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 New French Soaps
Bews' Drug Store
Bews' Drug Store
Vol. 12.-No. 40
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co.
20th Century
This Iiihnd tif clothing is the
1111,1 (il pei'fpi flon, Wi' lire
exi-lu-me, sillers I'nl' thin -ce-
linn nl llrili.-li Onliilllblii, II'
yon need a Dress Suit, Dusi-
ness Suil hi Overcoat eniiie
and see nut clothing mini.
Ever)' nltii It- ipiolcd below is
, exarlly one-hall'price, If you
need anything iiio'rillnued il
will certainly pay you to look
111 iliein in I lie store.
2 Men's Overcoats
were $20.  NOW $10
3 Fancy Vests, were
$S.oo      Now $4.00
12 Ladies' Coats, were $12.00
Now $6.00
30 Skirts, were $6.00    NOW $3.00
2 Silk Shirt Waist Suits
were $25.00 Now $12.50
2 Ladies' Tweed Costumes,
were $30.00 Now $15.00
Men's Heavy Warm Underwear
We have Slaniield's in the all-wool, unshrinkable, spring-needle knit, a good weight
for men out of doors.   Pur Garment $1.50.
Fine natural wool cuffs, finish very line
and not, loo heavy at per garment $1.60.
t i|iiul AothiiririKl. ll.iOVIWi   l'H|iital Paid Up, |8 300,000,   Rest, » 600,(101'
Head Office, Toronto, Ontario.
"Hrrtnrhn? In tha Northwest Territories, Manitoba, Ontario and Queliee.
And the following mints in British ('olamliiit: Criinhrook. Golriou,
Nelson, ReTelstoke, Trout Lake, Arrowhead, Vancouver and Victoria.
T. R Meiiitt, President.       D. R. Wii.kik, Vice-President and Qenerul Mauaiier.
E. Hut, Assistanl'Qau.ral Hannter.   W. Moffat, t'hlnt Inspector.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C—A General Banking Business Transacted
Barinfi Department—Deposits Receired and Interest Alluwed.
Drafts sold aiallahle In all parts o( Canada, Uuitoil States tin,I Europe.
Special attention ilten to collections. A. E. l'liimt, Mnnaiter
Boots and Shoes. 'Men's Furnishings.
Ready-flade Clothing.
0 During utu'.Stock-Taking wo are giving Our Store 11 general
41 Overhiiiillng iind elm olior von noma good bargains In Granite-
:; ware, Tinware and Inamelware.
* ' Doing at Oott Price English, Blue  Enamelled   Waro
i } Tinned BtOOTSllllCOpotts, English Enamelled Stove Kottlos,
11 Out Prices In (hit Glass as per cent Diicount.
.. To Olear Our alouh of " Invineililu" Washing Mnolilues
,, »* •!•
\ }        Ten Per Cent. Discount on limiting Stoves for this
4 f week Only.
J L A  large  and   varied   USSOFtitlOul  of good, new Skatet.
I'l'iees #i.«i to #5.1111,
JI Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd. t
Mail Orders Pr |illy itttomlcd h
P. 11. Mux IHI,
Promotion Lists.
Names in order ol merit,
Junior leaving class to senior leaving
cltta-. —No promotions,
High fourth to junior leaving.—
Frank Daniels •and Charles Procniiier,
equal, Frank Tapping, Frank Qranat.
Low fourth to high loiiilh.—Alice
High third to.low I01111I1.—No pro-
Low third 10 high tbiid.—Mai old
Gordon, Frtd, Eraser, Fred, Lyltle.
High second to low ihird,'— Dboglns
MdCarter, Val. Totnlinsoh, Solus
Samsorl, Evelyn Johnson, Kathleen
Hibbald, Vera Sargent, Esrle Dickey,
Berta Brown.
Low second to high m'coikI.—• In ne
I'roounipr, Myrtle Lindmark, Lydn
Steed, Paul Biirtaiii, l.illie Monti',
Ernest Anderson, Kiln Johnson, Coll-
rail Anderson, Olio Wnqlspy, Willie
Gove, Charles Field, nlga Roman,
Allen McMahnn.
High first to low soefiriti —Mary
Paget', Maisie Orltmpj Shells Dickey.
Lucy Brock, Loretia Barnes.,, Alice
Blbbnifleld, Lillian rVtljoiece, Lyla
Bruudrett, Lydfi Piennl ai.d (leitruile
rihardlow equal.
Low first to high first.—Harry
Williams, Clill'ord Sargent, Henry
Granat, Ohailes Cormier, Holla Miller,
Charles McOlean. Henry NflWdfl ami
Carmen Smith, equal/Gertie Biirridge,
Percy Campbell and Alice Watson,
equal, Ferguson Floyd, Willie Watson.
High second primer to low lirst
reader.—Bertha Daniels, Mary Colaroh,
Edward MoMahon, Charles Manning,
Clill'ord Robinson, Edith Fletcher,
Muriel Anderson, Arthur Young,
Harold Gallieauo, Frank ,1 nekton
Jack Maley, Victor Robinson, Bruce
Davidson, Emma Picnrd,
Low second primer tu high sec mil
primtr.—Luther Blaokberg, and Max
Procunier, equal, Rex Cuhier, Alfred
Gallicano, John Henderson, Henry
Anderson, Gustelle Cocorochio, Kathleen Field, Sylvia Gallicano, Maggie
Match, Tony Pugsly, Samuel Picard,
High first primer to low second
primer. — Vera Bell, Lily Daniels,
Myrtle Brock, John Le Beau, Ernest
Blake, Olga Coursier, Winnifred
Smythe, Gladys Fletcher, Oscar
Brault, Erie Lovctt.
Low first primer to high first
primer.—Robert Ross, Enid Brndshaw,
Jennie Boreau, John Fromey, Louise
Rae, Leslie Campbell, Jean Creedman,
Jack Hall, Evelyn Baker, Cecil Moran,
Thomas Taylor, Glen Urquhart, Harold
Robinson, Arthur Johnson.
Number of candidates, 5; passed i—
Maud Beck, 643; John Sibbald, 027;
Fred Berger, 005; Hazel Buck, 590.
Hold a Successful Entertainment,
New Year's night the Canadian Order
of Woodmen of the World gave their
second annua! entertainment in the
shape of a minstrel show, and are to
be congratulated on the immense
success of the undertaking,
At the conclusion of the opening
medley, the curtain asrended, showing
a very pretty picture, the stage having
lieon carefully set and together with
the costumes of the soloists and end
men blended very harmoniously. After
the introduction of the comedians the
fun started, the jokes with one or two
exceptions b.ing all new. Solus wire
rendered by .Messrs. Annan, Chilton
and Taggart with a full chor-S aecoin
paniment. The cuds were well looked
after by Messrs. Hudson, McDonald,
Chambers and Burke who proved
themselves to be a clever coterie of fun
makers and it would not possibly he
out of the way lo mention Mr. Burke
as lit'ing the star,
Jos. Me.roue, who was engaged by
1 In Woodmen to train the hoys, acted
as interlocutor and detent's great
praise lor the smoothuess 0! Ibe performance, also for the training, when
it is considered that  very  few of the
lingers appeared in public before. Miss
Oarviu acted as accompanist and is to
he complimented lor her clever work.
The numbers were nil lirst'Claas.
Mr. Iliaru gave several banjo solos,
which were exceptionally well rendered.
The travesty " Who Stole the Coal,"
by Chambers and Melrose caused no
end of laughter. By his work in this
sketch Mr. Chambers showed himself
to be a clever comedian, which was
evidenced by the applause he received
after the rendition of the song " Twits
enough to make a perfect Lady Mad,"
which was Intermingled with local
verses, written especially for the
occasion. Master John Lightbournc
followed witli several recitations, which
ho gave very elliciently. The songs
rendered by the Bunch of Blackberries
—Messrs, Chilton, Annan, Hudson,
Burke and Knowles were well received.
The show closed with a very laughable farce called "Dissection" by
McDonald, Chambers and Melrose,
and frooi the start to tIn finish there
was n I ;i dull moment in it Mr,
Mel) ,i!;i!ij's clever work ivnsevidenced
try Hie number of laughs which were
forthcoming. At the conclusion of
performance dancing wis indulged in
for several hours, and it is safe to say
•let nil who were present enjoyed
themselves and wilt eagerly look for-
! ward lo another  production  of  this
Supper was served at midnight, A.
E. Bcnnison having charge of the
catering department
Closing Speeches  of  Mayor
and Aldermen,
High Tributes to Work of the
City Clerk.
At the close of the meeting of the
City Council last evening the Mayor
said as this was the last meeting of
the Council he would like to thank
them for the courtesy they had shown
hiiri during the past year. It was not
likely they would all be iii the council
ngniii doling the coming year 11s he
iiniiced Aid. McLcod was in the held
for Mayor as well as himself, and I hey
Could not both he elected. They
could congratulate themselves on the
fact they were leavirg the city in 11
much better condition than they
found it. He would like to tender his
thanks to the 'City Clerk for the very
creditable manner in which be] had
conducted his duties during the past
year. At any time they wanted any
information they always found Mr.
Floyd ready and willing to do his
share of it, and the systematic manner in which he kept the city accounts
and records was very much to his
Aid. Lewis said it gave him great
pleasure to say that during the past
year I hey had nice amicable meetings.
They had had occasion to ditl'er from
each other, yet their personal relatioes
were never affected by any of those
differences, and it gave him a great
deal of pleasure to be there for that
reason. He could not wish the next
council anything better than that
their meetings should be conducted
with the same good feeling as they
had experienced during the past year.
He endomd the sentiments expressed
by the Mayor regarding Mr. Floyd and
did not think it was possible to get a
more capable man to fill the position,
ns he was a man who had a good system of keeping the public accounts,
and was ever ready to show the utmost
courtesy lo any of the aldermen and
the general public. He moved I hat
the Council lender a hearty vote of
thanks to the Mayor and City Clerk
for their services during the past year.
Aid. McLeod seconded the motion,
His Worship had remarked on his
being in the field as a candidate A
number of friends had insisted and he
had consented. He might say that
whether he got in or not
they would be just as good friends as
they were that day. He might Bay
lor the city clork that he always kept I
everything up to-date, making the
work easy for them, As a member of |
the finance committee he could say
the manner in which Mr. Floyd in-
suited on having the statements prepared and submitted had enabled
them to conduct their work without
Aid. Lewis then put the motion
which was carried unanimously.
Mr, Floyd, in acknowledging tho
vote, said he was very pleased at the
kind remarks tbey had made. He
Lad done no more than was his duty
to, and lie endeavored to do the work
to the lust of his ability and in the
best possible manner. He regarded
himself as a servant of the public and
considered It his duly to endeavor lo
supply the public with whatever inform it ion they required,
The Mayor expressed his appreciation of the vote of thanks and the
Council adjourned.
Annual Meeting.
Annual meeting of tho Pirn Brigade
No, 2 was held in Hie lire hall on Tuesday Olllceis for I In- eiirronl veiir
were elected as follows I Chief W.
A. Poole. Assl. Chief G, II Hrock.
Secy.-Troiis. (I. Hi MllCllolllild, Cilpli
of Hose .LA, Dallas, ('apt, Hook
ami I,nililer   (I, A, Kliapp,
Il was decided loglvenn "Al Home"
in Hie ueiir I'ufiire, artaugeiuenlH lor
which Here left In the hands ol'a
Industrial Lockout in Russia.
Work of the Revolutionists.
A Pugnacious Evangelist.
Engineer Electrocuted,
Labor Troubles Settled.
Railway Disaster.
st. IVioisliimr. .1.111. II, All Indus-
Irial enlerprises closed Malay for
holidays. Employers line decided
iml lo re-open until aflei .0111. 22i(d in
view of llire.'ils iif disturbances oil the
anniversary of Red Sunday,
Odessa, Jan. II. Ncvorssiyak, Ciu-
casin, is completely in tho bands of I he
revolutionists; The Governor and
oilier Russian aiillioriiies hnve. lied.
The rcvohilioiiisls in Ibe north ■•ul-
mil I heir defeat by lliegoveniiiR'nt.
New York, Jan li. liohcrl Allan
(colored) evangelist, who was formerly
pugilist, le-enlered ring last night and
fought 11 draw with lil.-tekliriffo. lie-
I'lirc Ibe bout slarled he knell: nod
offered earnest prayer for those
London, Jan. li.~-l.ord Kolbcbild,
speaking at Wlttfoi'd loday, supporleil
the protectionist Candidate llalsey
ami announced himself'a "FreeTrndei'
in favor of negotiittionol'tarilllrealies
with oilier countries."
Victoria, Jan, li. Chief Engineer
Ward, of the li. 0. Kloctric Railway
station at Coldstream, was electro-
culcil last night, a 700 volt, current
passing through him.
Boston, Jan. (I.-Seven wore injured, one fatally, when the Montreal
express on the Boston and Maine railway was wrecked al Wallooinsilc, live
miles north of lloosac Falls, N., ,1. this
Toronto, Jan. 0,-Globo says a department of mines should he established with a D. O. man at its head,
revenue and customs amalgamated,
and Hon. Hrodour take Marine.
Phoenix, Jan. 0,—The strike at the
local and Greenwood smelters is over
and the eight hour shift arranged.
The basis settlement is same as that
at Granby,
The Kootenay Bonspiel.
January 22nd and 22rd are fixed as
the dates for the bonspiel ol the Kootenay Curling Association at Kosslitnd.
The membership fee of the association
has been raised from 15 cents to 50
The reduction in the insurance
premiums for Revelstoke carries with
it a rebate on all premiums in force
since tho reduced rates went into
New Voters List.
With commendable promptitude
Mr. Floyd, city clerk, has already got
out the published list of voters of the
city. Copies of the list may be
obtained free on application at the
City Hall. The list contains 100
names more than last year's list The
voting power is distributed as follows,
Ward 1,1118 voters; Ward 2,105 voters;
Ward 3, 102 voters; total number ol
voters 525.
A requisition is in course of signature to Mayor Brown asking him to
again become a candidate for the
mayoralty and pledging him support.
Mayor Brown and Aid, McLeod are
definitely in the field for Mayor and
there may be another candidate select
cd from Aid. McCnrtcr, Aid. Lewis
and R. llowson.
For Ward 2 Aid. McCarter, Lewis
and Foote, R. llowson and R. Tapping
use mentioned as candidates.
For Ward 1 only K.Tiimble, and J.
Palmer are di liiii'dy in tho field.
For Ward 3 Aid. Abrahamsun and
Field will probably be ro-olectetl by
For selioiil IriisteBcs it is now definitely decided I hero will bo an election for live trusses, and Messrs.
landmark, Floyd, W. M. Lawrence,
It. Anthony and II. N. Coursier me
the only candidates so far mentioned
There may be others in the Held before
nomination day. Mr. Young Informs
us be will not he 11 candidate.
At ten mlnltles to six on Tuesday
morning a severe shock or eartlupilike
was e.pericnci'il  throughout   British
Columbia, and was lelt with special
severity in the Boundary country. |At
lievelsloke many citizens were awakened by the unusual sensation, The
earth tremor lasted ten seconds and
there were two shocks lelt.
At Rosslniid the shock was siisetjere
dishes wCro knocked oil' shelves,
....      »^ •
The Maii.-HkiiiUiIi wi|l be delivered
to any part of tho city, or mailed | to
any address within tho postal unjoii
for |2.50 per annum, payable in advance The clubbing arrun|;euio}its
with olhor papers will remain in li rCo
for those who profcr to have tljeir
subscriptions that why.
Wish you all
A Happy and
New Year
The Home of
The Overcoat
You can't think of a style that the Fit-
Reform Wardrobe does not contain.
You can't name a material but what
Fit-Reform shows, ■
And the Fit-Reform label carries with
it, the assurance of service and satisfaction,
as well as perfect fit.
The entire range of fashion
is comprehended — from Overcoats at $12, up to the handsomest styles of the season
at $30.
I nun!
J. G. Macdonald, Revelstoke.
Incorporated by Act ot Parliament, IBS.
WM. Molbon Mactherson, Pres. S. H. Ewixo, Vice-Pres,
James Elliot, General Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way of hanking business transacted without unnecessary delay,
Interest credited twice a year at current rat« on Savins;* Bank
W, II. PRATT, Manager,
Kevilstokk, B. C.
Houses and Lots
Scott & Potts Ef
Everything a ncnilcman wants in the line of tailoring.
Our stock is new and up-to date.
PreSSlng and cleaning promptly attended to.
First Street, Opposite Union Hotel, Revelstoke.
Union tfotel Restaurant
Mrs. McKitrick, Manageress.
Open at all lionri, Short Orders tastefully served.
Meal Tiokets Issued. Rites Moderate,
lo Vj   |j
• no
Gl# flbaiMberafo,
p..-, ||ng ■   ingo In Engl    '.I nil d
!>, o . n .1 [thro ..!■ posfofll 'I
v. ,      ■ ,  ■■ Ninipmii-I [111 linos make on
i- , [erred position.-. Jo per cein
..,.;.   uiriiu  in   i   - nml Death*
...     . ,, h   lllsi II,     All   iiiIii.Tli-uliieni
sii!'li',:ll,illie,iPl'i-,villi,! llieliiiin.il.eliiein
Wai -d and Condi Med Adu'rilaeiiiunls;
Ai.-ci.l< U'lillte.l. Help  \\ illleil. Billll II
wanted,   Situation,    Vacant,    rcaclioi
Wanted, Mechanics Wonted, I" wonh n
tloi .1  11in- la
I All
such n prico as io i iisure ii good
profit lo tin' grower; fundilioiml of
course lo iis being in il piu'keil ami
in good condition."
,i : ,..-. ■ in ■■ imilng advorll ciuents lunsl
:, o  i  m,  I in .in in,,! hrliluj ut
. I, Wl ■ i. !" -i- .-■ .'■'   ' 'i -,- i)'<
,   -     '.:-,,   ■ ,   .   ■ • all I ni rci
,'■.. -, ■
TEEMS  - en.   • lb    ipl   ■•   1 i;    I I
',,- -
COitltE.'sl'OXDKNCl  Invited  ol hoi's „i
rest, i   i'i nloatl  to 1-idi
;,:,,!    by    nil    ol
not neceasiti 11) for nnhtlcallou, bill
, ,,:u I i.mil.  Cuio poi i.. in
iiber country
urge tloniiinil
if iruit .-nu!  i
There is always n
for sin h high quality
alwavs commands
government lo lnl;o 11." matter up
in no uncertain way, and pas? the
nn ■. ■ Iringenl  legislation iigainsl
this i loss oi liiinpi ring wilh llie
sai ml rights of tin pco|ilo nt Ihe
hallo! box, ii there is no otln i
way ni lining il lei the law I e
amended lo niiiko bribery a severely
(hat olil ideals aro not  il
that  men still   love   i'i
right  rather  than  injus
The  people of the   Northwest
li.   .M nKKIsiiN,
III l n i.:
MeKeii/lc Avenue,
yiMiniPTPUP, Stll.tCITOIlS, ETC.
oAices i iMi'KiUAt, Hank Ulock, llavai,-
BTUKK, 11. e'.
At..!,11 Lo loan,
Office.-: Itevelatokc, ii.C; l-'uri Stoclo, It.ft
Gap. S. Mr-Cut rra,
.\. II. Pixrtiiax,
Hilel.-lOke. II. 1.
.1. M. Scott, LUR
A. IlAllVKV.
Koi-lSlcele, II. 0
W. I. Hrlggs,
Bahristeks, Shi icitiiiis, Etc
First Street
IToKs loll
lo   [.HAN
Molso.ns Hank
KovoUoke, H.l
Willi lln-   issue   of
Ieiiald ioiirnulism in
1 lokc
criminal offence, for which no other hns entered on n  new phase, anil
jfcbe fi&aiMbcvato
The people ni the interior ol
Liritish Columbia are awakening lo
ihe fact llnit they have as yet til
most undeveloped one of the great
e-t sources oi wealth of the tut tin
That is the fruit-growing industry.
The f;ii'. that Kootenay fruit won
the Royal Horticultural Society's
medal for the best display oi fruil
at the recent show in London, when
nil the world competed, is' llie highest proof of the value oi the soil
and climate for fruit-growing. The
Okanagan has come to be recognised as tin- California oi Canada
ami is becoming a wonderful fruit
producer. The exhibits from thai
valley carried off live of ihe total
eight prizes awarded at the exhibition. Wmit Okanagan bus done
Kootenay can ilo. The day is mil
far distant when the upper Coltim-
DIa Valley, north "f Revelstoke,
will be studded wilh orchards,
when ihe Eagle l'a.-s from Revelstoke to SicumoUS will he a large
iruit producer, when the bench
lands on both sides of the Columbia river between, jieye'stoke ami
Arrowhead will lie taken up by
fruit-grftrftis and smail farnjere,
and when the Arrow Ink's from
Comapli.v and lleaton to Robsoii
wi.i be dotted wilh hundreds ui
home,- surrounded by orchards.
Ti.er* is no betier soil or climale
fwlhis [itirpwu man- in this di»-
•_ri '. -.:. i ::.- ■'■ rS that h i- been
, ..-■ .1, '.;.- Okanagan snows it is
Bun.pl) u mallei oi pruperiyiirig.il-
ing .1 •;• Bllitli la'htlo diuifa; tlrjj
JsPuSrLI circle I  '    ***&*.   ^
yi    ■   when   ' ■
i In-
Teiritoriis, who have been opposing the proposed tariff on lumber.
have giv< ii away tbeirown ease in
the most remarkable miinner in a
requisition lo llio tariff commission
for duties on farm produce in which
they say:
"Fortunately, llie di'velopuienl ol
mining and lumbering in Alberta,
British Columbia and llio Yukon
Territory has created ii considerable demand for mirfurni prodm Is,
Otherwise, Alberta  litrini rs would
reive Hlich low prices for wlllll
they proiliice that farming would
not pay. Now, if tho government
lii-ii'it- in tboso farmers of Manitoba and Ontario who want llio
protection taken away from farm
products,  grain,  vegetables, eggs,
butter and rtts, will be sent into
Alberta and British Columbia fr	
lln- United Slates and we will lose
ball'mir iniu kid. The quantity oi
farm products produced in Alberta
is increasing every year. Each new
Bottler who conies in adds to the
ijuanlily. li we have good markets
near nl hand for till we produce,
the mure new settlers thore are, the
better ii wiil be for ihe country,
In n well settled neighborhood, we
can have hotter schools, better
churches and better roads', while
ibe railways wiil give a better
service and lower rales.
The taxes will be less for each
mil! when there are more lo help lo
pay I)ii-iii. But if thoi'O are no
markets near nt hand lo consume
tin- farm   products  of   tho  new
settlors,  the  newci -rs  will  do
harm instead of good to tboso already here. It is thercforo ;t matter
of great importance to us thai we
should keep the markets we already
have, which we cannot do if farm
products from tin- United Stales are
allowed to conic into Alberta free
of duty. It must be remembered
that we are not allowed lo sell our
farm products in ihe United States.
We are shut out, of thai market by
a high tariff, li is therefore only
fair that we Alberta farmers who
are so far from England should be
allowed to hold our own markets;
instead of abolishing or reducing
the duties uii farm products coming into this counlry from the
I'niled Stales, it would bo fairer to
make the Canadian as high as the
American duties.''
Exactly the same arguments apply to the demands of the lumbermen
so ilittt. to be consistent, the Northwest farmers should - p]
demand for the lumber duty, when
the lumbermen would support {hem
in turn in their demand for protection of Canadian agr I
punishment can atone, ami make
it apply to candidates, agenl and
olecloi'ri alike, The prison wall will
probably bo found tho btst line of
Icmurealion between purity ami
corruption at elections nml no line
or oilier punishmcnl should he
accupled from tho guilty.
il lll.ll'Y OP LAWLESSNE  -.
A. II, Lowe, vico-prosidonl of the
Maintenance of Way organization,
It t writlon a letter from Colorado
(whoro he is organizing) making
in- comments which -bow thu
futility of strikes and labor troubles, lie says: " I have ju.-l bsen
through some of Ihotorrilory made
minus, or rather infamous, by the
lawlessness displayed nil round
during ibe contests between tlio
Miners' Union, the Citizens' Alliance and tin- soldiers under General Hell. I urn sorry to say union
labor did ils full share of the lawlessness which characterized tho
period, for llierc were men, and
they are not nil dead yet, who
think strikes can only be won by
violence. So we oi the I). A II. (1.
are suffering for the sins of others,
but public sympathy is with us,
just because our fellows respect the
law, have not in one instance interfered wilh trains, track or trnllic,
Inil simply went to other work,
which is plentiful and well paid,
until the management realise the
need of experienced men to keep
the wheels off llie lies and the
trains out of the ditch."
i ri   .- ing ./.  .-: oji\ thing
nentWfiHi. el Ti ft. VKB fun-
Kptfnr ni--'.h» t:-;lt (.•')'li.|dliei.
that .- i: sight Jar the ■:. tricl ii
i..-    irei lion alooj   ,i.d   fen,'
efforl    ighl to :" in.o,-  I-.-: to
lb? arrow bo-kw pnTitcaltrrty npor-
tl ..     >i   Liii    emigration   from
"rhr.:"1"^1' ,,'v:t!"     L, Iii
ri port   ■.   ':.'   liritish   Col n
iri.it nmrit in  I. mlam   I;. M.
,    .:  ■     :   '  ' i'i, :.,!• i'onei 8:iyr
"lljil'lJI-e    i'S'TI   filly   U«li"H-
Urati i to tie   British public thai
l',ri'.i-i. !'"h:mhi;i ha- a good
i |im .'.■ i. i a productive soil, ami
thaut-' fruit can be sold here so
li joAvi | |:-fn io i:- t'li.wi-r-i
-.:. Lg] , i    lilj: i,v. tor sumo time
iinlH lueHUiifilv is greater. The
heal iinifkets lor the average fruit
■,', .,   ■ ,:. the Northwest, it.i- also
v, ; MvidO tlio gfoni.fi u:t look-
.■is here that the province can grow
:, very high c.„::.ui ijnil ol liin;,-.l
ijinility and beauillul app' arance
such itn in required ior tlio greal
i\-*|l.ltuu ifUi'ilea ten. and for this
'' w'° nn ,ln"1'1 Utti iii lWU,
higher price can bo obtnincd ill
London and Liverpool than in liny
Magistrate  U rUutms,  el
couver, is in hoi water over seeding
boys, convicted ui a lir.-t offenje, to
II   . Inmn.-s
v,.  ■      ihej      ;   ilS    h'
ter eared for.    Su-lec''
l phases of societ,
f n ,   I
!,      ' . I.  ■   I
: .    .|,  i,     •
of prodm , :   ■.
I,      .1       llMl.1,1  ,    i..i  I      "I
Ttie   l-ro',! !   -■ ■'"•;:    -I	
upplkd in all c»m ■ p"
: i it I rtji i , :i w i ""Il - .
- in pjevi olii g llm ii ni '
, riiffi
loi.:   fir
li i- high, liii,'   :i'|
lopni an end to | deal      , .,
lion mid bi'il"ry. In thjlj nni'Dr
Canadian politics: liave departed
froio llie traditions of 11,"  M'dle r
country ond hdW fake i  tin
wottl . In of Aiui-riciiii political Iii".
I'lolli-ry, t!i" Liberal member (oi
St, Anne's, ' ns been unHcatod on
ehurtfri, of (;mrii|iti(in and bribery
which Judge David on aid "iri the
whole roll ol uloelion chsos, bo far
if   iny teinliiig g'^e   Ibis catn it
valliyuL   paialli.1."     ,\u  party   i
free from this disgusting phase of
The impression is prevalent that
the defeat of the conservative cabinet in Britain, ami the return lo
power of the liberals, means tho
death-knell of tho Chamberlain
inou'iiiciit for federation of the
British Empire, It is admitted the
liritish Liberals denounce Chamberlain's scheme, but Mr. Beach,
the able editor of the Business
Man's Magazine, who has been on
n trip to England, has published
an article throwing an entirely new
Light on the situation.   Jle declares
instead of having '"" newspapers,
allied re-pet lively In (ho I wo gl'C II
political piirlb -. ii n the inieii ii n
of [he new proprietory that Ihe city
uud district will have a free and
independent paper, which i-' llm
iiuiiillipieee of iieilhi r side, bill
-,-. Iii< I: n ill i iiileavoi' t" lake ns ils
guttling star thu best interesl of tho
public and Ihal ab'iic. The newspaper is no! tho political i ngino
anyhow Ihal it was in days gone
by.    Now-it-ilay,-   p oplo  do  nol
lake all they see ill il iii icpapei-
for gospel, but read and lliink foi
ibelii'-i'lves. aild il   is   Well   that   il
should he o.
The I'rluler-.liiui'iialisl very aptly
says: "We have frii|lieully had oeea-
sum In refi r In Ibe political power of
Ibe tinly iiidependeul press. The candid newspaper 1 hill -lands lln Iherlghl
Wil llolll fear.   I'.-IVOI- or   pl'l'jlliliie.    will
ever Ibid an enthusiastic following,
Inil papers Ihal are always partisan
or f'actioniil, ever litiiunicriug away,
in season and mil of Keiison, tignhisl
men and ineiisiiies, simply because nol
of theii' clique or their party, allowing unfiling for worthy deeds or good
qualilies to the men or ineasuics op
posed, generally .1" the ineii, the
measures and pavrty or faction thai
they espouse, in this day of llie independent voter, more harm than
good. They frequently help, by
awakening sympathy I'm- and advertising, thu very men and measures
thai they oppose Their over/.e.-il ,-iiitl
Iteration and reiteration ol charges
and Impaling wrong motives, e i n
when il is evident thai nlleinpts are
being made I'm- the public good,
naturally awaken suspicions ol unreasoning, uncliinitiihle nml blinding
self interest, if no! even of biihuryor
corruption. The opposite is tho case
with ihe newspaper that heats men
ami measures iviili holiest candor, or,
bestowing commendation and praise
wherever and whenever deserved, and
criticising llie wrong."
Another writer says:
"And u lint a Held lias been opened
io the live and Independent press.
whoso interest, as well as duly, nuisi
lie ever found to lie on the side of
right:- The wrong duers are many
Ini' they are la.-ily outnumbered by
those who must suU'oi' from wrongs
and the newspaper's success and well
being must ever rest with I he great
majority. Doubtless.some newspapers
have been influenced by bribe*aiid the
desire for gain and the good will and
pan i iioni the (lntilici.il support mill
Increased business already tendered
us by lln- business men of Ihu oily lo
vhoni we wish !■' Lender mil  thanks
in! :;i opinio for Ibe ii Icresl and
i : Ian ,- lui'ivd. We hue gvi nl
faith in lb ■ future nl li' Vi Istoku and
dislrici mid no ell'orl will he spun il on
our pull to promote Ibeir heBl Inert Sis.
The Mam -III.km n will be published
semi-wi il-!,-. I'm- lie pre.-, nl, mid we
.';.' : nol lo- ilis|;ii,i when
,!, ■ ri ,i:li t,f ih- eiiy inn llalrlel
will I. ■ such a- In jusllfy ns in publishing a dally p.,pi".
(Under  New   Management)
B.   C
First-clas nc.oopimodalion ior Iravellcrs.
Ilest brands of Wines,'' Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER
1 v, rjler on milling in I lili.-h
C dutlibi' Pit' : '"llivi till io
milling ciilis nml Hows nml Inn ils
-link lides win n Ibcrc i; i nil in;1
whalovur doing. Al prcsont tlio
tide is evidently mi the Hood for
ibis 11 i-s oi inreattncnl, judging by
tic number ol purchase* thai arc
being made in the Koolonnys ami
Ihe West generally, nml Ibis is the
opportunity which has long been
awaited. 1 hero is no section of the
conlini nl that has more promising
proportion titan can be found in lb •
Kootenays. Wilh the Granby paying dividends and its slock worth
from :?',! lo M.75 per share; with
the mines of Uos-iand practically
nil upon a dividend paying-basis;
wilh i lie mines of the iSlocau paying
dividends; wilh the St. Eugene in
Lasi Kootenay paying regular
dividends; with the Sullivan in the
samo section on the eve of paying
profits lo ils shareholders; with the
generally improved condition of
mining, ibis country is certainly an
alluring place for ibe investor in
mining properly."
'The action of flic Great Northern
railway company, in increasing the
charge,- for freight on zinc ores
from $1 lo If2,50 per ton, is one ol
the worst railway itnposilions ?ct
imposed on Ibe mineral industry
and emphasises the fact that government control of railway rate:-
must be made a real and not un
imaginary power, and that it must
be exercised without fear or iavor.
e^il    ' -
Chamberlain's federation policy is siipporl of ihe strong and rich, but
so strongly "imported in   Britain, 'll"-' lllive "'' l'"'" able to fool tin
 nl      I I l- I'll..     I, ,li,r     n ll.l       llll I'.
::ii. but   that   lb
working classes arc down . bin
personally ocean - ol Lli - i.
African war.  lb- promised the mx
and   hnvi
ir I hoi.
real majority
justly, in the i
,i rfldy,
1,1 linn Hi'iteis.-iys:
Ti:.    1,,,   has gone   by when  the
.        "W   m 8 l'ul'lic' wh«lllel' '"  '"'i"11"'
,   : feity or country, blindly  follows llm
it ets for t n      ■.    ... .                                   ,,..      ,.,
I    tli '.    ■ - o,.    I in- editor
of Bri .-,1  labor    ii I   ii ite ol  ,,                   :, „  lghuml huneB,
i ,               forgel   thill   In-   is a mere
| . |   , | nj          ..- dii   men .on! polities
from lie ilpoinl of llie best
gains  tin
he   Ilo tin
mi' resi ■ "i In- town, city, sti	
Ihati ■ ,
tl ,i,. i-  in,-  mill   oil" commands
lain politically th, ,, , mli
„:..'!. ii-
•   -ih'  ■   I   ivueltlj "i- "l
.      -  i | iblii   oulnion is.
 H" "i the .ii i ■ "i
..   blio-incu,    Polltb
no value to a news-
!„,-, ,i   nabti in--- polnl "I  view,
i     ■ i
, ...
■   Il       l1!,!!
e.  - '
.   i'
bii in ,i  I.
iioint    i in   ■
h nn repi i'       ■
-t-    , ■  i  - ndll   n   i
north ol
■ii   ■      ■   , .., -" :i -ii
line.      I be 11'       I UftVt
ii . n "Mil- on. led ll)   i -   "
II,"   in i,i ,    , mini havi
revealed a ti i ribli    I ■ e
in American cnmmori
rs to Kootenay Mui.-iml I!i:yi'i,sToi;i: IIi'.iiald)
I Authorized Capital $50,000 in 10,000 Shares S
I of $5.00 Each.
The Company offer for suhsciiption .",01)0 slinrt-s I'm the
purpose of nrecling suitable olliees and placing' IhtriCo'nipaiiS
in a position, financially, to carry mi the business of Pubs
Ushers ami Manufacturing Stationers in the best inlvtiiiisgi'. j
rrnnaed t-
I aymoiit tor shnres may
of intending investors,
i conveiii.-iHK
Pull particulars may be obtained on application al tlid, ut
i. i office of the Compaiiv, or on receipt of letter addresserl to llu| ||
i|ft:ouipnuy at Revelstoke, Ii.C. i- i
SiaS ::::Iili
-ii, ii'ii
. i
i       , n.   .
One ol the main questions whiel
will come up for con.Miieralion ii
the coming municipal elections is a
sewage syslem for the city. While
such a system would be loo big an
undertaking at present lo coyer
the city its a whole a plan should
certainly be devised of providing
sewers fur the more populous portions of the city, as McKenzie
Avenue, First Street, Second and
Third Streets west, Unless such a
system is provided tho city runs
tho risk ul a serious, outbreak ui
fever ami mortality.
\\ e arc glad 10 sec ihoagilaliun
renewed til Ottawa for llie ot'eiltioil
oi a department of mines. Tho
growing importance of the jiaiuertjl
industry of Canada, and especially
of British Columbia, demands its
recognition in the public adminis-
liatioii. (hying to the excellent
work be 'has dune for the mining
industry at Ottawa, W, A.Gulliher,
M. P. lor Kootenay, should huvu
tin- first claim on the new poriiolio.
. i . . in.ul,',e mi in ihe I'miad'uin
Irdni il I ..I ■ i i . re nil in,,' from
wli.il lie- Westelll eoiirl  consider:, nn
 ni- nl   "i  their righls liy the
i .in.iili, i, higU '■ I I unless e.uj
ui mlall i    ninl.e   eoneei.iiin i,
plil  i. lilimtni m,    V< i ■■!.'
I i   |", .  I"  II le  .tod  oi'gall
i oily.
Law and  Commercial Printifrs
and Stationers
Publishers oi the MAIL-HERALD
a high Iribnle  lo   llm   Al '
people thai they I     upji   led
ibe action of the I'i1 idenl so
-frmigly in making the o m
timis. A people. ndvei stronger
i.liaii when engiigod in boldl)
attacking, aoiuching mil, and righting ils wrongi.   'I be manly, open
public life and it is the duty of the struggle, against wrong, has shown
■   ,
i       ■ '
I   e   'I'    ' ' '  ■     ]      llppOI-t,
in.on,0  of  He-  Al mi. and
lll-illAl.li Will lie I" plan   US   il III
-.villi III," pie ifdl lit    "I ll Id   life   III-
I,,,,., ,. ooinpiiiilen, »'- hope to h i o
lllliell  HO ll'l  01 thM "O   '     lie  ill ,0
'ir   hllll ei.di.'il'i.l- lo   llllllll   tt|i n   In.  i
., Mel ■. o i rti i. i i:,-.: hall li i li
ri<li in He i ity uud ili.iiiei. Thai
Ihenetlon ol the Iwo papers Is ap
proved by the people is already up
'I'i,,. ii, h N'orlhi u  i'■ i■ i'   ll'   '■
labllshctl n lii-.ni'li ul Vain' UVtU'i
■|li,. |', I.         \    I,'   iipi'liedill
N'dll I   '.
• J; V.E
l  | ja foi   rieinmiiis.
pliVAI. I Itnit ''. '"A I' llll   iioci|lia]
on Ibe until.' I.    Drop I aid  nod
no will mall you 11 -  tal ,   ■ illn.-tnils-
ut-, ill" beautiful l-ii hicuii. v.e nlli'i.
The Royal Soap Co.,
Vancouver, B. C.        Limited
. •
■  .
'"■]   \jrj.\5
■     ', s,j.A*,*-r--'-
.-i¥,?iJ( pi!:'.,'.-4'-*""**■ -■-: ---T   ■ -'&-v'-^^S-
^^^'i^^M^^^ fcE;5"E'' ■'&%
'fcSsr-lt.lf.* ' ii ■ "i;'i.-. iv .-   -.- A,--'VJ'«Sl;t)-'>-',-r*/,l
■'' :■; ■ :f &
Printing & Wrapping
Papers, PaperBags,;
Office and Hotel I
-        '
iceount  and   Duplicate  Counter
Check Systems;
Hotel' Registers*; Hotel Printing and
Agents for Empire Typewriters.
_l^ i-,-Ti,-.Mi
,-f TIT-t-
., 'mmm^sAM
.  -I .-' •'-Mr.'
mt'inmtfim:%ZSt\ THE MIl-IIEIlALD, IffilLSTUKE, JIG
: * irr jr.T.irWit-T *
V' ; jju;
u . .. .   I "J a     >
It'ioni Oitr Own Correspond' lit.
'or.-' ippiug u car load n weed. ..a nouti
as tii" wealbur will permit ibe con
tractors lo start work.    The lime has
been tested and has proved itself lo be
tho hesl in the country.
Mrs. MoOleunan, of Rogers I'sss,  is
union on Xe.v Years spending a week with her mother,
]      . * ^
Hroken Rail the Cause,
Messrs. L, F. SlelJoilgilld and  S.  J
Harlow supplied Ibo music for llie K
Of P. lull   1
Mrs. I„ K. McDjiugald, A.  13. An-!
Ihony and Hoy Thomas lilt
K. of P, ball inSaiidoii.
Rev, IX !' Allan a' d wife
ing friultiU in lody. i   on CuiK|ay morningabqul 2i|clouk
Il was a j I y crowd tbtl Blarlcd a we ', ii mid freight train was Brook-
out on Nun  Years Day U> celebiit'e , I,,;l 11 b.iiikuldnt on the west
tin old time ctislo fcillic. on'liii'i'i ■'.;,;, ,',( lIiq Culttuibiii river hiiffljjc nt
friend,- under Hie able Ii det'ship oi  Rovelstuko     I'lle  train   was ios'ljy
Cunt. J; with \Y Iter srcuiid i" cnm-jlo.ided wit'i)  sled   rails  for  tlliiiow
I'd nmpl" Xicii   road I
i I -. i' . •. .,,1.. i ■ f Ihe wn I. «.!•' n
vided by tlicji ml peopli of lb tow . broken"rail so that nu blatne w# at-
'ibeoie.iii-ti i, lead  by   i'l"!'.-."!'  i\   ji::,:ii„,i i„ an;, one.   .'-even, cars' of rails
with Tns'wihd j.il'.in'iei', kepi   the  pud   dumped   d,.'n   l!„   mil i;:n.ejil at
dill hot,    Itwaslieamifnl tnveo-hnw   I''-,,,]   Pl'li*'   ]„,,,..  sin'Mifng   bis
•; |,:,    i . i,
iiiiiml.     He   ' u:e   loin oiii ampi"  .,„,,!   run.) being liuill Irnui f^Irices
,1 lathe I i the I      ,. .    .       ;■'      |',ii,| ,,.',    ,'   ■,..,,.. ■ .;!'.. ,vn   I. |V,|S a
gvnrelully Tom and I.. .1. 1111111116(1
their tambourines, on the start, ! Bill
li. gavo a liohVnur pfil'.nc selections on
Ibe banjo, but as we |u, coaled on  our
seeniod tu gel leg ivcjvry
f ee /ol'nnkle;. Slfcll II liftlfe Ml'.
world had oomo, The train was, in
cliaigeof Conductor Hyliind and Joe
dlliu was engineer. The wrcck'was
•o promptly   cleared   tralllc   was;  re-
to ligbti-i/.liklniiiT, ''  \i  evcy  h 'i-|sinned   within  eight    hours   oi
the graceful snip dancing of Dave and
Wilier 'o.vliiiti  I ;\'.\ till! -  of ttjft
plauBe, and John's lovi ly teuor voice
was if gre.it us'i'lnnce in the singing.
Ho had but Ui rdy "men of the d.'nb
1 am proud ol you'1  and  his  ringing
c7jr'rjfl"4liaTge" Mas always met  with
a will.    A humber i f recruits were
picked tip  dmii'i  the  journey, and
they were brave men and true.     Fred
and liob B. wcie  two  of  tin nl.  and
although 11*1) I), tin- our latest he was
dlffrVys  in  tie  thickest oi the fray,
and when the bVtjhj souuJcd ficoftso
firing''   he   was   found   right   in the
front ranks.   And if IW inrcwelj, Noble
brave. 1,'lb, and  ,ve hope wlien your
Cliplain calls on you again you will
nil respond with with your "aye aye
Between live- and six o'cb'ck Tuesday rrrorning, an earthquake .-hvck
was felt' ill It he' town. The bouses
trembled antttho ik as if thov were
being rockod in a terrible storm, The
shock oply lit.-teJ a few seconds.
l-'i-oin car own corresiioinlclit.
The concert given liy the eoiiglegn-
tion of All .Saints church' on Monday
evening was a gtc.il success. The
songs-, duets, etc., by Mrs. Derby,
Messrs. Monks. II. Kirk, H. H. Kirk,
Uuuieifoid and Xewiiiu.ii were well
tendered. "The Holy City," sung by
Master Reggie Odder, and dyets by
.Misses Beitha N'ewiuau aud Louie
Cook desei|e pat rjcrfbir nieiilion.
On Wednesday evening a meeting
wan bold toiirr.ingi' foil a coneeil on
Holierl Miiins' annivevs.uy, and we
are looking forward to an extraordinary cllli-lUillUJrUl.
. At another meeting on Wednesday
night ,i, whisl club was organizeil.
Mli>» l'l'mlbi is visiting her sister Mrs.
Newman. .        • , ,
(.1. a McCarter spent a day in tgjihi
Ibis week.
Arthur Hull spent bis holiday*"it \fc
if. J. Sutherland InVs gone down the
lake to spend the vtinw-r, Q|
. One oi our oil I/a us has lalely taken
a mania for choking little boys vvbom
he meets on the sllret'lo'SuCh (in ex
tent tiiii it has been necessary to.
leuiinil liim Hint Arrowhead is, still,
the bounds ol civil law.
The   in •■ 'i,i\i.'iiii'Hi'L'   of   lniving   110
meeps ol .uiCicrAniiiitigiwIie,! trains are
:   likely to arrive has oeen lie'coiitua/i'd
once or twice ibis week,
AuMiyjN Mm* ***($«$ ■ ■'"' V™*
■s!o|.r-,'ll   1'lhll?ll.lV   'niter    -pentlillg'.'l
■'   week wiih her sister, Mrs, I'h-lkjtil,, -
Winnipeg, Jan. 2.—Two' Canadian
I'acille freights came together between
White River and Cllaplcau station.
Ilbhl, lteid, lirnlteimin; U. Plait, fireman, aero killed. The wreck occurred
mi a strai lit track mill is thought
d.ne In mi*ken'signals.  I
A 'freight.trnin ivas derailed '10 miles
east of Fort William yesterday afternoon, but no one. was seriously hurt.
In the lirst wreck ten ears wei.e badly
.   •«•
High Tribute to Its Value.
(nossUMi Mirer;)
•■T'iie BWHWmllPhas issued n.
very creilituKrS"Christinas number, in
which tnucb iiitereoting information is
furnished concerning, Revelstoke and
the suiToiiiidiug couutry, Many illustrations tiro given, well calculated to
sliow forth the prosperity of Revelstoke and attract attention to the
grand scenery of the mountain section. The great Deutscliman eaves
get tbeirshare of attention, Pictures
ai)d descriptions oi mining campus are
also added in jirofiision,
Iii''its regiifar'issue the Mail anl
nouuees thai it now ceases publication
as a separate journal, as it has amalgamated with the , Herald, the new
paper to be called the Revelstoke
Mail-Herald, aud to he published by
a joint stock company. ' The amalgamation publication ought to prosper
if it combines, the merits of the Mail
Ht'K.u.u." ,'„„,
(mimnu   STA.NIl.Ulll,)
I'ndei'.the,beading,"Swell Number"
the, Mining Standard says:—" With
«;oipiiiQiid,ubleentei'priSetbe Kootk.nav
Mail tif Revclsloke gets'out a yine
fouve|i(r Wn^tji^.s^i|i|uil|a:i;.j jit 'is
superbly musfrateu ami printed -on
(acts iii relation to llritisli Columbili
resources."    The   Mining   Standard
but before, it does will require better
support than it now receives."
•;  ■, lil'l, '    .    .
"II (..( (KNIIIiUHV 1'ROOltKSH.)    I
'. yfii are iii ree.e.ipt of, the special
Christmas number of tlio Kootknmy
Mam,,.which is in everyway a creditable production. Xiio issue contains
many half tone pictures of Rev,elstoke
and the surrounding country, includ-,
ing some cub of the lit-vyly discovered
l.lii|ilschiinut caves,' ''
.Mis-, Fish returned to town oitTn,
tlity,   ^jiailia'.^aejil spending ,\e\i
Veal tvoh llle'ild- here.
Aiikhi MiM.mii
disidlMrr '*rnN'i>lw-'IfJ
4''   I'oi'lhe lasl  lliree weeks expect lo he
»'   '"lived 10 IlleeilliwaetonSalllHlll')-.'
nun inn
iipiaki was
i 'Ucsday
The  B'dmiil'
'"^'JJff'^rrOBfiOH    ,'
The SlllBOII gang lllllt llllS beell   hole
«J|,   Inov
■( --c"v T l'1
"L Christnuls
We all sr^etjl, IBj^'ny, Ijihris '
turkey, plum pituSl
trees h adiiigfthe'lls
t\\turnlitidustly lutonftHlod,
Pooler bas-talmriTfi the liinnl'iis
' -J-Iltf Willi''isajiolil twij ii'iiitis 'tin tl
I', b'.  i.ick. , Jleliiii lia..lii;»idin ;
in am h,i«.already'.chipped an
(slaiUjorl, latlj l^-ij making pi'
i   ^','Vi"-.1' ''V'i \H1 '""'''"I* I
aiioiis toTiavo eVerythlug in rot
ic; c.
Bright Outlook for Lumbering.
Wllile waiting hopefully for the
dawn ol II mining (lay in the (tig Bend
district, its people leeve meanwhile
turned their iiltei.lioii ailh cuns'dcr-
able slmioiMires to lis oilier minimi
rosoinw—tiniher. It is safe to siy
I'hnl ihere is not in Ihe interior of the
province anywhere such x splendid
supply of commercially useful and
easily accessible timber as in the Big
Bend. The Columbia liver all the
iVay iHiniil. fimn ('■•■ iv, r In Revi'lstoke
IS I'o.derc.l hy i! i line I cod r. pini
and ,-pr,ei . ,' in grip th is equally
good upon nil ii tiilniinries, such ns
Oowiiie mid Cniuniins creeks, (lold-
stream, Hush, Canoe and Wood I'iVeWi
(If tl)e KlUII Hpiare miles . f [be Big
Bend area, nearly one i|uarler, or 500
Square miles of elluiqe limber lands are
held by timber lesScsnr license holders.
Tin) aecessildlily of Ihe timber is not
the only ftaturo commending (he Bend
to Ibe lumbermen as a field of open-
turns, the prime factor is tho wonder
(ill waterway bywliicli itcan he driven
to a convenient nuiiiul'iictiiriiig point,
ns-ilt-Revelstoke or lb" Arrow lake*
Nn cheaper, e'fufcr and safer system
from forest to mill for a big cut can be
found. $)): .Storms; no lowing; no
jams; the Columbia river current,
broad and strong, is ways and means
sullicieut ami reliable. This is what
has led to the erootlon of the many
mills working at and near lievelsloke,
and steps nrc now being taken lo organize more operating companies, with
mills on the Airow lakos. The outlook is one of promise for the.coming
year. The demand on Ibe prairies is
glowing in volume and Ihe supply! ns
bus been shown, is ready to meet it in
the Big Bend. Where but one sawmill sawed its cut n few years ago, four
modern ones—enlarging Iheir capacity
—cut it now to the extent of about
fifty miilkmjoet per annum.—Nelson
News,    ,
Will  be  of   Three   Grades
|  Scaled to Highest in the
In .working out the now,' triple
tarilV plan, Finance Minister Fielding
promises Unit on the next lurid' revision the chances are thai Canada
will find itself alongside Germany in
the enjoyment ol the highest duty
rates collcetid upon any foreign imports; British preference'^ ivil'l'be as
now for the motbeilaud, with New-
Zealand, South Africa and any -others
of the imperial group disposed to give
us like concessions in return.
The many friends ill Kootenny of
Mr. Thus. K. Marshall, Dartmouth.
N. ,<„ will he very glad, to hear that.be.
has lately built a fine residence for
him-elfon Ibe Wiiverley road, uboiit
tlneo mlleH ftort! ilartnioulh. Mr,
Marshall's house is splendidly sitinited
on it high piece of laild, and commands u line vii'W oi the- bi'aiitil'ul
Lakei'hiirles. Tho 'house has Ihe
Inle.-I, mislern iniprovemenls, including hot and cold water all through
lliii.li'ou^, Ijvttlr ,rooui, conservatory,
etc, It is uiost conveniently laid off
inside, and,yet most Jjleiisjng to the
eje outsidiio A largo wind mill in' the
near, supplies, the house, stable land
coachhouse with the best of spring
wiiler. Mr, Marshall is to be con-
I'.iiuul.ileii .on having such a line
tlfliraej'i■Wltlfcli is a credit to himself,
and to Ihe eomniunily.
'Miieii will lie rwtvhol. Ilk tl|c esdcr.-lgmsl
fur llll.'|'illi-|l'll"lloll of a enlil lor.lge unrc
liiieirf',i-l|ii-i alum-) |.triiu|i«t'oai|inii,v,
I'tall- una.,.11,'i-illi :ilion- may 'ii' -eell.il IMir
elite     \
1.1 iiil,;ii. close on J.-ini|.u-y Iflji.
ilByjfWniiFj wink «Mi'irirr
Ml'Jll    ' I.U\tl'A.vy, U.\lil'KU)J
Shingles Advance in Price.
Owing to the gi-eitt .scarcity uf logs,
and the consequent high price at
which they are held, it is psslt voly
assured thai in the next lew days, an
'advance will be declared' in Ihe price
of ijl grades of lumber. The action,
when it is taken, will he a concerted
ono and the mellihers are determined
To stand liy the new figures, ,1-usl
when thip;j(aW\K'4lc would go into
operation and how much the advance
would be could not he definitely slated,
Liust week a new., rate on shingles^
WHS established by tbu coast n-ssoei-
iltion.    Tho. incriiaw'  was  15 eenls,
WhMHl itwtores  shingles Wi lln'ir  old
lirlecMliil.K). -Wmlil.
.:■ ,'-'— ■
ll.^isr^pf ihfHrtl! Mining and
Sioeliitig Co,. Nelson, li, C, received
thi'iitigh the agency of Rowland Brit-
tain, patent attorney, Vancouver, a
British pa,teijt on his improved Dis-
tribiititig trough for separately lie-
llva'ing the malte and slag from a
Smelting furnace.
The advantage of this invention is
thai it will permit it continuous How
ol tin- matte ami slug from the lu>-
nactLMlt is fornied uud in the coil-
dition'' of- sVparntion 'therein ell'ecteil
while at the same time it will maintain a constant head of the niolteo
material within the lurnaeo.
ifls llivelitloii ill Iff. Harris is already a [iracticitl success and has been
the subject of patent application in
various countries.
• «>.
. Don't Buy Smokers Supplies
at stores that handle tlinili only for
the Holiday Trade, you get cheup inferior goods at exorbiant prices that
are not appreciated by the receivers.
We have the largest stock of Smokers
Supplies in the Interior to choose
fmui, at prices, thai make them sell.
Ladles day every Friday till the .New
T«.r,'llrcWs Cigar Store,
Opening of the Campaign.
London, Jan. 2.—Arthur.I. Hnlfour,
Ihe former premier, Issuedliis election
.nldiess. He snys Ihe country knows
Ihe members of Ibe present govern-
mom chicHy ns critics and that their
criticism soiui'limes has been singularly Unscrupulous and perverse as in Uncase of Cliincso labor and oilier Unifiers, After referring to the adherence of t)ie new ministry to home rule
for Ireland and In the clls-eslablisb-
of the chill eh in   Wales,   I lie   address
"One thing which llipliburals.i'ognfd'
as Immutable, hii\vever Ihe condition
of inleiuali'n.-d hade uii'.V have
changed, is the llscjll policy ol llie
couutry. I 1,'ikelbe inoleeoii'creali'e
view anil hold thai tIn- lime has
.irrivcil to adopt IDhglawPailsottJ policy
l-i the changing conililiiins of a eliiing-
big Wo'ilib Should yon iclurn llie.
nniiiiib'l  parly lo piiwer, II Islo Ibe
lel'.illliof Iheliseal pnliey   l!i:il  it:.   ,||.
leulion ought fir.sl In he diieelcil.''
"The Premier spoke nl Dunferiuline,
•Scollainl, milking llsenl, reform his
lialllecry In iiiniwcring ,-i ipieslion.
be said be did not favor a separnli'
Independent logislaliu'e for Ireland,
but inliiiiiilcd Ihal the coiiulry should
have n legislature siibiirdin.-ile lo Ihe
Imperial I'niliainent. Sir Henry said
thai the Liberals would light prolec-
liiirl anil fiscal reform during Ihe
eiiiiipnig'n as Ihey did while in iippu-
sil ion. while the I'oimer Preuiler said
Ihal tis-enl reform would he tho lint
great ipieslion vvif li which He
t'liionisl |.ni'l,y wriuld have In deal,
"Sir Uil'wnrd Grey, Ihe Foreign
Secretary, said llie currying ntil of
Mr. ChambeiIain's policy would iiieau
Ihe ruin of Ihe national prosperity."
lie iwsin-eil his audience Ihal Ihe
Libenils bad no Intention of granting
Home Itule, Inn ihal they hoped lo do
much for Irelniul. With regard lo
Chinese labor, he said the stoppage lo
Ihe iiiiporlalinn of Chinese would be
followed by the establishment of n
responsible government in the Transvaal, which would pel (he colony on
an equal footing wilh other South
African colonies."
Engagements accepted for Al-
llomes die. Theory Lessons a
specialty, Pupils now enrolled for
the new year.
- at The Parsonage
Ucacbcr of jptano
-anMDocal Culture
A/phonsus De Feo
of mm
Lessons 50c. Each.
Given at Mr. Dominic (lallicono,
near Station.
Music supplied at "At Homes" ami
Mrs. R. E. McKittiiiok
Banquets, Theatre Parlies am
Private Suppers a specialty.
I have slarled a permnnenl Wood
Y',,inl on Tlunl street. Wilh my past
experience 1 hope to he in a position
lo satisfy all ri'ipiiicinenls tif custom-
ers. Dry cord wood kept In stock and
supplied in any lengths at. f'fdui'itl
prices tor cash.
Wing Ihiintfs newly imported Stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful mid ornamental
Ten sorvlciw
I'iiiesi siook of iMiniie- tad fruit
't'luwiir I'olij
lamcli nasltalH
s'liioliina ilaclii'ii
silk Goods,
Jas. I. Woodrow
Retail Dealer In
Fish and Game in 8eason,
All orilors riroin|il,ly lllloil,
.(".'AL ORANGE L0DGK So. IffiW,
!',' nl f i -.-'.ii*. - nr a. -i i u i'
i,,:,ii. ,  ,-,   ,e  ,.,    i,   aii : i i.
iliij-iifwii'l nu,.    ■        ■ ■ ■ ,i.
Viiiinn broUtron coriil ill InvUeil,
,1 a, Ai'llLsON, w   M,
li. J. TAinihUT, Ci'i'.-.-'iT.
.Moi-lH nil  first Tlll'S'lii
I. (I. II. I. Hull.
.i. ACM I'll. J. Too,
IK, II, 11, I'.
f ovury l on
Cold Banso tctlfje, K. of P.,
No- 211, I '.'"(.'Kloi'. i, D. C.
in hllrlfi'llhaa' Hull nl s
o'l'liii'k Vi-iiuiK Knights urn
ruriliiillv avllcil.
J. II. SCOTT,  (!, 0.
STKWAUT MiliONAI.I), k.ntll.A S.
II. ,\, liKOW'N. M. ol F
Kootenny Lodarc rio. 16A.F,&A.M,
litis rngular mrce
.. are held in II"'
.V, oilld      'I'sole.
i,l,||,'i iwHirr.ll.iii
|„ till I Moiillnyili
•, i nu nth -I 8
,,...,, Vlsllingliri'llu
ran   illaU)   wl
IS :,   I
e. a. I'llili'l'Mlv;. Ski i ktaiiv,
SiiLKIttK t.ODOF,, NO 13,1. 0. 0, T.
KHn.ll    iii.   -   rfclti Ii
iltliix hi'i'lhr i
dinlly ftivltiil lo   I
II, li. I'AI.MKII. N.U, J.MATillr., Sri
J'PTICR IS HKHKllY GIVEN that linos'
I   li;   !    Oi  - | 'I
III Ill 111 'III       il.nl      ,:, ,        li.ni r-.l   (.iil-n
nisi W ,, .    n,,      , km
 ii .,• in i'. esl Knutiil'iij   :• in ;:
'in iiiicnu'iit n r,n-' planted ou (Sulllvnn
I'l-i'i'l.- iaiirki'd Mi P. Broiilii, abutit Iwu und .,
hull' miles I'roin  It   i all. Mi, noil  *ou li tSti
itlifiliiB, iliiee,.   n.-i 9i  eli.ii -, !'iM,r north
in ii.:, ns, ,licni'i, west vi  ii,. a-  ■, iioinl of
iiln.i.i lli:i-lin nl.   i'iiiiini;i.ii,e   till  si',-   ten'-,
M. I' Ifl'li ill
i,l,i, II. (' ,\.i
VOTI'.'b |s Uf.'lililpV or,: ■•' Hup iliirh
1   I       CO --Ml,    I    |l|   |,|   lllllll)       .
I'liinI eoilllitlsi,lul|i'l' ul i„n,.l- null Work- ter.i
s|it'ehl liiTroe \i i ui. n:-.,| mrrv nioij Ulllbol
I'l-.nii thutulloivlnirilusi rlhfd i.ui.i-: -
riiiiiiiiniii'iin.' nl it |i.i-i jiiiiici'i! ,-its,tn leer
mill's south el In,,, llurii i.ii l'|i|,nr Arrow
i.llkn mill liinrl.i'il   '■ Hid   llnii.l   l.ini l»T Com-
pany's norlli-wost ooraer ]",!,' Iheuco ,-.,i
80 nlinins, tlioaco  fontli mi chains   il m
wn-L Ml nliitiii., thollOO north si,i ,iiisl., |s„i't
ul iiiniiini'Nie uont,
Illi; IlKN'l) l.l MIIKII : OH FA NY, LTD ,
llnielnliel- Sill',   I.e...-,.
Kiilinc is in rein-ijIh-ii tlinil lausit'd lo'ni i-ly
III lllolll'Xl liionlins.'l  Omll 'tl III l.u-.'leiin'
(till issi Nl  lor lie- 'llj-et llnvnlstiik,. fill
llinlnili-li-l- Il   nu- I" Itlllmrl   I .nil t; lit I
Itevelstoko, II. U,, ol llin relnil ll.iiuir IlncilCC
hold in- mi'lii rWiiotl nl rIn- innmi.-,- nl 11,0V-
nlsli'tin liinnvn as tin- Victoria llnel.
biiieil .lib liili I liier. lift
il.'|.::„,l IV, M. IliltlWN,
iSplIco |s lii'i-nljy (tlvon lilial Irnnl.- .lullaii.
of linii'l-iokc, II I'.. IniiiiliiTiiinii, liy dnwl
ilnie-il iilnl Douolnbori IW4 iifiliiiicd lo \\ llllain
"" I'nii.i. ul KnveKinie, tl. ('.. Hanker, In
li-nsl for llie lieiii lit ol lira cn-illlors ol said
Kl-nlik .lilli.in all Ills real anil |iersnnal lll'O'
|ii'i-l). I'l-nilils uud ellV, t.s wliinli Ilia) In- s.-i/"il
il solilanilel- nxeeiiliotl
'i-i'ililui-s am I'Cipill'tll lo solid In llie lei-
jlgncd oil or hiitorii Ihc'Slsl .1 it, 100(1, liar
lieilliir- did)' vyrlllod nl their nliiinis ami ul
llii-seilllilv. if any, lin'illi) llieni.
A Mi'i-lillK of lira 1'oi.liliif. HI siiiil IVIiIiii-
will 1,0 hold ul. 'bopllloi' ul Iliin-ey, Alel inli-r
mill Plilklinin, hnicrlnl U.inl; llfrjok, Itovol-
sloke. U. tl., on tlip l-'ili da.y of Jaunarj, I1IUI,
nt llil-ec p.m.. forglvinu of ilininlion- Willi
roferelico lo the disho-al m Urn i-slate.
Dilleillllis -.'lilt .lit) III lleeui.llnl-. IWl'l.
llAlllI'V. .Mct'.MlTO!   IMi I'lMllllM.
Solicitor for tlio AislgnOoi
MOTlii: is IIKUKIIV UIVKX Hint llilrlv
,>   days after dato wo Intend tu apply to tin
i liiul i'uiiiinis-iinii'r ui uiuid and w orltf lei :.
-iieelill lieeliseli) Olll mill e.ll'ry .OOO tillil,,'!
Irulil   III.,   full :  ,l,-,nl„,i   lamia
No, I.
l'ill:Hli"le-li'K 111  :l  lit) I lllllllted I'll  tin    V ■■
till "I      il ft™ ul'   I',,.I!,.,II I     -.
itllOlll tWO illlll nlle "I'llllef llllll'S IlllUil- ll|f
flirt '   llilll    , I-It, ||   " |ii,'   Itolld    1,'lllllHI'l'lllll.
i, nil'    rloillllrtOrt Cnlller  I'lWl," li I    til
111 I'leii', I, 111.'Iter v..'0 I'l, l,;iilt-, :: lie - -Olltll
Wl lillllllis,   llttiiir   e.,1    |l| e|,:|, |,„il	
 iiioii nl,
No, II
roniiiioticiiiK al a |io«l uliiali'd on Urn casl
sldoof llie -lit foil, ui I'iiIIiO o, k ilium
tine miil   Inil I,-   ,l„e,    I lie i„r|,. .„„|
iiiniknil "Hi,: lleii'l l.niiiliir I'i iiiuaii] - Huulli
IVUSl   I'lil-lii'f  |lus|.  iiiine,.  -in  nil Clinton,
,1 l-i., i  Hi . i,.mi-, iii,-it,, ,oiith Will liaiin
liiano wosli 10 olialiia lo |ailnl of ooniiuoiici!
No. :i.
t'ominoiiobia "I n |in,t irl iiiii'ilalsml one half
lllllll fPIHIl lite WISI liillll.,,1 [In; In,Oil folk of
l-Vllinlll'l I. .10,1 llliolll mi,- in i< nUuvu 'li-
lull,- .mil null..i " lie: Iiti.il Luailwr L'rjin
Jinlii's Hryimir-OAt ('unier I'mt," llmi'-e i.oltTl
aJUolllUUa, llinllen Wl -1 III , limn-, ll,eli,|, sunlit
IDlclialiis, il., in- nasi In clinlna lo point of
ooaiini inetiii'iii.
No. I.
ii,niniiin-iittriii ;i |io i plantodabout0110linll
milt- I'l-oin iin- wi-i bank of iln-noiib lot-k of
Kostliall Crook and aboul four miles nuovc lln
forks mid iiiai'kci "lllg llninl  Lumber I'om
mill's Nortlioiwl I'on.er I'ii-I." lln nil- WI--I -n
llllfllH, lliei.efsuillll HO otllllllK,   I ln-lii.-   Oil  I
liiiiits, tbiiiee norlli bo chains lo polel ol com
Arrowhead, b.i..
lino a, was. j.oiii-ii
\T0TICE IS IlKIII-illY (IIVKN I Inil sl\ti
i\ diiysnllordiile w^ iiiuiinl In sppl) to tho
Hun. ibe Chief Uoiiiinlwtouui' of l,tiii,|s nml
Works fur tn-rnii—ion lb purchase lira followliiB
dostrilKil liilnl- sit mile in Hie ItOVolBtokO I'm
Bloi. of W'csl, Kooleiiny llisli-lel. I'oiniiii-iii-iiiK
ill ii posl iiliioti-il oi, the K.isl Hank of llm
Oniniiiiiiii Kivt'l'iiiiiml une I.,,I mile luil'lli ol
tbo muni li of Cariii's l ivi'k. and marked "l'.JI.
& I). Co. Ltd. l.y's S, W, rm-linr," tlleiiei- hm-l
ixiy oln'iiis, tiiciiei! North blglity qllatnil,
n-lien W'nsl si\ly ehnilis l,n I bo sunn; Inori, Ol
i.-ss lo (be I'iasi. limili ol Columbia Itivor,
linnet!  followina   the   lllemnlnl-illirs   of   tile
Columbia River in a soutliurjy lUrootlon lolln-
point of eomiai'tioi-mi'iit. eoiiniliiina ISn acres
inure or loss.
Dated Ibis Wth dm ul Scptoiiihor, A.I). UM
TllEl'lHNCIi MlSISlKcllliVlil.ill'.MIiNI
Company, Limitbd Liability,
loi uoc. a i
(KOHJl I-'.)
Standard, Miiniior, Yellow Jtiekel, Heather
Hell, Denver Fraction, Contractor, Winnebago, IX.L. I'riietion, ll.X.L. 1'rai'tlon,
Iron Hill fraction, Iron ilill, Criterion,
lllaek Hear, l',X.I„ Iruetlun, Iron ('hesl,
mine Kriiciion, Ooivnie Fraction jllnernl
Situate in the llevelstoke>liniii|! DlVlllonnl
Kuoleiiaj Iiistllet.
Where loenied:-Ai stuiiilnrd llnsiii, lllg Bond.
'lake noliee Hint 1. It. Smith, Free Miner's
(VrtHicilte No, U885iffli'llctllis' lis nje'iil for'lie-
Prince Minniit unit rovefontnout Cuinpaily,
l.linlloil Llnbillly, Free Miner's rerlilieiile .No.
HSSisj, inieiid, sixtvtltiys Imiit tl.e date lier,!,:
lon|i|ily iiiilieMinnii; Itceonler lor u iVrlili-
eille of llil[iriiveiilellts, lor llie purpose I'i
ntitninineit brtnvll lilltnl ill tile illiiiveelllitll-,
Aud Inrlliei- luke luilliio llial netluii. iiielei
section si. iiinsi be eoininonccd boiore tin-
issuanee ul iflielt rertlienlu ol lui|irmeineins
Dated Mils Jllli iluy ol Noi'i'iiilier. A.I'., I""
VT0T.CK IS IIKUEUY (ilVKN Hint, Htirij
1\ iluya filler date, I tntoiiit loai»|)lj'totlra
niiofOoiiiiMirtdioiiuroi Ijiml-iiinl \\ orkii ioth
li'.'i'iiil license I u trill iiinl I'urrv nivn\ Umbel
I'li.iiillit'i.illnwinLt.lcMTilitil 1.UI.I-:
Nu. 1.
mimoiiclng hi a piwl iilnnlO'l ftbotil five
mlluK mure nr If" rroin thu 111011U1 ol Item
llrcuk, tlieneu south UM) ahatiiK, tlieitce Qiul ID
fflniiiiH, Hiuiif- tioillt 101 cLahih thitnca wc-t in
Ullflillr! lo |)l;lri' of coilllil'.'lH.'CIID'lll.
No. 2.
('11111111(110111,;ai a pom plnnlcil lOclmlns iviwi
of Nu. I |in>t, Uiiincu lift cliftiUK -onlli, thence
eiinUi)ehtitiiM, llieiiue north 10*1 ctuUnn. thoncc
wont lo uIihIhh to placo or coiuiiwrn'oinciiti
Ncj. 3,
Comuioiioing nl a post plniiletl&l No. i pont.
thonconoiilll Mi'ichitiii-t. ilii'iictt'wt-t lUolmlns,
i lienco hurt li liiii uliahik, t hence im-i l<> ehaiiis
to nlauo ufeoniinenceineiit.
No. I.
ComineiieJiiif atauoutyliintttl north of "So,
i pout,tjnmeu noi'Ji (jn clialtw, thence easi su
chains, tlifinco fiontli ■*" chains, thonue west 80
chains to placu ot conimcnceincnt.
No. 5.
CODinioiicing at i post planted we»l of No- i
post, ihoiioo norths) ohaiun, Uictioe wort 8u
ohftiiis.thoncoBoiithffl clialns, thonco cast SO
uliiiinri io place oi coiiiinonceinent.
No. li.
Coin 11 lend tig ui ii post planted one mile- west
ofWo. ipost, tlietice riorth yi chains thence
west SH chains, thence south IJO chains, thence
eastSU chains luplucu of commencement,
Couiiuouclng in n pool pJanted on out (idoof
No. 0 post, thenco south ltDcliilus, ihcnoe enM
in ohaiuflj thenco north Ifluohnlnt, thcucc treat
Hi chains io plucc oi coiiimciicciiiutii.
ConiiiioiieliiK at a po>L jjlantcd west Bide of
No. 7. post, thoucfl south in chain*, thence wc.-t
160 chains, thenco north lln chains, thence cant
IliU chains to place of commencement.
11. ii. BOBBINS.
Dec. 8th. JW.S. 3WJ11
■   -     i - „ ■.     -i    :. H*\* . '■ r
..,.■'    .0     '      -,    III'      I        il- '    if I    i . I
i ol . aiid: mid i\ jrk  for a -['"-'etui lie >ut •
[hi :: Bi.-lii.riv ti-.i'sy umk-r lr*im tlio follow
11 deicrlM ;nin!-, ittuiUo In the Qa< •• ■
lisli nol Vi.lt- I i-iriol aboal I'ven mil.■- i.p
the north fori! "l vh-trs creek: -
No. 1.   <"'. it;'-i.-'h-iii.'  nl B pOSl   oil the Jl'trt'i
hank, runi,1115; huki mi rhaln*, thenefl sou'.ii s'
1 una, iiVnci ea%i • ■ f.iisiiis, tlieueo noi h m
"I'.ini. in ii i|i 1 ji ■ ■ mmcnreinfiiti
Uau-il Nov, ai :. 1 "j
UEORHK li iAMI'lli:i.l..
'■■   .'   ■ 11 :.i-'iiciiiif s( 1 i"-i "ii the ii'Ti :<
■ 'i' ■ ■ I ihi iKirfii d-rk ol Cherry creek, bl-j it
->.-ii nulli \it> the creek, i inning !■■.-' mi
''. 1:.: . >li: me norili vi eh»lns, thence west w
■ mi. i- in. mi' -111 in so chains io point of com-
menei ment,
Dated Not 23rd, 1905,
I,  '   mini m Inn ai a i ost on the north
I liei 'Tin fork qt(Cherrycreek,abonl
■'tk'iii  inil"* up the erwk.running north80
..   i ■ ■: m chain; thence mmio W
ii.t, ■:- ih ii ■ west ■ ichiina io point ol com*
in meement
l   ; '   ■.. rd, 1005,
No, i   f. mmenelns il a pasl on the north
'■ iik imrtli fork ol Cherry creek, si-«u
:, m   i. ■ > up tho i n ek, running north to
■ s , luiitjf ihenee wuth W
ohaliis 'iHin- ,t < -i mj, iiaiiisii' i-.ini of com-
.ii  ! ,'m'v. j.,nl,l''i*.
So, -   crnninonclnR «t » |»o8t on the south
■ ii'T'i! Ion. "i iii'Trv crceTt, uUot
ui  the creek, running east -11
i haliiK, Uience north 80 chains, thence west ■ I
rHaiii', tti licosoutli Wchalns to potnftel coin-
Nnii'1 Nov,Wlb,'W05,
.1. is, MACKmiZIE.
No Oi  Comincnolng ut a \m\ about one-half
. m the south bank of the nortft fork ol
i :. rry creek.abouJ twelve mil.•» nntoecreek,
r in iing eaatwehttlah, theiitnnonli Bilchalns.
t;i'iii'fuest *i bahiK. iJiuiu-t- m.iuIi hj chains
in [..>ini nf commeneeint nt,
Dated .Nov. Jtm, itM6,
No. 7. commencing at ft post aboul one-half
mill-fn.ni lln-somli Unk of ttie north fork Of
cherry creek, running east so chains, thence
tmrih 8u chains, thenes west so ohalnr, thence
south so chains tojiolnl ol commencement.
Iiattil Nov.ihth, IW5,
No.- comhiehMng at a post on the north*
i-ft-t bank of the south fork ol tin-north fork
nf ('berry nreek. about one-hall univ up the
if., hi,; inning m rtii Wchains,thence west *i
(•iiiiiii-, thence south -J| r>liatris, thence east &n
chain* to poiut ol commencement,
Dated Nov LMlh, 1005,
No ■'. (jominetn Ing al a posl on the north'
i"t- bank d1 iliekouUi h*rk ol the north: fork of
Cherry creek, ub-mt ori'-hall mile up the
creek running south s) t-haltii thoutfeeui 9
I'luiin-. thencu nr-ritt bo chains, thence west BO
chains to i-iiiti oi coinmencemi nt,
Dated Nov, tttli, WS
No, 10,  i nmmencing al t post about oiw
from it"'  uorib-esAt bank ol the
-nhiii lork ol Die iiortu lurk of Cherry creek
. .  ait uui and one half miles up the creek,
mining wuth W chains, thenceeasttu chains,
heiiiv north 80 chains, thence west w chains
lo i nli". •■' commencement.
Dated Nov. 21tli, 1005,
VTOT10H IH HEREBY tlI\'KN that thirty
1> days fliLer date I Intend to apply to the
chief Commissioner of Lands and v\ orki for a
rJpocifil license to out and cArry a way timber
bom tho following described land-;
No. 1.
Commencing four rods from the west hank of
PtngslOli river;, iinil about nine miles from the
IllQUth, ami eight roth from the south bank of
the west fork of Ding-ion, thenco wot 1G0
chains, thenco north 10 chains, thenco cad IGu
chains, thenco south loohalnsto placo of commencement,
Dec. blh, 1003. 310J1J
yOTICK   IS HEREBY GIVES'  ihal   il*
itovnlsiiiiio   Suoiii,'   ateti', Christian
A--iii'inii,,u " intone! to a)iuly,to tlm Limi-
tonniit-Qoverttor in loiuicil to aulhuriee the
snitl 1 ur|iiii-;iiioii in i-lnttiei'tlio intnii' thereof
In tbo " Uiiilrun.i Inline Met. - l l.ri-ti.in
A-siieinliuii    ol    Knielstiike,"    and    lluil   ,-,
S|ii'eiiil Meeting ol the niombon, of the sold
I or|iiil!iti,itl   will   lie   belli   nl   llie   olllce  ut
sniil I ,irinir.iiniii, ui llorelitoke, Hi', on
Jnnuury lilh, Isnu, at ojalit |i.ni,, tu tleteroiiuQ
llm net i,ni in In, takou tlioreoa.
Iiiiiml Dee sili.l'.Ki:,.
A, l-i   MILLEK.
Keeuiiliiie Secrelary.
vo'llii: IS IIKItl-.HV QIVBN tli.it thirty
|l diiysiilterdiile wo iiittnid lon|,|ily lotlic
l blell oliiinis-iunel'uf Lmitls and Works fur ;i
.|ii:einl In ease lo mil nml eiirry awn) limber
ii, I IIowIhkdescribed lands;
Connn nis'ni u ja,-i i.lm.o.l al o .-.   rtli
VO-I    Or   ol    h      tilnl S.   111,,,'L    vn   lin ,|,,
West aide of I'i r Arrua Luke and inarkal
■' lin; lloild Lllinlier 1'olnti.lliy'l eit'l .,■ :
eulner |,,,s|, ' Iliniien iiuilli  [60 elinil] ,  llioi
on t iii.-iniiii , thonco wnith 1*1 el ,.n , lie ...
IO! I locleitle. III Isiinl 1,1 eniiiiii,,ini.tii..:.t
nil, 111,Mi l.l UIIKII IIIMI'IM. LTD..
Dee   till,  llm.
It's ii (rninil si'hbiil bool, a
s|ilemlid [all bool, n ({I'i nt hush
ness nian'h boot, It (Its like a
glove, and is, a slylish lookioi;
bout, too, US hritvy boots go) §
boing made from No, 1 quality
box calf loathor with n heavy,
sole, it will wear like iron, for
sale by nil good retail shoe men.
J. LECKIE  CO.,  Ltd.,
'|i|||l-|\  DAYS  ,(t,i-,|.,i,.   ivi e,i,n,l !,,.,]
I     lil)   lit  tl.e   t'uillllll, loner  uf I-i'i'!- .mil
Unif,. lur n  -in-, .'I llreiiaf loenl I carr)
iwn)   lltuliil-   Iiiiiii   the   fullnwiln/  ,b-i I,I,,,I
land '
I ulititi, ,i. i','.   0     i    lie t    ,,l ,|i|, ,|   nliiuil    i.in
tu,i< ,., - iiniii i oluinliin It I'I I   '■"! Illani! ,ili<
inlli' itorlb from Hojd •. nuioh, il o II mi,i
enlll, r    el     IV     Aeieu'- | ,,, 11, |||l|il  mid 1,1,0 k-'ll
'Hill    Mi'llil   Lntnliel l',,lli|,, ill's .inltltliesl eul
in  '" i   llie llurlh IDi ehiiina, tl	
1'1,'il,  „s,  Il    .nillll ll.l , I,.11,1-   lilt    Ue.t
III ell  His lo I'uiol nl efinillll tieenu ul
S'n .  II, l!»'.'i
Hill llKNIi II  ,1111 II i OMI'AS'Y, LTD.
V'liTK'l-: I.-' Ill-Ill 11V HIVES Ihal ihiny
H   d ii   iiiet-ii.iie wo aid lo lipid) |o llie
i i, i ■ nmi.: doner ol l>i ida and VViirks fm .,
i.|,iiliil lleini-eiii i in ami i.i"i .hi..) tlrhbci
from ii 'iii'-.nn:dualrlbod liilnl.
Coin iii'iiiem ,i |.u,i iilanlnlnl On t,mile
wi-i eornia ol K..1 k lll.a k SBi on (ho «,-.i
slilnul I |,|„.|-Arru I-  Luke mid milked   'MllO,
llninl Lumber Company', SoutlitBM CoVuri
I'u-l' llieti e norlli ll.l chain., ibclicea.t |l
el,tie t, On lib HO chain', i hence ivt'l la
i.li.iinslu Uollll of I lllllll.ellei'lilelit.
Illli ItliNIi 1,1 MllUn i OMI'ANV I.I.MITI.D
Dllled Ntn.il. IIIU,
Ni lice i hen by given Ibataodiyi nftcrdate
, .:,■ ml ;n ttjpi. io the llt-nt.ra'-lethi't'liief
i ii niissloner ol Land* mi.1 Works 1 r i-er-
mission to cut and earn away Umberfrom the
following described lands il lusted In Weat
Kootenay district:
I, i ommenelng at r i--*-t planted on the
south stde ol Smith ereek about3f( miles from
the Columbia river and marked ■■K.J.Jobu-
on's north casl corner post," tbenec ^-mh so
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence north 80
tbalns, thenco east 80 obalns io in* point of
:'. comnleilting at h post planted "n the
.. ni tided Sn lib i rei k about tu miles from
the ■ lumbta hut au*i marked •'£. J. Joan*
sou's i irth e«t corner post," thence south 80
cnali •, thence west Esucftalns, thence north tu
chains, thencoeaitsO chains to the point of
south sldeol Bmlth ereek bI^hu 41,
the L'olumbia river and iii»rkvd "E.J,
son's north ead corner post," thence fouth
chains, ihvnee west so chains, thence north *>.
chains, thence east w chains tu Ihe point of ' .
t. (ommenelng at a post planted on the
south tide ol f>niith creek Ibouit^ mites frum
the Columbia river and marked "E, J. John*
on's north east corner post," thence wuthw
,- [hence west Kf chains, tbencc north w
halns, thencecattw chains to the i>oint of
oi imi ni ement,
5 Ci'iiimenclng atar^t planted on the
-..uth side of Smith rrwk about fi'i miles from
the Columbia river and marked ■■K.J.John-
ion's uorili e«-i corner post," thence south nj
chains, thence westaOchafns, thence north 80
ehalns, tbonceeast 80 chains to the point ol
on : encement,
. immen Ing it a post plantod on the
-,.;',,:, sidi ol Smith creek about 7^ miles from
thi i I urn b|s river und marked "E, J. John-
. ■ - ■ orth -sit cornerpoiti" Ihenee south BO
halns, ihencc west 80 chains. Ibence north to
chains, ibenct east 80 chilni to the i-oint of
."  .  ■ Qoement,
:, Commencing at a post planted on the
- .. - le oi Smith creek about 2)i miles from
ih--11'lumtiia fivi-r and marked "E I. John-
ilh eut cornet pott,'1 thenco north 40
i halns, ibonce "> il ICO ■ halns thence south to
chalita, thence east 100 chains to the point of
i m tnem '■ment.
i, i ommenelng at » post planted on the
uiuOi *ide of PffllTh creek aliout C» miles from
i he Columbia river and narked   K J.John-
:, ■■ ut. cut >■ rm : post "tbeuce north w
chain-, tto ..ii ""i la) chains, thence south
io chains, thence east |t*jcl.aius toihepolnt of
9, r imne'nrfrig m i. post rdltiied on
."...,■:        .. ■ ■, hU in I-, miles from
he i ulnmota river and markwl "E.J. John*
■■ nli >■*•■! (orm r ("■:.'' ibi nee norl   N
chains, thence m« u iooi halm thenceaomh w
i bains, thence Out IWchains to the point ol
■' ■ iipni.
i mmenclng at a noil pjanted onvo
north riai ofthe m rth nith nt Batlth creik.
rti-i-ut ", m!.■■■■. frum ih' Ci-lnmiiR river and
':. li ',[,- ii - south east conii {.'Jgf
Ihencc ttnrih HUftiatuti thence we*tw" rhalnfPF
ihentu souitiauehalDl thence east n chains
tuiiii- place "i con necment.
Palcil Sovembet jTMi. IOuS,
VIITH'I-: IS 11KH Km illYl-A' linn Ihlrl)
'' I'.iiisilflet-ibile n, in'otnl to apply In Ihe
Chief ('iiniiiii-siiiiioiol IjiiuIs and work' for a
s|ieeinl ItCcllKO lo nil anil lyirry ntt'aj titnlnr
(ran Hie following described Innd.i
I'oaimoncliig al .1 poal aboul fuurmlli - south
ol t iii'i- Iiniii 00 l,'p|N'r Arrow liikc and
marked "Hlgliend liiimbn-roniiany- north'
we-l e,e iter |iu.1. theneerne-ii ehnfn- Ihcnei
south I'lieliiiiiis, ibcnee woal Sochala,, ihCnec
niillh-'ii iiniii- tu poinl ul ,',,n -eul' iiiiiii HEM) Ll.MHEK CO. LTD.
■   -       1      :i il.nt ,11 n|,pile,Hon
1   ,,.   it, li,,. 1.vi.1,011, aaumbl) , I
., e,,.,,   HrlUib i"i ml "il III ie «l
 11 i,,r «n i, 1 in Incofi" ralcacunwini 10
ti.e Kai 1 ■ mi IV, lluw Iliad
l-a-.   liallwai    I uineali,,    mil,  |WW«r 10CUn-
siru.i,  equip at,.I  ,,|,,-rat,   a i 'I, Ol  rail-lay
■mi , ,1 i.ilnl al "i mar KunlquM, ihciire
,,,   a   ,11   a  nntlhl rl) ,lir-rl|,m loll.,urns
n„.inii,'v. ui the Sortli riiompMit rljcr.the
ran,,,- li'iel «'...! M. I,' I '", I I" » l"dnl
„, 1 r nea, r, ••' 1.me 1 ai lit 11 tlio Province
ni iinl-ii 1 n'111 Una .ui!''.   -i'i' i-'-.i'-r- u
nmi I.-  ii,,'i.i.i    "li , ei|a lielil l.r Hi no
,  '   mil     -ii 1 hid    : ' "I Hallway
ami 11 itti power in nurSliSM' and develop and
I, .,., ,    Of 111 Plant Ol    W.l.eleelne  filer.
and In ■ ,1 lint dutrlbulothe,amewithin the
■ai'l I'rovlna pi llrltiab uUumbli, aid with
laraertna"|tilre «nl..p.rale -i-am laJHuand
|i rrb     II inllun will,   lln Itailiiay.and
mil, pom - loc'lcia ]iiii«l"ii-.nii any line
1 l*K>mltUIU>Urom Ibe sonlh lo,
aiaiimai'-rlieal Kalnloop,, or Willi (lie Canadian Tactile Kallnayal that point and al«i
mill am la-inn ml.line weslnald IhruUitll
- II1 ail I'a-s.
Hal,.I ni vanrmiver, nrlil.-h inlniiibla, ibl,
nth da, el December, A.U., 1W,
ni'i't'i: ,1 oitints.
It'ii-al bank t'lltmueri, Vancouver,
Drltlih Columbia,
,lii.. n Sillellur" lor Applicants.
Lot your friends in other purls sec
.otnethinp of your dislrict by sending
them "Ploturesaue Revels loko,'
Price f 1.
I A  1 IJJ   1UIL1 U   nuiuiui^
<»£■■ :■*■- - ■- -.-v«;---ii---.'*'---.-t»^-..-« > - •; ■-.'•*- -■-'§.:-•  '>- >e>-, •: ■ ~V- -:'•:--.,•::- -. • ■- -'.*vC ^ •■■- >'t   -£•?- "*•(£ "7,S'-<»
Ring cut the Obi anil Ring in the Now, anU Kay Yeu Sec Many and Prosper.
s new on and we arc getting  ready   for  Stock-Taking.   Different
Linos to Clear Out regardless of Cost,
m ___        	
^ve? Any Hat, trimmed or un-
&& trimmed at just half price.
W   ___  '
Ladies' Mantles and Cloth
Skirls to clear al half price.
Men's   Overcoats,    Hoys'
Reefers, at great reduction.
,n our li o-aai
ii Table dilfurenl Lois of goods lo idem- regardless of Cost.
Wish All Their Customers and Friends \
a Prosperous and Happy New Year,
The poli otninissioner.s report the
I'hrislnins-Now   Year  holidays were
llie most orderly ever experienced in
ll ily.
Social & Personal.
j The Canada Drug & Book Co.'y j
,i,vni|.;   lln Dec. Wllb.nl Itevclstoke,
to Mr. and Mrs. II. K. R. Smythe, ii
■ irhter,
Perk—At Birmingham, England, on
January Gth, 13011, John Perks, aged
HI years, latbei -1 J, V. Perks, of
Local and General.
Skating 11" ned nl llie rink mi Wednesday night.
W. 11. Meg .v. - store ill l.iunby was
biiiglaii-e',1 nne nighl last week.
1200 union printers struck at New
York on Tuesday ior an eight hour
The Salvation Army lias received a
dt ..„:; :. i-i $1,000,000 for immigra-
:     purp ises,
R, Tapping intends to be a candidate lor Xo. 2 Ward in the coming
municipal elections,
T. Fletcher Hutchison, a bank clerk
at Didsbury, Btole $1000 from the
Union Hank and cleared out,
It is estimated it will take four years
to wind up the affairs of the York
County Loan Co. and it will pay 50c.
on the fl,
i. ■ I urnal and Star newspapers ol
St. Catherines have amalgamated, the
new paper to be known as the "Star-
T:.e new dynamo for the city power
house was placed in position Ibis
week. It is the most up-to-date
pattern ol that class ol machine,
"■     . t| ;.'   '- to 1"- so plentiful in
Wii   pi'ji the banks caii'l keep track
■ id in , more large package" of
I   b tlis ip| ■ tied timing the week.
Tho    fisheries    L'oinniission    will
a ml   ibe   building  of  several
I   ■„   ■ '   misers to prolecl  the fisheries  f thi pi ivinee in coast waters.
In the first suit brought under the
I   I  last   si ssion  of the legislator, t , | i-otei' the righla of settlers
, ii K. ii, I N. ratlw ty land- judginenl
tvorol till -' tiler.
I; ii McCosl    paying teller ol the
Bank  i:'  I   mmi i e  at   Winnipeg,
suicided because  I losing his position
yil g the salary speci-
■ -.1 by I el ink
.!. IV, M- I all in   formerly of Revel-
•■ .-- ii th iving  .:.  the real estate
i -n     He  has
,.-'■■ sale ol \V. T.
-   il  s -.-...    i|  I,; ,i,:.- Siding for
|2 1.
li   ■: ■  ■   ll     ly will nol net the
'     ' I' :    n.,, -'II    '
pill     HI lllllll  tile
as the i sisting
line is irrying the In-
■ .
'.H ton telegram sl ttei that n
Dian i Burton gave hin
I    I he niiirdi
■ SI i. Ma ' I e says lie
'    .   ' s.. -■:   ,i-   ilu
knew ol terfeit coins
I: i|l< u nil Moil'
the ilici
■  1,1,11', ii,,
I I, will I ' .    '■ ■■-!
■ i -i ly will
have i"   |ii ■ -I    -' hool
ace iiiiliiodntl
The eiirlers are flglll'lllg on building
a eui'ling rink nl acosl ur about $2,000,
Mops are being taken in organise a
fi'tiil-groivers association for Bevel-
hitioiieries are endeavoring
in universal rising through-
s  ;
The ten
I ganis
mil Hiissin     ^^^^^^^^
The link management have ar-
rnuged to have the band at the rink
Monday night il the (mat
The petition asking the police commissioners to slop gambling and slid
machines in the city has been signed
liy Kill people and lias lieeli Hied wilh
Ihe Police Commissioners,
As an instunco of lh»- remarkably
rapid service by the Pacifio cable, a
message liled nl Revelstoke abiiut I
p in. [or New Zealand brought a reply
within less than (our hours.
The Christmas issue of ihe Phoenix
Pioneer just In band Is ill keeping with
the high standard of special numbers
issued I'roin llie Pioneer olliee. II is
well illustrated, ihe presswork is first-
class, and there is a great fund of Information provided as I o the resources
and progress tif Ihe Boundary,
At the request of Arrowhead subscribers we reprint Ihe Christmas
write-up of the Arrowhead Hospital
to send their friends as we had mil
enough copies of Inst issue left lo
supply the demand for this article.
The special mining edition of Ihe
Daily News was the best and must
complete review of Ihe mineral in
dustry of the province yet publishod.
The information covered the whole of
li. C. and its compilation represented
an immense amount of labor.
The Manitoba Free Press, with its
characteristic enterprise, has issued a
neatly got up booulot descriptive ol
the Cree legend ol the origin of lire
Accompanying the booklet is a libit
and steel Irom   which   the   recipient
C. H. Parson, of Golden, 1ms been
appointed a Justice of tlie Peace.
Aid. Coalsworth was elected mayor
oi Toronto by 2000 majority.
Mr. and Mrs. V. Millings, of Vernon,
have gone to Honolulu on a holiday
T, Taylor M, P. 1'., leaves for Victoria today to attend the session of the
Karl Elgin, the Secretary of State
in the new liritish Cabinet, is a Canadian by birth.
W. Illaki'iuore M. K„ has been appointed parliamentary reporter for
the Colonist for the session.
A.E, Phipps, manager of the Imperial Bank, left on Tuesday for Col-
den, returning last night.
"Scdty Ormistou," tlio well-known
0. P. R. Engineer, lias purchased a
fruit farm at New Westminster.
Mr. and Mrs. Carruthers, formerly
of ltevelstokc, now make their home
at St. George, Guernsey, in the Channel Islands.
Ceo. Goldsmith left this week for
Chicago and eastern points in connection with some mining deals and
may go on to England.
Channel')' Depew has been asked to
resign from the American Senate in
consequence of bis connection with
the Equitable Life scandals.
The Ladies Aid of SI. Andrew's
church will bold a basket Bootable in
the Selkirk Hall on Thursday evening
January 18th, at 8 o'clock,
Mr, Goddard, who has been on the
('. P. K. time-keeping Btafl', bus been
appointed assistant to the agent at
Vernon and has left for there.
\V, II. Smythe and 0. Kerfoot, win
went lo the coast cities for the Xmas
holidays, returned Monday, having
visited' Vancouver, Seal lie and
Engineer Macintosh, who moved to
Rainy River from Revelstoke, has advised friends here that one of his
children has died and his wife is
seriously ill,
The adult  members of St, Peter
hutch choir wei ntcrtained Wed
The closing meeting of last year's
city  council   was  hold   last night.
Present:   Mayor, Aid. Lewis, Field,
l'liute, McLeod, Abrabuinson.
Chief Bain, reporting lire alarm on
31st, for fire at boarding car.
R. Gordon, reporting damage to a
portion of power plant.—Referred to
Mr. Gordon to say who was in cliiirce
ol the plant when the damage was
T. Dunne, asking investigation Into
Mr. Gordon's chirges against him,
—The letter was ordered tiled and the
Mayor stated the Council was unanimous in its re ollltion discharging
Mr, Dunne.
tvpplicatians fur position of dynamo
tender were received from R. .1. Iler-
, Kevolstoke; W. II, Evans, Vancouver; J. Sewcll, Paris, Out.; C. H.
E, Grossman, Vancouver; W. 0. Heat-
tie, Parry Sound. In the discussion
on the applications the Council expressed their determination to get the
best man that could be got. capable
ol handling the city's 130,000 plant,
mid it was resolved that Mr. Sewcll,
ol Paris, Out., bo appointed on his
high recommendations and qualillca-
tious, contingent on the references
given proving satisfactory.
OPERA house,
Aid. Lewis reported having Been
Mr. Tapping on behalf of the F. W. &
L. committee as to lire protection at
the opera hou-e, and they offered the
city would provide the lire hose if he
would pay for it within a year.
The Mayor asked a date be appoint
ed Ior a public meeting in view of the
elections and it was resolved to have
the meeting ou Friday next.
can strike lire in the primitive way for ■ nosdny  evening  by  the  Rector at a
Himself, The souvenir will be appreciated by all who receive this interesting and novel gift from the
Press office.
a re|
■    An
II t-aI,.i
in Ihe
n-t of a
ise had
leie.li tide, followed by a social at the
Rectory al which the quests wen
provided Ly .Mr. and Mrs. Procunlei
with a most enjoyable eveningi
amusement, consisting of Bongs,
music, games &c.
Col. and Mis. Siuvlhe.  father and
in,nil,: of R. M, and W. I:. Smythe,
intend dug i" Canada shortly mi a
visit,   liii, Smythe has been  I" years
in ilo- army,
Some sensation was
city ibis afternoon by
serious wreck   on   th
in ineh,   The I'nels nrc-l 	
been loft al the -vv iii.'li al the water
lank al Arrowhead, and a- il did nol
clear the switch the south-bound
pnssengei train struck II wrecking il T. B. Baker, manager ol the lent
to some extent. Dr and Mrs. Muni Ukebranoh m tie- Imperial Bank,
son were on board the train, and Mi 8, took < ■■■ . I the Revelstoke branch
Morrison, .vho was standing up al the 0f the Bank during the absence ol Mr.
time, no- thrown against the seal phippa tbis week
causing a em mi tin- Forehead.    No '
-ne ,1-e  ii,is  !],|ii,,.,|  ;ind   ii i  filter'    |iii  Mc K en zie, I 'oni iii ion Y.x press
dnmitgedone. tgent, intends going east on a three
, ,      i   , r     •  ,,   month - h   , lay,   His place here
In our note in last issue of probable i ^^^^^^^^™
candidates lor boIiooI  trustees   :i,
name  i 11. Floyd was inadvertently
i titled,   The Bplendid work which
Floyd  it-  done  »a   secretarj
school     board    since     he
' be taken by Mr. Barton ol the .Nelson
\ Slocan branch of the service.
of  lln _
I - elected some four year- ago is
universally recognised throughout the
, .ty, and t: •■ lucceu attending the
■ >,, i administration in the oitj lias
, ■:. ,ii ii due i the mo !■ •'. ho
lis; taken in the work.
Head-on Collision east of Field
Knox—Rev. J. R. Robertson, B. A
Pastor.    Services on Sunday at 11 a,
in. and 7:30 p.m., Sunday school and
bible class at 2:30, prayer meeting on
Wednesday night at 8 o'clock,
At the morning service the Sacrament of the IiOrd's Supper will be
observed. At evening sei vice the
Pastor will preach on " Some Strange
At the preparatory service Wednesday night 14 new names were added
to the communion roll.
The first annual congregational
meeting will be held in the chnnh on
Wednesday night when reports will be
presented by the different departments
of the congregation and officers elected
for the coming year.
St. Andrew's First Presbyterian
-Sunday, Jan. 7th, 190b, 11 a.m
" Christ the Lord," 7.30 p.m. " Beginnings."
Methodist—Pastor, Rev.C. H. M,
Sutherland. Services appropriate to
the New Year. Subjects: a.m. "The
Secret of Paul's Life ol Power," p.m
" A Crisis in Life," a New Year study
Sunday school and bible class at 2:30
p.m. Reception of members and the
Sacrament of the Lord's supper at the
evening service.
The literary meeting of the Epworth
league meet on Monday evening at
8 p.m., to which the young people are
cordially invited.
Business Locals.
GO D, you can afford to smoke better
cigars, wo have them in every size,
shape and quality at prices that are
Watch where the crowds go- You'll
find them in our store every day while
our big January sale of Clothing,
Furnishings, Shoes, Rubbers, Trunks
and valises, etc. continues—Join the
crowd and save money. J. G. Mac-
Don't forget your 1900 stock of
office stationery and printed matter,
Begin the New Year right by placing
your order with the Interior Publiah-
ng Company to fit ynu out right. No
icod to send east for your printing,
The eastern printer places no business
your way,
Visit our store on Saturday nighl
and see the immense reductions we
have made in our whole slock.—The
prices speak for themselves—If you see
them you'll buy.   .1. (!. Macdoiiald.
A store that advertises secures the
means with which to buy latest style,
and best goods. Thus merit nml advertising are twin siBters. Advertise
in the Mail-Herald.
Just received a fresh supply ol our
celebrated 0. O. blend of coffee which
is convincing new customers daily ol
its superior quality only 46o. per'lb. at
C. II. Hume k Co,
Every Arrowbeader should secure
and send to his friends a copy of the
Christmas number of the Kootenay
Mail. Price 50 cents at E, Mc-
Gaghran & Co.'a,
Call on E. McGaghran and Co.,
Arrowhead, and secure a copy of the
Christmas number of the Kootenay
Mail, with those line Arrowhead
The rink will now be open lor Bkat-
ing nightly while the weather is suitable, The fees are,—Gents season
ticket $5; ladies and children's season
ticket $3; single admisason 25c. or live
tickets for 1(1.
Hockey matches will be extra and a
charge of 10 cents made for use of rink
alter match is over.
The ice is expected to be in shape
today for the opening of the curling
Satisfactory arrangements have been
made with the hockey men - for practices, and an effort will be made to
arrange four matches for local teams
during the season
i". Wednesday n bail wreck..,
ii 'in-1 iin,i,,. dh Won nasi of field.
I'lie,  inil..       i i freight train over
look.-d the schedule I'm a ii  freight
ill ihe trains tame Into
Union, and the wreck
piuntengci  service for  Ifi
v, ih the i
It.-.nl on
Mucked til
1 ' P ital  I" pari lenl
that i    i i - - hi li ] in
I,.I -,!,„ ■ gamci,
e in the mill      f lotterit
tin   publishing   ol    drawings"   or
■. tinlngi   in  tin   in ■ papoi
,,   ttion   : ..    mhje ding ilu-. ii, ml
ing public ni ,,, to ' tl   ,-",', I
inaill   -.  ii.    :      ,   .,   i,up   i,,,-,! on
good i liio,-i. and  locietj   people
Iii  have  been accustomed   o.giva       _,.  ,        „ ,    . .   „
Interest to their so in I gatherinj I  ;l    rhl' le   '' K,'""nl l,y        . ,
■^^^"   ^^^™ i hard fought game between Nelson
and Rowland, ended in a draw.
■ i, ttors
Ottawa   defeated
- icielii - -.  i ■ brl
lurch ire,.-1    i j
g   In.me)    Into lb'-
nli game;   i ven
ii it be n a nn Interference with liberty
if tho press
0. lb Sissons was enrolling members b.r the local club ibis week mid
met with good «uecess.
I Red Cross Drug (i.
\A e give you the best, prices and llm nov esl goods
I- Hie licxi ten days,
i Inn ranee sale of Holiday Goods commci I on
iiiirduy io make room I'm- Spring slock.
Pipes,   Pouches,   dear   and   Cigarette
Holder,, Cigar and Cigarotto Casos
Tobacco Jar,, Hookas, Etc., at Cost.
Pool 5ct8. a cue at BROWN'S.
Hi ing your pictures to li. llowson
for framing.
Hciou sweet pickles in bulk on sale
at C, H. Hume A' Co'c
NOMINATION ol customers at
Raymond Drophead Sewing Machines may be bad al li llowson's.
BE80LVED that BROWN sells
Navel oranges, lemons, cocoanuts
and cranberrie«at C. B. Hume A Go's.
trade at BROWN'S, never BROKEN.
Bargain sale of indies' white wear at
C, B. If time 4 Co'i.
\|,n s  overcoat! and fancy vests at
big bargains, at 0, 11. Hume rtr Co's.
See the excellent   lines   of   eaepets,
squares, linoleums and oils, at How-
i son's,
IFOR SALE   No. H'lea,'While Pine,
Fir and i ledar. Apply to It. Tapping.
Mi- Barnes, trained none,city,bus
prepared a room to tako in maternity
■ net
An Italian firm ol contractor! from
Spokane Intends starting business in
Every Ic* day. Iresli kippered herring   and   halil.nl   iirriui" al   0,   B
HumeH Co■
i ni mi   a (odd Loekil  Owner may
obtain   snnie on applying al Mill.
ilKKAI.lt Olliee. oh
Hee Lnwieii"- Hardware Co'e. ad.
vertlsemenl this week, big bargains
ibuing stock Inking.
The most complete line of parlor
furniture in the city may be hud in
nieces or sets al II. now s.,n r
A meeting ol the Udiei Hospital
Guild will be held in the City Hall mi
Tuesday, .fan. !lth, at, 8,80 p. in,
NEXT, you get the gooda at
Our   big  January  sale   opened  up
splendidly we expeel the rush to increase every day. (lei in oill'ly and
gel, your shiire of Ihe bargains .1, (I.
E. (i. Brown calls tendon in another column lor building an addition lo
Ion cigar store and intends adding an
other pool laid I and a billiard table.
Mechanics, Farmers, Sportsmen
To heal and soften the skin and re'
move grease, oil and rust stains, paint
and earth, etc,, use the "Master Mechanic's Tar Soap. Albert Toilet Soap
Co., manufacturers.
WANTED-Blacksniith, Hrst class
used to steam hammei, Must
he good general worker and a hustler,
State wages. Permanent position to
the right man. Address "Corporation"
this office.
MACHINIST, only a tip top general
man who is used to repairs and
general shop work. Wastere need
not apply. Address "Corporation,"
this office.
1 ENGINEER, with 2nd Class B. C,
!i Certificate, Water and Steam
Plant. Only Hrst class reliable experienced men need apply. Address "Cor
poration," this office.
MILLMEN, first class Stamp Mill
men and Amalgamators .who
know the business and are bustlers.
Wasters not wanted. Wages $4,00,
Pet ana lien t job to the right men. Address "Corporation,'' this office. 353J10
WANTED-A first-clnss Surveyor
and Draftsman for mine survey'
ing, maps and mechanical drafting
Must he neat, accurate, a bustler and
not afraid of othet woik. State ex
periencc and pay wanted. Address
'•Canada" this office. 4J13
The Woodmen hereby tender thoir
thanks to the public for their generous
patronage of the entertainment on
New Year's night, and especially to
Mrs, Melroaefor her valuable mist
ance in connection with the costumes
and decorations.
13 By order.
I have to tender an apology to tin
Woodmen and their guests for disap.
pointing a few in I he supper, The fact
is I prepared refreshments foi aboul
twice the number estimated by the
committee as likely to be present, but
the attendance so much exceeded thu
most, sanguine anticipations I regret n
few hull to k<i short,
City llnkeiy,
Tenderi will b? Bt»c«pl*d up mi * p, m. Hutnr
IJ0J 1806 for tint HMwlinri IH llll llilllilifili tu
tinatirnot nMBwanly DMtptw
No. 5 Co. R. M. R,
lti.,:i-uii ciii-s wll is, started Monday nljlili
January «li,l'.'«
l uiniiiniy In III will  l.nl I Inn, 'il. ii.. I. ui lllle
Ily Order,
II, A. IIIIOWN, Lir.rr.,
Doctor Veltrinary Science,
(IriidnnUi iinlnrlii Valmlnary CnlliiKcynar IKSI
I Onatall dlstnUU 0j tloinoHlli: animals.   Ill-
iiliinm cnii lie soon in Bows Drag Blare,   I am
iiii fraud or liii|s«lcr Irai'clllna around til,
noinilry vlcllliilslim Hie imnllc I have all
iniinncr nf lindruuiimts for iwirfnrnilmi SiirKlcal
Onfiralluna anil Dnntlttry nn all animals.
Tivniily four years praotlMl •i|*rltnM,
Residence-Lower Town, Revelstoke.
Constructed on Ihe brondesi and most advanced ideas and
with all Ihe predion of constructional detail
Is recognized lodiiyas the musical standard of Canada, possessing as
il does, features and characteristics, endorsed nol only by musicians every-
where, but all persons ol unprejudiced musical ability who instantly recognize its exqiiisire qualities and give ii their unstinted praise.
For purity of lone and power, combined with n perfect action and
poetical touch, the NORDHEIMER PIANO is distinguished to an
exceptional degree. Can be had for a very Utile more than the so many
inferior makes ilmt are being sold in this city. You may own one of these
pianos In making a smalt payment down and the balance on terms to suil,
(.'all or write to the Agents lor Eastern British Columbia. |
\v». iint iiiidiT-it/ht'tl, oltiKfluflof Itevelstoke,
rnuiiKiii/iiii,'llm iiiU'RHt ynii Imve tuktth in thu
t'lly ScIiikiIs fur tlio lawtlniir yours Hs'l'rustoe,
Imruby request noil to iillnw ytmrsBlt u> l>t>
iiiiiiiiniiicil fur riH'liii'tinii, nml iilftlnoiini'-tiKi!
to do our littstlil h lawful muiiiKjr to B6Cure your
W. SI. Uwieiin). T, K. L.Taylor, K. Youiiu,
W. Haws, H. Howson, W, H. Pratt, It. U, Mm-
Donald, 11. MaiiuliiK, lv A. HiiKtten, It. N
1'ityle. J. tiny liarlier, A, Hobsou, U. It. Mac
iltiiiiilil. II. N. t'onrsier, tlwi. Knaiiii, .1, (1, Mar-
donald, K. H. Jacksoii, A. R. Kfnoaltl, K. H.
Corsoil, H. J. McSurlcy. K. Tiipiiiiui, H. A.
Drown, A. K. Hniiiiisou. Win. Morns, Tho*.
Steed, II. A. Morris E, M. Alliim, K. It. Lewis.
K. H. Lewis, K. H. S. MeUiin, K. Corillug. J.
AliritliHiiitioii, ('has. M. Field. John McLeod,
W. A. Kiwte.
Ladies and Oknti.k.h-.n:
I n | i[i reel ate tlio iiummr coiiTeyed in the
ntjove roiiunsi, and have iiloasure '" nll'Tiiu,
my.-iilf for re-election to the School Hoard,
If re-elected, I will, (is hitherto, do my best to
promote the educational luterosts of the children of the city.
My record for tho past four years is well
known to you, and I respectfully leave tho issue
to your judgment.
Jan. 6, mi
Obediently your.-,
Al. tlio rcqucHt of numoroua eitir.cns, I beg to
oircr mysolf for re election Ui tho olllc, of
Mayor. 1 can confidently rotor you to my
record for tho pant two years, and can aaaure
yon that If I am honored with re elect Ion, I
will spare no pains: to promote tho beat inter-
csta ol the City in every respect.
I will have an opportunity to dlacuss with
you the affaire of last year at a public meeting
at an early date,
Youm Obedient!/,
H. A. 11BOWN.
I.aiiiks and Gentlemen :
Having been requested by several property
owners to allow myself to be nomiuated a, a
candidate a. Alderman In Ward Two in th,
forthcoming municipal elections on January
18th, I have consented to allow myself to be
It elected I shall at all times consider It my
duty to give my careful attention to all matters
pertaining to the advancement and welfare of
the city.
Yours Obediently,
Municipal Elections, 1006.
PUBLIC NOTICK Is hereby glvou to llm
Elector,of the Miinlcliuillty of Ilinelstoke,
that I require th, prosence of the said Sectors
at the City Clerk'. Olllc,, City Hall, McKeuaie
Avenue, Revelstoka, B, 0., on the Fifteenth
day of January, HUM, al 12 o'clock, noon, for the
piintuse ul nlnctiiin pumuia to reprosont them
In the Municipal (kiiincilas Mayor and Aldermen, and also for the election of Five persons
to represent them on the Hoard of Trustees of
the Revelstoke Public School.
Th, mod, of nomination of candidates al
be as follow, i-
The candid,ten sluill lie noinlliatod In wrlt-l
in«'the writ iu« shall In subscrilied by two
voters of the Munloinnllly us proposer aud sr
under, and shall lie delivered hi the Itainruiiig
Olllcer nt any time between the date of the notice and 2pm. of the day of the nomination,
and In the event of a poll being necessary, such
noil will lie opened on the Eighteenth day of
January, a**, (fron, n o'clock a.m. to 1 o clock
p.in.lutthe City Clerk's olliee, City Hall, Mo-
Ronnie Avouue, Bovolstoko, 11. C„ of which
every person Is hereby required lo take nolle,
and govern himself accordingly.
The inirni.il" niiiilillnil to lie nominated for
and elected as Mayor, shall be such iiersons ai
are male llrlllsli subjects ol llie III lan (if
twenty years, uud are not dls.iunlilled miliar au.v law, and liavn lieeufur thu sll inonlli.
unit preceding tlio (lay ul noillluiillou the rog;
istnred owner In tlio Lund Hogislry Olliee, of
liiuil or ronl |iro|ierly In tlin city uf the assessed
ittlii" nu llie last municipal iiHuessinent roll, of
..ne iliiiteiiiiil ilnlliii' or iiiorn. anil who are
ul Inn »i edul) ,|iialillisla,inuiilci|.iil otter
ihe nei'suiis iiniiliilcil lo Ihi uoiniiiiiiod for
aud el'-.-i.-.l us Alilei-nien shall Ihi such persons
us urn male llrlllsli hiiIiJccIh of llm full age Of
(went)- < yciii'H, nml arc not dlsi|iialllled un-
linriiiiy law, and liavn teen for thu six iiionlhs
ne,I iirci'i'dlng I In' dny'ol iioinliialloii Ilia regis-
leicd iiwiier, in llm Land Itcglslry Olllcc, of
land or real property In the city of the
assessed vuliiOion the last Mniiliilpul Assess-
i,lent Hull, of live hundred dollars ur more.
nml ii ho iirinil licrwlsei|iiallil«d us municipal
The 'persons iiiiallllud to Ihi nominated fur
and elected us Bchoul Trustees shall be any
neon,ii being a housulioldcr III the City Hcliuol
lllsirlol, anil Mug a llrlllsli sullied of the full
ago uf l ivenl y one years, and ollierivlsii <|mill-
lied lo vole at an olectluii of School Trustees In
the said Hcliuol District,
ill vim iinilcr my liauil at Rnvolslokc, II. I „
the sixth day of Jiiniiiiry.iutll'
Corporation of the  City of
AIM'HLIC MKKT1NC will be held nt tho
. t)|HTa Hon. e on Friduv, January 12ili.
llfii, t'liniitit'iiciiiK at 8 p. m.t for the retiring
Council to meet the citizens and dlscufiu
municipal mutters.
OTli 'E is hereby ijiveii that Wong Qiiouk is
. , no longer Manager of the iiartimrshio
firm heretofore carried on by us the under
signed as General Merchants in the City of
Revelstoke under the firm name of Quong
Cluing Le«. the said partnership having been
dissolved this day. All debts owing to field
partnership are to be paid to Wong Hing Tuck
at the former place of business of said firm at
Revelstoke, and all claims against Ihe said
partnership are to be presetted within ten
days from the date hereof to the said Wong
HingTuck by whom the same will be settled.
Wong Hino Tuck
Wokg Ouono
Wong Waii
Wittier:  U.S.McCarter.
Dated this 18th December, 1905.
NOTICE Is hereby glvou that 30 day. after
date I Intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a spec-
al license to cut and carry away timber Irom
the following dosorlbcd lands situated on Ihe
east side of the Upper Arrow Lake In Wait
Kootenay district:-
No. I.
Commencing at a rant marked " Bert Blyth'a
Northwest Corner Post," planted on Ueorgo
Boyd'a eastern boundary and about 100 chains
north ofihis southeast corner; thence south 81)
chains; thenco east HO chains; thence north 80
chains; thence west sn chains to point ol com*
No, t
Commencing at a poet marked " Bert Blyth's
South WcstCornor Post," planted on George
Boyd's Eastern Boundary, and about 100 chain,
norlli of hit southeast comer; thonco north W
i ohains; thence oast m chain,; thenoe south SO
ohalns; thence west »0 chains to point of commencement.
Deo. 38th, 19M.
NOTICE I. hereby given that 80 days after
date 1 Intend to apply to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands ana work, for a special
  — ....,   «»<■  ..sunn .ui  a nin-cin,
license toout and carry away timber from the
following described lands situated on the cast
side of Upper Arrow Lake in West Kootenay
distrtcti-Commoncing at a post marked "Bert
Blyth's South West Corner Post," planted
about It miles north of Halcyon Hot Spring,
and about 1 of a mile from Lake shore; thenoe
cast 80 chains; thene north 80 chains; thence
west 80 ohains; thenco south SO chain, to point
of commencement.
January 2,1900.
'ciiAS. j. aman,
Returning Olllcer,
NOTICE I, linniliy glten thaUDdan after
date, wa lutein! to apply lo llm Chief Com-
mi.  i nl Lint,I, and Works fur u sjioclal
llrimsotociit mid curry nwny limlsir from the
'ollowing doHcrilmd lands:
Hooting at a lsnit planted al the north west
corner nf II. tfleudniiiiliig's preemption, «ltu-
tl on th, north side ul the Coluiiilila lliver
ill iI'i miles below Cp|«r Arrow Lake aud
rkad V.C L Co.'s 1,'ppcr South West Corner
1, thence north id chains, thence east 100
In,, Hi,in-" .south i i rliiiln*. thsnts ws-l I'i
in, to point of comtneuoameut,
Naktisp. B. C„ Dec. »th. 1TO. l!f|
nlc .
THIRTY DAYS after dale w, Intend to
apply to the Commissioner of Lands and
W orks tor a special license to cut and carry
away timber from the following described
1. Commencing at a post planted at tho
northeast corner of K. & rj„ Block 8611, and
marked " B.g Bond Lumber Company's Southeast Corner Poet," thenco north leu chains
thence west 40 chains; thence south Wo chains-'
thence cost 10 chains to point of commence'
!!. Conimenolngatii post planted about one
mile north from the north-west comer of K
amis,, Blook, 800, and marked" Big llond
Lumber Company', Southeast Corner Post,"
thence north nu chains; thence west 80 chains-
thence south 80 chains; thenoe east 80 ohains
to point of commencement.
,1 Comraoucliig at a poet planted about n„„
,nIU north from the nortb-wwt oorier of K
and 8., Blook 800, and marked "Bli n,,Si
Lumber Company', North-tu,, 0orne7po.,*
thenoe west 81)chains; ihenco south m 0i,.i„;,
thenoe ea.t 80 ohains: thouoo north 80 H5J
to point of oomnioncement.
Bui Benii Lumiikh Company, Ltii.
Nov. 88th, 1906. MKj
Monday, January 7th.
Orders (ur Bed ami Mutton
Poultry, Fiali and small good,
will mcivi! priini]it attention,
First Street
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke.
Ward I
Agnew, Jncoh
Armstrong, Bob,
Anderson, John (1)
Anderson .Ino. S.
Anderson, .Ino (2)
Anderson, MorriB
Austin, Clins. L.
Agostino, Tcacconi
Bolton, Mrs. S. II.
Blackberg, Andrew
Bowen, Pat.
Bruce, Hugh
Barbero, Pai[iielln
Blake, Wis. B.
Brown, F, \V.
Burgar, Bob. J.
Brown, C. C.
Bellinski, J.
Barnes, Geo.
Bourne, Frank
Ball, Samuel
Burnett, Win.
Boyd, Walter
Barker, K. C.
Coming, Mrs. E.
Coughlin, W. P.
Corson, Mrs. Annie
Corson, Frank
Casoiato, Julio
Chisholnie, Alex.
Copeland, K. R.
Colacurcio, C'elestra
Colacurcio, Friiiicesca
Carlson, J no.
Cinanti, Mateo
Corooro, Pedro
Cameron, H. 0.
Colnrco, Ciuiseppe
Cnroccio. Antonio
Cancelliero, Antonio
Cnscinto, Ilonato
Caseiato, lliaciuto
Catlen, Loige
Como/zo, Samuel
Carmichael, Jame.
Cameron, Duncan
Carroll, T. J.
Cross, Jno. W.
Cormier, Fred.
Corley, T. H.
Daniels, A. E.
penman, A. W.
Deblas, Joseph
Deleo, Angelo
Dent, Mrs. 1.
Donaldson, Peter L.
Defco, Annabel
Donald, James
Edwards, G. W,
Entwiatle, Ricbd.
Elson.Wni. H.
Fossececa, C.
Fittent, Dominic
Farrell, Wm. E.
Fuoco, Fillipo
Fletoher, John
Foster, Wm. W.
Gallicano, Vito
Gallicano, Dominic
Gibso.i, George
Gerrico, John
Govett, Walter H.
Gode, M.
Grimes, S. L.
Gallicano, Abele
Hobbs, Geo. K.
Hoyland, Robert
Hylnnd, Robert
Hobbs, Mrs. Mary
Hall, Mrs. Florence
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Raquelli, M.
Romano, Vito
Rogers, Jno. R.
Simpson, \V. E.
Sargent, Mrs. W.
Scott, Waller
Smith, Ham 1.
Somes, Fred
Spragge, Mrs. G. M.
Stnnci, H. 11,
Snshnw, H. A.
Serrinnni, Pedro
Stacey, Mrs, K.
Berrianni, Angelo
Serrianni, Gabriel
Snider, Mrs. Margt.
Simone, RoHario de
Soucie, Frank
Sturdy, Thomas
Shipley, Frank
Sutherland, Wm.-H.
Sturdy, Wm, A.
Trimble, Edward
Thompson, R. J.
Torak, Andrew
Teitgue, R. 8.
Uri|iihart., Robt.
Van llorne, Bort
Wilks, James
Williamson, George
Woodland, J. J.
Wilson, William
Young, Frank
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Ward II
Johnson, Henry
Julian, Frank
Jackson, D. E.
Johnson, John
Kilby, L. F.
Knowlton, Mrs. E.
Kimberley, George
Lonio, Joseph
Lewis, Thomas
Loughead, Hugh
I.undell, A. F.
Lundell, Clias. E.
I.yttle, Mrs. T. J.
Laniana, Balvatore
Lawsuit, B. A.
Lumb, Pearson A.
Mnlloy, Annie
Moiiuottc, Clement
Moore, Peter
Mathie, Mrs. L,
Mann, Mrs. M.
Moran, Julia
Miulilaloiii, A.
Manley, Jnu. V.
Mathie, James
McLeod, Jno,
McLean, D. II.
McColl, Robt.
McKinnon, H. F.
McKiiinon, D. J.
McGuire, John
MoRae, Mrs.J.K,
MoDougall, J. D,
McCarter, Mrs. K, C
MoRae, Jno.
McDonald, R. 1).
Nettle, Wm, A.
Piickhiim, Wm.
Purvis, Jno. P,
1'iseatelli, Sniiil.
Patrick, L,
Pettipiece, Mathew
Puglsley, John
Palmer, John
Partd.A. N,
1'riidnliui, Anselnio
Palmer, Mra. J.D,
Pettipiece, W. 0,
Phillips, W. II.
i'hlpps, A, R.
"i'alnior, Clias, D.
Porter, William
Ringer, John
Robinson, Fred,
Robinion, Jno, it.
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owuer
Agren, Peter
Aldridge, Joe
Armstrong, Willis J.
Alliuu, E. M.
Anderson, Mrs. Mary
Armstrong, J. H.
Adair, E. 10.
Anderson, Mrs. Swan
Anderson, Lee
Anthony, Richd.
Aldcroft, John
Armstrong, Edwin
Bain, Mrs. T. W.
Bain. Thos. W.
Barber, J, Guy
Barnard, Frank
Bolton, Mrs. J. J.
Bongard, Ed,
Brown, H. A.
Brown, Mrs. Eliz.
Bruiulrett, Arthur
Bews, Walter
Beunison, A. E.
Burridge, Ed.
Bourne, Ed. J.
Brown, F. G.
Bourne, Mrs. H. J.
Beatlie, Geo. 1).
Birtch, George
Campbell, Josephine
Clarke, G. M.
Cowie, Andrew
Crump, T. H.
Cullin, Joe
Clark, Barbara
Cayley, Hugh S,
Corning, Ed.
Cross, Jas. W.
Cutnmings, James
Dickoy, Wm. Jno.
Dunn, William
Doyle, J. M.
Doyle, R. N.
Devine, Jno. J.
Davis, H.
Dupont, Eustache
Dale, Samuel
Erickson, Charles
Foote, Wm. A.
Fleming, William
Fretz, Louis A.
Fretz, Mrs. L. A.
Fretz, Frank H.
Flindt, Mrs. M. A,
Fraser, Danl. C.
Fulton, Fred. J,
Goddard, Beverley
Gordon, Margt. K
Gordon, Robert
Graham, Mrs, T. J.
Graham, Walter,
Goble, James M.
Greenwood, Harry
Hutchison, J. G.
Harvey, Thomas
Harvey, Rebecca
Hanson, 0, E,
Hopgood, John
Howson, Mrs. Robt.
lluw.ion, Hubert
Hume, Murray
Hume, Horace D,
Hooley, Peter
Haig, Titos, L,
llubsuu, Alec.
Hall, Thomas
Hume, Mrs. E. J.
Hanbury, Bert
Hull, J. R,
Hall, Cleveland V.
Humphreys, Wm, H,
Hume, Jack
Hornell, W.
Hume, Clarence B,
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owuor
Ibbotson, Fred.
JolilTe, Charles
Jackson, Ed. S.
Johnston, K. 1). J. 0.
Julian, Mrs. Frank
Johnson, Arthur
Kilpatrick, Thos.
Kilpatrick, Mrs. T.
Kincaid, A. E.
Kimberley, Ed,
Kincaid, Mrs. May
Kinunin, E, L,
Knight, Geo. II.
Litughtoii, John
Lawrenoe, W. M.
Law, Mrs. W.J.
Leo, Mrs, Alice
Lindinark, Cline. F,
Lewis, F, B,
Lewis, Mrs, Bertha
Loudrum, T, J,
Lewis, E. Herbert
Lewis, Mrs, Olive
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Laughtnn. Robt. Householder
Lappan, W. J. "
Lovesque, Achille P. "
Lewis, F, B. Agent
Lewis, F. B.
Lawrence, Win. M. "
Manning, Horaco Property Owner
Mitchell, C, W.
Moir, John Householder
Morrison, J. C. '■
Murray, Wm "
Mathie, James Agent
McLauchlin, W. E.    Property Owner
MoDonell, A, J.
McCarty, F. "
McCarter, Geo. S. "
Mcintosh, Donald "
McLean, Angus "
Mclean, James ■'
McSorley, Henry J. "
McLean, E. H. S. "
McDonald, J. G.
McCallum, John "
McPhail, John "
McKcnzie, Jas. II.       Householder
McRae, Alec "
Macdonald, C. R. Agent
Newman, Wm. S.       Property Owner
Newman, Mrs. W. S. "
Neal, Fred Householder
O'Brien, M. J. Property Owner
O'Brien, M. J. Agent
Paget, C. B. Property Owner
Porter, J. J.
j Paget, E.W.B.
Pratt, Win. Hy. Householder
Perks, Jno. V. "
Pratt, Wm. Hy. Agent
Phipps, Albert E. "
Robinson, Mrs. S.      Property Owner
Ross, Mrs. .lane
Robinson, Mrs. Annie
Robinson, John II.    '
Roeser, Fred. "
Robinson, Alec Householder
Ramsay, Richd. H. "
Rotlbourne, W. A. "
Samson, John Property Owner
Samson, Kcbert "
Sawyer, Richd.
Sawyer, Henry "
Sibbald, J. D.
Skeene, Chas. R. "
Smith, Mrs. M. A. (1)
Smith, John L.
Smythe, R. M.
Solloway, A. E. "
Sorley, Helen "
Simons, John "
Sweeney, Thomas " .
Scott, Mrs. M. E.
Scott, Matt. J.
Scott, John M. Householder
Smith, John J.
Scott, Geo. A. "
Sutherland, Wm, H. Agent
Tapping, Robert Property Owner
Tapping, Eleanor
Taylor, Edwd. J. "
Turnrosa, Charles "
Thomas, Ransome "
Terry, Fred. Householder
Thomson, Wm. "
Taylor, Thomas "
Tallon, Peter
Watmore, Mra, Robt, Property Owner
White.J. H,
Willie, Daniel
Wilson, R. S.
Wood, Jno. E.
Wilkes, Chas. J.
Williamson, W.
Williams, Hubert
Warner, L. A, "
Wilson, Robert Householder
Wisener, Loren.o "
Wadman, Theo
Ward III
Abrahamson, J.
Abrahamson, Chas.
Abrahamson, Noah
Abrahamson, Andrew
Atkins, B. R.
Anderson, Gus
Anderson, J. R.
Allan, 0. H.
Armstrong, Jas, H.
Burney, Wm. G.
Beck. Harry D.
Brattit, Ed.
Brown, Wm, M.
Bradley, Mra, May
Ballcgaarde, Surcii
Black more, K. A,
Benjamin, H, B,
Bradley, E. August
Cnlcy, Rob.
Caley, Jno,
Carlson, A, J,
Coursier, Hy, N,
Christio, G, F.
Cowan, Win,
Clarke, H, J.
Campbell, I). R,
Cooke, Honry
Downs, Thos.
Doll, L. II.
Dow, Alex.
Dufault, Peter
Davis, 0, P,
Dunn, Joseph
Edwards, Ed.
Edwards, X. Thos.
Eastwood, N, P,
Field, Chas. M.
Floyd, Henry
Fink, Henry
Fromey, E. C.
Forrest, Fred.
Fortier, Middy
Green, Robt. W.
liraiial. August
Goepel, W. J,
llolten, Mrs, Chas,
lleilslroni, Gus
Hume, C. B,
Hyatt, Mark
llsggen, E. A.
Hancr, J, W,
Hart, Thomas
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Holten, Chas.
Holland, Chas.
Haley, Wm.
Harnett, Jno.
Johnson, August
Johnson, George
Johnson, Arthur
Jamii son, J.
Jesvp, A. E.
Jackson, Jno. H.
Knapp, George
Kellio, J, M.
Kennedy, J. P.
Kernaghan, John
Kettleson, E, A.
Kennody, Mrs, Margt.
Kruger, Paul A.
Laforme, Louis
Lane, Bertha
Lawrence, Mrs. W. M.
Luwson, Mrs. M. K.
Leslie, Jno. A.,
Long, Jas. E.
Lund, Gus
Lefeaux, W. W.
Lange, Lucilln
Law, W. J.
Leveque, Eugene E,
Lawrence, T. H.
Miller, Esther
Moscrop, Edwin
Morgan, RoBanna
Muilducks. A. R.
Menhennick, Cory
Mowatt, Alex.
Morris, Mrs. Janet
Mitchell, Delia
Morris, Mrs. Alice
Mara, Jno. A.
Murphy, Pat
Morrison, John
McCarthy, Dennis
McCarthy, Julia
McMuhon, Kami.
McGregor, F. W.
McGregor, Alec
McMahon, Wm,
McNeill, A.
McDonald, W. A.
McDonald, Stewart
Mcllvaine, John
McKenzte, Jno. B.
McDonald, C. R.
McRury, R.
McGuwan, Frank F.
McNeill, Arthur
Needham, Saml. sr.
Nelles, Margt. A.
Needham, Saml. jr,
Nelson, John
Norberg, Otto
Orton, Mrs. Annie
Payne, Emily L,
Patterson, Jno.
Pool, W. B.
Peterson, P. R.
Perrin, Jules
Powers, Delia
Payne, Arthur
■Rabnuchere, A.
Rabouchere, Mrs. M.
High ton, Thomas
Roussell, Thomas
Ross, Mrs. W.
Reighley, J,
Richardson, J. C.
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Reduction made for large quantities,
Delivered to any part, of the city.
Orders left at the Lawrence Hardware
Store, or at  Siuythe's Tobacco
Store, promptly attended tu.
200 Cords Wood
$4.00 per Two-Rick Cord. •
Property Owner
W.  J.   LICHTBURNE, Manager.
Carpets 1
Sewing Machines
Import direct from Country of origin.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new management of
Harry MoIntosii, Hoffman House
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
X cyon tire the most curative in the
world. A perfect, natuiul remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
fur "That Tired Keeling." Special
rates on all hunts and trains, Two
mails airive and depatt every day
Telegra h communication with all
marts of the world.
Terms-$12 to $1S per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotv Lab, B, C.
p"A largo variety
ol' Glasses always
kqii in stock here
Try  a pair  on
—\vc gtiaraiUci
perfect lit.
If you require
anything in Jewelry
it is here for you.
A complete
of the  right
of KJOlN.
J. GUY BARBER,   - Jeweller, Optician
Scott, Mrs. Eliz
Smith, Herbert
Smythe, Amy 0.
Smythe, H. E. R.
Smythe, Mrs. S. A.
Spurling, Jno.E,
Steed, Mrs. T.'
Steed, Thomas
Stone, Mrs. J. A.
Stone, John A.
Straubach, Paul
Sibbald, Mrs. A. R. H.
Sweeney, John
Sutherland, J. P.
Scott, J. B.
Shaw, Geo. C.
Skinner, Thos. W. P,
Saunderson, John
Smith, Mrs. M. A. (2)
Skinner, Mrs. E.
Sissons, Chas, B.
Turner, Jno. A.
Tonilinson, W. J,
Taylor, T. E. L.
Thomas, Goo, Wm,
Upper, R. A.
West, Agnes
Walsh, A. K. D.
Wells, F. B.
Woolsey, David
Woodrow, Jub. I.
Walker, James
Walker, ThoiuaB
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
b/M I C.IN I O   and Copyright.
I obtained iti all countries,
Registered Patent Attorney
Mechanical Attorney and Engineer.
Room 3, Fuiiilelil'.Hlock, Oranvillo St., near P.O
A postcard will secure au evening appoint
ment for Inose who cannot call during the day
A LICENSE to cut timber una be ac-
nuired  only   ut  nubile. compeUUou.    A
rental of & per situate mile 1, oliurgeu
fur all umber bcrllis except muse situated weal ot I'uli; for wlilcli the rental Is
Wholesale & Retail Meat Merchant.
Fish and Game in Season.
First Street, ■ Revelstoke. B. 0.
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Merchants.
ul tue rule ut & cent, per acre pur annum.
Ill uddltloil tu  llie lonlal, du
fuiluwlug rules are charged:
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
Property Ownor
Miss Ethel Dever,
A, T. (i, M.
Wood for Sale.
Having  established n poiiiinnanl
wood yard, the cltlzoilB can depend on
gelling llrnl class dry wood at all
When yon want satisfactory
l-'inniiee 'or Base Hinner Coal
Try the Heml-Aiilhriielte Crow's
Nost Coal
Orders left, ul, Lawrence Hind
warn Store promptly ul.leiiiled
SWAN CARLSON   -   Agent,
Sawn "lumber, is) eems our thousand
feet ii.il.
Hallway ties, eight aud nine feet long,
11-il and 1 3-1 ceula each.
sningle bulls, :'o cents a curd.
All oilier products, 6 per cent uii the
A license Is issued so soon as a berth
Is grunted, but in surveyed territory no
Umber can be cut uu a berth uniil the
licensee <lius made a survey lllelcul.
l'crmiU) to eul timber arc also granted
al public competition, except la llie cane
of actual ueillurs, who rciiulrc thu tlui-
oei- iur tlicir own use.
Settlers and uthurs may also obtain
penults to cut up to UK) cords of. wood lor
sale  without   competition.
The dues payable under a permit are
ids pur thousand l'eel 11.M., (or 'square
timber aud suwlogu of any wood except oak; from 1-2 to 11-2 cents per lineal
fool for building lugs; Hum 12 1-2 to 2a
cunts per coid lor wood; 1 cenl fur fence
posie; 3 cents for railway ties; and Ml
cents per cord lor shiuglu bolts.
Lenses fur grannie, pm puses are Issued
lor a u-iiii ul twcmy-uiiu )eura, at u
u-uiiil ul' two cents pur acre per annum
Coal lauds may bu purchased ul UU
pur ucru fur suit eual and fcV fur anthracite. Nol inula than j:u ucrea may be
ueyulred by uiiu Individual or cuiupuiiy.
lluyulty al Hie rale of lu ceula pur ton
of iiucu pounds lu culleeled on Lliu gross
Entries fur laud fur agrlculfurul pur
poses may bu made peisuii.illy ul llie >o
eul laud ..line iur in., district lu wlucli
thu laud lu bu lalleli b|i is altuiiled, ui
if the iiiiiiictilcudci' demies, lie may, on
iipplleilllull lo lln   Minister of lite llltel'lul
ul Ottawa, in. Coiiiuiisuluiiir ul liumlgiu
il.ni al Winnipeg, or the lucal uguut lui
tlio District, ivlthlu which in,- land Is
:,iiii.,0,1, ie. mo authority lor stun, urn
lu in.il.e entry tor him,
A toe of 111) la ' bulged l.,t liulllesteUd
A ,,i-l 11, l Wllu nun received uu ullll'y ful
a lionicHicad, lu luiiuiied lu perluiia thu
coiiditloua nolle io tl llieiewlth under on,
ul lie   1'ulluwlllg |il,ins:
tl) At Iiniii nix uioiitliii' 1'OSldQnCQ upun
mid culllvulluii of fliu liilnl lu each year
llllllllU  llie  It nn ol linen ),:ill„.
It lu the priictleu uf the Dcpurliiiuul tu
reiiiilro u sutllee lu bring lu ucrcs nude
ciifllvalluii, but if he prelcra lie may sub
.inoi,- wloek; and 20 lie.id uf cuitlu, tu be
ueiu.ill) his uwu prupuiiy, with building.-,
fur iluiI- uccuuiiiiudailuu, will be reiiuired
Instead ol uulllvutlua,
U, 11 thu liitliei fur muihei, If thu tu
iliei- Is docuused) of uuy person whu Is
eligible tu llllllie a Inline.-,lead dill)  under
tin- pruvlsloiis ul thu Act, residua upun
a I'uriii lu llie vicinity ul thu laud en
lured for by such pursun us a liomusteud,
lint rcuuJruiuuuDJ of llie Ai.'l as tu real
deuce prior to obtaining pulent may bu
satlslled by such person residing with lie
father ur inullier,
Oil If thu uuftler bus Ills permuueiil
rusfduiicu upun tunning laud owned by
liini la the vicinity of his liuiuestuud, the
leiiulieiiuniiu uf tho Act ua tu residence
may bu satlslled by residence upon the
said land.
Application for pulent should be made
at Uu- end uf thruu years befure llm lucal
iigeul, uiib-iigunt or a liumuutead inapec-
lielurn making uppllciitluit for a patent,
thu settlor must give six months' notice
In writing to tho Commissioner of Dominion Lauds al Oltawa, of It Is Intention to do ao.
Deputy Minister of th, Interior.
Ottawa, Februray Utb, 1M.
Head Office, Abattoir and Gold Storage:
Calgary, Alberta
Central Hotel,
Newly built.    First-class in every respect.   All modern convenience*
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day. Special .Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
miirkct affords, Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $; a day.    Monthly rate.
Queens j4otel
llcst brands of Wines, Lienors ami Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
Flrst-clasg Livery ami Fetd Stables, Saddle Horses.
Single ami Double Rigs for Hire on Reasonable
rerins.   Turned out Clean anl Neat.
Orders  left   here  for   Firewood
Dry Fir, Hemlock and Cedar.
Chas. Turnnss. Prop
it   ami
.-. which
..e building
Hundreds, if
ns were buried
arrived al N'eiv Vork
men and children were
d gs, kioked, spat upon.
,i a score ol ways insulted, as-
aulted and murdered.   Everywhere
was blood.    Women who tainted were
trod tinder the  hoises  feet.     Dead
children   wbere  used  ns clubs  for
women Buspe ted by the Cossacks as
being the mothers of these children.
Four thousand corpses were gathered
up after the oarnage,'
"I gave up my store because other
stcies in the city were being blown up
every little while. 1 always thought
mine was going to he the next. My
sister and myself are nil that the
soldiers have left of a family of
KtVOLI TlOX  sfl'l'llISslill ilV MILITA11Y
Moscow, Jan. 1.—Except for the
numerous military patrols in the
streets and the pillars of smoke lazily
iloatiug above the ruins of factories
and houses in the l'resnn district there
is little to recall the nightmare of the
past ten days. As if by magic in 24
hours the appearance of the city has
changed. The stores everywhere have
been re-opened am! the streets are
crowded with holiday shoppers making
belated purchases for the Russian
The Presna district presented another picture. There people by the
hundred, who bad been burned out
ware excitedly searching the ruins or
bemoaning the loss oi dear ones, while
the police and the troops continued
their unceasing hunt for revolutionaries.
The energetic measure! taken by the
government have completely overturned the plans of the revolutionists
here. Practically all the leaders have
been arrested.
Great Future
for it,
in   Store
At ,i meeting "I the Royal Colonial
Institute in London, E. B. Osborn
read a paper on "The Future of Western Canada," in the course of which
he pointed out that by comparison
with the output of the Pacific States,
of British Columbia was small at
present. Bui it was certain that it
would continue to increase, that the
rate ol increase would be accelerated:
while the Pacific State, had already
reached the climax ol production, and
must silo.-, a ■:■ ■ i; lalling-otl in the
yean to o me, The centre ol gravity
of the Western milling industry wa.
.lowly but surely travelling towards
the inn-::,at. nal I : try line, and
must n me day i ros< into Canadian
term- ry   -1 with the iii lu.try 11
■■ ■ -.
Agaii   tin    i.' il 11 i  ol :1"  threi
prairie provh ■■'- ivai dual! st present
in ootnpuri! -n with thai il tin  West
-■ hi .,   it i toeeded ten million
.    , • r- liii- y, M and in qualit)   W»
l.ir luperl i the Ann rican ei | B il
Ir-iii iii i" eight tones that quantlt)
arai pi duccd bj tl i L'niti I Si iti
S'oni ■) • sh, tht icntn I gi ivity of
tin- Western wheat-growing Industry
w ,< travelling towai la the inter
national booudkry with > ipeed thai
-.. . sco Ii sud "■■'■ feai md msl
prpij || ...inie: or later Wcsternj
t      ,,. rrflitl g't the
WHIM-   lOll'T-t'    I -VI' I rt'I 111
lor e.'iliriiiil market, bbth on tit
Atlantic and the I'acific, and tl ft
wheat countries—the Argentine aid
tin- Nortb-West I'rovinoos of lm|a,
f,,i example—c uld nol compote ivlh
her on equal terms, because they m
nearer to the Equator, and oould nut
grow so line a coiiuio'dity. Mr, (ar-
iicgie said that the nation which ijado
the ohoapest ton ol iron must will/tho
industrial supremacy ol the iprld,
But two l"'tter tconomic epifsmii
occur to Mr. Osbiin. Wheat Mint-
before iron In tbo list ol man » loae*
lltjji,   and   the  lans) which (could
e the cheapest and best bushel
nl would certainly have n look
Moreover,  Clrcnl   Britnln could
pound of gold  nt  the idienpest
ml that wns no slight advantage
e.l to him  thai   Canada  and
Iritain together could confute
tslnirg ironiniisler's philosophy
ery  practical  manner.    Now
tho liritish investor—the  man
ihe cheapest pound of gold—
,ht torciiieinher was ihal the driv-
,ug power ni the great growing industries ol the country wns behind every
sound   commercial   undertaking in
Western Canada.     The  success ui
every such iiiidertakiiigwiisguaranteed
by its future.   The lesson of the rise
iii value of Canadian Pncilic and Hud-
si,n Bays during the Inst   ten  years
W')tilil be repeated in a hundred forms,
The Recipient of Many Christmas Gifts.
The Arrowbeud Hospital was ii
centre of much interest Oil Christmas
Day and all interested Bpent a Merry
Christniay in appreciation of the
many gifts sent by friends, these gifts
being largely due to the efforts of Mrs
Theodore l.tidgnte, who has taken
such an active interest in the institution since its opening. The follow-
ing'were donors of the gifts to tho
institution : Silver cake basket, by
tiuy Barker; silver fern dish and nut
howl, by Messrs. Watt, Pinkham, Mc-
Kinuon, Harris, McGee, (Revelstoke);
silver knives and forks for public
ward, Mrs. It. Hamilton, of Hamilton
Manufacturing Co.; oak hat rack, by
II. B. Oilmour, of Waterous Engine
Works; McLennan & McFeeley, silver
knives and forks for paivate dining
room; chandeliers for dining room,
sitting room and olliee, from Hinton
Electric Co.; Ileinish oak ladies desk
and chair, by Hudson Bay Co.; Burton Saw Works, $10, all of Vancouver;
Mr. Philbrlok, Bissel carpet sweeper
and large Cocoa mitt; Mr, Oazzam
pictures, "The Immaculate Conception" hy Murillo, "The Holy Uamily"
liy Van Dyck, "The Ruin" by Rem-
lirandt "Landscape near Vykbv" by
Murillo, "The Admiral" by Hues,
"The Surrender of Breda" by Velasquez, "The Woods" by Stanley—Seattle
One dozen beautiful napkins, Mr.
Fred Fraser, Revelstoke; Mr. Cameron,
If'i; Reid and Young, $5; Culey Bros.,
$0, Arrowhead; Mr. Gallihor M. P.,
lit); P. Wells, llemish oak book case,
Nelson; Berlin Machine Works, Beloit,
Wis., $44; Vale Columbia Lumber Co.,
Nakusp, Iii. The Chinamen of
Arrowhead gave a beautiful tea set.
The KOOTENAY Mail, Vancouver
World, Ladies Home Journal and
Womaiis Home Companion gave subscriptions (rum publishers to public
ward fur 1 year. Picture of Queen
Alexandra mid grand children Irom
Mr. Haggen, Revelstoke, besides many
other little gills.
All eight-day clock lias been pill iii
the public ward, and the beds in that
ward are being lilted with Ostermoor
inattrasses. The invalid chair purchased with the proceeds of the recent
entertainment has proved a boon to
patients, while the laying of the tloors
nml .talr-cases with cork matting has
added much to the internal comfort of
the institution.
ThvHospital has proved a great
i, i: ii. the lumbermen ol Arrowhead
sinci being opened, and no effort is
beina spared to make it oneol the
heal iml most comfortable hospitn
ii, in..nl.i The i miittee nod Ladies
Auxiliary deserve great credit for the
ivorl they have done,
\ Ludgale ti ntli rs her hearty
i: ,.... to the donors who contribntod
suoji hand, mi Chriatmai gilts to the
in titutioD,
Bankhead Goal!
! Egg Size Deivered       j;
ii        ii i,
9.00 ij
ii        ti 11
8.50 11
Orders left at P.
Burns & Company's
Office will receive most
prompt attention.
I F. McCarty, Agent.!:
Kurtz's Pioneer Cigar Factory
148, Cordova St., W,
VANCOUVER, -   -   B. C.
Any lady will find rubber
boots a great source of comfort and protection during the
spring weather.
"MAPLE LEAF" light
city boots for ladies, misses
and children are as near perfection in material, style, fit
and finish as human skill,
supplemented by modern
methods and machinery can
make them.
Insist on your dealer giving
you " Maple Leaf" Rubbers.
There are no others quite so
J. Leckie Co., Ltd.
A Dealer who
sells a man...
i8 assured of his- good-will
ami future trade. They are
I'.lion made, and guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction
and long service.
Our other lines equally as
good are    -   -   -   "
For Bale retail by all Dealers.
Wllol.l-.-U.K   MY
Wm. .1. McMaster & Sons,
Dealers in FRUITS
ft ftfljil (If
Wholesale ami Retail
Fish Merchants
Hew Westminster
All kinds of Fish, Salmon,
Halibut, Cod, Smoked Salmon,
Kippers, Bloaters, shipped to
all points.
Write for Prices
The Fall
Showing of
Fancy Plates
Never in the history of this
store have we shown so many
styles of fancy plates or so
many pretty designs costing
little. ,
f In fact some of them cost so absurdly
little that you can indulge yourself without extravagance.
*| And then you needn't be afraid of
breaking them.
-f The prices don't begin to correspond
lo their real value.
*J In dozens or single pieces.
*] Then there are the finer grades, sold
in dozens only, made by potters to
European royalty. You 11 manage to own
some of handsome new patterns, we dare
Stock of English,  Chinese,  and
Japanese Goods.
Offered at Bargain Prices never
before heard of at Revelstoke.
Fresh Hreen Garden Stuff for the
Christmas Table.   '
Firewood For Sale.
M. J. Henry's
Nurseries and Greenhouses
3010 Westminster Koad,
Main Nurtery for Fruit Btock Siint.li
Vancouver, one mile inuth of i ily.
Branches at Victoria and Matsqul for
s is mid Nursery Btock giowlng.
Kin,i large planting foi Fall delivery.
(In.- ye,irn|i|>l-, l to8feet,|10to41:!
pei I'" apple. I Sand I yean old, 118
it, %'t\ pei lOOi Milium.I I'lniii $1 each.
I..I,., Importation uf Hollm from
Japan, Holland and France.
K.iM nli e - boli ■ ol I harry, Peai a,
I'lion. A| I-, ei'., noil- growing fur
: full ordi'is.   No ex|ien—, lo.i oi delay
o| fumigation oi Inspei tlon.
l,.-i  price youi list before plai Ing
; yum order,  Catalogue (ree,   Qrean'
h„,i„. PUni   Kb' 'i Work, Bee Bup-
pHea. Frtiil pai kagei, Fertilize! -, etc,
Garden, Field and Flower Seeds in
solo \i. '. laooarar, B, C.
t4 linUJ- So 4naAi/u. Antmj&ms Sam Pf <tv f^fcuA/
on 3
Your money returned ^
if ttotMllsfiei in overy way,
because the "Carlm-Maunctic1
i s electrically tttufiertd unci
hollow uround in Its own
peculiar way.   With    .^aw.L.l. a*™
ordinary careful   y^/SST^JM
use, ItwilllHiul sdmSr    „?    ,
iu edge ior ^g^T fJ&bJfl
leather eiw
] witi,      /Z4mr    DmWl Contava J250
^.^rv.^aar        for httvy biirdi * ••
"Carbo Magnetic" Elastic Cushion Strops, $1.00.
I'rx booklet "Hints to Shavers,"
Mnxlcof "Gritron" Razor Steel. They
hold an edge longer thim nny knife
Hindu.   Kiilluss-'orLinont.  All styles,
Lawrence Hardware Co,
Richard R. Copeland
Mantles, Shelving, Storm Doora,
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
Third Street East,            Revelstoke
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.   ^
Prompt delivery of parcels, baggage,
etc,, to any part of the City,
Any Rind of Transferring
If in want of
write for prices to
L. E. Griffiths
Malakwa, 11. <J,
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Gash Prices Paid
F.  B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Irvine's Cleaning & Dye
Calgary, Alia,
P.O, BOX 787 Telephone 2011
A, 8, Irvine, Manager.
jZkjXaViXaVjXi jXu «v
The Leading Merchant Tailors
Don't order a Suit because it is cheap. Order it
because it will be becoming, fashionable, durable and
comfortable. The best is the cheapest. We make the
best. In making a Suit we give advice when wanted and
we accept advice when a customer desires to give it.
Every now and then you are confronted with the
question, " Who's YourTailor"—Cresssman & Morrison,
of course.
The Leading Merchant Tailors.
*tTi iTi iTi iavi iTi ill iti iTi iTi iavi iTi iTi iti iti ii11T1 iti 1T1 iti tTi iTi 1T1 tTi tTi i li
WTlTrTTirTTrWTTTTWTTTr HI CTT "TITTa PT*X* TlrTr Ti^^FTi^^sV ^a"^X^^a"tX^ i  r
| j Double Value for l/our Money \
Thai is what you get when you gel oneol our
Stylish  Up-to-Date Suits
First—You £et your money's worth in Style and Comfort)
Second—You get your money's worth in Fit and Wear.
Merchant Tailors,
Revelstoke, B.G.
; j Mackenzie Avenue
! lf)s>l)M)e>fcM>*>*>M*)s^^ 8
Mrs, II. .1. lln ilniry Manngrois,
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes..
Liiritu DlnlnsrnoDl U,r
liinii|init«, Hii[.|inr-i. ait-
Furnishccl Rooms To Let,
bafl reopened ;i
on McKenzie Avenue.
Open Day and Niftht. First-Class Service
Open Air Rink
W. G, Watson's open uir rink
is now open: Ice in good shape
tun it n|i
„   ,7ft   "
ll.UMMI t I'kl.SSIMI
Ve-l ..'/I     "
Coal l.tr. "
Overcoat    i/i "
Hal, ..')i "
BulLproiMed   e' "
ft proaaN Did "
Ovi.riKinl i
iiriiH,n'l      .16 "
liy f.i sn.
Halt S-WirV. up
I'anla   im "
Vcat J« "
lloat  Iftn "
overooat    ww "
H|iiiiilal iirlimn fur
HpSfllSl lull.
tliililNilllil VimUllnrrl,
r"lirftnal>i rnimlrrd
nlirt llni'fl.
Hklrt.. . . ?i ma- nn
Jai'lii'l.      . 1.1*1   "
Wnl»l«    7«   "
in. i, , ,;ti "
itimu i,m "
\Vri.ij|i.Ti.   \M  "
Hlilrl, !l .vis- ur.
Wawui  I.«i "
Wi'ii[,|,i.r.    Wl "
l1llfl|lll!S     .     l.iVl     "
l.l,l-.-l-,..ll III ,1ft
UIovm, long ,2.i
Laootliirt'na l.(*i& u|i
I'drllor,...   LAI "
Skirt,. ...
•laiiknts .
Wal-li. .
'I VI Mill
1.1*1   "
.?.'.   "
.;.i "
I..VI  "
Mail Orders receive prompt attontion,
Work guaranteed,
Five-Acre Blocks of this well
known Farm are Offered
for Sale Now at
$300 Each
Will Make a Beautiful
Country Residence for City
People during the Summer
Will grow the Finest Fruit
and Garden Vegetables on the
Terms of Payment can be
Apply for Particulars to the
- ii i r


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