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The Mail Herald Mar 22, 1911

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 <.>.■<."{ Leg »/*f(V« ju*^
" Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $G0*
Interior Pubhsnmg^Co., Ag's.
■- J
Visiting Cards
Interior Puolishing Company
Vol. 17- No. 21
REVELSTOKE, B. C. MAKCti 89, 1911
$2.50 Per Year
ed in thia latter was a $-HM contract
Thousands of Men Will Be Employed and Millions Spent
by Local and U.S. Capitalists *wren/Vnn
* r home from
of sanh and door work for tho
laundry being built at lilacier.
Thc origin ot thc liro Is a mystery
as it appeared to have started in
the north side of building wbero no
Hre had been during, the day. Tho
factory was closed at >ix o'clock but
Mr, H. H. Sawyer the other partner
of the lirm, as was customary, hail
taken a lo(,k around the building bc-
d 12 o'clock on his way
thc theatre, and      found
A  pulp     mill  of 200 tons capacity i "° *>£"* wl'atevcr ol Are.     N„ nipht
and  employing about 3,00*0 ^.ien,   the   watchman  was kept at the factory
Lawrence Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Otf loo -Toronto, Ontario.
damming ol the Columbia river, tho
erection of saw mills at Rovniatoke,
Arrowhead and throughout tlie boundary country, involving an initial expenditure of several millions of dollars aro just a few of thc things proposed by thc Diamond Mills ;*0. and
the Dominion Securities Oo. for this
city  during  the coining summer.
Tho initial investment of thc syn-
dicate involves Hie erection ,,f a saw
mill at Big Biddy on thc Columbia
river, about one mile west of the
city. The mill will havo a capacity
of two hundred thousand feet per day
and will be the largest plant of its
kind in the interior of Dritish Columbia. Over five hundred miles of
timber and pulp Wood in Columbia
valley has been secured for the purposes  of  the  rnierprise.      Construct-
Members Enthusiastically Endorse
Such a Move-A Joint Stock
Company Will fie Formed
A braw new curling rink, a membership of two hundred, a largo number of trophies and a heap of now
curling stones and brooms is the
dream of a scoro or more of cnthus -
instic curlers who met last night in
the city hall to discuss ways and
moans of arriving at thia happy con-
factory. Had thc lire occurred :,iition „f affairs, and the happy view
twenty-four hours later it is prob- in which these matters woro discussable that the owners would havo led bespeaks more than anything else
been at, a complete loss as tho in- , the realization of tho dream of theso
surance policy ran out on Monday enthusiasts. There was not
and the proprietors had made no in-  slightest doubt in tbe mind of
The factory bad been in existence
over twelve years and this is tho
first flic ln Its history. 11 is safely
presumed that fully two-thirds of
the buildings in Uevelstoke are fitted
up     with the products of ihe burned
tlmatlon of renewing it.
ion  work  on the  new  mill  will       be   [||tllUSi3StiC   Patient   MS  tO
started as soon as    tbe snow   is   off
Eniist Sympathy of Revelstoke
Women-Want Political Rights
the ground.
The Power for these establishments
will be derived from tbc rapids of the
Columbia river about three miles
north of tbe city, where a Power
plant will bc installed under Ihe auspices of the same group of capitalists. Here a large dam will be erected with a lock permitting steamers to pass through the river unobstructed, and a spill way for logs.
This will cost in thc neighborhood of
$1,260,000. Thc pulp mill will be
located in close proximity "to the
power plant and ihe power will be
made available for the sawmill nnd
other enterprises which the syndicate
hold in view.
As a feature of this industrial
scheme the installation of a street
railway system and the improvement
of the city property holds a prominent place and it is understood    that
The agitation for woman's suffrage
which has been agitating old Eng.
land for several decades past, and
about which so many interesting
stories have been told in the newspapers, has reached this side oi tbe
Atlantic and bas slowly worked its
way across tbe continent until now
Vancouver has become iuiectcd. So
far there have been no thrilling incidents in that city; there have been no
flaunting of "Votes for Women" banners; there bas been no besciging the
home of Premier McDride for legislation; there have been no women
shackled and culled between police-
mi n and led along thc streets to
prison   for     the     good of tbe cause;
I there     have      been  no  inliammatory
assurances of the necessary franchises .       . ....
| speeches in  public halls and      there
have boon no scenes of violence there
have already been secured.
Mr. F. 0. Adams, vice-president, of   ,
■ ri —n  ..^   n_ _.„   ur.   n   r.   -r.      u       liut a"  the same the woman suffiag-
* Portland, Oregon; Mr. C. D. Danaher   _xi_ ,_ #
president, of Tacoma;  Mr. Chas. Bar
ette is getting busy, for in a      quiet
businesslike way the Vancouver   Po-
litical     Equality     League has been
mond Mills Co., and n group of local   , .,!%.*.,*       ■ .     ..
_aJb.    ',_ formed in that city with   Mrs. Lash-
num,   managing  director  of  the  Dia-
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
5 S30.000.00
Branches or Agents at all principal points inJOanada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle-Seattle National Bunk, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
financiers are concerned in the project, and to Mr. Barnum is due considerable uf the credit for consummating the deal and interesting sueh a
large amount of capital. He is now
at the coast cities in connection with
tbe deal.
Sawyer Bros. Mill Goes Up in
Smoke Early Sunday Morning
ley Hall as president.
As the result of this, some day you
may yet see the very streets ot Revelstoke paraded by a band of enthusiasts flaunting their banners demanding votes for women. Mrs. Lash
ley Hall is making an earnest effort
to get the women of this city roused
and bas already called for recruits in
the lollowing letter which has been
received by a number ot women in
the city:—
Vancouver, B. C, March 15, 1911
Dear Friend,—
Vou no doubt have beard     of   thc
I Political      Equality     League having
been organized in Vancouver     whose
one ot those present bb to thc success
that would attend the deliberations
of last evening, but rather it was
taken ns a foregone conclusion that
nothing hindered and that everything
would pan out just as proposed.
The modus operandi will be by
forming a joint stock company as
suggested by Mr. Robt. Smith, stock
for which will no doubt lie snapped
up just as soon as placed on the
In the unavoidable absence of the
president of the curling club, Mayor
Hamilton occupied the chair, and
as if by intuition everybody jumped
into ihe discussion of a new rink.
Various properties were mentioned as
suitable for such a purpose, but the
one looked upon with most favor was
that owned by Messrs. McRae and
Kilpatrick facing on Third street,
west, and just back of the residence
of Dr. Hamilton.
"Dy taking over these lots," said
Mr. Smith, "we will only have to
deal with one or two owners, while
with other properties we would have
to deal with a number of owners."
He recommended that a committee
be appointed to en-quire into tbo various sites, get options on them, prepare estimates for four and six sheet
rinks and report lo a general meeting of the club at the earliest possible date. His recommendation was
put in the form of a motion and
passed, the following being selected
as the committee:—Robert Smith, S.
Crowe and C. B. Humei
Dr. Hamilton suggested that au
effort be made to get more trophies
to play off for, and it was the opinion of the meeting that no trouble
would be experienced along that line.
More rocks and an increased membership will also be secured.
Hearty vote of thanks were tendered the secretary for his energetic
support and untiring efforts on behalf of thc club; to the Calgary
Brewing Co., P. Burns & Co., and
Guy Barber, for the donation of
cups and trophies, and tu thc editor
of the Mail-Herald for the boosts given the curling game during the past
winter. This latter, Mr. Roy McDonald     and  D.  M.   Rae,  the  movor
A  most spectacular  lire  which
erred    at     Sawyer Bros.  Sash and   object a"nd aim is the securing of tbc | a'_"' ^°_n^*.. ^.^'. httdiucieatwl
-   Door Factory early Sunday morning j power of the ballot for women where
completely    destroyed     the    building , by many disabilities n'Ul  inequnlltlc*
and contents with a probable loss of   which  now  obtain  may  be abolished
p. £ums & Company. £td.
about  $5,0*00,   partially  covered   with
insurance io tbe extent of about $1,-
GCO in tbe Rimouski Insurance Co. of
Tbe blaze was tirst discovered
wc nre anxious to enlist your sympathy and financial assistance in
this noble cause—tho welfare of wo-
m.in in particular—and humanity in
by general. Trusting to receive your
Harry     Sawyer, one of thc partners   sympathy and interest,
Ladies' Dress Skirts
A   Shipment just arrived from lhc Hast.
Also Ladies' White  Dresses.
Mrs. A G, Crick, • First Street
The Lenten Season
We would like lo supply your we lit* for the Lenten Sea * n
Our ('.(nils spent) lor themselves,
Reliable Fresh Eggs, boiling or poaching, per dozen
Kippered Herring, plain or In tomato Bauce, ptn-tin
Salmon, Red Bockeye, 2 tins for
Sardines in tomato sauce. 8 tins for   -
reins, Tenches or Apricots in heavy syrup, 3 lb. tins   -
All Orders lie I ive re red
John Mclntyre Sr Son
of the firm, who was awakened at
about 2:30 in thc morning by his pet
dog winch persisted in barking around the house and rushing frantically to and from his room.
I Hastily donning bis clothes, Mr.
Sawyer rushed out and found to bis
amazement that the lower part of
the building was a mass of llamcs.
i An alarm was turned in through thc
I central telephone office and later
I through the tire alarm box, but before the arrival of No. 2 fire brigade
thc flames had burst through thc
rouf and gained such headway thai all
hopes of subduing them were abandoned, and the efforts of the brigade
were directed toward laving the
houses and coal sheds -n Immediate
proximity. The fine powdery dust
around the factory, together with
the very inflamable content-, bla-.o-d
up like so much tinder and the flames
leapt skyward t<, an immense height,
making it most difficult for the firemen to do their duty. I im n n ; cinders flew in all directions and at
times the bouses of Mr. Sawyer and
Mr.  Kennedy which were but a
Believe me,
Yours respectively,
Whether this appeal will get any
cordial response from the Revelstoke
ladies is doubtful as the women here
do not tnke any working interest in
cither municipal, provincial or fodor-
al politics.
an unprecedented interest in the game
in the city.
Trophies, consisting ol beautifully
engraved lockets, were presented to
Knight, Stortz, Stone nnd Mitchell,
the winners ot the Calgary competi -
tion. Tho winners of thc Equitable
wero W. W. Foster, J. Mnsson. Dr.
J. II. Hamilton nnd ll. A. Lawsou,
and of the Burns trophy, II.N. Coursier, H, M. i'arry, A. T. Connolly
and B. M. Rae.
Thc proposed site which tho committee will probably recommend is
the one specified above with a depth
l of 175 feet and a breadth of 100 feet.
leader of Opposition at Ottawa
to Visit the West
According to tho provisional pro-
grain whieh bns been arranged for
tbe tour of Hon. R. I,. Borden, loader of the opposition, throughout tho
west this coming summer, Mr. Borden will lie In Rovelstoke on August
14th on his way to the coast,       The
itinerary  will  Include a stop  over at
few , a  day here during wliicb he will   aid-
feet irom the burning building,  were | dnss the constituents.     other dates
in extreme danger, but by herculean
effort* the firemen suc.eeded not 0nly
in saving these, hut also in  putting
the fire out. Both  building and contents were however completely      destroyed.
The machinery in the factory some
of which was of n most costly nature
was so warped by the heat thnt it
Is practically useleaB, and a large
quantity of unfinished contract work
which was almost ready for shipment
wai completely burned up.     Includ-
Aged Train Robber Says He
Would Rather Be In Canada
(iainosvlllc,   Ua.,   March    17.—  liill
Miner,  the  train  robber  who escaped
from Westminster iu I'lfM),    and    was
caught in Gainesville recently,      has
confessed  to  his  Westminster  escape.
He said be and other      cunvicta   escaped  Iiy tunnelling under the      wall
and bad no outside help.       He came
to  tbo I'nited States,  going to California,    where    bo       began    mining,
then  went to Oregon,  where ho    and
others robbed an express train.  Hus-
picion rested on him, but he wns not
caught.     SoOo afterwards ho travel-
uii' Victoria, AtigiiHt 21st;  Vancouver I lad to Europe, getting into     trouble
August 22nd, and Nelson  August 24.   with bank officials, returning to Am-
Thesc dateB, of course, aro not Iln-  erica   and   going to     Pennsylvania.
al,  but as near as can be arranged i There he succeeded in getting      two
so far ahead they can bc accepted as   young   men to aid him in     coming
Hlg reductions on all cash pur-
I'baseH of boots and shoes, men's
clothing, bats and -saps, a I. D, Gal-
llcano'l. Second street, east.
Moving Pleturea tonight.
south to rob a train. They worked
their way to Gainesville, where thoy
held up and robbed n Southern Railroad train, being caught here three
days aftcrwardH. i'inkcrton detectives at work on tbo ease Identified
Miner as a much-wanted criminal and
A carload of Sherwin-Williams Paints just put into
stock. This includes everything in the painting line for
outside or inside work.    Stains, Varnishes, Enamels, etc.
Good paint costs little if any more than poor paint.
We carry the best that is made, therefore he sure that your
Paint comes from our Store.
A full assortment of Alabastine, Furniture Polishes,
Paint Brushes, Step Ladders and everything necessary for
House-cleaning time.
Bourne Bros.
^Groceries,  Hardware, Stoves, Plumbing
Fresh Fish Arriving Daily
Salmon, Halibut, Cod, Smelts,
Codlings, Whitefish, Finnan
Haddie, Pickled Mackerel, Lock-
iver Herring, Pickled Herring,
Fresh Olympia and Coast Sealed
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
High Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 251 p. 0. Box 181
Housewife's Favorite Brands
Robin Hood Flour
Jacob's Dublin Biscuits
Bell Blend Tea
Bell's No. I Java and Mocha Coffee
P. O. Box 208
Phone No. 23
iu tn
=> _.
a o
■ 5
a <
en re.
ST («
Lots in City of Vancouver
fi ^
cr confPHsed, first, to B newspaper reporter, then t„, officials.
He is In hail health and not      ex
it la reported that ho made .several
attempts to escape in his Jail. W. M.
I'inkerton of the 1'ipkerton    Agency,
.saj'B that Miner will never bo confln-
peeted to live loB«, as he .. 70 years', „ „ co(mty jal]   or a      convlct
old. It is reportod that he will be camp, as he is U>o sly. Therefore tt
sent back to Westminster prison to j is almost assured he will be returned
serve out thc sentence imposed at to Westminster.
Kamloops.     He says be liked  West
minster, and would rather be imprisoned there than in Georgia. He fears
rough  treatment from      penitentiary
Vancouver, B. C, March 19.—Andrew
I the provincial tim-
It proved so elleclivo tbat the prison- 'stage coach in California.
officials here, but says he will die Hoskem, head
game. He also said he bad been a ber office ot this city since the death
member of thc tamotis Jesse Jamee.of R. J. llkinner, has resigned tbe
gang, noted throughout the Unit«l post. He will be succeeded by U.D,
States, nnd had begun his criminal MacKay. who bas been connected
career at thc age of 17 by robbing a 'with office for years and Is thorough*
,iy acquainted with the work. Wednesday, March ii:1, 1911
Gbc r»ail-lbcralb
li^.i^.t.ui-.i..  11.   0.
jutci'iot ipuuiiSDinfl tfompaug.
Legal   notices lu vents per une tlrat
insertion, o cents per uuu culii
bLuae^uL-ut uiBertiou. -measure-
meats .\uupaiiei u- lines uiuho
ouo inch.; store uud general
business announcements ju.uu poi
incn per month. fruierrod positions, iio per cent, uuuiUonui.
Uirths, Marriages uud Deaths, ool
tacn insertion.
i_auj nouues *)i'.60. Ali advertisements bUDJecl to tuu uppiuvul oi
tne ruuuugeuieni. ■niun.eu una
Condensed     Adveruscuiems : —
Agents Wanted, Help named, Sa
uatiuus wuuUhi, oiluuuuus tu
cant, feacbers nun tea, fuecuanies
rt anted, -*j words or less, iot.,
each uuuiiiouui lino io cents,
changes il siuuuuig advertise
ments must uc in uy a a, tn.
Tuesday ana Friday oi eaon wees
io secure good display.
UORRESFONDEM E Invited on mat
ters ol public interest. Cuui-
niuu.cations to Editor must \ic
accunipuu.cJ by name ol writer
not necessarily lor publication,
but as evidence ol good taitu.
Correspondence should be bnel.
derive no  benefit  Irom deepening
tbe !      CARLSON  3   MILK   IS   PURE
For 30 Days Only
willi Bathroom Compl
Iui nu i*. centrally lue.
1*11 ,i Slivol Ioi
lie,I I
5-Skcmed House
$1,250   CASH
7n j   ij Centrally   Located   on    First
"ikOOIYlQti   IlOUtiS   Slreel'  "'>"K''" plumbing, for
#2,100   CASH
II you are Ioi
mav help you
Kill),   i.'i
louse '
lhose pi
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Including  postage  to  Engiuud,   United States und Cuuudu.
By the year (through poslollitej ifli.DU
JuB PRINTING promptly executeu
at reasonable rates.
TERMS—Cash. Subscriptions payable in advance.
wbe flDaillbevalD
lUNIOS   *&,.LAI'.L./
Canadian Municipal Journal Says
> greemaiit Must Ge SubmitLed
to tlie People
There may be several ways ot getting the money which the council
asks the ratepayers to vote on lion-
Jay next to pay tor tho completion
of the power ,1am, but by all means
the cheapest, most expeditious and
best is by the bylaw method, 'lhe
sam l>[ $8O,0C0 is asked, part of
which has beta paid out, and the
whole of which must ln some way be
Paul by the city. There is still
considerable money cominj to Mr.
Newman, and tlie council is endcav -
oring by every metbi ,1 possible to
reduce this to the lowest point possible, so that the interests of the
ratepayers may be safeguarded, llut
even at tbat a sum approximating
i .•• Kill be required. The alter
nate methods of getting the money
would be by special legislation, or
borrowing it on a note Irom the
bnnk. Tiie former would entail con-
llture and inconvenience, an,! the latter would mean
paying eight per cent. Interest instead ol five as proposed by the
bylaw, and all this would eventually
have to come out ol the pockets nt
the ratepayers. So looking the
matter sjuare in the lace the best
interests ol the city uiul its citizens
would be served by voting the money on Monday next. Mr. Smith, the
engineer, animated to the council
at the last meeting that tbe plant
was satisfactory. This, ol course.
is as yet but an opinion, an.l is not
a Snal release ot any contracts In
connection with the plant. But in
any case the citizens have to pay Ior
the plant, and the best way to do
It Is by v* t ng tor th.* bylaw on
Monday next.
I'lie man voted, but not one woman
al the lift>- nve turn .1 out i,, do ber
duty n- n citizen, In subdivision
luiir of tho Third Ward thoro were
one hundred and lifty three women
Board ol Education voters. They polled  jusi  seven  votes."
Now the election ol school trustees
is Bomothing in which women should
bc specially Interested. The school
troubles of the children, tho homo
rk, ihe occasional friction bo-
cause of teaching methods thai seem
objectionable or faddish, are mostly
the mother's worry or that ol tho
big .sister. Thu choice of school
trustees tor Toronto or any other
place might be largely in the hands
of the women voters, but they seem
to be utterly Indifferent, It may
be  thai   the ladies wh,. Ignore      th,'
educational     and civic issues  placed   thoroughly  Independent   ,,i
before  them  yenr  by  year  would    tic '• 'I lie article is as follows:
keenly  Interested  in the conservation     No man  with any pretentions      to
,pf    forest     wealth    or the    question serious  thought  can deny  that  reci -
whether Canada  should  provide    for  procity with the United States,      us
her own const, defence or give „ con-! initiated at  Washington    ai itro
tributiou for the maintenance ol the duced into Canada by the Laurier
Imperial navy, but it is scarcely government, is by far the most improbable. The ten talents would portant event in history Bineo Con-
have hern just as badly utilized tins federation, In fact, in many ways
the one by the unprofitable servant, il may prove far more Important
If the women of Canada sincerely de- than Confederation. Por even if its
sire the franchise in the national advocates may choose to label the
sphere they should make more use of strongly patriotic fervour of Mr.
it in the municipal. At tho present Champ Clark as » joke, the disloca -
tune voters' lists in cities are swol- tion of the business situation. not
len year by year with the names ,,f merely just now, but for at least the
hundreds ol women who would us periodical nervousness seen for about
soon think of a journey to the North n yenr before every Presidential elec-
Pole as to the pole that is justar-
otitid the corner.
Wolland cana'l; while tu construct i hs
i, ... ;ian iiay canal wo ild be a vv:* ito
,,l  money. \   ii oiivcr  would  yield
her magnificent   pusslbllill  ■ to Soat
tie, while  l'rince  Rupert  would     die
in ui.ai.-y.
Canadian  municipalities have      depended for "i v,*i.il years upon Brll Ish
capital to finance the in mendous do
i velopmont which Is u    •■■ * '     ■ eonl    ns
the Dominion,     Would  British co  II
al bo us willing t,. put  its mi nej   lu
tu this country  if recli i"1 itj -   with
lis poB> Ible effeel  , n municipal      r *
liability  and  growth   were   adopted?
a cable ftceivod in     Montreal siai.es
Ihai   u  certain   i nnnclal   deal       with
s,*,,ich  financiers lias been called  off
"owing to reciprocity",     ts this an
index of what may be generally    ox
Again let it be urged—and moBt
emphatically—that ihis grave question should be treated as a nal lonal
one. What. Bhould bo sought i*-
what is best tor Canada as a whole,
Even if the municipalities Bhould bo
hurt by it, if tho gam to tho rest ol
Oanada is greater th n the loss, by
all means lei us lune It, Let ovei J
trace of selfishness be dropped,    and
lot    the   question   lie   "tho   gootl        of
i 'iiii,i,;:i." Lot ! he membi rs of tho
house of commons rise t" lhe level
of statesmen, an I     droit all      party
Wo,  the  i ni* i  t.-n tl,  h.i •. e  fed our
babies  «Ith Cal lions milk  trom Tho
Wesl  End Dalrj tl find  il   to     ho
.** '■ i  pure milk and suitable Ior our
Urs, ll. M. Reynolds, Mrs, l( Qlb
I*...is, Mrs, ll. M. Oil,I* I', Mrs. I''.
Roussell, Mrs, J, I*. McSalc, M
\. I ledstrum, Mc. II. Laughton, Mre
T. St.v I, Mr. . Vi, It, .* cDonn II,Mrs,
\. i', Levesquo, Mrs, .1. r. Foi lo,
Mrs, A. I,. Innos, Mrs. (i. brock,Mrs,
T. Kilpatrick, five years a cil
tumor; Mrs, R. Griffith, Mrs.
R. Trlmblo, Mrs. A. T. Anthony,
Mrs. ,1. M, Nlcolson, Mrs, W. A.
Boyd, Mrs. .1. Morgan, Mrs. II. M.
Rae, Mrs, J, Honderson, Mrs. II. I'.
Cumming, Mrs. A. I'!. Kincaid, Mrs.
W, A. Foote, Mrs, A. J, Colllson,
Mrs, Briggs, Mrs. !•'. Olnndor, Mrs.
W. II. Sutherland, Mrs. Ollllo, Mrs.
i J, Manley.
'assessed owners of nt least one-tcntb
in  value ol  the real  property  within
the City of lievelstoke  ns shown    on
the last revised  Assessment  Roll    of
lhe said City requesting that a    by-
ilnle   I hereof  which'law bc introduced lor the purpose ol
puld   Boml-annually 'authorising the borrowing    by     tho
tit the ollico of The Molsons Hunk ut  said Corporation of the sume of Niuu
i*i Interest, und th
inleresl coupons may be c 11 Iii'l' writ-
till, printed, stamped or lithographed
i. The Bald di bentures shall hear
Interest at the rate of five per cent.
por annum trom
Interest   shall   ho
Montreal, March 20.—Tho elfcct of
thc proposed Reciprocity
nn Municipalities is discussed by the
editor in Tha Canadian Municipal
Journal In its current issue. Tho
journal is known as the [earless
champion ol popular rights, and Is
party bins
The movement Ior the full enfranchisement ot women in British Col -
umbia has been started off in Van-
couver, as can be seen bj uu article
it ; .is-e. The Ma.I Herald
believes thnt ll tbe women ol Canada
and     '■!■ at     Britain int to
■■» label     -..* ild I
inrtuenu     ,....* be
Is •       eh i
terest than tb
and |
n such mi i*
IariI! :
But ■  •     .   ■ •
age real!j  n
ment or Is the i
Some ed at tl
civic election
occasion lor heart earching
the women a ifil agi ' go nt,
nl. Tbe facts ari gl *n by
to Glofce as foil,.
"In tic sixth subdivision ol the
* nd Ward there were nini tj Hi:,*.*
names ol women on the regular vot-
, re' list, These women wen* entit I
ed to vote Ioi Mayoi, Aldermen, I ..a
Hollers, and school trustees. They
>cre all notified by official postcard
as to the place at which their votes
could If )"die! Only thirteen of
the ninety-three turned out to vote
In the supplemental list of persons
ur tied to vote Ior members erf the
Board of Education there were the
nam*- oi fifty-five women and one
man. All were notified hy poet ■
card oi the time und place ol voting-
Wonder what the poultry association thinks of tins reciprocity agree
ment' At the last meeting ol the
association t here was considerable
dissatisfaction expressed because the
Importation     of eggs from     outside
places   labelled   "fresh   eggs"   Came   lu
competition with their own products
and cut down the pine. Generally
speaking Canadians are considers!
an honest people. It does n .t m it
ter whether you consider them as
Canadians from thc prairie provini
or from    the    mounts  * on i,
tli ji  are  generally   conceded ' e
honest.     There are some peopl , how
ever, have a diffe
Yankee     and    Ins     sharp  pract
Whether th ise Yank* - i istly
eaiiied that  reputation or not  t-.  "I
course another matter.
Vet  this  proposi d   ■., cl] : icitj   I
ty  will  permit  the Importat
eggs     free.     The    pn
duty is three c nts, and that
i n te I Stati
to the trade tables, l  in ide
ed  last   yeai   39       Id
' 17! ime t
ed  States.     Can i la
*   ,i •
■ '
inces. but it is certain that
-    ■ ■
British  Ci lumbia    Kan
delivered    n  Vai is  than    a
ed to retail sl
ifter pe
lei  Irei  ti
i   the
■ ■
In • '* nnd
fresh i '" Now Mi
ay    ahout
■   ■
tion, would surely afiect the neighboring country if allied with it, even
by reciprocity. llut is it fair to
treat Mr. Champ Clark's utterance
as hysterical or jocular.' It is generally understood that tins gentleman Is iti line lot the Presidency of
the great Republic, Is it courteous
i-i imn. or to ins fellow citizens,  to
est that a leading statesman
sh iui.I play the pari trf a buffoon in
thc i nam; Is  it  not
more likely  thai   Mr,  Champ Clark's
h  was at   I   ■■ t a i he
"wish"     being     "lath t      to       the
::t"   i vi-n   if   it    a
in H	
Mnn,    * at   riding.
of this Jo irnal    ■■ •       ai
A large delegation of Western farm
e'v* recently waited i n Rlr Vi .lit .,1
Laurier, nnd ii was ope,ily ■ laid
that many of thc *l tl igatea were sl 111
American citizens. Now ivhllo Canada is right in offering a home to all
agreement j decent, well behaved Immigrants, no
resident of Canada Bhould meddle
with Canadians politics until he
deems Canada good enough to become ,., Canadian citizen.
The  solul inn  ,,.   i h -   dillicult  qui s -
lion  would  ],.. tor  !■  e \\ die;,l  Ln'urioi
lo  follow   ih.. consl it nl lonal   prei o I
, nt  ol t he Empire,     I le and his Mi n
Istry are noi  onlj  within thoir rights
in Introducing reciprocity,  but more,
a' t li; y believe it to lie go .1 foi C in
ada,  Ihey  would  not he doing    th'ir
luty  II  they  did  nol  advocate      it.
Bul    and here Is the mi, of the situ-
ation—it     is an  unwritten  law      of
British parliamentary practice     that
win n  iiv  government  >n reduces  ieg-
isiat Ion upon which n  has n,,i      re -
ceived the opinion ol thc electors, it
shall,  after   discussln;    Ihe   qucs lo'i
fully, dissolve the house, an.l appeal
to  the  cn**ntry.
This is the only course which lies
belore the Laurier government. They
must appeal to Canada, and with the
voters of Canada must lie the decision as to whether we shall have reciprocity i,r not.
Corporation of lhu
City of
I.,   LAW   No,
By law  io enable  ; ho  Corporation
Rovelstoke aforesaid in lawful money
ol  Canada on    the dny
of nud  on   lhe day
of respectively  iu each
nn.l every yenr dining the currency
thereof and It shall bo expressed in
said debentures nud coupons to be
so  payable.
li.   ll. shall be lawful rm' the Mayor
of the saiil Corporation to negotiate
nu.I eieil III.' snid ilehcnt urcs or nny
ol | hem for less thnn par, but in nu
case shall thu said debentures or nny
ol thom be sold for less ihun ninety-
two nml one-hall per centum (08J)oI
Uie face value Including lhe cosl, of
a .* mil brokerage and all oilier
n.v iBBary  expenses.
ii. Km- the payment of the snid
debt i m re shall be set aside and
withdrawn oaeh year dining the cur
rencj of said dobontures Irom the annual current revenue of the Municipality ns derived from the snid water
and electric light rules und charges
llie sam of $443.30 and such sum
shall be transferred Irom lbe annual
current revenue account and be paid
into a special accounl to form a
; ii ni : 11,ii.l Ior the purpose mentioned  lien in.
7. For tho purpose of paying the
inter,nt upon tho snid debentures as
same becomes due and payable there
shall bo set aside and withdrawn
each year during tho currency of suid
debentures from tho annual current
revenue   ol   the   Municipality  as       do-
of *e ( .1,  ol Rcvclsl ...'in raise   rived  Irom said     water nn.l electric
by      way   of     ioan     t b ■     slim   of
$50,000.0<J   implote   tho    work
of   iinpt*o\ Ing  and   enl.ur. Ing    the
capacity ol the Elccl i ic Light and
Cower Plant  of the City nnd    to
provide  in connect Ion      tin rewil b
the     cost    of installing  an addl
11..nal pipe line.
v hereas  I he sums ol   money    bore
tofore raise.I for    ilm     Improvcnii nl
ami enlargemi a    at I ho elet trie light
and  power system ol tho City      have
been found to bo in nillicienl   to make
in I complete : he Improvcmi nts   and
,   ..I.l ions   I i..i oto   und   ill   oilier       to
completo tho     works ami  to provide
for an additional pipe i.n • it will he
n cessary    to    borrow   the    sum    ol
■>..* .aiil.'*>•;),     which   sum   the Council
ll| hi rales and charges the sum of
;. 1.00 which sum shull he transferred fi mn the annual account tor
such purpose and to be disbursed as
and when the Instalments ot Interest
become due.
8*. During the currency of said debentures the sai.l laics and charges
to tho extent aforesaid shall nol form
part ol the nun ial revenue ol the
Munlclpalil j ■
ii. li shall be lawful tor the Muni
clpal '■ ouncll ol the said Corporation
to repurchase nny of the said debentures upon such terms us may
be agreed upon with the legal bolder
or holders thereof, cither al tho
nine of sale or at any subsequent
time, and all debentures so repurchased  shall  be forthwith cancelled or
proposes to raise by  the  issue of de-
,1   destroyed     nml  no  reissue of debrn-
l.ni'cs shall be made In consequence of
1. B. Docksteader, oi Mm} is
Commissioner for Position
A    li.   Ii .*; eadi. .  I he  well  kn iwn
insurance man of Nelson, has      been
ted      ti        '   tnm       »ner
bentures secured upon the rates an
charges winch are chargeable and enforceable fur tbe use of water anl
electric light under the "Water and
Electric Lighl Regulation By-law
1903" and the Municipal Clauses Act.
And Whereas the estimated amount
of the Bald rates and charges chargeable  and  enforceable  for   the      year
in   which   this   by law   is   passed       is
0.1 '
And Whereas thoro is now charged
on the said rates and charges the
sum of $4,686.22:
\ml \\h reus the debt hereby crcat
such repurchase.
l . A.s additional Becurity the credit of the Municipality at large is
hereby pledged Ior the payment ol
the annual Interest end i inking fund
required Ior the extinguishment of
the debt, created by this by law nnd
the Municipality hereby guarantees
payment of the same.
U. This by-law shall come into
lorca and take effect on the day a'ter
the final passing and adoption thereof by  the Council.
!::. This   li; law   shall   before       the
i .    '   . itenay   charges and Is lurtlioi
.1  Is    on    the     socuritj   of  the sai.l ^^^^^^
and electric  lighl   rates     and  Bnal  Pass.ns   Hereof receive the   as
uarantced by  sont of the ratepayers of the Corpor
wn'  r
li roceed  immediate-
even or      eight
; out tbe
the   Municipality  nt large.
And     Whereas   for the payment of
the   aid principal money and Interest
" A  "' '   d u ng the currency ,,,  the uul   de
nt n   *  fo    ; it       on.'
n   XI
11 ;
I to hand co
tion that, as     on
it reciprocit - will      be
that e\
.  residence in  th2    Ji
an l
•  .   i a  ne
■ on. The
n   . e      in
tensus,  tbe
■is*   next    day
.y the
A   V. '■  W
sh** ., ' t"Hera
,,u l   banding In a     cheek
..     |  ; ,:       tated that it   wns
a  lurt.hilny      pre ent  from  Int      bus
haul ami asked Ioi T!l''
'.,.,,,. i|   |,,*i   that   she       mmt
"I don't    kn   *    * hat   you    menu
,*i h .tm In
•■why. ui ce," he explain rd
"you inn-: write v.i'ii tinuie on the
back, o that when *■ *■ return the
rbe. k to youi hu .'.ami. he will know
we have paid you the money."
'Oh.   is  that  all?"  sh''  said.       re
lleved.    • Oni  minute elapses.
Thus the  "endorsement":     "Many
ihanks, dear,     I'v t   the money.
Vour loving wife. Km] n."
Moving 1'ictiires tonight.
. hH	
* ■-
■ -
Ma. ■ mg
i arable ■
:      by    expel lei 11
',   i he manufactui Ing c nti es under
Toi onto  ;,mii *    *      * that
the captl ni  already   uth iei. ied foi
new   II..iti   mills   hns   hem   .'nth Irawn.      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
To  come   to   individual   CO BS     Can     *.* ■    I',,'  ,     .,     Revision
min conn poi I        * "a   the  ol menl "!' 1911
Ulantic,    would    certainly   suffer   held in the City Hall, Ri
Tm i*   ■ ** iid be divei i w m   I'.. i :  . sday,  April
b u ures It is necessary  to sei aside
and    withdraw from the  annual cur-
.  a, r.i, uu.   derlvi d Ii om said water
: n i electric light rates and  charges
ially  the    sum ol $2,344.30;    the
specific annunl sum  re [Uired   Ior the
ment  „'    interest   being    .f2.ri0-0.0t;
and  for the      payment      of  the debt
'■ 1.31
And   .'.hereas  tin* estimated deficiency   tu  suid   rates and  charges      i,
I to make up tho atnounl .,.' the
nnual interest and Binking  lund up-' ,"'., " ,,
passi l the C ouncll the ..
tion according to the provisions nf
and in the manner prescribed by the
Municipal  Clauses Act.
13. This   by-law   may   be  cited    for
all purposes as lbe "Water and l'jlcc-
tric  Light Rates  Loan By-law No	
1911."  ...
Head  a   lirst  time   the  llth  day    of
March, 1911.
I Rend a second time Ihe llth dny of
March,  1911.
Kead a third I me the llth day of
.Match,   1911,    uud     passed   with    tbe
I unanimous con out of the Council.
;   Received tho assent of tbc electors
the   dny of   1911.
Reconsidered,    adopted     and   finally
..day of
City Clerk
Aesi    ment : 91 l
[OTH i:   *
tteul iuu.  Quebec, from Bl    fol m
ll , nml  Halifax, N. 8., to tho  poi I
;u tup lultod titnteH, Toronto would
I'd! I, ti   *   *   loci ■	
BRUCE A,   l'.'\   ON,        I and the debentures shall have attach-
It'll ■   id  to them coupons foi  tbe payment
Take n.l Ice that the aliove is a
uu. copy ol the proposed bylaw upon v loch ihe ve', of tho Municipality
.vlll be taken at the City Clerk's
inii**'. City Hall, corner Second
Street and McKcntle Avenue, Itovel-
('., on Monday, March 27th
Clerk ui thc Municipality
..a the debt hereby cr,at id is nil
Now Therefore the Municipal Council of the Corporation ol tho Oity
,.' Kevelstoke In opi n mi el in : assembled enacts us follows:
.1. it. shall bo lawful fm li Mayoi
ol ihe i orporatii n ol the ' 'ily ol
for the purposes and with
t ho * * * aid to boi t ow on tin*
n the de jure system   '"'.lit irlty of tho aaid  ratoi    stoke, 0
nnd   el,.ii ...; v   ,,f   debentures   1911,   between  tho hours of 'J  o'clock
1   from   any   per     a.m.,  and  7  o'clock   p.m
n,   pi      n     Bi m.  bo ly  or     bod lei
. bo i .rn   be   * .: Ing     to
.....    a   loan,  a    sum
aot exceed ng In i he whole
il i are and
luse all    icb    im   ra   ■• i or re
* the hand     ol
'    i ,..,t at :
' ,   * .   Rl
ful  Ior th"   * aid
i   ,.:      do
ben; be mad * I     und
*   ai  maj
ed foi and ob
evei    tin*    nu ..li nd Dol
.*. h  di In ill  '.      hall   bo    ol
inn*   thousand
* ai it an i all  ol  i n h   dobi n
i ii tbe si ul of
he i City ol   Rei
i   Mayoi  nn i
I       * of
:t.   Tin* ball bear
i he date ..i the da . Baltei nai I
-  *       *  . ,*       by law
an i   hall in- payable In Fifty   yeai ■
Irora iim said dui.* in  lawful money
of Canada at  th   oil t e ol The Mol-
ii   Hunk at     i
. ted by the   uld debl nl un i
!o iin'dtion ol' tins City of
111   l.\       ' .
II, I.
■   TO  RAISE in   WAY OK
. (TURB8    TllK SUM OF
s it  is     deemed     expedient
... the City be     lm-
thousand ($9,000.00) Dollars fur tho
purposes above mentioned:
And Whereas tbe whole amount of
the ratable property within the said
City ol Uevelstoke according to tbo
last revised Assessment Hull is tho
sum of $1,8«6'18B6.'00:
And Whereas it will be necessary to
raise annually by special ruto sufficient therefore thc sum of $938.84 for
paying the said debt and interest
Now Therefore thc Municipal Council of tbe Corporation uf tho City of
Itevelstukc in upon meeting assembled enacts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
nf tbe Corporation of the City of
Ucvclstuku fur the purposes aud with
ihe object aforesaid to burrow on
the credit ol the Municipality by way
of debentures hereinafter mentioned
from a'ly person, persons, firm, body
or bodies corporate, who mny . be
willing to advance the samo as a
loan, ii sum of money, not exceeding
in the whole the sum of Nine tboiis-
and Dollars, und tu cause all such
sums so raised or received to be
Paid into the hands of the Treasurer
of the Corporation ol the City of
2. It shull he lawful for the Mayor
uf thc said Corporation of the City
uf Revelstoko to cause nny number
of debentures to be made, executed
and issued lur such sum ur sums as
may be required fur the purposes and
object aforesaid, hot exceeding, bow-
ever, the sum ol Nino thousand Dublin's. Such debentures shall be of
ihe denomination of Ono thousand
Dollars each and all of such debentures shall bc sealed with the seal
of the Corporation ol the City of
Itevelstoke an.l signed by the Mayor
and clerk thereof, %
if. The suid debentures shall bear
the dale of the day hereinafter named for the taking effect of this bylaw and shall he payable in Fifteen
yoars from the said date in lawful
money nf Canada at the ollice of the
Molsons Hunk at Kevelstoke aforesaid, which said place ut payment
hail be designated by the said debentures, and the debentures shall
huve attached to them coupons lur
the payment of interest, aud the
signature to ihe interest coupons
may be either written, printed,
stamped or lithographed.
I. Tbe said debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of live per cent,
per annum from the ».ate thereof,
whicli interest shall bc paid semiannually at the ollice of The Molsons
Hank at Revelstoke aforesaid In lawful niorfey of Canada on the
day of aud on thc day
of respectively in   each
and every year during tbe currency
thereof and it shall bc expressed iu
suid debentures and coupons to be so
o. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said Corporal inn to negotiate
and sell the said debentures ur any
of them for less than par, but in no
ease shall the said debentures or uny
of them bc sold for less than ninety-
two and one-balf per centum t'.kij) of
the luce value Including Ihe eust of
sale and brokerage and all other
necessary expenses.
G. There shall be levied and raised
in each year during tbe currency ol
Bald debentures the sum uf Four hundred und lifty (?15U.(W') Dollars for
the payment uf interest and Fuur
hundred and Bighty-three and Eighty
four one hundredths ($183.84) Dollars
lur the payment uf tbe said debt uu-
der the said debentures by a special
rate sufficient therefor uu nil the
ratable real property in the said
7. It shall be lawful lur the Municipal Council of the said Corporation
to repurchase any of the said deli, inures upon such terms us mny be
agreed upon with the legal bolder or
holders thereof, and all debentures so
repurchased shall be forthwith cancelled or destiuyed and no reissue ol
debi ntiircs shull be made iu consequence of such repurchase.
8. This by-law shall come into
iorce and take allcct un the duy alter
the final passing and udupliun ih.ic
of  by the Council.
'J. This by-law shall before tbe final passing thereof receive tbe usscut
of tbc ratepayers ol the Corporation
according to the provisions of und in
the manner prescribed by the Municipal Cluiises Act.
Read a lirst time tbe 14th day of
March, 1911.
Read a second time the llth day ol
March, 1911.
llend a thud time the Hth day uf
March, l'Jll, and passed with tbo
unanimous consent ol tho Council.
Received the assent of tbe electors
the day ol 1911.
Reconsidered, adopted und finally
passed tbe Council thc day
uf l'Jll.
City  Clork. Mayor.
Take notice that tbc above is a
true copy ol the proposed By-law,
upon which the vote of ibe Municipality will be taken at tho City
Clerk's Office, City Hall, corner 8ec-
cid for the carrying   out of   ond    Street   and    McKenzie Avenue,
...iniit.   to inii'li.       •"       lievelstoke, D. C, on  Monday, March
me  t*■**   making machinery. 27th,  1911,    between    the hours ol 9
Ami res   e  petition bai hcen  o'clock a.m. and 7 o'oloek p.m.
pn   ented     ■  the .Municipal Council ul BRUCE A.  LAWSON,
the City of Uevelstoke signed by tbe ' C'leik uf the Municipality.. THZIil   ri^A.IIl-IEIEIRJk.LID,    EEVELSTOKE
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At all Brnnohcs.     Interest allowed at highost current rate
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REST, - $7,000,000
of The Canadian Iiank of Commerce will recelvi deposits of $i and
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■^ I *^%^^^»^'e>%^^^^%^«^%^^'%^%^%^%^%^**^%'%^»
A Symposium of What is Happening in
All Parts of the World
The Manitoba government proposed | The report of the grand jury Bhowa
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Canadian Northern Railway. The development of provincial institu-
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Al] kturi.H uf Imi! lii «:  nml iihi-lnriiii*
Foote & Pradolini.
Repairs of all kinds  ileal ly done
I'.ievi'le Ami Oun work aspeeialty
Ksiiinaies given on any class
of work
Front       Street.
John Lee
Manufacturer  of   Ladies'
Ladies Suits Marieto Order-
Fit Guaranteed
All kinds of Silk. Gingham,
Muslin,   and    Fancy
things keptjn slock
Price, ft-aa.onablf P 0  Box 706
Front St   Lower Town, Revelstoke
We want all sufferers from Kldnrv
and Bladder Troubles, Lame Dark anil
Rheumatism, to test ('.IN PILLS, and
•ee for themselves llmt GIN PILLS will
really cure all these troubles.
If your Kidneys are weak—if it pains
you to urinate—if your back aches—if
hands and feet are crippled with Rheumatism—give GIN PILLS a chance to
prove that they will relieve you and
cure you. It won't cost you a cent You
don't have to buy them. Simply write
us for a free sample.
"A short time ago, I received a free
sample of GIN PILLS which I have
taken with such good effects that I herewith enclose joe for a box of them. I
believe GIN PILLS are just the thing!
for me," Richard Hamiyk,
1'kkniii Kivita.
OIN PILLS are to called because they
contain the medicinal principle of
Juniper berries, the essential principle of
Gin, bat do not contain alcohol. 50c. a
box — 6 for Jb.50 — at dealers, and
guaranteed to give sstisfaction or money
refunded. Sample boi free If yon write
tu. National Drag aud Chemical Co.,
DcpL W„    Tomato U
WANTED—Girl for general hoii-o
work. Family of three. Apply
Mall-Herald Oflice.
WANTED — Capable Englishwoman
wants position of trust in RevelBtoke or neighborhood. Good references.      J.   H.,   Mail-Herald   Ollice.
LOST—Brown Spaniel Puppy, white
chest, white feet, white tip on tail,
answers to name ol "Buster." Any
one harboring this dog after today
will be punished by law.— Cliff Ur-
(jiihart, H. J. Bews.
WANTKD—We pay highest prices for
Furniture, Stoves, also men's cast
ofl clothing. The Revelstoke Second Hand Store. F22 lm.
WANTED—Live man or woman, for
work at home paying $3.00 or $3.i)0
per day with opportunity to advance. Spare time can be used.
Work not dillicult and reiiuires ro
experience. Winston,        Limited
Spadina, Ave., Toronto.     m.ll 5t.
FOR RENT—Large Front Bedroom
and Bittlngroom, Bathroom on
same Hoor. Apply Mail-Herald
•"(Hmmence How!
We want everyone to taiow
fyat we are paying -
c~4Z Iitotr?
per annum credited m'lhlf
on. saving deposits ($1°-
R uprara) subject lo Withdrawal br cheque & *
^ 5£ Interest^
Sipmoiitb & over. -
We invest money for clients
in (fol mortgages Sio a
^racial IfnanciaUusiness.
We wanl\&ur saving accnt
& 'ifyoix are not saving *
sysTcmaticallY'. + ■*■+•*■
Commence NOW Willi U5.
Deposits ty mail ^^>
*^ casity handled —
"Yoa can 3end by Draff,
Post Office + 6wress
Order or RcMalcrecT^
better & withdrawals
can bc made + ■«•■»? ->
-*auy wy pii wi-sh.
Weave Responsible
Refer Tff^V + * *
or To anyone In -
Write us about ityay
Do it now!!!!!
321 Cambie Street,
.Vancouver B.C.^
It Is feared that many people may
have starved to death in Labrador
last winter on account of the severity ol thc weather which prevented
food supplies from being brought in.
Nikolay Urycska was sentenced to
seven years at hard labor in the
Winnipeg assize court for manslaughter, causing thc death of H, E. Spalding last November.
The case against the Thunder Bay
Klevator company for giving incor -
rcct reports was dismissed in tbe
Winnipeg police court.
The Canadian government has received no official report regarding the
desire of the Bahama islands to be-
iomo annexed to Canada.
The bill which allowed policemen
and Bremen to ride free on street
cars in St. Paul, Minn., bas been
vetoed by Governor Ebcrhart.
The plans for the St. Boniface
stock yards and abattoir were outlined at a meeting of tbe Cattle
Breeders'  association at Brandon.
The Farmers' Bank case was discussed in the house of commons, the
opposition asking for a royal com -
Sir Edward Grey's speech on the
peace treaty was the topic of conversation in the London parliamentary lobbies Tuesday.
The city  council  of  Winnipeg
posed at a special meeting to
end  the  plans  of  the Midland
way's entrance.
No. 1, arrives     6:45 a.m.,  departs
7:05 a.m.
No.  97, arrives 6:65 p.m.,  depart-i,
7:15 p.m.
No. 2, arrives 12:30 midnight,     do-
111 in 12:45 midnight.
No.  96, arrives 8:45 a.m., departs,
» t'.'i a. ni.
8011th train leaves Rovelstoke at 9
a, m., arrives Uevelstoke 5:25 p.m.
John B. Osborne, speaking at Portland, Me., said that Canada's imports would Increase greatly under
the reciprocity agreement.
Nicholson Zorn, of Nuremburg,
Germany, now in Winnipeg, offers an
unfavorable opinion on the reciprocity agreement.
Hon. W. R. Motherwell Introduced
in the Saskatchewan house a bill
providing tor thc creation of a bureau of labor.
Small diamonds have been discovered in British Columbia by a member of the Dominion Geological Survey.
The senate has appointed a committee to consider amending several
clauses in the Canada Grain Bill.
Count De LessepB has been awarded the JIC',000 prize for the flight around Liberty statue last October.
The Royal Line steamers will
ry Canadian mail from Bristol
alternate Wednesdays.
The West is strong for reciprocity,
according to the v0te being taken
by the Free Press.
Mrs. John Black, a piimeer resi -
dent of Manitoba, died in Winnipeg,
aged 74 years.
Canada's oldest mnn is dead at
Gorrie, Ont., at the age of 106.
Joseph Vannard, aged twenty, was
killed at his home north of Treherne
by being struck on the leg by an
axe in the hands of a hired man. The
blow was accidental and an inquest
will not likely be held.
A representative mass meeting ot
Manitoba citizens in Winnipeg passed a resolution railing on tbe pro -
vinrial government to guarantee
bonds for municipalities desiring to
build modern roads.
Considerable excitement prevails In
the vicinity of Colony and Vau-gban
streets, Winni|>eg, on account of
large purchases of real estate in that
section, presumably for the Hudson's
Bay Co.
It was officially announced 1 lint
tho Grand Trunk Paciac railway will
erect 140 new stations in the pro -
vinccs of Maaitoha, Saskatchewan
and Alberta.
Real estate prices remain high n
Winnipeg, and a block of land at the
corner of Ellice avenue and Edmonton street was sold for $600 „ foot
E. S. Horn, advertising expert, at
a luncheon of the Winnipeg Advertising club, declared that Winnipeg
can beBt be advertised by her manufacturers.
A. 0, Itclifcld, wanted lor embezzlement in California, was released by
Chief Justice Mathers, and promised
to go back with tbe officer sent for
Thirty members ol the Manitoba
legislative assembly visited tbe Winnipeg civic electric power plant at
Point du Bois as guests of tbe city.
David Hendernon'8 motion tn have
a royal commission in-quire into the
failure of thc Farmers' Bank was defeated iu the bouts ol commons,
A plea fur mixed farming in Manitoba was made at a largely attended meting held at Brandon in connection  with  the winter fair.
The London Telegraph says tbat la
another generation Canada will equal the Mother Country in wealth
and power.
Two ladies walked last month all
the    way from   Kitselas to     Prinoa
Tho C.r.R. is buying 100,000 tona
of steel railB for its new western
The Bonanza mine near Bossburg ia
now shipping a carload of ore daily.
A model  creamery
lished at OroviUe,
is to be cstab -
North Vancouver bas struck a   tax
rate of twenty mills.
English  sparrows  have  made thei*
appearance at Creston.
During 19-10. $111,830 waa expended
in new buildings at Kelowna.
The new     North Vancouver     ferry
has a capacity of 2,000 passengers.
The Rossland
box factory.
Miner has started   a
Civic assessments in Kamloops increased   by  $800,000  during  1»10.
The ga-olme launch Agnes blew up
at Prince Rupert recently, the two
men on board having a narrow escape.
Work is to be begun at once on a
pack trail from Princeton to Steamboat mountain.
Penticton will have a trained fire
fighting force ready for all emergencies tbis summer.
Merritt now  has  a  bake-oven with
capacity of five thousand loaves ol
Rossland has appointed Dr. English city medical health officer at a
salary of $35 per month.
Dr. Devlin bas been appointed medical health officer of the city of Kaslo at a salary of $100 ayear.
Joe Dacelle is using a team of huskies to haul supplies from Hope
to Steamboat mountain.
A company has been formed in New
Westminster for tbe purpose of condensing milk.
There are now 25(1 men working on
the C. N. R. right ol way between
Hope aud Huby Creek.
J. Bantield bas sold his 2000-acre
ranch at Mametta Lake to Englith
capitalists for $60,000.
Henry Smith, who has just died in
Seattle, was for many years proprietor of the Colonial hotel at Kamloops.
One day last week the Centre Star
mine at Rossland shipped forty-eight
carloads of ore to the Trail smelter.
The only edged tool factory west
of Chicago is to be established at
New Westminster tbiB spring.
In Nanaimo recently James Hatfield was fined $25 for kicking a man
when he waa down.
Tbc Standard mine at Bilverton
will be equipped as soon au weather
permits with a 6tamp mill, a triun -
way and air compressors.
Over 7,000 people came to Canada
from England during the month of
February  alone.
Vifty new towns will be established this year along tbe C.P.R. linea
in Saskatchewan and Alberta.
Thc growth of business has (oread
several Winnipeg wholesale firms to
extend their premises.
Hundreds of veins of gold quart*
were brought to light by a cloudburst in Tasmania.
A waterspout bus deluged tba
Italian coast near Regglo accompanied by great loss of life.
tbe Earl
entries have been made for
Grey  musical and dramatic
Word waa brought into Salmon
Arm at an early hour this morning,
of the death of Mrs. Geo. Moore,
from tbe effects of strychinne, self
administered.—Salmon   Arm  Observer
• alckty   .Inpr. roatfh.
U. (kraal .ni Uajs.
mru  roM*.   h«_ WEDNESDAY, MARCH
rVSrm  MiA.llL-TlLJ&l&Jia-T-T),  BEYELSTOKIE
£* %^V%'%^'».'»%^%%%'V%%%^%'%^'%%>%%%'%%^%^<*'%^f
MAY VISIT COAST. I is well oil, a prosperous farmer, own
It is quite possible tbat Revelstoke er ol n rich producing (arm, whicli
cricketers ma] visit Victoria tbis I he tills and manages personally. He
coming summer and try conclusions j raises com, wheat and potatoes for
with the coast aggregations. At tbe the market nnd talks crop as glibly
meeting of the Albion Cricket Club and Intelligently as he talks light,
in Victoria on Wednes laj night of In addition to the products of the
last wcvk the matter was discussed, 'ground, ho buys and Mills live stock,
and in its report of the meeting the and conduct." a money-making horse
Victoria Daily Times snul— ! trading business,
"The Albion is the largest cricket
club In the city In point ol membership, and with the grounds in better
shape than ever before the members eating turf personality at Sandown
expect to make a creditable showing Park yesterdas was Mr. Harry liens
The club will play Its usual games ley, who Is 59 years of age, Only
with Seattle, Vancouver and Nanai- those who know the greal physical
mu and it Is quite possible that it strain that is undergone by anyone
may arrange to have the Revelstoke who rides in a Grand National Stee-
club down here some time tins sum- plecbase will realize to the full the
mer." Interest of the news that Mr, Boasloy
  I who rode Tackier In the     Liverpool
Trial Steeplechase yesterday, will
have the mount on the same horse
in tha Grand National. Mr. Beasley
has had Q wonderful career.  He    has
they're worth could not stir nn odgo
ot thc cup from its ground.
Cincinnati, 0,, March 20.—Tho Naif nal Baseball Commission todny
issued a notice to the baseball world
London     Chronicle:—A most inter-
Y.   M.   C.   A.   SWIMMING.
I see the warm deep dust of June,
I feel it creep around my leet.
I hear the jolly whistling tune     ■	
As our old gang goes down the street   ridden In thirteen     Grand Nationals.
I hear the words at this day,
The echo comes of but one line.
The first one In, I hear him sny,
eleven being successive mounts. He
j won on Come Away In lvl, and was
second  on  three  other  occasions,   Ho
Come on In fellows the water's fine,   won     the Grand Sefton  Steeplechase
'at Alntree in  1879 ami the two   fol
But there 1 stand  twist     fear      and
And claim I want to cool a while.
And that first fellow jn.-,t swims about
And taunts 'us with h,s jeering -mile,
Come cm in Wbitie, tome mi in Red,
Just take a big loin; dive like mmr,
His teeth are chatter.ng as he says,
Come on  m fellow:  the water's hue.
At last I dive from off the boat,
The water chills mc to the bone,
Its icy hand grips heart  nnd throat,
1 stifle back a rising moan.
But do I give the thing awaj
And warn the rest by word or -i.n'
Not   oil   your   life,   I   laugh   ninl   say,
Come on in fellows thf water's tine.
This sound- good to the mini who
has experienced these joys, hut how
about you who cannot swim, mil
have never bad the pleasure of being
the first one in, in the summer time.
You will have no excuse not to get
in the lake or the tank this summer,
if you take advantage of the opportunity that will be given every boy
and man in Revelstoke next week,
at the Y.M.C.A., to learn how to
swim. All plans are very nearly
completed the application blanks have
been put in the hands of the Bchool
boys, and men wishing to enter on
this campaicu will be able to get
blanks at the Association ollice, McDonald's Barber shop. J. Guy Barber's, C. li. Hume's, R. Howson's.I,.
Masson's, W, Bews' C. li, Macdonald's, or McRae Mercantile i'v- if
you can swim perhaps you would like
to take some advance work. there
will be classes (or advanced men In
ell diflerent strokes, life saving und
iancr diving.
lowing years, and again in 1883 and
IS-86, II" was Hist in tho big Paris
hurdle race on Seaman In 1881, nn.l
finished second on Turco and Mohican 'ti subsequent years. i in T oo
Good he won the valuable Paris
Steeplechase in ra83, and finished Bee
ond at Alntree with the same horse
three years later. Mr. Beasley has
been riding Bince 1877, his last mount
,n the Grand National being In 1892
on Blllle Taylor, who, however, bolted. Mi. Beasley is thc second son
of Mr. Joseph L. Beasley, of County
Goorgo Gray, th<* Australian phenomenon, established a new record in
English billiards at Southampton,
The young Australian player, proceeding with an unfinished break of
i;87 in Ins match with Nelson, exploited bis (anions losing hazard
stroke to such purpose that when the
aftei no,,n session closed he was still
in play with 1,488 to his credit, or :i(i
more than his previous best. At ilo
time was he in difficulty. Gray added
138 to the afternoon total when he
broke down with his break amounting to 1,576, whicli is n world's record and 17-1 m excess o,' Ins prOV
IOUS highest—1,402. There wns quite
a lot of excitement over tho boy's
wonderful feat ol Bcoring more than
500  losing hazards ofl the  r.-d.
Winnipeg Saturday Post Oh,
Stanley Cup, how many sins Mt" com
mitted in thy name' (Ve had one ol
them on show Wednesday night, and
I a pretty grievous sin it wot I
that Port Arthur-Prince Albert game
Game! Did I say game? 1 apologize; it waB a long wuy from   •
..      .i    ,„ ...,ii   game, and  1 desire to fun  your   at
night m tne famous run: at  t'aklaii.l
. .._.*.u       ....:.._  tention  to the fact  that  1 am      not
Walter  Monnhan.  ono  of  the  many
white hopes, kissed    himself      good-
Cal., when Guni-oat Smith, a nttive
son of the Golden West, threw In a
- '* left and Walter threw a somer -
sa.lt. and the referee did arithmetic
Bums up to nin_-—out. and then icst-
* ng which time Jack Johnson,
who was :u the rner, failed
to come through with tbat     golden
Tbe bout was scheduled for six
:* mde bul Bmith put paid to the account  in the middle ..( the lout   I
i. Th '. . it was not n top
all the while the mill lastt 1 and ut
periods Monihan exhibited „ w .
fui turn f ipeed and a deal ol clevis which -eemed I those
wbo had witnessed h.s previous contests.
Smith came along with a  w '   M
in the fourth round and after drawing his ol to
and then tbe c :rtam tell
tunes of an itber white hope.
Ca.'.. lai    '■'.   :. . Mat'di -'■ ■'   .
* nl:
world    i»  ;tl     ,*. Bl
able as  well a*- tbe
: juri Five
yt-ar** ago he waa a nonentity in     a
IHtle Michigan  •
ong   on   an   apprentice
lamily in want       Hi   tbn ■*     |
job and enter "1 the ring
This is what ho has
\\nn th"    llgh iveighl  I   	
ol the "   rid.
)'* illt a home Ioi  b i moi        '
ei ati'l nine brothers and -*•'■ i
1 :t Hi  • *   In  the  bank.
BoUgbi   a   i     a* rr   lai m    *
wl   it.
Bought a 15000 automobile.
Up •■ ■• ors a..-* . Wolgast    bad
tackled !•■•• i y Job on the call ndal,
with little    ii '■• II*" had been   n
bo0tWack, a farmer, a bnker, a blink
smith, a teamster. „ ngni mnker nnd
even a bead cook in a lumber Damp.
He was almost n lull-fledged cigar -
maker, bnvinc but three  months more
,,t ap| " ti-   • I Ip to serve   when   he
threw up tbe  |i>b nn.l t,,ok    to      the
bonne  game.   All  this time  Wolgast,
as he nays himself, had been a crazy
line. )ust wiinip't .mt around.
Today,    Wolg»*-t,  only   t unity two,
guilty ,,l referi
hockey.     Why. thai wasn't even -good
nhirny, and as for going after     the
Stanley   Cup,  I n 'ver sow th
Ious triumph ol the silversm I
but if ll has three handles,  I'll   bet
real money that  both  . ■
on     one    handle, ai
The 1'naii's have secured a pitcher
called  Gardner Irom  Vancouver.
Ike Owens, the Toronto catcher has
gone to Kentucky to join tho Minneapolis team.
Topeka will havo ni na ol Carl
ILundgren and tha Toronto management will endeavor to place tha
twirler somewhere else.
i Catcher Charley Tonnoman wanted
to go to the Southern League and
will be disappointed by his sale to
Jersey City.
I Regina is very apathetic concerning
ils team in the Western Canada League. The meetings whieh have been
called have not attracted a quorum.
Fred Mitchell and bis bride have
arrived at the Aniiistoii. La., tinin-
Ing ininp of the Rochester team,
There are several other Indies In the
The appointment  of official sc
In tin'  Eastern  League is left lo
respective  clubs.  Tbe Toronto
has named Frederick  Wilson of
Tins is the time ol  year  win II
young "pbenoiiis" are crowding
older  players out   ol  their jobs.
same toes with reverse Knglish about
opening day.
A sqiind of Toronto newspaper men
and others will leave shortly for
Macon, tin. They will join Manager
Kellcy and a number of the players
at  Washington,
When the Chicago Nationals w.nt
Into the dining-room Bof their hotel
at. Now Orleans the colored bend
".niter wanted to know whether they
ivere  "guestB or ball  players."
"Mooncy" Gibson, the Louden catcher with the Pirates, is second in
command. He lakes charge of the
Pittsburgs when Manager Clark,' is
absent. He has been given control
of the recruits.
Jack Dunn has been after Harry
Steinfoldt for Baltimore since it was
announced thai Chicago had asked
for waivers on the third baseman.
Cincinnati refuses to waive. Any
Jack White, tile locnl outfielder,
leaves to report to the Buffalo Club
in that city. He leaves on Friday
afternoon for Washington, thence to
Mllledgeville, C.a., where the Bison
training camp is situated.
Tommy Daly, the well known local
handler ol lacrosse, hockey and other
athlete-, will train the Torontos
this season,
Rochester reported at Anniston.La.
mi Monday. There will lie 83 in the
Hustler camp when all have arrived.
Tommy McMillan, th:> diminutive
shortstop whose iti'ligibility with
Rochoster lasl season, gave Toronto
two games, was the first to report.
it ua**. persistently reporte i thai
rat Powers would become t'.tian* ial-
iy Interested In the Boston Nationals
alter being beaten for the Baseera
League  Presidency  by   Ed,  Harrow.
Secretary Lannlgan of th,' Eastern
League      has   a  new   scheme   to   keep
track ol the work ol the catchers.He
not   think  that  the     backstops
.-. t   ,*: ,   igh  credit   for  the  work they
md they «       ■ lor in
■   blanks this  reason.
the f ineral  of  'he late   -
.*   ■ the
; ral
Reports from the Boston American
train ng quarters indicate that Jack
'I'h* ny's great throwing arm will
never be strong again. Tha star of
the Heel, two-headed fieldor began to
set that afternoon at Diamond Park
when be wrenched his shoulder sliding back to lirst linse. BoBton "ill
probably lot him go.
Montreal,    March 20.   Agents     lor
Moriuonism ale active in Montreal.
They are distributing literature
throughout the city. They are endeavoring by personal intercourse to
persuade members of ninny churches
to accept, the doctrines of the so-called Church of Jesus.
After some careful sleuthing on thc
part of members of a missionary society here it, has been learned that
iwo elders of ihe Mormon church
have hi'in very successful during lhe
past two months in getting converts.
Most of Mormons still practice polygamy and are putting up a strong
light again-t those who are attacking their methods and arguments in
proselyting, The Hon. Winston
Churchill in the British house of commons Jins just started an Investlga -
tion into the ways of the Mormons
throughout the British Empire and
Canadians who object to them are
furnishing Iiim with valuable Information ns to their movements in Canada.
Montreal, March IS.—The ollicial
announcement was made for the first
time here yesterday as to tho probable date of the opening of the
Canadian Northern railway Irom ocean to ocean. D. B. Hanna, on
route for Quebec, stated that the
several links would bc hltchod up by
the fall of 1814, aud the third vico-
presidont also confirmed the statement to the effect that the llvo hundred mile stretch from Sudbury to
Port Arthur will be built in two
years'    time.       Mr,  Hnmin likewise
expects that there will bc no less
than six trains running daily from
Montreal and Toronto to the Pacillc
const, two to be operated by thc 0,
P, ft,, two by the Grand Trunk I'acilic, and also two by the Canadian
Northern. Mr. llanun snid he could
foretell the time when a daily boat
will travel from Great Britain to
Canadian port-.
Shikhh Gure
quickly stops coughs, enrcs colds, heals
the  throat nnd   lungs. •   •   - 25 cents.
Merritt, March J.!.—Merritt's Incorporation  has  been  authi'olzcd    by
1 the Provincial government and the
civic elections will be held in the
course of two or three weeks. It, is
generally    conceded that Isaac  Enst-
! wood will bc the first mayor by acclamation, but there will be a lively
contest for scats at the council board
there being no less than ten candidates in the tield, only six of whom
can be elected.
Revelstoke   Land   District.
Ilistrict of West Kootenay.
Take     notice     thnt    Clan nre    II.
Schock,  of  Mount  Joy,  I'n.,  occupation coal merchant, intends t,, apply
for     permission to purchase the following described lands:—
Commeacing at «  Post planted    at
lhe     south     east corner of Lot   7G36
th'iicc  north  GO  chains,   thence    cast
.l't*  chains  more  or  less  to  the    Inn'
I of   Arrow   Lakes   Lumber  Co.'s  Timber      Limit,  tbence  south lill    chains
thonce  west 10 chains more or    less
to place of commencement and    containing about 2-10 acres.
|    Dated  19th  March,   1911,
Ed. McOagbran, Agent.
i>RrNRK!SNi.s.s  can  re rt m;i>
OM Fallacy That Drunkenness Cannot
Be Cured Exploded.
Many men drink who desire In Mop
the habit. Whisky, however, lias undermined the constitution .md crt'ltten
a craving that is not to be denied,
and the man must have whisky ui
something that will remove ihe craving and build up tile system and restore  the  nerves.
Samaria Prescription stops the craving, steadies the nerves. builds up the
general health and makes drink actually distasteful anil nauseous. It Is
tasteless and odorless, und can be given with or without thc patient's
knowledge, in tea. coffee or ton,I. H
is used regularly by Physicians and
Hospitals. It has cared thousands tn
Canada, and restored happiness to
hundreds of homes.
Read   what   Mrs.   G. .   of-  Hull,
ssys of it and what it did  for her:
"Il is four months in-day snici» 1
started tn use your f.em^dy I inllow-
ed th** directions, and had i'i>* he*-i of
results, tine Week alter 1 siait.d using your Kerne-l*. the patient slopped
drinklnR. and has nol drunk a kIhss
of liquor -since. I liopf yon will accept
my heartfelt fl.anks Hoiunsf God will
bless your Kemedy whenever trl,d. 1
Mrs.  O— .   Hull,   Que.
(Name   withheld   bv   request.)
Now. If ther*' is anyone in your
•own who needs th's Remedy, tell
thnt of it. Praeiio.il philanthropy
ran take nn better form. If you have
a husband, father, brother or friend
who drinks, help them help themselves     Write  to-day,
A  FRKK Ttm.M. PACK AGE of Sn-
msrla.   with   Ilooklet  steins   full   par-
tteulars.       directions,       testimonials,
price, ete., will be sent in i plain seeled paekajre to anyone mentioning this
paper     Correspondence  sacredly confidential.    The inai packaee alone h^s
■ ;•       il.     Wr.te to-day.   The Samaria   Remedy   Co.,   Dept.   46-49,  Col
',   •   nto,     Canada.      Also
-ale  by '.'.  R.  Macdonald. Drug-
e ■•   Eb ...-•■ .-.•    li. 0.
Sealed Tenders are invited for the
erection of Six Chalets of Swiss design nt the C. P. It. Swiss Village,
"Edelweiss"  near Golden,  II.  0,
Plans and Specifications mny be
obtained on application to thc undersigned. All applications must bc
accompanied by a certified cheque for
$10.00, which will be returned on the
receipt of bona fide tender and the
return of the plans and specifications
Tenders are to be delivered not
later than 9 a.m. on Saturday, April
1st, 1911, addressed to
Manager,    Irrigation.     Alberta
and B. C. Lands, Canadian Pacific Railway  Company, Calgary
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Richard H. Tiiieman, deceased.— All
persons having nny claims or demands against the above deceased,
R. H. Trueman, lately carrying ou
business as photographer at True-
man's Studio, Tt'.'.l Georgia street,
nnd wbo died nt St. Paul's hospital,
Vancouver, on 22nd February, 1911,
aro required to send the particulars
thereof to us, niid all persons indebted or liable to the above deceased, are required to pay the amount of their Indebtedness or liability, to us the undersigned, on or before thc 31st March,  Kill,
Thc Dominion Trust Co., Ltd.
Dominion Trust Building,
Vancouver,  B.C.
KOOTENAY     LODGE,  No. 15 A.  F.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held iu MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
ou the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially  welcome
W.  13.  ROBERTSON,  Secretary.
SELKIRK     LODGE 12,  1. O.  0.  F.
Meets every Thursday evening iu
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invitod.
K. 0. McKAli, N. C,
JAS.  MATHIE,   Secretary.
COURT     MT.     BEGBIE,   No. 34(11.
Meets in I. 0.. 0. F. Hall next to
Tapping's Opera House every second
and lourtb Monday iu mouth. Visit-
iug  brethren cordiully  welcomed.
G. W. BELL, 0. It.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,  Rcc.-Sec.
GOLD RANGE LODGE,      K.  of    P.,
MO.   1st,,   HalVtiLSTOKE,   B.   C.
Meets every   Wednesday  except    tho
Third  Wednesday ol each month      in
Oddfellows'  Hall at 8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights are cordially  invited.
J.  Y.  SIMPSON, C. C.
G. 11. BROCK,  K.  ol It. &. S.
M. ol F.
C.  W.  O.  W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Meets Second    and     Fourth Wcduea
days    in each  month  in    Selkirk
Hull.     Visiting  Woodmen are
cordially invited to utieud
H.  Vi. EDWARDS, Con. Com.
JAMES  MciM'wtK,  Clerk.
Barristers,   Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial  Bank  Builuiiig  Uevelstoke,. B. C.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Rovelstoke,    B.    C,     nnd
Cranbrook, B.  C.
Geo. S. MeCarter,
A.  M. Pinkham, J. A.  Harvey,
Revelstoke, Crauurook
Provincial  Land   Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
Teacher of Voice,  Piano and Organ
Pupils  prepared  for  Toronto  Conservatory of    Music.      Local  examinations.
(Dr. J 0. Morrlbon) (Mr Ceo H   Qrecn
Vancouver and Suburban
Real Estate
Coquitlam Acreage and
Lots a specialty
Special attention given to Mail orders or Inquiries
402 Dominion Trust Bldg., Vancouver, H.C
In   thc     Mutter   of the     Estate    ot
Thomas   McMahon,  deceased;
Notice is hereby given that all
creditors aiid others having claims
against the Estate o! Thomas McMahon, late ot Revelstoke, B. C, do-
censed, who died at Revelstoke on or
nlHjut the 10th day ol November, 1910
arc requested to send to the undersigned Solicitors for Donald Mcintosh, Executor ol the last will of
said deceased, within (ill days from
date, full particulars ol tlicir claims,
duly verified, and that after that
date the said Executor will proceed
to distribute the said estate amongst
tiiosc entitled thereto, regard being
had only to those claims ot which
said Executor shall have ihen received notice.
Dated March 15th,  1911.
Solicitors of Donald Mcintosh,
Executor of the Last Will
Revelstoke Lund District.
District of  West Kootenay.
Take notice that the Canadian Pa
cilic Railwny Company intends to
apply Ior permission to lease the
fo,lowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
the shore lino of Upper Arrow Lake;
said post bearing South It degrees
West ii distance ol 'i'ii leet trom tbe
South East corner ol Block 49 ol the
registered loivn site ol Nakusp, ill
Lot 397 G. 1 Arrowhead, and ills
liict, tin,ice Westerly along said
-hole Inn a distance of 3860 feet to
a point; aid point bearing South 41
degrees, WeBt a distance ol 887 leet
from tht Head block of South leg
of Nakusp Wye; thence south into thc
Waters ol Upper Arrow Lako a distance ol KIM) leet, thence Easterly and
Parallel to the Shore lino of said
lake a distance ol 3850 feet, thenoe
North a distance of 800 feet to true
point of commencement, containing
0.8 ncriM more or less!
in,t,*,i Fabruary 9th, 1911.
Tho Can idlan Pacilic RBllway Company, Per E. W. Batemsa, Local
Right ol Wuy aud Lease Agent, Van
Rovelstoko Land District.
District ot West Ko0tenay.
Tnke notice that B. M. Hicks, of
Greenwood, B. C, occupation laborer, intondB to apply for permission
tu purchase tho following described
Commencing at a post plnnted on
the north shore of Trout, Lako, about
three and three-Quarter miles west
Irom thc town of Gcrrard, adjacent
to S.E. Corner ul Lot 79116, thence 8*0
chains cast, thenco 20 chains south,
or to lako shore, thence 80 chains
west, or [ollowing lake shore to
point of commencement.
Dated February 4th, 1911.
Rovelstoko Lund District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notico that Corcena Cornish
Kennedy of Rovelstoke, occupation,
married woman, intends to apply lor
permission to purchase the following
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted
about 10 chains in a southerly direction from thc south wost corner ot
Lot 3114, thcoco wost 40 chains,
thenco south 40 chains thenco cast
■in chains to the west shore of Upper
Arrow Lake, thenco north along tho
lako shore to point of commencement
Containing about 160 acros.
Dated January  19th, 1911.  ...
Per M.  Grady, Agent.
Certificate of Improvements.
Glad Hand Mineral Claim, situated
in the Trout Lake Mining Division of
West Kootenay District. Whcro located:-At head of Seven Miie Creek
nnd adjoin ng the Winslow Mineral
Tasc Notice thut I, O.B.N. Wilkic,
acting ns agent for Bruco White, F.
ivl.o. B'2IW0», William Bennett, F. M.
C. B252ill, and Nettie Davey, F. M.
C. No. B25561, Intend sixty days from
date hereoi, to npply to tho Mining
Recorder for a certificate of lm-
piovenit nts, tor the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of tho above
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance cf Buch
Certilicate of Improvements.
Dated Ninth day of March, 1911.
0. B.  N.  WILK1E, B.C. L.S.
Trout Lake, B. C.
Revelstoko Laud  District.
District of  West  Kootenay.
Take notice that Basil R. Reynolds, of Revelstoke, li. C, occupation clerk, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described  lauds:
Commencing nt a post planted at
the south west corner of Lot 7818,
thence enst 80' chaius, thenco south
6 chains to the north east corner
of Lot 71)13, thence along line oi
said Lot 40 chains, west 40 chains
south and 20 chains west to line ot
Lot 2112, thence along line of said
Lot 40 chains and 20 chains west to
tlio north west corner, thence about
6 chains north to place ol commencement.
Dated March 1st, 1911.
Agent  John  Sahw.
Revelstoke Lund  District
District of West Kooteuay.
Take notice thut 1, Mary Selkirk,
of Vancouver, occupation, married
woman, intends to apply for permission to purchaso tho following
described lunds.
Commencing at a post planted at
tho N. E. Corner ot Lot 6140 Q.I,,
and marked M. S.'s S. E. Corner,
thence north 80 chains, thence west
70 chains, theuco south 40 chains,
thence east 20 chains, theuco south
40 chains, thenco east 50 chains,
to point ot commencement, containing 480 acres.
Dated January 9th, 1911.
Per O. P. Smith. Agrat.
Reveletoke Lund District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that William Kennedy,
ol Kevelstoke, B. C, occuparion, Special Countable, iiiienilo to apply (or permission io pniclinnc the following (le-
icrilud lands.
Commencing at u post planted at
ti e south-east   corner   ol   Lot   50151),
In in-'*  ti i" "I if,   tbence   west
20 clmiue to pre-emption No. 262,
hence north io chnins, thence east 80
attains, thence tomb 66 chains to Lot
No 8H45, tliencu wesl 40 chains, thence
iuu.li L'clii,iiih to Lot No. 1189, thence
*em 20 I'liniii to point ol commence-
Daltd Jsiiuarv 7th,-lllll.
Wl 1.1.1 AM KENNEDY.
Per T W, Bain, Agent.
Affords Htipt'iitu1 etlucftltonul ncfvarr*
tagesi HhnoBOnve new brick bonding,
modern equipment, extensivegrotinds<
Classes graded In accordance with the
-schools throughout thin Province.
Complete Music and An Departments.
Special I'ouiM". in Shorthand) Type*
writing nnd Bookkeeping Particular
attention given io refinement of man*
iut*. and correct English.
n RMt) Mom hvm;
For rro6|iefct,5 Ad'.iross Thi Ao.dimy, THE   MlAIXj-HIErR.AJLr),    BEYELSTOKE
Watch   window   for    Big
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. flume & Co., Aimited
Mail   or    Telephone    your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.    Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
We'll shako thc snow frnin hats and shoon
And put our Springtime raiment on.
Spring is upon us and nature is slowly awakening from
her winter sleep. The birds,
sure harbingers of Spring, are
on the wing.
It is Spring, and each day
sees new merchandise placed
on our tables and counters.
You will find an ever
changing kaleidoscope of fashion in our new Dry Goods
Department this Spring.
We announce our   Spring 1911
Millinery  Opening  and Dress Fa
bric Display  on  Thursday, March
23rd,   all   Day   and   Evening.    All
are cordially invited to inspect our
House Cleaning Wants
This is the season of the year
when your mind turns to the hard
task of house-cleaning. Let us
help to make your work lighter
and easier. Get the necessary
goods and your work will be done
quicker and easier. Old Dutch
Cleanser, Ammonia, Soaps, Pear-
line, Washing Powder, Washing
Soda, Gold Dust, Sapolio, Blue,
Starch, Washboards, Brooms,
Mops, Scrub Brushes, and Bon
Ami all help the housewife.
Fish for Lent
At this the Lentel season most
everyone is asking for Pish. We
have a complete list:
Labrador Herring, Holland Herring, Sea Trout,' Mackerel, Salmon Bellies, Stock Fish, Dried
Codfish, Herring in Tomato Sauce,
and all the Canned Fish on the
Selected Seeds
The few bare spots of earth
suggest to us the time of sowing
and planting. In a few days you
will all be digging and cultivating
whatever space you can spare in
your back yards for the season's
vegetables, and your front lawns
will soon be suggesting to you the
need of flowers. We are prepared
to fill all your orders for garden
and flower seeds. We buy the
best selected seeds on the market.
Garden and Flower Seeds in bulk
and packages. Timothy seed,
White and Red Clover Seed, Lawn
grass seed.   All pure seeds.
Carpet and Drapery Department
Showing Many New Arrivals
During the past week we have been busy placing in stock
the finest assortment of new Spring house furnishings ever
offered to the Revelstoke public. Courteous salesmen to
show you through, whether you wish to buy now or later.
Lace Curtains and
Curtain Goods
We are showing a very
choice range of these goods
in White, Ivory, Ecru and
Arab. Fine Battenberg and
Irish point curtains. Madras
muslin in creams and colored
effects suitable for curtains
or draperies. Choice Bim-
galo and Egyptian cluny nets,
plain and colored scrims.
Direct importation from the
Scotch mills.
See our Special Display for
Carpet Squares
and Rugs
Our stock includes the very
newest patterns, in Axmin-
ster, Wiltons, Brussels, Tapestry's and Velvets. See the
new pro-Brussels rugs for
bedrooms and living rooms.
Can't be beat at the prices:
$12, $14, $16, $17.50
Floor Oil Cloths and
We are just taking in stock
our new spring assortment of
Floor Oilcloths, Printed and
Inlaid Linoleum, imported
direct from Scotland, in 6,
9. and 12ft. wide goods. A
choice range in the newest
Window Shades
If you are building or furnishing your home, the matter of Shades is a matter of
importance from a view of
artistic appearance and general utility. We carry in
stock the regular sizes, and
are prepared to make to order shades any size. See the
Lancaster shade cloth, plain
cream, green and combination colors, does not crack or
pinhole. A very desirable
shade at reasonable prices.
If any of the little girls or
boys whose names appeared
in this advertisement last
week, will bring this notice to
the Dry Goods Department
they will receive a free gift.
C. B. HUME & CO.
Friday Bargain in Turkish
Towels, at 25c. each
100 dozen dt«rk Turkish Towels—Did
you see them in the window Wednesday—
If you did, no need to say anything about
the value of the towels. They are going
on Friday at each 25c.
Val and Torchon Lace on
Fridry at 5c. per yard
1000 yards of Val and Torchon Lace,
white and ecru. You can get all you want
of them on Friday at 5c. per yard.
Hay, Flour and Feed
Look around before you buy
your Flour and Feed. Often in
asking for prices you can save a
few dollars. This is what we aim
to do. Save you money by quoting you prices on Hay, Oats,
Wheat, Bran, Shorts, Chops,
Corn Meal, and Flour. Two cars
just arrived.
Mens Hew Spring Styles
Whether you buy your
clothes from us or not we
would be delighted to
show you our new Spring
styles in 20th Century
Brand bench-tailored garments. They are admittedly the leaders in style
and an inspection of them
will put you right on the
style question,
A style for every size
and build.
We invite your inspection of these goods, and
we know that we can
please you.
Our prices are right.
Fruits and .Vegetables
The new Vegetables and Fruits
are now arriving in the best of
condition, and although the quantities are not very great yet the
quality is good. Green Onions,
Celery, Ripe Tomatoes, Cabbage,
Cauliflower. The new Naval
Oranges "are" cheaper than for
some time past, as are also Grape
Fruit, Lemons and Apples. Now
is the time for these goods.
Great Slater Shoe Sale
Still Going On
We have still about Seventy pairs of the celebrated Slater shoes on sale at cut prices. You could
not wish for better styles or better leathers at the
regular prices. At the bargain prices you will be
more than delighted.
Don't be afraid to come and see them. They are
all on the table where you may examine them thoroughly. The regular prices are stamped on the shoe
by the makers - look for this price and note the sale
Remember this sale will last only this week—after
then then the same shoes will sell at stamped prices.
$4 Shoes $3.25 $4.30 Shoes $3.35
$5 Shoes $3.65 $3.50 Shoes $3 95
$e Shoes $4.26   $7.00 Shoes 4.23 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22, 1911
Millinery! Millinery!
New arrivals by Express of Fashionable Hats
-the Latest Spring Eastern Styles. We invite
your inspection of this new consignment.
.!. I'l. IJi'liliui, apparently insrn',
waa taken to the police Btatlon on
Monday, ami appeared before
tlm magistrate on Tuesday morning.
Tho accused pleaded thai ne liad
come from Calgary and had been
working nrouinl the city atoms lately. Aisked a*- to what storea hj
liml been at, he replied McLeinan's
Lawrence's and Taylor's, out i i'i!d
not remember bhe last place he had
been employed.
Chiel nf Police Parry Informed the
magistrate  that the in.in was found
Iaimlessly wandering about tho bush,
nnd climbing telegraph polos. Tho
magistrate thereupon remanded the
ense fm- three days in order tlat the
man-might be duly examined as     to
! bis sanity.
ERIKSON—At Malakwa, II. C,     on
March noth,  1911,  Clarence Warlde-
mare  Krikson.  son  ol  Hilda      and
B.  Vi. Erikson, aged four years.
Mrs. H.dten will not receive on
Thursday tht 23rd.
The Band ol H.;ie will meet in the
city hall on Friday afternoon,
Mrs. H. A. Brown of Sicamous,  is
visiting with friends in  ihe city.
Fred Forrest and Chas. CarUon, of
Ali,'rt Canyon, are in the city.
Mrs. Cressman will not receive nn
Friday, nor again until further notice.
Chas. A Barnum of thc Diamond
Mills Co., left on Sunday evening on
a business trip to thc coast.
There is something to interest the
boys and girl- in 0, B. Hume and
Co.'s advertisement this issue .
The tea in aid of St. Jobn's church
at Mr. J. P. McLennan's borne, will
be ou tonight as well us this afternoon.
The Cricket club has commenced
correspondence with the Kamloops
eleven for a game iu that city on
May .'1th.
Sergeant EUlison of the Nelson police for* e passed through this city
in Monday morning conveying an
imbecile to New  Westminster.
Monday night Fred Young and .village Morgan played the tinal Ior the
Bret and second gold medal at Mc-
Kinnon's. resulting in a win lor the
McKmnon's  pool  room,  owing    to
the crowded condition of their  pres-
■   , ..*: tera pening up at oth
er    billiard and    pool to,tn in     tho
city, - ■■ -    I tb» tables being now on
thc ground, and everything     will be I
arranged • ever Increasing
busir.* H,
Fred Vo ing, '■l.c winni i * I thi
touniamen'. at  McKinnon's and    the
first  gold medal, will play Wolverton
•ver  town  fot   the  rbatnpu c-hip
of the city at McKinnon's ; 1 ro, m
•■ night,  -...is  nnil   tecide who .-    in
titled to the bonor of bn:
;n  the city.
The     Revelstoke   District   Sun-day
school  as.-ociati *n   will   L
e nvention   ■'. two sessions on Fnlay
afternoon     ail evening,     Add
a:. : ro-::.; '.a- It      nferen ■*-    will    be
held at be I Rev.  I.      Vi.
(Vliliamsi •   ol  '- ■      •■ si * end      Mr.
Carter ol ' 'hicafo, «
afternoon and evening meet
special   ■      e for the I
It. .    ,l.  w.  >•* A.,
paatoral  I b irgi I '■'" -
day evening    r
rch.        Th. '       Kain-
to be deliven
,n_- mim'jteri
of men n I
ten  ■   .n the congrt gat on   -
f r.
We lmve just received a shipment <>f White Clover Honev put up iti
five lb. cans, which we will guarantee to be absolutely Pure Honey,
and as this is the season for honey ue would advise you to iry thia if
yoo wish tn get the genuine artie'e.
The name "Wagstafle speaks (or itself in regard to quality, We have
a lull assortment ol this Pure Jain including Strawberry, Raspberry,
Peach, Plum, Black Currant and Apiicot.
A.  HOBSON,        Baker and Grocer.
It is quite possible that In the
near future the V. M. O.A. building
may be enlarged and beautified. At
a meeting of the directors held last
Friday night, it. was decided to nsi;
the C.P.R, for tho sum of $8,500'
with which to clear oil the debt, on
the building and also to do sume
Improving. Whal. tho Improvements
are bas not yet been definitely decided upon, but It is possible that
nn addition may be made to the
A committee consisting ol Messrs.
Kincaid, Pratt, Lyons, Gordon and
Thomson, was appointed to enquire
ns to the cosl of preparing the lawn
In front the building for lawn bowling. Mr. R. Howson, president of
the association, kindly offered u cup
for competition In howling on the
green, and it is likely great interest
will bc taken in this sport the coming Bummer.
Is one of the most import'
ant items in your business
will look after this branch   of
the business for you.
Kjootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Successors tu Kincaid & Anderson
Ai Bl Dl       Store  vi u  vill
many  ran   * nd   "i ei
Perl' • '■  "■  i' ''ii' 'i
collei '■' n, wl li h sri    ood st
. i .i di      ii   ' *'
ing fragrance, suclt as "ill pies e
the ni''-i particular
;       * - i ."*' lo   ■
Bews' Drugstore
i   .    lii "i   HLt H I.
The  Vancouver     Province      states
that among the Improvements which
tbe C.P.R. will carry out *Ihm season
Is a  new   hi i* k  and stone    '   tion  for
Vernon at  a  Cost  of  $3(1,000.        This
confirms the    promise mad,
board  of trade last  year i>>
Kilpatrick, and  *-  a  piece of      news
that   will   give   much   sal Isfai
our citisens.—Vernon  N
\   good  program  for  tonight   only
is   promised at I
which  Includes the films '
Substitute,'   "Whal  ihe Daisiet
"Her l'i"':' - W 111."     On Friday and
•Saturday  an entire i hangi
gram Will  be  given  at :dms
for   which    will
son's BplendWly    ta
I    ,  .
•iief I y
drama and   "Thi   ffoi   *
Tl.,  provincial poulti J.R.
Terry,  will  vimt  Bevi
3rd to discuss with  ;■ :.try-
men cooperative methods lor market-
, ,ultry products,     lb*
... itinerary     Lal
Prairie,     Salmon  Arm,    Cranbrook,
ilran*! F I ■    and  Ri
■ omi the I hy
M A    .lull.
The Po ut: ■.      ■ ■ ■
;     ,i  the     ii**
,    \1   \        f   Kee
• ii the
Ontario congregal   n wei »d al
the . • *
:i pa '..i    but as 11 to re
ol health thett wa   no   other
i  that "i     per-
*. * i,  the Pt
tery   L-raii'i' I        I'.' '■,   J.    V    Bi ■■vinnn,
i.l   Wtnntpt '  *i   ni'i'b'rn
,  of  the  K  *' ii  ■   ■
gal loi mi       u ini      fi f
Winnipeg   Tele
prnm.    Mi      Btevenaon   will occupy
the pulpit ot Hi   .1 iim'   Preabyterlan
church on Bund iy noil
Merritt, March 15.—A line new
big four-room sch"„l for Merritt has
been authorized by the department
of education nt Victoria and ns B00n
as rhe trustees can agree on a site
tinders will be called for and work
will start Immediately, The present
two-room school was built two years
ago, but it has long since outgrown
its use,illness. The present school
Will he used for a continuation class
and high school. There are at present 15'J pupils in attendance at the
public school and lhe trustees anticipate a big increase next term.
jag cay IN COURT
Number of Drunks Appear Before
Police Magistrate
- ■
* *
• *
the clt
' "mi     VI ,   •
:   M
ii*|i  *
man ted tl
,     * ..
Ada Muir, writing in the Winnipeg
Voice on the cruelty of nny compulsory vaccination law, says:
The following are the names of a
few children who Iiave been saved
trom smallpox by vaccination. To
save spine 1 am not publishing full
n Idresses, but any reader interested
may have them:
Oct. 17.—Wm. Klutz, aired 7 years,
died from lockjaw caused by vaccination.
i let, 32—Edward It. Berry, aged t*.
1 e.l from cerebri,-spin il meningitis
I   by  vaccination.
ii t 28—Gwendolyn Brasher, aged 6
died  (rom  lockjaw caused by  vaccina
Oct 28—Charles Ware, aired 9, died
Irom  lockjaw caused  bj   vaccination.
'"! ji Ircher Ansell, aged 5, died
from  lockjaw caused  bj   vaccination.
Nov. lb—Lulu Terwilliger, aged '.'.
ca   "l by vaccina-
S v. et Graham,
tn lock.aw cause.I by vaccina
English Marconi Stock Man Fets
Into New York Court
Quite a bilge number of Uevelstoke
people will have a faint recoiled imi
"i a promoter named Geo. 11. Mun
ine, who some years ago passed
through here selling Knglish Marconi
stock. The fact Unit'some $16,000
was fleeced Irom itevelstoke citizens
in two days is sufficient reason for
Iheir recollection of this man. Those
who were taken in will read with con
siik'iahle relish Ihe following from
the New York Evening Journal     of
Manh   llth:
Two men who loured the count ry
selling   English   Marconi   stock for
(Ieorge II. Munroe, prpmotor, <m
trial for fraudulently usiugthc mails
'although witnesses for the defence,
gave evidence that did lillie toward
helping the slock broker In his light
lo escape prison. Ono ol these men.
G, II. Robinson, who gave llie stock
company a golden future Irom the
| lecture platform, swore that his talks
were misleading from start to finish,
Whon court reconvened today, the
prosecution called several witnesses
in rebuttal.
Many of Munroe's alleged victims
were in court, and Robinson's re -
niinriation of platform promises Ihut
won  their savings,  made them  gasp.
Robinson declared that the lecture
he delivered all over thc United States, Australia and Canada was filled
with  misleading statements.
"What was false?" asked Mr. Crocker, attorney for Munroe.
"1 lirst said we came out to educate the people."
'"lhat was false.'" inquired Mr.
"What  next?"
"Then thnt we wanted to let the
people bave the shares In order to
prevent the trusts Irom getting hold
of the stock."
"Tbat was false?"
"And next?"
"That the Marconi Company bad
the only Instruments capable of
trans  milting  wireless  messages."
'Was that false?"
'Absolutely, In fact, all ol the lee
ture was misleading or false."
Robinson was then excused, and
John .1. Kelly, who also lectured for
Munroe, was put on the stand. He
said that Robinson's lecture was
handed over to him, but that before
delivering it he eliminated the false
anil misleading statements. He said
he sold 3,1<ni shares of Marconi. He
Bald he did not know il the stock
had ever been delivered.
William A. Ryan, anothei witness.
admitted that it was common talk
among the ollice stall of .Munroe and
Munroe that Robinson's lectures were
filled with misleading and false state
P. Ii. Ferguson, the firsl Becretary
nnd treasurer of the United Shoe
Shining Company, was then put on
the stand In an endeavor to Bhow
thai negotiations were started with
",mi-is of shoe shining stands
throughout thc city, but not with
very great success. He eould only recall the names of two proprietors of
such stands with whicli negot nit ions
had been carried on. The government
ha shown that in addition to selling
Wireless stock, .Munro" sold considerable stock in a company formed to
control   New   York's   bootblack Btands
Wc desire to express our      ilooere
gratitude t,, our many Irlends      who
extended  Mwii    ympathy in uh dur
Ing the illness "i our  ..n. and for the
contributions ol wreaths nnd flowers.
Mr. and  Un,  lv  Vi   Rrlksott,
A package   if I Mam Bread' ial food
*.eith   i*   i i
of so ni  i " pounds of Plncbei Crert
Alberta Besl Flour al l'  Clallli an i'
Sen.ml   -licet,   'a   I
I   'ih   rifle ilull ba.'* commenti
rrrular weekly pinctb'es for  tin    m
Mai,". .' li.   U.   C* '"J"*
Th    Na
to lay
all world
i.   of   a
for ali
:   March
. ,i*  *    ling to the
• *:.'
i  i a
r by   Ma
r ■■
•h* . fully
I*'.** ol
11.   ■
• ii
ihi lore,      sug
i n' ol the
pi       ni    of   the
A111. • i       ' ,h.l   i l„*      Pl      -I  nt
.,f thi m ." ■   nl
mul to i in* i      re
■  ins al  iIt tli    i"' i
nun *itl   in. ■ i ,1 ii   ll iniiii'inl
iit,"ii  nf  tin      '.*iii"nal    I'liiinii
Ilor It* ■dopi
Pi i) le ol Revelstoke wishing to
leain something about poultry, how
to raise them for the table ami to
gel the most eggs, also how to fat
i n, kill and pluck and dress them
for the table, should be at thc city
hall nil Monday April 3rd, at K p.m.
tu hear Mr. Terry, thc provincial
poultry expert of Victoria, late of
Gut Iph Agricultural Collogo. He will
give I, demonstration ol killing and
dressing als,, point out the type most
desirable lor each branch of the utility side of poultry. Everybody
Bring the boya and girls. Tbey
may want tn kill a chicken lor their
dinner sume day*
s.iw is ih ■ time to gel ready fm
the fall and winter hows, then* will
' l*m thia y.'ai
Eggs for Hatching
I   ! | 'I   I * ..■
.  ,   ||
|i i   d|(| chiel
•   "i Phom
Eggs for Hatching
'.', hiii I,        ii I'ei    hi  tied b)
■ nnil  l''l I
I .      '      *-:
Hew Embroideries
Our showing of Embroideries for Spring is
unequalled for variety and low prices and comprises
a line showing of Edgings, insertion, Beadings, All-
overs, Flouncings, etc. We would call particular
attention to our now Corse.l Cover Embroideries in
whieh we arc showing some cf the newest and daintiest production of thc season in French Eyelet, Dimity Stripes and Cross Bar.
Laces and Trimming
Wc are showing some exquisite designs in Valenciennes, Torchons, (.handily, Plauven and other
Uees wi h insertions to match, We have a grand
lol of Insertion and Applique for wash dresses in
white, cream, Paris, ecru and black.
Dressmaking Department
Is iii charge o( MISS GRANT and is ready for
business. Our line ol Dress Goods of all kinds is
New Blouses
Our Blouses will surely ap- 'tjjjS
peal   iii   all    lovers of  pretty   M^cJ
* 'y'*\\S^
wearing apparel,     A   lot  of    "Vi?
i y<'
them have short sleeves, some
have Dutch necks and every
ow is (lie besl of lhe many
makers from whom we selected
our slock.
New Store Opposite City Hall
w About A lew Suit
Made to Order
Our Spring Samples for Suits and
Spring Overcoats just arrived.
We guarantee a perfect lit, stylo
and well tailored garments at
fair and honest prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Rctorm Clothing
Fool-Rite Shoe
John J. Devine
Rtvtlitoke, it i .
* : ■ ■	
Suits of Styie end Quality
Now our Spring stocks aro in tho full bloom
of freshness and beauty. Como in antl sec
them. The success of this Store is due to the
I'aii thai every suit and overcoat bought hero
has stood the lest of service. In the lirst
place the making is of the best. Our tailors
are the sort that will not wink at careless
workmanship. Designing is done by the
cleverest tailors in the business. WE CAN
.S 1 .*> to *:*.">
K'cRae Mercantile Co., Ltd.
The Stvle Shop for Men and Boys Who Know
il ; . j
WANTED     1 Imi..'iniiil to ilo itcncral   WANTED-f'.irl     tor     ccttoral   houso
wmk.     Apply to Mrs.      W. \    work.     Apply Mnil-Hcmlfl office.
TO    RHNT-Hight roomod    modem
.,,,*,       ,     ,   b(J|  ,   , .,.1.,lli;     house,      Full k|Z, cellar ami attic
rooms,    Applj t,, dr.. tjiticc.
Movin ; Pieturu tonight.
Available April [at, at -MO.OO per
month. Apply lievelstoke General
Aitenries, Ltd.


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