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25c. and 60e, per bottle.
Prepared and sold only by
?   •" '     '■
1       1.           \
Dill     II   :   IND STATIONER
Vol 12,-No. 49
C B. Hume & Co.
-  JfeisV-
Jm H
ff ■SBBBBBBB- ^v
HBLsR  *:--.-''
.    '■     -V.l
You will bo figuring on
your new Spring Suit. Let
us solve the problem for
you this liniu, Our now
spring samples are here,
We can take your measure
and lin-ve your suit here in
plenty of timu (or tiro
spring weather.
We nre supplying must
of the good dressers in
town with their Clothing,
Why not ynu?
Bargains in
Men's Boots
Twenty Pairs of Men's Roots
and Shoes—a mixed lot, light
and heavy, $3 nnd $4 hoots in
this basket, going now at
Men's Wear
A Big Bunch of Men's Fine Cambric Shirts
These are worth $1.50, nice new patterns
stripes and small figures, stiff bosom
Per Shirt 76c.
Two or Three Men's Reefers, double breasted
Heavy Beaver Cloth, 19 Coat for   -     -        $4.00
Children's & Ladies' Wear
A Basket of Children's Underwear, Shirts
and Drawers, all sizes, nice, warm,
fleecy stuff - • e&Ch 25c.
Twelve Children's Coats, nice little affairs.
We have sold them right along for $4.50
and $5, you can have one now for   -   - $1,95
Ladies' nice warm Dressing Sacques, you
must see these to know anything about
them, $3.50 line for      ■ - ■ $2,00
Here is tlio Diggost $1.(10 worth
ol Canned Howls in B. C. We
will mix thoni up Ior you—!)
tin, ol Corn for $1.00; I) tins of
Peas for $1.00; I) tin, it BcanB
fur $1.00; 7 tins of Tomatoes
for $1.00; 8 tin, of Pumpkins
lor $1,00; (1 tin, of Strawberries
for $1,00; 6 tin, ol Raspberries
for $1.00; 6 tins of Plums for
$1.00; 5 tin, of Peaches, Pears,
Pineapples, $1.00.
100 lbs. Best Mount Royal Flour $2.90
100 lbs, Royal Household $3.00.
Queen City Catsup, per Bottle—20c,
Rowat's Pickles, per Bottle, 20c.
C.B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Costly Tunnel to be Built by
C.P.R. at Palllser.
An interesting piece of work to le
pushed through this year will be the
driving ol n luuiiel through an immense, clny clilT about two and »
quarter mile, we.-t of l'lilliscr. At
this point Ihe railway run, along the
canyon of the Kicking Horse River.
When the C. P, It. was built the engineer, deoidi'd In snve a very sharp
curve in the canyon there by running
a tunnel ilu,,ugh the gigantic clny
cliff. They did so, but the pressure ol
the plastic material become so great
thnt gradually the floor, wall, and
roof of tliii tunnel connm-nocl to olos.i
in. The i-oiilminion was almost imperceptible at lirst, but once well
darted, it wus rapid. In order to
aft'oid more room in the tunnel, for
trains, (be lirst Iini1 ding was cut out
piece by piece uiul much of the incoming c.'uy n in-.I-,I. It was found,
however, i l.ai nature was determined
to plug lire tunnel up and the company vu,a forced lo abandon it and
run iis line around the curve it hnd
sou lit to avoid. This curve is I,vice
as sharp as uny otlu r throughout the
whole lino of lho ll, V. R., ii- radius
being but two hundred and liny feet
Now, however, at a cost oi $10 !.UU0,
another tunnel, concrete-lined und
reinforced with steel, is to In- ii ivni
through this mountain of clny, and it
is expected thai it will he completed
some time this summer Tlie tiinnol
will be seven hundred feet In length
When Unbilled, the use of the sharp
curve around the mountain will iie
The tunnel at lllnck Canyon, wost
of Ashcroft, is to be enlarged uiul
lb ed with concrete.
On  the  Shuswap division a larg
union I of ballasting is to be done.
The ii'd wooden superstructure ol
the railway bridge over ihe Pitt river
i, to be replaced with steel.
crew, li sides a large crew in tho
woods. I hear that one or two more
bouses are to bo built. Robert. Brown
is contracting for them.
The system of separate shucks seems
to hnve found favor with the men and
there is likely to be more "bird cages"
built. They are colled bird cages because of their peculiar shape.
Mr. Schoonmaker, who hn, been
conlinrd to the house by rheumatism,
is ubout again, it is to be hoped that
he will not have a return' of tho
Iti, expected that this summer n
proper drainage system will be put
into all the houses in Three Valley,
together with a water supply. Tlie
electric light, is already installed and
directly the mill starts up the village
will.be lit. up with electric light.
There may nlso be a lire system for
lire protection in the village.
If only llie O. P, II. would sec their
way to bring the depot to the village
Three Valley would have all Ihe advantages of civilization at its door—
sidewalks, electric light, water supply,
lire protection, sewage system and no
saloons, What more could he
wniitnil ? Sonic of the woods boys sny
a saloon,   Really now !
From Our Own Corriwpoudettl.
W. Robertson, accountant of tlie Y.
C. L. Co., hns left on a trip to England.
Mrs. Taylor, o! Eholt, is visiting
Mr,. H. Ingrain
Mr. McKechuic, chief engineer ol
the ,. b Kootenay, has returned from
the east.
C. II Hamling is receiving the congratulations ol hi, friends on the
arrival of a young son, which event
happened at Arrowhead on Feb. 2nd.
Mrs. Goupcll, who ha, been visiting
her daughter Mr,. Genelle, has returned to Moyie. She was accompanied hy Mrs. A. Cowan.
Chas. Brett, conductor on the freight
has returned from a few week, holidays.
Frtini our own correspondent.
Who owns Sam? The little hamlet
nt Three Valley is quite concerned
to tlie ownership of Sam. Sum is a
dog, reputed bull terrier, of a pedigree
as long as a society lady's. Who is
the owner of him would not only
puzzle King Solomon, but we think,
the lawyer, of Philadelphia, (in the
State ot Pennsylvania, by tho wny)
who would be hard put to it to decide
between those who think that Sain i,
their dog. First—the dog cost $25
At that time it weighed 41b.
6econd—It was brought up by the
genial slorckcepcr.
Third—The storekeeper', wife helped
the storekeeper in the bringing up of
the g"ntle Sum.
Fourth—Mr. Schoonmaker has a
power over dogs that makes theni all
follow him. Sam adopted Mr. Sohoon-
maker, and followed him all day and
could m.t sleep nt night for thinking
ol the pleasure in Store on the morrow
when it would be able to loud Mr.
Filth—Mr, Mundy, on hi, return,
wus welcumed open mouthed by Sum,
and, in the absence of Mr. Sohoon
maker owing to sickness, Hum transferred hi, affection, temporarily to
Mr. Mundy.
Now who owns Sam? The man
who paid the $25 reckons it i, iii*
dog. The storekeeper says that all
the purchaier i, entitled to is 41b,—
Ihe rent is hi,, because of hi, bringing
up. The storekeeper', wile thinks the
dog should be hers, because it was
owing to her thoughtful care that the
is alive to-day. The dog ha,
adopted Mr, Schoonmaker, and, in hi,
absence, looks alter Mr, Mundy; and,
between while,, the Iodic of tlie
village. Now, Mr. Editor! Who doe,
own Sam? | It would appear, on general grounds, that Sam owned the lot.
-En. M.-H.]
Mr. Mundy haB got back from his
visit to the coast and is now engaged
in building a house, meantime his
family arc staying in Revelstoke.
There i, quite a building boom.
The mill will run night and day thi*
-eiiBon  and  there will lie t double
From our own uorrcrqiontleiil,
T. Kilpatrick, Supt. C.P.R., wns in
town on Saturday.
Rev. S. Blumborgor, M.D., has come
to take charge of tlio Presbyterian
Mission here.
T. Ludgiiie is oi"a luiaincBS trip to
Mr,and Mis, Donovan loft Monday
on n trip to l.os Angeles, Onl.
Mr. Robinson is relieving Mr. Donovan at tin- station.
Mr. F. Drown of Revelstoke is spending a lew days hero.
Messrs. Newman and Chapman are
clearing nwuy tlie debris of the recent
lire preparatory to rebuilding.
Mr. ,1. A. ICirk, surveyor, is in town.
Tho skating rinkis now the centre
of attraction.
* «►.
nnd Galloway Siaml-
Shocking Murder—Fatal Railway Wreck—Infantile Death
Rate — British Elections-
Wreck Inquiry -Big Miners
Strike—Children Burned to
Washington', Feb. 7.—That more
than a million infants has been sacrificed to various concoctions known aa
soothing ,yrtip and pain killers, nnd
over twice that number killed by impure milk, wui the declaration made
last night by Prof. Wiley, chief of
the cheinistiy bureau ,,l ihe U.S.
Department of Agriculture
London, Feb. 7.—The btonolt between Balfour and Chamberlain ia
widening but the Times intlioatoe that
tho former, ii elected for tho city of
London, will lend the House of Commons, while Chamberlain will head
the tariff reformer, with a separate
organization, Tommy Gibson Howies,
conservative, announces Unit unless
Balfour makes a positive announcement that he remains u freo trader he
(Howies) will run against him, D, M.
Mason may bo llie liberal candidate,
want the best.
Christies'   Biscuits,   Webb's,   Fry's   and   Robertson's
Chocolates, Chase and Sanborne Coffee,
Tetley's Teas, etc.
Washington,  Fob,  7.—Tbo
dent bus  appointed  u   special
mittco to inquire into  the   Vn
wreck.    The chief commirsio; i
rs in-
cluilo those who sat on  the S
NEW Voi'.K, Feb. 7.—('ml operators
sivy they nie well prepared for the big
strike which starts April I. They
anticipate ninety per cent ol tho men
will l.'ll uill.
The Dumfries
ard, nl Scotland
"Wo regret, to record the death of
Mr. Thomas McNuught, S. S. C,
which occurred yesterday morning, at
the farm uf Over Carrel, Kirkniicluiel.
tlie residence of his father. Mr. McNuught, who was the oldest son of the
family, was fifty-three years of age
After studying the law at Edinburgh
University, and passing as a solicitor
before the Supreme Courts, he entered
upon practice in tlie city of Edinburgh.
He was a gentleman of keen intellect
and sympathetic nature, and led an
active and useful lile. He showed his
interest in many departments of pub-
'ic affairs, nnd was specially identified
with the advocacy of the advanced
Liberal program and the policy of
Scottish Home-rule. In connection
with the Parliamentary elections of
18B5 and 1K8II In the county of Dumfries, he did excellent service on behalf
cf the Liberal candidates. Some nine
years ago lie went to liritish Columbia.
Returning to tho old country three
weeks ago, lie spent a few days in
SiAithport, to which Mis. McNuught
belongs, and was able to bo home to
spend the New Year in his own family
circle. He hud long suffered from it ti
asthmatic affection. Ten days ago he
was Bei/.ed with moro acute illness,
which has unhappily hud a fatal
Mr. Mi'Naiight was for two or three
yours a letidciit uf Golden, whoro he
became interested in mining properties. From Golden ho miivod to Halcyon, where ho acquired an interest
in ilu Sanitarium, and was manager
of it fur years, prior to 11. Mcintosh
taking Hover. Mr.McNuught lelt lor
Scotland iii December, his wife and
Mr,. W. Scott, of Naku-p having
preceded him. Much sympathy will
bo folt for Mr,, .Mi'Nuiighi in hor
vie's headiest
day in  the
Ellcr's.   The
few [col nvv'iy.
named Ciool'go
minded  rustic
ib.  7.—Freeman   Iii r-
body was found ynstcr-
cellur of   ti   lioii-o at
I,o.ul   was dis.-overed a
A young Englishman
Stanley und   ti simple
called  .laiiuw Fisher
Attendance for January.
> a
I ,
High Sohool               81
Public Schoul-Div.I    27
"     "    -  " II   35
"     "     -  " III il
"     "     - " IV 11)
ii     ii     _ .,  y   54
"     "     - " VI 411
"     "    - " VII42
"     "    - "VIII411
With it view of adding to tho comfort of it, guests, tho C. P. R, will
shortly undertake the construction of
a copper telephone circuit connecting
nil it, hotel, in tho Rookie, compria-
i-.g those ol llaull', Laggan, Fiold,
Emerald Luke and Lnko Louite Chalet,
In this work a hundred and twenty-
,ix mile, ol lino will have tu ho built.
have been arrested us suspects.
PoiiTLAND, Ore., Fob. 7.—In a wreck
on the O, R. & X. yesterday four were
killed and ton injured.
BERLIN, Feb. 7 —While government
circles maintain an outwardly hopeful
attitude regarding the outcome of the
Algeoiras conference tlio indications
are it is a total failure,
HELENA, Mont., Feb. 7—Three
children of J. II. Cipher wore burned
to death in a house yesterday,
VlOTOBIA, 1! 0., Feb. 7.—If Senator
Tompleman resigns nnd Riloy is appointed to Somite it is expected the
Minister of Inland Revenue will be
lected by acclamation, unless the
young Liberals put up a man against
MONTREAL, Fob. 7.—Gertrude Leader
six year, old, was burned to death at
Montreal this morning, in tho presence
of her mother,
SotJRIB, Man., Feb. 7.—An explosion
of aoytelotio gas in tho King Edward
hotel tlii< morning, wrecked several
looms, ami a lew oi the guests had
narrow esoants, Some one looked for
the leak with ti lighted match.
Toronto, Fob, 7.—Miniature war
raged nil v'e-lcid iy afternoon to east
of city buii.ei'ii .Miii'.kenzie-Maun
forces and Grnnd I'nmk. Courts had
decided that the former's .lames Hay
Road could cross Grand Trunk tracks
but tlio latter placed obstruction, on
tho track.   Contending force, came
to blows.
|C. Kettleson Badly Hurt,
On Saturday an accident, happoncd
nt thu Shining llciiuty mine, which
is lioing operated by the Laborers
OoperatTve Mining Company at Ico
River iu thu Rooky Mountain!,
Kettleson wns lighting Ihu fuse for a
round of shot, lu tlm tunnel when tho
lifter went off, cither as I lie rostllt of a
dofectivo ur short Ins,-. The ox-
plosion filled hi.* I,,,dy with rock uiul
ono uyc was so badly injured il is
toured ho may lose it. No bones a ore
broken. His fellowmim bail lu bring
him out nearly 20 miles on a toboggan
to tho railway line at Leanoholl whore
a freight train picked him up and ho
wa, brought to Golden hospital. Hut
for tho presence uf mind ol another
man in tho tunnel ho would have
boon killed, but 011 hearing Ihu shot gu
nil'this iiinn rushed in mid dragged
him out bchiie tho other shots went
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings.
Ready-Me Clothing.
(,.i|ittfilAutlioriKO(l,^,tX)0,000   Capital Paid Op,|3600,000.   Rest, Vi 5(0,000-
Heiul OHice, Toronto, Ontario.
^Branches in Llio Northwest Territories, Manitoba. Ontario and Quebec.
Ami the followlug points in British Colombia: Cranbrook- Gulden.
Nol.-cni, Kevelstoke, Tnmt Lako. Arrowhead, Vancouver and Victoria.
T. H Mkrui
r, President.       D. R. Wltms, Vice-President ami Genera; Manager.
H.,vt Assistant,General Manager.   \Y. Mokkat, Chief In-peeler.
Revelstoke Branch, li, C- -A General Banking Business Transacted
Savings Department  Deposits Received and Interest Allowed,
Drafts Hold available
•Jpociul attention given to
in all parts of Canada, Cnited States and Europe,
collections. A. E. Phipps. Manager
Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 1S55.
Wm. Molson Macpueusox, Pies. S. H. Ewixo, Viee-Pres.
Jasies iJlliot, General Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way of banking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice n year at current rates on Savings Bank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Rf.velstokk, B. C.
StockTaking Cash Sale
To reduce our large stock we will give most
f- ■£$<$"£"£ w-Hi 'ft 'I' 'I' -I' 'I' $ 't' -fr ■?■ 'I' 'I' 't' 'I' -t1 i>
+ +
Have vou overlooked our offer of English Enamelled
and Sleel Ware •   All our stock  of AIXMl.MM QOOD8,
Do you think thnl wo advertise this merchandise at cost
only I,i bring you into Ihe Store und sell at the sunn- old
Ng ul cost, wc on-all at. cost,
Every merchant overstock, in  »,,mo lim-s anticipating
turgor business, and we have a number of enamelled and
steel Saucepans, Ten Kettles und Aluminum Kitchen Utensils which musl go I,, make room foi New Spring floods.
During nut- sti„;k-i'uking Season these goods will be offerei
al I'osi Price.
price ? NOT A BIT
When we say soiling
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd.
Mail Orders Promptly attended to,       P.O. Box 181. 3
iti it, iti iti iti iti iti ,t, iti -ti iti iti it. ,ti it. .t. iti iti r
Earnings of the several piopertie,
comprising the big Rowland amalgamation during the past year on the
basis on which they are consolidated
amount, to about Hi per cent, a,
follows: St. Eugene, 92,338,800]
Centre Star, $1,655,000; Trail Smelter,
$740,000; Rowland Power company,
$110,000, niiikiiii! the is,uc capital ol
the Canadian Contolidatcd Mine,
Company, Ltd,, about $4,"uo,000.
Omwi, Feb. 3.—The, Toronto
Globe editorially emphasiie, the urgent uted lor better proteotion of
vessel, entering the Strait of Juan dt
Fuca and other gateways to our
Pacilic Coast, The Dominion, it esyt,
mint take more aclive means for protecting this traffic before tho intrine
insurance companies impoie a protective tariff tgiimt ti, in tbe shape
ol heavy rate,. The Quality of
Ceylon Natural Green Tei Is unapproachable, it
is entirely free from duit dirt and coloring matter,
therefore it is absolutely pure.
l.iiul Pscksts only.    401, 50c q-d doc pr Ib.      By all Grocer.,.
Cr, Ik Strange Disappearance        <
('llAI'l'llt XIX.
"No! 'riio iiiiiii Isn't coino yet!
leastwajs it. isn'l ojiened yet! Fan
that nro, you littlo black imp, you!
an I make (bat kit(iu bile; if you
don't. I shall lit this wafer soli!
onil then 1 II liun you up, and give
you sich a switching ns ye novor hail
in \ our born duysl for I won't lm
trampled on by you any longer! you
little black willyun, yotil 'Scut! you
hussy! get out 0' mv uny, boforo I
twist joi.i- neck lor you!"
'!. lirst part 01 11 is oration wns
dolivcrotl iv Miss Nancy Skanip, to
* ii. half-dozen negru gruoins vvl.o
wero cooling their stilus while wnlt-
.: (or Hie mail, bob re ihe closed
ii.- doors and windows ,1 ihe post-
otlice; tho Bocond pint wus addrossou
io 1 hi/'le, her littlo negro vui tor—
and ihe third concluding sonlonec,
emphasized bj u smarL Kick, wus be
StOv.od upon poor .Molly, the mot-
tb"l out Ihe village posl-olllco wus
I,- t ut tho lower front room of the
lillle lonely house on tlie hill, ocelli ied by the solitary spinislor.
Tho mull-bags wero stulled remarkably full, amI there woro sever,,I
wonderful letlors, that sin, bit it her
duly to 0. en and rend bofore sending I,, llieir ovvim's.
"1. is see," said I'm worthy postmistress, as she Borteil tho loiters in
her hnnd. "What's I' is? oh! a
doulle litter ior Colonel Thornton--
pshaw! Hi.it's ail about po.ttlcal
stu.1! Win, cares about rending t;;ui?
I 'lout: He may have il to-night
if ie wonts it: Stop', what's this'.1
Lors! it's u thrlbblo letter lor—for
Marian Mayllold! Ami Irom furrin
parts, too! Nuvv 1 wonder—(Can't
yuu stop that caterwauling out
there'.'" sim said, raising her voico.
"Sposen vou niggers were lo wail
till I o; en the olliee. 1 reckon you'd
c : '-.,!,r letters Just ns soon) Who
,i:. he writing from furrin parts to
Marian Maylield? Ah! 1 11 keep th's
and nail it before Miss Marian tots
When Miss Nancy had closed 1111 for sui
tho 1 Ight she look out the letter ili-
rcct, i t, Marian, opened, and began
I,, road it. And as she road her
•>-.,- and mouth grew widor ate*,
wider with astonishment, nnd    her
w   broke forth in frequent    ex
, li i! lions of: 'M-y conscience!
W, U now: Who'd a dreamt of il'
Pit) but lil ii l"t Si,li,iniiir-rourt her
- ■ 11 wanted to—but l.ors! how
,i;i I ever know that sho'd—M—•
encc!" etc., etc,
Hor i.t of abstraction was at last
br   mi ly a smait rap at the door.
She started mu! turned pale,  liko
. illty creature thai she wn-;.
Tl - rap was ropool l Bharply.
Sho jumpod up. hustlod tho   pur*
!   nod   lold *   nml    papers out   of
•   in i bio  ■ waiting.
1 ■,. rup vmii :   • ratod loudly aad
■ ivi o's that? ' sho as! cd, troml lie;;
"It s me A' nt Ni' :•' Do lor good
, . *rt: P in t keep a fo low 0 it
; in in.' si nn 1 II he's nearli
I ,.< |, s nnil 11: on lo h ii
„,,,!   now li -     ■ '   '    d "• nt!"
■ , j,' ii's      1, Is it, Sol!  I didn't
.   !,.!!   "i.i'      It     was—I'".  f  r
.   ... » ,,, Q don'l ' ■ ' -   In    ul," 0
-,       .•  ■. ... ,.   I I  'ii    a '■' ll
,, .   ,. 1 ,1-  ,-.- •     mo     you   po'.
..    .., ,,l    a trh   le,"     tld  Mis
. ,.-.   W| y of 1        nlh     ■  :   m
lotions   as sho    11 iai 01    lho
i „' ;    admitted     01 '
.. , •! Dr S il '! v..-Milium
1 ..I -.i II I ' led 0 '"
1 Ho ' - '■' ' -:- "i tho
Irom I ' ■' "': ''■''
[Oi i. oil ! I, :.,' ;i (I 1.1   "•■:-
Ml!       :    '      .       M.   ■'' '!     ' ■>-■'   -
. ,, iv. i-.:- Then hi ilrow his chair
1 , up in front of lho fire, 11 ■" 1
„ .,., ,,,1 each al Iron, si lopod over,
I 1,is palms over ihe kindly
mul atll po novel n' rd!
•,' in I'll llki to ki ow wh ' " ■■
i.i M.-.i
shorlly aro'inil am! starml at his
aunt in astonishment!
"Hem!" raid Miss Nancy, looking
confused, "well, yes, I ,'i,l nppi se it
onco, certainly, but t!int wns b-
enitse you were both poor."
"Ami wn are both poor still, for
aught that. I can see, ami likely to
contilii 0 no."
"Ilish I III no you're not! leastways, she's not. I've put something
very strange lo tell .mu," s ill 'tis,
Nancy, mysteriously drawing her
chair up ih.se lo her nephew, und
putting hor lips to his ear, und whispering—"Hlsh-lsb I"
" Tiish-ishl' What nre vou Milsh-ish
ing fur, Aunt Nancy, I'm not saying anything, mul your brotith spins
into a fellow's oar enough 10 give
him mi onr-nche!" suid Dr. Solomon,
jerking hi'i hen,1 nwuy.
"Now then listen—Marlnn Mayfu-ld
has got 11 fortune l,fl. io lm-."
Miss Nnin-y paused to SCO the offcel
approached her now, either in person
or liy letter. She never saw him, -x-
cept at the church, the locturo-room,
or in mixed companios, where lie kept
hiinseli uloof Irom her and ilevn od
himself to tho bountiful nnil uccom-
| plisliei! heiress Angelica l.e Hoy, lo
whom rumor gave him us 1111 accepted suitor
So free wns Marian's pure head
from jealousy or suspicion that th' su
attentions bestowed liy Thurston,
and thoso rumors circulated in llm
neighborhood, gave her no iiiiensi-!
ness. Kor though she had, fur herself, discovered him to lm passlonato
uml Impetuous, she boliovod him to
lm sound in principle, Hut whon
again and again she saw 11,011, togother, ;t church, at lei-turn, at dinner piirlies, nl evening duncos; when
nt nil Ilu' Christmas and New N,-ui
festivities she saw her escorted l</
liiin; when she suw him ever nt her
side witli 0 dovotion as earnest nnd'
^ 1 anient ns il wus porfoctly respect-
< i fill: when she saw him bond mil
y j whisper to the witching girl und
S hang delighted on her "low re lies,'
£ hor own conlidemo was shai-en. What
/ j Could hn mean? Wus it possible thnl,
« I instead of being merely impulsive old '
€ 1 erring, he wus dcllboratoly wickel'H
S : No. no never! Yet, whnt could be his
S: inlcniinns'? I id ho really wish lo wn
ll I Angelica's heart? Alas! whethur lie
C vvishod so or not, it, wns but l.,o
<* evident to all Hint he Iinil gained her
I refereiu'e. lu 1 er blushing chocs
j nnd downcast eyes, nm! troinul.itis
vuice ami emborrtlSBed manner, when
I hn was present, iu hor abstracted
1 mind, and restless air of wandering
glances when he wns absent, tho
truth wns but loo clear.
; Marian vis fur too practical n
speculoto when she should act. It. wii-i
clearly her duly to speak t,, Thurston on Ihe subject, end, repugnant
as the Insk wus, she resolved to perform il. It was' somo tune before
sin, had ilm opportunity.
lint, nl last, one afternoon -in February, she chuiiccd iu meet Thurston
the Farai i
Of ihe numerous styles ol churns
Ihere is none belter for Hie m -,,l ,1 u-y-
iiinn lhnn Hie barrel churn, suvs Prof,
J - >liii   Mlchols.    flotnro    lidding    Hm
cr,nm. llie churn should he scalded
wil,1 hu' wider nnd Ihen rinsed willi
cold,   Ties will freshen lln' churn nnd
liii up lln-   pores   ol Hie    w I Willi
wuler .-ii Hull Hie cl 11 nud butter will
nol slick. The churning Icnipcralnro
should lie such ihnl llie cream will|
churn in Irani :m lo 15 niiiiules. Strain
llie cronm Inti III- churn lo remove the
pnssll Illty ol while specks in bnller.
Thos - usually consist of curd or dried
purllcles ol ere mi. Tho amount nf color lo lie lidded Is dclorinlned hy lite demands ol Hie llliil'kol. Color Ihe buller
lo suit your cusl uner.
Duller should he churned iiniii tlio
granules nre aboul hull Ihe size ot a
pen. When larger lhnn Ihis it is tlilli-
cull to remove the butlerinilk mid (lis- ■
tribute Hm salt; when smaller, somo
ol Hie Iim; granules are npl lo pass,nib
with lho bullorinllk. When Ihe granules huvo reached llie rigid size, cold j
wuler should le added to Ihe chum loi
cause lite buller lo float. Sail will answer llie same purpose. Tho churn iii
now given rj few revolutions nnd llio
buttermilk drawn off. Aller lho buller
hns been Ihoroughly removed, cold
wuler Is added lo llie buller nnd Ihuj
churn revolved 11 few limes. Tins,
amount of washing usually siillices. As;
beta kon d
Er.by beef is the highly finished product that sell, f.ir the highest
figure because tho muscles, tendona r.nd tlssuea are not hardened by ago
and use.
It is tciuler and juicy, like a sappy, young tree.
it cuits, on liie average, about 3c to make 1 lb. of gain at one year,
nnd about ;c. at two year;, and so on, because the digestive powers arc
more energetic in 5 oun (er than in oleic.- stock,
There should be no let up in feeding t!-.a 365 dr.ys of the year.
Clydesdale St<
can be fed with the greatest benefit to calve,, especially with Separator
tiiilk. r.3 it takes the place. 1 the extracted butter i'ats.
Itprovents "scours," tl ercfore, there 1, no "let up"In growth,
it ha, the bona and 1 mscle producing ingredient, tl it helps to build
a frame on which to put the tanricr ... h quickly, and, at.. profit.
Nothhig injurious ii it, snd can stop feeding it without harmful
effcevs.  Human bein sea 1 take it wit 1 benefit,   in: tako it every day.
Vour m-.r.ty cheerfully refunded by tho dealer ii any Clydesdale
Prepnraiicusdj not glvo satisfaction,
Xri Hercules Poultry Foe?, I'-.vDr.s-iAi.n Svocte Fei.a Co,, I,imltet], Toronto
piece oi
,    whl -li
ol this si
her companion.
Hut the doctor wns not sulky, mu
upon his guard; so after an Involun
tm-v slight start, he remained perfectly siill. Miss Nancy wus disappointed by lho calm way
ho took this iiini-Mlo 3
However, she wenl ,m lo say:
"Yes! 11 fortune left her, by n
grand-uncle, n b.uiiilo-, who died
mi,-tele in Wiltshire, Fnglntld. Now,
what d" you think nl ilm1.!"
"Why, 1 think if she wouldn't havo
mo when she was poor she won't
lm apt  10 ilu il  now she's rich."
"Ah! bill vim see, she don't, know
a word ol it!"
'•How- do vnn know it, Ihen?"
"Itish-ish! I'll tell you il you will
never toll. Oh, Lord, no, vou
mustn't indeed' Vou woul.ln t, I
know, 'cause it would ruin us! Ins-
ten "
"Now, Aunt Nancy, don't bo loll -
ing me Into any ol your capital
crimes and hanging secrets—don t be-
cnuse I don'l want i" hear thorn,
nnd I won't neither! I nm t used to
1! mul I'm afraid of thorn, to ■ :"
I''r.,id 0' what? Nobo ly can prove
it." ull-v-ori'd Miss Niincy, a littlo
■'Vou know what bettor than I
do, Aunt Nancy; and let mo tell yoil,
you'd bolter bo careful The eyes nl
(he community are upon vou
"Let 'em prove it! Let 'em prove
It! Thoy uin't g„t no witi B sea!
Chlzzlo uml the cat ain't no w '-
nossos," suid Mi*" Nancy, ol *■ un 1
"lot 'em do their worse! I rec 11
1 know something about law as well
us they do!  if 1 um n lono 'omnn!"
"Thoy can procure your remo, ■
from olliee without provil g anythii •
uguinsi  you except   11
"That's Commodore Wun, h's plan!
the   ugly,    wlckod,   old  In g abo
"liiui'i such groal a oki 1 ol an olbiv
neither, tho door know."
"Never   mind,   Am I  Xnnc      m n
vour ways,   in"!   n a;     '      II   " '
disturb you    Ai d don 1 tell me nn
ol your capil il   '"   '       ' icause    1
mighl im   summoned   as   a witness
against you, wh....
agreoablo to 1 ■   fee 1
stand! And now li II 11 -
absolutely  cortaln Ihal   Hiss    M '■
hold has hnd tiu,'  I i"" " '"'    ""
I, .•    • .,. ',,,,:    toll    1110 ll mv     •  ''
found It oul   '
"Well,   I'M.   1   :,1U  ,■' ■'
has had a fortuno loft hor    I  Ita.0
tho i " il ■-• proofs   t II     m
,,-.,.,-, 1 oh, -■'■ In   I      country 1
know it. h .'  ni) ell   ."      "        ind
now 1 toll yo 1, non'l libit tlio  mal
tor to n soul    Ilo   pi  I il v ■
sell up Jam! and go n courting   bo
lin-.. an; >..>-': el ■• 111 1    II n ll
,, it thnl   would   curcel;     ■• h 1
orahlo   olthor,"    demurred 1
"You're mighl parti, dar! Y"i
,1 ,vi .! I, too ,lesl - ou listen '"
. -.,,". ,, i. ic woro to 1 and
|, tbllsh ah ll M 'mu a lorl no, wo'd
havo ,1 wl " ■ - of fortune hunter
who d'u, '  ' u nl 'or anytl
soon os ihe wash wuler bus drained |
away, ndd fine dairy salt al llio rule of
aboul one ounce per pound of buller,;
nnd revolve lho cliiirn clglil 01' hm!
limes lo d'slrlhulo Hie snll Ihoroughlv.
Where only n sniiill amount ol buller j
is mado, il may lm worked will) n hid!e|
in llie churn, for larger ainounls il is;
dos;rahle, however, lo bnve a scp'aralol
worker, llutle is pretornbly worked!
lwi-n. The iir-l lime ju-,1 enough In
fni'ly Incorpornle the sail. II Is llien|
allowed lo .-li nil six or right hoiirs,l
aflor which while streaks are usually
no'lceablo on culling llie buller willia
siring. Tho second working should
cease ns snon ns these streaks 0:
mollies have I'oen removed.
In small dairies where only 11 lew
churning, ure made weekly, cure should
l,c lakon never In mix sweii nnd
sour cream jsisl before churning. This
Per-, always results In 11 heavy loss of fill '1
the hullrrmilk nn necnunl nf Ihe difference ui Iho rhiirnnhlllly ol sweelnn.l
sour cronm.    A common dilllrully   111
on llm sen bcuch. Aftor greeting him
s! e c:iinliil!y opened tho suhjocl. She
spoke gently and delicately, but (Irmly and plainly—more so. pehtc s,
lhnn another woman In the saim;
position would li--.-. ■• done, for Marian
was eminently frank mul fearless,
especially where conscience was concerned.
And Thurston mot her arguments
wilh a graceful nonchalance, ns
seemingly polite and good-humored
as it wus really ironical and insulting,
Marian gave him lime—she was pn
lietil. .-is firm—and firm ns sorrowful.
And until every argument and
suasion  hud  failod,  she suid:
"As a last resort, it may bo necessary (or me to warn Miss I e Itoy-
not for my own sake. Were I alone churning is lo gel cronm lo churn in ,1
involved, yon know how much I reasonable length of lime. This Iron-
would endure rather Hum grieve you. pi,. nuy \!r. ,111,. lo one or more of llio
Ilul. this young lady must not suuor following onuses: 'loo liiin cream, loo
wrong." s' ie1 cream', loo high or Ion lowspccd
"Yoll will v.riie her uii anonymous ,.[ churn.  Ino    low  lompci'ttl
)||in Eav Until
list.   Thu  Ul.t
. tn 1
H.ftOi.'l II11IT,*. It hi
Ni..-1-U,' Kit 11 IH il t'l
:tii hilt ul.-D. !lu< Ii ,1
llglVOIItlWU, lili.tti
■nr unmet nmi ' '"
Bl!lU lit
tvay, nii.t)nn r ntEuttUn' i-y
'lij i'i ,r .:, 11. 'ililj, Uiul Vffl It
Picture Post=Cards
to till ut 10-.ft net Mn
t ow roiuiiittl ti-M'ti,i"'n.
in indirect
lo nil ,
5011 do,
,   !.,
,  personal!
v. '
' hn!
vull po
,!y mako
ir  Biicti .,
v arrai lip
lo |l I
IMH-  ?  '
rd 111 ,w
' ] do not
no iv
strum milk from strippers or u.iivs far
advanced in luclntion.
Where   it is difHonll lo   keep buller
co -I   until il   reaches   lho   consumer,
there is no belter package in which In
market   il lhnn   the   conn 1   glazed
slonc Jars. Those puckoges nre especially 1 be recommended tor local bade,
i r (nn :y Irude, ono pound prints
wrapped In parchment paper arn llio
il 1 op Inr. These pt'inls nre mn le
up, ii « "1 a' small hnnd printer which
should have the manufacturer's monogram cut into it. The Imprint ot llie
1" monogram cut Inlo Ibe buller will
ki' sei hi ■ Is your n rm-il -'.t' serve ns .1 guaronleo of ils gcnulnu-
Mnrlun! Self-I a is - rdy afnc- ness. II Is also desirable lo hnvu si • 10
• »n—null n your only   nthu- nenl letlcring on Ihe pnrchmcnl wrap-
slasm-   If-wi vour   only rell- per,   such,    lor example,   ns   l-iiii-.y
I.cully the snmc price. No producer of
good buller can nllord I" sell lo Ihe
ciiinlry slores. Thoso who have mndo
farm buller-muklng a success huvo in-
variably colored In prlvnle Irnde, or
have sold lo Well known buller dealers.
A groal deal ol buller could bo sold in
villages, towns and cilies al 25 ami "n
cenls a pound, which would I ring only
U! nnd 15 cenls In Ihe country slores.
Seek,   thoreloro,   private   cuslomei's
who arc willing lo pay for 11 good product,     If   lln se nre   mil within    easy,...-,..... .,,
roach by road,   Iry lo reach Ihcm  ny when filled wilh boiling wuler from
mil.   Ten pounds of buller mnv easily largo iron kellle several hoi shuns are
bt sent 5(1 or liu miles by oxpress  furl pul Into It lo keep up the toinporotuve,
25 cenls.  Ten pounds niny be ,enl lor Ihe hog Is dropped In and drawn in and
1011I !l    ■ Is nml 15 lo 20 pound puck,; out by Iwo strong men standing upon
Ihe hogs nre scalded, and il onco  understood llm operation is [airly rapid,
On our own form We kill 11 good supply ol pork each iall ns soon as con-
itiiiiotis cold weather lms se! in. This
somollmcs occurs in October, but lis-j- |
u 1 ly nol iiniii Thanksgiving. We use. a
large, li nvy barrel Ior scalding, with
11 1 liiltorm nliiiul two iinil 11 hull loci
high lor scraping.  The barrel Is solid
-liiul al one end ol lho platform, ini-l.
Now  in Operation   in Paris—How lho
Alniliine Finds Number
With a view of .showing the French
Post Olliee lho immense advantages
which,would result from lho adoption
in liiris of an uutomatlc telophono
system, which needs no girl operators, Mr. 0. W. I.orinier, u young
Canadian engineer, who is hacked by
powerful Aiiierieun ciipttollsts, hns
fitted up uu exchiinge In Paris, whero
for Ihe lust four months, the technical coiniuittco of the French Govoru-
ment teleplione doparlmont bus boon
closely Investigating the system suvs
n Paris correspondent of the Loud 111
1 do not know what technical   objections,     if    uny,   can lie    raised
against Mr. Lorlmor's   system,  but,
Judging   from whnt I havo seen   Iur
myself, it is destined to revolutionize
nil existing    totophono methods   nod
to bring ubout tho abolition of    the
telephone girl.     For with lho    new
system It becomes   possible for anv
I ono telophono   subscriber to  becomo
automatically  connected   with    anv
other without tho Interference of uny
third person.
1   When it is desired to moke a cull
' on tlio Lorimer telephone, tho nuni-
■ her required  to bo culled up is ad-
I justed on a    smell    glass apei'iituro
with -I, 5 or li pointers,
Thus, suppose you require No. ."••-
Ii'10.     You uiovti tlio pointers   until
1 thai number si nml!! out beforo   you
in    fronl. of   Ihe  npcrnlure.      'I'ho
. handle ut tho hollo i   tho   teleplione Instrument is thou turned mul
this Immediately Bets in   motion    a
dial, or electrical clockwork nrrungo*
. ment nbo'-e, the liun,He.
i This dial, or "selector," ns il is
colled, begins to revolve, nud "selects" llm number you havo llckod
out on the oporturo obovo, As soon
ns llm dial slops moving jou lift oft
the receiver, apply il to your ear,
und pross a button to call the per-
son wanted, when ynu linmodiotely
henr through the receiver the boil
I ringing in the called-up suhspriber's
room. I! your correspondent is In,
you talk lo him al 0111,'.
Tho whole operation of gelling into communioation bus not execod?-!
ton seconds, and in several trials I
mado with the Instrument 1 got Into
connection with oilier numbers in under eight seconds.
Tho meclini,icnl and electrical operation that occurs when you turn tho
bundle is simple enough, though, perhaps, it in not very easy to explain
on paper and wilhoul a practical
Tho energy 01
.vim   transmit
Ilul [ trust to h   . de to save
without -revealing you "
"Do yon .'  ■     ,• ,; '■' ' '    ' " ar
in - -1, till    have    any    ofnict
■■(' mi   - fn ■: ino thi y v   u'd
'wo Minutes
■'••■rwm'^;,.'o,:;;. '.„:■,:;„;  hut for,    I. n..nl.« after and
1 lug tho  ul    ul   " ''■ :md :
ono of thorn   marrying ol hor,   an :
y, nB sin-
. g (or her km'line
.nt 1 v
I   •  ihe doctor stared
.... fn-o
"Il's (ho latest   Improvomont
politeness—I shouldn't    wondor—n
.... ,wor '.our    oldors when
SpMlk to you."
■ Wm-o you saying .in;.thing 1
v. 1 ' Nancy?"
" Wus I saying anything In you.
V n • Nancy?' v,, I wos! I was
;,. ;lng vou what's tho mattor?"
■ un' i never was mi dieioiiiilly low-
iplrllod in my life,  Vunl Nancy."
■And what should u young mnn
liko you have to mnko him fool low-
.,... ited, I should likn to know?
M 1 Ing about Minimi. 1 shouldn't
wonder, The girl Is a good glrl|
, 1 gh, if she'd only mind Imr   own
i,    :,.• s, and   not   Inl pooplo spoil
hor      And if you do like hor,    und
mimt havo her.   why 1  -hau't make
, , further ohjet-ioi , "
Hero     Ihe    !'«wi«    dm lor  turned
spending nl I, r money, uud lirln i ■-.;
of her to   po- erl; I bri ,;
her heart,   Whoron . It wo koop   tho
socrol ol   tho  ostato   to   01 rseh
you, who   (losnrvo   hor, becouso you
i'ounti'd Iur all tho samo whon   Hhc
Wa, poor, nml who'd lii!e good cure
of her property, and her, too- -would
have her all to yourself, nud nobody
to Intorforo     Don'l you    ?"
"M',,11, to bo sure—when ono look,
nt tho thing in ihis light," dellboi
atoil the Boroly-temptod lover.
"(if course! And Ural's lho only
light to look iii 11. Inl Don't you
see? Why, by gracious! il " un to
mo ns if we were doing Murlun lln
greatest favor,"
In the    moolitlmo   Minimi's   lien-t
was weighed down by 11 new causo  lit
sorrow and anxiety. Thurston oo'o.r
Physicians tei! us that all
tiie b lood in a healthy
human body passes through
the heart once in every two
minutes, If this action :ie-
comes irregular the whole
body suffers. Poor health
follows poor Moor!; Scott's
Emulsion makes the blood
One reason why
is such a great aid is because
it passes so quickly into
the blood. It is partly di-
isted before if enters the
stomach; a double advantage in this, Less work
for the stomach; quicker
and more direct benefits.
To get the greatest amount
of good with the least possible effort is the desire of
everyone in poor health.
Scott's Emulsion does just.
that, A change for the
better takes place even before you e-xpect it.
W* will lend you ,
umplr (im.
lle mie tint ihi,
picture in the form of
, libel i. '„i tlir wrapper of err" I«,tllr of
Emuliloa you buy.
Scott & Bowni
Toronto, Out.
,',,,*,.tint (h.ix,
All i!l'll|l«l.
'v^ ,	
Dairy Buller,   Golden   Jersey   Buller,
etc.   Prints musl be ken! cold in  pre-
.   iheir directive rcclangulor   ap-
v.  ire bu ler Is 'mule in rather large
-   ■-.   si d shipped   some   distance
it Ice, the regular 10 or 20-pound ;„';,;;' „    (
-i   tub   is Hie most snllsfnclory, ■
: ,.   tubs   -' ■ ild   be  scalded in hoi
wnter nnd  Ihen snal ed   In cold water
evert    I ntoro   using,    When
■■   i      1" th -   way   ond lined wilh
par tunenl < ufoir, bulter will keep   ie-
n Ihese packages. Oilier
found on   Ihe   iinirkel
'■'. 1   lo   let!   pound, eil''!l.
ill bulter producer   llie
•   Ir ible is finding   n si Inl lo
iducl.  It Is customary
eso   prod ici ; 1 lo    ell
, ■ ■     vho as n rule,
make rh  nn Ion In r|uiilll/,
the go i mm [he poor selling tor prac
gli n! Yo -       Iro to ho loved
|y   I  1       .   i       0 0(1!    ill"
1 .. ■   ni| lod ' ii-
: 1 havo   no heart,   you
havo 01     .- ',' 'i 1 ■ I  love,
... ior havo ; ou  any
I;     ,1  pi vim'   lp.
...   . , al 11"-",.    '.,, 11
...       1 '
' ■ ,
i.      ■                       loch a ivoiii.i,
,   1 . •   ,'
i                     .... ,'.. th ., heart
,   .., .,,     Ith   murky .
tl  ■ . ■        ip
girl bi
fixed   abstracl ill ' -■
; 1 1. 11
"      '
1 quivered and '
1 a fal'.o   Itlfl
n, dear 'I
tiiiw n      ,
1   ,'-,
"J i'n'1' • thi      in ho     -  "  11 lm 1
..... ..,. f ,1  ...   ,., .  || •■ ', ■  ■ ni ,
littlo    Ind In Hi"   lirst placo,   lair
queen ol mind i,  ' nl lionrti. I"'
■  ,iii a ,o'i 1 hnl thero Is ,1 limit
ovon to yu ir al ' unlvoraal Inil i-
,I,,,- Ind Ihal llmll muy ho lounil
,„ HI . 1 ■• Hoy ', ou, who know the
power ol tiioui'i'i , nlj, oamioi wolgh
nor in,',,'.ui,. ih" power ol lovo Upon
Mi  1 I " Hoy  ■ 0111    v.. "j'.i    would
havo no ci'i'oti  whatever,   I toll  yn'i
thnl in il"' ii I llieni (woro I  so
dlspi ted) 1 might lend thnl girl to
the altar to-morrow "
Marian Wat silent, nul deeming an
answer railed for,
(To bo Continued.y
ages cm: - senl 1511 miles for 50 cenls.
II Is certainly u business propositi in
rather to |iay H or even 4 cenls 11 pound
cxpi'cssagc lhnn In lose 10 or 15 cenls
a pound hy selling il In lho counlry
grocer. Mnko n gool qunllly of buller,
pul il up in neal nnd attractive packages, and sei! il lo seleel ciislnniers
and you will And bnlli pleasure und
prolit in (arm bullor-maklng,
To see n former buying pork nt l!'c
v'llnv'C store is, lo me, nn Indication nl
s very lux system of household man-
ngemenl, wrtlos a correspondent. Not
nHogether household, however, for llie
duly of fnrnisliing Ihe menl supply fnlli
upon Ihe mule members ol Ihe family.
II ii so simple nml iilliigelher iiilvan-
iiilchor n lew-
hog-, nl home and thus secure nil ml"-
qrnle supply of meal of Ihe hlilhcsl
qunilly, Ihnl I wonder thai more tnt'in-
ers do nol practice It. II bus nhvnys
boon followed In Ihe older sclllcd dls-
Ir cts of Ihe country, liiil In some portions ol the west Fanners novo novir
ionrncd lo kill Iheir own menl. .
This operallon requires Iho services
nl Iwo nr llirco strong men lor ah ml
hull iii,- day, ihe romnlndor of Ihe
work being of n much llghler nnliirn,
ivi'lch mnv bo finished bv Ihe wntii'ii
folk „t Ihe household. Willi a liiileiip-
pornlUB, eiinsis'ing ol a scalding vnt,
a •■ raping plnlform, nnd n convcnlonl
Brail ild, Ihroo 1 r four bogs can "'
killod mid hum! wilhoul difficulty In n
i"-.v ii nr.-*. Many home bulohcrs now
practice . 1 Ing hogs, which does
ir,\ 1 u P' llm uupleasnnl opernllon , I
nil sera li ". iim qunllly nl
Ihi   - il    ■ vhnl bailor lhnn when
power which
exi'liniigi) by
turning tho handle of your itislrii-
inent ond Belling lho iliul or "sebjjo-
or" 111 motion, Instantaneously op'-r-
nles 11 de'' i imi I indicator in (he machinery ui tho exchange.
This Indicator begins nl. once lo
Identify tho number of the suscrlber
who is making llm call. The. electric
impulses go through lho cord circuit, to find out or Identify lho subscriber who is being culled up,
Watching U10 machinery ul the exchange, 1 could sco und hear the elec-
tricui movement going through   tin
electrical brushes, until 1 found   thu
leaning und removal j number of tho   subscriber who   wns
done while the body | called.
When u cull comes to the decimal
indicator It is at onco passod on to
un automatic .switch, of which thero
nre a number, each of thoso switches
being tlio mechanical equivalent of n
telcphono girl, These switches eon >
into uso one after the other in dim
order, the indicator sending the messages along to each switch in succession.    The Indicator does not   wn't
llm platform, As soon us ono end ol
lho body is scalded, II Is reversed mil
lln1 operallon completed, The hog is
th, n drawn mil upon lho platform,
scraped and cleaned, The gnmbrel is
Ihen pul In lho hind legs and llm
body 111 led and hung upon a sroffo'd
by tho aid of tho uiTtingcmonl which Is
very simple. In cons'riicl, The polo Is
sei 'nm used unless Ihcro is n shortage
ol help in handling largo beeves
The rest of Iho
nl Internal parts i.
hongs upon the scnllold, ntlor which
Ihe carcass Is allowed to bung for scv-
mil hours if ihe duy is cold, When
llm animal beui bus onllrcly Infl tho
liidy. anil it is sliff and dry. ii Is taken
down upon lho philform nnd cut Into
pieces sellable for curing.
Our hams   urn smoked   in n simple
stone   smoke   house, where they   nro
hung lo Hie rnflors above a small   llrei
oi cobs nnd chins bttill upon lho stoio tor tho completion of a signal, but,
floor.  To kill nml eul 11 hoove requlr.'S having passed   It   on, almost simul-
n heller nrrongcmcnl   for scnftoldlng, tenuously it proceeds to take up tho
since llie body usually cunot he liltol, uoxt signal.
nllhougli   wo   prncli'-i!   killing   slcot'S     I" tho oxcopllonnl event of   1110-0
thnl weigh mil over 1.000 lbs., and tllldj calls coining inlo lho exchange thai
Ihal Ihoy can be handled by Ihroo   or
four men wilhoul dllllcully,
"Hello!" said llie dcnllsl, inooimgmo
ill Ills pnllonlS ill a reslnui'iiiil, "yull j
seem III l»' having ll good lime. Enjny'
vour meals more since yon got Ihnl
new scl ol leolh, ell?"
"Yes.'' replied Ihu patient, "a new sel|
of [colli proves eseellonl company
wlwn n iiinn sils down lo dinner."
"You musl bo  cnratul llinugh," run- j
Hone! Hie dcnllsl, "how you picky
' ■ -- i...
UK #¥
"Kor heaven', sako Trcpoll, sluml back wilh (hut wldpl
tlioro nro switches idle, tlm culls
stored up nnd distributed to lho first
switches unoccupied, no delay groat
or Hum 11 few seconds being possible,
and no cull being lost or neglected,
Onco a call is made, it will allow
no oth.-r call lo intrude upon tho
line. Yet it will si ore llm ilobiyeil
cull until the required lino is out of
An electrirnl group or unit of machinery is sufficient for one hundred
subscribers, nnd anothor group or
null of machinery Is added for ovory
additional hundred subscribers, Kr.ch
mill is automatically linked up to
llio others.
Ii'or nn oxchnngo of 0,000 subscribers sixly iinils would ho required,
'and I mn told that the greater lho
number of units the loss is the proportionate cost. Tho cost per unit
is aboul xi.iii.
A simile mechanic or electrician is
sufficient to look aflor tho lines ol
5,000 subscribers, which, under tbo
existing system, require, at tho very
lowest OStlnitttO,   Illll Services    of     a
stall of thirty girls present nt one
timo, nnd, therefore, sixly gll'IS, if
W0 i 110l11.lt* tbo "reliefs."
Mr. Loi'iiner, curiously enough,
hulls from Ilrnntford; where A!ex-
nnder Graham Bell Invented tho llrsl
telephone. Ilo hns sponl thirteen
years in perfecting his Invention,
A hungry podoslrlnn hnd put up tor
lho nighl ut 11 wnysldo Inn nnd found
llm supper miller sciinly. llm must
suhslantlal pari of ll being n singlo
siiiisnge. Willi 11 (null-finding look nml
ge-iiiie ho culled llm Innkeeper to his
"Is Hint llie best ynu enn do In Ilia
wny of a sausage?" asked lho traveller.
"Why," suid lho host, "isn'l It
' "Oh! il's good nn,nigh, porhopSI but
the ends ot it don'l suit mo."
"The ends? Wind's the mullet' Willi
"Too near together," nnld tt.e hungry
in..,,. und the innkeeper took the,'but.
' 04-o-?-o<i-o-K>-4-o*K)-S-o t-04-0404
0>0<-0*J-Ov O-{-O-S>-0->O-*-0-}-O.{>O-i>
Mr. Brlggs, senior partner of the j
well-known cily llrm of Briggs & i
Parley, hud n small country residence Home distance from town. OI
Inlo yours ho hud practlcall) retired
from binliioss, only running up to
the I ily nliiiul onio n fortnight.
Considerably abovo mlddlo age, and
In comfortablo circumstances, ho
looked forward to an curly and complete freedom from business ear,!-.
Mill, lho purlieus of lho city had n
fas- lun Ion tor Mr, Liens which ho
could mil. as yet, resist,
in lorn big ho wus making    his
accustomed trip to town and hnd
.snugly onsconcod hlmsoll in a cornor of n lirst class compartment,
will, llm, morning paper spread he-
fore him. Tho only other occupnn
of lho compartment
dressed youth, appa
fourlew, or fifteen.
"Homo    from school  fur his boll-,
days," thought   Mr. llrlggs.    "Ah,
well, 1 wns once a boy myself!"
His fellow  passenger seemed    .lis- i
Inclluod io mil*: so, with the oxc-vp-
likc mine. And who tho dickens is
Snooks & Co.?" A light seemed
to brook In upon him all at once.
"Why, it must havo been that boy,
"A vory nice-looking boy ho was
who brought tho mossago," returned
his wife; "said you told him lo make
haste back. So we searched, Susan
anil I, in .vour dressing-room, but
could Iinil no letter. 1 sent you n
note hack snying so Didn't you
gel it? Of course, I thought it wus
one of your clerks; indeed, ho said
he was."
"Said so. did he?" replied her husband grimly. "A nice boy, indeed!
Ho must bo n rank swindler, (hnl
fellow," continued Mr. Briggs meditatively,
Then ho told his wife regarding his
tlckolloss fellow travoler.
"Plonso, ma'am, ihe spoons!"
"ih' spoons, Susanl What about
"And tho forks, too, ma'am; did
vou put them away, pi -nso?"
Alas! the mysiei'y wus soon explained. Tho psotido-mossoiigor from
i own hm! been shown Into tho dln-
1'ig-rooin and hnd takon advantage
of the opportunity to fill Ids pockets
wiih lho contents of ih.i Bldobonrd
., w .( wo||. drawers. No fewer than two dozen
utly    ubout.!solid    silver    forks    nml Iho    sumo
lie was soon enlightened as to his
lalo visitor's purpose. When I lie
maid servant went to lay the dinner table she found the dining-room
sideboard drawers completely gut tod
of their contents. Nothing remained
lint somo trilling articles ol olectro-
plato,  which    iho  practised  eye     of
1 Cucumber senior—for tho sham inspector was no other—had at onco
St uniting and raving, Mr. Briggs
rushed In (he slnlion and frnnllcnl-
i ly telegmpl'i'il a description   of   the
ithief to tho London terminus.
! "To think," he repeated mournfully to his sorrowing spouse—"lo
think lhat 1 actually stood talking
lo tho fellow while he lun! my silv-
orplule in Ills pockets nil ihe time."
' Mot unnaturally, Mr. nrlggs felt
(his Insl to bo Hie unklndcst cut of
nil.—London News.
quantity of spoons wcro missing!
"ihe rascal  told me," roared Mr.
Briggs, "Unit he wan a nephow    of
Fuiishnw-e of Swumloy Court,    Said
he was slaving thoro,"
ear -lohn," ropl
tion of some coinmoiipliiies regard-1™"
Ing lho woollier, no mutual ci
nation   took   place  for  some  t
"Tlokots, pletise!" called out
collector nl Trimley Junction.
Mr. llrlggs produced his licko
companion fumbled in his p
There wot n long pause.
"Very mid!    I am certain I
on geliu.g lu!"
Mr.  Ilripss peered    ovor hi
the ,
His I
llis wile,
ly, but bitterly, "thoro nro no
young peoplo staying lit Svvmnley
Court now; they all left a fortnight
i    Mr.   Briggs went    to  town
day.   in   order    lo report his
lad it 'lo*s, a fresh shock awaitod    him. On
I calling al the hank ho found that a
8pec-  cln-ck, in Lu-   unu ef £40, hnd boon
taclcs,  "Lost your ticket?" he    in-i drawn upon his private account, and
quired, sympat'hizingly. paid n ross   tlie counter-of course,
"Apparently so," replied his com- « gold-to u gentlemanly looking
paiiion, limiiiiv. "And I am sure I youth. Tho check in question hud
hnd It in my pocket whon I got hi- boon made payable to F, Fanshawo,
at Swundi.'v.   Curlouol" and was indorsed accordingly,    The
Tho lionet-collector fidgeted lm- signature was nn admirably oxocut-
palieutly. "1 will rake llie. oilier !ed Imitation of his own A check
tickets nnd return," In- said at last,  book had been obtained earlier    in
"Pet-Imps you may find il by thnt the sniiie day liy menus of n letter,
t|m0," dated from  No. 1)8 Lime sl.reet-l.ho
It wna not to bo found, howtvor,     address    was    very tastefully litho-
"Viui must havo dropp'-d   it    on |grnphod-nnd signed "J. B. llrlggs"
lho   platform    before you got In," by tho same mastorhond.
suggested    Mr.  Brings;    "or in the!   Mr,    Brlggs    look   a   hansom   lo
booking nnire. perhaps?" Scotland Yard in a perfect paroxysm
"t mny huvo done so, lot I think of fury. Tho chief of Ihe dopuii-
nol,"  ropliod  lho boy,  with   some-
thin-' ol n tremor in his voioo
"Vou got ii nl Swamley?" rejoined his companion, "Ho you
live iliei-n?"
"Yes. f am living, for tlie lime
being, at. Swumloy Court. Mr. Fan-
ijinw'!, is my grniidut'iie. sir. I was
to go up to town nud return again j Mr. Brlggs.
In Hi- afternoon; but now, well, 1—I | "How oflen
don't very well know what lo do.
lor I only brought n shilling or two
Willi mo, and, ol course, I must pay
lay faro again."
"Mr. Funshtiwo is your uncle, is
ho?" echoed Mr. Briggs, "Oh, I
know him very well. So vol nre
hit nephew!    Well, never mind,   my
ment received him with the noncommittal calmness and impnssivc-
nesg of manner characteristic of his
tribe. Inquiries would at onco bo
Instituted, of course.
"Hut how could lho rascal havo
known that 1 hanked with tho London &  Everywhere?" queried    poor
In the day do your
clerks go (o tho hank from your
counting-house?" Enquired tho chief.
"Perhaps twico or thrlco a day."
"Then, of cour.-o, a sharper on the
watch had only to notice to what
bank they were in the hnbit of going. It would bo only natural to
conclude that ynu hnd a private nc-
lioy; I'll pay Ior your ticket. A ro-leount there as' well. Tho whole
turn, was It? Lot mo see, you hnd j thing bus been planned out before-
holier Inke this sovereign, and you hand, as llio printed Ictlor-licndine)
can send It lo me again. Driggs U shows. Your usunl day tor coming
my name—J. 1'.. Briggs. 1 live at to town has been nol iced; and the
Tlie Poplars, not far from your j ruse of (ho nilssing ticket and nil
uncle', place.     lie knows   mo very  Ihe resl of It has, of course, been in-
"Thank you very much, sir," responded the boy warmly. "It Is
vory kind of you indeed und, of
course, I'll send it lo you whenev-i-
I get homo, 1 am sure I don't know
Whnt 1 should havo done if it. hadn't
boon for you."
"That's nil right." rejoined Mr.
Brlggs heartily.
They bicnnio qullo friendly for Iho
rest of tlie Journey. Before King's
Cross wuh reached (ho youth onco
moro io.ko-1 his companion his address,
Mr. Brlggs w-roio his city address
on it hinnl. card:
"J, E, llrlggn,
"!!S Limo street."
His young companion thanked him
vehtod iu order to secure a copy of
your signature, Such things, happon
every Uny.    Good morning."
on'-e inure and
Ihoy parted at tho
That wm
produce mark-els uf (he city,
staple of   Brlggs   & Puiiey'j
was hide., and iiidos thut day
literally nowhere—in prlco.
ll wns. accordingly, in no cheerful
humor tint .Mr. llrlggs accomplished
his homeward journey. Still occupied willi gloomy thoughts, ho wus
inking oft his overcoat in the   hull
Somo days afterward, while Mr.
and Mrs. llrlggs woro at breakfast
in the parlor of The Poplars, tho
servunt brought in n card.
The curd wus inscribed "Inspector
Price," and underneath was engraved, ia very small characters,
"Criminal Investigation Department."
"No doubt," ho said to his wifo,
"they have laid hands on that rus-
cal at last."
Inspector Prlco wns a tall, dnrl:
man, closely buttoned up In his
dark blue overcoat. Detective ivory
Inch of him, in spite of his plain
"Well, inspector, any word of that
fellow yet?"
"Not ns yet, sir," replied tho officer cheerfully; "but wo know pretty
woll who lie is, or rnther, who thoy
were lure, for thero nro two of them working on the samu luy—old hands at
tho job, tool"
"Tlio buy wns very young and innocent-looking,"  mused Mr. Brlggs.
"Bless you, sir!" replied tho detective,   "that    lad Is  nineteen,     if
when h
",l,,hti,   dear
lie fotiniH"
wifo bustled oul ot    tho h,
hit  l-ll
for    nil  ho looks so
young.     ,lus. about   tho artfullost
oiibln't:young thief iu till London,    lie    is
llie coolest young hand m this sort
'What loiter?" roturncd Ihe  bus-lot game.     Why, they call him   l.'u
,0,1,1   peevishly,     "I    don't   know cumber junior for lhat very reason
whal you nn un.
"Why, the lottcr ,\nu sent down
for. It wain'l on your dressing-
room table."
Mr. llrlggs stared vacantly at Ids
"1 really   don't know
Call   him   what?"   echoed    Sir.
"Cucumber,   sir—cool as a cucumber, you know—because of hi-i qulot
ways.      llis (ulher—Unit's his    pal
who   works with   him   in nil Ihoso
you I tricks—Is called Cucumber  for   tho
nre talking about, Caroline All I
know is thai l'vo hud u very worrying day of it."
Like a prudent wife. Sirs. Briggs
did not tiirlhor question hor lord
nnd master al that lime; but Inter
in lho evening, when he waa safely
installed In his easy chair, sho quietly laid a card upon his knee. It
had llie ronlnrkablo effort of making
him start excitedly to his (oet.
'-Why! Wlmt—viliiil. Is this?" he
Btnniniored,    "I didn't write this!"
"Then who (Ild, John?" queried
his wlte, somewluil Inconsoqucntly.
Isn't It plaljl enough?"
It certainly wns, Tho writing on
tlio curd ran us fullows:
"Plonso look on my dressing table
for a teller Irom Snooks ft Co.,
which I left thoro lids morning and
give It in bearer to tiring to me.—
,1. hi. llrlggs, No, OR Limn street."
"Who brought this? That's not
my writing? wildly exclaimed Mr.
llrlggs, "At. least, 1 didn't wrltt
the IfltfUngt, l hough tbo signature Is
some renson. So thoy call lho lud
Cucumbor junior, to distinguish
llioin, liko. The pint'," continued
tho Inspector—*nodding significantly
Iu Iho direction ol llm sideboard—
"will huvo been molted down long
before now. W'o can't trace lhat—
ut least, I fear not. The main
charge, of course will ho that of the
forged checks, and got! Ing money
from you upon fnlso proteoses."
"1 would go 500 miles to prose*
cute tho young- villain!" Struck In
Mr. Brlggs vliidlcnllvely.
"No doubt, sir," returned his com*
I'tttiion, with a qulot siuiln. "Menu-
whllo, perhaps, you would bo good
enough to cheok ovor this list ol
missing articles ol plain Willi me."
"I can't think," remarked Mr.
Brlgirt to his wife a fow hours later,
"why tht iiiilhorltlei should have
taken tho Iroublo to send an officer
all Ut way down hero merely to
chock over a list ol stolon tilings.
Why, I gave theni all the particular! bcfoitl"
Thoto   Whose  Tate Depend Upon
the Eesults of the Present        j
Il used to bu a fnvorlto pasllmo of
the poet Pushl-in to pour water into
a glass of wine until so little wine
remained thut it hardly imparted tlio
slightost tiisto or color lo lho gullets contents. This was by way of
showing how littlo Russian blood ro- j
linuiiiuil in the Romanohs, who hnvo'
since Peter tho Ureal boon tho reigning fiuully of Russia,
i ho lturlks, when thoy wcro driven !
from    [lower,   were    u pure blooded
1 Russian    line.    But    Intormarrlagos
With 1,'orman wives have made tbt'j
imperial Inmily of lo-duy almost,
wholly Gorman, by blood n not by ,
It was with Michael Feodorovitch
Romanoff, who wus succeeded by
Alexis, that thu Roiiiunois in 1618
began to rulo ltussia. Older Russian'
descendants ol the Kurik families
naturally looked upon them us usurpers. Prince Peter Dolgorukl dub
not hesitate so Into ns   the time   nf!
I tho Czar Nicholas I. to make his,
opinion on that matter known.
Tho Emporor hud summoned hi:n:
from Paris, where he was acting us j
Socrotary of tho Russian Embassy,,
because   of   n letter he hnd written,'
' which did not please the Czar, Tho |
Prince sent word thnt ho would soi u ,
J his photograph to St. Petersburg lu-
stood.'    Willi this ni'ier he reminded |
(his Majesty thut his ancestors "were
i Grand Dukes ot Moscow when the nn-;
costers of tho C/.ar Nicholas were!
not oven Duties of llolstein-Coltorp. ' i
aro likely to have the distinction of ■
being tho   lust   dynasty of absolute
sovotoigns that    ltussia will   know. J
The ruling house tint preceded them
wus saved from lho necessity of hav-j
ing ils wings clipped hy iho   peoplo,!
even if ii    did disappear from view i
two centuries and a half curlier with
ils powors and  rights unabridged.
Tho children of the Czar now number livo. Tho youngest of tho.e
young Romanoffs is Alexis NTcolab-
vilch, which moans, of course, tlio
son of Nicholas.
This young man, who is heir to the
I Ihrono of all lho Russ'as, is now little mora than a yoar old. But he
Is already Hetimin of all the Cos
sack troops in Russia, commander of
a regiment of tho Guard in Finland!
—if that honor still remains to hiiuj
it is rather nn empty one now—nnd
ho occupies the same post in throe or
four oilier regiments scattered over
tho vast domains ol his (nlher from
St. Petersburg to eastern Siberia.
It wits at his birth that tho Nihilists declared the Czarina hud giver
to the Czar another daughter nnd
imposed on thu peoplo the child of a
peasant, A cevolt of somo kind
might have followed tho birth ol anothor duughtor to the Czarina, and
tho Nihilists urged thnt it was to
prevent such a disaster that thi
child was taken from a peasant who
had been smuggled into the palace
Tho story novor pained credence and
tho dovotion of the Russian pooplo
to lho littlo heir has never faltered
on account of it.
It wus thought before his birth
that tho Utile Grand Duchess Olgn,
who Is now ton years old, might bo
declared tbo Czar's heir in enso no
son was born, Tho tiny princess as
a child showed unusual spirit and so
imperious a will that the tlussiii-i
peoplo had como to expect that she
would be rii-clurod heir apparent to
thu 1hrone.
Tho whole court is snld to bo devoted to tho child, und it seemed n
SCttlod nmller that (Ilea NlkolnOVim
might succeed her father when llie!
coining of her three sisters made the
appoaranco of u male heir more nmi
moro doubtful. The only oppostton
to this plan was expected from
who would inherit, ns I is older brother, Michael, Is in poor health,
Serge, tlie Bocond brother, who
died, was childless. The Grand Duke
Vladimir, who retains his strong ln-
flllOlICO over the Cz.ur, Is lho fathir
of those two admirable young men,
the Grand Dukes Boris nnd Cyril.
The birth of n son settled all theso
problems of succession and doltvorol
tho Russian people from tho possibility oi being ruled liy ono of tie
grand linen! croup.
Thoso royal young ladies have been
brought up vory simply by English
nurses, nnd they have been allowed
to have only tin- hoalthy pleasures of
ordinary children, duly n short time
unu I hey eul,I he seen driving
through Um streets of St. Peters-
biinr in a largo landau, Thoy nm
difficult lo keep in a dignified position lu their imperial equipage, ns an
eye witness described theni n littlo
moro Ulan n year ago,   Sho said:
Tho three elder ones seem lo rovo
all ovor the lundiiu. They Btnnd up,
and then nre replaced in their seals.
It scarcely lasts u minute, when y,,i
may set them on their knees, looking out ol tho front, bowing to tho
passoraby and taking the keenest interest tn nil Hint mwl-s tholr eves.
Onco again ihe nurses wilh kindly
hand, placo their valuable charges lu
moro decorous posilions. But half a
minute later the whole arrangement
is ngain upset.   And so it goes on
One of them asked latoly, with
much earnostness, "Who does St.
Petersburg belong to?" To which the
reply was given that it belonged to
their* papa.
"Yes?" replied lho lillle Grn-.d:
Duchess, Willi surprise. "I did noli
know that. I did know thut Peter-'
of belonged lo us. Yos? Tho whole
of it'.'"
Tho older ones am fully nllvo to
the exalted position they hold in the
world. One day a certain person,
whom I will generally term a court
furnisher, being with the lillle (Irani
Duchesses, and thinking to say something pleasant, remarked:
"I snw four very nice little gi-li
out riding this morning."
"No, you didn't!" replied tho
Grand Duchess (Sign abruptly, aim
with dignity, "Vou saw four llltta
Grand Duchesses."
At any rate, the four lillle (Irani
Duchesses have unlimited popularity.
and to tlie lloVor ceasing joy of the
muy be seen, of Into, out almost any
morning,   their    nurses   seeing  Hint
they novel- miss n  bit. of sunshine if
there is any lo be found.
Hut Ihoy ore always tho busiest
littlo Grand Duchesses imaginable, ft
is u sight to see ihein on a morning
at i'siirskoo-Solo, for instance, when
they got oil their ponies.
Thoy do not waste a moment, but
nro oil ut onco picking dowers, run.
ning about and enjoying themselves
with a zeal which shows that th y
aro endowed with a maximum of
vitality and good health. At Valla
it is ono of the most amusing of
sights to seo tho English nurses trying to keep Puco with their iniperi'.l
charges, who, apparently appreciating their opportunity lo its full
worth, run oil, and then a wild chase
follows, for they aro as strong us
can bo.
However, the English nurses ore in
lino training, und, what is more, ate
kept so by the vivacity of their
charges. Thoy were particularly fond
ot Count LamsdorO, who recently ic-
signed on account of delicate health.
'J'iicy hnvo also a weakness and delight to see Huron Fredericks, who
warmly returns their appreciation of
Tho Grand Duke Michael wns the
heir apparent until the birth of the
littlo Czarevitch, lie was born in
1878, und is thus ton years younger
than the Czar. Ho lias never married, aud his health is poor.
Tho member of the Grand Ducal
oarty who bus most influence witi
tho Czar is the Grand Duke Alexander Miohaclovitch, who married lho
Czar's favorite sister, the Grand
Duchess Xenia. They are the onlv
couplo among all tbe Grand Ducal
rotinuo who have lho reputation of
living on good terms with each
They have six sons, and the Granl
Duke has been Involved in somo of
the ugliest of tho financial scandals
which have made ull the reigning
family hatud, lle hns immense Influence with tlio Emperor; howovcr,
and is closer to him than either Vladimir or Alexis, his father's brothers.
Alexander Michnolovltch is tall,
slender and handsome, nud is a
grandson of Nicholas I. llis mother
was a Gorman Princess. Ilo had a
moderate fortuno, which has mado it
necessary for him, with a family oi
six young children, to increase his in
come by any moans possible.
Vladimir has set u lino oxamplo to
his two sons, Boris and Cyril, and
has been more dissolute than nny of
tho other Grand Dukes, llis brother,
Alexis, who is tlie head of the navy,
is quite a dillercnt sort of person.
Ho has the family weakness (or
French actresses und makes superb
presents ol Jewelry to those ho moots
in Paris and St. Petersburg.
Bul he has avoided morganatic alliances. Ono of his mistresses got
from tho Government $800,000 (or
arranging the snlo of some ships to
Russia by Franco. Then,' after thn
money had boen paid to her, tho
deal fell through. Theso Iwo are,
liko the departed Sorgo, unscrupulous,
thieves of tho public money.
Tho Grand Duchess Mario Pavlov-
na is tho mother of lho Grand Duke
Puiil, who was banished ou account
of his morganatic marriage
flFRiuAlVY  AM11   THF ll    S   °' th0 conditions actual and threat-
ULlU'i/inil   t\lW    MIL ll.   0. ened,    is   made,  tho   -hole country
-— will bo so aroused  that "standpiit-
THEIR RELATIONS ARE VEBYJtism" will havo to glvo way. so far
MUCH STRAINED. I at toast, us Germany is concerned.
— I   Bui iho turllf, while probably tho
Secretary of State Root's Task Is mosl potent in the strictly economic
an Exceedingly Gravo
That tho relations between lho
United States and Gormuuy will occupy much of the timo of tho committees of lho two houses ol congress Ihis winter, which deal wiih
nil subjects aliccling our foreign relations, is looming ominously inlo
importance, writes a Washington
That this subject for months has
been forced upon the iilteniion of
lho administration for serious con-
siilerulion is well known by everybody who is on lerins of intimacy
h nny of   th" members of Prosl-
factors that are operating to cause
'a lamcnlablo broach In tlie relations
of lho two countries, is not lho ono
Ithai is most conspicuous in 'no discussion o( this subject in Washington. Whal is most allied about
horo, quietly, but noun the less persistently, is Germany's dogged mid
determined effort to gain and hold
Ihe ascendancy in the Lraiio of Latin-America.
, Tho facts in connection wilh the
heavy colonizing of wholo provinces
in llm sou I hern l.up „[ Brazil by
Germans, nm to,, well Known io
need exploitation in detail. From
tlio viewpoint of Amorlrnn statesmen,   who    havo   even this   matter
dent Roosovolt's cabinet,    'lhat the careful thought, thoro would !„■    no
cnncollerlos   of    Europe hnvo    been ground of objection on Ihe part   of
concerned fur a your or moro quite
ns much about il us any other subject of world politics, even the Bus-
so-Japaneso war being a scarcely ox-
eepled, is a matter of knowledgo
among that element of men who
keep pace with llie larger affairs of
the world.
Tlio subject is yot in such n formative statu ihnl it has not been
formally or ceremoniously discussed
the Untied states lo Germans flocking to Soulli America by tho million, if in lining so, thoy were uh-
sorli-d inlo lho citizenship of those
countries us thoy are absorbed when
thoy come lo the United States, Hut
ii is contended Hi i lie Gorman Immigrant to South America remains
n Gorman, with not only ties of affection that bind him to the fatherland, but  a!--o citizenship and    ma*
even botwoon the diplomats   of the |torlal boncls that attach him polltl-
two nations   immediately   involved,
though for   n year or   moro it Ins
been a    principal    theme of inquiry
and surmise in the informal pour-
1 ariors of sinlosinen arid diplomats
in the capita!.0, of Europe, America
and Asia.
The almost universal conclusion of
ovory intelligent analysis mado of
Ihe situation Is (hnt lho strain on
lho relations of tho two countries is
rapidly becoming greater, and that
unless wise statesmanship, bin I in-sued hv forbearance, prevails, both at
Washington and Berlin, (or the next
(ow years, a condition of affairs will
como about lhat will require extremely delicate handling to avert
another of tho series of Interna- i
Clonal tragedies which hnvo so
shocked civilization within the past
few decades.
cully to lho empire
It is argued from this, Hint unless
some ncule agitation ol the qiies-
lion should cuuse a vigorous assertion by this country ot tbe Monroe
Doctrine, within the next few years,
Gormnny's influence may he so firmly
established in Brazil Unit after a
while something moro Hum a mora
verbal assertion of Hint doctrine
may bo iiuulo incumbent upon tho
igovernment of lho United Slates.
In ibis connection nn incident of
l recent happening is causing no initio annoyance in high circles in
Washington. 'Ihe lliiiiibiirg-Amori-
jcan Steamship line, which, in time
of wur, would become a regular auxiliary of the Gorman navy, bus acquired u lease on wharfage properties in lho Danish West Indies,
which uro lo bo utilized us a coaling
It is known that this situation j station,
wus one of the chief causes that in-1 .Insl what the German-American
diicod President Roosevelt fairly to lino wants with cither wharves or a
forcu El ihu Root to re-enter public coullng station in lho Danish West
life, which avowedly is distasteful to llndles cannot be comprehended here.
Mr. Root's family, nnd is not|uuIess it bo thnl Ihis move is only
especially attractive to him, iu view anothor assertion by Emperor Willi! the great financial sacrifice bo Ham of bis fixed determination lu
was compelled to make when he ignore point by point our Monroe
abandoned his big law practice    to Doctrine, until ho makes a veritable
tako   hold   of tho (angled skein of
stale dopartment matters.
As lho principal advisor, successively, of two presidents and the substitute for .lohn Hay on numerous
occasion's when Ihu hitler's ill health
forced him to absent himself fro-,
quently for long periods from    bis !
vo of thnt who'.,! fabric
ll will be recalled ihal this country had agreed lo purchase the Danish West Indies uliout three .vents
ago, and that tho deal dropped
through at the last moment because of mysterious influences    on
'the othor side of lho Atlantic,
desk iu Washington.    Mr.  Root   fa-
millarlzcd himself   wiih our foreign i havo |K!Vcr   ,,„„„ Betisfectortly
relations In detail; so (hnt whon llis | „,„,„„,,      It j9 m)W sur.m|sod
life-long friend, Mr. Roo evelt, ap-|jho |inis(,r-H nam| played a docidln=
pealed to him to accept the state do- . in lhal gam0 l0 ,,u. undolngoI
partment portfolio on tho death of tho UnHod s,ak,s it is thought,
.lohn liny. Mr. Root, it enn lie slat- |t|ml lho c|rcumstanc0 o( Uio Homed authoritatively, regarded it. both U,urg.Alnwll.ttn |im, acquiring wharf-
ns a personal and patriolic duly to |agu nm| mallag ri|,|)ls'in 8t. Thorn-
con,P,y' jns Island will    be sharply Inquired
into by congress  Ihls winter
In Iho important sense, then, of
having at the head of tho stalo deportment n man thoroughly nc-
qiiuintcd with Iho chief problems of
internaliornl scope with whl h tho
administration is confrontod, the
United Stales nny bo considered as
Another question touching Germany's even more directly offensive
aggressions in that quarter of tho
world probably will como up in the
fifty-ninth congress. This pertains
to Iho survey of tho harbor oi Culo-
being placed at least on equal terms bra whk.n lv'ns lmul(. uy U|L. German
Whipped chooololo is delicious nnd
easily prepared, Make Iho ohocoialo on-
lii-ely of uillli, boiling il thoroughly, and
put in lho egg bcalor while it is over
lho lire, churning slcndlly until il Is a
yeasty froth. II will hold llie foam for
ii long lime, nnd when served purl nf
llm whipped cream should be stirred
down iu II.
To boll n pudding In a lin boiler, hut
ler lho lin woll uud Iill it only two-
thirds full willi any mixture Ihni swells
or rises. I'll on lho cover lighlly wilhoul removing ii uguin until llm pudding
Is iloni!. Iliivi! just enough wider In lho
large kolllo In boil iirotinil ll, without
recoiling Ino near Ihe lop it* lo boil over
iho lin. II il is Inclined lo rise up in
llm wuler pul on a slight weight, Keep
Ihe. outer kellle covered, so Ihnl lho
sleiiiu muy surround llio pudding boiler
wilh llie same oiled ihui the surrounding
w.ilir would have.
Individual china bakers nre nllrncllve
and convenient lo list! for lho cooking
mid serving of puddings, They may ho
used for baked puddings by selliu;l
them in n pan ol hoi wider. And Ihoy
C0I1 bo Jlisi ns successfully pul into Bin
Bleamer, Cuslard In propm-llnn of one
egg lo one. cupful nl milk nnd one iabio-
spoon of sugar, Is slenmcd wilhoul overcooking more easily than by linking,
ihe dishes Bhould nol ho filled qullo fitil
In leave room for whipped cronm .m
A leinnanl of apple dumpling or apple
pildiling wilh criisl may bo wanned
over Inlo n fresh pudding similar lo a
Brown Belly. Break up nil crust and
apple lighlly nnd finely willi u silver
fork. Buller a dish und pul llm pud-
ding hi In nice shape It you And
there Is nol enough npido 111 proporllon
to iho crusi, mix a littlo apple sauco or
fresh, finely chopped apple wllh II,
Drop In some blls of buller, cover Bin
whole willi ii prelly thick layer of while
SUgar, nud sol hi Hit- oven lo hunt und
in the game with Germany. Not.
thut the kaiser's chancellery is
lacking in any of the essential elements of experienced statesmanship
or diplomacy, hut that this country,
no less than President Roosevelt, is
to lie congratulated on tho (act that
when .lohn Hay was suddenly stricken by death, tho great work ho was
doing passed to tho bunds of n man
who could take It up where ho left
Wllh those preliminaries in mind,
perhaps a hotter understanding can
be gained of what is to (ollow in a
(rank attempt to explain the danger
lo the unbroken pence of tho Dnltod
States and Germany that lurks lie-
hind Gormnny's aggrosslvo commercial policy. In u carefully worded
utterance a few days ago Secretary
Root abandonod bis customary policy of silence, and gnve, through Iho
press, an Inllmation to tho comparatively small ctrclo of pooplo acquainted with what Is going- on behind tho scenes, Ihal. ho was prepared to urge a conciliatory course,
upon congress tills winter by Insist- j u"iiiled aralos",
ing Unit some substantial tariff con- instances of
cessions bo mndo lo Germany nt. us
early a dulo us practicable—at a
dale Unit   will circumvent the ilnn-
crulsor Panther two years ago. Culo-
lira is a small island oil Iho coast of
Porto Rico, Which is planned to become our chiel nnvnl huso in tho
West Indies. Without saying so
much as by your leave, and with full
knowledgo of what use this government wan intending lo make of
Culobra Island mul harbor, llie com-
mnndor of tho Panther entered Hint
harbor over the protest of the lone
marine sonltnol slalioned near, tho
entrance nnil mndo a complete
Tho results of his work were forwarded to lho naval intelligence office ut Berlin, nnd when our nav.il
attache ut that capital learned ol
it by accident hu was graciously
gran tod permission io make a copy
of tlm Panther commnndor's map
and survey of Culobra harbor nnd
harbor und forward it io Washington,
Navy officers stationed here characterize this us a bit. of hnporlln-
Inenio for wbh-h Germany, nml
especially iho Gorman nnv-y, is bo*
coming notorious in relation to tlie
Gormnny's   aggros-
sinus   against    Hie   United  States
quite similar lo tho Culebro matlor
might lm inulllpllod Indefinitely if it
gvr Ihui  is sure lo oilSllo if Hie kui- wor0 „„t f„r the probable ilnnger ol
ini'ori'o.N rigidly against Imports
from lho United Slates Ihe retaliatory prohibitive tariff provided    for
Involving some high government officials lu embarrassing explanations
lo the   Gorman embassy.      Suffl
In Germany s latest tariff luw, which  it ,„ Silv ,-,,, ,■„, r0|atlons botwoon
is scheduled lo go inlo eliecl     110X1 ',,,„ ,„.„ „„, „ „nvn hnrnmn so ir.
With a stand-pal congrnsH   to op*N|m| „   ,.,,
iiitio him obstinately In Ibis under- Lighting   st
Inking, It ciinnol. now lie foreseen
how Mr. Hoot enn hope lo secur,,
lho tariff concessions to (lei-inuny in
behalf of America's growing trade
wilh lhat country to which ho has
pledged himself. II. may be that Ilo
intends, as n darn tar rossorl, lo
innkii such a showing of necessitous
conditions Hint Sponkor Canon nnd
his commll.!eu on ruins nud the cot-
erin of stand-pat members of lho
sennlo, bonded by Sir, Aldrlch, will
It Is said (hat Mr. Root is pro-
puriil to show them that unless wo
mnko advances to Germany in
tnrlll mailers wo will not only bo
deprived of tho bulk of a trade
which is second only to that of
Great Britain nmong our foreign
customers, but thnt wo will also
add lo lho causes of friction that
am constantly irritating iho relations botween lho two countries. It
is believed that whon a lull exhibit
Um Iwo mil ions have beconio so ir
IrilnLod within tho last year or two
iinpurison of the effective
rongth of iho navies of
the United Siitleii and Germany is n
common occurrence, now on lho part
of officials connected with our navy.
"Sirs. Nnggot and her liusbn id,"
sold Mrs. hicks, "have had a dreadful quarrel Just because he Carrie I
nroiinil for a week a letler she gave
him to mail.   Isn't it silly of hor?"
"Wull," replied Sir, lllcks, "perhaps that would mnko you mad,
"Oh. no dear, I wouldn't loso mv
temper over a littlo thing liko that."
"I'm glad to hear you say so,
dear; I Just recall thnt l'vo sOT
got that letter you gave mo ladt
Fortunate Is tho man who know,
enough law lo avoid It.
Many a man has spoiled a good
cook by uuirry'ng hor,
Among thoughtful people Ihe I elicl is
slowly spreading llml Hie amount ••(
meal consumed by lho well-to-do is far
greater than is demanded for I lily
growth or living. Ihe wur beCwoen'
Russia nud Japan bos : re . y impressed on our minds Ihe fad thai Hie
Japanose, while by no means vegetarians, not only use a surprisingly small
amount ui animal food, hul llirlvo and
and ure marvels of endurance on what
would seem lo us to bo n reslrlcled diet.
\\ imn. howovcr, we come lo analyza
llieir marketing list we find Ihal a certain percentage ol Hum' dietary consist,
of leguminous foods.
I!i„ In «1 element, whli h nre mostly
essential lo lift and henllli ure the nilro-
genous and carbonaceous, uiid.t! oiiiincl
foods are discarded, cither wholly or n
purl, llie .same elements must he supplied from oilier sources, else lho diet
will he Imported and the system becomo
Impoverished. While many vegetable]
toods c inlnin a portion ol one or imlh ,rf
these eleincnls, llie Iwo best calculate*)
to replace them are mils and legumes,
These legumes, which, when mature,
contain a larger percentage r,' nitrogenous nnil, rial Hum nny other kind ,il
Inn 1. and lor Ihis reason are bi ,1 n I., lal
10 act as substitutes Ior animal loods;
of these legumes peas, beans and lentils
urn Ihe hesl known in this country. In
using uny of thorn as substitutes tor nnl-
11 nt I foods there nre a few points which
musl nol he forgollen. All legumes are
covered wilh a lough, Indigestible skin
which oughl lo I e removed In the kitchen or broken by thorough moslicalion,
llie Hrsl method being the most desirable, They are best cooked by pro-
lunged and gentle boiling or slewing,
Ihls being preceded by soaking; Hie
lenglli of lime required tor soaking depends upon llie age of Ihe legume,,
ihose jusl ripening needing !-ul it few
hours, while those winch Live I- ",
kept in slock (or months will require
from twelve lo i\ hours' soaking over
night—is a good und safe overage.
Willi these points in mind let us undertake Hie preparation o! a carefully
planned meatless dinner, The one here
suggested will nol tie lound dillicult to
cook or servo.
Cream of Pea Soup.
Legume nnu .> -. ,vn Onion
.Sauce, Mushed I'olaloes.
.Slewed Corn nnd Tomatoes.
Celery und Apple Salad.
Sulline.s. Collage Cheese Balls.
Orunp, Sponge.
As Hie ronsl requires Ihe longest limo
fur ils preparation, lei us lake it up
lirst. Ou llie preceding evening, pics
over and wash separately Iwo-lhirds ,!
a cuplul each of green lentils and dried
green peas. When clean, pul lo soak
in Iwo howls of fresh cold waler. u
the morning drain, turn Inlo separate
saucepans, cover with fresh wider, heat
slowly and lei simmer all Ihe morning,
or unlll Ihey break In pieces; press
through a sieve and return lo the - I,
of Ibe fire where etch may evaporate
without danger ol scorching unli! no
longer walery, Now lake one cupful ol
each and mix, adding one cupful of finely chopped Brazil or English walnut
meals witn salt and just enough pew-
dered sage or thyme lo season slightly.
Take eight pieces of unsweetened zwieback, or very dry tread nnd sleam for
Ion minutes, Ihen Ltal wilh a fork, adding a hull cupful ol hoi cream, sail and
sago to lasle, and when thoroughly
mixed, n well-Leiden egg. Buller an
oval or oblong mold—lho size of a brick
lour bread pim-and line bollom nnd
sides with Ihe nut and pulp mixture.
Moke the bread mixture in a long
roll, place lenglhwlse in Ihe | nn anil
over I! press the remainder of Ihe first
mixture, Stand in a pan of waler,
cover and hake lor an hour and a half
In a moderate oven. For Hie sauce cut
fin,! two onions turn inlo a saucepai
wilh one large labiespoontul nl butter
nnd cook very slowly unlil nicely colored. Add two Bllghtly heaping tnlio-
spoontuls of flour and slir until I rowned
again, then pour in gradually one pint
of waier—or water nnd slewed loninlo-
sttrrlng unlil smoothly thickened,
Season wilh salt nnd pepper snd draw
lo one side to simmer gently for twenty
minutes,  slraln before serving,
For n delicious soup—which Hie u->-
Initialcd will declare contains slo ', -
n|H'ii n can of green peas; do not dis-
i ird iim liquid, bul let nil sland mi hour
or iwo Ij senile before, using. Turn
into a saucepan, add a pint of water, t
bay leaf, a blade of mace, sail nnl
while pepper lo taste. Shnmer (or
iwenty minutes, mashing occasionally
with a wire pololo masher. Ilu »*
through a sieve, reluni lo Ihe fir-. thicken slightly wiih flour wel wilh enid
waler und' boll for three mlnuli,, Slir
in a hull cupful ol hot cream and serve
in, tbdlatoly.
Pare U 9 potatoes an I lei stand in
r ij i welnr ! i- :i Ums I I re I - ng,
When easily pierced wilh n d rk, di In
i,I! lie I. ll tig wal r and press thi i
a rlcer, a 11 m: I ulli r, set! mlng, and
P.,,! milk ;,* ,!' sired, Ihen heal hard (or
n enl before servh (,
Open nnd cook separately the canned
corn 'ind tomatoes, If II pil I i* needed
on ihe com. use only v. iter; toil Iho
i irnal e, unlll quite thick, Ihen pi ■"*<
th:- ign * si '■■'. Pul i gelhcr, sea ..it
well, add a spoonful of butter and sim-
■ . nl y f-i- live mln ill :.
As a ilr,-*slng (nr Ihe salad hen! two
,-. • , i Id a | inch ot dry mustard, a hall
I.-, po mini of snlt, u dash ol cayenne
and a hull cuplul ,,! warm wider; *lir
in ,lowiy four lablospoontula of vinegar,
Ihen place over llie flic in n double
iKiil.-r nnd sbr uifil Ihe iiilxlure thickens like cuslard. Add Iwo tablespoon-
ful; ol buller out in l-i!-.; ink,- nil. slir
unlil blended, sinin tun! set aside until cold. Ju*! I "hue Using, .'lie in ono
hail ns much siiifly whipped   cream.
Cut fine equal quantities ol blanched
celery nnd lurl npplo, mix wilh Bin
dressing, turn inlo n dl.-h nnd garnish
Wllh celery lips and son.,'' blls ot sweet
red pepper, Work Inlo cottage ohrcso
just enough thick cream Bllflhlly fa
.-..Hen il, then mold In small balLa and
icrve Willi lhii *alud.
"Bargains! Bargains!
Jlfter StochcTaKing.
Remnants ;uul Ends offering less than Cost.
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5 The Canada Drug & Book Co.'y j
Local and General.
The bill to reduce candidates deposits from |200 to $50, passed the
legislature by a majority of one.
The ladies ol the Catholic church
intend holding their annual St.
Patrick's concert on the 17th ol
March. Particulars will lie given Inter.
At a meeting of the License Commissioners for Revelstoke riding, on
Wednesday, a transfer of license was
granted from John Hector for the
Grand hotel. Nakusp.
Tlie double train service between
the Atlantic and Pacific Coast will be
resinned next month. One train will
be particularly last, making (he run
from Vancouver to Montreal in three
The Y. M.C. A. have been advised
thot E. M. Cook, of Toronto, who hns
been oll'ered the position of secretary,
has accepted, and will leave shortly to
enter ou his duties. He is bringing a
physical instructor with him,
The second beckey match uf the
serits between the City and C. P. R.
teams will be played tomorrow evening. The first game stood li to 4 for
the city, and the C.P.R. men will
make their best effort to change the
score nt tomorrow night's game.
A Valentine Party, under tlie
auspices of St, Peter', Church Guild,
will be held st the Rectory on Wednesday Feb. 14th, afternoon and
evening. There wili be a guessing
contest, lor which prizes will be given,
and other interesting features, Ad-
miision 25cts.
Arthur Oliver, ion oi John Oliver,
M. L. A., suffered the breaking of his
right leg by (ailing from his saddle
ind being dragged, The young man,
who i, twenty years of age, had just
mounted bis horse, when the animal
became frightened and jumped suddenly forward thriving its rider out
of the saddle. His right leg caught In
the stirrup, and the bone snapped
just above the knee. Fortunately.
however, the horse did not run far.
iml tbe young man was able to get
free without further injury.
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Abrahamson   Bros'   Queen's
Hotel Burned.
News wa, received in tlie city
yesterday afternoon of the destruction
by lire of tho (Jueens Hotel at Trout
Lake, owned by Abrahamson Bros.
No details are to hand ot the origin of
the fire but it appears the building,
furniture and contentB were a total
loss. The hotel i, insured with H. N
Coursier for $6000, but the lo„ to the
owner, will be considerably over and
above the insurance.
The total insurances amount to
prices that don't
un n,
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The following have been appointed
Commissioner, lor taking Affidavit,
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:    Messrs. Kincaid and Anderson have
A. Smythe, Martin O'Brien Franoit opened their insurance and realestste
Henry Corson, Edward Trimble, office on First Street. The offioehas
Charles Holten, Kichan! Venables, been neatly fitted up. In addition to
AJbert E. Jetsup and Bruce A, Law* insurance, real estato, and general
ion, ol Revelstoke. Androw Edgar,{commission business, the lirm will
Bert Blythe and William H. Reld, of take charge ol hook keeping and
Arrnwhsad. .faints A. hade and j undertake auditing.
James B. Otto, ol Camborne. Harry j Qrovrds of people assembled round
Mcintosh, of Halcyon Hot Spring,,     the windows of W, Hews' drug store
in the city this week, when the Sutherland Sisters made a display of their
wonderful growth of hair, which they
attributed to tho uso of their hair
grower and cither preparations, Mr,
Bews did a roaring business in these
specialties a, the result ol the exhibition.
A Perfect Tasteless Compound of
Cod Liver Oil, Malt
& Hypophosphites
ei Cross Druf (o
. i
Has Some Attention By Board
of Trade.
A special meeting of tlie Board of
Trade wa, held lust night to take
action regarding the C.P.R. Telegraph,
refining to maintain the telephone
service with their olliee, to the great
inconvenience of the public. It was
resolved to make representation to Mr.
Wilson, Supt. C.P.R, telegraph,, that
the hervice should he reinstated. It
appears the telephone baa been in there
through the generosity of Mr. Cowan,
who put it in at the old station as a
convenience to the public When the
new station was opened. Mr. Cowan
considered the 0, P. tt, telegraphs
should pay like any other customer,
but Mr. Wilton refused and for the
sake of saving$4,iO a month ordered
it out, though the telegraph office
lose, probably ten times that amount
of business through not hiving the
telephone connection,
Social and Personal
On Wednesday Mr,, li R. Atkini
entertained a Urge number of ladie,,
a flower guesiing competition l-eing
the feature ot the afternoon. Mi-,
l'ratt won tint prize and Mrs. Holten
The management ol the rink hive
arranged for a fancy dresB carnival on
Friday evening, which should ho well
attended n no effort will he spared to
make it a big success. For particulars
see the poiter".
On Friday night Mr" A. E. Kin-
en id gave a most enjoyable dance at
her home, about 80 couples being
present. The musio was supplied by
Mrt. I.iimb and eilrat were tilled iu
by several of tbe ladies present. An
excellent supper na* served and the
party broke up alio tl :l..in ,i  m.
On Monday afternoon Mr*. If. A.
Brown entertained at altornoon ita,
A novel feature wa- n Trip round the
World," guttling tht names ol places
indicated. Mrs. CroBS won first prize,
Mrs, (i, ,\l. Clark second and Mrs.
Lawrence third. The lirst prize was a
handsome Kilmarnock edition ol
Burns' poems.
Make   Your   Purchases  at
Everybody know, who William
Allen White is, the editor of the
Emporia, Kiib., Gazette, who made
himself tiiniou, by writing; "What's
the Matter with Kansas?" With his
characteristic vigor Mr. Wliitediscusses
tlie mail order houses, and it might be
worth while for merchants to havo
their local papers print what he ha,
to Bay.   Here it is:
"Tlio man who buy, his good, ol a
mail order house and expect, hi,
neighbors to buy goods of him, or buy
labor of him, or to buy professional
service ot him i, economically a leech.
He is Bucking industrial blood out of
the town and give, none buck. He
sends hi, profit, out of town like a
Chinaman tnd bus no more right to a
standing in the community than a
foreigner. We are all neighbor, industrially in this town, and the mau
who send, away (or hi, good, i, not
one of us. He is of another industrial
system, and deserves no man's support in his home town.
''The fact that this is economically
wrong i, recognised by the mail order
houseB themselves. They protect their
customer, aB thieves by offering to
keop people from knowing whero the
mail order houses have no "tag," on
their goods. Thoy say in their catalogue that no one know, where they
were bought. If it is proper to hide
the place of purchase of an article, it is
wrong to buy tlie article at that place
Only a man who steal, i, a man who
iB ashamed to say where he got anything he has. There is such a thing
as "tainted'' dry goods, "tainted"
groceries and 'tainted" furniture. All
of such articles that aro not bought at
home, of men who befriend you, of
men to whom you owe your living, arc
"tainted" because they come unfairly.
"It is time to change and get together. It is time to begin to reform
ourselves not our neighbors, by buying
everything at home."
Woman's Franchise.
Editor M.vii,-IlniiAi.D.
Sin,—I am pleased to be able to
offer you n typewritten loiter enclosed
that you may publish the same in
your valuable paper as correspondence,
As I undertook to get tho married
ladies ot Revelstoke their right of
franchise. Right must prevail. As I
understand you approve ol tho principle, I remain,
R. Tapping,
Legislative Assembly,
Victoria, B.C., Feb. 2.
Alderman It. Tupping,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Dear Friend,—1 am delighted to
know that Revelstoke has a strong
supporter of tho Women', Franchise
in the person of your worthy self. 1
will look up that petition sent in to
Tom Taylor and will present it myself, if possible.
I spoke on the Bill at it, second
reading yesterday, and judging by the
effect on the House, they all looked
pretty sick. I believe that it stands a
good chance to become law, if you
take tlie Western Clarion you will sec
in it a full roport of Ihe speech.
Yours faithfully,
J. H. Hawthohnthwaite, M.I'.l*.
City v. Militia.
At the Drill Hall last night a match
wa, played between the City and
Militia teams, the former winning by
23 to IS. Tlie following were the
teams: City—Benson, W. Smythe,
E. Pettipiece, C. Latham, (dipt),
D. McDonald. Militia — Morrison,
Mulholland, Cameron, Fisher, (Capt),
Another match will he played on
Thursday the 15th, to be followed by
a dance in the Opera House.
Mr. Bowser has completed his contract of cutting two and one half
million feet of logs for Beaton &
Hillman. Beaton & Hillman have
commenced hauling logs, five teams
being employed. They already havo
250,000 feet of logs on the beach, and
expect to have their whole cut hauled
by the 15th of March. W. Leonard is
making good progress with his contract of cutting four million feet of
log, ou Salmon Creek for the Arrowhead Lumber Cu., and calculates to
have his log, cut and piled by April
lit., when the drive will take place.
W. Strutt has a contract to cut 1,000,-
000 feet of logs for the Bowman Lumber Co. on a limit lielonging to Thorn
son & Crawford. He has st present
one-hall of his contract completed and
expect, to be through by the first of
On the evening ol Feb, StOtfa the
Melrose Stock Co, will put on a play
called "Chick," Tbe 'Mountain
Wail." Rehearsals have been held
regularly every evening lor the pant
month and when the pay is produced
will be complete in every detail,
Further particulars Inter.
Nothing better than  "Our Special
Every Day is a Bargain
Day at Brown's
Cigars, Tobaccos,
Confectionery, Pool
Charles F. Wenliam, general passenger agent ol tbe C.P.R, in Chicago,
is accused of embezzling (64,478,86.
J. P. Morgan 4 Co,, theQugcnhelm,
and tbe Havetneyera ire behind a new
railway which will extend from Viildez
-UK) mile, into Alaska.
Rook precipitated upon the 0. P. R.
tricks a mih' to the east ul Keelers
caused a bent mil, and afl a coiisc-
i|iioiice two rear coaches ol No. 07
ivue derailed. No damage occurred
to the tram and i in: wa, Injured,
ilu- Grand Trunk Pacific Branch
Lilies Com|iHiiy will apply to Parliament lor authority to construct
branclici of the new irinscoiitinental
railway lystem. Among the branches
specified are from Vancouver to the
Grind Trunk Pacific main lino or to a
junction with the Pacific Northern
and Omen Ice Railway, and from the
nortli Vancouver I,land along the
wett -ide to Victoria. Application,
will be made lor power to operate
-teamshipB and hotels and develop
binds und water power,.
The, Okanagan siys of the new
steamer to he built by tlie C, I'. 11. lor
Okanagan l*k«     "This ttetmerwl
he over 200 feet long, have i beam of
110 feet, and will ho fitted with the
latest, .nuI most powerful engine,, on
ibling the boat to travel '20 knots |*r
hour, In addition to this pnlaticr
passenger steamer, two barges aro lie-
ing built lor carrying loaded oar,. Tho
wluirfntl.il'- Lauding will also ho
made double tbo present Bizn, Shipbuilder Bulger, ol Nelson, will biiiid
the hull ol the new limit. Mr. Steven,
will put in its engine,, lhat havo been
ordoieil at Montreal, while Capt, (lorn
uf Nelson, will Biipiiriiileiid the whole
work, ll is no doubt the intention ol
lho C. P. II. to put on a daily service
mi Okaintgaii Lake,
Kililur Maii.-Hiiiai.ii:
Revelstoke, Jan. 28,190(1.
Sir,—It is strange that alter all the
strong talk and promises the present,
Council made before election, in regards to gimbling in tlie City of Rev
elstoke, that nothing lias been done in
i egard to stopping it.
It would be well for the Council to
let the people of Revelstoke, and
especially those who so ably supported
them, know what their intentions
are, nnd if gambling is not going to
lm allowed, why it is not stepped at
The Council should be wise enough
to know that thi, is a matter of great
interest to tlie city, which should not
be delayed and that the people will
not stand for any back-Bliding on the
Council's part.
Trusting that thi, article will liiul
space in your valuable paper,
I remain,
Your, sincerely,
A Voter
Two interesting games were played
in the Calgary Brewing Co's competition last night, Foote defeating
Brock 13 to 12, after u bard light un
extra end being neccssury to decide
the match; and Mcltae defeating Jackson 13 to 8. In the latter gnmo some
very pretty ends were played, both
rinks being in good form.
The games ior to-night are :
Bums' Cup—Brock v Rae.
Calgary Cup—Foote v Browu.
The latter game ia in progress at
llie rink this afternoon.
In order to have the competition,
finished while the cold snap last, the
committee have decided to make two
draws every evening, commencing to
monow, one at 7 and one at 6 p. m.
Due notice will be given to skip, a, to
when they hive to play. All games
not played off a, drawn will be forfeited. This rule will not apply to
Saturday night.
Tribute Irom "The World."
Mr. (iilhcrt Malcolm Sprout, one of
the most scholarly unit nhlo literary
men the province has produced, having completed an admirable sketch ol
the lite ot the late Hon. John Tod,
compiled Irom the diary ot that noted
pioneer, contributes to tlie Victoria
Times a short hut just review ol tlie
career ol the late Hon. Amor DeCos-
mo8. He awards lull justice to that
gentleman's public career, and touches
,o gently upon his eccentrioities and
faults that one lay, down the paper
with a feeling of intense satisfaction,
for it i, well-known that for many
year, Mr. Sprout wob the unjust object
of Mr. D'Cosmos' keenest shafts of
satire and reproach The review
shows Mr. Sproat to lie a broadniindcd
and generous man. who will not hesitate to speak a good word of evon an
— ^i
Paris, Feb. 5.—Evorywhere in the
city tlio actual putting into operation
of the clause of the church and state
separation bill, which provide, for the
making of inventories of the property
of the churches, haB aroused a storm
of protest. In several provincial
parishes Catholics have gathered in
the churches and made such strong
resistance that, the government commissioners were limbic to enter.
In Pari, today violence occurred in
several churches, no, ably those if St.
Koch, snd St. Clothilde. An inventory of tlie property ul the church ol
St. Roch has not yet been made,
owing lo the opposition of the con-
| gregttioh, but the defender, of the
latter succumbed before the energetic
assaultcl Ihe guuids
In the chamber of deputies this
afternuon Premier Roiivicr's reply to
an interpellation on this subject by a
socialist deputy, M. A Hard, wn, given
amid great uproar. The government,
however, secured a vole of confidence
by 384 against 180 after the premier
had assured the chamber that the
government wa, desirous ot using tact
and moderation in carrying out tho
law,, but that it was fully determined
to perform it, duty.
Suggestions From Calgary's
Board of Trade Program.
In view of the interest being taken
by tlie Tourist Association ot till, city
to advertise Kevelstoke and district
this year, the appended publicity
campaign advocated by the Calgary
Board ol Trade Ior the advancement
ol thnt city is worthy of consideration.
The Calgary Board's program for
lilOO include,:
1' To erect at once a temporary
building, or rent suitable quarter, Ior
publicity purposes and to maintain a
general in format ion bureau.
2. To publish for wido distribution
the beat possible literature descriptive
ol the resource, and advantages ol the
Calgary district.
3. To maintain a commission of
publicity with such assistant, SB may
be necessary.
4. To maintain agents at Winnipog
and other suitable point, to work
among intending sottler, and others
in the interests ot Calgary and district.
5. To advertise judiciously the resource, and advantage, of the district
in the newspapers ol the United
States, Esstern Canada and Great
6. To encourage and financially
assist it necessary the bringing ol
excursions, convention, and other
gatherings to Calgary, and to entertain such visitors, if deemed advisable.
7 To invite tlie representatives of
leading newspapers to visit Calgary,
lo entertain them while here and
drive them around tlie district, and to
pay their 1 ravelling expenses when
8. Above all, to make the advantages of Calgary its a manufacturing
and wholesale centre prominent, nnd
to encourage manufacturer, and
wholesalers to establish themselves
Second Game of Series
Thursday, Feb. 8th
AT 8 P. M.
Skating 9 to 10   Admission 25c.
Cleared and fenced.  Price $300,
Lot, on Second Street,
id  fenced.   1
Apply Mail-Herald office.
WANTED—A giii not over 25 to
do general house work. Wages
$30 per month. Must be good worker.
Apply at this office.
IOR SALE-Secnnd-hand safe,
ply at this office.
NOTU'K is hereby KJren thut thirty days
nftcr date we intond tu apply to tin Hod.
Chief Commissioner of Lain Is uud Works for a
special license to out and curry away timber
frum tlie following described laiidn:
1. ('iiLiimmii.'iuiruliimt planted about two
miles west from Buunock Point oi Upper Arrow Lake and marked H. B. L. Co'* nontlimt
corner pent," tbence north 80 chain!, theuee
west HO clmins, thence south 80 ohltni, theses
east 80 chain* to point of commencement.
2. ('oiiiniotJCinK ul a post planted about
three miles wost from Bannock Point on Upper
Arrow Lake und marked "Ii II. L, Co's southeast coruor post," tlience north 80 elm iim,
thence west -V) chains, thence south 80 chaini,
thonco mi it Ku chuitiu in point of commencement.
Vah. 2nd, Ittw.
CimiiiicticiiiiK ut  a post planted at the
of K.&s,. Block 860, and
millRTY 1UYB after dale we Intend to
I apply lo the Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a spci-iul license to oul and carry
awny limber from llie following described
n wlli-east corner of K. &S-,
marked " Hit' Bend Lumber Company's South-
east Corner rout," thence north 160 chaiila,
thence west 40 cliiiins; thence south 1(10chains;
thence oast 40 chains to point of commencement,
i, Commencing at a post planted about one
mile uorl li from the north-west corner of K.
amis., Block, 860, and marked" Big Bend
Lumber Company's Southeast Comer Poat,"
tlience north m chains; thonco wont 80 chums;
ihence south 80 chains; thence east 80 chains
to point of commencement,
:c Commencing at a post planted about one
mile north from the north-west comer of K.
and S„ Block 860, and marked " Big Bend
Lumbor Company's North-east Corner Post,"
thenee went 80 chains; thence south 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains: thence north 80 chains:
to point of commencement.
Bu. Bend Lumhkk Company, Ltd.
Jan. mli, 1906. 26 F
Special Bargains
for the Next 2 Weeks
r-TOCK-TAKING in the Old George Store it now over and under New Management, and to stir
up a little excitement we have decided to offer eome Special Bargain, for the next two week,:
Flannelette Reg. Trice 83. lor 5c.
Klniiiielettc Iteg. I'ricc 25c. lor 20c.
French Flannels... .Reg. Trice (iOc. lor 46c,
Dress Tweed, 6(1 in. wido, $100... .for 75c.
I'liiid,, all wool, $1.00 lor 75c.
Dre.BB Goods, Mnlton 26c for 20c,
Dress Goods, Barre.tt.e. .20 per cent, disc't.
Fancy Stripe Silks Reg. 36c. for 25c.
Stock Collars Hog. 35c. for 20c,
Stock Collars  Hog, 15c— il lor 16c.
Silkino.   Keg. Klc. per yd.. ..5 yds. lor 25c.
Crochet Cotton,   Reg.  10c I lor 26c.
Knitting Cotton, Reg. 10c 4 lor 25c.
Corset, $1.25 per pair fur (IOc.
(only a fow odd ,ir.ofl lelt.)
Black sitetii blouses. Reg. $1.60. Now $1.10
Blk Sateen Skirt, $1.7,60 Now 1.45
Children,' Fur Caps.   Reg. 00g .Now (IOc.
Ludiei' Jaokotl, 1 only, $15 for$9
 $20 lor $12
" $13,50.. lor $8,50
"     $8.00.. for $5.00
Ladies' Jacket, 1 only $12 for $7
« "      $9.00.. for $6.60
"        " "     11      ..(or $9.50
"      $7.53...for $4.75
$16.00..for $9.00
30 percent, discount off all Fun.   Vou
will save money by buying now.
Way', Muffler,.   Reg. 50c lor35o.
Men't Brace,  Only 25c. per pair.
Men', German Sox. Reg. 75c for 50c.
Men', German Sox.   Reg. $1 for 76c.
Men', German Sox.   Reg. $1.25... .lor 90o.
Overcoats $26 for $17
Overcoats $12 50 for $8.00
Overcoats $15.00 for $10.00
OvercoatB $18.00  for $10.00
Kindly pay us a call and inspect our
goods. We will be pleased to show you
through our Store whether you buy or
not, Wo want you to make this your Dry-
goods Home in the luture. Your money
back if you are not ,atietied with your purchase providing the good, are returned in
a reasonable time after purchase.
______________ REMEMBER   THE   OLD  ,
One dny I lound' a sunil In the
woods, lie wns crawling on u mos/iy
log. llis shell vvus glossy nnd of „
light brown color. The snuil, too.
was pale brown. He looked soft, as
il lie hnd been made mil ol jelly. He
hud It pair of horns thrust out from
llm front ol bis head, lo warn him .it
When I .ilckod up the shell Mr
Snnil UHJokly liicTsod himself out- of
sight Inside! 1 tooli Hie shell lot
in my |mcivet, and al night laid it (II
my table. In the moMutig it wa;
Looking about the room, I loun I
■lie i-iiuil olllnbing up the wall, Iml'
'ny lo the coiling.
I stood on u cluiir, louched him
gently on Hie head, mid, in n (right,
hn drew Into his shell, nml il 'ill
b'lim tlie vvull Inlo my luiii'l.
Then I luo.k n large clmia dish, and
put in it a nice stone Irom Ui.-
Iinibk. 'I'lie stone had little lichu'S
and liltfi v1 vVuier weeds ,,n it. 1 pul
wuter-ill'lhi< dish, then I set llie
snnil on the stone.
Snails lillu cool'i moist tliiiies, Mv
snail nt onco came but to see hi*
new homo, ilo begun, to travel
mound it nt ii great rale. He cent
to,the water on cwi'y side. 1 soy
Hull, lie mi the lichens. So I IjMuKpl
n nice young lettuce leaf,, wet it. ninl
lui<l it on the stone. When ihe snn'l
in his -journey reuclied il, lie touciieil
it with liis bonis. Then Iw crept "lion the'edge of. the leaf, tun.oil side-
wise, and begun to eat fast.
lie seemed very hungry. He moved
along the edge of the leal, gnawing
as hn went. After lie had onion
ubout a (|iiitrtcr nf llie way along the
leal he lururd nnd wenl back, still
eating. So he kept on until he had
cut n deep scu)lop. Then he went l-i
another place and ule oul unoth ir
Tlio children said lie liked scalloped lettuce.
1 kept the leaf wet. At first 1
thought lho greedy little enoaU-i-«,dld
nolliing but cut. 1 found thut he
liked lo pliiy and was loud of lrr.V'1.
lle would go to (lie edge oi llie -later, nud, luiiding last lo llie stoiri,
would dip his head in (or a drlit.
or to get it wet
When he did tills, he drew in his
horui; mitil tluiy co|ild not be set'-
Then lie tried lo cross the water and
to reach llie side of the dish
lie was Unable to Work tor Seven
Years Before lie Used llie Ureal .Canadian Kidney Itemedy.
t'nllels Cove, NUM., Dec. ]'1'.-
iSpeclul,)—The days ol miracles are
pust, liiil the cure ul ,lose|ih lloone
ol this placo ulmost rants with son-
salioniil cures of the earlier ages.
Mr. lloone lunl been ailing for eight
yeurs, seven of vvliiib lie was iinabl'
lo work from the elicits of Backache
and Kidney I'otiij'lniiil. lie was ull
aches uud pnins.
Ilu wns treat nd by soveial doctors
uml lifter seven mouths in llie hospital was sent boiti" ns Incurable, It
wns there ilint reading of cures, in
tie newspapers led him lo use Dodd's
Kiilny Tills. It look twenty-one
lo.es to cure him, but lo-duy he is
strong uml well and hard at. work
lulistel* lisliing.
Teol'le hero hove learned Hint il
tlio ,'isense is of the Kidneys or from
llio Kidneys, Dodd's Kidney Pills Will
%uru il.
Cyclone ol One Hundred years Ago to
lie llenewed.
Hall the lime when peoplo say
they havo the "blues," ull thoy ne,\l
is to go out and get a breath ol
fresh air.
1'ooplo who hove "blues" stay in
limcses too much; they don't exercise
enough, anil they cut too mucli. Tim
body Is clogged with n surplus ol
food, the lungs lire vitiated with hnd
uir, nnd the whole mucliinery of Mu
body Is working nt low gnge. The
motor wheels ol the machinery dru^
null run lienvily.
This physical condition is fodectod
upon tlio mental faculties, nnd Ihoy
become torpid and sluggish, ami
everything takes on it depressed,
"libie" look. All the, little worries
troubles und perplexities are magnified, and Hie world seems a dismal,
desolate place, Indeed, ami the po ir
"blue" person is enveloped in n fog
of misery anil despair, lle llilnks
the whole world Is topsy-turvy and
all the elements are combining to
liuike him wretched, Hint evcrybo ly
is just us menu us be feels.
And yet nil the while this whole
■world-foil ol misery is centred right
within himself. I'eoplo everywhere
nre goi/ig to und fro about tholr fi-
fnirs, wilh sympathy in their hearts
and kindliness in their eyes. The
world is running over wilh joy and
the people in it are not ns bad as
they sc'iu.
What the "blue" individual necks
is lo get outdoors and absorb soin-i
of the happiness thnt is going to
waste. He or she has been absorbing all sorts of indigestible food am!
Viliated nlr. unlll Ihe body has re.
Boiled. What he needs to do is tu
let up n little on eating, skip a meal
or two, tako a long, brisk wa"'..
walk, breathe In great   draughts  ol
Clothes washed by Sunlight Soap
are cleaner and whiter than if washed
in any other way.
Chemicals in soap may remove the
dirt but always injure the fabric.
Sunlight Soap will net injure
the most dainty lace or the
hinds that use it, because it is
absolutely pure and contains no
injurious chemicals.
Sunlight Soap should alwavs
bi used as directed. No boiling
or hard rubbing is necessary.
Sunlight Soap is better than
other soap, but is best when
used in the Sunlight way.
Equally good with hard or
soft water
<£". ftflfl REWARD will lie paid
,pj,vvv t0   „My   p6:son   who
proves tli-tSinliu-lit Soon cantons
any Injurious cliomicala or any form
Of adulteration.
lever Brothers Limited, Toronto
The lastest fashion in cycling Is n
"cyrloprdo" for Indies, says ihe London Daily Mirror. This takes us
brick (o tlie days ol the llegoncv,
when the "lirst gentleman ol Europe'
blandly squandered millions. ,at
Brighton, 'nud his. friends nlniisi-.l
themselves by "holiby-hOrsing" uloug
tho front,
'llui "cylopcde," Indeed, is exactly
tlie old "hotib.v -horse" with improve- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
menls. True,.il Is lltled tvUttVpnell ■ I J,|ro oxygen, drink* plenty ol water,
nmtic tires, springs and ball-bearingsl 'p|,|„ will help to eliminate *ni
und |s a: (eoLticr-vWigl.it feinpsr.f'-l j jjoison from the body, that has hoop
with the hideous combination of, nuiking things "blue." The marhbi-
w-ood nnd iron which our grout.*-,, will commence to run easier, Hie
grjrfidfathori disported. Hut theI Bjle0|s will quit dragging ond boglli
nuiiii "hobby-horso!1 features are re- tn run merrily round and round,
lairied. ,    I humming-   n    little    tune   thnt   will
Thero are no pedals, the machine jjuie't the (retted nerves. The f g
being propelled either by thrusting; y,||| cIeur nwuy, and the mind will
lho feet against the ground, or bv become active, alert and huoynit,
'■punt-jollng" wllh' n walking stick, n„|| ti10 (|„,.kp (|ecp |,|ue v\\\ begin to
or .alpenstock. .The seat Is very low.j Jightou Into a pale blue, and then a
so Hint the most clumsy rider rail, little pink lint will creep in, and
hardly fall oil, and of course, bo,rely flridlly everything In it will ho roso
„nv i'listntlction is required. You enn! co-or> 0IK| tho whole world, onl
get ml qblto a lair speed on', the j everybody in it will be beautiful and
 miles   an   h6urlBein;j| good^gjicer wore,
 ^^^H Yes, tho world is all right.     The
L,,. ,„n  hi.n«,if .. for „s he   .onl I I    liut """• il lm,v ho ^-K^'   wn"1"" i trouble Is iill within your own littlo
1     v o   old of   li    li*.      0'care lo use a cyclopede when ordin- ' S(,,f,     Vo„ BBV0 uvo,.f;„, the ,)ody, „r
u,-v^olftk^!°^^';/;™'lli;°|n-;y bicycles are fnsd-r ami less KiV(,n it had nlr or deprived it of ils
tiuiible',' One idea is that the new; 110PC|C,| ,cst, You may he sure when
niiichino will give more vigorous an.!; y„„ fC(,| "hm,," vou nnvc done some-
healthy exorcise than the oidiimr.v| tiling or omitted to do something
bicyclo nlVords. Anolher is that old-1 ,|mt wns required to keep your body
only Indies muy be attracted by Us in perfect vvorkilig order. One ought
iibsoluie snfety. Besides, the price- j ,„ f,,c| nshnmod to say ho has the
four guineas—Is very low. |''blues," (or it Is really an admission
The lirst lady's machine has ■been'\hixt be has been mistreating his
built to the order ol a distinguished t,ody
custom r. nml In e genorntlon whin'
worships health and is always looking lor si ntc now form of exercise it
1 could lollow 'hi^lissa cLunce o( bwoming quite a
rage. The chief obstacle is ridicule.
Ludles hnvg the aft of looking graceful under most unpromising circumstances, but ten miles nn hour on ft
cycl'opcdo will bo rather a severe test
oi this faculty.
Hobby—"Mother, tell me a fairy
Mother—"I can't, (lo ask your
father what detained him downtown so Into last night; that will Le
Hnnl and unit corns ciinnot withstand Hollow-ay', Corn (Jure, It, Is «(-
(eclllul ui-cry Lililll. Uet ll bolllil Al
once iui'1 be huppy.
Hicks—My wife Is very melhodieal.
She's ulwiiys gcil n plnce for evenylhirtg
nnd everything in ils pluce." Wicks—
"So bus mine, but I can never find llie
Ho would cling Inst   by tl.e   hi;,j,, {^'"f^L,
pn.t ol Ins body, raise his head, and! about lho limit.
oflen fell short 'ajid ijiuibled int
waler.   Hut ouf Jie'^Wipild,. come and
try again.      When tii snfceeiled,    lie
would walk nil around the rim oi the
Ond night he came out, dropped to
the floor, crept over tho carpet, up
the leg of (he table, along the lop.
and then travelled all over Nun's
new bonnet, lie tried to cut tlie ar-
tlflcla) leaves on Hie bonnet. There 1
caught him in the morning.
Wherever lie went lie left a thin
trail like glue,
steps as you can those of a careless
boy who forgets to wipe his leet.
You are made to lie kind, boys',
generous  and  magnanimous.
If there is a hoy in school who has
a clubfoot, don't let him know you
ever saw. it.
you    over   get   the
11   anyone, but   go
This is old und threadbare advice.
Hut il is just ns good to follow today as it was a century ago.
Many physical ills and blurs and
blemishes on the countenance nre duo
t'p .ovor-eating, to eating duinaglog
food, or cniing Irregularly.
Don't hunt for dark sides of you,"
life. Remain on the sunny side whenever you can do so without neglecting those who are dear to you.
Ho as happy as you can while mailing others happy.
These simple rules are Ileitis in pel-
petuating health nnd beauty.
Tho town of Chnntilly, Fran-,e,
which is generally associated with
charity, Muio. Mortier des Noyo-s
gnpo to the town in 1878 600 fr.,
and decreed that the dividends from
this sum when invested should be
applied as a reward (or filial piety.
Thu conditions are that Candidal is
must ne Frenchwomen, mnids or widows, either born or domiciled    for
livo years in tho town.   The prize Is        	
awarded for high character, ond  fori   ijTne ilsmi W19  -nniolhing fierce,"
love, favor, nml affection shown   i,,!snid Borom- in 8pi,ai,in„ „r „„ ,lmn|,lir
he lannly. This year s prize hus: c(mce,.|, "Whv, Ihe music wns so loud
born given to Mile. Kaufmann, a t|„lt [ urtuallv could nol hour myself
seamstress, who for twenty years lias lou('i'. „llow delightful!" exclaimed Miss
the wants of her inlirin mother Culling.
Like Tearing Hie Henri Strings. -
"II is mil Wllliln lho conception of
man lo measure my great sufferings
from hear! disease. For years
1 endured almost conslant culling nnd
tearing pains uboul my heart, and
many n lime would have welcomed
dealli. Dr. Agnew's Cure lor theheiirt
has worked u vd'rllahle miracle."—Tins.
Hicks, Perth', Ont.-59
make mistakes unintentionally.     Rut no one EVER MADE A MIGfAKE
Pedlar's 'Oshawa' STEEL Shingles
iLUvitnizo;, or patntoil.  Most rlurabte aodeoon irolnal cTeriiu; [or Reot'nz "C Sld!ne b-r
Rjsliitiicc-, Hotisv.4, Barns, Hlevatont- M>-<« Ch relies, PlPH.lt » *»©iiMV tr b*,*tc,
Busier t > lay xw\ willlmt lotuja thui any other o mrtag. <-liuipc»- than wiori ihlnjln nr
•Lite.   N.ioKpirk'-iri) mwuiury.   ihwnn8r»i'.linlp* are the   only tools re*iuir8t.   It is
U'iiii-liinluiio'l lllijllgraia Stoel Ah i Co rn^l J Iroi, I'mufd »r (ialum l d, in l,.-"t-
Oii incite-. Imi;;. Hm e i aiu Cmbos^cii Cc<l1n ■ V Crlm rcJ online;. BOM d*>l|IWnf
U'l'illiijl, Silling nml Qellitlgl In nil KmieJ, TL <mwh of builain;; - tbruugh Itie l),,ir.*u: -ii ..it-
cuvm-mi witll ourfihoat Mnt.il rtinu, miklUK tluia
i    Bond In four ordof for ks mwiy squireii; Qx Of«tl wyou re-iuire liwtaryour new or ot'l
\ biiiUnig, Tha vo>y he.t'rrtortiigfi)rtbhcl.mito. Wo en mpply Bave Triush, all iizel,
Cuirugiird <» I'IjI i L'tui-d, Cundi'C or i ipe*. Sli rt' Eibuttli -pile l.  'ubi-s.
Wo am the largeit concern ol tha kin J under the British !li;:    KitiblUiiotl isai.  CapiUI
illVUitllil ^iU.INJO.^),
Writo Tj Day for Catalog jo Ko U R and Freo Samplos.
*TSEX3   E»E3I>X*^Via   PEOPLE,
707 Craltf 8t-
0"TA*-A, OUT.       I      T011CHTO ONT.
423 Sussex ut.      I        S3 Yortge 8
SIS Pender I:
her first care.
"blues," don't 'tj
ouliloors   nnd   run    and walk    and
breathe until you get rid of them.
Tho fad that intestinal disensis.
auch as fypholci (ever, cholera, dy-
Sunlery, diurrhoen, ond so forth me
commonly transmitted through contaminated wnter makes it seem advisable to print a word ol warning
regarding tlie use ol domestic wator-
The moBt efficient method ol purif. -
$10,000 A YEAft I'-OR ONE HOOM.
The widening of Piccadilly, London,
hos been the means of showing tho
enormous value of land in the centre
ol London, the sum paid by the London County Council (or a small area,
which, o( course, was built upon,
working out ut £84 a squaro foot
This is believed to be the record,
but as it includod compensation for
disturbance it cannot be comparca
with the prices paid In L'ornhi'l,
which is the highest-rented siiot on
earth, a single room having been let
recently for $10,000 a year.
It Ih (lonil (or Mnn rthil hettst — Not
only i, llr. Thomas' Ifiiiloctrlc (ill ul
liicon,|„ir,ilile value in thu llOllsol'Old,
but the fiit-mer nnil Btoclonan will linii
It very RiM-viiculile in llio (iirin yard
nml on tho i-atlle rniuie, uflen s„.
tlie services of a vettiriiinry mirgoon. In
Injuries to stuck mul in cures in' i<-,
ami pains it can bo used ivitlt good el-
Mrs. McDulf—"This paper says that,
mice are nttrncted by music; but I
don't believe it,"' llcliull—"Whv
not?" Mrs. McOulT—"llecuuse I never see any mice around when I phv
tho piano." McDulT—"Well, thut's
no excuse for doubting tho paper's
What is said to be the largest arsenic niiuo in the world, turning out
70 tons a month, is situated In
Floyd County, Virginia, seventeen
miles from ciirlstlanbiirg, tho nearest railway station.
Th'rel.no mere nttitinale skin tpmble thin
p*,lt niinum. It snniotlrao, iiiijjers tor yaara, l,ut
Woivei-'H Oiirati) in.iliei all,rt w.,rk r.( it. Als,,
tako VYtfavur'ii Syrui) t-J in.ure porininent cine.
Magistrate—"So you admit having
been engaged in making counterfeit
money?" Prisoner—"Yes, your
worship. You see, the supply ol tht
genuine article is so very short."
..One   Short Pull   Clours llie llond.-
Docs your head ache? Have you pains
over your eyes? Is Hie brenlli offensive?
These are cerlnin symploms of Cnlsnli.
Dr. Agnew's Colarrhal Powder will
cure most stubborn ruses in a inarvl-
lously short lime, if you've hnd O-
lorrh a week It's n sure cure. If It's
of (lily years' standing it's just as effective.   50 cents.—57 ^^~
"Is there anything you don't need
that I might take?" asked the rag-
and-bone nun, watching Jones
throwing rubbish into the dust-bin.
"Yes," snapjiuil .lones, "a bath!"
Ono trinl of Mother (Jriues' Worm Hx-
toriniitalur will convince you that il
lms no ci|iiul OH a worm modiclno, buy
a lioltlo und sea II il does out plcuso
Bargain List of Farms
mailed free. ALF. BROWN,
Dept. K, Piottn Ont:
Pr.ietlC3l Ivery (tjf tcecrs  in
For 73o. oast $Hi
-rue MAHurneiuiEsi-
his- earhlrrgs ov«- to -Ills wile, -f  set! lotos
him down us getting along well.   Ilcj
has started on the right road to got]
II there is a poor boy wilh ragg'-l      ,^^^^^^_^^_^___
(lollies, don't lulk rags in his heur-l   "You can rely   upon It," said
imi. ■• -'       •   'keen business   man,    that the'man .
If there is a lame boy, assign him Whose wife   Is   managing his salary; ing contam na ed water-supplies
some part o  <he M* 'hat doesn't   forhin, is prosperous,   When 1 see a, ? large scule 11   by means of   sand
' ' J- '   '    " '     i' that J happen to; know hand all  f lte|-bwifi ",' w.hlc,h, "*o «ater ptrco-
..*,"'«..    ;,....„    ,  -i.|latcs very slowly through a In-cr of
lino sand   several feet    in   thickness.
J Cities that have installed such plant,
I rich, for in nine cases Out W ten-ho! rettW a gi;eat iruprovement In their
is saving   something.    And    a fact' health statistics.   Knowledge of   the
vhicl. hu is apt to overlook is that  --a>.g«r to ho nppreliended Irom    llll 1,0 on y spends a little loss   then  water-supply   has   become   to. Wide-
ho m i.e is ..ou,,,, ,0 got ^\z::^^^z^um^s ^a w* ^ m <™.»
A woman who manages he, lipsbands:^"'^^ ho sizP Um| makes these lltlo Inrls
salary will help him to do this near-] householdet   have como Into genomiI ^ Q     l|d   _„   l]mm ^^
ly every time, as women are meannr, ««■• numerous   varieties 4'Cood graCfodsl    You don't say you
»?^i!^&Sf:i^"!ffl :S'wS  -I..*-«-..«.!^,d(,,ur,5
rcqiiiro ruimiitg.
li thero Is o -dull one, help him to
lenril his lesson.,-,
Ii tlie.ro is a bright.one, be not envious of him; for if ono boy is proud
of his talents and another is envious
ol them, there are two great wrongs,
and no more tnlent than before.
If n larger or stronger boy hns io-
Jtired vou, and is sorry for; it, '■ forgive him. All the school will sh.-i.v
by llieir countenances how much better It'-is than to havo a great now.
-   WOMlltOlIS LAKES.   '
' Jnc I'.lnvv* Mud llulililes, Annlher lias
j Wider Like Milk.
I ilii> "Home of the Hot Devil's''' Is
1 ,tn island    of lire silnated    in    tlie
' centre nf r. huge, lake of boiling niud
unci slimi  in   Java.       Gases- 'arise
' ;ram tM, lower depths and loim   en-
orjnous huliblcsja   the sticky   mud.
i which grow arid Inrrenso until • thfv,
J nttniiliR'iliiinieter of livo or six feet.
1 '1'hi'se bubbles ure often carried sky-
i wards by the wind, where they linnl-
ly burst with n loud explosion,
flto biggest snow lake was seen bv
Sir Mar-thl Conway, who explored the
llod-riddcn 15 Years.- II nnybody I \\hni. rjorlnrs do Agrecl-PlivsicJaiis
wnnls n wrilten guarantee from me no longer consider it cnlcring In
personally as lo my wonderful cure i-quhcliery" In recommending in prac-
li-ciin rheumnlism hy Soulli American tide so meritorious a remedy for indi-
lineumullc Cure I will be Ihe gladdest I gdsiion, Dyspepsia nnd Nervousness is
woman in Ihe World lo give it," says: siomi, American Nervine. They res-
Mrs. John Beaumont, of Elora. "I hodi|jJ0 nmt It is a slop In advance in med-
despaired ol recovery up to llie.  timo of, i^i SCjenco and n sure nnd permanent
tuking Ihis wonderful remedy.   It cured completely."—58
Crnlilied Hostess—"So pind you   like
my Inrls; I always   think Hint   small
lore ho cull begin to get along. Tbe
mnn whose wife, is enough ol aMJpi.-
nger to help liiin get to this po ut
by taking care ol his money for him
may consider hirasolt fortunoto."
Musl IIuvc the Kind ol Pood Thai Nourishes rti-ain.
"I nm a litnrnry mnn whose nervous energy Is u great part of mv
stock in trade, und ordinarily I
have little patience with breakfast
funds nnd the extravagant claims
I'tnadc of theni,   But I cannot   witb-
' Hum Is n it h irf II you Uke Allen's I.nnij Balsam.
I IkKlii vvlten tlioci,! is young awl n-it wait until
I It .titties on tin lllrisi, f„r tlwn, even with Allan's
Lun- balsam, cinuplflt. r.liel will lio slower.
glazed    clay or    porcelain,    and  so
forth.  These may appear to bo us-v
fill, owing to their ability to rim -ve	
a certain amount of coloring matter I 	
and (lonttng materials, but as usually Miss Prism—"Don'l let your dug 1,11c
employed they lull far short of the (me. lillle hoy." I.lllle Boy—"lie won't
necessary degreo of efficiency, unJ: tile, mn'om," Miss Prism—"Bul lm Is
may even be directly a source of add-(Showing his teeth."   Boy (wllh pride)—
"Certainly he is. inn'tini; and if you had
lis good Icelh os he bus you'd show
'cm loo."
ed danger apart from the (also sense
ol Security they inspire.
Unless   such   fillers aro    very frequently taken, apart and thoroughly       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
cleansed,  bacteria   are apt to   pass!   furs Itegelnlnrs.—Jliniilrokn nnil Onn.
tlirongl, freely, and even, to multi'-ly j ^Z^l^'\Z ffi? kkC™
in the niter Itself, 6o that   nomnor| .torlng them t.i lioaltlilul notion, luilue-
Ing ii rercnliir Sow of llio leflretlon, nnd
Kiil'akornni   range of mountains    Iii;..  ,, ,       ,  ,       .   , ,,
Ills. From the summit of Hltpur;-.I"'1'1 «* acknowledgment ol the debt
Pass, which he traversed lor tho (irst'lbl>t • 0,vc to «-i-apo-Num food,
tinje on record, ho looked upon a
vast level lake of snow, over 300
square miles In area, surrounded by
iiimuuerablo giant peaks. , „.,, .^
'I'lio Sea of Ice, near Ohnmounl, In
f-iavoy, Swjtzertaqd, Is woro like ,a
lake' of snow lhnn anything else. The
surface of the Ice Is broken up by
solar heat, and this mlnuto liesurlng
gives it the appearance of saow, and
it, Is often' irliitakou for such by tour-
Thu lineist milk-white Ink, In ' too
world whs discovered by. Hcrr Thor-
oduscil in Iceland, who christened It
llm l.anglsjor. It ttretchoe from the
margin 1' the mighty glacier which
forms tho western side ol tho Vatrh
Jokull, and tho glacier water nf
which It Is composed I, of a pure
milky-white color.
A similar lake, hut on a tinnlK
scale, Is situated about thirty mllet
from Tuuranga, la New Zeuinnd.
"Wl men eomplnln ol every Ullle
imiii," , lm wns Stylng, "Iml wo women,
we tullei: In silence"
"I '■.■■ippnse you do suffer In K||opco,
j,,,) let." ■■■> K'letn lilcosTire In tnll(,"*ie
I discovered long ago that the
very bulklness of the ordinary diet
was not calculated to glvo one u
floar head, the power of sustained,
accurate thinking. T always fc'l
heavy and sluggish in mind as well
ns body after entlog the ordinary
meal, which diverted the blood (mm
tlie brain to the digestive apparatus.,   -,,,„,   _    ...   .     , .
"I tried foods  crtsy   of digestion. I 0UShl3(! WHf ..Tho.flat .la!t.c ?'. ^
but found them usuully dclicient   in
nutriment.     I     experimented
ol germs in the waler that is drowr
off may actually be increased Instead
ol diminished.
There Is but one safe way for the
consumer to deal with a doubtful
water-supply. If enough suspicion j J',!j' £"„' pl||a
attaches to thn water to make the]llieir action
use of a filter seem desirable, tho
conditions ore such that half-way
measures are out ol place, and only
absolute sterilization can be considered. Every drop of such water intended for table uso should bo thoi-
,lrl|i lilting lo tlm organs comtilt
power to perform their fi.netinns. Titer.,
valmiliio liun, l,,',,i! miter into tlie com*
fioMtlon of I'.oineti-o'H Vortotahla bills
ritul solve (o render them tlm ngi-eenin,,
I and Rtiiimiry motlleillO they are. Tlioro
so ellectlvo us thoy    ill
many breakfast foods and liny, too,
proved unsatisfactory, till 1 readied
Grape-Nuts. And then tho problem |
wus solved.
"draper-Nuts agreed with mo perfectly from the beginning, satisfying
my hunger and supplying tho nutriment thnl bo inaiiy other prepared
foods lock.
"1 had not been tslng It very lorn;
before 1 found that 1 was turning
but un iiinuiiitt! quantity and quality
ol work, Continued ubo hn, demonstrated to my entire satisfaction that
drnpiv-NiitH food contains nil the elements needed by the brain and nervous system of the hard working
public writer." Nnmo given bv
Postum Co., Battle Creek, Mich.
Tin-re's n reason. Head the littlo
book, "Tlie llond to WtillvlUe,'' In
ter treated In this way is duo to the
with | fad that the dissolved nlr is expelled Irom it by the heat, but by placing it in bottles only throe-quarte.' s
full and slinking well, enough ulr
will bo taben up to restore the pain-
lability. The bottles may then bo
placed In tlie refrigerator,to be cooled, for of course the Ice I, just as
likely to be bad as the water, ond
there li oouse In purifying tho water il dirty leo is to be put into It.--
Youth', Companion.
Cet plenty of sunlight. Nothing
beautiful or nwcot grows or ripens In
the darkness.
Avoid excesses ot all kinds. Tho.i
Injure the mind end body.
The long and beautilul and whole-
tome life i, qualified by constant
Don't livo   to cat.    Eat lo live.
King Victor Emmanuel of Italy Is
not a piny king or a figurehead, If
the stories that come from time
to time tell truly of Ids activity. His foreign minister, Bays a
writer in Leslie's Weekly, asked him
to sign n decree for enlarging the
force of the foreign office The king
promised to think the matter over.
The next morning he set out on
foot alone to visit the olilco. Arriving Ing nt nine o'clock, he (mind no
one there but a solitary Idle clerk.
"What arc Ihe hours of this office?"
asked the king.
"From eight till twelve," was the
"And when may I expect to sno
your colleagues?"
"They generally turn up about
"Very well. Tell your chief when
he comes Hint I havo been hero."
Then his majesty sent for tho minister, and suggested thnt Instead nf
asking lor more clerks he should
make It his business to see thut
those already employed did their
cure for discuses of tho sloiriach. It
will curo you.-GO
The aggressive    ninn who   always
wonts to tnku things into his    own
hands is never satisfied unless he   is
taking tlio things that don't  belong
| to him.
gel a Business or Shorthand education
nolliing will pny yon so well, and no
school can do sn well for you as lho
old successful Canada Business College ol llnniillon. We nm place Ml
of our graduates In goad .'situations
during titc incoming year. Wo did
II this year nml can do ll ngain. This
is llie old reliulilc College ol Canada,
established 41 years; 20 yours under
present  principal.     Over 3.000 grnilii-
ales In sllcoosstul business life, 'Hry
it   Write
II. li, GAI.LAGIIEB, Principal,
C. B. College, llainilUju, Oul.
Y. M. C, A. Buildings,
Mr. (Irtimpps—"I'd Just liko to
know what good nil these cookim/-
school hssons ore doing our daughter." Mrs. (1.—"Everything she
cooks she brings home." "Yes; and
none of the family will touch 'en
and thu things nre Just, thrown
away." "No, they urn not. SI11
gives them to trumps." "Ugh!
What good does Unit do?" "Wo aru
getting rid of Uie trumps."
A debt of gmt II lido is generally
tho hurdesl. kind to collect.
7*7 £-1ub Hunt, 1 orontj
COATS. Kventliim- In Kur.. Sen,ll,rt-aUlj{,
RAW FURS iSM*'^ *"
0   0
4-   ♦
0 Thi' U the MUon ul th* yfttr Th*rj rnu f\
x need to ""* cve.-v nreuuUon wittj yt-ur ^
I,tock.  BytS-nwrfw, 5
■t       6 0 )K TONIC       t-
jrand "ihar r«-u»dlei y-u hi»« ibe belt M
Tgnanotee ol boalth i" y iur -v<<. ♦
jj    VallUOle AdVtca Free     T
a t'-c it and iwcmfl jNWf ««a nterloM^ q
♦ •»-*""- -»
£ Thi VETE,IM»«V IKCIAin CO., Umlitt 0
t    W DU.VOiS ST.. TOBOMTO, OXr.    X
I/' PILLS ^v
Young Husband (to wife)—"Ditln t
I telegraph to you not to bring your
mother with you?" Young Wife—"I
know. That's what she wants to see
you about.   Sho read the telegram!"
Sunlight Sor-.ii ll letter than e'tier uiipi,
but il belt wt,en uud in the Snuligtu wij,
Buy Stiabght Boip aad kliow direciiun.
First Actor—Many n time my poor
old fill hoi* implored me not lo become
nn aclor." Second Aclor—Don't worry, old man—you didn't."
When In town, buy "Tho DSL" Monthil
I'laiter. Try it (or ntttmlgla „r ilu-umatlr llano.
It is tin best anil simplest tiling and will only
cos tilde.
A successful mnn Is llie one who Is
oblc lo persuade others to ncccpt liim
al his own valuation.
They Tvrike lln Torpid Enorgle. —Machinery nnl plnnrrly HU|icrvlscd a„,l left
to run Itself, very soon shows built In
Us working. It Ij the some with the
digestive, organs. Unregulated irom
time lo time they are likely io heron,,-
liu-|tid nnd thiow the whole rtytttiiDi out
of gear. I'arm, 'lee's Yettftnhle Pilll
iii-ii, ittoile to meet such uis,-s. They
rei-loiii lo the [ull (In (biucinc- (acuities, nnd I m,i|. Into order till purls of
Ihu  meeliunisu,.
"II you pleii',e," .-itinuiinced ,hc
grimy little person, who laid Jus:
rapped at tho door, "mother wnnls
to know if you will kindly lend her
your  prtscrvihg-kctilc?"
"Well," said (lie lady nl the hoinui
dubiously, "I would do so with t
pleasure, but tho last time 1 obliged
your mother he ]ircservcd It so eflee.
lively that I httVOll't seen It *inr„,"   |
A look of extreme hauteur patted
over the maiden', countenance.
"Very well," sho suid. "There's
no need to be misty about It. Tbo
old thing was full ol holes when wo
borrowed It, and mother wouldn't
have trembled 1° ask you again, on1"
wo see'd you bringing homo » new
In a restaurant recently a gentleman left his wile for a few moments
to chat with an acquaintance at another tahle, and while Ut wa, theio
hlr, friend persuaded him to partake
of some lamb.
Under a nuisupprcheriBlon tho welter removed tho lamb before ho had
eaten It, whereupon he exclaimed,
"Cloodness, whoro Is my lamb?"
Ills wife, overhearing the question,
answered In a clear voice, "Hert I
am, darling."
A man seldom acts like a fool trs*
let, he's the rctl thing.
Biexs—So the phrenologist who exam I your beau vvatn'l very com-
plinientary, eh?
Uiggs—1 should suy not. He loll
me 1 was cut out for a society man,
SilrMon transition Irom ft hot to a
colli teinporau-re, exposure to rain, sitting in a draught utireason«l,le lubllt-
tuuon of ilptit (or heavy clothing,, nt.
fruitful causes o( col,la and lie result
ant couch .0 perilous to ucrtonl o(
weak bines. Amintl the many meib, lr«o
(or bronchial disorders so .rutlng, ther,
is none oelUr ll,un Blcklo'l Anti-l'on-
euiii|,tive .Syrup Try tl anil become
convinced.     Price  23  cents.
Husband    (newly married)—"Don't
you think, love, if I were to smoke,
it would spoil the curtains?" Wil,—
"Ah! you are re.-illy the most ur.se^
fish and thoughtful hutband to b,
lound anywhere—certaialy il would "
Husband—"Well, then, lake the curtains down."
SuccMSlnLl eI,depentie-it nponf"*! l^v'lli.
you are out  ol s.,rt., ill  or  (ee'ile.  til.
•Porrovir.i."   It. the t,(*( (oni'c.    I, bOttl|L
tilmqiliii.ie ue,.,rs.
Oregson (In alarm)—"Great Scott!
I've left my purse under my pillow- "
Fitlior—"Oh, well, your Bervant l»
honest, isn't she?" (Ircgton**,
"That's Jon it—she'll take it lo on
Yoo c-nnol be exseded lo h-ve |ji li in
Sl.il-!.'! Coiuumptii-o Cure, In- l.u-fl
Tonic, is a cue lor Cold,, Cocjn aaJ all
dnotitiof the air paiuf**,, il yon live
Oo! tried it V.'e hive Iu:!i in it. .ad we
juirdnlee it. II it doea'l ewe yo-j il com
Tml notHej. II fl doe, it cot, you 25c.
ll.;t'. lair. Try it lo-dar.
Shiloli iu. curca roaay il.-rr-.r!, of Iks
moitol-uiufeui-t, tod we do nol heii'.ale
In mv (U( it vs-il! cure my Cold, CougS,
Tiuoal er Lung trouble. II we did nol
I'I'-,- thi, w. would not gu-rantce it
Shi!o!i his hid in unbroken record ol
lucceu ior tluily yein. It ha, .'k-I
tviiyicniolclcawidioulUiiie. Fc;ic(
li fourth m the annjr tesltmorusli c i LSo*«
trlb bave iml Sralob md bren cured
lilis. Afdiia Tajlor, Avph, Pa.. ^ ri«: -
" I tmiM i UtiU »i S*|W-'« Coctsumr'-lrti Cure
"ini*iny\ttnrii.'A   | ktrelwo chiUrn.
1 iiwlixre
ikWi.  W. «.*. il B ** WiiUo-n v,U m
EuM.ai i*, JrotallniilL   ll line,
reovleUV.   I au *l»wi keep il ia Ik,
Mtjjjt SSSStW wWe.qf Ptjdflj w BJA
«J thrr lud a KrrUe msA    I i>"
e-mlki*, I *nU Oak J. Wilrr VA i" 1
wel fo, flvwN m, mum l-wgla ■ bu
ISSUE NO. M- 01.
■   mlMmmWttmVmmmM
„ ^rw*c ■'■ **-f*ww*1*' THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE. B. 0.
Constructed on the broiidesl and mosl advanced ideas!
with all the perleclion of constructional detail
n',/.l- it
recognized lo-dav as llie musical standard of Canada, possos.-
. features and ,u iracteristics, eiulor.ned nol only by imisiciatis
bul all person* ol unprejudiced inusiciil ability who inslanlly
lisire qng     sand give il Ihclr unslitilod priilso,
ing a*
|-,,, puril- ol lone nod power, conihiiied willi  a  perfect  action and
touch,   the  NORDHEIMER   PIANO   is  distinguished loan
exceptional degree.   Can be had for a very lillle more llian llie so many
inferior makes Ihnt are being sold in this cily,   You may own one of lliose
pianos in making a small paymcnl down and ihe balance on terms lo suit,
Call'or write lo llie Agents lor Eastern Hr'disli Columbia.
Hbe flDail-lberalb.
Iuc'.iiliiig l1
n-iasc to Knnln.nl, United i
end Canada,
Itlirougli liostofllcc]	
Mil notices 10 ccnus per lino fli-sl Insertion,
"iccnts per lino each subsequent Insertion,
Inch], Store and general Inisuu-s a -
noiiiH-'-ini-ui- 18.91 l»r Inch per month.
Preferred positions, So per cent -■
ilitionnl. Births, Marriiges and
v, each Insertion. All advert
snh)ei.t totho approval of llio iiittiingomoiit.
Wanicil and Condensed Advcrlteinei to!
Age s Wauled, Help « anted, B uallou
nteil Siluiitloiis \iu-iiiil. leu, her*
Wanted, Mechanic, Wanted, 10 words, or
,,... •--, each odditloiiiU lino m cents.
bo In Try 0 a, m. 'Hn-.-ilny and l-rldaj ol
each week to a-ouro bih»i display,
Ileal lis
JOB PRINTING priiiliplly executed ul. reasonable rates.
TERMS- Cash,  Subscriptions payable In nil.
CORRESPONDENCE Invited on niattors ol
public interest, Communication, io Bailor inii-i be nccompnnlcd by name of
wi-it-r. nol iiccofsarily for nunlioaUon, mu
I- eviilem e of good faith. I'tim-spoiiilciice
-houlll be brief.
MU 11 111 SON,
u'lizic Avenue.
Blook, Rbvel-
Impebial Bank
6TOKE, 11. C,
.Muiiey to loan. ,      .    ,   „ ,,
Offices! Revelstoke, IU\; lorl Stoolo, H. 0.
Geo. J. McCahteb,
A. 51. l'lNKUAM.
Revelstoke, B. C.
J. .v. Harvey,
Kurt Steele, 11. t:
J. M. Scott ix.n.
icon AND
W. 1. Brlggs.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
solicitors/F(,Ii Molsons Hank
First Street. Kevelstoke, B.U,
iMern. American Institute Mining Engineer*)
Ctuodlan Mining In-litute.l
Revelstoke, B. 0.
Eianiinatioi. of and reports on Mineral Pro
pcrties a Specially.
Agent tor Canadian Sletol Company, buyers
of nine ores.
Financial Assistance given owners, uiul pro*
■ratfl and develop
,;; ran I properties.
Zbc flfealMbetalb
" I would . • . , .-—•!., iii tor
their good lo ordei this] ipet lob, punctually
served up, ind tot- u] cm „• - part ol
■ •■ , ■   ,.; igc,    '■■'.
1 The New York World -ays. "Can-
udn ir awakening and ii going on
a\i,ce. It is Inorettii.- i rident that
the ii destined t bet mi il mil il ■
member of tin- relativel) imtll group
uf great commercial natl n, now in
control of the world', trade u soon ni
tbe can attract enough new settler,
to develop her great mineral and
agricultural resource*.''
We suggest thot the city council
tske step, to secure- as on endowment
for the city the Dominion land on tho
west side ol the Ciilutiiliin river opposite Revelstoke. Some day another
railway will be built Irom tho south,
probably on the west side of tlie Columbia river, and that land would bo-
come very valuable Ior townsitc and
other piirpoie,. With a Irullic bridge
over the river, that land would now lui
in demand. Tho Dominion Government lias given such subsidies to
other cities.   Why not to Revelstoke ?
present railway bridge and convert, it
to a triillio bridge. The large mill
now in course ol construction by the
Revelstoke Sawmill Company uci'OSB
the river, tlie urea of land available on
the west bank of tho river and in
the Eagle Pass, besides nccessubility
to the pass for tourist trnlfio, justify
consideration of a permanent nu ans ot
aoecBs across there. It is understood
thnl the site of the new bridge will be
a little north of tlie site ol the present
bridge, nml the C. P. R, might as well
sell it to thi government at a reasonable price as dismantle it. The mat-
tor is one for the consideration of the
Board of Trade, the Provincial Government, and Municipal authorities,
and ive hope it will be taken up in
ample time to allow of nn arrangement being mado in Ihe direction
The request of the C. 1'. It. to be
provided with electric power should
have tho best consideration tho city
council c»n give it. (loo ol tlie
greatest factors in the industrial development of a city is cheap ond reliable power, and if the council could
see their way to got sullicient revenue
to pay the actual present est o!
operation it Bhould be und, rl nken, as
this power, once established, would be
a grunt inducement to other industries to locate and opt rate in illicit)', am! would lay the Inundation ol
industries and manufactures which
would do more than anything else to
build up the city and ensure tor it
steady growth and prosperity. The
Illeoilliwaet river will provide ior the
greater part of the year nil the power
that would be required In Revelstoke
for some years to come, and during
the winter months an auxiliary steam
plant could be added to overcome the
difficulties that have existed from ice
or from temporary shortage of water.
Another point worth consideration is
that if the city does not put in an
electric power plant, the C. P. K. and
others who want such power will
operate their own plants and do their
own lighting us well, thus causing
the city n big loss in revenue. It is
up to the citizens to look ahead in
this iiiiittetiind to BUpport the council
in n progressive policy provided such
can be curried out without adding to
the taxation oi the city.
Demolished   at
The statement thai Ihu ('. P, ll. intend building a steel bridge over the
Columbia river at Revelstoke introduces the question ivbetlier sumo
action should not be taken by the
Provincial and municipal aiithoritic,
to acquire  from  the <J, P. It. their
East Kootenny was tho ftrtl section
ol the interior of Brlti.li Columbia to
attract the attention of the pi ipe itor,
The exposuie, of silver lead ore on
Jubilee and Bpilllmaohcen Mountain!,
■12 miles .south oi Golden ,,n the Columbia River, wore the lirst mineral
locations to attract attention. For
years before the Indians bid taken
the crude ore found exposed on the
slopes of these mountains and meltei
it inlo bullets fur their hunting expo
ditions. An old time protpeotoi
named .lohn MoRae conceived the
idea ol mining and smelling this ore
on the ground and he built a smelter
ol stono and Iron on tho south bank
ol the Spilliiiiiicbenii  River, near its
junction with the Columbia ,\ gang
ul men employed by the government
to rebuild the bridge over tlio Spilli-
luncheon ilitiniintled this old smelter
Inst week to supply stone for the piers
of the new bridge and burn Imitinmny
to the excellence ol thn workmanship
shown in its construction.
This smelter was built in Ixx'luiiil
is suid to have been the pioneer Hinolt-
i-i ol liritish Columbia, The builder
and promoter, John Mcltae, died
aboul tun years ago leaving Ihis
smelter and llie development work he
did on Kpilliimichccii and .lubiliin
mountain! a, the monument! ol his
work as a pioneer prospector ol
Mr. Hawthornthwaite iNnuahiio)
nud liii bill for the exionsion uf the
Iratiohise to women occupied n ton*
siilenibli! portion ol the House's time
this nlternoon, Tho lahnted lather
ol the inonsuro covered much ground
in his epoeeli in it! support: more, in
fact, than lho Speaker ol ihe House
lound admissible. Thin ivheii the
member lor riitnalnio,nlany, ppcaklng
io llie question of female sulfrage, had
lightly touched upon the mercurial
protoplasm, the hardy nnd s melimes
bigamous savage, tho gallant medi-
aevallst in boiler-plate, the capitalist,
the materialist, Tonvy and Alexander', mission work, nnd whnt he
called " economic deterniinisn," and
finally turned to discuss the question
of the rather nebulous religious belie"
of himself and his party, those who
could see the face of the Hon. Mr.
Poolcy, Speaker of the Legislature,
became aware that his features were
Informed with a derisive and incredulous grin. The Speaker of the House
bus to listen to much that hears upon
thu Improbable, the impossible and tlie
ludicrous, and through it all must
strive to keep a silent tongue and a
straight iuce; but the conjunction ol
Mr. Hawthornthwaite nnd a religious
belief of any kind was too wildly
Bluntly the Hon. Mr. Pooley interrupted tlie member for Niiniiinio iu an
impassioned denunciation uf hell-lire.
"The member for Nanainio is out of
order," he said curtly; " this House
Iiiib no concern with his religious beliefs."
Mr. Hawthornthwaite was annoyed.
He regretted to dill'er with the Speaker, und, alter half an hour more, concluded a speech which can probably
be best described in the brief criticism
given of it by a prominent Liberal on
the Opposition benches Talking tlie
speeoh over with some friends in the
lobby of the House, this gentleman
said —" Well, a belief in tlie Bible and
hell-lire may he ridiculous, but HttW-
thornthwiiite'i speech in the House
this afternoon has shown us that a
disbelief in them can be very much
more ridiculous."
The debate was adjourned on motion
ol ,1. 11. Brown (Greenwood) and the
bill to amend the Provincial Elections
Act by reducing the deposit from $200
to $50 wns taken up.
Speaking thereto, the Finance
Minister opposed the measure. The
Biini was small enough, us it was, and,
if a man and hi, friend, could not
rune such a trilling amount, he did
not see what right they had to put
the country to the expense of an
Davidson (Slocun) said the $200
lepoiit was limply an attempt uf the
Government to create a monopoly ol
ruling among tboso who had money.
Bowser (Vancouver) lavored a reduction to ?100 and said be would
move same in committee.
Munro(Chilliwack) moved adjournment of the debate.
The Houie then resumed the ad
joitrned debute on the motion lor a
select committee by Brown (linen
wood) to enquire concerning the
"t'nek Train" mineral claim. After
considerable debate, the motion was
lost by 17 to 13,
The He-use went into committee on
the Dyking Assessment Bill, when a
number oi amendment, were introduced and progress rri/ rted
Tlie Act respecting distress was
committed1 and reported complete
without amendment,
The lion. Mr. Fulton presented the
first report oi the provincial garni and
toresl warden ol the pr- .. ici
Tbe House adjourned at I 30
II.U.I'llil.l -
A very important act i* that introduced  -ui  Thursday   by   Mr.   Price
Ellison (Vernon) to be known as the
Telephone Aot,    Thu measure provides, to quote it! third ,ei tlen   "that
ev,-ry person, aitooiation or company
operating a telephone line -mil have
the  right  to connect lilt their or itt
j line or lines  ol  telephone   wilh   the
■   it lines ol telephoi o I any public
eomptny subject us licrcinttlci  pro-
ided     I he Aol gi i Ite the
term, ami conditii a, ui dei »hioh
these connection, -ball be mule and
the arrangement, ind fixing ,,l an
eqoitable schedule of rate, and rents
therefor, to be subject to the approval
(A) in unorganised districts, ol tbe
Lieut. Governor-in-Counoil, and (B)
in organised districts, ol the councils
of munioipal corporations within thcii
territorial limits. The importance of
this measure, more particularly in regard to what mny Iki termed rural or
semi-rural districts, can hardly lie
,ivi-r-estimated. Debute thereon wiil
probably take place early in tho week,
and will bo followed with keen Interest,
A long debute on tho report on the
Dewdney Relief Hill occupied tlm
early part ol Friday iilternouii. Thn
motion to amend brought in I y Oliver
(Delta) wa. Anally defeated by a vote
of 21 to lfi, and the report was adopted,
The third rnudiiiK is set, for Monday.
The report on the Act respecting
distress was adopted, The third reading is sot for Monday.
The Aot to amend the Dyking As-
lOMment Act waa ngniu committed
and reported complete with amend*
incuts, The report will I* considered
on Monday.
Tlm Act to ratify an agreement between tho provincial and fedoral
government, regarding the Western
boundary ol  thi   Railway   Holt  win I
read a second lime, and will go into
committee on Monday
The Act to amend tlie Midway A
i onion Railway Oo. Act, 11)01, passed
its second reading ve*y saisliictorily.
It iB set down for committee on
Price Ellison, who lms ihis hill i'i
charge, is ono of tho most Indefatigable workers on the Government side
olthe I louse, lie is generally tho
last to leave iho Assembly Chamber,
and bis close attention to the interest!
ol liii constituency is a inattir of
approving remark.
woman's franchise,
Tlie resumption of the debute on
the Act to extend the franchise to
women brought J. li. Brown (Green-
{I'oiiclinlod on l'mte Fivol
Notick U hereby %\n» that thirty daynflor
diitc 1 iiilcliil l-i I'l'l'ly   tO  (lit!  linn.   Chief
(■iimniimlmipr of Lamia ami Work's", (nr a special
lii'BiiHu tn cut mitt carry way timber from the
following deacribod lantla i
(Nuiinienclng at a poet iilitiitt'il at the Norlli
west corner of the 0, P, 11. Mock, No, 378, near
mouth of Mosquito Creek, ami iuniiinn 10 chains
wost,, thence 160 chains soulli, tlience 40 chains
cast, theuce mu cliiiins north to place of com*
Dated Jan, 24th, 1906,
'OTICE IS I1K11KHY GTVKN Unit thirty
NOTICE is hereby riven that thirty days
lifter dull' I intond Iii ii|i|>ly to tho Hoard
of Licensing Commissioners for tlio HovoUtoko
Lloenslng District for a transfer of my licenso
for the Grand Hotel, Nakusp, to Malcohm
McCarthy, of Itosohorry, 8. C.
days after date I intend to anply lo the
I'liiel Ooiniuissioner of band, anil \\ orks for a
sitecinl license lo cut and curry away timber
from the following described funds in West
Kootenay District:—
Commencing ut a post marked "0. II. Kirk',
south east corner post," ]>l,inte<! at the niirtli ,'ust
comer nl timber limit tool ami about one uml one-
luiK miles from [Hind buy mi the linrtli arm „f
Arrow Luke, tlience north 80 ,-liainn, thence west
120 chains, tlience south in chains, tlieiic east sn
chillis, tlience nontli 4U chains, thence east in
■hauls tn ,,„ilitot i-eliniiiuieeilielit,.
bated Jaiiy. sntli, limo.
C. 11. KIRK.
 IB is.lioreby given Unit, HO days alter
^.  date.II intend to ai»i>ly to tlio Chief Coin-
missiouer of Luiiils nud Works for a special
licenso to cut und carry away timber from the
 _. lloner Arrow 1
   liinds situated on west
pper Arrow take in Wost Kootenny
following  describod
side of Ul
days after date I Intend to apply I" tho
Chief I'miuillrfhloiior of Lands and Works for a
special license io out and carry away Umber
from lho following described land*. :—
CounuullclliK ul u post planted nbuut lour
mllos south of Cnpe Horn on tipper Arrow
Lake mul marked " bin lleud Ltlirber Com-
piiny's north-west corner post," thonco oast
SU chains, thonco south sn cliiiins, (lieiiro
wosl su rhnius, thunco norlli Sllcliiiius to {mint
of riinntHiuci'mont,
Dated January Ttli. 10*.
da vs utter date wo Intend to apply lo llio
Cliiof Commissioner of bands anil Works lorn
special licenso to nil nud carry away Umber
from tin, fulhwillK desei-ilieil lallils l-
('iiiiiiiitiiiciuir at a post pluntod nt Iho northwest cornor nt K. and S. block mm on tlio
wost sido ol Upper Arrow Luke nml mnrlind
"Big llond Lumbor Company's soullevvost
cornor post," thonco liorlh IW chains, thonco
oast 111 chains, llioncn sinilli lui chains, thonco
west 1(1 chains to point „I com niiui-uiueut.
Jim. ilh. moil. Mils
iluysutlcr dale we intend loiipply to lln
Chief Ciiiiuillssloner of lands and Works fori.
Hpecud license la cut anil carry inv-ay timliei
front llie following described Ian Is:-
No. 1.
Commencing at u post planted ou tlie west
side of llm north fork of Kosllliill Creek aud
about two and ono-quartor miles abovo the
im-ks and marked "big Bond Lumber Company's Southwest Corner I'ust," tlience north
Ilin chains, tlience west III chains, lliclino soutli
UN chains, thence east III chains to point ol
Coliliniilicbigat a post iilanUid on llie east
aide ot Ihu norlli fork of r'ustlioll Creek about
one and one-half mile* above llie forks and
marked "lllg Bend Lumber Company's South-
wesl corner post, thenco north ltH) olialna,
thence east 1e cliiiins, thence soutli Kill chains,
tlience west in chains lo point ol commencement.
No. 3.
Commencing at a post planted about one hair
mile Irom the west bank of the north fork ot
Kosthall Creek and uliout one mile above the
(orks and marked " Dig llend Lumber Company's Southeast Corner Cost," thenco north
lliu clmins, Ihence west 111 chains, Ihence south
101 chains, tlionco east In ohains lo point of
Commencing ul a post planted about one half
mile from the west bunk of llm north fork ol
Fost hull Creek und about four miles above the
forks ami marked "Big Bend Lumber Company's Northeast Comer Post," thence wost 80
ehains, thence south 80 ohains, thoneo east 80
chains, thence north 80 ohains to point ol com-
Arrowhead, B.C.,
Jail XI. 1IHJU. 255 CIS
lt,-eiilnr muellliK, are held la the
iiditlcllows llab on ihe'third I'U-
day of each month, al8 p in.sharp.
Vi-IIIuk lirclltrcu ,-urdlalli luvllcil
11. J.TAlli.KUT, lloe.-Sec.
Moris on First Ttn'Hilay ulovery month, I
I, O. O, 1'. Hall.
.i. ACIIESON, W. I',
Cold Range lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
III lltldlelhiws' Illll at 8
lock Visiting Knights lire
rillally .llvlleil.
. II. SCOTT, (1. 0.
Stewart Mcdonald, k.oir.as.
K.oouitiuv Lodge No. IS A FA AM.
,»,    *?T^C. Tlie regular meet
*V—y&"~\^ uig- ai" held In the
Musculo Temiile,
uld Fellows llall.on
the third Monday In
eiuih .mini I) at b
iuin. Vlsltliigbruth-
run  cordially  wel
C. A. I'UOCUNIKIl, Sborktary,
1. Cniiimeticiiig at a post marked "Robert
Sanderson's niirtli east corner," and planted on a
blasted line running east Irom Piuestnn Creek anil
crossing the divide about twu miles wesl of San-
demon's lime kiln, thence simtli 80 chain,, tlience
west SO chains, thence mirth 80 chains, thence
east SO chains to point ul commencement.
1 Commencing at a post marked "R. S. smith
easterner," ami planted aboul 10 chains west id
post dcicrllieil III first location, theuce north 80
'hains, tlience west SO chains, tlience soutli 80
liains, thence east su chains to puint ol commencement.
Dated this 21st iiuy „f January, 1906.
Halcyon, 11. C.
VfOTICK is hereby pivan that thirty days
]M after date wo intend to apiily to tbe Chief
Commissioner of Lands ond Works for special
lico(i*o to cul nnc. enrfy nwny timber from tlio
fnllowioK (ioscrilwd lands.
Commencing at a ix>st marked Bowman
Lumber Co., Ltd. N. E. Cornor post, 314 miles
north-west ofiBnnnoek Point; thonco south 80
chains; west 80chaioj,; mirth 80 chains; east
80 chains to |x>int of commencement.
OTICE is hereby given that, 30 days after
date, wo intend tn apply tu the Chief Com*
....-sinner of Lands and Works for a special
.loeose to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands:
Starting ot a post planted at the north west
of R, Glendenning'
i Columbia Riv
cornor _.
ated on the north side of
about .i'i miles helow Upper Arrow Loko and
marked X.C.t, Co.'s Upper South West Corner
Post) thenoe north 40 chains, thenco oast 160
chain:*, thenco south 40 chains, thenco west 10
chain) t<> point of commoncomout.
Sasii-p. B- C Doc 29th, 1906. 12f3
mlllHTY DAYS after dale we intend to
1 apply lo the. Cuininissimier of Lands and
Works for a special license to cut ami carry
away timber from the following described
1. Commencing at a post planted ot thu
north-east corner of K. & S„ Blook 800, aud
marked " Big Bend Lumber Company's Southeast Corner Tost." thonco north 100 chains,
thence west 40 chains; thence soutli lOOchains;
thence out 40 chains to point of commencement.
2. Commencing at a pout planted about otic
mile north from tho north-west corner of K,
and 3., Hlock, 860, and marked " Big Bend
Lumber Company's South-cast Corner Poat,
thence north 80 chains; thonco west 80 chains;
thenco nouth 80 chains; thence east 80 chains
to point of commencement. 11
3. Commencing at a post planted about one
mile north from the north-west corner of K.
and 8,. Block 8fi0, and marked " Big Bend
Lumber Company's North-east Corner Host,'
thonco west80chalns; thonco south 80 chains;
thenco east 80 ohains: thence north 80 chains:
to point of commencement.
Bio Bend Lumhbu Company, Ltd.;
Dec. 28th, 1906. 26 F
NOTICR Is hereby given that XI daya aftor
dale I Intend to apply to tho Chief Commissioner ol lands and Works for a special
license tn out and oarry away timber from the
following described lands situated on the cant
sldo ol tipper Arrow LaVo In West Kootenay
dlstrlcti-Commoncing at a post marked "Bert
Blyth's Sonth West Corner Post, planted
about 1| miles north of Haloyon Hot Springs
and about 1 of a mile from l*ko shore; theneo
east 80 chains; thonct, north 81 chains; thenoe
west 80 chains; thenco south 80 chains to point
of commencement. BBRT ItLYTH,
January 2,1906, 	
SELKIRK LODOB, NO 19,1.0.0. T.
Meet* every Tliunula'
evening iiiOililFcllnws
Hall al 8 o'clock
'Visiting brethren oor
dhilly Invited to at
It, IUCIIUNAI.D, N.C1.        J. MATHIK, Sue
Society and Church Concert,.
For term, write Box 704,
Revelitoke, B. 0.
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders for Beef and Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and small goods
will receive prompt attention.
Open Air Rink
W. G. Watson's open air rink
is now open: Ice in good shape
Engagements accepted for At-
Homes <fco. Theory Le.*.*ons a
specialty. Pupils now enrolled lor
tho new year.
Alphonsus De Feo
Lessons 50c. Each.
Oiven at Mr, Dnminio Gallioono,
near Station.
Music supplied at "At Homes" and
If in want of
write for prices to
1HL.E. Griffiths
n. c.
N'OTICS is hereby given that, 30 days after
date, I intend to apply to tie Honorable
the Chief Commlasloner of Lands and Works
fur ,1 special license to cut and carry away tim*
t>cr from tlm following described lnndf: -
>'»,1. Commencing at a post planted on tho
north side of Smith Crook, about seven miles
from I'alli-pr Rlfor, thenco oast 80 chains,
Ihence north 80 chains, thunco west HO chains,
ihence sonth 10 chains to place of commonco-
Located the Ut day of (January, litofl.
No, i ' ommenelng at a post planted on the
west -ideiif Smith Creek, about ten miln^ from
1'iiili-ir Hirer, thence oorth to chains thenco
west Bchalni thence JOOthW chains, thnimn
eg i -j ohe '   to place of commencement.
biniLfl.. the i-' day of January, lixxi,
No, ,   ( nmmencing at a post planted on tho
leal I reek it-mni ten miles from
I'.iIIi-itHirer thence 10chainswoat,thence80
, |,aini outb  thence 10 chaini east, thenoe *i
chain north to place of commencement.
Looated the i it day ol January, toon.
ga i   |.,',   ,- b  k if a pmt planted cm the
nl Smith ( reek, about nine mtlei
from PallUer Itivnr, ihence to ohalni went,
■-.,,!'.      ,        mtb   tnence (Oohalru east,
theoce 180 chain   north to piar« of oommenee*
\m ited thi Iti tai ■'■ January, 1900
No "i Commencing at a poet planted on the
,., * bank of Bmith Creek, about eifhl mllM
from Pelllser Hirer, thence m chain* Hit,
thence SO uhairu north, thence Wtchfliii.i we-t,
thence 80 cbaiai toeth to place of commencement
Located the Ithdej of Juiniary, 1KB,
No •'• ' OBunenclpg at a i*->'t planted on the
oast bank of Palli^er River abool iu ml lee
from the month and hUhu two inile^ from the
river, thence  wntll fl ehalpfl, thence en*t ItJi
ohains, tnence north 10 chilns, thenoe wet 100
chaini to place ol commencement.
Located the Ith day of January, IW
'itf Pet Wnlter Nlion, Anont,
No i. Commencing at (i port planted on the
east, -ide of Pall lief Hirer, about ni mllM
from the mouth mul two in I I'M from the river,
thence north (H cliiiin-   thence'"! I liKlfthaih ,
thence 'ihiUi   I'i ''hum . ihiinro wn I P'il chain-i
to place of oommencement.
Located the (1th day of January, 1906,
NOTICE Ih hereby given that i30 daya after
dale t intend to apply to the Chief
Commlsfiioncr of Lands and Works for a apee-
iiil license to cut Mid carry away winter from
the following described lands situated on tho
east side ot tho Upper Arrow Lako in West
Kootenay district;-
Commencing at a poat marked "Bert Blyth's
Northwest Comer Post," planted on George
Boyd's oeBtorn boundary and about 160 chains
north of his southeast corner; thenco south 80
chains; thenco cant 80 chains; thence north 80
clmins; thence west 80 chains to point of commencement.
Commencing at a post marked "Bert Blytb'
South WostCorncr Post," planted OjiQMrg
Boyd's Kastorn Boundary, aud about iWchaliw
norih of bin south-east comer; thonco north W
chains; theuce eaat 80 chains; thence south 80
chains; thenco west 80 chains to point of com-
Dec 28th, 1905.
I have started a permanent Wood
Yard on Third street. With mv past
experience I hope to be in a position
to mitisfy nil reqiiiiemonls of customers. Dry cordwond kept in stock and
supplied in any lengths nt reduced
prices for cash.
«J|i i/fci^i^i^ffcifcifti^iwrji fjMjirjp
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paio
F.  B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Richard' R. Copeland
Mantles, Mhelvinir, Storin Door,, etc
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
Third Street East,
Notice I, hereby given that ,n application
will bo mado to ihe Loglilttlvt sgejnMlfJt
thi I'riiviiii'cii! Ilrltlnh Columbia, at Ita next
session lor an Aot to Incorporate acompa-iy to
I,,, railed "The Kamloopn and Yellow Head
■„s   Hallway Company," with power U>m-
(met, equip ami operate aline ol raI .way
I ,„„ „ point at or near Kamlnopa, he ire
iiiiiIiil' In a iinrthcrly ilircetion lollowlng
the valley, ol tho North Thotoploo river, the
•mi i„ river and MoUunao'l creek lo a jiptnt
a , r iic.ii-Ton- Jaune Cache In tlio Provlneo
111 urillsli (',,101,11,1* vvl.l,,,llHv.e,pojvera»a
rotybo neoeaary and oxpodlofd^lor theoon.
slrurllon aniliiperal oiniliald Hue "I Kallwav
iiid with power to puiphttt tnd develop tna
" , vry , vlir Its llllllil oi Way, electric liovver
„n,l t,;»,n ami Sitribute tht nmt withinith,
"»,i i-rnvliii-e. ol nrillih Otlurobla, aad with
,,0,,'r „,,. nnlr,' and operate atnamboals and
i,   „. , Otlon Willi Ihe Hallway, and
,111 ,,„„,r to ,-ffrrl a Junction with any Una
I rat way to be ooilltraoUd Irom ho hoiiIIi lo
.Mint,I or near Kan, pi. or with IhoOaa-
"iliaii I'ai'lll,'  Hallway at Ihal. p I and also
wilh any rallwav cumin, wrslword llironuli
ihi, yellow-Hi-ad 1'iaa.
Dated ai Vanoouver, iiriiinii Coluitbla, llll,
Cilti -lay „l l„n ibflfi a.IL, I'Ji-i.
TUPPKB 4 OKimil,
Royal Din, I'liainlii'". Vanrouvrr,
llrlllsli Columbia,
,IH.r,»- iinllelior.liir Appllfanla.
r Wiil,or Nix,,I,, Ag,nt,
N„. h, (Jommenplng at a poil planted on the
nils! I,noli of PalfllOr  Hlvar, ahoilt, sll inilei
Irom llm month, thourn south III chains, llioiirn
mist itfOohalna, thonoo ""ril, m flhnins, Ihono,
west, um chains to plao, "f oommonoomint,
boonttd tlio Bill day ol Jonunry, UM,
'.'K Per Walter Nlmn. Ajonl,
Nn ll   t'o'iuii'iiicliiu nl ii isist. nliititnd on the
wosl. lunik "I  I'lilli'-nr rlmr, lilsull si, miles
Irom lln, iimiilli, Hi,',,,-,- III rliiilii, west, tinmen
Wlrlimiissolill,, ll,euro IIII'hiiins i„ct, lliillicn Kll
rhnius norlli to ,,1 n,--- of rommcncnmol.
Locatiid the Illll day of .luliuiiry, IINIII,
|U per Waller Nlion, A,ont.
Mra. ll..I. Ilti.iliury ManagroM,
First-Class Table,
Private Dining Boxes.
I.nritn Dlnlptroom lor
Hnii,|ticls, Sii|,|H,rs, ale
Furnished Rooms To Let.
Doctor Veterinary Science.
Qratlualo Ontario Veterinary Oollege, year 1881
l iront nil disci!*,* of domeitlo animal,. Diploma can bo aeon In Hews' DriiK Store. I am
do Iriiod or Importer ttavtlllng srouno tho
I'liiuilry viiitlinlalnK UlO pnbllo. I havool
manner nf liwtrumoiil.s lor iiorfonninK Burgletl
(Imiratliina and Dtntlltrf oil all iinlinals.
'I'wiiiity-fonr rears Draotloal oxporlonoo.
Residence—Lower Town, Revelitoke.
Important Notice!!
aimiiuiire to the laillu anil gentlemen ot ltcel-
Bloke that they have made arrangement, with
Walter Hews, I'hm. B., Druggist, and will hold
daily del Htnilions Iur two week,, ciiliinienclllg
MONDAY, FEB t regarding treatment el tha
Hair anil Scalp.
They reBtiectfiilly Invite everyone to rail and
connult with them. Come and ,ee the Long,
llenntidil Hair, grown by the use ol the Savon
Sutherland Slaters' Hair drawer and
Hair and Scalp Oleaner. Canadian Head
Office, 11 Colt-erne Street, Toronto, J. II. Kalley,
Foreign Manager.
Nurseries, Greenhouses & Seed Houses
SBKU3, New crop now In Htock and on teat
in our groenhouaea. Aak your merchant for
them In scale I paekngoa. If he doea not handle
them wo will mull ell assorted. 6c packets of
voRitUble and dower seeds tour owi. selection,
snitiilile for II. 0, gardona) for (LIN, Special
prlecH on your hulk aeoda.
MKNTAL TKKKS now ready lor aprlng
Kit rn nine slunk of two and three-year Apple
Trues at. ,20.011 per llll, limni per 1.IHII; May-
iiiiiii I'liinu. 11.1,1 ,-iii-h; Itiilinu Prune, two-
year, line. tM.ni por mu; Sugar Prune, two
yenr, Hue, WO.OO | or KM.
Full list of oilier alock al regular pi-Ices. No
ox-mum!, loss or delay of fumigation or
l«t ino price your ll»t Imforc placing your
(Ireeiihousc I'lunts, Flor Work, liceSuppllcn,
Frull Packages, Fnrtillnira, etc.
Nl.  J,  HENRY
KW, WliSTtlSSTliK hiiaii, vanciipvbr, r. c.
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tel nervier*
Cane Chain
Flower Pota
Umbrella Stende
Lunch Haekete
Smoking Jackcta
Silk Good,,
Flneit etock ot oandiei and frulU In town.
Front Street, Revelitoke
Jas. I. Woodrow,
Retail Dealer ln^
Fish and Game in Season.
All ordora promptly flllod.
Bankhead Goal
Nl ITI0K Is lieri'liy given that 30 days tirtcr date
we Intend tu apply to the Hull, The Oldef
('oiuniissluiii'i „( LiuuIb ami \V„rks (ur a Special
License to etitimil carry away tltnlier (ruin (he
following ileacrlliAllalllH.
Colnnielicliig at n post pliiiileil on Uu, liurlh side
olcarilsn, I'.riickalMiitttlirue i[tiarters nt n tulle
eiist ,,f lliirtiin City TowiibIi,-, and marked " the
V. I,'. L.Cu'h, norlli west corner post" and tlience
iiunilligiiaattllcliiiIlM, Bolltll HO challlB, weat W
chains, iiurtli Wl clialll, to point ol commencement.
Haled at Nakusp, 11. 0., Jan. unit, IBM.
\TOTH-K Ih liereby Bi«n that 30 daya
il after dnte I intend to apply to the Honor-
nhle the Olilef (iDtnmtHsIoDer of LHeds aud
Works for a ^oecittl license to cut and carry
away timt>er from the following descrlhed
Inticfs, situHtcd in Wont Kinitenay District:
(kmimenciujc nt a post planted about one
niilo north ol Halcyon Hot Spring's and about
', mile from rrow Lake, and marked "Bert
Blyth's north-west cormir post,' thonco soutli
40 cliiiins, thence east 100 chains, thenco north
40 chaini-, tlionco vest 100 ehalus to point of
Dated January 16th, 1W6.    „,„
Egg Size Delvered
tove "
Nut    "
Orders left at P.
Burns & Company's
Office will receive most
prompt attention.
:; F. McCarty, Agent.
The Money Saving
Work Saving Soap
That', Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largoit
Soap Factory wo,t of Winnipeg. House cleaning and
wathingareeasy with itshelp.
And the money saving i, the
Premium System
Booklet tell, what we give for
Royal Crown Wrapper,. Send
for it—Free—Also try the
Royal Saop Co., Ltd.
Continiied from Fourth Page.
woiaJ) to hi, feet. Ho did not agree
with the contention ol the momber for
Nnnniniv that woman wns down-
trodden, nor did lie fee what hell-lire
had to do witli tho matter, but he
considered the extension of the (ran*
chine to tho fi'iuale sex n simple net
of justice.
It, Hull (Vieloriii) supp rltil llie
meiuure, nnd leui.ukotl Ihnl lie h.d
always done ro.
The Hi'llsO for the mosl p.il't sill
quint, uud took no pint in the deb le
The oxpi'ii neo ol Au-iri-i-, with!
female suffrage, und too Im't ih it thorn j
are nt present iill.lRltl uuenployed
walking the streets ol one Australian
town alone—lho city ol Bydnoy— aro
matter, of oonnuon knowledge on the
Coasl, where driven out exiles from
tlie Antipodes nre constantly arriving
by every boat. The lilies they tell are
no inducement to well-governed mul
prosperous Canada to try her hnnd nt
fool legislative experiment,.
That a conviction is growing against
any such measures can be easily seen
by comparing this year', vote ou the
subject with thnt ol lust jcar. Female
tuffrage wa, defeated lust session by n
voteol twenty to sixteen; it was defeated yesterday by a vote of twenty-
lour to twelve. Among those voting
against it were no less than live Opposition members, namely Messrs, J,
A. Maedonald (liosslnnd) leader ol the
Opposition, Henderson ( Aslicroft ),
Jone,(Cariboo), Murphy (Cariboo) und
Patterson (Islands). Those figures
convey a tolerably plain lesson.
The resumption ol the adjourned
debate on the bill to amend the Provincial Elections Act wa, notable lor
a maBterly speech by Munro (Chilli
waok) who opposed tlie reduction ol
the deposit. Mr. Munro is easily tho
most steady-going and thoughtful
speaker on bis side of the House, and
hi, remark, a, to the danger, which
the course proposed would inevitably
lead to in loweiing tlie standard of
public representation created a great
impression. He had, he admitted,
held different opinion, nt one time,
but eiperit nee had taught him better.
Stuart Henderson (Ya'.e) put an
abrupt extinguisher on the debate by
suddenly rising and asking the Speaker whether it wa, in order Ior a private
member to introduce a measure affecting the revenue of the province.
Silence followed. Messrs. Hawthornthwaite and Parker William,
glared at the gentleman from Aslicroft.
who Biniled upon them with hi, own
particular smile—that smile which
used to irritate poor Eberts to frenzy
under by-gone administration,.
The Speaker', eye, twinkled.    He
said, with gravity, that he would take
the matter under advisement.   And
the debate adjourned.
The Home rose at4.15 p.m.
Considerable approving comment,
both in and outside of the House, ha,
been evoked by the action of the
Government iu closing down the bar
which ha, always hitherto been open
during the session to solace those who
had, by their own or other |>eople'B—
eloquence, become afflicted with a
fiery thirst. The open sale ol liquor
in tht House has long given greit
offence to many whose views in the
matter are not in general ot a bigoted
nature. It was lelt that the bar was
a relic of days when a somewhat loose
and less dignified standard of persona'
conduct prevailed amongst our public
men—and many who saw no objection
to a eooial glass lelt, nevertheless, that,
the responsibilities cf government
were too sacred to be mixed up with
the kind of spiritual strength which
comes out of a bottle. It is a fitting
thing that the Govern ment should
take the lead in abolishing a time-
honored inttitution which had unfortunately grown to beasoundiil to many
and a dire temptation to not a few.
With reference to the proposed
amendment, to tbe Land Act in the
bill thtt i, at present before the House
a few word, of explanation may be of
interest to the public.
Two changtB iu the pre-emption
law are involved iu the first section;
firstly, a pre-emption will no lunger
be permitted to take up 320 acres, a,
wa, formerly the case, ea,t of tht
Catcade,. A uniform pre-emption
area uf ICO acre, i, to he the law all
over the province The difference in
these quantities of laud wa, originally
intended tu enable Bottler, whu preempted land in the interhr valleys tu
teoure sullicient patturage lor their
stock; stock-raising being llie staple
induitry before the railway, came.
Provincial development ha, removed
the necessity for this.
The second clause of the lirst section
give, the Chief Commissioner puwer
to cancel the pre-emption when land
ii taken up for other than agricultural
purposes. Experience has shown the
great necessity lor such a measure as
thi,, at the right ul pre-emption has
often been used to defeat tlie real
object for whioh it was given, in case,
where tho land was mure valuable tor
timber, towneite, or other uses.
Tlie pre-emption ol loroBhore tidal
land, is also blocked under the new
Act, thus securing what i, often a
most valuable t„et to the province.
Section luur provide, lor tlie difference in boundaries necessary to mako
them conform Ij the above mentioned
reduotiun of pre-emption, from 320 to
100 acre,.
Stotion tix define, moro clearly a
point on which tho prciont Act hat
been fount ,'.o lie insufficiently explicit;
namely the timo in whioh a man
nni't ndvertiso alter staking land
which lie proposes to purchase. The
change obliges hint to advertise iin-
niediatoly alter staking.
S.-ction seven prohibits the purohatc
of foreshore under the general provisions of the Land Act, thus, ns in t'.n
ciso of pre on,pi ion .ihiivo moolioued,!
giving luvQnvurnni, nt ut t puiTuniij
of dealing wilh vilu.n 111   property   itt
tho Interests of ihu |,,,,m eu
Sections eirht uud nine aim a. a
dourer definition, which bus bun
proved desirable by expo, ieu o.   I   ie
bus reopenedn
on Mi Ki'iizi,, Avenue.
Open Day and Night. First-Class Service
*-.^iK!L':'iraiia''i*a?i.-.*i*iiisj.--ti-»it£*'. -,.*;
in  ,,iiinn.ing a
-es the
pu ill
■ll>':.|i,,ll tulip  Ii     llio
III .1 .,' I,,,.
ii snip found
,n, Liiv    by
mode ol proci
leuse-hii d.
Section 10 pi.
i, uaii-l old  and
so, c in*'.*, making
in,, ;! * in ci.cn  case,
iit-ciis.iiy  io   pr< v, i.i
l|,|,il nn'ls.
,-,-el on ele,i ii . tup ,vu- iim C ih I
Commissioner tiigr.uil sl-urie. In-e. si .-
than twi'tity-oiiu years where no implication is Iur lunil situ.ilul within
ten mill's if incorporii ed cities; tints
preventing tlio tying up ol laud whi. h
nm become valuable iiii ure nut < I
it, suburban position.
Section thirteen is tu legalise ihe
renewal ol special timber licenses, for
which the statutory machinery bus
hitherto been luadi quato.
Section fourteen is to prohibit tlie
oinplov ment ol bund luggers by mill-
men, who purchase licenses (or them,
and thu, evade the law. The ill effects,
of tlio practice have already been out-
iiued in this correspondence in connection with the Timber Act.
Section fifteen is a definition ol
what constitutes Crown Lands, in
connection with the validation of
ceitain foreshore, lenses hereto! ire
gran ted.
Tun Man in tub Uai.i.kkv,
Rowland Brlttttin, I'aront Attorney.
Vancouver, H. C, sends the following
repurt from tlie Official Uazelte ul the
t'uited States Patent Office for (lib
week ending January 23rd, liluli i
During this week 478 patent, were
issued to citizen, of the United States;
Canada 5: Austria-Hungary 2; Belgium 1; England 14; France 3; Germany 10; Mexico 1; New Zealand 3;
Sweden 1; Switzerland 1; and Victoria
148, Co
'I'I Ipl!'
ova St.,
bcI in
fi. C,
l4 tinvaJ- So truuti/U <io-trme4u &W of n, %ct cuA/
StLf&McnvDeL,   '
^,*S,USi3fi^U-WrJ2n&^ HHM   mJUmttmWmmWBBSO
Union J4oiel Restaurant
Mrs. McKitrick, Itfanagcress.
I). R. Wilkie ha, been eleoted president and general manager of the imperial Bank, and Robt. .1 affray vice-
The Vancouver branch of tho Merchant, Bank of Canada has extended
the houre of business on Wednesdays
and Saturdays from 7:30 tu 10 p.m.
The daily olliee hours will be frum 9
o'oluck in the morning until 5 o'clock
in the evening every day, including
Gait Coal
ftediici ion mode for large quantities.
Delivered to any part of the city.
Orders left at the Lawrence Hardware
Store, or at SuiytheV Tobacco
Store, promptly attended to.
200 Cords Wood
$4 oo per Two-Rick Cord
The Leading Merchant Tailors
Don't orilcr a Suit because it is cheap. Order it
lieeau.se it will be becoming, fashionable, durable and
comfortable. The best is the cheapest. We make the
best. In making a Suit we give advice when wanted and
we accept advice when a customer desires to give it.
Every now and then you are confronted with the
question, "Who's Your Tailor"—Cresssman & Morrison,
of course,
Cressman & Morrison
99 Mfafytovty 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 -M1 9 99 9 9 <
Dealers in FRUITS
Made of "Griffon1 Kaior Steel. Thoy
hold nn edge longer than nny knife
made.   Full iissTH'iincjiil.   All styles.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Houses and Lots
Scott & Potts
Everything a gentleman wants in the line of tailoring.
Our stock is new and up-to date.
Pressing and cleaning promptly attended to.
First Street, Opposite Union Hotel, Revelstoke.
--,   .510 RtttiajsS'W
K^f "Vancouver, 6.C.   j
Wholesale and Retail
....  Meat Merchants.
Head Office, Abattoir and Cold Storage
•ss^^^Calgary, Alberta
Style and Grace in
Rubber Footwear
Maple Leaf City Rubbers are mado ovor foot form
lusts that follow exactly the shoe models.
They uro the ucmii of perfection in stylish Rubber
Ladies nsk your denier to show  you  tho new
" Calve" and"" Media" designs with Cuban Heels,
or  the new " Lily" nml  " Rose"  models for
French Heels.
They ure just a hit more graceful uiul ohio thun
anything you have seen before,
Vancouver, B. C.       -        Selling Agents.
Import direct from Country of origin.
New   Management)
B.   C
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RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
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Newly built,    First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rate,.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
is assured  of  his good-will
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Union made, and guarantee,
to give   perfect   satisfaction
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Our other lines equally as
gootl nro	
For sale retail by all Dealers.
Wlllll.KSAl.l!   BV
Wm, J. McMaster & Sons,
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splendid full hoot, a gnat business man's hoot. It fits like a
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hoot, too, aa heavy boots go,
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bos calf leather with a heavy
sole, it will wear like iron. For
sale by all good retail shoe men.
LECKIE CO.,  Ltd.,
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery ot parcel,, bngga;
., to any part of tlie Cily.
Any Kind of Transferring
Best Firewood in the City.
Shipment of Chinese Canaries Just re-
coivotl  Prices from $1 to $5 oaoli
Trade mnrkw
and Copyright!
obtained in all con11trios,
Front Street, Revelstoke
■ obtained in all 01
Registered Patent Attorney
Mechanical Attorney ami Knginoor,
Room 3, Kalrllolil, Hlock, Granville at,, near I'.O
A -lOhtoiril will secure an evcnliiKiiiipoiiit
menl for -nose who cannot cull d niiiiK Lno day I
W.  J.   UCIITBURNE, Manager.
Halcyon Hot Springs
liiidnr thi' new management nl'
ILutitY MoIntobh,  linll'iimn  11,hi-"
J_ oyon are the most curative In the
world. A perfect, nnluial remedy fur
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailment,
and Metallic Poisoning, A sum cure
tor "That Tired Peeling." Special
rules on all boats nnd trains. Twu
mails in livo nnd depiiit every day,
Telcgra h communication wilh nil
marls of the world,
Tbrmb-$12 to $1S per week.   For
further particulars apply to
harry Mcintosh
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arroiv Lake, 8, C.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Queens ftotel
Best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to "
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this ''
CHIEF YOUNG,        -        •        Proprietor
Hack Service to any part of the City at all
hours. Rigs equipped for Sleighing Parties.
First class Single and double Rigs. Express
draying and Transferring. Saddle and Pack
horses for hire. All kinds of job work undertaken.   Wood for sale.
Stable and  Residence   Ppone 41
Hack Stand "    27
Prop. S THE
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+    mun     mnuMiltl    -v
j TREASURE     j
-f -t-
Warren liesltntcv! end thought for
a few minutes.
"Yes, l will ilo it."
Willi a grunt of approval Simon
Scropo rose nml ilu-y left tho restaurant. In u short time they woro
rhling In a hansom towards Russell
Square, and during Hi' Journey Warren attempted to master n number
ol details which his companion sup-
"I'd Rive something lor u square    Scropo opened the door with   his
„,,.„],■• kov.    The lower pari ol the   house
Hugh   Warren   lightened his bell  was In   darkness, nnd no servants
ai   ■ m hob  and continued Ills aim- apponrci
It       ..... along Ihe Kmbuiikiiiont.
"Three das, in this benighted Lon
tion wilh, ut a i"" :.v In in) pocket.
Well, I've liieii hungry before, and
as I've been down on my hick    for
hi long I'mi ei" ll "'.* wl" tn n
i,|,    I shouldn'1 mind if I know lhat
llltlo .Ms was nil ri| hi
At this moment the hungry
Bidding Warren i"
low him, Scropo led (lie way
stub's to n bedroom.
The form ol a tall man, wllh grey
luiii- nml gri tied moustache, lay on
ibe bed, He turnod his head as tho
door opened.
"flood news, good news, my dear
master; I havo found IXirok—Derek
hns conic bade."
"flood  news  iml,-eil,  Scro|i,",    ynu
flash of it lantern. Almost Iminedl-
nioly. however, Scropo camo out,
nnd after pouring up nnd down loitered slowly uluiig,
Pull of curiosity, Warren entered
the shed, but could ico nolliing but
stacks ol "hi timber. He wns Just
about in como out when Scropo returned accompanied by another mnn.
Warren crouched In the slimlow and
"Well, Scropo, old friend, have you
uny news 'or me?"
"Vos, Master Derek; be is dead."
"Dead!   My (nthor dondl"
"Yes, Master   Derek, lie died
hour iuin.
"And did l.e-did
nliiuil nn-'.'"
"I nm Borry to s
cursed ynu wllh hi
suv nnyl
Derek was ulioul to open the door
when Warren pulled him back,
'"Your lather's warning,    l'o   nut
search  for    the treasure   nt    high
Patiently limy waited.    They could
hear ih,- swash ot tlio water on the
oilier side of tile dour, nnil  it  wus
only when    the   pnssugo was clear
jthnt they knew  tho tide liiul [alien.
Then they ventured io turn lho key.
They  looked down Into n cavernous vault.    A foot bolnw llieni  the
needing tide   swashed and eddied.
The light "f their candles seemed to
an IQ.{|(| iivvc to  the scene, .toil  llii'ti us
Idle Winer    riisluil    uml    swirled    a
ng gruesome    sicjit    appeared   boforo
lilietn, uml Ihoy shrank bnck    with
became conscious ihnl he wo, being |mvo ,ion(! w,,]| Como, Derek, my
followed, and afler having siilisliod Knrl| |,., „„, |10|(| your |KUU| |„ M,ilr,
himscll lhat his surmbo wns correct ,.,,; S,IV ym, forgivo mo."
he turned round suddenly nnd con-' warrim hesltaled for n momont,
Inn.ed a wizened old maa drossod ln]nn(( n,,.,, took lho outstretched
s. in i  black,
"Did you
The old
li M i: • lull;
ply Ins
"Well—yes—pcrhnpB I did.
"Anil what uilgl i ynu want?
- \ ,', look   lonely, troubled,
posslhly hungry."
Hugh laughed as li tho    thought |
e.i'.'i  -'! him.
wish   in speak to
men     regarded
[or ii m,,iu, in l,efoi
"It Is I who should ask forgiveness, father."
The sightless eyes were, turned up-
cii him, nml for a short space there
wus silence.
"Well, perhaps wo wire both In
the wrong, Derek, so wo will say no
moro about it, Scropo, I have nuu-h
| to say to my son; please leave us."
With n nod of approval at War-
Iron, Scrope withdrew,
„ wizard to "Lock the door. Don*, end see.
divine Hint Whnt kind of a philan-1 thut Wo are alone.^ Now glvo jno
tl roplsl nrn yi u to Interest
Self in a .-'run, c' '
"Perhaps   a
y It, sir, hut ho Icrlon of horror,
Insl breath,  Of    it wns   tlie   dead face   ot Simon
course, you know lie loaves nothing; Scropo,
his nnniilly dies wllh him." I   "Retribution hns   overtaken him.
"And ihe Trymblo treasure?" Tho door closes with a spring.      In
"lie took the secret wilh    him. I   his hurry to secu'-e the Imaauro   lie
um sorry, J'a-ier Derek, bul    thoro | forgot the hey end met a horrible
will he absolutely nothing for you.",death ns the lido urusu," said Wnr-
"I mu sorry, loo; not lor my owniren,
sake, bul for my dear wife. Our | Slowly the wator sunk, and now
child was born u month ago, and nnd ihen the dead face appeared he-
she Is still very ill. added to which fo"n thorn, Tlio last few toot went
we are nlisnluloly penniless, and aro oul with a rush, carrying its grue-
tn he turned out of our lodging to- some burden along the sower io its
: About the Hous
h n Juice, sprinkle with suit,   ami
bleach for nn hour or two In tin-
Mildew—Soak lu a weak solution
nl chloride ol limo for several hours.
Rinse In cold wuler.
Fruit—Stretch the fabric over u
hnsin nnil pour boiling wuler on the
spot, if tho stain is new nut drinl
111. Pot others uso a wenk solution
ul oxalic iirid.
Tlio bullies with tlio different II |-
ulds In lire all plainly labeled In
printed tottering, Tiny one mime
bullies being used, Even lho corn-
meal is bottled, T'u havo this sup-
lily cumciiiciil n lillle chisel win-
made fri m mi old cluck found In the
nllic. Alter the works were taknn
nut It wns nailed lu the well nt the
side uf ilm printed list, and three
shelves Idled lu it.
Brass work can bo kept hcauiHull-,
bright hy occasionally rubbing  wllh
chip potn-
You try my fortitude too
jour- i;your hand nnd bond down to ni".
I   Warren's   hand  was seized in    a
fierce grip, and ho was pulled down
in the old mnn.
"Impostor! Who ure you that
.vim ilai'e personate my sun?"
Km an instant Warren wns dum-
"1 nt.i an honest mnn, induced to
enler iuin Ihis conspiracy against
you in llie hope of seeing your   son
"Your voice is like his and
laugh is similar."
"Like   whose?    I do   not understand ynu, sir,"
"I v.us talking to myself; a bad
hn.-,it. Hut conic with me, sir, and righted."
we will extend our acquaintance j " 'Tie n foul plol of Scropo s lo
over a lillle supper, and pn silily It gnin tlie secret of oiy treasure and
may lie In your power to do mo a rob Derek of his Inheritance. Scropo
favor." And a fow minutes later knows whero reck is. bill keeps
Hugh Warren, lo his amusement and
satisfaction, found himself discussing n plenteous meal in a neighboring restaurant.
The old man did nol sp nk much
until Warren's hunger wns satlslled,
but he got to work as soon us el-
gars were lit,
"Would you mind telling mc some-
thing about yours,.-!!?"
'"Hint Is soon done. 1 havo nnl a
relative In (ho world except a sister,
We were left orphans ten years ngo.
Maud was taken charge ot by an old
lady, and I emigrated lo Australia.
Having   made nhnut   five thousand
him from me.   What ia your mime?"
"I um llueji Warren, from Australia."
"Hugh Warren, of lho -list, fought
by my side when we stormed Delhi."
"He wns my father."
"Then you spoke the truth.
Hugh's s,,n must be nn honest mnn.
Listen! My time is Rhort—I musl
trust you. Will yuu swear by your
father's honor nol in betray my
trust? flood. Do not Interrupt mo,
for 1 am sinking fast. Take Ihis
envelope nnd thoso keys: guard llieni
carefully and lind my sun. Tho Instructions In Hi" envelope will   toll
pounds 1 got tired of tho colony and |you how to find the Trymblo tree-
morrow,   ,
"You grieve me, Master Derek, bemuse 1 have no money, I would
help yuu if I could."
"1 know it. old friend; but I mn t
got lack now. Hood-bye, and thank
'I hey left tho shed and wont In opposite directions. Warren walled a
minute and Ihen followed Derek, lie
laid a hand on his shoulder,
"Mr, Derek Trymblo!"
"Yes; and who arc you?"
"I am your father's trusted friend,
and have jus! left his death-bod, His
last words were: 'Ask Derek to forgivo II!',.' "
"Your wordB III! mo With happl-
ness, but Scrope——"
unknown resting placo,
When nil wns safe thoy descended,
und aflor n little search they found
an Iron dust firmly embedded In
the concrete. Amid breathless excitement thoy lifted Ihe Ild. Thoro
were threo boxes, one inside tlio
ii.her, nnd when they finally enme
ti, the treasure they fairly gasped
wiih amazement.
Hopes of pearls, sapphires, diamonds, cut nnd iu the rough, rubies,
shining blood red, curiously-carved
figures ablaze wilh jewels, and nl
tlie bottom "f tho chest rows of in-
guls nf pure gold.
With some ilillieulty thoy managed
to bring tho inner box upstairs nnd
covered up Iheir retreat by reptne-
ing Ihe llngslone in the collar. After
"I was in tho shed and heard OV
orythlng, Scropo is a lying knave Isearching the house they found n
nnd is wnrking for Ills own purpose, couplo of portmanteaux, and with
But wo waste time, nnd 1 want you the Irensiire safely stored away they
to-night. Here is money; take it reached Derek's lodgings Just ns the
homo nnd comfort your sick wife, icloc.lt wns strikin; six.
('nine to /ereia's Hotel at midnight "1 will nm upstairs and tell my
and ask for Mr. Warren, and 1 will n-ifu the good news. You will not
impart to ynu—" leave us to-day, of course?"
"Yes?" "I nm afraid I must.   1 camo from
"The secret of the Trymblo troa- Australia In luul my sister, but lost,
sure." nil 1 had on the voyage.    Now that
Afler n few moro explanations and your father hns supplied nm with
expressions of astonishment, War j money 1 must lose nn lime. I
ren returned to his hotel lo await should nut liko Maud lo bo in
llie coming of Derek Trymblo.    The'want."
hall porter mot liiin at ine en!ranee.
•'(i!;l gentleman been listing lor
ynu, sir. Wouldn't leave his name;
will in!! again."
"'Ih.it is Simon Scropo," thought
lle went up t,, his bedroom, 'ine
place wns ill    darkness.      He    wns
"Maud!    Con it lie thai,
is your other name?"
"Hugh Warren!    Then slay for   a
time; my wife must, thank you    before you go.   She was so much better   when    l left her thnl.    T    nm
jsure she will bo able to comedown,"
crossing over tn  the electric switch     After n littlo time Derek Trymblo
resolved tn como homo and look nf- sure,    Oh, such gems and jewels; ho!when an arm  was flung round    his nia,|0 his appoaronco supporting    a
Ur my si*'cr.    Result; ihe ship was [will be a very rich man,    Ask him throal  nnil ho was dragged    back- sweet-faced, fair-haired girl.      sho
■ I and my little fortune  is nt|to   forgive    mo,   nnd sny my last | wards, while a handkerchief satural- | glanced    at Warren for un  Instant
and then murmured one word;—
Warren sprung forward with a cry
of astonishment.
".Maud! my dear little sister, havo
I found you at last?"
Yes,"     answered   Derek,.      "Al-
Many fastidious housekeepers hold
thai, chicken, und mure especially
turkey, should be rousted wit bout
dressing, in which caso Servo wllh tho
bird chcsiniit tiuiliiiles us follow,,:
Hull one pound ul blanched chcstnu'.B
nml m.isli line, milling suil, popper,
nnd a liny bit of mace, threo egg
yolks, well beaten, and cream I i
moisten well, Whip the whiles ol
llie oggt, mul fold iu the mixture Llio
Inst thing. Hake In buttered Hiiibiilo
molds iu a pun nl hul water.
Swiss Fggs—Smile slices „f chcoso,
one cup of cream, one tens nun ofjsqll and vinegar
tnusturil, six |,»«s, a very IiitU- red' Tea Bhould lo kept lu cither ii lin
pepper. Line a deep pie plate wllh or glass vessel, which has n lid, us it.
liiin slices nl cheese; mix thoroughly I is necessary lo keep it lighlly ebVur-
Lhe I'l'eain,,   mustard   nnd red pepper;  0(1.
pour half the mill lire into the dish; Hub kerosene on the zinc under th
then caicfully break In tho eggs so stove once n day nnd il will always
Ihey will keep their sliapo and pour | look bright.
In the rest of lho cream over them.
Ilalic ten minutes. The cheese nil's
and thickens tlm cream.
Plain Olngerbrcad.—Mix togolh, r
one pint uf sifted Hour, one-half nl ti
lenspoonfld uf salt, one teuspoonful
ot soda, ono tnlilespoonful nf ginger,
nn I    nnil   tenspoonful of  elm anion,
nnd sifi. Cream until soft tlireo 1 bristles In their sockets.
tuhlcKpooiifiils of butler or buller unci j When lloiisoclcanlng Die bedroom
lard mixed. Ileal into it cne-hnli' , I wash the toilet ware with soap and
a cupful uf sugar, one-halt of a cii6*|water, and then iill the vossoIb with
iliug hut soda wilier: jiut thom nut
When wushing flannels, get rid of
us much dust nnd din as ynu possi
lily can by slinking and brushing be
lure plunging intn water.
Do    not   lenvc .scrubbing   brushes
with the bristles tiirncil up, or    th
dampness Irom  theni will run   lillu
the body ol (he brush nn'l loosen llie
ful of molasses, the sifted dry ink-
lure, and one-half of n cupful uf
boiling waler. Duke „t mice in tvv-ii
shallow, well-groused pnns.
To L'nrvo a Turkey.—When sent In
the table the turkey Should bo    on
in tl.e air and leave th,in filled to
half a day until thoroughly disinfected.
Never put suin'rici' clothes nwny in
a solid!    conditi in.    They may    no
ils bnck on   the   platter, with    tho needed in a   hurry  when    the lirst
legs nt tlie right hand nl the carver,  warm days ol spring occur, and tin
there is much discomfort. Linen and
muslins should be packet' nwny   until oil'
Push tlie curving fork firmly   down
so Hint the tines nre on cither suit:
of tho breast bono just above tlio starched, however;, to prevent
wish bum:. Holding Hie fork in tlio becoming yellow.
left hnnd, press buck the log un the A glass delimiter mny be cleaned by
nearest side of the body, then ctjt breaking up egg shells Inlo sninil
down through skin and joint close to I pieces, pulling them Into the decan-
tlio body llomovo Ihe wing in the Iter, which Is hall Idled with wat-r,
same way; then, if there arc many I and thoroughly shaker!,
persons to he served (so that the Ordinary Writing ink may be re-
greater part of the fowl will he need- moved from carpet or I'lilnrod sill is
ed), remove leg and wing on tho jus lollOwt: Soak up ns much as pus-
further side. Carve tho breast merit slblo with a blotter, then apply mils
in thin cross slices, when down nl-1 With a soft, il.-an rag, allowing th.'
most tn Ihe breast bono disjoint nun milk to soak .Uioroughly Into the
I'omovo the wish bono. Turn tha! slain. H will draw oat tho Ink must
Whnt.   body over so us lo remove the. uys- j MiccesslTtllv.
(crs—small pieces of dark meat on Wicker furniture which has been
the lower side of the hack and clo-ei varnished will not take eiintnel until
lo either side of the backbone,    Se-ilh
... bottom of the Atlantic.   I land- thought wns of him.    Do not trust |,,l with chloroform was held    over
od pem less, and to crown the .Chap-1 Scropo, but  lot  him think  that    1
lor of ac Idonts Maud has disappear-  wns deceived; nnd one word more—
ed, nnd 1 can Hnd no trni f hor
"Well, well, you have been unlucky. But vntl seem to lie the lllnn
1 wnnt. How would you like to
i. another five thousand pounds
to-night by half an hour's work?"
"The question is absurd."
"Ni t    60 ni surd, young man;     I
mean what I say. and vou would lie Scrope entered.      Tho old
thi  ti ans of bringing happiness  to hurried lo the bedside and Hi  '■
UJI   Willi   11   I '
ilii nol search Ior the treasure when
lho tide Is high. Good-bye—I—trust
The old (nan slopped and gasped
for breath.
"You—you will need inniiey; take
this purse nnd—and call—Scrope."
Wiu'i'en opened tho door and
three :  rsons,"
"l-i.v lain yourself."
' I will. My name -is Simon Scropo
and I am cor lonlial i irvnnl to
Mr Daniel Ti i-mblc. My master Is
old, and will not livo unlil the
i ion The ' !•!>• thing Hint keeps
him .- ive ,- I Is deli I'lnination nut
to die until he hm revealed a seer, : "
"A secret?"
"Yes; my master has a son, Mr,
Derek Trymble. Vive years ngo
tl -.- i tarrellcd because Mr. Derek
I- ai rl against Ims fa tin r'S wish.
My master wns bo incensed Uiat he
n.' iscd to , -■ him agi in. Not only
lhat, !.-■ Invcsli ,1 all hli money in
in, ai unity, and his income dies
wilh him."
"A ! ard ' !•! man!"
man's face lit up wiih a sti
Iriumph, In a n-v. minutes
Trymblo was di;,,:
"You have ',:•■'■   :: '" a '"I
"Yes, 1 have got it.'
"Hnnd,     You   hn'
action, sir. ni!'!   r'ou have    the
bl,-  j-.-" i.i  I-, n    'i' ..        and
win.    When   ,- tl    pop r? '
"lu my pocket."
"Well. i;i'-,'    :'.  lo    ui". and when
Mr, 'i',-iv': lias socured the li  ■  u
you shall   have : thous •
"Nol  iu 1 yet, Mr. Scropo;    T nn
nnt  going (,, part wlUi this  *
unlil I urn place it ii, He- he
Derek Trymble himself."
'■And do you think I nn to
trust ynu'.'    You ure g    ■
"A hard i iai    but a j    tl masti r, Itho si rol  to enrich  .
And now co       th ■ ■  pari    it to mc, I say—give II -.,
I,     i Ti ni-'     •    t through   the   •,"■    You shall not go- I will have
i      n Mutiny   ai : -■■-,   ;..     •    ,-,t it—I will—1 sny—"
the i       of Delhi     liurli    ih • li r      "' nl ,   yourm if    iim! koc|
r   .   •     .    ;    , | •       | |ni..;..-. n  ,i .,,,,,, ,,    Ynu will ninl me ;,' /er ■
f,  :-, ,, J n.,'   , •  •.. :      ..'■..,:    | a'i   Hoti I ;i, Wardour S-treot  ■- h n-
Ol ■  /-     inl :•'■ m    ':..'.   ■■      V,!..      , ' ,-r     '.   'I     ■ .::'■•   '.,   Call   '
ord, i w.i   ■■ ti •"! In  :. -i. :.   i    . i        I    ','., ■ ' oaniln
„■ ;    '  ii '    ■   ■ ■ i.i, d,, whal  I i.,n to find I li
i : buy.
t',. - ihrei   lorl • ■
"Yi    ,.- d thn ■
"He I -, ngl t tht-rn to 1       - ,i
i .-.. s—<lai
A. lm tu nod to lonvo I
Scropo thn v    him roll upon I
I  an ungovi rnabli  I ' '" fury,
■ p] .. os, old      match lor ll ■ An*■
and  In    trnliui   m    r,  and H'arron i       ■;
•vilil-iur-    Tlie whoreal if tl „• hi n ", liko a Ily.
i   .  - ■    b his secret." Ilo drove I   ■ Ilatoly !-, ''■
"A'-ii whal have I ',. ,', •■ ti it?" Hotel, ai •    o tor e  -, ■      ,        -
"I!.' '. ,s be; vi.  I,     in  and will lost no    tn ,    l„ opontng tl
      .    .     . ~        .   .   , ...    ,  :... ,      -.  ■
1*. ■•:.
-. . tod    to lilm by    I - ■ -
'i i   abli
li was u i ■  - ,! ii ii ii ut, bin   lho
,,. •    i  Hon       ■ ',."!   In   he   '     ill   II
■ v,- n .,', I Coo -. Tho ',!.- Hammersmith i ..,. I Ifth Ungsl n
in Hi ■ right. Op, ■, Ladder twenty
feel I',,s ugo, 1 i,.l of ; ■■
Iron door, i ;> li g loi! l ■- ■- '! fifteen foot, Iron 'le- t ,-i,,l>--I ll in
concrete l^ow Udo, compartment
dry     High tide, full."
And    then    Warrwi    remmnhi r il
Tiymblo's warning:—
"Do nol search whon the lldc    Is
Aflor nut' h Hi 'nn hi. Warren mndo
a ropy of tho docum? t arid depoftll
Think well before ynu p'fii***.    It ed il, in n safo place     It wns    jus!
ts nol lor yourself.   Willi his Bocrol  ton o'clock, and he decided In Lnko
lold Dnniel Trymble will die happy, la stroll,     Ily somo foi dun   nlr
You win rottpre to Derek bis for- iciiim lain;" hn found i.li s ii going
tunc and position, nnd thereby bring- across Wcslmliisler B.liUc, and to
his younc wife from poverty to  nf-'hls   astonlslnnont    walking n    fow
,-■ w-nl tl.e secret to i o one bul him
Derek Ti i .1,' ■ bus disoi ■ red li
my muster dies haforc I■■ r,■', turns
up, ih" socrel dies with |iim.
Vi , ■ :.: -I ie'.; ! !i:c Very lik,
T ymbl 's "
"I., -.. i mi nn—"
"I pi-i pose thai lor half ar,
yi * -..,'., lho place of 1-1,'.:, and nl-
low Daniel Tiyit-blo I" tell you tho
hiding fdncc ol Ihe treasure."
"But that Is absurd    He    would
rv ir, a minute that 1 wns nol   his
"That Is impossible, for my muster is blind."
"Kv -n to, I ctinimt  lend in 'I  If to
nuh n deception
Ihiencc, Think ot your own sister;
perhaps she |s as poor ns Derek's
"I sincerely hope nnl You
touch mo on a tender i-pol when you
ffllggctt my lillle Muiid In misery."
"Then will you Pacrllico your feci-
lots to help my young master nud
lis wife? The doccjitli n Is for a
(nod cause,   ,V, ill you do iv?"-
jincen in front "f I In wis lho figuro
of Simon Scropo,
Kooplllg Well n .1 nf rkdil. Wefrei,
folloW, ! Illll,, l-'iv n Hi ■ slops uud
i,|,ii' Hi- Kirihiinkiiuiit he Irn'iieil
fi .- aboul half a mile uijlll ho came
lu :i fi w lumber shedfl used for itor*
lllg old limber nnd bricks. I,unking
i n n tinni ly around Scropo entered
but of these, and W'nrren saw    thn
his mouth.    1!-' struggled vioientl;
Iml the fui'ie.-. ovorcamo him and he
fell instinsililo.
When    hi   recovered consciousness
Bom-t time later II was to lind Derek
Trymble bi nding over him.
"Coming    to al   last.     I  thought j though  with    your   assistance    wo
-  ' ■        '   li "       The   chtoro- hnvo recovered Hie   jewels,   1    lnng
formed    haudkorchiei    was covering ag0    discovered the Trymble troa;
your face when  I found you.       All  sure-Loudon Tit-Bits,
rl rhl •   --; how did it hnp[ en?"
. ii .,.,..• must in.-,- i.-. on biding in
:'.  room     i nok in my p
; id   ' ■■   i yuu can I nd a ]   rchmi ni
.    ■ io ■■ "
"Your : ok has £ n
"The     tii        -r -  ol the
ith 11     "  al   ..
:! e timi '
...    : .      rl;   :
,';.   i, .-   ' • cone 8
Well,-wo must i
.      :
lie 1
All,N*tMA IS 111(11 IN COLD,
Englishman Visit, unknown Territory
and Speak* highly ol Menellk.
Mr.  '.'■- d-Blundeli, who has reliirn-
e-!   In    London   from    an   eighteen
■  pcdilion in Abyssinia,   lms
some pa luretquo details of  llis
CITY   WAS   rilltl-K IIAVR   AT THE
MERCY or Till,; MOD.
Disguised Pollrc   and lioiillgans  Com-
iiiittril terrible Slatighlcr
Ainoiin the lows.
Solomon llrodsky, a Jewish wulih-
mnker of Odessa, arrlvod lu Lund hi,
linglmul, from thai i.nvii reocutly,
and gave a London Telegraph representative a graphic description ol
tlie terrible scenes of btoodshod which
occurred Ihere Inst week.   Mr.  Itrrnl-
sky is a pi'oniiiieiit member »( tlw n-
v-oliilluiuiry puily lu Oilessii, nml it
wus because hn took u prominent
part In Ibe defence of bis ro-iullalon-
isls, uiul thereby becum.- n marked
iiinn, that tie lied I'l'uin tlio town, In
fenr uf Ills llfo, being provided wllh
funds by Um revolutionary parly to
enable him In enme In London to
assist In i'alsing funds [ur thu rovulu-
tiouary movement.
Mr. Ilrudsky attributed the ciilll-
uieiicemeiit ol Ihe attack upon tbe
Jews In the issue nf n proclamation
Inspired by the police, ussei'ling thut
Jewish revolutionaries were plntllng
tn take the.life uf lho Czar. At, ilo
time the pruclaiunliiin wus issued
great mobs of luynlist. hiioli^awB wero
paradliig the streets rejoicing over
llm Czar's manifesto pnunisinp; n
Constitution. The luiollgiinp ul onco
raised Ihe cry of "Down with the
.lews," attacks nn Ihe Jewish quur-
ters began and fur Uiree days lho
whole cily was given up to scomis ul
inil, .-.cribablii luu-i-.it'.
"Ktuly on Wednesday morning,"
continued Mr. llrodsky, "I was awakened by' u terrible iiprpar in Ihe
si rent. Arming luysell with a rovo'-
ver, I wenl. nut, and fniinil n irrent
mob of hooligans and disguised policemen, ni-ined wilh swords und ns
Volvors, ntlackin,; n huusc where hev-
eral families of Jews residod, their
object being
The Jews tried to dufend Ihemsolvos,
but they were stum overpowered, nnd
nearly every person lu the homo
was killed or wounded nud the place
"Then a body of the Social D:-m,,-
cralic League tame upon (.lie bc-ik
nnd culled upon the pimple to hi'liio,
out us ninny arms us possible In
light the police and linoiiguus. He
turning tu my house, 1 brought out
two |arga daggers, one of which I
gave to anothor parson, keeping t'-o
other myself. A desperate light then
took plnce, nnd I wus tn the thick
of It, revolvers, daggers nnd sticks
being freely used.   Hearing u rry for
help,    f    lurnod   round nud suw
Varnish lms been wuslied oil with , ,,., (|, ^mt („m.u,,„ „,.    (-,(.
!.,„.     t ....      !.,        ii I.., li     III. in    in n      ' "     .
pnraie Hie second joint, from    each j hniling wator, in   which there is    aj'((,on |)(,in); ,.,nl(,k (|„ lhl, )lf(iU 1)y   n
and divide (ho   vvintrs.   In sc
Ing put pieces ofibnlh while and daik
meat on each plate.
Fried apples nro nccoptable served
with roast pork or sausages, Cut llio
slice-; one half nn inch thick across
ihe apple. Do not remove tho skin;
Or, the apples can be cut in ipiurle-'s
leaving on the skin, fry In bultor until lender, but not soft cnollgh to
lnso form. Servo tlie apples on the
same disli ns the pork lor a garnish
Saitoh baked apples nre made by
lidding Imlf a tablespoonfiil of Orange
marmalade and of butter and sugar
to thu filling of the cavities for baking.
Apple Pontile—Ono pint of steamed
apples with a tablospoonful of melted butler, half a cupful of sugar, tho
whiles of six eggs and the yolks of
three, a sprinkle of grated nutmeg.
Stir Into the hot apples thn bulter,
sugar, nnd nutmeg and ynlks of the
epgs well beaten. When this is coo',,
beat, lho whites of the eggs to a still
[roth and stir Into tho mixture, llul-
ter a three-pint dish nnd turn the
soullle into it; b.tko 80 minutes lu :,
Utile washing soda. Aftur It dries
nil, i! thoroughly with a piece of
flannel dipped in turponliiic. nnd after Ihis has been aired fur 21 hours
rub with sandpaper, after Which th,
wicker may be either pninlod or dyed
rolisli Pointer Perpelimlcs Horrors
"lied Sunday."
1    .'  "'    l)e1°(1 ,'"': }m moderate oven.   Servo with a crenni
Ior I    escort nf sixleqn „.„„„
;   Gnllnl   T1 I,°!'„,T I   Apple  Snow  Balls-Cut six    lnc.i
,   ■'■ " couidry hilhci'lo    w,s o( cloll    wct in , t w&tm.
'" "■'"■    '""'';' mllte and spread a la ver of freshly cooked
'   ■' ,',   „ ! rice ono-half inch thick all over; put
11 ;   hi;",v:|:s  a cored apple in Hie center uf  each,
:-' '   ''' /ttl"'i Idling tho   cavities   wllh rice.    Tin
■ "I Um Ahtj   ,|,„ ,.,,„,, ,i(,ht|v   lin,i RU,„m „ bail
■   Abyssinia), where iti,,,,,,,   *■„.„,, „.ilh tt c,.,,nm SftUC0.
,     ,     I   Brown Uolly-In a quart  puddLir
''   » dish arrange alternato luvci-s of sllc-
'     very   llneimi  01.    chopped   apple   and broad' |',
illivatlon, ni" '- ,.nin,i,.;   Soasoi 	
... ... ..
in  th,
her own
i    - .       - : ..' .
the (iniin*.
Along nf bulter sugar,
lho Blue I lo, right ,„,„„„i cini,ninon,
. Ihi       tern
There is nl Ihe Craves' galleries,
Loudon, n collqsnl canvas by llie Polish pnlnler. Albert Horace Ko'sspk,
which should—and undoubtedly I'll!
-ttllmcl nil London, ns il has drawn
al' Vienna, unlil it was transferred lo
ils ■pre-oni qUai'lei'S.
The liori'ors of "Red Sunday nre loo
Irosh In cveiybinly's mind lo need re-
cupllulnllnc, and II is enough In say
Ihnl Mr. Kossnk's plolllroj about r.CH)
sqiini'e leol of canvas, brinps llie tor-
I lible scene before our eyes wilhoul any
! meliidriimalic. exngge'ralion — grimly
impressive, nud painted willi on
iiiiiitunl of lironillli nml ense which is
nol generally associated wilh works of
Ihis class.
Tlie miiiiieiil clinsen Is iimnodintely aftor llie firing of llie. miii'det'iius volley,
when llie Cussiiclvs lire charging Ibe defenceless crowd, bended by lite dignified lipire nf Fnllier (1,'ipnn. In Ibe
background, glittering In lho Winter
sun. is Ibe Wilder Dnkico, and Ihesliy,
n thin bin.* iiverliend, changes liirlber
back Inlo I'revlsli rose-color, siiL'pestive
ul Intense cold and threatening snow.
Everything In   Ihe enormous picture
Is hoinngeiienns,   nnd Ihnl Is. perhaps,
appro   ami (jriiaii ()l0 tmM l,.'ump|1 ,„ u ||idui,0 ,lu,„.
ill layer with busjMll,in,, j() r,,,,| |n i,,n(,||L   There Is no
und     ,.     .., 	
" P'"'!.1,, $ piecework, and llie arils! lms nevcrlpsl
When the dish Ik
,„,giu ui Ihe general liflcel.  The icrri-
lull cover tho lu|>w th crumbs, (ovir,.,,, „,,,,,,i u,„ ,i,,.„i nn,i ,„fl„ndi,,l  iim
latiofi  | placo the dish In a pan conl<i'i,, l""1 ",m'''"" ''""' ""'  '   '",'"1' ,!"
I '"   ' t    hoi water and bake ono hour or
':   ■■' I '   'J until    Hi,-
/    ;                                       '  '      '"' will, cream
■    . ';
 '     '"                                                -   " liratOWMJ  MAINS.
l„ I                                              I Ink-Snnl  in sour milk mid if
rh" h                  ■                                                         ■ in m,ii ,,.,nal,is, ilnsc In
■ '     '    -        river.   The garden                                               , . , ,.,   . ,„,,„„ „( chloride of lime,
and                                          .    ,| 1(i s,., ,i,  Wet  u,u scorched pine
liercely I'hiil'glbf! Cnssink, lire admirably grouped, and llie picture is -one
Ihnl can lie cni'ifiily studied In every
detail and nnl ha found wauling.
ONE IN IliN CANT' Willii:.
Illllcrncy   hi Ihe I'lilted Slide,   Shown
hy lliilli'lin.
a bulletin Issued, by
",.„|,l water,    rub   with   toop,    nnd
m and Mr. spent ■•',•"''' In lb,  '•■   AcoordlnB l
.!,   Machine OIl-'Rul, wllh lai'J, I tho   Ullllod    Slates Census   Huron,i,
ti nd      ■ •■    d -.  , ; -.    i |    ;, :, i    mi,ei   for   several hour-.,   then
nd H'arron   Btm     ., t .,- , ..      ■        i-llh cold'wator and snap bu-
diis        und tl i . ,,.,  Im   pu ' li: iii" gnrmen! In ino wwltj
dl turbed. lltecliron       ii -   '* ilurotc  tho toot    wi b
Scropo ,, within,    ■        ire   loo elhor and Iny n cup over it to prt-
hooligan with a huge stick. This got
my blood up, nnd aiming my revolver at the man, I shot liim dead.
My act was witnessed by the police.
Several ol them iniide a rush tor me,
und one of them tried"•« led ten
wilh a rille. I rail nwny, with thn
polled in hot pursuit, but. after thev
bud chased iini (lirough two or Ihroo
streets I innnaged to entw a House
unnoticed by them, and hid the'i
for two hours. As soon us 1 ve i-
tured out, however, 1 wu« lu'rcstc-l,
Illll a number ol rcvoliitiq»arieo attacked the police and set me Iroo.
"Scenes similar to Ihnl In which 1
took part were (mooted In every purl
of the cily. It wus os though Uu il-
snnds of wild beasts had boon let
loose; tlio iiiilhorilies innile no attempt to maintain order; it was nli-
solulely unarchy, and the Jews wer-l
ill a state of fearful (error, fully expecting to be completely annihilated,
Tho scenes on TbiUKilny wow, if possible, oven worse, the greatest bloodshed occurring in two streets, -Mo'.l-
ovankn nnd Prenbriuhciisknyn. To
describe tlie horrible sluiigh'n' which
took place here is quite, impossible.
Bodies of the dead and dying lay on
lho ground literally in hundreds, an'!
tlio giltters mn
the sounds of the I'u lag, tho licrco
shoiils ol the fighters, und the gronni
of lho wounded making tt h pe.rli"'t
pandemonium. Fathers saw then,
sons and naughiql's killed llwdre their
eves, und suns   saw   their    mothers
ruthlessly sluUR-lltered by tlio lioitli
gnn mob. What vendor that overt-
body lost his humanity and loughl
Hue n wild beast.
"Tho cruelly of the hooligniw am!
tho police, was unspeakable. I myself saw n policeman slump savagely
on the face of an old vvninnn win,
was lying on Hie ground l»n:,v
woiindi*!, and saw iithei's win worn
wounded 'finished nli' by the (Kill"!
wilh tho butt end ol dflos. Tho
bodies of homes uml dogn lay mixed
up Indiscriminately with ihu bodies
of men and women. Ro Humorous
were the vieliins-ll was biiprsniblii
to count them, for there were thnu-
sniids-lliiit the police ciiuld not carl
them nwny quick enough, and during
thu night dogs and catn and ruts
actually fed Upon tho corpHifl. 'Em
1 aliiait a liiiiiih'iil and six persons mil| bodies wero   taken nwny In Uiirties
of one thousand in llm United Klat.,-S|nnd forties In dust carta, nail then:
There. |s no tl ........       ' I .; | .,  u, ipj
timbor   Is   rotten:    put your   thysainitn
Bhottldcr to ihi  'ie,-,.  ■,
ilu   loot- I 'i In ■■ th ,i erneh, and              g hull ol tl     pal   ".
ll   ,,    '          .-„-     ,„-,-        ;!.. HI '   ;,',' I-     Ol  -""   OldlOl    '. 6
„,,.ii ' ; ml looked nb, ul tha 'i it : ]  -'    ' ■ "' ''■   hn d    ind le]   -n
plnco was fully lurnlshod with old % '''''" drink tnadi  Irom honey,
nmi woon-enten furnituro, »nd tin- Ml'-   Blundell   say,    Ihal   MennllSj
dust lay heavily nvorywh  -  Warren whom he found most cm'dlal and pollhjj
stooped d iwn and pointed
footprints in tl o dust, Tin |i .ill
point nt- way, io he 11 itlil hero,
Hie,- followed lho (atil.pi ints down
Iralow until thoy reach ,i Ihe c, liar
IT:- fifth liii: - lo lira rlghl  had
been i-omoved, A,, iron ladder fas-
ened to thn wall lorl down lo thn
lark   abyss,   "(julolly they    both
lo ended and In,in,I IhOtllSfllvcs in a
narrow passage a foot deep In
Waler. Wading through ibis they
came to an Iron door nl   the    end
nf   Hi ■   pn sage, nu i    tlu'oiigl •
aid,", nf thu iloor lho wuler port'o-
Inli-d in n constant stream,
Wiih an exclamation ol sail-faction Warieii pointed In tho lock.
The key was in HI
■: more confidence ,n
B III | oik v than in thai of nny oil r
MAKINd HI'iliiLii'llON I IfillTKH,
i     tfrnlil. fl'il by", 'i       molher,
"thnl wlinn   I loll   I'uiii' i pn i h il   n
un i 'i:1..  !«i,    you've I.,, ii i-,d.-,,-    ne
will uuiii h vi   ■ '.'""'v '
"Have you gol   to loll him'.'"   wkiftl
Bobby, im.,i,,ii i.
"fill I   ihnll fell lulu  in,i ! ,:,■■
IV   ill1-:-   illilltiT. '
The look "I '   'i""ii mi Uubb)     l.ii-c
ii.-. pi-'i-i imiii -i happy tii'.ii; hi lm k
"Well. Illll,    -.ml be. "give Inn .1 lull
I..   il ' limit  III Ml.    Ynu  inlglll  do
Hull iiiiich Iur me."
:' , aporutlon until the stain 1,
Col , Chocolate nnd Cocoa—Wiish
iv Hli BOap nnd l"|dd wntor.
Oral', Btnlns -Hnlurato spot tho,'-
oughly willi korotono before placing
the garment In tho wash tub
Iodine, Varnish und I'liiitt-Wnsh
villi alcohol for Imbue stain, and
ii,,-,- in i'liipy water    if tho   t,vo
l.iii,',' •i,iini in,' mi cniiii-e fabrics,
nn Ihey ni'- likely to be, dlssolvo
them 11 t by triturating with unpen,
tin,-: if nn a fmer material, use alcohol. Sponga wiih chloroform If a
dark ring is left by the t.urpcuUllrJi
Do imi Use any ,,f Huso liquids ni-nr
lho lire ,,, nn   iiiii.i Inl Ughl, as Ihi-y
:n-e   V',|,    blllalllilble
.-!,mi :-'-iin|,]y rub the spot wilh
dry ciunnieiil before putting tho article iii tho ivnsh
HI tod—Soak In cold sailed water,
iim, wash iu warm water with plu-i-
t.v of simp; afterward boll.
(ii,-n„ li two nr three days old,
Bonk in chloroform; snap and hot
Wulcl' will iilwuys reiiiinu any ordinary slnlns of this kind.
ju-uli LIW.   J^ui, Uw wul, H«U   U
1,-u years old are unable In
write, which in equivalent lo about
ono In ten. Of Ihu native whito
population, only 4(1 out of every l,-
(KIO, or lower thun ono In tvvent'.';
of thu foreign born whites, 12H old,
of every 1,000, and of tho negrou'.
4<lr, out ol every 1,000 are illiterate.
International comparisons! restricted
ns (ar ns possible to corresponding
classes of the population, urn on the
whole fuvorubli! to this country, Indicating that. In must 1-liiropeaii coi.n-
trlos illlloraoy is much morn proyii-
ent lhnn It Is here, although the
Culled Slate, is still for behind Oor-
iniiny, Sweden, Norway, Denmark
and Switzerland. Thert Is also
ground fur satisfaction In the statistical evidence that Illiteracy Is elea.d-
llv being reduced. In 1R90 iho n«u.-
hor ol Illiterates In 1,000 wns I'lll
(or the total population, 02 for lho
nullvt white population, 13 for the
foreign born whites, and B68 fur
negroes, Indians and Mongolians,
"Well, I guess old Slyniaii is beginning lo make hi, pile." "Why do you
Ihlnk so?'1 "lie's going abroad blow-
ing about how much happier a man Is
it hen he', poor,"
was no attempt at proper Wuriil;
they were nil thrown together inn
huge holes, Irrespective nf nationality, and covered over with limn.
"1 became as one insane with Ihu
horrible scenes which I wltnessod on
every hnnd, and during Thursday
evening, when 1 wns attacked by several disguised policemen, who wjjl'0
tSSlttlh* n band of hooligans who
wero Ill-treating a number «f students, I again lost my head nnd
killed one of tbcni by stabbing him
In lho eye with my dagger. Again
I was obliged to flee Inio hiding,
nnd the next day, knowing that i
was now a marked mnn, I took Hie
advico of tbo revolutionary leaders
and fled,"
"My goodness!'' rxi'lnlmr.d an anxious ' nirillier. "Whnt In the weild
made v„ur hue so dlrly, WHIM"
".Inline limes (mil me hnd t Hghl," ex-
plntniil Willie, "un' ho Ihrow'd more
dirl In my lace than 1 could svvnller."
Wicked Boy-"Cet a poll tii wider
on' com? quick. The chicking Inw-ei,
ndre tu' the hens Is so DkHtM Willi hie
bent Ihoi cjVor) one of 'ew is hiyin' fried


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