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25o, and uOe, per lint tie,
I'ri'piilediind sold i all IV by
The Mail-Hepald
itlVfl \
IAN 2  '-:"
i, —AT
Vol. 12.-No. 46
$2.50 Per Year
The persistent argument of this Business is "QUALITY " and
" STYLE," and when we announce New Styles or Kino Quality Good,
we mean it. Just now we arc on the Eve ol Stock-Taking and have
sonio line, we desire tu get rid ol.   Wo wiil make a price concession.
Here is the Biggest $1.00 worth
ul Canned (mods in li. 0. Wo
will mix tbeni up for you—9
tin, of Corn for $1.1)0; II tin, ol
I'eas for $1.00; ',1 tin, of lleiins
Ior $1.00; 7 tins of Tonuitoe,
for $1.00; 8 tin, of Pumpkins
for $1.00; b' tins of StruwbcrricH
for $100; 6 tins of ltaspberries
for $1.00; 6 tins of Plum, for
$1.00; 15 tin, of Peaclic,, Pears,
Pineapples, $1.00.
100 lbs. Best Mount Royal Flour $2.90
100 lbs, Royal Household $3.00.
Queen City Catsup, per Bottle—20c.
Rowat's Pickles, per Bottle, 20c.
Boots and Shoes
A Mixed Lot of Ladle,' Fine
Shoe,, all sizes, Laced and Buttoned, all kinds, These are
wortb from $2,S0 to $400 per
pair. There i, a Basket for easy
A bunch o! Boys' Boots, a
Mixed Lot. too.
$2 and $2.50 Shoes $1.50
A line of Ladies' KimonaB, $1.75 and $2.00 Good*,
all sizes, Lace trimmed.      -
A lot of Ladies' Skirts, $5.00 to $7.00.  These
Skirt* are a good bargain at        ...
A Lot of Dress Tweeds, swell goods, 56 in. wide,
Sure to be something here you can use. $1.50
goods for     	
Misses' White Wool Gloves, all wool, sizes 3 to 6.
40c. Gloves for •
Corsets-a mixed lot-all sizes. $2.00 and $2.50
Corsets for	
Belts—A line of Cloth and Patent Leather Bolts at
50c.   YourB now for      -       •      Twenty-Five Cents
75 cts.
20 cts.
ft la 51 Mb, n
Ml 0.0. d
ground    it/
here for !*«
C.B. Hume & Co, Ltd
6. T. Chapman's Store Burned
—Union Hotel Scorched,
On Thursday night a lire broke out
in tbe building belonging to G, T.
Newman at Arrowhead, and occupied
on tho ground llcor by G.T. Chapman
a, a store and post olliee. Mr. Newman and family, who occupy the upper
floor, woro out at the time. It is not
known how the lire originatul, but it
spread so suddenly the wbulo building
was enveloped in flame, in a short
time and the stock and content,
Tbe Union Hotel, owned by Mr.
Liglitburn was badly scorched.
Tho loss was mainly covered by
insurance, but Mc,*r*. Newman nnd
Chapman will be considerable InserB.
The following wore tbe insurances
G. T. Chapman, on stock $5000 (lis
tribntcd a, follows: Canada Fire
Sibbald & Field agent,, $2000; Western, W, A. Morri, agent,$1000; Equity,
H. N. Coursiei agent, $2000.
G. T. Newman, on building, $20U0
in Montreal Canada, and $1000 iu
Anglo-American, H. N. Coursier
Household furniture, G T. Newman,
$350 in Western, W. A. Morris agent.
The Union Hotel was insured with
Sibbald & Field, Itovelstoke Insurance
Agency, and H. N. Coursier.
H, M. Sutherland, ol Revelstoke,
makes tbe following statement regarding the (lillieulty:
" 1 bad a letter from Dr. Day to elm
I'lVuct that tbo demonstration of thu
allied European Heels ugiiinsi Turkey
bud stirred up trouble near the orphanage. Dr. Day's brother wa, imprisoned, and the doclor's presence is dosired
by tbe authorities, Sonic parlies of
the children on their way out hero
were turned buck from the const. Dr.
Day Buys be will come buck this wny
to see tho people, and tbo money given
him for tlio purpose of paying tbo
passaguway ul children will all be relumed. Of course, there is yet a
possibility of their getting out, 1 trust
they will, Poor souls, il is a miserable country they are In."
From Our Own t'orrcspoiidi-nt.
Mr. and Mrs. John Ilecior, wh.
have been residents of Naklisp fur a
number of years, have removed to
Vancouver, whore they expect to reside
for some time.
The heavy fall ol snow last Monday
completely blocked the pa,60iiger
train, no train getting through until
The masquerade ball to be given by
the Dramatic Club on Feb. 14th
promise, to be the event ol tho seasun.
Chinese New Year passed off with
the usual lestivie, and explosions ol
II rework,.
Tbe saw mill lias closed down lor
extensive repair,. The uiauagenieut
expect to resume operations in ahum
two month,.
Dr. Brouse, of New Denver, was iu
town attending Mrs. D. Craig, and
Mrs. J. M, Russell who are very ill.
Tbe tug Columbia, which bus been
ou the ways at tbe ship yard undergoing repairs tu her bull, wus launched last week.
From oiirnwn c.irrosiniiidout.
Messrs. Hull aud Lewis, insurance
men ol Revelstoke, weie in this week
looking afler their respective business
A heavy full of snow eiime the lirst
pirt ot the week followed by continued
The Bowman Lumber Company is
rapidly pushing forward 'be construction of their new mill ut this place
and it is rapidly taking tbe aspect of
a sawmill. The frame work is up and
tbe rod on. The frame is substantial
in every respect. The roofing is of
corrugated iron. The piling Ior the
foundation was started Dec. 1st, und
already over 900 piles are driven. More
than 1200 piles will be required for
the foundation. The topof tbeluunda-
tion will be several feet above high
water level. The mill site is perfect
the mill abutting un tbe lake.
The mill is to be a double cut band
with an 8 ft. resaw. There is also to
be a lath and shingle mill in connection, also a planing mill and dry kiln.
When finished this will be the most
up-to date and thoroughly equipped
sawmill in British Columbia, having a
capacity of 150,000 ft. every two shifts.
The main building is 200 x48 ft.
Power will be furnished by boiler,
with a capacity of 500 horsepower.
The mill is designed and being built
by G. F. Rice, of Minneapolis, the
lumber city of America. Mr. Rice i,
the beet man in the business today.
The work iB under-tho efficient super-
intendency ol A. F. Dudgeon, the well
known lumberman. Mr. Dudgeon is
also superintendent of the company's
interests nt Revelstoke. When in
operation the mill will be in charge of
M. J. Gleason, who knows the sawing'
busings Irom A to Z, having spent
many years m lumbering. The mill
i, expected to be in operation by
April 1st.
Rev. Dr. Day, Methodist mitsionary
from Macedonia, when here a lew
month, since, promised to bring out a
r umber of orphaned children from bis
country for adoption in families in
this city and elsewhere in the province.
Money wa, advanced to Mr, Day to
defray the railway and steamship fares
of the children. Those who desired to
adopt the children expected they
would be here by thi, timo.   Rev. C,
Preparing to Work.
All stock in the Northwestern Development syndicate or the Gold
Finch Mining company which has
not been exchanged lor stuck in tbe
Camborne Mining company, with the
assessment ol live cents a share on llie
Camborne stock paid, is now delinquent and is being sold by the Camborne Mining company tor the price
of tbe assessment, five cunts a share
on the Camborne stock, whioh is
equivalent to 11 cents a share ou the
Northwestern stock.
Secretary John B, Curtis, oi Cal-
uinel, reports lhat there iB equivalent
nf ubout 75,0011 slum's of Camborne
stock delinquent, und uf this amount
between 15,000 and 20^000 shares wore
sold ou Deo. 12th, and loth,,those being the first two days of dellnqtionoy.
He says that the finauoialcondition
ol this concern is now better I ban it
ur any of its predecessors bus been
since December, 1902, when the
Northwestern Development syndicate
lirst begun to incur an indebtedness,
From that time forth the financial
situation grew gradually worse, until
entire liquidation was averted only by
a fow of the heaviest stockholders
forming a triisleu's company which
issued a blanket mortgage, nnd paid
off tbe indebtedness, at the same timo
preventing a sheriff's Bale.
This mortgoge of $15,0110 is now thu
only claim of any nature against the
property, quit claim deeds to (he entire group of claims and all equipment
having been secured. Tbe property is
entirely out of danger from loieolosuro,
as the mortgage syndicate is composed of tho stockholders who have
tbe greatest interests at stake, being
composed, at tbe same lime, of some
uf the strongest and most trustworthy
financial Interest, of tbe copper country.
There is now in the company's
treasury a (und ol between $5,0011 and
$11,000, derived (rum the present
assessment nud delinquent stuck sale.
Thero are uu plana to begin any work
on the property until Ibis fund is
materially strengthened und enough
is iiii baud to make an attack that
will promise suine ilelinile results.
Thestampmill is said tube in good
condition and a watchman is looking
after its safekeeping.
There nro two methods by whioh
more money may be raised—tlm further sale of stock or the culling of
another assessment. It bus not been
determined which method shall be
Tbe stock in the Camborne Mining
company is issued in the names of tho
stockholders but is nut delivered to
them at present, It is turned over to
the First National Hank in Calumet
and a receipt fur it is issued by tbe
bank to the stockholders, while thu
bank will bold the stock in escrow
until such time us the mining company has satisfactorily financed the
undertaking—Mining Gazette, Calumet, Mich.
St. Andrew's.—Sunday, Jan. 28th,
11 a.m. Communion. 7:30 p.m., Rev.
J. C. Herdman, I).])., Superintendent
of Missions will conduct service
Knox—J. R. Robertson, Ii. A.,
Pastor. Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m. Sunday school and Bible class
at 2:30. Prayer meeting on Wednesday night at 8 o'clock.
Rev. Dr. Herdman, Superintendent
ot Mission, in the Synod ol B. C. and
Alberta will preach at the morning
service, and will also address the Sunday school in tho afternoon, The
Pastor will preach at tho evening service on the subject: "The High Calling ol our Church in Cauada,"
Methodist.—Pastor, Rev. C. H, M.
Sutherland, Special service for the
Sunday School scholars at 11 a, m.
Subject: " Five Giants, and How to
Slay Them." P. M.—"The Great
Salvation." Anthem by the choir.—
" Christian, the Morn Breaks Sweetly
O'er Thee."
There will be an important meeting
of C. P. R. officials at Calgary about
Feb. 1, Second Vice-President Whyte
and all the general superintendents,
division superintendents and all officials interested in transportation between Vancouver and Port Arthur
will be there,
The Wreck—IH Lives Lost -
Terrible Sufferings of the
Survivors—Another Wreck
VICTORIA, Jan, 27.-—Futty survivor,.
That tells in brief the rest ol the story
of Valonciu, The ghastliest ol all
tales in connection with the wreck is
related by survivors this morning,
They say that just as the rcscuo party
from tbo laud side reached tbo clill'
abovo the wreck and were received
with cheers by tbo crowd, the vessel
broke up aud fifty-five people went,
down into tho maelstrom with tbo
doomed vessel.
A new element of anxiety in connection with the wreck of the Valencia
presents itself by reason of wost coast
benches being littered with cases of
liquor. Indians have broached some
ol these and orlgles are resulting. It
is assorted that the Valencia's lifo
boats and gear were rotten.
Among the passengers on the ill-
fated Valencia wcro (i. W, Taylor, a
well-known ranoher of Kootenay lake,
and bis wife, and Harry Ward, formerly bookkeeper fur Brydges, Jilake-
more & Cameron, of Nelson, II. C. (!.
II. .10880, another passenger, was nlso
at one time a resilient of Nelson and
For miles the beaoliM constitute a
long succession of open graveyards,
being dotted above the water line with
the remains of men, women and children whioh have so far been recovered.
So many bodies were thrown up that
il wns impossible to do more than
haul thuin to places uf safety.
Many bodies have been so terribly
pounded and bruised by contaot with
tlm rocks that idontiiicutisn may bo
dillicult even if such wore possible.
Four mure survivors wore located
lust night on n small island in Barclay
Sound and rescued. The drowned
number wus 114, Not one woman or
child was saved,
An epidemic ul suicide broke out on
llie second lifts raft which got away
from thu wreck. There were nine
people ou it, Third Engineer Wilson
und three others jumped into Uio sun,
while just as the island bench whs
readied another went insane and
rushed into tbe ocean.
Twenty-two other* were picked up
Oil a rait.
The condition of the survivors was
They wen- hall frozen and practically unconscious Irom tlio exposure.
The sight of the pour creatures on
tbo raft brought tears to the eyes ot
the sailors on the rescuing vessel.
In tbo stern ol the raft silt an old
man. His snow white hair and pallid
features were creased nnd torn by tbe
Hying spray.
Ottawa, Jan. 27.—The marine department have ordered nn inquiry into
the Valencia wreck.
Major Wioksted, aged 94 died this
The stai oh business uf Cauada lias
been formed into a merger with a
oapital of $2,500,000.
Tbo cabinet vacancy will bu filled
next week. Senator Tcmplcnuin will
be given the portfolio of Inland Revenue. Legislation will be necessary
to create a milling department, This
will come later. In the meantime the
branch may be placed under Senator
Teniplemaii's charge.
St. l'ETiiiiriiiuitu, Jan. 27.—A despatch from Gomel says ball' of the
town i, in flames uud fighting is going
on between the troops and revolutionists. The pacification of Baltic provinces has reached the limil stage.
Nearly 250 revolutionist, have been
shot aud several thousand jailed,
Three generals nre operating in the
district with ten thousand troops.
The revolutionists havo burned 200
castles valued at $4,000,000.
Lowell, Mass., Jan. 27,—Three
livcB were lost in it lire this morning
which destroyed the Richardson hotel.
Thirty people suffered injuries.
London, Jun. 27.—The British Admiralty denies that the battleship
Dominion, now ut Halifax, is to be
sent to Venezuela.
I, O. F,
Bro. Hand, Deputy ol the 8. C. R.
for the Western States and Provinces,
with headquarters at Portland ia
visiting Revelstoke in the interests ul
the Independedt Order ol Foresters.
A meeting oi members and their
Irionds will bo held at 8 o'clock this
evening in tlio Oilillcllows Hull over
post iilliee.
~ curlIng.
O. D. Hoar in writing tu one ol the
local curlers regarding the bonspiel at
Golden next week says:
We are making very elaborate
arrangements to entertain our friend,
from aero,, the 'Great Selkirk Divide,'
and trust that you will put yourself
out and como und enjoy Goldon'a hospitality. This bonspiel will bo our
greatest ell'ort to make lite happy for
our Revelstoke friends,"
want the best.
Christies'   Biscuits,   Webb's,   Fry's  and   Robertson's
Chocolates, Chase and Sanborne Coffee,
Tetley's Tuas, etc,
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings.
Ready-Made Clothing.
Capital Anthorlised, 94,000,000  Capital Paid L'p.priOO.oou.  Kest.ftMOQ.
Head Olliee, Toronto, Ontario,
"Uniiirlins in lho Ntirthwii-i Territories, Manitoba* Ontario uud ^nebec.
And lho following pblnta in British Colambla: Craubrook, Gulden.
NoUun, Revolstoko, Trout Lake, Arrowhead, Vancouver and Victoria.
T. K MBBBITT, President.       D. H. WilKIB, Yir-A-Pre-ident and General Manager.
E. Hay, AssisUiiiil.Uonoral Manager.   \Y. Moffat, Chief Inspector.
Revelstoke Branch, It, C. -A General Banking Business Transacted
Savings Duimrtmotit -Deposits Received ami Ltarest Allowed.
Drafts sold available ih all pari-; of Canada, Cutted States and Europe.
^iiocial attention given to collections. A. E, Phipps, Manager
Incorporated hj Act of Parliament, l»v,.
Wm, MOLSON MacI'HKKsiis, Pies. S. 11, Ewiso, Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way of banking business transacted without unnecessary dulay.
Interest credited twice a year at current rates on Savings Bank
W. II. I'll ATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
• ■.**> i uuu/i uiiu \uiii|JUiiJ<
First Street,   Revelstoke .
A*AAAAaaa**aa»»*a*»a»»»»»< i Vi W,WmrywwiAM
StockTakingCash Sale
To reduce our large stock we will give most
How* Furniture & Carpet Store
-»$*»»H»Mnf, <f"V 't' tM"Hv»»<He)$e)
Have  you overlooked our offer of English Enamelled
saucepan mffl^tl^^1100008'
Do you think that wo advertise this Merchandise at cost
only to bring you Into the Store and sell at ihe same olrf
When we say selling at cost, we mean at cost
Every merchant pvenrtooke ill some lines anticipatintr
lOTgerbu,lne,8,andwe have a number of enamelled and
steel Saucepan,, lea kettles and Aluminum Kitchen Uten-
stIfl wine i mnal ,„, l,. .,,,,1-,. ..,.,..„ f.... v„... a.   ,       ,.     .     u
.    --■ —...s-...... ..,,.,uiuuui mil
sils which must go to make room for New .Spring Goods
m"S' PI Tllki"K Scasnn tliese *°™s Wfll be offered
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd.
Mail Ordon Promptly attended to.      p, o. Box 181,
#W<H#»W##^i$ i|. j HHJ
0 ♦♦•H-m-mv+immm
I Was She Justified? \
At a small kitchen table in a (arm
)i    .■   iwo '■ ,:   I    .iiii" ''"ii! uf-
. n in il      irlj   tiilumn, drink-
i.      ■ ..,  ,,,. |(| ' ■   :i   n rent   mur-
tl     •: ai  I   I o   in -i In n nearby
,,n i    nro   ed - iiiHidi'i'nblu    In-
i on accouiii     I lho pr Inenl
p   in ,n held b)  iwo ol lho randllos
.i,-.: .- ih tin -.    :
'l -,■..,   j'oiu ,   '        had quarrelled
■:    '.-i.l in m    il
I , ii e.i, ii i-bi ii I u« bis / ■• '■
, .. ii,.. ■ bj on - wi im
ro  i.i-l by tin  -        and n  ! - ■ |b
ii-. lad,' frlon l-i, -. lm w ---"I tho
scene, toll thai llm del nd r was
, , .. |u, ,. od . i an ii i"' wus
:;     , h n vloleiii  li'inpor they   B.-p
,,: itod the pair, ivlm \ Id probably
havo settled in n hand lo hand en-
, , 0r 'll ■ ltd owing rlaj lho
v,. do io-.. , v. shocked by ibe
. ti rtllng news Hint Arthur Homer,
ii ■ jroung man nl good ropulatlon
, | rwipocti I lo, lhnn ;li humble pur-
... -,.,,., wl . pi   .';, ly dofonil -'I llie
■ ,.. ,,;' tho girl, had deliberately
laken aim and sic Lis rival, lho
s m nf ;i m llloiiniiv, in ci,Iti blood,
A newspaper lay on lho lab! ■ at
which   the   wonn n Wi ro silting, on
II ■ fronl pn ;: it wood cut of
tho youthful mu ' I m r "lie lias
nol a hard face," said tho visitor, a
Bomowhal lb tld, .,- alio an i fnrglv-
ii ■: littlo won . i      "No doubl lie Is
"tiiu; Intone ■ ron b  o now,"
■i pes I.im rl -lit, iin--, Mrs, Tur-
m r, ho wns   smart is ougb lo mako
go ,1 hi-! es „i"-. but  I hope bo will
, ,n I,., caugl i und : offer tho pen il
ty of his crime,     Thero nro enough
:-.!   running uround lho   coun-
- n ,-.-.■    ! nw.H aro altogotber   toil
nnl tbo hostess  aflor taking u
I tea pul hor cup hack Into the
r In      :.    j manner that  tbo
.    -   -   ■ chlnn added emphasis    lo
1 -,  n mi rl s,
v      Turner looked up with nslon-
i!.m ij;      ill.-n    gravely    glanced
ind tbo cosy kl Chen,    A    wood
wai buriiii c In tho brightly pol-
, Blovo, and    Ibe   nlcklo-platod
i .   . tttlo !■  1 I" cnnti'ibute    lis
si       towards the afternoon's enter-
11 by slngl ig merrily. Shelves
i ; the dresser in n cornor were neatly   arranged   with   white scalloped
|    :   r;    ■■l.i. : i       ;..,. ;.i  I    111.'     Wall
ii rows wore blue willow pattern
i . ■ ., wl ,! - cups li' ng by their
ii II s from li'i1" I rass hooks on
tl shelve! A fr h whl to mui lln
i tain un the spin! ,ss window nd-
i tl , dninl ii-ss, while tho ten and
■■ gave mi air of hospitality lo
;i ■    luce.
- li ho I a '."■■ , nml is some-
1 n," ■■ , i il Mrs. Turner,
"1*    • lui  ;     i. ssion Lull no! sub-
until ll      li-etl v..is done,   und
..-  i  thai  he inii'it  olther es-
: : ■  lho mercy   af   n
t'o'.v-i   tided   men, «h i will
i    I and   del irmino whether    lhat
',   I, '.,-:. ing   in   llie Almighty,
-    II remain in tl Is world or bu soul
to Ils   Crentoi       If ho could
ill"   gallows, l,e   would   no
rl     t livo a life of n ponlance,   ond
I - ' ably   do    som -   good   In  tho
iot he," pr ' si il Mrs, Clifford.
• '■   wns n cold hloi li d murder;   of
li re is ii" shadow ol u doubt.
must  d :-.'■-.i  Lis life for llie life
is gone.    If your sun lay dead
I    the !.«• -1   ol an assassin, would
tl     Ihlnk    tho    villain  should  go
I!        "
v 11, i ol oxai Ily," r piled Mrs.
!-, ' still mulling could bring
i son back *,o mo. A men cun-
i- tting ono grail sin is never freed
i: his c ms ■ ■ A hardened
,- i, 1 should - -.- -ly not bo ul-
I I to roi ui :■• 'i among uusu-
.. 4 p   pie   ml 1 reformi i "
rut! '  si - - ■: M -s, Clifford,
is no n  i I.-   .-.,   uch senl im
wi We I avo il as   wo
■ •     What would tbe v., rid    b -
it ther   were no i. ri is of pun-
•'!:■■•■■        :      .1 ink   i :'
-.  ■'. ie to the      ntry   n I tard-
lol    Of   ■■■ ' :   :'.,'■       i:'
. ■: ■     ■:.'-.-.,I    for
: -ll nm ;■    would
r lho ] .-, •  with
il      • • ike  i
■    V I!                  to  I         '  ii   .
:'             I
"He   will ■    ■'■-,:    mo   "
.    ■     Mi "|l  :, i
about an oi ly - ...
v ,-.-  II I    ■
I       '
... Vi..
I ■    ■ '
heard   nl    ll
' 1 ■    .i
■ - ■■    news.
'. res       nice   I       il
i her n.'iiid .,,.:■! nd
so Intel    . I upon
• and   ihrlsi., dark
-       La-he  nnd     blue
1 it ■  In on ■    -.-'
"  - ■'.  for a 1   Ilo n plouiocy
■   ■ .'.: "-"1       mini.,," ro
Ihe nf!
.   ;•■ ■'■     ;   ■   ('        :i   ■'    III.in      of
not fan    ,
ild yo n> me," he   .-" ked
• ■ fur a m trder r,
I    am
.  l •!.!    tmo
lay   nit."
' .).-■   ' .! Illy
i i able-lmdled
: ■     Sly   on   lm,
'■-"  ■■ .   I."    n' •--   iled  tbo  Iml
rtiinnlc and
fe"l wo        '      ; i    I,    so
' 01        tl     ny       .-.ii ■-.     nl-
I lead I     'oi -iv   0111-
.'1 ■ '.'-, li ol   i.ln ■ !, ob, rvod    Mrs.
di v
ni u
tears as
i,r ynu
you will
ni anything
ng out in
ll bo   near
[Clifford, lho poor boy, aboul tho ago
of hor own sun 'I lion thoro wus
tIn.i proapoot of ih,- toward, she
hesitated no longer, "Como right
in, uml l will give you u cup of toa,
That will smut lovivo you."
Sho soatod him near lho window,
and again busied li.r--i.-li' by broiling
it pi'-ce nl sloali, making ton i and
fresh lea,
Thoro wus something horribly uncanny tlliulll In-ill;;- lllollO in ll llOUSO
with :i murderer, although bo looked
pnlliollc iinoug'b, wilh bis bond In
his li nn!-. nnd ell,i,«s rusting mi tho
window till "'ibo poor hid,
Ihoughl, "I ilnii'i Mippn.,- ho
Inleiu od In do Ihal m i one
In,',in- lho deed cum dono; now
- li:'.- Is ruined. I wl ih lho
would i,un,' Iiinn,', nnd a I,,-,-
Iwhal in do with him,    ,:. I i
ny jii iice niusi be inolnlnlni I nl
nil con b I ;, n liko !,i»..n' uf lluso
bravo dlplniiiutle women of long
tig i," she soliloquized, "doing u nor-
vie [or my country, lie \\ ill surely
le found mil, so I may as woll havn
lho rownrd as anyonu; S2,0iH) Is
moro than wo can snvo In twenty
yours. Thin Is nn opportunity, the
like   uf   whl h  I    may novor havo
il"i,ill.     When   III,-n  Bllll'l   out   Ii!  Iie-
c.iiir rich nud fnnioim, Ihoy' don'l
slop iii consider bodios und souls
of uthor tu,ni. Thousands of lives
nre cut down mercilessly in battlo
for sake ,,f tho country's laws;
J thou why should I have mlsgh lugs
aboul one young mini, -and ho n murderer? I must do wii.tt Is insi foi
my country al nil hazards, Just tho
snme ns in war, It is n blessing
Mrs, Turner Is nol hero with hor
tender heart nnd gonllo ways."
i The meal was on tho lablo. "1
lu.pi- you will lui vi- enough," ventured Mrs. Clifford, selling Ihe
I Bleak und bultorod toast boforo
I 'I'll' lad's eyes filled with
ho ivied to thank hor,
'mind," she suid kindly, ''i
have liiul something lo oal,
feel stronger, If ynu wanl
else, call me. I am go
feed ihe chickens, and v
enough lo Inui' you."
Wiih u dish of corn
Mrs, Clifford sat In an old gnrdon
chair, v.hile the fowl3 gatbored
around her. She threw out u handful of corn, ll «'us her custom lo
throw another nt oucu so as, while
tho moro aggressive wero busy eating, liiniil ones hnd tho chance of
'gathering a few kernels from lho
latter supplies. Im lead ol which,
sir- ran hoi hands through lho co n,
over and over again, covering th"
palms and then tho baiU of her
hands with lho golden groin; oc-
en' ii'iiully taking son e in lho palm
ol ono hand, tho lot it slip through
her tour lingers; over another handful sho would close hor Dug rs, nnd
l"i il drop piece by piece back Into
llie pan. In vain tho chickens
cackled, I'm- Hi- y were sorely ptiz-zl •<!
and I licit- mistress was in a deep-
Two spirits wero clamoring for
rani I cry.   Sh   in i Id not dli i rn tho
r I from   the ov 11.     Ono lold In r
Hi - lad was young, impulsive, at In r
mercy, and till; ■■-.'  rlcnce would bo
n life-long 1 sson to him,  Tl th r
i.' Isled  that   Provltlencc I nd  li lp id
■ In ii mo tl inn xp Led fas iii n,
and to 1 r, be bad seal II i boy,
sn thnl she could liav, th - moans
lo sal isi'y an intern ' ■ I i
hi lp her son, which wottl i be an
earthly recompense for a life of devotion.    11  wns quite u  ■! ■ s lo try
land detaining the lomplntion from
the inspiration. Al last, her docis-
; ion being made,, ho - alt, ri tl tho
corn promiscuously lo the (owls and
wenl In He house.
'•Would ynu li" lo Ilo down   and
real?" she asked tho boy, « h i    - a
preparing to leave.
■-No. I    musl stnrl    on my
again, but I wish I could stay
resi forever."
"IIe.ro is a it'll d little room,'
Intimated, opening n door
oil the kitchen, "We have ho : no
hb'od man si, oping al ihe house
siiu ■ spriti Vou will ii"- be disturbed a- ray ! usliand doe nol re-
mn- this ovi ning until nine."
Arthur Ilo tier could   icai
li ,vi  thai !;■' heard n Igl -
quite evident, ho sum ■
not know whom   ho was barb
Ho wantc I    lo   con   i • In      leone,
why in,!  In I. r'
"Then  she will        i me
1 - •' iu in.    "1 'im nlmosl     .- i ■:■
horror a
■ :- • I-,., ',■ en  d.'celvi-d,
■    '       reporl        lho i
pr bnbly stand   at r        I
'Help!  help!  mm
,i ,..'  •
Ilu l       I    I      ■   ■      Mr 1
" ...
as If In o '
svrled, "I        t wanl io    I
ti an   -   '   -    nature ol ' ■■ ir
iltj     but I kno' i aro    In
t    ibl ■    an l    I  !»  v ■' '■' ji  ;■
yi i "
11:       •■,  :   ,   rl      nl
his face llusl i li
i    od   "I  ,iin    tl ■          i
■ i that i               ' If   : ,u
help me, fit t havi        nl
for I ■':" worn mil from ox-
■ i and i , and voiild
gladly real  If corlo .. ... causing
n , n  (I it;
"My   anxiol.v onl;
ill. II       I   -il.      '    . I.     ,1     !   l      ' !    ■
hu rial up I r ' In n I  '    mu
n eiits ri turneii, -1 ri
,-t i ,1," blue    ill      "Thi "   II
loo tlghl I, i' in,,   mn.'    ;" 'Xfiln	
I ,-,-,' ii you - ' -. i ' i rill
In- gl.id lo know thai mmo uso mo <
I,,- mado , i It,"
"\',,u don't mean lo so ' ho
t;.i ped—
■'I ment  ju i -vli.ii  I  my,"   ho In
ti I'i'iiplcd, her iim" •'' "i fact nalu
ci nun-; lo lln- rencuo    "Thai brown
nil i, much loo hun ry lor wall In ,
ii, warm ivoalhoi, I a, looking
dusty nnd shabby. If you like lo
leave It, I can glvo If to some poor
man in Hie Autumn "
"No mn! else will wear (lib su i "
ho -.! mn, u-.-.-i "It Is Infected] lot
me burn ll,"
"Alright, yuii limy do bo whon you
a.-, i
llm! out I.' lho blue one will nn-
IL- entered tho lillle room, and slio
liiiiulei! him a pall ol warm wuler, u
razor, snap,  lowols and clean linen.
Alice clearing away nil nvldonoool
lho meal, sho went tn a lini" cupboard and taking oul u coal nil can,
an uld i in dish, and a pair of scissors, pineal than noar iho Blovo. U
wns nil dono so inoltiodlcally nnd
calmly thai an mil,inker inlghl -ui'-
poso ii wus pari of hor occupation
for overj  afternoon,
She had ni.I. ju.1 llnlshod end sal
down 1,, wall, when lho bodroom
door wns opened, nnd lho Ind -.p
poured, i-lenti:.Iiuv.-n nml dl'ossod III
h, r son's ulolbing, "Looking liko
it new inini," sho lold him, with a
brlghl smile, "nnd l havo o\ ■:-,-
Ihlng ready [or you to burn tho uld
in.ui," she added, paliillng lo lho
up mils.
"You musl mil touch lho Inft" •(!
suit," ho protested, ns she graepod
llm scissors In hor right hand, nml
held mil llie left'for Ihe coal, "If
vou want, lo help yen may pour tbo
oil "
lie could not have her stand  and
v.-.tlrh    1,1m,    hut     hnagl I if linlll
were busy, neither one would bo so
nervous,    Arthur cut n Hleevo    out
of il onl, nml put it   in Iho   lln
dish; Mrs. Clifford, standing boshlii
bin . poured tbo oil over It, Tbo l-nl
pill llrnt in lho stove, and while It
was burning tut out lho olhor
si -ni'. iu propni in!; ii I'm- crmnu-
lloii Arlhiir glanced ut Ihe window,
ami both ul thorn Instantly bocaino
Neighbors, although living ul somn
ilislnniv, occoslonnll.V culled in llie
nfli'i-iiuiui, und walked in i!v l.lli'llun
door, without tho ceremony of
.Vis. Clifford fancied sli„ would nd-
mil hor knowledgo of Arthur's guilt,
it' Bho pulled down Hie bluitl ' an,|
locked ihe door, yet she realized tlie
risk Incurred, by slnnding opposlto
tin- window during hor lm hand's
absence wiih n atrnngo young man,
making boullros of his clothing. If
sum.'lino should mil, it certainly
would be a rather illlucull situation
In explain satisfactorily,
No doubt Ihe iini,i„ idea occurred
in Hie liny, who quietly suggested
ns h„ noticed the uneasiness expressed i:i her face: "Tlm fumes of ihi.
kerosene nee Inn much fur you, I
tear, if will lie bettor for you to sit
in llie open air lllllll I have linisii-
She needed no second liiildiii!',-, and
soon breathed moro freely silling
outside whoro sl-i- could watch lho
rood from nil directions, ll was
mu long before Arthur was nl tbo
open door carrying llm tin dish,
lull of ashes and cbnrrod clothing,
ami asking for it spade. While lm
v.is burying the remains of ihe
blown mil. Mrs. Clifford hurried
Into tho Itouso in open all lho doors
und windows so thai llm place mlgjit.
lm :-ii-,-,1 ,,i' Hi' odor ,,' burning ml.
! ', ■■ In ■ " 1 mi him resting ns it
was then on!;,- halt' pn '. [ive, saying,
it' In- took I- nap, ■ h ■ would waken
him ai eigbl, and ho might star; ou
his J - .en", al (In ik
li-- wenl back ", lb • littlo room,
ond bi t: -. - on pi ' ly worn out by
■ shall ' i- :. and 11 i tvi -i: strain,
as well o hat   t- ill ■ -.1 Ity his
ni,; i ty, -".■ I:  :   lept sound!
Mr.:. (", trcl pn - 1 a I;''1.- hand
such,-I  m:1,:: of 1   !' ■   h
I   ad and l ::'lor,     me c iol
i. s,    a small    bottle    of horn ■■: -
r ti pborry       •   n -,  a  tin  mm:, Ihroo
:' -  I     lin - '..■■' .     tno hondl or-
hiefs, 1 ami a t't'.-y
ro ' ' ; ■ : . ■
:-..-    o w.'try heiM-i:   Into
■  s
',- , ' ;        ho knocked    ■■/
■ ■ . | ,,. |..
-: i.5, a 1         ■■          api
1 iur
whole i
•     t fr   .      ther
:. -
; ho : II  - - pled lo
od 11
through 11 .-
pusl In lion,
talent, ed
lawj'er,   workh t
. tlned
i a Ju -
e appeal        I
.       -      ,'  .
Ion ,
hat n-1
■       ,        •   air     , i
and      ild to
:   n     '
■     ■
■'       U .      .
him I it ol
■   n   .       '■■■:'      ■:
I in her
; tii-   of oye-glu
tlnwl, woro i
i :, l
oulrl be. help    lo
I,nn,    a,. I    tryii      Iheu
rum,, In ihal. I thou I      I
:u)i' for you when '!, ■ sun is : ol     \
...  i  |
will bt   ■    ''    hm   '   ,'
■ .,..      it   musl nit II
now," she dmmt   lo 1        i • trinde nn
attempt al op       - Ihu (trip, "for I
■• ould :: ,i !.; '-..-   what   lo -: '    Ith
ih.- brown one,    li you 'iii'-1   II   I
i :, keeping, and don'l    want
I,, ho , I- ,!,,i .,"-,.'nl ,-,:; in throw
It awa ', in-.' lo in over lho in I'le."
whon iirosiilng nn i aci Idontly, let il.
fall ii,i„ lln- rlvor, Hero is n Utile
chnngi l don'l nood in uso al present, iiilm it ns a loan," nnd :,l„!
pn ,., -. Into In , hand sovt:,  dollars,
"If you novor have nu opportunity
of returning, keep ii ns a fund for
helping somoono else in dislress."
"I m^y in lime return llm loan
with Inlorost, bill I can never, never
return your kindness."
'" -.'mi ciin," sho ili'clnred, looking
oat'liostly nl him, "if ynu will promise lo do nut! Ililng for lite."
"Anything in my power," lie said
simply Inking her oxtomlod bund.
"Every day uf your life I wanl
you I,, mako one littlo prayer, asking llod io forgive nm fur my sin of
l.llli.-Sllill. '
"I will, nnd further promise solemnly that ii win novor appear
agulnst   .inn   mi llm day ol Judg-
iii. ni il I nut spared in uu    i ir
tn;  • i i ul commission,"
: ho i inotl ul Urn door watching
him starl away as il lm woro bur
son, v, hen n: sumo lillle dlstnnco be
finned, raised his hut, and she waved her handkerchief,
Tlm nexl nnxloly wns telling her
biisliiiiul, sho thought of waiting
tu.til ilm following day foe tear he
mi 'id i", 1 ii his duty io Inform Iho
authorities, but, tlm socrot weighed
pi hor const'lcnco liko a sin Ihal
musl lm confessed, "n their return
liun e she mado n clean brenst. of It,
lice sou, giving her a hug, exclaimed, ,-'l inn proud uf my plucky lillle
Mr, Clifford, not. so sanguine,
pointed mil iu her ihe great risk she
iini! taken, ami wiih a look of affection, which rather belied his
words suid sarcastically, "Vou havo
certainly ml sod your culling l,y
spending your life feeding men ami
chickens, when Urn country Is In nood
of diplomats, ll will i„, nncessary
however, In chnngo your tactics, fur
ymi nro al present, what might !)o
lortued, a diplomatic traitor, Willi
a few hints mi bu,idling finance, you
could become a successful politician;
or, If lo ypur faculty of scheming
ami knowledgo of human nature,
woro added somo up-to-dnto methods
of iii,il,hi;;- use of pooplo in your
power, it would only lie a ipieslion
of lime until you were quolod ns a
great liiuincinl magnate Having so
ably planned the ileal, ynu had bot-
tor invent a story, lo lie lold in
case the youth wns seen in Ihis
neighborhood ninl we are questioned,
.Inch will watch his opportunity io
lake a run Into town, and relievo
Ilu; poor old fnlher of stitnii of the
anxioly bo Is enduring." Pointing
Jiis forefinger, uml giving an omphalic nml he added, "You must not
tell    a living soul;    not even    Ml'S,
Till HIT."
Mi's, Clifford know by his gestures
anil th- lone of hor husband's voice,
Ihal lm hail good reasons (or being
decided, therefore, was greatly disappointed us she lm,I looked forward
In ih - pleasure of tolling Mrs. Turner hoi adventure when they next
iln-nk lea together.
Two days later a I,own christy, in
which was a ha: baud bearing the initials '-A II " and idenlIfied by Arthur's father nml friends ns hnvlng
bel tiigcd io him, wan found, cnugiil
in between some boards, lloating  in
ih" river, aboul half way tn d-
thei tiiiie, nn.l two miles beyond
ih' bridge.
11 wus hard In say bow far it. had
drifted, or where llie body of ,lho
owner might lie lying, ns tho cur-
i- n'  was v. ry swift,
Aftor some investigation, the mnl-
i.-i was dropped. Public opinion
having decided lhat tin- country was
..:-." i Iho greal oxponso of a trial
ami execution,
' ,!-.-■- "h" quostion arises if Mrs,
I'ii ford nil whal wns right in aid-
mi al lo i scapo justice, or
-■ i; Id ■- havo i! mo a greater kindness by persuading Arthur Homer to
return :.-i l stand his trial'?
Whether he should have been  con-
mned or purdoncd musl ho loft for
a Jury oi' :--aii"!-s to decide,
London   County Cuncil   Will   Sell
Meals at Cost.
A notable   oxperimont    is  tn   lie
tried l.i.mil,n County   Council
di mi! on a largo scale.
■ ted schools, which  iu-
inkfi v centre," meals are
ho pi      led    im   lho scholars at.
low prico rn'  liii-ci!-
is   tated officially fiat
Lhii i   to Inv "ii i  burden
..   i   and Ih I tho thro->-
illy cover the   cost
will  ii   ludo   o -p.
meal, - ill be prepared
lonl    -.-    -.1,
. i    ical  m Com-
'        1    '    "     Ml    III
- iol ng   mul
• ■.      larily lm of a
■i ni
and  ll   " il le in-
-   te tho i   pon o
I  to mak,    ,:
to bo nothing
philantbi ichemo, Thi
children ol ' - ■   "
10   I 0   Of   IhO     :.
-        the   po      I
ll.\: :    IN 11/    UV.
1 ■ ,   .   . i.' , tbo
get a i
■   ,
one, I    ild to
lo     '
■■ ,,,       ,    ■,
!.,       ,■ i' ni tho   ' ■:>'''
io   i.i.    he's' | olng in hi li ■.
: , l -  replied,
"Dill   Why  .""id   I Wo   i      I  1,0  :;■!   ii
quorl of treacle?"
"Well   vi ii  It's 'In i ■.--"■     i,'
he lms it . In each luu tl, !■" cnn'i
go dipping his finger in tlm Irom lo
and cnlini; ii  ns Ilo comes nloi :; "
Hi, win, i" nsliiiin, ,1 of his calling
hits no call In loll,in- il.
! t
\ Aboul h hm \
\    '       l
Clieslniils musl bu bluuclmil bef ire
thoy can he usod in mv roclpo. Le-
move Ihe shells, plnco llm nuts in
boiling HuiiT, mul lei iiniii Btuy leu
oi' llftoon mlmitoB, Pour off tho wa-
lor when limy will easily slip ico u
tho covering, Uu ihls boforo bogln
nlitg with any recipe,
Uliosl.iiut Soup,—Put a quart nl
chestnuts in u soup koltlo uml covor
Willi n quni'l nf Block. Add ii slice
of onion, it liny leaf, it pinch of eel
cry sood or a celery lop, ami cook
slowly until llm chosliiuts nro lender,
Press through u colander Ural and
Ihen through a sieve. Thicken a
pint, ol' mill; wilh u tableapoonfid
ouch nl bultor uml iiinn- rubbed to-
golhor, stir in (lie chestnut pulp und
add pepper nnd salt In lasle.
Chestnut CroquulloB.—Hull n pint
of shotted and blancbod chest mil :t nil-
Ill ictiiler, drain and put through the
colander or potato masher whilo lud.
add a loaspoonful of salt, a dash cf
red popper, n tiinlcsptiniil'iil of bill-
tor, nud n lillle onion juice if lil. '.I.
Mix nml simp,! in tiny squares, dip
in egg nnil bread crumbs, ami fry
in smoking Int.
linked   Chestnuts.—lloil  o pi irl
of blniicheil chosliiuts llftoon minutes
III suited wale!'. Put in n baking
dish, pour over thorn a while sauce,
adding cream lo the drawn bultor in-
sli'iul of mill; when convenient. Cook
ill llm oven until they mv I,eul.,I'
enough lo be picrcod with it fork.
Chestnut Mnrromi,—Chop bollnd
clieslniils line, wilii it littlo ni'um.'.e
water, nnd press through a sieve. To
ouch pint add olio ounce of di-isi lvod
golatln, four tahlospooufuls of firmly
whipped cream, and mm tablespoon
of granulated sugar, Serve chill,nl.
Slowed Kidneys—Draw llio thin
while shin from one beef kidney of
Iwo pairs of slmeps' or lambs'. Wash
und .-iiiiiii fur nn hour in suited wa-
ter.   I'lll. I In-Ill in ii slew pan v, iill a
pin I. ol water aud skim carefully
when they begin In boil. Turn down
llm ll:imi- so thai the wuler will only
bubble slightly for two hours, Put
mm lablcspoonful of butter over ihe
liro in u small pan, add a level lahli-
spiioiiful ui Hour, and stir until
smooth und brown, Stir Ibis into
the pan containing the kidneys, add
seasonings, and cuuk fur hall' an hour
longer. It may be necessary lo ado
a littlo iimfo walor. Serve on slices
ul toast.
Frlcnssoo of Veal—Havo two ounces
of pork cut in liiiit slices uml ,t
pound of veal cut Into small pieces,
l-'ry llm pock to a good In-own nnd
take out of tlm pan, putting tbo veal,
which has boon rolled iu Hour, Into
tlm Inn lal. Hcown well mi both
Bides, tiikt! out, draining carefully,
and stir *n two scant tnblospoonfuls
uf Hour, rubbing it smooth in llm fat
nnd stirring until brown, Add a
pint and a half of water gradually,
stirring all the time. Put the brown-
ed veal into it. anil simmer for hull
an hour.
Chicken Pie.—Cut, up enough cooked chicken lo mako a pint ami a
half, Season il, wilh suit nnd popper ninl put two tablcspoonfuls of
butter into a frying pan and placo
on llm lire. Stir into this two small
tablcspoonfuls nf flour. Add in ibis
gradually a pint of stock or water
in which you have stirred cold gravy
Stir tho chicken into the suuco und
set away alter turning into a shallow baking dish, When it is cool
roll thn pasle in the same sbapo as
the top of dish only n Utile larger,
Make a hole ill tlm center, cover lho
meat, and bake slowly for one hour.
Omelette Souffle-Heat llm yolks of
three eggs until light, mid one-fourth
tcaspooniul of vanilla. Heat the
whiles of six eggs lo a froth, add
gradually three rounding tablcspoonfuls of powdered sugar, and bout until still'. Pour over this llie yolks
ami mix carefully. Placo in escallop
dishes or un small sauce dishes; s'fl
powdered sugar lightly over llm ti
pia:-,' iii n moda'utu oven for frum
llireo t" five minutes, according lu
size.   Serve at once,
Twin Biscuits—81ft togolhor mm
pint, oi il.im-. Ihroo lovol tonspoonluls
o! 1111111111;   powder  ami halt'   a ton-
; .in i 'I ni silt. Add one rounding
Inblospoonfiil of butter uml rub
through cnrcfullj; add thrco-fourllis
of a cup oi milk, stir quickly It, it
do tgb with a Itnifo; turn out on tbo
board, roll gently bnck uml forth
until i "ly floured, Roll oul aboul
half nn inch thick, brush each ono
lightly wiih melted bultor, put Iwj
i llior -ni" mi top of nnolber, uml
place in n Pun about hub uu Inch
iip.iti i„,i" in a quick oven aba ,t
■     niinuti
I ,   '   -.: ill |(|   logolhcr   two
, up   ..i   Iftod flour, half a teaspoon-
,nl "i    -:i, ihi."   lovol leiispo 'n
ol Iml In - powder, and ' wo rounding
'a tlOlllul,  nl  Milan-.      Boat
egg tiiitll . jht, add lo ii a    Bcnnl
i.i-   .nnl | c Hi ,-
! ,.•   .1, i    ;,: [I'll .     i     ,    mill    IWO   lUlll'J-
, nn led I ntler,   itlr Ji.bi
,'. lu   ml    . -l-i in    i- ipful
, n i.i -     i i  u, y kind    of
i:.    i,    In      .-    ,    ii- l)|l    I'i    - :, .        1       gl !<;
linn i i ,, tko en ii,.,, i- -. in ,i
■ i i   li .    ,
i:   id    in   tilvo n hull
lonnpnonl ll i i    ill   n :i pint oi   , I'd
,o il   bout    In grade ll,\
enough • ii ii  - ' rn.,, - a i lough,
p....- I i i ',■ mliiuli . ' ovi . and ..'
in a    v..iri,i   placo for ,   hi
'        I n- a i .   ,- a,; .1 in' sail  Into
,. pint of iii"- '.-am    11 ''. tin I    udd
enough Hour lo mako o bu'.tui
In forn '■' orKln i' Into " o i i on
ih ugh,    Mix "' ■■'  " '■ l,V, ' iver,   in d
ii   again In a "   ni pi ic   to   i' •
until    li. il     'l - rn   Into n wooden
bowl ill   ii" onnsbili
hi',.,ol ilu"; l'.   Make bil i do     .
Hteso I" i li "• ;" I wh"ii lighl I
(li'iihiim    Muflliis,—Mix    uiili   thin
cream to a stiff butler a pint of
grngiini lluiir, iwu Iciispumii'iils of
linking piiwder, hull n teiispiionfiil ^t
salt, half ii toaoupful uf brown sugar
end one egg. if cream is nut obtainable use milk nnd butter as
largo ns nn egg. Make in small tins
ur niulliu rings.
"What kind of n finish would vou
make I'm- ilm bottom ol u ciuln
skirl," asks a corrospondont, "anil
would you pul iu any bottom sli.mii-
Ing?" Tlm finish would dopond vory
largely on the vnii'lil of tin. ninlen.il
iu Ihu skirl,   For u very heavy cloth
I "I hi put the bottom ol th',! skirt
exactly us It should be in Ihe finish-
eil garment, having about uu olgh'.li
"f nu inch longer than llm desired
length, This narrow margin would
lime slltcliod in ii ii facing of Hn-
li.m cloth rn- somo mntorbil which,
while light in weight, would stand a
good amount of wear, Tim bottom
"i the skirl would Ihen bu turned
iivet- uml basted firmly Into place,
iii'let' which it would be pressod will-
a hoi iron, on Hm wrong shle, ,,'
cuiirao, uml wiih a damp clulh bo.
tween llm Iron uml the goads, Then
ilm facing would fie baslod in il,
taking sniiill plaits in ilm Lop whoro-
ever necessary, 'llie lop ol ilm facing would lm lurnod over n hull Inch
to lho Inside. If ihu [uclng in lu In,
stltchal un. it is now ready I'm- tlio
machine nml two rows of stitching,
only uu eighth of nn inch apart, una
close to ll,,. lop of lho facing and
llm other lower down, would bo put
.on, Then, tu'icc iho bastings nre
withdrawn, llm centre facing would
bu again thoroughly pressed. In case
; stitcliin;,- was not desired, Hu' lacing
j would be hemmed to the skirl, caro
I bolllg lilleii to l-nl ill plenly of small
stitches and nol  to have Hi,-in show
i through mi Ihe right sldo of tlioi
skirt. I
! if Hu- skirl is mndo ol medium'
weight cloth I would make a sell'
hem mi tho bottom ot it, bill Instead
, I turning thu hem in at lho ton, I
which would nniliu ii bulky, I would I
Btllcll ii cow of silk binding over the'
raw eil-.-e ol the Item al'tei' thu latter
hud been carefully busied nnd plai ■'
ed lu il porfeclly flat. This finish is.!
the hesl .tor nil but quite lighl wolghl .
goods, Such mutorlnl may have a I
lui'iieil-in hem, With n circular skirt ;
however, n hem is not always pi-iic.-!
licablo, and iu such a enso a facing
of llm material, eul to lit, may bu
used. Vory great cure must' bo tnknn
iu applying .such a hieing iml to
IlllVn Ihe skirt draw ul all, uml lo
hu sure Ihal  il is quilo smooth   und
j Hat boforo any stitching is put In,
For a skirt with a facing, n stitched
finish nl tho liutliini is generally preferable, though llm facing may bo
Hrst still-Inn! lu lho In.Iiinn of lite
skirt and then lurnod up uml hor.-.-
mod. With I'ogiird io ilm Interlining,
!',",v nro being used, uml I should n I
vise leaving il mil, indosB ihe si i'-l
will nol bang well without il. It-
most of the plaited skirls llm p.luiis
nro pressed to tlm bottom of ilm
skirl, uml an Interlining would pn
upl to bifero wilh ihe graceful hat";
of the garmini.
Till-: CA1U3 OF LAMPS.
Lamps, like gralo fires, ere si ill admired for thotr plclurcsquo qualities,
dosplta Ihe modern luminaries of gus
and electricity.
To clean a lump, ono duster is tie-
cessacy fur llie si.mil null (tin- for ll'e
chimney mid globo, u lamp mop, an
old pair of gloves, Boft I issue paper,
oil filler, and a littlo bristle brush.
Lamps Bhould always fie attended
lo by daylight, to avoid accidents.
The inatorials should be kept apart
uu iiccount uf the odor of lho oil.
j For this reason it is wise to sprend
a piece of oilcloth on the table.
Proceed wiih the cleaning iu this
I. Ilomovo thn dust iflobo, washing
,il when necessary,
li. Must nnd polish chimney, using
a woollen chimney mop in- it stick
with a pad of chamois leather at
thu ond.
II. Hemovn ami dust tho frame.
-I. Dust und brush any charred bits
oil tlm roffoctor,
5. Hub llie top surface of the wick
with paper io   remove   the charred
particles and leavo il oven, turning
l Ihe wick up just abovo Ihe lovol   ol
tlm burner   whilst attending lo   it.
nflorwar'ds   lowering   it   to prevent
| the nil from oozing out,
(   li. Fill ilm reservoir to within half
1 an inch from Ihe tup, adding a lump
of suil, about    llie sine nf a walnut,
as this produces a better light.
7. Wipe the oil from llm burner
wilh jutpei' until quite free from
groas -.
8. If Ihe sianil is of brass, polish
il. wiih u duster, washing II occ-t-
slonally with sour milk, lemon juice
ur vinegar and wntor, if ot bronzo
rub Willi ii iiitle vaseline, then polish
It with u dun!or. If of china, It may
hn cleaned with soup and wntor,
If kopl carefully duslod chimneys
require only occasionally wnshln.;,
For litis purpose pul n littlo ammonia in tlm water, nol Bonp suds; allow llm chimneys lu drain until dry,
i as drying ivllli a cloth causes a
daubed appearance,
! Mall an inch nlr spaco should nl-
' ways lm allowed nt the top ol the-
' reservoir to allow for expansion ,,f
tin- nil when li nil, il mul lo prevent
lho oil from oozing through the
i, oiiHi of tho reservoir, The oil
should I-" poured from an oil fillet*.
,i,i ally the burner should   1,0
nil,,veil In boll iu n Utile soda wa-
lor, ii --ii rubbed ' I -an nnd di h d with
n soil cloth.
,'    nd "    -.uill  llm  lent' nr
fore - io-.  . -.-. ire Invi nted how    did
I pi" n "'.'"
-'l   . ihoy io .'" i '"! !" mi lain
,"   t.      ri ed  Ofllei 1,  who hud
I .. |l  i  ."i .:,   aboul  'li" : lone    nge.
f'l lli     - In child, who;" ni   ''-   1 lm :
].  ■  ih    room I'--:' a 1110 : " ' .   -'".'mn ■
hero .0 mo, my di    " i       I Ti i
rib    "Nn,    i   mu '. 'i "..   tl al:
;           t.,1,-1     e I mud lay I ;c 1 ":
, ■ .,n hole
In ...  i    ...'iiil"
Say Their   Way of Burying    the
Dead Is Moio Sanitary Than
tbo Christian.
Among thn Pnrsccs ol India (he ro-
conl ngliallon Lo induce tlu-tii ii, dispose ul Uiolr ilciiil by cremation in-
sletlil of exposing "mm io lm du-
voiu-ed by vultures on limit' "lowors
ul Bllonco" has iiwukiiieil only itiilig-
mil inn, says u Bombay correspondent. They at-,1 not prupai'od to
ilu'inloii u ('iisliini which l.i hnlloiv.,.1
in il  hy hoary antiquity uml associated with l.helr moat hnllowod
religious riles,
Thuiigli in European minds Hm
thought of allowing fuathorod scavoi-
gors In feast mi I im bodloB uf llmir
lieliivnil dead Would oxcllo thn deepest
footings nf I'opiigiinnco nnil disguni, as
prnctl I liy llm Parse,,;: Ihls inotllud
ol gulling rid nf thu Ilnshly tenement;
is I'm- from being so bori'lblo us is
gnnernlly Imngbiod. Indeed, to tlie
Porsoos thomoolvos—and they aro tbo
most cultivated mul intelligent nf nil
tho seels found in India—it seems
fur preferable lu burying tlio dead
as practiced by Christians,
"Your pooplo," said a Pursue lo
mo, "put, your dead underground,
where I hey provldo a banquet foe
Worms, We put ours above ground,
whoro their Hash is onion by vulluris.
Tlm uliiiuiiie result is ilm same Tho
bones alone nro left. Hut there is u
groat dllieienci! in what takes boforo
llm slielelon singe is reached, nud
liiul diffoi'onco is nil in favor of our
method. Ili'i'ni'o consigning lho bodies
uf your deed to thn earth you inclosu
them lu colllns. You dure nnl. allow
your Imaginations to picture Hie bori'lblo changes that thoro take placo
before nature recovers what sho gave.
We do not seek to retard Ihe pro-
cess. 'The vultures do llieir work expeditiously, Thoro is no putrefaction, Christ inn burial grounds, so
I have read, are often sourcos of
disease. Pai'sco ilokhmus, or "towors
uf Bllonco" ns you poetically call
thorn, lire never sum. From a sanitary point nf view thoy nre Incomparably superior to your comotorlis,
nnil with us limy are oqunlly sacrod."
"Hut," 1 suggostod, "lira would do
the ,work even bolter tlinn vultures."
"Or worms," sulci my Parsoo frlond,
"When you OhrlstlaiiB Inkn In cremation ive l'iii':;ies tuny possibly follow your excellent example. Thoi'0
are fur wolghtior reasons why cremation should Inkn tlm placo of biirlal
lhnn can bo urged iu favor of us
substitution iur our lowers of Bil-
Tlm lowers uf sllonco ci-owti the
summit ul Malabar hill, near Bombay, nnil are situated in llm niiii.il uf
a beautiful gurilon whoso Iropl -il
trees swarm with vulluros. Thoy nro
Imiii ol slmm uml nre about twenty-
llvo feet high, A small door is provided for llm entrance of the body,
When ii Pnrscc dies, after tin- pei-
formanco of solemn nnl Imposing fun-
oral riles, Ihe body is borne upon an
iron bid- to the towors, followed by
n procession of relatives and friends
of lhii dond headed by n number nl
priests. Upon arrival nl tho gar-
dons llm bier is laid dow mul prayers nre said at the "sngri," or house
of prayer, near the ontranco tu llm
garden. The     htlondailtB     lhii
curry Ihe body lo the lowers of silence, lay it on ils
si uny bed ami ret ire. Then lite VU.-
turos gather about it uiul do their
growsoino work unsocn, Tho bunos
urn sunn denuded of llesb and full
through un Iron grating Into a pit
bonoolh, from which thoy nro aflor-
wui-ds removed by n sublorran nn
On llm third day al'tei' llie death
friends uiul relatives again assemble
at tho house where the dead inai
lived, and Ihence proceed to tho
"templo nf lire." Standing boforo tlm
urns iu which the "celestial Arcs"
aro kept burning, priests recito
prayers fur tho soul of ibe departod.
His sou, nc adopted son, kneels boforo Hm high priest nnd promises Hue
performance of all religious rites nml
obsequies lo tho dead. Friends t\nd
relatives Ihen hand lite priest a list
of contributions tu various charities
which havo been subscribed us a
memorial offering, This concluded
lho ceremony of "rising from mourning," ur lho "resurrection of tho
(lend." On each recurring anniversary nf Hie death iii ii Parsoo manorial I'ltnei'.il ceremonies pre performed. In an iron framework oroctod in
the house shrubs and flowers nro cultivated, thus literally keeping the
memory uf the dead man grocn, Boforo those iron frnmcfl prayers nre
suid two rn- three times a day,
'ihe ParsocS are n small sot, They
number altogether ubout si!.inn, of
whom 73,000 live In or near Bomboy.
Mosl of Ihe remaining 10,000 an)
found in Persia. An a people thoy
aro remarkably Intelligent nnd trustworthy, with n genius foi- business
which fairly rivals thai uf lho Jew:),
They nre highly prosperous, much
given to charily, nnd beggars are unknown among thorn.
Fussy obi flontleiiMii (tn c'uinco
travelling companion)—"Have yu,i
any children, sir'.1" "Yes, sir; a
sun." "All, indeed. Docs lie sincke?'
"No, sit-, He litis novcr so much us
lunched a ciaiii-cttn." "So much the
be""!-, sli", lho use of tobacco is a
poisonous habit, Docs he fro piouV
club:";" "Ilu lms never put his
foot Iii one," "Allow me lo congratulate you, titles he never como
homo Into?" "Never. Ilu gins to
bod directly after dinner." "A model
young mall, sir, a model young man.
lbnv uld is bo?" "dust six months."
Dr. Qorom—"Oh, yes, my boy, I
have fought for my country." Buy
—"Weren't yon ncared, pn?" Dr,
Qorom—"Scared? I guess you
Wouldn't linve thought so if ynu ind
.-.liii nm charge (lie enemy." Doy-
"Yoii charged 'em all right, 1 bet,
but you couldn't mako 'cm pay(
could yuu'f" _. '•'
If Mil 1'
J, a, critical a time a, any In hog raising.
The liner eating of many sow, is largely duo to bad fcodlng, causing
a constipated and Irritable condition,
Tho tow, dlgejtlvo organ, should be kept free end open to prevent
this levered nml litter eating condition by feeding
Clydesdale Stock Food
Betide, making a bettor flow of milk owlngto the better blind circulation.
This nicu.ii mure and better pigs, ns a healthy apple tree gives more
and holier iruit than a diseased tree.
For young pigs ii make, more bone and muscle on which to put nosh,
and nothing better for Blurting and keeping Runt, growing.
It, ingredient, nre absolutely harmless and pure, end if you arc not
satisfied with remit, your money cheerfully rclundcd by the dealer,
Clysbsdaui Stock l'oou Company, i.i.mi i-un, Toronto, out.
>        Or, Tlie Strange Disappearance        $
> I
r-\ WiA/A^VAAV.A W/W.M^
CHAPTER xvn. "flood-night, Marian."
it wns lato In February boforo thnl ,:;l"' L'1,1™f ''^'^fniTu-li'l'v'io
ton had mot Marian not many yard,
down the lonulj I'm,' : lontpnth, load , ,. . , , .  ,
ing from   llm village school to Old unu«uttl * ;wclt0'   '"''" ;,',''    , iv
Fields oi vcing. It0 '""' ,,'"t' nml s'"' w"11"'1   MV""'V
nloiie!  it. wns llicrodlblol  she   could
scarcely roallno It, or believe ii!   Ifnr
lo her foot, nmi
, i for about n quarter of u mile, an I
Alter a walk of aboul a quarter of  ih„n „.„,, flll,,,,,| („ ,m,1M „|„|   ink
e Farm i
I have Ihroo silos holding, when
full, aboul 800 tons, writes Mr. E,
Vnn Alystyno, li Is seldom that no
gel in this amount, ns they usually
sotllo from - lo (i foot, depending tin
llio rapidity with which thoy nre ill-
ed. Two of lhe.se silos are constructed so that wo can fill either without
moving the cuttor. Frequently wo
nee iiliht to get theso filled quite solidly. This fall, wo have put up 25(1
(mis. This aniuiiiii will Led ■!.", lu
fin cows about seven months. We
Ituie mi fixed dale to begin foaling
slime. Tins depends somowluiL nn
how much silage we havo as compared wiih other feeds and tho condition of tho lato pasture, li misapply of silage is Insufficient to Inst
until Hie pasture is reaily In the
spring, wo aim to supply u sufficiently succulent food of some othor son
Sometimes we havo pumpkins eul
feed Hi'in until well Into November.
Ill my experience llm most difficult
i iiiie to make milk Is tho latter p i"t
of October nud early November wh,-u
ihi' grass begins to suffer from fco-t
nnd tlm cold winds chill the cows
Sllngo fills this gap admirably. If
pasture is .'hort, we sometimes food
ri.in along from tho lime WO I'll
•°!n silos. This year we began fcodlng Octobor IS, We had been feeding
pumpkins to tho tons when thoy
camo in al night. When these woro
gone, we BUbstlluted a food of earlv
cut hay. Tlm shrinkage in the milk
il iw was very marked, being nearly
a quart per animal. This happens,
even with good pasture al our command. Our first severe frost did no:
con,"   until   October    -.">.     We then
opened the silo and began I ling -i
ball bushol or about in silage lbs.
per cow. In Is hours tho flow of
niilli was again Incroasod to normal.
The amount of sllngo to bo given a
cow, doponds largely upon the uni-
mal. When silage Is abundant an
tlm cows are in tlie stable, I lia
my Quornseys will average, in llm
two herds, nliuiiL 85 to It) pounds
siliig,: per day with an additional
grain ration of about six pounds
which is supplemental with a small
feed of live or six pounds of hay at;
noon. It Is our custom tu feed tho
grain just boforo milking. 'Ihe silae/c !
Is also given llie cows after the milk-1
ing is done, while the hay is given ■
them at noon. This is largely al
matter of convonloncc, Cows will do
jus( us well after they get accustomed lo it without lho noon feed, i; i
they have all ihe roughage limy'
wanl. at night nud morning. This I
period is no longer than from six
o'clock at night lo five o'clock lu thu,
morning. 1 have novor known of nny-
oii" gelling up ut midnight to feed:
cons, nor Hint tho cows suffered for
lack of il..
Theoretically I beliovo it Is  bettor
to toed the grain on tho silage,   but
practically 1 hnvo never been ulile to'
dolect auy dlfforonco.  Tho Important!
factor is to be regular anil have lite
rlgl i sort ol feed nl Ihe right Unto.
1 havo no set rules as tu Ihe amount,
uf food nocoBsnry to balance the sll-
ngc.   When I uso curly cut hay, 1 can ,
gel alone with ono pound less  grain
per cow each day than when I   fed
bay that   has been allowal lo fully I
mature,  lu my oxporlonco I also find
Hint thero is about a pound of grain
dlfforonco    bet ween   clover nnd   tin*.- j
olhy.   Oals   anil   pen   hay  call  for,
frum Dim to two pounds less    gl'llll
dolly thun    clover.    1 have nil    the
carbohydrates I   need in the silugc, i
Iml for protein, 1 depend on tho purchased   grain.    I usually buy grain
llinl. will give ino tin.' most digestible
When the prices nre right, I have
nover found anything bettor than £r<
p.C. protein and 17 p.o. protein ships
mixed half and half by weight. Lust,
yea c theso two materials wore too
high and I used mull sprouts, dried
brewers' grain nud cottonseed nmul.
Sometimes 1 substitute and uso linseed ini'iil, if ll"' price Is right.
When thero is sufllctoiil corn in tho
valley, say about fill bushels of ears
tu each leu tuns uf feed, 1 liiul ub"til
six pounds grain dally is about as
much ub can usually be fed wilh profit. Moro grain will usually produce
moro milli, Iml quilt! iilleti nut
enough to pay tho Increased cost nt
production, This will depend un Ihu
cow, llm price ul fend and the amount
obtained fur Ihu product..  Milk    at
,'i.j i is pec   quart   will admit   of
more extensive feeding lhnn when P,
Is worth only 1!.J cents. I hnve led
bIIjl'O for Hourly 18 jn-urs with uio.it
a mile through ilm bushes Ihoy do
scalded by lho natural stalrcaso ol
iiioss-covi'i'ed rocks, nnd sat down together upon a bed uf violets ul lis
Boforo thorn, through llm canopy nt
ovor-archlng lives, was s  liko a
Ii will not hurt tho brooding  sow
to squeal  ,'or her breakfast onco   in
awhile    Heller Unit limn lo have her
loo fat to get up and oil -
When you go to buy a new   burse
I collar, tako your horso along and lit
him. You would not think uf getting
a new suil  of  clothes fur yourself un-
I less you could lm thero to try it mi.
Don't depend nu lotting nut a slr.i.i
hero nml another ono thoro to niiiiio
III set well.
I The term "feeding," correctly in
tcrprotod, moans supplying the work
horso wiih Hint amount mul quality
: oi loud which will maintain its body
iu perfect order for labor. Fed thus,
Hie horse should nut   become    fat
| should not lose or increase materially in weight, .should have life,   nnan,
J vigor and stamina, a healthy appearing coat, and muscles well (loVCl-
1 oped and freo frum surplus udipute
tissue. Theso ends cannot be attained liy simply stuffing the horse upon
good food of various kinds, It is as
easy tu overfeed as to underfeed, and
cither exii'iiiie is equally detrimental,
In Ihe nvoi-ago case the farm horso
is- overfed, hence lessened in va'.uo
for labor ami maintained at unnvo-
cessary expense. This is Buroly tim
case when fiis mnngor is kept stuffed
wilh bay fit,in one end of llm year to
ilm other on ilm "solf-foodor" principle.  The hay-stuffed manger moans
■ a hay-stuffod horso, and in thai cm-
ilitinn lie is unlit lo do n' maximum
amount of work easily and without
appreciable] loss of strength ami vitality. s„, too, lho corn-stuffed
horso is well fed, but rendered partially unlit for his best effort in
work harness. Yet. hay nnd corn,
being the most plentiful foods   upon
j lho average form, are as a rule   too
| liberally supplied by tho (armor win
: wishes to treat his horses kindly and
broath. And then uvory fooling ol In-
illgniiliiiii nnd lour was lost III that
uf Borrow, lhat sho had woundodhlJ
foldings, nud left him 111 anger. Ami
Marian dropped hor faco into her
hands and wopt. A stop breaking
through the brushwood mado her!
picture In Ils frame of foliage, a start and traublo. Sho raised her
lino view of llm open country and j head wilh tbo attlludo nl ono pre-
tho hay now bathed in purplo bar., pared for a spring nnd flight. II,
of ovoning, jwns Bo dark she could scarcely   boo
Hut thu fairest prospect Hint ever iter hands boforo hor, but as tho slap j
opened hnd no moro attraction fur approncliod, a volco Bald
Thurston than if it hnd been a view
ul chimney lops from a back attic
window. He passed his right haul
nriiiind Marian's shoulders, und drew
her closer lo his side, and with the
ulher hand begun to untie her bonnet .strings.
"Luy off this liltlti bonnet. Let
mo see your beauteous head uncovered. There!" he suid, putting It aside
und smoothing her bright locks
"Oh, Marian! my lovol my queen!
ivhoii I see only the top of your
head,   I think your rippling,  sunny
Natural Groe;i Ceylon Tea has Placoi it on top.
Packed only in coaled load packets, tho sarm as
Ueiicio js Salada alack Tea,
43c, 30c and flOc psr lb, AT ALL dOGEHS,
SSL'i^jl'AtilSiTii j5iL.*<i,VriLi,ZP&l. &»11>. iExO'tti. --, 3.SSO-3:
Fasi^Tiptofs Go's Suth Annual Salo,
DECEMBER   12-16,   8905.
trossoa your chief bcniily; but soon
my eyes fall to the blooming check
—thero novor wns such a chook—so
vivid, yet so delicate, so glowing,
! yet so cool and fresh—like the damask rose bullied in morning dew—so
Fear nothing, Marian, 1 have not
lost sight of you since ynu left me."
mul Thurston came up to hor Bldo.
Willi n glad sniilo of surprise Mar-
Ian turned to greet him, holding out
her hand, expecting him to draw   ii
through his   arm and lend hoi	
But no, he would not lunch hir
haiitl. Lifting bis but slightly, ho
"(lo forward if you please to d i
so, Marian,  1 attend you."
Marian wont on, and ho followed
closely. They proceodod In silence
for sumo timo. Now thai sho know
that ho had not left her a moment
nlono in lho woods, she folt more
deeply grieved nt having so mortified and offended liim.    At lust   she
Entire dispose! sale of MnJ. B. fl. Thomas   K. Tims.   it. Onrdnor;
Hixiuna Stud, Col, W, I..    Simmons;      Ashgrovo Stud,
Eslnte of E. W Loo,    R, s. Payne,
ALL THE PROMINENT DREEDERS have mad,! entries, comprising Stallions, Brood .Mares, Yearlings anil horses lo race.
Commencing Monday Morning, Dscenfoer 4
FASItl-TIPTON & CO. will soil at VANTA5SEI.L and
KEARNEY'S, New York City, the entire
Ranch© cjo3 Paso Stud, of California
Comprising- Stallions and Brood Mares of extreme quality.
Tlies. F. Kelly, Lexington, Ky.
whon I gnze on il. I think the blush- spoke:
Ing cheek your   sweotost charm—ah I     "Pray, do not bo angry with mo,
I but uenr by   broalho tho rich,  ripe dear Thurston,"
lips,   fragrant   ns  nectarines;   and    "I am not angry that I know  oi,
| which I should swear In bo the vory  fair one; nnd you do me loo    muo.'l
| buds uf   love,    were not my    gaw honor to care about my mood,  1 n-
l caught up to incut your oyes—starsl  dorstand mo onco for nil.  1 am nol
J-and then I know Hint I have found a Dr. Clrinishtiw,   iu    nuy phase   o,'
tbo very soul of boauty! Oh|   price- that gontloman's  character,    I   am
| loss pearl!  liy   what   rare fortuoo neither tho tyrant who will persecute
was il.    thai    I ever found you    in   you lu   exact   your    attention,   no,'
those Maryland woods? Lovol angel I  yot    tho    slave    who    will    coax
I Marian I for Hint moans all!" ho ox- Und whino mid wheedle fur your fnv-
cliiiini'il, in a suet of ecstasy, strain- or,   In cither character 1. should   deling her In his side. ' .spisv- myself too much," be answer
Ami Marian dropped her blushing coolly,
foco upon his sholder—she was bltt.-L- j    "Thurston,    you nre   deeply    dhi-
Ingjiot   from   bashful love alone— pleased, or you' would not speak so,
with it mingled a feeling of  shatiui, j nnd I am very, very sorry,"    said
regret,   and  mistrust,   because    he Marian in a tremulous voice,
praised so much her form and   face, j   "Do not   dislrcss  yourself    about
I bocauso he seemed to love her   nn'yimc, fair saint!   1 shall trouble  you
fin- her superficial good looks.     She] no more after this- ovoning!"
would havo spOkon if sho could havo     What   did  ho   niciu'.' What   could
(lone   so; she  would have lold What  Thurston   mean'.'      Trouble her    no
■was on her   heart as earnest as   a! more niter this evening! She did n.i'.
j prayer by saying; j understand tlio words, but they went
"Oh, do not think su much of this: through her bosom liko a sword, She
perishable, outward beauty; accident | did not reply—she could not. Sho
may ruin it, sickness may injure ll. j wished lo say:
lim,' will certainly impair it. Do "Oh, Thurston, If you could reed
not love me for that which I have'my heart—how singly it is dovoted
no power over, and which may bo to you—how its thoughts by day,
taken from mo at any timo—which 11 nnd' dreams by nighl nro filled wi ill
shall be sure to bine at last—lovo histories and images of what I would
mo for  something  better and   more
: is        ■>-      W% '-''.'  '■*?.    i i.'" i  ,   ,'.I v ■ ',.' ■'',
V£&0...     if?fe'w-.-i'',.*'--,;':i«#|M r.',/'v.,-l,'t!'',,M,u!'i V '.',.',  "i'..":l'lw«'i
;'■•   ,>,KV->'; ,*   -.K,-U,pa(2'4l '""■"»■ -""J""'-"-»-H'ii-,":'- K Iiimnw
Q There is no specific for
consumption. Fresh air, exercise, nourishing food and
Scott's Emulsion will come
pretty near curing it, if there
is anything to build on. Millions of people throughout the
world are living and in good
health on one lung.
(§ From time immemorial the
doctors prescribed cod liver
oil for consumption. Of
course the patient could not
take it in its old form, hence
it did very little good. They
cm take
and tolerate it for a long
time. There is no oil, not
excepting butter, so easily
digested and absorbed by the
system as cod liver oil in the
form of Scott's Emulsion,
and that is the reason it is so
helpful in consumption where
its use must be continuous.
CJ We will send you a
sample free.
(| He sure that tin,
pii'-ire in die fnnn of
.i libi'l i, on die wrapper of every bottle nf
I'iiiniljion you buy.
Toronto, Ont.
5a-,.iii,ifli;.ill Jtur|lit,
lasting thun that. I have a heart in
this bosom worth all tho rest, u
heart that in Itself is an inner world
—ii kingdom worthy ul your rule—n
heart that neither lime, fortune, nor
casualty can over change—a heart,
lhat loves you now in your strong
and beautiful    youth, and will  love
be, nnd do or sillier for you—of how
faithfully 1 moan to lovo nnd se-.-o
you in all our coining years—you
would not mistake me, and got angiy
because you would know 111} heart."
Hut these words Marian could not
havo uttered had her life depended
on it.
'Co on, Marian, tho moor Is  no
ynu when you are old and gray, oral safer than tlm forest) I shall   attend
when you are ono of the redeemed of you across it."
heaven.   Lovo mo for Ibis heart
!    But to have  saved   her own   soul
' or his, Marian could not then   have
[ spoken those words.
I    So   ho  continued  to  caress hor—
| overy   moment   growing  more   and
I more enchanted with her loveliness
j There was more of passion than   nf-
I fection in his manner,   and  Marian
| felt and regretted this, though    hor
j feeling was not a very dourly defined
| tun-—it- was rather an instinct lhnn
a thought,  and   it was hilent,   and
quite subservient    to her  love     fur
"Love! angel! how enchanting you
nre," he exclaimed, catching her In
his linns mul pressing kisses un hor
cheek and lips und neck.
Glowing with color, Marian strove
to release herself. "Let mo go—let
us leave this place, dear Thurston,"
she pleaded, attempting to rise.
"Why? Why ore you 111 such a
hurry? Why do you wish to leave
mo?" he asked, without releasing
his hold.
"it Is lnie! Hear Thurston, it is
late," sh" 'laid, in vaguo alarm,
"That does not matter—I am witli
"They will be anxious about me,
pray let us go! They will be so
anxious!" sho said, with increasing
distress, trying to get nwuy. "Thurston! Thurston? You distress me beyond measure," she exclaimed in
great trouble,
Hut. he stopped hor breath with
.Marian suddenly ceased lo struggle, and by a strong effort of will
she became porfcclly calm. And
looking in his eyes, with her clear,
steady gaze, she said:
"Thurston, I have ceased lo strive,
Hut if you are a man of honor, you
will release me."
His anus dropped from around hoi
as il he had been struck dead.
Hind to be free, Marian arose lo
depart. Thurston sat still—his fine
countenance overclouded with mortification and anger. Mnriun hosttatoo;
she know nut how tn proceed. He
did nol offer to rise and attend her
At length she spoke.
"Will you   s,,„   m,, safely   through
Ihe woods, Thurston?"
He did not answer.
"Thurston, it is nearly dark—there
are lovcral runaway negroes in   the
fores! now, und the road will not be
snf„ (or me "
"Uuod-night, then," she said.
And tlicyNwont on until the light
from "Id Field Cottage wus visible.
'Then Marian said;
"You had bettor leave mo now.
They nro sitting up and watching
for me."
".Nu! go on, thu nighl is very dark
I must see you to the gate."
'They walked rapidly, and just ns
tlmy approached the house Marian
snv; n little li^m'i) wandering about
on (he moor, and which suddenly
sprang toward her with nn articulate cry uf joy! 11 wus Miriam, who
throw herself upon Marian with such
earnestness of welcnmc that, she did
nut nulico Thurston, who now raised his hut slightly from his head,
with a slight nod, nud walked rapidly away,
"Hero she is mother! Ob! here she
in!" cried Miriam, pulling at Marian's dress, und drawing her iu tiro
"Oh! Marian, how anxious you
havo mado us! Where have you
been?" asked Edith, in a tone of
love, hnlf of vexation.
"1 have been detuined," said Marian, in a low voice.
Tho cottago room was very Inviting. Tho evening was just chi'l/
entiugh lu make (he bright little
wood lire agreeable. On the clocn
hearlli before It sat the tea-pot and
a covered plato of toast walling for
Marian. And old .lenny got up am!
sat out a little slund, covered it
with a while napkin, nnd put the tea
und toast, with Ihe addition of n
piece nf cold chicken nnd a saucer of
preserves, upun it. And Marian laid
oil her straw bonnet and muslin
scurf, und sat down nml tried lo
cat, for afi'ectiomile eyes hnd already
nol iced the trouble uf her countenance, and wore watching her now
with anxiety,
"Vnn tin mil seem In have an up-
petite, dear; whal is the matter? '
asked Edith,
"1 inn mil. very well," suid Marlon, rising and leaving tho table,
mul refraining with difficulty from
bursting into lours.
"It'n dnt ur ,-tissed liiliuinollj party
nt Lockomup—Inst Tooadnyl" said
■lenny, ns sho cleared nwuy llm tea
service—"u-serowln' up tight in cus
seds nn' ball-dt'osscsl an' a-dancli
■'il night till broad dnyllghtl 'olilos
hcnvln of ever sn much unwholesome 'feelioimry trash down hor
I'ronl—de constitution oh de United
States   liisuclf couldn't stun'   slclil.
much less n delicy young gall! I
'vises ov you, honey, to gu lo bed.''
"Indeed, Mariau, it wus too much
for you to lose your rest all uigi'.t,
and then have to get up early to go
to school. You should have had a
good sleep this morning. And thou
to bo detained so Into Ibis evening.
Did you havo to keep any of the
girls in, or wns it a visit from the
trustees that detuined you?"
"XcitJier," said Mariau, nervously,
"but 1 think I must tako Jenny's advice and go lo bod."
Peter     the    Great   Was To.-.d    of
Shipbuilding—Louis XVI. Liked Blackamithing,
Iu a small brick building close to
lho Cathedral of St, Peters and St.
Paul in St, Petorsbui may bo ■ • i
ouo of tho m   : .   oi :  val re
lics In Ibe world, In tbo I in of ,,
!",,-, ntury-old boat which i oars tho
[in    Id   :..,::."  ol   ti."    'l,l.-v.    .     ol   HlO
Ru nn I'i,wt," ..- i it which ibis romantic : lory is lold.
in: ■ day l'otcr*tl a flrcat was wan-
dor Ing with a companion over one
of Lis estates when, i n ; ■;. Intu
mi old Btorehouso, l o saw In a dar.
corner a bnat luri ed up do down,
"What is that'.'" "... Fiupci i- asked,
bis curiosity aroui od al finding a
boal in such an unoxpoctod placj.
"Thai," answered hi, companion, "is
an English boat; and u you had sallu
In It, ii would go nol only with tho
wind, but against it."
For Peter to have lho discard d
vessel removed, fitted with masts
ami sails, and launched on the riv, r
Yimxa was the uurk of but a fo v
days; "and mighty pleasant ii was
to mo," ho doclared, "lo navignlo
it," So delighted was the Kuiporor
wiili his new toy that ho forthwith
returned in hosto to Lake I'hshche-
yovo ami, "In n small nne-storcy
wooden house, with window, of
mien," set lo work tu build u similar vessel
and thus commenced his hobby of
shipbuilding, which, as we know, led
him to Holland and to Loudon U
leiirn iho whole mystery of ship,
craft, working ns u carpenter and
blacksmith. A favorite pastime of his
Inter years was to visit tho forges i!
Midler al Istla uud to forgo iron
with his own hand-, i randii.- e-i-1'.
bar with his own p. rib dar mark,
Louis XVI. spen' thousands ol
happy hours with bis forge nml anvil
and the various tools of a blacksmith iu a room abovo his prb , i
library. "II" was fond to excess of
lock-making," records Lis iustructor
mul fellow-workman, Gamin, "ai d
he cm:, • oli -I himself from (he c;.:■ -i
nnd the Court to llio and forgo wilh
ino. In order to c invey his anvil and
my own backwards and forwards wa
woro obliged lo uso a Hi ind
stratagems, the history of which
would never end." Louis was also
oxperl iu making timepieces as well
.;■: I, "lis, and wa- i : q   y when
constructing or repairing clocks and
hnd also a    passion i ir timop
wiih which   ho   loved   to sui    u I
him-"!!'; and   tlm   greatest ambition
of Ins iii,- was to : .   .■ them all keep
im." together—a fo I whl I  -,
In     ty,  !■:.... led :-i-
pliahlng ",, t ...., ... was Ins
en ..- i a- clod and watches that
whi a ono day bis chef was at his
wits' ,-;i t. di vise a !.-,-,,i dish for
ih" Loyal pal,,:.' ho suggested t-i
Charles that "ho t I j ■.. l not
know whal to .1" unless he v.. re -. ,
servo up His '.'. , ity o ::' . -• if
Even iii his softened moods ,,i pail- * etches," An ther hobb; hlch
tenco, Thurston dared not seek her '■•'"''■ :- V\ i ny pi isant h im
society. '■'"" tho making ,,f mechanical toys—
' For Marian   hnd begun to recover  '' ldiors ;'!'" wou,(l         d   l'r"
froni the first abject prostration   of  :"'" anns' <lr"1'"1'-      ; ' '' -  '
her sorrow,   and  her   fair, rosoluto  °"d s0 on-a l"lrsuit l!l ffhieh '"' l'v
lii-in-.' and snd. firm lips mutely   as- bil.)l,tod 1,uit"™rTCl| '"" ^'L
sureil him that she novor would con-     Alexander III. ol Russia chose    a
sent to bo his own until thcii -   ""':''   r '
Faslff'TlptOn Co., Msillson 8o.unro
Picture Post=Cards
lOBnllntlll'.n.'KI rr.nhlnnwl.) They nre bwntlrullit
From that    miserable nighl, Mnriun saw no moro of Thurston, except
occasionally at church, when ho camo
at irregular intervals
ed tho same coolness
rlngo could be proclaimed. I pastime was the felling ol huge trees
And ho durst not trust himself in   "'■'' ' ■'   "r.'h'mvU' P1™
her tempting    presence,   lost    the ■
1 liiiiiiilia-
'1!   Ill |
manner toward her. nnd with match- visit    Luckonough,   nnd to    throw
less self command, tou, Binco  oitnn himself ns much us possiblo Into tl
his heart yearned    toward her with!
almost irresistible forco. (
Cold and culm   ns wus his
ior. he wns suffering not less
Marian; self-tossod with passion, iho
strong currents and countcr-curronls
of his sold whirled ns n moral maelstrom, in which both reason nnd con
science threatened to he engulfed.
And In Ihese inentiil conflicts judgment mul understanding were off.ui
observed and bewildered, and the
very boundaries of right and wrong
ills appreciation of Marian waved
wilh his moods.
When very angry ho would menially denounce hor as u cold, prudent,
calculating woman, who had on
trapped him into a secret marrlago,
ami having secured his hand, would
now risk nothing for his lovo, and
himself ns a weak, fond tool, tho tool
of ilm beautiful, proud diploma'..,
whom it would be Justifiable to circumvent, lo defeat, and lo humble ui
somo way.
At such times he felt a desire,
amounting lo a strong temptation,
lo abduct her—to got her Into hisj1
power, und mako hor fool that powo'-,
No law could protect her or punish
1,i,ii—fur they were married.
Hut here was llm oxtroino poinl al
which reaction generally commoucjd,
for Thurston could not contemplate
himself in thul character—playing
such a part, for an instant.
And limn when n furtive glance
would .show- him Marian's angel fuco,
fairer and paler and more ponstvo
ilnin over boforo—a strong counter-
cui't'ont of love nml admiration up-
prouchlng lo worship, would set in,
and he would look upon Inn- as a
fair siiint worthy of translation to
heaven, and upon himself ns a do-
signing Iml foiled conspirator, scarcely niio- degree ubuVo tho must atrocious villain, "Currents und coun-
ler-ciiri'eiil.'i" nf stormy passion,
where Is tho pilot lhat stall guide
ilm undoi'Btandlng safely through
them? It Is no wonder, lhat onco
lu a while n mind Is wracked,
Marian, silting In hor pew, saw
nothing in his face ur manner to in-
iliculo that Inward storm, Shu only
suw lho  sullen,     freezing  oxtorlor.
is said that not one ol his subjects
could being a forest giant to tho
ground with such terrific blows ol tha
oxo or so expeditiously us ho. Ho
was, indeed, tho strongest man of his
timo in all Russia, ami io-,el to
start io his courtiers by sncli fcati as
I,,-niliiig bars ol iron round bis :.-':,
la;.i.;i:,l.. ;n his
open the stoutest
doora wilh a push of Ills Herculean
distracting company of ilm pretty eltl FREDERICK Till-: GREAT
Jacqueline. But Ihls-whilo It throw had a mania Iur collecting snug-
Dr, Orlmshow almost Into frenzy, boxes, every one ol whi b bo uso.|,
diil not help Thurston lo forget the niul of which he !„it behind him r.>
good mid beautiful Marian, fndeoj, fewer than 130, valued r.t much moro
by contrast, il Bccmed to make  her; than $1,250,000.     Louis XIV.   had
should bo a renewal uf tl
ting scenes he hud endured.
Thus passing n greater portion
the summer; during which Thurston
gradually dropped ml' from tho
church, and from nil ulher haunts
where Im was likely to encounter
mil maintain-1 Mni'iiin, and us gradually began to erinming powter
froqlionl   Ihe Catholic chapel, and to   hl""ls' '"' forcing
inure oxcollcllt and lo
(To fin Continual i
moro than a woman's passion lor
I jewels, and spent fortunes on collect-
j.ing the dazzling baubles, which ho
would exhibit with n ri.i'.i'.s ii
for the admiration and i tvj of tho
ladies of bis Court. Augustus Ui i
Strong ol Saxony had o dml'nr
ci/" for china, and   it was in pur-
Thn genuine, lull-blood, thoro sh-
brod scrub farmer never likes hi .;.-
class -lock, tine varieties of   fruits.
a pretty home, or Improved prcmls- suil of this bobb;  that I         ret ol
es.  To him any old thing is   good the v. irld-fumous Drosd  , cl   a una
enough, discovered; while I.-...-.-..:   f l: -. ... i
There si Id bo no communication lavished millions oi   bull   -.   lordly
between Hm stable and lho  cnrriai ■ pleasure-houses, castles, ai I palaces
In,ii", and Ihe manure heap   shoal-! for hi,  d :.■:!.!.
bo locntod ns far away from Hi,- lal- -f	
tor ns possible,     Ammonia    fum
crack uml destroy varnish uml   (nd
llm colors In,Hi „i painting mid lie- "I -■ i In th- paper Ihi   mor    --."
ing. l,     :.    ^i"   Oatos nl   Ih   l n ol fa it
When milk has been found to  con- '.a-1". "Ihal—"
tain Impurities, or sours more quick- "Thar '    loo much :;■:". in    my
ly lhnn it might to, llm fault i, !,, | onl ncal," cried th- young st   mom-
nt the   iloor ,,f iim milkman,    ilm ber of tlm Gates family.
llm   milk station, the farmer "1 see in this n              paper,"
cow; but in many   Insl I          lho head of the bouse age
It does not occur to tho person who "that tin. "
finds ilm fault to lay it just  where • ■!■    r's house Is op for salo again
ii. belongs, but   whoro it Is seldom mo '       tar! d llio oldcsl dauglil r,
brought  homo, mid   that  Is to   Ik -I  noticed   lho   bill   on tho .   cc
housekeeper. ...         i looked   out ol my wb I w
chef   fertilizing eleinenl    in ,|,is morning    I d, i'i  '  11
" In the King can afford to go for an
form uf   animonl un compounds.    Ii
wood ashes or lime or any
compound is mixed with the poultry
manure, tho nitrogen passes off Into
tho form   of   ammonia,  Chci ii
staled, tho transformation Is   i im, -
tiling like ihis: The ammonium   ni-
trale of tho manure uniting with tlm
caustic potash of tho wood ashes is
rosolvod Into pota slum nitrate, ■-. t-
ti-i- and freo ammonia,  Now s iii
gypsum' with (In
just llm opposil
Ibis  year  if liio.
What  did you  start  lo
materials mcchaulcally abs ,', and
consoi-vo the volatile ammonium compounds.
Many a man who boosts that he
docs not know tho meaning -i fear
is si ill young enough lo get married.
"I  s. ■  iii  (his nun-nil ■ 's    ] opcr
ilm' ihe British—"
"Must l ■-.- in an awful hurry   this
morning.    Willie," -  ■      o  t
daughter, Bessie, to her small  brother.    "You'i    Bl tiling
pig      si, p   mal Ing    such a 1     i
lion   manure   hi.'  " "V  ■ '^i"
,,., :.. ,, jtheso ;   lr ''■ ' '" ("""i"'^ of  you,
soid Mrs   Gates ropr    ii li it
is i' you ueo in tho pop i Hub morning li- • ry?"
"Type," s-n i,i Mr. Gates savagely,
"Pass H." salt."
I tire,
la y Irian Bcldom pun tun s  Lis m
| "Bargains! "Bargains! I
Sifter StocKrTaKing.
Remnants and Ends offering less than Cost.
This is Our House-Cleaning Time.
'f All-Wool Tweed.   Reg. 91, ffl.fifl,   Now fjl.75.
SSK Nol a Suil in Ibe Iol thill did not cosl moro to
W linn nut.   Sizes 21 t(i20,
BOYS' REEFERS selling at tfl.nii.
MEN'S OVERCOATS ai jusl wholesale prlcos,
All Wool Skirls ul   |ust  half price- $3,00
Now $1,511.
SEE OUR BARCAIN TABLE Volte money will go
I'm!bet-ul Ibis Store just now Hum ever
| wTKeid (& young.
For Stock-Taking Sale
We are selling for a few days  Books, Perfumes,
Photo Frames, Vases and a thousand other things
j The Canada Drug & Book Co.'y j
Anderson—On Jan, 21si. at Revo!
stoke, to Mr, and Mrs. John Andor-
eon. n son.
Local and General.
Thos. Munroe, motorman at Colo-
man, was killed at work.
Il, Mcl'liiidden left lust night ou a
bu,iue„ trip to tbo coast.
Celebration ,,f tbo Chinese Now
Year was in full swing Wednesday.
The C. P, R, will spend $3,01)11,1111(1
in Improvement, in lho west this
F, Kiine was killed and Dun Tubby
will lose hi, sight as the result of nu
e.tploiion mi V. V.iintl E, construction,
At Westminster tbe four year-old
boy oi Mr. anil Mrs. Lever (ell in a
bath of boiling water and was scalded
to death.
,1. A. Kernaghan bus practically
completed bis oontraet ior builbing
the Y. M. C. A. nnd it will be opened
next month, on arrival of tbe secretary.
The temperature at Dawson is 70 to
60 below zero. Tbe weather wa, so
cold horse, could not be taken out ns
their lungs froze up and they dropped
some public inconvenience bus been
caused by the telephone being disconnected with the C, P.R, Telegraph
office. Thi« should be replaced pending the olliee being removed to the
business centre of tbe city.
Nelson. 11. C. takes position ns the
third city ol the province. The gross
postal revenue from the Nelson post
olliee for the year ending lime 30th
was $16,292. .New Westminster come,
next with $12,343. Vancouver leads
with $98,016, and Victoria follows
with $56,771,
A social evening will be arranged at
the High School ne\t week when Miss,
Beck who won Rev. 0. A, Prccunier'e
prize lor highest marks in tho Christmas entrance examination,, nnd Master Jack Sibbald, who won Chief Bain's
prize for tbe highest mark, in arithmetic, will Le awarded tbeii prizes.
A. McDonnell returned Irom Ferguson Wednesday and report, having
bad a pretty bard trip owing to the
heavy snowfall, In the fire ot the
Hotel Ferguson In which Mr, Me-
li nnell was interested, the building
was completely destroyed, and "Had"
Black bad a narrow escape, No other
building! wer,- Inn'i.i-d. Tbe lire
■ riginated in the lurnace room.
The opinion ol the shareholders
committee ol the York County Loau
is that the company should be reorganised and equipped with offlolal,
appointed by tbe shareholder, at
large, their duty being to develop the
company's property by improvement,
selling portion, of it when satisfactory
prices wore offered, nnd in Ibis was
ultimately closing tbo affair, ol the
The Kamloops Sentinel siiys: "W,
K. lliiinc nml E. Adair (of Revelstoke)
have on view at Beaton', store a useful household appliance thnt will
appeal to energetic housewives who
occasionally do n little ironing of line
linen, etc., at home. Tbe article i, a
portable ironing board that can be
attached to or removed Irom any
table or shelf in a moment, It is light,
convenient, easily handled, cannot get
out nf order, and has the merit of being inexpensive, A patent bus been
applied for.
Social & Personal.
A dunce will be given at the Club
Monday night.
E, L. Kininiui returned frum the
const Thursday.
Dr, and Mrs. Morrison returned
Friday from Salmon Ann.
Dr. Klieinbnrd, recently uf Vernon,
bus removed to Salmon Arm.
Dr. Robinson, of Ferguson, i. appointed Coroner for the province.
It is proposed to tender Sir Wilfred
Latirier a great banquet at Toronto
on Feb. 21sl.
Guld Range Lodge K. of P, has appointed A. J. Howe Grand Lodge
W. C. Wells, M. P. P., is again
prominently meutioned in connection
with the Lieut-Governorship.
Tbe regular meeting of the Ladies
Hospital Guild will be held at tin-
City Hull Tuesday at 3 p. in.
Tbe officers and members i
enay Lodge A. F. and A.  M
• •
• I\ A A11 f *
• lllllll/ 1 •
• ___
I Red (row Drug
giving   a   grand   Masonic   bull after
The postponed Basket social, under
Ibe auspices of the Ladies Aid of St.
Andrew's church, will i»; held in the
Selkirk Hall on Monday evening 19th
The dance under Hie auspice, ol the
Ladle, Hospital Guild took place nt
Selkirk Hall Wednesday evening, The
musio was supplied by the Imlepeti
dt'iit Band.
The many Iriend, of Lurry Koran
will be pleased to learn thai the
popular oo duolor, who ia now al
Vancouver, i- getting on nicely, ami
will, perhaps, 1* able to resume bia
work in about two months.—News.
J. MoVay, formerly chief of tbo C,
P It. accounting stuff at Revelstoke
and lately in charge of the Bowman
Lumber Company', olliee at Coraa-
plix, will succeed A. V. Anderson a,
accountant at, tbe Bowman Lumber
Company's office at Revelstoke.
W. IJ. Pool is in Nelson and lias
secured an option on the famous
Cbisholm property at Poplar creek,
and ia now preparing for operations in
connection with it and bia other holdings ns eaily as possible in the spring,
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Mr. Pace, of the firm ol Hebnch i
Pace, returned Thursday from an extended trip east. Tbe firm have secured several large contract.-: for ventilating, heating and sawmill exhaust
plants, and have a busy season ahead
of them,
W J. Twi„, the well-known manager of the Mutual Life ol Canada, wns
in the city Thursday, und appointed
Messrs, Kincaid and Anderson district
managers of ihe company', business
for Eastern British Columbia, covering Kootenay and Yale,
New Company.
Woolsey. Lefiiux A- Co. Limited
have taken over the mercantile business heretofore oaraied on by David
WooUoy nud W. W. LiTuiix The
capital stock „f ihe new company I,
$25,000 divided into 2,500 share, ol
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directors anil officers of the company;
President, W. W. LofoiillXj vice president and managing directo , David
Woolsey, secretary-treasurer, Arthur
LefoailXj direotoi'S, F. II, Milchcll nml
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The  City  and   Militia   Basketball
teania played one of the series ol games
last night iu the Drill Hall before
quite a few spectator,, including a
number ol ladies. The eity team won
by 17 to 10. From start to finish it
was it very fast game, the militia in
the first half being ahead by 2 goals,
The city team got down to busineaa
and notched a few goala to their credit
and ran nut winners na stated above
after a hard game, Tbe return match
will be played next week. The tennis
were : City— D. A, McDonald, W. A.
Smythe, C. Kerloot, 0. P. Latham,
Geo. Knight. Militia—Dr. Morrison.
Fisher, Cameron, Mulholme, 8ootty,
.lack Lyon, made an Impartial
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Day at Brown's
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Confectionery, Pool
The first regular meeting of the new
council wa, held last night. Present;
The Mayor, Aid. Palmer, Trimble,
Tapping, Howboii, Caley, Abrahamson
A letter was read from W. Cross,
who is in charge of C. P. R. mechanical department, asking quotation, for
50 b. p. electrical power.
R. Gordon was called in and said an
expenditure of $6,500 to put in a new
machine and equipment would enable
the power to bo provided. A sluicegate would be required to allow of continuous running. A Btcam plant
would cost $111,000 to $20,000 to install and would require an income ol
$9,000 to maintain it. It would be a
long time before the city could got
that revenue. It was a mistake they
did not put in a power machine instead of the new one thoy bought. Ho
pointed that nut to the bite Mayor but
lie was opposed to it.
Tbe Mayor suggested referring the
matter to the Fire, Water and Light
Committee to go fully into with Mr.
Aid. Abrahamson pointed out it
would be necessary tu ascertain what
minimum power would be used daily,
as it would not (lo for the city to go to
the expense of putting in a plant and
then find they were not getting
enough revenue from it to make it
On motion of Aid. Palmer, seconded
by Aid. Tapping, the matter wus re-
(erred to the committee to investigate
nnd report.
From C.P.R. re information for their
(older.—Referred to Tourist Association.
From Canadian Woodmen, asking
city to purchase copies of paper with
20-line notice of the city.—Refused.
Aid. Tapping reported the snow-
plough bad been run and put the
street, in good shape. He bad expended the money voted, except $1,76,
lor shovelling snow from fences, cV-c.
He recommended a brand bo used for
city tools.
Aid. Palmer asked him whether bo
would recommend a brand to work by
electricity or lire.
Aid. Trimble reported Mr. Gordon
bad everything running satisfactory
at tbe power-house, and the work was
being pushed ahead but was waiting
logs. A shed was required for storing
lire wood.
\„l Tapping: If any legal advice
is required what do you propose to do
about it ?
The May,,r said that could 1*
arranged when they had any mutters
requiring legal attention.
Ill 1,til\i: I I.ECTR10 I.IOHT RATES
Aid. Tupping gave notice of motion
for next meeting  to  reduce electric
light rates.
Tbe citv clerk .submitted resolution
anil bylaws ns drawn by Mr. McCntter
(or diacouiii, with Moleon,' Bank
oguiuat unpaid tatea und these were
A bylaw tin- also put through to
borrow $701X1 (nun Motion, Bank
against thi, year's taxes,
Tbe city clerk said there were $10(10
..I taxes still unpaid for the period between 1899 and 1904 and $4000 due
from i.ist year.
Aid. Palmer asked if there wa, no
way of getting in these taxes!
the city clerk stated a tax sale
could be held for taxes due over two
(in motion ol Aid, Palmer seoondod
by Aid. Tupping, a bylaw wa, adopted
unanimously to pay the Mayors
salary of  $B<K)  for  year  in monthly
Aid. Tapping said if it waa advisable
to start a sewer system, he would urge
it being done Oil the frontage tax
system and they should get, Mr. Taylor, M. P, P., to have tho law amended
to allow tbia.
Aid. Abrahamson aaid Aid. Tapping
was out of order.
The. Mayor said  this was a matter
lor the ratepayer, to take up.
Aid, Howion urged the necessity ol
botter arrangements ami advocated an
effort, toonliat the cu-iiporotiun ol the
Government in putting up a goutll
~m I
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Tbo Mayor said tho matter had
been before the Council for two years
nnd they bad been unable to get any
satisfaction from the Government.
Aid. Palmer thought it a pity thoy
could not get some members of the
Government put in there for six
Aid. Abraboiiisiiii said for tbo past
live years the matter bad been advocated and the Government bad said
the city must provide its own gaol.
Aid. Caley said the grand juries bad
several times condemned the present
gaol which was an old building.
Aid. Howson aaid tbo Government
should also assist in providing an
isolation hospital. They bad already
had a serious lesson when they had to
clean out the tool house for a child
which died there. Such Inhumanity
as that could not lie tolerated.
Aid. AbrahaniBon also urged the
necessity of such a hospital.
Aid. Howson urged that the Board
of Trade be asked to take up both the
matter of tbe gaol and isolated hospital and that pressure be brought to
bear on the member for Revelstoke to
have these metiers attended to, There
bud boon two of llm most hcuit-rend-
ing enses they bud ever heard ot here
on account ofjjjiiii proper accommodation for infectious easea.
Hn motion of Aid. Howson, seconded
by Aid. Trimble, a resolution waa
passed asking jJMr. Taylor, M.P.P.,
lion nl uf Trade and Hospital committee to urge on tho Government the
provision >>f a gaol ,i\u\ isolation hospital for tho eity,
Aid. Tupping again urged the City
Clerk should ooinniunioato with the
member for the district, tn have the
law amended to permit ol tho frontage
tax system being adopted.
The City Clerk pointed out that a
now municipal law was now before
Alter passing accounts tbe meeting
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Homy    W.    Novison    Journeyed
Through tbo Most Dangerous
Part of Africa.
Henry W, Nevison, in command of
the Harper's Magazine expedition into darkest Africa designed to determine tho extent of tho slave trade
aflor suffering great hardships and
many dangors bus returned ,0 §hg-
laud.    Willi   tho exception  of
These are Uie sHotons of slaves who
have been unable to keep up with
tho march, nnd so were murdered or
loft to die. Of course the ordinary
carriers und travelers die too. It
is very horrible to see n man beginning tu beak down in the middle
of lho Hungry Country. Ho must
go on or die. The caravan cannot
wait for him, for It has food for
only the limited number of days.
I "Every bone scattered along tho
i terrible footpath frum Mashlko to
the Cuunzu is (he bone of a murdered num. The man may not havo
booh killed by violence, though In
ta. most cases thu sharp-cut holo in lho
Do lirazzi, expedition, thai ln.com- H ,h'*ws "J""*1" "lU1,  •j'0"
mad „f Nevison was probe,!® the wosfvon. '/*" " ho was not killed
greatest since Stanley's in point of j ^ vl",('"'''" lle *M tal"'" '«>">   his
ntercsllng conditions uncovered.
Plunging inlo "'Ihi' Hungry Country," the accursed stretch of land
which reaches from just beyond the
Ciiunzo River almost to ihu Portuguese Ion ni Mashlko, tho explorer
relates one of the remarkable fetv
turcs nf this territory os follows:
"All living creatures in this region
are crazy for salt, just like oxen
uu a 'sour' veldt. Bait is lor the
best, coinage you can tako aiming
the Chlbokwe.    1 do not mean
homo and sold, either for thn buyer's
use, or to soil ugain lo a Hiliean, to
a Portuguese trader, or to tho
ugenls who superintend the 'contract
labor' fin San Thome, ond aro Bo
useful In supplying tho cocoa drinkers of England and America, as well
as in enriching tho plantation own-
ci'S and the government.
"1 think that the old caravan system has been reduced within the Inst
three years. The shock to pnblic
feeling iu Portugal owing to the
Builuiidu wur and itu revelations—
the dlsgl'uco of certain officers at the
While table rait. They reject that j torts, who wero convicted nl taking
with scorn, thinking il is sugar or a percentage of slaves frum the puss-
gomolhiug   equally   useless, but for | ing   caravans   as   hush-money—the
pleasure. To-day a negro soldier in , sents but few difficulties. It is tho !
tho while Portuguese uniform seized spot where the modern village of!
a little buy at the head of my car- Deir now stands that, tho difficulties
| Hers, pounded hiB naked feet wilh of the way begin to appear. Here
jtho butt of his rifle, and wns heat- all vegetation ceases. The soil of
ing him unmercifully with tho bar- itho desert is not always sandy; more
rol, when I sprung upon him witli frequently it is a hard loam which
two javelins which I happened to be needs hut water to cover it with
carrying hecauso my rillo was jam- vegetation. Except during the
mod. At sight of mo the emblem ol 'months of winter the midday sun
Portuguese justice crawled ou the beats hotly down upon tho travel-
earth and swore ho did nut know It lor's head; nt nightfall Ihe weather
wns a while man's caravan.    That moderates, and tho traveller    uguin
When Paralysis Ended His Naval
Career He Became a Marine   Fainter.
' ever tho Kaiser visits London he lu- i ,f-i"i-'HS-'HH'-t^M~M--H"r",*H"4'
. variably drup& in tu leave an order ' «■
j for a new study nt the St. John s •/>
DE Wood studio and to try tu persuade J
'the signer to go off somewhere with T
j him for a cruise. I T
It iB interesting to hear the painter j j£
talk of his patron.   Ho thinks   Wil- 4,
Ham of Germany the greatest of llv-  *
ing men and tells many Interesting 4"
Wus sufficient excuse.'
lakes heart, but lying down upon
the hard ground ho shivers the bint
hours of nighl away, until the ria-
Ing sun gives him warmth,
Three days over llio barren   desert
from Heir in Sukneh, a place
When King Edward VII. on tor tains
ono of his brother sovereigns, or ,n
tact dues lionur to uny oxtraordinar-
Route of Modern Mail Carriers on
Dromedaries — Game in
River Valley.
tlie coarse and dirty 'bay salt' they
will sell almost, anything, and a
pinch of it is a gTeuler treat to a
child than a whole bride cake would
be in England.
'I  have, lesled  It. especially with
strong action of Captain Amorlm in
trying io suppress the whole traffic
—the instructions to the forts to allow no chained rungs to pass—all
these things have, I believe, acted ns
heck upon the old-fashioned me-
ably as old as tho inhabllanls of
the desert, fur two large springs of
sulphurous water bubble up
through the ground. Two years
ago, while resting fur a day by the
springs, 1 witnessed the Interesting
ceremony of a desert marriage, a
The number of modem Europeans ceremony which has probably not
or Americans who have crossed the varied from llm time of the exiles.
Arabian desert from 1'nlesline or One of the hot. springs is reserved
the Mcdilerranoan const to the. val- for Hie drinking water of the vll-
lcy of the Tigris nnd Euphrates 'age™; the other is the public bath,
hardly exceeds a score, and thatiwo(ch Is occupied by the mole popu-
scure consists mostly of explorers; Ilotion In tho morning and evening,
yet the route, from the very down |but the midday hours tire set apart
of history until Ihe decline of tlie,'or tho women,
Arabian civilization, wns one of the fih,ml noon the village resounded
world's greatest highways, says 'Dr. «'i|h the shrill halhal, nn expression
Edgar J. Banks in the Sunday |°,' J°-Vj";udu.ci:d ,,bL,t".0 p.a.a,to .and
School Times,
ily big wig, thero is a certain wiz.i
od and elderly Neapolitan gentleman
living quietly In St. John's Wood
whose name figures with Invariable
promlnciico among royalty's guests,
prnb- I Buys a London letter. Tho truth of
it is the entire Buckingham l'uluco
luiiiily adore Edouurd no Martinu.
The King positively pursues him
with invitations to dine, the Prince
of Wale '
every yucltling party proposed, Queen
her must sjmpuiueuc gossips,
nil the young royul highnesses laugh
immoiloratcly ut his quips and Jests.
But then BIgnor de Marline reckons
at least a duzen sovereigns, hig onil
little, upon his visiting list, und
thero is no novelty for him iu travelling, dining and hobnobbing wilh
the groat ones of this earth.
anecdotes of lho Kniser in support of jj,,„tj_, j ..... . .j_t
Nur in Iho King of Italy n    whit I       TnE LATr.;ST NOVELTIES,
less   appreciative    of   Ho Mart inn's
abilities and charm. Many studies of For indoor wear very soft silks,
the Italian Navy have been bought foulards, China silk, and even silk
by King Victor Emmanuel, who has batiste, arc   being made into   whit
■the sound of hallelujah of Hm   last
Four thousand years before our era Psalm.     Soon    a (group of women,
the bees thai swarm in these forests \ thuds. There is also an increased
and produce most ol the beeswax risk in obtaining slaves from the In-
Ihat goes In Europe. 1 first noticed -turior in large bnlrhes. Tho Bcl-
tholr love of salt when I salted some gitun) strongly oppose the entrance
water one afternoon in the vain of the traders Into their state, porl-
liupe ol curing the poisoned sores only because guns and powder are the
rny feet. In hull an hour the 6wnrms I usual exchange for slaves, partly beef bees had driven me from my cause they wish to retain their own
te.-it. I was slung ten times ami'natives under their own tender merited lo wall about In the forest till'ries. The line of Belgian forts along
the nun act, when the lus's vanished the frontier is quickly Increasing,
as if by signal. ISome Bihenn traders have been shot.
"Another afternoon I tested them ; In one recent citsc. much talked of,
by putting a heap of sugar, a paper'a bullet from n Mnxlm gun struck
smeared with condensed milk and a | tho head of a gang of slaves, march-
bag of salt tightly wrapped up in, big as usual in single file, and kilted
tar-piiper side by side on tho ground, Inlno In succession, In nny case, tho
I gave Ih,'in twenty minutes, and j traders seem to have discovered that
then I found nothing on the sugar, the palmy dayB when they used tn
live flics on llm milk, and the tar-1parade their chained gangs through
pnper so densely covered with bees Ithe country, and burn, flog, torture
that they overtopped each other as and cut throats ns Ihoy pleased, are
when they swarm. For want of anything better, they will fight over   n
Sargon, tho old Semitic king, who Shearing the bride upon their
but a decade ago wna considered a
mythological character because of
his great antiquity, marched his
armies ncroaa the desert and launched his fleet upon the Mediterranean.
Tbo armies   of   Babylonia   end As- Bnd singing increased.    'Then
Byria, of the mysterious Hittitcs and  girls,    bridesmaids    one   may
sweaty shirt in the same way; and
once, by tho banks of a stream, they
sent ill! my carriers howling along
the path by creeping up under llieir
loin-cloths. The butterflies seek Bolt
also. If you spread out a damp rag
anywhere in tropical Africa, you will
soon bnve brilliant buttorfiles ou it.
But if you add a little salt in the
Hungry Country the rng will be a
lilaze of colors, unless lho lies como
onil* drive the butterflies off.
"As I said, tbo natives feel lho
longing too. Among the ChlbOkwo
tho women burn a marsh grass into
n potash powder ns a substilule;
and if u native squats down
in front of you, puts out a
long pink tongue and strokes
it oppealingly with his finger, you may know it is salt he
wants. The scarcity has become
worse since tho Belgians, following
their uaunl highwayman methods,
huvo robbed the natives ol the great
salt-puns in Hie south of the Congo
.Stale and mado llieni a trade monopoly."
Portugal's assurance to the world
Hint the slave trade his been stopped through the establishment of
Portuguese military stations alung
the slavo-trado route is discounted
by Mr, Nevison in bis language:
"There are two ferries over the
Ciinnzu, one close under the Portuguese fort, the other a comfortable
distnnco upstream, well out of ob-
Bervation, It is a typically Portuguese arrangement, The commandant's duly is lo stop the slave trade
but how con he he expected to see
what is going on a milo.or so away!
Even as you come down to the river
you find slave shackles banging on
the bushes. You cross the stream
in dugout canoes, running tlm chance
of being upset by one of thn hippos
which snort and pant a little farther up. You enter the forest again
and now the shackles arc thick upon
the trees. This is tbo place whoi'o
most of the slaves, being driven
down Irom the interior, ore untied.
It is safe to let them loose here.
The Cuauza is just in front, and behind llu-in lies the lung stretch of
Hungry Country, which they could
never get through alive il they tried
to run hack to their homes. So it
ia that the trees on (he western edg>)
of the Hungry Country boor shackles
in profusion—shackles for (he hands,
shackles for lho feet, shackles for
three or four slaves who are clamped together at night. The drivers
hang them up wilh lho idea of using
them again when they return for the
next consignment of human merchandise; bul, as a rule, I think, they
find 11 easier tu make new shackles
as they arc wanted.
"A shackle is easily made. A native hacks out nn oblong hole in a
log of wood with an axe; it must be
big enough for two hnmlB or two
feet, tn pass through, nnd then a
wooden pin is driven through tho
hole from aide lo side, an that the
blinds or feet runout stir until it is
drawn nut again. Tho twu bands
or feet do not necessorily belong to
the same person, You find shackles
of various ages—some quite new,
wilh lho marks of lho axe fresh upon them, Borne old nnd hall eoteii hy
(nils. But nono can be very old, for
In Africa all dnnd wood quickly disappears, nnd this la a proof that the
slave trade did not. really end after
the war of IUO'2, aa eusy-guliig officials are fond of aasuring ua.
"The foutpiilh Is strewn with dend
men's bonea. You see the white
thigh-bones lying in front nl ynur
feel, and at, un. aide, aiming the
undeigiowlh,   yon   fi,,.-l    the  skull.
over for the present,
"For many months after the war
even the trafiic to San Thome almost ceased. It lms begun again
now, and is rapidly increuslng. An
order was issued in December, 19U4,
rcqblrlng the government agents to
press on the supply. Hut at present
tho slaves ne coining down in smaller gangs. 'I"hey are not, aa a rule,
tortured; they are shackled only at
nigtil, and tho traders lake a certain
amount ul pains to conceal the
whole traffic, ur nt least to mako
it look respectable.
"As to secrecy, they ore not entirely successful. A man whose word
no olio in Central Africa would think
ot doubling hns jusl sent down notice Irom the Interior lhat a gang ot
251) slaves passod through thu Nuna-
kandundu district, bound for tbo
coast, in tho end of February
(I90.->), shackles and all. The man
who brought the message had done
his best'to avoid" the gang, fearing
for his life. I ought to have met
them near Mashlko if they had not
taken a by-path or been broken up
into small groups.
"It was such a small group that
I met within u day's journey of Cal-
nla, the largest truding-liouse in
lliho. I wns walking nt about half
an hour's distance from the road,
when suddenly I camo upon a parly
of eighteen or twenty buys and four
men hidden in the bush. At sight of
mo they nil ran awny, the men driving (he boys before them. But they
left two long ehicottes ur ajnmlioks
(hide whips) hanging on the trees,
ns well as the very light loads they
had with them. After a time I returned, and they ran away again.
1 then noticed that they posted a
man on a tree-tup to observo my
movements, and ho remained there
till I trekked on with my own people."
Of his meeting with another slave
caravan Ihe writer suys:
"My carriers dnlecled them at
unco, and I heard the word "apekn"
(slaves) passed down Hie line oven
before I camo in (right of them. Tho
caravan numbered seventy-eight in
ull. In front and rear were lour
men with guns, and there wero six
uf them in tho centre. Tho wholo
caravan wns organized with a precision that one never finds among
Ireo carriers, and nearly tho whole
of it consisted of boys under 1-1.
This in Itsolf would ho almost conclusive, for no trade caravan would
contain anything like that proportion of hoys, whereas boyB arc the
most easily stolen from native villages In tho Interior, and, on the
whole, they pay tho cost of transport, best.
"The importation of slaves from
tho interior Into Angola may not bo
what it was. It may not be conducted under the old methods. There
is no longer that, almost continuous
procession of chained and tortured
men and Women which all travelers
who crossed the Hungry Country before 10(11! describe. For the moment rubber hns berome nimnat as
lucrative ns men. 'Hie traffic has
been driven underground. There Is
now a feeling nf shnme and risk
about It, and the military authori-
(ies dure not openly give it countenance as before. But. I -have never
heard of any rnfle in which they
openly Interfered to slop it, nnd Ulo
thing allll goes nn. It ia, In fart,
fast recovering from the shock of Ihe
rebellion of 1B(|2, and is now Increasing uguin every month,
"ll will gu on ami li will Increase
na long us the authorities uud traders liiihlluiilly apeak uf the unlives
us 'dogs,' und al|ow the men under
tbelr niiiiiiiiiiul tu misuse them   at
dors imtl moving with a dancing step
to the time of their music, went lo
th- spring.   The bride wns
while. Ihe excitement of lho dancing
Egyptian::, of Alexander, of Greece, j them, burned at the four curners of
uf Rome, of Persia and of Hie fair the village tho incense lhat lho curling
Zenobla, tlm wild hordes of lho,column of rising smoke might drive
mongols and the soijukes and llio away the evil which would other-
fierce Moslem troops have passod and 1 wise mar the happinos of Hie
repassed Ihe great desert highway, ! bridal pair. After tho bath the
have fought throughout its length, bride wus borne back lo the villago
nnd (here they hove perished from t„ the accompaniment of the halhal.
hunger and thirst. Probably no IThe ceremony was completed in ih"
other highway in the world has wit1 even Ing, when the bridegroom, borne
nessed so many passing armies, such  along upon the shoulders uf Ihe mm
decorated his quondam subject with
several orders, thereby adding to a
seemingly endless list of crosses, ribbons, aliira, etc., showered by royal
personages upon this favorite of fortune  Even tho Emperor of   Jup.in
, ,       , . "'/ hns purchased three   pictures    from
teases linn to make one   of  i., ,,., , .   ,    . L ...
him.       hey were   painted ol bat  o-
ure called lingerie skirts, suys the
fashion expert cf the New Yodt
Post They ore washable, and aro
to be commanded for this quality, ii
not other. White ami delicate culms
uro usuully chosen, and many ol tho
skirts are beautified wilh lace and
ribbon trimmings tu such nn   extent
\™*A™7£f?k? '"".'7"""' '"""'J ships built In England fur the Jap-  thut   one   feels   sorry fur Ihe liiun-
lextinuni hulls lho clic.nlier ono uf ., , ,,,,..    .,   ■ ,!»•„,..„    >ra.. „>-i„-. „, *u«,      i.   ,    ,
,r most BvniDiiihi.ile rroasli™   ulilln n""s" N"vv ul"'   BIJ    delighted    the dress.   Ihe object of these soft skirts
iiioM s.w.ipuih.,,, g„.„i|,.., „h,ii) u|kft(]o Umt nmv Ja|lnni,Ki,    unlei.s |S an   ejtra-ciinging   drapery effect
have been added tu De Marlluo's lung  '"u''h coveted.
list of honors. A pretty novelty in petticoats is a
In yachting circles it is very much j tullela    skirt   with     a deep lingerio
the tiling just now to seek the sig-! flounce,   'llie flounce is  attached   to
nor's advice in the building nf smart  Ihe skirt  with beading and   ribbon,
racing hunts, ns well ns in that   tl  and can be token off to be laundered.
the    great   private palaces    afioul. j'' is made    of very   sheer   lawn or
,,   ,       ,   ,   ,      ,. ,   ,   ,,„ llie bus just nl  present the   supreme
In tho groups of distinguished  Ita- '
a diversity of peoples and such
scenes of suffering and hiss of life,
yet u picture as touching as any was
the long line of Hebrew exilea
dragged into captivity, and of llieir
wob bathed in tlie same spring.
After rest at Sukneh tho traveller
fills his sheepskin with the sulphurous wuler ami continues over the
dry desert.     Four    days   of   hard
descendants   ol   n   generation intcr-rnuirch bring him lo thn lillle oasis,
while wandering hack to the ruins of  the beautiful   sput.   culled Tadmor,
their homes nnd  temple,
who    would visit   the ruins ol the
Babylonian   cities probers lb
water route through the Red
and the Persian Gulf: yet (here are
three desert routes between Pales-
line nud Babylonia The shortest,
(he most difficult und dangerous of
the three is from 'Damascus directly
through the heart of the desert to
the town of Hit on the Euphrates,
thence along lho river to Feluja and
a day's Journey across the valley to
Bagdad on tho Tigris,
now covered   by  Ihe ruins ol Palmyra.   The plain along the route, always hare of vegetation, is in spots
lung strewn Willi black stones which. Hie
Sea .desert Moslem says nro fragments of
the body of Lot.
A few years ago tho Turkish Government built guardhouses there in
Ihe desert, a day's journey from each
olher, and sank wells. One well
which I measured was sixty feet
deep; Its water, though slightly bitter, was preferable to the sulphur
water which the exile carried from
Sukneh.    The garrison of ono ot Ihe
This is   tho   route of the modern,jonrracks consisted ol a single Turk
mail  carriers.    These hardy  Arabs, |ish soldier; fur several weeks he had
mounted upon their fast dromedaries
set out alono across the great desert. For ten or twelve days they
ride eighteen hours n day, halting
only long enough to lake Interrupted
sleep or lo kindle lire fur the coffee.
During llie dry season th'-y nre tnr-
nicnti-d with thirst and the broiling
sun, in winter by the severe cold.
Frequently one fails to arrive, or,
belated, ho conies ill on fuot, stripped of his clothes and robbed nf
his mail and of his beast. He is
forbidden tu guide across the desert
(he traveller who would venture to
accompany him, yet occasionally one
may provide himself with a dromedary, start alone, and when at some
distance from the city await the
mail carrier, to whom he gives his
animal as bakhshcosh. An Englishman, the last to lake th» journey, as far os I know, arrived at
Damascus alone, afoot and naked.
The route most frequented by the
unlive traders lends from Alexnu-
dretta along a good carriage road
to the. Interesting city ol Aleppo,
and down the eastern slope of the
mountain lo the point on the Euphrates nearest to the Mediterranean. Thin it follows along the river
to Hit, where it joins the mail route
from PumasciiB. The journey by
carriage or caravnn, or a part of
the way by rati, requires from twenty to twenty-live days
from Damascus, skirting the northern edge ot the desert, through Palmyra to Deir on the Euphrates, is
the most interesting. Ahnvo is the
nld Babylonian city which now lies
modorn Hit. the la nf lho Oreoks, an
burled 111 the mound beneath the
modern mud huts. Hit hns always
been and ia si ill famous fur ita hot
biiumen   spring
Nonh's nek wos
smeared with pilch from Hit there |
is hardly a bent upun the lower
Tigris and Euphrates in the con- j
structlon of which the bitumen of I
Hit is not iniployed. Thia pure ronl ■
block   aubslnnce,   oozing   from tho j
ground in quantities sufficient to en- my ,,,„,, iK „ st        argument
rich nn ordinary city, la now used as  ,h(, (.|mng.(,
a   fuel    in the   limekilns and ship-     Those who oppoae a change argue
yards.    In ancient limes it     served I,hat    „,„    mitom    0(   tho British
as mortar for laying bricks, Every ■ navy hnK bMn |od by almost
Arab who passes Hip slops nt the 6vory pow,r| a|)d thnt lhmlo„, ,t
spring and collectfl enough    -'    "•- !
nol seen a human being, and had
become so accustomed to his life of
solitude that ho would give us no
food, ond only with reluctance permitted us to take shelter within the
British Jack Tars Would Like    a
New Uniform.
The British public has su long
associated the "handy man" of tho
navy with Whut is termed "sailor
clothes" thut it will como as a
shuck to learn that it is the seamen
of lho fleet themselves who nre almost unanimous in asking for a
change of uniform.
'The objections to the present dress
are many. However well Bulled it
was to the day when Ihe seaman's
work lay in the direction ul handling
spars and sails and hauling ropes,
it is not adapted to modern conditions, where the seaman is really tt
skilled mechanic, The buggy trousers arc apt to catch in the machinery, and are really a nui-ance. 'The
open "jumper" is viewed by tho
men with (he utmost disfavor, and
it has been known to them for
by the suggestive name of
nionia catcher."
The uniform proposed by
who appear to express the views of
(he lower deck is a jacket fitting
loosely und comfortably around the
neck nnd body, with a turned-down
collar, single-breiisted, Willi live
buttons; trousers to bo moderately
loose in Ihe logs. 'The cap ia to bo
peaked, light in weight, well ventilated, with a broad fiat top, nnd
cover for use in hot weather, which
would protect the back of the neck,
nnd gel rid of tin- trouble caused by
the difficulty of stowing the white
hot, of si raw ol present used in tlio
navy In hot weather.
The kit advanced would cost    2a.
leas lhnn the existing ono, and would
thus save Hint sum to the men, an
that from Iho standpoint of ccono-
of    the
black tar to provide a knob   at the
end of a wooden slick.
Even now the bonks of the Euphrates river are lined with pnlmo
ond rich gardens; in ancient times,
when tho country wna In a good
state of cultivation, Ihcir route
rnuat have been through a paradise,
for oven now luscious melons of virions varieties, large grapes, figa,
dales and orangis grow In abundance. Along the reedy bonks of the
river the wild hog allll lives; the
Jackal, the wolf and the gawlle
come stealthily down (nun the desert
lo drink. Whon the exilea pnaseil,
the lion, lurking In the shrubbery,
«as a cause for fear but a generation ago the last Hon uf Babylonia
was killed by the modern Nlmrod of
the world-
'IV j.urnr.v  along the river    prc-
iiiiat be the bent. It seema to be
forgotten that in the period 1870-85
the German military uniform was
widely copied hy various powers,
one of them Great Britain, though
It la not known tu possess almost
every posslblo disadvantage, It
la further probable that if the British navy made a draallc change it
would be quite generally followed.
The question of n ehnnie Is report-
en to be under the consideration of
the Admiralty, and It la quite possible that the present Administration. Which has shown llBelf perfectly ready to cut nwnv the deadwoud
of the pant, may decide to give the
men a more comfortable dress, and
one which belter moot, the demands
of service In the modern navy.
Liko other   trees,   there In uaiuiby
ai.iiu'tliiiig shady uhiiiil tho    family
lians who during the lust twen'.y
years have mode their homes and
their fortunes in England. Edouurd
do Mitrtinu, marine painter in ordinary tu tlie King, litis scored far' and
away the most brilliant social and
oxtistic success. His life from the beginning has been one of uncommon
interest and a 6igual triumph of
mind uver body.
Born in Naples sumo sixty-odd
years ago, of a good family, de Mar-
lino entered the Italian navy aa u
lad, having a posltlvo
Never happy save when afloat, he
served his country wilh credit until u
violent illness brought un paralysis'. was presented
and deprived him ul the use nl bis
right arm and leg. 'There was nothing for it but tu retire from his profession, and to tho ordinary man
such a blow wutild have meant the
cud altoftcllier of his career.
Not so Ho Hartino. In surrendering his novul position he really begun his life's wurk, and laid Hie
foundation for years of astonishing
Having but ono hand at his command, and that the left une, tho signer set himself diligently to develop
his decided talent Ior painting. In
url, as in all else, he was dominated
by nn overmastering love of sea,
sky and ship.
'iho work ul thai pne left hand began lo be talked uf, nnil before long
his reputation showed signs ol growing nniong naval and yachting man.
Oltl searings declared that no man
living could make water ripple and
How in paint to touch He Martinu.
His sunsets, his storms, his lunun-
lights und his fogs were the real
thing—at least they looked so to all
eyes that were sailorwiso,
Then as Iur bis ships, his men of
war more especially—why, the service ol nil countries simply swore by
them. Every line, every spot uf
color, every smallest detail, was
positive miracle ol accuracy, su 'hoy
At about this time the clover Neapolitan aignor, like so many of his
countrymen, settled peruianontly in
London, having become a warm personal friend of tlie present King ot
England during his Continental wanderings. His big studio iu St. Johns
Weed wns established at once us tho
haunt uf famous folk.
Here como constant commands to
join the royal family whenever an interesting cruise is ou hand.     For
as he is, with a withered sido    and
bent spine, this artist seems to   ini-
bibo new life the moment be sets foot
on a deck.
Ilia wit, always keen and ;;i:intil-
lnnt, is apparently sharpened by salt
air, and no party is dull for ono
moment when the gay Neapolitan is
aboard. So high is his reputation
foi- amusing that King Edward is
said to smile broadly tlio very moment his marine painter is sighted.
Nothing entertains his frienila
moro thnn He Martiuo'a comploto
Inck of on Intelligible language. TV
lingo of Naples, which nn every one
knows is a compound of the slung of
all nations, is the one tongue be curt
speak with anything like Uueiicy.
Aflor that, lm is equally nnd exquisitely funny in English, French,
Herman and Spanish, To no one ol
them is lle a Stranger, uiul iu all four
he blunders and si limbics with a
guud humor and a ridiculousness
that sends his listeners Into spasms
nl laughter.
Whon Hm Prince and Princess uf
Wales made their colonial tour, it
was Stipulated thnt Do Murtino musl
he a member of the suite. Thoy
lelt that the tedium ul thnt lung sea
journey would lie insupportable without him, and then King Edwa.'d
wished a series nf pictures to commemorate the voyage.
Even now the Princess ul Wales
loves lo recount ptliut wonders the
siguur performed on board. Ilo
seems utterly oblivious uf hiu phvsi-
cal disabilities, und, nut withstanding
the lusa of an arm nnd n log, he
would BWarm Up the rigging In Ibe
roughest weather and take part In
every bit uf deck sport going.
Hut mnsl wonderlul of nil, an alio
saya, was that one day, when a high
oca wna running, she anw De Mnr-
l.ino atrapped to a plunk thrust far
over tho ship's aide, sketching vigorously with hlo loft hand in order
to make study after study ol lho
water cut by the prow and foaming
away at the aides of the veaael. ii.
had passed his sixtieth birthday then,
yet it is doubtful If any young man
aboard could have matched the gray
haired Italian fur either
oversight uf King Edward's ruyal
yacht, now in process uf construe
batiste, und is naturrjly very much
lace bctrimmed. For evening wear
nothing could be prettier.
For Inini outdoors wear nothing is
better than the jersey top petticoais,
Torii'i-'ii wni'i n o\ tvtrvi-TF     ^ith 6Uk rmm- '1'hc hik'n<!Sl nrlc'-'a
JOLHI.Ii WOULD ON BICYCLE.     skjr,„ o( lhis .leecripMon have    silk
Max Schlfllor has returned to Ber- jersey tops; the medium priced ones
lln, Germany, after touring round the I have a woven caflbmcro tup, and
world by bicycle, Ho started in i there is a very cheap cotton top
11198, und cycled through Cerinunv, j variety which is hardly worth buy-
Hollnnd, England, Scotland, Irelnnd, - lug. The host of these skirts have a
tho United States, Japan, eastern; yoke cut on a special model, which
provinces nl China, Australia, India, i fits the figure like a glove, and lui.l-
Pcrsiu, Asia Minor, tlio Balkan ens Invisibly on the left side of lho
Slates nnd Austria homeward. The front gore. This is a most desirable
rlistencc traveled was 44,000 Eng- skirt, warm, and yet not too heavy,
lish miles, during which Schifller I It will outwear three taffeta petti-
used up si), bicycles. Ono of these: coats, since it is always po.tslblo to
to him in India by ] renew the Bilk llouncc at small cost.
Lord Curzon, Sclllfflcr, who took I The new waist flannels arc very
photographs, aaya he will start on a j beautiful. Checks, Roman stripes,
second   tour iu    February, covering: nnd   tartans  make up the bulk    c.f
Denmark, Scandinavia, England, the
Southern American countries, Manchuria, Siberia and Russia homeward. He expects to return to Berlin in 1912.
Remarkable  Penal Colony in Andaman Island.
'Tho British warship Proserpine, i f
the East Indies squadron, has just
returned lo Calcutta from the Andaman Islands, and, being the   fir-:t
them, and the colors nre bright and
clear, wilhuut being over brilliant.
A very good flannel at fifty cents a
yard is warranted to wash without
shrinking. School girls will weor
llannel waists a great deal this winter, and oltler women will find then
most convenient for morning wear.
'They arc made on the simplest models, a favorite one being akin to the
riding skirt, with a small pocket i n
the left side. Another pretty model
has three wide box plaits back and
j front, and fastens invisibly.
Tho tailored waists in taffeta   and
: pinitl   silks    are     very   smart  and
warship which had been seen in the; dressy, and it ia not hard to predict
harbor for seven years, her visit j lhat they will push the dainty Uncaused great excitement. These is gerlo waist to the wall as soon is
binds lie about 250 miles in a south- j real cold weather sets in. Thin
westerly direction from Rangoon, waists are very Well iu the huuse,
and, unknown to most people, com- but no woman who values her heultb
prise a huge convict settlement for ■ nriil good looks will run the risk ol
natives from India and Burma, sono, colds by wearing them out ol doors.
15,000 being quartered there ut   tho
present time.
'The system r,f guarding tho prisoners is very clever. Tlie warders nival! convicts who have been on tho
island tonio time nnd huvn behaved , say during the
themselves, and risen to this runs.
'They are each put in charge of gangs
differing frum tbemselvoB—for example, a Hindu warder would he in
charge of a Burmese gang. 'This Is
found to rank very well, no trouble
at ull being experienced, and scarcely
any cases of an escape have been
The prisoners are exceptionally well
treated, tho host characters in some
cases being appointed lo Balarledlall the shops. The worst of Iriih
positions, and it is only the very crochet is that it is imitated so well.
worst behaved who are actually kept j 'The  machine    mado laco does    nit
As one trade authority puis
"It is amusing to hear some m-.n-
ufnciurer give their reasons for al-
vocating the lingerie waist for zero
weather. One man was beard lo
week that wom-in
should wear it under a golf jacKet
nnd n fur coat in midwinter. It
takes a woman buyer lo realize ',i,o
Btate of llio frail lingerie waist alter
being subjected to such usuagc."
For dress occasions waists of all-
over lace are again very uyich llie
thing. The rage lor so-called baay
Irish crochet is at ils height, au-1
waists in this lace, real and init:-.'.-
i lion, are displayed    prominently   In
confined in the jails.
Each convict wears around his neck
a piece of wood, nnd stamped on it
is his number, da(o uf conviction
and release, nnd Hie article ol law
under which he was convicted. The
warders only wear a small brass
tally with llieir numbers on.
wear very well, nnd it crushes OUT,
of nil beauty after a Utile. At first,
however, it is almost as attractive
as the real. A form of he- wa: '.
which is swn a great deal is the bolero marie up over a chiffon uurit-r-
wafst. Theso nre usually accordeon-
pleatcri.  A pretty model in real Irish
llie   Andaman x Commission,    con- crochet was a shurt bolero trimmed
sis!ing uf about 40 perrons, headed
hy Mr. Mork, chief commissioner, are
in charge of lho convict settlement,
one company of llie Liverpool Regiment uf Indian (roups comprising
the rest ol Hurt Blair.
The warship's visit lasted five davs
und was much enjoyed, tt tennis tournament, donee, and visits to various
places ol Interest being arranged fur
the officers, while a football niat-h,
urmy v. navy, nut! ti concert were indulged in hy the sailors. ,.
Close friend though ho is of tbs
liritish sovereign, il Is the German
Emperor who inspires He Murtino
to warmest enthusiasm. Wllllanl IT,
and he a re sworn friends and comrades,
Thirty-seven of the nrllst'o pictures are hung on the walls of lho
royul yacht Huhenzollern, an4 whon-
around with inch wide frills ol Valenciennes and rushes of chinon. In
front, where the bolero showed
round tabs on the lower edge, wero
ruses ol chiffon and lace. The Blcevcs
were elbow puffs, the cuff trinini'd
with chilfon and lace. Tho chiffon
underwalst was shirred in up and
down puffs
Next to Irish, Cluny nnd Oriental
lace are popular for waists. Point
de Venise wilh high nppliqued flowers
and figures, makes very elegant ijnr-
ments. This Ince nlso is closely imitated. Lingerie waists In China ,11k,
chiffon taffeta, and mcssalipa r.ri-
pretiy nnd are most appropriate to
wi-nr with tailored gowns. Nearly
nil the now wutsta are charocterlz -1
by the mitten cuff reaching to :fe
elbow. Dressy waist, have elbow
Tho   vogue of  the elbow   sleeves
will probably give  the fur trade   a
1  giving expression j uouni for the muff ut least will he a
! necessity,  Two furs which have been
, imitated an well that even experts, :t
! is said, an- sometimes puzzbsl to ri>^
: tect  the imitation arc ermine    nn.t
I seal    Hole ia now gotten up lo   re-
I soluble seal very closely, while   rab-
, bit is elipred and otherwise troulcd
I to represent ermine.        There   ir    a
; great demand this   year for    wlu'e
fare, ermine, while fox. caracul, and
I the     inexpensive    mufHoii, especially
Iur evening wraps.
Appeal to British Government   to
Suppress Them.
At a meeting of ihe members of
the Gonoral Committee of the Baptist Missionary Society, held In
Lundnn, Knglnnd, r, o-ntly, n rcsolu
lion   Was   Ullilptei
tu llieir feelings of horror and Indignation ot the continued cruelties
and atrocities perpetrated upon Ihe
j peoples of the Congo Siule by representatives of the Congo Government
und the various coucessiouaire companies.
The resolution gnea on to say that
they would hnve taken their preacnt
aolinn at a much earlier date, but
they deemed it wiser to await the
report uf tho special commissioners;
but they can delay nn lunger, especially in viow ol the fact lhat the evidence ol missionaries and others relative to theae atrocities presented
to the Bpecinl commisslonero eatab-
liBhes boyond question the truthful.
nnaa of tho charges, leaving no doubt
that many nf the worst leatures ol
African slavery are rife in large
tracts ol the Congo State, resulting
in tho depopulation of many districts, consequent upon the oppressive and cruel treatment of the natives hy State servants, native
State aoldiera, and tho repreaeuta-
tivoa of concessionaire companiea.
The Oenernl Committee appeals to
his Majcaty'a Government lu take
such action, under the powers uf the
Berlin Treaty, as may bring to a
speedy terminatIon the prerMt regime of oppression, coercion, and
cruelty which now exists in se many
parts .1 the Cong. State.
There waa no doubt aa In who was
the head ol (he Ueeknn family, ,u
judge by a trilling pussagc at arms
"What ore you doing with that
sheet ol paper, Orville?" sharply usk-
ed hia wile
"I nm making a wish," answered
Mr. Meekun.
"A wish?"
"A with?"
"Yes, my dear. In your presence I
shall not presume to call it a will."
Gagley—I waa Juat watching Mark-
ley while he wna talking to you ft
wa. bu funny the way he kept Jump.
Ing up and down. What did Ik- io-
mind you of?
RjlTqOghs-Of the <10 I've owed
kisa sir.ee last winter, m
wilh all ilu
mosl advanced idei
leclion ofconslriiolional deiuil
Is recognizt
it docs, t. Uures
ng as
.1 to-day as the musical standard of Canada, posses-,
^^^^^^ and charnclerisiics, endorsed nol only by musicians
where, bin all persons nl unprejudiced musical ability who liisliiiilly
nizo its exquisire qualities mill give ii llieir iiiistlnlcd praise,
For purity of lone and power, combined with a norfocl action mul
ivcii.nl touch, Un- NORDHEIMER PIANO is distinguished to an
exceptional degree. Can be had for a very Utile more I linn the so nianv
inferior makes ihal arc being sold in Ihls city. You may own one of those
pianos In making a smal' p,n-m.-ni down and lho balance on terms to suil
Call nr write to the Agents lor Eastern British Columbia,
Gbe fltofMbcralb.
Including postago to England, United States
anil Canada,
. 82.60
, l.fiO
,. 1.(10
By tho year (through postofllce] ■
Measurement* N'onpariel [12 lines mako ono
inch], Preferred positions, 25 por cent,
additional. Births, Marriages and Deaths,
(30c each Insertion, All advertisements
rjubjccl to the approval of tho iiiiiniigeuiciit.
Wanted and Condensed Advortiscinonte:-
Agonta Wanted, Help Wanted, Situations
wanted. Situations Vacant, Toachors
Wanted, Mechanics Wanted, lu words or
less 25c., each additional lino Hi cents.
Changes in Btanding advortisomontH must
be in by fl a. nt. Tuesday and Krlday of
each week to secure kooiI di-play.
JOB PRINTING promptly exeeuted at reason-
able rata*.
TERMS—Cash,   Subscriptions payablo in ad;
CORRESPONDENCE Invited on mattora of
public Interest, Communications lo Kdi-
tor must he accompanied by name of
writer, not necessarily for puhlioation, bul
at- Bvidenco of good faith. Correspondence
should be brief.
McKenzie Avenue.
years, lie has rendered it excellent service. His work deserved
better recognition und support in
the lute elections and ho would
have got it but for the vigorous
manner in which tho falsification
to which we havo referred was circulated to his detriment, The receiving of the $201)0 grunt in aid
of the city schools was mainly due
to his efforts.
Omens: Impkiiial Hank Block,  Hkvki,-
BTOKR, II. ('.
.Money tn loan.
Offices: Kevcl.-lukc, 11. ('.; Furl Steele, II. ('.
flEO. 8. McCarter,
A. M.  I'lNKIUM. J. A, IlAllVIV,
Revelitoko, 11. C, Fori Stoolo, It C,
J. M. Sootl 1.1..H. W, I. Brings.
Money to Loan
solicitors por molbons bank
First Street, Revelstoke, 13.1!,
Mining Engineer.,
(Mem, American Institute Miniug Engincorw)
i 'auadian Mining Institute,)
Revelstoke, b. c.
Examination of and report,- on Mineral Pro*
perlier? a Specially.
Agent for Canadian Metal Company, buyers
of zinc ore-.
financial Assistance given owners and prospectors to operate and develop
approved properties,
Zbc fl&ai-Ulbcualb
I would
earnestly advise 'hem for
their good to order Ihi- paper to be i unotually
served up, and to be looked upon as a j,iin of
!:.. lea i-'VUpi--'.     An: :- ■-:.
It is an old saying that once a
lie gets a start it is hard to overtake it, In connection with the
late school trustee election- for this
city a Blory was actively circulated
f,.,r some time before the election
that tbe late chairman of the
Board and another of the candidates had in view making a change
in the headmastership of the public
school. None who knew these men,
and the high estimation in which
they hold the teaching staff, be
lieved the canard, but tbe story
was confimed by some who ought to
have known better, apart from those
who circulated it for purely mischievous and personal reasons. In
justice to the men affected we have
investigated the charge most thoroughly and find, as we expected,
there is not a word of truth in it.
All who were connected with its
circulation should be ashamed of
We si all be glad to show any
persons interested the correspondence in our possession on tlie matter, proving beyond question (he
gross wrong done these men. Mr.
Lindmark has been connected with
the  Kevelstoke school  for many
Thu Attorney-general has introduced a bill consolidating and
amending tho municipal law, and
milking better provision for bylaw
powers thun have hitherto existed.
The late oity council sent in some
suggestions for amendment of the
existing law, and the opportunity
is one which the city councils
throughout the province should
take advantage of to make suggestions to the government with a
view to overcoming any dilliculties
of administration they have found
in the existing laws.
The amending bill introduced by
the Chief Commissioner provides
thnt all timber cut on Crown lands
must be used or manufactured in
the province, and in case of this
not being done the leaso shall be
cancellod. As an alternative provision is made that the government may seize timber which il is
proposed to oxport und refuse to
release same until such security is
given as shall ensure its being manufactured in the province.
With reference to our article in
iast issue on reducing the electric
light rates in the city, we arc informed the rale at New Westmin
ster is 12c. against 17c, the rate
for Revelstoke.
C. P. R. Freight Train Runs
into Passenger.
On Wednesday night a. No. 96 wn,
on her way from Vancouver east, and
Hearing Kamloops, the engine broke
down and the train had to be stopped
for temporary repairs. A brakeniun
wa, sent back to llag against any rear
trains and the repairs having been
effected the Bagman was called in.
On stinting again, however, It, was
found the engine refused to work and
the llagmaii was sent out again, but
before reaching hi, point a freight
train, with Engineer T. .Sweeney in
charge of the engine, came along and
run into the passenger train badly
damaging the pullman car.
The result might have been eerioua
but for the presence uf mind of Conductor Risteen, who saw the light of
the (rcighl train and immediately
signalled the engineer to move on
with a view to lessening the shock
and giving the freight train time to
pull up.
The passengers paid the highest
encomium, to Conductor Risteen for
the action ho took and whioh undoubtedly fined the passenger train
from more serious consequence
It is stilted the peculiar circumstances of the accident are snob that
no one waa to blame lor it, but an
investigation will be held by the 0. P.
R, ollicials of tbe Vancouver division.
The Mail-Herald will be delivered
to any part ol tho city, or mailed to
any address within the postal union
for $2,fi0 per annum, payable In advance, 'lho clubbing arrangements
with other papers will remain In force
for those who prefer to have their
subioriptioni tnat wny.
— ^ —
Nothing better than "Our Special,';
Victoria, .lui,. 22,—Routine work,
and littlo of interest ut that, wns the
order uf the day in the House till,
afternoon, and legislation In various
matter, was considerably advanced.
While the absence of contentiousness
may make the labours ol parliament
appear Intolerably tedious to nn onlooker, there is no doubt thnt it is a
great aid to tbe prompt despatch ol
The Attornoy-Gcnoral introduced
"An Act to consolidate uud amend
tho 'Municipal Clauses Act' and
amending Acts," which passed its
lirst rending.
Drury (Victoria City) had givon
notice for a motion that an order be
granted for a return showing number
of timber lenses grunted during lilOf)
on Vancouver Island with names ol
lessees, area leased, and amount of
bonus paid. Dr. King (Cranbrook)
moved this motion, as Drury was nut
in tbe House.
Buwser (Vancouver) asked if the
Government bud any comespondence
since they took olliee with the
authorities at Ottawa in relation to
the granting of a lease of Stanley
Park at Vancouver. Answered in tbe
Evan, (Cowichan) was troubled
about one Henry Fry, a civil engineer,
and wanted lo know whether he waB
paid or employed, and if so, how
much, on a new road from Cowichan
station to the King Solomon mines,
how much it cost, and why it was not
full width, lie was promised an answer shortly.
Murphy (Curiboo) wanted to know
if .1. P. ISabcock is iu the employ of
the Government. Replied to in the
affirmative. Then now much wa, be
paid ? $3000 a year. Oil,and did the
Government give permission to Mr.
Bnbcock to net us a meiubor oi the
Fisheries Commission? They did.
And bow long bad the lish hatchery
at Seton Lake been in operation ?
Since July, 1903, replied the Government. Then Mr. Murphy asked how
many salmon eggs bad beeu placed
in the hatchery each year, bow many
young salmon bad been released each
year, and bow many men were employed this season thereat.
Jiuw, Mr. Murphy's sudden interest
in Salmon iB understood owing to the
locality where be resides, to be largely
of uu academic nature. Hi, face, as
be received full in it tbe tremendous
volume of ligures which bin lust three
questions culled forth, bad the blank
stolidity uf a nickel-in-the-slot machine assimilating coin of tbo realm
whon I usiness is good.
The Finance Minister moved the
House be asked to grant supply on
Wednesday next. Passed, thought it
is hardly likely to be ready by that
Tbe Attorney-General's bill to
amend the General Trusts Oorpoiation
Act, 1906, passed its third reading.
The Attorney General1, bill to
amend the Small Debts Act passed its
second reading.
The adjourned debate on the second
reading oi Mr. Hawthornthwaite', bill
to amend the Coal Mines Regulation
Act was again laid over at the .Mover's
in reference to the adjourned debate
on motion of Oliver (Delta) for return
of correspondence between Government und others in regard to defective cattle-guards along line of New
Westminster Southern Railway, the
order was granted; the Attorney-
General explaining, however, that the
people who bad bad stock injured bad
taken the" matter before the courts,
and be did not think it wise for the
Government to interfere.
joh.v's little ,ioke.
Jjhn Houston (Nelson; was in bis
place for the tint time today, and pro
vided a little light comedy for hi,
fellow-members in the following man
The House adjourned (or fifteen
minutes, on motion ol the Premier, to
consider petitions for private bills
Dr. Voting (Atlin; chairman uf Private
Bills Committee, moved that the time
which was up today, be extended to
tbe liiith inst. Tbe recommendation
was adopted, He then moved the
suspension ol standing rule, to allow
petitions to be received. This was
Then uprose tbe redoubtable John
Houston, lie rose tua point ol order,
bo informed the House, He supposed
it was really the Government', business to attend to it. but the only
member of the Government whose ear
be bad wa, the Provincial Secretary
and, a, that gentleman wn- absent.
the member for Nelson supposed that
Iii! would have to speak lor himself.
That being the ense, bo would inform
tbe limine that, ho himself wan chair,
man of a very important committee,
Ho knew it wiih important, because be
waa on it. (Laughter) What be
wished to move wiih that the House
adjourn two hours, to allow that com
mittee to consider whether they sliuild
print tin: Bneeches that should linvi
been tirade last week—but were not—
by the me.nbor fur Delta and the third
member for Vanoouver,
This must unkind cut nt John
Oliver1! abortive attempt to discover ii
Kni-Kn Island scandal was received
With roars of laughter on both sides of
the House.   Fortunately the member
lor Delta wns out at the timo. Ho
docs not like lining laughed ut, nnd,
bad he heard the member for NcIhoii's
grisly sneer, be might have been
moved powerfully to employ thn arm
of the flesh,
"I suppose I am uyer-rulcd, Mr.
Speaker," naked tho member fur Nol-
BOn, plaintively, when tlm laughter
hail subsided a little.
"lam afraid you aro," quoth the
Speaker, whereat Ibe merriment broke
out again and tlm inoiduut tpi'inlniiteil,
none ol the Opposition feeling 'ike
taking up the cudgels un behalf nf the
Delta absentee.
The House adjournal »t II30
Jail, 24.—Tbo House confined itsn-l*
strictly to business on Tuesday. Mr,
Evan, (Cnwiclinn) received
ICiiliclnileil„n Piitio 1-iii-l
The Money Saving
Work Saving Soap
That's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largost
Snap Factory west of Winnipeg. House cleaning and
wiisbit.giireciisy with its help.
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give for
Roval Crown Wrappers. Send
for it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
vrUTiOIC IS HIOKKHV OIVKN thnl tliirtv
ii days after date I Intend to apply to tin
i 'liief I iommifWlonor of Umls ami Works for n
upoolul licenso to cut ami carry nwuy timber
from lho following dusorilied lamias—
('oinincHclng at a posl planted hIhiuI four
milod boiHIi <>f Cnpn Horn nu Upper Arrow
I.iil.H mul merited "Hit; ileiiil liiiiiher Com-
jinny's north-went enrner OOBt," llmnco OHst,
Wi chains, thence, soutli Si) ohniiM, thnncn
wosl, sn clmins, tlionco north SUeliaiiis In |>nint
uf oommeuceniQuti
Dated January Tilt. 1005.
,> daysafterdale wo inii-nil to apply in iho
(fhiof Commissioner uf Lands ami works for a
s|ncial license In Mil and cany a wny timber
from tho ruliowinK described landst-
Cammouotllgnt A post planted at the north-
wost corner of K. and S. Blood 860 on tha
wn-l sldo of Uppor Arrow Lake ami niarknd
" Hitf llond Lumbor Company's soutli went
cornor post." thonco north HM) chains luo'ico
oast 40 chains, thonco south UK) chains. Ih-ico
wost 10 chains to point of commoncor-ioi t,
Jan. 7th, mi;.
dayb after date wo intond to apply to tha
Chief Commissioner of JjumUand Works for i,
.FEB.   2   &   3
Grand Concert
Mr. Stanley Adams has
the honor to present
Madame Beatrice Langley.
England's Foremost Violinist
Mr. Stanley Adams,
England's heading Baritone
Miss Myrtle Meggy,
The Clever Australian Planst.
Plan of seats now npon at Canada
Drug & Hook Store.
PRICES  75c,  &  60c.   jfjl
VrOTICE^g  horoby _ Rivon , that, I0n days
ftor dato 1 intend to apply to the Honor-
the Chief Commissioner of Lauds aud
Wi/fks for a .special licenso to cut ituil carry
nwuy timbor from the following described
Iliads, situated in West Kootenay District:
Commencing at » post planted about one
mile north of Halcyon Hot Springs arid about
l4 mile from ..rrow Lake, und marked *'Rort
Blyth's north.wost comer mint,' theuce south
•10 chains, thence east 100 chains, thence north
Hi chain-, thence west 100 chains-to point of
Dated January 18th, 1900,
special license to cut nnd carry away tluibei
from thu following described lands
Commencing at a post planted nn tlio went
nldo of tho north forte of Fostliall Creek and
about two and ono-qtmrtcr miles abovo the
forks and marked "Hig Bond Lumber Company's Southwest Cornor Post," theuce north
lOOchnlits, thenco west 10 chains, tlience south
llio chains, thence cast 40 chains to point of
No. 2.
Commencing at a post planted on tho cast
side of the north fork of Fosthall (-rook about
one nnd one-half miles above tho forks and
marked "Big Bund Lumber Company's Southwest corner post, thonco north 100 chains,
I hence cast, tu chains, thence south 100 chains,
ihenco west 10 chains to point of commencement.
No. 3.
Commencing at a post planted about one-half
mile from thu west bank of tho north fork of
Kosthall Creek and about ono mile above the
forks'and marked "Big Bend Lumber Company's Southeast Corner Post," thonco north
1G0 chains, thence west 10 chains, tlience south
100 chains, thonco oast ll) chains to point of
Commencing at a post planted about ono half
mile from the west uank of tho north fork of
Fostliall ('reek and about four miles above the
forks and marked "Big Bund Lumber Company's Northeast Corner Po»t," thenco west 81)
chains, thence south 8U chains, thenco cost SO
chains, thence north 80 chains to point of com
Arrowhead, B.C.,
Jau 2Uto8, 3iiSf28
I'lviiltir meetings sre held in ihe
Oilillellow.H lliiM on tbo Third tn-
ilny of cacti niniiih, tit h p in. Sharp.
Vixifitu: brethren eordialL InvlleU
,1 A.AOIIK80N, W. M
K.J.TAUUKRT, Itee.-See
Meets on Y\n\ Tuesday of every month, In
1,0. 0, V, llall.
... A0HK8OK, W. I»,
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. G.
in nililfcllow' llnll nt s
O'clock Vlsi'ing Knights aro
cordially invited,
Sl'OTT,   (I, l\
II. A   lUIOWN. M. of K
Kootenay Lodge No. 15 A F, A A.M.
Tho regular moot
lug- are held 'u tht
iMu'imit;     Temple.
'ililKrllows Hall.oi
Liu i hi nl Monday li
•neb month   at
VTOTICE is hereby givon that, 30 days after
il dato. 1 intend to apply Ut tl 9 Honorable
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
fur a special license U* cut and carry away tint*
be r from the following described lands:—
f>o.l. Commencing at a post planted on the
north side of Smith Creek.abont seven miles
from I'alli-ur River, thence easl SO chains,
thence north 50 chains, thence we-t SU clmins,
thence south SO chains to place of commeuce-
Located the 1st day of January. 1900.
Nu. - Commencing at a post planted ou the
we-t tide of Smith ('reek, aliout ten miles from
Patllser River, thence north 40 chains, thence
wastSOchains, thence -nuiliio chains, thenco
ej-i 80chains to place nf commencement.
Located the Ut day of January, llioo.
No. 8. Commencing at a post planted on the
vest side of Smith Creek about ten miles from
Palh*er Hirer, thence 40 chains west, thenco 80
chains sooth, thence 40 chains east, thence 80
chains north to place of commencement.
Located tho 1-t day nf January. 1006.
N«. 4- Commencing at n [rost planted on the
\re-t hank of Smith Creek, about nine miles
from Palli-T River, thoncn 40 chains west,
thence )f/i chains south, ihence 40 chains east,
thenoe 103 chains north to place of commence*
Located the Ith day nf.Tan nary, 1WJ0.
No v   Commencing ut a post planted on the
east hunk of Smith - reek, about eight miles
from PalUser Biter, ihence 80 chains east,
thence 80 chains north, thence so chains west,
thenoe SO chains Booth to place of commence*
Lnrntw1 the 4th day of January, IW«.
Ko 8    ' ommencingat n post planted on the
on-1 bank of Palllser Riv*»r about Mi miles
frmn thn month and abuot two mile** from the
ruer. thence south tn ehains, thenoe east too
chains, thence north 10 chains, thenoe west IM
chains in place of commencement.
Located tbe 0th day of January, MKM
24( Per Walter Nixon, Agent.
No, - Commencing si B post planted on the
easl side of PalUser Itlver abont -ix miles
fr«m the mnolli  and two miles frum the river.
thence nnrtli t" chain    thence easl 100ohains,
thenco sonth (0 chain   thence wesl 160 chains
to place of eommenoen si
IrncHiM the 6th day of January, 1900,
24f Pei Walter Nixon, Agent,
Nn. (.  (Vmmenclngat s post planted on the
Mtbanli of Palllser Hivnr. snoot ifx miles
From il"1 month, ihence «imil, 40 chain-, thenre
aast ISO chains, thence north 10 chains, them
west IM chain ■ to place of commencement.
Located the Sib day of January, I WW.
Z4f Per Walter Nixon Agent.
Nu '' Commencing at a post planted on the
vest brink of Palllser rlter, afoot di mile*
fmm the mouth, thenc Id ehains vest thenci
10 chains muth, thence 10 chains east, tnence 80
Ohains north (0 place of cninmeiicemet
Located tho 0th day of Januarj 1900,
ilf Per Waller Nixon, Agent
THIRTY DAYS after date we Intend to
apply to the Commissioner of Lands aud
Works for a special licenso to cut und carry
away timber from the following described
1. Commencing nt. a post planted at the
north-east corner of K. & S„ Block 800, and
marked " Big Bend Lumber Company's Southeast Corner Post." thence north 100 chains,
thenco west 10 chains; tlience south lUichuins;
thenco east HI chains to point, of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post planted about one
mile north from the north-west cornor of K.
nndS., Block, 8G0, and marked " Big Bend
Lumber Company's South-east Comer Post,"
thence north 80 chains; thence west 80 chains;
thence south 80 chains; thence east 80 chains
to point of commencement.
:t, Commencing at a post planted about one
mile north from the north-west corner of K.
and S„ Block 800, una marked "Big Bend
Lumber Company's North-ei.st Corner t'ost,"
thence west 80chains; ihence south 80 chains;
thence cast 80 chains: thence north 80 chains:
to point of commencement.
Bio Hkxh Lumber Company, Ltd.*
Deo. 28th, WW. 26 F   ,
(i.tn. Visiting hreth
ruii   oord (ally   wel
ROOUNIER, Bkciibtary.
SELKIRK LODGE, NO 12,1.0.0. F.
Meets overy Thurodi'
evening inOdri Fellows
hllnll    at   8   o'oloek
Visiting brethren eo'
^^^^^^^^^       dlnlty Invited to ai
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders for lleef nud Mutton,
Poultry, Fisb and siiinll goods
will receive prompt attention.
Revelstoke Assessment District.
Notice is hereby given, In accordance with
tho statutes, that Provincial RovonueTnx, and
nil ttHnosscd taxes and Income Tax, assessed
and levlod under the As-awsniont Art nnd
■imeiiiiuicnis, are now due ami payable for llie
year IIMI.
All taxes cnllttetihto for lho Itin-H.-'tnU
Assessment District nro duo and payable nt my
oflloo, situate at the Court House, norolstoKD,
B.C. Tina notice, in terms of law,Isequlvnl<>
eiillniipg--ini.il (lemmtd by mc In all persons
liable fcrtaxes.
Dated eiJtoveUnko, B.C-.. this Bud day of
Jannary, W.
Dgp ity Assessor A ('ollector,
j2l-4in    Sevolstoke Assessment District-
Open Air Rink
W. (1. Watson's open air rink
is now open: Ice in good shape
Engagements accepted lor Al-
Homes Ac. Theory tenons a
specialty. Pupils now enrolled lor
the new year.
I have sliii-tt'il ii permanent Wood
Viird on Tbiid street. Willi mv pusl
expei'ienci) I hope to be in n position
to Kiili.ify nil i'i'i|iiiii'iiii'nl.i nf cilBloin
ers. Dry eoiilwoitd kepi in stuck nnd
supplied in tiny lengths til reduced
prices fin- i-itsh.
Richard' R. Copeland
NOTICK Is liurabj given that SO days ate
mite 1 Inieitd to apply to tlio Chief Commissioner of lands and Works for a special
license to cut and curry away timber from the
followlnadi'scrlbcd lands sltuuUtd on the east
sldo of Upper Arrow Lake in Wesl Kootenay
illstrlcti-Ciiiiiincnclnn at a post marked "Bert
Blyth's South West Comer Post," planted
about 1} Ullle, north of Halcyon Hot Springs
and about I of a mil,,' from l.tike sluiru; tlience
cast XI chains: I lienc. north si chains: thence
west SU chains: llieiice south Si chains to point
of coiiinieiicciiieiil.
January -, lUUti.
NOTICK is hereby given lhat 3(1 days after
date 1 Intend lo apply lo the Chief
I lonimissioncr of Lands and works for a special license to cut and curry nway timter from
the following described lands siiiiuled on Ihe
cast side of the Upper Arrow Lake In West
Kootenay diitrlctl—
Nl). 1.
Commencing ut a post marked " Bert Blyth's
Northwest Corner Post," planted on George
Boyd's cistern boundary and about 160 chains
north of his sunt lieust corner; thence south 80
chains: thence eust 80 chains; thence north 80
chains; tlience west 80 chains to point of com-
tnence incut..
No, 2.
Commencing at a post marked " Bert Illyth'
.-ioiilli WcstCorncr Post," planted on George
Boyd's Kaslci-n Boundary, and about llio chains
norl h of his south-east corner; thence north 80
chains; thence cast 80 chains; thenco south 8(1
chains; tt-ence west 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dec. 28th, 190,1.
Mantles, Shelving, Storm Dour,,
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
Third Street Gust,
A/phonsus De Feo
Lessons 50c. Each,
Oivcn at Mr. Dominic Uallicono,
near Station.
Music supplied at "AtHomes" and
II yon want tlie above we can •
supply ynu witi. anything In this •
inn*.I •
TOY (ll!lt ,
{White and Brown Bread j
Soone and Buns
t Dmicert anil Private Partlts Catered Tn. •
•        I'llll Stuck „( I'lsiellent (IiiuiIIm. •
• Mackenzie Avenue. •
of rtpvolstoko, B ('., Lumberman, by d
dated Slrd December, Wi,'., aealgnotl to William
NptiCO Is hereby given lhat Frank Julii
".". .'::::::-..''w,
H. Pratt, of ROVOIfltOko, It. ' , Hanker, in
trust for Lho benefit of tbo creditors of said
Knuik Julian all his real ami perKonal nro*
perly, credits and nfloctH which may hoHelzed
and i»u\i\ .iiiil'T execution
Creditor-i are rnf|iilrnrt Iii -end to tlie under
signed on or before Uie.'iMt January, HMt, par
liciilar-i duly verillcfl of their r:laiiun ami uf
(hi- sieurlty. if any, heM l»y them.
A Meeting Of the CiwIflorK nf Bllld Dobtor
will be hold al, the otlice "f JIarvi;V, McCrirler
and I'iiikhaui, liniierlal Uank llloek, Kevel
Mike, B, Oi, OD Mm 12th dny of January, IINiO,
al, three p.m,, for giving of dlreotlotiH with
reforciicc l<i Ih'' UJBpOMl Of the uUtO,
Dajed thll 87th day of Iteeeinhor, IIIU;'.,
Molieiloi'lor the Assignoo.
Notice is hereby given that su application
will be made to the Legislative Assembly of
the Province of British Columbia, at Its next
-i-sMnii (or an Act to ineorimrate a company to
bo called "The Kamloops and Yellow Head
Pass Railway Company," with power tocon*
struct, ei*ulp and operate a line of railway
from a point at or near Kamloops, thence
running In a northerly direction following
the valleys ol the North Thompson river, the
Canoe river and MoUunan's ereek to a point
at or near Tote Jaune Cache in the Province
of Itrltish Columbia with all such powers as
maybe necessary and expedient for the eon-
struetlon and o|ierAtion of said Hue of Railway
nud with power to purchase and develop and
convey over its P.IrIiI of Way, electric power,
-I'id in sell and distribute the same within the
«aid Province of Hrillttb'Columbia, and with
power to acquire nnd operate steam boats and
ferries iu connection with the Railway, and
with power to effect a junction with any line
of railway lo hi* eons tt noted from the south to
n point at or m-iir Kamloops. or with the Can-
Ian Pacific XailwHyat thai point nnd also
lb hiiv rallwav coming westward through
Ihe Yellow Head Pass.
I'ated hi Vanoouver, liritish Columbia, this
.Hi. dayot December, A.D., iwio.
Koynl Hank Cbfttnbdri, Vancouver,
Brltlih Columbia,
Important Notice!!
announce to the ladies and gentlemen of Revel-
stoke that they have made arrangements with
Walter Bews, Plun. Jl., Druggist, and will hold
daily demonstrations for two weeks, commencing
MONDAY, FEB. 6 regarding treatment of the
Hair and Scalp.
They respectfully invite everyone to call and
consult with them. Gome and see the Long,
Beautiful Hair, grown by tho use nf the Seven
Sutherland Sitter*' Hair Grower and
Hair and Scalp Cloanor. Canadian Head
Office, 11 Colhorne street, Toronto, J. II. Bailey,
Foreign Manager.
If in want of
Hay, Vegetables
write for prices to
L. E. Griffiths
Maukwa, h. c.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought,
Gash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
NOTK 'I, is hereby given that Wong Quons is
no longer Manager of the partnership
"rni heretofore carried on by us the under
■ It-Pitt
Holleltors tor Applicants.
Mr,. II..I. lln ilmry Wanagreit,
First-Class Table,
Private Dining Boxes.
l„,rnM Dlrdflgroom f„r
Hiiiniinls. H,t|,i*r<, tto,
Furnished Rooms To Let.
Doctor Veterinary Science.
Gradual, Ontario Veterinary Ciill,'Ke,ycftr 1881
I treat till dlseasos nf domestic iinlninls. Ill-
ploniti cm be seen In Hows' lima; Hi,,re. I am
nn finiiil nr lin|ioster IrnvcllitiK nround the
country vlellmlsltiK the ptibllo. I have nil
milliner ol iii-iriiiiient, tor porfomtltiK HurKical
Dpernllons nnd lienli-lri- on all minimis.
Twenty four your, practical oxporlenco.
Residence—Lower Town, Kevelstoke. j
IkiioiI ns Qenoral Merchants in the City of
UovclMnko undnr the  Arm name of Quong
(lliuiiK Loo. thnsnid tmrtnershlp linvitiR bean
dissolved this day.   All debts owing to said
partnership are to lie paid t„ Wong Hing Tuck
nt tlio fnrmer pliico of business ol snld firm at
H,'vnl-l,,ke, and nil claims against the said
partnership nre to be presented within ten
days from the date hereof to the said Wong
If !ng Tuck hy whom the same will be settled
Worn, Hino Tcci
iv,,su uoiino
Wono Waii
Wilnnss: (I. 8. McCarter.
Dated this 1Mb December, 11X19,
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese,
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Toa services
Cane Chain
Finest stock of eandtas and fruits In town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Umbrella Standi
Lunch Baskets
Smoking; Jaokeus
Silk Goods.
Nurseries, Greenhouses & Seed Houses
rIKKIIH. New crop now In slock nnd on test
In our greenhouses. Ask your merchant, for
lie-in In -<-;ilet| itiii-kiiges, If he does not handle
I Item wo will mull (ill assorted, .-si packets of
i eg,-inlili- und llower needs (our owi. selection,
-itltulile tor II. 0, gardens) for ,1 ',i. Special
prloen on your bulk seeds,
MF.NTAL TltKKH now ready   for   spring-
Kxtra nice sUmk of two nnd three-year Apple
Trees nl. I»i.m (Hir lm, IIHn.ui per l.llilil; Hay.
nurd I'liiiti,, ,l.'.i each; Italian Prune, two-
yenr, tine, |K.w per IW; Sugar Prune, two-
year, lino, *m.(»i ior 100.
Full list of other stock at regular prices. No
expenso, Ion or delay ol fumigation or
I«t mo price your list oelorc placing your
tlreenhouso I'lanU, Flor Work, Bco Supplies,
Fruit Package*. Fertilisers, etc.
Nl.  J,  HENRY
Jas. I. Woodrow,
Retail Dealer '-^   r-T-
Fish and Game in Season.
All ordors promptly fllled.
ii Bankhead Goal
Egg Size Delvered
tove "
Nut    "
$9.00 I
Orders left at P.
Burns & Company's
Office will receive most
prompt attention.
McCarty, Agent. [
4444444*44444*444444444444 THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Continued from Fourth Page.
fnr ivbicb he yearned, as Bhonn in
Monday', correaponden-c, bo being
Inlormed that Mr, Pry whs employed
in local inn nnd laying nut, the King
Solomon Mi, um runcl.i-sitifipaid ibere-
(ur $3(1,1 lm I thu and road nil* built
uocoriiing in bis plan*, with thr ex-
oe|itioil nl Iwo ,11 h' dovltlllniu to
Avoid cost nf ruck mu k, tbnt II e total
00»t of the road wns $1,523 51 nnd lhat
ils width varied from 11 In 7 feet, the
bitter width n ndc in il lew pliicrs to
avoid expense. Mr. Evan, i, now
resting easily.
The Atlin County Court Hill was
read a third time und passed. The
Act to amend tbe Small Debts Act
wa, reported complete in I ninmittc
without amendment.
In moving the second reading of the
Aet to amend tbo Assessment Act,
1003, Finance Minister Tatlmv referred to the fact that the Act as
brought in the session before last was
a long one. Some amendment, were
made to it last session, but experience
bad shown tbo advisability of further
cnange,. The purpose of the present
amending Act wa, to make more dear
the meaning ol one or two sections of
that measure, and lo obviate the
possibility of misconstruction of its
intentions in other section,. There
wa, nothing in il to raise the taxes in
any way, in (act, it wa, a, proposed
decidedly in favor of the taxpayer, ono
of it, princip, I provisions lieing that,
where land, revert to the Crown for
taxe,, the taxpayer shall have a longer time to redeem his hind.
The Bccond section ol tin proposed
Act, continued the Finance Minister,
which dealt with real property luxation, wa, iu order to define more
clearly to what person, the lower rule,
of taxation shall apply. The intention of the original clause hud lieen
to help the poorer landholder, by a
low rate of taxation on property not
exceeding |2,000 in value, but it bus
been found in tome case, that people
possessed two tracts of land in the
same district, both under $2,1)110, yet
together aggregating nearly $4,01X1,
and that these persons bad taken advantage of the smaller rate, while
owner, ol land at $2,500 or $3,000 hud
to pay the higher rale, This new
clauae would remedy by taxing a
man', aggregate holding, in one
The next amendment, aaid dipt.
Tatlnw, waa to make clearer the rat*
at whioh income tax should be
charged. It had been found on experience that the original clause dealing w'-.h thi, admitted of much mi,
construction, and the intent nl the
present meaiure wa, to cancel that
clause entirely and bring in a new
one, in which the' rates of taxation
were the same, but tbe wording so
definite that the intention of tbo Act
should uo longer be misunderstood.
The speaker went into extensive details showing the trouble that had
ariten Irom misconstruing the intent
of the original clause. He farther
explained a couple of minor section,;
one to amend a clerical error, and the
other to extend the time for the redemption of land.
Hawthornthwaite (Nnnsimo) approved the bill, and paid several
compliment, to Ihe Minister of
finance on being the right man for hi,
office. He detired, however, to
suggest the exemption from taxation
of the small farmer whose holding wa,
under $1,000.
Murphy (Cariboo) moved the adjournment of the debate.
Hon. Mr. McBride introduced an
"Act for the relief and ditincorpnrati, n
of the Municipality of Dewdney,"
which patsed its first rending.
That the {rightful lo„ of Hie in tbe
wreck ol the Pacific Coast Steamship
Co.', ateatner "Valencia" on the west
coast of Vancouver Island the night
before laat had profoundly impressed
the members of the Legislature was
evident thi, afternoon, when, on the
House meeting, Mr. Manson (Alberni)
moved, Oliver (Delta) seconding, a
strong resolution to the Dominion
Government, asking lor the establishment of life-saving station, on thi,
dangerou, coast-line. Messrs. McBride and Hawthornthwaite made
strong speeches in support of the resolution, which carried unanimously.
On report of the Bill to amond the
Small Debts Act, Parker Williams
(Newcastle) moved an amendment to
exempt from garnishee wage, ol workmen not exceeding $100 monthly.
This special piece of clue, legislation
did not meet the unanimous approval
of tha House at all, although the
Attorney-General lent it hi, support,
and, after a rather warm debate, it
wa, defeated by a mixed vote uf 22 to
17, some Government member, voting
lor it and others against it.
The rest of the day was devoted to
the discussion of Dewdney Relief Bill.
John Oliver, who has, in connection
with school taxation, persistently
made out himself and bis constituency to be a couple of deserving mendicant*, opposed the bill furiously;
thereby drawing upon his head the
delicate attention of Hawthornthwaite
of Nanaimo, who supported the measure and seined the opportunity to
make what is vulgarly known as a
"holy show" ol the Delta member,
Murphy (Cariboo) attempted to
adjourn the debate, but hi, motion
was defeated, and he was ruled out of
order whan attempting tn tpeak.
Tha House finally adjournod on
motion oj Mr. Wilson.
The Man in the Ualleiiv,
Vf OTICE Is hereby glvou that thirty days
[\ after dale wn intend tn apply to the Chlof
Commissioner of Lands nnd Works fur specie!
license to cut nnd curry nwuy timber troni the
following described lands.
Commenolng nt n post marked Bowinnu
Lumber Co., Ltd. N. E. Corner post, UK niiliw
uurth-wo.it of Hiiiiniiek Point) thonco smith an
cliiiins; west SI chainsi mirth 80 ohains; onsl
Stlchnlns Ul IHiillt of I'limnieiii'i'iiinill.
NOTICE is horuby given that, 80days alter
dnte, wo'lntniul It, apply to tho Chief Com-
mlssliinor of Lands and works for a special
license t<> cut and carry away timbor from llio
following desorlbod lends:
Starting at a post planted nt the north west
comer of R. (ilniiileiiulug's pr»ii>iti|itii,ti,-itu-
nto>! on tho north side of thn Columbia llivnr
iliiint .1'. mill'-lii'lmi I'lnn'r Arrow Lake mid
marked V.C.I.. Co.'s Upper South Wost Cnrnor
Posl, thence norlli III chains, thonco oast Ififl
chains, thence south 1(1 chain-, tlience west III
chains to poinl ,,rei,ii)iueneniiiout.
Niuii.-u, II. l'.,l)oc. IM, 1003, 1218
standard, Monitor, Yellow Jacket, lleallier
lien, Denier Fraction.Contractor, Wlnno-
bago, I.X.I., r'riiclluii, II.X.L. Fraction^
Iron Hill Fraction, Iron Hill, Criterion'
liliiek llcnr, I'.X.I,. I'raellon. Iron Chest'
Hutlc Fraction, Dou-nlc Fraction Mineral
Situate in the Kovolsloke Mining Division ol
Koolcnay District,
Where located t-At Standard Basin, Big Bond.
Take notice that I. R, Smith, Froo Minor's
Certificate Nn. 118853, noting as agent for Tlio
Prince Mining an,I t'evelopinclit iNiinpany,
l.lnilled l.lalillUv, Free Miner's Cerdllcate No.
BSS485, intend, sixty ilavs from the date here,,:
lo apply to tlio Milling Rocordor loraoorlin-
eate of Improvements, for Mul purpose Ol
obtaining a Urown Grautol thoaboveclalms,
And lurllier lake notice Unit action, under
section 8". must he commenced belorellie
Issuance of slum Certificate ol [niprnyomonls
Dated ihls -Jllli day nf November. A.D., IMS.
N'OTICE is liei'i'bv given thai the undersigned hnvc submitted Iiiiiii- l.lculeiiiiitl
Gnvornor in Council a proposal, under tho
provisions of the "Klvors and Streams Ant,
for clearing and removing of uiul.' net Ions from
Jordan llln r. H'e.-t Koolenity, and for looking
Ihu nine III fur riifllm,-.-mil driving thcreiin of
log . limber, lumber, rafta and crnfls, uml lor
erecting and iniiliiliiining booms for hnlillug.
s-irliug und delivering logs and Umber In ght
down said river, and foraltaohlngboomatotho
shore of said river and t.'olnmblalllvor for said
The lands to lie affected by suid work arc
Crown lands.
The rate of loll, proposed In he charged lire
such aa may lui lined by tlio Judge of tho
Comity Court of Kootenay.
Dated llio nth January, 1000.
In mill
and Copyright,
obtained Iii all countries.
I obtained 111 ell en
Registered Patent Attorney
Mechanical Attorney and Engineer.
Room 8, Fulrlleld Blook, (Irunville sL, near l'.O
A poiicord will secure an evening appoint
ment for .nose who cannot call during the day
hns reopened n
on McKenzie Avenue.
Open Day and Night. First-Class Service
1.171 ii
Dealers in FRUITS
NOTICE is liornby given Ihal lliily day,
aftor dato liiilend lu npply It, tin, Itainl
ot Licensing Commissioner, for tho Rovelitoko
Licousiitg District tor a iran.-for of my I nu
for llm Ui.nitl Umcl. NitU.-p, to Malcukin
McCarthy, nl itu-eberry, H. C,
Illjilli 18
Halcyon Hot Springs
|linl„i' lb„ new ui'in-iU'-uii'iil of
llAHKY   Ml'lNTOSH,   Hnll'lll'lll   HoUSO
THE MEDICAL WATERS of Halcyon are the mosl curative In tin-
wnrhl. A perfect, natural remedy foi
nil Nervous ""'I Musoular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Hlomnr-.h ailments
uud Metallic Poisoning, A sun-cure
for "Thnl, Tired Feeling." Speclul
rates nn nil boats uud truins, Two
mails airlve and depuit every day,
Teh'Ki'ii h communication with nil
iiiiirts of Ilu- world.
TaitHB—$18 to $18 per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrob) Laki. 3, C.
W. J.   LICHTBURNE, Manager,
Reduction made for large quantities,
Di'livi'i'i-d in any part of tin- city.
Orders h-l'i al the Lawrence Hiti'dwaro
Store,  rn- ul   Sniythe's Tobacco
Store, promptly Attended to,
200 Cords Wood
$400 per Two-Rick Cord. ,
A Dealer who
sells a man...
is assured of his good-will
and future trade. They are
Union made, and guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction
and long service.
Our other lines equally as
good are    	
For sale retail by all Dealers.
Wholesale hy
Wm. J. McMaster & Sons,
is made'in
sizes for
It's a grand school boot, a
splendid full boot, a great business man's boot. It fits like a
glove, and is a stylish-looking
boot, ton, na heavy boots go,
being made from No. 1 quality
box calf leather with a heavy
sole, it will wear like iron, For
sale by all good retail shoe men.
J. LECKIE CO.,  Ltd.,
Kurtz's PioncorCig.-ir Factory
1148, Cordova St., W.
VANCOUVER, ■ ',   B. C,
r>^,   Mul /f-UJpU'
i4 wUJ' So truwvu ■fihmwfis Som of «, %o4cuf/
of Skvwjui,~$(m,fMJhnvdm, Mfr^L
jfrH^nj, MiiuMid' /?u<nter. dry. ^/UZ<wu/.
(9/n£u, eit£>veUno,.yjiu^fuMorSa^:
Union Jfotel Restaurant
Mrs. McKitrick, Manageress.
Open nl all hours. Short Orders tastefully served,
Meal Tickets Issued. Rates Moderate.
A large variety
of Glassos always
kepi in slock here
Try a pair on i
—we guarantee a \
perfecl fit. ■:
..»   V
If yon require
anything in Jewelry
il is here for you.
A complete stock
oi' llie ritj'iil class
oi' goods.
J. GUY BARBER,   - Jeweller, Optician
Houses and Lots
Scott & Potts 5S"
Everything a gentleman wants in the line of tailoring,
Our stock is new and up-to date,
Pressing and cleaning promptly attended to.
First Street, Opposite Union Hotel, Revelstoke.
Refining Co.
2 Pounds of extra fine Sugar Diamonds
Made solely From Cane Sugar.
Refined to Absolute Purity. ■
Vancouver, British Columbia.
It's made from pure Cane Sugar, oryutalised to resemble Rod
Candy, und comes in grains that sparkle like uncut diamonds, It'i
concentrated sweetness is an attractive and convenient form.
Sold in 2-lb sealed packages only. Ask your Grocer
Styles to cover every need
from fine city wear to lumbermen's or miners'footwear.
They arc all just as honest
as   the   emblem "signifies.
J. Leckie Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B.C.
i|iiIii|ii|ii|h|i ###f|r^#W 't' 'fr 'I' *t 't' 'I' 't'
The Leading Merchant Tailors      ]'.
Don't order a -Suit because it is cheap.   Order it
because it will be becoming,  fashionable, durable and
comfortable.   The best is the cheapest.   We make the Tj [
best.   In making a Suit we give advice when wanted and
we accept advice when a customer desires to give it.
Every now and then you are confronted with the
question, " Who's Your Tailor"—Cresssman & Morrison, «£,
of course.
Cressman & Morrison
frl$H$H$l l|l l|l l|l l|l l|l l|l ifr l|l l|l l|l l|l ill ifl ill ill I]
j|Hi.r,i ^lO'Huensjyw
7£tar 'VANcouvEn.hX. j
Wholesale and Retail
....  Meat Merchants.
Head Office, Abattoir and Cold Storage :
•^^^'Calgary, Alberta
Import direct from Country of origin.
(Under   New   Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   C-
First-das accommodation for travellers.
Best brands of Wines, .Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Central Hotel
Newly built.     First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Room?.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Special. Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords, Uest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rales $1 a day.   Monthly rate.
Queen s Jtotel
Best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
Best Firewood in the City.
Shipment of Chinese Canaries just received -PriOM from $2 to $5 eaoh
Front Street, Revelstoke
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt dolivory of parcols, baggage,
etc., to any part of tbo City,
Any Kind of Transferring
Hack Service to any part of the City at all
hours. Rigs equipped for Sleighing Parties.
First class Single and double Rigs. Express
draying and Transferring, Saddle and Pack
horses for hire. All kinds of job work undertaken.   Wood for sale.
Stable and  Rbsidbnce   PpoNB 41
Hack Stand "     27
JProg. '4-i-Hmmm-r+n-H-m
Tlie Hopper's
"'Hnnynno kin nr-,' us 'ow ynu ain't
need nr this kind o' llfo; you're loo
precious slow, nu' ,v' ain't got ther
nock i,' nippln' 'orn oil sharp, Nip
'nn liko tin-. bco? Nip ono bloom
WiU- yo'ro ii pottln' iter next."
Tlio speaker was ipillii right; lii«
eompanlon was evidently unused lo
hop-picking; lm knew nono nl lho
trick, of Un- labor and wns quite
to,, leisurely in hi, movoinbnla. Nor
ill,I ho li ok liko a professional Imp-
por, Uiough i'c n,ti. lowly ninl noody
enough in nil conscience, Jli'i face
had n suggestion ol rcilneinont in
spite ol being rod oad puflj; and, nl-
liiough In walking i-r standing bo
hail thii slouching carriago ol the
professional limit r, thoro wns something ubout Ills general bearing
which ivnulil have led n earoful observer io bav, decided ho wus of
gentle birth, of good breeding, with
tome of llio culture t,f hlglh-clnss education still in l.ini Anil thus it,
would huve been clear that ho was
one ol the human wrecks nf society,
wrecked on the rock ol apathy—a
derelict abandoned hy hone.
Hn paid hut scant attention to
tin: remarks of his companion, save
when they bore on Urn work in
hand; nnd then he followed tho nd-
\iro given him until lie wearlod of
tlio extra fatigue, whon lie fell bank
into the old, leisurely, spiritless wny
II,- nnil his partner hnd fallen in
together on the way down from the
great Metropolis; ihi-y wore both
alone, arid somehow this (net hnd
drawn ilu-m into an uncouth norl ol
Ii iendship, a hurt of tacit understanding that they- would work nnd
bo together so long ns their ways
ran parallel. And thoro they wero,
working sldo by hide in the long
evening shadows o! tho avenues of
hop-pules, breathing tho tonic air
ol liui's; nnil dead to the surrounding glories, tho other asleep to
thorn; tho ono In his element, the
other without an element,
"Shove ns that polo, pul," Enid
the sleeper in his element. "V ain't
getting on very fust. I think yer
must 'avo bee.-i intended for a night-
watchman,   Pass us tini- jar."
"It's empty."
"Well, Mr. tVlinlsyoriurmc, yor
must 'are 'ail your drop, that's nil
1 kin s'y."
"I've Rot a tongue like a blotting
pad to-day," tho other replied. "1
lliiuk 1 shall throw up this job; It's
so monotonous."
"What's ihntv"
No   explanation   was
a bit ol lil/ w'en T come down, an'
l'vo pot it fair thing on tho broezo
lilts time.    Cni-i! to  iuin  llio?     TWO
run work il bcltcr'n line, 1 link."
"I don't mind, If It's salo," replied liielinnls, apathetically. "I
suppose it's housebreaking?"
"Well, hoitin pooplo cull ii that,
I tolls yer It's a soli bit o' biz, an'
a rii-h lui, too, by tho looks ,f il;
iin'so fur its I kin sen llioi'O ain't a
mini about lho plnco. It's iv little
'ouse 'boul n mill! away friun 'ero—
b'longs lo a play-actress or soino-
Ihln' o' Hi,- Uml. There's 'or, a
Iiiiiii girl 'lioni ni*, I should b',v,
nn' two il.iivi s I've Hindu ll few
ipiiet intpiii-ii-s, nn' I'm lold that
the Imly's a widow what woul on
th,- ,,i,-ii-,, nn' inini,. ti pot o' bi'nSH,
Now, aCtl'QSSOS ItllV'yS 'live lots o'
IJowsl'i'y, sn II looks like ll (air
lily, eh?   Wlul do you lliiuk?"
"Belinda all I'lgl.i. How does lhii
hints.., Bland?"
"Hot grounds all round it—in fuck
it's n fair I real. Tlie nearest 'ouso
is Hie lie,-fry, about a 'umli'itl
yards away. 1 got 'old o' ono ol'
the Rcct'ry sklvvleB—a rog'lar suit
sort; an' sho told me a loi, 'I lie
parson nn' Madame llaslcUno—Flint's
hor nemo—Is very thick friends; consequent, the girl .1 pumped knows it
Iol. Minium,! Ilnslc.tino is goncr'ly
ill sooln' the Koct'ry people or theni
seohl' 'or nt 'cr 'ouso, nn' she docs
tilings stylish."
"Sounds will enough, but ore you
suro it's safe? l'vo come down in
the world a long way, but I've, never yet found myself in ll prison, an'
I don't wanl, lo start now."
"Lin-' love yer, it's us safe as
'op-pick in' any day. I've ilone
]tilings like it afore now, tin' only
once was 1 nabbed. I'll make all
the. 'rangoinont, you bet."
Itii-lmrd-i said nothing more, but
Snells understood thut lie meant io
stand in with him.
A nighl. or two later Richards was
asleep in n largo farm outhouse
which served as a sort of doss-
house for hiinsell anil about a score
ol' other hoppers, most of whom
were also asleep, when Snells, who
hnd been nvvay most of Ihe evening,
crept into tlie outhouse uud roused
his friend by giving him u gentle
thump  in  (he side,
"S-sh! Wake up nn' foller ni","
he whispered.
lllchnrds wntched Ihe dim llgurc of
his tempter pass through the hnlf-
open door with a lazy sorl of inter-
ei.l und ii weak feeling Hint he
would no! follow. Bui after n moment or two he got ii]' from bis
shake-down of sacks and went after
"Push the doer lo ml. r vou. matey, nn' come on."
"Where In'.'" Inquired Rli-hai-ds, in
n lm ll,-nipt    lo    nm
fancy he did not  know wl
tllei-lcd n few trifles, such 'men's heads, Iml Richards' slipped
und spoons, und tied llieni |down Snells' nnd cut him deeply In
handkerchief,   after    which
■or   think, yer
talk 'bunt th.'
^^^^       been
)    "ll
ouehsafed, night.
ami i'i- hoppers wont on picking in j   Thrv went down the rood i,„   the,
Bilcncc for sumo moments, when tho silently: Snells engerlv, lllchnrds llki
 *iio»er started a fresh series  of the weak thing ho was following    n
•i': •    uis,   lle wus ns loquacious us magnet.
his companion wns taciturn, j   li was e brantiful night,   The nb
"1  s'y,  bloke!    Wlint's yer    real ;Wns cool and lull of th- soft sent ,,i
name?      Somehow,     .litmny   Nutts .p,.wiring vegetation and rlpo   Imps
Tho sky was clear, nml pointed In o
They ■
a-s fork.,
up in n __^^^_^_
they passod down a passage, nml entered an apartment furnished as a
dining-room, where they laid hands
on a few more arlleles ot table plate
and a pair ot attractive bronzes,
"The jowel'ry's what I've got my
nose for," said Snells, ransacking
Hie drawer ol n littlo wrlllng-lablo,
"I 'spool Unit's upstairs in me
lady's room."
"I'm not going into uny rooms
where there is anyone asleep," suid
liiclinrils, "This Is quilii exciting
enough to suit my tasto."
"Don't he ii cuckoo," Sneii'i replied, In ,'i grufl whisper, "It's nnfi-
as niilkiu' a cow. You take this
'ere jctlllliy uu' USO il if anyone
don'l ocelli to npprerlntn our visit,
No 'nil measures, mind yer; hut no
killin'. .lest lay 'cm down for leu
minutes.    Vou know."
Nervously Richards followed his
lender up the thickly-carpeted Blair,
to the lirst landing, Snells crept ,o
the liri.t iloiir. turned ihe Inn,Ilo
ncls li-ssly, anil, listening silently
almost breathlessly, looked over his
shoulder at Richards' white face,
ami smiled, Thou he nodded con-
lideiilly and crept into the chamber.
Richards crept, in niter him.
Keeping his light turned down upon the Hour until lie hnd located ihe
bed, Snells looked round the handsomely-furnished apiirluient enviously. Richards did Ihu sumo in a
nervous, anxious sort of way, his
eyes glancing at thn bed every other
Sne'.ls put up a warning linger ami
crept towards the dressing-table in
llie big buy-window, lie searchud
through a couple of drawers, and
Ihen beckoned lo his companion.
"Vou .stand by Ihu bed," he whispered, "an if she waken, clop yer
'nnd over ',:r mouth sharp") anil he
continued cramming his pockets wilh
vaslous small articles Richards could
not see.
Richards crept Iwo paces across
the room and turned, his eyes attracted by u pi i ,re hanging upon'
the w.-ill in full light, of Hie lantern.
His jaw dropped, his eyes dilated,
uiul a violent sr.ver passed over his
big. loose frame. He took a step
Inearer the picture nnl rulilieil his
bleared eyes.
lie hull seen (lint portrait hundreds
of liiiie;, before; ho nud sat iind<-r it
at dinner, fane m toco with Hie woman h,- Inil love; and ."sided, nnd
descried. It had Ihen hung In llio
broad gill frame il hung in now. He
remembered taking ii out, one day
mn! sneaking into n pawnbroker's
shop in rniso money on it, Ilo rc-
tlmso'lf [luo'uucreii llie pawubri
nl Hie time ihot it I
value I,, niiyono hul himself anil hi
relatives, and eventually I.tiding n
couple of pounds mi it, II,- remembered .silling for Ihe portrait and
paving fivo-antl-soventy guineas in
tho artist.   He reineinliered    it    nil
llio cheek. With a wild howl of
puin Snells ronowed the attack with
increased fury, lie had no thought
now of currying away his booty; his
only wisli was lo avongo himself for
tlm traitorous conduct of his pnrl-
ii,-i- and ihe hideous, gaping wound
in his i-lieek. lie could hoar someone crying out ol one of the windows of Ihe house for help, lie wns
dimly conscious, even in Ihe blindness of his passion, of the forms of
the woman und ihe child clinging to
each other and crouched on Hie bed,
sobbing; and people were running up
ami down ihu stairs, doors woro
banging, hells ringing. Hul lie
cared for none of these tokens of Increasing (lunger; lie Wanted revi-ngi'.
lie aimed another blow at Richards, who put, up his arm to fend it
oil. Hut the blow was too quick
and heavy to be warded off, nnd
with a groan Richards sunk to the
lloor, Jli'ftii'e Snells could turn towards Hid door, however, his antagonist had risen to his foot again.
Hut. In the moment Snelhi had pulled
a knife from his hip-pocket, and on
llie blade of this Richards hurled
himself. The next Instant Snails
was gone; bailees, coutloss, und
bootless, he was flying for his llfo
over hedge and Held.
Richards lay gasping and groaning
upon lho floor, his eyes upon his
own portrait nn the wnll.
Gradually the woman roused herself from her terror und moved to
hit: side. She saw his life's blood
flowing Irom his wound and shuddered. She looked nl his face and
"Harry!" she cried, falling upon
her knees and seining his hund.
His lips purled as if he were uluuit
In speak, liut nothing escaped them
except a trembling sigh. And he
smiled painfully,
She leant over him, staring into
his face ns if trying to read his history since she had lust seen him.
And ll wns writ ten plainly.
Shu put hor arm tenderly under his
head nnd fell forward sobbing nn his
breast, her tears mingling with the
"Don't, Minnie," he groaned;
But her sobs only grew ihe wilder,
until suddenly a si range calm came
over her, and she leant back on her
knees and stroked llie hand that
j grasped her wrist liercely in mortal
i agony.
"if only they would come we
J might yet do something for you,"
Sho said, with n hevvililei-eii look to-
w-nrds Ihe door.
j   "An,    no!   Keep    thorn out,  keep
I litem out!    Only you and I and—tho
Soft Custard.—One quart milk,
four eggs, eight tablespoons sugar,
one-hnll teaspoon vanilla, sail, llciil
eggs and ndd sugar, irnll, milk ami
flavoring, Poach in uvea i unity
minutes, Tost wilh knife; when done
lln- knile eiimes nut clean,
Milk Slui'iiei..—P'our cups milk, one
nml a hull ciipu BUgar, three lemons.
Mix Juice and sugar uud stir constantly, Add milk slowly In prevent apponi-uiiro of ciiril. FrcoZO
This recipe is simple. In two ways
It is easily and quickly made; and |
for evening refreshments It Is more
economical and is often more relished thun ice cream.
Com Starch Mold.—'Phreo cups
cold wnler, one nnd half cups sugar,
the potato whllo hot, beating very
light, will) Ihe hul tcr anil cream,
lastly the egg. Too much attention
cannot be paid   lo tha, pari ot the
work.    Iill I a btillei-ed baking    dish
wiih the minced meat, seasoned with
i   onion, pepper, suit, ond mustard or
4- catsup;   moisten   with gravy,    and
-4* cover wiih the   mashed potato   at
least I,
be lar,
hake t,
If an Inch thick
,-.     S Hi    ih
a light brown.
f your (Hull
i over and
Since few tarm hemes have separate rooms Ior laundry work and ilu
whole process must he accomplished
In ilm kitchen, It Is well in use an
many devices for saving time uml
labor as pocslble, writes u correspondent,    Ono ol tin- best ul these
is   used     hy   It     liotullln   llOUW'litvper
und is nothing   more nor lees than
; jlwo sl.i'i|m ot old rng carpet sowed
■ together nnd   thou covered with tho
table oil cloth,     This    homo-uiuilo
rug may bu easily spread iluvvii anywhere in tlie kitchen nnd, though Hie
mistress    of   Ihe house designed    il
especially for washing day, ils uses
are   manifold,     it saved scrubbing
Ihu entire lloor timo and again   and
Utile space
juice nnd rind of two lemons,   Ih
tablespoons corn starch I teaspoon I when rolled up nc.uup
sail, blend   corn   starch and   sugar  jn the kitchen closet.
add to Ihe waler, boll till clear, pre-     Another   housekeeper linn a wood
fenibly in a double boiler.   Add lem- box longer than usual with one end
on.    When marly cold heat in   two partitioned    oil   and    in lhat.    she
whites of eggs stiffly beaten.    Serve |keops her mop, scrubbing |ail    and
old, with n custard made of tin
two egg yolks and one cup of milk;
boll and flavor with lemon and
Ifolln's Nut Cnko.—Two nips of
sugar; one cup of butter; three cups
of Hour; one cup of cold water; four
eggs; two tcnspoonfuls of baking
powder; two cupfuls kernels of hickory nuts or white walnuts, carefully
various cleaning utensils. She says
she struggled for years with mops
frozen stilf until nhe learned lo keep
them nut of sight iu the kitchen.
"My mother always had a nail tor
Hie mop outside Ibe kiteheu door,
mid 1 thought t had lo do the
same," she snid, "till 1 happened lo
see a wood box with two compartments und T wondered why  I    had
Ichild, Minnie. Tho child. Minnie!
iker remarking hiring her to mo. My child!"
id little or no ! gj,0 sprang to her feel und carried
th" pour, pule mile to her father's
in ins. He kissed llie Utile, frightened far,' anil held up his hand lo
touch (lie mother. .'ihe seized it
blindly, and, stooping, pressed it to
        .her lips.    And thus the hopper par"
perfectly;    thero wns no possibility (.(| n\vuy in Ids
don't seem ter lit cher ligui'-.
"Whul do you want in know for.'"
"Wi II, iv,-'iv pals, un' 1 lold jcr
n,,- ii.nue was Willi,"iiii Snells, which
i- i    .-. .ni' proper liko."
"Ilciii-y Richards is my real name,
il that is any goo.l tu vou. Does
i' ',i-   .'.inn mind at nil.'"
"(l,,i any kids, an' scch HI,",   lor
i'd Richards, shortly.
noi nolliin' like that?"
missus, hm l haven't
er  ;h,.   chuck,
I    got
'Nn missus
I  I: i' ,- n
I.-,; to keep le.-r."
" Ow's that—give
"i    ■ '     niechnnii ally.
'■    '       n    i:..-    luck—fate
ngu     -  n  -nothing turned up, mul,
a- I - il In'l nm',, ii to keep    h -r.
I thought  it better   to give her    a
• to Hnd u way for herself."      I to quarrel with his companion;   he-
1 But ain't she bin nasty, Isidcs which    the   chnn o   of .
an   '' *| ' t Am I  she summoned    you  much I .  verj  little troi   '
— waited round the pul..- an' slap-  Unci attractions,    lie felt, ■
pril ynu abort? ' llM p.,,, „ , ..      ,  ,  , .... .  ... ,
:    l!l hards,  with     'l. •  being drugged  oul  of sk   to    ei
.    ',' - »niilc    ■   his I ....   -,:,„  counter  pet   uiul  dun
v- '    I build       -.   man,     j;,.
••i •' ■-.    it's    a long    th
She's forgolU-n nn ."
thousand pie,-en by brightly swelling
stars. Tie' grasshoppers, clicking in
tho hedges, utlered lho only sounds
nudlblo with lho fell of lho men's
"Then 'II be n moon soon," mid
Snells, whon Ihoy hnd cover 'd nl oul
half a mil". "We must llnish h fo ■■
tlu'i. ut  Hi,-re's never any kn        ' "
Rithards mndo no reply;  ho    wns
nol  in Ihe   inoi tl for - mversailon
Now that he was fairly on llie road
tn help in    the exectil I -   ,    Si ell •
iii-l;"-: ins i lai i   h        - ".'■■ I    lielng
!-,,ii-. .1 from ;ns ,-' .,;, lo run
nt' being caught    in    ,i cr mine
rn:,i soul i., prison       U the    ■ -
■i:i..   i,- considered  Uml   i'.i
gun he might us ivi M boo tin
through, since the alternative
of Ins  forgetting ii,  mid  It
no!  he mistaken,
lint ih,- pawnbroker hud evidently
hoon mistaken, for somdsody had pul
sullieieiil value en it In hiiy it and
liaiiK it iii their bodroi m. , , . In a
lady's bedroom, loo. A strange
pin"- lor   n    portrall  ol a strango
mn'l! , I sources thnt
lie started   ut  Hi" signiflcanco of  ,jo|
H -   -:,-.i   and r ■ ■     . ,kc nut '
mi his    forehead      He tun  d    and
wei'  I" the i --'l-iiile.    lie leant over
the     -I an
ing amazi-menl^^^^^^^^^^^
'I i-,- fair hair, ,1 heads of a  woman
nnd n child lay su     a into I        :
I     • :■
ii'l .■•'-■'
I      -
tl :
vi-i- her
that Id d
the mail
.      . of 11
So much lias hi" ti written liy   for-
picked out, nnd   added Inst of   all. |novor thought of such a thing.'
Add tho water os you would milk.
Wafers—Six eggs; one pint of Hour;
two oiin-es of incited bill lor; one and
one-half cups of powdered sugar; one
cup of milk; one tenspoonful of nutmeg. Ileal whiles and yolks t-epnr-
ately and very still, rid) the sugar
and butter together, mid work in,
lirst tlie yolks, Ihen thn milk, then
the Hour and whiles. Hake iu well-
buttered wafer or waffle irons, very
quirkly, browning ns little as possible Roll them, while hot, upon
ii smooth, round slick, nol larger
than your little Anger, slipping it
out carefully when the cake takes
the right shape. These little cakes
are an acceptable addition to any
ten or supper table, and look Weil
among fancy cokes in a basket.
Rico Cakes—One cup of Woll-coolt-
ed rice, twn eggs beaten together, a
pinch of salt, half a cup nf milk
and enough flour to malic a thick
halter. Drop, from n spoon on a
hot. griddle.    Serve with melted liut-
Tapioca Cream.—An old-fashtoncd
dessert. Soak Ave tablcspoonfuls of
tapioca over night. Set aside one
spoonful to be used in the clear
soup. Add the other four in a
quilii of new milk, put on the stove
louble. boiler until the tapioca
nspnrent. Have ready Hie
of lour eggs heal en togothcr
with one cup of sugar, into which
(he boiling milk.     Return    lo
eign critics ol the (nulls and short- fire and   let   it cook (being careful
comings ol the British army that it,;,,,,,, ,„ let   it boll) until it becomes
relief   in    learn   from    similar
the armies of other na-
not any belter.     Recently
a Herman military writer gave   out
Uu- deliberate opinion Unit the army
| of Hie United States was   "rotten'
'  :' d down : , paralyz-  :hl, ,,,i,n,„ and lacking in  tl .-.sen-
lials oi an effective lighting machine.
Our neighbors were naturally indig-
I inl nnd nol only resented ihe
.;.-..- nn turned their inkpot guns
■ i .- i.' nn ni army. Whi lo admitl-
ni i feetiun of organization,
they  nud its   system  of tactics,   as
'    in recent manoeuvi
ii    utterly
ns thick ns custard. Remove from
lire, and flavor lo taste wilh ci ther
grated nutmeg or vanilla. Turn Into linking dislt and add meringue
mado of ihe whiles of four eggs
beaten stiff with four spoonfuls of
sugar, one of vanilla, and a pinch of
cream of tartar. Set in oven tn
warm,   Serve vvb.-ii cold.
Kggle.-i.'i Hiidille  Cakes—Use    sour
milk, adding one tcaspoonful (level)
of soda in a pint of sour milk. Stir
until ii  foams; then arid well-sifted
.j'"'flour, ii lillle at a Hinc, stirring vig-
A Woman iu a dark, old-fashioned
house invented a neat. Utile loot
stool under the carpet cover of
which could be slipped n hot foot
stone. Thereafter she sat with her
work hy Hie window on cold days
comfortable nnd happy hccaUBo if
the feet are warm tlie whole body
will feel the glow. It was impossible to work by the stove on
account of the poor light, hut the
foot stool made tho whole room
haliilable for the mistress.
If you huvo your houseplanls on a
table It is very easy lo make a
frame, to complololy cover them nnd
rest on llie edge of tlie table. This
can   be   constructed by any woman
Disease   Symptoms   Marked   by
Purpose and That I'arposo
Is Beneficent,
Sir Frederick Treves has just delivered u iviiuii-kalilu address nt tho
iikiiigiti'iil un ut ing ol the iwsslon nt
llm Edinburgh Philosophical Institution, His subject was "Medicine
a lu Mode." He said Hm pervading
idea ul (IJsoatiO was something that
wan woeful and malignant, evil in
origin, evil in Inl,-ul aud evil In
"In Ihe popular view," he continued, "ll is held that dih-i-ns-o Is a
calamity, thut. lis end is di-slruction
and lhat il is purposeless, except in
oiui direction-—that of doing   hiirm
"Popular tortus hear testimony to
the prevalence of that bollof, A man
is sold (o he 'struck down' by disease a.1, liy the avenging angel, It
seizes upon him us docs n roaring
Hon, It consumes him ns does a
lire, The attitude of the moil leal
imiii toward disease is lhat of on
opponent In deadly Influences.
"He hns to combat an enemy lo
mankind whose every movement is
dark and malicious. There is no
symptom of disease that is not believed io be noxious and, as such,
musl be slumped nut. with relentless
"if the patient be 111, the Illness
musl be stayed. 11 lie coughs, the
cough must cease. If he fulls lo
lake food, he must be made lo eat.
Ami why? Because these aro muni-
fesliil iiiim of dinniise und therefore of
ill Intent uml to he banished.
"I hold that there is nothing preternatural tn disease; Ihal Its phenomena or symploms are marl ed by
purpose und Hint that purpose is
bt-neliei nt.
"Disease is one of the good gifts,
for ils motive is benevolent and
protective, I cannot express that
more precisely than hy saying that,
if il. were not for disease, (he human
race would soon be extinct."
Sir P'rcdorlfk Treves Ihen demonstrated his proposition by instances.
His first wus Unit of a wound nnd
the supervening Inflammation which
was a process of cure to lie Imitated
rnl.her llian hindered.
Peritonitis, which had always boon
and needs only lo ho"covered wilh Ispoken of ns Ihe operating Bin-goon's
old   horse  blankets,    old   woollen I deadliest onomy, was In reality   his
unfitted   to ioro"s'-v a" "'•" w''lle, until tho bat-
shad, ■-
"Vie ''B.^—^^
'era give 11 ,i,- li il. ■ when they're
t:: iwn over Uu t :. til -v're Inuk-
i-i|  nrier       'Ow   I
       n,ir','   ,;
"ice yer gave , ...,,.,.,
Ah- it    Ix  years i   •      SI;, |
I.-,. . [•„     -k of it."
•~ ' : ' - ■'   Ihal?   11,.:, ! m,
.'...,': ■ -; ■--.      ,. t
i-.. -
nn'  'oil  a- -.
".->'„     Sl-allj
f,I   th,-   l-'l    ■      '..:■■
Th*-..   ! I,,, '.-.I <>:    ul il  ■
pit kings to thoii    overset
they made trad      ir tl i u"
lug inn.
i ei •■ no : . In1 i ,ii ,, with
th-r nils-'.-.' . .-,; Si ells, deeply lm
press d       li at    fairl;    li kei    n e
iT'-i away,    i    know bli     ■'■' il
v, - •: gvvo a   month',   liquor    lei*
junr li. :
-I often wonder   il    she li  dead,
' Snid Richard,,    with a slighl  ■•, n n
ol interest in his ton -.
"Or married? ' s igg .-■: -I Snells.
"in married,"   repeal id Rli'hard.i,
tin ,.:  full;,.
.'-':• ; and Rldiards were walking
Av^n ii,--- dusty i""'I away from (he
It i Snells v.ns gloon Ily thoughtful, Richards stupidly Indifferent,
uml perhaps a littlo the w
.ii- .'.
"Don't yer
<]■■ •). in i
II.ni th- ,,i.
lend   to  Oliolll
"Can't say I do "
••Hover    inn,in     tlilrl,
pound,  in a hravMila'?"
"Only al caids "
■"J.'-.r* " eul,,,iiied SnHlc. II
i..\p,.i.'i on emphatic negative
n.,- somowlijl disconcerted h
tfUalulcallon. "Whal would
s'y now if I wa, to pul ver ii
personal  dangers
Th",-.- did    not keep In
ugo now   after    -.-niie.    tin-—-.pnn .--
im >y Ihoy ■' ruck across t
nf eventually   coming   upon    .      irden
v. i"   ..:;-   six feel  high
: is    ii,"  whisper  I  Snells
■ \ ■  i Ice ,i    litllu place   . ■   -
aw      ',n ,-.  keep yet  puopors kop ti
■ gii ■■ i ■• ., i ■/ ovi i'. an' I'll   ■ ' lonl
Richard     li -ii„-'l   i .,,,    mom
wall .:-i,t heard   him drop in    ihe
riounil ither  dde
ll,, :   I:., .,,-   down    mil    »' ill -1   le     -
ll    !.'
■   ..      \fl un .i    .
'I, -.1  I Hich        co '
Ighbor- ligure - uming inwards I	
'was |ust nboul    in run n-.-e,
■   .ill--1 iu him In ti	
' li   .    nil  .sqi'ur-,     ii,;,l    ,"     soil!
N:.< II-   ni n  •'.  Ill t|M'i       ' I - ■ ne
gale in Hi" wall farver down;
,i key ,,:,    Ihu Inside     Come
meet the requirements of modern war-jl(T ,ms tho l"'u',c'' consistency. Beat
fare     ft'itli gleeful satisfaction    the °"t all    lumps . and hake on a hoi,
State     press reproduces   tho well-greased griddle,
i    thi-German amy of a    °ralmm    Bread.—One    egg,    one
(,,.      .   ,; ii,, London Spec- heaping tenspoonful  of bllttor,   one
Richards glanced from  the bed to1'11' presold  ut   the au- cupful of sour milk; one-half   cupful
tuam ;il in;;  the   HI,hie. !<>f sweet milk; om-hnlf cupful of mo-
T'.'ii.- i.t.i i.-i-.l to see ne lasses; one-half cupful of sugar; threo
-: plan ,,i moving troops cupfuls of  graham Hour;   one    tea-
lose formation within spoonful of soda in the sour    milk;
, : ■ carriod out vi-itli spec- pinch  of salt;    one-half cupful    of
liii'iinti-v advanc- chopped raisins.    Steam two  hours.
eight dee,    wp suppt/'ts  easily Bake onc-hnlf hour.    Flnol
.  ,,. effective   trllllory  range,  bat-     I v.-,, Simple    Ices.-Mako a  water
„ ,n    „,,„.    ah ith hands playing j,„, will, twelve oranges, six lemons,
ll      ; cavalry in squad-;„„,) (),„   proper quantity of water.
I. . ■"   ",;;!"' '''""' '"•  Add a    quart
:' ,'      '.le ei
1 '
■ noro
,i   ,: I
inl •> I hi      'I
"Ver brute!
IVhlll i        |,|-.,|,     the
tin yet
,.   |,. I
plied   Iliel .i-'ils,  thrusting his
skirls or similar goods to insure
protection on cold nights, II tho
weather is very severe put an extra
covering of newspapers on top of the
cloth nnd lake the precaution not
to wuler the plants till the tlier-
monieler rises.
Keep a man's coal and a small
shawl on a nail by Ihe kitchen door
and iu tlie pocket ol the coat always
have a pair of mittens. If, for any
reason, you must be your own chore
boy do not daub out every few minutes on a separate errand hut. don
the" coal., tie up your head in the
shawl and set forth with the mittens on your hands to do every
chore before you begin the housework in tlie morning. You will
Hnd the coat much hotter than any
olher wrap and tho ih.ivvl is better
than a hood if you cross it. Dutch
fashion in front and tie the ends behind, as it protects the neck.
Charcoal is one of Ihe greasiest
purifiers of water that, we have.
Water or any substance allowed to
percolate through it will lie freed of
all animal organisms or foreign particles, ll. is one of tho best sweeteners of llie breath, After a hearty
meal it is it splendid thing for tho
stomach, if added to II is a lillle
ginger, it is excellent wilh which
In cleanse llie teeth, for it removes
fungus growth that many tooth
powders fail to touch, It relieves
pain caused by a burn.
For Brilliant windows take a pad
of cotton rng soaked in glycerine
nnd rub llie glass all over    inside.
best, friend,
Tho general mortality of Hie common disease known ns append lei Us
was low. This fortunate circumstance was due In peril onil is, for
with oil I that much abused ally every
example or the disorder would lit
Another instance given was I'mt
of a roiiuium cold, which wns no
doubt ihe so-called bacterial disease.
"According l.o popular medicine,"
he said, "the phenomena constituting disease are purposeless, profitless and wantonly distressful, so
that the victim demands from Ihe
physician means for stamping out
tlie trouble. These symptoms, however, utv in Hie main manifestations
of a process of cure and are so far
benevolent Uml without them n common cold might be a fatal malady.
"Catarrh and perslstenl snoozing
are practical moans of dislodging
bacteria frum the nnsnl possagos,
while the cough removes theni from
the windpipe."
Tho lecturer Ihen described llie
symploms of malnriti and buboni-z
plague, bolh ol bacterial origin, nnd
also discussed tlie question of immunity and said:—
"Tho success of the scrum treatment nf diphtheria is now beyond all
question, Tho whole of Hm manifestations of tuberculosis nro liiio-
wise. expressions uf unflagging effort
on the part of the body to opposo
tlm progress of Invading bacteria,
"There ore unfortunately a   large
series    nf   disorders    whose    secrets
_^^_^^_m^^__^^_^_      have not yet been falhnmed.       One
Thn lake a piece of clean, dry rngjennnot fail to he met Willi Ihe' as-
and lightly polish llie glass until Ihe jserlinn    lhat, nt, least, the machiua-
rl illery   retiring iu
manner im        ,lo   in actual battle;
generals, i   uumcr i bril-
| .-ill!.-,   iu and lln
in tlio deadlie i     presented    n
 I, but  it   liopo-
• 1 iiriita'io,-,   r,i the realities
Of  Ihe
swcolen i-athor 1
too hard       Ai
dessert   i-i cine;.
i pful ui sugar
ol    grape juice, und
Igtlly.    Do not li-eeze
ither   delicious iced
mousse.     Half    a
n, first boiled   with
a loui-lh of a cupful of water
it reaches tho thread singe.
,    |    , „     [jlhii vhi: ., ui Iwo eggs very -siil, und
nil.l a      tr I o   Her   ' '   "''' su"l'   "" """"• "hipping
 '" "'    ' "'    are thoroughly mixed,
: ,   i t Africa and Mo    iui I
III, l-e'
uiu. ■,-
'in Hi
lllllll Hid Iw
    A   nipfill   nf  whipped   eretlli
into   1                   pocket   oul pull I. ;..-■   I ago    I a nalioi     hlch i.i "■'" "lls mixture, ami a cupful    of
mil n                         -i , ,.,., pre erved ginger chopped vory    line
tched up        mm -                      . . ■'■    bo    badly lis   mixed    in at    tho last moment.
M    U-.      -I    table   .n   hi      idi    ind I         lis oul (aril Place in a mold, seal carefully,   and
limed           i .    i,i "   ,.'   i'i hard' Lho                i till ou pi        In    Ice uml    suit, for sovoral
head      Richard,    dodged  'In-    blow ■   -'        ' ■■    !                                 ,o„ hom I     lln- syrup in which Ihe gln-
oiul suatcheri the tool uwny, flinging ■ '      -:        do     tl ger was presorvod inakos ah oxccllont
Wenl ;ii hi i, ! '.uiii.! ''lose
he wall, imiii thoy Arrived
Utile en - .-en I!, hnd referred
to, which Ihoy pis ...|| through can
tiniisiy, obtaining entrance in «
large, old fashioned garden, Snells
l-,l Hu- why from shrub lo shrub, until thoy stood under .i low w .ml iw
of the house
"Now  k,-,-p  yor  pepiicrs  open     it
yer never ,|i,l afore," Snells    wlns-
l„-i,,!.     'I'm  goiu'    ter   pi iui Ibis
I !- ■ 'oppln'?" Shells in- winder."     He   look a   s
way   which suggested from Ins pocket, nnd In a
tinn   vo< destined   to loads the lower half nf Hi,
wenl up noiselessly,
They look nil their borrl, mul put
them close under Hu- wall; lhnn lllch-
nrris followed Snells iu llimugrl the
I window.
hud j   "It's yer ears yer must keep open
andtnow," said Snells, holding I,is I,uml
I ho j before the   eye of   his llitle lantern
and leading the   way    into a  largo
kitchen,     "I    don't    'spent  there's
much In 'ere,   hut we'll jest    lonl,
^^^^^^^^ Hie
way  nf   inal.in'    Iwenly    or  thirty
»,   i,Is on, he.ivcniu''.'    I gen'Iy <jo
,1 u-i'i ■ the room
■| he .- -ii     uf ,!;•' srufllc wok th •
..;...p..,-      • lm   i ,i up   in bod and
stared     ni     bewild.-rmenl     at the
Whal  .ii" mi, doing ; id ?" i rlod
'i .•   v..,,n.iii     ,'.11 mi;   ,1   hi-iii' . .     from
ih,- lied und thn wine, il  round    her
,,   she    il ,,-.' mul .      I Ihi i"
Sill Ils   I""    !'•   ■ i   .       II : i
e.ii1    cr;   II "'  ■." ;     locked     : .
iiiili    other's    nun ,    waying hai
i-.tnl .ii I I ,1 .'.nnl-. in u lln ,, i ll,
Slrllggle Ii - ir; -,■ y o- - , " i h
' unlit e! '■! ii. ihraw li , -i ■
from him nun mado u tlnsh for lho
door,    llm in-, partner caugl'   liiin
h,    llll     ,   >:,' ,    I ill' I,    ' '   ■     , :.' ! ";    |(,| 1.
tore      his lm. 1.
I- - in I Hi.It III,,111" ,1 ,,: ! "i- "i
■    tell     i    ,     ih"   |,le:.,|,        ,i   |.,i,i,I      I.,
ri i ullccl   Ihal   all Ins I Ij    --.,.    In
Hi"    pnekolS  of  II in'.     ,iii-|     lie
...'|,il i, d   hu, l(   Inlll     the   mn,ii      i, nl,
pi, i ni- ' p ihe   Jemmy in- had Inst,
i ishnii ni   lliihiirils.
■ I, in,ii, met jvininy flbov, Ihe
if   men       i i        i     ii    i,l sauce for this  mousse,
them into sol           o   they j   Duck    ur    Chicken   In dully.-Cut
■ '    -  ' '   ml   nol ■    in i","i rold roaSI ducli or chiokon Into neal
Hu  objeel '*'!"-    IH    and iron (lis ,,;,. ,.,     \v,.|   tho bottom nf a mold
"  i   :-,,!--!" ""i i"'" ,, m,ii dur ff|th ,„;,i ,v„t,,f, pour in a little   of
''     Penee-tftne     nol intelligence    ■ r i|„. ,,,,,„. which should already havo
"«"""? '       "    '"' ''■■"■'>'    ■'   "' I," un ", (onn, arrange sliced' hard-
'   :     j1'-      '"'  !:'l'" ''"'   I -I egg, nnd dice of beet root.,,-
Ii ■■   -      I   .Id' I      I-- i 'H,..'   ;,     i'litu] ■
■ >■    ■     , iuin, and i-  lift 11;''    ju -i ■•
'  '       lh""   ''  '     l'"'!'"  "">'   "'pm  in more Jelly, and ,o on   until
sysdtr, close furnmlton „ „ nocosslty. L,,, 1||o|(|    ,t fll||       ,,.||(, „|m|  ^
11 •   -   omalons    musl  In- kept     in
, ,|,"i • aboul the mold, Pour
liHI' nf the |olly, lay ill llm
in no,i,' J,-ll.v, and so on
i Hi- mold    Is  full       The final
,,-. h ,, ' ,i 11,,.,   .,,.- ii, pei onal In
. i'■ .   i-i,i betuui" bewildered   whan
mil  ul trniih    uill, their „, i i Inn ■ I
III   I        It   i I   fill III,-IHU Illtl.;
-,; ,,-.. nthet ni it's that the tlet'inuii
nllli.ei's, ,,i ,, 11.,,,, huvo degnneraled
I,.!',,' Ii i ' !,„, s"li i„,hill,- nl, and a-.o
given i,, swaggering, rh-lnklng, grim
liiin," nnd 1,'H'hi '•■ Hi" plclui'o Is
gloomy  and tnaj   i„- ,,-, tb-nv n, but
It    is   11   qll(»Bl ion   llll'-'i"-,    llie   et-|-|,i|.
  ,li.-, ijtli  iml   -, ,i  iiieilslP'o
ii,,e|i,,, i'li1'- Imiii i iprensod armv
nnd iihi'ihei il,,, tendency ,,,' ,,nines
tllllllltnlned  in peace lime is nut
cessarlly townrd, doin'orallxallta
should be o, jelly     Set, the mold on
ih„ a,- for several hours before tho
e,mleI,I'i      III','   tn   be   Ulieil       Unrnlsll
attractively whon turned oul An
excellent Idea Is to arraago the jelly
in individual molds and serve one
in each guest, on ,i lottuco lent'.
Hoof nnl potato Pie.—Somo minced
cold ronsl beef, one young onion,
minced; one-half nip of gravy, some
mashetl potato; one tablcspoootul of
butler In a ,up <>i ,,oliilo; one table-
spnniifnl of i ream In same, pepper
nnd suit, catsup, if mutton be used;
-'make mustard fur beef; one beaten
'egg for nitch cupful of potato,   Mash
glycerine is invisible but. not entiri
ly rubhoil away. Do (his when the
glass is fairly worm and dry, niid
you will get brilliant windows, no
condensation, and a great saving In
the. amount of cleaning,
Acids should novor be employed to
clean tinware, bccaiifo they attack
the metal coaling and remove it.
This refers to artlcleB made of tlu-
plute, which consists of Iron covered
with tin. Hub the nrtirle Hrst with
rotten stone and sweet oil, then finish Willi whiting and a piece of soft
leather. Articles made wholly of
tin should be cleaned in the same
munner. In n dry atmosphere planished tinware will remain bright for
jn long period, hut will soon become
tarnished in moist air,
To prevent blistering in linen,
which is almost always due to Imd
starching, but occasionally to ironing Ibe articles when too wet. each
aitiile musl, be well starched
through, und when ahout to iron It
must be clamped evenly, but not wet.
Use n hot iron. Collars and culls
Hull have In be lurnod down should
be fixed In Hie proper shape Immediately afler each onn Is ironed, for
thun the Starch Is still flexible.
Mend n lamp loose in the collar
with sifted plaster of paris, mixed to
n soft paste with beulcn white of
egg, Have everything ready before
welting up tho plaster and work
quickly so it may set in place. With
several lamps to mend, wet only
enough plnslnr for one at a time. It
takes less than five minutes to set,
nnd is utterly worthless if ono trio,
working it over. Metal w»rk, apart
from the glass, needs tlm soldtring
iron. Dust the break well with powdered resin, lie, the parts firmly together, lay tho stick of solder above
the break, and fetch the Iron down
on it. lightly but firmly. When tho
solder cools remove the meltei rciin
with a cloth dipped In alcohol,
lions of ciincer havo nothing in
theni Uml are good. To lhat at
present 1 have no answer. Al the
same lime I I rust I mav have raised
a doubt whether, uo fur ns tho disease is concerned, Ihe workings of nature ni-e unite so ill intending as
we nre disposed lo consider tliem to
.lohnny wns a very dull Bort uf
lad, his father coiibi make nulhing
of him, so he determined to send
him uwny to Ids Uncle In the country, who he thought would he suro
to sharpen him up a bit.
Johnny arrived in due course, and
was shown all over tho farm by his
uncle, who lost no lime in Impressing on his mind the necessity of
wearing old things oul lirst liefore
commencing on anything now.
Johnny seemed tn tako It nil very
quietly, and tho next morning lho
following conversation took place:
"Now, Johnny," said the uncle,
"when you have finished your breakfast 1 want, you to go down to tho
meadow and bring one of the two
horses 1 showed you yesterday."
"Yes, uncle," said Johnny; "which
am I to bring—the old 'un or tho
ycung Tin?"
"Now, Johnny," sold the undo,
more in sorrow thun In anger,
"what did I tell you yesterday? How
soon you forgctl Why bring the old
one, of course. Always Wear tho
old ones out first."
"Oh, well, If that's it," Bald
Johnny, "hadn't you better go and
tetch him?"
Life Insurance Agent—"My dear
sir, have you made any provision
lor those who come after you?"
Tlarduppe— "Yes; I put the dog at
tho door, and told the servant to
nj I'm out *t town," *


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