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The Mail Herald 1906-04-21

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MEN I    Hear  A.   N.
Marshall, of Australia,  tlie '
great Orator, next Weil lies
nay and Tuesday   Nights,
- f(  i0r.'Pv
*•». _f
Vol. 12.-No. 69
REVELSTOKE. 15. C. A Hill, 2J
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co.
Wo I'.-in inke your
"i-dei- I'm- n 20TH CENTURY SUIT. The suits
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f run Is on llio cunts, no
out-of-date puffs on the
knee, nn wrinkles in
the front of the vest
like as if it was trying
to get under the braces,
Where do you see better dressed men than
i-iitnini'i'i-iiil travellers't
Open up the emit of the
majority uml yuu will
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Brand on Ihem.
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A Drawer Sett, just as perfect as can be, OTpieces, new decorations
and as complete as possible A $16 8ETT FOR $10
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
For nil kinds nf up-to-date and reliable furniture
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R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
Merchant Tailor,
(Lath of Chicago)
has opened up one of the most beautiful stocks of
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Lawn  Mowers, Rakes, Hoes, Wheelbarrows, Etc.
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X X X X 'T •'T T w T 'I X * w * * ♦ X V ♦ X X X X X ^^
Make Up the Story of Four Days of Horror in San
Francisco—Death List will Be in the Thousands-—
Fire is Now Under Control after Sweeping almost
the Entire City—Thousands are Leaving the Stricken
City by Boat and Train.
Groceries. Hardware. McClary's Stoves. Etc.
Onion Sets, Flower Seeds, Farm & Garden Seeds,
Garden Tools.  A Large Assortment.
Hollywood   and  Shcrwin   Williams'   Paints,  Oils,
Varnish, Turps, Alabastine, Muralo, Etc.
Our Stock of Groceries, Fruits  and   Vegetables,
is always Fresh.
BOURNE   BROS.      Mackenzie Avenue
Sax Francisco, April 21.—The lire
wns gut under control yesterday afternoon, Al,ml a quarter of the city-
lying wot ol Franklin itreot has been
saved. Attoutiull is now being
directed towards recovering the budies
ul the killed from a three-storey lodging house en Minna street, which
collapsed on Wednesday, More then
Tn hollies were taken out to-day and
there ure lifty more in sight in the
At lonst line hundred persons were
killed in the Cosmopolitan hotel, on
Fourth street.
More than 150 jiersons are reported
dead in the Brunswick Hotel on
Sixtli street.
Fourteen people were killed by Hie
guards nt the Mint last nighl in un
attempt mado to rub tlio place,
Plans Iur caring Ior the homeless
and destitute are being rapidly perfected, The necessity is great, but it
is expected in a few days everything
will be working smoothly. Building
plans are already under way.
Sax Josk, April 21.—-Nineteen
persons were killed here by the earthquake on Tuesday, «nd the property is
placed at $57,000,000. At the Angew
insane asylum 110 persons were killed
and 74 injured. .Much damage was
done to the buildings at adjoining
New York, April 21.—Mure than a
million wns subscribed here to-day for
the relief of tlie California sufferers.
Among the big subscribers are A,
Carnegie, John l). Huckefeller, the
Standard Oil Co., the U. S. Steel Co.,
each giving $100,000.
It is expected that the total subscriptions from New York will exceed
Ottawa, April 21.—Parliament today passed a vute uf $100,000 iu aid uf
the Sau Francisco fire.
Sacramento, April 21. — Mayor
Schmitz has issued the following
proclamation :
To rm-: Citizens or Sax Fkaxcisco :
" lho lire is nuw under control and
all danger is passed. The only fear is
that other lires may start should
people build lires in sturcs,and 1 therefore warn all citizens not tn build
lircs in their homes until the chimneys have been inspected and repaired
properly. All citizot s are urged lo
discountenance tlio building ol lires.
I congratulate the citizens ol San
Francisco (or the fortitude they have
displayed, and I urge upon them the
necessity of aiding the authorities in
the work uf relief. Fur relief uf those
persons who arc encamped in various
sections ol tbe eity everything possible
is being done. In Golden Gate Park,
where there are approximately 200,000
homeless people, relief stations hnve
been established."
Tlie Spring Valley Wnler Company
informed me that Mission district will
he supplied with wnter this afternoon,
between 10 and 12 millions being
available. LakeMercedc will ho taken
by federal troups and that Biipply
The churches of the city nre taking
charge of the work of administering
to tlie wants of the needy and hungry.
Many are dropping dead from heat
and suffocation. Over 150 peoplo are
reported lost in tlio Brunswick hotel,
on Seventh and Mission streets.
Sacramento. April 21— Lieutenant
Governor Alden Anderson gave the
following statement to the Associated
Press yesterday : " Three-fourths uf
Sun Francisco, including all the
wholesale district, has been burned,
Thousands of people are homeless nnd
destitute, and must have loud and
utlicr supplies for some time. Nearby
places should send piepared (nod, such
as I,read, crackers, canned goods, cured
meats, etc. Those inuking such contributions should send currency or
Coin so that it can  become Immed
iately available. Send supplies or
money to General Relief Committee,
erne Mayor Schmitz, Sun Francisco
Oakland, April 21—Yesterday aftor-
i.uoii another horror occurred in connection with the terrible Joss nf life in
,'iin Frunciscu. A building left standing hi South Sun Francisco, which
wiib crowded with wounded nud refugees, collapsed, burying tho occupants
in the ruins. Twenty nre known to
hnve been killed.
Twenty-five hundred wounded and
sick are at an improvised hospital in
Golden Gale Park,
The burned district now extends six
miles north and south, and three
miles east and west. Practically
everything south of Market street lias
bron burned. The city and county
hospitals barely escaped destruction.
A heady talk of rebuilding the eity
is heard on every hand. So fur only
li (teen financiers are known who are
ri tidy to di sort the city. Other men
ol capital prophesy that u greater
S n Francisco will rise from tho ruins
I Even while tho flames are ledeniii-j
(lie sky plans for rebuilding burned
Structures nre beiu,; ninde.
Sax Fkaxcisco, April 21. —The
Oriental liner China has arrived. .V
ii port, which cannot be confirmed, is
to tlie effect that the wireless telegraph
system at Diamond Head, Honolulu,
was is brief communication with tlio
China, and reported that Honolulu
was slipping in to tlie son. Little
credence is placed in tlio report.
Vancouver, Apiil 21.—Latest and
n.ore complete news Irom Sun Jose
si;/nineteen people mere killed there,
including Mr, and Mrs. Bert Haley,
nial Mr. and Mrs. Kerrigan, all oi
Oakland: jI vigilance committee is
organized with orders to summarily
bang thieves.
Sax Francisco, April 21.—Twenty-
live thousand persons lelt devastated
S.ui Frunciscu yesterday and as ninny
as could be carried by forries, probably
twice that number are seeking to de-
p.rt now. All those who cross the
bay are given to understand they may
go to any point in the State on any
transportation line free of charge but
that they may not return. This con-
dition is impused tu relievo tlie (uud
situation and is olieorlully complied
with by the fleeing people. They are
going to every point around the bay
u; d even to Los Angeles, Sun Diego,
nnd other Inr oil* cities in tl.e soulli.
ll is anywhere tn get away, anything
but tlie sight of skeleton wiiIIb and
smoking ruins of the city.
As soon as word was given that it
was safe tu cruss the binned district
there were two great prucessiuns li
the ferry, one down Market street, the
thoroughfare that was the pride of
Sun Francisco, the other from the
Presidio Jibing the curving shore line
ol Nortli Buy, thence southward along
the water front to central ferry station,
Throughout theso routes, probably
eight miles lung, a continuous (low of
humanity dragged its weary way
amidst hundreds oi vehicles. Drivers
I vehicles were disi'i-gariKiil uf thoso
exhausted, hungry rofugoes, aud drove
tinir animals straight through the
wds. So dazed and domiciled tn nil
dilution wore many ol Ihem that Ihey
were bumped aside by carriage wheels
or shouldered out ol Ihu way by
horses, It was a wolrd, strange procession, There wns no oomplalnl
from uny one, no dlsordoi*. There
was no apparent realization nl the
awful calamity. Twn awful days anil
nights had deadened all (ear, and lelt
theill Without nny utlicr object than
to getaway.
At the Ferry Station there wns utter
confusion. Mingled in Indescribable
musses wers people ol every ruco upon
the earth, Common niisfiirtuni: und
the paramount emotion of man-hunger obliterated all racial distinctions.
All around bedlam nl confusion raged,
This is the description of the scenes
that marked the exodus of Sun Fran-
Cisco's population. .
I II 1 j|
Details oi the Catastrophe
San Fkaxcisco, April 111.—The lire
is still raging Ho,,ugh,ml the city und
(here is no possibility uf stopping it
until it exhausts itsell lor want of
material, The city is doomed, The
authorities are still dynamiting buildings in tlie vnit, hopool cliecking.llii'
progress of the flames, but n new misfortune has befallen theoity, the explosives for blowing up tbo building!
are becoming exhausted, oven   the
powder of the government arsenal is
all gone,
Every business building and hall of
tlie resident portion of the city is destroyed. The loss is now estimated
botween $150,000,000 and $2(10,01111,1100.
These figures nro in tho rough nnd
nothing enn he told until partial
accounting is tnken.
On every side there is death and
suffering, Hundreds have been injured, either burned, crushed or struck
by falling pieces from the buildings.
The number nf dead is not known but
it is estimated that at least 500 met
llieir death in the horror.
Reports from tlie interior are most
alarming, Santa Rosa, one of the
prettiest cities of the State, is a total
wrick. There are thousands of homeless men, women, and children huddled together. The loss of life is nut
estimated. It will probably reach
the thousands, untune business building is lelt intact ami whnt was not
destroyed by the earthquake has been
sivepl by lire.
Los Anuei.es, April it),—Reports
irom Brawley, u small town on the
Southern Pacilic Railway, 20 miles
south ul I.us Angeles, state the town
was practically wiped out by the earthquake u( yesterday. This is Hie only
town in Southern California known to
hnve suffered frum thc shock.
Sax Fkaxcisco, April III.—Fire
Cbiel Sullivan, who served in tlie Fire
Department Ior over u quarter nl a
century, was killed in his engine-
house adjoining the California Hotel.
Another earthquake occurred in
San Francisco at 7.45 p.m. All day
long explosions have shaken the city
and added tu the terror of the inhabitants. Following Hie lirst shock there
was another, lasting live minutes, but
not nearly so severe. Three hours
later there was another slight quake,
The city is under martial law and
all the down-town streets are patrolled
by cavalry and infantry. Details of
troops are alsn guarding tlie banks.
All hut unc of the buildings of Leland
Stanford, Jr., University hnvo been
wrecked, and the splendid Memorial
Church, niie ol the finest structures ol
its kind in Hie world, is a muss uf
ruins. One Student is known to have
lost his 1 ifo. The dreadful earthquake
shook came without warning at precisely 5 III o'clock this morning. At
irst tho upheaval of the enrtb was
gradual, but in a few seconds it in-
orensed in intensity. Chimneys began
to (all nnd buildings to crack, tottering on their Inundations, People became punio stricken and rushed Into ouo million dollars,
lho streets, most ol them in tholr ""t k"own-
night nttiro. They were met by showers of (ailing buildings, bricks, cornices and walls. Many were instantly
crushed to death, while others were
dreadfully mangled. Those who remained indoors generally escaped with
their lives, though Boores were hit by
ih-iiiclii'd plaster, pictures and articles
thrown to Ihe lloor by the shuck.
It is believed lhat moro or lossless. . -,-     , ,  • .
was sustained by  nearly every family :'"''' »'I"»||'*J"I<-' Potion Of the city, hns
ill Ihe oity,   The HO odd' lire insurance: b»n "went clean by Ihe  lire     Also
com] ie's interested had tleoliled to itbe ""*«■»«> bounded by Seeona, Mar-
pay dollar for dollar to every one insured with theni.  The companies will
We have left a few j-Acre Villa Lots, suitable for Fruit
Culture and Market Gardening, which may be purchased on small
monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments.
This land is situated within live minutes' easy walking of the
New Schoolhouse Site recently purchased by the City.
There will be no land available after this season within such
easy reach of the City, and intending purchasers should not delay
in making their selection.
Agents, Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
completely collapsed, aud thousands
nl tuns ot coal went into tlio Bay.
The Long Wharf was one of the most
important shipping points about the
Bay, and freight traffic will be interrupted considerably.
The lire swept down the streets so
rapidly it was practically impossible
to save anything in its way. It
reached the Grand Opera House on
Mission Street and in a moment bad
burned through the roof. From the
opera house the lire leaped from building to building, quickly levelling
them. The " Call" editorial and
mechanical departments were destroyed in a few minutes, und the
flames leaped ncross to the Spreckels
building, whioh, with its lofty dome,
is the most notable edifice in San
Francisco. Thousands of people
watched the hungry tongues licking
Hie stone walls. At first no impres-
[sion was made, but suddenly there
; was a crackling of glnss and an
entrance was effected. The interior
furnishings of the fourth liuur were
j the first to go. Tliis was followed by
a spectacular illumination, The
ground windows of the dome showed
like so many moons; they burst and
gave vent to long, waving streamers
u( flame. The great structure which
had withstood the lorces of the earth-
qi uko, appeared doomed to fall a prey
to lire. After a while, however, the
light grew less intense, and the flames,
finding nothing more tu consume,
gradually went out, leaving the building standing.
Santa Robh, 110 miles  north,  is  in
Humes, and the damage there is over
Thc loss of life is
not discriminate botween lire nml
earthquake ami every unc insured will
he paid Iii Hie client ul the Inss,
Punic reigns nn every hand, while
lorrnr holds iu ils awful grasp Ihe
population ul the metropolis by the
Hidden Qato.
The area nl the oartbquako covers
hundreds ul milos, ami in faot wus lell
nl Viotoria, B. 0,, and Washington,
I). C, where Boismogrupli plainly registered il ub late an 12 o'clock noon,
The tenor and excitement whon Ihe
earthquake ooourrcd waa Indescribable Must u( the people were asleep
and rushed Into tho streets undressed,
The buildings swayed and crashed,
burying many occupants. Panic
reigned in down town hotels
People flocked to tho telegraph
olliees to send telegrams to friends,
and were frantic beoauso thoro were
no wires.
Four thieves wore shot by soldiers
tliis afternoon (or looting. The soldiers hnvo orders to shoot without
warning any person noting in a suspicious manner,
The number of killed will' prnhiil ly
i-1-.ioh 2,000 and the injured ten time!
that number.
The bIiciIb over thc Southern Pacific's
lung wharf uf San Frunciscu Bay have
ly located aud would probably sooner
or later be subject to severe shocks.
"The fear has been repeatedly expressed that San Francisco would be
the first to show the effect of an earthquake upun steel structures, for it has
been well understood that San Francisco has the most dangerous location
with reference to earthquakes of sny
large city in the United States."
The War Department are sending
relief supplies from Washington State.
Oakland, CaL, April 20—The in-
diciitinns are that the big fire will
continue in San Francisco until it
burns out the entire city.
From latest reports it is believed
that all tbe cily is in flames with the
exception of a few rssidenta! sections,
The entire city, business as well ai
residential districts, will likely be laid
waste before to-morrow.
General Funsten has telegraphed
the War Department from San Francisco that tbey cannot send too many
tents. Fully 200,000 families ars now
homeless. All rooming buildings have
been destroyed. The fire is still
Reports from the interior give most
alarming reports. Santa Bona, one ol
tho prettiest cities of the state, Us
total wreck. There are 10,000 homeless men, women and children huddled
together. Thc loss of life is not to be
estimated. It will probably reach the
As tlie last great seismic tremor
spent its force in the earth, the whole
business portion tumbled into ruins.
Main street is piled many feet deep
with the fallen buildings. Only one
business building is lelt intact. This
destruction includes all of the county
buildings. The four-story court-house
is mostly a pile of broken masonry.
Nothing is left. Identification is impossible. What was not destroyed by
the earthquake has been swept by fire.
The streets are filled with struggling
people, crying and weeping and calling
ior missing loved ones. Crowding all
sidewalks in uiil.uriicd areas ars thousands and thousands ol homeless
Thousands of people are sleeping on
the hills tonight or standing gssing
with grim faces on thc lurid scene
below theni.
The council, composed of the financial leaders ol the city, decided to resort to the most heroic measures yet
undertaken since the city has been in
tho path of devastation. This decision
was to bombard the entire section of
thc city lying along the east side ol
Van Ness avenue, Irom Golden Gate
1 avenue to Pacilic avenue, Hi blocks in
ull i-niitiiiiiing the homes of many
millionaires and apartment houses.
The military was notified of thil so-
linn and barrels of gunpowder, the
only remaining explosive in the city,
were taken from the Presidio, Fort
McDowell, Alcatraz and other nearby
posts. Hundreds of police, regiments
ol soldiers aud scores ol volunteers
were sent into the doomed district to
warn the people to flee. Every available wagon was taken by the military
to carry the powder.
The co-operation of the artillery was
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ secured and huge cannon were drawn
MADISON, Wis., April 19.—President I to the avenue to aid thedynamiters in
Charles R. Vanhose of the University bluwing up the mansions of the mill-
uf Wisconsin, one ol tho best known iunaires ou the west side of Van Ness
. oologists in the country, formerly of in order to prevent the flames leaping
llio United States Geological Survey, | across the highway. Every available
ays n disaster at Sun Franeisco has, |wund ol dynamite was hauled to tbe
long boon expected by scientists. In a I spot and the sight was one ol stupe-ad-
-igned statement he says: ous havoc, as the oannon were trained
"Scientists have known  Ior many	
years that San Francisco is dangerous- (Concluded on Page Four).
At Napa, many buildings were
shattered and the loss will amount to
$800,000.    Nu lussul life is reported.
At Vallejo the damage was slight in
comparison with that suffered in utlier
eilies. The loss will be about $10,-
The entire distriot bounded by
Vallejo, Howard, East and Sansunie
streets, em bracing practically the en-
ket. Eighth and Fulsom streets has
been dovastated. In the latter district
an- include! most of the city's finest
and most substantial building.-. The
itMi covered by the Dames up to the
present time is about eight square
miles, or several hundred city blocks.
Agnow's Asylum, near Sun Jose, is
a total wreck| mans of the inmates
wi ii- killed and the remainder are
running round  Ioobo, teirorsing the
community, The superintendent uf
Hn- institution and llis wife were IkiHi
Aiiuihei sharp shock ol earthquake
was just lelt at Oakland at 4.45. It
was ol short duration lasting about
live seconds.
Salinas, CaL, April 111.—A terrible
earthquake occurred here this morning, and again this afternoon. The
loss Is $1,0*00,000.
The whole district in the vicinity of
the Post OHice and Mint has been
destroyed. THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, l'». 0.
Gbe flftatMberalb.
Including postage to Knglnnd, United SOU
nnil I'.iii.nl.i.
Hvllic\i-iir|tlii-.i,iL'!i iKisl„!lii'i-l    82-50
Half    '" " .... I"
tjuaru-r "        " " !■'"'
Legalnoii-i-liM-i'iil- por line ilr-i insertion,
5 cents (per line each n luenl insertion.
Measurement* Xonpariel II- Iim-- mnko ,,,n*
Ini-lil Store nmi general business an-
iiouin-i-iiii-iit- I'--'-- per Inch pel nioiilli.
Pn-f-irrMi pcclfcns. -..- por car k-
dltkMl Births, Man-luges mul Deaths,
SOo  each Insertion.   All tulverlisoiiii-iiL
iittrjcct to Uie approval ol lho nianngi i t,
Wanted .- : i ot li used Adverll-ciiieiils:
Agenu Wa        Hi     Wauled, Sllual ou>
ivantod,   SltunUon,    Vacant,   Teachers
Wanted, Me. hanics Wanted. 10 words or
I,- -.--. ... i   uldll onal lm,- i -•
fhangi- In -■•„. ling ,,,lv,.-ti-i-n„ii'- must
cm.- in by a ... in. 'I'u-diiy mul rrldn) «t
Pteacli ww s to -,-■ ii- good display.
JOB t-1'.lNTIN'ij prempUyoiecutcdal reason-
TKRil-  ' .i-i..   Bubscnptlom payable in mil
ioHl'.R.-I'OM'KS( 1. Invited on matters ol
public Interest Communication! "' Kill-
tor in'!-: be aixompanlcd by name el
M-riu-r, no: iii-u—..i-ily lor publication, 'mi
u evidence of good (aiih.  Correspondence
should be brief.
it.      OBR|IS,ON,
McKenzie Av, uu,-.
HARVEY, McCARTER        ,   „
Orricss: iMii.KUL Hash Blook, Krvbl-
stoki:, 11. ('.
Geo. ri. McCartek
Money lo loan.
Offlci-: Revelstoke,H.C; Ion Stoolo, B,(.
Wi '•KlliJl. L »   H-iK-l'V .. ,
Hevelslokc, B, C, Kort Steele, II. L.
J.M.Scott l.L.li. W. l.l:;'ng*.
B rristers, Solicitors, Etc
Ml.NKV TO  1,,'AN
Solicitors ihu Molsoxs Bank
First Street, Revelsloke, B.C
lands, buildings, Iinil farms, etc.- ■
enterprises which cannul Inil lu bii ig
largi nnd prulitablo returns. It wnuld
be a good deal bettor Im- Itovelstok.i
and its people if ihey would recognise
thi*. make their in vestments ut lioinoi
nnd realise Ihey cun gel as good investments hero ns anywhere
The sympathy of the civilised world
will go lord Io tho peoplo ol California in the wreck ol thoir chief city and
several smaller towns ol tin- great Pacific stale. California had deservedly
the reputation of being ii paradise
with its lovely oliniate, beautiful harbours, f.rtilt- suil, lich mineral resources, In a nighl Ibe labor ul
milli,,its nl people and the expenditure ol hundreds ol millions ot capital
have been destroyed, ami ibe fair
name of the state as a home for hu
inanity blasted fur many years to
come. No human foresight can prepare for or prevent siicli'eiitiiclysins.
The world's history is (nil t-I them.
They arc part ol the lot nl human
lite. The best that can now be done
is lo assist those who have lust their
all tn provide new homes and liberal
subscriptions will doubtless be forthcoming from nil purls uf tiic American
Continent. The M AI l.-ll KHALI) will
be glad tn open a subscription list nnd
receive the contributions of any in
Revelstoke and district who may wish
to mako donations towards the fund.
[iWAKl! .v. HAGGEN,
MlNlNO  E.Ni .:TiKIl,
IMem. American Institute Mining Engln 'ers)
Canadian Mining Institute.)
Revelstoke, B. C,
Examination ot and reports on Mineral Properties a Specialty.
Agent for Canadian Metal Company, buyers
ot zinc and silver-lead ores.
Zinc and silver-lead mines purohns    or operated under lease and bond
Financial Assistance given owaors anil  pros
pec-tor- lo oecratL- nud develop
approved properties,
•' I would . . . earnestly advise them lor
their good to order Ihls paper to b>- punctually
wed up, and to be looked upun a- a partol
tht- lea equipage."—Addison.
Revelstoke has been a play ground
lor the fakir, and thnt too under the
cloak oi citizens who should have had
more sense. Marconi agents camo
along, ami witii a get-rich-quick
scheme which will never materialise
raked in thousands of dollars, people
even borrowing money and mortgaging their property to get into the
wild-cat scheme-. An insurance promoter came along and with the story
of big dividends, sold si,-ok to the
value of 130,000, Fakir Phillips nf
the York County Loan, sent two
ycung men here who, with pr, inises
o! remarkable investments, filled up
pass-books galore, till the -ul'si.-riln-rs
lound they had really been nuking
charitable donations to Phillips and
his numerous "lady" friends and ssso-
ciate schemer.-. The iame , f I: •
Etoke as an "ea.-y" town even :- icbi d
far-uff Persia and a dark-- ■
heathen anglicised bis
"Petros" to "Rev.Di Day u I inged
his occupati n :': ■ a i .
to a Christian mi--, nary
thropist ■■'.' - Id Am. eni
blood t - citizens ,-! ibis . n,l other
towns in exchange loi I lev tl
dollars' word. -,i bank bills n the
proceed! "I whioh he returned u, Persia to live in luxury during li- term
ol his natural iii'-. Now we heal ol
syndicates being lormed t-, invest in
Vancouver mil estate which is not in
Vancouver at all, and the problem
Rtical value ol which is tu say the
least, doubtful.
The object ol these reminders is to
show people tlie fully of going into
these wild-cat and get-rioh-quick
schemes, and to remind them that
Revelstoke affords, the best and soundest investments, which, with sufficient
capital, will bring as good returns as
can lie got anywhere. There are here,
right at home, where thoir investments
will be under their own eyoi, opportunities Inr investing in tbo shares ol
mercantile  and  industrial   pursuits,
As it appears all efforts to induce
tho Provincial Government In combine witii the city to build nud maintain a decent, gaol aro fill ilo, it
is up tu tlio cily In lake up
tlie question and provide for a decent
building for that purpose. The present provincial gaol is a disgrace to
tlio community and is barely good
enough to house swine let alone
human beings. There should be some
sense ol public decency in tlie matter
ol a city gaol as woll as anything else,
and we hope the council will make
provision in tliis year's estimates for
such un institution,
Ottawa, April 14,—The scene bus
changed, and from watching the proceedings on Parliament Hill the
citizens of Ihe capital have turned
thoir attention to entertaining royalty,
Parliament, ns ymi know, lias adjourned for Easter—for four or live
nights m, light will blaze from the
great tower overlooking tin- Ottawa
river, but Ottawa is busy looking nit,'''
Tin- Hou«e did not break up for the
holidays in tlie best humor, indeed it
was a lucky thing perhaps that vacation intervened just when it did, that
everyone may have a ohance t,, recover their good temper, Dm- would
almost think thai some oi ibe old
members, George Eulas Foster and
others—had been i oking back to tin,
old scandal days and comparing them
discontentedly with the last ten years,
and. remembering whal the final outcome - :' thos. soaudala was, 'on .Inn,
•j;:, I-'.", bad a ncludsd ti try to help
lit . • re* eal itsi II Two or three
■     . In thi    --' ten days, n
,C\-i -1'J.NI'U.  Ul Ml
I been pi pel ited ipon the House
ifili it   ha- dov  I
names tnd ,-i- dliti I bad
temper il :-,- n I in pr -.'-'I 'le- feeling
\piri from thi- the week, - r the
i.i.: : ,! ih.it parliament -,t. lms
been particularly barron nl anything
ii ten it. A couple -■( hours one
evening wn- dev, ted to discussing the
and while both sid'-s. held up hands in
holy horror at the terrible extent to
which this commercial crime was
rampant, it appearedfrom the statement ol Mr, Gilbert Garong, "l Charlotte, N. B,, the widely known candy
maker, thut the fanners themselves
are largely I" blame; by reason of the
slovenly way thoy put the syrup and
ihe sugar nn the market. The con-
fectionors nml others handling tlio
goods lmvt; In iidiillci'iite tu iiinke it
nrketnblc, either ns to color, flavor
or general appearance It would appear iln-refuro that if tin: Government
undertakes tn remedy tin- evil complained ul hi the mattei oi adultera
te,n they must tackle the fanner lirst
ami make him turn nut a proientable
E. H. Smilli, uf Wont-worth, had a
griuvpuce with a big "G," which he
ventiliilcd at length in Hie House.
It appeals be hud shipped sume apples
tn England Incorrectly marked, a
complaint had been registered by the
buyer in Birmingham, F.ng., and as a
warning apparently to tho trade, the
letter was published in oue nl the
departmental bulletins. Tliis was
resented by Mr. Smith who thought
he had been singled out above all
ethers because he was a political opponent ul the Minister uf Agriculture,
but Sir Wilfrid Luiii'ier guud naturedly
pointed nut that as one nf the ninner-
his laiiiilies ul Smiths, ho was nut
likely to be identified by the agent in
England, while .Mr. Fisher demonstrated that the honorable gentleman
was wrong in supposing that his was
a Inno case, several others were quoted
off-hand and as he stated no doubt
the reoord wnuld show more still.
The wisdom of the legislation proposed by tlie Minister ol Justice,
which looks to the preventing of
members uf parliament, who arc also
members ol the legal profession, Irom
acting professionally for those who
may have business with tlie House or
any of the departments, was well exemplified in Hie course of a debate
precipitated by Mr. Foster, in which
he charged that a certain concession
in the Yukon had been improperly
revived, at the instance of the senior
member for Ottawa, Hon. N. A. Bel-
court, acting for tlie concessioners,
and that Mr, Beloourt's firm hud
received, in acknowledgment ol their
services, a large blnck of stock in the
company working the concession.
This looked bad, hut Mr. Belcourt's
explanation Was quite reasonable and
disclosed no action on his part in anyway incompatible witii his duty either
as a member of parliamentor a lawyer,
Still the discussion showed how easily
tho best intentions and tho most upright actions might be misconstrued
and it was made abundantly evident
that it would lie much better for
everybody, il members ol parliament,
to let legal business alone that in-
volved dealings with tlie Government
or the departments.
All enquiry as to the action ul the
Department ol Labor with reference
to tho plasterers in Winnipeg, elicited
some interesting information one
afternoon, It appears a complaint
reached the department that snine
men engaged on a Government contract were not getting llie wages Eet
forth in the lair wage clause of the
oontract. The contractors were
warned to keep to tbo terms of their
contract and within a week iron- the
date of the complaint they had paid
uothe shortage. Cases constantly arise
where this department is doing excellent wnrk of this kind. Tin- crcatinn
of this branch of the service has been
justified many times over.
Thequestion of  tin equipnu
Till-  SOI HI   41 RU AS  I ii'.   INOENI
wasenquired   inl    once  again  tins
week, nm- w mid havi supposed
one knew by this time whi
piper, but i!  ii,"-
dnl i,-,t. probs   .    ■■   I pi   ■• ■    .
/.en.- do nn! either.    The cost ol i    -
tingei •• -: l.-
the linpi rial  G   -n. i
Strathci im .!   -
Canoda'i   ■- ei I   i ■- a   little
under $2,000,000
Tit,-  new   Libi -   -
i.     , .   British sul
lid; ti       -   - oi   ,- .,
to  He-  far
I .- - ii -i-   i .ii ilii   n-i   ■     -■ it
ti ISO ti   the
provldenl   it insurim-n- fund        -    -
it requires its employees    ■-
nm ,t has n pension lund which was
, itablished i.-i -■■ "id   foul
I.- ago,
The Money Saving
Work Saving Soap
That's Royal Crown kind—
 de in Vancouver- Largest
Snap Footory west of Winnipeg, House oleaning nnd
washingareeasy with itshelp,
And tin- money saving Is the
Premium System
Booklet tolls what we give for
lloval Crown Wrappers, Semi
(ur   it—I''rue—Also   try   the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B, C.
Tin- Dominion Government has let
Winnipeg nnd (Jiiehic sections ol the
Grand Trunk Pacific lo the lowest
tenderers, J. I). McAi'tlmr lor the
Winnipeg section $111,010,000, and
Hiigiin and McDona'.d, $5,297,000
for the Quebeo section, saving $2,150,-
001) nu the Grand Trunk Pueilic's offer
tor Hie entire work.
0, H. Polien, president ol the
Kootenny Central Railway Company,
states the reason why only ten miles of
the Kootenay Central Railway tube are
l.uilt south ol Golden at present is to
hold all tho company's rights and
privileges Ior two years. During this
tune it is expected to obtain a renewal nf the provincial subsidy formerly
Will sell Carrots at $1; Parsnips nt
$1.20 ; Turnips at 75c, free on cars at
L. E. Griffiths, Malakwa, B. C
Lands for Sale
t Crown Crantedl
The following blocks of land situate
on Galena Bay, Upper Arrow Lake,
are for sale by the undersigned :
Lot 773 895 acres
"   2445 210  "
"   2440 41   "
For farther particulars apply to
J, V. Armstrong,
Box 776, Vancouver, B. C.
Tlio abovo roward will bo paid by the Dominion Express Oompany for tho capture ami
return of two Black nnil Tan Terrlera whloli
OBcapcd from Uiu (', P. K. Station un thc Ttli
Any person found harboring these dogs after
this notice will bu prosecuted.
To Contractors and Builders
of Revelstoke.
That tho Contract with Local Uniun
Nu. Illll, expires on llie first day of
June, The luenl uniun of Carpenters
and Joiners will commence on the 1st,
day uf .lime, 1000, for 45 cents all lioui-,
and present union time of nine hours
ii day. All carpenters wishing to join
ihis lucal blanch uf the uniun should
apply to the Financial Secretary,
First Street.
VOTICK is lioruhv fflvon that thirty dnys
__\ niter dntol Intond to apply tottlio Chief
Commissioner of Lands aud Works for speoial
licence to cut ami curry away timbor from the
following described lands situated in North
Eti.-i Kootonay district, B.C.:
1. Commencing at a posl planted ono mile
west fnnn tin* fuel nf Kitibasket Lake aud
about 83 chains south .if the Columbia River
and marked "K. McBean's sotilh oast corner,"
thence west 80 chains, tbenee north 80 chains,
theoce east 80 ohutnf, thenco south 80 chains to
point of commencement,
Dated this Uth day of March, 1906.
2. Commencing at a post nUnied cm tlm
north ude of the Columbia River, about 2)a
miles from the fool of Klubasket Liiko. nml
markod "E MoBoan's south east cornor,"
thence north IW chains, thoneo wost lOchalns,
tl  outh 160 chains, thence ca-t in chains
the poinl nf commencemenl
Dated this 22nd day of March, 1906
I-;. MoBEAN.
Commencing un post planted about-^ of
i ; le tort    f the I olumbfa River aboul -' i
froE   the foot c>f Kinbaaket Lake and
marked    K    Mc Bean's   outh west corner,"
■ -. thence easl ni chains,
-   *      . theuce wesl -SOchains to
■  '"■ '■■
■ March, 1906
I ii' .   ;,i, :   plnntod on tho
■ ■:.,. Rfver, m-t above
ind markod "K
'.*■■ : ■ ■   .--    ri anCQ  -iiiiiii *
chain   them rth *i
thence east 80 cl dns to poinl of coin
Dated Ll -ol Maroh, lOT!
i  po '  planted on tbe
i er about H
"   ,' ( ammin  I   "•,:   ind
Mi- r    - i *   comer,"
. -.- thence ire I 80chain ■
banco east 80 chain to
■ >
■ -t ii ■   [901
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery of parcels, baggage,
etc., tu any part- nf the City.
Any Kind of Transferring
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Toil services 'Flower Pol,,
Plato* Uitilirtilln stiiiiii-.
H;iski-!s- I.unoh llaskoU
I'inn- Chairs Smoking Jacket.
Handkerchiefs Silk Goods.
Finest stock of camlliia ninl fruits in town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lends and Works
for permission to purchase tho following do--
cribed lands, situate In the Itovolstoko Division
of West Kootenny District i-
Commenolngntu post plantod on tho east
bunk of the Columbia Rivor, about one-half
mile norlli of tho mouth of Carnes Crook, and
marked "C.J.H's South Wost Corner Post,"
theuco east 60chains; thonco north 80 chains;
thonce west GO chains, bo lho same moro or loss,
to Lho oast bank of th« Columbia Rivor; thonce
following tho mennderlngs of tho Columbia
River in a Southerly direction to the point of
commencement, containing 4110 acres more or
Dutod this twenty-ninth day of March, A.D.,
Ap.42m. C.J- RUMENS.
N'OTICE Is hereby given that sixty days aftor
date] Intend to apply In the lion. Chief
Commissioner nf Lands ami Works for permission
tnjlpnri'liase the following descrllwd lands for
pastoral purposes, same being situated noar
OaleuaBay, urtioliiingl-jLats 12445, 7044 and 7113,
described asSfollnws: £«3
BCiimmeiii'iiig at (the |sonlli*east cornor M I-ot
8445, llienee north to iinrlhoast corner of l.nt
2445, tlience east40clialiiB!,ltlien';e south hu; chains
to but 71144, theuce, westJJO chains to point of
Februarys, low. 148 ap 88
days after dale I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away Umber
from the following described lands In West
Kootenay District :-
1, Commencing nt a post marked'"!!. Blyth
and 0. B. Kbit's south west corner post," planted
about ion yards west »f Mosquito Creek, thence
north 80 chains, thenco east 80 clmins, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains t« point of
2, Commencing at a postmarked "B. lllytli
and O. It. Kirk's smith easl. corner post." planted
about 18-3H yards west nf Mnsipiito Creek, thence
norlli 80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
smith 8H chains, tlience east 80 chains to point of
Dated .March ,'lrd, 1-M
Notice is hereby given that ut the next meeting
of the Board of Licensing Commissioners fnr the
City of Kevelstoke, i «ii] apply for permission to
transfer to Henry J. MrHnrley and,lohn McHorley
nf Revelstoke, all my right, title and interest In
and tn the retail liquor license held by me in respect of the premises situate in lho City of Bevel-
stnke known as the Queen's Hotel.
Dated lltli April, W06.
m iti .MilIN 11. HOBINSON.
TOTH H i* HKK1 ■:'< GI */KN   hal thlrti
■ ,   ■, ply to thi
,  Li md Work* for a
I   i d   i ■..    '■■
., ■
■   ■
H, O. Robl
.   ■ .      thenci
. . • I,, c| , nrtl    ■■
i ' e mencement,
i post about
:■.■*. '     -        l.i .,
. .■ |   ii  i,  Robl ' '
■      ,    . ■
.       .
■        , ... ,     ■
'   Ol    1'    I.'-'.fi
r.roek, thence ..■■■■■ rth ft
-. ,-,   ,-1 ■ -.. - ■ ,t       banc
.-'. ■ .   n point of o    i.■--.'■'■. 11  ■
Dated l     rTth day of Han I  m
Part ii    hel|   tg.
NOW K i hereby given that W) dnys
riftordata "■• intond to apply toll ■■ [fw ■-■
,,1,1,, tho i i,..-f i omml inner nf mm and
Work? for i tiocfnl Uoan a to cui ind ■ irry
,iway timber from the following ils bi bed
i,.,,]     tuatod hi Wc i Kootonnj u
 iii-in-.' ,ii i  pnsl  ni nki i|    II, Itlyth .nnl
ll.  Kirk'* north ■ ml  i oi pn t,   planted
,i,.i,,t ion , mi nortli -f ' iimm I iml ilioiil
m IT,|laH from Mosquito Creok, tlionre woat in
i-Ii.uih, thencii nmtli i" chains n ■ oiul   120
(ijiains, ttiBnco north M clialn   to poinl of com
I1KHT UM ill
'    i:   KIUK.
Dated Mil Mnrclif MKW.
Notice Is hereby glvou that thirty days after
dale I Intend to apply to tho chief Connnis
sinner of Lands and works for a special license
tn rut and carry away timber from the follow-
lug doscribod lands, sliimtc in the Osoyoos
Division of Vale Dislrict:-
1. Commonolng at a post plnntod on the
west bank of tlio north fork of Cherry Creek,
about eight milos up llm creek, running oust
Ion chaini, north HI chains, west IHI chains,
aouth 40 chains, west III chains, south 10 chains
to point of I'oininc■iiri'inctii.
March 28th, 1906,
■J. Commonolng at n post about one.quarlor
of a miln from Ihe west bank of the north fork
of Cherry Crook and about, nine miles up iho
creek, runnlug east 80 chains, north sn chains,
west80 ohains, south Hft chains to point of commencement.
March'.llili, 1000,
:t. Commonolng nt a post about one-half
mile from the oast Sank of thu north fork of
i lurry orook ami about leu miles up the creek,
running north 80 chains, wost 80 chains, south
80 ohains, oasl hu chains lo point of coinmouco-
Maroh 30th, 1000.
I. Commenolng at a post about one-half
mile from the norlli hunk of lho north fork of
Cherry Crook and about twelve milos ap the
orook, running east nm ohains, south 4HchnlnH,
wosl I'i" chains, north in chimin lu point of
March Mh, 1008,
,   11 nenolng at aposl   about onedmif
mllo from tho north hank of Um norlli fork of
i , ,-,i l rool ami about twelve miles up the
creek running oasl innohnini, north lOchaiiis,
wml 100 ohains, south m rlmlnsloimlutor
Maroh 30th, IWO,
il    ( online in ing  al  a p(mf aboill one half
tnlli frbm south bank of north fork of Cherry
Creek and aboul fourteen miles up iho creek
norl h *" chains, 00*1 «n chains, south nn chain
 t -cm hntns topoini of commoncomont,
March 30lh, 1900.
;.  em Ing al a posl aboul one-quartor
of ,iii,;, fromtheoonliuonooof ihe souih fork
>,11 In* port Ii fork and tho nort It fork of Cliem
Croek and on tie: wuth hank of mid Houlhfoi'k
of Die north fort, r dug soulli un chains, cast
-j, chains, north B0 ohains, wosl BOohftinsto
poinl of non moomonl
March 30th 1000
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. c.
in Oddfellows' Hall at 8
o'clock Visiting Knights are
cordially invited.
G. H. BROCK, K. of H. AS.
nf F.
Kootenav Lodffe No. 15 A F,& A.M.
The regular incot-
ingr arc held in the
Masonic Temple,
Jdd Follows Had, on
the third Mondnj In
each month at H
p.m. Visitlngbreth-
ron cordially wel
C. A. I'HOCUNIER, Skckktahy,    SK
Meets everrThursda''
evening inOild Fellows
^Ilall at 8 o'clock
Visiting brethren cor
dially "uvitid t.o at
I hnve stai-ti'il u permanent Wontl
Yard on Third street. With my past
expui i--nee I hope tn he in n position
tu witinfy all requirements of customers. Dry curilwooil kept, in stock and
supplied in nny lengths nt, reduced
prices fur cash,
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders for Reel anil Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and small goods
will receive prompt attention.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Faia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Richard R. Copeland
Mantles, Shelving, Storm Doors, etc
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
Third Street East, Revelstoke
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new inanngeiiii-iitjnf
U-.11UY MolNTOBH, Hoffman  House
1. cyon are the must curative in the
world. A perfect, natural remedy for
all Ni-ivous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomauli ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all hunts and trams. Two
mails ai rive and depait every day,
Teleg'ra li communication with all
marts of the world.
TEBMB-$12 to $18 per week.   For
furl her particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrobu Lake. B, C
Something Pure
II yon are looking for Pure
Honey we have just opened up
a consignment ol   Ontario
in 1 lb. hoxos, or in 5 lb. cans
"(iunrantced Pure."
Our Canned Quods nre second
to none, and more thun thnt
we "Guarantee every Can."
Radish, Lettuce, Rh: barb, Etc.
Supply of Gold Fish on hand.
Front Street, Revelstoke
GnmpleUir Mini'rnl (Jlniin.
Sltuntn in tin' Arrow Luke Mining Division nf
Wont Knuteiiiij Ilislrli-l,
Where locnli-'il:—Ncurjtlio NociIIiihoii tlie l,,,»,-r
Arrow takn,
Tiik,, notice Hint 1, Kminetli 1,. Ilnrtii'l, agent
fur Aiinii- Kiillllii-i (uliititiistriitrix for tin, mtntt'
„f V. ll. Kellllior iteceaieil). Special Kree MIhit'h
I'rrtillnili, N„. i,27(, intotid, sixty iltiys Irom tlio
ilnti- lierenf, l„ ripply t„ tin, Mining Itm-nnU'r for
a Ui-rllllriile „( fniprovoniQiits, for thopnrpoio »f
obUlitltllg n Crown (limit nf the nl -,vo i-liiiin.
Ai ' fniilioi tnki- notice Hint m-inin. iilnlor s„
Li.■!■ 87, lllllll 1„- isiiiiiiii'in-i"1 lii'dnt, tlm issiiinn-i-
nf moh (Jortlftcato nf liuproveinenti.
lint, ,1 UiIh I'Kloenl h ilny i,f I'chriinr)-, 1000,
Kurtz's Pioneer Cigar Fai'tory
148, Cordova St., W.
VANCOUVER, -  ■  B. C.
I,,   LlH.nl i...... muIm I un Inkingm.rthe
Irtijjiiei -.(tin- MmcoI I It, ;,,„l I will "'il lie
nr.nr.nill.il, Inr nny .lalil lrsrt.il dj Wall latin
nu vi- cili'Mi.
N, i  i     iicrelii -i mi thai ililyilayiafter
.iu, I Intel ,|,|,i.i,,ii„-i liloll! -
„,,„, ,,t i mil. nml Worki Inrpnrmlimliintiiiiiir
, ha«e llie tnllnwhiji limn .ii»-,l lanili nn llio c,l ■
1 r  -si..rlli Weil K--l-ii,I
, -,„ nclngati ,i within two chaini nf the
i .ui.i K ,,limn in"-. "I miln iw I
irrnwltcail   .»,"l "I-'- A. Ilniut,-,,- n, ",-t
, ,„,n i ,i,.i, thonce nnrtli 10chaini.thonco onil
i,i.imiii, ii,,,,--.milli i" -iiniii-, thonco woit If)
,.|m it,, tn 'place nl ooran iBin.nl,
|t„l,.,IM,,r,-l, mill, iiim
K. A, UAlillKS
Do You Tivo yol,r N!A'!'"
H nu a i, ii regularly
uud "on time?" If not, kindly
notify the olliee ut onc^, either
Ph< j- 18 or by postal.
Nurseries, Greenhouses & Seed Houses
, Kill is. Now crop now III Nlimk anil on Insl
III our ifwriiliiiiiscH. Ask ymir iniirchaiit for
llic'it III Aoulod PfukUffOI, ll I„mI,„-j not him,Hi-
I neIII «,- will lllllll (HI nsHOI'ti'tl. Ac |,.,,-k,-|s 111
i <, liilili1 nml llniM-i Himih lour owl. siilcotioli,
M, i .iiln (nr II I', utirilinisl (or tl.im. Sponlnl
I tii-i   on i-mi hulk Bonds,
M I.N IA I, Tlil.l-M now rcitily for -|,iii,it
►liiin ,-nt.
K    , nine -1,,,-k of two mul lliroo-year Applo
Tt-i-siil J'jn.l.l pi-l- llll, Slsn.i.i |»r l.ii.i; Mi.)
iiiit.1 I'lnnii, ?l'-' '-iiiiiii lliiliuii I'rilnn, two.
yi-iu. llm-. t-'M'i I''''' I"11: Hugor I'rnnc, two
ir    Hum I»'|'i i nr lin.
1 nil li-l ,,f alitor »li),-k nl 1-,'giiliir prions No
,-\|i,-ii-,-. I,,.- or ilnliiy of fninlgiillon or
|j,l  prlco ynnr ll«l Boforo plm-inK yi.nr
Ori-,-,,lii)iii": I'lnnt-. l-'lor Wnrk. BeOBUppllOl,
Krult I'nckagi'H, Ki-rllli/.i-r., etc.
Nl.  J,  HENRY
M0. Hr.STMINSri.M ROlli, VAMi0lvr.lt. B, c.
Mrs. H. J. Ha.ibury. Managress,
First-Class Table.|
Private Dining Boxes.
I.nrnii l)itiiii(in„,iii for
IlitinUiols, Sni,|,t,rs, oto.
Furnished Rooms To Let.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Pencock Mineral Claim, situnto in tlie Hovel-
stoko Mining Division nf Wost Kuotenny
District I—
Where located:—At tandard Basin, in the
Hin llond.
TAKK NOTICK that I, It. Smith, Free
Miner's Ortiticate No. B B&123, acting as ngeut
for ('. J. Rumens, Free Miiior's Certilioato No.
il 88-1811; 0. E. Robinson, Free Minor's Certificate No. imWi and Wm. M. Saxton's Free
Minor's Cerliflcnto No, R 86485, intond sixty
days from datelioroof to npiily to the Mining
Recorder for a Cortlfloato of Improvement! for
tho imrnoso of obtaining a Crown -Grant of the
above claim.
And further, tako notice, that action undsr
-Section 37, must bo commenced boforo the
issuance nf such Cortlllcnto of Imiirovemnnts.
Dated this Hocomi day of April, A.D., IHOfl.
Aii.4-2m R. HMITH.
Certificate of Improvements.
Miulltfi Juno Fraction nut) Mini,, Miu.rsl
Claims, situnto in thc Itevetstiike Mining
Division of West Kootenny District.
Whoro lucutod i-At rltimilnril Bnsln, lllg
Bond. "
TAKE NOTICK thai I, R. Bmith, Fr.o
Minor's Oertlflonto No. II ItU, nctiiw ns ngonl
f„r the Prince Uiulng itnrl Dovolnimiont llorji-
puny. Limited Liability! Free Minor's Cortili.
cute No. 118818.-1, intotiti siity dnys from ilnte
tioroof Ui niiply U. tho Minim: Kecordor for
Cortillcntos of Improvonionts for the purin.se
nl .'obtaining Crown Grunts ol tho above
And (iirthor, tnko initico, Unit ncliuii under
Soction id, must ho commeticed bofor. the
issuance „I such Certificates of tni|irtivemeuttt.
Dntod this Second ilny of April, A. 1)., 1008.
Ap.C-2m. R. SMITH.
aflor date 1 intend to apply to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
liconso to cut aud carry away timbor from the
following described lands, situate at or noar
the -Standard Basin, Revelstoke district.
Commencing nt a imst planted aboul 1 j milos
north of Htmidnrd Mine, and marked "('.J.
R'l South-West Corner Post"; thence north 160
chainsi thonco oast 40 chains; thence south
160 chains; thonce wost 40 chains to the place
of commoncomeiit.
Datod the Second day of April A,I).. 1D06.
Ap. 4 2-m. C.J. RUMENS.
NOTICK in hereby given that -3d dnys after date
wo intend to apuly to the Hon. Tin- Chief
ConmlMlonorofLaniu and Worki for a Special
License to cut and carry away timber from (he
followlnR described lands.
1. Commencing at a posl planted Oo chains
Iinrtli from the .south went corner nf lot Nn. 6145
mid marked "A. I,. Co's. N. \V. corner post,"
Ihence smith BO clmins, 811 chains enst, 80 chains
mirth, 80 chains west to point of couiuirncemant.
Daii'd [his I'lrdday of March, 1H06.
'1. Commencing at a pott planted Oil chains
north from the south iu-.il coiuenif lot No, 6145
.-iml marked "A. L. Co'li Southwest curuev post,"
t holier mi t'haiiiH north, 80 clmliiH enst.Hu chains
south *J'' chains wi-sl to point uf coiumeiiceiuent.
Dated hi m da) uf March, lism.
frafle marks
and Copyrl|hti
obtained in all couutrioit.
I obtained in all co1
Registered Patent Attorney
Mechanical Attorney and Engineer.
Room il, Kiilrllolii;Hlock, (Irunvillii »t„ near I'.O
A piiitciird will secure an evening appoint
mul tor.,ico who ciinnoL call during tho day
Arrowhead, B. C.
OliarinlliK.y situated un the slmriis
of Arrow Lake.
Oiinil Trout Kisliinff.
Duals always fur lilt'P.
Sample Koums in oiinneotlou,
Kii'st-'lnss liiiusti for Touiists and
Cu,iiiiu-iriiil men.
W.J. Lightburne, Proprietor 1
Methods of Treatment to Prevent Disease and Loss.
Below will be found information
regarding the spraying of fruit and
shade trees for the prevention of
fungus and insect diseases.
The greatest success will come in
preventing rather than in attempting to cure. Sometimes spraying
does not seem to be necessary, but
the time has oome when tbe mun
who does spray, legardleHs of appearances, will not suffer tho losses
of his less careful neighbor.
Be ready to spray this year. It ie
good insurance and will pay good
returns on short time.
Begin to spray the orchard early
More the buds swell in the
spring, and repeat the operation every two weeks for at least
four times and the result will be a
saving of from 86 to 95 per cent on
the crop.
If spraying solutions are correctly made and applied there need
never be any danger of poisoning
the fruit for food. Fruit to be
placed on the market should be
sprayed the last time with a solution that will not discolor it.
Bordeau mixture will destroy
inngus diseases and paris green
will kill insects. These two sprays
may be easily combined, making a
solution called paris green bordeaux, which when sprayed upon
the trees, will have the same result
as paris green and bordeaux mixture when sprayed on separately,
Look over the following groups
of trees to see what to do, and
when to do it for that particular
1 Spray with copper sulphate
just before buds start in the spring,
lor bitter rot, black rot and scab.
2 Spray unfolding leaves with
paris green-bordeaux lor bud moth
and apple scab.
3 Spray as soon as the blossoms
lall with paris green-bordeaux for
codling moth, curculio, canker
worm, caterpillars, scab and sooty
4 Keep the foliage well covered
with paris green-bordeaux until
fruit is nearly grown, for the succeeding broods of insects and further fungus troubles,
When the fruit is nearly matured
a spraying with auimoniacal solution of copper carbonate will have
nearly thesame effect as paris green-
bordeaux and will not discolor the
fruit. s
Do not put copper sulphate on
the tree after the foliage is out.
Flat-headed and round-headed
borers burrow in the base of the
trunk. Watch trees and cut out
borers whenever castings appear.
Keep all windfalls picked up and
destroyed or fed out.
1 Spray with bordeaux mixture
before the leaves unfold.
2 Spray with diluted bordeaux
mixture just after the blossoms
3 Spray with diluted bordeaux
mixture two weeks after the second
Diluted bordeaux mixture is used
lor the second and third sprayings
because of the tender foliage of
this group of trees. Pears may he,
however, sprayed each time with
bordeaux mixture.
Theso sprayings will be effectual
lor leaf spot, mildews, leaf curl,
scab, brown rot and plum pockets.
In case of pear blight, winter
prune all diseased branches, cutting off several inches below the
diseased area. Several weeks after
blossoming, remove all young dead
twigs in the same way. Use a knife
that is sterilized from time to time
by wiping it with a cloth saturated
with carbolic Acid, The disease
occurs nlso on apple and quince.
Use the same treatment.
All leaf eating insects can be destroyed by spraying with paris
green the foliage they eat,
Leaf lico and othor sucking insect* should be sprayed with soap
or kerosene emulsion.
Borers in maple and olm oan be poisoned from llie outside, 1
successfully treated in September arsenic compounds in thu form
by injecting carbon bisulphide into paris green nro ihe Btondard pi
the burrows and slopping tlicin up j ons to be used  against  the  1,
In the following groups ol plants
are given their respective treatment
1 In fall or winter remove all
canes infested with cane-borers,
orange rust and crown gall and
2 In spring, before the buds swell
cut off and burn all cancB badly
spotted with disease and spray the
rest with bordeaux mixture, repeating the spraying when the young
shoots are about six inches high,
and again in ten to fourteen days.
Aim to cover thc young shoots with
spray. This treatment is for an-
thraonose, oane blight and leaf spot
Spray with bordeaux mixture
before blossoming and twice after
the fruiting season.
In fall run over badly infested
beds, add a little straw and hum
Frequently renew beds.
These treatments will keep the
crown borer and the leaf spot disease in cheek.
Spray the following with paris
green when tlie insects appear.
Cabbage for cabbage worm.
Cucumbers, squash, pumpkins and
melons for the striped  cucumber
Tomatoes for the tomiitoo worm.
Spray potatoes with paris green
bordeaux for the Colorado beetle
and the flea beetle when they appear, this spray will also prevent
the potntoe blight.
Potatoe scab is treated by soaking the seed potatoes in formalin (1
pint in 30 gallons of water), for
about two hours. Treated potatoes
should not be placed where they
will get re-infected with scab spores.
Spray any of the vegetables with
6oap or kerosene emulsion for plant
lice and any other of the plant
bugs that suck the juices from the
plants. Care should be taken to
reach every insect on the underside
of the leaves.
The solutions are designed for
the destruction of the fungus itself,
must, therefore, cover all parts of
the affected plants. The solution
will not penetrate the tissue of the
plant and kill the disease on the
interior, but is effectual, more as a
preventive against the entrance of
the disease fungus into the plant
than a curative when the fungus
has established itself in the tissue
of thc plant.
Copper sulphate, blue vitriol, 4 lbs.
Quicklime, not air-slacked,    4 lbs.
Water 40 gals.
Dissolve the copper sulphate in
hot water or from a coarse bag suspended-in cold water; slack lime
separately. Dilute copper sulphate
solution to about twenty gallons,
into which pour the lime, diluted
to about ten gallons, stirring tbo
mixture. Dilute'further now, to
make forty or fifty gallons, Stock
solutions of the copper sulphate or
lime, rate one pound to one gallon
of water, can be kept indefinitely,
but will not keep when mixed.
After spraying the solution lelt
over should be thrown away.
Copper carbonate 5 ozs.
Ammonia 3 pintB
Water 50 gals.
Use just enough ammonia, if
strong, dilute with several volumes
of wnter, to dissolve the copper carbonate, the dilute to final volume.
Copper sulphate 3 to 4 lbs,
Wator 50 gals.
This strength can be used only
as a winter spray; sometimes a
weaker solution, one pound to 250
gallons of water, is used on the
These solutions arc used to destroy insects and aro not effectual
lor the destruction of fungus diseases, insects that chew the foliage
can hu poisoned through the stomach, while those that pierce the
Bleiiis and leaves of plants must he
ehewers, while soap nml kerosene
S;r William 0. Vnn Home, clubman ol llie Canadian Paoifio Rnilwnj
ivli,, has jusl roturnnl from n trip ti
:,r,-ti,--'i;iil,i,'il:M:i,M.,„-,.. :„ m ie; Eim'l"'-  »»V  "*'e  Canadian Pacilic
•   , ,,      ,    ,       ,.      .      ,    would In-  llie  first transcontinental
against the plant sucking insects.
Hellebore is used in the same way J
as arsenic compounds /and is per-
fenible lo them in cases where
Y u'liii: i* In
i ■
„i «
, Illll    lliel I'.,,,,,.i  -iiii
.: pei mission I.-1 'hn.
O gals.
.3 lbs,
.1   lb.
violent poison is needed
Waler 1(
Paris Green 	
May be dusted on the plants or
mixed with water, one ounce in
two gallons.
Soap 1 lb.
Water    8 gals,
Kerosene 2 gals,
Common soap \ Ib,
Water       1 gal.
Dissolve the Boap in hut water,
add the kerosene, and churn all lo-
gether until a while creamy mass
is formed which thiukens on cooling. Dilute nine times before
Liliie 30 lbs,
Sulphur 20 lbs,
Salt 15 lbs.
Waler 60 gals
Boil for one hour in an iron
kettle and apply when fresh to
dormant trees in fall or spring to
kill San Jose scale insects.
Bordeaux mixture, made as
above 40 gals.
Paris green 4   ozs.
Make up when ready to use. It
will not keep.
The Stnv says the Elwood Tinwork-
ers Mining Company propose putting
in machinery nt their Shining Beauty
mine on Ice River.
There is very little doing in the niin-
ing line at Cobalt, and the town is
over crowded with idle men.
Encouraging news uf new coppor
discoveries at Aspen Grove come
through n Vanoouver investor who
claims to have ure on one location
recently made which will go 80 per
cent copper.
The total receipts ul ure nt the I). 0.
smelters fur the past week were 35,415
tons and fur the year tu date 48G,44H
In the Ainswurth district the Ar-
genta Mines, a Boston syndicate, hns
started to develop its property which
ia a low grade copper mine, situated
about two miles on the old wugun road
above the townsite ol Argents.
A, H. Grncoy, manager of the Eva
mine nt Cnmliuriie went to Nelson
this week. He reports good progress
in development work.
Silver is nt 64j, and copper at lSe.
Kootenay miuing stocks hnve dou
bled in value during the past year.
There is a drop in Sullivan shares
due to interest on tlie bonds lor building the smelter being in nrrr-nr.
A preliminary report on the Ross-
hind district by R. W. Brock is being
issued by tlie Geological Survey nnd
will be sent free ol cost to any applicant. The preliminary report, meanwhile, contains a large amount ol
useful Information. It deals with the
origin of the ore deposits, nnd with
the chances of their value in depth,
and it discusses the probabilities ol
other deposits being lound outside the
area now being mined, It relates the
methods now being employed, or propped, and touches lightly on the
question ol costs and profits,
line in America to be double tracked
Irom the Atlantic to the Pacific.
Sir William Van Home is inclined
to treat seriously tho statement that
Hill proposes to build n new line in
Canada, south ol the Canadian Pn
cilic line. " Near the intornatioua*
boundary," he snid, " our system hns
gridironed the country in the grain
belt and if Hill continues west, he will
(strike arid lauds which the Canadian
Pacific bends north to avoid. There
is no pnss through the Rockies not
already taken except those which hnvo
been abandoned by projected systems
on iiecount ul their enormous cost,"
The Canadian Paoillc Oompanj una
decided to await the outoomo of experiments by the New York Control
nnil New York, New Haven & Hurt-
ford Railway Companies boforo taking
steps fur tlie electrification of uny part
uf its system. Once tlie electrifies
tion of steam railways on u largo soalo
has passed beyond the experimental
stage, there is little, doubt the C.P.R,
will be prepared to adopt the system,
They have accumulated a lot of dnta
on the subject, and will be prepared
to net ut the easlicst possible moment.
The lino from Montreal so Quebec will
iu all probability witness tlie lirsl
Is  „ll III,  I'nl I.
lllver, \iiiIiiHi-i K nny:
Commencing al n |n,sl ivltliln inn elinlns nltho
A. ;,n,l li. iiii-..,, line, iilmiii ii mil,, imi], i.i
Amuvlienil, marked "II, tYoiilscy'ri ninth »,- t
tinnier post," thence  it, iOchalni, thenco eul
M ii, lin*. llii-li.-e .-,.1111. JU i-liiiiii*. Ihettei- nest l„
I elinlns to pirn- e neelllunt.
Iim.-il Mnrch uui,. Iimil,
ivi-iv. c. uuiiii,., Agent,
vnriri: i* lurch, given thnl tint) day.alter
1\    inl- I Intenil tonjuil) tnlheClliel ,' tils.
stoma-otljiutls mid Works fin iwnulMl.ni to purchase the fiilhm-lng described lauds on the Cimim-
l-i. lllii-r. North-weal Kootonay:
i ,,,ii iii-iiiit u, i, post ii it liin inn chains of Uu-
A. mul K. rniliiiii llnol aboul ;, mile nml nlinlf
north „l Arrowhead, marked "A. M, Plnkltani'i
-■-nili ii-,-i  ioi post," Hi lliluclmins,
(Iim, nsi  tu elinlns, thenco soulli loclinlns,
Un i- »esi I,,,Juiins i.i place „l commencement,
li I March loth, 1000.
A. M. l'lNKUAM,
I'.-rW. p, Ogllvle, Agent.
VIlTli-i; i- liiivln -jiira Unit.sixly ilajsiill.-r
JA   dull- I inii-iiiii, apply lolheOhloI Untie
" mis nml Works for permission lo
i.-hmer nf I
pm-chaso tlio foil
mul,!, rivor, North-Weil Kootenny:
I'm onclngal n pusl uiilim t«„
A.uiulK. i.'iil„i,, Inn-, nboul two
Arrowhead, marked "W. I-'. mi Iii
1-,,1-iior post," tlionco Hi 10 chains, th
in chains, iln-i ninth lo chains, tlienc
chains tuph „i ciiuiuioncomonl.
Dated .March lOlh, 1000.
w. p. (itiii.vii-:,
rllied laiuhinn the Cob
Iialnsol iiiiiii,-  Hi of
s smith wosl
- iie*l I
Import direct from Ciuntry of origin.
(Under   New   Management)
B.   C
First-clas accommodation for travellers.
Best brands   of  Wines,   Spirits,   and
ol Hi: i* licrehj _lvun thai sixty days alter
Intel Intend to apply !u the Chief Coiiinds-
11 biitiil-uml Work* l,,r permission I,, pm-.
Mim. iln- followlne ileserllieil I.nils on IhoUul.
it nbla rli-er, Norlh-Wcsl Kootonay:-
Ouinuionclniriil .-> po*l wllhln Iwo chains nt the
A. nml If.  t.iiliiiii   Iim-. aboul  two nml ahull
miles norlli,,! Art-oivhoiul trkcil "A. Johnson's
south wost cornel pint," tlience mirth loclinlns,
thunce east i" elinlns, llienee .- It in chains,
thenco nest in chains n, pi „-,■ „i , nu, uiuenl.
Ilnlcil March lOlh, 1000.
,1'er W. 1', Ogllvle, Agent.
„ ,2lbs Net. *
.QoalilVjncljiirily Ouoranf---"-*!,;
Secures an Aristocratic Convert
Eton College, which has been looked
upon as a forcing bouse Iur Conservatism, has lately developed a bund uf
young Socialists among ils arlstooratie
pupils. The lender is Hon. Clias. Al
fred Lister, the nineteen-year-old sun
ol Irord Riblilt'sdnle, and heir tu n
large Yorkshire estute.
"I'm a Socialist," lie snid, "hrnnusii
1 am convinced ul the injustice of the
present social system and that inevitable ruin will attend it il wc adhere lu
its absuru anomalies. I can find no
satisfactory remedy lor such n system
either in tlie Tory or Liberal programmes, am1, therefore, to the Labor
party, ns representative ul English
Socialism, 1 turn fnr help."
Buck Brand
uro manufactured hy Western
men tu meet Western requirements. ... In the language
of tin- West—"They'll' lough ns
Ihey iiiuke 'em." Every pall' is
Union mull- und guaranteed us
nearly perfeol in eul, lit and
finish as human skill enn mako
i lii-in
Pin- sale retail hy
ull i-«-l inl ili- doalers,
VANCOUVER,     B.   C.
iN   diUsiiftoi dull: ivellll 1 limpid) Inlll'J
rhief Ciilllliilssliiliel' of Isolds anil Works Ion.
speeiul liconso to eul mill carry uivny liuiliet
lllllll  llm following described lnnils ill Wosl
ICooloiiay Dlitrloli
I, ('oniiiioiielnunlii poll planted 11I11111I nm-
mile ii„i<lI, fi-itln Ilu- liiitlli ive-l ,'ornei of ll, B
B. Blook,800,anil uini-keil "lllg II luimlwr
('innpiiny's tomb -i-u-t   corner post,   llionoo
norlli sn chains; !h „- wost sn ohnlns: tlionco
lOllth 80 ohains! tliomio oasl Ki chains lo poinl
uf iiollitnencellieul,
i. rininnciicing nl it pusl plnnletl iiiiiml ono
lillle tiol-lh fronl llio Hurl hives! eoruel-uf K,
X S. III.,, k Win, nnil marked "Hig llond Lumber
Company! norlli-oasl cornor posl," tlionco
ne*! -siohnlns;ttionoosmith sn elinlns:llionoo
,si*l sueh.till-: I bell Ol'lll slliihiilnsltl puillt
of eoliiiiieli'ii'tuunl.
Dated April lltli, HMO.
litis       Hm HllNIl LUMIIBK COMPANY, Lit,,
UitMNG THIS DlSl'UtiAlj Ol"' UO-
a JjlUhiStilS lo cut lilliuui- con bo ac-
tiuired oiuy ai puulic conipeUtlon, A
rental oi to per syuaio mile is charged
iur all timber bot'llis except uiuse siiu-
i.ied weal ul lale lor wliicii llio rental is
in mc rate ol u cents per acre per aiiiiun..
lu ailililiuu lu llie teiilal, dues at llie
tu.luwiiig dies are charged:—
Sun ll luuiUel', ill) ceuls per thousand
liel   Jj.Al.
itamvay lies, eight aud nine toot lout,
I l-_ allu 1 il-1 cents eaell,
 uglu boils, i.it cents a cord.
A,I utlicr products, o per *eui uii the
sales. ,  „,,
A license is issued so suuu aa a betlli
,., grunted, out in surveyed territory uu
uuiuel- can Lie cui ull u bcl'lu unlll me
licensee uus luuue a suivey .llcliui.
1-ellulls lu cut lilriOel- uiu also granleu
al public competition, exoeol in tlie cane
ui actual settlers, wliu require ine tlm-
.... iui men- uwu use.
Sulliel-s uud others muy also ublulll
permits to eul up lu lou curds ul wuud for
suic   williuul   iiuiupelitluu.
'Ine dues payaulc under a permit are
11,50 per thousand (eel B.M., 1'ur square
uuiuel- uud saw lugs ul any wuud ex-
cept oak; from 1-2 iu 11-2 cuius per lineal
luul iur builuing lugs; liuni 12 1-2 lo 2j
cents per euid Iur wuud; 1 cent tol- leiiee
pusis; 2 coins Iur railway lies; and an
tenia per curd 1'ur sliuiglc hulls.
Leases lor giumng purposes are Issued
Iur u teiin ol' iweiily-uue years, at a
rental ol two cuius per acic per annum.
Cual lauds may ho purcnascd at .11)
pel acre lor suil eual and J2U 1'ur anlliia-
ellc. i"*ul mule tlian 22,J uuies may be
acquired bj  uuu individual or company.
Kujail) ul llie rale 01 1C cents per tun
ul .ww pull,.da is colleuled ull luu gruaa
Entries iur land lor agricultural Par-
puses may lie made pel sunnily al UlO luenl land olliee Iur llie district ill wllleli
the laud lu he taken up is situuted, or
u uu- iiu'iiiesleader desires, lie may, uu
application lo Uiu Minister ol ibe Inienoi
ui Ottawa, me Commissioner ol Inniiisiu-
Uun ui Winnipeg, or tlio luuu.1 ageni Iur
iho Distriot, wiihiu which llie laud is
siiualed, receive authority tor sume one
lu make uuiry lor bim.
.I Ice ol' ill) is charged Iur homestead
ontry. ,   , » ,
A seitlei- who has received an entry Iui
a liuinusicad, Is leuuu-ed to Perform the
coiidiiiona connected llieruwllh under one
ui ihe following plansi-
ii, -'il ieasi six muiiihs' residence upon
uud culiivaiiuii ut llio laud iu eaeli year
during thu term ol three yours.
it is the praciico of the Department to
require a seliler lu bring IS acres under
culiivaiiuii, but il' be prefers be may sub-
sUtute siucli; and 2U head uf cattle, to bo
actually Ins uwu prupurly, Willi buildings
lor llieir iiccuiniiiudaiiun, will be required
instead of cultivation,
(-2. it the father loi- mother, if llio father is deceased) ul any person Who Is
eligible lo make a homestead ontry under
tbe provisions of the .let, resides upun
a liuni in llie vicinity of the land entered fur by sucli person as a lioiuesleud,
lite requirements of the Act as tu resl-
dulice prior to obtaining patent may be
sulisllcd by such pet son residing with the
father or mother.
(21 If ihe settler has bis pernianciii
residence upun farming lund owned by
inn in lite viciully ot his homestead, the
requirements ul the Act as to residence
may be sulisllcd hy residence upun llie
said  lund.
Application Ior patent should bo made
ut uiu end uf three years before tbo local
agent, sub-agent or a homestead Inspector,
):i-:'uiu milking application for a patent,
iln- settler must give nix months' notice
In writing to the Commissioner of Do-
inin!,,!, Lands et Ottawa, of bis Intention to do so,
\V. W. CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
Oltnwn. h'ubruruy 14th. 1906.
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Queens /tote/
Best brands of Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.-] .JTravellersJto
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, - -        Proprltto.
HKAD OKKICE: Ciloabv, ALbebti.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant*
P„rk Packers and Heiilcm ill Livo Stock. Markets in aU the principal Cities and
Towns of Alberta, Rritish Columbia and the Yukon. Packers o( the Celebrated Brand
' Iraporator" limns and Bacon, and Shamrock Brand, Leaf Lard.
Central Hotel
/am—   REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built.    First-class in every reBpect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day, Special.Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Houses andjLots
friailool "(ii-iil'iin llii-'or Stool, Thoy
iinld an i-ilgi- lunger Ihiiti nny litiidi
iitnili-.   I'ull 11**011 lit.   All styles.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
iikvi'Xstoki-: ii. <*.
Union Hotel Restaurant
Mrs. McKitrick, Manageress.
Open al all hours.
Meal Tickets Issued
Shorl Orders tastefully served.
Rates Moderate
A largo variety
uf Glasses always
kepi in stock bore
Try a pnii   on
—we guarantee a
pi'il'i'ii lil.
If you require
any iblng in Jewelry
il is here for you,
A complete stock
of the right class
of goods.
J. GUY BARBER,   - Jeweller, Optician
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market aflords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Kates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Hack Service to anyjpart of the City at all
hours. Rigs equipped, for Sleighing Parties.
First class Single and double Rigs. Express
drayiiiu; and Transferring. Saddle and Pack
horses for hire. All kinds of job work under-.
taken.   Wood for sale.
Stable and  Residence   Ppone 41
Hack Stand "    37
MILLINERY FOB EASTER—We have opened upn large sbipuienl ol Easter Novelties, llowors,    ^
Wing-. Quill.- and Braids. $fe
PERRIN'S KID GLOVES 1„ Ladies'  Miss,*'.   Every fair auainnlB.il. W
^                                     Silk Gluvci nud Lisle Thread—oil tbo New Shapes. %;
•jjfr.                      LADIES' FANCY COLLARS AND BELTS—Somo Charming Novelties. ■>%
,\Ujj.    EASTER WAISTS Our showing iB one ol tlio best,—aiubi'aciiig all the newest Silks, Lawns, Nols,    ^u,
^•ytf    Nainsooks, etc,   Prices Ir $1.00 to |12, W$
Ijtf    SEPARATE SKIRTS Our Now Stock is in. You will bo delighted willi tho Stylos, Quality and Finish    iSs
and uur moderate prices. 4jAfe.
New Spring Shoes hulli in Ladies and Oliildrons'.    You   must  inspect tliis  Nobby   Line ul
Spriug Footwear and pick oul your Spring Shoes.
New Ties, New llm-, Now Suspenders, New Spring Olovos, Men's Walkovor SIiocb—the best
nm- Shoes "ii im- Market.
■VVVVV%'VV%%V%%*» % Vt.1
Wall   Paper:
Canada Drug & Book
Company. 4
Methodist chuhch—A. m. subject
—'■The TenderneBBol Jesus." Al 7.30
the Odd Fellows Society will march to
the church and join in their Anniversary Service, when an appropriate
sermon will be preached by the Pastor
Rev. C, H. il. Sutherland, Visitors
and strangers cordially invited tu the
Local and General.
J. W. Thomson lias 000 fruit trees
planted out at Beaton,
The ('. P. R, intend pulling down
the uiil station at Revelstoke,
S. Burbridge, ol Beaton, iB getting
out telegraph pules lor tbe Bowman
Lumber Cu.
Percy \V. Johnson wns burned to
death near Vancouver by a stove being
Mrs. Brigu-s, of Nelson, will sing a
solo at tin Knux Church evening services tomorrow.
Tlie English market now demands
that Canadian eggs be "glycerined"
se the best preservative.
The boilers ol the new British battleship, Prince of Wales, exploded nt
Malta, killing three men.
Thomas Allen bus taken up a homestead in Eagle Pnss, which is said to
be some ol the finest fruit land around
Supt. Kilpatrick was informed un
his trip through the Okanagan this
week that at least a million fruit trees
are king set out this season.
Sheriff Fan*,'of North Dakota, arrived thia morning to takeebargeol
the fugitive frum justice who was arrested tliis week by Chief Bain.
The Di minion Inspector ■ I Weights
and Measurer: will test the electric
light meters ol RevelEtoki next week
I, -., ihey are registering accurately
The city ol Charleston, Va,, was
thrown into excitement Thursday by
the discovery ol a gigantic cavedi-
rectiy beneath the lown. Tin cave
,- :,: iii - i largi ! >,.-
Theodore Ludgati ie iti staying
wilh ti.,- Deadm in'i l« u il lease,
which ia ii- tt inure valuabli than ever,
and -.:.• ist.- c iii - ■ I re the Privy
Council in London in Jum next.
.!. J, nald, i'. 1' I:  i rix nti r, who
had just ree ivi red Irom        ken u
had i.i- leg bl I:--:   -.-  ti i   - .-
nn him al  Laggan yesterd -    ,   - - --
brought int   the hc-spita    istnighl
Iti saying farewell, n Tui   la I
to ihi   .; •■ ■. iph tlfice, .1 I. -.milli
who  baa   ccupicd   thai    lice lot I"
year.- u- raanagci ol tbe C I* li. Ti ■
graphs, fell hi  waa parting with an
old friend,
A few New Song
Honks and Dancefolios
have^been put in stuck.
Anything^ you want in
the music line we will
yet it for you if not in
Red to Drug (o.
The C.I'.R. have decided un putting
in a telegraph office in the Agent's
office at Ihe new station Ior the use of
the road,and will open a height agent's
olliee at the freight sheds, which will
boa great convenience to business
Thursday night engine No, lull
was thrown oil' the truck at Ihe witter
tank-owing In u mistake in placing
the switch. The tender went down
llm Inini; ii hit und it took must, nl tho
night to replace them on tlie rails,
The engine lind just, been turned nut
nf the shops,
The funeral of Arthur Buck took
place mi Thursday from tho home of
llie parents oi deceased, The remains
wero taken to St. Petor's Ohuroh, ami
Ihence In the cemetery, Rev. C, A.
Procuuier conducting the services.
The llui.il wreaths seni hy friends
were ninny and beautiful.
Wo regret In leni'n that the lug glass
houses erected by 11. Oollatly on (Ikiin-
agan Lake hnve beou destroyed by a
gale. Tbey wen- not sufficiently
braced. These gluss houses ooveied
iwo acres of land, and were intended
to he used tor raising early tomatoes,
etc., lor the market. The loss is about
Mr. Parsons, lield sooretary of the
Y. M. C, A. snid to the Province:
"The introduction ol the Y. M. C, A.
in connection with the railroad work
in Canada is something new here, and
the association and its new building at
Revelstoke have the honor of being
the lirst real founding and establishment of the work in Canada."
Messrs. 11. E. I... II. M. nnil W. II.
Smythe received the sod news yesterday of the death ui their father. Col.
Smythe,ih England    I> lased wasa
prominent military officer, having
been tor many yeara connected with
the Coast Defence Brigades, lie to ik
nn active interest in municipal all lire
having been Alderman und Maj r - I
the city of Aldeburgh.
At a meeting at Camborne, u resolution waa moved by IV. Diokins m sea
untied by T. V. Downing and carried
unanimously that the aecretarj lie
instructed to write to Mr. Oalliber of
tin, urgent necessity lor the completion ni tin- dredging and the benellu
it uill confer on freighters and the
travelling public of the Lardea i ind
district. E, J. Branford pn aidi I
tin : -- ting .uui .1 W. Thomson mis
... . ■ .
tt ecently looked in al Taxidei
mist Edwards' establishment and wen
much pleased at inspecting the collcc
fspei inn m ol   i beads, birds
■'-- thi.- -ii view or being
ked ii. In Mr Edwarde si i din
, i im111.l er nl mounted card on
heads, u number uf which were secured
. : ::,- Revelstoke district, and
whioh convey prool ol the grand - i -
country we live in, I wa of the finest
liclung respectively to Mi Kenned) ol
lllecillewael I Mr, Kitchen ol this
eity. I'* . ii lie - ■■- wero Bhown n
,-n . ■ ilicenl in-' ■-, head.
Pioases every
Smoker   lho  " Marca
Social and Personal
Miss Armstrong is relieving li. F.
Cayman at the C.P.R. Telegraph office.
Mrs. II C. Briggs, of Nelson, is on a
visit to her sister-in-law, Mrs. W. I.
Ladies' Hospital Guild will meet in
the City Hall on Tuesday afternoon
next, nt 3 u'clock.
C. H. Morris, of, Rogers Pass, who
bus linen laid up with lu grippe nnd
inflammatory rheumatism, has gone
to the Sanitarium at Banff, whore he
is improving nicely.
Mr, and Mrs. George S. McCarter,
ol Revelstoke, returned Thursduy from
Scuttle, where thoy spent Easter.
They were guests at Vancouver ol
Mr, nnd Mrs. Risteen, Robson street.
Business Locals
Buy your lacrosse sticks lioin W.
California honey in the comb al C.
II. 11 ume A- (Vs.
Hammocks—new lot just opened.
All prices.   Canada Drug i't Book Co.
All kinds ol spurting goods at W.
New raidiuin suits, '20th century
brand, just opened nt C. II Hume's,
Cbildrne's garden tools at Canada
Drug store.
Pleases evory smoker the " Marca
Dun't [urget we have everything in
gulden seeds at C. II. lluino & Cu's.
The purest of drugs only put in any
prescription yuu get filled at the Canada Drug store.
Not too early to get lirst choice uf
our swell, new straw hats at C. B.
11 time & Cu's.
Dun't forget where ymi get cameras,
kodaks and all the films and chemicals, The Canada Drug k Book Co.
keep them.
A lew appetisers—Bar Harbor ketchup 20c., Blue Label ketchup 30c.,
Campbell's Tobasco ketchup -5c,
lleii-.s' tomato ketchup 35c.. Mushroom ketchup 35c, Walnut ketchup
35c., Chilli sauce tomato 35c al C. B,
Hume 4 Co's,
The Canada Drug & Bo k C - keep
maps ol British Colui
the different aecti ins   I thi  ,
irgesl   nd   instc    ..■•■■■-.
:' Single Harm -   in   Ihe  province,
i ... .. :, price frum -flu 50 ?15 00
flu.;,n. .-fl- DO ,-    sell       :
,    ,i     ..      .. $28.no$30.00
{32.00 135.00 138.00 md up    '' ■
plete per sei —D.  C   Mel irci    thi
-  Id        K ,-,..'" !-•
W. Sim" - spurtii
ui kinds    including   lacrossi
Ileal    and  Lull
lacrosse   balls   neta  and   .-
oils lard      .." all bouta
,-•'..       ■    '
Bicyclea C evelsnd Perlecl and MasBj
li...      Wheel! repaired lu
i. ninil.
,    I".---   Iiipn onl   ■■■'    	
il  -. -I..I-L    Mol	
Iiii     nl fl IX)    --
Onl irio cheesi pound      i    R
.1    .  ' Co's,
Ai the police o    I -.- iti
ing before H Oord m  ,1 P., a fine --I
$10 wns imposed on a defendanl who
mi*  iui,-  in   attending curt    In u
charge of assault preferred bj
an a lino of $26 andeoste va« imposed,
the magistrate pointing oul the law
also  inn' idi'l   lor u mi
in,'ill in -nnil.ir cases,
IContiiiui'd from Pngo Ono|
un tlie pnluccs nnd Ihe shot tore into
lho walls and toppled the buildings
in crashing ruins. ■ House aftor hniise
— dwellings worth millions— woro
lifted into the air by the power of the
blast and dropped to the earth a muss
ol dust and debris,
Tiic steady booming ol the artillery
and llie roar of the dynamite above
the howl nnd crooking ol the llames
continues with monotonous regularity.
There seems tu be nn irresistablc power behind the flames that oven the
desperately heroic measures being
taken at Van Ness avenue could not
Tlie bent is briuglng danger, Inr the
detiil in many instances nre lying in
Ihe streets and ruins. Tlie authorities ure doing all in their power to
remove the budies in order that a pestilence may lie prevented.
Cliff house, the great pleasure resort
and show place ol the city, has b en
swept into the sen.
The loss in Oakland will aggregate
several hundred thousand dollars.
Five lives were lost.
C A. Duffy was the only person out
ol several scores who escaped from a
lintel in Santa Rush after being i, -
prisoned live hours,
There were about 300 peoplo killed
in the three hotels and not less than
500 in tbe whole town. The business
section ot thc place collapsed and lire
started and burned from one end to
the other, starting at each end and
meeting in the middle, tluia sweeping
over the ruins and burning the imprisoned people.
Messengers bring the sad tidings of
tlie destruction of I lealdsburg, Guerne-
ville, Clovcrdale, Iloplaud and Ukiiih.
This report takes in tlie country as
fur north ns Mendocino and Lake
counties, and ns far west as the Pacilic
ocean. In every case the loss of life
and property is as shocking as here.
The Pa'.aee hotel, which has sheltered famous people from all parts of
the world, was burned clean. Nothing
except the gutted framework of its
l,00t) rooms now stands.
Fire Under Control
Sax FltANOlSCO April 211—(Evening)
The lire is under control, it having
been checked at Van Ness avenue. In
the mission the lire ia now raging
nortli of Russian Hill towards the hay
but will not spread. Measures are
being taken for the rebel ul the destitute.
31111,000 people are homeless and are
camping out in tents.
Lust night wus a horrible one lor
tlie refugees. Most of them were
without luod ur water and their sufferings were terrible, Bakeries are starting tuday and bread is being sent over
from Oakland. Out at the Presidio,
Boldiers pressed intu service all men
wliu came near nnd forced them to aid
in burying the dead. Su thick were
the corpses piled up that they were
becoming n menace nnd early in tbe
day the older w«> issued to bury them
at any cost. At the present time
many still remain unburied. The
work or clearing up the debris has alBo
commenced Tuday and tomorrow
have been made legal holidays, This
it is believed will give tlio bankers of
San Francisco time tu get into position
to meet the demands of tlie depositors
and the danger of a financial crisis
will be averted. The State and hanks
of the l.'nited States in general have
guaranteed support to local institutions and arrangements have already
been made whereby it can be stated
that every depositor will be paid in
Honolulu, April 20—For six minutes yesterday earthquake vibrations
were ;•■ t quite plainly throughout the
eity.   It caused the buildings in the
isiness lection of the city to shake
to and fro and in tlie residence district
soine.ol ti,, less Btrongly constructed
ti -;   .- i, re partly demolished. The
disturbances caused tbe water in the
r to riai rapidly and fear is felt
i.,- might, sweep uver the
Trinidad Ci lo   April 20—Mount
Capulin an extinct volcano, situated
■    Fulaoni, N. M., sixty
    it  ml to ho emitting
. -   nd I eal from u liesure in its
- ■!■ made i y Iwodistinot earthquake
Itockc thia morning    The mountain
is 10,000 i',,i high and has nol been
■   ,     iptl   ■   --"     ".,:'■
Im- I lell   -iii-   lu,-ruing lor
M,, . ugh 1 ek t, its I work on
tin- Revelstoki I Mci'iillniigh Creek
Hydraulic I i'jpr .petty,
It .- stated tl.,- Duquesne Mining
, own ilu- Duquesne property
on Smith Creel sri purchasing Im
Mol irl - ground adjoining, and thai
Mi Oulfy ill :■, hen shortly to re-
-un.. work.
i   Rioha bcci     gaged by E
'■.  Brad - igi r of tin  Imerican
Hydraulic 0 ■ ■ foreman on the
work to I-' resumed on French Creek
il m i.<;., dati
Iv a. Bradley returned from tin-
east Tuesday and -..'ill start work on
11 - in,,- l-nl Hydraulic Cu's property
nn French Creek aa soon as the bout
goes up,
Mr .iini Mrs. Buck and family dosiro
to extend their heartfelt thanks to lho
many Irlends who havo shown them
SO iihii-Ii kindness in llieir Imnrnl
sorrow, us well as their gratoful apprc
elation of the beautiful fh.ruI offerings
so kindly contributed,
»jj»»j-.j-.«_______________________a .
Fashionable, But Not Too Fancy,
Characterizes the Display of
Shown ut Ibis Store.   Gunds that will wear well, luuk well until worn out, and
Bold at the same price ul cheaper gnuds
You will lind oni stuck very complete ill style and sizes, and we aro milling to
it all the timo.
New Spring Hats:
lloth soft and stiff, iu  the  New Spring shapes and colors.   Wo have them at
$1.50  $2.00  $2.50  and $3.00.
It's Time to Step Into Spring Shoes
And we hnve them in tlie BcBt makes, such as Keith's Conqiioror.'Slatcr'B lnvictus,
otc.   See our Bargain Table ol Odd Sir.es.   H'b a winner.
Spring Clothing
We have opened this week two cases of the celebrated C. N, &'R, Suits, Pants and
VeitB.   There is no better line made.   Let os show Ihem to you.     If they do not
buy.   We know that you can't get a better Suit.
SHIRTS—White and Colored, in Starched Fronts or Negligee—collars attached or
SUMMER UNDERWEAR—Natural Wool, in different weights and Ualbriggan
in White and Black.
Everything For You Here;
In Ties, Collars, Belts, Handkerchiefs, Socks, etc.   Come and look them over.
MCLBlsriT.A.lsr  & OO.'T
[by telegraph]
Toulon, France, April 20.—Three-
men killed and sixteen seriously injured in an gunnery nccident today on
tlie cadet training ship Curonno.
Manila, April 20.—Fire has swept
the town of Mariquioiiin tbe Province
ol Rizel, and ninny thousands are
homeless and starving. The govern
ment is rushing aesistar.ee.
Rome, April 21.—Thirteen earthquake shocks were felt in quick succession in tbe Province of Sienna,
Tuscany, this morning. Several
buildings were damaged.
1.0N110N, April 21. —There is no
truth in the report ol the eruption ol
Volcano Island of Krakatoe in the
Strait of Sunda,
New York, April 19,—A double
in ulder was committed on the platform ot the 110th Elevated Railroad
station, 75 leet above tbe street, in
view ol the horror-stricken passen
gersotan elevated train today. /
man a nd woman, both young and
colore d, were deliberately shot down
by an other colored mnn, who then
ninde his escape.
Ottawa, April 1!).—Senator Lough
eed, of Calgary, was  to-day chosen
leader of the Opposition party in the
Senate in succession to Sir Maokcnzio
Bowell, who resigned sume time ago.
Knox.—J. R. Robertson, B.A., B.D.,
Pastor. Usual services at 11 a m, and
7:30 p.m. Sunday School at 2:30 p.m
Prayer meeting on Wednesday night
ut H u'clock. Subject for Sunday
morning service, "Simeon's Great Lesson." Subject fnr evening, "Is there
any available solution of earth's calamities?" Tliis subject is suggested
by the recent calamalics of Vesuvius
und Snu Francisco.
Mrs. Briggs, ol Nelson, will sing a
solo at the evening service.
Mi-i'iHOiuKT.—Services by tho Pastor,  Rev. 0, II. M. Sutherland, a.m.,
I be tenderness ol Christ." P.M.—
■'The third link of Oddfelluwship."
Th, mombers ol the Oddfellows'
Lodge will  march in a body to the.
church at the evening service.
St, Andrew's,—Rov, W. O.Oalder,
n in., "Tbe Sinner's Friend," 7:311 a.m.,
"A mini's a iiiiiii, Iur a' that."
Y. M. C. A.
Ilev. a. N Marshall, one of Aui-
tralia'a greatcal orators, a gentleman
ol world wide reputation,will speak in
Kevelstoke two evenings next week.
Strenuoua efforts wen- made by the
American Y. M. 0, A.'s to get him tu
travel across the continent by the
American routs so that they would bo
enabled to hoar this talented gentleman speak, but bis reply was us
follows: " I nm a Nova Scutian by
birth nnd Canada him lirst call un my
service." lie is very highly spoken ol
by American speakers who have heard
hint. Such men us Mutt, Sneers and
Fii-d ll, Smith, arc bind in their praise
ol hi" abilities,
Mr. Marshall is to deliver nn address
nt the Tiimntii  University,   He is
iicciiiiipniiii-d  by  Mr.  Piirsuna,  Field
Scernlnry ol the V, M.C. A.
Bools & Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
Now that bright spring dnys are coining in, to be followed by the heat
of summer ynu want to keep your stores anil houses cool and comfortable.
The Best Way to do this iN to secure awnings for your windows, and
order theni from
L.  A.  FRETZ,
First Street.
Winnipeg, April 19.—One ol the
most sensational police roundups in the
history ol West, was made yesterday
through the activity of the C.P.R.
police. It was the capture of a mini
tier of C.P R. employees who are accused of having systematically robbed
the company for Borne months past,
through a perfect organization.
Six men were placed under arrest,
but it is claimed there are a turgor
number implicated, though the evidence in hnnd was not considered
sufficiently strong to warrant their
arrest at the present time.
. (lays after date wo intend to apply to tho
Chief Commissioner of Lands and worki* for a
Hpveial license: to tin and carry away timber
from tho following described landtt :--
I. Commencing at a iiost planted about two
miles wnst from Bannock Point on Upper Ar-
ruw Lake and markod "B. II. L. (Jo's southeast
cornor post," theuco north 80 ohains, thouco
wost 80 chains, thenco south 80 chains, thenco
east 80 chains to point of commoncomont.
'i. ('cimmi)ticiiiK at a post -planted about
threo milos wost from BannocK Point oo Upper Arrow Lake and markod "B.BL. Cos
southeast cornor post," thence north -80 chains
thence west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
theuco east 80 chains to point of commencement.
April 17th, KMB.
RANCH TO RENT on easy terms.
Apply to Mrs. Palmer, Clan-
William, for further particulars.
WANTED-An energetic woman,
young or middle-aged, to net as
agent. Liberal commission. Apply
nl this Office.
WANTED-Chemist and Assnyer
for large gold proposition in
British Columbia where Cyaniding is
main department. State age, experience nnd salary expected. Send references wilh application. Must have
B. O. Oeitiflcate. Addiess 'Oonglom-
ei'iite," Mail-Herald office.
WANTED-A girl foi geneinl
house work, good plain cook,
no washing, three in fninily, wages
,1i2ll.lX) per mouth. Apply nt this
1)IANO—To rent for two or three
moulds.  Call at MaIi.-IIku.m.ii
Nothing better than "Our Speoial.'
Whatever is Correct finds placo hero.
We have fresh, exclusive novelties gathered from the products of makers with
a reputation.
Neckwear, bright with tlie hues and
freshness of tho Spring Season.
New Shirts, New Gloves, Hosiery, Underwear, House Coats, Bath and Lounging
Robes, eto.
it is impossible to mention all tho Furnishings wc have in slock for the comfort
and adornment of Men and boys who
You will find the exclusive Habor-
dashers' Styles here, but not his prieea.


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