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The Mail Herald Dec 28, 1912

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Erapiffl" Tyimwritar
"Hevelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Alps."
For eas  l'Iovin^al l^ary
perfection in resuiw  in ...
unsurpassed.    Price   $60,; I
Interior Pubhsning Co., Agts.i
The Mail
Visiting Cards
lntorior Publishing Company
rr.IN'TKRS AND 1'1'llUSHERS    j
Vol. 18-No
REVELSTOKE, B. C. DEC, 28, 1912
$2.50 Per Year
While extendiug tha Season's Greetings to our many cus-
tomers, we thank them for their moat Liberal Patronage
during thr present year.
We feel more justified than ever in maintaining the High
Standard of Goods we have always curried, uiul showing
the Best Assorted Stock iii B. t'. And while many of our
citizens show with pride the Best Hardware Store in B.C.
we think that it is only one of the many big attractions
that Revelstoke will be ottering during the coming year.
Willing t,i aid every move that will help the former.
Willing to serve the BEST HARDWARE lo her citi/.ons.
Our Motto .•      Hevelstoke and Hardware
q ooooooooooooooooooooooooq
£ Imperial Bank of Canada
Q Head Otfloe—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
Branches or Agents at all principal points in?Oanada.
Agent* in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
O   current rate from date of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
t     Revelstoke Branch—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
"A Happy Hew Year
To One and Ait"
MRS. A. G. CRICK, - First Street
will rcfrci.li yi>u with itu   bright,   suici
Savor ami fr&gruncy.    fa,Oil  in   I   lb.
I—i-i le.ickngeh.
Price, 35c, 40c. arid 50c. per Ib.
P. O. Box 208 QROOER & BAKER Phono No. 23
TrsiuB.' u, ttlitr-e ymi I)  i.. ,ii...i-, here.   Qulckserv.ee.    l'i riect Cleanliness
nml Reasonable Prices.    Qive Ch h Trial.    "Wc Never Sleep."
'c^t Merry Xmas to One and All."
Inquire Into Alleged Graft.-Fifty Pages of
Evidence Taken.-Prominent Citizens in
Witness Box.
Report ot proceedings ol Commission enquiring iuto matters in connection with the "ited Light" district in
tlio Oity nl Kevelstoke. Meeting being held in Police Court on December
2llrd, 1013, at 4 p.m.
Acting-Mayor H. MeKinnon in tho
chiiir. 1'olice Commissioners Trimble
ami Abrahamson 1'resent.
Messrs. J. M. Keliie, Uev. K. .1. McIntyre and Hugh Lougheed representing the citizens.
R. D. Tweedie sworn ae stenographer.
Chairman—This meeting has bpen
called through some charges laid belore the City Council at thoir last
regular meeting in connection with
the Police Department and the Police
Commissioners. Now, we are here on
the strength ol rumors we have beard
in the city. I applied to the three
different legal olliccs in town for information in connection with theCity
Oounoil's authority over thc Police
Commissioners, and I have louud according to the three (and the three
agree on this matter) tbat the City
Council haa no authority over the
Police Commissioners; that the Polico
Commissioners are recommended to
aud appointed by tbe Provincial Government. Iu the lace ol tbat the Police
Commissioners were williug i the
same time to make any statement or
answer any tjusstious brought up by
this committee that laid these charges
aud were anxious lor these people to
be given an opportunity to lay their
charges, aud il they were in any way
not sutistied with the information
given them by tbe police commissioners, they had recourse to an appeal
wbicb it ie tbeir liberty to take advantage ol. The police commissioners
have nothing to bide. Tbey seek an
invci ligatiL.i.aud they are prepared
to answer any questions along tbe
lines dealing with these charges that
you may ask. In connection witb
these charges 1 want it distinctly un
derstood tbat these things be brought
directly to tbe point. Tbere is to be
no going back from the charges laid
by this committee. We are not here
to take up old sores or for the purpose
of backbigbting of any kind. We are
here to give tbe citizene ol Revelstoke
true evidence in connection with this
matter and answer any tiue'tions
along those lines. Now I hope everybody will keep as lar a way as possible
from things uot connected with this
matter. As Mr. Keliie is one ol that
committee, I will uow call ou him fur
bis charges, and I think it will he the
opening of this investigation.
Mr. Briggs—1 am instructed by the
delegates, aB their lawyer, to assist
them as lar as possible. 1 understand
it is a meeting ul the police commissioners, and 1 believe my instructions
are tbat no specific charges have beeu
laid. Certain charges bave gol ahout
aud the inlormation given is what we
want looked into.
Chairmau—01, couise, over these
chargCB the city council bas no jurisdiction, you understand. Now those
charges or statements will be laid here
and any questions you want to a-k
will be answered aud threshed out to
your eeeitlnlll'jtii.ll.      I lllr   is    B    meeting
of the police commissioners.
Mr. Keliie—I have to thank tbe
city council and the police oommie-
lionen Inr tha prompt action tbey
bave taken io giving as in opporiuu-
ity to he here, and I would like to
know il the city council has not power
under section 13 to take evideuco on
oath Irom people who aie asked to be
witness:'. Whal we waut in the interest: ol the cill/cuB is a wide scopu
ol investigation. Ae 1 eaid, I believe
there is considerable graft in the town
aud 1 should like tu know il we have
the privilege ol going into theee things
aud clean up things.
CLuirniau—I do not know what you
mean by grail outside of thif particular Case ol the "Bed Lighl District,"
aud thi iu. uut ul niouey being asked
from tb"ee people lor those lots, U
that what you mean?
Mr. Keliie—No, nol particularly,
ihere are jtli-r matt* :-
Chairman—Any queitieni you hove
to ask along those hues I think the
police commissioners will auewcr.
They have nothing to bide. You are
subpoenaed as one ol tbe witnesses,
and as chairman ol that committee I
wish you would make your Rtateiiieuts
along  tbuse   hues,  and y >u can call
your witnesses to   substantiate   those
statements   ami   aHk  lho police commissioners any iiuestiim you like,
Mr.MeCarter—As ono ol those served
with your little Christmas cards, thero
is only one proper way   to   hear   this
matter.     The   witnesses   should   be
heard on oath.    II this i-. a court the
words   should   bo   down in black and
white.   The proper way ij lor them to
make their charges, sign   them,   and
take their responsibility     If anybody
has anything t.o do with 'he case tiny
will have to answer lor   the   responsibility.   The witnesses must appear in
persun brlore yon. and must give their
evidence on  oath.    Allidavits oannot
be recaived.   There   should be certain
specific   charges   laid,   so   that those
against whom tbe charges arc laid will
know   what   they   have to answer to,
What 1 am expected to prove 1 don't
know.    1 don't know who subpoenaed
me-   Bu;   the   proper   way is not by
affidavit, but by   witnesses,  with  the
privilege :f croes examination.
Mr.Briggt—The chiel nl police takes
certain   iustruclijus.    It   resolves it
Bell tu a certain   extent   arouud I hat.
That is what 1 rciiueeieil.
Mr. Trimble—We   are   he o  to explain   matters.    On   my return (rom
tiie South country 1 was shown a copy
of the Mail Herald, in which appeared
statements   made by  Air. Keliie, that
either tlie duel of police, police commissions or in her persons were holding
up   these   women     And   that   is my
reason for calling this investigation, io
allow Mr. Kelly the chance  to   bring
lortb those charges.
Mr. Keliie—1 am prepared to make
a stateraeut ol what   1 did say.    1 am
here in the interests   of   certain rate
payers of this town.   There have been
certain   rumors.   1   do not think Mr.
MeCarter should sympathize or advise
you in the matter at all.    I think it is
your  duty   and   our duty to lind out
whether thoae reports   in   circulation
(of which 1 am not the originator) are
correct.    1 do not know why I should
bo on ray oatb.    1 am here to clear up
this   matter.    I   think my position is
clea,.    I think these   reporta   should
be cleared up.   I cau assure   you that
there is an intense feeling in the town
lor some time, but 1 am not a party to
those rumors.    But I  cannot see why
I Bhould be asked tu go on oatb.
Mr. MeCarter—I am going to asic
the chairman of this meeting to put
other men on oath. I want to know
if this position is not the correct one.
Chairman—Mr Keliie, in yonr letter to me ol last tiatiirdny, you Btated
in that letter where the police commissioners or city council had authority to take evidence and on anybody
giving evidence on oath, did yen nut?
Mr. Keliie—1 did.
Chairman—Now, Mr. Keliie, all the
evidence we have at the present time
is that submitted by yuu to the city j
council. It ia the only evidence pro.
duced here at the present time, and I
do not see why you should mako stale
ments before the city cauncil and mil
make them on oath.
Mr. Keliie.—Why should you auk
me to make a statement ol evideucc,
I am nut a party to?
Mr. Abrahamson.—I would like tO
draw the attention of Mr. Keliie tu
the fact that it ie in lhe interct* ol
the citi/i'ii"  "lid to clear myself ol the
itaioraents that ths police commissioners, chiel ol police oi  somi h dy
else ia holding a graft, anil tin nmn
who makes that Statement should be
put on outh.
Mr   McCirlet.-lt Would  look a, „
the police com I    ,„, „.,„,„ „„..,  |,„l,|(, ,„ n,  ,
Ulltiuil ii I
Mt. Keliie —j Iml   »'H   non i   i til
in,-1     I be i'i mi ai I...' Ioi   i li is
lots whioh wero pnrobaied lot 1800
$400 altogether, was |1,800 and lhi
| two lots that won I" loiid oul I   in
I was 1 .ot. i and    In Illock 11    i iui
should be reduced to writing; then if
the statements atl'ect us, then we
know that this Court, has power to
try the case. If they involve any in
suspicious transactions, he should ne t
ait on the case, but we will call lot tbe
appointment ol a Commissioner.
Ohairman.—I want, to explain in a
word tho commissioner's position.
When thoy Ret through explaining
this matter to yuu, you will bo satis-
lied thero is nothing to have investigated. II you people insist that the
polioo commissioners are involved in
this caae, and that you demand it to
be tried along these lines, we will liaie
to adjourn and have tbem put on
trial. Wi thought yuu would be i il ■
islied. If yuu are not satisfied we will
be compelled tu have yuu make your
charges and have a commissioner appointed.
Mr. Keliie.—I waut to aeo you ahout
this matter and you tulil me we would
have every chance tu get  tu   the   bottom ol the matter.
Mr. Briggs.—It is uot the intention
to lay specilic charges. They Wl nl tl
the Oity Council to report what they
bad heard .inil ask the City Council
to act.
Chairman—Did yuu tell me to-day
that the Oity Council had  no OOUtrol
over the police commissioners .
Mr. Briggs.—1 did.
Mr. Trimble.—1 can see we are
are coming to exactly what I was
afraid ot, and I am uot going to stand
lor it. 1 am going to cull a meeting
iny-i If and sipiaie my own part in the
alii.ir. If they are unwilling tu put
the charges on paper and unwilling l'i
prove them, we will take the mailer
into our own hands.
Mr. Mclntyre.—We do imt nln»:
to substantiate thero, bul we want to
know belore what b:dy wc an: to make
Chairman —V u understand we
have no cjutroe over llie police commissioners,
Mr Mclntyre.—Yes.
Ohairman.—Wheu tbeBe statements
wero brought iu and charges made,
we thought the police commissioners
would be able to show that they acted
in good faith. Until sume charge is
made, they cannot explain anything.
1 am willing to di anything (air ami
just, aud apparently Mr. Keliie is
afraid to make these statementa uu
oath. If he has auv statement to
make, I do not see why he should not
be put ou oatb.
Mr. Keliie.—We are bore to investigate thir in .ner. I am not here in
the interests oi any Committee or any
league. 1 wae at tbe meeting calkd
in the interests ol certain citizens and
I am prepared to make statements he-
lore any person.
Ohairman.—Are yuu prepared to
make this statement on oath?
Mr  Keliie.— Ves, I am,
Mr. .1. M. Keliie,  then   SWOrn,  and
made a statement aa follows
On ur abuut the 2nd ol December,
I.s lntB were purchased (lote " to 12
inclusive in block l-l, snd lots 1 to 12
incl-isive in b.ock S3). I believe the
hall block and block front- on Qeorge
street, the street back ul Douglas
Street. The price was |3,600, ihat is
|200 a lot.   un the 7th ul  December
I am informed,   the   chiel   of   police
notified the keepers ol the downtown
houses they   would   have   to  vacate
thoir present premises by the   li rat  ol
June.    It would appLar that the obiel
of police was instructed by the   polioe
commissioners  il  try   information  is
correct.     11 »ss Indicated thai a cer-
taln section ol tbe town might bi
apart I r these women to reside ill.    I •
understand by the chiel nf   polioe.    I i
mn merely giving tin- statement   Tbi
ee el Ion ih .1   .ms   sol   ae id    ws   '■ u
M lil )     III' llllll     ee I      e-.i ,   , , ■
whal i hai till, ned,    (ine ol tbc |
keepers  ol    tbo  downtown    bouses
wiintid iu pnieh'i ■ twolol   and mad
in inline   as te   I iii   ,
Our Christinas display included i choice of the Famous /'.iiies-
villi Art Pottery, Jardinieres, Pedestals, l-'lower Pots, Bean
Pots, Hanging Baskets, Pudding uul Custard Dishes, lire Clay
CaSBerolls with or without stands, StK OIR CORNER
The mm-, newest and finest patterns in i at Glass now on show
Water Jugs,   Decanters,   Berrj   R '   ppies, Sugars  and
Creams, Vases, nil sizes, 'fum i  lai   -   collection  "I
small l-iele J   | ;-■■'.
imh Otopiau Silvei Depo n mark of quality
ai prices which make tneuigo,    Sei ■ ol these goods.
t nn Orocei y l)e| ai intent is i Knias fruits,
l.u\ > i   Raisins,   i '■! ipe      l iges, Christie
I    .■   Plum Pudding snd Oh iei I cull     Nui   ol
all kinds, Choici Apples and es in abundance,
Cai '■ iiu. Si t ■ an l   * li""' i
Ra/.ors .ui'l Sil i> ing Sui
McUlarv'   Kai   es  uul I li iit ■
\ - ■    Safety
Is, a new BUpplj "f
■ just an ■
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Heating Tinsmithing
ial Attention I Mail Orders
Nuts, new, reliable quality, per lb 25c
Grapes, (Malaga) Oranges, Bananas, Table
Apples, Table Pears. Candies, in bulk and in
packages.   Everj thing attractive and first-class.
John Mclntyre & Son
Fil st Street.
Telephone No. 93
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Wishes You All
"A Merry Xmas"
and a
"Happy New Year"
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
WOOOCKKXMX) O000000000<
McRae Mercantile Go.
We Wish Dur Patrons
aA Happy and Prosperous New Year"
and all Statement! tnl.ru Irum wit
ti'i"-nH bIiouIiI bu uu oath, so as lo decide tlm guilt.
Chairman.—II yoO arn't satiiliril
with tho answers of the police commissioners you have recourse to a
ootnmlsslonot appointed by Mr.
Mr. Mclntyre.—Mr. AbrabauiHon
pityB they arc involved.
these Individuals  naa up (own  in a
real estate olDce, 1 am  li :
mn ir raise momy ti   buj   ti
ere to
Chairman.—Xbry are
sn expliniatioii.
Mr. McCarter.—ll these obsrges ln>
v-:!ve tbe "ilizrtu or p ilioe, than thia
Court ban power to try tlicin. and -,vo
would be compelled to try thin cane.
Mr,   Kellio.—Thoro   are   orrnrn  in
that paper.    I  notice   that   It Mates
lieei-iulii i  I'tti, itmli-uei   ol   liiceiulur investigation
give lots,   LI the cash mi paid it would
only cobI them tl iOO
Chiiiriniiti.— l'o lhe Miiino party,
Mr    Keliie—'llmt    will   •■ • t
Inter.   1 understand thnt n numl
nl these womnn were up town ti.eiij;
to raise money. la thai iblinito
enough to go on with In  regard to the
McRae Mercantile Co.
►CKX) OO-O OOO OOO 000000000000-(
Sta tenant
(Continued on I ige Two.)
Vases, Bowls. Comports.
Manufactured by "Libby"
|A"M%V»%%%%%%1 m.'VWV*-'*. %■%••%♦%-% •%/%/•*%/%/%-vi PATt'liPAY    DECEMBEH
SATURDAY,   DECEMBER  28    1912
Screened Furnace, per ton ....$10.50
Egg $10.50
Stove ....$10.50
Screened Lump, per ton !j>D.5U
Nut .    . ..$7.50
We can recommend lhe Gall Nnl Coul vory highly
I'm- ymir kitchen range,
The Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
iHN  P.  MllllAl.li.   I'
Ui.M.D, li;    si
Gbc flfcatMfoeralb
Sntettot pubiiehiiui ilompans,
J. h. JOHNSON,  Managsr.
RALPH (-.-  BCROTON,   Editor.
(Continued from  Page One.)
-Yee,   is   that   all  you
Chairman -
want lo know ''.
Mr. Keliie.—Nn, what we wanl te.
kn en is if tne i'liii! 11 police instructed these individuals. Now, 1 am not
on my oath,
t'hitl ul Police.—1 object to that 1
Mr. Keliie—1 mint tn give lhu chiel
mnl y.ni i very opportunity tn cli ar
themselves. I dn not i\:.n' to blacken
the iliiiiiii-ii'i ' (any | nrmin connected
with tin- investigation. We want to
eleim the town in regard to the
nim.irn a float,
Mr.    Chairinan- i if
i :      Sawmill    Limitoil,  understand these people will be
VP RDAY,   DEI KMHKU   y     1012
Obristmas     bas     come  and  gone;
local  merchants arc all  wearing    the
■:  le that  wont     eome oil, and con
.-■ itiUal    i then   lives on thc I
Holidaj   I leiness ever bandied In the
Chief among all the causes    whicli
.-   contributed     towards this verj
ite •■! aftairs   must  be
.- ■  the money put  Into circu
.   luring tbi  past lew months hy
wb.rt company have distributed tew
. ads ul dollan In wages n
- g the ■ en ployees at tbe i
,-iad sawmills ul this disirirt. li
tibou'd indeed be gratifying te- tin
Receiver en charge, an.l to tbi
Officer   wl I indled the opera
acern,     thnt the posi
tion n'.  t: •■ companj   haa en mni. t.
ally        rovi      lnw   v':..Li-  1911,  with
..  husineoii
ding |      ' ■   •   orden   up    tn
Uie da]   betori       ester lay   when tli
•  Comaplu being tl e lust on ■
..-    ■•■   • -i their em   fa-
tbe fc
w.   nope     tbis comi loun  tli- invoa'lgation to s e :l  there
continue in succ-sful operation, to
thei" own profll au I the benefll ol
Reveletoke    ni   district,  which
ied  mi every cil
'■   i with regret that tbe edi toi nl
•     -n tin pul
'■•'-■      ■■■ Bl p.it llie.    lie-'
ind < vidence a    recordi I
»i  the  recent    Police i oinmieslon  iu
-        ' 11     e     -
.    ■ ■-.
fn tin edit     ut tb
...    .    .       ...
• ..--.-.     ...
,.   li •
Ms    ;"
I ::..„ Jiaini-t  ,
tier, ■   ~   ■ ■■ >    .
:a ■ "
toi   ^   '
■ ■■■-.,'•
tiuto' eetiog -
lb* Invtetigatioo "•■:•
I .-' >Wil |  I   ■
|ju3'1   om|   - ■ r fl
than   i. . :    e    ...
--    -
h.jiirs     avails ....
i ■,-•..-.-■.
uf tbeee ps
L DSW«|   ., • ,
In ,       ,
.     -      ide ag   -■•..,
tr   te     • [|
wiii, .gainst - ■■
■nent   publish tbi
TC'   ;   >pl« dleg
. ' '",
snd ■   ;.-' -'1 .
•   ::    '
re tiat        i,    • ■ ied th
I illoe Un.
.-  which thi
the pri, ili'Mf ol  asking nny que tion.
Ml   Keliie,—Certainly.
Chairman,—Tbey should he given a
chance to olear themselves i.i the
statements ahead} made. As Boon as
you ure through they will he given a
ohan te to cle.ir tbenisi Ives.
Mr. Keliie.—.Vow, in regard t.i this
matter, we want to know whether tbe
c 'I- f "( p..lie.- lieid any MUthorily ir  m
tho police oommissioners. Al the
Council nicoling I said 1 did not
charge tho chief ol police oi the i><>M.-.>
commissioners,     What I wanted was
seine:..nly lieing at the   bottom of the
'.whole   matter   or   behind Mr. Keliie.
If Mr. Keliie is doing   thin un hia .iwn
responsibility   nnd   not ub a delegate
any person   hnd   authority   to  goto  then he ha, done so, but il auyono else
them and tell them to ,  tha. sec ,„ behlml nim m wou,d ,ike t„ km,w
tion, and wbeiber the commissioners     Mr.   Brigg»-You   might   a«y   tbe
notified ihe Chief ol police they  bad  whole town ie behind bim.
O vacate nnd go to tbat part. Mr McCjn,r_|t   tut,re  ;„ , b(!m;ll
Mr. Keliie then cross e.\ .mined I.y
I a chief ol police.
Is the report contained autheutioV
Where is the error in this paper'.'
Cm you point it out to mo '.'
In the lim placa the date, Dec. 17,
is wrong, 1 said Dec, 7. I have uu
reddidit ion of saying thnt the police
commissioners or the chitf ol polico
was implicated, hut 1 wanted to know
whether he was implicated.
Vou havo nu recolleotiou ol making i lie statement'
I Inin.' no recollection ol making
such a statement.
S.i thai, il the paper published il,
ihey did it em their own hook.
Did you make that, statement
.Nei; but I made it ns a queutiou.J
Mr. lirigga—lie put it as a question
not ns a statement.
Chiel nl poliee then went on questioning
Vou deny that stnti' mont.
. es.
Vou took it up entirely as n citizen.
> es.
Vnu were appointed ns a delegate by
a ee rtnin committee.
Were there many at that meeting.
A few.
Will yen tell me their names.
I do not cure tn give their uames.
Mr. MeCarter—As a witness here
nml a representative of the citizens it
is quite within tbe obief's righ's to
ask the uiimi's i.f these people, and it
ia up tu Mr. Keliie to disclose who the
members were.
Mr Keliie—I can't see why 1 should
give, the uames *ud dei not intend tu
do so.
Mr. MeCarter—Act rtnin accusation
hii-- I'i'fii laid against him and certain
other parties, nnd to nssi.-t this investigation ic is only right we should
know who represented this committee
Mr. Kollie—I may sa> that the people who appointed me did not make
anj charge ag.iiust him,
Chief of Police—This thing hab ap-
pi i.'i in the paper against me, aud it
lin^ praotioally blackened my character. II you are a citizen ihere is nothing to hide.
Mr. Keltic — I do not suppose any
person would ohjeot to their names
being mentioned, Why do you want
tee know their names
rhief ol Polioe—Vou refuse to mis
we r my question,
Chairman—The oliiel is not involv
ing anyone else,   This  is a matter of
Waal I want lo know  ii-   whether  lh
dittrici has been set aaidi. &  whi • hi
V. ii say on lbe ifud.nl December
these .-els wen- purchased
I   know ilml
Wbo told yi ii tin se  things      Y u
nre in- tl ly going OU rumors
Then you know nolhii ••   sbont
dl , r i tcepl a b it wae t -!'i yi u
\ eeii wiie   told they ..        bl     ghl
Vi .  I took down   ' he  number1
i he
. I | eople get together and conspire to
bring charges against him—
Mt. Keliie —Are yen throwing not .,
Mr. MeCarter— Y-t .it all
Mr. Keliie—Because if you are it
e- rk.    I refuse t.e is- threat, ued
Chan man—Vou    will    have  t,
ilitiei     Mr Kelln  you   do nut
■■-s ■ ■ names ol these ne • '•
S i' . -
ns< iwer
Mr. - ■ iae, bat il
Chief of Police—I do not see why I
should be called when I umi ii defendant.
Mr, Keliie There are certain witnesses here I wish excluded, as I think
they shuuld lie examined by themselves.
Ohairman Von want certain witnesses excluded,
Mr, Keliie Ves, thai is those who
.iie not giving testimony,
Chief of Police There is in. specific
charge laid against anybody, nnd being one of Lho ilefuiulants I think I
hnve perfect light to slnv here.
Chairman r do not know who the
witnesses aro hern. Any person mny
be called,
Mr. Keliie   Mi-. MeCarter.
Chairman He is, hut he is also acting for the police commissioners.
Mr. Trimble I do nol see the use
nf putting up so ninny technicalities.
Every poini of Information dealing
with this subject will be brought  oul.
Chairman   This Is mn  of  my line.
I   nm   nut    in   ;i    position   to   deeidi
ii hei hn yon Bhould leave or nol.
No witnesses were excluded,
Miss li'railklo Ashley wns then called
mnl  sworn,  iiiiiI   examined   by  Mr.
Were you asked to meet the chiel of
police ou, I lliink H wns two weeks
.Ko Saturday, und to have other of
your people down Ihere at ynur place,
Vou are iii the Uul Monte are you not,
He called lhal meeting there.
Did he lell yuu yuu had lo vacate
by lhe lirst of June.
Ves, the Indies would be given until
lhu firsl of June to consider the pio-
posil iull.
Did he lell ymi yon hnd lee vacate liv
iln- lirsl ol .lune.
Ve's, I suppose ii is ihe same ihing.
Did he sav any thing about going to
nny place.
lie snid the district hnd heen picked
.ui George street.
Did he say who bis authority wns
for his action,
No, I do not remember.
He did nol say that the poliee commissioners or anyone else gave liiin
nut hm ity-
Miss Ashley wus then oroes-ques-
tinned by chief of poliee.
Vnu me the keeper of the Del Monte
llow long have you been in this town
Since the lirst ot April.
Veen were presenl when I held n
meeting of lhe landladies.
Wns il on Saturday,
'i us, Saturday at 5 o'clock.
What did I exactly Bay, do you re
1 de nol exactly remember your
winds, But I think il was to theeffei t
iii.it the citizens of Revolstoke did not
object to the sporting houses li they
were removed to some private -irn-t,
ami il they moved they would not be
bothered very much.
Did I say the police commissiuneis
nnl died me to go down
I told yuu where lhe property was lo
(in Ueorge str' • i.
Did I tell yuu whal pi lee was asked.
No, I did not hear you.
Did yuu   heal   any  other woman in
iae ask me anything about this
\, ,. , I ne ol   i ln-m   ask   yuu
„ pi eejle-lly   fOI'   Bttle,
\V   ■-■ v   ■ ■; '   mswei  'ii that,
I '    I       ll.l'  I I-
.-     p|     -|"   I t)
i   tbi -' '■
■ •
sei-      ,  ~ .'
•tar •- ituriU;
.,,-, | «t tbi Moni     and   th
.    |   ,     . . e      .    •    -
-k-.l   thh
I ■  w.i-
|     C.   S.   MCFARLAND     |
»E Howson Block, Mackenzie Avenue 3
Watch Next Saturday Issue
for Our big January Sale
Howson Block, Mackenzie Avenue
Dui the tell yon tin
ask. I tin prii
'       .
I. .-    ......,..
idge for tl m ••   tl
• ti :aae
Tbe „zi;n? "' . ..ssiot     of
avfrli-atior. -,-,., •.   , n dui
the report procwdi,
■ay thnt t-     •
■ v   to     i.'ioaor.il* the
Jt ■    ri     I olloe     from a'-l blame or
,-,:-  .-•     ' rot.   ''a lag   i     • ■
..-.■■ ■ llately
■ . ■■
r§,    reflect!
ti* »:'-4Uat credJt uj'on that body.
'ou know thi a   Inn
e,ll.     .I'-iel      ,e     I   , -.. ||d
II   .1
I   thai i raetioftll
I u ask 'I  ■  un iltti    ' .   mi i'
he Council mi Friday i .
Did yuu see m enpy   I f   I lie   .Ma.i
Hiii.w u sfiei lhi- nu i linn '.'
■   l
tion enn be Iuui to the chief giving evidence
Chairman V uu wanl to wind the
i-iise up with the chief of poliee.
Mr. Keliie I de. not. I wanl tl e
chief ol police nn oath aud ask him
some ques) inns.
Chairman The pnlicn couuiiissiun
t-isiit the presenl moment arc making
the enquiry Into the actions of ilu
chief, mnl I .lu nnl think it is just I'or
the chief lo he put in a position wh. i .-
his answers vvill inlluence the police
commissioners us to whether   he   hi-
diine right or wrong.   Do you t slder
Unit is right.
Me, Tumble If yuu will lake my
wind, he will lie called I'ltormi. liieev
question possible or answer will be
givcu later on.
Mr. Keliie According to the evidence given he went down .ind uul died
ih.'in tu move, aud we waul to know
by what authority any ollicial of this
town has authority to Bel aside a locality under the law, We waul to
know why this is done.
Chairman I donotthink the chief
uf police hud anything to do with that
Mr, Keliie   No.
Vou hnve other witnesses to prove
I he eluel of poliee was down there before we pul the chief on oath or not.
Personally, I would rather have these
women dealt with nud go on with the
rest of our examination, I don'l ihink
the chief hns anything to hide iu this
Mr.    Kollie - Why   nol   hnve   give   Ins
Ohairman   It  is thc policj  >>r it
Mi.   Keliie-   Whal   policy?
riije-f ..I I'uiii-.i!— l rofuBo, as i am
here charged with n i-ertnin thing, 1
will five my evidence when tin' time
Mr, Trimble   Tins is ;, Police Com:
niissiniieis  meeting.   We  are  invest!
gating the matter.
Mr. Keliie -Vein refuse to hnve Inm
Mr. Trimble     Nee.
Mr, KoWe—Well, win block the
Chairman Tbere will In no block
Ing I enn assure you Mi Keliie. n
ymi would wurk in harmony with n .
«-,• would get along much quicker.
Mr. Keliie I i.m willing t" work
m harmony.
Chief of I'l.lie.- I mil go .nii. .li-
t.eils when  tin' time cotnei
Chairman Have vmi an) objection
t       barring Miss     Langford hn night.
Mi    Kflhc      l  want the riiiei lusi
Chairman   I     will refer the mattei
to the I'liiie.. Commlselonere.   i    mn
in  f avor     ol giving  the ChhX
III.'.      I     e-.|||     f,,|-     llllll le
I |l Bl   Irlm  ell   .-.n.l   I   .h I    Hunk     Iii
■ ■ • aod   11  u.i  wai   nnd
•     .ll   I In-   .-Vhl. im '      at
■■'      tie. is examlm ii
Mi   Ti niieh-   I iin.  In ta
.'    Bring  In   Mis    i
■ ■ ohorntod
IMPRESS THEATRE, JAN. 1st ar.d 2nd, 1913
{90.00 a month.
How many rooms?
Well, nil that l ean remember tbat
took plaee was that the Chid just
told u< that tho houses would be
closed by the lirst. of June.
Chief of Polico then questioned Miss      How  long have yuu beea in  llevel-
t indium
Vuu are going away  lonigbl
Have yen been ., montb?
Running Hint  houso.
Mr, K.-lhi-   Vmi nol  hcen fined?
Miss Graham   Nu. ...
Ml.   Keliie      V.eii     puid      -'in ihi     ii
I til'
M   - Graham   Ves,
Mi.  KolHeTbnl  is all.
Chairman—Alright      Miss  Graham,
Btoke? „,
■\ year ago thc n.ih e.f October.
liu ymi mvn any property?
He. you rent It'.'
Ies. ... „
Win.  from?
Charlie Turnross.
llow  iiiueh  rent   do yuu  pay?
|95 00 ,, month,
Hum-  many   rooms have you?
I believe it was on George Stroet,
Where did you     get your Informal
you may ro    Bring in tbe ncxl   wil    Won?
tie K
Blanch    Mi Donald sv<  anil ques
tl I   I.i   Ml     Im Hi'
What  Is le.iu  nam.- please
Blanche McDonald
Krom tbe Chief of PoMoe?
Have  yuu   been   lineil    ilire   you   have
ini'ii in town?
M.ss McDonald then questioned    by
in.I  you  recently  ati I h  moetiug  Chief ol Pollc
ol  thc   Chiel  ..I     Police aud     otbei      v"" wore at     this alleged mooting
What took placi
.ii the Del Monte?
I To   be   Continued.)
kmpress Theatre, Jan. 1st-  and 2nd.
Imperial English Bell Ringers
luii'liiiiui.   Mil. W. II. OfOOLB, !•'. I. (1. i , M.
I.. iiKAVis n   I'KANCE
VOOAL QUAKTKTTK   I. W    K,.i,-,,  w . fj ,,, ,     VV. tt Giggle
\       II       lull,'   I...i||.
IN8THI MBNTALTRtO.   •'  luhnson [violiu)i U. Kranee, (CeUo).
W. If i,linn.t . iPiano),
\   I Led 1>J MR I'lHii wii.iiT'r. ii„-i,',.„i,„„(.,i London Uomed.
h   -
' .
' ' iii
I lown
I'h-     !.'•   mi!'
i I    .
i       Hul
I      |    - ntlltl : .i
■inl    |i|||    i,n    milli    .-iml
i Iiuii man    i uu   ivli li  hln   called
i I'l i'l.  Mis
i i
1 hitlrti :       i ■      i
anl.   Mn  .vim    not   think   II I       - ol
place to call lilm ai it witness for the
Mr. Keliie—i do uul duu what objuo-
... ■      ■      .     .■
Vi 1   Irom Turnrogl.
M    Ti Imble tbt I   , I     Vikh
u uut    root    du you pay for your
i     i Mmi Belli • -,   VV. II. G.
1 "By ( rli i -,  \ rboui . .llorsluy
•li  nl   Kil.i'i .. M. s
" 11 . Willi i i
'■    *' ■<   ' "    ' '■'• 'i'-'  Herold
,-    Song.    "The Skipper" jujc
Mk. I'UI | 11-:u..n.i
Ckllo Solo.    "Bourcc" (Bell Accompaniments)...
. Squire
vl 11.     l'i    i M I
1! Iwa     Merry and Blight	
■     y
In .   i  I    ii.    "Souvenird'hongrie".Bendel
INTIil       I   ■• ll    "   -   -i^ UTES
1 ' ' ■    '      - Suppe
■ i lino    > Bell ' M.S.
.     v i'" in .'M»i  -    " mm   , ui Sui i     Bi II Acconip.)..|
  ...J •robowolskl
'Little It iah Girl' Lohr
Mu. Bai
r| •   l Iw l" •  k S, M i i, mei
.    Hi -.    ■ M    V        I i . ••   s,
, ■ ;,; ''b ciicc'. Buck
)ELi    to;      "ii IH"..it.ire" Verdi
OOO    SAVt    THE    KINO
....■■i-i... ■    ii  ■ i i   i   .-i i     ii,,,,,,,    „ | ,mmm
3ATURDA.     DECEMBER  28     1912
Patronize your own color by sending all your washing
your blankets in early to avoid the rush.
Bachelors, try our collars.
We have just installed a new collar machine which is
bound to please.
Phone 80
HIGHLY   COLORED   FUN.      kootenay
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
Reserve   -
Loans and Investments
Total Assets
* 3,000,000
* 4,000.000
Hne 83 Branches In Canada, and Agents and Correspondents In all
ths Prlnolpal Cities In the World.
Interest allowed at highest ourrent rate.
Revelstoke Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
It Is Uncle Sam's Most Reliable
Lighthouse Keeper.
Inventor,   Atter   a   Careful   Study   of 	
the Means Whereby the Bat Avoids   NEVER FALTERS IN ITS WORK.
Objects   In   the   Dark,    Perfects   a 	
Machine Which Sends Out Sounds
and Can Perceive Objects By the
As a result ol tin- recent Titanic
dijafi.T. Sir Hiram Maxiiu, inventor
ol the Maxim gun, has suggested a'
plan for giving shins a "sixth ,-unse"
that will enable them to avoid icebergs in a fog by Die same means by
which ii hal finds Us wuy about In the
dark. He is now working on a device
whioh he claims will enable a vessel
to detect a floating object several
.miles away, to climate its sire, shape
and distance, and to recognize the
character of a neighboring shore, so
By the Aid of the Wonderful Sun Valve
It Lights the Acetylene Beacons as It
Sets at Night and Extinguishes Them
as It Rises In the Morning.
The sun is the most trustworthy of
lighthouse keepers, The sun or the
heal from it lights muny hundreds of
beacons along our coasts mid waterways evening after evening uud extinguishes them punctually every morning. Tliey are guides on huul nnd sea
that are never touched by Iniiniin hands
from one month's end to another. Tbo
way In which the United States gov-
that a harbor, for instance, may be ernment, through its lighthouse board,
Baiely entered in a fog. All this is to has utilized the serviees of the sun und
be done simply  I.y  receiving and re-   niaiie   tm,t   great   lump  of   heaven   a
cording echoes .sent  back  hy  the ob-
. . It Might Be Cold. .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Union  Hotel
RATES,      .     $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly ami monthly tates lo be arranged.       Meal Tickets, 21 meals for f6.00
A. P. LKV'ESQUE, Proprietor
faithful uud unerring servant is most
The discovery of acetylene gas
that produces the echoes i< not hi"li
enough   in  pitch   f, be  audible     fti Tlle <lls<-'°Tery ot acetylene gas was
vibrations are powerful an.l slow and Uie lirat step toward retiring the lonely
are given out by a huge siren at the keepers  of   tbe   little   lights   iu   furoff
.diiiw  Imw.    Tlie echoes are  received places.    Modern  magic  wus not slow
and recorded by  pieces of apparatus In recognizing the fact thut by the np-
that serve a.- ear.- and  that are able plication of certain well Known scien-
to give much more  information than Utlc principles the lighting of the great
Hi- Ruled the Cosmopolitan Horde of
Gold-seekers In the Klondike In
the Hush of '98 With an Impartial
Hand and Alt', ough Ho Might
Have Made Millions He Camie Out
j       Poor—A   Gree.t    Engineer.
By the passing uway of William
Ogilvie a short time ago Canada lost
a very distinguished son who uehii v-
etl a high reputation tor probity and
administrative capacity while governor nl tho "a"iik..ii .lining thn critical
period in the history ol that gold
country. In 1889 the Deputy Min ter
of the Interior in a public report placed Iiim as ;ui explorer on a plane
with Stanley. Livingstone and other
celebrities. The simple narrative of
his surveys tell the tale of a man whu
was thoroughly devoted to his work
and who incurred dangen and hardships of the must serious kind with
undaunted courage. In private life h«
was a most lovable companion and
he had au unlimited fuiiel of anec lot i
and experience of a unique character
that was the delight "I all who knew
bim, He was burn at CyTville near
Ottawa til) years age. and studied land
survey in!: and 1: 11. r entered the civil
LODOE,   No.   U A.  V.
ami A.   at.
Regular meetings are held iu MA8-
U-NIO TBMPLB, Oddfellows' Hall
m thl Third Monday in eaeb month
at . p. m. Visiting brethren ar*
"ordially  welcome.
W.  b.   ROBERTSON.   fclecretarv
C. W   O    vv
VeiimtHin View ("amp.   No.  fit
leeta Becond    and     Fourth  Wedn<-«
lays    in each   month  in     Kelkirir
Hall.      Visiting   Woodmen   ar,
cordially invited to attend
A.   J.   WOODLAND,   Con.   Cum
JAMBS   McINTYRE    flerk
No    Hid
COURT      MT.      BEGBIE
OF I.  O.  F
Meets ln I. O   O.   V.  HaU nsrt    to
Tapping'*  Opera   House  every   ww, ,i*d
and fourth Monday   in   month    Visit.
.nt brethren cordially  welcomed
O. W. BELL, O,  R
WM.   8.   CAMERON     Rec.-Hec
a real ear could do.
This latest collisiou preventer is
another adaptation ol a phenomenon
in thc natural world. Bir Hiram has
taken his cue from the bat, which can
tell the distance of objects by the
iieat ni its  v\ ings.
In bats the sense organs arc highly
developed When a bat fli«-_- about in
te.tal darkness thc bent ol its wings
sends out a series of pulsations, or
waves, These wave-.- strike against
all surrounding objects and are reflected bae-k une! received by the sensitive organs winch f,.rm part of the
fooe of the bat.
Tlie extremely delicate nature "( the
bat's wings, together with the Bensi-
Laughton C& Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
Strictly Fi st Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
J|p>r*     Rate- $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros,
First-Class in all
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates
t:\em-..- ,-£ itj (ielieat- lace nerves,
lie- lat t.. jii.l.ee the distance
"I any objeel by the lapse of time between tho sending <.ut Bnd the receiving nf the wave?, lt ia this excep-
tn nal iiK-.-hiini.-ni. and ne.i any lac-
ulty "I _.,.;, , ,,, th. .lark, which en-
able* the bat t<' fly unerringly without the- least  light  t.. =-uid>' it.
We all know that II we capture a
wild bird ami liberate it in a lave
room with closed windows, it makes
a wild and (urie.u- rush i'-r whal ite<
senses tell it is an opening through
which it can escape. Its eye.- do not
l reveal Uu presence of the -'la.--, and
I tlle result is a broken neck A bat
liberated under similar circumstances
makes the .-am.- dash h.r freedom.
Th<- flapping ..I its whirs, however,
brings it* sixth sen:..- into acte^n and
it soon perceives that it ll face to lacs
with a solid wall, and itopi ihi rt
before it touches the glass.
Sir  Hiram  pr..I"-.., t<.   apply   this
sixth sense !•■ sea-going vessels,  Hi'
apparatus   will    produce   atlin —;
vibrations "f about the same frequency a. th.*.. produced hy tlie bat,
hut e [ em :-y --.; least 300.000 limes as
great.   Thi -  * iu lib ... bul
they will travel Ht leasl 30 mil - and
can   -   -•  - ■ ■•.!  and  re   rded   by a
suitable  apparatu-  st thai  disl
Thej  won . e , •
five mile • itward anl return 'hack
to the slnp a reflected echo that w -ul I
l»     rlt.   1   1    elK.Ugll    tei   be   de-tevtee|
In   describing   bis   Invention,   Sir
Hiriun .tat-'- tiial  It mighl he COI   Id
ered an artificial ear. The apparatus
i- provided with a larg.- diaphragm
lightly drawn ever a drum- : api 1
cylinder, and to arranged that the at-
moapheric pressure .- always the same
on Iv.ih -:|... quite lm ipectlvi
am  aii blast    It i- therefore always
»|e!-        '.■•       ,   A.   t .ll-      IN-.       V       1I|       H       |.      |,     .-      (
th.- wavea of the een i, an I its vibra-
■ ■
tain   elu -  - Ii   ring  I
Mriea of beiis of vari'.j   till       If   (or
example, the 'ibj'-et  la  very small -er
at a ei-n'   listaiKe from to
>er\   -mall  bell   rings,   while   a   iaree
object »t a distanci        .. two miles
wi.uid ru,.' a larger bell, an.l . we
larc-  • bject   h  Still    ai.'.-r   bell.    The
apparatus gives an audible notice .1
anyth.i |       ahl id ol the
At i th, r apparatus produi      , dla
ROBI ol the lh,   R(r
n .1   •   when tier,   i- no n.i-.
that du.  t-  the action Ol the ship i.r
the .-.-a wavce. u wavy lini  Is produced
• ui . i-.i|a-r ribbon, hut whenever ih-
ii ■ —i.t "ut Ir.jin the ahip
sink.- an object and the delicate e. I..,
wa.-..- return the w«\> lini becomes
verj murh nicpa-.-l ii amplitude,
The .iKtan.-e between the rafli Una
..)•]>■ • sn i 'h- il p mnv be measured
n-- Um - i..-ii. ••! the papei or "trip
between the disturbance marking the
giving   fi   i tin  rlbf il Ion   an i thai
ruarknw   the   receiving   ol   U
Tl.    si*.   •! tt bject may he con*
" •     amplitude    of    the
*«>'.• that return
chains of beacons Unit girdle the coasts
of the two seas ami the gulf nml cover
the great hikes und every navigable
BtTeiim in out huge country could be
inn- i' simplified.
The United States did not become interested in the acetylene lighl and Its
automatically generating gas buoy until
about the your mot; anil diil not adopt
it until urns. Then the engineers of
the lighthouse board devised some
wonderful Improvements, anion,-; them
the utilization ot the sun.
The sell lighting and self extinguishing acetylene beacon is a very simple
thing, hut it dependa ulmost entirely
nn the "sun valve." which is one of the
mosl wonderful but least complex of
the achievements ot modern science.
in tho tirst place, the source ut light
for   these   loue   beacons   is   dissolved
acetylene, which is stored under pressure in steel cylinders.    One of these
cylinders can be charged with enough
ens to inst a small beacon three years. ]
Usually, however, in tbe case of float- I
Ing buoys, a six  months' supply is all
that is uocessury, as such buoys are
overhauled  and painted twice n year.  !
Knowing the size of the llauiu aud Its I
hourly consumption of gas, It is very I
easy to compute how long a cyliuderful !
J will Inst and how often It win need to ;
Ibe visited.    That is all tbe rare the i
light will need.   The sun valve does
I Uie rest.
I The sclcntitlc principle upon which
Uie mm valve depends is that light
waves become transformed in different
degrees, according to tbe nature of the
Intercepting body. Sunlight upon dark
surfaces ii converted Into heat, and
heal produces expansion. This expansion Is especially perceptible iu certain
In n carefully scaled and substantially mounted glass Jnr nearly a foot
high and about one-fourth that In diameter a thick black rod is placed perpendicularly through the center. It is
mipported by three slenderer rods of
highly polished copper. The big black
rod Is of copper also aud Is coated with
lampblack to make It ubsorb light to
the greatest tiosslhle degree. Tbe sup-
porting rods relied light without absorbing It and do uot expand or con-
Ira-t to the same extent as the largest
The thick black piece of copper In
tbe 'enter of the tar Is extremely scn-
lltlve to light and heat As the aim
appears and the atmosphere grows
warmer lu the morning this rod lengthens It pushes down Into the metal
Chamber in which tbe glass Jar rests
Slid touches the end of a lever. It
down on this lever. Which is
controlled by a spring nnd cuts off the
t' ■. e.r the gnu to the lamp.
When tbe ann dli ippeara fr»i
In tlm eveuing and the temperature of
the nlr falls lhc process Is reversed.
The nal contracts and releases Us pressure on tho lever, allowing the ens to
llow upward to the lump.    The gal Is
Ignited by a little pilot flume tbat is
never axtincntahed,   Tims tbe henrnn
Is lighted nl the proper time and Is put
out when it is no longer needed, although along desolate coasts It may
never gladden lhe human eve for
mouths at :i time.
The engineer! ot the llgbtbouee board
■nj ih.it the praclalon of ihis device is
nun...i Incredible it can iw mod with
equal certainty In equatorial beol ami
in polar mid. for It responds with the
ii'iim   i a. . lirai I to Mnall varl.-il a iii
temperature,   u la uaed on lonel) la-
hinds In llie Pselhc    There are i rlr
a hundred ol tbe** sun salvo beacons
in Maaka, lo aninmer lhan nro aids
i" navigation, and In winter thev guide
the traveler* on flnaj sledges over tbi
flown  wastes.- Harper's Weekly
W1I.IIAM Ill.lt.Vir.
service and rose steadily until he was
recognized as one of the ablest eef
astronomers, surveyors and explorers
in tin- employ 'it the Canadian Government, lie- was n warm personal
friend ol the ini.' Sir John Macdonald
and the hitt-r when Premier sent
Ogilvie een a confidential mission to
report on tin- Pence rivr country,
which nt that time was claimed hy
llriii.h Columbia, As a publi.- servant he was noted for tin- accuracy
and care and I'.u •> riormance • f .m-
portant public « -rk at the leasl pos.
sil.li. publ -■ ■ ' l'i i ev.i.i, sens -iiii- worked on the difficult problem nl
the Canadian Vlaskn boundary and
in thc organisation ol the n « terri
lory he hnd much u . n lie was tlie
oonfidi i tial adviicr ol the \lini-t-r
ed tin Interior in regard te. thi r -
sources .-.Tii possibilities of^whul was
at thai uni'. generally an unknown
section e.f Canada.
In 1808 lie was appointed governor
'•;" Vukeeii .luring tiie big rush t<-
whal was then looked upon as thev
-r.-nt Kldorudo, II- was surveying in
the Yuk. n w i- i.    .1.1 was nr.-l ili-.-..v-
JTInemlth Repair*. Hoi Air, Pipe
and Furnnoc work
iQonnau|rht Av*.  •   ReveietoKe
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a  Specialty
Phone 42 -   Night Phone 85
Early Strtit Lighting.
Tan- in IW wl- oooaahmauy Ufht.
<d b) BMOIM ol Ininiiiig pitch and
other 0 mbustiblea In pai. .
Br.jl-,r.g Scotch Idol*.
No less an autborlt) Hi.ui Mr Ale I;
Viae Kriezie de. lare- lhe BtMIl ll IV.it
land a national Inatniment ami lev.,
no nnlin to th- bogptpa
AtioiliMr Ingle -lass enpert aaoart* lho
bagpipe ".is born among tbo Keljoka,
tn- atneaton nt tho modern Turin
Weel. MOll
Snt thing It's likely some ej|K-ri
will tell in lhat the llielatiders wi-m
not the Inventors ol bar* kueun.--i.lei*-
ssW4 i'Ula UMl«r.
"I underaland tbat n number of women   have   learned   to   smoke   cigars,'
..■Mi tiie frivolous uboervet
• I don't Inlieve It," replied Mr Meek-
ton "The kind or cigars that wotncii
buy nobody could smoke."—Washing-
I'.u siar.
ered there und his  le-peeri-  were the
most importunl official d cuuu nts un
the iniie. r.ii wealth of that re gion
lb-   resigned   in   1901   and   he   wa-
given   lhe   Mufchison  medal   f<jr  his
explorations   in   the   M.-o-k-n/.:.     ai I
Yukon regions whe.ri hi covered over
-.Tiki mi lea "f country hitherto unsur-
ee--- 1 mii .'niiih.i Invaluable informa.
ti-.    regarding Die min. ral and otlu i
roaourci.- ol the country.   He ba i had
charge "I Government -urwys and explorations  on   the   \--!." n  and   Saskatchewan   rivers   ami   published   a
ear:'.-  number '>f valuable  wi i ks  "ii
hi.- explorations in these northern regions.
II.- has  recently   reported   uu   the'
wai.-r   powers   "I.  ti-     Mhai uy   an.l
othor western rivers and more n
ly e.u  i big plan i-.i uni ition
i.i in.     ■ . res . i i ich .'.     e-
thi   Saskatchewan empl ■ -    nto Lake
Winnipeg    II   v..-,   , ..., ; ,,, ,\
ael    ••..[..'   nin .    ......
.       .. ,
and he wie toi -   '  I let
Whih- in London he was liiglilj hon-
11.   ilrongly  f t v. t.-. I lho eonso
>l  io.-   Uritisl   Kmj ii-  and  the
' ol all Knglish-spi... .. ■■ \e- ■
II    ■ - -I ii ll • ilot ■ .
ii'linii  public   er\ ice fm    air doa
and jn :       ind In       t
.i       .    ild have in wh     . ■      ni
tin- Yukon on aci
km wledgu he cairn   nil o| lhal - - uu
try    IS,   W.Mi"      • r ,
into it     I r .in  a  poor I
I-- governor ■>( the  i il       md  the
l..ui»l.-r -if a city ■■( 10,000 p op ind
tho nil.-r le- i inn.- ..f a eo u irpolitan
I«'pni ition such a •
city evi i   pod  :  at .j
portunil)   tu  ii, e1 r.
maun .1 a |- oi ma .   .
tl)     eli-i     '    ' ' ..«'.    1
most critical tii Iui i.i
■ >i" gold level ea iii nu
ih.: Oanada ha   evei       it an i  • . I
1>is.ii ...|.| il . I       loni anj ■-
in  tha-  iie, .   '.f  lhe  w  i  I
Qrotetque Sport That Is a Part ol tho
Holi Festival.
The curiously childish borseplaj ol
the Holi festival, which Is celebrated
annually by the mnlniraja .el Pa tla la,
is descrilied by Mrs. c harles liertram
in "A Mugieluu lu .Many Lands." The
aiillieir made the acquaintance of the
famous Hindu ruler during a tour 'it
India and was Invited lo remain over
for the tustivnl.
Marly in the morning I wenl tn the
cluh. where I found many of tbe
guests, who were tnklnj part in the
ceremony lor the firsl lime We were
provided with u complete new snii of
Hindu garments, and our dressing
was superintended by the mahurnja's
servants. We Innl eumels, elephants
nnd victorias provided for us. i was
on an elephant In n kind of box, and
we drove in proeesslou to lhe palate
In the unlive citj
We were received with great acclaim
by the natives, and 1 was led to believe that it was to he decld'slly a dignified occasion. llut 1 was woefully
mistaken. The fun had not begun.
Certain formalities Intel t.e be gone
through before the signal was given
Wo took "ur se;i|s in the conn, ar'!
of the pal ii a long table that was
loaded with large gilt dishes filled with
different  colored   halls   as   larn-   ss
oranges and  fill".!   with  Holi powder.
ai a signal the brother of the mabara- j
.ia came h> the front of tbe table and |
Bulaamed to tbe ptiuce, who took one I
of the hulls and threw it gently across |
the table, striking  n fflcer on the!l»u''lJ KANOH LODOK
The ball broke and scattered the
powder over his costume. Then th-re
was n general scramble, and In less
time than it takes t.i write hundreds
of halls were Hying about, their many
colored contents scattered broadcast on
the crowd. Next baskets of loose powder were thrown upon us in Imudfuls.
It was no use to expostulate. The
moment ymi opened yonr mouth some-
ho.ly tilhsl it with powder. The battle
grew fast and furious, when suddenly
an enormous stream of water from a
lire engine drenched everybody. The
colored powders became wet and min-
glitiL"together, dyed us all in brilliantly
variegated hues.
After this sort of thing had gone on j
for half an hour it -eased by mutual |
conseqt,  nnd   we  returned to the pri- j
vnte gardens of the inaharaja. where
we were in.est unceremoniously pitched Into a tank of running water.    I
was dyed a   deep  scarlet all over my
body, and It was fuliy a nmnth leefore
the color entirely disappeared from my
face and hands.
SELKIRK      LODGE   12,   1.   U.  O   K
Heats every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at fi o'clock Visiting
brethren cordially invited
JOHN LYON      N. G.
JAS.   MATHIK,   Sec.
K. of   P.,
NO.   26,   HEVELSTOKK,   B.   C.
Metts every  Wednesday  eicept   th*
Third  Wedneaday of each  month      ln
Oddlellows'  Hall at 8 o'clock.  Visit-
is* Knuhti are cordially  invited.
P,  W. TERRY,  C.  C.
(1.  H. BIUK'K, K.  o! R.  & H.
U. nl r
Me'USE  No.   1086
M'-.ts every lirst nnd third Tues-
■ :. y .a oddfe.lows HaU. Visiting
hrethern cordially  invited to attend.
G. R. Lawrence,   Dictator.
E.  Edwards, Secretary.
Sho Knew the Symptoms.
There i.s a certain bright English
actress who comes over here.- every
year or two to play an engagement,
says the Saturday Evening Post.
Among her admirers nn this side Is a
middle aged theatrical man of a Bert-
mis turn or mind. He Is courtly, but
hus been called tlr-somc in conversation. One afternoon at her suit In a
New- York hotel the sprightly lady was
brewing a dish of tea for a couple of
newspaper men. The telephone bell
rang, and the hostess answered the
"Ves," she said, "this is Miss Blank.
Who? Ob, Mr Blink culling. 1' It:"
Then, In n tope of weary resignation.
"Very well, send him right np." She
hung up the receiver and turned to the
newspaper men
"Boya," sh- said, "you'll have to toddle away. My sick headache Is coming on."
BarriatTa,   Solicltora,   Etc.
Imperial   Bank   Building  Reval-
atoka. B. C.
M iney to Loaa.
Oflicft—lievelstoke.    B.    0„     aad
Cranbrook, B. C.
Cai... B. McCartar.
I -v. U. Pinkham. J. A. Harvey.
ReveUtcte. '~»nbrook
Provincial   Land   Buveyor,
Miaing 8urv«yor.
BOX   10«.    RRVKI.8TOKE.
W.   H.   WALLACE,   M.B.C.S.A.
P. 0. Box HC, Revelstoke, B.C.
The Gold Lions of Peking.
Fronting the imperial palace at Peking are twee beautifully carved lions
of enormous size whi, li, if we are- to believe the mandarins, ar- nr s,.ij,i pold
and have heen tie.re. since Mine Immemorial.   When the combined armies
of England nnd   Frm   ■■ ndvai I < :i
Peking   in   180U   Ibe   Cl       •    painted
these  stain-.  graj   in  order  I
ihe Europeans believe that thej  weri
of   bronze   and   therefore   to   Insure
against their being melted.    Later, dur
Ing tho 11] .i ii ie wai
itpl -.e-e-.l toi      Hm
lU      ■    "'        Of       [-'IC   C       tl
their orlgti n.   Thi
these roll - >-      -i to be lm a
and ili-y are im ii. i ve eye   a symbol
of the unity of tbe emi Ire.—Hi -
Teacher of Violin
Pupil of Ernest Simple, of Win-
nipejr, and Prof. Frederick,
late of Londoi. Ei
Studio ai  (.
The s...- ..   ni  algebra  is       i  tn
hav,. i ii ii,. Invention of M
of liu.-...in i ab   .i -ji a   ii
em - was ii,ii...ir. ■■' -        by tin
M.-er*.  Tl - i'•    treaties i
in lil.v    r
i ■   I.ui ,  I-
1101     i   .
-   ■ Itecurde, I
niathematli   at ■ mubrld
Ite was ih.- t.       ' ■     a tba -i^n "f
Uorth -I'd  have vou to understand,
ah, thnt I'm um smh n fool as I h>uk.
hai   ,-t    Well, then, you have much to
he thankful for.
A  Jnlly  Ohitujry.
They have , l of ahl    ui,,--
Ing death* at llu   \ lip. le     n-re
are the upei li . |
uarj notioe thai ip|n nn i in a it cent
i- ii- "I in tustrn .-in newapaper
"llnv nl Hay   H.i ;       i .n   hump
'i ..•   Iii        a mm    nil Mir-       II.-
dli d at the .i • m , two    Hi-
ai .- oai isn't n       - mm b, ini
in   »a- jn i  lhe n   in  kind ..i busu
lieaa man, ma.   ■ I   .- -ini   .1 !».
greatneaa •   mm n  nd  i In n Hugh Nol-
f'Ul    Iliad'     him   S  ■ !■ lary    I   r    I'ulilie-
Ignuranoe In 1886
K i 11. n g Tin-.c
I'l ,.     Ill-  :
n   ..Id   colODlt Soveniber.
■ ailed "klllmr timi       v. -
day   arrived  •■
a in. b bad I   fattened for lha vrla
'ir'.- si", k wen      . i. iti red early In
ilie morning that the meat might bo
'...i.l and i uld l-.i. I.   '       . put in the'
pli ' lo      Sausage     rolli •>.-.  . ml   hend-
'i  were made, lard tried nut and
inlleiw aaved.
Th* Emerald Ul*.
Ireland Is railed the Emerald lale because of the richness uf Its verdure,
the term being first used by lir William lireiiiuiti. lhe author of "lilendsl-
loch" and other |«i-iiis. published In
lhe lallrr part of the eighteenth century
Curious Marriage Ceremony.
A Bedouin marring- docs not take
mnrh lime The bridegroom kills a
sheep and spills the blood on lhe sand
of bin father In law s threshold,aud lbe
wedding Is over.
Courtihip In Servle.
Even th- ..niiishlp of a Servian gilt
U nr- ingOd  hv her relatives,  her betrothal -outra-t being a wbesten cake,
with money ami Rowan on top of it.
»in. n i« banded by in-r prospective
li,. ...jud's father to har owu father.
AnWIopea Choose the Open.
Tlie antelope li.es always In open
country, unlike members of Ihe deer
family, which Invariably prefer a
thick, dense forest They cannot be
driven Into Umber cover or thickets
Of brush, lull win literally turn about
nnd run over a pursuer If necessary
rather than bv forced lutu cover.
• When   m>   two   gin,   were   horn   1
.i :.- wuudei wiut i waa going to
 i iiii'iii "
" *\ a.. l    UOW
"Now  thai they're grown up nnd In
>. i-tv   ive  begun   wondering  what
.Jiey're g-iug to make oi me."—Detroit
i'Tv- I're.-s
Suei Canal Searchlighta.
No ship ll allowed to pass  through
thc Nuer. canal  without a searchlight
of ii particular typa if tbo vessel hsa
not oue of her uvvn she must borrow
A nice new -
er and Win i
injr Mn I
For S le
by the n ■
All kinds of i
Qalei •   Ba)   inini- h   pirw    ..|
in or 20 mi I-- or ep lib'i'     Coin--
putiiieiue inviltil.
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
Australian Water Holaa.
a eurlooi form of water bole la
found in tba deoerta of Western Aua-
tra i'.i Tim h"> is dry by day. hut
yields an nlnirnlatit supply of wntcr by
night Thl BOW Of wilier Is precede^
hy veelrd hissings uud aouodq of ruah-
Plenty of Gait Lump Cual arriving.    Orders will have
prompt attention.
Ml  k'M     ||     \\e  ,..
A. Davidson, PH™E BAT! RD \Y.   DECEMBER
the ^:^.rrJ-OnCiD:B^.rir). revelstoke
.SATUHDAY,   DEllEMHEB  28    Hia
Var.. is    i a.aa aa ial.-;.   wen
dered answen ei or tj ■
Electrician North ..:. I El
Bos;-.- " .. : ■ .Minted an Incn
wages       lati   li   -. January 1st 1913
A Board     of     Trade ree
support it     s, luring a market Bqare
was ref rn I t    the
\     i Irom  J.  M
Fire Hall  So.   . was  n
ed f :  '      mittee
An account   foi scrvti
'.---' I rden
...'-'-      nil
est lega
■ ■
I the .  ;
IH       : RATI
ba vi
c ii| nal -  '
:   .•• -
The present    tl " ■.
:   sei l ate   of       11- 8 would  mo
.;■'.;.. cents
40 Ki ■ pn
..:'■■■ •
: n
'■: -      ■      i think   h«
rward ti
:      ay ofleel    mv
Bourn'              ays thinl
hut the cily needs
.ui       There
-  I                    reducl
latt           1 ovei      Ioi
■:          tin
The ai boot
'  ■    ■
ing 20th.    .">'
fort..    -
US] It. ('. i.'arli
Ct.i : :
■    ■
ent of 3
.... .   , ...
The Municipal Conventia.i
r yeai
i : ilso I       id    I
■   ■ pal liill lev.,
clearly I
i,i.y  mi        pulity .
I I A I.l   VON,   I'l,   '   ..   I'' I',   HI l;»l
i] ■   uiu ii lines      bin     I" -ii   lell   hei
I        ,   |j    ,     IllUll    e.l        \'   ll}      W  .M'l.     till
ivell ki . '.. ii iiiiichi im 11 M I'm. -me. pi
j,    imh.      ,,.      ll llll'il  ' - i V ,   tt 'f    I  M-     IU
been - -i'ii sine.- I he hc«imilin; nl Sepl
1",,     I'M.        Ill-   lllllil   i-   1;  illg     ill     I le''     |  Ust
1 i.iii - ei -i-   in !■ nlu I  i-i.   iiiii   '  i b    k
tlie H-.-p... nn.ail ut l'u    ic W i'1 it
lul     11
i'i Ihs Raliian War u}.m.imi ii>« iuy, «•„» leuinm.,
Ill   liu.-   uuli'.liii   W Cf I       m_      ■   ome lime unu lo lhc  IJ. p  i   mum   by
.,,.„,.._ , ,     Mi. 11 \d,   uilh   ii    lim un ni   "I  All.
WASHl.N S,  Dec.   12.—In l , - .      .,
,,,,,,, , .     \\ mil ■ diMiiiiie .' c uuu  i.uluie !■
■■ ' snul  '"      ,, i    i ,, i i
r.ill in ,i. .- ojtiu ..- known li" I.ii his
in  "inipert menl     poem, .  ,       , ,   a.    ,   nm
ml,in al i.-in ii . li-iv ,,■..mii   bepl   ul h
.   i 'apl mi   '.M, i mm  ritemien • .       ,  . ,
,- ii.... ,i , v et ii- A : nn head .uul lelt
nis hi hi ■ ) : I-   Li    _ He mill.    He he.*
CIlvl; Verses oif an American v.'.',;;...'.;. TT\lZ S'"
i   fun Is iiiinii
not been >■ en   sin
I'll,-    li.lllt     Wilt
,     - nil era  nl
seen hv Mr.   U iiitilniivt' n, -i   ncigno..!
the   '-. - In I-   loiliij
...    e re
i    i     :
,   [erred   lu      i lie
.. •   . tl
|>       '     I '
I lie
I'p 11
Thi   ,"
iiiiii i in
i . u 11
ll   ' '  I-n hnn.
i:    : v. ii - he '• i- delighted In km w
of Wind's, 1} in        .      i i     h.   am
lune nlu i, iuui was tin in " boi win up
Imn Ii lms i. -ni.ii .. .1 lllel-e since.
Sinn, .lacksoi     iu    her  urigl.hoi.   has
I      I        , Ml., I .       , '     '       \\     I I'll
  loin  I mi leu        i   its I e4  '" uu-
,, \   one seems In li ive any [den
e     v nnl    mild   have gone.    Hi
iv,is   ii li  - ' i. •'■ ie I'd lo gn  nil "ii
| pi . - iiini i i'ii by him-
-,-!i tb ni I ; imis though! "I his
ili .uni i;.e... : ■! ioim liine. ami then
,K;;";' ,,„' .'„ nmsl.u.ccs UtcndiiiK it. pm
tictiliii'l} ih- >* iy in which the honl
was letl,  gave  i ise ie' the suspicion
■'•    ■•■'"■■ '"  A""1' <-";d     "'"■  thai    on. Wivi.nl  ucciilenl   musl
Dclllcd Vi      Kohiii
ii:.-. ' I ,:   ....  ih.' morning
'...:-!  '.       elltt.lc    111 Okl
Tlml   the  I   iriuan tutored   army   van- l""1  Mr. Tli  m      Ki !'■      ''•■■ tutu I'.I*.
-.   .    I.      i   „| smoke; It Su.iei m ■• I kulj li    he  up
Thnt  tlu'ii   swords  wen   all  misullied piinlei  by lhe Uumi     n      vcrnui'iil
md  theii   rm..- neve all lotgot,  I- i's ■ I .lie thu-o new Senators from
.       ' -   ,.i-.-!:,    ! ii       lm     hul   M..I.    i|     ;,     U   'th 'I I olU'i'hill.
t}   Tiirko)   trnl The Uiv. U. VV. Ilni-tl } uf Nakusj,
A  Montei    rein  miijoi   .-..'     tin   flyitii    |K,| ; . ., |,.,, |,,-:-i tonight.
in. a glunce,
l-hen roll, I a ci, a and scutched      >'"'   ' ,'",7 'ii'"" " ! '">•;''"
nt Mr. W m   II yd,  - 'i' ""K    t  1- '
,1 mat. li  upon Ins  punt-, * , .
,,,     .       Su. i ...'iimi.     Mrs.   I.m uuu    iuteuds
And spake nut., his gunners,    h-i    em .. .       .   ,
,-n-i pall} inu    .Mr-.    W ill.    h"}el   li
.   a   ■'■  more jolts . , '■    , ■ ,
... i. :ii;i.en : - Ill l'i III mil'}'.
Thai    s,  if yonr shol     cai   catch   e-in
e been     trained   Iiy  Von der       Viiiing   li   i  .itnis regisl ilnlllc
■ :;..-■ '  in.lini   in  In    i he  ; u I   few    a . eks
\    olonel    ni  Hnl  n ossed il •  ■ II    A.   WelisiiV    l>.   Mel. um
,   [,js ,.,.,.,, u     ■   Miss  il.   Unu lill' .   \l
;■ I      ■..' led,     ' . onin.i   hi ni i ies Mi I' i '   en, V, laiiglh.li, .1. A. U
l.ouk> as thu wi   hml theii     ua '•-   >   Suihi'i-l.mil    A. .McKiie, jc , Tho-
Jnsl                L'ncli   Fuller  to yon   Imt      ' ' '■ Inline,   .1.   \,  Maxwell,
le -   rry  whirl, !:   '   I'1"'1" :- K-  v- H"si . .1. i1  I'
limv tn iln  H limine!!, I .'•     ■ ■  ill ' l   Kevel
,-'vr bei'ii i liriei '       '"■ ""d Mr.  I liulili,   Bnderby:
,, ,,      „   , ,„  ,  . .. i    ii nnil rd   mil Mis. r.  I', i
„l   .iluli sped . i m '. ■       •   - nu I  Mi  .   I'-   I'-i
■■ •'    ■   ll   -  ■  -Vl-   ''"'  M''-
it stuppi i'--'1' '.'■ "■   "     '      '' ""■'■'   ''■   """'■
tenant tin ' ■ ;    ' '"■    ""H1' "■     "
il ■■ Land District.
cl  ol  tt isl  Kootenay.
fake notl -■ that 1, If'lora Georglnu
MosBiuon, occupation Married Woman
inini :-; to ,i,i ly im' permlssiou to
purchase the [ollowing described lands
. i.:ii!i.Min'ii._ ,,t a post planl ,'il on
the mu icy boundary ol Block S63, ol
ihe Kaslo in -   n Hallway Grant
about ono mile trom th.e Arrow Lake
.ui tho east side aud about two miles
uoi ih ol tho l'u-vii i.i ..is ip, tbence
north in chains, thence easl -!' chains,
thencc aouth 20 chainB, thonco west
_"j ciiains to tho point ..f commencement mnl containing forty acres more
or   It'S.:.
Dated Octobor 21th,  1912.
1st   issuo Nov,  ti
Revised    Stututci     .ef    L'aiiiida,   I! ,
i'h hm   II.".  nn,I   .\..i.-n,l.ii:     Vets.
r      mnl  in the above Statute tho
in    Rivi r    huml ei   Compun},
Limited,     give     notice  thai  ';'' doya
i ;  i   date  they   intend   to  apply    by
■i || Ion  to  i lm     llovei   ui ll  ; ouncil
for .im-        ol   lhe    ite  I "I    the
plnns i.l  a I'l'ieh.'i' proposed to  he I	
; rncti 1  hi niiel  over th       (Jolumhia
i Ivei   nl    iei   :i   puinl   ul out    Bvo
tJoutl   ■     Uolden    ..    hi   Province o!  Dritish Columbia.
A | Ian nn i di'.-.i-i .ni Ion eil I he pro
posed - .,-.'. ol tha ixi Ige to be
con 11 ucl -I liai • Iiei u deposited with
the Minist-i ol l'uhiic Works al Ot
i , . , ..; di plicate thereol In the
, , . . itij c.'e.ff .1. Nelson, B.O,
1 ' 18th    ':..    u    Nov.
i      '   mi     Lumber  Cotnpnu}
L im H  '
Iiy ill si  Solicitor,
Isl ia . Ne' .in es      Geo. S. Mel I n ter
■    '       i ,   ■ .
.     - .!
1    10, i amp, A.
..   i.!.i  k, Mr. a ' i.l'    Noi
on  Molt \    .  .    \\    i    ,      ,     ■    .   ,    :
nit inn      | ■ h   '     ' ' '   "    ' ' ' " '■'    "' '   '• ',:' J
m  German   leach n      reed -v-  ■' "'■' "  "•   liul
.    , -   ■ , ,     -,.
iv,     ,i ■ '';     '    ■ '    '
S..  the}   sprinted "      ' '     ;:     '"
mint  I jll.       11 H    Ivel
s nil li    H
Mel), n.i i.i
Bul   Ihey  won   tin
they  read
V  t.i b it     po
rh.it i        lime tn d
Goltz.  the  i V
;    ...--.    ' '   .        .
rth are st
e,       \\
'. .    i.i ■ id  Dl il rict.
Distl mi   ol  WeBt  ICooti uny-
Tuk ■ nol 'mm i in.i  l nti mi >- J   Mm phj
Di ■ -.irs, B. C,     occupation,
- apply Ioi  I''1 mu
purchase i hi   lol o» ing     des
at a po it planted    at
he     North  K.isi Cornet   ol   District
Lot  No.  SB01,   Ihence  -ast UO    chains,
, h mei   aouth .'" chains,  thenco    weat
i chains, thence north Uil ehuins, to
point "i"    coramenccin nt    conl alnlug
.   Lund     i uati il cosl
II.    '    .       I   .lie      eel     I.   '.'.il'I'Il,    11 .'
i Jrd, 1911.
ed Octo ci   lith,   1912.
Sealed Tenders will he received by
tho Minister ol Lands not later thnn
noon on the 3rd day of March, 1918,
lm the purchase of licenses Nos, XI,
XI, to cut timher estimated at 1,-
rao.OOO feot, 520,or>0 test, nn.l mil,enn
!.ei 11 M respectively, together with
1 railway ties and poles from
Grown land adjoining Adams Lake,
Kamloops District.
Particulars uf chief Forester, Vic-
tiiiiu, B.C. 1st iss. N.iio 8m,
The Kevelstoke Boot, Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
The style, the workmanship and wear
And comfort born of every pair;
Of 20th Century welts that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold the old.
■' e . U.'^l
I'nnl mining rights nt the DomlUlOD
:n Manitoba, Saskatchewan ami ai
hertn, il.e Yukon Territory, Ibe
North wost Territories and tu a portion ol tho 1'rovluco of Uritish Col
iiuiliia, may he leased Inr a term ot
twenty-one years at an annual rental of $1 un aero. eNut mum than
3,560 acres will bo leased to ono applicunt.
Application Ior louse must ho uum.
iy the Applicant in person to the
agent or Bub-Agent o! tho district
In which tho rights applied for nrn
Iu aurveyod territory the land must
he described by sections, or legal
9iib-divislon« ol sections, uud In im-
surveye.1 territory tho tract appliod
Ior shall ho stoked out oy the up
I'licnnt  hiuiscl!.
Uach applicunt must he accompanied by a lee ol 16 v.hich wlll he refunded if the rights applied for are
uot available, but nut otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on tho merchantable output ol the mine at tho
ratu ol five cents per ton.
The person operating the mino shall
furnish the Agont with sworn returne
accounting Inr the full quantity ol
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. It the coal mining
rights uro not beiug operated, such
returne should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will Include the coal mia-
:Ug rights ouly, but the lesBce may
he permitted to purchase whatever
available surface eights may be considered necessary lor the working ol
the mine at the rate ot $10.00 on
'  i   full     information     application
.hould  ho made to the Secretary    of
he  Department ol the Interior,    Ot-
iiiwn, or to the Agont or Sub-Agent
oi Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of tho Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorised  publication    of
•■ h  advertisement will  not  lie paid
Ifyou want good, clean Coal, I am in a position to supply it
to you. Ask your neighbor what coal I sell, and whether he
is satisfied.
Lethbridge Lump Coal
Lethbridge Nut Coal
Orders will receive prompt attention.    Phone No. 60
Ate you wanting any Electrical Work Done ?
If so, call at the Revelstoke Plumbing ChX
Sheet   Metal  Co.'s Store, Connaught Avenue.
I'lu.ne JSI
Night rimiic -in
P. O. Box 4;?
Sash, Doors, Mouldings' Turnings
W   are in the manufacturing business
Sash,  Doors, Mouldings,  Turnings, Show
Cases,   Office  and  Bar   Fixtures,   Storm
Doors and Windows made to order and all
kinds of repair work done in good order.
We have a full line of building supplies, lime
cement, plaster, Hard Wall Finish, bricks,
Sewer Pipe, Plaster Plaster Board, Roofing
cTWetal, Lath and all kinds of Glass, Oils,
Paints, Varnish, all colors and tints.
Much pleasure in quoting anything in the
Building Line.
given that, on the
11 h . 1.1 >   e.i    January next, appllcu
.  rill be made to the Bunerlnten-
it Pi      QCial Police fnr the tram
licence    tor the sale ot
: ■ i...I .11 and mion the   urcini
own im   the. Lardeau 1 Intel,situ-.
....... Urit.ah Columbia,
1  Al,     E!vana to A.lolphe
■ oniapliJ Hr.tish Colum
•1   this    1Mb  day   of  December,.
KI.  M.   K\ \x;r
ii.,mI.i  e,i Licence
iim.   l.i.Il.KAU
applicant  for Trniinfsr
P. O. Box 295, Revelstoke, B. C.
Everybody   known  him,  hi
tell you thut the  whiBkeye w.
wiling are  the bent.     Cull anu
convinced.    No household shou.
he without a supply of our Harvey's spoclnl Sictch Whlskeyi our
Frapln tlqueur Brandy, guaranteed
'«) years nld or Blaokberry Brandy
fnr Medicinal purposes.   Our stock
nf obolce Wines and Liquors of all
kinds aie unexcelled.     Bold by all
the leading hotels, or telephone
Il •
I.   That   ■
'    ■  • .
I.    Thai
vote in ea
•;■: ■ ;•.   '
Th ■ ■ cipultii
pO«     •      ■ ■ •■ 01* rati   li
J'lldl. ' to
ate or grant t.   omi     1
• .  !
i   ,•  proviiti . ;.
r.   That   I ,
lixed ,,
mt c       .       20,000 popu        .    ■
ixc<-"   ng »I ■     ,  rear,
'•''■■ to 2       .puloj
' ■ ■ 0        opula-
I ."■    ... ■   . .. "■ Y,,.        '   '
1 " " , .1    .'.Ion,   not
l>?N SVI » (/CLOCK
Lei Us Loan
Vou llir Mollis
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
imiiurtiirii and Doalers In Pure Wines, Liquors. Cigars and Cigarettes
1 l ] hi
I   i-    •
1    11
5    Ve
III lill|
■ .
1 ■
lh ,
tl ■ 1.11
ID chiii 1
Bee Cbds. M. Kb hat Llfi       , .   , -, ,,.
ft     n ' "' onti Dplatli     [1 a .. ■  , on .,,, ,., ,„,.,,■   ,ri,|    ,,,,,,,,
,,. in   the    1 ompany -it which Lord	
.   rathcotiB and the president o(   the    Uuleil octi I
Uunk ol Mfiitreul aru directors. B AMUKL  JAiliv,  HARLOW
1 hot   lor   tl
'      I      ll. Uil M ,    ,    I,
lhe ■ 'ii 0 pipe       i'i  Dlstok
1 iald       1
1: 'i.'Iiiii;,
Haul Itretrl
1 ancouvei,  11   I
i'i     U.M   above   im. 1
lBt   illUU   eUl'C,  'il
• ■   ■ „
IMMI III,, llll.
Urpi entntAtivi
I have o|innnl up a Restaurant in Lower Town
and will Berve all Chi-
iiosi' ilishrs. such B8Chop
: ut .   Noodles, etc.
first I     '   . '  ■   Next t" Plre Mull
"11 rnorte  ust
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Pur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -  Kevelstoke, B. C
belore buying yonr outfit of working clothes
for thf hush. I mske a
specialty of Logging
3ho.*s, Pauls, Sox, Shirts
Blankets nnd everything
rennlred in vour business..
y •-      r.ea. •   ■   ,   -„   .■-  ■ .. 1 a    • ..   mm. twtramm rrrm inmttnnmrwwmm
Howson CS, Co,, Ltd.
Furniture, Car} ets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson C8b Co., Ltd. fORDAY,  DECEMBER 28    Uli
a?nE ^c^iL-BCEin-A.rir), r^^eilstokiej
SATURDAY     DECEMBER  28    l')ll
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. &. Jfume & Co.. £imited
With the very kindest thought toward all men, we
wish you all the Compliments of the Season, and  take
this   opportunity   of  Thanking   Our   Patrons   for   the
Greatest Business in our History or the History of the
Interior of B. C.
TlilG ^C^Jri-±ilL!-lK. A.HLIJ,   33,    VELSTOKE
SATURDAY.   DECEMllER   U8    191
We Wish Our Patrons
"The Compliments of
tiie Season"
Then take advantage ni'an exceptional oppootunity. Call
at BINGHAM'S MUSIC STORE and inspect our stock of
Mandolins, Violins, Guitars, Accordeons, Piccolos, Flutes,
Multi-Flutes, Harmonicas, Sheet Music, Albums, etc.
KDISON PHONOGRAPHS and VICTOR GRAMOPHONES. Also Min Kdison Records selling at 45c, (usual
price, 65c.) and a good selection of Blue Seal Unbreakable
Records al 65c. Hood stock of Player Rolls. Selling at next
to cost price to clear.    Come Early and Get First Choice.
MacKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke.     Phone 202.
A.   U    '       ■ ill   ot     Calgarj   cn   i   |
eve  the i     •    line yi sterdiij
E.R.   J lord  ol Nakusp  paid  Revel-
»tok«'a visit the middle ••'■ this wvek.
Mr. and Mrs    .      t'owi n  d! Uuui
, . -   - '-.-.   tcl ■ an       ■ ■ '"Mn.
j.  McD • nd wile of \ am Oli
ver -,v.■'.       the vef prday,
Bridgeman    J.  Fraiwi   »'ai   recently
trai sterrod to .. |od al  Bowie.
J. Dufl and sou  •'■'-■• hail tri'Ui "ii'ijj
tern    al ■ ty were Revelstoke visitors|]
rh'.s week cud.
Arrowhead wae i  presented      town  •■
thia week i-ml by •!■  Kirnpatrlck and   I
R, i'.  Smith and H.  Johnson.
Mi. \v   li. Monies •■;  Rogen    i i
li it   Sma •'' • '■ mouths holi
day te. Nova Sc. I
Reraen d lath    Jan.  !
- ■.   l.u press
New   ■. •■!.!   -   I Im I'M   ee'e,,    ■•!!     U ■ il-
'l.'vl.t .', Ill'-    ...... e
ll .11      tj-        "■' -.,,..      ,        .   .
.."       ■ - ■     '■    ! lll.ll'
Uil   • "- I■    ' I     l'     M  "
<    •; • ■     ■ ■    •   imad ho] lay*
.      M    v
Court  ot M<
■   ...        . -       .
ha:-    tieea     ap|
at   te tor i -   ■ .
Mis. Mai r Paget ice
■peotlvelj    Mist Mai .'•.■••
tU      e>" '        '
Mi -
and E    ••   B   Paget   il  Beaton    ;  I
h   Paget.
it  Med
the Impel
I- .  ,     ,■   ■ ..
Jaa-„r.     lei
Ma—Maa—— I I'., aaft,'.
■ ■■IW    I  ■ llll HI !■ HI Mil Uil illllll      II   I   il
Compliments of the Season
We beg to extend to uur mnny customers and
friends ''The Complii u nti I u Season" and
also in thank you foi /our g merous support and
courtesy for the past year, and trust we may
again be favored with your patronage and good
wishes for the coming year L913.
H.     ninJQUn BOX 74
TEL   4/
Buy in Revelstoke SSXftSS
These   lots  lire   i In ol   an si n snil .
llll   H.'I I'llll
I 't   price, S3IXI, meal |        re UOt'ND to mai
•ell      llll'lll.
i In :. i ms .... ,0 ea pay  Ioi   ihem   without
ironbli ■
Kootenay Agencies, Limited
'eV.'.M.i. mr our elanuai'5 Clearance
Hale, 'i'lii'. «ill iio :, bummer McRae
Mi rcalitlle Co.  Ltd,
Mr. and Mrs. ll. Davis ol Cascade
are Bpondlng n week with their
daughtei   Min.  II.  Neil,
Hear II. I.. Stopbens in tlio Empress em Sunday night at 8.30. Good
lousing singing  .omiiicncing  al   8.15
Mr. V. il. Mclntyre ot Saskatche
w.in arrived in the citj  this morning
Mr. Kvort Cameron from Colum-
i. mii College is in tiio city Bpending
tba holidays with lun parents.
Mr. Sumervllle clerk In Bourne's
.-.teir.' uas gone tee Malakwa to Hpcnd
a tew 'lays with liie- mother and is
reported aftor vacation will take
charge of the school at the Big K.hiy
In ihe Presbyteeian Church .... Sun
im ', ice    fin in' in i.i ;li. 11  a. in-
aiiel  i ;;.i p.  m.   In    i ue' evening  Rev.
.I. i.. Stephens, ol Spokane will
li, Mr, Stephens Is one eel tlm
l h eakers ol the pn ten day.
.    i.      will . lose  ..i  ' Ime  ee' ail
,'. ii..  wish,  t'i attend  tlio iikispi meet
ing in ihe ISmpres* al S.30
Bin gall
. ill'M
,nco .  it alns al  How
Aboul 40 voters in Ward Thri'e met
lasl I'Vi'iiing in l-'i ii • Hall No. I to
iiieiiiiiiaii' aid.', iin-.] for thn  year   11)18.
'I lm following uoniiiiiit i"ii h in e
ibou iiiinii', Mr. .lolin Abniliunison
acting as chairman of i lie mi'ol inn
Al.l Frank llmii'iir, tiiiiuinateil by
(I. Lun.I
VV. li. Horobin, n iimleil Iiy .1. li.
A. McRae, nominated Iiy W. Cowan
8. Needbaui. noiiilnalud by II. N'.
A resolution was then put before
ibe meeting, proposed by Wr. Jamleson aiul seconded bj 8. Nocdliiiui,
"lhat a vote of the meeting lir taken
le choose Iwo candidates oul of ilie
l.i.ii' nan..■... This vote resulted in
Messrs, Bourne and Ncpillinni being
I be successful noiuinoesi all piosenl
ire. ejwr, did nol vole. I ,iiek eel' space
pi'i-vents a longei reporl of the meeting.
TllK HlVl'al IH .1 lee.   W III    III
II   Il.e,,,, ..    ,..,.., ,...
.... 1
inl rim   "i'   Hi
e'.    rei
Wants Kilpatrick
Mr,   I'eleri    I !en. , nl   Suporintomlent
ol  tlle . oluiiilnti     Division,
. .I  through  i: ■. elstoke on Thui -
day evening ol     la i   iveek on Ins re
turn   In.in   Winnipeg   utter   discussing
with  the  management  matters ell	
in • ..MM  yeai s appropi ial mas.
ed the   reasons n,.- .\u.  liilp.il
n     ii.ei nn  as  Superintendent
e,  tbe     le'iist     Division,  Mr.   Peter
said  thai   the  management   were sur-
I ai ..nei excedlngl} regretted  Mr
Kllpatrlck's     iimi.irs.   in  l.c   relieved
id,  Iml  as he Insisted,
it I   .i      McKay
■ the ni inngem.'iii.
ii","-  lhal   Mi    Kilpatrick,
■m . ro i  unilor
avill  remain  In i.i lw
■ i Inini)    hi
e ompany  as tlie
t be I'.-is.
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd
We Wish olll
Our Patrons W Friends
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
Ml Passed
Dea 111 of Mrs. Long
Vet.li-1'day, dining tho noon hour,
the town received » severe shock when
i iviiH announced Unit Mrs. J. li!. Long
hud b»en found dead at bur bom", ll
si', iih i liitl I In' deceased lady had been
i[iiilii woll thai morning and liml
ordered her meat as usiml nt in a.m,
yi'.st.'i.li.y, ainl.it noon wheu Mrs. \V.
ii. Se'.iii', who, with lia-i- husband, ia
hoarding there, returned for tier lunch
-In. was horror-struck at lludiug her
friend Mis. Long Iving on the Hoor
appiiii'iitly li.'a.l. .Mrs. Schafc at once
I.'Ii'|il.uniii lol lii'l|i..n.Isiiinineen.il Dr.
M.'l.i'an, who arrived in a short sp..oc
ol' time, lull all in.'tli.'al skill was of no
avail to restore life, for tin. deceased
l.uly bad p.. -oil lliu greal divide. Tho
deceased, who was a widow, bad a
brothel and sister residing in the east
The funeral will be bold (lo-morrow)
Sniid.'.. afternoon from Howson's
undertaking parlors.
' ■  VV.   Welle ni   Kamloops w :.-
the eity yestefdaj
Mary B. Field, Bertha M. Hobbs,
Irene Procunler an.l iilndys I.. Drquh-
ait the four Normal pupils {rom
Revelstoke have been successful in
passing the lirsi preliminary examination fm the Normal school, Oul
..I a total ol ir.s students 130 wero
Importer of
Irish Linens
Dauiask, She. tins, I'illow
l.iiieiis.   fancy Linen
Goods, &c, &c.
New Shipment of Small
Fancy Linens
Mrs. Thompson Porter
G. B.
'The Finest in the Land'
Sold by all Dealers
Who Know Good Goods
Xmas Fancy Boxes
Now Un Salo
■ ■
" Ml
till  tl'     ■   '   -
tbe    • - *    '
bjects ol the du deliver.In ••
cd I.y  In'  ■■! " '■"'■
Christmas Shopping at Bews1 Drug Store
.....i.. lie Seal Bn
I      e
UiiNT'S   ' ill l 'lie.      i     '
i. Iti i .ii. I '       i j
KODAKS   I rom Vest I'otkct I
HOOKS I nl   i 'i li iiMi YOI Me
bews THfc RKXALL STORE bews
mmmmmmm-mmmOT-ff* i I       | '■■
- i
.ii- ■■
Fil Reform Clotl   , Stli       Pod Rid Sboci
Ls thn most talked of City in the Interior of British  Columbia
lust now.    Outsiders from all directions are getting wise to the
■•"■nt on here and we have had enquiries not only lor good
reahv buys, but also tor  vacant   stores   to   rent,  which shows
somi people are awake to the fact that there ate big things
tore for Kevelstoke this coming year.      Values are steadily"
ini reasing and several of our listings have been advanced dur
.ny the last lew days.
Now Is the Time to Buy
I cjcj Keet on {Seventh Streel   well located $1500
100 Feet on iiighth Streel .i snap al . .       'W
Foul ;   ■'   •■"   '     '"    tree! under market value, each       350
fjTWodern Ho  n foi    •'   on Second St    1800
Modern House for sale on Third Street     2200
Modern House, Lot 50 x 100, Fifth Street    2550
Wi havu s«vcra    ccellcnt lots for sale on  First Street,   ,
w , igu, irom $3jo  to $550.   These
'mil time onl>.
J, B. Watson Realty Company
E. ti  FOLEY, Manager, MacKenzie Avenue
Local Agency, American Casualty Co.
»!i V


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