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The Mail Herald Sep 23, 1911

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Conservatives will have Majority of 53 in next
Parliament-Seven Cabinet Ministers Defeated -Big Turnover in Ontario
Montreal, Sept. 28—Changes nnvili
in candidates elected now give the
Conservatives a majority In the
new house of commons ot 53.
Nashville, Tens., Sopt. 23*—Ohamp.
Clark, speaker of the House ol Hep
resentatives today Issued a signed
stat "in.'ill in which lie decided that
President Tuft's '-'Parting of tin
ways" speech had caused the defeat
of reciprocity in Canada mine than
had Ilis npeeoh in which he referred
to desirability  of annexation.
Washington, D.O., Sept. 23— Tin
opinions expressed at the state department today are that an attempt
would not he made to repeal the
Oanadian reciprocity act, but it will
be permitted to remain on (he statute hooks as nn ever open door t<
Oanada and a constant reminder ol
the recognition by the United States
of the merits of principles of reciprocity with its northern neighbor.
London, Eng., Sept. 23.—The result
ot the Canadian elections has put
great heart into the tarifl reform
movement here and has been received
Iiy bbe Unionists generally with grenl
Imperial Bank of Canada %
Hoad Otflca—Toronto, Ontario. °
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
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Robin Hood Flour Beats Them All
Mrs H N Coursier carries off two first prizes
with ROBIN HOOD FLOUR. The special prize
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P. O. Box 208 UIIOCER &. BAKER Phono No.,23
The elections ure over, and the vie
tory for the Conservative party      le
probably the greatest in the histor;
of Canada, surpassing even the   vie
tory of  Sir  John  McDonald, with hi:
National   Poliey in 1S78.     Doth par
tics made a vigorous lisht right    m
until  the last  vote  was  polled.      By
theii'     Imllots  the people ui Canadi
declared  in a  most emphatic mannei
that  the  reciprocity  compact       was
■dangerous  to   the   prosperity  anil   in
tecrity of our country.   While thous
ands of electors in  Oanada, ol    both
political     shades  fought the      great
light on Imperial grounds,     Welleving
that    thc     acceptance  of  reciprocity
with the United   States wonhl  ultim
ately lead to our i-onnection with the
political destinies  of that nation    as
against the Mother     Country,      and
sister Dominions.
From a commercial standpoint it
was argued by the Conservative candidates that any advantage all n j
this line could as well he attain? 1
without reciprocity. These arguments proved too much tor the Liberals, resulting in their defeat all
along the line.
In     Revelstoke     there was a good
clean fight,  no personalities being Indulged  in,  both  parties working bari*'
for their respective candidates,      al
through the Conservatives had hy fa1
the hest and  most efficient organizn
tion, as the result of th; polls clear
ly  indicate,      Mr.  Goodeve  having  a
majority  here  of  199  over  Dr.   King
The     total      number of votes pollen
here on Thursday was     Ml, sho win
a considerable increase over the nun
her  polled  at the  general election  of
three years ago,  the total vote      on
that occasion  being MO.
Ahout  tour  o'clock  in  the       after
noon  returns  began  to come in fron
I thc cast, and  the first to arrive toi*.*'
of Conservative  victories.        At    the
, Conscrvatiac  committee  rooms  greal
excitement  prevailed,  as report altc
report showed  the party to bc  gain
ing iu every province.   Flarly in   the
evening  the  returns conveyed  thc  Informix* \ni  of   the  defeat  of  five  cabinet    ministers,  namely:— Hon. Geo.
P. Graham,  o( Brockville. Ont., min
ister of Railways;  Hon. W. I..    Mnc
Kenzie  King,  North Waterloo,  minis
t.*r of Labor;  Hon.  W.  S.  Patterson,
Ilrant,  (int..   minister   or     Customs;
Hon.    W.    H.    Fielding,      rthelhurne*
Queens, Nova Scotia, minister of Kin
ance, and rtir Frederick Borden, Min
ister ol  Militia  in Kings,  Nova  Hco-
tia.   These   returns   occasioned        no
little surprise in tho committee rooms
of  both  parties,  as  with  the  except,
ion  of  the  Hon.   Mr.  Graham,       the
defeat of these ministers was  not gen
erally anticipated. The Conservatives naturally felt much elated at
these, to them, cheering returns,
while to the Liberals on the other
hand they f-ortold the defeat ol
the  government.
The cabinet minister' re-elected, in
addition to Sir Wilfrid Laurier himself were, Hon. Wm. Pugsley, minis
ter ot Public Works; Hon. Dr. Behind. Postmaster General; Hon. ll.
Lemieux, minister ol Murine end
Fisheries; Hon. Frnnk Oliver, minister of Ihe Interior. Later returns
alio gave thr defent of Hon. Wm.!
Templeman. Minister of Mines, Vlc-
torta, B.C., and Hon. Sidney Fisher,
minister of Agriculture in lilonce,
It was at first reported   that   tbe
iimi. H. i,. llonli'ii, Conservative
leader, had linn defeated In the city
of Halifax, Nova Scotia, hut this
was afterwards corrected. The contest in this constituency was evident
ly very close, resulting in the election of Dr. Blackadar, Liberal, and
Hon.   R.  L,   Borden,  Conservative.
The returns indicate Hon. Clifford
Hilton's prediction as to the result
■ o havo hern the most accurate, and
ais influence in the campaign proved
moat disastrous to the government
is every constituency in which he
spoke returned a Conservative mem-
Among the notable Conservative
victories, in addition to those already mentioned, were the re-election
in Winnipeg of Alex. Haggart, K.C.,
li. li. Bennett in Calgary; J, A. M.
\ikins in Brandon. B. ('. will have
;ix Conservative members in
the New government. U. H. Barnard was re-elected in Victoria; Aid.
Stevens defeated J. H. Senkler by
J.S-OO in Vancouver! Ralph Smith,
lateral, who has rcpien'iit rd Nanaimo since 10011 in the Dominion house
'all hefore Mr. F. H. Shepherd,
•vbile in New Westminster "Honest"
John Oliver lost his deposit; .1. D.
Taylor, Conservative, who represented the constituency in thij last house
being re-elected by an enormous ma-
ority. Tho only Liberal 'elected      In
tills  province  is  Duncan  Ross  in  Oo
inox-Atlln.     In Yale-Oarlboo, Martin
Barrcll's election  was a forgone con
■dubioii, and in our own constituency
of Kootenay, A. S. Goodeve has been
a handsome  majority,
in the other  provinces,
c:>n  he  ascertained,  are
re-elected by
The returns
as  nearly ns
as follows:
^ova Scotia 	
New    Brunswick   	
P.  B.  I	
British Oolumbia 	
It    will    lie noticed
.   ... 8
.   ... 3
.   ... C
that th
Liberal landslide occurred in Ontario
while considerable gains were also
made hy the Conservatives in Quebec
and the Maritime provinces. The
prairie provinces remain just about
as before, while in British Oolumbia,
Premier McBride has certainly de-
Kvcr"d the goods in sending six of
the seven candidates in British Co -
lumhia to the Dominion house.
The complexion of the New house
will be entirely diflerent from the old
one, and while the Liberals lost many
.cats they also gained a few, which
means that there will be a good deal
of new blood in the next parliament,
il is expected, of couroe, that Sir
Wilfrid Laurier, who has heen elect-'
•d in ' two constituencies, will im-
.no'lately resign, as he intimated
prior to the elections he would do if
lis government was defeated.
The contest in Canada wns watch-
:1 with much interest hoth in the
'ild Country ami the States, and had
Lliere been nny doubt in the minds
of the i»eople of Great Britain as to
Canadian loyalty to the Empire the
result will set that doubt forever at
rest. On the other hand, while the
I'nited Stales has undoubtedly re-
oelaed a "slap in the face" by the
adverse decision to their oiler ol re-
Clprocal trade, they will most likely
eome to the conclusion that Caiiail
ians know what is best for themselves in  a  matter  of this kind.
The results of the elections through
nut the Dominion are given below,
and while tho figures ipay he subject to a little correction, they nre
in  the main correct.
Following are the returns up-to-
late, giving the majorities of the can
diilates elected:
Vlgoma, east, Smyth, Con. Cl.
Algoma,   wi-st,   Boy08,   Con.  500.
Brant,  Fisher, Con.  200.
Hrantford,  Cockshutt,   <',,n.  700.
Muskoka,  Wright,  Con.  800'.
NI pissing, Gordon, Con. Wl),
Northumberland, west, Musson, 0. 1.
Ontario,   north,  Sharper,   Con.  590.
Prince  Edward, Hepburn,   Con.  2.i0.
Renfrew,  nortll,  White,  Con.  1100.
Simcoe, east,  Bennett, Con.   300.
Simcoe,  north,  Currie, Con. 200.
Simcoe, south, Lennox, Con.  W00,
Storniont,   Alguire,  Con.  180.
Toronto, centre, Bristol, Oon. 21J4.
Toronto,  east,  Kemp, Con. 2869,
Toronto, north, Foster, Con. 3242.
Toronto,  south, MacDonell,   Con. 2331
Toronto, west, Osier, Con. 8000.
Victorinfi Hallburton, Hughes,   0 H'M
Waterloo,  ninth,  Weichcl, Con.  470.
Waterloo,   south,   (dare,   Con.   050.
Wclland,  German, Ind.  ace.
Wellington,  north,   Clarke,  Con.   60.
Wentworth,  Wilson,  Con.  2110.
York   Centre,   Wallace,   Con.   148.
York,  north,  .1.  Armstrong,  Con. 711.
York, south, W. MacLean,  Con. 241HI.
Brockville, Webster, Oon.  125,
Bruce,   north,  Clark,  Oon,  92.
Bruce,   south,   Donnelly,   Con.   1115.
Oarleton, Kid.l, Oon. woo.
llnfferin,   Best,   Con.  1000.
Dundas, Broiler, Oon. 075.
Durham, Taoroton, Con. r,17.
Elgin,  east,   Marshall,  Con.  400.
Kent   west,  McColg,  Llbl  25.
Lambton,  west,  Pardee,   Lib,  250.
Norfolk,   Chariton,   Lib.   I IK.
Middlesex,   west,   Rose,   Lib.   130.
Oxford,   north,   Nesbitt,   Lib.   297.
Prescott, Proulx, Lib. BOO.
Klgin,   west, Ci others,  Con.  836.
Essex,   north,   Wilcox,   Con    250.
Frontenac,  Edwards,  Con.  400.
Grenville,  Reid,  Cun.   1280,
Grey, enst,   Sproule,   Con.  1200.
Grey,  north,   Middlel.oro,  Con.   150.
Grey, south,  Hall,  Con.   17.
tjaldlmand, Lal or, Con. 500.
Hnlton,  Henderson,  Con.  600.
Hamilton,  east.  Barker,   Con.  1500.
Hamilton,  west,  Stewart,  Con. blank
Hastings, east,  Northrup, Con,  1000.
Hastings,  west,  Porter,  Coul  1201).
Huron, east, Bowman, Con.  137,
Huron,  south,  Menier,  Con. 31)11.
Huron,  west, Lewis, Con.  100.
Kingston, Nikle, Oon. 345.
Lamhton,   easl,   Armstrong,   Con.   375
Lanark,  north, Thobtirn,  Con"   156.
Lanark,   south,   llaggart,   Oon.   LOOO.
Leeds, Taylor, Con.  1*100,
Lennox & Addington,   Paul,  Con.  200.
Lincoln,  Lancaster,  Con.  LlittO.
London.   Deal tie,   Con.   1898.
Middlesex, cast,   Bison,   Con.   651.
Middlesex,  north,   Elliott, Con.  3C0.
Kssex,  south,   Clarke,  Lib.  175.
Glengarry, McMillan,  Lib. 300.
Kent, east, Cordon,  Lit). 250.
Argentuil, CH. Perley, Oon. 550.
'.■i.nit.,  Ed. Martile,  Lib.  107.
Beaure,  Hon.  H.S.  Behind,   Lib. —.
Ilea nlr.irnois,   Papinenu,   Lib.   30.
Bellechase, Barrett, Con.  LIS.
Bertliier, Talbot, Lib.  116.
Bonaventine,  Hon.   0.   tfarctl, L.  900.
Brome, Baker ("on.  24.
Cliamhley,  Rainville,  Con.   I7H.
champlain, Blooding, Oon. 400.
Charlevoix,  Forget,  Con. 530.
Cbateauguay, Brown, Lib. '.'-J.
Compton,  Cromwell,  Con.  l-'l.
Dorchester,  Sevigny,  Con.  47.
Driiin'd-Artlialiaska, Jlro'i.lurd,  I*  L17
G-aape,   (deferred i
Hochelaga,  Coderre,  C n.  13"0.
Huntingdon, Rohh, Lib.  Ilil.
Jncijiies-Caitier,   Monk,  0 in.  B'i'0.
Joliette, Guilbnnlt, Con. 38.
Kumoiiraska,  Lapointe,   Li'i   900.
La-belle, Achin, Con.  188.
I.a Prairie,  Lsnctot,  Lib.   163.
L'Assomption,   S'.;:!!--',  Lib.  3.i0.
Laval,  Wilson, Lib. —
Levis,  Boutin Bourassa,  Lib.  300
Ljlslrl,  Pacquet, Cm.  14)
Lothiniere, Fortier, Lib. —
Maisonneauve,  Verville,  Lab. 2000.
Maskinongc, Bellemere, C .n.  ill.
Megantlc, Pacaud, Lib. —.
Mississiipioi, Kay, Lib. —-.
Montcalm, La Fortune,  Lib.  137.
Montmagny, Leeperanoe,  Crn   624.
Montreal (St. Antoine) A. c-i   C   2004
Montreal  (St.  James)   Lal'lintcLl l'J9
Montreal   I St.Law.') Dicknr.iiki',1..   —
Montreal   (St.Mary's)   Martin,L.   700.
Nicolet,   I.amarchc,   Con.   U0.
Pontine,   llrabazon,   C'ni.   I.'I I
Portneuf, DeUele, Lib. 789,
Quebec Centre, Lai'ha.re,  Lib.  DM
Quebec,  east,  Sir W.  Laurier,  I., ncc.
Quebec, west,  Power, Lib. 217.
Quebec County, Pellotler, fob. '!-''■
Richelieu, Oardln, Lib. 85".
Richmond, Tobin, Ub. 400.
Uiinoiiskl,   Bilulay,   Con.   2'.7.
Roiiville,   Hon. 11. Li'inl'Mix,   . tb.   21,5.
St.  Hyacinthc,  Gniitliier,   Lib.   1300,
si. John's, Demers, Lib. I"1".
Stafford, Bolvln,  Lib. 37.
Sberbrooke,  McCrca,   Lib.   --.
Soulnnges,   Laurier,   Lib.   135.
Stiiiislead,   Lovell,   Lib.   155.
Temiscouata,   Gaiivreaii,   IMi.    130,
Terrebonne, Natel, Oon, 800,
Three Rivers,  Normaiid,  Con.  21;".
Two  Mountains,  Bthler,  Lihl  lucln,
Ynii'deriiil, Buyer, Liheral  213.
Wright, Devlin,  Lib. 309.
Ynni'iskn, Mondoil,  Con.  9(1.
King's, Fraser,  Con.  40O.
Ontario! south,' Wm. Smith, Conf 50.   Prinoe's,  Rlchnivls.  Uh
Ottawa, Frlpp, Con.  1112.
Ottawa, Chabot,  ('on.  041.
Oxford, south, Sutherland, Con. 0.
Parry Sound,  Arthurs, Con. 400.
Peel, Blaln, Con. 250.
Perth,  north, Morphy, Con.  25,
Perth,  Bouth,  Steele,  Con. 71. B 	
Peterboro, east,  Hexsmlth, Con. 600.   Kent, Robldeaii, Con. 200,
Peterboro, west, Burnham,   Con. 83.  Northumberland, Loggte, lab
Queen's. Nicholson, Con. 300.
Queen's,  McLean, Con. 500.
I'ar.'lton, Oar veil i Mb. 22.
Charlotte, Hurt, Con. 120.
Cllouoester, Turgeon, Ub, 2i>o.
Ktog'l &  Alliert, Fowler, Con.
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McClary's Stoves
Kootenay Ranges
Saskalta Ranges
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wants in the clove lire
with the best Goods made
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HlGH  Class M i;.\ r  PURVEYORS
Phone 251
P. O. Box 181
RwtlgouclM,  Reid,  I.ih.  - j Portag* La Prairie, A. Meinhcn C—.
Queen's (Sunburyj McLean, Lib. M9*. Iprovencher, J.A.F. Bleau, Con. —.
Bt   John  City.   Hon.W.Pugsley,L. 164   Selkirk, G. H. Bradbury,  Con.  —.
St.  John  County,  Dr.  Daniel,  O.  -13.   Souris.  Dr.   Srhaflner,  Con. —.
Victoria,  Mlobaud,  Lih.   1153.
Westmoreland,  Hon.  Kmmerson.L
York,  OS.  Crockett,  Con.   1000.
Atmapolia,  Pickup,   Lib.  23.
Antlgonleh,  Cltirihnlm,  Lib. —.
Oape  Breton,   N.,   McKenzie.   LiM  -
Oape  Breton,   S.,  Carroll,  Lib.   JOO.
Oolchetter,   Stanfieltl,  Con.  C42.
Ciinilo'rlnnd,  Hhodcs,  Con.   250.
DiRby.   Jameson,  Con.  273.
Guyeborough,   Sinclair,   Lib.  230.
Halifax,  It.   L.  Ilonlen, Con. —.
Halifax,   lllackniler,   Lib.  —.
Hants, Tremain, Con. w.
[nveraau, Oblsfaolm, Ut   JI
Ring's, Porter, Ot n  227.
Lunenburg, Stewart, Ub. .100.
Plctou, MacDonald, Lib. 230.
Richmond, Kjrte   Lib. sott.
Sbelhourne, Queen's, MeCurdy, C,
Yarmouth,   Law,   lab.   1302.
iai.'aiy, it.ii. Bennett, Oon. 2S2-4.
Odtnontou, Hon. K. Oliver, i.ib. -
MacLeod, Dr, Warnock, Lib. too.
Medldna Hat, W.A. Bucbaoan, L.
Red Dew, Dr. Olark, Lib. ll«4.
Btratbconn, J. M. DoukIhs, Mb. —.
Victoria, w   H. wiui.'. Lib. -.
MacK.'ii/ii',  Dr.   Cash.  Lib.  —.
Humboldt,  Dr.   Necley,  Lib.  —.
l(M,-ina,  W.  M.  Martin.  Lib. -.
AssinilioiM.  .1.   (1.  Tiirid, Lib. —.
Battletoi I,   \   Ohampagne, Lib. —.
Moose Jaw, W, B. Knowlew, Lib. —
Hankntoon,  K. N.  IIcLMO,  Con. —.
Prince   Albert,   Jnmes  McKay.   0    -
Qu'Appelle, It.  B. Lake,  Con. —
Saltcoats,  ThomuR   McNutt,   Lib.   —
Urnnilon,   J.   A.   M.   Aikins.   Con.   —
Dauphin.  Robert CruiHe,  Lib. —.
Uagar, W.  H. Sharp, Con. —.
MacDonald,  w.  D   staples. Con.   -.
Manjuette. Dr. Rocbe, Coo. —.
Winnipeg, Alex. Hnggart, Oon. —.
ancouver city,  Aid  Stevens,  0.  2tMl
Oomox-Atlin,   Newton,   Lib.   192.
Kootenay,  A.   S.  Goodeve,  Con.  700.
Yale-OarlbOO,   M.  Burrell,  Con.  —
Westminster,  J. D. Tnylor, Con. 2000
\ lotoria,  0,  H.   Barnard.  Con. —.
S'analmo, F. H. Shepherd, Con. —.
ft Reciprocity Hat
As a result o( the elections
•iderabla money chanseil band*
lhe city, h«t8 ol every ronreivahlo
kind Ik'Itu: made. One bet rauacil a
euini ihai (,{ amusement not only to
the principals but also to the citiz-
. ns nt Revelatoke at large. Arthur
j3(j Johnson bat J. M. Kclhc that the
Liberals would not have aH many
s.'uts in Ontario as in tbe lust house,
the loser to buy a silk bat for tbe
Winner, and the latter to wear it in
public next day. Ab SVSTyone knowa
Mr. Johnson won thc bet, and e»irly
vcstirday morning Mr. Keliie wns
rnmstirkini; the town for a silk hat.
one was finally located at I'll. Wells
store, and presented SO Mr. Johnson
about noon yesterday with Mr.
KaWe'a compliments, in the afternoon Mi. Johnson was the centre of
attraction on McKenilt avenir, many
wondering who ths ministerial gentle
man   was  with   the silk hat.
You will regret it H you miss the
Musical Kckhnrdt's in vaudeville on
Monday  nnd  Tuesday.
The prizes lor the Revelstoke Fall
Kan will be paid at. the office of tho
Secretary on ami after Monday Sept.
L'.'itb. Prize winners will kindly pro-
dui' their prise cards when calling
lor their money.
waauHawM SATURDAY, SEPT. 23rd, 191T,
SATURDAY,  SEPT. 23rd,  1911.
Ctbe ADaiUlbcralfc
jntcrtot pubiisbtnfl company
Zhe flDaMberato
SATURDAY,  SEPT.  23rd,   1911.
i By   Percy   F.   Gilford,   Physical   Director  of  the  Yf M.  C.  A.)
Growth is the inexorable law oi
life. Without growth there Is no
life. Theie is nothing more Interesting .n tbe world than watching tho
growth ol things, and noting their
development. How eagerly wo watch
lor tin appearance of the tiny sproul
which proclaims that life is not ex
t.nct. Vie in, aiiii't' a lodge, club or
business     scheme and are interested.
•art .'iii bouI, in its progress. A
b ib) comes Into tho home, and hov
proud we mi' of bim, but wo want
bim to grow. We watch his daily
progress, and bow carefully we wai
cli each sign of increasing lntclll
gence anl strength. Development In
any good lorm is what we watch fo;
whether  mental,   moral  or  physical
But it Is the pbystoal growth that
ells foi most frequent comment, any
hody c.m Bee that. See the Blight
form of a girl, developing Into th
symmetrical form ol a woman, or n
lanky boy tilling out Into full vigor
ol manhood. How strong he i- get
tin? to Re, he can almost wrestle his
lather, or carry his mother in hi.*
arms.    Yes.   physical   development   is
what most of us are Interested in.
Vie want to be as strong or evei*
Btronger than our fathers; we want
to be taller and heavier, to life mon
and walk farther. Hut none ol these
things can be brought about unlesi
y 'ii are willing to work (or them
to pay the price In aching muscles
Tho larc frame, the full deep chesl
the strong muscles do not grow nn
less thev have work to do. We knov
that food is necessary to the hod;
also, but we all get that, but we di
not all -jet the proper exercises ti
develop tu- physical part of our be
in," to its fullest ext.nt.
Some may have reasons for nol
taking the proper exercises, but i
tbe truth w. re known, the person bai
plenty of opportunity, . it Is elthe
too indolent to take it, or does nol
wish   to  I*  strong.
A few word- on Importance. Wi
measure t'.e importance of a thin
hy its us, fulness. Th.1 telephone, tin
telegraph,   the  railway,   the      steam
Bl   have  become  important   becaus
ol ther  service  to mankind.       The
things which arc of use to man, tin
theories winch  assume practical form
•■ ■-*.* are what tlio world demands
an! ni the end th.se are what the
world will have. Let Bell invent n
I lepbone, Edison an electric light,
Marconi a wireless—and prove then
Utility and the world will not givi
them up until another telephone, el
prtt.r light, or wireless has proved
■ .-lit  to  supplant  the  lirst.
Physical     culture has  prove 1  it- If
Canadian Northern Steamships
Wednesday October 4, Uoyal George Wednesday, October 18th
"        IS, Royal Kdward November 1st
'    November 1, Royal Geofge
November 15th
Winter Sailings
Wednesday, Nov. 15, Royal Edward Wednesday, November -9th
"29, Royal George December 13th
Dec. 13, Royal Bdward " "      27th
Uranium Steamship Company
For Particulars, Tickets, etc., Apply to
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
the manly sports that you can, ami
in addition to doing these things
which bake your fancy, take gymnasium work under as good an instructor as possible an.l you are well
started towards a bealMiyand success
fill  life.
mportant    and    necessary,  and    ni
matter what difference ol opinion ,**
t   ,s t.i methods, the time has comi
■*   ii"   hoy   or   girl   -hould   be  al le
say like Topsy, "1 just growed,'
- 1 I *   is their  physical condition l»
concerned       and      every   boy  or   girl
young man or woman should lake th
matter ■•; fitting themselves  srlth
lue,   .nt.. their own  h in Is
The body la the homo ol tbe nt
The  body Ins the niosi   Intimate ro
.-:. p   with   the   m.nd.   and   in     a
■■'■..' int.       an 1
comman 1 ol th - will.   Bn'
the  body ihe  nun 1
means llmltal Ion     in     mi ntal
DCS,    The   brain   is   fed   by   Id* o!
which la .ils.. .ts scavenger, carry In
away tbo waate matter produced   by
thought, consequently the man    wbi
hat* 1 *   largest  supply ol rich
blond   will   l>e   able   to  give m.i*
I rain than a man who
IS     *.   -mall, -r   ~' 1 p|>l v.   and    tb it   ne
•    pure.
How   *,!t no's   bodlei   are   1
in   tbe   ordin iry   affairs  ot  life       Wo
must     catch   ,  train,   >nd ws some
times bavo to run rery fist to catch
it;   if  then   ..ur   bodies  nre   in   ;■
physical eond ';"n no harm can come
of it, but 1! otherwise »c run
risk     of  serious  strain      Again   we
should t**e  proud ,,[ ..ur physical do
velopment.   bemuse   the  fOUBg       mm
with  a  tine physbpie.  walks along thi
str-eet  knowing  and   leellttg  b -      own
strength.    Hi     muscles  fairly  ache  to
stop a runaway team, or do     some
other heroic act Yes, every boy and
girl, young man and woman run well
afford t*> pay attention to acquiring
a healthy and vigorous body. If we
say, I am too busy to SXtrOlte, then
the lungs got weak, the dlges'ive or
gans L—t *M.,k, the heart gets weak,
nnd a weak heart mean* imperf'et
It  Is  time to  call  a  bait   on  pun)
/>irkly. hollow ebe*»teil and    weak need
men ami woman Develop tli it h li
that Hod has riven you. Hun aud
romp. play games, -kaln and ride
ymir birycle, tow an I swim an I pl iv
football,     basketball,     engage In alt
Cruder Collides with Steamer
London, Sept. 20— Upon leaving
Southampton today for New York,
with every berth filled, the White
Star liner Olympic, tin; largest steam
ship utloat, was rammed by the big
Dritish cruiser 1-Iawke, and only the
.piick beaching of the liner prevented what, might have been one of the
worst marine disasters in history.
The Olympic was later removed to
drydock at Southampton, and the
l-lawke, which was also badly damaged, was placed in drydock at Ports
Among the passengers on the
Olympic were many prominent persons, including William Waldorf As-
tor, George P. Baker, ['resident W.
IJ. Brown, of the New York Central
Hallway, Charles P. Bryan, of Ohica
go, who is Iransfering as United
Stales minister 10 Belgium to 'be ambassador to Japan, Rlohard Oroker,
jr., Frederick P. Duryea, G. P. Ide,
C. 11. Makay, Felix Warburg, Harry
Payne Whitney, 11. Wldener and F.
Tbo Olympic bad just left South
amptoti with its toad of returning
American tourists and entered the
Solent, which swarms with shipping.
It was iu the Solent that the American liner St. Paul was rammed by
a British cruiser a few years ago
during a blizzard, and many persons
were drowned.
The steel prow of the warship
struck the Olympic si|iinrely on the
itarboard quarter. Collision signals
swere given, but men and officers in
all parts of the ship felt the Jar so
distinctly that they Immediately
made ready for the emergencies, 'rhe
bulkheads ol the liner automatically
dosed With thfl heavy jolt of the
collision, yet water rushed in like
.1   roaring   freshet.
Body of Cashier Fo.nd
Nelson,     sept     .v While BtrolHng
along tiie shore ol  the  Weal   Arm of
Kootenay   Lake, four miles Irom  Nei
I son   today.   Mr    W    I1    Moi gan,       a
tourist,     stumbled  upon  the      deal
 lv. supposed to l«' thai ol It
Beilly.   cashier  of  th-   local  office    of
tbe Dominion Express company, who
disappeared   tin*   beginning    Of       the
present   month.    The   body   was   much
deci mpoaed,     bui     Mr,   1    1.aim.he
manager "( tbo     Express    company,
Identified it by tho peculiarity
teeth       Reillj -   canoe .in 1   *
were found on bbe shoro ol Koot
Lake Sept. mber 1    \ - be a u
ill I   bad   111"   . 1.11M
pany's safe, some days pass.-: before
tho Mfe id I,., open -'..
found thai than waa .1 shortage
of nine liiindri'*!  dollars     is  the  point
found   was nenr
where tb*   trains stop on theil   »aj   to
Spokane   ■ >me eoli 1   >
. Ippo- t,,.i,   Mi.1    I!.   H)    1.
ti „nd th. ' tbo Express Co
|0   ' I   pl ."11    of
.   to   the   polico thai   he
i" 1   an 1    off-1 lug  1 imn
ir.-*1 *!**u.u    reward for h.s nppi
si..n   The Boding ol Ms bod|   todaj
• •nly   par ially  solves   the   n
the    Wat«l      it     Ibe    point     Allele    I
noe and  clothes  wero  foun I
ll W,   and   an   unlikely   .port   .it 1.
lent ni   drowning,      In
RSllly'S clothes were found a wateh
ml sixty dollars in money, whieh IR
v Uev -.1 to ."* against the theoi v of
foul play. He was unmarried, and 11
brother lives In M-edioine Hal
Big Reward for Bank Robbers
The rewards  offered  by   the   Bank of
Montreal in connection with tbo   ro
..iit New v,.■ tmiiiHti'i burglary have
ireen Increased to MJ.000, of whieh
15,000 will i«* u.i .I f"i .mv Informs
tion leading to Mm arrest ami conviction ol the robbers, in addition to
which 11 per nent, will be paid on all
r any part ol the money reeoveiod.
This on the whole amount stolen
would amount to $27,000 odd. being
the remainder of the sum offered.
Moving 1'irinrss Tonight.
I   The Cook
I always feels
!confident ofl
Alarming—Troops Fire
on Rioters
.Madrid, Sept. 21.—The mell employed in the building U'ad.'s of this
eity obeyed the strike order and iiuit
work today. Thirty thousand men
are involved. The military holds the
capital in a close group, and acting
under tne authority of the imperial
decree suspending the constitutional
guarantees, the government Is maintaining a lirm attitude towards the
labor leaders, who, it is claimed, are
being used b\ revolutionary agents
to further a campaign of violence against the state.
The  snouts had  their  usual  appear
aticc today except for the presence of
soldiers   doing   picket  duty   and    ^lie '
absence of   cabs.        No disturbances I
were reported at police headquarters'
up to f-arly afternoon.     The strikers '
have seriously interfered     with      the ■
publication  of the  newspapers.        KI '
Pala, Correspondence de Espeula and ;
La  Maiia  were not Issued  today.   KI
I'acial   and   KI   Liberal   appeared   hut
with less  than  their  usual  number of
Despatches from the provinces representing the general situation
throughout the country nre closely
censored but as near as can bc dc-
bermined, It appears that the prompt and foarless course adopted by the
government has been successful in
heading oil anything like a general
suspension of Industrial activity,'
wbich might develop into a revolution.
I pure and wholesome I
Ifoodwlien using!
I Dr Prices
I Baking Powder ^
I  A Pure,Grape Cream/Tartar |
1 Baking Powder
I Made from. Grapes
No Ah
flime Phosphate
Will Attempt to Open Mines
That some attempt will be made
shortly to open the mines of the
''row's Nest Pass is th' rumor that
has 1.. en gum; th.* i* nm.is of several
0.1I   offices   in   the   city   ol   late,     and
t   ..-  stated   that   as  sonn a sthe elec
tions are over the mines will be star
ted up, whether an agreement with
the n.iners be reached or not.
The report is given some credence
hy reason of the fact that a 'big 'detachment of mounted police have
gone to Maclcod from Regina, and
are now at Maclcod waiting for orders to proc-ed to various stations
in the Pass. .Some of the men who
were sent west from Calgary when
trouble was feared some weeks ago
are still stationed at the mining
camps, and it is stated that they will
he augmented by further detachments
ns soon as any move to open up
the mines is contemplated.
Spepk et3 of Sport
Boston, Sept. 21 — Democratic
friends of John I. Sullivan, ex-heavy
weight champion of the world, launch
ed today a campaign to elect him to
congress as a representative from
Massachtiettsf Sullivan has heen living the life of a country squire mar
Boston tor the past eight years.
Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 21—Jimmy
flabby has matched himself to meet
Willie Lewla at Boston on Sept. 26,
and Mike Gibbons at Winnipeg on
Sept. 30. He then hurries to Vancouver, sailing for Australia ou Oct.
1. Carl Morris, Jim Flynn and Kaufman all refuse to go now, having
New York erazef
Oakland,     Sept. 21—A draw stands
today as the verdict of the 10-round
bout between Willie Ritchie and
Johnny McCarthy. Ritchie has the
better of the early rounds, hut McCarthy made a strong finish, out-
lighting his opponent in the latter
part  of the bout.
New York, Sept. 31. —James Cof-
froth, of San Francisco, telegraphed
today to (Ieorge McDonald, manager
of Matt Wells, the Knglish lightweight champion, offering Wells •**,">,-
aftO for a bout with Packey MrFi.r-
land, or $7,.100 for a contest with Ad
Wolgast, the lightweight champion
of America, the light to take place
n  California.
CP.R. Boat Finished
London, Bpt. 20—l'rince Alice, the
latest ('.P.R. steamer, has -11st lieen
Completed, and will be given trials
at the mouth of the Tyne. She was
built by Swan and Hunter, for the
B.C. service, and is the first of the
OfP.R. ileetraising steam by oil fuel
from the commencement, although several older steamers now possess the
Moving pictures  at  Kdison  theatre
For anything in  the plumbing an.l
heating line  go  to  the    RevelBtoke
Plumbing & Heating Co.
Moving pictures  at  Edison  theatre
People's Candidate Wins
Over Five Million Voters Register Their
Approval of His Platform
Votes Cost on Average Over $5.00 Apiece
CONTRARY to all precedent,
hut rightly, the voters
themselves paid f r these
Five Million voi.  .
Bach man, by laying down $-,-■ o
or upward *, voted I i i pproval
of the shavin ped
and perfected by King C < .illette,
and declared   bis   intention  of
following this .«.-   ' til   thc
Ciillette Safety   R he
received in exchange ish.
The principles of pi ean-
liness and comfort, ma ible
hy the quick, effii ient little
Gillette Safety Razor, wi re first laid down hy King C. Gillette
in I9<i|. When the last General Elections were held, in 1908,
over Two Million had sub u ribed to them. Since then they have
heen adopted and !  hy Three Million more clear-headed
voters—practical men whose time is worth money.
The Gillette Safety  Razor lias freed Gillette's constituents, the
world over, from dependence on the barber-shop— has conserved
their time- preserved their tempers—and, for them, has transformed shaving from an irksome task into a pleasant incident
in tlie morning toilet.
Avoid disappointment and order your Coal
now.   I have on hand
PHONE No. 60
Your Electric Fixtures
If they go wrong, don't worry, but just
Phone to No. 284 in the day
or No. 40 at Night
and they will immediately be attended to. There is
nothing we can't do in this line as years of experience
with electrical machinery has given us an insight into
the business that could not be obtained etherwise.
Don't swear when the lights go out.   Let us do that
for you.
A. G. DUCK,   ■   General Manager
Store and Office, Old Howson Block
Player Pianos, Pianos and Organs
Our reputation is well known lor square dealing.
We can tfive you better  prices,   better qunlity,   than  any
otber house in tbe traile.
WHY ?   Call anil we will prove this statement up to the
Revelstoke Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
When ymi buy RTOJerles you want Roods that are fresh and that can
lie relied upon.    We have them.    We are headquarters lor
Groceries,   Provisions,   Boots   and Shoes
Tobaccos, Etc.
D. GALLICANO, Third Street, Near Railroad Track
Save Your Horses!
l'i mender is dear alld so is horse flesh, but li^ht running
Wl-gOtU and htiKKicH are cheap.
The evolution ol lhe 1'iirin aid Road Vehicles has kept pace
with modern science anil now we are olfcriiiK
All Spring-Steel Wagons
Sited onl with perlect roller-beaiiiiK rtuiniiiK Itcar just ns cheap as
the old-fashioned wooden framed wagon, They run lighter and
easier and wear lciiKcr.
Those who purchased them rie our most satisfied customers.
You don't have to take oft the wheels lo grease them; they are
dust proof caps and carry a  '1111111 heavier load than  tlu: ordinary
A lull supply nl bugglrt ol Ihe newest makes also Harden and
form implements, ask us alsnit them.
First 8tr«ot, Weat,
Opposite Peat Office
Revelstoke Plumbing, Heating & Sheet Metal Co.
BatlmatM xlvcn lor .Sanitary work, Klectric Ufbtlng, Hot
Air, Water, .Steam lleatiiiK and all kinds ol  Sheet   Metal
Iiiilh'.. lavatories, Water Clo.eti, etc
Prompt attention givM to all orders.
See Our Show Room on Connaught Avenue
Phone No.	
Box 401
■ ■ &
WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 20, 1911.
WEDNESDAY,   SEPT.  20,  1011.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL- $10,000,000
REST, -   $8,000,000
The Money Orders of The Canadian Bank of Commerce are a safe,
convenient and economical method of remitting small sums of money.
They are payable without charge at every branch of a chartered bank in
Canada (except in the Yukon Territory) and in the principal cities of
the United States.
The Orders and full information regarding them may be obtained
on application at the Bank.
In tbe event of loss of a Money Order the Bank will, on receipt of
a satisfactory guarantee, make arrangements to refund the amount of
the lost Order. a-i.32
The leather that goes into our shoes and the
men who make them can always be depended
upon. That's why our customers are always
Our harness is the very best. Dusters,
Whips, Trunks, Suit Cases. All leather goods
always in stock.   Call and see our goods.
Boot and Shoe Repairers,
Harness Makers
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund ■    $4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all tbe Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
But is always cool at the greatest health resort on
the American Continent
The Ideal Plaee to spend the Summer Holidays.     Natural
Hot Water Baths, 131 degrees of heat.
Rates from $ 12 lo $ 15 Fer Week
Write us for particulars.    Wm. Boyd, Manager
Have the Best!     It Pays!
You can get the best of
Everything in the line of
At the Reliable Headquarters]
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Everybody knows him, he will
toll you that Ihe whiskeys we are
Bulling are the hest. Cal! and be
rnnvinced. No household should
be without a supply of cur Harvey's Spoclal Scotch Whiskey; our
Frnpln Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
80 years old or Blaohberry Brandy?1
for Medicinal purposes. Our stock
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
kinds are unexcelled. Sold by all
i    the leading 1.^1 els, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Dealers In Purs Wines, Liquors, Cigar* and Cigarettes
The Coldstream Estate Nurseries
Have a very fine assortment of FRUIT TREES
Ornamental and Shade Trees and Shrubs
Budded   Stock   a   Specialty
All trees offered for sale are grown in our own Nurseries
on the Coldstream  Estate
II. D. Curry, Geo. Matheson,
Great list of Attractions for
Annual Exhibition
W. B. Scott, deputy minister of
agriculture, will perform the opening
ceremony at the big fruit fair, wbich
opens at Nelson on September 26 and
continues  tbe following two days.
With a determination to make this
year's fair a more decided success
than ever, the hirectors have secured
several more high-class free attractions in addition to those already
booked and the program that will
be given during the three days of the
fair will include twice the number of
acts given in previous years and will
excel in quality of amusements any
fair hitherto piven in British Columbia. In all eight different free acts
bave been engaged, one of whicli cost
as high as $1,00(1. In addition to
three free acts the Great Parker
shows have been eogaged to provide
the Midway. These shows alone require a special train of 15 cars to
transport them and will include a
mammoth Ferris wheel, the Human
Roulette Wheel, Pearl and Jennie, the
biggest girl and the smallest lady.
Pearl is a young girl ot the tender
age of 15 but who nivertheless
weighs G10 pounds, while Miss Jennie
Is a young lady of 25, who weighs .'14
pounds and is only 36 inches tall.
Another show is thc model City, a
marvelous mechanical invention,
which required five years to build;
Ooe and Sallie, a pair of chimpanzees
who, when seen, can enable one to
understand Darwin's theory of the
missing link; the Crazy House and
tbe S'qUeezer, two excruciatingly funny amusement devices, and Edward's
animal show, embracing most of the
lesser known animals. The Parker
shows are noted throughout America
as being one of the best carnival
companies travelling.
The afternoon and evening program
of free attractions will take up at
least three hours, the star attraction
being Burnstad's wild west show, an
agrregation of 18 horses and 10 men
in-a thrilling exhibition of Roman
chariot races, Roman standing races
and daring cowboy stunts such as
broncho busting, steer riding, lassoing and lariat throwing. In this act
no doubt the star actor wMl be
"Black Stacy," who has the reputation of having been ridden only twice
in live years. The imperial troup of
Russian dancers consists of four
ladies and two men, who give a
whirlwind exhibition of the much-
talked of Russian dancing. Professor
James E. Hardy, the h 'h wire king
otherwise known as "Th; American
Blondin," will be seen in a thrilling
and  fascinating      high   wire  perform
ance entiiely     different and superior
to  the  work  of the  ordinary       wire
walker.  The  Upside Down Zenalilas is
a  high  class  balancing  act  given   by
a lady and gentleman,     unsurpassed
j in  its  originality.  Dorothy  Do  Vonda
I tire lady aerialist,      will  make  daily
I ascensions      into  the  clouds,   accompanied by her  favorite     dog,      both
making  sensational descent  in   different parachutes. Miss Marie McDonald
the   Scotch     gold medalist, will de-
| light  the  hearts of  the  people    from
, the land of    heather    with her clever
delineation  of Scottish  national dances. The comedy part of the program
I will   Ire  ably  looked  after  by  Happy
ami his trick mule Dynamite, the fun
t niest act In existence,  and the Stein-
cr trio, nn exceptionally clever troup
of comedy bar acrobats who need no
recommendation to Nelson audiences.
I In the matter of exhibits, from
presint indications it seems as if all
previous years' entries of fruit will
■be doubled. Especially will this be
trite in exhibits of box fruit, and
special provision is being made for
the heavy display which is anticipated. It also appears as if the new
poultry building will be taxed to its
utmost capacity, which is some 2,000
Itevelstoke Ijiind District.
District of West Kooteuay.
Take notice that I, Emma Foster,
of RossUnd, B. C, intend to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted nt
or near the South EaBt corner of
Lot 8178, thence south f-'fl chains,
west 80 chains, north 80 chains and
east 80 chains to point of commence,
ment and containing 6*40 acres, more
or less.
Dated August llth,  1911.
EMMA   FOSTER,   Appli'3;.nt.
James Fisher, Agent.
•   *
OU Fallacy That Drunkenness Cannot
Bc Cored Exptodsd.
Many men drink who desire to stop
the habit. Whisky, however, haa undermined the constitution and created
a craving that le not to be denied,
and the man must have whisky or
something that will remove the craving and build up the system and restore the ncrvea.
Samaria Prescription stops the craving, steadies the nerves, builds up the
general health and makes drink actually distasteful and nauseous. It la
tasteless and odorless, and can be given with or without the patient's
knowledge, In tea, coffee or food It
Is used regularly by Physicians and
Hospital*. It has cured thousand* In
Canada, and restored happiness to
hundreds of homes.
Read   what   Mrs.   G. ,   0f   Hull
*ay* of lt and what lt did for her-      '
"It I* four month* to-day •ince* I
■ tarts* to use your Remedy. I follow-
ed the direction*, an.l had Uie beet of
rwulU. On* week after I itarted using your Remedy the patient stopped
drinking, and ha* not drunk a glaa*
of liquor since. I hope you will acenpt
my heartfelt thanks. Hoping Ood will
blaaa  your  Remedy  whenever   tried,   I
" Mia. a , Hull, Que.
(Nam* withheld by request.)
Now, It there Is anyone In yonr
town whs need* thia Remedy, tell
them of lt Practical philanthropy
can take no hatter form. If you have
a husband, father, brother or friend
who tlrlnh*. help them help themselves.     Write to-day.
A FREE TRIAL PACKAGE of Samaria, with Booklet giving full particulars, directions, testimonials,
pries, etc., will be sent In a plain sealed packac* to anyone mentioning this
paper. Correspondence sacredly confidential.   Th* trial package alone ha*
confidential. Write to-day. The Samaria Remedy Co., Dept. 46-49, Col-
norne St., Toronto, Oanada. Also
for Sale by C. R. Macdonald, Druggist, Revelstoke, B. 0.
Do You Want Windows, Doors, and Finishing
It will pay you to jjet our Price* liefore purchasing elsewhere.
WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY- We carry a large stock of
Windows and Doors and can fill your orders promptly. We will
be pleased to give you a delivered quotation on anything you
require. We manufacture windows, doors, mouldings, storm
sash, screens, cabinets of all kinds, tables, turnings, store and
bar fixtures, church seats and pulpits, door and window frames,
finishing of all kinds, etc. Wc ac large dealers in sheet, fancy
and Plate glass, shingles, lath, e:c.    Write for Prices.
OME in and sec the
new  styles   in   Fit-Reform
Fill Suiu.
General Agent,
Vernon, B, C,
Local Agent,
Revelstoke, B, C
It would take pages to tell
you   of  all   the   new   pitterni,   new
effect!, new fibrici we tre ihowing.
And even then, we could
not  properly describe the grace   and
charm of Fit-Reform Fall Suits.
So come in and see them
for yourwlf
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, William fl Mc-
Whirter, of Ymir, B. C, occupation
Lumberman, intend to apply let permission to purchase the following de-
scrilied lunds:
Commencing at a post plauted on
the Bast shore of Mosquito Ltuti at
or near the North-west cornor ol Lot
8402, being the South West corner,
thonce running north 80 (Mains \'c;ig
the shore of said lake, thuice eebt
4-0 chains, south 80 chains uni'. wrst
40 chains to point of conim-inr anient,
and containing 320 acres, n ore or
Dated August llth, 1911.
James Fisher, Agent.
Broadview   (Fractional)  L.   H.  an
Indiana Mineral  Claims, situate      in
the  Trout  Lake   Mining  Division    ol
West Kootenay District.
Where located:—Ou Great Northern
TAKE NOTICE lhat I, 0. B. N.
Wilkie, acting as agent for the Ohio
Mines Development Co., Limited,
Free Miner's Certilicate Numnber
B25597, intend, sixty days from
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certilicate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action
under section 37, must he commenced
before the iBSUanoe of such Certilicate
of Improvements.
Dated this 17th day of August,
O.  B.  N. WILKIE,
Trout Lake. B. O.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenuy.
Take notice lhat I, Ma-bel Ralston,
of Harrisonburg, Virginia, occupation School Teacher, intend to ap
ply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at u post planted ad
jncent to the North East Corner ot
Lot 9323, being the South West Corner; thence running north 80 chains,
cast 80 chains, south 80 . hum; and
west SO chains to point of commencement aud containing C40 acres more
or less.
Dated August  9th,  1911.
James FiBher, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that the
time for receiving tenders for Court
House, Vernon, is extended up to 12
o'clock noon, Friday, 2!>th day of
September,   1911.
Public  Works  Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C.,   llth  September.
Hevelstoke   I,and   District.
District ol  West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, William R.
Held, of Arrowhead, I). C, occupa -
tion, merchant, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
i.*.*' i.ln i  lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
Angus McKay's Smith West Corner
Post, Lot 501, and running nortll 40
chains, thence west 40 chains, thence
south 40 chains, thence oast 40
chains to point of comm?nccmcirt,
containing  1WI acres,  more  or less.
Dated   August   iini,   1911.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notico that I, Amis Treglown
of Patterson, B. C, occupation, mar-
rlod woman, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about Ten (10) chains East ot the
South West corner of Lot 817(1, being the North East comer; thence
south 80 chains, west 80 chains,
nortll 80 chains and eaet 80 chains,
to point of commencement and coo
taining fi40 acres morn or less.
Dated August Hth,  1911.
James Fisher, Agent.
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
Shaw's Sash and Door Factory
Manufacturers of Sash and  Doors, Mouldings
and all kinds of Woodwork.
Get your Screen Doors and Windows made to
G. 2). Shakv,   -    Proprietor
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props, j
Enlarged  and Improved.    First-Class in eTery respect.    All modern conrenionvel
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates 4>2.O0 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably   furnished   with  the choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.   ALBEET     ST03STEI      PEOP.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Special Attention given to commercial
men and tourists. First-class sample
rooms. Finest scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop
Satisfaction guaranteed
Agent  for   Flexitime   Electric
Residence Our. 3nl St. aid Robson a vi
Shop in Alley luck of lv. J. Hourne's
Store, P'irst Street
Five Acre Lot
Suitable for subdivision
Close to City Limits
Half Cash Balance on Terms
Real Fstate and Insurance
Corner McKenzie Av*. and lind St.
It will pay you to
make a. call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
before buying yonr out-
lit of working clothes
lor the bush. I make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes, I'lints, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
required inyonr business.
Maunfacturad for ali etastM of   bntldlofi
For Halo In largo or small <ir«ntities
at tha lowest price* for cash
All kinds'of building and pla tUrlbg
Foote & Pradolini,
l\ Coronation
Packed in
60 4   a pound
In commemoration of the coronation of
King C.eorjie V,*' Kidgwavs" bave put on the
market a Coronation tin of a most picturesque
andeiquiute design, bearing excellent portraits
of King George \ , Quern Mary and the Prince
of Wales. Special paneli have been designed
representing Canada, India, Africa, Australia
and New JBtl.ind.
Only a nrtiitcil number have been imported,
l'i ne OOc. fur one \>< umi tin*.
At Beat thap*.
Conducted by the Je-uit Kaihers as a
boarding and day school, rnlern upon Iti
jubilee year, with a well known record of
steady proffresri and auccew*. In IU present
state of development, with Its complete
-latTof competent profensors and ii- up-to-
dato equipment, it offer** to-lay the bet-t
educational fociiftiew of any institution fn
thc northwest Full collegiate high sccool
and commercial courses, also prepaiatory
department lor younger ftudei'ts Le*.t
year's enrolment M6 Kail term opens on
spi. ii. 1911 dialogue on application.
AddrpfH President, Gonzaga College, Bpo*
kane.Waab. .ily l>
Wmamm m mm school
Si'okank, Wash,
Catalogue and Iintes on Application.
Address :     Sihtkb StTPBUOR.
The Dominion Elections
will soon be on
so also will be
The Shooting Season
—■ ■- ♦■
Game Heads Mounted by
P   O.  Box 31
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator; never (ails. Theitf
pilli are exceedingly powerful (n regulating the
generative portion ofthe female system. Kef use
all cheap imitations. Dr. ri* Taa'e ara sold at
tft a box, or three (or fin. Mailed to any address.
Tb* ftcobell Pro* Co., Bt. Catharines, Ont,
Bold at HacdoMM'i Drug Stow, PATHWAY, SSPT. 2.1nl, 191T
SATURDAY, SEPT. 2'Jrd,  1911.
II Rare Treat
Commencing ou Tuesday. Octolter
3rd next, f'U- four nights, exhibitions
will be given at the Bdison theatre
i*' ths work of Kinemacolor, a pro-
v ss for the presentation of    moving
tures in the original colors of
Animated picture? are familiar to
eye ol most of the public, but
anim.it. 1 pictures in natural color.-,
tnething  new  to science.
Manj have s en colored moving pic
tures b lore, but those were colored
: i    artificial    means  either  by  hand
• * 5  m ..*.*  aery.   Only     simple
i   be   so   treated.   In
Kinemacolor     pictures tbere  is     in
h.in.l work ol any  deacriptlcn,      ye
ring  bas  been  .'.ohm   by   thi
n   -•     powerful  nnd beautiful  artis!
:      world has ever -.•■ a.   Th i   art Is!
rked for  Kin macolor  is    th
il   power  that   paints      thi
tilul    olors  of  tho  (low is       ol
I n,   tli.it   puts  tli ■  green  int.
ntrj    the  l'o'.Ici   yellow  Inl
he  ib e  in o  the a >a
■ .    lazzling  plumaf e  Into  the    p. a
■: - t iii,  the gi rg ous colorin ; In
namely the beautifu
t   our  li.uds. Tlie   Sun   poUI'B
■   his  abundant  beams and light
with  his r.iys of poor
Th *   H  n  enters thc  len
■■ - ol  the  Kin tn icolor c imerns an
* ■'  -  the      val o is see ms    n  th .|
■   il *   lora anl ni every movement
Ik  * *.'  the  pictures  to  lie ex
bited I   i * are sr. .mm .,',  th ■ re toni
■ ronation   festivities    only  just,   re
:■  Oanada.   Although      these
form only a  portion ol the     ontlre
-  taken by the Kinemacolor operg-
• is   they  form  a  much   fuller      un.
comprefa nsive  view  ol  the  iwo pro-
• tt.nni and events round the Abbey
nl In the Oity of London than anything that has hitherto been shown
while the reproduction of tbe natur
al colors—th.' scarlet and crimsot
and purpli   and gol'd of tli" ceremon
in s being specially strong
*    . ■ _•  degi  * s  ol  vividness,   n*.
■ irally places     llieni in n class     lv
•'■  mi Ives  .I-     concerns  their   c"'i"
of  re.ility.   Views   ol   London    unde
• mantle ol timber nnd scantlln
an*! .-ay bunting also assist matsr
ially in conveying what may be terr
■ed the "atmosphere" of th
St. Leon
Hot Springs
Hot mineral baths especially recommended lor invalids and those in need of
toning up.
Exclusive hat lis provided for ladies. 26
Private Rooms handsomely fitted up.
Rates $1.50 to $2 per day, or $10 per
■,5  A
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held iu MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren ara
cordially welcome.
W. B. ROBERTSON,  Secretary.
RevelBtoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, J. C. Billot, of
Arrowhead, B. 0., occupation, physician, intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following -described
Commencing at a post planted near
N.W. corner poBt of Lot 7958 and running CO chains north, thence 60
chains east, thence GO chains south,
thence CO chains vest to the point of
commencement aud marked "J. C.
Elliot's 3. W. Corner Post, containing some 400 acres more or less.
Dated August 7th,  1911.
Per R. Armstrong, Agent.
SELKIRK     LODGE  12, 1. O. O. If.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
J.  8. HOOLEY,  N.  G.
JAS. MATHIE,  Secretary.
COURT     MT.     BEGBIE,   No. 8461.
OF I. O. F.
Meets in I. a O. F. Hall next to
Tapping's Opera House every second
and fourth Monday in month. Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
G. W. BELL, O. R.
WM.   B.  OAMERON,  Rec.-Sse.
GOLD RANGE LODGE,      K. of    P.,
NO.  216,  REVELSTUKE,  B.  O.
Meets every   Wednesday except   tha
Third Wednesday of each month     ia
oddlellows' Hall at 8 o'clock.  Visiting Knights are cordially invited.
J. Y. SIMPSON, 0. 0.
Q. H. BROOK, K. of Ii. * S.
M. of F.
Diamond Robber Breaks Jai!
Kelson,     B. C, Sept. 2*0—Breakin
ut  . I the  county Jail  at      Bpoknn
Sunday night, in some manner whicl
tbe stand's      deputies  refuse  to  div
ulge,   Roy  Forget,   who  was  grrest
in  Seisin   and   convicted   in   Spokan
of a diamond     robbery, ha-.      mad
r" .'. his escape, and in his    flight i
BaM to have carried  away  with hln
I mm   belonging to Herman  P.osstel, i
prisoner held in the county Jail on .
char;'.'   ol  killing  his  wife.
For_vt.  who claims t"  be a son i
Senator Forget, ol Montreal, stole
'nii'iil  stick pin.  in  which was se
a yellow diamond worth $1,C00 whi
he attempted  to sil  In  Nelson      lor
twenty-live.   He  was  defended  in  th
superior  court   by      Attorney  Donal '
Dowi I     of     Spokane,    who  is al i >
missing from Spokane, and     agains
wh m  charges   have  beenmade      by
ths  grievance  committee  of  th;>  bar
Hevelstoke Land  District.
District of  West Kootenay.
Take notice that I Edward  Hussell j
Vlpond, ui Nakusp,  B.  t'., occupation
contractor,  intends  to apply for per-;
mission  to purchase the following de-!
scribed  lands:
Oommenelng at a post planted 40
chains south of N. E. Corner ol T.L.
1127*1, thence south SO chains, thence
east about 20 chains, to Arrow Lake
thenee north along Lake ahout Sl
chains, thence wes't about 2 chains to
point of commencement, containing
about  100 acres,  more  or less.
Dated September l.'l, 1911.
Sept. 23—Nov.  22.
Hevelstoke Lnnd  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that, I, Fredrick
William Vlpond, of Nakusp, 11. C,
occupation foreman, Intends to apply for permission to purcbase the
following described  lands:
Commencing at a post planted 80
■buns south of N. E. Corner of T.L.
11271, thence south 80 chains, ihenoe
*.i il a!.out 30 chains to Arrow Lake
tbenee north ali ng Lake about
chains, thence west about 20 chains
to point of commencement, containing about 200 acres more or less,
Dated September  13,  1911.
riep.23-No.22 E.R.  Vlpond,   Agent.
is the best guarantee that the "hand" will keip your home moving in the
right direction of economy and lie altli,
Pl-.asc call and see our line of GURNEY-OXFORD STOVES nnd
RANGES that are built and sold on honor. The (ihanti Ilor and Imperial
Oxford are equipped with the Oxford Economizer, (ome and let us
show you how this marvellous dei ice saves time and fuel by a single touch
of the lever; how it holds fire, and directs odors up the chimney.
Tlie Dividing Oven Strip guides heat equally all over the oven—a
fine baking insurance. The Revcriibla Grate saves time and fuel-waste.
These, with other star features'makc us proud to show theGurney Oxford
line. Design— finish—workmanship—al I theRc details
we want to demonstrate to your entire satisfaction.
Lawrence Hardware Co. Ltd.
Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tender for Court House, Vernon," will
he received by the Honourable the
.Minister of Public Works up to 12
o'clock noon of Thursday, the 21st
day of September, l'Jll, for the erection and completion of a Court-house
at Vernon, U. C, in the Okanagan
Electoral  District.
Dans, specilications, bills of quantities, contract and forms of tender
may be seen on or after the 31st day
of August, 1911, at the otlices of th3
Government Agents, Vernon, Revelstoke, New Westminster, Nelston; the
Provincial Timher Inspector, Vancouver; and the Department of i'ublic
Works, Parliament Buildings, Victoria,  B.  0.
Intending tenderers can, by applying to the undersigned, obtain one
copy of the drawings and one copy
of the specifications and bills of
quantities for the sum of twenty-five
dollars ($25),
Each tender must he accompanied
by an accepted lank cheque or eer-
tiflcate o.' deposit on a ch.irtere.1
lank of Cana.la, made payable to
the Hen mrable the Minister i.f Pu i-
lic Works, for a sum e-qual to flve
l3) per cent, of his t2n*der, which
shall be forfeited if the party tender.
In • decline to enter ino contract
when called upon to do so. The
heqiies or certificates of depoait of
unsuccessful tenderers will be returned t*. :h,'m upon the execution of
successful   tenderer   shall   furn-
-••;..rantee    company
satisfactorj   to  Uie  Wniater  of  Public   Works,   wjual   to   ten   110)        pel
cent,   of  the  contract  amount,       for
. :e  fulfilment  of  the  contract.
Tenders  will   not  be considered  un-
n thc forms mpplled
signed  with  the actual  signature   of
the   tenderer,   and   enclosed     in       the
envelopes  furnished.
The lowest, or any tender not MM
sB'ily aeesptad.
J,   K    (.HiFKITH
Public Works  Kn.-n   .
lepartmeot of Public. w.,rks,
Victoria, B.C    August 24. 1911
in 11 * ■ 1
Take notice that     Ed. McGaghran,
nf     Arrowhead,    It    C,  occupation
Lumberman, munis t. apply (or per
mission to tease the foil..wing de
icrlbed ian*! for marbl* and ;une
quarrying purposes.
Commencing at a posl planted
aboii' two miles Bouth i.f Plogaton
Creek Mill and marked "!■',. McQagfa
ran's Bouth Blast Cornar" tbence
west l>) chains, thence north 40
chains, thence east 10 chains, more
or less to the lake shore, thence
I south along the lake shore 40 chains
[more   or   Icsh   to   the   point   of     com
men-cement,     containing     i «vo   acres
I more or  le-HR.
Dated   Aug.   22,    1911, I.6-N.8
Corporation of tlio (lilyof
the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of RevelBtoke Intends to undertake the construction
along the east side ol McKenzie Avenue from the south side of Second
Street to the north aide of Eighth
Street, according to specifications
and estimates prepared by the City
Engineer appointed for the purpose,
and to assess the expense or cost
thereof upon thc land or real prop
erty abutting on the parts ol such
streets as above mentioned and to
be benefitted thereby; and that a
statement showing the land or real
property liable to pay the assessment therefor, and the names of the
owners ihereof, as far as they can
ho ascertained, together with the
specifications and estimates of the
City Engineer, and the proposed assessment and report thereon i>! the
City Clerk are now on tile in the
office of the City Clerk and open for
inspection by all persons during office
The estimated coat of the work is
J2,6.">7.55, of which it is intended
that the City at large shall hear the
whole of the cost of the work on
street crossings, and necessary retaining walls, and one-third of the
coat of tlie concrete sidewalks, the
property owner" bearing two-thirds
of tbe cost of the said  sidewalks.
The total estimated amount to be
borne by the property owners lieing
U.i.i'fi.i)'-!. and hy the City^nt large
Any objection to the proposed undertaking and assessment therefor
snail be made hy petition to the
City Council within FIFTEEN (lfr)
days from the date hereof, the persons entitled to petition being tbe
owners of the lands affected thereby.
City Clerk.
-  fh da\   of  Septemlier,
liill Septf X.
Revelstoke Land District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that Bixty days after
date Dominion Sawmills and Lumber Ltd., of Revelstoke, B. 0., a
Lumber Company intend to apply to
tlie Minister of Lands lor permission
to purchase ('-MO) Two hundrtd and
forty acres of land described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted 2
ehuins south from thc South East
corner of Pearsons Pre-Emption, Lot
3092, Group One, Kootenay District
and marked "D. S. H. & L. Ltd.,
South West Corner Post," thence
north GO chains, thence east 40
chains, thence south 60 chains, thence
west 40 chains to thc point ot commencement.
Dated this Sth day of August, 1911.
Dominion Sawmills & Lumber, Ltd.
Ag.l9-C0     Dy  JameB En '.land, Agent
In thc Matter of the Estate of James
E. Long, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all
creditors and others naving claims
against tbe Estate of James ft.
Long, late of Revelstoke, B. C, deceased, who died at Revelstoke on or
about tbe 12th day ol June, 1911,
■ire requested to send to the undersigned, Solicitors for Rev. C. A.
Procunier, Executor ol the last will
ot said deceased, within GO days from
date, full particulars of th.-ir claims,
duly verified, and that after thut
date the said Exeedtor will proceed
to distribute tbe said estate amongst
those entitled thereto, regard being
had only to those claims of which
said Executor shall bave then received  notice.
Dated August 16th, 1911.
Solicitor for Rev. C. A. Procunler,
Executor ol the last will of
Revelstoke Land District
District ol West Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, Samuel W.
Ralston of Harrisonburg, Virginia, occupation Photographer, intends to apply
lor permission to purchase the following
described lands: —
Commencing at a post planted adjacent to the southwest corner of Lot Hl48i
Ihence norlh HO chains; west 40 chains,
south SU chains; east 40 chains to point
of commencement and containing 320
acres more or less.
James l'isher Agent.
Dated June 12th, 1911.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice, that I, Laura A. Ralston, ol Harrisonburg, Virginia, oc
cupation married woman, inttnd to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described  lands:
Commencing at a post planted ad
jaoent to the North East corner of
Lot 9323, being the North West Cor
ner; thence south 80 chains, east S(
chains, north SO chains and west 80
chains to point of commencement and
containing i.i0 acres,  more or less.
Dated  August 9th,  Mil.
James FiBher, Agent.
TO RENT—Several large comfort able
Bedrooms, heated     hy furnace nenr
| MeKen/.le avenue, south. Knqulre
at.   this Ollice. t.c.
HOUSE TO LET-Hcvelstoko General
RavaUtoks Land District.
t  of We«t Kootenay.
Take ii'-tK.- thHt I. Otto Balaton
ol Harrisonburg, Virg.niu, oasapatton
oi,  .ntend  to apply foi
l*rm,sHion  to  purchase   >he lollowin/
Commencing    at     a   post planted
la half'21) miles in a
South a ,      iireetion     fr .m     the
HOUtfc    A'   '   CorMf   of   Lot   'J.I2.i,     bt
Ing the  North     West corner,  thence
, ■ n ■ .- M      * hains,  east       HO
chains,       lorth      10     chains,     and
treat  10 to ;*oint of commence
ment,  at  I       r.unng  640 acres more
or less.
Dated    I   • isl mh, l'tn
OTHO   ('.ALSTON.   Appla-in'
.lames Fisher, Agent.
ihr the Will of .fohn Sawyer, formerly  of  Adelaide  I'lflce,   ttonHim.  (I'.ag
iimi) Chartered Accountant, decsasad
the above mimed Is entitled to a
share of hln Kstnte. Apply to
James Robinson, Solicitor, tl Phtl-
pot Lane, London, E. C.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Nettle H. Piatt
of Rossland, B. C, occupation
Housekeeper, intend to apply for
permission to purchase the lollowing
described  lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the South East Coruer ol
Lot 7900; thence south 411 cbains,
west 40 chains, north 40 chains and
east 40 chains to point of commencement, and containing 160 acres more
or less.
Dated AugUBt  Inl.h.   1911.
NKTi'lK   II    I'LATT,   Applicant,
.lamea H'lsher, Ageut.
Hevelstoke Land   District.
District of Went Kootenay.
Tabs notice that 1, William Hiimley
..( PaiMMMII, H* ''*, occupation Lum
barman. Intend to apply Ior permis
-ion to pui chase the following de
scribed  lands:
Commencing nt a post planted ad
i.eent to the North East corner (A
Lot ISH, lieing lbe South East Corner, ttenet running north Ml chains,
west Ml fhuliiH, south PI chains, east
In chains, south In chains and cast
20 chains to the point of commence
merit and roniainiriK 4*0 acres, more
or less.
Dated   August 9th,   1911.
WILLIAM   HIMI.EV,   Applicant.
James Klsher, Agent
Krom bciflde the flaiiway track,
nenr Turnrriss' crossing, n fishing
rod. Kinder returning same to the
i ii toin't ofllce will get $1,00 ol a
reward. Jt,
0. w. o. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Meets Second   and     Fourth Wedms-
days    in each month In    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting  Woodmen are
cordially Invited to attend
H. W. BDWARDS, Coa. Com.
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Bank Building Revelstoke, B. O.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Revelstoke,   B.   0.,    and
Cranbrook, 11. 0.
Geo. B. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey,
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
Revelstoke Land District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, John Kyle, ol
Ymir, B.C., occupation Lumberman
intend to apply for permission to
purchase tbe following described
Commencing at a poBt planted adjacent to the North West corner el
Lot 9323, being the North East corner; thence running south 80 chains,
west 80 chains, north 80 chains and
east 80 cbains to point of commencement, and containing 640 acres more
or less.
Dated August 9th, 1911.
JOHN   KYLE,   Applicant.
James Fisher, Agent.
WANTED—Daily work, cooking, etc.
Apply Mrs. Payne, McKenzie Ave.
and Fourth Btreet.
TO LET—Two furnished bed rooms,
with sitting room and bath. PleiiB-
ant locality, close ln. Gentlemen
preferred.   P.O.  Dox 771. 2t.
TO LET—House on Third Btreet near
t'.l'.U. Shop. Apply Uevelstoke
General  Agencies. t.c.
WANTED—Dressmaking at home or
at ladic:*' homes. Miss Haynei. at
corner of Fourth stroet and McKenzie avenue.
Villi SALE-Prise Rhode Island,
Rose Comb Cockerels. Price J5.00.
I ru.ii..nt e satisfaction, address,
It.   Lindsay,  Beaton,  B.  C.
KOH SALK-A good second-hand
Range. Apply to Rev. E.A. Smith
or Bourne's Hardware store. This
Is a bargain.
KOR SALE—Piano, Mason & Rlsch
Apply MrB. W. A. Sturdy, corner
Fifth  street and  I.IcKenele avenue
WANTED-To Rent, three or lour
furnished housekeeping rooms. Apply Mull-Herald Office        2t.
COR SAI.E-11,0 acres of land In the
Hitter Hoot Valley, Montana, cheap
for cash or trade lor vacant lots.—
Hoi 287, Revelstoke, B. 0. 4t.
LOST-Brooch, Ifi.OO Gold Piece with
letter "S.C." engraved. Reward
will he paid to finder on returning
»atne to Mall Herald Offici.      It.
H ,
Box. 282, Hevelstoke.
Plans and     Specifications prepared
(or     all   classes     ol   buildings, Etc.
Draughting and Blue Printing.
Hevelstoke  Laud  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tuke notice thut I, Harry John -
stou, of Arrowhead, 11. C, occupu -
tion Merchant, iuteuds to apply for
permission to purchase the lollowiug
described  lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
about three hundred yards soutb of
Creek on sand point about two milea
uorth of Cape Horn on Upper Arrow
Luke, running twenty cbuins north,
thenoe eighty chuius east, thence
twenty chains south, tbence eighty
cbains west along the luke shore to
point of commencement and containing one hundred and sixty acres mora
or less.
Dated July 10th, 1911.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenuy.
.Take notice that I, Josiah Hack,
of Revelstoke, B. C, occupation hair
dresser, intends to apply for permission to purchase tbe following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
about the south-east cornar of Harry,
Johnston's application to purchase,
and running north forty chains,
i hence cast sixty obains, thence south
.orty chains, thence west sixty cbains
along the Luke shore to point of
ommencement and containing three
iiindii-d and twenty acres more or
Dated July 17th, 1911*.
Under instructions the undersigned
lolicltorB for the Executor of the
ast Will ol the late James E. Long,
of Ravelstoke, B. C, a brewer, de-
.eaBed, invite tenders for the pur-
base of the business and property
mown aa "Long's Brewery" at Rev-
jlstoke. The area of tbe land is ln-
r.ween flve and six acres with a good
itroam ol water running through it.
Tbe buildings and improvements con-
ilst ol a brewery and dwelling and a
profitable brewing business has been
tarried on there during several years
Tenders will be received by the un-
i mi turned up to and Including
September Ifith, 1911, for the purchase of the property.
Further pnrblculurB, II desired, may
it obtained from the undersigned.
bolicitor for tbe Uiccutor,
Provlnslal  Land  Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
i WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 20, 1911.
THE ^.^IJl-IIEIRJLrilD, :reveilstoke
WEDNESDAY,  SEPT.  20,  1911.
See special window displays.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. 2- Hume S Co.. limited
Mail    or    Telephone    your
orders.    Have our Traveller
call.    Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
Fall Overcoats for Men Who Dress Well
Convertible collar that buttons up perfectly to the neck.
Double stitched seams, box
back. Comes in heavy grey
and brown tweeds and cloths,
50 inches long.
Fnce $25
Il.e 45-ir.ch \j.n edged coat
made  with  double  stitched
lap    seams,    velvet   collar,
stitched cuffs, box back, fly
front, neat and serviceable.
Price $19
iX Winter Dry Goods ~%
New Hair Goods
Not so much stuffing of the  hair this
season, but the New Idea is nicely made up
puffs and rolls for attractiveness.    We have
some good Ideas to show you at
$3 to $7.50
New Hair Rolls and Rats at 35c.
New Hair Ornaments in all the new lines.
Baudeau's Combs, Barrett's Curl Pins,
Swedge Pins, etc.
25c. to $5
Ladies' Neckwear
New Persian and Oriental Neckwear for
Ladies. The hit of the season. We have
them in all the elaborate color and tinsel
work that is so noticeable this year; collars
and jabotB from
50c. to $3.00
New Dressing Gowns
Heavy Warm Eiderdown, Flannels, etc.
$5 to $10-00
Children's Serge Skirts
Here is a good idea for little girls school
wear—a plain little Navy Serge Skirt made
on a waist at $1.50 to $2.00 each. Then we
have the little girls Cashmere Jerseys to wear
with these at
$I.OO to $1.50
Winter Und
A lovely line of Ladies' Fine Wool Under-
Garments, separate or combination, from
50c. to $2.00
Venbnte Venoil
The Magic Furniture Polish
Havve you tried Veribrite, if not, do so.
You will be surprised at the ease with which
you can keep your furniture looking like a
Try It for Dusting
The 52-inch double-breasted, convertible collar ulster,
double stitched, lap seams
and stitched cuffs. Tailored
in all the new imported
Price $27.50
Dressiness and^ service are
combined in the highest degree in this garment, 50 inches long, blind edges, plain
seams, box back, velvet collar, made in gray and black
Price $20
1% High Class Groceries J3C
Corn Starch
Have you ever Plopped to think how
lillie time il lakes to prepare a pudding
with Benn n's Corn Starch. If you do
your own baking (ry a little corn starch
mixed willi your flour in making bread,
griddle cakes, fritters, and puddings.
You will find that it gives a more delicious texture and flavor than you can
get from flour alone.
Get Hume's Prices on Groceries
Robinson's Patent Barley
In this patent food stuff you have a
healthful nutritious food for young and
old. When once yon use it you will
not be without in your home. It ii
recommended by the highest medical
authorities as one of the best foods for
infants. It is invaluable for Barley
Water for thu sick chamber, and ie a
moHt refreshing and cooling drink in
the hot weather.
Hume's for Choice Groceries
Have you tried our Robertson's
Marmalade in lib. jars, 21b., 41b., and
71b. cans. We are making a special
display of and giving a s|>ecial price on
the 21b. cans of only IIO cents a can. It
enjoys an enormous popularity where-
ever it is known. It is THK MARMALADE WITH THE ORANGE FLAVOR. Quality is the first consideration
and in Robertson's you get the best.
The pickling season it now here and
we are prepared to handle tbe trade as
never before. We have just opened up
a full line of all the requirements needed for pickling. Tumeric, celery seed,
mustard seed, pickling spice, vinegars,
green tomatoes, green peppers, and
cauliflowers, I<eave us your order
Headquarters for Hay,  Oats,  Bran,
Shorts, Wheal and Cracked C »rn.
* rfthltt''. I i&J&gtjfcl' i SATfRDAY,  SErT.  23rd,  1911.
SATURDAY, BBPT. 23rd, 1911.
j) & YOUNG
MURRAY—At Spokane on July 27t'.i
1911, to Mr. an.l Mrs. li. .1. Murray
,i daughter.
EVANS—On September 22nd, 1911,
.it Fort Saskatchewan, Alta., to
Mr. and Mrs. G.A.B. Evans, a
HAMILTON-im Sept. 22nd, 1911, n
RevelBtoke. B.C., to Dr, and Mrs
.1. II. Hamilton, a son.
Mr. Angus McPhai'l    ol   Vancouver,
In order to get lhe besl results from your chickens
you must provide the best foods available, as without these egg producing foods you certainly do not
get the best results. Try our Beef Scrap, Oyster
Shell Grit, Crushed Done or Alfalfa Menl.
FEED—We also carry a full stock of Hay, Oat?,
Wheat, Barley, Corn, Chop, Bran and Shorts.
A. HQBSOIM,       Baker and Grocer.
is vis.tin;; (Hen Is
M ss McLiennan,
visiting Mr. an.l
Mr.   Jock   Mass,
in the city.
of Vanci mi'l-,     i -,
Mrs.   J.   P.   McLtn
n of  Vancouver,  i
.*. i*g old
In the citv.
tcquaintances this wee
(le... Knapp, ol Kami .ops, wan re
newin*: acquaintances here on Thurs
Mr. Heflga Johnson, who .s study
ing at Brandon college, is at hon*
for a short   st..y   with  h;*s   parents.
The Ladies Hospital Guild w :
hold a meeting on Tuesday atternoon
at *i o'clock in the City Hall.
Mr. an.l Mrs. Woodman havo re
turned from the roast where th?y
have  been Bpending their   honeymoon.
RememUer the tea and Bale of wort
•   ■:     H ■■.'.-*,..;  block   this alterno n
I evening In aid ol the Presbyter
ian church.
■    ■   Howson   block     I   I
■ ■ ■     • ■ ,'ening and have a mum
of tea with the ladies of the   Prcgjjf-
tetian church.
If you  are  tired shopping   •* nl h
r..!l   nto I   ■ Hi *,v-on Murk and i •
The ladles are holding a lea and sale
ol Work   this   afternoon   and   evei   *
Ml -   Bi      -    ttterta n d     Tbui
ridge in  honor i f h ir
■   Miss Briggs ol New Wesl
minster   ... I     Miss Betty  McLenn in
* wi n  by  Mrs.   McHn
•    MrC ut n.      Miss  M,l.'ii . i
•   '!.■       i       *   nl   ol   the       -in* 1
Vmong  th ■  manj   hostess b  .if  the
past      * tie-en.   Tue,'la;..   M
B    ll   .J i-i.-i*:.in.l was the . barm n ■
ligbtlul    I.[i'l. .* al. I
n ■    howei    m honor ol Misi   ii 11.
McLennan,     whose   marriage   take
eptember 25th  al
81    I  'm ,n church, Mrs
I: flti:      ■        I * id Ml
■•t  I       '   ■ '.at.' n  pr "■
- it .. ' ,y   all ■■ :    *       last      Ml       V,  M
In l. the brl ti ■ ■ I    Misa  PI
enn r Paget MlM Betty McLi
M. '•'
■ i * . -.* • tint) prt*
FOR saij«:
We hnve some flrst-class lots
prairie towns along the (i T.
Saskatoon and Medicine Hat.
Tbis is genuine Grand Trunk
in some of tbe leading
P, also lots in Edmonton,
Pacific  property  and
from  $100 to   $250.
positively guaranteed.
n Tuesday
the    Musical  Bckhardt's
and Wednesday.
pictures at Kdison theatre
Homes furnished on the instalment
plan, Howson's furniture store is the
Wheat, oats, cracked corn, oyster
shell. Bran shorts, etc., al Bourne
Si ng service will be held
Methodist chuiMh Sunday
it 7:30.
gi t  it for you.   We h ive built up our
iiusin.'ss by satisfying our cusl imers
ib"    Mt.  Mclntyre has received an
nt itnt "ii  to  lie  presenl  al   the  l i.
Ing of     the ci rner st, ae ol th ■ new
■ h  .ii Kamloops,      on
ih,  l Mt. ber     5th.    II   . . estimat   I      th
church  will coal   $25,001
Mrs.   Donaldson.
ing, is in the city visltin
sons  Ross .m.I Wm.  b
Gel   'ash   priees   at   Ho*.*.
compare  ihem   with  catalogue  ; I
before  Bending  your money  away
Ma*, or   Hamilton   and   Mi-    11   ■
ton, w.*i.' -li. i *
gratul-ations  on  thi   n
mai of a son and heii
Vmong     the via
mis weak  w n   '-'
Frank  Worley,   lormei
but  now oi New Wettm nf
Mr. T. Riord m. i\b i;
er  on   the   Revelstoke Shuswap
ion, has been tnansterred •
Alta . and  will  leave
11   w    post
Mr   an I  Mrs.  How
Mr.   J,   C.   Robson,  Thir I stl
Prld iv.  "ii their way
tbe  Kootenays.
Mr   an I  Mrs   i Hover * (
In town   •* '
*   iw to Mr   II   II
\   wreck  occurred  last  Bight
ol rn.., '   near T«PPin8 Si;*';- ": b
tr i n :•■-■ end n •  th *  Not h
i Hill.    A   whei 1  broke
•   the whole tt
.  i r-
Tl I 1*   ■'■   "li      'c'
Scottish Society
* * ■
ted     secret
a   mr*  '   r.
1 lali I
*    *
i *
Hevelstoke Poultry at Vera
As reported in our last issue, local
Poultry [anotcrs captured many prizes at the Vernon Vail Fnir this week
a detailed list of same being us follows:—
R.M. Smybhe—Barred Hull Rock
and White Roek—1 lirsts, 7 seconds,
nnd 1  ribbons.
Rev. 0. A. Proeunler—Silver l.aceil
Wyandottes—Oockere-1,   1   first.
P. W. Laing—Hull Leg-horns— Is'
ii md Sod Cockerel; 1st. nml 2nd pullet.
1st pen, and 2 ribbons.
P.Fleebham—Rhode    Island  Rids
2  lirsts.      Sliver  l.aeed  Wyan.lottes-
2nd nnd 3rd.       White Wyandottes —
3rd.      1st tor      best   pullet  American
'lass,   Rhode  Island   Reds.
IJ, (!. Woodland—Brown Leghorn,
rose comb—1st, 2nd nnl 1'r.l pullets;
Ist. cockerel, 1st. pen. Single comb—
1st cockerel, 1st nnd 2nd pullet. Partridge Wyandobtos—1st, 2nd nnd 3rd
pullets, 1st cockerel, 1st pen. Two
lirsl special prizes besl cock, hen,
cockerel nnd pullet
II. M. Smyth:' and F. Fleethnm
were in attendance With the birds,
and speak highly ol the courteous
treatment they received at the
hands of Mr. Welsh of Okanagan
l.un.I,iik, and Ihe members of the
Vernon Agricultural Association, It
is Ibeir Intention to make a number
of entries at the poultry show to he
held at  Vernon in January,
R. M. Smythe and K. (i. Woodland
are entering some ol their birds al
the Salmon Arm fair, which take
place on Fridny next. PI. t!. Wool
lnnd will also eaud an exhibit, to th
Nakusp Fnir next  month.
The Inst Sunday in September it
observed as "Children's Day" in the
Presbyterian church throughout Can
ada. A special service hns been pre
parfd   mid   will bc used In all   the
Presbyterian churches tomorrow. In
St.. .lohnjs church the children will
assemble at 2::in as usual but instead
of the regular lesson, th-cy will take
part In (his apeclal Bervlco. All par
i n(s and friends ure invited to be
presenl. The regular church srr-
'. M-.'s will be hold al 11 nnd 7:311
o'clock. The morning subject will be
"Fatherhood," the foundation of Hi i
gospel,   lioing  lhe   lirst   of  a   series  of
sermons on the seven foundation
itonee ol the Lord's Prayer. 'I'h*
evening subject will be "Kndcshharn
ea." or "The point of decision." On
Wednesday there will be a special
meeting of the congregation at eighl
p.m.. to consider g report from th
Board of Management regarding th
disposition of the church property oi
Third street.
Rev. R. .1. Mclntyre, pasta .
\ Ices i ii Sun lay at   11  a.m. and
p.m.;  ^::n p.m.,  Rally  Day    in
Sunday   sel 1.    The      parents
friend- are invited to this open se.-
Blon "f lhe school. In the evenin
a   Bl ng   Service   will   be   held   ill   piac
,.f th.*' regular sen ee.   Tb- choir will
r ml r      .-peeial   music.      On   Monday
Dg the Epworlh  League  will  be
"al home'' in the church to the con
l'i a> ei     meeting  Wednes
nt S o'clock; choir prac
Pl ..n.ni'.       All   Will       b;
I   th se   services,
lay  as  li I
thing   at    11   am.,        su!
ii*      Times of i.if•..•
'   Sun laj  evi ning will
The I     *   ii   \, i astei."  Sua lav
p in     Th    Will        be
a n ■     will
n ■ ffith
tattoo    to
Mnl     '•' irepared to meel   iny  lale price    known that
,1  ni . If linen.
*   '
■ hrough  cutali ■ n If      »'
the  "iIcle .a   itock
H00 and $5.00 bags
Belling at #2.00 for
a week.
Tho Ne'er Do Well
by Rex Beach      $1.50
Tho Common Lnw
by Chambers       $1.25
I'yi .mul Fly lath   ' c.    Eanh
V/llson'8 Fly Pads, inn. Each
The largest assortment of
local Post Cards to choose
from.—25c. pur dozen.
tiik Rkxaix. Drug stork
irf   the   Iti
"tb   and   'Hi     '1 >u".
.   th
'   busy
Wm  ran   pro li.rill humbly i   th *
Boat *i ol Trade                        i  r„m
'        take i ii 'in *               *  "nm
-That I Mi    eon
osrted action
I .'*!     ,      put ■*...:■
n thl   mat! I   Re 11 tok<
at  Nakusp on October Wh and  ttt),
W.   li    ROBERT
'mi*    lb*       \ era ul
*i*     .a : Mi *
*   Tl  ■ '
time    with
... wns
in ,.     mall
* ve I
V • 1
•■■■ii "ii be
* *
pictured   ,tt   Kdison   tb *	
' -
I lll.l'li
y'.llll'  I hill   U  •
I    * ' I   .
Rossland, R.C,
Sept. 22,1911
Theo. Wadman,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Accept for self and your splendid band of workers my sincere
thanks for grand majority Revelstoke Rave us.    Yours for Canada and Empire.
A. S. Goodeve.
On behalf of Mr, Goodeve and
the Conservative Association we
take great pleasure in thanking
each and every worker in the
Revelstoke Riding who turned
out and assisted so nobly in the
rolling up of such a magnificent
majority at the elections on
Thursday last. Although we feel
that the r* suits have amply repaid any effort put forth, yet we
cannot refrain from adding our
(| iota of thanks to all our noble
Selkirk Hull, which through
the campaign hasseen much hard
work, will be open on Monday
and Friday evenings for tbe purpose of adding new names to the
Voters' lists and attending to any
transfers, and as the exercise of
the franchise is the most important duty of any citizen, we
feel that all should lie on the list
and we trust a large number will
lake advantage of this opportunity.
During the campaign lhe Lib
■ftil Association, or those re-
sponsible for the page appearing
n this paper, have unfortunately
•ast,aspersions and din cted insinuations against the Conservative Association which had better
been 'eft unsaid, and which in
the light of results have counter-
icted any good that the page
might have done had they been
omitted. The Conservative Association wisely deemed these
insinuations unworthy of the
least notice during the campaign,
and instead the various committees kept plugging away with
the result that a more than hand-
s nne majority was secured.
This majority can safely be
accepted as a sufficient answer
nf the electors of Revelstoke to
all these insinuations, and having
left the matter with them foi
Iheir verdict, and this verdict
being so favorable to us, we
frankly forgive any and all attempts that may have been
directed against us.
Our campaign all through has
been conducted openly and above
board with the best of good will
toward our opponents, and our
only regret is that the same
boast cannot be made from the
other side.
Now that the campaign is over
our earnest desire is that'each
and every citizen get down to
work for everything in the hest
interest of Kevelstoke City and
Campaign Committee.
Edison Theatre
Tuesday - Wednesday
Sept. 26=27
Rl ■
.on! Ont Pi
ii i
LOST  Thnmdar, 8»P<   ll*t.     law
Ball    pn     in.liai    .1   • ni-l i. vr-.l     I'biil
•a    I* i *,*     ,,t      \i,u Herald  OfflM
"i   Hi •!.   .'i i I     Reward, ll
TO   I.l*        ll   * i iii   I   limine,   with
on ii **      in I   l..*ii li.   Thir I  Htieet,  op
potlte   Police   Btatlon.     Apply .1
Bingham, t.c.
in the following
programme i
I Ringers and Dani • i
I     iiii- FLYING  LADY
•i Iiu''i Cli    illuiloti
1.    MR   JAS. SHAW
l he Mim'M'l Man
I :   I ill'U'   lo   Mf6
* m null   ol  Melody
I Invo >our funnier put In good or-
l"i   Im   Hi.'   uiiitei   by  the   Plumbing
A Hiatlnf Co I
Come in and see our showing in Stylish Coats for Fall.
You will find them strictly up-to-date. The new colors,
the new cloth and the very latest styles. You will find
exactly what you need in our stock.
Misses' Coats in Tweeds and Serges at very reasonable
You will soon be starting your Fall Fancy Work and
we are ready to supply your wants in Stamped Patterns,
Silks, Kloster Silk, Peri Lusta, D. M. C, etc.
oMcLennan &% Co.
Ha'f the Summer is slid ahead.     We
provided for it by   keeping our  stock
assorted in sizes.
Just received our Fall Samples for madc-to-
order Suits.    Let   us show  them  to   you.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Foot-Rite Shoes.       -       Fit-Reform Clothing
i i
We have just opened up our
all Stock rf Men's and Boys'
wcaters and Sweater Coals which
msisis of a large assortme t of
rent colors and qualities. They
come in lhe plain and fai.cy
Prices from $1 to $9
McRae Mercantile Co.
Tuesday, October 3, 1911
I'repnrnll hi, Ceremonies ami   Procestlona in  Natural  Colofi
lum i liuin Montreal, Ton nto, Vyiiinlpejj anj] Vancouver
" A Tinner Pastoral ' .nne to Life; very wonderful."    Montreal Slur.
"Kinemacolor Reveals I.iie In lhc Meanly."   Toronto Globe,
"Kinemacolor Pii lines add one more wonder to tills ageol Wonders,—
Tun,ul.i Slur.
'"I'lie Hi^lii'st nf Art."- Toronto News.
' Kiucinacoloi makes Uie nost v'vkl demand .upon one's sense ol the
marvellous,    "Actual Mirror Held I'p to Nature.    Toronto World.
Two Shows Each Night, 8 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.
Notice is li r.'liy giv n Ilml thirty
.Ihvk iiftM ti.** date ol the HrKt. pul>-
lieiii.ion   lirreol,   lhe  i.:.ilcrHi|.n d   will
make un application io tue Hoard of
Licensing Commissioners lor the City
nl Itcvclstioke (or | .'I'miK-iion to trans-
•r to a. P. i,m\tk.|uc, oi jjevelstoke,
13, c, tbe lloense io asU liquors hy
rrtail al the Hotel promlaik at Bov-
clirtokc known oe   h' t'n'.oia Hotel.
Hated tblB 21st September, 13111
^ds. Levcsquc  Sl  WulsU,


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