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The Mail Herald Feb 21, 1912

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 "Empire" i;   "ilor
For ease of oporat. ,M
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $G0:|
Interior Publismng Co., Agts.i
The Mail-Hepald
Vol. 18-No. 14
[?'"**-- ■
ffSP'   ' ')   I
..'■'''   ■■
.M.'niA; *.
, .IIK
nlirn decorated «iili Alabnstlne,
hav i- ii lustrous richness, Alabastino
is tlie most durnlili- of nil ivnll-coverinus,and
sn simple In apply ilml >'OU cun do it yoiirsrlf,
and produce lieouiilul effects.
mixes willi rold wnler, nnd is applied In tlm wnll willi a brush,
As ihe water evaporates, the Alabastine sets   hard, nnd
continues In harden, until, in timi', ii  [arms purl  of llm well
itself.    Ask iis tn show you a Iml i-ard nnd a copy "(   Homes,
Healthful nml Beautiful, with many dainty, new
ideas fnr lho decoration  nf ynur home.     It will
show exactly what Alabastine will do for you.
Orders lelt
wiih us will bc
attended to
Enamels tor
Baths and
Gold. Silver
Oils Glass Varnishes
Ladders Polishes Etc.
<*> <KKHKK><KH><KK>0<)<>CKK)0<><)<KH>0
t Imperial Bank of Canada
O Hoad Ot^ico   Toronto, Ontario.
9 Capital Subscribed - 6.000,000.00
? Capital Paid Up -      -      5,996.00v>.C0
V   r>„. ^m^f
Total Assets,
Brunches or Agents at nil pt-ineipul points In Canada,
Apjents in Great Britain and United Suites—London, liiiglaml,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago- first National Bank, Coin Exchange National Runk. Seattle—Soattli National Bank, San 1'ran-
Cisco—Wells I argo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Banl,
Savings Bank Department
Deposit* of $! and upward, received, and Interest allowed it
current rate from d ite of deposit,   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch— A. B.MoCleneghan, Mgr.    ^
• 0<K>00<>0<H>0<H><KK><>CK><KH)<HK> 0
Long and Shortening Dresses. Cloaks, Etc.
Spring Shipment Just Arrived
Mrs. A* G, Crick, • First Street
Order  Early  and   Often
ri; a "
will refresh you willi iis  bright,  n
flavor nml tragraticy.    Sold In  1
lead packages,
Price, 35c, 40c. and 50c
. perIb.
Q. W. BE
I J   1 i
P. O. Box 208             GROCER & BAKER
Phono No. 23
$2.CO Per Year
Election and Installation of Officers—Provincial Grand Chapter Royal Black
Knights of Ireland in Session-Mass Meeting Wednesday Evening
February 21st.-Two Hundred Delegates and Visitors Present
Km* a while mi February r.ith, the
rr.11. station at Vancouver looked
hln' a l-tli nl July celebration. Near
ly a linn,in-.I prominent Orangemen ,
delegates [ron tbe various Loyal Or
ange Lodges tn Vancouver and vicinity entrained In special cars    bound
tor  Revelstoke to at tend  the annual
convention ot the Grand Lodge ot
British Columbia, the number ol Orangemen and thoir Irlends (rom all
pints ol 11. c. who bave gathered in
Revelstoko bring over two hundred.
Not only do tbo  Provincial Grand
Orange Lodge hold sessions, but the'
Prbvlnctal Grand Lodge ■•! tbe Royal
Black Knights of Ireland, ono ol tbo
highest degrees ol the Orange order,
Is also holding its annual convention I
ore. Tbe Scarlet Chapter, the Brown
Partners,   the     Royal   Arch Purple
Marksmen   and the     Orange Young *
Hiitons, ure uli represented at   ibis
ing gathering In our city.
The award ol the Grand .Sessions
to Revelstoko, last year, was made
on the assurance ol the delegation
trom tbe Interior, tbat every stib-
ordinate lodge In lbe Interior would
bo represented, ami which promise
has been amply luiaileJ. Krom \ Ic-
torta, Nanaimo ami Ladysmith, iik
well   as  other  coast   eities,   including
Vuncouver, prominent delegates   In -
eluding Provincial Grand Master G.
J. Grimiisou of Victoria, who joined
the Vancouver delegates In then* spec
inl cars Ior Itevelstoke.   Additions to
the party  were made at   all the prin
cipal  stations  until  by  the  time this
city was ieaiM.1 the total number bad
reached over two hundred.
At Hevelstoke the visitors were wel
ei lined hy the citizens and dispersed
under the guidance of the members ol
the local lodges, to their various ho
lels, to prepare for the labors of the
convention sessions.
The Provincial Grand Chapter Royal lllark Knights ot Ireland, opened
at :i a.m., Tuesday with Sir Knight
Geo, J, Gtimason of Victoria, in the
chair. The business of the murning
s'ssion was taken up With the reports ol tho Grand Lodge officers.
The report ot tho Grand Registrar
showed a large Increase in the membership, two new preceptorlea being
organised during the yeur, und two
dormant preceptorlea being resuscl -
tated, Al tbe afternoon session, a
welcome to the delegates was given
iy Sh* Knight J. 11. Armstrong, ol
tho local preceptory, to which a suit
able reply was made by the Grand
.Master.    Considerable     routine  busi -
ness was transacted, alter which tho
election and installation of officers
Was  conducted  as  follows:
Grand Master—V. 10. l'aki'iihiim,
.Mission City,
Deputy Grand Muster—it. Fawcet,
North Vancouver.
Asst. Deputy Grand Master—W, 1-1,
Trowsdalo, Victoria,
loan.I Cbaplaiu—Md. ltritt, Hues
Deputy Grand Chaplain—H, Birm
i.igham,  Vancouver.
I   Grand Registrar—J.  .1. Tulk, Vancouver.
I   iiepui" Grand Registrar—Obas, ui-
oot.t,   Vancouver.
:    Grand Trousurcr—II.  T.  Thrift,    of
White Rock.
j    Deputy      Grand    Treasurer—W.    (!.
Gamble,   Abbotsford.
j    Grand     Lecturer—Alex.   Armstrong,
I Deputy Grand Lecturer—Jan. Aclie-
Bon, Vancouver.
(Irand {'elisors—H. Vi. Cook, New
Westminster; R. N. Hopkins, Vancouver.
Grand   Stand   11.—L.  D.   MoCall,    of
l'i ai-hlaud;   D.   Gibliard.   Mission City.
Grand Pursuivant — J. H. Armstrong,  Hevelstoke.
Grand Tyler—W. H. Duiimore, Vaucouver.
Grand Committee—.1. Vi. Morrison,
U. .1. Dow, Geo. McKeevor, John
Jackson, Vi. T. Jago, Geo. Grimason
and Kd.   Hush.
| Deputy Grand Leet. of U.A.-Wra.
11. Brett. Vancouver.
I The Grand Orange Lodge opened
this morning, nud the sessions will
continue   today   and   tomorrow.   This
'evening a public meeting will beheld
In thc opera house, to which the pub
lie is Invited. Addresses will be given by Bev. C. Vi. Corey of Kamloops
and J. W. Whlteley ol Vancouver.
Local and instrumental selections
are being provided for  thc occasion,
■ and an interesting and enjoyablo
lime may be expected.
Dealers in - - -
Hardware. Sporting Goods
McClary's Stoves, Ranges, Furnaces
Sherwin-Williams Paints, Varnishes
Plumt ing and Tinsmithing.
Hay and Feed
Up^tcvDate Stock of Groceries
We make it a point to keep everything in this line spotlessly clean,
and give our customers the best of
attention. Phone No. 22
Grocery" Bulletin
Boneless Ham, per lb       28c
3-lbs Indo-Ceylon Tea    $1.00
Tasty Coffee, fresh ground, per lb.. . 35c
Eastern Maple Syrup, in bulk, per qt. 50c
Molasses Snaps, fit for any table, tasty
pnd delicious, per lb       15c
John Mclntyre C& Son
banned Unofficially that proposed new
Uailway I'olicy makes no provision
lor   railway   from      North  to    Arrow
HUH WilV    PillirV   '">kV8  th,u"'>'11   Kevelstoke.   This  hus
IIHILiimI    I ULIUI   occasioned  keen   dlaappoluttnont  am-
  ong  all clusscs here, especially  in view
... Premier's announcement made here
Beinq Dealt With by B. C. Gov- ;■ °« ■ '"i,; wtoi "c ■***»?
"      J » I anadian    .Northern      at     that  early
BrnniEiit"^Sutter Terms" i,tcwanted toiiicii"k's"°" ijn,ueb
ia  deal with government. Uoard bopo
RfiSDlution Csrries >"1 wi" i"Bifit ui,ou buci1 branch iw-
iug  provided   for aud  oiler you ussis-
\ ictoria, i'. Ci Yd,. Ill— !''■,'in. ,
McBi ..I..- .*.** . ii . .;i dealing • ith
better terms was earned unanimously
in tiie legislature today. In reply to iver,
a rrlcticisni on the attitude ol the
iroveniniont •>!! the subject the premier took occasion to allude to tiie
position he  had   taken   with Sir  Wil -
ind Laurier in 1907. Sir Wilfrid had
said at the time that it was not a
matter for trim to discuss, but for
thc provincial premiers, lie hud also
said that he did not consider that B
Commission was the host way ot deal
ing  with am atter of this kind.
Subsequent!)' tbe provincial prcm -
Iers had met. and he, Mr. McBride.
had withdrawn from the conference,
not in any heat ns some newspapers
ti a il stated, hut he had gone out quietly intimating that as far as British Columbia was concerned the snd
was not yet. He au.l Ins government
were looking nt it as n provincial
matter. Anything done to forward
it would I.e to the credit of the whole
of Oanada and British Columbia.
Night s.ttmes commenced this ev -
ening. Premier McBrlde'S railway policy will tie brought down tomorrow,
as  will thc estimates.
Various Conferences Being Held
To Avert It-Will Probably|
Spread Over United Kingdom
t.inee  of  delegation  tl'oul Board    aud
t onservatlve Association if you think     „
they could assist.      Please  wire ana-   Wjth the threatened ci
c. B. Hume,   President.
After making arrangements for tbo
delegation  to  be  prepared  to proceed
to the coaflt at a     moments notice,
i'i    Hoard adjourned at   5 p.m.
Exposing Calgary firm
A recent case of real-estate misdealing has come to light showing
tile  advisability   of  dealing   with    re-
l.oiidon, Feb. 19—Various confer -
ences were held todny in connection
ml strike thru'
out the United Kingdom, but the developments were Of minor importance
except that the Nutionul Transport
Workers' Federation decided to support the miners iu the eveut of n,
it is believed a cabinet council will
be held tomorrow to consider the
situation. It is likely the government, it Independent eflorts ut conciliation  fail,      will  call   a  conference
Revelstoke Meat Market. Ltd.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd
An  emergency  meeting  of the  Rev-
Trade  was  held    in
Tuesday afternoon
sponsible Arms    permanently located'0* representatives ol masters     and
, „„     ,    .     , men, at which (Ieorge H. Askwith tho
in   town.    The   tucts  bnelly   are thoBc. ,,      „
Board  of Trade  "strike breaker    will
\ representative ol the J. it. w"t-1       ,d
.-on  Realty  Co., sold an Ituliau citi- |    .-Tbc   Times"  announces  that    Sil
sen  here tour lots. Shortly  after     a (ieorge Askwith  has already  made nr
representative of a lirm calling them- rangements which will enable the gov
selves the National Land Oo., iu com ernment   to  take  action   immediately
pany  with one of the heads of      the with  a     view to averting the      coal
nun called on the ltuliuu     und     by strike,
knocking the  property  he  had  purch
used   attempted   to  convince  him    it
was uo good and to huy what    they
were  selling.   They  even ollered      to I
get  his money  buck for  bun  aud returned ue.xt day giving him     twenty   tbcrhood  of     Railway  Trainmen  willi
dollars falsely saying they  had     '■
Easter Monday Reserved
The  Ladies'   Auxiliary   ol   the  llro
secur-'give a grand hull on Master Monday
ed it from the J. B. Watson Realty'evening. So watch the columns of
Co., took his agreements away glv- this paper for further announcements
ing him the idea they were cancelled ,,( this important social event,
und secured $luu from him us payment I The Ladles' Auxiliary docs uot do
,  , ,    ,   I on  property  they  were handling. j things  by  halves, so cancel all other
elstoke Board of Trade  was  held    in, in,eati^t.loa  afterwards,  tbe'apprtntBMfflti  for Easter  Monday ov-
the city    al   on     Tuesday afternoon L^     ^ ^
the 20th inst.. at   I  p.m.,  some thir-1 ^^™
,    ,   „ .,. ,, ,        I wus a straight  case  ol  miH-rcprcseu-
tv  memliers,  including |.tactically ev- " '
,,    I tation  all  through und appealed    to
pry    prominent     businessman in    the i ,,    , . .   .
,,.,,„,   ,.      „    tOS  Watson   Realty Co. to  help    hitii
ntv  being  present.    President  ( .    B. i                                 * '
,     ,       , i  a   .. ,   ,     get  rid  of  it.   This  they  did  t.o pro-
Hume  took  (lie  eh.iir.  and  Secretary, ' .   '
,.,,.,                     ,   ,  .,              .  „    ,   teet   their   clientH   interests   and     the
K.   Vi.   Laing  recorded  the minutes of,	
the netting,
The chairman outlined the
To introduce     HOUSE and HtlMI).
National   Land   Co*,   rather  thnn lace   (the   Woman's   Magazine).    Make   $10 |
a law suit they  were forced to
No mooey required.
r«- .to mi  weekly,
lor tbe calling of the meeting, nnme-j'""'1   ""'     m""K»  Ul,!y  '""' C!l,ll|,cted'.Sample copy on request.   Give reler-
I] -to consider tl„* D«tt«  ol the Big j,r""'. '•"« U"llu"' lCI1C0Bi    Address  Circulation    Manager I
llend     railway and iti inclusion      In       'bis   case     demonstrates    tho fact B
.     ,        'that l.v deal im.' with n renutalile Iiim   House  and   Home,  ,147   Pender  street
the forthcoming government  Railway     "   h> u<-""">. *"n » reptnaon mmi I
Policy established  in  town,  which is always   West,   Vuncoiiucr,  B.  O. 2t.
■Vtrr  a  Irief  dlKUttlon  the   follow- 'leH<ly   t0   '"'^   "''   ltB  8t"tc'I""lt',  ** 	
l.eram  w,,s despatched  to HoB.|«*rdto«  l""l-''.v,  a  buyer can      ex-      Don't forget the R.  M.  K. Danco in
Tn.mi.is  Taylor,   Minister   trf     Public   l,cct tt "'I11""' deal and may rest as-j the  Drill   Hall,  Friday  evening,  Feh-
Works, and member for tbe    Bevel    tnmi his interests will be well look- ruary 8Brd.    Music    by   Revelstoke
st,.ke riding. ' ''''   ''ftei. Oity Band.    Best treatment and good
"Revelstoki  Board of Trade   have ■'• B- W»t»on Realty Oompanyltlme guaranteed,
Men's Suits
New Spring Styles
They arc smart tncugh to
hold their own in any gathering.
Splendidly   made of finest
Tweeds and Worsteds.
Prices from $20 to $35
Mercantile Co.. Limited u ILM   .DAY, 1 Kll
WUDNKSDAY, l'1'.H    11,  l''l '
Some Snaps in Local Realty
referred to thc Public Works     com    ing would pay the city.—Matter do-
^    nun.*.* win. will investigate and make (erred.
ia  report aolordlngly. ESTIMATES
House and Two Lots on MacKenzie Ave
House and Lots on First Sired	
House and    Lot, South-West    Corner
Douglas and King Street	
Hi ure and Lot, Fourth Street	
fhe Kevelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
uc roaiMbcraib CITY FATHERS HOLD
SATl'lUU'l   AT
interior publlsblno Company
j. K. JOHNSON, Manager.
UM,I'll  a.  BOBUTON,  Editor.
Poi email   Trimble made a   written
rei-oniiuendat ion   lhal   I lie   sewer   pipe
ut  ihe llloclllewaol  nvei bridge     bo
oxtoinled  lltteon oi   tweutj   feet  dur
Inu the prosont low wain.
Maj..i*  Sutherland   Uoterrml   to  W,
& i.. committee with power to not,
Hoard ol Trade application (or ad
V01 tlHlllg   el.mi   ol   Sibil.
Aid,  McKlunou   1 dou't like to soo
a    proposition ol     this hind  turned
down,   lull   Home  ol  this money       has
iii-Mii iinjii.iu'iousi> expended lu     tho
Mayor     Sutherland   Wo   are  ha.lly
handicapped owlug bo tho iinentlefao-
tory    t.ii.' ol      lands  In   the    railway
Aid,   MeKinnon   The ostlmatos    In
elude   an   item   ol   .-I      Having        o"
eonsoliilalion ol .leli.'iitnres, I (ear
We shall not realise Unu, an.l WO
shall have lo i'.'l hllSJ II WO int.'iul
to nei tins item noxl year, lei alono
thin year.
Moinm that Auditor Stein he In
Btruotod to proceed nl onco on tho
liasis of the ton per cent * ol the sav ■
iug  as  per  his  previous  proposal.
Ud, Mi'Kiiiiion A., i.'i'.ii'ds the ob
lilllali's.    1   Hunk   tlle  IIBBOSBmont       is
up lo the iimii .ml nt lhe same tlmo
we oannot roduco Uiu nBBOBBment, Wo
had   Pet ler  take  the   laBt   year  roll as
our basis and  let  the oity  hall    pro
I'i'i'il   with  same
Ud.   MeKin    Whal   nhoul       tbo
lax   is
hell   not   being  open  lor sett lenient.
Aid.   Ilourne—We  have   uo   lands  to'newer,   the  IrantagC  tul   is  a      luiril-
auvertUo  now,  pooplo  read  our ads.  ship iii some ensoe, and the oourl  of
oun* .n and Ihen go away on aeeoiiul I revision  has pass..I  these   tilings,   lhe
commission has Bat  ntld  now  we   are
ni danger of liai Ing to ro open     the
ol  lhe land  situation  here.
Md   MeSotley    I U null si*  il we have
Uud noUies 17.50. All advertise-
meats subject to the approval of
the management. Wanted and
Condensed Advertisements ; —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
uationa wanted, Situations Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
Wanu-d, 25 words or leBB, Me.,
each additional line U cents.
Ohanges II standing advertisements must bo In by 'J a. m.
Tuesday and Friday ul each week
to secure good display.
CORRESPONDENCE invited on mat
ters ol public interest. Com
munlcations to Editor must be
accompanied hy namo of writer
not necessarily for publication,
hut as evidence ol good laith.
Correspondence should be brief.
Including postage to England, Unit
ed States and Canada.
By tbe year (through  poBtolllce)  U-bU
Legal notices 1" cents per line first
Insertion, 6 cents per line each
subsequent insertion. Measurements Nonpartel (18 linos make
one inch. | Store and general
bueiness announcements $8.60 l«i
inch per month. Preferred positions, 26 per cent, additional.
Births. Marriages aud Deaths
each inserUon.
Important Bus ness Brcuqht Up
tor Discussion-Good Quorum
in Attendance
the  lands  thrown   open      right   away
,!;i   ndvortlslng would be alright.
M,,. i ,1 hj Aid, MeKinnon, seeond
m,| I,j Mil. MoSorlO] , that the eoim ■
cil grant tbo sum ol $600 to bo Judic
louBly siieui in advertising by the
p..ai.i ul Trado, and that tho Toronto Uioba he referred to tho Hoard ol
Trade,   Carried   unanimously.
Mayoi Sutborlaud—1 recommend lu
connection ivlth tbo grading of Connaught avenue for approach to wharl
tbat   WC   in.ike a contract   with       I lie
governmenl  to do tho grading,   this
would  en.il'l.'   Ili''iu   to   do   tbo   whole
job and  would  save  money   lor      the
SATURDAY,  FEB.  17th,  1912
Thc city fatbere not promptly down eity.
to business at tbo rogulur meeting
on Friday night last. In (acl had til
ready commencod tho preliminaries,
Including tho reading of the last
minute:., when the Mall-Herald repor
i i  arrived ou tbo seen.* ut  - lu p.m*
Mayor Sutherland occupied tho
ih.or, present, Aldermen Howson,
MeKinnon, Bourne and McSorley.
\  representative of    tbo     Toronto
lllobo pul  before tbe council tbe foi
thcomlng   ipectal    orb ■ ol articles ou  gating
Western conditions in the lour West-1    Aid. MeKinnon- Ve
em provinces, to be issued in mag
,i lue form as a supplomcut   to     'he
Toronto Globe; and solicited  advci
Mayor Sutherland—This matter will
have to be Investigated and we will
inform you ol our decision l.u. i
COMMUNICATIONS. 'these arcounts are supposed to      he
Various communications were  read |M„| ,,,„ ,,; ., f„n(| ,„,,v,.|,„|    *iy     „
.**i ordered answered or filed. |evj ,,. tl ,,,, ,.,„.|, ,..,,.,. ,,.,„.,,,. thru
Fire Brigade   No. I applied    to ' ,-„. Blt, ,.,,,   ,„„*  , „lg.,.., .,,     ,,,„,
supplied  with .. down eh.his.       The  these   iks lie audited na all  other
presidents ol the G.T.P.. O.P.R., etc.  ,..,,,   k.  audited and tWs   ac-
acknowledged receipt of the    rcsolu ,,,,„„ ,„. charged to these funds.
Hon of     the council re special  rates m,*,,,,     Sutherland   Ves,    ..    good
and exemptions ub pei  resolution pas ,,U-L.,.*.i ,,r „„,i tins matter will
Bed ai  then  lasi council meeting    \
communication  was  also read       from
the Burrougus Adding Muchlne Com
In     connection   witl   n    complain!
1 Ud, McSorlcj Just bo, let us
make a liUBincSB-lllto nrrangoment,
anl give the assurance, bo the work
em   ho gone  alien.I  with.
I    Moved  hy   Ud,   MeKinnon   second
ed hj  Aid.  llowson, that tbe council
give this assurance and reiiuest  that
I lie govei iimonl  pn ih ahead wit b thc
wliuii. m
i Burroughs Adding Machlm Mayor
Stitherlnn I 'Tins nincblue might be
'.Milii.o.l. !*. the citj ; and if we I a I
-. t   Mann* on  terms  Is  worth   mvesti
hul  it  will not.
n .luce i be stufl any  ..'   i be city hall
Vld, MeKinnon* 1 move that     the
City Clerk  wrlto the Burroughs Co.,
and iimi ..nt  whal  arc the best terms
|upon wllieh this machine might      he
cctired.   earned.
Ud.  MeKinnon- In connection with
nn account for supplies    to the Jail;
pui up to the police comml sionere
Ud    MeKinnon    \  general
hauling Is required of tbe system of
whole queBtton,
Aid MeBorloj I think n courl ol
revision will have to ho hold to Bottle extraordinary caBos; these ensea
are clearly a matter of oversight, in
the original schedule.
Aid. llowson We shall have lo do
something, and I bellove we should
go ahead and got these taxes In and
lilld out   where we Ul'e.
Ud,  MeKinnon   li  would he a had
Poliey for IIS to i'.'l Into a law sllll,
j which we mlglll lose an.I saddle the
City  with the loss,
Aid.   McSorley   It   wi   cannot   ool
. leet   whal   posili.in  are  we  In  as      a
( nt j     What  sl,,*iii  wc do,  can  wo re
i pay   the   sum*, collected   and   start   all
over airuiii or where    IVI
Vld,      MoKim     [|   -a .uld  ni el
; the speclnl enn, h    wc   might    Bettlo
j Ui 'tn and pi...* oil     with tho ei.il.e
I ions.
Muyor Sutherland The City i'l**ik
ihoitfil i-et out tins information and
also include In the same u statement
ol thc  uut  Involvi *l  in these spec
ial   eases,
Mayor Sutherland -The  hj law     is
voi j  plain, circulars Bhould lie Issued
and a..' .* *   *.*., n ol   the enforcement
of  same.
Aid, MeKinnon I make n motion
that Uu* city rink issue circulars
covering Hum i.y lav. Seconded by
Aid.  Mi'Soi'iei  and carried,
Aid. MeKinnon I think the whole
question of 1.1 laws and their en
torccmenl should lie considered. There
Is the Plumbing by law for Instance,
and concerning tins mattei the plum
I.nn,' inspector should l„. asked to
make a report to the council which
will (five UB an idea how our citizens
live up to th,' i.y law. There is a
tendency to regnr l hy laws as ., Joke
i.m they nre really for the honelll ol
Un cltleens and should he enforced.
Mi Kinnon   In con I ion  with
t»,     tbo    lysti m ..I pay
m-nts should i.e lystemlred and   all
Practical Information
Music Store
McKenzie Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
Regarding the
and Surrounding Country
in which over 2C0.000
Acres of Farm Land have
hcen reserved and surveyed for Pre-Emptors
to thc
The  city  council   have  acted    very
,v Mij   m  taking Immediate steps to
■ rCe tbe     dog    tax.   Sow    la the
time  t.* •!" it  before the warm sum
„„*,   weatbei   is here to Hnd our city
rtbless cur*-.   Elsewhere In
he lound an     ac mt
toe city of Tort Arthur is
,....:.    *   if i       log tax will work
.     .*. |gb .,.   n   tbe good and      well
«rner will proteel
bim with *i tag.
,.; ,   ... ;:i,-   ISSUi     »
.    ■ *...,    j meet i g
.,•  •:,   Revelatoke     Board  of T
. *,   i .. -*;,*..   alterni on    '
pun wing thi
to tbe Pi
shortly to be bi
i-< •   *     - "        eople of 1
-  i. .
•v ■
■ ,,_   ■    . .ci. ;■■■■ ■ •■        ■ •   ■    tbt
' ■
■ ■   ■ pent*) to tin  ;
an • - '  •      TIM
i ••.,. I W« •■' ■
••■..v. in enl Ui»
gra lr is tavern .•   tbe ra     ■
try   u
,   in
tap bo ■■ * prove
.,;,.*■ tor] Dtn    ii   ' * "■
■  ol operation,
The    people of     Ih-vcistok.   reulli
tha responsitoillt)  and anxiety      it
volvifig upon  Uu   gov-erument li
nection  with  tl        orthi omtng    po
t  ,   impossible t" please everj
body.    Uut ni view "!  lhe past   pi   in
.    oi tbt   government,  the iveight)
....ii.ini. arguments which cai. bead
vaaced le lavoi of this railway, and
ttie comparatively email coet of the
hue, it would seem that this la a
lifting project to ne included ju any
progressive ruilwuy policy and Uu*
iv.it.vi* Association and lhe
Kevelstoke Board ol Trade are act
hriuging tins fart he
.'a *.,'.n member at Victoria.   •
trom a  ratepayei
thawing ..ut  pipes
Aid.   MeKinnon—This  chargi
,i accordance with  I
i* .'innl   made  two  years
was decided  thesi
■ -  be spill   In t*
■  bills  !    purchasing stores    ■■ '"t-i should  lie ->•• n»   in monthly,
i •• ■ ii I in i montblj    Tins would     i.e
nn.    trticli      I '    • -s-like and would  save  work for
rnuncil.     Tm. p.is
' recommen-
he made
\        M,*-
.   ..
■ irned at 11     i m
p, yers     paying  hall  and I
..ther hall.
Mr.   i'.i I  *     i
i mi was present
i tbat  it  «
ri vidual
I *,■*..*     ch .i -* -
. barges shi
. * al  iai. -;    In l
•  ■    ■ •
•   ■
Fruit Lands
1 •  .eon   I'.iv   I.inl- in ]iarci'lfi of
.- 20 . •->- or i a bloc.    CorreR-
■I ■••im .* inviti il.
John Shaw. Agent.
Rox 616 Arrowhead
Castle Square Entertainers
The Best Known   ind Most "
An Entertainment which pleases all classes
If You Don't Want to F.augh Stay Away
Solos, Duett,, and Quartettes, With Good, Glean and
Wholesome   Amusement
Reserved Seats, St.   Admission, 75c-50c-25c
Plan Now  'pen hi c^Vfacdonald'a Dnig Store
Por the past two years wo     havo
published     a pamphlet  In which   is
given all Information available ahout
Port George and Central British
We have continuously   made publio
the outstanding tacts:—
That   there  is an al.iiii.lani'.   ol  pure
ion George DiBtrict;
Thai wiih the exeeptlon of small
areas of open meadows, the land la
covered with a growth of tlmbor,
some light and some heavy;
•|; ■ SO per cent, ol the land is
light so.: with san.I and gravel
Thai the mam rivers, Buch as the
Fraser, Nechaco, Btunrl and Salmon, are mostly from 50 to 250 It.
below the bench land through which
ihey run;
Tnat tone is aii abundance ol pure
water   in  creeks, lakes anil rivers;
That the climate is superb; and
That  one acre of the good   land is
worth as much as five acres iii any
..ther part of Western Canada.
The truth is good enough about
Port George, and we are publishing
this advertisement so that tho in-
lending lettler and investor hIiiiII
kis.w tin* truth and not bo misled by
■i reports of the Port
i trict whether n"..,i or
I George is the "Hub of B.C.,"
*   centre of an empire   rich In
resources  Irull and     farm
Ian.! t| I   mineral   land,   Vou
*      .1   Ihis vast   new
ua foi ii..  "H  ' . Bulletin
.,t,..i,    .in.i   "Facta,"  both
Hnve Keen Uscil With Success
Four generations have improved them unlit they have no
Keep your horBes, cattle und other Btock Insured by having tm hand a supply of Pottle's Remedies.
Sold in Revelstoke by ARMSTRONG & CO
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Designs Box 51
Phone 2lJ5
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. 0.
ctjt :flo"W":e]:rs
Wi* are BpecializiiiK i"   nil  varieties In Seuson
ol Cut Flowers,   Uur  Bhowlng  is unsurpassed.
Come mul Inspect lor yourself.
W. II. 1'OTTUITl', Manager.
On South Road, Half a Mile from Town
Merchants, householders and others
read every word ol ilus advertisement antl note our list ol Specials
lor February, lor this is Vour Op -
portttnltj to sme money by placing
your orders now before the rush ol
the Spring Season.
To Merchants—We cun HU your requirements tor showcases, counters,
mouldings and turnings ol all description, drawers, tiling cablnetB, office ilesks and stools, shelving and
partitions, plum uiul Inncy sheet
class, etc.
To Householders and Others— This
is your chance to itet all kinils oi interior finishings, hot bed Bash, mould
Ings, cupboards, kitchen cabinets,
tallies and stools, slnkboards shelving, Hliiiiu-**; iloors, paint, varnish nml
kulsoniine, roofings, building pnpers,
window and picture clns-. etc.
Material and Workmanship are the
lest, and our prices are the lowest
possible. All orders, whether lari;o
or small, receive prompt attention.
Estimates lor all kinds ol Constructional Work, freely given, Phone Ul
or write us, P. 0. Box 2M, better
si ill if possible, pay ub a personal
visit.   Wo shall lm Kind lo see you.
The Revelstoke Sash and Boor Factory
V. O. liox 29.1
GEO. n. siiaw. Prop.
l'honc No. JM
Natural Resources
Security (o.
Joint Ou mi • -uhI Sole Agents
Kort George Townsite
Bower Hll<. Vnncouver. B.C.
100 Thoroughbred
White Leghorn Pullets
All Laying
100 Thoroughbred
Rhode Island Red Pullets
All Laying
Levelstokc Poultry Yards
at Revelstoke, B. C.
or Phone 234
or Address
P. O. Box 227
Revelstoke, B. C.
Corporation of the City
of Hevelstoke.
All owners ot dops and all persons
harboring docs, arc rciiticsted to pay
the Tax on or before the eleventh
day of March. 1911. After that date
the Police will prosecute all who have
not paid the Tax, and thc By-law
will bo strictly entorocd.
Uy Order,
Oity  Oleik.
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at Manning's,
All kinds of machine needles
H. MANNING,  Agent,
. WttDNKSDAY, l-'Kli. 21, I'M.'
the:mail-heeald; revelstok.h
WKDST'SIUY, i*i*.n   .'I, (91
. . . It Might Be Cold ■ . .
It Is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hoi medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our,record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among llu;
greatest scenery of Canada, easy tit access,— the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished i'or comfort and
convenience of guests.
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor, ■        Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
*•**■**■■««= OPEN NIGHT AND DAY ■ ' H
White Help Only Employed
Eoard by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant - Short Order
W. C.  BATCHELOR.       -       cyvianaticr.
Owing to tho large numbei ol men
hers wishing to participate In tne
bowling, it wat pressed upon uk to
loriu n new league, Pour teami con
...iituii' tiie league, and tbe game*
will   hi' played ml on the alleyi   on
ru lay unit Thursday evening!, oom
monclng at 8 p.m. sharp, Thus It
will give nil others win, have not
been placed on nny team nn oppor
tnnity to hnve n game betoro eight
Peb. 21— Law(onoe Oo, v. Oorley'a,
Keb. an—Businessmen v. Lawrence Co
Fob. 88—Y.M.O.A,  v.  HumMers.
1-Tol). 2*8—J.B.O. v. Corley llousi'
Tbey aol  directly on tbt rvos and
mueoles ol the bowels. Thoy appiironl
;>* hove a noutral aotlon ou othor
associate organs or glands. They do
not purge, i'iiusi' ezoesBlve looseness,
nor create nny inconvenience wbatsv
er. They mny lie token at uny -time
day oi* night, They will positively rc-
lleve chronic or hab'tual oonsttpatlon
it not of stirgloal variety, and the
myriads ol associate or dependent
•inonii* ailmeats, if taken with reg-
niiinty tor n reasonable length of
time. 12 tablets, to cents; BO tablets
21  rents;   Sil   tablets,  SO cents.    Hold
In Revelstoke only at   Hews'    Drug
H. J. McSORLkY, Proprietor.
Strictly. First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
L—Businessmen v. Ramblors,
Mur.  4—Y.M.C.A.   v.   Corley   House.
Mur.  Ii—Heiivers  v.  Maple Lenin.
Mur. fi—.i.H.c. v. Lawrence Oo,
Mar. 7—Mletdrahs v, J. it. 0,
Mnr. s   HusiiH'ssnicn   v.   I.ultroncc l'o
Mur. li- Y.M.C.A. v.  Lawrence Oo,
Mnr. 12—Maple Loots v, Beavers.
Mur. IS—Oorley House v. Ramblers,
Mnr. U—J.B.O. v. Mietdrahs.
Mnr.   19- Henvers v.   Maple Leafs,
Mur.  21 — Maple  l.cnls  v.   J.B.O,
i-v!.. 22—Mletdrahs v. J.B.O,
Fob.  27—Maple  Lents  v.  Heavers.
Feb.  2')—J.B.C. v. Mietdrahs.
Cunii's will l>c counted Instead ot
pins. Two trames will constitute a
lengue  game.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Your Money Back if You Are Not
Satisfied With the Medicine
We Recommend
Wo are so posltivo Unit our Rem
eiiy will pormanontly relieve cor.stl ■
put ion, no mutter how ■ .i 'onic it
may be, tbat wo otter to turrit li the
! medicine at our expense should it tall
to produce satisfactory results,
I It is worso than useless to attempt
to cure constipation with u cathartic
drugs. Laxative or cathartics do
much barm. They cause a reaction,
Irritate, und weaken the bowls and
tend to make constipation more
chronic. Besides there use becomes a
hah't that is dangerous.
Constipation is caused hy a weakness of the nerves and muscles ot the
large intestine or descending colon.
To oxpect permanent relief you must
therefore tone up and strengthen
these organs and restore them to
healthier activity.
We want yon to try Rexall Order -
lies on our recommendation, Tbey
are exceedingly pleasanl to take, being eaten like candy, and ure ideal
i lor children, delicate persons, and old
folks,  as      well    as  for   the    robust.
Big Curling Bonspiel Ended
Krom the Vernon News ol tbe Kith
Very general expressions ol pleas
ure on the manner In which the big
annual curling bonspiel In this   oltj
wns conducted were beard trom the
visiting "Knights ot the Besom" and
despite the severe handicap ol mild
went her  nnd  slushy   ice.    the       event
cannot be characterised as anything
but .i success, The tact that the. cups
were so widely distributed, and went
to outside rinks, ensureB a big at
tendance next year, as the winners
of these trophies will then have to
protect tbeni, and many of the visitors bave expressed their detcrruina -
Hon to return next nciiBon nnd bring
with them larger delegations from
their home towns.
ln triumph, Dill carried the Grand
Challongo and the Henderson cups
to Bnderby; Mclntyre, of Revel -
stoke, captured the Kelly-Douglas
nud the Consolation; Beavls, of |
Suiiinierlnnd. walked nil with thol
Okanagan; while the Malkln will occupy a proud podestral in "Bcotty
Little's home ut  Armstrong.
The concluding games were played i
"ii wet in', und proved the wisdom I
of the executive in pushing tho
,'vents forward as rapidly ns possible
during the early stuges of the bon-
An Informal gathering cil the
Visiting and local curlers was held in
the supper loom of the rink on
Thursday evening, when, amidst,
much good teeling, the prizes were
presented by G. Whiten, the official
umpire. Changes in the method of
li milling the Grand Challenge and
Consolation competitions wore sug-
ir.'sted, and will he brought hefore
I he Association ut an early date.
The play-down amongst thc Vernon rinks for the Hums Cup bas
{heen delayed, in the hope that better ice mny be secured before w.nter
breaks up.
Eire Alarm Boxes
Hlguala nro given thus: '2 str-ikes,
uterval 5 sneonds—4 strokes, lloi
•t. No. of box will also bo shown
n  Indicator at Fire Hull.
Hoi No. 14—Corner First street
Jid McK.on.sle avenuo, C. B. Hume
& Co.
Uox No. 15—Corner First street
nd  Hukeby  avenue,  post ollice.
Uox  No.   IC—Corner   Second street
and Uovei nniMiii Hoad and Opora
Box  No. 17—Corner Third stroet
nl Campbell avenue, Ulobe Luin
er company.
Under New cTVlfinaRement
FirBt-ClaSS Accommodation and Sample Rooms
Rates-$1.00 to $2.00 Per Duy
Box No.  18—C.P.H.  Btatlon.
Box No. 24—Cornor Fifth streot
nd McKenzie avenue, Catholic
Box No. 26—Cornor Bixth street
nil Orton avenue.  W.  A. Footo.
Uox No. 2C—Corner Fourth Btroet
ml Townley streot, cornor south
Box No. 28—Oorner Second slrejt
nd Hobson avenuo,  Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34—Fire Hall No. i.
Box  No.  35—Hospital.
Box No.  36—School.
Box No. 44-Flro Hall No. 1.
Box No. 45—Front streot weat.
onr O. P. R. bridge.
Box No. 46—Cornor King and
loiiglas streets, Palace Meat Market.
Box No. 47—Cornor Second and
Vales  streets,  back  of court house.
Box No. 48—Corner Third and
Hbau.  streots,  Cowan block.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props. \
Enlarged   «nd Improvod.    First-Class in every reaped.    All modern convsnienri S
Large Nam pie Kootns.
Rates 4>2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
February  22—,1.  IS.  ('.  Concert
era  House,
l-eiiriiary 26—Castle    Square   1
,   Op-
Lato Polisher of Howson's
Furniture Storu
Repolishes.   Makes Old Furniture
Estimates Freely Given.
Drop Card in Post Office
Don't  forget  the Kdison,  it is    the
best in town.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator; never Mil. Thpw
pills are exceedingly power lul In reflation tlio
Kt-rttrative portion if the female system. Refuse
nil cheap imitations. Dr. d«T»n'i are lOld at
*h a box, or three tai >10. Mailed to anv address.
l'ii« Soobell Drag Co.. St. Catharines, Ont.
Union   Hotel
$1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly rates to be arranged.      Mini Tickets, -1 meals for Jh.iXl
A. P. I/UV11SQUE, Proprleti •
 — '
Laughton CSi Tapping, Props. Kirst Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
Speiial Attention given to commercial
men ami tourists. Kirat-clawi saniplt
rooms. Finest scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42 -   Night Phone 85
Satisfaction guaranteed
Agent  for  Flexlume  Electric
Residence Cor. Brf St. and Italwun a Ie
Shop in Alley back of B, J. Bourne's
Store, I-'irst Street
South   Vancouver
BLOCK 20   D. L 200
Inside Lots
Having Contracted for this Space for
two more issues, I beg to announce
that I have only four inside lots and
one double corner left in above Subdivision.
Offices at Vancouver and Hollyburn, West Vancouver Wl-I'NI SHAY.  l-I'll    21.  1»1J
the::]S£a.il-:eie:r.a.l:ds revelstoki;
Strongly Endorsed By Custom-Milk Pronounced
Pure By City Medical Bealth Officer
■ n   Mail Herald
M:   Cil (HI i      ninimgi i I"1  I'
t Co    I hi   mm *.* ed im   ":     watering
mv   ; . Hi   muy know some
thing «     it tbe i uteei I  bul  be abso
>  known uotbini   about milk, He
i     watei  ,ii my milk     and
tasted  tbe  watoi   In
milk     «In"  sbc  drunk  It.   Why
ivi the milk nnalyxod  lie
, nougb i" do 'i        I i'ii    • , ,i   tbere Bhould be n man
to I istc  in y   milk    overs
Hi   * .'   raatc mj  milk W tlmei
•  *    ; ,.   if In   wl bcs,  I  .nn      not
For C irlsi       M Ik      s I no tlotibl
ll  is as -*' *■• i *i   honey;
\\  . iy come iu and ' > i
i 3a) * doi i  ' ' !•■'  youi  mom s
'I'** My i
■  mi'   *i' cm ' i in*  ul
■ *   ■ itei   in  tii**  mill    I  am   t *
thul   ith the baby      that
*   - ||       So   w,iii'l        III
the in  .. ■ ii -i't *' goes through     i be
■,on that  have t.ik n milk
Irom in.   thl    long time, .: you   aro
Ign youi name
Reym Ids
Mt s.  Hand Glbb
Mrs,  tt    \. McDonnell.
Mrs   U   Vi. Crowe
ill     T * in u   Downs.
M       i    Hired  MacMillan,
Mm    i.   Beck
Mt     li   i    Morris,
Mn    K   Ed fard
Mre   tt    McMahon,
Mrs   a   HcMahon,
Mrs  '■   Corbet!
Mrs   I'   M   i*i,'Imi
Mrs   '    M   P •
Mrs. T, K. Hedstrom
Mrs.  .1.  !■:. Miekelson,
\ Ictoi  i Ilotel
ll (   Kkland.
l.i.la Steed.
.Mis,  11.  Stcgfreitl,
Henry Cutler,
ll. R. Stokes,
M;s   perry,
11, McKinney.
Mrs. 0, Black,
Mis. W, *i. Dickey,
Mis.  .1.  M.  Keliie,
Mis. n   Wire,
Mis.  B.  McDonald.
Mrs   i   V   H
Mis. R, Shaw.
Mis.  .1.  Dochard.
'•'*■'    -     N't mini.
Mrs. Goring
Mrs, '.v,   .t.i
I-'.. .1   Bourne.
M's   E   M   Claj
Mrs    i **.• :
Mi-   Maxon.
Climax Hotel
I'nlor   Hi -
Mrs. .1   q   MeKinnon,
■■I   1.   Munro
Mrs.  ii.   tt
Mrs.   tt    Fleming.
Mrs.   McQuarrie.
Mrs. Go lard.
Mrs.   \.   M
Mis. k.  Somes
Mrs. T   a   Cassidy
Mrs.  F,   N,   :
Mi   .
M,  Sharp
Mi I,
IVI'C.V    lll'lll.
Mi   .
tt.  0.   Mi'Liiui'liliu.
K. n, Mitchell,
Mi ..
IS, il. Burrldge,
A.   E
;. Bonnlson,
i.. n. Payne
\v. IS, Shuttlewood,
Thos, Ktlpatrtek.
11.  !•'.  Miinily*
,1, liue
tt   il. Sutherland
\   ,i. Colllsou
Mi I.
,i,  p,  McLennan
Mi I,
K   F, Tucker
\   1*5, l< nnl
.1. Laughton
\   r   Loo
Mi i,
\    Kciiwnrd
Mi i,
it. Trimble
M    .
ll   Manning
j   ,i   portei
,i   Palmoi
Is.   Mi'lt.ii'
Ml ..
T.   IC,   Hoot
\    McLoun
K    1
Omar ton,
Mrs.   ll.  A. McCall
Mrs.  .1. C Iloiisoii
Mis. .1. A. McliCnnnu
Mrs. G, I'l ll.'iiinii
Mis.   .1     M    Nlcolsotl
Mrs, McRae,
Mn,. Shaw
Ml,;.   GOO,   Ivlual ,1.*
Mrs. p, Dean
\li*«. .1. Probyn
Mim     ti.     .1.   t'huvt
Mrs. .1. McGinnis
Mrs.  Benjamin
Mrs   ii. /.. Crawford
Mis    .1.   Knox
Mrs. Arthur Crowe
■ii     Lew  Osborno
Mrs. Bhephnrd
Mrs,   GlllSple,
Mis.   .1.   il.   Pettipiece
Mrs. T,  Hughes
Mrs. T. .1. Somes
Mrs.  a. Urquhart
Mrs. A.  K. Miller
Mrs. II.  P. Cummlngs
Mrs.   L.  Wlsner.
Mr-. Geo. Kimberley
Mrs. E,  K.  Mien
Mrs. II. Trueman
Mrs. I'. Loescb
Mrs.  w.  A.  Foote
Mrs.   Austin
Mi i. Hi .cgc
Mis. g, Brock
Mrs. .1. P. Forde
Oity  Hotel
Mrs. .1. K. Johnson
Mrs, .1   ll.  Armstrong
Mrs.  tt.  ,i    Armstrong.
The following certificate was given
bj the t'.ty Medical H.-itii oirlcer
Pi. McLeah, who maae i i ireful an-
nlysl «   'I  i:,.   u,*-;   End   Datr)   nulk
Reaction    VIkallne   specific   era*   j
watei   per  1000 p irt»    - -
■ pel   1000  parts    H2;    mttei    tai
■ : is :       ■    Tl *-   -    »i    enl
E.  II   s    Mcl.EAN
Clt)   Med cal   I li
■ i , . -.
tt,,i   End  Di   rj     Rcvi    I   -*
which catisetl the uiogo of    Fort  Dl
in*.*" ilonls v\uii the rash act   of   an
omplo)  "I Hie Company,  by  which
the passions ot the Indians were m
tlamed and the llvos ol all In thelort
endangered, ami the subsequent dip-
ilomntile hand,Ing of the red men by
ih,* Factor, Fox Farms In Prlnoo
Edward Island, A Holiday Trip in
the Lllloool District, British Columbia, \ Moose I lum on ili,' l'1'i'nerve
the Sliuiviniitun Olub, IJiiclicr nml
oilier      uri ii'i,IS   serve   us   IntorOBting
romliulei's of the representative i-iiur-
ii,in "i Hus Canadian sportsman's
Saturday morning uexl will he free
ioi all day In tho gym. Parents nre
unit,,I  to neu,I  their lillie  hoys  who
go to school, to tho gym tor n good
two  hours  lun.   no  largo  hoys   will he
lei  in.   The lun will commonco     al
in o'clock, nml those who hnve running shoos win please bring thom,
uu,I those who Imve not will run nr-
o'ui.i in their stocking foot, This ih
n great iieni for hoys who aro a lit"
I lie  too  young  to join.
Swimmlug Class—Any more boys
wh,, wish t,, Join*this class ure asked
not lo come until 3:30' p.m., ns there
is enough tor one class now, whieh
meets at 2:81) ou Saturday attoruoon
All   thosi'    mien,ling   to join      should
tuuko arrangements with Mr, Thom -
son or Mr. Gilford. blverj boy Lb
urged to bring n pair of wnter-wlngs
This  I'lnss   is      under   the   supervision
,,( the Physical Director, who gives
attention to every boy.
Arts nnd Crafts Exhibition- Tbe
ium* im drawing on ,u this exhibit -
Ion.   ThiB promises to bo ohm ,,i the
I,est   things  lot   hoys  thut       wus  ever
held iu Revolstoke, Tho hoys are get
ting their bralnB to work to try for
n prize, Any Information required
may bo bad trom the Physical Dlroc
Barristers, Solicitors, Hto,
Imperial  Bank   Building   Uevelstoke, H. 0.
Money to Lonn.
Olllces—Itevulstoke,    11.    0„     and
Cranbrook, B, 0.
Goo. 8. MoOarter,
A. M. Pinkham, •'• A- Harvey
RevelBtoke, Cranbrook
Provincial  Laml  Suveyor,
Mining .Surveyor,
Ki.tin,*,'l Hid
11 .       tt  A I, I, \ 0 IS
A R C 11 1 T K C T
ii. Box 146, llsvelstoks, U.C.
GOLD RANGE LODGE],      K. of    P.
NU.   H,   RH)\'ELSTtlKE,   11.   0,
MeetB every   Wednesday  except    th«
Third Wednesday ot eaoh month      ir
Oddfellows'  Hnll nt  X o'clock.   Vtalt
ing Knights hi» cordially Invited,
G, W. 0 \ki.\sii. 0, C
Q, H. BROOK, K. ol H. * H
M. of K.
KOUTKNAY      LODGE!,   No.   ;5  A.   K
uiul A. M.
liegular meetings are held in MAS
ONIO TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
00 tbe Third Monduy in each month
at 8 p. m. \ miling brethren are
cordially welcome,
W, THOMSON, tt. ,M.
W. 11.  ROBERTSON, Secretary.
Mr. .1. M. Dudley, International
Railroad Secretary, with headquarters ut Montreal, will spend Thursday
in the city, interviewing members ot
tbe hoard ol directors and Inspecting
ih,* building,
An Interesting game on the alleys
wus played on Monday evening be
twectt the Ramblers and tho J.B.C,
the i.n i.i being tbe winners ,.t the
three games, and having u large num
bei of supporters undei the name ,>!
the G.B.C.
Wednesday evening the Lawrence
Hardware pla) the Corley House at
* io p.m.
Thc  m . . ■   in  of  last
.1 i\   niiet noon    « .is enjoyed    by  all.
• ■ '.
SELKIRK     LODGE 12, 1. u. O. F.
Mcetu every     Thursday evening    in
Selkirk  Hall  at 8  o'clock.      Visiting
brotlircu cordially invited.
J.  S. HOOLEY,  N, Q.
JAS.  MATHIE,  Secretary.
COURT     MT.      BEGBIE,    No.  3461
OF 1. 0. V.
Meets in I, 0.   O.  F.  Hall next    t<
Tapping's Opera  House  every  BOConr"
and  fourth  Monday   in  month.   Visit
,ng brethren cordially welcomed.
G. W. DELL, 0, II.
WM.   B.   CAMERON,   Rec.-Sec
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and Birds
P.D. Box 31, Revelstoke
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manaqer
CAPITAL,- $10,000,000
REST. -   $8,000,000
Empire   Typewriter
Slightly Used
Apply - Mail-Herald
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
I'ublic Notice is hereby given that
il Is absolutely necessary thai ilis
orders of a suspicious nature bo reported to Dr. .Mil.Mnn, iMy Medical
Health Officer or oilier physicians,
us soon ns known. Failure to do this
is n punishable oflonco.
Bj  nnl'i,
li. A.  LAWSON,
Oity Clork.
O. W. O. w.
Mountain View  Camp,  No.  'i'i')
MeetB Second    aud      Fourth  Wednes
days    in each   montb  in    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woodmen  arc
cordially Invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS, Oon. Com.
untn inieal * -.-   vers
•  -   Board of   l'i.,:*    (oi
Bei ' * •      Ft      'Hi  1 'i-
I   I ■
■■Istoke. 13   •'
y• ,ii,l and mining ronventioi
*   the     Northwi  I
i 'ommerc al l n .-
■* *    *
v. .th th,      vb if   t
■   • '*.
us of  tl
WANTED—Situation In lumbei ollice
us stenographer uud invoice clerk;
thoroughly experienced; all refer -
once. Apply, Box 914, Mail-Herald
Olliec.   Revelstoke.
WANTBD—A Girl for goncral house
work, three In lnmlly. For particulars ouqulrc Mall-Herald Ollice.
FOR SALE—A  Remington Typewrit
er, No. s, in good running order.—
Trice $30.00,  P, Bums Ai Co.,  Ltd.,
Revelstoke,  B.   O,
With its largo number of branches, agents ami correspondents, The
Canadian Bank of Commerce is uble to effect collections throughout
lhc world promptly ami al reasonable rates. Rates will bc quoted 00
Cheques nnd drafts on all countries of the world, drawn in sterling,
francs, imn ks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any oilier foreign currency,
can be negotiated at The Cunudian Hank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
Record of Progress for Five Years- 1906-1911
I'liu. I'M I
Capital      .... $ 3,000,000 * 4,000,000
Reserve  8,000000 4,600,000
Deposits      ..... 28,077,780 86,042,81]
Loarm and Investments        - 27.467.090 38,854,801
Total Assets 88,090,192 48,287,284
ii.is 83 Branches In Cnnntla. nnd ARonts nml Correspondents in alt
tho Principal Cltios In tho World.
Intorest allowed nt highest ourront rato.
Revelstoko Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
Our Doctors Anil-Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This lust is fillingalong felt wanl and its waterproof qualities are Btanding the lust.
We carry a full line of the famous Pene-
tang Shoe puck nnd all kinds of rubber footwear,
Once it customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoe Repairers, smiiiirn, Harness Makers
Tin-smith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Connaught  Ave.   -   Revelstoke
So,    21,    ROYAL    TEMPLARS
i    .   2nd  and   Ith  Thursdays
, Idi   lows    Hall,   at   ! o'clock.
■  Templare  are  cordially  in -
■ . attend.
Dear Sir,-A meetiiii:      *
,   , ■ ,        ■ publicity of tin    ■
.... .;,*! ing tbe .in-   Sorthwesl   ind I
..   ■         •  .   inland Wat ••■ mining  in dill
-    ■ thii  ii" ' discussed.
•   • tertfl
• ■ * .
■    '
on biflcati      ■     in '
Respt ctfu ii
w,  w    oiflord,
I   I	
• •   •
,' | • ,   •
re I try al
■   -
u I •••..- '.
•   fi • ts et .1
i r ide „ii t
. wHl tituti
i •    eari
'   •       -    -    led t hal
menl n • n *■   l»*
* .   t.    i   - ,.: 'I *     *  .       ■    .-
1 Ml .      -
mi * '  titm  I • •*■    rei    ■  ■ » I
. .-      •  the countrj
that tbe work
ntlonal Importance,  H
e proposed  tc its
■ port a gene)     a eel   .-
n       ■      %  ,' epn si !it*,t.ri*      in n
'• *n,  variolic  parts ol 'tie country
We trui • •   it   rout Board will join
vitii ii-   '. Furthering thii t;rc,i    un
■  king and that    w? ma)  receive ,,,.,*»,    , .   ,   ,  .
.   *  . "a lol    Limit,       ' •  m
mr application for memt>trt.|ii|,.
rtitman int resti I in the pn
. tlotl ol i'" * Impoi',o*'    i it oui
wild  lowl  >b""l I fail  tn procim       ,
copy  "l the  l-'i i,imn v  niimhei      nn l
\*-Hi'l,'int  Reere1*nf'«
■ t'f.ri'1   Lhll  urtll la t i   Innl      in ' ,* I
l    b.   Bart, MMon  it. deslrM    on y ,nH(.^Mii. t;|„  ,   ,    ,„,,   , m
the above request, me Importairl mat ]im[ ,.„„,,,„„„,., ,„     „,,,,„ lli(||,„r
mr. ore likely to eome up soon, (h(, wH| k|)||Wn |Ml|>| w,w s| ,    ,„
To the President  Board of Trade; yearn, from I Sua to 1903 in the »er
Deai  -ir.- Thnt thc Northwest Min '" ' the     llml-on   Bay
ag Convention win be a auccese i* *tory yi'irb i
WANTED—Oilers lor uew laid ccgn,
und fat chickens. Apply, Vickcrs,
Salmon Arm.
WANTED—A girl or woman to do
general house work.—Apply at the
Mall-Herald otlice.
FOIl BALE—About 150 tons of lulled
green feed, also a quantity ol Tlm
otliy  liny.    Kor  prices write,  N.E.
sparks, Mllnerton, Alta.      :st. J.10
Full SALE—Young, smart      delivery
team.    For      particulars   write     A.
Haggstrom,  Malakwa, B. C.
To (eel and look your
rie.t in simple frock or
«yli»h tfown Jimply
•jet . I, C I la Grace
model that «iiit« your
injure The hest
»for*M a*\\  'hem
ASo • ii Nt   .VW  • -'.iv
Ulliion.-ii*. Uw.bu-ft. tnaf-
• k,r. tnnri.l. itltt.i ivtraf*
10 t.111 lifurtt with un i.*nl
Ail i mprovementa
i.* re   the
•   fforV-
,    !,'     • I
-k voir riKAi.i i! roa
FebfMPj Rod and Gun
"Wild    Dm ■ atlon"      Iiy
Frank Hyd *  .   Edltoi   of Oul
■   ioi   i'o.m! i ih,   lending  numlier
Fnlimary I
(lun i» i '*,i .* I - ; *     il   i    v  «     '
l  am,
yours hiscsrely.
w. ro Y.fi.i-
Fin;in< ial Statement, Dec. .31st. 1911
■  ■
i.i .iiui. rn i
li paid up
i Ire   I.**   •
,  .       [A|ti >• 'i  dne .,ii*i nn
IKI   lm,    olhef   Compsnien    mul
^^^^^^^^^^^^ 100 Ofl      ,if,vii-t for ('oiioni       n
l-h in   1 -e-lit  , l|.ouI*, foi    uni.nil',I    pre-
m Ii mi N ii -I .,i I in Bntih 18733 WJ      minim Igovm't itnnilnrfll
■muI", ni., ,i i 'i       inhjrci  to Hiiiiu. KevetineA nl
( «ll   . IH-4.S7.S m|Nrt Surplus	
LOST—A Diamond Ring, between Sth
and Orton, and 6th and McKenzie
avenue. Finder will receive a Iih -
eral reward by returning the Hint;
to thc Mail-Herald Ollice. " ...c
wot keeps wot isn't hissen, it he's
cotched  he  goes to  Prison."
I.i 1ST nn Fn lay eveninp the ir.th
inst.. between the City Hall and
Imperial Hank, one Ladies' Mink
Stole With four heads and two large
tails. Finder please leave same
,it Mail-Herald ollice and receive
suitable  reward.
Smoker's Supplies
The obi reliable now lms llu- hir^c-i and besl line of Smokers'
Supplies ever in tlie City, nnd our prices nre right. Plftj I,ran,Is
of cigars to choose from.   Price from $1.00pcr box up;   not uiiitle
li'sin scrap either.
Meerschaum  Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes trom $3.50 Up
dur slock   ol  Calabash   Pipes is small on account ol lhc
crop being n failure this year mul ipi.ilili  pdSr,
Mt jar Pipes in cases Irom 91.00 up.
Ask ioi the famous II. I>. I'., brand. Uver) pipe is guaranteed.
Cigar and Clgiirctlc Holders, Cases and Lighters. Pouches,
Ash Trays and I'ip,- Itucks. Tell us what von want mul wc will
-uu you. If you cannot call, phone 37 and good- will l,e sen! to
your home for approval.   Buy early while stock Is complete.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
WE HAVE position  for a good    mnn
.villi  .*i  fair education  who can tnr-
n.sli  reference     we  will  give steady
employment and pay a straight  sal
ary i" tbe right party.   People us-
ntoxteatlng liquors save your
stamps, see om  i,ig ,\.| iu this pa-
today     National    Light    l'o..
Paraga, Michigan.
POR     BALE   Electrical    Maebinery,
in" Light Generators In first
m- order, complete with
, ti itere, meters, Pelts, etc, Will u
(obi singly oi togetbei     \ map toi
ii  town    lawmlll, ste.,  oontemplat
,ng in ii'in,,- ,m electric light planl
* isonable oiler refused,  ,..r "ll
, m'.i ,imk ,.n applical.on t" fm.-.
iperlntenden!  ,,l Bl i:tncal
I ment   I ity ,,f Revelatoke.
Revelstoki B.C.,  Jan Wtta, l')l'2.
Foil SALE Modern nine room house
all Improvements and 50 loot lot.
Fronting on Third Btreet, three
loora from Methodist church,
Price l.vino , ash oi terms. Apply
to M   J. Beott, Uox 67,
l.overiiinenl Oeposft*?,
.1.   MM
i nii**,* l ui '■     liquipi
in,  Maps and  I'l ,n-
•>, li Perm inenl
'Mice i *'       in cpired *
is eutltleil
Oo.   The
a Tragedy
S'M'I,    *       "
I PITS   I dl'.  I'm.K   ,   ll"l IH'KS
,1-l'ip*   I'
I ll
1471?   ■ ■
-'in, I.      19
LIQU0R ACT,  1910,
-*,lne   is   hereby   given   thai   Unity
ilnys   alter   date   application   will     be
made to the (Superintendent ot   pro
vlnclal   I'olice for thc tansfel  of the
license  for   the  sale  of  liquor   by  re
tall  In nnd upon the premises known
iis the Oity Hotel situated at Arrow
bead,   Uritish  Columbia,   from    John
< uie*,  to   Robert  Caley   of   Arrowhead
Unled thiB 6th day ol .January 1 rt12
Jan 10 1st issue      Holder ol License
Everybody knows him, he will
tell yon that the whiskeys we arc
selling are llie best. Call and lir
lonvinred. No household should
he wilhoul a supply of our Har-
voy's Special Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapln Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
'M yeai s old or Blaokberry BrandyQ
for Medicinal purpose. Our stock
of choice Wines ami Liquor* of all
kind- arc unexcelled. Sold by all
llie lending hutch, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers nr d Dealers In Pure Wines, liquors, Cigars snd Cigarettes
Our Livery is equipped wflh the best horaei and
tins Wc also deliver express and bajrirnKi' to any
part of the city.  Heavy and tight teaming a specialty
F. McCarty, Proprietor
Phone 201
Fresh Groceries, Vegetables and Fruit
Order now your winter's supply
Best on the Market
D. GALLICANO, 2nd Street, Near Railroad Track
ff WI'liN'liSDAV,  1'BIl, 21,  1912
WEDNESDAY, IKP. 21, 1912
Editor Muil-Hcnild:-
lli'ar Sir,—Tlm Garden ol Kilon Val
ley, beginning at Throe Valley Lake,
where tbo Eagle rivor iic<|iiir«H its
source, Thi' Dominion Saw MIIIh Oo.
havo a large mill, store und village
lurnlshlug homes lor their workmen,
and tho ('.I'll, havo built, a nioo station boUSO, all nestling along tlie
lu'init iliil Three Valloy lake. Making
tins ono oi the desirable spots tor
either work or pleasure,
Le&vlug tbe lake going west,     we
Inllow the Bagle river by way ol the
C.P.R., a distance ol about three
null's to Ui-itlln luke, aiinllier beautiful   lake  alive   with   lish,       occupying
tlie lull width ol the vnlley between
the C.P.R.   track   uiul   the  loot ol   the
mountain, wblcb rises so abrupt as
tn make its towering peaks seem ready to topple over iuto the wut"rs
ol tins calm uud peaceful luke. At
the westerly end ol Ihis luke the valley widens lorming tructs ol valuable
agricultural land varying in extent
ns the valley widens or narrows (,o.
ing westward 6ix miles lurther wo
come to Mittikeu siding ou '..io ('.
P, H. Krom here four miles farther
on  another stution house.
We find Tult, another ol tue Dominion Saw Mills Co.'s lurge mills Bim
ilur to thut of Three Valley. "'ait
is located at the Junction ol iho Lag
le river und what is called l.'.-a/.ifiy
cicek. Tins creek merits its t.i'.-iiC 1 y
its territie force and numerous waterfalls, us it comes rushing down tbe
narrow canyon, uot unlike Labcadoro
Krom Tult tbe valley widens, form -
nic ,i beautiful level tract on either
side of the river und ruilroud. I'our
miles trom Tuft, west, we c ime to
the historical station of Cralgellach-
le, where tho Golden Spike waa driven on the completion ol thc C.P.R.
Krom here on the vnlley assumes its
greatest width, varying from one nnd
one ball  to three  miles In width, tho
The Valley of
"The Garden of Eden"
Situated at MALAKWA. B. C.
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,   and   Extending   between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-20,000 Acres
Character Of Lantl   Principally Level.
f liararW nf ^nil   Bench   Lands,   Clay    Loam   and  Vegetable
UlldldWtil   Ul   OUII    Mould, while on  Lower Lands Black Loam
Nn Si ri/i iiiiiii   Positively no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
liU III KJdlKMI   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
Moderate ClilHate   Freezing is   Average Winter Weather.
Pricks of Land Reasonable
for further Particulars About Ihis Garden Spot of B. C, Watch This Page
of the MAIL-HERALD [ach Week
land lii-iiii; level right up to the foot
nt  lhe  mountains.
Two miles went ot Crulgelluchic is
Swuuley, where J. W, Chancellors
Btoro is located and where there is
overy prospect ol a new Biding aud
lbe springing up ot a thriving vil •
luge. About two mllcB lurther west
Ib the Mulukwa Station, This Is tbe
oldest settled part ol the valley und
there ure numerous prosperous ranchers surrounding thm place. Going on
lour miles lurther weBt ih Bowie siding, where the government ib putting
in a wagon bridge across tbe Kitgls
river and when completed will give
Connection by ffagon road Irom Malakwa to Simmons Junction, n dis ■
l.nii-i' ol about twelve miles. From
Howie west about (our miles ts Suls-
i|Uu, another siding on the C.P.R,
sin lounded by n rich and fertile expanse of  level  valley  land,  with  bm| ■
tier Improvements ground     Balsqua,
we predict   this to lie one ot the de
sirable spots  of  the  Harden  of   Kden
Valley.    About tour miles further    on
is Ihe famous  Shuswap lake  and  SIC
anions   Junction  and   the  north    end
ni the tamous Okanagan Valley,
The altitude is ubout the snruc iu
the two valleys,  Imt  the  difleretir-e m
rain fall iR phenomenal, as the (jar.
den nt Kden requires no irrigation.
Tiie greater portion iB sub-irrigated
by tbe numerous mountum Btreams
thut llow ucross the vulley at various intervals and these streams al-
tord an abundance ol nice soft water
tor domestic purposed. Digging wells
Ib a pastime that is seldom indulged
in in the Garden ol Kden Vulley.
Taking tbe valley as a whole It is a
rich fertile country and with its natural advantages In soil, climate and
loented as It is on the main line of
the railwny, and stations located every two to four miles, it is ouly
waiting the developing and Bcttle -
ment which from present indications,
are very near at baud, to make it
assume the prominence tbat it so lit
tingly deserves. An ideal Garden ol
Kden. where all the staple vcgetai|lc-H
bay and grain and diflerent variety
of fruits that thrive in the western
climates can be grown here. The
Kaglc River is fairly corged with Bill
mnn in their season and trout and
other BpccicB ot the finey trilie abound in this streamAt other seasons
Blue and Willow grouse and rabbits,
are found in goodly numbers. bear
caribou, deer and other carat nre to
lie lound on the mountains.
Truly, we have lound the lianleu ot
Kden '.
G  B
Now Hold the Fort
in Revelstoke
A large  variety of Dainty
Boxes   in half-pound, one-
pound, two-pound and three-
pound sizes
The Finest in the Land
and  Canadian   cTVlade
40 years experience
Itevelstoke  Luud DiBtrict.
District of WeBt Kootenay.
Tuke notice that I, Burrows Henry
ltothwell ol Nukusp, B. C, occupation gentleman, iuteuds to upply for
1*. 1 in,...-i**m to purchase the followiug
described   lauds:
Comui*. 0   ut a  post  plauted   41)
chains south ol the North-east Corner ol T. L. 41274, thence south 80
chuius. theuce east about 20 chains,
to Arrow Lakes, theuce north along
Lake about 8U cbains, thence west
about 2 ehuins to point ot commence
ment, contuining about 10*0 ucres,
more or less.
Dated December 2Mh,  1911.
Burrows   Henry   Kothwell.
Edward RusBeli Vipond,  Agent.
Jan.  bth tirst Issue.
For Your Seeds
Ornamentals & Fruits
Henry Seed and Nurseries
Wi bave the finest stock on the
i out, l.a-t year, ni\ lirst year
in the business, wns Iwdlv handicapped: owing to the want ot
stock, but not s., this year. Send
us vou! orders and we will give
you satisfaction. See our new
catalogue; it is Iree to vou.
A. R. Macdougall. Proprietor
Revelstoke Luud District.
DiBtrict ot West Kootenay.
Tuke notice thut I Horatio Levcruc
Rothwell o( Nakusp, B. C, occupation bank manager, intends to apply lor permission to purchase tbe
lollowiug described  lands:
Commencing at a post planted 120
; chains south ul tbe North-east Cornier of T. L. 41274, tbence south 80
chaius, theuce east ubout 31) cbuins,
to Arrow Luke, thence north aloug
j Lake about 80 cbains, thence west
i about 20 chains to point of com -
■ mencement, containing about 200
j acres more or less.
Dated December 2<Jtb,  1911.
Horatio Leverene  Rothwell.
Kdwurd  Russell  Vlpond,  Agent,
let issue Jan. 6th.
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -  Revelstoke, B. C.
belore buying yotir out-
lit of working clothes
for the bush.    I mske s
specialty   oi   Logging
Shoes, I'uiils, Soi, Sbiiii
Blanket* nud everything
required in vonr bonnets,
foil. My  atnpa enmib..   eur.t cold*.  b<
Ik. lb.o.l  ..i ia.i..        .    .    .       H §)
itevelstoke Laad District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take uotice that I, Harry I.
Laudry ot Rossland, D. C, occupation, mining, intends to apply lor permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing     nt     a   post planted
about 40 chainB     wost ol the Soutb-
j west Corner of Lot 8148, thenco north
140   chains,     thonco    west 80 chains,
tbence louth 40 chains,      thenee cost
K0 chains to point of commencement
i containing 320 scree more or lens.
nut.-.i   December, 9tb,  1911.
, 1st ls.  Jaa.6    I'er D. Fisher, Agent.
Coal mining rights ol the Dominion
iu   Manitoba,   Saskatchewan  uud   Alberta,    the    Yukon    Territory,       the
North-west Territories uud iu a portion ot  the  Province ol British   Col-1
uint*i.i,  muy   be  leused lor a term of j
twenty-oue  yeurs at an annual  rent- j
al    of     il an acre.   Not   more thau !
-..".im. acres  will  be leased to one applicant.
Application for lease must be made
by tbe applicant in person to the
Agent or Sub-Agent o! tbe diBtrict
iu wbich the rights applied for are
In surveyed territory the laud must
be described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions of sections, and in uti-
surveyed territory the tract applied
(or shall be staked out by tbe ap -
plicant  himself.
Kach applicant must be accompanied by a fee ot *."> which will be refunded if thc rights upplied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on thc merchantable output of thc mine at the
rutc ol five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting lor the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royulty thereon. If the coal mining
rights aro not being operated, sucli
returns Bhould be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include the coul mia-
ing rights only, but the lessee may
lie permitted to purchnBe whatever
available surface rights may bc considered necessary lor the working of
the mine at the rate of (10.00 an
Kor lull intormation appliiatlou
should be made to thc Secretary ol
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
ot Dominion  Lands.
W. Vi. CORY,
Deputy  Minister ol the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorised publication ol
thlfl advertisement will not l>e paid
*   »■
OtU Fallacy Tli.-ii Pruiikrnnrjw CailUM
Be Cureil  Exploded,
Shi/oh's Gure
Si' M>   ntop« rnndhiis   rttr*« coM*(   hcali
• throat sad luafr.      •
Mnny men drink whn drslrc to atop
the habit. Whisky, however, has undermined the constitution and created
n craving that is not t«» be denied,
nnil the man must have whisky or
something that will remove tho craw
Ing and inr,iii up tht! system and restore  the nerves.
Samaria Prescription stops thc erav*
Ing, steadies the nerves, builds up the
general health and makes drink aetu-
ttlly distantfl'uI and naUSeOUS, lt Is
\ufV less and odorless, and can be given with or without the patient's
knowledge, In tra, roft^v or food, lt
is used regularly by Physicians and
Hospitals, It has cured thousands in
Canada, and restored happiness to
hundreds of homes.
Read   what   Mrs.   G. .   of   Hull,
says of it und what It did for her:
'l\ ts four mnn lhn to-day since w I
started to use your Itetnedy I followed the directions, and had the best of
results. One week after I ntarltd using your Itemedy the patient stopped
drinking, and has not drunk a g)a**
of liouor since. I hope you will accept
my heartfelt thanks. Hoping God will
bless your Remedy whenever tried, I
remain, 0
Mrs.  G ,  Hull,   Que,
(Name  withheld   by  request.)
Now, If there ts anyone in your
town who needs this Remedy, tell
them of It Practical philanthropy
can take no better form. If you have
a husband, father, brother or friend
who drinks, help them help thorn
selves.     Write   to-day.
A FRKK TRIAL PACKAGE of Bamarls, with Booklet giving full particulars, directions, testimonials,
price, •!<■-. will be sent In a plain sealed package to anyonn mentioning this
bAj>*r.    CorrsAOondence sacr«<d1v nog*
confidential. Write today. The Kn-
maria Remedy Co., Dept. 4C-49, Col-
bornc street, Toronto, Canada. Also
for bale by C. It Macdonald, Druggist,   Revelstoke,  B.  C.
Wood for Sale
Apply to
Chas. Turnross
Telephone Howe No, !'"
Telephnnfl Cninp N» '<!l.r>
39 coll
Shi/oh's Cure
Snlckly ami*. oiiRhs,  cnrM cc,U«,  httla
>• throat anii  lunst. •   •   •  2} sent*
The nnnual ball ot the Urumutic
Olub, wblcb »ns hclil on Feb. llth,
St. Valentine's night, wns a most
delightful affair, the floor was 111 line
condition and thc niusic tendered Iiy
the orchestra was excellent. Vie feel
sure that within a short time Nakusp will possess one ot the best orchestras in thc interior. The supper
tor wblcb the flub Is noted, was as
usual a splendid rcpust, thc ball Is
over, but a pleasant recollection remains ot n must enjoyable evening.
Mr. II. 11. Kothwell, lather ol our
bank manager, who hus been .i*i.i. ill
and confined to bis room lor some
time, we arc pleased to say, is rapidly  recovering
Mr. K. Vi. .Ionian spent u week at
bis  ranch  nt  Edgewood.
Mr. Arthur Uurton spent u duy in
town and while here he ui ranged (or
Nakusp orchestra to play nt Button
city at the opening ot their uew hall
It is expected   a     number trom hero
will attend,
Mr. a. Heid, Jr., is receiving congratulations on tbc arrival ol a Une
baby   boy.
Mrs. B, BoUrni and little (laughter
of Hevelstoke is visiting her sister
111 Inw,  Mrs.  A. li.  Halgh.
Mr.   Sum   Jncksou,   who  was   opei
iil.il   on nt  tbe  hospital,  ts      rapidly
Several  cases ol  in*.isles  bave    ap-
peared in town, tbe) in ol    a very
mil,I  form.
Mr. tie,,, lugrum, who lias been Ure
mun on tbc pusscngci train out of
Nukusp tm some lime has been trans
(erred to tbe lievelstoke division. Mr
and Mrs. Ingram leave tut their new
home lu u few duys.
im March the loth Nukusp Will in
loy a musical treut. The PolUOtM
Sisters  have  iinnnged to give a con
i ei i in tbe opera home.
The many friends ol Mrs. Walter
Si'utt will be pleased to hear thnt
nhe ll Improving daily and ue trust
will soon  be out again.
I'bin.i New Yonr's was celebrated
as usual,  Mr.  and     Mm. Sam Henry
Royally entertaining ail Milan t on
Sat urday   Inst.
Mr. Thos. Datrldton, ('. I', ll. agent
■it Slocan Junction, spent n few days
in town. Tom Buys he always did
like Nakusp.
Mrs. Uoupcll, who has been visit •
ing her tirothcr at Tuppen Siding,
has arrived home again.
.Mr. A. ('. Yoder lelt on a tlying
busin?sB trip to Spokane.
Tbe Women's Institute met at the
home ol Mrs. Jas. Vestrup, a darn -
tug contest was held. Mrr. 11. CileO
dinning securing  the tirst  prize.
All members ol thc Kuights ol
I'ythiaB ure requested to lie on Land
Fiiduy .'veiling. Business—Third degree.
On Saturday evening last Nakudp
ljodgc Stur ol thc West. A.r". * A.
Ha, were bonured with u visit trom
J. K. bird ol Vancouver, Grand Mas
tor ol tbc Hum I Lodge ot IJ. 0. and
A. H. Skcy, Deputy lirnnd Hatter
Irom Kamloops. also Hobt. Bor-don
ami H. Howson ol Hevelstoke. Alter
tbc lodge business, rclrcshmculs were
nii* I by tbe members ol Star ut tbe
West  lodge-
Thc in ii si cal eaiit.it.i "Ucatity and
the Heiisl, uuder tbc directum ol
Lhe Hospital un Monday evening mis
greeted by a crowded bouse and we
arc sale in saying tbat seldom l.uvu
Nakusp people spent a more enjoy •
able evening. All tbe caste did except lonallv well. Special mention ot
the  KMMTy   must   be  made, I*.
the untiling cli .its of J. S. Iliad
hnd and I). T. Bulger, The orcnes •
tra greatly ass.stcd with a splendid
program of music. Doctor Heatoo
preside*! at the piano during th' mus
ioal numlier ol the cantata nnd a
great deal of the success ol tbe performance li due to bis »i8istu)c«.
Thc following li tbe caatc of cbarac
ten:—Beauty, Mils K. Edwards; Qui-
nare, Miss 1. Henelle; a-elima. Mils
N Vipond. Hone dc Amour. Miss K.
Hulgei. Kllesdie. Walter Thompion;
Meroqtrtl,  llert   Herridge; Tbe Wizard
II    Hardy,   The   Dcnnt,   W.   L.   Tad
dOB. Alio fuirlcs, brownies. The
president of tbc Ladies' Auxiliary.
Mrs. I). T. Ilulger, wishes to thank
all tbOM who assorted. The proceeds
amounted   to  H95.00
I    The educational policy put forward
j by tbe directors ol tbe Farmers'  Institute,   is   proving  of  great  interest
to the ranchers.   Stuart Smellies   of
ICairoU'a  Landing,    gave an interest-
| ing essay    on      Strawberries.    Bviry
* two weeks lectures are given by local
in* nil (rs and tbe next lecture will lie
given ou "Produce, Raising and Marketing"  by Kruesrt HardJ.
I A concert was given uuder thc auspices of thc church on tbe Hth inst.
| by Miss A. T. McLaughlin and ber
tllce Club, assisted by outside aud
local, vocal und lubtrumeutul talent.
Seven ludics gave a series ol tableaux, wbicb proved very taking, being the hrst of tbeir luud in Uurton.
K-Ucshnieuts were served by the Ladies' Aid society at tbe close ot tbe
concert, when a goodly number of
both icxes adjourned to Arthur A.
burton's home to indulge in danciug
until a late hour.
ilurluu sociul exchange says tbat
hilarity is caused only through eu -
el.nation, aud that tbe spring eflects
old us well ae tbe young folks.
Dan Cupid, in bis wanderings this
wiuter, bas left orders with tin, ■•
Urms tor truuiwaiei to be lixed for
use in Uurton City. Several other
orders ure ulmost cinched too, und
tbere is hopes oi a rush on tbe dry
goodi department ot Burton. Dun
' ll au  hustle!.
j    Miss McDevitt, Mrs. r.  H.  Stevens
and Miss A. T. McLaughlin, will meet
1 Mr.   Stevens   at   Halcyon   hot  springs
, tbis  week mid  und sojourn (or  a  lew
! 'ays
Mn. J. H. I'ofter la vlnllug Mrs
McDougald ol Caribou City, B. 0.,
for  a  few   days.
Don't forget the H. M. R. Dance In
the Drill Hall, Friday evening, February iini. Music by nevelitoke
Oity Band.    Beit treatment and good
tune  guaranteed.
Why does thc Million have such good
plcturei'   Ask  tbc people.
A reierputiyn i»l fertile valley lanl
is now open in Mexico. Homesteads
Fret.   Only   requirement it to      buv*»
', Bve acrei of bananas planted within
live  years!    An      authoriied  company
'will plant the bananas and market
them on aharei. Ynur share ihould
bring   1200   per  acre  annuafly.      The
Jantha Plantation    Co., Block zoou,
i Pittsburgh. Pa., T.S.A., distribute
Mexican land In the 0.8. and I'anndii
Write for particular!. You need not
go to Mexico. t.c. WRDNKSDAY, I'HP
Stop Cleaning SmokyLamp Chimneys and Old Burners
Our New Lamp Burner will give light six times as much as the
uld style lamp burner, and a clear s.hite light, You can turn
light as high as you want to—it is impossible to smoke chimney.
You i'liu bum lamp in room all night, Nu bad smell from Kerosene. Gives a steady, even light, does nol hurt tho eyes, burns
anygradeof Kerosene Oil, fits any No, 2 lamp, no mantle to
break, no black chimney to wash evory day, always clean.
Burner will last several years   mado of the best Bteel and brass.
Send us 35 cents in coin or money order, and we will send you ono
of these burners prepaid. Vou use burner fit) days and if you
don't say it is the best lamp burner you ever saw,and you are not
well pleased, jusi write us a postal card stating you are not
satisfied with burner and we will promptly return your money.
This is thu best burner yet All we ask is for you to give us a
trial. We guarantee burner to give satisfaction one year or give
vou new one free,
We will send Three turners Prepaid $1.00
i*.,il*.ii.i   Michigan
• l N i i.i mi S
l ni n, :•'"*,*,I lind 1.1 * ents I"'
■ahul, send nu- one ol your
White Light Lamp Btlrnei - I'er
youi Advertisi nn nt, with uuder
itanditiK I can use Burner 6c
I - mil il I .un not well pleased
inu in ■ "*■• , * w ill lm ' <■
■ *
\ * - -. i
N nne ol i'.i i youi l il'
Light Company
Baraga, Michigan
muMMWi ii
Old Country Rugby
London,   Peb.   :7* England  ,1, ;•
Wales •**■■ nal lonal aaao. * tl   m
todaj    >  ,i score ••' 3
nil, «i,.ic the English team
■ ague match Irom Scot
lil. Tlio
-. - - tion und
l tods
Vst  d  '* *      -* urn  It"-.'
Bradlord  City  i.  Woolwich  Ai
Liverpool  ..  -       lay l.
■   i'n;te*l 0, Bury 0.
n. .i   ,*<t;.   L'nited I,  Dun lei and
;      . Evi rton 0,
-.    •     .*.   *I i   Notts <
■      -ION*
.   Bradl
■     '
tt'esl ilnm United .;. Exotei Citj 2
M,liu,,n  Athletic -',  Brentford o.
1    Luton l. Queen's Park Raugei -
i urdifl ". Swausea
i larlequins -   I iifoi I *  *
(*K1 Merchant   Tayloi a 16,       i
. es  •
liuys'  Hospital  : I, I *..:  l.. >- *.
i ambridgi   Univi
- «
London  Scotl -
Dog Catchers Busy
I    ''"ii   Artbui.   * lut     !■'■
In    | tit
have sort
an 1 health    loards to
tl        log    nuisance.     Ei * ■
ed is Ik
■ i in • .v., killed   Ii
, .   *. it t
'   i.*.-*,-     i'i,,
t tods
urlmala In
Vou Risk—No Money It You Try
Ihis Remedy
rest to c, in** t<
- ■
e dig
. *-   .
•  mac-fa
.      •;■,  i
■ •
•».* ■
J tors,
.   •    ■
- •
.      ■ n
e •! .■
1       ll   LBAOI .
rk 1.
-,   .   ;*.:-■   ■
Hamilton  Acs
•  -
•     i., .. : Hear!  ol Mldloth
K in. *   Mi rl  ii
i    ■ '
,, isgon  Rangers *
\,i . r ilsle; *-:t. Mim i
following *ii   thi resnlte ol replay
ttub i  ;  • m
,.-.  docI   Mi rton      Falkirk 1,
■  . ■ ',*■*, i * ■  "
-i it tmkiiv    LKAOOB,
Urigbton and Hove i. l"ymouth A.
,1,,,,  i'. Southampton 3.
(..v.uiu  ''ily •*. Crystal  Palace *.
levl'tt  I.   V,,ii->ieli Cltj   i'
Hi rthamptoo 7,  Reading 0.
ndon Town I, Watford "
t     •  , Rovers ii, Ne i Bromptun l.
EST'D 1836
Two leaves and a burl.   That's
all that is plucked at one time in gathering the crop (or Ridgways Tea.     We
mi«hl pluck more leaves and gel a bigger
crop, but it would deteriorate thequauly
of lhe teas.
Sealed in air-tight,dust-proof,quarter,
half and pound packages.
•Her Mshrty'i Blend" "5 O'Clock" "OM Country"
$1.00 per ll>.       f.Or. per ll>. DOcper lb.
'Capital HouiehoM*
40c. per Ib.
Sfnv \mi he Hit,!m Tnvtit
ni But Shops
J. Local Industry
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTWenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
cylccount Forms Ball Programs
Wedding Sttaionery Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms    Tags, Etc
We oMAIL-HERALD has new
type and printing machinery.  Our
stock §f  printing papers is large
and  well selected.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
J WbliN'KSDAY.  I'TH.   'I.   1913
See the New Cash Carrier
Silks for Spring
This week's Friday Bargains consist of 200
yards of Pactelle and Messalaine Silks, lovely,
bright Spring colors, with neat hair line stripes,
for Dresses uiul Waists. Thev are 7.rK'. and .Sac,
At 50c. Per Yard
Shirt Waists
If you did not kci your Fancy Muslin and
Linen Shirtwaists at our Bargain Sale on Tuesday, we can give you another good chance on
Friday.   A Real Bargain of over 100 Waists at
Dressy Coats
These Smart Coats will appeal to Dressy
Women. They afford a nice variety for choosing, They are a high class line of Manufactured
Tailored Coats in the new shades ol' Blue, Camel
Ill-own, Grey, etc.
$10 to $25
New Petticoat
Satin, Smart New Shapes for the close fitting
Skirt. New rich colorings, and they are uncommonly good for the price.
New House Dresses
That need no excuse in any one of Iheir dimensions, They are attractive, and that is a
factor, if the thrifty housewife wishes to look
well. They are nicely made and Rood materials.
They are for sale here at from
$1.90 to $3.50
New Tweeds
From England, Scotland and France—very
Tweediah Tweeds. They are as one lady remarked and, that described the style of tweed
that is fashionable at
$1.00 and $2.00
The New Spring Prints arc here
from England. Only Per Yard
Groceries and Crockery Department
Corn Starch
Any time is a good time. NOW is the
aeeepted lime for Corn Starch. You can buy
it from ns in i-lb packages at toe per package
It is made Irom pure, reliable stock, and man-
fact u red wiih only the best materials. Remember die name, the price and the place,
Canada Corn Starch
10 cents per package
C. B. Hume C& Co's
Mince Meat
Wc know tbat you want vircc Pics just
now. If you do try a 5-lb pail ol our Wag-
stalf's Mince Meat, tbe kind tbat meets every
expectation of the housewife, and bas that
bappv blend that makes the pie so palatable.
5-lb, full weight, $1.00 each
Have no hesitation in using  Robertson's
Scotch Marmalade, ii uiil give you the greatest satisfaction and in the end is more profitable, lt is put up in i-lb glass jus, 2-lb, 4-II1
.uul ;-lb cans.
Try a 2-lb can at only 30c
and be able to say to your friend " It is goi\\,
for 1 have tried it."
Mens Furnishings, Boots and Shoes
Wc are putting on the BARGAIN TABLE a11 the remainder of our
lines ol women's and children's Kelt Slippers. They must be cleared out at once
and we consider the prices will do it in short order. Don't wait until your size is
all sold out.    Come at once.
Tea and Coffee
Are you usinj*; Tea and Coffee? Where
are you buying it? Are you getting value lor
your money? Does the quality and llavor
please vou? If you have the least doubt as to
your tea and coffee try a pound of our
Sunbeam Tea at 40 and 50c
per pound, and a pound of our
OO Coffee at 40c per lb.
Mocha and Java at 50c per lb
Its quality is uniformly high, and  it has that
true, lingering Haver that pleases.
Hay,   Oats,   Shorts,
Bran, Wheat, Chops
and   all  kinds   of  Feed always on
haed  at   the  lowest  prices.
Baking Powder
Every housewife uses more or less baking
powder, and of course every oni: wants the
best. In Dr. Price's wc consider you gel the
best baking powder on the market. We
bought right and can give you the benefit of
our good buy.     Put up in l>-oz cans at 20c
12-oz, 35c, 2 1-2-lb. $1.25 and
5-lb cans $2.25 each
Ladies  Slippers
LADIES' JULIETTES in various colors
and shades of velvet, and felt. Every pair
sewn, no tacks or rough scams. Perfectly
flexible and easy on the foot.    Regular $1.75
values,  and
wool and plaid felts, regular $1.50 values
cAny Pair 95 cents
Children's and Misses  Slippers
A  missed line of ankle strap felts that we are
not goin^ to carry over.    You will   never  be
able to beat them lor value.
Price 25 cents a pair
Misses Felt Slippers
both in Jac^cr pure wool and fancy Juliettes.
Nobby little shoes tbat arc comfortable and
dressy for house wear,
Price 75 cents a pair
Children's Slippers
in p'aid felt, either with ankle strap or without
You cannot duplicate them for double the
Price 35 cents a pair
tA real genuine Snap, just the one you may" be looking for. At an/* rate you can't afford
to pass it up. All our odd lines of men's Soft Felt Hats of the present season are on the
table at a price that ought to move them off.
This price will convince you—$1.50 Each
A few lines that will interest the housekeeper
who is prepairing for early" spring house cleaning.
These lines are extra special in value and will not
last long at the prices.
Japanese   Mats ^eal Bargains, 4x7. $1.75
4x12 at $3.00 each
Union Squares Au sizes'a11 colors
and combinatious
You can't  get away from the values we
offering in these.    Call  and  see them;  the  prices
are away below actual cost.
Our new lines of Wall Papers have just
been put in stock and we can assure the public that never has such a complete line of artistic papers been shown in the city. Rich
and artistic but at prices that will surprise
you by" their cheapness. Now is the time to
see them while the lines are all unbroken.
We import direct from the manufacturer in
the Old Country and can supply" you with the
best article for the least money. Our patterns are
all new and bright. Just compare these prices
with any you may" have
.    QUALITY -Inlaid, the best  that  is on  the
■**■       market, at $1.40 per square yard.
"D  QUALITY—In a wide range of patterns
at $1.20 per square yard
f* QUALITY—In attractive new patterns
^** at 90 cents per square yard wri'M ■'•:•., : p.n   !l   111:
Wl DNHSDAY, 1'KB. JI,  191J
These are the lirst advance Costumes to hand.
Made of the best heavy Navy Blue Serges and
are Plain, Tailored Styles. Considering the
quality of Serge, they are the best value we
have ever offered.
New Goods coming to hand daily.
'I'lii' Sim* li niiil Twinkling*
■nn' Imsl  picUiroH in town nl    tbo
Till'    t 'IIHHUMI    I'llll      ll     lllll    Still       Ol
UimIiimm.I.u   ami   Thm nil.ii.
iimmi comfort, bwl  mimic, bosl  pii
iurea In tlio i*iiy al ilm Hillson
lii'iu* nil  Hie Intui i  inimlr nl    Mi
Mivbon'i OrohoBtrii  iliincu tonliilit,
Don'l   Imyi'l   ihi*   I'URnlull   I'lny
I'lillilii'll:;'  Tlilnii,  I'lnlh,  Ii'iiIIimi*, vol
mi,  :': iicll   nl   Mi'l.i'iiiiiin'n.
W,  I'liiry huya turnlllira, etc, spul
j    Ni'u mipplj ol C'brlsblo's lilnoulta »i
Mulntj i o'»,
Hoo tho Hi'M'iiihiki'    Nui'Dui'les   tor
i hi  HMowors, i'lunic Till. t. r.
ss*. bu
I'Ioiino I" ii'i iiMnr Oon trill noliool.
Apply  In  II.  N,  I'uiii'Hii'i'.
  Don'l forgot  Iln* Unatlo Bquuro Uu
tho Kim* tonight mnl Tlinrmluy nlahl    tortultiom on fab, 36tb,
Uon't   forgot     tlio   I>1k   Orchealrii
iliniri'   in   Selkirk   hall   tonight.
To lii'iit      ai'ar v.M.c.A., oomloii
niili'   llvo   room   dwelling,       11. n.
Why dn tho hoya nlwnya buy thoir , Oonrslov.
wagons ul   Howaon'a,     Dociiiibo tlroy
nlwnya gel  what thoy want,
Bi mn' good bargains    In   dwolllnga
ni Second mnl Third atrotftB,   H. N*
Good lloor, good music uiitl n good Oourilw.
tl«o at tho OrehOBtrn d io tonlgUt. I ,,n|[ BALB1_jrwQ ,.,„,,* lols    ,,,,,„,,,
mi Third i.iii'i'l.   Apply  to Tl ai
Ham. I'iiIici' Station,
UOWIOD      »    I'n,     have  Ihi'  largest
•■ini'ii nf wall papor In the city; 100
tlrolr Bl.iii'k  before  purchasing     olio
«in-i iv
I'iiii BAL1Q—A  Piano at a bargain
Apply nl onco,  Mrs,  McDonald, Sec
inl Streot, opposite Knox ohuroh.
Uon't forget  that     Howson's tinic
l i'ai'pi'1*. ih hIIII mii'.  I'umc in uiul
• I bo before tbe Btock Is picked over
Ladles anu Ib the time to have
your baby carriages ma-do new.-W.
■■■■I—■■ ■ m.
*■   ■ * olored drama i
I    . sero" al   tho  Kd
*   theatn   tonight
I'm,   Whin* Cl.;
will  liml nw lull
II, n
ii ihis
Hi, Cans.    This
*.|m.,m   ,,|   !)■,'   \ ,   ll .
unu lliinu   uai
1:, . ro that t rchesl i n v. il
■   .,  month,     Watch
Mi ■   .imn •*--*. I'ldwardfi ol \ ancoiivci.
■.   thi  _• m* it  of her si .ni
H.  Vi.   Ki"-*■■
!:.1,-1,ai' Band, \ Friend   j
trom  V*. ,i  Tow n, ' lecana Roll, uud  *   '
* *.*.  in;. -i  ,ii  the te.e dance
Willie  I...  .-*. * :  gol   ili*   Civi   Dol
■ ce ;,i the l*:*i Bon mi Sai
ij  night.
A.  1'    Levesque,  tbe genial  propri ',
■   Union hotel, ret urned In il
om a   six     weeks trip   t" i
Hull, Q a bee, I
Ed   Trimble, road    superintendent,'
.    ■ i tor \ n 'ni in to '
It   nvenl Ion cl  Road  Sii|i-
HOMr-MADE JAM    in piiil-tnul i|Uiirls, ■ u *■*     I'hi.i
.iliM'llllrlv   pure .miiI mi 11 pal up,
SYRUPS    I'aii* M i pii* .-Mii' hi lii.iili*- rn* cans, whicli wi  k u.
iur.ee in be llic I"  I,
MacKenzie Avenue
FOR R15ST Seven room bouse with
all modern Improvement, on Pour
ih Btreet, Rent, J2s.nn pcr month,
Seven room house wltb bath on
sixth Btreet.—Rent, $80.00 a montb
Seven room bouse wltb hath, on
Sixth Btreet.- item . (30.00 a montb
Mothers, bring year children to
i.ln- stm thoatro to bob tho Passion
Play.   Tiny  will  novel   lorgel   It,
The music ai Him Stm thoatro la tbc
host pii'i  mIhih   iiiii.hm 1"     Rovcl
Btolto.   Watch for thc big iioalors al
i in- Star.
Howson mnl Oompaii)  roiiuosl    bbe
.ailii'.i tn look ovei  theli 'took      ol
collapsible  Uo carta  belore  |)ur<* is
Seo our display ol muttrcsBOS and
bedding, Ono third ol your lllo Is
spent in bed, why nol Bpend it In
comlorl on ono of Howson'a iidi mat
II.      :*■■.
The pleturea nl the Pn inlon Play at
iho stm* theatre i Ighl and toraor -
row iiirlit. are tho mnsl perfect iiim
production nt tho groateal ilrnmatlsn
Hon nf tho life nnd mlrnclea ol Ohrist
The   lllaliaui'llli'iil   ol   tho  Star   Hum
iiv hnvo gone to greal oxponso     In
icuring the I'm.. Ion Piny pictures for
this city and   i  la hoped every cln
eli goer In  Rovelstoke will  make      it
■in oftoi'  to Bee iiiiui*
Vou will bo Borry il yon lei tb •
fustic Square ISntertnlncra go by
without se. lug ihi'tu. n the prosa ro
ports from Nelson gives thom gno il
Knit sai.10   iv.-i-s for hatching, from
pmc bred tt hlto Loghom hens, nnJ
i'., a  l k«,   Mj   breeder* nro    nil
from prise winners. Hona Kggs nt
11.2*5 a Betting, M.R0 a IOP. Iim-k
I <l.7'i per setting.     Applj   H
F. Somen 111 •. Qrnndvlow Poulti y
Farm,  Malakwa  B. O,
m      n
'i 1) ,i Ui*,,  ';*,'! , •• '    _i
y^% x#mp®^|i| fivk
■*■■     ^. $   ^W mk     an
' .ol
To Start Chicken Ranch
;    A. N. Stephens ol tbe Bwifl     Co., Tho  PnsBlon  Plnj   la the onlj   foiu
Do •   R.M.R.  Dunce    lu   Is paying Revelstoke a vUlt   In    the reel  subject  ever  exhibited  In      this
ill on Prida;   evening Feb  Interests  ol  tbe fertilizing     depart city.
i.y Revelstoke I'.t.i Hand  menl of bis Company, _ 	
■    • good t me      is
Mr. K   3. Poley ol the *i    B. Wai
■ ■•I  Realty Co., spenl  n lew days in
i;    H   *'■-      lefl   lasl   Sal  i laj    (oi   Kamloops this woek oi
cyon lint Bprings.Mra  "s Arm,
. -     -ii Icyon  tbe mid : Before    v'"'    ",""
•    s week and will return wltb I    °r. Jells, an     old-tii .„*,    r„,; ,llimn,
her husband  this  week  end.
Dr.   Jells,   aa       old l  I
'..... Is In tow a ai tending the I *
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ''niiici'   I.'-.1 II*
■rl, •    ,• ,,; the  Royal      prominent Oi ingemai
I    II    Ti >l
on   iccounl      ' '     '   ,,,.,,
ir  tin*  Swift   i ■   B
,     iled bj
rrive  .a  town    th..
■ els,hi  nn   nis  way   I"  the
' |! M (I M     ..
Ml I,   A.   d     .Mi-Ilnii.'ll   IS    il
a   day    m ■
,     ' ,     ,,   i paying   a visit  to I Mr
'    "cell-   II' ,   ,, ,,      , ,      ,.
Mnl   Mi -.11      K ;*;*    *
i   ,'...,r;
i    Charles    Lawrence    '      ■* in
>'   *  :"   ::' " ■' :      ' '    :"   '■'■'■"'■   formerly ol  Revelsti promm-
■  '  * gate   •-   tbe Grand
■•    ■ • ■  -   i * i  t *m    i. .   . ...     .   here
-    the il   l-Hera
•: i
  lAt  tbe  Kpwnrtli   I.
I'hurnday .it   • p in     In  I mm  M  '
I '
B. K. Hoole; . ,,t ,,t   'Church  I
■f    Tuesday lor     I
J' V '     -.   -
iter Pal Vt I
of  V.cl •       - * * -    - *
•    , -       • ■' ■■  II.   key le     Ir.  Ralph Lawrence, anm
oncei •   *■•' uld  I
* M ■' *   on Tues
■ii.    -.
• *   .   m -:■   ■ * ■
.  •      * -       ■.*..,*
•ch  Uetoa will  i* the feature    ..(     w   •    r In the sale ol
Two Rovelstoke energetic young
men. I-'. '1, Woodland ol Uowa Jewel-
iv tore an I Kni l McLean, a membei
of the Molsons Hank si.ill. have decided to i in > i ii in the chucken ranch
*  aide line.   They     have
 - ol  land   i.l
ted on Un' lull side on Mr.
McLean's property and will build e»
I chicken     walks.
Tbej intend '*    pi i Inline In Pnrtrldg •
and     Brown   !.■
I.     V.       .,      J'MI     ,*  *
mi.I will get ion "u-irs trom n nsl
*. ■
i tei     Tl
meantime    as usual.
• noon
in i
ttings ol  tlmr
rar  B •■ rs.
Howson di t'n.'H ii.'iii.', are always
plOuBOd   In show   ynii   their   Ktin'k     ul
linuse furnishings whether you chooBa
to  huy  ni* not.
Hu: reduotlou in men's rubbers,  In
■ Indini: Biing  proof,  laced  or  buckle,
.md   also  nVeiahni'M,  at   Mi'lul yre'H.
Only a certain quant lty ol Bnntl Ico
i .uilnhle. Customcre ordering now
ian he assured ol regular supply, --
t'umming's Transfer  Company.
Mrs, l loUBOwifc Stop i le.*.mm: old
smoky lump chimneys send for ono ol
n ir new 06 . .'ii*lli' power while light
! iiiiui ;; inl 11..* Coupon out in mn
big ad in tIns paper today. National
Lighl  i'n.
We nre rn ••iei Ing our Btock ol Band
i.'e iiniv mul me taking orders lor
summer delivery. Cummlngs Transfer Company.
MUSIC Miss Johnson, pupil nl A.
Miller, P.R.A.M., London, Is prepar
id to take ii limited numlier ol pap
.is fnr tuition in miisie. Por terms
apply at the residence ol .1. i\.
Johnson, Oral li ie wist ol tho bos-
Intnl.   Pirst  street.
L. ITonyit la now open lor business
n thc Brown Block, tbe local Ion formerly occupied by McKinnon's pool
i Mim ou  Firs!   Btroet,   Here  will   bo
.md  a  hist class light  lunch  counl
cr mnl commodious tea room, wblcb
Is known as the "Savoy."     \    fr.'sb
■upply ol all kiinlM (,f candy k.-t i on
hand,   which is   made ri::;it nn   thej
premises,   Olvo us a call.
You will use or rent that new building
you are going to put up.
If you use it you don't want to be bothered with bum locks and hinges.
If you rent it you don't want to be annoyed by repairing it often.
Buy your Builders' Hardware from us
and save yourself lots of trouble, and know
that our prices will be BEST.
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd.
Howson Block
The Johnston Truss Co., of Vancouver, invite your .u-
tenlion io tlie new Johnston Mecli inical Rupture appliance
they are manufacturing. This appliance is the invention nf
Mr. J. A. Johnston, i>l Vancouver, who for lhc past three
years has been perfecting it until now ii is thc mosl complete
rupture truss ever made. To compare it uiih any other rupture truss i.s impossible. It meets with thc approval of thc
medical profession, and every ruptured person who has seen
it. Thc testimonials from those wearing ii are .ill thai could
be desired, li is made in a variety of sizes for men, women
and children, and besides permits of twenty adjustments. Up
to the present time most of those who arc wearing tins appliance arc cases of long standing, yet in every instance immediate and continued relief has been the result,
The Johnston Truss Co,, whose address is 594 Richards
Street, Vancouver, lias, iu addition to iis workshop, two
properly equipped fitting rooms where (ill patients have tlie
personal attention of Mr. Johnston himself. Call or write for
booklet containing full instructions for self-measurement, ,14i\ -
ing us at the same lime any particulars of your case you care
to, .iiui vve will send vou the information you require.
1    ■
Buy There fer Sure Profits
■m-^tiiu-    rw»b»t    -
K    'a    I.,, -.?,  Ml
I>    I
.1    ili
$!0 10 $20   {
SpftJal 3A Folding  Brownii*
Post Card Damera    -   $12
2A Folding Brownie     -      $7
Eastman Films
\ 1 sto .1111!
• . .' 1 jic-r-
AH at List Pricrs
K-   '|l Orderlies     -     -    25r.
1 In*       1   wi- can
Rexall Beef, Winn   nd Iron $1
I \ -|ii'inlii!
md '
Best Sanaparilla     -   $1.00
Wi  i im* * I..ml 11 Iiii ■! Hi
|,n |i ration  foi   I     >eai
.'iini ..*•   1 r* : *:■ 'I  In
I IIIIIIIII llll   il    I    II    1.1 111
tonii      I"" I'" '  .1 s-l
[n all kinds
• •
,.'"   of ail kinda and al .ill pi
FIRS!  si REI 1
■WWW—i—MB -MMI ■" -—MM ——————
Lotiv. on   the   2 1-2   Mile   Circle   Well   Located in Crescent View
TERMS:   One - Fifth  Down, the Balance
Extending Over IS Months
Let Us Make Your Money Orow
E. O. POLEY. M.anagor, MacKenzie Avenuo


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