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 ■/ )
25c, and 60o, per Iml lie.
Prepared and sold ouly by
The Mail
Vol. 12.-No. 47
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co.
The persistent argument nl this Business is "QUALITY" and
" STYLE," and when we annouuoe New Styles nr Fine Quality Goods
we menu it. .lust now wo nre on the Eve of Stock-Taking and have
Bonie line, we tlesiro to get rill of.   We wiil make u price concession.
Mere is tlie Biggest $1.00 worth
of Canned Goods in II, 0. We
will mix theni up for you—0
tins of Corn for $1.00; II tins of
Peas for $1.00; II tins of Beans
fur $1.00; 7 tins of Tomatoes
(or $1,110; 8 tins of Pumpkins
for $1.00; 0 tins of Strawberries
lor $1.00; G tins of lt»Bpberries
for $1,011; li tins of Plum, for
$1.00; 5 thiB of PeacliCB, Pears,
Pineapples, $1.00.
100 lbs. Best Mount Royal Flour $2.90
100 lbs, Royal Household $3.00.
Queen City Catsup, per Bottle—20c.
Rowat's Pickles, per Bottle, 20c.
Boots and Shoes
A Mixed Lot ot Ladies' Fine
Shoes, nil sizes, Laced and Buttoned, all kinds. These nre
worth from $2.50 to $-1.00 per
pair. There i, a Basket lor easy./ J
A hunch ol  Boys'  Boots, a
Mixed Lot, too.
$2 and $2.50 Shoes $1.50
Alini'uf Ladies' Kimonas, $1.76 and */2.00 GoocIb,
all sizes, Luce trimmed.      -      -      -      -
A lot oi Ladies' Skirls, $5.00 to $7.00. These
Skirts are a good bargain at
A Iiot of Dress Tweeds, swell goods, 50 ill. wide,
Sure to be something here yon can use. $1.50
goods lor      	
MisBes' White Wool Gloves, all wool, sizes 'A to 0.
40c. Gloves for
Corsets—a mixed lot—all sizes. $2.00 and $2.50
Corsets for	
75 cts.
20 cts.
Ileitis—A line ol Cloth and Patent Leather Belts at
50c,   Yours now for      -       ■      Twenty-Five Cents
us iw, 51 m, e
jag o. o. coffgg g& a
C.B. Hume & Co., Ltd
I'Vent our own ooiTospeiidoiil.
A large crowd assembled in Ilu
hall on Thursday evening to ciijny
the Burns' anniversary concert, Only
a few numbers on the programme bail
be,u rendered nnd Mr. H. Thomas was
just at a very Imgic point in "Tain O'
Shunter" when a lire was reported ill
Newman', store, only n few yards tn
the east of tbe hull. A lew tecoiids nl
oonfiision followed but the crowd were
assured of their sslety and very soon
all the men were busily employed protecting tlie adjacent buildings, as the
store was already beyond control.
They bad a hard light to-, and how
tlie Union Hold wna saved is a marvel. Much praise is duo lite men for
tbe willingness unanimously displayed. There is no conjecture as tn
the origin nl tbe lire. Thedaiigov was
all i,ver ii bruit 1080 ami all returned
tn tho hull where n duiiily lunch was
served nn,l the evening', PKoitcnieni
wiTind up with n very pleasant little
dunce. We aio sorry the programme
was so unavoidablj left unfinished,
though the small part given wns
reiilh worth the admission fee, but we
hope the balance will follow ul a later
As the Arrowhead post olliee was
kept in Hie Ill-fated building, an
imergonoy post office bus been airing-
-d iu the O. P. It. station.
Mr.and Mrs. Melrose, ufRevolEtoke,
are in town.
Messrs. Watson Bettengen nnd Mc-
Williutiis, agents (or prairie lumber
yards, visited the Arrowhead Lumber
Company this week.
Mr. Mayhee; nf Nakusp, was in town
Hon. Newman und family Have
mi-veil into the bouse lately vacated
hy Mr Parks, which they will occupy
while Ibeir own residence is being rebuilt.
T. Ludgale nude a trip to Revelstoke Monday evening.
Mrs. Gibson and family have gone
Comapli.v, where they will reside in
future. Mrs. Gibson will be much
missed in Arrowhead. During her
several years' stay here she has taken
an active part in many goid works,
particularly the Ladies Aid Society
and lho Sunday school. She takes
with her the best wishes ol her many
friends here.
T. Huxtable received a cablegram
calling him away to his home in
England. Mr. Huxtable was a member ol All Saints choir.
Our enterprising photographer, Mr,
Tucker, took some photographs of the
scene of the tire. They are lino views
and he has a large demand for them.
The Bowling Alley re-opened Monday evening, under the management
of R. Thomson.
While walking along the station
platform recently Mr. Dewar was
attacked by an intoxicated man.
Chief Campbell was not on hand to
arrest the ruffian hut Mr. Dewar, he
ing un able man, succeeded in defending himself.
Arthur Matson returned to Arrowhead on Tuesday, after spending a few
weeks at his home in Wetitskiwin
Revolutions not yet Suppressed
St. I'KTKItSBOHG, .Inn. 27.—A despatch from Qomey iayi that hall the
town is in Humes and that fighting is
going on in the centre of the town
between the troops and tbo revolutionists, the latter Inning been reinforced by the peasants of the surrounding district..
The peasantry, as in the Baltic
provinces, have dethroned the old
authorities and elected revolutionists
to Iill their places.
Urges His Party to Organise
and Work.
Montreal, .Ian. 211.—At tbe opening
ol the new rooms nf the junior Conservative club, St. Catharine street,
Saturday night, 1!. I,. Borden counselled bis followers to take courage
from the example of their opponents
who had persevered for 18 years before
coming into power, They should
organise for the nest elections now
and ii|i|iose every bye-election and
look after the lists, lie went'on to
say that no one could succeed against
loaded dice. They should not be
satisfied until they hud thrown out
the present government and brought
back the reins of power "to the party
that had made Canada."
Contractor MoCnrty is repairing the
Union Hotel.
from our own correspondent.
The lirst death" in Three Valley
occurred on Saturday last, when a
Japanese working in the wood, was
caught by a falling tree and instantaneously killed. The Deputy-Coroner,
Dr. Sutherland, ond Chief Jlain went
down und held an enquiry u, to the
came of death. After hearing the
(act, they decided that there were no
grounds for an inquest, the cause of
death being a pure accident, The
tree that wa, falling struck another
which broke uud fell nt right angles
to the line uf the lint. This could
not have been foreseen.
Logging is progressing well, and
there are now three million leet in the
Three Valley stream ready for next
season's tawing at the mill,
J. J. Grant, the new superintendent,
is on hand planning improvements to
the plant, and when the mill starts up
the Mundy Lumber Co. expects to
make a much larger cut than last
year. Mr. Grant used to be with the
Waterou, people and has had charge
of plant, cutting up to 400,000 a day.
To run the pre,ent mill wiil therefore
lie but child's play compared to his
pad achievements.
There i, a full crew of men in the
woods and the Mundy Company are
anticipating putting in half a dozen
more team,, ,o that there will lie no
shortage of logs this seaaon.
The lake ia covered with ice, but not
thick enough to take team, across.
Mr. Sclioonmaker ha, been confined
to the house with rlieumatiam but is
much better now, and expect, to be
around again in a few day,.
S, A Mundy has returned from the
eait, but i, at present in Vancouver
on biisiiieH.
Silver is at 053-3;  lead
und copper at 181-1,
A letter was received by a Rossland
party from the manager  of the  Ol'O
Denoro mine, located near Greenwood,
B. C, stating the mine is now shipping to Granby smelter and is milking
between $-100 and $500 net profit daily
from a daily output of from 75 lo 80
ton, of ore.
The principal event of the week in
mining circles in Kossland was the
finding and crosscutting on the
eleventh level of the War Eagle, of a
ledge of 20 feet in width of ore of good
grade The find is tbe most important yet made iu t,; otitic and makes
it probably as valuable as any mine in
the camp.
The Camborne Miner says: "The
contractors on the Del Key, Messrs.
Wills & Kennedy, will suspend operations for the winter on February 10th.
owing to the supply ol provisions running short.
Joe Decellesand Charlie Larson are
developing tlie Spider on Pool creek.
They are driving a tunnel on a quartz
lead, in which they have encountered
bunches of galena.
A solid chunk of galenR and copper
ore, weighing about 150 lbs. from the
Broadview, is on exhibition at Master-
son, Grillith & Go's, store. It is one
of tlie finest chunks ever brought to
The Reward big tunnel force is cut
down this week while air pipes and
other improvements are completed.
The Silver Cup development work
is being pushed with vigor under the
supervision ol Mr. F. 0. Merry. The
mine is in first-class shape and showing up well. Ore and supplies are
now handled by the train from 5-Mile.
Work on the Broadview is being
proceeded with steadily. A test was
made during tho week of a 12 foot
quartz ledge by nsBiiyer S. Shannon,
which resulted in an average value of
$13.00. Another car of galena is being
shipped this week.—Review.
T. Leavall, of the Spok.ine Pulls
Placer Co., operating on Lardeau
creek, reports that the new machinery
is being purchased and will he shipped
to the scene of operations us quickly
as possible. Woik will be resumed as
early as possible, sn that machinery
can be installed and some clean-ups
made before high water.—Review.
A stupendous mining deal all'ectiug
British Columbia properties is announced as completed, Tho Canadian
Pacific i, largely interested. Tho
name ia the Canadian Consolidated
Mines. The capital is $5,500,000. The
properties include all the uld Condor-
nam. B, 0. interests acquired by the
Canadian Pacilic, the C. P. R. Trail
smelter properties and concentration
plant and the St. Eugcno-Centre Star.
The Camborno Miner remarks: "Wo
have laid it before and we say it
again, that no section of British Columbia possesses greater mineral
wealth than the Camborne camp, and
we leel confident that, ere another
year has elapsed, our opinion will be
lucked up by actual remits."
Th, Miner says: "The contractors
on the Beatrice are now driving a
raise which will connect the intermediate tunnel with the upper tunnel. Iti, anticipated Hut the lead
will soon he encountered in tho raise.
When thi, occur,, the dip uf the
lead will be aacertained and it will be
definitely known iu which direction to
drive to tap the had in the intermediate tunnel.
Monument  to   Son  of Sir
James Hector.
RespoilSO tu the Appeal for support
of thu proposed Alpine club lms been
favorable. Already there aro twelve
prospect ive active and eight graduating members, tho activo member,
coming Irom Dundiis, Out. Anothor
active member will he a splendid example of young Canada In A, 0.
Wheeler, aged III, who has mado car
inns ascents ul l(),0tl() feet above sea
level. Sir .lames Hector, one uf the
curly lloeky Mountain explorers, Ior
whom the mountain wiih named, is
expected next summer to revisit the
Itcoklcs. Sir Junius resides iu Now
Zealand. His son died suddenly
snmii years ago and is buried at Bevel-
stoke, By subscription of friends
and mountaineers a inonuinont to his
memory is to bo orcotod next stininiot'
on the Great Divide, Dr. Herdman
is treasure! ol tbo fund. Subscriptions range Irom $1 up.
Increase Granted by C. P. R,
William Whylo announces the
maintenance of way men of the west
have been granted an incraaseof fifteen
cents a day. They were In conference
at Winnipeg.
Two Fatal Railway Accidents
-Disastrous Dynamite Explosion-Outrage by German
SOHKNEOTADV, N. V , Jan. Ill—The
Delaware and Hudson passengor trail
collided liead-nn with work train lhii
mornlna, One Italian laborer was
killed and a number of persuns Injured, two probably fatally,
NORFOLK, Va., Jan. III.—A disastrous wreck occurred on the Seaboard
Air Line railway near Columbia, S. C,
yesterday. Northbound passenger
train collided with southbound extra
height, Engineer A. A.Hmieck, Fireman Andy White and two mail clerks
were killed.
COPEMIAOBN, Jan. ill.—King (lluis-
liiin will be buried at Boskilde,twenty
miles Iiiiiii here, where the remains of
his wife are interred, The King and
Queen of England expect to attend
the funeral, The Kaiser bus telegraphed ho will he present.
London, Jan. HI.—The small
unionist parly remaining in Parliament threatens to become torn by
dissensions over tlie question of leadership. A (lend set is being made
against Balfour by a majority ol
unionist, papers, particularly those
friendly to Chamberlain. They say
he must cmiie in ti, line with Chamber-
lain or resign leadership,
Vancouvkh, B. C, Jan. 31.—An all
II. 0. fifteen will meet the New Zealand football team at San Francisco
on Fob. 13,
Seattle, Jan. 81,—0, Allisun, at
yesterday's session of the investigation
intu the loss nf steamer Valencia, contradicted tales ol waves being mountains high. "Everybody seemed to
shun in," said he. "All seemed afraid
to help unfortunate men and women
who were facing death."
Toronto, Jan. 31.—Tlmnias Clark
and Arthur Fisher sustained shocking
injuries yesterday while thawing dyu-
unite in the Temiskaming district.
Before they could obtain assistance
after the explosion, their faces nnd
ears were frozen. Clark lo,t both
bands and bud both legs burned, Hie
sight is totally gone.
Ottawa, Jan. 31.—The Australian
government has agreed that goods
shipped via Vancouver will be charged
same duty, on account freight, as if
shipped by New. York. This order, so
important to Vancouver, takes effect
London, Jan. 31.—A despatch from
Capetown says Canadians are enraged
at the outrage committed by German
soldiers at Swakommund, South West
Africa, who shot and killed Dr. Anson
Donaldson, who was walking peacefully along the street.
Sharp Advance in Prices.
At the great January fur Bales at
London, the feature is probably thu
strength in the market for muskiat.
Notwithstanding the very largo quantity of these furs offered—numbering
over 2,000,(10(1—so eager lias been tbo
demand Hint prices have advanced
from 35 per cent, to 50 per cent, us
compared with a year ago.
Hudson's Hay sales:—Denver, 5 per
cent lower than a year ago; spring
miisliiiit, 50 percent higher; fall anil
winter muskrat, 35 per cent higher
than last January,
want the best.
Christies'   Biscuits.   Webb's,   Fry's   and   Robertson's
Chocolates, Chase and Sanborne Coffee,
Tetley's Teas, etc.
Bools and Shoes, Men's Furnishings.
Ready-Made Clothing.
Capital Authorized, $1,000,000   Capital Paid Up,$3 500,000.   Ke,t, 8 300,000.
Head Office, Toronto, Ontario,
^Branches in lho Northwest Territories Manitoba, Ontario aud Quebec.
Ami tho following points iu British Columbia: Cranbrook. Golden,
Nelson, Revelstoke,Trout Lake, Arrowhead, Vancouver and Victoria.
T. R ftlBRMTT, President        D. K. Wilbib, Vice-President nud General Manager.
li. Hay, AsststantjGeneral Manager,   W. Moffat. Chief Inspector.
Kevelstoke Branch, B. C—A General Banking Business Transacted
Savings Department-Deposits Received aud Interest Allowed.
DrafU sold available in all parts of Canada, United Slates and Europe,
Spocial attention given to collections. A. E. Pnippe. Manager
Incori united by Act of Parliament, 1655.
Wm. MOLSON Maci'Iikiison, Pres. S. H. Ewing, Vice-Prea.
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything In wav of banking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice a year at current rates on Savings Bank
W. II. PRATT, Manager,
First  Street,   Revelstoke
Stock Taking Cash Sale
To reduce our large stock we will give most
MhHM* '3> 'ft 'fr't* $ 'I1 'ft $ 't' 't' '!■ 't' 'I1 't1 't1 $' ■$ w $
Have  v verlooked our oiler ol  English  Enamelled       V
and Sieel Ware't  All our stock ol ALUMINUM GOODS.
Do you think thai wo advertise till, merchandise at cost
only to bring you Into the Store ami sell at the mme old
When we say sellioj; al colt. He mean at cost,
Every mereuanl overstocks in  id lines antlclpatlflf
larger business, .mil we have a number of enamelled am
steel Saucepans, Tea Kettle,and Aluminum Kitchen Utensils ivhloli musl go in iniike room for New Spring Goods,
During mu' Stock-Taking Season these Krotxb. will Ik, offered
ui Cnsi Price,
I Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd. JJ
Mall Orders Promptly attended to,       p, o. Box 181, 4 ,
^W#W##*$ i$ 't' 'li fl ■$ $ fl ifr 'M"I» i
it o-- ■,   ■■■-■■-
It was Tommy's sixth birthday,
nnd ho mis having a birthday picnic
in the pari,, with half a dozen of his
liule friends, A pit-nlc in lho beautiful park was nlu . ■ a doll ;ht; and
l -.; ty r, ore wcro favor:. a birthday
ci kc d - ll er thb I) il, uglng to
parties, besii
Hhoi iver the ,! Idren tired of
gnro -. they went I - natch tho aid
ii..,!- ;; while. There was a bom 'a
den built of greal tones, with a
pole in tho for tlio bears   to
clli and tl o\ e u dvoa, foxes,
wild-cats in.,I u greal many other
n Imn   , I   ildi   I and herons,
tho '■ ui ■-. and bIdi'Ii Tbo dee-,
I . . 1 mul , strli In li id little parka
rn' their own, fen -1 in with iron
netting; and tha pi i dogs wore
P.,: py in their uu i round tempi-.',
burrowii g oul ol . I hi In tho soft
cm tl ' . sitting up gravely on their
hind legs to stare back at tho children.
Hut the plai :' nil others   which
lite children enj i; -i most was a
im'!,- pavilion on wl Ich tho parrot,
and monkejs lived, Hero at one sldo
wen parrots of all kinds and sties,
v itli honul ful, brilliant plumngo
nnd loud, harsh voices. In the centre
of tin- room was a circular lank !n
which were a great many fishes,
whoso backs the children could touch,
a : icy went swimming by, The fishes wero not ut all afraid,
And last of all—monk ■• s! They nl-
Ways kept tl:,,.-,- to tho Insl did Ino
chili . en; for they wero tho most
tu;!,-.- of all. Was ever anything
n ro comical than a cago of monkevs
- ,-ii : : from perch to perch, playing nicks, climbing up tho sides of
tl eir , age, chattering, scolding, ont-
i:. and looking around anxiously
with their wrinkled faces, like very
active littlo old men!
Famous    Men Who Fought   With
Swords or 1'istols.
The Earl ol Kiniliei-ley's much discussed challenge to Col, Sapwell is a
Unit though Urn days    ot
ghting spirit
in  occasion:
Find New Health Through the Uso
of Dr. Williams' Fink Pills.
When you    see a   young girl   pale
ami    ailing and wasting away,   you I
know thai  budding   womanhood   is ''l'"1".""'1' , ,
making new demands upon her blood WN"""^^1
supply which sho cannot moot. Month od„,ln ,',1sm;'1, lllc,
after month I.e.- health, hor strength, wl" s"", '"™k ,V"1
her vory llfo, is being drained away. »«" lno LoT" Express. „,. ,
No food and no caro can do any Not so very long ago Mr. Winston
good. Common in cine cannot savo I Churchill was challenged to an either from broken health and a hope- counter a I'oulranco by nn ralo
less decline. Now blood Is the one constituent at Oldham. Cue hosi-
Ihlng   Unit can make her a healthy, totes to think what would have h..p-
cheorftil,  rosy-cheokcil girl.   And  Ur. I ed had Mr. Churchill had lei tiro
IVIlliams'  I'i'nk puis actually   mako enough to resumo his martial role.
now blood wiih every dose.'That is    Lord  llcaconslicld   onco challenged
ih,-   n-holo secrot of how they   have O'Cotinell to a duel, but tho famous
She Did Not Believe in Them, but
To-day She is Strong and Well.
Coll Ing'vvojJil,    tint.,
(Special).—Mrs.   Thos.
moved   here about   tw<-
from   llurk's   Kali*    «
many    Canadians   who
Nov.      27
Adams, who
'ears uso
one of llie
once    had
saved   thousand,
girls   from  an i
Alice Cliapul
at -175 St.    Tine,Hi
ut' pule,   unn Ic statesman found himself bound over
n curly   grave.     Miss to keep tho peuco in n police court
aged 17 years,   living instead    of   departing   across    Iho
street,   Mon-| Channel to blow- out tho bruins
Height's Dlscnso and are now strong
and well.     Like all llie olliees    she
wus cured by Dodd's Kidney Pills,
„r ;   "I was eight inonlliK nn invalid,"
ireal, gives strong  proof of Ur. Wil- |,|S political opponent. is''-vs Mr:i- A,ll,m-'- ""lid "" '""'  *'""
Hams'Pink Pills lo euro.   "A couplo    o'Connell   himself   f S'ht   a duel i toll what I sulTei-cd.   Mydoctorsaid
if years ago" says Miss Chuput, "1 with a member of tho Irish House of I had llrlght's lllsonso and Sciatica,
ive; nn almost continuous suffer,"--, Commons named D'Esterro and kill-.1"" ' B01 "" lvl"'f flvm anything he
and bet'unie so weak I could   hardly|cj „js opponent. !8'avo "'"■   At' 'ast " fr'om' "f    "'-v
Another fatal   duel was lhat    In
which Lord Cnmolford,  one ol   Iho
most confirmed duelists of his day
and a man   who had    tho death of
more lhnn one fellow creature on his
i bunds, was killed by Mr. Dost. Both
go about. I suffered from frequent I
and prolonged spells of dizziness, [
had frightful headaches, and my
stomach wns completely out of order.
The least exertion would leave ne;
worn out and breathless, nnd .1 did
not   appear to have a drop of good' '^^ sho% aml on0 0, t,„,
husband Induced ino to give Uodd's
Kidney Tills a trial, 1 hud no Inilh
in them, for 1 thought I never
would got hotter, but after Inking
three boxes of them I was aide to
do    my    work.      I have   bod good
blood in  my body.     1 consulted
doctor, who (old me tho trouble was
g( nil   debility, hut his   treatment
did not help mo a particle. To ntitl
Lo tho trouble my nerves nave way,
and 1 often passed sleepless nights.
At this singe a friend advised mo
lo try Br. Williams' Pink Pills, mid
I got a few boxes, The lirst bene'it
1 noticed from the use of the pills
was nn improved nppotito, and tl.i-i
seemed Io bring much relief. I continued taking the pills until 1 had
used six boxes, when I was fully restored to health, anil 1 have not had
a day's illness since. 1 cannot praise
Ur. Williams' rink Pills enough for
tho great good they have dono me."
A pale anaemic person needs only
one thin;;—new blood, Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills do one thing only—they
mako new blood.    That  is nil   the','
had just slipped a   peanut   .
Into the outstretched hand of one of | ll": but thoy (to II w
thi    :   nl ■   ',    when    a larger one
II head il iwivward by ids
tail, ■ latchi tl tho pi anut, and scaru-
',y    raci I after    him,
ly; i  fierco quarrel
it, the poa-
third   nioii-
pi ii tl up tho i
i ■    . or    ti ml
I,-..,!..    In ii.
nut was drop]
i hunl .' g through tho sawdust for
; thing good to eat, found and
I'" il :... kit g his lips with gi'eil
enj yuu nt
i li ■ quarreling   grew   louder    and
l      r.  Tomi ly tried lo stop il by
offering n whole handful oi peanuts;
but the monkeys were too angry  to
■   him.    So ho dropped tho pea-
i ul ■   on tho   II ■ ol tho cago   ond
turned away. Ami when they loot 11
i . from the door of the pavilion,
I - Iron saw lho two moukovs
still :!!-. ling on tho high shelf,
and I ■ tl : i calmly eating tho nets.
I nin| '■ - head from side lo side
-,. th  |Uii k, comical glances.
' Vi i ii'! tin;.' silly to quarrel over
i, : ttlc thing liko that?" suid Toui-I
i "I : e nn ', though, il was
ni   n in ll o big ono to snatch   tho
I       ■     ■    ;  ■■     V "
Hut 11 the littlo one had kept his
' ' .-. he'd iii'.e been lots hotter
, " said D iris, "lie needn't have
be impolite, oven ii the big one
"I guess mamma's rii lit," laughed
R . -   tl ty   stop] ed again    le
i . ■ e genilo | rniric dogs, "she
s:- - it i..' ■ r pays to quarrel, Oh,
ii : -.. u - ■" lhat little fellow go
out i:' sight In that hole!"--
C :..'.:, Churchman.
net on the bowels. They
er with mere symploms. Tin
cure any disease Hint, Isn't eo
Iginnlly from I ad bloo I. Hi
Dr, Williams' Pink Pills rep
blood with good blood the;
straight al the rool and rail
common diseases like headed,
aches, backaches, kidney
liver complaint, biliousness,
lion,   tun-,' min   neuralgia,
They don't re*
don't both- f.,s|
I two pistols used was supposed to
he slightly moro perfect lhnn lho
oilier.' A piece of money was tossed
up to decide tho choice. Best won,
nml in llie result Lord l.'anielford
fell mortally wounded,
The last duel fought ill Ireland was
between a Mayor of Sligo and a
member of lho legal profession, but
honors were declared easy, for nothing happened,
Mr. Tlerney charged Pitt with "obstructing the defences of the country," and thnt oratorical observation sounded so terrible in tho ears
of llie eminent statesmen that
sent his second!: to Mr, Tlerney.
Tho two met at U o'clock one Sunday morning nt Putney Heath, not
fur from tho Kingston road, fired
two shots    nl each other and  then
health ever since I used Dodd's Kidney Pills."
wont     Chnrlei
s Fo
k   oi
i ico bnd
se of nil
II ■:.   Si  !C-
t rouble,
hulij ■ s-
plied   by   tl:
locomotor ataxia end lho special secret troubles thai nevy woman
knows hul that nono of them li
lull; about, even to their do,
But you must have tho genuine
or you can't bo cured, and li."
nine always have the fu.ll name,
Williams' Pink I'ills for Pale
pie," on the wrapper around tin
Sold by all modii ino dealers or
(llrecl by mnil al 5(1 cents a hex or
six boxes for $2.50 by writing Ihe
1U-. Williams' Medicine Co., llrock-
vlllo, lint.
mils  on   the
War Oflleo
cceived    a cimllengo
Fox accepted, lho
,    and Hi"    si nl i-i-
is wounded.    "Adams," ho i.i
,1 lo have said on that    la-
iiieiiluble   occasion,    "1  do    belloyo
you'd havo killed me  If you hadn't
i  j used Government powder."
English Women Use Ancient Symbols of Slavery.
The anklet, aflor hundreds ol years,
has returned to favor ill London, and
is to grace tho slender ankle of the
belle ol' to-day.
The modern anklet resembles tho
plain gold bund first worn as a sign
oi' bondage. Being a slave no more,
woman, us is hor habit, is only too
glad to play with Ihe symbol of
he | slavery, provided the symbol is becoming. Therefore, the anklet graces
the loot of the. girl-who wants to he
just a little more than merely up-to-
Oriental anklets are much in dead:- I iiuinil, and in many Instances lho-,0
! are supplied with a hingo and clasp,
und .slip round the foot easily.
Some of the new mil.lets are tho
tiniest gold bands Inscribed with ancient    charms,   said    to defend    111.-
from Mr. Adams
duel was foughl
man Wi
nil diva
and    from
First English Periodical Firm
Publish in Canada,
wearer li-oin
evil of every
Other anklets nro mn
stones strung' together,
worn under tho stockin,
ly show
are they.
Phoenician glass or   boaton    ;
anklets carved in   hieroglyphics
very popular, and will probably
worn at winter dances.
A (ir-.-at Combination, "rorrn-ini" tlio best
tonic i
' ot precious
Theso   nr,:
and si'nrt".'-
through, so line and   small
rlv phics   nre
li -ti,nl.I 1,0 la!;-
by nil Invalids, liy
„i soils.   It llllitllS
Strange e.n:l Gruesome Device Resorted to  by Swindler.
The latest, and according lo all
accounts, tho best ol any publication that Sir Alfred Ihirmsworth
has ever hnd anything lo do with,
has l---ii selected as  lho  lir I   | al II-
catlon   of   dial    fam  pnbllshb     ,,.
house lo bo   printed and   published     Jnck—1 don't know
in Canada.     Al   the - im >mi nl   0Xccllenl  preventive.
that tho announcement  :•    made   in .	
lhat  tii" llBi'insworth peri-     a  smoothing; Oll.-To throw oil   upon
, ,, :, ,   •,,  , ,,. ,.   .    ai.   tl..' troubled waters moans to sulnlna u,
odica '  ' ;"  1'°, "'   ''     >''      :   '   '     col     ■'     tlm most boisterous sea.    To
year,!   made  pub      in     . ; ...... ]„.. Tiionms' Eclcctrlc Oil to tho
A PEeasant Surprise
For tea drinkers is to give them a hot, steaming cup of fragrant
TEA instead of the ordinary kind.   They'll notice the difference quick
enough, then noisJng will do them but Blua Ribbon Tea.
'Sftt.^ TKEE! ES2320  X.jS,.EES31..
M upf-v--:--'
I Easily and QuickEy for Vcur Chus c!i
m   M-Jtid iwp[iotcrrii|»li>,(ttiiyBt::u)(ir t.li\>*v!i ivml ...tbtor,*';' cuter bi:1*-
rt    Jo-.'tJ mT wu\.!llr.-|mnliK'ii tutri'lJu-i. In InwiU-iil linlf-lni.ti, utitiHI
BATH AMJKINC* Tim,*, «'AM, l'i,.,H[i'l.i'. ll'-.^ii llMiiltli'S crUli'5* ra
o.iua, niiolini.Mifaiaiortodi tuumii,i!t-c,,Iiittor«l iwnltMotcu. Mako
!i;-ittu!!iil, ti'-luhlo H'litviiiiltu   yiiurBulf uit.l iVIiov; workers full
KEEP $31.00, ISO US S20.00 ^WntrSSffi Wo
xo nioKn' iii'ornisi, ix aot.imi:. i,nt (is.ixi n.-,-L'|.t,-.i ii -ritii
errtnr. mtl«(ii-!:.'i-.[.-i'fii-anl.',',l. 0,11, i:pi!,pl„ nn,l liuoiili! "lion-1-
Il-i'-nKoiic,'l!.'.,ltoSie^lli-.-c ,lfI.I!U„ii.i!,„,„,,l,..,li-i!,!.',ili. Al.„.
n:--,lp!,-i hm ,ii!i,l-!i;l!.u- set! ■■,',,! -i I I- t .'.t'Ii.iih ,. f'l'',, .,,,-,0 lirlip.
Injurious clwitiicnl, ur any
form ul udullcrution.
Harry—Whisky    is said  to bo    a
good unlidulc for snake biles, isn't
1 find it   nn
Mo [[arms-
need |
ling in   'fo
ri ip. FATHER'S SMC l-i.
'I- w m u y of you girls play the
! or or; in? No-.v is tho limo to
', ■ rn to play, dear girls, while yi i
i quiti ■ . V ti see, girls, w»
: ■ wait until wo are big to
l ■ di i ■ lething. Girls
i ■ learn to piny when
;        , as it goes better aad   seerw  „,,,,.,;, ,, .,   mortuary
" :   ' '"' ■'   •' ' I ''■'"     A day or so later il
' ' '       "     "'ink   ol ,.,, ,,,,,    ,:„.   . .....
'     ' :-"'';>"if i:!  tho coffin was   no   othor 1
-      ■     ' ":i'    or ,.,;„.,  whos0 tr|
1 t tho pii       and the plem ro ,.: „.ith |liin
-'.'::. Oi   the
,   ■     ■     ■       ■ it    tl
A strange and  somewhat gruesome
deviee,    by   villi h    a    man"   named :■"''   ''■■/    :]  '• :
Uakor, charged tho other day    with  worth in  , hat
fraud, succeeded in onco   evadiii   ar :     ■   '■' •''"■
i-i    . and a   second   lira i ii    i     rout'      \U   ". ■■ large ol
a I um us, was    describi I at    1        perntlons he   '
West    Ham   Police   Court;   Londj'ijllo
England. the most r
tin one ocension, when   "wanti I,"  (ion '      :"     !'
Bilker was understood to bo al    an object   tp-
underlakei-'s shop at     Men,!-   Park, n can need
nml   the   officers  of the court  wei.l included   within its
there to appri heed    him      Bui      ■ ■ . .
could not be found, though Iheplaie ond ti
Th? Prasldont a 8lave to Catarrh,-
presldent of Sample's
:..'i. npany,    Washington,
■    "For
ti      led body   when It is racked   with
pain ii.!':".': si'eedy stibjiuration ol   tlie
most   reft-nctory    elements,      It   cures
■ills  i, nf ,'s,  tiilios the lire flout
. nnrl ns i: g 'nl household ineili-
cinc       .     .1 ill nimiy ailments,     It is
worth much.
i ... r—"Ni I long ago I came
In i o ai i Ij ■ hi a porous plaster
to hi lp mo gel rid of Iho lumbago."
was thoroughly sun '■■■■^.
(in trestles in tho shop o
fin, iu which the p I ce v\ ■
ed thero lay a body.   In :. ■  | r
ol the officers the i iffln v. -     .
■°\ up and taken nwaj  to, ns
...   i    i. ,, „
..   .   -"Yi
il   llio'.'.1"
I     .
■. ■:.
What can    1    do
Customer—"]  want
to help mo get   rid
years   I    was
:   i ; tarrh   Rome-
■ ' '!
is a perfect cleaner and wil
not injure anything.
Best for all household pur'
poses, Sunlight Soap's super'
iority is most conspicuous in
the washing of clothes.
Common soaps destroy
the painted or varnished
surfaces of woodwork and
lake the color out of clothes.
Even the daintiest linen
or lace, cr the most delicate
colors may be safely washed
with Sunlight Soap in the
Sunlight way (follow directions).
Equally good wilh hard
or soft water.
Your money refund?;' by the dealer
from whom you buy Sunli jht Soap if you
find any cause for complaint.
Lever r.rolhcri limited, Toronto
Remington Typewriter
]>ory iiimlnl of UoDifHgton Typewriter
lias been a biiocow, Tlioro novor was a
Komington falluw,
TUE NliW MODEIiS roproiont the sum
anil Mitataiico of n'l Rnmirtgtoii mcews—
iiltw BO years of ospoiionuo In typow liter
We will lm ptail to hare you call at our
oflicoaml boo llie now ramlola or Bonil for
ilhwtmtod buoklot doscriblns tlio now
Remington Typewriter Co,
33 Adelnldo 8t. E., Toronto, Canada
0 I C's, 2 months old, $8. Silver's
highest-priced strain. Only best pigs;,
shipped. ITillSNIillAliS FARM,
Plntlshurg, N, Y.
*- lifly-nere fruit farm; only ono
in ilo from city limils ol Niagara
Falls,    ll. Cole, Soulli End, Out.
! * to do nuiehiiie knitting for us
nl bonie; S7 to t* 10 per weok easily
earned; wool, olc, furnished free;
disttiiice no hindrance. For full par-
llculni's address Iho Dominion Knitting Co., I'epl. fd, Orillln, lint.
Send no money.    Simply name
lUI't'l.Y CO.
i mi.
It U i
f'i ,,
1  i
Pmotloal Ivci-y il-iy te^som on
For 75o. post ti Uil.
F/inra pua. house,
Hoi IM. llhallialll,0.1t
I and i hou       thing
to them to listen to i I             oi
i       '    '•':.'-' ' papa, i ty l
t.   ,       ns, who   I ■,.   - ,   little,
nnd who, by his I rk,
l            [or you to en; -        priv-
;           Help him tho   i
Ellen sat nt the | practicing
(fever dill tl m to tick
. :      '
On tho se   ■■ I occai
.   .   lis     IV. 1.,   tO    i H
timo a woman ut the
Mr, Baker was vorj 111 and
1)0 I
When I next i
.     ,  .   ,. IWI      .      :   '
■ ■
., rn ng     Then  can o
tho "body" was i
Ul •     ■ ■'■'•  ml
i. .  ,    tarted business    I
pi ri of I oi ■ n
Ho ho
o .. fraud
;.:;   ..:'.:,:.!: Nf'"
■   ,. I.   "A '
' I Ihe cli
10 movo   more -
11 [lu       tl ;
tiring!   I wish  I      ,   v	
thing, as I
". y, ] in,   win
I -     -        the "A
: .'■■....     papn to buy    N'otl an
i   ... i    ■       '. tirediand onsli       the pnrenl        lo lake
ol it I ' .. - r ' ■■    ■    ,:
: .'.   :      ■'   •   !     "I'bed        wal
did not know it i     sucl li u I ■■•     . :   n     i ing thu 'I bo
,      mn; and   I con'l   be ir to   i   ly ,.: le   hei an ■■ nol   , -ii
.   ■•
i words    i
ii : t by spoclnllsta
.- "■ ,-oli, f until
lo uso Di \gncw's
ll ;:,!'.,• almost
7,0 c nl      10.
Ill lo      llll)
rltnt     down pret-
.      a   na-
;  had lo,
, nl  l owe .   ,. a
  su 0)
.    ' . .    ...   I       -   ''
r . it ly bccaii " II eli ■
skin I    A  littlo differ
mornb I di  ■■ at exon
1 wi    .        to ploy pretty pi -co
li!!!-  boWl I    ' I  ai (I  H ■ skill
hoi  and foverl        Hell   n Ihls   and
:   ■       ,i   i ■ ■
thing."    Il
lenlioi I
"    Wl
...       .     , .
... i tit to   deal    '•'•Hi
A   littlo "' p'
..    ■ . .    r ■ r
,   ,.    . •
I    ■ '
The ,
i;i ,
You must I ilietit, dear,"   m   |,abv will    I   u        nil night,   dlfieretn ,       , ct, ll I   nearly bnpn   Iblotogoth
ired   her   mothe.      ' I  o    pretw ,;,    , .,      , i ,■        -   „        I     . .    . \ \ ■„  H   *pt    th« Mcicntjnc   propoilU
. v, ,. i  mob:  and by.    Think jrtftV(    ,jUfl)  ■-),.   moihoro nocvl    to m siUmtion of i that nothing Ih ovor IobI
Tramp—I lived on water onco for
six months.
Lady—Well, I must uny you don't
look it.
Tramp—I ustor bo a sailor.
A lien'5 LungBalBanii '" whlchthora Is no
opium, ntro.-i soro throat wi'l sore lungB as it
allays tho ftiflammatloii i'-n.l rich you of the
inuooiM tint stops up thealrpaasugos. 25o.i sou.,
$1,00 bottles.
Llfo Is not always what it  scorns,
for there's many a silver watch   on
tho end of a gold chain.
Mit'l in Their A ft ion —Parmiloo's
VflffOtable Pills are very mild in tiiolr
action. They do not cause gripping in
tlm Btomach or cause disturbances thero
its ro many pills do, Therefore, tho
most delicate can tako them without
(ear o! unpleasant imulls, They cunl
too, he ii'tiuinisii'icd io children without Imposing the penalties which follow the uso 01* pills not so carefully
um [;>:nkk.ui,y perversity,
Mrs. Hunks—J wish you wouldn't
lm so positive. Thoro aro two sides
to overy question.
Old flunks (with n roar)—Well,
that's ii" reason why you should al-
v,.i. s ho on tlio wrong Mill!!
"My Hurt was Thumping my Llfo out"
Igthe !■.,,. Mi., it. H. Wright, of flroekrllle, Out.,
de ■ rlbes her sufferings from smotliorlng, lliitto.-a
In; and palpil itloit, After trying many rcmuilio-
iritheiil heneflt, ;' bnttlei r-i Dr. Asoew'ii t'ure
for the Ueart nMtaratl her to health. Tlio first
lion "■ limo t Instant roliof, ami in a tlaymif-
f.ii.n, ■   i c i alt 'gothor.  31
i    pect/' said litllo Tomi iy aftor
■   ,   hi ur   In his mil nro   class,
"that flowei   eh not up Iji  ■■ n o lit y
l avo pi ; lis Inside of '* nt,"
'., q   [followay'i   Uoni   Cure  a  trial,
tl i■ ',.'ii iin *ernfl from unu pair of
feet i.Uhout any pain. What it has
i:       oiiu   it uiii do ngaliii
IVh *n ii fellow has '!!■ covi rod that
;ri    i,i,    im. i-   i hnngo lias lilicivd
I  n I,-il- in iii. LroiiBorB perk,-
Tody—'Mennlo lolls mo young
\Voo<lljy proposed in her last night."
Viola—"! don't think I know him.
Is ho well off?" Tody—"Ho certainly is.   Sho refused him,"
" Rogulac PraotlUonor—Ho Result."—
M:m. Annie ('. Cluwtnnt, of Whitby, wan for
months a rheumatic victiui.Mmt South American
Uliomnatic Curo changed the son from "dospalr"
in "joy," She Bays: " 1 Hitfforetl untold misory
from rlieumatism-tloctors' modtclnos dltl mo no
good-two bottles of South American Rhoumatlo
Cure curod mo—relief two hours aftor tho lint
A woman's Idea of frankness Is to
havo como man tell her how nice ho
thinks she if;,
Often what appear to ho the most
trivial occurrence ol life prove to he
the moht momentous, Many ino disposed to rdbnrd u cold nn it slight
thin1-*;,, deserving of little consideration,
and iihis neglect often results in most
Koiioiis ailments entailing years of suffering. Drive out colds nnd coughs
with llicklii'.s Anti-Consumptive Syrup,
the recognized remedy fur nil alkcliona
of the throat und lungs
"Blusher Is the, most bashful man
I over knew." "How on earth, then
did ho como to get married?" "Ho
wns too bashful  to refuse."
,ub 0UETA1
Writ, to „. nljoul loin
curiiii AHioiaari dybimq oo„ e,» im, mu,i:. -,-j
tld „( (luiisi (I  H,;lbCV, .Ilu
■TUn ririiiurAcruitsn —— =;
V-7 UZiKarj- XBca,n-6_ Vi. mix-oirito
I MEN'S I'l'Itmi'l I'llR-UNRD
trytliltig In I'uis. Sand Ior catalog.
ivu pay liinlt-.'.l la-icod. soiid
iv'J [orprlco uat,
-. lightful it will be by nnd   by
to   ■  •■ rtain   fall -    whi u ho i omi
I     o tired from lho oil       Vou kn i'
i      ,.. ; vol ii . .   p 'j, you:
       ,..- .   '   . . i   father's
ng    id   In lho  chll i's
i    ■
fall .... i ,
I ■' !:       '
I       and   I
keep   baby   li allhy   and mal ■■ '"■■
.; p so mill) Is l:.-ie.'. Own I ublel lilll
which euro all Loin u h, bowel and j l-'i
:. ti, i.: trim ..     hi i ■'•■■' • i''   nolo i"
no I  i. alll : . p       Mrs
Wm, Ih lines, Hncre, Onl .   n;       ll
1  ||,     ■  ,i     '.  .   i     'I   Willi      , '    il
neh and «'ns coitalIpalod n onl
I    WUS    ill:','",. ■
r,  tl
ns chi
I'       : I "
I       -. oftci h
tnd by they will I -
I. ■ v. tily haru
:...   , who   l,     re all Ihoy
I ■  ,. II;   t .! all  thoy know.
I      pntleneo. i,
,.     I with her|]*l
■        ;■.'     .    :■'
:    -    nr.-l
vi .
i || ,'   ,.. ■•
Iiut bv
.    the
I gave   him lln        Own
,.,- ! lounil Ilium n -
. in        .'i 'I    would not 1 il
■ ■    ■        Von can gel  Ilo Own
I'cblel     from   ui    driiggisi   or by
in,,,! at 23 conls a box by wpl Ing
lho    | i      trill  in .'   Me III 111 ■     I "
II ..;   llie, i nl,
l.iir i;   norl  al liasl   nnd | id	
iIml  i, the bei I  tiling thai can    be
said ubout ll,
■  , .i " are
ila who    ■      I. bo snub
TO  ', ' "'■!, I'KIt,
\ uneter   tl al    ci n    lm
. ;.     or ,; .
.   .   ' .
ittn le as foi Two      y
, half
pi i.t-e, ball ■   ■       of i nu  il ! "f :l ;
tnonln,   nnd    i       '   '■'   ■ of   I"'"'
pit ,■ ,  in   i i ..      '    ■    .    i
phln       II i  - :u .,               I      ilh-
nr guide      I" '           ill '"''|-
tnin will roinaln 11 ■■"    '■    the   a|i
proai h of   chai          i do . ill
,1...   up in lho liquid, v.I'd,-    lormy
v.. iili i '■ .11 b,      lluited I    Ihe ve
di ittirbi 'I condition   of n inicul
A  i;'-.   . OUVl   ir.
-;     -. I-....        ' rn
I  . ,   ■ I   ol   I'I ,   ■
' ' ■
of   rn ' ro
. eh card,
.   ■ Llm carda   aro
, ,. .
■    prepared b;    ,
tl   pi .,,;..      i by tl n
,  iml I l.oii
.     .    :    . ml iln a  hand
,;.. .,, :.    litl    rnphi'd   in
', i      tioloi      Tho cards I I
,,    .    neatl    :"    d     '111 tV
.,, , Is 01 ll
Trim ■' ' ■ ' |,;
: nnd i"': ■■      '."!■ ivi   ii il
only fm - li imo but to i - ad tu
I distant Irlciu,,
Dltl you iiollcetlnt. olil mei lhn;,ltiir aloni- a
day or mur.nl VVoll. If lm will nut on IiIh back
"Tlio I) * I." Montliol l'lialor, In a nook ho will
walk us straight M any ono.
Tei't'ilied Toper—They ain't u-goin'
to hang mo, are IheyV
No, not now.
Better  witSiout  a Stomach I
than with one dial's got. n constant
"hurt" lo It. 'Ur. Von Stan's Plno-
apple Tablets sliniiihtte die digestive organs. Let one enjoy lho good
tilings of llfo and leave no bad ef-
feels—eiii-ry thorn Willi you iu your
vest pocket—CO In box, 115 cents.—18
"Mr. Mnnlon snys be never spoke
a harsh word to his wife," "Yes,"
remarked u lady, "but was lhat, due
to kiiulnc's or caul ion? That's
what I should like to know."
Siuiliflit Until 1» tcli.r tt" •'*•' 'Wi
bit ia but wiaa natd in ll.. CunUgl.'. v.-.-.;.
Buy Uuall(lit Snip mil follow directions.
I'lllirilKINK'S PIlOPHBOy,
Apropos of the present disorders
in lite!,in, lho Manchester "Guardian" recalls the prophelic ulleriiiu'c
of one of ilii! most brilliant ol Russian pools—Alexander Pouchklno,
For bis bold lull: he was banished
lo lho southern provinces:
"Think you," ho said, "to dazzle
for ever thoso heavy-eyed, drowsy
multitudes by die splendor ol lho
t/ni'i: crownl Ki'i'or, Thut splon-
ih,i- will fade, and just, too, at a
time when it will be most iieeiled.
Those sixty millions of swinish serfs
sleep allll, you say! True; but they
will iiwnl;,!'! Not certainly In our
tlm,-, mu- perhaps In ihal of our
children, bill awake they will; nnd
when that moment cooks the l!ni-
peror's sceptre will be a child's plaything; his divine right a )0St| the
Rtipi-eiiiiuy of Russia n vanished
dream! He warned, nnd lot tho
work that must be done be timely
Sol about, The army, do you say?
|',„ hi Oa tho day 1 speak of tho
, ■ i , It, rs Will be on lire, too."
This Waa uttered more than three-
quailers ol a century ago, and It
now looks as il time were to give it
If yon succeed In getlirg your head
abovo tho crowd-expect to have It
J Wo am appointing ono dnipunt nr agent W
y liiovory town or virtue all over 0ana4a for •*•
•y- tho wtlo of our reinodloa.  We treat lueoew' $
tf\ fully llnr.iut, Cattle, Shoup, Hutfi aud X
X' Poultry, Young Colts with naval ami Joint M
I cltl0.'iHO. T
i. Our Freo Advice and Coupin SyMt»i «
u will interest you, Write for list of rumi--^
-^ dies anil Noaroatagonoy, N i Btook«br»d»r Q
n can know too mitcti ah,mt tho diseases lib £.
T animals aro Huhjut't to, A
T    fir.0 DUNDAS Hi'., 'I'OItONTO, ONT,    w
Nil lie—"A prl docmi't often marry Lho man who is tho hest husband
for hor." Nod—"Of course not. If
ho is a good .husband there is no
occasion to many him moro than
rioaHnnt us syrupi nothing equals it
n« a worm inodlcliio: thu name Is Mother druu's' Worm ISxtermlnntor. The
yrciltcst worm dontroyer of tlio ugo.
UorrougfhB—Suy, old man, thoro
was u timo when yon promised to
share your last dollar with mo,
Illohlcy—Thal.'s all right; 1 havoa't
got down to it yet,
For 33 Years
Sliiloh'a Comumption Cure, lho Ulna
Toaic, litis boon before the nubric, one
this, together wilh t!.o fact Ihal its tales
have ilcadily incretisixJ y«( by ywu, is tho
best proof of tlis noril ol
« a euro for Coiujis, Coldi, mul «S
diKMes cl the Innci ond oil poa-sci.
Thoso who hovo uwl Sliiloh would not
be without it. Thoio who liaro ntv'et
used it should know thol cvoy botlle it
sold wilh s positirt [nenmco dial, ii il
dnosn'l cute you, the daler will idcnd
what you iiid lor il. Sliilca
Has Cured
tfwHMsia'i of the mftit eMtiatl a*-i ol
Cauglui CcMt 000* Lung LrcuMes. Let it
cire you,        < -
•*L»rt wtnttr! ««cW f.*» Am ik.-'!ii ltd
Amm)wMfsimmCoejsunK, ItixMtvj
Hfu 0! tM»i»t-T«. Wi hwaflC an ni i.cipw
WW 1 B»w SUWlJ Coen»w»i-.'\ Cttt,    ?v«t
butMcandiM. 'Hm vktf I M n twy btd
c«kl. wi ti: (>!•*» to t*nk, ity iur V: to t--'*
laUrt wdi aM Use. dr w$* *J «mw im*
wjwefi«t»r«. IjmitmnMimM'^v
ur] wcr7 CM «f llrtffl Uvb U» Ciw, ■"■Dt
35c. g^Wggrtg i\ »'d Aggfe
issue;'noj Vfr-w-4     "v Iff
BE VEGETARIAN ANDLIVEfe^rtral0 £"£,*. %
  land smoke the water becomes black
WILL    CUHE    CONSUMP-'and dirty.    Whon il. Hows over tho
roofs of houses it gathers from them
many impurities,
"Whon the water goes into Ihe
ground nnd (liters through several
strata ol earth and rock it gathers
up the mineral Ingredients contained
in them,   And jusi so when distilled
Non-meat Users Say That Better
Results Can be Obtained
From Nuts and Fruits.
The' announcement recently made «^^^^^^^_,^^_,^__
by Ih'. .lohn P. Hussoll, of Now water passes through die human
York, Ihal oxcellent results had j system it takes nil tho impurities
been obtained from die use of raw fi'om (he sysiem. They are gathor-
vegolablo juice in the treatment of ed Into tho water and so pass out
consumption did not surprlso the j of Ihe system,
vegetarians. The secretary of the "Now, meat contains no distilled
Vegotarian Society says that while j wuler. Fruits contain the most por-
llr. Hussoll Is probably on tho right feet, lho purest distilled water; so
track, he would undoubtedly secure 11 here is no oilier food so good as
fin- bolter results from the use of [fruits, Look at llie long, hard pro-
raw fruit, which would be al the cess lho water has to go through lo
same lime far more palatable (or gel to lho fruit, up through tho
the patient, lie holds that n diet pluni or (ice. through tho hard
of fruits and mils exclusively, which knots nnil long branches; (hero can-
he suys is Ihe ideal diet uml lln- not possibly be any impurities left
mislukubly Ihe one that  Naiiire   in- In  H-
tended Iur mini, will cute rot only j "These doctors are probably on
consumption, but cancer, all scrotu- tho right (rack, mul I nm not sur-
lous diseases, rheumatism, gout, |prised to bear that the use of vege-
niiil in    short   most  of tho ills tollable juices has led lo good results
which hiiiniiB llei-b is heir.
Wosl vegetarians iiov.-n-days, it
seems, arc nol striitly or specifically iu a narrow sense vegotarian   in
is better than a vegelablc cure. Tho
pine    distilled    water  iu  the (mils
iheii- diet, but tho term has boon tftkcs aij thn impurities from the
used for 100 years or so to deslg- bodyi and lcaves it ,n Sl|d, comU.
nato the non-meat caters, and ihe .li(,„ t„at Nature can work a
name slicks, Thero is no probabll- sp(,edy ,,„.c ,,,. Hussoll would find
ily that il will bo changed in tbo that pure fruit juices would work
near future or that u hotter one will mucn hKter nml quit.ko,. t|mn hls
bo Umul vegetable   juices.     lie should   uso
These    herbivorous  humans,  while frults mor0 „„,, veg(jtables less,
nil    agreeing on    tho    one cardinal j   "Vegetarianism    is    a    misnomer,
point of eating no ilesh, are divided
into many seels.      There tire   some
who cnll    themselves    humanitarian I ru|  ||vo „,,
vegetarians,   and   there are hygenlc exclusively
vegetarians;   these   nre die primary
anyway.     The best vegetarians—Iho
strictest,  Hint  is—und most health-
nuts and fruits almost
bers I the cult	
hold that practically everything bc-
longing to the vegetable kingdom
Hint is not poisonous is good to
cat. Somo hold lhat only those
things lhat grow above ground aro
fit for food; they would eat no potatoes or other tubers, roots, etc.
One enthusiast at least has been
known to live—and say thai I'.'.' enjoyed It—exclusively on a diet of
grass. Some hold dial mushrooms,
trollies and all similar fungous and
parasitic growths are decidedly not
lit for food. Still others profess to
believe lhat cereals are very pool'
food mul should not bo eaten.
An increasingly large number hold
thai mankind should cat nothing hut
fruits mid mils. These forswear
even the commonest food vegetables,
such ns beans, peas, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, carrots, squash, celery, lettuco ami of course, polatoes.
Charles A. Montgomery, secretary
of the New York Vegotarian Society,
is n humanitarian vegetarian. lle-
yond that he lias not yet decided to
which subdivision of the cult he belongs. While he lives chiefly on
fruits and nuts, he has not yet
reached the point of giving up cereals or potatoes and other common
On vegetarianism    in general, tnk-
Nuts contain more nutriment than
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ any other known thing. They con-
There nre vegetarians who permit | tain fully mallei- iu absolute purity,
themselves the uso of milk, butter, whoreas meat, which is fur less nu-
chcese and eggs; others who will not trltlous, anyway, often contains
touch these things. There me some poisonous substances and microbes,
who call themselves vegetarians and Nuts end fruits make an ideal diet,
will on occasions eat flsb and shell-1 "And thoro enn be no doubt Hint
fish-but these are nol worthy of the fruits and mils are intended liy Na-
naine, according to the stricter mem- |tui-a ns food for mnn.   What can be
moro beautiful than die apples.
peaches, cherries and other fruits
among die green leaves? if for no
oilier reason than this of their
beauty Nature hns made it perfectly
plain ih-.'t siie Intends Ihe fruits to
l,e ea'.en.
"No cooked food of any kind can
ever be so palatable and so nourishing as these sun-cooked fruits, The
best chef ii, (he world is the sun.
The mils and fruits prepared by him
are die best .and (he most doliclous-
ly cooked of all die foods that were
ever known.
"All thin-skinned fruits, such as
apples, pears, plums, peaches, and
so on, should be oaten without paring die shins. Tlie skin if most
fruits, except, of course, oranges and
such as have coarse, thick rinds, is
good and contains mineral salts that
are beneficial.
"Whether vegetables, and especially those which grow under ground,
nro intended by Naluro as food I
do not know, or whether vegetables
nre injurious or not f do not know.
Some people bold lhat they are. I
am not ready to give up my vegetables.
"1 nm very fond of polatoes, very
fond of cauliflower—but this is a
flower, anyway—nnd of other vegetables, and
Build Ships on a Mountain,
Off From World, Know
All the News.
promising men of the service, who
had been especially appointed to her
going down. The disaster was ut-
tribuied to faulty construction —too
low   freeboard,    heavy   top-weight,
        masts, and hurricane deck,   She had
These Calamities Are Not Now ot j cost ?2,20Q,000, and was, of course,
— jco.   Owing to their remoteness from
IS   DUTCH AND BOTTOM|a mnrket, they have hard work    in
SIDE UP. .     j disposing of their output, which Ihoy
— [have to send to the neighboring is-
Cllt Hands for side.
j   And now a vvord as to the government nnd    resources    of the island.
-.-..--^^^^^^^^^^^^^j     The governor is answerable   to   the
Rabn is    Dutch.    Saba is    mouii- 'governor of the Hutch island of Cu-
taiuous.    Saba   Is bottom side up, rncao.      Working   conjointly    with
wriles    a-Saba, IMitch West  Indies, ! Saba's governor is n local   council ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
correspondent. of two   members, who nre annually j Jong™ sineo~"bcref Admiral" Togo's I training ship which met wiih
It is perhaps just as well to make sleeted by bnbas freoinon.      -1'Iioso Hagship, die Mikasa.   Within recent I aster was ihe Aliunde, which
theso threo statements ut tho outsot, |three govern    (he island in purely years ,iu,,.,, ilavo boon manv    a(x|
Such Frequent Occurrence
as Formerly.
It is not often that such a
rible disaster overtakes a navy
limes of peace    as that which
Fashion   I
Hints.      t
Many people still have a vivid recollection ot' ih,, loss of Ihe training I _^^_^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^_
frigate Eurydlco, which foundered in •J-l-;"J"j-'J"J'-;.-j-J~|--j-.i-.j-J"l-j-l»;-I-l"'l-
a gale oil the Isle of Wight in 1,-iTS,
somo 1100 being drowned.    Another FASHIONS DRIFT,
dis-     Every well-dressed woman now do-
left ; sires deep corsets over the hips,  and
———^nn—^——. ,     ,      ,,        „„ .    , ,. ,      ._,.„     ..   - Bermuda on a trial voyage with   a 1 high In the bust, to givo the long of
for Ihe sooner one throws his pro- local matters,    Ihen- duties are not ,,,„,„ nuIH,,,| ,,v guns hul.sli)lg    .„„,  crow   c dstlng   of nearly I! n   bet, and thev are now exercising  io
conceived Ideas overboard, die soon- onerous, consisting ns tiny do prin- othol.   oxploBlons,   while lho liritish  January, 1880, and was never heard , reduce the hip sue ami lengthen   tho
or he will understand this queer lit- clpplly of such matters as (he over- ,lmi ,,,,,,„.,, nav,M |mV(] ,,.„, ,,,„,,,,„ -of   afterwards,    it    boing generally   waist-line.
lie island which is lucked away tn seeing of    die repairs   on nioi.nl a in ;,..„,  t|u, |„troductlon of tho   sub- ^^
the Caribbean Sea some 1D0   miles; trails and Imposing a dog tax,  but „,„,.„„   but soHaua dlsasto,,8    have
Porto Rico,   Saba is a dicy nro
island   where    the    ex- land's annual
SOIIlllellSl   of
peeled happens   rarely—the surprising nt every turn.
Saba is Hutch. That is, tho tricolor of Holland lloats from tho ^h.^^^^^™
staff in front of ils governor's roat-1for-o« Holland put their hands
deuce and the portrait of that
charming sovereign, Wilhelminn,
Queen of (he Netherlands, graces its
postage stumps. II hns 2,200 Inhabitants, of whom 800 nro negroes.
There arc but three people on the
island who speak Dutch ut all. One
of these is the governor, the second
The   is-1'b'ncn restricted to ihu recent oxplos- j month.
of ^	
taken for grunted that .-he wns !,,st I    'iho modorn bodice is so dependent
in a    storm    early   die   following   upon die corsets that it is most es-
""B ion on the    United Stales gunboat
I,.,.. ! .. . ... .      a... .
tax and un nd valorem duly of two IHennlngton, Hie sinking of a L'hlnoso
per cent,  on  imports  is about   S2,-
400.     The   expenses of government
aro $7,200, and die good    people of
Recently, in a frenzy of reform tho
local government of Saba considered the advisability of increasing tho
annual dog lax, hut at last reports
the question was undecided. It
Indeed one that wilt require
recently there were the   loss
 Of   Hie   S,'l|„,|;l.   e,,|||b,,;l',   iv,th     17;|
cruiser with die loss ,,f many lives "vos, a" ""' ''""'' of Spo n in 1890;
owing lo collision with n liritish ""' extraordinary hurricane In Sa-
steaincr, tho mystorlous disappear- mon harbor In IS89, when dire,!
auco of the sloop Condor during her American nnd threo Herman war-
iiuiideti voyage to Esqulmault,   nml !ships were wrecked; tho Cobra   dis-
is tho Roman  Catholic priest    and Icareful   consideration,   us  many     of
the third is the brigadier of pollen, tho island's purps are worthless, and
For Saba has a police force and an Increase of even ono cent in the
so far ns the records go it is with annual license fee would have a ten-
out a scandal. The brigade in com-|dency t„ send more titan one mon-.
poswl of lho brigadier already men-|gi-ei t0 the canine happy hunting
tioned and two privates. What Sa- ground. The question of ii tax noun's police force lacks in numbers It 0n real estate has evidently never
makes up In homogeneity. No son!been brought up. At any rate, the
of Africa nocl blush for the three Sabans pay no tax on their homes,
members, of his race on Saba's finest. For people who lack any spot at
SABA IS MOUNTAINOUS. lho seashore level enough to   stand
on with comfort tho Sabans    have
The good people   over in Holland mndo a rcinnrkable record ns   boat
who tnko pride in their small   West |Jjuildei-s.    In nil tho surrounding is-j
Ing lho vegetable juice treatment for It do nol think they do me any
tuberculosis as a text, Mr, Mont-1],.„•„,. And lho same ubout cereals:
goiiiery discoursed to a reporter
"I have been n vegetarian for
years. 1 have not touched ment of
any kind in that timo, and I have
never known a sic!; day in all those
-'I am a vegetarian chiefly from
liniiiatiit.-ii-itin reasons. Tlie majority ol vegetarians come in tor hygienic reasons; perhaps f,0 per cent.
"I maintain dial pure vegetarianism Is die humanitarian foundation
stone ol all reforms. Most vegetarians are peaceful, progressive, enlightened men. They are opposed
to both human and animal murder.
"They are anii-vivisectionists:
thoy ure opposed to war, opposed to
intemperance, They are hygenlc and
economical reformers, too.
"It mean, going back to agriculture—economic Improvement—(or agriculture will give more men employment and heller employment lhnn
stock raising and slaughtering.
That Is the point; vegetarianism is
"The movement is growing rcpldly,
Many rich society leaders are finding
thai Ihe only relict for the indigestion, gout, rheumatism nnd many
oilier ills due lo overfeeding and
too rich food is (• be found iu u
simple vegetarian diet.
"Many prominent singers, actors
nnd actresses are becoming vegetarians, They (ind Hint they can do
their work Infinitely belter by abstaining from ment, nnd they (Ind
vegetarianism both hygenlc and economical, J,iill l,chmnnn, the Herman operatic singer, has been a
strict vegetarian (or many years,
"Hut what about this vegetable
juice cure for consumption? What
is the strict, vegetarian's idea about
it?:' asked Ihe reporter,
"Well, I'm coming to thai," said
Mr. Montgomery. "We claim that
the vegetarian dietary, fruits, mils,
cereals and vegetables, will assist
Nature to make n cure of almost
nny disease, Including cancer and
consumption, Now, I'll toll you
"Wo all know that plenty of pure
wuler is the prime essential recoil lto
of    good    benllh,     Now  Ihe purest
wniei' is distilled wator,
"The water thai, conies down from
Ih,, clouds Is distilled vrnlet-. lint
this distilled wider hi like u vacuum.
'II holds nothing In solution, bill
ju i as die nit- or any gus will rush
inli, a vacuum if tho slightest wny
I,.: mndo for ii, !',, nil ihe Impurities
ni whatever It passos through of
ever will rush Into Ihe aTsllllod
wale ■•
"An tho rain comes down Ihroujli
I do not know whether Mature    intends grains lo be eaten by man or
"Let mo toll you a cure for insomnia—oat lightly of nuts and fruit,
one or both, just before going to
bed. I novel' know anyone troubled
with insomnia who tried this without getting relief, promptly and permanent ly.
"Sometimes people pay to me:
" 'I should think you would find
your vegetarianism too monotonous
for anything; a diet of only nuts and
frails must pnll on one after awhile.
What, do you do then?'
"Hut thero is no monotony about
it. These people have no conception
of the possibilities of such a (Hot.
There are hundreds of varieties of
preparations of mils on llm markets
now, ond new ones aro being made
almost every day,
"Tlie New Yolk Vegetable Club,
of which 1 nm secretttry also, soinn-
limes gives n'dinner prepared mainly
of one thing to show die possibility
of variety and pulalublonoss, And
the guests are always greatly surprised Ihal, so many excellent and
tasty dishes can be made from one
thing. No, sir, there is no monotony about vogotarlanlsin."
Indian colony have a proverb to the jionds the fame of Saba's boats is
eflect lhat whereus Cod made tbo known, and a Solmn boat manned
sea; I hey made tho land. A very by ft Saban crew is Justly held lo
uncanny force made Saba. be n combination extremely hard to
Thrust upward from die bottom of beat,
(he sea thousands of years ago   by    The islanders certainly do    make
sonic enormous eruplive force, Saba flno bonis and, as in everything else,
is as rugged nn island as there is In Uioy go to work in a manner poculi-
io world.    The only level place   on ar to themselves.    They build llieni
il  large enough to slaiul  on     with [1,000 feet above sea level, nl    The
comfort  has been utilized as a silo
for ilu principal settlement.      It  is
the foundering of the Goriunu cruiser litis in a typhoon, when her
crow went, to iheir deaths gallantly
cheering the Kaiser.
In earlier days, however, before
man had so nearly conquered the sea
somo | and winds as he has to-day, die loss
of a huge man-of-war with nil hor
crew was a mal ter of frequent occurrence, os reference lo British
naval history demonstrates only too
well. Thus, on November 20-27th,
1708, occurred what is known us
when among hundreds of wrecks no
fewer tlinn twelve men-of-war, with
more lhnn 1,800 men, were lost,
wil Inn sight ol shore. The chief of \\
them were the Stifling Cnslle, Alary
and Northumberland, lost on Hie
Goodwills;   tin- Vanguard at  Chat-
"h,- North Sea; die sinking
Eentiul that the latter should bo
'above reproach. At tho present timo
the French corsotlcr and couturier
are working together, hand nud
glove, iii their designs. The straight-
front model marked an cpock in corset i, mid it took several  Mason,
; for the modistes lo make gowns   to
! l,t it. but now    that die Dlrectolro
| styles aro here the corset-makers nro
ready to copy with them.  The  flat
abdomen,   which   the   triple   set   of
of the Ironclad Sultan in the Comi-
no channel nnd her subsequent raising: Ihe accident to 11. M, S. Howe   , . ... , ,, •
. ,.      ,       , ,,    ,        • .,    ,.      ,    hose-supporters assists ia contrivum-
at l-ifi'ol; and the loss oi the 1-rench i „„,, ,,,_',,
cruiser Sully
Collisions   have sent many a
the bottom of a presumably extinct
volcano. Afler the experience of
Martinique, which lies to the south,
one is careful to prolix "presumably" before "extinct."
The Sabans call their town    The
Bottom for the reason already glv-
Bottom. The beats once built—and [.Seniles, i ti"
they vary from a common rowboat men, wero lost
to a 40-foot schooner—they are    In- ncy, and Fircb
limn, the York nt. Harwich, tlio Resolution oiT   the    Sussex coast,   the
Newcastle at Splthcad, und Hie Reserve al    Yarmouth,    the Ill's!   live
being vessel1: mounting seventy gu
while ihe others carried sixty apt
Then there was    Ihe avit'ul disas
which overtook Sir Cloildeslcy Sh
el on   October   22nd,    1.707,   iv!
three of his Heel ran ashore ,,11'
Th„ admiral and his
and the high bust curting low in the
back, as well as the long hip, are tbo
distinguishing characteristics.
Belts are high when oie can   wear
, i ,    ,       ,               ,,     , , them,  but  these    high  belts need a
■>.-l to her doom, as ihe Japanese    .     ,. , h,    , ,. ,,  ,   .
... ,     .,   ...       .    ., ,__'. , ,.,    slim hguie, whereas the belt tnat   is
high at the back and    pulled   down
well   in   front    best   suits a stout
In taking a bird's-eye view of   tha
fashion situation, it is well to treat
it, negatively at the outset and   soy
what is not to be worn.   'Die thinirs
that are really out of favor just now
are    long,     sloping   shoulders;    the
blouse that droops over the   wais -
line in a floppy manner;  the   sleeve
Hint is big and full at the cuff;   and
the lung, pointed train skirt.
know to llieir cost, the cruiser (.h
!.shima being sunk liy collision   wiih
tho 1'. und o. steamer Ravenna in
11892, Hut, of course, lb" collision
'between    llie  Victoria and  Camper-
ilown,    on Juno   22nd, IS!).'', when
Sir (leorge Ti-you end bis
with 8u8 officers and mm,
the mosl famous of all
I'.veryoni! knows thut it was   en
by a faulty order given by the
niiral, who lost bis life.   While
fleet was cruising in a fog in
Irish    Channel    on   September
1875,  die lion    Duke rammed
Vanguard, causing die latter lo
[although her crew were saved,
I many nlso knows what a great
as on May III-'. 1
collision off Folks
ironclad Grosser
Kong Wilhelm, tho
wilh about 800
ip, I
•d I
I,,., nl disaster ii
,v- ! there was a
|1(,tl 'between III,
l|„, I fursl and Ih,
lop   'lief  folltldelill;
'.; her crew,
V.'ltt!   111.11
verted and hoisted on men's heads
in which manner thev make the perl
Ions descent seaward.
There is nol n wheeled vehicle   ir
Saba.    Thero is no road on    which ! I
one could be used.   Travel over  til
men, also foundered.
en. To roach it one must climb up- imountain trails is oil hoi- by foot or
ward for 1,000 feet from the sea j on small island ponies, which are as
level over a villainous mountain. active ns goats and not very much
The Bottom nt Saba is ns    high |larger,    Which modo of procedure is
ill the nir as the Eiffel Tower in
Paris, Truly Snbn is bottom side
up.    Hut after all one must not
Somo people waste a vast amount
of time ill the effort to do things in
a hurry whon there is no need of it.
It is only die very rich win thoroughly appreciates the full beauty of
being poor.
Human sympathy takes curious
turns nud occasionally falls in
strange places.
Tho motive which prompts a good
deed will sometimes detract from its
There is no pleasure in being told
how others criticize our little pe-
Too much energy Is apt to net In
a way which produces anything but
satisfactory results.
An occasional day of idleness
serves as a panacea for dissatisfaction  with work.
It. is not well lo judge nn Individual's worth by the way that person
presents ll lo you.
Nothing Is lost  by bestowing    a
modicum    of   rctpdCt    In  direct ions
Which seem lo deserve it.
world nre relative From the nen
Saba is bottom side up. From its
heights it Is bottom side down.
Towering up all about its diminutive capital, serrated nnd cruel hills
lose themselves in the clouds.
Through several delil s mountain
paths lead away to groups of houses
which are 'perched on cliffs overhanging dizzy descents to the surf
Tho expected rarely happens in
Sabn. An ordinary lillle island
wilh no cable communication, end a
mnil which arrives weekly via a sailing packet from a neighboring island
visited by steamers, would grow
narrow, The people would perforce
confine their thoughts to purely local topics. In Saba the reverse is
true. Perhaps the explanation is
With us a man hurries through his
morning co'i'ee and lakes a rapid
glance at the markets of yesterday,
while on his way to business. In
Saba Ihe receipt of a newspaper is
an event. The good man of the
house lights his pipe, tilts himself
comfortably In nn armchair in the
shade of his veranda and proceeds lo
digest the news—not bolt it—no; as-
situilale It, digest it. From Hie
titlo to the last advertisement on
the Inst page, that newspaper is
cone over thoroughly, and the result is that when his patient, hardworking wife calls him to dinner he
knows the state of the world up to
The Saban is nol a man of
wealth, but he has traveled, As a
rule he voyages to and fro In yaclnii,
although be occasionally favors deep
sen square-rigged craft. He may lie
j found cruising about die Mediterranean or doubling Cone Horn,
For a seaman he was born and a
seamnn he will die, nnd In (he interim he sends his wages regularly
home to support lis family; whth
he sees perhaps every two or three
years. For such a man an this to
be n domestic animal sounds contradictory, I'erhap'- that Is the reason why, being n Saban; he is domestic.
The sea nround Snbn teems with
fish and yet unit cod is Imported
from Newfoundland. Why, heaven
only knows. But die fact remains,
Sugar and flour and practically
every necessary except Hie glerlous
clininle in imported, and the mnn
standing at tho wheel of somebody's
yacht pays Iho bill.
The Saban won.en. who slay    ot
I home nnd take core of their fnmil-
prldo themselves upon their corn-
preferable is a question.   The walk- ^^^___
ing is    bad, of that    thero    is    no  her.    Aboul lids lime the Navy lost
doubt.   Hut riding'astride a diminu- many a line vessel, and die toll    of
As an
Explosions have on more ih'.n one
occasion seal a nation Into mourn-
Nol many people nro aware lhat '"g- Everyone remembers tho Maino
tlie predecessor of Nelson's famous I explosion, which had much to do
flagship, Hie Victory, which wos tho ""'"> ll:l' American-Spanish War, -lur-
le of the British Navy, enmo lo hig which tho expression "Remember
an untimely end In 17'1-i. On (),--,""' Mnino'i wus tho battle-cry of die
(ober 8th in that year sh-3 was lost Americans On September 23rd,
near the Race of Aldernoy In a tr-:|1"' Russian Ironclad Roosalko (oun-
riiic storm, her admiral. Sir John derod off tho Finnish coast with the
llalchen, Kn'i gentlemen's sons, und I loss ofabout 200 officers and men.-
a crew of 1,000 going down
with  tho opinion being general that an ex-
tlcize too soon, for all things in this |tivo pony, especially a peny    which human life was very heavy,
ins Io prefer tho brink of a   pre-  example   the    case   of
clpico to Hie middle of lho trail, is George, a line line of ball
nerve racking.    Tt requires   a  level]        MOUNTING EIGHTY GUNS,
head   and   some practice to become |mny be quoted.    While on a voyage
to Gibrallai    a lire broke out    on
■customed to either.
l-'ioin Hie heights of Saba a view
of wonderful beauty is spread out
before one. To Ihe south and east
lie the twin islands of Nevis and
Saint Christopher, with iheir mountains hidden In the clouds. Smaller
islands dot (be sea lo Ihe northward. And nil about lies the Caribbean sea, as blue ns the sky itself
and rippling in tlio trade breeze,
'The Sabans liavo a wonderful island. Originally the home of Cnrib
Indians it became later tho lair   of
pirates until settled by the Hatch, 11708. Well mnv
who have been ils owners for moro imvo fed mn s
than a century. As a pecuniary asset it is worthless, and worse, (or
it is the cmisc o( outgo rather than
income to the Dutch, Hut to be original is somolhlng, and Saba is original from ils slopes up to Its Bottom.
board, and in spile of tho ofloi'ts of
her crew sh,' burnt to the water's
edge, some -lUU of (he crew perishing wiih her,
A hurricane in the West Indies
wrought immense damage to ilii-
inin's strength iu Octohor, 1.780,
when fifteen warships, ranging from
the   Thunderer,    a
the Viclor, ten gun    	
or foundered, among llie lost, vessels being Hie Stirling Castle, tho
successor lo the battleship lost    in
plosion enn
February 2'
disaster in t
explosion !',i
loss of Hi,,  f
m Tit-Bits,
Ihe vvr ck.
LSI',!), invv   n
Austrian  navy
responsible for
■:!" Radelsky, 310   J
ihlng with her.—Lon-
Moorish Soldiers Dissatisfied Wit'.i
Kipling sing,  "We
 as for a Hiousanil
years." For instance the loss of
the Royal George, on August 20th,
1782, is one of the historic disasters of Ihe liritish niivy, and one
of tho most remarkable. In order
that n pipe tniglil be repaired she
was keeled over oil Splthcad, when
a sudden gust of wind washed I In-
sea into her ports, and she foundered like Ibe proverbial stone, Not
Germany's Expedition in Africa [only wns Roar-Admiral Kenipenfebll,
Unfortunate. [will, mosl    of his ofneers and man.
'drowned, but many people who v:i'\;1
Soldiers, ul, five cents a day, are
(he result of lho frantic efforts made
by the Moorish Government to    re-
soventv-tour    lo I habilltaft) ils finances,   lu an   order
were'east away  iust i'':-1"''! for   tho reduction in pay
'of ull   branches    of tho Government
service,  Hie military Hnd, itself   r--
(bleed from seven lo live cents a dav.
Desertions   aro  ^n-y numerous   in
consequence, ns this sum is naturally
instillicieiit for die daily requirements
of the soldiers, und Ihe more so us
prices are ruling   vi-ry high through
thu l)ad harvests.   The camps oi   die
various Government forces at     Fez
Long coats ol soft white cashmcio
with ti ;. • .■ deli ate handiwork are
il.''-!!,,-,! in belter taste for the bauy
than elaborate creations uf silk a--.il
The extremely broad-toed boot for
children, known as ti:.. natural shape,
far from 1 eing ., ly, Is very smart
in appearand if well made, and In-
dispul  ' ly    t,     bo pn I fr ::i    u
hygienic point oi view.
Habies ol s,\ months en- -hcl in
boots of buckskin with suies a- - :'.
as a glove,
The   littlo girl wi  ■ ,! Ir   kg
of sere'-, brightened by turnback cuffs
collar, and belt of scarlet kid.
Loose    coals    oi tweed,   belted hi
I back, and rcai I       nearly to the bottom oi t1 e dr, -. are tl ■ :.. st   s;r-
v: ■ tblo .-school coats shown.
!   Empire modes have invaded the Juvenile realm, and >■■'.:.'•   ,' the smart-
; est little cats shown for children are
iu this : ■
For ivi:,.: drcssi - there is a 01 •'
green and blui plaid i Hon with a
wool finish, lers well, and
costs thirty cents a yard.
Charming little cot :c of lace
and a,'!-:!!, t :•>■ -: wn for ihe babies,
They are m : I : ■ -. r outdoors, hut
ere intended to be slipped on over
the Infant's robes when it is carried
': iwn stairs :-. state t receive vi :-
Children's shoes lor dress wear
havo patent t athi r lowers and
while or fancy kid uppers.
'! he smartest wlnti r hats for cliil-
illvii nl" il, White I- ll 'mi::-., I with
-.vi:::,' sal In ribbon bows or rosetti
I:, lir.s-'-. ,.'..--, and hats, white is
the choicest sele tl in for children of
nursery age.
g   on   board, together    with
who were  lending  with     die
went down Willi her.    In    ull
Since the beginning of the unfortunate campaign in Southwest Africa
the tolal German loss is reckoned at
1,842 men, Including civilians; l.O'l.iIcrow
military persons havo died either Ip.loboill 000 live:: were I
battle or from sickness; ")!.'li wore
wounded. Resides these, 7.",0 m.vi
and officers have been sent homo
broken iu health.
When II. M. S. Sceptre wns wrecked in 'Inlib- liny on November iith,
IT!)!', l'!iI  of Iur crow porlshed; nnd
IV." ,,'k blue I, th( ' ■ ■ g ( ' :■
r, I.- -ni r. li i- I eing exploited
principally in   llie   millinery
and Tangier are already being rcdiic-j and for ,-ver.ii'g gowns, made ol layer
ed In number by theso desertions, ard after   layer of   tulle, Bpangled  with
the   soldiers    will   be scntlcred over pailettes '.hat flash all i I I     o   nd :-
Ihe country, starving nnd pcnniloss, ful blues ol the peacock to th   I ',
and vvlli ovcnlually bo driven to gain Other line-   Hint    ere fashionabla
n living by robbery anil oilier   oul aro   less    metallic   in   their  ol    -.
rages, ns Hew lake awny their anus though they   al-" glitter with a   i.-r
nnd ammunition on deserting. mori  chilly lustre '''an thai ■' puro
Tlie salaries ,,t    Customs   officers, azure.   Nattier lie,-.   - • called .
Bccretnrlos mu! police officers    have the French painter ■,! "Id times, ,i-.l
ell boon roducod    by half, and it   i: Saxe,    :,."    two    f.iv,,::-,■  :    .
all ,1 rumored thai tho salaries ol the si ados,
Viziers have been totally abolished. Olive   green   Is a distil I -
If this is s„,   it    v ill bed :., :..-., al I much u:»re worthy "I I -
corrupt practices and oxl r Ions   un ference ol those who wear sable t!.:,-i
Hie purl of ill,--,- high officials,   al air  other green.
Smoke is the latest    ■' sde   ' .
!in Ailienieii    (slxly-four '.-ens) was 1 ready n greal burden on the   nl
ist near    Tunis wiih 847 lives  In | tants o( the country.  The new ivgu-
As the campaign may continue nn- j tost near Tunis wilh 847 lives hi tants of the country. Tlie new regu-j to demand n trial, ami "snap siids"
other two yean:, the outlook Is October, 180(1, Still another ad- lallon Is said to bo duo td the emptl- Is tin extraordinary name given to
gloomy enough, uud die drain on tho j mini!—Sir Thomas Troubrld'gc—was I ness of die   Slide Treasury.    Sin,-,;' the newest edition of while, which ia
claimed by die sen on February 1st,
1807, whon his flagship lln- lllcn-
lieim (seventy four), with Ihe Jnvii
(lueii(y-llii'ee), foundered mar Ihu
Island of Rodriguez,
Oiie-liulf     nf    tho    world feminine
drink too little Wider.   They do not
know what   a   real, good, healthy
^^^^^^^^       thirst Is, and Bhould cultivate    one
plexions, and ns a rule thoy have a bv usin|[ plenty of salt both In their
right to do so.   Creamy whites and|(ood „nd in its natural state      It
resources of die country Is ulso greet
-probably 200,000,000 of marks
have been already poured onl on
thoso arid deserts, As colonial ev-
perls have assured Hie German pui-
lic   that   Souih-ivesi   Africa cannot
support mure than fi.OOO while I'.me^H	
ilies, (here is universe,! discontent nf Three veacs Inter die .Mi nm- met
the ononnous price paid foe Ihe  re. hoi doom,   wiih   ,'Iiki soul;   on lho
Kioruiioii of German prestige Prob- Hnali Hank, und 1100 perished   with
ably no recent action ol Ihe Cerimi-i, the frlgalo   Haldanl ill Hie   Irish
(.orei'iiiriciit  hmi done, more    I .',,,„,,, „„ December -lib,   1811; while
creese ihe ranks of (he Social Deuii- U,.j i.,„, i,y ,,,,„   of   seventy-four
cracy than  Ws lll-slarrot expedition gmi AJ(l„ n„ lha |„lnlld ,„- T„'„„I(K.
In B.uth-wesl Africa. TOwe will bo with 200 of her crow, musl. not  be
some anpy .rarlmjnatlon nml much forgone.    Ad -„l  Reynolds    and
some 2,000 men of the crews  of ihe
Its issue t!.,' Mooi Isli i;,,',,"i'.,;'
arranged a loan   with   omc C
financiers, in die hope of tiding over
I Ibe present difficulty,
Wealthy Parisian
by a Clev,
Widow   Rcbhod
r Device.
cxciled delude when tho Rflehslii;
meets next March, und'llie Govern-
ment iniikes ils proposals for fresh
taxation of beer nnd loluicco.
"Suiiirl    always    pays    his wife's
millinery bill In person."
"Smitten wilh llm milliner?"
"Oh, nol    II he lets bis wife    do
ll slio'll order tt new hut,"
rosy pinks predominate in die faces
of Saba's daughters, and for once
the reason Is easy lo guess.
Their island home is often cloud-
enveloped, which those who nre up
on such subjects say Is a good thing
for the skin. Froe sulphur crops
out everywhere from the hillsides,
nnd sulphur hns been noted for ngea
for ils beneficial eflect on complexions. The fortunate combination eflect of clouds and sulphur makes
fi'iuinlno Suba particularly ntlruc-
Tho women of Snbn put In whnt
spare time they have left, after the
cares of their households aro atloud-
will tube the placo of a tonic, If
Ihe woman who has flabby llesll and
hollow chest will form llie habit ol
eating plenty of salt meals and llsh,
(hereby creating a thirst for water,
she will lake on good, healthy flash
und round oul her figure in nn astonishingly short lime.    ,
A truin Irom Fenny Compton, Warwickshire, England, lo Klnoton arrived at Ils destination twenty minutes lui'' one day rereully, in consequence ol u horso (colling lu front
of the train the whole way,
bill I It-ships St. (leorge (niiiely-eight
gun,). Defence (sovcnly-four guns),
and Hero met Iheir deaths when
those vessels stranded ou ihe sherei
of J ul land on Decemher 2'llh, IRI1
Coiiiing to more modern limes and
ignoring smaller catastrophlos, tho
wreck of the steam frigate Avenger
(20(| drowned) oil die north coast
of Africa mnv be recorded. Between
Ihls yenr (1847) nnd IH70 several
vessels were wrecked, Willi much loss
of life, bill, none of these disasters
caused such n thrill of horror lo
pnss over (he country as Ihe news of
the foundering of II. M. S. Captain.
She was the famous turret ship designed by f'uplnln Coles, who went
on board for her maiden voyage She
hud hardly led, the shoren of Britain
ere she capsized and lunik In a SflUall
olf Flnislerro about midnight on
September 7th, 1870, Only the gunner mul seventeen  men wero saved;
CAPTAIN coles himself,
her own captain, Hurgoyne, Uio son
of Mr. Chlblet-B, First Lord ol the
Admiralty, uud   some ot the   mort
Mine Corblcroi. a wealthy v Idow,
| who lives in die Rue ,le Vnuglrard,
| Paris, hm, just been ii,--.,- :-,
.un extraordinary robbery, fibo wa,
l induced I,, /■,, io e garrison tow ,
j lu Normandy by receiving n -, ,, rain
purporting to como Irom her nephew,
n eiipluin in llm army.
During   her  absence    nn   elegantly
dressed young mini, who staled that
1! he was u relatlvo of the woman, and Uro   lyn   N   V
hnd been Invited   to put up ut.   her year recently,
lint, came
which wus
. ' ■ .  .,  ■ ter, (li  ' ing a
dellci to pr, on, t oil
ll  loom 111     surf;.!-'-.
Who t peltoi    Ij from Perl
i' •■ : • wesl io, o as noi   i.    /
Idery or I
nn ih.. contrary, the skirl ■ I l
, witlt a deep flounce of Its own i
erlnl, and thi li ei .1,-.. dpi i by
hnnd In i cautlful floral designs, I
• - liad :,' Ihe ,-' o bj - I ■ also
bro del d by hand. It i- ■ n',
w, •'. ;.s oi e ..,-. on II' hand .
broidered wauls and most alluring.
EIHabeth    Hunt,  living    in
:  :   I  -d In r     lOuth
        Her  birth  i!,-.'c     is
in n   rnl>, on the top ofjwoll authenticated.    The old    lady,
i large trunk.  This was who is in good health and excellent
placed In Mine. Corliieres' apartment. I spirits, celebrated her birthday by
and In tho evening, having (so he travelling to Merlden, Connecticut,
said) found n bulging, he came again | whoro she has some relatives.    Sho
and took the trunk away.
Tlie oilier dny Mm". Corliieres to-
turned to I'uris in anger at having
been (basted to Normandy l,y n
false message. Then it wus found
Dint Jewels and valuables warth several thousand pounds hud been stolen
by a mini who lay bidden in the
Tho Sister—"I have becomo engaged to Fred." The Brother—
"Whnlever Induced you (o do that?"
Tho Sister—"Why, Fred, of t   trso."
was taken to tho railway siation in
a motor, the fust time she had ever
entered such a vehicle.
The French War Office Is ubout to
adopt a remarkable new machlao
gun which will automatical!) fire BOO
shots n minute, The gun, whlcl -n
32 paris. and weigh, -V poinds, is
composed of a single barrel screwed
into n breech-block who:!, ,- utuln,
de mechanlfB). lis ,'■ 'itic . power, says a Pari. ci -i : di ,"
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ lieved lo be greater than tlm
Somo girls grow up and become I similar weapon, nnd lm-
credits to their parents nnd some be- od thai no othor i ,o cu y to carry
Come elocutionists,                           j gnu work, \.'
Bargains! Bargains!
Sifter StocKrTaK/ng.
Remnants and Ends offering less than Cost.
This is Our House-Cleaning Time.
All-Wool Tweed.    Keg. SI,.SI..VI,   Now $1.7,").
Nnl a Suit in I In- Iol thai did nol cost inure to
turn oul.  size- 21 lo28,
BOrS' REEFERS selling at $1,60,
MEN'S OVERCOATS al jusl whnlesnli- prices,
All Wool Skirls ui  just bull' price—$8,00
Now $1.60.
SEE OUR BARCAIN TABLE Your money will go
further at Ibis Store just now limn ever
<7(eid (& young.
For Stock-Taking Sale
We are selling for a few days Books, Perfumes,
Photo Frames, Vases and a thousand other things
The Canada Drug & Book Co.'y
Local and General.
The school trustees meet tonight to
frame estimate), for ensuing year,
Tic city ol Edmonton will build
and own llie tram way, of the city.
King Christian of Denmark, father
of Queen Alexandria of Britain, died
The coldest weather ever known
there has lately been experienced in
the Yukon.
The civic authorities of Calgary
ha, ordered the police to remove all
slot machines.
Manitoba proposes to take over the
telephones and conduct them as
a government enterprise.
Germany uud Russia have formed
an alliance as a couuter-movo against
the Britilh-French Alliance.
The 0. P. 1! have issued a comprehensive list ol shippers and iiianii-
laoturers throughout Canada.
The steamer Kaslo ran on a rock in
Kootenay Lake and was so much
damaged alio had to be sent tu Proctor
for repair,.
W, A. Smythe has been appointed a
commissioner for taking affidavits in
the Supreme Curt tinder the Provincial Election Act. (or this riding
The charge of libel brought by J. S,
Dennis, assistant to the vice-president
ol the C. P, R. against R. 0, Edwards,
editor of the Eye-Opener, has been dismissed.
Social and Personal
Howard Douglas, of Band', and 11.
E. Foster, of W'ilnier, are appointed
Justices of the Peace,
Dr, liriggs, who was recently in
charge of the Arrowhead Hospital
nnd brother ol YV, I. Brigg,, of Revelstoke, is taking charge of Dr. Dickson', practice at Grand Forks.
0. F. Lindmark loaves Friday (or
Victoria, where he will bring before
the (loveriiiiient in conjunction with
Mr. Taylor, M.I'.P., various matters of
interest lo llevclsloke, including an
isolation hospital, a provincial gaol,
ferry across Columbia river. &e.
On Untidily nighl a most enjoyable
dance was given l.y member, of tho
Club, Tho billiard room was cleaved
for ihe occasion and mado sn excellent
ballroom. Several members of tho
Band contributed the music. The
whole of the rooms of the club were
placed at the disposal of the guests.
An excellent supper was served under
supervision of tbe steward. J. V.
Perks. Dancing was kept up till I a.
in. The member, ol the club are lo
be congratulated on the great success
of the dance.
Business Locals.
Stock   taking
Furniture Store.
o   at   Howson,
-the ' .Murea
Patronize  home
Revelstoke Cigars.
The C. P. R. steamer Empress of j   p,ease8 ever, amokw
Ireland was successfully launclied at  Viielta "'
Glasgow in the presence of a large i
gathering, including many American,     BROWN   SAYS:—Vou   want   to
and Canadian,, | smoke in this world, not in the nexl
An application  was  mud,   to  the      CIGARS   you   like    to   smoke   at
minister ol railway.- by McGiverin and j prices that don't burn, at BROWN'S.
Hayden lor a change Oil the route map      gM Howsou's  largo  furniture and
ol the Midway und Veruon railway, oarpet stock,   Mboral discount—stock
and the application was granted, taking sale.
The Contract I",- the erection ol the j  ->~—
cold storage warehouse loi the Calgary |
Brewing Company at Rovelstoko has
been   awarded  to  J,   A   Kt-rnagban
who will start work ou it al an ,-uriy
C. P. II. engineer, inlorin us the
complaint, regarding theii not whittling .it Mnlakwu are 11 I ,-ltlieil.
They m\ there li a itraighl truck i
there and no legal crooing a-ithin live.
Btipt, Wilson ol ii„- 0, I' li.
Telegraphs, wa. In the city Monday,
He refused to hiatal the telephone
Hrvlce which ha, been llioll :i bo si to
thepublic I"'  communicating with!
the telegraph oilue.    The n moval ol ■
the   telegraph   olliee   Irom   lho
station to the builneu portion ol tin-
city will not take place till jpring,
A meeting of tlieTourist Association
will be held in the City Hall this
Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock.
Every citizen is invited.
A most rntliiisiastic meeting of lady
liookeyists was held on Monday night
when the club was re-organized for the
season, Miss Coleman was elected
secretary. Regular practices will be
held as soon as the weather permits.
A challenge has been received from
the ladies uf Vernon for a match there
which will doubtless be accepted.
Two rinks left this morning to
attend the bonspiel ut Golden.
The Calgary Brewing Co. have
presented, through their agents, the
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.,
lour handsome sets of carvers to support their cup in the Curling Club
competition. I'. Burns & Co.willalso
support their cup with suitable gifts.
Maxwell Smith, Dominion Fruit
Inspector, says; "Willi tbe rapidly
developing prairie provinces of Atha-
liaskn, Alberta, Saskatchewan and
Manitoba, containing 885,000,000
acres and capable of supporting untold millions oi people, lying In tween
Ibe Rocky mountain, and the Great
hakes, surely fruit growing in British
Columbia bus a bright future ami
over production is well an impossibility with snub a market at our very
There i, no foundation lor the report going the niiimls that it is tlie
intention oltbe provincial government
to go to the country at the close of
tlie present session.
The Manitoba provincial Conservative convention decided to drop the
word Liberal, and in future to be
known as the Conservative Association of Manitoba.
A, the result of the British election,
Ihe Liberals have a majority ol 82 ovi.
all parties.
nn Saturday night Court Ut. Beg-
bie, No. 3461, celebrated the visit of
llieir Deputy Supreme Chief Hanger
by inviting their friends to an open
meeting, From amidst the curling
•ii, ike "f choice tohacoo tin' following
program was hea.nl. Bro. F. H. Kn-lz
doing the grand act in tlie lug chair:
Song* by Wm. Graham, J. Lynns, W.
A.  Smythe,   A.   Annan.   II. Cook, A.
i, ige T Hudson, Instrumental, by
Wm Graham, .1. Hooky, IV, A
Smythe ami 0, Kerfoot; speeohes by
I'. Huoley representing I. 0, 0. P.. II.
KilwiirdsS.ii. l-i, w.K. Paget K.oi P.,
1,1 '.I. Hooley C, W. O, W., B.R.Atkins,
Irish epeeoli; Bro. J, B. Scott, D, II. 0,
If., and a speech on "Forestry" by the
guest of the evening, Bro, F. Hand,
H. 8, 0, It. After thanks to those
who assisted in the program, the company dispersed with tlm singing of
"God Save the King."
Red Cross Drug (o,
Dies at Kootenay Laks Hospital
.1. W. Westfall, a pioneer miner of
Kootenay, died of llodgkin's disease
in Kootenay Lake hospital, whoro ho
bud been for throe months.
Mr. Westfall was a Uiitivc of Missouri. He came tn Itnasland in 1811(1,
and has followed milling ill Kooleiuiy
ever since. For the lust live yens ho
has been childly interested in mining
in the Trout Lake district, where he
was a partner in many enterprises
with F, 0. Elliott, barrister, lle
leaves a widow.
.1. I), Kennedy, supt. of the Trout
Lake mill, ha, received instructions to
ship all the lumber on tho dock there
and at Gerard. There is around 700,-
000 feet, and it lms been disposed ol at
a good price,
Mr. George McCorniick reports that,
the Kamloops Lumber Company own
some valuable and extensive timber
limit, at Shuswap Lake, and aro
spending a large amount of money on
improvements there, A dam is being
built on Celesta Creek, and from that
a four hundred loot Hume leading to
the lake. It is also intended to make
many improvements in the local mill
and yard of the company.—II, C.
 — , m ♦      	
Vancouver merchants have withdrawn their boycott of the C.P.R. and
will leave the issue wilh the Railway
The C. P. It. intend shortening up
tlie time, of the passenger service nu
the Pacilic division next spring and
are putting new and fast engines be
tween Vancouver and Revelsiokc
One of the new fasl engines lor Vancouver end was the one which run
into Ihe freight train nud caused the
fatal accident at N'otch Hill lust week,
Two more will arrive shortly for the
same division, nnil three or four of the
same type of engines no on Iheir wny
to Kevelstoke but have been held up
to help out the prairie truffle, and will
he sent on to Revelstoke in time lor
next spring.
' ' g B m .        .   _    .. ■     ■■ „_. I' _
We have sold so ninny goods and mndo so many new customers during tlm Sale
that wo intond to oontlnue it till tho ond of tho month, Everything In the Blore at greatly
redncod Prices, and this week
186 Sulla ior Men.   Regular I'rico $12.00 Now $(>.,S,r)
1118 Pairs nl   Mini's   Extra  Quality   Punts   in Special  Tweeds,
Worsteds and Serges, all sizes and patterns,   Regular Price $2.50.
 Now $1,75
2li2 Soils   ol Seasonable  Underwear, the " just right " weight,
Regular Price $2.00 Now $1.25
a>-   TTjl   "yTfYFT   "RTT'V   Gloves, Sox, Neckwear, Trunks, Mnokinaws, Shirts, In
fact anything a man wears, buy it now and get it one-
third oheaper thun you ever did before,
We intend paying special attention this week to Hoots, Shoes and Rubbors, Wo nre
heavily stocked in these linos nnd intend milking this the GREATEST SHOE SALE EVER
HELD IN REVELSTOKE.   ShocBond Rubbers at unheard of pricea for thenexl few days.
| J. G-. MA-CDOIsr^LX)
,[ her lirst number and on a Inter
locasion she was compelled tn respond,"
1.10H, SALE   Lot on Second Slreel,
1    cleared uiul  I'onriil.   Price $300,
Apply i\I.VM.-lll!iiAl,n olilco.
WANTED A girl mil. over i'i In
do general bouse work. Wages
$80 per month, Musl hegond worker,
Apply ul Ibis olliee.
17101! SALE -A  Pimm and  Player
i    Apply I'. 0. Box 187, Revelsluke,
WANTED Situation in Hard Willi'
ui- General Sloi-e, good salesman and slock keeper. Married,
Could Invesl some capital. Write
Hox 1273, Calgary, Attn. 18
Madame Beatkick Lasolev, Violinist
Referring to the English Concert
Company who will appear at Revelstoke on   Friday  ami   Saturday  the
Daily   Sun    SI,   Joint.   \.   11, says;
"Perhaps 111,- hit ol  the evening  wi-.s
(Hie   Second   llnilll  Sillger  He,line     MiH-liill,',
on,, Second lliiinl Williams' Sewing Mncliliui,
One   itnyin I   Sowing Mncltlno, ]'i-iii-ti,'iill.i'
nn,, Wanner Sewing Machine
Veil can liuve these macliines nt your own
Sniicr Agent, llovclstoko]
vrOTIOK is IIKItEHV (11VEN thnl tidily
j\ ilus'aniter (lulu I Inleiul lu until) l" llie
Chief ConniiMnnor nl Ueils iin,l Works mini
-liei'iiil liens,-li, cut nnil eiill-y lliliiv itiiiuor
I ruin lt,e following ilcserlhi'il [anils  iii Weil.
Unolonn) lii-li-icl:
|-,,iinii,,,i,-itir. .11 ;, |„"tl lllnl'koil "I'. 11. Kill:'i
...niI, i'iisI ti,.i |m,t," planted nl the ti,,ttl, ,-,,-'
i-onior ut llmlwr lllllll i nml iiiiiml ionium
half mil,- b  iilin.i liny un tlio mirth nrniuf
1,1,1,1' l.ll.r   lis   Il.ll'lll  Ml  ,.|,.,i||s, Hull,.,!  Ml
l — i, I.,,,     I l:.-,i -..litll II! iliiilns. Ilu-lmeeiisl Sll
Iiinn-   ilmti,',. -"inil to ,'liidiis. tin i, east .iu
I'litiliiH ti, mini of cnniiiinnciniient.
lintel Janjr. -.nilIi. nmi.
('. ll. KltlK.
NOTK'i: l» hereby glvou Unit,HOilnys after
iliilo,',! iniHi'l i.i.ii't'l) l„ tlui Cliiof (lone
mi--to inn- nl biuiils nnd Works foruanoolul
iieiin.i! iocui. and curry uwny limber frum the
following described lands sltuntod mi we I
side <>f Upper Arrow tako hi West Kuotouity
I. I'oiiiineai'ing el n t'"-l marked "Itolioil
Sanderson's uoi'tli east corner," nml planted un n
blazeil line vanning easl frmii I'tngsttiu Crook anil
eioHslllR tlio divide lllllllll In,, luilu-. IVOSl ol San.
,l,-r.s,in'.s Ihtm kiln, tlience smith si! I'liidns, thonco
»,--I goclnijna, tlionco norlli 80 clmins, tlionco
easl sn chains In point ,,f cotiimeut'eiiiont.
•1. Cominoneliig nt n post markoil "It. s. boiiIIi
eastcorner," mid|,liitili!,l aliont lUeltaiiiH west, i
post desorlooil in lirsi location, tlienco nortli 80
cliiiins, tlience west so chains, thenco si.utli to
chains, thenco oast so chains lo point ol com-
Diileilthis21st tlnji.f .Itiniiiu-y, limo.
Haley II. C.
Tendd'H fop a License to Cut Timber
on Dominion Lands In tlio Province ol British Columbia.
(JKAI.UI) TKNIlHIts tulilrtssoil n, llio Timber
H nml Minos llninch, Depai-tinoiil of llio Inlcrb
.,,-. in..! ni.ulii-,1 mil tivelni render for Tint-
In-,' lloilll N,,.  167," uill he   ro'olved nt  this
llepaitmciil until m on Wednesday, llm 28th
tlayitl 'eliriiiuy, nice, fur it Ih-i-uu-(„ eiittiiiilii-r
on lloilli No. ,57, pi-IaliigHci'tloii8lO,80nml81,
in 'I'linnsldina, llniige8i lln- bust lntl(„( Section
SI, Scotlim :», tin- Knsl Indf i,f Section 80, tlie
Kiwi half uf Section 28 and the Wont halt anil the
Snnlli Kasliiiittrli'mfHi-i'lliiii :». Ill'IWinlllMS,
llangu li iilsn Mectlm,c Siittlltol 'Ihroo Valley
Ijikn, nml Seolloii in. North of 0.1', hallway
Itiiilil „l Wny, in Tmnisliip -Jit, |Unigo4, llll West
"'il Hi Moi-lillmi, ami lalnlng an area ol 7.10
sipilll'o mill's, mini, „r loss,
I'ho regulations iinili-i- nliii-li ;t lirensc will lm
issue,!, ills,, printed furnts „( lemlor anil onvolopo,
 y I"' nbtalnod nt this lli-pnilinnnl, or at tlm
"Hi I the Crown llmlwr Agent nt New West-
IJacli tender miisl bo noe panlod hy nn ncoopt-
etlelioqui I chartered hank in favour uf the
Deputy of Uu- Minister „f tlie Interior, for the
amount of the bonus ll-lllcll the applicant is pro-
purei! lu pay for a licenso,
No lender hy telegraph will In, entertained,
I'lilll.UV (I. KKVKS,
Department ol tin1 Interior,
Ottawa, J iiiiniii-)' ldtli, HUB,
The Miner say, Tne short piece
oi the Beaton waggon road through
the canyon of Fiih River is now in.-
passible and a possibility that it will
remain so far many day,, uiul trail,e
is ni :i "taiulstni Fifteen men have
been shovelling to ->|"-ii i passage loi
traffic hm is fast ,- tn, ,now is removed from the rood more slid, - come
down Ilu' steep inoiinliiiiiniile making
the barrier still more i (Tectivi Evci,
person thai travels l lirough d,,- can
fon ..ii' r tin noil '"I- ittaine I much
depth laki - liii lid in Ida h md
particularly so alter,, thaw Iini ot in
Si,ne do ,'.' -l 'd i„- donest unci   '
reduce ibe risk placing n in iu on
watch i,i keep tie- imid i !■ ,'■ at d
warn approaching traffic oi any im
pending dangei -veil,I be a safeguard,
Ami during nexl iiimmor two or three
■nowsheds built at the moil danj ■-.
spot, would eliminate tin- trouble, we
are iiiiw experiencing.
We know   no  better  way  ll.nl  - -.. r
member, Mr.Thos. Taylor, enn (how
in, Camborne constituent, that he
lm, ibeir welfare at heart than thai of
using bis efforts t,, leciire no appropriation lor llie absolutely necessary public work mentioned.
There are still B lew copies lelt of
the Christmas edition oi llie Kno-
texav Mail, the linest illustrated
paper ever published in Revelstoke,
Price uO cents,   Order before suppli
exhausted,   interior Publishing Co
puny, Revelstoke, B.C.
Special Bargains
for the Next 2 Weeks
TnCK-TAKING in tho Old George Slore is now over and under New Management, and to stir
up n lillle exoitonioiil we have derided to oll'er some Special Bargains for Ihu next two week,:
made hy  Miu  Myrtle Meggy   ., 18-
year-old girl, wl .- a wonderful
i.i'      Hi .ol execution,
.ti.-  ui, pn ■ i expression are j
worthy of a greal   in 1,1 and are <•■■
mnrkable in well a youthlul siudeni.
Every Day is a Bargain
Day at Brown's
Cigars, Tobaccos,
Confectionery, Pool
Miss Mvii'ti.r, Mminv, Pianist,
It is sufficient prnise to say  Hint she
was enthusiastically enoorod by a St,
John audience, usually hard to aruttio
with piano solo,.    At Hie conclusion
I'lilllliel, lle |{og. Prioofi.'. Ior Ul'„
I'latincleiie Iteg. Price 26o, lor 20o,
l-H-iieb i'liniiuis....Hcg. Price lillu. for -Ific.
Liiilie,' jitokots 1 only  $12 (nr $7
"             "       $11,110.. for $11.50
"     $1      ..for $0.50
       $7,50...for $1.75
Dross Tweeds 50 in. wide, $I(IU... .for 7!ic,
$111.00..for $11.00
Plaids, iill w.,,,1, $1.1111 for 7.,c,
30 per cent, discount nil' all Furs.   You
Dress Goods, Melton 25o lor 20c,
will save money by buying now.
Dress Goods, llnlTelle     'ill per OOllt, llisc't,
l.iiu-y Btrlpo Silks Reg. 35c. for 25c,
Stock Collins  Keg  Hie,—2 for 11)0,
Men's German Sox. Reg. 75c for 50c.
Bilklne,   Reg. Hie per yd....5 yds. for 25o.
Crochol Cotton,   Beg,  10c       1 for 2Bo.
Knitting Cotton, Reg, 10c 1 fui'2IJo,
Corsets $l,'i,ri per pair   .. lor OOo,
Moil's German Hox.   Reg. $1 for 75c.
Men's German Sox.   Reg. $1.25,. ..for 00c,
Overcoats $25    . for $17
Overcoats $12 50 for $8.00
Overcoats $1501) Ior $10.00
Overcoats $18.00  for $10.00
(only a Itiwoilil rial's loft.)
Black sateen blouses, Flog, f J 60, NowkJI III
ink Sateen Skins $l.7fic. Now 1.46
ritiltlreiis' l-'or Cap,.   Hog, 00a ,.Now OOo,
Lmlii'V .Lit kuls, 1 only, Iflu lotfffJ
"     $211          (or $12
"     1J18.60..for $8.60
"      $K.(KI     for $,1.01)
Kindly pay "s a cull and inspect our
goods.   We will be  pleased to show yon
through   our  Store whether you  buy or
nut.   We want you to make this your Dry-
goods House in the future,   Your n oy
buck il you are not satislieil with your purchase providing the goods are returned in
a reasonable lime alter purchase.
It K M L M ll I'i It   I Ii E   O 1. D
tf-ff-fff414|>f|+H|ff+ff c,on 'umbering gang, and their pass-
Tbe Turbulent
The other drew; und Locke, throw-
wm; go nlieti
While (he Cameron men snt holding
their (Jogs, the others sunk eager
axes Into the soft flosh of ibe bluoi.
+ ing was of transient regret; but
•f i Swampy'b defection laid melancholy
-f Upon tho whole camp. Tlie men said
T lin would como buck again, but lie
T did not.
t|   Ono   moon    from the    passing of
Swampy,—it was a Soptorobor night,
+ —Locke    and  Mclntyre, taking    the! ing Hm remaining twig in the    liro
Liiijiiiiiiii ,,,,,,,,t divs and their axes, mc.de llieir way: wilh nn   angry jerk, growled: "You
t++++++4.tM-H.4-+<r+.1--t--r+-f ai0,,g three miles of hrusliroud to   aj win; go abend.'
This story has to do with tho por- clearing in tho woods. This field wns
lod of lime in which Swampy,    the planted in corn, and as Locke   said,
racoon, associated with some lumber* every coon in the hush knew it.
men iu Qnmet'on's shanty in tbo thick    Eager in   the hunt, having   know-
Cnniidiati woods. ledge of  its method, (he (logs slipped
The toilers slew die oak and chest- silently through a fence, their mas-
nut fcl.inls uf ihu forest, in the mat- tors perched on lis topmost rail and
ter of daily bread; iluiu'ed at some listened to thu whispering corn-leaves
,'ai'in-lionso out iu the Scotch Hlock; as Iho dogs, panting in liloodlusl,
toyed with Immature com whiskey chased through tlio rustling stalks, 4)p
nt Rodney; or coon-hunted in their and down dm dwarf avonuos of the
own forest nt night, iu die way oi miniature forest. A misty moon poop-
rcluxiition. And, iu addition lo all ed over n somber tree wall Into the
this, thoro wus ever-present feud wilh little clearing, luriiing to Jewels the
tho "river boys." dew-drops held iu tho   silver feathers
Tlio   Mclinos,   Iho Campbells,    the u'at were lho Inssols of the corn,
(iridiums,   Interminablo   ol relation-    Noso lo ground, Qiiccnle raced;   at
ship, living along (he Thames River, her   heels   tho pup.       When   liruw
held  lho men vi the Scotch  Block— sought to forge ahead,    the   niolher
tbo    NcPliuils,     Hie  Mclntyres, and lunged at him wilh her teeth, adding
There their   feot—propor woodsmen;   wlille'++-f-f+-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-ft-f-H-f-f minutes.    Drain,  pour   cold   water
over the macaroni and drain   ngai
light, would n't	
wua a deprecating pleasantry in  his' Campbell,   though  short of stature,   +
voice which amounted to a sneer.       had been nicknamed "lighting Arch-  j
■ i
Then he broke two twigs, placed '«• Hat,° "nl1 clan rlvalr? f l,.,a '""'
them between his lingers, and held1'"1™'""11 "? combata,ns dl-1«,0.11'
his hand up lo McRao, saying, "Draw "«'Uu,{1 "'01"'1 soon .brlnS a vei'dlcl
.luck; long slick wins."
j for one sldo or the other.
Meanwhile the cause of tho    little
unpleasantness hnd scuttled up    lho
tamarack onco moro    where lie   sat
blinking curiously ut the extraordinary animals who shattered the peace
of tho forest below,   llecause of   the
preoccupation of their masters,   the
dogs   curried   on their engagement,
until Welch, outnumbered and sorely,
Soon a shivering   moan went   up (bitten, curled his   tall between   his l
from lho tree; Its lop trembled   nnil i,rs om] took to tho darkened   bush
swajod; as .luck   McRao drove    the wilh howls of disgust.
blade of his ax to ils eye there wus aj   'pi,,, unovon ground. Hie big roots of
crackling scream ol dissolution;   the ||,0 0|m, and tho slippery moss cov
ash reeled tlriinkeiily for n    second; L-ed slicks, Introduced a rar
und then swept downward,   Halfway mont   ol chance   into the   contest. I
tn its lull to eitrtli a strong limb Sometimes "Strong Dan" was on bis j'"'1"1 not necessarily bo of meat or
caught iu llie elm und ihe tree hung back with two men atop, until Looko require u greal doal ol preparation,
suspended. With n powerful stroke throtlliiig one of thorn, would slip'but thoy should be of u substantial
tho uxmun knocked tho butt from Its Und nil hands go rolling over onejnature and served piping hot. Smull
holding slump, die tree rolled ond,|nnother liU pups at play. It was(porlions remaining from some dinner
with u swishing sigh, fell to its side,  jjiu,   „   football    scrimmage; in ihodisli may be utilized, iillhuugh such
then   stand over   hot   water until ! —
Steaming.     Turn    into a disli    un-l f A NOVEL THEORY KEGjatDIIfQ
pour over the hot sauce. This sauce us OEIGIN.
can be prepared in any quantity   In .—.
cold weather as it keeps well.   When J Was Thrown Off From the Earth'.*
macaroni prepared in any way is   a j j-asSi gays Proi. W. H.
favorite dish a simpler method  Is to Pickerine
boil, drain and reheat the macaroni '      e*
as just directed     Have ready a cup
ful oi' more of grated cheese  and  a
Thoro me many   home.'! in   which but vogoinblo   dish,     Arrango the
dlnnor, die   principal meal   of   thu macaroni    in   layers   In    tii- dish,
day,    must    be   served     at    noon sprinkling     each    layor    wiih    the
instead     of    evening,      In    such chooso, a liberal ullowanco of pepper,
cases it   usually   follows  Hint    the u  Utile   -"all.   a pinch of dry inns- ,„jns „f ,„,, ,;R;0;
third meal Is   rather heartier   than lard, n toospoonful of butter cut in mountains   of Uu
Prof. William 11. Pickering, direct
tor of Harvard Observatory, Murn-
ed Irom Hawaii recently wilh a novel theory regarding the origin of
die moon. A "larked resemblance
be discovered between the moui -
and the volcanic
.sandwich Islands
Hie old-lime cold-meat lea und that, iblta and nn much of ihe cheese   as confirms his bell I '.bat  the    moon
where thero are growing children or  will suil   Hie family tnoto,  Stir and was originally pal of 11., ear'h, and
turn carefully with Iwo forks,   then 0CCUpica- that part whi'-h    is    now
serve nt once
,.!,.. young | pie in die family, one    or
J more hot dishes are nocossary, '!"
Tho McRao
search;   for
dashed into tho faulty, glimmering lirelight a  hnr
in   a   fruitless knuckled list, missing its mark, would
running | |ttnd on the nose of a friend.
The two men wailed till the Me- J am| Hcnch in that ring, which was
lines came back to the lire, their tho wholo black-aBh swamp. Rough-
faces sullen with anger. Thon Locko Und-tumble bars nothing but the
stepped over to tho tamarack und, gour,0 a„d the bite; and, so far, tho
run his eye up ils length, which was combatants adhered closely to these
liko tho tapering spar ol a yacht.      I honorable rules.  It was a scrap   of
The    coon   's    up   there    right fervor, fast and furious; nt times   a
Citmeroiis—as enemies to be threshed    yelp of admonition.   Sho know that  blithely along a limb whilo the tree!    ,p|10 Jfarqula ol Qucunsliury and hli
nt times, nnd reviled always.   These even   then,   perhaps,   tho   one (hey swayed in mld-sjr, hud jumped   intp!ru|cs    had    never      puzzled      tho
martial   sentlmonts wore reciprocally sought was   safe sett led inn troor.a slender tamarack    und   clambered! minds ol lho,o busy Scotchmen.    It
entertained by tho    Cameron ndher-  but if she citing close lo the    trail nimbly to its lop. Lvas go-as-you-please, kick, and situ
cnts.  A pretty lucent a dance, wiih .they would come to his hiding-phica' "   ' "" "
a littlo misunderstanding over an en-j and then hor partners in crime,  tlm
gageinent for a Scotch   reel, and    a huiuaus,   woulu   bring him to earth,
Mcltae and a   McPhall would bo   at for a grapple.
each other's throats out iu tho chip-    At lirst-above the   whispering    ol
yard boforo   you   could say "Great shadowy corn enmo little whines   uf
Wallace." ' anxiety,   us though   .Quconie askodi
llut a sore irritant was the matter J "Whoro is   lie—whoro is he?"    Then
ol coon-dogs.    Jack McRao's  boost i there was a short yelp of dolight,
was Hint his dog Watch could tree a|    "Found! There's one there!" Locke
coon quicker 'n anything that  woro muttered, touching   his companion's
hair, would stay with hint till    Hie arm,
cows came home, und could lick his Presently, us the stent freshened,
own weight in swamp-coons or wild-; shorter and sharper came the "Yoh-
cuts,  Ilo had enlarged on this boast yell!" and then, from a half-burned
by ndding that he hud tho best coon- fallow   beyond,   with   its blackened I Groat Lakes and with arm nnd kneel oak door,
dog in the county of Elgin and that: slumps and charred logs, the Queen'sl.ho worked up   the   tamarack like u |   Locke, less economical  of
Comeion's Quconie   didn't know    a voice camo back, tingling tho  nightI boy.    As ho approached, the  mucli-
coiui-sient from tho odor of a   wild j air with a joyous "Yi-ih-lh, yeh!"     I hunted one moved from the crotch in
onion. |   Tho   men  slipped   from (lie fence, \ which he had huddled nnd crept cau-
It wns a primeval condition of lite,, dashed through the corn-Held, sprnwl-, tiously along a slender limb,    where
Its atmosphere surcharged with   toll, led through the   labyrinth of burned1 be hung by his long, sharp claws,
and striie, and religion, and    coon-J logs, Into lho woods on the farther j    "Look out below!"   Locke   cried,
Inini ing. side, over   a    sandy   knoll   clothed, standing   in   Ihe    crotch: then    he I ploy in   batllo    more promiscuously
Swampy's advent, though dramatic with beech and maplo, ond down into struck the limb n sharp blow with than two; so there was always a
enough, wns unoventful compared j a black-ash swamp, where tbo ring- the solo of his foot. Tlie coon, dis- spare list ready to prod either Uan
wilh his exit. I ing bark of dogs told they had treed lodged, drew in n great lungful    of  or Den just as ho wus getting   the
can frequently be used to belter advantage in Hie preparation of breakfast dishes, When llm same i-nnline
has been gone through nnd new disli-
Uliid with the waters of tbe Pad lo
I Prof. Pickering is strongly of the
ilogu' liver is very much Improved |opinion that, when the moon was)
by pulling il in a Iuin,' made by thrown oil into space force kept ihe
dissolving a handful of suit in one Islands in their place. The night ol
quurl of water, Let die liver re- the moon left the holiow ba:-,n, now
main in Ihls u few days. Uoel liver known ns the Pacific Ocean, the rerun be treated die same way. Iloih maindcr became tbo Islands now
pig uud beef liver can bo boiled with known as the Sandwich.
iie   upper   parts   of tho head until     I' Is a    theory that    has    many
es arc asked for nny .s>f die follow- perfectly lender, or so ns to crumble strong points of confirmation.    The
Ing will bo suro lo bo appreciated;      cosily.   Season to taste with pepper
Scarborough   Salt Cod.7-Tako    a !,son ttud suge if liked.   Strain    Hm
illicit   middle   cut of  cod weighing 1 ihr • in which thoy woro cooked, ro-
fuliy two pounds.    Wash and   placo turn  In  the    keltic,  add  ihe finely
flesh side downward in a deep  dish,  uhivddod   or minced liver and head,
cover with cold wider and let soak thicken with corn menl until   a stlu udecjuato   scientific     reasons.      All
for at least six or eight hours; this musl   is formed, let cook slowly an flint Is known of the moon tends to
enough," ho said, "un' thero ain't
no use fallin' this suplin'; it 'd never
come down—it 'd lodge sure."
Ho sat down nnd pulled oil his
hoots, saying: "I '11 shinny up nn'
shake him down, You wntch tho
dogs, Dan."
Locko had been n   sailor on    the
littlo breathing-spoil coming In a
clench. They wero almost too busv
for speech. Once Mclntyre grunted:
"Take that, McRac, blank you!" ns
his Scot.h knuckles, high in bone,
ripped like n saw at his opponent's
eyebrow. And Jack retaliated witli
kick that   would ha-o opened an
than tho Scots, encouraged his lighting comrade irom time to time."(live
it—to him—Dan! I 'm at your—back.
And ho wnc. But, unfortunately lor
his powers of succor, he was surrounded himself.   Three men can de
putation uf Prof. Pickering itself
is a point in its favor. All his
work has been marked by the most
nil,'fill conservatism, mid he would
not advance    any    theory without
His mother,    n   true swamp-coon,! n coon. j air, till he was blown out liko a foot-
long of   limb,    black-haired  on the!   "Ilnllo!" ejaculated Locke, as thoy hall, and fell lightly to earth,
buck, and smut of heart, hibernating como lo the scene of tunnoil, "darn-     Willi a rush   Quoenlo    nnd   Ilruce
through llio long winter  in Hie hoi-led If there aint' another dog! Where'were upon him; and   then, oven    as
low limb of n black-ash tree, camo by in thunder—1 lunged if it ain't    Mc- Ihoy stuck their noses into his   fnt
the •way of n family In tho month of line's." [stomach as ho lay on his back ready
April. Half n month later, the Cameron men felled her lofty home for
lumber; mother coon, darting Irom
her front door, was set upon by
Quei'iiio and was slain.
The1 fall of the ash had killed all
Into   the   consideration ol how   Unlit ilo chap's llfo was to lie saved.
A plump, gray, fluffy ball, with an
extremely attenuated nose, llie coon
babe slept in a little box Idled with
coiio.'., batting behind the cook-store,
better of his opponent
Locke's (ace was rodder than    tho
rose, and the crimson hue had smeared his shirt-front; he peered with dif-lfor ten minutes,
liculty from beneath a   beehive,    or eeedlngly good.
something, that   hung heavily   over
freshening process may be hastened
by first holding the erd under cold
running water for ton or fifteen minutes aud by changing the water ot
frequent Intervals, When fairly fresh
rub und wn.-h again to remove any
remaining sail crystals, I hen pliico
in the dish and pour over it iml.
wntcr in which a largo onion has
been boiled. Cover and let stand
until cold, then drain and dry thoroughly with a cloth. Brush wilh
soft butter, place on a wire broiler
and broil quickly, turning two or
three times. When nicely colored
lay in a heated vegetable dish and
with two forks break in pieces. Have
ready a cupful or more of hot drawn
butter lo which salt, pepper, a tea-
spoonful of lemon juice and a leu-
spoonful of finely chopped par. ley
have been added. Pour Ibis over
(he fish, cover closely nnd stand in
the wanning oven or over hot water
Tho result is   ex-
hour, then turn out into oarlhti,-1confirm the theory,
wan- dishes. tWicn cold it may ho Most people have no Idea how
sliced and fried in butler or lard much has been found out about tlio
and makes a lino breakfast dish. J moon. Indeed, it is to-day better
Iliad Cheese-Souk the upper part known to the geographers ibau
of tho bends for two days in water many portions uf
in which enough salt has been put j AFRICA AND ASIA,
to make a fairly strong brine. This its mountains are clearly morked
will remove all blood from the veins,a,„! imv„ na,m.s; much js known of
and render them whito and pure. lt6 solI( am) physicists h»ve even
They should bo thoroughly cleaned g011e „n far a3 t'0 give an estimate
before placing in the brine. Boil o( its weight-one-eighlh of tha
until the bones will drop out. Lu'-1earth's, or 73 trillion tons,
cool, then chop fine; season to taslo ,iith nil tiu.se facts at hem., it be-
wlth pepper, salt and such herbs nsl(()||„,s a„ oa5v m(ltler ,0 examine in-
are liked, as summer savory, etc. ',0 ,h,, ,,r0 anu con o( lue plci.,-ing
Place in deep earthen dishes and theory of the moon's creation. Reo-
woigh down so as lo press Into a iogy c]aim!i t|,nt, more millions A
firm muss.     Let   remain until well LmrB ag0 than we have any count,
it    may bo   sliced and served "Ul„ eartl) wfls a not liq-.jid raa5,,
or ""	
figure   of   the Laocoon,
We're hero first, whatever," Mc- j lo battle, the two dogs sheathed his left eye. Threo times Campbell
Intyro answered. "Wo '11 mako a! Iheir teeth and, drawing buck a lit- j hud been knocked us uiany feet; but
fire, so we can nee to chop." j He, sniffed in a puzzled manner    at j hu was a wasp, a terrier Hint came
Tho swamp was dry from the sum- tbo quarry.  And through the sonsl- snarling back   to   meddle officiously
mei-    drought,    und    while the men live noslrils of the collie mother vi-  with four good men who   desired to
gathered   sticks   and   built  a fire,   brated the (alut scent that reawaken- settle, In thoir own way, a difference
the youngsters out one, and the fovo-1 Quoenlo sat   on   hci haunches,    her ed u memory almost obliterated;   it. of opinion.
iiinn, Mclntyre, put the orphaned lit- nose pointed nt the stars, and   her was tho scent   Hint once had stood |   Onco tho two JTcRaos hold Mclntyre
lie creature in the bosom of his Uan-[rod-brown    eyes    fixed wistfully on; (or one of her own children.     She | in their long arms until ho was like
ncl shirt, and carried it to the    log something very like a fur muff  higb'gavo   a   whine of delight; pleading,
shiinty.     Thnt was ia the evening, up in tho ash,   Bruce and Hie    Mc- eager it was, and with her paw she
and Hie whole camp 'V.tered seriously line dog were tearing ubout the tree, scratched conxlngly ut   tho   coon's
jumping    against ils smooth-barked neck.
trunk,    nnd   causing the forest    to     'lho foster-mother had come by the
echo with llieir clamor. | truth: it was .Swampy,    Hie escaped
"He can throw her into that open-1 one.
iu'," Locke said, as he squinted   up \    Hut   with   him, n half-generation
.the tree: "lot 's hurry,  'litem McRao reclaimed from lho forest life,  inem-
lotaiiy oblivious of ihe grave ques-.boys '11 be rucakiu' in, an' clnimiu'  ory was shorter; he bud lapsed rap-
lion he had raised by his unwilling, their cur treed the coon." idly to the   primal   savagery of hisjc
nrivoM;                                              j   As tho axes rung sharp and  clear, race.  His white teeth gleamed for an ;
It wns Den   Locke who hit   upon-against tho   nsh  three men   slippod I Instant in tho fire-light and then wero 1
(ho brilliant Idea that proved so sat-; into thu lirelight nud n voice    said:  burled in the paw that wus the tran- i
isfactory at first   and so product ive "Hey   thero,    you fellers, what 'ro emitter ot mother affection,
ol dsorder later on.   "Try him with you (loin'?"                                          I    With a yelp ol pain, even of indig-,
Queeme,'    Locke     suggested;   "shoj   Locko grounded his ax and, loaning!nant remonstrance, tho collie sprang
might lako to him in place of one 0! on the bundle, retorted sarcastically: I hack, and .Swampy, rolling  leisurely
Rico and cheese pudding—Take
two cupfuls of freshly boiled rice
left from dinner and which is si ill
may bo
sliced, rolled in Ilo
cold,  or sliced, rolled in Hour    and ; v |,j(.h noated n crust some 35 miles
fried. thick,    At that time, as to-day, the
Pigs' Feet—Thoroughly clean pigs'-carfj, revolved on ils axis, but not
feel, then boil until the bones bo- ouco in ,:1 llours. No, indeed; the
como loose or    leady to drop    out |Mrtn vvas so LlliCi, [aster then that
When cold tlu-v may
it made    the    trip    in three hours.
the Mclntyre skull
1 take wuler now
when handled,
bo placed in a hot spiced vinegar, ii,,,,.., ,i,.u terrific'speed was attain-
but Ihe very best, way of serving oli Eomething split and 5,000 cubic
then' is to roll them in Hour and n,:;;lun miles 0f matter was thrown
warm; or wash thoroughly three, fry until brown in lard or pork Lp. int0 epam by centrifugal force
i.uurlers of a cupful of the raw ar- fat; serve very hot for a breakfast to sta, tiOSo nlweva to the revolv-
tide, drop    into a largo kettle    of dish. Lg body known as earth, and   d
rapidly boiling water nnd boil    nt     Kau:--:igo   Moat-For   -10   Ins.,   of Lbied to take the name of moon.
11 gallop until    tender, then drain, meal use 1 lb   mil, J lb, pepper, ;     -lhjs is tl„, BCientiflc explanation of
Make one cupful and a half of whito lb, cnymuo nud 2 ozs. sage.      Pack  ,hi. „„„.„     It fits wor.d rfully   vlth
sauce, by mixing together over   tlio | thu meat un unbleached muslin bags traditions by die nativo Haw, iai
beliefs which have been ban    1 •■ n
from pn, ration to generation, and
<'-^li: ' I' ' ■'•' ': r| L'i'.M'-..'        ,,-hich tell   of   a   solid body which
mid  ill-- 0,1 enr, part of it        ,   ■
left   had   Da,.,   hail Tchaiic^ 7 hXi^ fl^ ^° tiduXt^ *"" '" ' ^ "**
n,„ i,„i„,,. i.„n ' I hot  milk,    stirring    until smoothly
her pups.     I believe   she's lonesome
with only Bruce."
Quconie wus a half-bred collie, and
r.s such, great in   motherly instinct,
Sbavin' myself,
I was doin'?"
"Looks   Tike    you was
down 'noiher man's coon.'
und jealous to'a degree. Her brown| "Not on your brondax, Jack Mc-
eyes ' searched Locke's face under-: liae. Our dogs druv the coon out of
standingly n», with forefinger extend- Olllis's corn, nn' treed him; on' as
ed warningly, he commanded her', wo sort 0' happened along 'bout that
"Down Quconie! Now, now—that's a timo, wo kinder surmised 't would
good riBg-thut's a good dog!" This i n't bo a had idee to chop him down."
Whilo Mclntyre held the littlo orphan| "Us boys 's got that job in hand,
to the mother-fount of nourishment.  1 Den Locke.
There is no doubt that  Swampy's     "We're lirst. which is nine   points
methods differed from the collie pup's of tho law."
for Quernie curled her lips in a snarl "I'm thinkin' jou'vo got two
Hint showed her white teeth, and [points, an' wo'vn three," Mc-
growled her disapproval. lint Rao rejoined menacingly.
Swnmpy made good use of his time;' "Look here, Jack Mcltae," broke
nnd presently, his little stomach in Mclntyre, "lhat 's too strong,
round and taut like a toy drum,  he We 're not out for trouble, hut we
wnt put hade in his box nnd presented in this shape lo Quconie for inspection,
No one ever kjuw how it happened,
but in Ihe morning Swampy was
found sleeping with the collie pup
nt tho mother's side. After that ho
was made freo of the collie's bed,
nnd mado foster-brother to Ilruce,
tho pup.
He washed his food In a 1 it tin
wooden trough before he ntc it, uud
poked his thin, inquisitive nose iule
cupboards, boxes and every nook ef
'.ho Ing shanty. From a long linn of
swamp-dwelling, nighl-prowling ancestry had come to him an inherited
soiiltivoncss of touch. Ills slim,
blai-k-sklnni'd fore paws were like an-
ollier pnir of eyes; he appeared to be
always feeling for treasure, Sometimes, half angered by llriirc's foolishness ot puppyhood, his sharp claws
cut lillle lines of remonstrance In the
youthful collie's face Tho thin
parchment,   ems   of   Swampy Ivor
What 'il you think [to    his    feot, scuttled back to    thi
[ tamarack and, quite regardless of tho
fact    that    his   man-enemy was up
aloft, prepared to climb beyond reach j
of the meddlesome dogs.
The men sitting below hod watched
with astonishment this curious little
pantomime, all but Mclntyre; to him
had come the thought that the coo
must bo tho escaped Swampy; the
dogs would have torn to ribbons any
When Swampy laid unfilinl teeth
upon the paw of (Jueenie nnd she
shrank buck, Jim Mcltae said, nnd
his voico was keyed high in a sneer:
"lllamcd if the dogs ain't feared 0'
coon! Yon 's u good coon-dog you
'vo got, Dan Mclntyre." Then ho
gave an irritating laugh of derision.
Just ns Swampy reached the tree,
Campbell took his bund from the collar of the Mcltae dog, and the latter,
darling forward with a snarl in his
throat, pounced upon the escaping
Then Swampy's foster-mother
Que.nle and his foster-brother Ilruce
snnk teeth of remonstrance into tho
rush llcltiie dog. and sought to tear
him  limb from limb.
With nu oath, Jack Jtcliae   sprang
forward and kicked Queonlo in    tho
ribs,   And even us ho kicked,   something like the paw ol a bear    smote
him iu the luck, lo Hiu end llrnt  he
went headlong over Hie dogs.     Then
ther Mcitlae and Campbell   'ell!
tho smlter, "Strong Dan," and
I loll you what we 'II    do,! sought lo batter him in the way of
'11 chop this coon down, whntevcr.'
"If .you're a better man nor me,
you're nicunin', Dun Mclntyre, by
Hod!" and the speaker slipped off bis
coat and rolled up his sleopCS,
"Don't swear at me, Mcltnc; I'm
no 11 horse. I'll take that from no
Locko interposed. "What 's the use
of you river boys lookin' for trouble.
You know just ns well ns I do, .luck,
you 'rl huvo morn 'n your hands full
with Don. Let the flghtln' go till
the full fair at Wallacelown: (here 'II
be plenty of il, ihen. We come out
fur coons, an' so did you."
"Yes, but you're   couiin' by    lho
coon, Hen, which inukes 11 grand dlf-i Hie
an' if lhat don't go, an' you shovo roprovnl,
tho quarrel home,   nn' Dan 'II   take! The (lin of hulile came to Locke's
you    lleltnd    boys    on, und Archie ears, and bis I,leeches screeched and
Campbell can see fair play." fairly smoked with tho   friction    of
"Well, spit it oul of you, Locke," Ins    descent ns he    shot  down  the
"Wo    wns   hero first, nn' oughtor scale-barked tamarack,    It was    u
slitted into   ribbons   by tho fish-llkci\havo first go.  Mc  an' Dan   11    fall lime for rapid descent: he wns nocd-
tceth of bis dog foster-brother. Thtls  lho tree, you keep your dog back, an' ed.   Strong   Dan    was surely being
lho thro* played together,  and   nto|if ourn don't    got   the coon,    he's drugged to earth when his compnii-
. together, with ns much amity, relieved by occasional family jars, ns
though ihoy wci'o all dogs or all
When Swampy was a litllo over a
year old, one night the tremulous
whistle of his own kind sang in his
slitted ears from a trco In tlie forest
and something that hu had forgotten
all about camo to him with compelling force, lie had lain there lho
child of a collie mother, and In a
mlnuto a dozen whimpering notes ol
call' reincarnated him nnd he wns a
coon. Inherited visions of a blncli-
ndi liWiiiup In which lm might, puddle ull through Ihe hours of darkness
for frogs and snails and tilings deli-
clous In n coon's pnlale, Unshod
through his mini!.
lie side soflly from the little box
that was his home, ruined his gray,
tilucl-b-iri-eil muzzle, sniffed Inquiringly townt'd Ihe forest, anil then slipped
likit a noiseless shadow across Ihe
clearing and was swallowed up In
llm gloomed bush.
Hen ciiine und wsnt fiuu, tho l'.'um-
yuiirn." j ion, crouching, after the manner   of
"You're    meaiiin',   Locke,   you '11   sailors in a light, made entry to the
glvo us a smell o' the liorrln',    Its festive scene.
110 n fair shako," objected McRao.    |    "You    would—blank   you!—Huh!"
"It's dead on the square," Locko [That was a grunt at the butt end ol
retorted, "It's a pretty thick bush a blow-, ns i ocke's fist swung inhere In Ihe swamp, nu' most like the I ward on Campbell', chin nnd drop-
ash '11 lodge, then Hie coon '11 skip ! pod him to his knees. Before Locke
Into that cllll—perhaps ho '11 do it could recoil to guard, Jim Mcltae's
soon 's the nsh starts to go; from ' long nrm (lopped around Hie the
the run lie give our dogs he's rimnin' loose end of a Hall, and the Bcotch-
enough for nnythiii', Anyway, 'tlman's list, ns hard ns u bore's hoof
ain't no use good men light in' over n from rough toil, smashed like 0
pelt Hint ain't worth moro 'n n dol-j brick into the sailor's'face,
Iur. Wo 're two to three, but wo I It was a joyous mill, (lugging not
niu't «oin' to dike no back water."    for tbo new-fangled    Innovation    of
The Mcltacs and Campbell stepped rounds. It wns ore long continuous
to otic side mid debuted the question, swirling round, full of action, good
the well-known lighting ubllltj of:old-lime rough-and-tumble rules gov-
"Strong Dan" Mclntyre having ernlng the rnntrst.
Boiiielhing of a mollifying Influence! Locke wob a mnsler in die snilor's
Upon their spirits, 1 fighting art, which Is n method    of
Jack Mcltft, camo forward, present- fair      execution;     and    Mclntyro's
ly nnd wild: "We'll agree to that,
only We'll draw lots fur llrnt try at
tho coon."
"All right, boys," Locko acquiesced; "wo 'd rather do anythlu'   thun
strength, known throughout tho
county, wns us hurtful ns a bear's.
On the other side tliere were three of
the river boys: Uie Mcltnes, long ol
limb, clean of wind,    like cuts    on THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE. R C.
Constructed on the broadest and most advanced ideas anil
wiih all the perlcction of conslruclional detail
Is recognized lo*tlfiyns llie musical altuul.ir<.| of Can-ida,, jutsM'ssinj; as
ii does, features find chiiniclerislics, eiulorscd not only by musicians every-
where, but all persons ol unprejudiced musical ability who Insianily recognize ki exqiilsire qualities nnd givu ii llieir tuislinted praise,
For purity of tone and power., combined with a perfect action and
poetical touch, ilu* NORDHEIMER PIANO is distinguished to an
exceptional degree. Can be had for a very liulc more limn the so many
inferior makes thai aro being sold in this city. Vou may own ono of these
pianos b) making h bitihII paymenl down and the balance on terms to suit,
Call or write lo the Agents lor Eastern British Columbia,
IncliiJinij po-lagi- to England, United Slates
nml Canada
Hv the rear [through postofllco) $2.50
Quarter "        " "
Measurement, Nonparlcl |12 lines make one
incliL Preferred poslUons, A, nor cent.
additional. Births, Marriage, uml Deaths,
Xc each Insertion. All nilvei-tisoiiiciits
.ubieci mthii approval of iho manngoniont,
Wanted ami Coiiilciiscl Ailvei-liseiiicnl.s: -
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Situations
wanted, Situations Vacant. Tenchcrs
Wanted. Mechanics Wanted, ID words or
less Se., each additional line lo cents.
Changes in standing advertisements must
'Dein fy tl a. 111, Tuesday and 1'i-iilay of
each week to secure good display,
JUII I'l'.lNTIXO iiroiii|,tl)'CXi-oiili!il ut reasonable rales.
TERMS-Cash.  Subscriptions payable in ud;
CORRESPONDENCE Invited 011 mutters ol
public interest. Communications to Editor must he accompanied hy uaiuo of
writer, not nocossarlly for publication, bid
as evidence of good faith, Correspondence
should be brief.
MeKcimic Avenue.
Money to loan. ,       ,,
Offices: ltevelsloke, 11. C; Kort Steele, B. 0,
Geo. S. McCaktkr,
It is a matter ol congratulation to
British Columbia that the Laurier
Government bus at last admitted a
representative of this province to
Cabinet position. Senator Temple-
man's appointment ns .Minister of
Inland Revenue will doubtless be a
great benefit to tlie province as well as
to the west generally. We don't want
to be too hoggish, but now that a
portfolio of mine, is to be established
at Ottawa we suggest that portfolio
also should be given to a British Columbia man, and that man should be
\V. A. Galliher, member for Kootenay,
who has done more for the mining
industry than any other member of
the House of Commons. British
Columbia is the haniier mineral province of Canada, and always will be.
The portfolio should certainly be in
tlie hands of a member for this province, and preferably the representative of Kootenay, as the principal
milling section of Canada.
It is up to the Board et Trade and
the member ior the district to support
tlie action taken at the lust meeting
of the city council on the motion of
Aid. Howsuii to urge the Provincial
Government to provide the necessary
grunts at ttiis session for these public
necessities in this city.    The present
What C.
P. R. Officials
Meet For,
According to arrangements now being completed by prominent olllolal,
of the Canadian Pacilic railway, there
will be held on the 12th ol February nt Field thu most important
gathering ol railway men ever convened in tho west. Tho conference
will last lu tee or four days uud the
railway men will be in continuous
conference morning, afternoon and
evening during this time.
Tlie plan uf holding such a conference is said to have originated with
the second vice-president, under whose
personal direction the arrangements
are being completed, General Superintendent U.J. Bury has organized
during the past few years a number
ol small conferences of local official,,
in which Mr. I.uuig.u and Superintendent ol Transportation Price also
took part. Superintendent Marpole,
of the Pacific division, lias also held
a number ol such meeting, for the
officials of the company in British
Columbia. It is now proposed by Mr.
Whyte tu organize a meeting of the
men, who niiiy be said to control and
operato the western lines of tlie company. The officials who will be called to attend the meetings by tbe
second vice-president will be general
superintendents, Mr. Bury of Winnipeg, Mr. Jameson of Calgary, and Mr.
Marpole of Vancouver, the ten
divisional superintendents, the mas
ter mechanics, and the engineers of
each division, and the general officer,.
This will include the representatives
of every division ol the service, the
traffic department both passenger nnd
freight, tlie engineering department,
tlie mechanical department, purchasing, Btores, telegraph, express, sleep
ing and dining car, etc.
The object of the meeting is to ,e-
cure tlie more intelligent co-operation
of the various brandies of the service.
United action is essential to the working of tlie system, and it is believed
that through full discussion a more
intelligent co-operatiun can be developed. For tlie sessions a complete
programme will be prepared, paper,
will be read on tlie work of the various
departments, and in each case the
paper will be followed by a discussion.
Second Vice-President Whyte will
preside ut tlie session and Superintendent of Transportation Price will
act as secretary.
provided; opposed cutter, in tlio head
reduce the end ol the axle to enable
the nut to be carried further up, nud
after such reduction a screw cutting
die may he placed in (lie snino head
to thread the reduced portion.
Tho machine bus met witli a considerable measure ol success wherever
Introduced, ns its mechanism is simple
and easily set und operated.
The Money Saving
Work Saving Soap
That's lloyal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Lnrgett
Soup Factory we,t of Winnipeg. House cleaning and
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Premium System
Booklet tells what we give lor
Roval Crown Wrappers. Send
for it—Freo—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
days after ilitlc I inl,aid to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of bands and Works for 0
special license lu out nnd carry awny timber
from the following described land, 1-
Commenclng nt it post planted about four
miles smith i,r Cape Horn 011 Upper Arrow
Lake; and marked "Hig Bond Lumber Com.
pnny's north-wont corner imisI," thence easl
SO i-liains, thonco soutli 80 eliuius, thenco
west SO cliiiins, thorn-,, norlli SO cliiiins to |K,hit.
"f cinnnKMironiout.
IliileilJiintinry ith, liar,.
Kion! Our Own Correspondent,
K. .1. Walker, of Winnipeg, spent a
few days in town visiting hi, sister,
FEB.   2   <fc   3
Grand Concert
Mr. Stanley Adams has
the honor to present
Madame Beatrice Langley.
England's Foremost Violinist
Mr. Stanley Adams,
■England's Leading Baritone
Miss -Myrtle Meggy,
The Clever Australian Pianst.
Plan of seats now open at Canada
Drug & Book Store.
PRICES   76c.   &   50c.    j31
days nf 1 it (Into wo intend to amily to I tie
I'liit-i* (JomillMoilor of l.iimls mul \\ urU for a
i|>cciiil license Mm iii nml curry nwuy timbor
from tlie following described ImmIk :—
f<imn.MHioiiiK nt it pout planted at tho northwest rornor of K. and K. Hlock WW cm the
west riido of Upper Arrow La Ico and marked
" Hit: Hoinl Lumber Company's south-west
corner post," thenco north ltKJ chains, thenoe
oast 4(1 chains, thenco south 160 chains, tlionco
west ftl chains to txihit nl commencement.
Jaii. ith. 1906, MM
dny n af I cr dnto we Intond to apply to th 3
Chief Cuiiiiiilssimicr of Lands and Works for t.
special license to cut nnd carry nwuy timber
from tho following described lands:—
Commencing ut n post planted on tlio wm ,
hide of lho north fork of Fastball Creek and
nbout two and ono-qiinrtor miles above tho
forks and marked " Big Bend Lumbor Company's Southwest Cornor Post," thence north
too chains, thence west 10 chains, thence south
160 chains, thonco cast, Hi chains to point of
No. 2.
Commencing nt a post, planted on the cast
side of tho north fork of host hull ('rook about
ono and one-half miles above tho forks and
marked "Big Bend Lumbor Company's Southwest corner post, thence north )<>0 chains,
thenco east 10 chains, thonco south 160 chains,
ihenco west 40 chains to point of commencement.
No. 8.
Commencing at a post planted nbout ono half
mile from the west bank ot the north fork of
Fostlmll Creek und ubout ono mile abovo the
forks nnd marked " Big Bend Lumber Company's Southeast Corner Cost," thence north
ICO chains, thence west 4(1 chains, thence south
160 chains, thenco east 40 chains to point of
Commencing ut a post planted about one half
milii from the west bank of the north fork of
Fosihall Creek and about four miles above the
forks nnd marked "Big Bond Lumber Company's Northeast Corner Po-t," thence west 80
chains, theuce south 80 chains, tlience east 80
chains, thenco north 80 chains to point of commencement.
Arrowhead, B.C.,
juti 23,1906. itf m
NOTICK is hereby given that 30 days
after dato I intend to apply to the Hooor-
able tho Chief Commissioner of Lands aud
Works for a special licenso to cut and carry
away timber from the following described
lands, situntod iu West Kootenny District:
Commencing at a post planted about one
mile north or Halcyon Hot Springs and about
li mile from «rrow Luke, aud marked "Bert
Blyth's oorth.west comer post,' theuce south
40 chains, thence east 160 chains, tlience north
40 chains, thence west 160 chains to point uf
Doted Jauuary 16th, 1906.
rilHIHTY DAYS after date we intend to
J. apply to tho Commissioner of Lauds unit
Works for u special license to cut und curry
away timber from the following described
1, Commencing at u post planted at the
uorth-easi. corner or K. & S„ Block Mi, nud
marked '" Hig Bend I,umber Company's South
east Comer Post." thenco north 160 chains
thence west 40 chains; thence south llXichains;
theuce trust. 40 chains to point of commence
t Commencing ut a post planted about one
mile north from tho north-west corner of K.
amis., Block, 801, and marked" Big Bond
Lumber Company's South-east Comer Post,"
thence north 80chains; thence west 80 chains;
theuce south 80 chains; thenoe east 80 chains
to point of commencement,
;,, Commencing at a post planted about one
mllo north from the north-west corner of K,
nnd S„ Block 860, and marked " Hig Bend
Lumber Company's North-east Corner Post,"
thenco west 80chains; thonco south Ml chains;
thenco cast 80 ohains: thence north Ml chains:
to point of commencement.
Bio Bend Lumukk Company, Ltd.;
Dec. 28th, 1906. 26 F
OT1CK Is hereto1 given that SO days aftor
^, dnto I intend to apply to the Ohlol Commissioner of Unds ana works for a special
I license U>cut and carry away timber from the
1 following described hinds situated on the east
| aide of Upper Arrow Lake In West Kootenay
I dlstricti-Commencing at a post marked "Bert
I Blyth's South West Corner Post," planted
J about 11 miles north of Haloyon Hot Springs
I and about 1 of n mile from Lake shore; thence
1 oast SO chains; thonct north 80 chains; thence
Iwost SO chains; thence south SO chains to point
Vcommeuconieut, BEHT BLYTH,
I January i, 1908.
,T OTICE Is hereby given that 30 day, alter
IL1 date I Intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works.fora spec-
fcid license to cut and carry away timber from
■the following described lands Anted on the
least side of the Upper Arrow Lako in West
Kootonay dlitrlct:—
■Commencing at a post marked "Bert Blyth's
fcthwost Corner Post," planted on George
sJR-d's eastern boundary and about 160 chalna
Borlh of his southeast corner; thence south so
(chains; thenco oast 80 chains; thence north 80
Lhatns; thence west 80 ohains to point ol com
■.ICllCOlllClll. „     „
t No. 2.
1 Commencing at a post marked "Bert Birth
luutli West Comer Post," planted on George
loyd'a Kantcrn Boundary, and about 100 ohains
lorth of Ida south-east corner; thonco north !0
■bains; thonco cast «0 chains: tlionco souths)
Ihalns; thonco west 80 chains tu point of com-
I Hoc. 28th, I90S.
J Notice Is hereby given Ih, ,n«|•pbwUon
1*111 lie made lo the Ecgla alive assembly ol
lhi l-rovlnc, Ol British Columbia, at its next
Jcsaliin lor an Acl to incorporatei acompany U>
■ho called "The Kamloops and Yellow Head
Brass Railway Company,"with PW'ftW;
liinu'i, cq  and operate aline ol railway
IKm a point at ur near Kamloops, thence
iiniiii,- In n northerly directionlollowliig
valleys ol llio North Thompson river, lb,
I anno river and .Mchciinan's creek to a point
l.,,rni'»rTeie.laiine Caohc In the 1'rovlnco
II iiriiisii Colombia with all,nob power, a,
lav he aM0»»ry and expedient for the con-
Auction and operation „l said lineal Railway
id ivlth power to purchase and develop and
I", veyverltaltlKhl ul Way, dcilrle t*W, ,
■ nd losell and .llairlhute the same Willi n ho
lalil Win mc" "I Drlll'h Cnliiu.ula, and wllh
.erli, a,,|,tlr,! and operate steam hunts am
lurries in connection with the Railway, Mid
J III |,,,,,er tocffccia Ju-u-'.lunwith any lie
|.( raj way to he eonalriicted mini be lOUth to
ulnUI ur near Kamloops. nr with the Can,
lau I'arllli- Hallway al thai point and also
I'i nn any rallwav coming westward tlirmigli
Tin- Yellow 11,iail !'»«». ,,    ,,,
1 i„ii,„i al Vancniiver, llrlllsli (,'nliiinhla, Ihls
III dayul llcceinbcr, A.I)., IW.
'I'l'I'I'KIt ,1' IIKIHKIN,
Riiyal Hank I'hamliers, Vancouver,
llrlllsli Columbia,
rll4Jiw Rollcllori lor Apiillcants.
j Mr,. II..I. Ilu.ihury Mnii«Kre„.
Irst-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes
Urn* DlaloirooM Iur
han,|ii«ls, Hoppers, etc.
| Furnished Rooms To Let.
Doctor Veterinary Science.
Irailniite Ontario Voterlnary College, 'car 1(181
JI treat all diseamm of donicstlo animals. Hi
il,una enn la- sonn III Bows' Drug Store I am
lui frniui or Inipostcr travelling around the
Jiotinlry victimising Ihe public I have all
liiiuiiiei- of Inetrnmenui for performlriK Surgical
Rjpiiriiiiun, and Dentistry on all animals.
I Twenty four years practical experience.
IResldcncc—Lower Town, Revelstoke,
Reaular ineolinga are held In the
oddfellows Hall uu ibe Third Friday nleach month,at S p in.sharp.
Visiting brethren cordially iuvltcu
R.J.TA(I(,KRT, llec.-See.
Meets nn lirsi Tuesday ol every month, In
I, O. O. K. Hall.
Cold Rang* Lodge, K. of P.,
No. IS, Reveletohe, B. C.
In Oddfellows' Hall al 8
o'clock visiting Knlghla arc
cordially invited,
J. II. SCOTT,  (I, C.
II. A  BROWN, M. ul F
Kootenav Lodare No. 15 AT,* A.M.
Tho regular meeting, are held In the
Masonic Temple,
'■',1 Fellows Hull,on
ill third Monday In
each month at I-
p.m. Vbilllngbrotti-
ren cordially wel
O. A. PBOCUNIER, Srorktarv.
Revelstoke Assessment District.
Notice is hereby f,iv«n, in ficcordince with
tbe statu ten, that Pntriiioial KeTenua Tax, and
all iisscvifid taxes and lucome Tax, asnossed
1 levied undnr tho Assossment Act and
amendments, aro now duo and purahle forth©
your mmi.
All tnxos oollecHfilo for the Kevoltiloke
Ai,sns<iinent Distrietiirndun and payable at my
(iflicfl, -iluntf nt the Court House, ReTelstoke,
B, tl. This notice, in terms of law. is equivalent lo a personal domand hy mo to all parsons
liable for toxes,
Dated at Rovelstoke, I), C. this 22nd day of
January, i:m .
D#|iuly Assossor A ColUctor,
j24-4ln     Itarelstoke Assortsment District.
Open Air Rink
W. G. Watson's open air rink
is now open: Ice in good shape
Moots every Thurada'
evening iiiOddl'olloWB
VHall   at   8   o'clock
I Visiting brethren ooi
'dlai'v Invited to ai
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders for Hei-f uml Mutton,
Poultry, Fish nml smell gooilB
will receive prompt attention.
I lutvi- slni-ti'il ii periiinneiil Wood
Yiird on Third street, Wilh ,nv pusl
experience I hope to he in n, position
to satisfy nil requirements of customers, Dry corilwood kept in stuck mid
supplied in uny lengths nt reduced
ni-ici's for dish,
Richard' R. Copeland
Mantles, Shelving, Storm  Doors,
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
Third Street Eiiat, Revelstoke
(, ,fcrJyrjprjFMW(®rjj.r^rWfaflfmrjp
|      THIS SPACE      *
. t|i^(|<i|.i|.t|ii|it|.t|^i|jt|ii|ii
Important Notice!!
announce to the ladies and gentlemen of Bevel-
stoke that thoy have mado arrangements with
Walter Bewh, I'lini, It,, Dniggittt, and will bold
daily demonstrations for two wettkH, commencing
MONDAY. FEB, 5 regarding treatment of the
Hair and Scalp.
They respectfully invito everyone to call and
consult with them. Come and see the Long,
Beautiful Hair, grown by the use of the Seven
Sutherland SlttenV Hair Grower and
Hair and Scalp Oleaner. Canadian Head
Office, 11 CollHirnoMtreel, Toronto, J. II. Bailey,
Foreign Manager.
VTOTICE Is hereby given that Wung Quont is
r\   nu longer Manager of the partnership
Bra heretofore carried on hy ns the under
signed ns General Merchants iu the City of
Kovclstii.e under the  Arm name of Quong
Chung Leo, the said partnership having been
dissolved this day.   All debts owing losiihl
partnership nre Ul lie paid to Wong Ming Tuck
ut the former place nf business of said firm at
ltcvolshike, and all claims against the said
partnership are to be presented within ton,
days (nxn the date hereof to the said Wong
liiin, Tuck by whom (.he same will be settled.
Wosn Hino Tuci
WllNil Odono
Witness;  G.S. McCarter.
Datwl this Mtli Decemlier, 1»K.
Nurseries, Greenhouses & Seed Houses
HKKDH. New crop now In stock and on test
In our greenhouse. Ask your merchant for
Ihriii In scaled packngos. If ho does not handle
them we will mall M assorted, fa- packets of
vegetable and flower seeds (ourowi. selection,
suitable lor II, 0, gardens) for 11.00. Special
urloos on your bulk seeds.
MKNTAt, TltKBS now ready for spring
shipment ... ... .    ,
Extra nice stock ol two and three-year Apple
Troea at fel.00 per 100, IlkUM,per MOO 1 Hay
nurd I'linns, ll.un each; Italian Prune, two.
year fine. IM.'" per 100: Sugar Prune, two-
year; line, KM ter 100. .
Full list nf othor slock at regular prices. No
oupenso,  low or delay  of  fumigation   or
(Star, price your list ocfore placing your
Greenhouse I'Uiu.-. Flor Work, Bee Supplies,
Frull Packages, Fertlll-ers, etc
Nl.  J,~~HENRY
Engagements accepted for At-
Homes ofec. Theory Lessons a
specialty. Pupils now enrolled for
the new year.
Alphonsus De Feo
Lessons 50c. Each.
Given at Mr. Dominic Gnllicono,
near Station.
Music supplied at "At Homes" and
II yon want thu above we can *
supply you with anything ill this •
llne.j •
{White and Brown Bread*
Soone  and Buns    :
• — •
• Dunces and Private Parties Catered To. •
• Full Stock uf Excellent Camllea.l •
•   •
t 'Mncketixhi Avenue. •
• •
If in Wilt of
write for prices to
-li | L.E. Griffiths
; [Malakwa, b.c.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Gash Prices Paid
F.  B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tea service. " Flower Pota
Plato.) Umbrella Stand.
Haskot* I.unoh Ilaakela
Cane Chair. Smoking Jacket*
Handkerchiefs Silk Good.,
Finest atook of candloa and fruits In town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Jas. I. Woodrow,
Retail Dealer Inv^^ajjp.
Fish and Game in Season.
All order, promptly filled.
nlVELSTOKC,  D. C,  and King atreeta
Bankhead Goal
Egg Size Delvered
tove "
Nut    "
Orders left at P.
Burns & Company's
Office will receive most
prompt attention.
11 F. McCarty, Agent
14*444444444400044404*044 THE MAIL-HERALD,
Victoria, Jan. 27.—The second
reading ol the Dewdney Holief Hill on
Thiirsdny gave rise to nil niiiiiiiiii'il
debate. Sneaking thereon the Attorney-General remarked that, while
the mcaaiirc was somewhat iinusintl, it
wa, hy no mean, unprecedented,
similar relief, though not quite to tho
tame extent, having been grunted in
other cases. Dewdney's predicament,
moreover, was unique, their present
condition being the result nf u Hood
which had wiped out everything und
Irom the disastrous effect, of which
the municipality had never been nhle
to rally. He pointed out that not
merely the credit ol the municipality,
but that of the province a, a whole,
was at stake; and that it was in
finitely better for the province to
atsume tins responsibility than for
the municipality to pass into llie
possession of a few bond holders
J. A. Maedonald (Rowland) objected
to the bill on account of it, luring tlie
assumption of a private debt, and
urged the appointment of a com
inittcc to investigate the mutter before
any money wus paid out. Otherwise
the door would Ik' opi'iinl for any
amount i f municipalities wilh similar
Henderson (Ashoroft) seconded by
Cameron (Victoria) moved iu amendment that such a committee a, Ihe
last speaker suggested should he
Monro (Chilliwack) opposed Ihe
hill, as the settlers hud already evaded
a large amount nl tniati-jn.
Oliver (Delta) again spoke in opposition of the bill.
Hawthornthwaite (Nanaimo) ilii'
not see what wa, to be gained hy delay. He favoured the province paying
tho whole debt.
On division the bill passed its
second reading hy a vote of 20 to 13,
and wa, ordered to committee for
For the information of your reader,
it may lie a, well to say here thut the
Government', proposition in this ciuse
i, to assume If 10,0011 of the debt und
collect the remainder hy a special tax.
A, long a, the debt stands again,! it,
the municipality cannot be disincorporated, and it ia argued that Ihe
method ol relief proposed is the best
way out of an unfortunate situation
for which the present administration
cannot be held responsible, and which
originally was, indeed, more directly
attributable to a catastrophe of Nature
than to any human sins of commission or omission. It i, alto pointed out that what the province propoie,
to do in thi, instance i, frequently
done in the financial world, where a
firm or bank that is in ditticultie, i,
aided by other banks or linanoial
institution,, not at all Irom motive,
ol philanthropy, but to steady the
market and sustain credit. It would
be poor business Ior the province, it ia
pointed out, to allow a municipality
to default and have the fact advertised,
a, it could not help but be, in the
great financial centre,.
Friday', session was a brief one,
much oi the time of the Home being
taken up with the asking and answering of question, of a greater or less
degiee of pertinence to the public interest—more frequently, it must be
confesied, the latter.
Brown (Greenwood) will ask on
Monday lor a aelect committee of the
Home, consisting of Messrs. Ross,
Taylor, Young, Henderson and Peterson, to be appointed to enquire into
an application, by Mr. John Elliot us
counsel, for a fiat lor a petition of
aight to try certaiu question, relating
to the mineral claim "Pack Train."
Oliver (Delta) will ask whether the
Pacific Northern & Omiueca Ry. Co.
has commenced construction of its
line ol railway within the time specified
by sub-ieetion (M) of section E chap.
The Bill to amend the Land Act
wa, introduced by Hon. It. F. Green,
but no debate took place as yet upon
The House adjourned at 2:30 p. in.
until Monday.
The Man in the Gaueky.
of the A. it K. Charter hns now been
started und no let up should hu made
until success is attained. Everyone is
interested in tlie tight. The whole
country between Nelson iini! Revol-
etoko is vitally nlicctcd, nnd the
initiative which has been taken by
Trout l.nko should be bucked up in
every wny possible."
VTOTICE is hereby given that thirty diiy
ll after date we intend to apply to tho Chief
Commissioner of Lands ami Works fur spocinl
license to cut mid carry away timber from llio
following described lauds.
CommouciuK at a post marked Downum
Lumber Co., Lui. N. K. Corner post, ,,'i miles
north-west of Hanuock Point; thonco soutli 80
chains; westHOchaliiK; north Wl chains; oast
Wlcliahis to point of coniinoiicomoiit.
The World  Asks   Pertinent
Referring to Munroe & Munroe and
tbe Marconi stock their agent placed
in British Columbia, the World says:
"How did it happen that their lecturer, upon the occasion of hi, lirst
visit, made it clear to the publio of the
Pacific province that only a limited
number ol share, would be offered
here; and that after the first allotment
had been disposed ol he come again
and once again with lurther allotment, oi 'last shares' to be offered in
B, C? Wa, the first slatemont as to
limitation made lor tho purpose of
stimulating tales of the stock? It was
certainly incorrect, as later offers
Protest Against Extension of
The Trade, Committee ot Trout
Lake It*, sent a circular to all Boards
ol Trado praying for their immediate
united support in conjunction with
the local body in opposing the extension ol the A, & K. Charter,
On thi, qiiettinn tho Review remarks :
"Tbe agital ion againtt the ei tension
NOTICE is hereby givon that, HO days alter
dato, w„ inlet,,! to apply tn the Chief Cutii-
iiiis-inuiT of Lands ntlit Works Tor ll spociai
license to cut and carry away tin.li.ir Inini (ho
following described lauds:
Starting at a isist phintod ut tlio north wost
corner ot R. Qlendeiuiing s preemption, situated ou the mirth side of tho Columbia Hivor
about SU miles below Upper Arrow Lake and
market! Y.C.L. Cu.'s Upper South West Comer
Post, theuce mirth 111 chains, tliouce oast llll)
chains, thenco smith 10 chains, theuce wost 16
chains to point of commencement.
Na.u-i,, 11. ('., Dec. Kith, l'JUj. 121,1
Standard, Monitor, Yellow .laokol, Heather
Hell, lieuver Fraction. Contractor, Winnebago, IX.I,. Fraction, II.X.L. Fraction,
Iron Hill Fraction; Iron Hill,drllwlon'
mack Hear. I'..VI.. rrai-llun, Iron Chest'
Butte Fraction, Doivule Fraction Mineral
Sliuate tu the RevclslokoMlntng Hlvlslotiof
Kiiutenay District,
Where locatedi-At Standard Basin, lllg Uciul.
Take liullee that I. II. Smith, Free Miner's
Certificate No. Bss,T2;l, acting us agent for The
Prince Mining and licvchipmeut Company,
Limited l.luhililv, Free Miller's Cortlllcafo No.
llsMHa, Intend, sixty days Iriilil the dale hereol
t„ apply in the Mining Itccordcr Iur a (lentil-
eale of Improvements, l„r tlio purpose ol
I'l'leiiiiiia ii i t'.iiv.i Uraiitol Ihenhoveelainis,
And further lake notice that action, under
section 87. must be commenced holoro llie
Issuance o( such Certllleato id Improvements.
Haled this '11th day ul November, A.I)., HUB.
NOTICK ii- hereby given lhat the under-
signed have submitted to the Lleulonant-
tjovomor in Council a proposal, under the
provisions of the "Rivera ami Streams Act,"
for cleariiiK and removing of obstt uol ions from
Jordan Itivtr, West Kootenay, and for making
the same III for rtifllug and driving thereon of
log', timber, lumber, rafts and crafts, and for
erecting and maintaining booms for holding,
sorting and delivering logs ami timber brought
down said river, and for al inching booms I n the
shore of said river unit Columbia lllver for said
The lands to be affected by Bald work are
Crown lauds.
The rate of toll* proposed to be charged arc
such as may be fixed by tho Judge of tbo
County Court of Kootenay.
Dated the 9th January, 1906.
has reopened n
on McKenzie Avenue.
Open Day and Night. First-Class Service
Dealers in FRUITS
A Dealer who
sells a man,,.
is assured oi his good-will
and future trade. They are
Union made, and guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction
and long service,
Our othor lines equally as
good aro    	
For sale retail by all Dealers,
Wholesale hy
Wm. J. McMastcr & Sons,
"VTOTK'K is hereby glvou thai thirty days
1\ nfler dnlii I intend In apply to Iho Hoard
of LIcoiisiiigCommissioners (,,r lho Rovolslokc
Licensing District for u trausfer „( my license
for tho tiiainl Fnlel. Kakusp, In Mnlcnlnii
McCarthy, o( ltusehcrrv, II. C.
Hljaii 13
Gait Coal
,   $8.70 PER SINGLE TON
Reduction inini,' fur lllt'gu iiu.-iiitilii's.
Delivered to any part of the city.
Order, left at tlie Lawrence Hardware
Store, or ut Siiiytho's Tobacco
Store, promptly attended to,
200 Cords Wood
$4 oo per Two-Rick Cord,
It's a grand school boot, a
splendid fall boot, a great business man's boot. It fits like a
glove, and i, a stylish-looking
Iwot, too, as heavy boots go,
being made from No. 1 qunlity
box call leather with a heavy
sole, it will wear like iron. For
sale by all good retail shoe men,
J. LECKIE CO.,  Ltd.,
Kurtz's PioneerCigar Factory
1148, Cordova St„ W,
VANCOUVER, -  •   B, C.
fonA> /N4JfuX>
id tinuM So trULMAJ, tymnejv Saa* of 4, iUt atf/
of SkvmM^w(uie,uix^^
M^^^/W^r dry flu, /fal cuwtv.
&t£u 01Wv&UAa, .yjutefuMorS *&
Union ftotel Restaurant
Mrs. McKitrick, Manageress.
Open at nil hours. Short Orders tastefully served.
Meal Tickets Issued. Rates Moderate
A large varicly
of Glasses always
kept in slock here
Try a pair on f
—wo guarantee a \
perfect lit. ifv
If j'on require
anything in Jewelry
ii is here for yon.
.\ complete stock
^    of Ihe  right  class
'Tlof gfooiis,
J. GUY BARBER,   - Jeweller, Optician
Houses and Lots
Scott & Potts sr
Everything a gentleman wants in the line of tailoring.
Our stock is new and up-to date.
Pressing and cleaning promptly attended to.
First Street, Opposite Union Hotel, Revelstoke.
Maple Leaf
Rubber Footwear
Maple Leaf Rubbers are made from Pure Para
Rubber, over all styles and sizes of footfonn lasts.
They Look Well; Fit Well and Wear Well;
Are Stylish, Neat and Durable.
For Sale by all good shoe dealer::'.
J.   LECKIE   CO.,   LTD.,
Vancouver, II. C, Selling Agents.
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery of parcels, baggago,
etc,, lo any purl of the City.
Any Kind of Transferring
Best Firewood in the City.
Shipment of Chinese Canaries Just re*
oelvotf - Prices from $2 to $5 oaoh
Front Street, Revelstoke
Trado mar kri
and Copyrlghti
obtained in all count Hen,
■ obtained in all ci
Registered Patent Attorney
Mechanical Attorney and Kngiiioor,
Boom H, Kalrllold: Block, timnvlllo hI.„ near P.O
A postcard will BOOUfO an evening appoint
meat tor mono who cannot cull during tlio day
i iini noi
W.  J.   LICHTBURNE, Maimgor.
Halcyon Hot Springs
UmliT the nt'iv management of
II.miiiv McIntiihii, Hoffman  House
JL oyon aro the most curative In the
world. A perfect, niituuil remody for
nil Nervous nud Muscular diseases.
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic PolBonln«i A suro cure
for "That Tired Feontiff," Special
rates on all IioiiIh ami Irains. Twi
mails iiii'ivo and depait uvury tiny.
Telegra h communication  with all
iniirla of the world.
Tira»lS-$12 to $18 pur week,   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotu Lake B, C.
A ,ti .•!-■ ,'r,.-!-, ,t, ,-jh, ,t, .-r. .1*. .•¥. .i. iT, it, Ai it, i't, dU ,f, iti ,Tl if I iti if I iti if I
tPTT >FtFtPTt''T3},TT$T t$Tt$TT$H$11 J' ty' f »JJI *Jf 'JJ,, IJt If 1JJ.I IJJI IJJ.I IJI IJ,I IJI
The Leading Merchant Tailors
Don't order a Suit because it is cheap.   Order it *£
because it will be becoming, fashionable, durable and
comfortable.   The best is the cheapest.    We make the ) I
best.    In making a Suit we give advice when wanted and J'.
we accept advice when a customer desires to give it.
livery now and then yon are confronted with the j \
question, " Who's Your Tailor"—• Crcsssman & Morrison, £,
of course.
Cressman & Morrison
!i Aj iti rti iti iti iti iti iti iti iti iti it, iti iti iti it, it, ,t, ,t, ,t, it, ,t, ,t, ,fa a'■>
*^t4?tjpTjpT^1piyTjpTjp-r|»Tj{tT^ IJI IJI iff tjl tjl IJJf tJJJl IJI IJJI IJI IJIIJJ, ^,
'('IIS' HALP-T0ME5; •%
Wholesale and Retail
....  Meat Merchants.
Head Office, Abattoir and Cold Storage:
«^5»^Oalgary, Alberta
Import direct from Country of origin.
(Under   New   Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   C.
First-clas accommodation for travellers.
Best brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
Central Hotel
Newly built.    First-class in every respect,   All modern convenience*
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rite,.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market alfords, Best Wines, Liquors and
Cjgars,   Rates $1 a day,   Monthly rate,
Queens ftotel
Best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
I lack Service to any part of the City at all
hours. Rigs equipped for Sleighing Parties.
First class Single and double Rigs. Express
draying and Transferring. Saddle and Pack
horses for hire. All kinds of job work undertaken.   Wood for sale.
Stable and Residence   Phone 41
Hack Stand "    27
,Profii I&0©00000-0\M>0()-0000(>0000
We've formed n new socloty—
"Tlio Order ol the Sinillng FacOl"
An honored mcx-ber you inn.v lie,
Fur every one may have a placo,
Th ■ rules ray ynu musl novor lot
Tho corners of your mouth droop
For by iii.s habit you may got
'llio habit ol a silky frown.
If playmates loose you, lot your eyes
A bravo and mi rry twinkle show;
For II Hi,.' angry tears nrlso
They're very apt to ovorllow.
II you musl pro, II o fur an hour,
Ami if it se.ui n Inns, long Whllo,
Remember not to pout und glower,
Hut wear   n bright    nnd cheerful
The rules are simple, us you see;
Make up your mind to ioin to-day.
Tut on a smile nud ynu will lie
An in-live member right nwuy.
"Tell in" a story, please:" begged
the littlo boy,
"Well, (ro to my desk and bring
mo thai littlo picture in tlio gold
So the little liny brought the picture and climbed upon his father's
knee, nml this was the story he
"This, laddie, is lho mlnlaluro of
your most famous ancestor, your
I i,v.'-p-eat-.;i-:'tii (-era ml father, Sir
Roger T, niiiletoii. He was n brave
and gnllant knight, and lived in
in rry England in the time ol good
Queen Boss, And when I was a little boy like yuu. laddie, thero wus
nothing in all tho world I liked sn
Well ns to lislen to thu stories of
Lis many valiant deeds.
"And often ho would look first nt
thi.; miniature and then nt me, nnd
say proudly lhat I had lho Toniplo-
ton nose—the loiifr, aristocratic
Templeton nose. Then 1 would
dr, um of knights nml lists nnd tour-
nnments, and tho bravo deeds of my
"And one   day   T thought  of llie
I Ifry tower In iho old church whoro
my lather preached, 1 lin,I heard
thnt tho nscent wns difficult, nnd
lhat no one had attempted il for a
long time. Hero nt lust wns a task
worthy of valiant, longnosotl Teni-
;'. t( n! So lm tend of going nulling
with llio boys, I slippod Into his
study nnd took from ills desk tin-
heavy iron church key, and hurried
to the. church, which stood on a
' ly hill a littlo oul of lho village
"I turned the key in tlm rusty
I, ck, climbed the gallery stairs nnd
opened the door ! 'ading to Ihcibelfry,
Tho first two llights of stairs were
, i '-. climbed, though tho way was
dark and dusty, and, oh, sn dread-
i illy slllll
"Then Ihe stairs ended, and n long
ladder 1, ,1 upward into the tower.
Si mc ol lho rounds wero broken, and
the win lo thing seemed terribly
sh tky. For a moment 1 longed lu
turn bnck; then 1 remembered my
brave ancestors, I started tip lho
Ind : r
■-J climbed It safely, and found
myself in n liny room jusl below the
I,' Then    camo another    short
stairway, nnd nt last I had reached
(he end of my Journey. And, oh,
!. v.- rood it seemed to be out in tlie
clear mr end bright sunshine once
more! Aral how tiny the village
li,'-, il, far, far below!
'Then I saw by the setting sun
that 1 mint hurry flown if I wished
to reach homo in timo for supper.
So 1 started to go, bin turned back
to- just en" moro look at the big
bell, and nt that very mi,ment there
i, mo o !,,,;,; crash from below. The
ir tu i er, is old ladder had fallen,
and 1 ".,- n prisoner in the tower!
"I ib..-,■'. and called, but nn one
heard me. Tie- sun went down, nml
it bei nmi oulti dark In the belfry,
Tho ''.i.i'- -ui.:- ut - ■ ■ by mi', und
still I , rouch id beside lho 1 .' i"'!.
hungry and , "l.i ;.- i ;i Igh • ne I
"At last, Bhivn ' ■ with cold I
,: ; • down to (i. - liny r,.i m l
II - bi try I' 'vo .'.mi. r thoro,
ami I sobbed t rll lo sloop, and
,!   ,.- ■ I     thai •    .  -.
,; ■  fall ei 'i' mi o a-rid
,,n i, i-i,,,:'.. v..' and cat
t   i mi  away-a        .      -     - ■ ••
I at!
tho   whole   tot illvo with
hound, and slid ; and Ir, mblin in
i, '.,'!.'-,I mom
"The big hell mad
I. ■:.' boom! I ■ Ail lho world
seemed full of I
"lloon ' boon I boom! ! i ln| p d
my 1 ■:■''■• "' my ear;
"Then it !■',-; I -'! for n moment,
i • , '.. i- I ■! -.--, v, very (ninth-, I
hoard lho cr; . II y lost! b y lostl
t„ ■• I isl!' '!!i I, boom! bo ml
boom! went ll -■ ', 1! again.
"1 il rn la ' II stopp ,(|, nnd they
heard my cries nnd 'nine with
,' . Is and a ladder, and took mo
ei ' ly ilowi  . nd ' in I, 'I inn homo.
"In my in-,'!:' r's arms I told my
■ ■ ry My father i; itonod quietly,
and somehow, wilh his grave eyes
up, i mc, tho Inklnij of tho church
k,-v Boomed anything hul a knightly
d   I
' When I had fu Ished, my lathor
said, \er-,- stornlv, 'Thoro was ono
virtue, ray sun, that your noblo an*
r, • i, :„ valued even more than cuil-
rngo, nnil Ihnl  wns honor.' "
The little boy gazed long and
thoughtfully at lho mlnlaluro,
"I'iip.-i. i ,ld li" "havo I ih, T"in-
[,I, ton i     "
"No, laddie," said his father,
"Your nose Is just ,n overy-dny-
twonllcth-ccntury nose, nnd tho most
gallon! deed you con do to-night Is
to go straight up-slalrs to bed!"
Can Only be Cured   Through    the
Had backs—aching backs—com(
from bad kidneys. Had kidneys come
from bad liluoil. Had blood clogs
tho kidneys with poisonous Impurities that breed deadly diseases, And
llio first sign ol that filial trouble is
a dull, dragging pain In tho bnck.
Neglect it, nnd you will soon have
thn coated tongue, the pasty skin,
the peevish temper, Ihu swollen
ankles, the dark-rimmed eyes, and
nil tint oilier signs of deadly kidney
iii.-,'use. Plasters nnd liniments ran
novor euro yuu. Kidney pills and
backacho pills only touch tho symptoms—they do not i-nre. Yuu must
got right down to the root and
causa of tho trouble lu thn blood—
nml no medicine in the world can do
Ihls so surely as Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, because thoy actually innku
now blond. This strung, rich, now
l.lnod sweeps Ihe kidneys cli-iin,
drives out the poisonous m-itls, nnd
heals the deadly Inflammation, Thnt
is the only wny to rid yourself of
your backacho and have strong,
sound kidneys, Mrs. Paul St. Onge,
wife of n well known contractor at
St. Alexis des Moots, Hue., says:—
"I suffered for upwards of six years
from kidney trouble, 1 bail dull, ncn
ing pains across (lie loins, and a',
times could hardly go about, 1 lost.
flesh, hod dark rims below my eyes,
and grow more wretched every day.
I was treated by different doctors,
but with no apparent result. 1 dis-
puired of regaining my health, and
wus becoming a burden to my family. I wns iu a deplorable condition
when ono ol my friends advised mo
to try llr. Williams' rink Tills. I
begun taking Ihoin, and after using
throe or four boxes, I began to fo3l
better. I continued tho treatment
for nf-nrly three months, when every
r-mon who proies Unit
Sunlight Soap conlaina any
injurious chemicals or any
is equally gocd wilh hard or soft water. '^'^^^^^
If yoa use Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight way (follow directions)
you need not boil nor rub your clothes, and yet you will get better
results than with boiling and hard rubbing in the old-fashioned way.
As Sunlight Soap contains no injurious chemicals and is perfectly lOUF 1110116/ fBlllllflGi.
pure, the most delicate fabrics and dainty silks and laces may be -yiheoWer from wi™ you Uiy
washed without the slightest injury.
Lover Brothers  Limited, Toronto
Sunlight Soap if you find any
cause for complaint
er or less distances from the reservoir in question.
At first his project seemed doomed
to failure, ns thero oxlstcd between
.leru.'iiiletn nnd the springs from
which the water was to he derived a
high chain of hills, over which it
would be Impossible lo convey the.
water. It was thjrcforo determined
to open n passago for tho water
through tlm solid rock. One of (he
Siraeh 1USS. dating from this period
slntes in this connect ion: "Ileze-
Klall fortified his cily by bringing
wnter therein, and he bored through
the solid rock by means of bronze,
and ho collected tlie water in a
Recent explorations have enn!,led
symptom of the trouble iinil vanished!"'is predecessor of Ihe Simplon to
nnd 1 tins again a well woman. I bo thoroughly idenllllcd. It is said
feel Justified in saying I believe Dr. to bo the Shilonli tunnel by means
Williams' Pink Pills saved iny life." of which wuler was brought down
Now blood—strong, pure, rich from n source to the east of Jorusa-
bliioil which Hr, Williams' Pink Pills!loin and poured into llie Pool of Si-
make, cures nol only kidney troublojloum, mentioned in the Bible. This
but a host of other ailments, such,conduit is "liii yards long. Tin
ns anaemia, indigestion, rhcunia- distance, ns the bird Hies, between
tism, orysipclns, St. Vitus dance, lo- tho two mouths of the tunnel Is nlso
comotor, ataxia, paralysis, nnd tlie only .'It'.u yards, which proves that |
secret ailments women do not liko to tho work wns not oxocutod In n per- [
talk about, oven to Iheir doctor. fectiy straight lino-duo doubtleSB to
Hul only Um genuine pills ran bring ij,0 difficulties which the engineers j
health and strength, and theso hax-o'encountered in their task, which for
tho full iinmc "Dr. Williams' Pink ■,,,,, ,,,.,-!,,,]_ was „( „ really raarvol-
I'iils for Palo IVnple" printed on tha ]ovjg nature
wrapper around each box. If your | ',,-,,.,,' ,',„/ wm.k wnfl con)mcnccri
denier docs nnl keep die genuine pills
ynu can get llieni by mail nt fill
cents a liux or six boxes for 82."»0
by writing The llr. Williams Medicine
Co., Urock\ Hie
Engineering  Feats Called for
Construction ci Now Lino.
That   lho   work   was   commene
from both ends of Ihe tunnel is not Lui,,
only proved by the inscription,  but '
nlso by tho l'ni-t that lho marks of
tho   boring   tools, picks, etc., may
still bo seen, nil bearing in opposite
directions.   The direction of llio tun-
Inel wm- altered several times during
: the constructli n  thereof,  ns    thero
,n are several    shell    galleries, which
v. re evidently abandoned as soon us
n^■*^_^____          II  viis noted  il,nl  Working wus be-
In   Um  construction  ot  he Anin- ,     do„ „ 0, ,,.,,   Tho ,,„„, 0,
helt-Dulterworll,    railway In    Capol,,*   t       ,    ,g   „„,„„„,   wi„,     tho
Colony, unusual difficulties hnd    \
bo   surmounted,    nocovdlni
"Pall Hall tlnzette," nnd thu result ,„,.,, |n „.,„, |)V „,„., ,„,,,. ,,,  .„
'".'    Ir'!"   "" engineering poinl    ol  ;_..,.,..  |n ]; , jlt_ morc or Icsi, .,,,
view, one   „i     he most remarkable     „,,     ,.. . ,.dnoss u, ih„ ,lH.k.
railways in ox,stMice.   Alter passing     t   ,.,. ,   ,, ,,       ini
through Uu; Kcl I lis the lute winds m;,        ..    . .   . „ :, :
around am, her hill, and then,  nt n       ,  .,,.,„ ,,, . ,,.,,. „,,, lhcsc   ...,
lower    level,    goes under  its    own   ,||..,   n   : .   .;,|;. ,.,..,,
track,    riiis portion of the ra.lwn . Rml,,     ,    ,:.  . ,.. , :     ,
is known us lho '-spiral.      Al     i, •    . .,,   ,,_  ,   - , .
other poin-   the lino Hat Is    along  .ii(V ,„. ., ,,,,. , , , .
,h" bonk ol iho Mangulu River   lor  nm   ..   ,.,.,,.        ,    r rivn] ,■ ,
two ltiiles, nnd    then doubles    I ., - „-«
Interesting   Notes   About
Prominent People.
Lord Roberts is able to endure a
fast so prolonged that most men
would be inenpacitated by it. He
eats very sparingly nl all times, and
always of the simplest kinds of food.
The Queen of the Netherlands believes in early vising, notwithstanding that sho has not a great
amount lo do. She has been accustomed to be downstairs by half-past
seven of n morning ever since sho
was a little child.
To be llm possessor of a distinct
peerage in England, Scotland, and
Ireland is a rare honor. Only lliree
nobles Clin claim it. One of them is
tho Duke of Abcrcorn, who recently
celebrated his sixty-seventh birthday, and the others are tlie Marquis of Lansdowno and the Earl of
Lord Ashbourne, who is now sixty-
eight yours old, has been Lord
Chancellor of Ireland for twenty
years, having risen from a practising barrister with romarkablo
quickness. Entering Parliament in
187n ns member for Dublin University, ho wns appointed Attorney-
General for Ireland in 1877, and in
1885 got his Chancellorship and his
sent in tho Cabinet, which he lias
since continued to hold uninlorrupt-
il,e   tunnel
from   llvo-cl
' igreatesl care, and lho working t vary
10 "b° '"„-ei,,,!its   of n yard l,o    one
^^^^^^^^    Ihen  I I
for a mile and ,: half, sn thnt, after
levering liner, and a half m '       tho
train is rei Ily i n!j hall o i   lo    to
tie- (.end.   This • ■ ■':"i! Is called   I
"zig-zag," and, with the spiral
unique in South flfi-lca.    Al
the Kei heights tho route Is thr ugh
cuttings or on embankments    :- me
idea of i's   extraordinary chai
may   bo formed   frum tho -'■>' :
thnt in olghtcon miles Urn lino fall,
or rises, lo lho extent of 1.'
Doctors Said There Was no Hoyie
For Him But he is a Well Man
• -
1',1'AI TV   ! 01 n i.1-'  EARNINGS.
in{      :        .   •    [nl   l.on-
r i un easily    into
lady who
mo ill oino out of    the
o pay £1,200 a yen
a house in lho
'  .     .'. ■    I  .:!.. Shi
m itioi
. :   -.
onIs   aro     e|
i -   -      ■.     a lady	
I ono you, ,   ■
ok n"
The clock in tho tower of Ihe New
Novnl College nt Durtinoiilh, England, which will ho opened shortly
by llie King, will mark lime as kept
on board ship, striking eight, six,
four bells, etc., and will be tho only
clock of it's kind in England.
Known to Thousands — Ponnoloo'.
Vegetable Plus riigulatu lho action ■>!
tlie Docrotlotia, punly tlio blouil nnil
keep tlio stomach tniuhmveh (ri-o from
dclutorloU8 mutter. Token according lu
direction tlm.v will overcome dyspepsia,
oradlcnto biliousness, nml leave tlie digestive organs lieiillh.v und strong; to
perform llieir functions, Tholr merit*
nro well-known tn tlunisanils who (mow
ny experience h,,w honcllclal tliiy ti.o
in giving tune  to  tlio sysoii:-..
"Whnt docs Freddy like lo play?'
asked the culler. "Freddy," repi'od
popu, "likes to play whatever gomes
mamma nnd 1 decide are too rdtigli
for him,".
Yea, II Is humiliating to liavo n Bklncoverod
ivilh (,„il ornptlon i. It ii painful, too, Why not
end the tronllli, rail mitoi-o your iikiu to its natural (iiiriiu.-u wilh Weaver's Cuiiitcl
Mario—"Why is Mr, Puffer in such
n hurry to marry Maud?" Arthur
—"Ilo promised her he wouldn't
smoke while they wero engaged."
M.-tuly f.trongtn ana Womanly Beady
ilopeiid on purity „l tlio blood, iinil much o( tint
purity depends on perfect kkltioy Altering, It
these organs nro ili,oisc,Liin,l will not porlonn
their functions, man will nook in vain (or strength
anil woman forboanty. Kmtli American Itldtioy
Curo drivos out all Impitritlea through llio body's
"filtorori"--ropairo vvoik sp.iti.—Id,
Dolly Swi(t-"Odd, Isn't il?" Sully
Gay—"What, dear?" Holly Swift—
"Why, Unit lho moro a girl blushes
llie more a man admires her cheek."
Tii,, heat ol llicTntrlc. (a-tta ro y clieelc.,
Iltilics away tho energy. "Forrovim" h llio
hoittonic to liraoeyou up, It atinnilatea llio
i y -tem. It mak03 tho weak atraiig, ltlaploas-
ant to tako. All druggists toll it.
"This seems like a pretty healthy
country," said the tourist. "What
disease do must people die of out
here?" "Well," replied the Western
native, "you might call it kleptomania, hot we got a different nnino
fur it."
There is no tyrant lik
baby,  Tho temper isn't due to oi
inal sin: the littlo one sill i
Hum    the   rest  of   lho family,     tie ^^^^^^^^
doesn't know what  is   the matter-       PASSING OF PORRIDGE,
thev do.    But baby ne, d •  ' —
longer than It  ii,!.-- ! ,   mako   him  Makes Way for the Better Food of
well,   if the  mother   will give  him
Baby's Own Tabh I       1 ■    on ■ the
tender   gums   and brh     the   to
through paluln sly ai ■   I
Mrs. ('   I'm.tin'!  .    '   I .Man
Mount   Brydges,   (int., Nov. 20.—
Spec al).—That Dodd's Kiilm-Y Pills
curo Height's DIseaso completely ant!
permanently hits been clearly shown
in tbo ease oi Mr. Robt. Bond, a
well-known resilient of this placo.
Mr. Bond does not hosilato to say
lie owes his life lo Dodd's Kidney
".My attending physician," Mr.
Bond :■;,;',-s, "said I was iu the Inst
:■';,;.■ s ,,!' Uright's Disease mid that
thoro   was   no hope for me.   I   Ihonlaway.
commenced   to   uso Dodd's   Kidney I 	
Pills ami no other remedy. I usodj Old Farmer (tending thrashlng-
in nil about twenty boxes when my. liuichine, to applicant forjob)—"Ever
doctor pronounced me quite well. I dono any thrashing?" Applicant
have hnd no return ol the trouble I (modestly)—"I um thu father of scv-
since." lenteen children, sir."
["right's   Diseaso is Kidney Disease  ■
worst  form.    Dodd's   Kidney     Itching,  Burning Skin   Dis-
i .. cure It.     They    also eases   Curod   for Thirty-Five,
: lor forms of  Kidney lOonts —Hr.  Agnow's Ointment  re-
Complaint, j lioves in 1 duy, nnd cures Tetter, Rn't
f—■ ■ IKheuni, Scald    Head, Eczema, Bar-
lllotches and   nil
The ("rick in tin. Buck.—"One touch
of nature niiikes the whole world kin."
sines the poet. Hut what about the
touch u( rheuillnlisui nml lumbago,
vvhieh is so common now? Thorn is no
poetry in that, touch, lor It renders life
miserable. Yd how delighted is tlio
sense nl relief when nn npiilii'iitloil of
lir. Thomas' ICclocti-le (iii drives puin
Tlioro is nothing etjuals it.
The Ei,,n "f   (he Hellenes- general-, ber's Itch, Ulcers,
cndi somo part of each summer eruptions of the
says: "Somo  mo I
girl's health In :am   so bad
e.!. v ry anxlo n
Betl ■!' Day.
. , ;     foi
He,   On'.,
, on of no small |
significance   t" roui it up'   on
the I
in a pli-asanl   way.    He turns I'arm-
■ ..iks as hard as though ho
a 1     - r    He can plough    n
.   .  ,i   i,ii,,I   corn—in short,
,,. j, .■ ,.,      goil •: from start to fin-
i    ■   .   .,   though it --.,-! •    his
i It
M   ■   . Krupp,  win hns for
■ -■ -  been    Un-   real bend nnd
That's whal any woman is alter a hot cup of fragrant
•i3Sawstsxisai»SSt,i4 " '•' ■"-"^<&itoE!^^%SI3®K2L?
It chases awny that old tired fe I iij and fills her with  new llfo.
Sn Delicious too.
O.ily one best ten.   BLUE RIBBON'S IT.
r-rnil HI jmir i
Ulnjiu -•) [-i"i!
il iim "ill rwaitt
ttii'l IH *1IiItiIi!.i. lOtir IVOd uiitf-ifi
ii-i n
nn  ai-i-nrii ii, ■ |Minrl mn-
^^^^^—t—^^—.^        iliuiUof 11,-il AlmitlMlnin.
niiniiutiln t  in  i-,>!.iiir», hi.,1  •mbimixl witu   ihu itunn Mom
i i -..-*.," i u-.   Tiny hm liitiiier ami tougbin iluii iriii.'-iiiei uiii.ift ,uia >a
Pi-tl tlio El nrLlrlm at tfoant* IHh, irmklnii Sl-'ll xltu'cttlifr, "tiu-li (orniiril ton*, nnd
wn trill mu I V" at 0IW6, in ,i r< vunl, a Mutfn lie -m I.nv. r Wftti li. miiiaiiU-ril (ui 1
.v'iir.,ui (,iii,'i i-r«sniiitiof iiifth-nluctJtwdlaryi wimiii nm ran ,oiucl from our ilm.
COLO & 00., No, 2, Hm Watch House, Dolamero Orosoont, London, w„ tryjimitl,
Hill—Did you ever notlco how many
tall nii?n you moot in a duy? Tom-
No; but I've ol'U'ti notiral how many
short men you moot whon you want
a luuu.
There nre a numlior of varieties of
corns, llolkuvtiy's Corn Oliro will ro-
intivu any of them. Call on your druggist and get a 1-oitlc at onco,
Mr. Binks—Tho fools ure not a"
dead yet. Mrs. Binks—I'm glad of it,
dear.   1 never did look well in black,
Loss nf FlMhi cough, nnd pain on tlio chest
may not mean cniMtiiiiiitlon, hut aro btul hIrih.
AllciiM Liiug ll.tl.-am l.i.iiieui auJ hnals .tlta
couali:  Not a grain uf opium In it
"Ho Kays his wife is largely responsible for his business success.''
"Well, she has certainly made it absolutely necessary fur him to earn
more money."
8pjochl353  and  Paralyzs-l—"I bad
valvular (lisea-io uf tlio liuart," wiltfli Mra, J. S.
Qoode, of Iroro, N.S, "1 HUlTorod terribly anil
was ofton Bpoochloaa and paralyssod, Ono d mo
of Dr. Agnew'u ('nro for tlio Hoart gave ma rollef,
and boforo t flulaltodonobotUo 1 tfaaable ti-gm
a bout.   Tci-duj' ] mu a itell wmn.ui.— -i?
Howitt—"Who is that torrlWy
homely wonmiiV" J owett—"That's
my wife." Hewitt—"You haven't
looked to see which one 1 menu."
Jowett—"I don't need to."
Praetioil Every day (.oisorti on
rOr750, |109t llll'J
FAHM PUB. House,
Hot 125, (Thttthai'i.Ott
tn J all kind* of houne Uuuik-gB, alio
110! CURTAINS "^y
Writ a to ill annul, join.
a.fT IIhh^ lovontn
UN ICD COATS of ovoi v kind. I'.vai-vtliln;: hi
Fura at ol.-.-© urieen. THIS TUADK HUP-
PL11SD.   Koud for catalog
IjUfiM VOU SALR-100 ACKB3-N.T5 hi
1  10,0011,8, Tp. luylmm: nsarly all oleuod:
U mil b.'ivk liou.ti; fiuitio Ij.iim, good mrlitinl of
uxcoHont finit: iiiivin-Ltiliiij; 'j'.iij wu.l; ut>3-
novtion nt mice: only |2,4Da.()iii $.>t)3.(hi iIjwh : bat*
awe un time: thUiia raro ulunce, i'., further
particulara, write to D. MeAlplne, iM RIobiuoua
i-1rt»it, l/.iiuinn, Out.
4- A"
Wo aro appointing ono druggi.it or agout y
rr isiorory t'lwnor viiTayoall over (Vunvlaf-ir T
■*t tliHK.iio of onrroinoliw, Wotreit luceeta- tf
'0 fully Horsoe, Cdttlo, Sheep, Hop ,ml I
'± Poultry, Yuung Colta with naval ami joint X
X dlooaso, Y
^   Our Free Ad»Ico ind Coupon Syst-.-m w
■)t( trill Interest you, Write for'114 of reme- +•
4- dioa and nearest aaonoy, Nasfcwk-bioM-Jitr 0
h nm kimw too muen aluut tbo dl.tu.i-io.> his ^.
a aid mala nro enbjoct tu. ^
ir     630 DUNDAS ST„ TORONTO, ONT,     O
llfih     pfl'.SS
t   Clear
Iowner of Ihe huge Krupp works,   In
^          jdtMi *:: ■ ■    ■ tho ricl esl    nnd
and sulTorod sn    murh lhat wo  riH|„, V'                         "Tn"    ■' ''',* '    "< young women In    the
"Urld . ■-.     -
nut know tvhnl lo tin
'   ,    I!",     Ill  le
..   1(1    I II    , .1     I I	
negon to nil I -
further  Irouhlo     -lho I
I,--.'  nf health,  thank I   to llie   1 an
lets."      llio '      turo nil    III--
minor nf child
:.■.--,,   Ih n   ther nnd  rhll.l
'l,,,--.    ,,!'.,   . do : md   tl nnol
I- ,!   Iim in  Try them nnd
wl    u ' i thi '■ ne no ['     -o-tr i   .      ,     ,,.   ,.   ,
little one.   S  I,v nil ni', '
.,    byma|| B| ,,-,,,,   ;, , ,    ,,y I result   hn, ,-,„.penantod Ml
urilini!   the    In-   Willi    Mod - i in
Co., Ilrock, llio, iml
it Ives of
load for my hu»band, «-h i I ad bo i
lie   llltd
„( shlpri, nnd
..... ll   tell,
.    ' ''I'lelllly
,y I
■ i    ,  anj
:   10(1      '.'
Kill!  remained   an weak nv^^E^
(treat Riini and  I o Hole !■ '  ,
lioodl tl!
i  ■  pnmonnH
Ml. P.    H ■ '■ ,.,',,    ;,,'-
tross, hn .  be I ion
SH!' ' '    ih 1,1 ,-1 to-
i At the lunir of afternoon   ••,,,
Bor?d  Tunnel,   Similar   ti Simplon, 2,600 V- ir; A-, .
I i:lni Jul.ill.',-  ,-. .1. ii ■■  <■■■ ,  • ■    I ii ,1
2,BOO years as i corl tin Id tin w en
glnoors (in die lime of Kin j 11, /■■•
Kinh) oxecnted exactly lho ciui,- kind
of work which wa, carried out In
the Hlmplnn tunnel, though perhupn
On n nli(;lii|y Bmaller BCOlt, Boy, Hi"
Scientific Ale": li nn.    '
Dr. Ilorlholnt, n profossor at lho
University ol llnsle, li the Rontlo-
man tvho claim, lo have mado thi,
il,: eovcry, Tl n Jowl h record state
Hint King llezo-Klah, or 10/oUlrm,
Who relgflotl nl .lerimnlem 727 11. IJ.,
v.'nfl rniu-li troubled al, the bad Htnle
of the wnier supplied lo tho people
ol that city,   ill! accordingly had n
vnsl reservoir mndit at the gates of
the cily, to which water wan led
Irom various springs lying at grent,-
uiih    nine                  !"d nbout him                         '                  I down   on
■      landing
^  ■   . I
In tho   onn  month I
eaten tlrnpo-Niits ho 10;of 1     I                  havo callod    to
pounds  I           n'. '               ' ■              .   , . ■■      f.,r   your
rnpl'dl -  i"' irnlng   '•■           a co-opera                     i     ity play"
I'e.ls liko n new mm |                        ■            ,,,,l. |..,,;
-ni Clrnp     ■                ■■      '■ the clouds to tl an
better (or It,   Our little .", ,           ., ,;,  ,,      ■ u      ,,,..     ,flJ
| hoy, who used to suffer from pains I   ,,     ...         .. ■.    | ,
  nkin. It is soothing and quieting nnd acts like magic
in the cure of all baby humors. UDc.
The Grand Trunk Hallway System
havo isKiini n beautiful set of jil.iv-
liifj cards which contain fifty-two
views of seene.-i on their lines, re-
produced In half-tone engravings/-an
illustration on the face ol each card.
Thn stock nl which the cards nro
inini,- Is 111 - host that enn lie obtained   lor tho   purpose, prepared liy a
watorproof pr ss by the well known
I.mil li Drill of Goodall k Sons, London The backs contain a handsome
ii,- i-'ii beautifully lithographed In
eight color!; The cards have gold
, dgi and aro neatly boxed, Th iy
nro for salo bj nows agents on Grand
Trunk trains, nnd al the ne«:i stands
und tn ii-.,- nn Intorcstlng souvenir nut
only for one's homo bill to send In
dlti.n,t friends,
"Von have '-pinned me!" lu? cried
bittoi'ly "I Will ,;o inlo the busy
world, I will fight end win, My
name Bliull bo known nnd my riches
led      I'lien, whon you havo
dono Mini," she Interrupted, "try ino
',.' tach   after catl g tho   old   . ,  .,.     ■, ,,   ,|,. ,.„,;■, ,   ,,,,,,
hi i    p irrldgo,    h« i  n i  moro    .,.    .......j j..        ,, ,:i ,,, p    |„
Irotibln since ho  nn ' i n    '" M"'- ij,,,.. lfcn ,|,nl,.,| |,,,,. charming
Nuts, and T havo no more  doctors n| , . rll„    ,  |1M, , ,., .y
l.ili   to pnj I ir him.
"Wo use Clip" Nuts with only
swoel , ronm, nnd find It i ho mo il
tasty dish in our bill of faro,
"l.nst Moii,l,y l nie I toaspoonfuls
ol Ornpo Huts nnd cream for lirenk
fast, noiliiii!; else, then sot lo work
nnd got my i nn.en work Bone by
b o'clock, nnd lelt less tired, much
stronger, than if I had mado my
breakfast on moat, nolatoos, etc., ns
I used to. 1 wouldn't bo wlthoiil
Orapo-Niito In tho house lor nny money," Name plvcn by Poslum d, ,
iiiitl.lo Creek, Mich. There's n reason,
Itniil UlO llllln llOOk, "The [load
lo Wellville," in pkgs,
,' i . i| ni,', who ei lho
' /i ouni i i ' i Inl oi i her
hon  ,  "'  -i, from l"' late fathor,
in ,l i' In suid Hint, the i ni peace
i egotlallnn were greatly duo to her
ItiDuenco on her brother, Tho Grand
linehess, who is now twent; throe
yenrs of nge, wns married four yoara
net,   1(1     n      lllslntil      eoli'ill.    I'rlllt'C
Peter, fluko nl Oldenburg Sho llvos
in HI I'elernbiirgi end Is very at*
Inched lo il," Empress, nml ulso to
tho (: rn ml Duchess Sorgo, "The
Princess nl Peace" is nl to n nl ice of
Queen Alexandra, whoso gonllo na-
tuie i,lie nhnros,
Ci....'U(tr    ,.:*
,: ^fHiiM . .: -A>''-i'.-
A   Sol] ml
llenti.-'I'lie        ^^^^^^^
liie ivl'ieii liiifi'fneas men ol lit., ,	
liny urn const rnincil lo live indKO
ilrnnglita upon their vitality liirjiiv ,let-
liiniiilnl to tlieir heultli. ll In' onlv
l,y   llm   most   tjirefni   trcatmont   tlm't
tliuy  nro   lllilo   t„   keen   Ili.-insnlvi-.s   nlert
nml unlive in tholr various calling*,
Tunny nl lle.".i know tlie value of l'ur-
meloo'H Vogetablo Pills iu roautatlng tne
stniiuii-li nml consequently Keeping the
head clear.
Mistress (to new scrvnnl)—"Thero
an) two things, Mary, about wbien
I am very very particular, They j
are truthfulness nnd obedience."
Mary—"Yes'm, mid when you tell mo I
to say you're not in when a person j
culls thai you don't wish to see, |
which is it to be, mum—truthfulness
01' obedience?"
Their  complete   home euro.   Post
free to readers of thi3 paper.
For limited period only. j
A handsome Illustrated treatlso, giving full description ci Hhoumatium nml
Paralysis, with Instructions Iur n cotn-
pleti! 'lioniu ciii*,', describing the inest
succusslul treatiuetit in the world, recommended liy (lie Ministry nnil onders-
cd liy iiieiliiuil mon. '1'liis liijilily in-
atrucilvc hook \an written hy IV. 11.
Venn, ii r-eiillGitian ivi,,, lms nnol. a
Study i,f llnsii ill-eases. Tlie ini'Inc. is
liy a. (rriuluiilii nf (he University nl
Wuruburg. Ki-inl postal tn-iluy and
ynu will rucolvo the tmok freu liy return.— Aililresu, 'I'liu Venn Drue Co., U-l
King St,   il'cst, Tciontu
Mrs. Tl.—"I nm told that you allow your husband to curry a latchkey. Mrs. I!.:—"Yes, hut It docs
not lit thn door. 1 just let him
carry it to humor him. Ho likes to
show it to his friends, and niuko
thorn think ho is independent."
Tin -fllmey ol nickle'a Antl-Cnsuinp-
tlvo Syrup In curing cough, und cnhia
mul iineeiihr iulliiiniiiGilicii nt tlie lin,*-,
ran hr established hy liunilrt-ila ol trsli-
uiiinlalti In,in nli s,,ris ,u,l condition,
of men. It is n stnmllt.'il leimlv in
llii-se nilnienta am) till nfToctlon, o( thu
throat nml lungs. It is lil^hiy t-ei-oin-
inciiili'il l,y modlctii, vendm-a, l,e,i.'i,„
tliiy km,v.- nnil uiijirccliitu ila value us
u curatlvo.   Try It.
Jllss Howler (who sings)—"That
gentleman who you just, Introduced
inn to suid hn would give nnythln^
if he hnd my voire. Hy the way,
whut business does ho follow?"-
l-'riend—"lie's an auctioneer,"
fliuliglit leap il .ctter than other IM-*,
tut li Uat ni.» mi ia t.. Iiillgkt way.
Buy fiaubglit 6oaj aud follow iinotuuu,
The lightest of Kuropenn crowns
Is the State crawn nf (Ireat Britain,
Which wns mnde f«r Uiiecn Victoria.
Although It weighs only 2 Its. 7
or*.. Its value Is $1,MM,IN. One
enormous snpphir, cam, from the
signet of Edward tho Oenfessor. In
tlie Pepe's Ireasuro lnus, are two
crowns which are value* at I2.MI8,-
000. Ono of them wa, th, gift of
Napoleon to Plus VII., and contain,
the largest emerald In the world.
Tho other, the gift of Queea babel-
la of Spain to Plus IX., weight 8
lbs., and Is worth $1,000,000.
Algernon—"You must not think,
dearest, that because you art rich
and I am poor I am trying to marry you on account of your money."
Gen«rl«tn»-r"ilifhot, are you after n
Remington Typewriter
Every model "f Romiiijtt m Itypowrltir
Imi been a Ruooeu. 't'haro never waa a
Itomiiiirtiiii failure.
'DIE M.W MODBIrS ropronont tlm ram
and nibntance of all Renttugton .uettt*-
plus SO roara of oxnorienco in typow iltor
kildhiK. '
Wo will In) pt.tl to liaio ynu call at our
nflieo ami neothn now in"l«U or aonl f >r
lllii-tnt'iil bouklt.t describing tlm n.v.v
Remington Typewriter Co.
93 Ailolatrla St, E.. Toronto, danaril
Tho fact that Homo was not built
lu n day is a rourco of much comfort
to tlio lazy man,
Do nnt ilclny In gutting rciiot tor tho
little (Oiks, Alotlicr Craves' Worm Bx-
teritiiinitoi- la n plciinuiit nml sur. i-tire.
II you love your clilhl why do ynu
let it eufior when u rumody Is ao near
ut   IniliilV
There is some hope for a man win
knows that ho Is a fool, nnd tries to
keep tho knowledge to himself.
Imitations Abound, lint Itt.ijt upon -ailing
llie genuine, "Tlio n 41," Moattnl Plaitar.    It
ll'.ll.l,, ,:l lho (,..(,1 y,l lis.    It euro., ndio! nud
pallia quicker ih.oi any plustor.
Tho reputation of your ancestors
won't do you much good when you
nro looking for employment,
Twltohy Hueoleo and Jlorplessmrss. -
Th. lie,,»loin limit liikuu., that u-tllu, uu a
nan or wmniiii whose n.rres ar. sliatteroil bj
dlnoiKO oau Cu ,t he I'icluiisl la coutrnst with ft
piillatit who liol beiei III tlie "doptba" anil ha,
lio.ii dro-s.d Irma tbain hy«„ittli Aiaerlo-ui Nor-
,lu.. (l/jarno Wobstor, „l Parost, Out., ny u "I
ow. ivy llio to It. KverytUiug olio fulloi to
Aid W. Anker Simmons ol ltenley-
im-Thaini'S town council has justne-
complished a remarkable feat, near
the famous roach of tho Thames at
Henley, England. Ilo Walked, ran,
cycled, rowed, and then swain 200
yards all under eight mlnutos. As
Mr. Simmons Is 43 years of age, tho
lent is all tho more noteworthy.
Cash or Cure       -
If ShiWi's ConRireption Cure fail, to cura
your Cekl «r Cough, you got hack all you
raid ler il.   You lie ,uie el a Cure oi
11 it wasn't a wire cure, liii, oSei would
Can coytliaj be laiier ?
11 you hive a Cold. Cough, or any JIkiu
ol the Throat, Lungs« Air Pauago, by
- I j,,
'   I5c. par hoUle,   All dala, guaranlw it.


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