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The Mail Herald Apr 16, 1910

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Vol. 16 -No. 29
$2.50 Per Year
cm codicil
Regular Fortnightly Meeting-
Gensral Business
anyone enn decorate his
lome with it.    By following the simple direction given on every
package you, yourself, ran reproduce nny tint combine
the plnin tmis, bui nlao in the wnlls decorated with utei W
like to tell you more about what Alabustinc will do for your h n
ai t is to apply, nnd how beautiful are its results, ' . U9 t0 „|„
■ lint card and copy of " I ionics, 1 leuhlifui and Beautiful."
i,   .hi.
meet lug   Ih il
We carry a foil line cf ell sMes ide
also the principal colors in fresci
•"-• rS*i
Recognized the world over as the ast
Varnish Made
Try Liquid Granite on Your Floors
Full lines of Paints and Varnishes in stock.
Ready Mixed Paints $2.00 per Gallon.
Lawrence Hardware Co., tl
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canaa
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents at nil pii
5,000,0C 00
in I aniul.i.
rinclpal points In Canac
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, l-.i■., nd,
Lloyds Rank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, CorSx-
change National Hank. Seattle—Seal Lie National Bank, Bankn-
cIbco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—-Exchige
National Bank.
current rate
Savings Bank Department
id uni
i of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Deposits of $1 and upward,  received, and  interest allowl at
(rom date of deposit.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mf.
Choice Strawberries
Tomatoes and Apples
Improve  Your  Lawn
n-   fortnightly
l-'nll nt tends uce.
i;..\ elstokc Land i lo. re claim an linsl
nt \.    1. iid ovei.
i    p. il. ii- settlement for tank site.
Di. McLean repoi ting smallpox out-
In. uk .it un end. There ivere live
,-,im-m t.i,i ul which Here ■■iriuiis.
With lhe exi eplion of some sciu lei
fever t he city could now show n i lean
lull of health     Itec.'ived,
.1. Maley, advising Ts trees in eded to
replace dead I rees on h iiilevards.
Aid. Alinili.iiii-iiii Hun is Ihu .iiy
going to look after these boulevards I
The Mayor The City Solicitoi is
bringing in n by law to provide cosl of
in iim. n.iiiee Inn.g l.ui in. hy property
Aid. MeKinnon Therein not enough
money pr, vided under the by-law to
no i-i lhe ni.-l..
City Clerk: No, il will bave to be
Aid. Ahvahumson: I think it is up
to the property owners to plant mnl
look nfier these i iei s.
Aid. Cowan: \\ here the work has
Inin liiiisln-il and the trees have died
they t-hould 1«. replaced.
Aid, Triniltlt : 1 move lhe mountain
ash trees required be purchased to re.
place dead trees on Third Street.
Aid. Cowan: 1 second that. Carried.
City Clerks I! Deuglas street does
not want a boulevard the money can
he turned over to the general fund.
Aid. McCarty: Tbe money has not
been raised for it.
The Mayor:   Yes ii has.
School Board  asking water he provided al St. Andrews scho -1 room and
thai Bower work thn.ugh grounds be
levelled off.
Aid, M.i' rtyi [I will soo3 settle
Aid, Trimble moved that water supply be referred to lire, water and light
committee, and levelling of ground
referred to works committee.
Seconded by Aid. MeKinnon. Carried.
.1. R, Thornton asking low rate on
sign lamps.
The Cily Clerk said the rate was 8c,
n lamp per month.
Aid. Abrahamson considered lights
I'm-this purpose should be made as
low as possible as Ihey improve the
Referred to tlie Hie, water and light
11. s. Cayley, Vancouver, asking
support of city for lower mainland as
university site, and that a representative of the citv appear before university conimlsssion in Bupport thereof,
D. Rahhitt, asking watel supply.
To he put in.
O.W.Mitchell, asking for road up
hill In hind Tiunioss's. Referred to
works committee to bring in estimate
of cost. The Mayor asked them to
look into the matter as soon as possible
so ii could be attended to.
W. W. Lefeaux, asking sewoi connection with Happy lioine.
Aid. MeKinnon: If Sinclair don'l
get around and do something we
hitter  let   this  contract  to someone
City i leik.tn deal wiih application.
1.. Pearce, re city survey s,   Received
C. J. Ainan, city collector,  wroti .
I was much annoyed to read  In  the
last issue of the Mail-Herald,  remarks
made by the council regarding in;
wIiiiii I think were quite uncalled for.
When Mr, Sieio audited the i tj
books, he reported especially in the
neatness and accuracy "i the books
kepi by ine, which are always kept up
t.i date, and I would like to mention
that frequently during the month I
return tn ihe office al night, an i when
necessary on Saturday al loons.
Besides, I have suggested lhal the
City Hall he kept open the same as the
stole- ..ii pay nights tn :." iiii ti I'-1\ -
ment of watei ami light accounts; but
ihe Inference is that I object i" '1" any
i i. Clin... which is absolutely Incorrect
si. 1 ;. •: thai :i : Lis council i- i -.i sal
Isfied with uiy elforts, then ii      time
I'm- me io send in my resignal ion.
your obedient servaiil.
CHAS.  .1. AMAN,
Tin.   Mayor   bind    .Mr- A mini wn -
faithful ollicer.
Aid. Cnwai iliil mil think any n
llecllon was nasi on Mr, Aman,
Aid. Trimble said the matter nam
up in h ili-eussii ii on the piopi ■ nl i
have the city office open Eur longi
Tin- In ler was ordered to he i-
eeivi-ii iuu'. Hied.
II.   M-.lu 11 Li.uinle a- folioWS:
I lent Ionian,
Ma) I ei ,|ii'ne of you why I was r
l id I lie ii ii dlsi iiuii on water ai
1 ighi account w ben. in the   month  of
M anil.   I tt-l ili-ieil ptl> llll 111   lol       HI e
as usual, I am aware that ii was stipulated i ing other exactions impi •■ d
.hi citizens, by tho new couin il that
water and light hills wen- lo he
promptly pain, and though this was
n .. a i i-w rule ii has Inlet' fi te hi. n
e mu is. d with si me degree i f reason
aiilcness consistent with what may
he termed good business principles,
Your inn ntions may have been to
check up delii qiieuts, hill lias your
action not bad the Jreverse effect: If
you care to turn up the city records
you will liiul I have never failed lopay
for water .uul light every month. If
ii was your intention to establish an
in alterable pieci dent, then why did
the city clerk accept fn in another
citizen the lower rate al the same
time I tendered mine, and so refuse a
1 never have, inn is il my intention
now, to ask of the city any favor nol
accorded another citizen. Neither,
however, do I Intend to silently accept
sueli glaring discrimination against
myself without protest. I would also
point out to you t lint on the last day
in the month in question, when the
discount was allowable, I was engaged
during the w hole day absei : from my
own personal business attending to a
branch of the city affairs. Do vou
consider such treatment sufficient remuneration to one offering gratuitous
si ia iees in the city:
Some of the city fathers have sr-
serieil that "all civic rules musl be
obey ed.'' If ihi- be the general opinion of the whole council also, why mil
J . N^
i; :111>..■ i-   tiose antl   Li
Mowers, < lartiei   Si ts, i lai -
I     M-r Sei ii-.
In    Hardware,     Pa i
Stoves, Harness or anj
the n imero ts lii       i carry,
our stock and pi ii i
fo   id up-to-date.
:  illy
Sic.  in    ii. etc.
. ' I
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, 56,000,000
Arrangements have recently been i under v hlch 'he branch**
of this llouk am .. su - ' principal points
in the following counuies:
R 1   ■■Im
11 al v
. Apan
Fr'ch Cochin-Chin*
' l va
M inchuria
Straits v ucn»«t»
Great Britain
Sw. den
S-      iTland
Pei lia
1 urkey
Ph   ipine lilanda
West Ir.c.:M           m
Faroe Islair'.')
tnd t-.^cwhere
s« ts
SUING.         *ULL
"A.    H.
fair ami siiuave ileal. Nobody haa any
right toailiscounl after the 20th and
nobody has any right to ivaternnd
light after the end ofthe month if he
has nol paid.
City Clerk:    [was  very   particular
The Hie  wuti
i IT...nm. nded ■■       of    w it.-!
service to  K
cost of 84U:    ii. it
inak''   it    apply    to  the    members
of   the   city   council    also   and   in  in asking the instructions of tho coun
accui dance with their oath  of office, | cil in this matter, and did my heal   ti
that noneof the members has any  carry out the instructions laid  down,
"interest in any contract
connected  with  the city
Notwithstanding the above mentioned facts regarding my trans n lions
with tlie eity ami the probable discrepancies "ii your own parts to nhere
io the letter of the statutory law, a
city employe was instructed to shut
oil' ami iliil thut off from my dwelling
and place of business my water and
li^hi supply anil such action lean
only regard ns nn uncalled ior in&ult
to myself and family.
Yours consistently,
The Mayor:   This letter is not called
ii. i le
tu. . it) watei -. -■  '. :   'ii il  Bowman
Luuihei i'-'   )-•  a .  «   i  $2 •    i   iheir
uiu in of       1
paid  by Bale •
r  services   On the 22nd   two  C. I', li.   men who  powerhouse; Marim
lir.-etly or   hail hern held oul mi the   mail hy lhe   |Hmlatdam,
slides  at   Rogers  Pass,  came in and     The Works committee  re|   rl
explained they had been unable to gel   WOrks baviugatlenl
The Healtheunu
in earlier, and in one ease I knew the
circumstances at his home. Mr. Manning was listening. Another man in
exactly the sani" position came in and
Mi: Aman allowed him his discount.
The .Mayor:    One of these men has
refunded the discount allowed him.
City Clerk:    Yes.    These    were   ihe,
only three eases.   There  were  othei
eases iu whioh   the   water   anil   lighl
was ovei due hut these were paid from
other sources, and the matte
. i
payment t" .\- i
onnectiop with  in
his hoard h    oui   -
i he Finance coi
ind bu pp le in n I   r j   eel
riiey i    .in il  re
garding        - II. Mam li
and ll. IIiovm i-    -
trip  lo   Victoi la   :..   i   i.i . ■ •    :    « :;i,
has I  .1, [school gi
carried out with very little friction.
Aid. Trimble:   I agree with the citj
for.   Mi. Manning makes certain sar
castic remarks here as to members of clerk lit what he has done, Mr. Man-
the council lim ing an interest in con- ning takes u pretty small stand when
tracts with tbe city, This has nothing be shell rs himself behind the cases
to do with Manning's water and light of two railway men who were tin-
account,   and  we   have im!   time  to|avoidably   absent   from   the  city on
iln'y. and i' puis him   whet..   I
i. ied I,im   a very   -
waste considering such statements.
Aid. MeKinnon ana I spcnl sometime
yesterday investigating tbe charges
made by Mr. Manning and the city
clerk gave evidence which wasmiiti
satisfactory. Then- were two cases
of men w Im wi re l led up on thi road
and unable to gel In one with a sick
wife. They came in and explained
next morning and Mr, Lawson allowed
the discounl 111 their ease.     The olher
wa - it case in which n deliberate nils
statement was mado to Mr. Aman.
The whole trouble Is thai Mr. Manning h ul ii in his head that he was going to run this Conn' il. llbsnl ly de-
li,.,l them,   t ini;   their   hands   nnd
threatening whal he was goii
II,. was wai mal without   effect.    I his
charge oi discrimination i -  not liorne
out.    I don't like tho low ui this leltei
at. all.
Aid.  MeKinnon:   I   am  sorry    Ir.
Manning nvide these insinuation . h
I dou'i know Him  an) body is particularly hurt hy it   nobody I I
bill ai the same time  I   would like lu
b .vi- ourselves cleared ol any shallow
thai mighl have boi n can on
crimination if you  can  call It such r
thing.   When I went  into this rule of
refusing discount after due  J
shutting uiv water and  lighl nl end ol
month where overdue   I   did   so with
the Intention of applying It ln every-
'. mu-.   I waul i" give everybody  a.
.iln ii)
still .,
ah. -ill
and i
ll    is   easy    to   -.-,•   llili m s:, and  fi i la sole
i Pin iv waii.-d  .11  lb
ihem to 11:    .
ting till  ns-;
- c
Tin    i' icil declined
bill . rdi .    I tin  p.M' ■■  '■■'  '»'.. ■
I      '        -i      mices,
K, Rul   ,i li.-"- ivail .i ■     ' i ■   I
ell   ai I   complained   Ihe
wai ie il '-'im ngiilnsl building a hou e
he had o
Douglas Htreet.
The ( ■ tated the)
Ioi If  he   wished,    Tl e  purpi
which the hmisi  ■■•
anothei mat tei
Tli   i
noi ii.iiki. ai i
.  ihown
I, n,.   iii the in.ni. i.    '.
all   " " ' "
the wuy M
Kel ling e\   li wi
The Woi k
tion  ■■
I ■
'"'       I la,   -vl„.
i;  -,-  ,-   .- .-  alii his prop
, j of Uie city when ll could i e
i nl)   one   purpose,   and  he
- - ed   • II hei   that   the    council
I-   ,.     .,'    the    l   .1   liuhl    'lis! : I   I     alio- 	
su |hai he '"uiil lei   his him .
',, iiei-.a-i i ■•' i■'•■. or give him i he same  I
privilege    as the other ownei       :      ,,
homes there.
Thi Council declined to interfere,       M Ci»r)
SATUHDAY, .Willi. Ill, IHUT.
look:     look     and     read:
Vctual pomparison of Eastern Catalogue prices, freight added, with
Kitchen Cha . 3
Kitchen I al inet
Dining T-'
Winnipeg price   Weight   Freight   Total    Howson's Price delivered
IT t\ _ 4IMI rtl-i _ -tn r— fn
Pinirig Chairs 88c.
Dresser nnd ,• ,.;nrl 895
Bed 3.55
Bed 5.35
Dominion Spring 2.40
Child's Cot 5.10
Ostcrmora Mattress !'\C0
50o.'           101b. 23c. 73c.
1501b. $3.53 $'0.72
1651b. 3 87 14.42
121b. 28c. 1.16
150!b. 3 52 12.47
1601b. 3.76 15.01
601b. 1.41 4.9G
68!b. .1.59 C94
601b. 1.41 3 31
75!b. 1.76 6.86
\\'i' nmkf our profit Ity -' i|ipiti|i in cur loud In'-. ilwliy paving freighl rales,    BHni?
rn'. I'-i/'ie ii'villi! di -.1:1.'i"ti nl other Roods n> t   H|ieciHed in this  list to our store nml ive
will prove uur   tntpnipnls,    1! I'tiiemh »r we deliver goods and -ei up free from breakage.
R.   HOWSON   A-   CO.     -    REVELSTOKK. B. C.
WSSBUnB .,'•'  BBTBaewimtg _i'^Erw^*»j7r-^iMiii!_«iwj_Mi_M ———I— :i** i+W^TZi
en, conn
i   ('in   i i,-.;
Aid.   I liinli
Vei.   I'ln   former council lie  ua-  a  blacksmith     Iml  carries     n
nlu:;'       in   a   -.-Ji.-tra li-  by. stoel-J of  ivairolin etc.
law   for  Hint   purpose. The Mai'.!: 'I'lie , in  clork ntlvisos me
I   il..u'i   see  ivliy   we i Imi   moro tratio licenses havo been eol-
iiiniiev ali-Miil-,   avail- let-ted   this   month   than  for  lhe  whole
ill      purpose.   11   is n  iin-,-- of lasl yonr.
n   part ot lho sewer system. i ii\   Clork:        Wlml      shall  ho done
1'ily Clork:     Mr.  Ilriirirs ntlvisos you
Spoeial   iin'i'iiiii:   Inst   night.   I'resont;  onnnol  use sower     moiiojs for     sower
Thoro tins  11   special  mooliinj of   the   pipe  connections, |ini.„  ,,f  „u,.|,  Imsinoss  objeetetl   m
Citj   Council  IVotlnostlay niu'lil,  Present       Ahl. Coivniii      I  don'l   nee  why     ive s|n when  other li
The Jlayor.   Vltls.   Abiiihamson, Cowan   cannot.
MeKinnon, Dews,  McCarty, Trimble.           The  Mai.
City Clork -iaii-.l  Mr, Sinclair, sower   way out ,,i Hie tlillk-ully. It  i- only   a to me that  a
 iractor, domantlotl paymonl  lor the   mutter of S'JlllHI   ind  il   i- nbsiird     lo should have
Special Meeting—Oog Taxes are:;;;,;:';:,;;;,;
Raised—Trpde Licences
Ah!. Cowan:      I  don'l
Th;ii is  thp simples!
about      in-i!i';in-i' ac"!-  and tpfimi:iL.'
firms?   Kirms  ronthu'iinp   two  or  more
i p.i\
A group of Show Girls wi A Knight for n Duy," at the Opera House
Friday andurday, April 22nd nnd 23rd
nnl Jonathan Jo\, lhe "near knight"
■sea|iiiie from n ilniiiiiiiii'i window by
the   lighl     of    tho moon oiilj   lo     be
Aid.   \I„-,I,.„.,M„,:' ll   seems   strange   '•""-',» •'1'"T » ~"'""'1  "' P ,l"' l;"'
tier   wai  on,  of lhe dilBcullv. li  i- nnlv   a   lo mo that  a man like  R.  M.  Smvllie    ''"'' "' -"'   ll"' P"wdor '","  "'  ""' s''''"
,,, p„v a traders license   vant   lml>   whi,'h  ,1"d  b '  "v'"'1""1""1
i ,   | in    lhe   lill
-,  ll  pool talllo.
iii      i t   .   i l       wise tnlliil
I he Mayor:      I  think  the pool  table
... is too -11-..iim and thai  il»' mat-   "
if traders lieonsos should be ink.
-    - ■      .--,-.
,.\ii., pipes he Iniil   lasl  fall.  Ilis claim go  lo tl spouse of 8-IOfl lo put   ilim   of n.'i and  also *"i i
was in   i'ln-     ui engineer's measure- a -j"..ial Inlaw   for that  amount     for
ment, The mooiiug was specially called practically the same purpose. I
in in,s.i  Mr. Sin. lair. \ld.   McCarty:      Vie better leave this   i
nl KKX.S   lldTI'.l.. nvm' ''"   Pritlny  night  and  have     Mr.   up right  away.
,,.,., , ,. | Sin lair h.-re.  I am w'illiito to pnv Ilim      Aitl.     Trimble:  Wliv should
II.   M. .-.nl.--,   witiiod  on  ihe I ..un. il. . .        • . ■
I lil.    II w I       it iineel '"' '' ,,,n    '''"I""''''!      from   carrying  a      small  stork    "I
',,'.., .     , the .In   in lhe lol  line ami if lie can.-   pav as     much as    a     lorgc
Queens 11. >t<-l «nh sewer; also for per. -,,,.-.
not connoel 11 the   cm  mil fin it.   Some   IIiiim.   & C" '
mu  tn laku crossing up.
Must    people   nre   like-
ih iIn- Inughable waves
tod    hy     the     scone at   lho well
Tilly  lie-"ines  intoxicated     by
imbibing of     ihe
The     May.,.- said      Mr. -'
l.ihl       ll hi   Ml.    Mai,.line   eolllll   eol lie
willi sewer in ten days ainl he ditl in
see why the sa  should nol apply  i
Aid,  Hew-  said  ai ding  li
Itition paM-eil a nnniili ago,  there wain, objection i" lhe npplicalion.
On motion "i Aid. Mi Kinnon,   • on
ill'll   b,V    Al(l.    Hew -.    the    l'»|.le-l.   lllll      I
ceded t
.    .-ii   I pie haie     .-iliea.lv  paid  for it
■in. i.-iii   Innl ii..
llievean li.- rofuiidoil lhe nmoiint.
1 paid.
il .Ii.l  Vr.
The Mnw.r:  I ki
\l.|.     M I'nrtt
i.-ii ,-
The   Mavoi        I-  ii   illegal
|-e-i.li".   thi. pari   ir..it.   tin
the I.n line?
.it,, ,        iiriii       .i     anylhii
Ahl. Hews:      1 would like to lienr lhc
pinion  ..:'  tho I . i noil    as  Aid.      Mt-
Kinuon and myself are intimately con*
Law-   ne.-teil  with   those licenses  ainl     don't
care    lo   make  suggestions   in  matters
li.iiMe   where we ourselves  are concerned.
iin sewer     in      Aid.  M.ki n: You charge the same
for a     i I   table here as they do in
d.Met   irty:      Vol   according  to the   Seattle, nnd     you    don't  charge     the
theatres     over a rptarter of the rates
Mr.   ■ hai-eeil in Seattle or Vancouver.
,,      ,,.' ,              iii               i    i         I'"1.-    he   .---ii  now and  Friday night, The  Muvor:  Ho are  cruinir to amend
Mr.   Hickman  nuked   Imw   hvmi   Imir                                         i  ..... . ,           ,  ,.
.    ,     .              ,.,           ,      I,                  .   ami gel              live   ui-l .Minn.- ,,piiii.,n the   truiles   anl   license   Inlaw   nml   trv
in. h pip,. -In,uiil lie make   He was lir-t                               ..                           ,          ,. .  .    ,   ,
,                ,        ,    .              iii    '"■   I'   "ll"       U   u"  e.a'in'il   lake       iln- lo  L'Ct    i  Ian   Inlaw.
instructed  In make   . .<"' feel  antl    hei              ,   ,      ,, , ,    ,.                 ,                                ,.   ,
.                                                                   I. ol  the debenture. \l,l.   Mel'artv:   In   Vancouver      think
llllllle .1.  leet.   II- nml. i -i     ■',,,, ,       - ,    .     ,
Aid.    M-Knm..1,       ||    ,.  .-,   I,neal llm   pa\   n  license for each Iuu
less am."iut  wn ,     red.
limn \ ' '"ivl '""";r' •""•■',-;""' z:y\      , ,-
AI.I M.i .    , ,mb,i "."'" ';" •■ ■• w»«-    ""■■'- '" V:';"'1,' ,h?v''"
, , I ''•   M.i II take     il        Vld.  Mel arty:  I  think that  is
i ■   i-   ii       Vld.  M, Kinnon:  li  i- not  fair i
,1 ■   \\ UOXi " ers it oul    nf le. I  il  all  from m
.  ,, ,       -'' "'■"   ■ .' -i-i- been done
I he     tu ■ k   ..nil  Mi    Sin 1    i
wnlors nf a eham-
! pagiie-eliargoil cistern. In the uiil on-
i.ui.., -einliles. (ins Solllko I'M-eeileil all pre-
^ |.,' vioiis olTorls ami ihi- part of lhe pro-
[sentation is perhaps as ronowncd as
i the production.
r lulion.
The  Mn
Late M. J. McKay
, il'   lun   pa I lie
- li   I   il
lie  pip.--  fill
. In-   SOW el    III  ■ ■ ■
Iiii,   liejlt        aitl]    Wi.Illil    '
i illii .
The Mayiu hey wen
1\    t.,.,   ligl
refused  to put   I hei
Vld       Mel tl
• on   -     (Vim  =•
..l.lelltlj     thi
11„ vi -      vi   n  ■
TllK -run; systkm
...   - mon        I
V| r.  i
bylaw t
v       VI   -
V   FCTi
I'lie   Mayor   Some  people have Im^-ii
intl others too little.
Uil    Vb-Kini on llnn't  forgot    the
ie ha- iiitthori/ed n  tax     up
iin side land ageni -
. :.-   M iy ■-■  reported  the finance com
me  inin   the matter     of
liivhlisl   it   a-   equitably
' "■ i >-tii  agents.
fi    the    Revelstoke
■    ■     md  crave  ii   to  the
I inn   nl-..  arrang
mi;_- sj im  when
       of I -!•■ time.
,,.    ;•-   spin
I... i|
'■■  ; ■     ■     nded     .1-
The Ingo County Register, of
Bishop, Cal , gives the f Hewing ac
count of tbe funeral of Melville J.
McKay, who was killed while quarry
ing at lie power dam:
The In i y of Melville ,1. McKay, who
met so in timely an end in Btiris.li Co
Illinois lmt week, arrived   Tnesrlaj afternoon, inder clnrge  of   J. Howson,
an undertaker of Revelstoke, 11. 0.
The.sH'"neB8 if this rude snapping
rf eiirtliiy ties is emphasized hy thf
lecnlltctii n that live ymrti ago a
brother i-'the deceased, Arthur Mo-
Kay, Inst his life in a runaway accident neBi' here
Melvi le J. McKay, son of Mr. and
Mrs. C) as. A McKay, was horn here
s nearly twenty five years Bgo. His up
right and indus r ous character, which
won friends in this his home, was unchanged by his experiences since leav
ing here a yoar ago, for from the place
ol his death come words ol commends
tion for hie reliability
With the hope that the future will
sdil no more to tbe sorrows uf the
deeply bereaved family, we would il
possible convey to them a i-ense nf ttie
heartfelt sympathy in which the wbolt
community shares
Funeral services at the family resi
dence yesterday afternoon were conducted by Kev. S S Patterson. Afterward, a long procession went to the
cemetery, where the Fraternal Order
of Esgles, with \V. H Byson and
Edward Scboher ollicisting, conducted
the interment of their late member.
I   nn.
ran. -i".
-   ■
Musical Gaiety
n  '
Scotch  Whisky
Popular the World 'Round.
The world-wide popularity of Watson's
Scotch Whisky is one of the strongest proofs of
its exceptional merit.
The Canadian will seldom he disappointed,
if he asks for Watson's Scotch anywhere from
Halifax to Vancouver.
If he travels down the Pacific Coast he will
find it at the "Portland" or the 'St. Francis."
Should he continue his journey through the
Orient, he will find Watson's in Honolulu ; in
Levuka (Fiji); at the "Grand" in Yokahama;
the "Imperial" in Tokio; and at every house of
any consequence in the Flowery Kingdom.
Even in far-off Korea the hrand is well known.
It is the favorite of our American friends
in Manilla, and can be had at the "Hongkong. '
From the famous "Raffles Hotel" in Singapore
to the "Taj Mahal" in Bomhay, it is known
and enjoyed, and Australasia has accepted it as
Scotland's best.
Insist     on
"THREE STAK"—A milJ. thoroujlil)' malum! Scotch.
-NO. 10"—A lull-boditJ. richly HtvoriJ Scotch.
JAMES WATSON & CO., Limited  -   Dundee.
How to get
i a pure white
T"HE object of all expert
bakers and cooks is to
make a pure white loaf
And this object is attained
by the use of
Purity i? a hard-wheat
flour of tli-' nleilly superior
whitenrv.. It bakes into a
f.ure wlnio loaf, So, you
the really beauti-
I il white I . il y rn must use
hard -wheat
" t/inre Bread
and Itett.r
Wamrn   . . ,ii   rMithCe., Lid.
OH...   Wm- p>,   MiniioS.
Spring Overcoats
Eight artistic creations—from
the stately "Governor Paddock",
j 50 inches long—to the smart
little "Topper", only 36 inches
.' long.
■ In design—in pattern—in finish
—in every essential of fine workmanship — these Fit-Reform
KSSv. spring Overcoats
have  no equals
FIT- %  nave  n°
%^f anyprlce-
Revelstoke, B. C.
Advertise in The MAIL-HERALD SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 1010.
Page S
Notice is lienihy given that an application will he made under Part V. ol
the "Wan.i   AeI,  1909," to obtain     a
lieense  in   tile   Revelstoke   Division       ol
West Kootenay District.
(n.) The inline, add 1088 and occupation of the applicant, Jacob S, Wiens,
Nakusp, D. C, fruit grower and vegetable gardener,
(h.) The name of the hike, stream,
or soiure (ii unnamed, the description
is) Little stream, unnamed, running
out of small lake i of mile oast of said
(e.| The poinl ol diversion, ill rod-
west of oast end "i Im '-'. Bub-division
ol lot 427-1 Group (1).
(d.) Tlie quantity ol water applied
for (in cubic feel per BCCOnd) one cub-
ie loot pel sei ond,
(e,| The character of tho proposed
works: Taken wita «e«»i inoghs irom
treain to garden.
(I.) The premises on whioh tlio water is to ho used, Lot 2, Subdivision
of Lot 4274 Croup  (1)  Kootenay.
(ij.) The purposes for which the Wa
ler is to be used,—irrigating vegetable
(h.) If lor irrigation, describe the
land intended to be irrigated, giving
acreage,—1 aero on west end of Lot 2
sub-division of Lot  4274 of Group (li
(k) This notice was posted on tho
14th day ol March, 1910, and an application "ill bo made to tlio Commissioner on the llih day of April, A.
D„ 1910.
(1) Give tho names and oddresses
of any riparian proprietors or licensees who or whoso lands aro likely to
Iw nfTected by the proposed works,
either above or below the outlet,—
Buisnall Ym<.. Robert La Rue, Nakusp
B. C, below outlet.
Dated March 16th., 1010.
(Signed) m.16.
Nakusp, B. C.
"notice to creditors"
In the Goods ol Thomas Beecher
Metlietall. deceased.
Notice ia hereby given that all per-
«ii.a having claims against the late
Thomas Beecher Metberall. nf Ping
stun Creek, decea-ed, who died on or
ah ut the 4th day of September, 1909
are required to send hy poet prepaid
or deliverul to the undersigned, solicitors fur rhe Administrator, theii
names, addresses and the full particulars ol their claims in writing, and the
nature ol securities, if any, held by
And take notice that after June lot,
1910 the Administrator will proceed
to iliorribnte the assets of tbe deceased
amongst tbe persons entitled thereto,
having regard only to the claims ol
which he shall then have notice.
Dated at lievelstoke, B. C.this 13th
April, A. 1), 1910.
Revelstoke B. C.
4ws Solioitors Ior Administrater
Eggs for hatching from  the follow -
injj imported pure bred gtocn:
S. C. Rhode Island Keds.-8i.00.
Silver Laced ffyandottes,—<2.00
Barred  Plymouth  Rocks,—$2.00
S. C. Bull I.etrlioriis,-S2.0l)
Cornish Indian Game,—$2.00
White  Crested  Black  PoUsh,-82.00
r.mden Goes.-.-$3.00.
Imperial  Pekin Ducks.—31.75.
Also stock from the above for sale.
MRS. R. A.    UPPER. .
Notice is hereby given that the
partnership heretofore existing botween the undersigned under the tirm
name and style of The Paget Supply
Co., has this day been dissolved by
mutual consent and tbe business in
future will be carried on undei'the
same name by K. W. B. I'aset.
All accounts owing by the Arm will
he paid by, and all accounts owing to
the linn will be collected by B. W. B.
Hated at Revelstoke, H.i'., this oth
day of April. 1910, -U
(SignedI       E. W. B. PAGET,
]. p. Sutherland, having purchased the
Kxpreas Business "1 E, VV. B. Paget,
begs to advise the public that for the
present In- is n-iiiyr Mr. Pallet's office and
phone number and that orders sent in
ihere will have prompt attention.
!■;. \V. B, Paget thanks the public f«
theia oatronage 'lurine the lime he has
been running the Express Business, and
asks for iii- successor, J. P. Sutherland,
a continuance ol tlie favors hitherto accorded l" him.
Fool ritft.
nj\)t Napokxm
Foot rita
Gives Toe Freedom
i)i|uei-/in^, Pmcliiug, 1 oc-Dcturmin^.
Napoleon (rool-rile) 1 ex: Freedom iocs.
"That's where the shoe pinches." Where ? Everywhere in the
ordinary shoe, which i% merely a loot straitjacket, but principally in the ioes.
Tlie toes in nearly all shoes are not made wide enough, nor high
enough, nor long enough, neither aie they shaped like tne toes.
They're simply straight and ilill on the bottom, sod, collapsible and
round on the top, and tapering V-shaped to lhe (ront point of the shoe.
Into this low, stubby, narrow, tapering, squeezing, pinching, toe-
deforming shoe, man jams his toes. What happens to lho«e toes?
Corns, bunions, ingrown nails, twisted toes, and other pain-produceis.
The Foot-rite Shoes are a radical reform in shoe toe construction.
Their toes are built long, wide and high and are loruied precisely US»
tlie shape of the foot's fore-part. The toes which inhabit them never
touch the sides, nor the top, nor the end except by voluntary muscular
action. They touch only the bottom on which they lie flat, and tree
to move at will in any direction. And the arched roof over them is
not made of paile and cloth as in other shoes. It's a canopy of pliable
sole leather which sustains its arched from Stubbornly, relieving the toes
from roof pressure and abrasion and maintaining the shoe's box toe
Ask to see Napoleon Foot-rite Toe Freedom Toes. You'll find
a welcome aa warm, whether you wish to buy or just to see.
Anywhere in America, Canada or Great Britain—$5.00 to $8.00.
Every pair Goodyear Welted.
For Sale Only at This Store
MeKinnon and Sutherland
" Bostonians " Are Great
Last night was ii gain nighl at the
Umpire Theatre, when Babe .Mason
ami her winsome y .ling companions
were enthusiastically welcomed hunk
In Kilinoiilon hy n crowded house.
There is n't 11 more popular company
visitiii", Edmonton than the Bos-
U'liians, and Ihis vein the Cl inpaiiy is
even heiter than before. They are
playinghere fur the rest nf lbe week,
vviiha Saturday matinee, under tbe
auspices of lhe Edmonton United
llahe Mason is undoubtedly tha
most fascinating eliilil ael less in
Canada, and one with a blight future.
In the two yens of study, (luring
which she has been absent I'r.nu the
stage, she has made notable progress.
This, in fuel, may be s-iid of all the
members of this very attractive
troupe. Friends, like good wine, im-
prove with veins.
The Bostonians have rarely been
seen here in n more effective vehicle
for their artistic and   musical ability
than   in    Ihis    sparkling,   wholes e
operetta with its setting In the Swiss
mountains, Every detail of the seen-
ery nnd picturesque costuming has
been carefully thought out and the
ensemble of the artistic chorus-
groups was pleasing to both the
si^'lit nnd hearing.
Babe Mason as Bertha, tho bewitching little German sausage girl,
whose American uncle leaves her a
billion dollars, is delightfully piquant
and comic—a wholesome joy 'rom
first to last. Little Ethel Stoddard,
the youngest of the troupe, made n
decided hit in her song, "I Want a
Postal Card," and received numerous
Edith McClaire and Hattie IMlen,
two pretty nnd graceful seniors of the
company, made a pair of handsome
youths. The Swiss Yodelling songs of
ihe former was one of the eery enjoyable features of tin- evening, while the
latter has a delightfully sweet ami
fresh voice which brought on' rounds
of applause. Another pleasing solo
was lhal by the lovelorn maid in
search ot her musician, "whose front
name wns Fritz."
Vivian Amber's solo work was
pleasing and etf.dive, while I os
Mason, Babe's pretty sister, tilled a
lead nn role capably. The part of lb''
aire,! father nm exceedingly well
taken by Julia Belo.
All tlie choruses were notably good,
the shifting lights .-ll'.et being par-
li'-iilai-ly p'etty in ihe chorus to the
Moon.—Edmonton Hull'tin.
lour rivers hi| lhe plnteiui there that
in liis unlive land »»- situated thn
(■ arden  of  Eden,  nnd   lie also  pointed
i,hi  [Imi     Mi i      Arrnrat,, where the
ail, rested after the Deluge was lom-
i i-i I in llmt part of I'ersia. I hero were
uboul J'J'i,nun Sestorian Christians in
liiul rounlry, and some 11,15(1(1,1100 Mo-
lianiiiicilaiiM and tin- latter being the
Hlt'iingor and lhe ruling element, persecuted the weaker Sestorinns and often
turned their aggressions nl robber)
mi I ihett in murder and nliolesnle
n,;,..;„.iv. I he ..nn pi.ne. lion in his
neiiflihnrlinod wn- the Itiissinii Consul,
in whose residence the (lerce Innate-;
dura imi enter, He himself lost his
niollier, n brother and mull) other relative* In lhe Iiiiinl- of these rtithle-
i.illiiwcr-   ui  Maleunci,   and   il   required
all   il iirage and  endurance his  en-
reliitimiUls     piw I     "'   hold  the i
mm amid -iicli horrors, and mini)   inii 1     gave wn)   in     al   least  nominal
conversion lo nave  their lives and pro-
pert)-,  lb- lia.l     eoi leven  thousand
miles tn In)  lii- case nnd  thn f his
fellow christians before the people
C'niiiidn and he trusted hi- mission
would 1". successful. Mr. Mosher came
i.i th.. pulpil platform clad in the picturesque Persian costume. Mum re-
■ pun.led then or next day to his up
" Husband—Husband Cease Your Strife!
Nor Longer Idly Rave, Sir !
Though I May Be Your Wedded Wife.
I Am Not Your Slave,  Sir!
Now You Just Mosey Off to Town :
And Hurry Back, You Sinner,
With a Nice Big Box
Royal Crown
Or You Won't Get Any Dinner.
'Tis the Best Laundry Soap in The Land :
And the Premiums Arc Fine."
Another Armenian Raid
j Itevelstoke i.a- had il« experience ol
the Armenians and Persians who conn
here to raise inoucy under the plea oi
persecuted Christianity. Vie have nl-
i ready published the results of the
Dominion investigation of conditions
in Persia and Armenia, showine thai
the stumping ui Canada by these mei
is nil humbug, and that all they are
after i- a little easy money, .ludgiug
from the Perth Courier, eastern Canada is now the scene "i such operations, The Courier -ay-: Rev. "Mi.
Mosher, a Christian of the Sestorinti
persuasion, from far off Rurdistun, n
[Persian province bordering on the Uus-
sinn possessions in Central Asia, filled
the pulpit oi St, Andrews ehureli last
Sunday evening, telling ui his guest
in Canada which wns to raise the sum
of three thousand dollars upon the interest oi which be and his family
could I"1 supported while al mis-inn
work in In- country, where Mohammedanism was m, rampant and bo ini-
ini.nl i" any form of Christanity in
Persia. Ilo argued from the configuration nf the country and the birth   "i
Ilie Copper Handbook
The ninth nnminl edition ol the I op
per Handbook, edited and published
b) Horace •!. Stevens, Houghton,
Michigun, is just received. This
work, whicli      hns  become  .,  standard
aiithorit)   on  the subject,  foi   il n-
tire globe, has, in ii- Intesl edition,
l.i'i'Js octavo pages, rontaininc considerably more than a million word .
and. in addition i" the miscellaneous
chapters, lists and describes no less
i han 7.T.M copper mines and copper
mining . ompiinies, in all pari- .a the
world, descriptions ranginc, from two
In ilire,, lines in il.e ■ ase of companies
that have died recently, t" sixteen
pages in the ease nl one of lhe largest mine—a mine, by the way. thnt
employs somo seven thousand men,
un.l has paid dividends of considerably
more than n hundred million dollars.
Tin- mine desei iptions are the name as
in ilie preceding volume, except thnt
upwards nf eight bundled new titles
.,;,.,- been added, covering desi ription-
not contnined in any previous edij
•lh,. chapter of Btntisii' -. cunt ii
ui.waul- of forty tables, treatlnt il
ropper Irom almosl every i ■ ■ ■
standpoint, lias been full) ■
brought as nearly as nussib .- to da •
The miscellaneous  chapters  of
book, (went)  four in n imber, tro
the    subject  of • opper    from n  -1
variety of view  point -.  Ineludini
history, chemistry, mineralogy, metal-
|„|.u,,   and uses "i the metal,  and  this
section of  ii"' book  also has  chapters
devoted to substitutes,  alloys,  hi
nnd grades, and a copious glossorj
The plan "ii which  tho book  i-  sold
remains  ihe same  as Ior seven   ye u
i i-i. tlie publisher sending  tho     book
hy mail, fully prepaid, lo any address
ordered, without  adi an-1   paymei
nn\   sort, and subject   t.,  a  week'    ii
' Mii em.     The price  i-  85.00.     'I hut
this unusually liberal plan h is pi
successful  is  shown  by  the  italpn
of tho publisher thai net  losses     thru
returned     • opies     and defaulted pay
'ments     aro     less than four per cent.
I'Anyonc interested  in  the  subject      ol
L opper, a- producer, consumer ...
vestor in shares, should write to Mi
Stevens     for    rt copy    "i the Ci |
Handbook on     lhe     umisunll)   li
terms uoti I.
Cujiuiia's Exposition
; i 'an i lu's ICxposil ion M Winnipeg U
rid foi I'.'l 1. 'I :.;~ i- the dato fix-
. il upon nfier nuii li 11 i»feren •■ for (he
purpose of 'jiiuil: al an agreement on
ihi- poinl that would W- acceptable to
the bi veral ii tnront ■ thnl nre \n\ olved.
Such an a i■ ■■"" ■ ' han ,",",• arrive !
at, and the Imposition Committee has
taken up the pii'stion of finances with
renewed activity. 'lii- poii I having
be i allowed lo Inpai* while thr matter
of the date w as bell _* threshed oul
Now      that   thin   impi ■ p      ■   li t-
\ tiled, hen ■ need for further delay, and tho p lisiny
mone\ for Canada1 h ■ is
hei'     w i irked ■ iiii in uenei;i' rt,K' ' ■'
'lh.- i oinmil lee     i-    eon •' aed - hiefly
ii   the  pi'in for i in Wii
nipeo [ni i hit ll,v in an
... thai it will !"■ >■ \ iii ihi . ind will
iTord all Lhose w ho wish fnr it. a
chair •■ i" i?e1 in 01 the '■> < ipt'mn
ii-'-. Preliminary workinu mil of the*e
ists, together with declarations of
Borne principal men and corporations,
diow 1 hal 1 !i'-i'' will be no dillieulty in
,1 million dollar^ by stork sub-
Bi*ription in Winnipeg, if so much :t->
tlii-; is needed in addition in tl ■
which will 1"' derived from «>thor now-
ces, Indeed, interest in the Exposition is -11 greal among the men who
have looked 1 losely iptn the project an
.1. it nai ural o> enl w-hii h will brine
splendid results to a'! parts "f the
D01 uion, thai there is no limit. within reason, to the suppoi • w hieh the
Ksposition w ill rei ■ ive among the
business men and general p iblii ol
Police Court
Thi. i...:'.-- ! nve li ul . onsidernble
I rouble lull ly in nun din 1 up lhe 111.in>
"drunk  and     disordei l\" eases      that
Inn ..  1   n leal ure  al   the - it)   police
court  for tho piisi  week  "i   two,     on I
I lllle    -lill    -       ■
.1 U'S  VKHKS1 1 U
S. 1 Ikuski, 11 ■'ap,   l '   od   I'-.i'i
I,, inu      drunk     ai I  disorderly on   the
I'he iv   • ■        eaded guilt)   an I
wn-   lined  *."    11 d   >- " -* = .   or       in
n.-i.-iiill   I 1  dm -.
.-.   Kayawu  w - -  bro . n
oiniilur     • lii!'-.- ai -1     !■•■ oil   '
entoni e.
1!. Yamada, rhnrBod with beii _
drunk, pleadi I not guilt) I      wns
11. Taylor    w ■■     '..._■-' will
1 j     1..
1   ,.\ - one mm "■■ Koi        \'.-- ,
The nceiised sl ■'  I ■
Canada eit
dent 1      '" iei - nd,     and had
dnriii.   that    I mployod      by
the  1 .P.K., as  wi work.
[1,. ,.\p,.. :.. i his ii   ! in   in n
.   or two.   I'he I 'hief of Police said
had previou
U-.-n   niisbehavinE  himself.  The
1 .      t pointoi ■■■--... used
had i' : •       ■ tart in Canada,
nnd  w arned  I iin   that   he  m isl   -i.-1 -.■.
liiin-.>:f if he « -."•■-! to iret on.  A  fine
i  >'*    .-:-l  >_'".'' costs, or  " weeks  im-
ri ment was imposed.
FRIDAY, APRIL 22,  1910
If you want ti tiurB InvoBtmnni, nml one
thnl will stnnd lllo ulimunt inspection.write
The Over-Land   Financiers Limited,
v»Ncnuvr.n    B 0.      mob 1-'
AlMlU'.VHi'Al'. 1'.. C.
Special Attention given to commercial
men and tourists, First-class sample
rooms. Fine-: Bcenery in British Columbia, overlooking I'pper Arrow I.nke.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie  Avenue
A good   Horse  suitable  for
„         ._    d„_i.:_„   >■     Fruit,Candies,CiaarB.Tobaeco.
Saddle. Harness. Packing or1 '   "
Menlu 35 rent-.
any class of work,   Apply to
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
J, CARLSON. First St,
FORSALE-fl    - iHarne...    ELVERS   WANTBD-For      French
flutter and Cart.-Applj    at   Mail- Cr««U, Big Bend. Apply E, A.    Brod-
Herald Office. !-5'-
'   By Ro'uert 3. Smitii and Raymond Hubbcll
line Solid Vein in Chicago.   Siv Months in New York
Comedy thai is     tiny I tuu ic thai  Is melodi ut
T.  V hols Im- .-..1   the . onlr ict    i..r
the    building    occupied     by
Bourne  lb..-.      Hardware  department,
on Mi Kenzie     Avenue, on
.                     \..-            As  -.'.ni ;i-     the
crniind i- - ■                  m the found -.
.if  ih.-  new   h                       I     Canadian
11 f Continent   v.        ■        -
I   .   .     .■-" t Prince Rn
i- i, . ■ mint    '. 'he lown.  "Aid .,■
Im   ..itiibl..]-,  bin nil oil
rked  the cl Ief,   ' 'i I
_ -    II 	
i t'..-. 1    i.- A
pi..\ in- nl   nl   V       tt'psti    ■   tor, 1
be I I        -. .    V.-  .
,,   .. ,        Till   ell
i Ri    li 1
.   . '■
-   i   i.
II      n-vp.
.. :      , ...
Sec tlie Electrical Sec-Saw; Tlie Filling St.ir Ballet; The Cnndlc-Light
Girls; Tlie Corsiwn Girii; Tne College Girls; and the Famous
The slniu- "'' ii Tlii."-'i .1 KMrtlinn Surprl^ei
'I'lie Roar Thai Won'l Bnhnlde Mtrvellotin Electrical I nventiona
Simii; Hita "ini i.'imiii cs lialore.
Prices :    $1.50 and $1.00
Sale Opens Wednesday, April 20th, Atacdonald's Drug Store
V ^__  s
'I •   ;■ . n
I-I > I , 1  1 I
by ti I
(itizri          I                           nl  been mi
I i
\. .    ■                                          I and tl
f ft i I ti te. M i
I      I '■■...'. ,,■-!
"' "
Moving V Page  I.
SATUHDAY, M'l.'ll. Id, 1010.
Zhc flfcalUlbctalfc
1" BUSHEL) Wl i.'-i-mIiav   inii
- a i rm lY   AT
Jntcvtor p ii Lil i:? b ii ui Conunim?,
, 1 I.mill
Subst.ri.i    on   RatOS
llll-lll lill 1-
llllll 1
By llu- j-i-ivl'l In
,     M.I.,.
11]      '       I'l
il, i i
SI ill, 1
..    l.SU
i,iiiiuirr "
,1   III       KIN 1 Im.   i    Ul
nl.i. mm..,
1'KRMa   i .-li.   Bnbr
...   I.".'
1   '
f. llilr
in ml
1.        mil i- -   lino II
iiiukt! oun
I--1   im.ui ii.
. . il,
6uu . .
1 ■
l> llllll     I'lllllll
. liniilolii
.   .       ml   m-
i .iiiii-i nm
bo in by II ti. in    :
.--. .  . . j.
( in:.;     i' M I-; mviii-il  i,n iimtti'M of
. - -,.',;■
lul lOOOllip.l   lOll    u)     ii i
■  ' 1 M    ■■   -I   llll'|II'
i ■   IOI' of KOU ll.    I    -. ' i    '- i , , i ,.
.........I       ,i il ni   i ,,.,. |o  the     piibln'
Ai prices ino quarter of those asked
In other parts of Revelstoke
li is one of i hi   nosl di sirable local ions in the .:' y
■ !: has a supei b outlook,  fresh  air, no
wind in- hoi air.
Ubaral Discount if Purchase MaJe Dunns April
RKAl.   I'.STATl-:,
'] !',    I
WI1K     iili-li.'l   willi   'I Iiii.in-     up
in ili.- ,-ii-n ..ml of ili.' eity, ii would
.miii I.,, sorry lor it. Thf furl ol lhe
prod! in the business .-.-ni-r- tho snlo
nl   lltpinr  -'iml   llm question  mus      how
u uiul,. it.   Mr, i lullit'iino will not
-,.|1  in nny doubtful  num.
Mr, liullii'iino will nol be n  pnrty to
iipmr to i ithers w In, will  retail
,1   QUI    'I illinill   ,-i   ll'i-li  .-.
In lliiynr pointed out llinl tho
.imi nl pro\ inu the retailing ol ii
■a ill  i-oiiio .ni  the oityi
U'l'l It'A'l HlV-i  I All) (l\ I U
-      i   Mi't'uriy  moved    thai
both     n| "i n imi    lit1   Inid  ovor     li
I ..ii 'in    ii.ii.-i-   Siuril       ,   mi I-  1    uni
lie ii ..i ion .-in i ied.
.-IT Al I'l'.U  I.l IND I'lfiS,
II i'n ilso i od by Mr. Sturdy
nnd Mr. MiC-iiiv ,,„(] ,-„',■
rit-d,    lini   i he I'. li- o < 'ominissionors bo
I  to do n  I lioir  i   iwi r   in
rid of blind  |i-   in  lho "i-i   end
.,,&?    of  ihr eity,     which,  ii  hits I n     re-
——   |inrui]  in  iln-  board  are  in  e\islonoo.
I'lii'  ini'i-i:iilt   i hell   ail -
h.  ,i
AN     eiNtvHAM,
Oh-h'ick-i :   iMi.-.niAi. Hank !ii u-him. ill   li,
Pblice Court
Money to loan.
Ortloi     .-. -  j loko, ll r.   Uranbrook, B, r.
\   ,  il„.   I.i.-,-ii-.. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
lives  ...-■ ,     rl(v   „,,.  i,,.|,| ,„,   -n,u|.s-      Ci.   Y,mm In,  n  J up,  remanded  nn  a
■ as  ''"'"'  il„,   ivith  Mayor  lliiniillon  nud    Com-   elinrgo of lioinu  drunk,  nppenrod again
reward.   Will ..     i-n-n   lh nn-   ,,,;„.;,,„,,    \\     \   Stimlj    md      V.   Mi     nl    ''"'     '' ''    nn Thursday evoning,
ri'ipiiri'il   lo    trive   ,   u,h   |,lvst,| C'onstablea  Cleliind  and  Terry  lestilind
lint   thuj   had    i         'iisotl  drunk
QKO. 8, M. I'm; 'Ml
f\.  ili.   I'lSKHAM'
l:,'i. I  Kiln-
.\   ii
AVTlli 1.1 AM   1.  H
: imi
S ill- iini' fori   -
'1    i   CAN wha'-i
UK  ('
.     ,-.
THK  MtJl.HilN
i   1!
1- IV.
FIRST ST..    -
1 )Ulil-.iil SA11 i'ii
loir  timi' niiiniiL'i iiient     ol
m   full   pay
ir si I lio n -i...ii
ii        in      '    In  the ratepayers.  There
nu   to   parlies     or
'■'■ i-bi ;..     ll .:._.- Would
,n   lho     n ■'-'   ■ Hi   live and eon -
-inlili, nl    j  ,1 . rttmi ni     I n-- I I \
Mi Kkn/ik Avknuk, ^^^^^
II.ix 100, Rkvklstokk
\l \J - ''ll:s'^_^^_^^^^^^^^^^_n
     foi     ul   lie    li i ""    ^'K'"'"-     V'" •'■"ll'     With
,.,       ,..,,„  reeeWed   Irom     K.     Inllmi. ;""  ulhcr    ''"I1"'  ;l"   ,: "   ""'-'''
|)   m   llii-ai   i,  ■ .- ilm;-nu "l"1     l»'<nvinij     in   i      Ij   manaor,
,.,  ,„,.,„.,-;, .       -.,, L'he  -i etised  denied   being   drunk,   Ua
..      w„„ld b.      i ri  ""-  ll" hml ' !    '"'   :,:   ■     •""l !
il. s.  M.-i      ■■ i-iiiL' hi   lu'liiill ""ns tryiiic to    to|    I      -     nd       from
,,i   Mr.  'i        .    . ii    ml '" l!;il      ' ""is"'
I,,   Mi . .Inliaii,  ...-  lind  I-- in I't.i     in        ''" '     "     "   ""■"*'*
 ilv   to  i'i    -;       i    il in. ■"' '"     I"   "lim'      ''"'
mil    -...!. i  do l.n-i   iii Iii-   "wn " '»"" "'"'      ' '     ;    '    -     nnd
,-i    Mr.     lialli.'i a-    ,.■•■!■'   "     '      ■ '    h"   '""  '■""-
business liuin,  and   if _  in led   lhe    li »tnblt-«.
-   ,    would   run   lhe   whole    It-      tore       x   ' '   " '  ""']    s|   '''""*   ■'■'-  :'»
„  hi-  „m ; dl  iioro Im- I"-'''1- '"' '" 'l«f»"ll   I I days  impri ,.n-
kg Powder
acle from Grapes
Makes the food of
superior Jbealthfulness
and finest quality
11"   would   nol
>ll   liipior     li
Ai.itiN ,v i-:\'i;i.i:uai,
The School Grant
Mr.Tlli'li-   111'"   I \\'.\ I'lON,
IV..   belie' !■   tin I nine when
lie I    y I oui its taxa-
inciiil Lund Surveyor,
MiuitinSuiveyor exempi .-,,--..,      poi
KuKilieorlug ^^^^^^^^
,'.„!„,, .    .. ,,        ,.,,„! nny one whom  he  iIidul'IiI   would    re-
pl,.j   labor:, lo l,lil  ' '   ^'-a vil,"»"   lkt'»,'e' l,l,;
nllil   n|-   li, .   prom-essivc ''"'   •l,l"'lv" onsiiniplii lily,   ITiere
■      ■ :'   ' "  '   ' .   ■'■'■"     , "i'1|""'   |,ir';'  "'   '!'"  '.'":■       We      ii-  be,.,,     rei -.-,1   lo   pulilisii
AWU1TK-W lhe pro-  nm!" w,„ .hod,..,   ...  .he an, ,tiPs   ^     .^.^   ^ ^
Vancoi-vkh  ind Kkvelstoke, B. C. and   '" "■-"■ '"' ,lu> • terms ou wlii,h the I'mvineiiil liovorn-
  .    : |     i ,,, I he   llavor in.',- I   lhal   Mr.      -luli.-in
  I      I '"•' . . llll'lll   mm-   II   ll..in   ..I   !«.l(l,    towardH
All i",i„.,.iiiiii.-,i,.'.,- ,.,.1,—ii-,.,. |>  .;        - piir| i speoulatioi        "", m>t,!'"",    o-      ' tho piirohn f site and croclion     of
ulii,','.  H.MiH,.k,..iM.II,,v,.p,,.„„„   v ...,,,. tir.  t.albianos  honesiinte,,. ^ U(H   st ( Jiovolsloke,
.,-.   -'"-■■ ''      "  ■   '    I  ll"«   another   li-
vtiiild de reuse drinkini! and h"i\
-      ''; "'   ' "   "'  '"'    w"
■ '    ' ""-  -v1"'   '"'    "'"   Broau-
I     ,i .    very  dilii-
i-ttlt   10 ifi       out .in-'   "liltinl
.-...., ■        ly  had   tried
- Iiel whole
■ reuse driukiiiir.
c. w. o  w
Mountain   View C ,,.,|,   No. 720
BMim-i-  Si'i-oii-i   and   Court*   \v,..lii,-,i.,j. In
i.n.-i, .,,--■- Hal     VUltln
mon ■• nil -I-.
u   B. ii  IIORNK ion. i om.
.1 \-<   MelN   1 Hi     i-l-t
nnil u.i;- ill in. i In- purpose i. ir v. Iiieh
I In- il.li.jn . i, ii roprc .1 : ,i,_ i he ' ii>-
.-mil  Si 1    11 , iocs  up| lied      i .■■  lliu
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
$3 500,000
Has G5 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Brp.nohcs.     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Kootonay Lodijc, No. 15, A   F. & A. M
M l-.i-
i      |    -.. j
(HAS. ,1. \M \N   Si   iiii ua
SELKIRK l.'iin.i-: IJ. I.O.O  F
    F v
- ■
l  i'n -    '-. s.a.
Cold Ran^e LotlKC K of f.
Ha. "I!,   Ks-JBletoke. B C.
Hall    i-
M Vi, i.nin,  Feb.   II. 'in.
t. vi. QiiAU.su.vw, i:.si>„
Seerelun   Polioul   Ilo .nl.
R, -.,     oke,  I'.,  r.,
In   reply      to    un     npplieiition
111.uli'   llii-    lii'iinillj   l-\    .,-.-:   iin   .1.-Iim;i-
i'--    ii ..in    \       ii'liool      -.i'l  io  the
Hon, iln-  Mini-tei ,- ui,  I am
inntrueted      lo        iy thu nn  ol
-i:'."'""!     will   be   _ i. i ii i.. I  your   board
for iln- pari .. i- oi  -i • "ii
on ol ink-. 1 1 lioii-i'
ni   Kevelitoke,      I'ifti on   il ami  dollars will  be a'.'iiilabli      ri Iml  purp	
1 :-    ie lir-.  iii   \pril,  I'.ilii.  nnl  lhe re
-    .ui  iln-  lirsl  oi    Vpril,
I'.il I.      hi-  iindi'i -I.... i  also  : Imi   lhe
--'   totn    ...     of pureh ii-inu   n   -ii.-      and
-    ni_   thi    --1 1   shall   ii-.;   In-  leu
si'.".i"1".   I her words  the   do-
pin inu in   will   li.- nine   renpiinsible    for
'    ... .    Ilnliiui  .(iliuli
■      ii.MNS'l    II
West Kootenay Steam Laundry
Revelstoke,  B. C.
Your White Curtains properly and promptly
cleaned. Sat is fact inn guaranteed in all lint's.
Woollens a Specialty.
Phone 73.      Office Corner 2nd. St., and Mackenzie Ave.
The Churches
Subject   Volliotlti
of   Mia-
\    M -      -
H    ri.   BttUf
I."'    '
M-. ii   I
v       ;
ill  lhe total
II    ,.i....
-inn Work. ...
7.30 p.m. ,-ni'ir. i    I ho Sew  China.
Iln-   llev, .1.  A.  Sliinition.  win,      has
•   l.'. i i'l.-'l    -ll.-li '. ,
I'.i'u a missionary for ihi-iiii    i\ yearn
ill  not • \ "-'I ¥30,  ,, -,,    '
iin llawai, will i-oiiilui-i  ii--'I   -"i-iiiv..
I Iiave I in ....  Sir, . r  i  •    -.    - ii.
A   ."I'linl   nn iini nm  is  extended    lo
' " ■'- ''''■• .,11
M.I A \Mll.l;  KOHIS'SOX.,
-i|i.'l inli-llil.'lll    of    i ..III' nlinll.
Ihe [ckhardt Company
Zhc flDatMberalfc
•ii Hill       I  .iln|'.ur,
i ■ i' M ilimni  not reus     Mi
i, -.      Deffi     in        plonditl  sell  ■
of livi    lilTen nl   pin      - omen     m
- foi -n in
,-i i I,- ..inin.'ii- in.j
io I'   I'.uup.
■ i.'i t.. il    ii -
.11 -    ii    I hid
l'i   -        ...   ,
'   In i
'.I -i
M CTHOM.S'f  i 111 mil.
I ho    ibjeots «ill be "The gift ol    a
nving  heart,"    nnd "Foundation prin-
. iplei   in   : li..  In.nn'.   in   i -lii:ioii  uud  in
(."\,i inn,'lit.''
Siiuilii'.   Si liool   nl   '_'.i'.n   p.ll	
KpMortli League "ii  ftfondny at     S
,.'. look,
I'rnyi'i  Meeting on ffedneaday     al 8
I.i-i ni -i'iiin   i.n the Third Sunday
iflei   I nster:
- oN-loek iiuni rn',  II..ly Communion
II o'clock     Matins nnd Ante-Communion.
7.IHI o'elock, li.-nsong.
'  ■  !
Naval tlrangcfl   30cts, pei  do«, al Mc-
1 '.mi i-.l   I'n- j, le      '. grade*  nl l.n-.v-
ii i   lu ".- i'ompany.
M.iili bag!     ju t      ni Ivod    ui  I'" •»
Di rn.-   -
Australian firm  onlonsil  lbs.  2S eta.
il .Mi h
ll"ii eliold    \ini.i"iii,i.   I 'ninplior    and
moth ball   ol Bow« lii itg Store,
Another mr (cod   juat  arrived at
Pagei Supply Oo.
.   Sti"■■    I de        - -    ol  I''" ei -     I'.i- ■
i "i.-
ili ii i.i  ni lii ii    Drug .-uni'.
.-.-.■  ii i1 limit   oo valval oarpet
- |  in.'      il   IlliW-oi'd.
llyin   wsnt anything in the hard*
it m '    keap  it   and cau nave
you n   ■ ■  —Hniirii Broa.
i    M      i     I'   '.men to-night,
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Regulations
4 NY aviiiluhln Domlolun Lnode within tha
J\ Knilwny Unit im Uritish <'olmnbia, nuiy
bo nOniMtoiaod hy nny 061*00 wlic is the sule
hoaH of u fumily.itr any main ovor IS years of
age, to tho oxti'iit nf ntio-ijnarlor section of IHO
acroM moro nr IMS*
Entry IDOlt bfl matio t>orsi'iially at the local
land ollice for thfl dUtrlot in which tho land tl
situate: Entry hy proxy may, howavor. be
made on cnrlaiu roodltloni by tho fathor,
Bother, son. dau«hior. '■ -ihor or .sistorofan
intoiitliiiti homesloHdnr.
Tha homostoador Ul n- ,u,M' l to uorfnrm the
oondltloni i- . !"■■!'■ i therewith under <>"o "(
the following [ilim-- i
(1) At least six month-' ro>idonco DpOn and
cultivation of tlio land in oaeh yoar for throe
(2) If tho falhorlor iiuiUior. if the father is
docoasodlof thn homostnndnr rovides ii(hih m
fnrin in tlm vicinity of thn latxl outrred for,the
retiuireinonts as to rosidom*n may Imi satisflwl
by such panon nildtog with tho father or
! 'iI If tho settler has blfl pormanout residence
Dpon fanning land owned by blm in the ?iciu«
ity of Ilia homa-ioad, tho requlrementl aa tn
residence mu bn latlafled hy rosidonco u(nui
the said laid.
Six mouths' Qotloa in writing should h« itivan
in tin) Comoilialooer ol Dominion Lauds at
Ottawa of Ententtoa to apply for patent.
Coal. Coal mining rignU may i>e leased for
a period of twnnty-nuo yean at an uninnil
rental of, ll por aero. Not more than 1,600
aorai shall he lna-ed to ono individual or
company. A royalty at the rale of five cents
per ton shall be collected ou the merchantable
coal mined.
Donuty of the H In later of the Interior.
N It, UnauthoriziMl publiratinu of thin ad
vertisetneut will not hn naid for.
Union Hotel
Under New Management
Stewart Macdonald
Si iti Kowaon'a ml oomparlng eaatern
priceii, freight added, It is un education.
I.inin nnd sulphur tI'.-i' -pray now   in
"i'l, sl Lawrence Hardware store.
mimSmmEmSm* ll
SAT! lilUY, Al'IMl. 10, 1010.
uraatgiw fflUQpMmnmmmim
li uur methods suit you
tell others. If they don't
suit you ti'll us. Any criticism of our mode of
doing business will be
A news sheet devol )d to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and s ittlemants.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
20 Slack Silk Io
Vour choice on Thursday and Friday of
20 well made, carefully shaped nnd finished,
Black Silk TafMa Petticoats. \ variety of
pretty styles, some with deep Hare Bounce,
and finished with rullle trimmed with hemstitch. All are $(i 50 i kirts. *i our choice on
Thursday and Friday for
Did Country Cottons
Stirring cotton goods news for those who
need practical inexpensive wash dresses.
Several hales of Old Country Cottons just in
from England and Scotland. Anderson
Ginghams, Gibson Zephyrs, Anderson Cham-
brays. "Old Country Goods" are the lust
words in line cotton wash fabrics. Ymi will
appreciate these at
10c. to 50c
Rugs and CarpetSquares
We take pardoiahle pride in our stock of
Hugs and Carpet Squares. The new arrivals
afford a selection that for design, color and
gonuine carpet worth has never been equalled
in Revelstoke. Squares and Rugs in a
wide assortment of choice designs, in medallion, Oriental and Conventional, l'rices from
$6 to $50
Dainty Lace Curtains
Just opened up choice Nottingham I.ace
Curtains in White, Ivory, Euru and Arab.
Seme very choice patterns in Filet Net effect.
Rattenbergs, etc.    Prices from
$1 to $10 per pair
The Klevator is the most perfect type of passenger elevator
made. We spared no expense to
get the best and most reliable. All
tho snfetv devices so far produced
will   innl   on it-    The most
automatic safety brake.
fete;  -       V      rK-.
-  •  -
'i\-V  -. 'vfe
This Spring with the added rooms
and quick elevator service the inflow of New Goods is like the spring
freshets in the mountain streams,
and the out flow is steady and
strong carrying satisfactory goods
and good service to almost every
home in the community.
The new goods are wonderfully
interesting, always something new.
we have been doing business here
near 20 years and expect to be here
a few more twenties A safe store
to shop in.
Men's Coat Shirts
The newest and most up-to-
fabrics made into the full sizod,
perfect lining W. G, A- R. coat
shirts. These are what we are
offering for the Spring and Summer trade. Every man wants a
shirt which liLs antl no man
wants a short-sleeved skimpy
shirt. VV. C. & R. shirts have
more goods to the do/.en than
any other fine shirt on the Canadian market. Neck sizes are
absolutely correct.
Cambrics, Zephyrs, and I'x-
fords, in all the newest colors
and patterns. Either plain or
pleated fronts, aDd every one a
coat shirt,   l'rices
$1.25 to $151
Have a look at our First
Street window.
Japanese Mats
•lapanase Matting Mats, -i e
36x72 inches, in stencilled designs, assorted colors, selling
this week at
SDc. each
Lion Brand Clothing
for Boys
Dress the boy well, make him
respect his clothes and he will
take care of them. Any lad
who puts on a suit of I.ion
Brand clothing will take care of
them. Every garment is perfectly finished, shoulders which
are unbreakable, lapels and collars staid with hair cloth and
canvas. The cut of these garments is up-to-date antl all the
fabrics are the newest.
The present season will he the
biggest season we have ever had
with Hoys' Clothing. Already
our Lion Brand sales exceed any
|ia.-t season, and the hoy who
wears one oi these suits will
want another. What is more
his mother will want him to
have that brand and no other.
OUH SPECIAL two piece
Norfolk Suit of Light or dark
tweed. Slses25to30. Price$2.60
OUR BEST two piece double
breasted with bloomer knickers,
Light and dark worsteds, lull
shoulders and finished with the
best of linings. Double seats,
double knees, double elbows,
l'rices—SS and $'■>.
Ladle' Spring Costumes
Suppose the trees were to wear lasl year's
clothit g, the world would I"' out of I
v .-■ ; in Be were goo I les ves i i si Spring and
the trees got good wear oul of them too.
Vou do not wanl to be out of tune with the
-ivi-iiii. The selection "i Spring Costumes
for I idies at the prices we are quoting prohibits the necessity of wearing last year's lig
leaves,    Ladies' Spring Suits
$15 to $35
New Bed Sheeting
Pure Snowy White Bed Linen—the Glory
of  the Good Housekeeper.     A lot of   tho-e
''lil Country Sheetings" for your choosing.
A special 72-inch, full '_' yards wide, line
twill, best quality of family sheeting at
35c. per yard
New Laces
A practical education is here ior you. We
have Laces from St. Gall, Switzerland; St.
l-'.ttine, France: Plauon, Germany; Nottingham, England; St. Augustine, Fla., Kobe,
Japan.   Come and get acquainted with them
Canned Fruits
Now that the Housewife has used up nearly all her preserved fruits,what are you going
to use? Well, we can tell you. For table
fruit we carry all kinds—Peaches, I'ears.
Plums, Apricots, .Greengages. Strawberries,
Raspberries, Pineapple, ('berry, Apple, Red
Currant and Black Currant .lams and .lelli"s
in 1 lh. glass jars and lib. and 71b.cans. For
pie fruits we have the same in 1 ::a]l"ii can-.
Let us i|iiote you prices in these liner.
Flour and Meal
We are unloading today a full car of tlour
and meal made up of Royal Household Flour
Ogilvles Hulled Oats in 801b., 101b., 201b.,
and 81b. sacks; also Standard and Granulated
Oatmeal in iOlb. Backs. Corn Meal in 101b.
Backs; Graham Flour in 101b. and.">01b. sacks
in fact we are in the best positson to i|iiote
you prices on anything in the flour and meal
Hay and Feed
Two carloads Hay and Feed arrived this
week. Prairie and Timothy Hay, Oats, Bran,
Shorts,   Chop-,   Wheat   and   Cracked torn,
new goods,  new prices.     Come in an
them.    Money saved ii- money earned.
Choice Teas
We are kept busy just now storing aw.iy
the large shipments of tea thai are daily
arriving. Shipments uf our famous brand
Ram l.u also - ilada 5 i'i I ... Ben liar
and Liptons, and three qualities of bulk tea
bave arrived this week, We an- going to
make a t'-.t trade for ourselves by giving
customers the besl Teas al the lowest prices,
fasting is believing.
Yr.it ■
Mail Orders.
inin- i Ird
the   chi
dreu   to
ie store.   < lome
our city
lli     at
your    li
nun    for
Crockery and Glassware
We are still to the front with the newest and latest designs in Dinner Bets,
Toilet Sets, odd Cups and Saucers, Water .lugs, Glass Sets of six pieces.
Salad Bowls, Bread and Butter Plates, Cream and Sugars, Vases, Candlesticks
Tobacco Jars, Bisouits ian- and other articles too numerous to mention.
You may find a mi-tuke in
our accounting, lei us know ii you
do. Wi- bave installed the finest
office system possible and are doing
our utmost to k< ep apace with the
times. You can help us if vou iei
us know of any mistake that might
mi . ur.
' 1'llJ  li.
THE MAIl-herALd, revelstoke, b. c
EDISON Theatre
llu- brilliant
Miss   Josephine   Deffery
In a spli'iiilid st'lfi-tion nfliitfli flnss plays nml nu
i-iitin- i li.nim' of play i.n h nig-lil
OPENING BILL Tuenrtay,  Ap. 19      i, MARRl&(~*F     flF     KITTV "
-|-|,.,l IiiUiim -li  l„l,'r,.sliiiKl\,in,..ly-|l,'.una lilRIHllHUL      Ul       III I If
PRICES. i!5c. for Children.      General Admission. 50c.
Reserved Seats, 75c.
Nniiri' is hereby given tlint the part-
i>r>liip lieretoforo existing betwoon the
undersigned undor tho firm name iinil
slili- "The Maundrell Moal Market"
and dating Irom tho I'Jili day of February 1900 lias iliis day been dissolved by mutual consent and the business
in the future will bo carried on by
Hevolstoko Meat Market, Limltedl
-All accounts owing to tho firm an
to In' paid by tlie said company am
all accounts owing to tho said linn
will Im collected by tho -atid company
Dated at kovelstoko, British Colum
bin (liis 28th day of March, 1910,
Wit ii.
C. 15. GILLAN.
(Sgd.)   II.   II,   MAlAllKKIf..
(Sgd.) CHAS. F,  I.1NDM \I!K
Wanted Known
Are yi
Vou've  gut,   I'm   Inld,  ai   present   o'er j       used in liuitl ili.veln| in.
three liiiutlreil  lliiiusaml lots, |.   him   iviisled  buying  l"t-  mn  worth
Hn   llir    market  in      your .-uy  -old  in J       u s0U,
i-"1"'-.- Hum    ih.'   i rest on ihr loans     anil
Tn  litis number you will  lind lull i||iur- i       |, I-  u   othei' foiintries sent,
in   million empty plots, .\n.  depriving  litime    o!  comforts   not
lining  ..a   llm  fortunes, my    \nd .-,- mani empty  rritzi   liriiileil fools |       a few,
I   i-llllr    ll. Win,      Mill      -..,,,|      I'llgngl'    -.uu.'   si'hool   :,. ,. .„.
,,.,,,, . . i-i, ,    ,       "ii    ili.'     few aiv    making millions
mi  Lu-  ilial  do In,i-        kirk   tti.-tn   round  lhe   ,
i       ulii,li   ml  ilaiini   tlii'inselvcs at last
Answer to the Roll Call
Tlml   hit  IvillL'  il
..,.„.  t-ii-konin    on  your  tuxe.x  and (.'nuse   Ihey  didn't   think   in   li   and
vour  im,.iv I-.   wiih yonr pen. see  their fate,
WhiiK are workiiiL'     mil  vour Incomes 'Cause  iheir  purses  ihey   nn      empty,
,1,,. wrong way? '"•''  '■'"' brain,  n ho  nick,
An.   v lisiouiitiiiu   ii'"   future  a-   to Vuiwe they didn't  sell  in  time and are
whal  ili.-ii' will  a-' rue ,"" lal"-
,do poor on
How the    masses     are inn
every band.
How   the     thousands and  lho billions
i\ liii-h  are    scattered now     broad'
Should      I"-     used    in  building   roads
throughout  lhe land.
Kirns, or day old chicks from white
!.'-idioms, brown Leghorns; also
Rhode Island Reds and White Crest
Hlack Polish; also a few dozen Leghorn I'ullels,  at  roa so n a Ide prices,
Egirs per settiiiL', ?2 and up.
P.O. Box 227, lievelstoke, B.C.—8
Shingle Mill for Sale
A small Shingle Mill For Sale. Kn-
glne, boiler, Jointer, Perkins Shingle
band machine bolters eto. Capacity
IW.OOO por day.     Apply  to
Wigwam,  B.  C.
\\ lien   mm     -i'l  ill.'-.-  Mi-uiil   I.'I-    innl   .... IHtaMi^HMr ,  ,,
Hi.-ii-  ii  nothinc   lil;,-  experience      for ]low   ,|„.  dollars  being  wasted  ntlvcr
|M'I        llll'      llllllk.' ' ,'     II I - . , ..
- . i       to give a lol low   lim,a. Using trashy stuff,
I ran !,■    vou   n   a  ni'iiifiii   m-l ali'.ut    .    ,  ..      ,    , .      .. . ■ . ,
And  I ve Innl ii   llurtj  years     and     a   Should be used  in clearing land     and
what   iuu   will  .In ,
,.., , .      ,    - na>. tlritiiitng swamps;
When   Villi   L'l'l    a   I'"   "I    "!'"•   tO  Sil   alld       ,      , I.l . ,
Nml ii- ulna  ihe -k\   i- olenr lhal  we gure ,|„. |„„)r .„.,.  getting  poorer an.l
should  prepare for rain, ,|„. |.j,.|, |mVe got  enough,
Vou  will     gladly   give  ihose     vacant    Now   .in-1     paste   (his   in  your   uoddle Tinie to quit or we'll be over run with
lots  in any  one at  all.                              an.l obe Iraraps.
Who  will  lain.     i.mi     .leln-  ami di-- But      remember     t'other     fellow   and                                 ,                        .          ,, i,,,
... I'ii-                                  hi- lime    i" drop ihe curtniu, pull   '"
iiiiiins ,,li vour IiiumIm iini, i  I I mi  lum vour pack, , ,.    , I
,,.,                                             , .     ,    . i,      i               i                                  ,i           lie  brakes  and  -i"p  ilu- boost,
Then,  and  as    lo    those big fortunes, Bin   keel) up before  vour eves  ilu- gol-                               ,,                       ,  ,  -
,             i         t    •           t ii i                                                 Lei    'hi-     gambling     go o. h-1 from
when  lhe boom   begins   to  fall, ilen  rule,
■ ii           n         ■ i    ni     .i     r            .i.ii ,        •            -        whenee ii earned
1 hei   will   vanish   In-,    lhe  foes       lhal \i-l   ivliui   even   in   vour  booinini!      ,,i   „             .          , ,      ,.    ,         . .          ,
.. ,    ,               Foi   VOU II   hud   lu    llllle   Waiting     Hull
.11 il,.- \ ..ni   liu-1 gootl   .         i    -  i on mav luck,
...-..,. i,               ,                             ..             ,        ehiekens .inn',   inin'. in roost,
\till   linvi    llll   ii   big tli                        you Hi    nol   ii  il"- "t  \.,i 11   ren I   -ell  a moral          ,    ,               , ,.                  ,    .        , .    ,     .
,             | ,    ,                                                              Am    iln~  guinbliiiL' i-  a   losing   Uiuil m
ilo imi, ken ii  ' fool.
• I a-;  I"- nu-e vi  i  liu  I'ti'i   iini'   to sit v ..  i             'i                   in           i                               ...                     t „
Jon   huM ■     ,..   '    mm,      I .,- )n      ,    ;      ,;1li|   ,lh.   ,.,,,!„.,.  ,|,,„,,   vo,|       fall
,,    '    '    .'.'"' ,    . ,,la i I I". ihe  higher  up  votl'll  bonnco
l'.ul   v ...i II     ome   ... .,       - ... till  i-.li       il . .. '    ■ .
•   ... Vou \e   experien null sensi       to   This        true,  lun   vice versa  is  n  fin t.
v on ll  eom il "     Wel ... i .        ,.    , ,
,    ;    ,, ,        , "lain ]j vou   use  what   mile  mains      vou ve
\., I   illov - •       Ive the i.   , ■ . ■
tl >ou II oi il  mat |,.fi    andsure   vou vo  got   an ouniq,
i'ou'll   liud  thnt  vacant  lots  will  soon
\Y, h- -I. .
-   'vou 11 's eoining anil
\    ■   results   whirl    [ollou   nlwovs       in
. ;.- .   i,   rt  nnd  such  boosting,
. o be a scan,
vi,.,-k ai  something  safe      to
, ' ike.
i■ -,:..   lines     t..
"THE PALACE" is the Shoe for well di-essed
nii'ii and women. The brains and skill of Canada's best
workmen have helped to make it so.
By years of careful experimenting by crucial tests
which eliminated every weakness whether of material or
workmanship, we have pretty nearly worked perfection
into the shoe,
?"     Ami hack of all this are the largest and besl equipped
If factories in Canada   guaranteeing Ames-Holden vvork-
"manship     Ames-Holden quality   Ames-Holden service
every time,
Your Dealer Handles These Shoes
Splendid resiliences,
Suitable building Lots
Those interested will do well   lo call
mnl see us before deciding to bin.
Vou can obtain fair  rates   for tin  In
siiiaiii-i' iu reliable companies   tvitli   !>"-
init'ii Charters.
Call ami .net figures.
Mon. i to Loan on  Residential Property.
Cor. Second St.nnd Mackenzie Avium
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Parley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
| The Paget Supply Co'y.
I'llll   ll -1-   11 1 11 llll
US      LTt't'ltl         M       t   -  -M
Willi   11    Im    Iliil'   111   ll
li   you
'of real  solid do -
Then  with 1 i
When      Ihis,
of   VI lia 1    '.
alt' v
Foi     1    l I'OM
- '
And   j
- -        -
.• - -                               le 1
\.. ,
Th t
him    -
,otl l.ve. but  stop your I in-
liiul*     "i  ."tin'tv.   Rod   and
no  lo  aspire,
i;ni-   be.
' lie   la-t.|
OU ao
■ ■:.   di  'ii.'-d and
■    l'i 11>t>\. Vernon, B.C
Vegetable and Flowei
Ornamental and Flowering
Best varieties of
Send for Catalogue
,mi Granville St.   P. 0. Box 1063
Vancouver. II. C.
! hon   jp
Whi -
I'V    III I
I ,     . .   o ' ■
v     •     lhe  roll    i I   .
I bi   • '
Mr. Whit 1
I  .-
Mtiuafactnrtd (or nil cia^avs of   bmldioRi
for*mla iu Urge or small qnnntttlti.
I at Ui* lowtst prices fur cash.
411 kind»;of bonding aDdrplaitcrlug
Foote & Pradolini.
Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot   Air
Pipe and  Furnace Work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Repairi of! nil  klndi   i pally i ri rletl on
B -    le and ' lun »ork b i|iei Islty
of wnrlt.
Front     Street.
• !■- ■ -.■ -■ ;■ i-tt.-iM
' L'ainting and '
I'.iper Hanging"
11 ur. Third 8t, and Robion Avenue
Central Hotel
"Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged aiul[Iiu|'iiiveil.     First-Ciafii in every rep|ieet.    All moilern ccnvenienceE.
Large Sample Koums.
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special.WeeklyJRate&
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably   furnished   with   the  choicest  the
market affords.      Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
0".    ALBEET     STOISTE      PEOP.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
are disposing of their entire Stock at a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry,  Cut   Glass,  Silverware,   Watche*
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Import direct from country of origin.
REVELSTOKE    ii.  O. i.vrniBAY, wuii. in, i""1
E1) I SON   T11 EAT R E|]
20 Clever Girl Artists
Including the Dainty Little Queen of Comedy
Change of Programme Each Night.   Pleasant. Artistic. Clean, and Honest Always
Music Delightful Comedy  Clean The Latest Songs
•• It would take :i whole column to enumerate the reception accorded the
popular members of this company. The Juvenile Bostonians give
the best musical programme you will see in many a day. Ihere
is not one dull moment."- -Winnipeg Free Press.
Secure Your Seats Early at MacDonald's Drug Store
Reserved Seats $1.00   General Admission 75e.   Children 50e.
* •
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
\ vHcnncy hHvinn occurred ou the Board of
-*chi»ol Trustees, public notice is hereby yiven
to the electors of the Municipality of Kevel-
itoke. that I require the presence of the said
electors at the City Clerk's Ollice, City Hall.
McKer./.ie Avenue iu the said city, nn the 20th.
Jay of April, 1910, at 12 o'clock noou, for the
purpose of election a School Trustee.
Tho mode of nomination of candidates shall
be as follows:
The candidates shall be nominated in writ-
inn; the writinK shall be subscribed by two
votora of the municipality as proposer and
seconder, and .-hall be delivered to the Return-
mn Otlicer at any time between the date of this
notice and 2 p.m. of the day ol the nomination;
ind iu the event ol a poll beiuit necessary such
polllwili bo opened ou Saturday, the £ird day
of April, 1910, in the City Clerk's ollice, in
the City of Revelstoke. and kept open between
the hour of nine o'clock in the forouoou aud
the hour of soven o'clock iu the afteruoou, for
takiuK aud record in tt the votes of the electors
of the said City, of which every person is hereby required to tako notice :md K°*eru himself
The persons qualified to ho uominated for
aud elected a- Scho'd Tru.-teos -.hall be inop
person! as are householders and beiua Hriti-h
subjects of tho full uire (»r tweuiy-ouft years aud
otherwise tjualifleJ to vote at au election of
Sohool Trustees.
Every candidate nominated shall signify by
a writing accompanying the nomination paper
'ii- content to mon nomination, except In case
-uch periOD ho nbseut from the municipality
Whan --uch abience shall bo stated in the nomination pai>er-
GWen under my hand at Revel-toko this 18th
day of  \pril. I'.'l"
2t wed, sat. Returning Ollicer.
For Sale or Rent
Kighty acre ranche, about
live miles south of the
City, about 1 5 acres under
cultivation, One team of
borses, mower, boiler, rake,
plow, sleigh ami wagon
and other farm implements. Term.- can be furnished on  application  to
.   1.UZ./.I,    " Revelstoke,B.C.
Tenders for School Building at
Sealed Tenders, .superscribed "Tender for School Buildiny Revelstoke",
will be received by the undersigned
up to and including the Ninth day of
May, 11110, for the erection and completion of an eight room brick and
concrete school-building (exclusive of
heating and ventilating) in the City
of Revelstoke, B, O.
Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tender for Heating and Ventilating School
Building" will also be received by the
undersigned up to and including said
date for the heating and ventilating
of said school building.
Separate tenders are requested for
the above works.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
froms of tenders may he seen on and
after the Kith day of April 11)10 at the
offices of the secretary of the School
Board at Vancouver, B, C the secretary of the School Board at Kamloops,
B. C., the secretary of the School Board
at Calgary, All... and at the otfice of
the Architect, William King, at Revelstoke. B. C.
Kach proposal must be be accompanied by an accepted bank cheque or
certificate of deposit on a chartered
bank of Canada made payable to the
Board of Bohool Trustees, Revelstoke,
for a num equivalent to live per cent.
of the amount of the tender, which
shall be forfeited if the party tendering decline t" enter into contract when
called upon to do so. The cheques or
certificates of deposit of unsuccessful
tenderers will be returned to them
upon tbe execution of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out nn the. foi ms supplied,
signed by the actual   signature   uf the
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted*
Dated this 12th day of April, 11)10, at
Revelstoke. B.C.
Secretary. Board uf School Trustees,
ap 12-iny II Revelstoke. B. 0.
We offer full quarter acres Imperial
'ark, beautiful location, easy terms.
Write for particulars, Western Brokerage Co., 720 P t., West, Van
couver,  I'.. C, a.13-6.
Every housewife who uses flour must be
interested  In  ROBIN HOOD "the flour that
Is different."
You hear it makes a bigger loaf, that the loaf is
sweeter-flavored, more nutritious, more easily
assimilated than bread made with other flours.
We can tell you wh^ ROBIN HOOD Flour
makes that kind of a loaf, but what ought to interest you more than "why it does" is that "it does."
You can prove what we say as true at no risk of
loss to yourself.
It is largely a matter of making up your mind to
use "Robin Hood."
The Saskatchewan Flour Mills
Co., Ltd. ,
Moose Jaw   -   -   Sask.
P. S.-rAsk your grocer about our guarantee, and when you use
Robin Kood add more water than usual.
■111.  Mil   I II IIWIIMWIIIIMIII   llllll
the      i irenl   Northern will  build
I'.-ini- Ion     and    extend theii   -
imi 'i  line,   tl igh   lo  the   Hope   Moiin-
i ui   ih,. i-  « my   to  meet   construe-
inevlB.v of the March o? Progress ;r ^°ut™}-\ '.;■ '';
J K,      ,v :    extend  their    Nicola   railway
fl?   Tn'"1ilY '"'"   "'"'  Southern  Okai
J bound ir;     ilistri ts        The   '
I    Looking over  the grenl   territory be- Northern  will   start  construction
umi-ii  the  summit  of the Hock} Moim- nnd west  from   l\ in which     is
i.i ii    nnd  the I'urilii' Cnnsl  wc rcg al- nov   n  iktnp  grenl  proe
n,,,-i   everywhere   the storv   nl  hopeful while the settlemei land In tak-
' enterprise     nnd  development. Ne' er in.:  nn  net    ■
hns  Uritish  Columbin  looked  brighter. FOI IT OEOltfiE.
Never  have  men  Ihroiighnul   the   pro-     'Phis      cen     to  be  the    -.   Meeen
vinco  been so impressed with its  bound- ui immigrants   thb Si       • ■   on
less  nntiirul  wealth  nnd  opportunities, the    I'rnser     river,    «
such ns  are found in n her part   of with  the  Ncel
Ilie world.  ith  I '	
I\   I-'. \S I' IxOO'l F.N.\> navigable i
j   \\   ihi' I'.IM!.  -liii lini!   work    in ii  i    believed '
earnest   nn   lhe  Kimtcn ij   Pent i ■'   rail nink   I'
«:i\. \\ hi, li v ill  open  up a ii'  ■
i r\      11, li       in  fei u'i- ,     uurii till ural i" one ■ - '"
and  pustoral  hinds,  with  n  line elim- ■■■ nti ■   11 I
nte,  uhunduncc  oT  water  und   minei'til luinbia.      \- ■ ■ ■     . T
resouri ea, ■■ pceiully ill  ' lie  Windermere laud ba-. be
district,    Kiii-h us would     find   > stnni e-1  there   ire     i --      nd   t 1   ,; ion
pede  if  discovered  in  mi>   other    pari eltlemi '
of  the world.  Copper, gold,  silver,  nil vicinity.    I'he ' - '■    to
iim,iim   nnd  /in'' ore    abound  in      the ad  • nd make kno '    ■
Selkirk   ranges   to  il usl   of  the  \ il cr .   attractions     n I ail he
ley, while  there me, also good mineral greal   new   nori       tiul      i   thi   N - tiral
pros| ts, especially of gold  ores      nu Itcsnui  -      -te, ti    -,   t'ompn     . w! wn
the southern     extension of the enslerti the t'enl   tl   I' >rl   fieoige  town ite,   So
slopes nf  the  Itoeky  Moiintuins.  Nntive i- ■ fill   hns   been   iheii ign   of
ipiiek silver     wu*    i.-..-ti11\  found     ut puhliritt   ■- In -      road\    -lis-
|Field   thn main line of the t'.l'.l!. posed  of nearly all  their    urveyed lots
|    Lumbering     is    also  active.   A   new ml already  have had  the  satisfuction
saw mill i< als,, being started at Cnn- of  seeing buyers    lo  well   out   of  their
'ill lini. ;ii   the lieud of Columbia Lake, investment.    \-    in   instance  lots which
which  is     the source of the Columbin they  sold  some   lime   igo  have    Imng-
rivor.      At  Golden, one of  the  Inrgosl ed hands     at   between    two and  three
s:iw   mills  in  ih,. province is  operated, times  what   was  paid  for  them,  fl-tsi
A  new   steam boat  in which  lie1 Cann- was   nITered   fnr   n   double  corner,   This
ili.-in  Northern is sni,| to be Interested, company  will  not  forsake ii-  townsite
is bein^ built     at (ioldeii to. serve the with the sale of ils lots bin  i- making
country  between Golden  and   tlie south active   preparations   for   the   establiah-
lend     of  the    ,upper    Columbin T.nUe. ment  of industries   there and  lo devel-
Catiiidinii   Northern  interests  have,  in op th,- country in ai bonn tide manner.
the vicinity of Golden, nnd north     of Already   the Company i- assisting     in
ih,- i'.i'.I!, at Donald, n large area ol tl"'     erection ol a x7-"'.>  hotel;  tela-
sonic of the liuest  limber in lhc     pro- phone communication  i- being  put  in.
vinee und it is stated  they  are opening transportation   fypm    \shoroft bj hind
up these timber berths by n branch line and on     tie- I'rusei  river from    Soda
[between  their mam line at  Tele .Inline < reek is being  improved; the surround-
Cache  and     Golden.  This  would  place nil country  is being explored b>   com-
I their mill  on their lii i railway and potent  ni'-n.      so  '.hn   the public shall
enable  them      lo operate  these timber be apprised of lhe facts a- they     will
llimits, which ihey can operate in no find ihem. \ company i- organised
Other way. With the s|o;lmhont Ml \,, build a railway connecting with
Golden ihe Canadian Northorn would the C.P.lt. at l.ytton up 'he Fraser
iiUo l,c able to serve tlie entire conn- Valley to Fori George. The one mis-
try  south  ,,f Golden as  far us  the up- take  | pie  ate   making   i-   in   running
'per I olumbin Lake. in   there      pn  tt-  to lie first      "ti      ihe
i IN UT.ST K00TKXAY. ground.     It is t,,,, soon.   I'mil  navi-
I   The settlement     of fruit  lands,     ihe gation  facilities open  transportation is
mining  industry  and  lumbering      will blow   and  comfortless.   And  even    'hen
|all  have  a busy  season.      The  Arrow there i-  no  work  for people 'ill     ine
Lakes will bi' the scene of exceptional construction "f the Grand I'runk mil-
activity in land,settlement, as several way reaches ihi- point this will ->■.
colonisation  companies  have arranged be for  some  lime yet.      lhe  Natural
to bring in a large number of settlors. Resources     Security    I have
tine of the most  reliable ami enterpris-     dvised   their clients of the fn<Jiolirw-.;
ine of these colonisation companies   i- of  rush ng      there  before     the     rail-
the  Natural    Resources    Security Co.,  way, hut  the n-arning  i- negh    ■ I
Ltd..  with  office lor Kootenny  nt   Na-      Vi.   Y.      Cook,    who    has   ju-t  M,m«-
kusp.     This     company was organised down    from    there,    sa; J the rush to
by Messrs. llamtnoiiil. who were among Fort George is already on  in earnest,
the first     to recognize lhe possibilities although the trail i« ii, u frightful coh-
of We-t Kootenay us a field for fruit dition, the picturesque arm ic -f thn
growing .-iml small settlement.     Ablput     ewcomers  : mewl ,    -f iho
four years ngo  they look up cousider- haracter of an  American  prairie  lantf
able        land       along       the     Arrow rush, nnd somewl -,: ,,'  ih  ■  ,,:'  , nin-
Liikes ;ind founded Fruitvale, on     the in:,' camp  stampede.   It,.      ■   was     al-
\el-mii  nnd  Fori  Shepherd  railway.  In ready breaking  when Mr. Cook     i-nme
tin- fa,-,, of many obstacles they made out,  and  il pening of the river lor
nn  unqualified     success  of  thi-   settle- navigation was looked for da
ment,  which i- one ,,f  the  most     |„-n-       lhe Bank of It.   N.  A,   - opening      a
gressive in  tho     province,  ihe  settlers branch ai  Central  Fori   I ■■     ge   it   tho
who have     located1 there hnving great nstance  -i  the  Natural  Resources  Se-
confidence in tlie resources of the soil, curiti I puny, with L. '.. M ILif-
iis adaptability    lo the purpose     for  ii'\ kite manager of the FTcdli        anch
which   it      was  taken  up  ami   lhe      mi- ii charge.
perior qiinlity of ii- products. |   As showing 'he favorable impressioa
This year  the Natural  Resources  Se- on invest irs in Central   I        m-    _-e, a
curity Company will devote active at- i entlemnn who bought  two lota   from
itcmion     to the   settlement  of     thoir the Natural    I'.-  -  irei    Se him.  Corn-
lands ai   Arrow   Park,      Already     the    any,  and  who  went  in  there to     «.v
colonisation        work        ihey       have the  location    foi   himself,  wrote      'he
done  there lias resulted in   i  progres- Companj  nit   late Mm I,  ll,  1910:
sivc community.    The soil and climate      'I -■ '  to I" ■     Geo _•    ll  i    , beau-
are amongst  ihe best  in  ih,, province, ty for a  townsite,      It   ,-  i. und     , 1„-
The placing of settlers there is not be- a 'own      If I      ■   gel   , license    will
ini; pushed at present b.v the company build   a hot real i  tate
as  they have been delayed in the com- i  dice."-
plelion of their surveys, ami arc    de-                      VANCOUVER.
ten,lined noi   io -ell an aero     'ill   tie-      This , ity  is    still  intoxicated     with
surveys   ar ipleled    ml   |, ,,.- it reo ■    manis   :-,-      :> ,n-
so   ilmi   intending purchasers  enn     ee nd even relial ■ it.-
exactly  what  lhc>   nro buying.  If     all
laid   eompnni ndin led   'I,,
1        ■ I .,,1
where we nre not now repr, antl 1.
New  I'.i yi les for 125, and up.
THOM \S   l'i.IMI.IV.
1110 Government St.,
Victoria, B,  C,
The Finest Flavoured Tea
" SALADA" is hill-grown tea- grown on plantations high up on the hills in the Island of Ceylon.
The leaf is small and tender with a rich, full flavour.
——is always  ol  unvarying good quality.    "Will you be content   with   common   tea   when   you   can   get "SALADA"?
.  Black, Mixed and Natural Green, 40e, 50c, 60c and 70c per lb. ■
ne     in ihi- bonn tide way there would feai   thi      tsh   it
iarcl\   I,,- mi}   muse ..f - omplaii t      on   may lu Insid
the pari nf immigrants taking up    ih enl      it all
•l vi ionnl buil  lands in  British     Co     " ■ town,  and »u-
tntiln a. bdii     ■  1.
If ih,- Arrow lieml   md K  i        put oi        he market. Even  tlm
way  i onstriiction  i    begun  as pron
ed  ihi    tail     ii  will  ic- ihi,- i-i town Ioi    an I I
minim.      development    md   land sel -wn, h  pto| ' it
menl     in    th-- Lardeaii, which is      i ■   " oi '(     hn;       -. url        i
-,,'"! a fruit    eel ion ■     in  Ko ite-   ' • ' what      ■ ■■
nny. moi     tei m
(in  ran,,e  Kivor the Ci.i'l      I'runk , it ii
I'ncilie riiilv, r    on il i notion will folio       oners \   . .  .
wesl  from ihe Vellowhead  l'i   . :    -hn
in-.-  up ii i n I  new   territory, rich     in   Pacific Coaat,
agricultural nnd pastoral laud .     . ' i Vi   A    >TMINST1*.H
in iniiiin.:  and llmboi   resoiirci lourisl
i'ii-.   ,,i   lievelstoke  will    ee  the grenl -, ■ -, -
est building ; par in il    hi ttory. pression ' ■ •
Y\i.r. ,
Will  be  ;,  bu v   section  of    In   prov |
nee  lh     year, owing  l'i  the fact  that ' rl    •      ig,   -.
P. race 8
SATl'liDW,  M'lill. HI, M.Hil.
New Spring Goods
Dress   Gingham   very best    mi   es
stripes,   checks   and   plain    grounds.
Ri - ular L5c, and 18c, lines. X"
I2jc. per yard.
Bleached Cotton
36 inches wide.   Special  prices LO
Victoria Lawns
i i       ;-:   ;'. -..   pieces   lefl   at   LOc.   pei
Curtain Muslins
Curtains and Madn ssi s, Si c us before
buying. Special ni - lii es. Prices—
15c. per ,\mil up.
Boots and Shoes
Our stock extra arge I We
bowing a i .    Prices
it any buyer,
Continued from page 7.
iiiiiiiiifiietiirinu ii-iiii-i' of lhe I'.i-in
Const. New sawmills nml new indu
tries   nre   growing   on   nil   hands,   Ii.-.il
■   lure   is   u   heller   lllly      tllnll       ill
V'ui    - ivor.
i      I'uii iti|i   ■ i.-inlili.   Somo  fine   busi -
UoIlnM    i nil    111)   longer   lie   Justly      ll |'
pi io I iii \ i'-i"i in. I'rojiertj i- "Iiii
cheap here uiul ilib will undoubted!)
|,n 111 i    n  idenliul ell.t  of Rriti li
foi flu     Dttlemenl   "i   lho  i .
I',   li I   i..'In i     I'oiistni
i, ul Vi Ioi in   i'i-I   an
,'. ,i progi        uiul itelivi    levt
--   1      - -i
New anil  fasl ionabli coming ti
hand daily by e pres -.
I'N.-i.i.   ill    I        I'- :-'
ijrhl -ii-
'l he ,.u iters  nl   lho Tote .In
•. II.
. i II
I'll, ' ■■ ■
lii   column!' .- I ii. I or im-
"i yel giv< n Purity Flour a trial we
so if you v- ii li to procure the best
n   tee every sack,     i'our money  refunded i;' no . we represent il to I e.
We have a full stock of the  leading lines ii   Teas  and
ies and can offer you the besl  rallies on  the market.
g ni price from >\ per lb. to •'! lbs. for .SI as a special.
Mi      IV.   M.    \i, li i    will   ii
ou  IV luesdny.
Mi       1   lll'lll il '-     ilill      hei        -i    '
Mi     IV. Tomlin ..ii
Mi  .  -I.   I..  Siml  «ill  nol   n eoi' - oi
IVodi the 20th.
Vi     i    Foote reiiii i" 'i   '■'■- lei In. iiMiii
n trip io Vancouver.
i '|        T n in ,      li i    relumed from nn
oxl     M.| \ ii-ii  in Sweden.
l'i Dunne  mi-  ii   visitor   h
I'iiy  fi     -     l\'e :   -   daj    1  II   l-'ri'ln.i .
J \     Mr. 11-tViu i, ol i lie pnisineerinp fi •;
of   rl  a b,   Kerry &   i li     , wai in   . e
city yesteiday,
Tin    Mnj   f   lias    np] ninti 'I     Aid
Trimble to act in his  s ■ ad during bis
lli'M   I    .'!'    Ill   XI     Wl   I    Im
w| *4$Bf&>' ir■-.*& - ■■>• r8&^
r\ - v-   .■■■-     . .   -    ,'
- .
iMw-ito—m.£:  ,--"'-■*—■
••>•    tw**.' afii    j
m § m i; $ . i % f
un Iu j ■ ■ hib
III-        le|
                             -'■■ !
L   .
«f .1 :i     n
BMW and
'1 he    Iti"                     ;
Month        tl
V .  .
I.. 11. 11
Jli'M    -.-
1 1
t ■
Your Insurance
i      ne nl   the   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look alter thi    bi inch of your business
Successors to Kincaid <4 Anderson
■il ton  lo mi -   toinorri iw on
a  Im ii     \ i-'n   to     \\ei,-i-l,in in  uiul
. i    lie uli - m nboui  five days,
Mi IV:,,-.  -, ler of  Ui  .  J. I).  Sib-
ould, hi.-  m rived on  her return   from
Engl ■  i-  anil i-  a guo     i I  Sibbnldine
uh;'-      ite in her homo at  Kclow-
.1.   Vewhi - I.i    -ii   the   looal
liill. i-     llil'i  of   1'.   Hurii -   iV   Co.,   I- .
coptod   ii ■     position  in   the  l.ii'-i I'-ii'-'-
llnril'.- in   l'i iinpanj .   \      ilod  ii     I    I
i     Mi     ,1  i   l|i--. T.   Hughe    returned on
Suniltij   from     Montronl,  where      Mr.
Illli;:. ; .i      hi Oil      ;"i     ' III!   i'n-l    four
iiiii ii ii-   iii   the   Royal   Vieiorin   Hospi-
i lul  iinderuoiiig nn "|"'i uli' n  for ; t -
i  ,     rul  pile inniiii.i.  He i ■ no\t   on i he
i ri       \.mi   but   i'   will  be n  few
u.'i'i -   i .-i   before      ii.-  - .in   resume   his.
duties as Conductor.
Coming Events
m   \ .M.C.A.    Athlotii  ■ in. :
menl. Xow  Edi    I ho
April  19, 20, 21, 22, 211    I In
Thi'nirii nl Company ui 1 lii
the N>'«  Etlison Theatre.
im il  22    "\   Knighl   for n  Da> "  nl
Tuppingn ' Ipern House.
April   '.'-"' 2(1   '1 lie    llll enile   Ro      ui ins,
-   \.'ii   Edison 'I lie   •
Api .1  2*i   "St.      Elmo,"   ul    !'
i Ipoi.' House,
- 211   "Shaun      \m in"     under
uuspiees ui      the  Roman  f';11 h,. 1 i■ -
■ - ii  It, Sew   Edi on Theatre.
M      2 3   St,  !'.-:.-i> Chun li  Entertainment  nnil Cantata,  New      Edison
ji    I'he  --.ii--  Bell   Ringers.   I"he
famous    Eekhardts.     New Edison
\l      27   The    Scottish  Prlmn  Doi     .
Mi     'lessie  McLm hlan  and   < Ion-
' iiiiii'niii.  Edison Theatre.
■ "  ii   i un i'ii'-      Fn i       nmodlan,
-liini'ii   Im"  and  his i-iur in..
in  S'ev   I   lison   I heal i -
These n& Styles Are Exquisite
Come and See tlie M Styles in the Latest Ideas
in Spring and Summer Neckwear
Willi  till ■ '.'.:, ■.    .,      •
mn! most , i .    ;
p ovemciit in ili filling neiu-r mid
. season
fnr nlu .'■ ;
liilin        mt- i
01 II        i
i in
fi   ■ .
Collin    ill 1 I I,incus,  ii                               V, c
t-ty in lhc  I lull ll I       i          Much    ml I.awi
willi Val. i Prices from 25 Cents Up
>-'■:. L'ollai     I
,-        '        '
ii?*''   - ■
'fi-.. Ik,-. V
\ V
Summer Underwear
We would lilti  I li i  Luil es
mid Children.    It is by long odds the niccsl  wc I
is tlie clieapcst.    Wc have Vests with    - lei
" sleeves, from ICi -       for tl Child
From 20c. Up
Spring Tonics
$1.00 a Bottle
Bews' Drug Store
To-Night at the Edison
■ in
". i lie
:I1      ill   ll      il'.ll  III'!
iin . M
il Ri im"
1, .    11
i       i'iii idi
larl    i ■ r   in Mnri'-i'"
Seeding Time is Here
We have a lull line of Garden and field Seeds in
stock. Onion Sets, Clover and Timothy, Sweet'
Peas, Niistiiiiiiiiii uiul other seeds in Inilk. nisi i
i|iiniitiiy ol' Lawn Grass Seed.
G. W. Bell
P. O    Box 208 GROCER & BAKER Phone No. 23
A Full Range of Shoes
For Ladies, Misses and Children in Black, Tan and
Canvas. All sizes, and latest Btyles. Broad and
narrow lasts.   Musi durable shoe on the market.
Mrs. A. G. Crick,
First Street
McIntyre cSi Son
Carrots Parsnips        Turnips
Fresh from  Pits
Orders  Promptly D< Iven
Md nt vre   «Si.  Son


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