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The Mail Herald Mar 1, 1911

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 "Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $(>0.
Interior Publisnmg^Co., Agts
The Mail-Herald
Visiting Cards
Interior PuDlishing Company
Vol. 17-No. 15
$2.50 Per Year
On this Section and local Offices
Look for a Busy Season on
Mountain Division
The expenditure which tho 0, P.R,
win make on the mountain section ol
its Bystem this year la variously ob
timated al Irom one million tn one
million nnli a ball, which will entail
tho employment ot from a thousand
in Alteon hundred extra nun. The
work will largely be along tbe Bamo
Unas im Unit ni previous years— being new roadbeds, new Btatlons, tbe
laying i>f heavier   rails,     ballasting
nnd new switches nnd ,-ddr tracks.
Among the new buildings which will
be erected will lie n new station at
This expenditure will in a large
measure ben-flit Kevelstoke ns it is
the principal centre ol the mountain
district, and it is expected n lar^c
number ol the employees will mnke
their headquarters here during the
progress of the summer's work.
ine the prison brickyard.
Unless the Dominion authorities
seek Miner's return, he will be tried
tor the White Sulphur robbery,
Lawrence Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad otfics   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized      - $10,000,000.00
Capital Subscribed -          5,575,000.00
Capital Paid Up ■     5 S30,000.00
Reserve        ... -       5,hoo,j00.00
Branches -u- Agents at all principal points inJCanada.
Agents in Great Britain and United Stales—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limned. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, Sun Francisco—Wells Fargo Novada National Bank, Spokane—Exchange
National Bank,
Figures tor Tax Rate Are Based
Dn Those of Last Year
According to thc assessment rolls
for 1911, which have recently been
made up tho assessable property of
the eity Is I'.lnse on to $2,100,WHI.
ThiB is in reality the nctiinl nssess -
ment ol last year.
At a ii'i'i'iit meeting o! the counoil
it  was  resolved  that with  the nildl -
iii.n ol H lew new buildings iiiiii certain corrections on the    asBessmont,
which were obviously unfair, the figures nl lust year be taken ns a baslB
for taxation, so that, the figures ol
ibis year will be Brightly In advance
of Inst year's which were ns follows:
Land    assessment    $937,846
Exemptions     17,2115
Canadian Bank of Commerce Will
Occupy New Quarters About
Middle of This Month
November of This Year Will See
Work Completed
Vancouver, H. ('., Feb. 27.— The
mnin line of the (Jrand Trunk 1'neitir,
will bc completed to Tete daiin.1
('nche, at thc head of navl'gatlon on
the Fraser river, 50 miles west ot
The Yellowhi'nd I'ass, at the summit
of the Rockies, early in November
next. The rails arc already laid to
a point 40 miles east ol the summit
and noar the crossing ot the Athabasca river, 210 miles west ot Edmonton, snid J. T. Stewart, managing director ot Foley, Welch & Stew-
nrt railway contractors, here today.
Thc beginning of November Bhould
see all thc work completed, with a
train service through from the head
of navigation on thc Fraser to Edmonton and Winnipeg.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
rent rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
p. ^ums 8t Company. 4td.
CP.R. Will Grant Advances From
Port Arthur to the Coast-
This City Will Benefit
Winnipeg, Feb. 27.—An amicable
settlement has been reached in the
friendly negotiations which have been
in progress some time between the
Canadian Pacific trainmen and tl>e
management toward an increase ot
Wages commensurate with ths increas
cd cost of living. While the exact
terms are not known, it is understood that all classes ol trainmen
from Port Arthur to the coast are in
receipt of considerable increases.
8o far no official notification      of
this raise in wages has hecn received
at the local offices of the C.P.R., hut
It Is generally believed that the amicable agreement has been arrived at
and that the raise will be forthcoming in  the near future.     This      Increase will  probably lie in neighborhood ol from flve to ten per     cent,
.and will make a   material   difference
to the payroll of the C.P.R. employ-
I ees in thc city, as there are Irom one
I hundred     to   one hundred  and fifty
with their homes here, each receiving
from J1D0 to $125 per month.
A Shipment of Ladies Hats
Direct from the fashion centres of the Hast
to hand, well selected, pretty shapes, stylish
trimming.    Your inspection invited.
Mrs. A. G. Crick, First Street
Grocery Quotations
Six Bars Light House Soap  25c
Old Drown Windsor Soap, per dozen cakes  35c
"Lux" for washing flannels, per packet  toe
White Swan Waseing Powder, per ,-\ lb  25c
Bluing, per Quart Bottle  20c
Goods Delivered Promptly.
John Mclntyre Sr Son
[mprovemonts  $1,use,211;
Bxemptlons       M.MO
Schools outside
Exemptions ...
.   »W>,800
..    5,000
About the fifteenth of this moath
the Canadian Dunk of Commerce staff
will move Into their new quarters
acroBs the road from the old stand,
alongside the new Howson block, Hy
ths addition ol thin new building, the
luink holdings in real estate and
buildings in the city will be Inoroas
cl by tlie amount Ot trom $85,000 to
According to the assessment, rolls
of the city tlie buildings of thc three
bunks here now reaches the total ot
88*8,300, being made up as follows: —
Canadian Hank ot Commerce, lund
$5,400, building $80,000; Molsons Hunk
lnnd $4,1)00, building $l«,O0O; Impcr-
ia, Hunk ol tiCiinada, land, $H>,r.OI>,
building $1'7,WM1; land on which residence is built J't:iu. house $2,501).
The new olfire building of the Canadian  Hank of Commerce is one      of
the best laid out in the city,     con-
...$160,17*5 ) slating of three full stories   and     a
2,600 t basement.     Its fittings arc perfect in
   every particular nnd most admirably
suited to the purposes tor which the
building is intended, and the bank
officials for whom some thirty or
forty buildings have hcen erected in
tbc past year, claim this to be one
of the most up-to-date and most satisfactory from every point of view.
The basement is divided into three
or four diflerent apartments nllottcd
to furnace room, fuel room, store
loom and lavatories, while perfect
tire fighting apparatus is conveniently arranged nil through the building.
The tlurncy hot water heating furnace is a model of art in the turnace
line. Tbe lnvatorles arc done in
white enanel anil cement Hours prevail throughout thc whole of this
flat. Downstairs is also a huge
vault for thc protection and prcser -
vation ol valuable papers.
On thc ground floor on which aro
the large offices of the bak and its
manager, the prevailing feature is
the handsome mahogany furniture
and fittings. The dimensions of tho
man office are 45x45 feet, while
deep in the back ol thc office is aitu-
ated a handsome, burglar proof vault
all steel lined and reinforced with
cenunt. Double doors guard tho
entrance to this and attached to thc
outside doors is an electric apparatus which sets a sonorous bell clanging in the sleeping apartments of tho
building as soon as the door is opened. Besides the regular apart-
they say, is finished, the blow ofl ments for use of the official records
gates have been closed, thc water is , of the bank, this vault contains 72
raised and is now dashing through ' smaller deposit vaults tor the use of
the Hume, and light and power 6are'. private customers of thc institution,
loth available.     Whether this happy , These will be a splendid convenience
Taking these figures thc total asses
sablo property last year was valued
at $2,0*92,701, For the year 1911,
the total will bc slightly in advance
of this.
Newman Presses for Settlement
But Council Sits Pat Until
Everything is Right
Last night the electric Btreet decorations which have existed to no purpose for many weeks put on their
gala attire and disported themselves
with Illuminations, for which everybody was truly thankful, including
Mayor Hamilton, the city council,
and the citizens. This, of course,
means that the new power plant is
practically completed and put into
As a matter k' fact the contract -
ors are satisfied that their work is
practically completed.     The      dam,
Chicago Detective Agency Confirms Statement That Northwestern Bandit is Captured
Chicago. Feb. 27.—That "Old Bill"
Miner, second only to Jesse James
in notoriety as a train robber, will
be one ol thc White Sulphur, Oa.,
bandits arrested at Gainesville, Ga.,
last Thursday, was asserted at the
bureau of identification of a national
detective agency here today.
Miner was famous lor a decade as
one ol the "bad men" of the Northwest. He was sentenced to life Imprisonment several years ago at Kam
loops, H. C . for robbery of the Dominion Express ot the Canadian Pa-
Cillc. With two others he escaped by
digging through thc walls surround-
condition of affairs is permanent nobody is willing to take the responsibility of assuring the public, but it
is sincerely hoped that no further
difficulty will be experienced.
Everybody seems to lie satisfied
now that the light and power service has been resumed. The service,
however, is not bein^ supplied thru'
the new machinery at the power
house, but is still being generated by
the old machinery and thc old flume,
the reason tor thc new machinery lying idle being that a certain little
bearing ol the new machinery is not
true by perhaps a thousandth part
of an inch. Nobody but a practical
machinist can estimate as to what
possible damage such a discrepancy
might occasion, and so the wheels of
tbis machinery will still remain idle
till this flaw Is adjusted. Mayor
Hamilton however, assures us that
this part has licen secured and will
be installed just as soon as possible
and the new up-to-,!atc machinery
will then be put into commission.
Contractor Newman, is, of course,
clamoring for a settlement now that
he is satisfied thnt the work with the
exception of a little pointing on thc
dam. is completed, but thc city council have decided to stand pat until
they arc assured by the engineers
that everything is completed sntis
fartoi'ilj, and until thoy arc in
structed by such engineers to accept
the work. The mayor thinks the.
contractors should bc ofl the job tomorrow.
A committee meeting was held last
night at which it wns decided to nsk
Mr, Swing to have both Mr. C. B.
Smith and Mr. IlaTnir here to inspect the plnnt and report on it ho,
fore any settlement* with Mr. New-
mnn could be disniBscd. Mr. Kwlng
does njt wish to accept nny responsibility in this score himscll nnd con-
soyiien'ly both the gentlemen above
nnmod have been wired for and arc
expected here in a few days. When
they arrive a special meeting of the
council will probably bo called, at
which the matter of tho settlement
with Mr. Newman will lie the principal topic lor u'lisidautiuu.
for those having private papers
whicli they desire preserved safely
from fire or burglars.
Five offices occupy the second floor,
all light, roomy and airy. These are
all comfortably and conveniently arranged an.l arc for rental to private
The bank employees are particularly fortunate in securing such handsome rooming apartments as occupy
the top floor. In all there are five
bedrooms and a cheery sitting room
with fire place and mantel complete.
This mantel is a particularly handsome piece of work, constructed of
British Columbia fir beautifully
The building all through is a splendid piece of work. The contract was
let in Its entirety last June to
Foote and I'radolini and hank officials are thoroughly satisfied with Its
construction in every particular.
Constables Terry and Cleland Get
a Small Hand Out
At a meeting ol the police commissioners held last week a communication was received from Constables
Terry and Cleland, the two night police, asking for ■, periodical rhnnge
from night to dny duty, or as an alternative a calse in pay of $5 per
month. The commissioners not seeing their way rlrar to institute the
change asked tor, unanimously agrc,
ed that the raise was ruining to these
men and consequently raised their
pay by the amount asked for.
Arrangements were also made to
instruct the city clerk to call for
tendon for summer clothing for the
police nnd accordingly the tenders
will bc called for.
Jams, Jellies
Wo have a larpre quan'
tity.of Crosse & Black-
well's and Lipton's Jams
and Jellies in 4 and 7 lb.
tins antl 1 lb. glass jars
that we want to move
this month.
We are making a reduction of from 20 to 30
per cent, on the above
high class goods.
Ontario Honey in 1 lb. Glass Jars, ct 25c.
Pure Maple Syrup.    Buckwheat Flour.
New Laid Egg..    Ontario Pea-Fed Bacon.
Fruits and Vegetables.
Hay, Oats, Hi heat, Barlty, Beans, Shorts, etc.
Bourne Bros.
-Groceries,    Hardware.   Flour and Feed tgm
tt _. 13
Fresh Fish Arriving Daily
Salmon, Halibut, Cod, Smelts,
Codlings, Whitefish, Finnan
Haddie, Pickled Mackerel, Lock-
iver Herring, ,Pickled Herring,
Fresh Olympia and Coast Sealed
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
High Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 251
P. O. Box 181
Housewife's Favorite Brands
Robin Hood Flour
Jacob's Dublin Biscuits
Bell Blend Tea
Bell's No. I Java and Mocha Coffee
Box 200
Phono No. 23
= »2.
The last. Hand of the season at the
link  tonight.
Moving Pictures nt tho Edis0n Theatre to-night,
Grand Chancellor Pays His Official Visit to Gold Range lodge
1 in Wednesday evening ol last
week .lolin Thompson. (Irand Chancellor ol the Urand Domain ot British Columbia, paid his official visit
to Bold Knngc Lodge, So. 26. After
the general business had been attended to a Neopyte was reported to be
in waiting to undergo tbe tortures
of initiation. Chancellor Commander
.1. Y. Simpson and his lieutenants
gol 1. isy nnd although it was their
initial performance,   drew thc hearty
coturatiilations of tbc assembly. The
assembly then adjourned to the banquet hall, where brother Stuart McDonald had a very spacious repa-it
in readiaess. After partaking heartily of same, thc usual program ot
speech and song was proceeded with,
no small part of which was the orchestra consisting of mandolin, guitar ami piano, a leature nuite unusual
to tbe fraternity.
After Ringing Auld Lang Sync the
members disbursed feeling satisfied
after spending one of the most enjoyable evenings Gold Ranee has
ever bad. *,,
New California cabbage, lettuc-e,
Brusael Sprouts and cauliflower at
Bourne Bro*. _j THE    JVCA.lL-IiERiJLLD,    KEVELSTOKE
WEDNESDAY,   MARCH   \'Ki<\\   Lllll.
interior puiMtsbtim flompans,
Legal notices lu ceuts per lino lirst
insertion, 5 cents per Luo each
subsequent insertion. Measurements Nonparlel t.12 lines make
one inch.) Store and general
business announcements .$2.oU per
inch per month. Preferred positions,    25    pel cent, additional.
Births, Marriage   and I ths, 60c
each lusertion.
Land notices *7.5". Mi advortlBi
mentis subject to tbe approval ol
the management. Wanted uud
Condensed Advertisements : —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
UatlOOl wanted, Situations Vacant, Teachers Wantod, Mechanics
Wanted, 25 words or less, Xo.,
each addiuuual lino lb cents.
Changes in standing advertisements must be In by 9 a. in.
Tuesday and Fridny ol each ween
to mc .i"  k**" i display.
C0RRB8P0NDENCE invited on mat
ters ol public .i.l. rest. Communications lo Editoi must be
accompanied by name ol writer
not necessarily Ior publication,
but as evidence of good faith.
Correspondent should  be  brief.
Including postage to England,  United States und Canada.
By the year -..through postotbee) *2.50
JOB PRINTING promptly executed
at reasonable rates.
TERMS—Cash. Subscriptions payable in advance.
Cbe flDatHbevalb
Of Every Description
Can be Obtained from
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
^   -J
WEDNESDAY,   MARCH   1ST.   1911.
It is said to be the late ot every
newspaper man to either become s
politician or a preacher. From the
* . : rial desk to the pulpit is just a
step, (of tht average editor Is traiu
ed in meekness. lie must think thc
thoughts ,•' others, he must express I
the thoughts of others, aud await
some beneiicent hand to remove him
to tui pulpit. if perchance he has
an opinion of his own and is not
afraid to express that opinion then
it is a politician he will make. Alexander Lucas, the member tor Ynle
ridmg, is uf the latter class, und
the legislators and newspapers ot B.
C. are beginning to Bit up and take
notice ol what he has to say. Not
that he says a great deal, but whai
he says is worth thinking over. He
made a speech up there in Victoria
the other day that took bis listeners
by the ears, not only for the eloqu
ent manner in which it was delivered
but because of the progressive ami
up-to-date ideas he espoused. This
tame Mr. Lucas once sal In a dingy
editorial dei. pushing a pencil, as we
are now, just as fast as he could in
a race against one these up-to-
date typesetting machines. The
' algary Daily Herald was his mouth
piece, and while he wrote he thought
and planned, till Calgary sat up an.l
t..ok notice and twice elected him
mayor. U. C. then became his scene
id act:, a and his appointment as As-
Beasor f. : Kast and West Kootenays
^ed. Lastly be found his way
provincial politics, and to him
is largely accredited the successful
mdwork ot the Conservative Or-
ganisotii n in B. C. Now he is in
the house in Victoria showing them
in a niu.-t statesmanlike way how to
do things that will be "f ^he most
.'uiciit to the m ll ... pie. The tact
that thi • wapg tea ti him
is tii*- * ■ ct that tb
i:,etl|. ■:-  pi                    h m ■''■ I       rth>
■ consideration.
}f      -A.il.. ■      '        fil       ' .'.      '
■< ;•!'..- i face talk li «i
H - tei  m *    m  I
.-. ar,..       r a »■ "•»     .-' mi I i B-.m*
of the     *•  . : .       Bui opean , *r| »
ments Uiu.
■ ds* plan* i I     ml aign ng
•li-   i -       Hoi
br to put a
00 ■ ii,. i: in the l
•the in;, ntenai  ■   ol wl ch   ■* ■ . . ■■
ace fuiid  Ij
II .'-  '  '••   tl     '"'    -pen/
•i.ir.y'-  i.hvt nest  yeai     1
lenly  gi n.   oavy  mad   an
preparing to build riate-rn      Dreg
,r;n'»   military   and   nn
-.-ni estimate- for the yeai  Ic     ». |
000,000.       Fllil.ee   is askin*'
naval  pr, .-■ i n.    -■■•..• lei       amWI
to rival    rr  th» seas,  and  is n
'. : inin      proprlatlong,
t'ne bern - t. wondei '. in nil th
great madams f..r naval constructb
might rmt v Uucovered the ftii" tti
Utti hand oi the shipbuilders. i\n ■'
i that all the people hav.* gqi
craZ) nt once, or I* it more l|l
tbat the "ily agents < f tho Bteel tm
nml  tlie fttripbuildei whispn n
lUggtstlone  Into '.:.,*  eai      of      Hi
authorities' Austria's mad  program,
foi     Instance is  protni ted  i>j  Arcl
duke  Prancl* Ferdinand,  beir apimr
,   • -'-nt -  bit   'use  by       pi'i-
. ..nal canvass ot lho delegations, 01
lhat $110,000,000 expenditure would
a couple ol millions i>e too greal a
lommlBslon to pay bun'
If Mr. Carnegie wants i., accom
pllsli disarmament be had better bo
gin by buying up tho ship yards and
: oppressing tho Incentive to build
ships for profit,
The action of the police couimis-
. loners In raising tho pay ol tbe
night policemen by il»' small sum of
■■ii per month is a commendable one.
nnd uni' to which no sensible person
can possibly take exception. The only
cause tor a legitimate grouch is that
tho raise might not bc commensurate
with the duties of the position.
Through all sorts ol weather theso
mnl must patrol the city while every
„ody sleeps, ami wink* possibly they
i.lay not take in many burglars, or
desperadoes, their presence acts as a
wonderful preventative, and a safeguard to botli life and  property. The
olice department should not he con-
. idered in the light of a revenue producing department, but rather us a
protection to the public. Closely allied with tliis is the police court,
.vhlch must primarily be considered
is a vehicle for the administration of
,i istlce rather than a revenue      pro-
luring depart ment for thc city.
It is an old Baying that many a
truth is spoken in jest. Whether
Congressman Champ Clark was speak
ing in jest or not In referring to the
Stars and Stripes waving over Canada, he voiced the sentiments of a
large ptrccntage of the Americans. It
may have been one of Clark's most
.'etching jests, but it has been heard
almost daily for the past twenty-five
years. Congressman Clark may be
a wit, but his joke is a long ways
Irom being original.
Those cute little assessment no
t.ces are all distributed around now,
and will no doubt be the occasion .•:
many a kick. While the taxpayers
may not consider it nny particular
mark of flattery that they have been
■.. cordially invited to pay up, it Is
nevertheless a matter ol congratuln
..u that the city ball stall baa buc
ceeded In getting them out bo early
ibis year. As a general thing these
nre not out till August, but M
Hamilton decided upon this early pn
position ol the assessment rolle as
..tic  ol the  planks of  his   pre election
, latform and ta living up to it.
Have you been vaccinated?   If n>t.
use a club on the first health ..tticiai
■.•ho      wishes    t,     pra
slocan Record,
The Kaiser has created a   plumber
i l,.r.l. and all Germany  %
.-.>ry pluml • md we have
Retailers and consumers
ihe prlci -     n*   yolk.
em '*     •    •
•   ism
•aiT ,i ■ thing   ««>
nothing   There    nr.
I.» •   ii.
A. C. Pratt Tells Empire Club ot
Pauperized Effect ot the
Reciprocity Treaty
"Shall Canada be tho lirst to break
tlie roll call of the morning drum
that to day beats it reveille roiin'd
the world'"
'.'Canada acceding to this Confederation and joining in tbo measures
ot the i'nited States, shall be ad
mitted to this Union." Extract trom
tlie constitution of thc United States
Heading the latter as an extract
from the constitution of the United
States of America and asking the
question if Canada should be the
lirst to break the tic that binds thc
Dominion to the Empire, Mr. A. C.
Pratt, M.I'.I1, for South Norfolk wns
greeted with aPPlauso by the members of the Empire Club in Toronto,
hefore whom he delivered one of those
stirring addresses that excites applause every few sentences.
Mr. Pratt prefaced his remains
with some impressions of his tour in
Kngland during the last Eng' sh ei*
Mr. Pratt referred to the other
Canadians in Britain—Sir Gilbert
Parker, Max Aitkin, Hamar Urton-
wood' Hon. Joseph Martin, U. nald
Macmaster, K.C., and practlcilly a
score of others, who have made their
n ime in Uritish politics.
;1 was amused," said Mr, I rait,
"with some if the experiences. Here
is one. At u meeting In Bast I'll i *n
iDepbford), Mr. A. W. Wri:ht was
delivering an address on the hei
of protection and wns heckled continuously as I had been B few m.ii.
tes previously, a young German insisted ..u Interrupting Hie meeting to
.... trade tiuestion3, and was
* ver satisfied with hia answer. Mr,
Wright   lirect ng all bis att.nt.*
"You  seem   to
be sn ent tradei       but
your fatner and  mot
Yes, they  were,'     insisted      the
'They   i
, I,'  sai I  Mr.  Wl
•"Ih.s moi ning I  wi
, It    was
I truer
and estab-
-.  ■
t to   get
a  me- tatlsl
•       • I!
... • tt  ti
■ of      tbc
The Great-West Life Assurance Company
Twelve Points Suggested By Its Report for 1910
Point No. 1
A large new business menus that H
greni   many  peoph   bave  decided
Umi The   Groat West   Life   is
the best Company. The Great.
West l,ilc issued Insurances of over
$14,000,000 iu Ciinn.l.i in 1910, a new
Canadian record,
Point No. 5
The investments ol the Greal Wesl
Ufe are the safest obtainable,    They
are practically ion lined to mortgages
ou real estate yielding 7    to O
uiul nre secured by property worth
more lliau double the amounts advanced,
Point No. 9
The policies ol the Great-West Life
are clear, lm si uess-like documents,
con t ni ui ng  oil   possible   privileges.
A liberal Disability Clause  insuring against disability   from  accident or disease  is  contained in  all
l('ll vvith-profit contracts.
Point No. 2
This was not llic icsult ol u spa*,
in.ulii- effort.   The Gieal West Idle
hns been a leader in Canadian busi-
niss iii four successive years:
1907         $ 9,491,472
19ns                         'i 69S 706
1909                       9,861,922
Point No: 6
Next  in Importance  ta economy
of  management.   No  other   Canadian  Company   has lower expense
rales limn
The Great-West life
Point No. 10
The    lollowiug   tables   illustrates
Borne features of the Company's business:—
1010         Incranoo
lliihiiii.*.*,  Imiiii'il &   1*0-
vlvoil     114 014,548   14,320,540
Onin In Bus. In torco       10,034,441    4,800,541
NOW Bus. n.ilil lor            13,177.021     3,240,052
ABBOts                                    8,440,811     1,584,080
Surplus   tor  protection  of  polloy   imiii,*...
1910                      1*1 369,95.
Point No. 3
A large Increase in business in force
humus thai  llie  policy holders nre
pleased with the policies ihi-\ have
purchased and arc glad to renew
them.   The Canadian business in
force ol the Great-West Ufe Increased
■ Uuinu   Piln by   nearl)   $11,000,000
- niioth- r record.
Point No. 7
li   requires  '.ess effort  ami  ron-
siqlli-lltlv   less   cost    lo    sell    Cte.it-
\Visi   i.ih-   policies,    because    the
premium     rotes    arc    tho
lowest  anil  lhe   profits  are   the
Nothing succeeds like success.
Point No. 11
The Directors ol Tin- Great-West    1
Lite are nil experienced businessmen
particularly well qualified lo manage
.i company investing in the west.
A. Macdonald    1* 11. Brock
Geo. l;. Gait     i'. C, Mclntyre
K. T. Riley     Geo, K  Crowe
A. M. Niin'lon   A. Kellv
Geo. W. Allan A. C, Flummerfelt
!•'. Nation       Sir Ii. 11.  McMillan
Point No. 4
The uit.sl important (actor in producing  profits  is lhe  inleresl rule.
An increase of two points ill this respect will  enable nm   Company to
il mblc its prrfits.    The Great-
West Life's interest  rate is  higher
liuin that of any other Company in
the world.    It is 7 per cent. net.
Point No. 8
The following is an illustration of
the quinquennial profits being paid
in 1 *> 11 on the J" Payment Mfe Plan
age at entry, 35.
Bonu.   Ca,., JBJgJ
Policy inmioil hi |90G   SG7 00   S20 25       I 0 15
Policy lenuoil in 1Q01     85 00    39 85         ll 75
Policy Isntiod in 1800    100 00     52 00         11 50
Point No. 12
Detailed   figures establishing the
aboyc statements are contained in ilu-
Government Blue Book on Insurance
antl in the Company's reports. Write
to the Company (or the 1910 Annual
Report, and il you slate date oi birth
complete information showing cost
lind benefits will be sent.
figures for Past ID Month! Show
Advance of Seventy Millions
I IHji«,l     Pi K .'. •  !*.
:'.,t  'l * ru.i   '. ii  ni* ntha  in th..    cur-
■    *   . „i    ,, ,M
icreaae ,tt *," i H    ■       '"■
■ trresponding tpn months vf  I9i I
.     rl -  • italic 1  '.iti,, tM,',,■/,'
. ■  i". ■ Th,. exp, i ti
.  .,.*  tic prod    •    totalled    izi*.
tm •*. ., .* oi 12 ."'*.'.-'it
* i ti .*; foreign products were
»ri. 142,270, mi  u,< :.•,.-.!• ol 11,(19,084
The  Januarj   trade  '..n....*.!  166,i.ti
117, an  inrrcn-r ,,( (IW.'A, ^4f
Valuable coal deposits imvr bees
(..umi at Brock, Saskatchewan.
It is ii*|,oit.i..| thai Count He Lea
sops, the French mint.,:, will take
up residence  In Wlnfriwx
A general lun I Ioi thi i ellol ol the
Iiiiiiiii* sufferers  in   China   lias      been
im ted ai Toronto
,      *     i
. la-it imitat
..*  !    Ml       Pl   HI
tion     |n
ana la       rhe negi
casual   .....    .oi l .
i ..ti' i
li m opFi..in
i*i'*.*  Mi * admission ol thi pc|al
*   ' • nn, then un
> i .i i. ii  .;,.   phases at domes!
if all, the monopoly   ot
■ i'  trusts.
"1,'t mt Aim* you n ■ crete   In
stance ol the workum ol u,.
a. Hi..*, arc assisted under Ireo trade.
Coming . i ii ..in Kin-inn i i nn i Mr
John I'm k, "f I'ark Bro rllngll ih
meal paekcrs, ol Llvei pool He ex
plained h me thai in* Importod Irom
10,000 to 50,000 cnicnscH ol      Iambi
per week and a shipload of frozen
heel trom Argentine. Armour nnl
Swift, of Chicago, established sellin,'
depots throughout England, and
found that Park's prices were below
what the trust desired to obtain.
They investigated nnd found that
Park was getting liis lied Irom live
large ranches in Argentina, and immediately sent to liucnos Ayres and
purchased each ol tho live ranches
from which Park procured his supplies, and then notified Park Bros.
that they Would no longer he aide
to sell them the supplies they had
been getting. As a direct result ol
the competition ot a Yankee trust,
a very large British house goes out
of business this year.
"II a scheme like that will carry
in tree trade in Britain, what chance
lias Canada got under any such ar-
I'nngemint or any conditions which
liring free  trade nearer?
"Men may theorize and argue     ns
they will, but It must he    admitted
that  trade  is  the great     underlying
stimulus to patriotic sentiment,    and
nny  move  or arrnngemint  that    diverts trade from British channels, or
Canadian  channels,  to  I'nited  States
Imports, to that extent the   British
sentiment  of the     Canadian  people.
Who   nave   spent    million;   in    transient.n.ntnl   ra Iways  and  canals,     in
steamship subsidies,  to make Btrong
wide a great artery of trade with
i*     and    lier     militia to make
.i.i  a   iiat.»n,   will   Im  undcrmin-
Sti p the all-red Bow     of   our
With   Britain.       and
Bl alyze I   • pulse ol British sen-
t in this Dominion.
Mi n  may argue that  it  is   .
i. maj  argue thai  it
but  let me say that
tl at    n   Its  nature  impairs
ties cannot  be character-
thine f..r the Cana -
* th my mother's milk
British  sentiments
men have hied and died all
.. maintain, and any-
*   again   that  impairs
ol      our
>>ai   Imperial  Empire
..*.:■ I    We .-111111 >l  nf
Mrthi  ;bl  to      the
i mi
nut y
I   *
Ti, . rokeii
i are
given ;,  hearty vote of thanks.
Hovelstoko LuuJ District.
District 0f West Kootenay.
Tako notice that Uorccuo Cornish
Kennedy of Uevelstoko, occupation,
married woman, intends to apply lor
permission to purchase tho following
described lauds.
Commencing at a post planted
aliout 40 chains In a southerly direction from thc south wost corner of
Lot 5114, thooco west 40 chains,
thenco south 40 chains thenco east
40 chains to the west shoro ol Upper
Arrow Lako, thenco north aloug tho
lake shore to point ol commencement
containing about 160 acres.
Dated January 10th, 1911.  ...
Per M. Grady, Agent.
lievelstoke Land District
District of Wcat Kootonay.
Tako notice that 1, Mary Selkirk,
ot Vancouver, occupation, married
woman, intends to apply [or permission to purcbaso tho following
described lands.
Commencing at a post plantod at
tho N. IS. Corner o! Lot 6140 G.I.,
and marked M. S.'s S. E. Corner,
thence north 80 chains, theuce west
70 chains, thenco south hi chains,
theuce east 20 chains, thenco south
40 chains, thenco cast SO chains
to point ol commencement, containing 480- acres.
Dated January 9th, 1911.
Per O. P. Smith, Agent.
Uevelstoko Land District.
District ot WeBt Kootonay.
Take notico that JamcB Peters, of
Nuttield, England, occupation, brick
layer, intends to apply for permission to purchase tho following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
tho   south     west corner ol lot 8686,
,„,    ,,„,.„,,„ U:nd marked E.J.P. south oast corner
'The goverment  agents ate ncieiiy.
asked to procure from the road superintendents Information as to     the
west   twenty  chains,
forty    chains,   thenco
Miners at Fernie Go Out and
Trouble is Expected at Frank
and Moyie
in. i ,       .„,i„ i fnr iimir  inst twenty chains, tbence south for-
iliiniit.itv Itkelv   to he neeileil lol tneu , '
ty chains to point of commencement.
Dated December 24tb, 1910.
DeciS!        Per Fred, C. Terry, Agent.
work, and the secretaries of the institutes will .furnish the names of
members who desire to participate in
the   benefits  of   the   proposed  sidieme,
this Information to he supplied ou
ihe requisition form sent herewith.
"As this matter is one of urgency,
I  will  thank  you to give same    your
Six lii'i Hied   Imnwdtato attention." -Nelson News
K.'inie,     I'diniury      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
iniir'is employed at Prank and Mtjio j
are out on strike and it is feared lhe j WHAT FOSTER SAYS,
whole Crow's Nest district .vill he Washington, 1). C, Keb. K.— Labt
affected Within a few days. There is bulletin gave forecasts of disturbance
said to be no hope of nn agreement to cross continent Keb. 2*8 to March
liciis- arrived at between the parties, 4, warm wave Feb. 27 to March 3,
the niiiiual revision of the scale being cool wave March 2 to 6. This will
the cause of thc strike. Thc men at helcng to a cold period and winter
Frank are reported to be in nn ill- storms will he the rule <n the Con-
tempered mood, but no trouble is tincnt. Unusually cold preceding and
anticipated if the men's places ure following thc warm wave and no
not tilled Iiy outsiders. .very warm weather accompanying tho
storm wave.  While our earth will bc
afflicted     with storms of     moderate
force thc sun  will  get some     severe
storms on  March 3,  and  large spots
dark and bright may   he seen on    the
eastern side ot tbe sun a little north
of thc sun equator hy March 4 to 6.
These spots     will     drift into better
view by March  IC.   Anyi no can    test
this     forecast of    sun by    using     a
smoked glass or a tube of quiet water or both.   You can add to thc two
an opera glass with good effect usirg
all three.
Next  disturbance  will  reach  Pacillc
That    the    provincial     government   coast about  March  4,  cross      Pacilic
propose  this year to assist  the ran-   slope by close of 5, great central val-
,li,rs of British Columbia by supply-  leys 6 to 8, eastern section 9. Warm , Tftl)ping.B 0pera HoUBe every geCond
ing them with stumping  powder   for   wave Will cross Pacilic slope      about 'and  fourth  MoU(lay  in  month   VMXr
clearing  purposes at  practically cost   March      4,  great  central     valleys 6, |
price is indicated in a letler     whicli   eastern sections  8.  Cool wave      will
'J. G. McLaren, secretary of thc Nol-  cross Pacific slope about March      7,
Bon nnd District Farmers'     Institute   great central  valleys,  9, eastern sec-
received from W. E.     Scott, deputy  tions 11.
minister of agriculture.      This    com- ■ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
municatlon asks that     Mr. McLaren     Mrs. Philip Kreiter, of Hecla, 8.D.,
will assist mm
Department ot Agriculture Will
Suppiy Powder tor Clearing
Operations-—Urgent Matter j
KOOTENAY      LODGE,  No.  15 A.  F.
and A. M.
Regular meetings arc held in MASONIC TEMPLE, oddfellows' Hall
on tho Third Monday In each month
nt 8 p. m. Visiting hrcthren are
cordially  welcome.
W.  B.  ROBERTSON,  Secretary.
SELKIRK     LODGE 12, 1.  O.  O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening ln
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
hrcthren  cordially  invited.
K. G. McRAE, N. G.
JAS.   MATHIE,  Secretary.
GOLD RANGE LODGE,      K.  of    P..
NO.   26,   REVELSTOKE,  B.   C.
Meets every Wednesday except tho
Third Wednesday ol each month in
Oddfellows' Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knights are cordially invited.
G. H. BROCK, K. of R. & 3.
M. of F.
COURT     MT.     BEGBIE,    No.  3461.
Meets in I. 0.   O. F. Hall next   to
ing brethren cordially welcomed.
G. W. BELL, C. R.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,  Rec.-Sec.
forward to Victoria information     as is accused ot killing her husband.
to the quantity 0>  powder 'likely    to All  lots  iu  Revelstoke,   Vancouver,
be required in his district during the Victoria and New  Westminster cities,
present     yenr.      A  letter ou similar and  In  Port  Mann  subdivision,    for
lines lias  lieeu  received  iiy      W.      F. sale by Chas.  M. Field,      havo   been
Teetzel, government agent here.
Mr. Scott's letter in full is as fol-
i am directed iiy the    honorable,
Ihe minister al agriculture, to    pro-
irmatlon aa  to  tlie quantity
taping powder likely to   be   re-
ilred   lor cleai nu* purposos hy   the
in imin. iy  throughout Brit
.i  *a  during     bbe
.* in
li  .   Intends I t hat     the
personally inspected hy him.       t.c.
m . ,.*,. tpnlfbl
,*  :     . Mm ,*    .nil
attei ,ii  (Umpire concert    to
..,. Ii. . I >i*   ,...:, Ion '.n May  18
\ i        rn     treaty between ' 'annd,,
ami   .Ini* i||   ll .11   likely   lie   negotiated
III    II,-    I III     IIS tl    HU    lliollllls*
\   lepiitnlion ol women -VRltod "ii
"i.iiiiri    lloblln  asking    lor a     .Lover
\PCTION      SALE      OF      TIMBER
The right to cut timber under lie
present' enae oo Uorth  No. 539,     comprising
the following lands in the     Province
 in    ,.f  lintish  Columbia,  will  bo  offered
nu nt    hould endeavoi   to obtain tbo. at Public Auction at the upset price
: (oi  the farmers al the cheap   of (9,875.00, Including cost of     aur-
ble rate, and  with  this   oh-   vey, at I o'clock P.M., on Wednesday
n view, I am   ond ng you bene   tbe l*th May next, at the office    of
It   ■    Deklng     particulars  the Dominion Timber Agent at Revel-
i  tiopo   ... will be     nlde     to  stoke:—
I    Timber Berth No. 689, situate     in
"By ascertaining from the govern   the Province of   Uritish    Columbia,
'' and tbe secretaries     of  comprising  Bection  ix, Township 23,
 ii   I'i.iiii'i     in tltulos,     a Range i, nn.l the North East quartern lhi     'Meet, itie    depart 'or of Bection 19, Township 23, Range
*..i arrange   foi    !, all West ,,f tbe nth Meridian, con-
ng  tbe     total     quantit*.      ot  tainlng an  area ol  1.23 square milcH
I ng powdei   n carload lot*, The  more or less,
oi will be   enl lorwai i to what-     A license will not be issued   until
oi  .i"     ame      to    be delivered tbe full amount ol the purchase price
at   The -»', n-tiii .,■•■   .i the     Farmer*'   and  the ground  rental for the    tirst
tea will arrange ioi   dlstrlbiH    vent, have been paid.
&me t.. the members ami    niw    Tht condition* of pnymi-at, rate of
■ io- mi  money* Ioi   the order*  rental, etc., arc contained   in     '.he
i*j.ii-i. while the government agent* Timber Regulations, a copy of which
'ill      !»'      a ll I I  '      ..uie  payment*   may  lie secured on application to the
Irom the road superintendent*, undenigned, or to the Crown Timber
i.'.ihii. will be furnished tbe   de    kgenl at Revelrteke,
iiiinni,.|ii    oi    agriculture quarterly P.O. kkvks,
"..hi ail Bg the amount Secretary.
nl powdei  distributed also remitting  Department of the Interior,
all money* received i n account     ol Ottawa, February llth, 1911.
C. W. O. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. 22*.
Meets Second    and     Fourth Wednesdays    in each month in    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
H. W.  EDWARDS, Con. Com.
MR.    R.    T.    WILSON,
STUDIO-Music Store,    McKenzie Avenue.
TERMS—Elementary,  under  12  years
of age, 7*5 cents per    lesson.     Over
12 years of age, Jl-lW.      Advanced,
$1.25   per   lesson.      Lessons three-
quarters of an hour, once or twice
weekly, as desired.
Teacher ol Voice, Piano and Organ
Pupils prepared for Toronto Conservatory of    Muiic.      Local exam-
Rovelstoke Land District.
Distiict of West. Ko0tcnay.
Take notice that B.  M. Hitfcs,     of
Greenwood, B, C, occupation laborer, intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing nt a poet planted on
the north shore of Tront Lake, about
three and three-gnartcr miles west
rom thc town of Gerrard, adjacent
to S.B. Corner of Lot 7966, thtneo 80
i bains cant, thence 20 chains south',
or to lake shore, thence 80 chains
west, or following lake shore to
point of commencement.
BEN.  M.  HICK6,
Haled February  ith, 1911. ^tm WEDNESDAY,   MARCH  1ST,  1911.
incorporated; 151 s
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund -    $4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At ii'i Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Having purchased Uie business formerly carried on hy  \\.  A.
Spring we are prepared to execute all orders promptly.
Boot nnd Shoo Ropnlrers,
Saddlers Harness Matters
Under New Management.
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
The Greatest Health Resort on the Continent
Natural Hot Water, 124 Degree of Ilea
Natural Hot Wafer in BatllS.    U        All Year
Rates from $ 12 to ij* 15 Per Week
The Largest Stock" of Smokers'
Supplies in the Interior
We are the right people to do business with.
We are carrying an especially good line this
Come in and we will show you that present
for hubby, father or brother that was worrying
The Cigar & Pipe Business is Our Business
atu! we know it like a book, and you g. t the
benefit of our information.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
E1JIL3DE,K,    ^JSE    CCK'JF/caCK
Ha\c your architect prepare your plans for
your new building early and get my figures on
your work.
Everybody knows Iiim, he will
tell you that the whiskeys we are
selling are the beat Cull and lie
coovlnoed, No household should
be without a supply of our Harvey's Speolal Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapin tiqueur Brandy, guaranteed
80 yean old or Blaokberry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our slink
of choice Willi's anil LlqUOM of all
kinds aro unexcelled. Sold hy all
the h-iiding hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers ard Dealere in Pure Nines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
SIB EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, - $7,000,000
With its large number of branches, agents anil correspondent*, The
Canadian Hank of Commerce is able to effecl collections throughout
the world promptly und at reasonable rales, Kates will be quoted on
Cheques ami drafts on all countries of the world,  drawn in sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or;any Other foreign currency,
can be negotiated at Tha Canadian Hank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
IMBMMMMW————W— -jsctjj,
Revelstoke, i*. C.
A Symposium of What is Happening in
All Parts of the World
%-%sa'*.'%%%'%.'%.-%^% ■•/%.*.■»/%% -«.'%.%.'».'%.■%'%». •%<%'%/%,■%/%'
World News World News World  Sews1    A  Hritish officer saved the life      o!
Rev, Father Oaron is dead
t Ken-   the  crown  prince of  Germany during
J a hunting trip in Ceylon.
suitably   furnished   with   the  choicest the
market affords.      Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthiy rate.
T.    ALBERT      BTOlsTB      PROP
Central Hotel
K.i..ii ,**.!
Abrahamson Bros
pi nveil
Ai! modern eoiivt-ninncoi
KiiKt-t'lass in Avery respect.
Larue Sinn pip Koninn.
Special Weekly Rates
$2.00 per day
Revelstoke, B. C
a burridqe |Carriage and Sign
WANTED—Competent girl at onoe,
good wages to right, party.       Mrs-
S. M. Field, First street, nextd	
to Seoond Hand Btoro.
ESTRAYED—On Saturday. A null
Terrier Pup, brown spot around
left eye and oar. Advise the Mail-
Ilcrnld Office.
WANTED—Men and Women to learn
barber trade; only eight weeks ic-
iliiired; Htay as long an you visli
for one tuition; tools given with
eni'h scholarship; best school in
Canada; situatinns or locations
furnished; catalogue mailed free;
write for particulars.—Moler System College, 609 Centre street,
Calgary, Alta.
Three sticks of dynamite were
found in thc Theatre f'i'Biicais lit
Mr. J. J. Hill wii; build a million-
dollar  station   for   the   Great   Northern at Winnipeg.
Cornelius Baden, n reccntly-m.'-
rlcd man, took a rtose .if poison at
Kingston with fatal remit.
Because she was jilted by her . iver
Miss  Minnie  I'eachey  o! Bulk B Fulls
committed suicide iiy poison.
Mr. T.ll. SrhwiUcr has l.c -u appointed mechanical sunei-.n ouuent ol
the Government Printing lluieuu.
Mrs. D. A. Hutchison died at < nnt-
hani from inhaling gas. Th'.'* tuul.es
tbe second death In the Inirnly from
thnt cause.
approve  the course
nf   Essex county
taken   ny ther
fellow-citizens  at  Ottawa,  in boycotting  Bishop Fallon.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hoi Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Oonnaucht Ave.   -   Rcvcta'toko
i alley'
lini-k "of B, .1. Bourne'
, First Street.
First   C'ass Work Guaranteed.
Prices Keasonable
- —i \rf
Itesldence Our. 3rd St at il Iti lisonave
New Line
Stirrup  Attached
F.   B.   WELLS.
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Kevelstoke, B. C.
Pacific Coast
Tested Seeds
Inside Lots for Sale at
Arriving dally our new and
fresh stock of Seeds, grown
nnili'i- contract by the best
grow, is in all purls of the
world. Seeds that "ill give
you Ihe lies!results, One trial
«ill convince you. Also a full
I'm' of gin den requisites, Implements of nil kind ; Kce
supiiiii'*. Spray ers, Ppriiy, ;uiH
n iml lini' of t 'hick v li .uul
rnokcv'H remedies. Press the
button, we will do the rest.
.   J.  HENRY
3011 Westminster Road
R. McDougall,    -   Manager
First Divisional Poinl  Weal  nf
nlpeg, on Q.T.P. Ry.
Some  C.ood
in   Revelstoke
W. B. Robertson
Gient Wesi Permanent Loan
Company Agency
Special Attention givi-n to commercial
men and tourists. Flrat-clasn sampli
rooms. Finest scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop.
MsDafnotnrtd for ah dima* nf  tn'ldlurr
For anl* in hrirft or mubII (imnillioi
nt ih- i.jw.-■  prfew fnr cash
All kind? of I laildttiff nod plastering
m dor tn kaii
Foote & Pradolini.
Kep:iirn   of  nil   kinds   neiiily done
Bicycle and < Jim work a specialty
Estimates given on any cIrsb
of work
Front       Street.
Hay, Oats, Wheat,Bran
and Shorts
Oi-'i ii i      Cor   McKenzie Ave.
ami Sim onu mki ii
Piioni;   ?*3.
Fruit Lands
ti iIhihi Bay I it il- in purr-el*- if
Id or 20 Here* nr en bloc, Cm res-
poniletice ini iu J.
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
TVNRSinB P.O., Ont.
"I received your istnpte of GIN
PILLS nml after Using tin in, 1 felt so
ituicli better lli.it I got n l>ox at my
druggist's, and now I am taking tlie
til ir. I box.
I'lie pain across my back and kidneys
lias almost entirely gone and I am Ix-tlrr
tban  I Iiave been for years,   I   was t
f;re.it stillcrer from Rlieiuu.itistn but it
las all bit me. I stronglyadvlie all
women, who suffer from I'ain In Tbe
Back mid Weak Kldncyi, to trv gin
PILLS. MM. T Hakris.
Thouundl of women, right here in
Canada, owe tlu-ir robust health, tlicir
tu in tb ami vigor, their bright eyee ana
roey cheek*—to GIN 1'II.I.S. And they
know that (UN 1'II.I.S will cure the
Kidney and Bladder Trouble! with
which so many women suflcr,
Do Just aa Mrs. Hani', did—first,
write for a frre sample liox of ('.IN
PILLS and try them, Then, if they do
you good, get the tegular 50c boxes al
your dealer's. Your monev promptly
refunded if CIS PII.L8 fail to give
relief. National lung aiid Chemical
Co..   Dept. \V.,    Toronto. »4
WM to
'Save'foiir Money,
*(ammencc How!
We wait evayonflo tow
%t we. arc paying *
per annum credited mMr
on. savings &eposUs(*1-
k upward) subject Withdrawal hr cheque & *
^r 5£ Intercom
on time deposits of*
Si^lnoTitb & over. *
Wc invest raonef forrlienta
iti Rrst mortgaScsSdoa
^cnciat ffnaucial businesa.
We want YoilX saving aant
Sifyou are not saving *
t.^-tcniatitaltY', * * -*■ ■*■
H Deposits t^r inait ^^T>
V +j^ castyluimlla! —
"lolTPan send b^ Draff,
Post Office + Cypress
OxiIct or Rcjistere-J^^
Letter & withdrawals
can be mailed*-*"^ *
--anyway you wish.
Ware Respotisible
JJ  Refer to ■*- * -4- * •*
or lo auyone in *
Write uaaboiit it to^ay
321 Cambie Street;
%Vaj\couver B.C.^
There are live cases of smallpox at
rite. Anne's College Laehine. it is
said the college authorities kept the
cane secret for five weeks from Ihe
(ieorge Waller, a news agent, arrested in connection with thc thclt
of a pocketbook on a train, and acquitted, hns recovered J,'K)i> damages
from the C.P.R. Co.
A Nationalist M. p. was suspended
for one week owing to criticism      of
the Speaker.
Unionist members heckled Premier
Asqulth in regard to Canadian and
United  States trade agreement.
Australia has decided to keep out
Orientals as the authorities in charge
of the defence of the island continent
are afraid that Japanese spies may
become familiar with the country.
The Grain hill providing for the appointment of an independent elevator
commission was given its second read
ing in the senate at Ottawa.
Thc Manitoba legislature, on a
straight party vote, defeated the motion of T. C. Norris, Liberal leader,
endorsing   the   reciprocity  agreement.
It is probable that thc committee
at Washington may make no recom -
in. nlntion on the reciprocity agrce-
ini nt when it is returned to the
The interstate commerce commission of thc United States has decided against thc railways in their efforts  to  increase  their  freight rates.
George Sudmcier, highway robber,
was sentenced at Minneapolis to 30
years' Imirrisonment.
An English syndicate is purchasing
a thousand lots in a residential district in Winnipeg.
A number ol western farmers are in
Ottawa to press the claims ol the
recent delegation.
Tbe Winnipeg Grain Exchange Passed a resolution condemning reciprocity.
I.. Giiitit'll. Nationalist member ut
thc Uritish house of commons, has
been suspended.
Six hundred immigrants, all from
Great Ilritain, arrived in Winnipeg.
Tho program Ior the winter fair to
be held iu Brandon has been arranged.
The crew ol a C.P.H. car ferry,
lound guilty of thclt, were sentenced
Brodaki Gomnngl ol Winnipeg was
assaulted and badly injured at Brandon.
The Canadian Northern and Cunard
steamships lines are likely to merge.
Sam Langford w0n from Hill Laag
in the sixth round at London.
As a result of the plague rioting
has been liegun in Manchuria.
C.P.R. Lan-d Commissioner F. T.
Gnllin reports to headquarters at
Montreal that 2J,(X>0,0D0 acres of
government lands have been taken up
as homesteads and pre-emptions during the last two years.
A resolution has been passed by the
National Alliance of St. Uoniface
it..testing against the attempt which
it says, is lieing made to abolish tbe
French tongue both in the schools
and the church.
The international university debate
between North Dakota and Manitoba
was won by North Dakota. The debate took place in thc Central Coa-
gregational church,  Winnipeg.
A. R. Morrison, ol Winnipeg, will
represent western Canada at the meet
ing of the Canadian Cricket association to be held in Toronto on Tuesday.
The McCall reciprocity bill was reported at Washington by thc committee that had it in charge "without  recommendation."
Startling revelations have been
maJe at Toronto regarding the former management of the Little Nipis-
snig Mining company.
In the Saskatchewan legislature,
George Langley made serious charges
rejecting on the Manitoba elevator
C.P.F. Timetable
No.   1,  arrives     6:45 a.m.,  departs
7.00 a.m.
No.  97,  arrives 6:65  p.m.,  departs,
7:1.1  p.m.
No. a, arrives 12:30 midnight,     de-
arts 12:46 midnight.
No.  96, arrives 8:45 a.m., departs,
»;05 a. m.
South  train lenves Revolstoke at 9
a. m., arrives Revelstoke S:25 p.m.
There is a lively debate on the
Saskatchewan elevator bill in the
legislature at Regina.
C.F.G. Masterman, undersecretary
of the Home Office, says England will
welcome  reciprocity  pact.
David Lloyd George, chancellor of
the British exchequer, is suffering
from throat trouble.
Lord Lansdownc's bill to reform
the upper house ia expected to alter
the veto situation.
Chief Justice Mathers made an
order quashing Uie German local option by-law.
Former President Roosevelt speaking nt Chicago ridiculed annexation
Four drivers of the Manitoba Cart-
aee company were arrested charged
with wholesale theft of goods in
As the result of a fire in a mino
in Nevada many lives have been lost.
Fifteen bodies have already licen recovered.
Louis Grabke, of Whitemouth
Man., was accidentally shot while
tuking a loaded title from a companion.
Mrs. Van Alstyae, of Winai|ieg, is
ii Itetar of tbc Canadian murdered at
his oil wells in Russia.
The changes in thc Express
will go into effect on the first
The   Liberal  candidate was success
lul  in  the bye-elect;..ii in  Wi-t  Wilts.
A reported lind of tellurlde gold
has started a rush to Miiakasnnadu
district in  the  Porcupine country.
Thntei'ii   horses  and  one cow
ished in a lire at Cupar,  Sask.
A Chinese village near Harbin has
been  wi|«sl out by plague.
Tbc accounts presented by the Man
itnba govt*! anient in the legislature
yesterday  ..how tbc public debt to be
rapidly Increasing with a loss     on
elevators and telephones.
An effort is being made to expedite
thc business in tbe Ottawa house and
It is thought that the session will ite
over by  Has dr.
Commissioner Hees aud party visiting Salvation Army posts in west-
iin Canada, mn entertained nt Iiui-.
eminent House in Winnipeg.
Premier Asqulth introduced in the
commons his bill to restrict the reto
powers of the house of lordB.
The question of tbc annexation of
Canada was favorably considered by
the  li't-i-lntiire of    North      Dakota.
Staniforth Smith, British Anibns- John Hutchinson, suspected ot pols-
sn.I..r to Paptla, two white officers "ning bis father nnd a guest, ..iiirid
mul n party of natives were maa-'cd at Loudon rather than submit to
acred. I arrest.
M. P.,  for Red
favor of the re-
Hr. Michael Clark,
Deer, .- strongly in
ciprocity agreement.
Canada's  trade for  the past
months shows an  increase of
seventy  millions.
Two persons were killed and a num
ber injured in a train wreck near
(fee  tk'rmany, N. 8.
Beattie police engaged in fatal gun
Bght with highwaymen, one officer being  killed.
A new registration district office
will  iv f.|,cncd at     Moose Jaw
March 6th.
Joseph J. Panek committed suicide
ae Wcyburn by drinking carbolic acid
Officials of the Great Northern and
Northern Pacilic railways will hold a
conference in Winnipeg.
iv A* Partridge and David Railton
"' Sintalutn, have been appointed to
Investigate tiie navigability of tbe
waters at probable terminals for a
Hudson Day railway.
H* H. Miller considers tho loss of
life in railway accidents too heavy,
and recommends an Investigation of
recent accidents on tbe C.P.R.
•Four hundred thousand horse
power can. it is said, be developed
iil'»ne the Winnipeg river between
Keoora and Lake Winnipeg.
Senator Ablrich is a letter to
President Tsft, eipreiwed himself aa
Favoring the proposed reciprocity
il' ..nii. ' '
score stood as follows:
0. P. Il*
Ranum  206
Hoc   IM
McLean    108
613   594   617   1734
157   202
131  114
I If,
195   179
104   163
587   058
Iiy n icore ol 28 to It, lirurc's
team beat Anderson's with the following teams:
Bruce—0. vi Hand,     11. Gibbons,
E, Robbins, B, Mcl/oan nnd 6 K.
Anderson—M. Anderson, A. McCartor, if Gordon, •'. Lawrence and
K. Coursler.
Daniels !fat Lyttle by » score ol
oo  to 9 with these tenms.
Daniel? — Mcl/eod, t'.. Woodland,F.
Daniels, and Fraser.
Lyttle—Bruce, P. Lyttle, 0. Calder and K. Simmons.
There ie the makings ol some tine
curlers in some of the new blood
introduced to tbc game on Monday
night by D. M. Rae and Dr. Ham 1-
ton. The name resulted trom a challenge issued by Mr. Ra« in last
Saturday's paper, agreeing to take
on a rink of green curlers against
any other rink of green cutlers. Dr.
Hamilton accepted the challenge and
took on Frisby, Stone and Ferguson,
while Rae played with J. Howson, F.
Younir ami Mulholland. The game nil
through was a series of features,
flukes nn.l fumbles, among thc lorm-
er being an undignified sprawl on th?
ice by the editor aud a tumble over
a group of stones by Howson. However all'6 well that ends well. nnd
as nobody was seriously hurt an.l
the name ended in a victory lur
Hamilton's rink by a score of 12 to
6, it was general',)- camcoded that all
ended well. Tht two skips are good
sports, and this introduction of new
blood into the game st the instigation ol D, M. Rae will give the
roarin' game added interest.
Rose nn.l Foote, another two ot
the ol■! skips, also brought out a
bunch ol colts for the:r preliminary
curl on the ice ,.« Monday evening,
end the way tbo dandled the brooms
n-i, Btonea would d<. credit to many
an older rink. Kd. Corley playing
the lead Ior Rose's rink had the
happy faculty oi placing tbe rocks
on the tee at just whatever |k,iot
his skip indicated, and the splendid
Work oi the other raemliers of this
rink - ceeded In piling "v a Bcore of
12. That Foote's colts ran i.'.u a
score of H, just ,.r.e short of bal»iu.'-
:ng Rose's score, is indication that
all the best players were not on one
Bide.     The rink's were as follows:
Corley. Samson. Anderson and Rose
rr;ubart. Carpenter, MeKinnon
and Foote. skip.
Anyone interested in curling will be
pleased to hear how one Stonewall
Jackson, a braw Scot. .„* Orlllia
town away back in '7:i, used to maXc
« narrow port. In connection with
the importation ol the first curlioi:
«tTfir.itei stones into the town of
Orillia, back in 1873. a writer in th-
Canadian Courier tells a rather good
Uary, .-■ n<"*ail Jackson was th.
proud ; leeeeor of the first pa:;
graniu it .nee Dp to this time thi
old-fashioned wooden st-un's were   :
Stonewall Jackson used t ,
Frar,.-'- tones against thc woodeaI
blocks,  .'li*  the  blocks were  knocket
■all ovei  the Ice      So th':   (olio* d
y.ar  tb*  .ther  tnemher-. , I the  curl-'
tribe  tad to -get rmnitc atone:
BOWLED  TO   A  DRAW. lund  wrest loin  Hint  every  mnn    noede
Thc C.l'.It.'s and the Corley houso .his oun peculiar diet. lie is con-
played on Monday night to a draw, Ivlncod that physical Influences piny
Munroe and  Knight  to  piny off. The ■ an  Important part  In  nutrition.
"One oi the strongest men 1 ever
knew," Dv. Sicla-rt states, "was thi
Ihiihius wrestler Krnest. Roitor known
professionally as Ernest Sirgllicd.
This young man came to mc ut the
age of twenty, and trained three
months in my establishment. Ills
height wns six feet one nnd a half
inches, and his weight 111 pounds.
He wns very thin and his hones were
surprisingly largei He trained    very
diligently and Increased grently m
strength. His diet, selected Iiy lum
self, consisted eliielly ot vegetables,
bnnd. and milk, with little meat,
nn.l liis appetite wns good, but not
en irmoiis.   Unfortunately, I did   not
weigh Ilis food. His even -ng meal
consisted usually ol less than two
pints ol sour milk, with n little
sugar, bread nnd butter. On this
diet Siegfried developed a degree of
strength in the hands, legs nnd back
tin I 1 have never seen cijiinlcd, and
that put him In the very tirst rank
ot wrestlers, although he wns rot
■liitinguishod by great skill or quickness of movement.
"Tlie idea of applying Siegfried's
dl I nn.l mode of life lo other pupils Immediately suggested itself, but
it proved to bo utterly impracticable
In most, cases it wns Impossible to
ei utrol the stomach, which simply
'struck' and retimed to perform Its
duty. A friend of min*' so Injured bis
itotnach by four successive suppers,
i la Siegfried, that he suffered several weeks with dyspepsia.
"In similar circumstances 1 ob-
•icrved two other celebrated strong
m n, who ate more meat than Seig-
,'ri.td did, hut wero otherwise moderate enters. The food provided for
in ui in my house was always
'tasty,' however, and ray experience
lends me to place more value on the
llavor than on the technical composition of food.
"A fourth and very interesting example is furnished by the protession-
i! athlete Petrus Dnreuther, whose
■n.iisurenicnts, taken September 22nd
1910, before exercise, are given below: Height 5 feet 7J inches, weight.
i'i le. 167 pounds, chest deflated
17.4 inches, chest inflated 45.7 laches
■ an extraordinary expansion i, waist
31.3, thigh 22.8, calf 15.1, right up-
I er arm extended 14.6, riirht upper
arm contracted 17.0, lower arm 1
ch >st over arms  52.4.
Bareuther whs h foundling and his
cli ldhoo.l wns passed in extreme poV-
•ity, llu food often consieted sole
! ol .Iry bread. While working iu a
nitory for four dollars per week, lie
joined an nthletie club, After serving his lune in the army be Iwcsnie
a professional athlete and wrestler
Now, at the age of 27, lie appears t,.
be the strongest man ... ins weight
ii.it has ever appeared In tho athle
tic ney, for he is the only man who
has lilted n   syeight   ns heavy  n<    his
...wn  body  fr..m  tie  ground  to mm a
hngth above  bis head,  .uth  thc lefl
l. nd ns well ns with the rig!
world's record  In  performances      oi
this class is held  by  the Frenchman
V isseur,  who  weighs  198  pounds an*',
h.'s lifted 209  pounds with  the ri-jtu
hind    iu.\l   187  pounds  with the    left
Bareuther, weighing 167 pounds, lifted  180    pounds  with  the  right han 1
and 167 pounds    with the left hand,
■ jjiy presence.     I believe that des
pite his small weight, be could equal
,   . Frenchman's record, with a little
attention   to  trninine  ami  ha    ts   b
-moked too many elgarettes.)  Bare-
u ber juggles with  'mil-  weighing 50
- ....grumawii   I 114)  pi undc
..ise that astounds experts.   H
moderate eajter    .mil prefers   simple
,'ood.    Tiie secrejl
.-ll    leser'* tr^  Caret
'On  the  .ther band    I tn'-
...Zens  ol   men   wh..  at..  nr:rb   more.
. *! some    f whom st..   almost   in-
*. "diVlr   , ian! ties ol meal    * ith.
injuirmj «.ivtliinz like 'he
.ni eoduranei ■•' theee loui  -emar-
.le meti
"The  g«-ti*"i»l   n-iu'li   oi uo
It so happened that on» d»y on soft        »«   - thii   Bvtry person
Ice Stonewall took a running     -h.i     "'"   hlmeek   and re,,..       .    ,.
■winch "wabbled." pi.,     bitting   ta -   '■  m    which hie digestive or
Ige, i. piece was chippi I in best    extract mnter.nl and
oul    • • ne     Of course   o    one I '"'«>'        Th* r*l '<r*l
■was to blame but Btonewall himself { rrtatly   i».-.:    I   pialtl    and In quan
So, ai n     -..  ...i- buying bite >■ m ■ T1" •■'"••"  ''        ' '■■" '
pair, he had tbe stone with thi ,■•-   |    " manner ot ehee •.,■   the d   *
•..ut ol •■•    ...  cul down to   m.t.      Rowers,    and    certain    imp.^-.v
til siee—the stones at that      I mi      "'■'• exert fl but   t*<    —
Ve;**-   Bat,   :-.:.lar   ;.aneakes,aii I   Wide    t»OW«      iflflucnn In general,    !'h'
..:" i tbat. whenever -Stonewall   hs   l -etaon  l<   tntu-t  physical perfect
* narr*-*   pori  to run be would  urn ' '•'■" ''"•   lavdoi   •:.- greate I
Ji.s small stone,   which  -Aa*.  a  great    '""' n  moderate  r\ lastity    of      the
-advantage, as it would uo through «   simplest food      flood ail    osimi    he
'egarded si,    n*   ,1 the most Impor/
ant articles i/f food, i'.i   itrottg men
without. M.i|i':.,n   have good resplr
at..iv     powei "   T^eodor Bleberl   In
Die Umschau.
le  ha'*   the   size   the  regular   stun-
Wo  Id  re., lire,   and  saved   many
yrsrw lor him,  'tis said.
Hint   OK    ATHLKTES.
»w iiuestains bave been more ho
*IJ disputed than tfcat of the  proa .
• !."t v man.       Recert iavestigati.".
indirat***-  fhnt   the  diet  should    via
according to climate, race,   aad   ■ •
eupation, but Dr.  Siebert, who wr
in  l'msrhau  >.n the subject,    la      in- ^_^^_^^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^^^_
*   to L-o still lurther, ami to as , " « b°J "**»« ten rounds with     me
conclusion   lawn       Irom   they say 1 let him slay,     tt I don'l
Ififten year*' observation of athletes beflt-BTtr/opc 1 meet Ut wptn give
,     "I  am   m  t<>i most   peculiar      posi*
Ition  a rlinmpioa  '*:     ever  in,"       A1
toll claimed More his     Innl.      with
Kline.       "If    1    j. ii i i n 'a.upU       /'
rounds the papers   ni  i got a lemon
il  to me I"i   'stalling.1
"Now, that is the way I nm situat
i'l. Lot me nsk you bow I'm going
lo knock n man out that keeps cm
rie.l up all the time. Maybe 1 mighl,
but 1 Won't tuke tlie i-liiinee. Think
I want lo break a hninl by hittiin;
llieni in the elbows and making Ihem
open uti iheir dofonco? So, sir! These
two bunds arc my lighting appai'iitus
Thoy earn me a living. 1 have a wile
to support. Aiid lighters me making
more today than they ever did. I'm
in n position lo get big purses, and
do you imagine I'd take a Chance
on crippling one ol my hands? 1 repeal, no| You don't blame me, do
atThe theatres
"THU KIBSINQ (llltl,."
At last tin*   famous    "Florodora"
scxtotto has n rival. Its record ol
marital achievement, which bas atood
ior veins unchallenged, is about t..
be duplicated by the beautiful oc-
tetto of Viennese niiiiilens whieh bus
proven the piilcbritudinoiis sensation
of "The Kissing liill," the dainty op
orotta which Is enjoying n record sue*
cess throughout tho country,     As ts
known   to   those   who  faithfully      eon
theatrical chronicles nil members   ol
the fair sex sextette of the melodious
masterpieces oi u decade ago made
matches which put them in posses
•ii. n ol n home, a hubby and much
newspaper space.
Quite n  record, eh'     Hut  listen.
Already four of the eight Viennese
damsels ol the "Kissing Girl " com
puny, hnve fallen before the shafts
of Cupid, and their careorB ns mem
hers of the octette comparatively
young, too. M. J. Kavanagh, manager of the company, thinks it. not
Improbable that before thc season is
much farther advanced the eight will
have been garnered in by tbe mis
elu,'Mais meddlers ai hearts. These.
elgbi girls hold out promise ol dimming the matrimonial luster ol the
seductively sweet, six so well known
to lame. There arc altogether forty
in the chorus of "Thc Kissing Girl,"
which will appear here March 8tb,
tin' eight being a fair criterion ot
tho lovoliness of the entire liody of
year ago and the claim he pul In
totalled up to about -$14,000' while tho
* ompany  was  willing  to settle      lor
♦ I,WO. There was much learned evidence ob the nature ol tbo alleged
disease  an.l  the   upshot      was      that
judge and Jury wen* practically     at
sea us to just     what    nourefltlwnlu
meant  and what. It was likely tu d"
to m  ninn  when he  was  not   looking*
Ultimately the olalmnnt  was n«  rd
od $8,500 ami costs and while lie r,.a
more than the railway ollcrod   there
Is no doubt it paid the company   t"
light, rntbor than pay the lull    am
mint demanded,     ConBoquently both
sulci,  won.
scruple in carrying out Ils poliey.
The ostensible reason (or tbo mints
try's notion is that lhe "While \us
tralla" policy permits ol tbe Inlrlnge
ments such as are caused by the pies
once of    tho poarlors on tho cons', a,
hut the real reiis,,ii  is  tbat  the ftllth
orltles charged   with  thn duly  ol  so
curing  the defence   of   the   island   eon
t inenl, aro anxious Ioi i  tho Japanese
should have nn opportunity ol spying
.".it tho land,
Nimci to ci;i!..mhs
Moving Pictures tonight..
Australia Is Bound to Be a White
Man's Country
Melbourne, Feb *'~* Tbo Fodcral
govornmont has gone n stop lurther
ui the campaign against the Asiatics
in  Australia, Regulations   have just
been  Issued  Which  will  have lhe elleet
,,i practically oxpelllng tho Orientals
who aro engaged in llie pearl fisheries .ni  the north  coast  "I  West  Aus
tralla. Although tho trade is worth
to tho Commonwealth about ono hundred thousand pounds sterling per
niinnni  the government  has  made no
» *.
Old KBllney Tliai Drunkenness Cniiuni
Be  Cured   I Mil'.iled.
Many men iirlr.k wl n leelre to Mo;
the habit. Whirl- *. Iimvei. ,*. has uu
ilerriiitied the constii it mi nnd enal.-.
a craving in.it It nol lu i u ui in...
an,I ihe man li in: lia\ *■ *.. bil *.,
something thnt will remove the era\-
n*^ mill i.ullil up iu-* system und restore  the ui'.rvHs
Samaria Prescription Mops the craving, steaiik'8 tbi* nerv#*a, builds up lh'
i;. in ral hi llth and muk. > .li ink nelii
ally distasteful und iiiiui ■ "us li ii
tasteless and odnrb ss, an.l ian be *,-l\-
en with or wiih.ait t'n.* pi tleiit'f
knowledge, in lea, coffee or food, n
Is used regub'rly by Phyalcl.ina and
Hospitals, It has cured thousands In
i'ana.hi, and restored happiness tu
hundreds  "f  homes
Read   what   Mr,    0 .   of   Hull,
says of it and nli.1 ii .Ii.l  For her:
"It is fi.ur mentis In ilny since 1
sinned to use your flemedy I lY.liow.
ed th« directions, Bud had ihe besl of
results, '"me week atier I sihii.iI us
uir   P.cined.   Die   patlein   stepped
Ml.ail.    ii| i   , *lu«   .',,.!..,I .nil.ni
lagi-. 11.ni,1....ne new brick building,
modern ei|iiipuiritt, extensive grounds.
CIllHHUN graiil'll in .oiorilanie willi llie
-.hool*-, Ibroiiglioiil lib*. Province.
i lUiinleti'Miisivmnl An DeparlniiMils,
Spei'ial ionises  in  Shoi'lliunil, Type-
ui'itiug  I lloiilv-Ui'i'i'iag.   I'ai neul.o
aiii'iition given io I'cmioini'nl "I niuu.
Ill-Ill and i.in,at Mnglish.
I I imis  MOOI H.VI'I
For Prosnectus. Aiidreou Tho Aoilemy
In ilm Matter ol tho Estate ul  Kriieut
j It   It. Ilnynes, deciai-ed.
Notice ia hereby given thai all cteil
j noih anil Others having claims ugalnBt
i ICatttte of Kriiust It B. llHyties, lute ol
\ Miiliikwn, B, I'., ilui'i-sNt-ri, who died nt
! lii.-velHioki', un or i.limit the I7ili day
i i Hen nii.i r, 111 it), are ru|tiirud 10
-.-i tl to tlm undersigned Solicitor! tor
1) vid I,. Iliiynis iiiiii Itobert   llowson,
I Ailiniiiistrat.iiis i I  the Estate  ill  said
ii'i-eiiKiil, williiu  til)   days   luuu   dnte
full pni'iic.iiliirs   ol   Iheir e.liiiius, duly
'■ uriliud, anil that, niter  Mint dnte   tbe
snid Ailiiiinirtliiitoia   will    proceed   tu
distribute   the   said   retain   amongst.
t hose entitled tbcruto regard being had |
..nly to those   claims   ol   which   said
Administrators shall   have  tlion   re
i ei veil notice.
Dated January llitli. 1011,
HaiiVKY, MoOahtkb Ss Pinkham,
Kolicitors [or   David   L,   llaynra
nml ltolierl   Howson,   Ailiiiinis-
irntora  of   the   Kstate   ol   "aid
deceased. .ill end
John Lee
Manufacturer  of   Ladies'
Ladies Suils Made to Order
Fit Guaranteed
All kinds of Silk, Ginyham.
Muslin,   and   Fancy
things kept in stock
Prlonfl Roflflftimltte P 0  Hoi 20fi
Front St.. Lower Town, Rovolstoke
 ,  <■■*    j'm.i     iwiiicu;     hip    H«utiu     itOPJiPd
i dr'nklnp.   »''rt   hft*   nol   di'inK   a   kUss
When Doctors Disatrae     aiv'K,?:^^7m0;:;;" !^ ::;;
■IIIHII   """Wis   uiuMyiuu Mm   s.our   Kt|ni.dy   w),«,,e.*.er   tried.   I
Montreal. Keb. 27.—Medical Jurisprudence wan distinctly at logger-
beads this week In thc trial ol the
claim tor damages In the Superior
Court and it was evident that medical meu, like all other prole.SBi.jns,
nre influenced by tbe commercial angle Irom which they look at a subject.
Neurasthenia was the trouble     Irom
which tbe victim was sti|ip..i".l to he
suffering and one side claimed that
it was not thnt disease at all While
the plallrtltf'fl argument waa ■".''. in
that direction, Paul Dlnowertu aas
mHired in the Spanish River wreck
..n  the    Canadian    Pacific   about   a
 — -  ,-.... * vili
hless  your  Ktlni'dy   wnanuver   tried,   I
Mrs.  l> ,  Tlui],  Qii-s.
(Name withheld by request.)
Now. tf there is anyone In your
town who needs tlv.s Kernedy, teli
them of It. Practlcnl philanthrop-*
csn take no bet:^r form. If you bav,-
a huab.ind. father, brother or friend
who tlrtnlts. help Ihem help themselves     Write  to-day.
maris,   with   Booklet   giving   fall   pai
ttculars,       die.,'tions*,       testimonials,
prire. etc., will be s't.i iii a plain .-*.!
ol paekaps tn anyone mentioning this
paper.    Correspond cues sacredly confidential,   The trial package alnn- b •;
often cured.     Write  to-dnv.    The S-t
Marie  Remedy Co.,  Dept. 46-49, Col
borne St., Toronto,   Canada.     Also
for Sale by 0,  It.  Macdonald, prpg
gist, Itevelstoke, B. C. '
Homes in the Fort
George District
The land of opportunity. A
farm in For' George District
where the land is rich and fertile, where every acre can bu
I'lunched and croped the lirsl
season, can now be had for
one-tenth of whal it will be
worth in ten years.
The climate is ideal. Fresh
pure air, never exceedingly
hot or cold. If you are looking
for a home <>i' an investment
where safety or your money is
considered, and a good profit
is to lio hand, where thoro is a
future for you and your family.
Wo would like ti) hear from
you, without any obligation on
your part, and we will furnish
you with a fund of valuable
information regarding this
great country,
j ;Th3 Western Canada TownsitES limited
bn Penilor Strsiit West
In tlie Mutter ot the Kstntii ul August
Johnson, deoeRecd.
Nolice is lien Iiy given tbat all cred
it,.I- ami others having dahlia .i^-iuum
tlie K-Mitli' ol -August JullUSOU,   late of
Hi Velctolce,   11  0 , dicensul, wll" died
nl. Itivi'lslokn on »r about   llle Nib dav
of September, I'.ilo,  am  required   to
send to thu Undermgued Solicitors  lur
Wil'iinii It. [to ber Hon,   Administrator
nl il.e Ks,ate ol said deceased,   within
llll .lays Irom dull* lull   particulars   of
Iheir claims, duly venliul,   and   that
..Iter llmt dull- tin' * ml  AdniiiiiHtiator
»ill proceed   to   distribute   the   aaid
catat-i iiiiiongnt tin se entitled   iIh'i'I"
regard being had only   lo tliiiso claims
ol   which   said    Administrator shall
liuve then received notion.
Dated January 10'li, 11)11.
n.wtvM Mi"AniiH & Pinkham,
Kolititurs lor \\ illiiuti li. Robert-
sou, Administrator of iho K«tatr
ol llie said ilicu.ibed. .111 (illd
In thn Mailer ol tlie Katate ol John
T. Jones, deceased.
.Notice is hereby given that all cred
i or*- and others having claims against
Ihu Estate ol Johu T. Jobnt, late ul
Kevelatoke, 11 0, deceased, who died
at SicainotiH on or about the llth day
ol Angus', 1910, ere hquired to send
to tlie undersigned Solicitors lor Martha Jam .'ones and Thomas Kilpat-
ii. k, Administratrix and Administrator ol the Estate ol snid deoeased, withiu 60 days from date lull pariioulara
ul theii claims, duly verified, and that
alter that date ihe said Administratrix mid Administrator will proceed
io distribute tlie said estate amongst
tboHO entitled thereto regard being
had only to those cla ma of which aaid
Administratrix and Administrator
bIimII have then received notice.
Ii.ted January lot li, IUU.    .Ill (il)d
Solicitors for Manila Jane Junes
aud   ill .inn-. Kilpatrick, Allium*
istratr^   »"d    Administrator   ol
llu- K-i.iii. of said tleceaaed.
In the Matter of ihe (-'state ol James
A. Magee, deceased,
Notice ib bi-ithy given lhat all cred-
ii..is and ot la ii having claims iigiiimt
ibe Estate of J uies A  Magee, late of
Chase, U 0., deceased,  who  ditd   at
Kcvr|.tuke un ur *h"iit the   llth   day
i I  November,   1910,  are   ri quired   to
send to the uudirsifiued Solicitors   Ior
Sarah K. Magee, Executrix of tbe last
will id said  deceased,   within (i'l daya
(min  date   lull   particulars   ol   their
claims, duly veritied,   and  lhat   after
that date the said Executrix will   proceed   tu   distribute   the   a.iid    estate
amongst thoso entitled t Ian to regard
ii nil; Innl   only   lu   those   claims   ot
wbioh aaid (Oxcuutrix shall  have thou
received notice.
Dated January 10th, I'J 11.
Harvey, MoGarter it Pinkham,
Sulicilora ol   Sarah   K.   Magee,
Executrix of the   Last.   Will  uf
deceased. .Ill 80d
RevelBtoke  Land District.
District ol West. Kooteuay.
Take notioo that Mary Ann Bain,
ol Kevelstoke, B. L'., occupation mar
rust woman, Intends to apply tor
permission to purchase tho lollowiug
described lamia.
Commencing nt a pout plantod at
the uorth west corner ot T.L. or lot
oho, ami marked M.A.H aouth east
corner post, theme wcut abuut 80
chains to tho east line ol iut 7'JCS,
thenec north about <0 chainB to the
Lake [oi eiihore, llienili along said
ahoro line in a north easterly direction about, eighty chains, and thence
aouth about 8*0 chaliia to poiut ol
Dated Doc. 19th, 1919.
Per F. W. Terry, Agent,
Itcvelutuko  Land  District.
District of Wcut Kootenay.
Tako notice that Thomas Hope, ul
KcvelHtoKO,  11.  C, occupation     V»rd
1-oiciiuiu,   iiifi-n.il,  to  apply  'or    pt>r-
uii. an.ii to piiichuae tho lolluwijg d«
sorihed lunds.
Commi'iicing at a post, plant >d
about hull ii mile m a aoutneriy dir-
ccuon Ironi Iut TS.S5 and by tbs
uorth east corner ol Jt. Kvaas' i.ie-
emptlon, marked T.ll. , or'.ta w.kt
corner post, tbence south 4l> chains,
ia a... .u.i 80 ilm iim, thence aortb
In chains, thenco went 'US chaiu-j tu
point ol commencement.
Dated Dec. 17th, 1910.
Per F. W. Terry, Agent.
licvclsluko Lnud District.
District ol Wcut Kootenay.
lake in.i ne that Abraham Ake-
bin at, ul Nui Held, Knglnnd, occupation, Pit i*'i.i iiiiaii, intends tu apply
Ioi' permission to purchase tho Io»low
in,; desenbod lauds.
uommeuciug at a pout planttd
uiiutit halt a mile in a northerly direction trom lot bHU north wout cum-
cr pout nnd ii in i li >-. 1 A.A. south Wttt
coiner pout, tueuce oast anoit i.a
chains tu the line ol Iut H8i
luennle) th.uco nurth ahajt 40
cbainu to the north west corn.T ol
i... 8<i83, theace east about 'in ihaiiu
to tho aouth weut coruer of lot 758"),
thence nurth to tho Lake snore,
thenco abuut 80 chaius westerly kl-
lowing along the Lako shore Hue ard
theuce south about 40 chaius to lbe
pu.nt ut commencement.
Dated Dec. 19th ,11)10.
Per F. W. Tony, Agent.
Kevelstoke Land District.
Diairicl ol Weal Kootenay.
Take notice that William Kennedy,
ul Kevelatoke, II. C, occupation. Special Couatuhlc, int-podl to apply lor pcr-
luissioii to purchaae tbe following de-
... i il.. .1 laiui*..
Commencing at a pnet planted at
tne south-eaat corner of Lot OOtil),
Ihence north (0 chains, thenco weal
ii) chains ti) pre-emption No. 262,
i ileum not th ll) chains, theuce eaat Ml
chuiiiH, thence lotiih ('■*. chains tu Lot
No. 8946, thence west ^-J ehaine, thepce
south 15 chaiiiB to Lot No. IIUII, thence
west 20 chains to point pl commeuce-
I mont,
Dated January Tib, lull.
\\ 11.1.1AM KKNNKDY.
I'er T. \V. Uaiu, Agent.
Hcvclutoko Land District.
District ul  Went  Kootemiy.
Take notico that I, J. 11. Selkirk,
ol Vaucuiiver, occuputiuu, real estate
agent, inteud to apply for permission to purchaso tbc fulluwing described lands.
Commencing at a pout planted 20
chaius west of thc S.B.O. of L. 7581
theuce south 4*0 chains, thenco cast
I" chliiuu, thenco suutb 40 i bains
thenco east 40 chains, thence north
40 chains, ilim.*.: cast 10 chains,
theuce northliO chains, theuco vest
41) chains, theuco south 20 cbains,
theuce west 20 chains to poiut of
commencement,  containing 440 acres.
Dated Dec. 23, 8911)
Poem Per It.  Smith, Agent.
Revelstoko  Lnnd District.
Distiict   ol   Wesl.  Kootenuy.
Take autico that lhe Canadian  I'a
'cilic   Hallway  Company  iiitcmla       to
'npply Ior permission   to   lease     tbe
.following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted   on
the shore line of Upper Arrow   Lake;
aid  poet  bearing  South 41     degrees
Vital  it  distance of 224 leet from ttic
j Smith   Knt-I  eoiver of  Ulo,ck  49 ol tb.e
itfistcrrd  ion ii   ate of    Nakusp,    in
l,..t  397 0.  1  Arrowhead, and      dia-
Irict; tbence Wogterlj    along     said
lu.ie line a distance ol i!8M feet to
ii  point;  *.in,|  point  bearing South 41
degrees, West a distance ol 887   loot
liom  the  llend  block ul South      leg
of Nakusp Wye; thence south into the
Waters  of   Upper  Arrow  Lake a dia-
tanco ol SOO (set, thence Masterly ai*\d
Parallel  to  the  Shore  line  uf      uaid
lako a distance ol 3850 feet,     thcn,cc
North  a distance ul 800 foot to true
point ul commencement,    containing
170,8 sores i ui least
Dated February '■'ib, '911.
The Canadian Pacilic Hallway Com-
l pntiv.     Per  B   W. Batemaa.     Local
Right  ol  Way end  Lcnsc  Accut, Vancouver-
Revelstuke Load District.
District ol West Kuotcnay.
Take notice that William Brawn, of
Uevelstoke, B. C, occupation, Clerk,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase tbe following described
Commencing at a post planted at
the north west corner of lot 6140,
marked W. tl. south west corner post
tlieflcc cast 40 chains, thenco north
40 chftins, thenco west 40 chains,
theuco south 40 chains to point oi
Dated Doc. 19th, 1910.
Per F. W. Terry, Age»t.
Hovelstoke Land  District.
District ol WcBt Kootenay.
Take  notico  that  tleorgo  A.  Stewart, of Rov'clstoko,  B.C., occupation
gentleman, intendB tp apply lor permission tu piivchaiie the following described lands.
Commencing at a pust planted at
tbe south west comer of lot 7965,
marked G.A.S. north west poet,
thonce cast 40 chains, tbcicc i.< i.li
six chimin tu the north east corner
t lot 8107, thence west 2to chains to
tlie north west corner of lot 8W7,
thenoe south 34 chains, tbence west
IS chains, thence north 40 chains to
point uf commencement.
Dated Doc. 16th, 1910.
Per F, W. Terry, Agent.
" "■«"
Barristers, S-ulidtors,  Ki.c.
Imperial  tfsnk  Building  IteveA-
atoke, B. C.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Rovelstoke.    B.    C,     end
Cranbrook, B. C.
Geo. S. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. ttancf,
Uevi-Ut'.'kc, KJiuibu-U iVEDNKSDAY,   MARCH   1ST,   lllll.
March   Bargains
In All Departments
Carpet Squares
We have just taken in stock a
choice selection of these goods
direct from the factory, in Wiltons, Brussels and Tapestrys.
Ask to see the new Pro-Brussels
seamless squares for living rooms,
bedrooms, etc. Dainty patterns,
easily cleaned, and made to stand
exceptionally hard wear.
Curiam Goods
Part of our Spring stock just
arrived which includes a choice
line of Tapestry Curtains, Nottingham Lace, Irish Point, and
Also the newest in dainty
Scrims with Fillet Net Edging;
decorative Scrims, Madras Muslins, and Bungalow Nets.
Iron Beds,
A nice range of medium and
low price Iron Beds and Springs,
Mattresses and Pillows, Blankets
and Bed Comforts, always on
Pure Honey
White Clover Honey, 5 lb. Pails
and 1 lb. Jars.
Wild Rose Honey in jars.
Bishop's Honey, white comb.
Watch our Corner Win-
*   dow for Fruits
Mail or Telephone your
orders. Have uur Traveller
call. Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No tinier too large or too
small for us to handle.
Wash Goods
Spring Showing §»<
1911 Wash Goods. A marked
style tendency is already showing
itself in that heavier weaves are
wanted for dresses. The sheer
materials are still wanted for
the daintier gowns. New weaves
color effects.and exclusive designs
are combined in our Spring showing which is by far the largest
and handsomest assortment we
have ever shown.
I5c. to 50c.
Spring Suits
For the Ladies
Plenty of women are already
picking out their Spring Suits to
judge by the present stir and
bustle in the Ready-to-wear Department. There is the woman
whose winter suit is getting
shabby. Then there is the woman
who is just tired of winter weights
and shades, all ready to greet the
new, fresh Spring Suits. We
have them from
$15 to $25
For Corset Covers
18-inch Corset Cover Embroidery at 25c. Snowy white,
fine floral effects, real value at
50c. a yard. Ten', patterns to
choose from, and only
25c. per yard
The new Dry Goods
and Ladies' Ready-to-
wear Departments on
the Second Floor "Invite You" to come in
and look us over. Lots
of room to move
around, and piles of
new and interesting
goods to examine and
Great shipments from
"The Old Countries"
have been passed into
stock and we now have
a store and stock
which we know to be
the finest in the interior
of B. C. and we are
proud of, and you will
be.   Come and See.
iTnTfimm* lit
erwear B
SSt Combinations ami Separate
Vests and Drawers. See window
on McKenzie Avenue   for partlcu-
J! lars. You can only buy these
Friday, so grab up enough to do
you for next season too. Anv
garment in the lot at
Fri lay Special
Ladies  H
Ladies' Black Cashmere Hose
at 25c. They 'are 0. K. goods,
well made and absolutely seamless
Yoifcan only buy them on Friday
4 pair for $1, or
25c. per  pair
Friday Special
Ladies' Corsets
Ladies' Corsets at -">0c You
could hardly getjthe steel in them
for that price—the whole corset
on Friday for
Shoe Bargains
for Boys
This week we will put on the
table about fifty pairs of Youths'
and Buys' Hoots to sell at a price
that will make you want them.
Thoy consist of box-calf, chrome,
and grain leathers. Some sewed
soles, some standard screwed,
Jjand some pegged soles ; both bai
aid blucher cut. You can't make
a m'stake in them as not a pair
sold regularly for less than $2.25
per pair, and some as high as
$3.50 per pair.
For the balance of the week
the prices will be as follows :
Sizes 11 to 13, $1.50 per pair
"  1   to 5, $1.75       "
Friday Ba rgam
Taffetta Silk
40 yards each'of|BIack and Red
Taffetta Silk goes on sale Friday
at 50c. a yard. Only a limited
quantity of each, so be early and
buy $1 Taffeta for
Choice Fresh Groceries
Pure Jams
We have nearly all kinds of fruit
in Kootenay Jams in 5 pound
pails. We also carry Wagstaffe's
Jams in 5 lb. pails and jars.
Crosse & Blackwell jams in 7
and 4 lb. tins and in 1 lb. jars.
Crosse & Blackwell's in 1 lb. jars.
In great quantities. Crosse &.
Blackwell's 7 and 4 lb. tins, 1 and
2 lb. Glass Ja.s. Keiller's brand
in 7 and 4 lb. tins, lib Glass jars.
Pine Apple in 1 lb. glass jars.
Quince in 1 lb. glass jars.
Lemon In 1 lb. glass jars.
Green Fig in 1 lb. glass jars.
Pine Apple Cubes
Ginger in cubes
Ginger on the stem.
West India Guava Jelly.
Always in  Stock
Dry GoodH Department
Second Floor
Take   the   Elevator
C. B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
Revelstoke «*<* Arrowhead
Sweater Coats
The balance of our $5 and $5.50
Sweater Coats will be put on sale
for the rest of this week only.
These coats are all in A 1 condition and pure wool.
For the balance of the week
only at
20th Century
Brand Suits
Our first shipment of this season's Suits are just to hand.
Every suit is a model of perfection
in the clothing art. Nothing
slighted and every point perfectly
tailored. They ore "Bench Tailored " not pressed into shape,
and all points of wear are tailored
by hand.
This  season's   suits   will   be
strong  in tweeds,  and we have
prepared for it. Good, hard wearing, domestic cloths; and fine surfaced,dose woven, imported goods
_Different shades, gray and brown. J
Fancy  worsteds in  both_hardJJ
and soft"finishTwill .be] worn to,,
jBome extent, and/like the tweeds
the colours will run to different
shades of gray and brown, but
particularly to grays.
For absolutely correct styles
see us. 20th Century Brand
clothes are b.v every one admitted
to be the leaders of Canadian
ready to-wear clothing styles.
Simplicity and neatness are the
strong iHiints ol this season, with
ci mis slightly shorter, and moderately close fitting trousers. Watch
mir windows;cume in and be shown
Prices $20 to $35
Watch the Windows
for Special Lines
During   March «	
Fashionable Spring Whitewear
lUbitc Jrteb
flew Spdno Corsets
Uincn tUaists
Ell Slscs
Pleated and embroidered with pocket
and   starched   cufls.      Selling    price
$ ;. S'i to $4, sn.
"W. R." and "D. A." makes. The
Ik-si fining and mosl durable Corses
mi the market to-day.
fllMsses Masb SDvessea
flav>\> Scroc IDvesses
Ages to, ij, 14 and 16 years,    Smarl
designs, good washing m iterials.
Several styles and makes to lit ^irls
from li\ e 10 Mi \ cars.
lUbitc Sailor Blouses
flew lUasb Sultino*
Misses   sizes,   in    regulation   Middy
styles.    Ages from   10 lo   16 years.
Wc * onsidcr ilu-si- one of lhc prettiest
lines we have in stock for this Spring
lor young ladies.
llercwc are again with a complete
assortment of New Wash Suitings for
Spring and Summer wear. We in-
i iie \ on 10 call in and sec iliis line
11 \ tm arc thinking ol buying suitings.
Man b •   Thi  KIbs ng Girl,    popular
1 on) *   opera.
I.O.O.F.  A'  Home, opera hoiiBO,   on
Manh  10th,
Allen Players,  Bdison theatre,      nn
March 13th.
March   17—St.  Patrick's Day   enter-ll
i.i.anient  uniler auspices ol ladies i 1
ol R. C. church.
April 18—Ladles' Auxiliary to the B.
ol It. T.   Dance in Opera House.
April 21—Musical entertainment     nt
.St. Peter's church.
We Imve jusi rueelveil n shipment "f White Clover Rotten put up in
five 111. cans, which we will Kuurniilue'to he uhsolutel) Pure Honey,
and us'this is the Reason for hone\ we would advise you lo try thin if
yon wish to get the genuine article
Tlie inline "WnKstufTe spenks lot it-Hi in regard lo qunlity. We have
n lull hsm.1 itin.ui m iiii-. I'uii* J,mi inchuliiig Strawberry, Raspberry,
l'l-ni'li. l'liiin, Black Currant and Apricot.,
A. HOBSON,        Baker and G ocer.
Mi. T. Kilpatrick wenl eaBt yester
dny and returned the Bame day.
vi. a.  Robertson  lefl  on     Monday
lor the coast on business.
Two ear loads hard coal just arrive,! —  RevelBtoke General Agencies.
Lent . mm.nn.- today, March 1st,
an '. contin iei  toi   I  rty days.    -
The ladies .•! St. John's church
will hnM n tea * 11 March 22nd at the
heme ol Mrs   J. P. McLennan's,     2t
Mr. ,1. P. McLennan will commence
Brst ol next week to move     bis
stock Irom the old si..re to the new
. 1.   .:. the :.* w Howson Bloi h
Calgary Exhibition will this year
be held from July 1st to July 6th.
Hint! ;* races are alreadj be
Mr.     and Mi*-   A   B   McClcnagban
to the citj     nn
Friday last week Irom the east where
they    •*. * ■    ••- ■ ng     1  tbe past
1.   ol months.
Mr.  D   '■' ■* n    tbe
1...-I. n     ..rdcri-J
,,*..,*, lor a couple ol weeks real       1      Mrs   "   ■'   '■ ' ' urow
bis 1 ■      '■ Parkei   will   : •'••■ °»- ;l> tl ■
lubstitul ....       ndtng the fui -   Mi -
U   ■■  Dg   p   ■ *. ■     at        thc
1  *
Is one of the  most import'
ant items in your business
will look after this branch   of
tho business for you.
Kootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
LargeNumber of Friends Pay Lnst
Respects to Deceased
Tho tuneral ol the late Mrs. Douls
McCarthy which took place Irom the
family roaldonco to tho Roman Oath
.iln- I'hnri-h on  Sin,.l.ii   altci i u and
ihi'iin- in tin- cornetcry, was one ol
Hi ■ largest over held in this city.
Tho many years nl paytlcnt BUllerlng
which tho decoased had boon forced
to undergo had mado tor her an ovor-
iii,-i-i-iisiiii:  iiiiiiiii I Irlends,      who
Inn..I .ml BH nun SO I., pay their Ili
liuie ill reBpect at the laBt mnl riles.
*\t the church lhe largo gathering iill
ed the i-.liiiee, while leather O'Nell,
the parish priest, conducted requiem
mass ami proaohc i a mosl approprl
ute iernuin in which he eulogized the
*, iriues ..I the iie. * .*. .* I lady. Qutte
n lai i■*' number al •• Joui neyod Irom
iiw church lu tin* gravoaldo, an.l the
many beaul If til ivrontha contribute 1
hy Irlends showod the deep respect in
which tho late Mrs McCarthy was
The pallboaroi were:- A. Hobson
IV, lish,nne, ,J. White, M. Main on,
\. Connolly mul A.  Johnson.
Custom House Returns Exceeds
Half a Million Dollars
The customs revenue lor tho month
nf February are thc largest ever re
corded according to tho approximate
returns given out this morning. The
,'ir-iiit month's receipts eclipse the
returns i»f the corresponding month
of last yenr by an enormous figure,
and although a short month, the re
tin ns are awgy ahen.1 of nny othco
month of the yenr.
Thc total approximate revenue for
February is $5,535,030. The duty receipts amount to $4-84,966, and the
other rovenuo totals $50,034*.
The revenue for the month ol Feb
ruary of last yenr wns: Duty, $:»s,-
S39.U nnd other revenue $6,020, show
Ing a total of $314,851.11,
Hangman Ratcliff Dies a Natur? I
Toionlo. (int.. Feb. 27.—Ratclifl,
lor ever twenty years Canada's of-
final executioner, died at bis home
yesterday. His right niime wns Until.•>•. He boasted that he bad hangod
150  people  in his time.
Mrs.  McCleneghan  will nol  receive
J. |i   Sibbald «
■   Friday, .March 8rd.
Grand Ice and the las! band of the
\   mo
at the Rink tonight.
The  V.M.I'  \    will   bi Id  s    thei
lh ir   snowsboc     ii amps     torn
n --lit.
* t  the     8i    '
.   ii be entertained at  the ball      by
?,   *.. Pratt and Mi
• ■:   ,--  wat  • xhibited
:   ■ ...
Su    1*2       Ar. entire ni w      pro
lor  Friday an.l
In th    Ke. .,1      dis
trict     thi iwing ru. u-
B. i    ilazettc
■ ■ i
■   ..    -      *     R. Reid,    J. E
'■   :■ nd J
-I Arron' -a J   H   C,
W.C.T.U.  will  m.
ime    I Mrs   K   W. La ?
•  ted
■     *
■ mei . li
..Misun theatre on Friday «i.
Ne* Schedule Coit.es Into Effect
iuinai tbe coi
■   *
bad i
'.-.*■        ii
I Vol
L |      III
• diet rink.
.     ' iS
tbe I • •
re ol 14 t
Mil Build Down Columbia Valley
South ol Golden
The  Cans llan  Pacific  railway    has
.* i Ioi   the     con -true
>n *    Kootenay Cen-
*   11. n.  Ti n
i   Irom  Golden
al years ago
terminus will be     nt
a..   D  In ■
... it  i a -   railway n -ar
. :. * ..in Gal
led rear     to
...   The
.-  company  thi. year in
■•lio  for       H-r.me
H ■'* at 915 I i will    be
• * ; rli v   :  ■ -. .  *    ,
____^^__^^_______—__      The    ,i ernmeni
It)   of
traffli the     (
"is Is
nre, water and
.   ■ •■ i upon
■  ,   *,
3ooze, Bank and Burglary Draw
Tor Hirvela Thirty Days in
CoiMton Jail
"I got too much drunk and didn't
know what 1 wan doing or where I
wns gong" wns the Btntoment thai
saved Karlo Hirvela Irom perhaps o
sovon years' term lu jail. As 11 was
lho Finn   who was in  police coin I. on
Mi ii lay umi ning on n charge ol
breaking Into the ('aim.linn Bank of
1'i.niiiieice un Sunday morn ng with
Ifttenl in commit an Indlctablo oilonco
wns let oil with thirty dnys iii the
common Jail, the charge having been
ii* lucoil hy MaglsLrate Fostoi to one
lisordorly coaducl.
The   aCCIIBCll     OU     his   own   i". i'l. nee
ind come bo tho city Snturdaj mora
ng from an oiitBtdo bridge gang rn I
Iiii wrapped himself around so much
 *.* thai  trom tho t line ho entered
■ho   Wiii.l*.,,l   hotel   llll   lhe   lum-       he
Iniidcxl iii jail his mind wns n porta i blank. The (acts ol tho case
howovor, nre thnt lie had gi aa from
Lho Windsor hotol nn.l wandered
around till he found n trlendlj  light
n tho back window ol tho Hank of
Commerce Here he sniaihe.l ihe
window, crawled in, and at four in
the morning found hiniBcl! stumbling
against the door of the Bleeping
apartment ol two hank clerks. The
frightened youths llrod four shots
promiscuously In the air, not knowii:: who or what mighl bo oiil.-ile,
and receiving just ono slmplo grunt
I., the response as to who might  bo
i itsi-de, 'i liuin il the police. Vhon
taken Into custody tho youth was
.'ollii'd to have in his possession a
large clasp knife open nnl ready (or
The magistrate in sentencing him
to thirty days said he must consider
Ills condition and tho circumstances
■mrt'oundfng his offence. "Your conduct in getlIng .Iii nk nn.l break ng
into the bank nre Inexcusable," lie
said, "and 1 will therefore sentence
you io thirty days In jail and hope
it  will  be a  lesson lo you."
Because ho lied to the magistrate,
Mike Koyak, who was charged with
loitering around tho window of the
jail kitchen and talking to the pris-
nn.'fs, had to pay a line of live dollars and costs, and because he, hadn't
the necessary coin of thc realm, he
had tu go to jail for seven dnys. His
companion, Silvan Bogdan, charged
with a Bimilar offence, io'.tl the truth
about the matter, dug up one dollar
nn.l costs nn.l is now at liberty. Ilis
Worship Magistrate Foster signified
ihe difference in the sentences as a
premium on lying.
Fred Paccaluk wanted to help     n
i :*'ii.I out of the hole by securing his
grip from Cowle's restautant,     ap-
arontly not i.n 'wins; thai the grip
and contents wen* being held for a
hoard bill. The charge preferred
airainst him was thai ol theft, but
In view of the circumstances the magistrate let him oil with the advice
thai In future he had better he a
little more careful in going Into
houses and     gel ting things
*. ll  did  not  belong to him.        Thc
which belonged to a friend     of
the accused, was returned    to     Mr.
Cowie to  remain in   his     possession
pcii-ii:ii_r such legal action as he might
:   to  institute in order to secure
ayment of the board bill.
"All  I  want  is an  Impartial trial"
rted  .'as. T.  Ellison, whose case
was  remanded  from     Saturday      to
Monday     morning on a charge     ol
thefl and asked for n further remand
■ irate Foster assured the accused that "we Hatter ourselves in    this
**   un iry   that   every   mnn   -.rets   Hint."
Ellison wanted the further remand In
ee ire legal advice ami Bev-
Ml   witnesses,  which      remand       the
'.■ .'" allowed,      Th i    accused
■ dl  Come up nirain  tomorrow mnrn-
i l" a.m.
Bews Drug Merc I
TALLY   CARDS    (many   ttyta*)
Bews' Drag Store
,1. i family,   t
n       n i re     grati-
ii.   . *.f     your
i li.. man) i li nd i   who   c.x
. iiii uilu      to
.... ii •     h ir
l   .vish    to
■ in.*
i.    ...ntrihii
,   ,ii    the
a i
hk'.i     u.i \utiiv.
.i *
i*. ...     .t . ii
'.*,.. ,*.*.*;*. ..fi  .
j ;,t ., rapl i paei conMently   Buttci
gpected  ,i  will I,,  , onplete i     an I' Butl nerj
ready foi  oce .   '          me Htm      In   fui it.i poi
MBy     The llnishln • toi etien » >■ »1 u     urul       fi    IW
put -,n iln* new llowson block,   Wlient,     o. i   100
, ., M.-K. a/le  v ■      nil i ome o(   ,l"'  ■ lata
I, i, oil*-  .•!  tbi !:  I '  *".'
.       !,,    I   (
licr HK) lbs. U 90 to f
All      |  IB
i.  .1
*,**..      ,       . . .11.    |(
.. ,     •
||   0 '!'
li-11    week
M* l',.t
PI   hii*   ,
■i   Field aboul th* b
Purl   Mann, the
i minus     ol ti"-
ii   iinil ... 11 *.* t.c
■    IIOAKU   - II  pel   month,
at      Hi '
■'. \-.TI*:i'    *' *     I     ;
nil : • II ll
...    i •  * istoke Sec-
l   l' F22 lm.
I     I  ■   flag   I'm
.   .11, ill    . tl 111 i'l
11*.vin*i ! i      i i... n -
property snd ;.m;n- for this add—
Jusi t li ice days more and \ve expect to vacate the
old store. The new tenants want possession and we
are mure than anxious to get settled and get our new
goods opcijcd ready for lhe spring business.
Only three days, but we intend that they shall lu-
busy days. Wc have a lol of empty shelves, bul we
wlil need more to hold the new goods waiting to be
opened up, and are quoting prices that will certainly
clear a lot of them out.     Here arc a few.
Madras Muslins
Wc have curtained a lol of windows during the
lasl month, bul «e have sume madras lhal wc wanl lo
clear OUt,      Wc Offer you the   choice   ol   any piece   of
Madras in tlie store, white cream, cent or colored, al
/;sc. No matter if the price was 44sc. or 70c., you
cm ha\ e ii for .-i.Sc.
Print, Gingham, Chambray
A real snap for the balance o( the week. Your
choice of any of-our besl English Prints and Ginghams, all colors.     Regular 15c, now g yards for $1.
Your choice of a large assortment, shall, amber
and Jet.     Keg. up to (5oc.     Now 25c.   each.
Vassar Shoes
We have done a large shoe trade the past Iwo
weeks, bul for lhc balance of die week We will offer 1
still bigger reduction mi abnr 7^ pairs of Vassar
sb ies. Patents an.l Kid.. Keg. $4 and $4.50.
Now  $**: 90.
Ladies' Blouses
Your choice ol any blouse in thc store, silk, net,
or lawn, al hall price. You will lind some bennies
among them.
Lots of other lines at Removal Sale prices
How About A New Suit
Made to Order
Our Spring Samples for Suits and
Spring Overcoats just arrived.
We guarantee a perfect fit, style
and well tailored garments at
fair and honest prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Rctorm Clothing
Foot-Rite Shoe
It is nm often that high quality shoes are
available at low prices, but owing: to the fact
that our Spring lines are due in arrive any
day, we nuisi dispose of most of our past
season's stock.
They consist of kid, patent, jrun metal,
veliuir, vici kid with patent top, .which sold
for $6, $.""1.50 ami $6,
Wc are clearing the odd
lot for $3.75
McRae Mercantile Company, Limited
I lie St\lc Shop for Men and Boys Who Know
1 ;  j
WM.I.IAM I.  IlltlCOS.
Barrister, H.'licitor, BU.
imtiirB   lor;—The   Cmindlnn nank ^^	
j.SkKEN/.IK AVI',.,
FinsT BTRBBT -  Rmlitgko, B.O. i uux  ins, hisvkj.st-ukc,
"I Commerce, The Moleoni Bank,
I'rovlncial  Laml   BtlveyoT,
Mining Hurveyor,


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