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The Mail Herald Oct 4, 1911

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 ■ I
" Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $60'i
i Interior Publisnmg Co., Atjis.
The Mail-Herald
^«      JmW
Visiting- Cards
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 17-Nq. 78
$2.50 Per Year
Lawrence Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Otflo*—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
5,944 278.00
Branches or Agents al nil principal points inJCanada.
Agent* in Oreat Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Oorn Exchange National Bauk. Seattlo—Seattle National Bank, Han Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada Nal ional Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank. v
Savings Bank Dn^rtment
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. 6. McCleneghan, Mgr.
General Manager J. G. Bury
Likely to Succeed to Vice-
Presidency of C.P.R.
Sir William Whyte retlreB today
Irom active service , n lhe Oanadian
Pacillc Railway Company, Bays the
Winnipeg Telegram ol Saturday, He
carries with lum Hie goodwill ul bhe
public, the company and lhe com'
pany'e employes, Under bin direction
the Canadian Pacific Railway Oo,
tins gi'ldlroned western Oanada with
ils lines; It has spent millions ol
dollars on extensions, double track
ing, terminals ami Improvements o,
various kinds.
The company's great growth under
the able administration "1 Sir William Whyte has boen coincident with
wester Canada's greatest growth.
And whatever bbe quarrels the went
may have with the O.P.R., it will
be readily admitted tbat the company
bas done its part in keeping pace
with the development ol the country
an.lproviding facilities lor the settle
ment and  expansion.
Por tbis really progressive poltoy
a lar^e measure ot recognition is
due Sir William Whyte, the retiring
vice-president for the west. Sir
William lays down his work con
scious that his work has heen well
done. He leaves behind him a record
of splendid achievement, and hf
leaves also an organization which ii
point of character and efficiency i
probably not surpassed hy nny rail
way on lbe continent.
That from this organization wil
be chosen Sir William Whyte's sue
(resflor is a generally accepted fact
Humor has iicrsistently connects
with the position the name ol Geo
J. Bury, general manager o! western
lines, ami assuredly a wiser choice
could nol he made. Mr. Bury's ad
vnncement has been rapid, hut it ia'
been the reward ol efficiency and to
day he has a reputation as a thor
ough-going,  efficient railroader.
The west knows Mr. Bury, nnd Mr
Bury knows the west. He is familiar
with western railway conditions and
problems. His knowledge is th.'
product of years of study and prnc
tical experience in western Canada,
where railway problems are peculiar
ly intricate and difficult. To follow
in Sir William Whyte's footsteps I.
no easy task, but if any mnn can di
it, that man is George J. Bury.
A nice range of warm underwear, all
sizes, in the best woolens of English
and Canadian makes.
Mrs. A, G, Crick, • First Street
Wednesday evening last, at the
regular meeting of Mountain View-
Camp, 22'.l. W.O.W., the recording sec
retnry, Sov. A. K. Hanson, was pr,'
suited with a set of silver table cut
lery as a token of his fellow sever
elgns esteem and in view ol his recent  marriage.
In making tbe presentation on be
ball of ihe Camp, Sov. Edwards, tlu
Con. Oon. referred in eulogistic
terms to the untiring nnd enthusiastic manner in which Sov. Hanson
worked for Woodcraft, and for tbe
upbuilding of the lodge, and wishe i
Mr. and Mrs. Hanson much prosperity nml happiness.
Sov. Hanson in thanking the Damp
members made a feeling und appro
priatc reply, after which the busine-1
ol the evening was again taken up.
Preserving and Pickling Season
About over, give us your order for
Italian Prunes per case     -    $1.25
Late Crawford Peaches $1.60
Green Tomatoes per Ib.        -      7c.
Pickling Onions      " - 5c.
Ask us about anything in above line, we feel sure
we can interest you
Robin Hood Flour Beals Them All
Mrs. H. N. Coursier carries off two first prizes
with ROBIN HOOD FLOUR. The special prize
we offered and also for the best loaf from any
flour. If you want good broad use Robin Hood -
the flour of quality.
Kinemacolor Pictures To-night
The possibilities of color photo
grnpby have been discussed but there
is now a ehunre this week ot seein ;
tor one's self what it all means. The
Kinemacolor is here at the Edison
theatre, and ttie chance to see the
Coronation pageant in all its wealth
irf color, glory of histynl characters,
splendor of military. J/wer; with every detail of decoration, and beaut)
ot the greatest eity in the world.
ThcKinemucolor exhibition opened
last night to a crowded house, and
tonight nnd every night this week
on entire change oi programme will
bc given. While ol course the Ooro
nation is the great event which the
Kinemncolor pictures illustrate, there
others. In reviewing a recent exhibition ot these pictures in Toronto
tbe World said. "In an age ol mir-
nele the faculty of wonder is almost
stunned, yet in all the mirades tbat
have occurred since the beginning of
the new age in 1897, the Kinemncolor
makes the most vivid demand on
one's sense ol thc marvelous. Hern
la the vision of the prophet and the
Clairvoyant materialized, the actual
mirror hel.l up to nature, the dreams
ol the memory bodied forth to be
seen again and again ns one pleases.
The Coronation procession Is seen
Just as those who stood on the
streets or sat  In the flfty-dollaT seatB
all the other multitiulioiis scenes with
their bright color, Hashing arms,
panoplied ranks, glittering horsemen
and ever-varied military men, wane
in  no wuy   inferior.
Views of normal London surpassed
anything ever before shown. The
North West. Mounted Police were very
line. Views of I'eers and peeresses
leaving Chelsea for Westminster ex-
eii.-d kn n attention and there was
al lt'o I one typical Duchess. The nn
val scenes, and tbe last series ol
flower pictures elicited unbounded enthusiasm, In some respects they
were the most wonderful ol all II Is
Impossible to deny coilB-Moiisii-ess to
plants after seeing these Mowers by
human device tempted ont of their
slow   process  ol   thought,    and       the
development of n week crowded into
few Second one realises tor the first
eime ehnt  the flowers nre a,Ive,
Nothing but a visit to tlie Kinemncolor pictures will convince anyone
that what is snid of them is not exaggerated. Hut there can be no exaggeration;  one  simply  sees  reality.
Toronto Conservatory ot Musir
Mrs. Hermann McKinney, who
wishes to thank her friends and
patrons for their interest and support the past year, also for the continuance ol this as evidenced by the
generous patronage given her upon
tbe opening of ber new studio, on
3rd streel, west, has handed us for
publication, the following from Saturday Sunset.. This is thc partial result ol last year's work and Revelstoke shouid he proud of these bright
young people ns they stood high in
a test which has no superior and for
tbeir lienetit let us Bay that so lar
uo town in B. C. has made such n
comparative showing:
The examinations conducted by the
Toronto Conservatory of Music, at
Toronto and centres throughout Hit
Dominion, were completed on Mon
day, July 31, and a list of successful
candidates in British Columbia, in
order ol merit, is herewith given.
The standard of thin department of
the Conservatory work is acknowledged to be ot the highest and the
examinations ol this great educational institution nre being more
and more endorsed by the leading
schools and colleges, as well as by
the most progressive and earnest
private teachers throughout Cangda
The result is that it will hereafter
be found necessary to commence the
Conservator; local examinations in
the first week of June (instead of the
third week, as has heretofore been
the customi, in order to avoid encroaching too largely upon the holt
day season. The seccesstul students
In this eity and Revelstoke follow:
Intermediate tirade — Honors —8.
Aileen Archer, Vancouver; Marjorie
Mather,   Vancouver.
Junior (ii-ade — Honors—Elisabeth
J. Irwin, Kamloops. Pass—Florence
lt. Cbapiu, Vancouver; Eleanor M.
Ftame, Vancouver.
Primary tirade—I'ass — Gertrude
Sbeasgreeu, Vancouver; Iaicile Mal-
kin, Vancouver; Rlitb (Iruy, Vancouver;  Bonnie Clement,  Vancouver.
Elementary Grade—Honors —Greta
Madison, Vancouver; Ethel Knight.
Vancouver; Catharine B. Jack, Vancouver; Janet Thornycroft, Vancouver; Mabel Greelingn, Vancouver,
er; Mabel Creelman. Vancouver.
linn Cornyn, Vancouver; Verna K.
BowermiLti, Mount Pleasant P. O.;
Rosalie A. Rafter, Vnncouver,
(equali; Helena R. Cunningham, Van
Junior    (irude —  Pass—Alice  Bell,
Primary Crude —Pass— Vera Bell,
Elementary Crude -Honors— Boris
M. MeCarter, Revelstoke; Irene
(Icnclle.   Revelstoke. Pass—Muriel
E. McCleneghan, lievelstoke; Clare
Eraser,   lievelstoke.
rm commission
Evidence Liven and Suggestions
Made by Local Business Men
Towards Bettering System
in order to better the tax system
of the Provlnolal Government at tho
suggestion of the ratepayers, the
Tax Commission consisting of Hon,
Price Ellison, Hon. C. E. Mcl'hillips,
W. H. Malkin and 0. II. I.ugren met1
in the court house in this city al
afternoon and morning sessions yes
lerday and today. The commission
was open to suggestions from 'interested parties and Ceo. S. MeCarter,
Alex McRae, Chas. F. Lindmark,
.1. M. Keliie, nnd ('. 11. Hume,
gave evidence before the commission
to the working of tbe present system nnd in what ways they consider
ii it might b? bettered, and it is
more than probable that some of
the suggestions offered may be ser-
ously considered in amending the
Mr.  Alex McRae objected    to      the
present    school    tax  in   unorganized
districts   on the ground  that it constituted ft  double  tax.   It  was      his
opinion  that the     accounts required
for the various school  districts should
be  taken   from  the  consolidated  revenue, and  nlso that the sums  required  should  be  collected  hy  thc trus -
lees ot  the districts.     The chairman
explained  that  the latter  course  was
practically      impossible    because   tho
trustees  have  not   the  necessary   machinery to make tbe assessments and
collect the taxes. As regards the poll
tax be, from his own experience,  designated  it a  very unpopular tax    to
collect.    He   did   not  think    that    it
should  l>e done away with, hut    was
of tbc opinion that tbere were    some
persons who should    be exemut from
such a tax.   The man who otherwise
pays a large amount of money      out
in   tajes  to  thc  government  he considered     as one ot these who should
be free from  poll  tax.   However,    bc
ggrced      that it is not  the ordinary
working  man  that  objected  so  much
to this tax as it is the transient who
at times can bc canght.
Thc income tax be t.hou-eht the
government would he wise to leave
uncollected il they could nflord to
do so, or at least there should be
some discrimination used as to who
it is collected from. In some cases
where there is a large family to support it requires every cent tbat can
be scraped together to keep that fam
ily anyways decently. At any rate
h? was of thc Opinion that the exempted income should be much larger than it is at prrsentf The commission asked Mr. McBae what ho
thought thc exemption should be,
but this he was not prepared to
state. The commission informed him
that there had been several men before them who had suggested variously from tl.KOi) to $5,000*, instead
of the 1,000 as at presnt, but Mr.
McRae was not prepared to make any
suggestion along that line. Mr. McRae gave the commissi! n some very
valuable inlormation on the timl>er
taxes in this province and informed
them that the manufacturing industries in that lin-' bad all that
they could possibly stand. Asked a
straight question as to whether thc
natural resources of the province
could stand any further tgx Mr. McRae stated that as far as timber le
concerned It is tavod thc limit, and
could  not stand anything further.
Mr. C. F. landmark did not think
the present real property tgx was
nt all excessive, but rather that it
was very reasonable. He did not
however think that it could stand
an increase, and he was intormed by
Ihe commission that they did not
think he need (ear that for sometime
to come. On a personal properly tax
within reason he did riot think any
person should kick, but lie thought
the present rate rather high. On one
thing lie was most emphatic, aud
that was lhat personal property with
in a municipality should not he tgx
ed by the provincial government, as
It constituted a double tax, besides
robbing the municipality. But regard
less of who gets the money do you
find with the present iicrsonal tax'.' Mr. landmark was
asked.    He replied that he had noth-
We have .1 l.irye stock of Hclle
i i.ik. Sunbeam Oat, Hoi Blast
Airtight and othei heaters,
with   specially heavy   grates
and linings, ut prices to suit
nil. (lur shipment ol Kootr-
nay ami  Sask-Alta Ranges  is
nlso ,lue and we WIN be able to
lill all orders.
Hay, Flour and feed
lust unloaded a car ot Royal
Household Hour, one of Oats,
Wheat and Mill Peed nnd one
oi Timothy Hay.
Choice Groceries
Fruits and Vegetables
.Hardware, Stoves, Plumbing
Take a Round Steak, fait cr.d FTP*' '" laste, dredge with
flour and cover v ith finely chop| ed < nii ns, aud thin slices of
Imperator bacon. Putin living pan with some water, cover
tightly and let cook slowly i n I ack of Steve.
Use BURNS' Special Hams and Bacon
Imperator Brands
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Distributors for Swift's Products
All our choice fresh killed
Beef, Fork. Mutton, Veal.
l^amb and Poultry are kept
in our new Cult) Storage
Cooling rooms antl displayed
in the shop for sale in Refrigerating Glass Counters
and Window. We handle
nothing but Swift's Government inspected meats, silver
leaf lard, Premium hams &
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
High Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 251
Meat Purveyors
p. O. Box 181
P. O. Box 208
Phono No. 23
Completed Survey
Mr. A. 0. Wheeler, V.it.U.S.. wbo
for thc last thr.-e weeks hnn lieen in
charge of a party engaged *in making
n topographical survey of the Yellow
head Push mnl tly; surrounding teg
Ion, b«n returned lo Vancouver. Tlie
expedition wns organised by the Al
pine ('luh, and was supported by the
British ('olumbin government and th« I j,„ve (lMy h-mit t<
Qr'and    Trunk  Pacillc Railway  Company.   The party nia<le a circuit     of
100 miles around Mount Robson, und j'-^ to „omi,|ft|n o(| mn thllt lf „
made complete maps ol the enclosed ,„.,.„„„ hns nhoV(, „ rertnin Inco ne,
area. They were accompanied by /U1,1 thc B„TCI.nm«,nt requires the
Konnul Knnl, the Alpine Club's guide money then the income should he
Mr. Byron     Harmon, the club photo-   taxed.
grapber, who obtained some splendid j    Tll(, ,,„„    ,ax ,g „,, ,.il(,,lt ln ,„.,,,,.
! tn get    certain people to contribute
, tot-he expenses of tlie government he
thought, but bc knew of cases where
it waa a positive hardship. The ti,*n
with a large tamily nnd asmall in
come he thought should M eicmrt,
but he strongly advised taxing the
unmarried mnn. "You n.ight jug*
un well get the $1! out ol Iiim,'     be
vicwh ol the country, anil several
-ricn'tists representing the Smithsonian Institute of Washington, who
were commissioned to make a study
nf the iaunn of the region and olv-
tained over R00 specimens. According
to Mr. Wheeler, thc Alpltie Cluh will
have to abandon the idea of holding
thn neighbor-
Tailored Suits and Overcoats
in   the
Hundreds of them here, by far the
Assortment we have ever offered
City. Xo matter what the price you are
prepared to pay there is a Suit or Overcoat here to meet it. Thev have the stvle,
fit and cloth.
^Men's  Furnishers
in regard to our natural
the lace of thc globe,
The evidence of .1. M.
S. McCailei und C. U.
lie given  in  next issue.
resources on
some place else."
In regard lo timber taxes Mr. laud
mark thought that it woul 1 be more
agreeable to the lumbermen if the
royalties were increased ;*.nd Ihe annual t'cntitls cut down. I1. wa.i his
opinion that thei present systjt.i vvk
ed against the conservation ,,'. tho Sydney, O.B., Oct. 2— Nearly a dOi
timber of the province. Tne. high nu- en vessels are ashore at different
tals often caused the hoKle.-s if tbe Points on the
limits to cut them oil .s quickly us'the result
possible, while a low rant.il i,n.l a
high royalty would work exactly tbe
opposite  way.    Mr.   I.inlmirk       out-
saw      it   in   London.   Tbe scene      at'nxt   season's  ramp in
Temple  Bar  was as real  as     though   hood of Mount Hobson owing to lack
•put i.tood bwid? tbv Lord Mayor and  of trails und transportation facilities said, "as it you did not lt w  ;ld go
lined the present system of reforest-
ratlon in vogue in Norway at: 1 Sweden and pointed out that the f.rests
there arc renewed evory 100 ycer#,
and this recital drew from one ol
the commission the remaek that sure
ly we are thc most wasteful    notion
Cape Hrtsnn coast 08
of a hurricane which swept
ovor this sectinn Sunday In this
city, one person, a girl, was killed,
and another fatally Injured by live
wire-. The schooner Coronation is
ashore at West Mount; three coast-
ing vessels are aground in Sydney,
harbor; two others are stranded at
Barrack Point, and the wrecking
steamer Alliert Is ashore and badlj
damaged lu the harhor.
•' WHDNE8DAY,   OCTC'RETi   Ith    1111.
WHDNE8DAY,   OCTOBER  ith,   1911.
Gbc flDail-lberalb
interior publlabtno Company,
Zbc flDaMberalb
WEDNESDAY,   OCTOBER   ith,   1911.
The women ol LeMtbrid-ge, Alberta,
have united witli their husbands and
brothers and fathers In trying to
make ol tbeir town une of the great
est m ■  ■    ,n Canada.   They
■..v.- lormed    ao    tuxillary    to    i'he
oar I    I trade   The lull title of then
society  is  "Tbe Women's Civic Club
• '  tbe   !*"•::' : * Ige  Board  "I  Traide,"
and   It   began   with  r  m?mbership ,,!
:. indre .  and  Ioi ty.  Unlike    mosl
wi 'iiiiii'-   e!'.:»> th ■ *   i lull      i*.un
iiieiiiv.-  it  work  with  money    m  tbe
irj    'l'!i>* citizens granted twenl j
(Ive tho taan :   lollan  to bhe board ol
trade foi   ; .■-,.. I *. put | s and   part
nl thi- sum h.i - been given to its nui
iliary  ' Ine  ol  the aims ,A the club 1 -
• *    Mi'.ire f..r  Irfthbridge  the  meet liv
• •[ the International Hry Fanners'
1 it ■• ess li r 1912. As the little city
would not bave b. ,t»-l accommodation
lot all who would come to this meet
ing. tb* members ".' the elu
their Irlends would, if the congress I
met  in  Leth-br *L*>\  throw  uik-h their j
ii ■      visitors, llut this i- nol I
Wel purpose "f the oi
gani/ation.   Tiie  Indies hnve consult .1
with  the  merchant-.     On their pari
engage to .se,* on foot a "Huy at
li  me"   campaign      while    the    mtr-
promise to keep-in stock'gaods
• *;  Une  gualit)   *,t reasonable    prices,
and to till   orders promptly.  Anothei'
"!  the ..mis  ol   this cl\ c cluh is  to
make Lethbridge n spotless city. Any
on* wbo h.is ever lived In  a coal  mini
ing town will realize  Imw   bar.I      the
mem) -rs   wiil   have   to   work   if    this
.iim   - to b   realized, i Ine of the  'le
ments in the  progress ol a   city,   is,
the  la lies  "[   LetblinilMv   believe,    a
spirit  ni friendliness.     To    treat      a
stran *•:   kimlly if  a  duty every cit-i-
/.ii owes tn the newcomer.     If    the
cluh can  help :t   no  woman  arriving
In I. th' r dge will want a kind greet
ing  A   welcome   committee  bas  lieen
appo nted   unI  every  month  the club
Will throw open  its doors to stran';-
who,  tbey  hope,  will  leave      the
.._-  friends.
Canadian Northern Steamships
Wednesday October .i, Royal George Wednesday, October IHth
is, Royal Btlward November Isl
November I, Royal George Novembei 1Mb
Winter Sailings
Wednesday, Nov. 15, Royal Kilwur.l
29, Royal George
Dec. 13, Roynl Udwnrd
Wednesday, November 29th
December 13th
Uranium Steamship Company
For Particulars, Tickets, etc.. Apply to
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
herein facility of musical comprehen
..nm .nil with iH'aiil iful nnd natural
\ • *. Cleveland,   (Ohio)   Leader.
Remoml er ilie above Choir will appear ul the Kdison theatre on Mon
day, October Kith.
grout opportunity and bhoy tuok a.l-
\ o nl oi'.*  .il   it .mil  this   won  tlie      un
st 'nt i'.i npplniiso of bhe audience. Mr.
\, North Is nu   actor of merit,   and
will ably second Mr.   Cornell   in  gaining further dramatic honors   lor tbo
Allen  company.   Mr,   Connors  is ng-
[ uiu with the company, and on Thure.
day evening once mora   made   good
ih' claims of liis friends thai  he   is
I   lbe must   capable   stock   actors
Ht.   Mr.  Patterson has been
ysmith several times   and   is   a
Mll'll   Plai'PP' I welcome   addition   to Mr.   Allen's   or-
HIICII   rldjtlJ I ionization.   If space   permitted,   very
r„j!Public Opinion of the Fopulai1 «»*•«»
r r        in  i.aiivsn
following article i
ii.lysinitb   Chronicle
taken In
The  progress ot 'be     Conservation
policy ol Oanada, .,,*> applied to for
'-"  res mrces    lepends mure upon the
Forestry     Branch ol the  Department
ol the    Interior than upon any othei
organization.     Upon     the    technical
know!   l;e  and  executive  ability     ol
-   ifllcers  cl  the  Forestry    Branch
■. Is  th *  future of tbe  forest      on
IS.000,00    acres  ol    Dominion  Forest
R -    •■ -   as  '.vei! as upon the   large
,r. a   *.f    non-agricultural forest land
tt ast  iu  Canada,  wbich    (or      the
*•;  th,   country  may  yet  lie sel
,-    ;■      an nt   lores!   reserves.
.     tddition   •* king after  Domin
lands the Forestry Branch is now
*.--• 1  by   Eastern  land  owners
-    m ' * .* *■ ,i   t.. the -best means
-.*  .■ -, ■   it   ■'*•   earliest     date    a
tabli   * io;   ol   timber  on    waste
-***"»1  ■ •;-.  The  proper      al
lorest  Inn is  requires
special   knowledge "! the trees ad-
• .. h regii n. oi their   uses,
anl of the mark ts. Further tbere is
- *.; the habits "f all
trees,  especially   of  the  merchantable
that    t  ma*,    ite      known
bow  rapidly  thej   t'r,.w.   bow     they
pp-duco the i uh a an 1    under
ondil the      d  .•••! ml nates
and  in  what   wai   th    seedlings    an'
young ""•  -   in    .' eti I by their tnir
round an       -   ■     •     ■■..•'.*.
only  by  lonj  itu Ij  an *.,   ■ ieni e
Ir.  o  ler that I I    - ■   Mo in
Forest  Reserves may  it* admin-
...... •    .
V ■ * - *      Bi   ■ '■■    - now
rn tbe I
The 'iiizens of [..rilysmith expressed their appreciation of Managei' Al.
bn's company bj turning out in (till
force im the opening of bhe season ut
tlie local opera house last Thursday
evening. Long before the curtain
went up thcrl was senrcely a vacant
seat in the house. As ii further evidence of appreciation the actors were
.ni ded generous applause throughout the presentation of "The Christ
inn." The play in which Manager
Allen deckled to present Ilis new company is one which is well calculated
to In in: out the best ihat is in the
uiui'li coul.I l,c saiil to thc advantage
of the ladies of lhe company. Mrs.
Allen is known to Ladysmith audiences as au exceedingly clever ohar
actor actrrss; Miss sterling is a
most attractive Ingenue and will become very popular, and Miss Corley
made a line Impression on lhe oc
slot! of Iimi* lir.'t appe iranee in Ladysmith.
Tho   "Felton Quartette" Is    hound
to become mon' and  more popular as
the season progresses.     The soenery,
on   which  Mr.  Clapp,  the artist,'   bas
Mp.iil   much  time    this    summer, 1s  a
tribute   to  the  artistic   taste  of  that
Tbe      Allen Players  will  rommenoe
it paste it, maidens, In yonr sox—
beauty of tlie min.I and spirit is the
kind  of stull  that   knocks.
Eire Alarm Boxes
Signals are given thus: 2 htrjke-i,
nterval 5 seconds—4 strokes, Hoi
4. No. of box will also be shown
n indicator at Fire Hall.
Uox No. 14—Corner First street
jid McKeuzie avenuo, 0. B, Hume
& Oo.
Uoi No. 15—Ooruor First Bti-eet
ud  Itokeby  aveuuo,  post  ollico.
Box No. Itj—Corner Second street
and (Jovuiuineut Hoad aud Opuru
Uox No. 17—Corner Third street
n I Campbell avenue, Ulobe humor company.
Box No,  18—C.P.R.  station.
Uox No. 24—Cornor Fifth street
nd McKenzie avoiiuo, Catholic
Uox No. 25—Corner Sixth btieet
ud Orion avenuo, W. A. Foote.
Uoi No. 2C—Corner Fourth stroel
nd Townley street, corner suutb
Uoi No. 28—Corner Second strejt
ml Hobson avenue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34—Firo Hall  No. 2.
Uox  No.   35—Hospital.
Uox No.  3ii—School.
Box No. 44—Fire Hall No.  1.
Uoi No. 15—Front street wejt.
ear 0.  P.  H.  bridgo.
Boi No. 4ti—Corner King and
loiiglns streets, Palace Meat Market.
Uoi No. 47-Corner Second and
Vales streets,  buck of court house.
Boi No. 48—Corner Third Mid
mIius.  streets,  Cownn  block.
b I glial for practice—not lest than
lx  (6)  slow strokes.
Cno (1) indicates line brok-sn or
re out.
Wood for Sale
First class wood, any desired length and in any quantity can be had by leaving
an order at S. McMahon's
blacksmith shop.
Phone No. 87
it  must  lie confessed that
I'hns: iau" lost none of it:
interest in the hands of the company that presented it, and without
llattery it cun honestly be suul thai
it is the most talented stock company that has ever appeared In
Ladysmith.        tlf    course    the  public
"The :1 two week's engagement at the Bd-
ntense ls""  theatre on Tuesday, Oct.  I7rti,
ptn ing  with  "The  Ohrltiaft."
Uncle Walt
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ iwny    tlie   chap  cosmetics
have eome to expect very much from an.l  tbe  pow.ler and  tin-  dye;      cut
Miss Felton, an.l that  young lady has out  all  thc freak athletics    and    I'he
at  no  time Impaired  bar crodil   with circus stunts you try. Cuss up Lilian
the lovers of the drama.   During her also Laura (though these girls      are
iest-she  has recovered her strength, truly nice), lor they'll bring you on
un.l    her    presentation  of       "tilory i.v sorrow if you fallow  thir advice.
Quayle"   was   indeed  a dramatic  tri They   will  teach  yon  that  youi   dutj
ninph. The  part   is  one  that  makes a is  to  spend  ymir passing   lays trying
greal  demand on tbe strength ol   an to increase youi  beauty iu n hundred
actress, but .it  no time did Miss Fel foolish   »;,\     Powrtei    lotions, paints
ton  falter.     Iii  Mr.    Hairy  Cornell, an.l ureases nre tb.* washed   utt  spin
tbe   manager   has   secured   a     talented gters'   hop..,    n.l  yoi,a •  ft'      ,1        in
actor,  lie has a  musical von*.* and a ply |»ecses  whu will  use bhal
lope     If ii  damsel's cro is .n,
tine stage i"e " nee. Mr, i 'orni II Is a
mail of education and refinement and
possesses a thorough knowledge of
the requirements ol un nctor. He will
add greatly to the higii reputation
already won b> the Alien I", iyers in
\s ' John Sti rm"
in*, in winning the
mm! em lu   the
tho  th rd    act    Mi.
■ Kelt*.ii    had    their
Western Canada
he succeeded at
confidence of thi
climax scene ol
Cornell   and Ml
* *.* *i j      thou »bl   will   le
anil   no " ■      '*■'•*:■   hulk)      tell
i ii.* « r.nki. - wiil efli m * II a maid
en's bold .ni! mdei than a mod -
maid  should  lie   forty  t  n
in ■!   make   le
to se      [f thought
me with
: ■
; : ■ ■■:;,*
October I'S—Royal Welsh Choir, at
the Edison theatre.
Oct. 17 to 28.—The return of the
popular Company, the Allen l'lay-
ers and Miss Vernn Felton, at the
Kdison theatre.
R.    M.     R,   NOTICK.
The Annual Inspection of F Company. Rocky Mountain Rangers, will
lie held on Wednesday, October 18th,
In Drill Hall. Company Drills will
be hc.d twice weekly, on Monday and
Thursday evenings, until after Inspection.
I.IKI'T.   H.   H.   SAWYER,  O.C.
Lessons in Fainting and Drawing
Oils and Water Colors
Mi-s VVi holdei   "I   N-uili   K,*n
mil    Vn  Mastei's  i erllfi
lute  Croup l-'irat-t lass Certificate!
for Stdl ],i c Painting;  Ornament Palnl
ing in monochrome   oils*, rlfgwing Iron
tloili lling iu ( la) from tin
U ii.11* •  id   Nation .    Hook   Prizes   [or
[nterioi iu ' *      mil I leiire in Oils.
fori   in; foi   junior  pupils on
Foi '
--   *  ! IGI.RY,
Mi -    I Ffl   .
Corporation of tho City of
Sealed Tenders a-ddressed to the undersigned for a cement walk on tlie
L 'last side of Mc.Kcnuie Avenue from
Second Street to Eighth Streot, will
bo received at the City Hall, up to
k o'clock p.m. on Tuesday, (h'telier
3rd, mn.
Specifications, etc., on view at tbo
City  Hall.
Tbe lowest or any tender not neees
sari'ly accepted.
City Clerk.
LIQUOR  ACT,   1910.
Notice is hereby Riven that, on the
lirst day of December no.\:, application will be made to tbe Superintendent of ■ Proviiiciiil' Polled for
renewal of the holel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Glacier House, sitttai at Glacier, in tbe Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 28th day of September,
1911. Sllds.
Canadian   I'acilic   Railway   Company,
I.IQl'OH   ACT,   I'llll.
Notice is hereby given tbat, ,on the
lirst day of Deomlier next, application will he made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for
renewal of the hoicl license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Lardeau hotel, situate at
Comaplix, in the Provinoe of British
Dated this 2*th day of September,
Kill. .'10:U.   v
RUSSBLL    M.    EVANS,    Applicant.
Revelstoke  Land   District.
DiBtrict of West   Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Charles Stadler
of N'akusp, II. ('.. occupation I,ot*>r,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following descrt-hed lands
Commencing! at a post planted at
the North East Corner ol T.L. 41274,
l hence south 40 chains, thence east
about 2 chains to Arrow Lake, thenoe
along Arrow i.akc to point ,,f commencement, containing *IU acres more
or less.
Dated September 36th, 1911,
K.  It.  Vipoital, A^ent
Avoid disappointment and order your Coal
now.    I have on hand
Your Electric Fixtures
If they go wrong, don't worry, but just
Phone to No. 284 In the day
or No. 40 at Night
and they will immediately be attended to. There is
nothing we can't do in this line as years of experience
with electrical machinery has given us an insight into
the business that could not be obtained etherwise.
Don't swear when the lights go out.   Let us do that
for you.
A. G. DUCK,   ■   General Manager
Store and Office, Old Howson Block
Player Pianos, Pianos and Organs
Our reputation is well known (or square dealing.
We can nive you better  prices,   better  quality,   than  any
other bouse in lhe trade.
WHY ?   Call and we will prove this statement up to the
Revelstoke Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
■ ' '.    .
-    '
.   .      ■       ■    *
'   ' *,    '     ■          '**iii**t.
,              ; *.    ■       .*.   jreal
,. y     1      'oped        I'nIU
Bt it    r
•   S rvici   ,;i  ih*  '
al  V  ■    ■
'  M  a' ma      Th    I'ttfta
Btatet foresters have     spent      larty
saw- i ■'.    mone;   *.->! avalli i     them
the expei   not ol muni m ■
in    ',-■       ' in* m:
••Wii '    ' '      *        ii   ii     the Imn
bfrmen  but   wh re th        pr i
tcction    in I   r ■; I    iucl 1 tbe (01
eat    at I    th •     r-an II in     K* i  iti
Hn.-. 'i    ••••.'    '*■  •   'i Al   Ini   fly    *
i   t en erlenee,
Foyii Welsh Ladles C^ifl
The c'tiort   justified all  the  ..I   r -
,n-' accounts written in thi     ptiW
prate  wherever the Choir has    in . I
its  appearance  in  this country.  It   ,.
a  pleasure  I i Hsten  I * bui he   to lv
nt female. volcM,  where almost every
inemlier. it seems,     na  I nol leei sa
bsraed to step out ol Uie Oboli    and
hefore the audience, beeausa they sre I
Welsh   and bs a nation of singers na-
t'irr h ii- endowed tism with a;t   |q /
Just received,  fresh from Italy, One carload of Choice Macaroni
Choice Groceries always in  stock
D. GALLICANO, 2nd Street, Near Railroad Track
Revelstoke Plumbing, Heating & Sheet Metal Co.
Rstltnntea given for Sanitary work, Klectric Lighting, Hot
Air, Water, Steam Heating ami all hinds of   Sheet   Metal
Iiatbs, Lavatories, Water Closets, etc.
Prompt attention given to all I'liliTs.
See Our Show Room on Connaught Avenue
1'ln,ne No.	
Box 401
Kinemacolor Coronation Pictures Prison Theatre To-ni^M
LIQUOR  ACT,   191(1.
Notice is hereby given that, on tlia
Drat .lay ol December next, nppllca
I "ii     will   Le maile to the Supurln-
a Imhi. ,,'     Provincial   Police    for
u ".val    of lh'    hotel  license to sell
liquor by retail in tho hotel known
is the li.atoi hotel, sitiiateat Beit-
n, In the Province of IIKtisli Columbia.
Dated this 25th day of September,
II.  NBLL18,  Applic-nt
Revelstoiie Land District.
II   ■ i .i t ol West Kootenay.
Take n itlce that I, 1>. R. Reynolds
.1 Reveletoke, D, t'., occupation,
Clerk, Intend to apply for pertnisslot
I"   I'linli iir  lhc  follu .v n '      il sen i.i I
Commencing it ,, post planted at
th louth West Coiner ot Lot 7*819,
and marked li. It. it-y olds .North
West Corner Post, thence enst sn
chilnH to thr Mouth West Corner ol
I., i.mi. tbenre south about vm
feet in tin' North Ba«t ('orner ol
Lol Till, th n>p aloof line of l,.,t
7048 forty    ehains,     wrst 4n ch-iin-;
".iitli anl 20 rhnlna west to line .,(
Lot 2112, Ihrnrc along line of lot.
2112 IU chains north ami 20 chains
uorth   and 20 chains   w«t   to   the
North      West     Corner,  thence nortll
about i'M feot to tbe  place of   commencement,     containing; HO      acres,
more  or less.
Dated September 2Cth, 1911.
Notice is hereby given tbat, on the
Urst day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for
renewal of the hotel license to sell
liiiuor by retail in the hotel known
as the Halcyon Hot Springs hotel,
situate at Halcyon, in thc Province
a' Uritish Columbia.
Dated this 2Sth 'day of Sofite a ior,
1911. iuAi.
WILLIAM   1I0\D,   Applicant.
LIQUOR ACT,   1910.
Notice Is hereby given that, on the
Mist day of December next, application will be mn-de to the Superintendent ofi Provincial "oiicc 'or
renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the St. I,con hotel, situate at St.
Leon, In the Province of British
Dated tbis 2?th day ol B'l'tliTlltr,
1911. 30iH.
■4v< ■{•;■' WEDNESDAY,   OCTODMR   -Ith,   1911.
WEDNESDAY,  OCTOnER  4th.   1911.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,Qdb~~ REST, -   $8,000,000
Issued by The Canadian Hank of Commerce are the most convenient
form in which to carry money when travelling, They are negotiable
everywhere, sell-identifying, and the exact amount payable in the principal foreign countries is printed on the face of every cheque. The
cheques are issued in denominations of
$10, $20, $50, $100 antl $200, kUS
and may be obtained on application at  the Hunk.
In connection with its Travellers' Cheques The Canadian Hank of
Commerce has issued a booklet entitled "Information of Interest to those
about to travel", wliicb will be sent free to anyone applying for it.
The leather that goes into our shoes and the
men who make them can always be depended
upon. That's why our customers are always
Our harness is the very best. Dusters,
Whips, Trunks, Suit Cases. All leather goods
always in stock.   Call and see our goods.
Boot and Shoo Repairers,
Harness Maker*
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund •    $4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interact allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
English and German Interests
in Hopeless Conflict-Grave
New York, Sept..2l.—Oharles P.
Stewart, (or the pant lour years general European manager lor the United  Press,   haa  returned to
is gradually overhauling the English
navy. Not to l»e overhauled very
noon, the English are oompel'led lo
build, on their own Hide, at a terrilic
rati'. The 'burden ol this growing armament iH crushing the country nearly to death.
"Will it not be better." aHk the
militarists, "to demolish the tier-
many navy before it is as strong ns
our own? To do it. will not, only bc
a measure ol safety but will relieve
us of the expense of maintaining our
Aside from their political rivalry,
German} absolutely must have room
New York ■*.„ expand. England litiB all •desirable
after a tour of France aiid Germany territories pre-emptod. With Germany
during which he made a careful in- determined to g«t possesion of n
vest*.gaiion  into the relationship be-' ,m,.t ()f England's possessions      and
1         'wo countries, with a view ( England determined to keep all     it
as got,  the outlook  for Indefinitely
But is always cool at the greatest health resort on
the American Continent
The Ideal Place to spend the Summer Holidays.     Natural
Hot Water Baths, I'M degrees of heat.
Rates from $ 12 lo $ 15 Per Week
Write us for particulars.    Wm.  Boyd,  Manager
Of ascertaining the real density of
thc present war cloud. Following is
his size-up of the  present crisis:
(Copyright,      lllll,      by  the    United
rress    Association.)
Nominally it is between Germany
and France that relations are strained. Really it is tot-ween Germany and
Kngland. To predict early hostilities
would lie going too far. There is a
possibility of  them—no  more.
But that England and Germany will
have to light out their diilercnees
sooner or later is reasonably certain. English and Germany interests are in hopeless conflict. This
conflict cannot be ended by arbitra -
tion. One country or the other must
to reduced to second place. Neither
is willing to to that one. One of
them will have to to beaten into it.
England has recognized this lor a
long time. Ever since Germany became a formidable power it has been
the policy of British diplomats to
band the rest ol the old world nations against it. At present the lineup is England, France and Russia on
one side and Germany,   Austria    nnd
continued  peaoe  between  them Is  not
Modern war is -o extensive an 1
tbe stakes so great that both countries -hesitate when  nn  actual  crisis
' is reached, and so far ns any given
crisis is conoernod, it. is generally
safe to count on a temporary patch
ing up ol differences, but while the
central issues remain undecided the
danger  of an Anglo-German  war  will
' alwayB be imminent, whether there is
a definite crisis to the lore or not.
Moving  pictures  at  Edison theatre
Samaria Cured Him, and He Helpa
A man who has been released from
lhe awful cravings of drink, and wbuse
li.st thought Is to help others, shows
ihe spirit of true brotherhood and
1'hllanthropy. Rend his letter:
Tho * .uiimi iu Itemed)- Co.. Toronto
Italy on the other. Russia is a rath-' 4rink!'US%Preular.,r.latlng "to'you"
er uncertain ally of     England      and ~   "™nyd tfgJ..tht5 M^mf-Xi
France.   Italy   ib   suspected  of  disloy- Is  going  to  ruin   through  drink.    Y,.u
,. „ ...      I "'''  remember that   1  have  taken  your
alty      to      Germany     nnd     Austria. ' remedy, and 1 find It all you claim rt
France  and    England,    however,   are \?.^ strL??/inilhti\n°l w^a. a"
real allies.   Austria and Germany are! 'Ichii*»   tor  ft   has   loft   me.     i   cannol
.,.,... . I -monk    too    highly    of    youi*    *,*, underfill
so closely  hound  together,  80  far as remedy.    You may use my name in any
Have the Best!     It Pays!
You can get the best of
Everything in the line of
At the Reliable Headquarters!
McKinnon's Cigar Store
International policies are concerned,
as to be practically one country.
Just as it is to England's interest
to unite as many nations as possible
against Germany, it, is to Germany's
interest to break these combinations
up. This is the explanation of its
persistently hostile attitude towards
France. Of France alonj, Germany is
not afraid. It would even like the republic as an ally of its own. But as
England's friend it is very much op-
posod to it indeed.
At the present time, the English
navy being something like twice as
strong as Germuny-s and England to
ing an island, it is impossible for
the fntherlnnd to get nt its arch toe.
But it is not impossible for it to
pet at France, which lies across no
more Merlons obstacle than an imaginary line with a defensive army almost as much weaker than the German, ns the German navy is weaker
than  the  English.
way y'ou wish In'pubilc"
*, 'H. Lily-white, Briffden, Ontario."
Samaria Prescription is tasteless
and odorless, and dissolves Instantly
In tea or coffee, or can be mixed with
food. It enn be given with or without the patient's knowledge. It removes the craving for drink, builds up
he system and restores the nerves
Drink becomes distasteful an 1 even
lauaeous. i
Drink ls a disease, not a crime. One
trlnk of whiskey always invites another. The inflamed nerves and
stomach create a craving that must
.Ither be aatlslled by more whiskey or
removed by scientific treatment like
Samaria Prescription. Samaria Prc-
-crlptlon has heen in regular and stic-
essful use by Physicians and Hos-pi-
*als   fur   over   ten   years.
If you  know of any family needing
.Samaria Prescription, tell them about
■ t.    It you have a husband, father or
i friend that Is drifting Into drink, help
him save himself.    Write to-day.
A FREE TRIAL PACKAGE of Samaria Prescription, with booklet, giving full particulars, testimonials, price,
etc., will he sent absolutely free and
postpaid In plain sealed package to
anyone asking for It and mentioning
this paper. |Correapondence sacredlv
eonBdeatial. Write to-day. The Samaria Remedy Co., Dept. 46-49, Ool-
norne St., Toronto, Oanada. Also
Accordingly the German game is to j 'or Sale h? c- R- Macdonald, Drug-
annoy  England   through  France. With ji;ist" Reveletoke, B.  O.
each  blow     dealt    from Berlin       at 	
French interests or French pride, the j
kaiser  glumes  an   invitation towards; \V  AT^^FI^T^
England   to come   to   its  ally's    aid. ' **X' X 1A *-'
He   is convinced   thut   England    dare ]   -
not do it, for the English army      is   WANTED — General  Servant
microscopic  even   compured   with   the      $30 per month.
French      and  for  a  continental  campaign, such as the  British must    en-
ggge  in   to  protect  France, of  course
the English navy is ol no use.
Sooner or later the Germans are
convinced that France will tire of the
British alliance in which England
uses Franoe, but wben France needs
aid,   does  nothing   at  all.   When   this
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Emma Foster,
of Rossland, B. (*., intend to apply
for permission to purchase the lollowing described lands:
Commencing al n post planted at
or near the South East corner of
Lot 8178, thence south Ml chains,
west 80 chains, north 80 chains and
cast 80 chaius to point of commence,
ment and containing G-10 acres, more
or less.
lliit.il  August llth,   1911.
EMMA   FOSTER,   Applicant.
James Fisher, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, William 11 Me-
Whlrter, of Ymir, 11, 0,, occupation
Lumberman, intend to apply l.'l' permission to purchase tho following described lunds:
Commencing at a post planted on
the East shore of Mosquito La*i« at
or near the North-west corner ol Lot
8402, lieing tho South West Corner,
thence running north 80 ciains (.b ng
thii shore of said lake, thmce erst
40 chains, south 80 chains and west
40 chainB to point of comm.inr.emcnt,
and containing 320 acres, n ere or
Dated August llth, 1911.
James Fisher, Agent.
Broadview  (Fractional) L.   H. an
Indiana Mineral  Claims, situate      in
the  Trout  Lake   Mining  Division    of
West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On Great Northern
TAKE NOTICE that I, O. B. N.
Wilkie, acting us agent for the Ohio
Mines Development Co., Limited,
Free Miner's Certilicate Numnber
B25597, intend, sixty days from
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certilicate of Improvements, for the purpose ol obtaining a Crown Grant of the nbeve
And lurther take notice that action
under section 37, muBt bc commenced
before the issuance of such Certilicate
of Improvements.
Dated this 17th day of August,
O. B.  N.  WILKIE,
Trout Lake. B. C.
Apply Mrs.  A.  B.
Imperial Bank  Resi-
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notioe that I, Mabel Ralston,
of Harrisonburg, Virginia, occupation School Teacher, intend to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted adjacent to the North East Corner of
Lot 9323, being the South West Corner; thence running north 80 chains,
east 80 chains, south 80 chains and
west *K0 chains to point of commencement and containing G40 acres more
or less.
Dated August  Sth.  1911.
James Fisher, Agent.
We cany a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
Shaw $ Sash and Door Factory
Manufacturers of Sash and  Doors, Mouldings
and all kinds of Woodwork.
Get vour Screen Doors and Windows made to
Cm D. Shatv,   -     Yroprietor
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props, j
Enlarged   and Improved.    First-Class ln every respect.    All modern convenience I
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably   furnished   with  the choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
T.   ALBBET     STONE      PROP.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Satisiaction guaranteed
Agent  for   Flexitime   Electric
TO LET—Seven Roomed dwelling on
Second Street, west, 50 loot lot.
Rent, $20.0fl. Apply to Ohas. M.
Field, t.c.
Everybody knows hill), be will
tell yon that the whiskey a we are
srlliiiK ore the taint. Call nnd be
■ "iivim Mil. No household should
he without a supply of our Harvey's Special Scotch "Vhlskeyi our
Frapln Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
!«) yeai s old or Blackberry Brandy JJ
for Medicinal purposes. Our stock
uf choice Wines and Liquors of all
kinds are um xrolled. Sold by all
the leading hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd,
Importers snd Dealers In Purs Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
The Coldstream Estate Nurseries
Have, a very fine assortment of FRUIT TREKS
Ornamental and Shade Trues and Shrubs
Budded   Stock   a   Specialty
All trees offered for Bale art: growl) III our own Nurseiics
on the Coldstream  Kstate
V. D. Curry, Geo. Matheson,
General Agent, Local Agent,
Vernon, B, C, Revelstoke, B, C
fO IjKT— Mouse on Third street near
C.P.R.    Shop.        Apply   Revelstoke
time conies Germany  will undoubted-1    General  Agencies, t.c.
ly say to France:
"Why    not    have  an ally    that  is' I'OST-Broocb, J5.00 Gold Piece with
worth  something-come  with us."       |    letter    "Sr"   engraved.      Reward
If Fiance goes,  RusBig will certain- j    wUI be "aM to flmler on "turning
ly do so too,  and      Britain  will    he'    8ame to Mail-Herald Office.       lt.
lelt  alone,   with  Germany    at      the TO RKNT—Several large comfortable
head  of the  strongest alliance    that     Bedrooms, heated     by furnace near
Europe has ever known. |   McKenzie     avenue, south.   Rnquire
Rut    belore tbis  happens    England'    at  tbis Office. t.c.
will have to light, whether it wishes  HOUSE to LET—Revelstoke General
todo bo  or not.   And  there     is     a     Agencies.
strong      party      among   the   British '
. . . .,,   ..    ,    .   LOST—Thursday, Sept.  2»th, between
which   opposes   waiting  until  thc last      _ . .        ,     „
moment lor a declaration of hostilities. Logically this party has a
strong argument. Germany is building warships at such a rate thnt    It
Robson street nnd Oanada Drug
Store, Gold Bar Pin with Nugget.
Finder please return to Mail-Herald  Offi.-e and receive $1.00 reward.
Do You Want Windows, Doors, and Finishing
It will pay you to get our Prices before pirchasing elsewhere.
WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY. We carry n large stock ol
Windows and Doors and can fill J'OUr orders promptly. We will
be pleased to give yon a delivered quotation on anything you
require. We manufacture windows, doors, mouldings, storm
•ash, screens, cabinets ol all kinds, tables, turnings, store und
bar fixtures, church seats aud pulpils, door and window (rallies,
linishing ol all kinds, etc. We are large dealers in sheet, fancy
nut] Plats K'lass, shingles, lath, etc    Write lor l'rices.
Revelstoke   Land  District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, William R
Rehl, of Arrowhead, B. 0,, occupa ■
tion, merchant, intends to apply for
permission to purchuse the following
described  lends.
Commencing at a post planted at
Angus McKay's South West Corner
Post, Lot 501, and running north 40
chains, thence west 40 chaius, thence
south 40 chains, thence east 40
chainB to point of commencement,
containing  1(10  acres,  more  or less.
Dnted   August  :23rd,   1911.
Residence Cor. Hid St. and Robson ar*
Shop in Alley back of E. J. Hourne's
Store, Kirst Street
■Special Attention given to commercial
men and tourists. First-clasn sample
rooms. Finent scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop
Five Acre Lot
Suitable for subdivision
Close to City Limits
PRICE $800
Half Cash Balance on Term*
Real Fstate and Insurartoe
Corner McKenzie Avs. and 2nd St
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and Birds
P. 0. Box 31, Revelstoke
It will pay you to
make a. call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
before buying your out-
lit of working clothes
for the bush, I make a
specialty ol Logging
Shoes, I'ants, Sox, Shin*.
Blankets uud everything
required inyour business.
Conducted hy lhe Jesuit Kaihera aa a
hoarding and day -rliool, eir.cn. upon In
Jilllilee year. Kith a well known record of
Bteady progic^ and more*. In It* present
•tale of il.**,. :*. i.n, ,1,1, nith ii*. ,„niplc|(.
-lattof i* |*. -i-i.! prnfe--.--.ori*> and It*, up-to-
date equipment, il offers today ihe beBt
educational foci'ille* of any in-i n uliun in
Ihe norlhwe*-t Full lollcglalc high eeeool
and commercial cnur-ae*. also prepai atory
de|«rlineiit lol younger -luili-hl- La*.t
yearn enrolment .M6 Kail lerm opciin on
. ,"!' b- .'?" .<'I'alogiie on application.
Addrei.1. I'n-ldi'iit, GiiiirAga Colli ge. Spokane. MWi. Jly io
8. C. SMITH LUMBER CO.. Vernon. B. C.
J. & T. Bell's, Doctors' Special and
Reed's Cushion Shoes, McPherson'a
'1'ratnnien'fl Slioes, und dress shoes of all
kinds, nil of which arc Union made.
Stanlield's   and   high    grade     Ivnglish
Underwear. Everything that the logger
renulres for comfort. Chippewa Falls
Driving Shoes and Shoe Packs.
Hlock Kevelstoke, H, C
Cash nnd One Price
Moving pictures at Edison theatre
Fruit Lands
Uulena Hay lnnils in parrels of
10 or 20 acre« or en bloc. Correspondence invitee),
John Shaw, Agent
Box 616 Arrowhead
Kevelatoke Land DiBtrict.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, Amie Treglown
of Patterson, B. C, occupation, mar-
ri«d woman, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing ut a post planted
about Ten (10) chains East of th«
South West corner of Lot Sl?ii, lie-
lug the North East coruer; thence
south 80 chain*, west Ml li'iins,
north   80  chains  and  cad  80 Chains,
in point of commencement and   ron
tuinlng 640 acres more or lesa.
Dated August  llth,  1911.
James Fisher, Agent.
iinli i the direction of the Bisters ol
tin* Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.
I i.st Class Boarding and  Day School.
Primary and Grammar Grades.
State Accredited High School.
Advanced Normal Course of two years
accredited by the State of  Washington.
State Diplomas conferred.
Music an 1 Art Studio.
Write to Sister SupeHir for Veir Book
Spokane, Washington
Packed In
60<   a pound
In commemoration of lhe coronation ol
King Cwrgl V/' KidRways" hare put on tha
market a coronation lm o( a mmt plcturetqtifl
andeiquiMle dc*iyn, bearing excellent portrait*
of King (George V, £)ueen Mary and llic Prince
of Wales. Special panels have been drsignrd
representing Canada, India, Africa. Australia
and New •al.ind.
Only a nTiiiied numlier ti.ivr heen imported.
l'i nt IMIr. {or om- pound tins.
Al Hot h."l -. i
Dr. de Van's Female Pill*
A i* i ■: » firii'i. r-j-jiil.il l/issvtl Imll. Them
pilli *re ei'.ctding'r miwertul In retulitiiif the
jen»i»tive portion of lhe lemele fjntcm. Kefuie
ill cheap imitltioDf. Dr. If* T»»'e are told at
l» a b«i. m thiee for 11(1. Mailed to any addrwi,
The Rr.bell Drag Co., St. Cetherlnn, OmV
Sold at Macdosald's Drug Store,
/ WSDNE8DAY,   OCTOBER  4th,   1911.
WEDNESDAY,   OCTOBER   4th,   19U.
wmmm mm
Needs and Methods of Saving
life and Property from Forest fires
The Western Forestry and Conaer
vation Association, composed of the
principal timber owners nnd lumber
mill operators In California, Oregon,
Wash'niton, Idaho and Montana! and
bearded by Judge Albert I.. Flewwll-
in* 1.: Spokane, has lately issued a
pampbl t : gar ling tbe needs and
methods ol saving life and property
Irom lestruetion In forest flres, and
urg-inj the observance <>t the lollowing ..mi i,*•  rules
Donjt toss away burning mutches
ol   - *   ice
Don :  make  a  camp Are In  leavi
rotten w I oi  against logs     where
It  may  spread  or  where  you cun ioi
I •'   -*.:•   .1   la  out.
Don't burn a slashing in the dry
season  without  a  permil  ami    with
it takln • c ire to keep the lire trom
spreading. *■
Put out any fire you lind. if you
can: if you ■ anno! do bo, notify ,,
fire warden .-"mo other public officer
or thf  liiii.l owner.
Th,' text ,,: the pamphlet consists
ol a series erf iuestion< and answers,
with a view to answering school
children as well as adults in the
forest  prut.".tion movement.
Alter sh iwtng that the states of
Oregon. Washington, California! Idaho anl Montana contain more than
fifty per cent ol all the timber in
the Union, E. T. Allen, Forester ol
the Association, who compiled the
data say.-:
"Nest t. food Itself, no product is
so necessary to the human nice ns
wo 1. People must have it [orfuel,
for th?ir houses, barns and tences, to
bttild ships and railroads, and for
aim-out every article used by civiliz
ed man. Having plenty of it, we not
only eet all these things cheaper our
Selves, but can sell it to other countries and states whioh have no for -
The questions and answers follow
.in this order
"How important is it to be able
to supply these other states and
"The forests are i ne of our chief
means I support, as lumbering is a
great industry. It brings in more
than (135.1)00,000 a year, or over
$332,000 a day in California. Oregon
Washington anl Montana, and al
most all of this immense sum is
paid out for labor and supplies, so
that every Family shares it. It con
tributes to every industry we hnve —
farmer, merchant, mechanic and pro
fessioDal man. No other product of
these states, not our wheat. our
or our frui-. furnishes employment for so many people or brings
In so much money. Lumber makes
up seventy-five per cent of .ill the
freight we ship out of these states
■ -■ pail   >i  boat."
"Aside  from  malting our    industry
in lumber so valuable,  in  what oth-
tayi   in  forests   iseful?"
Tbey keep the flow ol our sti am
• . *:.    ■ • event ing  :'*• ■•'.-  In  the     wel
I i    --. i. •  -.v.vter for irrigation  and   powei   luring  the      dry
.*•*.-*.v.  • .-•,     pay taxes  to BUppot;
our government,   * :    oads and   our
schools;  ih*;,-  sh Itei  our  wild  game
and  tish.  and   in      many   "ther  ways
intry  healthier      an 1
to  live  in.   In  mo-t       of
• ffestern states tbe public schools
are * .*■:• irted lai gel; hy the sale ol
1 m •:   ti   ii.  state Ian la."
"What would  happen if our forests
- *  yed '
"There would  be bar.:  times      Ioi
ir whole system      ol
living   has    : ■•■:■    built    up  with the
■    >l forest Rn*l water as one ot our
cbref  fi indatlons.   Many     industries
would be ■" impkrtely destroyed,     all
woul I    -* iflei     lerlo islj    Oui   ,
scbo I  -'.-' im woul •- the ine ime
from tbe -"ate timber."
"Is then- any   langer ol this
"Not  in a b ngle dny or  yeai
.-,  very   grave dan-^r  that  will come
.,.,,,   .    . to Injure u     ill.  In-
*       ai     *.>-irdy I sing Injured
more  than we  :
"By wasting ' '■ • its nsl »d ol
ia ._• bbeot, and especially by carelessly burning tlu'in. Although not
always aB serious as lasl year, for
est Bree .lestroy on a yearly a\
in Oregon. Washington, Idaho, Mon
tana and California, tlml*1!. which,
if -aved for manufacture. •■■ .
in $10,000,000. We not only lose this
Income. but have to pay a bighei
tax on the rest of our property anl
higher prleee for lorest materials
whi"h escapes. These fires kill the
young trees, 9o new forests cannot
follow tlie old ones nnd by leaving
the ground bare, also hastens the
rapid run-ofl "f snow and rain, and
make our streams low in summer
Often tbe fires destroy houses, fences
and cattle and many human lives
are lost."
"What causes these wasteful  fires'"'
"C-arelesou.'SH almost always. People foriri't tha' tlie wind and hot
wither mny make even tbe smallest
Are spread hey nd c, n'rol. Thinking
Di   barm  will  come of it  'hey leave
Revolstoke  Land  District.
District of  West Kootenay.
Take notice thai, sixty days after
ilnii* Dominion Sawmills and Lumber Ltd., of RevelBtoko, B. <*., a
Lumber Company intend to apply to
the Minister of Lands for permission
to purcbase (!M0) Two hundrtd and
forty acres of land described as billows:
Tlm MOONEY way moans moro biscuits, less home cooking:
Beoauso MOONEY'S BISCUITS aro frosh enough and appetising
enough to take tho place of tho product of your own oven.    Kor the daily meal
you'll like
Oommenelng at i
chains aouth from
corner  of  I'earsons
post  planted    2
the   South     Kast
I'rc-Einption, Lot
3092, (Iroup One, Kootenay District
and marked "D. S. M. it L. Ltd.,
South West Corner Post," thence
,orth GO cha'ni, theuce east 4(1
chains, theme south liO chains, thence
west 40 chains to the point of commencement,
Dated this Sth day of August, 1911.
Dominion SawmlllB & Lumber, Ltd.
\g. 19-60     Ily  James England,  Agent
Hevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kooteuay.
Take notice that 1, J. U. Elliot, of
Arrowhead, D. ('., occupation, physician, intends to apply lor pormission
to purchase the following described
Oommenelng at a post planted near
N.W. corner post of Lot 7'JfiK und running CO chains north, thence CO
chains east, thenco CO chains south,
thence CO chuius weBt to the point of
commencement and marked " J. O.
Elliot's 8. W. Corner Post, con-
ainlng some 4011 acres more or less.
Dated August 7th,  l'Jll.
Per It. Armstrong, Agent.
-,& A.  F.
and A. M.
Regular meetings ure huid ln MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on the Third Monday ln each month
I at 8 p. in. Visiting brethren are
cordially welcome.
W. B. ROBERTSON, Secretary.
O. F.
They're tho crispesl, creamiest, most delicious soda
biscuits ever produced nnd thoy'ro mado in Winnipeg,    A Western biscuit for Western people.
In air-tight packages or soaled tins.
in whv
il      it.
the camp lire burning, throw uwuy
burning matches or tobacco, burn
slashings or brush heaps without
screens to stop the sparks. Al the
time t.liey see no danger. A tew
boms or days afterwards the lire
spreads and becomes so tierce
it cannot he stopped.''
"If ibis is so likely li Iup,
lo not people always th'uit i
and   become  careful'.'"
"Beoause tbey do not rc-iUv.3 new
much it, will injure them. Sum*' r,iea
they think only of the owner of the
timber lias any Intereac in the matter, and that he ought to take nil
necessary steps to put tbe lire out.
Tbey forget that the o.ine - stai. Is
only about a lifth of the I iss an 1
that lour,fifths is borne by all the
rest of the people in the state, .n-
i hiding themselves, because evety-
iiody shares in the money nnd good
that  come  from  the forests."
"If this is true, is it not as wrong
1" set fire to tlie woods us to set
lire to a hutise or city?"
"It is even more wrong, I ,r wo
Man build houses, but not new lor»»ts
When San Francisco wis destroyed
by fire, California did not have to
bear all thc losu. It was nyrecd ail
over the world ,y insurance. M'.vey
quickly came In to reouild the city:
everyone was given wire,nnl in tWJ
or three years business .v, « g .'ng on
as before. Hut when u (oresl burns
nothing lielps .t rr ;i. • i recover.
Its possibilities for 'ii.i mv destroy
ed   forever."
"What Bhould tne .-t.it*' do to i'i u
tect  the forests'.'"
■'I'nss     tbe    best  Kin l  u!  tore
laws   and allow plenty ol money  to
carry  them out.   Fire patrol   e  pn,"
i iculnrly necessary."
"What can we do to h*!pv '
"It is the duty of eve.'ynn ', y *■ ■•
ni* old, nol only to be c i ■■•' ii w ■ ti
lire, but to teach as many othi.i . -
possible how Important ibis matter
- \ft11 all, everyone should remember that care with Bmall fires
.iill always prevent big ones. The
main thing is never to forget tbe
simple rules of preventing lires. Most
. f tbem are laws and anyone Is liable
to arrest for falling to observe them"
All  "f which  is  g 1 sense,  truth.
.ml   . n uiswi rable  logic, which  apply
■    as much to British Oolumbia as
.1 tbe neighboring stat.*- |usl  across
■he national boundary line.
I'eter Collins against the Britannia
Mining & Smelting company for injuries received in an explosion tbat
occurred In n tunnel In which the
plaintiff wus working Inst October at
Britannia Beach, resulting in the loss
of his eyesight und u linger, an.l
thumb on  his  right   hand.
Tiie on us.' ol i be accident was tho
explosion of n "missed hole" near the
place where Collins was working
Sum.' difference of opinion existed (between the pbiiniitl und the defence
na to the exact cause of the explosion, nnd considerable argument, was
Indulged in by the opposing counsel
during  the hearing   of  the  action.
In liis charge to the jury. Mr, .Ins
lice Morrison stated thnt tbe question
of negligence was a very difficult one.
to deal with. He ilclin .1 this charge
and also the one ol contributory negligence, which tiie defence a'l*Jf,ed tha
plaint ill was guilty  of.
"An employer is not un insurer ol
bis employees," i-mi-i bis lordship,
"but he must adopt those reasonable
precautions which will ensure the
safety of his employees. You must al
so remember an employee is not an
inspector of his employer's plant.
It is tor you to say whether the proper amount of precaution was taken
to ensure the safety of  its employee."
Hevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, Otho Ralston,
if Harrisonburg, Virginia, occupation
louse Decorator, intend to apply for
emission to purchuse thc following
lescrlbed lands:
Commencing at a Post, planted
ihout two nnd a half(2i)  miles in a
outh westerly direction Irom tho
iouth West corner ol Lot 9323; be-
ug the North West corner, thence
urn ng south 80 chains, east 80
hains, north 811 chains, and
vest 8H chains to point of commence-
nent, and containing 640 acres more
ir less.
Dated, August 12th, 1911.
OTHO  RALSTON,  Applicant.
James Fisher, Agent.
We'll All Be There
Arrow Lite
Nakusp, B.C.
A   good   *-iilisi,iniial   !'ri/c List
covering   tin* Orchard,   Garden,
Poultry,     Domestic     Products,
I'ancv Woik, Floral  and  IMuca
Immense     Specials,     i ne   of
b i- given bi Messrs.  Mi K lift fn., tot the In -i breeding Pen
ol   l'o',,;■'*,   Mm      reed     $20,00
Revelstoke Hand in Atunddme
( onu rith ib** I'"; v
Por further  iui
I. II. Vi
New Westminster, B. C.
Oct. 3 to 7,1911
Special Low Fares
Gting Dales. Oct. 1 to 5
Final Return Limit Oct. 10
For further particulars
apply to nearest C. P. R.
Agent, or to
R. G. McNellie
rid   Passenger Agent.
An English   Chemist Has Discovered How to Grow
In England thi    idti
ibandoned wearing rat.-, which is due
■   • :*.  t*   thl    new disci wry.
It baa  been that      Henna
-,-.. • onta • ■ ngredients tbat
will  ; * hair,  Thnt  l tit \
contain  th
proven  '-very   lai
The Am-! placing on
: be  market  a  preparati m taining
the extract from Henna  ,   ives, which
s having a phenomenal
This preparation . called SALVIA
and is being gold trtth ,. g lal int.*,'
to cure Dandrufi and to grow hartr In
abundance, lieing daintily perfumed
SALVIA   makes  a mosl   plea ant. h.-ur
Iressing. C. H* Macdonald, your
druggist, la the lirst to import this
preparation Into Revelatoke and a
large, generous bottle tan be put
chased for line.
Was Severely Injured in Explosion in Tunnel
After being out tor ovor an lioin
Wednesday afternoon, a verdict lor
$9000 damages was rendered by   tbe
jury eittini; in the action brought by
A Gurney-Oxford is as
prompt as young Appetites
Thr re in no delay; the children never have lo w*ir for meal* when
you have .i Gurney-Oxford in the kitchen. With thfl r tntje dinner i« on
tlio dot. Your lire is ahioltitcly relinhle, the heat regulated and con*
trolled hy an exclusive device, the wonderful little OXFORD HCONOMIZER. Thii
patent damper enables you to forget the fire
until the honftoittft
dinner. Andthelov-
ifl£of OOtl will <ntnn-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^       ish joii;   .?0% redu      	
tion   on  your   bill*   is   an   easy   record   (or   this
little regulator.
Anotlicr advantage   is   in   its   aplen-        *«<6i&
did o-.cn facilities.    No  m »re  sojJdy  nn'     a ^""?*^" ---
over* J one   baking*    The   oven   heat   ia   1     J »r ■ * ■i^T*"*"'*'' ^^
controlled    and     guided     e'|irnlly     over    *'l^ftjrJ!'T
front,   hnck   and   aides   hy mums  of the     '
The RevrniMo tJmtc, thl Brnilrr Top, the p«tcnl
Lift-up llnrili nre mora rHSOfll lor OWnlltl * ' lt.tt.tf
Oxford) inr]  to thtif  •dvantttlfl are added • shtnini
ippiarioei, nrti»ii.: rf-^i :.i ei.i pirfael rm« ofoptritlo8(
Ton nre invited to coin* and see thii ind otherl of tht Garney liai.
Lawrence Hardware Company, Lii.
Notice is herehy given thut thirty
laya after the dnte of thc Hrdt pub-
iention hereof, the undersi'i n ■;'. will
nake an application to the Board of
licensing Commii-isiorierfi for the City
if Hevelstoke for permiMuion to trans-
■er to A. P, Levesitue, of Revelstoke,
I. 0., the license to sel'l liquors by
'otall at the Hotel premiere at Rev-
■Istoke known as ths Union  Hotel.
Dated thiB 21st September,  l»llf
'.Ode. I^evesque   &  Walsh.
SELKIRK    LOUUK 12, 1. 0.
Meets every     Thur»day evening   in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock.     Vlviting
brethren cordially invited.
J.  S. HUOUGY,  N. O.
JAS.  MATHIE,  Secretary.
Revelstoke Land District
District of West Kooteuay
TAKE NOTK'B that I, Samuel W,
l-talston of Harrisonburg, Virginia, occupation Photographer, inteuds to apply
lor permission to purchase the following
described lunds: -
Commencing at a post planted adjacent to the southwest corner of Lot 8148!
thence north XU chains; west 40 chains,
south HO chains; enst 40 chains   to   point
of commencement and containing 320
acres more or less.
James Fisher Agent.
Dated June 12th, 1911.
Reveletoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice, that I, Laura A. Ral-
Bton, of Harrisonburg, Virginia, occupation married woman, intend to
apply for permission to purchase tha
following  described  lands:
Commencing at a posl planted adjacent to the North East corn2r of
Lot 9323, being the North West Corner; thence south 80 chains, east 80
chains, north SO chains and west 80
chains to point of commencement and
containing 640 acres,  more or less.
Dated August Mh,  1911.
James Fisher, Agent.
COURT     MT.     BEODIB,   No. *4S1.
OF I. O. F.
Meets ln I. (X. O. F. Hall next to
Tapping's Opera House every second
and fourth Monday in month. Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
Q. W. BELL, 0. R.
WM.  S.  CAMERON,  Rec.-Sec.
HOLD RANQH LODUK,      K. of    P.,
NO. 26,  RBVELSTOKU, B.  0.
Meets every Wednesday except   the
Third Wednesday of eaoh month     tn
Oddlellows' Hall at I o'clock. Visiting Knights are cordially Invited.
J. Y. SIMPSON, O. 0.
Q. H. BROCK, K.  of Ii. * S.
U. ot F.
Kevelstoke  Land District.
District of  West Kooteuay.
Take notice that I Edward Russell
•.'ipond, ol Nakusp, B. C, occupation
contractor, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described  lands:
Commencing at a post planted 40
ehains south of N. E. Corner of T.L.
U274, thence south 80 chains, thence
eust about 20 chains, to Arrow Lake
thence north along Lake about SO
chains, thence west ubout 2 chains to
point of commencement, containing
ahout  100 acres,  more or less.
Dated September 13,  1911.
Sept. 23—Nov.  22.
Itevelstoke Laml District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Fredrick
William Vlpond, ot Nakusp, U. 0.,
occupation loreman, inteuds to apply for permission to purchase the
following  described lands:
Commencing at a post planted 120
chains south of N. K. Corner of T.L.
41274, thence south 80 chains, thenoe
Mast about. 30 chains to Arrow Lake
thenoe uorth along Lake about 80
chains, thence west about 20 chains
to point of commencement, contain -
ing about. 200  acres  more   or  less.
Dated September bl, I'.Ul.
Sep.23-No.22 B.R.  Vlpond,  Agent.
ib r the Will of John Sawyer, formerly of Ailelaide Place, London, (Bng
land) Chartered Acrouiitant, deceased
the above named .** entitled to a
share of bis Estate. Apply to
James Roi In on, solicitor, 2:1 I'hil-
pol   i.ui"    London,  !•'..  0.
Revel - .**.   Land DlstiId.
1   nl  Wist   Kootenuy.
' i.   thai James a. Shields
.: Revel 'oke, Uritish Columbia,    oc-
;•*.•    11.   Packer,   intends  to    apply
pei in   don '" purobase the follow
■   1*  ' i Ibed IiiihIh
Commencing at  a post  plantwl    nt
Ote Bouth Wert Cornet  of Lot. 277:*.
',    .j,  !    w.'t,t  Kootenay District, H.
■ 1  1   mnrkod   ".fames   A.   Shields'
South     Bart   Oorner   Port," thenoe
a*«* t   about   twenty  ihains  moro      or
* i', the   iouth ''list corner of Lol
1712, ' .1 onp 1. iiii*iiM,. 1,in tii to ohalns
ibi'iiic .vi tl .:n 'ti.iii,.. more or less to
* m. north wen' corner ol Lot 2773,
iiii. ,* iouth in rhamii to point of
commencement, nod containing xo
hi 11 •■*, more or less.
Dated August 2!itb, nil
Andr.n   Kitson.   Agent.
Moving pictures at the Edison theatre tonight.
Revelstoke Laud District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, John Kyle, ol
Ymir, B.C., occupation Lumberman,
intend to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted adjacent to the North West corner of
Lot 9323, being the North East corner; thence running south 80 chains,
west 80 chains, north 80 cbains and
east 80 chains to point of commencement, and containing 640 acres more
or less.
Dated August uth,  1911.
JOHN   KYLE,   Applicant.
James Fisher, Agent.
0. W. O. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. >2t.
Meets Second    and     Fourth Wednesdays    in each month in    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting Woodmen are
cordially invited ts attend
H.  W. EDWARDS,  Coa.  Com.
Barristers,  Solicitors, Btc.
Imperial Bank Building Revelstoke, B. 0.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Revelstoke,   B.   0.,     and
Cranbrook, B. 0.
Geo. S. McOarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey.
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
In the Matter of the Estate ol Jamea
bi. Long, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all
creditors and others naving claims
against the Estate of James ft.
Long, late of Revelstoke, B. C, deceased, who died at Revelstoke on or
ahout the 12th day of June, 1911,
are requested to send to the undersigned. Solicitors for Rev. C. A.
Procunier, Executor of the last will
of said deceased, within t.ll days from
date, full particulars of their claims,
duly verified, and that after that
date the said Execdtor will proceed
to distribute the said estate amongst
those entitled thereto, regard being
had only to those ciuims of which
said Executor shall have then received notice.
Dated August 16th, 1911.
Solicitor for Rev. C.  A. Procunier,
Executor of the last will  ol
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Nettle H. Piatt
of Rossland, B. 0., occupation
Housekeeper, intend to apply (or
permission to purchase lbs following
described  Inula:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the South East, Corner of
Lot 7900; thence south 40 chaliiB,
west 40 chains, uorth 4(1 chains and
east 411 chains to point of commem<e-
ment. nnd containing 160 acres more
or loss.
Dated August 10th,  1911.
NETTIE  H.  PLATT,  Applicant.
JameB Fisher, Agent.
Reveletoke Lund District.
DiBtrict of West Kootenay.
Pake notice that I, William Rumley,
of Patterson; B. C, occupation Lum-
lierman, intend to apply lor permis-
i'ii to purobase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted ml
jncent to the North East corner of
Lot U383, lieing tbe Bouth EubI •er-
ner; thence running north XO chaius,
west 60 chainB, south 40 cbains, east
10 chains, south 40 chains ami cast
20 chains to thc point ol commencement and oontaining 480 acres, more
or less.
Dated August 9tb, 1911.
WILLIAM  RUMLEY,  Applicant.
James Flsbsr, Agent.
Provlnolal Land  Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
BOX   100,
Box. 282, RevelBtoke.
Plans and     Specifications prepared
tor     all   classes     of buildings, Etc.
Draughting and Blue Printing.
Revelstoke  Laud  District.
District oi West Kooteuay.
Take notice thut 1, Harry John -
stou, of Arrowhead, B. C, occupa -
11011 Merchant, iuteuds to apply Ior
permission to purchase the lollowiug
described  lauds:
Commeuciug at a post plauted at
ubout three hundred yards south of
Creek on sand poiut about two miles
north of Cupe Horn on Upper Arrow
Luke, running twenty chains north,
thenoe eighty chains east, thence
twenty chains south, theuco eighty
chuius wesl along the lake shore to
poiut of commencement and containing one hundred aud sixty acres more
ir less.
Dated July 10th, 1911.
Revelstoke Land District.
District uf West Kootenay.
Tuke uotice that I, Josiah Hack,
of Revelstoke, B. C, occupation bair
dresser, iuteuds to apply for permission to purchase the following described lauds.
Commencing ut a post planted at
about the south-east coruer of Harry
.IoIiiihImi's application to purchase,
aud running north forty chains,
theuce cast sixty chains, thence south
lorty chaius, thenco weBt sixty cbains
along the Lake shore to point of
commencement uud contuining three
tm ml 1 ed and twenty acres more or
Dated  July 17th,  1911.
Revelstoke  Land  District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take uotice that Ed. McOaghran,
of Arrowhead, B. C, occupation
Lumlierman, intends to apply for per
mission to lease the following described lauds for marhle and lime
quarrying purposes.
Commencing at a post pluutedi
uboul two miles south of Pingston
Creek Mill und marked "E. McOagh-
ran's South East Corner", tbence
west 40 chaius, theuce north 40
chains, thenoe enst 10 ehuins, moro
or less to tbe lake shore, thenco
south along tin' luke shoro 40 chninu
more or loss to the point of commencement, containing 160 acres
more or less.
Dated  Aug.  22,   1911, H.6-N.8
J 1
WR'DNERDAY,   0CT0I1ER   4th,   1911.
the: im^ui-he ir^igid, revelstoke
WEDNESDAY,   OCTOBER   tth,   1911.
See special window displays.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. B- /funis & Co.. limited
Mail    or    Telephone    your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.    Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
X. Dry Goods Department J&
New Tarns
for (he Children
Navy or Garnet Felt Tarn 35c.
Large Navy or Red Tarns 50c.
"   $1.00
Patent Leather Brown or Black 75c.
Children's Coats
A bunch of Children's Coats,
some Bear Cloth for Infants and
Cloth Coats for Children of 5 and
6 years for
Friday Bargains
This is a good season for Friday
Bargains, about 100 odd pieces
of Women's Underwear, natural
colors and white, a mixed lot but
every piece a bargain at 50c. per
Separate Skirts
A clean up of Women'sjseparate
top skirts. No use to go into details
here. Come in and look them over,
there is a good Friday Bargain for
you in this lot
Ttioro^^y 'Wil
L-' Stitched -*
with Silk
$4.90 Each
Little Girls Skirts
Nice navy blue kilted skirt made
on a waist for little girls, 2 to 8 years
lined all through $1.25 to $1,85
Cashmere Jerseys, all colors to
wear with the skirts $1 to $1.50
New L
ew Linens
For those Linen Showers that are so
popular just now we have just to
hand a beautiful lot of Irish Hand
Embroidered Linens, pure snowy
white in all shapes and sizes
25c. to $5
The individual guest towel 15x20 in.
pure linen hack with different patterns, Shamrock, etc.
75c. per pair
The Monogram towel, pure "Old
Bleach" linen hack, 24x45 in. with
crest for working monogram
75c. each
New Hair Goods
Not so much  stuffing of the hair this
season, but the New Idea is nicely made up
puffs and rolls for attractiveness. We have
some good Ideas to show you at
$3 to $7.50
New Hair Rolls and Rats at 35c.
New Hair Ornaments in all the new lines.
Bandeau's Combs, Barrett's Curl Pins,
Swedge Pins, etc.
25c. to $5
Art Li
A grand showing of German and
French art work on linen and crash
silked felled squares and round shapes
worth a visit to see these
50c- to $5.00
Flannelette Wear
Lovely white gowns, skirls, drawers,
children's sleeping suit.-3, etc., good
English flannelette, seams double
stitched, tape bound, warm and comfortable for this cold weather.
$1  to $4 per garment
Bed Comforts
A choice range of Bed Comforts now
showing in Eiderdowm Lambs' Wool,
covered with best English Satine and
Maish Laminated Cotton, dainty bordered effects.   These are 3 winners.
Wall F
Now is the time to fix up your rooms
for winter. We have just taken in
stock a new lot of the finest <'ork
Velour wall paper, 30 inches wide, in
green, brown and red; also choice
chased patterns on plain grounds, a
splendid parlor effect. These goods
are the best procurable, and are sure
to please.
Fine Gloves
for Men
We have no hesitation in offering to our customers this swell line
of English gloves, which we consider the  acme   of  glove-making.
We have them in cape, dog-skin,
mocha, nnd undressed kid. All
shades of gray and brown. They
come unlined, silk lined, wool lined,
and fur lined. One or two button
Prices $1.50 to $2.50
Sweater Coats
for Men and Boys
We are sweater coat specialists and
guarantee to suit you in style and in price.
Our line comprises lhe best of the most
up-to-date manufacturers.
Men's working sweater coats in
brown, gray, and navy, with high or low
necks; green and blue trimmings.
Prices $1.75 to $3
Hewson Sweater Coats in plain and
pineapple weaves. They come in different
shades of fawn, brown, green, and maroon, with different colored trimmings.
Either high or low neck styles.
Prices $3.50 to $4.50
Vancouver Sweater Coats in fine,
honey-comb, and pineapple weaves. All
the new colorings in seal, brown, taupe,
tan, as well as the staple colors.
Prices $4.50 to $5.50
Boys' Sweater Coats in navy, gray,
brown, and tan, with trimmings to match
Price $1.25 to $2.50
Hume's for Gents' Furnishings
High Class Groceries J?<
Corn Starch
Have yon ever stopped to think how
little time it takeB to prepare a pudding
with Benson'a Corn Starch. If you do
your own linking try a little cornstarch
mixed wiih your (lour in making bread,
griddle rakes, fritter?, and pudding*.
You will find that it gives a more deli-
cioub texture and llavor than you can
get from Hour alone.
Get Hume's Prices on Groceries
Robinson's Patent Barley
In thi" patent food stuff you have a
healthful nutrition** food for young and
old. When once yon use it yon will
not he with-mit in your honip. It is
recommended hy the highest medical
authorities as nne of the hest foods for
infants. It is invaluable for Barley
Water for the rick chamtor, and is a
most refreshing and cooling drink in
the hot weather.
Hume's for Choice Groceries
Have you tried our Robertson's
Marmalade in Ilh. jars,'.'lb., lib., and
71b. cans. We are making a special
display of and giving a special price on
the '21b. cans of only .'10 cents a can. Il
enjoya an enormous popularity whenever it is known. It is THK MARMALADE WITH THK ORANGE FLAVOR. Quality is the first consideration
o berteon's you get lhe beet.
The pickling senson is now here and
we are prepared lo handle tbe trade as
never before. We have just oponed up
a full linn of all tbo requirements needed for pickling. Tumeric, celery seed,
mustard seed, pickling spice, vioega.s,
green tomatoes, green pep|>erF, and
cauliflowers. Leave us your order
Headquarters  for Hay,  Oats,  Bran,
Bhortf, Wh-ai and Cracked Corn.
< WEDNESDAY,   0CTOBBH   Ilh    Wl.
THE 'ASLA.XXj-JSL'SITIJ^ZJD, :re-V"elstoke
WEDNESDAY,  OCTOBER  4th,   1911.
Shipment of Ladies   Long  German
Coats just   to   hand    Our  stock  is
complete in this line.   Come and select vour Fall toat
Ladies'  and   Children's sizes.    Full
range of Combinations, natural wool,
separate pieces, Heece lined, etc.
Plain white tailored Waists with wide
and narrow tucks and  other stylos,
Embroidered fronts.
Good range,    l'rices from $1.00 to $5
a garment.   Men's Combination Suits
—all wool at $5.00.
Black and  brown   F ix,   stoles and
mun" to match, from   i'ii" $75 each.
New  Goods  arriving   by   Express,
keeping stock bright and new.
White, unshrinkable. Wool Blankets,
■14, $6, $7.50 and $111 per pair,
Selling at $2, $3, fl, $fi, and $7 eaeh.
Mrs. Wm. Morris will not receive
cm Saturday, Ootober 7th.
Mrs, A. B, McCleneghan will not
I'SODiVe   Kiidny   next   lhe   I.t li   inst.
Free -with every $5.00 Army Hitle--
I wn boxes ol cartridges al the Lawrence Hardware Oo.
Mrs. Ernie Davis of Vnncouver, Is
visiting at the home of Mrs. R.
Davis, at   the  Hie Mildy.
An Army Repeating Ri'le. with two
boxes of cartridges, only $5.00, only
n   few   left..- Lawrence  Hardware  Co.
Mr. Thos. Chamberlain of Salmon
Arm, has returned to the city ami
will spend the winter in Thompson's
Mr. A. K. Bagel, tortnnrly of Hum
mri'lnnd, but now of Victoria, spent
Tuesday evening wiib an old Iriend
Mr.   Munroe.
Mrs. II. Clarke wns Ihe hostess of
a card party last nlglfl in honor oi
Miss Robertson, who leaves Friday
for her home in Scotland,
Miss Stella Mildy is in tbe hospital with an attack of typhoid (ever.
Tbe young lady, however, is pro
grossing   favorably   towards   recovery
•,*    .   *.. ui    late f"i   Coursler b
..   ;,., —   cleaning.
Don t !' i mmi ibe Kinemacolor pic -
tures    t  the Bdison tonight.
\ p..tie an I two boxes ■•: cai tridgi
,.t tbe i..,.i:**mt Hardware Co.
Mr.  P.   B.   Lew,-  ,,!   \ ,i  couver, » I
in the city yesterday on business.
A meeting ,,; the W.C.T.U. will b-
held in tn*.* Baptist church parlor* on
Friday atternoon at 8:30
I'l Wn FOR SALE   I" tirst-clast* coi,
lit:,,n.  terms  reasonuble,   apply   t*
Mrs. li.  M.  H im.  Fifth street,
Mr.   and     Mr.-.   A.   13.  Crick.       nr
visit.ire t" tbe Sew Westminster (ai
this week.
Tb*- Duke ,.; Connaught, the     a*' ■
*.    *. noi ' ■    -iii "f Canada,  will ai
:: . ana la on Ocl. 13th.
Duke ..f Sutherland ami i„,i i
Charles Beresford passed through
Revelstoke Monday morning en routj
to England from Vancouver,
It is reported that Bir Charle-i
llibert Tupper may     succeed      Loi l
-••  'hi', m.i    ,.-   Canada's  Hurli  Com-
m;ss, n r  at  London
Housek *•,' •■ -     i'ii ue    their   daily
ro'it.ne occupation without  Inconvtn*
.:      while  t'oursier's electric    hot!
.,..'. r   .-> in operation.
Mr. Klet':..*; wi,.* has done service
in the (MM!, here for about lift ea
years, bas resigne i „ii 1 gone to
New  Westminster   his  family   wiil fol
Ion Wm Bbortlj
¥■■:  tt:.- Bret time ::. the bi
the world,  wireless telegraphy      w.is
- *.    n      * ir on  Friday  last,    »     i
•   ■  -tdmiral .,; the Italian tl. .-t flns'i
-1 ..     wireless to land troops     ai I
: Tripolo
FiHed with enthusiasm f,.i  work   u
.  thai   will  be entirely  new    to
no   tl.-.rty  young  Methodist  mil
rs  Irom  England arrived   n Wlnni
peg   lasl     week.   They  have      hen
t oul    ■  the Canadian  Mi thi
r.'.-r.h   .n.l   will   take   cbarg      ■'■
Canadian west.
- :   «    ! :   La ir er  told  a
.,;  pi -■ te on   Monday
ib.it  - I decided    to
lii  Thanks,      ■..-    lay   b !"re   retiri.ii
fr*,m   office Tb *  -l.it.-  ib  s a  is   Mm
flay, Octobei 30     Tbe Premier   mid
lokingly.   th.t  tbe  governmenl    st   l
had     sou,   .. I .   thankful  I*
the L.l*r.ils being thankful th.,'
. f tb.-m were lelt.
Dr,  »'.   Dobertj    ol  l  tmpbe  I
S'e* Bi  ■■-■»•• ommltl
■a; . r   t'n
il  Pan. I Brucs    Bl ■'    ' ■
a.,.   ■ ,..   •     'It   ,       n electa :i  ar. i
•  ,       it el   •>•■ i '• Dl    1  ■
l. in with ..a mn i  *
Ih.   The    »t* i i   ni entered it.
tl.e brain an!
t.m.,l'.y   rei  it ng   fatally
s §lc. Per Doz.
In order to get the lies! results frnin your chickens
you must provide the best foods available, as without these egg producing foods you certainly Ho not
get the best results. Try our Beef Scrap, Oyster
Shell Grit, Crushed Hone or Alfalfa Meal.
FEED—We also carry a full stock of Hay. Oats.
Wheal, Barley, Corn, Chop, Bran and Shorts.
A. HOBSON,        Baker and Grocer.
Look  At This
We have ni lety cords of good, clean, dry cedar in 1-1 and
IG inch lengths at $C a cord, also cedar, fir and hemlock
mixed.    Get your orders in early for immediate  delivery.
Mr.  \V.   Cowan is baking  in the fair
.it   New   Westminster   this  week.
Mr.  and   Mrs.
..a Sunday   tor
(ins  Anderson
i   weeks'   visit
Missis.   Vi.   I.   llriL'es     mi,I
(iillau.   left   last   nighl   for   the
on  legal   business.
Remember the Nakusp fair tomor
row and  Friday.    Forget your troubles      for   n     Couple   of    days  and   gu
down.    Citizens do  not  forget       that
reciprocity at  home is a good thing.
The hospital stall are at present
very busy. That institution being
full of patients, Tbere are sixteen
cases nf typhoid fever, all from out*
side points, with the exception one
Mr. (ieo. Sharpe "f Armstrong, wan
the guest of Mr. J. 0. Robson over
Sunday. John  i:   Blbbald. "f Winnipeg, rep-
resenting the  Donaldson and  Canard
No disturbance, no inconvenience,
bill your house will be wholesome
nnd clean after Coursior's electric
cleaner has been at  work.
Mr. II. Moffatt, chief inspector of
111' Imperial I) ink, Toronto, and
Mr. A* E, I'hipps, the western representative of the saute bank, of
Calgary,  are  in  the city  today.
Hon. Richard McBride ami Hon. W.
,1, Bowser, are leaving ibe roast, tomorrow on a visit to Ottawa. Tl
is generally believed thai Mr. Mc
Bride will join Mr. Borden's cabinet,
and Mr. Bowser will ' i tits new
premier  of  13.  0,
Tbe 11 vclM.tiilw Potlltiy Associa
lion arc goln? to be represented at
Ibe fair tomairow and Friday a1
Nakusp. Tbi lollowing are sendiii"
their birds down for entry:—Messrs.
TL M. Smythe, Woodland, Fleetham
and  Laing.
There will be a pre communiun see
vice at the Presbyterian church on
Friday evening at eight o'clock, nnl
also tbe public reception of new
members. The Sacrament of tin
Lord's Supper will be observed in
the chtlroh next Sunday at the mom
inu servire.
Ford tho famous cartoonist will ap
pear in Revelstoke on October 25bh.
His comical and satirical sketches
are intensely amusing. Altogether ir'
provides an evening full of bright -
ness nn.l (un. yet through it all runs
a backbone of thought and helpful -
Hevelstoke will be wall represented
at the Nakusp fair tomorrow, the
following gentlemen having decided
to go south in th* morning:—Messrs.
Dr. Hamilton, A. McRae] Leo. 8.
Mn arter, H. Gordon, W. B. Robertson. C. F. Liadmark, W. M. Lawrence, R. Howson, P. W. Stone, J.
K. McLean. There is likely to he
other who will pay a visit to the
Mouth whi-sc names have not yet been
handed  in.
cal attempt, to rob the accns; d of his
liberty  and good  name.
Ileti'ctive Orlspeu staled that all
verdict, so trrmei bandy "roasted,"
produced live statements in court, all
signed by Bolton, Tbe lirst two ail
niitled nothing. The third confessed
the entire crime tbe fourth, repudiated
the eon fuss ion,   the  li'fth ivi treated it
Detective Trlspen slated that, all
lbe statements were read over ' to
Bolton before lie signed tbeni. This
was denied bv boih Constable Galo,
who witnessed  lbe documents and   ti'J
Bolton himself. On the value ottbjse
alleged confessions ihe case rested.
The jury's verdict explained in detn'l
their opinion of the documents, gad
the man who obtained them. In llie
course of the afternoon following the
lury's verdict, Orlspen wns p'a v.i
under arrest by mounted po'lee, and
It ia understood will be charged with
TABLE BOARD By the week or
separate meals, $11.Oil per week.—
Apply Mrs. l'uyne, corner Fourth
street  anil   McKenzie  avenue.
TO RENT—Farm, one mile and a
quarter (rom the city. Apply to
Mrs.  Stacey,  Fifth  street.
Notice is luveby given that, on llie
lirsl. dny of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for
renewal of tbe hotel license to sell
liiiuor hy retail In the hotel known
as the City hotel, situate at Arrowhead, in the province of Dritish Columbia.
Dated this *tth day of October, 1911
JOHN CALEY,  Applicant.
LIQUOR  ACT,   l'.llll.
Notice is hereby given that, on the
lirst day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police for
renewal of the hotel license to * sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
is tlie Lakeview hotel, situate at
Arrowhead, in the Province, of British   Columbia.
Hated this 2nd day of October, 191*1
CHAPMAN   & IRWIN,   Applicants.
R.   R.   Y.   M.   0.   A.
The name " Empress" stands highest
as representing the last touch of distinction
in Canadian shoes for women.    Note thc
short vamp.
We «te one ol 500 Agrnti who k-II the "Empreu"
Fall Shoes
I lur shoes for the lali alld
winter season are now (ipen,
and we are ready lo lil your
foot us well us yonr purse. We
are sole agents in Uevelstoke
lor the celebrated RMPRK8S
shoe (or particular women and
the renowned CLASSIC shoe
lor children, and uo better shoe
for the price is made than these
two lines. We guarantee every
pair we sell to be thoroughly
We have button, bals uud
Oxfords in kid and patent
leathers; Pumps ia kid, patent
ami suede, iu a l.u go variety ol
the newest lasts   $3 TO $5
We have one "I the best
stocks we have ever shown.
We carry all sizes from Infants
to Misses, and lbe prices are
very reasonable.
oMcLennan C& Co.
Watch lot the particulars uf th'
auction sale ..( household furniture,
October 171b,  11.M.   Rae,  Filth street
Thfl wonder ol thfl age, natural col-,
.ii'i-.l  pictures of  the  C nal Ion    al
ih.*  Kdison tonight.
Mis     Mainprise and family,    wh i
haw  sinMit the summer at Okanagan
Landing,  have  returned to  the    clt
for the winter.
•r •nm-li p lines, Was in the city yesterday. The Revelstoke General Agencies were appointed agents here for
thfl above  lines.
The new C.P.R amsh * Bon
n.n.-tni, wb:,-h has been In commie
-■   n i. on the lower
'..ike- roul vat put out ol rtmning
on Mon ' **.- ■    -h" Mowing *■ •
of the smoke stack and the Rosa
l.m.t  had  to  mike .*, •   • ■ ip. The
old   M -•        ,.   i»'^n   put      on   in her
Mr. c. H. Tagga". D.L 8. arrived
yesterday wieh his survey party Irom
Golden, and is in the city  for a daj ( a  ci»|
or two. weeks.
The   regular   monthly   meeting       of
the  Board ol Trade will  lie held    to
morrow  iThuredayj evening ai
m.   in   the  city   ball.
The Pro* Incial  Sunday   bcI ■ n
wntiotl     will   lie   livid   ll)   N.'.v     Weal
minster on October 25, 2ti   27, lollow
,ng tlie  Laymen's  Missionarj      con
ventlon   a     \ ancouvci     tmi n •    the
ipeakere mentioned In the ■
•:,.* i,.,in.    'Mi    li  i'h Cork of Obi -
• ■  ■ ■
* !     - inda.    ' hool   rtat   I
He  ivill tl eg.      Also
tbe name ••( Rev. Dr   Bby ol Toron
r       ,. .  ,■■.,! ,     ,f     Canadian
1'iinty I tin Ni' " *'"'
wllng   provincial   8 in
make  up *■
bright   ,iM"   ■ •   • •        program
i-i   nnexcelle 1    Ioi     <
i olds,   Pro* lu'. *  eb
per ''Ottlc.
for cold in the head    -'-.   111
1    '-•
THOMAS' Menthol Liniment
an  excellent   rubbing   oil   for
rheumatic pain- or reducing
, .. ning)    •-.  and SOc. hollies
Paper,   I'm
1 envelope*
.old :
nei   I'	
Set of  I'.llklll.i'l    1;  VOl I       I
Ili* noun* '     f   I Btl
n rtlell i ."**.:■,.ii i luotatloiin \ i
Kennel Sei rets \shtnont ■' ■
Training ami   llnmlllnjl "<
lbe I) .
Disease* .'( I.ivi Moi k
IJoitOn Oook  iifl'lk
Mm. Beaton's Cook Book
■Mu* $l 50, 13.00,
i oo
1 no
TUK REX AM, Dure; Stork
■    *     '   ■
ers  [rom
*   '      -!,'
pnrp i*!
• their
IC     pul
• I ■
in--   .,       lv      lir
II     Iter     I  an in
\n li.-.i   Fraael   and     Hr
.     .i  * *   .   * *
In ,.n m '    .      ,,f   tb.
il the eb..ii ig
wl lie the i*i    bj
md M
ni. nt.. n     Tl '
pro •; am   to   be  gi'.. ii     Th. f  ut
templa1 n     changing   the   night       of
tb'ii   meeting  from   Monday   to   Wed
N'"vt   'I'm*   I.i v   ■■   Siring   'he        Vie-tt
minster  flulM   ..'   -'I.    John's  preaby ■
t.Tian    church   will   bold n re union
.ii   thc     chool   room     r/f       the
church.    Invitations  are  beintr      sent.
,t  '.,  ill the young people connect
■.'ii tbe congregation, and      >m
elTort.   will   be   inH'l*'   to   get   :in,|iiaiiit,eii
wilbnny   -'tranger'i   wbo   Iiave   recently
eome     to the cKy.    \ rood literary
program *    being prepared   aud   an
enjoyable   "'nw:   is   promised. A
large  recept.lon  committee  will be
present  to ies ehal  all  are 1111111"
to feel st home.
Public Schools Attendance
The      attendance      at    it
*■    public
ichools (or September was as follows
.•nt ial Sel mil. Div. 1   . .  '2'2
112.82   li
"    II      .L'T
87 81)     ;
88 IB    IT
"   IV      41
Tb. i:;   it
 V.       12
N.1.TT    l."-.
"   VI   . 83
iKiim  V2
•• VII   is
S'.l -JS    12
■Vlll :«
80 88   18
8B.I0 HU
-clan,    -     OOl    Div.   1        12
bl T:s   :i'
*      II        II
H1.27   21
"III         MtT
811 11    It
"    IV      12
iiu.iii)  2:1
"    V    :io
-'  -    12
.**.-1 al  ii in,..;     i
ineiii for the mi n
un le a    percentage "f
■ * •  ■ *   and     regularity.
Is  ibe  winner  in      Sel-
* ' h   a   pel wntagfl  of
eh Idreti     thai
will     lie        enough t,, begin  kttend
■   * I   p * .  are re
,.•*   and   late       ■'■
r to Mi     Chi   th
i    ■   * '■
■ i. . ■
•        . II,I'M.  I.,te
ti rm.
Tenders will lie received hy the undersigned up till Thursday, October
nth, 1911, for the proposed addition
to the above building. Plans and
Specilications may be obtained (rom
thfl Secretary, A. Thomson, Y.M.C.
A.  building.
Tenders to he in by Thursday noon
Lowest or any tender not necessarily
P.O. Box 14G, Revelstoke, B.C.     2t
Monday, Oct. 16
Ladies' Choir
Positively The Most Remarkable Singing Organization in the World
"The Welsh Choir is magnificent,  they are perfectly splendid, and you may say I said so."—Melba
PRICES:   -   $1.50. and $1.00
Seats on sale at Macdonald's Drug Store
The wise men of the present day who are making their bank accounts
steadily grow are the real estate investors. Why not have a share in
the general prosperity. We have properties we can guarantee to be
sure money makers and they are sold on the easy payment plan within
the reach of the smallest investor, $10 down will secure you a lot in
some of our sub-divisions. We mention below a few of our best propositions.   Call and investigate.
Moose J
Progressive Prosperous Permanent
Has grown from 6000 in li)()G to
17/000 in 1911. Street car system
just installed. Property is simply
doubling in value, (iet in now, our
lots only two blocks from car line.
Will be worth double next year.
Prices per lot now
$100 to $200
One Year Old
Population 700
Distributing centre to 5,000,000
acres of choice farming land in central Saskatchewan. C. N. R. divisional point, with nine stall round
house- Six lines of C.N.R. either
in operation or being built. Lots
only   a   few   blocks   from   station.
fc'isatioMl Trial
M   I * 1 ,
al ar -, lm   been
MOO      '*( .
John tot •■      uul      lbe inrv in tn.*     .
|irern»   court for two days,  • n-i. I
Saturday   ifternoon  .'. tie
,.! ti.. ifH   Bolton, **.' I
*i,m 'i     n r..,'t <,f Detci live i
pen '■'■ 'be Tn.-I auency, chl«f <mt,trcsm
for t.b-e proMCTttton Th« crime iritta
which lb,lion was accused was tbil
of .ett.ioi.' Hr* to a Kniin sarebou ie
at Kelllh-er, Honk., on April Zlith. at
1:3*11 in the morivl&g.
In  bringing  in   the   vi'nliei   ,,f    "not.
loiiiiv."  the jury deplored tbt metb
ods unci in src'inni*; the eviilelli**
whieh h;ol I,neu |iresi'nle.| in 'oint Iiy
lieteitivc Crlnperi, and to sny that
we  'onsider  blip  guilty  til  a  llaboti-
The  Natural Gas City
Baa natural resources which other cities would give millions to possess
Ii promises to \n~ the greatest Industrial Centre in the west- Our faith
in Medicine Hal is such that we purchased three subdivisions there in 1
an investment in any of them will bring you large returns    Prices from
$100 to $425 a lot
E. G. Foley, Manager
Mackenzie Avenue


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