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25c. and ."illr. per liullle,
Prep ued and sold only by
The Mail-
^  '-'   'riV,; Vf   CHEST  PROTECTORS
AN 271906     f] -at
_ l/VALTER BEWS. i'hrn.K.
Vol. 12,-No. 45
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co.
The persistent argument nt this Business is "QUALITY " and
" STYLE," and when we announce New Styles or Finn Quality Goods
we mean it. Just now we are ou the Eve nf Stock-Taking and have
sonic lines we desire to get rid ol.   We wiil make a price concession,
Here is the Biggest $1.00 worth
of Canned Goods in B. C. We
will mix them up for you—II
tin, of Com for $1.00; 9 tins of
Peas lor $1.00; I) tins of Beans
fur $1,011; 7 tins of Tonniloes
Ior $1.U0; 8 tin, of Pumpkins
fur $1.00; 0 tins ol Strawberries
for $100; li tins of Raspberries
for $1.00; li tins of Plums for
$1.00; 5 tiiiB ol Peaches. Pears,
Pineapples, $1.00.
100 lbs. Best Mount Royal Flour $2.90
100 lbs, Royal Household $3.00.
Queen City Catsup, per Bottle   20c.
Rowat's Pickles, per Bottle, 20c.
Boots and Shoes
A Mixed Lot of Ladies' Fine
Shoes, all sizes, Laced and Buttoned, all kinds. These are
worth from $2,50 to $400 per
pair. There is. a Basket for eu-y
A bunch nf Boys' Biota, a
Mixed Lot. too.
$2 and $2.50 Shoes $1.50
A line ot Ladies' Kimonas, $1.75 and $2.00 Goods,
all sizes, Lace trimmed.     ....
A lot ot Ladies' Skirts, $5.00 to $7.00. These
Skirts are a good bargain at        ...
A Lot of Dress. Tweeds, swell goodH, 66 in. wido,
Sure to be something here you can use. $1.50
goods tor     	
Misses' White Wool Gloves, all wool, sizes 8 to (I.
40c. Gloves for - - •
Corsets—a mixed lot—all sizes, $2,00 and $2.50
Corsets for	
Belts—A line of Cloth and l'alcnt Leather Belts at
50c.   Yours now for      -       •      Twenty-Five Cents
75 cts.
20 cts.
Special 0.0. (
ground    JC/
here for "«W*
C.B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Smallpox near Vernon—Smuggler Runs Amuck—Liberals
Sweep British Elections-
Snow Slide at Fernie.
Wikhipkii, Jan. 24.—Five thousand
dollars have lieen set aside by the city
council as a secret, service bind to
light vice.
Armstrong, If. C, Jan. 24—Smallpox bos broken out at the Indian
reserve ot head of Okanagan Lake,
seven miles from Vernon.
Victoria, Jan. 21.—A smuggler
named Jomiesou run amuck in Esquimau and shot at a marine guard yesterday. Next, be tired at a street
conductor, iben took to the woods
where the police are hunting him.
.o.ndox, Jan. 24.—The standing of
the political paities this morning is as
follows: Liberals, 284; Unionists, 125;
Laborites, 43; Nationalists, 79.
FERNIE, Jan. 24.—A snow slide at
Coal Creek colliery buried four houses
and inhabitants. The latter were nil
Paris, Jan, 24—The French government has been informed that the
United States will not consider a
naval demonstration ns on infring-
ment of the .Monroe doctrine. French
warships sent to Venezuelan ports!
Albert Canyon will boast ol a large
tourist hotel and a stall' ol guides, and
when the wild grandeur and natural
attractions of the surrounding country
will be appreciated by thnuasnds of
Of Snow Causes Slides East
and West and Damages
Snow Shed.
The heavy snow fall of the past two
days, followed by o rise in temperature,
caused several snow-slides, At Rogers
pass 18 inches of snow fell ill 12 hours,
At Three Valley an engine and plow
gut tied up by :i si de, liliikiii;; tbe
r, ad hi'fore and behind and a rotary
and gang ol men had lo he sent out to
release them,
At Rogeis Pass a slide '100 feel long
and 18 feet wide came down at No. 3
shed and carried away part, of the shed.
Several other slides also came down
there, holding up yesterday's train
from tbe east till this afternoon. Tho
local ollicials deserve great credit, for
the promptitude with which they got
the line cleared and trains through,
Death of J. W. Carothers.
The ltoview gives particulars of an
iiccident at Lardo, resulting in the
death of .1. W. Carothers, of Trout
Mr. Carothers was walking along
the track when he wa- knocked down
by the engine which suddenly lacked
up. The wheels passed over bis body
completely amputating his right, leg.
When picked up he was quite conscious, In less than ten minutes be
passed away, and bis body was taken
on board the s.s. Kokanee bound tor
Relations of the deceased were ot
once communicated with, but ill the
absence of definite instructions his
remains will be brought to Trout Luke
to be interred by the Oddlellows.
"Dad," as he was familiarly caLi-d,
was an accomplished musician, lie
was a lirst-class violinist, an excellent
cornettist, and a good performer on
almost any instrument. He organised
the town baud, to which he was bandmaster and instructor, He was uu
enthusiastic member of the I, O. O. F.,
and was a past N.G. Sober, honest
and industrious he commanded the
respect ol all, and he could ill have
been spared. He will he sadly missed
by all in town, and we extend on
behalf ol the citizens our deepest
sympathy ,o his sorrowing relatives.
The Hags iu town are Hying at
The fancy dress carnival held  at
llie rink last night under the auspices
of Knox Church was a great success,
The ice was covered with gay colors ol
ibe masqucradei's.   The followine is a
list of llie names and diameters each
represented :
Fred Burke, Clown.
A (L Clark, Weary WilHe,
Sclinider, British Lion.
i Irish Comedian,
old McCarter, Jolly
An Attractive Spot for Tourists.
Now that the prospects of the tourist traffic are looming up it may be
pointed out that Albert Cm,yon i, in
tbe heart of a point which should
merit the special attention of tourists.
Apart Irom the grand piece of natural
scenery in tbe canyon itself there are
many other olfactions. The hut
spring, and iti supply of litbia walcr,
the soda springs, the game of the
surrounding country and the superb
nu untuiii scenery made so easily
accessible by the Waverley wagon
road, which pcutrates 2(1 miles into
the heart of the mountains to the
north combine to make Albert Canvon
a favored apot.
The game in Ibe vicinity of Albeit
Canyon includes bear of various
kinda—grizzly, silver tip, black, cinnamon and brown boar—link, wolves,
coyote-. martin, Usher, mink, caribou,
mountain linns. During the open
season there is good fishing—grayling,
silver and mountain trout being
plentiful. In feathered game there
arc ducks. grousc,ptarmigan,loon, etc.
Albert Cony, n is olso the paradise
uf the naturalist, the variety of wild
flower, being immense. Native vegetables, as the wild potato and wild
onion, are also plentiful.
There arc great facilities for tourist,
camping out, a, along Ihe Waverley
road are several cabins, open grassy
plots, and pretty lakes which form a
model site near which lu pitch a tent.
Wood and water are everywhere
accessable.   The d»y will come when
W. A. Chamber!
Douglas and An
Joe llooloy, Suiilirelte.
1'. W. Kidil, Tramp,
lie, I Lawrence, Cent of 17 Century,
It. linn, Uncle Pom.
ll. Milton, Canada.
It MeKiie, Romeo.
Frank Home,
0. Dent, i avalier,
Jack Sniilli, Negro.
(Ise.ii!- Abriilnunsiiii, Conk.
A. Abi.iliiiinsniiiiiiil R.McRuc.Gold
Dust twins.
Fred ltubinsoi, Trapper.
.1. Mcl'lniil, Coon Town Belle.
11. W. Chinneok,
Haiold Clark, Spaniard.
J. Donald, Policeman.
E, Coursier, Clown.
J, T, Toiler, Highlander,
James Lawrence, Brownie.
I). A. McDonald, Coon.
H. C. Laugblan, Silly boy.
Cliff Urquliart, Olown,
W. Brice. Negro.
J. Robson,Corporal.
E, Baker,
J. Smith, Clown.
E. Gowon, Cow boy.
Jack Hull and Glen Urquliart, Gold
I lust twins.
Jno .Sunnier, 9 o'clock.
Clarence Barnes, Cow boy.
Waller Bews, Summer,
Cecil Buck, Girl Coon.
Willie Knox, Clown.
J. A. Stone, Chinaman.
Miss Lilly Me.J'bodden, Miiinobaba,
"   Fooio, Liberty girl.
"   Campbell, Flags of oil Notions.
"   Roman, Butterfly,
"   C. Roman. Swecdish girl,
"   Olgn Roman, Lampshade.
"    Lemon, Night.
•'   Flo Palmer, Fortune teller.
"   Eva Thompson, Grandma,
"  Gladys Urquliart,
'*   M. Purler, Red Riding Hood.
"   llaric, Postal cord girl,
"  Glllis, Student.
"   Hislup, Cow girl.
"   Hobbs, Winter.
"   Meliiic, Schoolgirl.
"   Vina Coleman, Spanish Dancing girl.
Misses Annie Palmer and L, Burget,
Lucky twins.
MissG. Dent, Musical girl,
"   M, Dunne, French Postillion.
"   Laura Phipps, Gollgirl.
"   S, Phipps, Lady nl 18 Century.
"   B. Brown, Scotch Lassie.
"   Francis Lawson, China girl.
"   Miss Grant, Highland Lassie
"   Haywood, Star ol day.
"   ltiddcll, Slur ol night.
"   Cediirbohn, Liberty.
"   White, Grecian Goddess.
"   Alto', Minuet,
"   Haniiii, Girl ol the III Century.
Mrs. 11. A. Lawson, Chinawoman,
"   W. A. Morris, Holly leaves,
"  J. M. Doyle, Happy Jappy,
"   J. D, Sibbald, The Order of the
Dr, Sutherland, A. E. Phipps, A. Ii.
Kincaid, C. F. Lindmark and G. S.
McCarter acted us judges and awarded
the prizes aa follows:
Miss Lilly McPliadden—Miniicbahii
Sylvia Phipps—Lady of the 18th
Bert Lawrence—Gent of the 17th
Jack Hall and Glen Urqithart—Gold
Dust twine,
60 to 70 Persons Drowned
100 More Lives in Danger
Vancouver, B. C, Jan.24— While
feeling way In a dense fog on Monday
night on the voyage Irom San Francisco to Victoria and Puget Sound the
steamer Valencia Captain Johnson,
which replaced the Pliobla pending tbe
lattcr's repair, crashed on the rocks
ten miles eastward of Cape Beale,
where she is likely to go to pieces at
any moment and before tho hundred
odd men and childacu can be rescued
who still are reported on board.
The disaster occurrrd at midnight,
the steamer plunging into a precipitous cliff, affording scant foothold
even for goats. The passengers were
aroused from sleep only to meet death
in its cruellest form and at present
estimate, officially communicated,
between Bisty ond seventy lives were
This total will undoubtedly be outnumbered unless relief is speedy in the
One boat's crew of six readied Beale
yesterday and nine men are ashore ut
a point fifteen miles further from that
olograph station.
Two men wero seen clinging with
difficulty to the face of t lie el ill" unable
to advance upward or to retreat and
regain the wreck. The tide is working upward to engulf them, as they
are below high water murk.
Many pathetic incidents are already
told of fatalities at tbo midnight hour
of tragedy, one mother losing her
baby while passing it to her husband.
An.ither little boy of live was swept
from the deck while vainly calling for
bis dead mother but almost miraculously recovered; The solving steamer
Salvor, and C.P.R. boot Queen City
arc engaged in the work of rescue
today. •
From oiir own correspondent.
Notwithstanding the snowstorm on
Sunday evening, there was a large
attendance at the service in All Saint's
church. The singing was particularly
J. P. Boyd, uf Conuiplix, passed
through Arrowhead Sunday.
Mis, Qarvill, of Revelstoke, is the
guest of Mrs. Llghtbiiriie.
Mr. Meredith, president of the
Arrowhead Lumber Company, is at
tbe mill.
,1. Hector, ol Niikusp, was iu town
Monday, also Mr. Lewis,of lievelstuke.
Mr. Stuebler, official Inner for tho
Mason and Itiscb Piano Company, is
at the Union Hotel.
Tbe s. s. Rowland, which was duo
here at 3.30 Monday afternoon, did
not arrived until about 2 a. m. Tuesday.
Don't forget the Burns concert on
Thursday evening.
want the best.
Christies'   Biscuits,   Webb's,   Fry's   and   Robertson's
Chocolates, Chase and Sanborne Coffee,
Tetley's Teas, etc.
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings.
Ready-Made Clothing.
(,.i|,ilol Ailllien-ral.Sl.l""",
I lead Ollici
apllal Paid Op,$500,000.
Toronto! Ontario,
"Drduotios in tlio Norlliwesl Territories, Manitoba, Ontarjo aud tvuel»ec.
Ami tlio fallowing point, lu llriii-l, Columbia: Uranbrook, (JoUieu.
Nelson, ttorolsloke, Trout bako, Arrowhead, V:uic„iiver ami Victoria.
T. II Miiiiiu rr, Prosldout,       D It. Wii.kii:. Vice-President and Qen.nl Manager.
11. II.iy, ABslstaut'Gouernl Manager.   \Y. Moitat.< liief Inspector.
Revelstoke Branch, 11. C—A General Banking Business Transacted
Savin,. Dopurtmont  rjoposit. Received .ndInterest Allowed,
Drafts sold avallabl'
ij]„]ciiil attention glvou i<
nil nun-
<>f Canada, Dntted State, and Europe.
A. E. Pmrr-s. Manager
Incorporated liy Act <if Parliament, UK.
W.M. MOLSON M.UTIIKItsuN,  Pies. S. II. Ktt'lNH, Yice-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way uf banking business transacted without unnecessary delay,
Interest credited twice u year at current rates on Savings Bunk
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
First  Street,   Revelstoke
I'Yutn our own corrwpoiidonL
An informal concert and dance look
place on Friday, 5tb lust,, at school-
house. Miss Molsoii and Messrs.
Ellis,!. Baynes and Gillespie contributing to the harmony ol the evening.
I). Bain's mason gang left Oil Saturday Oth lor llloollllwaol, whore they
expect to stay come months.
At the school meeting lor election
of trustees 011 Thursday Messrs. Hall,
I1',, Kriksiiu and Briilm headed the
poll iu the order mimed,
School opened nu Monday.
Messrs, K. and 0. Erlkson hove
shipped two cars ol hay till, wook.
Mrs. Loltus returiii'il on Sunday
from Spiitsuin where she has been
spending the holidays.
Kililiir Maii.-IIhIIA 1.1).
Sir,—As Revelstoke is in tlm fruit
belt 1 would consider it advisablo for
some-one to coll a meeting ol those
most interested as a considerable
planting has been dune, Be abreast
with the times.
The writer, a member ot the Nelson
branch nf the 11. 0. fruit Growers
Association, holding a copy of the
R, Tai'I'I.vo.
StockTakingCash Sale
To reduce our
large stock we will give most
♦ ♦
HW#W##|^ 't' 'I' 't' 't' 't'«i
'e are giving Our Store a general
line go,,d bargains In Granite-
ware, Tinware and Enamolware.
Going at Cost Price   English,  Blue   Enamelled
Ti I Steel Saucopuns, English Euamolled stove Kettle*,
Cm Prices in Out Glues  25 percent Discount
To Clear Our slock ,,f
at IT.
Ten Per Cent. Discount
£r week Only.
_, A large and  varied  assortment nf "-nod, ndft Skates, 1
Y Price, $1.60 to $8,00, "■ ■»«»■•• «,
0 ——____ f
* Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd. j
ai Mail Orders Promptly attended to,       P. 0, llox 181, i
oiled stove Kettles,
cent Discount
invincible'' Washing Machine,
n Heating Stove- for this 0+0-j>0-H>'?<3-K>-i-s>-i-o-}-04-o-K>+
* 9
O-r-o-fo-fo-J OXH- 0 <i-o4-04-o}-cH-
Young Penderby bos a curious
sense of humor. ' Had he lived in
the I -.ily Victorian era, Penderby
would i .lie be a u I ing among practical humorists.
II,. was will Ellis and Preston silting in Hi" club smoking-room, when
Km.-' Paxlon ontored Each sprang
to his foot aud grasped 'I"' wanderer
bj the hand, ll wus six years since
bo hud led England, and Ihoy had
nil   ed dear old Ern «l,
■|-i . |ew awkwni I though hearty
greetings which Ur inns Indulge In
on occasions like these wen- over,
and Enw»t was sll ing looking an
older end graver edition of tho Ernest they remembered, pulling a cigar
ol his old luand,
'•I'm only back for a month or
bo," he said. "Pell I must come
back out ol lho wilds nnd see old
familiar faces once again, ninl—"
"And?" repeal 'I Ellis
"Well," Paxlon said, utter a moment's pans", "we're old friends, ami
I don't see why I shouldn't own up."
"What's tho lady's name?" asked
Pen Icrby.
"Mini up1" said Preston.
"Don't know," soid Paxlon.
They wailed for tho explanation,
and Paxton drew a card from his
pi - !:•''..
■ My sister's a good sort," ho
said, "and wastes no end ol time
wrilii g mo all tho little UUlo-talllo
tl al comes so sweetly lo a man in
the wilds. And on" day she wrote
Hie about some prlvato theatricals,
and senl mo some photographs "f
tho characters, Among Ihom wns
the one I hold in my hand, ami—and
■— I ,lnro soy you fellows will
think ni" a fool; oil there one gels
n bil strange perhaps, But, at any
rale, I'vo fallen in love wilh llie little lady this photograph represents,
I'm a romantic find, perhaps, but
I,. '; al her."
Tho photograph passed from hand
to hand in utter silenco till it reached Penderby. And licit Individual
gazed nl it for a moment, nnd then
burst into u roar ol laughter which
would have discredited a humorous
"I—I'm awfully sorry," lie said.
wiping his streaming face: "but 1
can't help it. really. It's—ifs too
film •' -I- words, This isn't u wo-
n ai  11 nil'"
"1 I v" -aid (he three men.
"No; it's—,,!i. my hat!—it's young
T Mnltland! I was in Ihosc
'' •■' vi- We were n girl short,
and in was always ,i girllsh-look-
ii g boy, 'o wo mndo him up, and
he ■ '. -I" part. Oh, I say, Ernest! Silent watches of lho night,
:■■ d oi ■ guidii g st ir nl homo, six-
I ' M o, wilh n board and uvo
ci    Iron!"
Penil rby's mirth was so upronri-
oi thnl Ellis and Preston could
' ' "■!-:' ss a smile, And Paxton
smil -I. tun.
"It—It is rather n good joke, you
fellows, Isn't It?" ho said, "llood-
i. ■■ ' "
H - wi ■; out sil - ily, but Pondor-
by's  h rjrew more nnd mora  un-
'    -    liable,
1 as li" gone?" ho gapped out.
"oli. dear, did you ever
see an; thing like his expression? I
w ul h '• havo missed ii for no-
trumps hand! And the besl ol tho
i - - that it wasn't Mailland's
pi   '  .'..;* at nil1"
Do you mean to say," said Kin-,
you've been playing one    of
y   ii  : liotlc trick .-'"
"Ves; it's Slau le Maitland's   plc-
''•'       The i lea struck in,.,  and    I
couldn't resist  ii."
Icrby, you're a lunatic!" said
"I'm   going   tn   find Ernest
and Inn: him back to wring
Looping    the   Loop   and    Devices
That Followed—Pay Ecceived
by Performers.
Looping llio loop and its progeny
nro tlio most effective devices yet In
vented for producing apparent as wall
as real danger, says the Sciontino
American. Hues any one sliil remember ihe bicyclist who used lo ride ul
terrifying speed down n steeply    hi-   ,    |	
I'lined sixty-font ladder?  Ono   night forty reel above tho ground.     When
variation of the human arrow the
bicycle is replaced by a four wheeled
cur, which is slopped abruptly by n
buffer at the end ol the upward curve
while tho rider Is hurled through
space to a trapozo some distanro
and fifty feet higher, Failure to
catch tho trapeze means certain
Another startling application of the
same principle is mndo in an open
air pcrformanco whioh has been given
many times in America. England ami
Germany. Tho inclined truck is
erected on (ho shore uf a lako or
river uml is 200 foot long. The
storting platform Is u hundred feet,
tlio lop of tho upward curve    about
(loath, but b
limn  the
:. WUS  It'S:
tlio bicyclist rides oil tho end of  tin
rui'Ve into space lie lets go his macii-
pci'i'iirniiiiK'i's   on Invorloil, |M and dives lute lho water
uml aerial paths to which wo   have
sinco become accustomed. .        , ,
In looping the. loop, lirst porfornwil I torrillea lho spectators, but tho real
by James Smlthson, better known ns
Diavolo, a bicyclist Blurts from a
platform 00 feet high uml plunges
down a truck which extends pbllquciy
for l
thenco rises to form a eomplotoS[i
loop L'u or 2.1 feet iu dlamoler, The
Bleed acquired by the cyllsl in -le-
scolding tho inclined plane carries
him around the loop.  When Diavolo,
danger Is Unit   of being struck   and
tilled by llio bicycle,    a futo
befell ,I nines Fleet in Chicago
The Record  of tbe Romanoffs   Is
One of Strife and Assassination.
Tlio history of the House of Ho'.n-
unoll is a romarkablo one. Three hundred years bus it hold dominion over
day would doubtless bo freo. Hut.
they did not. His grandson, Paul,
who succeeded him, died childless niter a threo years' reign, nnd lho
daughter of the imbecile brother of
Pel or ascended tbo throne. Sho died
without issue and wus succeeded by
her sisters Infant grandson, who
nominally reigned for livo months ns
Ivan VI. and was thou deposed in
favor of Elizabeth, Peter's younger
sister, and wns brutally murdered in
his cell after twenty-three years' cap
Russia. At tha beginning of the llv",v- Elizaboth horself died chlld-
Romanoff dynasty, tho political lib- loss-somo grim futo has pursued
erties of llio Russians were    groat, Itlloso Romanoffs nil through    their
history—and, In turn, her Bister's son
Peter ill., ascended tho throne. Ho
was a drunken weakling, but had un
I ambitious Gorman wife, who, with
tlm assistance of sonm of the ministers, deposed him.    Ho wns ordered
compared with those of to-day. 'llm
ancient traditions of tho .Slavs wore
democratic Tho ilyzantiuo historians, such as Ihe Emporor Mauritio,
who had made their acquaintance on
tlio battlefield,  describe tlioin as    a
freo people, Impatient ol control.10 the Schlussolburg-tho Russian
Later, they were gradually organized: Bastille—hut ho never readied it,
Into monarchical states, under an or- having died un tho way from tbo
der of nobles, with special privileges, pressure of lho thick lingers of tho
Hunk, the founder of tho Russian Minister OrlolT upon his windpipe.
An acrobat named Thompson makes| poivor, wus a prince of Novgorod in 'This was described   in  tho   official
th century,   in ihe nftoouthI despatches us "un attack nf colic,"
OH    fool   lo tho ground,    anJi" sti" lm,re Perilous plunge with lho  the nin
:o rises to form a comploto spiral ail1    ot   simplor apparatus, leaping century
lho   power  passod lo   tho
on tho same basis that the inuriler of
from the lop of a very long vortical Grand Dukes of Moscow.  But,   oven| Pel01' the Groat's son was niuiouucod
ladder into n tank sonio distanr
away, which measures only 40 foot
111  length    by   8 feet in  width.     A
pre«  by a groat 'roputallou, camo ?"Snt "m"' '•> making the leap would
.' °   1,,,,,,IV     1,,,..     , I.     II,n     ...........I      I..,.' .....I        „,
lo Paris he found one Noisot, known
professionally us Mophlsto, preparing
to loop tho loop at a rival music
While several cyclists woro preparing to loop the loop honestly, ono
iiinn. unwilling io risk his life for
amusement of spectators, devised a
loop with a coneealod groove which
guided his wheel and kept it from
fulling.    His trick wus accidentally
bring him to the ground instead of
thu lank.
'The uutomobilo, the queen of sport,
shares wilh the bicyclo the glory ol
these dangerous exhibitions. One cf
tho latest developments is the monstrosity culled tIn- nutoliolide, which
is ranking fame and fortune for Mile,
do 'Tiers.
Another young woman has been le-",
fortunate, for a terrible accident has
with lho Romanoff in power, there
was for long nothing liko autocracy.
Thu authority of llio throne was limited by tho vested rights of two assemblies, which in llieir general constitution woro to socio extenl analogous to tlio two houses of a modern
legislature. There was tbo Douin.1
or council of nobles, and tho Sober,
which partook more of lho nature
of a Klates-geiierul than a parliament.
Michael Romanoff, tho lirst of the
line pledged himself at his flection
to consult lho Poiuua on ull important questions, and apparently kept
exposed by u down who got his foot abruptly terminated    tho exhibition n|s promise, wliilo the Sobor had full
caught in Ihe groove, mul llio    ills-!"' "e aptly named  "whirlwind    of  jurisdiction in all  matters of   com-
graeed loopcr loll into obloquy   uud
death," in which she appeared re
ccutly ot a Paris music ball. In this
Tho public soon I ires of the strong- \f tha automobile, after running
est sensations. The stationary loop """■ nn Inclined plane and up a
gave place to the rotating circle call- ?,ort cm\°- was projected into space
' in a nearly level position, liko    the
in    which   llio cyclist    siins liko    a
squirrel.   Taking his plueo inside tho
wheel, which is about fifteen feci in
diameter, he pedals In a dirootion opposite to that of tho wheel, mill thus
j rcmnlns    nl   the   bottom uniil the
j wheel lias acquired considerable ve o-
' city,   'Then  ho stops  pedalling,   ap-
! piles his brake, nnd is carried back-
bicyclo of   the human arrow.     Hut
when    Ihe    vehicle   had reached tii,
nicrce nnd finance, Every subsidy
tho first Itomiinoll' emperor received
wns granted by
the Vote of the sobor.
'The HomnnolTs camo to the throne
hi times of bloodshed, und in  blood-
as duo to an apoplectic stroke, and
was only another of those suspicious
ailments so suspiciously common in
tlio family history of the Romanoffs,
the Gorman murderess, who succeeded
him, was that, Cuthcrino known to
posterity as lho "Groat." And groat
she was in war and diplomacy,
though she did nothing to free the
people from the brutal oppression of
tho nobility, which hud nil those
years been increasing in cruelty nnd
severity. She managed so thoroughly to adopt, Muscovite ideas that
even her morals woro sultod to tlio
Romanoff Court, ns is politely put
by a famous historian who said that
"tlm paternity of her children was a
matter of serious doubt." (.'alherine
left an enlarged empire to her son
Pnul, and if ho had been a strong
iiinn Russia would havo hud a splen-
hlghest point of Its trajectory iti through three centuries. History
was caused, by an ingenious combln- does not explain why a Romanolf
ntiun ol springs uml levers, to turn! Was elected. Tho country wns in a
a complete somersault, after which turbulent state. 'Tho extinction of
it continued its flight to the recolv- tho Royal House of lturik had been
ing platform, forty feet distant from| followed by what was known as lho
Hie point where it hud left the first
shed their reign has been perpetuated  did chance of becoming really  great
among the freo nations of tho earth
section of the course
The act wus particularly thrilling
But Paul was even below lho average
Romanoff standard, and, after    four
years' of atrocious   cruelty, oppression and wasle, he was murdered by
his ministers, one of whom,   Count,
Siuutnoyo Vremya, the limo of trim- Pnhlon, wrote to the British liovorn-
ble.    Tho country wus lorn by civil ment ut that time: "It has pleased
war and devastated by tho victorious tho Eternal   lo call lo himself   His
ward and upward nearly to tho top, because lho vehicle, at the moment I armies of the great Slglsmund, King I Imperial Majesty tho Emporor Pun
whence he rushes down, ami mis of |h() someraaUlt appearod t0 at ,p of Poland. The man who revived the; deceased in tho night of lho llll.
around the revolving wheel wiltt: )n ita omvartl fl|g|lt ft|ul collaoquontly sentiment of national unity and who 12th of this month (March, 1001),
startling .speed. to bo in imminent danger of falling had begun to make headway against by it stroke of apoplexy."
|   At a poriormnnco in Vienna a eye- to the floor, twenty foot below.  This the   Poles    wns   Pozhoroki, and It    Thus, at the beginning of tho nlno-
lj ' -'"'■■■■n witn upoi'i,--.'.  "■■ i o-'ra  illusion was duo to the very low po3-Uvlght reasonably havo boon oxpected toonth   century,   Russia, after   two
Ition of the centre of gravity, which that upon him the choice of the buy- hundred years of slavery and abomiii-
caused tho inverted body of tho wo- urs, or nobles, would fall, llul thoy atlons called governments, wns in a
man to move backward, at that  in-1 voted instead   for a lad of fifteen, aifnr more degraded position than bo
sh ;
Ell -
;.- -..- Billy neck!
V "    Penderby'! no ', i. st|||    |n.
M"    '''"""" '•'■ al hod fr nn human
I '   "'f nighl; lie wo nlways ab-
sunllv i -is;!:'.. •,, r|,|
'■' :   utterly   ■ . , „f    tho
•      -     of her lost cl
no   -foi  En -• -      - ••..-   ,,f   „
'     ""'-'■"' ■ .-   '     ond
' ■'                   ' Iv Hamp-
'-'•   " i I r a Prince
'                ■'  '■'■'   -   '  ■ :.. •
tho wheel and soon expired. But the
danger ol cerebral congestion is nit
tho only one. Tlio critical phase it
tho net is the last, when both tho
bicyclo and the largo whoel aro lining' lironght to rest by brakes, The.
bicyclo lurches, und llie slightest error in steering may send it through
lho open Bido nf tlio win-el nnd precipitate the rider to tho singo.
In Germany a genius rail-1
"Eclair" Invented nn infernal who.il
ol another son. ll was ubout -.",
foot in diameter, nnd a smaller wheel
rolled round Inside of it, obtaining
ita impetus from n plunge down nn
Inclined piano, which mado a descent
ol fifty foot. To this small wheil
"Eclair" wns loshod In spreadoaglo
fashion. II" accustomed lilmsoll t)
lliis novel moile ul" locomotion by
having himself strapped lo n similar
wheel, which was turned nil I hy
about a fixed axis by means of a
More startling ond pc lions than
any ol these devices Is lho -'circle ufi
death." This is n large, Hat, truncated cone, like tho rim of n pudding dish, supported by ropes ,n n
position slightly Inclined to tl 0 ho ■-
izontnl, so thai only ono si o if the
lower und smaller edgo rcs's on tho
stage. Bicyclists—ono or ra ire—enter
the control space and run up and
around the sleep side villi their machines and bodies nearly horizontal,
Then to add to tho apparent and real
danger, the whole apparatus i; raised aloft. The offoct Is thrilling, ior
the riders appear lo bo n constant
danger ol fulling. Ill Berlin, as throe
fcycllsts were gyrating in a single
circle of death, one toll and carrljd
a second down with bin,. They ha I
Bcarcely reached the stage when tho
third perform r foil nl ■ i
fertilo land unequalled In the worll,
great forests, untold mineral wealth,
every variety uf climate, magnificent
networks of rivers forming n superb
natural water highway, a hundred
und thirty millions, ot pooplo nnd
room for us ninny morn. Tlio Hussions are nol an oxliiiusted race,
but aro vigorous and hardy, and
seem as potentially able as any 111
the world. Yet, Russia Is to-day in
a slough of misery, desolation and
despair. Only linio can .show whether
tho dawning of tbo day of llborty has
really arrived with the present
Czar's tardy manifesto, or whether
this is only a false dawn that will
end in a revolution uompnrod with
which oven that of Franco in 171)1)
may pale.
Which     Have
Come True.
faster    than the center
ng forward.
noblo  of   secondary rank,    Michael | f„ro  the first Romanoff ascended th
I Romanoff,   whuso only rocommenJa-1 tbrono.  Alexander I, followed  Paul,
What is the incentivo which   impels Hon, apparently, wus Unit his father and the old .story began again.    At
was a high official of lho Russian j ways the same tale of a stricken, i!
Church. This view is strengthened literate, suffering, downtrodden poo-
by tho fact that after tho peace with | pie groping blindly utter light uml
Sigisuiund, Philaret Romanoff was liberty, mil" to bo thrown down and
lie American associated wilh his son ns Joint ground still deeper under lho iron
was conceived in ruler.  While Michael   did littlo   cr | |OTls of tho bureaucrats who ruled in
the names of the Tsui's, il. is enough
to wring pity from stones to read
llie story of Russia during tho past
these men and women to risk thai
lives nightly boforo crowds of spec
tutors? Is it ambition, vanity, lovi
ol npplnuBo, oi simply the hope ,,i
making a fortuno'
"looping  Ihe loop'
nn esse- tinlly practical spirit, nnd nol
"Diavolo" who receives $000 a res:
nighl, has become u rich man.   Mile, nee
ing of any sort, Alexis, his suc-
H-. wns not so tame. From his
sision dates  lho long record    of
Diilrioti,  -'ll,,.,   human arrow," earns strife  between    tlio   democracy null
$80,000 a year, "Mophlsto" received bureaucracy which now threatons to
.VI In, MM",    do Tiers $2nn a   iii.ht culminate   in  tho    downfall of    lho
in Piiris and    larger   sums abroa). House of   Romanoff.   Alexis refused
Imitators,   nl    course,    receive  less lo renew Michael's covonnrp", with.Llio
Iiinn originators,    'lie current   pay assemblies, repeatedly acted in  stato
I'm  looping ih- lo-ip is from $20  t- aualrs of importance without asking sacred duty    of   suppressing liberal
•I'll, ;i  night, which Is not high, ,s,- tho advice of the Doiimn, and abol- ideas throughout    llie whole world,
peciallj   if tho porf rmcr o\v s    the ished tho Sobor altogether after    iti and of his desire lo resign the awful
was a    cultured   and    benovolonl!
Inclined mystic, who regarded the Almighty, mul talkod alternately of tin
osts    ut   lo
t  tie   hope tl,,- Croat." Thai monarch ruthlessly  the Holy Alliance, but boforo ho had
ntive, but swcpl   .nil   of   existence both bodies | begun his schemes in connection with
li  • :, tl or ' •
,,,' b in   ■ not '     ,
,-,.,.   ,       p, rfi   .
,:, at traded by lho
tho acl    i cur ustration of the
;,. clnation     •■ arte I    by     emotions    , , ■       ,
which in i -in- 1. ,, are disagrei iblo,    hroHSh l""v""s:   supported by   tho
bayonets ,u a mighty standing armv.
 *  From    Peter's   time to the   present
RICHES IN WASTE GOLD.        tlu'r" lms l,""n n0 ,adieil1 r,,nllB° '"
the political status of Russia,   with
Precious    Metal    Collected  From'li        '"'>    exception that whereas
had affirmed ihe act of his corona-1 burden of the Russian crown.    For
tion.   Ilo prepared the wa.v forPoler|the ljrst-nriino.il purpose ho organized
tho   public,  and established tho
which rested on bureaus, and   nihil
its furtherance, ho died childless-
which was the only blessing ho over
conferred on Russia. His brother,
w»o must have been a wise mini, infused tho throne, and Nicholas, another son of Paul, a stately mini,
with much of the irou strength of
Peter the Groat, took it, reigned for
thirty years by the assistanco of tho
nobility, to whom ho allowed  every
Floors, and Even Water.
Peter ruled through bureaus, his sue- ncons0| ,„„] ended his   reign by pre-
i ;-,,■  -.-,.-"  of  gold   in  a  manufacturing j,--.'  ler's pren
h      .      i. liderab e  tl al   tho    mosl
strii.- '.- re asur ■ have I i bi -n ten
-. by reason I the giId
dust I iiiing
aughl        the worl n '    lothes, got-
oi his I
generally have ullowcd
bureaus to rule in their name.
Bel ire the accession of Michael the
peasants had been fret. Aftorwarls
• ,-     wore   "bound to the soil'
eiplnting the Crimean war, the shuiiio
of the defeat of which caused his sudden (loath—another relief to Russia.
With the advent of tho second Alcx-
1 lander camo hopes of liberty ut last,
ol slavery    very effective     if  ,,„ „,„s the. 0„iy Romanoff who had
■     the    floor   e-ettin* "' :i'"'""'" """"''   ''''""' tlmt Ume\ both libernl views and   the personal
ird their position and conclltiou strengtli to enforce them. Ho give
,    -  ■' 8    on stoadlly from bud   to  „    s rts emancipation, and had   no
on interesting and compu   lively anfo                 .       .       '       '  '■ -'''      They have suffered bonoath not ton asai„tttod, which has  boon
act recentlv exhibited in a new York mJJ                '         .,      ,    „ tho Iron heoi ol   autocracy long and aacr|hod   lo                   -    -     -
,iBS ,«-:,.:,-      '                       '     ,'           "7 cruelly, but at last oven the   long- XX he
!    ;, loopln    the    to             the :' '               :;    ' ' b",d "   "         ' nndurlng spiril of the Slav has  be,-,,10''
I compelled to    action, and. perhaps, j Savory'" aftomoon   of his tcrrlblo
SENTENl 1     '    "T q
Ven        the il ;
■aits do nol       iw in hot-
tstci | roud    of
ll ■ wl .-!■-.  : nol  raise
n  •-.- h 'ad -s n - oi idencc i f o
ll ■ -I ' ■ be in the swim with-
,  ■     King bos   ■
•■ .i-.vr wears out tho    soles
'. than the knea
tl ol ore "nsy on the ;iul-
I  -       - ' ■ hard on tho people.
ll ,, ly tho ovil wo cherish that
I     •  -,-., r i,, chastl ■■ i;
,."i havo tho Winer of life  you
will nol n«wl to water life's stock,
Tl :■■ ore tn»n who never think- of
gloi    in less thoy go by o graveyard.
B ,i rowed bruins havo a way of
I ig whon you drive them in
;' easy to bo bravo whon you
know tiro enemy bus only blank
Mai n man Ihinl-s h" Is pal lent
wilh puin when lie is only perverse
in ■ atlng pickles,
Buy your smiles at. tho bar and
you are likely lo pick up your sorrow, everywhere,
Tho i ng of sympathy never cmnrs
unlil Hie singer has been lo tho
Bil.o d of sorrow,
devil's wheel.   Ttfo i Icycllsl i, a in.ui
and a   woman,   enter    a stu
I, itlcowi i.    ,   bo       -- '   -'i ty   leal
In diameter and co rae ai
ai  i| ,l in both vortical
Izontal - Irclcs.
VII ol ,! ■■ a. Is
wiil gain tl o ■■ ictnry.
lho liberty-hating bur-
would have given them
I constitutional government,   for
It is a strik-1 ii,,,,!), |,y a bomb bo wus ubout
Ing fad thai I roughout the  record s|g„ a uknso granting this
,,   tin   Rom u i   i ',." reigns of   buc- ,,,J(|,.r Ml.  \
i  new
room, -iii-l Ui" man who made    tho
:     i   I        lho   old door in puy-
enl  -    his   work,    and was    well
I,  ii ■     re 11
,   hitherto l'li i'i" to avoid      nil  pari   I     ,.,     > „,.   m i    .    and Czarinas, inI b7ii'st"onod toVvn'counsollori.
, ,.  , ,    i   „,■,, ,,.-, lolo clrcl-.s of tl ;      i| on lho  addition to the two ' athi rim i,  who
,,,, |    ,   , i nro -i-."!il.-n    Into  held the   -■     » by ron on ol    Ihelr
mtll llio flnoi       ' r. irr 11
father of tho present Czar
then look up the splendid hut bloodstained horllngo of his house.     But
oval ol tbo lo -in   t pari
H      ... ■ j ..[   loop,    lea' In: nn    n r n' ,!   " ill    ,:- m      Tho   floor in ,     i .... ■ .,
.    ,.   ii,, ., h  which   lho     Icyclist inanufaclii , hop  eigne covers n   pun ol two hundred
,,■.," ., ' /,,, ,    and     Czarinas    havo
been shorl and their sons low, There
Mollkoff, tho groutest statesman Russia bus produced, and tho enlighten-
,„ iiienioi- of Aloxandor ll„ wns
thrust iv,ul". mul lho brutal Rubin
donoslseff, who has boon Russia's
ii    head downward      This leal    i, wl   I or an average    ,,i 0Vn (,|nc0i |i,„|( bis placo,
call il "looping ti,- gap," • i  I  bo        ,    I ron I suf-! oi Lo each   Only two     what   has happonod  .'ihi™  then Is
Dutrl        lho h mo     rrow lor a now    ono,' ol  ll     • ed lo   bo common knowlodgo.   It. has been  tho
pi       is o in ire   s accful nf.ocl ■        t to r I sixty, and 'I mi i   lirnclly , lIrl(, (,|,| Btory—tho present Czur un-
•:        . .; a   . : ' In  o I o '■   whl li f„r In bo ended    from  m   recently did little or nothing in
;    it, || ci mplote, form  i loop,    -| ho pi '      - tho gold   <<>   '   ' ■ ■   '      '  ' "      eru-
, ■ -   actio   ol tho track i      :,-,,.., m    .    ■ . : .      r   .   ;'        ■ ■   ■ :-"' Lhl"'   fathers,
;  : fool  lo  |, Inclinod 30 d    „,.,, |,i •■ -    md lho nsl      ir I .       /!      '•" '■     ""    -''''  Romano  i
R, i to the -- '-I ■- d lormin ,,. ,,,, , -,; ,,., , .. have been mu ■ ipa table in
ui:,,; 111 ii sho I .,-•■■.. -I cur o Tl ■ „: ; - hero la Ing a porl :" ' ' '' '' ir
 I section begin, ivith n soddlu- „ ,          y „                 , ,.;     ;
tho can io   of froodom and olillgliton-
ini-lil ■
the prei onl    Czar, is u ivoll meaning
r him,, If, :, ■     ,     i -   undoubtedly, but vacclllnlliig,
i... , ,: -.,■ an I ei ils In n pi mo i
cllnod upward lor Lho purpo o of
In.], [Iiig Hi" bicyclo to rest, Tho two
s,„ iiim-i are separated by o n i of
fitly f,-et, through whh !i the i ,-cll
flies liln an arrow, it. Is worll y uf
note that women formed a Inr o tn,
Jorlty of tho spectators of Lho h i-
mnn .rrow's lirst public flight,
A   font   perforii.od    by   tho cyi li il
Marok might be called looping ivll
ho    ■■   lis,    pul i througl
,..:    i ■-....  th,-ii thorn ,''.,,   ■   , tho
product,  lal  s a sample ol  It,    re-
; ne   II.   nnd   col  dates   ho
gold  ih"i'" Is  in Hi"    : do
oX ashes,    l-'i-oii 'bil ho fo an
ulimiite of lho iiiiiii- and pays   nc
eoliliv-i i.
;-,. n  |he    aler In whl '-  -
;,,,:, -i ,,
Czar when ten igi  with hi.
Imbecile      hall  ■■ ! -    ,   hi,     Istoi
and hi.-: weakness bus been more di.-i-
;, trou, to bin country Ihun lho bruin,!
v.,,-1'. I when !, ring or nil  nrlld
,, • a limp.   Tlio track resembles"  of |eweh .- Is cleaned i   pi   erved tin
lirst section usod by tho hmnnn ,u    til  Hi  Is •'' •"''■■" ''   ' antity   lo
row, but lho upward curve Is longer make II worlh while to   opn  ib  th,
.nd lorms an ere of a cirrlo    Al Lho gold from It
foot,    ol     Ih'i   in' line Olid  III" coin
menrem.nl. ol  the   curve Lho li ijyclo
Ib caught by a v. Ire miannndcd from
th. ceril.ro of lliis circle, Tho machine,
therefore, aflor traversing the cur
od path, describes lho remainder   .,
the ciiTln in llm air,   Monnwhllo   tho '•"l  lfl '"  '"'a''" '""'   ;"'1
curved path Is replaced   by a    iovrjl dlamondf,, nnd Ll
ono terminating'In un oscont,  which "- I"-''1'-'1 ''"''J
receives nnd stops the cyclist   ii'lienii'i  Its rudder
ho returns to mirth und euslii o(it Lht, slrili  of  Ivory
wire. iliulf nn ounce,
In another Ingenious and terrifying W°,
A Turin Jeweller hns made
'. i„,i,i  fori n il ol n sh • lo pearl
Sophia being i in lal    '"ll17 ";   '"' ''   hls Pfodomssor,
ii     invent |    o    ind   forcoil ''"' "'"" ll"' dovo opmont of tho Hi-
r to resign.  Then ho   Lolo   L    '" ™plro I I lo any o     Lho
.■ from tho  l!"";-' "      "    W'IS   l,,og",n, )C':JI'(
hmisehold ol „• ■   of   his mlnlstai . !l " '""" "V ""' ' ,,;i'""'11 l'1'"'' '
her                     '    : ... ■              '   ""
end finally oni|     i   and II I,   from
Ihal union thai       i proBonl    I zai .
nro descondod    Peter, however,  wilhh" ""l l""1 ■'"'""'•v "in"llH ,n""   ""'
all hi   faul   . pointed   tho . ly    io i"'""""""'.    which    look all   thoy
civilization i.-""'"1   f'"'   "■     RdSBlaB wavorlng
III-' CIREATI l>  \ NEW AIIMV '":"y '" ""'' ""''"'    ,"'"y    , Ki"KI"1
in     i,i  , i . n ,i «i,w rti.in ,     | |)} hc|, |Wiii||| o( A|i|!|k|l to lho ,J||M_
he extend, I i      con olldnted the om oil States In 187(1, and of tho Kiirilo
;.,        id Its : ■,,,..,■, M,n ns  ,,:,., i!ii,,i, i,, Japan nlno year,   hit
l with
llghl  Is
An  I'i'ii'i;:l,l  serves
nnd  ils Bland   is    n
ll   wi Igh i less  lhan
and Its pi Ice Is gfi,
oiilinueil lo nil!'
,, -,ii i,:i,i- by IHllo IiiuhIb of nilve.i-
, ,,      in,i  colonizers,  who received
ni ib" ; i al [i ■ '- , nl ihwl  many
bnrbnrotl i ciitil imi. ,tn h ns llm bu-
cltu Ion of ivomen, lho whipping of
del,l,ns, mul Introducer] al I", i ii,
semblance ol ninny wi item Instil i
tlm un i, ns the law "I primogeniture, which, by the way, wns abolished   in n aflor libi (lentil
ll,ui iii'i'.e who followed I'oler ink.
en example by him,   und also   ml
Viilicel   Willi   Ihe   tunes,   Russia     lu
ll i , - a,i ndi in day in a position
from which only a Strong linml and u
grenl mind can navn her. Her people im vn less liberty than England
hud IIvn hundred yenrs ago, and are
more Ignorant than tho Asiatic coolie, Yet in lorrltnry and population
she is second only to lho British
ttmplro; her natural resources are
grcnlor than (hose of llio Inil -d
Stall's or Canada—vast stretches  of
Tho question, will England become
bankrupt, has ever been lho cniise ul
most alarming prodicl ions, Tho prevailing droad of tho peoplo has hem
that of poverty, either Individual or
National, and at intervals of ovory
few years tho fears are renewed hy
uciito depression of trade.
Then, hy soma unseen causes, Uu
Nation, ns if of itself, from ils own
strength und will, emerges from her
difficulties wilh renewed vigor, and
everywhere busineiis becomes more
progressive than before.
So far back us K',88 the great increase In the National Debt—nnd it
wu.s th'on but £604,308—formed lho
Ihemo for the darkest forebodings
Hero is lho opinion of a leading man
on our National stability in 10011,
Tho celebrated Dr. Dul'eniint, in an
essay on lho balance of trade, wrote:
"Unless thu public revenue ron ho reduced to £3,800,000 per annum, 11.
will bo found Unit in no long course
of timo we shall languish and decay,"
A few years later—1710—when the
National Debt hud very considerably
inn-eased, tbo figures now having run
bit ii millions, the amount being over
£80,000,000, anothor writer camo
forward with nn alarming (orocaBt,
and suid; "Wo nro now driven ul
most, to tho brink of destruction, our
treasuries riotously wasted, our constitution is ill danger of being subverted, and tho nation almost in general corruption. What will thu end
of il be'.'"
Between this and the next twenty-
six years, oilier prophecies upon the
same subject had been made, and on
February Mill, 1780, a popular
paper celled llio "Craftsman came
out with u very long nml sad clui|i-
tcr of lamentations, tho debt having
now assumed much larger proportions.
'I'hii lender of lho prophets to-day
Is Mr. A. .1. Wilson, editor nf llie
"Investor's Review," n woll-knowu
financier. In the "Investor's Review" bo says: "The truth nf 111-
matter is we havo no resi-rves uf
wealth worth speaking of In this
country," And he goes on to assort
that another war for England would
disintegrate the empire.
So it goes on, T'liu bakriiptcy and
beggary of lho mil ion appears to be
everlastingly to the front. In some
quni'tors lho overshadowing influonco
nnd dread of this burden dues ii"t.
diminish, but continues to iacreaso
enormously, until now the National
Debt has reached ils present gigunl.'e
figures, and it is still n booming subject for somu of our chief legislators.
Sow it goes—thread.
The llugville pollcoman must be a
Ilig-li-soiinding lnngunge—over tho
telephone wire.
The purler who gets anothor job
is not exactly a reporter.
We don't like (he old settler when
it's an egg in our coffee.
Tin, tippler wiio brags of being full
certainly claims empty honors.
ITlio hard   drinker would bo   moro
loniperiilo if not to drink woro   as
.Should a girl call a countrified fellow wlio proposes a popin'-Jay?
Tho bleached blonde con seldom
keep her looks a dark secret.
When the meul man wanlfl lo
move, of course ho lias lo pull up
Past life, ns lho pace thai kills, is
often slow bill sure.
'Tho man in lho moon has a high
time getting full on his last quarter,
'That what, some folks suy never
goes, goes without saying.
To some people those they consider beneath thorn never cotuo up lo
Tho show manager looks nt lho
rows of einply souls Willi tiers lu
his eyes.
A Woman cries less over spill, mill;
than aboul a spoiled creamy complexion.
Even un iinlldy restaurant Is nn
orderly sort of place,
Each variety ot nnil corresponds,
it is suid, to some particular lon-
dency of the henllh. 'There is, for
Instance, Hie nervous hand; each lln-
ger nnil la broken to the quick, and
Is splil and  rugged.    The nail    Is
exli ly thin, and    lho two layers
of which il Is composed separate
every time Ihe n.iil striken against
u lini'd substance No amount of
manicuring will make these noils
pel-felt. The nervous system must
lirst nf nil bo controlled end calmed,
Anollmr hand shows that tho person is subject lo gout or rheiuna-
llsm, caused probably by nn excess
of uric nrld in tho bleed. Nulls Unit
have ridges on Ihcm aro always a
iilgu of this condU.ion. A rapid nnil-
growlll Is a sign of health.
Moiunoiit". the "official" cat which
has been attached for tho last lifleun
years to the office of the Paris Prefecture, hns been granted a retiring
pension, and has been boarded mil,
to feed henceforth on succulent
stews, the nnlinal being no longer
able lu uiustlcato hard food.
A   Youthful   Couple Were   Handcuffed Together—A Barefooted Bride.
When a man starts upon his honeymoon the possibility of finding himself in any kind of prodlcainont rnie-
ly enters Ills bond, nnd be is coilso-
quonUy all lho moro Beared when circumstances cmisplro lo laud him In
sumo awkward fix.
It was something moro formidable
than circiiinAanros, huiioi-ir, that
placed a Philadelphia young nuin in
a very tantalizing pt'cdlcaniont on
Ihe brink of his honoymoon—to wit
2511 members of a well-known social
club. 'Ihi! wedding. It Rooms, had
proved tho society ovont of tho your;
and tlio gay and fe.ilive club members determined that tho honeymoon
should not suffer in comparison,
'To Uiem, apparently, tho bridegroom did not appear Lo hilvo tied
his hands sufficiently by taking a
wife, so Ihoy must nooda send him
oh his honoymoon in handcuffs, Having securely hand-cuffed their unfortunate victim, (hey escorted him
nnd his bride to the railway elation,
^ whence ho departed In that helpless
| condition on his honoymoon,
I Some heartless practical jokers at
Marion, Indiana, huwever, went onu
beller—or worse—on Ihe occasion of
tho marriage of a youthful townsman. Such a high-toned event luii
never taken place in the neighborhood before, and to add to tho cliu''-
acter of tbo occasion a number of
lho revellers handcuffed lho happy
pair on their train, giving lho key
to one oi thu attondaiils, wilh Instructions to release them at Kok-
One ol llin jokers, however, obtained possession of lho key and ran off
with it, leaving Ihe couplo no menus
ol effecting their release.     Not,   eon-
lent with this, their tormentors went
thu length of annoiiclng lo the other
pnsBongcrs by printed handbills, dla-
Iribiited from end to end of the truin
that thoy were n newly-wedded pair.
Aflor  travelling us  fur us Frank-
i ford, a distance  of sixty-live miles,
i the handcuffed couplo left the train,
creating no small  astonishment   ly
their nppcarunco,  There, by a   good
! deal ol patient labor, ono of the stu-
: tlon-hands   succeeded    in liling    tlio
'chain through,     nnd    the handcuffs
were unlocked by a friendly po'icenu.n
To    lho   unfortunate   prisoners this
putting asunder of lho bonds   which
bound them wus more thuii a happy
I release.
Extraordinary was the pre Hi-ninent
I in which a brido from lndianapo! a
'recently found hersell' while on her
honoymoon. Tbe couple had been
spending this al Chicago, und wire
duo lo lenve, when Ihe husband, returning lu their private room, found
his brido nbsont,
Seeing a Pair of shoes anil aj'nir
; of stockings lying by the luily*s
trunk he surmised Unit his wife hod
gone downstairs, leaving mm lo sen
thnl the articles mentioned wore duly
placed in the trunk
Ilo accordingly throw them In, locked the trunk, and    called a poiTo.*,
who carried it away-to the  railway
A IIItlo tlmo afterwards tho lady
creatod some Bomiallnn amongst tlm
loungers in the hall by walking
through (o tho office, most fashionably dressed, but without either
shoes or stockings, lo make tie poi'-
tlnont Inquiry what hod become ol
hor,husband, her trunk, nnd her shoes
and stockings.
Still moro ombarrasslng, In a sense,
wns tho peculiar situation in wlii-'i
a lady of title was plunged nt the
very outset of hor honoymoon. Ou
their arrival ut Calais, Franco, hor
husband left her in lho train, wb'.lo
he and hor maid went searching for
refreshments. Before they rejoined
her the train suddenly started tori's
destination; and boforo sho could
realize what it meant, tho young wife,
who hud never before travelled unaccompanied, was being carried off
to Paris without husband, mul,I,
ticket, or so much as a penny In her
At tho Onre du Noi'd, where sho
arrived iu duo course, the railway
officials appealed lo regard her with
some suspicion, for they kept her a
prisoner in Ih" waiting-room until
her temporarily lost husband arrival
on lho scene and rcsciiud her from
her unpleasant, if to others somewhat amusing, situation,
was thai which overtook a newly-
miiirieil Paris couplo barely twelve
months ago. Al midnight, after lue
wedding bnnquot, whore the wlno
had Unwed freely, they proceeded to
their new abode, which thoy had
taken in a building where, there being no doorkeeper, lho tenants let.
themselves in wilh latch-keys. Tho
bridegroom's key proved to ho missing; and, ns everybody in lho house
was fa.'it nsleep, hammering on tho
door failed lo secure admittance,
'The bride would not hour of going
to nn hotel, so after walking about
until completely tired out, Ihoy sat
down on tlio slopes of the fortifications, near lho Versailles gate, an I
Woro soon fast asleep.
Hero eventually they were discovered, sllll last asleep, by the early
market gardeners in tho small hours
of lho morning, and a quenr spei'ln-
ciu they presented, Tho brldogroom's
Inil hat had been hanged down over
his eyes, while his once inmuiculale.
shirt-front, us well as tho bride's
while wedding garments, woro all
splashed with mud,
Although it wus ruining hoiivllv,
tlio couplo slept on; and It was only
when lho police wore culled Ihal thoy
woke up to a sense of their surroundings, After collecting his scattered
thoughts, the man explained how he
and bis wife had boon benighted, nml
on giving their address they were allowed lo go homo.
Landlord—Wo hove been forced lo
ralso your rent, Tenant—Oh, thanks.
J couldn't do it myself.
{,-'■- 9
> rwvA^^^v^^MWAl w,AAA>^^^rVWW^
Or, The Strange Disappearance
Jackanapes, since  voi |so- «'ilh mutual good foolln
I'oiii lho port of Balll- shook hands nnd separated,
CHAPTER  XV.-(Conlinuoil).
Fortune certainly favored the lovers Hint day; for when Thurston
reached home in the evening, bis
grandfather said to him
"Well, Mr,
me  lo sail f
moro, 1 think it altogether best that
you should take a private loiivoyiinio
und go by way ui Washington,"
"Thnt will be a very lonesome
maimer of traveling, sir," answered
thu voting man, demurely.
"It will lie a vory cheap one,
mean, and, therefore, will not
you,   Sir Millionaire!   li will
nothing, and, therefore, lose ils
charm   lor   you.    my    Lord Spend-1
thrift," cried the miser, sharply.
"On llie contrary, sir, I only oh-:
ject to tho loneliness of the long ■
".No ono lo chillier    lo, eh,    Mr.
Magpiol   Well,   it    need   not be so! j
'There's Xueo Grimshaw, nnd his sot i
—extravagant fools—going up tu tho!
city to   Haunt   among   the fashion-j
nbles.   You can go us they go, and {
dialler to    the oilier monkey,   Jar-
quolinn—and    niuLo  Old    Nace mad j
with jealousy,    so that he shall    go
and hang himself, and leave you tilt'j
widow   and   her   fortunol Come!   is j
there mischief enough to ainiiso yon?,
Hut I   know   you   won't do it!     1
know    it!   1   know it!     I know   iti
just becauso I wish you to!"
"What, sir? drive Dr. Grimshaw to
hang himself?
"No, sir!  1
tho party
Itehe! for we all think her fur
good fur mortal maul laughed
Thurston gravely promised that he
would not—if he could help it.   And
ng,   I hey
■t+ts>-r-?-vi'+Y-rv+Y-rT-t t+tt
t                   i
\ About tie Farm
Some   growers   are   complaining
that    disease    is     more   prevalent
On Monday evening, ut his farewell lecture, Thurston met Marian
again, uml Jsyfully announced to
her the Invitation that Mrs, Waugh
hud extended to him. And Ihe maiden's delightful smile assured him of
■r (nil sympathy with his gladnes-
city, In a little Methodist chnpel,
without witnesses, 'Thurston and
Morion were married,
Thurston nnd Marian found un o>
portunity to bo nlono in the drawing-room for the last moments preceding his departure. In (hose hist
moments she could not find it in her
heart to withhold one word whose
utterance would cheer his soul, and
give him hope and joy and confidence
in ileparling. Marlon had naturally
a line, healthful, high-toned organization—n    happy,    hopeful,   joyous
leiii|ierami'!it, an inclination alwavs ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
to look upon llm sunny side of life'among swmo than it was years ago.
and events. And so, when he drew They nro asking why it should bo
hor gently and tondorly to his bosom, so, nnd want to know if anything
mul whispered : can be done   to lessen llio londoney
"Vim huvo iiiiide me the happiest to disease und lho consoqiuont Ions
and most grateful man on earth, to which it leads, writos Prof,
dear, lovely Marian! dear, lovely iThomas Shaw,
wile! bill nro you satisfied, beloved-j 'j'liat disease should Increase with
oh! nre you sulislicd? Do I leave'lm, Increase In tho number of swine
you nl ease',' ile,lt is w|mt (a l0 ,„, |ookc(| fo|.   ,,
She spoke tho very truth when Bho ccmes from  tho greater opportunity
confessed to him—hor head being on to oxposurn lo conln
Ills shoulder, nnd her low lones How-'
For Quality and Flavor
superior to any Japan Tea.
Sold In Scaled Lend Packets at .pic, 50c, and 60c per pound.
Byalgroc rs.   Hllllll; T aWahI), ST LOLLS, 1904.
And on Tuesday evening, tbo wlioio|slbly happy now
party for Washington was assembled
around the tea-table at Locust Hill
The evening passed very cheerily, Tlu
commodore, .Mra. Waugh, Marian
and Thurston, were nil in excellent
spirits. And Thurston, out of pure
good nature, sought to cheer and 0,1-
lhen tho pretty, peevish bride, Jac-
quelina, who, out of caprlco, affected
a pleasure in his attentions that she
was very far from feeling, This
gave so uiucli umbrage to Br, Grim-
sliaw lliat Mrs. Waugh really feared
some unpleasant demonstration from
the grim bridegroom, and seized tlio
first quiet opportunity of saying to
tho young gentleman!
"Do, Thurston, leave Lapwing
alone! Don't you sou that that maniac is as jealous ns a Turk'.'"
"Oh! lln is!" thought Thurston,
benevolent Ij. "Vory well! in that
caso his jealousy shall not starve for
ing softly to his listening ear:
"More   Ulan    satisfied, Thurston—
more than satisfied.  I am Inoxpros-
Yes,  though   you
nro going away;   for, see! the  pam
of purling for n few months, is lost1
in lho joy of knowing that wo    are
united, though separated—and in anticipating tho time not long
whon   wo shall    meet  again,
bless you, dearest Thurston."
'Vm\ forever bless and love
sweet, wife."
And so they ported,
(To bo Continued).
oxposure lo
crease    iu    numhors
Expense Has Greatly Increased of
Tho cost of ammunition in a modern battle is much greater than is
commonly imagined, Willi the in-
crcase in the range of modern ordnance the expenso bus naturally gone
want of   ailment:'   and he dovotod up steadily.    Tho first rilled cannon
mean von won't   Join  himself to the capricious brido   with of 10 centimetres (OJ inches) calibre
jinuro Improssemeut than bofore-con- couW   not carry Sm.l]m. lhnn ,;6nn
You mistake, sir.   1 will certain- s?"-,'iR ,lm.e" h"', '"? lllsm!'1, tt$loot yards.    In    1870 a range of 8,500
ly do so, il you wish It," said  Ihur-  °  Mnrl«1 h-v, i-piloctlnff oil tho bless- yal.ds wa8 attained-.    In 187S,    by
stun, gravely. i J-'1.1 m?f°w th|lt sh°u,ld j'1-1™ hor at using steel guns, 13,000 yards    was
luinph!    Well, that is something Ws. Tv '"!' Ul" V      ":l-v;       ,   .reached, und, by Increasing Ihe call-
I expected.   You   can     And so the ovoning passed; and at]b      j-,.000   yard,   was   attained.
an early hour th. party separated to|yinco m ^ ,,y us,ng |unv pow.
hotter than 1 expected. Vou can
take tho new gig, you know, nnd
lake Melchiscdek tu drive you, anJ
to bring it buck."
"Just us you say, sir." said the
young gentleman, with l.lial compliance.
"And mind, tako   caro that    you
■•are    not led   into   any   wasto   oi
"I shall take care, sir."
And   here   Thurston's    heart  was
gladdened within him.  He profoundly thanked his stars.  Tho new   gig! )
What an opportunity to save Marian
the fatigue of an equestrian journey
—ofivr her all easy seal, and     have
lho blessing of her near companionship for tho whole trip!   While   his I
servant,   Mclchisodok,    could     ride
Marian's    pony.     And this nrrangu-
ufeil would bo so natural, so neces-|
snry, so    inevitable, that not    even
tho jealous, suspicious   miser   could
make tho least question of Its perfect I
propriety.     For,    under the circum-1
stances, what gentleman could leave
11 lady of his party to travel wearily!
on horseback, while himself and   hisi
servant rode cosily ot case in a gig?
What   gentleman   would   not rather I
gi\e the lady   his  sent in the gig—1
tei.e the reins, himself and drive her, I
while  his servant   look  her   saddle-!
horse.     So t bought Thurston.     Yet
he did   not  hint tho subject to   his
grandfather—the    method  of    their
traveling should seem tho Impromptu
effect of chance.    The next morning
being Sunday, he throw   himself   in
Marian's path,   waited for her,   and
rude with her n part of the way to
church,   And while they woro in corn-
pony, he  told   her of   the  new arrangement in tlit, manner of traveling
that good fortune had enabled   him
to make—Hint if sho would so honor
und delight him, he should havo he.'
in lho gig by his side for the whole
journey.   Ho was so happy, so very
happy In tho thought, he said.
"And so am I, dearest Thurston!
very,very happy in tho idea of being with you. Thank Cod!" said
the warmhearted girl, offering her
hand, which ho '.110k and covered
with kisses.
Thurston's good fortune was not
over.     His star was still in tho as-
got a good    long night's rest,   pre-   , ,    ,    ,      ,, ,,
punitory to their early start in the   ms and   by lengthening   the guns
loll which    in
^^^^^^^^^^^^ always  brings
Willi it,   Nevertheless, swine aro not
nearly so free from dlscaso   ns they
ought to be,  or as they would
if   reared   under   iiuituhlo   sanitary
conditions    Swine suffer from troubles that    arise from  two  sources,
viz.: allinenlii that como through In—
hence Iconsldorato treatment and those that
n j I come through diseases that arccom-
| muiilcablu.    Thu former will ho discussed in this paper.
'lho most frequent losses are those
which arise from   mistakes in feeding,    These nre of n character that
are more or less indirect,   nnil   thoy
nre felt most in the injury which results  in   breeding-  properties.     This
is one of the gravest mistakes    of |
swine husbandry.   It coalers in f.-,
big un   unbalanced    ration.      Tho
greatest harm is done by feeding an
excess of carbonaceous food, that is,
fond   which   produces heat and fal j
Feed swine continuously for sin-oral   generations   almost   exclusively
on corn, barley  or  rye,   nnd    thoy
will grow less in size, in vigor, alii
Uieii • breeding qualities will  dolerl
orole.    Nevertheless, nil these fuod:
may be fed wilh lho greatest    pos
siblo bcnellt for any number of gen
orations, if fed along with other suil
able food.      'The greatest loss (roll
such feeding usually occurs   in    lln
Bui Thurston,    for one, was
happy to sleep (or some lime;    to)
happy   in   the novel blessedness   of
resting- under the sumo roof with bin
own beautiful und dearest Marian.
Ihe range has steadily grown.
,     ' IMSR, on the occasion of the jubilee
'of Queen Victoria, tho English    artillerists   at   Sbooburynoss fired   a
celebrated round ol shots under the
name of the "jubilee round," which
tnincd    a range of about 20,000
yards.    The (Ioniums Imitated    the
English ami reached about 83 yards
invig-j further    under tho saiuo conditions,
snowpfho French   artillery is not behindhand,    It  has now a cannon of 13J
lies, which, firing wilh an Initial
velocity of U00 yards a second,   can
send a projectile to a distance of 13
miles.    A longer cannon, which    is
not   yet    in    service,   could,  it.   is
thought, send    ils    shell  14)   mil -s
wilh nn initial speed of 1,200 yards-.
,       ,,  ,       ,            ,111        , Whon  Ihik   initial speed shall   havo
nun their nosts, sine the hardy uii-.l ,,         «,,.,- ,1    „.,-,i,  ,i.. „,  „,im,.
,,,,,'             ,.  ,      ,,   ,|b",.n   ntlniii:-.'l    Willi  the ,,•! calibre
courageous littlo   snow-birds    that|,, ,
came lo seek their loud oven at the
It was a clear, cold, sharp,
orating winter morning, 'The
was crusted over with hour frost,
and lho bare forest trees were hung
with icicles. Tho cunning fox, the
'possum and the 'coon, crept shivering from their dens; but the shy,
gray rabbit, and the tiny, rabbit, I
and the tiny, brown wood-mouse,
still nestled In their holes. And nomi'
of nallire's  small   children ventured
of ono,   The Im-; £
ut certain lo lose i a
very threshold of their natural enemy— mall.
'Tlio approaching sun had scarcely
as yet reddened the eastern horizon,
or Hushed the snow, when at Locust
Hill our travelers assembled in the
dining-room, to partako of their
Inst meal previous lo selling forth.
Commodore Waugh   nnd Mrs,   I.
10 kilometres—
1 Dover to Un-
ceiidiint, for niter tho morning
vice, while   the  congregation
leaving  tho   church,   he   saw
Wuugh beckon lii 111 to her side,
quickly obeyed the summons,
then lho lady said:
"1 may not see you again soon,
Thurston, nnd, therefore, 1 tell yo 1
now—that if you intond to join our
party come to Washington, you must
make all your arrangotneuts 10 come
over 10 Locust Hill on Tuesday
ovoning, and spend the night with
uyi; us wo start nl n very curly ho'.r
on Wednesday morning, und should
no! like lo bu kept wailing. My
Hobo Is nlso coming on Tuesday
evening, lo stay oil night. Now, not
11 word, Thurston, i know what
dilatory folks young people nro. And
I know very well Unit if I don't
miiko sure of you on Tuesday evening, you will keep us a full hour bo
yond our Hnio on Wednesday morning—you know you will,"
Thurston was secretly delighted.
'To spend the evening with Marian!
to spend the night under lho same
roof with hor—preparatory to their
social journey in llie morning, Thui'-
slun began to think that ho wns
bom under a lucky planet. Ho
laughingly assured Mrs. Waugh thnl
ho hud not the slightest Intention or
wish In dispute her commands, und
Uml on Tuosday evening ho should
present, himself punctually nt the'
snppoi'-lablu ul Locust Hill. lie
furl her Informed her Hint ns his
grandfather hud most ahllrarily forced upon him the Use uf his new gig,
he should bring It, und oiler Miss
Mnylield n sent.
It wus now Mrs, Wullgh's turn to
be delighted, and In deeluro Ihal
she was very glad—that It would be
sn much easier und pleasantor to hoi'
llebe.   lllllll   the    colli,  OXpoSOll,    lin-l
fatiguing equestrian maiinor of traveling, "But, miry*, vo'uig genlleiuan,
you are   nol* to   make   luvo to my
Oiseiiu, who were fated to  remain at projectile is
homo   and    keep house,  woro    also|powder not
there lo sec the travelers off
'The line, vitalizing air of the winter morning, the cheerful bustle preparatory to their departure, ihe
novelty  of the breakfast   eaten   by
Ihe range will reach
just the (lis! mice fro
The expenses   of making n cannon
and of firing each shot hnve enormously Increuscd of late.   There    are
in Germany cannon of one hundred '
and Ion tons thnl the Krupp factory j
lias turned cut which cost eve:,,' time I
Ihoy nre fired exactly SI,700.    The I
worth $1150, and    the
?ss  lhnn  S190.       Rut
this is mil all; there must be added
llio proper fraction of the value of
llie gun, which can be fired only
ninely-livo times in fore il is completely out of order.    Now a    hun-
cundle-light, all combined to raise!dred nnd ten Ion gun costs 1582,500,
and exhilarate the spirits of the j and consequently ut. each discharge
Parly. its value   diminishes by S000.    The
After the merry, hasty meal    was Gentian navy has had recently a 77-
over, Mrs. Waugh, in her voluminous ton gun, costing $60,000, which can
cloth  clonk-,   fur   tippet, muff    and|bo fired only 124. times. Each    discharge represents the sum of SP20.
wadded hood; Jacquclina,   enveloped
in several line, soft shawls, and wearing a warm, chinchilla bonnet;   and
Dr. Grimshaw,   in   his drcadnaugh.1
overcoat and  cloak,   and longoared
fur cup, all entered the largo   family
carriage, where, with the additional
provision   of    fool-stoves   and   hot
bricks, they had every prospect of a
coiiiforlnble niodo of conveyance. ^	
Old Oliver, in his niany-caped drabI   Jim—"If there's ono thing I
°u'*l overcoat, uud foxskln cap and gloves, like more tlinn another it's a shnl-
wulc sot upon the   coachman's box with low man.':    Sum—"Yes; but there's
the proud   air of  a king upun    his.one thing in his favor."    "I'd   liko
throne.   And why not?   it was Oliv-jto know what il   is."    "He doesn't.
er's vory first visit to tho city, and require so much watching as a deep
tho   suit of   clothes    ho  wore   was ,,„,,"
The 45-ton guns enn be fired at least
one hundred and fifty times. At the
Essen factories they ran be built,
fur $30,SHO. The price of cadi shot
does not oxeced $*0o. Finally, fur
loss powerful arms the prices full
to $170, SSI, and Sfjfi fur each shot.
 -f. ,
braiid nowl
Thurston's new gig was furnished
with two lino buffalo robes—one laid
down 011 the seals and the floor ns a
carpel, and Hie oilier laid over as a
I coverlet. His fore-thought had nlso
provided a foot-stove for Marian,
And never was n happier man than
ho when lie handed bis smiling companion into the gig, sell led her
comfortably in her soul, placed the'
foot-stovo under hor foot, sprang in
and sealed himself beside her, tucked
lho bulTulo robe carefully in, end
took tho reins, and wniled the signal
lo move on.
Motchlsodok, or as ho was common-'
ly called, Cheesy, mounted upon
Marian's pony, rode on in advance,
to open .the gules for the party. Mr-'.
Wuiigh's carriago followed. A.il
Thurston's gig brought up the rear, j
And thus the travelers set forth.
Tho sun had now risen in cloudless
splendor, and was striking long lines
of crimson light across the snow, and
piercing through tlio forest aisles.
Flocks of saury little snow-birds
alighted fearlessly in their path; bill
tho cunning Utile gray rabbits just
peeped with their round, bright eyes,
und Ihen quickly hopped nwny.
1 need nut, describe their merry
Journey nt length. My readers will
readily Imugine how delightful was
(lln Irlp to at least Iwo of Ihe party,
And those two were mil Dr. Iliiiu-
sluiiv und Jacquollna,
Thurston pleaded so    hard   for    a
privaie marriage when thoy got  to
Washington Ihut ut lust Marian consented.
So one day they drove out tu th"
Nuvy Yard Hill, nnd tbero, In the
reiuolesl nud quietest suburb el   tho
Tor your Protection
we place this label on every
package of Scott's Emulsion.
Thcmainvlthaflshon bis bock
Is our trade-mark, nnd it Is a
guarantee that Scott'B Emul-
Blon will do all that Is claimed
for It. Nothing better for lung,
throat or bronchial troubles In
Infant or adult. Scott's Emulsion Is 0110 of Hie grcntost flesh-
builders known to the medical
Wit tend ywi 1 urnpl, trtt.
: n F m 1 a t 8
Toronto, Ont.
young lilt,'ir, which como Into Hie
world delicate and lacking in vigor.
I The tendency has been in much of
the west and northwest to breed nl-
'mosl entirely from young sows. Such
■ a tendency iu fundamentally and
radically wrong. 'There can be no
question (but animals are bolter
equipped wilh the essentials for
transmitting highest vigor whon in
I the meridian of full maturity.
A sow that Is growing while clio Is
carrying hor young, cannot    iu    ibe,-,
very nature of things nourish    theira
; unborn    progeny ns she would,     ii   si
jfull;/ mature, us sho has then   lo do
two things instead
inr.ture sow is nliou
something   in   development, or her!
jlitlei will lose similarly, or both re-j
suits will follow.   These may    not
li- very apparent in a single generation, hut they grow in time through
cumulative    inlluoiicc lo be serious,
This practice more than any   other,
pi-iilinbly,     bus    proved   n   fruitful
somvo of loss in swine.
This loss is more f-.-It in young litters It is not. meant thai Ibe loss
arises so much from went of exercise in the young progeny us from
want of exercise in the dam. Bill
il. does arise lo somo extent even
wilh young liitcrs. Thu disease
known ns thumps in young pigs, is
n 1 rouble which arises from want of
exercise in connection with too lib-
oral feeding. An excessively fatty
condition under the circumstances
leads to 0 weak condition of heart
When th.- dam does not gel sufficient exercise, her progeny will nut ho
strong. There may bo serious troll-
bio with both sow und dam, while
thoy aro coming iulo tho world. Tho
problem of exorcise for sows in wlu-
jtor is one of lln; most difficult lhat
lho   swine   grower   has to contend
'wilh in cold climates, Those in
mild nrens do nol, havo to contend
Willi it at all.    Wilh tho former,   it
I should be made a matter of careful
dis- .tlii'iighl.
'The loss from too close breeding is
n very common one, though -so
thai arising from breeding from Immature sires it may not bo immediately perceptible. Some grower, of
BWlno simply select u sire from ono
nf their own HIlors, regardless of
(he fail. Hull, he limy be of close kin
to every sow on the farm, ns Ihese
nre probably from 111,' same sire. Tho
thought, it may be, does not occur
lo llieni.
'Ihe process Is BOtnctltnoS repented
nnd llius the close breeding is in-
tonslfiod, In choosing such sired,
size is frequenlly lho leading factor
iu determining choice lo ihe noglccl
of more Important considerations
lu such instances where Ihe siren
nro grades, the Infusion of other
blood, lhat is, the blood of some
oilier vigorous breed If well chosen
ns lo form, would work groat
changes in tho line of Improvement.
The largo Yorkshire or lho Tain
woi'lh crossed oil Inbred Poland-
China grades will offeot great llll.
The loss from Ibis source is moro
Iiinn is usually supposed. II may
nol bo so directly bill il is sn,
frequently Indirectly, These surroundings breed disease In lh:' sense
Rial they harbor germs that would
not otherwlso oblaln a place favorable in their subsequent development. There is seldom any Jnsl incut ion for hopping BWlno thus, an
I'leiinllness in hog houses und llielr
surroundings is a question ihal lies
in lho hands of llio owner. 'Ihe
difference in growth between swine
kepi clean in the oil'.! Instance und
amid    filth    iu   llie other    will till-
jdoiibtodly bo considerably In favor
of the former, oilier things being Ihe
jsntiio. An experiment to dotormliio
this exactly    Would    bo Intoresllng,
rlisclo«ctl tlio fact
our are endeavoring
rout popularity  of
Flour liy refilling,
Hocent investigations
tlitit unscrupulous handlers of
to take advantage ol the
Otrilvio's I Koval Ilonsohol
with cheap inferior Hour, the bags and barrels
bearing the O,^ilvio Brand, and selling it as the
genuine article.
In order lo bring Ihe guilty parties to justice wo
offer the following reward,
Tlio  Ov'K
io  Flour Mills  Co,,   \M
•t   W
ill  pay  One
Tho'i^aiiil 1)
illart ($!,ooo.oo) for sucl
evidence as will
rcMill in tin;
conviction of anv person,
Oils, funis nr
who tn ty he re!iiii;iL,r llie
r ha
5s or bartvls
wiih ll- ur of
other iiiHmraet.ire and st
the same as
Mum* ma nu fa
■lured by the Ogitvlo .'''lour
Co., Lid.
Tfee Ogihrle Ploiar Kills Go., LieS.
especially where the rainfall Is   considerable nnd tbo -oil is clay.
Tho nnleomo from avoiding tho
mistakes made as discussed above,
would certainly lend to keep   swine
Utile soil, slops from the house, etc,
and let them rol in readiness for use
us potting soil or for gardening purposes, It Is best not to make ihe
piles loo large, as during io-iie sea-
hi 11 healthy nnd vigorous condition, sons there, is a tendency to excessive
except iu so far ns they would full  healing, which burns up much of tho
a prey lo germ diseases. No care
Unit con bo given will bo entirely
proof against those, although healthy and robust animals un- less
likely to contract ihem thun other
animals, nml when attacked the por-
cuntngo of loss will also bo less.
Some germ diseases will be discussed
in nnolher paper that will como
Where linie was applied directly ti)
Ihe wbeiil, sowing 011 ll,e surfiiei!
and harrowing   in ut Ihe lime    of I moist straw.
t valuable plant food. The mass
fh mid be forked over occasionally,
so Hint nil purls will In- equally uf-
lecled by sun, air nnd rain.
Whey is nil right Ior pigs, if you
put enough of something else that
is heller Willi it. Fed alone i: is
about ns good as moonshine,
Docs llm coat of Uu- carriagohorso
look dusty and refuse io clean out
und brighten up'.' Drive him enough
lo sweat him 11 littlo, some lin ■ day
mi I   when   , I'liuing   him rub with
seeding, it did not Inoruaso the yield
of wheat, but did Improve the clover
j Do not permit wator tn Bland in
'llm buggy body.    II moisture   goes
Into Die sills und flume ,,i the body,
ihe box is liable lo open al the
corners, us thoy are bono dry, uml
if thoy swell nothing can keep lho
ei.i'iiei'S front opening, Wei carpel,
lel'i in lho bottom of the bed is
likely lo cause llie suine result.
'Ihe fanner should feel proud of
his profession, us ll Is one of the
nuiNi useful nmi necessary occupations, Ilo does not nit on the rugged edge of diiubl us lo the porman-
uiiy of his position. No master
has a mortgage on his labor or his
products, lie sin dies lho laws of
Nut lire nud derive!; inuinlcnnnei, fi'oin
her boiuileous slores. When limes
are hard, uml laborers am clamoring fur work, he bus plenly of busl-
111,8 10 occupy his time,
'file greuler purt of decnying vegetal ion Is composed ol leaves, and
we often see grout pileu of I hem being burned during fall und spring,
which should   bo spread over   tho
garden, Sumo people use the leaves
as a mulch during wilder, but burn
llieni in lho spring. Instead of this
they should be eilher forked Into
tho soil around trees and plants
where they will rapidly decay and
bo of uso io Ihe plants, or bo piled
in a heap, lidding all kinds of refuse
from tho gurdon, wood ushos und a
Abo put 111 In-  1   d a
I  meal  or HllBoed meal
handful ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
each ilny.
When you l,i";in to market your
poultry selerl for size ami color.
Dressed poultry all of Hie sain,' slue
iiiloi' and condition sell for u m ,-!i
bolter price than will a proinl <-u-
0US lot of i,iz,'s nnd Colors, even
though iill may bo oqually dcslrahla
for Ihe table, Shade, shelter nnd
comfortable housing during tho
moult give pnrlln! assuranco ,,i an
curll i' egg yield Hum can bo hoped
fur when Ihe hens aro noglocl d.
Experienced horsemen very generally hold Hint crushed onts nre nol
nearly so suitable as whole oats for
horses that are required to be in
hard condition nnd worked at .Vi
puces. Though il is difficult to give
satisfactory reason why ibis should
be Ihe case, practical experience certainly proves thai Ibis opinion is
correct, (.'rushed outs are not ns
run duel Ive to hard condition nnd
hard muscle In horse, us aro who!"
ouls, which fact renders It ndvis-
nble (0 feed outs in their natural
Btato In preference lo Ilu- crushed
ouos in all cases where hard condition Is of Importance, The expense
incurred In crushing oats Is a drawback to lho plan of feeding crush id
oats thai should not bo overlooked.
 1 ,
lie—"I am told he has moro motley llmii ho knows what to do with,"
She—"Has ho, really? Such Iguor-
auce must be bliss."
An    Elderly    Contributor   Thinks
There Are More of tl.e Latter
Than the Former.
I am an "old fogey" of sixty, and
have    just     returned   to m., native
I country niter thirty years oi foreign
, senile  nil   ils  behalf.    What     strikes
: me most iii modern Britain is the ,-x-
| tent to which yuiuig peoplo havo been
j allowed to elbow out their seniors,
Mi.\.s u vi iter in Pourson's Weekly,
i am nut exactly grumbling about
this. I havo boys of my own, mi 1
liko to (eel that they havo so good
chances. But. us a thinking man, 1
disagree altogether with the idea
Unit u world ruled by youth is 11
belter world than one ruled by age.
'There aro more young fogeys, in
proportion to numbers, thun there
urn old fogeys. 'There are plenty of
fossils at fifteen, plenty of dotards
uinler twenty-five. Youth, apart altogether from its Inexperience, is
weaker both mentally and physically
tlinn maturity, I will wager the average man of forty any day to boat
the average man of twenty-five, us
ns arc built nowadays. He i,
thick,r, moro solid, moro muscular,
healthier, and a bettor sportsman in
hundreds of cases.
But, when it comes to mind, there
is 11,, doubt whatever at the
f tlie mature man over the   youth,
early every great politician in liis-
iry has won his greatest triumphs
in ,Ll age.
It was old Bismarck who built up
the Germany that threatens us today; old Ilenconsfiold, old Palmers-
ton, old Salisbury who guided Pri-
tain's destinies at tlie most critical
periods. An old Gladstone, an old
Bright, un old Cobdcn, nnd an old
Chamberlain have, whatever one's
ticol opinions, at various times
electrified with oratory their fellow
countrymen. It was an old General
ts who carried the flag to Pretoria; it is an old Admiral 'Togo
who sank tho Russian fleet; on old
Marshal Oyama who cuiiquered ;n
An old Emperor—Francis Joseph—
keeps Austria together where 0 young
Emperor loses   Russia.      An elderly
sovereign—King Edward—an old 1're-
1—l.onbet—win peace and dignity    for   their countries abroad;    a
! young    sovereign—William   II.—wno
constantly endangers it in Germany,
Not only in statecraft—in art. Iit-
I ei-.iti.re, drama, music,   tho gre   I it
I work lias been done in tho    >■..■ .,   1
yellow."     Miltun was an uld    man
t wiion   ho    wrote    "Paradis   I. ■'";
I Dante an olderly exile   when    "Tho
Divii.e ('.,:.. -ly" s,,w -i... li. ' •
. Cuilyle, Ruskin, Herb.':-'. Spencer,
[Goethe, Emerson, Victor Hugo, Tolstoi, Ibsen—the | iv.it- st thinker, ol
overy nation have given their greatest thoughts to lie v,.,iid in ,ild ,1,1.
have often been prodigious youths,
but un old Liszt, an , ,i ■! .:■ ::..
an old Uubenstein thrilled audieni -s
the world over as your |i ligics
never could thrill.
I So    much    I, r tl.e "1 gey,"
"fossil"     in    great mental i.ii. ..-
- mt'iiis.   'To conn.' down i"   ••! .-
i life, what hoj.,-:■■>:• 1. msei it is ' ,
belaud the young business or professional man to the detriment ol the
old. The youngster 1 -i have the
smartness and astuteness, but thu
elderly man has tlie experl nice,
ll was tlie young counsellors that
brought Hehoboam lo ruin and Israel
to captivity, the old counsellors who
would have saved both; and so, t -
day. the young lawyer, ihe yo
trustee, or broker is likely L, cm-
lark on hazardous ventures which
the uld man would avoid.
So. 10,,, wilh ll,,.- old doctor, -.,j
whom, fossilised or not, I would i :i
times sooner intrust my life than ti
lho young Jackanapes, fostered by
modern cynical notions, and who "i
not old enough to put humanity before scientific smartness.
As to tlio young clerk, tho young
waiter, and the young shop assistant,
there's more jaded fossilism to bo
found, more weak-kneed, wandering,
I addlopnteoness to nn average ono ,:(
tins,- than to a solid six ,:f his
Tin- , !d r|.-rk kn iWS ov -:■',' di 'ml
of his business; the young clerk, as
II rule, has no care for anything but
his cigarette and hi, gamo "i dominoes, clerking to him la not as it
is to (he old man. a serious profession ',, be studied as such, hul simply a means of earning a livelihood
without any manual labor and ,onw-
thing from which l" e ape ..'. llio
onrlisl opportunity.
Thoy aro the bono of my .... Thoy
ai", in 11 rule, tnr too superior to
inal,,- u study of their customers,
and, ,,f course, know littl ■ nothing about such delicate arts as lho
chulce of wines, 1 hoi -. or 1 .:-..,,
They will uump nnythii y I - ore you,
nnd nn- moro Interested in lho win-
net- of a rnio than in nn old *,u,,l regular in tomcr'fi littlo withe,
As a nutter ,■; fact, the faull with
modern youth is that be bus been ul-
lowod too much license by Iii-, generation, lie sees youths iu nil professions ivlm are at the lop of the t,',-i)
Unit bo hlmaolf is not content to
modestly wait his ti:-i" ond qualify
him ■ :' He wants to "stagger humanity" in bis fust quarter ,-f a
century, forgetful Hint nil the staggering of history, or the greater pm t
of it, has been done by grey-beard,
nnd bald-heads,
For my part I advocate a gencril
"loom" in tho latter, I would like
to    see a  combination in favor   "f
:. is in all branches nf life and
labor which would keep those young
fogey, :n their places until mich time
as they were old enough and torpor-
[ci ci 1 • i ough lo toko their place in
tl .- world arid b" of -.'i'i- service to
tho 0 maiunlly,
Cynics nro men who find fault
With the world because t'ey -. to
not consulted when it wist ucslgocd, THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B.C.
W w ■'■/ % ■ !.- % w w w w w *• * 'tis w *■% -«: •* '# ^ -# '* * w %
I Bargains! Bargains! §
li V//Vor StocKrTaKjng.
Remnants ami linds ottering less than Cost.
This is Our Iloiisc-Clennine Time.
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if&f      Not a Su    n the lot thai did not cost more lo
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IM; MEN'S OVERCOATS III just wholesale pi
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We are
selling for a few days Books, Perfumes,
Photo 1
'rallies, Vases and a thousand other things
\ The Canada Drug & Book Co.'y >
Local and General.
The C. P. B. will close the Winnipeg stores department on account of a
strike of tbe clerk,.
There is some talk of organising a
street car service between the Ilevel-
sti'ke station und Front Street.
The Attorney General bus introduced 0 bill requiting companies to
register mortgage, or Hooting
E. L. Kiiiniaii has put through a
$30,000 timber deal ol the coast, the
puachaser being C. D, Brewer, of
The city Basket Ball Club arc
endeavoring to arrange a match with
the Militia Basket Bull Club for Friday next.
Notice is given that the city water
supply will be shut off tomorrow night
between 1" p. m, aud midnight  to
ert't-ct repairs.
The return hockey mulch between
tbe C. P. II. and city teams will be
played at the rink tomorrow night
weather permitting,
W ll. Reid, ol Arrowhead, A. John-
Bon and A, l-i. Kincaid, ol Revelstoke,
are gazetted licensing commissioner,
I : Revelstoke Riding for this year.
The Dominion Government intend
putting "ii a number ol tennis to scoop
out the new channel for the river
below the protective work at Revelstoke.
R, Blackmoie is getting 11 reputation as a crack shot, The other day
from the back ol hi! hniise near the
river lie shot a coyote on theopposit
hank near the railway bridge.
The Methodist CI ircb was well filled last night to In ir Ibe lecture "At
the Edge ol tie- Arctic Circle," by Rev.
\v. H, 11,11:.. ■■ :. : Dawson City,
the lecture pi iving 1 Ireal to those
whv heard it.
The Revien says Hilly Cowan intend! to extend ti:, telephone system
to Revelstoke ami will put the line
,:i go -I lha] e right I igb. This is
jo A new, and is to be com-
for liia
J, Ai, lersoi near li -ing his
team In the rivi 11 d ij-, He was
crossing on the i n en I k-1'-" way,
the twin <Ir 1 -, 1. - - -.'■ re feel ol
Hi ii-. . il the harness ate! Iree th •■- - - they c mid
gel   il
A  meeting    I tbe new  board ol
-, i,   . trustee   * 11 foi    I
night  whin  A.   McRae wa, elected
: airman i 11 'in-1 ne dug yoar and II,
i   y I secretary,   The h iaid will mcel
The snowfall has been very heavy so
far Ibis week. Mr, W, E, McLaughlin, J, I'., who keeps the weather records at the. Government olliees, reports tbal,8,1 inches ol snow fell on
Sunday night. For the 21 hums lu il
a.m.yesterday Mr. McLaughlin reports
the snowfall to have been I) inches.
Tho Camborne Miner says: "The
Kootenay Mail and Revelstoko Herald have amalgamated tinder the
no 1110 of tbe Interior Publishing Co,,
aud are issuing semi-weekly a 1,right,
newsy paper. Independent politically,
colled the Mail-Herald. Tbe Miner
wishes the new firm a useful and
prosperous career."
Social & Personal.
Mrs, MoKeohnio, of Sloean City, is
on a visit to Mrs. Kincaid.
Mrs. Haggeu relumed Sunday irom
her trip to Australia and New Zealand,
A. McDunell went to Fergus ,11 on
Saturday in connection with the lire
at the Hotel Ferguson.
John Ennest has left Vancouver for
Cobalt, (Jut., where be intends to pros-
peel for a good mineral location,
J. Hector, of N'akusp, was in the
city today on his way to the coast
where he intends making his home.
Mrs. T. II. MoMahon has been
called easl owing to Ihe illness ol her
son at Minneapolis where be is ut
S. A, Mundy, president ol the Mundy Lumber Co, came in from Three
Valley sponding Sunday and Monday
in the city,
O11 Friday Mrs. Kincaid entertained
about 50 ladies at her In,me ,,11 Fifth
Street. In the guessing competition
Mrs. Purvis won lirst, and Mrs. Dent
second prize.
Death of M. Gode.
On Sunday Michael Gode, who had
been employed in the C, P. It simps,
died from an internal complaint, The
funeral t,mk place yesterday, the body
being taken to the Catholic church
and thence to the cemetery, Lev.
Father Pecouil conducted the services
st   the   cliiireh and graVI   Ml,8 Mat,
playing the organ at the church. The
Brotherhood ol Machinist, took charge
ol the funeral arrangements and attended in a bully as did also the other
shop b ind, and a large number ol the
publio,   Deceased wa, 118     ; ige
and leaves a fvidow,
smoker—the "Marco
Pleases every
Slock taking cash solo at Howsou's
Furniture Store.
Lime Burning at Albert Canyon
III, Peolei ha, got  his lime kiln
thi, week to consider the estimate, lor at Albert Canyon in shape and will
the coming year I01 submission to the
City Council,
start I,un,ing iu ubout two weeks,
The  location ol  the kiln It at the
GorgO, two and  a  half  miles east of
Albert Canyon station, where there is
n bed nl lime of special value for
building purposes, lie is building a
shed at the kiln. Mr. Peeler will keep
11 stock ol lime in Itovelsloke for con-
lenience ol builders.     The  new  lime
kiln will be in full operation by noxt
It       toke
Chamois Chest Protectors, elc, sold
ut the Canada Drug Store.
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prices that don't burn, at BROWN'S.
Cull and get suincof our now prices
on groceries, C. I!. Humeri Co.
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Clover Honey in lib. gloss jars and
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ond see them C. B. 11 time & Co.
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ol all kinds, Large assortment and
iii good and Iresh at the Canada Drug
1 . W. O,
At 1 special meeting - n Tuesday ol
tbeC. W. 0 W  Camp 229, the officer,
for the ensiling year were installed.
After installation a supper wa- served
and .1 social entertainment was enjoyed by the members.
The lira! meeting nl Ibe new Council
was held Mm day night. Present:
Tho Mayor, AM, Abriiliauisuii, Caley,
llowson. Tapping, Trimble, Palmer.
Tbo new Mayor and Aldermen were
sworn iu by II. Gordon, ,1, P.
It.  (lord inked  1 but  tbe Fire,
Wnler and Light committee visit the
powerhouse lo see llie work going uu
there. Lumber was also required fur
flooring the building,
The Mayor said  there  were only
two left of the old council  I be was
sun! tbe now council would assist him
in his duties. There was nothing
hard about tbe work and he hoped,
when their term ol olliee expired, it
would be admitted they bad dune good
wurk for the city.
The Mayor announced bis appointment of the following committees:
Fiminco : Aid. llowson (chairman),
Caley, Trimble,
Public Works: Aid, Tapping,
(chairman), Abriiliaiiison, Palmer.
Fire, Water and Light: Aid Trimble, (chairman), Howboh, Abraham-
Health and Bylaws : Aid. Palmer,
(chairman), Tapping, Coley.
Chief Bain reporting the fire alarm
system was working 0. K.
Wall Chung, asking permit for
celebration ol Chinese New Yeor. Tho
Mayor explained the privilege bod
hitherto been grunted under supervision of Chief cf Police.—Permit
grouted as before on motion of Aid
Palmer, seconded by Aid. Trimble.
Tlie Mayor explained the council bad
previously picked out on applicant
provided tho reference, were oil right,
The city clerk received a letter from
trim asking Iwo year's guarantee
whioh the council cuiiid not give, and
so 1 bey would have to deal with tbe
Applications were then read from
T. A. Davidson, Vancouver, W. McDonald, Vancouver, J. H. Hooper,
Enderby, J. McManus, Revelstoke, E,
While, Calgnry, C. 11, E, Crossland,
Vancouver, lor position of dynamo
The Mayor urged the mattor should
be carefully gone into in committee of
the whole with a view to selecting tbo
best man
It was resolved, on motion of Aid.
Trimble, seconded by Aid. Caley, that
T. A. Davidson be appointed—Carried,
Chief Bain recommended the snow
lie shovelled fuck from the fences
against which it was packed by thu
snow plough.
After siiine discussion it w.s resolved, on motion ol Aid. llowson,
seconded by Aid. Palmer, sum nut exceeding $25. lie spent in clearing the
worst places.
Next meeting ol Counoil was fixed for
Friday, Jan. 2()th, ond on alternate
Fridays thereafter,
It was dteided to have the road
opened out to the cemetery.
Aid. Palmer wanted access opened
through the snow tu some houses
where there were no sidewalks, but it
was understood this COUldJnot be done
owing to danger ol breaking the snow-
The council then adjourned.
The following games have been
played this week in the looal competitions
Burns Cup—Brock 12, V Kincaid 7.
I'pper 7, v Foote 5.
Equitable—Bae 11, v McCarter 4.
Billiard Tournament.
The following are the handicaps in
the aecond billiard tournamenl "I the
season il the Revelstoke Club
c V, Hall 271 T. l-i. I, Taylor 210,
\ E Kincaid 200, J, G, Barber 200
K, Smith 200 A V Anderson 2Wi II
A. Brown 200 l-i   K  Boultbte200, t.\
Corporation of the   City  of
S'otlcB I ',"'■■*,■, given that lie water mpplj
1 "ii between i'i p, "'■ 'Mul mid nigh I
tomorrow I'l'imr -lav Jen, Rtbl, f*>r repnin
i'i. IMS Mayor,
Wo have pold so ninny gondii und timdu su many now customers during the Sulo
that wo intend to oontinuo it till tho end ol tho month. IH vory thing in tho Store ut greatly
rodncod Prices, uml thi?* wook
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Worsteds anil Surges, all sizes ond patterns,   lingular Price $2,50,
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HELD IN REVELSTOKE.   Shoes and Rubbers at unheard of prices for the next fow days.
%f VVvV www Www www www WWW www Iff www Iff Iffffflf WWWWWWw WWWWWW W •WWWWWWW WWWWWW WWWWWW WWWfJ
WANTED-A girl not. over 2a to
do general house work. Wages
$110 per month, Must be good worker.
.Apply ul Ibis olliee.
i)OVS WANTED lo sell thu Ciimi.
O dilln " Graphic," 11 Notional Illustrated Weekly, on Saturdays. Price
Scents. Twelve eopies to start wilh
sent, free. Address: Tbe Canadian
Graphic Publishing Company, 1711
Victoria Street, Toronto, Out.
WANTED-GIrl I'org 'id limine-
wink.   Apply lo Mrs,  F. II,
Bourne, Fourth Si reel.
lAOH SALE-HouSc llxIS, on l.ol
J' 511 x HKI, cleared) good garden
and woodshed, Ifeaulifiil building
sile.   Apply nl iMaii.IIkiiai.ii olliee.
1,1(111 SALE -A Piano nud Player.
}    Apply P. O, Box 1117. Itevelslnke.
1   P. DILLON, D. V. S,
MuUill University, Mnulraiil.
(Formerly ijiinrmiliue Inspector nud Monitor
North West Mounted Polloel
Fraser 175,   In-
Abrahamson 1116
Wells   186,   A     I'i
Jeffrey 150, W,
Bradley 150 v.
Kiiiuiiiii   160,  II
Sutherl I   176,
hr. Cross lll.'i, F.
Phipps 160, H.
Cowan 160, K
B, Lewis 160, E,
T. Watt 160, A.
McHonel! 160 I. M. Scott lm. 0.8.
McCarter 140, T. Kilpatrick 140, A.
,M. Piiikliiiui 125, W A. Sturdy 110
c. R, McDonald 100,CI BeattieOO,
Baron (igilvi,- lid.
The finish in tho lirst handloap ol
tin- season was played oh* on Saturday
night between  Ur, Sutherland (150)
id Cleve Hull (275), resulting in a
victory for hr. Sutherland after a
very exciting game.
Thursday, Jan. 25th
Pie [1: 91 ating alter matob
M Cross Dmjj (0.
FEB.   2    Ac   3
Grand Concert
Mf.HUnlny Vrlnrn«hfi
the honor lo prewinl
Madame Beatrice I^n^iey.
England's Koremtwl Vlollnl il
Mr. Stanley Adams,
England's Lending ftarltono
Miss Myrtle Me^y,
The Clever Australian Plannt.
I'lln nf Heats Dnw open nl Oanadd
Ding A BookHtore,
PRIOE8   75r,   &   60c,   jBl
NOTICE Is hereby given ilmi.JU) days alter
date, I intend to apply to tU Honorable
i he Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for ii special license to cut ami carry tway timber frum llm following desorlbod land!:
INo,l, Commencing at a post |iliint«il on the
north side of Smith Creek, about seven miles
from Palllser River, theuce east mi chains,
thence north 80 chains, thenoe west 80 chains,
ihence smith sn chains tn place of commence-
Located the M tiny of January, 1WKJ.
No. "2. Commenolng at a post pluntod on the
nest side of Smith Creek, about ten miles from
I'alltser Itivnr, theuce north Wchains, thence
west Hil chains, thence south 40 chains, tlionco
east 80chains to |ilaca of commencement.
Located tlie Ist day of January, 1008,
No. X Commenolng at ft post planted on the
wesl side of Smith Creek about leu miles from
Ciilli-or River, thence 40 chains west, thence 80
•halns ioutbi thence 4u chains east, thence80
ihalns north to place of commencement-
Located tlio W day id January. 1900.
No. i. Commencing at ft |M»st planted on the
a- i lunik nf Smith Creek, nliout nine miles
from I'alli-i-r River, Ihence -III chains west,
Iliniiceliiil chains smith, tlionco 4tlchains east,
tnence IflOenalni north to place of commencement,
Located ihe Ith day of January, 1900,
No 5 Commencing at n poil planted on llio
oail lunik of Smith Creek, about eight miles
from Pfllltier River, tin-nee SU clmins ensl,
ti.niicn wi ohajtifl norlli, tlience B0chains west,
thence8n chains tontli toiilnceof commence-
Located tlm Ith day Of Jnuiuiry, iwm
N<> i'i ' ommenplngal a noil planUn] on the
oasl 'Milk of PallUer Rlvor aluiiil. di miles
from the mouth and about iwn mil"- from Ihe
river, thenco with io chain', ll oe «a-i Km
• i.iiiii ,theuce north 10chains,tlionce woit ion
nf oornmencornenl
ith day of January, IttW.
'11 Pet Waller Ninon. Annul
Ho   ;    Cm onptofl Hi ii |K»I I'lnnled on llm
»,i i   (do id I'niii nr Hlvor, nbuiij -it ml let
fmm the montfi and iwomllni front Inorlyar,
ihence north I" ohains, thonco onst IGOclialns,
thenco nuth >'■ chains, theuce wesl IQOchalm
in plnooof oommonoementi
fjooated the Oth day of January, 1000,
Uf Per Walter Nixon, Agout,
No. H ( URimOnplnfl nl « pOft planl"d mi thn
nasi bunk of PaTllsor Itiver, aliont *\t tnlhiH
frmn Hie month, thenCO -milh 4'l Ojialni, Ihenco
cast IAOchains, thenoe north (n clmiu-., ihenrn
ureal IflOonilns to place of eommenoomont,
LoOftted thn lib day of Jnnuary, IWW
"if Per Walter Ninm, ogont,
No 0    CommnnrliiK Its posl libint«i on the
wed,  hnuk  of   I'nlli-er liver, nhoiit  ill mileJ
from Hie mouth, theiicxpi chain.- welt, thoure
BQobalni "nth, thenoe iu chain.-! east, tnence K
lain norlli to pbict of "nmnieacomet
I itnrl Ihe mii diy of January, lllfK,
'Jtf per Walter Nixon. Anenl
2 Pounds of extra fine Sugar Diamonds
Made solely From Cane Sugar.
Refined to Absolute Purity.
Vancouver, British Columbia.
It's iiiiiiln from pure Cane Sugar, oryslalised to resemble Hock
Candy, and comes in grains that sparkle liko nnout diamonds. It's
concentrated sweetness is an attractive and convenient form.
Sold in 2-lb sealed packages only. Ask your Grooer
i ui-
Stylcs to cover every need
from fine city wear to lumbermen's or miners'footwear.
They are all just as honest
as   the   emblem 'signifies.
J. Leckie Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B.C.
The MaiI.-Hehald give advertiser,
a guaranteed circulation of 2,000 a
ToiuIoi-b lor a License to Cut Timber
on Dominion Lands In tho Province or British Columbia
(JBALKI) TKMIKIIS «,l,ln'Ks-i',| Ui Hi,- 'I'lniU'i-
n  ninl Miii,'« llriini'li. Ili'imrlau'iil „! llie la-
li'iiot. nml iiiiulfi',1 oil tin' inii'l„| IViult'i (nr
llllllll'l lll'ltll Nu. un," iilll In- n',-,'ii,„l nlllilH
ll,'|,i,itlni'lit  niilil llol n Wclni'.iiliiy, tin, !M„t
,lii>„( I'-i'liiiiiiiy, Usui, lor a lltituno I,, ciittlrnlier
mi 11,'iUi Niii uu. siiiuiii, in Hie Province nl
liritish iMiimlilo, "a 'li'1   lllii'llli'iiiu'l' llli'i'i,
 t I'liicni in. Inl,w,'ii,,ii ,il milil lllvi'i-liy
Hi- North l„ liny ,1 'I',,«iihIiI|i m. Ilium,! na,
WXt ,,l lln- Mil M-rlillliiiillu'li,',, ,l„wn »lruiuli
t.«,, mil,'.. iniHii'ft iIIhIuiii'i' hIIIi it ili'iill) „f 'mn
mil,' on tin' UV.tcrly HJilo tllflraof, mi'ii.siiri'it nl
iijilil niiiili!. I,i tlie iii'lti-liil In'iiillljl „1 tlm Itivnr
Hiliiin llm iHtrtli. containing nn iinnt „( two
!,<|inir„ lllllflH, nnirt' ,,) I.-hh.
'I'll,'n-unliiliim. nn,l,'i ulil-li n Iti-i'lMi" uill l,„
i-,,t-,l. i,l„' |,rnil-,l f,'iin- nl (muter ninl enVfllolH),
,11,1, I.- ,,l,t.,ln„,l „t litis ll,.|ii,rt,n,,|it ,,r III tlm
„lllr,',,l lln, ('mult TitnlK't Annul ul Nniv WHt-
Kaoh i-inl-r intisl   In' ii,',',,iii|,niii,,,l   l,y hii
H,,-,'|i|l',| ill-,,,!,' OH II ,'li:ill,'l-,l liitlllt 1,1 I mull (,f
III- ll„|„ili ,,/lh, MlnlltOI ol the llil-rl„i. lm III"
,-iliiiirii.i ,,l tin- Ih , uliii-ltlli" n|i|ill,-Hnt is|,r,'.
,„,rp,l I,, pi) l',i«llcma.
N„t'-mlpr l|ytalegrarlh uill I nllrUlneu.
pbblkv a. nKvr.s.
I)r|i.irtmi'iit „l tit- Interior,
i hi,,ii , Jnnuary trill, !',,<■
Revelstoke Assessment District.
Notice is hereby givon, in accordance with
Ihe statutos, that Provincial Revenue Tax, and
al) assossed taxes and Income Tax, assessed
nml levied under the Assessment Act and
amendments, aro now due and payable for the
year IIUHI.
All taxes collectible for the RpyelstoiVe
Assessment District are due and payable at my
olliee, situate at the Court House, Revnlslolie,
B.C. This notice, iu tcrmsof Inw, Iseipiival-
eul ton personal demand by me to all perilous
liable for taxes,
Dated at Revelstoke, B, (!,, this 22nd day of
J a mia ry. 1H0O,
Deputy Assessor ft (Jolloctor,
j24-lin     Itevolstoku Assessment District,
HOTICK Is hereby given that 30 ilnys
after date I intend to apply to tho Hoiior-
n the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Work • for a special Hceuse to cut and carry
away timber from the following descrllmd
land-, situated in West Kootenny District:
Commencing at a po4 planted about one
mile norlh of Halcyon Hot Springs and about
>j mile from Arrow Lake, and marked''Bert
Hlyth's north.wo-t ortier nost,' theuce south
liii'huitL. tlinn'* east 100 chain--, thonco north
l"rhaiii". thence west W rlmin- to poiutof
Dsted January lath, l."»-
"What—more?" asked Potor Peppercorn, in amazement.  "Moro?'1
"Ve.-i, dad."
"Why, that makes-—"
"Yes, 1 I.nm,, dad. Hut ono must
upend money ii ono', to got into
good socloiy,"
"Scorns io inn getlln' Into goclatr
ia u pretty oxponslvo luxury, fifteen
hundred pounds since—"
"JPy deer Inllier, gold Is tlie Lev
tliiii opona every portal, Already,
thank, i i Sir Qulllnume, I lia'e
iiuule iiinn;' oxcoUont friend,, Ami ne
bus hinted Unit, a prosentatlon i-.t
Courl ia nnl altogether Impossible."
"('iiniii}, ur Bankruptcy?"
"Well, you've spent no cud o' brass
since ynu knovrcd him, mul how much
fur'iirtler nro you?"
"Why, In- lias introduced me to nu
cnil n? first-class people, and if we
juiii the board uf Lis   new company
shall lie certain to meet with many
tho olil man.  "Wo shall soon    r.eo sonco, with a paper In his hand, "I've ^•f.f.f.f.f.y-f.f.f.f.Hfl.ysy^.f^f ; halls by boiling eggs, mashing   tlio
which wny it jumps." beoa a-lh.nkin' over what you  sold, -f i ;yolks with n silver spoon nnd mix-
What is II, Huh?" sho askoil, on;- ""' a-loo«lu' over the sliuro list, nn' T I ing Willi one raw yolk ami ono tea-
•ily, placing her hand ua his should- 1 c«"'t Und your Hy'cints uowhero," T
"Ob, nothing much. Don't mini! wilh some slight hesitation. "Y.,1 ♦ 14ilOtiI "liii iJOSJuO t
in,, about, Polly," shaking off Her I see, bulbs nro, so to speak, at pro- f D,WWM, »,lw «"*mww t-
hand; "I luitu it. 'llm tact Is,   dud sent underground,  But we are swell-! T j-
is oxpoctlng company, und—1   dare inn- rapidly—growing larger day   by] * r
sny ho will toll you all about   it."! day,  Tlio liltlo green heads are a'-ITilvvv mHHi fj A A ,4-4-H-r-
-f'spoonful of lliiur; season with    salt
and pep])i'r, mako into balls; drop in
green    heads   moaning th.
"Uliiil  is llin mallei'  with    Bob'"
asked Polly, coming lo tlio old man
Anil unheeding tho pained Inuk Upon] really "
her fiien lm hurried frum tho room,   i   ,„pi1n
"Whowl"    whistled   Potor;     "tlio| shareholders, eh"" suid Potcr, with u
young senpogrnce bus left mn lo opmii (.wliikla in his eye.
after all, i    "Eh1! oil, yes,'of course,    lln, na,
Mr. Popporoornl Very good,  Just si
Already the   number of private np-
     What Is this secret thai has | pitcaLlans for shai'os ia onormous. In
:,,) changed him? n montli wo shall burst forth—In twu l'"P "f lho minced chiokon allow
"Why, lho fact Ib, my dear, Ilob a I wo aliull In, flourlslilug luxuriantly- cup of
soup just boforo serving.
Bnlio    Apples.—Wipe nnd
To ^	
sour npples.    Put ill a linking dish
ninl till    cavities   with  sugar   and
,,,, ,        ,.,„,,       ,, ,„      t«pi<--,-; iillow one-half cup sugar anil
1-. 11, Ih    of    tbiclienllrnas.-'„„1,„„.,■„,„.,„     t * .
the abltomeat ol acold roas   chick- ntttwog ,,„ ,,,,,,' „   ,       |f    t
on ono,   Season to tasto with salth, „„,.,,, a fow (h H ,lf ,,.„„„, m*
und pepper,   a dash of onion juice, and row gratings from rind ,.f lemon
ami a littlo winced parsley,   'lu  a to ,,,,,,   a|)|)lo ls   „„ |ra|„.„v„miml,
11 Dover bottom
British   Investigator  Fresent3
Somo Rather Startling
Yukon Men Regard Tiieir Experience in the North a Valuable Factor.
__^_ , ,    ..,  if   dish with boiling
,  ,   , ,,    „     a luxuriantly-cup of cream Into which a plndi of water and bake In n hot oven until
rich now-uud-what thu world culls, mll] Mtm, lnroo h.lVc, ,,,,^,,,1 Woshnll baking Boda Is stirred    ""'   _-"'"   	
Serve, luu nr cold with
,,,,„,,   .i—- = ■  """ "'" "",,, ,,'",""■ i   n, Uako Bananas.—Homovo   skins
think uf,   iinmnhi- n.i.i „,,. a     <■...,. ...   I-       -   ,„„„„„, „n(| ,,u| ., Mvm
a gentlemen.
"Vos, uncle—"
"And—Polly, do ynu ovor
Is n draft oi lho pros-
iiiiiii I.e. handing the
father,   "What do   you
wore, Trior
pectus, ilu'!,
(Jiiper to hi,
think uf ll?"
"Well, 1 don't know much about
prospectuses nn' shares nn' sU-h
tilings,  Pickles is n.ore in my line."
"Dad, I wish you wouldn't thug
the shop up at every turn."   *
"Don't you dcsplso tho shop, my
lad. It was tho simp ns dragged you
up- don't forget thai."
"That's nil very well, dad. Your
bu.- iiie.s.s was a success, and you have
a right to he proud of it, But there
is nu reason Hint your mouth should
bu always full of—"
"Pickles, eh? Ha, ha! Well, p'raps
not. But It's natural, after nil. to
think of old friends. I tell you what,
Lui; if your new friends slaiul by you
ns well as my old 'ins havo dono
you won't hurt. But let's lonk at
your prospectus. 'Hyacinths, Limited.' liinph! Sounds pretty Weill
'Tills company is formed to tako up
Concessions fur the collection uf bulbs
from the battlollolds of Soutli
".Never mind the preamble, dad.
Coin:- in the directors."
" 'Managing director, Sir Qullom
'Awksleigh.' "
"Uuillaunie, dad. Guillaunie," corrected Hub.
"All, well, it's all 11:0 same/' said
tlio old man. "That's your lino
friend, ain't it? And Where's your
"Here nt the bottom," said Bob,
pointing it out. " 'Robert Peppercorn, Esq,, Capsicum Lodge, Tooting.'    Aren't you    proud of    that,]
"Think of him? Of course
"Vos—of course, But sorluus like?
Think of him ns being nearer to yn i
lhnn bo is now? Phew! Now the
cat's uill!"
"Why do you ask mo?" she askoil,
looking down.
"Becauso, my gal, I've fanclod—
perhaps after all it wus only my
fancy—that—that— Polly, my gal,]
do you lovo him?"
Polly's head dropped, and sho un
"Oh, yes; it sounds very line.    But
- is il any good?  Will it pay?"
"Sir (lu'ilLiunie assures mo there
is money lu it."
"Yes; but will it conic out? That's
the point."
"He tells mo that in three months
the shares will bo at a premium. Oh,
it's as safe as lho bank,"
"UlnphI Banks break sometimes—
and bulbs may go to pot."
"Well, I've promised to tako two
thousand shares, dad, and the object of the baronet's visit is to induce you to take up a similar number and join the board."
. "Two thousand shares at a pound
apiece—that's pretty well for bulbs,
ain't il? Hull's In South Africy, too.
It' lhey was onions, now, or even
gherkins, I could do something with
'em. But bulbs—no, they ain't
my line."
"Well, dad, you must ploase yourself, But whichever way you decide,
I waul you lo bo especially nice to
Sir Gulllaunio and his daughter."
"You don't mean lo say that he's
bringing bis daughter here'.'"
"Yes; Alicia has promised lo ,i>
company him."
"Is she ia tho bulb business, toof'1
"Sho is n must charming girl. I
want you particularly to make a
good impression Upon her'. I may
as well conlide to yon, dad, that 1
wish to—"
"Keep company with her a» well as
her father?"
"Had, 1 wish you wouldn't put
things so coarsely. Itomoinboi', Alicia
is a lady. I love lie,- to distraction,
and so will you when you see her.
Shu is (he most beautiful—"
^ "liinph! "Aiidsunio is ns 'nn'dsomo
does.' What about your old sweetheart. Polly?"
"Polly?" said Bob, shifting his
I'hnir uneasily. "Why, of course—I
like Pully—but—well, she's almost
liko a sister."
"I'm afraid, Bob, she regards you
as Bomothlllg more than a brother
1'vo noticed as you ain't been quite
thu nnine lo her lately, an' l'vo bom
d-puzzllii' my brain to know why.
Lows' quarrel, says 1, but I was
mistook, Now tho secret's out.
You've found out sho ain't good
enough for yon. But I tell you
what It is, Bob, She's a girl III
thousand—bless her!—and I won't
have her heart broke for all the lino
ladies in Ilia land."
"Look hero, father, you're a lilt unjust. You undo your own choiao
when you married my mother."
"Uuiphl Wall—yes. ilnvo ynu
told her of this engagement?"
"Why—er—no, not yot," said  Bob,
uneasily.  "1 have not had a chance,'
"You'll    have    ono of   my roses,
won't you niniliy, dear?" suid Polly,
entering from Hie garden.
"Bless you, my gal, yes. I'lu 'eni
nil over me, till I look liko a Jack*
jn-lhe-Grrrn, if it pleases you,"
"No, I can't spam you more than
one," she   said,    fixing it,   "Tli-rn—
Isn't it a beauty?"
"Not half so srelty ns you, my
bias, m<r half lie BWOet,"
"Ilnt'le, dfln't glVO wny to flattery," sho suid, laughingly, adding,
"Bui  what', the seui'i'l'.'"
"Why, I he fact is, ru,V dear," said
her uncle, with sumo hesitation,
"Bill has something Important tit
"To. llie?"
"Tho cat's comlu'  tut," mullered
snored,   sorrowfully,   "Don't—don't
ask me, uncle,"
"Dashed if I didn't think so,"
cried Peter. "1 knew ynu did; I
told him so."
"Don't misjudge mo, uncle, dear,"
she said, twining her anno about his
neck and gazing through her tears
Into bis face, "or think mu ungrateful, Thero was a tlmo, perhaps, W1I0I1
1 thought Hob might earn for mo
well enough to mako mo his wile.
But"—with a sigh—"circumstances
are changed, I know that he has a
right to look higher. After all, 1 nro
only a poor girl who ban been largely dependent on your bounty, I do
lovu him—i lovo him too well lo
stand In Ihe way of his prospects, [
thought. 1 had kept my secret close.
But since you havo discovered it I
will r;o away. And sumo day, perhaps, when ho is happily marrlod,
you will forgive ino"; and, burying
her face in her hands, sho hurried
from lho room.
"Uruphl I linowed it—I knowed it."
repeated the uld man, pacing up and
down. "Pelts- Poppcrcorn, you're a
bass—a bass, sir! If you'd stuck to
your pickle-tubs an' kept him a-skin-
in' unions this wouldn't havo happened. But, no; out of tho softness
of your old 'end you must try to
make him a gentleman. A pretty!
hush you've made of it. You deserve
to lie kicked, you old fool, you do. 'I
'I'd emphasize his words he sent the
footstool flying across tho room ns
Bob entered, accompanied by Sir
Ouillaume Hawksloigh and his
"Halloa, dadl" said he, "what's
the (rouble? Training"for a footb-ill
match or—"
"Nor" said Peter, still pacing tn
and fro,   "I'm lottln' of! steam,     i
must, or lho biler'U bust.   1 "
"Hush, dadl" said Bob, soothing
him. "You do not see our visitor.
Lot mo introduco you. Alicia—Sir
Guillaunie—this is my father."
"How d'yo do, miss?" said Peter,
shaking hands with his guests.
"How an you, Sir 0.7 Pretty
bobbish, eh?"
"Delighted to meet you, Ml*. Peppercorn," said the baronet, "We
huvo heard a great dual uf you,
though wo have never had tho pleasure uf meeting you boforo,"
"Heard o' me? Well, yes, I s'poso
you have. Peppercorn's Pickles is ia
evoryono's moulh." -   _
Bob shot an angry glance at bis
father, but tho old man failed to ni-
tico it, for Sir diillaiime, looking
round, said, "You havo a nice plaoo
here, Mr. Peppercorn," adding aside,
"Everything in execrable taste."
"Yea, I Hatter myself it is,"   said
Peter.   "My ewa tasto too."
"Beally?   It docs you credit."
"Tho pictures are nice, ain't they?"
said    Peter.     "Heal    ilo paintin's,
every one of 'em.   'Andpaintcd, ton."
"Is it passible?" queried tlio bac-
onet, eyeing tho paintings quizzically.
"You havo not gone iu for tho  old
school, I see."
"No, thanks; nono o' yer   shabby
old masters (or mo.  dive mo sorao-
tliin' bran' spankiu' now.   Anil there
you nre," ho added, proudly, with  a
sweeping feature that took in    the
four walls,   "Now, I dossay some o'
yer nobs don't boast pictures    like
them "
"I should imagin, not."
"What d'you think o' them
an'   tho cat's-meat   barrer?
ain't it?"
"Ah!   'Jack-in-Olllce,'  after Land-
"After what?"
"Not a bit of il.  They're    after
thn cat's-meat.   Why, 1 should    ha'
thought nnyona could ha' seen that,"
said   Potor,    hall    contemptuously,
turing aside,
"Tho old man's a tool."
"Dad," said Hub,   coming lo    his
father's side, "Sir Gulllaunio, I believe, wishes to havo a littlo private
chat with you.   Sir Ouillaume, with
yuur permission Miss Hawksloigh and
I at'fl going to stroll round tho   garden.  1 have promised to show   hor
iur rosea."
"Alicia will be delighted," said the
baronet.   "Will you nut, my dear?"
"Very," sho answered, coldly.
"By tho way, Sir Guillaumc," said
Ilob, "I havo already spoken to   my
father concerning the—"
"Yos." replied Bob,
"Ah!"   said    Potor,   "T.ilkin'    of
bulbs, Witt 'Awkslolgh, while  you're
In the garden   just you make    Bob
show ynu our onions.   We've got the
nobbiest lot of "
"Onions," said Aliriri, with a shudder. "MnlMorous, vulgar abominations.     Gome, Mr   Hobert."
"Odious?" said Peter, Under liii
breath, as lho young people quitted
the room. "Why, llie girl's as big a
fool ns her father, And a ilresseil-up
doll like thai is In lake Ihe place u
my Polly!"
,,,,,, ni, ,, , ■, Ilub ")rivlh";suft, basting   often   with syrup    iu
, bo blooming,     Booming   I   moan, or a lablospoouful of bultor and ono {cllsfi    ~
: booming!" of corn starch nnd stir thorn Into lho |   <[<0
i    'I'mphl'  si.Ll Peter.  "As you put healed cream,    Cook fur a nilnulo, Ir,.,™
It things si,-iii protty flowery,     Hut add the ininred chicken nnd cook un-  |„ugi|iwlse     Put in n nlmllm.
,.,! t'iosts do c. o along somolimos and li! hut.   Tako lho mixture from ihe [iM\...    ' ,„, ,.„ '.S    ''    ,
"IP «Jll'gS UP. < 'I they?" pro and beat i„ gradually two Weil     ,,,'    |,,  , 1,'      , li  ,,     ,     ,
".My dear sir, 1 „„,   certain   that beaten oggs,    Pour Into a bowl and       ,,      ,,'",. '   '"     in   .' I
with proper management our success set aside until cold and stiff,  shape ,s     ,,;'-,,,„      ,  "ll,'°
wl   be abnormal.   It may require a |„t„ cutlets,  dip each culle     (Irak 2?H no-half „ii    ,,-'        11 I
11 hi nuslifmr nt   drat     lint   I " ■       ■   .   ,,      .    . wnn omj-nail  ino    nnxl.tnv.       iJuku
''"llelnl'ta^t-tlgbt^StTo bo ttn'm'L™ I" IF*t*"£ ?"? ! 'TV" n *'"" °V°"' '»*
apushi,,'   man,   eh?° 11a, Ll    ta^Kl!l»   !u mfxlure 'S   """   wit" ™"'li"^
"Hal Just so.  Very good-capital' whfto *'^    **"   "'"   1,T"    ""'T   teta-W' «" h
said Sir Ouillaume, adding under his    ,   ' halves, and remove stones from   six
breath, "Tho vulgar uld rullinii!"    :   "-"iclien and Nut Cropiolt.es.—Into pe.iches.    Place in a shallow granlto
II, an article "How We Aro Being
Poisoned,"   written   by  Robert 11.
IShorard In   tho   London magazine,  „.
lho writer, after dealing with adul- 1906, If tho plai
itoroli.il emvs' milk, says:— |lionnl .Socioty    f,
|   Milk, even when adulterated
j BO  per cent,  of added   water,
tains ol least some nutriment, Most
ol llii! i-hiap condonsod milk which is
Bold iu England cut,tains nono    at
, all.   This milk comes Into tho country from Ireland nnd from Holland,
] It sells at   twupciicu and twoponce-
[halfpenny a tin  and is usually  put
an interview wilh the pioneer of tin .
condensed   milk trade In  this coun- ONB THOUSAND P15RS0NS
„              ..          .try.    Ho naturally toeis concern   at attended the mooting.     Among   lho
"Of course" said be, resuming his n IMI1""' "f C"U] mlncwl chiokon stir pan,    fill each-cavity with one tea- in0 0vil   reputation   lhat   skimmed patrons were Governor Mctunos, Dr,
coiivorsallonal tone, "as you suggost, n '"'" CU|1 of olanchod and chopped spoon sugar, one-half teaspoon but- rn|iit js jotting from tho pronounce- Alfred Thompson,  member   of    lho
my title will no doubt give tho thinglKmJlisl1   walnuts.     Make    a while iter, fow drops lemon Julco, end    a  ment of crownors' quests. Canadian Parliament;    Justices 'Ou-
impetus.   And if wo can but add lho sauc0 °r   butter,    cornstarch,    and slight grating nutmeg,    Cook twen-     „t|10 SLug |3 prnotlcally    bultor- gas, Craig and Macaulay, (he three
names of ono or two prominent men ('"'ll,r- llml stir tlU! chicken and nut ity minutes    and    servo on circular  milk," ho said, speaking of ll in- highest    judges    In    the Territory;
-such as yourself, Mr. Peppercorn-- mixture into this.   Stir over tho lire iplec-s of buttered dry toruit,               chlno-sklmmcd milk,   In Lho Statu of MajOJ- '/. T.  Wood, commander    of
our success is assured."                     ""I'i hot; add, gradually, tho beaten     To Bake Pears.—Wipe, quarter end   n,.w York    llie sale oi it is forbid- lho Northwest Mounted  Police,  end
'Halloa, dadl" said Bob, entering yolks of two eggs', mix well and sot core pears,    Put In a deep pudding  ,],,„    h |„ Bktmmod milk with sugar the foreign Consuls ill Dawson,
hastily; "hero you are.    lb-re's    -t aside lo cool.   Form into croquettes dbh, sprinkle with sugar   or add a added.     "Tho   Biigor   often causes The scheme fur tho expedition was
wire for you.  ilut boforo you   open "'"I proceed as with chicken idiots,    small    quantity   of molasses, then  diarrhooa, and   bolps   to finish   off originated by   Dr, Anthony Vari le,
it,   dad,   congratulate    mo.    Miss    Fruit iYlllo,—Almost any kind of add water   to   prevent pears   from the ih'ld   who bos ton debilitated who weat to Dawsoa from ParLs.   In
Hawksloigh bus consented to marry fruit can be usvd for this dish, pro* burning,    Cover nnd  cook two    or hjy n long period of starvation," a  lecture,  Charles- MacDonald,  clerk
me."                                                  ivideil ihe fruit is quilo -ipo.    When illireo hours in a slow oven.    Small j   y|„, c0„t to tho manufacturer    Is'of lho Territorial Court of the Yu-
"Has she?" muttered Peter, as Hub fresh fruit is used—banana,, straw- pears may be baked whole,      Meckel  nothing more   than tho cosl  of lho kon, explained the plans fur ibe ex-
turned   towards  his fiancee.  "Poor berries,  raspberries,    cherries, apri- pears aro del Pious when baked.          suffer aud of tho tin.   But for   tho pedition,
Polly!"          ^                                 cots, nud   peaches   are most suited, ,   To Bake   Quinces.—Wlpo, qunrter,  demand for this milk by English mo- "Expeditions   of all former   Polo
"You, Sir Gulllaunio, I am    suio Prepare    tbo fruil  nnd cut tho ba-lcorn and paro eight induces.   I'm in ILbera   the  Dutch   German and  lri-li seekers,"    suid
will wish mo joy," continued   Bob,jnunas and othor large fruit Into con- n baking dish, sprinkle with   Ihroo-
"I cannot tell you how happy Alicia vonicnt pieces and placo them in    n fourths cup sugar, add ono and one-
' '" ~" ' glass dish.    I'repaie a custard with [half cups water, cover, and cook un-
qnarler   nf   a pint   of milk, one;til soft In a slow nven, Quinces  require a lui.,- timo for cooking.
that the rout,-ills
up iii gaudy
On tlioso inii"
with satisfaction
aro giiariiiiteedl	
Ay, that it is, nud with a machine
so pitiless   that every   particle    of
nourishment   is   removed.      I had
An oxpidilion    In   Be irch ol    tho
North Polo will start from i awson,
Yukon Territory, iu tho summer nf
of ihe fntorua-
^^^^^^^^^^^        Pillar    H.i-.iii-h
with 'and    Experiment    nro   carrli i o it,
con- Oovornor w. ii   Mclnnes, ,,f Yukon,
is one of the Led •--, in  tho   n iv •
menl, uiul General Qi-oely Uilnki lho
plana oi the boi loty fi ai Iblo,
Tho main dlrlorenco between lho
pinna of Hie Yukon explorers and
thus,., of expeditions tn the past is
lhat tho Yukon   men nxpoi I lo use
and attractive labels. ] tholr knowledge of ways and mo-infl
> ilu, purchaser roads of exlstonce nnd transportation in
llm Aii-i;e. They point out many
mistakes mndo by poisons unaccustomed to Ihe Arctic climnli! v.'iiO
havo irhd lo roach tbe Polo.
Tho Into national Sorloty for Polar liosuarch was organized In Dawson wiib two hundred membi rs,
Bo!)," said hi.s-
lias made me.
"Here,   'old ^^^^^^^^_^^^_^_^^^^^
father,   crossing   to him,  "P'r'aps olmro of sugar, und two eggs, flavor
aforo you say any moro you'd hotter Iit %Vjt,lt vanilla, and pour over  the
fruit wb,-n  quite  cold.    Stand   tho
iook at, this.'
"Why, what Is it, dad?"
"Head it," said Potor, thrusting
the telegram into his hand,
Hub looked at it for a moment,
and then rend slowly, ns I hough un
ablo to understand its purport: "International suspended payment. Utter
collapso. IIopo you bavc withdrawn—"
Looking from ono to Ihe other, he
asked, "What does it mean?"
I dish on (he ico till want I for table.
i.Iust before serving whip up a initio cream, sweeten  (, a' ■' nour it in
a forcing bag  wilh  a fancy    lube.
Cover tlio top of the dish with this, j
and decorate    to  laslo ■ ith    glacou
fruit, ebonies and   .ngoiia 'covered with
(   Chicken    Gelatine.—Select a good- t-ol. all jlul(r 0],
sized fowl, pm it i.or   ho (ire    In sm,ral waters
Icold   water,    Willi n bun h ol coup
Ii you rub grass si rains wilh
Ins es  they   will  como out without'not  distinguish,  and  murder    llieir
j difficulty in (lie ordinary wash. I children unconsciously.   Tho borough
Spots may bo removed from glng- of Camborwcll some year:
being   wet wilh milk    and  carded   tho   strcetsi   wilh
'■ Ma.-Donald,
tanners would havo lo throw it! "have been conducted on lines that
away. It is what is not wanted by i would never bo approved by uorth-
Iho Dutch, Gorman, and Irish pigs orn travellers of experience." Ho
that is sent into (his country    for continued:—
the English children. lis sale "Tho most familiar example of
should bo forbidden in England, It polar endeavor is the Nnnsen ex] idi-
is a dutigvrous thing. Tho child who tion. In that expedition it is
is fed on it dies of Starvation. Out' shown by Nnnsen s own book lhat
poor, who uso iittl'.i other milk, can- ho   understood    littlo   of equipping
and   handling long  distance expeditions,    Yukonors handle them wild
ago pla-jiuuch moro simplicity, cose and skill.
n poster Nnnsen worked in heavy skin robe.
common salt.     i.eavo
r so, and rinse out  in
Potor, who    stood   with his   head herbs.     Bring  gradually   to
sunken upon his breast and his ban Is "t"1 °ook slowlv un il Ih
thrust deep into his breeches pockets,:toidcr.    'Tako it from 'ho lire mid
answered, slowly, "You seo what t!u>L ''• ffft ('id in th  liquor.      Cut
telegram says.   'Utter—'" |thu ment Irom    th.   Do e. rojaoting
You can make n faded dr.-
.   fully white by washing it |n boiling | puts Into li
'  of tartar wuter. |generally.    Thero i
warning lho women, of tbo danger,   j
Provided   that   the   manufacturer
marks   tho     stuff]   as    "machine-
per- ■ skimmed," it. matters littlo what ho
tins.    And ihu of tins '■
Hi lie ,,r no in- ;
"Collapso!" gasped Bob.
"That's what it means."
"You havo not withdrawn?"
"Not a penny." |H	
With a suppressed oath Hob crushed ei shell
the telegram in his hand and strode remove
skin and gristle, und slico tho meat
neatly Boll lho liquor down to
one quart, strain it, and'return it
lo Hi.! lira wilh the white and crack-
of an egg. Boil up once,
ihe   scum,   m)\\ a heaping
to the mantelpiece whoro ho stool, tablospoouful of gelatine which has
bis head resting uu his hands, tho boon soaked in a littlo warm water,
plcturo of despair, remove from    lho    lire, and strain,
Sir Ouillaume gave his  daughter a Season will-    suit   to taste, a salt-
significant glance, and thun, moving spoonful of celery salt and tho
books, the upper shelf can
.    , - .    -  ,  sumo | j ,,
to Potor s side, tapped him goatly on I of paprika, a tcaspoonful each    of
tho shoulder. lemon juice and   of minced parsley.
'"hem!" he   began.   "This  is   a UuUer a mold with plain sides, pour
bad business, Mr. Peppercorn.' in a mi|0 0r tllc
"Why, yes; It, does look pretty bad, !]av
don't it?" said Peter, facing   roiin 1 '
and was Inuuerwl In sweat, then
chilled in.tho ico thereof. Yukonors
(ravel in
and    never    permit    themselves  lo
"Nnnsen    travelled     with    dogs
weighing   fiiiy   pounds.     Yuki i rs
never use dogs weighing less    than
100 to 150 pounds.    Nnnsen   d;i?o
his dugs   wit!) ... h hitched   to    a
„ ,, ,        km       ,       ,  i -,,i. .i   ,sInglo strand, and they always were
If Uiei-o is a deep-set door that  It Is a brand ol tinned lobster  on tho  .„„ w    ;u,,    amA1 |(_. 	
P finanently close,  market which is mndo by an ingonl- ,,„;,,,, Md ,,,.,;._ ,,.: ,."  v\'      '.
in   Curtains ous    1-renchrann   out of   dev 1-fish   (],h„ ;hJr „      |n       	
sldo or put,  Mu h of Oio timed tunny which    Is ond ,,av,_, s
odoes   not consumed in England Is veal. Truffles -Nansen had no handl      le   his
space with'"'                —" ' ' '
Sail dissolved in alcohol will often
remove grease spins from clothing.
Mud stains can Lo removed from
silk if thu spots an; rubbed Willi a
bit of flannel, or, ii stubborn, wilh
" piece of linen, wet with alcohol
spcctlon of food of (his kind.
One r-nds cvt'ry riny m* people who
(Ho of ptomaino poi: oiling from catling things out of 1 tu:,. Hero also all
ikiniki of trickery in practised. There
lis desirable   to
havo booksholva
can be bung at
OS one    pleases.       If in
I Wish to iill    thu entiro
"Looks bad for mo, But it need
mako no odds tu the young folks.
After all, brass ain't everything,
Whero lovo is, money don't count."
"Why, sir, you surely cannot thinii
that I should permit my daughter to
contract  Come Alicia, my dear,"
said ho, moving toward tho door,
"I think wo had bolter withdraw."
"Alicia!" cried Bob, stretching out
his hands to her as sho swept post;
      jr.! v    ,'rangu    a
r ol Ihe meat, ni( 'lien n lit-
moro jelly. Put next a layer
of thin slices of cold boiled bam or
tongue, more jelly, and then the
chicken again. In tho crevices between the meat place blanched al-
monds cut in si rips, a few pistacho
mils, truffles, sliced olives, and a
fu;v capers.
Beef       _^^__^^^_
soup tako the cracked joints of beef
o set in ji" a new form.   Apropos des botlcs,
own    thun would be wishod  rurri    has   ben   distilled   from ,,!i
for books, and china or pewter and I boot-leather, which bus tho peculiar
brasswaro pln,-d  i hereon or a  pic
ture hung in tho space.
aroma of this cordial.
But when our chfidron
hungered  with    diluted
wilh    inachinc-skinuiicd
sleighs.    Handles ore e. great essential !u the Yukuner in hi :
tlio sleighs.
"Nearly every oxpeditl :: sent to
the Arctic thus far has been composed of sailors, men who are useless    anywhere   but    aboard  sl.i
These are the days when chapped
hands and lips begin lo bo in ovi-
denoe, and, as usual Wo suppose must
pooplo will boiako themselves to
pure glycerine for a remedy, It is |
a mlstako to presume that glycerine
if foup.-To mako English beef \<s a euro for such a condition us
tako the cracked joints of beef, i this; quite o
have   ben
nd starved
,,,,.,,     , ''"I1"   .'v0 None expeditions not military were
risks that I hey have incurred in lak- ,,..,.,,,.     Bcm,_mU,,ttryi        • ./
headed and composed  of mi n    i. a
acquainted with tho North.      it  is
ing a natural food have by no
nn-inn reached their l.-ie. It is a
very disgraceful ihing that so miser-  t^t," 0^uc^
thu contrary, it is
and after   putting tho moat in tho I distinct, uggravant,
but with a faint inclination of    ttic,.'Pot aml covering It well with water I   Ono of the best remedies for chaps
head sho passed out In front of   hiM-|Iot " oomo to n boll, when it should  Wo know of is quilo simple, and any
able Is Ibe supervision of things   in]t0
[England that quantities of tuberculosis milk are evory day put on   tho
Koch's nonsensical  theories
been  entirely discredit'--'.   -:.d
at  tho beginning of   !..., year
draw   the
plan of Dr.  V iri lo
great contrxst right
father, and lho door closed upon i ho well skimmed. Sot the pot whoro
"Uiiincd: ruinod!" criod Bob, huskily, as ho flung himself into a chair.
Peter, with his hands still thrust
into his pockets, stood with his bavk
towards him, whistling dismally.
"Who's ruined?" asked Pully, entering al that moment. "Why, Bub
—uncle—what's tho matter?"
"Ask Bob, dear," seid Peter.
"Bob, dear, what is il?" sho asked,
i placing hei hand affectionately ou Ins
' shoulik-r.   "What is tho matter?"
"Nothing," ho answered, huskily,
"Wo aro beggars—that is all."
"Be-jgors!" site repeated, in aslou-
Lihrnent.   "But uncle's fortune—"
"Gone—nil gone."
"But I don't understand."
"Head it. there," said he, handing
her th, crumpled telegram.
Slowly sbo smoothed it out nnd
road tho fateful words, Then, brusn-
ing tho teal's from her eyes, she
cried, hopefully, "Novel' mind, Bob.
You aro young; you can make ,i
fresh start   i   havo n littlo   money
—not much—mil/ tho two hundred . ,.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmummmmmmmmm,
puumlii granny loft UlC; but it is '" l]""r '"r (l1" purpose, Parsley,
yours ii you will tako il-cvery.1".™"-, a1"1 aa'f" »r" tlm favorite
penny," herbs for seasoning, but slioiild    bo
'I'li'i young man vouchsafed no a,i- "'''ll sparingly, To make forcolneat
Bwcr, and Pully was turning Badly balls odd In ono pound chopped beef
away when i'eter, crossing to his'""" Ogg, a small lump of butter, a
son's iii,-, suid, "Bob, ain't your,cup or loss of bread crumbs; s-.-a on
eyes open yet?" With null  and    pqppor   and moisten
"Ye,,     dad,   they   are," he. cried,'wilh water from slowed menl; mako
springing up,   "iliey are, lo my own in balls and fry brown, or make egg-
follv.  1 havo been blinded hitherto—
ono could compound it 111 hi
homo. Tako leu grains of traga-
canih and place those in throe ounces
of moderately wurm, not hot, water,
it must then bo allowed to slaiul for
several hours, when ono outico of
itlio meat will simmer slowly until it
' is thoroughly done, keeping it clus>
ly covered all lho timo. 'lh» next
day, or when cold, remove tho    fat
whioh hardens   on    tho top uf    Gio n™,^™™^
soup. Peel, wash and slico throe'glycerine should be added. If It
good-sized potatoes and put them Idesired to glvo the preparation a
into tho soup; cut up half a head of pleasant perfume, this may ha ob-
white cabbage In shreds and add to tnined by adding a small quantity
this n pint of Shaker corn that h.-j, of oil of rosus nl Ilu saino time, ilie
been soaked over night., two unions, Whole compound should then be mix-
ono head of celery, and tomatoes If led thoroughly ol titer by shaking It
desired. When these aro done, and up well or stirring with a spona,
Ihoy ijnuld simmer slowly, care ho- after which it is ready for ui». i-hia
ng taken   that    the/ do not burn, |remedy Is   soothing, pleasant,    and
here, lie will have nono but experienced Northern mushors and
Haveners and i o .» but experienced
ami trained Yukon dogs.
"Tho question   of fuel and sufli i-
icnt supplies to carry tl-. ■ expedition
m—mmmmmmmmmmmm tho  across the ico is the slickler. Varido
Pcrmanont Commltteo of 'Dotraico proposes to ovorcomo this with aa
against Tuberculosis, acting under auxiliary expedition of mules. Ho
tbo Ministry of lho Interior in lean mako tho mules last 180 days
France, plncordod (he whole  country [or more by killinrr a mule every f„w
strain (or not, ns preferred) the
soup nnd serve, 'llio different varl-
tien of beef soup aro formed by this
method of seasoning, and Ihe different vegetables used in preparing it
oflcr the joints havo bcou well boiled. Besides onions, celery, cabbage,
tomatoes, and potatoos, many uso
a fow carrots,   turnips,  bents    and
with official posters warning muih-
eis that cows are often subject lo
consumption, that consumption can
bo transmitted to children in the
milk of diseased cows, and that it is
dangerous to feed children on milk
that has nol, boon thoroughly boiled.
How many English mothers know
this, anil when shall we see such posters on tho walls of our English
And this brings ino to a part    of
my subject where I  have   to   draw
attention (o n veritable scandal.  It
an almost infallible cure after   two
nr three   applications.     As a  ml..,
unless lho cracks in lho slijn aro ™^^—.^-^—^^^^^^^^^^^^
very much inllamod, an application lis ibis: Willi tho exception of soin,-
of Ihe compound Just before rotiiing [of Ih" btagcr towns, there Is in 1 ingot night and nnothnr in the mora- land nn Inspection whatever of the
Ing will gnnernlly havo the desired moat that is sold it, the butchers'
result uf healing Ihoiu. It is also shops There are qualified meat In-
a lino preventive, and few will    be spootors in London and   in    about
forco-racat balls, seasoned with splco, Itroubled with chapped sajjd,    who [twolvo rflhor boroughs in (be king-
Hlco or   barley will glvo lho    soup rub il. on    Hie skin in lho morning
consistency, and nro lo lu, preferred |after wasblii;
days for food for tlie dogs By thus
supplying "Jie dugs wiih mule m,.nb
each dog will have nothing to haul
'"llie knowledge of Kanscn's s:.c-
coss with tho oil burner will bo
utilized. No artificial heat will be
needed. The oil will be only for
cooking purpose.-.. Yukonors nfien
i ravel many weeks, sleeping uwhc
the open sky, with ihe thermon tor
40 to HO or moro beluw, w-.ih only
a fur rnbo for a bed,
"Vorlclo plans to make an experiment of a trip of several hundred mi'es here in. the Yukon biLSiu
this wiiit-r over rough Ice with unbroken trail. If be can avora a
only ten mi>s n day in the polar
wattes he will succeed,
dazzled by   outward show
dear, can you forgivo me?"
"Forgive you?"
"Y,-s, ij, ar. I know I do not de-
servo il, but tell mo 1 may hope lo
regain your lovo and I'll thuiik For-
tuno fir tho hard lesson sho has
taught me."
"I forgive yon, Bob, all I huvo
forgive.   There's my band."
"May I keep   it?" ho asked, draw-
, ing hor towards him.
"If you    wish  it," sho answered,
i nestling to his bide.   "Oh, Hob, is it
I wicked to say that 1 nm almost glad
i you are pour, sinco 1 may lovo  you
"Bravo! braVol" cried Peler, clnp-
plng bis hands.
"1 say, Sir Gulleni," Bald    I-'
wi,!ei-iiii, tlie re,i>, after a brief
Ihink—as I
I fresh s'l'rt--------—--—————
I"''. I    "Hark lo tho pii-kle-tuhs-oh. dad'1"
nb-l    "Not a bil    uf il,   my lad.    P't
sinco Polly's goln' to bo mistress in
real earnest she must havo n  bettor
house than this, und——"
4 "But you forget, dad.     The   telo-
"Oh, that's all  right,"   answered
| tho old niun, with a chuckle; "sent it
to] myself."
"Then yon had withdrawn—"
"Not a penny, my boy.   Never mid
a copper in tlio concern,"
"You menu that—"
"There, forgive nie, Bob.   II, was a
shabby trick,  I    know
Ihu only way I could think of    to
show you lho truth.   It wasn't ynu
ui me, Hob, as they wanted.   II, wns
"That's ns it should] our hums.   Why, bless you, they was
sneering ut ns nil Ihe time.     There,
give mo your iiuiul an' nay you fur-
Ilob gripped I! " 'id man's hand
and wrung ii, with a lioarty "Than!,
yuli,dud,"—London Til-Hits.
Winchester, England, Indeed, holds
sn much of Interest that ono can
only refer briefly to thu groat hall
of tlio palace of Henry I!., wherein is
suspended a curious relic said to be
King Arthur's Hound Table, the
ruins of tho mansion which outer-
tallied Queen llnry, whither she earn
sary nor tho time. T!m very most
I hut ho enn do is In see that the
slaughter-houses are kept fairly
tn marry her equally unlaine.nl.eil cl'-iin. How can mure l.e expected
monarch, Philip IT., lho beautiful|of him? lako anthrax, for Instance,
town cross anil the ancient fortlllod """ "' ""' mo,t dangerous of <rs-
gale spanning the High street, But enseti which affect butcbors' moat, ll
in nny case, mure than a passl.ig I requires lho knowledge of n trained
word must bo given to Ihu Hospice, veterinary surgeim, with a good
of St. Cross, hi lho vicinity, ns ono know lodge of bacteriology, to ,leaf lho most unique clfarltablo foun- toct this disease in a place of meal,
dal.ions in England, or elsewhere. As| "When lho viscera and offal of an
fur back as 11-iil a banerolout Indivl-'animal which was suffering from rn-
duiil established tho Huspiro nf St.thrax have been dostroyod, the dis-
Cross   ns   a  coinfurlablo rolugo for]ease can    only bo traced by inicro-
seopui Investigation."
mmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm— , H Ph'n is lo slnn from Grant
doin. Elsewhere your butcher Is at 'Land and to dash overland or ov, .-
liberty to sell you Uio meat of tub- tho he run mile, to the Pol,, and
rrculiius animals, the meal of anl-'then continue BOO nine to Franz
nuils which have had ni.ihr.ix. ur Josef Land, sir.vijht beyond from
soptlo peritonitis, or actinomycosis, Qranl Land, and mako the Journey
or fever, or any othor loalhesome in aboul 180 d.v-i „r l-i-i Shi i
disease In those borouglis tl:'- san- will mako eonnoctlon al I ith ends
llnry inspector is supposed to super- "H [B ihe plan tu try oil oxp, i-
vlso llm butchors, But he has nol- ments in tbo Yukon, with Daws n
thur (ho   lecbnicnl knowledgo iieccs-' the. headquarters, this winter,    ami
to get Ihe expedition started next
June. Ui Verreau and many oilier !a- o-.'s Yukon mushors havo volunteered to go with Vnrlclo."
be.   MoW that you've come to •' propel' tindei.-.t.itid.lu'   ml shall have   to
says—ol    niiikiu'    a
thirl ecu poor, old bachelors uf    unblemished   reputation,      Sinco   then,
but il,   was: in succession   thirteen old bachelors,
" habited iu black gowns, with    silver
crosses on their breasts, have iudood
lodged uml fared well un'their pro-
viuus record. To maintain the intentions uf their worthy founder tbo
respect able oltl bachelors Liiogatbor
on certain festivals to roust a sheep
whole, uml a horn uf ulo with a slico
of bread is given by them to an/
wayfarer who'rings tin, hgspic* ball.
"But," protested tho broker, who
had advertised for n confidential
clerk, "you want too much salary."
"l'vo had n great deal of exper-
ionco in lho brokerage business,"
urged tlm applicant.
"But you usk too much fur it."
"My dear sir, I assure you I'm
offering It to you for much less than
it csst mo*"
Ono giant battlo ship ,' lo i y
such as made junk of a Lin;) part
of ihu Hus.>ian Heat ia tl„- battlo of
I thn Sea of Japan could d.-.troy bolli
lho fleets engaged in tin most pic-
tun que and in many rcipjct.i mosl
memoiabl, navul hntlli „i history—
that ol Trufalgar-aud come out of
lln contest without even tho paint
knocked from its armored sides. A
|Vessel Unit can pour jn a ile.tdiy lira
a'- a dhlanco of from three to live
mil-s was probably not -v-u dreamed
of or desired by Nelson, lie liked
to close with the onomy and do
real fighting, hand to lund, if necessary,,
A whinnying horse is a Lai lu-uh'-
Constructed on die broadesl nnd in,'si adv.i
will, a!' Ihe p irieclion uf I'onslruclion
iced idei
I detail
l> rei-ognlzed lo-d t-as llie musical stiindiird of Canada, possessing as
it does, feattiri i ind ci iraclerislics, endorsed mil only by musicians everywhere,! il all persons el unprejudiced musical ability who instantly recognize i'.s exquisiro qu dil es anil give il Iheir mistimed praise,
For purity ol lone nml power, combined with n perfocl action mil
poetical touch, the NORDHEIMER PIANO is dlsliiiguislicd lo un
uxccplional degree, Can be had for u very llll la moro llian Ihe so many
iufenormakes that lire being sold in this city, Y„u may own one ol Ihese
pianos In making n smull piiyinenl down nnd lliu balaiue un u-imis to suit.
t',,11 or write to tin \-o :as lor l-i;isii-rii British Columbia,
She fl&atMbevalb.
Including postage to Kngliual, United Statd
.mil I'iin.i'li.
By the year Ithrough postoftlc.
Half     "
Quarter "
... S2.M
... I.SO
.... 1.(10
Measurement! Xonwiriol 11- linos iiiuke ono
Inch].   Preferred portions. '-'"' t>or epnt
nililiiiunnl. Iiirili-. .Mnrrlngos mul Doatlis,
Sec i-ncli in-L-ri ion. All advortUomonts
--..Meet to ihe approval of the nianagonioiil,
Wiinteil nml Condensed Advortlsomonlsi-
Agonla Wanted, Help Wanted, Situations
iviuiu-,1. Situations Vacant, Toaohors
Wanted, Mo 1. inlcn Wanted, in words or
li- -•■■:.. each additional lino lu ctnK
Ctuingoa in standing adverUsomonts nuisi
»• in liy a ii. in. '1 uesdny nml l-'ritlny of
i-itch week to secure good display.
10B PRINTING promptlyexeeutod at reason
able rail-.
TERMS-Cash.   Subscriptions payablo in iull
CORRESPONDENCE invited on matters of
public interest. Communications to l-.ili-
lor must be accompanied by niunc ol
wriu-r, not necessarily [or publication, but
as evidence of good faith, Corrospondonoe
shunlil In' brief.
thi: new lawhenck hlock,
MclCcnzle Avenue.
Omens: Imimiiai. Hank Block, Hbvbi,
8T0KB, 11.1'.
Moiiey 10 lonli.
Offices: lli-H-l.-ioke, H.C.; Kurt Steele, 11.1I,
lino. ii. McCabtkB,
A. M. I'INKIIAM. J. A. Hahviv,
Revelstoke, B. C,        FortSleolo.B.U,
J, M. .-eon i.L.n. tV.I.Brlggs.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc,
Money to Loan
solicitors for Molbons Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Mining Engineer,
(Mem. American Institute Mining Engineer,)
i'itiiiiili.ui Mining Institute.)
Examination ot and report- on Mineral Properties a Specialty.
Agent for Canadian Metal Company, buyers
of zinc ores.
Financial Assistanco given owners and prospectors to operate nnd develop
approved properties.
promoters, and which have been a
heavy tax on them. In fact these
expenditures amounted to a holdup of tlm business men, and the
money might ns well have been
picked from their pockets for all
tin: returns which the expenditure
brought thorn, The merchants of
cilies all over tlie continent are
now waking up to tlie necessity of
n determined nnd united stand being taken to suppress this fakc advertising und unnecessary expense
thereby involved. The retailers of
McKccsport, Pa, have formed an
association, and it was laid down
ns a by-law of the organization
thai any member advertising in
any programme, giving prizes for
entertainments, or printing tickets
for them, shall be fined $25. A
second offense moans expulsion
from the association, Solicitors
for advertisements in mediums
oilier than newspapers, suys the
McKccsport Daily News, will now
be met with a firm but courteous
statement that it cannot bo p-iy
(in the eve uf bis return to Great
Britain, Lord Strathcono predicted
that by the end of the present century this Dominion would contain
a population twice ns large us that
of Great Britain and Ireland combined. According to ibis prophecy,
children now living may see close
to 108,000,000 people living in this
It is time the Tourist Association
were getting in hand the illustrated
booklet advertising the tourist attractions of Revelstoke und sur-
rounding country if it is to be of
any value in attracting the attention of tourists during the coming
]_, ,_       Js~ Its Prospects on Arrow Lake:.
CDC  nDniUlDClmU   I    There are immense bodies uf zinc
Victor n, Jan. "ill.—The 'Osslou of
ycsleiiliiy (l'i'iil,y) was a short one,
tho disouasion of the new timber hill
taking up uinsl of Ihe liniti outside  uf
routine business.
This bill, which concerns the use
mil manufacture, within British
Columbia, ol limber out 1111 lauds of
the Crown, anil is cited as "The Timber Manufacture Act, lllllll," is ol
considerable public Interest and cave
rise In no small amount ol diset ssimi.
Hon, It. I'. Green, in Introduoing
tho hill, pointed out the great amount
ul ootiluslon whioh existed under the
present Act, with respect to the Importation of logs. Though booms had
been seized by the Government, its
action bad not been upheld in the
courts, and there was no doubt that
the trick ol alleging that tbe logs were
out under hand-loggers' licenses had
been up to tbo present u successful
method ol evading tlie provision, ol
tbe Act as intended to apply, and bud
led to n wholesale exportation ol logs,
the very evil whioh the Act bud been
framed to prevent, The purpose of
tbe present measure before tbo Home
wns tu put a final check on this condition of affairs, and secure to British
Columbia that her timber product
should be manufactured within her
own border,.
J. II. Hawthornthwaite (Nanalmo)
remarked that, while be did not object
to Hie proposed measure as a whole,
be considered that, in its present
shape, it would work an unjustifiable
hardship lo the bona lide band logger,
and bo therefore gave notice that,
ben the bill got into committee, he
would move an amendment Ior thee
men to be permitted to carry on their
business without limitation.
Mr. Oliver (Delta) tailed to see
any good in tbe bill, it being a
Government measure. He accused
tlie Government, in loud tones, of be
ing actuated, iu bringing this measure
forward, by pononal spite against one
Enimerson, who had made charges
against tho Lauds & Works Department. A large amount ol balsam
timber—useless for any other purpose
—bail been cut in the Delta Ior lisb
piles, yet the settler, were not allowed
to export it, though it hud no value in
the province, lie bad asked last
session lor au order in oounoil legalising the export of these piles, and it
had been promised him and afterwards
Hon, R. MoBride rebuked the lest
speaker for habitual misrepresentation
ol facts. As regarded the export of
fish piles, no one was better uware
than tbe member (or Delta how easily
the privilege he had asked lor could he
and »,mid heabused. The trick wa,
an "hi "lie. and it was time it was
As to the efficacy ol the present Act,
continued the premier, tbe member
for Delta was at lil*rty to make such
statement, as be cboie. but lie, the
premier, was in p'Siession uf reliable
information that, within a few miles
of the line on the Canadian  side  no
[si ind scan lal; in d il is being fior'y
said by in ■ li;,- p o iiiui nt Liberals thill
this kind uf unsupported ln,lniiatiuP|
tho last refuge ol  tbe  defeated-docs
V-iiTU'E is IIEIIKHY RIVEN Ihal llni'li
i>   iliiysniie
i-ilaln I Intend i„ apply lo tie
,    I,,, ,   „   ' I'ii'l Cuiiuiiish-iiiticriil Louis ninl Wort* f'lri,
liieiileiilnble liirui  lo Ihe repii'iitiun  speulol llueiwo to out and carry away tlmbor
of the province abroad. j ''Z^l^^mM^ four
nu max ,s the i!au.i.,iy,  a,u;:r,!i,,rU^iii!;,i,,:i,'ttKr'Vr
imny's mtrili-ivi'st, comer pest," liionco nasi
su i-linius, ihonru south su ulmlus, ihunco
wosl, su oliitlus, thenco north mi chains lo imiui
uf cnlnlliniit'i'iuniil.
Iinli'il January ,H,. iur.
" I would , . , o :- them for
their good to order this; iper lo be punctually
- ore on Arrow Lake, especially on the
"Big Ledge'jat Pingston,   This ledge
leu than |600,000 had l*en expended
in mills which would have i.-en built
on the American tide at  Blaine,  but
-orv«l,!,, a.,,iioi«.-ior.kri upon as a pun of lia! been favorably reported on by Mr.,,
-.!.,-.«i,..'.:;.'-,. -A. ,.- ' - [or ihi, same act of HKll.    What  the
Geological  .. ,   .   ,
ii'iveruniPiit   desired   wa,  to   retain
ev, who describe,   it   as   a   true
the tea equipage.
We hope the new city council will
take into consideration n revision
ol tbe electric light schedule, Now
that the whole city i- being put on
the meter Bvsteru ;'. if -' ident the
present schedule i- l io high and
make, ihe cost of lighl ng excessively heavy on the citizens, Probably the better way I medy the
difficulty will be by a -y.-ti.-m ol
discounts frum the monthly bills
in proportion to the light used, and
it might further be a good plan to
make these discounts contingent
on payment being made by say the
20th of the month, making that
discount day on the same principle a.- the gas companies, In
framing the discount schedule it
would be well to obtain the rates
current in other cities as some reductions have been made in
light rates generally during the
past two years.
In our last iBsue we referred to
the action of the Board of Trade at
a recent meeting in requeuing; the
merchants of tho city to discountenance the fake advertisine schemes
that are put up on the business
men from time to time by outside
survey, who describe, it a,
fissure vein, strongly mineralised,
though the values are low. This ledge
is traceable for nine miles and is mainly owned by coatt parties as to the
portion nearest the lake, and by A. M.
3ymon, and associate as to the
upper part, Mr. Symons lm, developed tin- orebody on his property in
surface eeotlon, i"r, dopth ol 500 ft,
 I ha, put a wagon road in from the
ate to the proporty, Thi, wa, done
witboul the usual assistance given by
the government to such enterprise,
.Mr.Hyiiiftnsstiil.es Ibe ore here average, 10 so PI pur cent zinc.     In one
place :i bodj ol ore has been opened
for a distance of 72 ft. and averages
18 per cent nine, The open cuts extend over a distance of 11 KM feet. The
lowest cut gave zinc values ol 89 per
cent,   Mr. Symons considers  he has
300,000 ton, ol ore In sight and that
it will concentrate 61 per cent zino,
Tbe trouble with the ore lies in the
dilliculty of concentrating, ns the iron
and zinc are ol the sainii specific
gravity, nuking their separat-inn vory
difficult. Mr. Ingalls, tbe celebrated
expert who was employed by the
Dominion govornmdnt on the Zinc
Commission, intendl making experiments at Denver [or llie etiiiccntrnlion
ol tbe ore and will report tbe result,.
It is probable a means may ho found
of treating the ore by a combined
system ol rousting and magnetic
Nothing better than  "Out Special.'
loverunient   desired
Canadian industries for tbe Canadian
I pie and provide occupation for our
own workingmen.—• (Applause.)
Continuing, Mr. MoBride said that
the member for Delta bad called the
measure noM before the House a
nieaaureol correction It was nothing
ol the sort. It wa, a measure intended to carry still further, and enunciate
still more emphatically the principles
laid down in tho Act ol 1901 vhioli he
had just referred to.
Mr. T, VV, I'tier-i ii (Islands) opposed the bill, as did .1. A Maedonald
'Ho,.nindi   the   forniei  gentleman
taking the stand lhat British
Columbia only used the very liest
lumbor, and   that it   was   better   CO
ship away the poorer material than
burn it.
The leader of the Opposition contended that the measure wns too
King (Cranbrook) spoke ol the market for iiiisiuvn timber In the North,
The Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works   gently   enlightened   tlie
national and geographical views of the
member lor Cranbrook ami the House
adjourned till Monday,
Both ill and out nf the limine there
is much adverse couniient un the
tactics ul criminal insinuation which
the members ol tho Opposition are
apparently assuming this session, The
matter has been brought to a head by
the deplorable fulling down ul Jehu
Oliver   over   the   promised   Kaien
Condemned Without
a Hearing.
When it was announced Ihal, Dr,
I'.-igun had been directed to Investigate lb millions iilleiiillng Ihe stile
of pntinil medicines containing poison,
we fully expeeietl that be would Inquire Into the cause of Ibe death uf
the iiil'nul  child of William Duuruii,
of Viel iii-iu, us the Investigation was
ordered on that account, lie, however, refused lu go buck nf Ibe i-uroii-
er's vordlot, and staled that he was
not directed to Investigate that case
bill the conditions attending Die sale
of pulent medloines containing poison,
In general.
Tbe Attorney General could have
ordered the coroner to open the case
and hear additional testimony, but
lecllned to do so
It will be seen from Ibis that Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy stands condemned without
giving tlie nianfucturcrs ,i hearing.
First. Dr. Frazer testified before
the Coroner's Jury that when called
he found the child almost dead with all
the symptoms of opium poisoning.
Tbe testimony nf William Duncan
shows that the child had shewn symptoms of opium poisoning for eighteen
hours before any medicine was administered, Gould the medicine produce
this elt'eet before it was given?
Second. The Coroner stated to the
Jury that the bottle contained eight
grains of opium,
The lads are il contained but three
and one-hall' grains of Ihal drug.
Third. The Coroner also stated to
the Jury that fifteen drops of this remedy contained one-fourth of a grain of
Tbe I ruth is fifteen drops of Ibis
Remedy contain less than the twenty-
liii h part of a grain of opium.
Fourth. The Coroner stated to the
Jury that the maximum dose for an
infant would prove fatal.
He made ibis statement under the
Impression that Iii drops contained
one-fourth of a grain Instead uf the
twenty-fifth purl of a grain nf opium.
Fifth. The threedrops of the Remedy which William Duncan testified that
he gave the child would contain 1-125
part of a grain of opium.
This is nol an overdose for a child of
thai age and would not produce
ibe symptoms of opium poisoning
mentioned by Dr. Frazer.
Sixth. According to the testimony of
William Dawson it was twelve hours
after the medicine was given befere any
symptom was observed that oould be
attributed to this Remedy.
Insiune riit-eeasesiipiiiin when given in
substance has been slow to act, but ill
this remedy II is combined with alcohol, ether and capsicum, whioh actus
a spur und insure prompt action nf tho
opium, It is simply absurd to state
that it would have no elfect whatever
for twelve hours and then produce
Seventh. William Dunoan testified
that shortly before its death the ohlld
revived and eeemed as well, apparently,
as it ever had.
This alone is enough to convince
my unprejudiced physician that ihe
ihfld did nol die of opium poisoning,
i- hud ;i fatal dose of opium been taken
the child would not have "rallied"
before death,
These statements are based on the
evidence as published In the Victoria
Col,,nisi of December 18th.
Secretin y.
lies .Moines, Iowa, and Toronto, Out,
iluys after (lute we Intend bl apply to llm
Chief I'(inuulssi,,net'ul Limits mul Works foru
spcolnl license lo i.ul and carry nwny liniliiu-
ri-itin tho following doscrlbod liuiilai-
I'lUiunuui'iliiriil. it post plnnlnil nl llm north-
wesl rnrnur nf Iv. nml S. Hindi Rim un tlm
wtisl siilo uf Upper Arrow Lain nnd marked
"IllK llninl I.unihnr ('iiiii|,.iny's south-west
comer post" tlionco norlli UK) olinhls, thonoo
oust III cliiiins, thonco sunlit lllu clmins, llioiit-o
wnsi III chains to poinl nf commencement,
Jim. Ilk. Usui. 58(10
Pciillhlr inei'llniis nre lielil In tin
i>,li!i,'ll"us null tut ihoTliinl I- i
.li.V ,,(I'll, It in,mill, nt sp III. sllhip
u-liiiu- brethren cnnlbilli liivlicl
.,   i. Ai III'.SON, «   M
Mitels ,,n first in silitv ol every month, In
I, ii. 0. I-', Hall.
,i. AOUESON, W, I',
' tt, J, TAdOKItT, Hie,
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 28, Revelstoko, B. C,
In  ii'Mli-lliMis-  n,iii  »i s
-ll.uk       VI-illllH   litlilllllh   nn
ttllilllv  nvlUill.
.1. II. SCOTT, 11, O.
BTKWA'IT MellONAI.il, H.ollL.VS,
II. A, I1IIOWN, M. dl Y
rtaymiftur duto we Intonil to amily to tha
rliicf Ciiiiiiuissiiiiict- of Iannis mid Works for ft
r-liiTiiil HeoiiHUto eul mul carry away timber
from tin: following dcHcrlbed lnudn:
No. 1,
(.OlUmeuelng ul. il pusl. planted oil tlio wesl
hlilu of lho north fork of FasLlmtl -i'ruuk uml
iiliiitil two and one-i]uarlnr miles iihovc tlio
fork* and marked "Dig Bond Lumber Com-
pany'H Southwest Corner Post," Ihunco north
KiOi'lmitis, thence west Hi clmins, theuce soulli
1(10 clmins, ihence cant 40 clmins to point of
No. 2.
Commencing al- a pusl jilauted on the east
Blilo of tho north fork of Kosthull Creek about
ono and one-half miles abovo tho forks nnd
marked "Hig Bend Lumber Company's Southwest, corner pout, thenco north 1U0 clmins,
thence cast 40 chain*, thence south 100 clmins,
thenco west 40 chains to point of commencement.
No. 3.
Commencing at a post planted about one half
mile from the west bank of the north fork of
Kostliall Crook and about one mile above tho
forks aud marked " Biff Bond Lumbor Company's Southeast Comer Post," thenco north
Ico chains, thence west 40 chains, thonco south
HHichains, thoilCQ east lu chains lo point of
No. 4.
Commencing ai a post planted about one half
mile from the west bunk of tho north fork of
Kosthall Creek and about four miles above the
forks and marked "Mig Itcnd Lumber Com
pany's Northeast Corner Post," ihence westBO
chains, thence south SO chains, thence cast 80
chains, theuce north SO chains lo point of com-
Arrowhead, !(.('.,
Doc. 23, IMIA, 2f35.l!W
miHKTY DAYS after date we intend to
1 apply lo tlie Commissioner of Lauds and
Works for a special license lo end and carry
away limber from the following described
1. Commencing at a post planted at the
north-oast corner of K. &S„ Hlock huh, ami
marked " Hig Bend Lumber Company's Southeast Corner Post." theuce north 160 chains,
thonco west 40 chains; thence south bin clmins;
thence east 10 chains to point, of commencement.
i. Commencing nt a post planted about one
mile norlli from the north-west corner of K.
and 8., Hlock, Still, and marked " Big Bend
Lumber Company's South-east Corner Post,"
theuce north 80chnliis; tlionco west SO chains;
theuce south SU chains; tlience east sn clmins
In point of commencement,
'A. Commencing at a post planted about one
mile north from the north-west corner of K.
aud S., Hlock 880, and marked " Hig Bend
Lumhcr Company's Nurlh-ei.sL Corner Post,"
tlience west SO chains ihence south Hi chains;
thence east SO chains: Ihence north SO chains:
to point of commencement.
Dec, 28th, 1808, 26 K
[)m    ■■< inl ihii'l Klngcr Sewing   Maclilm
Oi nml Hand Wllttauis'Hewing Machine,
inn-   HayTDoml   (jewing Machine, practically
<iii" U.ut/.iT '■ -.'IH.: M irhuifi
y,iu can bav< theiw machlnea  ,r your nwn
-in;.'! i  .gent, ItevelsUike
And save Wrapper, lor Premium,,
liiiYAI, CROWN BOAP bu no equal
un the market. Drop u, > card und
we will mail you a catalogue illuntrut-
iiiK the bountiful premiums we offer,
The Royal Soap Co.,
Vancouver, B. C. Limited
Notice i   ie:i-,-!,y jlvon thai Kranl Julian,
,,(   t'eil'l-l'ik".    II    i .,   I IH'IIIIIIII.   by    til-nil
tlnli',1 -ilril Un,- In-r. I'm,. .,■ i«t„-,l l„ Willi.,,,,
II, Pratt „( Rovoliteko, II, ''., Hanker, lu
trail 'or tint 1,,-ni'iltnf lho creditors of mill
Ki-iink .liiliiin nil 1,1s real mul porsonnl j,r„-
party, crudils nnd efroota which uuiv lm si-f/i.l
ami mid .iiitb-i- ,-<,-,,ill„n
Ci-nlllors nn, required w "i"'1 In th, tnitli'r
-itrn,',l on or boforo tho ,'iist, Jannary, iicifl, tmr
l.ii'.itiiu-i duly viTlllol uf tliolr olalm, ami of
llm security, it any, liuld by Ilium,
A Meeiii.K of lf„- Crndllors nf said Dpbtor
will be held nl. Ilinullluit of lint-., -,. MeClirlur
mill   I'illklu,,,,. Illi|>, ti.,1   llltak    III"' I,,   llninl'
sink,,, II. ('„,in tin- 18th tiny ul .liiniinry, ll«»l,
ill   lllt'cn  p.li).,   I,,,- Kll'lllK  of ilb'nitlluus ivill,
rofpronpc ". o., ,i, |,„ ,,i „i n„" i.n,,
Datwlllili 17th day of Dooomlmr, 1000.
rlullilliii'tor lliuAsslpiiu.
NOTICK in hereby given that 30 days after
date I intond to apply to the Chief Commissioner of hinds and Works for n special
license to out and carry away timber from the
followiugdeseribed lands situated ou tho cast
side of Upper Arrow Lake lu West Kootenay
district: -Commencing at a pusl marked "Bert
Blyth's South West Corner Post," planted
about ll miles north of Halcyon Hot springs
and alum! j of a mile from Lake shore; Ihenco
cast SO chains; ibenci. north SO chains; thence
west SO chains; theuce hinith 80 chains to point
of commencement,
January 'i, UMi.
NOTICE Is hereby glvou that 30 days alter
date I Intend to apply to the Chief
Commlaslonor of Lands and Works for a special license to cut and carry away tlmter from
the followhiK described lauds situated on the
east side of Ihe Upper Arrow Luke III West
Kootenay district:—
No. I,
Commencing ot a post marked " Hert Myth's
Northwest Corner Post." planted on (Jeortfe
Boyd's custom boundary aud abnut 160 chains
north of his southeast corner: Ihence south 80
chains: thence east 80 chains: thenoo north 80
chains: thence west 80 chains Ui point of com
CommnnotaK at a post marked " BortBlytlr
.Soulli West Corner Post," planted ou Geo™
Iloyd's Eastern Iloundnry, and about IM chains
noi-i h o( Ids southeast corner; t luiiicc north so
chains; thence eimt 60 cliiiins; thence south 80
chains: Ihence west 80 chains tu point of commencement.
Dec. 28th, 1003.
Kootenay Lodge No. 15 AF.ftA.M.
Tin: ri'Kulnr mum
mil- nre lu-ld In tin
Miininlo Teniiilu,
.hill Eellows llull.ni,
hitlilnl Mondnylr,
niieli month nt :-
,i.l,i. Vtsil.[liKl)ro|.|i-
run ounlittliy wel
I coineil
Moots everrThurada'
evening InOddFcllOWS
Hall nt 8 o'olnk
Visiting brethren our
din'ly invited to at
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders tor Heel and Mutton,
Poultry, Kisb and small goods
will receive, prompt attention,
I have Blurted n permanent Wund
Yard on Third street. Willi mv pind
experience I hope lo be in a position
Ui satisfy nil t','i]iiiieini'nls of customers,   llryi'ordw 1 kept iu stuck and
supplied  in  nuy  lengths at reduced
ilrlci's for cash.
Richard' R. Copeland
Mantles, Shi-lving, Storm Doors
Notice is hereby given lhat an application
uill he made to Ihe LoglslatlM assembly o!
Hit Province ol llrlllsli columila, at its nut
session Iur »n Ant in incorporate a company to
lie called "Tlie KaniloOlis and Yellow Head
Pass Railway Company," with powertooon-
slriu-l, euulp and operate a line of rBllll'ay
friun a point nt or near Kamloops, Ihenco
running ill » northerly direction following
tho valleys ol the North Thompson river, the
Canon river and Mubeulisll's creek to a point
al ornearToto Jauno cache in llie I'rovlnco
,,l llrlllsli Columbia ivllli all such powers as
mtivlie ncci'ssiiry .nil expedient tor llie cull-
■traction mul ,,|,'-, iiui'ii nl said line ol Railway
hu'I ulih noiier to I'lirnliase and develop and
t-nnvny over its Right nl Way, electric power,
mul l„ .nil and distribute the same wilh II tlie
uld Province „i iimisli celumblt, ami wlin
nowor lo arqulre and operate "team boats am
lerrlns iii connection with llie Hallway, and
wlih powei locdool n Jnui'lliuiwlth any linn
ol rallwav to be ooDStruoloa Inun the suiiih lo
n i„,liil ni ,,r tu-Hr Kmnloops. or ivllli the Can-
s'Mhii tn, tiie I'.niiiiny »i lhat point and »lsp
will, any rallwav corning wriiward llinuigh
tli„ follow ll"«'i Pail,
iisii',1 »i Vanooiivcr, llriil.li Uol bin, this
nil, ,|sy ,il In-eelnln-r, A II., UMI,
Royal Ritnk i limn Iters, Vmii-nuvcr,
British Columbia,
,,14-Atv Bollollori i„r ApplloanU,
Mr,. II..I. Ilii.ibiiry Mauiigross.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
I.tirgo Dlfllpffroom tor
B,ni|U,ta, rlnpiuit:,, ntc
Furnished Rooms To Let.
Doctor Veterinary Science.
Gradual* Ontario Veterinary College,year |W!I
I Ireftt all discinoiH of (lumesllc animals, I'i
ploma can DO seen In How«' I»rug Htore. I am
un fraud or importer travelling around the
country vietimlHlug the public. 1 haveall
nianuer of in-lrumi'iits fnr pnrformlng Hurglcal
Operations and OcnM-irj on all iintnials,
Twenty four yOAll prnetlenl experience.
Residence—Lower Town, Revelstoke,
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
Third Street East, ItcvelsUike
Open Air Rink
W, (j. V\ atson's open air rink
is now open: Ice in good shapo
Engfigomnritii ncreptcd fur At-
Homes itc. Theory Lewons a
Hpeeiiilty. I'tipilsnuw enrolled for
tho now your.
Alphonsus De Feo
Lessons 50c. Each.
(iiveu at Mr, Dominlo Gullioono,
near Station.
Music supplied at "At Homes" and
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery ol parcels, baggage,
etc,, to any part of the City.
Any Kind of Transferring
ii ynu. want (lu, hImivi! wi, etui *
sttpiilv ynu will) mul Iiiiiii ill I Iii-, ~
line.l •
• White and Brown Bread ;
Scone and Buns
• •
a Dances nml Private Parties Catered To, •
a        Pull Stuck „! I'.s, elletil Catullus.!       •
• 'Mackenzie Avenue. •
If in want of
write for prices lo
L. E. Griffiths
MALAKWA, 11. c.     %
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Important Notice!!
announce tn tin* Indies and gentlemen of ttuvel-
stoke that they have made arrangement?) with
Walter Bows, Plini. B„ Druggist, and will hold
dailydeuioiiHtratioiiH for two weeks, eouniieiiclng
MONDAY, FIB. 5 regarding treatment of the
Hair aud -Scalp.
Thev n'Hjii'ctfnlly Invito everyone to eall anil
coiimilt with them. Come and wo the Long,
Beautiful Hair, grown by thn uno of tho Seven
Sutherland fletere' Hair Grower and
Hair and Sealp Cleaner. Ciinadiun Head
Olilco, 11 (...llMirne street, Toronto, J. II- Bailey,
Foreign Manager.
NOTICK is hereby divan Hint Wong (aiioiir Ib
no I,inner Mnniiuor of the partnership
llrnt liornuifore curried ou by us the under
signed ns Ooitoritl Morcltnnts in tho City of
llninl.i,,k„ under the   llrnt name ol Owing
lissiiLveil tliis day. All dobls owujl Ui said
pnrliionhip lire In Im paid lo Wong HitigTiick
uttliofiirmorpbico of business of said firm nt
Ib-vnlstnte, mul iill claims against the said
iisrtiiBrslilp nro Ui be presented within ten
days frum lite dnto lierool to llio said Wong
HingTnok by whom llie same will bo settled.
Wonii OnriNS
WllNll Wah
Witness I (I. S. McCarter.
Hilled this mill llnceinlmr, UMi.
Nurseries, Greenhouses & Seed Houses
HKKIIH. New crop now In sbaik nnd on tost
in our greenhotisiis. Ask your merchant for
i li'-ni In ..,-uleil isiukiiKOs. If he does not handle
loom wn will iiiiiII iill assorted. ,V- isickulu of
vegi'lHttle nnd flower seeds lour owl. selootlon,
aiillalilnliirll. 0, giinlensl for 11.00, Special
pr ces ou your bulk seed ,
II. c. tlltOWN KltUIT ANII OltNA-
MKNTAL TKISKM now ready   for   spilnu
l'!,lrii nice sUwk ol two and throc-yoHi- Anple
Trees at K0.00 nor KM, 11*1.011 |ie,r Lllllll; Hay-
mini I'I,inn. Il.nu e,u-li; Italian Prune, two-
year, lino, Kitu por Pw 1 Suijiir Prune, two
•ear, flue, *«.«l tor 100.
Knll list iif oilier slock at regular prices. No
expense, loss or delay of fumigation or
Impaction. , „ .     .      ,   ,
Ut mo price your list before placing your
Greenhouse Plant* Klor Work, Boo Supplies,
Krnlt Pnckages, Ki-rtillaer,. etc.
3010, WESTMINSTER ,0*1), VA-itUI VI.R. 0. Cl
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tea services
Cano Chairs
Flowor Pota
Umbrella Stands
Lunch Basket*
Smoking Jackets
Bilk Goods.
Finest stock of candles and fruits in town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Jas. I. Woodrow,
Retail Dealer'"- ■mrrrTr-
Fish and Game in Season,
All orders promptly Ailed,
REVELSTOKE,  6. C, ar?Kirni( street*
\ il
Bankhead Goal
$9.00 |
; i Egg Size Delvered
ijtove "
Nut    "
Orders left at P.
Burns & Company's
Office will receive most
prompt attention.
i! il
F. McCarty, Agent, i |
144444444444444444444444* THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
In the Selkirk Mountains, B, C.
All wont well with Dtuitf-ebnian
and tbe Campaigner tin'i! Iliu return journey up lho 12,f) fuel nf rope
wns attempted. The guide led llio
way, and reaching mother earth
after a hard struggle, up the rope
by this time had become wet und
slimy, nnd, not being knotted, the
ascent was a perilous one. Nothing daunted, however, the Campaigner began to climb hand over
hand, and slowly and surely approached the top, now swinging in
midair, then touching small projections on the wall of the canyon
with his feet to propel himself upwards, the rope gradually stretching with his weight, until he was
within fifteen feet of tlie surface,
when suddenly his hands gave out
and he began to slip down. With
great presence of mind he gripped
the rope in his teeth, and thus
maintained an upright position.
At the same time he endeavored to
motion Deutschman, who saw his
danger, to pass him another rope,
He could not, however, hold on
longer, and, knowing exactly his
situation, let go his molar grip and,
still clasping the rope in his hands,
slid to tlie bottom, currying with
him splinters of rock and clouds of
dust, and sustaining many bruises
in the fall.
He was completely exhausted,
but managed to regain his feel, and
after moving about for a couple of
hours was able to reach terra tirnia
from a poinl at about one-half the
depth of the canyon, having during his sojourn discovered a passage
that led him lialf-wayttp the wall.
While the Campaigner was recovering his equilibrium in the
canyon, lie directed lhat the two
women should visit the practicable
caves with Deutschman, since there
were only eight hours lefl to devote
to the valley. To hear was to
obey under these conditions, since
nothing could l»e done for the
victitr, who sternly refused his
guide's company in the interests of
the fair sex. Deutschman at once
proceeded to light the small carbide
lantern, which went persistently
out unless violently and perpetually shaken. To counteract this
tendency he further equipped himself with the small red and green
lantern, also the candles and
several magnesium wires. Thus
armed, the twain followed their
guide docilely to the upper cave beneath the first natural or Gopher
bridge. It was not the fine open
grotto in the mountainside a well-
constituted cave should be, with a
clean sandy floor, over which one
could walk upright, such as Bermuda had prepared us for. On the
contrary, it was an ugly fissure in
a wall of rock, extending deep into
the earth, from which the ends nf a
ladder protruded; it was strong,
but Deutschman's legs are long, so
the rungs were far apart, and when
the two had squeezed themselves
backwards through the orifice on
to the first bar the next one seemed
to involve eternity. Fortunately
there were not many, the passage
being only about fifteen feet below
the surface, but it was narrow, we:
and winding, and lined, moreover,
with fine, pointed rock that threatened to impale us; further, it was
impossible to stand upright. Wo
soon came to another ladder, followed by another passage and third
ladder and third passage, then a
ledge, from which the water could
be seen disappearing underground.
This cave is yet undeveloped and
unexplored, and we were only
taken down it as a preliminary
training in ladders for the Auditorium, which contains nine ol
them, but the approach to which
after squeezing down the introductory ladder is much easier than
the first cave we entered, Here a
large vaulted chamber is revealed
by the light from the Mill Bridge
Fall, whose torrent of water sweeps
by with a dull roar, und disappears
again into the darkness beyond.
There is a curious pothole corridor
out of tbe Auditorium, the openings in which grow smaller and
smaller as one advanced. This
gallery terminates in what may be
called the Big Hole, where we did
not penetrate, It was visited, how
ever, and the following describes
the process: "Our guide started
us down, himself carrying a good
stout rope. The entrance seemed
prosy and tunic after the others
and iittlu to see, hut lying a rope
about his waist and giving the
HwisB guide stringent Instructions
to koop the rope taut, lie lay down
on his side and gracefully wiigglod
through a hole that looked about
large enough for a marmo!;the
explorer followed, and tumbled
gently into a pothole, another
gentle slide, a pay out of the rope,
another pothole, a sensation of contraction about the waist, then a
taller pothole and tiny river
running down the back, and nothing. Infinite blackness, touched
here and there by our feeble lanterns, showed a high rounded vault
and a stono cast went down, down,
and was lost in the far, faint roar
of the creek below. Tho hole is
said to bo 250 feet deep. Two
hundred and fifty feet does not
express the vastness, tho darkness,
tho little narrow ledge on which
we hung. They do not express llie
courage that it must havo taken
for Deiilsi'liniuu to venture to the
verge ol such an unknown abyss
for llie lirst time alone and unaided.
The upper oaves of Cheops are
the result of countless ages of
erosion, nnd are devoid of either
stalactite or stalagmite formation,
because ibey are entirely tree from
any drip of water; there are some
ncy perforations in the Auditorium
cave, together with a curious fluted
and fan-shaped canopy; the interior of Ibe large chamber is grey
marble, streaked with white, while
the passages and tunnels are of
fawn-colored rock, shading from
light to darkest brown.
The Department of the Interior,
according to the latest Information
received, has determined to refuse
all applications for private title In
the caves, and will reserve them
for public use. Under these
circumstances it is earnestly lo be
hoped that the Government will
reserve a siillicienl acreage about
them to create a park, that they
will further pay Deutsohman a
a good round sum for his discovery,
and give biui llie position of keeper
or ranger of the park at u reasonable salary. The appointment has
just been made of an assistant to
Mr. Douglas, superintendent of the
National Park, with charge of the
large Yohn Valley district, at u
salary of if 1,500 a year, and it
seems only fair to recompense
Deutschman for his discovery,
pluck and energy. He is a man of
line type, thoroughly conversant
with the locality, and therefore a
competent guide, to whose enterprise, ample justice should be done,
since he has neither money nor
influence to help him.
E. Sphaugk.
Notice Is herein- given that I intend to apply
»l Hie next inci-lingof (lit-Hoard of Licensing
Commissioners fur tlie city olltevolsloke, for
the iransler Iroin mo lo Robert I.aiighlon ol
Revelstoke, II. C„ ol llm retail liquor licence
held by me In respect „l the premises ul Revelstoke known as tin- Victoria Hotel,
Dated ihliisth December, 1005.
NOTICE k hereby given that thirty days
after duto 1 intond to apply to the Board
of Licensing Itommissioner!, for the Revelstoke
Licensing District for a transfer of my liceuse
for the ({mud Hotel, Nakusp, to Malcohm
McCarthy, of Roseherry, IJ. (',
Jiljnii 111
NOTICE ia hereby given that thirty days
afterdate we iutond to apply tn the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and mirks for special
license to cut ami carry away timber from the
following doscribed binds.
Commeueiue at u post marked Ilowmaii
Lumber Co,, Ltd. N. E, Corner pout, 3'i miles
north-west of Ilnimock Point; theneo south 80
chains; west SOelmins; north su chains; c;i-t
90chains to point of commencement.
OTICE is hereby k'ivou that, 3D days after
(Into, we intend to apply to tho Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for a special
liconso to cut nud carrv away timber from the
following described  lands:
Starting at a post planted at the north west
corner of R. (iloudeiiiilng's preemption,!situ
nted on tho north side of the Columbia Itivei
alum! :i'i mile- In-low I'pper Arrow Lnko aud
marked V.C.L. Co. s Upper South west Corner
Post, theuce north -IU chains, tlionco east 160
chains, thonco south 40 chains, thence west 16
chains to point of commencement.
Nanusp, B, C, Doo. Kith, lWfi. 13R
Standard, Monitor, Yellow Jacket, Heather
Hull, Denver Fraction, Contractor, Winnebago, l.X.I,. Fraction, 11,X.I.. Fraction,
Iron Hill Fraction, Iron Hill, Criterion.
Black Hoar, l\X.!„ traction, Iron Chart,
liutte Fraction, Dowtile Fracllou Mineral
biluato in thu JtovvUtokuMining Divisionof
Kootenay District,
Where located:  At Standard Basin, lllg Bend.
Take notice that 1. H. Smith, Free Miner's
Ccrtlllcate No. BBBA£l, acting is agent for The
Prince Mining and l-evetopmeiii C'lUipany,
Limited Liability, Free Miner's Certificate No
BH84&r>, Iutond, sixty days from the dale hereof
to apply to tho Mining Recorder (or a Certificate of Improvement*, for the purpose of
obtaining a crown lirantof Iheaboveclalms,
And further take notice that action, under
section H". must be commenced before the
issuance ol such Certificate ol Improvements.
Dated this iU\\ day of November, A.P., 190-5,
and Copyii^htt
obtained in .ill countries.
I obtained in all c
Registered Patent Attorney
Mechanical Attorney and Engineer.
Room ,1, Eairfield.Bloek, (intnville st., near P,0
A pOriLca-d will secure an ovoning appoint
ment for nno*o who cannot call during Ino day
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new inttllilgenii'llt of
Hahiiy McIntosii, Hoffman Houbo
mlll'l MBD10AL WATEUS nl Un).
J. cyon me tbe most utirallve In ibe
world, A perfect, nutuial remedy for
nil Neivous and Musuulnr diseases.
Liver, Kidney nnd Stomach ailment,
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Peeling," Spuria]
rates on nil bunts nnd trains. Two
malls ni rive nnd depnit every   day.
Telegru b communication with nil
uiiirts of till' wiirld.
Tkumh-$12 In $18 per week.   Por
further piirlleilliirs apply In
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arroto Lake, B. C.
W.   J.   LICHTBURNE, Manager.
Gait Coal
Reduction made for largo quantities.
Delivered to iiny part of the city.
Orders leftal Ibe Lawrence Hardware
Store, or at Sniythu's Tobacco
Store, promptly nli ended In.
200 Cords Wood
$400 per Two-Rick Cord.
Pilria $iS0
UuroM ™
Donblt Concivi $?50
for httty b«rdi * ••
"Carbo-Magnetic" Elastic Cushion Strops, $1.00.
Free booklet "Hints to Shaven."
Miuloof "Griffon1 Hazor Steel. They
hold an edge longer than any knife
made, Full assortment, All styles,
Lawrence Hardware Co.
O'l'ICl: Ih licri'l,)- given Hint Hit- under-
signed havo BUbipltwd tote, Liciitcnnni-
Uovornor In Cuiinoll n ,,i-m|-,,-h1. iintlur (lie
iiiiiilslniis nf tilt1 "Itlvcm uml BtMttlill riot,
Iur ,1,-mini,- nml iei'iut inn uf olwtt lu-tlnns Inini
Jimlnn ltivr.r, West KouL'tiuy. nml Inr making
tlm Hiiniii lit fur r id liii<- nml ili-lvliiK I hor i nf
lurri, tlllllii'r. IiiiiiIht, inil- mul ituum, mul Iur
creelllllf nml iniiniliiiitilie, l„„,m. for liutiltllll.
ttorlinK nml ili'lli'nrliin Iok« uml llinlmr liriiuidil
ilu.iu s.j. 1,1 rlvnr, Itllll I in 'lltliu-llillu l„„in, I,, llm
Hltin-n nf -uill rlvnr mul I'oliiinlilii lllver (nr-nlrl
Tun Inini- lu lm niliTie,! liy - ,1,1 work nro
Crown lands.
Tlio nilii of lull, proposed I" lie QhArgflrj nr,-
-in-li it-tiiitj- lm IIm-iI l,| tlie .lu,l|ri, of the
f'inini, ('oiirtuf Kiwlniiiiy.
Dated Uu nth Jiiiiiinry, mil.
Any lady will find rubber
boots a great source of comfort and protection during the
spring weather.
"MAPLE LEAF" light
city boots for ladies, misses
and children are as near perfection in material, style, lit
and finish as human skill,
supplemented by modem
methods and machinery can
make them.
Insist on your dealer giving
you "Maple Leaf" Rubbers.
There are no others quite so
J.  Leckie Co., Ltd.
ASK Youn deai.hr for
Kurtz's Pioneer Cigar Factory
I Lis, Cordova Sl„ W,
VANCOUVER. -   -   B. C.
awd /r~c4Jpou
id WiLcd So 47UMUU. 4fittn&>iv Sam <f h\%efadi/
of sAaMMif wine, RcMerp dm, MfnJis
Union ftotel Restaurant
Mrs. McKitrick, Manageress.
Open al nil liours. Short Order, laslelully sorved,
Meal Tickets Issued. Rates Moderate.
A litr^o variety
ai' Glasses always
kepi in slock here
Try a pair on [
—we tfii nm nice a \
perfeel lit, rf.
W you require
anything In Jewelry
il is here ior von,
\ complete slock
ilk.-  right class
oi' goods,
J. GUY BARBER,   • Jeweller, Optician
i iavi;
Houses and Lots
Scott & Potts ST'
Everything a gentleman wants in the line of tailoring.
Our stock is new and up-to date.
Pressing and cleaning promptly attended to.
First Street, Opposite Union Hotel, Revelstoke.
Dealers in FRUITS
It', a grand school boot, a
splendid fall bunt, a grunt business mau'x bout. It Ills like a
glove, and is a stylish-looking
boot, too, a, heavy bout, go,
being made Irom No. 1 quality
box cull leather with a heavy
sole, it will woar like iron. Fur
sale by nil good retail shoe men,
J. LECKIE CO.,  Ltd.,
bus reopened a
on McKenzie Avenue.
Open Day and Night. First-Class Service
Best Firewood in the City.
Shipment of Chinese Uanarios just received- Prices from $2 to $5 each
A Dealer who
sells a man...
is assured of his good-will
and future trade, They aro
Union made, and guaranteed
to givo purled satisfaction
and long service.
Our other linos equally us
good arc    	
Fot' sale retail by all Dealers.
Wholesale by
Wm, J. McMaster & Sons,
The Leading Merchant Tailors      X
'* Don't order a Suit because it is cheap. Order it
because il will he becoming, fashionable, durable and
comfortable. The best is the cheapest. Wc make the
best, In making a Suit we give advice when wanted and
we accept advice when a customer desires to give it.
Every now and then you are confronted with the A
question, " Who's YourTailor"—Cresssmari & Morrison, 4,
of course.
I     Cressman & Morrison
 : Z!f1C-L:rCHirtG5
.,   510 rtsstireSsJ'ri'
Wholesale and Retail
....  Meat Merchants.
Head Office, Abattoir and Cold Storage :
'^sa^'Oalgary, Alberta
Import direct from Country of origin.
(Under   New   Managementi
Pirst-elas accommodation for travellers.
Best brands   of  Wines,   .Spirits,   and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
Central Hotel
Newly built.    First-olasa in every respect.   All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rales £1.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rate,.
Queen's Hotel, Tl'OUt Lake, under same management
suitably   furnished  with the choicest the
- market affords,     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Queens jtotel
Best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creel< will lind excellent accommodation at this
Hack Service to any part of the City at all
hours. Rigs equipped for Sleighing Parties.
First class Single and double Rigs, Express
draying and Transferring. Saddle and Pack-
horses for hire. All kinds of job work undertaken.   Wood for sale.
Stable and Residence   Pponh 41
Hack Stand "     2;
Prop. O-K^0-K>-K)-KH*>O'K>-<>O-K>-r0-i?-
0 T
It was In lho summer of 1805, after tho ico hud broken up, und i\o
ii.til succeeded, by blasting ami saw-
i:     .:, releasing our Bhip from   hut'
I l.   :   d :n  tho il v.-,   Hi.it WO sliirl.-'il
hi r i'ii her return voyage to civilisation, i rlcM it.pi. I . i;. Jcickaon.
i decided iij on a bout journey frum
our tjuai tors on 11 po I lorn, I'Ynnis
.1" •; I.in, i, qIuii , tho Boutharn
* ■ i townr I the ■■ <;, to endeavor
: i '.,, do to paw the furthoat point
yol h "'i in thai direction, beyond
whl h tho world was shroudod In
mystery, ami so to discovor and map
in tin' seas ami lands beyond lhat
galoway to llio then 1 nknown.
Tha natural conditions which pro-
vailed woro anything but promising
for a boating expedition, butesl
th< jq were out of our power lo nlUr
wo had to tako thorn ns wo found
thorn.  Tho laud was covered by ppr-
II lal ice of many hundreds of foil
in thickness,    which  hy overrunning i
thick mist and falling snow almost
shutting out all sight of land.
Soon I found il out of tho ipios-
tion to procood any farthor under
sail, and tha heavy following waves
Ihrealonod Lo causo the bout lo
broach to. There was nothing to lie
done but to attempt to weather out
tho storm in tho open.
Wo hauled down the sails, made
doop si-u anchor from three our:
attaching an Ico anchor to gi\o
weight, nnd liy making it fast i«o tho
bows of tho boat, by n length of
manllltt rope, miccoouod in bringing
tlm bout's head up to Ihu sen.
Owing to hick tif weight,  the    SOU
anchor was Insufllclont for this pur-
poHO, nnd on Bovoral occasions tho
Hrst of the throo successive rollers
unshod it homo upon us, causing tho
second wave nearly to swump us, lilting Ihu boal with water, nml only ly
dosporate bailing1 did wo got it
again; the rbiuo oxpcrlenco bolnj
pea tod in a few  ininutei.
Wo wore drenched to tho skin,
lorly cold ami very hungry. Tho
outllnos oi lho land had disappeared
some line' in Ihe snow storm und
dense mist around US, Nothing could
bo seen hut a narrow circle of angrv.
storm tossod sou, with lowc-nig
wavos which each moment threatened to swallow us up,
The storm continued with increasing violoiu.0, and by 11 p.m. it was
blowing     a   fresh    gale, nnil in tlio
hills and dales, and thus levelling up , ,Mlui ,„ .     ..
pol la and ,:,-„-.. .,",1:. in one  solid I i1^.? *^,nff..s','^..?u^J.ioat w,?.s
mass, gave the coutry a turtle buck
arancc in contour,       __i—,,,_
This huge glacier formod nil along
th coasl line high ice precipices from
fort} to eighty feet above lho sua,
level, and only at long intervals of
many miles was this barrier interrupted fur a few hundred yards hy a
beach formed uf broken down debus
from rocs above, which lnJnt buck
the ice.
Landing was out of tho question
except upon tho distant beaches referred to.
These condilii ns ron dor boating ox-
c : " illy dan orous, for in the
event of a suridon storm arising the
p issibi ity of reaching a spot where
■ no can land Is oxcoedingly problematical, 'ill* ice covered sea and nruic
climate add their own peculiar diil\-
cull ica to such enterprises.
Thu only availablo craft was a
whaloboat twenty-five feot in length
and five feet seven inches in beam,
carvel built, and undecked,
fitted by us with lug and jib sads, j
and a rudder in place of the usual!
steering oar. Her timbers were not
in lho bost condition, having so.»n
ir«any years, some in fact woro quitol
rotten, but Bho was tlm host wo had.1
in tho second week of duly, 1805,
wo left Cape Flora, and after an ad-
venturous and dangerous voyage, imploring and mapping tho whole coast
from that point lo Capo Nealo ii: tl.e
vfpst, Wo succeedod in oPfecting .i
landing upon this previously unat-
• . iblo spot. From tho summit ul
tl apo I could distinguish country
in the xtrome distance to tho north
at I west, until that moment munnp-j
perl, in fact, undiscovered,
Tie coast lino to tho west,  along
I   ! j .'■■■.  ■ ■■ 1 to continue, my <''•-
I    .  (tons, pn sonte I a most  forbid-
d;nf,r o pect, with unbroken ico   pr
making a lot of leeway ami rap.
leaving (In* laud.
Weathering Capo Nonlo looked moro
llinu problomalical. Hugo breakers
threatonod to sink us at every moment, riling like mountains over our
heads, and each soemed ready lo
gulf us.
Sleet and snow continued incessantly throughout the night, It was bitterly cold and wi* wero vory tired an 1
hungry, but our boat required surh
constant bailing out and other work,
and there were such dlflicultlps in llio
way of coaching food, that Inking
any wns out of the question. Th s
| wo rode out the night, ex; octing
every moment to go down,
During  tho following day  matters
in no Way improved,   It blew harder
j than evor, tremendous cross seas wcro
j running, which often rendered it  lin-
I possible to head them proporly.    Wo
. were, however, still afloat, but shipping a lot of water, ami only by m-
,,. . cessant bailing did we get  tl
Sho was'   . a °
clear again,
Three or four times we wero nil
but rolled completely over ninl half
filled, but managed to tight her.
About 4 p.m. a Jagged mass of Ico
fouled sea anchor and cut it adrift,
rendering lho boat oven less under
control than before Our lives entirely deponded on our breasting- the
waves. To attempt to rocovor that
anchor was out of lho question,
Only once or twice during tbo second day did wo get any glimpse of
tho position of the land through the
snow and sleet. It wns certainly
growing moro ami more distant.
Sleep was out of th i qui s! Ion,
Heavy sous constantly washed o-**r
us, yet strange to say, cspociaHy
whon on duty in hold! ,g tho boat's
head up to th.* sea, 1 experienced tho
vory    greatest   difiicnlly in looping
we should all go lo the bottom   at
once if 1 failed to do so.   Onco
■■■■^■(■MHBH i awake, notwithstanding f know tli.it
cipi  ■- towering above the ice cover-]
e! ■ *a, extending as far as the  eye
ci    : reach  and preceding any pot-     ..,„ , ,„,„,.,     ,,,,,,,,,,,, „„ in  Bp,w
ly oil tnding,   Hardly a    rock    -
v.. -i ba soon,    not a sinalo plant
i      ■ .it uf life, but everything wns|
-.■ ■ ■ and ghostly.
clad hmd itsolf rose by a
steady in:line to u hoighl of about
2,1 ■ i feot, on tlie summit of which
n -, wbilo mist restod, g] ing a
i- ir.!, spectral appearance to Ibis
.   ii- watte.
• was not without considerable
-. . livings   tliui    ubout il a. in. un
:    23, 1895, I gavo orders lo set
' ui our solitary journey. The
party consisted oi six, Including my-
, o ■■ bid wns light, and ns we ruw-
ed clear n,' tho heavy drifting ids
which hung about ilio land, we made
for the more open water oil I'uin-
i tgo Bay. Tlie weather gaveprom-
.... 'D bo fine in spite ol the tendency
of ihi barometer to lall. Theso promises wera unfortunately eoun tu bo
, . lipated.
B - J p ra. the wind hid Increased
to a fresh breeze, angry dark clouds
I -. ■ v.,,1 on the iiurtlieastern sky,
, nd snow began lo (ail. in tlm
course ol an hour the wind had further increased to a moderate gale.
• ,- sea had Lu amo uill mure encumbered wiih ico, aud it was with
i ., Mttesl ...". Ity that we kept
cur t raft b .ut :, .;.- sunk Ly colli-
.-, n , wilh it.
' ■ this tin - w   wero about a mllo
'I -i   glacier   bound coast, with
i   -,- .'..illef hearing n irth -if u, The
',.. I  wa, now   shroud*! in low
I lud,    in I  ui st, and  ■■■.ii.y
,   tii mod to lall
'-.' • id, in the distance, to tho w ,t
la;   th - wiii' -. misty oetllnes of    :,
intory which I had named Capo
Ftarmtworth, but beyond notu-
'I  b" ... i, b .t black,  angry
clouds and a turbulent, Ice encumber-
Our i taver it in bad n iw   ,1m i il
• i tt silence   Thing, wero bo-
; to look "-ry nasty.
'.   ,,' •  wa, *    ; :,-!;.- Iu-.t    r,<-lI i   ;
.-   : tho nearest  point, no ',ir a,
wo c  tld se^,   v. l,«r.) the boat could
1. :-l out, and refuge   n' tv.-.-l,
i Cape Neale, which w, had   li ll
ours before, aid now lay ns
ll, in  Ih, extrem, dillanCO ti,
the east, almost blotted out ol si, it
lowering   cloud, and storm
■ i sea,
we   pressed on, now gta-hig
Ihi   formidable masse* ol uw bearlig
upon iii with ihe rullii-g   sea. I
. t ' next moment liming to put tl.il
b°ad   up Into   'he wind    to
an unusually strong gust which
■"'"1 lo catslrt '.,
p   '"   wo had nlghtr-d the Ico
pi        i which turrouid, Cape Msiy
,        worth on the ,ut«ir, side, an I
'   p • ol fl*4kg a rain,;, had 0,1.
11 irr -dly I t'<ak counoil aa to  the
hi  '1  -i ol act i im    Vo hope of safely apparently l«y a'i»ad, so I docirj-
0ll  to turn tlio boai'a bead   around
un,I endoavor to reach Cap, Neale,
u' ich ive Ii.-.d loft in the moraine;,
'. , v.e went with every reiif
1 ikon in, Un- spray (lying over us
nml   drenching  us to  the sktu; lb,
ol myself. ^^^^^^^^
TIium we spent yet another night,
the galo still bowling around us with
unabated fury, The third J,iy dawned, it wus bloniiip- ns bard as over,
but now ehang id to tho north aud
northwest  with Incus nnl  si   w,
Thu sv.eii mui ii;.- i ■ ..; seas wero
very high,    li..,   al :,--i    bolng
v,'i-y tumultuous Tho I oal had become heavy uiul dehcionl in bu yancj
uud ns slie rolled she shipped water
over either gunwale
To remedy thin as much as - issl I-
ami tu givo her more freeboard,
culled wbea shirt and lining are
niado ill one, in scarcely ever seen;
Its return lms boon rumored, but It.
econis linnlly likely tu Ibid uiiii-h
favnr, ns a skirt uf this sort is always htiavy. It is true Hint so
much loth null so much lining have
s tucking,
Few of (ho skirls Ibis year aro
lined, ui-, ii a lining Is used, it is
in the form ni u drop skirt or petticoat,and is often luiulii sopnrntct from
llm oilier skirl, having il-i own
wuisllmni! uml plne.kel, closing, lu
nt-iitrul colors ur bltu-k, in- lining
probably lho same actual weight
win-liter iniide tog-other or separately
but llm milium! skirl, worn over the
fotiiututiiri puliii'-iuif is !ip]in.n,!iilly
much lighter nml corUlnly moro
(■rueful. Thu facing ul Ibe OUlSldo
skirt may be ol lining ur ul Hie skirl.
material. It should be out bins uml
wide enough iu reach from a Irlflo
abuvn llm edge uf the skirt tu the
tup ul the crinoline.
ally   signed It ussla's Magna Chnrla, (is he appears
in bis Coronation Hobes.
<-H-4»r*M-r-H--M-r-r-M--H-l--hW' I dainty dr
-r- ;.  aye.
a thing oi   a past
a   CldlllUlJl
I lints.
<-H-l i-i-H-H-M-l-l-lv-M-H- 'l-i*
R   i.''.."i    ;-.. ....   with  small     gold
threw away such articles   as    wcro buckl s  are mu li worn lor     mil
heavy and eniild best be spared. y..-ri 'I-..!, .,:■ - about,  though     il
Our   position was m,isi prccar i i did   eem lm| i          to   re le   ..:,-•-
not a word was spoken, y,-t     er ry thing n^w.
man fell that the chance oi life was
very small and thai  wo were
.!,     "Don't   bo content  lo  buy  a   bat
4" just because ii is thoroughly becoin-
•p  ing in you as you sit boforo the mil's' liner's mirror," says a woman noted
2 for ill,* 'a to that she shows in her
,:.   hats.    "Stand up before the mirrur
•;-  and make s tro iliut the lint is as bc-
coming in you when  you slnml   tis
when you nre se-iled.    Do not stand
close bciore thn mirror—walk   away
:   '.       . .<l get. n gliinpso of   your-
m a   distance,      Assuino    n
: unber of   ditlerent attltudos, char-
acteristic  ones  that  you  would   na-
iiu-.iily  lake when  wearing tlie hat,
:...-l see if lie' bat suits you in them
probability bound    fir   the bottom;
and thn cuirn aoi! tbo record we h-i-j
, loft on Cape Nenl i would be tho last,
! that, would be board of us.
On tho a-VrtiOuii of tbe third day,
to our immense relief, a lull in   tbo
storm    occurred,   the    cloudfl to tin
northeast lifted  somewhat,   showi-ig
the  uearet   laud very dimly   abo it
forty miles oil and    bearing    about
north Boitbeas! of out' position
I at um-e dotormioed to ma." a run
f,u- il, ami   set reefed lug and   jib
'"Aiiey w,; wont, tearing before thoi'0"1' Kn£l»n<l, »•'• l'"""1 *;h» "'•
wind; a collision with Ico would have """'" "•"'•', " "'" '"■",I '" '"
senl us io tho bottom, and our vlg- ~r>" °" «"" ':*'- ":'"' wh"" h"
llano, had to be redo b il  ifl r "r'''"' » <""' -TJ»nUty of it to a
aboul ,ev in hour, -,   ug, fair r i    .■'■"-- '•   •'   :'■■ '• '-'■' "  '"
Ing through tbo  '-» ei    so that hi-.-jcouniry.  hn cabled beforo tho   ship-
ting floating Ice was a constant d.iu
 ■ all.
Tho thiRneol of embroidered muslin
blous--., aro open   i   the thi
a single row   if pearls ,,,- One little"
chain dnlsbofl the alrap -,     in I ■
FlnglUh embroidery n,.--. lo ivor
Laffela silk is the nr,^: al present
i.rey glove, unexpectedly became
popular Consequently, 'i.^y'r: almost impossible to gel ^M	
Real dreaaea,    made of real  dress-   Ion's decree lhat the monotony    of
•taking   in--..-rials,    are    In (ash    i    -       itely black hosiery shall cease ''"I1' oxceptioa,
'again. tn    '
'   For    henrietta,    which    waa Brat |   The "M"",t    stncl;inS-'' m»1'''1  ,hn
linndu faaioue   i,y Priestley   if lira,I-
Very shortly black hosiery will
only ho asked for in tho shops to be j
w,,m v/tiii mourning or to match an j
ebon toilo to relieved with white or
a color, in which case white or a
color ii II also Bguro In tho stock-
: i   Is  iii   response  to  fash-
Rcsoaiches Have Recently Brought
Many New Facts ti
Sclonco advance, foot by foot into
an unkiiowti ami lnlinlle teirl'iory,
which is llio phonomonn stirrouudlng
writes 11 ll. AI, Watson In tho
London Mn il. Most of tins progress
is unobtrusive, so gradual and sn
silent Hint one is hardly awaro that
III is progress until aflor lho lapso
in! time, and one looks back, llut
occasionally an outpost is won  and
I occupied wilh a lillle rush, and tho
news cuincs to us in a burst of Ral-
isfactlon und wondor. fcromotimca
the rumor Ls false. So Koch thought
he had discovered the secret uf consumption; bin t'astotii' admittedly
did advance Hie hannor uf medical
science very materially.
It would doom now as if llio researches of three lunglishmon had resulted in a big stride towards tho
cure of cancer. The King, It will
be remembered, was so impressed
with (hn havoc wrought by this
malignant disease that through his
['initiation a Cancer Research Fund
was established, which    is    to-day
[quietly   pursuing ils Investigations.
I Independently, however, these work-
e s have been engaged on the    sub-
ijecl ior some eight years, and llieir
[researches are suBlciently advanced
to enable uh to fulluw the general
trend uf ihe conclusions.
The three collaborators are Prof.
Farmer, F.K.S., Sir. .1. II. S. Moore
'and Mr. C. I-',. Walker, and (ho thea-
ires of their operations havo   been
Jlie Royal College of Sclcnco in
South Kinsiiiglnn.   One papor   wns
|read by them before, the Royal So-
i-ioty in 1908, and others have been
since rend, currying the result of
their Investigations still further, II
is possible to give thn bur,! outllnos
ul' llin results of their discovery,
which is a revolutionary one nml uf
immense Importance to tbo medical
science of the tiny.
Every    living    organism,  whether
plant or animal, begins as a slnglo
cell.   This    original mother cell tii-
vldes into two, each oi lho resulting
[cells divide, and this continues until
tho whole body of tlio organism is
built up, Dili the process oi the division is by no moans simple. When
the original mother cell is going to
divide, a   certain nuiulii     if    littlo
j budies appear   within il.   Each    of
I these little budies, which are called
chromosomes, divides Int   '\v, eijiiul
j halves, and when the Wl. le mass   of
,the mother coll separ,l,s iu'o two
daughter cells, half of i»u li chromosome is absorbed into each daughter
cell.   This   process    is .,puled    in
[each succeeding cell di is-.ou, und
thus the number of chromosomes in
the cells of tho Benin biu.y remains
tho same as it was in  the original
'. mother cell. 'Hie number of chromosomes ia tho cells forming tin,
human body Is thirty-two, and Uiis
number remains    constant—with    a
and made more striking, to nay nothing of the fact that the numerous
speculations ns lo Hie nature and
origin of these supposed piirasilei)
lire nt last put In rest.
Apart from the Humorous questions ol inlerest which lies, I, Hn, Inquirer at this poinl, nnd press fur
nnswer, the mind naturally Axes un
ono po|nt, 1 huvo said thnl, under
a sliiniilu.'t Ihe leucocytes by coal-
escenci! with llm ordinary I issue cell
produce inollgnanl colls, Whet Is
Hint stimulus') Nu complete answer
can be givin lo tills nl. present; lho
inquiry is us yel in ils Infancy, The
first problem was lu discover Ihu nn-
liit'ii uf concur, mid Ibis Professor
Parmer uml llcssra. Monro nml
Wlilkor I'luini lo havo dune. II is
Impossible lu cure n dlsoaso nuill
lis nature is known, Hut it leu
been nsc.ei-tiiiiuid that cerlniii si iuiu-
li or irriiiuiis will eauso such n
clinngo among llio cells as Inovll-
ably ends In cancel',
A NEW llEI'AltTIIItll.
Tho great vnbiu uf tlm discovery
is Hint il cnnsliluten a new point
of dopni'lure, u "Jiimplng-olT" place
fur fuliii'o researches,    It is not pus-
An    English     Physicinn    Places
Raisins as tho Firut of
All Poods,
Dr. .Iiciali Olilllebl, of London, ha,
Iniely been liilorvlowod on llie subject of Hie ireiiinietit of consumption
by Ilu uiie uf vegelnlile juices, by
which    Dr.    liussoll,    ul New  Yurk,
j claims lu havo achloved success. Dr.
Oldlleld is an iiulliurity of i-ecugniz-
eil pusltion and liillii,'lice, Ibe ntllli u-
Dl' nn liiipurliiut li'iulisi! un tho ,iis-
in his Interview he sold Hint his
knuwledge wns based mi experiment*
In lho I'l'iiiiaiiuu lluspliiil, llruiuley,
Ilo is qiille at one Willi Dr. Itus-
sell that ih,i euro uf nuuBiunplloa
rests un Inoreasliig llie digostlvo ca-
puciiy uud improving Ils nutrition,
uml ill Ibis llie linn nl proper vegn-
inbles nnil frulla is most Iniportaut.
„,„,   ,     , , HAISINS AH li'tlOD.
biKit lu stuto, or oven tu guoes, wlmt
will bu llm ultlmalo goal of llm en- Our experience distinctly bus lieea
quiry. lint its Impoi'tanco in beyond Hull ihu right use uf fruits and vogo-
question, II, may very well be that tnblu juices Is ul Ibe utmost im-
lliat dlrl and fug lmtI, nre stimuli porlanco in Increasing the stamina
of lho colls, and therefore causes of [of tho bluud corpuscles of llm body,
cancel', Certain i! is that tliero is;l havo como lo look upon flesh food
null' n{ in the Idea that cancer can iaa largoly a stimulant, anil thorofoi'0
haunt particular hodsen, us has beou -valuable in ease of emergency, like
very commonly supposed; uiul re- alcohol, On the other hand, u cor-
senrchos have disposed uf llm    no-1 tain (lumber of trulls und vegotablo*
are spei'inlly foodbig, and, Iberoforo,
eisenlinlly iiutritiutis. I put raisins
ns the first ul nil foods Hint I know
uf. They are far superior lo grapes,
becauso I lm sugar bus been thoroughly matured und ripened, uml
transformed ready for digestion, and
only llie best nml healthiest grape*
can be drietl fur raisins In uildi-
tiuii, anothor valuable food is raisin
! liun that riverside places nre proline of the disease. Cancer in line
is proved io be nollhor contagious
nor hereditary, end lu be .Ibe ro- j
suit uf neither bacillus nor gorm,
It. is Hn- result ul certain normal de- \
jvelopinents    of   cells   in  Hiu wrong
i places,
I   ll would be easy In speculato   on '
1 tlm consequences    nf  Ibis  discovery |
nml Hs inieiisii significance.     Wlutl  syrup, not so-called raisin wine
can be the meaning of Ibis relation  what is called   in India "Drnkshei
jof Ihe processes    of life mul tlealliV   nsh,"  which  in an  Indian  nuii-nli'O
The   problem    opens    up   vistas oi
thought, which ii is probably ut ibis
stage ol our knuwledge vain to ful-
llow.    What in lho one case bespeaks
llfo, In lho othor spoils doath, or at „„,„„„„, ||m| w]m( |f, suilahU, f,„. ,.„„
Heist the disease llm is llm rood',, ,„ ,H m)t „0C0SBar||y suilablo
to death. No doubt tho combined fo|, Bllol))0 „,„, Umt| uierefore,
invostlgalions and experiment*, ,w|ml ,„, ,(„,,,„„ hM Umid vlU„;lh|„
which Messrs. Farmer Moure and , N(,w V()r|l ,„,(, necessarily be
Walker nm making will add to  our|t]    ]ml ,m. ,h(,       ()f Bnffiana,
hollo wiun inailti uf raisins and a few
Of (he other fruits, one has to   ro-
knowledge uf ibis matter, They or
proceeding qutotly upon their way
mid will in dun tliilO have some fur
tbor communications to make, In
Hie ineanliiiio   their discoveries    re-
After raisins como upptes and pears,
nml their juices In the form oi sweet
cldor null sweet perry, both practically  nun-alcoholic.    Then,    of   lho
 ,      •.,..,, , vegetables,  my    experience bus been
gurding ibe slm Iur ty between can- „■ ,   -    ,;',..,    ,   ,,   ,.
,.,„    ,, , i   ,,      , , in. carlo n nre lie best  of all    lo
cor    nnil     rrpnulm-llvo   lis-am   have , ,   , ,,
been conlirinetl by the work of n,r; use, and to uso raw, and at tho*amo
Hashford, Urn director ol tho Ini-I11'"" P^.nol chopped. Of the
„„„• ,   n, ,, ,   ,,     ,.    ,   ,   , oilier vegi-lubles, watetTiess is   also
penal Cancer Research Funds Lab-       ,
Ou Ihe question of cooking, lho
reason why cooked vegetables have
nol lho sumo cited as raw vcr-clallies
is largely owing to llie fad that the
wuler in which llie vegetables bnvo
been boiled, nnd which coif'nins lho
chief salines uf tlio vortelnhles, lias
been thrown away, Tlie proper way
In cook vegetables, if you want to
retain their curnllvo value, is In retain lho water in which they nro
cookod, oi' lo sleam llieni without
wuler. I do not look upon potatoes as al. nil a good vogolablo, os
thoy are liable, lo disease themselves,
oratories, mul have been received in
German scientific circles ns accurate, Thero appears In be nn doubt
linos in tin- pathology of cancer.
that ill. last we urn ,.n Ibe right
The intcrost of the discovery ii
groat, because of the provalenco of
'this dreaded tlisenso. II. is sn'e lu
say that scarcely ono house in Ibis
country is without painful knowledge of It, Almost every,urn has
bail ti relation who bus succumbod to
the lnyslerinus malignity of cancer
growths, And hitherto tbo only attempted remedy lias been Hie knife.
In many cases that bus been purti-
! ally successful, but has it ever boon
^wholly successful? And in (liiii!-
isends of cases if has failed. Doctors
Inini surgeons havo In en Ignorant ns
ilo Ih-.- real source of tho disease thoy
Jiuive alioiiipfed to eradicate.
The Investigations nf tho laboratory have now laid bai'O Hie secret.,
and il remains only that llm nnli-
dote be discovered. 11 is known
| that u certain irritation is necessary
tu produce cancer, nnd a few of llio
source have been discovered. Further
research should iilentily nil Ibe stimuli, and as soon as that is done tbo
invention of countox-lrrltnnts, or
correollvos, or nidifying drugs
should bo a mere matter of lime.
Then runner would disappear;1 it
would lake rank rather among
those diseases which aro preventable,
and which nro also curable. Tho
progress of Iheso researches will bo
watched, therefore, with anxiety liy
ell the civilized world.
wo approached land, >■ .. h pr t
e,l to be titpe Grant
Wa succeeded in roi "-11   • Hi ■ n->i' '■■-
*..: i side, hoping Lo find il    iffli  mi
ly i-i >tei '• I by  he* - -       to ena
us to g i  aehoro without
ib, bosi
Ilugi, mass,n of Iro    > no
lu^ in wuii llie swell and stovo   ii
ti i boat   i.'t , - ran ,,,,   tho
I -,t we succeeded   In    1   icbl g    I ■
lai I,   A.i   gol  ducking 1 in landln [
largely owing to oui  -  haus id
ilii I-.11, 1 1    onto ol     , - , i-l     tin: <l'y
aland,   No food, no    oep, hard     ,
en,I expniur, i -I nr, tic -. - ii h v     , r
thro, da.",, to in,/  n tl
ty, would iry a polar I ,-.,i
How thankful we wero to itand on
lout luml ng«in llm reader 1 n .-< :;
Imagine,   We were gale for tl 0   pro
When wo hnd lut'l aomo food ■
huddled together in our wot - i the*
on tlm Boor of our III lo I mt ;■ id
foil aslenp, wiih ll 1 gale, -.». , h. ,
com, un us bad a, over, howling outside, and s-now fnlliii 1  . 1 '
We slept without waking fur twelve
COStunifl  'vi'lt   which   they  are  worn.
!'-      weed drei les are woven stocking   thai    •; m' the mottled browns.
; r."'. nf Ibe loom,  in   silk
<ir  WOol      In  an   !iiilet.!,"t  Bud   their
complement       I artan ho*e, ond the
.   '  a.i cashmere    robes
r  lho  1111,'Jn when  laid
out by 1     rnaid    for  .»■ ar by hor
., ■   .,     ,!.,- -ai -I   by   st.o-ik-
•        match, dy  I purpose-
ha buo of tho p-,wn
is of the latent hosi-
ingots sr,:-. -. -1 I II   I,.
*i' do II aellei- n„w' —and the;, i ,-i
Ion,               :,n : :. ive lev n ■
ll  bel tar ,-■ ■-,   .,
in plain    lilk 1 ial. there    I ■
| IT* .OJ
swamping   Ino    .- U,   -.'.l;..h  l.--,-  ,,-, ■■■ a|      -     .-.      ut  the embeliirlh-
priiiil"-' i plunge Into   ;-.-■■    '. :           I        -Igj -i    or   open-work
: -:  I 1,  . [ of the old- froi       1   complete 1 rv -    ol   tho
;     ,     hoop •                                aller] for ,1 long
Is with deep " time patterned
narrow bid              - i not been In    favor,
- ,     1 :: -in of   '    ono  ■ ■ •• ■ ck«" i:-.ve been bun-
The -:       -      inde
wear  during   tie  pn . .   1                     thai     •• fashion
i„  n    towai I                      I outline lal   11 i in   "Ik  uppn
ami  is-     1  .                       , .              ....       f 1    T 1 .     Bours
featu ive b       pre ■    1   and squares
Inated      from      the     ilghtgowns,', ,,      pi n  work,  lace-like
•    .1. ■■■ i,      .!,..!     ' ,1      '      '   . !     1 loOl "/   I'I ■'' /      'lb',li
■   ■    1 •      . .    frothy la fli ishuiere, or llelo thi .-.ci
nml     b- Ih ■ lith r-nind
[rill -   ,11(1   le"l!l  '■•
I'i'.     of     	
lullni . ' i-  ird thu I   -   .
awkward fill       ut tho I tho
model has been su .1
■     1!       f ' .     I .'        ■
I tld..  ' il    lho ;
Miiuei, ,1 by tlm lull-,,,' ictlan
A wedding without n ring ,001(1*
incongruou*, but. in Cadiz, Spain, no
ring is used, Aft,,- the ceremony the
bridegroom inov'a tin- flower in lis
bride's hair froei left to right, fur in
various parts uf Spain lo '.vein- u
rose above your right cur Is to proclaim yourself a wife,
cording or foatherbonn bil -
nil,; ,  ,,!  lev -,.,i   of th    ' ■ ■   ft III ■   abo
of I,ill,tin
Finest fi'rctu li 1 all le an I nainsook, |oul
illy    pretty bl 1
i   rll .  ;  ,,f ,,r
led b    tripe* ol ,,|i,,,i
I . .     ■ :   ■ ■:
' :      til ■    1.,
.    I      .• .',
In all
. -11 ■ upward*
,. ,, ■  ,■ nnl     ir 1 11 ne;   .
1   in. I  nol round llm
Ibe oxceptioa is the group of cells
'that is to undertake tho future
function of reproduction. Observation has shown that, in theso cell*
the number of chromosomes is always reduced to one-half, in tho human being therefore to sixteen. Now
here comes in tho remarkable discovery which sheds n wholly new
light on the nature of cancer. Tlio
collaborator* have fouud that iu
cancerous tissue lho same process
takes place. The exact sequenco of
ovonl, is this. Cerlnin cells uf the
bin-Hi, kiinrrn ns leucocytes, given
a suitable stimulus, become active.
They unite with tlio-ordinary henlthy
Cell, ,,f Ihe tissue, nud lho result is
lb.- fast singe nf caiicei'ous gruwth.
'lb., development uml division* of
Lho 1, Hi,-n proceod in n manner
similar lu Hint occurring iu llie pro-
ducllon ,,f tlm reproductive cells ro-
fcrr,s-l I,,.
II. is inl crest ing to nolo Hint il.
Iii-, fur some lime been knuwn    to
is-,, q iliai reproductive llssuodooe,
nt ii,,, case of some plants, normally
ci is ri manner .siuninr in canceii
Ihal 1, 'o uny, H Invade* the liism.'
, ,      ; il. elv uf Hie parent   or-
'Hi-   collaborators, in discovering!
(hi    Imllarli t   Hint exist,  between
cornier  I reproductive 1 issue, have
In Idimlally shown Ihnl certain bod-
e -, 1,,- - in-ii constantly inl.cn for
He- pnrastto causing cancer nro really only h normal pari ol reproductive cells. Theso bicliin, commonly
known ns "Pllmmer'*" or "Cancer':
That brings me lo a very Important point, mul Unit is (but vegetables themselves for cut-alive purpose* must bo licalthy. In Amorlcn,
where they have su much virgin suil,
(he circumstances are dilTorotlt, but
hero In England I look upon vegetables wilh 11 great amount of
suspicion, became Ihey aro so often
grown upon sowngo furms, nnil ns
rapidly lis possible, to get the maximum of weight in lho minimum of
lime. All the quick-growing vegetables, especially cabbage and rhubarb, I look upon ns dangerous food
nol lhat they contain disease tbotn-
selves, but that llieir tissues aro
overladen with Incompletely transformed fertilizing matter, an**,
therefore, do nut provide a completely organized tissue for tho human organs to feed upon,
There aro two things which I consider very valuable in promoting tlio
growth of the English race—one has
been the beer, and Hie other ha*
been tho old English dish of "fur-
menly," made of barley corn. I
ospocially want, lo emphasize tlio
fact that tho beer originally drunk
was much moro of the nature uf
tea   than is tho beer uf lo-
aro   the   materials   choson
1!.unlie.I    llie,-ii,-,   nnd   1.lie   .-
lillle nf lb" slurdlor enmbi 1
llm stout in-,.lm underwear
w.iiiicii    With    tiny   pro ten li
: ,r lho  ; all' ■ -1  if Ihe  . iv, 1 : ■ Iran iparent,
...,   |,ui,   ihe lm .     skirt I* repl      II V    ono
while -,,!• Hie colored 1     ■ ' <<l "M   ur
1, for  1'.    ImllnllcnH,    now    ,u  genorally
-ir,    lo worn,   The Hal ih"--i skl.tt, n« it   Ls
wilh diffei'i-nl 'bodies, hnd hitherto been supposed
'tu exist only in Ihe roll* forming
cancerou, llssuo. Thoy nro now
provod lo coHstitule a normal and
constant part of reproductive cells.
Thus tlio i-eiieinblanie between tho
two tissues is carried a step further I
luccheni Attempted   to    Kill    a
Prison Warden.
Luccheni, the Nihilist, who seven
years ago assassinated the Empress barley
Elizabct'i uf Austria un the Qtini do'day,
Mont llluiic, nt Geneve, ninl who fori Anyone who has been lo the old
his crime was sentenced lo Imprison- farmhouso breweries will know what
menl, fur life, lms ugain become wild j ] moan when I speak of sweet wort,
and unmanageable, [which is really  malt ten.      It    is
Ho is in solitary confinement nl tl.j'composed of malt barley put to
Kvcihe Prl-imi, Geneva, and from slew, and souked in large quantities!
time to time gives wny to fits of ni.nl nnd the liquor, un being drawn off,
fury, when he tears up his clothing, |a really strong swei.t beer. In my
refuses to work and at Lacks nil who! opinion, there is tho essenlinl value
como near him.   Some timo ngo  no j 0( ,],„ early  beer, or, ns it.  roally
&tlemplod  to murder Copt.  AToxan-1 won,' maTt'ir-nT  "i believe In    Hint
dor I'errHi,_ tho governor_ol tho jail,!,„„,, of b(W_T ,],;„,, „,,„,,„,
und since then his warders have been
particular careful hnw thoy approach
Liirclmni's latest escapade I* said
lo have been a cunning nnd deliberate plan to murder nne nf his wur 1-
ers nnd to try to escape. For days
ho feigned illness, nnd one nighl Ids
warder, on entering the cell, saw 1110
prisoner apparently unconscious on
thu floor, As he carelessly bent over
the prostrnlo mini be lelt bis neck
suddenly gi ipped in Hie sinewy lingu's
of the criminal, who, after almost
strangling Lint, flung him to tho
ground and made fur tho dour.
Hero Luccheni ran Into the nrnis
of another warder, nnd after n savage struggle, during which the assassin clawed and bit like a wild bensl,
lie wa» secured and chained to the
wall ol his cell,
      is  nn
Injurious addition lo mnkc it keep,
This malt tea, said Dr, Oldlleld, in
[conclusion, contains a grout amount
of nerve food, and wo use it in our
hospital to a considerable extent.
In the metropolitan area of London there aro in use over ball a million penny-iii-the-slot motor*, taking
close 011 n million copper* a day end
supplying about four bundled thousand cooking stoves,
Soldiers In France travel by rnil-
wny nt reduced (arcs, it is now
urged Hint (lie I'nrls conclol'go, wh-n
he visits his kinsfolk in Ihe provinces, should have lho same privilege.
He has a journal devoted entirely In
his Interests nnil he rends in Ibis
organ, not sensational crime* or silly romance,, but grave mallow nf-
feding his personal welfare "Cheap
fares for Ibe concierge!" is Ihe ny
of hi* journnl. Ifosl Parisian*
would like Hie holidays of 1 hell- concierge to be fifqupnt. nnd prolonged,
Deputies enn travel by rail fur nothing nt all; why not (he conclol'go','
So a waggish commentator has invited 0 new political shii,!.ul. ih:
"The railways for all—free, compulsory aud niili'clericidl"


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