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The Mail Herald Jan 22, 1913

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Kevelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Alps."
th. aft?'
OKE, B. C. J   N
■v    » 1
Outline for Coming ifbar.-—Equalization ot Assessments.—Expenditure on
Powi'Plant-utieetimproveinenison Frontage lax Basis.—Revelstoke City UtutifuL-htepiiig town Tux Rate.
The City Council met for their sta- uro continually coining up foe dona-
"tutory  meeting on     Monday evening, tionH which in the flrst plate are    il-
January 20th, at 8 p.m. in tho   City legal, and In the second pine     half
Hall. the time are not provided for or tor-
Mayor T,   Kilpatrick  occupied     the Bocn In tli" estimates.   For that rens-
rhaii'. Present, Aldermen H. Howson,
il. MeKinnon, V. Bourne, 0. W. Ab-
batnson, n. J. McSorley, Aid. barber
Icing absent through illnc-s.
Mayor l'i ', atrlck-—IJ. foro ope-iliig
p.p our ii-. meeting 1 might sny a f»w
words, it , eome ele ren and a half
year-- slnee 1 had thc privilege of last
sitting in tho council chamber, and
while I the last tew days have itoen
many public questions discussed, lam
very plea , ,i to -'• a the old council elected. With your assistance I trust
i\.   may ' • to gel  on with   the
mi 1 would like if the city council
make theii recommendations in connection witli their rate and their expenditure lor the year, after wbich wc
discontinue further donating of money
if anyone wants anything it should
be put before u- at lho beginning of
ibe year. Persons come up whom we
iio not like to i "rn down, and the
consequence i- that we tind ourselves
continually over (he rate, aud which
we must guar ! a rainst.
I  ihink wo flie'ill endeavor to   run
along    i.n Ui.     -iin',.' rate,  1 do not
work and lhe different subject- which  think the time Is ripe either for a ma
may come '.ore u . I do not know
td any work of anv magnitude which
is until.; hed In connection with city
•msine- . and it Is a little early :,o
be able to forecast what we may be
nhle ."iin this year,  lhat will     de-
t trial raising if our assessments, or
our las nu. I hope we will be al le
io keep within ihe estimates and get
along as well .is we have during the
pus! yeai. 1 wuiilil like everything to
come up early  in   the  year  when  the
Bary tor the coming year, to go a-
(u-y as we '-an, and after n while we
will lie able to go deeper into the mat
As regards lhn power rale, tho only
factory we have really Using power
I think Is getting a three cent rate,
at the present time we consider throe
cants fyiiily cheap. We have given il
to a certain party cheaper, but that
is on a very big scalef li might be
worth going into again, but wc have
gone into it, and power at thtee   en ■
does   not   seem      very   high,      but   WO
might do something better a little
Liter on.
Aid. McSorley—I believe we still
1 avi to ti.-e a whole lot of economy,
iii.l go very carefully, at tho same
time I ihink we lave soni" wfirk
ah .i.l which will bave to he done we
lue.e to economise but vve must not
get behind, we must try nn,t keep our
. ity where she belongs.
Wc have talkel about our power
power plan!. aad we think th ."•
piovoments startod, patticularly in
tha buslne 3 portion, Ot course this
is a question which will depend entirely upon the adjacent property ow-
ii: ; . it will have to lie done by a
frontage tax, 1 think the feeling or
the property owners Bhould be taken
i.i ee if tbey nre favorable to doing
, "i lain wi rk. Our streets are in very
1 a.l shai •',
One very unfortunate ih'mg which
ban bei n done in lhe pnsl has t ocn
th   cr i'l-'. wc cannol help lhat,   but
,i   . Ing to involve  ii    ri all eimi'iii
,m < ' ir. i, ie tor excavating and which
bould have been avoided.  In a lown
." I i". - the snowfall WO have bere, '
sidewalk hould be two tee! ;.* ' ftSi
above th* street. Our grades have'
t, .md we cannot undo what i
baa i."i: di ii'. it is most unfortunate,
ntul will me in an i xpendlture of a
I I,-.- amount,
Aid. Howson,—We want to get
i mh, | on this street wmk, possibly
I here is oma street whether thero is
much improvement iu lhe town this
year if not, where the people are ag-
■ . i I in put same Into offeei by
frontage t.n.
Mayor Kilpa rick There is a reason
why ib ■ ':'■ ets should be Dxed, an I
ib- I,.a mii in , of our city promoted
that i- on account ot the tourist tra
tiie. We have certain atlra tions in
lhe ev.iy uf -■■ nery, nnd uur motor
road   re idenia sho i'.d   I"'
Report ond RiIuie bheet Pr es entt d.—Of f iters
Elected for 1313.—Prize list m Programme
Revision tminltue Rppriitai.—kiBbert bug-
MB .
Tf Abrlel,
The  Revelstoke   Vgricullural  As o - F. 0. Foquier,
.. ion held Iheit  annual n •
..•leclion of officers, In the Oity    Ha PRIZE LIST REVISION,
on Tuesday ovenins  last. Moved,                            unanimously
rn    ii:)   \   McRae occupied      the I -Thai   in tha com o oi   pro-
chair.   Some   twenty   member:      were ureas, a revision oft!     Prize List and
,- mt. ,; creta y T.E.L. Taylor read I         mi  ' ■•; b           i         ary,    ami
minute   of pr nious meetings and lhal I   i chairman o  this a nual meet
wbich weii  adopt   1 with c rta n min-
01   corr .ctloni,
President   \    Mi Ka-    I
intention tn    i-.'a'-.e- a I ngthy i |
Vou are   aU familiar with what    ba
been done during the past twelv   I
encouraged   'hs. In regard to the grounds ui I
to beautify their grounds using plenty ' mldiii <-.   A  great      manj   improv
,,.' water anl we have tho water,     a •»"»'* have In  n raadi
.,,,1   :ea   can     hi  dono withoul any assistance of thi   Provin ial ,
R,-eal   "■:■::-.•    It   might   l.c  possible ment, nnd  generous citizens.   I
lo change  the water inti    to enoour- the grounds are In  very  good    ...i
'    i,   use of water tor beautifying all tbe work I a    been di ue
tho city,   l would like i.. iee some
thing  st.nt (1  this  year  in  that  dlr-
. cl i". .
Aid. M Kinnon—1 tbiiik lho bu inesa
tii    old  I,
rcpaii  and
pend  ,i the way  In which  lhe possi -  estimates ar.   being framed.
IriHtie of th opining up of the various woi i opo . i, comes with the
spring time.
The ,    last regular meeting
iier.' read  by (iiy  Clerk  Lawson ami
■ ted
Aid. M' Kinnon—I move tbat the rc-
gular m ting night be for the coming
year, every alternate Friday, aa in the
past, commencing .'rom the 21th Jan-
iiiry next, and at 8 p.m. in the Oity
Secon led by  Ml. McSorley and cared  unanimously.
Tbc .-..'im ing Btandlng committees,
wero then Dronoe d by th
unanimouslj   ;,. rcod to:
Fire and Light   Aid, O.W. Abraham
. n,  McSorley, Barber.
Public Works and Wi tor—Aid., R.
Fiowson; 0, W. Abrahamson, Frank
Flnanc i Vld. ll. MeKinnon, Bourn
and  McSorley,
Health and Police—Aid. Barber, MeKinnon and Howson.
w-.th thi first mini' 1 ns chairman in
'.,• h ra
' . t'l.lNIN't; THE YEAR.
Mayoi T. Kilpatrick -I would like
any of you gentlemen, to state briefly
what- jua consider might lie of ser-
\.'■• to ui n regards outlining for
the comtn j ve'ar.
Aid. Bourne—I agree with what the
speakers    say, but  I Ihink the     idea
hould be earri .1 out, especially
regards donations.   While I do
n.c..—-iiy of spending rome money on  property ought to be able to     tand
the plant, and I certainly feci strongly oi that point.  I would like to    B 0
as  it i.i'..-ii up .'iml thoroughly gone Into
not   at   the earliest possible moment.
li • improvements, bin the proportion the city would lie aide lo tear
would I e verj sma'l.   Tin  city   have
.■ r
work I a
n anentl asls,  -. .-'
are uow in a good
lion •
i lur la it   fa r  was    n bai
an l 1 hope thn    tho Incomii g   ifl
will lake up ll t mattei foi ol t aining
a  fm ther new  building to   a o
,,ni  rapidly Inci
Know, I should imagine there will be
requests for money for advertising,
i.i.l publicity purpose', which in thc
past have been entirely wasted in the
i'ay in which they bave Len used and
m\ i.le.-i i- tlia* it wont be any Bmall
amount,probably Bome/thing heavy and
I think Miili matters should ba     put
So far in the    power is concerned,
there lms been a certain  amount   of
a: ato.it Ky,.ee/uu-     Industries  ,,.is brought *he city proportion     up
to i.ii' half.    I think in future ihe city
 ne what  Is described as one-third   We anticipate with confident
e cost ofccmenl  sidewalks,   and   did fair again   luring the i
.-,. ii  il. • ., st ot ' rowings, etc.. this
out of Uev!  lo'ie.   we  talked  tho  ma'
iei- over   ai d  I do not  think th i
.cry  mile h  in  theso  romplalnt'.  This
Is a question whi h will tome up inter on, but it was only laBt year   we
before th-1 people, and if they like to   must remi	
. ' these sums of $1000 or $2000, 1. :
the people have a chaai e to say if
Ihey wi-h to have their money spent
that way. Different interests hnve
come up here, and perhaps a majority
of the aldermen were associated with
Mayor and those thing- and lho requests were
granted. I do no remember anyone
except myself opposing these things.
and I gol tired of it at last 1.
appeared to le alone in the matter.
1 think the I ,\ rate is high enough .
but I think the assessment Bhould be
changed a little. Some property in
certain par'- in be bought for the
assessment v .lie. in other portions
of the town twice the as-essmen:
no'.ild li. asked as market price. That
e" is no' se -m fait. 'nut Wh ther r
would pay '!. lown 10 bave an .-,- es
si.r. or whether the (.ouncil could go
over ib" matter this  I do not know,
hut 1 thmk so id Jus tment might be
made   o that   -i     ould raise a little
more money Id    i   I  se.- bow we
that we really hnl
power tc. si 11 1 would like to nee
the committees get down to business
ns soon ns possible.
M tyor Kill al ri In my opening
remarks I did not refer lo the uue -
tions which hav. been rain d, we hope
tii re will l,' some changes In Bight
spring time, 1 will ip< ak on
ihe items now.
Assessments—1     think   tbe
.... nts .-ho Id be squalls d, it  .
In ■•      a   ilicro i. h   ass -s.'.e-i."
was  made, and     property in     thoso
years  ba-   tm i. a- (1   In  some
more than in others.    I cannot altogether agree  .•.;■. ding  the in. t
as > -stiii nt-      Wii ii assessment i-t in
should i nly bear one-third of tbe
gross total expenditure. Instead of
the cil)  |a\ing whal   works out     at
,if   al   pt'.-   ttt,
Mayor  Kilpatrick—It would     seem
unfaii  io adopt Btich a proposal now,
a the first city council, in fav-
. frontage tax for all Iraprove-
i.   li.! not carry, but I   think
.,.1  have been burttcr as we w
I   la.I  Keen   -r.pi'o: t' d  alld    my
idea    idol ted.
All. MeKinnon- The f.r-t.    sidewalk
put di in.    - • t     about  60 oenta per
yard,  and  In-'   >■ ar  i    only  C0.<t      us
nt. per yard.  That might
he  thougl t   unfair  in   the  same  way,
thc  proportions  it   costs
A d.    McSorley   Th thing
wc dlscti se l  lasl  yeai.  na nelj   a Di
Dur finan    il    tali ment .-!
iu fair Bhape with n mom -1 h p    ■ >l
losi  I ' id up, and thc a
tion I-   a vi ry foui i bing i
FIN iv.'l \l.   STATEMENT.
Thi   9   rutai y then read the I
imcnl     show ing
ing  I •■  hi riey d  to appoint
,, - iinmiltec to I as the prize
; t and ] n gi im revi co nmlttea,
■ i. . all un Iei ak the I a -.; of mak-
ing c i recom      la      is id    re
gard to lhe ..'. i Ion oi i ■'- ! clue lis;
fl  all  memb rs o     :-    n   o Iation,
1 e    1.   ,       - ,   .-.iblllit
:     -   i     .    . e ii      pri/ ■
, h ci the  commit
report with recommend
; annual meel
.a.' ' bed in
i   ' - ■   ■ .   B.C.,    ,., i
..":.!■•    : 1      '
. mittee,
wa- tl . hair     as
". is   .  W H.  Pott     f, W.E.  Smith,
R.M. Is, J.H.     V,
CR.   Ma - -       :    F.G ...
I- H-   Mc ' ,    J.  11.
n. R   H. Eaird   tt. b Pr; sidetrt
\   McRae as cha ir tj
ttec t o
I of ch ail
i LTV  Ci ITJNC1L ■  R ' NT. .
th ir
(6833 Af.     ,.y.    . • ;., -1   !';],..,..-
.  bai "        of    $131 . ■   ,n fo
Aid. H ■• la-i  year wo start ,i   ''''•'l" L'''' along    Expenses are
out with thc idea lhat we were going
to  ave ■ i.  nses whi rever    we ■ ould.
and  going  to keep the  general   i.,t    ,,t
1 ixatii .,   ■    low us 11.   , de, an I     I
lh ii     !r   in   tb     | i   -. .r   ., a lit ii.r:     of
ihi clt)  i .'..ui i ok., u, bc the roun-
lh  iii    same idea,    and
letus tn   io  keep our  general     tax
rate a    I '.•    as | o Bible.   We ma li
'han.', - lasi   vein   whii b   -ave.l a
little tin. ni, |     would like to see us
• leiiiinue  tins y.ar along  the        same
in     ■ lei  -   .  ■.  heads, lasl y. ar    we
had    ■ on  the   taxation  nnd
'l'" ''■ "•• '  icing towel   than tbeli
. .pin.- the t< n ■.   • it
-   'ms  to  m    II v ie the  -aiii"
la>  rate ive   h ill bai , Hnl"
more n on y   « •   I iw .   the
■ i.t i tte at tl '■ eanm t expee to
Mis' any more • c n li o"tin: on lhe
hrlgh! I I ,r.
Talking al ou    the    .   '   rat *,    we
have cut tbem down ar.d now W
I have compl tints as regards tb" power
rlly fi Hi ■- ball.   The subject was hotly dli
' i   taxation   net             o         .. nl      e:,| then   lroppcd; 1  thin* we    nocd
1 .uil equalised,     re- a central iir- hall, or main t'ie hall,
l'i.'  mil',   ihu-   not   real      111 ,  thin! une   -hould be     bul
ng the tax rat". Your ideas an j.;,.   .i  . '     Of cour •   '"central"
expressed that     tbe general lax rate ,   a very big thing Ln  11 -.; toke. we
hould be kept  down.   It the nssess |                 ntrc ol population iu   un»
ment was Increased .   ne  '• nol necefl |.olnt, and tho cenu.' of the city     in
-ti ily increase the taxation, and oui anothei  placo,   Something in my op-
present rale nhows higher than     ibe inlon, I to be done in   regard
II   : Ii.ioI'iiim'   (owns  on   a    OUnt  of  our   t,, ., in. :.,.,.        ., ,„■  ,.:   till     aid
last  v. ■!  were In fnvi i  ■
i   Kilpal i lei    ' -in   lowi
t   il,   nil I    when   th"     loads
'     - ...
i tlni" to in
ii. „   i ti'i .i   |,     i.,
i-i  th I     .   to   ,i   i   I.
imi iir- ball  al  in ■ san •   tl  if n ■
i il   ,   ii.t    ua i . dale • , ilpn cm  it.
Aid. II.   |.'. MeKinnon   ii seems the  ,;|1'    which wen •      hed, and I
\  i   M K nnon   in raising  ih
mi i,t   '.eei  allow an opi ning
'il"     l   \|ee-|      .
Mayor  Kil   ttrlcl     \    i     ...    don
I thfl       oth Al li  m. ii
...   and ii.m.i ne .11.- right   ihi i
;. al  "I   ' bis  ail . ■ i i. ,. i,,.
pai I for, iut which t..   bad v< ry 111
A- regards     lighl   rate ,  lbe r due ■
lion in the rates     wlll make' a  very
The    u ,n   . I     i
ning that all the    , .
'■■ .- "•! and soi.
■a collected in cash  -in.'-
Complin! on "f    h    -tat.'men'.     i
of the et, and sl     mi nt-
i '.'..pt. and expenses w< re
banded round for thc lnformatii
the numbers.   Mr, Morris waa unanimouslj   rotj      ed to acl   as au '...•
and the      ■ pi
sent ,1. ';-;.>.-
KI.I-ii'TI- v   OF   OFFII :.
Tic following - ■ fici i    were then*   i
animousl) ■
Ul the Hi       try 0
dared eleel
Th ■ {oilmen • ■! rectors  ,. th
lo add to th   ■   nm
of   i .\.-nt. ■ in,
i-i   ne      . ■
R. M   Smyth     K   M, C H
.1 .    \   :  .
bam    ii. 0   W.  Bell,  Vi.  li.  i
G. Malbii on,  D.  it. Can ,   . .    v   •
Young,   \.  li.  McCI ., .ban,  T.
A.  .1.     Mc
C   11   Mn   lonal I   F. B. W,
w. re   Rm ■
J. H. Join
• . ...
■ ::     'i     Wai
:   I
I'      Messrs    P.  I.i G.   S.   Mc
I     i
.   T i lo (-' n .
on •'-•
M-  -. .-       ,, . ,   . res it.. 1 In
City 1 uy 24th,   a
., in.;.
. trn -
.   '    ■:-; ' !v, I
:       '       v.   '' ' ,i - v..is un inimo
\    nia tli
191   .
Mr. A. J. MeD
: l f o r 1913,
Mi BSr-i
T.E :,   T   . | F,  B, Wells,    wei
r th? c .m.i;.:   yeai.
'  WIE3,
ii  . ily di Ci li !
1   ,        :.   lh-
■i.     .       was
..'.  !
. 1 dl
in   aim,
.,   • i   obi tn' le,
Idea of   .".'.'ml citizens and probably  l,link '! might i"' "'ell    to look in»o considerable reduction In the revenue,     Aid. McHorl j   My idea would be t«,
rome of the council, that the proper-' ,l,is matter and see if wi cannol make provided ve do not get some nddit -  ba on aa well a   a cen
ly should  bo re-assessed it it il for   n   ll,UVl   r«tes  for   power  to induce     a '.'.nal    Users.   About *8500  and  which   Iral  hall.   01  COIirBl   oui   present   ball
more equalising of assessments    that  ffeater use nnd prevent these com- U  a very considerable item.   Ab re -' is in bad shape.   Ii   la nol  larj
the  idea  in  beld,   1 would   like  to see   Plaints  °'  the  high rates. ids power rate--.   This  is (i quest -'oUgh,  and      ll   i    in   ueii      a position
iiii ns-.'  ni' pui on as soon as possi-|   Aid, O.W. Abrahamson—I nm pleas- 'on which the committee might dis. [that it block  itdewalk    construction,
Me.   If it la with the Idea of    nprais-   tl  to be bete and Bee  th.' old alder- and    a how     the rates compare  and   to  town    he  building would    be
Ing    "ine or all the property general-j men, and yourself Mr. Mayor an Old- "itb neighboring cities.   There li also  sucb an  i fln n ■   we. hnve  figured     it
ly up. I would like to see thnt   kept  timer in the chair. Bome expenditure according to    Aid.   would be better to have a new hall,
away from u   much n   po   Ible for an'    i agree that prohablj the best thing Abrahamson required, on power
"Hi"!   y.ar.    Property   nt   the   present    todo •- t,e go ea«y    T hope there will water,  nnel that cannot   be done
time nmy nol lie equally assessed but  bt    ome thing turning up to enablom "f regular revenue.
1 feel thai the idea of Increasing   tho to estimate ir. time for the necesr.ry     Aid, Abrahamson—There la n    m-
borrowlng power or the revenue    by, things. ain expenditure in regard lo the dam
There ar ed   tain  Ibinc-s  whieh  will which will  hnve  lo  he  (lone,    onw ol
hav.' to be dene In regard to the pow- 'be proposals can lie laid over.
er   plant   anil      the  water   plnnt.      T      .Mayor   Kilpatrick—Home   work  will
increasing tbe asses menl would
lie very good policy.
I would al '> iik   lo loe the council
i»  a pn.ition  when   thev  would
donations      Commltt • a and dtlsen
sny   think it will I,,   th.   duty of the torn-   have  to be  done   before  Mny,  nnd   ll
in answer to these requests for  miti"     ti   get  together a = soon    a* must ire gone Into at once.
Illt    p"'<   n ,iki   up whn'   in tie, e~-      I  would like to    et    nine stre.-t  im-
Progress Club Will Call Mass
Meeting.--Will Discus; Big
Bend Railway, Cky Hall,
Jan. 2a3rd., 8 p. in. Sharp.
'i'h,   Pro •   -  i llul
,,f the most Important mi
I iiniioiincul   m  tin'  ciiy  of  l:
Mayor   Kiipnlrik    ll   we  are  ruing .   ,, .
. ,„.      , ,.■   ,    ,, .10 be liilil  in the ( ity Had mi Thin
•o mnintain two, I i in tik the present
locations are g I.   Bul  if wo    nro day ev. ning next  Januar} Mrd,   for
mini- I., have one cenlrnl hull, then the purpose oMiseuMiag the Railway
wc have another question. on with spe. ial reference to the
Aid   McSorley—Tl was thought that proposed Revelsloke, Iiig Bend Knii-
■  •   ■ ruel
i Hen 1
f thi    ii..'-'     vital
Ol lh'vtl-
md el     t !.    ail.l       '     . ■    hope I
n vi ry !■ pi     nl tttve     gathering
■   pre Thui day evening
■•■' ..I recent n- W
tin     ni ner might be sold
might build again.
Aid.   MnahnniBon—I   move
Meeting adjourned at   ID p.m.
Tli •   Annual     Meeting  of   the   1'. v
-'oke  Conservative  Association    will
i on Thursday .-veiling, tomorrow,  January  23rd,  in  S.-lkirk Hail.
,f  7:80     for  Ihe purpose of electing
for  tin- ensuing     year.      The
Then     wn   way.    \; our r?aelcrs are aware there  meeting will open sharp on time.
is ai  the pri ' if  time an application.    All members urgently requested
we   ml-  before the Dominion Hou-ie, made by attend.
Kastcrn cnpitnli t .  for a chart. I RAND QIBBONS,
a railway  running   from  Moydmin President.
1 ■MiK TWO
WEDNESDAY,    JANUARY   22, 1913,,
Screened Furnace, per ton $10.50
Egg "      $10.50
Stove        "      $10.50
Screened Lump, per ton $9.50
Nut "      $7.50
We can recommend the Gait Nut Coal very highly
for your kitchen range,
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
OIIN i). SIBBALD, Pans. J. H. SIBBALD, JR , Sue.
Judgment for Defendants—Mr. Picard Loses—Full Report
Judge's Findings in $1,000,000 Case—Lawsuit of International Interest Finally Disposed of.
Vancouver, Jan. 19—Judgment wan
delivered by Mr. .Tu il e M- rrisi n yes- j
terday dismissing tb" action brought j
t y Mr. I'!"., nd I card, a Parisian
trotter, again i ihe lt.-.oi-to.e Saw
Mill Co...; any, Lini I d, lhe Yale Columbia Lumbei Company, Limited,
r.:.d Mr,   I barli -  P.   Li idraark.     The
aw mill-i und timber limits situated
in British Columbia. The instrument
in writing upon which tha plainfcifl
claims his commission is dated tho 29
day of November 1909. and is made
between Charles F. Lindmark, who h
iVsi-iilK'd as managing director ot the
Revelstoke Saw Mill Company, Ltd.,
of the on" part ana thi plaintitl    o'
suit aro ■ • it of the eula of valuable ,lu. otn„,._ supplemental to this agree
timber liml a on th' Arrow Lakes, m,.IU wa.s th,' following letter address
and Co iml a liver and other assets  ed to the piatntifl nnd ,.igned by Lind
mark to which thc plaintiff appended
in   uum" a-- agreeing to it> terms:—
"To Hilmon l I'icard,
ol th del nJant lonpan'.ea to the
Dominion Saw Mill- and Lumber Co.
The piatntifl was claiming for probably the largest commission ever ask-
«-d on a "di al" in th s province, viz.
over $1,000,000, or, in the ulwrnatlve,
|i;0»0.   The latti-r ro Amission  waa
"Sir—Regarding the option of purchase of the property of the Revel -
stoke Sawmill Company Limited and
tli' property of the Yale Columbia
Lumber company Limited at We-tley,
ta-^d on a Straight perc ntage   rate,   given you this day it is    undrrstool
and the former figures ou a surplus,
wbicb, the plaintid i-laimed, he *»
entitled to on acco-ni! of hu agreement be ween hlm6ell and Mr. Lindmark pi Mi- that, should ibe sale
t-e arranged for mure than the $595,-
0» opu.u through his eflorts in introducing a purchaser, be would    ro
und agreed that In the event of your
bringing about ft completed bale and
purchase of the paid properties or
either of them you will receive and !»■
11.i.l a commission of nine p,-,- cvm.
upon thc purchase price, if and wh n
i"i"iv;>il !,y the vendor nnd not ,,-'
wise.   In the i-vtnt ol a sale i..-.n>; ar
celve 11. addition to his commission of   tan sped and completed with a custom-
nine P-r e'iiit . the whole of the sur-
pl-.a oocained ovei the ibove tlm< op
tion price.
Th-.- i'i ard suit will go down on re-
• ord a< one of the nio-t romantic ae.
tio.is involving timbei  sales in Caaa-
ir found en lntrodd ■•! t.y you directly
' r indire :tlj a1';'.... h for a les prion
tli ii     tha       mentioned in the
youi   i "inn:,  ii. n slmll neverthele*   be
n't' 1".   ' nt  ■•'  th   selling pri •
.'mj      wl 'iivi-,1  |,y the  vi in ler.
da. Bome ol the most prominent men   Should      happen that a sale be madel
of aGa.rs were Int 'rested directly or
indirectly in the suit or were referred
to in evidenc . Mr. Lindmark, one o;
the del ndants, is a prominent eitiz u
(,>f Revelstoke, hai n ; bi n maycr of
that city, and al o upi n a mi n
iy you foi :• ore than $220,000 for the
Vale Columbia property and for more
be Revelstoke S.tw
mill pi .1 will he paid in ad-
to j   ir commission of i
; price mentioned in   h
c.-casiou, a contestan   In a Provli : the it the   urp
election when h3 opposed Hon. Th-        iain-d ovi      - I   .hove tha
Tayloi '  mi
work-, it. which '•• nt Bt, .   w      bere       Da I ii    B
membered   he had il of fi
Charles H. Tupi
Tbe ev.d 1 that 1 LINDM \R>
till wa    . . I out   anding abill
.    . ha... '
.     Urectl>  ■ .- '      many j
premier Bt ii   a    c m  i ns     in lu I
th-     Bra
t, Limit , formerly tbe 1
Ul Del os.t Ti . t, Limit! I, ot
ectorau b   -
as  Lord ■■■ •  ion
and Mi Ward
ion Sa
Lin    • . '■  '    '••-
1 • ind Mr.
tht      .. •
.    •
S    , •
• 0
■      ■
:  Wel
ment that of nllnoints of negotiation
and enquiry in the East frequented
and canvassed hy him, Minneapolis
tlie home of Mr. Bowman, who was a
controlling spirit in the co.npan.ee
, oii'-ei'itcd, was lb ' one place ho secm-
, ,1 to have overlooked or avoided, although frequently and for considerable periods In the vicinity, and doubtless, always, or oecasionally, pass-
mi; through that city en route East
and West, Lindmark more than once
during their intercourse referred to
ili" "Eastern Interest" in a manner
whi li should have lead a less astute
person lhan Mr. Picard to see the advisability of communicating with Mr,
1 own,an at certain junctures. For
example on the 17th November, 1909,
I i'anl wired Lindmark that an opMon
for CO days with owner's signature,
was required. On lhe 2ath oi November, 1909, the very day the option was
signed, Mr. Howtnan wrote Lindmark
that an option was not wanted. I
accept the evldenee of Bowman, Hess
Poole llinl they did not know of any
auihot'.tj to Lindmark as claimed and
lhat, aa a mutter of fact, none wus
givon him. I also accept their evidence ihai ih-y did not know of any
opt'on from Lindmark to Picard at
any time during the period material
to thi- action and that Mr. picard
was unknown to them even by name,
as tbey allege.
"I lind thai Mr. I'icard had no con-
tractual relationship whatever with
tbe defendant companies. He neither
got in touch with ih.'m nor attempted
to do so.
"1 cannot therefore accede to the
contention on behalf of the pi an fin,
thai 1 may infer auiho.ity o.t Lind-
mark's part to tell the assets of the
defendant companies. That such authority ought lobe implied in tho circumstances of this case is in :ny op-
in on een more homeless. I do uot
think that the doetrina annunciated,
and alleged aa luine; found in aie-iclej
95 and ICO of ihe Articles of Association relied upon Mr. Bodwell on tbe
question of authority and paraphrased
by him as follows: "That the direct -
ors can do anything which the company ian do except such ma'.tirs a*
wo.il.l have to bo decided in meetings
and further that they can employ
agents io sell property and delegate
to any oiu- their authority" help ir.e
on ihis point of Implied authority to
wi;e the companies out of exiBtene".
It seems to me thut tbe "sale" of
substantially the whole of the com
Pany's assets is not a matter that has
any r.-lation to thc catrying on of th.'
iompany'i business. Sucb a "sale'
it within the scope ol any hull i 1 authority (assuming any implied authority es: i d, given him for
tbc purpose ..." managing and conduct
Ing their btisincs so that the plain -
ist in such a case prove affirmatively ihai Lindmark, whom he contend* affected to bind the companies,
' ! be n autherized io do so. Smith
v Hull Gla - Co., s C. B. at C77,
Bul Lindmark was not at the date
... tli optian nor for some months
before manag - .iirecior. A- against
mpan.es I thr r for ■
further cla n ■
ould     be in any ev. nt
1 .:<  pe;son
think that -.•.-   plaintil
.-    .      ack as api
-    .
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Men's Negligee Shirts.
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Sizes 15 to 17J, but not
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Men's I Train Hlucliers in tan
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Coats, black or Khaki,
leather bound pockets.
There are peveral Incidents which
though, -n my opinion ol secondary
Importance, yet, because they have
been emphasized, I Khali deal with.
Kor instance, in the recital to the option of November 22, 1909, Lindmark
is put down as being managing director of the Revelstoko Company. Tbis
I think was simply copied from tha
earlier option to Weill when be was,
in tact managing director. The solie'-
itor or his clerk doubtless h.i dose'rib-
Iw did not when
siirnature to dgn
ed  him.   Of cours',
th" e lause after the
the document as such.   Again, this op
'tion was RCeire',1 out, doubtless Lindmark  was  confident  he  could get   his
'people in ih; Mast io con'.irm his arrangement with Picard in tb* -ase of
a I mil lid ■ sale, which sale all the ,le-
' f:ndants were willing to eflect.
"Tli 11 as to th; nppearanco ln   the
negotiations ••' tho-e people, Mine of
whom   became  interested   in  the  -ale
i.hlch ultimately took plncj, its-ems
to mc thai it was qul't« open to Lind
mark to anticipate Picard's failure to
consummate   a sale   through   then' assuming  he knew that  I'icard was ne
gotiating  with   them   (which  bu says.
he   i.l ii'i and t, lanae) his option
witb a view ot concluding ,i sale him-
Belt or through   ome one else.     lean]
ned inl that     In thi   course ha tcoi
i. i.ir.ivk  acted fraudulently o.  with
., '.  iw  ;.. deteat Picard'a commission
, nless; indie '   1 do so by a process e.'
! what   meirhi  even   .,   goo,'',  gue-tsing.  I
find that  the contractu!*!     relational
between  th      plaintifl  and  Limn.-irk
were,  pursuant to th>?:r     agreement
endid by the letter or cancellation.
"Th>- action  is therefore dismissed
with co -ts."
Alter a long and stern  battle    the
home rub- t.lll has passed th •    bouse
of ' .'.iiii.o.i- by a majority oi 110. It
•s.i- later read tor the first time in
•he- house  of  lords,  wh re  ;t    (ate  is
.   . .1 i ly   -.al.'d.
B.V.  i: •
lol   C" •
.     - I 1
G.   S     Mel   -.  '  '     R-velst
I    .- -.   ..' -...'..
In th '
i '       'i
' i
I mbia L... ..' .
' ! I-     .  .... \.
Ward; I                 iv oun'. to say    that
i  -    . . hi '. General   '>•: ■■'■■   :-':            mafcion could     escape
- ti was  ,. er to the i ompanlesl
■ : ,i   against a    ot them except tbo       qui  <  ...         to the persona   who
t        flrtl named. |      - Inters I d in lhe disposal ol their,
■ Th.   proper! (   Involved, consl I ol               ■  '    '   '  eB n matter of rom
To All Our Customers
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sent ami I do nol Hunk Picai tl   boul I
■   be od     i , complain n
i ,i    |.'   i, ii.in ai'■ a evi li m '■    ,
hi. rea on   for c mediation ol opl Ion
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Salmon Arm — Thin-day.  Jim lary
Rcvel-toke— Friday.   January  24th,
Courthouse, 10 a.m.
other    meeting* will lie announced
The Commlsrlon will hear evidence
on all matter aflictini; labour     . on-
i in th.; Province.  All persons
ed nre invited to be present.
L'hiiii man.
v. n. McNamara,
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Coal mining rights ot the Domiuion
iu Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, lhe
North-west Territories unil in a portion of tho Province ot Uritish Columbia, may be leased lor a term of
tweuty-oue years at an uimuul rental of fl an acre. Not more than
2,500 acre* will be leased to one applicant.
Application for lease must be made
jiy ths applicaut iu person to the
Agent or bub-Agent ol the district
in which tbe rights applied tor are
The lease will include the coal niie-
4ug right* only, but the lessos may
lis permitted  to     purchuse  whatever
available lurface rights may be considered necessary lor tbs work.ng ol
the mine at the rate ot 110.00 an
lu surveyed territory the la.iJ must
be described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions ot sections, and in un-
■urveyei*. territory the tract applied
for shall be staked out by tbe ap -
plicant  himself.
Kach applicant mutt be accompan-
I ied by a fee of $5 which will be re-
' funded if the rights applied for are
oot available, but net otherwise. A
I royalty Bhall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
, rate ot five cents per ton.
The person openit.ng the mine shall
I furnish tho Agent witb sworn returns
accounting for  tbe full quantity     of
merchantable cual mined and pay the
royalty thereon, lt the coal mining
rights ar* not being operated, such
return* should be furnished at least
once a year.
Kor full information application
ihould lie mads to the Secretary ot
the Department  of the Interior,    Ot-
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that  I, Samuel Jamei
Harlow, occupation, Farmer,  .
to apply tor i ii • i to pui baae
the follow..'.. ei lands
Comment. . • .,■ k post plant* I at
thc North West Corn.: ol Lot 1328,
theses irrit I cha ns, thenco south
40 ctulos. thencc east 40 ihains,
thence north 40 chains to po.nl of
commencement nnd Oontaining ICO
acres more or less.
Dated October Mth, vmi.
In a speech at Montreal, Sir Thomns Shaughnessy recently said:
"When i lirsl joined lho company I
became general purchasing agent nud
afterwards assistant to the general
manager an.l no one remembers better
than 1 Hie enormous risks I'ho 'syndicate' took ln tha construction of the
transcontinental line. Mr. (ieorge
Stephen, later Lord Mount Stephen, j
and Irs ii.sociates staked their entire
personal fortunes and at one time it
looked hh it their personal fortunes
did nm havo much chanco. When the
successful time came there were those
whi spoke ol lho government subsidies in a not very enthusiastic manner,
aial pronounced them initially liberal,
but in ISM aiid ihsCi tho invostlng
world did not view thom In thai l'gbt
In tlii' i' early days ii wiih almost itii-
posslble lo Becura money for lho pro
seen I Ion of the work.
' It was only the Indomitable will
nail devotion of tho general manager
and vice president of that day. Mr.
Van Hoina, that the work was carried forward to completion, Kor several
year- wc had a strugglo in the North
.list Hiving to dissatisfaction result -
in; fiom thc 'monopoly i-lause'ol tho
contra .t which pro, i.l.' I that far a
period of 23 years no other railway
i mil,1 be luiilt he ;wi en ih i Canadian
Pacific and tir' I'nited Stales boundary. After mueil discussion and .,
good ('.ral of friction this monopoly
clause was finally cancelled by tho
Dominion government, giving us aso
consideration tor it a guarantoe of
'■',\ per mil. on lhe land grant bonds
of the company lo tli.' extent ot $15,-
1:00,000 secured by ils erotlrr. land
grant, and lhe laml gram thai is io-
liny BUch a rich asset was nol then
ci i. i.l. >e.l worth $15,000,000 because
bonds, even with the government guat
antce, only yielded tho compnny about
PO cents on the dollar.
"Norwlthstanding lite. \n<t risk that
was ia'.en by the mm wbo built the
Canadian Pacific [can uut',fully say
lhal iini otic: largo fortune has been
made out of the affairs of the com-
I auy. Lord .Mount Stephen, who, of
ionise was in the front rank, wns the
man of resourcefulness who vms willing in risk everything. Retiring from
h.s connection witli the company in
18SS, ho -..ll his three or four thousand shares of Btock for 53, His connection iiiiii tho company was ;1 source of ili.-tiuct financial lu-s to him.
l.i.i.l Slrahci Da -till keeps lii 5101
■hares, and of course bc is parllcipat
Ing in the advantage resulting from
new is-u.-s from time to time. With
this exception not one .single man con
nected with lhe Canadian Pacifli Com
pany has made what, mighl be consld
ered ei. a ,i reasonable amount of
money from his financial connection
with the comi atii . tl his been an
iinil.rsiood thing ir..m the beginning
that no director should either speeu-
tale In slock or .should tnl.e ad Van -
tug.' nt any Information secured by
reason of    his    membership   on the
I-Oard  and   in  all   my experfen e  there
I... never been aii occasion to find
(niilt with nny member ol tbe board
for speculating in -tock or for utilizing to Ins (iiiii addantago inside Information thai ho possessed, and I
have never found it necessary to ask
any   OlflC r  of  the company   to  tendei
bis   ii -   i..i Ion    hecaua• be wa■ engaged ni affairs thai     were not ■ on
i teni   iiiib    hi- diny lo the     com-
rnny "
Slow Service
Kevelstoke Land District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, .lames Sneddon
of Nakusp. ll.C, occupation, Gentle
u.an, intends to apply for periuisuiou
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe North Kast Cor nei ol Lot 8800,
tbence north 20 cbains, thence weBt
20 chain*, thenco south 20 chains,
thence tait 20 cbains to place of com
mencement, contain,nc 40 acres more
or less.
Bated October Ird, mi'i.
1st Issu* Nov.  Cth
Appl.  Grove, B.C., Jan. it.   Charles
Fergu cn bad a c .nslgnmoni  ol   bay
.m.i oats ordered at. Revolstoke to bo
.1 ai     Appl.-   Orovc,   li    wa
promptly shipped and arrivi I al   \. -
I mi In a I.      uie re    ii      was lefi   in all
mh i uf weather lot more lhan a
eieik. whi'ii a "traci i" wo onl mu
.nnl (iiiiii,I ii.. consignment. Tbe offlc
i r ol the st' ami'! Kootonay had Um
consignment put nn board un.l finally
I'm it i.n at  the 'I'lc  Needle ,    even
miles  nortli  ol  ll    destination,        The
Rossland happened tu make, bei in i
divisional trip on Sunday morning,
and landed it al Apple Orovc, having
bein nearly three weeks in Iran 11
Irom Revel loko a distance of about
>0 miles.—Netfon  News
4—An in'i
11 ..v.,
8 - Arrives
1    Arrives
i:    UrivcB
Arrives 15:40.
7:45  a.m
7: in
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Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
6.000,000.00 0
Branches or Agents at all principal points in.Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and Cuited State*—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Btattle National Bank, Man Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—hichange
National Bank,
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
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Revelstoke Branch-A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
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->..'.,-*, PAGE FOUR
WRDNESDAY,    JANUARY    22, 1913.1
§ ■•.
t!4''   '     ;    ■ ••'
.       ■
■' ■ .     .    MM
;i biM Urganizaiion
'      :■'   \
V    ' a »*T"i*-"<'fC    ilia.
.'•■     ,   ....," .,-;" T —s..u.    '■      .'
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. . •     clan      a.l oth.'i i,
K \i-*K V V    liAZ
.!     to choo.-e In    , and a ail any i oekol   ,
' i P7.n0.     ■'■ ■■'■■■:'  ,  Aula     31-ra'i,     G in,    '■ -'fry-   eady,  \
' "      .11, En I i   md mm    . her.. *
1,,ni.Iuu,    Jan.  20. -A  serious     un.l
determined movement i.-; on tool    in
i,    . ■   dritain     to form on,' ol     tha
I,, ,i i ,■ :  Industrial ccnbinatloni   ever
,,,, ,;i I., l by the working classes    ot
|nv nation,   Ii in    proposed to eom-
l.inee thu co-operative force's     uf    tha
I   representing 2,75U,uOO people,
■mei organized labor, numbering     2,-
. m ii working fusion.     Should
• ,      m mo i'mii.' tu fruition, millions
, ,       mils i  ' i lm-; in»entod by    trutlo
un.on   and uth'i' atiiiiated organlza •
io.ia will be adUed lo the Sfl8o,000,000
.,, ital of i'i,. fO-opeiators   and
a. loan and re. erve,     ba kotl
iv  .li' over-inci'iailng  pioflts on tha
, i-,. ,,ii'.    if all lh.' present  and aug-
.1., lana are succ safui, the    aims
. ii     ol  iho e.u gi-cac wing* ot
 rn,,'hm nt will  be co-ordin-
I at J and united action will  br taiten
insi ht.ia.ly,   socially  and  ln  logisla-
i, >,   mattei  .
•i ii.  . iidiiig  bodl a     in   this     \ii-t
,;. i, ■ Trad. - I nion Con
t- ... , th • iln .... i • da 'al Ion ol
, i . i Un on . i iie Lal or Partj and
iis al le I a.',miii. ui ions, women's
Irndea i nlom . iii • Indopeudi nl Labor
1 any and lho c oi'i ra h i societie
i  ol in.' I mi' -I imh .In i.   lii many re-
Special Prices all over the Store.
lUlOU      B   Wil
Regular Price, $120.    Sale Price. $75
All our I'iits lo he cleared out   al   less:
than manufacturer's prices.
Sizes ,",2,   34,    36,    38,     Made   from
rweeds, Velvets and Serges.
spe.d    ilriuei'.i uf theso bodies over
lap and money which Is Bjent  f>a' educational and sot'ial puruos :; .- otten
<""• Jt.        919     •     V"''   '' '''
£fij *rAjj&~B    *      "•  la  recosnlned that thi-  tremendous venture,  un the (.arc of     united
■   labor, will  ia .c yias ;o organ1!:.* bc-
rts\       tore any  il'tin t • practical   results can
■fHiiiMfa iiCiSi^kkL^y^lkSi^liHhaw . /^Y"'0.'"";■"'"' the C0"':B!!
•' a few days, whe.i tha     10-operative
£   i.i'.Yn< will m   'i   to ci n Idol  til" ques-
.   1 on,  1 rior to  ailing a joint   gn . er
„£  ing 0' all oth r Imrortant organiza
lions "une tii .,1. The points whieh will
rome under eonsidera'.ion embrace   a
sl 1..ly u.: tow th   1 rr mi a Ions      uf
. ach     section ran bo • 0 ordinate 1 tor
cdueational industrial and parliament
■ ry    pur] . .■ ,     w ih   what  practical
,'    11 1     .. Jan. 1.1, 191". steps shoild lei   tuk.-n  1 1      ium eon-
I troi of lodu 11,   and connm r. a to 1 d
ii   ■, ■ il     "Tradition  :'''''" l'10 wor'":'''" '—''    '•    lolvo tha
e.i Trado CraR."  problem ol  labor unre I   tor     th_>m -
.   1
yi:':. -   . 'I'.'.ls'".
tbe >
1 y  •
the :
ht '■
tc ••
'•>.''     '
1 ol   ..   ; rue, 1.111
it selves.
t  v.:
■   l'''
■   .
.     I'll
,1  ol
f.tv. v
i!   help, and we asi; Co-opci itlve   a so lal ■         ocutlv s
your •.                 mil   inviting th    Ro •'■' emhusla ll   .11  tbeir devotion to
Province 10 al :i   '''"'issfl :          '   '''       " e !'";U llD"
;,    .,:....        0 be held in this '"' •■ ' ,h'>' believe   fields     untouched
'  city, on B                    1 and 25th,  be ' >'  '" operative  en'er] rise  would    be
■  : I)    M 1                  Tui. daj   ol  tho ' P ""'    '                              r     i,llus
tin  Pure Pood and In "■' '  v-' '*■  -:   '                 '   "■'.mont,
, •   to  bo held  under aTe sole,y under P1'    ■'      ontrolf
U ■ Vancouvei  Retail ''!l' '~ '     '   ' BS ""'   Propose     to
tiroi          .1         :              . Inuary  17th I'lircha 0    ■■■                   rtal       -'.    lor
to Mn lho co-o]              movement   ba       al •
1                 iti '.   to   .. '"■:                    '                    and ma
tion. which will be tho nfa.-lriri.es.   This,  it  is  .-aid,      would
^^^^B ever °"'-v ''"^.a^^^^P- investmcnt
.',.   as well as  tor th-funds ot worH -   organ-
an •   mit; 1 t thc same 1
aiuuff part     in th •     •
i.-aler and   .1. •
Call in and examine our
Stock and Prices, lt will
pay you. Buy here while
Our S-ile lasts.
Hoys' Reefer C   11
Bo) s' Overcoats. .
Men's Suits	
Men's Overcoats, .
. $8.00
»«-«,>/ar. auwt.Tr :**.«? aa-zr. iiott^aa-imm
ifi salable.   Thus the rule of advertts-1
11:  your  propetty  until it is  .-old    i-j
.. safe and prudmt one.   Ul coursotho
i. si   time  to  begin  Is now—and,     au
"   g   ted,   ili'  11 ily  timo   to  stop    Is
.' hi n your sale is made.
Imin iilu.ii ii.- rucli >   I vli'..<!    j
H.'I.. I'lll.el Itll'lll.'l"" le'lli  l-Ul H|>e|l   t     I
iV Shaw Kiifiii'i. s Instilu'e, Van   ■
c mvei.
I>iy 1111 1  I'.i i-i in;; Si : -i   11 e.
i.i ri'hool,  tin ee  1 '.. lei s   1   '
week, s", 1)0 pei month.
I'.il,lir  ^ i-iiuj;. uph) doi <',
P. 0. BOX 356    j
aaaaoMBaara mrou/nc rm   n rn umii-Tiir■ sm MKti.r.-na^tLoitKuixmi-autvier.iimamimaM—;
While Ugtfs an in _:«>.'.I demand, and the price hii',!:, i.*' llw '.inu-lo
try some of mir 11:1; producers, such as Crushed Hum . ' i -1 Shell,
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Tel. 41 \_    I1()!?S()X Box 74
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First Street, Revelstoke, Tel. No. 22
\S'.      PaVKHY
Choice Groceries,   ] ru't,    v7et;etfibles
Hay, Feed and    '<v'tr/ Supplies
.  r.(N  '
Auctioneer ;ind Valuor
,        ; . |1
Get I .
i.' ■
•e  ".'h n
Pos ■
tl an iver
A. Davidson, 792NE
\v.\        I)
Heatinp.' Stoves
Koocency Ranges
Saskalta Ranges
Sunshine Furnaces
Hardware anc   Sporting Goods
We arc offering good discounts on" all Crockery,
Glass and Silverware during month of January.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Plumbing Heating Tinsmithing
Special  \\\ ntiou I'aicl to Mail Orders
• •  •      •
...       .       '       , .   ' i"
. ,  -,, ,.    thi .  ilec'ul-ii to ihstroy, 'I"'
■i '
...   and      family; ihe eniire is«
io thn
e ...      ■
o reside in Dave Calder' m
_y, ,   |,.; ,       lo to th« B, ..: i. K   ft R. hall on  I-i
Call-J1 Ird, and      i on jricc n
:T.ti<.t8  W.50, All  property  in
■ tm <lay   evi i
i'rn lei
it tba Wai i "
Realty Co.
D. Company 102nd, (log. R. M. fl., lie». to announce that th     will hohl
... lh    'v.ll .Lil.   .ii the 2nd. and 4th   I evening
mill. n.i.-. will he as follows:
January 10th. and 24th, 1i$13.
February 14th    «'   28th.     "
March 14th.        "   28th.     "
April 11th. "   25th.    "
■ . i menl Kunrauti'cd. Music li) Cil)   Band. Wc solicit >onr
R. M. R. Dance Conmittee
G. H. Brock, Chairman.
Trainmen, make your headquarters here.    Quick service.    Perf. :t Cleanliness
ible Prici        Givi Us a Trial,     "We Never Sleep."
Manacjer IWEDNK&DAY,    JANUARY    22, 1913.
During January There
Wiil be Plenty of Bargains Displayed in This
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A -, ce lot of Ladies* White a\prons in Ions lengths,
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50 Cents
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Made-to-Measure Suits
LADIES, Come in and look over our Made-to-
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wm?i ierpins
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Oun Grocery and Crockery" Department
Large Assortment of Pickles
Fresh arrival of New Goods direct from England
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Chow Chow.
Girkins.,.   .
..nd Blackwells Indian Mangoe Chutney
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Stephen's Gloucester Pickles
S iveel Mixed half pints 20c
Sweet Spiced Girkins pints  40c
Sour Mixed, pints    25c
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The right thing for " Zero Weather." Have it in the House
Served Hot. It Prevents Colds. We have a new, cleanstock
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Bovril,   l oz. bottlea
Bovril, 2 oz. bottles
Bjvril Cordial, 20 oz. bottles. si 25
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v.  Si B Celebrated Sp.mish Queen Olives half pints 411, pints, 75c
C & H Junket Powder, bottle 13c
Specials for Friday and Saturday
PREPARED ICINGS ,0 Cents Per Package
IH RLINGTON KETCHUP ,0 Cents Per Package
.;■ Bottle
I   *****      .«   'Hr'Hm-l**   .  e -***
• t- MMI D A Cl X?   Tur\
WEDNESDAY,    JANUARY    32, 1915.
int _
th  the  West   Indies,
,( ,     , '  th ise debate   arc
t .] :■ , 17—Th,' debate on lhu
resolution was continued to-
i :,. '-, several Bpeakcrs, Thr Proba -
that lhe discussion may not
».{• :•".'.•..• 1 before iho end iei next
week. Monday is members day. On
1 ■:  Hon, W.T. White, will movo
eadong of the liill to am-
B ink ael and the    discussion
will   , • throughout the day no doubt
Th'    Wedn Bday la also private mem-
| .ifl on Thursday Hon, Oeo-
E   F   tei  will move the Becond read-
to rm if.--  the 11 ad.' ag-
i        • ne'   hkeiy   iee  tear
el ball next weok,
■ ■  •  . |m ;,'..■!   was Hon.W,
i le n  aretul apeech
to prove thai abip
\ t- can be c tabllsbed in
■  iiirning oul a navy
Durii .-  ' be had visited   an
Ai: ei c ■    :: pl i tiding planl a1  Quin-
cy Ma     .   ind he quoted Information
i here in pi oot <>f his i onten -
i ,
Mr.  M ot Noi lh  Perth,    an I
- ■ , pe, ol North    On
the Conservative end of
v, , ,.-  Sharpe sl i onglj    en-
the pro   i    I conl ribution and
-., :    ••. • i      :  thai  tli • pi: man
shoi Cana Han navy
This wi uld -ati Ij    hi   m; hath ns ol
C .- I,   •'   Cauthicr
: : poke.
Th he ,1 ■! ate was
Wright and
:,  o'   ock,
A furthei nt ol 1 Ion. Mai -
Bun      - las!  se  simi  lor
i ment o   agriculture      i-
. n a notice oi  motion given
"i '"
"1    I       .-     expedient tn  ni
'that  a  -um nol  exceeding $10,000,000
lie   1 I  e.tl-e.'.l   hit.   .J    fl
te iuu 1 ol Cando during the period ol
10 yeai        ■ • ■     - with the year en 1
in? Mar h 31,  I'll ie.i   lh ■ pui |io ■ ■ ol
aiding and advancing  thi   farming in-
iiu-'.iy by     In I n in ngt Icnlturc,
;    luding th ■ «i i k cm i ■■ I on by th ■
i        . ry i
Wl .      no
the monev will
.1 : •' n th • ol arfaii'. ments
i ■:   I at
eovi rnments nnl at   the ral
.'niuu benches.   He never sow a erim
ii,al  who did not want a second trial
an election on a
war vessels had been put in lomnii -
sion. Since 1900. whon tho site wiik
pun-based no less than 114 vessels hnd
been built hy this company. The lotal
cost of the equipment was $1,818,000.
Including ib' site, ihe' cosl was >:,
780,000. Surely this was not beyond
the1 linau-ial ability nf the Canadian
people or of a Canadian company. In
all probability thu Oanadian Pacilic
tailway had put more money Into the
Angus shops of Montreal.
Touching on tbe comparative coe-t oi
construction In Canada and England
Mr. Pugslay saiil that the Colling -
wood Shipbuilding company had recently been successful \n competition
with British linns for thc building of
a vessel for the great lakes. Bui even
if it should eost a few million more
to build the ships here, it would be
worth the money to create a largo in-
dtiuy. Kiv'n« employment to many
people. Tha way to build ships In
this country is to start to build ihem forced them to ''ome out in the open,
now and not lo talk ahout it. As a ' There wa3 a general feeling of skeptic-
sweetener lo ibe. pill of its proposal Ism in Ontario as to thc >;ood faith
in give away $35,000,000 the govern- ot the Liberals. There was a general
me nt had announced that It proposed beliot 'hey would still "be in the Niobe
t,t havo certain cruiser and oil tank and Rainbow Btage but for the pol-
vcssels luiili in Canada. It was to he icy ot lhc Conservatives. Tho Liber-
icmcm'ierA however, lhat Mr, Ohur- als was a political navy and not a
chill had -tut.-I that the British gov-.-Ioal navy, he reaffirmed,
ernment could
(o  the  numhi'i
is- ur. Their polloy had two parts,
the emergency contribution and the
I ei'iiiaiiiin policy which will then be
submitted to the people, He denied
(lny inconsistency on the part of tho
Conservatives and read ([notations
trom hi- own speech in 1909 to show
lhal he had advocated the, very policy
whieh now was being followed. Ho
ask.el why the Liberals when in power had uot carried out their   policy
Tele poliey in power was a Rainbow
and Nii'be; in opposition it waa two
Heel units. The Rainbow and Nioho
represented their desire to aid the
empire and the two fhi't units their
desire lo i,"'t into power.
! heir policy in power was a Rainbow
had done nothing else, had forced tho
Liberals to do something, The patri •
otic policy ol the Conservatives   had
give no guarantee   as
of vessels which could
Ie built in Canada.  Without' such    a
irtiaian'i'1 il would be quite Impossible
te.  r    ahli-h  a   Shipbuilding      ill iustiy
iii the Dominion
Mr. Pugsley next dealt with the nr
gument that it would bo impossible
to man the vessels of thu Canadian
navy In Canada. The explanation of
i, - ut leserttons, he said, was that
lhe ri mit - had he; n seeuied in inland cities. In the annual report oi
lhe naval  branch  recently  Issued  the
.statement was made  that up to  ih'i
| present time lira li-h.n; population ol
the Dominion, which numbers Bfl i DO,
ha I nol  i ■ in exph ited
In conclUE [on, he dei i.ne.l that before takin - the important Btep, whicli
wa- proposi I, the- government should
uhiiiil th ■ i|ite.sti.e[i t,, tho |ie opie ol
thc Dominion, who lave a right to bi
con llted Speaking for liims. If. hi
was itiite witling to have the matter
go to the' country ami was confident
thai ihe people ol hi- province would
vole lor a Canadian navy controlled
ly  tic  lieiinitiiiiii  parliament,  lut   al •
.way   available tor the' servile' of the
' Empire.
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and Durability.
Comparison with other instruments ouly serve-: to emphasize
the quality that makes the NEWCOMBE distinctive and pre-eminent.
Ni ver Buffers l>y comparison.
Let us show you our exclusive
method of construction, which is
the foundation of that pure quality
of tone always found in the Newcombe.
Have received more medals and
award - ll in any other Canadian
H.B, Morphy i.n.'tth Perth), reply -
with th" provincial  ing toMi   Pugsley, challenged the ■ i
1 minister lo pro luci   any documi nl
|   latcmeni thai would eonflrm his dec-
proximately Sl.''00,000 per year.      ^^       ^^
rj .  ,   continued bs   laratioi   that tl rvatlve naval
Ho     W       m Pugsley,   who  reviewed   I'"""   »■'" '"    '■'   '   Br.tali
,1, history of tl-  Ub-|klnK.   The Uui c   i ival policy    had
.     ...i all the stops  foil ,  ■ ha said.    When
• .ken up 1" th.    time  '<"   N ■' "'*•
Mticr-  (, on, Km.
Fuly 1911    H the rv-jland t, pail      Thei
gard net ''   '■ ''' ;'   ■
...„ts  to sho*     that   'I*   Laui er  plans.   So.   too,  •      I
.■ was only wa • nnin« ,he '"  '
Porlunlty to    ...ak-
■    'such      stat.' „ts.    bl
would  not  be tolerated tor one
ute in the Bi
Id anv     reputal       I il   tmen membi
He said that the goren
,.€nt-    | Bi tain nn.l Q,       I
md in hand    I
th„ •, ;■   and that;""' •<'!"" ■ "■■      Canada a-
Having opened a wnreroom on
McKenzie Ave., !;• velstoke,
for the sale of our pianos under
the supervision of John Bingham and ll. ti. Ri den, we
respectfully tequ ■-' the pul>-
lie to  call  and  examine oir
The Ncwcomlic Piano Co., Ltd.
li. C.
Ife.Tl Office, Toronto, Ont.
pre--erv.. -vn • peaq	
th-'ir effort-  hn in      th
of the B Acuities   Tl
iI com,. I. iw, ver, when C ma
-:.'   to take   ber   pai t  pr,
tl it      ■   tuture
g fori !      1
,        • .'.■.-•
I     ■ Hi    W8S   a  '
I W.F. Co<-ki
pei hai
Mr. Morpb;
Tin :
in th,
receive.l  jy
. "  later than
i,  1913,
NejS.     XI,
-       .
'      •
1st iss. N.30 3m.
,      ....
.    '    ' ' .    '
dd.   "1 '
government     would advise the'•»<1 "
governor general
Ubera fl Conserv-|»o' '* <"
• ter.)
1,      ng with th    ' i iment
vess..',-    proposed      by  tb       I.
would   ■•  on e ol
I ■       ,
Japan ••■  the United States bad al -1 Pe«ple would
lowed ' •
would never linv.- built :.
' time,     lie said, al     b
inr,;    il    t." !»!   Bl t,,,i,   ,.
to Uiko lurther oi
Wat-'-q has iner, a ■• i -' pi
n   the   !• i '   y ir.    Mi.   I
tat-.! that during the recess]
n vis.-  ■    '.   ■    , Ma ■•'■■■  th,
Fore   Rivei   ■-!■
e^nstructir.g many ol tbe vessels Ioi
the I'nit '<1 Btatei Hi
.'I'tain thai loui month
the ilati of the pun has. oi th
the keel ol a protected ■ rn i wt-      bad
that, on ths
y next, a;
it trans
■   |
upon ths
I^^H^H^^HHlvauH to
ilo • nee
.   M	
'        ' -He  !   I|
•   that  Ih
Ths conirt
i '. .i.n   int.   ■ ■     ■    oui
i ii! k    He an   iiite'i
!■ ■ iie ■ government Ik-
nated a   non wn ••. and ipioti i      tho
I •    I" ,:,   Hll|i-
il  iln   argument      Tie  i.
hail hail    he laid, n fun   tl
21, 1911,   They were found guilty and
been laid and that  within four years'-eni-iv..-,! to lour years on lhe oppo
I i   > ■   • ■   ,■
I -irlH   to
' Lol   I.;'.
in    chains    thence     East to chains
to thi point
acres mora oi Id h
Dated Woven Ls i   K)tb  11
Robflrl    \nler   Moflmnan.
ISl    ifl    11     I".       IHh
Forty years in use, 20 years thc
standard, prescribed anl recommend,
ed by physteians. For Woman'* Ailments, Dr. Martel's Female Pills, at
your druggist.
Teacher of Violin
Pupil of Ernest Simple, of Winnipeg, and Prof. Frederick,
late of London, Eng.
Studio at City Hote£
W.   H.   WALLACE,  M.B.C.S.A.
Pe,x 205, Telephone 313, Revelstoke
Provincial  Land   Suveyor,
Mising Surveyor,
Barristers,  Solicitors.  Etc.
Imperial Bank Building  Revsl-
stoks, B. O.
Money to Loan.
Ofllcss—Revelstok»,    B.   C.
Cranbrook, B. O.
Uso. S. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvsy
Rsvelstok*. Cranbrook
MOOSE No. 1085
Meets every first and third Tues-
day in Oddfe.lows Hall. Visiting
brethern cordially invited to attend.
G. R. Lawrence,   Dictator.
E. Edwards, Secretary.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' HaU
on ths Third Monday in each month
at 1 p. m. Visiting brethren art
cordially  welcom*.
\  i".. BROOKKR, Becretary.
o. w. o. w.
Mountain  V.ew Camp,  No. iit.
JlMi Second    and     Fourth Wednesdays    in  each  month  in    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting Woodmen ars
*   , led to attend
\. e.  Com
COURT      MT.      BBOBIB,    No.  U.I.
of i. o. r.
Meets in I. 0. O. F. Hall nsit to
Tapping's Opera House every second
aod fourth Monday in month. Visiting brethrtD cordially welcomed.
H.   ■. MORGAN   O.  It.
WM.   8.   CAMERON,   Rse.-Hse.
-KI.KIRK     LODOB U,  1. O. O. r.
Mesta (very Thnryday svtulng in
Halkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brsthrsn cordially Invited.
JOHN LYON      n. Q,
,IAH,   MATHIE,   See.
OOLD RANGE I-OIHJW,       K.  of    P.,
KO.   M,   RKVKLHTOKK,  B.  O.
ia..i.  avert  Wtdnesday  sicspt   ths
Third  Wsdossriay of each month      in
OttitUoffl1 Hall at I o'clock.  Visit-
lag Kalghts ars rontially, InvlUd.
F.  W. TERIIY, O. O.
O. H. BROOK, K. of R. * 9.
M. of r.
The Revelstoke Boot. Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
The style, the workmanship and wear
And comfort born of every pair;
Of 20th Century welts that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold the old.
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
19W3 1911*"'*^
Capital        .      -       -       .        | 3,000,000 $ 4,000.000
Reserve 3,000.000 4,000,000
Deposits       ....        23,677,730 35,042,311
Loans and Investments         -      27.457,090 38354,801
Total Assets        -       -      -        33,090,192 48,237,284
Has 83 Branches In Canada, and Agents and Correspondents in all
the Principal Cities in the World.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
Revelstoke Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager
The die Lumber Company, Ltd.
Dealers in
Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Cement,
Plaster, Tar and Building Paper
Al Doors and Mouldings.
E. Mcllmoyh, Agent
Phone 254.
Third Street. West
I have opened up a Restaurant in Lower Town
and will serve all Chinese dishes, such as chop
Suey, Noodles, etc.
Kirst Door Wet, Next to lire Hall
It will pay you to
make a '.call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    •   Revelstoke, B. C
before buying your outfit of working clotbes
for tbe busb. I make •
specialty ol I/Ogging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirt*
Blankets and everything
required ln your business. .WEDNESDAY,    JANUARY    22, 1913.
High Class Residential and Day Schools
A. B. Tait, E.sij., M. A., Principal
The stall' of Masters in Langara is
un exceptionally strong one.
Boys prepared for the matriculation examinations of Canadian
universities or for the entrance examination of the Royal Military
College, Kingston.
Careful supervision of tlie pupils
in Iheir games as welt as in their
Special attention  paid  to the development of character.
Mihs MARGARET Loss,   Principal
The   most modern  buildings and
most efficient statT of all the girls'
schools of the Dominion.
Kach mistress a specialist in  her
own department.
Regular training in gymnastics by
a competent mistress.
Both schools are under the management of "Western Residential
Schools, Limited." Winter Term
opens Tuesday, Tth January,  HUH.
Applications for admission should be made at once to
Dr. E. D. McLaren,   1497  Pendrell   Street,   Vancouver, B. C.
Are you wanting any Electrical Work Done ?
If so, call at the Revelstoke Plumbing tS,
Sheet   Metal  Co.'s Store, Connaught Avenue.
Phone 281
Night Phone -IO
!'. O. Box 4&9
Howson C& Co., Ltd.
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson CS, Co., Ltd.
Then take advantage of an exceptional oppootunity. Call
at BINGHAM'S MUSIC STORE and inspect our stock of
Mandolins, Violins, Guitars, Accordeons, Piccolos, Flutes,
Multi-Flutes, Harmonicas, Sheet Music, Albums, etc.
EDISON PHONOGRAPHS and VICTOR GRAMOPHONES. Also 500 Edison Records selling at 45c, (usual
price, 65c.) and a good selection of Blue Seal Unbreakable
Records at 65c. Good stock of Player Rolls. Selling at next
to cost price to clear.   Come Early and Get First Choice.
Patronize your own color by sending all your washing
your blankets in early to avoid the rush.
Bachelors, try our collars.
We have just installed a new collar machine which is
bound to please.
Phone 80
. . It Might Be Cold. .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access, —the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Union  Hotel
RATES,      .     $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly ami monthly rotes to be arranged.       Meal Tickets, 21 meals for f6.00
A. P. LKVliSQUE, Proprietor
Victoria, B.C., Jan, 17.-Tbe members of the legislature and woll-fiUed
galleries '(bis afternoon listened with
Interest to the initial contributions to
the lirsl debate of tbe i-osslon the
mover and seconder of
hiB honor'- address being William
Manson of Skeena and J.U.e. Wood,
of Alberni. it bad lieen expected that
ihe mover would he W. J, Manson,
who si is for Dewdney. Th.- honor
was "all in the' family," however, and
tor upwards of au hour thu representative of Stoma exhibited ,i close ac
qualntancc with provincial conditions
and tho cause' of progress, \\ !,.Ie h'
reviewed In detail and with ibe up
port of many pertinent llgures the lin-
,'ineial and Industrial situation of
British Columbia today. Mr, Wood
while showing slight n?rvousueBn for
which a new member may easily lv
forgiven, gave u 'in.it speech In winch
were evidenced, making a dlslln-'tly
favorable impression and giving prom-
ise of developing in ,, an exceeding >
useful representatls'e ot ths people,
As customary the debate wa-adjourned uniii Monday by Parker Williams,
iu his new capacity us oppi ition
During yesterday's sittings petitions
were presonud preliminary to ihe introduction of bill- amending Vancouver's charter and granting enabling
power to Victoria, varying the incorporation ael of ihe Okanagan Tele-
pban<- company und providing tor the
Incorporation as cities of Port Co -
uuitlara niiel Tort Moody. In n<l.1 ivi.>:i
tho formal r
ie-lnve»tlgating Mr. Hayward with hi
dignities as deputy sp. alter aud    Mr.
Macgowan (fourth meml or for  Van -
couver) with th.; responsibilities ot the
i chairmanship of the' committee
ihe  reply   being  moved  by  W.J.   Maa-
son, Dewdney, and seconded by  J.G..
C.  Wood,  Alberni.
Upon tb.- retirement ot his bonoc
that thc house, might Se.-le.t its sp'-'ak-
er prior to its communicating -.o tha
assembly his reasons for cummoning
its members, Mr. Macgowan, Vancouver, being recognized by the clerk of
1he bouse, sai.l that he had a pleas-
anl dutj ie. perform in nominating aa
presiding . .rticfr of tho assembly a.
the reply to R' nlleman whom all knew well and
as lo whose fltnsss for tin- h'gh of-
6 i there i • ild be no differei ce of
opinion. Those who had sat in thn
house before woul.I realize thai no
better choice could be made than that
of the gentleman whose name he was
aboul te.. propose, a genili'iuan e,; kind
ly disposition, learned in legislative
matters. He had no doubt tbat hia
i ..munition wotilel receive the unani -
moui approval of the house aad with
out further words he moved that P.
M, Kbert-. K. C . the member toe
S.i.mich district, "do lake the -peak-
er's chair and preside .ever the delitv-
i ration- of tbe bouse."
In Grip otiee King
Laughton C& Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
MacKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke.    Phone 262.
Sash, Doors, Mouldings' Turning;
W   are in the manufacturing business
Sash,  Doors, Mouldings,  Turnings, Show
Cases,   Office and Bar   Fixtures,   Storm
Doors and Windows made to order and all
kinds of repair work done in good order.
We have a full line of building supplies, lime
cement, plaster, Jiard Wall Finish, bricks,
Sewer Pipe, Plaster Plaster Board, Roofing
• cTWetal, Lath and all kinds of Glass, Oils,
Paints, Varnish, all colors and tints.
Much pleasure in quoting anything in the
Building Line.
P. O. Box 295,  Revelstoke, B. C.
Strictly^ First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with  Bath
Dawson Jan. 18—Dawson city ts experiencing the coldest day u'i the year
Tha cily is locked fusi in tbc prip ot
winter aiiel the ihern oaiet.-r ha- drop
ped to Blxty below zero. So sever*
lms become ihe c>l.1 'it ha- been found,
Impossible io operate the mall -tagea
between Wh'.tc Hois? au.l Dawson.
With the result ihut the mail service to th.it ] oini' lias heen t.mpor —
tirily discontinued.
Portland, Ore., Jan. 18—The snow.
Which played such havo: with transportation in the Puget Sound couutry,
and thc Cascades for the past       few
s were agreed to  ffeekg BWcp|  ,ow;i upon Portlttn<1 la8t»
nig-ht and through tb • Columbiu and
Willamette valleys, covering the eariU
with ;i depth of snow of from tix to
fourteen inches in ihv city and to a
greater lepth in <'jpo-eJ places in tha
Portland wa- almost i-olatisd today.
tclegraphii I >phanic communica
tion t.i the outside world practically;
heiug eliminated It' h thc telegraph
companies maintained Intermittent ->er
vico to Puget Bound and ;i single wire
to bait Lake City vi.i Puget Souml,
gave un unsteady outlet to and from
ihe Ka-t. Telegraphic services to the
Willamette Valley wa entirely leaking, aiiel many t.iwns in all d.rectiona
were entirely cut oft from communi-
cation with thi- city. In Portland
jalitles each in Ua turn in some way/™"1 l<m tlJ -•"00 tel.-phones ar.> out.
'symbolUing thu development o! repre ' "f commission and practically ail loug
| sentative government lhn igl ess    distance communication waa -hut off.
Jive centuries, the first session of Brit- j TUc railroads were severe sufferer*
' Ifrfa Columbia's llih provincial parlia-j,rom tb" unusuol visitation o! the
jaient was duly Inaugurated today by , h'"'w '" thla section, and Scorning
Ihis honor, Lieut. Governor Paterson,!,ra,M on "" r"illlH today are tebind
land on Friday the legislator will . '*•«*«' "ehedulea.
' i-et at 2 p.m. for their lirst busln
-iiiir.1;. Th- sessional opening cere-
monies wer.' of traditional brilliancy,
thc attendance oi smartly gowned ul'd
I hatted feminity with -ervice uniform*
in unusual number ul o supplying the
note of color,  while th' music of the'
i ways and mean-'. Th • prime minister
i preliminary to all business ot the
!sitting, also too't Ih opportunity to
'place upon record tho legislature's
• sen .• ol loss sustained     in the recent
death ot Mtl). Kclmcken, K.   O.
i many years representative of  \ ictoria
lin tho house nnl to convey tbe sym-
I pathy ot parliament to th.' bereaved
Legislature Elects Speaker
Victoria, B.C., Jan   IA -With form-
, I
Sewing Machines
, Ki.'th Regiment  band and the martial
Clank of sword       and th.-     rattle oi
; .-mull arms wer.- familiarly u.    ssory
j lo the piciure-<|u.i.-- of the function.
There-election of Hon. D.M. Bberts
as president of th   assembly waa
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars     Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates    Ll
'     ,    daily'
Let Us Loan
You the Money
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   •   Revelstoke
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42 -   Night Phone 85
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at Manning's.
k\\ kinds of machine needles
I i.natiinioiiH tribute   o his provincially H.   MANNING,    Agent.
recognised popularity, experience and —^—————•
conspicuoun  ability, all oi which  w.r,-
suitably emphasized i .  Mes ra. Ma  -'
gowan ai -i fool (j in    • .-. ng ..
uniliiij.;. respeotlvely, (be forn a
lution    iu thi-e bcbalf. li.i.I \u.. ■ d nt
been adhered lo the seconding oi tins
motion wi miii have devolved upon the
opposition   (ae un dly Park •:•   Wll
lie: .",i hm the member foi Ni"
now recognised as leader ol hia party
in the lum-., i.i pass ih   oppoitunity
lo thus display h.   i oui i   .       I pa
litical breadth i.f view, although    it
wan noted Mint both hc un.l hi   r...
league, Mr. I , u   wi re present though
oul   th"   o;i'n:iii.-  exercise*   and   ste,,,
M- did nili"i membei    dui ing bi
Hi's vi-ii.   The pr.tty custom* Inaug
urarod  rears ago by Mre. ll. Dallas
lii'iu,i';. i; and annually     revive !    of
i"1 eniing ea< h mem hei   al   tb
lonal opening with a fragrant   boutl
ulere wai    till ., Ihen i to In hi i  wid
\   "i ond ... md .,(
sympathy wa     oundi prime
n •   when prior to  moi ng     the
bouse tn    adjournment    i.
feeling!) upon •
Hi in h Columh ad n
monthi    i ■  pat   ■! .■ ival bj
death ol   C    i-;   Pool* .
Iran acl   I then  a ny, th ■
public   ccfi'un      i-'; . | Douk-
boboor   nmml   Ion rei oi i   m< 11
Ing tabled bj   he mil \t
torne   Qi neru   Bos ei   pitching   . the
Infrodtictorj  ball ol the I
I In nil' i nr Sei  Bi ■•  i ad-
Ing iho never failing bill to     amend
ll M |T   Cl
1 bl   honoi ;   ;  s .'.i bi
taken nto consideration, by lhi bou«
To Buy
i lm  I
•i Ca
iV-'. -i   Ton
ci   Monday.
for Edmonton
:        .    Home C
Tl    i
nd ci
nt Mre. Und
:. Ir i.  aitl r -
li.  Sibbald, jr., made   ,,  business
t.. Go di     Me ada; ■   Hi   will   ro-
Mrs, J. K. Johnson'will receive ou
Saturday.      Jan.  25th,  from 4 to     C
p, m.
..Muj "i   T.   Kllpat i idi. left  yei I
on a business trip to the coast cilice*,
ho will he tibsenl probably ton days
Mrs, Holten will not receive Thurs
day, Jan, 23rd, hut will receive tbe
first Thursday in February.
Arrow lake Ranchers Burned
to Death
Nakusp, B. 0., Jan. 20.—Meagre
word oi a tragic liro at Edgewood, a
tanning town 50 miles south of   Na-
Vancouver,     Jan, 20—The receivers
and managers uud  the liquidators ol
the Dominion Sawmills & Lumber Oo.
kusp, was brought here by the crew'Ltd., (in liquidation) announce   that
tho following  have  been appointed as
Mrsf K. ti. Mcltae left lasl  week
spend a month ai Vancouver,
luctoi  i  ii vii. ..' the soul i' run,
■ a    o   '    ed oi !'■ day. is
i i   _•: >g ing v :
ll   ol   Sail oi    Arm,    i
!,,   re ovi ■ • -   :   thi   ho!
quiii' ,,
Basketball -Thore will he one- oi the
best games played lonighl that has
1 ecu played this season, when the
Plrat    and Smokes clash.
Tbe standing of tho league I iucI
thai  if the Pii ttes win, they wlll prac
,;      ,      '.■    and  the  M
- .;    i.e !,  hav   rei
.    Moo
lie-ally  havo  lhc  league,   but if     tbe   l''«nt8' " man and wifc'
Snieike'. win thai «ill fe'tcli them even
e! , with the Pirates, As both tean a i
i, om fast i bei i uj bi lo be a good gam'.
Jaw    Oann      iri   n   s IS admission 15c,
li    lion    li
Revel to the
A!-   Blo r,   ,:   ■■■. iiloyei   .      hi   Ri ■.
Market be     mi   -
ifl his  thumb
t>     othei   day.
"    '    ■    . • t    :.    R.M.R   Dam ■■   on
i. goo    ' Jurcd to
. ■ i        i
\v. c. I'.,! li ■  . lurday
1' iluml
i ud passengers oi tho steamer Minto,
i orth bound, this morning. On ap -
I roach to that town at '•'> o'clock this
morning, ablaze was visible from the
vessel and on arrival at the wharf it
v■., learned thai a house close to bhe
• wa destroyed and the occu-
name.d Mc
i , h, bad withoul much douhi lost
tbeli  lives In the conflagration,
N. -1;■ n of lhe couple wns seen any
..her and it is concluded they were
ii the waging Are, Further details
are unobtainable, no cause being giv-
i n a to the strting of the flrc, and
ii was nol witnessed by anyone un-
tilthe  llama;"'  was  beyond  saving ev-
tho board of Forest Mills oi Uritish
Columbia,  Limited,  successors to thc
Mrs. Stevenson
oil ml again after
ible  to  bo      ur-
reconl     sharp
Lu  Grippe  has been  renewing
iiisin -s herctoforo carried on by tho   qualntance     with a number ot
On Friday evening last the Junloi 2
class met and defeated lhe Intorraed-
. it.' ci iss in one oi thi h st ram. o
basketball that wa played thl Bea
nm. The game wa- closely contested
from st irt io flni h. At the end of
the regular playing time tho b ore
Btood   12 to 12,  the  teams plnyod     I
minutes each way.   A;  the end of tho  clearing land for the  townsite    rom-
iirse   i minutes the ecore was in favor  j.any.     Tho couple had been married
former corporation: J.M. Savage, of
Victoria, chairman; R.S. Lennie, bar-
lister; W.J. Blako Wilson, T. Frank
Patterson, all ol Vancouver, and W,
A.  A list i.    ■■•: Calgary.
Mr. Anstio will occupy the position
ot executive agenl of lho board with
headquarters in Vancouver. The receivers desire to express their warm
appreciation of the support accorded
Ihem during the period of Iheir management of the busine -, which has
now terminated,
Thc personnel of the board, compos
aii  j'. number in close proximity.
Mc£ tosh had been at Edgewood   a
long time,    engaged as n    contrctor,
of tbe intermediates, jus: befon the
Mowing of the tinn keepers whistle
for the end of thc econ 1 ! minute-,
lbe  winning  goal   was  shot  by        A,
lelc; i " nd   lhe   on-  Young which brought   the  Junior
Farmei     h   titutc    of   the winners by u seore of 11-15.
by tbe townspeople of whom (bore   ed a8 jt ^ Q, „„ or ,,„<„,„,,,,, abll.
ity, is regarded as certain to ensure
lhe Buccess of lho enterprise and to
Insure the rehabilitation of meritorious timber and sawmill propositions
in the eyes of British inv.suns. The
board will have supreme control of
the business without any interference
in ttie- part of Ehglish shareholder!*.
The financial difficulties of tho enter-
just a year. L is thought lhat Mrs.
Mcintosh's parents kept a milk ranch
near Robson, but no one here knows
where tli     man   hailed  irom.     Con-
- stable   Smith _>,j Coroner Mossman,   pi.lsc hav,e occupied a great deal    of
hurried to the sre'ne cm
bound boat.
the     south
n  Arm.  d
i -   !■:   Ri    taii
Nakusp,    n. i'., Jan. 20.— Further
i     ■     md Miss McFar -
lhe     Itevel',.ke
ago  on     ii
■      '       iri]   ti   i !al lornlu.
■   ii  the     municipal   el   '
■ , i      next event ol
;  is the B, ol I.   i''   & E.
ia th   ' ipei    House nn I
A numbi i  ,.: iti,- youth i       Revi
e toko '.■  nl  '.   T ifl Sa   ir lay ov
i ..     t 1     ■
On   Saturday  ovoning  the  Junior 1
I  hen     i oyi   of the Y.M.''.A. wen   treated  to
nl   .      li    y] i.     Promptly   at   7:30    thi
. bsencc  sleigh lefl  the building with about 28
boys, The boy certainly had aline word lias just reached here over long
lime, what, with turning Hips, h aders distance from Fauquier's Landing, car
ect., int" tbi snow t-hej enjoyedthem ried there from Edgewood by the crew
selves. After Ihe ride ihe boys gath- of the steamer Rossland states thai
ered .,' he V..M.t'.A. where the good two bodies were seen in the ruins of
• hoy like were i-i out ii. lhe Mcintosh house. Chief of Police
abundance, After partaking ol these Black and a coroner have been wired
i hlng freely, t he bi >.'. wi re allowi d foi.
in iln' a: ' toi IS minutes, when they
nviteil to go home.
public attention here and abroad during the past two years. It is now
conceded that through incoi iect ropre
sentations mado by parties on this
side of tho Atlantic the original company was over-capl'tallzed. Under the
reorganization ihe now company will
begin operations on a greatly reduced
capital, insuring thc likelihood of
earning good profits ( n the investment of an enterprise of which Lord
Desborougb was the chairman.
Th>- Forest Mills of British Colum-
1 ia, Limit .Ml. owns extensive timber
Iraets in the interior in proximity to
its live sawmills loeated at Three Val
The severo itorm which swept ovei
the Kamloops district on Saturda;
night and Sunday morning rcsulbod
in tho death Mrs. Emma Julia Cornwall, of Hose Hill and the ierlou
condition ot hei daughter,
The unfortunate ladies    left    Kamloops at about 5 o'clock oi   Saturday
afternoon     tor     Captain    Corai ..
ranch  at   Rose     Hill.   Theli' progw   -
.was    low   uie!  lodiOUS,  and whe:.      at
about s o'clock  thoy were with in    i
mile from    home,     Saturday nigh' -
blizzard fell upon them in all its violence    Tlii      e utter     lefl   the track ,
couple yard>     and  dashed against  ,,
lock bi      lh e!     tlie whip] i tree was
broki n,   Tie   hoi a , thl!    fi ed   bolti
incontl'iiently,  leaving   Mrs,  Cornwal
and hi i     daughter to  ;i niggle ab i
cn foo' a   best   huycould.
Fighting against the blinding snov
ji ii. 1 live piercing vb lorn    o    he   | i ■
they     follow.-el  the   roadwith  Inflnlti
| trouble, and Anally reached Mr, Hun
1 hy's  gate.   Although  fairly cxhau I
cd, tbey now fell encouraged, for thej
thought     that  lij   tracing their .  e]
along the fence ihej  wouldarrlvc wll
In sit.   of Mr. I lutnphi y'shouso.     The
however,   raged   so  flercel]
vision   was   ol .1 ured.   Tli
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        house   I -,.;  hiil.ten   I   t.h"  storm,     iuui
and some very high scores were inade. ilu drifting buow o piled I It u
Mrs, A. McRae won first, g large cut round the distressed pair that thej
class vase; Mis. Robbins, second,    a
ao -
known citizens this month. Mrs. H.
N. Coursler, Mrs. Kennedy of the
Central school staff. Miss Janet Mun-
 f the O.P.R, offlco force   were nU
Victims  last  Week.
Mr, K. W, Laing i- on a trip to
Vancouver representing the Poultry
\ ociation. ilis son Lionel accompanied him to have an operation pcr-
formed for adenoids,
Tho Mis es Dot and Muriel Little of
Fifth Btreet, entertained a party ot
Iheir school friend-, to ii -lelghride
last Saturday evening, alter which
Mrs. Keigaii regaled tlie crowd with a
bountiful supply of good things,
Mrs, K, Corning gave an "at homo"
on Saturday afternoon al her home
on Fifth street. The lovely rooms
were made still more attractlyi by
greal bunches of pink and white caV-
i..nicn-. Six charming young ladies blizzard
a sist.'d in serving. Ten tables com thai all
pelea for  llie prizes at   "liv.   hundred
'ii  bj
On M n dn;    •. ■ i!i  • the boy of thi
funlor :; clas      wiiv 1 to     a
sleigh  ■ ide.    ti   8   ,'c o :k     tin sleigh
b fl   • I..'  In ilding  wil Ii  a sn but
I     H ■'■ ,  ,   .       1'|M.   boys   e a-
joye I tl   n    ivi    by falling oul  ol the
sleigh in   ill kind    ol ways,   After   a
.   !,'.ic   city tho    boys
at   Mrs   1 rquhai T-       on
F.. ".i: ■ ' ... in     wen
• In'.. . .I   il..    i' ' v.. : ■
"   '<        '     '
.   ,    and  hoys  disposed all agreeing thatthev
is w^ll as an organization for.-oiling tlii o.;pwt in tho
local and i rairie markets.
Inaugural Ml Eliminated
t       I ■ Mrs   ^^^^^^^^
" that  thc la lb
i     vldcd.
• do renlng
. io wa
M '
- ■
eld tonic
:     •
;.    ■
Vernon Bonspiel
Cl eretai
■    re won by Rei
"The bo lie- wo have viewed and on
wbich we have heard th' evidence-.
where those of Angus Mcintosh anl
' leal rl e Mcintosh, and thoii deaths
were due to accidental causes, name- Eon respectively
ly, tho ne.us" in which Ihey were llv-
itcl   Bi .  '' ■ .   .ven
by thi   smol        id fumes and
the  Bame        origin: I ing  ... cid i I
did contribub   to the ea '.-. of death"
Above wa   the v. rdi I  ol the coroner's jurj •   ■ lay 1. Id   an   0red Inaugural ball
iuquis-il ion Into  tin    li   ' b o:  Mr, and
ilrs. Mcintosh wl ' eir lives in
I   their house nt
lay    morning.
', isp was the cor-
n were; II. York,
B. Vi    I ui .  v,    :-.  John* n,  doe    De
■■I.   I'..' et, Wit -
" :  Miss  C. D    Clans,
.)    Rollins,  R. Rol-
.-:iver-inlaid cut glass bon-bon dish;
Mrs. It. Urquharl cut and won the
''no-trump" prize, a Uvei inlaid
i i cam an 1 surar bowl.
A  slelghride  party given  by  the i.e.
ior class of ilc V.M.C.A, hoys   had a
jolly an.I noisy time in the moonlight
last   Sat inlay   night,   followed   by     a
sprea 1 at lhe building.
Tho ladles who have beei   canvas
ing R'Vcl  to';,,   for  the   lasl   tw     HTCek
bli  •■■rd -ii ati '•■ Mi sj  ■
ly, Taft, Comaplix. Cascade andNel-  getting Bignatures to -., petition  ask -
ing  the  legislature to grni '     won   n
i be    li frnge, compleli .1  tii"  iask      on
Washington,  Jan. 20—The time hi n
the climax of tin
ceremonies oncident  to the  inangura
tion of presidents of the United Stat-   ment"   (,M
es, will not bc given, thi- year,       In
compliance  with  Presldcnt-elecl   Wilson's wishes, the inaugural committee
at  a  special   meeting   today unanim -
ously decided  to eliminate tha inaugural 1 ill
Monday, and thc li ts have been forwarded to tIc proiin. ial Becretary in
Victoria, Thc local workei bave ev-
i ry reus.,u to fell gratified with their
results. Almost every om wl unasked in sign did so, na i: a- well as
iiomen, and hundreds of ..'natures
testily to th • populai il ■ move
counl of thi deep mow it
'..a found Impossible (o ai '•■■-■ the
outlying  dli tri ts.
D   '■:
•   • ■ i
W.J    Bi    '
T.      1.      :
■-■", at
-   ■
Officers Installed
v  the regular meeting of Court Mt
'-      1461,  idi.F. on Monday,
January  12th,  the following     oilicers
were   Installed   ley   fine.   is.U.   Atkins,
•   Deputy.
C   i:.   11    V   Morgan.
\ .• I.H.- Comp, Cameron.
It. S.   Bro,  Wm.  S. Cameron.
F,  -     Br,    V. Brierly.
imp   MeKinnon.
Oral       i    ■  '    C. Goo Iwin.
S.J F.    Bro    I'.   Smith,
K. Bond.
Bi ■    U.  ov. rton
W,   Comp.  .Morgan.
M. Hay.
' ..ning was afterwards
• i ..
Pool Tourr
i nalde to make further progress
'Vliti. ■■ tbey essay.I la press on, and
thrle • ' hey f. 11 overcorai bj sheet
fati and  overpi woring numl ni   s
Thus they passed tin   whole   ot that
long n'.ghi ''M ■ •  i i "i he pitlb ss sev
erity      of   the    bitterest   ami  cruelosl
torn    hal    hi       •. bbi rhood has fuif
i.'Ied   this   winter.
OnSunday morning when the   .■'■■
I :,'M    I,      'lie   	
wall, more di ad lhan alive,
te, Mr. Humphcy' house. Shi w.i-
taki u in ind i arcfullj tended whib
:, Uriel ..-ei. h I ci -. d tii • body ol
Mr .  Ci rnwall.   The  poor lady     ha<.
.-ll. cui, ! .al   to  the  nigh''.      ■'...
i '• I tli" las', tew •-.,., ihe v.int-
. i on i.a- Leei so mpai e1 velj
mild In tho Kamloop disl ri t that
the traged ci n es a i u le and i ud
.;..ii sho k. iin Sal ui daj nighl. how
i !■',. the temp.T Mi-.- tell to 13 di grci
:..'li".v     zero iu   Kamloop.-    whH    on
Sunday   night il droppe I to tl    '■
below .   Will, a ti mp ■rature so      ;oi
ou   iu the well   belted  ■.allei. :'  follows thai on     il,'         ainl wind
.-wept        Hal       '   !'." ■    Hill   ''.
tions must  havi rible,
!  . •  yeai   at  a  mu '
Nov. 'itli t.i be   ivact—tho frosl
snow     claimed   four    v; Urns  In  'I1"
same locality when Edward Tronson,
ihn I-. 'i-1     May  rceefei   and  BHsa
eth  Keefer perished  soiii" foUi   mil".
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    , from  where  Mrs.   t'.,rnwall  m t      her
Wc guarnatee complete relb    ti   all  death.
sufTerers from constipation. Ia every |
case where we fail wo will supply the
medicine free.
lloxall Orderlies are a fentl     • ft
ttve, dependable and Bate ' ■ a  . regulator, strongthoner aid  .onic.     They,
re-establish  nature's  functions   in      n
quiet,  easy  way.   They  do  not  cause
uny  inconvenience,  griping or  D I
They  aro   so      pleasant,  to  Lake  and
work so easily that tbey may  :.e tak- j
en by anyone at any time. They thoroughly tone up tlie whole system   toi
healthy activity.
itexull  Orderlies  arc  unsurpassable!
and ideal for tlie use of children, old
ll Statement of Facta Backed by
a Strong Guarantee.
Horrors  of   i   Death   Sentence   In  tbs
Middle AgoJ In Bohemia.
Uow mnny people know whut refen-
estrntlon   nu ■ i» -.'     Vol   it   was  mice  a
eri'.'.i  , .
popular method al i si    il
do ot rnpllnl r mish-
in lhu ml idi
T (or
int    i'
^^^^^^^^^^^       i,, t Monday
■ eld
iahoi   oi Revelstoke, Mr".    James
'   I i        rby,   an.l
McM eity.
1 it midnight
night   at  the     greenhouse-  of W.  It
-   Drill bc
yesterday.   Tie   I   U   M ■   A   |    The  M'liki.,
Io mourn his loss a
Mr=.  8a:
Trains Collide
i at
the co.
and  Alexander  Hi..
T'Ottrufl   roiv-'eimine  nil  but one    en ^^^
nho'        ifbichwei i" «••«• "■ "|f
v,,  ii neer William H   Mackay bMBf? pnln
h»&ted by "team
th* ' • • ating
Mr. Pottrufl I i away all i
leg It,  *be G ' -rieul
tnrnl  Social ting and be thinks
the fir   started a
wa -  cor. .nr.      The
greta Hon      - •        •    .,,.- ni   by
i'    man Jobn <•
mi  several  p
ir, Bbaken up.   Tlie second section ol
eat bound p issi ngei, Vo  8. fn-
A ■.•.  ■        lOWlj      '■       A:'. t'l
mow   wh'-n  the   box   'Rr,   pari   of      n
i.i.i t train hauled by b swlti i, I rata,
-.  ,    derailed r.n  a parallel  track Th.
train crashed into H
i   .
toki Band    ■   tli
M    and Wr    ■'
VI   Kellli oi itdoi  to 'I.'
W.i    Two  fif t  'lana safes,   in
Apply to  I'.  0.
,:   ■    'III
. ■:   \  placi
■fi .     ■ ■   ..'ling
in   nne '     and
.  ■.   .,   tl nd
i imer -.
n ■ ■ •!..■
10 ot
i       a ■
It wlll bi   well ovei
,   i,
Ke r    .'.v.i-. from An.
i.. i: Turnro
ten  '  tal;. i.
. man howling   tournament
il which tin.
■ •  —i, and thi
■'   Theri   - no <•*
•l. ycl,      but
ii up     Thi
h i    been run on a porcantaga
■ hi     teams are po eve-nly
matched  lhat a clone finish l" looked
uiid was the mwlo
ment used in lioliomin
ages ond lotei     iJefeneslratlon means
"throwing from n window," bul  thai
did not always ln< hide nil lbe urrungo-
meuts  made  for  lhe  doomed   man's
exit from the world.
in l'mi-'uc iii Hit) i -ii- , ouncll chamber ot lhe brndscbln, or town ball, wni
,,     ^^m ,.   i. ^^^k used lis thc place       c.uvnl':..;..   There
Oiks and dclica'te perrons. We cannot   ,„  ,he  , w  :ul,;;.(,  U(,
too highly recommend them to all hies, Iheir Invll ■•! gi ests nnd tho di^-
suBerers trom anj rorm o eonstlpa -j nltnrlen of lhu < lty, in- uuhnppj
tion     and Its attendant evils     Two   wretches  were  cast  from  n  window
sizes,  10c. and  26c.   Kemem       you   eighty feel tu lbe courtyard below
can obtain Hexall  Remedies la     this     "   hia  crime   va-  nn  ordinal
fpnsi: ibe prisi in".' was i icrelj dropi ed
un the ' iwed ,;. Ilo there
en until don lb put an
end to I -.'..■ ■•! belu
But If he v e.f irensi
nny act of viol tnee t ilnsl n noble ha
fell on (be sharp epears of n squad ot
toldlers or dropped I lho lender mercies of n pni;. .: Rei n dogs specially
trained for lhe purpose, or he might
be flung to wild boars previously eu-
rnged by being pricked with spears.
The hist lime' defenestration waa
practiced wns Just before tbo Thirty
Venrs' war, when the Imperial commissioners brought nn unwelcome mes-
iiigo to Prague nnd wero promptly
thrown from the window. This pre-
Clpltoted the war aud abolished the
custom.—New York Press.
j community   ..nly   at   tbe   Wi '       Bi '■
drug ston    i bi   Rei..   . I
l 1
Remember the R.M.R, Danco in the
Drill Hall on Friday night.
Arrives  24:46,   Di
-Arrives    7:20,   Departs
Arrives  11:65, Departs 12:15
?.—Arrives    6:48,   Departs    7.03
Arrives     llik,   Departs   Ic20.
1:1   arrives   18:15,   Departs   iy:3,ri
\i i  .'     15 10,  loaves 7:1", a.m.
Mrs, BJdward Kennedy, of Meridan,
Conn,, IU years old, was advised by
her Physician to try Dr. MarteU's Fe-
malo Pills, she did so with wonderful
results. Thousands of others would
say thc same. 20 years the standard
at your Druggist.
Caute and Effect.
"He spoke very highly of yon S
month :mo."
"Yes; 1 bad just loaued him $10."
"Uut today bo cannot think' ot
tnougb bnrsh things to say about you."
"True. I stuppetl him on the street
vesterdny nud ashed him to pay IH
back."—Detroit Free Press. •» ,


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