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The Mail Herald 1906-04-14

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Bews Drug Store j
i Bews Drug Store
Vol. 12.-No. 67
REVELSTOKE. B, C. Ai'llll. II. I90(i
$2.50 Per Year
Fur n dainty finish tn your Luncheon ur Tea yuu need suiiki
uf Ihoso Luvily Biscuits:— Miiciirnons, Fig Bur, Knsphcrry
Bur, Wheal Menl, Pretzil's Assorted Ices, Rending Crackers,
Wnlliul Gems, Mcccn Wafers, Percelliiis, O'Buros, Cheese
Wafers, etc. We have an immense showing A lnokilt tlll'lll
will (lu vou boi d,
Men's New Spring Hats. Soft. Hard
and Novelty Hats.
We haven Hat i,,r you. If yuu will only come in and lei u*show
yuu some ol tho New Stylos we cun oasil) settle llio Spring Hat qties-
tion fury,,u.   Never showed n Lager range
Box CaSf Shoes
rcci gnized  In day a*   being
Un- 1,1,-al Leather I'm- SI s,
Tan I   h)   ilo-   Ci-iniie pin-
l',-.**. eliNiriiig I lm skin in,in
nil inipuril ie*. milking* il sun-
Itin-y and swenl piunl'iinil Ihe
n nsl iiairr resisting oi all
ol her leallmi-.s uiiilitiliicliircd.
f\ r\ ti n tt a iiun,, i    St, Avniimv'a—St. Andrew's church
COMPANION!.—" - " -^	
Sunday ln*i whon n  largo i gregu-
,     , , , ,,    _ linn, inini- iiniii hall nl   wl    wi re
Jealousy and Insanity Respon- , „ „ ,..„„,,,,.,, „, ,,„„. 1M,
Sillle for   SllOOtilig   TratJClly   Mr. Culdor's sett i un "Tin. Princess
.  .., .    i . Fun's iiniii.''   Mr. Caltl.     luted
at Weaskiwin. ,.,   ,-,,,,
■ lid mil wish hi- hearers lu inisrnnsl	
WictasMwin, April 12—.loulniisy i- aitything he might suv mi lhii    cctn
inppnsed In hi lln -. f  Ihe  rusl ml repeal, us hud  been  ,1 ■ nl
aol  ul   Etl.iiird  Prnck, wlm, willmul  nther linit-s, things which would make
warning drew  n revolver  und   rulh-  it appeal Ihal In-had  made n   tirade
lessly sliut di.w   ny in the against  the Hoiiian Cuthulic   Faith
streets ul W'l-tai-kiwin  Miinday oven-   lie wished those hofore him to under
,ing.   Sharkey, the unfnrliiuule victim stand Hint ho bad  un  [null   tn lind
, i-i iln io-, | .i--:-.:i mul jealousy of wilh I lie Faith, as il was the polity nl
this tin ngi-rotis Iiiiiii lie, had mice been  the II,, man Church which wiisnl In ull
n hunrder in the liouse uf  liruck, wliu     He lead Oath taken hy tho Princess
wns a middle-ugoil in.iu with n yuiing  Enn  and  c pared   thai  with   Hie
iln-  English   (
and attractive wife,
The usual sui'did story , I jeuluiisy
and nnlmppiiicss wa- the result, onl-
iniiinling in the terrible tragedy ul
Monday evening. As liruck und his
wife wero milking their way to the
Salvation Army service, wilh the murdered iiian in their cu-iiniiny, liruck
tippiirently withoul any winning drew
n revolver oul of his pocket und emptied three shots into the i r joutig
fellow, who must have died almost
instantaneously, one ul the bullets
entering his head, another his breast,
nnd Hie last one the leg,
The murder tuok place on the main
street ol Wt-taskiwin. righl alongside
Ihe in-w block uf the Merchants' Dunk
nf Canada,
On every   pull-   ,-f    Sluler
Slines vou will liiul n lag sueh
Gathering of Stockholders.
The was quite a gathering ul shareholders in tii" Prince Mining and
| Development Company lo-dny, to
attend the adjourned annual meeting,
! Among those visiting the city are:
Jerry Culbertson of Kansas City, Dr.
Smith of St. Louis, A. M, Smith ol
Spokane, A. Lning of Pendleton, Ore.
The meeting will be held at 8 p.m. to-
nighl and there will he a Int of shares
Supt. Rumens is also in Own (ni
the meeting.    He brings the gratifying report that during the winter ho
has extended the north drifi from No
j 5 tunnel and thai it is all in ore with
Ihe exception of a  pinching of the
louse which is usual ill   Ibis  clnsa of
ore-bodies,   More ore than ever before
Now thai bright spring days mc mining in, fn he fnllinvod hy tho hcni   tins been proved up on   the proper!).
nf suniiuei- you wanl lu keep your sliu-cs and houses conl mul ciiiuforfiihlc,
The Best Way In tin tin* i* lu *,-,-iu-e awnings fin yimr windows, uu '
older tli.'iu frum
clause in the English Ouronatiui
Hulli, which cniinonl Human Catho
lies wore trying to hnvo removed, II,
- 0,1,-1 of the two, thai taken by I north" yesterday
King Edward's Carnage Collides  with Peasant Cart
Mount Rainier in Eruption
Sun Shines above Vesuvius §
111 il.1.1 UHAI'll
I uxiiu.v, April 11.-—Th,- carriage in
which wi-i,- King Edward nnd lho
I'm-, ii. collided willi n carl in which
w, it ,, number oi drunken pen*.ml-,
suys n despatch from Curftt. Several
peasants were injured.
Foiit Wit.I.IIM,   Hill ,   April   11 —
Groceries, Hardware, McClary's Stoves, Etc.
Onion Sets, Flower Seeds,  Farm & Garden  Seeda,
Garden Tools.   A Large Assortment.
Hollywood   and   Sherwin   Williams'   Paints,   Oila,
Varnish, Turps, Alabastinc, Muralo, Etc.
Our Stock  ot Groceries,  Fruits   and   Vegetables,
is always Fresh.
BOURNS  BROS.      Mackenzie Avenue
Real Estate for Sale.
C. B. Hume & Co., Lid
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
L.   A.  FRETZ,
First Street.
For nil kind*,,! up-liwhite and reliable I'uinitur
and lion,*,' furnishings go I,,
Fire at C P, R. Oil House.
I I Knnn ,,tir ,,|,tic,,rr,-'-l„,i,,l,'lit.
<■ . Shortly before 1 o'clock Monday
) a lire broke out in the 0 P. II. store-
J  h ,.i-,-. which -  'od ni ur thc round
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers 5  7 '
_>w.   Mvnovu mi  w.« -> tit*. .ai.K--»i/i _   l\ina\.   hl,,  „.   burning  oil,  which
'/vVvWtV.'vvwWi'AV.' dropped frnin the torch ol one ,-i Ihe
men, as be  went through the Btore-
Q-O<>O<>-0-O-0**0*OO--0^0-<M>-^^ ' >'-'    ■' -'" tllis i'1"' the "'• is
kept so that  there was cnnsidorable
A     kept so that  there wns consider
J.     A.     DAVIDbON, X    ^V'"boyond  control almost
' Y    mediately.   The  hose   were  oul
Merchant Tailor,
(Lath »f Ciiicaiki)
hits opened ii|i one ol the must beautiful stocks ol
Clothing Materials ever brought into Kevelstoke,
comprising Tweeds, Worsteds, 'J,rou.siiriiigs,
Fancy Vestings, the Newest Novelties in pattern
and design, and having large experience in
cutting ,uui manufacturing, he is prepared to do
the finest and latest classes ol work nl ilu must
moderate prices,
Work Guaranteed
L Prices Right
K>0<WOO<><KH>(KH>(KW<>(>00<K>c5        - i '-
time to save the wood pi!,- and
i-,o,l sheds, but little could bo dune
I 1 save the stnrclionse,   Tho building
II I c nti nts were completely destroy-
e!. The loss would probably he in
tho neighbnrh I of $5,000.
Hurry Pn • :.- who La* boon I u- n
,- itiplo ,-i yi i:-  uu   of ii„   litters in
lor round I -•  I,.,- gi in lu Film,,n-
■ ti, Hi- fninily will follow him
- mrlly,
Alox. McDonnld has nisi, umn to
Edimintnn tu look fur a position,
On   Wednesday   evening   quite  a
n hi i- nf the young pooplo ol Field
went to  l.iggaii to  attend   a  dance.
vi n in the in w school that is jusl
Mi*, (i, Vanderburgh, ol the I-'. W,
Jordan Co's stnll', is Inking a vacation.
0 A. Shook, sawyer nf thc V, C L.
Co., has Ictl tu ncoopl a position ,1
Abeiilooit, Wash,
I'l.e Toronii, branch ul ib mu
tin- Princess Bun was far moro objectionable, ami though the Roman
Church wished to have Hit- clause  in
tho English Curoiiiilion Outh re vod,
il m.nli- tin- taking of tlii- other Oath
by the Princess Enn compulsory, in
unlet- thai slip mighl marry one ol the
Spanish II lynlty. Tliis, he pointed
out, na* very unfair and showed Dial
ulth -ugh lln- Roman church was asking fnr cuncossiuns, it did nol menu to
mnko any itself.
The exact wording of lln- Oath
I ikon by the Princess Enn, in order to
gain n crown, is as follows:
"L recognising as true the Catholic
ul ap istolio faith, do here publicly
tinatliematise every heresy, especially
thai lo which hitherto I hnve had the
misfortune to belong. I agree with
lu Huly Cuthulic church, and prule-s
with mouth and heart my belief ill
i a- npiistolic See, and my adhesiun to
Unit Faith which the Holy Unman
church, liy evangelic nnd apostolic
,. it),,>rity. delivers to lie hold. Swuir-
i ig this by the snored ITnmooii-iiin,
or trinity ul thu same substance, and
by llio holy gospels of Christ, I do
pronounce those wnrthy ol eternal
anathema who oppusu this Initli with
their dogmas and their Inlluwers and
should I mysell nl any timo presume
I-, approve or proclaim anything con
Iriry thereto, 1 will subject mysell In
tlio severity of the ciinoii law. So help
in.- (i, d. and Ihoso His Holy (luspols "
lie said, when nne remembers this
Princess's mother wns beside hor at
the time Ihia Oath was tnken, and
iii .1 a daughter was swearing thai her
io.,ther wa* worthy nf eternal anathema for having the misfortune tn
In lung lo n different faith, the real
- iduess nf this spectacle would bo
lie said every person could cl so
hi- or her laith, bul no religious body
of whatever denomination should be
allowed to Inmper with tlio Govern-
nil-ill ni a country. A church's duty
was not with things temporal bill
,.il iii- spiritual.
Sunday, April 15th, II a, in. " I'he
Powers ol Christ," 7.80 p.m. "Christ's
Witnes- uf Himself."
Knox—Rev. J. II. Robertson, B. D.,
pnatcr. The services on Sunday will
l„> in harmony with the Enslorn
se sun, Morning subjecl: ,'Tlu- Son
of Man Olorillod," Evening subjecl
•The Prrsonl Resurrection Life."
Sunday scluml al 2.110 p.m. Prnyor
i,i,,ting "ii Wodtttsday, ovoning al ■">
o'clock. A cordial wolcumi In all
Ml . iitinisi—Services iippi'nprialo In
Easier, W 11, it special Easier
nddri -- will I"- given  lu  the  Sunday
..,-1 1   .-.-(...'iii.-.    Anthem—"Awake ib- Slt'i'pcsl"- Muter, Anthum
—"Hud Sn Loved Tho World"—Stein-
er. T.ilu p.m. Btibjcct,"The Fuel uud
Results   nf   Cluist's   Resiirroctiun."
Aiilhem—"AwakoTI lliiitSlcopcsl.'i
—.\iater. Siiln—"Avo Maria"—-Mra,
Bows,    with   cell,,  nhligiito  hy  Mr.
$2350.   Flue 2 slur) dwelling on McKenzie Avenue, musl bo sold this week
The llrsl mil simp of the scusun.
Prinoo Artliut  of Connniighl was ,-n-:$300o.   New 2 slury dwelling, * rooms, stone foundation, every inudorn
tei'tnincd  by  the "Chicago  of   ihoi
$3000.   For 2 -oi) dwelling, nil modern improvements, gund lawn, shade
trees, fencing, stabling,etc,, Secnud S I.
Austin, Texas, April H.—A tornado $28oo.   New 2 story dwelling, nil inude (inveniences including furnace.
,   , ,,    ,      , ,   , ,, • c Lnluml ,-i hull', fencing, Sec I .Street.
wrecked the hamlet ul Briggs.   Scores
  '$-26oo.   Sim.■ a* ih,< l.i-i menl il, but no furnace
nl people were lnjuicil, ol whom many
$2350.   I-in- 2 slury Inm n Second Street, all conveniences.   This is a
g I buy.
may die.   Many buildings were swept
ll,on llieir fniinilalions.
$85o.   Five- o ('ullage, 50 foul cni-noi lot. wood shed, fencing, etc,
$55o.   ii mnm Collage un Eighth Street, 50 foot lot,
We have to,,nei-1,, I,,.iu ,,n any of the above properties and good terms
\\o ropi'i'senl tlm Revelsloke Lund Company, having for sale residential
loi* in tho best pari nl the City, Lots can be purchased on easy terms of
payment, monthly, ipiiit-tei-ly, or semi-annually,
Boots & Shoes. Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
Hustings.    Anthem—"Thc Palms"—
To a ini-eliiig Sunday al I p, in.,  ill ( |.-.|m.(.
tin    Railroad   V. M. C. A,   Secretary      ,     „       ,     u ,      ,.    ,
'      St.   Pl-'Tlili s,—Services   (ur   ( I
Cuuk will  speak, and  there  will  be |
un good music, too
Friday wore   hold  yostorday  in  Si.
Peter's  church  and    were    largely
Catholic.—Rov. Father (liioiitlior.
From uui- Own Corrr iiionihinl,
Mr. nnd   Mrs,   F, W. Jordan and
fninily spent Ibe  Easter  holidays nl
their ranch ul Edgoweod,
The WUl'k trail! and crew have been
transferred to Rusoborry.
A mooting is called fur Ibe purpose
ut nrgaiiisiug a leiiliis club.
'   I', S. Thuninsis spcinliiimi lew tl.iy.- nl lb,-„pplii',iti,iii of liritish r,,|ii, ,   -   ven     resplendent   with    seasonable
in town, I lumbermen  i,,   tho  Railway   i        -     '     I special Icalurc ol Mr. Mc-     Another shipment   ol our  speoial
Mis. Win, lloith has arrived hunio mis , regarding   Iroighl   rat" beautiful   Mucha nnd Jnviicon'oo, 50o. porlb,, at
frum New Denver, 11 her.
Tin- stun - hnve nice Ensterdisplays.
Tin Canada Drug. W, Bews and  Red
Ci   » Drug Co. art showing a splendid of Spokano, who has I i niliicling
sh  k of Kastor gifts.   The windows nl missioiiury  sorvices    morning    and
iaeliir, i.*' association lias decided lu  i.   , v y, llv.. |- |i Hume id  Co.'.- ovoning during the week will oloso his
„;„„ ,..,,„,            ,,!,,,'.                              i missiun    to-morrow.    The   services
""'  " ''"'•''""" " "" '" ""I'I  :!  ■'■ MeLenn,.., k lryg I- stores, |mvo ,iiv .^ al|„ (|
Miii.ii. .. . [carnatiuns and (ems, c. |j, Hume k Cu,
Xi.w Voiik, April I L—Gorky culls
Oapoil a fakir and says he lieirayed
the cause ol Russian liberty.
St, Pktkrsiiuiw, April 11 — ll is
reported that Minister of Interior Duron'.,, has been dismissed and thnl his
brother-in-law, Minister nl .lustice
Akniyou" will resign.
Sk.uti.!.. April 11 —A North Yakima despatch says thai Mount Rainier
hns been eniiting lire and cinders For
Ibrci days inml,lings have been distinctly I i-.i'il. nud sulphiii'ous smoke
hiings over crater,
X.U'l.iiS, April 1-L— Fin the lirst
time since Tuesday the sun is shining
above Mo,ml Vesuvius and fall of
a*h,M has nlninsl censed.
Lr.TlllllllliUK, April 11—Liberals
have eaiiieil the provincial hy-elootion
here, Sinimons having a majority of
87 ovor Sherman, labor, and 155 uver
Keller, cntiservul ive.
Wasiiixotun, April I L— President
Castro's temporary retirement from
he,id it( Venezuelan government is believed I,,hive it,, political significance.,
Citstl'o needs a rest.
Savannah, lla., April 11,—Greene
and Guyiior have each been sentenced ,
, tib.        Hi.iI'i- sold ,\ .il ,1,1,. in nil  parts uf C'niiada,
lo i year* in  jail  and to pay n fine    j«   Eiimpc,   Special iilteiilinii given lo Collections.
ol $»7iilll74,  tho  , ion!   ilny oni-    <g!
I-. /./I. .1.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Hruuclioa in tin. I'n.i-iuro-,,( Manitoba. Alberta, SaskaKhowau,
llrlllsli I'.,In,nl,in. Uiilari... (jnel.w-
Capital Subscribed -        -        ■        $4,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....    $3,900,000.00
3 Reserve Fund ....        $3,9oo,ooo.oo
IJ. II. W'ti.Mi:, I'rcsiili-ni ; II,,.v. R. Jaffkay, Vice-Pi-esident.
1     A General Banking Business Transacted.
Si smim,* Dki' Deposits 1 ecoived and Inteiosl allowed
I© nl highcsl ,011,-ni rale from diite ol iipouing iiccount, and com-
^j pniuideil half-yearly,
I'nili'd Suites and
H Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Till: LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO, have just  opened  up
1 trloads ,,i Paints, Oils, .11
111,'lil to any on,- d,-.,l,-i  in 11. I
I House Paints in 41 Different Shades f
9      agate WALL FINISH a cold water Kalsnml which gave O
iii, .i pi-epoi-atlun similar lu .1 ip-a lac, for j •.
I • ell*-, I mill mu scratch white) made in
Tin it ii
J£3 0
Awful Story of Destruction,    -f^^^^-^-^-^-^-^-l^^-^i^^
oulhipsed.    The sand and cindets are    9   4,'f
six foot thick an.i all the inhabitants fp                                                                                                     ii
havosuughl safety in lllg nusos I       Tl11' [""""™K II IRDWAHK CO. have jusl  opened up "
.,i Ottajni -e still cu ing. and i   & '""' "l""1 •'""-• oils' '""l VVhil" '"''"I-  the largesl ship-   'r
must ol tin- buildings in towns aud    A ""'"' '" :'">  I"'1"1 '" l!- ''■ j.
villages in liun neiglihorl d are tot
toriiig nr arc in ruins.
Su ividespn id .-   tin   cataslrophi
that il  i- ostiniiiteil il will require an . ,.
urgauized hud)  uf 100,  men and *
lite   e\p in III, lie   ul   III III)' llll,lion* of
dollar.* to ia/e I -,-.-• made no*.iie fur
onI'll.umn   bj   in,-   ,. initiation  ol
.il,, ■  null cinder    the runfs, en-el
tempnrary Inil* ul refuge for lho
iiinn.*,md* wliu havo lii'ou nbligud tu
IICO 11..Ill llieir   hollies, cli-n,-   Ihe i',„,|'.
,,( buildings iii,ti yi t hi tvod
, ".in,-, it, (ruin iln- iuin- nl la I lell
-mo,-line* mi,I bury llio dead.
\ im i t, April  ID.—Fr  till qiinr-
tors em,ie   rep,,rl.-   Ilia!   Uu- siliialion
ha* Inn.lie.I. Lot nsllt'sfl an Mnllllt
VcstlvillB are (ailing every where.
Houses are culhtpsing mul burying
their .,.-.- ii |... nl j, ilii*] mails ne,ii tin
volcano arc uu suunor uponed tlinn
thoy arc rinsed again by fulling cinders.
All thu Ihe.iti'i'S, cafe* and places ol
aniiisi'iiii'iil have been olusod. Before
all Ihe sa.-red images 111 the Streets
candles are kepi burning while smaller images nre Oiiri'lod ill lho streets,
uud iu iiiiiny oasos -ei down in the
open air siiiioiindeil by candle*.
Gordon & Ironside's Iiinn and llacon
just   in, as g I as money can buy, at
C. II. Iluinc iS Co,
9   such Mil.I.,, In,li 1,1*1  Ve.u
T BAPLAC \ iiiii-hsi.i
*   '"'."Win.
9 Mill Hi,1,1- I'm op'li   ,,ll,-li,|,-d tu. IMI.  BOX lSl.i~~a
lt,,-,,r|.,r ,0-1 b|  V-l ,,( l',ir.i.iui„.,t, IIM,
HKAI) omci'j, - - MONTREAL.
IV>I. Miiwu.n Mai i'iii-:ii-,,s-. Pros, s. II. EW1N8, Viee-Pr.-s.
Jamks Elliot, General .Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way ol hanking business tmnsacted without un<
in i e*-,iiy delay,
Itileresl credited twice a year al current rate* un Savings Bank
IV, II. PRATT, Manager,
Cbe flbatl-lKtalb. jhe Money Saving
Work Saying Soap
lneloling postage lo Knglnml, I'tilted Stales
uiul Canada.
Ry llie yoar [ihrougt. postofllee]     ■ $&50
Half      '• *•     l.Ai
ymuter "       " " LOO
Legal notices lo cents per lioe flrsl Insertion,
5 cenu per line each sub-rtqucnl Insertion.
Measurements Nonparlol [12 lines make one
Inch}. Store ind gi m i il bustiies* mi
: , mi nu ■?. '•' ; er Inch per monlh.
Prefftrred positions, 25 per ccnl, nd-
dlliiMl. Iflrths, Marriage*! and Deaths
'•I • ich ln*orllon. All adverlt-einunl.-
■"■■■', i, provalol the maongeiiu'iiL
Wanted ind Condensed Advert \*\ im iil>
Agcnu Wanted, Help Wanted, Kltunlluin-
u .: ti ; Situations Vacant, 1 v h liei -
Wanted, Mechanic* Wanted i■■ words or
;■ -■_'.,■ i : ,i; litionul line lu cent*.
i liangw In standing odverlYemeni■■ mu-t
!-■ in bj B a. in. 'I ui--cU> nnd Krldnj ol
ad- f. week to secure good dl-play,
J jH ! HINTING ptmiptljr executed al ronr-ton-
Rtile rale-.
rERUS  Cash,   Subscriptions payable In adj
OUHESPONDENCE Invited on matters of
public interest. L'oimniinicn'.ion-. i" Keillor must In.' accompanied by immo oi
writer, not nocewirllj for publication, but
tut evidence nf good fail ti, i lorrwpondciicc
>hould be brief.
McKroalc Avi-nui-.
Omens: lMi-t.iti.ii.  Ham,  Hlock,  Ukvki.
BTOKa, 11. c.
Money to loan.
(Mice.-: Kevelstoke, II. C.t Kurt Stcelo, II. C,
lino. S. McCabtek,
Revelsloke, 11. C.
.1. A. llAIIVKV.
Fori Stoolo II. ('.
J. M.Scoli 1.1. Ii. W, I. Ill-ins'-.
H 1(RI*teks, Sut icrrniis, Etc.
Money tu Loan
Solicitors Kim Mm.siiNs Hank
First Street. Revelstoke, Il.C.
Mining Engineer,
IMcm. American Institute Mining Engltn ers|
I'attnilinn Mining Institute.!
Revelstoke, B. c.
Examination of ami ri-jion* on Mini-nil Properties a Specialty.
Agent (or Canadian Melnl ('„in|,nny, buyers
o( zinc anil ailvcr-lcftd ores,
Hinc and silver-lend mini- piirclms    oroiier-
ated under lease and bond
financial A.«.«i-tnnit' given owners in„l   lin-
peciors lo operato and develop
approved properties.
Cbe fltaiMbcralb
' I wo-M . . . c-ariu-slly ndvise tlii-tn for
their good to onlr-r this paper to be puncttiully
rerved up, and U) bo looked tipnii n* a part of
the tea equipage."—Auuison.
SATURDAY, APRIL 1-1, 100(1
Thai'- Itoynl Crown kind—
mado in Vancouver—Largest
Sutip Factory west of Winni
peg. House cleaning and
washii.g.iree.isy with il.*h.-'p
And tin- niuiicy saving is llie
Premium System
lltioklol lella whal we give tori
Assurance Co. of Canada
36th Annual Statement for the Year 1005.
1,  .    i ,,. n- .,      i eii*	
Ruval Grown Wrappers. Send  ,,,,..,,.., :,„.| ,,.,,ls .
Iur   it-Frec-Alsu  try  tho\\>m[\u tnm m\c „f ,,,,-
Soap. ;   estate	
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C
Ili-ln-illllli'* .mil lloltils..
l.nilll* till l',.liiies	
Premium obligations .,,
Heal Estate  	
Cash iu hunks	
Cash al head nlliee    ...
Uui' and deferred proud
Illturi'sl   and   lent-   iln
uud accrued	
lln- province, and cannot fail tu
return, wilh their large earning
capacity, hig profits to the slock-
holders, ami il i- nn wonder liiul
tho stuck is advancing in value.
The l,o II..i Two, which paid four
.-hillings it shtiru in dividends Insl
year. Cil ii not fail lo pay ii considerably larger sum tu ii* shareholders
during lln- pii-i'iii vcar. Tho la-
Iini, owing lo recent discoveries,
i* also another properly thai is
certain to liuvu u lung anil p ro li t-
nlile career boforo il.
The outlook generally for the
niiiiing industry in tho province is
certainly alluring, und the presont
your promises to ho n pivotal one
in the province, as il will murk the
beginning of a new and enlarged
prosperity for those engaged in it.
Then- hns been n qtiiul period, hut
the clouds lmvo cleared away nnd
the sun of prosperity is ugniii shining brightly for mining.   Nowhere
is   the  situation   better   lhnn   inl'ho exception uf $05.(K)U written in Newfoundland the new business wns a
wi-ilton wllhln lho Dominion of Ciniadii.    The total amount of assurance In
517,31111 15
1117,51111 Ul
1,ILS 32
ll,itl,518 III
2(Fi,5IIH SU
215,11)1 sn
28,sill nu
511,2X1 us
257,'(.')ll 117
1,11'ID 2:j
272,121 us
177,1112 115
$11,21111,11112 IS.
Death claims * 2111,1121 lu
Miilui-ed endow tils.... 1511,15(1 IHI
Purchased policies  01.188 lis
Surplus  87,1128 85
Annuities  11,11*. 50
Expense*, luxe*, elf.  1118,11)1 7U
I't ..til uml Luss  1,5111 IS
llalii  1,052,5011 78
$1,1)5(1,518 111
Iti'serve,   I  pur colli, 11'.,
pur cent, und liner conl,$S,2IU.nill 21
Reserve mi lapsed polities
liable to revive ursiit'-
I'under  2, inn ill
Dentil claims luiiidjusteil,     01,08 1
Present   v.iliii-  of   death
claims |i,ivahlo in instill-
meiits,.  '.  :i.-,,li.-|| (III
I'l'L'iiiiiiuispalil iii advance ll,H7S 12
Aniotinl due foi- medical
fees  5,888 .'ill
Accrued rents   Sir. Hit
lll-wlll ledger balances.... 111.221 25
Surplus   ou    Company's
valuation slaiidai'd  052,001 12
$II.2!HI,1)!I2 13
I Giivei'iuueiil Sianilnrd nf Vnlu.-iliun, $1,201,1X15,01).
GAINS IN 11)05.
Ill income	
$ 2111,210 01
In ussi'ls	
1,075,501 70
Audited mul I'liiuid
,1. M, SCULLY, F
C, A.,
In   surplus   (Company's
standard) ...$  170,028 25
In insurance in force  8,720,081 oil
W.-iiei-lon, Feb. I. 11)00,
INSURANCE ACCOUNT  The volume nf new business wus 11(187 pnliclu!
for $11,01-1,57(1, being an inereiiso over 1001 of 185 policies fur $000,108.   Will
force is $4-1,11)9,1)51, under 211,788 pulicios, being an incieuso over 1IHII of
INCOME  The Inini Income for the yenr was $1,050,518.01, derived from
pr iiiius, $l„-,l7..-|Uii.|.-i: interest and rents, $107,508,01, and profit from the
salo of real estate, $1,118.52.
PAYMENTS TO POLICYHOLDERS -The payments to policyholders
consisted of death claims, $281,1124.10: matured endowments. $i59,450j purchased policies, $01,108.88; surplus, $87,028,85, nnd annuities, $0,422,50, being a
tutiil of $552,014,10. The dentil claims which fell in during the year amounted
In $2011,211, and lliuugh slightly in excess of those ill the preceding yenr. were
very light and much In-low the expectation.
THE EXPENSES AND TAXES were $.318,401,70, nnd prolll and loss
$1,510.18, making a total nf $,ll|i).!l|. or I7.S per it, of the total income.
ASSETS -The cash assets at the close of tho your were $8,810,058.42, und
,-niisi-leil of  -tgagos, $4,205,533.80; debentures and bonds,  $3,245,401.81);
loans nu policies, $1)88,0711.30; premium nhligutiuns, S2S.Slli.llil: real estute, including, including the head office building, $50,281.08, and cash in bunks uud
nl head ulliee, $2(11,0110.00, Adding tn this tho due nnd defoned premiums
$272,121,118, interests und lenls dm-and accrued $177,312.05, tho total assets
iiuiounl to $0,200,0112.15. li willi hservod that, as in lho past, we stillI continue In iuu'sl our fund* in securities uf i nun-speculative ehui-ncter, nnd that
we held llieni mi our I k* ,tl their net cost.
The inli'iesl on iini- investments has hi on very well mot, ospeoi illy in llie
cily uf Winnipug, where on lunrtgugos amounting tu $745,555 tlio Interest ill
airi'iit-s nl the close ol the year was only $227. In the province of Muni-
loba nml lho Wosl goniTiilly thero is a londcncv to defer payment of instalments nf principal nn ui:ctiunt uf the desire to pui'chiis.i more land. Ah payments Imiii fur inl,-re*' uml principal have, however, been very well met, and
worn quite eipnil in Hint respect to the previnii* year, In Ontnriu and elsewhere the mortgage ,-. Ileetiuns have I n exceptionally good ninl al the close
of the year llii'iv was interest in arroiii' of onl) $111,317, Ihe Inrgosl purl of
which fell do,- in the elusing dnys nf the vein mid lm--in.-.- been paid. The
active dt'iiiiind fur niimi-y during lho year kept our funds well employed ill
good rates of inti'H'sl. Th,- average rate realized ,,n out-funds was 5.1 percent.
Steps Taken to Extradite Him
K. David, „f Columbian Cullege,
New Westminster, whoso interesting
story ol the Persian rug seller. Peter
Elluwalias Rev ,1. A. Duy, D, I)., nnd
other aliases, was recently published,
received a letter fr thnl gentleman
which gave the interesting information that Ellow mid hiswotihy brother
Mir/a Ellow had just landed in Pirsiu
and would be in Orooiniah in the very
near future.
The information has already been
given to the police and the machinery
of tlie law ha* been set in motion ill
order that tlie diingorous pan of fakirs
may be landed behind the prison burs,
The letter wns written irom Tillis, a
nit. in Trans-Caiiciisia, near the Ulack
sea.   Day states in tl.e letter that he   .     ITIE LIABILITIES lere ugnii tod on the same standard as in
formei .   i ni'd Kxperii-nci- lalile with 4 |ior cent, mtoresi for
will  return   to  tins   country    next  i,,. ....; ..      ;,       ,  [. ItKUl    Fnnn that date to January 1, 1008, on tin
August or September, and tin   writer  Institut.   f Acl ritl       .-■   cut, inteu-st, and thereafter on the
, , table v uteri-si.   The i-i'si-ri nipuied upon (his stun-
proceeds tu  apologise  lor  bis   long ,...   .,   __        . „|i(|l| um{mm$m%_
silence. ,».'!.- the i   mpnnv's standard nf reserve,
Chief .Mclulosh is preparing t.   lay   ' *---.. case for 1(101 of HH81.03I.25.
',,.,, ■ .1-1.1- Wn.ll.l  be $1,2011,1X1,1,
the matter before the li |   I    I   rney-
,     ,                                 . .                                                              (..'uuimitti'e has ex iinined all lln- sectiri
general, wl,-*,- aid in bring   g ol ,       , llnlmny-s, k,
offender to justici will be solicited m
S'epsan also being takei l   secur :,lli;T MI,LVIN  pra|,ienl|
the assistance ■ :' the  Pi rs an  .
Head Office        • Waterloo, Ont.
Branch Office   Vancouver, B.C., Wm. J. Twiss, Manager
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt ill-livery uf paieel.-,, baggage,
"lc, to nny purl uf lho Cily.
Any Rind of Transferring
Win"; Chung's newly im
ported stock of Cliincsi
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke ol
useful and ornamental
-s^ Cold Range Lodge, K. of  P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
in li,l,ll,,||"ii*' 11,01 nt s
I'eliiek vl-iiin,: UniiUils are
(irillall)- nrlli-il,
I-I. \V, II. I'AliCT, Cl'.
(I. II  ItltOl'K, li. „( 11. ,1 S
11. A. IIHOWN. til, nl P.
Kootoiinv Lorllir No. 15 A F,rS AM
Tin' roKUlnr mu-oi-
in«- nre lii'lil in tin
j   .MiiMinic     Tuiiljplu.
Tea Rorvloofl
Kiitrsi stock of oaiifllos mul friillfl iii town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
! Flower 1'nin
Umbrolln SUukIh
l.nncili iJiufkola
Smoking JftokotB
Silk (IuikIs
yoTICH IS nXIIKllV OIVEN 111 ,1ns-
ii dnys aftor data tlnloiidtii n|i|il.v 1" ll,"
Han. Clilol Ciimmlwlinisr "I Lnnils nml Works
for pornllsstnn t>, |,nn-tin*,, tin, fnllitwini; das-
i-rii,„,l Int.,is," in th.- Itovolstuka
„r Wnsl Ki„,i„iin,- Distriot:
('niniuntii-ilia.'ll n IHlsl  ellllllnt!  nil tin, Rust
bunk of llm (Juliiinlilii Ilivor, nbout nno-luill
miln nnrtli,,(tit,, inimlli i,( I'nrtins Crnnk, nmi
iiinrki'il "CUt's Small Wn-t Corner Post,"
tlionco onsl Wl clmins; ilinnrnnnrlli sn olinlns;
thonco wosl tm i-linin-, lm ilm -ntnn moro nr ln*s.
tn tin, nn*- bank „l tlml.'oliiinlila Itivnr: tlionoe
(ollowillK llm ninnnilnriiis'* ,,( llm Ciln.nliiu
Itivnr in it Sinitluirly ilirm-liiui l« (lm |llilllt nf
coinnioncoinont, contiiintiiu isn in-rns moro or
Dntod this twoiity-nliitli day at Mnrcli, A.I),,
Ap.4 2m. ('. ,1. RUMENS.
NUIICK is lu-n-l.v i-lv.-ll Unit sivlv ilnv.s after
dlllo 1 illli'llil In il|i|lly I,, llm linn. Ullicl
Cuiinnisalniier nf lnnils ami Works far uenaliwluii
tn limreliaso tlm fullnivliis ,l,-srril,,-,l lamia fur
|.;isti,t-nl |.nr],„s,-s, s.-ttni- liolllg situnli',1 near
(lali'ii.i I1..V, ii,li.,iliili|tL|j,'l9 i'.'U.I, 7HII ,.inl  net,
ilosi'rllii'il asjlnllniva:      cj
-fCnniiu-ni-ins ,.1 [ll.i-|s„ullit', cnrnor|iil l.„l
:...,. tlionco nnrtli In unrtli-vnal cnriior „f l.,,l
•111.',, llii-n,',' ,'ii*l lOclialna, Hi™',' soiltll sn i-lialns
tr. I.,,t 71,41, lllfll.'l-; Ill-si   HI   I'll.lillS   tO   |l..illt "f
T. l.tnuATIi.
l-',-l„-ii.-iiTl-Jti. Illnti. 112 ;i|, 'Js
Remarkable Evidences of Prosperity.
(Rossland Miner.)
That the market  fur shares in
our mining companies is a rising
one i; evident to all. and that then-
is to be another time during which
there will tie a great deal oi both
investment   and   speculation   in
share* is obvious.    Tin- shares of
the Granby   Consolidated   have
made a rapid advance in price.   A
year since ita shares were selling at ,lie'"- ^':'-
15.87, and now thev art  active in »™ngedii is altogei -
Boston and New York al (13.25. '':IV "'*'   "   '    's '
As there are about 1.4 shares Cll"p8dla   ,.nd A       '       i!
of Granby, the advanci  s equal to I "*™    ' t KinCaid &        " llStHCl   '.'"'    Revelstoke, B.C.
about 110,000,000 in the    due   -: ,  ^  , ,    - . 	
the mine,    This .-    i   enormous ,,,,. .,,.,.    t in the letter
appreciation, but it .- I  in li I on «... retn        lugusi     tin
the intrinsic worth - i the: roperties  ..... - -
oi tbe company.   11 • -. .:■ - of the govern
(' me li lated Mining     I *-   Itii : tn present pin
Company, of Canada. .,.-...-:
though  thev   were onlv receni       ''    '    '
issued, have advanced i'r ... t
VIOTICK IS HUliliiiv QIVKN Hint thirty
l\ dnystifli'i- iliiin I inti'iiil tu n|i|ilv In tin-
I'liii'f ('iilillnissiiinin'iif Units and works for a
sjicoinl lii'i'tisi'tn cut and i-in-ry iiivny Llnibor
fruiti llm fulliiwiliK dcsorlbsil luiiils in West
kootonay District:
1   Cm cnclaii nl a prat marked "ll. Illitlt
and P. II. Kirk's smilli ni-si corner -mat," |(laiitwl
illll,III till, i-nrilsiii'sl „f Miiai|liltn I'n-t-k. Ilii-iii-i-
llortll SO ,'liailis. tlit'lu-t' fust SI) ,-liiiins. thenco
smilli stli-liniiis. tlii-n.'t- iti-st sn ,-It.iii.* In |„,inl ,,(
•i.  CtiHiHiencht|, at a ]„,.*t mnrkeil "11. Ithtli
.nnl c. It. Klrk'a a,,iill, easl  -n.-r jinat." plinth.,,!
iihnal ISUll ynnli iioatnf Mnsi|iiltiiCreek,tlienc
north su chains, thence west sn ehahiH, tlienc
smilli sn clmins, Ihence dial sn i-linlns to pnlnl ,,f
Ii,in-.i March 3rd, iihhi.
,'. it. k ii.k.
f'rfO&O I IV    l,lilK.lliiwsllulf,,n,
/    .\\,-'M- ',,;;V Uu liilnl Mondii) ll,
9 ■ --' '-'.-J-"- ■ ,,' ii'1'!onoli  niiiiilh   nl
'It  -'^i    ..J i/j'/l'.ni. Visitinghrolh
■)x~-i^S;Sj£~*11'i' ''i'i.   inirdially   ml
O. ,1. I'IKII'I'N'IKII. S|.;eit|.,l.iliv.    BU
SELKIRK LODCB, NO 13. I. 0. 0. F.
Hull al a o'clock
V inil Ilia 1,0-1 Iio-ii on,
dlally invil.-.l In nl
It., N.ll, .1. MATII1K, Sic
I have Blur ted a poi-itianent Wuud
Yard on Third street, Willi mv pusl
esperienee I hopo lo he in n position
to snlisfy all l-equlli'llllluta uf ciistiun-
er*. Dry curdwuotl kept in stuck ami
supplied in any lengths ni. reduced
prices fur cash.
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders for Heel and Mutton,
Poultry, Fish nnd small goods
will receive prompt attention.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bough.,
Cash Prices Pain
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Richard R. Copeland
Mantles, .Shelving, Sinrin   Duui's, elc
Jolihing Promptly Attended To
Third Street East, llevelslnke
Something Pure
If yii uro looking lor Pun'
Honey we have just opened up
n consignment of   Ontario
ill 1 lb. boxes, or in !> lb. cans
"Guaranteed Pure,"
Our Canned Goods are second
lo mine, and more than lint
wo ''Guarantee every Can."
■   to H4.0,    I." Koi an I i.- It    .
...       Its uf h is
Is  wanted        I
i, ivi ni irly doubled in      -
in a very f-horl linn
may be said of -'.. K igene, whii .
i- now a portion ol the pr -; ■
the Consolidated Miningnnd Smelt-     ,  u  „.,
ing Company, limited.   Numoro - , . . {   . .... . , ., ,, ,,    ,
■;■■--■ -• \m
. on
*      . OFTHE
I  TtA,
renderi ror * Licence to Cui Timber
'in Dominion Lands In thePro-
vinc-c n\ Fjpiiist. f olumbla
thn C
Tenders for a License to Cut Timbor on
Dominion Lands in tho Province
of British Columbia.
QEALKD TENDERS address-oil to tlie Timbor
n nnd Mines Draitch, Doimrtmont of ll
liiltirinr, mul markod oil tho Olivolope "Temior
fur Timber Urrth Nn. H8," will ho rt'coivml at
this Department until noun mi Wodnosdny, tlm
tith day nf Mny. [mm, fnr n licenso to cut
timber on licrth Nn. 478, situntoin tlm Province
of Uritlsh I'liluiiiliia in ubout Township 27.
ltaiiRo2. Wost of tlm tii h Meridian, commencing ntn point en the North Fork of Oarnes
('rook, where the same \~ Intersected bv tlm
Northerly boundary uf Timbor Horlh No, 187,
i.salil berth boiiiff half a mllo doep on the north*
urly side of I'arnosCreokl ihmice up snid North
Fork nf -'iii! CnrnosCrflok llin,ninilp> in iliroct
ilistanco, wilh ii <]«-]>tli of ono miloon Mm mirth
westerly -idi1 thoroof, measured nl rik'lil analos
in thoRenornl bearlnjtnf snid North Fork within tho Imrtli. contiunliiHan nroa of 3square
iir-, more or loss.
The reRulotions under which :i lieensewlll bo
sued, also prlntod forms of tender and onvo-
lopo. may lie obtained nt this Department nr
ni tin' olilco nf llm I'mwti Timbor Agent at
New Wostmiiistor, B. (!.
Each tender must be accompanied by mi
ncceptod chequoon n chnrlori'd bunk in favour
of tlm Deputy nf tho Minister of the tntorlor
for tho amount of tlm Ixmns which tho nppll-
■evini b proparod to pay for a llconse,
Nn louder hy tolottraph will bo ontortaluod.
Department of ilm Interior,
Ottawa, March 20th, MM,
The Prince Mining and
Development Company,
other iii.-uini- might I"- adduced
lo show how rirpidl) tlio leading
Etocke nre appreciating in value.
Th,- reason for the advance in
vain,-1- that the companies' capacity lor dividend paying is increan I,
Tlie (iriuiliy management i- satis
"Our  line    .-   idi     n     - "
miles thnl ire Hi    to bi
ivesl , : \\ innipeg     I he li a ul I'runk
Pacific     ist tal
Itnish it- lino i ut. wo wnuld
,urs   itbi   ' •   or  il villi
it three year*
Red that it can pay 12 per cent per     Mr-Otter 11 Rocker trn - ing ,-.-.-
annum on the par value of its
shares. The Consolidated Minn,.'
and Smelting company, limiti ..
which is the owner ol the Trail
smelter, the St. Eugene, Centre Si r
nud War Eagle mines and Ihe
llossliiml Power company has u
string of the most valuable mining
properties uud rcdui tion plant* in
loi tho I   P It, Ireighl  tlepii
Kootenay,  bus   been   transferred   tol
V iim    .mm    He will Ik: succeeded ul
Nei on by Mr.I. II, h,
Tin- Grand  Trunk    Pacilic   havo
plllCCtl , I'del With ll."  I tin-oil,lain!
I.,.ke  Superior   Company,  Iur   lifty
thousand tons ol stci I rails,
Nothing better thun  " Our Spoolnl,",
•   ■■-..
I,, i.o *non iii',,r nn-. I"nisi i: Mim-.,,
, i. lu 1.1.,,.-„.   i I'Miti-tM, l,lii,il,'il l.lnlilllty,
llrn.hti.kv, II Cl   I'ul.. mil., ION
..,. ilm ill- 1 nl Mi'i'tliui
nl   hi' *l.,„l,"l,l,',. „( (lm I'rllli'ii Mm...; I lie
- ,,tn|iany, l.liiilluil Malillllj  »,ll lm
- I, ,ii.ti ..... I'll i Slrcol, lll'icl
,.,|. |l , nti W,„lllc«i|iij, lint till, ,l,.i ul
Marrli  > li   IIM il lira luuimf luniiVlncl in
 „i llm t",r| I rlrt-llni! nlllci'm
, ami I.., all ntliut ]„ii|,,,-,-.
-        ,,, ,i tin 111111,11111)-,
mI.-i   llln i|.iinyivlll luaril
ill]      ll,.,,|,',i|:,i,l.l    |„,,,.,lin*
i ii,-v,-i   -.   ii i   tliis mtli I..i „i
■   . I, 11,11
Best Firewood in the City.
Shipment of Chinese Canaries Just received  Prloes Irom $2 to $5 eaoh
Front Street, Revelstoke
CKllTIl'iCATK 01' IMI'ltoVI'lMKN'I's.
(',,ni|il,-l,-r Mineral Claim.
Situate in tlio Arrnv, l-iiln- Mililiift Dlvlalnii „(
Wnsl Knotsnagr Dlstrlcl,
Wlmro locntcili -Ncar.llic Nccillcaini tlio boivor
Arrow I,nto,
Tako tinti,-,, titiit 1, Kenneth 1,. Unmet,apent
fur Aintlo Kcllllter (Ailuilulitratrlx („r the citato
,,(I'. II. Kelllltor ili'i'i'iisi',1), special Proo Miners
'-i-rlilli-.lli- X„. i',27;',   illli'llil. sixtv's frnlll III,'
.lute hereof, In njiply I,, the Mining llecnnlor for
n (.'ertlllcato „f (niiirovenionta, for lln-|.,>-<o „(
nlitailllllg a Croll'llUmlll "f 111,' iilinvc i-liiiin.
Anil farthoi tnko notice that action, under See
linn nr, niiist In- hoforo tlio hiiianco
nf siii-li C'l'litli-.ttc nf 1in|,r,,v,,|tii,|its.
Ii.tli-il this 1'illi-i'iitli ilay nf t'l'lmiary, lIKKi,
Kurtz's Pioneer Cigar Factory
I-is, Cordova St., W.
VANCOUVER, -   -   B. C.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under llm mnv iniinageini'iiljnl'
Haiiiiy  Milsinsii,  HnlTiiiiin  llunsii
I. i-yiiii ni,. lln- ninst, eiu-iilive in tin'
world. A pei-IVel, nututal reinedy for
all Nei vi,ns nnd Mo-nilni- diseases,
Liver, Kidney uml ailineiils
und Metallic Potsunlng, A sure cure
for "Thnl Tired Keeling," Speciul
rates uu nil bouts nnd 1 rains. Two
mails in rive and depart every ilny,
Telegra h eoininulileiiliou with all
nun-la of the world.
Twt.Ms  $12 to $1S por week.   For
foitlier piirllciiln'rs apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrobu Lake. B. C
Mrs. II. .1. tla.ibury. Managrcss,
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
I.ars-o (nr
llnn,,tlots, Bllpliors, ntn.
Furnished Rooms To Let.
Certificate   of Improvements.
Puncuck Mineral (Inini, sitiinto in tlie Kovel-
slnki, Minion llivisiim nl Wost Kiiiitonny
U'lu-ro locutoil; -At liinilnril lliisln, in the
llttr II I.
TAKE NOTICE dial 1, II. Smith, Free
Miner's t'orttllcntu Nu. II mW. lictine a* agoilt
(nr( . J. Hiunnns. Kri-n Minnr's Cortillcnto Nn.
II88C8U1 I) ll. Rohlnsou, Frnu Minor'.* Ccrlin.
cntu Nn. HUM.".:.!, iiiii! Win. ,M. Siiitim's Kron
Minrr-s ('orlillnolo Nu. II WUS.',, Intonrl sin,
dnys [rum dalii hum,,I tn npplj- t„ thn Milling
II rilur fnr a Cortlltotlto n( liii|,r„vomriils fnr
tho inirnu.-o uf obtiilnlug a Crown (Iriuit nf the
itbovu cliilm,
. Ami further, Inko notice, Hint nation under
huclnni :u, inii.-t lm ciimntoncod boforo the
issoutiei, n( such inrlillcnti, nf Iniproremeiiti.
Dillon* ihis Second ilny nf April, A.H., nil',.
All.4—2,11 It, SMITH.
Certificate of  Improvements.
, ...■,'' -.
I   M   SCOTT,
_5uoar Diamond
\Mi$3kM 'iL
iJlMlllyrinrijwnl/   O'Mrr'.l       "■!     .
. I ■
• ■
.    ....lil   I ,   l„
I      III 	
■ ■I'M'. I   nil
in a    , .„..„.,.,.,
MM    ■ I:.     .        ...
Ill I   O
8oliil)y(irow'^v«""  t,  Ki
— y ,—j
|, mil   ,	
■   „!,„ il
i ii-. ..l l:, ,,|
in .o i  i    I   king over lln
1 ilii llii ...I I nlr. nnl I uill imllii'
,.m   III,  M.  ill    l.l,    , I ll)   W Oil Illll
iTirm l      hm hi .■,:•<• Uml .lilyilii)  ilflni
,\   .Inti I liiiniil '■■ ipplyl Chfeld nl,
 (  iml Work   lor „. Una In pin
I'liasi il„> I-, II." ,,,  ,1, -nl"* I- '.,,'1" i „ ,
ar. Nntlll W.--I IC™	
, ..inm,.,,, ni- ,, i pn.i  Mil.... t" " lllllll, "I III."
i   nnl l, , iiim i Ilin 1   , irll ■ i
lrn.itli.-ad   nmrlH    l:  1   II,,:.'.. II, »,--l
 I„..l.   tl„-  nnrlll  l'"'ii.nii- Hi,.,.'-,' ,'.,-1
linhnlii   ll il halm, llii.-ii.-i- ,,,-■! In
rhniiisliipl, I ,-„,,„,„,."-...'-..i
l,i".i Mnr, O' lOW
l-i  \  ini,i,l„'-
Hn Ynu reofl'Vfl .vour Mail-
uu ,uu 11 k ii a i. ii regularly
nnd "on lime?" If nut, kindly
notify the olilco at mice, either
'Phono HI or hy postal.
M.-.nhu Juno Fraction mid   Minln Mineral
('liliins, .sitnnli, in tin. Itnviilstnk,, Mining
Ulvisiou „( West Kouteuiiy District.
W'lien, Incnteil: At Stiiiuliinl   Basin,   Hig
TAKH NOTICE Ihnl 1, ll. BniIth, Freo
Miner s Cerl ilicuto Nn. II »«.y.l, acting ns ngoiit
fnr thn I'riinn, Mining nml Dovolopnioiit Company, Limited Liability: Free Minor's ('ortill-
piltoNn. IIHSI.S.-,, inleiiil sixly days fmni dato
horeiil in apply tn the Mlnlno Itocordor Inr
('orlilii-iitos nf Improromouts fnr tho ininmsn
of'ohtnlnlng Crown Ur.uits nf llm alnn-o
. And further, take nollco, thnl notion under
Seotlnn 111, must ho cointnoncetl l,o(„ro lho
Issitnncoofsiicli Cortllloiiton nf Improvooioiit*.
Diilod tliis Sue I iliijt.if April, A. D„ 111.',.
A|,l  2m. It. SMITH.
after date I Intend to apply to tho Hon. Chief
Cnmmissiiiimr uf Lands nnd Works for n special
liconso lo cut and earry nway Umber from thn
following described lands, situate at or nonr
thoStaiiunrd Raslii. Revolstoko distriot.
CommoucliiB «t n post planlodftbont IJ milos
mirth of Standard Minn, und marked "0.5.
B's South-West Corner Post": thenco north IN)
chalnsi thence mist in rhnius; tlmnrn --milli
lUOolmiiiBt thonco wost-10 cliaina to the plico
of oommeiicomoiit,
Datod the Hocoiid ilny of April A,I)., 1006.
Ap- 12-m. C.J. RUMENS.
NIITICI--, is hrri'liy given thai sn dnys after dnti-
in, inl I Innpnly to tin- Hon, Thr l'hii-1
Commissioner of Landa and WorkH lor n Special
lari'tisi-tn cot carry aivai- Hmlier (mm the
IuIIuwIiik .luni-rllmil liimlri.
I   Ciimmoiiclng nl n pirnl iilnnteil Oil clialtii
 lh limn the sniilh nest corner III l„l N... Iill.'.
 I marked "A. I,. Co'a, N. W, cornor pint,"
Ihen,',' smith 8(1 cllllllla,80 clinllll i-;.sl, Sni-lniins
u.nil., sit .-I...ills ii-esi t„ point „! cninitioiiceniont,
llnloil llils fflnl ilny ill Mnrcli, um.
i. Cunint-m-ing nl n post phtnli-il ihi i hiiins
nnrtli (nun tin- ivoal coriiorol l„i N'o.0116 inarkeil "A, 1„ c.'.s. Sniillmosl i-nrnei poll,"
tlionco80cltnlna ninth,Mil cltnlha oast,80 chaini
Kimth, 80 dlitilni west to poinl „f ciiiiiiiieni'Oiiloiit.
llHlnd this Mnl day of March, iim.
aiiiiiiwiikaii bUMIIKII I'll.. l.l.Mll Kli.
Niiisi'iics, CiTciiliouscs k Scud Houses
lll-.AIll'l AIITK1IS l-'llll I'AI'IKK' COAST
lilillM N UAlllll-iN, KIKI.II ANII KIjOWKH
MKKIlrl, Now crop now In stm-k mul mi n-*t
In mil' gii-i-iilnni-,--.   Aak vnnr inei-t'liiint for
11..'Ill ill -i-lili-il pnckllgOt",   11' lied,,,- l„,1 In.I.lie
il..... in- will imiii 60 nmortod. .'»■ paokoUi nl
vugeliililenml llowor koviIh lonrowi. wMlon.
Hiiltnlilu far 11 U. gtinlon»| for Sl.m. Speciul
prices un unit' hulk sin-il -.
II, C, CIKIWN Kill IT ANII ORNAMENTAL TIIEKS now i-n.ul>- fur spiing
«lill nl.
I'AIrn iii,-,--l,„-k „r I w,i uml Ihi-i-e yi-iii- Apple
'i i.-.- ui I2H.0II por Wi, tu-ini per l.otili Mny-
lilll-c] I'I ., III.mi t-iK-li: llnliiiu I'riine. two-
1,-nr. line. 126,011 per 100 i Sugar I', two
your, line, | or lm.
I'-.ill ll.i ul other stock nl regular prions, Nn
cxponao, loss ur delay n( fumigation or
L-t un- prlco your li-i iiofore plaolng your
I it,.,,il,,nt-,-1'lata-, l-'lur W'tirk. Duo Supplies,
Ionil I'.t.-k.ig.--. l'-,-i-iili/.,-i--, ,!,-.
M.   J,   HENRY
and Copyrighll
nla.iilii-il 111 llll couutli!-,,.
* ohtiiined hi nil coi
Registered Patent Attorney
Muohanlual Altoruoy ami Unglncer.
II....... :i, Fiilrllolil.llltKik, Granville it., near P,0
A punicnrd will secure an evening lljipoitlt
menl. fur jnono who ctinnnl call during I lie dny
Arrowhead, B. C.
Charmingly siliiatutl uu the slimes
nf Arrow Luke.
Good Trout, l-'ishing.
Hunts always I'ur hire.
Sample Rooms in cutllll'etliill,
l-'irsl-eliiHs  luiusi"  for Tntuisls uu.'.
('iimmei'i'iiil null.
W. J. Lightburne, Proprietor
A goneml meeting was held Wednesday, the President in the chair.
Tlie chairman reported having seen
J. Nicoll re outting trail along the
Tumwata fnnn Dolan's to tho lulls,
and he offered to do the work lor $05,
The offer was accepted. The question
nl making ponds wns laid over.
The secretary read interesting correspondence he had received from tlie
Frovinoi.l Secretary ro organisation
ol district, and requiring the endorsement of thc Hoard ol Trade belore
further action could be taken, also
Irom Mr. Sharpe of the Dominion
Experimental Farm at Agassi/, giving
Information ns to the best methods ol
sowing wild rice, Mr. Sharps said he
intended sowing wild rice nt Salmon
Arm nnd wnuld be glad to oo-opornte
with tlie Association in extending the
work. The United States Department
of Agriculture font several valuable
bulletins concerning gatno nnd game
laws, and the botanist ol the department wrote regarding tlie planting of
wild rice.
It wns slated Hint a band of Indians
had just gone into Canoe River with n
view to spending Ibe season in hunting, ami it was considered tliis kind of
thing should be stopped, ni it would
injuriously affect the gams nt the Rig
Bond It wm therefore resolved to
apply to the Provincial government
to declare tbe whole of North Kootenay nn organised diitriet and that the
Hoards of Trade he inked to endorse
the resolution, as its effect would be
to stop wholesale slaughter oi game by
Indians and pot-hunters.
The question ol reducing the number ol goat and cariboo that could be
killed by one man in a Bonsnn was
considered, nnd the meeting was oi
the opinion the number should be
reduced to three but the matter was
laid over (or n conference of game
protection societies to consider the
amendment of the Game Laws.
A special vote ol thanks was tic
corded the United Slates Bureau lor
the kindness and interest tiny bail
displayed in the work ol the Association,
It was dei-ided to organise a Guide's
Corps in connection with the Association, the names of guides rogiateted
to be approved by tlie executive, io as
to ensure the wnrk lieing entrusted
only to experienced, reliable, and
efficient men who could lie depended
upun In give the best of satisfaction to
visiting hunter", who could, on applying to the secretary, be informed as to
whnt guides would In- nvnilable frnin
time to time.
Now that the tickets are available
for the Hoys Brunch ol the Association,
a Hoys' Committee will be organised
to assist in the work of the Associiition. A suitable badge is tu lie
obtained to be worn by members.
Tho matter ol trails of value to
sportsmen was considered nnd it wns
suggested that ns soon as funds are
available trails should bo made Irom
the city over Mt. Victoria, by Clncli-
naeiiilden mountain, nnd down tinsmith fork of Laforme crook where it
would connect with the main trail,
thus enabling big game hunters to
make the circuit Inuii tho city .through
a lirst class game country and pick up
tbo steamer at fjoforme creek, An
other trail suggested was from the
Jordan trail to the summit of llie
mountain north west nf tlm city,
where thero is a stretch of 2U miles of
natural park gicatlv frequented by
hear and caribou.
The mooting evinced much interest
in tlie work of the Association. It
wns stated that while nt Ottawa, A.
Mcliiic wns making the necessary
arrangements to procure frum the
government butcheries fry for stocking tlio streams iu the district with
trout and other lish,
It was nlso stated that one reason
why Hghing was not so good in the
district as it. should be, wis the extent
to which dynamite was used in the
puuls, sumo ol the streams having
boen swept of lish for great distances
by this nefarious practice, nnd it is
understood the Association will spare
no effort to pinsi'cute lu the limit ol
tho law, persons guilty ul sueh
The postmaster-general presented
I" the Houso the report of the InvMtl-
gntiun ooinmlttoe into the wurkingi ol
rurullree delivery service. Ollicials went
lo Washington tu investigate how tho
flystom works In tho States.  The ooBt
ol the service in the United States
Ibis year will certainly not bo less
tli--- i from 182/100,000 to 48000,000,
while tlm deli,:il cannot he less thun
¥20,000,000 mid may go over f:i(l,(HHl,-
1)0",   It such n st'ivico is established
in ('iinitilii iln-  deficit   wnuld
.........1:1 lo nti,lions uf dollars, ami lln
invostiglllillg eoiiimillee do iml think
the time In,- arrlvtd [nr the Canadian
pusl office In enter on a rural freo
Ill list year's Immcstciidcis in tin-
Canadian West, 11,271 were Canadians,
li,HS5 from tin United Kingdom mid
10,203 from ihe United Stall's
In Ihis issue will bo seen tho 80th
annual report of Ilu- Mutual Life of
Canada, head olilco at Waterloo, Out.,
which is well worthy of cnroful perusal ul imi' readers. The hicomo fnr
liiofi nearly touched tho two million
dollar mark, the cxacl nun,mil being
M,065,058, tho largest in tho history
ul the company, all Canadian hinds
too, ns the Company conllncs ils business to Canada. The nil in i,I expense
lu income wns, as in former years, only
17 8 percent, being tlie lowest ol any
other life company in Canada In cost
of management. The class of securities fur Investment, etc., with careful
selection of risks, aro a lew ol the
special features carefully looked after
and guarded by the directorate uf this
sutind nnd progressive Canadian institution, which is growing moro popular
year by yoar. A e inpany giving so
ninny important privileges to its
policy holders requires only to bo
lie known in order to he appreciated
by the insuring public. The Company
is emphatically a policy-holder's company, being purely mutual, and any
prejudice still ixisting ill the public
mind against it, on the ground of its
mutuality, will disappear upon a
thorough investigation ol its formation, ns tbe mutual principle is tin:
only one by which pulley-holders'receive the full equivalent for their
money, giving Insurance at net cost
The record of this well known Company for lho past Ilii years has In en
one of Continued giowtli and prosperity and it is today one of tho oldest
and strongest Hnaiiei ,1 companies' In
Hevulstoke nnd dislricl is well represented with policy luldi is who will In-
glad to learn their own company lias
had the st successful year yet in ils
history, The Company is represented
here by Messrs. Kincaid & Anderson
ns District Agents, with W. J, Twiss,
the energetic malinger, in cbai-.e of
llie Viincover Branch Olliee.
Yellowhead Pass to Kamloops
Bef.ire the Commons Railway Com-
niiitco was im application for incorporation of the Kamloops k Yellnw
Head Railway, which is pi ejected lo
run fnnn Kamloops northward through
iho valleys of thc .North Thompson
nnd Cnnoe Rivers to Tete Jaune C. oho
opening up now territory,
Duncan Ross, M. 1'., of Vale-Cariboo, pointed out some company hnd
already secured a provincial charter
(or this route. The bill was referred
in tlio committee for consideration.
W. A. Gallihor, M.I'., has foi-nieil a
syndi.-nte to prospect in Culnilt, and
is taking some H. C. prospectors over
The Consolidated Mining k Snu It-
ingcumpniiy, owning lho St. Engine,
War Eagle, ami Centre Slur mines,
and (ho Trail smeller, has declined 2}
percent fur quarter ending Mnrch 111,
at Ihe rate ot 10 per cent per annum.I
LAND .\0Th'i:s
\TIITH  iM-li-.M,   .,„..   II,.I    .:
.1     I illl'll lull      hi,-ff,,|
"i und.  .ml « -..-., ,.. nu...  ii
ll.'-l'-ll",,,,'-    : I lull-  .... lit,   , nlniiihin
lllver, Nuitl w
l' in no   ■ luil'hin Iim
A. ami   II.  ,.	
Arrmihend, n ..„•■,   II   11 I, »,,,i
iiinii-i |„,.(   tli.-n.-i   ■   ■    .
in chains, ihem-,  ■■,-..  i-lmii     ■    un
.-In. ■   I   .-!   -t in- iiu-itl
Ii -        -.., inti   ..
li   Hilill.sKV,
I-.. w   I , ii.   .... lllelll
\'li||. I.    -:-,...•    •
l\    ..       I.. Ill, I      : ■
■loner «l Unds iml Work- f„i I" i....--.,... 1, put
.Ii.-.mIm .Ml..............  Ihiiid. .,n the Chun
in. Itlter, Ni.rlli-n.-sl li nay:
. umlii. nelligat . pus! nithin tun chain, i.f tin-
A..nei Iv,  tolii.o in.-. ........1  ll mill ...i.l  i hull
 li   .1    In utile -I ,. irked   "A   11. I'it.l.'i iii .
-,,illll iii-l cnrilei !>"-i,' llienee iinrlh i ,i Imhis,
lh -,-   eas 'lllllll-, Ihelli-e     null   lu .-ll ill.,
theme ii,■-, 111 i'Ii tins l„ |.l i , iiii iieeim nt,
Uatcl Nl ircll lOll   III
l   \|   I'lM.lltM.
Pel «   I   "   Ivi.   Igelll
Pleases every  Sinoi.or   the   " l.i.uc,
\-iiTI, i: i- hernh) Hull thirl)  days
' ,\ nlu.r dnio I i,,lt,,ni,|,l)   In lln, I'hiel
, miinii     .tu-.-..I I...I..I ...... Wnrk- I,,i    inl
  nnl enrrj nwnj rfruni th„
-..   in , .-   lo ' . lied   luiiils   -itilnl.,1 in Nnrtli
lil : rinnten ■ ill lrii-1, II (' :
I    i iniininnciligiltil |„,-t,  mile
ive-l  fmni lho hull ul  Ivinliii-lii l  I mid
|j;,iii .,:.,.Mii ili "  ,1,,' I,,I,,-,,i.i,i  Hirer
, innrkud "li  Mcilotin'-  -null, i-n-l ,-..r.,.-.-."
nlli -Ml,
\iul|, I-; i- herein, given um sixtj dnj, iliei
i\ date I Intend.., i-i'li Iii Uie i I,i.f i ..m
lnl-i"l„.| "I 1.,,,'i.   II. !  II   Iks (nl ;.
par, In- tin- I- -ll.,,., iij.l,-,i Ihuillsiill Ihe O.I
.mil ter Nntlli W, .1 I,   •
I'nlil in Int   -    ii   '    thin li,„ ehnll     I Hit
A. .nnl li , ill. ... ' ,- Hm miles imilliiif
Arniwlii'ml, n. ,..■-. "II   I  iigilvl. --Mil. ,,,-t
,',,ni,-i post,  ti.,'  .....ll.  I-1 ,1, lilts, lltt'iici' east
t„ ,'l„.in*, ih... il. l" ehains, thence itesl t„
chains tn phiee nf i-nlllllle meat.
Hated MiiieliUilli, 1114,
W. ■■-. iioii.i n:,
VTIITH li ,- liereh) given Ihal <ixl) hiysitUet
l\   dati I Intend tnitpph lulhe ICiiinnil,.
..,,i.,i ,i I Is ami Works fm pnniilu Innta-
cinue tin  (..lli.niag de.,erllie,l lands .... ii |.
mihln river, North-Wesl linuiemiy:
Ciilillilelicing al .. |."-i itltliln two i-haios nl the
A. alldK.  loliuo   i   iilimit   lm, ami
mil,'* ili.'i Amiivlu ul, marked •A..l„lnnnii.s
.*,,ulh in-*l ciriier pusl," th. lin  nnrtli - ..,....
thence ,-,-t   l" ,-fialus, thelle illll III chains,
thence nest 10chains l„place,if , luielteelnellt.
Hated Mari'h uili, IW4
;l'i-t w. i  ugllvlc, Agent,
,«|j..rt-, lifta
UAlLUAl liELT LN 'iui'-- i'-UO*.-
A  ulCi^rtSL  tu CUI UlUUKl   i'u..   Uu cu
liUlt'tit   Uili>    UL   pUUtii;   uOiiipuliuOu.     ..
iKUlUl   ul   -f-J  pel   syua.c   UUlu   la   i-.ia.B'-"'
iur ull timtier Perms uxccpi uiwa. mm-
aieu w«»i ui. luit iur which ine iciiUi la
.a lue rail! ui _ cuius jju ucre pet uyiiuui.
iu uuuiuui) iu Uiu leiilal, uu«s ui lu-
luiiowuig rales uie olidijfe-U;—
oaiiii luiuPci', -ju etuis pui thuusunu
itei lJ.M.
iuimvuj lies, L-iyui aiid iniiu feci iwi.ii,
i i-- uuu i u-i cents eucu,
O in I IB iti   UUllS,  HO L'CHlS U  curd.
An UlllCl' lJluUUClti, o Oi.1 --cm yli lilt
A   .ICUlIsc   la*   iSSUtll   au &uull   aa   U   UCllll
.d urauicu, uui iu aurveycu it.uiurj  iiw
.HUiA'l    call   Oil   Cui   Oil   .1   bUt'lli    UllUl   Llll.
.ict'iibee 1ms iimui: u buiu'j  lU-citui.
1-ulHiUb  IU eul  l.inuel   uiu  uiau glfiUUitl
al puuilc cuinpelUiuii, except m uie case
ui aau-ii settiiiis, who icyuue Ltiu Uiu-
,  .  .  u.ut uvwi use.
Selliei'S  ui.a  olliern  uuj   uiau   oblum
pmnils iu cui up iu IW corUa ui wuuu iui
auie   uuiiuui   ujiiu'euiiun.
in. uuea pujuuiu unuef u lieimll uu
(l.«u per Uiu.ia.uii_ leel,, loi ayuau
iiuiuei- una suwiugs ui un> wuuu ex-
cepl uuKi irulii 1-3 lu 1 l-i cclita jici
.uui iui uui.aiiiii lugs; ltuiii r- l-i lu «
cuius per luiu lui wuuilj 1 ociu lor itiicc
l/osisj o eeiUs iui ratiwu) i»ua, una ^
ceuis per eoru iur Biiiugle uolts,
Leaaua   lui   &lut.ili£   Jiiiiyuata   Ul'e   latuvu
iur u lei iu ul IWeliiy-oiiB years, ai a
leiiiui ui two cenia per acic per uiilium.
i_uai lanus HlU) ue purcuuseU ai ♦•■-
per acic iui suil cuai ana *»30 lor ttiiUira-
cite. Not niuie Uiau $&<! aciea maj ui
uciiulri'U uj one inuividuul oi company.
Uoyuitj ai tlie rule ui i\i cents pei iui<
,, _'.. yuuiius is collected un tlie gru-e
Lnirles iur ianu lor uyiicintuiai pu.
poses iuaj ue uiaau peisuiidlly at Ue -u-
eai ianu oUice iur tne district in which
ine ianu tu ue tuseii up is Bituiited, ui
a tne iioiuestender uesues, Ue iuaJ( un
appiicuuon to tue Minister ui Uie inter.oi
.a Ottawa, me Comiiusstolier ui iiunilgiu
uuu ai VVmuipeBi ur lue lucai ayem lui
ine District, wlUiin which tlie tuuu »
aiiuaieu, receive auuiunty iur auiue out
iu inalie eliliy  IOC lilm.
A lee ui (iu ta ootu*fittd lui lioniesteuu
i utry.
A aeiticr who lias received an entry ni
a Homestead, is icyuireu tu peiiunn lue
conditions connected tlierewitu uuuer ont
ul  tile Iu.iuwiuk piaiis:—
lL At icasl alX IHOUlllS' residence UpUll
UUU cultivation ul tne ianu in CUcli Jcai
uurlna Uie term ui Uiree years.
n ii tne piact^e ut the Department tu
require a settlei iu uniiij u actes undei
cuitivallon, out il he prelers he may 8uo-
slilu;e siucK; and 3« neud ui cattle, iu Ut
uciuuliy ma own piupeiiy, witn buudinss
lor tueir uccommudation, wili Ue required
instead ui cultivation,
{.) n tlie luilier tur inutlicr, u the lu-
llier ia deceaseUj ul any peiauu win* .a
eiiyiUie tu malie a homestead entry Uud -
the provisions oi the Act, resides upun
a farm In the vicinity oi the land entered iur uy such pei son aa a uomeslftad,
ine requirements ui the Act aa tu residence pnui iu obtaining pulent may Ue
saiisiied u> suci. person residing with tin
i.liner or mother.
(3j u  me  settler  lias  ins  permanent
residence   upuli   Uimil.g   lUiid   uWHed   U)
hint in the vicinity uf his homestead, tin
requirements ut the Act as to residence
may Ue satisiied Uy residence upuii the
said  land.
Application iur pau-iu should Ue made
at the end of three .>eaia before the iucnl
agent, sub-agent ur a homestead inspector.
isefure making application fur a patent,
the settler must give six months' notice
in writing to the Commissioner of Dominion Luiiils at Ottawa, of his Intention to du su.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
Ottawa. Februray 14tli. 1WJ.
Lands for Sale
I Crown Crantedi
The following blocks of land .-itnate
on (lalonii Bay, Uppor Arrow Lake,
arc Iur sale by the undersigned :
Lot 77!) 81)6 acres
"   2415 210   "
"   iIII'. II   «
Fur luithi'i- pnrtiouliim apply tu
J. V. Armstrong,
Box 776, Vancouver, B. C.
VTOTICE  i-  hernhy glvou   thai   M  daya
1\ niter .lain in-inl Ilu apply tntho Hiiiiiii-
ithln Ilu, Chief ('innini-i r ,,( Lnnds nnd
Wnrk- l,,r It lie,,,,-,, t i ;ui,| carry
nwny tlmlior (win  llm [ullmvliig ,| rllioil
lamia, -iinnied iii Weal Koutouny District:
(',,nnn,-in-ing at a |„,sl marketl "11, lllytli and
r. II, Klrk'a nortli ,-,,-t  net pn»t,' planted
iihont inn ytirila nnrlh ol Ciismn Creek and ilsnil
Ij miles from Mnsi|itlto Croek, th ,- ,,.-i m|
chains, theuce smith t„ cltahia, tlience easl t-j
chains, thenco north sn chain, to point ,,f ,-,,n,
mem1 anient.
UKliT UU in.
i'. II. KIltK,
llnlcil milh Maii-li, 10U1,
The Mam. llritAi.n will bo delivered
to any part uf the city. ..r mailed lo
any atldrens within tlie postal union
or ifi! fill por annum, payable in alliance, 'lho clubbing ariang.'iiienis
with othor papers will remain in (-,:,-
fnr Ibose who prefer to have lit. ii
rUlbtOlipliuUd Imil wny.
Ioulii Couou-r J7.((l
iur l.ravy bllrdl    "
"Carbc-Magnetic" Klna-
1   lilon Siropi, $1,00,
s booklet "Hints lo Shaven,"
Mailen! "QrilTbii   Itwior Stool.  Thoy
l„,l,l ,-, lg<- lunger tl...i. nny knife
made,   fullnworlraont,  Allatyloa,
Lawrence Hardware Co.
■-.,.. .i t Sliclmiii', the
puiotnfl ,..',-	
Dnlotl ihi- Illll day nl Mnrch, Ilul.
li. McllUAN,
J   t'ninineiiclng ut ii pusl  nhuiiud nn  I
 ili side nl lho I',,I I,... lllvur. uliniii "
„il,>.   :,-    tl.e  l',,M u|   k..l" Mi  Ukn,mill
iiinrkoil   'li   Mcll ' I i   cnninr,"
ihenco .iinil, UIU elinlns, thonco wo.-i In cliiiins,
o,,-, ml. loi chain-, tl ,< ,-,, t lOcluiins
I,, tho piiiut iifeni ...-ul
Dntod this Slid day of March, ItHW
l-i McllEAN,
3.  Ciilill tcltignl n post plautiiil al    , ,,l
anill rlliul   I,- Iiiii Ilivor 1
nil,     ,i it,,, [nnl ill  li- J,, ,.   Ijiikonml
innrkoil   "li.    Uclli'iiii'r   smith  ivn .  enrnor,"
theni rth -a elinlns, M in i -n chains,
thou ih Mii-iniiii,. ihenco wc i Michuin* t„
|ii,Intel , ,	
Dated thl 22iiilihu nl March, ll«i
i:  McllEAN.
I. i ,„ ncliig nt .. iiii-l  plmiiod uu the
orthalilonl the Clumhin I,'..,     iu-t nlini-o
llio , Ihoi ClltiimllisCreek, nnd nuirkod "li
Hell,-,..,'.  ,„,rlli east enmor," lltolicu siilllh SU
•linliis, il co wosl SI ehains. Ihooco nnrtli su
chains, il , ,.-l SU ehalus In point uf cntii-
 icon t.
Dated Ihls ISili day or Mnrcli, Imi
i:  McllEAN,
-,. ('
niinoticlng ..I
;.   pusl    |i|
1  ho
Mil,  -
mil,,- 1
idi. nl  lho I'u
ilmvlho ml
Mill,..,    l.'il
,,r   hm
.1 1 1',
eel,., in.l
"E   Mclloaii'
- nnrlh   o
till 0
south sn chilli
-.11 CO ll
• ,
I) elinlns,
lorlh SO chaius
Ihem n.-
the pul
.1 ,,1 cominotieo
1 this 13th day i
1 March, IS
in; in
■ is hereby gh
ll thut liii
in- after
.1,,!,- 1
itllt'11,1 le   no).
v lo (hoc
Cum nils-
I l.mid-aiid W
irk-, for n -
ll lie,-	
Incut nnd cam- ininv
Umber Iro
. l
:....'   d,
scrlhctl lands,
sltuitte ii
i ef Vale Uistr
]. Commencing n\ a posl planted nniln'
ti'-t bank of tlio north fork of Cherry Creek.
Inini riidit miles up the creek, ninnlng eat-l
ini I'hiiin-. north 80 clininm, wesl Oil chains,
outh 40 chains, west 10 chains, wutli I" chaliw
ti point ul' I'liimm iK'ciiii'iii,
March 28Ui, IIHIU.
J, it. mai IvKSV.ik,
- Ill.l.'l-111   UIVKN
1,-i-ilnn I iiiii-inl lu ii|
 -Ill I.....!- ...1,1
special Iiitom t,,,.iii  ;„i,| rain imnj liiul,,,.   i
I'r  lho (ulliniIngilesia-ilmd hinds I 1
I .Ciinunuiii-liigiil n pn.l ,    Ii chniii-   J
Mu'l't.    is Ill.l.'l -in  UIVKN  ri, i,
.N   dnj   i 1,'i'dnn I iiiieiiil i ml) tn III
I'hiel Ciililllli -Ill Land-  I H'nl-ksfnl-
1",'.:! I "I -   II   ,1
BBM ,mi ■
I1II.I I *     nnl.- (ruin III   111'...Ill ,,!
I ti crook, ninrlind  "II. (I. Ilulililiis' tun
lln nun 'll I,  pllch»ins,ll	
on.*l llchuins, tin,  nnrlh pllehuios. Iltooi
ite.-l lllehaia-t in. ,,! , touiicn	
-.',  Cuiiiinoiiclng nl   ,-i SOchnli
nnrlh mul ,   nun.   fr mntl, „[ Si. 1	
crook irked "II  ii  llnliliiits' Il, tvusl cu
,-t sochuii
Imp,mi direct from Country of origin,
U'*     m-ALHRS    ONLY.
I hi
mi, -I ,-t,.
Ihen lurlliSIIelinlns, lho wosl Slchiiins In
a   C r.enclng nl  n  i...-i ahuiil 13 chains
-mill, aud n milos !.-,„ u„il. ,,l 81. I	
creek, tl w, -t   su clinlos, tl i trlliSn,.-, iln 'ni-,. mist sn cliiiins, thoo li mi
it..-, i..-1.. | nl i i,ni tent.
Dated thl :: I.,i uf March, IHU.
II. ii  It'llilllNS,
I'm T. II.Hholn.1 jlKOllt.
Nciiici' is ho rob j ({iven l Iml 30 daya alter date
l ii I lu m|i|-i*. i.>ili.   ll.Miornlilo tho Chief
I'liliiini'Miiii'i' cil Und- ninl Wnrk1- for per-
nil-Hull !<• eul ninl currv ii-Auy 11inln'Mruin tin1
fnllmvlnu iloerllieil lands situated in West
Kuoti'imy tllRlrlcl -
i, r meiu'lng nt n posl planted on the
siiiithtctdenlSiiiUh ereek abmil " - mllca (nun
IheCulumhiii river aud marked "K.J.John
sons aorlh cant corner post," thenco south 8u
I'ltnio-, ilii'inc wesl SO elinlns, thenoo north On
i-hnhiH, theneecoHl SU chain!) lo the point ul
2, CoinmeiieliiK nt n posl plantod on tin1
south side uf Smith ereek about 'lUmllu Irmn
ihv Columbia river nnd markeil"K. J. Johnson's utiriii 1'itsi corner posl," thence south 80
chains, ihence wesl BiichaliiR, thence norlli m
ehnitis, ihencoen«t80chains in the point ol
c leneemciit.
:;.  (oinmoncinfi nt a posl plnnteil mi the
-unlll side of Smith creek nl t I1., miles from
ilie Cnliiiiiliiii river nnd marked '•K.J, John-
miii's tioriti ens! corner post," ihence south 8U
chains, thence wesl 80ehaiiis, llienee north 80
clmins, theuco east so chains to the point of
■I. Com including nt n post jilnntcil cm the
soutli side of Smith creek about r^2 miles from
Ihe Columbia river and marked "K, J. Johnson's nortli easl comer post," ihence soutli 80
chains, thonce west80 chains, thence nnrlh 80
chains, thence east 80 chains to the point o(
commei ment.
ii, ('iiiiinii'iii'iiiL' nin post planted on the
soulli side ol Smilli creek about ti% miles Irom
ilu1 Columbia river and niarknl "li. J. Johnson's imrtli east corner post," thence south 80
halns, theme west 80 chains, thence north80
halns, thenceenst 80 chains lo Hie point of
ii,  Commencing at n post  planted cm the
-until -iile of smilli creek nbnnt v., miles from
Uie Columbia river nnd marked "E. J. John-
:'.  Commencing al n post aboul one.'iuai'tcr  son's noritt casi corner post," Ihence smith 80
of a mile from the wesl bank of the north fork chains, theuco west HO elinlns, thenci'uortli mi
of Cherry Cnek nml .ihrni nine milts up ihe ohnlns, theuce cast 80 chains to the point ol
creek, rimniiiK easl 80 chains, norlli •« chains, i imeiicement.
west 80 chnlns, south SO chains to poinl of coin*     ,   ,, ,    .    .
meiicement, I   '■ /ommenohiff at a post pInn ed on the
,M*ire!i -"iih 1'nni i>'""'1''"''-''" ""1111111 creel; aboul 2J. miles from
 UKOIU1K li. CASIl'lilCLI,.   ! "■"! "I'li'ihin rivor and mnrked "K. J. John.
.,   tl , , I son's soulli east corner post," ihence iiorih-m
_t.  (_iinmicnemg nt_ a post about one-hall ,.hiiins, thenoe west 100 chains, Iheiiccsoulh 40
chains. Ihenco enst 100 chains tu the point ol
P. Commencing at ii posl planted on ihe
-imiii Mile rn' sin Mh creek aboul l'„ miles irom
the Columbia river mul innrkoil ■■V. .1, Johnson' ith east corner post," tlience norlli  in
ehnitis, ib". i" Host llio chains, thonce smith
■10 chains, ihcnee casi lOochnlns tothe point ol
mile from Ihe bank of tho norlli fork of
i'berry creek uud aboul ten miles up ihe crock,
miming north 8n chains, wesl SO chains, soulli
80chains,easl 80chalnsto poinl of eoimncnco-
March 30th, 1IKK1,
J. li. M M'KKN/.IK
I. Commencing at a post nboul one-half
mile from the north bnnkof Ilu* north fork of
Cherry Creek unci ulioiit twelve miles uptho
creek. nmniiigeastllJO elinins, soutli lOchains, | u Commencing at n posl plnntod on tlie
wusl nm chains, nun li in chains io poinl of niutli side of ttnllli croek abotittiji. miles from
uonmienecmeiit. ihu Columbia river and  marked "E. J. John-
March HUth, IIKW, sun's foulh easl corner post," ihence norlli 40
J. li. MACKENZIE,     chains, ihence wesl 1G0chains, theneesotitli in
.i   Commencing al a posl   about  one-half chains, thence cast lGOcbaiiis to the point of
mile from the north bank of ihe ninth foil,-ol   cinmnciicemont,
.'hcn*yC,,'ek„nd ulioul iwclvc mile- lip llie     ,1(    ,,ltlim(,|(.ini, m       lM    ,„..,..,, mi (llt,
■ ck. ruiming.east 100chains, north 10chains,  [|iinl| BllIt.o( Ul0 fiortli fork of Smith creek.
abuiit fil_ inllos from the Columbia river nnd
marked"K. I. Johnson's south cost corner."
ihence norlli so chains, ihence west 80 chains,
thence south &o chains, ihence easl 80 chaini
.vi--;   um chains, south  H> clmins to point oi
March 'loth, HKK),
[iEOIttiE li. CAMI'lIKI,!.,
li. Commencing' al a post aboul one half
mllo from south bank of north fork of Cherry
Creek and nboul fourteen miles up the creek,
nnrih 80 chains, easl 80 chains, south SO ehains
wesl 80 elinlns lo poinl of commencement,
MniohHOlli, UNHi.
i,l.ii|;i.|*. li. (JAMPHELl..
7. Commencing nt npostaboul ouo-(|uurlei'
of ,i mile from I ho confluence of t he mum h fork
uf tbo norlli fork und the north forkol Clierrj
■ ri-l. mid on the soulli bank of said soulli fork
nf the north fork, running soutli SO chains, easl
■ii chains, north SO elinlns, west 80 chains to
point of commencement.
March 30th, 1001).
lhii,I March HI, 1000.
The Leading Merchant Tailors
Don'l order a Suit because it is cheap. Order it
because ii will be becoming, fashionable, durable and
comfortable. The best is the cheapest. We make the
best. In making a Suit we give advice when wanted and
we accept advice when a customer desires to give it.
livery now and then you are confronted with the
question, " Who's Your Tailor"—-Cresssman & Morrison,
of course.
I     Cressman & Morrison
'i iti iti iti tifa iti iti iti tti iti 1*1*1 A, A. .ti Ai >t. .•h .f. At A, At A, A■ A, i't. .*
7 w W W W t  *r W + W W W W W W W W + W W W W w * w *
i Under   New   Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   C.
Fir.-t-clas accommodation for traveller.-.
Best brands of Wine?, Spirit*, and
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
For Sale Or Rent.    |
(.loves Shirts Underwear
Socks Smocks      Blankets
Hose, lA Hose     Overalls      I )rv Goods, etc.
Makers of "BUCK BRAND" Goods
A   FARM     ON     EASY    TERMS
,-,„,, lillill- ll',i.i,-l,-, :,limit till ,|ll.-,ll,-r *,',-,l,',l
a-llliTii In.  Miiiniile (urn-nil Binn-liis. Iliiinni
in>,l iiillliilililiiies in 2 1 i-uitilltlnii.    *in,Mr nl
sMI.Mlii"  n fe.i  mil,..-* nest „f lti-raUlnkl'.
UB l: II. CA.Ml'flKI.I„      .j,,/,  TAI'l'lXli, Ito'vi'lslnki.-,
Houses and Lots
R   llI'LN'l-ill
Union /fofe/ Restaurant
Mrs. McKitrick, Manageress.
Meal Tickets Issued
Sliorl in,1.1. i.-i-.i,-IiiII.i- hcri'i-il
Rates Moderate
A l:ui;i- vnrii-lj
,,| Cl,,**,-* nlwiiys
lie|il   in sliK'k  lll'l'l'
Try   , piiir  o„   I J    i
Ul- iriilirailllll!   II     \ Jt       »\
ii-l-leil  lil. Sv, /
ll    VUU     le,|,lili-
,il,llllll|,.. Ill |,-l|-i-l|-,.
ii i'-lii-ie I'ur yon, '
,       A i-nni|ili-li-slui-k
/     nl  iln-   riirlil   ,l,i**
-   \) '" K K
J. GUY BARBER,   - Jeweller, Optician
Central Hotel
Newly built.     First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day. Special Weekly Ratei.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same  management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords, Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day,   Monthly rate.
If You Are Not Able
To attend to the writing of Advertisements yourself, send in your
ideas rn us. We will put the matter in shape for you, and we think
we cun please you.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Hack Service to any part of the City ai all
hours,   lligs equipped for Sleighing Parties.
First class Single and double Rigs.    Express
draying and Transferring,    Saddle and  Pack
horses for hire.    All kinds of job work undertaken.    Wood for sale.
Stable and  Residence   Ppone 41
Hack Stand                    "    27
Queens /fofe/
Best brands ol Wines, I.iquorsand Cigars.   Travellersjto
Fish Lreek will lind excellent accommodation at this
* P. BURNS   &   COMPANY,    LIMITED.   *
HUAIl ilKKIi'K:   Al.ilKKTl.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant*
I'.-rls He-k'-r. ml Uenlnn in Lm, Stock   Market! in all tho piim-ina! CUini ami
.'«,,- .1 Ulwrta. Britiih Columbia ami tlio Yukon.   Packed ul tht Colibralod Branrl
' Iiiit'.-r il,r ' Men- ,„ I lla   tn-l Sliunri-V Hnn,l l/.,,f l.anl ji Till-; MAIL-HERALD, liEVKLSTOKI-;. 11 I'.
•iW*.    ^^_^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^____________
— .-—.--wtt-p—«.r—-t     ...    •■*-.,Tj-jCT,-.i*Jja»:.,^.-vr-r...iiirjr. iri.-ir -".,.   cr    .
^ M1I.1.IXF.IIY  Kill!  I-.1S! I i-    t\'i       -    i-i- :   pa luigi    lii|nni Fin
iifc.     Vi    .- -   .    ■        H,:ii,!s
2£     Pf/M/V'S /f/fl C/-0Cf-S  i    I ,|i| I |-„    lln     „i,,,,|
7.',; *  .  II '        I'hri-ml        llii'Xi'iv Shapes
,-jJk LADIES   I-'ANTY COLLARS AND BELTS   Some Chiii'ining Novelties,
EASTER  WHISTS .., —,-n.l..:,.-i,.,; nil ih-.- Newest  Silks, Lawns   Ni-ls
$L\    l-'ie-li  Fug-, y-ue |ii'f, l
™»    ?jyrf, i; Humi! „ Co
(W      V
i (| tm    •: I
^    SEPARATE SKIRTS Our New : ... Quality nml Finis
■*f    iim- SI I
\.,i -:     . - it l.nliis ami I'lnlilieii*'     Ymi   mn-:   inspect   this Xnlilij   Lino  ul    'W
i n c Fi if 11 wi : r S pi       -:
\.     |,..   \en II •■   Ni     - -pi'iiil --   Ni-tt Spring (iluvi'n.  Men -   WaHmvci* Shoes—tlio I.-I
_j__iaBBOawaeal-MM :s®3j*-iwiv_-i-s,.-jnj*umc.?rr.js:r'->rc^
%V%*V%W%/%%>*%%*%%%V* liii'He - up, nml iii ;t (mv  years  this
FOR  NEW STYLES OF        fr |<h«lHetwull beiitthelurge prnduci
?-*o *0\
r l .-,.}.    ' --.i    v.
i'""r.iv   •' \
-   7^
Wall   Paper
— *
^ Canada Drug & Book j
Company. <*
i-    :      c—At, lltli inst.,j
t„ Mr.
Mr*. K. Hum-!,-   ii
M :-.-, -  —A-   Revels! ,ke   H. C    un
There wns ijuilc tt I'uiiiniuliun in the
gniec laws tli'partincnl of liiiti-h I'- I
iiinliiii Inst week, when iviiiilcniiiii Ihal
lln riiyal   part     were   si ting  and
ki ling ii 11 tni 11 sheep,   th
••M-ri   "th   '    Mr. mid  Mrs. Fred ,,„ ail]i;llll.  „;l, ,.„,,',,, ,,, ,„„,,,,„,,
Manning, a daughter. the guilty members bui  l,,,n,i-.l later
|tli ,1 tin sh nitiiig ueiiiiiTetl in ',.--.i.-i.
Tl,,- liritish I'liluniliiii ntn rities
t- aim il  will   I'liciiuriige   llie   Sluney
ll ilitins lu sliiin! ",u nl sensun 1 ns
tl, *,-  gi ntry   have   1,,-,-n   tin-   w  rst
ollenilcrs in Ihe pusl, tiutibli tuny Inl-
I   ',1.      Al    '.'!'' ,1     , ■-. p, li-e     I'.VU p,llil-
ll',III ihi* nil,,-   were   driven -  il   ul
liritish Ciiltiinliin ivhili llu-j      ri   ei
gaged in mills uu Ihe hig gat
-  n: ty s' :li - il Seliului s pen .-,
:.. Mi ■:.,.; -: , : nrch nt 11
l'asi - - il eel t-7 30 p. in—"Tin
Fa :l md Res t. I Cl ',-' - Ri - !--
ti :
-;.- ial Mu-   —
Anthem—  Iw ike Th ,u thai Sleep-
e.-t -M •■:
Solo—"Ai    Mnri      hj   Mrs   Rows
.-■ , ■ igato liy Mr. Hustings.
Inl    in—'The Palm; —Faui'e.
Local and General.
$6,1)00 was j ,. I in I. md m lust week
f r.,:.   rcliid
B. C. is iskii
:     -      -       iui ipality.
;■' in     F .       1 .:      -- ■   '.lie Spin-
■:• :•  M  :    m    -..: ri 1 I       : ■   I H   ■--
-•-  I:       M trat ■
Spinters int   ■■   itil lei s, Mm -
I      tpnl 16i    ",-     11 list
V :.-  uvt -     iicrt-ased       ti
..... .--.   .       ■ fl',1111 .;;  |
■ -      - uses
.--. |   ,,.,„,
_.   ...;.. the  cil       i
'      .       ■       s reported e-timutiiu
st at IS
lames  J.  H       lc|
:..    ■   : ■   . itn .- -
the   L'uite    States  l    Canml     11,
■ays il      ■'     • ■ : ,   :
The Spinsters'I
I     .      .'. itmipeg ■
l ■   .
.    ■
A   Viiucouvi r   i   lun in - nli -I n
iurniicc  ilm1 Inini-  il-  "nn  sun,ki :
tl: ii gi i- in pel  cent. heat [rum
the -ir,,,-   quantity ul   fuel nm! i niks
just like any  ullter fun e; Ihal  re-
ij'iire*   t xpeusive  nii'chiiuisin   lo
keep up-fiirced limits Ihnl i- , .    ■
introdiiciiiin of chi'iniciils to do nway
with tin- smoke nnisnnce, bul  n furnace thai  accniniilislies all llm ahnvi'-
if llie most siinpli   ousti    '
- -   v   lp •   i
: ne upi pilal li
■ .   iwing luiiils     Th
liritish   I'oluinhiit—i itiinilly a iruit
■ ' Slln,||
i      i HI.1
:    -     I'his trade is
ii- infauc), hut
■ . ■  ..  -
it i
,e 11.1
M        *
Hi. '.;
Arthur Ruck is so seriuusly ill that
Iii* father, who is nl Vancouver, lms
bein sail fur.
Tin- Nelson Hoard ol Trade waul n
l.uininiiiii fruit o.tporiiiii'iilnl Inrin in
South Kuotoiiiiy.
Tennis wus in full swing in the
huspital grounil yeslcrd.iy ni.d wiib
largely aided.
A delegatiun uf |iOstiniisters iiaitcd
mi the I'listniiiiilcr-lloiii'iiil In ask
for increases ufsalary.
Trout   Lake  hn.* deuidid   lu  have
Spurti   e.-IV   nil     L-1    July    III,,ler   He
aiis| ices ul the lire brigade.
The father ul Cunduetur Russell, ul
Medicine Hut, (lisap|ieared, and tlio
rim i i* lieing dragged fur him.
Two wuinon and n child were
burned In death al tilyiidun, Minn ,
by an csplusion nl a gasoline stuvo.   •
I-'. ('. (lanihle, govci'iuncnl engineer,
ij iTCOinnieiid nn c.vpouditui'o uf
iffillOnti the river liuuk al Trutil Like.
A iiinn named I'ark was taken from
the train tliis niurniiig tu the hospital
in ti dying oniulition frum luherctilusis
I'll,- hadio's lid nf SI  Aieln-.v'- ivill
Imiii  n   -iieiiil'le   iii   the   church   ull ,       ^^_ 	
.. ■ i , ,   aiiiile at (10 cents each.  I bos. bkiuner,
I■ i uiuv evening the SOili   insl.    Id- • I'I'-' -u '     '
Ri velstuke, a. ( ■
ini--t"ii i.,ie , .   ,
|{, Howsiin .V On. It v.-just received
I',,ii,lry netting in nli si/.es—l.uw-
.1. A |)itviilsuii,incrchunl tailur, has
started business in Rcvelstuke.
Sliues ! Take a luuk al uur wiinluw.
('. I! II i-,V Uu. l.l'l.
Lniiu in,,wi-rs, gulden rake,* anil
In,,-*—Lawn-nee llll 111 l\ ll IU Cu.
Xnvel iit'iingi's, li'imuis, li-lliiee and
llliulnii'b, ill ('. II. Hume iti Co.
Harden hose mid spi'iiikloi's, wheel
Inn inns, oto,—■LiiHii-iii-e ILiI'iIhuit I u,
A   lull lino ul new up-lu-ilato neok-
"Mil Iur 111011, 111 C, ll llll 1,0   &     !''-'s.
Km pii-ii) designs in Carpet
Squares set- It. ilowsun & tin's. In t
J, II, III,Lilts,,n has suhi the lint-en s
hotel tu II. nml .1. Mi'Snrley, tlio deal
being closed Wednesday,
.Mis.- John, teacher ul violin, pitltiu
nml step dancing, apply al residence
uf Mrs. Kimberley, fourth Street.
V, U. Brown has altered his tobacco
and cigar store tu an upon front and
hns {nil in a  handsome sodn fountain.
\V, ,1. Ciirlis, l'ianii Tuner, will he
in Iuhii it few day.*. Orders lull at
Li-wi-Iiniii. ur II. Howsou's furniture
store will receive prompt attention.
Call und sec our curtain stretchers.
No tearing, nu stilling when drying
curtains ii yuu use uur curtain
stretchers— Lawrence Hardware Co,
,1. A. Il.ividsull, Iiile,,( Chii-agu, hns
purclitiscd tin-stuck ni Messrs Scull
k Putts, iiioi'chuiil tailurs and has
added a new nud must beautiful stuck
of British uml foreign tweeds, worsteds, truusorings, etc
Tin- largest uiul tnusi complete stock
■ I single Harness in tlm province,
ranging in price (ruin $1'!,50, ifld.UO
lflli.50 $18,01) per sett and upwards,
Also Team llarness from $28.00 $30,00,
$32,110, $3:1.00, $38.00 und  up.    Cum-
For Men
K.veiyiliing hero to lit ynu mil in llie New
things fur Spring Our ntnuk has beni fully
repli'iiislii'il ni.d ne can bIiiih yoll tlm iiptn-
iliile g Is.
In lln lebrnted 0, N. A' ll, and  ('nniphell's
heal lines. Yuu oitti'l brat tbein Inr lil or wnir
uud pi'mi's nre luiv,
In all llm New Shapes hulli hard ninl suil.
Is uuu nf uui'strung lines, Wo huvo jusl lind
threo new lots in, especially Inr llio Faster
lrude.   Fancy lines, hul tint fancy prices,
Wc have just pul in two lines nf Cashmere
Hose that nro bargain1-. See them nl 25c nnd
3.1c. per puir. Wo nlso huvo llieni in Cuttun,
Wool nmi l.i.-le.
Shoes     Shoes
Fnr nil feot und nlluccusions. In,in llm roughest wnrk hunt lu llm lines! dancing bIiuo. Sumo
mid lines ul bargain prion,
Collars, Shirts, Hnnd kerchiefs, Siispendcrs.
For Ladies
Wo h ive aim,,.-I cvorylliillg ynu enn rnplire,
Every K\prt.-s I lings us new guuU, nnd ull the
hili-sl ilesigns can he fiuind here.
In Lisle mid Cullnii, plain and upeuwurk in
I'hick nr lull,   We hnve greal   vnllio ill  lilt-so
li. Now  Dresden und ICiiihriildt'l'Icil  I'lilleins    J
very prclly nnd veiy eheiip.
Fur nil uct'ii-inns in dnititylui r oiiibrnidery
Cbi'iuisettos, Yokes, tie., iu nil Un- now
l»n 11 fin-.
Gloves!     Gloves!    .
We mnko u spi'cinlly uf Porriu'i—keeping
tho best guide nnd selling them ns low as ulher
Stores ask lor much lower quality.
Embroideried Collars
An entirely New line, something very prclly
and only the price nf the plain lines.
Nnupltinc "' •'" U"K -1""1 "I • Nu" l'""i
UOVUIXlUb   mulMliln Cnlnlu, lliil  I'ilia. 11,'nuli
I'lllS, Hell*, oil-, tinnric   Innll Um Inin i-iil„ilnii« I
UlCSS UODUS iiiiiii'iinis. Wi-li.-uii liiul lln,-,'
Inin 111 this tvi'l'k. Alt nut'llii-ss li,,,,,!* nti- slnulr -nil* in,
In,, nlili,'.   I' .,11,1*,-,-llii-iii.
|j ^LOLE^isr^isr & co.'Y
plcto per Bet.—11.  ('.   Mi-Kuren, the
Siuldlcr nf Kiiniloups,
I hive aii excellent variety oi guud,
bard preserving and shipping stmw-
bi'rries uf my own development ,,n my
gr,iiiiul*. Orders fur spring planting
promptly HI led in Botison, l'rice $li
|ii r I'm plants. Speciul rules Iur large
orders, Try u lew grafting sciuns
Irom my ' Uanlen uf  Eden"  Gulden
The liquidiiturs ul the York County
I., an say  sbiin hiilders  nnd  ei 'diturs
i'uui,"I pnssilily i, u,■ my dividends
for it I mg time yet.
I'lll! BlIWllllll    I,.::.
starting u  lugging camp  - es||    -},.- .1	
m.,itlu-r ,',,i,-igniiiiiil ,-i L'lirpets,
urn mgsi ivli'ch nre 'i ape-itrys, llr,is-
-,-l*.  Ingtain.-       I   Wiltons,     Body
carpets   -villi   huiih is  i itch  in
pretti ,,'i;   1' I'm,- ,l-i-::i-   -iiitablc
-■   |  -.     All
^^^^^^^^^H^^^^H^H^^^^^^^^^|jf eh mg
: ..    -
-     .
* ■ Neil —Tin-faniuiis Semi.
r  Clothiug.     We havi
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Qnaiiil mi us
-■   .,.-    p-l -dnl I ,'i clothes
■    ■     .: ■ tu nearly
n tdy-miide
tiid-ij     We have
■    t tin Sei
mly  uie thai
Social and Personal
| Mrs. I.tidg.iic is uiu- of llie most active
ini'iiilii'is, deserve eri'dil   for  the  nm-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ C(ss nl this   e,,in-ill.   Tie  siek  and
Mr. and Mrs. Wilkesare visiting the |'lllV'*l'i"«   '"   "'is   vieinily    have    a      Will sell Ciirruls ill $1 ;   Parsnips al
$1.211; Turni|is ul Tile., free en cms nt
eiiv (,,r Fuster                                 mi sincoro (riond ill Mrs. Ltitlgnle, for
,    ,.    ,   ,                     ,   ,. •,     it is l.riinipnllv duo to her untiring
A. 1.  Anderson   relumed   l-rulnv .           ,       , .  ,       ,
,                     r I,     -               .i.-i   , interest thut   thev   now lind   such n
[nun n suocosslul business I rip tu I'lslt
Mrs. .1. R. Iliibortson nnd daughter
lelt nn the WiSt hound Irnin on
Thursduy nnd will visit in Violui'ia (or
n few innntlis,
li is very probable Hint Sir Wilfrid
Limner will visit the I'noilio Count in
Septi'inher next when llm Canadian
forestry association is in session.
Ci. s. MoOurtor loft Thursduy for
Seattle nnd will return Wednesday,
.lorry Cnlbertsun nnd nt her Missouri,
sbarebuldcrs, arrived to attend the
adjourned niinual meoting ol tlie
Prince Mining nnd Development Co
culled lor to-day,
Prince Arthur ol Connaught presented W. 11. McLeod, chief engineer
ut tlio Ciinadiitn Nuitliei-n Railway,
null it hauil.-nnie ami valuable st'iirl
pin, cuinpused ol llm Prince's initials,
suriiintiiitcd with Ihe Ru.vnl Crown
wui'koil in solid gulil nnd enamel. The
1'iiime Hits sn pleased with the ur
I'lingeiuetits ninde Inr his safely and
W, i'. Ricui'du, niiiniigei' nl llio Furl
■' :1"' of   Aliordoeu's   ranch ul Vernon, waa
1  married in London to Mrs, Cope-More,
'■  Lord Aberdeen, wliu is now Lord Lieutenant  ni   Ireland, wus  present, and
'   niter  the   wedding  cabled the ranch
j.,- .pie hen- to celebrate the event In
■   tting manner, which inslrticl.iuns
il   i-   needless   tn sny were   joyfully
nit.     Mr. and  Mrs. liiearthi j
ell   Saturday  fur Ihe continent tu
-i,''n'l the  hunoynioon, after  which
. married couple will conic tu,
-tikanagan. j' home in  the ArrowheadI
The Melrose Stock Co. played
" Awny Out West. " here Inst Friday
nigh'. The hull was crowded nnd ull
were well plciisod with Ihe pell nil
uni'e Mr, Melrose hinted I tint the
Company might cumo here again soon
and we feel sure if they d i enme they
will have it gnnd house,
The millinery oponings nt the two
stores here this week brought ,,ut
many Indies in senrch nf Fuster
Mr, Newman is gelling in his stuck
und expects to have his store running
full swing in the very nciir lutni*.
Mr, Diinphy bus opened nn einpluy-
mont agency at Ins store bore,
L. E. Griffiths, Malakwa, B. C.
1 (1ST -A Lndies' ()|ien Face Silvel
I i Watch. The llnder will i-unfei n
fnviu-1.v I,'living Mint1 ul Ilii- Olllie,
WANTI'.l) An eili'i'gelic wmnnn,
yuiiiig nr middli'-iigt'd, lu net us
agent. Liberal commission. Apply
ul Ihis Olliee.
WA NT Fll   A   young  lady  I'm
general house wurk,   Apply at
this Olliee,
WANTI'jD-Chetulsl and Assayer
I'ur large gold pi'iiposition in
lliilisli ('oliiinliiii whi-re Cyaiildilig is
lllilln llepill-llllell!, Slule age, experi-
eili-i' and salary expected, Send rel'i-i •
t'liccs willi upplii-iilinn. Must have
^^^^^^^^^^^^ II. t'. I'eililh-al.i'.   Aildiess't'ongliiin-
C,    Biown.    representing    Wnrtd, li't'iile," Mull-llerahl nlllee,
Valluncc it Loggat, was in Iuhii Inst
,..,,' \TTANX1SI)   A  si'cnnd hand Cook
Wednosdiiy. I \\   smve al ilu- V.M.O.A.
Dr. I tit mil ton wan culled in Ferguson 'I'hiiisduy to attend Dr. Robinson,
of thai place, who ia seriously ill,
W. Hodges and It, llarr are in town
fur a few days.
Miss Brown is spending hor Fuster
holidays at homo in Uovelstoko
li, McAlpin left recently tur Parry
Sound, nm.
There will he service in Ibe Presbyter! ill church Sunday evening.
WANTED A gill I'm geiieiul
house work, guod plain conk,
nu washing, llu-ee ill futility, wages
$211.11(1 per mouth, Apply' at this
WANTED A girl io atl.eiid to
baby, either during day or for
afternoon only. .Apply nt Mail- Olliee.
WANTED A middle aged woman
Accustomed to children, lu keep
hniise I'nrsix months. Applv In llux
IIIS, Itevi'lstuke.
-  ■■  -
tl    -   .
the li        '   ■  '■
. : I'bo   Y.-rl
■     ■
I the Toronto 1 :
.i   ;,-,',   New   Soii^
i i                !'.:■;,
ivc/.beeti pm       I    ■
Anything" yo i «
■in- wi-  ivi]
get it for you it not in
Red Cross Drug (o,
• s
" Tin: I  llioil      '
l.l   I- , lll-ll.llll.l
• irantlii I Icrnwiio i y (I is)    h fm
Mclicbrino ' igurctlc, . -   i p;u
Nestor' i   ti ell I-,1. -i [im i-..i."
Tel   9G                        GOOD   GOODS P 0 Box 11
!',        ■ i-  1,1,11,1,-nl.
|jus| Ital    ,"im,-it    Tluiiril.iy
■ -   in i-i -s    Tin- hall
 igetl nml (Inini-
-    :,.-   i di 1 ii ih, lluwors,
With , - I ri presenlatiun from
tin      -    I'ipi i     I,mil
•-     hall  was  ivi II
:    M    l:. si    i    I'.liiiiriniiii   tu  u
peeol     'iied llm
'    '     i nl,-lhMi.'i.i III,    ll.lllielv,
111(1   ll     :-'
i -       ;        -I ihili.i   11,,- llll
,. I he di     eil ,,.,l ne.tilv every
■-il in  - ■       li  t	
it   -: ., teiiiiil    . ,,
'.!        I ue.,ley  nnd   Mi-*   l.i
■ ■ md M     II ii.-    hy   Mr,
:  \li   llumniorluril ol thii
: Mi   .1    I*   Boyd, uf Cnina-
Think 11 it! To-morrow is Enstor, Are yuu proputcd
lu greet ihe duy properly '.' How about your Suit"
What iiliuiit thnt Tup Cunt ? Ih your Hut right.' How
nie your lllnves, Tie, etc.'.' funic iu uud size up uur New
Spring Things.
See What We Have for Easter!!
If you're lu juiu the piirnde, it will puy yuu In ennto hero
Iur repairs.. Hiiro are only llio New, (rush styles ; nut a
" bus been " ur a " lefl-iiver" Hinting uur guilds
Spring Top Goats
Spring Rain Coats
Spring Suits
Spring Hats
-   ■    null's   ill
e| eul
n   engi
, , Ill-it IU    0|     Ml,,
'"'■'    I   'I '
t<, t III
\-'ii     I talili ie     ivuti  Inini
,;.'. .'. - - ,      ||  I   '     "I      Mi', i
 ling   -.v.i-   tl,   ,1 um,
.-,,!  Mi-   prngrainini     \i
 ,i     ii'olnck    Hu-    Niil'iuniil
V III Im-III   I- gill Ibe, III", Inin I. -Ill   lu
., , I--*,      The  (iiiiiinittei'i  ul wnicli [


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