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 MAY 18 1906     &■
1 J\
and Soda Drinks
Bews' Drug Store
The Mail-
Vol. 12.-No. 76
The Ladles' Delight.
Jusl received al
$2.50 Per Year
C.B. Humect Co.
Al this .Seiison nf the year ynu will appreciate this list of
TABLE DELICACIES The market is destitute of Fresh Fruit and
Vegetables and you will k' able to keep something nice and lusty
on the table liy watchlnp mil' offeringst—
Crosse it Blackwell's Jams Ol nil kinds in Class Jars
Crosse it' Hlackwell's Jellies ol all kinds in (Hubs Jnrs
Crosse k Blackwell's Fig and (.linger Marmalade in Glass Jars
Robertson's Pineapple Marmalades in UIiisb Jars
Crosse k Hlackwell's Jams, all kindr     n i Ib. and 7 Ib. tins
Crosse k Blnck well's Marmalade  n -I lh. and 7 Ib. tins
Keillor's Marmalade in 4 Ib. nnd 7 Ib, tins
Climax Jams uf all kinds  in 5 lb, Pails
Climax Jellies ol all kinds  in fi Ib. Pails
California Apricots, Peaches, Pears, Plums in 2) Ib. tins
Rajah Brand of Sliced, Grated nnd Whole Pineapple in tins
Tartar Brand ol Peaches, Pears, Raspberries, Strawberries
aud Plums in 21b. tins
Usher's Brand of all kinds of Fruit and Vegetables. .2 lb. tins
Pie Fruits put up in Gallon Tins—fresh in.
Our New Spring stock of
Are  Here for You.   Come
Here anil Nee Them.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Lawn Mowers
Agate Wall Finish
Estimates on Plumbing Work
Netting for Poultry Yards
Electric Supplies
Assorted House Paints
Water Hose
Enamelled Graniteware
Cheap and
Out of Sight.
Exciting Experience of Two
There was a bit ot a sensation on
McKenzie avenue about 1 a.m. on
Tuesday morning. Horace Manning
heard a burglar on the roof ol his
building, and on locating his man
gave the alarm. G. D. Beattie arrived
on the spot with the intention of
making the burglar surrender or dropping him. Mr, Manning mounted
the root to see if the man waB still
there when Mr. Beattie, mistaking
him (or thc burglar, challenged him
to surrender. Receiving no roply he
filed a shot, and repeated the challenge.
Another shot Iol lowed and Mr, Manning, hearing the whir,-/, ol the bullets
in dangerous proximity, called out to
Mr. Beattie to step shooting. Tht
gentlemen who participated iu the
performance were the butt ol thoir
Irinnde' jokes yesterday.
Nothing totter than "Our ipwlal.
Large Ore-Body Reported on
Columbia River.
Last lall, while N, McEachern was
examining timber on the western bank
of the Columbia River, he came across
a mineral showing which he sampled,
and as tho assays showed good values
he located it. It is stated J. I, Wood-
row has arranged a deal on it with P.
Burns subject to examination by his
mining engineer, Mr. Sharpe. The
ore-body is said to be a mile and a
half in length, has a vertical height ol
1500 It. and is 300 feet in width. The
location is opposite Green Slide, about
14 miles south ol Revelstoke.
W. F. Ogilvie, who went to sec this
property last week, says it looks well,
and, il it carries payable values, will
prove another Tread well mine,
A sample of Ireo gold ore Irom the
Neverslip, owned by Job. Simpson,
near Grand Fnrks, gave 10,284 per ton
in gold aud a trace ol copper,
Men Arrested at Vernon—
Police and Bandits Exchange
Shots—One of the Bandits
Mr. Moljunrrie, of the postal service,
was sent (or to go to Vernon Monday
to examine three men taken into
custody by the police on suspicion ol
being mixed up in Ibe robbery. He
says tbe bead man ol the gang, whose
mask droppod off when talking to him
is not, among those taken, lint oneol
the men It »ks suspiciously like one ol
the gang though he will not swear to
Two men were captured west ol
Vernon and brought into that town
on suspicion ol being mixed up in the
hold-up and another man was taken
but had not been brought in by Monday.
New Westminster, May 12.—A
highly sensational story is being circulated on the streets that three men
who recently held-up the C.P R, train
at Ducks, are now in hiding in the
vioinity of New Westminster.
Several fishermen report having
seen strangers in a canoe last night
about nine o'clcck, and from the manner in which they evaded coming in
contact with any ol the other boats
tin; suspicions of the local fishermen
were aroused, nnd one ol them William Hrasch, made an atten pt to approach the eiinoe, hut the men go'
away in the gathering darkness liel'ore
he could come near enough to have n
good look at them.
Thc theory put forward by the fish
ermen iB that the bandits after bold
ing up the train and ransaeking thi'
mail cr, proceeded towards the soutli
for a distance, merely as a blind to
put the police off the track, nnd they
claim that although dillicult, it would
not be impossible to travel over the
river hy canoe as lar as here', and naturally the chances would be greatly
in the robbers' favor, as travelling
over the water would leave no truces
whatever, and bloodhoundB would be
It iB believed that Bill Miner, who
is supposed to be the leader of the
gang, is not unknown to Revelsloke
and that it was he who gold-bricked
Messrs. J. J. Young and Bank Manager McGregor of Calgary in 1897 Ior
111,000, the money being paid over up
the BJg Bend road. Several Revelstoke people, who met the man at that
time, declare the description tallies
with that of the leader of the gang as
given by the mail and train men.
The blood-hounds were started out
on Sunday morning from Ducks,
The Vernon police feel certain that
James Christie, whom they arrested
on Saturday, is one of the bandits, and
that James Moir and W. Wilson,
whom they also arrested are confederates.
On Saturday the Indians and the
Nelsoh blood-hounds tracked the* robbers to within a short distance of the
cabin of Paul Stevens, near Fish Lake,
and Stevens was arrested. Bloodhounds Irom Spokane arrived and
were sent out on the trail.
On Sunday afternoon Constable
Fernie, of Kamloops, who accompanied
the Indian trackers and blood-hounds
who kept so hot on the trail of the
lleeing bandits, noticed the camp ol
the bandits and immediately gave the
alarm to the squad of Northwest
Mounted Police, who were in tbe
vicinity. The police surrounded the
camp in double-quick time and called
on the bandits to hold up their bands.
Instead ol obeying that order tlie
robbers picked up their guns and commenced shooting.
The Mounted Police replied and the
firing became so hot the robbers surrendered and were captured, It is
stated one of the robbers, who is supposed to be Bill Miner, the leader ol
the gang, was wounded in the leg.
The bandits are being brought to
Kamloops where the preliminary investigation will be held.
Supt, Kilpatrick, who has taken
such an active part in arranging the
search for the bandits, and has been
on the ground ever since the occurrence, will remain over at Kamloops
till thc preliminary investigation.
Great credit is due to the Superintendent's olliee at Revelitoke lor the
puntuoal steps taken to capture the
robbers, as Irom thi-* olliee tbe arrau ;e-
inents were made to put Indian trackers and cow-boys on the trail ol llie
bandits before a move was made Irom
To Supt. Kilpatrick and his assistant, W. W. Foster, the 0, P. It. nre
indebted for tbe elliciency ol the preliminary arrangements, nml Uiesmart-
neBB with which they were put into
Engineer Callin, Fireman Ratoliff
and Mail Clerk Mcljunrrie, arc all at
Kamloops to-day to identify the
The blood-Hounds which ran down
Frank Smith, thc Oregon convict, several weeks ago, arrived at Kamloops
and joined the NclBon dogs.
Thc hounds did their work well,
rapidly catching up on thc scent,
They have been hampered by the
rainy weather.
Ten more Mounted Police reached
Kamloops Sunday from Calgary, and
went, out to join the first force nt
Douglas Lake. Another force of
Mounted Police went down Okanagan
Laka into the lower country.
Kamloops, May 16—When Const,
Fernie came across the men he spoke
tn them but realized it was not a one
man's job and went for assistance.
Mounted police were in the vicinity,
and notified Sergeant Wilson who with
his men started off directed by Fernie.
The men meanwhile hnd camped in
the brush and no sign of them could
be seen. Fernie made for Douglas
Lake ranch to send word to Qtiilclieiui
to bring the blood hounds, In bis
absence the mounted police, seven in
number under Wilson, made search
and suddenly came upon three men
finishing lunch. They rode up to
them and Wilson asked them what
tbey were doing. The oldest man
said they were projpecting. Wilson
asked where and was answered "over
there," pointing south, Wilson then
Baid "I guess you'ro the men we want
for the hold-up," and at once covered
him with his revolver. One of the
troopers covered another man and the
third man rolled into a near-by ditch
crying, "Well, it's all up boys," and
commenced tiring on the police, who
returned thc fire. Shorty, us this man
was called as a nickname, cried out "to
quit" alter ten or a dozen shots had
been fired. He bad evidently emptied
hie revolver and had to give in. "II,"
he said, "I had had my automatic revolver there would have been a hot
time around here, you bet."
It was found that Shorty had been
shot in the leg and he- said, "It is a
damned pity you didn't put it through
my head."
Their names are George Edwards,
William Dunn, called Shorty, and
l.ouis Colquhoun.
Edwards is said to be'the celebrated
Bill Miner who has been connected
with several hold-ups in the west.
Shorty Dunn is the only one that
talks. Since admission to the jail he
snid he didn't expect Constable Fernie
to get help so quickly and they were
taken by Burprise by the Mounted
Police Mail Clerk McQuarrie has
positively identified Edwards who has
a latoo mark on his wrist and the
goggles he wore and the catarrh remedy he took from the mail car was
found on him. The peculiar nail
arrangement on the heel of the boot
corresponds exactly with the tracks at
the hold-up scene The preliminary
hearing will take placo to-day or in
tbe morning. All further se'arch has
been called off by Supt, Husscy.
Ladies  Screams   Frightened
GitANii Forks, May IL—Last evening Mrs, Simard and Mrs. Galloupy,
wives of employees of tbo smeltor,
while returning home from the oity,
were held-up. The highwayman, who
is described as of medium height and
wearing no mask, stepped in front
and ordered them to throw up their
hands, at the same time pointing a
revolver at their heads. The terrified
women instead of obeying tlie order,
immediately commenced to scream,
and ran,
Russian Caviare and Pate de Foio
Urns, very suitable for lunches ou sale
at 0. B. Hume it Co's.
Colonial Marriages Bill Passes
Second Reading in Lords -
Laurier will Appeal to King
to Visit Canada.
London, May 18.—Bishop Biokcr-
stell, late ol Exeter, died today,
The Colonial Marriages Bill passed
its secontl reading in tlie House of
Lords yesterday. It legalizes in tlie
United Kingdom marriage with deceased wife's sister contracted in the
colonies. Lord Strathcona s.iid thc
bill would give the utmost satisfaction
in Canada.
The Duke of Connaught may visit
Vancouver soon.
It is reported that Premier Laurier
will personally supplement tbe appeal
of tbe Canadian parliament to King
Edward to visit Canada.
It is possible that n military conference will be held at Tokio between
Britain and Japan.
St. Petersburg, May 1(1.—Douma,
yesterday, while debating tlie address
in reply to the speech from the throne
was wildly cheered for the suggestion
of woman suffrage.
Groceries. Hardware. McClary's Stoves. Etc,
Onion Sets, Flower Seeds,   Farm & Garden  Seeds,
Garden Tools.  A Large Assortment.
Hollywood   and  Sherwin   Williams'   Paints,   Oils,
Varnish, Turps, Alabastine, Muralo, Etc
ur    Stock of Groceries,  Fruits   and   Vegetables,
is always Fresh.
BOURNE   BROS.      Mackenzie Avenue
Great Northern Railway Will
Rush Construction Across the
Winnipeg, May Hi.—In an Interview
yesterday James J. Hill said: "Our
line, the Great Northern Rail..ay, will
be built Irom the Pacific ocean to
Winnipeg as soon aB both the Canadian transcontinental lines, and as soon
as the Canadian Northern Railway
and Grand Trunk Pacific are ready
to compete for our freight.
"From determination expressed and
work already in progress on the Grand
Trunk Pacific, you can estimate how
long that will lie, We will be in a
position to forward our freight over
the first trains run eastward by the
Grand Trunk Pacilic. The greatness
of country has been proved, Its fertility is unquestioned and obtaining
of reasonable transportation facilities
to markets of tlie world is an assurance of prosperity, wealth and great
population to Western Canada."
Miner Crushed by Cage.
TiBER, Alta., May 10.—George
Shorthouse, a miner, was instantly
killed in thc Reliance mine near here
today. Thc deceased mistook a signal
from the engineer, and instead of repeating or confirming it foolishly
attempted to jump into the ascending
cage, and was crushed between it and
the shaft wall. His neck wus found
to lie fractured and three or four ribs
Harold Clark Loses an Arm,
On Sunday nighl as the freight
train on which he was working as
brakeman, was passing through No.
Hi shed at lingers Pass, Harold Clark
was knocked off tbe car on whioh he
was standing, with the result thut his
left arm was badly crushed ami he
was otherwise severely bruised about
tho head and body, lie wits brought
into the Revelstoke hospital, where it
was found neceasary to remove the injured limb und the arm was amputated at thc shoulder, Dr. Sutherland
performing tho operation. Mr, Clark
is one of the most popular young men
ol the city and much sympathy is fell
for him in bis misfortune,
It is stated tlie car on which he was
standing was a foreign car which was
much higher thun the usual height
and did nut allow sufficient room for
a man to stand between that and tin
timbers of the Bnowshed. In tailing
he caught the air-cock and stopped
tho train, but several cars and thc
pusher had passed over the Injured
We have left a few j-Acrc Villa Lots, suitable for Fruit
Culture and Market Gardening, which may he purchased on small
monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments.
This land is situated within live minutes' easy walking of the
New Sclioolhouse Site recently purchased by the City.
There will be no land available after this season within such
easy reach of the City, and intending purchasers should not delay
in making their selection.
Agents, Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Boots & Shoes. Men's Furnishings. Ready-made Clothing
(From (lin- own Corroipoinlent).
Mrs. Geo. Reid and son Georgie lelt
on a visit to Chicago, Detroit and
other points east.
Mr. Baker, manager of the Imperial
Bank here, spent Sunday in Trout
Rev, Mr. Johnston held service in
Nakusp on Sunday evening.
On Sunday last Messrs. Hall Bros,
entertained a number of Arrowhead
people at their ranch on the Columbia river. They spent a very pleasant
Mr. John Winters, of Cloyne, Ont,,
arrived in town this week. Mr.
Winters spent n few weeks in Arrowhead Inst full and now has come buck
to stay.
Mr. Lewis, ol the Revelstoke Insurance Company, was in town Tuesday.
M. E, Dunphy has opened an ice
cream parlor in bis store.
Tht s.s. Rossland is laid up here
undergoing repairs. Tlie s.s. Minto is
taking tlie llnssland's place between
Arrowhead and Robson.
Tbe entertainment Monday evening was well attended and wns considered much above the average of
those given here lor boiiic time past,
Three years ago there was establish.
cd a Religious uml Theological Conference in connection with the Synod
of British Columbia and Alberta. Tlie
lirst conference was held in Edmonton
in Muy IH04 immediately following
the meeting of Synod, the second was
held in Victoria last year, and the
third was held last week iu Vancouver.
These conferences have all been successful nnd are not only Interesting
hut exceedingly helpful to all the
earnest, thoughtful ministers of .uur
A special feature of these conferences bus been the presence of sonic
distinguished leader ol the Church to
deliver a course of lectures, Tlie lirst
conlerence had Rev. Prof, Kilpatrick.
then of Manitoba College, but now uf
Knox Collogo. Last year Rev. Dr.
Miliigiin, Moderator of the General
Assembly, was present, ami tliis year
wc had Rev, Prof, Kennedy, I). Dr, of
Knox College. Prof. Kennedy is lately from Callenilar, Si-utliind,.awl is
one of tlie new Professors in Knux
College. His course ol lectures on the
•'Apostolic Age." and the "Teaching
of Jesus" was truly inspiring aud
greatly appreciated byull. One would
like tu give a summary uf his lectures
but that would take both time aud
space. We can merely say the Canadian Presbyterian Church hascauBe
fur real gratitude that men uf such
type ub Prof. Kennedy and mauy
others are guiding the minds and
hearts of the young men who are today preparing themselves lor the
Christian ministry; and to listen to
such men dealing with the problems
and treasures uf the Bible i6 to deepen
our reverence and quicken our love
f,,r the truths of religion, whioh are
newer today than ever before.
Another feature of these conferences
is the reading and discussing oi papers
on special themes prepared by the
members, of Synod. This year the
papers were as follows: "The Peasant
Prophet," by Rev. .1. H. Miller, Field;
"The Worshipful Church," by Rev. J,
A. Logan, Ebume; "The Power ol
Paganism Today," by Rev. Dr. Herd-
man; "The Atonement in lu-luiiuu to
Present Day Thought," by Rev. J. S.
Short, DeWintun, Alta.; "A Literary
Study ol In Memoriain," by Rev. J. 1).
Glllam, North Vancouver; "Christianity and Labor Problems," by R«v.
It. .1. Douglas, Trail; "The Christian
Mnn in Publics," by Huo. J. C. Brown,
New Westminster,
These subjects were varied and covered a wide lield. The papers mail
showed very careful preparation and
there was nol an interior paper among
Prof. Kennedy, at the close ol the
Conference, paid a very liigli tribute to
the men whom lie had met in tbe conlerence, and cuiigratuluted British
Columbia uu having men of such
calibre lor ministers wliu were worthy
of any church and any country.
This in, bi successful conference was
closed on Wednesday night and wus
attended nut only by ministers but by
many business men ul Vancouver,
who followed with interest the discussion on many practical subjects.
The C. P. R. protest against Mr.
Lancaster's bill to oblige railways tu
put in level crossings, that to provide
gates fur all these crossings would
mean a cost ol nearly .■fl!4,7&01,000, aud
to provide Uiu, mtlw over 11,000,000, MIK MATI/HERALD, REVELSTOKE. B.C.
ffbe fl>aM)cvalb.
InclniinK po-inge to England, United States
and Canadi
By tlie rear [throu^ii postoffico]	
■ynurtvr "
, 1.50
.. l.no
Legal notices 10 centa nor line lirr-i insertion,
ScenUporlinc each subsequent in-erilim,
Mwk-nroincnt-, Nonuariel [12 llnoa make one
iiiciil. Btoro ami general business announcement.- $i.;h per Inch per month.
Preferred positions, ii por cent* no-
(liticvtl. Births, Marrlagoa and Deaths,
fiOc. each in-crticni. All advertisoniontd
•subject totlnjHpproviilof iln- iiianaKOineiit,
Wanted and Comlen-cd Advertisements:
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Situations
wanted, Situations Vacant, Toacnora
Wanted, Mechanics Wanted, in words ur
It-s* 2Jc.. each additional line in cent--..
Change in standing advortlsomont-s must
'De in ny 9 a. m. Tuesday and Friday of
«ch week to wonre good dlnplay,
JOB FlilNTISU promptly executed at reasonable rates.
TEBUS-Caah, Subscriptions payable iu ad;
CORRESPONDENCE invited on matters of
public interest. Communications to Editor most be accompanied by name of
writer, not nece-wirily for publication, but
as evidence of good faith.  Correspondence
phould be brief.
1)L NT I ST.
McKenzie Avenue.
Orncas -. Imi'Erul Hank  IIi-ock,  Kkvki.-
BTOKE, 13. C.
Money to loan.
(juices: Revelstoke, B.C.: Fort Steele, B. U
Gko. ri. McCautkr,
A. M.  l'lNKUAM,
Revelstoke, n. C.
J. A. Harvey,
Fori SUiolo, B. C.
J. M. Scott I.L.li. W, I. Brlgo-ft
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
Money to Loan
Solicit,his for Molsons Bank
First Street. Kevelstoke, B.C.
      Mining Engineer,
(MeriCATOrican Institute Milling Bnglnoort)
('anwlian Mining Institute.)
Revelstoke, B. C.
Examination ol and report* on Mineral Properties a Srecialtj-.
Agent (or Canadian Mclnl Company, buyers
of nine and silver-load ores.
Zinc and silver-kail mines pnrclins    or i,|„-r-
nU-,1 under li-nse and lioiul
Financial isslitanco given owners and  pios.
pectors to operate and di-velnp
approved properties.
Zbc flftatUlberalb
"Iwculd . • . eiiiuesllj-advise llieni lur
their gcs.,1 to ortli-r Ihis piper lo be puootunlly
'erved up. and to In-locke 1 upon as a purl Ol
(l,e (en equipage.''—ADDISON.
The Dominion and Provincial Governments arc to be congratulated on
thc success of the steps taken to cap-
tun- lln- bandits who held up the
O.P.R. tiuiin ut Kamloops and robbed
the mails. It is absolutely necessary
tliis kind oi thing be stopped in
Camilla and tlie people me prepared
to back up the Dominion and Provincial Governments in any expense
thoy might incur in this respect The
action ol tlie Dominion Government
In Bending into tlie lield with such
promptitude a highly trained and
ellicient body ol men like the Northwest Mounted Police is to be highly
commended and their presence did
much to secure effective work in thc
capture ol the scoundrels. It ia nuw
up to the government to bcc that all
those who took a hand In the search
for and capture ol these criminals arc
suitably rewarded, and the Indiana
Bhould have special recognition as a
means ol ensuring llieir guudwill and
assi'tance in any future work nl tliis
Tlie llcdley Gazette says: "After
much delay the question of V.V. & E,
plans to come through the town ol
Hedlcy instead ol being forced by the
0. P. R. to build across the Similkameen river, came up before the Minister of Railways at Ottawa recently-
Over two monlbs ngo the matter was
brought before the minister and he
granted approval at once, but shortly
after doing so the 0. P. R. got alter
him and he withdrew the approval
which he had granted, This precipitated the present light, in which Medley took n small hunil by holding n
public meeting on Mnrcli lllth, at
which a strong resolution was carried,
aud ti 1 su one Irom the Board of Trade,
as well us the circulation ol petitions,
all ol which, it will he seen, figured
prominently in the discussion. The
Gazette, on behalf ol itself and the
town, bows acknowledgement to Duncan Ross, M. P., for the able manner
in whioh he championed Iho case for
the town.''
authorities lor vigilant policing o! ihe
boundary, with an ugrcemei-t that
fugitives from justice Irom the Stn os
ahull be as carefully wulclnd for nnd
hunted down this side llie line ns tho
American Government would bo ex-
peeled to hunt down fugitives Ir.-m!
or porpetrnlors of crime in Canada.
The (Iraiitl Porks Gazette says:—"It
is intimated from Ottawa that Mr.
Eminerson will bring down n bill
placing telegraph, telcphsno and express companies under tho control ol
the railway coininission. Tlie country
will regard such a measure with satisfaction. Iu spite of nny criticism
which may be levelled against it the
railway commission lias not only done
good work, but the mere existence ol
a body with such lull powers makes
for lair play in matters where otherwise the great carrying corporations
would take a too selfish view oi things
in dispute between themselves and
the public."
The Montreal Star say
Mr. Oliver's proposal u
reserves in Western Canada, whioh
shall be under tbe care and control of
tlie Federal authorities, is a measure
whioh will command the support of
the country us easily us it secured the
sympathetic consideration ,-i both
sides ol the House Now is tlie time
to provide lor the protection of the
forests ol the West. With seltlers
pouring in there at tlie present rate,
and with the dangers of bush flreta
always increasing, the nation cannot
too soon set a guard over this vital
necessity of western prosperity."
The fact that last week no less than
three hold-ups occurred in British
Columbia at the points of guns, calls
attention to the urgent necessity for
increasing thc stringency of the criminal law. The practice ol carrying firearms in the United States iB responsible
for this condition of things and it is up
to the Canadian Government to take a
meane of check-mating it. We suggested last issue that the criminal law-
should be amended to make holdups by firearms a capital offence.
There is little difference between presenting a gun at a man's h ad. telling
him to deliver or he will lie shot, and
the actual shooting. M,-st ol the desperadoes who go in lor this kind ol
tiling would just as soon shoot to kill
as not, and their offence should be
dealt with accordingly. Now that
crimes of this sort are becoming so
common they demand urgent attention, and the best means to prevent
them would be by equipping the police
stations at central points with trained
men assisted by trained blood-hounds
ready to hunt down these dosperadoes
at a moment's notice, and by making
the offence one liable to the extreme
penalty ol the law—capital pun|ph-
ment. Though revolting as a means
ol expiating crime, deeperate offences
require desperate remedies, and tlie
idea ol having to end his life by dangling from the end ol a rope hi- I
greater terror to many evil doers th in
imprisonment for life.
The Minister of Justice is not devoting the attention to these Crimea and
the means ol preventing them that
conditions are now demanding. In
conjunction with the amendment * TU* MnnAl/ Q^vina
the federal criminal law the provincial j lilt JTlUllkJ 0(4Tlll£
police system requires re-organisation
and the Dominion Government should
supplement it by provision for the
Northwest Mounted Police system being
extended to thi-s province to co-operate with the provincial polio- and give
them the leiient ol trained assistance
in hounding down and detecting
crime. The position is too soriout. to
be dallied with, and crimes ol this
nature demand that no effort or expense shall he spared on the part of
the powers that lie to ensure the best
of law and order, and that Britisli
Columbia shall no longer be the holdup ground for thc criminal cIhsbcs of
tbe United Mates.
Speaking of his visit to llritisli
Columbia, Mr, Macklin, editor ol the
Manitoba Free Press,says: "111 a low
years Winnipeg capiln'ists will be
looking lor investments, and it is to
Britisli Columbia they will turn their
attention, The people of Winnipeg
will invest in Britisli Columbia mine
readily than will the people ot tho
cast. They huvo made their money
in the west and have faith In it, while
thoso in thc east arc still doubtful of
the possibilities here."
We urge on the business mon of the
city to grant tlie weekly hall-holiday
during the summer months, It iniikcB
no difference to the volume of business
done, and allows an opportunity lor
sport and recreation during the sum-
inor months. Several neighboring
tow s have already entered into this
weekly half-holiday and if the employes of the stores were to petition
for it the conceBsion could likewise be
arranged in Revelstoke.
NOTICE i^ hereby given that tin days after date
1 intend In apply tu the Chief CoiUllllSSloH'tf
of Lands anil Works for permission topnrcl'ase
tho following llescibed lands on the "Big Ledge"
wagon road, Arrowhead Mining Division, wesi
Kootonay Distric-:
Coimnoiiclng at a post about ton chains south
f the 8-iuile post on the "Big Lodge" wagon road
and marked "('. M. Symons north west corner."
thonco a»t 40 chains, thonco south 40 chain**.,
tlionco west 4o chains, thonce nor«h 40 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated May 1st, 11HK1.
Netleo Is homily glvon that (JO days ate date 1
inbuilt tn njiply t„ tin- cliii-f i'„iiiniissi,,m-r ,,f
l.nmlsinsl Works (,,r pormlmioii to pnrcliaiG the
lollmi ins ,li-s-,-ril,,,,l Inrols, -itiinti. near 'l,-l>- Jiuitii-
Caelio, Carll liitrict, 11. Ct-
I'otiuaoncinD at n p,,si planted at the south
trail corner ol l,„i ISO anil markod "O. ll. Nugle's
nortli iv<-*t corner poat," thenco loath 40 claim,
Llienco oast Itlo ohains, tlience uoi-tli 40 chains,
thence w,-si lQOclialns tn |iolat »t commencement,
containing mn n,-r,-s more or less.
Ontcil 14th day ot April, 1000,
Cold Range Lodge, K. ol P.,
sa   No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
in Odtlli'llowi' Hull „l s
o'clock Vi-iling Knights are
conliitlly invited.
e. \v. ii. i'aukt, i.e.
0. H. BROCK, K i.i It ,t- S.
H. A. IIHOWN. M. ill F.
Kooton-iv I.odi*c No. 15 A F, & A.M.
Tito regular meeting- nre held in the
II t-onii! Temple,
i.l,i I-', U.iiv . Hull,.ii,
lh, third Mnndllyin
Uill IM.Illll lit ft
Mil, Visiting lirol.h.
 nn Iii, Ily   wel
co uud
C. A. 1'ltOCUNIElt. SK011BMY.
SELKIRK LODGE, NO 12,1.0.0, F,
Moot* ovory ThuredV
Hall al » ,1',-ln-k
Visiting brethren oor
dinllv  llivll. 1 to nt
li. MAODONAl.il, N'.ll.        J. MAT1IIK, BBC
l have started a permanent Wood
Yard on Third street. With mv pusl
experience I hope to be in a position
to satisfy all requirements of customers. Dry ciirdwiiod kept in stock and
supplied in uny lengths at reduced
prices for cash.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Boagho
Cash Prices Paio
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Richard R. Copeland
R. Do ws wel I, (formerly of I-clnml Hotel,' Vancouver) Proprietor.
First Clnss House for Travellers nnd Cominercinl Men
Newly \ISuilt, Newly Furnished, and the most com**
fiii'lablc. house in the City.
Mantles, Shelving, Sliirm Doors, etc
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
Third Street Easl, Revelsloke
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders tor Beet and Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and small goods
will receive prompt attention.
(1. 11. XACI.K,
Itovelatokc, B.C.
co is lien
Iiygivi-ii Uml 00 days alter date J
nt cu
to nm,
v l» llieCltlof Commissioner o1
nml  W„i
,» tor jiernilislon lu purchase tin-
iui:  tlesc
il„',l  liimls. situate    lien,' Tele
Cache, i
irllioodistrict, Il.C:
IIOUclllR :
t ii|,„*i |iliiiii,-,l ul lite south east
„[ 1,1,1 IS
1 and marked "K, McBoan's south
," then, nst 60 ,-liiiiiis. thence
lh 120 chains, -eor l™, to Ihe hank ol thi
l-'nisi-r lllver. thonce iveit 60 chains alongthe
isiiik,,f Hi,- fraser Hirer to tho easl honmUry,,(
lot 480, thone mli ISO chains, inure or less,
alum: tin- east hoitndary nf lot480 tothe i„,iiit ,,f
commencement, containing 600 acres more „r less.
Bated the lltli day ol April, 1006,
Revelitoke, 11. C.
In the matter ol dust Ulitt, deceased,
In the matter o( the "Official Admlniatratori1
Notice i- rerehj riven thai liyorierof His
ll.,im .1. A. l-'nriti. County Judge,ilated thefttli
■In,)-of May, IS06, Qeorfce smith McCarter.inti, inl
tj n I Autuinist'tUor for that part "( Kootenay County
non  comprised nitliln tbe Kevelstoke Kl,--i„nii Hi*'
create forest   trlcu has l*en panted letters o(  ulminlitmllon
to administer ,11 oil .tngnlnr the estute at (lusl
tehn, deceased   it, il tie
And fui ili-- t.ik,' notice that ill claims upon the
aaid estate musl ' nl In t-. the said Adminis-
this oftii-i   Imperial Bank Block, Revel
itoki. i; , . -,i;..M in I,-. Irom -i - late hereot,
liter s-tiichttme  ill pr .seeds    111 lw
.im,-,,'- the parties 1  ■■ entitled
,.K,,!;,.!' SMITH M - ARTKH,
Offic     I'lmli
Bated th, ■ M mil
That sueh a famous songstress as
Madame  Albani should  have  b i
allowed to pass thr,,ugh British C, ■
uinbia without giving an entertainment .it Revelstoke -ays little for the
theatrical enterprise (this city. The
famous star appeared at Kamloops ind
tin doubt she would have visited Revelstoke could reasonable arrangementB
have been made,
In view of the fact that nearly every
hold up in British Columbia ia ' ne
by criminals from tbe  United  States
who seek to get across the I id irj
and so evade capture, the Dominion
Oovernment ihould mako a special
effort to arrange with  the American
N'OTH K   -   ore) ■  * dayi
!■'■-■- : ite :.-..■■
11  ■ ■ -      .    .
i       - -     , .     :,
'    \
irked   ■' ^   tti-
I. -.
Snowde i - : ■ ence north V)
I    ■ i     -   .     ;      ■ -   -
■point oi
i ■ '.
\  ■■     ■■■   |906
VfOTrCE [9 RKRKM  MVRN thai thirty
, \ ■     iifl i Intend Ui ij ■
■ iin-i i ommMonir of Land*  ind work* for h
t and carry av ■<■■  bei
from thi folio' Ind dosei i--*1! lands in \\'-*-t
( , ■.   ,   DWrlcl ■
pi -,. ,.    ■
,.,   ■  ■ ,- i olomo -' B "'!■ Insl   ibovs !i o
inoe Riv*»r nnd marked   W i m i
ii ■■       t corner posl    thence west I
■ ■ -	
■ i ■    ■, the poll
Dated I   lay ol i]
ft  ■ OWAN
Per B MeBfls
Something Pure
If you nre looking Ior Pure
Honey wc have just opened up
a consignment  of   Ontario
in 1 lb. boxes, or in 5 lb. cans
"Guaranteed Pure."
Our Canned Goods are second
to none, and more than that
wc "Guarantee every Can,"
Radish, Lettuce, Rhubarb, Etc.
Supply of Gold Fish on hand,
Front Street, Revelstoke
Completer Mineral Olalm,
Situate in thu Arrow Lake Mining Division ,,f
West Kootenay District,
Where tacated:—Xear|tlie Needles „n the Lower
Arrow Lake.
Take notii-e that I. Kenneth L. Burnet,agent
[or Annie Kelllher 'Administratrix („r theestato
-,(I', il. Kelllher <l< asod), Special Free Miner's
I'erttflcate No. 6175  intend, ilxty days from the
I,,.,- hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder (or
- erl Be,,,- .f Improvements, f»r the purpose of
1,1 -   i.i CrownQranl of the abovoolatm,
And fnrthei take notice thai action, under Sec
oust  • commenced hefore tin- Issuance
III   ',■' f tmprovements.
Dated this Pifteenth day of Pebruary, llHHI.
I.KNNKTII 1,. I'.llltNET.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new nittniigementjof
IlAltiiY  MciN'rosil,   Hoffman   House
THE MEDIOAD WATERS of Halcyon are thc most curative in tbe
world. A perfect, natuial remedy for
nil Neivous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomaoli ailments
and Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trams. Two
mails airive and depait every day.
Telegra h communication with all
marts of the world.
Terms~$12 to $18 per week.   For
further particulars apply lo
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotti Lake, B, C
Mrs. H. J. Ha.ibury Manngrcss.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
I,;,ri;„ Diningrimnl for
Banquets, Suppers, otc.
Furnished Rooms To Let.
Certificate of Improvements,
Peacock Mineral Claim, situnto in tho Revel.
stoko Mining Division of West Kootenuj
Where locutedi-At tamlard Basin, In the
Big llond.
TAKE NOTICK that I, It. Smith, Froe
Minor s Corlillcnto No. IISKB. acllng ns agent
'i"..t,i.',',?"!!.",ils'.?rl"> uil""'s C'ortlScalo No.
II8S18I,; uiE, Robinson, Froe Miner's Uertift.
calo Nu )H nnd Vfm. M. Sniton's Froe
Minors Certiflcnto No. B 80185, intend sixty
dnys [nmi date hereof to apply to the Mining
Kooorilor for a Cortillcalo of Improvements for
tho purpose ol obtaining a frown Grant of the
abovo claim.
And fnrthor, tako notice, thnt action undor
Section 37, must ho commenced before the
■snnncoof such Cortificnto of Improvements
Dntod this Socond day of April, A.D., IMS.
Ap.4-2m R. SMITH.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office Toronto, Ontario.
Branches In tlio I'mvincos,,( Mnnitubn. Aliinrtn, Saskatchewan,
British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec.
Oapltal Subscribed        ...       •4,000,000.00
Oapltal Paid Up ....   •3,900,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       •3,000,000.00
D. 11. Wii.kiis, President; Hon. It. Jaffrav, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savincih DEPARTMENT—Deposits received and Inlerest allowed
at highest current rale from ditto of opening account, and compounded half-yearly,
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.  Special attention given lu OolleclioiiB,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C—A. E. Phipps, Manager.
For all kinds of up-to-date and reliable furniture
and house furnishings go to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
MANuracTun.D  ov
Kurtz's Pion ,-r Cigar Factory
118, Cordova St., W,
VANCOUVER. -   -   B.  C.
Certificate of Improvements.
Martha Jane Fraction nnd   Minto Minoral
Claims, situate in tho Rovolstoke Mining
Division of West Kootenay District.
Whore located:-At Standard  Basin,   Big
TAKE NOTICE that I, R. Smith, Free
Minor s Certificate No. 11185,28, acting as agent
(or th; I'rinco Mining and Dovolopmont Company. Liiiiitod Liability: Froo Minor's Certill.
onto No. B 88185, Intend sixty days from dato
hereof to apply to the Mining Rocorder for
(prtillcntqs of Improvements for tlio purpose
n( obtaining Crown Grants of tho above
And further, dike notice, that action nnilor
hoclinii 87. must lie commenced before tho
issuance of such Cortiflcntos of Improvements.
Dalod this Second day of April, A. D., WM.
Ap. 4—2na. R. storm.
NOTICK. IS HEREBY fllVEN (hat 30 days
aftor date I Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief
I iimmissinnor nf Lands and Works for a spocial
llconse to cut and enrrv away timber from the
following descriliod lands, situnto ot or uoar
llio Standard Basin, Revelstoke district.
Commenolng nl a post plnnted about 1) milos
north nf Standard Mine, and marked "O.J,
R l Sonth-Wost Corner Post" • tlience nortli 1(10
chums; thonco onst 10 chains; thonco south
lisl chains; thenco wost 411 chains lo tbe place
Dated (ho Socond day of April A,D„ WM.
AP- I 2-m- C. J, RUMENS.
Do You ;;""■"' r M-u;-
II k it.i I, I, regularly
and " on time?" If not, kindly
notify the olliee at once either
'Phone 13 or by postal,
Work Saving Soap
That's Royal drown kind—
mini,- iii Vancouver—Largest
Soup Factory west ol Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washing are oasy with its help.
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tolls what wo give lor
Royal drown IVrappori. Semi
lor It—Freo—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B, C
Tender for Mineral Claim Forfeited to thc Crown,
.*,',: si -  Greenhouses & Seed Houses
render   .ill Ihii II,
-i noon, „n ".it,Ml. -,     :.
-.! -,"■ i.i f tficundi-rmentlnn
„,l mineral  -i  which  wns forfeited to the
Crown ,' the Tax -,il'- hold In ths Conr( II  is,
,1  ll... |  - |ki    II  I      Mill,,- .Hi .l,V ■.(  VmhiI.i.,
I, in tldereil, all tenders musl Is!ai least
equal in ili- upsel price ,s glion hi low,«
nipiivalnnt to 0 monnl for which such claim
could havo i „ piirchnsed by tho owner or own-
,-r,, lu or I,,-!',.,- the until day of ,lnne, loon, to
giitliot ., Ith tho tales ,- lilcli bale wi rued once
i'„- fax Halo, tl oil -,f advertlilng for ti mini
nli i...ui oi ue foe
(IIIOWN ',.11(1,EN. KIEI.il AS'd KI/lWKll
SEEDS. New crop nowln .took and on tfsj
In our /i" ni.-,-1---- A„k v„,ir msrehanl for
■ hem in ■■ sled [„„iii igos. tr he -:,,,, „,,, handli
thorn we will mall M n--,,ri'i.l. v [,aok',ij, ,,f
j. .'. tnd flower Mode lour owl. .eisotloo,
-,,i,;ii.i,. f,,r li c sjarasns) f,,r||i,i. Bpeolnl
prioes on your leilk -.,-,-,11,
li    ,    (IIIOWN  l-'ld ll   ANIi   ORNA
MF.NTAl.   TIIKK.S   BOW  r,„„ly   for   spring
Vi f Claim
" Brnnswlok"
Loi No,
I pant Prl,
VT l I'l'ICI', is hereby glvon that an days aflor dale
ll we inleml lo npiily t„ the Hon, Tho Chiof
Commissioner of Lands mul Works for a Special
License to cut and carry away timlier from the
following di-arrllx-d lands In w'est Kootenay DIs-
tri.-t: '
1. Commencing at a post planted do chains
north from the south west, i-ornor of lot No. 6145
n,l marked "A. I,. (Jo's. N. W. corner pint,"
hence south 80 chains, 80 chains cast, 8n chains
norlli. su chains west to point of commencement..
Haled Ihis Xlrd day,,f April, IIJOB.
2. Commencing at a post planted 00 chains
nortli from the soulh west corner ol lot No. 0141
.oi'l marked A. I,. Co'l, Southwest ™rncrp„sl,'
Hi" Wl,-luiiils nortli.sn chains east, 811 chaini
■outh. 80 chains wesl to poinl „( jomiiienccincnt.
Hutu,! thli 181,1 day of April,I100U.
Iucurporntod by Aot of Purl in ment, 1855.
Wm. Mol8un Macphkrson, Prea. 8. H. Ewmo, Vice-Pres.
Jamks Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Evi'iythinp- in way of banking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice a year nt current rates on Savings Bank
deposits.  !■_
W. H. PRATT, Manager,        -       Rrvkjtokk, B. C.
Now that bright spring days are coming in, to be followed hy the heat
of summer yoli want to keen your stores and houses coot and comfortable.
The Best Way to do this is to secure awnings for your windows, and
order them from
L.  A.  FRETZ,
First Street.
Roiih tomlormtistIw iwcompanlo'l liyn chwjtiu
nly cortlflml i'y ft chartoroil bank r»i tha fun
mmmt tliorenf, nnyalilo al par al Itorolstnkfl In
i- mi "f il n-tfonlKnod.
Thnchc-nrioR of alliinsiircossfnl tondorni   -'ill
Ihi iiiiiiii'iliiil.-lyrxiiii'ii"!.
KtiKI) l'lt\sKl!.
Oovornmonl Wont nl llovol-atciko,
Mn) inih, Jim.
xtra ni':*- utook of two And thron year Appla
i " tl |20.0f)nnr 1*10, |l8ft.flfl par 1,000; Haj
nurd Ptuntil 11.00 Bacnj iinliaii Pninft, two
j'l-nr, ilnn, I'UiM) jut \H\, Mn«nr fruin*, two
V"nr, fine, Pi-'Ki [«r ino.
Knll Iht of othor stock at rofoihir prlco*. No
oxponso, l<'° Of Wny '<t fmniKnUon or
I if-1 mc prlco your Hnl Boford plaolriB your
Ciroonhoiiso Plants, Klor Work, Boofllippllog,
Km 11 PnckuK'.'H. Kortillaori, otc,
Nl.   J,   HENRY
Arrowhead, B. C.
Oharnilngly iHtuatod on llie shores
of Arrow Luke.
Good Tiout PiBhlng,
Boats always for hire.
Sample Ijooms in connection,
l-'ini clasB hnusu for Tourists and
Commercial men,
W. J. Lightburne, Proprietor
Mill Property and Timber Limit
For Sale.
rpKNhKKH will U rftrnivnilliytlio dhdflntga'
| ftd np U) DOOn OH Ton^lny thn lilli Mny,
Hint, for iini purphflH nf tlm Hnw mill nnd Hliin-
aln mill nl-Ornoly (rnok, Intoly OpOffttM by F,
Julian, aad fur Timlmr Uortli ft*, adjoin Ins
uiw mill, and oontalDlDffnn iron or nbout v\
soiiiiro milos.
Tninlori for mill property niiHt be separate
frum Loinlnrs furTimlmi Berth
Is the purest form in which cane sugar can
be made. Every grain sparkles with brilliancy, the result of perfect crystalization.
You will be pleased the moment you open
a box. You will be delighted after trying it
in your tea or coffee. Sold everywhere in
2 lb. sealed packages.
The B. C. Sugar Refining Co., Ltd., Vancouver, B. C
In Uir (liuni! v Court of tt'i'M Kootonay, liolilen at
To Kinifst AuittiHtiiH linker, known an Git** Baker,
nf Arrowhead, ll. (".
T-ikc milirn thnl a plaint has liuiin untereil nnd
ii -111111111111* hmiii'iI iiKiiini-l you In thu above I'min-
ty Court liy Qeorae (.'liniunan of Arrowhead, B.C.,
for l lie Bum ol ?r.n,iKi, tii-iii); tho auioiint of n cor-
I uiu rlii'ijiu- iniiili* ninl drawn bv ymi upon tho lin-
porlal iinik of Canada. Arrowheotl, B, C, ami
la led .Inly "Mi, lUtifi, wliirli i-lii>f|uu was on prenim-
iitiinii iiiHli'imiri-il for non-paytnent androumliiH
iiiiji.i i' I nml nf which tlm plnlutilT Is tho holder and
an ordor haa been mndi' (lint tlm publlcntlonofa
iml ici' nf tlm ontry of mi eh plaint in the Mail-
lleratd newipaper public hod nt Uovulstoko, ll,(J,,
for four iiiM'fi inii.i shnll Ihi doemoil to lie good nml
itifDclent HiTvlcii of tlm KUimmmH upon ymi.
Vou nre i-i'c|iiin''i to enter n dhputo nolo wllhln
c'inlil ilayw from tlie BSnl dnv of May. 1906. IhjIiij
tlinbiiiMif ihu i.ihi puiilirMtimi of this notice, nl
tin' Iti'niitiiii'N office nt Hcv(!lH*U>kc, II. (',, and If
yon do nnl sn outer Midi dispute note, ludwnoiit
muy hf hIkiiciI nKiiinni yoti nml the plalntilf tuny
proceed lui-xi-cullcm,
Ihl.'-I |Ma I'llh duy nf May.uma.
Deputy Koftlm-rnr.
Hcotl fi UtIkk-*. Bolldton (or I'lnlntflT. \l
Kovolitoko, Mny Btlt, ll"«.
('oHtiENnsn ah kt Mav 1st.
.Inm,, I WfKiilrow lms- tsroed ,,voi hi Ini-i-
no-- to llio I'liln,-,- Mont Murk,,,, Mr. Brot,
MalisKir. All accimtilsiliie t„ .1 1. W,„,,lr,,w,
rno bo i-,i,l l,, Mr. Hint Mminayor 1'iiliiro Meat
Marltot. my i
daya after date I Intond to apply to tho
Chief CoiiiiulRKlonur of LandH and Works for a
special liconso to out and carry away timber
from the following described lands near
tjppor Arrow Lake, West Kootonay District,
Fosthall waters;—
1. CommonrliiK at a post about 0 chains *oiith
of Hear Croek and about four miles fnnn the
month, tlionco north M chains, thence east 80
chains, tlience south 80 clmins, tlience went SO
chnlns to point of commencement.
-2. Commencing at a nost on soutli side of Hear
Crock uml about ffvo miles from the mouth, thonce
north m chains, thence enst so chains, thence
south 80 chains, thenco west 80 chains to point of
:t. Comment-Ins at No. 8 post north 80 chains,
thence west Ho elinlns, thenco smith 80 chains,
thence east 80chains to point of commencement.
4. Commencing nl a post on north side of Bear
Creek, about six miles from the mouth, thenco
north 80 chains, tlmnco west 60 chains, thence
south wi chains, tlience east 80 chains to point of
DnteiiMny 4th, 1900,
You Need a New Typewriter
We enn Blipply you with a NEW ,
" EMPIRE."   This machine Ib knovfli
nil ever llie country for Ils simplicity
and gnod work.  Cull at'our office und
see it for yourself.
Interior Publishing Company, Ltd, THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE II. C.
Where Settlers are Crowding In
It is wonderful the way In which
settlors are crowding into tlio valley
ol the North Thomson, extending
(rom KamloopB (or 150 miles. The
river is navigable for over 100 miles,
but ns yet there is no steamship service on it. For the first hundred
miles the valley is a wide one, with
open lands or light timber which can
be easily cleared. The soil is ol tlie
best. For the first 2,1 miles north ol
Kamloops the valley on the cast side
ol the river is dry, there lieing lew
aide streams, and those which exist
being too small to be of much value
for irrigation. But finer grazing and
agricultural lands cannot be found.
The lands on the west side of the
river are better off for water as the
English company whioh has acquired
the land on the west bank ol the rivor
(or 17 miles north ol Kamloops has
put in an effective irrigation system
from Jamieson Greek, and the lands
have been subdivided inlo fruit farniB
and are selling at }Vi to $100 an acre.
There is an active demand for these
lands,'which grow excellent Iruit and
there' will soon be a thriving and
beautiful settlement on the north side
ol the river flats north of Kamloops.
Messrs. Strutt and Nash are acting as
agents for the Company owning these
Just above Jamieson Creek Mr.
Manson, formerly of Revelsloke, and
who came into the country with Chief
Bain, owns one of the finest ranches
in Britiih Columbia—a beautifully
situated spot, rich soil, large area of
level land, bjcked by bunch-grass hills
capable of raising large herds ot cattle,
the whole well irrigated from Jamieson Creek.
At Edwards Creek, fifteen miles
north of Kamloops, a road heads towards Adams Lake and enters a country being thickly settled lor thirty
miles. There is an accommodation
house here.
At Lewis Creek there is an excellent
accommodation house, ranch, and
sawmill operated by water power.
From this point the main road runs
into the Lewis Creek settlements and
here downs ol settlers are taking up
A good wagon road runs along the
Thomson (or 55 miles north of Kamloops and it then turns off towards
Dun Lake, a beautiful sheet ol water
locked in a fertile valley. This road
is being extended this season up the
Thomson River as far as the Clearwater, about 100 miles north of Kamloops, aud will shorten the present
round-about trail by ten miles.
As usual the
cover the pick ol the country, but in
the Thornton Valley the traveller sees
the finest Indiana to be (ound in British Columbia. They are a very decent lot, ol line physique, and very
industrious. Tbey work their reserves
to advantage and the amount of
ploughing, fencing, nnd stock-raising
which they do is remarkable.
Fifty-live miles out of Kamloops is
a ranch owned by George Fennell, an
old-time Kootenay prospector, who
has taken np 900 acres ol lands and is
doing wonders. He only took up the
land 18 months ago and has a large
area oleared and under cultivation
has planted out an orchard, brought
in an irrigation supply over a ditch
(our miles long, and cleaned up |3000
last season buying turs. This is a
wonderlul record and signifies the
■tamp ol men who make a country.
grows to the tops of thc highest bills.
The country falls away to the north,
and great depressions are seen in
which lakes abound surrounded by
large acres of rich meadow and sloping land. Right to the summit of one
of these hills was seen finer feed for
■took than around Kamloops, At
Allingham's ranch, over 100 miles up
the Thompson, everything can be
grown that can be raised around Kamloops, and Mr. Allingham's experiences
are a revelation ai to the marvellous
fertility of the soil and geniality of
climate. A prettier country no man
could wish to see.
It is into this country that settlers
are crowding, hewing out new homes,
tilling new lands, raising llocka and
And what these pioneers undergo?
Wc saw one party driving some cows
and packing the calves on horses, An
English (amity who went in thero had
their piano packed in over the bridle-
trail, so far tbo only means ol trans
portation into that lection, Such arc
the hardships of pioneering in the
back-woods of British Columbia, but
these hardships are cheerfully endure',
looking forward to a better and brighter day, when the settlers lell ymi llie
nilway is sine lu come nnd bring
along with it tlie seine of civilisation
und Ihe advantages ul Hie,
lint it in not ul,,uc ub an ngrioiil-
til-ill mul  pastoral country that the
North  thumeon    rits    ultetition.
Tho country has striking
Hold is (mind in most ol the .streams
and nt Boulder Creek, which lions
Irom llie south-east two American
prospectors are getting good gold by
changing the channel of tho stream
and washing its gravels,
At Moniuitn Flat cine ol excellent
grade is found in nrgillite overlying
serpentine, and at Boulder Creek and
other points there urn silver-lead and
copper deposits. On the Thomson
River, at its junction with the Clearwater, it is said there are payable deposits of gold and platinum.
On the upper readies ol Ihe river
there is abundance ol fine timber and
the Knmloops Sawmill is already
drawing part ol its supplies from this
Vast Timber Reserves.
The bill introduced by Hon Frank
Oliver, provides for nine forest reserves
containing in all an aroa of 6,540
square miles; namely, Long Lake
lie-servo in thc railway belt of British
Columbia; Riding Mountain, Turtle
Mountain, Luke Manitoba west,
Spruce Woods, Duok Mountain and
Porcupine Mountain Reserves, all in
the Province of Manitoba; Beaver Hills
The Pines and the Moose Mountain
reserves in the Province ol Saskatchewan.
Tlie lands within these reserves are
to be withdrawn from sale, settlement
and occupancy, tand arc to be held in
reserve "for the maintenance and protection of the timber growing or whioh
may grow therein, and tor the protection, as far as the Parliament ol Canada has jurisdiction, of the animals
and birds therein, and the fish in the
waters therein."
The reserves are to be under the
control and management ol the Superintendent of Forestry, subject to the
direction of the Minister ol the Interior, the Qovernor-in-Council to make
regulations for the management and
utilisatinn of such reserves.
The bill also provides for the exchange of lands within the reserve for
available Dominion binds situated outside the boundaries ol the reserves,
HiflC iNf
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Selling Agents,
Tho rapid development ol ihe «'-*i(
is increiiBeing the demand lur land
suitable lor fruit growing, suys Ihe
Winnipeg Free Press. W, II. Hamilton, of the Fisher Hamilton Co., ul
this city, und Kenneth Lind-ay, returned in-t night Irom an exteiiBlvn
trip lluo-igli llniisli Columbia, ami
while tl ere oun pletca lho purchase ul
3,000 iices ol fruit lands in Ihe Kootenay valley. The close proximity i f
this district, coupled with the mildness of the climate nnd the conditions
being siu-h ibat irrigation is unnecessary, makes the land, which is very
limited, exceedingly valuable. The
great protlt made by ihe growers lms
niadcNelson the centreolgreat activity
in tlie development ol Iruit growing,
this diatrict having been awardid n
special mediil at the Colonial exhibition, held lust lull in London, Eng.,
proving hoyond oil doubt the quality
ol Iruit which can be grown, hns given
this industry , great impetus. Botli
Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Lindsay say it
will only he u matter ol a short time
till every acre ol suitable land will be
utilized lor this purpo-e, as the demand in the west will be greater than
the amount ol Iruit which can be
grown ou the limited area of available
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
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Import direct from Country of origin.
^^^"c^^°m■'Lft^^^^^^^^^^'''ft^aa*^1-*^1"^p^*^^l^^*,* -—
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
dnys aftor dato I iutond to apply tn Hie
ffon. Ohtof Commissioner »f Lauds and Works
(or permission to purchase tlio following doscribod lauds, situnto in tlio Revelstoke Division
of Wost Kootenay District:—
Commencing at a post tilnutod on tlio oust
bunk of the Columbia Kivor, about ono-lmlf
mile north of tlio mouth of Carnes Crook, uud
markod "C.J.B's South Wost Cornor Post,"
thonce oast IK) chains; thonco norlh 8(1 cliiiins;
theuce wost 60clmins, bo the same more or loss,
to the oast bank of the Columbia Rivor: tlience
following tho nmaiidurim;- of tho Columbia
River in a Southerly diroction to tho point of
commencement, containing 480 ami- moro or
Dated this twenty-ninth duy of March, A.D.,
Ap.42m. C. J. RUMENS,
daya after date we intend to apply to tho
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special license to cut nnd carry away timber
from the following described lands :—
1. Commencing at a post planted about two
miles wost from Bannock Point on Upper Arrow Lake and marked "H. P, L, Co's southeast
corner post," thonce north 80 ehnitis, thouce
west 80 chains, thouce south 80 chains, lliouco
east 80 chains to|point of commoncomeut.
2. ConitneuciiiK at a oust oluutod about
three miles west from Hannocli Point on Upper Arrow Lake and marked "H.B L. Co's
southeast corner post," theuce north 80 ohains
thence west 80 cliiiins, theuce south 80 ohains,
thence eust 80 ohains to point of commoncomeut.
April nth, 1006.
NOTICK Isliorehy given that sixty daysafter
I Intend t
tin-1 hii-f Coniinfisloiier
pormlistoii t„ nitrcliaso
3 binds nnd .Vo'rlis f,  .
tlie (..ll.11, in- doscrlhod luiiils „n Uio Colutnli'i
ttlvor, North-Weal Kootonay--
CotnruonoltiB tl u pnst ivltliln two chains of tin,
A, uml K. riiiliiiii li,],>, nlioiil :i mil,, norlli ,,i
Arrowhead, inarkcil "ll. IVooliey'a south wait
corner post," tho.ice n,„tli in chaini, tlii'in-,- i-ust
10 chains, tlience south in chains, thonce in-sun
i-lniitiH t.„ iiim (coimnonconieitl.
iiiiiii M;,iid mill. niiKi.
I'i'i'W. I'. Ogltvlo, Agent.
NoTK'H is k-ri-liv glvon that sixty days alter
del,-1 Intend to apply to tin- Chlol (.', uis-
slonor of Lands and Works foi- pornilMlon to pur-
lms,, tl>,, following doscribod lands mi iho Columbia lllver, North-it osl Kootonay:
Commencing atu post within two chains of the
A. uml K. railway line, about n mllo and a hull
nnrtli o( Arrowhead, marked "A. M, Plnkliam'i
.smith west comer post," tlionco nortli 40 chains,
thence east « chains, thonco lotitli 10chains,
thence west in chalna t„ place „f comitienc'ement.
Dated March Kith, Intnl.
A. M. l'lNKUAM,
IVrW. P, Ogllvlo, Agout.
\T()TIl.'H Is hereby given that sixty days after
1\ ,Intel Intend lonnply to the CliM Commissioner ot Liiinls uml Works fnr permission to pur*
chase ihe following described inn-is on Hn- Columbia river, North-West Kootonny:-
' ommenclng at a poat within twn chains ,,f the
A. nml K. railway Iim-. abnul ilm lies imrlli,,(
Arrowhead, marked "H.A. Uaggon's south wost
corner post," tlience north 40 chains, thenco oast
40 chains, tlionco south 40 chains, tlionco west in
chains l,, place of ouramoiicement.
Unlet Mnrcli loth, IIIM.
 1-'.. A. IIAIIIIHN,
A LICENSE to cut timber cuu be acquired  only  ut public  competition,    jv
rental of 10 por square milo is charged
tor all timber berths except those situated west of Yale for which llie rental Is
al the rale of 5 cents per acre per annum.
In uddiliou lo thc rental, dues at the
following rules are charge.*:—
Sawn lumber, SO cents pur thousand
(net li.M. ,     .
Railway lies, eight and nine feot long,
I 1-2 and 1 3-4 cents each.
Shingle bolts, 25 cents a cord.
All other products, 6 per cent on the
A license is Issued so soon as a berth
is granted, but ill surveyed territory no
timber can be cut on a berth until Ihu
licensee has made a survey thereof.
Permits to cut timber are also granted
at public competition, except In the case
of actual settlers, who require tho timber lor their own use.
Settlers and others may also obtain
permits to cut up to 100 cords of wood for
sulo   wilhout -competition.
Tlio dues payable under a permit are
11.60 per thousand Ieet B.M., tor squaro
timbor and sawlogs of any wood except oak; from 1-2 lo 11-2 cenls per lineal
foot for building logs; from 12 1-2 to a
cents per cord for wood; 1 cent for fence
posts; 3 cents for railway ties; and oo
cents per cord for Bhingle bolts.
LeaseB for grazing purposes are Issued
for a term of twenty-one years, at a
rental ot two cents per acre per annum.
Coal lands may be purchased at Iio
per acre for soft coal and (20 for anthracite. Not moro than 320 acres may be
acquired by one individual or company.
Royalty at the rate of 10 cents per ton
of 2000 pounds Is collected on tlie gross
Entries for land for agricultural purposes may be made personally at the local land office tor the district In which
the land to be taken up Is situated, or
If the homesteader desires, he may, on
application to the Minister of Ihe Interior
at Ottawa, the Commissioner of Immigration at Winnipeg, or the local agent for
the DlBlrict, within which the land la
situated, receive authority for Bome one
lo make entry tor him.
A fee of »10 Is charged for homestead
A settler who has received an entry foi
a homestead, Ib required to perform the
conditions connected therewith under ono
of tiho following plans:-
(11 At least six nioiilhs' residence upon
and cultivation uf the land In each year
during the term of three years.
it Is the practice of the Department lo
require a settler to bring li, acres under
cultivation, but If ho prefers he may substitute stock; and 20 head of cattle, to bo
actually his own property, with buildings
for their accommodation, will be required
instead of cultivation.
Nll'ITl'H is hereby given Unit s
iliitc I Intenil to apply to the Chlol Com-
mlsslonerol Lands and Wonts for permission to
liiin-liaso the following describedlamtson the Columbia river, N,,i ili-Wcsl Kootenay:—
Commencing nt n )><>*l «itliiu two chains „f the
A. .-mil K. railway lino, about two miles north ,,f
Arrowhead, mnrked "W. P. Ogilvie's south west
corner post," tlience mirth 40 chains, thonce east
4ii clniins, tlience south in chains, theuce west in
chains t„ iiliu-e „f commencement.
Dati-d Mnrrh 10th, 1000.
 W. K. Odll.VIK.
VTOTICE is lioroby given that sixty days aftor
]M date I intend to apply to the Chief Commis.
.sinner i-f Lands uml Works for permission tn pur-
clui.se the following described liunls un the Columbia river. North-Wesl Kootenay:—
Connnenclugat a post within two clmins „( the
A. nml K. railway line, about two and a hall
miles imrlli of Arrowhead, marked "A. Johnson's
south west corner post," thenco north m chains,
tlienc,, oast in chains, tlienc,, soulli lu chains,
thenco west 40 clmins t<> pluco „l t-nminuncomont.
1 >.,tc,i March imli. limn.
 I'crW. V. ilgiliic, Agent.
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Certificate cf Improvements.
Golden Haglo Mineral Claim, Hltuate In the Arrow Lake Miniitu Division nf Kootenay District,
Where located:—Adjoining Mineral City Town-
TAKE NOTICE tlmt I, Koimotli I,. Iliirimt,
iif;'*iii fur Mis. Ktlen McDoiigald, «.f Nakusp,
Free Minor's Certificate No, I) 9K0B, Intend, alxly
daya from tlio date horoof, to apply to tho Mining
Rcrnrdcr for a Certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining ft Orown Gratitof the
above claim.
Ami further take notice that action, under sec*
tion ,17, must In1 commenced before Uu.-- lasuanco of
ninth Ci'rtitli'iiti' of Improvements.
Dutwl thia ■Mlnlayiif April. IMS,
NOTICK is hereby given that thirty days alter
dale I Intend lo imply to the II  chief
Commissioner ol LuihIh ami Works, forasjioclai
license l„ cut .onl curry nwny timber from tin,
following described hinds:
l. Commencing at a post plantod on tlio oast
Inillk „l llm north lork „( Pita Creek, alxiul »
miles above Ihe forks nml marked "I-:. I'. Ilonry's
 Ill enst Ciller post," tlience  WOll   10 i-liniii*.
tlience south 11:11 chains, tlienc i-l 10 chains,
thonce north IGOcliuIni topulnl of commoncomont.
•L Commencing at a poll planted on tho ensl
hunk ot lho nnrtli f.nk „l Fife Creek, aboul I
miles above the (nrkKnnd marked "K. I'. Henry*!
norlli west corner post," theuce ,*„utli 100 chaini,
thence ooil 10 chnlns. tin- - nortli 100 chains,
thenco wesi io chains t,, point „f coinmoncomenl
8. ('oiiiiiieiiehigiit.ii post planted on ll it
bank ,,l II ortli f„rk „l Fife Creek, aboul B|
miles from Hi,- („rks and marked "K. I'. Ilonry's
south oast curlier post,'- tlienconorth iOOchnins.
Ihence well 40 clinin.s. tl-ci  south loo chains,
liionco oasl 40 chains to point nf cninmoncoineiit,
4. Commonolng at a post iilaiitoil on Lho east
bank nl llm norlh lork „( Fife Creek,atoll i|
Uio forks and marked "It, I'. Hem, -
 -ner post," tlionco north 80 chain.
tllelice  south  so elm
., tlm forks,
rko,l"l'. I'. Ilei
Ihence weal so elm
tlience eust 811 clmins,  tlience  south  so
fayif tlia father (or mother, If tho fa- j llionoo wost BOclinlliilnpoliitnf i	
ther Is deceased) of any person who Is |   r>. Cnitiinencing nt u post nlantuil on It
eligible to mako a homestead entry under   innh „l lh„ norlli (,,rk ,,( Fife Cn-ok.o'
the provisions of the Act. resides upon  -"
a farm In tlio vicinity of the land entered for by such person as a homestead,
tho requirements of the Act as to residence prior to obtaining patent may bo
satisfied by such person residing with tho
father or mother.
(8) If the Bolder ha« hla permanent
residence upon farming land owned by
him In the vicinity of his hoinestoad. tlio
requirements of the Act as to residence
may be satlslled by residence upon the
said land.
Application for patent should be made
at tho end of three years boforo the looal
ngent, sub-agent or a homostead Inspector.
Before making application (or a patent,
Hu- settler must give six months' notlco
In writing to tho Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa, of his Inten-
Hon to do BO.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
Ottawa, Febrnray 14th. UK.
miles ni„
tlience soulli su chains, Hi
thence north mi clmins to point of coinmoncomei i
0. Cnnim Ingnt n iiosi planted on Uio ii   i
imnl, „f Uie norlli fork of File creek.nl i .-
milcs iilinic tin- forks nml marked "I-:. I', lien,
soulli enst ■ ■ poll/ tlionco moth 100 elmi I.
thrill'!,   IICHt    ill   (-llllllis, lllelice .south llHI i-hiiiu.
(I enst lUcllllillH to polllt of '-,,1.1111 ,-	
7. Cnintneni-liigat a posl nliinlol „n the w, -
Inillk olllie lh f,,ik „f life Creek ninl iilion  :
miles abovo tlio forks nml marked "B, I'. Ilenij
sunlit rust curlier |i„sl," Hint mrlll  Illll chain
thenci, woit in i-liiiiiiH, thence smith mi chains
thence eust 4" i-IiiiIuh to point ol commeiic-m, III
8. Commencing at a boat plantod on tlm wool
hank nf the north fork ,»f Fife Creek, aboul 0
inili-iiiI'Mi- Hu- ("ik- uml marked")-;. I', lleni
snulli west cnrticr |,„si." lln-nce east BO chain
thou, ,Hli 80 chains, tin o weit 80 chali
thenco smith Oil chains („ point of ciimmeni-ciui n
ll.ilcl May 1st, IW.
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Local and General.
Mre. Alexis Carriere died ut St.
Laurent, Man., aged 108 years.
Thomas Wallace ol Fort Steele wus
drowned while endeavoring to lord
the St. Mary's river.
Standard Oil stoek has sustained u
loss ol 165,000,000 in quoted value
since the slump began.
Two tramps held up Conductor
Nelson in the 0, P, R. yard at Nelson,
and relieved him uf $15U.
The city council are advertising ut
the coast lor a man to take the night
shift at the power house.
Seventh Day Adventists predict the
end of tlie world in May 1929 or 1931,
they are nut sure to two years.
Supt. Douglas, of the National Park,
was in the city Monday to arrange for
starting work ou tlie load to tbe
Deutschman Caves.
The Independent Band will give an
open air concert from the bund stand
in the lower town on Friday evening, weather permitting,
The Dominion Government hnve in
view the creation uf a game preserve
on Adams Lake to be administered on
tbe lines of the National Park.
Fire at Reginu did daui.ige to $25,-
000, destroying olliees ,-i Western
Hardware Co., Htuitain k Cross,
Clark k Sebolt and J. H. Boyle & Co.
The mother ol R. Howson, who was
called ea-t to attend her death-bed,
died on Sunday week, Mr. Howson
will leave for home the beginning oi
next week.
At Knox Church Sunday evening
services Mr. James Martin, tenor soloist of Vancouver, rendered tii, two
well known solos, "Ora Pro Nobis,"
and "Watch While I Sleep."
The Rosslaml lumber firm ol Blue
and Descbampi got judgment against
the Red Mountain Railway Co. lor
118,000 for damages catisi-d by a spark
Irom an engine firing their limits
Kcmeinl-sr the apron sale in the
Seinirk Hail on Friday alternoon under tlie auspices of the Ladies Aid I
St. Andrew's Church, also the entertainment in the evening, the principal
feature of which will be the Battle ol
the R"ses.   Admission 25c.
A match has been arranged between
the Kamloops Intermediate lacrosse
team nnd Revelstoke for May 24th.
The local team ure practising bard
mill the match will be one well worth
Tlie analysis of the annual statements ol tbo Union Life Assurance
company liy the dominion insurance
coininission, shows deficits euch year
where the company itself claimed a
The Dixie Jubilee Singers ore coming to the Opera House on May 19th.
This will be llieir second appearance
and little can lie suid ns they proved
their ability on their lirst visit. It
will be the greatest event ill the Benson.
Secure your reserved seats early nt the
Canada Drug A- Book Store.
The Province says:---"In a private
letter received from Comuplix, news
reached Vancouver of an earthquake
which occurred last Friday night. The
shock wns of sufficient force to shake
dishes oil' shelves and do a small
amount ot damage. Tbe earthquake
followed n rain ami thunder Btorm ol
unusual violence. Tin- quake is not
reported Irom uny oilier part of
Harold Nelson, who lias bo often
entertained theatre-goers, is now successfully running n suburban theatre
in Chicago with his own stock company, Clifford Bruce is -till his right
hand man, and he is further assisted
by those capable Thespians, lliyce
Desmond and -I. C. Higgins. Miss
Heli-ne Scott still takes tlie leading
female roles, and Miss Elizabeth Patterson, who was a member of Mr. Nelson's company during his last visit
here, and Miss Alniu Fontaine, a
young actress ,,f m,,re than ordinary
histrionic ability, ar,- also members ol
his company.
Concert. Comedy and Drama
but not tho versatile ability to please
nil tastes as is possessed by the Mac
ki-ii/.ie-lilover Oo, The plan nl seuli
is now open at Hie Canada Drug Store
and Personal
Mrs, J. II. Htirni'll, mother of
Messrs llorucll ol O, It. IItime k Co,,
arrived in tlie oity on Monday on a
visit, to her sons.
Mr. Drayton, inspector of tlm Canada Mortgage Corporation lm- 11. C,
and for which Messrs. Kibbaltl A- Field
ure agents, waa in the citv Monday.
On Friday evening at St. Andrew's
Manse the members of the choir
tendered a farewell to Mr. Liddlo on
the occasion of his leaviig for Vancouver.
A gentleman who recently met John
McKani) in the south is authority withe statement that he is now worth
15,000,000, Many will bo pleased to
bear ol Mr. McKnne's good fortune.
J. 1). Sibbald has work in full swing
on the Revelstoke and McCullough
Creek Hydraulic Co's. property on
French Creek, nnd took up a full out-
lit of supplies on the steamer yesterday.
I'. I'tiriidis, the Dominion government public works engineer, who was
appointed lo succeed Hon. F. \V.
Aylmer in tliis district, bus resigned
from the department und will devote
llis lime in future to tlie Municipal
Engineering and Contracting Company ol Calgary.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Robinson and
family intend leaving for Ontario
where Mr. Robinson lias purchased a
farm. (In Friday evening at the
Queen's Hotel the friends of Mr.
Robinson will tender him a complimentary banquet, Tlie beat wishes ol
all who are acquainted with Mr. ard
Mr-. Robinsou will go with them t"
their new home.
Business Locals.
l'ie I'l'.iehes—il lb. tins for 20 cents,
at lloiinie Bros.
All kinds of sporting goods at W.
Bananas, Oranges, Lemons and
iippleB, nt C. li. Hume .1- Co's.
Watch our window lor bargains in
H Hora and shaving material—Lawrence Hardware Co,
Pleases every Smoker -the " Maroa
All kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables nt Bournos',
liny your lacrosse stickB from W
Something new—Jell o Ice Cream
Powder in four llavors, at 0, B, Hume
& Co's.
Shin-woods sliced Mango Chiilney
66o, per bottle, in stock again at C. II.
Hume & Go's.
Do not miss tbe oliauon to get a
lirst class razor at less than cost price,
Lawrence Hardware Oo,
Ploases every smoker the " Maroa
The lalest In Rilles—new 22 Marlin
Baby Repeater, also ilO-'iO Marlin
Rilles, Carbines and Aniiinition, at
Bourne Bros.
i MCLE^risr^Lisr <& co.'Y
For the hot weather ine here, and Ihey are
beauties, The very newest desigus and lite pick
ot tho best lino in Canada.
See the Prioes
$2.00     $2.25
Our lines cannot be lieiiteit, either in price or
variety. Wo have just received a large lot ot
Lisle nnd Cotton, huth plain uud fancy, and wc
huvo a good variety in out sizes,
ten cent pits
Wc were given a snap the other day and our
customers cun have the advantage of it. These
prints would bo good valuo at 12Jc—but you can
havo them at lOo, per yaid, and there is a large
assortment to choose Irom.
and Sideboard Scarfs
In Drawn Linens and Open Embroidery—
somo of the prettiest ovor shown, and the drawn
linens nro all hand work. We will he glad tu
show thorn to yuu.
Shocking Condition of the City.
II. S. Turner, a San Francisco
printer, writing to Editor Wilcox, ol
the Phoenix Pioneer, says: " We have
nn lights other than candles, no power for machinery, only one street car
line in operation, and we still have lo
do our cooking in thc streets, as there
is not a whole chimney in the traction
ol the city lelt, nor hardly a building
not out of plumb—tbey aro all zigzag.
The lire in places is slill burning, and
the stench from cooked human corpses
is sickening. I was just informed hy
a prominent undertaker that the estimated loss of life was over ten
thousand. Some of tbe bodies are
buried, some are incinerated and some
are weighted and thrown into the bay.
I want to get away from these heartrending, harrowing surroundings."
Further Improves Its Plant.
Trail, May 11,—A new electrolytic
generator, which will have tlie effect
of more than doubling the capacity ol
tlie electrolytic refinery ot ihe Canad-
n Reduction works here, having the
capacity of 15 ton- ul lend daily, has
been ordered from the Canadian
General Electric company's works at
The Methodist Conference
Vli loi:!.!,    B.   i'..   May
general i ;', rence   ,1 the
church in British Columbia ened
here H,--. Dr Km.-. :. or,■,';:.e>: i...
ul , -,-rmon and farewell to the
active ministry. Hie superannuation
is to be marked by the erection ol a
R, : si n memorial church in thi - -
nrba ot Vancouver
Among the radical changes are
resolutions to abolish the time limit
in the stationing of ministers (now
The Canadian Western Oil Co., Ltd
is composed  largely ol  Greenwood
men, and is tbe lirst concern, bo it is
claimed, to secure a lease un coal and
i i —The oil lands in British Columbia.
Well disl    The payroll for the mines and smelters ol Boundary for month of Apri
runs over $126,000.
Mrs. Wyman is working a mine on
Prince of Wales Island. She shipped
141 tone of epper ore which ran
$27.!l*i to tlie ton and an assay she
secured from a new ledge uncovered
.ii the 100 loot level showed im.75
And io Mrs, Wyman went back tc
Prince ol Wales island happy over the
Just opened, a new line of the celebrated
TOOKIE'S COLLARS, all styles, all heights,
Irom I inch to t!j iilohes—all sizes 15c, each, 2 Inr
25 cents.
Why pay more lor a Collar lhat is hu better
and in ninny cases not as good. We have Ladies'
and Bo.s' Collars nt the sume price.
FOR •¥»*
ii*  m.gu'einnjln & cq-m:f>a.ix-y
The M ickenzie-Glover Co. who ha *e
been accorded a moat enthusiastic
reception throughout the Boundary
C tntrj Washington territory, and
particularly in Nelson, Rossland and
i tlgary, open a short season here tomorrow night in the opera house with
a versatile programme ol concert
- n edy and drama, The artists
differ Irom othei organizations in tho
,-, ,: „■:, :' their work—English,
Irish .nnl Scottish song- with i nstru.
mental selections are common. Hut
(., linie English and Bcottish comedy
fish sketches and Slinkes', ri.iii i„„(| (lUi
drama I- a.-, rare as it is pleasing.
Scottish entertainers wo havo lienn
four years); to include laymen on theI proapect and  insistent that within a
,      ng  committee;    to    render jew monthi more lur mine will be-
-   i,    eligible for all ohuroh offices come one of the best known properties
to which men may  lie chosen, and to ] i,, southeastern Alaska.
emphatically  urge
.     -Iiuii-iil   ,,(   a
ii bis university.
the    Immediate
trin-ly    British
A rich strike ,,l gold ore   it r, ported
In in Hall Moon Bay, Welcon i Pass
I be Skylark ol  Boundary, is -Iiip-
pingore worth $168.40 pei ion in gold
land silver.
I .i" Standard mine is looking better
Hie large orchard planted out by H. ni:1|] ,.,, , „„| the ore-bod) iaincreas-
Colbeok on the Big Bend road is look   ing ,„ magnitude to thi north as pre-
ing well.   The trees won iplied by ,u,t,,\  ,., rjol   Steele,  M  E., who
M   .1.  Henry's  nursery, Vancouver, examined tho propert) laatfali, Bupl
f  IHO trees supplied all are r eD, „|,owasin ,„,U1 this week
doing well e: pt two,   Mr. Coll.eck Moml „,  the oro-body  has been
is delighted with bis results, oross-cut over 30 feet without finding
the other wall.
After getiing bis big battery of
eight, furnaces In commission at, the
smelting works, with his own patented
sell-oharglng apparatus, Mr Hodges
set, about arranging (or enlarging some
of the six smaller furnaces, and is
Igradually accomplishing that result,
so that in a lew months he will |iro-
luilily be smelting more thun *I,(HX)
tons of ore daily, against, about 2,800
to 2,7(111 tons daily, as at present, Another converter will he added before
ong. I
The C. P, R. and Great Northern
systems are being connected at Denoro.
Thc Great Northern has decided on
building up the north lork of Kettle
Rivor as far ns Franklin Camp.
The C. P. R. have decided to mako
Nicola a divisional point. 300 acres
of land adjoining thc old townsite of
Nicola have been acquired from McBsrs
Howse and Chipperton and a joint
interest will exist in tlie extended
townsite. Work will be pushed
through the Aspen Grove district to
Allison, close to Princeton, at an early
It is said in well-informed quarters
that the next dividend on Minneapolis
St. Paul and Snult Ste, Marie common will be 4 per cent, lor the halt
year, placing the stock on an 8 per
cent, basis. The road iB earning at
the rate of 20 per cent.
The new dining car Berwick, which
left Montreal with the first Imperial
Limited, was an exceptionally creditable example of high-class Canadian
workmanship. The walls ol the interior were finished with old oak,
while tbe ceiling was decorated with
the same material over unfinished
plaster. Tbe lloor ot the kitchen and
passage-ways was covered with tiling,
instead of linoleum, the material generally used. Large observation windows greatly added to the possibilities
of sightseeing. The tables were laid
with the C. P. R.'s copy-righted china
and the latest production in English
WANTED—An energetic woman,
young or middle-aged, lo act as
agent, Liberal commission. Apply
at this Office.
FOR  SALE-A   Lady's    Bicycle,
practically   new.   Price  $80.00.
Apply at Brown's Cigar .Store.
You Need a New Typewriter
Will bcII Carrots at $1; Parsnips at
$1.20; Turnips at 75c, tree on cars at
L. E. Griffiths, Malakwa, B.1 C.
We can supply ynu with a NEW
" EMl'IRE." This machine is known
nil ever the country tor its simplicity
and good work. Call atjour office and
see il for yourself.
Interior Publishing Company, LU.
A sharp advance in Imperial Bank
stock on the Toronto exchange last
week revived discussion on dividend
prospects. The annual meeting will
lie held May 23rd, aud some announcement is expected then in view ol the
increases in the dividends of Dominion,
Standard uud Ontario Banks. Imperial Hank shares have risen to $2,10
at Toi onto.
Tlie Revelstoke Sawmill Company
are starting two logging camps up the
litg   llninl   and  shipped   ill   by the
steamer Revelitoke yesterday a large
supply  ol  stores,  camp equipment,
feed, etc.
Washington shingle mills closed
down till tbe end of the month,
Certificate  of   Improvements,
hands Mineral Claim, situate iu Hu* Uevelstoke
Mining Division uf West Kootenay District,
Whore located:-Nnrtli nf Iron Hill   Mineml
Claim, Standard Uasin, IMg Iteml,
Take notice Unit I,.Ins. I. Wmxlrow, KM.O. Nn.
1188410, tu'tint! an agent fur myself mid A. W, Mcintosh, K.M.C. No. HSS4IMI. (ieo. 4i-.lim.im, P.M.C.
No. B88W7, KlUalwtli MrMahun, F.M.C. No,
liS&'i'tit, iiili'iul sixly ilnys fnnn tlie date hereof, to
Apply to the .Mining lU'corderfura Certificate of
Improvements, f"r thu purpose of ulituiiiinn a
Crown i i i ;i nt of the ahovu claim.
Anil further tako notice that act imi, under section ,1", musl Iw voiumetiitetl before tlm issuance of
sucll Ceill-Scnte of Improvements,
Dated lhii Fourteenth day of May, A.I)., uuu,
near Heads, Animals, Hints, Ki-.li. KI,-.,
Animal Itllgl Mounted.
P.O. Box31.
Studio: OPPOSITE P. O,
lti<VL>lHl„kl<.   Il.C.
Manufactured for nil classes tif Imi Id in*,'-
All kinds nf building and plastering
The Arnott Method ia (he
only logical method for the cure
of Stammering. It treats the
CAUSE, not merely thc HABIT,
and insures natural speech. Pamphlet, particulars nnd references
sent on request,   Address
The Arnott Institute,
Berlin, Ont,, Canada.
Is always ready for express and baggage of
all kinds to all parts of
the city and to all trains
An open-laced silver watch—Owner
can have on applying, alter II p, m,, to
lohn iMitrknr, at A. I. Kincaids residence, filth Htreet.
For Sale or Rent
A     FARM    ON     EA8V    TERMS
uiUinlnn Itnin-rns, til,,,l,l ll,ri,,-.,iliiirti-is st-rd
Willi Ti unit liy. suitable for (rail |tr„wlnt(.
II,,,tsn anil oiitlmftillnsi in g„„,l oomlltlon, situni.,
iitCralgellnolilo.il ',■» inlti-s «.-.!...I llevelitolu,
Apply foll.TAI'l'l.'CCl.lloieiitoM.
The season of the year when Coolness must be
suggested in all lhat appertains to a man's or
Boys' apparel,
You will lind in our stock ol Furnishings
Goods a variety ol everything at your disposal that
arc well worth the having, and at prices distinguished lor their modesty.
We can lix ynu out lor all sorts ol Bummer
outing, traveling or lor business. We h»ve any
" tilings" n man will lie seen to want lor wear
during the Summer months.


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