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The Mail Herald Jan 29, 1913

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 I   "■    ■
lievelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Jilps."
]M'1 ton
X£°ft/A. £• :>;
Zhe Mail-Hepald
Vol. 19   No 8
REVK STOKE, B. C. J.vN 29, 1913
$2.50 Per Year
New York Consulting Engineer Approves Plan.—Tunnel Under Selkirks Five
Miles long.—Placing Revelstoke Centre Best Continental Double
Track System.-Preliminary Sorveys Completed.
Mr George J Bury, vice-president warranted in making the grade re- tor ihe existing business, musl
Oi the 0 I' R arrived iu Vancouver duciio.is proposed aud iu building thc totally below the demands ol
this aitei noon en route to Japan, via lunn-l. Mr. Bogue's report indicates double track system. Late last fall.
San Francisco and Honolulu. Mr. that with the grade reductions which the Company announced their Intent-
Insisted lhal there was no are physically and financially possible ion of building at Revelsloke tt pala-
other than our present main line will give us the liai tourist hotel, and it is likely that
He lest transcontinental line in America ihe plans whet, completed will contain
taking into consideration lhc dis - provision for new yards and siding ac-
lances and the bunching of grades." j oommodatlon, a now passenger stat-
Mr. Virgil Boguc. with Mr. F. W. ion and freight depot will the hotel,
Peters, general superintendent. and in one comprehensive scheme of archi-
Mr.  A.  E.  Stevens,   assistant general lecture.
superintendent of the' British Colum- The     present   passenger siation at
tra division, and Mr. George E. Gra- Revolstoke situated across the    traik
ham, superintendent of    the     second ai  the foot uf the- mountain, is -p-
(iistrict, met Mr. Bury at North Bind arated from town  by a series of sido
and accompanied him  to Vancouver, tracks and the main line; this arrange
immediately Following this iniorma- ment has for years been a.source   o.'
tion.    conu-S     news  from Revelsloke, annoyance   io    the  public,   who      are
that the city council  plans for perm- compelled   io cross  a  maze of    steel
snent   roadway  crossiug  over the  0. in order to get from town on to the
P.R. tracks at Mackenzie Avenue, one arrival and departui-e platforms. With
of the  principal   business  streets      in the growth of the city, and the heavy
ihat city, have been turned down    by tiatlic converging  into the Mackenzie
lhe Canadian    Pacific    Railway Co.'s avenue crossing leading over thc rails
solicitor with the explanation "That to the depot, this inconvenience     bas
iri 'glow of Uie-Jmniedlate necessity of become painfully obvious, and thejeit-
.ntirely remodelling  our  terminals  at i/ens'will  welcome  indeed,  the stfite-
Revelsio'ie, ana the completed    plans ment  that the terminals are to bl rc-
for which work will shortly     be oui, arranged;  a hope  is freely exprefted,
the company feel it  best to allow the that the Canadian Pacific Railway Co
'present     conditions   to  remain undis- will have the new plans drawn up     in
MR.  ROGUE  RECOMMENDS  IT.      turbed, ns our plans are of such     an Hn ungrudging manner, providing Rev
extensive character aa     may entirely clsioke with passenger and freight nc
"After  ihese surveys wer.' made wc  obviate ihe neci ssity for B crossing at rommodation, of proportions   worthy
.sought  the services of     Mr.     Virgil  that  particular point." the importance of the cily, and    with
Itogue. the mo-t eminent engineer we     This, in the lighl   of the important an approach which will be in keeping
could  lin.I.    He was asked  lo go over  announcement made  by  Mr. Bury,    is alike  with  the  scenic  attra'tions    ot
our plan-  to determine if our present  taken to mean that tlie Oreat Com- the city and the convenience of a very
main   line could      be  ninde a    better   pnny are  including  in  theii  estimates ,'arge   tourist  and   business  pas-enger
transcontinental   line   than  any  other   for  th--     double  tracking,  a  revision travel, of which this city is, tha acknow
route  thio'igli the oth r passes     and  and  great extension  of the  terminals lidg.d   permanent   railway  headquart-
of the Progress Club would greatly
appreciate any assistance you could
give them in the way of obtaining information in regard to legislation eon
oerning tbc railroad, I am, sir,
Yours faithfully,
Honorary Becretary.
There will be a good game of basket lal played in the Y.M.C.A. tonight, when the Wigwags and Bone -
beads 'la-h.   Admission  15c.
Saturday  evening  at 7:30,  all      lhc
boys ol the Y.M.C.A.  Sunday  morn
ing     Bilb'     class, are invited  lo     a
Requests for Donations.—C. P. Railway and Re-Arrangement Revelstoke City Terminals.—Building Permit
Introduced by  Alderman Abrahamson.—Enforcement
significance     to     his trip
lhat hc is taking it for pleasure.
is accompanied by Mrs.  Bury       and
iheir son and daughter.
While thoroughly familiar with the
appropriations whieh are b.iug pre-
sent.-d to the president of the C.P.R.
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, al Montreal
by Mr. Grant Hall, general manager
■.uul Mr. .I.i; Sullivan, chief engineer
of Western l:ncs, he declared he did
not wish io say anything aboul them
until ihey had been announced as approved by the president. This he in-
timated would be in a icw days.
In connection with the new construe
tion and betterment program for next
year Mr. Bury said sonic time ago,
"Wc had surveys made for a double
hack from Calgary to Lake Superior
tind have in-t completed preliminary
surveys for double track and "grade
leduetion between Vancouver and Calgary. The survey- contemplate a tunnel under tbe Selkirks live anil two-
tenths miles long," He- added:
CA. snarp at 7:30 p.m. All members
of this elass are requested to take nolice. an.l act accordingly. Information may ne had from the physical
Free-for-all-day—On Baturday morning at 9:80, there will be u free-for-all
day in the Gym. Any boy In the city
may come who is uot over 14 years of
age. Pare'iits are invited to send their
boys to the Gym on that morning.
Library—The Library is open every
Saturday from S to 'J. Mr. O.W. HaU
is in charge. Send any books that
you wish to donate to the library,
.an- of Mr. G.W. Hall, Y.M.C.A. with
your name and address inside.
if it could  be made po.  would we  hc   at  Revelstoke   which inadequate even  ors.
Discusses Prosf.ects for Railway Construction Through-
Sir Donald did not feel inclined  to
say any more than that     the C.N.P.
woul 1 spare no effort to complete its
transcontinental  lin.' by  the end      oi
next year, but he added:
"You may he sure thai just as soon
■ as that comes,  we will be ready     to
: handle bu-ines-  on th'< Islaud division
as well."
I    There are details as to • onstrnction
which  have yet  to  be settled; hut Sir
OUt Province.-Going Right   Donald, as the groat  railway builder,
' which he is, believes them to he ni.re-
Ahead With Deve.opment ly detaiis.
Plans. As to those     details, he may have
mor,'  io say after he has agam coiv
ViOtaria,  Jan. 27—Sir Donald Munu  (erred with the provincial Prime Min
lice-president ol the Canadian North-   ister.
,,n Railway system, arrived in Vic-'   0|" one thin* lbc 'niM;c ma* be as"  ,h
toria yesterday evening, aud will    bo
bere fur several days. I
While  here  he  will  confer  with   the
I render Sit Richard McBride a- to the
progre-s of construction of thc C.N.R. j
■system,  both  on  th'-  Mainland     and'
on  lbc  Island.
Sir     Donald    expressed him-ell     as
mite h gratilie.l at th   manner in which
the   tonus of  fwitlomciit   of  the ruilwuy terminals of ihe former Sotighees
Indian Reserve had hecn received   by
the-   people  and   added   hi-  assurance,'
ns one ol     lhe     heads of 111'1 C.N.r".,'
thai   tie   promise of the 1'iemler   audi
of the divisional  olllcers, to the eflect
lhat  construction work would he push
oil  as rapidly as possible, would     bo
"We are beie to   do business.     We
Jiave proved our good faith hy  what,
we have done, aii'l are doing on   the
Mainland.   We ace,  now  that the Vic-,
I una terminals question has heea set. ,
Iled so satisfactorily  by   Sir Richard
McBride, going to     prove out     good
fai ih as regards the Island and     our
work Ihcroon.
"The Canadian Northern Paciflo is
nu Intimately i one ' i vith the do.,
velopment of lhe Province that we
feel (Iiui our interests arc one. We
nun to develop British Columbia; we
nre going 10 du it; and we nre going
ahead iii.il ut fast an men and money
*vill   pftmil.''
Mr.  V. Fleetham returned on  Sun -
,!ay  from Victoria  where he  was     in
attendance at the annual meeting aud
convuition of tbe     British Columbia
Poultry   Association!      This   was   Mr.
Fleotham's  hist      visit   to  Vancouver
anil Victoria and  he wns very favor -
ably impressed  with  lh"     hospitality
shown  by tho'C  whom h.' met.     Tha
Provincial Poultry  Show which     was
in progress during  tho week was high
ly successful nnd was proi ounced    by
all to have been exceedingly well man
aged.   A Revelstoke man iu (he pcr -
son of J.J- Devin?,  was show stipcr-
intenlont nnd nothing hul  praise was
'hiard for tho able manner in    which
ho carrird oui  his work. The cxhibit-
' ion building was cooped so well   that
'■ ihe Deputy     Minister of Agriculture,
; was desirous  of having thc  hall photographed.   The  impartial  manner in
which Mr.  Devine  treated all exhibit-
'ors was Favorably commented  upon.
Another Revelsioke visitor to     the
show  was  Mr.   Janus  Mathie.      who
, had the pleasure of diking for    one
Taylor.—Anolhei Mass Meet- "' "" "uk"s a'"1 got an ins'Kht int0
the methods oi determining the placing W.ll Bs Called f„r Flir-. mi; of awards. As was indicated in a
thpr Dlspiiftftlnn ' »,revioU8 lMUe of the i"»P1'1 thc ne™1'
lliei   UlStU&b.UII. |iitoke exhibitors did   well  considering
ihe cla-s of company which they had
lo compete against.
The Provincial Show and Convention will be h.dd next year at Grand
Forks durin ( the second  week  of D.'-
Progress Club Write Hon. Thos,
Following is copy of tbe letier writ-
j ton io the Hon. Thomas Taylor, hy
Secretary of Revelstoke Progress
sured: Sir Dornld's visit at this es-]Club, in accordance with the re oiu-
pccially busy time of the year, as re- t.ion paSB?d at the Progress Club meet Comber, The othor points bidding for
gards railway construction plans, is ing h..M ofl Thursday the 23rd Jaun- the sl,,,w w,'ro V"n,on aml Hummer
signifiVant a< to the purpose of     the v.- .    , , ..     „•     'and. but as there was nn lmdcrstand-
Cnnadian      Northern   Railway  -ystem   a'y'  at  Wh'"h  l1"'  "mtiU'r °' th°  B,g   i„g that Grand  Fork-  would  get  tho
City Bye-Laws.
Revelstoko   city    Council met   fori
their first  business meeting  of    1913,
an  Friday evening last  in  the      City .
In  the absence of Mayor Kilpatrick
Acting Mayor MeKinnon occupied   the i
Present -Aldermen It, Howson, J.C ;
Barber, 0. W. Abrahamson, II. J. !
Minutes of last meeting were adopted as read.
Various communications were ordei
ed answered or Bled,
Letter was r.~a;l from It. Since, ot
Wetaskiwin, reporting having duly
shipped weights for lire harness.
A letter from the Secretary Union
of Canadian Municipalities, giving
some information and one losing copy
of ibe Acl of Incorporation of lhc Wetaskiwin, Yellowhead and RcveUtoke
Railway, as re-produced at length else
where in this issue of lhe Mail-Herald
Request from the Poultry Associa -
tion per It. Smythe, fur a donation of
5160 towards thc expenses oi thc annual show.—Referred to committee o:i
estimates to bo dealt with aud for
Letter from Mr. J.M. Keliie, containing complaints as to the law and
order department of the city.— Laid
over pending return of Mayor Kilpatrick,
Mckenzie avenue crossing
In reply to their inquiry regarding
the' establishment of a legal cru-sing
al McKende Avenue C.P.Ry., tbe
council rce-oived the following letter
from  the  C.P.R.  solicitor:
Referring lo your loiter of the 28th
ui timo.. the cro-sing at McKenzie avenue has been used for some time to
give access over the company's pro
perty to our station, hotel, and also
to private buildings. I am instructed
however that wo cannot consent to a
tegular highway crossing being established. I may say, however, that the
ic arranging of our terminals at Revelatoke is now under consideration,
and I would like to have the application stand over until our plans nie
definitely decided upon. These may
obviate th;' necessity of a cros-ing at
McKoMie avenue.
The question of thc rearrangement
of our terminals will be settled very
shortly, and I will communicate with
you again.
Thc letter from lhe C.P.R. solicitor
was ordered acknowledged an.l tiled.
The report of the Public Works conl
mii'.ei'. recommending the expenditure
of $450 a-- a maximum upon the bridge approaches for tbe power housa
road. was ac-ert d anl endorsed.
Tbi- matter w-as discussed at length
ia the la-t meeting i f the' old council
as  reported  in  the  Mail-Heraldf
A litter from tbe Toron'o Brokers
re'.aid'n; the sell tig pros[ects for
eity debentures bearing flve p.-r cent.
interest,  wa- ordered tiled.
Aid. Abrahamson—Under new busi-
n ss there will be the matter of iatio-
ducing a building permit bylaw. I
havo certain material le re which I
will request the city clerk to re-typo-
write, in order that it may be submitted io this council at a subsequnt
meeting. The fee has bc-n placed at
one b nth oi one pei cent.
Aid. Barber—What is the one-tenth
of ono per rent :..r.
Aid. Ahrahainron— To pay for the
Aid. Baib.-r—Does that involve appointing an inspector. We have too
many inspectors oow in my opinion.
Aid. Howson—We n-e-d ,-uch a m
ure, and the l'.-es must be low, everybody  building  will  have  to have     a
permit and file plans.
AM. McSorley—And we hope that
oui building p. units in th." nert few
months will pl.ic" Revelstoke ami ng
th- leading cities oi British Columbia
This bylaw will "nable us to find o t
what is going on iu regard to building . onstruction.
Aid. Howson—I am s'rongly iti favor oi this  bylaw.
A I. Barber—We shall have to have
an inspector and thai mean- nn expense.
Aid. llowson—We can use so ne mem
ber of our pres nt staff.
Acting Mayor McKiar.on—It is simply a question as to th- per. tn'.age
. barged. I do not see how it can be
.tu lower than fl or. a thou-and.
Matter referred to the City Clerk tor
copying, and to be sutse uently
brought before the City Council for
Aid. Howson—There is th>- question
of snow on the roofs hanging orer
the streets and constituting a -lions
.li.mer to people  Using th'- city
A.'tmg Mayor McKinnan— There is
the question of trade licenses, and the
general laxity of citizen- ia th- matter of obeying n asonable city bylaws.
Meeting adjourned ai 11 p.m. ...
aty, at whieh the matter of the
to develop Briti-h  Columbin as    tbc   u--dJ  na'lwo>'  was  considered. i f,)oW th), vf)t(1 W(.nt Ul.lt way
western   .titro-l  of     the     Empire in   To tbc Hon. Thomns Taylor, Mini-tor ,    Since thc formation of lhe  Asso
of   Public   Works   and   Uailway;
toria. B,  0,
Sii.—I have been instructed by the
members of tha Progress Olub ol this
city, at u spc inl mooting hold to dis-
ens tb- iiucstion of lhe Big Bend
Railwny, to enquire whether any -tep-
bave U'en taken by     thc     Provincial
A  wire received  from Mayor Thos.   government aK yet,
Kilpatrick. in Victoria, states that be   any  Inducements  to
has secured a ^ub-tantinl     grant for
the New High School.
Mayor Kilpatrick will be home this
week end.
ing up ibis valley. Ir tbo -peech
from tbe throne at the opening of thc
session according to lbe Daily Ncws-
Advertiser it say-. "Tho extension of
railway con-triielion  due to aid     by
• •••••
the  Provincial  government  has
i most marked, the p
•   ious lio?s aie lieing
lion thc executive comm'tl e has ha.l
a majority ol coast     representatives,
but with the show in the' interior this
next wintei, th' jm siil. ni ninl vice-
piosideitt were Chosen front the interior, being opposed ill each instanco
I y roast men.
One of ibe pbasaiit.-t Features of
tho convention wns the nnniial bnn -
toward- offering qtiel ftt W|,ic), there was a Wpresrnta-
i railroad open- tjon 0f (he ladies. This (unction Was
attended by Ihe Deputy Minister of
Agriculture who described ihe toast
list is ono of thc hest he had ever
li-teneil to. Tho-e who propood tho
toasts     were    limited to one minute
hecn   each and the replies to I luce minutes.
•,most marked, the plans of thes.' var-1 whilst  the Deputy Minister gave       a
Tho Annual Meeting of tbe
Revelstoke Board of Trade
postponed from January 21st,
wilt be h<dd on Thursday evening, January 30th, at 7:30 p.m.
in the City Hall, for consideration of the Annual Report, Elec-
of oflWrs and ordinary business
ubstantially car-1 abort address full of good news
•,riod oat. and the completion of the the poiiltrymen. Mr. KnaPP of the
•.works involved may be expected well p.ellevue Poultry Farm, of Ro.he Har.
*, within the time set by law. A bill' bor, Wash., look the palm for wit
•| wili U- laid More you furthering the an<j Wa<.- allowed to overstep the time
•. arrangemi-nts  in  respect  to  th"  com-   limit.
pletion of the Canadian Northern sys
i tern
Thai   lho poultry Industry  is flour-
They would also like to know ^ jutting In B.C., was borne out by the
• if any legislation of this nnturc       is   ptatements of the     Deputy    Minister,
• inten.led  in tho bill  above mentioned   who gave credit  lo B.C. Poultry As -
*,in the speech from tho throne, as you   social ions for (ho great impetu   which
• are aware, lhi- is of     great import -'bad  . ome to Ihe industry since     (he
•, ance to this district, and the members' formation of the Association.
□olden, il. C., Jan. K—Everything
i- in readiness for ibe annual bonspiel
of the (lolden ('tilling club which opens here on Monday, mid those who
will lake part hi iie- games from out
-ide points aie already arriving here.
Kinks from Field. Calgary, Banff. Wil
mor and Revelstoke are expected t < >
join the local curlers in thc four events for valuable prises, Tbc events
are the Orand Challenge, the Burns,
th" O'Brien and the Con-olation. The-
loo il in ex.client condition and oue
of lbe best 'spiels ever held here is
looked for. A grand smoker in honor
uf the visitin? curlers is boing ar-
tanged, and 'hat this will be an unqualified success ig a foregone eon •
A local rink left, here Sunday morning las' for C.olden to take in the
•lonipiel itarted tu tbat town on Mon
day lasl. It is needless lo say that
th'- local curler^ will fleure .-reditably
in the lltvil results.
The Rovelstoko team Were as fol -
lows:—0. R.  Macdonald, skip; H. N.
| oursler, c. M. Field, and J. Stewart
(Special   to   Mii.i Herald,   per  C.   M.
Th"  followin.r  ar? results to date iu
curling.  ,t Gold n bonspiel:
Grand   I h ,''■ ny     Fir t  round,   H. n-
dei son  ol  Gold in      heal   stalker     of
Wilmer;   Warren  of Ho'd n  bent  Tom-
on "f 1- ield; Rrett of I'anff     i eat
Sherlock ol Golden   Buckham of Gol-
el'ii  beat  Colebrook of Haul. Ton of
I Golden   beat   .Macdonald  of  Revelstoke.
I Me-srs. Kim; of (JeeKI n. Gordon, oi
Banff, Jones of Wilmer, .lr, w byes. In
the second round played to date—Hen
demon beat Warren; Brett beat King:
Gordon boal Jones.
Obri.-n   Cup—The  en!   oi  lirst   round
taw Messrs. Tom, Henderson, Buck-
b.-itn. Warren, Stalker, Brett, King.
and BherlcM-k. still left In the competition to pla) off the second round.
P. limns Cup-In the I rsl lound
Macdonald Of Revelsloke heat Buck-
bam i.t liu'.I-n, s.ore 12 to 10, and
plays Gordon of Panff in the g Cond
Tb.. weather is (tag, 12 to lc do-
] greee of frost; ice almost perfect in
four sheets. Th.' dates for the Banff
loospiel are 12th, i::th and Uth of
February, and Armstrong bonspiel on
February  4th.
WANTED—Two 10 four rooms for
light house keeping purposes. Apply to W. H. Pilcher, Revelstoke. TAGE TWO
list Your Property With Us
TheRevelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
'i 11 IN  O.
U.I),   !'
I. Ib SIBBVI/D, JK , St;.
Full Text of Act Incorporating New Company.—Expected
Charter Will Be Granted Oltawa House.—Line Does
Not Provide Access United States.
An Act to inc.:; be Wttaski-
win, YeVowh?.id .: . Re i io 1 Rail
way Complin?.
Wb»r»a- a    pel "i- ;  ■ n pres -
eat"d pray eg :> .     t he enacted   a-
:,■ - -infl't-er   ->•;
. d   I
pedient o cratit :.i praj r iei tb.'
saM petition   TI Hi    Majesty,
by and with ih- advice and cen nt
ot the Senate ar.d House ot Com -
raons ol Canada, enact- as follows:
1. Oeorge Benjamin Campbell, .-ic-
ent, John Peter Cf.'-'m-s. real estate .o.--
•nt, Anthony H. Rosenroil, mine owner, Olaf Herman Andor on, mine • w-
ner, Duncan MacEachen m er, Harris Oiutn, manufacture! .. tl Wi itn
Jam's Lc-ggrf. !•..::-.-• r ..; law all oi
th" cy of Wetaskiwin, in the r.ror -
iace of Allerta, together with such
person? a- la- ome shareholders in lh •
campany. ar? hereby i-e irporatcd'nn-
der the r.ame oi "The Wetaskiwn, i'el-
lowhead and Revelst ok • Railway i ompany," hereinafter .-al'ed "thc om
2. The pers ' -...o.l in -e. tion l,
of thi- Act ia-- onstituted provisional dire tor* of the Company.
3i T1k capital Btock of the ''jn-
pany 'hai! l< or. million dollars. Xo
one -all thereon shall ex.-eed ten per
■■ent on the shares -   bs ribed.
i. Th> Company if previously ;, i
'.hor.zed by a resclunon passed ly
th- ordinary b.,: holders at any tin-
meeting rr at any special ,?■:; -r-
al meeting duly called if. thai pur
• e, at whi h meeting Fhaieholl.'rs
rep:-eser.t.n.- at ihres-fourtbs    in
vaiu-   of     th       -..-  cribed    ordi ur,
i cf the Company are present ..r
represented by rr.->^ ■■        ..    a   I     . ny'
on oi its capital   I  -V as j r
-*o k. and ;: <<: nee Btocs     so
i--ue,i shall ha",   such  preferenc     •„ 1
rity,  a-  respects  d and
otherwise  over i r'.ma-y  - i
i       . : -.■;■_•. ■
He ei Iers ol   -ie1-.     pt i     stock
sV.qi        ■ ..
nt ■ I •;..<=   \-      . .    ■    thi     Rs
Act. ar.d -ta.l     ...     -   ■    •-
bin   ■:.•;:■':■-. rity ]
•■-.- -   ii   •':  ■
- •    ind be    ibject t    th      .1
il .-• ■ . :• -
5.   The fc ad „:'. •   of thi   -
■ i      ■  a*. -If ety r.f Wi ia«ktwii
the ;:  rin'- ■ . :'  ••. - rta
•.   Tae ar.-.!,-,i
'J :t shall be ;• •.
Tuesday   a Septet    •
7.  The t to      ball be
' '   - '  ban nine-,
■   non    I .ri.
i.  The C t, eon-
ate ;t rail .'.-.iy, iti    the
'•-■-•      I  foili   ' *1 ,. .•.  one-half
. iron ot   .-. the province
r.i Alberta, ht or noai the town of
i.' v Iminslei, - ce in .i wete-riy
outh-wc»terly direction crossing
the Grand Trunk Pn iti Railway nt
or near Viking; th. n • continuing in
i westerly and south-westerly <i,rcct -'
li r. cro--;ne th" Canadian Pa'-ifie.
Railway between tbo (owns of Obaion
ond Rawlf; thenco .n a westerly and
south wo-tetly dire tion ;e. the ity
of Wetn-kiwin; thei □ a westerly
direction fo the Saskat hewan River;
thence westerly (ollowing tho valley oi
the Brazeau Rivet, or -uch othor valley a? may be found practical, t., ..r
near the h<-ad waten   .•!  '':.<• Bra/eau
Hiver; thencc in a north-westerly direct.' n down tha Ro;ky Ri.'cr valley,
or such other course as may be
found f asible, t,, the Yellowhead
Pass or such other pass as may be
found practical; thence in a westerly
an.l south-westerly direction to the
head water, of the Canoe River iu
the province' of British Columbia;
th. r.c il. wn th.- valley of the Cauo.'
River, or such other valley as may
be  found   pra tical   lo  tbc  junction  ot
ih' i aiioa River with the Columbia
River; thenee down the Columbia Riv
;r valley to the eity of Revelstoke in
the province <>r British Columbia.
'). Th? Company shall not construct
eer operate it- railway along any high
way, street or other public place with
oui fir-t obtaining tha consent, expressed by bylaw, of the municipality
having jurisdiction over such highway
street or other publi'- place, and upon th- terms lo he agreed upon with
such municipality,
10. Tie- Company may, subject to
th' provisions e,f The Railway Act,
construct and operate telegraph and
telephone line* upon its railway and
establish ollie,'- t'.ei and undertake the
transmission of messages for thc pub-
lie and collect toll-- thereior, and for
thc purposes of operating such lines,
or exchanging ..r transmitting messages, mny, subject te. the companb'S
ii.i\ ng telegrapl or telephone power,
and maj  lonnect  its .r.vn line<     with
ol   .e'  may lease its own lines
to.  any  such • ompan,es.
No toil or charge shall he demanded e.i taken for the transmission o;
ani iae-.-a.-e', or for basing or using
Ui.' telegraph or tie phones oi the
Company, unrtl it has Leon approved
of by th.- Board oi Uailway Commis
sioners for Canada, whicli may a .-
rev i-  su h toll- and   barges
Pnit     II. of the Ti lagraph Ac   ex-
ns theroo' as are    in
cons:-', re-   « -!i Tiie Railway  A '.   It
with ti..    \i--. shall ap] i  '
graphic business of the Company
11, 'lh.' securities t-sued by the Com
pany on     that     part of its railway
which .-      t ii   th.' piovin.-o of Brit-
exceed 1
five  thi ... -  ;..-r  m i--     f thi
I on  that part of t
.-  in  tho pr.>vinee
:    ball not en- •-
m .- t.e... rnaj
proportion 'o   h'
:■ etrueted  e,r
IJ.    Th.-   I
'   The      [;„    . i.
t also to I
Canada, construct ..r arrange any of
lis rail"
i   .nd  vehie   ■ ,   oi:  .i,
i -     :': • ,^e,|  for    the
foi '      e    ingers and  vohic-
sh i       efore  be n •   tnpo ed,       be
■! ■ ilttedtoand
and. maj   ■■   revi ed, by the sa  I Boat l
iu1    ■■■•  • ompany  may,  at any  lime
reduce such tolls and a n
un: ihe tollt   authoi ized char.;
ed  on any     su. h  bridge    hall,  at all
lim   .  hi   posted up in a con
place .in the bridge!
13.   Sal,ret   to  the   provisions     of
- tion   31 :,   mi and 363 of the R ■
'■'•av   \ '   the Company may, for any
of  the pur] - "      ie uied  ,n   aid
t.oie 361, "ater into agreements with
thi  ioan,   Trunk Paoiflc Hallway Co.,
ihi  I anadian Pacific Railway I
Canadian  Northern  Railway  Co ,  'he
Calgary and Bdmonton Railway Co.,
and the Alberta Central Railway Co.,
or any of Ihem.
The New York State College of Forestry at Syracuse University, di signed ami established by the Legislature
for educational work in Forestry in
New York, has sent ft letter to the
principles of all the high aud pie-
pumtory-chools of the State offering
lo gipe illustrated lectures and dom-
onstratlons upon Forestry before tho
schools so that every child in the
Suite may understand What Forestry
is an I may learn to love tha trees
and forests.
Jasper B. Welchel, of the Bureau of
Statist,os, United States, has issued
ihe (ollowing summary of'lumber production in lho United Btates in 1911:
The ro| orled production of lumber
in the I'nited States during the calendar year 1911 by 28.107 mills, was
87,803,207,000 feet b.m., against 40,.
018,282,000 feet b-m. reported by 31,-
•..:tl nulls in 1910, 44,M)9,761,000 feet
reported by 48,112 mills in 1909, aud
B3.224,S69,000 Feet reported by si,-
231 mills iii 1908. The figures (or tbe
four years covered by iiii showing,
avo substantially comparable, with
lhe exception of tho-m for the year
1909. The information coviritiK this
year was collect-d by special agents
of tho Census Office In connection with
th- regular Quinquennial Census ot
Manufacturers, and hence covered, the
oretically every large pioJuc'mg establishment which was in operation
dining the whole or any part of ihat
y(-ar. Th3 data for 1911, 1910, anl
1108 were gathued by eorres; ondence,
anl wh'le including the cut of practically all of ths larger or commercial plants for these three yours do not
cover the operations of many of tin
neighborhood or custom mills. II
thould bc poln'ed out, furthermore,
that the totals for L9U and 1910 do
not include' the output of any mill
which reported H product of less than
.V\000 feet during these years. Returns for a' out i,r>Qt> mills of this
character were secure! in loth
and 1910, but omitted from tb'
laVo'is. The decreases in 1911
pared with 1910 of about 4,no.) mills,
and .1.000,ntiO.UOO (.eet b.m. of lumber,
were doubtless duo in part to a delay of about two month-- in mailing
tbe schedule enrds to the manufacturers in   1912.
a ■liaaisils^aaiSSSIISiSSiSllSHiHesisssssMitssissisaatiii^-"***—*—-*—-'
This being the last week of our January Sale, we are going to make a clean
sweep of all odd lines.   Price reduced to a fraction of original cost.
Reg. $1 to $1.50. Sizes,
155 to 17 only	
SALE PRICE, 50c. Each
HEAVY RIBBED Underwear. Reg. 75c. per garment	
35c. per Garment
Regular $5 to 50	
ODD LINES men's Underwear, heavy ribbed,
includ'g Stanfield Tiger
90c. per Garment
BLACK AND KHAKI colored .Mackinaw Coats, best
makes.    Roij.  $6	
MEN'S SHIRTS, collars attached
cream ground, fancy stripes, 14,'.
to 16J	
Flannel Sh]rts, collars attached.
Reg.  $1.25       ^
liflN'SSUITS, Tweeds, etc. Reg.
(20 and $1>.SQ	
| S?owo8kon   C. S. MCFARLAND   ?vASZIE |
Revelstoke Land Ditrict.
District of West Kootenay.
Tako notice tbat I, Robert Arther
Mossman of Nakusp, B. C, occupa-'
tion Medical Practitioner, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following  described  land:
Commencing at a post planted at
tho N. W. Corner of Lot 9323 j
Thence West. 40 chains thence South
10 chains thence East 40 chains
thence North 30 ehains to the point
of commencement and coutalug 160
acres more or less.
Dated November 30th 1912
Robert  Arther  Mossman.
1st  issue Dec.  14th
Kid to Live Stock
Hon. Martin Burrell, minister of
Agriculture, has announced ihat the
i" ernment has under , onsideration
the giving of largo a-sistanec to tho
ii.-e a.ock industry of the country.
nn- way will ba by -tr.-ngthe-ning the
live Btoak olasse at the lar^o agricultural exhibitions, cast and west.
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at Manning's.
All kinds of machine needles
H. MANNING,   Agent.
Fruit   Lands
Mrs. R.lward Kennedy, of Meriden,
Conn., 40 years old, was advised by
her Physician to try Dr. MarteU's Fe-
male Pills, ?he d.d so with wonderful
l, Thousands of others would
"ay the same. 20 ytars the standurd
at  yoi.r  Druggist.
Galena Bay lands in parcels of
10 or 20 acres or en bloc. Correspondence Invited.
John Shaw, Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
LOST   On  McKenils Av nue or F.rst
last   Saturday  evening,     a
i'. .neh  oi   Keys.   Kinder  please  re -
turn to R.  R.  (ce at the Watson
Realty To.
C?en E^CnincSun-il 9 CfCUXC
Let Us Loan
You the Money
To Buy
■  ' Inr i''in
'    . ■ ■   ' ,1   i   , .
iNVt.srMfNr r.o.. in).
■ I iii Ti 'i.e. Quality, Pei -
fection .I Scale, Design, finish
.'  ! li.i ability.
' e.itip.ui-ou with other instruments . nly -et ves tn emphasise
ihe i il makes tbe NUW-
COMBE eli-eiin. ■ i ve and  pro-eminent.
Ne ei ■ .''"i- i.y comparison.
I..  ■     I-    -lee'V     yoll     "HI     e\.|l|.-i\ e
• i   eiiiiHtl'ltel Ion,   «lii' li   is
. •        af tl      i'iii- ipisllty
■'     ee       l,e       \e\V-
■ ■..     i   ,ii
I'-'.elel     ,e| . 11 | •.
rt  ele  ell
.     e     ...    I rei ..lelll    'III
K        (Are.,     Kevelstoke,
pianos undei
,   i   lohn   li i.r
,-i   11    i.    lloden    we
'he     pub
i lie.le       e ,  , I
The Newcombe Piano Co., Ltd.
u, c
1 i, i int.
. V)    yrats     the
itaadard lb*d .miend.
i  ,.   .hy«   us,   Foi Woman's aii
uientu,  Dr.  Muriel's Female Tells,    at
yiur  druggist.
We bave just received a large shipment of Trunks
.-ind Valises o< all kinds.
HATS We bave on display a very large assortment of Hats, all
shapes and si/es; from the ramotts Stetson to the Buckley
WINTER SUITS AND UNDERWEAR l-'or men, all different kinds.
OVERSHOES AND FOOTWEAR-A  nice lice,  all sizes.
ATTENTION   Revelstoke wives and mothers- Hefore  buying
your husband or-..>n a JCmasGift, call and inspect out large stock.
Tit-Reform Clothing        Stetson Hats        Foot-Rite Skoes
Buy Real Estate in Rev elstoke
These   lots  are  4-1H of   un aire an<l are beautifully situated ill
the west end.
The  price,  $300,  means  thei you are ROl'NI) to make money
<ni them,
The terms are so easy that yon can  pey   for  llieni   without  any
In Men's Furnishing Department
Rubbers, Sox, Tweed Pants, Heavy Toi) Shirts,
etc., reduced to cost. ....
John Mclntyre & Son
First Street
Telephone No. 93
.Swift's Specialties.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
will refresh you with its lirinht, spicy
flavor and fra>;raiicy. SoM iu 1 lb.
IihiI packages.
Price, 35c, 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
P. O.  Box 208
Phone No. 23 WRDNKSDAY, JANUARY 29, 191J
It makes no difference which way the cTVlunicipal Elections go,
the future of Revelstoke is assured, and our City is going ahead this
year as never before. Outside capital is already heading our way"
and properly values are gradually increasing. Appoint yourself an
" Investigation Committee" of one. Mr, Investor, and take advantage
of some of these snaps.   For a limited time only we can offer:—
100 Feet on 7th Street
100 Feet on 8th Street
50 Feet on MeKenzie Av.
Modern House, 4th St.
Modern House, 2nd St.
One-Third Cash
Balance to ar-
One-Third Ca*h
Balance to arrange 	
Close in...
For Quick
See us for I
Iu good cotiili
tion, 6 room
and bath
S; A Snap
- $2200
&r&££. $1800
A good assortment of West End Property, $300
per Lot and up,.
J. B. Watson Realty Company
R. R. COLE, Manager, MacKenzie Avenue
Local Agency, American Casualty Co.
Speeial value in a   Hot   Water   Bottle.    A   1   qu:it'.  Red   Rnller
guaranteed bottle    M ,7j
( hamoisand Bed Pelt Ohesl Protectors, Bach      fl.SQ
Rexall Cherry Cough Cure JSc.. 5t>c.. fl.Ou
Rexall Wine or Cod Liver oil fl.00
Rexall   Bypophospbites   (the  lest   tonic   we can recommend)
Rexall Beef, Jn.n and Wine  $1.00
All Rexall preparation guarantees to give satisfaction or we will
return yonr money.
tawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
Ladies' Shoes Going at Cost
Now is your chance to get Shoes at
Bargain Prices. Sale will only last
for a few days. Come now and get
your choice at this Bargain Sale.
Coal mining rights oi the Dominion
tn Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al
ttsrta, the Yukon Territory, the
Worth went Territories nnd in a portion of the Province of Uritisb Colombia, may be leased lor a term of
twenty-one yeurs at an anuual rent-
«l ot .1 an acre. Not mors than
1,560 acres will he leased to one applicant.
Application for lease must be mads
fey tbs applicant in person to tbs
Agsnt or 3 ub Agent uf tbe district
ta which Ilia rights applied (or are
Ths lease ft'ili include tbs coal mla-
4ag rights only, but the lestes may
tt* permit'ed to    purcbase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for tbe working of
the mine at tbe rate of $10.00 an
In surveyed territory the laud must
bs described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions of sections, and in un-
surveyed. territory tbe tract applied
for shall be staked out oy the ap -
plicant  himself.
Each applicant must be accompanied by a fee of $& which will bs refunded If tbe rights applied tor are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output ot tbe mine at tbe
rate of five cents per ton.
Tbe person operat.ng tbe mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If tbs coal mining
rlghta are not being operated, sucb
returns should bt furnished at least
once a year
For full information application
should be made to tbe Becretary of
tbe Department of tbe Interior,   Ot
Notice is hereby given that meet -
ing- of the Provincial Labour Commission will be held al thu following
Kamloops — Wednesday, January
22nd, Courthouse,  10 a.m.
Salmon Arm — Thursday, January
23 rd.
Revel-toke— Friday, January Mth,
Courthouse, 10 a.m.
Other meetings will he announced
Tbe  Commission  will hear evidence
on all matter affectins labour     con -
ditions  in the Provinoe.   All per--ons
interested arc invited to be present.
Secretary. 1st le. J.C 6t.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West  Kootenay.
Take notice ibat 1, Samuel James
Harlow, occupation, Farmer, intends
to apply for permission to purchase
tbe following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the Nortli West Corner of Lot '.1323,
thence west 40 cbains, thence soutb
40 chs.ns, thence east 40 cbains,
tbence north 40 chains to point of
commencement and containing 160
acres more or less.
Dated  October 2Gth,  1912.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, James Sneddon
of Nakusp. D.C, occupation, Gentleman, intends to apply for permission
to purcbase tbe following described
Commencing at a post planted at
ths North East Corner ot Lot 8800,
tbence north 20 cbains, thence west
20 cbains, tbence south 20 chains,
tbence east 20 cbains to place of com
menoament, containing 40 acres more
or leaa.
Dated October 3rd, 1912.
1st issue Nov.  6th
1*1 anil Ola w lfn iBitruct » Recent Imf or
tHilnn aud I , >ru Tliluu. 'litauiaalTca
A hustling real estate agent on Fifth
■venue. Now York, who advises his
patrons to buy unimproved property
and grow up with It has been making
■n experiment la domestic economy
along this same line, and at present
he Is dubious about Its result. Mr.
Lot, es be may be culled, lives ln a
suburban town where servants are at
a premium, and he advised his wife tu
try "raw material."
"This business of paying $20 a month
for a cook who wastes your coal,
Standi ln with your butcher and supplies her relatives with sugur and coffee at your expense ls nonsense," Baid
Mr, Lot. "Just go down to the Bargu
Oflice and get the Imported urtlclo. You
may find a diamond In the rough. IC
rou Uo, polish her, leach her your way,
and advance her wages. Gratitude wlll
I bind  her to you."
"That sounds well," snid Mra. Lot,
"but ynur Imported article Isn't likely
to understand Knglish, nntl she woul
know the meaning of gratitude."
"Wo will teach her English, my
dear," said Mr. Lot, "ami we can then
make sure that she picks up no slung."
Mr. Lot went down and picked her
out. She was aboul twenty-five years
old. The Interpreter told him that she
was a Dane, and that she was anxious
to tlo housework. She hud formerly
been employed behind a plough or
some such farm utensil.
Mrs. Lot put In a week's bard work
wllh Mary, showing her by signs how
her wt.rk was to he dona. Mary's
moon-like face never varied In expression.   She always looked blank.
"She has the unemotional placid
disposition which ls ro essential for
housework," said Lot proudly, when
his wife suggested that Mary was stupid. "A nervous houBewlfo makes double the work. Now If the roof fell In
It -would not Jar Mary."
"No; und she wouldn't begin to clean
np tht; muss until I bad tolJ her,"
6aid Mrs. Lot.
Lot give Mary ber first lesson In
English on Run-lay murniug. Aa she
appeared be said:
"Cood morning, Mary."
Mary looked at him blankly. Tty repeating that phrase all the forenoon be
taught Mary to say "Morn'n'." Then
I.ot worked all the afternoon teaching
Mary to say "Good evening," and Mary
Said.  'Even'n'."
"You see, my dear, that after Mary
has picked np a few words she will
tdvance rapidly. I am goiug to enjoy teaching her."
"Now,   my   dear." said    Lot to   his
wife on the following Sunday, "I am
going to Increase Mary's vocabulary."
When  Mary had  finished  her work
Lot went Into the kitchen, and, pointing to the stove, said:
"Stove. Mary, stove—stove—stove."
"Morn'n'," said Mary.
"Stove!      This  here,  stove,    Mary,
Stove.    Ray lt, stovo!"
Mary looked at Lot with as blank a
face us if she had been the doorkeeper at lodge meeting where    Lot was
trying the wrong password.
"Stove, stove, stove," said Lot
"Morn'a'a morn'n',   uorn'n',"    salt)
"No;  stove, Mury;  say stove."
Mary's face never chanced.
"Dammit!" snid Lot
"Dammit!" said Mary, promptly, and
Lot waa sorry.
"Stove, Mary; say stove."
"Dammit! morn'n'," replied Mary.
Mary came to Mrs.  Lot two nights
later and surprised her:
"Can go out, even'n'?"
"■When did you learn that, Mary?"
"Can go out, dammit?" asked Mary.
"Yes, go," said Mrs.  Lot, "and vou
necdu't come buck if you don't want
But Mary did eopie bark. When
callers asked for Mrs. Lot Mary would
reply sometimes 'Morn'n'." sometimes
"Even'n'," and again "Dlng-dlng, dammit" Mrs. Lot spent all of ber leisurs
time writing notes of apology to ber
friends, and telling (hem that Mary
was one of Mr. Lot's "rough diamonds." Mrs. McAllister, with whom
Mrs. Lot was on very fonr.il calling
terms, came to call on Weduesday nt-
ternoon, and Mrs. Lot, bearing soms
one talking downstairs, indiscreetly
Called out;
"Mary, ls that some one for me?"
"Morn'n," replied Mary. "Warm
bab-bee hot stuff," and before Mrs.
Lot could run downstairs Mrs. McAllister had slammed the door and left
t "Now where do you suppose she
picked up sucb slang?" Mrs. Lot asked
her husband.
"Did Mrs. McAllister have ber seal.
skin roat on?" asked Lot
"I faintly remember using some such
slang myself a week ngo wh.ii you
came ln with your sealskin roat oa.
Mary wns In the ball. It ls very oh-
Jertlonablo slang and my only en .a*
Is thnt It was taken from a negro
tong that was running In my head."
Tn'o days later another Dane who
looked very much like Mary enme to
call on her and asked for Mrs. Lot.
"Mary, she want more wage," she
"Who are .you?" asked Mrs. Lot
"Mary, my friend. She no talk English. 8he wrote me to come out sn'
tsk more wage for her. 8b* say shs
leave eef she don't get. She can't
•sy. I say for her. Twelvs dollar or
ibe go."
"Rubber," said Msry, who had been
listening to her fluent friend.
"Your rsw material and rough diamond," said Mrs. I-ot to har husband,
•has not only taaultrd all my friends
md broken orsfjthlng breakable In
the house, hat eke seat to New York
for aa Interpreter to come ap and ask
for more wage*. Ike te to* expensive
ts she le."
Lot thought II an over and all ol
the local papers In his town art now
printing this advertisement:
"Wsntel, competent cook In small
family; wages, $20 a month; ae for*
signers need mply. Lot, IUI High
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd
To Clean the  Soot from
Stove Pipes and Chimney
"Imp" Soot
15c. Package
tor one Week
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
K C \r\ [ C N  I I C ( K
January Clearance Sale f
A few of the prices that are bringing
Crowds to Our Store.
Boys' Suits, values up to $G.50	
January Sale Price $1.95
Boys' Suits, values up to $8.50.
January Sale Price     $2.95
Men's Overcoats, values up to $22   ..
January Sale Price  $10.95
Men's Suits, values up to $15	
January Sale Price   $7.90
Men's Shoes, values up to $3.50	
Jahuary Sale Price  $1.90
McRae Mercantile Co,
TlieRevelstoke Home of Society  Bi o   I
___M ami U.S. Peter -■ Overs   I
Imperial Bank of Canada $
Hoad Office—Toronto, Ontario. O
Capital Subscribed -          6,000,000.00 0
Capital Paid Up -      -       6,620,000.00 9
Reserve        - 6,620,000.00 A
Total Assets,       - -             $72,00(\000.00 <J>
Branches or Agents at all principal points in.Canada. (J
Agents in Great Britain  and United States— London, England, «S
Lloydu Bank, Limited.    Chicsgo— First National Bank,  ('urn Ex- V
change National Bank.   Seattle—Seattle National Bank,   s«i l'i,.:.- Q
ciBCo—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank.     Spokane- Exchange r .
National Bank, y
Savings Bank Department 9
Deposits of Sl and upward,  received, and  interest allowed at   V
current rate from date of deposit.    Correspondence solicited. O
Revelstoke Bran oh- A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.    9
£%■ %>%i%+*^+**+>%*'%*%+%*'%*'%*+'%%^*%'+*+ %s*
Vases, Bowls, Comports,
Manufactured by "Libby"
^%.*v%%^f-y*av sv^^/gysv* %%%%%%*»%»%»% %.^%/%/%% ■ PAGE FOl'R
No matter whether ii Is a high grade Razor made ot thi very tin-
e6i Sheffield Steel, w.th Fane; Handle oi the latest Safety Razor, wo
have 1:. Whn you want a reliable, absolutely guaranteed lta/or—
i iui n.e i Hoo Razor, made spec
Carbo Magn tic Razors, tho ol.l
ially tor up, foM under guarantee
Pliable, $2.25;  also thj > h.>ica ol
.-li'Iii'l.Is  besl   brands fro'n  $1.03
at  $2.00 U  a prize.
up,   Bakers Clause nn.l oth ts.
Over twenty style- to choo*e Iro.n, un.l at priees lo suit nny rocket
From 15 cents to $7.50. CHllette, Auto Strap, Gam, Every-Ready,
Keen-Kutter, Claws;, Yankee, Arnold, End r nn.l many o hers.
cope with tho rubbish nuisanos, Tho
council would ol course instal iiIour
the streets nt certain places, outside
the post office for instance and elsewhere, receptacles ol the authorised
I'aiu mi iii which loose papers nnd
cans could be dropped io he emptied
on lhe regular rounds,
li wc are to ma'to Revelstoke a centre for toinisi travel, the rubbish
I roblem lms got to be tuc'-leil nnd
solved, nnd lh' people who persist in
using our public plaoea im retuso
clump* whon a proper system bus been
iirgiintzcd ivould not only bc exposed
ti, public criticism ui being poor cllll
,ih, bul could I'c easily handled un-
der the exist n.; bylaw,
Tries to Blind Feople
Washington, Dee. 'li Ro.ieal ol that
pari ol iii' Pauana canal net granting free lolls tie coastwise vessel) will
i„. ,,n;' of tho roquest of President
Wilson lo congress. This waa ibe per
diction today bj Cliairmnn Adamson,
of lho house inl r Into commerce rom
m111 e, wh'n b lm -ii• -i the Panama enn
nl law, He i--n i ,-, 'ormnl Ftats -
iiu<ni iTiti -i in • fio presenl dispute
v.:ili Great Drllnln, stni'n! ihut Iho
injoss have tti'-.i to blind lha people
to ili' ri al is i e,
Chairman Adami-on' mi 1:
lr Seen t iry  ol  Slat;  It: o :,     nic-
ee; ,1- I.y bi^ |i n o' dn nun n al.8* |ltO
ini rin in u o'' i or o tyoning tbo
damnnds o! I'n.''mil he will nlso un-
doul t .. y remo e nil foui i tion for
th ■ ii'oj'al tl.i'r. - ot -im.i' of our
p.'o l' v, li i ray ' h -..• are o >p< s il to
-ubril es hut slill f r.o ili i"i ivnn
tion In fn"i r ,1* tl e c n i v. i e t rndi.
Si e- tn ,-      I im ;  nui   , ni.-  declares
I   ettiejlt     I Imt     eV   I'l    lil  II    Of I II est
wipe ship- .ro'i Iclls is ,   -ul.-idy Int
Special Prices all over the Store.
Ladies' Pony Coats
Regular Price, $120.    Sale Price. $75
Furs!   Furs!
All our Furs to be cleared out at less
than manufacturer's prices.
Call in and examine our
Stock and Prices. It will
pay you. Buy here while
Our Sale lasts.
Ladies' Suits
Si/es ,12,  34,   36,   38,    Made   from
Tweeds, Velvets and Serges.
Coats and Suits
Boys' Keefer Cuts $,,,.<ki
Boys' Overcoats         -So-5"
Men's Suits $7.50
Men's Overcoats $S.oo
PUHL.lSrfRn   aVKONBiDAi  ...su
SATC rtl'XS   At
Jnterioi ipuintsbtno Company.
J    K.   JOHN80N,   U, mi.11.
R   , i'n   •:    Bt'RUTi IN    1  litor
'  I * : :'   •
n tt .
Th?  new   • '    '■ on oui   fri     1
that  lollowing  the      niee •    Invoranle
:e: ort«   flO.il   11: •   ee i.s.:.'  tig   I tl lill    r,
the di il li ti. ckiny o! t'.. C.P R
main I.ii- t'algarS 'Aough Rsve'stoko
to Van-ouvcr .   :, ; r -e . al certainty
will 11 ii h      • ■ I • !'■>' l ■ s " '•' I'limy
Tha' the inforn ner. Irom Mr. Bury
fcho.nJ a i-o be ontn<ned ley an intini-e
i,-.on direct fr im thj Company, tbat
the Revels! ■ * minnls will shortly
be rebuilt an.l ext ndi ;, is an added
source ol - ■■'■ la t.on.
We hope,  wh u  th -   woi is  I    tail n
in  hand,   lhe     in   tors   ol   lbe  I'.iiia'l
•.c-n I.'. . ■   ... It [uate i"'
vision at '   not       y foi pr
■    - or        thi
g   j    •   ■ wh ch   the   i""-;    ' -
c: tr ■ ■   ; .   .    istify ua in
:   ■ .   I . I'm
'ompany sl ■  ■■
als hen s
ng ia a ast
tbeir ten
icy   wb :.     ■ . - .
It  is nov
ph ? hi
... . .... •
thi      i •
i the citj
••  ■
The proro-a     i     - ■
(ry   household*!     he
anpr I ,   ,
' I     . ...
or twice   ,
would he • ■
av r Coll"".tOr, 1
cho- -  •   ■ •
done    •
up.   «:
• [pi ■ ■• I    in
■   .   aa. ii i   thi   exit
': iv..
iiir,       ■    • .i ,.,i   it is tl
••■ rl v   up ii"   city, -ii long us     no
iS     llell'lM      10
.i ,..ii  in publii  |ila
■   rollei 11can ui rubbish.
are   Imply  li al Ing
•lie  air.   II   tliey   iniajin.'   lhal   'in  an
• ■  11 .rn uii can  pos ibiy of-
po e.    Th"  city   inr-'
eai  '! ii|    miel  then kept  clean, an I
mil pome provision is made lor eop
mc with th    da ly  aci umulationi
m ' nd re cularly  reno In i Barnf,
the   end  in   vlnW   Will   n«Ver  he  ntHiii>
'(I.    1! -neb  ,,  ■ystem ns nutliti"il were
introduced,   i     would  bc pos   hie  lo
Lieut.  Petrosino
he proves it  by mathematical demon
si ration.
•I am afraid lhal Sir Edward Gray
will reply thai even in thai demonstration Mr, Knot makes manifest a
ilis-riiniimtiiiii against ibu shipping of
oth r nation", ii.r Mr. Knox rocs on
tn demonstrate i li.it when all tolls
from all shipping were Qgurod up ihey
were still insufficient to meet ihe ■•<
].. n-i's ol maintenanee and operation
of the canal, ther fo I nv. U a par-
tinl subsidy in all -hips, to the o'.h
ee nations a- well as ours, engaged in
the foreign trade, but thc subsidy he
demonstrates for the coastwise trade
i n complete subsidy; there, Kngland may Justly complain ihai  if     a
i anal is 10 he "S"il as an insl.riline.nt
! in distribute subsidies, under the tm
aty ihose ui.-i,li.s musl be equal to
all nations ,,r .'Ise ihero Is a di-dini-
ina tions.
"The lingoes have tricel t.,-> blind the
I pie in ibe real i>-ue. The true lane fm us i.i determine is: Bhould wu
iob our own people by an unjust discrimination to enrich this coastwise
shipping trust? I would not al all
.. .i.-<-t in a brush with England if wn
. ,i,l ;, mt cause about a tiling ncces-
Kary and proper to do, bul ii looks
v ry foolish and dn roltnble to nuiiii-
, ■. ,i v ' • • ,.•' ,i iow wiih her inm-
ineri-lally, diplomalii oi warlike (ode
:. 1 • he inlli i on ol an incidental dis
rrlminatioi caused !>> the immoral
.' ,i unjust lohbery ol our treasury,
in.l ;h mus ■ e>f our people to con-
fi r I,, a ifi i pon i shipping interest.
I  would liki   io i'o righl al home be-
  Insisting   ipi     ., row with foreign
tion     " fj    '
ro HKN'l    Fui     hed House on Third
\pply  to   Arthur  W.
Two Nigiits Beginning
January 29th and lh, 1913
Doors Open at 7:45 p m. Sharp
■  v hen you
een I Mt   II;i\ .it
\ ■   ;  Peed t ,ni-
l   k-el       |      11.11   .
While EtRjfeaaUK ia , ".-J (1^ i"inil, ami the price high, .• the time lo
try some nf our egg ; roJacere, sudi as Crashed Hones, '■' sicr Shell,
f'.rit,    Heel     Scrap,    \Halfa    W<-aI,   tlraias   of   all   kinds,    including
IftWhe.K, llarlcj ,Oat-, Corn,
UOUR    FEEO   STOCH   h   ais<>  complete   with    ii. .    ilnm.
Slums. Oil CaVe,Linsei 1 Meal,etc.
AGENTS   IOR   PUR1TV   FLOUR   Wc  arc    sole   agents
f ->r I'urity Floor.     M re Bread am! It«ucr Bread).
J.Till.. 41
Box 71
First Street. Revelstoke,  Tel. No. 22
Choice Groceries,   Fruit,    Vegetables
Hay. Feed and Poultry Supplies
Heating Stoves
Kootenay Ranges
Saskalta Ranges
Sunshine Furnaces
Hardware and Sporting Goods
We are offering' good discounts od all Crockery,
(Jlass and Silverware during month of January.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Plumbing Heating Tinsmithing
Special Attention Paid to Mail Orders
Plenty of 'ialt I/imp Coal arriving.    Orders will haw
prompt attention.
Ordei   ' Kootenaj Agent ii
Mi :.e nxle A t nr
A. Davidson, PH2!j2NE
\V.    IWHUY
11,1   le:. il'l
.  ■  ■
Auctioneer and Valuer
II I   \   I   !>.        I       . I
||  I        ."    eel
hei 'ei Hprotl
■     \  III
il 'inne  iivlii .   ei
wi-.!.  nth.
l'i 11.1 ■:   i |.ll\
p. i). box ;v%
0. Company 102nd, Reg. R. M. R., bej; to announce that tli ill hold
rr.iMiliit dances in lhc Drill Hall on the 2nd. ami tth. Frida; evening
<i( each month. Dates ivill In as follows:
January 10th. and 24th, 1913.
February 14th.   "   28th.    "
March 14th.       "   28th.    "
April 11th. "   25th.    "
Tl"- lust of treadmill guaranteed. Music by Cily Hand. Wi solicit yonr
!'••""' -I'-'V ■
R. M. R. Dance Committee
C. H. Brock, Chairman.
Trainmen, make your headquarters here.   Quick service.   Perfect Cleanliness
and Reasonable Prices.     Give Da a Trial.     "We Never Sleep."
During January There
Wiil be Plenty of Bargains Displayed in This
Store, Watch for Them
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. B- J*ume & C°» limited
Watch Our Windows for
Special Lines and Bargains During Jannary.
Look at Price Tickets.
Bargains in Drygoods Department
Big Reduction in Furs
All our Furs go on at a B'g Reduction.   Wi have   a
few choice sets in Persian Lamb, Cub Bjar,   White
Thibet, etc.   You can buy ths3e no'v at a discount
New Lot of Wools Just In
All colors, in Eiderdown, with thei Big Thick Woolsl.
All colors in  Double Berlin; all colors in Shetland
Floss; all colors in Saxony wools.
10 Ladies Coats
Co on Sale this week at $10.00 Each.   They are all
good Coats, worth up to 820.   Only a limited lot left
in sizes 34, 36 and 3.S.   Everyone a Bargain at
Made-to-Measure Suits
LADIES,   Come in and  look over  our   Made-to-
Measuae Suit propositions.    We have put out about
30 Perfect-Fitting Suits since going into it a month
ago, and we would like to submit samples and prices
to you.
Ladies' While Aprons
A iiice lot of Ladies' White Aprons in Ions lengths,
nicely trimmed, Bib and Strap over shoulder.    They
are worth 75c.    Now           	
50 Cents
Remnants!   Remnants!   Remnants!
Still lots of Remnants.     We are into Oji-  Annual
Stock-Taking and come acro33 odd lots and ends we
are anxious to clear, so we put them on the Remnant
Counter at     	
A Big Lot of Fancy Linens
Runners, Table Cloths, Doylies, Scarfs, Tray Cloths.
These are slightly soiled.    All at	
en's Furnishing Department
January Bargains
Men's Overcoat Bargains
Women's Shoe Sale
MEN'S HATS ON SALE - A full table oi the
I.t   i hats the market affords, at prices which you
in't afford to miss.    'Ihey are all CHRYSTY'S
in  both soft   and  stiff  styles.    All   the  present
season's shapes and shades.    You can get your
size in many.different lines.    Dont  put  it oil —
they won't last long at the price.    Regular Trices
run from $} to $3.50	
Don't forget that this is your opportunity to
buy first-class Coats at a price way below anything on the market.   All are   20th Century
Brand, and all are guaranteed perfect in workmanship and fit.
fifty inches long.    Velvet collars.   SALE PRICE—
MEN'S   ULSTERS in gray or brown.   Full fifty
inches length.   Three way convertible collar.  Either
double or single breasted          SALE PRICE   •'?17.00
MEN'S RAGLAN COATS-Nevv Raglan shoulder;
fifty inches long. Browns and Grays.   A serviceable,
dressy coat.   SALE PRICE, Eich $19.00
Don't forget that we are still running
a  Sale  of  Women's   Boots.   Three
Large Lots  of High  Class Shoes at
prices which must sell them.     Take
a look at the Bargain Table.
Prices, 95c, $2.35, $3.15 Per Pair
Oun Grocery and Crockery^ Department
Large Assortment of Pickles
Fresh arrival of New Goods direct from England
Mixed Pints     35«
Chow Chow      35C
Onions      a,5c
Girkins >5C
Cross and Black wells Indian Mangoe Chutney
Quarts 85c
Fancy Sweet per bottle     4oc
Stephen's Gloucester Pickles
Sweet Mixed half pints .20c
Sweet Spiced Girkins pints   40c
Sour Mixed, pints    25c
:,o 0/ 40c
Chow Chow pints    25c
Gold Medal    White onions    ;,.s^
C & B Celebrated Spanish Queen Olives half pints 40, pints, 75c
c & bi'«i ki»r;-v:,-,4boulc ,5C
"Bovril   for a Cold Weather Drink
The right thing for " Zero Weather." Have it in the House
Served Hot. It Prevents Colds. We have a new, cleanstock
recently arrived.
Bovril,  4 oz. bottles <i5
Bovril, 2 oz. hottles 35
Bovril Cordial. 20 oz. botl ...   $1 25
.Johnson's Fluid H- if, 16 02 bottles     $1 00
Specials for Friday and Saturday
Imperial Relish, Crosse & Blackwell's, Pint  Mottles  25c
While Swan Tickles, 20 ounce bottles  . _>5c
Lipton's I'ickles, Pint  Bottles  15c
Mushroom Ketchup, Crosse & Blackwell's  aoc
Walnut  aoc
Quarter Pound Tins Lowney Ground Chocolate  10c
Half Pound Tins Lowney Ground Chocolate  15,^ PACE BIX
Ten Millions of Dollars Appropriated.--Will Develop Scientific Farming Throughout Dominion.—Special Features
For British Columbia.---Agricultural Industry Greatest
Canadian Asset.
ie- BWti, Jan. 29" Considerable bead-1 rural population Increased by only L.6
nny wn made with govomnu'ni busi per cent, in woetern Oanada tbe ui
nei ii ti,. commoni todaj VI -ix ban population increased b.v 227 pei
©'cl ■.''■■'. He" George E, Foster'* bill cent, and lhe rural by 149 por cont. It
I, ratify lhc uuel,' agreement with would b« noted, Ue said, that despite
the Wesi Indict got through the com thegmal Increase In the rural population ui western Oanada there had boen
, . tag nnd stauds [or third read
inj: The minister, in order to raee!
ttii lenmwl ■: the- oppo Ition, Includ
t ,i a clause a i I Ing the duitable and
. imporit dimh the Wo i Indiei un
• i,.i   • [ie  M hi-   ol  .i [roemi ni  ou    the
.i inu'ii greater increase In urban pop
uli i,   if this goes mi indefinitely,
where will it land ns'.' asked Mr, Bur
rell    He pro «i<»»t   "We, then, ir this
imi Min ni who are making the law
entii'      e ifai   .'    ;|j    provi ion   ol the nation may well a k ourselvi
foi   dirvi    linportal ion  n   i on
■  . i
Th,   '■..• '. ,■    ■   ol thi  ovenini    e
, :      ts ii tt Uj  Hon.     Mai tlu
Oui ■ i trodtn ing hi   bill to pro
. Idi ■ lltiire .ei $10,001 1)
,.    ,      .■■....:    i • ,f.    The miii. ol
th.   bill  Is  by  educational  efforts  to
oi lii ion i wlii' li will result  In
incn ■   nc thi   rural population     and
. he  pi odu   '■• en '8   ol i he Ian I.  Dui
ing   ').■   flrtl   yeai   $70 l.OCO    rill
. 1„ nt :,ul the um.umi  will b '   ticrc is
,.,i ),y  5700.000 each yea 1918
tbi     mh of "i.i' i,00    » I   u.i vr been
Thi   mom .   ■ ■       dividi
■  the prov i   ■    ■   • ticnllj   oi   thc
■ ,;,-!-     Ol     |'"1   i
Hon   Pi ink O    •      aid, h	
ed i ■   he     i       i Ic thought th   min
igt< i   m  i a   il.f  ,,   •[   '
I ,- ■ [the yeai
'   Ol HI   I       '   ••'       HO.000,1   DO
E.M   M i  I   miii Introduced :, I i'.i re
1 ,i -i • • 'i • adjustment ol small
claim- arising in connection with the
operation ol the governmenl rail -
, e,.i i e    inl. i   the present  ac   ■ oui I j
• -   bave  juritdicl ii m  in casi
volving amounts up to - ■ •
• a. io incri as.' ihi    •
('on Ideratb n ol     th    iill to rul ifj
■th.   trade agr ■ ■ West
I n w Iini Way   can   we  best   -olvc   these'
questions ol ureal  national concern?'
II ,vill not be denied thai tbc tate
guarding ol il i produce classes i ■ a
matter ol primary and fundamental
importance to the nation. Hut in regard in the agricultural life ol    out
■ oi ii'' y .t is not alone a betterment
of thi economic conditions thai we
Bhould aim at, but something fine
ihe creation of a rural civilization
'.. wlll at once Insure ,, full, r and
happier life to those in its midst mul
prove ,i source ami fount ol gtrength
in the stale itself.
la-ninl as ihis federal government
Ci "i e'i n el.   We  have COIUC t O        tho
conclusion that we '-an hest bring about tin-   v.'1-i; by freely assisting the
agricultural population.   II    we     are
told that tin-  is an Innovation,    wo
answer that  it is the people's money
drawn from     them and ii is not only
ble, bui  desiral le, that       .-uch
ill .   be   pen', in  thc most  efficient
way to obtain ihe objects or Instruction .,- adesirablc line which federal
pei liturc should take wo nre follow
ing the best method^ 61   he most progressive countries....Practically no ail-
vancc wa   made in agriculture in the
i i al    Germ in    nation   until the Hytrin of secondary and elementary ag-
; wa      i mittee,   rieultural instruction     was organized
wl. n tl en .'• four, five
,■ . . I  : on Thursday n'^rht
i i    These clausi -    u lat
arlj   to tbe  quegtiou    oi
,i.i i ol cjuni . .t being pii-
'.   •. th    Mil  thai   the preiei
I..       given the Viet indies under the
a--: '•::.' ni     b 111 apply i nlj to Street
menti     The i ippos tfo    main!
i'ii. a- thy >Ii'I  on thi   pi  viou I • ven
that th.   bil   - pai ti 'i from   ths
ten,.-  of      he agreement   Tins view
. Bit VWlfri 1 Laurlei. who
• i! th<  Canadian department
: from the term- ol rn   ,,i;rtH-
in- n    - i re nee     try to t cun
... .i
■ ;ci
Mr.  Borden  :tnd  H.in.  George     K
F..,-   r mainl that thl   was not
that the 1
tion  with
ime r.et.
K.   M. Maedoi '  ■   M     V ■   •
nt to the hc •■-   ex
tory of I      proi '   unship
I tl    W<
•    t he ha I
ng so.   Tenders had been
I foi : October 1.
rh< y were not
during the tecond half of    the    last
i ii ury."
Mr   Burrell then reviewed at   eome
length what has been done alone elu
, .■ nal lines for the farmers of Grout
B    ,i i.  Denmark, Belgium and France
it is proposed bj  the bill to atrm-
v:i hi n all ; ti in" '"a and ed-
nal wa k    Thi   u lentiflc reseat-
he- of the i entury have re
volutionized agriculture,  but the lull
• marches have   not
■   great   multitude'  who  toil, !>  till ihe lieids oi Canada.       Too
witnessed, path-
fui, ol ceaseless,
■ee.: bringing      I       of the
and body and, even alter   long
vim: .--. bringing no reward,
simply from lack of     knowledge and
: .:>.    Help
educational direction  will  n..t     only
■  .nc. but i ■   ti
er- an : nd bappiei  men
v.    ;..■ n
Tl;.     particular form such
anc-   may tak>   iv.iv  y try   W   ~.
luences ;r.     ench
:  embrace  -
tions of this principle which havobeou
adopted will, I trust, meet tho approval ol the house. Thus, In tbc Urat
place, we set apart $20,000 a year to
be divided between such veterinary col
leges as grant 'degrees und como up
to the required standard. We do thin
mi lho ground that from the charact-
, i ,ii our veterinary work and for tho
reason that students ol theso inatitu-
tions avo drawn from all provinces iu
Canada, they may be tvgardod as having u purely  national  complexion.
"On this 1 shall sptak further when
iii.   bill is before the house,
"In addition to this $20,000 wo pro-
pose to allot to each provlnco, t-ogard
less of population, the sum ol $20,ut'o
it has been urged—not without eome
reason -thai support .should be shown
ie, iliiese provin t whose rural poptl,
lul m is ol large' proportions, whoao
ource ni revenue is limited uud whoso
agricultural development greatly needs
"1 might tak. the fur eaat.-ru and
fnr western provinces as examples.
Prime Edward I-land  is purely agri-
i. Ural, with no minerals or timber
ie. draw on lor revenue. The incessant call ol tbo west has resulted iu
a continual drain ua its population,
and agricultural development is a mat.
ter of the greatest importance. In
the ease iif iintish Oolumb a we have
as yet in populai ion. only jusi start,
ing ie. develop her resources, and
where the eoti ol living It perhaps
hlghei than in any other portion of
our Dominion. I might touch the
case of othei provinces, but tho arguments will suffice for ihe present
an.l we feel there is justification for
the itep proposed.
"With the exceptions mentioned tho
amounts alloted will then ho divided
in proportion to th" population and
(en the basis ol the bill the provinces
will share as follows:
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The demand for photoplays Is practically unlimited. The big lilm manufacturers arc "moving
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vou mnl your future.
what this  new  piufcssii u may mean l'i
NATIONAL AUTHORS' INSTITUTE,   :   1543 Broadway, New York City
priation will be unequal to the demand, While this may hc let'i for fu.
ture consideration, I would like to
state clearly at this time that f   ho-
(Continued on Page Seven)
Province      lyl.t   lucnase
P. I-i. Island $26,529.83 H306 Sl M 753.73
•V Brunswck 44,509 '>.•   1 01
Alberta  4(>,094.9.S  ,s_'19
British Col.. 47,334.75  5467
69.202 T>7
Manitoba ... $1,730 05  6346
77,11 1 09
Nova Scotia   54,288.45 6858
81,719 JI
Saskatcltew'd 64,296.29 68.,'
81 733 32
Quehi c .... 1 :" 182 10 27896
271,169.3 1
Ontario 195,733.32 35-117
Teacher of Violin
Pupil of Ernest Simple, of Winnipeg, and Prof. Frederick,
late of London. Eng.
Studio at City
I *>auipm<Tit oi
tio-h  in   :
up  il ■
'1  .'   •'   B :   t •    D  '■•--,,: y     tc
-   th»
■ ole. or horticultural sclc
es m agriculture;  :b»
■ •■--■
ind woi • av.-U -
•   . ide tbe
,    •■ I
. -
tndj   end th ■
..-,   -
■ nvn of our con.
1   w.'l
fide fol
• ■  •      ■   .
|    •
.   . • ng
igl .culture
''.      ' e   .
•   before outlin
•   .-' hen •   Di    < '.O.  James had
I    I   •        mute   la ' Ii ,• .
:h-   * lm e SUb •• t. Ur.
had i   -.  .ited v.-i-h the iarion
rnmenls ar.d the m.r.
chart.'.'  of   'he   various  ntrri lilt Ufa!
? ,: .en-     and    the   result   of       hi I
ii   .      i    ,~a  i     *u«  a .  „«    Wl.MO.OOO   tO   be  expended       ove'   t.he
rtorlc would be found in the terms of,
v.     ,  ,i     a,      t>    —ii   _    .   _-  » period   mention™.   The  mim   of  1700,-
tbe  bill.   Mr.   Hurrell  went  on to  ay
.... .. ... „ „„„,    „,     *>'i  will  !*• allo-t'cel  th" first  year,  ami
hut  the problem whi'h was confront '      '
,.       . .. ... •„_.„.►   this amount will !><> incrcaned bv tl00-
• i .n.adu ik tbe ever increa^inp i OOT
:e,inK  WS  gc'   at   the  •
•.ii work to lie efci '
' i.'ioiis.      we  piopoec  to mik-1
. j.eriei'i oi in year
From 'he consolidated revenue fund il
proposed  t.o   let  apart the  "iim    ef
of  livine and the Increase  of  urban  as
Wi annnnlly  until   1117, from      which
year until  1923  51,'ion/ibfl  will   be pro
ai{ain-t  nual   population.    In Canada       .   . ,       _ .    ,
,      ...       , „    „ a   vided   yearly     The   gradual   expannlnn
we take a  natural  pride in  our creat, . ,   . ■
,.•       ,...  ~„ «i.„.,u ha.' nIU' t',ci<>t)nr, "niiipmnvt. of lhe \ rovin-
•i id  Krr.winc cities, but wc should be     .
-, aa      t ♦—     ♦^'Clnl ortrani/atifins  will  be met. In thm
poor citizens it     we did not try     to, ... ,.
a        -a. tt.      »t»^^-«f «»    Wfty morff helpfully  than  by startlnjr
mitiKate and avert th.- attendant ev- r     * '
.,      ,.,.,, ,   •   ,,. »t the million mark,.
Mch follow undesurable expansion
-in  -hat direction.   The  minister theu APPROPRIATION  MY  POPULATION
quoted  figures to show that while in "Speaking broadly, we have adhii
the paal  in years the urban popula • <'d to the prindpln of dlvlHion of pop-
tion increas?d by 43.3 per cent      the illation     lia-is.   The slight modlflca-
"H i- provided that if any year any
province is not prepared to u-ie     all
its  grant ihe. unused  remainder dhall
be  held     by thc Dominion for fuuiro
us-  by that  provin.e  or until     .such
time as it can make a Rood claim or
how good cause f.<r its payment. If,
from  lack  ot  educational  machinery,
or for  my other reason, any province
is not able to submit a satisfactory
. ent,     the-     federal government
'a.   'a:'- par .1  to  formulate    on..
for such province's a-sent.   When at
leration the Dominion too'i ov,r
thc tr,.y'". eoui        ■ : revenue- from  the
es il was deem.-d right to pay
■ ••!. cash subsidies    a.,
would fairly    oable  them to   airy or.
-■'• :■ Iminlstration in     re-
■■■: ication, construct! i
thei      .••••rs of local co-n-
. Hi a   have,  a^      tbe
•■• -.  increased In
,'liture has been
; rovlnces.
M  a further
i   ;    . hii   . •   erving a  ;
ll .'jtiohip. we pro -I
•aS'inal.ie 1
-       - •   the expenI    .
.   by a grant
'   •;     igh tbis bill
■ .1     consid.-raticm
work done. W" have!
.   .- .-.eial   'Or..:'
■ ports from ihe prov- j
I   that :
I     •
■   •    ■•     -
.'••'I'Tal     grants.
to treat   thii
im  an  economic    and
..in-.   eliminating   par-
■j politics and party advantage,     ao
i'e' k  to the     govornminrta oi
some stand and
to work with Mx> *»me erxle in  view.
It   .-i  obvious  that,  the  itWOSSS  of  tho
heme is    dependent or,   ■nm
H   ii approached    aod
operated.    In    onr.lusion,  Mr   Hpeaker
■ ilitiough  the gum  provided for  und^r
this hiii may nt fire,', ^em In'ge   and
perhaps ,   miffldently Urge for the tall  of the workr-Tt i^ none    too
large foi the work  ie, ti* Acme   If  lhn
provinces co-op«rate   with  us,  ub     wm
hope an'l nn we have every reason to
expect,  it in my conviction  that considering the     magnitude of the task,
and  its nature,  nnd  considering  alio
the growth of tbis country. It will be
found in H few yenrn  that thii appro-
W.  H.  WALLACE,  M.B.O.S.A.
Cox 203, Telephone 313, Revelstoke
Provincial  Land  Buveyor,
Miaing  Surveyor,
The Revelstoke Boot, Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
The style, the workmanship antl wear
And comfort born of every pair;
Of 20th Century welts that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold the old.
Barriitere,   Solicitor*,   Etc.
Imperial Bank  Building  Reveletoke, ii   O.
Money to Loaa.
Offlcee—Reveletoke,    ll.   0.,     aad
Cranbrook, B. C.
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Reveletoke. Cranbrook
MOOSE No.  1085
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
I9U0 1911    "~
Capital        ....        * 3,<>00,000 * 4,000,000
Reserve 3,000.000 4.600,000
Deposits      ....        23,077,730 35,042,311
Loans and Investments         -      27.457,090 38,854.801
Total Assets        -       -       -        33,090,192 48,237,284
Has 83 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents In ail
tho Principal Cities In the World.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
Revelstoke Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager
Meets every first and third Tues
day in Oddfe.lows HaU. Visiting
brethern cordially invited to attend
G. R. Lawrence,   Dictator.
E. Edwards, Secretary.
aud A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on th* Third Monday ln each month
at S p. m. Vifiting brethren art
cordially welcome.
A. G. BROOKER, Secretary.
C. W. O. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. tli.
Meets Second    and     Fourth Wednesdays    in  each  month  in    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
A.   J.   WOODLAND,  Con.  Com
COURT     MT.     BEGBIE,   No. 14(1.
OF I. O. F.
Meeta ia I. O. O. F. Hall next   to
Tapping's Opera House every second
and fourth  Monday in  montb.   Visit
iag brethren cordially welcomed.
U     i.  MORGAN, 0,   I'..
WM.   8.   CAMERON.   Ret.-See.
SELKIRK     LODGE 12,  1.  O. O. F.
Meeta every     Thursday evening   la
Selkirk Hall at   . o'clock.     Vleitlag
brethren  cordially Invited.
./OHM LYON      N. O.
JAfl.  MATHIE.   See.
The Globe Lumber Company, Ltd.
Dealers in
Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Cement.
Plaster, Tar and Building Paper
Al Doors and Mouldings.
£. Mcllmoyh, Agent
Phone 254.
Third Street, West
GOLD RANGE LODGB,      K. of    P.,
NO.  M,   RKVHLHTOKH,  B.   O.
Meeta every Wedneaday eicept   the
Third  Wedaeaday ot each  month      lo
044fellowV Hall at I o'clock.  Vlalt-
lag. Katghta are cortlallr. Invite*.
F. W. TTORY, 0, O.
O. H. BROOK, K. at H, J. 8.
M. QiW.
Scaled Tenders will be received by
the Minister of Lands not later than
noon on the 3rd day of March, 1913,
for thn purchase of licenses Nob. XI,
X2, to cut timber estimat«d at 1,-
720,000 feet, 520,006 feet, and 310,000
foet B-M- respectively, together with
8,000 railway ties and poles (rom
Crown land adjoining Adams Lakt,
Kamloops District.
Particulars of CWef Forester, Vto-
torla, B.O. 1st iss. N.30 3m.
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,.
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -  RevelBtoke, B. C
before baying your oat-
fit of working clothe)
for the buah. I make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
_ »l#.nV«,.s and evrrytbiiig
*   fkvarCd in year basinet*. ■ WEDNESDAY,  JANUARY 29,  1913
High Class Residential and Day Schools
A. B. TAIT, Ehij., M. A., Principul
Tho stall' of Musters in Langara is
an exceptionally strong onu.
Hoys prepared for the matriculation examination! of Oanadian
universities or for thu entrance ex-
aininatinn of the Royal Military
College, Kingston.
Careful supervision of the pupils
in iheir games us well as in their
Spooial attention  paid to the development of ohuraoter.
Mish Makkahbt Hush,   Principal
The   most  n.odern buildings and
most effloleot utatV of all the girls'
schools of tlie Dominion.
Kach mistress a specialist in  her
own department.
Regular training in gymnastics by
a competent mistress.
Both schools are under the man*
agement of "Western Residential
.Schools, Limited." Winter Term
opens Tuesday! Tth January, 1018,
Applications for admission should he made at once to
Dr. E. D. McLaren,   1497  Pendrell  Street,   Vancouver, B. C.
Are you wanting any Electrical Work Done ?
If so, call at the Rrvelstoke Plumbing CK,
Sheet   Metal  Co.'s  Store, Connaught Avenue.
Phone 281
Night Phone -tt)
P, o. I!.»c 4s9
Howson C& Co., Ltd.
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson £& Co., Ltd.
Then take advantage of an exceptional oppootunity. Call
at BINGHAM'S MUSIC STORE and inspect our stock of
Mandolins, Violins, Guitars, Accordeons, Piccolos, Flutes,
Multi-Flutes, Harmonicas, Sheet Music, Albums, etc.
EDISON PHONOGRAPHS and VICTOR GRAMOPHONES. Also 500 Edison Records selling at -15c, (usual
price, 65c.) and a good selection of Blue Seal Unbreakable
Records at 05c. Good stock of Player Rolls, Selling at next
to cost price to clear.   Come Early and Get First Choice.
MacKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke.    Phone 262.
Sash, Doors, Mouldings' Turnings
W   are in the manufacturing business
Sash,  Doors, Mouldings, Turnings, Show
Cases,   Office and Bar   Fixtures,   Storm
Doors and Windows made to order and all
kinds of repair work done in good order.
We have a full line of building supplies, lime
cement, plaster, ^Hard Wall Finish, bricks,
Sewer Pipe, Plaster Plaster Board, Roofing
cTWetal, Lath and all kinds of Glass, Oils,
Paints, Varnish, all colors and tints.
Much pleasure in quoting anything in the
Building Line.
P. O. Box 295, Revelstoke, B. C.
Patronize your own color by sending all your washing
your blankets in early to avoid the rush.
Bachelors, try our collars.
We have just installed a new collar machine which is
bound to please.
Phone 80
It Might Be Cold.
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our'record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Union   Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly ami monthly rates to be arranged.       Meal Tickets, 21 meals for J6.00
A. P. LEVESQUE, Proprietor
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Laughton (&, Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
Strictly^ First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Clgarr     Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.   ALBERT     STONE      PROP.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all
_    respects, i |
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates
t insmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pip*
and Furnace work
Conntught Ave.   -   Rovolstoko
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a  Specialty
Phone 42  -   Night Phone 85
Facts Concerning Our Home Town.—Geographic Centre of
British Columbia.--Vast Mineral and Timber Wealth
Throughout Surrounding Country.    Homes for Thirty-
Thousand Prosperous c^griculturists.    Scenic Attractions. -Industrial Possibilities.
Go whon you will, you will Snd ao
better located point for the ilte oi a
Oity than Revelstoke, It in ai nearly
uh possible in ihe centre of thai great
section nf British Columbia extending
for :i length o( SSO miles between tbe
Crow'H Neal and B.O, Southern rail
deg     Jan.  1910,  Mum, 27 dog.; .Img
1910, Minimum, 13 i^luw aero, JaxCa
LHO, Mean   L7a1 ovi  zero,
I n elpitatlori   Sumruei,  1909,  2.32  io*
.a.11   uint ii . 1910, I.U in. rain; wiuj
ter,  1910   22.20   n    now.
The altitudo ol     R rei loks is i ,4oil
feet al it   • ■;. level, and it ia     -ui>-
«»y    systems   lo the iouth and the i*'* to Pacific Coasl  wlnd«  Influenc
,    I     •   ,  •    I   ioi    I Ale   lltlel   lUlMriKrtt*
>. . t.   :.,■   and ■ unny w -.iiber..
routes of tb" ('.rami Trunk la flc
and Canadian Northern railways to
ihe' north
Prettily situated on ths Columbia
Hiver when il ie m. aed by thc main
line of the Canadian Pacific Railway,
ii i also thc junction with tho main
line of the Arrowhead and Kootenay'
Railway, whieh connects with tbe palatial steamers of the C.P.R, on the
Arrow Lake-. and wiib tbo  B.C  Sou
them, Columbia and Western, Crow's  0jgtan, .   prepared to supple*
Nest Pass and Greal  Northern Rail-  men)  .h:, appropriation by still larf
(Coucluded from Page Six)
Iteve tb will, in tho not   fur
way systems to tli.• south.
A- lho construction ol the Grand
Trunk Pacific and Canadian Northern
railways io the north proceeds, and
(hero -yRtem- becomo extended into
(ho Oanos Hiver valley and  the terri
er amounts and tbat when thai tni>'»
comt'S the house, "ill consider it feom
th.' same standpoint that I ;isk yon
now t., i onsl lei ei. nam ily, tl,. by
BUch a measure we- arc providing
fund* for effective and lasting develop-
tory tributary  t.i lhc Big Bend of the   m ...  aiong  r:gnt  [lne(, ,A olir great-
Columbia, they must Beck connection!    . .  . _,   na    ir. ..
with the south, and Reve'sto'ie will be
the po'.nl  of jiin'tiuii o!  the  ra  wa;
system! of  the  future  with  those      of
to l;lv as ihey tra\er-c the great  val
leys    which     radiate rest ami west,
north anil  -outh from this city     us
their common centre,
While Hcvelstoli,' thu- t upie--     an
i ii   tbis side "I thc house an I    on
iei .   men who either know
: J      IpCI ■ the      farm     life   ...i   our
o inti i' oi   > ■ •    fath ira or forefathr
' rs bavi   oil      ttt thi  land.   It is well
for all   '.. >. that solltarj
Bg tre     in th     d stant    furrow,  that
• -•:••■ I fori    tending thi   hi arth     of
e.f our ..,'r. m , ■■' - ■ , . oui a .t ■
ional virl ies at I gtb.
Hi re between the- ... ;,,,;, walls .•■ -,t
year by year making tbe laws ol out
ountry. We do it amidst much it rife
s.em ter,, ll, sometimes well, too
conversion ol this limber into a mixr- ..,;. ... .,,... i,.. . importance and per-
ketable product will not fall far short manen. e to that whi, h u neithei per-
of $27.r>,000,ooo. jmaneni     nor     Important   Om   lawa
Water power is plentiful In the vicin   wou|<j >„. ...,,.,. xhvr, wou!,i ,„.   ]es3
ity, the city having    harnessed    or. ,   ,„   n 0ur ,trife—if we      were
stream     to a capacity of 1,800 horse  often - moVed by a sincere desin      to
power, which  iB offered ior indu-trial   Ijyhl  n tht   work and brighten tin  liv-
exceptlonally strong position as a- the . olated horn symbol and tj
traffic emporium, its outlook i- still
brighter from an Industrial and manufacturing point of viow. There are
l.niK) miles of timl>er on tl.o Columbia
River and it- tributaries north of the
cily.   Thf expenditure i;iv.,lve,l ,u  the
purposes at low  lates.
Jn tho valleys tributary to Revelstoke are al out a tiuai !<r of a million
acres of land of good quality, an.l
which, when cleared of Umber and
cultivated, is well adapted for fruitgrowing, poultry farming, dairying
stock raising, and general ugriculture.
This lund N capable of supportiug a
rural population of 30,000 people.
Extensive and varied mineral de -
posits an known to exist in tbe neigh
borhood, uiul await devlopment.
.-   ■; those who. in Ihs silence ami
if tbe fields and wooil . aro
.     I             lal on     work ot out
..o-i country."
Hei. Frank Oliver indorsed the prin
i  lbe  bill and said he  would
support     ibe     proposal- to   make a
grant among the provinces in addit-
tfce subsidies now given.       No
one would quarrel over the: amount >i!
the k-rant. but he was forced to think
Cradled and       beautiful scenes     ol "!"'  Mr' Burr' ' WM moved b>'     the
mountain and glacier, forest-, lad bill •ie'1    •' ">•*•«>* a spectacular pla/ by
and v„le, river stnam and lake; (av- ««ounci        a grant of    IIO.OOO.OOO.
ored with an quable climate.   Itevel- "rheD                      o< (act only *T0©,000
stoke ta one of the most picturesque- "*   ""••'   l'n'  1h:s >'P:ir'
ly lo-ate.i of Canadian   lUi    and anl   Tbt   *bo!l   :M>' "f the «overamea«
idenl town in whieh lo make a home *w             discharged by a grant ol
It is well lighted, bs a high pressure supply of pur.- water which can
be extended 'o meel any futui • requirements, good drainage .uul bewer-
age, bigh-elasr     educational institu
tes .f It was $7,O0O,uOO a
yea If they would secure to th«»
jir...!-.c ra of th west the best naiket
thi produc r ould ,;(Iord to .1 .s -
p.n*- w.th th     i'beral aid.   Sp.?a!:.ns
tions iii the way of pul lie an.l high a* ' n' wbo ''n*w" MricultttTal Can.%-
.-hools, a VaM.C.A, with a well- ,!;i "•"< by wouM iik-' it to be under-
eqttipped gymnasium, two public pa- '   t,:ftt ,lu farmers 0f Canatia did
not   . arrted on     tho
backa ,.f anyone. Tbe agrieultu.-ol
population ,.i Canada was Canada. It
wai a mattei of giving th'- enterpris-
Dg '.r,- Dg population tbs !>enefit of
what  waa really theii- own.
fair groundi race track, magnificent
summer park on Mount Revelatoks
connected with the .ity i.y rail, nice
homes and gardens, and in fact all
th modem conveniences that go to
make a town attractlvi (rom a resi-
denttial point ,,[ view. 'The grta'
lUmmcr    and    tourist r.s.trts ,,f  the|1'HE T,MK T" 3T0P Y0UR AU W
Rocky Mountains  are  \whin  a     few
hours reach.)    □ 1  li-hing may     be
bad in many e,( tiie adjac nt   treama
ainl Ink «.   Hnntera will t.nd hfre re
soi is of big ..-.iiie.' * itb rtl .,-.
at call.
One of ibe most valuable   UM        •'
llte district in it    clin .it'     I- on
IS  ^>OLD.
if everyone »"bo bad property     to
plan ol    advertising
- ind persla   ntly     un-
• o "ne     would       ever
oor."   And while oo
paratlvely mild, equable a ■„ „.\ might have   to   i»e
ttie   canons, nlubrloui, bright ..    ..-   more of   times,
-iiiishiny throughout the greater part    i, f it v iuW     be but trifling;
of the year.   Tb" heat i' not    \a ■■■   adyantagt of nntling
ive in midenmmer; the ei      .•       are  tl. whom    that particular
always pleasantly    ool,   The  winter-   property would  ■■   i bargain nt thi.-
arc   not.  i xtreiiie    the   li mpi
r.-iy falling below rero   and then no \.                        t  near thi-=   city,
exceeding ten rtegreei below the rule of advcrtis-
dayi ui midwinter.   Th- natural mo- ing yi               tj  until it is ^old    is
i ■ i ure ii   ufflclenl  io maki ,i Bt one.   of course th*
i'i" Mary.    A   more  bracing  ati    - ■ ■  •        now—and,      as
phere ii would be difficult to Bnd. )  time to -top   la
The Qovernmenf rerord-   ),.. a mad-,
mc and winter rangea ol tempt 	
as fol I o«
.suiiiin i   ,iuiy. l'liei. Maximum
July  HM,   Mean.  77 .i-trt   .Tu,.
Miiieiiiiiin. I" 'b'L'.: ,1'ilv   1909, M a
in deg.
• .i eiaiv,   1910, Maximum, 4o ]
.VAN'TELi—A  yoitg girl     about      12
igt to blip ,n boma     for
and   privilege of attendee
> al to rent to one or
' -   I    Mra.  C.J. Treat,  Fifth
'     - Lit. PAGE EIGHT.
1-; a Cooke ol Moose Jaw, Bask.,
was here.la-t Monday.
i ii. Wi li of Kamloops is in the
city, He claims Kamloops i prosper-
( us
i i; Simpson oi Nelson, came in
»,., (he south train n couple of duys1
M .J. Sc.tt ,,1 Vaneouuer, was
1,-„i. n tine im me- here thi fore part
«,;  ihlB  week,
h   E,  Newport   and  V   A.  Lacy, of
Hpokane,  were Revelstoke  visltot   tin
■ lore p.'ii t  of  this  week
i -. |i Tayloi , of \ ictoi li. '.'At ■ am
., ig ihi in iny const people in the city
iTuesda]   ol  thl    wi   -
•|■■ Ladii '■ Hiai s ol the B. ol L,
gj «in hold ihe t annual dance on
|M.,y 28 rd   .it  ihe opera bouse,
Mr, a. \rwford of Taft, and Artb
Hi Cat Bon, ol Three Valloy. were in
gowt    '..■■! daj   '' ansaeting   bustni ss
Woi < feature of the aecident was the
fact lhat the poor fellow was not no-
uee'il by his fellow, workmen foi quite
a lung time after the accident occurred and when hc was discovered it was
found that hie, limbs were so fastened
ihat ho could not lie releuHcd without
ciiuing a portion of the turntable away, whieh wns done and the young
uiu ii taken from his awful predicament
in a semi-conscious condition. He waa
taken to the hospital with all pos
Bible speed but a- ho had hcen Imprisoned In agony by the turntable l"1
over mi hour his condition is regard
ed a- critical.
It is worthy ol mention that thi
young man -iiowc-ii groat fortitude it;
Ins pain and was remarkably calm
, on Idoring his plight.
a M iSnowdown, of Calgary and
i bai lea H n ilnsomh of Reglnu, were
among the prairie visitors In town
Me ■■ la}
\ VV Wear! nnd I>. A ' Pper, of
■, anci uver, bavi   tli s week joined tbe
throng  ,,.  ,. i - io visil  thu i ap
ital   o;  I '.iti.e! ■'
Mi      \    e.   M  rrlll of He'- city has
illc<l io Kamloopi ow Ing to the
, of her da tghl< i In law,      Mrs.
; |. i   y   Moi rill   "•   lhal   cl  ...
U    an   el i I    t  Mr.   II    H.  Mc
\ itj ai ound again after his cxpi rienc
a acute    attai k     oi   la grippe,
i,hi l, confined him to In- bome    foi
-t  two weeks
!' .i't forgi t tb • annual meeting ol
the Board of Trade on Thursday, tomorrow 'VenilU'. in th' Ctty Hall,
wh. n thi ele : ..ni of olH •" - will lake
1 laee  and  other  Important ines
ivill   l.c   tint   a te !
S. L   I.. • ,   atii bei from    ' Hares -
i     \ Itn xa     n  Revi 1-toke    last
lay,  v .- ■ rdaj.   Mi    Lee ha-  4C0
of  No 1   grade  oat   hay  und ab
,.ut  J".    bushels of oat'   which    be
Kishi     o Sei   hi.- a'lel elsewhere
Ottawa Jan. 28 The railway com-
unit I commons tin- morning re
pOI te ,1 lo the lieiu-e R, It. H.nnet l's
lull to incorporate Wetaskiwin, Vellowhead and Revelstoko Uailway com
c'live Pringle, ..unci fo" 'he Compnny, explained to the committee that
. .ms proposed to iiiuld from Lloyd-
minster or tberenbottts in a westerly
direction to Wetaskiwin, thence went-
.ily lo Saskatchewan river, theuce
through tie Vellowhead I'n-s and
iheii south to Revelstoke.
James Douglas, member for Strathcona, wanted it made clear tbat the
road should start at Lloydminstcr,
and cross G.T.P. at Viking, und mov
ul that the words "or near" these
points be struck out.
Counsel fo. the company -aid that
these words were put iu to protect
Ihe railway against possibility of eu
gineering difficulties heinc encountered. Mr. Douglas -aid there could be
ne. engineering difficulties as Lloyd
minster and Viking arc built on a
level prairie. Established towns, he
Raid, should not be overlooked. The
committee adopted his view and Hue
will -t.mi "ai" Lloydminsler and pass
through Viking.
Proposed capitalization of the company was one million, but. in view of
its length, some 400 m les, this was
in-rea-'d te,  f3,E ,DO0.
«•, lys :   ut
'   Don't you think you would I rv
irsell t.. n   are I real on Shrove
,y evening   February 4th.     by
■      tt    which   l-    ll     I"
-•   Francis Hall b.v the Chil
:   M .   .    Society     After   a   good
t would be |u    thi
id        50c.  children -
plat     musl   roi a at
u thing  bul
Poultry Meeting
\ meeting Of the Uevelstoke Poultry Association will be held on Wednesday, January 29th, this evening at
Smyth. \s hall. Business:—Election of
Officer and such .ether business as
may be neces v.. All members and
Poultry Fi nei rs kindly attend and
beat the Delegates report of the B.C.
poultry  Show  held  at  Victor:.-,
F.  W   Laing and K. Fleethnm.    rein: ned from th>- me t he B.C,
Poultry Association h"ll nt Vie
lu t Sunday.
■   .    mus 0  iolU.
.   • -   Pl
earl;   tomorrow
itre.    the     Greal
Lieut   Petros
Ladi- spring
strip, d waists,  diag-
tero, Sh' pherds plaid
| sppet   and   tait,   Aganca.
1 Qg goods    are
Latest     N  .«.   \\rk
N for  Ja Cl  -mar.  and
finest I
in Revelstol pres
.  t •     Pi   •
ny 83
   - it
15i     j'ci. bai
'-.   .       , ;,<■•     ;i-    - r
Broke All Records
I; Is se! '.. ;t. t:i r the Kamloo]   I u
he turn i .ut  er. mass:- to attend       a
moving picture show.     but
billed for the  oi>ia bouse ia-'
„w.   ,ny billed.  S.-cnuse the scb
advertising that adorned tb
wa- a regular triumph of th"
art,   wers evidently
high diss nature that 'he ;-.
erally poured into th:
•vas  not   a       I      •''     'he  gall""
Bl  ■     mi   :.-• 1  for pictures   |*
rhe attr -. i   i  was the now
•   Ofl ll
hi    thrilling  and    remark.,
td   ilack-bai
g    ■- ,- I v   dep,  -e.f   |
la   I.
Howsi it's and    he ir then
I   ,      playi rs d.-iu-
• ■ ■
• n    of Lieutenant  Pel
at the Empress thea't.- tonight
Ladie. Tailoring, th-   latest goods,
hoi snesj of designs, eidu-iveneas of
,: |l I     ..'.  frabic- — At
.'ressman and Co,
li Terrible Accident
Kniryo Vingengo, an Italian em •
I loyee at tlie C.P.R. shop- here, met
*itb a ""' ' painful acci'lent on Hat-
urday ia-t. It np[>carH that the victim of thi.« unfortunate affair in some
unaccountable manner, slipped while
armployd OB th<> iinnt.-ible and was
cru-bed lietw.-en the table an.l the pit
mangling  bis  limbs      terribly       The
New Chief Constable
at K.i 1... !m been appointed chief
•' thc Boundary police ,tt -
ti cl with headquarter ^ Greenwood
,n su ce ion to Chief Constable I \
Dfnsmore, who died laal week
Constable Simpson, is, net'   to
Cou table  John  T.   Black    the   .-nicer
aieml>er of th" fore,- in the N'el on
,I,strict ;.nd hxs been in the m-rv a -'or
over 10 years, He is well known as
a reliahle and efficient police offleer
tbrOUgfaonl  the district.
He will leave for the Boundary on
Wednesday tr, '(lke up his BSW po I
Coming Events.
Revelstoke Citizens Discuss Problems Industrial Workers.---
Scotchmen Find Axe Handles Unfamiliar Tools.—
Swedes Cannot Savvy Cant Hooks.—Orientals Heap
Stay Job.
Victoria.      Jnn.  27—Nothing     very  larger  cities., is not  ol much    conse ■
much  leema to b? the matter with la-' quence in Kamloops, Salmon Arm or
Revelstoke. Moreover, it in an obvious
bor conditions  iu Kamloops,  Salmon
advantage tee tbe employers if he cun
which brought  the whole carefully elaborated plun to grief,
The speaker's ruling was thai tho
introduction of proposed amendments
would so cluihge the character of the
franchise bill that, according to the
precedent of the House, a fresh hill
must lie introduced. David Lloyd
(ieorge und other ministers argued
against this, but Mr. Speaker, as the
guardian of the unwritten law regulating the procedure in Parliament,
would not be gainsaid nnd tho bill
had  to b ■ withdrawn.
\,„. and Rovelstoke, which were vi- ^^ c&nyiog around |arge ,ums of
Ited last week iiy the provincial labor ,n0ney.
commission.   So far us was gathered ENGINEERS  AND LUMBERJACKS.
tho  people-   are   fairly      well  satisiied.       Stationary      engineers   whose   repiv
While many suggestions    were offered sentat'lves at Vlcloria and Eancouver
as to improvements that might in-ei- pleaded foi better conditions, arc well
[ected, there was little, if any, traoe.raid in lhe municipal plant, at Kam-
ol abiding unrest or discontent. loops and by the Dominion Sawmills.
The  proposal  put forward  at    New At Kamloops there an-     two a<  $1D>
Westminster for a minimum wuge   of a month; one at $125 and the stipenn-
$1 for   in eight-hour-day for unskill- tendenl al  $160.   Ther.- is one   man
ed labor, is evidently regarded in the always on the job, but this is easily
upper country as a joke. The ordin - arranged without requiring more than
ary rate in th-^se three places is $2.50 nI1 eight-hour day. Those employed by
to  fS for a  day  of     nine hours,   the lho  Dominion      Sawmills receive $1'2.">
late varying apparently, according to a month and board, their day lieing
lhe man's length of residence    in the ton hours.   The real grievance    of the
town and  his consequent reputation, stationary engineers is obviously     in
Some evidi ncs     was offered to -how the small  mills where two men have
that a minimum of V-i tor nine hours to cover the   twenty-four hour-    and
might be practicably th.t idea ot where there is a fairly close observ
Mr. and Mrs. Jack b'yfe. ubh assist
nl hy Mr. Thos. McKon/ic, entertained their fri.-iiel- in the K. of P. Hall
on Saturday last. Jan. 25th.
A very pleasant evening was spent,
the early part wus taken up with pro
gresslve whist, ten table: were occupied. Mis- K. Clarke who is a visitor to town, carried oil the honors far
the Indies in ihe shape of a very nicn
cissor set, while Mr. W.J. Ligb'tburno
took the first prize for the gentlemen,
('apt. forsluud was also the recipient
of a prise, hut we cannot, find out
what ii was, and we probably wont,
rs it. wa- a consolation prize. At 9:45
the tables were cleared aiul tho rest
of the evening was spent in a very
enjoyable dance. Bbolll 30 couple-participating.
Ib'V.   Snell,  the  presiding    minister.
paying $4 wa-  -imply   - outed.     Such nnce  of the rule  that when the  work   took  the services at  Nakusp  on  Sun
a rate, it was held, would mean that is hurd the pay i- small.   At  Salmon   day  last, during  ihe absence- of     tho
there would be no work to do because Arm, however, when tbe sawmill     is   Vicar Rev. S   Phillimore.
the cost of everything, house building running the engineer, with a      third-'
for instance, would go -o high that it class certilicate, recuves $80 a month
would inst have to be left undone, and board for ten-hours an.l the mill
It  i> only fair to say, however,   that   Icing always -bui  down at night.
the witnesses who, at New Westmin - 	
-ter advocated $1 us a minimum, wen
Dot understood    to    be  very    serious
about  it.   They  were' merely carrying
out the instructions of those     whom
they represented      Personally      when
not giving evidence, they were mostly   chlse bill,   This decision wns in defer-
prepared to admit that f3 was as high   ence to the speaker's itiling that the
Last Hope Gone
London, Jan. 27—Thc British cabin
ct    decided today to drop th,.   Iran-
ui, would be at all practicable. although th'-y adhered li naclously to
the eight hours or forty-four hours
per week
Iu     Kamloops     the only complaint
made was one that is heard frequent-
form an.l substance ol the measure
would be -o materially altered by the
amcndm.-nt granting tlie vote to women that it ought to be presented in
lhc shap" ol a new bill, Thu- January
Miss K. Clarke, of Greenwood, is
renewing old eastern friendships with
Mi.  and Mrs   U.S. Oulllvan. I
Mr. H. Heffren, has already caught
the spring fever, and is constantly
complaining that be cannol procure
the right, kind of lumber lo continue
building his new launch, the "Eva It" I
uhi'-h he is confident will make' from
It. to 'IH pcr. I
There .'.cie no services in the Knglish church on Sunday. Hev. ■;. Sm-n
being  ibseni.
CI'.R. Bteamer Minto has been lying here- for a few days undergoing repairs to her holers.
The late mows have complicated
travelling between here and Comaplix
making passage dillicult for the steam
cr Piper. |
ly enough at the capital, and that is 27, which was to have been a red let-
that the pay of tho provincial   civil Ui. dnv iu    tlu. sum.ng,.lte calendar,
service is  rather    low.        This      wos .,, ,               ,    , ,        , ...
.,  ,           , ,                  _ ,. will be     marked henceforth   with     a
bi ought forward by Mayor Robinson.
who point-d out that the pay of pro- black 1",tt'r'
vincial police  is lower than what    13 The prcinct- of the House of Com
received  by the polic.  of the muniei- mons presented many ol the features  ilstoke on business on  Saturday last
pality, a state of artuirs which he re- of  u well-defined encampment      when
garded as undesirable the House met this afternoon to bring
Oriental  laboi   n     regarded     with to a conclusion the current chapter of
mild dislike.     What feeling       cxi-tts the work for the enfranchisement   of
against it is racial rathei than e.-ono- women.
mic.   Tie- Orb ntal    are said     to    be Mounted and foot police were 10 he
nt'-adyf   When they .'■ 1 ■.. ;,eb tbey can B'>en     everywhere in    gr."at stieugth.
)■■   depended oa to sti-k to it.    They Two  thousand   patrolmen    and      IO1.1
(1. Sutherland, Supt. Dominion Saw
Mills, of Comaplix, was called to ReV-
Mr. R, .Murray who ir. connected
witb the Arrow Lakes Lumber Co..
at Kamloops. was in town last week,
we hope lhat these are indications
ihat they might start operations
0 met ime soon.
W. R. Reid attend d Ihe meting of
Progress  Club,
while large  reserves     wae bidden in   Revol*stoko last Friday.
the vicinity of-the Parliament  buil.l
Mrs. R. Stevens of Burtou City, is
pending B few days ia town.
tiie wi tept  -i ghtly, though   mounted  men  were  actually  on  duty   t!"'  Kevelstoke
■ 1   p 1;.   ;:. in    white
:: other     haud th- whit.-
-  ij    1 n the job,   will
good deai more   work     After the speaker's ruling, it     was
Mr,  A.  Moorwood  is again back  to
his old job at  the Oity, after undergo
ing an operation  tor appendicitis,  at
thc  Hevelstoke hospital.
quite   The  amendment   called  for  the  omis-1    I)''- McPherson professionally visited
ne.   The    Orlen     sion  oi th.   word  "male" and      thus   town ou Monday.
•■:•••.-.t  -he • 1    are   practically   introduced  adult    suffrage
'ace them to .ir.y ex-   premi'.r Asquith asked the -peaker to
ate again, in more deliniie     form,
that  if any  of ihe  women's    amend
li   individual also   the only n question whethe-r the cabinet
s mor<- ; easant to   have would announce its capitulation   barer*  would,    generally for- or after the vote had been taken
•   .   ng without on sir Edward Grey's    amendment.
tries    V   Lindmark,    genera'.
' • bs D w   nioi   Sn 1
Mr. J. Stanhope, of Comaplix, is
back aft.r paying an extensive visit
to friends In Dessoronto, Ont.
The resident-  of     Arrowhead     and
ment wer.' carried, the franchise    bill   Halls Landing,  wish to take advant -
would become substantially n new bill   "K'' of the     progress     mude towards
Mr. Hull  of  Hulls Landing was    itt..
town over Tuesday.
Mrs. W. A. Morris is Buffering witli-
a SoVOl'0 uttuck  of the grippe.
Mrs. W. Morris will uol receive on
Saturday, February Jh(.
Mrs. B. A. Lawson will receive 10-
inoriow, (Thursday) Jan. ,10th, (and
not on the first Thursday iu February.
Mr. Allott, lute stewart of the Rev-
el-toke  club,   left   Monday   evening   tc
lill a permanent position in Vancouver, 11. c.
Mr. Hopgoml of Kamloops, who has
bein appointed I rain master here, nr-
rlvetl mi Monday with Mrs. ilopgood
uriel family. They are taking up residence ou O.P.R. hill.
In the Edmonton bonspiel. which ii
just. over. Rue's link ware the fortunate winner- of ibe Grand Challenge
Cup. Davia wi- nyo Hue yin at the
Mrs. S. (!. Dobbins leaves this evening for a two weeks' vacation to
the coasl. She will Bpend rome time
with her -on Sidney, nt New Westminster, before proceeding to Victoria.
Last Wednesday Mr-. J. M Keliie
was hostess al 0 1110 t enjoyable
Thimble lea, when aboul 25 of thi
Revelstoke ladies were present. This
entertainment was given in honor ol
Mrs. Harold Manning. Mrs. K 'life's
daughter, who left for her home in
Saskatchewan  last  Saturday.
Mrs. Ed. Trimble entertained six
tablet to whist on Friday evening at
Ii.-r home on Third -'.reel. west. Mrs.
W. II. Cameron won first, a cut glass
►all and pepper. Mrs. Clark, second a
handsome hand-pnlnted powder box;
Mrs. MeKinnon, consolation, a china
biscuit jar. Delicious refreshments
1 rough I thc evening to a close.
The Wc-t   End in idge club met at
the home of Mr-. J.I'. Kennedy on
Friday evening last when, in spite ot
ihe stormy weather, two tables wero
made up. The prize a handsome cup
,iii>l saucer, was won by Mr.-, B. A.
Atkins, mid an excellent petit souper
closed a v,'r.v pleasant meeting. The
next meeting will he held on Thurs -
day the Wth, nt Mrs. Haggen's, on
invitation of Miss Wrigley.
Undaunted by tho heavy going, tbe
enthusiastic members of the Snowshoe
and Ski Club ventured forth about
in a.m. on Sunduy moraing with their
"grub'' on their backs, making 11
considerable detour, they arrived al
lhe power hoUS'i about noon, where
Mr. Needham. kindly put his
ei.-., nt their disposal nnd a
lunch was partaken of on tho
form overlooking tho "boiling tide."
Tho fact of having to shout to bo
heard, lent novelty to the luncheon.
The 11111 wns completed by „ climb U|>
the benches above Greeley road with
tome fairly good slides. All members
requiring a "bracer" should take advantage of these delightful runs as"
thore is no Ionic like a long dose of
pure ozone to fit one for the daily
■  - Iting testimony   l,nl   wolI'd  have   to    be    withdrawn, completion oi thc Arrowhead to Rev-1
..,cA   This  done.    Mr.     Asquith announced ('Istoke wagon road to push for     the
ployed,   that the cabinet    would not  prolong  erociion In the immediate future of a]
.   be said,  ar>   good saw -
jera, tu* It seems impossit,',. "o teach
It    Ls
mmi --ran's.     be
'    ent      Ttc   p. opie .
a ■ racial    <
man   be        E > •
z.v   le :      '
a     Jardlne
\-  • ■       racial en
man ran ■   prttf  good,"  re
get bin.   " • •■ '"""'       Tl"'     woth
the     discii-sion     under   the    otrcum- bridge across  the Columbia river,  at
-tance., but would drop the bill.           | a P">int near Halls Landing.
Dished  again,"     wa    the inelegant     During thc past yeur the     popula-.
t   , few I.on,Ion Hon  of Halls Landing has beeu more
to    lescribe     the sudden 'han doubled.   A  largo further influx
hopes whieh the -uf of -ettler- i- expected with the throw-
.l   built   upon  the   parlia '"K  open  of  the   Railway  Belt  lands.'
Vol      ?•.■     Wo Al  pre em  during the winter tho pas-'
ike placi   ii. con- 'l0* ,,f     ""' riv,'r presents greal Oil-
government's fran 'i'uity and     dangers.   Recent     cases
hi •■ bill,                                             I where parties attempting the crossing I
.ii foi have been     marooned    for hours und
:   I.,  be  v..' ich, a qUI   tion narrowly  escaped   freezing      to  death,
.' p»i .    procedure removed empha l«« I hii    uie of the question.
libtlity of pi   '-'it at Recently lhe "hingie mill owner,    R.
,,.   red Simpson, took  three days to     make
ra axe is .. >posi -
Payment of wages hy   heque,     ini-
-tend of cash,  in the practically    universal  rule in  these three places.   As
th« emplove     are known, the cheques *■ 1901 the premfei stated thai  wh'-n
me. accepted  in  the stores     without 'ht frai'hise Mil should be introduced
icsfts The workmen,  tbei"foi» rt would be   0 framed a    0 admit the
do not have t0 go tf,  th    saloons in pOsslMHtj   of   soman     Iflrage The
order to z"   'he money, TVy do go anwudmenti embodying the    change
Is tbe description applied in M'1'  crossing    Medical help is praotlc-
astanci     f.'e somi   n p the!8"'    unattainable al   Hulls Landing
ituat lunding    Woman suf   during  lbe wintry  weather, and busi-
•   -   winch has been fac ' '"'SH communication i- impossible. Tho
.   -,.,,,      ;,, ;,,, back   wttlsmenf for flve months of the year
is thus  virtually  cut   off from  civilization
Km   those  various reasons the set
tle,    of Halls Landing and the reHl-
of   Arrowhead are   clamouring
1 Ma'  li 7 The Rosary," Empress theatre.
April  'll and  22—Juvenile  Bofltoniani
a' the Empress theatre.
in  -ome ranes,  not many,  bui  ■ ive  been discussed  foi   months. The  '"'   ''"' hiHMing    nf n  bridge eonnee-
from inclination rather than necessity  determination of the government n»a  ""* ""' lw" points,   A petition    to
rutem   vhole iras lo accept t,h<- decision   ofi'1"' Provincial and Dominion govern-
So pre^nlent  in      the  rhei|i|p
thai  the contractor for  th
It,,    the
I*  wan  lo  sCCepf   the ,|c. ition    of
whatever thi per onal op I "'">'« i« now t^ing prepared, and ns
vclstoke court house m his evidence "'"" r<' ''" individual members were
revealed incidentally thai be wm not! But suddenly, inst on the etc of a
aware that his rontiact called for parliamentary battle, whieh wa< ex
wage, fr, be paid in rash. Th« unci pseted t.o decide the whole question of
tion had never been raised by any of woman suffrage, Mr. Ilonar Law put
hinemployr*.). The rbeqne grievance, I th" apparently Innocuous question,
which appears to lie very real In the   and     Mr.     Speaker  gave nn  answer
the bridge woul,I not only provide
mu h needed communication but ftlso
eive to link up tlm road now building, it is hop-d tbat the government
will I'- able to see their way to confer tins uni'h n<-eded improvement at
an <"arly  date.
In tho County Courl of West Kootenay
holden at Itevelstoke, 13. C, In the
matter of the "Plans Cancellation
Iu the mntter of tin- Application of
Richard II. Sawyer, to cancel portion of Plan 636 filed in tin- Lunil
Registry Ottbe al the City of Nelson, II. c.
Notice is hereby given that .1 Mo -
tion will be mado before his Honoi
Judge Korin at the Court House in
the City of Revelsloke, on Wednesday
thc 12th March 1913, at thc hour oi
lOeltl o'clock, In the forenoon or so
soon thereafter as Counsel , can br-
heard for nn Order that Plan G36 oi
the City of Rovelstoke In so far as it
affects Dlock 14 be cnncclb-d nnd annulled and an amended plan now filed
in the Court House in tbo City of
RevcLtoke nud approved by tho Coue
cil of the City of Revolstoke be substituted  therefore.
Dated nt Revelstoke, R. C, this 2f»
January, A.D., 1918.
Solicitor for the Applicant.
Approv.il, W.K. McLatir-hlin. Deputy
Registrar. 1st iss Jnn 29 lm.
WANTBD—By  an eipeiienced colore*
women,     employment     as cook or
chambermaid.—Mrs. C.  B.  Murphy
'Phone 199, City.


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