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The Mail Herald Apr 28, 1906

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 TIIK l.AKdKST VllllKTV 111-'
Bews' Drug Store
urfthhw ■
all sizes and all makes at
VoL 12,-No. 71
$2.50 Per Year
We can take your
oi'dei' for ii I0TH CENTURY SUIT.. The suits
under this brand -u-e
guaranteed to lit and
stylishly made - the
price, too, is t'lyht.
They commence on the
rung of the ladder, just
where llm other fellow
stops. They are the
acme of style for good
dressers. No creasing
fronts on the coats, no
iiiit-uf-iliite puffs on the
knee, no wrinkles in
the front uf Hie vest
like us if it was trying
to get under the braces.
Where do you see better dressed men than
coiiimci'i-ial travellers ?
Open up the coat of the
majority nnil you will
see Ibe 20th Century
liraud uu lb,-in.
A Bargain in a 40 Piece Ten Sett, Lovely Limoges, beautifully
decorated nnd In perfect condition. Every piece here would lie ii
delight in uny household. Nu reason for ihis (tropin the price, hut vou
will benefit hy it A $10 Set for $r!n5.
A Drawer Sett, just as perfect as can be, 07pieces, new decorations
and as complete as possible  A $16 SETT FOR $10
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
For all kinds of up-to-date and reliable furniture
and house furnishings go to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
Merchant Tailor,
(Lath ok Chicago)
has opened up one of the most beautiful stocks of
Clothing Materials ever brought into Revelstoke,
comprising Tweeds, Worsteds, Trouserings,
Fancy Vestings, the Newest Novelties in pattern
and design, and having large experience in
cutting and manufacturing, he is prepared to do
the finest and latest classes of work at the most
moderate prices.
Prices Right Work Guaranteed
'i iTi ifi ill iti iti ill itt iti iti ill iTi il*1 ili ifti A, A At A 1*f. At At At A% At At
7 V A V cl 'X*' "X' 'i' *w *X' '«k * X *X 4» t X' "X" 'X * X X ■* V V ^P
Gill-don Hose from .1I5.IHI Up, Ooinplote with Nozzle,
Complete Line of Tennis Goods.
LAWN    MOWERS  FROM   $3.00   UP $
with Iii -Styles to Choose from.
I'seil when drying Curtains,    Haves tearing and Soiling,
AQATE   WALL   FINISH   (n   cold    water   IClllsomluc),
AIiiIiiii.1 im- uiul Kiilsomlne I'm Walls.
Mail Onion Promptly attended to,       P.O. Box 181. ,
j '» At At A. A. A. .ti A. ■*♦» At ■♦■ A. At A. At A. A. At A. A. A. -A At A. At .l.
1   J*PtPWrWFWJrITFIH \M \tf li" 'X   X *V *¥ X   X T W WWTW  X   X  ^V
Big Fight in Senate Railway
Committee-Strikes in France
—Fire in Montreal—Progress of G. T. P. Surveys.
Ottawa, April -is.—A strong fight
was iiniii,, before the Senate Hallway
Committee on Friday by Conservative
Senators against the Vanoouvei,
Westminster nnd Yukon Railway Bill,
and against bill regarding the Craw
ford Ilny nnd St. Mary's Railway, and
Calgary and Fertile Railway Uill. Senator Ivirchofl'er declared these bills
had for their objects the capturing of
tlie Crow's Nest, Vellowhead and
Kicking Horse Passes by American
lines with Hie object of diverting
Alberta wheat and cuttle trade to
I'uget Sound points. Liberal Senntois
favored encouraging capital from outside no matter whence it came. The
bill was held over until next meeting.
The Grand Trunk Paoifio Bill giving
power to company to issue debentures
to tlie extent ol $25,000,1100, to acquire
equipment, passed committee.
Toulon-, France, April 28.—The gus
workers struck at midnight Infantry
hnve occupied the works.
Mahbeiues, France, April 2S.—
Leading cults of tlie city are closing
in consequence of Hie strike by waiters
There have been no demonstrations so
far. Reinforcements of gendarmes
arc arriving nnd thorough precaution
ary measures ure being taken.
Edmonton, April 28,—Immediately
following tlie closing ol the Legislature on Thursday next, members will
take a trip through the southern purl
of Alberta on a special train.
Monthkai., April 28.—Fire last
night destroyed the oiit-building.'i of
the Ville Marie Convent at "Notre
Dame de Grace. Five horses were
burned to death and a large anionni
of farm implements. This morning
Alfred Brunei confessed to having se:
the out-buildings afire,
Montreal, April 28.—Two hundred
miles of the main line of Grajid Trunk
Pacific have already been located wesl
of Edmonton, is the report made by
General Manager Morse. This section
will be put under contract shortly and
'will bring construction pretty near to
foothills of the Rookies,
Detroit, Mich., April 28,—Many
prominent, men in lake navigation
interests are discussing the question
of whether or not the recent earthquake shocks have changed the level
of lake bottom, They say that many
boats are grounding this season in
places where Inst year no obstruct ion
existed, and they are of opinion thai
the recent Seismic disturbances have
something to do with ifc
 -- .«»
'Ihe Cabinet Grand Nordheimei-
piano to be used at the Knox Oliui'cb
Recital hy Mr. Fred, Morris lms jusl
arrived at the Revelstoke Insurance
At Vancouver Provincial Fumigation station, upwards ol 7,000 condemned Iruit trees, consisting of apples
pears, plums, cherries, peaches uud
apricots, were cremated in one huge
pile. All the fruit trees cremated had
been received Irom the United States
and were staled to hnve been fumigated
and free Irom disease hut they did nol
stand the test of close Individual inspection such us is applied ut tlii-
station Tliis stock was Intended lor
distribution in Okanagan, Blmllka-
iiieen and Kootenny,
It is declared by Ohlcago Insurance
nun thnt.many of the small acoldonl
nud lire companies probably will be
forced to suspend business because of
their enormous loss in San Francisco,
Even some ol the bigger compunies
will be hard pressid. The liability
involved is placed nl more than
$180,000,000 in Sun Fmncisco alone,
and at least P,000,000 ill other cities.
Insurance men in Chicngu are worried
to a degree bordering on a panic.
Hon' F. Oliver bus Introduced a bill
setting apart a reserve of the Dominion hinds in liritish Columbia, Saskatchewan nnd Manitoba, the object
being (,, protect and improve the forests for Ihe purpose of maintaining a
permanent supply ol timber, to maintain conditions favorable to a continuous water supply and to proteot
us lm- n> the parliament of Canada has
jurisdiction tin- animals, lish and
birds within the boundaries ul tho
proposed reserves. Ten ruserves altogether are to bo oonstlnited, and
lungers will lie placed iu charge oi
every one ill,British Columbia,
Prevails in Administration of
San Francisco's Affairs—
Re-building Proceeding Rapidly—Street cars again busy
San Francisco, April 28—Harmony
and pledges of good feeling marked
the meetings ol the various bodies of
citizens, committees and representatives of the army which are administering the affairs of Sun Francisco,
The lust sign of confusion and mis-
nnderstnnding which existed has disappeared. Tlie liist, signs nf a return
to normal conditions were the resumption yesterday of street cars in certain
sections, and the taking out ol first
permit for the erection of a modern
steel structure upon the ground occupied a few days ago by a less substantial one.
The work of rebuilding Sun Francisco will proceed rapidly. Mrs. Sherman Oelrichs, ol New York, has agreed
to repair the Rinlto building and to
build again on the site of Cosley, She
and her sister, Mrs. W. K. Yniulerbilt,
Jr., have also stated they will put up
solid olliee structures on their Montgomery street site. Thomas Magee,
real estute dealer, will start for New
York on May 1st, to complete arrangements for the erection of a twelve-
story si eel building on Market street
just above the Mutual Bunk building.
The Emporium, a large department
store, will resume business on a large
scale next week. A temporary structure will be built at. the corner of Post
street and Van Mess avenue.
In two weeks seven floors ol the
new Monadniick building, which wns
in course of construction ut time ol
the disaster, will be filled  with olliees.
Another Earthquake
San Francisco, April 27—At 3:15
o'clock yesterday afternoon, u shock
of enrthipiiike wns felt here. It lusted
nearly a minute.
Mrs. Annie Whitaker, agod twenty-
live years, who was at work in the
kitchen of her home on Sbotwell
street, i.i the Mission district, was
killed. A chimney which had been
left in a tottering c ndition by the
heavy quake last Wednesday crashed
through the roof upon the young
woman, nnd fractured her skull. Her
body was taken to the morgue, und
buried an hour later at Laurel Hill
A number oi walls of burned buildings which were all standing in a
wrecked condition were thrown down,
und trail buildings were oonsldorably
shnkoii up, but tho actual damage wus
llie shock was also felt in Oakland
and Berkeley, but ill these places it
was very slight and ol brief duration.
Scientists decline that similar
shocks are likely to he experienced for
some time to come, but that tbey
probably will In- ol brief duration and
will not be violent in character,
Knox,—J. It,Robortson, B.A., II.lb.
Pastor. Usual Sunday services ul II
a.in., and 7:1111 p.m.. Sunday school ut
2:110 ii.iti. Subject for niortllns service, "The Mystery ol tho Kingdom,"
Evening, "A Most Serious Critical
Experience." Mrs. Briggs, ol Nelson,
will sing n solo al tho ovoning service
St. Andrew's.—Sunday, April 2111 b.
II tun,,Communion, 7i80p.m,, "The
The Ladles' Aid purpose holding un
Apron Sale in tin- Selkirk Hall ou the
afternoon of Friday the I8lh inst. lu
the evening there will heiiu eiileiliiiu-
menl Ihe principle feature of which
will be n battle of Iho Roses.
Methodist— Last Sunday evening
the Odd Fellows in large numbers
joined ill the piirade to the Methodist
church, where thc Ilev. 0, II. M.
Sutherland preached an appropriate
sermon upon "Truth," which wns
followed closely by u congregation
which packed the ollliroll to Hie doors.
Subject a. m.—"A Clue tu Ibe
Mysteries nl Lite" or "Heavenly Balm
for Sorrowing Hearts," Miss Katie
Sutherland and Mr. A. I,e Feanx will
Sing that beautiful piece,  "Sometime
We'll Understand,"
Rev. .lumen Turner, who organised
the Methodist Church In tills oity,
will proaoll In the church tn-inorrow
Anthem—"God so Novell the World"
and "Now the Day is Ended," Itec.ep-
lion ol members ut Ihe p.m. sei vice
and Sacrament ul the Lord's Supper.
Frank Deloye Falls in Front
of an Engine and Is Cut
in Two. —Inquest Returns a
Verdict of Accidental Death
Kamloops, II. C, April 28—A
shocking accident occurieil here lust
when Frank Deloye, who recently
cane from Vancouver to relieve the
yiirdinuster here, fell in front of the
engine and was cut in two. lie remarked lo a man who rushed tu his
rescue that he was cut in two and wus
dying, and ihen expired. The inquest
tliis morning returned a verdict of
accidental donth. The remains are
being sent to Vancouver to day,
From our nivn Con-oiiiondeut.
T, II. Goldie, inspector of boilers,
visited Arrowhead Friday.
T. Ludgate has been laid up with
blood poisoning in one foot, but is
now improving,
One of the latest rivals in Arrow-
bend is n baby girl at the home uf Mr.
and Mrs. G. II. Campbell.
The Presbyterian congregation will
hold a busket social in the bull next
Friday evening, May 4th, A programme of the best local talent is
being in-ranged nnd u gnud time is
anticipated, The proceeds of this
cnli i-i iiii ment will be used for completing tin ohuroh.
A number ol lho young people of
Arrowhead have funned a dancing
class, with Mr. Harkins ns instructor.
They meet in the hull 1 uesduy and
Thursday evenings.
Dr. Cross, a veterinary .surgeon, was
sentenced to prison for four months
for appropriating a sum ol money
which a man at one ol the logging
camps trusted with him to be sent
S, Goundl'y wns lined $!> (or being
dri nk and disorderly Thursday night,
The Big Bend Lumber Company's
mill Is closed down for the week for
the purpose of installing u new conveyor.
There is a groat demand for In borers
iu Arrowhead at the present tunc and
wages are good,
Services in both churches Sunday
E'-iiiiii imr i.wuei.rrosiM.iiilniil.
Spring work is progressing rapidly.
A largo number of fruit trees ure being
planted by the farmers in tlie neighborhood,
F. Treat, has come to reside here
ami is bus} cleaning up a homestead,
.1. iMij-.nn Iiiih left fox Grand Forks
when- Mis. Mizoil nnil fninily will
join lilm shortly,
.1. Johnson has piirebuseil Hie ('.
Johnson place.
II. P, Williams' paint gang is lucal.
ed hern and is busy at work on the
two bridges.
T. U'oolHuy is busy gelling the lurge
quantity Ol logs cut during the winter
into the river preparatory in iln- drive
Iii thu lake,
I'Vimii our own corrosiiontlouL,
Wie. Iliiywniil arrived in town again
tu saw fnr tlie Y. 0, L, Co,
C. II. Kirk, of Arrowhead, was in
town for ii few dnys,
R. II. llninl bus received u shipment
ill fruit trees Inini Henrys Nursery ut
Vancouver, which he Intends- to plant
on his ranch.
The Dramatio Club will give a
prefoi'inaiice al AiT'owhi-iid on Saturday nighl.
The ladies of the Altar Soeiely guve
n progressive whist pnrly nt the rod-
iliiuco of Mrs. J. Clemens, Miss Viola
Tlinnipsnii won the Indies prize anil II.
Ahliie llm gentleman's.
It. W. Bnileyiii brother of II. %,
Bailey, spent a low days in town,
Groceries, Hardware. McClary's Stoves. Etc.
Onion Sets, Flower Seeds, Farm & Garden Seeds,
Garden Tools.   A Large Assortment
Hollywood   and  Sherwin   Williams'  Paints,  Oils,
Varnish, Turps, Alabastine, Muralo, Etc.
Our stock of Groceries, Fruits  and  Vegetables,
is always Fresh.
BOURNE   BROS.      Mackenzie Avenue
Wc have left a few 5-Acre Villa Lots, suitable for Fruit
Culture anil Market Gardening, which may be purchased on small
monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments.
This land is situated within five minutes' easy walking of the
New Sehoolhouse Site recently purchased by the City.
There will be no land available after this season within such
easy reach of the City, and intending purchasers should not delay
in making their selection.
Agents, Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
llruuclie.s in Die Provinces ol Manitoba. Alberla, Saskatcbiwau,
British Colombia, Ontario, Vu.b«.
Capital Subscribed ■       .       .       $4,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....   $3,900,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       t3,0oo,ooo.oo
l». II. IVii.kik, President; Hon, H. Jafpkay, Vice-President,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
SAVINGS DePARTMENI*- Deposits received and Interest allowed
al lllghesl current rate from date of opening account, and compounded half-yearly,
Drafts sold avniliililc in all parte-of Canada, United States and
Europe.   .Special attention given to Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C. A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Incorporated by Act of Parllam.nl, ISM.
W.M. MOLSON MaophkrboN, Pros. S. H. BWDtO, Vice-Pres.
Jahkh Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way of banking business transacted without un-
necessary delay.
Interest credited twice ii year al current rates nn Savings Bank
W. II. PRATT, Manager,
Rkveutoke, B. C.
R. Dowswcll, Proprietor,
First Ciuss House for Travellers and Commercial Men
Newly limit, Newly Furnished, and the most comfortable house in the City.
Party Spends To-night in Revelstoke.
The Syria Temple ol Pittsburg, Pa„
is holding a magnificent sxaurslon
round the Continent. This is tho
lirst speciul excursion ol the sesion
nnd the train is due at Revelstokl
tonight, tho party remaining over
here (ill morning,   Unfortunately ii
is Saturday night ur the Tourllt Association might have entertained them
at a dunce. A splendid programme
nnd time table of the trip has lieon
published, The booklet is prettily
Illustrated and bus a map nl the route
to be billowed, speoial prominentia ii
given to the trip over the Canadian
Pacilic Railway k-tweon Moosejaw
and Vancouver as the scenic trip ol
the cniitiiiniit. The party return
home via Los Angules nnd Kansas,
Neil week will see lacrosse and
football in lull swing on the recreation
grounds. The intermediates will
organise tonight, through Ihe kind*
uesi ol Mr. Floyd in the City Hall, at
8 o'clock. Every young IsorotM
player turn out.
The Rangers Football Club held a
meeting and elected W. Symthe leer.-,
tary, and S. Little treasurer. Whoa
the boys come round and ask you to
take a ticket, don't turn them down,
but dig down and help the boys out
and they will give you sport all th*
season round.
What's the matter with lbs Baseball Club.
Radium Suits, 2(ith Century Brand,
the newest ol Summer Suite. Hm the
line atC. B. Hums 4 Co., Ltd. THE MAIL-HERALD. REVELSTOKE, B.C.
Cbe fl&aiMberalb.
Incluling po-mgi- to Kngl.inil. United Stal
and Canada.
Ry the vear [through uosloiiii-i'l    $2.50
Halt      "        - -            1.6(1
Quarter "        "   l."0
Legal notices 10 cents per line lir-t insertion,
5 cents per line each subsequent Insertion.
Measurement- Nonpariel [12 line- niiike one
inch], Store nml general business announcements ?-i.>, per Inch per month.
Preferred positions. -Ji imr cent, ad-
dlth-jil. Uirihs, Marriages uml Doaths,
50o. c-neh in-crlion. All advertisements
-ubject toihe approvalolthomanageinenl.
Wanted ami (.'onilt-iisi-il A,lv,-ili-,-iii, nl-:
Agenis Wanted, Help Wanted, Situations
wanted. Situations Vacant, roaencr.
Wanted. Mechanics Wantod. 10 words or
less 85c., each additional in"- IS cents.
Change- in standing advertisements mus
be ii, ly 9 a. in. Tuesday nml Inday ol
«ch week (o secure goo,l display.
JuB HtlXTIXU prompUyoxeoutedal reasonable rate--.
TKRil-'-i u-h. Snbsonptlons payable in mi:
i.UHKK.ll'UNIIKNCE invin-d  < intn-r- of
public intercsi. Communications lo l-.'U-
lor inusi l,c accompanied by name ol
writer, not necessarily fur publication, i„u
as evidence vi good faith. Correspondence
should be brief.
111-: NT I ST.
Mi K. uj-i.s Avenue.
barristers, solicitors, etc.
Offices:  Imperial Hank Hlock,  Ukvkl-
16TUK1., 11.1'.
Money lo loan.
Olliees: Revelstoke, H. (.'.; I-ml Slc-le, H. (,'.
Geo. s. McCarter,
A. M. 1'INKII.IM. J. A. llAKVKV,
Revelsloke. II. C,        Fort Sleek-, 11. C
J. M. Scoll 1.1..H. W. 1. Hriggs.
Barristers, Solicitous, Etc
Money to Loan
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C
Mining Engineer,
(Mem, American Institute Mining Englncurs)
Canadian Mining Institute.)
Revelstoke, B. 0.
Examination of (tnd reports on Mineral I'm
porties a Specialty,
Agent for Canadian Mel '1 Company, buyer*:
of zinc and a'.lvoMead orea,
Zlno and sUver-lead mines purchae    oropor-
Bled under lease and bond
Financial-Assistance given owners am! 1 pros-
: pector*? to operate and devolop
approved properties.
Gibe nDaiUlbevalb
" I would . . . earnestly ndviso them for
theirgoml to onler tliisiniiiei- tube punctually
-erved up, and to be looked mioii »* u partol
the tea e*Qji1pago.''-.AliDisoN.
We consider the City Council
should this season inaugurate it
sewerage system for the city if
sanitary conditions are to be uiuin
tained. The system will take sonic
years to carry out, uml this year
at least surveys Bhould he made
and the plan decided on. Then it
can be carried out in annual in
BlalmenU. Sewerage Bhould, how
ever, lie provided as soon as possible
to the more congested portions of
the city as McKenzie Ave. am
First Street. The folly of locking
the stable door after the horse has
been stolen is too patent to need repeating. The citizens of Ilevelstoke
cannot blind their eye- t,i tin- (act
that under existing conditions an
outbreak of epidemics n-.-ultiiiL'
from want of sewerage may he ex
perienced at an liine, and that with
serious result.-.
Revelstoke should make an effort
t,, m.pro'.,- ii,,. appearan i the
city by tree planting an i bouh
-carding, If the City Co .1. .. ■>'. 1.. I
provide the regulatl ,i - an I dp
ti.,- s. Ie-walb where necess 11 -. to
allow ihi- to 1,,- done most ,,wi,,-rs
of house property would be gla i tu
take steps lo have their frontage:
sloped off t" iln- -ide-walk-. Bown
in lawn (trass, ninl tin- grass eul.
In order t<, do this it i- absolutely
necessary tlm! tin- grazing oi Btock
Oil tl,'- -treet- be   Btoppcd   uiul   il
has been tin- wanl ,-i stringency in
a matter of thi.- kind thai lm- disgusted people will, the results "f
their efforts in many cases to
beautify their street [rontuges,
One of tin- vilest features of the
San Francisco oatastropho wa- ilm
placing ol the city under martial
l.iw. Thu luisciiiel resulting therefrom so fur exceeded the benefits
that it resulted In Mayor Schmidt
demanding llie withdrawal ol Hon,
Funslon's order.  A bank offlolal
was slmt because lii- rushed into
the hank to save sonic of the properly belonging to his employers,
and men were shot for entering
their own homes and protecting
their own properly. This unbridled
use of fire arms extended to the
civilians. Life is cheap in the
United States anyhow, and most
people think ihey must curry firearms. The next thing they want
to do is to use these weapons in all
times anil seasons to the discredit
of the nation. So it was in Sun
II. (.'. Tihlen, one of the most
prominent members of the general
relief committee, was shot and instantly killed in his automobile by
members of the citizens patrol. Two
others in the automobile were injured,
The murdered man was a prominent commission merchant of the
city, a member of Governor Pardee's staff and was one of the foremost workers in tlie general relief
work. Iio hail tnken his three
children nnil a nurse from ihe
Fourteen Mile House, where they
had been since the earthquake, to
Menlo park, where he has 11 Bummer cottage, llis automobile had
been used us an ambulance in conveying sick and wounded to tlie
hospitals anil was currying the
Red Cross ling prominently displayed on his cur. Besides this he
had the Red Cross insignia on his
right arm,
This is what happened to a lending citizen of Sun Francisco while
performing the noble work of charity and mercy, and that at the
hands of irresponsible men organised lo maintain Bo-called law und
order. Cun we wonder ut the
scenes of riot und bloodshed which
take place in the United States,
when deliberate murder is perpetrated by the authorities, and
life is held so cheaply that murder
is no longer regarded us crime?
The danger to Canada is that this
country is often too ready to imitate
the excesses of her southern neighbor and forget the good old British
muxiom that demands 01 the ci vi 1
police the maintenance 0! law and
order under all conditions, und
avoids the necessity of BO-called
martial law,
President Roosevelt has lowered
himself very much in the eyes of
the Canadian people by his refusal
of the gift of $100,000 from the
Dominion Parliament in aid of tin
sufferers by the Sun Francisco lire.
His conduct in this matter is that
of neither 11 gentleman nor a statesman. We feel sure his action will
he resented by the | pie of California and San Francisco in
particular, When tbe disastrous
lire occurred at Ottawa, our American neighbors, and particularly
the people of California, were
promptly to the rescue. Their
good feelings and contributions
were accepted in the spirit in which
they were made and the American
people were not insulted by a 1.1 unt
refusal of their aid,
The World says ol the emeute
at Rossland between Judge For 11
and .1. A. Maedonald, K, C.
"The other day the judge declined
to hear the barrister in t casi
had no bearing on the buiI ii   the
progress ol which the two fi ,1 oul
Is not this arbitrary and tin 1
fl iblo, ond 1 the pari  ol
judge? I- there no n dress? Will
: - who believes thai his judicial toes have been stepped upon be
allowed to consign his adversary
to everlasting punishment   nun- •
to his marrowl   an 1
falters, 'I am -on--.; lorgivc mn
pleaso?1 Wodo nol like the look
of things ni Rossland, li rominds
one of the duy- when llogbic wn
tho sole judge and against whoso
decisions und rulings tin ro wa ■ no
appeal, Aro we drifting backward?"
To be Held in Revelstoke,
Mr. Williams, secretary ol the Provincial Government Department ol
Game Preservation, is arranging to
hold a hig convention at Revelstoke
at an early date. Tlie convention will
he representative ot the whole province.
At this convention will be considered
amendments to the game laws, protection and preservation of game, slocking of streams with lish, providing
wild lico and other lood lor ducks and
other feathered game, question of gun
license, und other matters,
Yoho Park Encampment.
A meeting of the. committee of the
Alpino Club, having in band tho arrangements for tlie Yoho camp, under
the auspices ot the Alpine Club, was
held at Banff lust week when arrange-
incuts were made for the encampment,
The out-litters at Banff and Field aro
giving every assistance, and Mr.
Itiiulc-Huwker, manager of tlie C. P.
R. hotels, is giving valuable co-operation at Field. The date ol the encampment has been lixed from July
ilth to Kith. Each day will be devoted to mountain climbing, two
parties going out daily. One party
will be in charge of Rev. Dr. Herdman,
and the other in charge ol Mr. Wheeler. Tho outfitters have arranged to
place 50 pack and saddle horses at the
service ot the Club for the event,
whioh will murk a new era of mountaineering in Canada,
Receives a High Compliment.
The Writer of Rod and Gun in the
News Advertiser says:
"I an- glad to hear that the Revelstoke Game Protective Association,
which lias very recently been organised,
is iu a most flourishing oondition. It
has a membership of over two hundred
nnd the committee in charge of affairs
have shown themselves must active,
The citizens ol Revelsloke nnd its
neighborhood seem to fully appreciate
the beiielits ol lieing an organised district nml a very largely signod petition
has been forwarded to the Provincial
Secretary praying that steps be taken
towards this end, with as little delav
us possible. This movement has been
endorsed by the Board ol Trade, and I
have no doubt that in a short time
the necessary steps will have been
taken to prevent Indians and resident
tanners irom legally killing game out
of Benson."
In discussing the Lord's Day Al
imiii-,- Act in the Commons, Duncan
Ross, M. P., presented a request that
hydraulic minion I -:-'- ' allowed to
continue their work -1, Sundays, He
said il ■::.!■ :• rs wen ill wi 11 in al
the week round in tbe pre- ..-
tion ,f rl, - the minei
■. . .. - ■ Personal!) e did nol
li     ■ ; thi
. ■
imelten t he kepi
: •    ■ 1- ■   :     -•,
. ind istr;   I Britisl ; - - iml is
1 1,    ....-,    [n tl
countr;   1 fim .
1.      -■-  ire '     :
surface and traceal      -     - -
- - --■ --:
-   .. -.   j     e Montreal
'1 ported from Cobalt    l, n
leqtience the llrsl I      easoi
101 to thi -
• i 1   .
1 |,i   ml unlil-. --ii H"' edge   I  the
-   . sn  miles  from l'< ni
iln- inrush   ii   , -   '- tti
l.iiinliiii Mail.
Goorgo Goldsmith ia oxpootod hack
from tho east with capitalists who
propose investing iu Ilu Seoul group,
English oupitiiliiis will start load
oorrodlng works nt Halifax, N. S.
. *.
All kinds ol sporting goods nl, IV.
Smyl he's,
Ploasos every smokor lho " M.ircu
Vuoltu," I
The Money Saving
Work Saving Soap
I hat's Royal Cro - I
...nli in '-. incouvor— Largest
Soap I- ,- -■   -I U linn
p,-g. II,,use cleaning snd
cashing aro ens;, 11 ith its help,
And tho money laving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we glvo inr
Royal Crown Wrappers Send
|,,r It—Freo—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Tbe following changes nre taking
place in the C. P. K. stuff:—J. Scad-
(linn, agent at Kelowna, has resigned
and will be suoceeded by G. Clarke, ol
Kevelstoke. Gordon Sutherland is
being promoted from the despatched
olliee here to Calgary, and will he
succeeded liy J. Loughlin, A. E. Hugger has resigned us iiccounlant, and
llis position is lieing taken hy S. G.
Bobbins, who has had charge of the
Stores Department.
The summer tracks on the C. P. P..
line through the mountains were
opened for trallic tliis week.
It is understood the C. P. R. have
definitely decided to build the connecting link between Midway and
The Arnott Method is the
only logical method for tlie cure
of Stammering. It treats the
CAUSE, not merely the HABIT,
and insures natural speech. Pamphlet, particulars and references
sent on request.   Address
The Arnott Institute,
Berlin, Ont., Canada.
Will sell Carrots at $1 ; Parsnips 111
.111.20 ; Turnips nt 75c, free on cars at
L. E. Griffiths, Malakwa, B. C
(Crown Cranted)
Tlie following blocks of land situate
on Galena Bav, Upper Arrow Cake,
are for sale by the undersigned :
Lot 773 31)5 acres
"   2445 210  "
"   2446 41   "
For further particulars apply to
J. V. Armstrong,
Box 776, Vancouver, B. 0,
To Contractors and Builders
of Revelstoke.
Thai the Contract with Local Union
No, 1(114, expires nn the first day of
June. The local union of Carpentevs
and Joiners will commence mi the Int.
day of June, HXH1, for 45 cents an hour,
and present union tiuio of nine hours
a day. All c trpenlers wishing to join
this local branch of thi- uniun should
apply to Hie Financial Secretary,
First Street.
yOTKT. IS HKBKBY GIVEN that thirty
i.1 days after dato we Iutond in imply to Lho
Cmof Commissioner ot Lauds nud Works for n
special liconso to cui and carry away timbor
from tho following described lands:—
1. Commencing at a jKi-dt planted about two
mlloswost frum Bannock Poluton OpporArrow Lake and markod "H. II. L. Go's southeast
cornor post," tlionco north 80 chains, tlionco
we-t 80chains, thence south -SOclmins, thonco
.):i-t SO chains i<i poinl nf commeucomoat,
2. Commencing nt a post planted about
throe miles wost from BaunooKpotutonDn-
imr Arrow Lako and mari.oil "ILUL. Cu's
loutheast corner post," thonco north SO ohains
thence west SO chains, thenoe south 80 ohains,
■ -■ oasl 80 chains to point of oommonoo*
Vpr  iith.iocm
VTOTICE  i-   hereby  glvou   lhat   80   days
li itend '■•■ apply tothe Honor-
nml isioner of Lands mid
pedal license to cut and carry
-"- from  ii,'*  following described
Wesl Kootopay District:
On marked "li. Blyth and
.iii.'r post,   plantod
LhnH i Creek and about
■■!   thence wesl i<
■ "in■ thei ftfll   IM
-   ■ ii- to poinl nf com
'   I'.   KIRK.
■ ■    ■
ynil' I iim
■    ■
1     ■  iln i Nluml'
f tin
i,   .',
lliei ■■■*
\i \H|' ,1        I     I
r.'   t    |    ii-
Nl     -
1 ..... I
'    ■    I '     ",i
'    '
i ■■■•     \   Mi I'liikhiini 1
.,      ..
'      I   I'l.SKMWI
-    -     ■   tgmii
y ii'i i* i . i.    ftei
,\ i
i '    .
it tit* Mil
' '       I M'.'ll.,)
' '
[| K -i"- north of
■        - :
,- Itll  Vi   ■ ll UN-    till  i '        *       '    '
■I. ■' nmmemoroonl
I     '    '••>:
W   K OOfl ' fl
on llili
n in pm
Nl,|   |l     I.     |         I, ■■■,-,,',      .'I"'   :,     'I,   l|     I,-'          ll,         ll',   -
ilritfl I ■"'■" ■     ',■ ■        'I'-' '""" nix
-,.,   i i.u,,i- nd -■■ .,!' ■ foi porni
I , a tin  I ■ I lands    i
i, Mi,iii rivor North yVomI Km I
i'muni,.-,, || ., i| , pn     ■   i  ,.
,\   iitul If    i'.iil'.-ii |   In.'      thi -ii   two   iml   i li ill
in iiim norlli of Irrowlwad,  rkfld 'A Mm nn
nut]   i-i  ' 'i pn I.," Mu-  (iiniii lin I	
Miiijini caul   i" cfialn , Mini loutli n rhninn.
||||i ■ i  IO , It mn li, pliLl'l' nl  com 'I' niDOIll
int.,i -.liircli Iflbh, IlKHI
A   lOlfNNON,
pn IV F Oflllvlti tgunl
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery of parcels, baggage,
etc., to any part of the City.
Any Rind of Transferring
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tea sorvlctw IFIuwcr I'oUi
I'liiivs Unitimllii stiimlH
Uiislii-ls Lunch 1 lii.-.ki-lK
('mm l.'h.iirs SmoklliK JnekclM
Il.'iiiilkiiri-liii'fs Bilk (IuikIs.
I'i iii-sl si ,,,-li ol ciuulltiH ami f in il s in town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Rovelstoke, B, C.
in ll,l,lli-l]„ws' Hall al 8
o'clock Viiititig Kniiiliis arc
cordially oivltcil.
E. W, 11. PAGET, CO.
Q. H. HUOl'K, K. ol It. A S.'
H. A. IIHOWN. M. ol F.
days aftor dato I intond to ripply to tho
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds aud Works
for permission to purchase the following described lauds, situnto in tho Kovolstoko Division
of Wost Koutonay District;—
Commonolng at a post plantod on tho en.-4
bark of tho Columbia Rivor, about ono-liair
mllo north of tho mouth of Carnes Crook, and
marked "C.J.R's South Wost Cornor Posl,"
thonco oartt-tiOchains; thonco north Nil chiiin*-,;
thoin o wost t!0 chains, bo tho same moro or loss,
to th) oast bank of the Columbia Rivor; thonco
following the moanderlugs of the Columbia
River in a Southerly direction to tho point of
rummoncoiiioiit, containing -180 acres moro or
Dntod this twenty-ninth day of March, A.D.,
Ap.4 2m. C.J. RUMENS.
Certificate of Improvements.
Golden Eagle Mineral Claim, situate in the Arrow Uko Mining Division of Kootenay District,
Where located:—Adjoining Mineral City Town*
TAKK NOTICK that I, Kemioth L, Bumet,
agent for Mrs. Bllen MoDougald, of Nakusp,
Krce Miner's Certificate No. II96200, Intend, sixty
days from tno date hereof, to apply to tho Mining
Recorder for a Cortiflcate of Improvements, for
thupirpDse of obtaining a Crown (liantnf the
abovo claim.
And further tako notice that action, under sou-
tiiiii 87, must ho commenced before tlio Issuance of
such Certificate of Improvements.
Datod this 20th day of April, 1906,
Notice is hereby given that thirty days afler
(Intel intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a speoial liconso
to out and carrv away timber from the following described hinds, situate in the Osoyooa
Division of Yule Dlstriol:-
1. Commencing at a post planted on the
west hunk of the north fork of Cherry Crook,
nboul eight miles up the creek, running east
100 chains, north -HO ohnlns, west 0(1 chains,
south 40 chains, west Id chains, south 40 chains
to point of commencement.
March fflth, ltKKi.
2. Commencing utn post about one.t)nailer
of u mile from tbe west bunk of the north fork
of Cherry ('reck and about nine mliesuplbc
ereek, running east 80 chains, north M) chaius,
west 80 ohains, soul h 80 chains to point of commencement.
March 20th, 1906,
'A. Commencing nt n post nbout one-half
mile from tho enst bunk of tho north fork of
Cherry creek and ubout ten miles up tho creek,
running north 80 chains, west 80 chains, south
80 chains, cast 80 chains to point of commencement.
Maroh DUth. 1-900.
1. Commencing at a post about one-half
mile from lho north hank of the north fork of
Cherry Crook and about twelve milos ap ihe
ereek, running onit 10" chain-, south 40 chains,
west 100 chains, north 40 chains lo point, of
March .'Kith, l!HW.
.> Commonolng at a post about unuhalf
mile from tho north bunk of the north fork of
Cliorry Crook and about twelve miles up the
oreek, running east bin chains, north 40 chains,
wost 1IKI ehains, south 10 chains to point or
Mnrch 80th, 1900,
il. Commonolng at a post about one-half
mile from south bank of north fork of Cliorry
Creek and about fourteen miles up tho crook,
north 80 chaius, cast 80 chains, south 80 chains,
west 80 chains lo point of commencement.
Mai eh'Kith, IIMNI.
;. (lommonclng at a post about ono-quflrtor
of a inih< from tlie oonfluonco of the south fork
of (lie north fork and the north fork of cherry
(Irook and on t hn south bunk of suid south fork
of the north fork, running south SI rhnius, east
B0 chain*, north v|( ehains, west so chains to
poinl ofloiiiineiicomont.
Mai :h:mth. 1000, •
N'OTICE is lioroby given that thirty days
iiitnr dato I lutona lo apply to tho Chief
Commissioner of Lands and WorkH for speoial
IIobiihq tn nil uimI nirry nwuy linilmr from tho
following doscribod  land-   situated hi North
Un i k may illntrlct, B.C.!
i   Commonolng nt a post plnntod ono miln
Wesl (nun tho lOOt Ol Kilihlisltnt l.iitii and
iboul Hclinlii uiiilli of thn Cnliiiiiliiii Itivnr
mid marked "I1,   McIIohim soutli mi si rumor,"
Lhm wnt so cl,,ni.-. thonOO nnrlh &0 ohulllK,
thenco east 80 chaliif, thonofl ifiuth B0 chains to
poinl of oommonoorrent
 id thl Utn day of Maroh, 1900,
-    ' O nolug   .ll   II   plist   JiIiiIiIimI   nil llm
■■i'i     Idfl nl   tho   I "I bill   Ilivor, nlicitil gti
■iii!" from tha fool of Kliihasltot Lnko ninl
markod    K   Mo Bonn1    bouUi nasi, rumor,"
tlisnc nil iqo clinlii . thoncowoil lOohnliis,
i "i ii itto oliiilni, thouoe onil lOannfiii
to the iiniii of oiimmonoomont
Datod Lh  22ud ilny of Mnroli, 1900,
I Commonoiug nl a posl plnittod about S ol
i. mllo north-nf 'he Columbia Itlvoraboul '■'.
mile from (ho foul of Kinhnskei Luke nnd
markod "K. MoBmiu outh wost corner,
i .•■!■ in.ni, SO chain   thnnco sail welinlns,
heiicn fiiHh wi riuiiii , ih.men wosl B0ohains in
(mill! of domtnom ont.
i  , . ■    "i,i .i.iy..f Maroh, 1000
PI  MellKAN-l
i   ' "i nelng -ii .< I"' i plantod mi lho
norll , loof the I itlumidn Ilivor, Ju-i nltovo
the mouth ol ' ummlns Crooki ninl innrkoil "K
m 111 north "-I i oornor, tlionco Miuth wi
phnln   liionco west wt elm in-, llionoo north wi
' li-  thonco OU I  Wl Chains tO |mlnl of nun-
 11 '■"■'"' I
Dutfl i ii,   lllth dnj "i Maroh, 1900,
, (ommonolnu nt a wist nlnutod on (he
north   Ido of Km Cplumbln Ilivor ihonl I1.
- ik lo ■-' tho mouth nf < oinml'H Crunk, noil
(irked "K. Mcllonns north east cornor,"
..((-nro iiiiiii 80 chains,thouao™lB0elinlns,
lliOliCfl north Wclmltll, thonco ninl HO ollttlm to
il» isilnl nf-' noneempnl
hut."Illn   l'ill,diiyc.fMari'li.ll«»i
I'lniiHim ovory -Smokor tho " Maroa
Kootenay Lodffe No. 15 A.F.& A.M.
Tho regular meet-
itiK- are held in the
Masonic Toniple,
jdd Fellows Hall.on
the third Monday In
each month at I
p.m, Visiting broth
run cordially wul
0. A. 1'HOCUNIKIt, SROHKTAny,    C3
SELKIRK LODGE, NO 12,1. 0. 0. F,
Meets ovoryThurnda<'
evening InOdd Follows
Hull at 8 o'clock
Visiting, brethren cor
^^^^^^^ diallv "-ivItiKl tfl at
I luivi1 started it permanont Wuud
Viiril mi Third street. With mv past
experience I hope In ho in 11 position
lu autisfy nil requirements of customers, Dry ciii'ilwiiiul kept, in ntui-k nnil
supplied in any IimikIIis nl reduced
prices fnr ciish.
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders for Beef nnd Mutton,
Poultry, Fish nnd snnill goods
will receive prompt attention,
Something Pure
if you arc looking for l'uro
Honey we lmvo just opened up
ii consignment, of   Ontario
in 1 Hi. linxos, or in 5 lb. enns
"Guaranteed Pure."
Our Canned Goods nre second
to none, nnd moro tlinn thnt
we "Guarantee every Can."
Radish, Lettuce, Rhubarb. Etc.
Supply of Gold Fish on hand.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Oomplfltor Minora! Claim.
Hituiili' ill III,, Arrow l.itki, .Minim: llivi-inn of
Wnst Kootenny lilstrirt.
Wlii-tv Im-iiti'il: Nt'iir.llm Ni'i-illrs „n tin- Loner
Arrow l.atcu,
Tftko liotlco liun 1, Kenneth 1,. Unmet, uncut
I.-i- ,\nnil- Kflllllior (Ailiiiinlstnitrix (,-r U„- ,-sini,-
of 1'. II. Ki'llllier iloceoieil), Sitccinl Freo Mliier'e
I'nrtllli-iiti, No. CS75 Inti'liil, sixty iliiye from llm
iliitu linrnof, to iijijily to thn MiniiiK Iti'i-onler for
,i Ci'rUfli'iile ot improvoinontl, for tin- piirpimii of
olitnlllillK ii I'r,,ii ii I liuni of thn ulmve llluitll.
Anil fnrtllel tllko notice tlintiu-tloi], nliilnr See
lion BT, must lie ootuniencoil liuforn tin, Issuance
,,(sm-li Cortiflcate of lin|,i,,vu,minis.
Dntdll tills Flftuontll ilny of Keliriiary, 1UOS,
MANUMOTimto nv
Kurtz's PionoerCigar Factory
MH, Cordova SI., W,
Do You Tm your ?'!"
Hi!HA i.n regularly
mul "on timo?" If nut, kindly
notify tlm odloe ut unco, Hillmr
'Phono 18 or by poHtul.
Nurseries, Oroonhouses & Seed Houses
HKKIiS. Ni-w ,-i'ii|i nuw Iii slunk nml nn toil
in nm- Ki'i-i-iiliuiisns. Ask voiii- in.-i.-l.iLnl for
I hulli ill si-i.IikI llankllKils. If lm ilom not llllllilti-
I Ill-ill Wl, Will lllllll    ,,l  IISHIII'll'll.    .'»'  |„„'k,'ls  uf
M-MiiMi nml lluiu-r sl'nih lour mu ii-lciillun,
sniiiililoloi'll. I', uiiriliiiis) for (nm.  S|»,|-iiil
[nn   ui, yulll' lilllk Slll-ll',.
MENTAL TIII'iKH now roiiilj,   for   i|iiIiik
Kiln, im, stunk uf I wn an.l Ihi'i-n yenr A milo
Tim. nl I'JII.IIO |,nr llll, IINi.iii |ior I.Kll; Muy
iuhii I'luini, llii.i (Mill Itallmi Prune, ttvo-
your, lino, KWii per I'll; Hniuir Prune, Iwo-
yoar, Him, 1*1.1111 or inn.
Full I.' uf ul Inn- slork nl n-Kulnr |irlons. No
oxponso. In- nr ilcliiy of fuiuiuiiiion or
\?\  prlco yuur llll iiiifui-e |iliu:lni| yuiii-
(Ir Iiu I'lioiK Fl,ir Willi, BOO 8U|ipllol,
Kriili I'ni'kiiK''.. Ki-iiill/.m-., i-l,,,
1010, MiTMNSHH mill), VANCOtVF.K, II, C.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought,
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Richard R. Copeland
Mantles, Shelving, oSim-in Doors, etc
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
Third Street East,
Halcyon Hot Springs
Undi'i' Ihi' new iniiiiiigi>mi'iiL|of
Harry MoIntosh, lloirman House
J. cyon ate the mosl curative in the
world. A perfect, naliiinl i-i'iiiody for
all Ncivous und Musculai' (lisciiHen,
Liver, Kidney und Slomnuli ailinents
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rales on all hunts ami trains, Two
mails airive nml dt-pail every day.
Telegni h communication with all
limits of the world.
TuiiMS-$ia to $18 per week.   For
further particulars apply lo
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotv Lake, B. C
Mrs. 11. ,1, Hn.ihury.. Manngress.
First-Class Table.|
Private Dining Boxes.
Ijiirno Dtnlngroom fur
lt!iiii|uel.s,l.Sli]i|Jorsl oto.
Furnished Rooms To Let.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Puttcock Mineral Claim, sittuilo in tlm Kevel-
stuko Minim,' Divisiim of West Kootenay
District :-
Whero locatod;--Al   taiidanl Husin, lu tho
Uiu llninl.
TAKE NOTICK thut 1, It, Smith, Free
Minor's Cortillcato No. II W>'1',\, acting aB iiffont
Tor C. J. Rumens, Free Miner's Cortillcato No.
1188480] O. Ei Robinson. Freo Miner's Cortlfloato No, B88555 and Win. M. SaxUm's Freo
Minor's Coriillcnto No. It 80185, iutond sixty
days from dutohoroof Lo apply to tho Mining
Recorder for a Cortiilcuto Of ImprovomODta for
tho purpose of ohtainiiiK a Crown lirunl of the
abovo claim,
Anil further, tako nutlcu, that notion under
Suction :f>. must bu coinmoiiced boforo tho
iBsdauceof such Cortlfloato of Improvemouts.
Datod this Soooud duy of April, A.D., 1000.
Ap,4-2m It. SMITH.
Certificate of Improvements.
......    ...jwuj'   mini i,       n.   Pinllll,    r TOU
ioC-4 Cortillcato No. I) 88fj,2'), acting ny aiieut
the I'riiii'n Minlim and Duvelupmont Com.
iy, Limited Liability; Free Miner's Corlitl-
i, v.. ii Mam**,  i-i i -'-*-- ■      •
Martha Jauu Fraction and   Mlnto Mineral
Claim.-, situnto in lho Kovolstoko Mining
Division of Wost Kootenay District.
Where locatod :-At Standard  Basin,   Iliir
T4KE  NOTICE that 1,    R. Smith,  Free
Minor's ""-""--1- "- •"■	
imny, „ MW«.«„„, i-nju iuin....	
cati! No. RK848*), iiilond si ity days from dato
hu roof to apply to Ihu Mining Recorder for
Oortlfloatoa of Improvement for tho purpose
of (ibtainiiiK Crown Ur.inls of the iibovo
And further, take notico, lhat action under
Suction ;if, must bo ciitnmeucod boforo the
issuance of such Curtillcutos of Improvementi;.
DHletl this Second day of April, A. D„ 1006.
Ap.4-2m. R.SMITH.
after date 1 intend to apply to the Hon. Chlof
('ommissiouor of Lauds and Works for a special
licuuso to cut aud carry away timbor from the
following described lands, situnto nt or near
tho Standard Husin, Revelstoke district.
Commencing at a post plantod about'! milos
north of Standard Mine, and marked "C.J.
R's 8outh-Wost ('oritur I'osl"; thonco north 1HO
chains; thnnco enst 40 clmiiis; thonco south
liHIchnius; thonco wost 40chains to the plico
of oommenoomunt.
Doted tho Second day or April A,D., 1000.
Ap, 42-m, C.J. RUMENS.
NOTICK In hereby given that nn iliiys lifter date
wo liili'iid tn apply tn llm Hon. The I'hmf
riiiiiinis..ii r nf 1,,'tmis ami Wnrku for a Kpeclnl
htceilHO to out ami carry nwav tlinhor from the
followingdo8crlbod landi in w*-ci Kootenay Dis-
I. CoilllllOllctllg at a UOKt planlod IX) rhnius
nmlh from the smith wimt d'hiorof lot No. 014ft
and markod "A. U, Co's. N. W, ninior inmt,"
thoilCO soulli 80 rhnlm-t, hu i'IiuIiih cast, HOcIiiiIiih
imrlh, K0 I'liiLiiis west In pninl of nuntn-iuii'omiuit.
Diiti'dllilHii'lrd day ul April, 1900,
1 ('nmmi'iirlng at a post planted uui-hainn
i.-.-nii fi',,11, tin. '-.null woflt enrnorof lot Nu,our*
iiml ininlii'il "A. I,. Co's, HniitliwoHl I'liinoi punt,"
Hint Wii'hain-.   Mi, Ml I'lmlllH r.'isl.Mi rbaiiin
Niint li. su ih,i ins wohI to point of (-nmmi'iit'cmmil.
D.ilnl Hli- '.Mul da> of ApiiUliHn,.
AltltDWllKAH LUMfiBtt 00., UMll'BDi
•nd CopyrlghU
obtained In nil count Huh.
I obtained In idi ui
Registered Patent Attorney
Monliiinliiiil Allinii,,) anil KuKlnoer,
Room 3, Knlrllolilllllook, (Imiii-llluit,, nenr I'.O
A iioniennl will nooiu-o an overling appoint)
menl fur ..iiiisi, wliu uiiiiiiiil.i'iill rlnrlnd l.nn day
1 ll HOTEL
Arrowhead, B. C.
('hui'iiilngly niliiiiloil on Ihu hIi.u'i-h
of Arrow Liikc,
(loud Trout FlHhlng,     i
Bouts always for hli-i-,
Naniple Itiiiuim In coiuiciitlon.
Fli-sl-iiliitiH hoiiHii for Tom Ists und
Ciiiiiiiii'ii-iiil men,
W. J. Lightburne, Proprietor THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
ISpecinl lu the Maii.-IIkrai.d.I
Ottawa, April 23,—Everything is
lively again on Parliament Hill nnd
the Commons, alter its little holiday,
is going ahead with an air ol business
that augurs well lor prorogation within a reasonable period.
HON. IV. B. r'lfil.WNd,
Minister ot Finance, is in his place
once more. He enme into the House
on crutches on Tuesday and was
warmly welcomed hy both friend and
foe. The budget will be along now in
a week or ten dnys, the last day for
private bills is passed, late sessions are
becoming more frequent and alrcudy
tho government is beginning to take
private members days lor government
business, all ol which are indications
that the session is working its course
with rcasiinnble speed
The capital lias been living in un
atmosphere ol royalty thia past week.
Not only has young Prince Arthur ol
Connaught been a sojourner in her
inidBt and apparently having a jolly-
good time, but tlie House hns, by
unanimous and enthusiastic vote,
adopted .an address to the King ex
tending u mest cordial
and Queen Alexandria, on beluill ol
the nation, to visit the Dominion at
Borne time in the near future. In
view of the extreme cordiality with
which the proposal was taken up ou
all hnnds, Liberal and Conservative,
English and French, East and West,
it is not the most unlikely thing in
the world that the invitation may be
accepted aud this, the greatest ol
Britain's vast possessions beyond the
seas, given an opportunity of demonstrating her affection and fealty to the
person and crown ot her sovereign.
The debate on the above matter,
introduced by Hon, ex-Speaker llel-
court. was not the only subject ot interest during the week. Hon. H. 11.
has been under consideration but the
part which is perhaps of most interest
—that dealing with control ol the
telephone— line not yet been reached.
which has befallen San Francisco by
earthquake and lire, with the added
horror ol famine now threatening, has
been the all-absorbing topic of the
week, and of necessity the echo thereof
has penetrated the walls of parlia ent,
With characteristic promptness and
true Canadian generosity, the Government has proposed, anil the Opposition
with equal emphasis has endorsed,
the proposal, that a vote J $100,01)0
be made towards the relief of tho
stricken country. Tlie routine ot
business must be observed to some
extent of course even in such matters
and the resolution has been referred
to a committee but the feeling of sympathy is unanimous and never has
national aid to a sister nation in
trouble and sorrow been more spontaneously tendered.
The City ol Ottawa too will do her
share. She ha« not forgotten that
San Francisco was ono of the cities
that generously uame to her aid six
years ago when 15,000 of her peoplo
were rendered homeless by devastating
Haines, and the opportunity to return
lhat good office will not bo neglected.
TIk' action ol Post Master General
Ayleswortli in continuing to practice
his profession in tho courts alter liii
acceptance ot cabinet office has onco
more been undor criticism. Opposition mem tiers seem to he so deeply
concerned in this matter that thoy
cannot wait tho discussion ul the legislation which the Minister ol .lustice
lias proposed, which will dual with
and rectily this very difficulty iu all
similar cases.
Another matter which will not
down is that popularly known ns
"the SALARY (HtAli."
Members fully realize now that tho
increases they grunted themselves
last siisriiiui uro not popular on the
sidelines, anil an astonishing nunilioi,
especially on Mr, Speaker's luft, uro
busy llguriiigniit how they can square
themselves with thoir constituents
without letting the money itself slip
out of thoir lingers. The move is a
littlo too transparent, anil Mr. Hor-
.ilfii suggested to his friends, when thu
Hiilf'cl. last came up, that It would lie
hotter to wait tlie consideration of the
-bill already introduced, which pro-
|i,,N#t.ii ileal with tho mutter. W. I-.
Maaloau, Hinitli York, took the iniln-
■ livo at tho beginning ol the session,
II ih bona liiles were quustiouod in this
column at the time. It ia su&pected
in other quarters now, lor although
numerous opportunities lmvo been
given him, he has gone no further
with his virtuous and indignant protest,
llie government hud
of it yesterday when the transactions
and contracts in which the Nortli
Atlantic Trading Co. wus concerned
were under consideration, This company, ol which the component parts
are mysteriously unknown, has an
agreement extending over some ten
years under which a bonus of $6 per
head is being paid on all emigrants
brought in from various European
countries. Under this arrangemut
hundreds of thousands ol dollars have
passed fnnn the Dominion treasury,
nnd the Opposition claims that the
transaction is fraudulent and detrimental to tlie country, and had been
engineered for the personal bonelit
alone of the lute Minister of the Interior and certain of his favored sub-
Mr. Foster was more than usually
culling in his denunciation, he was
merciless ns he, of all men in the
House, knows how to be, and his
Iriends grew wild with enthusiasm
and excitement. It was clear that
the Government was uncomfortable
under the castigation and that there
was at least something substantial in
the olt-reiternted criticisms ol the
vitriol-toinueil member for North
The Minister of the Interior met
the attack with a cool, well-considered
explanation; but frankly admitted
that the arrangement had not proved
so satisfactory to the country as bad
been expected, and that when this
became apparent, the company had
been promptly notified that the contract would be cancelled. This took
much of the wind out of the sails ol
he Conservative orators.
able—(A) at least tour-fill lis of a qu.irl,
or (li) two-llfths ui a quart,
This will allow those having berry
boxes nn hand, or wh i may be importing berries iu boxes, which do uot
comply with the above regulations to
dispose of same by simply marking
them "slim t," but I strongly recommend thai no more illegal boxes, or
baskets, be purchasi il or manufactured.
The justice and convenience i f having
uniform standard packages must
appeal t,, all (air minded persons and
no undue hardship will be imposed on
those who endeavor to get into lino
as quickly as possible. I ahull continue to exercise the same discreet
moderation a- lias characterized my
official work in the past, but there
must be steady progress toward full
compliance with nil the fruit regulations in order to insure the fullest
measure ,,f harmony between growers,
dealers, consumers and inspectors.
The largest nud most complete stock
i Single Harm ss in the province,
ranging in price Irom $13.50, $lsj.ll0
$10,50 ijUtj.ui) per sen uml upwards,
Also Team Harness from $28.00 $30.00.
$32,011, $36,00, $3*3,00 ninl up, Complete per set.—D. C. McLaren, the
Saddler of Kamloops,
The East Wants B. C. Lumber
Ivan D. Smith, of Montreal, says
since January 8th he has been going
from pillar lo post all over the province trying to place orders lor lumber
to be shipped East, but the mills cannot handle them, lle is prepared to
negotiate for several million leet but
cannot obtain delivery. The firm he
represents requires an enormous
amount of lumber lor railroad and
dock construction and has been forced
to look to British Columbia lor all the
large sizes,
Mr. Smith said:—"There is room
today for a lot more mills in this province. Tlie Eastern market continually requires large dimension lumber
and for anything over 8x12 we havi
to look to British Columbia or tlie
yellow pine districts ol the Mississippi. But your timber is preferred, and
I wish I could place the orders 1 have
on hand for lumber ol this description.
There is a large amount ol railroad
construction going on in the East,
with much moro coming in tlie near
future, aud practically all the large
timbers for bridges, trestles and docks
will have to bo obtained from the
Pacific (,'iiast, Although much handicapped by freight rates of $22.40 per
thousand on tiin'-er costing $11 or $12
tho market is open for 11. 0, mlllmen
and I see no possible reason why tlio
present prosperity ol thc lumber industry should not continue fur many
years to como. I have been talking
with many of your lumbermen, almost
begging them to take orders lor 10 or
15 carload lots, hut they nearly all
roluse, saying, 'We could Iill the order
all right, hut someone else would huvo
to wait.'"
MINION   IjAjNJJS   within   this
jl LiiJb.NSh lu out umber can be ac-
HUlred  uniy  at  pui.lic  compeuuoif,    a
lolllul ul .1, pul' sliuale lillle la caul ten
iui- all umber bertlis eycept itis-sn suu-
.ileri west ul ink- lur winuii tlie mala. Is
.,i ine i.ue ut ii cilia pei- acre per annum.
In uUillliull lu llie lental, dues ul tbe
tu.iuwuiij rales are uliargedi-
(-.uwn luumer, lie ceius per thousand
ieet li.il.
llatiway lies, elijlit and nine feet lung,
1 1-: aim 1 3-1 ceuls eacli.
.....utile Ou,ls, ill, eelils a curd.
jla other jjiouueis, i, per sent un llie
dales. ,
,V llconse is issued su suun aa a uetlli
,a ti.uu*a, uui iu surveyed tc.rnurj- uu
ilinuer can lie eul uu u uerlli unlil llie
licensee nas niuue a Burvey iliertul.
penults lu eul llintiet- are uiau ui-unluU
ut public competition, exeunt in tne case
ul .aiuiil selliel-s, Wliu l.-ijuiie llie tllll-
,.. .     ,1.1,1 uwu uae.
Seiners and uiln-ia may also uUium
pel-mils iu uui up tu lwi curds ul wuud lor
sine   ivitliuul   cullipelltluu.
llie dues pujuuic under u permit uie
(IM per liiuuaund leel U..U., lui Sliuule
iiiuuei- and sawlogs ul any wuud e..-
eepl uak| llulii 1-2 lu 1 1-2 ci-llls per lllltl-il
luul lur uuiidlluj leys; Hum 1- 1-2 lu -j
cenls per euid iur wuud; 1 cent lur lence
posts; 3 cents tor railway lies; ami „e
cents pei- curd lui- slungle bolts.
Leases tor grazing purposes are is.sum
iui- a lean ul iweuiy-une years, ui a
rental of iwu ceula per acre pel- annul,,.
Coal lullds may be purchased ul HU
per acre fur suit euul and 01 lur allllna-
clio Mul mule llian Wl awes may ue
acuulrt'd uy uiie individual or company.
Huyallj ul Uie rule ut le cenls per lu"
ui .ia'u pounds la collected un llie b"'u-.-
Entries tor laud fur agricultural purposes may be made peisuilully al Uie iu-
eul laud ulliee lur llie dislricl 111 Which
llie land lu be laSell up is situated, Ul
il llie liuiiiesieader desires, lie mu), oil
upnllcaUon lu the Minister ul tlie interim
ui utiawu, Uie Commissioner ui imimgra-
tioii ui Winnipeg, ur tlie loci agent. foi
llie Ulauici, wiiliin wlucii llie land la
situated, receive authority lor sume one
lo make entry for him.
A lee of IW Is charged fur homestead
A settler who has received an eulry foi
a iiomesiead, is required lu perform Uie
eunditluns cuuiieeled therewith under ono
uf the following pluns:-
(1) Al least six munllis residence upun
and culiivutluii uf llie laud in euch year
during llie lerm ul lliree years.
ll la llie practice ul the Depurimeni tu
require a acitlei tu bring li, acres under
culiivaiiuii, bul il he prefers he may auu-
StltutO aluek; uud 111 heud ul eallle, lu i„:
actually bis uwu property, With buildings
lur llieir uceuuiiiiuduilun, wili be requu, u
Instead of culiivaiiuii.
l.i 11 tlie lalber tur mother, If the father la deceased) ui any person who is
eligible lu make- a liumestead entry undel
the provisions of the Act, resides upon
a ianu lu ihe vicinity of the lund entered for hy such person as a Iiomesiead,
tlie requirements uf ihe Aci as tu residence priur tu ublulnlng paleiu may lie
satialicd by such persuu residing wiUi tin-
lailicr or inuther.
13) if Uie settler has his perniuueiii
residence upun fanning land owned by
him In the vicinity of his humesiead, the
reouiienienis ui ihe Ai-i as lo residence
may be sallslled by residence upon tho
said land.
Application for patent should bo medial Uiu end uf three jeers before the loom
agent, sub-agent ur a homestead inspector.
IJefore making nppllciilion fur a pulent,
tlie settler must give six months' noiii-c
in writing to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands al Ottawa, of his Inlen-
tion lo do so,
Deputy Mlnlsler of the Interior.
Ottawa. Pebruray lltli. 1905.
\T(ITl(:K Is hereby given thai slut) days lifter
l\ ilatol Intend to applj' t„ tlio lion. I'lii.-I
Cmuiilisaloiier o( i.nmls nnd \V,„1:* f,,i |,.-rinissi,,n
to iiiireliaso the folloiiinti ,lo.sorllii-,l lands I'm
past,,nil |,in-|m. s. siliiie lieinn situated nenr
(iiilnia liuv. adjoining Lets mi;,. 7„ii ami 733,
described aa follows:
Coininencills al llio soutli-eosl i-oruer ul I,.,I
2145, llienee nortli I tli-nut corner „f I.ol
2M5, tlience eiisHOcliiiins, then -ei smith SO chains
to Lot 7,.il, tlionco ni-.si 111 chains tn pnlnl ,,f
■r. i.rnii.iTE.
February 2(1, I00U. 112 up 2s
i\ days after dale wo Intond to apply loth:
Chief (lommlsslouor of Landa und Works for i.
special licenso to out nnd carry awayllmhoi
from the following described lands in Wc.-i
Kootenay Dlatriot;—
I. Gammaiiolnsata posl planted about ono
mllo nnrtli from the norlh-wi-sl oot'lioi of K. &
3. Block, SflO, and marked "Hfo Bond Lumbor
Company's eoutlvoabt cornor post," thonco
north 80chatasi thenco west SOohnlnsj Ihenco
south-SO chains; thonco easl 80 ohains topolul
of commencement •
■-', Commencing al n posl planted aboul one
mill.'north from Hie norlli-wc.-i cornor of K.
& s. Blook 800, uml markod "Big Bond Lumber
Company's north-cast corpor posl," thenco
wost 80 oJirIiib; thenco south 80 uIiiiIub; tlionco
i'ii-i B0 chains; thenco north SO chains to point
Ilaloil April I7lli, 1000.
tul8     Uui Bund Lumhkk Uompanv, Ltd.
j   dny-i after date II ml lo apply to lln'
i'Iiiii Cominiyniyiuir of Lands and Works for fl
Hpechvl liceii-oitouiil mul carry away timbor
from the following doscribed lands:—
1. Cominonchiu at n posl ubout 17 chains
north and nboul v. milos from ih" mouth of SI
Loon creuk. innrkod "II. (i. Rubblns' norlli
west cornor''thonco south 100 chains, thonco
oust '10 chains, tlionco north WO chains, Ihonce
west lOclinlus to point of commoncomont.
2. Commencing al a post about 50 chains
mirth and 7 miles fnnn month of St.. Leon
crook, marked "II- '■• Robblns1 north wosl ror
nor," thonco south sn chains, enstl-JGchnius,
thonce north 80chulus, thoneo wost 80 chains tc
point of commoncomont.
8. Commencing at n post about 15 chains
south anil ii milos fmni month nf St. Loon
crook, thonco west 80 chaius, thonco north »i
ohains, thonco nasi Hi) chains, theuco south 80
chains to ixdutof commoncemeut.
Dated lhii 27th day of March, 1006.
I'orT. H.Shelp, Agent.
N   -l,i,'l Int I lu apply to tlio Chief Conuul
slnni-i-iif Luiiils nml Worki tor pennlsiloii to pur
nlinso the tnllon-lng described landi on tlio Columbia rivor, Nortli-weat Kiioteiiny: -
('oiiuiieiicliiRnl a poat ivlthln two ,-liains of tlie
A. anil K. riiiliinv liln-, „l,,,lll threo Illll rth of
Arrowhead, marked "U.A. Waggon's louth
curlier jmit," tliotiee nortli 40 chains, tlionco
10 chains, llienco south in chains, tlionco w,-siio
chains to place „( coiunieiicomont.
Datod Mnrcli null, num.
I'„ A. IIAlldl'.N.
Best for the West
Manufactured and sold Wholesale by
Wm. J. McMaster & Sons, Limited
The following statement for publication has been reeoiveil Irom Mr.
Maxwell Smith, Dominion Fruit
As thero scorns to hu coiisidorahl
alarm ami some iiiisiiiiilorstiiiiiling as
tntho Dominion Government's intentions ro the enforcement of the ex
Istlllg laws regulating tlie Iruit trmle,
It might Iio well tosay thati Tn addition to my othor duties, including
the enforcement of the Fruit Murks
Act, I am instructed to enforce sections-I and fi ol ihe "Act respecting
the packing and salo ol certain staple
commodities Will," as amended 1006,
Section Ti ol tho said Act states that;
"Kvory box of berries or currant.1
offered for sale and every berry box
manufactured and offered lor sale, in
('aniiila, shall hu plainly marked ou
thu side ol the box, iu I,lack letters at
limst hull an inch square, with tho
iv,nil "short," unless it oontaiiu when
lovol—full iis nearly exactly as praotlo-
Import direct from Country of origin.
(Under   New   Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   C-
First-olas accommodation for travellers.
Best brands   of  Wines,   Spirits,   and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
Queens /fote/
Best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.| (JTrarellers to
Fish Creek will find^excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, • -        Proprleto.
HEAD OKI-ICE :  Cjiloahv, .UBBHTi.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merohants
Pork Packers ami Healers in Live Stock,  Markets in all tbe principal Clliei tnd
Towns ol Alberta, British Columbia and tbe Yukon. Paeken of tbe Celebrated Bnad
' lin|ii,,iili,r" Hams ami Kaon, and Shamrock Brand, Leaf Lard. /t
Central Hotel
Newly built.    First-class in every respect.    All modern convenience*
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates,
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
loans notaries
Houses and Lots
The Interior
Publishing Co.
Union /f ote/ Restaurant
Mrs. McKitrick, Manageress.
Open at all hours.
Meal Tickets Issued
Short Orders tastefully served.
Rates Moderate
Mmli-nf "llrlirnn lln-'oi-Hleel. Thro
hold an 1.1,- 1,'iiKt'l' lhnn any Inlfe
uui,!,-.   I'ull ii-iilllni-nl,   All styles,
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Law and  Commercial Printers
and Stationers
Publishers  of the MAIL=HERALD
Printing & Wrapping
Papers, Paper Bags,
Office and Hotel
Hotel Registers, Hotel Printing and Supplies
Agents for Empire Typewriters.
A large variety
of t.lassi's always
kepi iii stock here
Try a pair on
- wi' yuarantoe a
period Hi.
It you require
anything in Jewelry
il is here for you.
A complete stock
of thc rigid class
of goods,
J. GUY BARBER,   ■ Jeweller, Optician
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market uffords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Kates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
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hours. Rigs equipped for Sleighing Parties.
First class Single and double Rigs. Express
drayifig and Transferring. Saddle and Pack
horses for hire. All kinds of job work undertaken.   Wood for sale.
Stahi.k and  Residence   Ppone 41
Hack Stand "    1;
j\C, s\'«
ittf it tiff #f : ftl
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  -aiii»iro_-Jcai»Bttiai.ijj5joc    ^^^^
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This is the Season for Picture
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and ull Sizes
I Canada Drug & Book Co.. Limited |
Shuta—Hakali—By tin1 Rev. C. A.
Erocuuier, in St. Peter's Church,
Kevelstoke. B. C, April 16th, 1900,
Matti Kerne Slmta to l.izi Hnknl.i,
"both of Three Valley, B.C.
Bossiev-Fish—By the Rev, C. A.
Procunier, in St. Peter's Rectory,
Revelstoke, 11. C. April 20th, 1906,
Farmer J. Bossley to Annie Fish,
both ol Malakwa, Il.C.
St, Peter's Anglican Church, Sun
day second niter faster, Holy Com
iiiuuion at 8 n.iii.   Matins and Litany
at   11  a. ni.   Evensong, 7:110  p,
Sermons by tin1 Hector.
Local and General.
Toronto insurance men state there
will be n,, increase in Cauada,
Mrs. H, C, Briggs. ol Nelson, will
sing a solo at Knox church services
Sunday evening.
Railway ami Locomotive Engineering has an interesting article on the
Deutschman Caves.
Phillips states the Toronto investments of the York County Loan will
recoup the shareholders.
A meeting lias been arranged between King Edward, Kaiser Wilhelm
and the Czar at Darmstadt.
The C.P.H, intend closing their
commissariat stores at Revelstoke and
will move them t-, Laggan.
The Alberta Legislature decided to
retain the capital at Edmonton instead ot Calgary by a vote ,,i two t,-
A meeting ,,(the Amateur Dramatio
Club will l-» held tonight at 9 o'clock
in tin- Lawrence Hardware Co's.
i iffice.
Tbe K»i. . ),- 10,000 C!ul, have
uked tin- Dominion Government to
vote |500 towardi placing ■ ■ pie n
the land. ^	
,,    ,. ..    , ,  ., The Revelsti *.-   fnwmill Cnmnaiiv
11   i obeck, engoeer    f tii   s.s. , '   ;-
Ihave  been   making   trial    runs
Revelitoke, arrived thii    eel     Die nmc- r. ,..     .      ,   .,,,., up t)l6
boat's machinery Is ii il    -     I ready new mill to her lull cutting capai
f,,r ,,-ri,,,. ,-n May tat,   Tin- null  i-  laid  '
ilu bell yet hu ill ii, HritishCi I
A i ■ --,-•   I generating ■ ectri it) md n te p ilti     il ngslde the main
dlreetlj Irom ,- tl has bci n disc   - red    m ol thi C.I'.R   i ill bo a good id-
by Dr. William W. Jsiaiues, electrics "tisemonl loi the In    -
...   . ;, „.,. ,   i Revolsioke,
expert ol tin-Ainen, ,ii. li, i. telephone     ,.  ,
' rather  l-'-.,-'.   ii   Ron an   I atli
ompau), |i;jl,, a| , lf|      |jj(     !  |( r. ( -jc(| 1H|
 1—:|ilei  dramatic circumstances      One
in,Iny hi eclol rated mass i,s usual,
The Granby smeltor is now operating oigbt furnaces with a capacity ot
2,700 tons daily.
The San Francisco earthquake was
lelt at Calumet, Mich, nnd caused a
tall ol rook in the Quinoy mine, crushing a miner to pieces.
The Armstrong and Spiilluiniilici'n
Agricultural Society have issued the
prise list lor their full exhibition lo be
held Oct. 10th and lltli.
The Miner lias a beautiful description of the memorial anibuliiuco und
drinking lountaiu established in
Rossland to the memory ol Father Pat.
Settlement  is now   beginning to
flow into Canada Irom the west us
Irom  the  east—many  lund  Bcekei
having arrived in B.C. Irom Washington Stnte
The Bupremo Court  lias issued an
injunction ai  Vai uver provenliug
the destruction ol glandered horses as
the Court believes the action of the
Dominion veterinary Burgeons is ultra
The Dominion Express Company
the other day shipped $30,000 ol
American silver out of Canada; this
niiiouiit having been collected by tbe
banks on account ol the Dominion
As ii result of representations to
Gen, Supt. Marpole that the C. P. K.
build a first-class hotel al Kamloops,
the compauy propose to either build
or subsidise a $60,000 hotel building
lor Kami,,ops.
li is reported Jim Hill has secured
control ol a majority of the stock in
the Shuswap k Okanagan, running
from Sicamous to Vernon, and when
the lease expires the C, P R, will not
is able to have il renowed,
Lieut. M. Chatham,ol the 3s
Army, Revelstuke, spent n   lew  day.
last week cm ' assing Enderby, Armstrong md '- - '.-ii mi the inti
the tiii-i- n   - -■-.'■ and p isi
etc.. il the Arm .
A few New Song
Books and Dance folios
hnve been put in stock,
Anything you want in
ihe music line we will
get it for ynu il not in
Red Cross Drug d.
• i
mul later in the dn i he hurriedly
pneked n leu belongings ind di part, d
without communicating with his
superior, He subsequently explained
he real in ol bi- iiuldi i lllght was a
desire to avoid the  piiin  nl   parting,
Loss of faith is Father Read's explanation of secession. He has joined the
The merchants of Vernon having
agreed to give the clerks the Wednesday Hull Holiday the stores will be
closed at ll! o'clock noon on all Wednesdays between the Ist ol May und
30th September,
The Chicago Tribune says : " There
will he n general advance in lire
insi I'linee rates in tlie cities of the
United States in the iicnr future to
enable the companies to recoup, in a
nioiisuro, their losses in 'Frisco."
The dentil is onnounced nl Victoria
of tlie wife of Mr. .1. A, Mora, ex-
speaker of British Columbia and
lornier member of tlie Dominion house
ol commons. Mrs. Mara wns i
daughter of the lute Frauds ,1
Mr. Hewer, a son-in-law ol John
Boultbee, formerly a well known mine
manager at Rossland, has In,light a
fruit farm on Okanagan L.'ke. He
has had some experience in fruit cui
turn and will, with his family, reside
on Ihe ranch, which is over IKHI acres
in extent.
Richard Hehne, of .Nelson, has been
appointed Provincial Superintendent
of the Dominion Express Company,
rendered vacant by the death of Samuel Stewart ol Vancouver, D, G.
McKenzie, the Dominion Express
Company's agent at Revelstoke, is to
go to Itosslnnd,
The Economist says ; " The announcement that a number ol farmers
have purchased I irgo tracts of land
along Kootenay Lake, Crawford Buy
nnd nt Proctor tor fruit growing purposes will tend to further establish
fit it li ill tho permanency ol the British
Columbia fruit industry."
The Departmentol the Interior have
issued a special brochure ou tlie
lleiitscliiiuin Caves, containing report
by Mr. Douglas, Supt. of the National
Park, and several fine interior photographs by Mr, .lyres. M. E , also bi me
,,l the photos taken by Mr. Benson,
,,i K. II. Trueman k Co.
T. Graham captured a line hrown
bear in the vioinity ol Arrowhead the
other day, anil alter killing the hear
secured lu-r two cubs which F G,
Brown brought up with him li im
Arrowhead and has ii i sh rvcase io
..:-. igat store where thi
■ _ . t of s tention Mi -
hns placed the ski        the big   ear
• ■•' .' : . - - - -esied and
mounted and .: • , the finesl
ik ..-   btaim ::.trict
Social and Personal
II. in,,: ■      ■   ■  Bving B. F. Gay-
Mrs. S. 1 " an
pi . great,
M   -   I     I    -•        ■ ,| (J
Vancouver alter spi day evi n period,
Y. M. C. A.
Visit ol Messrs. Marshall and
This lias been a busy week at the
Y. M O, A. in consequence ol the
visit of ihe General Secretary, Mr.
Parsons' and Mr. Marshall, ol Adelaide, South Australia, who is speaking on behalf of the Y.M.C.A. at the
different points ns he is on his way
east to his old home in Nova Scotia
alter an absence ot ten years,
On Wednesday evening the Ladies'
Auxiliary of the Y.M.C.A. entertained
the distinguished guests at dinner in
oinpany with a number ot prominent
citizens and members ol the Y.M.C.A.
A. E. Miller, President, wns in the
chair, and every sent at the table was
occupied. Thc Indies had it splendid
liill ol fare and their guests were loud
n their piaiscs of the excellent things
that had been provided, nnd hoped
sueh a reception would he frequently
repeated. Mesdames Elson, Lyons,
Crawford, Howson, Cook, Pettipiece,
Manly, Anthony, Kilpatrick, R. N.
Doyle, and Miss Hislop waited on the
Dinner over, the Chairman introduced the guests ol the evening.
Mr. Parsons said when he saw the
line building which the Y.M.C.A. had
erected, it reminded him of his first
visit in July last. When the proposal
was made to build he remembered thc
peculiar expression on the faces of
sonic of Ihem as tbey questioned within themselves whether a large scheme
ol this kind could be undertaken in a
city like II -velstoke.
They decided to go ahead and he
congratulated them on the splendid
equipment they had. This building \
for a city ol this size was the best
associiition building in Canada, and
probably lor u city ol this size on the
whole American continent. (Cheers).
They had set it good example to other
towns. The influence of the work wns
going out into other places. He
referred to the movement in Moosejaw.
They had done splendidly, but they
had just started up the grade. They
would have the luirdest part ol the
work between tbe next twelve and
lil'teen months. They must have the
institution produce the results intended and that could only be done in
one way by co-operation. He urged
them to pull together and stay by it,
nnd make tlie Y.M.CA. the rallying
point lor all ihe men ol the city.
Mr. Marshall spoke brielly as he
had to speak Liter on.
That evening Messrs. Parsons and
.Marshall addressed a inciting ol
men in the Opers House, Mr. Miller
On Thursday afternoon Mr. Marshall addressed a meeting of Indies nt
the Y.M.C.A. by special request nnd
again in the evening when he urged
thi necessity ol the best manhood
thej ■ uld produce and their loyalty
to the Christian religion as the one
thing that could make them truly
manly men.
At the meetings music was supplied
. the rcheatra consisting ol Messrs,
Veitl Edwards, Doyle, Armstrong
ai.,I Knapp.
■•   --:   m - l.i-s SCHEDULE,
—Wednesdays,   t.15 to  6,15
,. Sal irdayi   10.30 to II 30a,m,
liii, rm,dial, — Mondays, 8.16 to
Vednesdaye, 8 I
I-   -I      Frids        -Mill's re iton
ruesd       315 to 9 30 p.m.
i       lays, 8.16 to 0.81 Satur-
Just ill time lor the warm days. Another lot ol the New Patterns in Spring Wash Hoods hai
come to hand These ore some ol tho Prettiest Patterns yet shown, and we hnve marked them low.
Mercerized Vesting in Plain White, White Brocades and Fnnoy Spots, nnd in Linen Shades, at
25c., 30c. and 35c. Per Yard.
White Irish Linen Suitings
The Popular Goods this Season for Summer Suits.   Full Yard Wide.   Very Pretty Makes at
45c. and 50c. Per Yard.
New Drapery Goods
In Art Snteciis and Soft Cretonnes.   These arc certainly boiiic ol the most taking patterns and colorings yet shown and wc are proud ol them.
Curtain Muslins
Inn lot ol New Designs.   Wc have some lines with milled edge at 171 cents.   Other Stylos, all good
Washing Muslins at 15c, 20c. nnd 25c.
Art Muslins, Yard Wide, 121-2 and 15c.
Carpet Squares
Imrraiu Tauestrv and Brussels.   Come in and let us show you the values we otl'cr.
New Idea Patterns and Fashion Suits For May
, :v:oLEnsrisrj^isr & co.t
V flffll*lll?'llW***fl'lWllW'll»W*lif*fl*ll»*l*,#//*i*l*l*l*fll'lff*lt*liffff*l*,il*liill
Business Locals.
n couple  I weel itoi  Mi
Ladies  Guild ol the Hospilil
... t-waii
-1.. ti  May 11 Hall in
aid ol their lundi    rhi sti
looked  forward •■ real and
will doubt iss p      i .... •   oi
Mn H.C Unci;-, ol Nolsoi -
,;,,,--I ol H : - - evoral tooial gath
rings 'i-i- week On Monday n ti i
noon Mrs. IV, I Uiigi" .-.,
noon ton in her honor and - n v sd
nosday aft. rm - n Mrs i M -'- oil,
and  mi   Friday altern, on  Mrs  IV,
M.   Lawrence gave   ilti rni    i lai
Lnsl evening Mrs, W, I  Briggs enter
tallied nl a social in hel honor.
th thi os   director
(1             ■     ■ • ;.- -I itted in  the
Imililinji I - .in houn,    If
in,nigh .( Ilo- boyi wish   ll    w,-   may
tig loi tn,-in
In ll      - kers not being
, •. temporary srrangi •
no-lit- will Is niiiili- lor leaving sain-
ah, - sic   il leoy'i oflli e
-   ind tub baths are ready loi
ned its -.- nml the plung,
11 Mini,   -    ■-:      ten dayi
Hammocks—nico new patterns at
Canada Drug Store.
Buy your lacrosse sticks irom W
Limburger Cheese always in stock
at C. B. Hume & Co.
For Carpets, Linoleums and Floor
Oi! ClothB, go to C. B. Hume k Co.
What Ho 11 I Gnrdrn HoeB and
Garden HoBe, Lawrence Hardware Co.
Call and see our Window Shades
and Wall Paper.   C. B. Hume & Co,
Lawn Mowers from $4 up with 15
styles to choose from, Lawrence Hardware Co.
Straw and Felt Hats, all the new
shapes, just arrived at C. B. Hume &
Co.'s Ltd.
G. D. Beattie has sold his drug
business to Mr. Nairn of Enderby
who takes over on June 1st.
Garden hose from $5 up complete
with nozzle. Complete line ol TenniB
Hoods, Lawrence Hardware Company,
Bum Lal Tea, acknowledged the
best on the market. For salo only by
C. B. Hume k Co.
Try a bottle of Rowut'B Worcestershire Sauce, selling for to-day only 2
bottles for 25c. at C. 11. Hume & Co,
II. Howson k Co. are showing some
pietty designs in carpet squares, including Tapestry. Ingrains and Brussels. All sizes in stock and a variety
ol colorings to select from.
Another shipment of Ci. B. clioco-
to 11,301 tales just arrived, in Jib., 1 lb. and
i'i lb. boxes at 0, II. Hume k Co.'s.
Reward for Good Borvloes,—Somo
well known members ol tlio local Ten
ilis Club were handsomely rewarded
by winning games by good service ren
ili.-red with racquets ami balls plircluis
ed Irom Lawrence Kuril ware Oo,
For all kinds ol up-to-date bedroom
iiirniture go to II. llowsoii cV Co. They
are now showing new designs ill dresser
iml stands, amonglt which are golden
elm, 111), quarter out oak, mahogany
ami bird's eye maple. Tbnir prices
are low nud llie quality is right, Cash
,r credit—discount lor oash,
Tin. I'inpm Mm,in Gear
Right I lere! Prices.
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
liyh", i orrei l
Drop in and exm
for your,di.
Tol   98
P 0 Box 44
Vi. SmytllC  bus sporting goods ol
,ii kinds,  including laorosso sticks,
bully's   Bust   nml  Lnlly's    Youths',
lacrosse   bulls,  nets  und  gauntlet-.,
ivill I foot!alls, shin guards, football bonis
i(l|. (English   make),   luiiebull   goods.
Bloyclos, (llcvi-liiiiil, Perfect and Missy-
^^^^^^^^^^^^ Harris,   Wheels ropalrod, lull stook ol
B      I id    .i men. httlng-a on hand,
I by M   Cooke oi Sunday morning — —
tin n. in i    Mr. Fred Mortis will play nl  Knox
• • • [Ohuroh liirii.nl, Imitations ol stringed
Instruments—banjo, mandolin, zither
-playing two oompoiltlons on the
piano It ono tllno, and playing with
the keyboard covorod,
Aocordlng to Frank   W.   Mono,
,'ciicrnl manager ol Ibe llrniiil Trunk
I'.ieiiic, iwo hundred miles ol the now
lino lm.. boon looalod went ol Edmonton mill lenders lor it will   lie   called
i-ii in lln- i i future which will bring
the line under conl met practically iu
I,,n,'li willi tin- fm >t liii Im of the Rockies,
fl. I'. II. slock has ndviiiic.cd to 176
on Wnll Street,
i irl Club aro getting their
course Into first-class iliapo, hivlna
decided to appropriate mother $7(Ki
lor the purpose. They will orool s
grand stand and hope to hs , thi
curse in shape l,,r n race meeting on
May allh.   The Club nn, alio  Inking
slips to beautify the grounds so that
ihe i rse runy lm iiii attrsotlvo placo
for tourists visiting tho oily,
The   Canadian   Pnolflo   linilwuy
Company mny  Offer  live scholarships
iii applied solenoo, at MoGIII, lor nm
ploycos nnd sons.
Boots & Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
Now Hint bright spring dnys nre coming In, to he followed by the heal
timer you want to keen your stores and houses cool and com fortable.
The Best Way to do this is to secure awnings for your windows, and
tin-til from
L.  A. FRETZ,       -        First Street.
Freight business on the C. P.
getting very brisk.
R. is
Court Okanagan No, 3447, has broken all records in local fraternal societies in the matter of increasing its
membership; it having doubled its
membership in two weeks time.
Commencing ah at May Iht.
Juntos I. Wnndrciw lms turned nvor llis Imsi-
ness to the Palace Mont Mitrkot, Mr. Unit,
Miiiiucor. All iiccmuils duo to J. I. Wooilrow,
cjii! be p.-iid in Mr. Unit, Manager Palace Moat
Market. my 2
You Need a New Typewriter
We can supply you with a NEW
" EMPIRE." This machine is known
nil ever the country for .its simplicity
uml good work, ('all unjoin- olliee and
sen it for yourself.
Interior Publishing Company, Ltd.
The Jones Lumber Mill at Kel-
owns, was completely destroyed by
lire on Thursday. Los |20,000; insurance $5,000.
IANO—To rent for two or three
1    months,  Cull at MaIl-Hbhald
WANTED - A girl for general
housework| good plain cookj
no washing, three in fninily. Wages
$•£> per month. Ticket at C. P, R,
Depot. MltH. Tiikii. Liiikiatk, Arrowhead, B. O,
ANTED—Board, and   two  furnished   rooms   with  private
family.  AddiesB Box 232, P. O.
WANTED-A furnished cottage,
near C.P.R, Shops, for not less
than six months, or rooms for light
housekeeping.    No children,   Apply
Office of Mail-Herald,
WANTED—An energetic woman,
young or middle-aged, lo act ns
agent, Liberal com mission. Apply
at Ihls Office.
Whatever is correct finds place hero.
We have IroBh, exclnsivo novelties gathered from the products ol makers with
a reputation.
Neckwear, bright with the hues nml
freshness of the Spring Season,
New Shirts, New Gloves, Hosiery, Underwear, House Costs, Bath and Lounging
Robes, etc.
It is impossible to mention oil the Furnishings we have in stock lor the comfort
and adornment ol Men snd boys who
You will nnd the exclusive Haberdashers' Styles bore, but not his prices.


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