.
Same cover with pure white carded Lambs
Wool, light and warm.
You will do well to examine these goods.
Now is the time to buy wall paper. You
can brighten up a dingy room for the winter at
very little cost.
All our papers are this season's goods, and
can'.be relied upon for quality and good taste.
Linoleum and Floor Oilcloths
All the new patterns in Inlaid ami printed
Linoleums and Oilcloths, all widths from 3 feet
to 12 feet wide.    Hest Scotch manufacture.
Prices from 40c to $1.65 per sq. yd.
Curtain Poles and Fixtures
Window Blinds and Fixtures
We have just taken in stock a lot of the
famous Schuman AxminsterSquares. Oriental
and conventional designs. Also small rugs.
These are exceptional values and very pleasing
How about draperies for your archway and
windows. We have a choice line of heavy mercerized Madras, Brocketelle Silk, Silk Tapestry,
all suitable for archways and over draperies.
Tapestry Portieres in reds, greens and
mixed effects.
Heavy Reversible Velour in red. green and
old gold, as well as all wool basket weave
wrepps, suitable for stencilling. Colors - Red,
Greenand Brown.
A choice selection of Hearth Rugs
Axininstt'is. 27x64 and 80x60, in mixed and
Oriental effects.
English Dag Dag Rugs—-a fine range of these
splendid goods suitable for the best rooms
Mohair Plush lings in reds'and greens, sizes,
18x27 and 27x51.
Choice >\ riima Rugs in plain colors and floral
and Oriental design, rovci sable, and will
Rive Bplendid service, Sizes, 18x30, 80x60
and 36x72,
Men's Furnishing Department
A big, roomy, warm, stylish,
single-breasted model, with
the new convertible collar- -no unnecessary hardware ; just turn it up
and button it over for stormy
weather wear. 20th Century Brand
of course.   We are exclusive agents.
Prices, $27.50 and 30.00
Handkerchief and Collar Boxes
A most suitable and serviceable Xinus Gift for
any man. We have them both round and square
in different shades of leather. Our new lines are
just opened and we can assure you our values are
just right.
Round Box, medium size, in plain leather,
brown, black and tan, silk lined throughout.   Price
$1.50 Each.
Hound or Square Box, large size, silk lined,
Rough Mocha finished leather, black, brown, tan,
green.  Price, $1.75
Round Box. large sizo, brocaded silk lining.
Rough or smooth leathers, all shades.     Price $2.00
.Just now there are doubtless many of you who
wish to remember some distant friend and the
parcel must be started soon. We have many
specials which will make up in small parcels for
mailing.    Ask for them.
Men's Silk Handkerchiefs, heavy twill silk,
corner embroidered  with  suitable  Xmas  legends.
.  Price,  75c.
Mens Silk Revelstoke Souvenir Handkerchiefs-
Made in good quality silk. Price, SOc. Each
Plain White Silk Handkerchief, many sizes,
many weights of silk, both plain and twill. Prices,
       50c. to $1.25
Men's Muffler Specials Knitted Phoenix muffler, mercerized goods, large size. Makes up in a
neat, compact parcel. Colors white, brown, navy,
pearl, steel, maroon, black    Price, 50c. Each
The choice ones from the line of J. & T. Bell.
Every woman has her own peculiarities with regard to footwear, and the most particular women
are our best customers. If it is real snappy,
dressy slippers that you are after, let us show you
our lines.
Women's Black Satin pumps—Gold embroidered
toe, fancy bow, Cuban heel. Guaranteed not to
slip at heel.  Price $5.00
Women's Black Kid Pump, ankle strap, turn
sole, Cuban heel    Price. *3.50
Crockery   High Class Groceries
Tea and Dinner Sets
Do you stop to think that the Xmas season will
soon be here. Have you thought of the friends
you will bc giving gifts to. Just come in and look
at the large and elegant assortment of fancy china
and crockery.
TEA SETS—A dainty and high class bargain
in four different patterns of 40 pieces at
$6.00 Each
DINNER SETS Some of the best we have
ever shown—!)7-piece Dinner Sets in blue and green
patterns at
$10.00 Per Set
Elite, ranging in Price from
$10, $13, $18 and $20 Each
Biscuits !    Biscuits !
We have just opened up a large shipment of
Huntley & Palmer's famous Old Country Biscuits.
On account of their high nutritious value they provide a most agreeable and satisfying form of diet
for the sick and never should be absent from the
children's Luncheon or Teatable. They appeal at
once to the palate and tempt the appetite.
Reindeer Milk
Now that the supply of Fresh Milk is falling
off we are again at your service. We can always
help you out with Reindeer Milk. The richest and
purest milk from the best dairies, especially pre
pared for infant feeding. For general household
use it is the best value obtainable.
$25   Each
FRENCH LIMOGES SETS beautiful designs,
at from
$40 to $70 Each
When you are tired of getting poor coffee for
your break fist, come in and get a pound of our
Fresh Ground Mocha and Java Coffee. It has the
finest llavor and aroma of any coffee on the market*
We can always assure you of good, fresh stock.
Xmas Delicacies
Our new Xmas Groceries are now on the way,
a full car of Raisins, Currants. Figs. Dates. Peels,
Fruits, Nuts. Candy and Spices. Don't leave your
buying too late as you can always lie sure of everything when you buy early. V lTIUUY,   NOV.   18th,   1911.
PATHWAY,   SOV.   ISth,   Bit.
Women's Department
c_A   Special   Sale
Oi vtiil.',   Wintei   Coals
i )|  Ladies' Winter Coats
Of Ladies'  Top Skirts
Ol Ladies Fall Costumes
Of Ladies' Furs
Ol I adies' Sweaters
Oi  Misses and Children's
Blue Serge  I n esses
■ W^v. s Ladies' and Children's
\ ifui .■ni ', arii lit   ;ii iiif lowesl pi ices
Mcu's   I'weed Overcoats
Sale  Price $13.50
Men's Tweed Suits
Sale  Price $12.00
Mi n's Odd  Pants at per pair
$2.00 and  up
Men's 1 leavj   Working  Boois,
even pair warranted,
Sale  Price $3.50
Men's  Frank Slater-Siridei   l'"ine Boots
arc lhe best.
New arrivals in NEW HATS
An Intellectual Treat
Liu Thursday ol next week, John P.
Clum, tli.- famous lecturei and Illustrator, will lie at the Ktlistm theatre
The citizens ot Revelatoke will re
member Mi*. Clum'a Illustrated lecture here n year ago, when the Hdl
son theatre wns crowded to the doors
Tlle Illustrations constat ot scenes
from il»' most Interesting parts ol
the » hi i.l. nn.I will Include moving
pictures of the hlggest pigeon ami
altegator farms in tho world, as well
as other scenes ol Interest.
Don'l miss tins L*n'.tt treat, and
bring the children to he educated
with  these splendid  Illustrations.
i ■
itre  t.
«,( Mrs
*':,*  nt    Bewi
,i  th.   Hdlsun  th.
* *    ind   15c,
Sett*   program   tonight   *.'   th
■ . atre
The      Mail Herald    regrets   i*
M. Pettipiece.
Try   .,   :   ittll     *'
* ,.'.,l     an-d cougl
:■ Ig   Sl   ' •
Don'1  forget  that   Bewf     will
: ,■Ion   accurately  ai
\ im incl iding
■ the Shrew" ,,t the
••  nigit.
I ■■ mi      l ks,  new
. : tn*. nt    *■'  arrived  at  Bewi '
...  , \in.*. -    Calendars
ti *se-     t.i   ready   lor    mailing.
••■ *.*.-   ii* .    store |
Chum*   Boy's Own, Chatterbox and
Girl's i At.,  and a lull line ol    hoys
bo iks, al  Bews' drug Btore
s    Y*. ..!.• oi Calgary,  paid  Revel
We have just received our winter stock of this
celebrated brand. Let us quote you a price bythe
case.   Every egg guaranteed.
None better: not any as good. If you
take your winter requirements we will
give you a price that will satisfy.
Edison Theatre
Mitchell & Byrnell, Props.
Warm Footwear
Thu cold weather and deep snow makes good,
w,ii in footw fn a necessity, nnd wc arc well prepared
in sup| lv .ill vour needs in ihis line.
llt'v. .1. w. Stevenson, minister.
Services on Sunday ai n n*>u* and
7 30 p.m. Bunday school will meet
.ii 11:30 p.m. The Westminster Guild
will bold Its regular meeting on
Wednesday evening ai 8 o'clock. There
will be tht' usual organ reoltal pro
ceding the ovtiilng service. The pub
lif are Invited t<> all these services,
Services on Sunday at U a.m. and
7::iii p.m, " hy Christ instituted the
Church" and "A Revolution and a
New Kingdom," will be the subjects;
tor morning an,l evening respectively
Sunday next., Uev. lv .1. Cbave, pas-
i.ir, being the Bpcaker. D.Y.P.U, on
Monday  Bvening  nl   x   p.m,   All  w.-l-
Rev. R, .1. Mclntyre pastor. Services on Sunday at *■ a.m., subject,
"One of the in,isl beautiful Women
of the Bible"; 2:110 p.m., Sunday
school and .Iiiiium Bible classes. 7:30
p.m. "Siiiim; service" or "An evening
with Sankey In song and story."
Special music b\ choir, solo by Mrs.
Bews and trombone solo by Paul Sam
son. Wednesday at s p.m. Epworth
League literary ami social evening;
Thursday evening, Junior choir practice: Friday evening. Senior .lioir
practice, A cordial welcome awaits
the public at all these services.
TIiupsl, Nov.
Lecturer and Illustrator
Moving Pictures
Ol' World's Largest
Pigeon and Aligator
Farms and other
Felt Slippers
We have these in all si/es and all prices.    Wc
tan lit the little lois as well as the grown people.
Leggings for ladies in ankle, half and full
length. Children's Leggings in cardinal and
hrouii corduroy, Jersey cloth, etc., In all sizes
from it up.
Hosiery for Winter
We can give you lhe hesl values iu the city
in everything for ladies, boys, girls and the kiddies
We import these direct from lhe best mill in Great
Britain. We have ribbed and plain in every size,
and our priees are very reasonable.
oMcLennan C& Co.
Look   At  This
have ninety cords of good, clean, dry cedar in 11  and
inch lengths.   We also have  cedar,     fir and  hemlock
tor   immediate  delivery.
mixed.   Get your orders in carl
I  *. sit  on Wednesday  ol
The mills at Tail and Three Valley !
will close temporarily  this evening.
W.   K.  Ritchie, a well known ti .
man ol Vancouver, paid Revel
. toke  ii  Wait  .*n W tdnes lay  last.
\ny purchaser of Calgary  Junction
on  lots fit'in the J.  R   Watson
lealtj    Co.,    can   recelvi   a   wi
. uarantec    thai    theii    mi nej     pai I
.: all   tc  refunded  to  ilicm   ll a!   the
end   •>;  twelve  m  ul ' anno!
■ -ton iii thi
The Quarterly Bi ar,! ol I
. t  church met at  the  pai * n *.*
'."Iiur   :
■ past   q nu tei   «
■  .'. ird,  W    B   i
*: "
.11 l, li*.
.  •    a ol mon    **    ■
thei   meeting,  I
. ntime    it
■hat  'It.* ■•
II    ' •     Scoti     '
■ ir*'.;. T,   ol
5   .    ... i    M te     Jean *        .
■ '■'- .        .M-t.*n!.,y     Fn in
tii a*J will n
■  ■
K.  Watson,     Bachelor in
■ | md  nu.iu
- ...•  an I    igh1  singing.
■    *,    i [.;.    tick it    an   all  a Is
■ iki b, bavi   yo
A Fl      '   1    •""'     ''
enl      '    '-'- ■■
.. -.    -t '        '      lore pal
Tht       ■■   ■ st for I
Itry    st.**"   "i
ippear al
-   ,*.   \att lay'*   esll-f
■  ..   ttnati
... i *.   •       i N"~
rved    ■■ '    75c .  ado
it.  ioi   the Midland Con
the Edison I
pent al   C   R   Mi
Moi das      altei
Mr, Kr.uik Haney returned Friday
from i lanes B.C., where he has been
visiting ins bome Ln  the past month
Don't   miss  John  P.  Clum's  illus
I rated      icl ind    moving  pictures
tor;   ol   tit    IVesI   at   Bdison   theatre
Tl   i -: ■  •   next
Ml II limn.nullum Murrit and
Miss  ',    Moi r.f, arrived .n the
ator farm- it.
Regular Moving Pictures
To-Night, Saturday
r eduction in Prices of Cement
In November, 1910, it »■«. announc
ed that the price ol cement had been
reduced. Tbat announcement wan
admitted by many aa corroborative
ofthe opinion that thc merging of
the Cement interests in Canada would
prove b good thing Ior the public,
The theory ol a consolidation
..uli as the i.iii i.la Cement Company is that the consolidated inter -
csts are In ,, position to effect econo
my   n production and dli 11 ihu! Ion.
That  the Canada  Cement Company
are working upon the Idea nf increas-
, iiimption  l.v  lowering    prioes
rather than curtailing production and
taining    m   ii■ 1      prices,  is clearly
ij   ■   i res] li nt - repoi it., the
• it   lasl   Annual Meet -
n -.  when  h ■  stated   "It   si onfldent-
tpecl t  1;**    a* i* ase 1      tie-
man 1 an 1   11 rea -■* I   .input  will    re -
an  I'
n ra  tn  the coal   of
ution,  and  It
the po youi   Directoi 5 to give
v..  .
• *
Ma    Hei
t'tn    1 .-   , ,,!. hal
*   * r  -T .'km      Which     *
Corporation of the City of
1 j *
* *    .... ■
. * .
pt» ■
. t• i-1, . * •■
•  it;   ... uld  •     in
■  *
.   tl
I ui      '.].
* 1
* need     by the
ich   was   made 6on
'   ,  si.II fur-
■  tbe  price ol
•      -  mim       I   -tt :   ctB
■ *■
! !
' '    ,  M*
Will   be
*  • 11 •    *
wurs« im* <; stork
A complcln Clock O'
Christmas  Goods
New ' n  Display
I*,..*    ....    Cl, ',■!*.•     3 ter   %l
ktalil  •Wlclnl.il
•,      ■
$4.00.  7.00, ».«?. 10 00. 20 00
_*..■ imh &H ■
ss.oo in Jr. on
M .
$1 10 to 9.0!)
TripllcalO Miners In *'*■•"»
Mew llnrs tn BHAr". COOOh
1 In late I No
Now Ooei*K«» •*» Wantl fan*
$1,50to t!0,00
•    ■■ • •  ■ sre     it,
Notice Re Sewers
Whereas under the "laical Improve
ment Sewage Assessment By-law No.
100, 1907" provision was made for
lhe construction of a system of sewers In the City of Revelstoke, the
funds therefore to he provided by
speoial rate of frontage tax levied
equally upon the land or real property and portions of same in or 00
or fronting or abutting upon the
Meets an,I lanes immediately hene-
litcJ  by  the said  works.
And whereas the said By-law has
l.een acted upon by the construction
ni part, of the works therein provided
And   whereas  the  Council    deems  it
inadvisable  to  complete  saiil    works
as  originally   provided  for ami    con-
emplated  by Bald  By-law an,l    have
1.1.1111,11 **l to amend Baid By-law nnd
to ki iisi*  a readjustment  of     assessments to he made upon the lands or
a!     property  and  portions thereof
immediately benefited     by the     said
works so carried out  in part.
NOTICE  is  therefore  hereby    given
that a statement     showing   the  lands
or  real  property  and  portions there-
of liable to ati«l proposed to he spec-
ally     assessed  under the sai.l read-
uatment  and  the names of the own
ers    thereof    SO  far  as  the  saint*  can
be ascertained  from  the last  revised
nt   roll  and otherwise is now
..11 llle 111  the Ollice of the (My Clerk
ipen  for  Inspection  during of-
s  Bitting * I  Ha* Court  i.f  Revision
held    .1  tin* 1:1th day <»l De
i'ii    ii  the hour of ■ ..'cluck
■ ft no. 11  .it   the  Citj   1,Hall.
11  the City ..f  Revelatoke, to   hem
",. complaints or hp
the  pro] 1 readjust
11*1*1,1 a, y   ,,f  front
r anj   oth 11 com
. the peri ni Inl 11   it* 1
d which li by
.1..* Oourl
1 .-ii shall 1* serv
ol   the Munli p il
• ■   laj    p.i.'i   to
■  1 *      on
17th  day nf    Novembei,
1 ,1
IUU t K   \    t.AWSON,
1   ■
' OMf WII''S     M 'I     ; 110
imi - forth*i   i'.u
Prom the 1.,
* it  th"     ia..*   ■ tee  .,,  . haige
'    ■■■•     "'   I    enlci
*t'i        ■ 1,1,   ...      '      \
1 ■' I '	
■ ,.i uu    I tii .    h and 0
nl •
in,, ui ,
1     lintel '      Im,    lr|    N
• 1 •   '       1 * .* in  and 1 niii'ii.iii
'       M     llllltl.fflt
'   al  the
11     t.f one month from    the
'■' '     1* *       the    Revel
toke   > .      .j,,,.,,.,      1     , ,   1
■    thi   Fte .'1,1    of
lock 1   11,:. *i, .*   to mil,in- the
'h. ' '.   IM* 11
rtirf A      rial	
I.Vth day nf    November,
I HI Si   U.OflH
'   * * * ap nu
V III,!-     , :,l   t |,     *       1       ,,; I ,,ir n t * l(
mountain views and    calendars    at
'    ■     Jrug utore*
Friday, November 24th. 8:30 p. m.
i    Chorus Chinese Song
I). Purvis, A. Lawrence, I'. Bourne, I'. Donaldson,
T. |ackson, E. Johnson, A. Corning, I, Donaldson,
II. Briggs, K. Squarebriggs, E. Kincaid, T, Gordon,
C. Lyons, L. Hobson, J. MeKinnon, D. Million, B,
Ken\vard,D. Jamieson,li, McCleneghan,W. Hughes.
2-   Vocal  I Hiei "Gipsy Countess "
Gipsy— Mrs R. Squarebriggs
Nobleman    Mr. E, Allum
.;    Duel and Chorus " Here's the Baiul "
Principals—-Miss Lillian Hayward
Masier Clarence Lyons
Chorus M. Loner, l>. Hobbs, ti. Urquhart, T, Pry,
I. Procunier, 1. Donaldso . E. Pry, A. Lea, J. Bell,
I). Mackinrod, I). Hume, M. McLeod, M. Bell, W.
MeClcreuhan, A. Corson, D, Laing, R. Lawrence,
1). Colhso'i, 1. Brown, R, Goodwin, I). MeCarter,
VV, Lawlor, M. Lawrence, E. Corson, E. Robbins,
VV. Young, L. Briggs, t.. Porter, L. Manning, P.
Skcene, t>. Urquhart, D. Lawrence, J. Lawlor, D.
Kilpatrick, A. Collison, C. Kimberley,
-I    Vocal    Double Quintette (a) Beautiful Lady
(h) Marv
Misses M. Hyatt, P. Lawson, 15. McCarty P. Robinson
,\ i*. II. II. MeVity
Messrs. B. Lawrence, C. Gordon, T. Ogg, A. lv. McLennan, J. Sibbald,
,=*,    Vocal Solo Selected
Mr. Ralph Lawrence
Edward Ralston, a promising young American, half
owner of the Sierra Gold Mine     Mr. W. .). VV. Brown
Chauncey Oprelthorpe, his partner, second son of Lord
Doncaster Mr. Charlie Cordon
Mrs. Ondego Jones, an admirer of rank
Mrs- William Lawrence
Siena Bengaline, her niece, a prairie rose
Miss Pearl Robinson
Lady Guinevere Standpoore,   un   English Primrose,
daughter of the Earl of Paynaught   	
Miss Frances Lawson
SCENli    Mrs. Omletfo Jones' Drawinxroom.
In i lie Mattel ol un Application for
ue nf n duplicate Oertiflcate nf
Title to Lot III, Block 21, being part
• f Section 27 anil ill. Township 2'2.
Range 2, West ol the 6th Meridian,
Town ,,f Kevelstoke, Map i;Uf>A.
*  ,.   hereby given tlml it is my
Intenl Ion  to  I «ue  at the  expiration
t  ,,„ .  i,,,,nil,    ,;i, i   the  lirst pnblit'u
i ,.,   Ii.m.mI    .i duplicate nf the Oer-
llflcate 'tf Title  to the above    mm
ol    In   11 tiii'' Ol   Krr.li'i'irkn
Tledc, which Certificate le dated the
I ,ih day * I Oft*,noi,  190K, mil  mini
I tifil   t.li.lA.
Dated ihi*  iitii tiny nf November,
1911,  Neleon  B.O.
8AM0KL It*  ROE,
in*.ii n i  Re • itrai
Revelatoke band Distriit.
DlHti'irt ol Wesl  Kootenay,
Tnke nol ite Ihut I, llii|?o Koch, of
Vnncouver, B.C., occupation, traveler1
Intend to apply fnr permission to
purelm i* the following ilescrib-fxl
Oommonclng at a pnst planted
...nut three-quarters nf a mile north
ol Lot SCO on Arrow l,nkss runninc
■vist I-n chnins, tbence north W chnins
thence east in chnins, thence Houth
10 chains along the Lake shore to
point nf commencement and containing three hundred and twenty acrw.
m,.i-i- or Icsh.
Dated November ith. 1911.
N.18J.18 ivi W, Ogilivc Af<?ii(
Fui'    Urinniie   No. 1    Masquerade     Moving pictures Ht the Uiiison tbu-
dance, December 6th, opera Ikiubc.     tatro toui^ht.


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