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The Mail Herald Mar 23, 1910

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Array The
Vol. 16-No. 22
$2 50 Per Year
to Promise
We have just   put in  a
window of genuine
Bargains in
Making a Choice of any
article in the Window
At One Dollar
Three Men Killed at the New City Council Turn Down School
Power Dam
Board Request
jjj.   Ii'itj   liycl :.■ tiii   plnnl,   for      which   to the i pie tot- n mini ,,f S:i(l,(l
■J      Mi- -i-     Newman  ,y   Co.,  nl  Winnipeg,   building       :i        now school
hnvo  lho
wore   'hi
Among them are a selection of Vases which sold
at from $1.50 to $3.00.
Royal Doulton & Wedge-
wood Jugs, hand painted
China. All good lines at
Bargain Prices.
school BOARD
1 Lawrence Hardware Co.
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
An A- An An At An At At An A- An Ah An An An At An An A' An Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay
TTTTTTTTTTVTTTTT    •     *     *     ■W     ■*?    ■>    T     ■*     *      •     •      •
Phone 251.        Quick Delivery.        P. 0. Box 181
Birds of
a Feather
Flock together they say.
You will be more than
pleased with your dinner
if you let us supply you
with aaeat, whether it be
Poultry, Beef, Veal, Mutton or Pork
Green Bones Chopped for Your Chickens Daily
Tenderloins, Spare Ribs,   -j
Steaks,  Chops, Ox Tails \
for   Soup,    Boiling   and
Stewing Meats.
We cater to particular
people and satisfy them
every time.
Phone orders promptly
"attended to.
Our Store is well stocked with the materials for this
necessary work. We carry ALABASTINE and
MURESCO the Sanitary Wall Finishes in all colors.
Floors, Oil
FLOORGLAZE, an excellent enamel
Cloth or Furniture.
GRAN ITI NE a hard Varnish that will stand wear.
Oil and Varnish Stains, Furniture Polish.
A full line of Sherwin-Williams Paints,  Varnishes,   Linseed Oil, Handcraft Stains. White Lead, etc.
Brooms, Brushes, Mops, Snap and all kinds of Washing
The I'oninuiniiy  ol   lievelntoke      Innl Alter  n   Imiu   mid   heutod  discussion,
another  terrible shock on  M lay  nf- details of which uiil uppear in     our
ti-in.i.ui  when  lhe  news  reached      lhe next      issue- over   lhe  letter from   lhe
.in  thai  three men lind been killed ul school  triiHleeH     to    ihr Cilj   Council
tin- n.'U  dam  being  constructed al il"' pi'titiotiijig that n bylaw  bo viiliniiih.il
SMo.ooo I.
..im ni.     The nii'il  killed block     50     un Sixth       Street, oast,
uul.-..,     n  I'lnn. who wn- iii" City  Council   passed   n   rnsoliition,
in i-li.u... ol rock blasting  operations;    v.-.l bj     Aid.     Itews, tocondod    bj
• luliii  ii-iii.   .in   I. .l.iii,1.1   I    Winni Mil,   McCarty,  That   the  City  Council
|..M.  who     li rl     worked  with  Messiv    i' innni. I     ilim   iln-  School  Trustees'
Newman &  Co,  «.n      their  Horse-Shor ihould   reconsider   their  proposal    and
Falls  ...iiu\i i   al   Calunry,  and  M.  .1, request,  and    either  meet   the Council
McKay, a S ot lunan. or     rei'oinmetid    lo the Council  timi
The     i      were eniraired in iliilline they pul     a bylaw     before the people
holes     [or blastins  out   the rock  wall lor SHI.IHIII for lho erection ol n     new
on the ...iiuii bunk oi the lllicillewaet, -clmol building, anil  thai   a  plebiscite
to make room lor the final  section of   be taken i leet  a site for the same.
the monolith, which  is  to he built  in- The  resolution  passed   unanimous tt'Uh
to   the nick  ol  that   bank.    The   roek the     exception  of    Aid.    Vbrnhnmson,
(i-  schistose in character,  badly broken who nol  being in favor ol the way the
an.! in  it-  dip overhnnirs   tho bed     ol motion was put, refused  to vote.
tin- Illicillettiiel  at llinl point. The feeling of mosl  of the aldermen
i     \i   noon  lhc men  Innl  lired  ■,   round w*as  for centralisation  of  schools, sur-
of holes, anil erected a staging .n a- prise being    expressed  at   the manner
to drill holes in     the rock higher up. in which some of the  trustees,  teaeh-
They had been at work an hour ami a '"'-• and even Mr. Miller, iln-     School
half after dinner, when a slab nl rock, Inspector,      had      suddenly      decided
measuring   an,mi      eight   feel   square, against     the     advisability of central
hroke olT from  above their heads, hav. schools for lievelstoke,  when previous-
inu evidently been  loosened by  the re- ly  thoy had been in favor of it,
moval  ol  the  underlying  strata.        li 	
broke ..IT without  warning, falling on
tin- three men and crushing  ihem with
lii,-  icnITnlding  on    which   tliey   -in,,.! 	
down int.. iii" i'.-l of the stream    be-
1,.«. causing instant death. SKW  SCHOOL   SITE   FIXED    Foi!
'lh,. „,,.,,  were young  husky fellows, li,h STREE1   EAST,
amongst    th" best  workmen emplo.ved \     special     meeting uf tin-     school
on  ilm iuli.     I.aakas, win. was     ill" board waa     held un Monday morning
im.mm. i-    stated tu have li i     nn '" make a final decision mi iln- mat-
excellenl  man  at   rock work,     an.I   i" '"'' of ilm ne«  school site,
have laken tl." customary precautions. Tlm inll board was pr in.
llm following  iii'-ii  wero Working   in A  letter from  Hull-ftibbald sj-ndieate
tlm pii  below them at  ilm time     an.! was read  stating that  the price     for
had a narrow     escape:     -I. Kolliday, bio.* 52 was K10.00I).
T.    I'liillips,    and  fom   Italians:     \1. Mr.  Maniiing:     1- this a reasonable
Georgio,  I',   ttizetto, l'i Custeldino, J. price?
Lemny. Mr.     Young:     I    don'l  think It is.
A,     K.     Foreman, 'Im   engineer    i and  1  should advise ilm board mil  tn
,-I, j ..... nnd  I'm '. Gibson,  general fori pay it.     al  loasl  that  is my opinion.
iiini.  tor  Mes •-.  S'ewmnn ,V   Co.,  wife Tli"     inci-ensc  i-      too  high over  th"
in •!   ih.   icoideiit,   having   just   gone !»■••«■ of  '.i-i j'ear.
in thore     to look at  the progress     of l'.\l'l;u|'lilAT|il\ KF.prTNni'.I).
in,   work,  Mr.  Sett-man ex| ting,  I" Mr. Kdwnrds: I would move that the
keeping  a  night   -hit:   at  work,  to Im board  rescind  ilm   motion made     mi
in shape on     the     following day     to March     1st.,    to    take expropriation
-'in  liiini:  tli.. concrete im' thnl poi- proceedings mi  block 52,  and  thnt no
timi ,,i tin- monolith. more a,.timi be taken in that matter,
ii-ai   «,.  badly  crushed  about      tli" ami     sim-e     the    voice uf  lhc public
head.     11" has  a  sister in  Winnipeg. -."in- to Im against  it.
\.  soon  a-     the  accident   happened, Mr.  Voting:      I  -".und that.
Mr.  Gibson,    the foil    took  steps Motion  Carried.
l„     ,,.,,,....,     the bodies, hut    it was INSl'KCTOU  MII.1.I'.i;  PLEASED,
nearlj  an hour and   i hall before thej' A letter from     A.  E. Miller, School
were  got   nut,   is   the  rock  which Innl Inspector,  was  mail pointing out   the
ii :■•■ ni"ii had   n suitability "i     the    presenl  rooms,
1,,. -1.Y   md       ...       ,1   tho travel- Nn-. '-'. :'•. ami D; also stating that the
ling hoist   ai                       use  at       :1m playground   space  was   inadequate and
work,  before  tin   bodies  could  be  pot thai  il  was advisable thnt the regula-   vote for  the amendment,  which
n;. lions     regarding     the    cleanliness of   then carried.
Major  Hamilton, tl mor,     was pupils should be enforced.     Mr. Miller I   Mr. Manning:    Cannot we all be un-   ANOTHER FIXAXCIA1   CHARGE ON
one, being nil.en  uxpn I general satisfaction at     the   animous     on    thi-'.'     Last year     th" SI HOOL   IIM STEES.
uai  wi':            '    •                 ens   bj   lhc high  standard  attained by   tin- school   people     wanted central    schools,      as       Vrrangements  ,.r-.            '         '
yard etigit ■    I'he bo        iven  i I trustees in administering school affairs  block 62 was available then,     at     a   in
while    he \         tl   ri   ind   In  ordered ami at th" general     prbgress of     the   reasonable    price, but   now    ii i- im-        •  tary for ih          .               .,-; -y--
Iheir   renin -nl     to    Howson ainl Co's pupils; also at ilm .-\. •■lli-ii t niaiiiier in   practicable.       Tin.  Board hns decided   tenia ti                            in      the  public
for   in inquest, whicli T.     Steed,     the janitor, looked   against buying     block 52 im- 810,000,    i-hools        pro\   !.•■]  for  h:
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements hove recently been completed under -which  the  branches
of this I',.,nk are able to Issue Oralis on the principal polnla
In the following countries:
Austria-Hungary    Finland Ireland Russia
Belgium Formosa Italy Servia
Brazil France JApan Siam
Bulgaria Fr'ch Cochin-Chin«   Java South Africa
Ceylon Germany Manchuria Straits Settle
China Great Britain Mexico Sweden
Crete Greece Norway Switzerland
Denmark Holland Persia Turkey
Egypt Iceland Phillipine Islands    West Indie*
Faroe Islands India Roumania and . . ,-where
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents at all principal points in Canada,
Agents in Great Britain and United States—LondoD, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Hank, tin Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seat tie National Bank, Sun Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Eiuliaiige
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of  $1 and upward,  received, and  interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Kei'lcal Inspection
the bodie* li.i'. removed to a ..u nnd   after tho schools, for which lie deserv-   ttnd now only two Bites ai'e available,   ml ins|x
brought in by the yard eneine. i"l great credit. !Otli     Blreet,    ami    the presenl school    ession.
i . on  Mh.   ,..   en Till'. SCHOOL SITE. .building grounds.   Tin. presenl   site     -      In  i.-i-  t  to  the nd
pn8a (li. .    (     Memoriul Ser-      Ml-   Manning:   'I'l"'  inadequate ploy-   overcrowded a-  Mr.   Miller -ay-,   and   which will  In,-.,.  ...  ■     ., .     ,.
-nd fa-  n1""1"1 for ih.- children i- caused     by   j,  «,,iilil in- better to build un  Sixili  board   it      i  ...    ol il	
,!„,   the overcrowded nature of tin. schools,   Btreot for that reason, ami money bet-   vision  ..i  lav. I   tl I   ■>
which will li.-     increased,    iT the new   tl.,- invested. mil :      ■,.
building i- pul  up un iln- present site, j    Mr  tapping:     There ii no in,, tall.-  exceed  IS   enti |
I    Mr. Kdwnrds:     I move thai the City   i||L,      ,  .lm nrm in „,v opinion     atH      In one pari
Council li.- asked     to submit  a Inlaw  ^ |i(t „!,„„_„_     |  .„,, confidenl and   Mr.  II .   ■  .
for lhe lull $30, I lo  the people   for  w.m .,,,;,,,, by my own prm(.ipie8.  lVi
"'   Mondnj     I  :.   wife nl   anew  icliool bnlldinn, and thai a pie- ' tra|    schools are besl  for  lievelstoke,   inu •'■   •    ihi
l*. Tucket ". -■ M,   biscile be taken al  lho -nine time   to  ftnj wj)] proven!  these everlasting pn     l!":'
carrying tv .vater, she    ex-   <l<-i,
peri 1  ii  |i,     ii   ': jjoi     i  her   school built on tho 'iiii street
heat ....,       .,     ihn liiiiket«  to,or the presonl   ichool grounds
rest and fori Irom      Mr, Tapping:     I second lhat
liearl failure.
i iee ut   the  previous  il ty,  thr
tality ea-i .111it.-    a  gloom over
Woman Drops Dead
!,.i,.,l,. whether the public     wish   the   [ndjcM :in(, -M foeHn     Tn„ ,„>ion
I'.d Mil) DIVIDED.
del   a
.the citizens ia whal wo mus! aim at. I '• .     ol mt
can't  go against my consci      and   due l   n    nntrs
won'l be accused ol switching. lbe
The matters  reforred   to  in   Mr. Mil-   |wi
Mr,  llowson      I nm nol In favor ol   |,.,\. I.■ • t•-■- woro deall  with respectivi     I
i,,   ite ai  iill ami would   movo )y ,^,,,t „ now    school would be built
nn nmendmont,  lhal  tho City Council   thereby eliminating  the use ..i rooti
, .   „    \|m...   ,|„.   be :,-l,.-l to -..limii a by!a« for   130,- 2( :!. ttlld ,,.
IHKI ...i      • new    chool    lo bo buill on |   T|i|. mnrj-lcI1|  |,cnm, ulli.er would be
Accident at Roqers Pass
Moi on fl    M I   ■
■   ;.; d • ■   in, w hilo w  ■ :ing
Police Ccurt
the mii street block, which is tho only   intll,l,lol| ,„ vi>i|  n„. BChool« and en-      .!.
force cleanliness where Buch cases wen P M :   '
lide,  lind  lii-  lei'i       nm      Mt    N       I don'l  lliink there   Is   fol|n[| ii( ;,,(,.,,i;,,„ ,,f ,|„. rcgulnlion,     .lui-kson  to  •
ii , ii i     ilium un ilie i.n-fiit  liloili and \Tuiilil
I .    .    , ,   ,|iC.   iiiiiin  un i'i
rotat i;.,..    im        ?nr-
■    K       ul   ilu.    '''    '    |,'l,lr
■ m w here the Injtit ii
di'd  lo by Ur-.   Hamilton and
Mid. being taken lhe result
I'he Mi Km,.,-    io,
i.. Hi  If    -lure.
ttett    ""'""   '
I    Por lhe amendment: Mc   r . Howson
nud Young.
'""■'  ml""c     ,u      pn,   the     motion:     Mi   irs, Tapping
and Edwards.
Resolved,   thai   Mr.   Steed,  the  jani. f"i  being drunk
tor. In- advised ol Mr,  Miller' Thii
iti faction  with  lii-  work      round SpeniiM      lis    ■            up before
lh,. schools. tliuiiii,-- here
The meeting Ihen adjourned. ,i    Sn
  . ti   -
We gunrantoo uur Hut    \   Huns   to
en hundred iheett 10 .. mude     Mr, Manning:     I am in fay,..- ol the  bo better il.ii time than over before
Drug  Store. Olh slreel   proposition and en i     my   Hob
I'., ii    11  .
(i\ Page
WI'.DM'.SDW.   M.Mil'll  J:!,   1010
Look and Read!
Actual Comparison of Eastern Catalogue
Prices, Freight Added, with
owson s
Winnipeg price   Weight    Freight   Total    Howson's Price delivered
Kitchen Chairs 50c.
Kitchen Cabinet $6.75
Dining Table 10.55
Dining Chairs 88c.
Dresser and Stand 8.95
.. 12j
Bed 3.55
Bed 5.35
Dominion Spring 2.4-0
Child's Cot 5.10
Ostermore Mattress 15,00
•■    $9.60
"     14.40
••     13.00
••     14.00
•■     5.20
"      7.20
•■    4.00
••      7.20
••    16.50
the , .'in.'in li.iM" in-i rn. liuu- from lho
foreman to use less i en  The reason I report these mutters i- so no
Mam,' run be alia, In.,I I,, me ill tile
i-\..|i! of anything lining iiniti:' with
ih,. .lam. ami uyiiin bei-uiise the engineer   ill   'll.ll'jr   111-    iu'ltlll'i'll    111! IV-
luiiit Iiii.,a-       in     ivsprrt   iu     tins
Mr, Vewniiin. lhe I'linlriii-lor, -ai.l
this »n- a .li-' liaruv.1 i-niployei' ol
theirs nnil ii ivns unfair lo llmm ihut
he -In,nl.I li ive been ippninleil iuspi'i-
l,,r. Tli,.\ v.,",. i-ni-ry inj ,,ni ilir
work  propi'i-l,!   .imi  iliil  not  run. ii tlii-
m'M       ,|    llll     l't'    illSpi'l'llll'S
Alii. I'iihiiii . iiii I'll .... thai iu i li.-ii
rnni riu-i -       li,   k mi i   ,\   I'luin
11.' i-itj   hail  in n| ... ', mr,
I linir  ill    I '.     lo   llini   'mi.,   lu   i'ii-
I'l'll    til    M I .    I ,,:  i".    i ll ■    ■ njM'l'    ill
. llal    ,'.   V\ Imi \ I hi llu   \'.   I-   \\ I - ■ 11 _■.   I'll"
tlo\ an       al'|i, tin-ll        lu   In-   a   i'lllllpeti'tll
man. If 11., i-i purl vi a - imi riuhl il
wo ill Iim i'. in-ill 'ui ik'tij into. II,. un.l,a [oui! thi'i-i" \'.. re a. inin itmliers left
in  i hi'i'i    nnl    ul "...|   \\ il li  ivllli'lll.
Aid. Triinl.l.- -'ii-1 llii- .ia- a serious
report. Tliey hail mil liinu in ilo with
l','iil,,\ an'- i|iiarri.| willi Mr. Vewitinil.
lb- hud I'onliileni-e in I'n Ioi an. ami
I'lin-iil.'ii'l ih" inutter sliould be looked Into bj i!.- l-'ii'.- Wnter ami Mijlil
Vld. Mi-Kiniiiin snid he himsell wat-
'•In' I llii' ii.nl,, 11" presumed tli" ear
i-ontnined ., yard of itrnvel. Well he
saw three -ill- ,,i i-einent put into
one \ mil of irruvel and two sin ks In
the  imxt  yard.   II"  liiul   il   i he.'keil  up
himself  nnd   1 1   Hint   in   live Mir- ol
irruvel n -;; !■ nud n half was added to
two  i-ars,   n\ '  sucks   to  the   ne.\l   Iwo
ears  und   llir neks  In  tli.- iv\'  ear.
Thus iu  live ".it-  ui  ijrovel  oiiiy     un"
mi'      i ived   iln neks   ,i  i-cment,
-nm"  nn, sm-ks  ami  -unit- one  and   a
ball  -n"k-.      lh."    hud   I n   in,, ea«>
in I hi- mnl i'r, Mr. \i"\ mini should
b" reipiiivd i,i put up his In.ml- and
.Jn alli'.'l.l with his .nulla. I in n
-i i aijlni.-i u aid  manner.
Mi.     Newman    -aid      the  stateincnl
; i.ia.I" li> ih" 'ililernian showed lie did
nm  kno«   what   In. «.,-  liilkinu  about,
 ■- 1—  -i.   i       - .  .    The nir I'ontn m-.l onlj   half a yuiil of
'mi  ih" stiwt. lh.-  Mayor:     IVoilhl you  In-  in favor   -,':1S"1' :""' '"•'   a V"'1 a- he slated.
|     \!.l    I'owan  -aid  ih,.  resolulion     of uf     irettiiiB in  iiiueh    with  Mr,  Stein,       Ul'  ' ""'"':      " "-' '""  '«"••'"»■
[the < '..•iinil ua- in .hai",. si1.."."     and   und  li.iv ,nj a definite proposition from    espoiis'lijlity, mnl if the .lam went
ihai  -i I  ii, ail rases. him? '""  ■""' "" ''i'1  ""'  I""  ""  »" inspee-
iui',   they  would  say:   'we  assumed  no
| that  ui  a meeting of tii" Citj   C'ouneil   Stein UL  Ti-iml.1,"   All     I   wnnl   i-  lo nee
held     on  ih.- Till  in-t.. il," followitm      IM.    Trimble  ml.-d  Aid.  Mi-Kin-  ul"'11"'1' ,,ml  mnn >~ «<v'™a proper in-
lleL'ulur forlniiiliib    lini; held Inst    lution    was unuiiiinoiisli    ulopted, lion's motion with the   ,.i.i,ii,,n     tlml   ''•"•million.      I would like to say with
l-Vid'ui   niL'ht, l'i,.....'     I'h,   Mayor,   namely: Mi    Siein I iiinuniitilwl willi, and   regard to AM.   MeKinnon's statement,
mil   Vld.      rowan,   I'riuibli..   MiCnrty,       Keiolvml:     That     this Toiim-il      ha-   '"ave   In-   iipplii-ntioii   for   tii"   position
Mi-kitinon,   Vbrahnnisiiii  an I   Hews. , ,.-,,1   with   the   deepest   reurel       nud   "'  nuditoi   pul   in   writiui;     ' nrriifl,
COUKKSrilNDKM 1. sorrow nriibl.'     i   idi-nl I'.W   OK  I'.I. I I  I   nlT
I'.   Sinelllir.   .liilinn   ,,"   had,,,-,       '■       *'' '' ""''-   I ""I        <>'■	
lurnxl      io   i -.a-:   „„.l   ", -•"•:   '"-•  «    i I   -   "ii.er   mil   1*1,1   ,,„;,.   „     ,a^in'^e e"an,
•     i      , • ,  , ,     , , ,    1 M i   i      , -    I .,,_■• ,      i , ,1    J,,,..   ,,.....   , .....      I,.     . : 11 .   I      I        ,., , ,        ...
wife had  nm   sinned I.....;, bill ,, ., ""      ''  -'"   nnd one    ml   , hall  in others.
i iii, Ilie    I IfII linir    In    in   I rn
llinl hei      ■     I by sun instill
■ iimpun.i   fm  si,."    He asked
hud yet    irrivi
.     llll  I    : ■ '
a-  possible.
A Revelation in Tea Goodness
is a delicious and fragrant blend of the finest Ceylon Tea-
Get a package from your grocer and enjoy its excellent qualities.
  Clack, Mixed und Natural Oreen, 40c, 50e, (iOc and 70e per 1U —
We make our profit by shipping in car load lots, thereby
saving freight rates. Bring catalogue giving description of other
goods not specified in this list to'our store and we will prove our
statements. Remember we deliver goods and^set up free from
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
Ipnnthu Dkiwinn nn thp Pnu'pp *■•'•«"""' '<> <'»nni-ii a- follows;       am. rm,..,,,:   v«, „ ».,uuiii. weii ""'■ ''"'v " ' ""
LBiiyiliy  UI&LUbJUII  UH 1KB rUWj ,     ,mve ,,„.     ,     ,„ iBfunn vo„   ,„ hm ..luuiuiaiaiiun I , Ji,.   responsibili..,  .-„ all
Dam Contract   :
thnl it i- haul for a man standing
iiii the IiiiiI, iu -ay what i-enient i<
li"iii_. put into ih" dam. The eontrne-
inj Im- no doubt liL'uii.,l ii out. It
'■'   m'^'lit      .an nil  so that you *nulil
Mr.   M,i.iiiit.  who  upiieared for Mr,
ii.      ',   iu    uUllwl     vi i-
1  "   "'       '   Non-man,   pointed   mn    lint   niiord ng
-     I OUIIi il    ui-li">l
The      « U\     '   ■
-.   -.t..
\Id.  M  Kii
i lair It--   i ■
VI d *  A1
Hition   thai   Mi.   Sin
■   ■    |
■. ■
\    '            ■■      ■   .
■. ■
tin       mm   , i i,,n ih,-   inspector
:     ,     for ,i   lest.   Why   did   lie  nol
-'"   '"  :;"   n ike n  i,-i'     \... In- i-ome  here with
"""'''    i ui-  ie|i,,ii.      II,-  ventured   to  say that
'! "   v.      never written  by  this man
  1 ild  .,,.,  ,|,, it.  ll,. mishl
i ,     the information.     II" was
mi,-t   I li" enitii i'
■!  his  bn U   .'. i-  tin -,"l.      ll,- name
miik.il     , indom  shots at  the eon-
en le ivored  lo  show       he
■ i ■  i _   in earn  hi-  salary,
i"I.   \liriih-i a  r..^i"itt-il   this  had
II"   il L'lit   it   .niiiii      be
more  systematie   way
: ilil".
I lillllll".    -""nil,It'll
\i.|    \ I wn    resolved,
■ i   I...   referrerl   to      the
.  u itei    , -I  I inin  i iiminiltec for
u'.i.'i, - i i.MMiiirr.
M i  irt;       ivported   the bj phott
'" nl  I he     . I I     hud
il   liveried  lhe
II,   i m
pill    in        al
riilei  Id
t hej
Hi    ...
Scotch  Whisky
Protecting the Consumer.
When yuit buy Watsons Scotch by the
buttle ynit can bj sure ol nX'itinn; the g nume
article, because we hrnnl our torks ana use an
adhesive capsule bearing uur nunii.', that cannot
b. removed without tearing.
Unfortunately we nre not so well able to
protect   Jv    man   who   liuv*   "'ri'son :;   by   the
j;las-   -iome dealers will reti 1 bottles.
Cut, once you beconu accustorat-d to the
us.- of Watson s, nny attempt on the part nl a
aealei »tn substitt te nit inferior article is almost
.-ire lo attiaet your attention rn Watson 9 is
a Whisky so distinctive in llavor and so far
beyond imitation, that those who once use it,
can iisii.lly detect the difference between it and
Other brands.
Insist     on
"THRE " STAR"     A milj. tKarou(liiy malum! Scotcll.
"NO. 10"—A Ull-bodlra. richly flavored Scotci.
J A VIES WATSON & CO., Limited  -  Dundee.
Garden, Field
and Flower
New crop now arriving from our growers in E inland, Krannn,
II. il land. Canada and the United States. All tested as tj
vitality and purity on arrival. The best is good enough for our
customers.    Catalogue free.
Business will be continued at our old stand until May.
After that in new location, which will be announced later.
3010 Westminster Road
VANCOUVER,      •       .      B. C.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are disposing of their entire Stock at a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry, Cut  Glass, Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Import direct from country of origin.
■     !<.r Limns. P;uk'..  I anii.   ni.|   Rdllrufldj.      14,1)1)0 niilrs nf Ptf«
I 73.000 Ti •-' .'!'• •• ii'iHf in tue In Canada, Our 1910Pencea ore better than ever,    (ii't
■ !■•], '•. uiul booklet (
\i    [OKIA   AND  VANCOUVLR I'mce «nd G.ln in Slotk
I       V ■WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2:!, 1010
Page 3
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Regulations
ANY available Dominion Lund* within n,n
BaUwajf   Holt  lU  Hri*1"1'   '•-»«...>».".    mnv
Oil    UHUUB    nisuw   .....
^V Hallway ueu in nritlah Columbia, may
tie bomeate&aed l>i aoy person who la tho miIo
haad of ii U.nily.nr any male ovor IK yours of
,'IKM,   I-'   til"   HXlt'llI   III   l.ltl'   .|U   I i 1 l-l       I'l'l l"ll     l>[     lttU
acres moro or ions.
Notice to Contpaetors
Continued from puge 2.
Molsons   Hi,
SEALED     TFXDERS.    Bttperscrihed
borrow       sla.nnn   i'i
wus finally passed.
SSS*anr^J^!^> '^°°> »;f *. ^ K^rz ™1Z£»
Bltaats:    Kuiry  b»  prou  may,  h»w"™rY1''* Park," wl   bo      received by   lhe  Hon. Win,,,, lV  (',,
&^r»«fe%W»^ th. Minister of  Public Works  up     to   ^1 f„^l d^ ii.l  ,1
te»»ra«f'rVl~a .rfomtb.1^  "-''"'^   "'" ?lst  dft/  °'   »»'*■   „,-   had   eompleti-d   ,
oondltten™ oonnMtid t8.r.wl»h ondsr one ol. 1910, for lho ureotion and  completion   ^ (   , ]
'^{Tu^ftP8UD,n.onth.,«-Ww<»Tiponandlof a large room frame school Ini.l-
ti„iVi»»i.„.,.ilU.oli...ilii. mod your foi tana j-— .-   .•--     -i--:..  pi I      s,.l I
JMrs. dintj in tlm     Ymir Electoral     School
12}    If tlm iHllitir (ni mini.up. it  thn  fiitlne-is   District
d«ci,iiStMll ef tlio   li'ininstiNiiitT  resides   upon a,
furm in tliii viciuiiy ui tin. liimi out.•ron fer.iiio I   Plans, specifications, contract,     and
rouuirem«iil> M Ui riisi,leiire may Iw stitistioil   t t   . ,
l,y Mich iims.u residing wnli tlio rstlior nr >orms ol   temler  may  bi n  on  nnd
">"!ho!; .      ..,,,■ aftor  the 7ih dm   of  March,   1010,  at
lX,     If l! I!   ,'' llll    I,.    l."'i,ii 1  r„   ..I,,,.,-,, '■ ,     i,   i     .    ,u
a   iiuinli.
I i - i 11:;.
i   danii
■othor. aftor i
IS,     If l! I! III! 1,.,    I,i    I'Mim 1  r„   ..I,,,.,-,,                       ..■ HO     i| ,|  ,      |       mill     \),
iiiMiii fiiriniiiii ii.i'ii I'wuini iiy lum iii iim viciii- ihe ollii'ii oi the Government Agent al
it. of his homestead, tlio nsiuimniouts ri to  v, ,             .(       „■        ,    , I "., were undei   M   h
rosidomo limy tm satisfied ii> rosiilouco upon kelson;     the ollice "i  ihe Government ,    ,
i «    ...  i! im.,1,.,. ,i„. ,.,i; f   ,|„. I1"* other hand ihey
.«,....—a iiuii lis Mkls&ea  ny  resiaeuco upuu - —,
thasatdUnd. lAgenl ut Rovolstoke:  lhe ollice of   tho
Six imiutlis untieo in wriluiir sluinlii bo irivoii      H j|lh
to tho CommlsstoDei ol Dominion Lands nt Pennock, Arrow   Park,  and   at   the De-
Ottawa of Inteokloa to apply for patent. .,       ,          .    ,     .. .     ,  „       ....   i    In   replv   to   the   llm
OoAb.-l'ns) mining rights msj be leased lor Secretary ol   the  School   Board,  J.   N. • ,
* SWu' iwoiity-iiiii, yo,,r- hi iu annual partmont ol Public Works, Victoria. ,' '  """'
roulal  ut  »1   per   aero.   Nut   nmro thou 2..,iJt   ' ,      ,■ nml    „,„    i,   ,, ,,,,!:,;.,,
acres   shall  ln>  looseil  to nun   individual  ur      Each   proposal   must   be a tpanied Miiiiliii..!
romiwiiy    A niyslly at tho  rato nf tiva cents   , ,    ,   i       i      i . .      it   --li..01,1      lie   put      up        \l i     SeWlllllI
nor ton shall ue collected uu tho merchantable ">' an accepted iianl< oheqtte or certin-   ...
coal mined. W.W.CORV, ! *** "f     deposit on a chartered bank   ''I"'  TV      '.' 'U"ml"     '"   lh"  ,l,,|'n
Mr.  MeCarter:     Duller.  Wo will pul Aid.   Abrnhumsou:      Ilo  is  only  on- with lhat wo huve had      The     Mail
up tho bonds un lop of the sin,nun tillod   lo   monthly   solllomen(s      und Herald n...k  issue with u- on account
Aid.   Abl'llliumson:   Why   is   thai   nee- hen.   we  have   il   cerlilieule   from       the of  11"' pest   house, and   lu king   lip      -o
essary.     We     have only n»ked for    n engineers  till   Mnreli   lho   10th,    whieh many people in one buil linn    in     the
bond  ol sin,nun'.' is up ,,, tomorrow, central   purl   of  the  city.      With      re
Aid, Trlmblo:     The contract   is  sup- Aid.  I'ownn:      I   will  movo  lhal   the gurd to  the  pe-t   house  purl    of      the
posed  to lie inoperative on niTount  of   Cily  |)ny      Mr,    Kowmnn  the a mil nrtiele ii  was evidently   pub on
this  bond   urn   lieiiu   pui   up,   \   groat   corlilied  by   th igineer  up  to   Mnreh wrung  infuriiintion, a-  il   wus      taken
111111,\   people ililnl,   iii,' contractor     is 1st,      li  does   mil   look  well   for    lhe back  in   the  next   issue,      tti gard
mith   ijo'ny   ,,,  |„. ,aiie|ii   vs it),   iiiai   water gi ■  lo  send   in  a  rertiliealo      up lo   lhe  seituid   poinl,  il   v
oney    Inn   the uay  the city  Rtands  now      il i" the  lllth when   this  is  only  the   I1-. fairly   laken,  but   I  il :   think     we
l'»n-   is imi   iv.p.iii-ili'e supposing thai work Again il does nm  look well  lo     have i Id very well  put  these pi   pit      oul
true-   Lroes down stream,  bin   supposing   tho n cni'loutl  of  cement   certified   to  when in  tents on the snow,                         we
"" I-       'hi"   city     ,,, pis  ihis      now,  tiiey  are re- it   hud nol   arrived on  the ground. pul   the city   lo heavy   expense in buil
ihey   -In.nl.i   „| aj|j|Bi j     \l,|   Tumble:      I   think   Mr.  Newman'ding  a  large    it p,                            ould
'ir engineers       \|,.       Rriggs:       So  far as  the     en- should  bo  BatisRod  up  I"  lhe lirst    of mil   well  d	
"•'   • .■ - o"  their,er-    ginger's  cnrtilicates   tire  coneei'iicd they March, cil  should  leel  greatly   relieved b;
n,e  ""'''   v'u-   hehind  quite   ,,re  u  lit llu previous,  becuuso  lhe eon.      The  Mayor:     There - is lo be      1 pre t  condition  uf
,i days, and ihe water v, a-   cliticin was ihai  tin- bond was   lo   be grenl  discrepancy     in   Mr,   Foreman'!      \\,\.  Mi-Kit i      Wi      , •   ■
\iu\      Mr.      Newmun  offers liguros or syslem,  tine montlt i-     cer- wji|, ('0\vii
fc   bond  nnd  securities,  and  places us    in   lilicd  t   lhe      third of  the      same       ...     «,lVo.       |{ ,,.,  |„,,|   ,, v      ,  ,   ,
Uhi|''   '""      ""   the positi f  forcing us to recog-    ntli; nnolhoi' to the lHth , "^ case-  the'set     i
Ic'OllI    2.-:,               	
\l   I   Hi   \  I  S,
The   foil,, ' were       then
hud      mn   I It      <l
aliid,    l,y   tlie   ail\ in'  nl   t
and only pay   oul  money
II,. did not    ihink  there wns  pm   ,,|
p„M,i I   forcinn  us  I"  recog-    nth: another  to  tho  IHth     	
ni,,.      II he provides bonds satis-   l*th I     "'"     «ne between we have
fui'torv  tntheC mil v annul  re-   no.  rcco lul all.     Hereits „ report
fuse to     accepl   ihem.   If lio does  n.n m January 3l»t,  dated  Jnnuuiy   .Ird.
provide bonds  he  i-  not   enlitled      m       Mr. Newmun:     Woll, he Is you.	
l>.M'uiy of thn Minister of ■ i •* interior.
N H.   UnRiuhnriiMl publiflftttOQ u(  tins nd
veriiseiufltit will not ho uniii for.
NOTICK IS  HEREBY GIVEN   that p(ete' the Rork ,„,„,„,,,.,, ,-,„..
that  hud arisen,
.-,"',     '     V ii ,     it 'l|ui   nan  arn
ol t anada,  made pnvable t"  liie   lion.        ,,       .,
I    tir.   Mel nn
the Minister of  I'ublic Works, fo
l,an I  they  must  protect   ihe
f ih." ctiy  in ihis mutter.
;""":'—'•■' - '"■'- "•" m  ;',:, ^:z„, zz,:ii ^: ^ '••■• >- -<
uny money. < .,mi'-i ul   A- ■ mint -
iitl     Hews:     I-      the bond forfeited all's motion to pay Mr. Newmun     up
for  - ipleti f  lhe i trad?        "'  Marrh  I.l., and   tins  lion     was ••
\l,l.  Cn« -  the bond  to be sup-   carried,   Aid.   Bows   having   withdr  -' j«   ^	
- '   -    ■—•                        ,                i      nr.    lie. linen        i .iiiiiini -    plied   and   the   sll.11   of  Sill,    by   mai" his. f.    fl     jW|
the Minis.,.,' of  I'ublic Works,  for      a          aiM  „,   ,,,   ,■„„     pilWM,,      ,|mt   U|  cheque  to be pul    is  well? Mr.  Newman said he would hi^e   to ^^ &   ^   ^
sum equivalent  to ten per cent  ol  the   urn, , ,  hK ,„,,,,  |,„.JK    .,,„,   |,„      ,,.,,,, Mavo|..     ,{ Vi(. ,„,,,,„  ,1,1.     „,. ,„, off     lhe water     nnd build a soiu ^  ^^   ^  ^
amount of the tender, which shall    be   „,„, „„„,,   ,mt|   ,lu   trouble before.          are in      the -a,,,,.     position as if'Mr. wall,      It would make a far belter jon -^^   ^   (
forfeited     if the     party tendering de-      M|.   ,,n... ,       | obiect to llmt  stute-   Xewmun's bond     hud  lie,.,,    furnished, than by building round the llumo. p,.„lU „M  „,,„
dine to enter into contract  when call-   |mim                                                                 ||a(|   Mil ,„„„,   .,,,.;,,., ,, yesicrday U   «'.is  i-esolveil   to lenve the mutlei ^    ^    ^     ^
ed upon to do so, or if he fail to com-      M|    Mi,  ,,.,,.,.       |   „„,   ,,,,1   referrinu'   »,. would  huve been  compelled to pul in  ihe hands ,,t the lite. Wntet      am    ^ ^   ^^
1 v,,„.         You    ure not the "powers    |,,.se moneys neeording lo I et-   Eight C mittee. ^^	
,   ,,,'„   were."      Mr.      Newmun  -u, ed   ti[i,,Ues.      If  wc   Be.   ,1 ,ulv it   I VW-   Abrahumson   wns  not   11,   la n.    ^ ^  ^
unsuccessful  tenderers will  be  returned   (||i.  usun,  „,„,„;,.;,..   „,,.,.  ,„.;„..  nlll(iP ,., st.P „ny diirerence in the     City's   ol  this being     d     lill mi  m, ()    (, .^
^»-~» —     1                  .        . to them upon the execution of the con-  nm, f()l. <()mt. mlMl|1 h(, ,|i(i |lllt  kn,m   p()si(ioll. -work wns on Ihe ground. IWelstoke  l'ost  01
.bout 160 chains up from mouth     of   ^ ^  ^  ^       ^^       <|p       m   ^^^    lh,nfc  ,,,„     n,y I    Ml,  s ,„„ snid Ins materia      was
Wood Kiver, post planted  about     lliu     T(,n,|,,,N     wl||    „,,, i„, ,,„,.id.r.d un-   f   . .^  |h.  , ,  |.  , ,„„.,.,M,„|  ',,      w„s   should     be will'  •'"" ''"' "1!  "'ore and  he could nol   trail  "»""
chains nlnne mouth of Wood river and   ,ess marf„     „.„ „„  ,,,„ ,„,„„ „,nni;»H
... . 1       C      W   ' ,,rtf nwr
tuples or certificates  of  deposit      of
•ixty days [rom date I intend  to   ap-  (,he
ply lo      the    Chief Commissioner     ol  unaucces8Il„  lenueteia win   oe  reiun      ,
Lands lor      purchase of  land  situated
,„ „   „„  de     out on the forms supplied
marked K.    A.  Andrews.  S. W. corner sjtrnpfj  ^.j,^   t|„,   .,,.ln.,l   signature      of
post, thence north 41* ehains, east   40  the tt,ncj,?Iel-.   .,,,,1  enclosed   in   the  en-
chains,  south   10 ehuins,   thence    west' ve,„pes  furnished,
following  Wood   river  to   point of com-1    The |owl,s,   ,„. nMV tender not
fjaencement, sarily  accepted
Dated   this     ll'lh  day   of   De.embcr
lhe  bon I
t',,t    S|ll.I'llll
pay over 111.
money   as   loniz
irk tin
■itv  was
« -j:'...«•
22. Mi
."i.i "I
.     10.4.1
1 I .'."-•
.M .in.
I 1111
.".1 in
||„rve\     Mel 111 lei   &    I'inkhain     '-■".""
.  ...       10.2S
our  atlorneys   say   longer for the iron   .,".	
n'l      vvnnt  S'Jn,onu   to supply. ' ">    ' rea-nn
mly ask for      Aid.  MeKinnon  snid  ii  the .-ity  was Walter  Bews ^^^
responsible     to  lhe C.Y.U.  for      that MeKinnon   &   Slither  mil
•ixty days from dale I intend to apply to     the     Chief Commissioner     of
^^^^^^^^ Ml.    New.nan     had      ^^^^^^^^
made     a deposit     of Sl.nOll,  and was   i!   ;.  lemil.     Vie •
ii,,w      prepared  tn     put  up his cheque   frnin   Mn   Newninn
for Sl1l.111.11, aad all he asked wns that   s|u.  responsible     to the CP.R. for     tnai   '"^''J'jljjll^':,     M   &   ,    ,
the  ,in   make   him   the  pr.iL'iess   pay-      Aid.  M. Ki., 1:     That contract  was overhead  -hoot. Newman  shouli    ie        ^    |{   ^ ^ ,iuM 	
■' ; ' rtilii'ittes,   in be completed   March   I0th,  The mo- sponsible to  the city.                                                        ( . .
1               ■       .       ,               ■                              1 Mr   y.i'niei' snid Mr.  Newmans re-
tion  for  the extension  was   ih.it      the Mi.   Miiaiiei   sain                                    CPU           	
cil,   would Bive Mr.  Newman an     ex- sponsibilily in Hint respect was provi-  ^-^
tension of 30 days,  provided  the city ded for in his contract.                            R ^  ^^
personal  l.„„d  for *in.lHHI.   \-  a   mat-   did not  suffer from the extension. Now Aid.   MeKinnon  asked   Ml.  '"'--\'      „    ,,   ,„„„„;„.     .
,,,. ,,,'  f,„.t   the  .iiv   ha-  waived      tlii-   if  „e pay   New,,,:,,,   tlii- 810, '  where to   the  posttion   ol   tl"'  "ty   SUIP       -    |llte,.ior   I'llll.   I"	
bond  .1 ether.   What   he  wants      lo   do  we  Cel   our   redress,   now   N'ewmun th" dam  wnshed out,  now   tney                l,,.u,„u,.„  |<, s.-,ii..v.. and  812.3
do is 10 satisfy   vnu lie will carry mu   |ms nverrnn his time, in case nnythina given  an extension  on   the  po\ e                Debenture T.     C.l'.ll.   802.01
Two 6-roomed houses and   I acres ol  |,:s ,,„,,,„, 1.        lie will sien 11  bond,   does     happen   in regard     to Newman contract?     Had they   o pay  ay       g   8.J|S(|. ,,   R    Atkins, >">■''■'
and.  Been  cultivated  for years.     All   am]  w;n   ihe bond personally   finishing that  dam.      Mad  he comple- utter March  10th till  thej   too
inds of small  fruit.  A   g 1   location   Bs „ <uu.[\   for  Newmni   ,v  Co.,      und   t,„l ii  aecordi
ust   outside   ,,i   city  limit..—$4,000.00.   „;n  |mni| you Stlll.lillll cash.   You  huve   have     bee
Tubbe Works  Engineer.
[Department  I'ublic Works,
Victoria, B.C., March 2,  1010.
ments     nu  il inrinei
iim.iiinting  to  flti.tmn.      lu  nrder n
, limply      will,   il„.  eonililioii-   of the
contract   Mr.   Newmun   would   -ive his
For Sale or To Rent
■ji -o
iinlru.l  we would    the work'
■ixty days from dale I  intend to   ap-    in,|s ,„- smnll  fruit.   I   - I   location Bs „  .,,,,.;>   •',„   Newman &  In,      and t,„l ii  according lo contract we would mi.  »„,»■                                                q
ply to    "the     Chief Commissioner     of] llst   0Ut8ide   oi   city   limit. .-M. .00. „;n  |„„„| y,,u sln.oiiii cash.   ^. .>i  have have     h 1     responsible,      li  we pay Mr- "riggs:      >011   me
Lands for     purchase of land situated  ]|.uf cash.  Will   .ell  or  rent   any  por-   ,1 ngineer's   lertinentes   that   he   i- ihis     money     ..mt  now    we take the the engineer s certilien^es.^  ^   ^
•fcout   140 chains  up from  mouth      of   ,;„„ ,,;  ,|,is  properly. entitled  t.. sn nuieh money.      rii.iii.n- chance on      lhe dam   going out  unless Aid. I ..wan:         ou   no
.   .,   ..„ «,l, .                    ,       .                                    •                .            .                 .1      1.   .1   1.    .   1 1 m    ..                    .,,    ,„..,I., to   ouv   hud  you  not.  eM.'ll.u"   i'"
lhe Dog Problem
Wood    river,      poet  planted  ou north •     .1   Lr,„„i
alile of river and marked 1'. A. Red -
.trom, S. E. coiner poet, theme north
40 chains, west in chains, south 411
chains, east 11' .hains, containing 160
acres more or less.
Dated this     10th   day of December ,
im estmenl.
now   i- your   ,,.,■ ,,,'  1,,n i i
■iity days from date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands for purchase of lund situated
about 140 chains up from mouth of
Wood river, post planted on north
side of Wood rivet and marked II. E.
Hedstrom, S. Vi. corner post, thence
north 40 chains, east 40 chains, south
40 chains to Wood river, west follow
ing river to point of commencement
containing  160 ueres more or less.
Dated this     10th   day of December,
Eggs for Hatching
K_-'.'s  for  hatching trom   th"  follow-   !"' lhat we I
.milled to -.. much money.     The mat- chance on     ihe dam  Lr.'in..r out  unless Aid. Cownn:     You  would  not    have '||„. |„,.„. m.in's
'I'  'he bond   1-  a  lc-al there     i-      some      arrangement   made to pay  had you not. extended  the eon- ii„.  subjeel   of   -nine  discussion   in   the
question,  no.      one  for  ihe engineers, whereby  we -hall lie  secured      against tract. Cily Council,   'ays   the  New   Westmin-
■""l if you     will    put     the      mat'ter th,. ,1am goinn out  through it- not be- |    Aid.  MeKinnon:     If  the dam     goes „,er Columbian,  and     i"i   1  time     i'
Ihroiiirh in thai  -iai.e ihe bond     will \.,u completed by   Mach  |0tli; 810,000 out after April   10th whal is our posi- looked  as  if  the eity fathers      would
lie made mu   toiti,1 mow  1110run,-. won't  secure Ils. tion? put   restrictions      01     hi       •            thai
Aid. (Wan: As far as the bond     is The   Maim:      lind   Newman's  bonds Aid.   Abrahamson:      All   we can   get wnll|d  |,iu.,||j   mnk,   1,:.  \\(r ,%,„th liv-
uiceii'.'d  we  lave nothing.      li    may |„,.„   i,.,,. „,. u,,„|,|   nilVe  |,.„|   ,,, |1MV bact
,|„.  810,00(1  bond  and  -"I11"  a   \„u.
•il ih.
ne inipol'tcil  pure bred  Btocn
S, C.  Rhode Island Reds.-*2.00.
Silver Laced Wyandottes,-42.00
Barred Plymouth Rocks,-«2.00
S. C. I'.uli Leghorns,—*2.00
Cornish Indian 'i imi,—12.00
While Crested   Black  Polish,- 12.00
Kiiiden Geese.—83.00.
Imperial  Pekin  Ducks.—$1.75.       ^^^^^_ 	
Uso itock from the above for sale.|01"  ,l|p city'" money when «
MRS.  R.   \.     I i'i'1   I somethini!  to show  for it.     A
ive r e'liisei. the     work (his money.
,,,    iiittimj inspeetoi Mr.   Briggs:      So far as  th ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
an I   u'ivilli!   11    litional  exlensiou   of i- concerned   the extension only   means   on. .    .
,',.,„.      1 don'l  think there i- any con- the chance in the date of completion, ,   Mr. Briggs:        li  is impossi
,„„.,  a-  we  huve  iu. bond  yet.        We       \|d.   Bews:      I   move  thai   Mr.  New-   protect  yourselves  against  everj    con
were      advised      by     Smith.    K.aiy.v man's proposal be accepted to furnish   tingency.
(Ii.„e. who said  "don'l  pay     out ""u a marked cheque in Ii if the bonds. I    Aid.   MeKinnon.        tin '   .
was  March  Imh.  We only want  in pay    extension was granted,   li  hns nothing 1    Mr.  Briggs:     No. . ,-
have   „, do  with the presenl  case. I    Aid.  Abrahamson urged   hutting off
,    Mr.  MeCarter:     There is a proposal   the street lights and.supplying      tta
day penally.     We have lo make     the ,   Thi. ,|U„,..;,,„
niraei    progress   payments   as   the   work   b"""1,,,,'   \|,|.      ,l,,l„,-,,„,'-   .,.,•   ,:'  „
WO lie, ted    for   e\ el \    d,._    ;u  • hi
Aid,   danHi,.-  w 111 d I of
money     lo     1. '  1        • he  -' reel -.      I*
seemed   10   him   from   *he  nuryber      , !
in  New  Westminster '.hut the
^       .teni.
There     were     more nr,™ here
\ an. ,,ll\ er.      ^	
I    Aid.   Smith did  11..'   kl nw   ■
; .,.;„.. ; id  "dnn'l  pay     out "i a marked cl,  in lieu of the bonds. I    Aid.   MeKinnon:       Have you drawn   dogs ,„  N,.u  «,...„„„.„.,  .,      the ,
doll,,,. ;,|| ,l„.  !- are put upf" Th. Conditions  ,-eearding  extension should   up  the     extension  ...  nine agreement   ma|i. „a. ,.,..,,,:,,  .,„„, | „„- then
lime for    completion of that  contract have been taken up at the time     the  yet? IThere     were     mdre dogs here tl
....... . .   .   ._.... •   .1     1.   1 1,;.,., ,     Mr    l',i'i".s:      No. \  ,1 IIM.
Mitneilii,,'.  to -how   for it.     All      you,     Mr.   MeCarter:      Thee  is n proposal   the  street   ngnts   u,,.,  -,.,.,.„.,„       ----   ?oing  ,„ ,„. donu  with   the bow-w^s
 ,, " do is ...    deliver (he coods   ,„    'lve a     pcsonul bond on if  houses   whon  they had  to cul  oil the
I     .       .,        ,    .,   . u-ntnr Dower till the dam was ready.
m ,| ive will  tlelivei   the money. bill we   t)1;,i.
son  ■ on, rete,
Aid.    .lardine    urge!
The Muyor: We should not     adjourn        ^^^^^^^^^
wiihoui  passing a message ol  condol-   n(j|  ;ln,,H,H|  ,,, ,.,,,,  ,he streets al   all.
etiee  with   the  relatives   and   iliellils  ,,t    (ll       , ,1  ,,__ .......  ,„ ,_..,,
All    owner-      should  I"' made  -., kee[i
their animnls in  their own yards.
on "'I'     '"   """"''    "'"' ■ ~ when      work      wa- the
.--_ — M water power till the dam was ready.    pavemenu,     Thev would marK up th,
don t   want   lhe  citj -  money      -wept       Vld. Cowan:      There is a carload of |   THE ROGKRS  PASS DIhASIER.      9o(|   m
^lown  tjie     river. Vie want   lo be pro-   ,.,.,,„.„,  w|,i,li is  not  in (he work. Ila-
Notice       is       hereby given        that   levied.      I  don't   think ive should,  Mr.   ;t  arrived yet?
sixty        days      after     date        I,      .1.   Mil inter,  in,,v.-  till  we have tin-     ad-,    y|r    Ncwinan:  Ye-. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Brill, occupation, carpenter, intend  to Xl ' out  engineers, |    Aid.     Trimble: Had  these linnds   those who lost  their lives in (hi
upply to the Chief Commissioner     of     Mr-     MeCarter:        What  nood   tan   |„.,.„ ritrnisheil  in   (he first   place  these  disaster at   Rogers Pnss, .    ^ |   Smith  remarked  (hat  if such  a
Lands for the purchase ol the follow-.your engineer* be?     There is  tlieircei'-   . ,.,1 if,.;. <•■- would have had to be paid. |    Aid,   MeKinnon:      1   move  lhal _ ihis   Uv\.^   W;1_ ,.,l,'1,,.,„,|      ,|..
ing described  lund,  commencing   at    u  lifieate.     We enn  take thai  into I'ourt      Messrs.      Ilnli'ner iV    Smith  strongly   (' nil  places on record  its deep     re-   tnin| Ktm^ , .      t,.. f.     ..
post plumed aboul 20 chains south of "" ' eolleel   on  il - :u    1   .0   lhn   recent   futalUy  al   Rogers      ,r| (  ^ Vxvm „.,.  ,|,.,
Wood River and about 160 chains from | Aid. Abrahamson: Sim-e
the mouth and marked J. Brill S. W. man started this w.irk he
corner    post,     thenoe west  SO chains, heen troubled very much h
,s  then ■.',■,-   ,,.,., iii.ate- would have had to be paid. I    Aid. McHinnoni      imoyi   ....._.■. bylaw was enfon-ed      the;
it into court      Messrs      llalTner k    Smith strongly C icil places on record its deep     re- men) would hnvi   1.1   eave the eity.
advised nnl     to pay any  money     lill grel   at   the  recent   fataJU.v  nl   Rogers     T| p.. f ,L,. Ml?,,,. „a,  ,,,.,,
ee Mr.   New-   the bond wns furnished.     It is only a Pass      and      expresses    its   heart-felt   if they had     11 | Ikeeper wh
.   h.,.      not   „Ue*tion  whether  we shall  accepl  this sympathy    with     the    relatives     nni ,.{il  ,,,.,,.,. :,—  and  would  lend
by   the ..,,,„.   spin „  li,.,, of  the  bond. friends of those who lost   their lives 111 i,,,.,,.. __  B)   ;„,„..,„„! • .    ,
1 .... ...      . , .1   .      .1  .1: .1 nl  iiii'iher record*     ...   ..... 11 .     .        i
TAKK NOTICE that I Percy Harold
V.111 mc, of Trout I.uke, B. C, occupation engineer, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted nt
tho N. W. corner of lot 47liS, thenoe
east 20 chains, thence north 20 chains,
them c west 20 chain* more or less to
lake shore, theni-e south easterly a -
long lake shore about 30 chains to the
8. W. corner ot lot 4729, thence north
along western boundary of lot 172-
about 10 chains to point of eommence-
snent and containing 40 ucrcs more or
December 10th, 1909.
Revelstoke Land Dlstrlot,
Disi t ict of Wesl Kootenay.
Take Nolice thai I, M. K. Lawson,
of itevelstoke, inni-s.'ki-.'p.-i-. Intend to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described hinds:
Coiiiiii.'iicingai a posi planted al the
■outh-easl corner ol I.m i.in'is. ami
marked "M, K Lawson's North-wesl
('oi'iier Post"! thence 10 chains southi
thenoe 10 chains west; thence SO chains
nni'iii: thence 211 chains Basti ti	
SOohalns north to line ol Lol B.668;
thenoe along -nid lino to place of own-
Dated October 18th, l«»i.
Nov. 17 it.   MINNIE K. LAWSON,
WAN I I li   11 '  il  good
p.,,1c,    ,,i   Notch  Ilill.   Vpply by  lol
lor,   gll ing   e\pei ionce,   nnd   wu   '
poi led lo P.O   I'.,   II,     th    i   lim.
been   troiilied  vel'V  nun li  In   i. un-    s u.iiiiu    ,    lieu oi   ine  oono. ,,„,...	
corner    pos,       thence west KI   hains,       ■•       . ■   ,  w|ih   „,„, sa(| digaster. nnd further records
north 21. ehuins to bunk of Wood r,v.      •      \    ....       I   • ,,.,.,.,,..,.,,„-,,,,/.',     ,„„    y    thnt no more work   its gratitude   to.  and   apprecnt.	
hi   tnir«,      thera
Ihi*   (mini    1   wish    mm   suu   uwwwi   ""  . iiui   in^,      i""<
north 21) chn,,,- ,., in.i.K ..i   »oUi. r,v- ■ ■■-     ■--■-■-    '.;'•,.,;,;„,,,,,,. f,,ni ,,,,,   1)ml|tl|,     „„,    y    ,hat  no moro work its  gratitude   to,  and   appreciation    ol ||inm||_  „,	
er,     theme    ."Uow,,,,  south  bank ol       ■        ■                       "              -                                   ,  ,,„      y „„.  b,.avel,   ,.„„,    valu»ble   ass.stan™	
Wood  River easterly abou     0 chain,   ■     .     ^ ( ,     ^   ,.,.„,,„.,.,, bj   ,„     h red to .  ..        .   -.
thence 20 chain,   south to po.nt     ... . s,iuuM    ,,.,,,,  ,hilt     -ld in the rescue and r very „l   .he 11811  3n0  ulEaHier
commencement, containing   1 ere..."-   -u.i.y.     ^   .   _      - ^    ^^^ ,„H for Newmfln     ,„„    ies, also to th. «t«n.j W» ^ KXiSIXKS F.II1   MOINTA.V TRAFK.C
"T " 'r-     ,    ,        i ,, ... '-  - ihi '"   f«n,M*.l by   i '   linishing hi rac.  within the sped-   ted1 in^ arranging,  the public        •.
Dated tins lOthdayofD,   . ^      [( ^    ^  ^       _    . |ii„.„   ^  ^      ,. „,,.,.„ |g nnythi     at„„   ,,.,,,, „      , v. ^  ^
-    ,. 'Vi v      -       !«"<> il  i- ' '"   l1"'   ■"     -Ki""Mur.h   It'th   I   would nol   bo  in  favor |    Sec ed by Aid. ...    ■ ^^
Q. E. Hedstrom. Ag. i,„,. „„d  M,    McCni-  pn}.i„s R at present.     Tho city should   rled, |h<.  ,
,,.,.   i   think   we    ire  safe   I. opting    ,„,,   suffer for  that  extension      In  any: Pf.RMIT. Canada,  hn
NOTICE. !t|,i.  in,,,,,.,   nml      \ewt    i     liould     be   woy, |     \|,|.      Bows applied  foi   pern   ' ,   ,
paid what i* i      I   l.m'i   ihinl   Mi        M,    M.i,,,■.■,       With regard lo Ihnl   dump earth from his eollnr,     Keferml M    H    N
'    '       " '""' ' '       ji; hairman of the Worl
toe. in.-  in  the \v     : Mm
Ti ,
DUrcha,s  " • k  -  I    •'vutinn   the eng s liuu osu-t fc       .    un     ,,„,,,„,. th(.
L'ommissioner    o.    »au,  - purt... ... K , ,    ,        ,     .... hintf'm„,ed, Conse<| .Hy when  M,.      Vw    	
the  following  described   land.   Fi'.uated ^^^^^^"
•   . ,     . ..•     i    '   ■ lu- eonlt
Notice is hereby given   that 60 dayi   Xl '   I'  extension ol   time  I   understand   from
from date 1,  Vi. Andrews,  occupation, ' '                 i"1 ■''■   memliers nf lhe Couneil  thnl  Mr. New-
miner, intend to apply to the     Chief    )'''' '      ' !  have   ninn   wenl up     njgainsl al t double
Commissioner    of    Lands, to pur,. the ■■ (nation   ihe i-iiui 's had  osti- 	
he following  described  land,   situated'     V1,1    M' K ' '   "       '     ''"' '"'■-'   mnted,  Conseq illy when  Mr,      \cw-      Thn  Mayor:  If    there  i    no     liu  Hei ,,„ mountal
obout 2nd chains trom mouth of Wood >        ■'   '      ""'!l    man askod an extension of  lime     ho   outbreak, Cowlo'    rostiiurnnl  will     he   \    ,
River  and   n  post planted on      south ey -hall be paid „ ,     , kino you to corrocl   lho mislako   relensod fr jliaranline in  (ho     ver;
side of river and marked W.   Indrews ■"     ni,l|i»  I*'     l*r  miide by your own engineers; so thai   ""•'"' hiture.     There i    verj    itde |
N. E. corner post,     thence south     4.' ' :'   ""  '' .'(ill   m   nf tho   ho is not lo blame nt all. bability     of    there   belntr any furtliei   w,
chains,      west    40     chains,   north  4" " i    Mr. \ewmn iy poinl out     l.. ' '.',",,,,',"',k;     l,l'i»'-"li' '"'
chains to point of Wi    I •■ \M   T.imbl,       Wel,,,'     Ke    ,,„,,,,„,,,„     |r0n work the city ag-lfco1    ml ,or lhonkful     ''"     '""     '     '    '
following  bunk  of Wood :'    md  * •  ',, ,   ,,, K   f,„.  lhis  work   is'    ,„,,   J« '""    "  «"'"• l>"-» j'   ; '   ''
of commencement       ■- ■ "    "        The bond I     JJ'''   there vol You     suv    tho contract jliove t,,B C,,,y IIeoUh    "'" '     '
 ..-I--- N-ewmnnl  n fur.iM.ed.    'lle'M | ,mv0 bcen eomplotod bv March   ™dit  or tho manner ,„ wh,
sin.OOO.      ,   ,  ,._»n..           ,lf    ,1m .hnndlod     it, and    whon  you .... i
Dated this linh duy oi Dec      1908
,         lie   ha-       nol   1" "i; i   I el
..lii i
lllili,  Imi   piuelieully      none     of     lho ,"J
.a .de ii- aii offer j,. pul
up  a   mm ki 'I   ■ l eqtie  Ini   Sin.OOO      in
TAKK     NOTICE that I Ini to     bonds.
make application        I ■   -  perintend-     Mr   Mefartei       V.u will  gel      lhe
ent if Provincial  Police f..r a transfer l
il,    Welc     I,
ipply   aro      llll
I did    nol   know till i11""  blow-off,
there urn   I."  people  shut   up  in one ,, ...  ,,■'   u),i< li   tin
building,  and  thai   (here aro no fill  iniuhl  .'.""   -'
 H                                   Ither eases,  it  shows  our health ..(Tier ,,,,.,. i      1:    |-'.|.
\\,\   Cowan:     There has been  noth-   |ma ,.,[„.„ prPt(:   g I i ire, new
!,,._,   ihal   has delayed  your work      on   ,,U.|A   f,.nsoiiablo  precaution  hn been ,                 Ot
the purl of tho cily.                                taken.     If     wo hnvo no more small «
«...   fL-eivmnn'      Wo  were dolaved  for   pos  hero the Mail-Iloruld tniifhl very months
1    '                                                                    ... ,■       I          ' Ill ,!..   ,.t    ,1... I
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^         ^^^^^^^^^^^^    fitlilljli    L'ive a   Utile   ol   lhe   kind''     i,
of "retail Hqu of the      K.-i      Mr. Newmni       I did    not know till I '""■• "'"" '""'      r, is the lirst time   t I roforeiice    thnl     was given lo   Uro I (en
Hotel, Camborne, 1 »' before     yeslerday    (hut the     am. wa • • ..A        A.,ln:l,„,.   „f fM, ,   i,     ,
■i   .'   «" Ibond   ....I „..   I n.ss I. h« nd I™ P tlio  head is much   mailer and hn    I       i      tor,
„„,,,,,, 1910.      I   The     Mayor:      ll seem- to mo wo | delay was causoa on [ I ,,.„ . r.l,., ,l„, 0„,„r   dinicliies  „, cone' ,1...
d     \.   I'HKM.
np the -uni.' security,
I thing like the •sunn   did
nd   «ho i
\ Page  I.
Zbc HDalMberalfc
interior flMibltsbtng Gompans,
Subscription   Kates
luoludlutf puHiuKu iu KiiKlnndt Uuilui. BUiloa
Ulld t '.in.nlu.
Hy the yuar [through uu«Uitnuo]....' S'-'-'*1
Hull -      1.30
Quartei  "    -A1
J'JB    U1NT1NU uroiupUy executed al roanon-
ablu tuuw.
TKUMs   i iwh.   SutHonptloua payablu tu ml
Le(r*a1 limit'-"- louunt* por lino llrnl  limorUon,
,.i i llm   i !, ,   4ul)tii>uuuui  hiKurl Ion
Muns iriuuuiii ■ s.mii,ini'! [rj inir- maku one
liifhl.      ,-iu; ,■    lllll!     - ■ ..- ■  ll    OUhlllUM    .ill
uounci mom    -! ti   \w[   inch  iut inonth,
I'l'rlrnril    pUnltiutK*.     - '      pUI       ■ I 111 i'l
ll,   i iiii.   Itn'i ii-.   Mu il igu ■   and   Deal Iw,
,f'l' I'iU'll       111"'! 1 ilill.
i.,uni .- AH  lulvertiixniioutd
', ., . tu ,..- ni i' ■. dot i lie iiiunaguiui nl,
WiiiiLwl ami I'uniliMi i'd VilvuriW>iueiil«:
VK< i.i   W i     d, Help   rt in w ui    in
u un, i. -. ..' nn ■ v..i mt, i u ii iioi ■
Warned, M< lianii ■ w uitod, III word* or
[tint ■:,.■.. -.hi. ., Iiiii iuu .1 Unu !" couU.
* i .-•■- in -i imluiti atltfort-Uoineiili* mum
ur In bj U ,i. in. 'I ui*mI iy "ini Krld «> ol
otcii week i" •H'curu ■:<• '■! display,
CORKEdPOXUKNUK Invited  un matter* "i
public iV'tr-t.   Uoi uiu uuioatioud U) Kelt* i Ml I
tor  niuul   ii.   accompanied   by   name  of   '"   li'imuln uhniil   ji'i'in.; FiimIi  :ii
writor, not ntiooiwarU)' to  publication, bui      ..   l,;.,,,   .. ,,,.,..  , i. ,   , . 1     .,,,,  ..,
movI - ic    ■ b »od faith.   Correapondouoo
should he brief. i ■>■-      ■■ r :      -   complaint*
Several   houses,    Furnished
and   Unfurnished
Dwelling houses from $1275
Building Lots in all parts of
City at prices ranging from
$100 up.
l;Y \i
■ nml i; Ml w \\   \i i IHKNTS.
■iiiii- Aii.,iti,j ihi. | .tin, Iim1 ..■iim'- nl' i'n i 1 -
i'r,nn wni iii'i'iilnnt^ in ' tn uln urn ipreud
ii.l   lh,'   li.i    shows
Beauti'u! Creations by C. B, Hume
and Reid S Vaung
tin.,  nl      lhn  features  nf   ilu.     curly
-piiiiL'   in      Itcvclslnkc     is   I in>   annual
IlliHilirl \     ll|l. Ilillji    r\l;tliili,n|M    nl i'.
H.   Iliimi<  A:   Cii.,  iin I   lli'iil  &   Voting,
mnl  ilu-     yt'iir Im-    nnl  shown     iin.\
s'lul,   ill     ll'|  llll l"ii   ill   1' m I'lll'lll    .|il:ll
ill   .in I   -rl. . ' inn   ,,l   -J.... I-   ..li'. r. .1       I.i
ih.. |inlil ., iii     fuel   iii-i  ilm     ii'verse,
Ini    Ui'l     I I.,  ,'. ., .      IV|| 1 l,r|V    -11, I,        11
In.mil iini   display    nf   ii - "i I' i i i.-i\     n    in
lii'Vi'lslnki'   nl   linili   i!      ,     Hev-
elslnke   i-   ;r   n| lutp   in   her  styles,
nml  fnsliinn   iiirii-   ;i-   nny   -:i\   ,,f  the
«i. i.   ... I   llm  |.,il,li.   in   in.;      Inr
tin     p. i   i lin    . nn  In-  |,,,,.■■nv.l      linvi'
bIwi|\       lll'l'll    M,|,|,li,„l   will,    (ll,,   highest
.111.-1111>   nlu iii,iilili.. li    iiiiik       ..ni'
I'nsl'  lii   make   :i   w ilil,"'  llltl   nil I   il uiil
tnki'  i i.   ilim,   i   .|...i,   in  ninko thi'
-in'in   -i,i i11m'   nnd   suminei     niili'i-tiiin,
Siv.ll-    indicate        1 lin l    i. .     v.   I.    -l:iji.i r
III.I", I'lU'l 111' Ills Ul       111..-   -Mill-       lli'lol'l'
Spring Lmiil)
Beet iinil
■■   i','1 r, -,'
,';,,, .. .',rJs^W.,
* ,. v* a«5V ""» '   '
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Ornoics i   Imperial Hank Building Rbvbl*
HiOltK,  It. Ot
Money to loan.
Of&ooa Ravelatoko, H C.   Cra&brook, ti, \\
QBO. H. McCJartbk
J. A. IIaiivky.
riLLlA.M 1. BK1GU3
iln-  janitor,   mid   lho  small   boy      run   mnl   broken  rail
kri*|i ,i   S'nwfonnHland pup  in   ihiMvoiul   il i»ci*ssii\      ui     incM'i' -uli-imiiial
-l„'il and it thf liabj i-ries tit  niirht no   road  bnds,    approarhlaj  thf  -Jtandard
.1      will  i'-' -h'Hilinu   nvci      il '* ihe hrii ■•,  i   i'wu    •vshmik. Thn     i
■   ■   uni     i   m'l   you  maUf  lhal      kid   rail   should  filhiT  lnval%  oi     prfad  on
i p still?" mi   rn_li-ii line n n-  impo^ihlf1. when
 1— ' Vll -.  i,-r        I   |fi    \\;\\    ill    whirl]    lllfV
iiv laid. Tin' rail*    i r Iui I in  full 	
tl   li;-   and   propel t>     nre
thr nnl of      i
ir    -!imiii<-i
!    We  noti,,.  thai M.   A.   .lull,   ihf |
v iin-tal  pou "■' ■           illfd  to
n1 her [i u ' - . if  ' hf |>n>\ ii
I'hei'f   .-         .■.;.■ '■    RpvpNloko   liiin.--.   In-i.'.i'l nf  ho'dinu  Ihf rail  in
ild hi from             ■''.•-. m-   phu-i> U\   driving  ti  ^pikf tn  rigid   and
hniMi, I    i ll           ■   ■        i fui     '"''■   ■■'    '      iwi     hrou-jfl     li      if u idrr
lie          ■ '..,.■     ,.,       :l,   |,.,;i, |,   |;,,,,,.  |.         ,    ,     |,     [il,.  ;,   metal
styles   • i ow   mi (del ation   ho\vo\ er,      in
their use, a -  well a- in i In   new -ihapes '
nnd   though   one   model,   our   represen* j
lative at   the openinjs on  Monday no-
tired,   had      pink   coses   standing      up- !
righl      n\ er  lhe    whole    lop ..i      lhu
crow n.   -in i',iuihl"d   h\   ii   ih"i\ \     hedge
of   w lute   lilai «,    all   of  whi di   siiiigfst- ,
ed   watering  ran?   and   pi   nluu   shears t
i he  ni' »si   I. msf rvnl iv v  vn < nnun      w ns
able   to   lind   somnthing   to  her  liking,
f.  \\,   III MK \  mi.
Miss   Chamberlain   Is   in   i harge      of
Provincial lo
^^^^^^^^^^^        lin^ii. i-i'i'iiiK
McKenzih Avknoe,
liuX   imi.   Kl'Vll.^luKK II,..     i,
■ vAI.I'iN ,\:   KVELEIUH,
All I'liininiiiiiialii'ii-  ulili ll tn Y  -t
I'llili',    K.'Vi'lr-Uikl',   «lll   ll.lM- |ll\.|ll|lt
111 lint lull.
,.„,|,,,-i;,<ii.' .,„ tin. Mil,i..,t  .,-  ih,,-,. ii.   .'ii-rn: iii vvhiili llu. rail i- -i'l. Hi*  niillni.Ti   il*piirtment   imiiin      this
„m   ,„|       . '   |ti ,',,l,,,,il,i:,      Tho instiiv.'  ;-   s-,..'iii'.'ly linlti'.l In   llm   yiw,   iissisii-il   by   Mi-   .\i,I,.i-,.i,   nml
Solicilui. etc.
Solicitor fiit':—
The Canadian Hank of Commerce
Tue MoLSONd Hank,  Eti .
  ■- !"'"'a^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^,_^^^^^.^^_^^_^^^^^^^__
BEVKLSTOKE,  Yf.  nLni!tiiiii.    ti,.   ,,„l I   ,    :  In.lini Mi-   I'lnninj.  nml   li.i-   lii'.nnrlil nil the
lOHKKl' S.MI i'ii u" '  '   I'oiilti'i   ir    Inin mi'l      "i|i|n   •       - inrtt'il in Iniesl   slin|ii's  .nil  styli-, ,,1 lints from i
■  i   ■                     llu    ' ;ii .ini':i    nf ,"..|,    mm,  111   ilimi,  mi'l   ,.:'  its   i,.n-tli tl iii'iiini;     in   Sow   Vni'U,   Tiiiiinto
Proviucial Land Surveyor,  .,_.,.; „it,ln          \                       i,  w-e pre- in  this    im,.-  nn    rail umlil     p..--ii.lv mnl  Winnipeir.      The  slum   imnn   win
MiuiUKSutvayor  sn)mi ,   _    ;   ,                    .,   .,„„„,„. .,,,,,„!,   imj  .,,„.     ,.i   .....       |«.|i,.vo t.isiefnll.v   nminnrefl  will    .     the Inliwl
  ■    .    .       ...         hull, ,.,, |.  ,,[ ii.,, creations,      ns    well   n.   with  n   Initto
.    . |   .vnonvin   '''''  wmilil  1 1,1  ii   |i ...    I'ln    only anil   henutifnl    sioi'h  ol  (limers,      the
\„,„,,|,..i .ii. iii,11  nm ■..   |M«  method best   yet    n   nl   nny   millinery   open-
|!t,.\ie«   ,,i  lli'vii-ws                      mrin  the "''  layinu   i lil-  is   its    ..-i.  Inn   mist   ol illli   here,   The  stoi'li   is   Imported direct
' „„1 ,,,' Uriti-.li Nil        \                   ■ nn ustrn             hniilrl  li          liimj      ,om- from  New   Vork.
'     ,f   prnirress pared willi     the savins nf live-     und      The    i-rmvd*     ittoiulint!   the openlnij
VantoI'VKK and KevklsToke, a, t.   ,    .       ,,   ,   ,,   , _in,  ,,.,„,.,„„„ limlw of the iravelliim pnhli.    nnl rail- were large I lum  til  aii.i   i .ions year,
attrai'ted, dmibtless,  In   the Inrjii' mnl
  Vuried   styles   nnd   shapes   -li.,\\n.      flu
mis  development      had  'arrived'      ■  ■ I'lM'.li   111 Mil    WU I'Kli'KS. 1|lis  oeension  nUo  this  linn  took   the
 ivnvellet ■        I'he rnpiil     ■     i   .   iu tl si nf liv- opportunit>   nf making   ,   public open-
c-   w-   °   w .    ...    i i      i ,.    il ,.      wluit   ii     was   ten '"'-' "'  ''"' ""u   department  of     ladies
lliiuntain V\ow Cnmp. No. 210                                                                                inl'il leal's    ._-.           Il'i'   ".                                    tl '-'""'-.   novelltes  etc.
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
•',   Dominion than  lo the   « ■'   ■ '  I1 oyes
■Monti Sin-olid una  Knirlti  Wednesdays In  ,„„, northern  neishhor i ! ippeai       thai ",v        '"    '"'".
ESSSaW. ,^-   "  " ,he main i-aiw of hi.h pii,-, ■» '"'/V'T  ' *7.  ^, ^." ^ \ =
jiiijv i \i'i snN. i un. i'om.
.1   MelNTVRK   <l..-k
Kootonay Lodgo. No. 15, A  F. & A. M
eonsts     -'.
lioili nfier*
West Kootenay Steam Laundry
Revelstoke,  B. C.
Your While Curtains  properly  and   promptly
cleaned.    Satisfaction guaranteed in all lines.
Woollens a Specialty.
Phone 73.      Office Corner 2nd. St., and Mackenzie Ave.
Tl.rt PKir...- ni",.;
In?, ■,-» ■ ,. i
M iSONli ".': .'■■
nil...     .    n
■,-.n tin-     '■!
, ll luth     .!'.
'n.  V.-i'.ii a
r.i.    c.irJ.H..)    ».
• un.
J   T   POLl.Ol K, M i-:,.i.
i HAS. J. AMAS   SB mi mi
«ELKIKK I DDOE 12  I.0.0  F.
i ' ■ ■
_.  FVultlai)    -
cordially invito t,i mtBud.
L   fROBl s', n.g.       JAS  MATH'.:-:
Cold Rnnga Latltte, K ol P.
No, 16, Revelstoke, B C.
Ml     •    K
, , , .
h.i:   «•.   -   .     -t
Knlxb ■
T. P. dMITH.r. r.
G. H. BHOCKI K   .,'  »   \ -
J   H. SCOTT, U, o! F.
I. "•'-•
C'liin' M
:   ■-  in I. ii. ii  I-. Hiil
T.;.;     .      . ■
'■I n mm
II     -s... .  H.  W.  K
if       pn
tnh the nvoi-  ' ""'     •"'"""'-     IliU  store was   Jet  is vcrj    ii.lai'..       IrrideHcont of-
li    l?''o«ded,      the  Sympl    n;        Oivhesti,, l.-u   uiv n,'« and il.mi.iy,   N'eU, malinoH
^rivini!   i  number of well   -elected piei-es and I'liilFnii-     are shown.     There i-; a
in   il venimr,        Mnt ■     H idge demand for lilm-k  velvet.     There i« to
id   the   -iiKlitiition   ■*a"-    '   lu                       '"'   '  tTrpnl   iW'vnl  in Im-e.
nm,-li itppriM-iatt'd.     Tea  '.\.i-   il-,, ,li-- i    In  ribbon, fashion  has ehosen velvot
 I   iv.   the  linn   in   iii"  rest   ronin, and nnd I'hnntrenble glnee, also     some
.    mi-   Inmelj   patronised.   The  liiin soft  effects.     On  the whole both     lhe
.        deserve  nuii'li   ircdil   for  their     enti'i- stores have     a beautiful  mnl  splendid
prise .uni     progress     in the business, selection,  with prices to buH  nil. The
The new  ,•!.., tri,  elevator     i\u-     busy milliners are  anxious  to  show      Ihoir
.   all  d»>   and  half  the niirhl   tnkintr visi- -kill  nnd  lhe publi.' aro always     wel-
■        tot -  :.. lhe show   rooms. come.
\-   i- lal   this  firm  had  -i   Im L'e    "... 1 :
 II.-      ■  im.   \ ih,,  .    -I   A I'iiiin !       	
I'hi easteri    " i'. ulinn      con-'    "The Uoyal Chef" is down for n via-
" The Royal Chef"
„...'„,n-.  ihe   iii.ility shown being    of  it  to  lievelstoke,  and will  appear
I'.YI.AIV   NO.   1(9.
t   A BY-LAW    10   STOP IT (KIM'AIM
HI.OCKS Nt). .".ii ,v NO. B3.
Whereim ii  is deemed expedient     tern
ill lv the  the highest. Miss Parkin of Vancouver   the opera  house on   Ipril   12th.     Tho
i _ ,, ....  d  has a very   music of lhe play is nol  only extreme-
,,.      Qf  trimmed  and  nn-   l.v  cittchy,  but   hns  scored  number for
trimmed  hit-,  a-    well   i-   a beautiful   number uith any ever written   for     a   stop up portions of the lanes nshorv
,,,,,1  m',llinei'\      uf all   single production, in mans- a day. The   inafter.doscribcd.:
,,        ,,,....,,    scenic effects     „re described us great, I   BK IT THKKEFORK UNACTED by
.  rt.),j| , ..   ,[  [hi      indsuiuesi   nnd     lhe     cnmpanj   ustinlly  capable,  the Municipal Council of the Corpora-
,„,   triumphs  of  the  milliner's   The  locale  of  "The   Uoyal  Chef"      is  tion of     lhc    City of Revelstoke^  ire,
the mythical "Isle of Colong,"     over open meeting assembled ns follows:
-I'IMV.   FASHIONS. which  Ihe     "linjnh" rules     in exalted |    I.   Thnl  all  thai  porlion nfthelanfa
licnity;   finding   his  chef  hu<   uitenip-   in  Block  number  Fifty  I"'11!  I>• i11ir   Ims-
-Inrger     than  evci      in   ,'"i   tp  poison him,  he has  the  rascal
s,vles-b„t many medium sizes  beheaded    and     orders "Lord   Mito",
twocn the westerly boundary of Bob*
on Avenue and tlm easterly boundary
f Mi'Arthur Avenue ns shown     on   a
Z\x nDaiUH3cralO
Rogers' Pass Disaster
Pressed   hnl I ;    his   I"'1""'  min'"te1'-   "'   l'""1   ,lim   '"".',' ,
lior before    sundown    or    -uli.i' a  like   plan of part ,,f lho City of llevolstolta
lI.nws late.     The prime minister fears ii is n   and numbered (126 I. AMI all thai por-
|p|    |,  .  , ,    l less  task,  but just  us  his  lime i<   tion ol lhe Inne in  Block  number  Fif-
ltl,l    ,,,,,,  aboul   up he i   saved by lhe  xpec-   ty-threo    (53) lying    between the wealed   ,i nance    nf a     nook'-  lotirist, torly boundary of IVvnu streel      and
II,■!,,,mi      l.emphnuscr" of Chic- -ti astorly boandnry of Pearson St.,
... who i-  ul  once promoted  to tho   n« shewn on a plun of pari  of     tha
. ,,    „   , ., ition  of  "Royal Chef."     The new   City ,.I Rovolstoke und numbered fillO,
lum     ...,'  to In- a     joke-smith,  i,e and the same nre hereby under tha
 i.i  him  revolves  all  Ihe   in-   authority    of    Section  Wl sub-section
how    clever dramatic ,142 of     lho   "Municipal Clauses AeV*
'  , ,;i,            ,.   ,, i i,.,. 11,,, opera  i-  staged in
lim      il"  ii. ii, in  .ii-lumc  nnd   every
,,..     ,.m red   ■..  give  it    proper
etting,   while tho   ipeelnllsts,   chorus,
topped up.
Read n first time the m!i .duy of
larch, 1910,
Rend n secon 1  lime the 8th day
,i„'i numei in ie-
'■i   of March, HUM.
■ -i 1,
,i, In   I       '.:'
I by ro
 I'lii.'ii,,nil.      nnil   in   poinl   "I
('iiii'   surpasses  any  thai   is  u ually
rpiired it iM.-ul comedy,
I pliu r
'• i, '
md    nil    eiti/ens
,   'i,     .ml     (he sympnth)   oxtended
ji ti iiiieiii    nf the luie
i Mill OF   III WKS.
We,   I In   Si .'iii.l.iiiii iatiH  of  tin*    l 'ily
of  Revelstoke, \vi~!i  to extend our sin-
rem thnnl    ,.. the Knights • >f Pythias
for     the beautiful
bit hi
i  i  hand*
' Ihnt lie   \ndet ■ on and  Vi- tor Car] ion,
M.I'.r.liT STONE,
, , .„.    , ,. I'omrn'il bee,
■ imi   \id   \'   Follow hip "So-
imt   .i
■     n(] bi lid       Moving Pictures tonight.
Read a third time and pal Bd
ilu. Rlh day ..I March, 1910 with thej
unanimous consent of the Council.
Reconsidered and finally passed
ami adopted b> lhe Couni il lho 18th
day of March, 1910,
(Signed)     J. II. HAMILTON.
i'.i;1 ' i: A. i.wvstiN.
City Clerk.
1 certify thi-i is a true copy of     the
r.v-l.nw passed by the Council of   the-
City of Hevolstoke, B.C., March lKth.,
City  Clerk.
Fresh Bulk Chocolates 50c. a pountfl
i  I'n ws Drug Store,
/ WEDNESDAY, M Midi 23,  1010
Page a*
Our Milliners are home
Irom the Eastern markets
and will be pleased to Bee
you. They have some
swell new tilings in Ready-
to-wear [lata for 'he present Reason.
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to placa before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Mail Orders.
Telephone < irders.
Send   the  children   to
the store.   I tome yourself.
Have our city traveller
cull at your home for
House Furnishings
We have just taken in stork a nice assortment of
Japanese Matting Squares.   Prices 75c to $5.00.
Also a nicn line of Japanese Yutakn 11 tigs in sizes 3x6 at
12.25; 6x9 at $5.50 and 9x9 at $8 50. Those are entirely new,
just the thing for bedrooms.
See our Tapestry Squares at $13.50—exceptional value.
We have a choice lot of Hugs in Velvets, Brussels and
Wiltons, newest designs at prices that will make you sit up
und take notice.    Call und see them.
Bed Spreads and
Nothing nicer or more inviting than these pretty
Marsellea and English Oak lied Coverings. Every bed in the
house may rejoice in it= own setts ot counterpanes at the
prices.    We have lovely snowy white coverings at 11.50 to $5.
Lovely French Veilings
Beautiful Shades
March winds mean veils. Beautiful French Veilings,
rich novelty shades. All the new meshes and weaves—
Myrtle. Copenhagen Blue, Olive, Wine Colors, Smoke, Browne,
Reseda. Prunella, Black and White.    Prices 35o., 50c., 75c.
Fine Lace Waists
nue of nature's miracles that hands inured to hard toll
can achieve even daintier needle work than luxurious lingers-
The Laces in these waists are real Plauen und Chantilly,
hand-made by the peasantry ol those countrys—15 to 115,0* >.
Ladies Spring Coats
with a grace and style and refinement to please vou. Inexpensive coats to slip on after the heavy winter coat is
discarded.    Prices from t6 to (10.00.
Another milestone in the march of
progress of this business has been
reached and passed Our Spring Millinery Opening 1910. Never was the display as fine; never the crowd of eager
spectators larger or more appreciative;
never the amount of actual business
transacted  greater.
We have adequate room on the 2nd
Floor for the proper display of our Dry
Goods, Ready-to-wear, Millinery and
House Furnishings, and hope to find you
among the  visitors these shopping days.
Sanitary Hair Goods
New Turbans in the washed Duer stock, any color>
covered with a line silk uett at 50c.
New Hair Rolls in all colors and all sizes, coveted with
a line gause silk nett, at 35c, 50c, and 75c
New French Hair Switches in Natural Hair Wool and
straight. You can buy a Keul Hair Switch 20 inches long,
as low as $2.00.
Easter Supplies
li you are going to be at home on Easter lei us Bell you
your wants to Bupply the inner man, All kinds ol Ham,
Bacon and Eggs, See our corner window for your Easter
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,
Housecleaning Hints
We have just received a large shipment of Wash Tubs,
Mils Clothes Baskets, iloihi's Pins, I'.ills. Scrub Brubhes,
Dusters, Brooms, mnl Clothes Lines. Also a large quantity
>oaps and Washing Powders. Everything to make labor
iighi and et> ;• for the housewife. Leave your orders willi us.
Prompt delivery.
Fresh Fruits
Oranges. Grape  Fruit, Bananas. Lemons ar 1 Apples, by
the dozen or by the case.    Always new and fresh.
Some of Dur Delicacies
MoLaren's Cheese in jars at l'ic, '.'ic, joC, and $1.10.
Ingersoll Cream Cheese at 20c per package. Lobsters in
ulass jars at 45c. White Bear Sardines •". for 50c. Rozavs a
la Bordelaise Sardines in Aromatic Since, 25c, Guava Jelly
in glass jars at 40o. Stuffed Olives at lOcandSOo. Military
Pickles at 35c. and li'ie. Headman's famous (lover Honey
at 30c, 85c, and $1.25.
Just Put Your Foot Into It!
Drop into our store any time during the next few days,
let us get your proper quarter-size in one of our
smart new Regal Shoes, and just slip your foot
into it.   We guarantee you'll find it the smartest
looking, smoothest fitting and most comfortable shoe you've worn in vears—unless you
have beai wearing Regais right along.
are made un scientific lasts, insuring smooth, snug fit
and smart custom lines.    Regal quarter-sizes mean
an extu.' ni for yiur feet—nol slioes even a little
too loose or too tight.    The quality and work
manship in Regais insure long  service—ard
permanent retention of the original shap .
$5.00, $5.50, $fi.lf g.50
%^fS?^ ;
*#&& ■f^r^i'^MM'^,
See the Electric Coffee Mill—
a grand new "Ilobart" machine,
tt S i an givi you genuine steel cut
coffee, either ground or pulverised,
in b minute's notice,
See our display of Bulk I'ickles, all fresh from the makers in
llienz's Sweet Mixed and Sour Mixed, and the famous Dill
pickles,    Xo order too small.    We can supply you.
You may lind s mistake in
our accounting, let n« know if you
iiii. We have installed tli- finest
office system possible and are doing
our utmost to keep apace with*the
tunes. Vou can help tu if you let
us know ol any mistake that might
occur. I'll-.. fi.
ttl'lllSKSim.  MAKCII 23,  I Ii Id
At   il iH'i'ii      liniisi',   l.'.'M'l'.niki.
<m  Siimliiy  IiikI   a   Mi'iiioiial m ri In'
VMM      IlIlM     III     IllllllU      III'      llll'      II   « ll"
IH'lr    ill I'l U lll'lltll'd U Ilill'     , III     llllll
bj the in.dim, lir nl Riiffei's Push
li.i ., .rn ii... riiKlii nl Mn ri li I, mm
'n„. Ni'fviiv nn lii'lil iin.li'i tho mis
jiiii's of iln- Mii/rii.  of   Ki'Vi'lsloki',
llll' 11,1111."-        I'.illi.ll ilio      ll.'illLl      'hi'
i in I lho ili'iiil in « lioso   nionuir.v
|| "11  ii'i'    H.i-    "I..'. d
IN   MIlMOlll \M.
.lol ,.     I ,    or,     Kii I   lliukloy,
V.   I'liillips,     \.   !     Pniriiir,   I'll,is
i", liih.,    .1    MmIioh, i   Sii'hols,
.1.   Mi I .in mi,  .1,   V   liiilliu h,  I). .1.
M  |l   Ion     il,     \      .lol II.    ('.     llllll'l-
i    \ i    i   irlsoii,   Im   Welliiiiili'i',   II.
\\ lliiL'lii. .1 MnlTiil, C Mli.mi-
ley, III M..rim, II. .1 lines. T. Mo
Miirniy. S. Olivor, M. Mn/ui', II.
Mi-ikii-', .1. MiKmvosyiik, I''. IVaif
iii-t.   \. I Ifii'.
M. Mi,-, i,. 'I'snboi, U. Miyakn,
"I'.  (Inoilor i,  K,   Snto, S. Stiznki, (1.
•1'ennho, 'I    linn. ii,   K.  Otnko, M.
II ,', , Iiiii i, I 1 yono, X. Ilirnno,
A. K.'u.iMilo. K, Oniiiiii. S. Suzuki
T. Tnkolii, X. Ik, .I.i. II. Solo. in.
K. Mnyoilii, K Knboynslii, II
lloiiiiilii, \ Mn. iii/nki. 1 ITIrnmn,
K Miitsuiiiotii, K. Kiiiii'kiiwii, 0.
« i-a, I Tnkedii, K. Ilanaki.. 0.
Tsujiituirii, I'   Miziiknwa,
The Selkirk   l-mlne'',   ninr-
I'll...I    in    |H "ion    in    I'l'u.'ilia to
ih,, pin i   -.'ni.'...     iin.hi nun
I |,l,.  nttiMiiloil    tho  -.'..i'r       The
Hinge  "i   il pern   house  ivns ...
,'lipit'il    In     ll |.i'aki'l-    and    .'lloil's
of  ill nliiiioil     .Inu. In-.      who
li>l     in  tlio    om nl purl  oi  tho soi-
\ i' ■■
A.  I-:.  Mill.',   prosiiloil,  .'iini  hi'ii'flj
Htlltl'll      ll In.-   I       111        till'   spo, i:d
spt \ |i i'.        lit-      I lli<ii   tlllllOlllli I" I      1 Ilo
followinu liyinn:
.li-.iiM  Low oi my soul,
I ,.i nn' to Tli)  bosom ll>.
While llii' in-.i'.'l  Maiii-  roll,
While  lho  lompesi   still   i-   hiuh!
11 id., a,.■. 11 m\   >i\ p.ui  hide,
'lill ihr -i,nm ,.i life i-  p '
Safe into ilu' lienven guidp,
I Mi.   O' ri\ !■ m\   m>iiI  al   last '■
iiili,"   i,i.i.i' huve  I  none,
II in,.-  nn-  helpl "id "i    I !   ■
Loin I-, ak' leave mo i" it  nlono,
.'.lill   slippol 1   in.I   ■ "lill.il '    " -
Ml   nn    Irn-t   ,,ii    I hei'   i-   staved;
All nu   help from   I I   I   I'1 I
I'oli'i    no    d,'!','!!,.",'--    I ,',id
Wi Imdow  rn' 'llii   ii ■
I'l   ll,'I     ll   I-     'li."    off 1    ll
tt.   I       I    lldiT.
I ,- '- . ■    ..
1  itlMli-ll.
Conn "  i    ■ I	
Im eel
H." , ',■ ■    i "ii  i   i hi      s.
II i
• 1  ,'rth I
SI        :    11 ''
'    '
" lion   "an in, ii din liiMii.i
Than by fnoinu  fonrful odds."
and     i"   IVilltld   ohllllgu   llllll    Hi mill
"limn liuhtiiK! for iliidr lirond, lor
ili.'ii   I'lnldron,   and    iliose In ivliom
ili.'i   ii      umiuiiiloil "       I In.   I,-
son io hi- li'anii'd iVniii litis I'lilnni-
iti iviis i,, tIm' nbovo ilir foi ni ..I
un 1 in.', lo lini'd belter rnilvvnys,
lo plan lll'ller and lo d.'-imi their
mid.-liakiiM. ,,,, ,, kijliri nnd belle,   plan,'.
I,'," If  ol    im m     loft   l'..i   UH'.
Let   mr hide mi self in Thop;
Let   Hi" 'mm'     nnil      bl.md.
I'miii   Tin   riven   -id-  ulii. li   lloiv'd,
I'... of -in   ihe double i-ure;
I |. unse nn' from it- guilt  and pmi -
IM.il,. I  draw   llii- 11,','iiiM In.... i li.
Uli,ai   n.\   eyelids   , losi'  in   tlentll,
When   I   "in- io uorlil-   mil u ii.
Si.,. Tl   Th\   judgment   limine;
Ilo. k   of    \ges,   ,1,11   lor   in,'.
In   in,, hid,'  myself  in  Thee.
Uldress lo   l!,'v. T. Vi. Hall, who
l.'.'ill   uilli   ill.'   poini   of   n liuu   lulu  lit'.' .md  immortality.
\iIdn-- In Hei . W. Y. l-'i-"i'iiiaii.
ii In. urged thnl tlio grout problem
u as nol lum lo die  Inn how lo  live.
Abide mil I l-'a-i fulls th,. eventide,
The dui'kness di'epelis Lord with
me abide!
When other helpers fail, nnd .'.union-   llee,
lli-'p oi the helpless, „h, ,,l,i,|,. with
Swifl   I..     ii-  .losi. ebbs oul   life's
Iiuii' ilny:
I   111 h'-   ioi -   grow   dim.   i: -  gli tries
pa-- in i-
Clllingi'   and   il.'"a\    in    all     iloillli!    I
li.   ll,...,.  Uh,,  ihniigesl   not,  ubiile
Willi     111"'
\,ldr,.-s In |{ev. \l. ii. Melvin,
w In, illustrated tin- biiglitness i,-
sultinu  from        il   i   i  siilfering.
Solo Mi \. I. I'oremiin "Some
dn     the .-   ,-er Coi-il  will  l',,.",k "
\il.li."-  in       I'      \|      i ook,  uh,.
-aid   for      main    innl'-    I I     llllll   I u
i i iii-.!     uni,    rnilw ai nien.   and
. ilie .i '.I ■ lit--1 impressions i Imt
had   lul if  mn    iu   tl
I. I  -IM       ll   i '.._,'!-,'■
life   In ,,i. i    	
a--..' inleil   v
o.n   .,
nine bin I
C. P. R.
Easter Holidays
final Return Limit March 30, 1910
AT'l'l-.Nii 'I'lll-.
March 25. 26. 28
It' you want n sure invostmonl,   mi onu
thnt will ■ i.inii the closest Inspection write
The Over-Land  Financiers Limited,
VANCOUVER,    B   C.        meh IJ L'
\oii.i' is herejbi given thnl an application will li" mad" under I'.'lt't V. of
the "Wale. Act, KKl'J," i,, obtain ;i
license in tin- Revelstoke Division ol
West   Ki.oli'iiai    Hi-i i :■ i.
ia. i I he name, add'.'-- ami occupation of the applicant, Jacob S. Wiens,
-Yikiisp, 1',. r.. fruit grower nnl vetje-
inlili' gardener,
il' I Th" name of lhe lake, stream,
oi source lit* unnamed, the description
is) Little stream, unnamed, running
«.ut oi -mall lake ! of mile ensl "f said
I.-, i Tin' poini oi diversion, 20 mils
wesl ..i ..i-i end ..t lii. 2, subdivision
of lol   l-.'T I i Iroup 111.
id.I The qunntity of water ipp ied
ior lin . ulii" t'i'i'i per second) "no Millie i,,..t  per second.
lo.i Tin- character of ih" proposed
works: Tnken iviti »oc<i irvt^tm (rem
m i, im '.i garden.
it".i Tin- premises on which tlio water - t" in 'i-'"l, I.sit 2, Subdivision
oi  la.i  427-1 Hi-.,up  111  Kootenay,
(g.) The purposes for which the wa
'•a i- -,' I..- used,—irrigating v.-^.-i.-ilile
•   .   If i..r  irrigation,   lescribe      tlio
   irrigated,   jiving
...   .'."-I end ... Lol  -
siih-division of Lol   1274 of Rro ip il I
,   -,v   -   M.-'"d  . a   the
Mai 010,       -    n  ap-
   ide to I i"   I om-
Iti f April, A.
,   I,.-..- -        ,  resses
.   ly  to
 1   lorks.
. R I",   Yikll=p
\\-i   ,-.
NOTICK that I intend     to
uke applicati -  perintend-
er.i of Provincial P . transfer
| e the Bi .ion
a     ■
Im I fcN'3
You judRo a pair of shoes
somewhat by Uie way they
lo k perhaps you judge them
more by the way they feel, Imt
rest assured that if they do not
feel comfortable, the ehanees
are ten to one that they will
:: it look well. Yuu cannot be
r.t peace with a shoe unless it
comfortable, and no shoe
can be comfortable unless it
tits. If it fails to fit it will
a lose shape, for you cannot be comfortable in a vice—
the fool  ir the shoe must yield.
Now    Ames-Holden   Royal
Purple shoes for women em-
b idy just these features—
, ■ i fed •'". perfect style, and
with it the maximum measure
f :'..ll comfort, and that is
why so many women ask for
Send|in your orders for
this excellent coal
Dry Cedar, 4-Foot
31/5 Pep Cord.
Residences.   Building Lots
Fruit Lands
First Street     Tel 6 B.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
All kiinK
Reasonable Trices
Painting and
Paper Hanging \
•: ■■"!! Cuaraitti -
-   Third >t. anil Itobson Avenue
Shingle Mill for Sale
; eatly i arrie I on
:.  I'
Front     Street.
for Sale
Wanted Known
I   ;•; id &
■ i   RTJ   BS
Cat all
...   ■ : '
(..„,,  Hotii
Closing Out Prices
Fruit and Ornamental Trees
Having ilifjontl nf our nurpery grounds lo be oleaned up
by Msyj I nn. prepnrid lo offer fpecial priien in nil caeb baigeitiB
Splendid BFPoriment of orninmntnl trei^, ecolimated bluck,
having Inin growing on our grounds for ji'tirs, fn w 10c. up.
One of iln 1 ci-t selections of roses in H.C. in all leading
varieties, suitable for ibis section, in good 2-year blooming nizes,
'Joe. each, if'JO por mo, *150 per 1000, smaller ones half-price,
50,000 fruit treis in lending varieties. Let uie jirice your list
111,01111 shade trees, in all sizes and prices.
Greenhouses full of plants in all sizes and prices, from $!>
per 100 pots up.
3010 Westminster Road, Vancouver
Revelstoke Flour and 'Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hayf
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Coy.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged anil Impioved.     First-Claim in every respect.     All modern conveniences*
Large Sample Kooms.
Rates, $2.00 per day       Special Weekly^Rates.
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably   furnished   with  the  choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.   ALBEET     ST03STE      PEOP.
Palace Restaurant
McKensie  Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigars .Tobacco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
ABKOWHBAD, ll. <'.
Special   Utention given to commercial
nii'il iii. I tourists, rirst-rliiFi sampla
rooms, inn"-! scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot  Air
Pipe and  Furnace Work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Union Hotel
Under New Management    I
Stewart Macdonald
Mannfactortd for all ciMs>oa of  bnildlatfl
forZiilfl in Itrgt or nmall i]tinntitin
I «i tl t In west pricai fnr rfl.-iA.
All kliidn;of huildiiifi midliilnjU'.-i -.•,
r \
Local Industry
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock «gf printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
oMenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
cAccount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
Another C. P. R. Disaster
.■,.,   MeNellie  Siillnii,  uboul      four   lwmi
-   ,   ,-i   nl   ('rosloll,   111    M llll'il       two    "'
firm ,i i ii
briilii'iiiiui    'i'i"  l>"i'""  represi ntod.      I he  H,        I,
vi,.an  Kurd.   u     Will unison  nnd   il,.   j;.".,   IV.   M.-i-
I'ri'Hton,  Mnri'li  IU   Due of the worst
,,     ...  ,.„       ,.■ VISIT til.'    IN'I I.I.N VI M.\ VI,      W»
|:ill\i;i\      ; Iili'llls     III     UH'     ll|-l.il\' nl
■   ,1    I-. »■•   \ . ,' M,„, |,|t(n IM : VI.  SI ' i:i"i'\i:'i -
riillronilinii   in   lie  I i.m s   Nest   extern
.„,„   „|   ihe   Camidiati   l':i. ill.'   railway ''"' Su,"1,1■,   Slll""1-  "'  i!'" ' '<    ■  '
irreil   aliiiill    II   o'clock   ihi-   im.in- '"   'lr"   ""I"    '   ' '  -'   a    m   Sil
and     j..nnil  in   -,  verj
vi.i'   leil   In   |,   U,   \\
-i  uu,ir lives uiul one more     is '         "'        "" 'vl" '■     "'      hi    -
|iriilial)l\   fnlalU   iiijureil. ''""'   !"-'-i:"-       I'lie   -  \\n%       was
\-  „  irriMii   train wn- engaged     in ''"'" '"l'l'•"•■-' I "    li.       tt    ,     \
-liunliii.    '.iim   ,i|    Mi'Nellii.   Siilin.'.     in "'          N'"A           'l                    llltl'l'lllltioj
[order  tu  '..'i   ihe  track   .'leal'      foi   lhe Sui   ''        '   '   '       "•                               -,     ■
eusthoitiid   ii    |ni   "i.M'.    iriiin,   nnil ."" ll i "    ii"   I i •,.
in-1   ,.,-   lhe  ,.|i,ii„'   mill   lellili'l       Hhii'll "',    ;:"     "   '"    '"li    ■  I     with   the
iivoro ill- hi'il from      the freight   train w'") w,ls dropped   In                            ....
| were   in      .he   m'l     ol   Im   ';"     on   the    ''   Mr.   Merrill's  n 1.1.,       p,OVf.,       u,
malt   i... K     from    lhe side li'iiek, lhe V"M                       one.
eiiL'ine  in   - nn Inlile  manner ms"1 K"  I   COM KM |f)\,
,„.,'l„'l  ihe mill   uiul plunged down  .', ' !"  "'""'i       - ii I ij   -              i',,„v
|sleep enilianl f about   I"'11 fool in '''   ' ,!     '"   h"1'1  in   St.   .1     |  ,,   •
depth.       Iii! • nirine  ui   lhe time it ""  Miimliij   nfieri  ...       ,,    ,            ...
Iniaile   ii-   fatal    |i!ilm.'e,   were   K.ugineoi ''"'"                      en   there  were  i„,  out*
,.,,,,,     I ;,,-.„,      mil      lieail    lirakelilaii sil1'' I'"'"1-
'l  ;,,il|,li,.|l   .1-      Wi'll   a-       fl 	
!( amplw'll   ami   Kuril   were   killed   ' mil ''"' ■  li''1,1   workers, were pr .'
! right   mnl    are  under  lhe onirlne lying '■■   M.  ' hiy,     preniilei       I  tin      . -.-,■-
ll.Iii feel   1,,'luu      lhe     trni'k,  while  En- ,n''"1'      wus     in     the ihaii        n,.      , ■
Hi, ■  i.■,,■-,,n.   although   receiving      il l""".voi        ere  read  by   il„    Rov.   M    Q.
lirokiMi   leu   .uul  iiiii'in.il   injuries,   was Melvin.
'not   killed,  and miij   ye 'over.     II" sh    ' - '■   ■      in  opi li  .   lhc   i, -       -,
was  brought      in    Creston on  n  hanil i'M"'''ssi                   ,,.   • )„.   ,ma|]   .,.,,..  j.
'mu. where his  wounils were ilressedlij """',   He referred to the ex ,.
Hi     Mender   after      whieh ho     was gross      made   bj   the     -.   daj
|pin   mi  ii,"  immi  (rain  and   taken    lo and  nl  ■• .,',.|  thai   the   ,.|-      . -fi
| ill,. I'ri,nlu-..,,li  hospilnl.   I'n.ii i- I'm- together   in       ,,,,,,,,   ,.,,....  ,_     ,,,.,.      a
Mm    displayed  irreul   fortitude      while ".Hurler     no    thai   thej   might  l„       la
 I,.i-   ih,.  knife during   l'i-   short     taj lielter  ncipinintod.
here liefori'  lenvinj  for  lhe  hospital a., I'he  I;,-..  U.I'.  V man  ivn     ippoin-
i raiilirook. '"'' <"" 'elar  .   md     Hie  Re- -. T.     W.
I'lie    two dead men  are reported    in ""»,   Vi.   Y    !   ., „                   .1    ,.    -.i,.,.
i„'i,'iM  in I'riuibrook, while the w 1 vtu uh   ,  nmninnting committee.
eil  eii^i ■ i- also  n   ('ranl)i'ook   man. Mr.   Hall  reported  on  the  progress ot
The work nl I lerinc     the    bodies his   Ssundaj   si-hool,    .,. ;     poke   highly
,,i      the     dead  lii'i'mati  anil brnkeman of  the   impoituiu'e  of  the  work   gener-,
fr in I.'rn '.-ii'i  ilie i'liuine  i-    ^..'hil' u-ly.      Ilie     iittendiinee .it   his  »ehoot
,,,,  this  afternoon,  and   they    will    be was  m.hiI  and  much  ii                         in
broitirhl   here ilurinir   the day.      It     i- ''  by children and  tern-hem alike,
slated    that ill noinir down   lhe    steep Mr.   Melviu explained   thai   lii« ■ hool
einbaiikliient   lho   liuire  enirine   ai-tnnllj was   being   reorganised  now   and      lhat
nu- I     thr omplete   simimi'i-sniilts he was nol   prepaii'd  to  make m
before   il   reuched   the rjoal   river. finite statement.
I    I-'..   Mallundiiine,  coroner,   "ill  arrive Mr.  Kieemnn said thai   he had a roll
here     early  tlii- evening1 on  the wreck of SH,   with  n  Bible class and  I.n..   li-
train    from Cranbrook  and «ill   hold brnry.         Tho work    was progressing,
nn  investiirntioii        ini"        'I"'  cause and  much  I'litliiisiasm   was   ihown      in
'o(       the       aeeident.      Dm.  King and the  school.
Green of Cranbrook lefl  Cranbrook   nl Mr, Clay    wished     thai the teachers
noon    today and will meel   the   ca»l ■ generally  would  show   more interest in
Imiinil    train    tlii- afternoon and  will lhe work,
relieve  Dr.   Henderson  ol Creslon, who Mr.   Williamson,   in   n   short    id   reus,
was     accompanying  Kngi r   Carson outlined   the  londition  of  the  Sunday
to  the  Cranbrook  hospifnl. Si'hobl   work generally,  as  progrensing
The    accident was   reported over lhe strongly,      The     work  «n- eery     iin-
lloeal      telephone    line    from   F.riek»on portnnt   nnd  lhe chief object   «,is      t,,
ihi- morning nnd everything    was   in gel   the  leaching  on  ns  high n stand-
lendiiiess  to care for  Knglneer Carson md  as  possible.        The  adull      Biblo
,,n  lii-  arrival  at   Creston.   I'rovincinl class had made excellent  progress.   I'he
Constable  K. .lensen i- on duly at lhe clergy   should  preach   more  about    the
pla I    the accident, this    after i work than Ihey     were doing, nnd     it
while    the     digging  for the bodies of would l«. ..- «..|| to put  aside  il least
the  two .lend men i-  going on. one Sinidiij     In the     month for     this
The engine was   Vo.   R57, subject.       Mr.   Williamson   referred   to
The engine was   Nu.   -">T.   li   is  since the grenl     Sundaj   School  Convention
[reported  lhal   ICng.   Carson   succumbed ,,i   Washington,   D.C.,   in   May,  as      a
i,, his  injuries. united  witness lor Christ  and ol irreat
—, ■ ' value   ;-i   the  work.
RailuiaU UflPPflP ''"'      "'"',      I'rovincinl    Convent	
ndiiwdy nunui „,,,,, k. held   ol        x
Chicago.   March  '.'I    A   consolidation October,
train     "f     two    Minneapolis and St. Mr.   Merritt,     in a mosl  interesting
Paul   passenger   expresses   leaving Chi- address ■■:!•..   sevei d useful suggestions
cngo     for     >t.  Louis Inst nighl were for use in the Sunday  School.      I'heru
wrecked  nl   Kcinbeck,  Iowa,  nnd it   is should be an aim for the  schools     t.,
reported  -■"  persons  were killed     and work  for whal  would  be an incentive
•JI injured.        The trnln    was running to both teachers and children.
over     the     Chicago,    Ureal  Northern     Th nstitulion of the cradle     roll
tracks. was valuable     in     lhal ii helped     to
Rock   Island     officials    say  II  have |,,,,li:   the  parents   to  Clni-t    through
been recovered. the medium of the   hililn'r. The home
He-    Moi ,     Iowa,  March 21—The department     was    invaluable  in keep
Ini,-i   reports  from   the  wrecked   Rock the work going when the school     had
Island  train nt   Rcinbeck   say  thai   12 ,,, ,|,,.,.       \  training class for teach-
persons  were  killed   and   nenrly   twice er, w<mlil  instruct   them  in  the     best
ilml  number injured. methods  for teaching  the young,       A
Relief trains have left  here for     tho mperinteudem    should   prepare  a  new
scene ol the disaster with doctors and programme each   Sunday   and  bo   sus-
iim-ses.     Telephone    reports saj      the ,.,;,,  interest   h thi   children with    ■-.'
wick  i- afire     and  the rescuers     are ;,!,..,.   ;iri,i    :,,,.],   .„'„„., ...   11,„      Bible
fighting  heroically  to  save many"peV- should  n.   i,   mghi  into  use ...  ii      in
sons enughl     in  lho debris     ol     the illustrations  beinu    given
u,,■' ked ears. i-   i,,   l..,\\          '
  the     ■                              Memorj- verses
R. M, I Notes        »"''	
ren      '...ii.l    itorc   up    in  their  n
lh.'  lollowinu  i-  the score for     the
Cod's   word.      \   prnycr  --pirit   shi      '
weekly   shool   al   thcjninintui-e      rifle   ,,.,  ,,,,,,, ... |,„ iiv  shou|,]
not be  attempleil until  a si hool     waa
read; nd    hi        nitj      should      be
ind  'i .'   I.    fear. \
round  I.d>l" .ii-- ab
ided the session.
range al   Iho II.   M.   II. drill  hall. Thi
full  -.     ii [-.'--il'l.' 315,
l'te.   Mullhollnnd,   30.
I.ieut.  llm'...   29,
Sergt,  Smythe,   28.
Corp.   Mn Doi '-   (knife).
l'te.  Kenton,   '.'-.
I'l,-.   ^ miii,.'.   25.
I i.'.ii   flrnnt,    !l
■. i. ,i n. r    23.
I'll . Overton,   23.
Corp,   Meek,   21.
Corp.   I ,■ !,.
l'i...  Mn .111,-17.
I'he i atten-
he service
I'he ■ re eh    ed for
I'..      :, \\     I'..
2nd.   Vice-1'ii \\     !
-.     i"     .   i     M. Clay.
l'i iim
'     l»"lii'        """l't will be held     to- Th,, foal„.                    Mining wn-
nighl  in  11- drill hnll. . .                     (. .    w   ,
  "Men's  1             Class
- |ng   oul Movei                                                50011
i       i ute for ih"    ' urrenl ) lar. adult
The     rale for    V nm oui • i will h"     20 continent of bo
mill    and  lhal  foi   Knml                  bo md  progri                               nt
18 mill -.         '                    lo I     I" mill!, Ivci
bui   i-- li.i'i'.l ,,ii  unimproved land vnl- realised  mon   ,.   •   !■
i.      il .,  exemplinc   impro' nl	
Moving I'n tines tonight.
M. i •. i. _■
MHM Pago 8.
Spring   1910
Millinery Opening
March 21st and following days
We cordially solicit your inspection.
We are quite sure you will pronounce
it the finest display of Millinery ever
shown at this Store.
M , Murraj    \i     Revelstoke,  Friday,
March 18th,    IU10,     .,.  Mr. and Mrs.
ii   Mai Murray, ol Gulenn  Bny, Arrow
(Lakes, a son.
\ in ■ >u\ '■!'- lax iut" llii,- \ ".'ii' nill
iv 'J'l mill-.
'ii,.   C.   I'.   II.  will  spend 8175,0(10  in
yard  iniproii.in"iii-  nl   Kamloops.
I'rominenl   Coast   lumber      men   are
V ontemplalinu  il tnblishmenl  ni     n
limeli.'i  ni  Princeton.
A- ., result ..." drinking « I .',l"..l„.l
•,John   I'olfessin   and  Willi;.in   Redmon I
inn. .1" i-i   .'  I.iidysmith.
11} pn . hloi il. "I ...I . i- re ..uniii.n-
"uli'l i-,1 destruction ".' typhoid germs.
Ian I as a newer disinfectant.
%■■:        Citj   i uiul. il   has  il." i.l".I    I..
.laboli-i.      ii -   i'lectrii nl   Biipplj   depart-
in,-ni    mil  dispose of  its   m,,. 1>  nl   supplies ....  li-,ml.
Tendei i ailed   iiii-   week   for
III."   .   ■■   ■ inu    ni    tin-   lieu    ll
<■.■-  to ii • built   l.v   :i linn H ml<
K>f i   uni on  M'-K' n/i"   Vvi ■
II    ■   i I        1,'iim- '   Murphj
H'. I".."iii":.'      i h.i. i   ol     Koresti
; llrit.
Court  of  I.O.F    oi    -     ird
oil     ..Hi,
'I 1
ttnemi -. ice wis]
lh •■ . Mi     md  Mi
■l|..,". -     .,      1 '.    I..
.Uli-"    III       l.;"_"    i"l
Tn those who have nut yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so ii' you wish to procure thi' best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent il tn lie.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values nn the market,
ranging in price from SI per lb. to 3 lbs. for $] as a special.
As usual il".    limit! Friday holidaj
nill  I li-i'iM',1  throughout   the citj .
id,- stores und business houses being
Tli., quarantine in the City liestnur
nm. I-i street, im- small pox, will
probably I." lifted today, nnd the in-
matcs  released.
'    Mrs,   Fee,      iher of  Mrs,      Waller
Bews,   who   has  been   \i-itiiiL   ll ily
ll,,. miesl of Mr. .ml Mrs. Hews, has
loft I'm' her homo in the east.
I I-'. !■'. .-in.'. ..i ilm Bowman Lumber
Cunipaio. was ni Nelson alleiidinc
llir general meetinu ol iln1 Moiiutnin
Lumber Manufacturer's Association
Ihis  »i'.'l,.
! Mi-- i ampbell, » I'" Im- been n n-i-
di'iil ..! ihis mii fi,i mini} >"at-, nn I
a \ allied member of the -InlT uf I'.
II,   Hume  iV.  in.,  left   on Tilesdaj    for
he i,"  ii    il asi.   Miss  ( ampbell
l,n-       made       ninny       friends     dur-
inu      her  resid v here, and    Inn     de-
parlure "ill be minh  ri'irrelli'd,
\ very sui-eessful tea nnd mile uf
work «;i- held yeslerrtnj m ilm home
nf Mr. I''. \\. Lning under ill" auspices
..I   ilm  I..uli.-  Aid  ol  Si.  .lohns  I'res-
I.'i.'i-inii I'linri'h, "iiii  u I  ntlendani-o
In il veninu music was rendered until
i-.'i'ieshtnenl -    "''• ed,    \   novel    "I 	
try Conlesl'' proved liiehlj inlerest-
iiiM', i|i(i I,,, .. boil . .von In Miss Dor-
nili\- l-Aiiii-. \ hiindsome niiiii ivus
renlised mnl tli*- enlertninmenl proved
tl  stii'i-e -   in everj   wn).
'I'l,.-   litial il    il  "i uni   ll)       ill"
Bridge  Club  foi   llu   ■■ uson   was    held
l.i-i   nil - '    il   lhe  ' ie  of  Mi,  W.   M.
Lim ,-,-,,. ••. 'I he ■ i. uiu. was most
"iii.,\ nbli iu ever)' wn.v, nml the linul
, uul,--! - ■ :iu-'.! mil I, •■ v ' l.'iini,i. 'I In-
:i.m|, uni" ' i i " for iln- -i-n-iin «n-
ivnii In- ^15 — i hristie, n ■ ul irlass
i use,    Mrs, I . I nn   Muni-   beinp
-,-, ,,i,'1.      m innins   .,     Mill,I-i,iei'     In i,
kettle:   Mm   I-'    I..  Cronyn  III* I   L'entli'-
iiii'ii'-,  n   -■',,    ■ .     iilfiti     i"i  ' '■   II.
M ■ ihiiiiilil, oNidized eloi-k.  The  prizes
for  il .".'i.._  were  won  bj   Mr-.   II.
Ciinninirh tin  Morris,  ., duitit)   i up nnd
sam .-■.   it) i   Mr.   I'.   I'.,  fiitiot, it  brass
;, u}.   |;... ■     • niicluded n      most
. ,1 ,,  -in ,-,---iul -i-.-i-
Your Insurance
Is  one. of  the   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid 4 Anderson
Basket Ball
I*. i  ■   .    i;■  ,
i.i  \   r
i .
i.         .
•i   ■
(.-Hhe Canadian 11
m-                Id  Mo
,   Wis-.
i The H
.,,,...   m                 lai          .'    ■
- T    1       ifti ri'.
n             :   F
V.                 : ■
*l     1            .
M       .     P
H(iw ahout f:\ster (;nonso
In Easter Novelties
Rabbits            Chickens
EKK   Candy   Boxen
Chocolate Ej^k'1
■i,l     Daiiif     i
'.. '   •  'I           1  :      ':  '
' 'e-
Bews" Drug Store
i wlity
1    ll ,
AltiiiiUL'h tlm Hc'velstoke bn kel I. ill
team sent from here in Vancouver by
ih.' y.M.C.A, in participate in lhe
.lunioi   Bnskel   Ball   loiirnnmenl      foi
linn in. i.ii  honors, did  not  miiii i
Bccuring    and    ■• ictoi). yel  the
bo) -  ui-.- --ii.l  i.. huve pul  up   i very
-ir..ni: trame   u i>".l,  nititches, evoking
much   iipplnilse  from   il"'   I.n."      rowd
oi  spei'tatoi -.      I;    ii ni  I.   "i.   -~ il
,,,,1 i,    iL-ainst the V, A. I     lievelstoke
lost, il  '••■  ' .   Ill '.':''.
the  VamiiuvHi   'i    M.  C,   \.   ii..-   locui
team    n li fi'nl   with
..    |ii 23 I'hi     II' i, Istoke .u.i -up
■    i !••!.   I'.i in r. Mi I'.i' hern.
i ,,ii, ■ I ,   ■ ■ iii.iln-
im<      very
'.-"l":      J      :    ■ ,       \ i.ii"     ' i."
ei '
11   ii.,-   well
I'll   : I
p.m.     on
Ilie Paris Flood To-night
ne ii ill  li"  put
'   •     rt   ;.u,i_lit
■ -i... i   niL.it.  'ihis
i  Paris
i be
.,- •   o.
■ •  fl I. und the
...     fl I: h
... ,!1   in.      -unu'
1.0. f.
'    '  .
! ..'il..    lo
lir,,.    E.
II    V     I        I
ed   tin-
Easter Showing
Our Store is imw full of now and nobby Spring
Goods. Wc have spared im effort lo procure tho
latest antl best, and think you will be delighted with
our showing and pleased with the reasonable prices.
New Dress Goods
We have just received another lot ol' the newest
materials and colorings and are showing some of the
prettiest goods we have ever displayed, with trimmings and linings to match. We have also a full
line of Staple Goods, Serges, Panamas, Lustres,
Cashmeres, etc,, in all colors.
Our Dressmaking is in charge of MissJMacdonald
who can give you complete satisfaction.
Summer Underwear
We are showing a beautiful line of fine Underwear for Spring and Summer. We have them in
Cotton, Lisle and Silk mixed, without sleeves, short
sleeves and long sleeves. Also knit drawers and
We are ready with a full line of Dress Accessories, such as Neckwear, Gloves, Hosiery, Ribbons,
Lace Ties, Veilings, etc., and will be pleased to show
Our Trade is Increasing
Because we study our Customers
and  supply the   best goods  obtainable.
G. W. Bell
P. O.  Box 208
Phone No. 23
Ladies' Skirts
A nice showing in this
line in all the latest
Spring styles. A choice
range of sizes.
Alterations made by
an experienced dressmaker on the premises.
It Reasonable Prices
Mrs. A. G. Crick, - First St.
Opposite Windsor Restaurant
List Your Vancouver
North Vancouver Properties
P. O. Bom 137 Telephone 4050
800   Hastings Street West,   Vancouver


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