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Bews' Drug Store
VoL 12.-No. 70
.   '■'    ''
. ■ -1.
all sizes and all makes at
'■■■. I
$2.50 Per Year
CL Hut & Cl.
Sam pics
Wc can Like your
order fur it 20TH CENTURY 8UIT. The suits
under this brand are
guaranteed lo lit mid
stylishly made — the
price, too, is rig-lit.
They commence on the
rung of the ladder, jusl
where the other fellow
stops. They me the
Heme of style for good
dressers, No creasing
fronts on the coats, no
out-of-date puffs on the
knee, no wrinkles in
the front of tho vest
like its if il was trying
to get under tlie braces,
Where do you see better dressed men lhnn
commercial travellers ?
Open up the emit of the
majority nnd you will
see the 20th Century
Hi-mid on Ihem.
A Haigain in II 10 Piece Tea Sett, Lovely Limoges, beautifully
decorated and in perfect condition, Every piece here would ho a
delight 111 any household. No reason for this drop 111 the price, hut yuu
will hem-til by il A $10 Set for $7.65.
A Drawer Sett, just as perfect as can he, U7 pieces, new decorations
and ns complete us possible .» $16 SETT FOR $10
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
For all kinds of up-to-date and reliable furniture
and house furnishings go to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
Merchant Tailor,
(Late ok Chicago)
has opened up one of the most beautiful stocks of
Clothing Materials ever brought into Kevelstoke,
comprising Tweeds, Worsteds, Trouserings,
fancy Votings, the Newest Novelties in pattern
and design, and, having large experience in
cutting and manufacturing, he is prepared to do
the finest and latest classes nf work at the most
moderate prices,
Prioes Right Work Guaranteed
m 9 i|i ili ili $ ill ifi ill i|i ■$ ili it'9 'I' 'I' 9 9 9 ###f
it 0
! ► Just Received Four Carloads of Goods j j
4 , Ini'ludiiiiz Poulti'V  Netting  in  all styles,  Elwnud #
Including Poultry Netting in all styles, Elwnud
Lawn and Farm Fencing iu many beautiful designs.
Paints- Ready Mixed Paints in jl Different .Shinies,
Hollywood Paints. Special prices on .-,11 sizes and
colors.  Quarts, Wlc; Half Callous, $1.10; Gallons,
Lawn  Mowers, Rakes, Hoes, Wheelbarrows, Etc.
Garden Hose and Lawn Sprinklers.
CURTAIN STRETOHERS-tlsed when drying Curtains,
Saves tenting and Bulling.
AGATE WALL FINISH (it cold water liulsumine)
A|ijlspil|ne and Kalsotnliio for Walls.
Mall Orders IVomplly i,llciii|ed lo,        P.O. Hox IHI.
1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^t^^1^^^
Temporary Structures Being
Rushed Up in Readiness for
Business-The Water Supply
Complete.-Disease Absent.
San Francisco, April 25.-—This is
the eightb duy since tbo earthquake
and finds lln- situation approaching
Yesterday such marts ol trade ns
renuiiiicil unburned were operating
fnr transaction ul ordinary business.
Temporary structures nre being run
up fur liccuinmudiitiiin ot others;
clearing off devastated area of ruins is
well under way; inquiry into the condition of llie biiik vaults is coni-
pleled; organizati"n and preparation
for service ot street railways is so far
advanced that the company expressed
its readiness to resume business ns
soon ns tlie mayor permits.
Tlie water company announce a
total available supply ol 12 million
gallons daily; in fnct there ure all
evidences to put at rest now ad for
ever the fears of those who predicted
San Francisco would never rise again.
The work of housing and feeding
tlie homeless, reconstruction, reinstatement of sanitary conditions is
being curried on with tremendous
energy, It is certain thnt none were
hungry to-day, unless wilfully su.
The,e is fund for nil, nnd tbe method
ot distribution bus been sn | erfi-el
that it is within the roach of ull
As far as health and sanitary cun
ditioiiB g>i, tbey are, cunsi loring nil
circumstances, exosllent.
An investigation nf the sewers shntvs
they ure not as bsd y damaged as was
feared, and where there were breaks
these were repaired. There has been
no outbreak ol diseases of a coiitig-
ious character, nor is noy (eared.
And ns for those pulmonary diseases that might be expected lo hi
prevalent, in such u crisis, they arc
cbielly notable by their absence.
Tha hospitals, which in u few
instances were crowded by great
numbers, nre discharging them
These acts speak in stentorian tones
for the energy and skill of the stir
geons and nurses who bad the patients
in charge.
hi Golden Cute Park, lamed the
world uver for its beauty, there hnve
arisen shelters for 40,000 people.
No millionaire bus so magniliccnl
setting for bis home as have those
wails of tlie great San Francisco fire.
There nre still some who nre tenting
on the grounds, but this is purely n
mutter of choice.
Los Ancei.es, April 23.—"I witness-
the burning of Chicago in 1871, nnd
was in Charleston when the earthquake created great destruction the:e
but tlie San Francisco horror lar out-,
shadowed these calamities," said Dr.
Frank Barker, of Rochester, N. Y.,
whe" he arrived here yesterday from
Sun Francisce. "1 cannot believe
that the loss of life iu Sun Frunciscu
was cunlined to mere hundreds. 1
mild be the lust to stretch the facts,
but I am convinced that several
thousand persons suffered death.
Thieves and looters were dealt with
summarily.   I personally witnessed
the sudden demise of SOVOral ghoulish
men. I saw a fellow cutting rings
Irom the lingers ol a dead woman on
Bush street, just below Sucriimenlo
Thero wns ii rush of men, nnd within
a lew minutes thc robber wus dangling
frum a pole. One innocent mnn met
(the military.
tu co-npeiiite ill llie great work nnd
advance any funds needed. The work
will commence right at the Water
front. This will be entirely rebuilt on
modern as well us picturesque lines,
it is estimated the work right there
will cost $25,000,000. New wharves
und tbe liko will bo constructed ou
entirely different lines and new (Inputs
will be built.
Tin- utlicr portious nl the oily will
be improved alter Burnhnm's plans
whioh hnve been fully explained
in tlie San Franoisoo press for the lust
two years. The great Bonlovard, the
terrace at Twin Peaks, und various
parks and other beauty spots will now
be constructed.
Bight hundred tuns
sent from Vancouver,
Tin: report that Honolulu was
severely damaged and slipping into
tlie sen was untrue.
The New Zealand government have
given $26,000.
Among those killed at Frisco were
Dr. SteenBon, of Toronto, and the wife
nnd child ol Mr. Fullerton, tlie well-
known commercial traveller uf Nelson,
At Santa Rosa Mrs. George E. Mattering aud ohild, formerly of Vancouver
were killed.
The city of Calgary subscribed $*i00
and P. Burns k Co. gave $5,000.
Dogs Eating Human Beings.
San Francisco, April 25.—One of
Ibe most gruesome scenes that followed the lire was witnessed yesterday
ulupg the north beach in the front of
tbe city and on Telegraph nnd Russian Hills, when scores of half starved
dogs were lound eating human bodies.
Ids death at the hand
He was the cashier uf u bunk, nnd
(used to ubey the command to halt,
hut continued tn run Into the building.   He wns shut,"
Steps are being taken tu organise
thc movement Ior rebuilding Sun
Francisco on tlie plains oi architect
Daniel Burnhain.
While various other committees
have been busy with relief work, prominent citizens hnve been in consultation, and within tlie next lew days
plans will bo outlined and tbe work
ol making arrangements for the most
beautiful city in the world will be well
under way.
W. L. Barnett, one of the men in
Ihe latest movement, sny, nil funds
needed Inr the great wnrk will bu
forthcoming juet ns toon as the committer, is ready to begin work.
Telegrams have been sent all oyer
lliecountry explaining (lie plans of
ibe cuiiimitici-.s, mul great men ol
finance hnve expressed the willingness
Help From Revelstoke.
A public meeting of citizens of
Revelstoke, presided over by His
Worship the Mayor, was held nt llie
City Hull on the 2'lrd inst., to consider menus ol sending a contribution
from tliis city towards the relief of
the sufferers.
It was decided to open u subscription
list at each ol the banks, and the
Mayor consented to call a special
meeting of the counoil to vote an
appropriation Irom tlie city funds
The following gentlemen were also
authorised to receive subscriptions:—
Ward 1—Messrs. It. Anthony, Ed.
Trimble, and the Major. Ward 2—
Messrs. C..I. Aninn, W. Humphries,
and T. Taylor, M. P. P. Ward 8—
Messrs. II. A. Lawson and John Abra-
l.u.MHEU Mills — Messrs. O, F,
Lindmark and F. E. Sine.
The subscription list will close on
Mouday the 80th inst., uud tbe
amount collected will lis forwarded to
the Red Cross Society of San
By the Children of St. Peter's
Church Sunday School.
Great credit is due to both teachers
nnd children ol Bt Peter's Church
Sunday School I'ur the careful manner
in which the programme at Friday's
entertainment wns arranged, The
opening piece was a very pretty drill
by little girls, dressed in white, currying boquets of (lowers, which showed
very careful training by Miss Hobbs,
MitS Johns, who is a new resident in
town, made a decided hit in her very
pretty Irish step-daneo and the audience wore not satisfied until she bud
given an encore twice.
The piano duet by Frances Liiwsnn,
mid Miss Hall wits much appreciated,
nnd Muriel Porter who assisted at tho
candy stall looked very pretty in a
Japanese eostume.
The conjuring tricks by Mr. Humphries were very amusing and caused
much laughter when the secrets and
mysteries were explained.
Snugs by Mr, Ai'tnand mid .lark
Sibbald, piauo dllOtt by Messrs, Eric
und Leon Ooursloi' were much appreciated,
The skill* were in llie hand.- ul Mrs.
Portar and Mrs. Elson and conn-cent
must be made un the carclul nnd
tasteful milliner in  which thoy  wi'ii'
arranged, the candy stall being well
patronUod by the ohildion, Tho lish
pond wns u grout suurcu of attraction
und was in charge ol Misses Woodland
und Mary Edwards. The refreshment
curlier must not he overlooked us thut
is ulwiiysa must necessary acquisition
tu ii huziuir uml wiib iu the able bunds
ul Miss McPhersou, Mrs. Ainnu and
Mrs. Gordon, who hnd everything very
daintly und artistically arranged,
The lust, hut certainly not the least
amusing item on the programme was
Mr. Humphries' valuable collection
fur bis "Fine Art Gallery," which was
both amusing and instructive, and no
one should have lelt Hie hull without
seeing it.
Tlie social and lioancial part ol the
entertainment was a decided success,
and tho quaint and pretty costumes
worn by some ol the children were
much admired, especially nulicnhlu
being ibu-.li ul Miss Frituces Lawson
as a Japanese lady and Miss Sylvia
Phipps, wliu represented "A Lady ol
Yo Olden TymoB."
Sunday Observance Bill Opposed. — Railway Accident
at Merriton Seven Cars
Smashed. No Casualties.
Ottawa, April 25.—Railway interests oppose the Sunday Observance
Hill. All through traffic will have lo
stop nl divisional points when caught
by Sunday. The 0 I'.R. says the hill
will drive trallic to Anicricun lines.
The railway committee reported to
the 'luiise tlie Bill to iuoornorate tlie
Kamloops nnd Yellowhe-ul Pass railway,
Gkossack, Texas, April 25.—While
being conveyed to gaol this morning a
negro, who assaulted n while girl, was
taken from the police by a mob and
handed to the girl's father, who shot
liiin dead.
St. Catherines, Ont., April 25.—
A misplaced Bwitcb caused another
had accident on the Grand Trunk
Railway at Merriton oo Tuesday. Its
surprising a lot of people were not
killed. A special train, with 001)
emigrants, was coining west frum Niagara Falls at a speed ol over 10 miles
an hour, The line is double lrucked,
and just cast of the station is a switch
connecting the two trucks.
A freight engine with a train of
empty curs was standing on the rppo-
site truck just, nt the switch, waiting
for tlio emigrant speciul In run hy.
The swilob should have been closed
but was not, and the passenger engine
crushed into tlio middle of the freight,
smashing si ven cars to splinters,
The passenger engine ran on the
truck until it nearly reached the
drawbridge uver Old Wellund canal,
anil then plunged down the lunik.
The tender remained un tlie 1 rack.
E' giiieer Case and Fireman J. McKenzie lind ii narrow escape for their
lives. Beyond blnck eyes and slight
bruises the pnssengcrs were uninjured.
Front uur own uorrn-siioiiiltnit.
The Misses Elln and Viola Thomp-
inn attended the dance given liy Mrs.
[jightburne nt Arrowhead.
Miss Williams, ul Edgewood, spent
n few days in town the guest ol Mrs.
F. IV. Jordan.
Mrs Gardiner, of Nelson, is visiting
Mrs. 11. T. Bulger
Considerable activity in tlie land
business iB on at present. Mr. Thos.
Abriel, the O. P. R. land agent here,
has disposed ol several hundred acres.
Last week a block of 720 ncres was
sold to Mr. Hammond nf Minneapolis,
who wns delighted with the land, he
also lelt confident that Nakusp has a
future in store for her aa it fruit raising centre. Mr. Annuhle, of Nelson,:
the real estate agent also made a
purchase of land which be intends to
put on the market in lots to suit the
On Friday evening lust the Dramatio Club presented the comedy
"Snowball," Tho plnyersnll did exceedingly well and we must congratulate the Club on the magnificent way
iu which the liii-ce wus staged.
The Prosbytorian minister, Rev. I).
Campbell, hns arrived to take charge
Arolideiicnn Ueer held service here
nn Sunday morning,
Our hearty congratulations to Mr,
and Mrs. .Inini Ucotor, formerly of
Nakusp nn Ihe arrival uf n daughter,
whioh cveni, uceiiried iu Vancouver on
Sunday, April 22nd,
Tlie many friends nl Mrs. (), II,
Chandler, will be pleased lu hour thut
she has acooptcd tlio position nf opor-
iitur ai Halcyon.
Capt, Ftii'slund cmnc down nu Saturday in his new gasoline launch,
which is it llycr. TheCnpt wont down
tlie lake tn his ranch at I'i re Valley.
dipt. MoLonniin ol the s.s, Sloomi
is iii charge ol the Rossland tlurii g
the iilisence nf Capt. Fnrslund.
Mr. Clntdwick has purchased Mr,
A. .1. Thompson's house and expects
tn bring his wilu nut Iiiiiii England in
a lew mouths.
Mr. L. F. McDougiild has built a
line wide stairway down llie bill 111
in,nt uf llis lintel, which will lie much
appreciated liy the public
Miss Alice McKissuck, iii Cniniipltx,
spout a fow dnys in town with In r
aiater Mrs, Nurmaii Thomas.
The smiling countenance and gluil
hand ol Mr II. Stevens, slew-art ul the
steamer Russland, will he greatly
missed he having resigned bis position
to accept a situation with the Pig
Bend Lumber Cu, of Arrowhead,
Groceries. Hardware. McClary's Stoves, Etc.
Onion Sets, Flower Seeds, Farm & Garden Seeds,
Garden Tools.  A Large Assortment
Hollywood  and  Shei-win  Williams'  Paint*,  Oil*,
Varnish, Turps, Alabastine, Muralo, Etc
Our stock of Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables,
is always Fresh.
BOURNE  BROS.     Mackenzie Avenue
We have left a few j-Acre Villa Lots, suitable for Fruit
Culture and Market Gardening, which may be purchased on small
monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments.
This land is situated within five minutes' easy walking of the
New Schoolhouse Site recently purchased by the City.
There will be no land available after this season within such
easy reach of the City, and intending purchasers should not delay
in making their selection.
Agents, Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Hnincho-i in the Provinces of Manitoba, Alborta, Saskatchewan,
liritish Columbia, Outnrio, Quebec,
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
D. It. Wii.kik, President
-     13,900,000.00
Hon. R..!affray, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings DEPARTMENT—Deposits received and Interest allowed
at highest current rate from date nf opening account, and compounded half-yearly,
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe,  Special attention given to Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 1SS6.
Wm. Molson Macphehson, Pres. S. H. Ewino, Viee-Pres.
James Elliot, General lanager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way of hanking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice n year at current rates on Savings Bank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Prom our own (-omu-puiiiient.
Mrs. Anderson returned Saturday to
her home in Vnncouver.
Mr. und Mrs, R. Qibbons visited
Rcvelstuke recently.
J. A. Kirk, surveyor, wns in town
Mux Wolletnii, mill foreman for the
Big Bend Lumber Co., arrived Sunday
from Spokane,
One uf tlie most enjoyable social
functions thnt Arrowhead bus leen for
some time was that given by Mr. and
Mrs. Lightburne inst Wednesday evening. Tlie hall wus secured Iur dancing, in which all heartily indulged. At
12 i,'cluck ull repaired tn Mra. Light-
burnc's dining room, where an excellent supper wns Berved, alter which
dancing was resinned. Among thoac
from out ot town were Mra. (Jit-sun,
J. P. Boyd and Mr. GleeBon of Coma-
plix, Mr. nnd Mrs. Melrose, Miss
Garvin and Miss McCarthy ol Revelstoke and the Missel Thompson, ol
dipt. Forslund haa gone to his
ranch down the lake nn his gasoline
(I. S. McCnrter, ol Revelstoke, waa
iu Arrowhead Monday.
Work Iur the Arrowhead water
supply is about to begin.
J. Winslow, jeweller, is leaving lor
AriuBtrong, B. C.
Engineer Forde is ex|iectcd in
Arrowhead in the near luturo to
arrange Iur location of electric light
wires under the C, P. li. tracks here.
From on r own correspondent.
Mr. V. W. Jaokson, B. A., with his
bride, both of Hamilton, Ontario, are
1'ieuding i few dayi at the Manas this
week. Mr. Jackson was a classmate
in Arts tt Queen's University, Kingston, with Mr. Miller. Mr. Jaokson
has been (or two years professor ol
botany and biology in tht Ouelph
agricultural college and has given up
the position to go to New Zealand to
introduce nature study und agriculture into the schooliol tbe Auckland
district. Mr. Jackson hti been a
leader iu these lines in Ontario and
will lind splendid opportunity lor tbe
development of his abilities in tht
new field. The 10,000 milt honeymoon include atopt at Field, Vancouver, Victoria, Honolulu, Fiji, Sydney, and Melbourne, arriving in
Auckland about June 5th.
Mr. George Mieklejohn il acting
trainmaster on the Big Hill these
dayi in the absence ul trainmaster
Carey, who hai gone east on buiiness,
Mr. Sherlock and family have com*
to Field to.take charge of the Monarch and Field hotels. The buiiness
has been handed over and Ihe now
-tail has been installed.'
J. Buchanan, of Qoldsn, spent
Wednesday night at Field.
Mr. Parsons and family leave for
Edmonton to-day.
Angus McOillivray has moved into
the house belonging to Alt*. Mo*
Cbc flDail*1I)cvalb.
Incluling po-tnee to England, United Sum
llv tbe rear (through postofflco].
Quarter "
.. l.nd
Legal notice-10 cent* per Iim- !"'-' Insorllou,
Trent* per line eacli raibseouenl insertion.
Meajniremonti Noupnriul 112 lines make one
inchl Store nml general business
noiiii.-.-nieiiis Sinn per Inch i»-r mm •
Pri-birml po-ition* i', per cont. M-
dill, mL Hinlis. .Marri,iKi-s and Deatns,
Ko each iMOltlon. AH mlicrtisiuncnls
iiihjcct loihe approval of lh,- management.
Wanted nti-1 CondensedJWycrtlMmonls.-
Agcnu, Wanted, Help Wanted, Situations
mated, Situations Vacant, reaehcrs
Waattd, Mechanics Wanted. 1„ iier,!* oi
le.*s lie., each additional !jne_j?
win by - - -,-,.   ,-„
'" etch week lo secure good ili-|,l«!•
J-JH I-HINTING promptly executed al reasonable rate-.
rKRMS-l'anh. Butajriptlonl payable in nd.
COKKESPONDENCE Invited on mutters of
public interr-st. CommuDlcatlona lo mi-
tor lnu-t be accompanied by name ol
writer, not .ii«-.,rily for publication, bul
ue-ridonceofgood faith, rjorrmpondenoe
should be brief.
Sic., each nililiuoiiiu one "' --.--■■
ngt* in standing adverttMmentt 11111*1
Dto 8 a. in. lue-diij- .ami Friday of
which followed is taking steps to und
the ini.-cliief, and the hierarchy ol the
Episcopal und Catholic churfltiM are
uniting in vigorous protest. Tlie
clinch interests threaten they will get
tbe House ol Lords to throw oul the
government bill, This is u desperate
threat, nud cannot but have us desper
nte results. Several members ol Parliament arc already retaliating by
demanding tlie disestablishment of
the Church ol England, and we should
not he surprised to Bee that come
about. If the Lords also unite to set
at defiance the will ol thc people so
definitely expressed at the late elections there will be thc most violent
political agitation in the old bind that
history has recorded since Gladstone's
H.      OHKIIS.ON,
Ol kick :
Mi-Kclizie Avenue.
Orricr-s: Imperial Hank Hlock, Rkvhi.-
. BTOKH, it, 0,
Money uiloiui.
OlDce-; Hevelslokc, H. I'.: For! Steele, H. C.
A. M. l'l.NKll.iu.
Iteulsloke, 11.
J, A, Hahvkv
Furl Steele, 11.1/.
J. M.Seolt l.l-.H. W.I.llrlgKB.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
Miinkv tu Loan
First Street.            Revelstoke, B.C,
Mining Engineer,
(Mem, American Institute Mining Engineers)
CanadianMining Institute.)
Revelstoke, B. 0.
Examination of and reports on Minora) Properties n Specially.
Agent for Canadian Metal Company, buyow
of zinc and diver-load ores.
Zlno and rilVorload mines purchas    or operated under lease and bond
Financial Assistance givon owaors and pros-
I peoton to operate and develop
approved properties.
" I ivoukl . . , earnestly advise them for
their good to order this paper to be linnet ually
-erved up. nnd to be looked upon as n part of
the tea ci;iiipagc."-AliliIS0N.
The administration ol  the public
lands within the Dominion Railway
Belt in British Columbia is must unsatisfactory, and is not likely to be-
como better under an idiotic system
that centi'iiliscs at   Ottawa,  nearly
three thousand   miles  distant,  the
details of laud settlement, concerning
which central ollieials know nolliing
and cure less.    The departments at
Ottawa want n thorough organisation
on business lines by which the great
business of the state will be conducted
with the promptitude and efficiency
that marks a great and up-to-date business organisation.   The object ol government is to meet tlie requirements
ol the public, und added to an up-to-
date administrative department there
should hn local control which would
have local knuwledge of requirements.
As matters stand a man applies for a
piece of Dominion laud to setlle oil.
Immediately ho goes to the land nilice
he is met with all surls ol objections
as tu why ho cannot have that land
Nuw the government proloss to wish
to encourage settlement, and we venture to say that in the North-west
they must have a different system
from what they have in British Columbia or they would get nobody on
tbo land at all,    The  business  nnd
duty of a government department
should be to facilitate bind settlement
instead ol discouraging it.   Here is an
example from actual observation of a
visit by  an intending  settler to a
Dominion Government laud olliee:
" Intending Settler—I want to take
up a section (giving the definition).
Agent—You can't hnve it.
Intending Settler—Wliy?
Agent—Somebody else bos applied
lor it.
Intending Settler—Well there is
thnl piece (pointing to the map), I'll
take that instead.
Ageni—Oil ymi can't have that
either.   It is not surveyed,
intending Settler—Well here is another piece.   Can I have that?
Agent—No. you can't. Thnt. land
is in a timber berth and we can'! deal
with it."
And tliis is the sort of idiotic nonsense that goes on day after day in a
Dominion Government department
that i- lupposed to facilitate tlie settlement ol the laud, and is maintained
lor that purpose, Now the Agent in
of tbe office Is not to blame,
menl under timber leases, or as soon
as timbor is removed that land should
be thrown open for settlement provided sufficient precautions nre taken to
ivuid Ihe spread of fire to standing
timber, It is shameful the wny in
whioh the timber lias been removed
on which timber dues not exist,
Thia is a ieature of public policy
demanding immediate attention. We
are satisfied lion. Frank Oliver, Minister ul the Interior, is imxiuue to do
the right tiling, and to put bis department in good shape, but be is either
ignorant of conditions out here or is
surrounded by ollieials who insist on
hiving their own wny irrespective of
the public interest, nnd whose nhjec
tiuns tu belter methods he bus nut the
force of character to break down. He
should take two or three weeks in
liritish Columbia and investigate
these conditions for himsell, and if be
is the 111:111 we take him tu he tho
causes ol complaint would bo immediately remedied.
Pleases every Smoker the " Marca
To Contractors and Builders
ol Revelstoke.
'Phut the Contract with Local Union
No. 1(114, expires on the first day of
June. The local union nf Carpenters
and Joiners will commence on the 1st.
duy of ,1 not', imiii, for 45 cents an hour,
mul present uniun lime of nine hours
n day. j\11 carpenters wishing to join
this local branch of the union should
apply to the Financial Secretary,
First Street.
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery of parcels, baggage,
sto., to any part of tbe City,
Any Rind of Transferring
One ol  the great obstacles to the
settlement of British Columbia is the
extensive Indian reserves ninde without rhyme or reason.   These reserves
are mainly unoccupied.    There are
only 25,000 Indians in British Columbia and  for them 10110 reservations
have been made, or a reserve ul thousands of acres to every 25 Indians.
The  Okanagan -Valley   particularly
sutlers bom this senseless policy. The
Indian should not be entitled to any
more land hy way of reserves than he
requires.    Many of these Indian Reserves should he opened up to settlement entirely, while others should he
curtailed to meet tbe requirements ul
the Indians living on  them.    Mr.
Duncan Ross, M. P., particularly baa
ii  constituency  much   interested in
this  question, and  we  hope be will
ventilate it on thc lloor of  the Commons. ■
Tenders for a License to Cut Tlmbcv on
Dominion Lands ln tho Province
of British Columbia.
QEALKD TENDERS addressed to the Timber
P uml Minos brunch, Department of the
Intorior, ntul murkoil on thoonvolopo "Touilor
forTlmbor Hnrlh No. 181," will be received at
this Doiinrlmuni until noon nu Wudnosdiiy, llm
2:!rd dp ■ of May. 100.1, for a liconso tu cut
timber sin llorth Nu. nil, comprising 3 blocks
described us follows, mul coiitinnlne an nroa of
throo and ouo-ituitrlor siiuaro miles, more or
Block 1. Situnto iu about Township 2'i,
Iinil,',- '.'.'.I. West Htt) Moriilinn, coininoiiciug at a
point nn Silver Crack, 2M mites up stream In
direct distance front the inliirsoclioli of said
crook by tlio East boundary of Township 25,
Itango 'li, Wost 'ith Moriilinii, boiug ou tlio
upper 1„>miliary of T.H. 111: thonco up sniil
crook 2 milos iu direct distance with adoptli on
tho wostorly sido llioronfof -li of n milo, mon-
siired nt right nuglos to lho gonornl homing of
suid crook, within tlio block, the lowor biiuiul.
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese1
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Ton services
Cane Chain
JKlowor Hots
Umbrella SUltlda
Lunch Baskets
Smoking JnekeUi
Silk Goods.
finest stock of candies and fruits in town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Cold Range lodge, K. of P.,
No. 21, Revelstoke, a. C.
in Oddfellows' Hall at S
o'clock Visiting Knights arc
cordially invited.
E. W. B. PAUET, B.C.
G. H. BROCK, K. of R. * S.
H. A. BROWN. M. of P.
Kootenav Lodi« No. IS A F & A.M.
The regular meeting- nre held In thi
Mll-niiio Temple,
jdd Fellows Hnll.on
the third Monday li
inch month nt '
,i.in. Visiting broth
run cordlnlly wel
C. A. l'ltOCUNIElt, SKCllBTAttV.     »C
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Gash Prices Paid
F.   B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
SELKIRK LODGE. NO 12,1.0.0. F.
Meets every Thursda'
evening tnudd Fellows
Hall at 8 o'clock
Visiting brethren cor
diallv invited to at
iry to be tlio upper boundary of snid Berth No.
.77. containing an area of lli sq
Hiliiuro milos, moro
or mss.
Block 2, Commonolng at a point on t)i«
I|locill«wnet River, 2 milos down stream in
direct distance fnnn the Intersection of sumo
by the North boundary of Township 21. Range
231 West 5th Meridian; thonco down said river 1
mile in dirsct distance with a depth of one
mile on tho wostorly side thereof, measured at
right angles to thn general bearing of sfi id rivor
within tho block, containing an areaof 1 square
mile, more or loss.
BLOOK 3. Commonciug at the intersection
of tho north fork of tho Illocillowaol Iti ver by
the Nortli boundary of Township 25, Range 2S
West of tho.jth Meridian; thonco up snid river
one and one-half miles in diroct distance with
a dopth of half a milo ou tho easterly sido
thereof, measured at right angles to tho gonornl
boaringof said river within the block, cnniahi-
inganaroaof three-quarters of a squaromilo,
more or loss.
Tho regulation- under which a liconso will bo
issued, also printed forms of tondor and envelope, may he obtained at this Department or
at lho olilco of the Crown Timber Agent at
Now Westminster, Ii. ('.
Kucli louder musl bo accompanied hy an
accepted choiiuo on it chartered hank In favour
of the Deputy of tho Minister of the Interior
for tho amount of the bonus which tho applicant is prupnrod to pay for a license.
No tendor hy telegraph will be entertained,
Department of tho Interior,
Ottawa, April 10th, im.
days after date I intend to apply to tho
Hon. ('hief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase tho following doscribod lands, situnto in the Rovelstoko Division
of West Kootonay District;—
Commencing al a post plantod on the east
bank of tho Columbia River, about one-half
mile north of tho mouth of Carnes Creek, and
markod "O.J.H'b South Wost ("oruor Post,"
thonco east 00 chains; tlionco north 80 chains;
thenco wost 00 chains, ho tho same moro or loss,
to tho east bank of tlm Columbia River; thence
following the moiiudoriugs of the Columbia
River in a Southerly direction Ui tho point of
commencement, containing -180 acres more or
Dated this twenty-ninth day of March, A.D.,
AM 2m. 0. J. RUMENS.
I have started a permanent Wood
Yard on Third street. With mv past
experience I hope to be in a position
to Butisfy all riiquiiements of customers. Dry enrdwood kept in stuck and
supplied in any lengths at reduced
prices for cash.
Richard R. Copeland
Mantles, Shelving, Storm Doors, etc
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
Third Street Easl,
XTOTICE is lioroby given th	
i\ alter ilute 1 intond to rtpjily to,tho Ohjof
It is a matter of regret that thn new
Liberal cabinet in England lms adopted a distinctly anti-Imperial policy
which may lead to the dismemberment of the Empire. Canada, by hor
preferential tariff to the mother country, set an example which, it wns
hoped, would find some reciprocity in
Britain and the other Colonies. Chani-
beriain was the one 11^11 who put
lorward an imperial policy calculated
to weld the Empire together by follow
ing up the work Canada hud done.
His policy was turned down in the
late British elections und the scnti
ment ol the Little Englimler prevailed. Nothing has done B0 much to
weaken the ties between Britain uiul
her Colonies as the new policy nf the
Bannerman government, nnd if persisted in it ii lull of danger lor tin-
future. Chamberlain's ideas are undoubtedly right but hi- i- ahead ol his
time, and spoiled his influence by his
breach ol faith with tho liritish people
over South Africa.   It Is probable the charge
,{ Hi- is tied down by » Iol ol insane rod
tape Issued at Ottawa by ollioiala who
know little or nothing about the local
issues nn which they oompile regulations, The proper - ne lor the department totalis would be to esta
n l.ninl Board loi each Province, the
Board oonslatlng nl men who understand  thoroughly  tbe conditions ol
settlement and   vl an admlni iter
tlm public liuni-. accordingly, The
Board should mi et monthly at least
nml deal with nil applicutiuiii lor lund
10 that, i-xci |it (,,r luiiils open Inr preemption tu tbe first applicant, .ill
other applications would be dealt with
nt leant monthly, If lands cannot be
surveyed to meot tho reqitiromontR ol
settlement let tho survey ato.fi be
increiisi.il to allow people tolocatoon
iilisiirveycd lund subject to tin: Bilbao
ipicnt rectiliontiiiii ol boundaries,
Another Important loaturo Is thai
bind nut carrying morolieiitnblo timber Bhould nut be tied up from BCttlo-
One grand feature of tlie Ten Thousand, Twenty Thousand, and Hundred
Thousand Clubs is they serve to unite
tlie people ol the towns in which they
arc established, inspire loyalty to their
home towns, suppress knuckers, tench
people to buy at lmnie, advertise I he
different sections ol the nrovince,
make known their resources, and promote the brotherhood ol fellow-citizenship. However ridiculous the cliiiins
ul some ol these clubs may be the promotion of loyalty, and lellow-citisen-
ship Inr surmounts any objections nud
draw-backs and in this respect they
will do great and lasting good. For
this reason wo say "More power to
All kinds ol sporting g Is al W.
-■in tin 1.
NOTICE Is hereby given that sixty days after
date I Intend to apply to thc Hen, Chief
Commissioner ni Lauds ami Works for permission
to'imrchase the following ■described lands for
pastoral  purposes, same being    situated   near
Galena Hay, adjoining bets 2446, 7U44 and 783,
described as follows!
Commencing at (the south-coat corner nf Let
2445, thenco nnrtli tn north-east corner nf but
2l4,'i. thence east-lOi'liahis, then *e south 80 chains
to l.nt 7H4-I, thence west 4D chains to point of
Mirnary 20,11)00, Itt ap 28
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders for Beel and Mutton,
Poultry, Pish and small goods
will receive prompt attention.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new miuiiigeineutjof
llAiiuv  MclNTtiHti,   Hoffman   House
J. cyon are thn must curative in the
world. A perfect, nalnial remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stumaoli ailments
and Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Spocial
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mailB an-ive and dcpait every day.
Telegia h communication with all
iiniils of the world.
TERMS—$12 lo $18 per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrota Lake. 3. C
Pleases every smoker   the
• Marca
JOTU'E is hereby givon that thirty days
"— J to I intond to apply to 1 tlio Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Worits for spocia
liconso to cut and carry away timber from the
following doscribod lauds situated In North
East Kootonay district, li. ('.:
1. Commenolng at a post plantod ono mile
west from the foot of Kin basket Lake and
about 33 chains south of tho Columbiu River
nnd markod "E. McBoan's south east cornor,"
thence west 80 ohnlns, thonce north 80 ch a ins
theuco oast 811 chain?, thonco south 80 chains to
poiutof commencement.
Dated this 14th day i.f Mnrch, 1900.
2. Cntiimcuriiig ut a post olanted ou tho
nnrlh Side nf lho Columbia Rivor, about 2H
miles frum the foot of Kinbaskel Lako. and
marked "K McBean's --outh oast comer,"
thonce mirth iim chains, thonce west 40ohains,
thenoe south imi chains, thenoe bast 40 chains
tn the (mint of commencement.
Dated this 22nd day of March, 1908.
S, Commencing nt n post plnntod about % of
amilenorthof the Columbia River about 2H
'iiik-- fnnn Hil; fti-il of Kinliuskel Lnko nncl
t.larked "K. MoBeau'n south wost corner,''
thence mirth 80 chains, theuco east 811 chains,
llienee south 80chains, thonco west 80 chains tc
(mint of commencement,
Dated this 22nd day of March. 1906.
R. McllEAN.B
I. Commenolng at a post planted on th
"<■". ddeof ihe Columbia River. Just above
the mouth of Cummins Crook, ami markod "E
SleRean's nnrtli east corner," tlience south 80
chains, theoce west B0 chains, thenoe mirth so
cbaink, theuco east in chains to point of com
Dated this |5th day of March, 1908.
']   Commencing nl a posl  -planted on tin.
■ •! Mm Columbia River nlmni i'i
.*. the month of Cummins Croek, and
■ -.-irked  "E   Mcllean'*- north   east   corner,"
theoce touth BO chain*, thence wesl 80 ohains,
■■   •   ■■ -.-.- thenoe oast 80 ohains to
the point of commencement
1,Mi day nf March. I90Q
days after dato I Intond to apply to the
Chlof Commissioner of Lands und works for a
special license to cut and enrrynwuy timber
from the following described lands in West
Kootenay District :-
i. Commencing at a post mnrked,"U. Blyth
and 0, B. Kirk's south west corner post," planted
about 100 yards west of MoBqulto Creek] tbenee
north 80 chains, thence east 80 elinlns, thence
south 80 chains, thence wost Ho chains U point of
2. Commencing at a post marked "B. Blyth
aud ('. II. Kirk's south east corner post." planted
about 1800 yards west of Mosquito Creek, tlience
north 80 ehalus, thence west 80 ehains, tlience
south 80 chains, Ihence east 80 chains to point nf
Dated March .'inl, 1900.
Something Pure
If you are looking lor Pure
Honey we have just opened up
a consignment ol   Ontario
in 1 lb. boxes, or in 5 lb. canB
"Guaranteed Pure."
Our Canned Goods are second
to none, und more than thnt
we "Guarantee every Can."
Notice is hereby given that at the next meeting
of the Board of Licensing Commissioners for the
City of Revelstoke, I «illanply for permission to
transfer to Henry J. McSorloy and John .McHorley
of Revelstoke, all my right, title ami Interest In
and to the retail liquor license held hy me in respect of the premises situate iu the City of Revel
stoke known as the Queen's lintel.
Dated 11th April, 1900.
Mrs. H, J, Hiubury, Managress.
First-Class Table.)
Private Dining Boxes.
Large Dlnlngroom for
Bumiuots.lSuppers, eto.
Furnished Rooms To Let.
Radish, Lettuce, Rhubarb, Etc.
Supply of Gold Fish on hand.
Certificate of Improvements.
Peacock Miuordl Claim, situate in the Revelstoke Mining Division of West Kootenny
Where located :-At taudard Basin, in the
Big Bend.
TAKE NOTICE that I, R. Smith, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 1) w.*>2-H, acting as agent
for C. J. Rumens, Freo Miner's Certificate No.
BS-S4WJ; (J E. Robinson. Free Minor'* Certificate No. D8855-5 and Win. M. Huxtou's Free
MinerV Certificate No. B 80485, intend sixty
days from date hereof to apply to the Mining
Rocordor for a Certificate of Improvements for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Urant of the
above claim.
And further, tako notice, that action under
Section 111, must ho commenced before the
Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,
Datod this Second day of April, A.D.. 1U0A.
Ap.4-2in R. SMITH.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Will -, , ., ■ Is ,- $1 l-iir-nipf nt
$1.20 ; Turnips at 76c., free on '-nr- at
L, E, Griffiths. Malakwa. B. C
only safeguard will lie in the C I niet
getting together, working o il a po ley
ol Imperial Federation, and den i l>
ing ita acceptance hy iln M • 11
country. Thil may be a ca«e ol the
tail wagging the dog, but the Colon lea
represent the youngeit, most vigoi ■
and iiiuet loyal thought nl the Empire
today, not excepting that ol the
Mother country hernclf, and the con-
tenant! ul colonial opinion mult
British Politics,
It was recgnifled when lit. Hon. A,
J, Ballour insisted in carrying hie
education bill In England to provide
lor denominational education the
policy was entirely at variance with
the traditions ol thc nation. The
general elcctione showed that hy hie
education policy Mr. liulfutir had
Bounded the death-knell ol tbe Conservative party in England for yeari-
to come.   Thc Bannerman Cabinet
Lands for Sale
i Crown Cranted
The following lilork- ol land lituate
,111 Galena l!av, Upper Arrow Lake,
are lor sale l.y the undersigned
Loi  773 30fcacres
_■■  iii.-,        210 "
"   2446 41   "
For further particulars apply to
J. V. Ar-ms-trong,
Boa 776, Vancouver, B. C.
The Money
Work Saving Soap
That's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west of Winnipeg, House cleaning and
washing are easy with its help,
And the money saving is tlie
Premium System
Booklet tells what wn give Ior
Hoval Crown Wrappers, Semi
lor it—Froo—Also try tlie
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Buck Brand
 hi inufiu lured h)   Wentern
I,,,.,, 1,, i,„...i   W,-i. in require-
 i.i-    .   .     In Ihe language
of tin Wi-.r- "They're tough as
they make em Every pah Is
Union made and guaranteed m
in.n I-. ;,, )!'■• i in cut, IU and
, !, ,- li..in.iii -kill r.ni m.ik,-
K ,,   idle  retail by
.,11 reliable ilenlei -.
Wm J.McMaster&Sons
i ro,
VANCOUVER,    B.   0
Notice is hereby given that thirty days afler
date I Intend to apnly to the Chief Commissioner of Minds and Work*; for aspeelnl license
to cut und carrv away timber from the following doserlbcd lands, situate in the Osovooh
Division of Yale Dislrtot:-
1. Commonolng at a post planted on the
west hank of the north fork of Cherry Creek,
about eight miles up the ereek, ninning ea>t
UK) chains, mirth sn chains, west 00 chains,
soul h 4il ehains, west 111 chains, south -10 chains
lo point of commencement,
March iMtli, UXM.
■J, Commencing at a post about ono.cjimrler
of a mile fnnn the west bank of thc north fork
of Cherry Creek and about nine mllcsuplhe
creek, running cant 80 chains, north Hi chains,
west 80 chains, -out It 80 chains to point of com
iiienieinent, i
March 29th, 1000.
'(, Commencing at a post about one-half
mile; from thc cast bnnk of tho north fork of
Cherry creek and about tdn miles up the creek,
running north 811 chains, west 80 chains, south
-"i i„un-. ca-i sn clmins lo point of conummoo-
March 80th, 1000.
I. Commencing at a post about one-half
mile from the uortli hank of thu north fork of
Cherry Crock and about twelve miles ap the
creek, running east. 100 clmins, south -II) chains,
■wosl llif) ehains, north 10 chains to point of
Mnrch IKith, 1000.
.1 Commencing at npOflt about one*half
mile from the north bank of the north fork of
Chorry Creek and about twelve miles up thc
creek, running east Ityi chains, north |<l chains.
Wast Hi" chains, BOUth HI clmins to point oi
Maroh 30th, 1000.
)l. Commencing al a posL about one-half
mile fi oni-outh hank of north fork uf Cliorry
Crook and abbul fourteen miles nn the crock,
north wi elinlns, enel HO chains, south 80 chains,
west Hi) chains to point, of commencement.
Match MLh, urm.
",. ( oiiitiiein Ing ul a post about, one ijiiitrler
of a mile from Mm confluence of the south fork
'if ili. norl li fork and thc north fork of Chcrrr
I leek and on 1 hi- south hunk of said BOUth fork
of ilm nortli Fork, running south 8" chains, east
•a chains, norlli so chains, west. 80 chains lo
■Mum of commencement.
March 30th, 1000,
Completer Mineral Claim,
Situate lu the Arrow Lake Mining Division of
Wesl Kootenny District,
Where loeatedi-Nearithe Needles nn the Lower
Arrow Lake,
Take notice that I, Kenneth L. Burnet, agent
for Annie Kelliher (Administratrix for the estate
of P. II. Kelllhei* deceased). Special Free Miner's
'Vrtillcnle No. 5270 intend, sixty days from thu
date hereof, to apply to tho Mining Recorder for
a Certiorate of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining n Crown (Irani uf the above claim.
Ami furl hm take notice that action, under Sec
t imi 87, must he commenced before the issuance
of such Certificate uf Impruvenieiits.
Dated this Fifteenth day uf Pobruary, 190(1,
Kurtz's PioneerCigar Factory
MS, Cordova St., W,
VANCOUVER, -  ■  B. C.
Certificate of Improvements.
Martha Jane Fraction and Minto Mineral
Claims, situate in the Kevelstoke Mining
Division of Wost Kootenay District.
Where located :-At Standard Basin, Big
T-VKK NOTICE that 1, R. Smith, Free
Minor's Certiorate No. B 885.28, acting as agent
for llie Prince Miuiug and Development Com'
pany, Limited Liability| Free Miner's Corlill-
catoNo. 1188-185, intend sixty days from date
hereof to apply to tho Mining Recorder for
Certificates of Improvements for the purpoBe
or obtaining Crown Qrants of the above
And further, take notice, that action under
Section 'Al, must ho commonced before the
issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this Second day of April, A. D., 1906.
Ap.4-2m, K. SMITH.
after date I iutend to apply to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
license to cut nnd carry away timbor from Uie
following described lauds, situate at or near
the Standard Basin, Revelstoke district,
Commencing at a post planted about 11 miles
north of Staudard Mino, and marked ''C.J.
R's South-West Corner Post"; thence north 160
chaius; thonce east 40 chains; theuce south
100 chains; thenoe wost 40 chains to the place
of commencement.
Datod the Second day of April A,D., IWO.
Ap. 42-m. C. J. RUMENS.
ft Yfin receive your Mail-
UU  f 1/1/ h E n A h D regUiar|y
and "on time?" If not, kindly
notify the oflice at once, either
'Phone Yi or by postal.
In   ,i ,  ll  w,-,-lt,  I mn liiliiiiK hut IIii
i.-i   is     .Ilii, 11 nl lm lry,iml I  will mil In
•I Ililo In, ..r.v ,1-1,1. ,.i,-l,-,ll,| Will, dm
inzl IT CIII'Nd,
Nki'I'U'K Is horoliy glren Uml slxtjilayiaflej
I   ,|iii„ | Int I |„ i,|,|,l)l„ ili„i liH-l('"iiniils
,i„li,-r „l Uii'l, .iml Work" (,,r perinlnli.il l„ |„ir
,-i,, in Hi,- followingi|n«ril»'l Innili mi Um- l:„linn<
1,1, ,,,.r, Mil W.-I K„„l,-n-,y
i, .n,-lni(,il,i|„'«i »HI'"' i»,,,-l|Jlii«..l lln;
\ ,„„ll(. niiliuif liiii',,il'iiiiMlir'-,- iiii|ih iimlM
,i,„„vl I, inn.rke.1 "H.A. Ilii-.iirii.-i' Ii»t»I
,..,.„.., ini.i "tinmen n,„Hi ini-lii.iiis.iliniii-i- i'iihI.
iiii-liiiitH liii-iii-i-""ill, lo chsltii, tlirii,-,, untie
.iriill. t„ pin,-,-,,(,-,,,111,1,',,,-,,,ii''iit.
|l.il,>,| \|.,r,li mill, nm.
NOTICE is hereby given that BO days after date
we intend to apply to the Hon. Tho Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a Special
License to eul and carry away timber from the
following described lamb In West Koutenay District;
1. Commencing at a post planted 90 chains
north from the south west cornor nf lot No. 6145
and marked "A. L. Co's, N.W. cornor post,"
Ihence south 80 chains, 80 ehalus cast, hu chains
north, 80 chains west to point of commencement.
Dated t his -Mid day uf April, 1006.
'I, Commencing at a post planted IS)chains
north frum the south west corner of lot Nn, 6145
and marked "A. L. Cu's. Southwest comer post,"
tlience 80 chains north, 80 chains east, 80 chains
south. 80 chains west to point nf commencement.
Dated Ihis 2!lrd day uf April,11000.
and Copyright!
obtained In all countries.
urserles, Greenhouses & Seed Houses
HI-'.KIiH. Now crop now.n stuck nnd on test
in our grooiilioiiHos. Auk your merchant for
lln-iii lu sciiIihI pac.niriiK, Il In- floi's not Immlli,
llioin wi- will imiii -Vi iiHHnrUnl, .'s inn-kills of i
ITK'-Ialili' nml llownr sm-il* (our owl. selection,
«iiilnl,li, for II. (1. imnloiml fur Jl.no. Spocial
lii'ii'i's on your bulk hcikIii.
MKNTAIi THKKS now ready for -ism*
Kxlrn nlci) sliick ot two nnd tlii-cc-yeiir Apple
Tnira ul1120,00 pur 100, llSO.im pur 1,0001 Hay-
iiniii I'luini, $1.1.1 ench; Italian Prune, two-
yenr, line, {ii.i'i per Ull; Sugar I'luini, two-
year, lino, |«l.(XI|or 100,
Full lint ul other stuck at regular prices. No
ciponio, lo" or delay of funilxatlon or
I<it inn price yimr list ncfori: placing jmit
onl Br.
(|rec,ilioi,M I'lant.s, FlorWork, Poo Supplies.
Krnlt I'lirkoirrs, Fortlllion, ill.:.
C'A'l.11,0(11 ;K KIlKK.
Nl.  J,  HENRY
I obtained ill all ooi
Registered Patent Attorney
Mechanical Attorney and Flngtnoer,
Boom 3, Knlrlliililllllock, (Iranvilla »t„ near I'.O
A po.,'ciirrt will Hconro an evening appoint
ment for .none who cannot call during tho day
Arrowhead, B. C.
CliiiiiuliiKly niluiiti'il un Ilii' nli,,res
uf Aii'ow Ijiikp.
Good Trout FisliinK.
Hunts IlllVllJ'rJ fii'r luii1.
iSiimjili1 Humus in (.'iiiiiii-i'liiiii.
li'it'st-cl'iss huiisu fur fourlp^ nnd
(Juiiuiierci'il uifll' * •
W. J. Lightburne, Proprietor IT
Good for Making Gas.
There in nn invention by \V. H
Brooks, an Australian, for making
clean gas from wood. Any wood
will answer the purpose, but the
harder the wood the better the
resulting charcoal, a by-product of
the process that can be tt6ed as
fuel for a "producer" gas plant, so
that by this combination the Bame
material is used twice over, and
approximately doubles the engine
power obtained from each ton of
wood retorted, and consii|Ucntly
halves the cost per 1,000 c. f. The
gaseB obtained from the two processes are of different value; the
wood gas is a lixed gas of ,'(9'i British thermal units value, can be
used for lighting (with incandescent mantels) heating, cooking and
power. The "producer" gas made
from the resulting charcoal and
steam is a water gas that cannot
he carried far and its value for
power is ISO b.t.ti.
By the new process, double the
quantity of gas can be obtained
from one ton of retorted wood than
from the same quantity of coal.
While one ton of coal may yield
Irom 8,000 to 12,000 c. f. of gas,
tho same weight ol wood will give
from 15,000 to 30,000 c.f. according
to the temperature at which it is
distilled, say from 1,500 to 2,300
degrees Fahrenheit, These results
are mainly obtained by passing Ihe
gases through a specially designed
circulating retort. Iron retortB
could not last long under the above
temperature, but good tire clay gas
retorts, burnt at a temperature of
o,u00 degrees F. are cheap and very-
The wood gas distilled at a temperature of about 2,000 degrees F.
and purified by this process, is perfectly free from tar or carbon,
practically as clean as steam.
When used to drive gas engines
there are no carbon troubles with
the valves, as with coal gas. These
statements have all been proved by
a plant erected to drive a 40-h.p.
gas engine, at a recent exhibition
by the Adelaide Chambers of Manufacturers, which operated a complete small mining plant there, to
the satisfaction of the exhibitors.
It has been proved that the charcoal by this process with 15 per
cent, of water added is a superior
fuel to ordinary gas coke, and gave
8 per cent, more power off the same
engine. The approximate cost of
wood fuel per h.p. hour in Australia
is estimated to bo about l.l cents.
Fuel for wood gits costs i| cents, for
the combined wood and producer
gas | cent per horse power hour,
where the cost ol wood does not
exceed $2,50 per ton. On mines
working with saline water, the exhaust gases from the engine would
condense the water free of fuel
charges. It is claimed that for
electrical purposes it is as cheap,
or cheaper than water power, and
can be used where water falls are
unknown. By this process the
Canadian forest settler can in
winter, with a sawmill, turn his
valuable timber into cash, and with
the waste wood make gas for his
engine, and light and warm his
house and out-buildings, at a nominal cobI. It has been pruvod by n
Carsatelli indicator that there is
only 5 per cent, difference in favor
pf coal gas ovor this wood gas in
actual power obtained from the
Bamo engine, tiara engines are last
replacing steam engines all over
the world, and whore wood is
abundant, manufacturers have ut
their door the cheapest power
known, and thus can compete on
the most favorable terms against
cheap European labor and cheap
Anothor hunch of tho eastern
catalogues have arrived in tho city
and poff that t||o Bummer suasun
|h on when now huts, dresses, etc.,
will bu in order, Iur the Indies and
children, an effort should bu made
by the local merchant to niiike his
prices suit the purses of all classes
of people who are tempted to patronize the eastern catalogue grafter
and the people in turn,should use
the leaves of Mr. Catalogue man's
book to cover up the tender plants,
and protect, them from the frosts
that usually occur at this season of
the year. No necessity to look
over tho catalogue at all, just gaze
on tho beautiful windows in all the
dry goods merchants' stores, and
see samples of goods that the eastern catalogue man cannot possibly
duplicate for the price, then the
happy condition also presents itself
that you have patronized local
markets and kept your money at
home, just where it belongs. We
have taken the liberty of comparing some of the eastern prices with
the local ones and are prepared to
candidly say, we cannot see any
necessity at all for.leavingour own
city to make purchases in the East.
Our merchants have the same
styles, same designs, identical out-
tits as tho big departmental store
in Toronto and Montreal and
allowing for postage, freight or express llie cost exactly the same, or
in fact a shade in favor of the local
man. 'Tis true, the local merchant
may not have the immense stock
to select from the eastern man has
and no wonder at that. He don't
get the encouragement from the
citizens to carry it, and if the proper disposition was shown him on
the part of the townsmen, there is
not a merchant in the city but
would double or triple his stock,
and taking another view of the
subject, if we compared the population of our city and surroundings
with Toronto, Montreal and their
surroundings, and make an honest
comparison of the circumstances,
it would be found New Westminster merchants carried a considerably larger stock than the eastern
man, and with just as great a
variety to select from. At any rate
give the local man the preference
by all means.
Rise in Price of Furs Next
At the London sales White foxes,
for example, realised an increase of
80 per cent.; American and Canadian sables made an advance of
from 60 to 70 per cent.; minx rose
by about 25 per cent.; and Silver
foxes sold at a good figure. A
string of 111 skins of martin realised £9 each, another string of 111
£8 16s. each; 354 went at £6 14s,
each, 134 fetched 41 4s. each, and
378 obtained £3 lis. each. A very
tine lot of white foxes realised an
average of £3 6s. (id., and nearly
2,000 went at 39s. to 40s, each.
Red foxes fetched as much as £2
10s. each, nnd £1 each wns paid
for minx
Silver fox skins, the first lot
fetched £86 each; a single skin
realised £180; and others went as
follows: Three al £52 each; three
at £110 each; four at £110 each;
three singles at £100 each; a single
at £225; twu at £210 each; four at
£100 each; a single at H140. two at
£ 125 each; nnd three others at
The brisk bidding nil through
goes to indicate that owing tu the
rush Iur furs during ihis winter
merchants' reserves have been
rutty well cleared out, and that
skins will continue in lirst favor
next winter, The advances go to
show, first, that the better class of
furs are becoming source, and,
secondly, that tho particular skins
referred to aro expected to lend the
way in the fashion for next winter.
These sales fix the prices for
next seasun for everybody. There
will be a general rise in prices
throughout this country and elsewhere. One of the most fashionable
furs next season will bo moleskin,
for which there has already been
an advance in price of about 50
per cent.
— ... , »,   . —-
The largest and must complete stuck
ol Single Harness iu the province,
ranging iu price Irom fIII.5U, "J 15.1*0
f lii.iiii jjiK.tm por sett uml upwards,
Also Team Harness truiu$',.N.lKI"f:i0.l)0.
$82,00, |86.00, $:I8.(K) ami up. O.iin-
nlotd per not,—I), C, Mol.ari'li, the
Saddler ul Kaniloups,
V1-OT1CK la lu-reliy given Ihal sixty days afler
ij, 1 intend In apjilj l<> the hlef Communioner
nf Land, nml IVoika Ior permission to purchase
the following described lands mi tin- Uollluilila
Hirer,North-West Kootenai-:—
Commencing nt q posl williln two chains „f tin-
A. .nnl K. rniliv.i, Him, aboul n mile north ol
Arrowhead, marked -li. IVooUer'a south u-oit
corner post,' tlience uortli 40 chains, tlience t-i,*t
10 chains, thoneo *,„iili in ,-lniiii-. tlience went m
chains t,,],l ice ut commencement,
linti'il March mil,. IBOfl.
Per W. F. llellrlc. Agent,
vi'TU'l-i is hsreby given Ihal nti daysattci
1> date I intond lo apply i„ thel i-u-l Coinitila-
iToiior of ljinds anil Works for permission liunir-
.-In, — ilm Ml..,, Ing described lands uu the Columbia Blvcr, North-Went lioetenoyi
Commencing ata post ivithlu two chains of Un-
A. nml k railway Hue wont a mllo and aliall
nnrtli ,,( Arrowhead marked "A. M.I'lnkhuiu's
-smith iv»-s( cornel pint," Uience north 40ehaiiis,
tlience east in chains, thenco soutli lui-linin.,,
tlience west 10 i-iinins in place ,,( commencement,
lliilt-il M.-iri-h 10th, 10011,
A. SI. l'lNKUAM,
PerW. I'. Ogllvle, Agent.
\T0T|,'E is hereby given that sixty daysaltor
i> date I Intend to apply to tlio Chief Com-
inlsslonerol Lands ninl Works fnr permission to
purcluUe the followingdcacrlbodlandson tin Columbia river, Nurth-Wusi Kootennyi—
Cuininenclug at n poll within two chains uf tin-
A. nml K. i.iiiiiii, Iuin. aboul two miles lb ni
Arrowhead, marked "W. F. Ogllvle's south ivesl
corner post," thence norlli 40 chains, theuco ensl
40 chains, tnence smith 10 chains, Ihence west 41)
chains tn place ot commencement.
Dated March nub, Woo.
W, 1. oiill.VIH.
MOTH'E i* hereby given lhat sixty ilays alter
IN ilatel Intend to apply to the Chief linninls-
sinner, ( Lands and Works fur permission lo purchase tin- following described lands un thu Col-
iniliia river, Nortli-Wcst Kootenay:—
Conimunclug at n post within twu chains,,(thu
A. ami It i.iilu.iy bin-, about lm, nml ahull
milos uortli,,( Arrowhead, marked -A. Johnson's
soutli west cornor post." thonco nurtli lOcliains,
thonco east -lu chains, thenco south 40 chains,
thence west 40 ehains t„ place nf communcctnout.
Uiiti-il March 10th, 10i«i.
,Pcr IV. F. Ogllvlo, jlgent.
A Li<JE.NSE to eul timber can he ac-
iiuirud only at puoi.c competition. A
rental 01 tn pur wjuuiij nnlc is cnui'se-j
tur till liinUfcr bertfeg except uiuse snu-
ated west ol Kale lor winch tlie leuui is
.a uie rate ut' ii cents per acre per milium,
ln uiiuiuuu tu the rental, dues al llie
fuiiowmg rates are charged;—
■Sawn lumber, m cenui per liiousuiid
Leet L.M.
Uuiiway ties, eigut and nine fuel lui;y,
l 1-2 una 1 3-4 cuius eacli.
iji.uiaie ooils, 2it cents a cord.
All oilier products, i> per coin un lilt
A license Is issued su soon as a boriu
is yranied, bui m surveyed te.niury nu
iimuei' can be eul on a berth unlil lho
licensee baa made a survey thereof.
-t'eniuis tu cut umber are iu=u granted
ui pubilu cumpcliiiun, exceyi in tue case
ut' actual settlers, wliu lenuiie uie tlni-
jei   .>,.   llic-ll* uwu use.
Settlers and others may alto obtain
permits iu cut up io luo curds of wuud iur
sale  wl ilium,   competition.
Tlie dues pajuuie* under a permit are
-i>l.uU per thousand Ieet li.il., iur square
timber and sawlugs of any wuud except eak; from l-i io 1 l-i! ceuls per lineal
loot iur bunding lo&s; Hum l_ l-i lu &
ceiiis per cuid iur wuud; 1 oeiit Iur loitce
posts; ii ceuls tor railway Lies; and -a
cents per curu Iur shingle bolts.
Leases lur ghuslug purpuses nre issued
i'ur a term ul' iwciuy-uue years, at a
rental ut iwo cents per acre per annum.
Coal lands may be purchused at iiu
per acre lur suit coal aud «5^u for autina-
cile. Not moie than iiftJ acres may be
acquired by one individual or company.
ituyaliy at the rate ol 10 cents per lun
ul :.wu pounds Is culiecled on the g-uss
Entries I'ur land lor agricultural purposes may be made peisuuully at ihe .ileal laud office lur ihe district iu Which
the laud tu be taken up is situated, ui
il Uie homesteader desires, he muy, uu
application lu tue Minister ut the Uttot'iui
al Ottawa, Uie Cummissiuiier ol tmiuigia-
tlou at Winnipeg, ur ihe local agent lui
the Distiiet, within which the laud Is
situated, receive authority ior some one
lu make entry ior him.
A lee oi {10 Is charged fur homestead
A settler who has received an entry i-.-i
a humesiead, is required lo perform lue
conditions connected -therewith under one
oi the following plans:—
U.i At least six months' residence upun
and eu.u-.-i.iuii uf the land iu each yuar
during ihe term of Uuee years.
It is the practice of the Department tu
require a sealer lo bring lu acres uuuer
cultivation, but if lie prefers he may substitute stock; and 20 head of cattle, lu be
actually his own properly, with buildings
for their uceommudaiion, will be rcquuvd
Instead oi cultivation.
W li the iuLher \ov mother, If the lather Is deceased) oi any persun whu IS
eligible tu make a humesiead entry uud.i
tlie provisions of Ihe Act, resides upun
a .arm in thc vicinity of Ihe land entered for by such person as a homestead,
Hie requirements of the Act as to residence prior to obtaining patent muy be
satisfied by such person residing with Un'
father or mother.
(81 li the seltler has his permanent
residence upon farming land owned by
him In the vicinity of his homestead, Ihe
requirements of the Act as to residence
may be satlslled by residence upon the
said land.
Application for patent should be made
at the end of three years before the local
agent, sub-ageni or a homestead inspector.
Before making application for a patent,
the seltler must give six months' notice
In writing to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa, of his Intention to do so.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
Ottawa. Februrny 14th, 1905.
CfcttM. $2fi0
Mie-attlc' ••
Mr la $450
leather cut * i
L'onble Conctve -OSO
(or heavy tiwdi **• ■■
"Carbo-Miipnttic" Kins-
tit Cushion Strops, 11.00,
Fttt booklet "Hints lo Sliaveis."
Idadoof "Qriflbn Itiizor Stool, Thoy
Iml'l an t'clgc longer Hum uny knife
made.   Full ti^ortmenl,  All htylen,
Lawrence Hardware Co.
i\ daysnfter time we intend toapph lotlu
Uliiof Cotmnls'.loncr of Und* mul Works furs
speoial llconcoto onl nnd carry awnj llnihei
Ircim the following described lands in Wert
ICootoimy District: -
1. CommcnolnR at n posl planted about ono
mile; north irom lho norlli-we«l cornoi ol' K. Si
B. Block, UJO, aud marked "Blu Itcml Lumber
Company's loutli-enrt corner post," tlionco
north 80 chains; thonco west SI) ohalnfi; tlionco
south80ohains;theuco oast-SOclmins loiiuint
of commencement.
2. Commencing ul n pofl planted ubout one
mile north from the nortli-we-.i corncrof K.
,<; S. illut-k SOI, mul marker! "Hi.; Rend Lumber
Company's north-eosl corner post," thenco
•ivoflt 80 chains; thonco south m dial is; thonco
east 80 ohnlns; thenoo north 80 ohains to poinl
Dated April 17th, 1000.
mis     Dm Bbnd Lumuku Comi'ANv, Lm
t\ days after dato wo Intend tonpnly to tho
Clilof Commlsfilonor of Lands and \\ orks for a
npocInl licenso to ml ami carry nwny timber
from tho following described lawls:-
1. Comitieiiciiic ui a iiu-t planted about two
mile-wnst from  Hummel.   Poilltou rpimr \r-
row Luke timi marked "B. II, L. ('..', uoutbeast
curner post," thnnco north BO ohains, thonco
weal80elinlns, thenco south 80chains thonco
oast 80 chains to point of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post planted about
ihroo miles west- from liaunock Point on Up-
per Arrow Luke mid markod "H.H L. Co's
uouthoastcorner post," thonce norlli SOcliains,
llienee wost Wi chains, tlionco soutli 80ohnlns,
thenoo oust su chains to |K)intof coinmeuco<
April 17tli, iwm.
VfuTH'K is HKUKBY UIVKN thai thirty
il days nfter dale I intend to anuly lu the
Cbiel Cmnmltwlonorof Lands and Works torn
speoial lici'iHu lo cut nml carry uwny timbor
from thy following described Innds;-
1. Con inciitH ul a post nbout IT chains
mirth ami .-iIkmii " milo** from thi month of St '
Lon crook, markod "11. G Bobbins1 north:
wosl cornor thonco south 1110 clmins, llienco i
oasl lii'hain.-, tlfoueo nnrtli 160 chains, thonco j
wosl lllchnins to point of commoncemont,
2. CommoueiiiH al a [mat about fiO chains
nortli anil 7 mill!' fnnn month ul' Si. Loon
crook, marked''li, U Kobblns'north wost cornor," thonce south Si) cluitns, oust 80 chains,
thonco mirth 80chains, Ihenco wost80chuins to
pmul ul i
3.   Cuitin.cuciiiL' ut u  pusl about 15 chains
soulh  anil  ti miles  limn   mouth ur Bt. Leon
creek, thonco wost su chains, theuco north 80
chains, thenco oast so chains, llienco south 80
chains tu point of emmnoueomont.
Dated this 27lh day of ttarcli, 1<*C
1'orT. H, Sholp, Agent,
VTOTIra i* horoby slvon ih.it 30 duyi
ll niter date ii-otntoud to apply t,,ilin Honor.
able ll.n Chief r„n,ini*i.i.iiinr „( l-iuiil* nml
Works Corn special llcoiin ut and ,-ui-rj-
nwny   linibnr  Iiiiiii   lln,   following   doiorlbod
lands, sltnntod in Wnst Kimtouny Distriot:
Coinnionclng at n post marked "It. lllytli ami
c. ll. Kirk's lb oasl comer poit," iilunted
aboul too yards nnrlh ot Cumuli Creek and al i
II miles fr  MasqiilU. Creek, thenco »,-Ht 40
clinliu, thonco south 40 chains, thonce oast ISO
chains, Ihenco norlli 80 chains in point ol com-
IIKIIT ill.V'l 11.
C. II.   KIUK.
Dated 80th Mnrch, 1000.
^ warn
^pa&9 mm
rjinlilycnd RjrilyGuordnlkt
The Interior
Publishing Co.
Law and  Commercial Printers
and Stationers
Publishers  of the MAIL=HERALD
V^'1 ■■■^y-:\
Printing & Wrapping
Papers, Paper Bags,
Office and Hotel
Hotel Registers, Hotel Printing and Supplies
Agents for Empire Typewriters.
Import direct from Country of origin.
(Under   New   Management)
First-clue accommodation for travellers.
Best brands   of  Wines,   Spirits,   and
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Queens Hotel
Best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, - -        Proprlotos
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merohantt
Pork Packers and Dealers in Lire Stock. Market! In all tbe principal Cities and
Towns „f Alberta, liritish Columbia and the Vukon. Puckers of the CeLbraUd Brand
' Imporator" lliimi nml Bacon, and sh uur .-l Brand, Leal Lard.
Central Hotel
Newly built.    First-class in every respect.   All modem convwlencee
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Houses and Lots
IN all; parts of the city
Union /fote/ Restaurant
Mrs. McKitrick, Manageress.
Open ut all hours.
Meal Tickets Issued
Short Orders tastefully served.
Rates Moderate
A liirgu variety
nf lilusses always
ki'jii in slock Iiiti-
Try .1 pair  on
we gnaranleo a   \
lorfeel lil. r>-
N*.  an .-.
If you require
anylhinif in Jewelry
it is here for you,
A complete stock
of thr  right  class
' of goods.
J. GUY BARBER,   - Jeweller, Optician
suitably furnished with the choiceit the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquore and
Cigars,    Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate. *
Hack Service to any part of the City at all
hours. Rigs equipped for Sleighing Parties.
I-'irst class Single and double Rigs. Express
draying and Transferring. Saddle and Pack
horses for hire. All kinds of job work undertaken.   Wood for sale.
Stable and  Residence   Pponk 41
Hack Stand "    a;
■ •'■: MMMMMMi..,s-«..
, ■ ''^^R'tfV
MILLINERY POR EASTER—We hnve opened up n large shipincnl,,( Eastor Novelties, lluivers.
Wings, tjnills nnil llrniils.
PERRIN'S KID GLOVES in Ladies' ami Mis,*,-*-.   Every Pair Gunrmilecd,
Silk Gloves nml Lisle Thread—all the Now Shapes.
Nainsooks, etc.   Pric
Our showing is
es tr $1.00 ti
ot tlio best,—onil,racing nil the Newest Silks, Lawns, Ne
and our moderate prices.
Ladies and Childrens'.
Ymi will lie delighted with the Styles, Quality und Finish
Yon   must  inspect  this
New Spring Shoes both in
pring Footwear and pick out your Spring Shoes.
tispenders, New Spring Cloves,  .Men's   Walkover
New Ties, New lints, .New
lint Shoes on tin- .Mnikit.
WE A10
Nobby  Liue
Slioes—the best
EEID   &
... .--r.ii
Wall   Paper
Canada Drug & Book:
Company.        <->
Sikgkb-Watt—At the Manse, on the
23rd. inst,, by the Rev, W.O. Calder,
U'illiu ,< Singer to Lizzie Watt, both
of Aberdeen, Scotland.
Crockett—At Victoria Hospital,
Revelstoke, 11. C, April 24lll, Miss
Paula A. Crockett, a native of Sun
Francisco, aged 25 years, mul 7
San Francisco papers please copy.
Local and General.
Watch Inr the coming ol Fred
Morris, Canada's greatest pianist.
Recital in Knox church soon by Mr,
Fred Morris, wali-h lor date.
Six men were killed und six wounded
by an explosion on the V. V, & E., ut
J. Boultbeeol Rossland, has decided
On starting a real estate agency at
En derby.
Gordon Sutherland left Inr Calgary
yesterday to take a position ns train
The Coming recital by Mr. Fred
Morris in Kimx church will be a treat
t o all music lovers.
Conductor ilruce has purchased
Irom J. H. Robinson tin house he
recently bought on Second street.
A meeting of those interested in
football will be held in the City Hull
(downstairs) to-night at 8 o'clock.
The Commercial and other papers
reproduced our lending article on
"The Dawn of HriiUli Columbia."
We have- to thank J. Y. Griflin &
Co., Ltd. for their invitation to attend
the opening ol their new branch house
at Vancouver.
The Upper Columbia Navigation
Company have started their steam-
boat service lor tbe season between
Golden and Windermere.
We regret to liav,- lo ux rd the
death .-! Mrs. Evans, ot Salmon Ann,
who died yesterday at the Hospll il Thi
l-.-dy is being sent today lor interment
at Salmon Arm,
Steamer Revelstoke will 1* | toed
in commission on the river m Ma;
1st., on winch date it is expected the
lirst tri], of the season will l,e made.
Capt. Forslund will again be In com-
mainl with engineer II. Colbcck,
C. For neii 11, general inn linger of the
Canadian Metal company, went south
to-day, having visited the Giant mine
ui Golileii bonded by bis company,
Arrangements arc being made to start
work at an early dale.
The matter ol a kindergarten school
lor the city is being revived, nnd an
application has born received Irom a
huly at Region who is willing to stint
a school of the kind here. Those
interested should communicate with
H. N. Coursier.
Messages received Tuesday morning
announced the very sudden illness nnd
death of Mr. Henry Atkinson, St.
Marys, Ont, Fathei of Mrs. li. Hy.
lund nnd Miss E, Atkinson, to whom
iimcli sympathy is extended in their
A few New Song
Books and Dance folios
have bcjL-n put in stuck,
Anything you want ill
the music line we will
get it for ynu if not in
Red doss Drat («-
Social and Personal
The Rocky Mountain Rangers will
hold one of their popular assemblies
in the drill hull on Friday night,
Music by Independent Hnnd.
Frank H. Corson, ol Roger's Pass,
nml William Burton of Beavernioutli,
are appointed commissioness lor diking nlliiliivils in the Supremo Court
miller the Election Act.
Mrs, C. T. Diamond recently underwent a serious operation ni Spokane,
Wash,, which proved successful, and
we are pleased to state that *be is
rapidly regaining hor health. Mr.
uud Mrs. Diamond have decided to
make Spokane their luture home-
On Thursday ultornoon ii gathering
ol old-timers was held in Columbia
Hall, Golden, the members of which
gave some expression to the esteem in
which Mr. Aylmeris held among them
by presenting him with a case of cut
glass, nn the occasion ol his leaving
lor Manitoba,
. ♦-*—_
Kruiii Our Own ' or, 1,,,11,1,-nl.
The C. P. II   intend   building   n
:. . - ro,   The station ill G llllii
l.aki -nil i-,- closed and the agent and
i ■ rator »ill, instead, be stationed nl
Three Valley,
'IM- Mundj I.mull, i i,, are running nighl uml ilny nml 'in- mill is
cutting 125,000 feel each 21 hours.
It, Stoiss lm- ini-ii nppuinted trill
i-lli-i [or tin.- Mundy Lumber Ci   anil
will leave shortly lor the pi iii ii  to
untoi on his new duties,
Mr. Mundy has nol hecii very well
nl  lull-.
Regular meeting Friday night. Present: The Mayor, Aid. Palmer, Trimble, Tappiiip, Caley.
J". E, L. Taylor asking refund uf
cost ol clearing Ind of rubbish put on
his lols by city.—Grunted.
C. P. R., stating they  were being
i'ered power nt Revelstoke cheaper
than the city's quotation bul would
write ngain,
Canadian Pipe Co. stating they
would attend to leakage iu Hume.
E. Brougli and J. Sbnw applying tor
position as city foreman.
Dominion Electric Light Inspector
advising ollicer would test Revelstoke
meters. *-
Band asking grunt nf $200 tor yoar
ns tbey bud uniforms (or now members
to procure nnd required new instruments— E, Edwards attended and
urged the case of the Band. They
hud heavy expenses this year as they
lind to entertain the live Associated
Hnnds bore on Labor Day.
Some discussion took place on the
night when tbey should play, Mr.
Edwards stating tlie business men
asked them to change the night of
playing from Saturday to Friday
nights. Aid. Palmer and Trimble
thought Saturday would be a better
night than Sunday ns far as the public were concerned.
On motion of Aid. Palmer, seconded
hy Aid. Caley, it was resolved to vote
die Band the $200 asked lor.
The Mayor snid the Band should
give tho lower town u lair Bhure of
llieir playing nights.
Mr Jones waited on the council regarding supply of lire hi.se.
Aid. Tapping asked whether the
city would not take steps to arrange a
celebration on May 24th, Tbey were
also guing to have another member of
the royal family here shortly and he
wanted to know whether tlio city
would not make some demonstration.
Tho Mayor und other aldermen suid
if he were stopping ever it would be a
different matter, M^^^^^
ia*. inn . llm| dec ured by the sac led cunonsand
Mr, Floyd, city clerk, said the rule by tbe general councils, and particul
this  year   would be 21 mills without urly by the holy council of Trent, and
providing  any   further works as the delivered, defined, and declared by the
repairs to the dam I ad cosl $7,600.       general council of the Vatican, espeoi-
Aid. Tapping urged gathering mon ally concerning the Primacy of the
revenue Irom taxation and raising the Roman Pontiff, und bis infallible
rate on unimproved lands. teaching authority,    With a sincere
Aid. Palmer suid they sh uld take heart   therefore, and with unfeigned
up  tin-   matter  al   nexl  pr ial  laitb, I detest and abjure every error,
election. heresy, and sect opposed t,, the said
         |Holy Catholic and Apostolic Roman
Church to  help me God, and these
His Holy l.ospels, which I touch with
\fter a live days' campaign in Van-1 my hand."
Catholic Church.
Editor Maii.-Heiiai.ii.
When reading the report ol Rev,
Mr. Gilder's sermon in the Maii.-
Hkrai.ii of April 14th, we were rntlier
surprised at the false statements in it
regarding Princess Ena's conversion.
Fur tlie benelit of those who wish to
know the truth, I feel obliged to contradict the Rev, gentleman's false
ln the lirst place, Princess Ena became a Catholic, not to gain an earthly crown, but to become a membenjof
what she conscientiously thinks is tlie
true fold of Christ, wherein she may
bo saved. As bIio is old enough to
know what she is doing, we niiiBt give
her credit for acting reasonably and
with full deliberation.
Secondly—When she was received
into the church, sho made a simple
profession of the Catholic Faith, and
not, as Mr. Calder states, an oath.
Finally—To show how wrong Mr
Calder was when ho quoted some form
of oath and placed it in Princess Ena's
mouth, and to remove any doubt aB to
the exact words which thc Princess
did speak, 1 transcribe word for word
the Profession of F'aith which converts
to the Catholic Church make, when
they are received ;
"Profession of Faith.—I, (name)
having before mc the Holy Gospels,
which I touch with my hand, and
knowing that no one can bo saved
witlibut that laitb which the Holy
Catholic, Apostolic Roman Catholic
Church holds, believes and teaches,
against which 1 grievo that I have
greatly erred, inasmuch as I have held
and believed doctrines oppoBed to her
leaching, I now, with sorrow and
contrition for my past errors, profess
that I believe the Holy, Catholic,
Apostolic Roman Church tu lc the
only and true Church, established on
earth by Jesus Christ, to which I submit myself with my whole soul. I
believe all the articles of faith that
she proposes to my btlief, and I reject
and condemn all that she rejects and
condemns, and I am ready to observe
all that she commands mc. And I
make the following profession of faith:
I believe in one only God in three
divine persons, distinct from, and
equal to each other, i. e., the Father,
the Son, and tho Holy Ghost. I believe in the Catholic doctrine ot the
Incarnation, Passion, Death, and
Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ;
and the personal union of the two
Natures, the divine and the human;
the divine maternity ot the most holy
Mary, together with her spotless virginity. 1 believe in the true, real,
and substantial presence of the Body
and Blood, together with the Soul and
Divinity of our Lord Jesus ChriBt, in
the most holy Sacrament ol the Eucharist. I believe ill tlie seven sacraments instituted by Jesus Christ for
tlie salvation of mankind, i. e., Bap-
tism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Penance, Extreme-Unction, Order, Matrimony, 1 believe in Purgatory, the
Resurrection i ( the Dead, Everlasting
Life. 1 believe in the Primacy, not
only ol honor, but of jurisdiction, of
tlie Roman Pontiff, successor of St.
Peter, Prince ol the Apostles, Vicar of
Jesus Christ. I believe in tlie vener
iition of the Suinls and'of their
images. I believe in the authority of
tlie Apostolic nnd Ecclesiastical Traditions, and ol tin- Holy Scriptures,
which we must interpret and under-
sliinil only in tbe sense which our
holy mother the Catholic Church has
lielil and dues hold. And I believe in
everything else that bus been defined
imhit and Victoria, Rev A N Mar-
-: ill ol Adelaide, Australi - irrivi i
in tlie city tin- morning. He is .
Canadian by birth and education, bul
lor ten years has been  id,  -
Ati-traiiii, where he - known as -
- ;■ ading miniiteri ■ I Ihe c nti
ii,-nt. He is visiting Canada lor ■
few months and while lur- wi -
operate in the developmenl ol the
Young Men'- Christian Association
work in which be ii greatl) Intel
. -Im!
Revolstoki i- fortunate In - -
•i rvicei lor two days and
hoped thai large audiencesol men #111
In ,n Mr. Marshall In the I voaddresses
to in-ii "niv to bo given In thi Opera
House it 8 o'clock tonight nml to
morro i night. Ureal audii m ■ I
in,-n who heard inm in Vancouver and
Victoria, pronounced his addresses
among the boil ovi r hoard in those
Directors and members ol the V. M,
C, A, are invited tn meol Mr Marsh ill
ut a supper to be served In Hie Association building at 8 30 to-night, by tho
Women's Auxiliary.
1 .un, etc,
Father R. Pecodl,
Priest, (i. M.
*'       WASH GOODS        M
Just iii time lor the warm days. Another lot ol the New Patterns in Spring Wash Goods has
come to hand These are some ol the Prettiest. Patterns yet shown, and we have marked them low.
Mercerized Vesting in Plai.i White, White Brocades and Fancy Spots, and in Linen Shades, at
25c, 30c. and 35c. Per Yard.
White Irish Linen Suitings
Tho Popular Goods this Season for Summer Suits.   Full Yard Wide.   Very Pretty Makes at
45c. and 50c. Per Yard.
New Drapery Goods
In Art Sateens and Solt Cretonnes.   These arc certainly sonic ol tho most taking patterns and colorings yet shown and we are proud ol them.
Curtain Muslins
o have some lines with milled edge at 17J com
c. and 25c. H	
Art Muslins, Yard Wide, 121-2 and 15c
In a lotol New Designs.   Wo have some lines with milled edge at 17J cents.   Oilier Styles, all
Washing Muslins at 15c, 20c. and 2fic.
Carpet Squares
Ingrain, Tapestry and Brussels.   Come in and let us show you the values.we offer.
New Idea Patterns and Fashion Suits For May
j MCLEZSTN-Alsr  & OO.'Y
so   A-.;,i:   .1 -.—Tin- Lmlies' Ai.) has
placed in the ohuroh a Mason a- Rlsoh
piano, thus rilling s long Blending
want in the social life of the congregation,
Tin-  sociable  in  tbe church last
Friday evening, owing to attractions
11 [J elsewhere was nol s,, i«rg,-ly attended
as usual,    Tims,- present bad a most
able i - im.-.- n -1 quite t reaped
able sum was res  -<
Knox,—There was a largeoongrc
n.iin.ii  no  Sunday evening to heai
P„-v. J. i; Roliertson discourse on "Is
then   uny available solution ol  tbe
nil,   ,,t unities      Mr,  Robertson
dealt with  bis subject in a very able
nm.1.-1,  i. -   remarks  being  closely
- ed .;. .,,1 tttentlve congregation,
for im- 'Mining wns taken bj
Mi- II, C Briggi il Nelson, who snug'
• lial beautiful composition of Gounod's
,, in- ,i ■ iii,I,,-nK-r   th,- jeeompani
ment being played by Miss MoLennan
lin- Ladles' Auxiliary have had Hie
interior ,f Hieohurch kalsomined .md
this -.1,-i-k Hu- exterior ol tlm building
I- receiving ilu: attention ol tin,
Y. M, C. A.
W. A, Miigiiin-, physical instructor.
will begin organisation ,,f classes ibis
Hoys' tickets will bo on sale tliis
A ci-mi-nt sidewalk is being laid at
the V. M.C. A.
Business Locals
The largest variety ol Post Cards at
Bews' Drug Store.
Hay, Oats, Wheat, Chops, Bran and
Shorts, at Bourne Bros,
Maps of the country around sold at
Canada Drug Store.
Fountain Pens, all makes and all
prices, ot Bews' Drug Store.
Materials lor all kinds of suits,
business suits and dross suits at
Knight k Devine's.
Kodak goods, camera and lilnm.
Canada Drug and Book Company,
Fancy Japanese Napkins, all prices,
just opened at thc Canada Drug and
Book Company.
We will be glad to show you our
new goods in light weight suitings.
Material for light vests, Knight &
Rubber hose,- wire hound iioBe,
cotton hose, couplings, sprinklers,
hose reels, lawn mowers, at Bourne
We have now a new shipment ol
Empire typewriters, and will bo glad
to have you call and Bee theni—Mail-
.1. 1. Woodrow has opened business
as real estate agent, mining and insurance agent, his oilice being next
llie Lawrence Hardware Co., on
McKenzie Ave.
For the latest designs in Linoleum
see the last shipment ol R. Howson k
Co's. Linoleums suitable for the
kitchen, bedroom or dining room, all
in a good wearing quality which will
give perfect satisfaction,
Intelligent management o! your advertising is the most important branch
ol yuur business. Upon it depends
your lusting success. Get a space in
the Maii.-Herai.ii.
You cannot afford to cease advertising. The moment you do the gap will
lie filled iiy your energetic competitor.
See that your advertisement appears
in ihe .MAii.-Hr.KAi.ii.
K. llowson & Co. have one of the
largest and best assorted stocks ol
furniture and house furnishings in
li. (!. They are now showing new
designs lor the present season in
carpet squares amungst which are
Velvets, Axiuinsters, Brussels, Ingrains und Tupestrys. Cash or credit,
special discount lor cash, mail orders
receive prompt and uareful attention,
Tin-Miner nays: A lorce nf minors
Wenl to  III'-   Ileal I ice   tliis   week   to
drive a crosscut to tan the orp in tho
intermediate workings, Harry Anderson is iii charge of Hu, work.
Boots & Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
Now Hint brighl. spring dnys are coming in, to lie followed hy the heat
if summer you want tu keep your stores and houses cool nnd com fortiilile.
The Best Way to
oriler theni from
L   A.  FRETZ,
o this is In scour1 awnings for your windows, and
First Street.
ANTKD-A Second Hnnd llicy-
cle, Ladies' or   Gentleman's,
Apply MAii.lliiu.M.ii
Small Frame
WANTED - A girl for general
housework; good plain cunk;
no washing, three iu fninily. Wages
$25 per month. Ticket, at 11. P. It.
Depot. Mrs. Tiikii. Luiuiati-:, Arrowhead, B. 0,
WANTED-Board and   two  furnished    rooms   wilh  private
family.   Atliliess Box 232, P.O.
WANTED-A furnished cottage,
near O.P.R. Shops, fur not less
lhnn six months, ue rooms" for light
housekeeping.    No children.   Apply
Office (if MAIL-llKltAI.il.
You Need a New Typewriter
We can supply you with a NEW
" EMPIRE." This machine is known
all ever the country for its simplicity
and good work. Call at-onr office and
see it for yourself.
Interior Publishing Company, Lid.
KANCII TO RENT on easy terms.
, Apply to Mrh. Palmer, Ohm-
williaiti, for furl her particulars,
WANTED-An energetic woman,
young nr middle-aged, to act as
agent. Liberal commission, Apply
al. Ihis Office.
WANTED-Chenilst, and Assnyer
for large gold proposition in
British Columbia where I'yiiniding is
main department. State age, experience nml salary expected. Send refer-
encea wiih application. Must have
B, C. Certificate, Addiess •Ciinglniu-
eiate," Mailllei-ahl office.
WANTED-A girl fnr geneial
house work, good plain cook,
no washing, t.u-eo in family, wages
$2U.IKI per mouth. Apply nt. this
I')IANO—To rent for two or three
months.  Call at M
Nothing better than "Our Speoial.'
Certificate of Improvements.
imlilen K,iii> Mln.-r.il Oliiim, iltlinU) III llm Ai
row l,.,i-r Minimi Dlrlili'iinl ICwtonay lii.irli-i
Where I- ii,-,i   l.lCnlnlni Mineral Oily Town
TIKI', NIl'ITi:*', Uml  I, l( Hi I.. Ilnriii-I,
naoni Inr Mr- Kilts HcDuanM, nl Nakiiiii,
I'r™ Minor*! i',-riil|,-i,i,. No, II iiv.mi, iui,-ml, *ni,
ilayi frum tlio unto hereof, In aniil). in tlio Milling
lp.rr.r.lor Inr n i',-rlif|,-,il,> ,,| liniu-n nl*. !„r
llinpiirnnie ,.( M.liiiniini i Craws llninl „l III.'
,1 I'll
Iml further lalw nnil,-,- Uml sclluti. tenter iihi>
liun 117, must l„, ,-„inumii, ,-,l Moro till liniinnco ul
IIK-I, I i-rlillf-nl,- of liii|,r,,l,'liulil..
llnli-,1 lilt. Mill il.-iynl April, Illll.
Whatever is correct finds placo here,
Wc have fresh, exclusive novelties gathered from the products of makers with
a reputation.
Neckwear, bright, with the hues and
freshness of tho Spring Season,
New Shirta, New Gloves, Hosiery, Underwear, House Coats, Bath and Lounging
II,,bi,.. etc.
It iB impossible to mention all the Fur.
mailings we have in slock [or tho comfort
ami adornment ol Men end hoys who
Vou will lind the exclusive  Haberdashers' Styles hero, but nut llis prices,


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