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Bews' Drug Store
,. i   1901
(Taster cards
Bews' Drug Store
Vol. 12.-No. 66
I ihh;
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co.
For 11 dainty finish to your Luncheon or Tea you need somo
ol these Lovely Biscuits;—Macaroons, Fig Bar, Raspberry
Bar. Wheat Meal, Protzil's Assorted Ices, Reading Crackers,
Walnut Gems, Mocen Wafers, Percelliiis, O'llures, Cheese
Wafers, etc. We have an 'immense showing A look at them
will dn you good.
Men's New Spring Hats. Soft. Hard
and Novelty Hats.
We have 11 Hat fur you. II you will only come in and let us show
you some of the New Styles we can easily settle the Spring tint question for yuu.   Never showed a linger range
ox Calf Shoes
Tho Leather which is in
Iim upper ul' this Shoo is
re,','gni'j-.od to-day us being
lln- Ideal Li'iithoi' fur Shoes,
Tanned liy lho Ot-mne pro-
Cess, clearing thn .skin from
all Impurities, making it san.
it.-u-y und sweat proof and the
must water resisting of all
other leathers manufactured.
On livery pair uf Sinter
Shoos ynu will lind n lug such
us above.
mAsmLW4 district.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Now that bright spring days mc coining in, to he followed hy tho heal
of summer ynu Wanl to keep j'oui-stores and houses cool uml comfortable,
The Best Way to do this is to secure awnings for your windows, and
order them from
L.   A.  FRETZ,
First Street.
Km-nil kind* of up-to-date mul reliable furniture
nnd lion*,- furnishings go tu
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
Serious Charges Against the
Clllt'Auo, April 7.—Ollicinls nf the
Christian Catholic church at /.ion
City declined to-day it was clear Juhn
Alexander Howie had loit sums aggregating cluse to lfl,200,000 in speculation iu Wall street.
If .lohn Alexander Howie should
return to Zion City, us he says he will
eighty-four charges of obtaining
iniincy by false pretences will be preferred against him. Sniue uf tho
ollicials Ihere ure crediled with threats
to have the "apostle" jniled as 1111
Two winieii ill .lunesvilln, Wis, who
claim lu hnve been defrauded uui nl
$10,1100, mny swear nut warrants,
"Love Letters nlan Apostle" is tho
title nl the latest volume lidded to
Zion City's library of snandil.
The volume has not yet been published and perhaps never will he, but
two ol the letters, fervid with the
peculiar style nf emotion Howie
all'ected, were given out. These, with
forty iithors, which the bend ol the
Clirisliim Cathnlic church ivroto to
llulh Holer, the reputed heiress Irom
Switzerland, 11 le in the possession of
Gladstone I),,win. They will he produced us a li'itl.tirii, ami 11 striking 11110,
1..' thc great wiirlarn prom snd Oil
Howie's arrival in his former realm.
"My little lump of gold," wiih lho
title I he elderly swain bestowed on the
young woman, who is now the subject
of much gossip in Zion.
Tin- Daily News to-day says Dowie
lms announced he will return |,, Zion
City late Monday night and perform a
lie promises, aiming other things,
tn bring tu the '• faithful " in Ziun
$10,000,000 in gold und several scrolls
ol parchment upon which arc written
iho livo Imoks of Muses.
In thu message, which was sent
Irom the City ul Mexico, Dowlo declared thut he is " now greater than
he ever believed tu be himself"
In Ibe lirst division iu the Saskatchewan Legislature thc Scott govern-
moot was sustained by 111 to 7.
In Ihe House of Commons Ralph
Sinilb gives 1 nt ico of a resolution expressing tho desirability of tbe British
parliament following the example nf
Canada and enacting legislation
against false representations tn Induce
nr ilelnr emigration to Canada, lle
asks thai thu resolution be fiirwiirded
tu tbo secretary ol state !or the clonics In order Hint such notion may
bo Inken us his majesty's advisers may
doom moot.
A rancher iiiin.cl Arthur Mt'i'iiiiutic
mis killed at Harvey by an iiocidonlil
explosion of ilyiinitiiio.
Nothing; better than  " Our Speoial.'
Settler en route to the North
West Shoots Himself on the
Train Last Night,
An extraordinary alTiiir happened
last night nn 11 freight I ruin which
arrived in Revelstoke (ruin Kamloops
about 21 o'clock. A tottlor named
Emerson was on board with 11 ciirlnad
of stock and settler's effects, which lie
was moving to Edmonton from his
former homo at Vancouver, Wash.
With him in the cur was his son and
another man. As the train passed
Boulder, about 20 o'olook, Emerson
wns alone in the middle of the cur
when a shot rung out and the sou on
turning round lound the father bad
shot himself. The alarm was conveyed to the train crew. On Ibe train
arriving at Revelstoke the police were
informed und Dr. Cross, district coroner, took charge ol the body pending
an inquest, which was to be held
The wife of deceased, her father
and daughter were on the train from
the west this morning en route to
Edmonton, and on being advised of
what happened stopped off here. Two
other children were left behind at
Vesuvius Reiterating Days of
Vesuvius is in more active eruption
than has been known for centuries.
Hundreds arc dead or injured by lava
and cinders, which have fallen for
great distances. Tliis has caused thc
practical destruction of San Guiseppe,
a pluce of six thousand inhabitants.
All but iwo hundred of the poople had
lied the village, and these assembled
in tin- church tu attend mass. While
tbe priest was performing his snertd
olliee tbo roof fell and about sixty
persons were badly injured. These
unfortunates were for hours without
surgical or medical aid. The only
thing left standing in the chu'rch was
11 statue ul St. Ann, the preservation
of which the poor homeless people
accepted as 11 miracle and promise of
deliverance from Iheir peril.
At Ottajano, live churches nnd ton
houses foil under the weight of ashes
and cinders, which lie four feet deep
on the ground. In the full nf the
buildings about twelve pcuple were
killed nnd many more or less seriously
injured.    The city is completely do-
rted by its population. After the
evacuation the barracks and the prisons fell in. Report) frum inland
towns depict terrible devastation, Sun
Oiotgla, Cremona, Porticl, Reslna, and
Torre del Greco lmvo been almost
completely abandoned,
Nai'i.ks. April il.—It is now [eared
the whole southeastern side of Mt.
Vesuvius for a radius of thirty miles,
including all the towns thereon, will
be devastated and that us a result
inure than 11 million people will bo
rendered destitute,
The city ol Naples itself is in groat
All the strainer! in tho harbor hnvo
strain up and are prepared tu slip their
mooring! at a moment's notice.
The cloud ol smoke and steam
which shroud tbe lulls is such lhat
noun bus been turned into midnight
darkness.   The noise ol the explosions
caused by the onruihlng boated lava
coming   Into enntact with the cold
earth is deafening,
Nu truce remains of Bosootrooaz, a
commune on tbe wulhern declivity ol
the mountain, whoro up to forty-eight
Inini'.-' ugo 10.000 person! lived; nnd
Tune Aniiiiinziatit, 1111 llie shores of
the Gull nl Naples, one mile to the
southward, is almost surrounded by
the invading lava, and has been evacuated by Iti 80,000 Inhabitants.
On Tuesday an engine wns derailed
on Ihe O, P. R. track six miles west, ol
Ki velstoke by a broken rail.
Tii- Great Northern Iiub spent
til1 11.IKK) in securing terminals al
First Zinc Smelter to be Built
in Canada.
Iii the zinc smelter now being completed at Frank by tho Canadian
Metal Company, 11 plant is being
founded lor Canada's llrsl zinc industry, which represents n stupendous
undertaking, an net mil money outlay
ot the outset ol nearly three-quarters
uf 11 million dollars, while tho further
development nf the undertaking will
niiike the amount exceed a million:
This is an entirely new industry, and
will have n wonderful effect on Frank
ns a town of importance when actual
operationst nro oommenoed
It will be the lirst institution of its
kind in Canada, Construction com-
raenoed a year ago, and tho, buildings
us now practically completed, represent the smelter, a magnificent olliee
building, a large laboratory, and ore
bins having a capacity of 3,000 tons
of concentrates. A Hue has been built
from tlie main building to the top ol
11 high bill, a distance of about 3,000
ioet, nnd an enormous steel chimney
stack. 110 feet high, built thereon. A
building, 40 feet square, for the gas
producers has also been built.
Work is expected to be commenced
shortly, the company proposing to
mine its own oie for the smelter, us
well as smelting those oros offered by
other companies, When the various
plans of this great company shall all
have borne fruit and the concern is in
full swing, it will he 11 unique and
inorinuus industry, no duplicate ol
which can bo lound on this continent,
ii anywhere in tbe world. The company owns livo groups of mines, embracing 21 mines in nil, and will, as
we havo stilted, be self-supporting,
F. A. Slni'key, of Nelson,also visited
the new smelting plant of the Canadian Metal Company, ut Frank, by
sjieeial invitation uf the manager and
bis staff. Of it be says: "It was a
great surprise to ine, nud I believe it
mould he to any man iu N'elson who
hasn't seen it. It is the most cum
plete and up-to-date plant ol the kind
1 have ever seen. It must represent
an enormous expenditure ol money.
Provision bus been made for the manufacture on the ground of nearly
everything that a reduction company
can require, even to the lire bricks.
"The buildings nre very large and
magniliccntly appointed. Every convenience is provided for rapid nnd easy
bundling of thc ore at every stage.
Tlie plant is certainly n credit to the
company, and when its operation is
begun it will he of great benefit to the
mining industry,"
Speaks Highly of Agent General's Work.
In a loiter received by a friend
Irom ,1. V. Perks, who is now in England, he tells of meeting C, E. Shaw,
formerly city clerk at Kevelstoke.
Mr. Perks adds: 'I went to sco our
Agent-General, Mr. Turner, yesterday.
He gave ino a  very cnrdial reception.
lle nlso guve me a letter to Sir Samuel Scott, M.P. I went to the House
und suw Sir Samuel, and be gave mc a
ticket ol admission tu the Houae,
During the debate that was on I had
the pleasure of listening to Mr. Chamberlain.
"Frum the number ill visitors to tho
Agont-Genoral'i oilioo while I was
there I came to the conclusion that
Mr. Turner is a very hiird-wurkod
mail, uud the right man in tlm right.
place, and I think the Agont-General's
olliee here is ono.ol the best investments Britiih Columbia bus. Mr,
Turner is assisted hy his son, who
acts as bis secretary.
" I expect to leave here for Rcvelstuke about tho middle nf next
The Canadian Timbor and Sawmills
Company are shilling their mill frum
Trout Lake to (lerrard,
The Minor suys: ".Ins, Porter and
Walter Boll havo secured 11 contract
fur one million telephone pules and
ten million (onco posts, to he delivered
in the North-Weal Territories, The
Bowman Lumber Co. will handle tbo
out, 'J'hey are employing six men and
huvo about 1,000 pulus cut.
Japan Gets Bumptious—Eruption of Vesuvius -B. C. Ministers at Vancouver—Railway Fight on,
Loudon, April 11,—Japan has demanded that China open Mukden and
Antiing provinces to. foreign trade
next month.
BUDAPEST, April 11.—The first result of the reconciliation of Austria
and Hungary is tlie freedom of the
press. The Emperor suys be has now
only one wish to "Bring about agreement between the Germans and the
NAPLES, April ll.—Tbe eruption of
Vesuvius continues to lessen but tbe
devastated country presents a terrible
spectacle. New craters and fissures
have opened in tlio mountain which
contribute to the diminution of the
eruption. It is now suid 500 people
perished in the district between Otta-
jiinn and San Guisscppe. The exact
number of killed by the fall of Mount
Olivet market, is not yet known. It is
feared it will reach fifty with 200 in
jurcd. Scientists say tlie eruption is
due to the activity uf a great sun spot.
Vancouver, April 11,—A large and
enthusiastic audience greeted Premier
McBride and Hon. R, TatloiV Inst
night when they told bow the Conservative Government hnd ably administered the Province and brought
it out ol 11 slough ol deficits. The
Premier received an ovation as lie
reviewed the acts ol the session und
pointed with pride to the Conservative
record, Hon. Mr. Tatlow said times
were never better in British Columbia
and Ibis wus due 111 part to tbe
Government's efforts to place the
finances un a firm basis and encourage
lionie industries. Kufns Pope ninde a
jocular speeeh, Charles Wilson moved
a vote of thanks to the sneaker.*. He
suid he bud differed Irom his colleagues on the Midway-Vernon question and would explain his views on
that question at another time.
PORTLAND, April It—Hostilities are
likely to begin at any moment between the Hill and Hiirrimiin gangs
employed in.construction of rival lines
on the north bank of the Columbia,
St. PETERSllillta, Apr. 11—II Witto's
resignation is accepted, M. Vermuloll',
ox-Minister of Agriculture is likely to
he Premier.
 .   , ^ ,   .	
Trout Lake Honors Bank Manager Baker,
The Review says: " A highly sue-
ccsslitl social in honor ol Mr. T. II,
Bilker wus hold in thn Oddfellow's
Hall on Mn11,lav evening lust. Mr.
linker has hold the position ol manager at tho branch of lho Imperial
Bank hero for some I-I months, nnd
wus leaving tho following day to Iill a
similar pooitlon ut Arrowhead. During his stay in Tl'OUt Lake, Mr, Baker
has proved himself a mail mining men.
His relations with tho business clement hnvo always been most Biitis-
faotory und cordial, and  be bus won
iln- respect anil admiration ol nil with
whon, bo eaine in oontact, lle Wssja
prime mover iu anything appertaining in tlm welfare ol tho town, und he
occupied the position ul President 0!
the Trades Committee. He hns worked ailidltouily for any and ovory
object where the social and finniieial
succoss  uf  the town was concerned,
(hiring   his  tun short slay an g 11.*.
aiiil tbcrofiiru it wus not to bo wondered ut that the 1. (), O. F. large hall
was full of friends who camo to extend
thoir host wishes for bis future success."
.i^suci. «e, sa * j_v., 1
Groceries, Hardware, McClary's Stoves. Etc.
Onion Sets, Flower Seeds, Farm & Garden Seeds,
Garden Tools.   A Large Assortment.
Hollywood   and   Sherwin   Williams'  Paints,   Oils,
Varnish, Turps, Alabastine, Muralo, Etc.
Our Stock of Groceries, Fruits  and   Vegetables,
is always Fresh.
BOURNE   BROS.     Mackenzie Avenue
Real Estate for Sale.
S23S0.   Fine 2 Btory dwelling on McKenzie Avenue, must be sold this week
The first real Bnap of llie season,
$300o.  New 2 story dwelling, S rooms, stone foundation, every modern
$3000.   For 2 story dwelling, all modern improvements, good lawn, shade
trees, fencing, stabling, etc., Second Street.
$2800.  New 2 story dwelling, nil modern conveniences including furnace.
Lnt, und 11 half, fencing, Second Street.
$2600.  Sume as the lust mentioned, but no furnace,
$2350.   For 2 Btory house on Second Street, all conveniences.   This is a
good buy.
$85o.   Five-room Cottage, 50 foot corner lot, wood shed, fencing, etc.
$55o.  One-room Cottage on Eighth Street, 50 foot lot.
We hnve money to loan on any of the above properties and good terms
cun he arranged.
We represent the Revelsloke Land Company, having for sale residential
lnts in the best part nf the City, Lots can be purchased on easy terms of
payment, monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.
Boots & Shoes. Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
llraooboi iu the Provinces uf Mtiaiuiba. Alberta, Saskatchewan,
British Colombia, Outariu, Quebec.
Capital Subscribed -       •       •       $4,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....   $3,900,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       $3,900,000.00
D. R, Wilkie, President: Hun. It. Jaffhay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department—Deposits received and Interest allowed
at highest ourrent rate from date of opening account, and coin-
pounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold available in all parte of Canada, United States und
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
\ dt11 f \ i*tl I ifrt 1T1i*fri -tl iti i*ti tti if 1 ti'i 1 fri 1T1 t'ti iti A ■*■ At At A. .■♦. A. At A
/14.) '4/,4.J 'X' l4.J 'X w '4.' 'X' 'X "X" "X 'X 'X' 'X1 'X X X X X W^ X X ♦ ■ *
THE LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO. have just opened up
two Carloads of Paints, Oils, and White Lead, the largest shipment iu any one dealer In B. 0,
House Paints in 41 Different Shades t
AGATE WALL FINISH (u culd water Kalsoinine) which gave O
snob satisfaction lust year, i t
BAPLAC \ ai iii*h Siflin, a preparation similar to Jup-iilae, for . i
renewing Purnlttiro, Floors, etc, (will not scratch white) made in j .
Seven Shades,  THV IT I! J.
$i       Mall Orders Promptly attended tc
'. A At i'K ■♦■ At ■♦> At At At .♦a ita A. .♦■ At
T "X X X X X X X X X "X X ♦ ♦ v
P. 1). Box 181.        h 0
IiKHiriMinit-ml bjr Act ol Parl.amfliit, 1866.
\V,M. M0L80N MaOPHEIISON, Pies. S. 11, SWING, Vire-Pri'B,
James Elliot, General Manager.
Pleases every
moker the " Maroa
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way of blinking business transacted without un-
necessary delay,
Interest credited twice n year at current rates nn Savings Bank
W. II. PRATT, Malinger,
Kevei^toke, B. C.
Cbc flbaiMbcralfc.
Including \>o-uw to Knglnnd, United States
and Canada,
nrihc)-p.ir[throusflii"iistoillci']    92*50
Half      '*       ■' •'     1.60
guartcr "       " "   1.00
l.tgal noiice-lucent- per lino Ure! iiw-nicm,
5 cents per Unc each subseauent insertion,
MeaMircment* Konpariel |l- linos mako one
Inch). Store and general uuuinean nn-
nouncfiiuini- 12.5(1 per Inch por monlli,
Preferred pMUions, ■>:> per cent, ml-
dltUuL Births, Marriages nnd Deaths,
flPo. eaeh in-, rtlon, ah advertUoineiil**
-'.iu.*!: ■.nt hi- approval of lho management,
Wanted and Condensed AdrorliHeinonUj;
Agent*Wanted,Help Wanted, Situations
wantcd. Situations Vacant. Toooliew
W'Antea, Mechanics Wanted, m wonN or
lea Mc, each additional lin-* i» conla,
t'hank'f- in i-tawling adverUsemontH musl
win by y a. m. Tuesdaj and Krlday of
** .'i wt'i'l; i" -*f un- gmid ilt-|iliiy.
Jail. KLNT1NG prompt)]*executed at roason*
able rate.-.
TKRMS-Caab,  Subscriptions payable in ail.
OORRKBPONDKNCK Invited on matters ol
public Interest Communications lo Kdl-
tor must bo accompanied by name ol
writer, not necessarily for publication, bui
if- evidence of gwd faith,  Correspondence
idiould be brief.
ll.       ORH|IS,ON,
McKenzie Avenue.
OKF1CES :   iMI-SrilAI,   ll'NK    I1I.OCK,   ltKVKI.-
STOKC, 11. (',
Money to loan.
Orltas: Revelstoke, B. ('.; I ort Steele, B. Cl.
Geo. 8. McCakter,
A. M. l'lNKUAM. J. A. IIaUVEV,
Hevelslokc. II. ('. Fort Steele, II. 0,
J, M. Scott I.L.B. W. I. Brlggs.
iootx and bhiggs
b rri8ters, solicitous, etc.
Money to Loan
First Street.
Revelstoke, B,U
Mining Engineer,
IMem. American Institute Mining Kngincors)
Canadian Mining Institute.)
Revelstoke, B. O.
Examination of and report* on Mineral Pro
pertfes a Specialty.
Agent for Canadian Met 1 Company, buyers
of zinc and silver-lead ores.
Zinc and stiver-load mines purchns    or operated under lease and bond
Financial Assistance given owners and pros
p-ectors to operate and develop
approved properties,
" I would , . . eaincstly advise- them for
Iheir good to onlt-r thlspnper to bo punctually
ervtil up, and io be looked aiaiii as n pari of
the tea equipage."—Addison.
The plucky lillle province of
Prince Edward Island has set a
splendid example to the other
provinces of Canada. In issuing n
new loan for public works, arrangements are made for the subscription
of the entire loan in the province
A feature of the Alpine Club's
work that merits some attention is
the proposal to establish a corps oi
Canadian guides. Thanks lo the
C. P. R. the Swiss guides have led
the way, hut now that Canadians
are themselves taking to mountaineering it would greatly tend to
popularise the mountain resorts if
tourists knew they could depend
on securing the services of reliable
English speaking guide* well acquainted with the mountains and
the be.-t means ol travelling them.
The action taken by thc Board
of Trade nt their last meeting to
have the Big Bend trail completed
to C a no..- River, is one of the most
important piece! of public work
ever undertaken In tbe intereil o!
Revelstoke and district, and ihi
member ior the diatrict, Mr.'I,., ir,
thc government agent, Mr. Fraser,
and tin- Provincial Work- Department nre to be congratulated on
the manner in which they lent llie
committee ol the Hoard their cooperation in this matter, Now
that the Grand Trunk Railway ie
announced to come through the
Yellowhead Pass, entering British
Columbia at the head of Canoe
River Valley, there is active demand for laud in lhat section and
it is certain that within two nr
three years all the land available
for settlement, between the Dig
Bend andTeta Jaune Cache, will
lie taken up, Canoe River enters
the Columbia River at the Big
Bend so that the most direct route
into thc lands available for settlement in Canoe River Valley is
from Revelstoke. At present forty
miles of this distance Ie covered by
steamer from llevilstoko nn I o
good trail has been opened for another forty miles. The opening of
another twelve miles will complete
the trail to lho mouth oi Canoo
River, where a ferry could be established, From the tiuuiih of Canoo
River there is u government trail
to Yollowhend Puss, Supplies can
be sent in by boat from Revelsloke
to tho Big llond, with Ihe exception
of llie porlugi' til Death nnd Priest
rapids. iN'u doubt ns soon us tra llie
warrants it another stoamor wnuld
he put on ibe rivor above Ihe
rapids, Tbo opening uf Ibis niiile
menus much lo Rovelstoko, milking
it Iho outlining nnd supply point
for all Hint country, and when
railway construction begins there
ihis city would nlso honollt considerably from it,
From Our Ono Uorrospoiidont,
Mr. Julius Dougald, ol Halcyon,
eiiiiie down 1111 Saturday ill lii-i now
gasoline launch. Between Cape Home
.ind Nakusp she encountered a leirilio
gale and proved herself to I on staunch
and seaworthy craft. The boat was
built by It. W. Troup, of Victoria, and
is 14 ft. long und will carry eight
persons, the engine is one-half horse
[lower nnd was purchased Irom the
Auto Marine Engine Co, ol Detroit,
Mrs. It. Stevens, nl Burton, spent a
few days in town the guest nf MiBS
11. Harlow, a former resident of
Nakusp, is here on u visit to his son
S. J. Harlow.
Several parties have boon here lately
looking lor bind. The people are begin-
ing to find out that we have along the
shores ot the Arrow lakes some of the
linest land for fruit raising that there
is in British Columbia,
On Sunday morning, freight engine
No -101, run into a rook slide at the
summit, fortunately very little damage
was done.
L. I'. McDoiignld spent Friday in
    . • a* •
Silver is at li-lj, cupper nt IHc, and
London prices of load £15:15.
It is stilted capital has been secured
to dike up the Ciinynnbelt mine on
Seymour river, just west ol the Big
Bend. This mine wus only located
last year and was bonded for f-J-lll.llt.O
within n few months after discovery.
J. D. Sibbald, managing director ol
the Kevelstoke and MoOullough Creek
Hydraulic Company, arranged while
in the east for resuming operations on
tlie property nnd will send in supplies
as soon as possible. Work will probably be begun abntit the beginning ol
The Canadian Metal Company,
Limited, owners uf the Frank and
Pilot Buy smelters, have through their
local agent, E, A. Haggan. M. E,,
bunded from Capt. Armstrong, the
Oiant mine at Spilliniochene, East
Kootenay. This is n low-grade lino-
silver-lead property, but there is a
large amount of uro in sight on the
mountain side, the ore-body being
about 200 feet wide, The ore will be
mined by quarryiug, a concentrator
built, and the concentrates wil be
shipped to the company's smelten at
Frank und Pilot Bay. The mini is
wilbin two miles oi the Columbia
river, and the ore-body is exposed for
an elevation ol aboul inn feet. The
amount of the bond is !f 100,000.
Th,- Review   lays   " The Carl	
Creek Syndicate have announced their
intention ,-i organising themselves
into n joint stock company, The
syndicate own thc Mohican group ,-i
clainfi on Gainer crock and hav - dono
considerable developmenl work. Al
present a long tunnel ii being driven
to tap tin- ,-r,.- body il n depthol aboul
400 feet,'
The oloan-up of the Iv » wai -f-'i'iuu
lor March.
The Minor say-. Th,- drifts on the
Silver Dollar are now in 100 feet on
either side of tho orosiout tunnel.
They are seven feci, wide, lie- pay
-hoot being the full width nf the
(bills, the wall of the vein showing nn
linlh aides. The vein is (roe tpiartu
containing a large amount of Iron nnd
bunches of likely looking galena."
A number of men are leaving f,.r
thl Bciilriia- mine In resume nporn.
nlinns. Tlie cunlriiclurs who have
been working in Hie initio for lho |,iihI
few months did exceptionally good
work which Iihb domonstrntod beyond
doubt that the Beatrice is a rich property and a big otio Ul thai.—Miner.
The Money Saving
Work Saving Soap
That's Royul Grown kind-
made in Vancouver—Lirgcst
Snap Factory wesl nf Winnipeg. House oli'tinliig and
iviisiiii.gareonsy with its help.
And the nionoy saving is Ibe
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give for
Royal Crown Wrappers. Send
for it—Free-—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C,
Pleases ouery smoker the " Maroa
MOTICK Is lioroby glvou iluii- thirty dnys
.> niter dato] Iutond to apply in llm I'liml"
Pummlsslonorof Lands nud Work- for upooinl
liconso to mi nnttonrn away liiulmrfnuu tin*
following described lauds nlliiaN in North
linst Kootwiaj district, H.C.;
I. Commencing ul a imsl jiIiiiiIikI oni) mile
wosl from the Tool ..i Klubtukol Liikeaud
ubout-B8eliahiHsnnth of tha Columbia Ilivor
ninl iioirkiicl "K. MoBouu's south oast cornor."
liionco wait80 clmiiis, llienee norlli 80 chains,
tlionco onsl BOclialuF, tlionco south 811 ohains to
poiutof commencement.
Dated this Nth day of March, MB.
'1. Commonolug at a posl nliiiiloil on tlio
uortli -.iili! of the Columbia Rivor, about 2M
mill's from Hid font of KIiihfi>k»t Uko, and
marked "E. MoBoan's soutli oasl corner.''
thenco north KM) chains, thonco wost-10 chains,
thonco south nm clmins, thonco onst 40 chains
to iln* point of commencement.
Dated this 22nd day of March, VM.
!•;, ttoBEAN.
8. Commenolng at a post planted ubout *.i of
ii mill) north of (ho Columbia Iti ver about'JM
miles from llm root of Ktnbnskol Uko mid
markod "E. MoBoan's south wost corner,!1
thenco north so chaini. thonce east 80 ohnlns,
thenco south 80 chains, thonce west 80 ohains to
point of coiiitneiiccmienl.
Datod this 22nd day of March, 1005.
■I. Commonolng nt u post plnntod on tho
north sido of tlio Columbia Rfvor, justuboto
lho mouth of Cummins Creek, nml marked "E.
MoBoan's north oust cornor," thenco -south 80
ohains, theuce wost so chains, thonco north su
chains, thenco east 8) chains to point of com*
Dated llm 15th day of March, 11HW.
5, Commencing at a post plnntod ou the
north sido of tho Columbia Uivor about l'/j
miles licliiw iln* mouth of Cummins Crook, and
marked "E. Mclloan's uortli east corner,"
liionco south 8() chains, thenoo west UUcluiins.
thenco north 81) chaius, thenco east SO chains tc
tho point of commencement,
Dated this loth day of March, liXW.
days after dale I intenil to .apply to the
chief Cominlsslonor of Lands uud works fora
special liconso to out and earry away timber
from tbe following described lands :—
I. Commonolng at a post nbout IT chains
north and about S1; miles from tin mouth of SI
Loon creek, marked "II. (1. Bobbins' uortli
wost corner, thoreo soutli 100 chains, thonce
east 10 chains, thonco north 160elinlns, thonco
wosl 10chains to point of commencement
'J. Commencing at a post about "0 chains
north ami V mile- from mouth of St.Leoti
neek. marked "H. (1 Bobbins'north wostcor-
ner," thonco -outh 80 chaius, oast 80 chains.
tlionco north 80 clmins, theuco west 80 chains to
point of commencement.
'l Commonolng at a post about Ifi chains
south and 0 milos from mouth of St. Loon
crook, thonoo west w> chains, tbouce north mi
chains, thence onst 8n chains, ihenco south 80
ehains to point of commoncomont,
Datod thli MurclUiWO,
....   '■', Bholp, Anent.
N'otlco Is hereby given that thirty days after
date l Intend to apply to the chief t'ommtS'
ilonerof Lauds and Works fur a special license
i(M*iii snd carrv away timber Irom the following described lands, situate IntheOsoyoos
Division ol Yale District:
1. Commencing al a p<«i planted on the
west bank of the north fork of Cherry Creek,
about eight milos up tho creek, running ea*t
100 chains, north •'■ chains, weal 60 chains,
south i" chain-, wesl i" chains, south lu chains
to poini of commencement,
March 38th, li"'..
2. Commencing at a post shout one*qu&rter
of ,i mile from the wi -: I ank of the north fork
of Cherry Creek and about nine m
'■reek, runnli R oasl " ch I■■:-. tl ■'     i    I i
west aOchali A chains top
M        9th, 1906.
:t.  Commencing at a pom     ■ ■* '
■hi' ea*l  bank  I
■    '   ■   . --:-..
runniiiK nor': ■    h Un     ral
SO■ halns, ■-!■' •■ ence
■' -■;.'.
Uar     Otl    •*
I   M u KEN2IS
i   i omn
mile from
... .
g cast 11
wesi IfiO chs lib i to poinl m
,i  it MA< KI
.-   ,t ., |rf.]    aboul    mi * •■■'
noi Lh bank of tl
mlli - up the
nek rum li     >-:
,\. m|   Iffl i halns,   outh  10 ol
Uar     ■
■   I Mi'UKLL
■ ■ i ■ .     i /   .    i  i-.. i  ribi ■
mile from south hanli <i    foi -   '
*       ■■ -.i  i.      ■-,','
■ iui nf commei ■ ■
Uaicl  , ■     •-
■.I- K R ( tMPBEl
..  < "i mi Ing il   ■ , -■
■ ■     .. ntliu
"i -i irtl '■■ ■  ind   he north fo
i ir_nli mil ..I, the outh banli
of ihe north fork running louth -'
, i    north 30 chain
poinl of commcncemenl
M,,.    nth - ",
Hopnii   I,, Boots and si,,,,-*. Harness,
lleltiiii/. etc., promptly made.
Next All     Jewell v Store, Mi Ken
/i,- Avenue, Kevelstoke.
Arrowhead, B. C.
Charmingly situated on the shores
of Arrow Lake,
(jn,,,| Tn,ni. Fishing,
Hunts always fnr hire,
Sample llnimis in connection,
First-clous linuso for Tourists and
Coiniiiorcbil men,
W. J. lightburne, Proprietor
Tenders for a Liconso to Cut Tlmbei1
on Dominion Lands tn the Province of British Columbia.
DEALED TENDERS nddrossod to tho Timber
n   and  Minos  Branch,  Dtipurlmont   of  Ihe
interior, and marked mi ihe ouvolopo " Tender
for Timber Borlli No, 177," will bo rocolvod nl
Ihis Department tint il noon mi Wcdnosdny, tho
Dili day nf May, 1000, for a licenso to cut
timber on Herth Nu. 17. Minute in lho Province
■ntriti-.li Columbia, iu nbout Township UTi,
Rango20, Wost of tho&tli Meridian, commono-
gntthotutorsootlnii of Silver t'rookliyihn
East bouuilary id Towilbhip abovo montioued;
thonco ur snid Creek Iwo and oun-i|iiurtnr
milos indirect distance, with a depth on West*
orly sido of BOohnins, nnd on tho Easterly side
Ll)chains, measured at right aimlos to tho wn-
oral boariug of suid Creek within tbo berth,
containing an area of l-isi-niiro milos, mure or
less, hut oxclinlini; tliorufr-iiiit any portion id
Township '-■>• llaihiM 28, Wosl of the -Mli
The regulations under which a iicoie-n will he
issued, also printed forms id Lcmdor and envelope, may lm obtained al this Doparlmenl or
al tlio olilco of the Crown Timber AgOtltnl
Now Wostniinslor, B.C.
Each tender must ho accompanied by an
ncooptod cheque ou a chartered bank iu favour
t tho Deputy of tho Minister of thn Interior,
for tho amount id thn bonus which tbe applicant is prepared tu pay for a liconso.
No louder by (olograph will ho entertained.
Departmoutofthe Interior,
Ottuwa, Maroh 29lh, 1006.
VTOTICE is horoby glvon that 110 days
i\ aftor dato we intend to.ipply tothe Honorable tlio Chief Commissioner of Lands nud
Works for a spocial liconso to cut uud carry
away timber from lho following doscrihod
lauds, situatod In Wost Kootenny District:
Commencing at a pest marked "It. Itlyth and
(). It. Kirk's north cast comer post,' planted
abolition yards nortli of Cusson Creek aud about
U miles from Mosquito Creek, thence west 4»
chains, thence south 40 chains, tlience east 120
chains, thence north Hi chains to point of coin
me nee me n l.
0, B.  K1HK.
Dated sutli March, l!)(Nl.
Buck Brand
come in every wanted style
nnd material. All are cure-
fully cm anil; o fcctly sized.
Por ., ipearance, o.,so and
dlli-ill,Illty Ihoy have nn
equal . . Wo alsu carry
n won lerfully fine line uf
IV ock iiwinon's (J I oves,
Socks anil Shirts   ....
VANCOUVER,    B.    C.
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
I'luinpl delivery of pawla, ha«)!''i|i'
to,, lo any pari nf tho City.
Any Kind of Transferring
Win»; Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
iind Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
ToaRorvtooB IFlowur I'oui
I'lnlc Uinlirulla Statiila
llaskcls l.iim-ii UiuikoUl
('lino t'liaiis Siiiiiliiiii,' .Ituiki'tJi
llanilliiriiliii-ls Silk Uootls.
GOLD fish
Kitiesl. -tuck uf cilililii-s anil fruits 111 town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
dnys after dato I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase the followiiiK doscribod lands, situate in the Rovelstoko Division
of West Kootenny District;—
Commonolngntn post nluntod ou the east
bank of tho Columbia Itivnr. about one half
milo north of tho mouth of Carnes ('rook, and
marked "O.J.B's South Wost Corner Post,"
theuco oast fit) chains; thonco north 80 clmins;
theuce wesl 00 chains, be Mm same moro or loss,
to tho oast bank of tlm Columbia Rivor; thenco
fulhiwiiiK the mounderiiiK.-. of tho Columbia
Rivor in a Southerly direction to tho point of
commoucemout, containinf," 4S0 acres moro or
Datod this twonty-ninth day of March, A.I).
Ap.-I2m. C.J. RUMENS.
NOTICE !s hereby given that sixty days after
date I intend to apply to the  Hon.  Chief
Commissioner of Lands ami Works for permission
to purchase the fu]ln\viiin ileserllieil lands for
pastoral purposes, same being situated near
Galena Itay, adjoining Lots 2.46, 7044 and 783,
described as follows;
Commonolng at the|soiith-eaat comer {of Lot
2446, thence north to north-east comer of l.et
244.S, thenco east40cliAtiiSi*theme seuth 80,fchains
to Let 7044, llienee) west, 40 chains to point of
Febinaiyi20, itinti.
142 up 'is
i hereby given that 80 days afterdate
, intend to apply to the Honorable tho chief
ner ot Lands and Works f.ir peril ind earry away timber from tbo
I   I.--. rih'*il lands situated in West
si h post planted cm the
Ith creek abouiS^ miles from
■.- ii anil mafked "JS. J. John -
ion's i   rth east corner post," thence south m
:,-  ihem e wesl SO chains, tbenee north wi
:.- ■■ east -» chains to the point ol
■   "-' planted on tbe
nonth side ol Hi Ith erpek about 'i1-, miles from
■  i      ■ ■  , -    - tnd marked "K, J. John-
■  * ' thence smith >sil
■I ',   thence north ni
■      i-' iln    i'i  nu- {iiiiiii   ol
1  planted on  the
li . miles fnnn
■   ' ■ i ind marked ■ K. i JoHn-
hi nee outh B0
ll  tic north W
! -      ■ -.- ui the point 'll
■    la i mi the
. i,. i   from
and I    i-        I'.i'ik-
hem'   ■■■'iiii -ii
ne north 8
nt W i batn   to ihi  potnl o(
■ .-■ ■: nn tin-
. ml let from
.'. ■•    k  i   lohn
.,- -I- ■     i_th ■'
■ --   mini, tbeneenorlh ^
i nt ol
■-I on the
- mill- In,m
. ' ■ r snd marked   r   I   lohn
, - ni' "mm Wi
;.   - ■ ■«. chains, them i north   u
•■ -   pa ii* '.'
■ menl
i ■ .-'..| on the
'and       -   i    k, i John-
i ence north 40
sins, I ' honn  o ith W
-.1 ■ .,    [folnl nl
',ii,m mc ■
v  i pon planted on ibe
-outh <ei" il   .        ■■  - iIkj il i , i •■■ from
the' n nmbls t ind mai ki -i K J. lohn-
i ■ ■ ■ rti'-r poii tbones north m
ehains, the wc wesl IW ehafns-tni m outh
10 chain -ti' nm earn K-" i halns lotho point nl
■..   i ■   ■ einent,
i • .-nn',- m ina nt ,1 posl plantod on tha
innth side of im\h ntm aboutoj^ milos from
th,' Columbia rivor and marked MK J lohn
ion's south cast ■ orner poit." thonoo north io
chains ihenco wesl IflOchftlni thonoosouth 10
i halns, thoneo nasi ififlehalm to the point ol
10 Commeneing ni » poii planted on tha
north Hide of lie* north fork of Hmltli ofpflk,
ni i fttjj mllun from lho Ooliimblfl river md
eiirked   K. .1. .liihnSOn'S SOlltll cmikI. corner."
hence norih BOclmlni, ihence wnalM chains,
hence loiilh 80 clmins, thonoe OMI mu elm ins
i.i iie' place of conimcncomoiil,
liiiiiui March II, I00B.I
days after dale I intend to apply tn the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and works for a
special license to eul aud carry away timber
frum tbo following described lands In West
Kootenay District ;-
1 Commencing at a post marked "It. Itlyth
and (-. 11, Kirk's smith wesl comer post," plunteil
about lOh yards west of Mosquito Creek, tbenee
north SO cliiiins. thence east 80 chaius, llienee
south tin chains, Ihence west HU chains tw point of
2. Commencing at a postmarked "11. Blyth
and C. It. Kirk's south east corner post." planted
about 180(1 yards west of Mosquito Creek, tlience
north sO chains, thence west sn chains, thence
smith 80 chains, tlience east 80 chaius to point of
Dated March ;.rd, IWO.
Tenders for a License to Gut Timber on
Dominion Lands ln the Province
of British Columbia.
HEALED TENDERS addressed to the Timber
>j nnd Mines Branch, Department of tho
Interior, and marked on tho envelope "Tender
for Timber Berth No. 478," will be received at
this Department until noon on Wednesday, the
9th day of May. 1000, for a license to cut
timber on Berth No. 478, situate in the Province
of British Columbia, in about Township 27,
Range 2, Wost of the 6th Meridian, commenc-
ing at a point on the Nortli Fork of Carnes
Crook, where tho same is intersected by the
Northerly boundary of Timber Berth No. 467,
(said berth being half a mile deep on the northerly side of Carnes Creek) tbenee unsaid North
Fork of siid Carnes Creek, three milos indirect
distnnce, with a depth of ono mile on tbe north
westerly -ddo thereof, measured nt right anfjlos
to the general bearing of snid North Fork within Iho berth, containing nn area of .'I square
miles, moro or less,
Tho regulations under which a licenso will be
issued, also printed forms of tender and enve-
lope, may Iw obtained at this Department or
at tho otlico of tho Crown Timber Agent nt
New Westminster, B. C.
Kach tender must be accompanied by an
accepted chei)iie on a chartered bank in favour
of the Deputy of the Minister of the Interior
for the amount of Ihe bonus which the applicant is prepared to pay for a license.
No tender by telegraph will be entertained.
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa. March 29th, 1906,
The Prince Mining and
Development Company
in llll: Sltlltl I... I I,lilts ,,f rilK I'lllNI li AllMMI
im, lir,n:i,,i|,iii;-.r Ciilrisr, l.linltml l.liiMlltj-
tMatoko, H.I,, K0I1, mill, iiim.
n.,i„>. In Iteraliy given ih.ii ili„ Animal M,-„tini;
,,i,ti,. si, 1,..in,1,ini. ol Uie Prince Minimi ami lie.
,,.|,.|,  Company, l,itnli,-,l l.inliiiiiv, uill Ihi
ii.-iii ii Hi, nan/I (nil'-,-, Pim nir,.,.|, iii.ii.|
,l.,,k,-,   II   C ,  „n  \V,',lti,-.,liiy,  II,,-  nil, ilny,,(
March, I l>   IBM.al lho li„ur,,( two n'olook in
,i,< ,ii<-ri f,.ril„- |ni![ii..i. nf aloc-tlno, ""I'-'-",
lm Hi,  -  :•-■" anil f-i, .ui nthor inirpmoi
n-l.,ii,,(!t„ tl i.ni.iir,-,n,*iil ul lltr- i'..mj,„n.v.
Hn. I,.,,,-!,,. Hoot, ot tlioCuinpauy uill ImcIokoiI
.I.iiiiii-It,,, (nnil,.,-,, iluys  iiiinli>,li:ii,<ly  |,r,',',,,||ii|i
■ 1,1 h iiicnlllin,
n,„.i  ti  fionlitJiko, 11 i' Un- loth ,l«y „l
1 t„ •,,, , 1  11   ,001)
11    l:IH, HV
I' lonl
,1  M sciiT'l',
ll„-  il..,,.-  , iini- l,,» 1,,'iin   ii,li,„irii,-,l   tl
lUinla) IprJI ml, ,' - n.tn.
In  ,iii,„i  Itirno nofllti I nn nikliitt „i,t tli,<
'-,„„.. nl it,,- vi., I In anil I uill nol l«
r,-|in, I- lor ,11) ,|-l,t. Ii,i-I-,| l,y Willi I'liin
1... -1
Null' I--. 1. horoby given Hint Hlxiy.li..-..-.ri.r
ilii-1 Intoml i„,i|,|,l)!„ilt„rl,l,,li:„mmi-,
ilonof,,( I,i,ii,1. nml IV'nk. [„r |,ormissli,i, to |„n
il,;is- III-|„||.,» ili||,l-S.lil.-,||;il|,ls .... I h.- (-.,1.11.1-
I1I1 rivor. North Winl K-i-m,,-
I „„„,i„it,-lnitnt.,1 poat ,,'illiin ti»„,1inln. „l tlm
A nml K. railway in," almitt lln,-,- inil--, north ol
Arniii'li,-,i,l, miirki>,l l-',.A. ItnitU'-n'. «,„itli w-st
cornor pint." tltonrn nnrtli 10 chaTni, thonce ,-n.t
10 ,-ImIik, thonce math 10 flmlni, thonco a„.t,o
chaini to place nl oonnnoncoinonl.
I,,!,,I iiniii naii. nm;
K, A. lUiiilK.N.
Cold Range lodgo, K. of P.,
Ro. 20, Rewolstolm, B. C.
MEKTrt KVP.RV wr.liNr-.sn.IV
in ud.llcll.iwa' ll'ili ot s
O'clock Vtslllni- Ktili-lil.. an-
i-nrillally nvitcil.
E. W. 11. PAUET, t;.t:.
O. n, linoCK, K. of H. (18.
H. A. BROWN, M. of P.
Kootenny LodKo No. 15 A P.ft A.M.
Tlio r-iinlnr incol-
inn- am lield In the
Mn-Ollic      T, lllllll-.
nlil Kollowi Balf.on
tin l.liliil Monday lo
,-ai-li ninntli at s
ji.in. ViwltinKbroth-
ri-ti  niirdialiy   wol
SELKIRK LODdK. NO 12,1,0.0. F.
Moots ovory Trmmdft.
ovonlnglnUilil Follows
lllall nl s o'lilM-k
1 Visiting liri-tlireii c.i,r
ll.MAC.lliiNAI.li, N.II.
I have Htarted a perruaiicnt Wond
Yanl on Third street. With mv past
experience I hope to he In a position
toHaiisfy nil rei'iiiii'iucniri nf customers, Dry curd wuud kept iu stuck nud
stinplicd iu any longllu nt reduced
prices for cash,
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders Inr Beef and Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and small goods
will receive prompt attention.
Something Pure
If you are looking lor Pure
Honey we have just opened up
a consignment nf   Ontario
in 1 Hi. boxes, or in 5 lh. cans
"Guaranteed I'ure."
Our Canned Hnnds are second
to none, and more than that
we "Guarantee every Can.'
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paia
F.  B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Richard R. Copeland
Mantles, Shelving, (Storm   Dunra, etc
Jobbing Promptly Attendml To
Third Street East,
Bevels! uke
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under (he new iiinnagi>ini.|ii]nf
Harry MoIntosh, Hoffman  llousa
mill'', MEDICAL WATKIIS of Ilul-
.L rynii are the most curat ive in the
world. A perfect, nntiiiftl remedy for
nil Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Sl.oiuiii-.li ailments
and Metallic Poisoning, jV -uire cure
for "That Tired Keeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails airive and depait every day,
Telegra h romnuiiiicalinu with all
llllllis of the world.
Terms-$12 to $18 per week.   For
fonlier piii'ticnliirs apply lo
HAiuiY Mcintosh
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotv Lake, B. C
Best Firewood in the City.
Shipment of Chinese Canaries Juit received -Prices from S2 to $5 eaoh
Front Street, Revelstoke
Cnmpletor Mineral Claim,
Situate in the Arrow Lake Mining; Ilii hioii of
West Krmtenay Pletrict.
' Wliero lncnteili-Noaridie Neeilles na the Lower
Arrow Lake,
Take notice that I. Kenneth L. Unmet, ajti-nt
fnr Aunii, Kclllher (Ailininistriitm f„r tlie estate
(,( P. II. Kclllher ileoeaseil), Special Free Miner'a
''ertlflt-ato Nn. r,27fi intend, eixly ilays from the
■luli, herein*, to apply to tlio Mining ltecnnler for
a CertiHcate nf Imprnvoiiieiita, fnr the purpose of
rilitaining a Crown Urant nf the almvo claim.
Anil fnrtliei tako notice that action, under See
tion 37, must be commenced hefore tho Issuance
of such Certlttrato nf Improvements.
Ilatetl this Fifteenth day nf Felimary, HUM,
Kurtz's Pioneer Cigar Factory
148, Cordova SI,, W.
VANCOUVER, -  •  B. C.
Dn Ynu reco'v,) ywn ^Al1'"
11 nit a I, i) regularly
and "on lime?"   If not, kindly
notify  tlm  olliee  nl once, wither
inini II! or by postal.
Nurseries, Greenhouses & Seed Houses
SKKUS. Koworop now In stuck nnd on lest
in nm- Kri-eiilmiises. Ask i-fnir merchant for
llll'lll in sealcl pni-kllKl-s. If In- itoi-N not llillnll,,
Iiniii wn will lllllll (id imsnrloil, Ac pllckoU nf
vogolnblo nml llnwcr semis (nur nwi. selection.
tillable fnr II. I.'. Kiirdunal for $1,111. Special
nrlooi mi your Inilk Booda,
MENTAL TIIKKH now ready for spiltiK
I'.il, n ni,,' sl.Hik of two nnd I liri-ii-yiiiii- Apple
Ticca at. I2H.III Iter Ml, IISO.IIl per 1,000 | Mny
mini i'i,inis, st.in eiuih: IUiliaii Prune, two.
year, floe, ii'i.Hi per I'll; Suanr Prone, two
year, lino, fmni i er llll.
Full list of other stuck nt rcKlllnr prloca. No
expense, lo.s or delay of fiiiniKnlion or
1ml mo price your ll»l ooforo plaolng your
Oroonliqiuo I'lniiu,, Hor Work, Doe Supplies,
Fruit I'ncknac*, Fi-rllllzcrs, etc,
Nl.  J,  HENRY
3010, WiSTIIINSTI.il ROAD, VANllll VliR, B, C,
Mrs. H. ,1, lla.ihury Mnnngress.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
Lnrita Dininrtriioni for
Hninimits, Supiiors, oto.
Furnished Rooms To Let.
Certificate of Improvements.
Pcucock M".'».ral Claim, situate in tho Hovel-
BtokoMtoliiit Division ol Woit Kootonnj
Where located i-At tundurd Basin, in the
Uill fiend,
TAKE NOTICB that I. II. Sniilh, Freo
Miner'si Certificate No. BUrKIM, acting ai aieut
Mj,-' Juaegs,?"• Ui£"'s CartlOeate No.'
II mil 0 E. Rolllnion. Free Miner's Certil-
cate No. II ISMS nud Wm. M. Beaton's Fre.
Mioer's Cerllllcuto No. B 801S5, Intend silly
days from dote hereof to apply to Uie Minina
Hocnnlor (or a Certiflcate of Improienioute for
tlio purpose of obtaining a Crown Urant of Ihe
above claim,
And further, take notice, that nation under
Section .17, must be commenced bofore Ihe
issuance of such Cortlllcnte of Improvement!..
Doted this Second day of April. A.D., 1909.
Ap- I-*"          R. SMITH.
Certificate of Improvements.
Martha Jano Fraction and   Mlnto Mineral
Claims, situate in the Kevelstoke Mining
Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located :-At Standard  BaBin.   Bin
TAKE NOTICE that I, H. Pmith, Free
Mllinr 8 ( ertlfloate No, II 885,25, Mtlag as agent
for tho Prince Mining nnd Devoloiiment ("om-
pany. Limited LiabiHly; Free Miner's CertlH.
cats No. II 8818a, Intond siity days from date
hereof to, apply to tho Mining llecorder for
(ordllcatos of Improvements for (he onrnoso
ol 'obtaining Crown Urants of the above
And further, tako notice, that action under
Socliiin ,17, must Iio commenced before the
issnniicp of such Cortillcntes of Improvements.
Datod this Sociinil day of April, A. D., 1(K1«.
AM-Um. R. SfdlTH.
nftordiito I intend hi apply to the Hon. Chlof
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a niiecial
llconse to cut aud carry away timber from the
following described Innds, situate at or near
the Standard Basin, Rovelstoko district.
Commenolng at a post planted about 1) milts
nortli of Standard Mine, and marked "C.J.
Bs.South.,, est Corner Post": thence north 100
chains t thenoe east 10 chains | thence south
160 ohnlns; thence wosl 10chaini to the place
id commencement.
Dated tho Socood day of April A,D„ 1006.
NOTICE is hereby given that 30 days after dale
we Intend to apply to the linn. The Chlet
Cnniniisslnnernf Lands anil Works for a Hpeclal
Licenso tn cut mul carry aivny liniln-r trow the
folluwing iloscrllmil luiiils.
1. Cniiilnclicliig nt a put planted Hi chillis
nnrtli from the smith west, cornin- ot hit No. Slid
anil marked "A. L. Cn'a, N. W, corner pusl,"
thence smith 8(1 chains, 80 chains east, HO chains
north, so cliains west to point of commencement.
Untod thli mini day of March, 11108.
9. Cnininencliig at a post planted t«i chains
..wilt fr. .in the south west corner of lot No, tail
nml marked "A. L. Cn'i. Southwest corner nost,"
tlieiira 80 chains north, 80 chains east, en chaini
smith. Sll chains west t„pnltit n( cnmiueitcement.
Diilml Ihls until ilny ol March, 11)08,
NOTICE Is hereby given that thirty day*
ii lor dato we Inland to apply to the Hon,
I hioftiimnilssliinerof Lnnds and Works lor a
spocln license Ui cut and carry away Umber
from the following doscribod lands in Ihe Dili
Irictiif West Kootenny!
1. Ciiniineiicliuata post marked -'Arrowhead
l.uuilicr Oo,, Ltd. North-west corner pusl," planted
imar tin, mouth ,,! Deep Creek near the slmro nf
Upper Arrow Ijikc: thonce south so chains! thenco
easl sn elinlns; thence north 80 chains; tlience west
SO chains lo the point id i-iiinineiiceiiietit.
2. Commenolng at a post marked '"Arrowhead
l.nmlterCii., Lid. Norlh-ivost corner post' planted
alma! llll chains smith from tlm  nl h id ii,m,i
Creek where It empties inti. Upper Arrow Lake;
thence south so clmins; thenco east 80chains:
theuce north Ml chains; thence wost 80 ohnlns to
the point of commencement,
Dalcil this 7th day ol March, A, II., Ilioj.
and Copyrights
obtained In all countries.
I obtained In all co
Registered Patent Attorney
Mechanical Attorney and Engineer.        '
Room 3, Fiilrllcld.Hlo.ik, Granville at., near IMI
A ptK.tcord will wicuro nn evening appoint
iiiciti lor .iioso who cannot call during, l in,- dar THE MAIL-HERALD, BEYEIiSTOKIi 11. 0,
tnbt n
Copper Property Near Golden
to be Operated.
While in the east E. A. Bradley
completed the deal for thc copper
property on Warren creek, at Spilli
macliene, north ol Golden, This is
snid to be one of tho best showings ul
coppor ore in Kootenay. The property
is owned by G. 8. McCarter, 0.1).
Huar, A. McLean and A, F. Macaulny.
Tho purchase price is largo. Develop
ment work will probably bo started on
tho property at an early dnte,
In connection with the deal for the
Giant in the samo vicinity, this should
be good news Ior Golden and bring
better times there,
4 Ul.d.e/e  Tl.w   af tha   ifeuej   fowl
•I Qraeaw„a4.
Down la a utile pocket lies Ureeth
wood, the scanoy town of the Yankton
Battoo. To th* nortli th* barren
-rise grad-dally away to tti Terse
i iicmtlon, thirty miles away;
to Ike weal and wet the tills; In front,
tlm hravi -aattt-s al the Missouri, (nil
ba&ktd atU powerful of flow.
Titers w* quite a number of neat
wMu i-aalesaoaa scattered along down
lh* UUI* T»lley, the Ooveramenl
schools, Ik* denominational schools,
lh* UtU* skivohes, and th* laift white
bouse WW* Ik* *(ent lives giving
sous skow si ai-ohlleoturiil Importance
to tie* tlaoe. Thay patrol the rsserva-
tlea Is/ Ihslr «wa polios, a sturdy,
Insa-eyed lot, and yet not alias*
saougrh svamarlaally to cop* with lb*
aoAiatMH sad lbs boomers. Thar* ll
Bo end at iatarast ln watching tbe Iv
dtans awn* la th* pest or tha ajenojr
star* |» tnd*.
Whaa aft Itdlu wants aayfhlng bs
wants It sad K doesn't make any dlf-
teranc* wist It costs. I Imagine some
of Iks Hoale w*o sell goods to the In-
dtu* tit aware of tbt faol. Thousands 1901 thousands of dollars are
MM snit, usay thoiisande of them the
rear (krough to these Indians, and, If
aw Is ta Judge by lbs way the Indians
spend their nonay be must And ampl*
reason §t seriously considering, Whal
will the "u-disas do when they bava
steal ill their Governmental money?
Aajr an* Wba taken even a oureorf
tlew af tbe relation between tha India, and the Government must las convinced there I* something re.dtaa.llr
wioof tat thia money giving. While
thews Indian* era not paupers, (hey
are people who, ln a very large number of osaaa, are utterly Improvident
Tha giving af laj-ga suau of maney t*
af Ala olsss I* nothing less
1 mendicancy.
that a praatum aa mi
Tka maa «_• has lived Ills lit*
strung tka mauatala* may bava soma
eoaalinbH falsa af aauWenr, Vat ha
la a blind man ta lnagnlflosat dla-
tsaesa, Ul Um stand »' light or as
twilight daapana and tha oreaotnt of
tk* maea Is banging low In the sky,
and ass iiathkif before htm hut the
Illimitable prairie and nothing above
lbs raddsak hrowo, graseea but th* sky
and Ha anewnrng stare, and no sound
tat tka ollck of the horses' hoofs or the
whir at a big aralrle hen's wings dr
the sharp, ugly metallic rasping of a
rattlesnake's warning In the buffalo
grass try the wayside—then will he be-
(In to lean something of grandeur of
soother tre*.
Hour by hoar w* steer our craft fo*
tha north star, steadily shining before
us. Far la the distance, miles away,
ws se* tka dtra glimmer *t a light,
asykap 1 boomer's lantern strung
•top his wagon pole to burn the night
through, possibly the lamp tn the window of sons Indian's sod hut The
tired horses begin to show the strain
af trawl, far thoy have been covering
a elity-mlle course since 8 o'clock ln
the morning. By my side sits "Al"-
Al Lyen. Everybody knows him ln
this county, for he hu driven stage
arar ihe whole region roundabout
from fankton to the north of Montana. Re tells many a stirring tale of
lh* early daya; he has made the long
Jauwl pleaaurable by hie unaffeoted
neJMiar. A capital story teller, and
tha last man In tha world to bs hero
io his own story.
"Now, sir, you'ra h th* United
State* once more," he says, as ws
pass a atone and a furrow. Still w»
have four miles to cover before we pull
Op la Armour, the nearest railroad
-Point t* tha reservation, and It is 9
a'clask when the long drive ends.
Whan one rides for a hundred mites
through South Dakota and passe*
Haver a road of It where one may not
see the bounding Russian thistle piled
m against fences, lllline; the ditches
along tha railroad, he begins to realize
something of what these farmers are
contending with, f* many cases farms,
by dint of much la'u.r. havo been clear-
od of the post* that the ploughing and
Iho crop planting may proceed, hm
even with all this pains, unless he
hns a fence that reaches well up ta
the moon, tbe farmer in nnl free from
Un danger.—Mlnaeapolln Jourr '
rapleln. III. linn liiul, a-
In Ireland the peasantry stin use '.lis
arord "killed" In its original sense, con-
tsylsg the Idas of serious Injury.rathei
thai ieatk. Thus the frequenters ol
frisk eourta will often hear a wittiest
awsar li assault cases that he wil
"klit entolrely." »n amusing InBtan -,
(1 which tha word was used ln that
senss appears In a report of a case
recently tried ln Sllgo. An old man,
who had been assaulter!, was being at-
antlnsd by a young and lneitperleni:«d
barrister, who was conducting the prosecution. "And were you stunned
(when you were knocked down?" ho
asked. "Was I what, yere honor?"
asked tka witness. "Stunned," repented the barrister. "Shtire, I don't
know what yes mane, sor." "Wero
you rendered Insennlhlof" "Sliure,
what's Insensible, at all, at all?" the
witness asked, his face showing clearly that he was perplexed, "I'm afraid
I -cannot gat any good of this stuplf
witness, my lord," snid the counsel
'Let ma try him," Bald the Judge.
Come, my good msn, did they kill ynii
aow?" The face of the witness bright
pied up and he exclaimed: "l-'ulx, that
Ihey did entolrely, me lord,"
A I-'alllitiil Neuif lis.
"It Ib easy to break off with a ico-
arau, Jack; dun't worry so. Don't tell
her a thing. Simply disgust her witi
yourself. Stop sending her dowers
and knii'knaclvs; dun't take her out bo
much, and when you do, praise up somo
other woman lo her; a girl hates that!
and keep her guessing as to what yuu
think of her.
"I have tried It and know. My old-
time sweetheart, Frances Grayson, ia
now thn *lfe of a far hotter man than
myself ind the happy mother ot a
charming boy."
"I believe I will try It, old man. Bul
I am fond of the girl In a way, ami if
you hear of our marriage you can kuuw
I lost head"
Ben Mallory and Jack Downs had
known one anothor bul a month, yet
In that short time had developed a llrm
friendship that only the coutldcnco of
youth can Install. They were both
strangers In iu i-lty and brother lawyers ln tbe s.foi- firm, which addod to
their congeniality.
Jack was aa only child, adored by
his parents, while Ben waa one of a
large family of two marriages, whoso
place In his home numerous half-
brothers and sisters Usurped. For I1I11
own people he cured little and seldom
6poke of them. Yet If Hen Mallory ever
truly loved a being on earth, he loved
his sweet Utile half-sister, Kitty
Kempster. She waa now at college and
had lately ceased to write to her big,
handsome brother as often as was hcl
Jack's next letter said: "Ben, I am
free. After all. 1 am nol happy. I wish
1 had been square with the little girl,
She let mo dowu hard. Mother has net
her heart on my marrying on heiress
in town, but of the two the little girl
mils me best."
"That fellow Is a fool," murmured
Ben, as he unfolded a small missive
from home, "lle loved that girl and
didn't know It."
Hen smoothed out his home letter
ami read:
"Dear Ben: Can't you come homo?
Kitty does not seem happy. The child
never complains, but she seems lo lie
slowly failing away. She always love,
you, and you might cheer her up a bit.
Two dayB later Ben sat in Kitly'a
cozy sitting room, with the bright Hie-
light shining on her pale little face
and reflecting the tears In her honest
gray eyes.
Hen drew her down beside him on a
divan. "Tell me all about It, little
girl,' he said.
"There is not much to tell," she
whispered, nestling close in his strong,
loving arms, as a tired child might do
when weary with play.
"I loved him, lien. Oh, I did lnvf
film so! He was kind and true ut first,
and then he seemed to grow moody and
sullen, and often cruel. 1 didn't understand at Hrst."
Ben shuddered M a strange feeling
of horror crept into his heart.
Ben's face had lost Its gentle exprr-3-
elon, and with stern, set features ha
stared at the polished floor.
"What Is hie name, and who Is ho?'
His hard voice startled the girl.
"Jack Downs. I met him at college,"
answered Kitty.
Ben Mallory sank back among -Mia
soft cushions, whils a look of pltlal :e
remorse crept Into his dark eyes, and
the lines In his face deepened, as with
Ige. Kitty crossed the room aod gently
stirred the coals in the open grate. Tlie
dving embere threw a shadowy light
on Ben's dark face is he watched the
"May God forgive me," he murmured
(naudlbly. "I have broken the heart ol
tha only creature ever given me to love.
Frances, you aro avenged."—Chicago
Munich llegsan.
Tha experiment tried successfully iT
Count Rumford In Munich nbout tha
year 1790, has been told over and over
again. Tet I seem never to meet any
one who knows what It was exactly
that he did, soys Sir Walter Besant in
London Queen. The city was filled
with beggars, idle and dissolute vagabonds; men and women who could da
no work, who had never done any
work, who were familiar with every
form of crime, they were the despali
of the respectable people; It seemed
Impossible to get rid of them. But
Count Rumford did it. To use his own
words: "To make vicious and abandoned people happy It has generally
been supposed necersary to make them
Tlrtuous; why not reverie this order?
Why not make them first happy and
then virtuous? This was aa Inspiration. He took two Bteps, therefore; lie
provided plaom wher* the people
Bhould be made happy Hrst. On New
Year's Day, which was the day peon-
llarly set apart for alms-giving, Count
Rumford, with the aid of the soldiers,
as well as the civil powers, arrested
•very Single beggar In Bavaria—they
were all out li the streets, hats off,
hands out—and packed them off 10
clean, comfortable houses, or barracks,
where thay were washed, fed, clothed
and treated with kindness. Only they
were not allowed out any more until
piioy had learned a trade and had
shown that they meant to practice It,
Of course, at first they were uneasy
and suspicions. According to Count
Rumford himself, who makeB no mention of failures, tin success of the m a*
ure was complete, Bavaria was cleared
In a single day of beggars, and thay
never reappeared.
lIUTICRIaherehv alien Unit ihr.lv ikv.after *   *+\+* *
Tear raltli le Tour Month,
An English writer says: I novel
knew until to-day that any superstition
existed with regard to the montli In
which a woman Is born. Now, the following list, drawn up from an old volume, has reached me. If a girl Is born
In January, she will be a capital housekeeper, given to melancholy, but good
tampered. If ln Februar-. a humans
and affectionate wife and loving
■other. It In March, a flippant ohat-
terbox, given to disputing. It ln April,
Inconstant, wanting ln Intelligence,
but likely to be good looking. If In
May, handsome and likely to be happy.
If In June, Impetuous, will marry at as
aarly age, and be frivolous. If In July,
rather handsome, and with a sullen
temper. If la August, amiable and
practical, likely to marry rich. If in
Septamber, discreet, courteous and pop
alar. In October, pretty, coquettish
and unlucky. Ia November, liberal,
kind and a mild disposition. In He-
nembec well proportliitsd. toad fi Uuv-
kilt/ and axtravs_aali
V UIU 1: i* licivl.y alien thai -i...l, ilnvsalliT
i\    I im nnltonpilj tothe . liiul Con ,	
„f Untie and Worki foi ,.-■..,,i~- i--1. to imr, i ami
Hi, folluwlne ,1 illieil lamia on ll,- C„h ,lu
lllver, North-Weal Kootenny:
Coiumeiicini!al apnsl within two I'linlin, nftho
A. .-,,i 1 K. railwa) line, nhotit n 11 lie norlli oi
Arrowhead, marked "11. Iloelioy'a ninth ,-. ,1
cornel i- >. 1" theuce norl li 101 iui,,-. Hi, nee enet
10 ehains, theuce luuth It) clinlne. theuce wesl 10
chains ti. ,.1 f ,'„iiin„'!ii-,-in,-iil.
ll,1,-1 V .1  Ii Kith, I".
11. U'lllll.Sf.V,
I'm «. V. tullvle, igout,
Y 1,in 1. . in.m, given thnl ibm days iltoi
i\ thu, i Intend In nmilj totheChii-f Colilllll..
sinner „f Uuiununl Wurkifor pernilssiiui lo pur-
chime Ihe fnllowhur iloierlhed lands on lho Cnlinii
hi, lllver, North-Weii Koolenayi
Ci,111111. II,-ire .,1 a pest within Inn chains nl tin-
A. and... mUway line,nlioul 1 loimil , i,,!(
north uf AiTowhoail,marked -.1. M.l'hikhnui'e
Miuili weil i-iii.i. 1 poat," theneenorthlOchnlna,
1 In-ni 1   c.-i-t i„ chaini,Ihence  h  i,,,l >-.
thenci in-1 locli.-ihi* to place ol commence nt.
Dated Marcli nil,mm
A. M. l'lNKUAM,
  I'M W.  ('. Iljlilli,-.   lllllll
NUTICK is lierol.) Klvcnthatslxti daya after
date I inn-mi t„  ,|,|,l. tolhoEhlel Horn
mi-si anl lamia ami Worm foi penulaal n
pnrchaio tho following .leicrlhedlanilion tlw Columbia river. North-Weil Kootonay:
1''imini'ii, iui: nt;, poil within two chaini of tin-
A. nnil K mill, -n line, al 1 two miln liol
Arrowhead, marked "W. P. Ugllvle'i louth noil
comerpoit,"the north m clmins,llie ail
10 chaini, thenco itiiilli.O chnlni, tl -,- well 10
i-h.-iln- to place of cniumiujcoiiiout.
Dated March Mill, !t«l.
w. t--. oiui.vii:.
NOTICK I* herohy given that alxty days alter
date I Intenil tn apply to the Chief Citiini--
lienor 1 f Until and Vnirk., (or pcrui'islon n, pop
chase lln- fullowlng dwcrlhoil hinds on tbu Columbia river, North-Went Konteniiyi-
Cuininonclngat n poat within in,, chnlni „( the
A.audit railway iim-. 1.1 t two nud ahull
miles norlli „l Arrowhead, marked "A. Johnion'a
south woat corner i„,.-t," theuco north -in chain...
tlionco east m chains, thonce south in ,-l,;iin-.
llienee west in chain.- to place „f commencement.
Dated March mill, IWO.
fBBM ll'™ IV. I', (igilvic, Agent.
The Buira?d Sanitarium Limited
And Second Report for thc Institution.
all   UU  Hi:-
.1  LlCiiiAau lu uui inn
nuirai   uiny   al  yuuin;   tOiUpwUiiOji,
lelllltl   ut  yo  pul'  Byuiiiu  null;   ij   UU"
iur till uiuuci' Derma excupi musts 1
altU   .Vcai Ul   lUit lUt* W1I1CU   1J1« 1UUU
ai lite i.uv ul o oeliia yer uliu per am
in auoiuuii  iu  llie luinui,  Uul*& ul
Cuiiowjug rates uie (riiurgw*:—
jjurtii  luialier,  iiu etuis per   1
ilul UM.
ltumvui  liusj, cnjui ami iiuio v
1 i-i uuu i a-4 cenu each.
biiuiBiu uuiib, ii. cuius a cord.
Ail uiuer yiuuucis, u pei ueut
tluuntte is issuc-u su suuii as a uttu.
.ruined, l>ut 111 surveyed leirnory i"-
uuiuui uuu iju uui un u uerUt uuiu Ui>
ilucnseo ous luude a survtsy uu-mui,
reriiuls 'm uut uiuuur uiu aisu Bruuiui
ul puuiiu uuiuijcluiuii, uxuulil in llie uu**
ui duiuui settlers, wuo iui_uue Uie um
iui  inuii uwn use.
taeiiiers and uiiius tuaj uitu outalii
yeriniis lo uul up iu luu euro's 01 Wuuu toi
sale   wiiiiuut   v-uinpeiiuun. *
ine uues puja^.e uuuur a puriuii ar-
Jl.oU pui uiuuaaiid leet u..u., iui Bnuun
Limuer and saWluaa ol any »*ouu ex
eepl oak; Hum l-z iu 1 i-i eeuis per tinea
luul i'ur ouudiiifi togs; uuin li !•- tu -
Ceuts pur uuiu iur wuud; 1 eeni loi leuu
pus is; J eeius lui railway ties; uiiu j
ueiiis per cord ior sinagle tioiu.
i_eai>es lor Bruaiua purposes are Issueo
iur a lerm ot iwemy-one years, at 1.
luiital ut two eeiiis per acre per uuiiaiu
Coal lauds may ue purcoaaed ut ->i
per acre ior soft uuai und i&j for antnra
eiie. ^u^ muie man _-u acres may o<
acquired uy one iuuniduai or uuinpaio
lioyaliy at the rate ui IU eeius per toi
ui -uuj puuuds is collected un tne fc.'us
iiiutriea tur land ior agricultural pui
p„si» may ue made personally at lue -o
eui land ulliee ior tne UlBtnot 111 wmoi
Uie land tu ue tatiull up is siluutid, u.
u mu numesteader desires, ue muy, 01
appiu-uiiuH tu me Minister ut tne mterioi
ut ottuwu, tue Commissioner 01 immigia
Uun ul Winnipeg, ui' me lucui agent to'
Uiu District, wimin wnlcu uie muu 1.
situated, receive aiitnonty tor some um
to mate entry tor mm.     ,
A lee ol flu Is enurged Iur nomesledu
A seiner ffbo lius received an entry !"■
u uuuiustead, is leyuned lu perlorw lUt
uunditiuns connected tnereWiUi unuei ou>
ui tlie lu.iowing plans:-
U; At least six munms' residence upland cumvaUon ot um laud in eacii >tm
during the term ul turee years.
a is tne practice ui tlie Hepartmen. lu
require a settler to ormg in acres unuei
cultivation, uui it he preiera lie may suu-
stltu;e siuuk; and 'Hi head 01 cattle, tu m
actuuio ulB own properly, witn build.ngb
iur llieir uccumiuuduuun, wil. Uu requ.red
Instead 01 cultivation.
t,.) n tlie luilier tor motliui, it tut tamer is deceased) ut any person muu n
uugioie tu inuke u homestead entry uudei
Uie provisions of the Act, resides upon
u (arm in the vicinity 01 the laud en
tered ior by such person as a homesteuu,
me requirements ol ihe Act as to residence prior to uu'iuiuing pateni may u«
■auiislied uy sucn person residing witn Ihi
father or mother,
\,6i II the seitler has his perniumiu
r-esidence upun farming land owned U)
him In the vicinity of his homestead, llie
requirements ol Uie Act as io residence
may be satisiied by residence upon llie
said  land.
Application for patent should be made
at llie end uf three years before the local
agent, sub-agent or u homestead inspoc*
Before making application for a pateni,
tho settler must give six months' notice
in writing to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa, of his intention to do so.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
Ottawa, Februray Hth, 1905.
1 "Carbo*Magnellc
I    ,. iVfllltllKl 111 IIS O1
i*i 1] r way,   With
ordinary cnrcfnl
,   il Kill !„(].]   ,_„ _,
..-'!,;o  iu.     s&tjgW ,   P*^ln  $150
Doable Cone-m t?.rl
for beivy beardi * •<
"CarboM-iBiiclii" K!as«
c Cushion Strops, $1.00.
Free booklet "Hints to Shams."
Made of "(irlll'on llnzor Steel Thoy
hnhl an odgo longor limn any knlfe
itiade.   Full n.-nriutonl.  All -tj-loe,
fawrence Hardware Co.
ITl'WAllDS uf ono liniuli-i'd siii-glcal uiioratlons weiii porfoi'iiidii, all wllh
I    i'iini|ili-li'snri-i'.**, anil uiilv nni,ilt-alli tintnl'iivt'i- two Inniilii'il p.-ilit'til*
Limited.   Si-vi-n |iiili('iilawi-ri, in lln-Siiniliii-iinn nl lln- opening of tlio year,
203 wero admitted during i ho yoi inking a lulal uf 212 ti-eiitcd,  Of Ihoso im
wore males and 118 foiiuifes,   112 were surgical, 81 medical und 10 ohstett'loal,
12 |iiitii'til's l'l'itiiiini'il in al tin)close nf llio year,
The inlnl days ti'i'iitmenl weveHllifJ, nn average uf 10.10 days per piitlonl.
dm nf the 212 imllonts Lri'iiled unly nne dentil ucoiti'i'ed being loss tlinn
1 percoiit,   This one death was due to suppurative pyelitis complicated ivllii
liciirl dlseuso,
Patients were admitted from llio [allowing localities;
Ils  Udnor
I Now \V,,.*lniinsli i
I Culllngwoud
1 Brandon
I Iluiiaitl
I Wesl Iiiiiii Islantl
I Rock Bay
1 Salmon Ann
2 I'm I ll.iiiiini.i.il
1 Ut, l,i'liiiiiin
2 Calgary
1 lliilshurv, Allu.
I Cliilliivn'i'li
I Miami, .Man.
.'I WhitoHorse, Vukmi 1
'I'lic Hntlis aud Massage Depaitmenl have been eminently successful
unili'i' the management uf Miss Millingtun, During llm yeiir, 11.11 treatments
wi'i-o given, nnd us the patronage lias gradually Increused, it lms become necessary to engage an assistant, Early In the year a souvenir prospectus was
published und copies mailed to tho many friends ol the institution,
The olliees, reception rooms, halls, and most of the private wards have
been neatly painted nnd decorated, adding greatly to llieir appearance, The
increase of our work in the East End bus necessitated the opening of branch
olliees in liiul purl of the city for llie convenience of our patrons,
Vannndtt Uny
Van (land
Washington sinti
Ninth Vancouver
Central Park
AI lin
Hock Buy
2 I'oi't llaney
2 Aider Grove
I l.illooel
I Hauclow, Man.
I lint-lint Kay
1 Sen I lie, Wash.
I Dawson
1 IjvIIoii
1 IjciIiic, Allu.
I Revelstoke
:i Ki'i-IVi- Slut ion
I Sinn-is, Man.
8 Nuns River
1 EbtU'lio
il*i iTi ,*l*i lib i'i, il*, ,Ti i1*i ,1*i ti'i iti 1*1*1 ist. il*! iii iti il*. 1*^1 A 1*1*1 A ,*fri ife A. A _c
The Leading Merchant Tailors
Don't order a Suit because it is cheap. Order it
because it will be becoming, fashionable, durable and
comfortable. The best is ihe cheapest. We make the
best. In making a Suit we give advice when wanted and
we accept advice when a customer desires to give it.
Every now and then you are confronted with the
question, " Who's Your Tailor "—Cresssman & Morrison,
of course.
Oressman & Morrison
'i it*! ti'i t'li tt*. iTi i*l*i i*l*i il*i 1*1*1 '-I*, ,-i-, ,'■", ,-r, .-T. .1-. .-T. .-1-. .-r. .d*. .'t. .-T. A. ."f. ,1*..-
Union /f o/e/ Restaurant
Mrs. McKitrick, Manageress.
Opi'ii nt all hours,
Meal Tickets Issued
Short Orders tastefully served,
Rates Moderate
If You Are Not Able
To attend to the writing of Advertisements yourself, send in your
ideas to us. We will put the matter .in shape for you, and we think
we can please you.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Import direct from Country of origin.
RBVBLT80K1], B. O.
-jj-jfMttrjr-i.-.: ..^^uaaammsm
i Under   New   Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   C.
First-olaj accommodation lor travellers.
Best brands ol Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $160   PER   DAY
(-loves Shirts Underwear
Socks Smocks      Blankets
Hose, l/t Hose    Overalls     Dry Goods, etc.
Makers of "BUCK BRAND" Goods
Central Hotel
^»_.   REVELSTOKE, B. O.
Newly built.    First-class in every respect.   All modern convenianoea
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rites.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
A  large  variely /""N ^   -''"•'    require
of Glasses always      /'       ]    ... anything In Jewelry
kept in stuck lii-re   /"''    "*\\_     //'        '-,       il is here for you,
Try a pair  on
■ we guaranlee a
perl'ei-l lil.
A complete stock
nl' lln- riglil class
of ^ilnils.
J. GUY BARBER,   - Jeweller, Optician
Houses and Lots
Hack Service to any part of the City at all
hours. Rigs equipped for Sleighing Parties.
First class Single and double Rigs. Express
draying and Transferring. Saddle and Pack
horses for hire. All kinds of job work undertaken.    Wood for sale.
.Stable and  Residence   Ppone 41
Hack Stand "     27
Queens Hotel
Best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, - -        Proprletoi
l^gdr^mpnds *f mode from fe»t^|_e6ijg_js grown on ourown WanraRonA
and crysfalized lp monble Hock &ndy-Hw ^ain& sfrarlile Hkr uncurdiamonda*
if isme mojl delicious Su^fiwde fcrTea orCoffee-. Sddjkcy wliere...
'*^«^^%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%v,sy»«%%v 1
' P. BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED.   \
I1KAD DKKICK : Caloahv, Aliikiiti.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merehantt
I'nrk Paotnra ami llealer. in Li™ St-«-k.   Marked in all the prlnrlp.1 OWm and
Tnwni el Allwrta, Britiih Columbia inr] tha Yukon.  Packannfthr Othbntad Bund
' Imp -r it„r" ll'tms 111111 icon, .in-l Sha-nr ,-k llninl, lj-»l l.ai.1.
1%%%%%%%%%%%%-*%%%%%*%%*%%%%^%%%M THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B, C
E _A_S T E E G-O O D S
r 117111,..""--*' r^...■ aras-.l.*ig-Tjjlt>jfl j.Vv.j.-C.ij.r-M.aaiMljik. -
l-'iill BISTER—Wc have opened up a Im'go shlpiiioni
n! Ens
Wine*. 1,'uills anil Braids,
PERMS KID GLOVES I,, l,„i;,-' ,t„l MIbw-b".   livery I'uir Ouai'itnii: il.
Silk Qlnvci and Lisle Thri-ii.l— ail I he Now Shape*,
LA11IES' FANCY COLLARS AND BELTS—Snino Oliiil'ining Nuvcllii
:   jjM.'ji IS,?;, .J.-LL
Novelties, llnivt
3E    EASTER WAISTS > ur showing i  of tho Imsl,—■juibi-iioiiigall the Nuivesl Silks. La«-ni
f&    Nainsooks, eto.   Prices (roni lfl.00 to ifl'2.
&    SEPARATE SKIRTS Our Now Stick Is in, Vou will ho dollghtctl with tlio Styles, Quality anil Finish
oui modorate pricci.
boots austd shoes
N,-iv Spring Shoes belli in Ladles ami Children)1     Vou  musl   Inspocl   litis  Nobby   Line ul
i&k.   Bprind Fo twear and piok onl your Spring Slmes.
\,    jjgg \-,,w ii,,t-. \,-.i Suspenders, New Spring (Uovos, Men's  Walkovor Shoos—tlio hosl
line Shoes on the Market,
i -jw-ri"—rj"TO!?rjrarai«^
&   YOD'NG-
tV%-*'V%ij.'*%%%,V%'V* 11t'll w
Wall   Paper;
Canada Drug & Book:
Company. '*
Dri'K«'oKin-Ti.i.i.i:*i)i:N—I'u tl"' I'1'
in-:. at the Manse, by tlio Rev, W,
C. Calder, Jauies H. Duckwortli, o!
Lacombe, Aha., In Miss T. M. Tel-
lessen, of Wisconsin, U, S.
Local and General.
P, Burns will be in Revelstoke Friday tu arrange about building hnve.
W. Bews has a beautiful growth ol
crocuses at his resilience on Second
The city ol Kamloops has lowered
its rate ol taxation this year by ten
The Dominion parliament is cun-
Bidering a bill to lis a standard milk
can at 8 gallons.
The Miner urges that $5,000 he spent
in improving the Beatou-Cambome
road this season.
The tennis courts will be open to
members ol the club on Friday, morning and afternoon.
James Coleman, oi Sandon, B, 0.
died at the 0. P. R. boarding house,
Kamloops, on Saturday,
There is a fret? gold exoitement at
Grand Forks, four Equare milts uf
claims having been staked.
The 0 P, K. have arranged to build
a school ,.t Laggan lor the convenience
oi the families  :' employes there,
H. Colbeck lms planted out HU
Iruit trees on his lot on the Big ,licnd
road, the work having been done by J.
The C. P. R. have had a young bear
sent to the Field hotel for the delectation of
Ilii-- week iii-ranging [or tin: lilting up
ami opening of tho new telegraph olilco
n McKenzie avenue, which will ho
opened lor business nest week,
As showing tlie growth of tlio fruit-
growing industry in British Columbia,
800,000 Iruit trees will pass llirnugh
ih, customs al Vancouver lids month.
As showing the importance of llie
tourist trallic to the mountains of
British Columbia, lli.Silri tourists were
registered ut Banff last yenr. Their
expenditure in hotel expenses, railway
far-.-, guides, clc, is estimated tnliuve
averaged $20 a day ur $306,700.
The Crow's Nest I'uss Company
slates the Carbonado mines will be
cl,,*eil and the men given employment
at Michel. Thi* will practically wipe
the town of Morrisey Mines oil the
map. ll is reported the company
will establish a smelter al Michel.
A new kind of pen mado "I a metal
called laiitulite, which, il is claimed,
will resist the action of chemicals and
is even more elastic than gold, will
shortly be placed ou the market, It is
claimed that it will be manufactured
so cheaply that it will drive both tin-
steel and the gold pen out of business.
A party who came in front thc west
to do their shopping ill Ri relstoko
thi* week, expressed their appreciation
oi the lin,-stores courteous attention
and iim- selections afforded iu Ri vel
stoke and said they were --- well
pleased with their visit tu tin citj
they would bo frequeut visit - in
The Advance say- 'Mark Hill, ol
Armstrong, is setting out lU1'11 fruit
Given by St. Andrew's Sunday
A large giitht ring gicolid tlie children ,,( St, Andrew's Sunday aeh -,,1 on
Tbtirslay evening, when I hoy lOpoated
their Operetta, Tin chiltlron us usual
did Iheir work woll and gavn greal
pleasum and s'lli'lactlnii to their
hearers. Apart from tho Operetta, it
prugi'iiniiiio uf recitation and songs
was given, in whioh the young people
gave additional evidence ol talont and
aptness. Minnie,' Andoi'soii and
Merle Cnltler in I heir song nl '-Sailing"
brought down the house and were
ngain nml again encored. Their re-
BpuilSe was, "Hood llye Lillle Clll'l
llnoil Ryu." A li'iilnre ul Iheir sung
"Sailing" was llie chorus, in which
lho young girls of the school joined
with good effect, (inrilaii Anthony
sustained his reputation as n reciter
Mr. Liddlo sang well tho "Longshoreman." llildii llol.ls und Anglo
Mcllnire, whoso voices blend well,
sung nicely tlie old song "Far Away."
The united oldor of young people
ooiioludcd the programme with
"Watch while I Sleep," as n cliinus,
Kule Britannia and lho National
Anthem brought to a close a very
pleasant evening. The collection
mn.united to $21.50,
The C, P. R. football team will play
the City team on Friday aftoi'noon
nest. The city team play in whito,
The 0. P, 11. team will bo as follows;
Goal, Leo; backs, Entwhist-le, Johnson;
half-hacks, Morton, Annan; forwards,
Kcrfnot, McRao, Feqney, Donaldson,
Allan, Sneddon.
•s_y rs  !
■*,*,  nl     ■■■■ ■
a__B   H    1—
trees in addition tro nbout ,,
.--.!  during  the coming number planted last seasun,   Itianoi
dillicult  in look int" the ftitun
-,,i- the revenue Mr. Hill will n il
fruil growing. Th,. Innds Uiw [,„.
morly owned by Ihe C. P. It. and wero
purchased Irom that corporation about
i year ago by l{, |{, Hjorkness, who in
turn lias now sold to the Nelson syndicate.
Owing to complaints of pupils playing truant Hie mother ol an absenting
pupil was brought before ll, Gordon,
police magistrate,charged with failing
to send her hoy to school, The
mother staled she bad dono nil she
could to gel him logo, hut lm wuul-1
ii I, lle was ordered to be looked up
for 2-1 hours, and warn,,I ibal if ho
still persisted in absenting himself he
Would be Belli to the peiiilenliar .
The fiercest riot San Fruncisc i lms
witnessed in u generation was a sequel
in n meeting of Socialists as an ex-
prcssion of sympathy fur President
Miner and Secretary Haywood, of the
Western Federation ol Miners. The
jinlico interfered, when a hand-to-hand
light resulted, several ollicers being
D, .1. O'honiigliue. Dominion fair
wage oflloor at Ottawa, is on his way
to British Columbia, where ho will
look into tin- payment of  wages, lo
men employed on the oonstructii f
a section of railway from (lolden.      ,
Mr. lloborts, of tlio C. P. II., formerly foreman ol th  shops here, has
I n in the city getting information
as to tlio electric power neci Bsat) fur
tin- shops and the capacity ul tin city
plant tu supply it.
As the result of thc work of tbe dog
poisoner anothor dog wa* poisoned
(hi* in,lining. Dr. Th,mn- opened
tlie animal and declared the cause uf
poisoning to be strychnine.
C,,n,bi,-i, i Risl '■:; has - - eived
news - :' the death ol hiabrolhei F V
Risteen, at Topeka, Kansas Di c, .-.- (I
was Masti r Mechanic on the Santa
i.. i:, .ii,
Mr Bradsl in      the Buffs
ts  Messrs.   Mar-
shall  and   Sei  I ing    ul   -    rt . I       '■■'■'-:- - "■ c« this after i at 5
company's " -   ''   l!   Friday   morning
i    .. prayer at II a.m. and 7.30 p m.   East-
We n - ■   "■ ewi,lbe  ' oelebrrtfaD
ol Holy Communion al ,. 8, and niter
Mal       ■ II ■ m,    I-'■■■   song al 7 30
.  ■      '■   • !..,-!, r, by
■ , ;    ,,.,..,     .  the In-
Fqt Mm
Everything here I i lit ynu nm in ilu   '■
things lor Spring    Our -I ,-;,  h ,       en I illy
replenished aid ive can bIiuw ynu ,:-,   -,, tn
dale goods.
In lho celebrated ('. N.,v It, uud Campbell's
b,.-! lines. Vnn cat 'l b'-ni them [nr 111 oi iviuv
and prices are luw,
lu all Ihe New-
Shapes i, nli Iiniii,
, Is ono uf uur strung linos, Wo huvt jusl bad
Hire,- now 1,-is iii. 08peohilly lm llie Easier
Iraile.   Fancy lines, bill not fancy prices.
We have jusl. pul in Iwo lines ,f Oaslimoi'O
Hobo thnt nro bargains, Socthom at 25c nnd
31)0, per pan-. Wo also hnvo llieni in Cotton,
Wool nnd Lisle.
Shoes     Shoes
For nil fool nnd nil occasions, from tho ro ugliest work I" ol in Hie linest dancing shoo. Somo
odd lines nl bargain prices.
Collars, Shirts, Handkerchiefs, Suspenders.
We Ii ive al m uvoryIhiug you i: in nquire,
livery Expus-tl, iiiga ns new goals, mill till the
lutesl designs cm bu fuitnd hare.
In Lisle mill Colli II,  plain   ami ti| Work   io
black (ll lull, Wo havo gieul value in Ilu silo,,-*.
hi New Dresden and  Eiiihruidi i-is.il I'nlleriis
veiy pn ily ninl vt-iy . lump
Fur all ccoii'ioiis in dniiilylace nr embroidery
GhrniUcltM, Yokes, ilc, in all the new
Gloves!    Gloves! 3
Wg mako ii s|i oiiilly of Perrin'-i—keeping
1,1 wi ln'.-i grade and nulling thorn us low a- othor
Stoves itek for much lower qiinlity.
Embro'dcricd Collars
All Olllircly New line, in,nml hiug very pretty
and only Llio price ,,[ thc plain ones,
,i ,.11 kin.i-, 1
ami Mile  llm.
icmnl, Nmi  Hurt
Int  I'll,,.  Urn-Ill]
Dress Goods
r in,
In .Ml tin- Inlo i'„l»iinr,s nml
iiiati-rliilB. William liail threo
■ (Ininls tu-e ulllitlu sails   n„
e MOLEi^isr^_isr &
JO.'TT ll
Acompanv has been organised at
,. .'. ,       ,   1 ,   1, ,,, 1   [("in us orchard within a Ion yen -
Vancouver i - taki i|      ■ in !■ - mu-
ary. irrigate it and subdi i     il  into
Iruit larmi.
Mr.  Peeler,   ;'  Albert  Can) n  is
about  to  -hip a carina I       ime I
Reveistoke, this 1- thi lecond        id
he has shipped,
On Saturday a :' itball
be played on McKensie avei u   ecre-
ation ground between the city and 0,
P, 11. .nop team.-,
Mr. Fletcher, circuit manager of tlie
Pacilic division,  wa-  in  Revelitoke
A few New Song
Books and 1 'mice folios
have been put in stuck.
Anything you want in
the music line we will
get it for you if nol in
M (ii ij 'j
when all his y- ung trees conic into
the -pl'.-itdid state uf bearing thai ins
older trees are new in.
II : ie,    M inning   .- taking  the
propef itepi •■   hi lp advertisi   b- -
itoke by having his envelopes printed
,,' the M iil-Hi nii.ii offlci
evil .   .,:'. H live  .. 1
then m — Revelsh keistl
' .   the   famous   Deutsohman
Caves."—"Watch Revelst,  -  .
"Big game hunting and lishlng —
"Grandest mountain ici        In  the
A* iliowing tho dei id for fruit
growing lands u N'elson syndicate p ir
chased a blook ol 3,000 sores at Easl
Rnbson for something a litl o -, ei
$50,000, and will subdivide t'
Salvation Army Settlers
Reports from the Motherland indicate that the wholesale business ol
emigration has been brought prominently before tlio iittciition of tho
British public tliis week by the departure ol General Booth's party ol
fourteen hundred settlers for Canada. This makes four thousand in
two months. Of those who soiled
Inst week, sixty-live per cent, are
mechanics, ten per cent, are agriculturists, lillei.-n per cent, aro tradesmen, clerks, clc. and ten per cent,
arc domestic, servants. Only twenty
por cent, are members ot the Salvation Army, but every one of the settlers is known i the S l.-.ili'iu Army
authorities as lh and pr i i-r persons to setth in thc new country.
The orgnniziii- n whi h reaches the
people a* the Salvation Army does,
and k -. -' eir character and cir-
cumstain.es - titimal ly, is an ideai
one to have tin 11 arte -1 selecting
and transporting ...   emigrants, hut
many people think the res] sibility
,,i settling Ilii-in iu new homes over
it .- tighi ;,, be shared hy the liritish Government.
Business Locals.!Social and Personal
Sec     Hews'
Gordon,  Ir
and lard, nt C
11. II
UriiifSnid k
'   1
1,1.   A.
la me ProU
eting        e City I!
;ht, when it is ho|
t si
,  I
'i he Am   -  1    '■        " .  Meeting
eld un M suing, April
i . ■ .
been accnsl
■ , |
■ hm     t*o* | being members ol .
■   i
I:,,- Ladii -1.-:     St. Andret'i        -i, . I  elei
I- -ol.,       Id
can Ross,M. P ei .....
tn prevent  he Stud ty obn - ■
intorter vith B '   mu '- -
Mr   11. .rl.-,-...   .'-.. has liei    ,     Baiter is
rosidenl ,1 Golden for  18 years, died '
,  , . - ;, «'»Chi
A strike ,-i shingle mi.,  ii
ingtoii is ex peeled tu close  tin
all .,i-,-i tho State
The Carihiai Consolidated
ploy BOO ne-ii ibis season
Crawford k. On'.* livery business nl
Benton and Camborne.
Lnwnoy's Chocolates in hulk or
package at Bews' Drug Store.
Thermometers for tho hath, dairy,
etc., nil Bir.es, at- tho Canada Drug it
Book Store.
Moderate claims, that have an air
„f probability, advertise, you bolter
than extravagant cliiiins that may
excite distrust.
Ltiwn grass best quality, uLn mixed
clover seed, fresh this year, sold at the
Canada Drug Store.
Keep your eye on Bews' Drug Store
for the newest lines in Mote paper.
I'lie world is divided into two groat
classes; tho wise who advertise nnd
il thei'wiso who don't.
The linest Sweet Pen Seed al Bews'
Drug SI,,re.
.lust opened u big shipment of
blank hooks and olliee stationery, all
rulings, at the Canada Drug Store.
IV. .1. Curtis, Piano Tuner, will bo
in lo.ui a (ow days. Orders Iott at
Lewis Bros, or R. Howsou's furniture
store w ilh-'-ceive prompt attention.
Miss John, tenchor of violin, piano
and step dancing, apply at residence
ol Mrs, Kimberley, Fourth Street.
Children's carts and automobiles,
gnrdon tools, oto., new lot opened at
lln: Canada Drug Store.
An .,1 that oonvinccs is better than
one thai is merely beautiful, but
beaut)   if itself oft-times convinces.
: . rl isii g to ron'Mii,:,- should appear
tin  Mail II, iiai.u.
Vi e ,...M as usual opened up a fresh
itnck ,,( Km,Inks. Cameras, all tho Blip-
jilii - and chemicals,     You can get a
:     - ■ $| up to $25 and Camoras
,  ,,i the Canada Drug k
Id tit Store
.   ilinei   ni)     D. 'I., McLennan
,i -.- ithdrawn Irom the (hm of Lind-
i Co., and will shortly upon
iton   il Camborne.   Mr,
'. -,. , ducting Lind-
-   • i.   " ... i I, ai  Boston,
,,- in future conducted bv
Mr, nud Mrs. ,1. L, Curvenn hnvo
roilimed from tho e.i»t.
.1. D. Sibbald returned Sniidivnighl
from his eastern trip.
Mrs I, T. Sollway ..nil family hnve
arrived on a visit, to Mrs. .1. Puvirs,
T. II, Bilker has boon appointed
manager nl the Arrowhead brnirch ol
the Imperial Bank.
Rev. Dean Pugot, uf Calgary, loaves
next month on a trip lu Europe, in
the course nl which ho will take in tlio
Swiss mountains.
Tlie carnation tea given hy tho
young ladies of Knox Church was a
groat success. The church was well
tilled and everyone entered enthusiastically into tho contest, which was
making paper carnations, The lirst,
second and third prizes, which consisted ol carnations, were won by
Misses Austin, Dsnt, and McRao. The
judges for the contest were Mcsdiiiiios
Brigg*. Dent, Sibbald, Palmer, mid
llolisiin.niiil tho prizes wete presented
to the winners by Mrs. Sibbald. The
programme was excellent.. Alter llie
lirst imlf refreshment,, were served in
tho church parlors. The second half
followed, iin.l was closed with tin: National Anthem, and benediction hy
tho pastor.
For Sale Or Rent.
Ciiliuilllllijj lllini-ri--. nhonl lliii',,.,|ii;.rt,-rs Inl
with Timothy. Saltahlo lor fruit RrmvliiB. lloiino
anil ,,ni itnil,liii"- in g i i-onilltinn.   sit nut.- nl
Craigcllnchlo, ,-. fen mil.-; rami ,,( Uovoliloko,
Apply tn H. TjVl'J'INtl, llovolatoko,
is hen by given ,,l meeting to be called
in tho Cily Hall ,-f tlio Fish and Oamo
As-ncialioii iiii Wednesday next, till'.
 >r atii.nl.tin,ttsth nl Mari'h .. -. lUVhiilreil
fox-tcrrlni'lilti'li, hrnivn lu-ail unit earn .nnl mark
nu rlflil sliuiihlnr.   imivci-a In tho nanio ot I'ltms.
Anylinil) fiiiunl liiu-liurhig this ilnit nllt-r mis
liiillec nlll l,;< nrna In!
Will sell Carrots at Ifi ; Parsnips nt
11.20 ; Turnips ul 75c, freo on curs at
L. E. Griffiths, Malakwa. B. C
WANTED An energetic woman,
young or middle-aged, I" act ns
agent, Liberal commission. Apply
ul this Olliee.
A NT EDA young ludy for
W   general house work,'   Apply nl
WANTED Chemist and Assayer
fur large gnld prupusillon in
British Uolumhla wliii'o Oynnldlng is
main il-'pai-liiienl. Slnto age, experience and salary cxpccti'd.' Send refei ■
enees with iipplii-alion. Must have
11. C. Cerlillciil.e. Addles-, '('iingliiin-
eiale," Mull Herald ollil-e.
WANTED- A second hand Conk
Hluvcal Hu' V. M.C'.A.
-lYTANTED -A gill I'm .
VY house work, good plain wink,
tin washing, threu iu l'ainily, wages
$20.00 per niunili. Apply nt this
WANTED-A girl In iitlciid to
baby, cither (luring day or fur
afternoon (inly. Apply at Mail-
,. ii
prophel itianil
I  - md
-■ ill live .,..-' is it awaki
-   ...    eep ,,i-,io.l
.......   i h tit ii
spirit, Chri .,,.. ., vako! With holy
joy let il,,- -il,.: ttlon i-' 'Sum it'
die is risen), and tho response . -■ -
Hurroxll    Ho  -  isi n indeed!)
0   A    I'll"1 ' '-M II
W  l, Rond, formerly u     li I  ,u
hn b ,,l Lho Imp' i ...i Uml- li,  li on
npl inl tiuinagor ol i he I roul Lake
cut and      ' - i-li'1' stoi k I
ii, - ■     ., tho  provinoo,
... i   ci  In in $13.50, fll	
[|i; ,,, |] (.00 pt.  -,-" and upwards,
USO Imioi   Hum ,   ,     ,00*30.00,
132.00 $35.00 (38.00and up, Com-
filnto pei   ol    l'   0   McLaren, llie
■,i.|,i;,. nl Kamloops,
I have ah excellent variety ul gnnd,
hard pi ving nod shipping straw
 f my own dei olopmonl on my I
., nnd Ordi - for iprlng planlinn
pruniptl) filled In Heasun, Price $0
pni lun plants   Spocial rales loi large
niri i, Try n lew grafting scions
(nun my ' iliiiilen ol Eden" Cloldi u
apple al 50 ci ntscaoh. Tlios.Skinnor,
Revolstukc, B.C,
Us none too early for a man to select his
Spring and Summer Toggery, The picking
is better now than it ever will be again,
Everything's Fresh! Ideas New!!
The careful dresser can find things to
please him here. Flannel Suits, Tweed
Suits in all llie i.alest Styles. Shirts, Hats,
limits and Shoes, all New, and just arrived,
J. G.


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