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The Mail Herald Sep 14, 1911

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.^ Legislative ^
"Empire" Tyi^writer
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $601
Interior Publishing Co., Ay's.
The Mail-Hepald
fl0iaI iibra
Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 17-No. 72
$2.50 Per Year
Lawrence Hardware Co. Ltd
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Splendid Exhibits, Large Attendence, Good Sport,
and Fine Weather Combine to Make Grand
Show-Prize List will be Published Saturday
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad omoe-Toronto, Ontario-
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
5 79^,000.00
5,793, jOO.OO
Branches or Agents at all principal points in'Canada.
Agents In Great Britain aud United Si ii im—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago— First National Bank, Com Ex-
ohange National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, mid interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoko Branch —A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Fashionable Fall Millinery
Trimmed and Untrimmed Hats
A shipment of Ladies' Headgear direct from Eastern
Canada just to hand. We invite you to see the
display.   All the latest shapes.
Mrs. A, G, Crick, * First Street J
We extend you an invitation to call on us. We
might be able to interest you in the way of
general groceries. Phone No. 93 about fresh
fruit -delivered to any part of the city.
First Street East of Imperial Bank
The fourth annual fall lair <r( the
Hevelstoke Agricultural Society,
which clofii-il Tuesday night was the
finest demonstration of the fertility
of the soil and progress of ngricul
ture mid industry that has ever bean
held in the Northern Kootenays. The
number of entries in all classes was
fur ahead of any previous year, and
in quality the exhibits were certainly a source of wonder and astonishment  to the admiring public.
In the poultry class there were not
so many exhibits from outside points
as in former years, hut the rivalry
between local fanciers was keen and
Mr, Coates of Vancouver, had no
easy  task  in  awarding the  prizes.
The fruit and vegetable exhibits
attracted more than ordinary atten-
ticn, and demonstrated in no small
degree the productiveness of the soil
in this district.
Tho apples, pears and plums shown
were secend to none in the province,
and hare special mention must be
made of the fruit exhibits from Boa-
ton, The Needles, Edgewood, Galena
Bay and other southern points, They
were among th*2 finest exhibits of
the fair, and well earned the prizes
which were awarded them. In the
vegetable class no hirer products
could be wished for, the size and
quality of the squash, vegetable mar
row, citrons, etc., being remarked by
many. In this section Mr. Fotrufl
had an exhibit ol cantaloups and
water melons which in size and gual
ity would compare favorably with
anything in their class which at
present has to be imported into
town, and is another illustration of
the fact that there is no end to the
variety of products which can be
grown in Revelstoke. The southern
, portions of the district were also
I well represented in this class, as was
nlso the Malakwn district, and an
examinatit n of the pri/-e list shows
them to have been successful com-
| petitors in not a few instances.
Thj floral exhibits were also larger and more varied than in formsr
years and attracted more than pass
ing attention. The exhibit (for show
only) from J. Maley's gardens, was
a splendid collection and much admired.
I Jltd#Sftg from the display of home
baking, preserves, etc., the ladies of
Revelstoke have no need to fear any
rivals in this line, as tha exhibits
this year were certainly good to look
upon, the preserves and piekk'9, presenting a most tempting and appetlz
ing appearance. Tire contests in this
department this year were keener
than usual and the quality of the ex
bil.its much above the average. A
Collection cf preserved fruits by Mrs.
B. A. Lawson from the Hume-Law-
son ranch was, unfortunately missed
in making the entry from that place
and did not go up in competition.
The colleition wns certainly worthy
of notice and it is to be regretted
that the same was overlooked.
The large number and excellence 0
exhibits in tiie paintings, drawings
lace work and embroidery, kept th
judges  busy awarding the prizes.
Of manufacturers and other dis
plays tbere were quite a number no
Tlie attractions were not of a very
high class, but. wcie seemingly well
patronized by those in attendance at
the fair on both days. Thc horse
races were good however, and a cred
it to the committee in charge; two
splendid days' racing being pro-
ui'ded,  as 'follows.
Five-Kighth Mile Dash—1st, F.
t'asorso's Senator Warner; 2nd, E.J.
Halt's Toe Dancer. |
Local Half Mile—Ist, R. Lindsay's
St. Peter; 2nd, H. D. Tweedies'
Spidor. i
Half-Mile Dash—1st, F. J. Lynies'
Combury;  2nd,  Eid.  McAbee's Traffic.
Trot and Pace—1st, Ireland Bros.'
H.M.C., 2nd, J. S. Chamberlin's
Three-Quarter Mile Dash—1st, West
& Caldwell's Exchequer; 2nd, Flash
Free for all Trot or Pace—1st, M.
F. Foster's Red Ball; 2nd, (i Buller
and  Matheson's Topsy M.
Running One Mile—1st, West and
Caldwell's Exchequer; 2nd, E. J.
Salt's My  Bouquet. I
Ladies Race—Ist, Miss Stella Lldy
with Col. Brady; 2nd, Miss Swanson
with  Spider.
Five and a half Furlongs—1st, E\
.1. Salt's Toe Dancer; 2nd, West &
Caldwell's David Boland. I
Consolation Race—1st, J. Alford's
Josie S; 2nd, H. W. Graflord's Firm
Foot. I
The City Band provided excellent
music during both  afternoons.
The judges in the different classes,
Poultry—Mr. Coates, Vancouver.
Fruit—Mr.  T.  Wilson,  Victoria.
Vegetables.—Mr. Wm. Gibson, of
Floral—J.  Maley.
Home Baking and Preserves— Mrs.
Petblpit'Oa,  Mrs. White, Mrs.  Laing.
Painting and Drawing—R. D. Colpitts,  J. Smith.
Lace Work and Embroidery— Mrs.
Kincaid, Mrs. W.  Morris.
Complete prize list will bc published  in Saturday's issue.
Enjoyable Smoker Under Auspices
Board of Trade
Robin Hood Flour Beats Them All
Mrs. H. N. Coursier carries off two first prizes
with ROBIN HOOD FLOUR. The special prize
we offered and also for the best loaf from any
flour. If you want good bread use Robin Hood-
the flour of quality.
P. O   Bom 708
Phone No.'_23
the exhibit ot the
ol the City of Revelstoke, demonstr.i
ting what the city could furnish in
the way of power, light and bent
and the cost of same. The clectrica
■display of A. G. Duck, the Sash
doors, mouldings, etc., of thc Revel
stoke Saab and Door Factory, the
plumbing display of tbc Revelstoko
Steam Heating and Plumbing Co.
nnd the Allen Clean Water Bath,were
all Highly Recommended. A
prize of $•"> donated by A. McRae and
T. Kilpatrick was awarded to H.W.
Edwards for his most excellent exhibit of mounted heads, skins, and
birds. A special prize of $5, donated by Messrs. A. McRae, T. Kilpatrick and W. B. Robertson, was also
awarded  the Revelstoke Meat Market
On Tuesday evening the Visiting
exhibitors and others from thc outlying districts were the guests of
honor at a reception in the form of
a smoker given by the Revelstoke
Board of Trade. The committee of
the Board having the matter in hand
are to Ih' congratulated upon the
success whicli crowned their efforts
ns hosts. The guests of the evening
were all unanimous in their expressions of appreciation of thc hospitalities which they had received from
the Board of Trade and of the Courtises which were extendeJ to them by
the management of the Agricultural
Society. The visit of the Retail Association to the different districts to |
bring belore the settlers the Revolstoke Exhibition was commented upon as one of the best moves that
Corporation Ci)1|W )ie nm,|,, t() ,)ping thc resi,ie„ts
•in the districts south of Revelstoke
in touch Willi the merchants of the
Mayor Hamilton occupied the cbair
and in a splendid address welconn .1
Ute visitors on behalf of thc Hoard
of Trade and the citv of Revelstoke.
The musical selections given during the evening were very acceptable
and eminently suited to the occasion
special T)|<, l)|)e„|n|, number wns a piano
duet by Messrs. Smythe and Smith,
which was well received. Mr. George
Hawker in a couple of comic songs,
kept up his previous reputation as
an entertainer, Messrs. Knox and
Jones contributed a clog dance with
musical accompaniment. Mr. Brand
in  two comic  Scotch character  songs
for their noteworthy display of   the broU(?ht (,(iwn the hmw an<J ^^^
products  ot the  Swift    Packing  Co.   ft  heartv  ^^   Mr    Arman       ^
hams, bacon, lard, soaps, etc.,     for ^^ tw() Bon(,s ,„      ^ furm ^
wbich firm they are sole distributing WM  we„   ^.^   8ohie  varloty  ^
agents  for  this district. ,, _ _,,*.■
6 . the programme was maxle     by      Mr.
A w„rd might also be said here of ^^  voCft, ,.ntlltlonil  ()f HUch
the number of exhibits this year by weUflMI0Wn ,„„„,.,„ „ a Cftt ftml fl
tbe children, and     most     creditable „ . .       . ,„ „■„„,_.„      . A    .„ .„
fight,  a saw ripping a hoard,  draw -
ones too, and conclusive proof that .^ ft cbampftgM e„rk an(, ol(lcr ,,„.
in   many   instances  the  young  people ^^    M[.   Au<,n ^ g very ^
cr    piano solo    which brought forth
hearty applause.
 The speakers ol the evening     were
year, was Hi tnat cou.o ne «=sir^ „,preHcntativ(, of cvery dirtrlct. Mr<
especially so in regard to the num^ Fauq11l€r „, „,„,„,_ wag the Ur8t
of visitors    from     outside districts.^© be called upon and in «few     well
ncluslve proof
of the cily are being trained in    the
right direction.
Tlie     attendance     at the fair tbis
nil  that could  l» drsired, ■
chosen words extended congratulations to all thc city organizations
| which were responsible for tlle sucoess
*of the fair and tlio entertainment of
.the visitors and before the close of
tho evening lie rose and proposed a,
.vote of thanks to the Revelstoke
hosts assuring them that they would
see bim in Revelstoke next year with
a larger number of his neighbors accompanying him, The motion waa
seconded by all the visitors arising
and singing "For they are Jolly
Good Fellows."
| Mr. Beaton also from Needles, offered some helpful suggestions as to
ho* the good feeling created     this
season could be followed up by the
merchants of the town if Ihey would
make another trip down lhc lake
to "talk business" ami bring price,
lists along so that some of the trade
might Had its way up to Hevelstoke.
"Come down and let. us count brass
tacks," he aaid. He askedthat fair
treatment might bc accorded to settlers passing through Revelstoke to
look over lands on the Arrow Lakes
and thut unlike some other places,
Revelstoke should not try to divert
these people.
Mr. Watts, of Burton City, regretted that they did not have an exhibit hut assured the meeting that
Burton City could grow fruit and
that next yenr it would be heard
Mr. Cook, secretary of the Kdge-
wood Progressive Association, extended congratulations and expressed
appreciation for what had been done
hoping that a greater intimacy
should spring up.
Mr. Lindsay gave thc meeting a
tip that Beaton is a place that will
be heard from as a fruit district.
Mr. Vestrup of Nakusp, expressed
satisfaction with thi efforts put
forth and invited the Revelstoke
public to go down to Nakusp and
help make their fair in October a
Mr. Shaw of Galena Bay, expressed pleasure at being able to visit
Revelstoke ,air and bespoke for his
district a good future although not
much had been heard from it in the
Mr. Simpson of Arrowhead, did
not lay claim to having a great
fruit country at Revelstoke but said
that Hall's Landing across the river
was a coming district and was naturally of tributary area to Revelstoke.
Mr. Walter Scott, the genial Mining Recorder from Nakusp, expressed
satisfaction with the outcome of
the visit and his pleasure nt renewing  acquaintances   in Revelstoke.
Mr. May of Malakwa was truly
loyal to his district and made a
forecast that whilst it was a good
root, vegetable and fruit area Its
reputation was soon to lie established as the banner district for the
production of celery and that if it
did not exec,I the famous Armstrong
district for celery it would at least
hold an even place. Speaking ot the
races he said they would do credit
to many a larger show and that he
was very pleased with tlie muiin**^
in which they were conducted.
Dr. McAhec of Golden, spoke ot
his pleasure in being at the race
meet which be described as the clean
est he had ever been to and he had
attended a great many. He touched
upon the advertisement the town
would get from the horsemen who
travelled about and were always
ready with criticism or praise accord
ing as  they saw  the situation.
Of the local speakers, Mr. A. McRae spoke as president of thc Agricultural Society and expressed the
pleasure it gave him to meet so
many from outside the town and to
have them tako part in making tho
fair the success it had been. He had
a suggestion that it had become apparent that enlarged accommodation
Would liivc lo be proWded for next
Mr. T. Kilpatrick urged that not
only the residents of llevi'i-tuke but
all those liv n,' in the immediate vicinity should work for the advance-(
menl. of the district as a whole liav
ing in view thc whole valley north
and soutb.
Mr. Lindmark look issue with an
expression of Mr. Beaton's that thc
Arrow Lake (listrict could get along
without Hevelstoke better than Revelstoke could get along without, their
market. Mr. Lindmark took the
ground that the Lake district had
a market at their door tor 12 carloads ot fruit and that they did not
need to look beyond Revelstoke,
where priceB were the best ami customers known to them.
Mr. McCleneghnn on behalf of tho
Committee, consisting of himself,Mr.
Gibson and Mr. McHorley, recited
the steps which led up to the meeting and thgnked all who had contributed In nny way to the succcsb
particularly mentioning the willingness they had found on the part of
nil  who wore asked.
Mr. Lcvesque was particularly happy in his humorous incidents and
reminlsceases and upon a number ol
occasions brought  down the      house
Stoves! Ranges!
McClary's Stoves
Kootenay Ranges
Saskalta Ranges
Sunshine Furnaces
Enamel and Tinware
We  can   supply    your
wants in the above  line
with the best Goods made
in Canada.
Sherwin Williams Paints, Oils, Varnishes, etc. It
pays to use good Paints.    We sell them.
Kishing Tackle, Rifles. Shot Guns, Ammunition and
other Sporting Goods. We are leaders in these, and also
carry a very large stock of General Hurd ware, Tools of all
kinds, etc.
Harness, Whips, Horse Blanket?, Lap Robes.
Crockery and Glassware.
Take a Round Stesk,'alt end pepper to taste, dredge with
flour and cover v.ith finely cln |*f ed onions, and thin slices of
Imperitor bacon. Putin try in jf pan with some water, cover
tightly and let cook slowly on back of stove.
Use BURNS' Special Hams and Bacon
Imperator Brands
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Distributors tor Swift's  Products
All our choice fresh killed
Beef, Pork, Mutton, Veal,
Lamb and Poultry are kept
in our new Cold Storage
Cooling rooms and displayed
in the shop for sale in Refrigerating Glass Counters
and Window. We handle
nothing but Swift's Government inspected meats, silver
leaf lard, Premium hams &
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Phone 251
llu,ii Class Mkat Pirvkyors
P. O. Box 181
with apjflauN.
Visit ot R. M. Winslow of Horti-
cultural Department, Victoria
-Great Possibilities Here
An event of more thnn or.liuury
Importance to Revelatoke an.l vicinity, was the visit t<. lh,- city during thc Imr, of Mi R.M.Winslow,
provincial horticulturist iff Victoria.
Coming a« he did, al a time when
the Board uf Trade wai bag-toning to
agitate again fur the establishment
of a demonstration orchard lur this
district, Ihk arrival was must oppor
This wiih Mr. WiiihIow's lirst visit
to the city, anil he expressed himself as very much pleased Indeed with
Condition! ban uh regards lioth
fruit anil vegetable growing. Tbe
exhibits along thew linM al the (air
he conmlercd eicelleot and lie pro-
phcei.H a bru'ht future (or the farm-
Ing and flint, growing industry in
thin  vicinity.
While here he visited a numlier of
the orchards nnd imrileiiK in the city,
noting conditions, ami a!*o made, an
the KUCHt of the Haard ot Trade, a
comprehensive tour of the mirronnd-
Ing country. Ba much pleased wan
he with the bearing orchards that
he took several photoijTnphB of heavily -laden apple trees for use in bis
lie also took up lhe matter ot e8-
tablishiBK a Demonstration Orchard
uni the announcement ul a location
tor the same may bc cipc-ted soon.
Tbis is a matter ut vital importance
to Kev»litoke, al it ia likely that ln
Iaddition to demonstrating correct
methods  uf   planting,   pruning,    etc.,
| the wurk in tbis district will be to a
certain extent cxperim-ntai and ad-
v.s.ry. As a result varieties of fruit
that aie likely to be suited to the
soil and climate tit the diflerent localities will l„* thoroughly tested nnd
the farmers will be able to secure ex
pert advice as to the most profitable
crops to grow on their own clearing.
Mr. Winslow left last night io attend the Windermere Valley fair at
A th timer, but will likely pay a return visit to Hevelstoke at an early
dnte to go further into the matter
of locating the Demonstration Orchard, lor which, it is understood,
an appropriation lms alrealy been
made  by the (lovcrnment.
Ruled Off for Fraud
We the judges and officials of the
Hevelstoke A-grieultural Association,
have ruled ofl the following men and
boreea for fraud in the Ladies' Haco
The bay gelding, "Wild Glen" and
his owner P, W. Ross, and the trainer 0. Nibs, and thc Jockey, Percy
SaMero, who rode him dressed ae a
woman. Also the pony "Menadoah"
owned hy C. Nibs. The following
tracks have lieen notified of this ruling:—Kamloops, Vernon, Kelowna,
aad Vancouver.
A. J.  McDonell, Presiding Judge
A.  McRae,   President.
The citizens ot Revelstoke and
public generally will appreciate this
action of the above officials, ln their
efforts to give the patrons of tbe
fan- good clean sport and it will also
be a warning to others whal they
may expect for any breach of the
rules ot tbe Association. The judges
jare to be congratulated on their
prompt acMon in tbis matter. Page
THURSDAY,  SEPT.   14,   1911.
Gbc nrmiUlbcvalfcl
anterior publishing Corn-pang,
Legal notices in cents per Une first
insertion, 5 cents per line each
subsequent insertion. Measurements Nonpariel tli lines make
one inch.) -Store and general
business announcements $2.50 por
inch per mouth. Preferred positions, 25 per cent, additiouul.
liml..,, Marriages aud Deaths, 50c
each insertion.
Land notices $7,511. All advertisements subject to tbe approval of
the management. Wanted un.l
Condensed Advertisements : —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Hit
nations wanted, Situations Va-
caut, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
Wanted, 25 -words or leBS, 25c,
each additional line IU ceuts.
Changes it. standing advertisements must be iu hy ') a. in.
Tuesday and Friday of each week
to  secure  good  displuy.
CORRESPONDENCE invited on mutters ol public interest. Communications to Editor must be
accompanied hy name of writer
not necessarily foi publication,
but as evidence of good faith.
Correspondence should   he  brief.
Including  pustage  to  England,   United States and Canada.
By the year (through postoffice) $2.50
McKenzie Avenue
For The Railroader
tbc flDaillbenUfc
THIRSIIVY.   SKI'T.   11,   1911.
For the tirst time In this campaign, one which tbey state is
fraught with danger to bbe Country
and the Empire, the local Ilorden-
Goodevo committee went into print
In last Saturday's issue ol this news
paper; and the Liberal committee for
the benefit ol the intelligent RAILROADER, to whom it was addressed
begs to reproduce it If're, with our
Extract from Conservative Column
Harvey J. Hall, in an interview
willi the Toronto News, shows in q
convincing manner what the railway
employes have* to fear from Reciprocity.
I Until his retirement from active
wink, Mr. Hall, was the legislative
representative of the Order ot Railway Conductors and watched all legislation at Ottawa of interest, to
ra'.lway employes. Por 22 year- he
was a conductor on the • Irand Trunk
Railway and for two years was nn
alderman representing Ward six in
the  Council  of  tbe  City  of Toronto.
1 "In the event, ol reciprocity pass-
In.;," said Mr. Hall, "the eflect, in
mj opinion, on transportation in
this city will lie this:
! "Bearing lo mind the fact that
ther? is in the neighborhood of 200,-
003 people employed on railroads ami
n.niaatiun within ihe Dominion those
2iiii,IMMi are directly or indirectly
maintaining one,tenth of the popula-
t.   :i   i.*.f  Canada.
'    Will  liiilnec     Numlier of Employes
ill  Railway  Service.
" f   ci iplocily   in. alls   what   its sup
A word to Captains, Male
eers, Watchman anil Freight
Iers  on  the Oreat Lakes.
| "The Canadian Boat owners on tiro
Oreat Lakes must lose, while the
employes un these boats will certainly lose, and the loss of labor
that will lie entailed through the
change in transportation will ultimately be a serious loss lu the fanner."
The Answer
Please note, Mr. Hall says: "If
reciprocity means what, its support -
ers say it does; that is, changing tho
avenue uf trade tu north and south,
Instead of east, and west."
Answer:—No supporter uf ihe
measure from Halifax to Vancouver,
■has said it will. The hypothesis is
false and, therefore, the conclusions
are false.
I "Following this line," says Mr.
Hall, "that. means fewer engineers,
tircinpn"-— and so on through all the
branches (by name) uf railroading,
I Nothing is easier, when you start
'falsely to remain so, and Mr. Hall,
except onoe, (which will ho attended
to) does.
Supporters uf Reciprocity claim it
will develop a North-South trade and
an East-West one, as well. There is
a Noreh-Suuth one now, Mr. Hall, of
two to one against Canada. Liberals
—that  is,   if  well could be      bettered.
Well enough  is a  phrase  nf  very du-
bioUB  degree.   You ask  a  man  "how
ure  you  feeling"--"Oh!   I'm  well  enough,"   it implies at once,  he could
he bettor.   Is anyone so  well enough
'they couldn't wish to he  better?     If
' so,  it is to be devoutly  wished      we
could  hear  It oftcner  in  regard      to
|our own  and our  neighbours    health
and  wealth.
Is It so with B.O, Prosperous we
are—do we wish ii no batter? Surely, YES! Better wh.it way? PirBt,
then, we believe there is something
wrung ill the fact that, with its
great potentiality of resources, there
is such a large urban population —
(threesquarbers of* it live within 40
miles radius of Vancouver) and such
a small, and widely scattered, rural
one. The rural one should supplythe
urban one if things were right— it
•doesn't. We raise fourteen million
dollars worth of agricultural products—we      Import '..irtccn    million
commercial and social pressure, we
were then, before we had learned tbe
respect of present nationality and
patriotic independence, taking
eh n:*es Indeed!
Can Kipling understand that ten to
one wns not too great odds in the
past, or now, for British arms or
British trade; and that we think,
with justice and with pride, that
they will not leng remain at their
present  ratio,  fur  Oanada—A  Nation
Tlie extremity of Laurler's enemies
must be great to secure aiil from
Kipling. Not Kipling the author —
him we love—but Kipling thc Jin-
goo and enemy of Democracy.
Thus,   we   raise      only
our   population   needs.
iiui lars more.
half what
While we continue to* ilo that, and
there is no present plan io change
it, we must pay our neighbours price
for it, and pay our government taxes for it, nnl pay the middleman (on
account of our necessity and meagre
transportation competition) large
profits. Thc only present relief to
this situation is to, at. least, save
the duties  by  having free trade      in
Tariffs  and Wages
Anti-Reciprocity men are now compelled, by force of reasoning, to track
a new red boning across the trail.
Tire latest is—if food is reduced,
your wages wi,l also bc reduced.This
is  absolutely  sinful.
A tarifl cannot, does not, (lx or
affect, labor price. No one has ever
proven it, no one ever will. Living is
cheaper in England today under free
trade, than ever before, nnd wages
higher. In high tarifl Germany, wages are proportionately, lower and
cost of food higher, than in England
Don't, please, bc stampeded by men
wbo tell you a reduction in food
price is a reduction in your wages.
Only such men and organizations who
CAN 'do so, will try, and that, ns
yon should know from esperienoe, no
matter what the cost of food. Labor
men know that if there nre five men
to do one man's work the price of
that ones' work will shrink—unless
the other four are men enough to
stand out for the same price. That's
the whole, the long and short, of
the matter of high  or low wages.
The  fourth   annual   [all   fair  of  the
r,     , .  ,      . ,.      i   o    * .     i,      purlers Bay  it. dues,  that  is    cluing -
Revelstoke   Agricultural   Bociety   has • t ^ »t
passed into lhe history of the district as by lar the most successful
yet held. Everything seemed to combine to this end, even the weather
w,,s ,,i it*, best. The number of ex-
hibits in ev.-ry class was greatly iu
excess of last year, bo much so in
fact that the buildings were taxed
to tbeii utmost capacity to accommodate the  display,  Should  the  fair
_*.,__ .  cessity for rars
grow  in  t.ie  same  proportion      next        .. *.
year as ,t has done this, and there
is no reason why it shouldn't, steps
will have ti.  be  taken  tu  provide in
ini; the avenue of trade from north
to south, instead of east to wesl, as
at present, it must necessarily reduce the numlier of employes tn the
railway service and also in navigation.
"That means that there will he
fewer engineers, fewer liremen, fewer
conductors, fewer trainmen, and ultimately  fewer      engines  and less lie-
Following  along  this  line,  it   will
mean  that there  will  bc  fewer    lioil-
erniakers,   fewer   machinists,        fewer
blacksmiths,   (ewer   carpenters,   fewer
(re.i.-:*..l    aec,'iiuii".latii I..      A    notice- .   ...
,    . ,  ...    car builders and repairers rouuired to
feature  of   this
able and     pleasing
year's fair wa- the large number of
exhibits from outside pmnts, especially in thj [run an.l vegetable
class. i'!..s is as it should be, and
tbe   bui ich    Itt' li.led   the     ell-
er,-y .,nl terprise ,,f these exhibitors will no loubt noi only ensure
th-ir attendance next year, but will
pro •   the means of      m-
• ,- others to compete. Evei y
r ii .. m nt should be given the
residents I tha country contiguous
to Revelstoke to take an interest
and  i j art i: ivelstok t's   annual
fair. What is fur Revelstoke is Ior
their goi I, and In this connection
th? iirectois are deserving of the
le<-. thanks "1 the citizens generally
in  th   ■ ■-• '■   this  y   ,r  to  make
th? fail as representative of the dis
trict . Tl ■>■  worked hard,
ns did .ils,* ths commitceea In charge
of the liflertni ex!.,: its. To Secretary Robertson, however, more than
• -  due much   ,f the suc-
s-hich attended this year's ex-
He proved to !«' the right
m.m n the ritrht place. Systematic
ani energet c in bis work, courteous
ar.i obliging in bis manner, it was a
* busin ss with him.
Was the opinh n of the exhibitors and
,      *   i; mrally.    Everything  passed
off Wil teh and both exhibit
ors .•: rs were satisfied that
the awards bad been made to those
■ im ut them. I*t the success
wh; h attended tbe fourth annual
fair be an incentive to do even better
next  year
do the work for the railway companies of Canada.
This is a Critical Time for the
Railroad   Men   of  Canada.
■ In discussing this question with
persons who nre pretty well in touch
with these conditions I find the gen
er.il opinion la that it will mean a
gie.it difference to no less than 200,-
000 people employed in  this country.
"In my opinion it was a very grav,.
iiu-take un the part of the govern
mrnt that before entering on a deal
of the future of the present redpro
cal agreement they did not consult
the interests that have Imp irtnnl In
vestments     In tins country l claim
that this is a very serious tune for
the working nun in Canada, for If
reciprocity will reduce the number of
railway employes by 200,000 these
people must find employment elsewhere.   Consequently the trades must
sillier Owing tO the great Burplus
that would lie thrown on the maiket
"Tlie supporters of the pact may
claim that the railways are noi
making any serious objections or
putting up nny groat opposition to
it. Tae majority of the Intelligent
electors of tin* country, however, un
ihrstand the relationship i'n i.t .in.- be
tween governments anl railroad com
panics. It is usually better for thm
to pursue a neutral course rather
than demonstrate outwardly their op
position tu any measure thnt .. gov
ernment mny attempt to put upon
ll,,* statute  hook-."
Oanadian Employes whi boas if
Freight Is Driven Booth i" Wisconsin
Central  Railroad.
I    i n   this   point,   m   discussing       the
':,,n  .v.tii ,i  prominent C, P,  it
official,   he  rlnimeil   that   the  C    P It
Bndei tbi ,** ;•■•• • th. British werft |„r|Hv independent at these
Poet Offi-a the firsl aerial pottage caution, owing to the absorbing
service,    officially     leaignated      the u,   tlM,     Wisconsin Central  Railway,
"First r„;ted Kingdom Aei.ai Port" ' which ,,,„ th„m .„,    entranoe      trto
mi  lueceasfullj    aaugurated       tWs  ,*,, ,1(r0   .ru<ty „,s,, ,,,,.,„ th.„ir r,„„|
wo"k* int.,  St.   I'anl  from   both  th I
The point- *,i departure .....1 arriv     |rl BVsr      TMl W1„ (,|V1,   th,.m   a
nl were respectively the Heodoo ..er   hir^ .„.„,„,*-,,,„, ,if ,*,„ business, bui
odrome and Windsor CaaUe,  the dis-   jt  milf)t |w, Mmembened ,|1;lt  ,,     the
tance   being   something  under   a  SCOW  fre(ght   L„.r,,   th.|f   fffty   ,„.,,,       many
"'  ""les. [of    tiie    Canadian     employs*       must
The serial  mail  »xi>eriment  was  un   ]r!)(1
dertaken  e<> demonstrate the  practicability of  tbis  means  of  letter  transit  when  war  or strikes render      the
ordinary train service unavailable.
Four airmen piloting two monoplanes ami two biplanes were engaged in the work. Upwards of «K),000
postal pai kages constituted the first
delivery. King George was so inter
ested in the service thnt he gave
his jiermlssion to the aerial postmen
to alight on the lawn of Windsor
Aerial Post Inaugurated
aim, and expect, to balance it under such things.
Reciprocity. Will that curtail or in- I Are there other things, or ways, in
'jure railroading? If, it doesn't, hap- which we could he hotter. Surely,
pen as hoped, but that, as our op- 5"(,'s! ,!o •*> the Provincial Land Ag-
ponents claim, more American trade 'ent, here for instance, and ask him
will result,, will that injure rail- to show you a desirable piece of
roading? Certainly not unless East- '"nil to settle on. Could he? No!
West trade should sutler mure than The country is not surveyed, much
North-South trade could gain. Is «'■ it is sold, there is no Inducement
this not fair and sound? Mr. Hall to the settler but—find it for yotir-
duesu't say it will—shouldn't he? self, there is lots of it about—some-
He says (falsely) "supporters of reci- where. No rural population will ev-
proclty say it will" and he basis all er be built up en such a land policy
his statements, taken from others, —industrial enterprise will still,
mostly, i.n that false opening remark through  it,  have to buy  abroad, and
Supporters  of  reciprocity  claim    it —Pay duties,
will   develop  an  East-West  trade,   as Then  again!   we have  mi.lions      of
well an the other une;, and     claiming surplus in  the     Provincial Treasury,
it,     tbey rightly, fairly, offer    proof How     have we got it?     By selling
and signs. out,  exploiting,  our  national  resour-
Reolproclty,  is a free exchange with ces,  to the man with the ready mon-
Ameri.a  in  agricultural   products—N. cy.   Provincial  finance  is  like  a farm
S.   trade,  therefore,  is chiefly      con- or struggling     with     (HO acres;      a
eein.,1   with  that.    E.   W.   trade       is stranger  with  mutiey      rewards      its
one,  chiefly,  of manufactured      pro - richness, sees tbe struggle, and offers
duct",   and   reciprocity    contemplates him  $5,000  for half.  The  farmer nc-
Figures  lor School Boys
Mr. Borden thinks for every Canadian farmer who will get a bigger
maiket hy Reciprocity, eleven Am-
ericMis will get it in Canada. In
Canada*, say, we have one man, who
wants a hnl—in the United States
are eleven men with hats to s.dl —
how many, Mr. Borden, can the eleven sell bim? In tlie United States
(using Mr. Borden's unfortunate figures I nre eleven men wanting hut-
in Canada one man selling hats, of
which he has plenty- how many, Mr.
Bor.len. can he sell them? Particularly, Mr. Borden, if thc one hit seller
is asked to sell them? Bet a new
one no Tory can answer thnt arithmetically. His answer Us—annexation. Wrong again! No! no more
chances—down you go—for fifteen
years anyway.
n • removal of duties in that. Liberals expect that, if uur farmers sell
more, bhey will buy more manufact -
ires;  ihat if money is saved to con-
imers,  they,  t'*", will  buy mor,'.  Is  ou,*»h'
eepts—he has a surplus of five thous-
and,   hut  is  poorer (for bis sons) by
half his  acreage.
Surely,   we  are not  yet   "well    en-
Is   this  fairer   than
in   lit'.,  to  let  things  alone,
or   not   tu   wish   to   lie   better, but
with   praise  an,I  llevolltness  we are
el.id  of  presenl   well  being    just the
Mo -e Solicited  Advice
Iim logic Bound
Mr.   Halt'
Hut there are signs, too, that there
* ': I ■ no lessening ,,f S.W. trade,
im l Bseuing *',' railroaders. They
ire, the contracting letting irf the
lasl link ,,f tbe O.T.P.; lh * contract
ing letting ,,( tl>e Western C V IC:
the ordering of st,,'! for tli.- H. is. • Tl"' lateBl ""»• "•' the Tory anti-
(Hudson Bay) railway; the projected reciprocity party is to get a letter
Baj Canal; the arramre- 'r"m R"*lyar,l Kipling. What does
uents by Robert  Perk*-.      English M.   Rudynrd   Kiplm-   count   for'.'-except
P., !,,r the greal -ei  ■'■- th« lll'il  I ' Priest  of every Jin-
fioiii  the  Great   Lakes  to  th.*   Mian '       "lp"'  '"  the  Empire and an
tie.    Are  the  signs  good?     Are  they   ■ t to     democracy.        Kipling
■   ,jljn   yt,    ii, cannot   mderstatnd     (we ate not af-
* ,*,v  for  ,i„, t    thai   r"1'     '  •i""'''  hlm'   "i,,lW  nine niill-
ive ai Mi    HaH  In- and    we  * " People can enter  Into such     an
. . .em-nt      with      minety    million
i. g  ;n   mind    the  -tr*''   ' frontier of four
'       - m'l   miles    Ami  ai   the      same
;*Hv,ple  employed    on  ,im'' uitional   integri-
rithin   tbe  '>' w   i «als  had     been
Dominion."   Then  later:—For,  IF re
'  reduce tbe mimtier    of
railway   employes  bj    00 these
I,.-. ;,i.'  must   ftnd  employment      elae
Sur.-k !   Surely!   Mr.  Hail   i !ei tain
I'     these
made s geoetwtii n   tgo, or if the. In,
minion   ■.*.*    todaj  poor and depressed  one   would    perhaps,      understand
imt  Canada is
.! 11^^- tt, , I,,, ,s ., nation
8  of   nations   are   • ..,*
Remove the Burden
Last February, Hon. Price Ellison
in thc Provincial Legislature at Victoria, made his budget speech. He
gave thes-e figures. Imported agricul
tural products for l'.llll, $14,968,904;
Exported agricultural products, $1,-
0(1(1,001). That is, we bought in
British Columbia, fourteen million
dollars worth more of agricultural
products than we sold. We paid duty
on that. No other province in the
Dominion imports, per capita, such
a vast amount of natural products
In no other province does the circumstances of raising less and limited transportation and competition
compel the consumer to pay such
tribute to  the middleman.
Is there any thinking man reading
this, who is not a slave of Party,
who will not see thnt reciprocity
will indeed be a blessing to British
Columbia consumers, (we are nearly
all that) put money in his purse and
give competition ln the future.
Is there nny person ol the same
unprejudiced mind who will not say
if annexation enters into the thing
at all (which it doesn't) that there
is fourteen million dollars worth
mure reason for it In these figures,
than  with reciprocity?
ly,   \ii    ',*  nn,: '**.*      It.  ia honed, will ere .*   anion
quite   plain        There   are   200,000   rail
IK  red pi ■■ - ■ '.nd  k>glc7     If
Mil     '..   ■       is it     Mi'l- iters ' t, ii Hf   odd
not)  claim   tbe tat on  trade ""  '"'   1''"'''   * *'   *'h *n  we are "\
<rom  E W   to N .-'    (s    a  purely per
..mtl appe ii  to railroaders     does it
mat or  which   way  you  haul   *'
.t ill   inure      in,,   proof,     |
Vml     IF   i .".;.[<■   * ''
number (JOO.OOO) of railway employ
,.s, i,-*, 100,000, tli ise people MB8T
And employment  elsewhere.
There   aurely   must   have   been      a
bend on  cdllislun     ,n      Mr   OoO
committee   looms   when  thai   brilliant
men!     was    offered   to   ths
road   nien   of   Itevelstoke.
Howson's vacuum carpel  cleaner is
satisfactory  ask  any of  our  custom-
lie who hsve  used  it.
Is It Well With Us ?
A veiy well vtntt.n editorial ap
penred in tbis paper lust Saturday,
telling how prosperous B, 0,     was.
It   la  a   pleasure  to  know   it,  imlivid-
nnd to know it of youi neigh-
Two men ran be prosperous
side by Hide, two nations ran
Anil they can also wish, we
to he more prosperous even
than they are,  nn'l  to be, even more
friendly,     L    adds    to   IriendsWp
doesn't It, to feel your neighbour ls
'aiie. safe and us well off ,*m yourself, ft tends to sociability and m
creased cominWHty, That, is what is
meant, by reciprocity. Thfl picture is
a happy one, worth framing on the
2lnt. I/et, well SnoUgfa alone, IS nt
once, ns surely as foolish. If you
are neighbours tu a tlee-Mit. man; n
man of like color, speech, manners,
Ideals nnd worth, would you or he
be Content in social business relat -
Ions with  leaving  well  enough »kme
I   have       been
Infinitely     gn ,- generation ago;
nil   that,   :' ||   now.       we
are     sn I..* •■ ,*   ioyaKy, thru'
Election Day—September 21st—is
.ni Blight hour day — from Nine to
Five o'clock. Don't he late. Vote
fur  King and  Reciprocity.
Will Kevelstoke fruit growers, who
got such good prices from prairie
farmers that they had little or none
ti 'il at home, vote against recl-
procity? If so, please notify the
Have You Obtained Your Winter's
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. m
THURSDAY,  SEPT.  14,  1911.
TBCE iM^im-HEr^nD, eevelstoke
Pass '&.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000        REST, -   $8,000,000
Every branch of The Canadian Bank of Commerce is equipped to issue drafts on
the principal cities in the following countries without delay :
Africa Crete
Arabia Cuba
Argentine Republic Denmark
Hi I(■ inin
Faroe Islands
i Malt
New Zealand
Philippine Islands
South Africa
Straits Settlement*
United Slates
West Indie*, etc.
Fr'ch Cochin China Malta
Germany    _ Manchuria
Great Britain Mexico   .. .	
The amount of these drafts is stated in the money of the country where they are payable i that is they arc drawn in sterling', francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, yen,
tads, roubles, etc., as the case may be. This ensures that the payee abroad will
deceive the actual amount intended. A233
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In all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohos.    Interest allowed at highest current rate
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the leading hotel*, or telephone
Breezy Briellets from Lowers
A white man has opened a restaur
ant at Savona.
Quesnel will have a mail service
twice a  week this  winter.
Th,- Bank of Commerce has bought
a lot  in  Coalmont.
Durais & Cruckshank have opened
a  restaurant  in  Lytton.
Tomatoes were a large crop in the
Okanagan  this  summer.
Smith Curtis will cal! bis hotel at
Savona, the King George.
A local syndicate has bought the
telephone system  in  Quesnel.
There are 50 live members in the
Board  ot Trade at Itevelstoke.
The new C.r.R. depot in Vernon
will be 'i'2 leet wide, and 1*35 feet
Thomas Ellis and his tour daughters are  on a long  visit to  Kngland.
A commercial telegraph line is being built between Vernon and Sicamous.
In Rupe recently Louis Danto, a
cook, lost $3-95 through a hole in bis
At Clinton Dr. Sanson keeps an
auto for visiting his patients in the
An electric light company has been
formed to supply electric light in
Close to Armstrong the Hammond
ranch of 40 acres recently sold for
The Roman Catholics have bought
three lots in Passburg, and will
build a church.
A. Doolan stole a watch at Lytton
and was sent three months to jail
at Kamloops.
The Presbyterian church at Vernon
is to he enlarged hy the addition of
150 seats.
Two lots in Rupo, at the corner of
Third avenue nnd Second sheet were
recently sold for $16,500*.
Charles Kellog has closed the 11
Mile House en Steamboat mountain
and moved to Lytton.
Out of Merritt Hayward & Perdue
are building 30 miles of telegraph
line for the  Kettle  Valley  railway.
Wm. Sehmock contemplates the
purchase of a two^ton Kelly auto
truck for service between Merritt
and  Princeton.
James Wgltcrs cut his hand severely while pulling the cork out of a
bottle, in the New Kngland hotel,
In Vernon tne female members of
a dramatic company recently created
a sensation, 1 j apptoring on thi
streets in Harem .kirts.
It will take about 30,000 men to
put through the  various railway un
dertakings now in progress,    or to
be shortly commenced in B.C.
$500 to $110:1.   Most of the specultvt -
ui's arc ivsidrnts nf Kamloops.
The Nicola Valley Pine Lumber Oo.
has installed a lish ladder at their
■dam across Petite creek, and this is
much appreciated by tho salmon in
search  Ol  spawning  grounds.
It was ali yeurs ago on September
'.Ith since tie first mineral claim was
staked in tba Slocan. It was called
the Payne, and was found by Jack
Seaton and  Kli  Carpenter.
The two  Hope  papers bave      combined,   and   are   now  published   under
the  name   of   the West   Yale   Review.
There was  a  paper  in 18«:i published |
nt Emory Bar by Mike Hagan.
Recently in a Chinese opium joint
in Vernon six men and one woman
were arrested. Pour of the men and
i'he womi.n were lined $25 for being
inmates of a disorderly bouse. As
a rule the smoking of opium does
not make people disorderly.
A party ol Knglish capitalists will
shortly reach Kort Ueorge In charge
of Mr. Chandler H. Eld Wards, president of the North Coast Land company of Vancouver B. ('. Tbe party
in'ludcs His Grui-e the Duke of Sutherland, K.C., Lord Desborough, K.C.
V. O., Admiral Lond Charles Beres-
ford, Viscount and Viscountess Cast-
lereagh, Loid Stafford. The Hon.
Arthur Stanley, Captain Hutton and
Mr. A. Simpson. The party will remain in the west until the middle ot
Westminster Fair
New Westminster, Sept. 13—In view
of the great discussion and comment
on the establishment of a strictly
Canadian Navy, many Canadians
have taken more interest than formerly in the projects for the defence
of the country. Many persons, specially in the interior of the Dominion
and British Colhmbia would be delighted to see the ships, which bave
been the cause of this talk.
Arrangements are now in progress
which will probably give all visitors
to the Provincial Fair a chance to
nee at least one of the ships, H.M.C.
S. Rainbow, and possibly the Shearwater. The Hon. William Templeman is now taking up the matter
with the Minister of Marine at Ottawa and an assurance that the
ships will kisit the Royal Ciey is expected within a few days.
Tlie Rainbow will prnnahly lie in
the harbor during the week of the
fair and  will  be open to all visitors.
This year's fair will have more am
usement attractions and agricultural
exhibits than hnve been shown sinoe
the  big   Dominion   Fair  of   1905.   The
The management recognizes the
fact that visitors must be amused
during the time they are in the city
and no move will be made that will
not be to the pleasure ot the public.
Thc large buildings are alrea-dy taxed for space and numl>erless apphca
tions are received every day. The
Provincial Fair is recognized as the
premier agri. ultural and stock fair
of Western Canada and in its forty-
Iift li yenr is better than ever.
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
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on the Coldstream  Estate
K D. Curry, Geo. Matheson,
General Agent, Local Agent,
Vernon, 8, C, Rmlttokt, B C
At Savona the sawmill is cutting'
50.0WI feet of lumlier daily. The C. j
N. railway contractors are buying I
large quantities from this mill.
Several lots have recently teen sold
ln  Savona     at    prices ranging from
FOR SALE—W0 acres of land in the
Bitter Root Valley, Montana, cheap
for cash or trade for vacant lots.—
Box 287,  Revelstoke,  B. C. 4t.
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Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Go., Revelstoke, B. C.
To feel and look your
best in simple (rock or
stylish gown simply
get a C/C a la Grace
model that suits your
figure. The best
stores sell them.
Above it No. 505, • very
fn.hioD&bl-E low.Inm, long,
•kirt model, fittiag •veriga
to lull figurii with uousuil
comfort, i
■x Coronation
Packed in
60$ a pound
In commemoration of the coronation of
KingGcornc V," Kidgways" have put on tho
market a coronation tin of a tnos>t picturesque
and exquisite design, bearing excellent portraits
of King Georpc V, Queen Mary and the l'rince
of Wales. Special panels have been desipned
representing Canada, India, Africa, Australia
and New •il.imi.
nly a rmiited number have been impotted.
Only a
Price 60c. for one pound tins.
Al  lt> -I Mi"l'".
ini imtVURWN**
you WORK,
bii ptrojiTinG youRyViiw
md MorimsREiW--
our Business is
fl posm.6iviriG
your wMe *Amt&s
WIUrPROMPTtf BRirifiyou
riflE H15URrtnCE TOPWCft
321 Gamble Street,
^Vancouver B.C.cJ
"Forty-Five Minutei from Broadway," Opera House, Sept. 16
HAM1IKI, MliU.KTT HAWY15R, un.l. i the Will dl John BftWyir, lurm-
rily nl Ailclaiilc I'lnrc. l.imilmi. (Bfig
laml) Clial'tdTil Ammntiint. dtOMMd
the above nnmoil In entitled to n
allure ut his Bitot*. Apply to
James Koblneon, Solicitor, i'.i l'lnl
pot Lane, London, E. C.
Shaw's Sash and Door Factory
Manufacturers of Sash and  Doors, Mouldings
and all kinds of Woodwork.
Get your Screen Doors and Windows made to
Order. Hi
G. 2). Shatv,   -    Vroprietor
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged  »nd Improved.    First-Class in every respect.    All modern convenience*
Large Sample Rooms.
Ratts $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably   furnished   with  the choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cignrs.    Rates $r a day.    Monthly rate.
J.   .A-LBIEIR/r     STOJSTE      IPPtOHP.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Oonnaught Ave.   -   Reveletoke
Satisfaction  guaranteed
Agent  for  Flexitime   Electric
Residence Cur. Hnl St.. aid Unli-ion iih-
Shop iu Alley hack of V.. J. Bourne's
Store, hirst Street
Repairs of ail kintU  neatly d .ne
Bicycle and Oun work a»|ieculty
Kstimales given ou any class
of work
Front       Street,
It will pay you to
make a. call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
before buying yonr outfit of working clothes
for tbe bush. I make a
■pecialty of Logging
Shoes, rants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets und everything
required in your business.
Mnnnfartared fur «i> eiasiM of  bnlldfuft
Pnr khIa In l-r«« nr rnnnlt qnnatilfeg
nt t li* luwut price* fur en I,
All w n..!-* uf building find plfmtariiiff
Foote & Pradolini,
Special Attention given to commercial
men and tourists. First-class sample
rooms. Finest scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop
Five Acre Lot
Suitable for subdivision
Close to City Limits
PRICE $800
Half Cash Balance on Terms
Real Fstate and Insuranoe
Coi ner McKenzie Ave. and 2nd St.
f'onriurU'd by the Jeanlt Km lur* ai a
boarding and day Mbool. Milan ut>oii iu
jubilee year, with a well KOOVa record of
p-u- nt \ prikfrres* and lUOCMR. In it- preaent
Maw* of development, with ils i-ompleta
»t«tfof competent urofexnorH and lii* up Li
dttlc equipment, it often* lo*tay thc bent
educational fociMtic* of any m-i iniiiou In
Un--non h we-1 Full (MllegialtJ high sceool
and commercial courw*, aim prup&tatory
department toi younger KtudcnU L&M.
> r.n'- enrolment M6 Kail lurm opens on
Sept. 6. liill CttaloKue on application.
AddrewH l'lr-ideiit, Uonxaga CoIicrc, Spokane. Wash. jly 15
Spokank, Wabh.
('atiilnguf nnd Hull's im Application.
Address :     Sistkr SupRRloH.
Fruit Lands
11 iii'ini I'.u>■ lands in parcels of
10 ur 20 acres or en bloc. Correspondence invited.
John Shaw, Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
lite Dominion [lections
will soon be on
so also will b«
The Shooting Season
—....,... *♦ .i --—
Game Heads Mounted by
P   O. Box 31
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliabla French regulator; never falls. Thesa
pills are eiceedinglr powerful la regulating tha
generative portion of tne female system. Refuse
all cheap Imitations. Dr* doTfta'a are sold at
Ifi a box, or three for 110. Mailed te anv address.
the toebell Drug Co., St, Catharines. 0«t,
Sold at MacduiahTi Drug Btor*. Page 4.
the: nv£^iL-iEra:RjLLD,«.:R,E-VExJSTOK:E
THURSDAY,  SKPT.  14,  1911.
Sweet Sixteen
No age nl women is more attractive than Sweet Sixteen, And when
a score ol young ladies ol lh.it charm
ing age are assembled     in an organ-
a1 on, it goes without saying that
the company is must fascinating.
The Juvenile Bostonians, organized
■ .M years ago and now on Its
eighth season, h.is the cream <>! the
Sweet Sixteen girls. Many of them
were in the original Juvenile Bostonians as children and have been with
it continuously. They are now past
the child ace but not yet real grown
ups retaining in consequence that
charm and beauty of youth so characteristic of  Sweel   Sixteen.
The several years i»f experience
gained by these young girls has given them stage presence, confidence
and a knowledge of their art but il
has not spoiled them or mode them
-t.iM.v. They still view their work
with enthusiasm ol children, and nre
still nhle tn maintain the Juvonllle
The Eighth season ol the .Invenillc
Bostonians will lie the mosl noteable
i,.ni ..; th* organisation. Mis. 13.
Lang is still Uie director who has
been responsible fur the past tii
umphs. Mr. Qeorge Bromley will
continue as musical director and Ins
success m training the voices of thi
young ladies gives every Indication
thai within a few years not a few
,.; tli* -m girls w.ll he numbered am
ong th.' greal nperatic stars of tli.*
country. Cosgrove and Lang;
managers, have assembled a
start "! competent assistants,
have provided fur this year's
tbe best scenic, electrical and
tume equipment that money
bin.   Everything   is  complete!
This may be the last tour of
west that the Juvenile Bostonian-
will make for some years. Their sue
ce«s last season in the middle west,
attracted the attention of the Shu.
herts and other N'ew York managers
who made flattering inducements to
Cosgrove and Lang for an eastern
Invasion....Considering the very tow
western organizations that make an
eastern success this oiler is on.* thai
establishes the merit and the public
tavor af the organization.
Ai the Bdison theatre in Sept. I.i
and .'th.
Tin VvceKiy Fape.it Pia.1
The    (fockly    paymmt   plan  alii.r.Is:
...  *,_.* , .,!*;,. : .-   an   m.i ...    and   sill.*    ,;.i\
i ' in .king     i rovCsli n     for t.i..'  time
when their earning powers have oea
, I   I . i  example, II a man nl present
aged  Id years were to rtcposil      with
.....  . ,.n  G-ovei n n.ni   tl   a   we **■
until he w.,s a tor tho pui 'ose      i
buying  a  Canadian  Govcrm . n     v
unity,  be  would  receive  (2C1   a   yea
for th ■ •■■■ mainder "1 his day..     An l
.:  I. ■        i   '   I  re  h ■  was G5  what he
had   i-.i. I   In      acciiniiil it* I    al   3   par
al   .   mpour.d  interest   would  be re
i  to h.s heirs.   Pull particulars
i h    Bch in** may  be      had
by any one over the age ol *". yours,.
." t.- or alw will apply to ih.* sup r
intendent  ol     Canadian  Covcrnm
Annul ties, Ottawa.
St . ,* .. e ia.-r I .it' 1 y. th ' a '■'
:it whicli Annuity is desin 1 t" l e n
and tba amount which you want tn
*. .. and the Supet inten i
ent w.ll t 11 you what amount of
\ .    i:.     pa>m 'I*.-    will      buy.
v.i*.     tonight.
The Ladies cf Revelstoke May
Now Have Beautiful Hair—C.
R. Pactional*! Has the Article
and Guarantees It io Grow Hair
or Kefui d Your Money.
('. It. Macdonald backed up hy the
manufacturers of SALVIA, tho Greal
Hair Grower, guarantees il to grow
SALVIA destroys Dandrufi in ten
The mots of the hair are so n uir
ished and fed that a new crop of hair
springs up, to the anin 'ement and de
light of the user. The hair is mude
soft and dully. Like *.ll American
preparations SALVIA is ilaintly perfumed. It is hard to liud an actress
who does not use SALVIA continually.
Ladies of society nnd Influence use
no other.
SALVIA is a nun sticky preparation and is tho ladies' favorite. A
large, generous bottle, 50c. The
Scoboll Drug Co., St. Catharines,
c uiadiaa distributors.
Tiie Chance Wo
in i   iv, rl,.      The    pel son   whn  \\i iu . .
"I'liMH,   DUI T.   ' IKAN U'.AN  COL-
:. I *. i, I - "   ili.*  (pralesl   niunlx r "I   times I
inn posl curd un.l   mails it to Ohnnu^uii
ollcgc   S iiiinii r anil, l>.    ('.,   Ii\ Si pt,
Ullli »ill he "i.i ii in i* Till HON ill  nil' ;
,r  .-ill   of   tiie   subjects   Innght  in   the I
* 'iinitii. i lass
Students Inking  rourses  in   Music or |
Mai ri'iihilioii have the ailv.uiltige ol  si*: j
ial*. hoars,   and  thon ujjli   inslri ction,
I'n pn ticulnrs, write lhe Principal.
ler the Will of John Sawyer, formerly of Adelaide Place, London, (Erig
land) Chartered Accountant, dec.ised
the above named is entitled lo a
share of Ilis Estate. Apply to
James Robinson, Solicitor, 2:'. Phll-
nnt  Lane,   London,   E,   ('.
J Si T. Pell's, Doctors' Speciul nnd
Reed's ( ushion Shoes, Mcl'hersun's
Tiainiuen's Shoi s, nndilrcs" slmcs ul all
kindi, all nl »liiih arc I'uiou madi .
Sl mii Id's and high gn iie linglisl
1'iiderwv.ir. ICvcrythiug il-iil the loggir
rtiiuircs for cmnli il t hippt wu i'alls
Driving Shoes ami Shoe Packs.
Howson's lilock I',*m la..he, B. f.
i ush nii'! Uni' Price
We want all sufferers from Kidney
and Bladder Troubles, Lame Hack and
Rheumatism, to test CIN PILI.S, and
see for themselves that GIN 1'ILIvSwill
really cure all these troubles.
If your Kidneys are weak—if it pains
you to urinate—if your hack aches—if
hands and feel are crippled with Rheumatism—give GIN PILLS a chance to
prove that they will relieve you and
cure you. It won't cost you a cent. You
don't have to buy them. Simply write
us for a free sample.
"A short time ago, I received a free
•ample of GIN PILLS whicli I have
taken with such good effects that I herewith enclose 50c for a box of them. I
believe GIN PILLS ire just the thingt
for me." Richard Hamiyn,
French River.
OIN PILLS are so called because they
contain the medicinal principle of
Juniper berries, the essential principle of
Gin, but do not contain alcohol. 50c. a
box — 6 for $2.50 — at dealers, and
-guaranteed togivesntisfaction or money
refunded. Sample box free if you write
ns. National Drug and Chemical Co.,
Dent. W ,     Tomato. u
The original
liin Pills made by
National Drugand
Chemical Co. of
Canada Limited,
Toronto, are sold
only in  thii box.
James Wglters cut his hand severely wlole pulling the cork out. of a
bottle, in the New England hotel,
"H. M. B." . . $1.0011.
" 5 O'clock," . .60c. "
" Old Country," . .50c. "
t" Capital Household," .40c.  "
At Best Shops
Itevelstoke Land District.
Distiict of West Kootenay.
Take notice, that 1, Laura A. Ral
Bton, of Harrisonburg, Virginia, occupation married woman, int. nd to
apply for pel mission to piirehasi th •
following described lands:
Ooffitnenolns at a posi planted adjacent to the North E..st earn r ol
Lot 1)323, being the Ninth West Ci r
ner; thenee Bouth Ml chains, cast ki
chains, north SO chains and west 8.1
chains to point of commencement and
containing BIO acres,  moro or less.
Dated  August  Sth,   1*911,
LAURA A.  UALSTUN, Applicant
James Fisher, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenuy.
Take notice that 1, John Kyle, of
Ymir, U.C., occupation Lumberman,
intend to apply for permission to
puniiase the following described
Oommenelng at a post planted adjacent to the Nortll West corner of
Lot '.1323, being the North Must corner; thence running south so chains,
west SO chains, north 80 ehuins and
east SO chains to point of commence
ment, and containing 64*0 acres more
or less.
Dated Augusl  9th,  1911.
JOHN   KYLE,   Applicant.
.    James Fisher, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tuke notice that I, Emma Foster,
of HossUnil, ii. 0., intend to apply
for permission to purchase the lollowing described lands:
Commencing nt a post planted at
or near the South Kast corner ol
Lot 8178, thence south fO chains,
west 80 chains, north 80 chains and
east SO chains to point of commence,
ment and containing U-40 acres, more
or less.
Dated August  llth,  1911.
EMMA   FOSTER,   Applicant.
JameB Fisher, Agent.
Revelstoke Laud District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, William B Mc
Whirter, ot Ymir, 11. 0., occupation
Lumberman, intend to upply '.it psr
mission to purchase the follow.uj de
scribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted nn
the Kast shore of Muspiito La*ii .*.:
or niar the North-west corner of Ln:
8402, being the South We t diner,
thence running north so e mim '.'< a,
lhe Bhore of said lake, III nee efbl
■10 chainB, south 8(1 chains and W.St
10 chains to point of co.iiln'n':.:ni'ill,
and containing 320 acres, t> ore or
Dated  August   llth,   PHI.
WILLIAM It. McWHlRTEH, Applicant
James Fisher, Agent.
Jimnile Boptoninns in " Ko.-? u( Blandest)*," EdUon Theatre, Tueeday-Wedneidfty, Sept, 19*20
Hevelstoke Land District.
District "f  West Kootenay.
Take notice  lhat  1,  Amie TregloWi,
ol Patterson, B. ('., occupation, mar
ii.-ii woman, intend to apply for per
mission io purchase the following do
mim* i.l  lands:
Commencing at a post planted
aboul li*a iiui chains Blast of Uu
South West c.u-ner oi Lot slili, he
ing ih.' North East coruer; theac
until .vi chains, west SO ehains,
di rtii vi chain* an.l east so chans,
:.. poinl i.f commencement and coa
ig 641    hi  s more or less.
:   ingust iith, mu.
AMIE TREOLOWN,  Applicant.
James Fisher, AgC'it
• \Ti-; of IMPROVBMRN1
■    i Pr nil* nal l   [,.    II.   all
ai  Claims, siiuuic     i.i
i" Trout   Lake   Mining  Division    oi
*.    •   .      I.* .iv   Disti Icl
'   .1     iia   iii eat   Northern
Mi -a.'
TAKE    NOTICE  tbat  1, <>.  II*  N.
i   * .1  for th • (iim.
;..Min .1     Co.,  Limited,
Oertiflcate   Nunraber
■  I,   suty      days        from
*;*;.|y   '"   the   Mining
i .J    Im
'        '       I        ;.      , ■        .,' ',   ,
*     !
...*     i.    >l
■ 17,  IT
.   n'.      AU uu,
I.    '■    Wi LM E.
.     li.  0.
i. ai Dl ti el
(Teat Kootenay.
I   i,   -. || * i *.    lo.1
I     If.I i       i, 0  upa
■  ■ ii i ,   in . ii I     to   a,i
nly   for   prm.KS on   to   pur* hase     lh'
..  i   I.in*I .
* .*i -    il   a   pn  '.   pl II t -il   ml
... th  i*..     I "in ir   ol
Lol   132.1   ;  ,n •- tbe     iutfa * eel Cor
■ i i nun n | north 10 cha ne,
i ' •■    i,,.,,      outh xo * h . " i   and
.*■ i   0 cha n ■ ti, puitii i.f co
ment and contalDlDl 810 eer h mor-j
(if  less.
Dated  Miguel  llth,   1911.
MAI1EL  RALHTON,  Applicant
Jamei Fisher. Agent.
Local Industry
We cTWAIL-HERALD has new
type and printing machinery.  Our
stock if   printing papers is large
and  well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVIenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
c/4.ceount Forms Eall Programs
Wedding Stationery Me moi k m
Cards - Lumber Forms     Tags, Etc.
Agents fc r the famous
$60.00 Cash
I THURSDAY,  KETT.  11,   1911.
Var,t 5.
A Gurney-Oxford is as
prompt as young Appetites
There ie no delay; the children never have to wait (or meale when
you have a Gurnry-Oxford in the kitchen. With thii range dinner in on
the dot. Your fire ia absolutely reliable, the heat regulated ond controlled by an exclusive device, the wonderful little OXFORD ECONOMIZER. Thi»
patent damper enables you to forget the fire
until the hour to start
dinner. And the sav*,
iai "I ''<>«! will usiiiii- I
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ish you j  20% reduo-Q
tioa   on your  bills  is   en  easy  record lor this
little regulator.
Another advantage is in its splendid oven iacilities. No mire eoggy or
over-Jono baking. The oven heat is
controlled and guided equally over
front, back and sides by means of the
The Rcvcrilble Grate, Ihe Broiler Top, lhe plteal
Lift-up Hearth are more reaioot lor ownin-f a cinriiey
Oxford, end to these advantafea ire added • shinim
appearance, artistic ilc.i  n anj perfect case of operatioa.
You are invited to coruc and ace thia aad others of Ihs Guracy lint.
Lawrence Hardware Company, Ltd.
Big Flow of Gas
Oaigary, Sept. 7—While boring in
What is known ns No. 4 nt llow la-
lnii.l a few .lays ago theilrillei'S em-
I'll.\eil hy the Prairie Kuel (ins Co.,
who hnlj the charter to supply gas
to this city, struck a llnw which according tn experts eclipses in volume
anything hitherto found un the American continent, The llow has hcen
measured hy an expen named Cost,
who declared that 28,COO,ooo feet
each 2*1 hours was n conservative estimate ol its volume, Later a more
accurate measurement was taken and
the volume was found to come nearer •J'.I.COO.OUO feet.
Paris, Sept. C—The death is announced today of Armaiid t'ocheforte
the formes noted chief of the detective service of Paris. He wuh horn in
1850. M. t'oche.'orts played a prominent role in the Dreyfus trial. He wns
a chevalier  of thc  Logion of   Honor.
RE  Fit-Reform   Suits
better than ever I
Most assuredly they are.
Better values, to begin with,
at every price from $15. to f 35.
Better tailoring, with another
year's experience to guide us.
As to styles, you  must  sec
them for yourself.
We can only   say  they are
the latent and are absolutely correct.
Sole AgenlJ in Revelstnl"»
In buying baking powder
examine the label and take
only a brand shown to be
made with Cream ol Tartar
Baking Powder
A pure, wholesome, reliable Grape
Cream of Tartar Baking Powder.
Improves the flavor and adds
to the healthfulness of the food.
JVb Alum—No Lime Phosphate
Both Reduce the  Healthfulness
ol the Food.
"I am quite positive lhat the use ol alum baking
powder should be condemned."
—Prof. Vcmtihati, Vnivtriity tf Mickigt*.
Read iho Label and remember thai
"Alum, sodium alum, basic aluminum sulphate,
sulphate ol aluminum, all mean the same thing —
namely, BURNT ALUM."-Kaiuu Stat. Btrd .1 H.altk.
Thursday, September Hth, Afternoon Tea, Mrs.  J.J. Porter's home
Sept. 19-20.—The FamouB Juvenll
Bostonians at the Kdison theatre.
Sept. 26-27—The Musical Eckhardts
in vaudeville at the EdlBon theatre.
Oct. 2—C. R. Reno's Company in
"Human Hearts" at the EJison
October 16—Royal Welsh Choir, nt
the Kdison theatre.
Oct. 17 to 28.—The return of the
popular Company, the Allen Players and Miss Verua Felton, at the
Bdison theatre.
Nov. 30—Mark Hamburg the great
Russian Pianist, at thc Edison
Dec. 18—C.P. Walker presents the Wm
Yule company in the Rivals, at th
Edison theatre.
Tan. 10—Return oi Wm.  Yule & Co.,
in Dombey & Son,  Edison theatre.
fan. 26—The famous Ferguson's J u'i
ilee Singers considered the best col
ored concert company ou the road,
Kdison theatre.
Feb. 26—The CastiesiiUare Eater
tainers in high class concert at tin
Edison theatre.
Fire Alarm Boxes
Signals are given thus: 2 btr j<m,
nterval 5 seconds—4 strokes, llu>
4. No. ot box will also be shown
n indicator at Fire Hall.
Box No. 14—Corner First stroet
ild McKenzie avenue, C. B. Hume
& Co.
Box No. 15—Corner First street
ml   Rokeby avenue,  post  office.
Box No. 16—Corner Second street
and Government Road and Opera
it use.
Box No. 17—Corner Third air-net
nl Campbell avenue, Globe hum
or company.
Box No.  18—C.P.R.  Btatlon.
Box No. 24—Corner Fifth street
nd McKenzie avenue, Catholic
Box No. 25—Corner Sixth b'.ieet
nd Orton avenue,  W. A. Foote.
Box No. 26—Corner Fourth stroet
nd Townley street, corner south
Box No. 28—Corner Second slrejt
nd RobBon avenue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34-Fire HaU No. 2.
Box  No.   35—Hospital.
Box No.   36—School.
Box No. 44—Fire Hall No. 1.
Box No. 45—Front street w..:t.
ear C. P. R. bridge.
Box No. 46—Corner King and
louglas streots, Palace Meat Market.
Box No. 47—Corner Second and
Vales streets,  back of court bouse.
Box No. 48—Corner Third and
'has.   streets,  Cowan block.
biinal for practlco—not less than
lx (6) slow strokes.
One (1) Indicates line broktn or
re out.
R.  0, CHURCH.
St. Francis of Assisii Catholic
church, corner nf Fifth stroet and
McKenzie avenue.
Services—On all Sundays, except
tha fourth of each month, Low muss
with Communion ol the Faithful at
8 a.m. Ill'gh Mass at 10:30 a. ni.,
Christian Doctrine tor children at
2:30 p.m. Rosary with llen.lict.ion of
The Messed Sacrament 7:30 p.m.
On week duys—Holy Muss every
morning at 7:30. Confessions nro
heard every evening nfter 7:30 nnd
in the mornings before Mush.
J. F. MoNBIIj, P.P.
*'      'How to get
a pure white
"T"HE object of all expert
bakers and cooks is to
make a pure while loaf
And this object is attained
by thc use of
Purity is a hard-wheat
flour of decidedly superior
whiteness. It bakes into a
pure white loaf. So, you
fee, to get the really beautiful white loaf you must use
A Simple Treatment That Will
Make Hair Grow, Now
Sold in Canada
Every up-to-date woman should
have radiant hair.
Th:re are thousands of women with
harsh, faded, characterise hair, who
do not try to improve it.
In England and Paris women take
pride in having hcuutiful hair. Every
Canadian woman can have lustrous
and luxuriant hair by using SALVIA
the Great American  Sa-ge Hair Tonic
Every reader of the Mall Herald can
have an attractive head of hair in n
lew  w.,'!;k tiy  using SALVIA.
('.  It.  Macdonald sells a large ho'
tie for T'Oc.     and     guarantees It   to
banish  Dandruff,    stop    falling hair,
in.I   I'c'iiii,:    scalp in   ten   days,      or
money  hack.
SALVIA 16 a lie lUtiful, pleasant,
uon sticky Hair Tonic.
^J *&'/ "More Bread
XV *;» m W brenri "
W*MtrnCtn«UFfourMiH Co., Lid.
0_W» Wi*wlp»t, MtnHobi
*   *
Old Fallacy Thnt Drunkenness Cuuiiot
Be Cured Exploded.
Mnny men drink who desire to stop
the habit. Whisky, however, has UH
(in umi' ii thu constitution and crCDUO
a craving that Is not to be denied,
and the man must have whisky or
something that will remove the craving and build up the system and restore  thc  nerves.
Samaria Prescription stops the craving, steadies the nerves, builds up the
general health and makes drink actually distasteful and nauseous. It is
tasteless and odorless, and can be given with or without the patient's
knowledge, ln tea, coffee or food, lt
Is used regularly by Physicians and
Hospitals. It has cured thousands in
Canada, and restored happiness to
hundreds   of   homes.
Read   what   Mrs.   G. ,   of   Hull,
says of It and  what it did  for her:
"It is tour months to-day since*' 1
started to use your Remedy. I follow.
ed the directions, and hnd the best of
results. One week after 1 started using yoar Remedy the patient stopped
drinking, and has not drunk a glass
of liquor since. I hope you will accept
my heartfelt thanks. Hoping God will
bless your Remedy whenever tried, 1
remain, 4
Mrs.  0 ,   Hull,  Qua.
(Name  withheld   by  request.)
Now, If there is anyone in your
town who needs this Remedy, tell
them of lt. Practical philanthropy
can take no better form. If you have
a husband, father, brother or friend
who drinks, help them help themselves.    Write  to-duy.
A FREE TRIAL PACKAGE of Samaria, with Hooklet giving full particular*, directions, testimonials,
price, etc., will be sent In a plain sealed package to anyone mentioning this
paper. Correspondence sacredly confidential.    The trial package ulooe hus
confidential.     Write to-day.   Ths Samaria Remedy  Co., Dept.   46-49, Cul
nornc  St., Toronto,    Cannda.      Ala,,
for Sale by  C.  R.  Macdonald, Drug-
gist, Revelstoke, B. 0.
Miss Patsy Henry with lhc juvenile Bos-
tonjani, Kdison Theatre, Sept. jy-JO
are made for every type of figure — the tall, trie short, the
slender, the moderately plump and the large—modelling each,
easily yet firmly, to the fashionable lines of the newest styles.
Get the model suited to your figure and a perfect fit is assured.
Ask {or "C/C a la Grace" at the beat ttores.    Write (or new
style book to Crompton Corset Company Limited, Toronto. jo«
Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tender for Court House, Vernon," will
be received by tbe Honourable tbe
Minister of I'ublic Works up to 12
o'clock noon of Thursday, the 2lKt
duy of September, 1911, for ths erection and completion of u Court-lions,?
ut Vernon, B. 0., in the Okanagan
Electoral District.
I'lans, specifications, bills gf quantities, contract and forms of tender
may be aeen on or after tbe 31st day
of August*, 1911, at the otlices ot the
Government Agents, Vernon, Revelstoke, New Westminster, Nelson; tbe
Provincial Timber Inspector, Vancouver; and the Department of Public
Works, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, ». o.
Intending tenderers can, by applying to tba undersigned, obtain one
copy nf the drawings and one copy
of the specifications nnd bills of
quantities for thc sum of twenty-live
dollars (-$25).
Uach tender must bc accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque or certilicate of deposit on a chartered
bank of Canada, mad'.? payable to
the Ilt n tumble the Minister of I'ublic Works, for a sum c«|Uul to five
i.'i) per cent, of his tender, which
shall be forfeited if the party tender,
in; decline to enter into contract
when   called   upon   lo   do   so. The
cheques or certiorates of deposit of
unsuccessful tenderers will be re
turned to them upon the execution of
the contract.
The successful tenderer shall turn
,sb a bond of a guarantee compnny
s it ifaOtory to the Minister of Publio Works, equal to ten (10) per
rent, of the contract amount, for
the   due   fulfilment  of  thc  contract.
Tenders will not he considered unlets made out on the forms supplied
signed with Ihe actual signature ot
tli3 tenderer, nnd enclosed in thc
envelope") fumiBhed.
The lowest or any tender not ncces
Manly accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C.. August 24, 1911.
Lump coal for heating, nut roil
for cooking.— H.  N.   Coursier.
Upds for Fale—two colonies for $25.
Mrs.  Geo.  Laforme,  phrne 220.
Keep Sept.   19tl. nnd 20th f >r    the
.1 HV Hi'   llu; tumuli*,   ut   tbo        /flllMJIl
"That's the Razor
for Mc!'
that gilts the
automatic adjustment.
Staadard Sal in Leathar
Caaa a* illuatrated, or la
Matal Ca.a    •   ■   $5.00
Packet Editi.n.» 5.0*01. $4.00
Sata • *6.SO u».
^^^^^^^^H A shave or two with
his new GILLETTE Safety Razor, and a man wonders
why he worried along without one for so long.
Maximum Comfort—the GILLETTE, used with
the Angle Stroke, slips lightly through the stiffest beard
with never a pull, never a gash. Leaves the face smooth,
cool and refreshed.
Minimum Trouble—no honing, no stropping, ro
painful manoeuvring round the awkward corners cf your
face. You simply pick up the GILLETTE and SHAVE,
whether It's the thousandth time you've ured it or the f.rst,
Why deny yourself any longer? Your druggist, your
jeweler, your hardware dealer or your haberdaUier can
supply you.
The Gillette Safety Razor Co. of Canada, Limited
Office and Factory : 63 St. Alexander Street, Montreal.
Offica alao le New YerV, Chicaae.
London. Ens. and Shanihai. China.
Factoriea in Montreal. Botton. **■»
Laiceater, Berlin aad Pane. ■°-1 "*
■Ota o-ffl
You can get your
Don't leave your Coal orders too late,
choice of the following right now, U
Best Grade of Pennsylvania Hard Coa'.
Wellington Soft Coal.       Comox Soft Coal.
Nicola Soft Coal.   Cordwood in all lengths.
Your Credit is Good •  Prices Right
PHONE No. GO Pape C.
the: m ail-heb ald, .revelstoke
THURSDAY,  SErT.  14,   l'Jll.
Sir William Whyte Recalls Some
Interesting Experiences
Winnipeg, Sept. 10—Interviewed after the announcement ol liis retire
ment [rum bbe t'.l'.U., Sir William
Whyte spoke Intorestittgfly of early
days in  the  West.
"My retiring from active work in
connection with the Canadian Pncilir
Railway," he said, "recalls to mind
many incidents ui tin* days of my
early connection when the 0. 1'. li.
had slowly hut surely carved its way
across the Canadian West.
"I have spoken in figures of the
growth ,,[ the wesi and the pari the
Canadian Pacific Railway has played
in this growth. Ami the llgures are
astounding, llut one must, forgot tig
aces an I other prosy data when they
want   tu  go   back   tn   Ihe   days  in  the
beginning.  Ami  in the beginning   uf
things willi ihe t'.l'.U. there were
just as many trials and worries nml
disappointments in the construction
camps ai the different section houses
an.l anywhere ami everywhere along
the  lm.*.
"It seemed that there was always
something new cropping up. The en
grneers who Mail the cutting of the
mountains for thc road were always
having worries, real ami imaginary,
and there were many councils ol
war held to discuss the grievance. A
vast wilderness had to 'be remodelled
practically, the Blackteet Indians had
to lie paoitied ami the pangs of men
along the line had to bekept in good
humor, and this was in the begin
ning of the t'.l'.U. It cal.ed fur a
level head, a large heart and a stu
Vent uf   bumatl   nature to   do the   nice
adjusting of all these difficulties and
Sir William Van Home was the
man of thc hour who engineered the
C.P.R. over so many rough places
in  its early history.
"I consider that it is one of the
most lamentable things in the records of the t'.l'.U. that the histor*.
of the construction of the rond has
never  lieen  written.
"No une knows the human side of
the building uf the t'.l'.U. ns does
Sir William Van lioine and I have
asked him many times to take from
bis collection uf reminiscences all the
matter pertained to this rond and
the road builders. I am looking forward tu the appearance uf these rem
inherences as will everyone else whu
has played a Part in the upbuilding
uf the W-est.
"Perhaps une of the features uf the
West tbat lingers particularly in my
mind is the buflalo bone collectors,
wbo were scattered all over the plains
tor su many years gathering and
burning with little care of property
or concern for the comfort of the
dwellers uf the plains, the bones of
the kings of the wild prairie, the
"In these days there was tic* tine
for starting prairie tires and we had
many annoying setbacks in construction parts of the road-as the result
o!  these  bon?  hunters'  carelessness.
"In t ilking over tin* early history
of the country, one hears the remark
constantly, 'the climate of the West
is changing. It is not ns cold now as
■ t  was   thirty  years ago,  etc'
"Well, the climate of this great
Western Canada has nut changed an
iota. Conditions have changed. More
land each year is brought under cul-
tivation, bouses are built. cities
spring up and the hard frozen ground
!  *.; stubble.
"In tbe building ol the road we
had trouble  ofl and  un   with  tramps
who came up I.ere from across the
line. One particularly hut summer a
large gang of these men got oht
through the West and became such a
nee that we had to get the
Northwest Mounted Police to take
a hand in driving them out. of the
country. We could bring two charge.;
against tbeni. Stealing a ride on the
trains was one and having no visnlble
means of  support   was  nother.
"t'ul. Herkimer was in charge at
the time in Regina and he sentenced
half a dozen of the tramps who were
brought before him to long periods
of hard labor and in no time the
pest disappeared. 1 have often
thought that the extreme cold of
Western Oanada bas kept out thc in
dolent umlcsi'i aides from across tlle
"There is nothing I enjoy more,'
continued Sir Wi Ilium as the inter
view came to an end, "than to sit
down and go lack to tb.' West, 'i'he
days when the. t'.l'.U. lu d a struggle
to meet ils pay day and when Hi.'
temperament i*f its construction en
gincrs had tu be nntiiri'd like a hut
hulise plant. And us I look back
ind recall lhe utrtlggles .'lid the
troubles enootwberod, ami the troubles averted, I feel tbat to hive help
. ,1 evi ii ill a small way was a prtv
i'lege all I all  honor,
"Kor we h'tvc a great empire here
in the W'si in its Infancy even today."
B. C. Potatoes tor New York
Victoria, Sept. 11-The Department
of Agriculture has decided to make
a provincial display at the fort.hcom
ing no*, aide exhibition at th? Mudl -
ion Sijiiue Gardens, New York, this
.* ii • the first occasion upen which
ihe British Columbia Uoveiniin nt bus
thus been represented at a New York
exhibition, nnd enter the competl
tion with nil America for the Stil
well trophy and $1000 prize for tin
..est  collection   of   potatoes.
Ml. Ashwell Smith i.f l.a.liu'i', whu
is known throughout the lower main
land ;is the potato ling, has beer.
appointed to collect and prepare tlu*
ri'pt. seutative provincial exhibit, in
whioh all the various potato growing
sections uf British Columbia will be
a'de.|iuite y represented,
A Fair You KihiW and
So You Go
Nelson fri fi
Nelson, B. C.
SEPTEMBER 26-27-28
$3000 in FreeAttraclions
Hum lad's Wild Wis'. Show
I lines l*. ll.ii.h . Ha* High Win- King
Don'I In ileYomla, i iinenm the Air
llappv .uul bis Tin k Mule 'IJyit un tc'
Marie McD n tli], the Siottibh l.>ancci
liter-City Bend Tournament. Rock
Drilling Contest. Lor Sawing
and Chopping Contests Tie
Making Contes's
Single Fare Rates on .11
Transportation !   ■
The Biggest  Fair Yet and Then
Some.   Don't Miss It
i    K    A n \ ii'.t ■   Pre
c.   Horsti tf. Si        ind Mai
1'. tl. Hun s'i.. Nelson   H I
iept. 19th-20th
Opening Night, Comic Opera, "Rose of Blandeen"
Tickets, $1.00,75c, 50c.
Plan at Macdonald's Drug Store
Sealed Tenders addressed to tbc
undersigned and endorsed "Tender
tar Wharf and two Approaches at
Prince Rupert, 11. 0.," will tie. received at thi* otlice until 4.110 P, M., on
Monday, .September 2r>, l'Jll, (or tbe
construction of a Wharf antl two Approaches at l'rince Rupert, Quarantine Station,  Dighy  Island, B. C.
Plans, specification and form of
contract can be seen and forms of
tender obtained at this Department
and at the otlices of (!. A. Keefer,
BJsq., District Engineer, New Westminster, H.C, and on application to
the Postmasters at l'rince Rupert
and Victoria,  B.  C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not he considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, stating tlicir occupations and
places of resilience, ln tbc case erf
tirtus. the actual signature, the nature of the occupation, and place of
residence of each member of the firm
must be given.
Kach tender must bc accompanied
hy an accepted cheque ou a charter,
ed bank, payable to the Older of the
Honourable thc Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per ceut (10 p.c.)
ot thc amount of tender, which will
be forfeited if the person tendering
decline to enter into a contract when
called upon to do so, or fail to com-
I'lete the contract, If the tender bc
nut accepted the cheque will lie returned.
The  Department  does nut  hind it
If to accept the lowest ur any tender.
Hy order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, August 26, 1911,
Newspapers  will  not   be  paid      fur
tins  advertisement   if   the',   insert     ;t
without authority trom the Depart -
ment. 21.
Uc*. .bloke Land Bistrict
District of West Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE llmt I, Samuel VV,
Ka'ston of Harrisonburg, Virginia, occupation Photo rnpher, intends to apply
lor permission to purchase tlie following
described lands: -
Commencing at a post planted adjacent to the southwest coi ner of Lot KI AH'.
Ihence north 80 chains; west 40 chains,
south SO chains; cast 411 chnins   to   poinl
of commencement uud containing 320
acres more or less.
James Fisher Agenl
Dated June Uth, 1911.
• nay
that   I.   W.ll.am  Kiimley.
it  '!., oceupatii
ipply !or permia-
Ig       de-
Oommet ■   *.-  it a       I  ,   i
•:.   K.,st currier    of
■ .• ■ *   -    th Baal
■   •
M   ami    east
:,:   ot  lomn.
2H chums
■r less
WILLI \M   Iti MLKY,   Applicant
■lames K
No   i arrives al  I a m
• N .>.m.
p m
ittle  tr.un.   sfTlVtS
I U  p in.,  leaves at   I tf p.m.
7 1.1 a.m.,  leaves 7  ..'. ■ m
No.  2 arrives nt  11 M  I m.,  leaves
at ii o'oloek
No  t arrives  it  * ■ M   *. tn.,   .» * *
at  13 IE n.m.
Sooth train    a *■   Revdstoha     at.
11 ■ in , arriving imck Bt  I 15 p.m.,
Connecting her« with No.   ||,
Corporation nf tlie City or
tire Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of Hevelstoke intends to undertake tbe construction
along ihe east side of McKenzie Av
enue from the south side of Second
Street to tlle nortll side of Eighth
Street, according to specifications
and estimates prepared by the City
Engineer appointed for the purpose,
and to assess the expense or co-t
thereof upon the land or real prop
erty abutting on the parts of such
streets as above mentioned and to
lie benefitted thereby; and that a
statement showing the land or real
property liable to pay the assessment therefor, and the names of the
owners thereof, as far as they can
tsoertained, together with the
specifications and estimates of the
Oity Engineer, and the proposed assessment and report thereon of the
City Clerk are now on file in the
'office of the City Clerk anil open for
inspection by all persons during ofllce
The estimated cost of the work is
S2.657.SS, of which it la intended
that the i ity at large shall bear the
whole  uf    the    rust   nf   the  work on
crossings, and necessary re-
Dg  walls, and  one third of      the
■IHTi't.e   sidewalks,     tbe
■ .i intr    two-thirds
I   uf the said  sidewalks.
Th bimated amount to lie
*.   the   property   owners   being
11 '" 'I   l.v   tbc    I'ily   at   large
\i. •   ii to the proposed un
■nent therefor
shall ti* made by petition to the
CKj metl witlm. FI FT K.K.N * ir.i
days   from  tb* date hereof,   the    per-
■ * •   to p-t ie n being     tbt
' 'he landu affected thereby
City   Clerk
Dal ith  !,. timber,
Revelstoke Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that sixty days after
date Dominion Sawmills and Lumber Ltd.. of Revelstoke, B. 0., a
Lumber Company intend to apply to
the Minister of Lands for permission
to purchase ('.M0) Two hundrtd and
forty acres of land described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted 2
chains south from the South East
corner of Pearsons Prc-Emption, Lot
8092, Group One, Kootenay District
and marked "D, S. M. & L. Ltd.,
South West Corner Post," thence
north 60 chains, theuce east 40
chains, thenee south 60 chains, thence
west 40 chains to the point of commencement.
Duted this Sth day of August, 1911.
Dominion Sawmills & Lumber, Ltd.
Ag.19-60    By James England, Agent
In the Matter of tbe Estate of James
E Long, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all
creditors and others naving claims
against the Kstute of James E'.
Long, lute of Revelstoke, D. C„ deceased, who died at Revolstoke on or
about the 12th duy of June, l'J'.l,
are requested to send to the iimler-
rigned, Solicitors for Rev. C. A.
Procunier, Executor of thc last will
of said deceased, within to days from
date, full particulars of their claims,
duly verified, aud that after that
date the said Exeedtor will proceed
to distribute the said estate amongst
those entitled thereto, regard lieing
had only to those claims of which
said Executor shall have then reed ved notice.
Dated August lCth,  1911.
Solicitor for Rev.  0.  A. Procunier,
Executor of the last will of
St. Leon
Hot Springs
Hot mineral baths especially recommended (or invalids and those iii need of
toning up.
Exclusive baths provided for ladies. 26
Private Rooms handsomely fitted up,
Rates $1..S(> to $2 per day, or $10 per
Fruit and Vegetable
Boxes and Grates
Our Box Factory is uow running and
we tire in a position to supply all kinds
of Iruit anil vegetable boxes and crates.
Those who have not already sent us
heir orders should do sc at once ns thev
are coming in (ust, and we would like to
deliver all orders in good time' Our
Ixixes ure equal to any on the market
md prices can lie had on application to
S. McMahon, Revelstoke, or to
Salmon Arm, B. C,
'.5 A.  F.
uud A. M.
Regular meetings me buid lu MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
ou the Third Monday ln each month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially welcome.
W. B, ROBERTSON, Secretary.
Rebate on Taxes For 1911
A discount of twenty per cent, will
he allowed upon tho General and
School Rate for current year, upon
all Taies paid on or before September 20th prox.
By Order,
Aug.2, Sept. 20 City Clerk
iturday,   ■•■• • mber ir.th. the
big musical ihow "Forty Fr .* \1 D
iil.es Kr.iin Broadway" irtll Im here
and I'lav in lhe "pera h.iiiH-e. This
show is ua. nt Iti. Ii-ost un t.hcroa I
todny ami should got a bum|>er
The opera bouse in ninirmnre has
one curtain made entirely of asbestos.
l*>v.-.-*   ..   I,,,!,.!  D*,. I
ITsat Ku'M.
■    that I. un,..  it.,: t* a
irg, V'irg.ni.i     ' nj.,,t	
■"".    I." i* I   to apply for
•    '  .   pirtlhasl    he  following
at    a   poet planted
1.1 a half' 2, i a. ■
fltfWtlOII     from    th
I     0<    UOt    UU.       I*
••'*,       Wwt   rorner,   thtttS
■ h   M        hains,   east        KO
north      *n      chains.      and
went   .i. chains tO point, of rommenre
irwnt    and   euntaining  MO  acres morf
or lms
lined    August.  I»th,   I'Ml
OTHO kai.hton. Apt i eanl
Jnmes Fisher, Agent
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Nettie H. Piatt
of Rossland, U. C, occupation
Housekeeper, intend to upply for
permission to purchase thc following
described lands:
Oommenelng at a post planted   at
or near the South Kast Corner of
Lot 7900; thence south 4(1 cbains,
west 40 cbains, north 40 cltaltiB and
east 411 chains to point of commencement, antl containing 160 acres more
or less.
Datwl August 10th,  1911.
NETTIE   II    PLAIT,   Applicant.
JameB Fisher, Agent.
To RENT   Several Inrg-c comfortable
Bedfoons, hmtnt     by furnace near
MrKen/.le     avenue, south
at iim niflci. t.e.
Revelstoke  Land   District.
in ti lei of Went  Kootenay.
Take   nutiee   t tint        K.I.   Met! ugh I'll 11,
nf     Arrowhead,    B.   c, occupation
Lumberman, Intends to apply for per
mission   to   lease   the   following       de-
I   lands  for  marble  and       lime
run tying purposes,
' "inn"'" i'i ■    at a   pust    planted
abOUl   two  miles south  of      I'iligston
''teck Mill and marked "H, McOagti
ran's South East Corner", tbenee
wesi tn chain,!, tbenee north 40
chains, thence east 40 chains, more
01 b"is to thc lake shore, thence
south along the lake shore in chains
mute ut Iphh to the poiut of com
mencement, Containing 1(10 acres
more or less.
Dated  Aug. 22,  UU, •.(•N.S
Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tin
der for Kast Wing Addition, Provincial Home, Kamloops," will be received by the Honourable the Minister of Public Works up to 12 o'clock
noon of We.laesday, the 20th day ol
September, 8911, for the erection ami
completion of an east wing addition
lo the Provincial Home, Kami
B. 0.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forms of tender may be seen at the
offices of tlie Provincial Timber In-
spictor, Vancouver, B. C; the Government Agents, Kamloops, New
Westminster, and Revelstoke; and at
the Department of Public Works, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.  C.
Intending tenderers can, by apply -
ing to thc undersigned, obtain one
copy of the drawings and one copy of
the specifications for the sum of
twenty dollars (-$20).
Each tender must he accompanied
by an accepted hank cheque or oertiflcate of deposit on a chartered
hank of Canada, made payable to the
Honourable the Minister of Public
Works, for the sum of $5,000, which
shall be forfeited if the party tendering decline to enter into contract
when called upon to do so, or if he
fall to complete the work contracted
for. The cheques or certificates ol
deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will
he returned to them upon tlle execution of the contract.
The successful tenderer thall furnish a bond of a guarantee company
satisfactory to the Minister ol Pub -
lie Works, equal to ten (10) per cent,
of the contract amount, for the due
fulfilment of the contract.
Tenders will not he considered un
less made out on the forms supplied
signed with the actual signature ol
the tenderer, and enclosed in the en
velotajs furnished.
Thc lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Public Works Department,
Victoria,  B.C.,  August 24tb,  1911.
SELKIRK     LODGE 12, 1.  0.  0. I.
Meets every Thursday evening ln
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
J.   S. HOOLEY,  N.  0.
JAS. MATHIE, Secretary.
COURT     MT.     BEGBIE,   No. 3161.
OF I. 9. F.
Meets in I. <X 0. F. Hall next   to
Tapping's Opera House every second
and fourth Monday la month. Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
O. W. BELL, 0. R.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,   Rec.-Sec.
GOLD RANQH LODGE,      K. of   P.,
NO.  36,  REVELBTOKE,  B.  0.
Meets every  Wednesday except   the
Third Wednesday of eaoh month     ia
Oddfellows' Hall at I o'clock. Visiting Knights are cordially Invited.
J. T. SIMPSON, 0. 0.
O. H. BROOK, K. of R. * S.
M. of F.
O. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 22».
Meets Second   and    Fourth Wednesdays    in each month In    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDB, Ooa. 00m.
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Bank Building Revelstoke, B. 0.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Revelstoke,   B.   0.,    aad
Cranbrook, B. 0.
Geo. S. McOarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey,
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
Provincial  Land Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
Mckenzie a ve.,
BOX   106,
Box. 282, Revelstoke.
Plans and     Specifications prepared
lor     all    classes     of buildings, Etc.
Draughting and Blue  Printing.
Revelstoke Laud  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice thut 1, Harry John -
stou, of Arrowhead, B. C, occupa -
tion Merchant, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described  lauds:
Commencing at a post planted at
about three hundred yards south of
Creek on sand poiut about two miles
north of Cape Horn ou Upper Arrow
Luke, running twenty chains north,
thenoe eighty chains east, thence
twenty chains south, theuce eighty
chains west along the lake shore to
point of commencement and containing one hundred and sixty acres more
or less.
Dated  July 10th, 1911.
Moving picture* at thc Edison theii I re  tonight.
Keep  Sept.   1Mb  and  20th  f>r    the
Knntlre  Juvonllle Bostonians at the    fdlMfc
Revelstoke Land District.
District of Wost Kootenay.
Take notice that I, J. C. Elliot, of
Arrowheud, B. C, occupation, physic-
Inn, Intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted near
N.W. corner post of Lot 7958 and running CO chainB north, thence 60
chains east, thence 60 chains south,
thence 60 chains west to the point ol
commencement und marked " J. 0.
Elliot's S. W. Corner Post, containing some 400 acres more or less
Dated August 7th, 1911.
Per B. Armstrong, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Josiah Hack,
of Revelstoke, B. C, occupation bair
dresser, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
about tbe south-east corner of Harry
Johnston's application to purchase,
and running north forty chains,
theuce cast sixty cbuins, thenoe south
forty chains, thence west sixty chains
along the Lake shore to point of
commencement and containing threo
hundred and twenty acres more or
Dated July 17th, 1911.
Under Instructions the undersigned
Solicitors for the Executor of tbo
lost Will of the late James E. Long,
of Revelstoke, B. C, a brewer, do-
ceased, invite tenders for the purchase of the business and property
known as "Long's Brewery" at Revelstoke. The area of tbe land is between five and six acres with a good
stream of water running through lt.
The buildings and improvements consist of a brewery and dwelling and a
profitable brewing business has been
carried on there during several years
Tenders will be received by the undersigned up to nnd including
September 15th, 1911, for the
chase of the property.
Further particulars, If desired, may
be obtained from the undersigned,
Solicitor for the BmciHot,
I THURSDAY,   SEPT.   14,   1911.
the Mi^ir.-HEiB.^.i.r), RE^rrELSTOKiiK
Page 1.
See special window displays.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. B- fiume # Co.. limited
Mail    or    Telephone   your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.    Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
20th Century Bench Tailored Suits
Have you seen the new Tweeds for Fall ? Do you
know they arc just, the thing ? GreyB and Browns
In these lines we can offer you the choicest selections in the city. All imported goods and finished in
the manner for which this brand alone are famous.
Call and See Them.
Prices, $25 to $35.
Just what your boy needs for these cool evenings. We have anticipated his wants
with due regard for quality and price.
Our line comprises Jaeger's, Hewson's and other standard lines. Plain, Fancy and solid
patterns in all the newest colorings -PRICES, $1.25 to $2.50 EACH.
Ladies Wash Dresses
One and two-piece styles. Neatly
made of excellent material, only
Extra Special Bargain
in Ladies Waists
These stylish waists are made of
excellent lawn, in various embroidery effects.   All must go at
Half Price
$5 Hammocks for $2
Very best of quality, strongly
woven in attractive colors with
valance and tassels, selling at a
price that necessitates prompt
The man who lias ever worn a felt hat knows the name Christy's - that perfection
of the hatter's art. We have just received a full shipment of these famous hats in
both soft and stiff blocks. Mats that for quality of material, snappy styles, and
comfort have the world beaten. This year the rough felt will be worn extensively
in soft hats. The fashionable shapes are the telescope and fedora; very tew dip
shapes will be shown. The well dressed man will incline to brown and gray shades
la stiff hats the crown will be slightly lower and the brim broader. We are sole
agen's in the city for Christy's Hats.     Prices $2 to $3.50.
Showing of New Linens
They are all the finest pure linen
Damask eloths and napkins,
bleached snowy white, in beautiful assorted designs, and handsome borders.
Cloths from $3.50 Up
Napkins $1.25 Up
Call and Look Them Over
Millinery Opening
Thursday, September Hth
Afternoon and Evening
Collars and Jabots
At a Special Price
To Clear at  10 Cents
We cordially invite you to be
present at the inauguration of the
New Season's Fashions.
Commencing to-day, Thursday
14th, we will hold our great annual
Fall Millinery Opening, you are
cordially invited to be present and
avail yourself of the facilities this
store has to offer, viewing and purchasing Dame Fashion's newest
and most authentic creations in
millinery. Polite and capable salespeople will be on hand to see that
you are promptly and efficiently
m% House Furnishings $
Wall F;
WALL PAPERS-Why have your room
look dingy when you can brighten it up with
a pretty wall paper at so little cost. We have
a choice line of this season's papers in dainty
shades of Blues, Fawns, and Greys, Crossbar
Linens, as well as the heavier shades of
Greens, Reds and Browns, suitable for dining
rooms, living rooms and kitchens. Call and
look them over. We don't blame the cus"
tomer who is hard to satisfy, but show them
something that is sure to plaase.
Blankets, Bed Comforts
We.have a splendid line of Blankets,
heavy weight, for Fall and Winter use, in
White, Red and Silver Grey, also a choice
new lot of Children's Crib Blankets and Comforts in Blues and Pinks, exceptionally dainty
and splendid value—90c to $1-75 each.
Regular size Bed Comforts in Eiderdownl
Lambs wool and Maish Laminated Cotton.
All Choice Goods
Iron Beds
Mattresses and Pillows
A nice range of cheap and medium
priced Beds carried in stock at our warehouse.
A splendid line of Feather Pillows. See
our Special at $1.75 PER PAIR.
Window Shades
Curtain Poles and Fixtures
We make window shades to measure, any
size, an exceptionally fine line of Shade
Goods which do not crack or pinhole. Brass
and wood Curtain Poles, all sizes, with fittings
to suit.
Venbnte Venoil
The Magic Furniture Polish
Havve you tried Veribrite, if not, do so.
You will be surprised at the ease with which
you can keep your furniture looking like a
Try It for Dusting
m% High Class Groceries J?c
Corn Starch
Have you ever stopped to think how
little time it takes lo prepare a pudding
with Benson's Corn Starch. If you do
your own baking try a little corn starch
mixed with your flour in making bread,
griddle cakes, fritter?, and puddings.
You will find that it gives a more delicious texture and flavor than you can
get from flour alone.
Get Hume's Prices on Groceries
Robinson's Patent Barley
In this patent food stuff you have a
healthful nutritious food for youDg and
old. When once yon use it you will
not be without in your home. It is
recommended hy the highest medical
authorities us one of the best foods for
infante. It is invaluable for Barley
Water for the sick chamber, and is a
most refreshing and cooling drink in
the hot weather.
Hume's for Choice Groceries
Have you tried our Robertson's
Marmalade in lib. jars, 2lb., 41b, and
71b. cans. We are making a Bpecial
display of and giving a special price on
the 21b. cans of only :I0 cents a can. It
enjoys an enormous popularity where-
ever it is known. It is THK MARMALADE WITH THE ORANGE FLAVOR. Quality is the first consideration
and in Robertson's you get the best.
The pickling season is now here and
we are prepared to handle the trade as
never before. We have just opened up
a full line of aU the requirements needed for pickling. Tumeric, celery seed,
mustard seed, pickling spice, vinegars,
green tomatoes, green peppers, and
cauliflowers. I,eave us your order
Headquarters for Hay,  Oats, Bran,
Shorts, Wheat and Cracked Corn.
I Vnge S.
MjpnSDAY, flRPT.  M, 1911.
Dur Fill Millinery Opening
The Special Fall  Exhibits   of   New   Millinery
Mr.  anil  Mrs.  Walter  Scut I. of  No
lump, were visitors in the city.
Remember tbe new  pictures nt  tho
Bdison Friday and Saturday.
Go   to   Mrs.   I'urter's  anil   Iiave      a
cup "f  tea Tlmreday afternoon
The Supreme ci.iirt rm* civil an.l
criminal cases, will sit. at. Revelstoke
on October 9th.
Mi. anil Mrs. John Sluiw ami [am
ily uf (iali'iia Day. were visitors to
the fair nn  Monday nnd Tuesday.
Miss McOarter entertained nt cards
Friday atternoon in honor ol her
KHeat Miss McOaul uf St. Tliiuiu-,
An entire new program at the Rdl
boa theatre on Friday and Saturday
niu'lit.    Jaek  Fat  nnd   Jim   Slim    at
Cooney  island i-  the comedy.
Seats are now on -ale tor the Jn
vemle     Bostonians at     Moodannld's
.Irni-   store.   Opening     next     Tuesday
night  In the Rose ot Blnndeen.
Fire did damage t" the extent of
about $200 to the hume of Mr. Thos.
Hughes un Fourth street, on Saturday morning last.
St. Peter's Guild will iiuid their an
nual  t<vi at   tin*  home of Mrs.   J.   J.
Porter, Thursday altera i nn.l even
log,  Sept.  Uth.  Home made dainties
f'.r  sale.
Ge r.*.■• M. Cohan's masterpiece ol
allmuslcal comedies, "Forty-five Minutes from Hi...i.lw.iy." will be the
ittracti-on at the opera house for
one   nitrht.   Saturday,   Sept.   Hth.
Nominations are taking place today throughout the Domiuion tor
th■ geui ■ .ii .-I ction-i. Toil.iv takes
place one w,*ek frnm today—Th ll *
• lay.   Sept.   -'1st.
Tins afternoon ami evening Me   i
Reid & Young are holding  their .01
nual     millinery     opening,    Ther.'  Is
Something new in the fall  styles
year an 1  n *   loubt but  the la lies will
be  out  to  inspect   the  new   hats.
Mrs. w. M. Lawrence was the bos
*•■-- ■'. a amort dance given at her
bome McKenzie Avenue, Thursday evening last.   About forty of her young
Is  'i I'l" 1   the  light   fantistir till
the  wee  small  hours.
Wi;: ki pi  gi *. .11 *  at  the Rev-
■   ne  Central  -* bool   . *  01 f the
Ivertlsi ments the city      ha 1.
Many complimentary remarks      were
1    -.. thi .1   appeal i1** *  bj
ore to the fail  thia week.
M.-s McArthur,  ol Grand F* rk-  is
,-to •  Miss v. ,„s * '  the C   P   11.
teli graph   odlct  jt ill
in.-   he latter'i abeence at the
rn a holiday    Miss   McArthur   n   * II
a  in  Revelstoke,  having >•
here for Bomt montti     ., couple     cA
M Laid Eggs 5Gc. Fer Doz.
In 01 dor to get the best results from your chickens
you must provide tho besl foods available, as without these egg producing foods you certainly do not
tret the best results. Try our Beef Scrap, Oyster
Shell Grit, Crushed Hone or Alfalfa Meal.
FEED -We also carry a full stock of Hay, Oats,
Wheal, Barley, Corn, ('hop, Bran and Shorts.
A. HOBSON,        Baker and Grocer.
We have some first-class lots in some of the leading
prairie towns along the (! T. P. also lots in Edmonton,
Saskatoon and Medicine Hat.
This is genuine (band Trunk Pacific property and
positively  guaranteed.     Prices  from  $100  to   $250.
POR BALK A good sc on.I han.I
Range. Apply to Rev. K.A. Smith
or Bourne's Hardware Btore. This
is ;, bargain.
('. M. Hume & Co. are holding
then annual millinery opening tins
afternoon ainl evening, Every lady
who is interested 111 the newesl In
li.alwi .ir should pay ih,*m a visit
, .tl.Mi ibis afternoon 01 In the even
Hon.  Thos.   Taylor,   ministei       ol
I'ublic  Works,   was .,  visitor t..    the
tj   on   M   ntVaj   nl  tin- week,  on  In -
way to Cranbrook and Nelson to ac
company  I'remiei   McBi
election  tour  In  th *  inl irests  ol  Mi
\    a    G levi     Mr   Taylor   will   be
h 1 m wit,'  the     Premi 1   on     Friday
\i   Val' ou\ er fait Mr,
V.   W.   I.ain_'
third  and  fourth  pi..*
■ '..n.'i  Inn! I..*.*h..i a pullet
s ime bre I, and second prise *>
"f  birds.   The  Bret  prise  in  tii
*.a.-  nol   iwnrd   I  Ml
1 n account  ol his lowl     being
\li -1      I'ii-. 11
, *
sih'  :-  interested   in     m 1
thinks that Greenwood -  om* a
litre  ■•■*. **  ■
11K-   iml -.
th it clog It      ' I      to
re it   « bh   tin'  othei
'I he   H 1 ol   the   11 1
on Sept,
■ ■   1
Revel '* • lor
.'. 0*1 to tbe   n*i* ■
:•       -t it,*.i thai    It   will
appear    ,-M|,f,*mli.*i
Mis. II. J, Olttrk, of Three Valley,
was  a   visitor   to   the   fair  this   week.
Mr. W, Hornell, .-f the CB, Hume
,';■ in. staff, returned this morning
from  a  business trip  10 Toronto.
m  isrs tleo.  Knight snd    J.    .1.
Hiitl.in.l. return.'ii   ,.11   Monday  from
n visit to Seattle. Victoria an.l Von
Mr.  Rogers,  "f the Canadian  Bank
Commerce,  returned  tins  morning
from  ,1  visit  ta  Vancouver anl    the
Cl * ifll    Cil ies,
Mr.   Frank   ttiierin,   ••;'      Portland,
a.  Is in Ui" city renewing    old
ac ,11.r.n'.,in*.*. Mr     Querin      left
itok ■ -* nn   nine yea an.l
since. Mr.
11     is .,  nephew   ,,1     Mr   W M
Mi      II
J. H 1    i.f
m.,nth Mr.
nl   at  tin*
■     : :
'    'lll'lll
ed in
$400 and 16.00 bags
Selling at *2.00 for
a week.
The Ne'er Do Well
by Rex Beach      $1.80
The Common Law
by Chambers        $1.26
Pyramid Fly Pads 60    Eaoh
Wilson's Fly Pads, lOo. Each
Tho largest assortment of
local Post Cards to choose
from.—25c. per dozen.
Ihe Prize list
THE REXALL Dure; Stork
Owing I
",     when
it  will J,- ptihllsl	
Kotloe is hereby given that tbe
time for receiving tenders fm Court
House, Vernon, is extended up to iz
n' lock a. ,,ti. Friday, Wth d»; ol
September,  1911,
.1.  B.  ORIWITH,
I'ui,he   Works   p',ni;incer
Ileparlmcnt   nf   l'uhiic  Works,
Victoria, B.C.,  llth  Heptember.
Conservative Committee Rooms
Selkirk Hall
Meetings will be held every Evening at Selkirk Hall in the interest of
the Conservative Candidate
All   workers for the cause are invited.
if anyone in Oannda Ktill "1 firmly believe," suys Provincial
has doubts ns to how the Ret'lprocl- Premier McHritle, "thut tlie present
ty agreement is viewed in the Unit- political Issue ls one wnich, if car
ed States—if he questions that Am- rled out, according lo the views of
erlcanc regard it as imt the prelude the Liberal government, must lead
to the annexation ol this Dominion— in the course ot a few years to thc
he has but to peruse the following dismemberment of the empire anil
extract from bhe Congressional Hec- fusion with the United States. Tht
onl of ihe l'nitoil States, which cor- is an emphatic and very serious sta-
responils to the Hansard of the Oa- tement. to make. 1 bolil otlice under
na Iiui parliament. Mr. Champ the crown. 1 waot to he as irue nnil
Clarke, Speaker of the House of consistent, with my position as pus
Representatives, has iho floor: si'hle and I feel that in the crisis-
Mr. Clark—"! look forward to the ia this emergency—if l*ilo not exert
time when the American flag will Ily every effort 1 possibly could '. > in
over every square foot of Uritish duce people to think alon; I'e lines
North America up to the North pole I Iiave marked out, 1 should not be
Thfl people of Canada are of our true to the stewardship given me iy
blond nnd  our  language. If the tren- the electorate which I now enjoy."
ty of 1861 never had hem abrogated 	
our countries would  he  much  further Tm<;   (*0NSKKV ATlVK   PLATFORM
iw   towards
advanced  than
.Mr. Martin of South Dakota—
"Will the gentleman favor the abro.
•q.'ition  of  our  tarifl  law entirely,  si
I Before leaving Ottawa to begin hii
campaign on the hustings, Mr. it
L. Borden Issued a statement pledging the     Liberal-Conservative   party
far  as      Oanaida   is  Concerned,       and *'"  CHIT-V   out   ,lle   following   policy   if
make  free  trade  on  all  products?" returned to power:
Mr.  Clarke—"By taking Canailn in '•   A   thorough   reorganization   or
to liecome part of the United States the method hy whicli public expend
_ves " ture  is  supervised.   Increase  in   what
Mr.   Morris  of  Nebraska-" As I  un- is   known  M  ordinary  controllable ox
derstand    it,    the  gentleman   favors Pemliturc   from  »21,600,<H)0   in       18%
the bill for at least one reason, that to ne"rly *74,000,0flfl  In  lllll  is proof
it   Will   have   a   tendency   in   the    end "'  extravagance   beyond   any   possible
to bring Canada  into the Union?" defence.
■Mr.   Clarke—"Yes,   I   have no doubt 2-    Granting   ol   their     natural     real, uiu.   that." sources  to  the  prairie  provinces
The  |„s'turn   of  the speaker of  tbe :i-   Construction    ol    the      Hudson
\nin,a:i  house  of  representatives, it I!«.v Railway and its operation hy nn
may ie explained, docs not at     all to-dependent commission.
correspond     with   that   of speaker  of *•   Control  and    operation  |,y    the
■i  Canadian  legislative  hody.  In  the Klatl> "f terminal elevators,
house   of   representatives   the   speaker 5.    Necessary     encouragement       for
tbe  leader of the house, that is ol ""'   establishing   and   carrying  on  of
lhc   political   party   which   has        the »  chilled   ment   industry,
mijoi.t.     ,,f      members.     In     other 6.    Kstablishmmt   of    a   permanent
words his duties so far as the bouse tarifl commission.
ul  representatives  is i-oncerned    cor- 7.   Granting of   substantial assist-
.1  with  those  of the lender    of ance   towards   the  improvement       ol
the  g rnm.'nt,  thai   is the     prime our public highways.
minister of Canada.   In    these     re- «•   Extension ot free rural mall de-
marks   Mr.   Clarke  speaks as  the lend livery.
r  .1  Hi.    American  house of represen M   Kxtension  of  civil  service      re-
nnl his  «*..i*,ls are entitled to form
ar   much   weight   as   are  those    of    a
in.   Granting of Liberal assistance
prime   minister   in   this  country.   His to  the province for the  purpose      of
...»■ h .w   reciprocity is view- supplementing  and     extending      the
I lilted  Slates,  and why it work of agricultural education      and
I by many  there.                   ,'or the improvement of agriculture.
  11.   A  course ot policy  and  iidmin-
Iir    King,   Liberal   candidate,   only istrntiim   which   wifl      maintain       in-
.    '     I      .  Ins leader when dependent and  unimpaired control of
ti.it  if Sir  John  A.  Macdon- our own affairs hy  thc  Parliament of
:iliv.-   he   would   support  re- Canada, a policy which,  while afford.
I    Blr  John  A. Macdonald ing  no just cause  of complaint      to
be  would  sav to  Sir  Wil- any  foreitn  nation,  will  find its high
! i..niiier. Sir Eiicbard, Oartwright est. ideal in the autonomous develop-
M*     l',i  rson.      Mr.   Fielding,        Mr. ment   of   Canada   as   a   nation   within
Mr. Templeman.   ainl  the   rest the   Hiil ish   Empire.
* ;   ll imI    tO      the 	
sons  in   IM'M     "K,,r  myself, THK IMPERIAL LOYALTY OF MR.
H^| A  British
mm    ,  Hi.i   m    rbjeel  I    will
my   latest   breath  will       I
om ii   wMcb   *lt
D i    li,,-i * -■ 11:11 v
..  Ini I  a .i   people fr,,m their
.till*.*      .'      MM
M    Tf. L. BORDEN.
"I'r.'sident  Taft  says   that   the   ties
winch bind Oanada to the motherland are light and almost iiuperi-ept
ilde.    Let   me   say   to   Iiim,   and     Sir
, Hiinil  Laurier,  that   these  ties
j    trongei    than   ever   they   were,
please    (Iml    they    will    never
..lamina'-    sole       I ipre ent..
[lominion   Cabinet,      that'     from     toy   acquaintance   with   husi-
M.r   tm*   ITovii."  dm mi'   the mm  conditions    n     Canada   I   regard
,m[migri.   He   has   shown   no ,l"'     reciprocity      pact   as  a   colossal
...  L.. i,    ,i   accounl       "I blunder fraught with danger to   our
r.^u.i, to  -I,* elector!      ol w(,|i  esta/bHshed  trade  and  bhreates-
•!,.;     And   it   ,s   said        llmt m.   Hi"   integiity  of  Canada.    I    wus
*     ■-  COOM   nol   dim'  Inm    to horn  n   Liberal,   I  am  a   Liberal  yet,
I  ii   :,,.        Minis!  r       of Put   I  cannot support such  aiieedlesH,
tin*   minci-i    ,f   ti,.*   Crow's uncallcl      for,     I,lin.I   am ••.•mcni   and
Ne«t   iiave   many  thlnt'S      which   they maintain  rny  self   respeit.    Hon.  Ottf-
.,  h**«r  Inm  explain* '""I  Slfton.
Electors take notice that the Polls
Open at 9 a. m. and close at 5 p. m.
Vote for GOODEVE and the Union
Jack. A Greater Canada within the
We have just opened a nice lot
for the Fall season, in silk, lace,
flannelette and delaines. You
will find some very attractive designs among them, and we will be
glad to show them to you.
We would call particular attention to the line of " St. Margaret's Blouses in silk and delaines.
We guarantee the.e to be the
best fitting blouse on the market,
The designs are excellent and
the patterns in the delaines are
very pretty and they will wash perfectly without fading or
In silk and net blouses our showing will be found very
up-to-date. We have them in long and short sleeves and
high or Dutch neck,,and prices are very reasonable.
cTWcLennan C$> Co.
Ha'f the Summer is still ahead. We have
provided for it by keeping our slock well
assorted in sizes.
Just received our ball Samples for made-tO-
order Suits.    Let   us  show  ihem   to   you.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Foot-Rite Shoes.
Fit-Reform Clothing
Wc have just opened up our
ball Stock of Men's and Hoys'
Sweaters and Sweater Coats which
consists of a large assortment of
different colors and qualities. 'Ihey
come in tbc plain nnd fancy
v. eaves.
Prices from $1 to $9
McRae Mercantile Co.
One Night Only
Saturday, September 16th, 1911
Geo. M. Gohon's Greatest Musical Comedy
With a Star Caste and the "Blue
Ribbon Ponies"
Prices, $1.50 - $1.00 - /5c,
Seats at Macdonald's Drug Store
*   -*>


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