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The Mail Herald Jan 4, 1913

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Empire" Tyyewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it ia
unsurpassed.    Price   $60 '■'
Interior Pubhsmng Co., Agts,
"lievelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Alps."
Interior PuDlishing Company
$2,50 Per Year
While extending the Season's Greetings to our many ens-
totuera, we thank them for their most Liberal Patronage
ilming ilir present year.
We feel more justified than ever In maintaining the High
Standard of Goods we have ulways carried, and showing
the Best Assorted stock in B, C. And while mnny of our
eitizens show with pride the Best Hardware Store In B.C.
we think that It is only one of lhe ninny big nttriicMons
timi Revelstoke will lie offering during the coming yenr.
Willing m  aid  .
Willing to serve
v move  that  will lielp
the  Ibimer.
her citlmens.
Our Motto :     Hevelstoke and Hardware
8 Imperial Bank of Canada <jj
-Toronto, Ontario.
6,620,00,. )0
Hoad Ottico
0 Capital Subscribed
9 Capital Paid Up
a Reserve
0 Total Assets,
O          Branches or Agents at nil principal point* inMJunada, O
X          Agente in Great Britain  and United States—London, Euglaud, A
V Lloyds bank, Limited. Uhicagu-Fir.it. National Bank, Corn Lx- Y
O change National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Iran- 9
X   cisco-Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank.    Spokane-Exchange A
Y National Ban*. X
Q                 Savings Bank Department V
0         Deposits ol' il and upward,  leortved, and interest allownd at T
6   current rate from date ol uKposii.   Oo..mi.undence solicited. U
9     Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr. I
"A Happy New Year
To One and AU."
MRS. A. G. CRICK, - First Street
will refresh you with its bright, spicy-
flavor and Irngraiicy. Sold in 1 ll>.
lend packages.
Price, 35c., 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
P. O.  Box 208
Phone No. 23
Brilliant Company Honor Prominent Railroader and Pioneer
Well Known Canadians Send Appreciations and Good
Wishes.—Speakers Pay Tribute to  a " Best  Man of
the West."
It. was a large and distinguished
company which gathered in thc Drill
Hull, Revelvtoko on Monday evening,
ih.' ..ceii-ion living a banquet tendered Iiy In- (■•llow railway worker- and
citizens, to Mr. T, Kilpatrick late
Superintendent ut the Canadian Pad
Bc Huilwuy Mountain Iiivi-ion who re
..'..iiv .'e'ur.'ei [rom lu- position after
iliirly yearn conn.'' turn with thi-city
mul district, and with the great trans
puliation  company.
Tho ipacloua .lrill hall, a building
admirably adapted (or such a lime -
non, was speclallj decorated in a
-i heme of patriotic Hags and emblem-
set i.li i.y brilliant electric lights.
Alt S p.m. io the lively strains ol
"Alexander's Rag Time Band," 'lie'
guests numbering Bome 200, including
ninny <>f lhe must prominent figures
in Western Canadian Huilwuy Lite,
and Rovelstoke business and civic af-
lairs, took .lien Beats at tho long,
we'll laden tables,
Wiih an accompaniment of converts
tion and laughter tin. fensi so ably
Bpread by Host Batcbelor, wns don,
even more than ampin ju-ticc. Th.'
glosses were til 1<-<1 with foaming Uqu
iers, and the company leaned linck in
their chairs, smoking choice 'igar-,
and in ihut happy receptive mood,
whi' h comes to men who havo dined
well, and nre thereafter ready to enjoy ill th,' memories of a re-union ol
old-time acquaintance together wiih
the pleasures promised by an elaborate  toast  list.
Mr. U.S. MeCarter acted as Toast-
inasie'i, whieh .lell,.-.ill position be filled with a g?niaUty and grace well
befitting such a banquet.
Rising amid applause Mi. MeCarter
expressed his appreciation of the hon
or .'onferr.-d upon him in appointing
him to the' position ot toaitmaster
■lor thc evening, and continued. " I
appreciate tho honor, for ii i- indeed
an honor to have' thf opportunity of
doing honor to sucb a gentleman us
we have with n- the guest of this
evening. 1 have had lhi pleasure ol
acquaintance with Mr. Kilpatrick for
lhc pnst lf> year- in husinc-s ami In
pleasure, and there i- no one whom
I huul in higher ■ teem anion: ail
my old friends, than "T.K." (Loud
applause). That this sentiment l*
ulsu shared by many others (nr more
widely known than some of n- h.r.
present, is proven ley tbc -heaf of letters and telegrams, I will now real,
from gentlemen whose name- ate fain
ous in Hallway, political and Public
life from th" Atlantic lo tbe Pacific,
and who whilst prevented ir.em being
with us this evening, Lav. voiced in
no uncertain terms, their appreciation .ef ..ur honored guest Mr. Kil
putnek. and iheir wlsbet for the sue-
..  I  of  :lic banquet.
Tbe c nmmuniiaiion- rend Included
Iho^e irom Sir Hirhatd McBride,
Premier ol B.C., Hon. w.J. Bowser,
Attorney-General; R. F. Green, M.P.;
W.   Hunter.   M.P.P.;   Ml    M' 1'lnllip .
M.P.P.;  Hon.  Price Ellison,  Hon.  W '
H Rons,     James    S.hoti.ld, MIM'.
Senator  Uostock.  Senator  Lougbeed;
Hon. H.IO. Young, Neil K. McKay, J.
P.  Shnw,  M.P.P.; Schiller G.  Klindt,
Vancouver;  Iir. C. Morris,  Vernon, .1.
Warren,  Q. M.  Kettle,  V.R.R.;  .lohn
Vickers,  Kamloops,  J.   T.  Robinson,
Mayor,  Kuuiloops;  A.K.  l'blpps,  Iin-
pedal IJank, Calgary; O.A. Henderson
Dank of Montreal, Vernon; 1' •'     Mc
Uou-.ei, Kamloops; o.i w. White,   .
P.  Hy ,  Winnipeg; D   McNichol    C.P
lt , Montreal; H.Q. I'm ana, dold.
Hon. Thou. Taylor, Victoria;     A.
Goodlve, Uitawa, W.W. Foster,  Vi'
toria; Dan Alton. Strathcona; F. Mines    Moi ona Bank, Calgary; * B.H
M' .'".    Imperial Biin«  C il ■.    Di
j., ]t i- .', tt, Ba .", I 0w li
E Uld N R., Victoria; R, Marpole, C.
P.R Vancouver; J. E. Griffith!;, Vic
toria; W, H. Kl-on, Supt. B.C. K. R,
Vancouver; w. Downing, C.P.R., rit.
Johua, N.B.; C, 11. Temple, C. P.R.,
Winnipeg; Lacey H. Johnson, Angus
ihup_, Monireal; J. llupgood, Rogeia
He would help the friend or Btranger
And rn     it  ..if as   uothlng, he's     a
uliiiiiiiaii of lho earth.
nn ilie' nam whon we wore riding,
,'.nd wo heard the .now was sliding,
We always  know T.K. was  there  with
all his faithful crow.
For whore the slides were thickest,
He'd bo first—and ho'd bo quickest,
The danger never    worried him— he
wai  thore to stay ami elo.
If ii turns oul a-, expected,
To the Seiiati' lie's elected,
Our hearts  will  all  l.c wiih him     in
wishing hiin renown.
lllll   WO   ll.ipi'   llC   Will   not   le'llVC   us,
Aiid In' won't  if he believes us,
For wo wani  to keop him with     u
iu ilm railroad and tho town.
closed his Introductory, and called up
on Mr. Ralph Lawrence (or a song,
who responded with "Say Aurivoiro"
and answered the encoro with - "Nobody ju-t like yon" The Loyal toast
was ili.-n honored with musical ac -
compantment, all lolning in tho
strains of lhe grand old national anthem,
"our Country" coupled with tho
name, .if Dr, Hamilton and Mr. W.W.
l.efeanx,  was  lbe next   toast,
Hi. Hamilton, Bpeaking in bis usual
happy vein, described the matchless
gloilcs and resources of Uie great Dominion, our common heritage. He
connected with Canadian exploitation and prosperity lhe work of the low citizens, I know thai I will be mi-
Canadian Pacific Uailway, and oon-j able tonight, to liud words whieh will
tinning Maid "that ii was Impossible fully express my appreciation and
lo mention the pioneer transportation : my thanks to ymi (or the' kind words
service withoul bringing in the name that have been spoken, by the chalr-
of Mr. Tl Kilpatrick, the honored ■ man, I.y the speakers and hy my old
guest of that evening. Kvery citizen esteemed friend Dr, Proctor. Why 1
o; Ke'vi'1-ioki' knew what T.K. had' am deserving of .his 1 am quite un ■
I.e. n i.e ihe in. and whin hi. had done j uble to understand. It is true chat
lor Revelstoke, and there is no man j I have lived with you, and labored
living held In higher regard 'among' with you for tbe best part of my life
Ins  fellow      citizens,     and    all   would
h.'P''    thai     WhUSt    lie'    Illlel   -CVClVel his
Loud and prolong, d ohoors,
I    There was  brief   Inlorval  ol   silence,
I after Mr.  Proctor resumed   his seal,
iheii slowly, Mr. Kilpatrick rose.     A
| hurricane of cheering BWept thc hall.
the audlenoe rose- to thoir feet      and
lhe choera broke into tho -train-    of
j "He's a Jolly  good fellow"    winding
up with three t i r 11. - - three cheers   for
"t. a."
Gentlemen,  fellow  workers, and fel-
connoction with the company, yet as
n public man and citizen his services
would long he available to Hovel -
stoke ami district."—(Prolonged ap-
plause. i
Mr. W.W. Lofeaiix, in a neat speech
cxpressi d thc pleasure of that occasion, when wiih ihe world of materialism locked on I.side lhe door, the'y
Could gather to Join in paying a iri -
I.ute of respect and admiration to
such a riiiye'ii. such a man, and su.-h
:. leader of men, as Mr. Thomas Kilpatrick. He Was glad to have the op-
port, mi iy so early in the evening and
when he .ould not be accused of Buffering from the eflect of loo many
shots himself, to firo bis personal sa-
iute to tho honor of tbe guest ot the
evening."   Applause.
Mr.-Ariminnn«w«reTi to .;„ lonsi-
maater- call, I.y a song "C,Ueen of
the Barlh" and replied to ihe recall
with "Wife's Gone io the Country."
The toast "Dominion and Provincial
Government's" was eloquently responded ti. by Government Agent lt.
Gordon,  and Government   Engineer  J.
P, Forde.
Me. !•:. M. Allum ol liged with .i BO
lo, "Steamboat UiU" answering the
. ncore wub "Goodfellows"
Ami.I prolonged applause the Toasi
master rose to call (or the' ehlef lo.st
e.l the evening "iim Old Friend T.K."
proposed by Mr. A. .. frootor. The'
applause redoubled as Mr. Proctor
rose iu Ins seat al the head of the
I have been requested io propose tho
great st toast of tlie evening, when
i board of the preparations Ior this
banquet I expressed a hope that I
would be privileged to be present to
pay inv huiiiiilr tribute to l.K. nn.l
i um cniie.l.'d lice touighi to vine.'
in.- worth as a servant of ihe O.P.R.
i ,e citizen ol Kevelstoae, and last as
a -iirlmg man. whilst the C.P.Ry.,
has done a gicat deal for tins country, lhc greatest boon they havo be-
Mowed upon ub, is hy viriue of the
ealiurc and type ol men they havo
gi.cn to this Western country to do
her work. Among those men, pro-eminent, Blonds Mr. Thomns Kilpatrick,
ex-Buperlntendent ol the Mouutuiu Di-
1 i'"i. and tho guest to wIiom. honor
ue are gathered here this evening.—
il'rolongcd applauaej, Kven surpassing lb ■   "U ie,    ..f Mr. Kilpatrick In
 re ' '  o[  the  great     Railway
Company, and of tha value of whl.-ii
have bud nal to us su'h genuine
testimony, mu i bo appraised lbe ve.
llle    Ol     III       SCl'l IC In    tb'l    Clll/.'ll',    o(
i.    'i"[ii" district.   1 Have, hcen a •"•
ui' I with him sine: tho duy.. ot Old
l Donald, and nothing  lhal 1 cuu     iy
will add to the reci rd ot UBClulne.-,-,
] and manliness,  which bis life reveals
nm Christmus ili | i hides i choice of the Famous Zanes-
ville \ri Pottery, Jardinieres, Pedestals, Plower Pots, Bean
Pots, Haiifjing Baskets, Pudding and Custai ' its Pire Claj
CiiBserolls with or will ont stands
The ve i. iii wesl anil lii t pattern   in
Wuter jn;'-,   I lei uut' rs, Berr)   Row I
i it mis. Vases, -'il si;    , I umbh i
small fancy pieces.
Our L'topian Sil'.  i I lep ■
at prices i\ llieh make- thi
Cut ''.lass now oil  Bhow
N ; pii -.  Sugars  and
and a ling,   collei tion of
i k of quality
ir display ol these g
i menl     i   m]  et. in sil   the'   X::.„    Fruits,
.   ; igs,    lapaiiese   ..ranges.   Christie s
OurGri' .      Hi
Lm cr   Kai
Xiiius Cuke, I'luui ■'■ Choice! ine; Biscuits, Nuts i
nil kind". Choice Apples and \ egetables     a    ■  . ince.
ia. ving Sets ainl  l'li
Km ors an I Shin ing Supp
Me' ''  II  I   '        K   .11'.    .   .Mill    II.
ei Knives, Safety
ies, Sporting Goods, a new supply of
iters iui ai rived
First St, Kevelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Plumbing Heating Tinsmithing
Special Attention Paid to Mail Ordera
like an open book.
The following poetry, written by u
gentleman at tbc coast, oxpivssiu iu
words more eloquent thuu moro spec-
'■he.-, thc position which Mr. T. Kil -
Vases, Bowls. Comports,
Manufactured by "Libby"
4% %*%%%%%%%%%%>%'%%%%%% %%%v%>**w*% * 5
runs;  U.  F.  Riut'eu.   Vancouver;    W
Newman, B. and N.H., Victoria; O.B. IDaUlck m!B '" tUc hoacW oI a11 wllu
!--,.te.", '.'.!!'   fflnnlpeg; w. o. MiU-,ku'-'w Wm:
•r, 3upt. C.P.B., Nelson, A.u Bulll-|
van,  i h.cl  Bnglnoor C.P.R.;     w.  k.   our hearts arc »oro with grieving,
Sallibury, C.P.R, Vancouver;    F. 1..' Vo, old T.K. ih leaving,
Hutchinson, Supt   C.P.R., hot-:-   at|And aflner   upcrlntondcnt we'll aevei
Vancouver; i   K. Cartwright, Vancouver, R, K, l ai ui. C.P.R, Vancouver; (I'O. Uury. \ ic   Pres., and O.M.
C.P.R.; Oram  HaU. A.t. O.M, O.P.
F.W, I ■ •. ■     lupt   B.P.R,
:. " .-  ■   Ovn. 8u|
gar;   ii..1. rami.'.', Vancouver;    w.
11   Brown, CN it . Bdmonton;   D. C, I
ioi. mai,. iin.   Melt   Winnipeg; O.B.' He a I   hot a defendaat,
!•:   fjastwi   O.P.n   M.einri'.ii,    Te 'I.J    Ai mayor oi lupsrlntfadenl,
[Commlsky, v«rnoo; ii w. Brodii   0 I In RoveUtok« th"v know Um io
11'  n   \ go . I      'uiu of iterllhg w.erib.
Au,;- .wjJ uj'i'Uuvt    Mr. M.'tgntr  ^'ih -u Huublv »u4 iu Uttu&«i,
have aguin.
Hut   wo're  proud  once
And with frlondsbii
Poi i-n tl.. . >ul thai cbangca nut iu
Huiiiihlnc or lu tain.
ire to inci't
build   to  greet
1 cannot recall any al*i of mine thai
would cnll for -uch praise us you hav.'
givcu mo tonight, in my dealings
with men. I hav.' endeavored to be
luir, thai 'is nothing to he praised about, all I can do for all ibis wbicb
has h.e'ii tendered mo lonight, is to
again ihank you. To the officials and
employees of District 1, I wish to
ihank you for the courtesy and rc-
sp.'ct with which you have treated me'
dining my muny year-, amongst you.
There' were nines whon nv were call-
i'd upon to battle wi.h the element .
and n was our unity, disregard of
fatigue and danger, that won for us.
In the year- Immediately . following
construction the difficulties were greal
i'l, the battles wore harder and longer, we had llii'ii to remove all the oh
stach'S by huul work, today through
the expenditure' of many millions of
dollars, we have here the besl, tha |
largest, and the' most complete snow;
fighting equipment in tbc world. Thei
old wooden bridges have heen replac-!
ed with permanent stool structures, to
day we have' only one wooden struc -1
ture, as compared with originally 600
many of which were- very Large
As you are aware, Lt Is now proposed to double track the liue from Calgary to the Coasl, last yl'ui thelimit
of a singh' track line was auout. reach
ed, and when ihm enormous work is
completed il will place Kevelstoke on
ihe  mainline  oi   the   world's  grealcsl
elO...ele'     .TuCK     laillYUV     Mj'-'e'lll.
bpeaking to ihe local people, I wish
lo refer to    the events    which look
place at my home a shore tunc ago,
io iho arrival of a number of your representatives, tho reading of a very
impressing aduress, and to the sol -
nun und almost paibctlc manner in
uliicti ih.' prusetttaOaon was nia.le. 1
was entirely unaulo to -ay any thing,
e.Liioe.i.n i ae ie'.,,,,..,.; to u.ie.jUatcly
reply, and yourselves ami your ropre -
Mimati.es came io my rescue, Now
ou benalf of Hdrs. KilpatrlCK und myself, 1 nibh io tuans you very kindly
.or ihose very valuable and beautiful
presents, wo wlll appro.late ihem us
long' ns we live, .here is oue thing
specially 1 wish io nniiiion, that Is
Uie ;i.,,ne.M which yon gave me, beautiful ni ten hi. woraman hip, and il.e.
word uiO'i. Impressing ami with that
very represt ntatlve signature which
ii novo nil  . »ill    ei greatly prlssc
1 appi.'. late li itenlng to the reading
•f ih.  ' i ci     ind mesi age   read her.
ie.'iii'iit, i'i'  pi'M ant. alter nil        my
yours "f sei i li u, lo have   m b woi d
cxpressi •!    i have' to thank the Oann
>li.iu       . in ■   U'i" -       '    any for lie-
greal    nu I. ■      Ion ihi ■.  havi   iiv
lijii'i I'm    im '". last   'si   feat
,„l i ,,e,  -i,i to b ivo   ' '"    i thom
hero tonight,   and to havo the pilvll
ego ol listening  t" the     many      kin.l
| wishes expressed hy those who       are .
I will noi  d'.'inu you, il makes ni
' diilereiii'M h bo i  po iii'iii i hold dm Ing
! my tunc with tbo toad, i buvc ulwuyf
' received not only  the encouragement
ol tbc management,    but the cordial
a .1 lanco ol every omployoc irum the.
blghesi  to  lbe  lowest giadis ul     the
service,   Any success I .nay bave   at
tain .1. hi.    lieen through that     able
an.l loyal  support,   The Provinoe    of
Hrltish  Columbia,  my  udupte'd  hum'',
will continue until the end of life, to
possei    Ioi  i""  i. charm uo 1    luteM t
oot "I'lalli-d iu my uyi heart by
any portion  ol  out great  Dominion,
i,ud lhe City Of Hevelstoke and this
Interior, the .scene ill my active on
nection  with   you fellow  workers  and
citizens,     «iii ev. continue to bold
Hie loiTtuoH.   place in  my lateeui.
I wish t.e I haul,  i.ui le.r tbu     groal
, iMlivjuui,. uuy, u  lw WO luu.(,lil,     Ivi
We wish to thank Our many friends
for their kind patronage during the
past year and to extend wishes for a
"Happy and Prosperous New Year.
John Mclntyre & Son
First Street.
Telephone No. 93
lievelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
be euthiisiasui,     and  you.   I.ounttful
lospitality.    i   thans   yo t.
i'n. . I.. ,e li cli ti iliowi ■! ■■ as a
iH'iiior.ii.M ..ii i uiu iaug the .horuu
uul louder si in  ' ii" i . cheers a
ue  standing a'idii nee  cllnaed     theu
.las.-,-  in  u   iiii.■ I   satule  to  the  .
„   the evi inii'
'I he   pi... nine   v.        I,   Mi     W.
i.i ;  ii .i.i.mi .'   i fail s  Hell Boio an<l
re produ. i Ion  ol      lb    I none    oi uiil
,t. i mil s ' v hi ii  bi ii -..ni down   lUe
lleell-,'.       Ill .       lll'l   ll.Ise.ell .lUg "   'I lie'
i ...ni im    i bonis        with  '-tie ct. 'i ho
,.,, ;  . anadmu  I'aclB.   Kail way, ...as
. iouui a Ij       iponded   to    bj   M i b
,,i,i,.                      I'hipi       ui o-e\ ell.I
  llic.    Mi     Mlwoe             ■ ■'■ .ih
,   li mil    ,'  ,ie   . \|'
ed with "Hrowi .ii In
",.,',. m       Tl       •      ,        Revelstoki:"
ly vo M       .ii
Mi Kmii  ti. A. Lav B     Mc
Oil Uegh u
\  dual  bj   Mi i
Uuu w.in '      toa
  ( Mr. f    T
■ ■" ib   i ■	
tlemen In   ' ol  Mob H
llee.v.-Oi,,     A.       I    .      I.    .e'.-, [M- J
ami A.  10,  Kim . li     '" ibe
toast "(ildtimeis ol >■• ■ ' toi end
iii. iiim i le, i.ui to I ■ ejut.le :i , ,vas
ei   i heurd iio.n auei n.o.ei eluqueutl)
'i|e..n ibe -.nne auujcci. .n   band;   Ic
Hue spoke in favor ol  "Did T.K     ...
oue ol the uldct and one ■.•( tin- b(
Thei attains o!     \ill     Lang Syni
brought  lhi   banquet to a    loso     ai
: I,'   a.ill.
Everything  had  passed  oil  wltbo i
a hitch, He   banquet   Itself, excellent
iy served ua   of iho high quality wi
uow associate' with caterei   llatcheloi,
tho Hevelsioke.'     orchestra     provide
bweei ami appropriate music al     intervals,  tbc a.tisia ae.'.iuitit'd     thei.
selves wiib credit, the waiters cove
ed thom  'li.-. with t-lury at the san ■
time as  ihey  kept  Iheir guest-      irell
Th-.  in. uu, ■ mh'll.-hed with a poi
trait ul the: hero of trie oc n ion mado
ned Ium       ■ ■ ensured  by many a
nan [Ui iiiiniii'iit.e   of   whal
.o.M. in the recollection     of
everyoni   pre ent  aa .. mosl enjoyable
Among   11 '  - ..:   wert   bhe   lol
lowing:—A.10. .- orms, ti'.b'. Uusteed,
s. 1 ulpps, J.P. Armstrong, ,s. io,
Smith, .i.M. McKay, H.B. ffalken, y
r. 1 roctor, ....-- ... Carter, A. Mcltae
il. H. i.e. . A. Arman, J 11,
Lyons. J.W. JenKlo , 10.M. Allum, 11.
.s. Coursler, li;". ix-'iaux, P, Wade,
ii. H ishford, i. 'i .we, t'.M. Olbson,
i'.il.   >       . ....It.  M. yuarile,  W.
ri. Wallace, u.u Lawrence, Brace
La ie. \'.. Brooder, rf. K. Urocn.
i In; Rea Uuy Barber, K.S. McLco.l
A    Mai \    M icsenrot,     m
Bell, io   Roonej    ff.B. Macxenxle, io
I      ee I    -ll, i.l. .   H.   M. Kin -
i W,   M.lhl,       .1.
\. UcQregor,
il      .1       ,     r  .,     Bl ,1'lshaw.       .) .       P,
■  . ii   Laughton, 0
i. •'. vi k   Hon
i.iili,  .ill.  Armstrong,  j.e.  Tapp.",-
n ii   vfcvitty,   \ B, McOlemeghan,  \
.. Madman,    J.  K.
ii J. McSorley
R li.  McDonol.t,      K.
i.   M.iia .  i   Abrahamson, K.h Cron
.'. A    Foote,   s..ii.  Hobbins,  Clt.
Macdonald, \s.H. Pratt, R.O. .- ruton
il.   Hou-on.   J.A.  Stone.W. Abi .'     II
• i bai   Holten, B.    WO"
K nnon, C,  '.lllan    P. ThUixdcn J.
;i»n, Franv H.
Ulwood,   10.   Turn.ug,   J.K.   Utile art
.I.M. Parry, J.B. Mackenzie,
liUMlriii mm
Jauuoiy   '■•
Jan. 14—15-
'■in      'American
Lmpress theatre
Tho  VcrsatlleB
Kony yiis in use, IN     years     the
aiandard,  prescribed and    i lommeud.
,   physician--     For  Woman      \il
ualits, Dr. Mai "Is 1''l'k,. i r.lls,    iu
au attractl^o itfuvenir, aod wu^ cai- four druggist, ' '
(continued        page fix)
an.l  altci
people   bl
hange ,;
them  hie
Iheie   th
would tn
Mr.   Ti
come ab
tli, S'
No, 1 Jm! not look for uch .1 man.
1 J: 1 not know ' tiyom inwbom 1
couid put every conii'lenee.
Did yon [eel that, you • ould Un.l
euch a man'
No,  1 did  uot know   tho  mun  until
thc matter was all dune.
Was the matter left In your hands'I that way.
No, in the Maj is.   It  wasland build
lelt betwei n . ind :.e aid he would
ae* .M.-.   \: and Be.   whal lie
thought, and it :'..■ meantime 1! you
found 1 .,. »:.■ i: , 1 . think would
be su m nd bim t>e mi , aud ,1
wa-  , It   a   'nut.
Mr.   M In ;•!"•■ . 10 tloni .1      ' he
1      ■   . '   1 ... •■
H..w many  * mi en are in thi   I iwn
and how manj       I ises?
Ten h   .-
Tbu'.  would ii,'.-.'! the securing
l" : •
Not  : Tl   : eiie.    wu
man   ■• tt it .- "     1 • ' ' :■■ nml an-
oth 1 worn ei It ■ •• li ■■ town,
Tha'  «    ild not n it..      1 n
ol hou
Yep,   r ,    ■.  .        . I      .:■ ,'le 1  Btart
Pl    .   v.'- ,-•    -   tbi ir homo    will
.v.. -.  .• , lewhere ''is. '
11 thej ii...'  line ol business
Suppi all  I want  I       In-
* rmatl  - I 1 yuu knuw how    many
,:,.   .   ■ .1  tl "mm   house*, how
many   ■ .."•■ there  in  those houses over
whicl      er.   ate landladies?
Th.   inu ..-■ -   in   a Boating popula'
Thi ■•       novel   the    ume numb
, -  .    th   tin
W.'.'. r.'   u   how many'!
i roui e 2 "' probably 1
Wi uld '•• ■     •   .. proi ability
who e.ro l"It Betting up in
buiL'.-s ol iheir own and Becking t"
build  i ■ :■ ■ -  ■■'  thi ii   own'1
No, the most  of them     huve     no
Th.y would   probably hnve to     go
1    Mr.  Lillian  tuye    these
:     got     lho property   vory
,,d  thoy    might   wish     to
district and want  to 'ii"v>'
'urther. what gualuntee is
ihe Police Commissioners
movo ihem''
inihle      11   mighl   very      well
,ut   .   There  is in. guarantee
,,,    |'I,S-
But you    would not
1  house down  there?
ml pi
M   |,i yi i'- -It  llll   lit   I
|i      • i-lu   have    IlllUeUCC.
Xi imble  01 course,    you know
1 i'i- are only hero on suflci
1  ,   question  ua-   been asked
,|   1,,ue     tolllght   ii   .vou   guiuaii
' aaaaaa__^_^_
lee tin in.   A gnu rim ioi   cnnnol  be glv
en.   They know, a- well ai wo do ihut
they ur.' only hen1 on sutlcraucc   and
are lukltig ., ohuncc.   Ab to tho uue
Hon ol bi tiding n bone down   there
no commissioners or Ohlt'I ol     Police
urn going   " iilluv.     any person     te.
build .1 bout e Hi. ro Ior  thai   pui po 1
No in-w buiiseH I'oulel be built there,
Mj    Mclutyre-  How lar away  would
thej   '" Irom  olhcr  houscB'.'
Mr. Trimble  Over u block.
i'i; el e>t I'olire   Whore tbey arc there
nm only    poi ling people.
Mi.  McCartor -Uul any  ol  llu 10 gl 11
tinmen who were at that publi'- meel
ing e.i   who  ur.   here  now.      did thoy
ever  H t	
■k  (i-i   nn explanation.
Mr. Trlmblo—No,  none
Mr.   Mclntyro   When   -i
back Irom  lhe Bouth?
Mr. Ti iiiilih;   Saturday • ve cln)
Mr,  Mclntyro   Mr   McCartor lusiuii
:.i."   1 but  we mode no attempt to bc
■in ■   . \  11.t 1.it ion on this 'i'i- 1 mn
'ell    Wl   1 "
banco ol
yon since thnt mooting aud   their  holding,
.-onin" Bloner,
luty  to ''""ii
e.l    ll
,:...... 1.1 them,
Mi, Trlmblo—How would
H'lhlo for the CoinmiBsloni r
aiitee thom'/
Mr. Mclntyre- Wuu.d h
under some moral obligation '
Mr. Trimble   I dont ihlnn   1
1 han man   The    Police Coin  	
 ly   give   Hi. -I'   people   the   u'evil
!,;,'   eel    lil'ing    Ihl'l'l'.     T'll.'y     leeill     II . 0111
inond t lii'iu to buy thore,    vhoy Know
ihey liluivc    the  privilege of    buying
j ihere nnil  Ihey   know   ihey   do    0     in
| their own risk,   The city  > ounoil    or
ibe    Police Commissioners urn liable
al   any   time  I. nu In at nny   time
in,,I tell ib. in thoy will have to leave
and the e people know they do so on
thai understanding. The Police Com
inissie,nei ouly have control Ior ono
year. They 'he not rtguro il.it Ihey
ari morally i led io tho o people when
they co lo move these- people eeiit ol
Ihai di it-iei. Tley an. nn.ler no ob
ligation il tho thing Ih handled that
ivaj They h.iv. only coutrol lor ono
year, and those people uri doing this
ai   thoir own n k
Mr. Trimble My leellng la thai thoy
ar. only here on utterance, li might
i.e demanded that they be wipe,I out
tomorrow, I d.eiit. believe they are
morally guaranteod to stay thore.
Mr.  Mclntyre   l am only  asking    it
tin    point  might ho raised,
Mr. Trimble-  I do not ihink so.
Mr.  Mclutyre   Now in regard to the]
l.'eiiiii'M Act.   Tho Acl  .-uys that     so
long ii   tho Law remain   a   It ; , but i
mppoaiug thc  Lnw change , and i	
hibltton is enacted.
Mr.  Trimble   Thev  siaud  to     Iobb
hut as u city  polico
Ihey  feel  11   is  Is  their
-l them   '    I.'  ub pus
ll they
Wlelll.I    111
to  mu"
I,„ik those   'I.i n-i' lot" ther.
.   ,lf i,I ."   lott,    I  want
.  on  you  hen   that   I  know
nothing ul tnla i"'ilT
.pi,,,   uue  .  ...1   bus   I,, mi
you have uu  idea thai
,,,!■■  .   Llll
,ii iissiiim
ill ,',1 that
I 1 'I'l u littlu
,il  lhat   I have
md I ask
i  Mi
i    t he
want    In
ur   duty
do    so,
Thu i   would
Uliel 11
Wll- II
o.l.   of town,     ther.
getting this inlorm
McCnrtei    Hav.   loug  were  you
Trlmblo   I  woni    outh  Friday
ng and '-iiuii' hack Saturday nv
Into  -"ine  othei   hous
nn-uti eight bouses
Yes, then la another old lady named May Ackley. She owns her own
been*"-,  but   sh>- tins no  money.
It look* ,.e though -ome ol ibeRC
landladies wero att-T two lots, and
It lookSe Irom ihe evidence thai the
inr rangi-d from ll>nx> to SHOO.
Th.- ;d-a of a-kii.g I.n  brig property
is  this    Th.y  ar* ».i>-d  down  so tiL'lu
I .e.liy own their own sou,
ar "   •   ite now.   Thy can't  go out
to  get   fr -h   air.    And      il
il ay   n their home    ,,.
• ■■   except   wben they com.' up
town,   Tbey  wi -i to get  more ground
B'3   that they  can have a Utile more
freedon    and   nave  something  to  du
and  look  alter.
In tha-  case you would hav.   eight
homes established and .. possibility ol
16 lot-  being  ■• ught?
So, doi i "• --.'   ly
t ls poi ible?
Vce, possibly.
Tb-   i .ini       tl -    Tl       would
a verj   .- nvestment.
It. lota w. ■• sold al this price. and
it wu< bought - i'l t there would
be rofli     if   It   Lot
Wen  Bold, two lor  I .- •   or $150
amount    wo ild etblng  nvei
ftOOO un   il [  I -. ,i
th"!*     W'.-  .
Mr.  Trln    • tbe     arrni
ment, unless tbi
largely -be- •   -       I probablj
more ihun  ■ ,■:  10 lots   old
Mr.  Melntyn    II   I  d
th»y woul ■ tei ■. •        tb - Fi
but this district was pointed out   -
property wheri   they     uM  go     and
itsWe, a:.-'   ' -       - ■     .   • .
wo-aid bay • ■ I lg 1
uf 2 lots   .;      ■   • would bt    "Ve r
$8000 involved
Chairman—Tb< -        only ott<
that  seem-   verj   I   kin    Tt-   I'hief  r,(
l ....ce void Mi    UU ■     id    : ■ •
allow   any   a  is   tl    hUJ   pr-p-ety       r.
:-.a-   . strict    Tbere  ire pi
,--.,-.    Qumbei   '".•■.
....      .... .   -■•■
•d. ■•. I.■-.••  :    mow ■
unable • ind
Mkv would be abl« to I
.    •- ■ ■   - r.        .   -.
•rou     b to •-;*-.• tbe*
rr le»- • i      .'• »•
t-.-   •} peo].- -r  *.h.-'   bv   i'i
au       y proper!     i -. ■
fit up !   j • an   ■• i - -   . >
*. •  wo   • to turn around  n I
■\ -. would
-. .      • ■■;•-    ta     ipeoditure
a;»V  . '       -_.-.-   . •   ebb     to
1TQ     rami '■   '  -
pa ,   ««,.-. i. •'• --.
•    T »la>-      'V*        ■..
■ lllU   ..
or afternoon.
ono    upprou
>i   tl
my  i
Trimbli    No,
Kollie-  1 mighl  saj
,-l  ,.,   Poii •   ('"im, -
,    I heard  it.
Mclntyie   Kn iuii iei
Citj   Mall  whcthei
..]„■,. n    pu     ,t  bj
that  I    .'I'
Ion' i      ,i
iv. re made
there was
ihe  Poll .
loinmis ilouei
Mr. Kollie   Mi. Ti imbli . -h- you c.en
-.,1..   • 100 u fair pure [or  I wo lot
Mr. Trimble   I >-..t;'i    ay u-  to th..:
Mr. Trimble was then questioned by
Mr   Keliie
Do ye.j consider  11  n holdup-.'
I can'i  say  1 would consider ii
Why       -llOUld llle   llOUSl-B    he   ..lo.
from the i
Bible," and make su.-li chungi ao »"
ueceBSary, We' doujl think they Bhould
be oblisb.'d, and at the present, t Imo
lime we ihink thoy should bo movod
bni k a far u posi Ible, and I wlll
back He- May.'i  In everything ho has
,1 i,  and   1 will   luke  my   respou ibll
il, ,
Me.  Abrahamson     ivu    Hnn    worn
and iiiief' ie'iiMel '■ v Mr, Mi Cm ti
Vou are one ol Uio Coinmissloiiei
.m-i a member ..i 'in- city i oum il
e,.ii  ;ii    recommended and  opp
i.v ihe government?
bed      Ves.
Whin did yo . lirsl h um of tbe mo
vomeni  tee • BHihlii h tl rnnieu in a
ap    new district?
,,.      !  don't   rememboi   ihe  ilal ,  Lu   su
• .•ii.! ni    i.metini'      l    ..:,'■   ', miimh. r
lb.- iM.-1   .ime.   The  In.   ea.ne   1.
ho . ■   and
H.   weni   bock an.l gm  ,i  map,     i u I
there is hurdlj n  mo rep  ,t
ni.'   whal   he Bald   aB ho  told  m   • ■
ntly th       mi      ■'!    u   Trimble : i
been  tcllini    yon  uow.    I    wus   i.e
-in v to    -'i   tbi .t    ii-  ■
■ ..it  the onl)    hu     t.
t,. tnuv. i| ..      ,i ,ll. .   i
■ht,     wo
. colli I   chai',.-.'   I h.i '• ,i.
11 further hack without   aUBlug any talk
I,,,  Ideii   thai   way  al
you nbniil  'his before?
s,  , bin  i want io iol 1
U.i nia-   I-    lea don!  •'
Wliul   did you  tell mo?
I i.elil   you  thai as Ini
l.iitiiieiii    is   concerned,
nothing about   it as fin  ns t1'" price,
bui   .1  you     would give u    Wine   we
would i uio H  right away
Did you   iay you did
I.e mixed up In it'.'
l do uoi think so.
And Umi I -aiil il ivu- y.
as a Polico I'eiininissleeiiiM ti
and  thin   you  would   bo rosp
Ve ,   I   reiiii nil'i'i   llinl I
Ho y mi roniembi r nm n king you lho
propel' i'ui to 'I" ivotllll Iui lo take
evldi n c .a  ill prove  th'- c  rumors?      I
And 1 acted on youi advice.
I    Tbo iinpi-e isioii Iui    go!   nn na.I that
' we did  noi  try to gol  thi    Intorma ■
]    Yuu did i ,t giv   a- much i Inn •     I
nm   i man ■-• Umi'    tamp, Mi. Keliie,
I ii,    ei   du ii"-,' hilii: een  my     own
hook   Without    ,'.ill-Mil l'li-    those   I    i,nu.
II tcrcBted   ll Ith,    Hul    I W ill       alwav .
mj   i'i spiinsib l,ti
Kellb    1 might   n> on behalf ol
iiunilt t" thai  the c\ Idem f
Pol        i 'omiiils Ion i    mum      to
i bul   the      Police t.'ulllllllssi ll
never     made ,. sl itnmenl.    but 1 am
un   there i   nu i ii « ba dooa not
ippi iclnli. t bo   - ati ni nl  mndo by iho
Pol    i Ci einmi s,.ni"i';  ■ ..... Thero has
ei i    in ilishonui.il '•   ., '; iu  In bholr
I'liA    hull'   'inn     v.ews       oil
i,      ,'.i. ti.eii,     but ii    far na     iheir
v mm.   are .-. erued .., have got tee i ,,\
i... . i av. givi n .', very si rung anew
. ■ und l'i ply tu wmit «e were uttc..
I have io    iy I nm satisiied as far u
bl •,'    ,,        uni . nlthougli ii
nvi i   v.i    Th,mk  .'.ii
Ml       Mell 1 ...       I     ,'    Mil,I    like    lo      ask
Mr.   Uerahlilllson  .,  b'W questions. The
i ,i     lonor   being :,     publio
II .mil,  -   ,,,    l I',. ,1    in ;
■,'t  public Inspection'.'
Mi.  Abi'.iliiiiusou   Yog,
M     Me In! vi,    I! -he' police t'oniiui-
liud te. Id ii iui ol ing ..nil     dis
'    •• ulld   i in.mile ha.I
I. •■ ■•■.■a !,-, ■ 11 hange
' Let        l.lll      pill' e-   nfte'i     lh,      pUbl'lC    ill''-!
■ I -..ii.   to Hi'- minute
ii I obtained u minute to   ati
Mr.    ' Til' ' ■   -e 111   no inin
ii i Me  book    Tin •   was uo meol
'             ivhul  I  want
II then ■ - ■   ., a ■
houses, -I" i"U think the price ol
those  lots  at   $l|i:it   was  eye.S' iv.-.'
No, nn. ns 1 -aiil hefore, 1 dont
know  much about roul oatatn,
Have yoi evoi hoard ol real eslutn
being turned over for twice what wai
paid  for  It'!
No, bill I look nil., consideration
the high lent thej wero paying down
Tb ni y. ,ii do not consider It u hold
No, bill  tho rout is n hold up.
If anyone is ebumplonlug their posi
lion  in  ri'iiged  to the  rent, they      lire
paying ai the presenl time. it. has got
tins r. nl  estate Bliinned  to death?
j     11  hns.
Vou did not. hear uny ol llieni' puo-
ple 'hal hav.' taken stteh an interest
in ihesM women hollering ahout the
rem down thero, thnl iIiobc womon
ur.-  being held up for'
Mr. Keihe than questioned Mr. Ab-
In  thnt   conversation  we bad      ."ii
ninl,  I   maybe     Istuvdorstnoil  you,    I
I understood you -anl you iiiii noi wanl
to  he  inixcel  up  in any  uuy''
I nm   snry   yotl       gol    llllll   ImprcB
regard t.i these house'. I have never
been in the City Councils nor an official of tho city.
• I am   peniiing of yon ne n private
oitl/en,   Did you ever oppoeo It?
I was n.-ver up against any person,
Th.n ymi cannot iri v.- iiie ii    statement?
No.   us  fnr   ni   1 know   1 have   never
been conoornod in It.
Mr. Trimble—Thank you Mr. Keliie.
Chairman—Aro thoro any othorquea
Mr. Kollie—1 would like this mating to adjourn and convene again
wh.n it would i.e convenient to you.
There ore othor witnesses a considerable distance away.
Municipal Elections
To the Electors of Ward One:
In response to ninny eoliottuliotis  I
have d.-ciils.l to again stand for re-
. lection us Alderman for  Ward  One.
When I am iiyfiiin elected I'm- the year
llllll, I will endeavor, as in the past,
to do all in my power for thu City of
Requesting your Influence and vote.
Voui'B, iiliediently,
.1. lil'Y HAItni'.H.
'   ,'le
Lbe ii
iv oiler
;o that
11  tin- price?
down thorn
IIIIIII t lie      n.eie   ..-     ,.,      .,
.Hey, or from Douglas Hi     '■ '  somethtn ■    ■
What  difference
■ I-
tu i.eori'.   Btroet?
ild then   mi'
Whv i.oi  on I'"   ;la
Because  they  would  I
oiigb  back.
Now,   in   this   n1«   dl tricl
houses   -an   I ■     tart
the antl"'- .'  ■
,1  l-..!   .
1 dont know them      anj   i -
iut   I 'lo know   thai   the-  ' l,.■•:     '   ■
IC      ' Me.iWS   .Vie.'.
I-  thori   any  reo i
.ii tbe course eel  I
Ve'U'le.ll'-nl      'ef     th''      1'   ■'      I'•   D
..[   , huilwu        and
rowtb of tl.-     I
i ly  I
• ■  ■ .
I   eemllll''
Vou a
No, 1 n tn
■ ,     1
:   |Vt      l-.'l.    IH
I II    jusi
1   I
ver  put   i
Front  stceei.   Hu you know       nny
thing aboul  values thorn?
No,       1  dont    know   what   tbey
woi ih
How  much do you think they
woi th''
A  short   nine ago.   they   mre  worth
.-_;, ■  $1100.
U   il   n..1   a tllCt   that   they   .'
id for $100.
No.  but   if  tbey   were, they
not la t long.
I.  is only   ii    shori  lime ago that
you      Were ollered   ilnin
Arc there nnj   two lot
that  would  go for $1800.
Mr. Trimble Mr. Kollie, I would
like youi ulcus mi this question I
hale- nol hear.l yuu expres* an opinion   yet,  and   would   like   u,  heur  you
llll   See   11.'tt .
.ii. K.liie iii answer to thai question,   l am a taxpayer and  I     havo
lllway hecn   a   lawiibi.ler  ii-   far   as
poRSilllC,    illlel    I    elo   Hot    .all-    10    h'- 11
par i lu breaking the law, or have
anything lo do with people .iln. are
outlaws innl vngrnuts, f"i that is
what Umi' peopi,. arc, or krop those
bon oi I do noi kuow a Imi your
op niuu may lie In regard to those'
horse-,   hut I du  kuuv   thai   .t Is  uot
M      C     .III     te.    thl'    I'' \     le,    ll,!'.!' UlelSe
I , opl. as outlaws 1 believe- no .•Ue-
wlm cannot claim thc protoeUon e,f
ilu- law arc ne.t lit. ubjocts io reside
in any city or town. I do not know
whether I have mado myself eloar or
plain. You talk about necessity, well
how me wiuie it i necessity, Idont
believe thai H U any credit 10 Revelstoke tha- these women, induced by
scoundrels, Bhould bo her.let up and
.1,.in-.i 150, yii or (100 ,-i month to
rent bouses to go into the pockets ol
individuals, ithmk it I ., disgrace
to the Peine Commissioners and the
i ,ty i e.iiii. .1 to bring these people up
l.M.e   .-.nei   line   Ihem   -itft   e.e   1100      for
s.-lliiu' liquor
rii.c.niii.ii - 1 take   mi   objection      to
'   leiimrk-  regarding the       City
Me    Kollie—I  am  glad   ...  l.o
Th-  City Council uiv
p.. e,i of Police- Commissioner!
La-ICcUSc  t'onin.   siimris.      Now
|.. ..pl.-  .■,!.   brought   up ..nd  lined    $50
-I1"   , year.   I .1.mt know       how
Tl ■    I.   • '.-.    I'...min     ...in la an
oard   ..I the Council      They
.' ntly know that  liquor is is'ing
n   the '   bollBe .  and   whal      do
!•■"   Thoy  hue them  for ■citing
i'  ""l.nc     o.   |i,  evidence given,
nn.   tbem.   01.1  It is  lohr
1    Inv   milSI   i e  a party      lo
Sow,   you  have  a   Ll-
■e..e.-..'r      ,1, I ll . S llOUSC,
mi     uphold It?   Before    a
■ ■'-'.   ihey       IIII1M
u  manj , . ordvng
■   ■    lenre  prodifMl h--r.-.     you
illuwlng ih.-M. p.,,pi,  •,, boh I,,,,,.
a .tl   Without   i.   lii ensc.
foi  .he botelmcn?     is it a
ty?    y nil    ...   •.. ihem,
■ ■   •        up   .. i •  ..nd      line
'    ' •!■'!   VOU     can
i  . •      . ■    '   I   11
he hour-   liquoi   i      ..lal
Ohairman—Thn only thing 1 brought
this up tor  wns because>lf'ibbcre vias
any qiiosilon on  ihis subject   itint,    if
tie  Chiel of Poliee ,,i ConimlsBloners
auve any Information on lit, if     you
will only ml  it,  we  will only  he  too
plensed   to   gram   It.   Yon   have   had
iln- answer- from il.e Polioo Commissioners a lol  nu.im promptly than iho
answers  from     your side  have  been.
Now, ibe Pol-Ice Commissioners   huve
nothing to hide.   You woro told that
ll i her.-   mu-   n hold   up   in   connect ion
.villi this  thing nnd  lhat seeiii'i  to be
he  i.li'i.  ol  ihis     Investigation,     lt|
would ho Investigated,   (in.- of     the|
Commissioners wont out  of town   on
nl...in Thursday,   Vol  v..u attended n
meeting lo ask the City t'oiin.il     to
vide for this Investigation,    with-
ant  giving the Commissioners    what.
110     l"le|     yi.U     oil     Weellle'sdli.V,     ll    cllllllCl'
io ihrcsh ibis thing out,
Mr. Kollie I hnd lhc Impression ho
did not want to be mixed up ln it.
Mr, Mclntyre — Mi Aliriihatiison
made that statement,
Mr. Abraham on 1 certainly did,
and ilim I would Investigate this
Chairman—Has ihere nny evidence
come  out   here   Unit  yuu  could      not
hav cured trom tho commissioners
themselves     without  coining to     the
council and asking au Investigation '
If tbere  is  you  have  to show   ine'.'
Mr,     Mclntyro—The   evidence that
Municipal Elections
To the lilcctors of Wanl One:
I have boon requested by u number
of ratepayers of Ward Oon to again
stand for reeled ion ns Alderman,
which I have decided lo do. If elected I will in the future, ss in tlio pnsl,
give nil the time and attention necessary tn promote  tlle  lies!   interests nl'
i Revelstoke,
Soliciting your vote anil support.
Your obedient servant,
ll ,i, McHOKLEY.
cor -
cm -
came out here was applied tur.
Chairman Qraiuted, Vou coul.I
hav.- got. this Information without
going to the council, and writing to
Uu- papers, ami -ending Information
to the papers oUtsldo tbe town, wbo
sent 11 hm k uiul said that it was too
dirty lo print. You eould have had
wiihoiii dragging tin- Police Commls
loners two men, Mr. Trimble and
Mr, Abrahamson, uames In the mud,
two un ii wl... have always boon con
sldored respectable citizens.
Mr. Mclntyro- We never asked th.
Police Commissioners to meet  us,
Chairman—1 know you .lul nol. Uut
still y.ui hnve taken tbe names ol
two .-iti/'iis who hav.' been above reproach, and while you might not huve
doue It willingly, but through your
movements, the public of Revelstoko
ik,v,  Insinuated these thing-,,     n ihe
thing had been hnlidlod with a little
decency (his would have |.i-en avoided
Vol when yon have gol this investi -
gut.lien you ay tb,re 1^ something
moro. A- far a. I can gee, the Police
Commissioners     have acted   In good
faith, and the Chlof ot Police has
done aa he was lold. Had these, peo
plo Is-en members of ibe Oity Council
lie Police Commissioners or License
Commissioners made a report, it
would have been d.fteront. Anything
thee commissioners do is done by
authority of the govornmont who appoints th'-iii. They nee in no wuy rc-
-Pouiiil.l.- t,, tho City Council, 1 have
heen In lhc i'ity Oouncll Inr three
years, nml lhe llodligbt llinl nil has
never heen brought up by ihat body.
l feel, .. l f.it ai tb.- beginning of
tins  Investigation, that thu     I'oiie.,
Comml Blonen had nothing to hide
They bale given uh tacts. VoU nd-
mil your iit that under the clrcum •
Stances existing tbeir move wasprol.
ably tin- best. Now, Mr. Keltic would
md go that f.o. II.- evidently thinks
(Concluded  In   Next   Issue.)
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
NK.w  si'Hiiiil.  IN8PHCTOR8,
T,     .
- -.r..   oeori'
-.',.:i *■«■ ■
Mr.    '
n lo '
1 g    peo
tr.      :•       '■
■ as
Iowa        y
Lk       ' e e        .      ■
a- ■. lu .1,
re an '■
 ^^^^ : '  •
■   ■■   . i-  t It'
Chiel   ' cdiiioiy -,., bing,
Mr, '•'       •'    '• i     guaranty  then
(a    UKIt    tt
any • ' »l i-h I- reporl
rd    o       of no ' ii       l nd thai     a
pi'-,- I., tt', not sttU In  tatftl ai«o
r w ' "■"   DO I uW     ■:    irlll  be   n
'i        70U .   ..
i -.,.
.1 r.
in .
i ., -     ,        ,
i ■■ . . tt
you  havi   my
•.-     i
, .  . elv ]
I ' ■
/       good
I  an
■ .
,   pr.
It  .
pe.-illily.   It
i   this
I., l .■ .1. Bruce, recently principal ol
a Vancouvor school and formerly pHn
cipal ol RoSHlaod public school, and
il ll Oowor, also u Vancouver priiv-
, ipai hnve been appointed public
ichool iie.p.et.i: w iim May,form
env principal ol Grand Korku publi.
Cl.ee.e|      .Hl-I     lll'llly     lll-pee-|or     .-f tl.i|.
appointed  to a   Imilar poaliion     at
\ i toi a    ii L,   Mn- i.nni .ii of  Ravel
Btoke ha     ■■ •.  .pn "n.i..] inspector M
high   choul , succeeding Tho^ Ltith
,.l   ,   r.     cn-'l
I'ulilie Notioe is hereby given to the
.-lectors of the Municipality ul Revelatoke thai I reqiilru the presouce o(
the said electors at the City Clerk'a
Ollice, City Hull.   MllckeU/.lo  Avoinio.
iu the said City, on the 18th January,
inllt, at 12 o'clock noon, for the purpose of electing persons to represent
them   in   the  Municipal   Counoil  as
Mayor and Ableiinoii. nnd nlso for the
purpose   of electing    three   Bohool
Trust cos.
The mode of nomination of candidates shall lie as follows;
The candidates shall be nominated
in writing) the writing slmll he »ul'-
Buribed by two voters of the Municipality iih proposer umi Boconder, and
shall in delivered to the Returning
Officer at any time between lhu date
of this notice and 2 p. m. on the day
of Nominationi and in the event of a
poll being necessary, sucb poll wil! be
opened on Thursday, lbe 10th dny of
January, 191& in the Oily Clerk's office,
in tlio Cily of Rovelstoko, and kept
open between tbe hour of nine o clock
in tlio forenoon and 7 o'clock in the
af'oi in D.i tor taking and recording the
votes of the electors of tbe said City,
of which every person is hereby re-
Hiiroil to lake notice iiiiiI govern themselves accordingly,
The persons qualified to ho muni-
natod for nnd elected us Mayor shall
lie such persons as are  male  Rrilisb
subjects of tho full age of twenty-one
yeai a uiul mo not disqualified undei
any law, and have lieen for lhc six
iiiinilis next preceding tbe dny ot
nomination, tin- registered owner lu
tho Luud Registry Office of land or
i oali property in LlieOity of t ho usso-sed
value on   lho   last    Municipal   Assess*
menl Boll, of One Thousand Hollars
or more nvei- and above any registered
Judgment or charge, ami who arc
otherwise duly qualified «■• Municipal
u w 11 '    i ■   i-     m - • lenced colored
-.1   in- .      employment     aB cook cr
chambermaid.—Mn    O.   B.  Murphy,
ii....   199  City.
tt   INTI   ti-ll,     mart,   experienced
lady   i   •    ■.   .   w...tri'6T. oi
.   UM  w. :1. of   fare
of ctrildn      ■>'  .   ■   •..-.!.     dcnoral
"   0.
in ol
"IOI '
•    '
Mel .   ,-
thOne      „
"    Ll
would  . r •»••
I ' TO.   '   ■;..     ;trt   OOUin        'i e      ia.      taa"
-,...:;•, ,;,   J,' Police CoDUailftlOO(ri,   ItJQt    '■.;'.  at icart Itjfitt k0iu# Ob
pro ■
-. 10 ieti'
Ko ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
|«      *  P..-U vi i»|k>B| ta.y |     ,,..,!   ,|
Municipal Elections
To the Elcctori of Ward Three;
And fur  the   Development  of
RuviaUtoko dlonp Progress*
The persons qualified to be nominated for und elected as Aldermen
shall be such |ienons as are niiilo British subjeeU of the full ago of iii years
nml are not disqualified under any laiv
aml hav" been for the six months neu
preceding lbe day of Domination the
Registered Owner In the Land Begin-
try Office, of land or rcsi property In
tno City of the assessed value, on the
last Municipal AjMswnent Boll, "f
five Hundred Dollars ur more over
and above any registered judgment or
oharge, aud who are otborwiBe quali-
Ued us Municipal voters.
The persons qualifled lo lio nominated for and elected as School Trustees shall lie Mich persons as a re.
Householder! and boing British Subjects nl the full age of tweuty-ono
years and otherwise qualified to vote
at a:i election of School Truslcee.
Every candidate nominated shal'
signify by ll writing accompanying
the nomination papor,his consent to
such nomination, except in case Btich
person be absent from the Municipality
when such absence shall lie stated In
the nomination paper.
Every candidate nominated for
Mayor ur Alderman slmll. rn Or before
tho hour «f 8 !'•'"• "n "•■ Ja>' of •Vo,u'
llialior, furnish tbo Kcturuiiig OlBcet-
with a statement in writing specifying thr land oi real property upon
which ho i|iialitio».
(liven under my hand, at BoveIstoke,
this Brd day of Juiuiaiy, 1»IH,
ttUlla.-Olt'f um«f, K
I   H
Page a.
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"I'l Ml II	
J Tace i.
l>nl you buy I' '
why dui you i>u\ it;
Tu  BttVO rent.    I   nisi
mighl ho ii boom   ind
Inquire Into Alleged Oraft. Fifty Pages of
Evidence Taken. Prominent Citizens in
Witness Box.
[concluded FROM  I.AS
1)0 you remember whut  I suid, tbo
exact worde"-
Well, that ie about all I cun remeni
Do you renwmbei mo mentioning any
thinO about  tbe    commissioners    or
.,::      (  else?
Ni .
Did I   ea;  thai  I  would uot stand
(or my men owning property  iu
lut ur.-'
in1 in in regard to the ne*
tbo  llOUSC   nil   sonic
ii  the sporting  Iln.'
:i i >r ii
you were paying
D.ei I  mentii a  a hou     In   high rent
woul:     it any man own
ing a       •■ " ■  i' •■■ >'.-; i ''l     In
the ev< nt ol oi     -    " I rmi I
i  loat   • - ii     •' :■•■
Did I menl onnec
Hon with thia   ev   Diatrii 11
DM I mention wbo owned the property?
Have y   ; '    • . . ul who owned thi!
Have you beard
Dc. you know Mr. Gillan ben-?
Well,  1 dent whether I do.
Had he ever     been     to your bouse
Bince thia tuat ter'
Did he evi r men
I .;.:   k-  •     yi til
Wi.:. thi a    it is a dead   mre thing
he nevei  mentioned property to you?
Mr.  True-   ■   thei     [uest oned   Ml a
McDonald. ...
Did the Chiel    ol    I olici evei usk
you (or any money-'
Did y. i ovei    ft) r   ..::. uuy money;
Were ever fined7
Were ; ou eve>   rougbl     to 1 bi  l'o-
lice court?
Yuu   are    positive yuu were never
thei ;vr Belling 11 ,ui i
No. ..".    ...
Chiel ol P ilice—Miss McDonald, do
you understand «iut, ye>u are Baying?
Du   you     underst md     thi
thoroughly    Di    ■■ member
being     8c   I        Vi, re     v.•■!        away
last Bummci
M.la  McDi     •
Chiel oi Police   I* ul      ■ ■
I    a-.- tl    ■   nrt i '
Ch;..::.. .:
Mr.  K- m I
dur-   ■
Covei       a    I thi      strict
• nai    W renting    tl
.-■   last - .- ■
M.,i  McDonald    ten
Chiel    ■'     Polici .    ■
w:th  •.::•   record,  asl
reai';-.- _ ......
M.es  M.i" ...       Yi i
Mr     K«;:>   H  w      m ich     •  •
you cne-i"
Mlsa McD nald   11 ■  CO
Cti.r    . will di    '■'
DOT.li' j.   >        :: ,-■   g        Bl
V >-   !. lea      ;:.-:.,
btt< ■. •  forego
gent t bat i      •  ■ .
Ca:-       • (al «    •   ■
Li^- •   ■ • :.   Th.
nist   rr .._ 1    bave
G illan.     H      i..-    to gi     u
juf  h» ca:   so 1      » - ,.-,-
be be ei
Mr.  KeHie-.  ratiM like M
io  remain    &•<-
Cbalrn an • Alright
'.are   j way.
i   - ■ .   ■■
I •  i
Uo ymi 	
Yes. lii el I mention anything ne
these womei  ubout ownership?
You did
v, hai di i i say.
lie. you ineau in regard to tho new
i' ',  l    iiiruii.eei anything to
thi   :i ' •■ woii ■ ii aliout ownsershlp?
Wbul .1..I I say'
Thut in ' would nol in- allowed to
owu the bouses.
Did Mr. i.'iii, approach y».u ou llie'
sl ■ eel  regarding tliis matter?
Ho did,
What did he Bay?
Mr.  Keliie Bsked
thought, there
^^^^^^       l would be able
You eli 1 not buy
el mice ol heln ■ i
ail ihu timo,
ll  was mi: ordinary
Did ymi liavi any other reason '.'
I low much rent do you pay?
Yc . to save renl. 1 pay $35 u mon
ih rent :■ n.l that wns oue reason why
You were present at the Del Monte
Whill    till-    ;illt'L.'e'e|    IllOOtitlg    WIIH held
Pee    VOU    VC llll'lll 1 >l'l' wllll.l     WIIH   Sail
Vi Hi.n.:  much   wus said,   We     just  in the Chief's nrttce,  to w
hnd orders that tbe houseB were te. he  )t.,.. i,, ■,. tli ,,..
closed hy  Lite lirst ol Juue. |    Mr.  Kellli    Whi
Did  l  i -ll     you who my authority   h   ch
was? j    MIbs    I,,1.  '..i.l
Nee. hen   !•'■ isti .   e is
In.I l tell yon mi whose authority. I       >..  |<oll-li-   The
> m    ih ro'     ... year'
Nee.  .ef .(hum,,  i   took II   fm   granted      «...    I.m ..  ...J
lithe Chief  thai when you have an order tho mat-      Mr.   Kolll
Mr. KeUi.—May I ask another ques- polnibed to come to the city council,
, , „ ,,r lwo Have you ever been lin- and thut the persons nere, today are
oJ     y  n     , very   I'L a ■• -.1  to know   the   thing     has
Mia,  |..,. .1   We havo paid    nume gone on  in  tho Way  it lias.   We don't
ii,,,,,.   i .   inows  wi   .ne iim'.I w.i-h to sny the Police Commissioners
,„...   ,  s lolling IK.uor. bav*  not  given  us every  opportunity
Mr, Ki lib How inu.'I, were ihe dues This affidavit is very   serious thing il
Misa ,  , e   There have hecn dli- true.',   and it makes n charge against  ty t
fernnl Hue ' Ior li months.
ment of sale on the 2nd of December,  these girls and oBercd   it to
You di'd buy it on the 20th of No -   at a lesser price?
Y*s, I think it was thc 29th.
Who did you buy the property from ■
Mr, Blbbald. There was one '
Have you since oflored this proper-  ed you would sell at a leaserP""'
'    11100, which is the fixed price     lor
No except wha* I have told you?
Have you quoted uny lesser price?6
No,  not loss than $1100.
woman bere who stat
I   h ill' l.lll     H  •   Veell I 111 Ilk
: e ti ... nun   1 1. ■   ql
Mr   Keliie-    \ ',   I   Wlllll    in
gate  evi rj tl
Mi-       y|i     ■    ■    The  que ' ion      wai
naked wh thei   ;1»' pal I any  money.
Mr. Kellli    S At, paid the o dues?
Mim-  i   - Not to the Chiel
Mr,  K.-ll .-   lu Court?
Miss  I.mm   -    i    Yes.   iu  court.
Mr,  Kollie   Who fined you?
Miss   Lungfi rd   The com I.
Mi.  k ii,-    Whu collects the money
two persons iu this room.     We wnni
e     nre  tie Information  from     these  people,
im? and  to come hero ami give evidence,
invi'Btl    Now  any  day     will  suit   mo     after
Christmas ii yuu wish lu ud.ourn this
was  meeting until alter Ohrlstmas.
i    Mr. Gillan—I hone no scruples   ab
out appearing,
Mr.  Keliie—I do not   want to intor
anvhoily for sale?
No,  1 have not, except  when I was
asked to,
Who to?
By parties  that wanted to huy it.
Did any  of these people when (ithey
approached you
wanted it?
They gave me u strong hint.
Did they tell you exactly what they
the whole thing. Here is a plun ot the
whole thing. Mr. Gillan then showed
the Commissioners tbe plan, und explained prices and situation to them.
Whut wero you charging (or Inside
tell  you  why they i lots?
I    $400 a lot, that is 50 foot fruntage.
no ye Ml    p IJ
.1 iu   cash   i
vnii pay  il  i
MIssT.aii lm !   1 pay  it. .1
IV       111-.1110.
eV. II      llt'luW
.ever  nap-
was siltill
,11    llle
I     Iih .a    i .•.•ii   lnu'el
a re and since.
Hi -    were  $100     a
woro   tel
■   1 111,.-.- I     ^^^^^^^^^^
■mi apiece.
Mr.   Keliie   Were  tbc  women in  lho
alley on Douglas snoot  11.i.1 io movo
i    i lee,i gc Dl rei t if t hey wanted te> iv
a i ie .a towu?
Mr. Terry—No.
Mr. Keliie—Who gave tho chiel oi
Police the   nstructlons to hold    this
le,       tlUg,
Mr. Terry -I don'l know.
Chairman—You May that the Cltiel
,,' I'ulire. ..t del ihat the Commission
.•is told Iiim iu t II those people thc
restricted district we,ui.i bc dosed by
th • lirst eel June?
Mr. Terry—Yes.
chief .'( Police—As fni as the wgri
n anything about I     .,.,  i|i:a,.,,.t   mt ,„„,,.,„..„-.
Ir. Terry—Yi
"' l. ingford—Sworn ,., nil croi■ '<
a ,i ued by Mr. Kollie.
. i  you attend a meeting with the
■ ul Pi lie  lately?
1,-r  was srtlled:    I   paid  no mure at-
i -u'iiep ie, the matter.
Dui I say that yuu had to get out
of  lh.it   house,  i.r ilid I   say   that the
II .w    i>i:111\"   time ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
last year?
i luce.
> uai   before,
1 I .'    Veell    |10   ■    :-.
Iii 11)12 ne were Iiiii I -ui.i
Were yuu summoned in regular form
pa .I  yum   lino iu the     court aud  lint
not    done
to me?   Th s" i Irings  wer
ii   in a propi i tii.-iiiii >r?
Ho called 'bo mosuug.
•• i,   01 the land la.lies.
> on remember the date'
i .in not.
Ala re waa this bold.
\t Miss fi'runklc'a lu tho Del Menu
What  took  place tb'-r.''-
ol ierj much.   Wc iu-1 gol the "i
rs when the hoiiacs were to i lose.
They were to bo closed?
N es.   Hv the tirst .>f June
A'us anything Bald about  where you
■ . ild gu end loeate?
I'ho restricted district  was laid out
•   UOolg    stroet.
■ ui IP urge utroet '   II.  told you that
i'h ii   ...a would  huvi      •■ privilege
locut ' .: there?
building u house.
eVllal       ei.i'-i  .   a   t  you Itnvi
is a., guarantee
-    ■->■   au Id -.i li"in h n   i here
■  .-•   e..,
\ i i ,(• a   I 11n   i     '■-•  '   '
: '':•!. jeited   district   would   have  to  go   Kiss  I.
ns fur as Its present  location  is run ■
coi in' l Iiy the Urst ol Juno?
No,  only  as far  as tho  distrlctwns
it relerrid to anybody in tho spurt
in : lid- i.y ti e lirs-  ofJune?
Did 1 sa; anyone would hav.. to get
out of their houses?
Was   Mie'i"  any   price   iim ution.'d
thi- meeting?
Ne., not al  the meeting
Dui 1 t.'ll ymi ev n who owned
Nee,   ..eel  merely  gnvc thc  name    ..;
tbe  slreel
DM   J on  SC '   Mr! Hillaii  pineal.      the
I hoard he had the    handling .ei It,
i.iiel worn tu see hnn
"i on wenl  to     his e.itii.-r.  or did he
come down to yon?
I   -'. ut   to bin uftice.
m liai dui he  jay to   you
Hm told mc 1 could ha re those tw.e
I .ts  'oi   MB 0 iash. and we did     not
Ilk     UU .      Il.ell'e        ibOUl     it ■
hi l   iho-o  : wo   nti   mean   10
front ige.
As a nudi,-r ,,[ fact did Mr. Gillan hich the names ol two people .are
ofler you at nny nine the e lota feu- '- ntioned, and It Is in .Mary to ask
i        i  eleven  hundred dollars'
You pap! me no mrinoy
'.ee, I  never paid  you any money.
Thut is all.
. buirmnn—Thai  will do Miss Lang
ford, you may go.
i'huiruiun   Tii't v 'M do as l   .... ev
cry  eiie  looking  al   Hum   wntches,  we
will  now  .'lelii'ui a  nai il  r 30
i'i     :  . i, ned al  7 -'-U p.m.
( ha.it in ■ ts  Mr.  Gillan  hero?
ic   Gillan—Ho  Is
Mr. Gillan sworn.
Mr.  K li.     I Am not   wish Lej exam
Mi    Gill       u.i   now.   Siuoe    ibis
iu • wa t e tiled very quickly, since
I c.imi     her nee t lie ni range
[,,..,   i    nl   «as made, anothei  very serious
ii ler    has croppi 'I  up iu connection
fere  with  yonr  buslnfss.   This  is     a   wanted it  for"
very BerlouB matter and it is up to Certainly not, I have been in prac -
me to bring these people here and tiee in Criminal I.aw for 20 years,
lind oui if ihese statements are true, and although I mny he Haltering my-
1 elu not wish to show my hand. I s.df, still 1 do nol. think I am a fool,
am not n tenderfoot and 1 will got aad it was not necessary for ihem to
this  wil uess here and   have him    sub-   tell me exactly.
poenaed. I    Do you remember the names of the
Mr. Trimble—What is your reason parties whu -puke to you about this
leer wanting this ndjournament? property?
Mr.  Ki-ltit- — I want  to adjourn    this      Yes,  quite well.
meeting until I ran lmvc ihese   peopfo     Will yuu give mo tho names,
a   chance  to  confirm      the  charge  or      Yes,  certainly,   f tin tc  au  objection
deny It. Some lime before I got this property
Mr. Gillan- If 1 am one of these peu a client asked mo if I would protect
pl. I want t" know If 1 am une and her Interest in case there was uuy
what thai charge is, I wain toknow change mado in the location of ihe
whal the accusation is, and if il is district, mid I said [would, Now
in eepe- else. I think In all fairness since thai the timo the names of the
they sh..uiil know, parties  whu spoko tu mo were    Mice
Chairman— When   did   this   matter   Langford,  who asked  me for a    price
uu that  property, nnd   1 told her     I
Mr. KellicmThls party was absent,     did not  know what price I would bavK
'...ore  vmi  lined     Chairman  This     tms   cropped     up   to ask for It, as I knew I would have
sini'2 yuu wore appointed. lei lose     n certain     amount    for it.
!    Mr.  Keliie -Since r was notified t.i  Franklo Ashley of the Dol Monte nsk-
come here.   1 would like the evidence  ed to tix a price on u couple of lots
ol tha Ciiiif of Police and Alh-c Lang-   there, ami   I told her that Iliad    not
f..i.1 read over to me, decided   what  price  I would  ask.    as
Notes  were then  reread  in  accord-   all  1 wanted was to clear myself with
ance with request. a reasonable  profit, and  I would have
Chairman-  In  connection  with  your   to lose tbe rest, and have to     give
request   nnd  at   Uie-  some  lim"  appro-  a couple of  the lots away to save    a
■ atlng your request, the Police i'un-  coupli  of old ladies Mary Bmith   and
missioners feel  iluit  it is up t" Ihem   May   \ckley.   That was the lest     1
tuh.a.c their names cleared after lie-  could figure on in selling that prop-
na.- dragged in      the mud.      \u.l     it city  because I knew there was     half
would  boa  much  nicer Christinas for   a I i.wk   would   Iiave'  to  go   to smash, I
Or $R00 for 100' feot.
No, but I would sell the lotB lelt inside for $760, hut 1 have already stat
oil that there were two lots I would
ive to give awuy, one toMary Bmith
As long as
i the i nos nre
v ry liebt. You elo mu think then
is . ii   tiling  I he mat tei   with  Ihem.
I I    Nu. ^^^^^^
■ m    -   ,,,      [>r,l|c(.    .-,-am   questioned   C,'°P "''
yuu  enmo to me red.eyed
md told me that yuu would
mo  sell   lu  a man,   and      1
Di tnif  their  names  were l.ci.iI    le:- anyway.
fore  that    time,   l-n yuu  not    ip.nK Moreover
see"   They also fool  thai   If rue "e.i,de one day
knew the exact situation, tiny « ml.. not let
Im able lu spend a much nicer i.liri'u- ai>l   I would  not.   And   I   said  it      1
mus ihan with a charge bunging over could  not   sell  for enough  lo protect
their bends.     The polico eomtuissio'.- myself,   1 would  sell  for  what 1 could
ers     want to give    their sole, uf l.ie and lose: the rest.   Hefore I loft    for
story to the public.   If you havo auy Blast Kootenay, that is a week     ago
witnesses     you feel you   Bhould have Satin.lay I saw Alice Langford     the
here aiiel in ease yuu can't get thom Friday evening before and I told   her
here, we  will  give  yuu unopportmlty (that was  in my own ollire, and   sho
al   Memo  later  dat--.    There  I.is    heen came   with   Nellie  Wohster,  and  asked
mora come out  to the public ia rum- me what price 1 would put ou one of
ors than is guud fur tho thing ..t the the host corners in lhat place.) Well,
und one t.o May Acklcy
I suid the corners I did not care ubout  the iuside lots.
Mr.  Trimble  then      questioned   Mr,
Did yuu receive any request (rom
myself or the polico commissioners to
Kn down and huy that property?
No, I had an idea to lie plain about it. This thing has been talked ov
, r since 1 have heen in town ubout
moving these girls ofl the Front St.,
aad shortly before this I beard sever-
■ 1 discussions on It, but 1 will say
Ilus that there was never a Police
Commissioners mixed up in it an.l aa
fur as I know they woro not. mixed up
in It. Uul I heard it time and again
thai they would have to he moved ofl
Front i-tnvt on account of the tratlic
'own there to the lair croundu. And
whon I got a hint, which 1 did from
a landlady, thai there was going to
he something doing, and who iR iu
business down there, and who asked
me to protect her interests, I thought
it. was  up  to me to do  it.
Did the mayor or the police commie1
simi'TH over speak io you about making ii a restricted district?
No, ali that was told me. w,is that
it was going to he turned Into a district probably if it could Is- arranged
Whu told yuu that? t
Tlio Mayor said it was possible that
nd that. 1 could not sell. | it was tbo hest  location around there
have nothiug
the town and In .-, nnoction with  ,,r,'-,'"t timc'     '" the s'v•"'1 p'ttCe il   ' Sai;1 ""', wi" c"st yl"' " Uttle "lore
Yes,on  Baturday  uii:ht   b<   Bald
i. ,e,  them
Did >'"] leave any In I>tictions
I  in  to attend to n
ll ■ offered j      two I Wcre they
.      •        '     I'eje,-
I i.    a..I the)   wen   tin   same
liter Mr. t!
- d   you   Bend
' . ... ...   ■
.......                      -    .
:       i
1    :. ,
'  -    you trying t,      ■.   ■
roe-l '
■   Ml    ••
■ •■!■ Ij  priced 1
•   .     , ;
e were nol
•   ,  Ide    m.i}
■    -   -   -
■     i,  Ug
'   ■>:
• ■ur or five v- ir-
. .. e •          • ,    •   .
■    nt to have these »,i.
i pre.lm   i wc would thorc-
■i It for ., • ostponoiin nl  uut il af-
.     lays.
Iuu—I  have  to go ovei      to
I   Ko     nu    foi      wi ek  .• i   n
■   '     ■ I am in I  certain just
I :■ no wanl to ham-
ore . .i hi i
before y ours
e ",\   . .
I ■ .',...'
1      '.    II      '.Ve-   ye,I',
we   wiil ,«t j
insa ■■-     '  ■       - ".- ■
'     ■   -
has put. tho commissioners .,' alight than an.   uf the othora,  because that
that whether thero be inythlng in it is the best corner.   It is un th.'street
ui not is  not  a  very enviable    po»i running across from the Victoria ho
tion for them to be ,n,    v-w lho i- at tel.   I tuld her though that I    would
ter is   iiv.the Police     Uom'iiisslo.erB' rather do something else uud tbut is
hauls and Ihey would like bo gu   in sell you  lho whole thing, as I     did
wiih tins case and thresh the     thing not want to be mixed up in any such
■ ent and give the people the in'orma- business,and If you will take it     ofl
tion ihey appear to desire n.  tho mat my hands 1 will give u to yuu.     II 1
tor.  If there is anything further you bad lieen positive    that those houses
wish to bring In they wlj '.•• [lessed were going     to he     moved before, I
'•e hear it, would  never have pul  any money in
Mr   Koiho -I have i . d-sire m pre- ''■   Well, she Bald, I     will think    it
v.'iit  the  Police Oommieii '.ors ivak- "V|,r and lei you know.   Well, t,be did
.   their statement,   I hove    ,adc no not let ""' k""u'. and 1 went  up into
charge against these peoiilo, but there Kil-t  Kootenay, and 1 wus up ns far
a feeling in this town that   things as Athatmero, Windermere und iuvcr-
f you will   i"'" "0* J|lst  right, and [should     he more, and visited almost every little
....,   ,,, i,,.,,,      ,ho Commissioners P'nce up thore, ami I came back hero
.   ' element,  but iii regard     to Friday.    Well Friday eveuing 1    went
,,,,     other witnesses I should be pleased to down  und saw  Alice  Langford     and
.   thr   privilege   to  have   their   I.s- told her what  was tlle  best t     could
.    . .  later on at your convoilcnco, -l" '" ■'<i|Vr '"V"!! in the transaction,
Your witnesses to   call nnd  I sai.l   I know I have to lose ab-
yel  ai.. Oi    Hamilton,  Mr.     J.'e.- out  everything ifit.ie going    to   be
Carter, thc two Police Commissioners made  int.• u district except  the girls,
-   Chief ,,( Police nnd   if  you   will  take, tbe  corner  you
Polici    I-i- rather ,rregu- sl",ko to me about I will give it   to
ie. summons „    polite you for $1100.   Mhe asked me     about
oner or any man who is     a other corners, and   I :-uid I. will  give
iviant, tbem  lo yuu for $1050 or $1000    (or
Mr    Kellu   -I  am satlsfiod to    take ewb.   That mid the two lots on Geo-
1      enoot     1  want „  statement rli:r street, (thai is fronted  on fIeorge
,.   ihe-m.    That   is all   I want,  from
thi   .- in.
1...   Police    I'uinmissiuii
n. re   to heur, and
.' ■   lury  feer  ihem to call.
.   w.'ii ,-all  ihem
l       Me        • llll,111.
I   -   ...'    Ml     'Mian   call
,    ■  i"
j    ll
1 ■■..
T would
-i -.re-    o,	
f tv
At r
havo b«en ;...    ,•     ■  :■    M
you  prevent?
I   - -v
Jh--  landlad;
land, adies Irom I
r-tmy B       V. 1' ■
In   sh n.1 I    -■   '
huve  ..-'   l, :' 'r~.'
DM you      .-- P'M:
I did.
Cat ■ - . . ■ ' ■ hat oc
cured' H	
To t ■ fUsmtlttltt, you  ihe l»el M79U.
told thei   -. ■-.;''■■■••
-1 ive '    'ie -r,-      reel ■- --
vas asked   ' thi  < • -u'ri"
•It.- enllslBg     th»
imouat   1! traffl        Krout sl reel
•- la I 1 ■:. . •_■■ trict 1 .ci v
.'rforg'.- streel I tbiot -L*- Wil tU
\29t *u " eatioaed thert
Wae     there - e seat-.oseii
•bout prleea rr owsertblp?
Dl'. 1 mention anything about own
{Tb*t JM I ea/:
■     ■
■ :'
ttie   1 .
nerelj   ■ 1
• rtair-e
Y u we.   rafted '
'. il I
V'iu M
Tb»t ■ ' do tkank -
'•!i 11   I   ne'eerd   ««     -  ■-.
■    '.  , :■ th! Cjaief of Poll»,
I al     •    (KB Of  I ii.i»    :
la« etr»-.
How v. ,- fc.-ive yc 1 been living   in
\'eout Sv< years.
Have  y,pu    alvtjt)      kett  ilvinj  hi
tiat  bouje?
< 1
• - ■
■A I i'«B.
■ : ,,,    n    I. .   -■ It   ,-     I  htlM
■ ■
i,sn rford
Mi      ■■ ml 1'    0     he »vr «...    m«
money fron
tyi»» f#o*fort-Nc
I T1 . thank     yuu
I foi t at I        '
Of   I led    f  U'ti
the gentlemen r»pt»n»nt»ei h"-'
street.) Well, she sai.l, 1 don't know
I will think it over. I then went und
saw this Frantic, Miss Ashley and 1
lh,11k is the name, and I told hcr
ihiil she could huve the property at
the peiee I offered ii to Alio.. Langford, and which I considered a very
reasonable Iguro, because I knew 1
would have to lose property as 1 cer-
ive bad since last I tainly would nol he a whorehouse pro
■a   Me.n.lay,      and ' I'lie' or.     mil   I  certainly would     nut
If  you  had   brought   allow a man  to build  there, niiel that
,.' re   •■•    tdjourned,   Is tbe  position It standi   in nt     t.he
,.,•1   until    later, j ui'"iMiil  time,    %'■•».  I elu nui consider
..,.1,, ! the   pi Ice   I a ked   Inl   wan  11   bit  too
1   , ,    we will 1 high,    All   [wanted  was  10 get   It  off
my  hands,  and theso  women  will lell
vuii   tbe   .-.ime   tiling   I told   Hu'in      ll
you  wni ask them.
,\. .., mattei ot (act, .inl you prom-
is., any "i these women down    there
anv ..f tho 0 luts for nothing?
1 .hi
\l u .    Hm til   and   Ma)   Acklcy      All
■  uted .ii   to soil tin- corners
«i-e iii 1 .,ou promts* thom?
ihead |    In cm.    I  i.i  not   want   the     'ots,
and  they  would imt  be able 10 buy
thl '"       I b< y    1"    I -.ll-   ..I.l   ned   foible,
..ed  '..'ie ui.i  ..'.eioe.,1.     Mary   Hmlth
    a1 h.i 1 1 Hugh   ,,n,i May
pi  pr-ty in the I Ackley Is it lensl rs and ceith'-    of
-"- I "■■ "  hi y money
Did 1 1 vi - uppro.ich vu'i aboul tbia
pi  ■ ■■! 1 ■.    i'-i" you bought it?
I    '  r  ■   ! ■  vi • 1 -. *  you were .-hn.-g-
 - '     much (or It?
v... yo . told me 1 had to sell it
t. 'hem it a reasonable figure or
• . ro ill not nnd for it, and I
put the price down to J1100 f<,t those
two corners, which 1 connider ,, very
reasonable price,   When you told me
you  would not allow  me  to sell     to
any man there and I would not
•   . ;    With
bare    i want
-   , ...   b    to
.ii  ■ ..ii     1 ome to my
Ifl I    I    ...eel    ills
:    Mm.     •
1  . to
.17 this properly"
  Ni            I
the uption
■     on   the  H9th
.f   Se,vernier
ml that he wanted to ^^^
to do with it personally.
He did nut. come to you nnd say
that be wanted you tu huy that pru-
lerty, for the sake of moving the
girls buck?
Nu, nothing like that.
I would like lu ask you a few more
questions, but I can't say I expect
vou to answer them, it is said thai
vmi are the man who is suid to be
the go-between, and I would like you
to give me all 'be Information yuu
can. II is any member of the Police
Commissioners advanced 7011 uny money or assisted you in any way in
buying this property?
Did the Chief ol Police-'
Anyone on the Police force?
Did anyone in town ussist youi   ...
No. not n Single soul, nnd f have
never asked anyone. 1 can mansire
my own aflnirs without the belli of
anyone in this town. I can got 111011
cy outside the town if 1 ran't get it
in town.
Pid you promise the Chief of Police
thnt y'oti would give hlui h ronimie -
sion or a rake-oB?
No, I don't, see why 1 should.
Thank you. Mr. Qillal, tbut is all.
Chairman—Mr. Keliie, is tb.ire anything more you would like to know'
Mr. Kollie- I would like to orosS-ex-
iimiiie bim later on.
Mr, ilillun--l will ho only too glad
to help yoll olttflldc ol nolic.itur'n prl»
Chuirm in Do yuu Ihink us n citu
on if lhe Polio.' CommiStiosttS had
.lecided to move these people hack,
elu soil as a citizen, ami lum asking
you on your oatb remember, do you
think it was good Judgment or poor
Mr. (lillan I would nay good Judg
mont. I mn a single man, ami 1
suppose I un nol expert.'d to b«v«
any murals, hnl it looks te nic to be
like an outrage to bave then* people
perched on lbe front streel, and tit,..
every respectable person wbo goes by
there uud people living in that neighborhood and tboee going lor a walk.
huve to see tbeni, it looks to me liko
Hashing it in thoir face, I am no
prude by uny means, but that Is lhn
way It looks to me.   1 bave heen    tn
Ilus   town  a c I  ninny  years,      nnd
Since th- first lune I ciuiie bere thi*
thing bus eroppod up and been dis •
cussi'il in my presonoe whether 11. was
desirable to have these people on tbui
street, and tbe unanimous dceisloa
wns tbat in Revelstoke or in Ksm
loops il Is tlie -11 tur tlr.ng there, wlwn
1 over ,-ut down and it. wuu discussed,
tho unanimous deeinior laemed to ba
that tbey should be niuvod off that
itreet, and while 1 batten iu * rcstrtc
tod dlstriot, I certainly don't Iik' to
soo it blsr.lng In ft.' !im of -.very
respectable women ur child ot lho
Lbairman—A.cording to your rtita
ment sivernl private olti'rn» have
lir.iiigli'  il  to vour nutlet at. one time
or another!
Mr. O-lllon—Y'ei, 1 took part in it
myself, and 1 hsve heard it discuasnd
a hurdr I times, yea a hundred t:m>
e.r mure since I have been hore, and
,1 Inin.Ind timeo would be no SXag'
garaUoo it all, ,v. to the locality ol
these -*omen, and T have nothing at -
ainst these women at all, bnt it hns
always eroppod up about the locality
There wa never anything ngninat tho
woman themselves, but It was desir-
ability of locality,
lit that mcctlsg at wfcivlj I w«a   »p.     Yen on th« 2'Jtb *nd got tbs agree • ...Have   yoi HSM approached aor «l (Cootinusd oo Pag* fira) Page 6
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211077,730 35,042,311
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Chairman—We will now have the
Chief of Police sworn.
Mr. Kettle—I would ask thai Mr.
Parry lie not heard until these wit -
nesses are produced.
Chairman—This is no farce Mr.
Keliie. You have asked fur him several times this afternoon. Now wheu
you can have him, you dont want
him. We want to clean this thing up
us far us the police commissioners'
situation with the public is concerned. This is rather a sudden change is
il not?
Mr. Keliie—No.
Chairman—I am simply doing this
Mr.   Keliie—Tbe  Chief's name
pears in the affidavit.
Chairman—You can examine
I'arry any timo you wish, and
time vou people' ure ready to
this again I will only li« too pleased
tolcall a meeting again. The Police
Commissioners want his statement ive
fore they go on to finish their de
fence, although ihey have nothing to
hide, 1 candidly feel that if this had
been brought before tho Commissioners in another way aud you bad asr&-
ed to have it investigated, the thing
would have been settled long ago but
instead of that you go around the
street tor a long time with rumors.
and I think it iti up to you to allow
the Police Commissioners to clear
ihemsi'lves as much as possible. You
have asked for Mr. Parry's evidence
several times, and as soon as your
request is granted—
.Mr.   Kettle—You   heard   about  these
Chairman—1 pul  no faith in them
Mr. Keliie—You made no statement
to people in this town.'
Chairman—1 dont know tbat these
statements are true.
Mr. Kettle—You are mayor ul the
town antl Chairman ol the Police
Chairman—1 was appointed tins
Mr. Keliie-I havo iki objection to
bearing the Police Commissioners evidence. I simply wmk to haw Mr.
Parry siep aside until these witnesses
are here.
Mr. Abrahamson— This thiaVf hus to
be cleared up now.
Mr.  Kollie—I huve an affidavit      m
my pocket.
Mr.  Abrahamson—Produce il.
Mr. Keliie—1 wont until I get ready-
Mr.      Trimble—This is no    political
squabble, 1 want Mr,  Purry's     evid -
onco: and let has got to be on   paper.
If  there  is anything else it cun      be
gone  into later  nt   Mr.   Kettle's  con -
Chiel of Police i.bcn sworn and
questioned by Mr. Trimble:
How long have yon been chic! of po
About three and n hall years.
Did you come here as Chief of Po
lice, that is you  were appointed chu f
on coming here?
How do you usually recevo your
instructions from the police Commissioners?
Krom the chairman.
Did you receive any orders from
ih"- Police Commissioners to instruct
the landladies of the Ileuses in tbc
restricted district that they would
have to leave Kroni street und move
to other pioperty by the first ol June
I  did.
Who was the particular member ol
thc Commissioners who gave you the
The Chairman.
When- you presenl at the uioeting gl
thc Commli-Bionere-.'
No,  I  jo noi  ait-end the     meetings
How Uo y.oii get these Instructions?
os a rule.
lied yon  give any instructions     to
these people regarding their moving?
I di.l.
Whal were your iirociwi orders?
Well, the Mayor approached me on
this subject statin i; that the Poliee
Commissioners hud been discussing the
Redllgbt liistrict, or the segregated
district, of the town, nnd ihat Ilev
line! mine to the COD'lUBiOD that the
pn • t* location was getting to COD
spicuoiis, and in the interesl oi
publii morality, the Comuil»slonei
bod di ■ iif'i iii.it they ihould bo mov
I- ' 'ell!    striae!,   on  an mint,     of
the: increased  tratlic along that  street
anil tha- thore whs likely to he more
In future on secouot of ttie. new aui
otdoblle road, und In addition to thai
lhat i' - won  i   -■ the pi■••-1  Mmi
w  being held     up hy ne'e 1..1   all
kinds of money in rem. He told mu
to suggest te. tbem a new district on
Qeorge strool, next to Douglas trout
OH ' .11 i'l k .I |3 an,I 14, and ol
■ • ' • "i 'i '-ne iiiiii i.l each, Thai
thej iron • . be given ri . n tbli I mi
"' 11 ill lhi Br-t e,; June    in       li 1
'     t it tbi      ■ Isl ■ I  I    purebs r.    any
' ■   " ■       lUld b :■       ep-
f    tu'        '        1 SO,   bul   that   .11    any
be - ■ ti ' tod  II  rict t* (ur os
■ ti-. incstioii, hud te di" "0
I tlml tint a »l thi Urns be
<l,d nol tell me tbe. name ofthoownet
ol lhi propi ny nor any pri'-e that
•.heeiild be H-k,d lor lhe Ioih. Realising ihe 4clieBte mission 1 was in-
slrurtod t.e eaity out, t mid ihe women who wero running buuisi iu the
»F * tb« rt.UK'.cJ     di.
tii.-i to meel me at the Dol Monte at
•i or 5 in ihe afternoon.   Itook Constable lerry with mc, and when     1
'.'1:   there there  was the landlady  ol
the bouse, Frankle A Mey, and all the
other landladies excepting three, two
of those lieing loo old and too feeble
! 1  get  across.   1 held   this meeting in
order to announce  to them     cxue-tly
what 1 had     to   say, so that   there
would be no mist ake and no eonlliet -
ion.   I went   down     and wo had Iho
meeting and I was very careful     and
told them exactly     what  the Mayor
told me, and in addition 1 told them
no  men were to be allowed  to handle
any property  in future or  own  Iheso
houses.    One of the landladies names
lthea Heath, ask. d  mn lo whom they
were  to go  aboul   this  property.       I
told ner  that  no  doubt each  of   ihi-m
bad  their lawyers and they could com
nuinicate with him as to thu owner ol
the      properly    and  the  pricu  asked.
Some time later. Alice Langford sent
for me, a day or two after this ocelli-
red, and told me Mr.  Gillan was asking  her,  1 believe  it  waa J16O0 for    l
lots.   I told her  tliin   I thought      he
was asking loo much.   1  weat up to
se,   Mr, Gillan and spoke to him aboul  it. and the excuse ho ollered wus
that the .■hances were that  only  two
oithr.r of these womi n would locate
thore and ihat the balance of the pro
perty would be worth nothing and be
I would  hardly    make  his  own     price
'out of it.   I forget, to     mention also
ihat l mentioned nt the time t.i these
women that tiie Police Commissioners would he pleased 10 sev only ihree
' en  four houses instead of the number
.here is now.   As  ihey  realised that
in  the  little  Scattered  shacks     they
are In now tbey are more liable     to
I injury and robbery  than  if they  were
located in   one house of   that nature,
where ihey are a protection to     each
other.   1 do     nol  know as I     know
anything more ubout it.
When you weal down ther.: to give
those instructions to ihese ladies, did
you mention anything about any prioe
that would be charged''
No, 1 never mentioned prices.
Hu\o you got any finane ial inter-
e-t  iu any of the property.'
Absolutely none, 1 haven't n cent
in tbe matter.
Did you over buck anyone' financial -
ly down there?
You have no money   ther.-  111      any
shape or form'
Have any of thc landladies or girls
made von a piesent of any  kind?
That i- all.
Mi. Abrahamson—Did you and ihe
Ohairman of tbe Police Commission
• is bave any discussion in regard to
clearing OUt this district.' Did you
help him out in laying out nny regulations?
Chief of Polie-e—He only asked me
questions, and I lold him what. 1
knew. When the Commissioners bad
tins un.hr discus-ion at nny time, I
gave them all the Information I bad
regarding rem, etc.. as far as I knew
Mr. Abrahamson—YOU received your
insiruction- from Imn?
Chief af Police—Yes. b
Mr. Trimble—You     have a system
whereby you regulate   ue number   nf
giils  have   ye,n  not'   That  is  il  il   is
necessary to run any of th.se people
out of town you have a system "f doling it, no a-  to keep them  down to a
cen ain number?
Chief of Police- \'os, there is   a
teni to a certain extent.
Mr. TrimbeniYou might explain this
system to us as far as possible.
Chief of Poli'-c—Wm bnv.' what
termed an unwritten law    regarding
those wom, r.. Tiny know as well a.,
we do whether  'hey aie-  breaking   anv
ol these laws, and il the; do, we pull
them, ami il they are bad characters,
we run them mil of lown. llut, tbey
are very law-abiding and live up 1.0
om lawn, as lax a» the nature ol
their business permits them   Wo troat
ihem just, and if tln-y do us wrong,
we pull them, and il they douoi live
up to the law, wo get aftor thom-We
do not allow pimps, and win-n WC ftnd
ibi'iii. We run 111.111 out of town. We
bave rei nun 1 ui.' iai<i down .. ro
gards their coming up town Tbey
are allowed tee .-•• up town In    day
inn'-, thoy  an-    lip Ji. 1 -< -ei  to I.'
Civil, alld   lee   be ill   lij    e.ix   ,,r|o k      ll
any of these  women are out. of      tho
iirdlighi Dlstriot ..nei ix o'clock, we
arrei 1 tht in and lock tbem up ii vag
unit Thej ai.- noi t., gel drunk
ii. e   ,e-   nol lo go oui  si  .iii   Irum
theli     ho     ti--- ,.. 1  ■
ii.-iii --in hou 0 lo aii'-tiie-i und . inj
pretext whatever without porml on
and i-vi'ii then only on purely business
matter, 11 u woman does anything
■ ■ ni he- is arrested, ami If she does
anytltii e vi ■ > wrong, si- i      h
II she wh i"'.. to move iu in
one I   1     '       mother, shi   bos    lo
It ot I    ■     lor thirly day*.. V.'.
h»v« adoplud 1   it so tlm'  onu wi
man would noi 11   sbll to    •■'     t.,
ol-b'-rn girls,   P.'.eii   '--ii,in:   : -i.   ...  I- 1
ph    1    1 >' ii- tact thoy     at.
asked to do so; then if liny have any
trouble thoy can telephone lo uh ami
we go down; th"V an not to lake tlie
law Into their own IiihiiIh, and as
thoylinve iho telephone, we can gn
down mnl jgttU ally truUblo.      Itj tl
{raid te the buil wonico, tbere an wc
men who arc known everywhere,
'lhal is women who roll men II they
gel the chance and do othei things
; ium are ve una-. Thoy ara not allow
' ed hi eome here, and II illi > do comi
they ure run out of town. That I u
for :i    om  regulations cn.
Mr.  Trimble- Have  you  any   rogula
lion 1 .is 10 the numbers?
Chief ol Polico—All bouses musl
have u permit from tbo Mayor or tho
Chli f of Polico belore they cau open,
thai is bouses apart from Ihose ex
lining. If we did not do ibis, wo
would have lots of houses down Ihere
and the Police Commissioners are
very anxious 10 mln.ml/.e the uum
bora ol tin- houses Instead ol having a
Shack here and there, and the women
In im and there.
Chief of Police was then questioned
by the Chairman:
Have you ever been approached  by
any  .ition regarding ihe moving   of
the Red Uight District?
Ye-, by several citizens.
Has 11  been suggested  by  you  thai
u woul,1 be belter it ihey wi ro moved
Y.'s, thai Is general over tho lown.
Tlm m rules yon bavo cited just now
ium goo.I  rule-,  are they.'
Thoy are the rule agreed upon bj
lhu Police an.l .-very woman 1- told
ubout ihem, we treat her Iikm uny
other woman in the town, but II b ■
did not,  we get after ber.
Do you eon-1.ler the K.illight His -
triil would be easier bandied as wa-
suggested 10 you by thu Poliee Com
mlssloners? Do you consider thai you
would be able lo maintain ordei an.l
keep tbem in submission hotter than
111 ilie present way.
No doubt, you -ee 111 the paper
where women of thai character, who
live ulone there aro crimes of all Ki n.l
Where they have 1.een u saulted, murdered, or robbed. Ther.' bas been 11
• ■use lie'ii' in town, another in Comaplix, anothor In Calgary, anothei In
Lethbridge, in fact nearly every town
and that is e-aused by theso .vomen
living alone, 1 have been living to
discourage it. Where aie two or throe
together In the house, they are a pro
leetion to one anuther. 1 would Ilka
to add that a- far as these women are
concerned, they bave been quite as
respectable a- you ean expect these
class of women to be.
Ymi have- had no trouble wiih them
Thut will do.
Mr. Keliie—I reeorve the right t.i
question him later. Would It not be
well t'i ad.oum tins me,Ming until
Chairman—There 1- one more witness, and then you will havo the Po
lice Commissioners .tatenient a- far
as the' Police Coniiiieosioiieis are con
corned. Dr. Hami.ton, please'.
Hr. Hamilton, sworn and qui
by Mr. Trimble:
Y'ou have beard the evidence which
has |ust been completed. 1 wain to
as you on your oath if you havo any
money In this mutter.
Did you back anyone financially?
Dr. Hamilton then questioned by tbe
Chnf of  Police:
Did you at any lime discuss ilus
mov.'  wiib  the  nirv. 1 '
Ha- bu ever  lUggeslrd li to you?
Not until he Was leaving, and he
-aid -0111c:hnn: about it then, anl
he told me there wus a lot ol 'talk
111  town.
Dr. Hamilton then que-lioinel i.y
t lie Chan man
When imi look the i-eins of govern
ment In town tin Id dlighl Histi li •
was running?
D1.1 11  1111 rea 0 e.r do r< ase?
I   can't give  you   l>; 1.1 1   < in 11k it
1   aboul the same, probably -l
At any tune 111 vour administration
did you ever eon [del   11   advl   el.I.   to
mov.- them?
I was approach 1. bui 1 did nothing
witb it. 1 did not know whon to
put Hum
Mi Kellli I bave al 0 lhc privilege
of questioning  Mr    Hamilton-'
Chairman   i'mii,only.
Ml.   Me Car-- 1     I   was   .il IO  .illniii ■!!
ed. and would like to ba exam 1   1
do not know  who Is n  pon
having me subpboenaed
Mr.  Kettle   I subpho n.,. .1  you
Mr   MeCarter   Well ,4.1 abcad
Mi. KeiiiemN... nol yet,   I will a.-k
you senile question   nt the ni »t mei
Mr   McCnrtei   1 an   1 tow,    ,-o
.--■ ahead
Mi   K'-iii.     1   m   e,, t readj
Ml    Ui'e-i, 1    V,  II   then n num who
-Ui'l I"'.'' inothl I      III*    lefll
"     li..-   In   ,111   1.pinion   .     ., 1 on
ul. the i.eer.i inv . iiiii  .-, coward.
Mi   Kellli   Wh •■   lo you mean   bj
lllll In.   1 1      .e.   I   am   1 ,
Mi    Mi Chi ■ 1    1
Ill        belle,-       \        -
i-iui'i   1,1..-.-, brat   1 .     Mi    1 lhn   ■
app- nl to you, I demand thnt Ml   Me,
''.iitei   1.tm-1   ihi   in lunation    ..(    .,
. 11u.1t.1
Cln rn    Judging ft  11
havi   ' ",i.:  I havi
up -b,it -■ 1     i noi t .1'      thai
- 1'     l'o 1 had I
Mr. Koll     Ves, 1        td bun
. 1 .',    '■,      ■■    .
did not refe
"iiin'il.ie- v.-.l   beii',
Mr. Keliie  Wb.ii noi 01,iii'l-
Mi   Trimble   i would Ilka to
Mr, gi nil..a
Chiel. Df  1 oil 0    I       ' Wild  Iik
knuw who c mm od Mi   MeCtrti .
(.'llalrmttn~I took tk« request    to
summons Mr. Md'.-' -    ovei  the ti le
phone.   When    1   ... - .1
MllllS    Ml   .       el''    M I      ...-    bl
.11  111   by      1 '•',' ii.    First   Mr.
Mel nt yre spol - Kell
.1      11    who
me  hi.   Instruction
'1 ..II- Mr       tO     '
would   nu
I whethei   .1  wa   M
Keliie.    I   would   1
tu any  slatcmonl.
Dr. ! lamilion   I       .:     ike
tion a- to who
ne     I
yn   ..I     Mi.
.   Iilll'-M
1 lhairmas    '- --' wer
. .in-i'  ne  the  other
Hi.  Hamilton
Mr. Mclntyre?
Chairman-   I  told yo
von have be n • ailed ai  ,. witness.
Mr.  Senn.ei  sworn,  nnd questioned
by   Mr.  Trimble.
You are wiih  ihi   Mail Herald,
An 1 ;i  m [mii l'-t-
Yes, and a mi mbei  1.1 the     Brttieh
Institute of 1
You nti ot t
I   , ,    ■ ■    ■     ! ' ■     '  . '.
1    ■
You   reported  heri   in   .on     paper,
thai      v      .   I! atcd as follows,
Pa ■   ■ , Mr. S ru
loll. I
\ mi tool   noti    ol   «
ainl repri duced il  in 1
Ye   .
'l'li,   . , ..      Mr.
Kollie aro true?
\     -: itely.
You  taki iatb
There   1      :..
The statement referred ;.. Mr. K
thnt either the Polico Commlss ■   ■
Chiel  of  Police ol
hoi ling   up  those   ■'■   tl
Y. s.
That    Vlll   eb'.
Mr.   Seriiton.  quest! mod     by      the
Have you a copy In your possession
nines ol  that  ■ uuucil n    1
I have n     opj   ex -ept  whal
the- [lain 1     is I do nol  kce]
Yes, t hi ning
Did  , t hand ai
b incil meel
Yes, an • irds, very
shortly afu 1  Mi   1
That   was ai re       to      lhe
\ c   .    I    1    :if.   ■ I.     ■
i.n eei tain :>..- ,1 had n- en
said.    The extie ts I lead a
cal  with what appeared in tho papei
ihe follow ing el.i.v, at        ere an  otb
• 1  witnesses wine wer.       the .-ouueii
Nilieoi.  1 .: 1.1  11.strict.
District  -      .-  ■   Kootenaj
bat Patrick J. Mm ,
..- .   1, B. C,     occupal
. 11...-  to apply lor pel
-■ the following     described ...   .
'    a post   planted       at
'. 11;:.      st  ( ornei   of  Disti li 1
Lot No    ■    :. : hem 0 east 80   chain
; bi n -       ith 'Ifi chains,  thence    west
ID chains, thence north 20 chains, to
imencement,  containing
Kellii band situuted cast 01 Kast
1      lars,   I).  C.   Date oi Location,  He-
do:, rd,   lull.
tober 17th,   P.u^.
1;. .e Istoke  Laud District.
West   Kootenay.
1... - at I, .lames Sneddon
of   a.m. B.I   .  occupation, (jentle-
man, -    apply ior  pern-.
ivlng     described
post   planted    at
th 1 . .., :..:   ..:  Uot K00
bci   north lit   11 is,  tbence    west
ebsins,     I..- bi ■   s,.ulii ju eb.e.i -
to plane of com
10 acres moro
I'ati .1 1 ictobei  3rd,  1912,
lsi issue Nov. nth
Revelstoke  Lun.!   D1lr.1t.
Distiict  of  WeBt  Kootenay.
Take    notice that  1,  Robert Arthoi
Mossman   o: Nakusp, B. C, occupa-
..   Ileal Practitio     .  iuteuds to
apply  for  permission  to purchase the>
following  described  laud.
mmencing     at a Post planted at
N    W.       Corner     of Lot 9323
West  40 ehains thence  South
1"     chains     thence      Kast 40 chains
thence      North 30 chains to the point
of commencement      and containg  160
inyootes. •,,,,,.,. more or less.
November  JOth   1912
Robert  Arther   Mobsman.
LSI   issue  Dee.  lith
 a.,  who will sweai   10 lhat.
11 iv.- -. ou over hi
> wltb       be
. :.:   .ll -t in I.
\ Bi,  when  1 Brst    1 o.      to
.m-i one thing it is
lill.-lll- is lo lo
(act  1  bavo
row'   papei .,    Ignod l<        re
the redli .in  distrlif I   -
He    1 '.nii'i , - Ioni -      action 1
You havi
111- regal ding il '
. • an bavi   beei
you thnn,  the Co :
trying to
did to anol lty?
x e      I,'   lie y    al '
Youthlnk    in-  Po
did . ■ ■: - 1
Ye   -.        i'l t   lill!;
Mr.   S. nn.-
toke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tune   notiee   that   1,   duuiucl   .lames
Harlow,   occupation,   Farmer,  intends
to apply  for  permission to  purchase
the following described lunds:
Commencing at a post planted at
the North West Corner ief Lot 'J323,
thence west lu chains, thencc soutb
4u chains, thenci easl W chains,
' bains to point of
commencement and containing 160
more or less.
Jtth,   1912.
Teacher of Violin
Pupil of Ernest Simple, of Winnipeg, and Prof. Frederick,
late of London, Eng.
Studio at City Hotel
.■    '■! I
.1 ai
What  u
-i hon
Why  did yo
er things to publi
not  sm
tn,    1 i
1  . ...
'      ay    ,.
■   an 1 in ,i..
M lur as
1   I
■    ,11   1 ha
h. ee     wa   !
., ■
aid ' ">
.,    t
1 '   '   '. .
iki .1
the 1
noyi n.   ■'. ■
Why ■'.
the paper,
i I
y ou bv   iri    1
bit   1
.   ..   |-
ho thi
oth. 1    pal I •       V,      1    ,11   blii7
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at Manning's.
All kinds of machine needles
H. MANNING.   Agent.
G '      landa Id ptrcali ol
in or 20 acrw ot en bloc.    Corrati-
pondeni t invited.
John Shaw. Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
mean i.y   tj i ba'
•    .. ],,
(UOBtlj u i sa fage BU.)
I icnly nl" 'o'U1 ! '.mii Coal arming.    Order3 will  have
prompt attention.
1 irdtl  .1 Koottnay Ageudi -
McKotuio Av ine
A. Davidson, p^f l'agr
i.-. .■ f <
Ml       erilto'.i    1.   is  po.-sibb
the    li      .im'     bill   ihat il   li   i
Mr, Ktllii    1
-.- .■„ ... ■
burp I
!       re—1   wont   s.i
did a"     .iv     ..  inn  a  i.   i
I'Ceollei       '       1(1     be   teiiel   il
Me     Men -
■,     .
Mr. (ti lai    You are a propi   -    - -v -
. •   ben
You   llll\       '    vol. ,   "i    an-   you   like
end  I ii    '"
Yr ,  I       -,.   vol  .
> .   tin       i,Lomotil   ni i ,
t.-ll.-Il.Ml-l       ,.1-e   ll     |
M-     K. bit. ^^^^^^^^^
■   two   lots.
I w.i    not    ii  a  imsit.iiiii  to com
Mr. &dlan—W  11
;:..: I
Mr. li...' '-'-'■'■   I'wpl"
My ..       .' thi   evidence Is
lairlj   good, a
Mr.   K-   lh    I '■   •     ■'■!   bv    Ml
Tri nl '
You        '       ■  ' er hei      pn
■     ■       '•      '        !
L do nut i en   n     :
1    haij    e.n    < irn to       oatb
•  i
1  :     .
.  I
said 1 d '      ' ■   ;' '
I    .       | ■        I did uol
ins    -   - .-..•."'.•
.'.   .
...   jf did I mand  tula
it .- ition
,-     ■    ....:  ■     hi      llti
1  bavi      '    •- ■ -  -.        "   su)    m
' ':-L-
-  .   ■ -"■   ii
■A' "'"  '-' .       . .- . .1
" llll   vmi   11 ve-l'.'-.i'e   I In Si    I un.
Mr    -■ I" yoll •!•' ,   '
S,e,  why   should I.
Did you take rhe trouble to invmli
;-a i- the un - I i? Answei me, i nd
lull  tin   : ■ ui b  f.n  uiu'.-  in  j .-.I
Win,    Bhoill I   IV
I ihink you should ie ,. dec nt li an
it   nrding    -   the  lun ne •   j oil ai >■  m'!
Why   .hou! I   IV
Did   J on    ■ v.   - ..•.-it-'    '
Why    hould  I -
Ymi rofu      to answer1'
y . till jm ii round with Ml. Kellni
und Mi. I.iiugliciid and hi Ip I" rat toi
1 bi's-   i in'.. ■' ■ -V bother t In v arc true ot
Wh ,
I     llll?     \ ee|      '.IV      -HU    llll     HOI
•   |tl I
r liii   ■-'
Did    VOU.'
Vlll    -ll'.'l el    I '
i lh,   ,-.. ahead auel ..■■    or I hi
I wish all my patrons
'A Happy and Prosperous New Year
till     ol    V ,,'i,    ,!,,.   hmm.i'I:.    ainl    i be   U]l No.
proxiin ii ■  dab   n     idiu    I in     poliey Anj  eon
n -■  led   -a i mm .i.lni j iho      segregated ilo ul 1 i'
li tri I  by tiie Police Commissioners? s'otie ul «"■
I   .lo  not   i-.-liii-iM. - i    i,.  m.      i    as You   lm -" ii n i'ii
181 or       .Sow,  if they are on the niuin street
.lo you not think it would  bo bettur
if they were further ba. k?
ineni made     Ol course thai  is noi  my plan     of
.i    as   I ■ .in   ri eollei I    il   would
mil   six   Week    ,'u'i..
\bolll    llie    llili 1,1b'   1,1    Noel'  I   bi
a restricted
You  i    .    , a   take   thu  trouble      iu
Vi        hould IV
.•ou taito tin      ■  il m ' >'■ ■■
.;   -   in dinarj    nurtei >
l at    lool,    • 1".  .i.
Yuu  look     b    trouble to  Vel if)   I
■   - - - -   mc    Yo    or   So.
W,:.        i     ,.   i.l    I  '
Yo i   be -i .1   Mr.   Ki-llie    tale      . 'i,it
eil li".    the   i  lllel   of   l'i.Il.e   oi        ''ul.M ■
i-. imn .      liters, or .-. >tne ol bet-     i" r
on «ei ling thesi  women up?
\ cording '.o rumors,
In 1   you   ll vc-tie-a
ng t • mi nt'.'
Mt   k   ' ..   ■ . .
mat    g ihat stat
Well fl ipposc it
.  ■       '
YoU   Se-etn   I
Mr. s      ton—I
■ ■
Mr   Ki
iit t        ■    tigate.
.      • .   "     -  : it
■ tb
■ be privii
. ...   .- . '   '■ whj
bis I1 il
-.". .'. il
v    x    ■   S
Mi    Sn
, ' 111,   :o uheud  an.l   ill
■■"'"•■ t" '
i   ,   ■ on.    ^ oil    Inl   not   -,ile.   th.-   I rouble
i.. tin.I nut   w bet bin  Th" c i iinior- were
ills.'     e.l '    Ilil
*   ■■■ Imadom,  .',•"-
,„«*.    TH.-D thl, thing fall, to      Im      ,(       ,. ^   ^^ ^ ^    ^
.i   ,   " -i I'""   !    I' '
e.i    iliat
well       .:   reasons un   tnsultluient.
idi  lo try
-   ■-    ;      Tl" u '■ ''"   "    '
uth    Whal tn -    ■
ii'     ' "•■        '"' I out  whethei  iln- e . into-
-   - true or fnls.
, M.       Mi man   I  objeel    ■     hi
i m—Yuu v      ti
,   .., ,       nd       ■   i   mattoi   difli rem     li   is
■  all.
.,...,.■ v      lill in—Tbi .•   .if   '!'•--   pei ous
ncmber ,-wrs ;"      ine'      '
-.'-.   • rd party.   I
M i- "■•
Mi   ■■;     "i
I   M
nade thai
V.1.-,  maybe curlier  in  i be  moul - - i   ul   S1IUH
Intei  uwurds thc endol   li b
Inn,   however,   Muyor   tliithcrlaii
me  one .lav  on  tin     tri ol    ulld i
iii< r   the   i .- •   in    I -,.      bet   -    -
li ■  public ,-n..I   tlle Commie loin I
li ■ soetii.'d  in fc l  ihai   th i.   was eon
lellibiM   fl'i Inl     in   ib.    town,
t       ,,i ly hi '■ gard  lol bo local i
the   houses   in   the   i odlighi   I1 -' rict.
\-   thut   meeting ol iln-  polico Com
misBiuu ■! ■■.   ti    .'-In- le   I   bavi   ju      n
.. :,   t tierS     w ue several  qu si Ion
 ip, and oun question  In eoniie
lion   with  this district,     ami  Mayoi
ii land  and   Ibe  Polioe   ' omuils
.  ii ik (both  ..I  whose  members    In
le   Mayor   ->tii lierlaud  woi ■■  I hi roi
• -..]  .1   mi   ".,-. ing   those    Clt i. en-       vvtio
v i"  meeting  llu   Police  Commis
is  i bi-ii  uiiswer ".  in   i bere,  lhal Hi
'.. 'iiiii-sion-'i s     evii ,|.|  not    Int i [er
.v -I ii   tho  Ki dlighl     disl' Ic    in     in .
bape or form.    As  I stul  .! previu i ■
ly,  owing io the ■■ •' m   rn  lown and
to the i   ling tlia'   ii   veeiii i  pr il
neii'i'.i".   i hi  ■-  pi upl -    ni I   other  ii
dividual member- to li Ip i he town In
i. mim.I in what  In   l    '     -       ' ie
ilu    evil, be m.ii 1  b    was  - u ng  lo do
ivliai   he    mil I.   1 hi   pari ti enn-    poinl
whieh  lie stati -i I'     ■ me.l tn
"     . f f   lit   WH ' . ;.
i     I f   till       i .Mil
«n. ilin!  he bad  ■   ■      ■  pt   acl
v  men who owui il  properly    on
they I -   ivi..    and fan
i fm iln he . -'i''- I
; ii -y  found  this  thini foi     then
1 in ghl    .iv   thai   I huve      li.-Mi
i   ".in el.'.!  w lb   ■ he  Bourd   nf      I ■
. '.-iiniii-siiiii rs r  foiu   yeurs  now.
nnd I nm under outl      ut ev ry board
..i- l.,M 11 ( cr ii      ti-li term,
■ I .   oil      I   ihem   li u    In - i  ai
raid   lo do uti> thl      ■ iovi
{nr  fear of
!  . tated  i.. lay, i
w-     will burn om  litigei
gin   ihe ni.,-'
pn linbly  a
'   ■ ■
.  ■.   'i    pm
mil ui
■ .
by whn            'i.t..     Iml     Mr. ileallug «ilh thein.
i,illnii ollete! h      '  U feel  ml laud {or Vmi  do  m.i   upprov
-I in",    in y,               --          lull-    pi   'I- disuii I"
No, bill you appeal te. bo doing ihr
l do    nl       uli il    --  ild be out be i  you   .in under tin- circumstances,
of the   . and 1 iiiii noi eondemning you tor that
In  view uf l                             ...I.     iu novo,    S'.ii  eertninly  had  a   right  to
.1,.i.ii                             lm iuui-. .ii  i    from vm.i own    ttindpolnJ
. not out. i of Police CommisHloners.
■ i                                          'd lij   ih l-l    in.I beloii- thai   public      -t
lag   Was   inn, ably   I !i • . ause   of       that"
bei   Mayor move being     in.nl.      now.     but     we
Inl   man  in   not'.' thought   tin   publi'   had  every  reason
I du nut knov u be sntl Hi J  with e.ui  auswer.        ti
Yon did not  knov ' ■ man  «ho   poi ' to nv vmi      a
Nu    ..i.i   i know, i  lo im., Heinle leading  business  man  uf  the     town.
lii-:         t know. i ml  he wti    fnlrlj   well  satisfied thai
Yeeil     !'     li   e.     I       |l      lllM     t-1 ITI P     till',     llllll .,i'.'l'     I'l'll     llll   !     "nil''     See     [;|l'     With lllO
i i.ii" up  [hul   .1 waa ii  bard  thing   ihing yuui   pulioa   was    e tlod.
lU   b|.II'1:    ' ll    Was   pliele.-ibly    llle   Il'l ling    lll'll.
Yes. In  :i ■  much  a-   thero  wns  no meel
Yo'i 'n-i el m i.'o'.i fuitl .   of tlie  Police Commissioners, wo
Yi   . could  n."l   know  ihat, thero  bad     been
You    h " [hi   ii   ,vi i-i  i ,- n hriietil uny orders given to lhu Chief regard
In  II"    "... ,n ; this move  hy  ihem, ami  vv..    cer-
Ye .   i ..m  run t   '  ind  beard,      I lainly fell  that ho might  bo doing it
hi     ;i    would  In   tho in.'an- of bimsell.      Another   question   perhaps
; the       In         the town. ome   up here,  I understand you     to
i'.m com el I.-:  ihu    uut Ide of put •'•'>' thol  thc Mayor a i.m.I you to g.-t
'■ te   the e    ..,,,;,  oui  ol town oi po ii mun l[ pos ible, wbo would not per-
sible elrising  ,.i   -.In-  restricted   distiici form a boi.Iup art. ami  yoll   wero look
The Kevelstoke Boot, Shoe and Harness
Kepaiiitii; Department
The ■style, the workmanship and wear
And comfort bom ol' every pair:
Of 20th Century welts that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold the old.
mnl ihi
•    • i. ■     i|
■ ■    '
■ .   •
v       K.-Hic      If j
,i  Mi    M- [nt •. ■
;     . '   ■
nnd putiii gii     ..,!,i cr i he eity
ci •'   di    d i     ■ . ■  the  li m-i   way
of bundling thom'.'
I do.
You  did  this in  good faith an.l loel
instill   I  in your act -   .
1  do   and  I fe i   lhi I   II   il eould    b,-
lone  i.ii.v   I would feel like I • Unu
-' i li  the deal.
v     v.Mi  said  I eforc    - bi
ought up on
rea-uii      tl nt   ,i   "n    uev. r
1     efot     .- eali      i le v     did
,,:   li.iv.    th      ,.   -, .'   i he i      coll .
" "ii
l-l   .e.-'.ly.
Vnd a ,1b      tli.-
ah   ,   li "in  yen I
■    , is worse.
. Intj
, i ing     ol
audi  a  mail.
('onlinui I mi  Page Kight. i
W.  Ii.   WALLACE,   M.B.O.S.A.
A ll i- 11 1 T B3 0 T
1'. 0, Boi Mi'., Kevelstoke, Ii.l'
Are you wanting any Electrical Work Done ?
II so. call at the Revelstoke Plumbing •«•
Sheet   Metal  Co.'s Store, Connaught Avenue.
I'hone -'Sl
Me'.i  I'll.uie  h
I', I).  H.'x   I.'1
Uovoli toko Land District.
District oi  Weat Kootonay.
rase, notice that I, Flora Goorgiua
ilo 'in. occupation Married Woman
linen.is to apply for permission to
purchase the lollowiug described lands
Commencing at a post planted ou
the survey boundarj e.l Hlock Mil, of
I.he Kaslo ana slucuii lUlilway Grant
. ,,iii one mile from the Arrow Luke
on the cost Bide aud about two miles
uoi i'.i I'l  i be Town ikusp, theuce
north mi ehains, thenco east in cbains,
thence south 20 chains, thence west
it) chains to the point of commencement ami containing forty acres more
Dated October 21th, 1912.
II   e    ue .Nov.  6
■   ■ ■
.-   1
'   '
Notice is hereby given that, ou the
ol   January next., appiica*
. -viii be made to the Superlnten-
  ni ial Pol - - tot the trans
ol     in'     Uceuco    for  the oale ul
retail In ami upon the   prcml'
. nown as   the Lardeau Ho toi,i
,i  i omaplli     British Columbia,
• e  M.     Evans  to Adolpho ,
maplix  British  Coluin-
•i thia   irth .lay ui December,
i-:i. M,  BVANS
11..,!.■!  ol  l.lccnco
applicant for Transtor
Sash, Doors. Mouldings' Turning
W   are in the manufacturing business
Sash,  Doors, Mouldings,  Turnings, Show
Cases,   Office  and  Bar   Fixtures,   Storm
Doors and Windows made to order and all
kinds oi repair work done in good order.
We have a lull line of building supplies, lime
cement, plaster,  Hard Wall Finish, bricks,
Sewer Pipe, Plaster Plaster Board, Roofing
cJTVletal, Lath and all kinds of Glass, Oils,
Paints, Varnish, all colors and tints.
Much pleasure in quoting anVthing in the
Building Line.
P. O. Box 295, Revelstoke, B. C.
Everybody  knows him,  hi
It'll you lhal the  tvhltkeya \v.
■piling are  (lie best.     Cull am.
convinced.    No limiri'liolil sboiit
lie ivil limit   a  supply of   i in Mnr.
voj's Special  Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapin liqueur  Brandy, i:u.ii ..nt.'.ul
Mi yenm old  or  Blnokborry Brandy
foi Medicinal purposes.  Our stock
of choloe Wini'p mnl Llquon of all
Uii'il ■ ii if unexcelled,      Sold hy all
ilie lending hotel*, or telephone
• ■      ■        •       .
'i •.
o     I     "
!    .
*   -
M.i . . ■
•     ■    ■   ,-   ..
.    r.
Lei Us Loan
Yuu (he Money
To D
i. . .....
K tb t
The     ;•..'■...    .
. -.-   I
I doat    ..■ ..•: ■:	
)M I.' . ' ^    .
. iwa to Hr. Mel:, ytie,
.' do n. • ruueaie't bim making Uii
ut«'ttient bam "or t'. • tbo yiher
. ' ation." I '!o B^l bsUtiVJ J, uu'lc
ffr^l .'-a}'-*-* y'
e '
', ■
wanl  '" ■        ■■■ thi It    ollclior,       if
tbey  arao with   iheii  evi
-   i. i    unv    uii"
t.ejn io aak, tbe t'oHci Comml   Ion
i •     Ihink   'l  l   li it.   ttcrler.'   lib. let v 10
Ji to.   Wc *JaJl dcw s»' dpn-j to bUai
:   •
I    . ■
Inl i
'  'i  ■
, . ti'i''
tin   i |n  '        ' .'     .. . a    '.,
hut '.'■ inii. iu noaiBi i.i ba Iei
,   .
UH t\  "  ■    I'MMIj
IrV    I i L Illi
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importors antl Healers In Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Clgarattaa
I have opened up a R^ea-
tau ran I in Lower Tham
mul •■■■ 'II st i .!• all Chl«
|. ::•■ chop
.. lu l In  Ho
1*1 II'IIONI     711
Il will pay you to'
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer nml Exporter
Old Town,    -   Rinolsioke, B.C
before iimnn yoni outfit  of working  clotliaa
fei tbr baall.    I iiiskr a
specially   "I    i^xtcit*
luoaa, rittiiii. soi,shiit»
nliinketn nml evrrvtbiiiK
reonifilinvoitr ImieiueM.
Howson CBb Co., Ltd.
Mi, MelBtyrt—Wg in   mini.- UuiUj;
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum al Ea b mi P'ices; Freight
Ldd( I.
  —-       -----  MM 1 *~
Howson C&> Co., Ltd.
, Pae» 1
Watch Our
G. S. McFA
Howson Block, Mackenzie Avenue
Watch Our
Monday we inaugurate our First Annual Clearance Sale. After a very successful Season's selling we find a
number of broken lines of Goods. Now, as we have made it a rule in this Store not to carry anjr goods from
one season to the next, also to make room for our large Spring stock, we announce thi e> Big Clearance Sale.
It is not a question of what price we can get for the goods it is what will clear them quickly. All goods are
first-class, the product of best Canadian, English and American factories. Everything will be found just as
oMen's Elastic Ribbed Shirts art Drawers.—A well made
January Sale Price, SOc. Per 6arment
cTWen's Extra Quality Elastic Rjibbed Underwear.—
B good, heavy garment, and one that will give satisfaction.    Regular $2.50 per Suit.
January Sals Price, $1.75 Per Suit
Men's Heavy Socks.—Grey  ribbed.    Regular   Price;
,75c. pet pair.
January Sale Price Five pairs tar $1.$$
Men's Heather Hose—Willi Card oi" Mending Wool.
Regular Price, 35c.
J'en aary Sale Price 25c per pair
JMen's Grey Wool Fleece Underwear.—"Penman s make,
This is a reliable brand and the price offered is a big
snap.    Regular Price, $: 50 Per Suit.
January Sale Price. S1.75 Per Suit
Men's Fine Wool Cashmere Underwear. — This is absolutely a Pure Wool Garment,   English   make,   medium
January Sale Prica. $2.00
Men's CeylonjFlannel Shirts.-Collars attached and reversible. Fancy stripes, on dark grounds. Reg. Price, $t.-»S
January Sale Price, 75c.
Men's Caps.—We are clearing all Men's Winter Caps,
Values to $175.
January Sale Price, $1-00
Men's Hats.—Five do/.en Men's Hard and Soft Hats to
January Sale Price, $1.00 Each
Men's Patent Leather Shoes.—Mostly large sizes,
A few t> and 7 sizes.    Regular   Price,   $5.50 and  $6.50
January Sale Price, $2.65
Men's   Railroad Congress   Shoes-Made   from
selected stock.    This  is an exceptional bargain,     Reg.
Price, $5.00
January Sale Price, $3.75
Men's Sweater Coats. — Three dozen to clear at a big
reduction.    Reg. values to 2.75.
January Sale Price, $1.50
Men's Suits at a Big Reduction
Reg. $20 and $22.50 Values. $15.75
This offering is made up of 1 weeds and Worsteds, extra
well tailored and splendid titters, neat, dressy patterns.
There is certainly a chance to get a new Suit at a big
Men's  Negligee   Shirts.—Odd  lines to clear,   in  a large
range of patterns.      Sites 15 to 17;*, but not in all patterns.    Reg. $1.2510 $1.75.
January Sale Price, 15c.
tTWen's Heavy Shirts-In Union Flannel, Grey, a few
Filties. all at an exceptional Bargain. Regular Price.
$1.25 to $1.50-
A Few Suits to Clear at $6
Theee are odd lines, mostly small or rral large sizes, but if
you should be fortunate enough to get your size, you will get
Men's Heavy Working  Shoes.—These are made
up from a number of odd lines in black and tan. Values
to $.\.?o.
January Sale Price, $2 90
Men's Wool   Sweater Coats with eollars, in several
different colors.    Reg. Price, $5,00.
January Sale Price, S3.50
Men's Wool Mackinaw Coats—In black or Khaki,
leather bound pockets.
January Sale Price, $4.50
Men's    Mackinaw   Pants. —Leather    bound   pockets.
$3.00  Per Pair
Odd  Lines in Tie8.—After a heavy  Xmas   Tie Trade
we find a  number ul   odd  lines, and to  make selling
easy we offer them at
15 Cents Each
Men's Gauntlet Gloves.    Muleskin   with   big  cuffs
75c. Per Pair
Men's Wool Lined Mitts,
50c. Per Pair
January Sale Price, 90c
Shoes. Shoes, Shoes!   ~5 l'ai' Men's Grain Bluchers
in nn .ui'l blf k, p<. g"'     'I li' si   ell " ,  il "!.  al I
a pair
January Sale Price. $1.75  a Pair
Men's   Knitted   Mufflers.- -In  lai  1    range ol colors
Values tn $1 25
January Sale Price, 75c.
Watch Our
Howson Block, Mackenzie Avenue
Watch Our
fir** Pagt
Screened Furnace, per ton... SIO.GO
"     ...     . $10 50
Sm.-'  $10.50
Screened Lump, per ton...  $9,110
Nut "      ...  $7.50
We can recommend the Gait Nut Conl very highly
for ymir kite-hen range,
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
■eill\  1'   SIBRAU1   I'KK
IIUIAI.U, JK , Si'.i.
.   ' .
Zbc ODaiMberalb
anterior pubiirbino Company
j. K. JOHNSON, Manager,
RALPH  li.   BCRUTON,   Kditor
SATURDAY, JAN1 ARV  Ith   1912
i : .    '...i.m
'..■   .   ■
X- ;, : •'       irj  i re! n  "..'iry stop   to
wards    ::.;t.• v-.-iK the papei     i '   "
... aue ol Bame aa    an
a Iverti ting        ■ I   m    lor the  Revi I
m ,.       uistn ■        u u .•-" "
. . . ;,       ■ .      ,. ■    ' hi   whole
..  .,.  | .;, •■     Mail Herald     f"t
,„;.-• itt •     ml those
.     ...._.      patrons   rho nre
ut pr-*"-      . •'   . ■ ■ ■ • i
;...-.    ,ri -    '""r   "
advert Bmenu '•   change I     tn
otner pri :; in'-nt | ositi •■■• ih thf pah
er   ■ -1   UMl      after     it."   ;   '■       li
Dexi.   ll       -    " ■■."•■'.   "'    tl
propi ■".•• M e a ui iioroi paper
t< e-.fbi  pagi i to
ia Bill   I    I ' '•'- l>ally>
The 'roDt   ?ka  ivnll-
abi» for   the      ins      •   ■
rfgari ".-   '"      lisci in   tttiicb   vv
ready !• r     ;■ ibhca ion  t.
eas.i    •'    0 tin
This -
eroue    .:■;:■
urea I'h'.rh will  sl ■ .
in  Uu
Spring  ■»! next   y-'i,:.   a  '
eorreei"'r,jeati> ■■•■ ll    •  est ■ ■
tbu paper     through out tbe   listnri
tributary to > isvo»e, and sa ei.-in-
ornte   .-■:,• =  .•:  articles dealing  wltn
tbe     athantiigrs   and  resources     ■>.
North Koou-nay  -'■•• he urttttn i.y n
special     '' ■■.;:.- ii ner on  I • hall     ol
t~a ; ■
Dur.Ua.- the ; ast  "        en    i
nablc won
ty fields -: •    • ul-Hci
ing tb? Issuing     1
expect thai c.rculi
far i endeavors.   I
History of tlie Year as It Has
Occurred Day by Day.
Amofij; the Political Changes the Balkan  War  and  the   Defeat  ol  Turkey
Stand   First—Titanic   Disaster  the
Worst N.ivil Tr.igetly In History
—Canada's Gift to the  Empire
—Was Year ol Accidents,
1 li V tt Year'- II Peer list in-
rl' i ilea at I ilernrstions for
•■ v.'i'i i iintuliatis. I.'. L. Borden,
Privy i moi'.loi ritli ' itle ■ I
li ■ II norublc; Lt -Cli i „ J. \V,
(lil a ' ( M i"i i i'n Popi.
K.i Mi. T i' I'- v i C.M.G .
I;.-I'.i l   ■ ■:.  K It      K    11
'i    r. K 11     D   W. I'--' u-i    (X( w-
I      . K   11   . I' I '    'll     I
n   Itrnnttord,  Kintr's   Mndnl.
M fii-1 i 11 'I   ■
ist,   .ii   Ni i   Yorl    died
ns .I tl"
Dr   i-      Vat Pen ton'   '        atli v
: ■    il president    I ' I inn nt
I   ,■.
| unieipal ml U0
I i ol
I'he  I'.I
nl'   '      n victory
ill   20
I  b. 2
Hem   '.        i-i :
... -   -
" '
lll'l I
IB. 1 re  Hurt
(J.i'.il '      '!     I
.    IIH I   M
21. ,       [run nil
' I      II "'
i nk ■  l'i e ii
in iiuii   .
22 ,vor ■    ■      '   . .
it a-i.'i l< ti  n
II,.,i    .,    i'    i. il.'i    rl
iii   llt'iid'i w  C i  ii
1,1  lllll   '   I  ll
Uitlg   I'hiirli
Holieri in.in - Mo'itii .1
llm .   .     I.hm ui'ii ni''.
)3  Thu   Itn inn   i nriinnn nl   vnt \1  ii
umi \  Pri |
F, n.'i'.'i    Miller   ""    N    'i    PPftU,
111   ll"   ... i   . :     lie    e.i"
11      ,. ■    ■ • v   -   ' !
eil to 'if Si'iinli' ul '
2-1   ll' ' ■ ■■   I '    t'
I V 111. I .';•''
■ ..inn .1". • r tl bim
'Ji    I'l  mi.    -     '.. i      a   i- •!   i " ■ ■ .'   ■'■    ' \-
IInilni       nt Ontmi
I n 11 M n
•_'-. \ nrlj   i ii      nn 11       li conl min-
. ■    eii'iii ..in . i   . ■ i ike,
1   Itiilinn   .viit   lepurl ■   noun-
i. il   thnl   -        oss    Irom    Itnl nn
troops 'ii lhi  .'nr with Turk ■       i
Hnn,   I'.'lvvur.t   Make,  the  Inmous
i' .n.i Lm.   intesme it,   r '-
lor nnd Inv yer, died  in Ti roi to,
e illness,  at tho
iu ol "fi years,
'I. Annie   "i i mum ?    wi '.'.I.n » n   ae-
li'i --. ili. .1 in Ni w York ; aged 76.
0. Tlio Gnvcrnnn nt   ninji rity  on  lho
Mnnilnbn    boundarj   h  I
1  'V       \ iti    '       isl      holi  tl,
Teal  w. i" 'uni   wlit'ti  n  -hi  . nr
jumped  a  =\vitcli  ii   '1   ronto.
7. Amiiii I- n.  th    explorer,  unnoun-
... .1  thnl li ■  !■. .'ie-1.. l    tin    Southi
I'olc "ii  Dec.   17.  1011.
lir.   Merchnnt'    r pnrt on    incfU-
I'i.'iiey    nf    ■     in     ll
i ii iiuii. wns  pres nted.
-   I'.v were' kilh e] jn n wr. .k on lho
C.P 1!   ai Ottawa stnWon
in. Spvi ii Hvi - wi re losi in ■ xplo     i
nt, ti lire in Whii.'!   " factory.
12, Knur  ih spi rndnes  - n   roi '
Sh n y Mi iinlniii, Mn     ■■   Kinp-
ston  i ■ im :■ til  i' j tn   i     i   faring
nil mpi to ■•■•■ ■! nl   i       ilo.
13, The  Cntiii t sin vve I    a
I'.u.I  . :   ■        iril       I mill opi rail ves ■ it
.      la      11,    '   :
15. The   t~i.nl l.itns
Ve'pl • .
16. T'n  lives       '   l. r nl
.     . ■   '
,,r iv ,■.. ut.n.:,;i atnTrnlitliFfl. "
i; i. 'ii--- lortnally   c,\ • ned
■ " leiinliii, Sweden.
.    ,    ".   i ehl i'   Urucheei issuod   mande-
imh. itiPttl   • nppi. •-. in...   SI    Marie    ijc
I \l  mifilr Collego.
Th" prisoners In tho Camorra
trial nl Vile rim. Italy, received
■■.■I.-..'iic..   niter  nonrlj   two  years
MAY. I'l'.ee'. '  ilill.
I. The  '               Itnilwnj   B '   "'    B. Qrenteai  Naval p.evio\v  in history
tign ■ wns hold ai Bplth nd
,,, 11. in lulled   In  a  i i.i .   imi    "ii    lhn
3   n,.,                 , :,    ed lo tl mur-        Chicniro, Burlington    .'..1   Qulnoy
dor  ui   l.uu     I'orter  nl   M   -i''".
I.  V, nl    ..'   ! . '-'   im.'     :   '
i  iv   iii   ;   i    lo  lell   I  I        '«■'
ninl i"'i    i
(1. .In,lee   .lun '      I'lll    Ma ■|""r-
hall        .nil '        i
i. i'      .i n M
rccoiis their
t     .  ."       :
fi   I; v. i     ,'   ',    R
to l .....I    I   M    ■   Wis T.iii
•   I. in      ed  md in  mn it
l St. Vincent di  Paul
C. P.I!
!. . . I.ii     llu    i     •    -i   N- "
Y.ii-I       -i -.' '  '    ■ .'       i
si;,..'    i-i\ pi !'-"i'   i
11 i :■    i ... M." sin in l'tai..
■ . -     M    i   >" -■ I
rtl i -
.i.m,: ii r    Ru
B   fi  S n   172
■ adiim  Gn at    \\ il
■. a -   f. ran Berlin   '
I    Wei In
25       ' I
T   ■     ll
11    I
I'l      '
I-: ..
i   ll
i's Cl ur
loss  $ll'.li"'
MeKinnon [ouciiamaiit
■ c   M.r laj     , ■      g   Jan.   CU
ing  •; >• ••     I the 1
• -■ -   .-   ■'  ■
.-< pla]
-te in the • itnent ia
not aa yet      - theii
Utt ol Iowa
r .r;-.  ream i -    •'  ---
H.a;L       '     .v ■.   -■ •    . Iran ;
ag*  M-       I
Tbe teal
■   -  o • . share
lbe t with the i
|     the G "'..■•
• bad
compel it least
On of abc Jt th
trill be
ar inny     mpet .   Tl •
t^      .:.t.i*-» being        it g u.-
••t .' • ' rtt    and a i ul glai
anl en■.. t for I
c«i"-.    Ail    iejcai  wenl':;-    •'   '
»1.   ■       ..'-.■•.:.   '       '  ' '       -
■/»-•-- '-t     lot 1911    .
to participate w~: klnJiy - .-.
i    '. as ll on is-  | Ott.    -
a ml-'i lla may   lx   !rav.:   -jp
oa vnquiry
I    l'i Minimi  -•
Hit     : n .ef ' xj-.r- ■    -. im   ry
- pl      \   ll. son    iv a.     .     ;  ■ ■   •
:    M it.:..-I eott.
',..;-... \|
•  ■
18, Tic- 1
.■• - ■     i ofl thi    ■ -
- -      i       ■■ -  .. • ■ i
Eng     i   i    -  .-
■ ■
■;   i    u   '   .     ■
> ftll.'ll       t       ■ ■:        '
I. ig   ! 7S
n  TV       Hi •
.        !
■ i   r  ii   •
i   .       ..ill;   i'
:   -
Aar Isformatioo In regard I    tbt
tci4ii." "• rea I '•' fora  ' • ' I
..   ,•; I
I    pl
ng  tin
a      a
■   '. , ■   III    '
II     ird    .1:
' i* lr
a ice bri<ls
■    ■
f.  '    ■'
Y. M. C. A. NOUS
Tt" winner!    ' ■-      ''  - ' . - ■ ■
j tbe   ■'...-■   ' H -   ' ■ ■■
■ffUnv.| ■*b   won '••      >■
J Palmtr     '  -
thu t.--j av raff     -•■ 'L   -
. ore.
Tboi-        ■■ ■' ' •''   :        ' ■   '
BaDU '.n tLe t«J'.   • u'i    "v   "
a. CD '■'. aa the ,-..   . •■        i
u.) la •-'■' .■«-- I
a.  . |       .- '    tl     .
I .    -     ■
"   e   '     '    ' '•
J '1
"»   ol    '
aeveri ig
l '
. .-'■   , ' .ii w<
. ' 1 I '. 1 . . .
the ' ' *   •
,n   .
Vuil   I I.i "'!'-'..
nf   ll rupuli ev
27, i'        I ■ '
.   i i>
i  i    .' Uiitaia, f. r li In
ral .t*UkJti>
raili..a I   at   Western  Springs,  1
K.   K    MeArthni'  nl  South   Alrica
wuu  ih"  Olympic    nui rn thou    at
--- " liholm.
16, Main   lives  lost  in olnudhursl  al
U   - 'i', r..;,i . Dam,mm   ji,500,onn,
m.|M    "j nominimi      .     U   '"■ H^rmiiH Itnsentlinl.   Iln    gambler
l.   ,  i • SI   Min       II"-!       tnurdorcd in New  \nrk nn .-ve ot
I   nftei ;u. . ;    ationi        confpssion to Grand Jury.
18, Work was resumed on M, Mbnn s
i,   ,      ,:;;:.,        in    n.i,:'.   \"l:tt ,       ciithedml. Toronto aftei   i ltipso ol
I'    i'oronl I in Chini m       ' ,„   ,",' \''n,'' , ,   , , .
, ,     !).■„      lebratt I in L'nna. f  ,';.^   "nlmji '';M""I" I > Art von
t.ff  hv  Turks trying  lo run    the
.-,   Vi"i   'i '  ,   ll.  V   .':'"'. was mnrUed by suffrngell it,
, iilleil in   'i   Uight
.    I.m  . i .  I-..i '
Hi        i vlll. i.f Denmark
■ .,■  II
i.,   i'       i Crown   l'rince  pn cluimed
King n    ■       lian X.
I'r, nn, i       i.  ilin 0  vi nimeiit.
t Qu i  the  i'i' v incial
elections with  . tu ij ritj • I  17,
hi. Welsh D      - ■        nn nl  Hill !'"■"'-
. |     ,   ■ :  ; thc Briliah
I    .llllllell'
18,  \    ll   li. in nl - It im.-y  won the.
r ,,',   ui   i.m    Woodbine,
■ J    '    Ui v - •- 'i.'i' r    Muir,
Umi        "The    Inpl    Leal   I "r
over, I in Ti routo.
Ci nti a nt \\ ill"'--
"1   M   11'     Willi
iiii    i ■ und i       I the strike;
i, i.   iiim,| work.
20.  I.-.- nei     ■ iv hurt
in    i   i net's'   Hindi t
I . - n, eldest son
-    '  ' '■
I in   '
■2-)   i        !,   B   Sl   C i.i. Toronto, ar-
i     eil nn eliiirire i       reiiinlii
lileriitin      n unti-t
Mrs.   I I'm  i    ■■ '     .   |
,      " '   . '   .    ■
:;. II
■   '   Imperu-
i  n
1     '.v      I
'   1 -'ill '.
. S.J. i
■ •'
\ .
' . .
20. fir.' which 'li-i .lamiii.'" amounting
to iw.. millions occurred at Vnncouver, 11. C,
Andrew I,an«, English iioot nnd
a.an ol letters, died at Bauchory,
Si   Hand ; uged 08
21. Private \. ti. Fulton o! lh Un
don volunteers won the King's
rn/.' ai  Bislcy,
in. Q, A. K.m.I, l: CA. nm I n.l "I
the Ontario College <.[ \ri,
Olj nipic guinea i ndt d. Sweden
won wiih ii total ul 133 points;
I! tiled Stat. -, 129; I'.u llaiid, 78
I niie,] Stati b '.. .1 in lirsta with 25;
Sweden - ei n I with 23
'.'."e I'niisnii'in immignitinn ollicer, II.
II. Ile'iliert mttiMorod "ii lerry at
\\ indsor, tint.
'JT The C.P.H. 'it ■ i. Empn st "I
III itain struck an.I Bank tho collier   11- Ivi Ii l   in   lhi    log ofl  I ap.'
Mum  I'll."' v
-."i   Serious   lit-   In..he    ollt   at    Porl
Arthur in the conl handler's strike.
Privy Council said that   marriage
hill is "Urn vin - i'i the Dominion
i in liameent.
Pn •■ ior Bordi n enrdinlly rec ivc<l
i.v   Pn s.   Fa'tlicrcs  't  Franco  nl
10  Mu!-..," t...  imppror of .lnpiin, died
nl   !'• kio, ae. ,l nn.   Sii.'.i cded by
It     -.'ii Voshih '■
■;  S    ii I 11 in P nnsylvniiin
;,   \ ;"  -..I i'l in  uh.. . i  Pn gressive
put ly m.i in Chicago.
('.   I        3 iH m  , i   Turkey    disolved
:       imi nl: Vnung Turk    Ictidi t -
r m. vi l
7. T'i , di ri     I! ... . veil    nnd    llnam
'..!,  ii i ,n ,i, I  hy tho Pro-
Nntio I.    t ■ ii.i'iitiiiii  .it
i    i nao.
-   i n in the n itional palace 11
I nl   Porl   nu   Prince    I Illi I
Pi -i I. ni i.'.'.ii'.', ni.d inn others
■ i.   I Hied rfr wt iiim. d,
irth i : ik ■ in Turkey  ■
. ''im lives; Adrini oph snd Gal-
■ 1    tuff ri .1 5i .  ■  Ij
in   i'   mier Uordt n  iu  »p> ■ e    heti re
I) yn   Canndiai   Instituti demand-
■ I   ;hat   CatiM i.t   have  a  v.mim  in
i    ■   .'nl councils,
i    lain intervened ,r \\ nshington
■ ,   r : imn canal  toll case, sup-
■ n , la'     ■ om plaint   11
!   !1   II,I,-     >|
I  and   liv"  injnr.-.l  in
-   k oi   I CK   nt  Grand  Lnke,
X, S.
i      ml Govi rum. ni    swepl   Sask-
v m 1  Premier Scotl  was
|.'turn".1 lo [.'.''.. r. fl-l'l
Seven hnndn il    I-! li ins   particl-
l.ni   im Bishop iln vard's golden
i   ■■"       >,    'i from N
S    S  nnl'   f. i   i'l 1" rv
p   ■        Rorden lunchi .1 with tl-.-
'imi  Queen  at Buckii
'■    Buck     rt in-, nfter 28
,        ,      Ql     ifll      V        li'   ""' -'    '        I'
.•.'.",   I.       ■   Time!?
Mi --■ net,    French    composer   ol
Pari  | ag.'d
•■   K   Me.iriv ai ol lhe I
advisei    •.'
I IS    gl  tleTlli     Ol     Hi"
,   r t Tail      m Panama
llle   11 IIV- i' lllllCl
\  ii.    il F.i       I ioi      '
:   . ■    .   mv rn   -.    I the 1
Mun '  pn  ties
1    will
i- 11 • mpin,
■ Loi di i
1 \       ■     i"     • ,"'       1    1'     t.e"        IIS
■'    |'
, ,...;  a |       . ■ 50,000 to
I ri;e
.- •     ■      v-     ...,'..-,
■    a...   I   .-:
rt I     t ' .a, |.
Nortl ■■ rn
        -   .:  ■ ■ ■". -, Hay,
ol  Hm   Ntk.
'    IfeTl      hi-
liliy "lejurcd Tn railway ili-iiisicr iii
llit.tnn Junction neal' Liverpool,
]<. Mmi. .1. W, Sifton, an early resi-
.li'iit oi Winnipeg, died in that
20. Mrs. Leigh who threw hatchet at
John Iteumond in Diihlin reloated
frnm live yenr lorin.
23 Tho International peace congress
e|.e ned ul Geneva,
Premier Borden was honored with
a huge banquet at Toronto in
which prominent men of both pnrt-
les participated,
84. I...r.i .loioey, n British coul hnron.
purchased 2-1,000 acres "l larru
lands ii.iii Fort George, B. (.'.
Sir Richard Cnrtwright, Liberal
-tati.»ni;in and li ii.It-1- i.f party in
Senate, died unexpectedly in
Kingstoni wns n member of tin-
Laurier Cabinet throughout it-
regime, nnd was presenl at the
signing ei Confederation; tigud 77.
25. Scottish troops •>:■.! red to Bi Ifnsl
m guard aiiaiiiMi ll..ium lliile disturbances t lion
20. Tin- nn iuui! banquet ol lho ('nn-
adiim Miiniilai'turi'r- Association
in Ottawa was addressed by Premier Bi t'h'ii mi'l riir Wilfrid
20. Gen, Menu, the Nicaragua revolutionist, -iiirMn.lir.'.l with nil his
army tn l'ml d States and Nicara-
-•inin troops.
27. Wm. Ferguson, slayer of Inspector
Hcberl on July 25, sentenced to
life imprisonment in Detroit.
The New Yuri, club of t.h" Nntionnl
Unsebnll League won pennant by
defeating llic Boston club in New
York hv s to 3,
2S. Covennnl Day in Dlstor. Thousands nt lri;li prntpstnn'.j solemnly pledged llirin-i Ivim to oppose
Home Rule.
2y. Wm. McCaffrey of Toronto, his
mother and his Inmily ol three
were drowned in Pldgeon Crock
mar Omemec, Ont., while lishing.
Three' aviators, including two Un-
tted Stall"! army nir-mon, killed in
(light, making total deaths in the
rir to dale 191.
J. Trial nf the dynamite plotters nt
Lies Angeles, Oct.. I, 1010. was he-
■jun in  Indianapolis,
3. First  outbreak ol hostilities  wn.*
reported in Turko-llalkan wur nl-
lliinieh no declaration of war had
li i ti made.
4  The British B-2 sflbmarine cut in
two by nn ocean liner in the English channel; 15 drowned.
B, Frank   Bostock,  the  -Imw   niiininl
trainer died  in  I. nilnn, aged SO,
Muiilenc ro declared war against
Railway rut- case opened I'■■{.>r.-
commission nt Ottawa.
10. Dr. V \. Carrel of the Uocki feller
institulo was awarded the Nobel
prize of $30,000 lor achievement in
The Montenegrin army captured
1 li Ichitch in.mnt.un. lm tin road
'.. Scutari, with nearly all of tbc
Turkish defi nders,
12. Tin- t-.'iit■ nary nf Drury Lam- theater celebrated in London at the
close of a play.
Alex     Morrison     (Conservative),
■ l.eie I in Macdonald, Man., bye-
elections f>>r Commons, with 500
12. U, [.. l.nynllsts, Indians nml prominent nfllcials oelebrnted the een-
teniiry e.f the death nf General
Brack <m Qii"t'ti.Mon  Heights.
13. Bulgaria presented to Turkey the
ultimatum ol the Balkan stales.
Col. Theodore Roosevelt wns shot
at Milwaukee by n would-be assassin named John Schrank,
15. Peace |er«et<ic..l signed by llnly nnd
Turkey, bringing iti an end th'-
war over Tripoli winch begun Bep
ti mlii't-. 1011.
16 Hei ry Corby ol Belleville and
ii. irge Gordnii of Sturgeon Falls
wen called to lill vacancies in thn
Dominion Se'tink
Tla city oi Vera Cms, Mexico,
arose in rebellion against President Madew Gen. Fi lix Diaa, was
nt the head ol thc insurrection.
lx— e.f 126.000,000 in a typhoon in
tin' Philippines,
17. II.en. K. 1>. Monk resigned thc portfolio "f Public Works in the Do-
minion cabinet because of hi>
pledge to m cure a navy relrondum.
rulgarin, Servia and i;r. 11-. declared war on Turkey.
22 Battle ol Kirk Kllisch between
Bulgar- .'.ml Tnrlis: reported tliee-
C.IKHI ItiiL-iirs were Killed and
Robert Bair, lhe novelist, died nt
Woldingham, Kug ; .-i^-ed fi-.'.
24. Arthur \ Ellis was sentenced b
doath for the imireleT of Li a Porter at Mindon
The Turks retreated from Kirk
Kllisch; being driven out by the
Bulgarian army. Servians defeated tlie Turk.- around Kumanova.
27. Ilulcarian forces capti^' Kski-
'.'». Two- members •■! ili.' 48th High-
i- Toronto, ami sixty injur-
■■•I rn n wreck while returning Irom
Thanksgiving sham tight.
George W \. ly (Con | di leated
L'.iiit Suthi riu'i i (.Ind i in provincial hye-clcction In East Mid-
.   Ont.
Chai    ll    Mills   (Con.)   won  thc
provincial bye-election in N. Wat-
• rh«.
SO Lieut Chas I-.. eker wo •■ nt< need
lo death  lor th«   mnnler in New
Jam     Si I ool "'ef< SI !■■   v ;.'■ •
pri   ■ lei i   . I  "..   r   B.    Ited at
Itu a, N Y    aged 57
Ifi. -.ii- Irowned when the
■   • Honk ln Lake Bl
I ou   . Qua,
1 Fir. Montreal'! laeiory area
■ i  Imoair ai j.tno.noo.
B Goti H* ■ Woodrow Wil'»vn .if New
' i ■ and Governor Thrmoa R.
'.I Lt - nil Ol Indiana elertod president   mj   vi'.e-prcsident  of   tha
I    C. N. R. liner. Royal rr.-orfe went
■ en the rucks in the St. I*wrenca
eaptured    Salonikl
i   rk»    *.:!:   numerous
10 lames llrye, Uritish ambaasador
'.. the United Btatca, rosignod his
Barry's Bay, nenr Ottawa,
N.  11. Coloock, Ontario agent in
London, and Samuel Price Mining
commissioner    for    Ontario    re-
Tumult occurred in British Com-
uniii.-. over determination of As-
rinith ministry to stay in power.
Lord Strathcona received the Albert, mednl of the Royal Society oi
Arts for distinguished services.
Germany cut nnvnl estimates bv
Monaster fell Into the hands of the
hands of tho Si rvians, 50,000 Turks
Shocks on the Pacilic const; heavy
loss of life in Mexico.
Hon. Iiiiii- Coderre.the new Federal secretary ol state won lhe bye-
election in Hochelaga with a roa-
pority of 2,'200.
Eight chinamen  were  hurt  in  n
wreck at Moosejaw, Sa.sk.
Six vacancies iu the Nova Scotia
representation In the Senate were
Iilleil I.y the lollowing: Nathaniel
Curry. Amherst; W, B. lie-. K.C.
Mi,I.Helen; Wm. Dennis, Hnliliix;
L.  L. 11irrf.il-.   AntigonMi;   Win.
McKay, Reserve Mines. C. ll., and
Dr. P. C, Murphy, Tigni-h.
The' four New York gUDinon were
found   guilty   of   tba   Rosenthal
.Ininaiea swept hy a dcstritetiVO ti-
dn!  wave,  two towns  wiped  out
and  42  lives   lost.
Armistice declared in Balkan war.
and pence negotiations were begun
Turkey   refused  the  penco terms
and the war was resumed in the
Dominion   Parliament opened  its
Sir George Uoss appointed Liberal
Senate leader,
i 'harles  (iiles.eii  convicted  ol the
murder  of  .Joseph   Rosenthal   in
Toronto .in Good Friday, 1912,
Sir  Edward Clouston,   Hart.,  died
in   Munlrcnl;   aged   53.     lie  was
president of tho Hank of Montreal
an.l Canada's most prominent (iu-
Canadian society present in forc«
at  lho -meoiiil rnyul draw ing-room
at Ottawa.
Bulgarians enptured 9,000 Turkish
reserves  mar   Adrianople after  a
stubborn battle.
I'.le.li.ui ..f Ile'ii.   A.  W. Cross in
Alberta protested by Col. Carstairi
een charges of corruption.
Three striking miners were shot in
n   free   light   «t   the   Timmins'
Mine, Porcupine,
The Balkan league, with the exception e>r Greece, signed nn armistice Myth Turkey.
The Borden Governmenl polled »
iiini'.iiv nf IS in lhe first division
of the session.
Premier Borden announced in lhi
Commons that the Naval Act pro-
vided for n contribution ot thr**
dreadnoughts tie the Imperial navy
t.. cost $''15,000,000.
liieipli  Winter  Fair opened.
Lone   bandit   held  up  a   C.P.R.
train near Vancouver.
Italian ste'iiui Derna sunk in Eng-
lish Channel by collision with the
British  battleship Centurion  and
her .   iw ol about 20 drowned.
Unbind li. Garri'S, French aviator
ascended 19,032 feet, a world's record, al  Tunis.
Tiie Ontario Town Planning Con-
press »ns launched in Berlin with
an enthusiastic attendance, and
resolutions were passed.
M ei. i I., III. won the Prince ol
Wiiie-.i iiiiui.1 Championship llih-
ion   •'  Guelph  Fair ior the best
i shown.
Sir Wilfri.i Laurier in ived in
ainendmetil lo tin Naval Bill Ihut
t'uiinila build her own Meet, to
. ... ■:, of an Ulnntin and Pacific
Mrs.   Iiui nui.   Love   murdered  a\
Ceylon village, near I'leshcrton.
Il.nry Love arrested for the mur.
tier of bis wife.
Presbyterian    General    Assembly
committee divided, .'tt to U, in favor of organic church union.
Gen.   Louis   Botha   resigned   the
Premiership of  United  South  Africa, because ol dissensions over
Imperial questions.
Whitclaw  Reid,   American  ambassador to Great Britain, died suddenly in London. aged 75.
Fund given to Toronto University
for rewurc.li work in medicine,
riir  Edward   Grey   welcomed   the
allies and Turks in I.ondon, und
was made lainorary  president of
lho Peace Conference.
The headless, nude body of a woman  was   found   in  a  swamp at
Stoney Oreek. near Hamilton.
Hon. W. T. Wliito introduced the
new Banking Act in tho Federal
Sir George Murray's report on tho
public nerrioe was tabled in ths
Domiuiori   Hon**   adjourned   lot
Ohrifitmit* recess.
The Ontario aesesftment oommitten
throw oul tho Rowoll-EUls' tax reform measure.
The rlcAtb sentence oi AlthlW A
KTtb TM oomiiuit' <).
Day and evening classes
will lie opened shortly in
Piimati Shorthand & Touch
Typewriting by former
Sproit and Shaw Business   Irstituie,   Vancouver.
I-'or   partculars   Apply
P. O. Box 356. City
.,'nicer,    11   The.American Federation ol l*bof I
•I  I "i I   lb r. N. Y
t "iit  enn?V  nnp- '
ti.- and  defeated on snap divi-1
.        ll.'l
1 t
I       VI    I'.I'      I'
•      ■ i I   unnnnn-
■■    'liture
nts '     noTntyra of Klngtton «p« I
. el ilrmoo of th« Ontam
'.'".  hurt In '    \!-H  '' inicipil Board.
-      -               11 image •-■'" ' '"■^•i"t    Prime Minister of
26000(1 1"'1"'1    W    ana-ahiit   at'
• '         '         '     '        ' ' ',',.    r.       ,       .«■                r.   „           1
I         .,. v,.k   1 ..'.! ■« .'h rfol   W   Clark o» Trinity f/o,Ie«*.
1             , ebl e'.ed   educationist,
IJ. S. n               •   df v-d -,;'"1    •*•'■' ••"-
t ('liieaen 13  Ninj perioni.weli droantai when
uliuti of Uoiuimou CbM   17. fcua-Unyt rjej|pt\»  WKf ^4 *«4        ** "k*a'« «M«MH«   •*»!«   H
: perioi
Teacher of Violin
Pupil of Ernest Simple, of Win-
r.ipcu-, and Prof. Frederick,
late of London, Eng.
Studio at City Hotel •
fage i
8ATI I'.liVY, .IAN'1 ARY  I
With the very kindest thought toward all men, we
wish you all the Compliments of the Season, and  take
this   opportunity   of  Thanking   Our   Patrons   for   the
Greatest Business in our History or the History of the
Interior of B. C.
C. B. HUME <& CO.
mmi 1'age 10.
Tie-iiE Dvrj^xr, ia:Ei?iA'cr), H/Si'VEXiSTg^?3
Then take advantage of an exceptional oppootunity. Call
at BINGHAM'S MUSK' STORE and inspect our stock of
Mandolins, Violins, Guitars, Accorjdeons, Piccolos, [''lutes,
Multi-Flutes, Harmonicas, Sheet Music, Albums, etc.
EDISON PHONOGRAPHS and VICTOR GRAMOPHONES. Also 500 Edison Records selling at 15c, msual
price, 65c.) mi' a good selection of Blue Seal Unbreakable
Recordsa! 65i Good stock nl' Player Rolls. Selling ai next
:,, cosl price to clear,    dune Early nnd (let First Choice.
Commences Monday
January 6th
See Our Sale Prices
Mad   nzie Avenue, Revelstoke.    Phone 262.
,     . ilirmirlers here.    (Jwick service.    Perfect Cleanliness
,,;,   i;.   . nuihli. l'i ..-      Give l -  i Trial.     "We Nevei Sleep."
fill ElfGIHHS 13131      Hospital Donations
To the 1^1 cctors ol Ward Three
Tin   Matron nr iho hospital    wisbu
io thank all those »hee ho kindly ro
ini'eie'iMie'il   iln-   hospital   al   Christina
\t   in- ei' im  ' ol a. Imp   i An'f' c "'   ' lnw
Kleclurs .if iV.'ei.l Tine.', 1 have decld      Mrs. Bourui Onto box Japanci
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd
We Wish zAW
Our Patrons W Friends
Jj IMt'ClOI'S   Ol    l.ill'U    I lll'iv,   1   uavu   utluiu una.   uuului e -ei •   m,a    .,,.
M.i  i.. oiler  ui'mIi  leei   i .• .•!   taejn    rn- i.h.m.-. ouu pair chickens.
■    y    rinaii  'im   Ward Three.  I  bave Mr. Sine—One turkey.
". .1   -".i.i  ii y  .nny   ly  th'' citizens Mrs. I.atorm—8 i|t-. inrki-
M       ■■ MMiiue
.--■...      M' Ken
S.i.'.- strl        ■ '"mi
e' !  1; , witl     •■, 1 ";  ■ ■        •• in -
m.v r. ii : ■-   ' '
.'   thii     -"'K.
In oi     if next week's Issue :':     vlail
li-     -, a     |    ■:;,,;.     .,    (ortTS   I       el 1 hi'
■ t m ■ .   ..'  -h.s  je.ii.er ii 'Xi
I>;.   Breti    li r:    rlj      ■ ■:.. leioi      ul
thf Halcyon Sanitarium wa    .;,
lasi   Bate  . .',    on hia    way  to       I
w   vs   li :i :'• j, '■•   i m ial  Asses oi
V   tb     '.   ' l le"    irtl e,e     ■•     \.    ■    .
ed ihe        --    r ■
■. •  -y    '
Mi    :.       I '■   ■                i.: or, DOW
i  .-■ ■   .   ■:    -e    ov y.
Christmas,   *ing tl         81    I Mis.
Georgi Seventh strei
Fraser a lor.niai    i  !'■■ t
• ■' ■   •.       go, pa>p>id th
'   wn '   ■ ' week      em
■ -   • H •■   .  resident
',' IS e    ii       lli'UltlUll. ttllil tin    :'..-.
'     'ele    Iff   jll !"!lll'l't -.    -.11, Mt     US     t'l ll>ll I
Uiil et    Si nip,    eilullu    Meal,   Grains
Wheal   Uarlcj   Om-. i om.
Ot'R   FEED   STOCK    i
ei! Cal i, Linseed Meal, 11>
l.|ll|eli ll'      -M 111'        11
;...; i . lour.   l.More Hieail nu     ell     liie.nl
Ti '.it a.    11 * • :; s< > n
. >.UB7'-^ na .-j.v;.u.'maka.UK_-) rae«nrai.»iii..
,el     1 rll'L'l-    llllll        .1   I,    flit-    11    I'.'lll'Ulll    lit    fl'llit.
youii ' onlWence. Mi
■I.   W,    Mil; MIN.MSH.N.
T ' iin-   l'li   ■: ■  ol   the l ily   ol
l;     iIstoke :
I ■ ilil   Ial ii'li   eet   a      large
' '.el's  .e.   I.li.'  ''ley   ..I
ike, 1      ■•    •'■ ■ idi tl I" olter my
: '       V.eleM |
id I v to  ill      osl   im my
:   1     e    til   Clliri      111"   .''ie'   I .   wiib     Hi.
  ■. ' nnd thc rate
lyers, ,, sj  ■ 	
les,  6 qis.
. Purvis—One box  Japnuese orange-.
Mrs. H. Copeland—Two nts. of fruit
<'utLe & Sluke's   Jap oranges.
i'.  11.  1 lune    i nee'  cu m  oranges.
Mi  .   W.A.   Pooii    .lap   oranges nii.l
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
< ilia c    dlnrlen,     office files, bindery
l>i aui It] a"     our
•   . '" ! i'a ory  :.. thi  a Iveni ol n      .,
Buy ui itevelstoke beXtthiS
il B -Tl
while the Golden
'    '
i* heK! ■
,0   -■"
•'•  « •„
■ .•   ■
M   it
P|    ■      .
. ■   ' ' •
-  •
....   .
"   ■• - ■•-
"'. ; ' ' '
..       ■■
If   Of   1 -      • '
tie  21 ft .   • lie sle'C-
. •-!   r
- ■ .     I M ' • •        ■
inc. A
BEA1   V»> I.s
>IS     .ill       •    I I   <e|      Mtl        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I       | . . t.   $301), it in:     t1 •.. are I'Ol'Nl) to
.en ihem,
■ us an-   o wis) that you cai   ■   |
■ ■
"kjootenay Agencies, Limited
n   s   Pal ie nf \ auiouver,  wa>
io Revi Istoke this week.
.1.   William-oa  anil  wife 7.1      1 in■.
." i    in uiwn . ni Thursdaj
|i   ii '■   u .1 mi n and ll.  Vaughan,  ol
i,   in team Thui dayl
K II. i.t er ol Sun Prancisio, wu
among prominom Southern vlaitot
,m   \\. Ines lay last.
11. M, He  k» tb of Calgai >
e.l  (J     lh,     111     e,y     Altiertll    VlSttOl
■ .   .    '■ ■- uy
Miss   Ktiei      Mcliityn spi III       SN »
iv Hi  Mt      W Stewui'1    ■
Tie.r  ValUy.
I'.V,   i .  ■     ,.:  Kelson n •
tl   ;•    ''     I Ml   il»M   lie    thf   1'
part ot the wci l
w R   I.    ■  r.| Arrowhead    ■ i -
.   . many i »u I sldi  \ - -
P    R    I    .   of   Nel-.'n.   in.i.a
' l      I '
I   ■
_^^^^^^^ eases,  letter  books,  blank  books, al,
.1 Irtuvinns.                                                  ' .   | n„   ,,,   Macdonald'-   l"i~   't"',i'1
i tospital  Guild    Dates,  Ligs,  orangi's]
.amuM.  grapes,  candy and  flowers.  | Tasteless     Cod     Liver Oil lor bad
r.  |j„rus fi  Co.   Two turkeys. .-olds and caughs sold al Mlu-donald s
Revelstoki    Meal   Market—One  ear-'drugsl	
c ,     of lamb.
(I.     W.      M.e.ll  allM-'i.ie-     I l|
Miss  M'Caity   Three  nt*.  fruit.
Mr.    \ ■■'■.-■ h  mson   One cake.
Mi       -iiey. n nn    Nntv   nnj   I.l I - 111 .
Mi-.    Me-hani Iiiii'    Ceintn-.!   Innt   anil 	
iiiii le bread.                                   i Notice' is  hereby   given   ihai  meet
    Hobson   'i'en'at.' s,   celery  and ,„,... 0; the Provincial  Labour    Com
,l"'-" T M   '"ls'n'Sli wbl,'h "1,,"'"'>   ,.; tudding miHBion will be .held al the following
Ml   .  M.'iyliin    utaiir'-..   HgS   leataaat places:—
.Mt.--  Iiiiui   0 link, canned fruil Kamloops   - Wednesday,     January
apples, nuts. ete. mji„1, Cdurtboiiae,  10 a.m.
Mrs,   .i.i.   Woodland   linrrani   loaf, Salmon  Arm   -   Thursday, Januiwy
Mr.   Hawker—Oranges  attel   magaz ■ j:ii,i.
ines.                                              , Rovels-tokc- Friday    January  24th,
Tlir   Vol a                         Class     ol      Mrs,     It.   Lawrence—Oandy       nnd Courthouse, 10 a.in.
'Kelly. othei     meetings will he announced
Mr   M Kinnon—Box of cigai later.
Hi     J.K.  Johnson—Canned peaehei Tito Commission  will  bear evidence
Mi     MeCury—Chicken,     mince pie'. ,,„ „u mattei  afleeting labour    eon
tad and fruit. ilitiims In the Provinoe.   All persons
Lawrence   Hardwati   Co.—Cups and inteeeBled are invited to be presenl.
■ ■'i- anl plate   f,,r the nurse , H. G.  PARSON,
ind       "v.-  all   I   stan I      f'.i
-   '  ■ ■   i.    ■    toke.
T.   Kll.l'ATHU'K.
Slciyli Ride
e • of The
11        'e\ . . -
with ■ -.
Ml     i
'   '
e'.f   Arrow
ihi   weel
a' '' '
,11.".     I6tl
■    onu
Ht .   I   Laughton—One l">x  ol
To All Our Customers
and Consumers of
We wish a
khdwler i ny
Me-. H.C.  Clark—Grapes.
K.   K.  MeNAMARA,
M   ie.   J.6 61.
is the most talked of City in the Interior of British Columbia
just now. OuU ders from all directions are getting wise to the
movement on ht re and we have had enquiries not only tor good
realty buys, but also for vacant stores to rent, which shows
that some people are awake to the fact that there are big things
in store for kevi Istoke this coming year, Values are steadily"
increasing and several of our listings have been advanced during the lasl few days.
Now is the Time to Buy
• ui ■'
tb* I
a i
• :
>    I      m*ny ■ I
\- i
U Bl-
In      he
1 1   a..       ' .1     '
:.  who.  «
• -em ian. -
RK     U.l.< i
RCXALL-l P'   :
i :     '■■!
\ , II
I !.'..■'   I    '    |    ■ I
V       1,   \. I   RKMK1
.  uni..i • t  foi ndi'i
XM    !
i 1 \ I s
■'• I '•> I r ',' 1   ,    , s, |) l
\ i t •-    • .
r;< Reform O '
r   '
.,  -i .
heel   n Sevi ith Street  well located         .$1500
100 Keel on Lu-.n i Street a snap at      13U0
;    '   on Sev mth Street  under maiket value, each       350
di rn House I ir Bale on Second St     1800
Moi   ■   Houn for sale on Third Street     2200
Moderi   Housi   Lot50:  L00, Fifth Street     2550
II nt l ts fo    al     in   Kirst Street,
■'"  t frontage,  fron    •',,,/.   ig $550.    These
■      food lm    Innt time onl)'.
j. H Watson Really Company
1   p   ;_,!'!,   Manager, TT?-Laurie Avenue
—1       1 Agency, American Casualty Co.
■ >    ■      a   I
•% *


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