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The Mail Herald 1910-05-04

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 The Mail-Herald
Vol. 16—No. 34
$2.50 Per Year
*00<X>OiOO'OlO' I
1 :'-,,.--
So simple is Alabasline to &?.;Sm,'.
iindle that anyone can decorate his fi.;^i.-,:
or her own home wiih it.    By (ollow- E¥v ■''.■>
u.ii the simple direction given on every KViv-.--
pickige you, ymirsrlf. enn reproduce mny tint combinnliunn, nut only in
(ho plain tints, litit nlso in tlir wnlls decorated with atenc-iU. Wr would
like to trll you mora aboul whnt Alabattine will ■! - {or your home, how
euy it it to apply, nnil Imw lienutiful ore ill result*. Auk us (o thuw you
• tint card and copy of " Home*, Healthful and Beautiful."
We carry a full line oF all shades made
also the principal colors in Frescoes
—■   ' n •■•■ ""inns.
Recognized the world over as the Best
Varnish Made
Try Liquid Granite on Your Floors
Full lines of Paints and Varnishes in stock.
Readv Mixed Paints $2.00 per Gallon.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd.
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches nr Agents at (ill principal points in Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United State*-—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago— First National Bank, Corn Exchange Natioi al Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Vice-President Chamberlin Visits J.ip Su te iced to Ten Years tor
Watch Revelstoke Grow
Fruit and Vegetables
When Everyone Uses
P. Burns & Co.'s Fertilizer
Try a Sack of It For Your Lawn
Attempted Murder
link  "i :m' wa*  up fm  trial    lie
I  limbic  Mm linn  yet lei In)   nl   the
it liuu   ol   iln'  Supreme  fnui  .    	
llmt ui iln- Jap tt'ukn I'm m i. Im
al i. in|>i.-.I iniitili'i' "f ii In I) re i'l in
ul    in    eity,
Hi"    (ii-itiul    .liu?   impanelled  were :
,1, M, k.-lli.-. foreninn,  I-. Mi-Curly, I'.
Holt' a, T.  I nwr ■'.  \.   Vliraliuitison,
II    \    I ppor,  Vi.   \.   Y ,  Vi.   Iluinil-
  .1.  A.  Stone,  .1,   I'   Kei ily,    II,
.1 Mi'Sorley, C. M. I'ield, and II. Y
i i  ii  in.
I Iui    .liutge    in    ' ipenin i  i lie     n iiirl
-iai'-'l    thai   in   iln-  ruse nl  ili"     .lap
1 ll"     ill I  ll-I'll \\ .. - '  Ilill gOtl I,' i \\ ,.
counts: I. Attempted miii'der, -J
A:— ,-i-ili in iln bodily harm anil ii
u.i    for  ili..  grand jtlr\   I" bring  in  ;i
liill mi rn I tli    There - I ii"
doubt,     however,      thai   n   true     hill
should be lin.u-jlii  in.   The Judge also
linked lor the usual presentment.
The grand jury returned shortly
bring in ii true bill of attempted
murder.   \u  presentment   was  made.
I li" following petty jury were im-
pnnelled: I'. U, Peterson, foremun,
■I. IC. Long, Vi, Cnrrington, J. I'uin-
in.i//i, J. Youm, C. Carson, I), finlli-
cniio, .1. Leslie, A, Maddo.v, J. V.
Sot ley, II. Shardlow, J, C, Montgomery,
The prisoner pleaded not guilty, C.
IC. flillan acted for the proseeution,
nnd brielly slated ilm farts ol ih"
',-'•". lhal there hail been eye witnesses' ni ili,- nssnult.    I'lie knife had been
Rubber  Hosi
Mowers, Garden Sets, Gar
den Seeds, Flower Seeds.
In    Hardware,     Paints,
Stoves. Harness or any of
the numerous lines we carry,
our stock and prices will be
found up-to-date.
Groceries   Hardware    Paints
British Coluir.bij
\\,.     heal     .-I   I--'   from  the  politii'iil
I       all,.ill       ll    I    111    ill"      I 'I llllll
I I iii.l,    Pacini        Kallu ;i\ .   lllll    prai lh al
tn.-ii  uli.i   have   themselves    seen      lh"
w "i I. of i "ii 11 in i  und i In- manuei
in  w liiin   i    beiliu   "iii i i"'l  "ii.     in-
fonn  a      ih-    buiblri      of  ihi-  greal
liiin.I'"i t.-ii inn   -•.   '"in   iii"   hi) inu    i he
lini- -      I,., I li".l   thnl   ii imt-"-      iln-
continent,    li   i-  built   for  permanence,
snfet)   "i   uaili".   ease  "i   _■ i. i • I. •.     uud" linn  of cosl   rn'  haiiluge   i"      the
low,-i  possible     | "ini.   Other riiilwa)
i ompanii -   may   buil I   liurri -up  roads,
only      I"   li'i'."   in   |nill   llii'ir   to  pieres
ullerwards,     re-build   them,   niter  i ur-
j ve-   anil  grades,   and   spend  -in     i hem
perhaps  man)   limes   the  "«.-i   nl' nrig-
lllll   I'ouslriii'tioli,    li   uiil   mil   I	
wiih  ih" i Irand  Tiiinli   I'ii- ili".     Thai
road  i- beiny   built     along  the     t
I r11> in- lute  I'""- I'i rnilwu)   an I engineering   prnetii-e.
An interesting visitor lo 111 itish I '"•
Inniliia     lust   Week     u.i-     Mr.     IC,     .1.
1'liiiinln'i Im. vine-president of ih"
I .iiinil    Ti nnl.   Pncilie  Ruilwuy,    Inter-
viewed    l'\   i i. Lim- of  ih"     Mail -
Hei.ihi. «" found Mr. Chnmberlin us
interesting a- i- the grenl work of
which he i-  tin- active head.
"We ni" determined in huve the
Grand Trunk I'aciRc Kuilwa) "|»-ii"il
from ...ii-i i.i coust a- -".in ,i- possible," -ahl Mr. Chamberlin. "We have
oil" '.."'" ll dll'icully ami that i- lhe
procuring of siilliciuni , i ir. Vie can
employ all iln* good men we can gel,
and  ih"  sooner  we . an  gel   lh"    road
completed  and opened for (raffle    (he   '"",1"', '""! ''"' l"'"""'"', lT"?" "'"".'
better   we   -hall   li.-   |ili-a-.-J.   Wo   -lull
push  ii   through   a--   -"on   a-   possible.
Thi-  summer  we -hall  have  the whole
t    , ■   . . ,. ,     tli" attack    >\    ilm   Jan  mi  Iut tierson
of ilu- remaining  section  between  Yel-
low-head I'nss .-mil Ha/elton under construction. Bj July we -hall huve lhe
lirst hundred mil".- wesl from I'riuea
liuperl   "I'.-n   for   traffle:  ami  will    ex.
tend our operating system  iu-i a* fast """       '" B'Ve him :""'   ,1"'   •'!'i'   nothing  to -Imw  thai   I.i-  mind    was
as the ro.ul-bed is < leted nnd    op- """^d to stab her.    I he prisoner wus   impiiired,   nor  wns   the  prisoner   eVei
in."] i.'i   i...r".   There have b  q"lte ""..""^ l°    «                                '" ''"'   slbb»W   employ,   but quite a
foreseen  difficulties  anl  delays   in   the '"A'     "I-1-.\ llll.M I.                  strahger,
construction  ni  the  bridge over     the "'''  Si-iUrland     hum1  medicul    evi-  rjUlLTV OF  ATTEMPTED MVIIUEU.
narrows on  (he Skenn river    wesl    >.f ,i''""" a>> '" ''"' "utniv "' >1"' wounds      -| ,„. „,,.v rDt"ireu ;|ll(1 (lf|
rriii."    Rupert,  ami  I  am ju-i  going   illlli'1'"1-     Much blood  had   I n lost   h„
up  there  now     to endeavor    lo have ""' k,life was B,u'n  "m(  """M    L'iv
Lacrosse and Lawn Tennis
(loods in all the besl makes.
Slozenger, etc.
n-i ilml  Im u.i- sorrj   In- hu I not kill-
i"l  lhe lady.
Mi-. -I. ll. Sibbnld gave evidence ..i
the attack bj ilu
at her hon-" door. Iln- assault was
nol in any way provoked. She hnl
received a large number ni wounds.
Th" -Ini'  Innl  a-lo-il  for money which
refused  to givi
Blurted to -till. her.   Th" prisoner wi
quite unknown  to Iut,
Hi.   S-,.ij_, rlaiid      gave  medical
deuce a-  to the nature of (In- wounds
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have recently been completed under  which  the  branches
of this Bank are able to lsnue Droits on lhe principal poinl*
ln the following counlrles:
Austria-Hungary    Finland Ireland Russia
Belgium Formosa Italy Servia
Braiil France Japan Siam
Bulgaria Fr'ch Cochin-China   Java Souih Africa
Ceylon Germany Manchuria *"-i    -   I   in an
China Great Britain Mexico Swrden
Crete Greece Norway Switzerland
Denmark Holland Persia Turkey
Egypt _ lcelaai Phillipine Islands     West Indie* rn
Faroe Islarrj India Rouniama and clscwW»
REI/.:LSTOKE    BRANOH-A.    H.     ALLhN.    MGR.
thai   work
that    there   fa,nl     *labs if   '"
hall  Is.  ,,"  delay.   If  we cannot   gel   Lru*1"'"' "''''' •'"  l-er>"  lal-"' '"hl
the bridge completed for the proposed   ""l"ilv<1 -'i''1''"-'-
iim,'    ol opening   of traffic on    thai      Mr8' MeMahon staled lhat slie
From Our Own CorrspouilenL
Th" water i-  fast  rising an I lhe (I il
of   il"-   I- _   Hi '   I   mill   -in-   i-     n   :■
i- being out   null    - nvered,    -..   li"-  hn .     lootb
nu   a  si.oil   whil" brought  in  a    via-    and  bnsebal    teams   w.ll   ... i
di. i oi "guilty of attempted murder."   I"-' l' '   -'   ■
III YKAKS IN  PENITENTIARY.      '    Al1 "' n"   ' -   '"''     "
Th" -IiiiIl"-  in   pa--in^'  sentence   -aid    l>"   engaged  in   pickinii   up  strnj     lot
thai  ih" prisoner knew well what    Im   w'"' "'" '-    '
section «" shall gel  across some how.
lh"    prisoner enter   the  house of    Mr.
if «•• have io put iu a lerryto enable -^''bhiihl. and then -.,«  him coming oul
tralli.- I., be curried  lill  the    bridge i- <1:ll,l,il"-' vieiously  al   his victim.   The
completed." '',1l' ''"'" '"" away ami was   brought
"We regard Northern Uritish Colum- '':"'k l,v ll"' l"'1'"' l'"''1' ""•   s'lu ":'s
l>ia   a- ,...,   grenl  field, mil «e -hall refli'n  "   "-'-  ll"' «amc Jap    a-  the
-I'.i."  in.  effort   ."- i-vpi-n-i-  in develop I"'1*"1"''-
thai    couutrj      in  il -i  effective I'UISONEIl 111 \ TO pARTIl
manner,    \-   soon  a- our main  line Is ''■  Knapp Lrn\" evidence ii-  to liear-
oompleted    «■■    shall    undertake    the i'"-' ''"'    screams     from iii"   Sibbald
construction   ..i  branch  liu.--.  ami  on" house ami went .nn   lo see "Inu    was
"i ih" iii-'   we -hall  pin   in html will th'' mallei-,    lie saw ilie prisoner leav-
be a  m hi   north.  In our originnl    '"-   'I"' hon-.' ami -aw   hiu victli	
plan- .....   engineers prn| I  io start 'hi'     grouml,    coveivd  in  blood.     He
ihai   lin"  Irom   il"-      Uulklej     Vulley, 1"1'1   Mr.   ICdwards  at   Ihe coiirl   house
Imt   we have    now   came lo the    con-    l" I1'      '"'   lbe doctor,     He    then
"lii-ion  iini   Fori   i ....I-.,- ;-  ih"    Iw-t    chased   after   the   prisi r  anil    meet-
point   il which io . ii    with ih" '»!-' il"1 chief of police thej came
mail                !  form our main junction    "ith him and   ll hie! arrested    In
was doing when he made  the assaul
Tin-     public must  Iw protected    Irom
.-a, -I-
Tin- il-.lal
r boats i-
i hu k-ehuck'" of tii" mot-
in the penitentiary wn- imposed.
Roosevelt Pictures
The   famous     Roosevelt    Pictures
showing tbe recent South  Africa  expedition of  the ex-President  will  be
seen at tbe   EdlfOn  Theetre  to-night
and Tliursilay.    Nelson News says:
" Pictures taken Jfroni   i x-1'retidmt
n   Roosevelt's recent A'rican  expeditii n
it-   prrveil a grist sttraclioti at  tlie   Em-
ip   pire theBtre last night, msny  persons
"■   being obliged to Bland  nnd  all  three
point.   Th"..-  i-  a  vast,   ii.l.  countrj    The Jap admilteil thai  ho had   asked   sessions being very  largely attended.
lli'i"  awaiting      transportation      ami    '"'' money  nnd  becnusc il   «:i- i-efused
iw.uting      transportation      ami l"1' nionej   an i  IK'ciiusc il   wns
wi- -i.ii   supply it. he had tried  t" hill  the lady.
"Foi   '.'•  i-  destined   '"  lieeome I'l"' t-'hlof  oi  Police  -lainl  thai     he
tlie  most   important   poinl     anil    th" rnmc     up  in  response  lo a  telephone
citj   between  Prince    liuperl message     from   Mr.   Sibbnld's    house.
in-l   ICdi ..-.  und is  ih.- point   from ""   lh"  vvuj   h"  mel   the  la-'   will
which  >ve  pi            enter    the    rich Mr,  Kunpp. in a rig  who lohl him    in
territorj   in th" north ami  -.m li U"'l  in ami t-ome ..'"'i - aftei  the    -l i,.
.   i.i   Piiu .   Iln|„-i   Sal il I ,-. I'he -lap "a-  cniighl  ami plaenl under
.lin    ■   ,,:'   ."■                  ,      lo ' I'OSl         .lll'l    HIIIIIImI   li"l    In    -in       mi) -
arrange     Ioi  push                       pmenl ihiiiff.   Several      times  while  in     the
railway    nnd     Irnn portation   l'"'al gaol   lhe prisonei   had ".i	
i.  i- |  regit1!      ihai   In-   "had   nol   killed  mi--
ail..  .,, .1,,  ;..   tt,.  recogi     ■  ih"    ex- »"»•■'   Priaoncr could   talk  anil   uiuler-
lii irj     wealth     which    ne    are 'land  Knglish  woll.
t" open  i" ii"   world's trade,       IV. Han tilled the prisoni I
ae     hope i" '!•■ i'  in  the   i I" m     wnfiiml    nol    in   luy iiiiyiliing
manner possible, I"'!  ho had frequeiillj   ndmittcd    thnl
lu-iii.                            nee nnd     ipport be was  sorry  Im Innl  not  killed     llu
that has 1                  led us by the gov- lady.    Prisoner    had   picked  oul      his
.!     i| ',." knife  from   several   " ln-i-.  which    Was
  ihe same a- had lieen found   a    lini"
. . ler,  f,„- the work nn     lho ''' ,;"1'"     '"""  ''"' s'l>l'«ld hon-,-.   li
in   Hank  of Commerce building ll:l'1 n jngged edgo.
extended    lo  close    Sal - S,r"'   A    Carlson slnted lhal  -he Innl
:,■,!.-,-..   M,n   7th. '    ,;' '   l1'"  knite  in  qui   'in,   h .If ,,|..-,,
ami  covered   in  blood,  and  given
1 h" mv|-          -,   in-,,  lhal    thoy i.  i,, Com table Terry,
ervlc.      '            "i SI'MMIVfl   IP
Th" iludge   i ked  I he pri oner if    he
nished  I..    .1'.   anything, Inn  I he i" i-
nner     refused.     In  summiii ■   up    lho
IV   II    Smith,    'i  ih"  P,   Ition-  ( ,,,. .ludge pointed  oul   thai   Mr-.  Sibbald
foi   the '"i i    in     a had certainly been assaulted ami thnl
.-."li earned vnoalton. tlm evidence    howed ilm'   it"   prl   in '
Ml    rlume.    ■■      Revelstoke,  i-  1-■• .1.imlt was    the    man     aecu "i! i.i doll
ii inch. .I'li-oiii'i' wns nol drunk un! 'hi"  ■■
i mt'ii  who  were dangerous  to    belwe  require  '." carrt   us  bn '.   i"    real
i  large.   A     sentence of  ton     years   siimmei ing ol
rowhend nio-quito.
Rev.  Mi    11 ■ -
ganising  a   hoi -   ba-i-ball   team,    an I
i- nlso ni    ■  ■" iii   n ay  i" -i irl  .-,  .
baskel bai   ti
The l  n ini ?'■ .-   'I ij -
ha- li.'.-n il"- means nl de«troj n,_
telegraph coinni li ations wiiii lhe
-"ml..   i'"i'   ihi- has  no«
a   lii." 'limn: :■'..    Vrm loin iplix,
over nl.i li tin   hu    ■ ...
n "-I   nnil \> hen   i
hie «ill  I..-  laid.
'li.-     inan;     """ ''-   "'  «'.   II      IW I
' ..     j.
m>u   "'.'-'   •'"■  wa
Pin umi i   him
' ! '
\ " hn «ish    io    I. iv.-  ihoir
I '    - l"-iii".i     ihould
The scenes will he rt pmtid only tbis
afternoon and evi nil g, the films are
in great demand. Mr. Horstesd
announces positively that the scenes
given nre the only authentic pictures
ol Col. Rootevell't (unions trip tlin.ugh
TWO tboii'iind leet Ol film,   -laming
In all Wi distinct scenes, were well
displayed last night t.i admiring
crowds. Tim ei-presldent was repeatedly seen in camp, mi tbe 'ium.
and addressing I Ih natives, Hut ibe
most interesting pictures to young
and   old    alike    were    the    birds    mil
un.nn].-, the'flashlight nf a man*
eating tiger in the jungle, hippopotamus nt   play,   rliiniiccri'iis   nnil   hahy.
-uul tlm girtfTea nu their native heath.
heing some of tlm beautiful piotures
given, Tl"- Zulu war dance; Zulu
M'lni'i. and other native  pictures are
i\ will worth seeing and welcome
ihnngee trom the ordinary "made up''
moving pictures, seines usually hIiowu
light   alter     night.   Tlie   [acl   that
Roosevelt in Allien" 1ms attracted
■uch crowds to the Empire should
iiduci' Mr. Iliirsti'iul to make a strong
llnrl !' procure live scenes nf a like
I'm)      I,
Iteid &   \..
Moving Piitutes tonight.
.-«.--   1!       II
■    , ! .
ll '
0    '
- 1
th,   ii-
Im |
Ret     M    .
' ' '
1 Page
look:      look      and      read:
Vctual comparison of Eastern Catalogue prices, freight added, with
Kitchen Chairs 50c.
Kitchen Cabinet $6.75
Dining Table 10.55
[lining Chairs 88c.
Dresser and Stand 8.95
Bed 3.55
Bed 5.35
Dominion Spring 2.40
Child's Cot 5.10
Ostermore Mattress 15.00
Winnipeg price   Weight   Freight   Total    Howson's Price delivered
3 87
3 52
\\ •■ make our prnfil hy shipping in car load lot-, thnrfby Having freight rule-. Bring
ou'«I "i:in- giving ih-irii'tion of oilier goods nol pppcifipil iii thin lift to our stum anil we
will prove our -tntomentB,    [tptnetnlw we deliver gnodfl and eel tip free from breakage.
R.   HOWSON   &  CO.    -    REVELSTOKK, B. C.
Requirements ot District Ois-
ciiaseil with BoartS ot Traue
listriels   Inn   the   i
n,|i- rn,I n.lvi-nlll
■ii-l \\i.nlil In- Ion
i inn-   ,i\ :ii; il) .
ll,. referred lo the
mii a- lieinp ti"'"\
up nf ih" agricultural
, I     wesl   ua-   | u'i-
n-t    nnw      ;i-    ill"
ureal   for  ilu- re-
II, ,,.   11' ,111.1-     Tnylor,  nunisler    "i
puhlii    works,   iii"i   ii    hei'  "i  l"''"1"
.,,    - .-     m     niirhl.  tt'.II.   I'rutt,   I'res-
nl,..,!      ..I   the   lievelstoke     Hoard      "I
I     Mayor llumilton ihanUed Mr, Taj lor
nn  hehalf     of  the    cilj   fur all  he Innl
,1,,,," i,ii.I  was  glad   lo  know    that    a
new   .-..ini   Innl-"  would   Im  Imili    next
I;.. ' 'hn-   the  bridge  all   Hovel-
Crude,  wu-   in  the chair and expr I    .,,,],,.  |la,|  appreciated  whal   had    been
thanks in Mr. Tnylor I'm  all the work   ,|,,,,,.  |)V  ,|,c  government,  nnd  ii ns-
he had    done  foi     lhe   lievelstoke (lis-   a..,  ,,„„„„,,..,.  .,„,|   ||,C develnpinelil     of
i.'ni. nuriciilturnl  land- woultl he i lie result,
Mr.     Tiiyloi   waa glud  to  meel    lii-   T||(,  \|;1.,,„   i),„„ked  Mr.   Cayloi  for his
many frieiiil*   turaiii   nnd  roirn'lluel    hi-    .,,,,.,   ,„   (|lp (|n.|oi:iilinn   sent     from
short  si.ij   in   Kevelstnl i  iiii-  visit   |ll.|V ,,,  Victoria recently.   Mr.  Taylor
Iml  ,,ili. ml  w.irh   had  n  tlm   Wllll  n  -• f,-',..„ i at   ,n" Hnd had    the
change  in   lii-   itineraij   and   llii-  only   ;,,,,,,.,..,.  ,,f   |{t.velsloke  al   heart,
gave     lum "in- daj  in H.i-    city.   He-      u,    ^    l.nwrence thanked  Mr. Tnylur
..,-,clirij  il...    pntili"     w.iU- iii ili" .li-   ,-,,,.  .,||   |„,  |,„,i  ,!,„„.   io  promote    ami
I rict, Mr. Taylor was i-ouvi I    that   ujVance  the  interests ol  lievelstoke.
uli thai  had I n done was verj   .— (iuVKHN'MKXT  ADVERTISING.
sary, anl was glad thai ii was satis- u u Koster pointed oul that lhc
fuctory. In ili" mutter of the river _,,IX,., „„„.,,, mieht be persuaded tn is-
bank multrassing In- ho[M'd that iln- ,,„. ;| p„mpli|et oxiullinu .In- advnn-
Dominion    llovernmenl      would  refund   ,.,.,,.. o|-  ,|,|.   IjMi-i.-i.   This  ha I    ln"'ii
ihe  I'rnviiiiial   irovernuieiit
in nlher    pari- nl Canada
mi ihai.    Hi" new   trullic bridge meant   ,,x| r(l ,.,..,,,,  ,•„.,,   \|,.    | :l, i,,,-,-,,n|,|
n .^ivai deal t"i' lievelstoke ami wa- a |u)| |UIV(1 |„,,.n present at the chris-
ihing    which  had  been always  ■ i• -.-r11.-• i   len\na ,,;  ,|„,  "Vicioria  Bridge."
neccssarj  fnr  iln- udvnni-emenl  of  Bev-       (l    K    Nll> ,,.  ,,.,-,,.,,,,|  ,,, tne ,. .,,,.
elstokc, The bridge will be instrumon- ,,u. promptness with which Mr. I'ny-
ial in npening up a large ami vnluuplo ],,,. acknowledged all communicationa
urea "i huul across lhe Columbia mid [,.om ,|„, Board of Trade, II- urged
tiddini! greatly     i"    Bevelstoke's com-   eoncentration  on  the  thing*  mosl   de-
mcreiiil  an.l  iigriciilturnl     interests.   In   _ira|,|,.      f,,,.     t|„.      district,    I! ily
reviewing th isoti's   work Mr.   Ia>-   shotild strive after  ilm development  ..f
lor expr .1   pleasure nl   receivinc   tho    ,|„.    p,,L,     p„.n,|.    ami  a  nr' I - m
suggestions of ih" Board of" „,.. ,,,,. north by in,'an- of a road
who li" wa- -ai". advise hijn to ,,"m.| Death rapids in conned with
the best interests ior the upbuilding ol ,|„, .., transportation Re-
il." ilistr'u i. mill"" Ml     DSTRK.UI   BOAD
|„ refeiencc i" ilm road from Downie   .
•., ' loldsi ream     up  iii"    Hit   Bend Mi ....... rj
Taylor   stated    lhat  In .      ,-■, .     . .  -'  -   -.
ih.- Hoard  ' ' cws.   lie rel
red to ihe [nisi porta-      J|
tion In '
necessitj   now  ••!  ■
north, which would nn
How to get
a pure white
"THE object of all expert
bakers and cooks is to
make a pure white loaf
And this object is attained
by the use of
Purity is a hard-wheat
flour of decidedly superior
whiteness. It bakes into a
pure white loaf. So, you
see, to get the really beautiful white loaf you must use
hard - wheat
I flour.
••Htm Bread
and betttr
Wnii-ii c .1 .d. Flour Mills Co., Lid.
Office   Winnipeg   Mtnuot*
of a road roil        11
wa-   a   '."'       .  ,   . ■'■ .
win   I
woul 1      do   ill   I ■
j. md  get  full  ini
mutter.   The    inin
lead  ti
ill:;   ;:
I'l Bf.U    I'.l'll D1NC1
I I ■
11. I
Revelstoke Gun Club
You  judge a pair of shoes
some. the  way i.hey
perha|iS you judge them
• ■ y feel, but
-   ' a
feel <
- I
• be
iTTO     IJfPOR'l V
1     : .■ io high n in li cl   fo
11,         natural
penii mntry. H he i
; i [ Vm in    nnd   gel theii
\ aliiali"   regarding   thi [with thi      i  '.
.   '
lii|. .irs nf all   kinds  neatly  carried   on
Bicycle ami linn work aspecialty
l.t-tiiniucH given on any class.
of work.
Front     Street.
A RUO vilKAIi, 11. 0.
S| ini Attention given  in  commercial
ini'ii iiiiii t"it isis, l-'irsi-clnss sample
munis. Finest scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
Mttunfttcttired for Ml imh- ■.,.-. ,,f   hnUtliiiKi
for~t--\le iu Inrfte nr small (junntitiail
I nt th* lowest prices for Cftlh,
All klmtn.of haildinff RudJulastcrlnK
Foote & Pradolini,
Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot  Air
Pipe and   Furnace  Work
Connaueht Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Splemliil residences.
Suitable UuiMln^ U>ts
Those interested will do well to call
and see us l>efore deciding to buv.
Vou can obtain fair rates for l**ire Insurance in reliable companies with Domini n Charters.
Call and ^et figures.
Money to Loan on Residential Property.
Cor. Second St. and Mackenzie Avenue
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Ci(iare,Tobacco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Vegetable and Flower
Ornamental and Flowering
Best varieties of
Send for Catalogue
786 Granville St   P.O. Box 1063
Vancouver, ll. C.
All kindi j Reasonable i'r ires
Painting and
Paper Hanging
I ■ ■ mii Guaranteed
Cor. Third St. and IIuIihuii A venue
>i-:n  shoes
hi   i nm iii—nin
Union Hotel
Under Nevt Manngemenl
Stewart Macdonald
See Its "Artistic Arch"
Of all the 20 improvements of lhe clover-looking
Napoleon Shoe the feature which best pleases the
eye of the buyer is the Artistic Arch. Special lasts
are made for every pair of Napoleons— foot-sculptured
lasts—and inside there is a stout steel arch which
snugly holds the instep.
That free, athletic stride which marks
the man of action is not possible when the
arch support of the shoe fails in its function.
Showing the Napoleon Shoe is a
pleasure—whether you come to see or
to buy.
Sold everywhere in Canada, the
United States and Great Britain at the
same price—$5, $5.50 and $6.
Scotch  Whisky
A Genuine Highland Whisky.
There are hundreds of' brands of so-called
"Scotch Whisky."
Many of these are not genuine.
For your health's sake, confine your choice
to standard brandi; use a whisky of recognized
Watson9 Whisky is one of these; distilled
in the Highlands of Scotland—the district
acknowledged to be the best in the world for
whisky distilling.
We age our Whisky in Sherry wood, and,
after careful blending, it is bottled in our ware-
bouse and sealed with an adhesive capsule
bearing our name.
Every such bottle carries with it our unqualified guarantee of purity and quality.
Insist     on
"THREE STAR"—A mild. dioroujMy ra.turtJ Scold.
"NO. 10"—A fiill-UJicJ. lieUy (UvoreJ Scotch.
JAMES WATSON & CO., Limited -  Dundee.
3 Superb Styles
The famous Fit-Reform designer
has created three models in 2
Button Sack Suits that surpass
anything of this style ever seen
in this country.
The combination of originality
and elegance will appeal
to every man who prizes
exclusiveness and good taste.
The  patterns—
in  fine  English
FEFORmII Worsteds —are
JM   equally   diStinc-
^4^    tive. is
Revelstoke,  B. C. WEDNESDAY, MA1!   I, mm.
Page I
Notice in herejby given thnl an application will be made under Part V. ol
the "Water Act, 1909," to obtain a
license in tho Revelstoke Division ol
West Kootenay District.
(a.) Tho name, address ami oooupa-
tion of tho applicunt, Jacob S. Wiens,
Nakusp, B. C, fruit grower and vegetable gardener,
(b.) The name of the lake, stream,
or sonne (if unnamed, the description
is)   Little stream,    unnamed,  running
out of small  lake i ol mile east of saiil
(e.l The point ol diversion, 20 rods
west of east ond ol lot 2, sub-division
of lot 4274 Group (1).
(d.) The quantity ol water applied
for |in cubic feel per second) one ruble (nnl per mm,,nl.
(e,i   The    character ot the proposed
works: Taken with   tecid  irtsghs {rem
tream to garden.
(f.) The premises on which the water is to be used, Lol 2, Subdivision
ol Lot 4274 Group Hi Kootenay.
(tr-) The purposes lor which the wa
ter is to be used,—irrigating vegetable
(h.) If for irrigation, describe the
tand intended to be Irrigated, giving
acreage.—1 acre on west end of Lot '2
aub-division of Lot  4274 of Group (1)
(k) This notiee was posted on the
14th day oi March, 1910, and an ap-
plieation will be made to tlie Commissioner on the 1 Ith day of April, A.
D.,  1910.
(1) Give the names nnd addresses
or any riparian proprietors or licensees who or whose lands are likely to
be alTeeted by the proposed works,
either above or below the outlet,—
Buisnall Urns.. Robert I.a Rue, Nakusp
B. C, below outlet.
Doted Mar h  16th.,  1910.
(Si^nedl m.16.
Nakusp, B. C.
In the Goods   of   Thomas   Beecher
"Metheiall. deceasid.
Notice is hereby given that all persons having claims against the late
Tbomss Hen-lior Metberall. of Ping
ston Creek, deceased, who died on or
about the 4th day of September, l'.KI'J
are required to send by post prepaid
or delivered tu the undersigned, solicitors lor the Administrator, their
nanus, address's and the full particulars of their claims in writing, and the
nature of securities, if any, held by
Anl take notire that aftor June 1st,
1910 the Administrator will proceed
to distribute the assets ol the deceased
amongst the persons entitled thereto,
having regard only to tbe claims ol
which he shall then have notice.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. C.this ISth
April, A   D, 1910.
Itevelstoke  B C.
4ws Solicitors (or Administrator
Eggs for Hatching
Eggs (or hatching from  the follow -
ing imported pure bred stoin:
S.  C.   Rhode   Island   Reds.-t2.00.
Silver Laced Wyandotte*,—$2.00
Barred Plymouth Rocks.-S2.00
S. r, Hull Leghorns,-<2.00
Cornish Indian Game,—82.00
White Crested Black Polish,—12.00
Emden Geese.—$3.00.
Imperial Pekin Ducks.—91.75.
Also stock from  the above for sale.
MRS. R. A.    UPPER.
Certificate of Improvements
" Harry" mineral claim, situate in the
Trout Lake Milling Division ol Wert
Kootenay District.
Where located; On Poplar Creek,
near poplar Townsite.
TAKE KOTICE thai I, A.R.Heyland,
Free Miuer'a Certificate So. 11. 2541)5,
intend, sixty days Irom date hereof, to
applj to the Million Recorder (or a Certificate ol Improvements, lor the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Urant "l the above
And further take notice that action,
undei Section 37, must he commenced
before the issuance ol such Certificate ol
Dated thi> ISth d.n ..I April, A. 1>.,
A. R. 11KVLAN1).
VH 11 i
'To At.i. Whom ItMw Concern:
Take no'Ice thai we, Julius Doitgal
and A. I-'.. Haighi nl lhe town of Nakusp, in the Province of British Ool
iiinlii.i, Intend tonpnly to the Chiel' ol
Provincial Police HO days alter the
date hen nf, for th* ti ansfer of licence
held l,v II. .1. LnBtush. of the Hotel
Grand. Nakusp, to A. K. lluigh and
.Iniiu- Donga),
Dated  nl   Nakusp, 11.   C, thi- ISth
day ol April.
.li i.n - Dol ii vi,
apZJ Im A. E. ll vioH,
MINERS    u Wi in   For       Pren I
Creek, Dig Bend. Apply E. A.
More bread and Better bread
 And the Reason for it
A STRONG, FI.OTTR can only
tie made from strong wheat.
Manitoba hard wheat is acknowledged the Strongest in the world—
ami that is the kind used for
Purity Flour.
llut that's not all. Every grain
of this wheat contains both high-
grade and low-grade properties.
In separating the high-grade parts
from the low-grade the Western
Canada Flour III ills put the haul
wheat throughaprocesssoexQClitig
that not a single low-grade part
has the remotest chance uf gutting
iu with the high-grade.
Of course this special process is
more expensive lo operate but it
means a lot to Purity flour users—
that's why we use it.
It means that Purity Flour is
made entirely of the highest-grade
flour parts of the strongest wheat
iu the world.
It means a high-class, strong (lour
and therefore yields "moru bread
and butler bread."
I'uri'y msy cost a little more
than c iaic fiours, l.ut results prove
it the cheapest t.uJ uiui,t economical after all,
Ho\:s2 Cbaning Days
are Coming!
And Get
A Big Three Pound Package
Golden West Washing Powder!
It Makes House-Cleaning a Picnic :
Dish-Washing a Pleasure.
It Cleanses -Purifies—Beautifies
And the Premiums are Fine !
Guaranteed Full Weight
"SALADA" Tea is weighed by electric weighing
machines. The net weight is printed on every
package. We absolutely guarantee it to contain
full weight without the lead covering. Have your
grocer empty a package and weigh   it for you.
17 A
Sealed  M SALADA" Packets  guarantee   full   weight and tea
unequalled for goodness, freshness and fine flavour.
 Black, Mixeii and Natural Green, Wc, 50c, 60c and 70c por lb. ——>
of origin.
ti. a.
Import direct from country
Take notice that 30 days niter date 1
intend to apply to lhe Superintendent
nf Provincial 1'olice for a renewal of
the retail liquor licence lor the Union
Hotel, Arrowhead, ll. C, (or the hall-
year In in June 30th, 1910, to Dec. 31st,
Dated Maj 4lh, 1910. ir""
Way -I llll. \V. J. LlGHTIIURNK.
plEfidid [
Take notice that 30 days after .hue
we intend lo apply lo lhe Superintendent of the Provincial Police for n renewal
of the retail liquor license (or the Lake-
view Hotel, Arrowhead, D. C, for lhe
half year frcui June 30th, 1910, to Dec.
31st, 1910.
Han.I Maj 4th, 1910.
Mav4 Im. CiiaI'.man ,v Irwin,
Mil ICE.
Notice is lierehj given thai 30 days
nfter dale I Intend to apply lo the
Superintendent of the Provincial Police
fur a renewal ol lhe retail liquor license
for the Queen's Hotel, Comaplix, Ii. C,
lor the half year (rom June 30th, 19in,
to Dec. 31st, 1910
Dated Maj Itli, 1910.
May I lin J. II. YOUNG.
Take notice that 1 intend to applv to
the Superintendent of the Provincial
Police fur a renewal of the retail lii|uor
license for the Kootenay Hotel, Hurtou
City, ll. C. fur tlie half year Irom June
50th, 19111 to Dec. 31st, lyin.
Dated May 4th. 1910.
May 4 lm WM. I.flVATT.
Take notice that 30 days after date I
intend to apply to the Superintendent ol
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Halcyon Hot
Springs Hotel. Halcyon It C, fur tin
half year from June 30th, 1910. to Dec
31st,  1910.
I'Dated May 4th, 1410.
May 4 lin. H. MclNToSH.
In speaking of the (unions musical
Kckhaidis, Swiss Bell Hingtis, the
Lethl'iidge Herald lays :—
" One of ihe finest entertainments
given in tbis city for m me time wns
held Inst night in Wesley church
under the auspices ol the Epworth
League when the Musics! Eckhurdis,
SWISS Hell ltingers, sostainid their
reputation ol being the finest artiste
in their line, and l.ithhridge citizens
are to he congtntnliUtd on tie opportunity to listen to such wonderful
mnsiciil talent us appeared lust night.
Tlie leading feature ol the program
w«s, ill ci urse, the bell-ringing, its
appreciation reing shown hy the
repeated applause given, while the
selictions on the mahimhu| lu ne, al-
liiiiiiiiiini chimes, musical glassps,
rallies, et3., were appreciated to the
special menl ion should be made ol
the I ell ringing ol G. C Eckbardl,
who, in a hill solo, picked Up, rsng
nnd put down in txact time, bells at
the rate ol 150 per minute.
'I he vocal solos of A. E. Martin and
tlie readings ol (i.C. K-kliardt. were
also will rtceivtd and vigorously
The entire cm puny are exceptionally clever Hid produce their work
with an artistic finish that would sat
tsfy the. most exacting.
Don't Icuget the date at the Edison
Theatre on May 2-lth, Victoria Day,
I'.i.l- arc requested for the following
trades up tu Saturday, May Till on
New Bank ol Commerce, Revelstoke.
Excavating, Masonry, Plumbing, Heating and Metal Work. Carpentry, Pnin-
ting and    Glazing. , Sand and Gravel
per cubic  yard.      Plan-    and  S| ili-
cations ran be Reen at the Bank ol
Commetve, or by applying to Vi. 11.
CiiWRton,  Union  Hotel.
Lowest or any lender not necessarily accepted.
High school,
Div. I.  ..
High school,
Div. 11...
Puhlic school
Div. I . .
98 26
I'ublic school
Div. II.
I'ublic school
Dv. Ill
Public school
Div. 1 V
88 00
i School hWance
The attendance at the public schools
lor the month of April was as follows-.
- -;
Public school, Div. V.. 47 87.02 20
Public school, Div. VI. 46 91.78 28
Public school. Div VII 61 87.26 20
I'ublic school, Div.Ylll 39 94 02 18
I'ublic school, Div. IX 46 88 66 21
Public school, Div. X. 56
Public school, Div. XI. 44
88 till
Movinu Pictures Tn-nisrht.
Moving Pictures tonight.
Moving Pictures tonight.
Totals 478   '.10.47 212
The work ol excavating fm'
fouudntion ol the Bank of C
building on M -Kenzie Avenue
commenced next week,
ilu- new
vvill be
i I
Charming Production bj Revel-
stoke Children
One ol I he pretties! ol juvenile dramatic productions ever seen in Revelstoke was played at the Edison
Theatre on Monday and Toe-day
nights of this week hy forty ehild'cn
under the au-p ees nl ii e Ladies Guild
of St. Peter'r Church.
The play n< a charmi"g MavDiy
Cantata or a Spring Idyll entitled
• 'I'I e Dieam of the KI over-." Although the plot whs iut slight the
idea of the little play was prettily
carried out, enlvmred 'v the dainty
sweetness of lhe liti'e acip --es, by the
color i ll'ei't of the electric Bpot and
Hood lights a* well as hy the single
yet tasteful stage setting The cantata consisted of a sen. sol choruses
and recitations all prett'ly rendered
hy the cM'drpn, the young voices
blending verv wel! t..gitt.-.
Among the leading parts Miss li.iris
MeCarter made a dainty little fairy
queen, a ro'ir if her charming band,
while Miss Bertha Hobbs as ' Morning
Glory," the lieiald of the spring
llowera carried out her pretty part
well. Vivacious Biid sprightly, Miss
Louise Rue, as th- ".lolly Bumble Bee"
drew much > pplau-e, her singing
being greatly appreciated. Miss HyU
Tomlinson and Miss Alma Corson as
the two chi'dren round whom tip pl< t
centres looked very 8weet iu their
light summer dresses.
The May DiV chorus, a Levy ol
pretty girls scored a treat success
over the M.y p de dunce, the c 1 ir
effect being very attractive The little
tots an tbe faities and ll wer«, each in
appropriate oostume, looked sweetly
pietty and made many friends in tlie
audience, carrying out their parte
without a "inn ol "nit-aras-ineiit. The
costume* were very dainty, the various colors blending harmoniously,
Excellent music was provided hy
Mies Frmces Paget.
The general state setting and prc>
duction was a crulit to tlio'e who had
the management and ihe whole performance was carried out without ary
hitch or delay. Mention must he
made of the (inarming flower drill
under the direction of Miss Hobbs.
Moving pictures hetwieu tlie acts
wtre much appreciate'1, and the whole
entertainment was highly pleasing
and pretty, and a retention ol something Bimilar nill he eagerly lookid
for. Revelstoke has every reason to
be proud ol such a pretty aggregation
ol charming budding Thespians.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market afli rds. Hest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars     RatSS $1 a day.     Monthly rate.
J".    ALBERT     STOHSTE      PROP.
T If11 fl
thp: only one ok the original
Bohemian Glass Blowers
With his Company of Expert Glass Workers
will give Exhibitions Nightly for Two Weeks
To-Night. Wednesday Eve..  May  4th
At their Stand  on; Avenue
30th Annual tour and lirst appearance in your city of the
only company of (llass Workers who have delighted thousands
In all parts of the world in their wonderful and peculiar Bl
of entertainment.
Jobbing   promptl}   atli tided l rut lot ^
Trees, I'lniits, Rulhs, etc,    l.nwns and Harden a*
ol   Ioi   iln-   Buiilliici t
Roosevelt Pictures
The famous Roosevelt Pictures
showing the recent South Africa expedition of the ex-Pree dent will be
seen at the Kdi-on Tl-rsire to night
and Thureday.   Ne's n News says:
'■ Pictures tsktn Jfrom < x-l'n sident
Rocsevelt s teiera A'ricsn expedition
proved a great attraction at the Empire theatre la-t night, many pers, ns
being obliged to Hand and all three
sessions being very largi y attended.
The will i • rrpt l»d • ly this
aftcti oon and evi ning, llu ma ate
in great dimaid. Mr. Hur»t<ad
announces positively that tbe sceiea
given aie thi inly authentic pictures
ol ('• I, R . -i veils Ian oua trip tin.nigh
Two thomard tfftnl Rim, showing
in nil 3(1 distil itt -.. i i -. were well
displayi d I - night t i »dn iriinj
crowds. The ex-ptesidenl was ie-
peattdly seen in camp, nn lbe trail,
and addressing lh» i stives. But the
most inti '• •■ . ■' - to >oung
ami old alike m i- tbi hi da u d
aninm , la   man-
eating tigei  ■ ■ - •    blppopp'a.
mut »i   plaj   -I :     ■ •    -   ird ba
and tin- gir«tt'ea nn • -ah,
" •'• -
g... ii     i   ■ Zulu
hi mt a and     hi    nativi   pii turn  ara
nil well   worth  •!•• ing   ai d «< I
changes Irom i       • '    • ida tip"
Dg |      ■• ■ y ahown
night   alter     i  .
1: i - i al tracti d
SI1CM -    •
induct Mi  ll irsti
■ '1. it to -        >  like
A Clialieiiijs
f\]'i i n nee.
J  Residence with F. G. Frisby.    Phone 80 +
Tin  ''-
tbe i-
lacrcasi    d or ah in M     .1
■ ■— Yngo 4.
wv:i)NKsi).\y, may i. mm.
Zbc flftaiUlfoecato
Jntci'ioi; ipubltsbino Company,
Subscription   Rates
IucltiiiiiK i'ii-..!.-.'- i"  KiiKland, I 'mi oil Slates
mill I
Ity llm j
mull I
J'JH    KINT1NO ,.oini|-ii) im iin. si .u. i-iMsuii-
able i.tii--.
l'KHMs   i -.i-.ii.   - ut,-. iii.l i    - payable in wl
l.i-K-.l in .iim- I'l.vui- per  lim-  lirsl   iii-.-i-Iiini,
.-n-i-iii- in i Im.   i ..   i.       li i' i   ni-'-i;	
MuasiiruiiiuiiK n n 11 112 llna> iiuikoono
,,,,1,1. - nn in,! ,■■ imriil iiii-ini— an-
nuiiiiciiiiii ills ti ■ i' i in ih pur month.
I'i-.'I.timI :'■ per <-<-iii. ao-
dlUi Til. Ulrllls, l| mum- uiul Hi'.Uli-.
;.:    ,-,,. Ii   in-- rli in.
I Ill i-    -.. HI      All   iiilMTli-i'tilrllt-
-iitin-M iut Iiii iipprnvul nt Mn- i nn mii; mil.
v, iiituii uiul i ihiiIuiimiI  lilverll-unieiiUi:
.H - u luiieil, ll.-lii Wauled, Situations
wanted,    Sliiuitiuiir     Viiinint,     li'.-iii-i-.
\Vm -.!   M      .        VViu 1.  1" words ui-
1,... -j „■.. ,m mn-   I"   cents.
ClmiiK'u- ni winding advert isonienta must
bo in by '.i a. in.   '1 uusdii) and Krlday ot
„, i i, w, i. 'i, .imh.■ good display.
COKHKSPOSDKNCK Invited   "" mattors ol
public ini.-r.-i.   Uoiniiiunlciiuous o> s.ui-   ,1,,.    pei'lornuinei
[or   must   is-  aooonipiiulod   by   name  ol
wrii.-i. imi ii -..oil) in  publication, but   Willi's,
ii- ovldonoe of good fallh, Correspon loin -
nhoulrl li- "ri-i.
Glearview Addition
At prices onequarterof those asked
in ot her parts of Revelstoke
li is one of the mosl desirable locations in the city
for Residences and has a superb outlook, fresh air, no
wind or hot air.
LibBral Discount if Purchase Made During April
Mil ICE  Tn   IT11L1C
The have  serili'etl   Un rvieea
nl   ,,    -MiMiiMT.     \nv   persons   il.-iroil-
n(   I ni inj   i .I'ii-      i'Iosi i     in     e   1	
I,..-,-,   I.     -li mltl  l.'.-m-  nnri    ni     iinil.  M.  I'AHKY
Chief nf 1'nlicn
I     ■ .     uolii-i'    ' inn    \> i-    llll'-ll'l    III   lllllKl'
npp'i ■ niuu   io   llie   Supi'i iiii.-iiili-iu     of
l'i.,\ in. ril   I'oli. i' fur  ,i  renewal ni our
eliiil     li
ilif  premises
; : ,     :1m   Lelnnil   Imiel,   Nukusp,
II, ('.. for ihi' lum yi ar frnin  .lune 110,
I'.il    I)... . l.ili.r   31st,   liiin.
Oifilvio &   MeKilriek,
m ii Hid, lino.
nf one of iu     lirst
OlTKlllKls :      IMI'KIOAI.   'HVK    RUILDIKG   KlfiVttt,
S'l'OKK, Ii. 0,
Money tn loan,
Otfioea: Itovelstoke. H ('.   Cranbrook, it, I'.
Oko. S. MoO iktku
A. M. I'iNiiiiAM' J. A. Hahvkv.
Itcii-l-inkn '  r.iiihrni'k
•\\7-II.LIAAl  1.
H u-1'isl.i-i-
Solicitor, etc.
Solicitor for:—
Tuk Canadian Hank or Commerce,
Tuti Molsunu Hank, Etc.
1>0Hi'.Ki' SMITH
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Miiiiiik Siuveyor
McKknzik Avenue,
Mux iini. Rrvelrtoeb
Mi'l Ii I'.
i nlu. n itii-c ili ,i ::n iini - nflei' iliil.-
ive inti'inl in apply io id,' Snperin-
i'i i. in „( I'l'iiviminl I'nliie for n n-
iiewnl nl ili.' retnil liquor lii'ense for
the  filneier   House,  flliieier,   11. C.,  for
i'n-  hull vi.i- Irom   .Il  30,   1010     lo
ll,',-, iiiln'i   31st,   11110,
('.   I'.  Ily. I'o.i.
.,   ||,,n.   Mi Ketl/ie   Kiln.', '     M;u   ;)„|    |n|f).
V CAN Mil \N   1 UIOH   l'.IT.'l'.AI'
Vie ■
nuicirr oi ii.iiiik.
li i- ci-iitifyiiiKi to know thnt nt
lasl Itevelstoke will have n new pro
v in,-ial a ii ■ nmeiil huildina i Imt nil
be inlei|unte for the roipiireinenl* ol
di,. Ioi nl work. Mr. I'ai lur ha- irivei
us  ileliuite      assuritn.'e      iliai   tho  nen
Ihuililiiil!  "ill h pud  io ii  not   hettel
I lum   ibe om.  i- nili  ereeteil  at   Ktitn-
n i - era I witisfneliiw antl »p-
proi-i ition nl Mr. Taj lor's elloi-ls In
winds fiii'lli.Tin- the interests of llii-
i,Mii.i an- li.-in- expressed. The faet
of ih,- prim iin in! L'uvernineiil erci line
a new hiiildini! hero should huve tin
elfeet  of eiiiisinjj   the lloinininn flovern.
if l.a'ior. iln- advisability nf
uiismii lalior bureaus throughout
Canada. Such Inn.-an- have lung been Take notice that 30 days afterdate I
,, |„u'i ,,i iln- a liiiiiii-iiaii'.ii of ihe j Intend to apply to lhe Superintendent
lab,,, depur.tments nf ilie AusirirJiiw of Provincial Police for a^ renewal ol
■ mI  New   /.ii'iii I      •     I'"I.'ni-,    and 'the retail liquor licence  lor the  Union
,l„. udopth I the ---inii in Hritniii   Hotel,   Arrowhead,  B.C.   for  the  hall
bv   ll,,,,.   Win-ion  Clii'iivhill   has    been 'year Irom June30th, 1910, to Dec,   31st,
„' marked siie.-ess,   The  prevention    nf   1
lali.ii-  w iisie  bi   su li   L'ni ei'iiiiient   bur
1 lie   llotnilii'i
i lovernnient   hns noili-
ii, mi In   of  the  inline  ,,f  .-,   publie
cans i> nun i.'llo'i-. 'Hi,-> ii - i'i ib In evei-i eeiiiro. and w li n Inbor
i- searee tit nne | mill I udi ii ■■ is sent
In nthei biireniis, al whieh a surplus
,i{   I ilmr  i-   reported.   This  surplus Ju-
bnr i-  ininiedinleli       veil   in    ivhero
ii i- i-eipiiietl, mnl in lhe event ot tho
upplietints beinp li.iil nl inline} fnr
iiiilio|..million, the neeessuri rni
or steainliunl tiekets ure tidvnneed b}
tin. bureaus ami i-lmiireil till ' repaid,
iiL'ainsI    il ai-niiii;-   of   (lie   man     -o
menl   i" nut   "l1 n pubin' biiihluii! i"1--
1  ,      '        .        , ,   ., ,.        trfcinsiHirlntinn,  the    n ssuri   railway
\\   m.i-     the    pfni n  has  n  biiililnij
,,,'  „   .,,, i  yel   on   the  other hand
leeordiau lo lii- . iii'iini -
sluiues and ftiniil} ivpnnsihilities.
The Hon. Mr. Kino eould lender the
workers nf Canada nn Greater sorvhii
than    by     the estalilishmenl   ,,i    sueh
■"-   """"-, ■;; "",   leiuicci
liuildinc nt nil, the postal anil ens-
loins work heini! - in ied nn in mere
ipoioL'ies for ..Ho .■-. li i- .'.'I'laMiU
up io iln- Dominion i Ini ei -
l„n „p ,i,liie.' worthy of tho eity,
VAMtii-iKK AND REVELSTOKE, B, C.   ami  follow      the example ill  the prov
  in,,..    The      iM.-n-ioii   ,,i   roads   round
All "on,nun,in. ,,., oiili-i'sM'd to I'.-t   Itevelstoke a- promised In   Mr. Taylor
pfllee,  It 'ills oke, will have piuinpt !„ i||  \ j    grenl  importnnee in brine-
attention. i . ,,, ,|,,.„ lo„(.|, „iili the .in the
  •    ,        1 ,     ,  ,     P"l|s|l, »t   Poilrne's
_    w    n   w valuable      irons    ..I  land   atljaeenl   lo
C'   W-   U   W' |{PV(>| ,,.!.,.    The     wl      lone  ul  the   FOR      SALE    ICurly   lloehesler    II.
Mountain viow Camp, No. 219 honorable gentleman's address nn Pat-   Seed Potatoes, on the Old  I'laiiiaii
■Meeti  Second  mnl   Knnriti  Wednesday! In a;,„Tt,.   ,,,.,,,„;.;,,.,    ,n.l    R     i .,,..
eaeh niniiili. in Selkirk Hull.   Visum   Wood-urdn}    was   exeeedingl}    promisn
men eonliiil'i' iiiviieil tn iitond.
ll   E OfliOKNE run. i'om.
J \-   M. IN I KRK, Clerk.
Business Locals
l/ipiid Veneer,   the   best   furniture
Dated May 4th, 1910.
May I lin, \V. J.'iit'KNi;
Take notice that 30 days after dale
ui- intend to apply to the Superintend-
entofthe Provincial Police torn renewal
of the ret iii liquor license for the Lake-
view Hotel, Arrowhead, B. C, for the
half year from June 30th, 1910, to Dec.
31s'., 1910.
Dated May -Ith, 1910.
Mm--I lin. Ciiapman& Irwin.
Notice is herein' given that 30 days
after date 1 intend to apply lo the
Superintendent of ilu* Provincial Police
f.r n renewal of the retail liquor license
for the Queen's Hotel, Comaplix, 11. C.,
for the half year from June 30th, 1910,
to Dee. .list, 1910.
Hated May 4th, 1910.
M iv -I lm J. II. YOUNG.
Kootonay Lodgo, No. 16, A r. A A  M
.    distliet.
,1   |,i,,-|i,..,   lor        gUy g Knickerbocker  Spray   Prush
il"-     '"i";n- ,in" "! ''"    at Bourne Bros,   and   have   a  ebowtr
velopmenl ..   md  for  the fnrtherin      ■'    ^lh
A number of residential nnd some
icreage property for sale on terms.—
tpply II. X. Courgier. tf
I ■ '. li mil    '' inn rn-.
.   Studio.
The regular meet
i-.c- it", luil'l ill tllfl
11 i-sMi TKMPLK
> 1 i'.. ...vv- Hall, i'ii
ilis tliinl Mi'iniiiy in
.•irli 'ii'Milli at 8
11 ni. Visitii'K brntli-
m c.riiiallj wai-
J   T. POLLOI K. Mi-n 11
('HAS. .1   AM IN   -1 . ill 1 mi
Mi nt I
Refrigerators, ice cream freezers,
lawn mowers, rulner hose—the beat Ht
SEI.KIHK LODGE 12. I. (>. n F.
It..,.-    ,-■ ■■-..  -
1 o   "'"■  ■ i    1   9a
il irV   Hi     .: .
 yVllttlni brelhrau ara
cerdially inviusi in attaud.
L   PBOBVS, N.U.       1A8   UATHIB -»
Cold Range Lodgo, K. of P.
No. 26,  Rovalstoke, B. C.
"i. •'; ■
eseh miMiii'. In Idle
Hall    *i    - *t        lil< ne
KnKbti are oordlaUy nyl
D    I. McD IS U   '
U. H   BBOCR   K   ot  B. * 8
T   P    SMITH. )l      IF
ftei   date
erii   end-
B, (  .    fm
' 1
1    I'll EW
Take notice that I intend to applv to
the Superintendent of the Provincial
Police for a renewal ol the retail liquor
license Ior the Kootenay Hotel, Burton
City, B. C., for the half year Irom June
i'ltli, 1910 to Dee. 31st, 1910.
Dated May-lib. 1910.
May -1 lm \VM. LOVATT.
Take notice that 30 days after dale I
intend to apply to the Superintendent ol
Provincial Police Ior a renewal of tlie
retail liquor license for the Halcyon Hot
Springs Hotel, Halcyon H C, for the
hall year Irom June 30th, 1910, to Dec.
31st, 1910.
Hated May 4th, 1910.
Mav   I lm. II. MclNTOSll.
11.   I'
I A a
i ike notice that UO days after date
1 intend to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police lor a renewal
of the retail liquor license for ihe
1 riterfon Hotel at Camborne, It. C,
for the half-year from 'lune 30, 1010,
11.  ember :il-i.   1910,
11. I  May   Iih.   1910,
I-'. T. MIRY.
M......   hi  I.  11   I)   1
Tnppii H
\l in uioniii.
c. n
1: ■   -    ii
Che nDaiUUxn-alb
1   QV    i:k<;.i*at]ons   Qt.\
MIKION       LANDS      WITHIN      TllK
UAII,\VAY    i:i:i/l'    IN   THE   l'UOV-
A   LICE5N8E to cul  timber cun be %o
mly   ;it   i>uiiiie   competition,    a
rental of $"» per iquare mile \h oharjfftd
for all  timber berths except  thote iltu-
i weil -if y.i!■■ rm- which the rental la
e of ;, o< nti per acre per annum,
ental, Ju«-h at tho
I . ■    hi 1 red!—
Pawn   lumber,   BO   centi   i»'r   thouBand
H M,
.•.im  and nine fti»;i long,
■ nti each,
■ ntn a cord,
I    Ai. ' ;■ 1    >nl   00  the
a   lotnM Is Issued oon h* a ijerth
■ irveyed terrltorv  no
il  on 11 berth  until th«
■.,.. 111.■   l sun >■ 1
m -■    ;1..   ,i..,i" anted
< ■ pi  In iii" «';uie
tie  tlm-
, ■
,   obtain
.. ; 'i enrdi nf wi,od f'"""
iin    without     omp*tlUon.
,t■ : ■   1 permit  «r«
1  feel   it M., for   q iare
nt   any   wood   ei
; g   . ni ■ 1 »i  IInenI
from  12 1*1 ■" B
•...■i.i 1 ■ 11' :■.!   feno*
, ,    . .     ties;  s
■ 1 nglii -
■ ■
■-i'        Ht       H
■ annum
■ 1   nt   $10
1 nnthra-
,   ..   ■ impsi ■■■
. ,. nti pei  ton
ncted  'rn   H,41 grow*
■     n
i it. rl,   •■!
A straight, honest,
healthful cream of
tartar baking  powder.
Made from Grapes.
Contains not a grain
of injurious  ingredient
ore: AM
\mm nn
Fifty Years
the Standard
^ Lime   N
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
West Kootenay Steam Laundry
Revelstoke,  B. C.
Send your Blankets and have them
Properly and Promptly Cleaned.
Satisfaction guananteed in all lines
Phone R      Office Corner 2nd. St., and Mackenzie Ave.
Ttirhnr.l MoHri.1*
nf British I mM».
•'Tlio llimr nml lard uscil lniinynoclaa may be f I, but lhal i- not nil
tlml is wanted in a muisfying biaouit—ii ia nol all that Foloy'a Soilaa
'il'iMil  lliivnr i-  ciaontlal.    In  securing tho  s I  llavor "I   Kolpy'i
Kodat  wc  r Kniio the  Imporlancc ol  it  pcrfectly-opcrallnn yraat.
\\|. lake no clmncca with mir yra-i      tt'e could buy it (nun ontxids
mukepi at li—; coat, bui wo di i .1" hi    all the yeaal uaed in  Knjcy'i
.ii i- made in our own Kactory and by securing perfect workiuit of
'Imi yeaal, we gol llic delightful llavor for which Foley1! Soda« iirs
xun.-r uur. never llm ur patty -alwaya sweet, orlap and Kood
nil i lie way through,
Foley  Bros.  Larson &*Co.
ii Ottawa, tha Commlnlonnr of immigra.
lion nt WlnnlpOK. or ih.- locui agum for
the Dlltrloti within which the land li
Rltuated, rtoalv* authority for aom« one
id make entry for him.
A foe of $10 U charged for hoim-al^ad
i ii try.
A lettler who 1mi« reottived an entry r<>r
:, hnmeiteadi Ih rwiulrcd to perform the
condition* coniH-cti'd tln'irwlth und"- one
■ if  tne fo:iiiwiiiK plans:—
Is months' residence upon
IIvation of the lund In each y(?ar
durliiK the term nf thm> years.
ii n the practice nf thi   Im liiirtment to
B  leittor to bring lu acrea under
■ uttlvatlon, bui if h*- prafers he may sun-
ntltul* etock; ti"*l Wt hond of cattle, to be
lilt own prnnnrty.  with hullttltiKB
foi   ■■ -Ir ROCommodatJottj will be required
I   of  cultivation.
"      rather Oir mother.  If the fa-
dsoaaaed) of any person who 1»
make n bomsstead sntrj under
111Oni  of   tho   Act    reHld*>!i   upon
n   farm   In   the   vlclnltv   of   th*»   land   entered for ny ««nh person bm a homestead,
QU  of  the  Aft aa  to  resi
dence prior to obtaining patent may ba
satlatted by such person residing with tha
rather or mother.
(8) If the settler has bis permanent
rfBidence upon farming Und owned by*
hint in the vicinity of htn homestead, tba
requirements of the Act hf to residence)
may  he  satlsflexl   by  residence   upon   tba
Applied,on for patent should be made
salil   land.
;it the pnd nf thro* years before the local
Rgont, sub-agent or a homestead Inspector.
H*>fnrr ninKnu application for a patent*
th«! •ci'.iei* must give six months' notlca
In wrltlnr to the Commlflnioncr of Do-
mlnlon l.nndp at Ottawa, of his Intention to do so.
W.   V7.   fX>RT,
Heptity   Minister of  the  Interior*
imi;    SAT.K OR  RKNT   Ranch     a<
1 1 nwiltinm,    Vpply    lo    Mrs,    Mary
r,   'liiiwilliam,   W.   C, *<
Pag* ■
If our methods suit you
tell others. !f they don't
suit you tell up. Any criticism of our mode of
doing business will be
We all know how hard it is
to keep the feet Cool und com-
fortable during the warm
weather. Thin year we huve
so'vrd the problem for all who
will tak • a look at our line of
Canvas Shoes for Men, Women
and Children. Comfortable,
Dressy and Durable.
For Men
Plain Duck, Blucher bai, in
Dark dray and Tan. A neat
and dressy shoe at $2 50.
Dark Gray Canvas, leather
toe protection, either in t ixfords
or Hals, at $1.76.
White Duck Oxford, a new
last with welted sole, at $2.70.
Boys' (Iray Canvas Oxford,
leather tips, at $1.60.
Youths' Gray Canvas Oxfords, leather tips, at $1,35,
For Women
Plain Duck Blucher i i.xford,
leather tips and leather facings
with large ring eyelets, either
in gray or brown. A neat,
stylish and serviceable shoe,
at $2 25.
White or Brown Duck in
neat and attractive lasts, $1.75
White or Brown Mercerized
goods—a very dressy and attractive little Oxford  at $2.75.
For Children
A neat White Duck Oxford,
solid leather soleB, sizes 5 to 71
at i»0c; s tolOA at $1.25; 11
to 2 at $1.35.
(001 Hits
For Hot Weather
It is not too early to get
that Straw Hat which is sure
to be needed in a few weeks.
Our assortment of imported
Knglish Straws has never been
so complete. We can give you
any of the newest shapes in
the best straws at prices which
will save you money. Shapes
which lit the head and feel
comfortable, as well as being
dressy and right up to the
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Mail < tillers.
Telephone I Irders.
Send   the   children   to
tbe -tore,    t 'oun- yourself,
Have our oily traveller
call nt your home for
To wear with lhe new Summer low cut shoes. The new
hose conies in Fancy Floral
Effects, Stripes, Cheek-, etc.
.lust now we are opening up a
lovely line of French and German Hose for Ladies and
Children. Since the duty has
been changed the price is real
stiit Wi*
A manufacturer sent us
Twenty Dozen Ladies' Shirt
Waists and Fancy Muslin
Waists. These we have arranged on a long table just as
you step off the Elevator on
the Second Floor. Ycu will
lind almost any kind of a
wash waist in the lot and the
price will he a pleasant surprise.
75c. $1, 1.B, IJ
Get It at Hume's
Moire or Watered Ribbons
The present demand for these
Ribbons for Sashes, Hair
Bows, etc., is enormous. We
have Brown, Myrtle, Navy,
Copenhagen, Saxe Blue, Rose
du Barry, Virux Rose, Cerise,
•V. inches wide. A special at
per yard.
Men's genuine Panama hatB
—the real, unbleached fibre,
medium shape, with Russia
leather sweat. The best Panama value on  the  market at
Beautiful • Ud Country goods
splendid new designs, and tbe
colors as pretty and fresh as
the May (lowers. For freshing
up your drapery work, dust
curtains, etc., 30-inch cloth at
per yard
One-Piece Dresses
A delighted group of ladies
have surrounded our showing
of White Muslin One-Piece
Dresses this week. That they
are O. K. is evidenced by tbe
manner in which they purchased them. A new lot just
being opened to-day. You
will like them.
$+.50 to $20
Those "Old Country" Bed
Spreads are pleasing the Da-
dies. If you haven't had a
look at them there is a pleasure in store for you. Beautiful Snowy White Marseilles
and English Oak Counter
Panes. A delight to the tasty
Housekeeper. A wide selection of prices.
$1.50 to $10
The balance of those French
Cloths. 52 inches wide in Cardinal, Navy, Light Brown and
Dark Brown will be sold on
Thursday and Friday. For
children's Coats, and Ladies'
Separate Skirts. $2 a yard
goods for
No order too large now 'hat
we have a car of high class
General Groceries. When we
buy in carload lots we save
money for you as well as ourselves. Anything we have not
got tell us about it.
and China
Have you seen our new line
of Fancy Tea Pots, Baby
Plates, Baby Mugs, Lemonade,
Sels. Cups and Saucers, Mass
Vases, Salts and Peppers,
Lemon Squeezers, Trays and
Fern Dishes. A full line in
all the latest designs to choose
We are now unloading a car
of the famous Reindeer Milk
and .lersey Cream. (let our
prices by the case, dozen or
can, before buying elsewhere.
We also carry St. Charles
Cream, Canada First Cream
and Milk. See our corner
window for Reindeer Milk.
A car of Windsor Salt
arrived yesterday made up of
501b. sacks of dairy Salt; 201b.,
10lb., "db., and 31b., sacks in
barrels for Table use. Let us
quote you prices.
Water Glasses
We have just received a
large shipment of Water
Classes in different styles and
shapes, and we will give one
line at a bargain on Friday
and Saturday of this week.
Our regular price is $1 per dor..
but on Friday and Saturday
the price will he only
60c. per doz.
The Elevator is the most perfect type of passenger elevator
made, We spared no expense to
gel the best and most reliable. All
the safetv devices so far produced
vou will lind on it. The most
approved automatic safety brake.
C. B. Hume Sr Co.
Revelstoke,   *   B. C.
(lur new stock of Wilton
and Velvet Squares defies competition. We have them in
the following sizes:
tift. 9in.x9ft. $1 1 50 and up
'.'ft. x 9ft. $17 50 and up
'.'ft. x 10ft liin. $22 tn$3ii.
'.'it. x 12ft. $25 to $42.
lift 3in, x 12ft. $13 to $55.
[very Carpet a Bargain
Get It at Hume's
Linoleum and floor
< ttir new stock of Linoleum
and Floor oilcloth direct importation from Scotland, in
widths li, ■' aud 12 feet.
Choice Designs
Dainty and Beautiful Curtains
Lace Curtains anil   Curtain
Muslins—W« are   showing a
i ice i inge of these goods  i
the newest effects.
Take the Elevator
Vou may lind a mistake in
our accounting, lei u- know if vou
do. We iiave installed the Bneet
office system possible and are doing
our utmost to keep apace wit]
You can help u- if you let
us know o| any mi-take thai might
occur, I
I ;.'■.   o. iiii iii ii. le  llinl   appeati .1
in .       Wn nipi'u   I'ree   Press dun   ■
u ili..      i|iie I Imi   of  I'liini    •
ili ,,■ \ .1   .1     iii,,-.•   run   l)j    « In'.''   Illllll-
di  ■      11   Iml)   contributes   ilir  follow-
in..   1.,  ilm fin, li •.   C'liroi
" 'I'uil' I'lll) ' -I'imI-- uf ll"' ■ llllillll) liji.,1, uf lhu I llllll" ■'• Iiiumli'). Inu
I   wini lei   if   il"'  public  ivnll)     know -
IlilU    Vl'l")    ..'•   llll     .1       llle)     I'enll)      lire,
I ...    ni e    tliinv    nm 1  1 liiin 11    iii'e
1 ..1       I       lliive
I,|,||]   ,..!„■. i,,i ilin       ■      111    il ii'iiv
i   .       ,1,    ■,..  ,!..  ii   ivitli
,11  .. .....
state of iiiii       ui'iv perfi nut un
I   ■      ..      I,,.,-,,      ii, man     Cliinesi
ill it>.    an.I    11,a IT   witlloll!
In .,.! ii        iin-     «11)      Man)    pi
I ih. ......     lh"
1 li'n in .,,..     ni'iei   11   inn...
Inn   Imw niuu)   know   ■      '     nisei     it'/
I .   ■ ei'j   i. «    ■    Imindrii
,    .   • in   llii. or ail)   other ,ii>      ui
i.n.. . Inu   have  inure  "i   les*   opium
I ii    ihem.    I   have   -niell     il     in
I,'I'l .1 ivlllll III,..-
liiel , mi   w Imi   ii i ■  un.l  vou  ■... Ml e\ er
nftei      re 01 '.1 i" ll  ;'   roil.    i\\ 1; .
S    Intel .,11   while   ii ....I       ii
i,m ■   ...   .1   turn )i'IIow .
" I I I IV I   . : 1 I i I        I I I ■ '   ' I'l
li ' 0ui' rapiill}
inn 1 ■ 1 .■' em .
1.. eniirel) lose sitrlil of lhe ilniiirer ni
1. uillli I ll) siiell 1 i'l". People ., hi'Would 111 el) nllou a hired
.. i>, In ini; In imo theii
houses   ngiless   it   \\ 1.   fiiuiifraled,   1
I hink   ui       ni le.-     in) 1 i.i.I-     nt
pi'l'llls      hl*oll|r|lt       in     ever)    Week   with
theii   beitiitifulli    ir 1   1 I      I1     ■
am   of   vnu evei   »een   John   -pi-iiiUmi:
lii-   .    .... I .      11     IVnteh   liiin lie
lake-   n  I'.i-.'i   nl    waler   (several     11-e
nne  lm  .in.  mnl  1 hon   aftei   lillinu
un.111 .,    ,'\      ti .111..     lollilerfil     ....    M ,!._
1,1..1. - ii   thi'uiieh  hi-  111   ■   iiiiiI  ii fall-
iu   .,   line   misl   .111   lh"   rl.ilh     .       I'
bran I ifull)    line,   -"   i'i .      hat   he  euuhl
alii -    ' Illellei'   IJ "IiiIil    ,11    ullee,    il
ute nl        Iui   iinj   i"  u.iii   -1
a     we   hull el |"-i -    iii' ■    I"   ih,     ilui
who   nf   11-   vmiiiIiI   iini   rather   ivnii
weel .1 \ .   tt hell   We   lliinl      ni
ih,.   met liml   I'lnplu) I'll     Yel    in)    I id) .
t 1   ■ mi.hi-   1,1   11   lll'irree,   lake       l|l     llel
dniiitv   lm .        inlkei   hiel   anil     i!
the .        1*1-11       lied linen, irii •■
..a ■   .     . hnni i' 1o ii
In. .,   ,■—I i   ....    hnv
nnl)    -ee   ll  	
(in..  . liiiul  ..I  m in.-    irisii
willi mu   i	
"I   have   illsl   I... .
('hi;   :■ ....        . ..
li,-   j.-.   nlnnir,
n...    .      '. .
llul      \ il,'.  litis irouii
l  M ■
tt ll) V.. IIM.-
I.. |
< >l-y ihilli) mei
I, 1     ■     I    • 1,1 lh.
mm,.   .
\ .hi
1.    ■
1 It
Busi! fire Precautions
Victoria,    Mn\   '■*•   Kmm  information
11.      uheroil      ut   lhu cillUiw of    thu
l'llil'1      i-uinitli -• UOIH'I*        nt    l;tinl>,    wholV,
Till!   Crillll IJ   ll.'l'ahl   |lllhlislies     11
vi'iv     interesting  aceounl  nf the    St.
veinl weeks pasl preparations ] l,;,,^,,,.   Mission,      si united     ill     ol
fuf lhe sen oil's .lil..1,mm. eiiinpiiiijn ],',„.( Steele, operated by lhe Human
hove li... n in iim. 'in. iu.. nil) tiiuler way, Catholies, In cotmuetiou with this
ii  i- ver)  pliiinl)  evident  thnl   lhe (io-   -,,  |Ulya ., 1,^1, tribute 10 Father Co.
vera n'- revised  polie)  for the mure   ,.,,|Ui  ,„,„      ,,,'  Kevolstoke,    but     then
ili'...nn!   protection   nl   iln-   forests     is   u,  ,.||M,v,. of   tho  mission, Speaking  of
Inn.     vet-)   I'lii'ofull)  li)   in,,,  ;i   saya  ilml   l-'aihei' Coccnla   was
I'm.,   the  inlnlsloi' dil'cetl)    lu   a     ,nl|v  „n.;1i   pries!   ami pitlili.- ben,.
I'lm   "•■'■,.      iiiiu-    .a'      th..   i,„.,,,,..   The sliiiidai'il of Ilis worlli can
limber ami     ioi.' Ir)  .- mission have   ,,nu   |„,    guc |     ai  l.\   lho abiding
li   ..   In    i.'  pi'oinitieiuly   before     lhe   hive,   nll'eetinn   ainl   itiiinl)    regard     in
il'"     '. '..    it)   ..\i liii|i   lot' etei-    whieh  hi-  llleinof)   i-   held Lv   lh..   1	
md   '. i ■■        Iieliall of   ih"  forest's   pi,,  ,,;   ,i„,     K„niena)    lull')   regard-
' '■   tt'i  I.    1   hll'u'el)    nun;-    I,...  „f i' I  "i   "la-      II.' il   was who
I    lef.'i   i"'   foree,   inn.1"   pnssilile   uiiiifhl   ilm   Indian-   pi'nelii'iil     fnriiliini
. ' d     Vote  nl  -. in- "I   and  entile  raising.    A      a  ilnelor, ami
lie  ' "i   legislative    .    ion,   ii   ij   |„. was lh d\      in  that      onrl)
 ■     hoped     and "\ t..l  lhal  fuv   ,|  H1 llM ,,,,,., ,,f „,,„„, thuiisnnils  of
In   '.       i-  "ill lie rest rh-teil   1,,   Mnmrv mil,.,      possessing mil     I nil I
miniinii ven alihoiiiili  ilm up    knowledge  ol "iii- 1 '   -ur-
 lid  prove  1.. I"'.1    m.|a    an\   nl°   lhe  tild-tilllers  and  man)
Ir;       one     I'he      entire  fnre 1   ilefi'iiir   „f  ih,, , u   gi'iitil'iition  «ill   loll Willi
m     now   uiidor lhe   .lelighl   nl   his   headlong  rides,   hy  dm
I'lei     f nne ehief lire War   ,,r   night,     1..     suve   Iho   lives   nr.      if
-I'    V* iriM     '.i idwin, ofvVuu-     lienl   skill   nwiilcil   nolliiiiL',   1 1-
'■niivei',    Pari .  leutiou   hits  lieen    iho  parting  from     ihi-    lii.' nnd  ;e-u
l"  ll      ii.i'i iii!   in..-  ai'isinj    ij,. th,,     hui'is Inii  |)\   I,.,mIi    in     ih,.
mu ■    .. 11     with   niilwii)   clearing,   hearts   ,,f   the   living.      Tin-.,     ol
I lion lm    been nclti] I   pruetieal,       living charity    will  nevoi
... Ian  ei   ..'  i.i"     pivading   ;,.. forgotten.       A-    a minor he   gave
lhe  rights-of-way. th"   Indians   specimens   ,.i  gnlenn    sil
I'l"'      for setting uiu li res   vet-lead     ore   .nnl     itistrueted      il 1
for eli'iirinii   Imi   mm.."  i'i  Ma)-   ...  anie enrefully  where  ili..)   found   ii
I-   ni'l  mil 1 ilinos   il  ih,. end of Sop-    iu  ihoir hunting  trips,
ember.    I'lie  proviuee i- divided    into j     Wtor  10  iim.- ..nn of ilm   Indiana
ioi    I   disli'iets,  T.   k.     \|,.-   I'loriii  by  iiiiino,     when    hunting     on
l.eui   «ni.   iie.'idipiai'iers al   lievelstoke   ihe oasl  -id,, of Hoyie lake,   found    a
aii'ge  "i   ih..   \ ale-Cariboo   quantity    ol    or.,    outcropping in    ilm
nl   "l-i'M.  Ill, . 1,.rm,ilina   11I1011I      'J.uuu   i',,,.|   above tile
I iln. level. II,. marked the spot and
informed Rnllior Corcoln who ai
.iiieo -1 nkod  a  < liiim  or  Iwo,    ol
d^rs Against tiie V&'hisk
\1   la
,1   least   nne   -lair,    the    ,l'""1     ""'"H     "alni'il     "Si.       Eugene.'
This    wits iii   I--'.11.        Father    Cocooli
"■   ng,   In!.lap   In ,1   „:'     1I1
-leepilllJ   MM   porter   is   lu   lm   ale,ad..11-    lm<1   -'"""   ""rlc     ,l""f'     ''ll   'bis    .'laiiu.
. ■■     IL-     -ial..     l."a,,i    of health of   ■""''"     I-'."'' b" -old   his interest
Mnlntun ha-    ial,..,,     this matter    ia   '"'   'll"""   R|-'1    •""'     devoted     lh.
ind     detel'mineil   lhal   llle  .last   "'"'''"     sm"   '"   ,il"   *•"-' '"'i     al       t ll,
 ,1   sloopim;   mo-.  Ini'gol)   '.ni- : ^'""i'lti        nf     ihe     beniiliful      elmrel
■ed In   ilm fm. ihle hntshinii of [iiissen
utiles,   inii-i   end.
*«.s'''.,.''-^i?1/"''- i]>&*5&uh&
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Regulations
VNY available Dominion Lands within tlio
Railway Unit iti British Columbia, may
bn bom es tended by nny pereon wlu» is tbe sulo
bead of a family*or any male ovor '8 yours of
age, to tho extent of one-quarter Bection <»f WO
ucros iiiuro or,
Kui ry must bo made personally »>t tbe local
htm) otlice Tor tbo ilistrirt iu wliicb tbo land is
altuato: Entry by proxy may, hnwovnr, bo
made on certain rouditlous by tbo rather,
gother, son. daughter, brother or sister of an
[utondluH homesteader^
The homesteader Is required to porform Un»
ooudltloDs oouneoted therowlth under one of
the following plans :
li) At loast six months' residence upon and
cultivation or tbo land in oaeh yoar Tor Llirro
(3) If the father (or mother, if tbo FaLbnrN
doenfl -"lior the homoRteader resides upon a
r.iriii in tlia vicinity ol the laud entered Tor, tlio
requirements ns to residence maybe :-"ti lied
by such person residing with tlio father or
(;i) tf tha settler has his permanent rosidonro
upon farming lain) owned by him in tbo vicinity of tils homestead, tbo requirements os to
rcsldeuce nny bn satisfied by ro-idouuo upon
the said lm d.
Six nn nibs' QOtlCC in writing Bhould bo gUen
to the Commissioner ol Dominion Lands at
Otuiwa of Intention to apply for patent,
t'ti.u.     Coal mining rinbt~ may bo loasml for
a  period of twenty*one years at an nun ual
rontal oi' \\ por acre, Not mora I ban 8,500
acres  shall  be  loased  to ono  individual or
Company     A royalty at  tbo  rate of ti\o rants
par ioii shall boeolleciod on the merchantable
:i.ul minud.
Deputy of tlm Minister of tbo Intorior.
N 1>.   Unauthorised publication  ol   tbis ad
voiti.ioinotit will not ba bald for.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Oash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
fl-low is tbc XEimc of H'cav for SccS |[Mnntiiiii
Bcantifs your (Battens
A   large ttHSLirtiiHMtl of PYosli Cittrilen antl I'ioltl Seeils, itu'liuling
AMI UL'RPEli'S,    Kino Lawn Grass, Clover, Tiiiiolhy, Alfalfa
The Paget Supply Co'y.
II  you ..want a sum Investment, and oho
that Will "lilllli the olOBOst nr |m< l imi v.i ii,.
The Over-Land Financiers Limited,
VANCOUVER,    II   C.        inch 1J.2!
wliirli    was    ready    fur divine Bervicc
"ii  Palm  Sunday  lsn«.
'I lie elmreli  stands    ns    n monumonl
1.'    the    llll-elli-il     /.-al    „f    ill,,    misvion
ill'v, whilst, al ili,. -inn,, iim,., ii
might     well     |irove an ornainenl     in
mam     a    wealthy   parish.      Such     i-
1 ii liti   .' m    in     ni i   issued   ' heir   ■ , ,.
' in    il"' li.'ii'.-i  ..niiiii.-.  ihe storv     ,.i
',.',\-     thai   -at- ,      .     . .     ,      -
Hie neffinmoB "' the famous St. Eu.
irene mine ,.,i Moyie, wlii.-li was bill
' nti}       pun I I  In   il„. Concoli
Crop Bulletin
tl        ...     Mn;      ::        Tli,'   i nliadiai
lur}   .I..,..      "iii     ■ liti^     has
.        .   tile .nn nr.   I ur past  week
It    Matiiinhn   -1   pel   i ent.    <,i  wheal     i  .   i ,,■ ,   .     i .
il it«l  Mining    and  Sinellint;   roinpniu
■ ' - . hewun      BO   ;.  ,,.        ,  „ ,
lor fixer ii      million  tiollars,    and      is
i '      mil   n     \ll».rl;i   ?'J  pr i     . pn .!,, ....
now operated le   thorn,    affording em-
\ i   ... r   ,,|    in,mi -   uh,. ii     nj        .
oyment   for  nbotil   Inn men.
I athei   I oeeoln   wns   responsiWe   for
the   iventhi (••-•-11   vei v   v. itrm   an.I   , ■ ,    , ,    ,.       ,    ,
Uir opening ..f the drst  Indian  Indus-
I   III:     Willi -Ml ,• LA..'
■■ i   the  il I--HIN.
....I ' ' 	
Nelson Y.M.C.A. Opened
Budget Becomes Law
nd   ■      M :     I :..   budget     whieh
,   ., turmoil diir-
\ M.t   A.   lm
ear     reeeived  the  royal
ins 1 miii.,     hxv,
•   ■   introduction.
•:    lie 11	
i   lion  tn
il      ■       d
Afloat go Iwo Lags
Ediscn Theatre
is Flood pro-.
most    up  to da
Tenders for School Building at
Sealed 'renders, superscribed "Tender for School Btilluln? Revelstoke",
will be received by the undersigned
up to and including tbe Ninth day of
May, 1010, for the ereotlon and completion ol an eight room brick and
rotien-te Bchool-nuildlng (exclusive of
heating and ventilating) in the City
of Revelstoke, 11. 0.
Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tender fur Heating and Ventilating School
Building" will also   be received by the
undersigned up to and including said
date for the beating nml ventilating
uf said school building.
Separate tenders arc requested for
tbe above works.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
froms of tenders ninv be seen on and
after the 10th day of April 1010 at the
offices of the secretary nf the School
Hoard at Vancouver, II, (' lbe secretary of the School Boaidat Kamloops,
B. ('., the secretary of the School Board
al Calgary, Alia, and at the ollice of
Ihe Architect, William King, at lievelstoke. B. C.
Each proposal must be be accompanied by ni accepted bank cheque or
certificate of deposit onachartered
bank of Canada made payable to the
Board of School Trustees, Revelstoke,
for a sunt live per cent,
of the amount of the tender, which
-hall be forfeited if the parly tendering decline to enter into contract when
called upon tu do so. The cheques or
certificates of deposit of unsuccessful
tenderers will be returned to them
upon the execut ion of tbe contract.
Tinders will not be considered unless made out on the foi ins supplied.
signed by the actual signature ofthe
'I'lie lowest or any tender not neces-
mii ily a' cepted.
Hated ibis 12th day of April, 1010, at
Kevelstoke, B.C.
Secretary, Boai il '.I School Trustees,
tp 12-iuyO Revelstoke, B. 0.
rt^amst taking then
driving  fit  nnils  ■ >r
\)'i not
.r.h our logs.
Revelstoke  Sawmtil Co    Ltd.
h  fire  somh  of  lhe
■ i      ■
M   I'    \ :. ''   I     '■ ri
■ ■   tin'   il.iiK   days   after
i., apply i" the super-
incisj Police for a re-
Li  for iln    St.
,i    II f we. B.C., f..r    thr
\l   <:i.'\n*i
'mii i
Ol   Piovin
renowal of
i ,.,'•. .   i.  m. .    for tho C
i! C... from Jul)   I
imi ', \l    '    II H'.ll
i  ..    <>.i    I.,
Liquor I.i. sn ■
I     I   Hi i.. I'..'' .
,,  :: i
i ' UF i \ Nt ll
iu.      \. '.:
I'. .    200,   ity ti
■   l'i.'lures  tonight.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged and Iinpioved.     First-Class in every respect.     All modern ccnveniencei
Large Sample Rooms,
Rates, $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
are   disposing  of  their  entire  Stock  at a
small advance on cost.      It will pay you to
investigate   their    prices    on    Diamonds
Jewelry, Cut   Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited WEDNESDAY, 3T.VY I, 11)10.
ri>g» t
i^^_]j^«si''^.i ''^ ,>V._^
IbM# rgi.
Local Industry
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock if printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
oMenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
cAccount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
fin All
British  Investment View of
I regulate* in ii  I'atio ial way  n-  .       i-
.1.1 grow lh.    I>> the dUI    daj - it ■■-'
givw   like  Inpsy,    A   i ow   mode  a   path
I ml   |iath   marked   lhe   line  i
il,"!,",._.I,i.n..    in  it  irreat
afterward.    I'he    modern
! ttildei ■ tin  ii"i  i.'ll'."   row   paths.  The.
eniri r   In-   taken   the  |)l i ■
,1,  c.  1'tilmer,  lor man,\   years    ion-   "'"■    I'he  export   has   .*omc Ivise
 ted    with   tlm  high  commissioner's   mid  dired  in  eity build
olli,.,,    in      I..1,nl,,n  mid  ai  presenl     u       Speaking  .- ially  ol      	
 ml,,.,'  ,,i   lhe  lii'iii   of  ('oates,    Sous,    ml"-'   "'   *mull   park-*   lo   health        tnd
nnd  eompany,  ol     London,  hus  given   success,  Professor  Marriuni
to  .■,  Montreal  reporter hi-  im] ion      "Small      parks  have    an
„l  the  west,    lie  sny>   ii   i-  „   prm lire   " "     '■    ■ "       l!' '"  "!"  '
,,l ,|„, l,im  | ,,1,1, n houses now   lu 'en I     ni '  ;l Id rnusl  have a pi
,,m  men lo look over the territory in     ■   • ■■       ■     ■     ■ I  I
whi li  ilieir l>iu  in." tini'iils iti-e".    the  lighl    ind '    ■
lie  said   lhal >   al   lhe       ''>'''   where i     is-like.
.,.„,   moinenl   en.i I  n  better  lepntn     ' '!""     v        illy from  tl
n,,„      in     I.,'inl.,n    ilnm   iliil  Canada,       n viewpoint,  hill  from  th i
Lnglish  moil",!   Ii-ndi r*.   he   <uld,    had   l>»int.  it i ■   fm   "• I
ureal   r iiletiee  in   the  lulu I  Can
itln ' " "     ' '  •  :   " mall i it
\S  TH   Ml'XH'll'AI    I Xl'l '-IH I '. Ill    I '"    '""'■'     "'-' ' '   '    "'•
Of lhe cxpondilures being    mail I    '     '" »'"i-l      ondei
-ii  large  a  senle  by  ili" \ ni'ioiis i ities
of  ilm  wesl,   Mr.  t'olmor  sal I: ' Tliero
is alway - ii  eherk on  munii-ipiil expen-
iliinir from   ih"  fm i   . Inu   people ■
"I.illy  vole  ih" amount   of inoiioi  I
\.. mil   e.\peiule i.     \   -t rangi r,   una. ipm-
,ni"il      willi   llu-   ti'em Ions   resourei's
of ihi's" new I'ominiinitii's, mighl
think llllll ihey weie going n lil 'Ir loo
fast, Imi  if iln- -uni"  plaees ."iild    he
A   IS
Fn in ' in ' Iwn I'm resji in leal
I        ri ii      i -   moviii'j
i ■      ellin hie       to     'iii-    |
i\ here   -ii  nun li   nee leii      pn
in lefl ul...n
.1.   Latum ilie,  of Knn
visitor on   M lay.
Mr.     .loluislon   held   hi-   i
here on Thin sdn)  evei ...     i-    in    tho
seen, say, li\" years henee, il would
be found thai lhe presenl expen litui'e
was more than jnstilied. Thej are cer-
tnin of lh" future of Iboir towns nnd
"iti"-. consequently ili" Fulure must
In- diseouated in all mutters, pertaining  to  ilm     govern ul   ol an  onter-
prising and   progressive  fonimunily."
thi: ci ah\xtf.kixu dk uoxds
lieing  asked  if  the  liuuucicrs on  lho
oilier side were in uny wuy npprehen-
sive of  ili"     poliey  of  tho  two     new
provineea in guaranteeing bond  issues
failing, owinc   to  lhe lukewnrnmess  of
some.   Bui    for    the energv  ol
In    our ai roiinl   ol  ill J      of
the  puhlii'  hnlll  wo were oxtrnnv
' miss in  u it  -'n iii'.r nil  due ■ ,• i •      to
Mr. ('has.   Kriekson for  tli"   ren    great
interest   he   look   in   tho  matter,      ■ ;•!
the    public  spiril   he  displayed en
lliore was all  likelih I of  tin   - ir-ino
in   aid   of   ilm  broneh   rnilwnys,      M
I'olmer again  replied   that   this   agaiu
was a  matter of publi" confidence    in   tf'nllemiiii  it   is doubtful  ui"   hi
il„.  fun,,',,  of  ,l„.    counti-v.   The     re-   •,""|M     '"' oble '" l"'',-,   "'   " "     a
a live     governments of iln-,'     pro-   '"'i''11'1- ''"' J'""" "»■" "' '"■""■
v'incoH    believed  that iln- construction
",f ,h veral;,""",'linea "7" •"; '     Want British Rights
lller  open   up   tli"  country,   a'l'l   lo    Ilie «*
public nssets ot ihe Dominion und pro- Vancouver, Muyll   Thai   ever*}         -'-
v'ni""- mil String wealth mi'l good set-   bl,. influence will be I tn   to   bear
tiara into the west from    th"    British by  Iho     Hindus in H.nti-h    Columbia
Isles  nud  ihe Western  States.   II" i"li to  secure    for  themselves    from      'ini
convinced  ihut   the authorities had got fiovernmenl of Cnnnda the    full      .i.l
'lown io n wise system of immigration untrammelled  rights  oi   Briti             'n-
by which     lhe better "luss is brniighl ,. is  i-  the statement    made Ir
in nnd the undesirables left out. local       leaders    of   the       movi
 . [which     was  inaugurated  last   Sunday
Mile  finoin '"  ''"' |*PI,"'ntmei11   "'  delegates     to
US  R[}d111 ,;,,-,y  their wishes  to '1," fool
.lu-t how -iron.' ih" Hindus insider Iheir case nnd what they in
when they demand "all th" right! .i
British subjects," maj !>■■ judged by
ih" stand taken by nn.- ni theii al
leaders today.
"Ilo    we -""k  ih" privilege lh.
franchise '.'       Why.  • ei tainh .
In reference to tho proposed ivihrn
vi-ii of .Lu. Martin to B.C.. after his
strenuous labors in the British (.'om
moiis, the Province -ays:
"Word lm- been received ihut as
soon ns the arduous hours of the presenl session of ihe British Parliament
are over Mr. .loseph Martin intends to
pay a    vi-ii  '" Vun ivor.   It   would
i    •■     i, .,       t     ,,,   ,   , , i    , .   nre '"" mam points in ihe bati •   «".
not    do i.n   tnin.    ot  course,  io  leuve
London whil,.  there wa. an op tun-   "'' '   commencing    One  ,-  I
ity of obtruding himaelf upon  the u„- ' "-''"   '"  '"" '  ""'"""   '"A   "
favorable notice     of the Speaker,    of   """' "'""  '",v """  "  '"  ''"'   F'ri"
having n set-to will. Iho Chancellor of   li*h  l'ml,ire '" ■">>' "'l'"'    !'•"'•        '
the    Kxcheq ■   or of giving    Premier |*' ' ''"'""   "-1"  to enjoy every
As'iuiih  somo     advice  regarding    the   I""'1"-"  "">"'1  by  »>>>■   "    '
ninnug.'inei.i of his party and the con-   "hor '" "''""^"- Portion of  the   em-
ducl oi ihe government. '""' ""   '  ' "'""
ll,,.. after Mi.  Martin has done wbal '     '''" la ,l"' -"""l"1 t1"'""" down to
I an ii  things righl ami is  -ai-   ,h"  peAnai   i«thorities  at Ottawa md
isl'nsl     thai    he -an  !».  spared  ior   ..   lhe  -""^ll'  -  '"  K"  fought   to    the
moiuhl or two he will lake a run over   "™l  '"   lhc Imperial  li-i-.    »i"
io allow   „-  .,, admire ami   oongratu-   law>'ola "'  " "I'ir" »•   ""'-'-
Ini,.    hu...    Il,-  will   no,,   it   is    Ih-s N"  "''    ''""     l'1'-."-   »™   nn     -ha
to say, expect a bin- band' ption   *'">' '" ''""l"n t0 ,1"' ,h" "'     - '"
wiih a proifssion th. gh ii," -I..-,-.   '" l,"v'il»       '"• wdatSt. Stephens,
i. .1  within .he next few day    soother
In. J skirmish will commence    .-.    'he
of Vancouver.
His native i lest}   will  prevent that,
l>... I.,, will look ii- over from hi- lof.
iiy    pedestal     on which  h" i- now  set
.■rn.I will probablj   i"ll us Imw  the;   lo
illlillL'-    '■"     Loll,loll
I    Anywuy   ii  will  bo kind ni him     to
'•'""".  'I ""!>   'o show   that    pride   of 'Miy oj—I h-  Swis..  Ball   B The
imiierial    office     has not spoilod him, I        |mo„.    Eckhardts.     X.«  Edit    i
an.l made    him   disdainful ..i In rheatre.
friends.   Whal a lovolj  thing il   would   uay  'j: n,.     Scottiah  Prima  I
Coming [vents
lie   if        I'n luiil        \   '|ili'ii    lllollld   .naUe
lii.n one of     i'i" numbei  "f ."
M.   ■   J« lis   V.T.a.hlnn   and   Ccn-
• ii• i'■" ■   ny, Edison  i !.■■ .'••
"I""'1 "   i    "' 'he  Liberal |n ,|.lne fj-Canada't     lai out     oi edian,
.   .... ....   .In- pin pose "1 «w iin|
il."      hens Mini i      Hou ■ ■   b   hi
"      ■ linn
Mm tin ".  \ i  ui  Poi lage. la Praii."
whal     i    i",i     '    IV. lllll      ivi    lo   l'i
I im . .    . im. nl Sift, -     .     old
political group with whom In »	
.. i ,:. .1    ai I  who  Ihrcw   I
in dnys gnno by.
"Jimmy  Km"  and   Ua  stnr
in Sew ICdlson  I heal n .
City Building Science
11 1 H  .  n. live p ..I
  !'.'...       .       M
of iho i . ol ' im a: Oi who be
in .l"i'i t thii -..ili      in
il. ■    i.    lei
and In   i II im
, I'i
"City l.uil.i.'
.  ...  I he mod.
conscious of Itself,
, citj     li    I,.,.      ,  1. finite plan.      It
v.. •■ i        -
■ 'i
\moni   other thii
1 /
lhn Lib party g.
'   '
i      I!'
Miss 1
Bank   .f
i."re. .page
\\ I'.IIM'.SIIAV,  ,\IA\    I,  1010.
and Shoe Display
Our Stock  Linger Than  Usual.    New Spring Designs
Mr-.  II.  i .   Mori
,i, Tlmr-diiy,   ihe
uiil       It'll
LADIES' PUMPS   Undressed  Kid in
Black and Brown,   ankle   strap,   new
l'rices from $3.00 UP
Patenl Leather Pumps, Black Donp;ola
Kid Pumps, L'an Doi itola Kid Pumps,
and Tan li." i !alf Pumps,
OXFORDS Special Prices from $2.25 up.
in Tan and Black Oxfords, Dongola
Kid, regular $3, now $2.25. Shown in
a greal variety of styles. Patent
Leather, Tans, Dongola Kid, Box Calf.
For Ladies, Special dongola kid, reg.
$3, now $2.25. They represent the
smart.'si styles shown this season,
BOOTS AND SLIPPERS for children and infants, a nice display of
dainty lines and exceptionally pretty
kind tnat will stand hard wear.
M   . inn  I'ictu
I        '   . I,.....,  fm   - nil il .'   has  |m--
Ml   tin "in,,   ill   tin      Un i
(if     I   i illiMl. -'
The   weekly    hah   li .li I Kan
loops   'j.I"-   inin  "li". i   n"*i   "'"''-     I''
the end   nf   \"_ • ;   .
vi   r.'d
new        -.n
ol    lil
n, t-
H'l'l        -
In   lhc  nil
■r 1
. ul
..ll lim. ■
ii.    i
rm.   fellow.
\      III    ,1!     1
Imi.. rial   1
Canndii   In
-  1
ipeiicd  nl   1
i J M
A,.,...      -'
,i    ihe   nun
i  ■
i,i  Mi    \\
in-""    '
11.,. ic,  -
K ,.iu. n i|
-   i
l.ll.'.v    ,,i    |
in ,,,_•  ,,  I'limhh
II         >l
ll.|'.     lllllul
i!"  willi
1         1
il_' nn
I."-.- wai:.
Ic     I'l
•   v
I,.. .
i   i
1. ll
Ncl on,   1
a i
11," li.   ■
trip up tl
„l     M.
II .     >mnt>
I'l    will   in
,      .   1
1          1'.,
1       P      1
ll in .    M
ol   lh"   P
v ■
,           Mi   K.
Mr , tt'. \. Morris will nol roroive
mi Siiturilny   uexl • Mnj  "th,
\\. \\ Chipnuin has boon inspoeling
lho  Molsons  Hunk  this week.
A IO. I'hipps, inspector ol lllo In.
purial Hank was  in lhu city this week.
.In" llnw-iu. ivi... rn' I yDRlurda} from
, two month lour hi California nn I
the I'.i.ill" coil  I,
Lcn II".. .a. returned Mondu}
ft*titli n  tw nnuitlis visil   i.i  poinlM iu
i'.i tern  i
I'.   I',,  lliirol,  of  lhe Ciuiiidi in  Hunk
,    i,... I.a- ivIiii'iiihI Irom u visil
:,,  Hal inu  Hot  Spr'uiSK.
! The llev. M. fl. Melvin lefl on Mon
dny nitflu lo atten I tho Presl)} leriiin
Synod "1 I'. C. nl  Viiuoouvoi.
Mr . il,  P.  K.i Ij   "ill nol  roiuivo
• ni Thursday, Ma}  6th, ... ntfoiu   dm
ing ih.. summer.
Mr. Drunker, C. I'. It. ticket agent,
roliirncd on Siinda} from n few days
.\i-ii   to  Vaucouver  and   Victorin
I    Mr.  und   Mrs.   A.    Mi line,    if lur I
on Tuesday      morning from  un enjoy-
1 ulile visil   to   the  in.i-l   clHl'R.
TO l.l'.T Small five-roomed house,
uexl l.'i.mli.'i'.l block. Kent Sill pel
month.   Apply A.  rTnddler, Y.   M.C'.A
i;. Alexander, of lhe Xorlb of Scot-
I I nnri bank, Thurso, Caithness, has join
'"il the slid! oi the Hank of Commerce,
Laces and Embroideries
Have Come
."•<»&.'       "'''i'VvV"'
\ ; '%:    ti
To those who have nol yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so if you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
Your Insurance
Is  one of   the   most   important   items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid 4 Anderson
ro LET—Fun  -  i
trail;        ited .
V. \\. Hess, miinnpcr ol lhe Revelstoke -awmill compnliy, ul the lm.:
Kddy, .... Monday mi n visil to
iln- company's  camps up  lhe  lii-iul.
\ Wolfe Island (armor near Kings-
Ion, has a freak of nature in lh"
shape of a young pii; with one head
ami three ears, Iwo bodies joined a,
the -I,.,.il'l".-. «iil, ih" usual number
ni legs, and a  tail on each  body, 'lhe
|l'lg   i-   alile.
Hi.   I'riti hei i.  supl.  of  ihe  Carnegie
I'.-lallli-hlmnl la..low Illi'lU. Sew \oil.
Iinil- it impossible to Berve on the 11.
I. lim.a-iu Site Commission, bttV-
ing engagements in Europe ihi- summer,   Ili-     pltui'    has been  taken by
Chancellor      -I' - of the    Ne«   I'.iin.-f
w i  k   University.
Mr.'.i''...   of   lhe   cngil 'inu
lum of Smith,  Kerry &Chace, was    a
visitor  to   th" "iiy yesterday  in    .",.
neetion   with   the new  power dam,    of
tic    construction of which    his    firm
has charge.
II. .1. Il;i> lock, accountant of tho
Revelstoke branch of the Imperial
l'i...I, of Canada, will move to Chose
where he will In. manager of tl."
branch of the bank recently opened
there. Mr. dayloek by bis courlsey
i.ii-iii'-- aptitude, ha- made him-
-,li a great tnvorite with the lunik's
customers   here.
Several   changes  in   lhe  stall  of  ,lhe
Imperial   Hank  have  taken  place   this
week,    II      -I.   V lu.aii.   of   Cnlgary,
. nppointed teller,   I'.. C. Not-
■  Balgonie, Sask., ha- joined  the
i'..   \.   I'..   Uvnns,  of   lied  Deer,
i   eed   \.  E. Gibson,    who    has
|,.  .,   transferred   to  Regina.   A.   Wyso
ne to    Arrowhead, .ami  11.    ■'•
\ .-.I ill. of Arrowhead, In- joined  lhc
.raii'li ..ii il.e ledger.
v-1'    ■'■■   i
r mm
It is nlwiiis an occasion to In'
remembered bj critical dressers
when ilu- first "I tlm.,. n,.H Benson's things arrive.
Alwai 9 Ihere nre cliutiges in
palti rniiigs, .I. ta",- llut ure ,.-
fascinating as tl." film) weaves stitching tiieiii .(.Ke-,.
The clever workmen nud workwomen ol lhe lur-nwii) countries
where these things arc produced
in finest example "l worknmnship
amI designing have worked wiih
greater skill ainl appreciation "I
urtialic possibiliiies ih.iu ever lie-
You will I,.- charmed from the
moment you look m the firsl innl
until >oii have seen every one ol
tiieiii. These comprise our latest
importations in edgings, Insertions, corset cover, embroideries,
ami all the lending laces, appliques
ami all-overs.
We shall not have I., urge customers over-much iu order to stnrl
these laces and embroideries whisking uwuv from the store     tin. will
■sell   il  sight.
llut most enrnestl) ilo we Buggesl .hat you come t" examine tneni
while tbe assortment is complete. Vounui) nol wish to buy, but even
In that case there's much of enjoyment and interest iu -.tore lor vou
Kuibroiden Bdgings and Insertii ns from v. per yard.
Dainty I'lounciiigs, lots ..| preth |iatterns, lo inches wide.
Special value at 40c. per yard.
Remnants of Rdgingsand Insertions from 11  to
HAW' PRICK. al  about
■ 1    Lures 1
Several hundred yards of Lace and   Insertions,  in
Valenciennes, Torchon, Cluny, etc.; regular values up
to 20C.     Now on sale al ,-, yards for 25c.      This  lot will
save you monev.
Three Yards for 25 Cents
GOOD        GOODS.
t'. P. R engineering department lias
-   iw,  of   Revelstok.
tract fnr iln- c  '.:  -' "._••' [building
■   :: i:    .-.   it
Methodist District Meeting
■ -- ■ te id    "
Mr   A    Jul      i n-
" .      di o le
Spring Tonics!
$1.00 a  Bottle
Bews' Drug Store
A Challenge
,      ll.'l'll     '.!   i
oner Ioi ,
, ■    i...... I, ■   .
'.mn the
I U     l'jio. '   Moving I'j ta
The annual district  meeting of the
ps   district of   tbe   Methodist
Church will convene in the Methodist
Church, Revelstoke, on  Friday morr-
ing    8th   inst, st 9:30 o'clock.     tine
- . i and one layman are expected
..:i   Held   in the district, from
ontry slid Ahhcmlt west
. ■  i.liii  eastward, and Trout
Lake southward,    Some of the minis*
ii i.iin ..ver  Sunday to leave
a. \i. inlay to attend  tbe annual con-
it Nelson,opening on i... iday
. ittee   work, Wi dneiday for
'   rk    nnd   Thursday  in
■ "■   in    equal   numbers,
.,1 la) ih li gati...
i re byterian    pulpit   will   !;■
■ ■ .an ....i perhaps .'iin . -,
bv disl. a i     It is
..".   J   II   White, li h.,
lames Allen, M A , ol To-
.   ; be Mi tlm.list
i .,
Rl .'   UOAIIIi
•i .y in,nol meeting oJ t be Re.
•  it ovoning
ii, i in
porl    fi r i he year
. I   l.y   .Mr.   Bews uur perhaps
1 '   that ha    ovei come before
Verbal ri i .rl i '.rmn the different
.'ions ol tii.. ohurob wen- reviewed nml ui'i" most satisfactory.
w Bews wn" elected t>> attend the
.i.'i.ii't meeting on Friday with fiev,
I   \\    lla'l, cliiiirmaii ol the district,
Seeding Time is Here
We have a lull line of Garden and Field Seeds ill
stock. Onion Sols, clover and Timothy, Sweet
Peas. Nasturtium [and other seeds In bulk, also a
quantity of Lawn Grass Seed.
G. W. Bell
P. O. Box 208
Phone No. 23
Send the little ones and let them trj on a Pretty C".ii all
".i/c and styles in this line.
Ladies' Skirts
A nice range ol UatUcti' Skirts for Spring and Summer wear
also ;i nice iim- of Waaliable Skirts, cool and comfortable foi warm
First Street
White Onions, Walnuts, Mixed Pickles and Spanish Onions
25 Cents Per Bottle
< Irdi i    Prompt*) Delivered.
McIntyre  & Son


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