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The Mail Herald Dec 21, 1912

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Array A
'" Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price   $60£f
Interior Publishing Co.,
Vol. 18-No 88
"Hevelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Alps"
The Mail-Hepa
(jripK wSZ
Interior^rfo-lishing Com'p?my
REVELSTOKE. B. C. DEC. 21, 1912
$2.50 Per Year
This is the every day expression vve heur—The hest selection of
un>.mn>niiil anil useful presents ever Been in llie cily
Come ln—You aro.always weloonft and we nre pleased to show
our display.
lfinduiilit iilinnt your Belection, a walk down our niples will
sii«m'Bt to vnu whal to Imy, and the plain inaiked tags vvill readily lell you where to buy.
If vnu wish Cut Ulnae., we ean plciuie you  and  suit,  your purse
from Sl to $60,
CHINA- In this we are unequalled (or quality or price.
BRASS GOODS— We are practically making prices that compel sales.
SILVER DEPOSIT OOODS-Sugar and Oream for 81.00 per
pair, is n hroad hint.
ZANESVILLE POTTERY    Make us an offer on   what   you
select.    It's yours.
SILVERWARE    If your fancy runs iu this line "we are Jake.''
ELECTRIC GOODS -Toys. Plash Lights, Cigar Lighters,
linns, TonstefH, Stoves, Chandeliers, Table Camps,
Brackets, Hull Lamps, etc.
OUTLERY -Carver*. Razors, all kinds, Scissors, Tableware,
Pocket  Knives.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Offlco   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
Branches or Agents at all principal points inK)anada.
Agents In Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. 8eattle—Beattie National Bauk, 8an Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of 81 and upward, lecivud, and Interest allownd at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
\ Shipment of   Useful   ami Sensible Present!
just In from   Eastern  Canada.   You are invited
to   look  them   over.     Gifts suitable foi younj:
md old,
MRS. A. 0. CRICK, ■ First Street
will refresh you with its  bright,   spicy
11.ivor nnil frngraucy.     Sold  in   1   lb.
Iim 1 packages.
35c., 40c. and SOc. per Ib.
P. O. Box 208            QROOER & BAKER            Phono No. 33
'i     i
Trsiniufu, mnkeyour head [uartcrs bere.   Quick service.   PerfectCleutll&eti
ainl Reasonsbli Prices.    Give Us s Trial.    "We Never Sleep."
Routine Business of Closing Year—Recommend Reduction Electric Light Rates.—
Deputations Wish  Inquiry.
The City Council met on Friday
nighti Acting Muyor ll. MeKinnon
occupied the chair, Present Aids.
Bourne, Ahrahamsou, McSorley,
Minnies of regular and special meet'
inns held Dooetnber Oth, lUtli and 18th
us previously reported in the .Mmi..
Hi:iiai.u, were read and adopted.
Messrs. Lougheed, Kelly nnd Mclntyre waited iipn n the Counoil,
Mr. Keliie. Last night a siniill
number of citizens met on account of
certain remarks around town, nnd
formed a committee to come and ask
you in regard to matters in Lower
Town connected with rei tain luiuses.
I .liu not here in  the interest   of any
chin eh nr organisation,
On December 1st a real estate trans-
action took place where Is lots uere
snid for Sitfto per lot, On December
17lh the Chief of Police called n ineet-
Ing of tbe occupants of certain houses
In the Lower Town .-mil Informed
tbem that he Innl Instructions to make
liuin vacate the houses they now
occupy by the tirst of June, aiid it was
Indicated tbat tbey migbl goon these
lots, and make Iheii- headquarters at
thai point. A number of these women
are understood to have heen in town
trying to raise money in real estate
offices   and   bankl.      Two   lots   were
ollered by the party wbo has secured
this properly foi 81800and Iiy paying
easli for $1500.
The Chief nf Police. I  nm  informed
hy one of the occupants of these
houses, slnteil lhat the Police Commissioners had given instinct,mis to
close up these houses Iiy the Hist of
June, or to go to the other loeiiliou.
I am not here in the Interests of these
Individuals, not hen to Bay whether
il is advisable to move then parties,
Another woman told a certain partv
that a single lot is 8I20O in block 11.
I want to know whether the Chief of
Police had authority from the Police
Commissioner or if this lias been done
on his own liat, and whv these people
have hcen told that they eould move
or leave town and Involving them
lieing lnid np lor these prices It is
upio this town to know whether
certain Individuals can k° and buy
property and nave th" Chief ol   Police
say tbat tho houses miiBt in* closed or
tbey must move on In Hint, property,
we are supposed to uol in connection
with the I'oliee Oonuulssloiiurs in endeavoring to straighten out this
business.   I believe these are the facts.
Mr. Lougheed.—1 think the ground
has been well covered.
Kev, 11. ,1. Meinlyre. I think the
case has been stated, The point was,
was there nny coiineclion between the
Chief of Police and tbe Police Commissioners; had he received his instructions from lliem, if so, what
authority had he for so doing. We
are positive that lie ordered these
women out of their presenl quarters
and we would like  to  see   lhe   matter
Investigated in order to clear up the
name of the eity.
Mr. Keliie. Either tiie Police Commissioners, the Chief nf Police, or some
citizens .ue holding up these women.
Acting Muyor MiKiiiiiiiii. This is
ihe lirsl time thin matter has come
hefore the Counoil, The Police department is under llie supervision of
the Police Oommis-loners and the
police receive their Instructions from
lbe commissioners. This request for
an Inquiry should Iiave been presented
in another, btil in view of the questions raised which are apparently of
Interesl to some of the citizens, The
Council will discuss this matter and
Inform ymi ea to the result later,
The deputation thanked the Oounoll
and withdrew.
Acting Mayor Sutherland—These
cili/.ens ask for an lovestlganion making certain statements,
Aid. McSorl.iv. We could ask the
police commissioners for a report on
the mattei-.
Aid. Abrahamson, I do noi think the
commissioners have any thing to hide.
They would doubtless weloome an
opportunity to publish a report on the
Aid. Bourne. \ es Unit is alright,
we should asu for an Immediate reply.
Aid. McSorley. I move thai a request
be made to lbe pnli.ie eoiiiiiiis>-iouei's
for an early report on these allegations, seconded by Aid. Bourne and
curried unanimously,
The li.ilalice nf the council   pre I
log will appear iu inr uexl Issue
Arrangements have been completed |
by tlie Citizens'committee of railway
and businessmen for the Banquet  to
lie given in   honor Of  Mr.  Thus.   I\il-'
patrlck at the Drill Hall,  Ruvelstoke,
on  December HOth.
Special invitations have been extended to men prominent In railway,
political nnd business Ute in the Wust
nnd a public invitation Is extended to
every acquaintance of Mr. Kilpatrick
to attend, Au excellent programme
of speeches and music has been arranged for iiiiii the catering will be In
the hands of a, competent chef and
stall'. The price of the tie'kels lias
been (ised at 86.00 and these tickets
may be obtained through any 0. I' It-
Agent on Division No. I, and from the
stores of .1. G. Barber, 0. K, McDonald, VV. Hews, 11. I'. MeKinnon,
and from A.Q- Brooker, at Revelsloke
Station and T. W. Bradshaw al the
freight ollice.    The banquet promises
to lie one of lhe largest and most successful affairs held in Kevelstoke for
many nday.
High School Report
Div. I  Div. II Total
Enrollment         -I        is      80£
Present every session         lb HI       ID
Perce u t age  At.
tendance KOI    .038    .009
Following is lho standing of ihe
students In each class for lasl torm's
work; nn ines in order "f merit; average given.
Kkmiiii Uraiik. D. MeCarter, 71:
D. Calder, (Kt; L. Coursier, SO,
SKN'UIII   (ili llll'.    M A I'll l-.MA I M .--.       II.
(ioriloii, 77.
Junior Matriculation,—B. Meinlyre, 75i L. Johnson, 7n-. K. Sim
inoiids, 118; E. Corson, 86; L. Moran,
68; S, Diokey, Til.
Ahvani i'.u .11 nl ni ttKAliB. Chas.
Mcltae, 70',: Henry Johnson, 70 1-6;
i has. Field, 711: A. MeCarter, 00; P.
Lawrence, iii: E. Robbins, ."ill; .1 Me'
Intyre, Til: B. Daniels, 61; It, Kenny,
60 8-6; L. Brock. MS.
Preliminary Junior C.iiahk. C.
Munro. "Ii M. Fleetham, (missed two
exams), 87J; M. Hack, 07: L. Ainu-
bameon, oi: A. Young, tl'-1-6; K.
Field, 63 1-U: L. Itlackberg, 69; P.
Campbell, 65 1-0; Coursier, iii il -It: W.
Mcltae, .".I: M. Brock, 52: W.Leslie,
Iti: D. Calder, •'-': E. Clay, imissed two
exams), 88; C. Manning (missed two
exams I. 27.
Mrs. Bruce   A    Ijiwson   has   as   her
goest, for the winter, her sister, Miss
Grace Mel onnell, of St. Thomas, Ont.
Read 0 B. Hume ft Co.'i  big advert i.-einenl.
uiu Christmas display includ Famous  Zanes-
,'ille Art   Poller-) -    Pedestals    I'lower Pots,   Bean
Pots, Hanging Baskets, Padding and Custard Dishes Fire Claj
Cnsserolls with or without stands. SEE OCR CORNER
The verj newest and liiiest pAtterns in Cut Glass now on show
Water Jugs, Decanters, Berry Howls, Nappies, Sugars and
Creams, Vases, all sizi , Tuiubl ri an s largi collection ol
small fancy pieces.
inn- Utopian Silver Depositv rt ia lhe I rk ol  x.ilin
sl pi a is which make them .,       See our dis]   iy of tli    e gooi
Our Grocery Department is compleu in al] the Xroaa Fruits,
Layer RaUiiiB, Grapes, !■':.,... Japanese Oranges, Christie's
Xmas Cake, Plum Pudding and t eKai Biscuits, Nuts oi
all kind?,. Choice Apples and Vegetables In ai uudaoce.
Carving Sets and Choici Silverware. Pocket Knives, Safety
Razors and Shaving Supplies, Sporting Goods, a new supplj ol
McClary's Ranges and Heaters juM arrived
First St. Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Special Atti
eti'ell    1 '.tl. 1   tl
Go to Mclntyre's Store First
Hest Seedless Raisins. 2 packets fur
Davies Mincemeat, bulk, per lb_
Cocoanut, per Ib.
New Orleans Cooking Molasses, per pt .
Ensure Success by Gitiinx Vs Ihe Order
John Mclntyre & Son
First Street.
Telephone No. 93
Ai ii neceeeary preliminary stop
luwaitU   Improving tin- paper,     and
lnriCHfiing the  Value  'i!  mum.'    ae    mi
I'lvi'i-tiium; medium lot tlie Revel,
atoke District, the management
n.lVr decided to '''l"' tbi whole
'i.i.i I-.,- ol Mi- Mail-Herald Ioi
displaying news matter, iui thou:
ol our "i^vertiBiEg patrons who are
nt prosont occupying spue nn that
page are hereby notitiod tbat tbeli
advertlsementi will tie changed to
other prominent positions iu tho paper on und alter the loth Juuunry
next. It ll thf Intention •.>[ thc
rtors I i   uniionr  |
'■' - igea to ever)  iuui   tin
.-_ -.'.-<: to tho Kamloops Daily.
Th'- .'   nt pa?   ■• --! thui bt   .  ...
alio (or the m   any important Itema
regarding tbis district which Will   bc
ready     lor publi atian to thc  world
early on in thc coming year
Thia Btcp iu only the Iirat ol numerous improvements and Iresh feut-
itrei wbioh will ibortly '. .utroduccd
in the Muil-Hcrald. In thc early
.; ling  j.    iti'. fWfi  t .hi*.- <A pl I
r:";'r indentl »'.'.. b« (.utabliuhvd by
tbil paptt through out the district
'ributary to Revolt toke, and an elaborate denies of artilos heading with
the advantages ond resources o.
Nortli Kootonay Will tr wnton by a
special comimssmuoer on b"balt ol
this paper.
Uuiiug the I jet tWllVI mouths valuable work hat been done iu publici-
<y Heidi t>y thc MoiI-HcruM includ-
.ng tho issuing ol two special editions ou'l uu |l'i<K) contest, but wo
expect that w.th greater circulation
and (WOUNM, our Krviecg to tbo
community during tbo roming your
will lur oclipec all prevloUl ondeavorr
Xmas Poultry
Coast Sealed And Sealed Shipt Oysters
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail
Eight Active Lady Competitors Already in the1
Field.—Membership Secured to Date   Totals 146.   Expect to Reach 1,200 Mark.
Thing*   an    moving   la •
,,,. |.'i„ ruhlp enrollment  i mrt< t.    tn-
.ei.-in .ni i.v iin  Revelitob   ini D
H iei     progress Olub with I
' .-  the ratike  -.'  "
 191       tl"        "iri.ttcn
ot!>".;.     .,!  lleun     Oibsou,   M "jit'i.
a.  Mcltae   and K.  UcBae  to donate.
Ijur    huudsouie    prizes tor tho lour!
yoiinu  .uidiea ol Heoelstjlto    who bo-
cun thr   lurgcst   numlier  ol  recruits
lor thc uriny ol progrcssl
Thc cuuipaiirn iu now in lull i-     >
Among    tho     charm lug  young  ladlo
names     havo  boon  aotninattd
ly cD4.bu.iiastic gontlomeu r.upportora
in '''...-     B.    McCarty, UlM I
i . ,    .        i        , i. '.    ii . i, .     tilt.   V.
Cun. ron, M      !■   i ■  ion   All m
'lh.   tali   contestant    art  naturallj
., iiiiir theli
-    . -1    .l,,.l
ii.,,:    ■        ■ ■  .'  Mi
The      special      .omiUttwi   charged
...  .    '.I   ..!  tb..' oxcitlni-
conl   t, auuounci  lhat In a lew days
the priMI will bo ' hum ii and put    on
• "ij    iu  tbe window  ot the  J.
'Juy Barber Jnwolrj Bton, UcKenale
. and thut at lho end ol    tho]
; th,,
.. itanding wttl be
1 ublidwd la ''■ "■•) coluuine.
° Boys' Suits
Ilie Versatiles
Dont Inrg"*'wlioro vmi li")!'  i»  vory
largo  anortttimit  ol   Xmil   goodl  to
■ le.ei'Hii Irom.   Msi'lii'imiii e 'ii"k f'""
t)M svcryihin^ new t|)ll pu,
This ia our Uot clmnoe befurc \ni»i<
ul tilling yuu ne have a beautiful sa-
■ortmont ul Xniaa goods,   Call and
hc tbtiw »t HtQ^iiQiU't d(U| itcrc,
Solid For Kilpatrick
Junt ai wc go to rress comci m-
lor;..^'.i.eii ihat tbo i.'onaerpative Association! ol Malakwa, and the Ar-
rowlakcs, bavi unaniinomly decided
to support the nomination of Mr.
Thomas Kilpatrick (eir It. ('. Senator,
this will lx most gratitying to tbe
lU'volntokc AHSociaticm who Initiated
tbc movement, and to uit.*cati fitter"
At thr prwent Urns the Vtmtlloi
mi' playing to paoked  liniiHi'n  iii  Ual-
gaiy, iiiiiI mi January llth nml 16th
Itevelitoke thoalruagoon will liavi    i
Innl   in   itON   Inr   llii'iii   wlirn   llii'y
play inn- tm Iwo nlghta. The company cornea back with n ni'iv ikeU.li
ami nil new longli ami, iiiilgiiig Iiy the
capacity Ihhibph they have boon
gettlugt thoy oan rely on a full houn
I'i'ili niKiit when in mm
BUBMOAN,   Win,    -.liulging   limn
tlio applaUM given tbt applauip given
tbi Imperial BngUib Ih-ii Rlogsn, lbe
si" i i'i in 1'iiiiii' inn. e-i'i'iniii ban mon
plinii'il with I iniiieiriil t'liti-rliiiliini lit.
Thi pivgnunme wu ploaumgly unlqui
nml ti'oiifiiii to tlio verwtlllty and
olevernaai "( Hn' entire troup*. Both
in opera and papular mudo tho HHI
Hlllgil - l|i'|||l'll'-l I'lU'll   llll'il    ellellile,    til
■fill Ilio liill" tu I ho delight nml  ntlt-
motion of tha audlenoe.   I'oatiOote 10,
ItH I,   Ai Kiupii'ks Theatre Jan. 1 ami
Appointed Government Engineer
,i r. fordo ol Revelatoke, ioi Um
p.iHt two yourB ii nidont provlo
engitWH I ei thn 'iiutri'-t. hnH i • • i
appointed reaident hi iral goveramaat
engineer for tbi wholo ut Kootenay
■;.. i ll"ii
1'. Vi. Aylmor.
Mi.  Aylmcr hnn bi^n  in charge    of
th" ridinge ..t Vale-Oarlboo nnei Koot
oiiay und thn     distnrl  Ihih now
divided Into two parti on account of
the    iiouvy program ol public works
whuih is    in    propreiis und which ia
planned fur nc»t yrar. Ho will     tn
luturo bavo cbarg« ui Yo.c-i artboo
Mr.  Fordo in     nn nbl timer In Brl-
tmh     Columbia<  Twinty-two   rtan
ago hi je'eiii'ii tho ngtneerlsg ctnfl ol
thl I'linnilinli I'uoltlr ruilwuy In Unlit ll Odnmbia and (or eeven years
prnvloiis to ht» appnintmeot wns p»i-
di-Bt engineer (or the company at
"      '    : lita that j'liii tils ahoulil
nol ovei ve taken all the brokeh ,:'-' b
marked thero at a clear-
■    week,    i h    BtiiU are all nt n
Fall colors and Btyles, double-breasted coats and
blo'iHitu pains.
jti iTi ilti iTi •"£*■ iXf iTt il'l iTi iti ■'*'■ »^*. iti iti »!*■ iti '"t1. ■'t'* '"t'l 'T* ''^'* »'^'
'j,* *^» iy if* t^,' '4,' H," nvnn t^i iy 1^1 tj* tjr rjt t^i i^. tj;i t-ji t^_*
T^cir.   Pri©
tii iti At iti iti it. iti itkttt it\ t"tt f"ati it% iti iti ■*■ '^t .'l'i l'te .'j". .l,. ,1\
TJT*JT*+'TJ**v^?^^* ^?^?^T^^^T^^rtJT*X?*&**V*&*&*4?^'
McRae Mercantile Co.
S,il" Price
■ :.r,i>
Vases, Bowls. Comports,
Manufactured by "Libby"
C. P. R. WATCH INSPECTOR. ■MTcntiAY.  uwemw.r .i tans
the 3ynA.iiJ-SE:R-^r,r)3 ti   velstok-e
MATI.'WIAY,    DRCWMBrtH  21   l'.Ul}
Gift Suggestions
Nothing else does quite so well as a Gift to a cTVlan or Boy of something he can wear, and the fact that
he'll wear it is the best test of appreciation.
Our score is filled with useful, serviceable things.   Even outside of our Holiday stock, there is'nt an article
or garment in the store that would not be a most acceptable gift.
Silk Hose with  double toe and  heel, shown in
black, tan. grey* and navy".    Price 65c. 75c. and $1.00
Fancy cArmlets put up in a neat box; colors pink,
bine, brown and mauve    Prices 25c, 35c, 50c„ 75c and $1.00
Fancy Suspenders, one pair in a fancy box.   Price
50c, 75c. $1.00 and $1.25.
Handkerchief, Tie and Hose to match done up in
a fancy box. ami different colors.   Price $2.75.
Silk Crochet Tie and Cuff Links and Tie Pin to
match, done up in fancy box.    Price $1.75.
Men's and boys linen and silk handkerchiefs, at
all prices.
Linen initial handkerchiefs, one in  a box.    Price
Men's and Boy's Silk Souvenir Handkerchiefs, a
nice souvenir to send to your friends   Price 35c, 50c, 65c and 75c
Linen Handkerchiefs.   Price 25c, 36c. and 60c.
Get a Suit or Overcoat for a Xmas Gift. We
have the Clothes with the snap and dash you
want, in the most refined, becoming form. We
are the agents for the Famous Society Brand
If in doubt what to give Father, Brother
or Him
The Style Shop
For Men and Boys
Who Know
McRae Mercantile Company, Limited
The Style Shop
For Men and Boys
Who Know
House and 75 feet frcntaii</,on Mackenzie Avenue
 % %)H down, balance to be arranged
House and 37; feet Frontage on Fourth Street.
?2,90<i ; $000 down, balance to be arranged
Three Lots just off Mackenzie Ave, in all 66 leet
frontage facing on Connautiht Avenue.
Mr.  BolieiiU     md (a
• maplix, B, C. and wlll    , 11
boar ling bouse
The Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
'HN P   S1BBA1
Cbc ADatMberalfc
rCkLl^HSD   Wfc:NK.*LlAl   AND
KZVXaaSTOEat.   B.    C.
Sntcrtcr fMibltabtno Company.
J.   K.   JOHNSON.  Mhobic!
RALFH G.  BCRTJTOM       '■     1
I ■ • • i il is I
It • \; r> ■= '        ail I  I •  bim.
•    ia im us     choice •■•  the entire
■ ilation ln  ^t'Ii Kootenaj
! ': |1   ' : t.   ....
-    worth;  * Hi «r citizen a
:    -     nhle      ■     . ten
.■.: District   will itlll (arther extend
phtre ui use!. »«i   er, • m tt
I th|(        statuesc
•7.   *      , ,'       ' -.   - -    •     ,
•   ihli
Mr J.   1!    JohOSi '     Ml    K    R
Ton    H.i
Mr.  P. Pa
aro de Ipecti
.     ' "     .
-      A
SlliClS r
Bayoe* i
A        '    '
M" 1 ie"
pur -ti.,
and   wl
natural conditions tor thi- cli— j
mate restored
n.i   -n.,1. . i ighl  tn have thous-'
.ii.'is ol acres •■:  new growing 11e-n-
\V" ulltflit
•"    Increase     'i.e     acreage   ol ti'-e--
l with th-  trees
led     by nature when
country     wn- wiid.   With that
tion atural
,       .
I l.-uit.  i!»'  trees,
ot thc
. (
Georgian Bay Canal
OTTAWA, Dec.  IT.—That thc main
.   i itifi to bo    dreecuted tn imrliM-i
meni nn Boon ,-i the limine resumes j
i'1'i tin' Ohrlstmas reccsH will con-
tain a substantial appropriation Ion
the commencement of construction
work .>ii the Qcorgloa Bay cannl, or,
what ts to be an Independent link ol
II    ev;,n learned  today,
I..ist  session jriOii.fiflo wua approprl-
.-it.-.I t,. ihe French river, which is an
i  link   in the proposed system!
nney,  however,  was not spent,
ii is tin- intention e,t tin- government
Meet     eellly    tl.    M)l'»'    tlllS   Vote   lllll tee
very materla.ly augment it.
To Be Transferred
/ICTORIA    ll   ''..  lice   16,-Bchool
e  Mas .sii.1,.' transferred   Irom
Nelson to   exercise lurlsdlctlon   over
 Is  of   Vietni-ia     Ho is  repine
Kootonay     hy inspo'-tur
Suffragettes Active
forests Conserve Moisture
i,   . .  .
t •
':«  s'.^erotf   LMQSttrated   :»   'at
Re,..fos... sd4 P.rtr.-. Ccnuerva'.l
An<yr.»t.o-a   to pt*£* Ml
rick .o tb» Benate ■,*. OVotsnt   it re-
l-r>-«nt»ti»e  of  tfce   K©ot*3»y«      M '
British  Columbia.  ;s Kt - not
only   approval,      but  tr..-.  •o-y.-i:'.
from all aid** throughout -.1-
and   •rresp'ctjva     o.'  ,   titles
wn   Tbs   proposal .. to : ~
promise for ftxA n: :rt.i-'.   ■  tb
eraJ    community.     tktl   .    .e  »vir-
wher* fttthuriauticaily et I   -ed     Tt'
ess.-ctisJ     qualification!'   ' r s  :c<y.
eeontor,     aamely   breu 1'    tf.      .- v
practical    ability,  and   SB   ibeolj'-oly
coapltts knowl'^gs of tht Tsri'.-d interests    comprised   io   tlio     d.otr.rt
rtpresented,   are so     obviously possessed   by   Mr. Kilpatrick, as to   i'-
cciDt for tbe chorus   f approval w.th
■••neb the    Bews     n' til,- r.M.ninatiot
Break II! Records
"   '".A.   :•*'    - -  as   '1. flip-: '■■
ei dy tie ■otS.r.tCt.    ;'. :'Z'  pro"  -    e
* atbsi   - -   •     • {ursa '.z: the
' November ol 'is.!, yeai i.-* na.a-
'■.;■-. -v ■■ ■ -i sb' • .    ,  ' -■
scut .■'■;■ t dgurti tor lumbering op
<:-.'ie;uii rbe to liai i.-i'.'v of loga
i .. .   ■ 'ot  mills la tbe c«ut dis
t    ICOOUS .     '. 'a  ','*»a    -'   «
;    .' ,    _.'.-."    i consid ...:'■•'- .U'lec.-^
:    be  l.yi; o  J    KO 'CCiWr,   UU,
'    z '.hi amount,  *u.- 42   19 000
Tb" 'iti, raoeipti     Irom royaltl««
iud  'ithir r<*T     a:ci;ut^d to 149,013
.a .'■'■ M '" 1912, ; ol . ISt yearl
tOBpeeti licit -,•■• [i McKay sntlol-
in'• •■■' tbut tbern wlll I' a very .-on-
Bldefijblfl Gnandal surplua nbTwn at
'h*- end of 'ho -.■"af 18 bie ■Upartuj'tit,
an a rceui ci tgt j.'.i'.-et? durlug   Uu
a        ride
»t     |
This   is
, •
' thr- ..
.- nigh tbe li-'
i- leulture ia tl e •    -
oes,  H
that, witb tboui   i
m I-,   i irpl
rth I - .    '    ■'
I:.-.  -    ■ Dg cr ips  id        •   •
.    ;  .      ■■   / ....
U.u :
.    . ii a lytbing fur';. ■ - •)    ..-
I ; keep </n plootlng
"Tb*    storage ol        I     moisture
bi  growing   ropi       i  poly   •!»•
B tb-   tlml -e aboul. the
Im .'1'iiiart.era of f^.c it ir tbe
farms,       InDillen      i Iiiii!      HO    -viiStH
tha't,  with     more-  trtei  ID  Um   stats
thoro would ho moro ,ite<l bettor forn,
oats, whoal and hnv and even     the
high eort ul living would ho gitn a
i»tt. t|furt fl tljs \XHf wsro plgntol
' v
ideal t
. .I
■i.in   ii  -ii,— Tho Vorsutllos   BmprcsB
Tbtst'v. j
■Ion,   l)(>c.   IS.-Alter a  tew   days
be e illt ant suflriLicettrH
newnd     their letter !'"x oot
tf al ti' inne ii pillar
KjCbsage      there
.   ,.■ nr, inky
mainl]   coo
•    ■     '      I ...fl'l-Hl \     '.ee' '    e
lound in     -i
!>. ti i'i'.-   I.,   Hm
anl      ■  ....       (ox
■      :    '•
.-    •
l    til)
...  .._„  .  ,
.    I       0 .' ' Hi'
.'  »;.'   ■ I'm
'     ■! i
.' '   •      •'
■    '   ■
•■    a .i'ar'-
." •« it
• ■    • i,. . • . ■,'
•/:••   .   :■•"-     i
tmti      •  :. as ling
p '
|| I '■..!•
eillTllUI't-l"    ll "-1 ■    '.Cl     No.
-    '      '    ght I '•  I    I tlSJ a. 'e      No.
' i.ructiin.   They
ni.h     SU'I     lm Hinsubvl, SVSB U   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
Empress Theatre, Jan. Ist. and 2nd.
Imperial English Bell Ringers
Oonduotor.   MK. W. H. GIQGLB, K. I. (i. C. M.
VOOAL QUARTETTE   J. AV.   Baker, W. Carey,   VV. II. Giggle,
A. B. FotLerglll. L        I,
INSTRUMENTAL TRIO,   C. Johnson, (violin); H. France. (Cello).
W. II GIGGLE, (Piano).
Assisted hy MK. FRED W1LLBTT, the Renowned laondon Corned.
i.    Polka—"Merry Bells" Arr. VV. H. G.
i.    Part Sono.—' 'Hy Celia's Arbour" Horslcy
3. HUMOROUS Sonu.—"Mixed Relations" M. S
Mr. Wii.i.kti
4. Overture  -"Zampa" Hcrold
5. Sono.—"The Skipper" Judc
6. 'Cm 1.0 Solo.   •'•Bource" (Bell Accompaniments)...
Mr. France
I li MO ROUS SONG—"Always Merry and Bright	
Issii.'i mkntai TRIO.-  "Souvenir d'hongrie". Bcndel
Ovi i; 11 rk.-   "lJoet and Peasant" Suppe
Humorous SoNGt- "Dingi Dong, Bell" M.S.
Violin Solo.—"No. t, of Suite" (Bell Accomp.)..,
Song.    "Little Iti^h Girl" Lohr
Mr. Baker
GAVOTTE. - "Les Cloches de S. Malo Rimmer
lit moroi s SONG.—"My Wife's Cake' M. S.
PART SoNG    "In Absence"    Buck
Ski 11 nov. • "II Trovatore" Verdi
V.Ti! • nc, MaN:—W» -sant men to
iy lots and   build     homos .n East.
I T'r.rectm II. G., lots ax« nov oellinp
Nn.    4   Ainv.-H  24l«,  departs 21:55! nt  flrst-prlCSHnsuring CDormous pro-
'..     11   ArMfUS    I'M,  Tle|mrts    TiiO)11"-   *'*■ wsnt Carpenters, Machinist*
N       3-Airlves  U:Mi  D«P»rtl   12:16   ^r'1 Lahortfn to   work mm*, lor best
WEBT BOUND. I *'agea.   II you can invest $100, writo
un today. East Princeton Develop
ment Co.. 330 Hastings Street West
Vancouver B. B.
3—Arrives    6:4b.  Departs    7.03.
1—Arrives    lCk,   Departs   16:20. '
must   impare   No.   13-Arrlves  18:15.   Doparts  lis.35 ■
I jrc»t tr«s/t,
Kosp  the night (th  %)
Coal mining rights ol th* Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, th* Yukon Territory, th*
North-west Territories and ln a portion ol th* Province ol British Oolumbia, mar bs leased lor a term ol
twenty one year* at an annual rental ot fl an acre. Not mor* than
2,660 acre* wlll lie leased to on* applicant.
Application for lun must be madt
by th* applicant in person to the
Aegrat or Sub-Agtnt oi th* district
ln which th* rights applied (or ar*
In surveyed territory th* land must
b* described by stctions, or legal
sub-divisions ot stctions, and in un-
surv*y»d territory tbt tract applied
(or shall bt staked out by th* applicant  himself.
Eaeh applicant mutt bt accompanied by a f** ot fi which will be refunded If the righu applied tor an
not available, but not otherwite. A
royalty thall b* paid on tbe mer
ehantablt output of the mine at th*
rat* of (lv* cents per ton.
Tb* parses operating the mine shall
furnish tbe Agent with sworn returns
accounting for th* full quantity ot
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. It tbe coal mining
rights ar* not being operated, such
return* should bs furnished at least
one* a year.
Tb* lease will Includ* th* coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
b* permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rightt may b* considered necessary (or the working ol
the mine at the rata of 110.00 an
For full information application
should be made to tbe Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Age"'
of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister ot the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorised publication ol
this advertisement tafll not be paid
Notice ls hereby given, tbat an application wiil be made to the Parliament ot Oanada at tbe next sestrion
thereof, lor an Act to Incorporate a
Company under the name of "THK
REVELSTOKE RAILWAY COMPANY," with power to construct and
operate the following lines, namely:—
Oommenelng at or near HoyJmnsur
Us the Province of Alberta; thence in
a westerly aad south-westerly oec
tion crossing the Grand Truw I'm i'c
Railway at or near Viking, thence
continuing in a westerly and southwesterly direction crossing tne Canadian Pacific Railway between the
towns ol Ohaton and Bawlf; thence In
a westerly and south-westerly direction to th* City of netatk'.win;
thence ln a westerly ittmsloa to the
Saskatchewan river; '.near* wwter.y
follow lag th* valley nf tae Biazeau
river, or such other valley as nay be
found practical, to or near tu* headwaters of tbs Brasea river; then'-* in
a north-westerly direction down th*
Rocky river valley, or such other
'Course as may be found feasible, to
■tht Yellowhead Pass or such other
pass a ■ may be found practical;
■thence iti a westerly and south-westerly direction to the headwaters oi
the Oaaoe river ia th* Provlncs of
British Columbia; thence down the
-valley ti ths Canoe river, or such
other valley as may be found practical, to the junction of ths Oaaoe river
with the Oolumbia river; thenc* down
th* Columbia river valley to th* City
of Revslst-oke in ths Province o' British Columbia.
Dat«d at Wetaskiwin in th* 1'rovinc
Dated at Wetaskiwin in th* Province
el Alberta, this ith day of November
A. D., 191J.
Ot Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Solicitors
tor Applicants.
6 weeks, 1st lssus Nov. 9th
Sealed Tenders will be received by
the Minister ot Lands not later than
noon on the 3rd day of March, 1918.
for tho purchase of licenses Nos. XI,
X2, to cut timber estimated at 1,-
720,000 feet, 520,000 feet, and 310,000
feet B-M- respectively, together with
8,000 railway ties and poles from
Crown land adjoining Adams Lake,
KamloopB District.
Particulars ot Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. 1st iss. N.30 3m.
Revised   Statutes    of    Canada,  1906,
civile.   115  and  Amending   Acts.
Pursuant to tbe above Statute the
Columbia River Lumber Company,
Limited, give notice that 30 days
after date tbey Intend to apply by
petition to the Govcrnor-ln-Council
Ior approval ol the site mid of thc
plans ot a bridge proposed to be constructed in and over the Columbia
River at or near a point about five
miles South ot Golden in the Prov -
mre of British Columbia.
A plan and description ol the proposed site and of the bridge to be
constructed have been deposited with
the Minister ot Public Works at Ottawa and a duplicate thereof in tbe
Laud Registry  office at Nelson, B.C.
Dated this 18th day of November,
Columbia     River    Lumber  Company
By their Solicitor,
1st iss. No.20 5w      Geo. S. MeCarter
the North Weet Corner ot Lot 9323,
thence west iO chains, tbence soutb
40 chains, thence east 40 ohains,
thence north 40 chains to point of
commencement and containing 160
acres more or less.
Dated October 26th,  1912.
1st Issue Nov. 6
Revelatoke Land Ditrict.
District ot West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Robert Arther
Mossman ot Nakusp, B. C, occupation Medical Practitioner, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following  described  land:
Commencing at a post planted at
the N. W. Corner of Lot 9323
Thence West 40 chaina thence South
40 cbains thence East 40 chains
thence North 30 ehains to the point
of commencement and containg 160
acres more or lesB.
Dated November 30th 1912
Robert  Arther  Mossman.
1st  Issue Dec.  14th
Mr. R. N. Cole Suggests Campaign Secure
Eastern American Settlers for Kootenay.—
Says They Have Capital and Experience.—
Thousands Ready to Move in.
Mr. R. R. Cole, the onergetic young  which is aheatt     of Canada.     Reuel-
businessman on thc Btafl ol Messrs
Watson Realty Company, Revelstoke,
and a member of the Progress Club
has just returned to town after a
holiday of five weeks nt hiB home   in
stoke and this district look better to
me today, than it ever did; the vast
populations o( thickly settled Kustern Btntcn thrive on natural resourcos
of lands, timber minerals and wuter-
power,    which     arc not equal to ono
Nelson Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat Patrick J. Murphy
ot West Demars, B. C, occupation,
Rancher, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
ths North Bast Corner of District
Lot No. 8504, tbence east 20 chains,
thence south 20 chains, thence weet
20 chains, thence north 20 chains, to
point of commencement, containing
40 acres. Land situated east ol Bast
Demars, B. C. Date ot Location, December 3rd, 1911.
Dnted October 17th,  1912.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notioe that I, James Sneddon
ot .Nakusp. B.O., occupation, Gentleman, Intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted at
the North Bast Corner of Lot 8«00,
thence north 20 chains, thenoe west
20 chains, thence south 20 cbains,
tbence east 20 ehains to plaoe of com
m -neenii nt, containing 40 acres more
or lets.
Dated October 3rd, 1913.
1st issue Nov. 6th
Revelstoke Land District.
District of Wsst Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Samuel James
Harlow, occupation, Farmer, intends
to apply for permission to purchase
the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted     at
R.S.B.C. 1911
The creditors of the above named
Company are required on or before
the 145th day of January 1913', to
send tbeir names and addresses and
the particulars of theirdebts or claim*
und the names und adresscs ot their
Solicitors, if any, to Gordon Tansley
Room 1010, Metropolitan Building,
Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C,
acting for and on behalf of J. H.
Stephens, Liquidator of the said
Company, and if so required by
Notice in writing from the said
Liquidator, are, by their Solicitors,
or personally to come to prone their
said debts and claims at 6uch time
and place as shall In- specified in said
Notice or in default thereof they
will be excluded from the benefit <rt
any distribution made before such
debts are proved.
Dated    this    19th day of December
Canada Life Building,
Hastings  Street,
Vancouver, B.  C.
Solicitors     for     the   above   named
1st issue Dec. 21.
ths State of Illinois, looking remark  tenth °' thoBO possessed by our Pro-j
ably fit as    result of his well earned   viQC0     of     British Columbia,  and Ij
; look   forward   to    developments  here,
I (ollowing tire opening of the Panama
Interviewed by a representative of
the Mail-Herald, Mr. Colo waxed eloquent aB bo described thc vast possibilities for obtaining desirable settlers and capital for Canadian development, whieh eiist today in thc old
settled portions of the United States.
"I do not deny" said Mr. Colo,
"that the English capital and immigrant now being attracted to thia
great Canadian WeBt, arc playing a
tremendous part in aiding thc development of the Dominion, but I would
like to point out that their efforts
are lieing supplemented by brains
and money brought across the border,
by thousands of returning Canadians
and Americans from the U. S. side
of the line, and whilst I am certainly
in favor o! relaxing no efloc to secure for Revelstoke itB Inir share of
thc Old Country Immigrants, I am
alBo impressed with the vast numlier
of tirst class American farmers,  who
Canal, which will fill this interior
with tens o! thousands o! settlers
drawn not only from Briton, but
from the United States also, and
which will result in tho upbuilding
ol Revelstoke, and the making of
vast fortunes (or every man of us
who hns intelligence enough to enable him to grasp the wondrous opportunities knoi'king at our doors iu
Canada's  premier  Province."
Sale   Parlor Furniture  at Howson's.
Only  high class materials  used   in
the Xmus baking at Hobson's.
Useful Xmas gifts at Howson's.
Hobson's  will make plum puddings
flauorlng your mincsmsat.
A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder
Dr.Wm. Sedgwick Saunders, Medical Officer
of Health of the city of London, Eng., was
good enough to say that a long and universal experience has proved a cream of tartar
powder the most efficient, safe and economical, making food which could not be
deleterious to the most  delicate stomach.
In England the sale of baking powder
containing alum is absolutely prohibited.
as the result of Dominion Govern- \ Jap and Naval oranges, Bananas,
ment advertising, aie commencing tQ! Figs, Raisins, Dates, Nuts, and
turn their eyes to the last great j Apples at Hobson-s.
weBt, and     consider thut Hevelstoke
might well     make some effort to at
.Special    cash     dicounts   for  Xmas
tract some of     these most desirable j trade at Howaom'a
neighbours from the South into   thii
The   movement     ol  Eastern  U
If  icing  your own  Xmas cake    get
the almond paste trom Hobson's.
Farmers into American West, seems Come
to be subsiding, and the thoughts of! Photos,
thousand? of well off and experienced
agriculturists in the Eastern States,
are now concentrated upon the cheap
farm lands ot the Oanadian West.
These men are ready to move into
our district now, they possess large
capital in cash, and live stock, they
early     for   your New Yea*
Tbc Trueman  Studio.
Hobson's have sweet appl* cider for
flavoring your mincemeat.
Twenty   por cent cent dineount    on
all toys ut Mannings.
Hobson's will maac plum puddings
Notic* is hereby given that, on th*
20th day of January next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Poliee for the trans
fer of the licence for ths sale of
liquor by retail ln and upon ths premi
sa» known as tho Lardeau Hotel^itu-
ate at Comaplix British Columbia,
from Russel M. Evans to Adolphe
Boilean ot Comaplix British Coltun-
Dated this Uth day of D*c*mb«r,
Holder of Licence
Applicant for Transfer
1st issu* Dec.  18th.
are experienced in all the duties that j HDd mince meat for J0"'
j are  the lot of pioneers in a new   coun-      Twenty   per cent cent .discount   on
' try,  and  thoroughly  familiar      with I an toys at Mannings.
agricultural conditions wbich approxij
mate to thoBe     awaiting them here. |    Hobson's carry a full line of Xmas
aware of the advant-  crackers and Santa Claus stoiklngsl
Twenty   per cent cent discount   on
all toys at Mannings.
All  orders delivered promptly from
Teacher of Violin
Pupil of Ernest Simple, of Win
nipej?, and Prof. Frederick.
late of London, Eng.
Studio at City Hotel
They are well
age« ot a new     country,  and realise
that in     exchanging     thc Stars and
8tripes     for     thc Union Jack, they
would    be     entering  into  conditions
which   socially and politically  would   Hobson's.
confor upon them, privileges of citizenship at     least equal  to any they
enjoy  in  their own  country.      They
are coming into Canada now at   the
rate  of 150,000  per year,  everywhere
1  went among the young men whom
I  had known as  boys in the Illinois
farming     communities    where  is  my
olh home, I iound the utmost interest
displayed concering Canada, especially regarding the North  West     and
British Columbia. I brought back
' wi<»h me commissions for iivestment
, totalling »10,000 and have no besita-
j tion in saying that if the Dominion
i Belt lands are thrown open, hundreds
of   these   desirable settlers, could be
induced to throw in tbeir lot in
', Glorious Kootenay. A trip suchf as
i I had, through the Eastern States,
j is an eyeopenor indeed, and one returns more than ever convinced of the  graph from the Trueman  Studio
vart possibilities and  assured future  the corner.
Manning will sacrifice bis enliie
stuck of toys before moving to his new
Look out for a big cut in prices of
all toys at Manning's Removal Hale,
Visit Howson's store for Ohrislmaa
goods. Special discount ottered m
pailor furniture.
Children IRead C. B. Hume & Co's
Big Santa Claua advertisement inside back page.
WANTED-A young girl aa Nursemaid apply to Mrs. A. B. McCleneghan.
Large stock of Bankhead Hard
Coal, allsizes on band. Revelstoke
General Agencies, Ltd.
The "Sugar Bowl Contest Is now
I on, given away free with every purchase a cupon which entitles you to
| one ot the lollowing prizes, First
Prize a pass for two to tbe Star
Theatre for one month. 2nd prize
21b. box chocolates 3rd prize, Ub.
box chocolates Contest closes Dec. 22
All subscribers not receiving the paper regularly are requested to com -
I municate with the editor, Mail-Herald
Box 914, Revelstoke B.C., in order
that their complaints may be recti-
iledf Write your full name and ad -
dress legibly, and your complaint will
be attended to promptly.
KOOTENAY      LODGE,  No.  it A.  F.
aid A.  M.
Regular meetings are held in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on the Third Monday ln each month
at 8 p. m. Vititing brethren ar*
cordially welcome.
W.   11.   ROBERTSON.   Secretary.
O. W. 0. w.
Mountain  Vitw Camp,  No.  tli
Meet* Second    and     Fourth Wednesday*    in  each   montb   in    Selkirk
Hall.     Vititing  Woodmen ar*
cordially invited to attend
A.   J.   WOODLAND,   Con.  Com
COURT      MT.      BEGBIB,    No.  MSI.
OF I. 0. F.
Meeta in I. 0. O. F.  Hall ntxt    to
Tapping't Opera House every second
and fourth  Monday  in month.  Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
G. W. BELL, C. R.
WM.   8.   CAMERON,   Rec.-Bte.
For your Xmas table decorations,
foliage plants and plants in bloom
try Hobson's.
See Chas. M. Field about that Lifo
policy you are contenplatlng putting
on in the company of which Lord
Strathcona and tho president of the
Bank of Montreal are directors.
Mistletoe and  holly  at Hobson's.
Appreciated by everybody, is a
pretty calendar, how much more so
then, one with your own or babys
photograph in it. You get one tree
with each sitting at the Tcueman
Studio, you know thc placo, right on
the corner of McKenzie Ave.
A. D. Tourner, Photographer.
Xmas Fires
Every year thousands of dnllnis
worth of damn/a ii done by Xmus
riecoiatioos catclii"g tii''. anil loo
frequently lives are sarriflii'd bv tbs
fir.' fiend. Revelsloke ini-rrliaiiis and
citizens should bear tbis in mind ut
Xmus time.
SELKIRK      LODGE  U,  1.  O.  0.  T.
MeeU tvtry     Thursday evening   In
.Selkirk  Hall at 8 o'clock.     Visiting
brethren  cordially invittd.
JOHN LYON      N. O.
JAS.   MATHIE,   Sec.
For  the  New  Year  a  nice
, R.  M. R.   Dance will bc hcl.l be held
on tbe lollowing dates Dec.Cth Dec.
20  Jan.  1st good time guaranteed.
January 2—Imperial Bell Ringers at
Empress theatre.
January  16—Pan     American   Doub.e
Quartette, Empress theatre.
For a License to take aad use Water
Notioe is hereby given that the
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
of Montreal, will apply for a license
to take and use One Cu. Ft. of water
out of Caayon Creek, which flows in
a northern direction through Lot B66
and empties into Lardo River aear
Gtrrard, B. C. Tb* water wlll bt diverted 1,000 Met from track and wlll
ht used tor railway purposes on tbu
laad described as C.P.R. right ot way
This notles was posted on tbe
grouad on the ith day ol November
1912. The application wlll be ftlod In
tho ofBoo ot tbo Water Recorder at
Objections may be tiled with tbe
■aid Water Recorder ur wltb tbe
Comptroller of Water Rights, Par -
Moment imildinge, Victoria. B-C.
Canadian Paot«c Railway, Applicant.
By B. D. Ireland, Agent,
Nelson, B. 0.
lit issue NOV. 13.
Clip out this
Ths "Sugar Bowl" for toy*, larg*
•Mortaent of dolls and toy* at rea-
aeaaUa  Drttm % rutt will iiyprltp*
OR send your ntme and addreis for a free copy of the book that has
opened   the  eyes  of   Canadian  farmerg to   the   possibilities of  the
" material-of-all-work "—concrete.
This hook,
"What Thc Farmer Can Do With Concrete"
will be sent to y«. absolutely free. Yen fe not place youmlf under the slightest obligation to
buy iny "Canada" Cement or to do anything else lor ut.
VOU will find the book interesting, instructive, snd ifi information will be of real c«h value
Y (o you. It if not a catalogue. It give, in plain, simple language the direction, for using
concrete for every possible kind of farm construction. Scores of every day use, fully described
»nd illustrated.
Write r«r name mi iddrtw on tht coupon MOW, or
•tad them by letter or pott card, and the bosk will bs
mtl to ywu immtduuly.    AMrtm,
f.Wiciiy Maaagst
Sil HoraU Building, Montrwl
rr»» mr. wring ram,'.I. Mat »(•» I. tl»
_j»y a aratt.n, ahaai H. OM. rtwl.mt.r ar.
tar* • y.'m.rt Frta 1 n tttr rttmttaa Atrta**
thmt ..m tatosr 9mm wOliti tavgt.
A decorated cake from Hobson's
will add thc finishod touch to your
Xmas table.
Before moving into our new store
we will sacrifice our entire stock of
toys. Come early and get your
choice at twenty pcr cont reduction
at Mannings.
TO RKNT close to Y.M.C.A, well furnished front rooms suitable for
ladies or gentlemen, write c D.
care of Mail-Herald.
Make an appointment now, Photot
are eicellcnt prtsentt. The Tru«man
Htudio A. D. Tourner.
want a wide awake representative for
tbo East Princeton Development Co.
Lots now selling at flrst prices, en-
anling your clients to make big profits. Writo us (or territory Kernan
and Graham, authorized agents. 330
Hastings Btroet, Heet, Vancouver,
B. C.
Twenty per cent cont discount on
all toys at Mannings.
Uon't bend your back and rub your
Angst's sore on a wash board. Uet
a vacuum washer and stand up aa
straight as you like to your work. A
tublul ol clothos wushed right and
clean ln three to Ave mlnules.
Music Store, McKenzie Avenue. —
We arc clearing out oui cutir* stock
of muBlcal goods at cost prico. Here's
a cbancs to got a ute.nl Christmas
present at small cost for cash. Hurry
upl Hurry upl I
Tho "Sugar Uowl" (or high class
chocolates In boies and bulk, the
largest assortmsnt uf bos goods in
tbs    oity.   Uot   your Xmas preosnt*
(rots ui,
MOOSE No. 1085
Meets every tirst anil third Tuesday in Oddfe.lows Hall. Visiting
brothern  cordially  Invited to attend.
O. R. Lawrence,   Dictator.
E. Edwards, Secretary.
GOLD RANGE LODGE.      K. of    P.,
Mttta tvery Wtdnetday except   th*
Third Wednesday of tach month     Ln
Oddfellowt'  Hall at S o'clock.  Visit*
lag Knigfcts art cordially  Invited.
F.  W. TEKRY, C. C.
G. H. BROCK, K. of R. * 8.
M. ot r.
Barrlattn,  Solicitor!,  Etc.
Imptnal   Hank  Building   Htvti-
■ •■ kt. B. 0.
Money to Loan.
Offlc**—ReveUtok*.   B.   0.,    aad
Cranbrook, B. 0.
Geo. 8. McCarttr,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvty.
R*vel*tok*. Cranbrook
Provincial  Land   Suveyor,
Mlalng Survtyor,
BOX    inf..    RRVKI.flTOKR
W.   H.   WALLACE,   M.B.C.8.A.
P. O. Box Ut, Revelstoke, B.C.
i Seam-in-front
, I, stockings
Wwould seem absurd f
Then  why any seam'
You have kept on wearing ttoekinits
with n seam up the back   ShipnlaSI.
uncomfortubli- things ! because ymi probably didn't realize the perfection readied '
Tliene nrr hose irlthnut the linn ofn team—look for the sign nf the
tradl >mark.  As they an being knit Ihey are lisped lastingly to
tlio curves of the foot nnd leg. The\> fit—they weor better-
anil tbc utter absence of any seam at sil makM them
ever so much mure comfortable.      No difference
ln cost - but much in quality, in economy
and in comfort. 85
Maktrt *f
Mid. h,
Penmans Limited
Paria, Canada DAY,    DEi
S       *. - j V::a:	
Watch Our
av  ; '
Af'   I  ".A • ■       ■',■■'■'       I   21" 1!
.■nv   '.I '■' ■,
Ties!   lies!
id    \n
.uai   i
ather Collar Bags
ll   :  1    Wl   •■'.
$1,25 to $2 Each
lr is a
ings.     I
c. and 75c.
^ ..50 to $3.50
Knitted Ties
Kni thc lori
A very sei I a vi       act epiablc
gift.  '
$1 to $2.50 Each
Ercks and Ties
S i      to       cl itb   boxi
A box     "Initialed   1        I      ;
ihem  I
I"-   Sr'   y   .       ..
< ion ! i  mi:   and
■i-s, mau hed,       pi i mauve  and
black,     I'ci   ni.
pair  to  i
i id
$1.75 Per
i   Watch Our
i, ea
.   ■
enti .t     on
id  BO	
■ i :    That     i m '       '
on sl        ■       tin     in- ub
ntro oter is tbo
, a    at. .     r     1=     .ho  |        Thl    1 '   '
'.      , r.
e    elan.     I-    m i 'hi-"1
- "'"" •■"'        „rt" li
....   8t   M,,i.wc.. romwi wbll. to •*]
Ume by .'5 ptr out of those qualified  tend,
y   for
Wc i..
to Our Blue
 I vve
can t, r ol  •
diciiu.        .       ;. without .ppo-
Lawns, 1 ;, plain and
'.. . ...    A    .     -.e'l 1.   ,
imn mA
ch Our
| V'leC-       *?*
I]   -
ly clean as the
I ]        ... urei.        rm
nnd all
V . i tii
Muchpl n in the
.   b
I I . i   .1    Al'ller ,r
Spirit Co. .td.
Importer* noil nsnlnr* In Pure Wines, liquors, Mgsrs nml Clgnrim»» .
191 ;
't   -'1    l'.Ul!
■■   ,■■•■•   ,-.-    ■    .•■y,Ai-.i       ■     ,     .
. -..'-.,
■  ■I
r Al
V nion   Hotel
ruti.   Lii
' '
Rooms single, en
and with
■r -.:._.:-•.
I I mj
aj '    \
Cev      lotel
Pn |
Spi      ■
REVELS,   --
linomiih Ko
An Edison Phonograph
ought to be playing some
Blue Amberol Records
in your home on Christmas morning
downstairs ti
ill la
than   . mhaveevcrl    rd,
thera at your dealer's today.
Thomas A. Tdison, Inc., lllll Lakeilde Ave., Oram-.*, N. J.. U.S. A.
A complete line uf Edi:,on Phonographs and Records will be found at
« tight ■    -    **«*«•        r.e.eilc4<J    -     iSlghl   . t    "
Skill    ' hown   t'V   tbo   Coburg
. iniieiiA, n II i
i   ado.   Ni-ur-
ime of
ii glasSblower, and the i lesl chUd
that ' llngly
b    ■ ■ ae pari In n.c »
Tin. blo dd       all i1" i"  work
from  glass  liibci  of  varied Ala
nml thickness, which art cut to con-
by  ni'i-ut. Mii;  tbeni I
e Ith n ilie nml breaking them at tbe I
cleavage,   i burner cot il I ag ol two,
four or mora flamei Issuing from tiny '
lol i converged ll i flp     ap >n a
metal plate, which usually rapports a
piece of dry wood or charcoal whoso
alow but fl under tbe
blue dm io of the i lowelpei   rapidly
, i ilie hardest .glass,   Drirlsg tbo
hello applies nlr tee his blow-
, tbe operator turns
out with   : balls,  ..tars,
penda of al-
ble : imi"' and "Ue.
• la perhaps Inject!
Ilverlng   ..lution
Into a ■   il ot the tiny ba Is,
wlndowa and Christ-
i e        or, i" rbaps, with greater
skill I'l col b deft lingers tbo
Interior ol a
Tlir  aide '.   boy   maj   bl    "if  be a
■killed ind perhaps excels bis
father In creating mlnlatn
with i iding antler i, -iplrited
' iralng bouti a air
ship e -ii   and, most wonder
ful of all, roses, carnations, tulips and
other flowers, each of whose parts ls
made of colored gloss of the proper
color anil fused In place with a delicacy of touch that far excels ordinary
Bo light and fragile ar» these goodE
thai  ihey are packed ln cotton  nnil
cartons divided Into coi ■ •■ and
very great extent  are  -
inmi  Lauscha  by  parcels  ex-
:■'• e generally Is this done be-
•     DO       'ef        N"'.'I'llll    •'- I
week   tbat   the   po !
• and ;i number
furali bed in meel the demand for parcels   transportation.—National   Maga-
. Ltd.
>■■■  want men  to
hon as in 1
leee...     Bl   UIU
; enormous prolix     . Macl
ork Yi.,ik tor
.  i     .vest $100,  write
. Pri clop
. ,..   :    ,..
iuver B. B.
Here's prettlness.
The boiiy ■
rn i.ui;' i is beautiful.
California pepper berries serve
lie     llleirtl.
itch heather Is 'ine ot the
wreath materials.
i  Immortelle! wUl at least
lll'V !l
Lycopo t.miii li ...• ;i ii ied with
eel for wreaths.
But, utter all, holly Is tirst favorite, wltb Its lovely bright red
gay Ixiw of holly red satin
ribbon is the usual finish, though
li should not be need with ber-
ol    the   i allfornla   pepper
tree.—Philadelphia K.-c>r«l.
i ...
Dead   Letter   Office   Destroyed   178.000
Last Year.
last   year   il"-; k'ture
• held
• ■arils teeire
mil   were
with mica
or iii •    by the
i In thi
.vere Injured oy
handling ib'-m.
The Christmas Present
A plasrue on mm w:;e> -onrlv dubs
I llM   .
i-'i.j  e ,. py i . rt contains
AJ1 presents rolled in one.
■ faith ln Uilii«s unseen
it le'-lul i" i.  -
In i aeya over roof*
While iters loos d iws to wink.
•ver springs
lu . ud.
The e . i tie" treist
That make the world no rousdL.
Ami. last, It cslla te.r clarity
But if trom elver or sivee
.indburgh v\ ilson In New If ork Sua
Christmas Flowers.
evelr gift
iimi If tbs
l.' ti-
ln melted
vui wrap tbo
i'h .1     l.lno
sing care-
err ine llow.
: b  then  In -over ovef
lbe   paper,   wrap   with   several
snd they
• nly to expr
Thought In Giving.
Do not apetiel m in ran af
ford   on   f'brlst Nothing
."S  It.     fefTle know  your
if  they do
in   for   false   pride  oc
• f  display     If  nee.  put  thought
Into yonr firing It wlll save yen pea-
The Vuletide Gift
...I v.- pe .in made into a booklet
a   e lilirillillg gift.
a flat leather penwiper for hln desk
.rn appropriate souvenir for tbe
imin or woman.
\ bodkin case with three bodkins la
' il Chrlatmai gift for tho needle-
a homemade booklet of a dozen re-
liable  chafing  dlab   reclpei   wlll   be
pi li ..I by iii" bouaewlfe.
\ blotter, the up;>er side mado of a
... i istcard of yourself, Ib a aim-
pel   valued   gift  for  an   Intimate
^ *-•-#-•■■•»♦-«■•«—••••■■'
IM n yoar.
> It's here.
• ,i Key without fear.
■ • -n   - ■ i   i trar.
■ -nn* queer
nnlni car.
Ilbop s none y'ttr*\
rx vAttek rbwtitt
• ,.. ■ ■■■   to eat
v 1 or sausage meat,
: Muiir, notblDf sweet;
;,       tdded corn,
■ smoked nince he was born;
: s all ht ever armies;
iw, lily tulnKs.
nu pie,
ng. Christmas sljhl
Merry *M)tl
\ ery meek!
• ••>• ■ <]
An Old Fashioned Party For ths Children.
The  arrangement of a  table  at a
le party wai quits unusual, in-
h   ns  It  "ns  nti old  fashioned
■  one.   lengthened to sceointno-
velve children,    lt was pushed
against the wall, and nt the back
  largest nixed  \nle log candy
\. resting oo u bed of uolly and mis-
iu, fe.p of the Iou wa- a doll dressed
:   tbs  "lord  ot Mls-
■i attached to tlie front end
of   the   log   by   red   riblKiiii   were  six
-•■el to represent tbe first six
months. >.f Uie yenr.    following after
the log  were six more tigures dressed
like tbe lust six tnontha    At ench plate
were i per covered norn nnd u
wee tree IH with red wax tapers.
i Im   children  were to blow ont the
•s. making a wish for each one.
11 they go out with the very lirst puff
ime true.   A white and
■ bi .-'.inns   r   bolt   goes   to  each
1   lev   :i   v.e-nr   of   Ivellr.
I tbe dolla mul
i bleb one i .■ or »'..■• tblnka rep
month in wlflob ttiey «■■:-,,
11 tbere should   a two In tbe
bu Is the    deal geia
'       tli R
\   'I 1
",•  \ tile li'L-
■ ■   ■   Dtall -   - -   for  eucn
I     232
'..^...•r....... ...
Psoklng the Prm.n*.
Tlssn" pa, dnely ctrt
tt'i i pivo ths '" ll material to
(IU In all space, making It Impossible
fe.i the Chrl->tTiin« gift to tie broken.
Mahoqany Treea.
The    iuali"i-;iii\     Is    of    very    alow
growth, many of tbe lar^-e trees, it tt
Buhl. Iiearlng evidence of an age ln e*
i of l.oou years.
Si.-im's Pomelos.
l 'io i omelo gro      of li   is thrive oa
.' supplied by the
overflow >f Hm o *n It 1* neeeswary to
distdliute twit over tbe ground.
Erplish Plum Pud    a ■
For ' ei'.i i 1.1
. .-ci;.h
I ...
- 1
■      :    : ! •
ind]    Min -.'.■<   vi
■ ii  ,r
lency. and tur  su   ur
I    uiul
•    Is    tint    lo   hs    lliattt    (■•!      •
:• ,.!!•■'
•nei then '
I."      Il-e-ll.
.-.I     lie    -     ..
M       . Ii.l   f
.  iieuir-  IO'
ii may be boiled in a mold. » bn«lo
■■■t'l nnd most bs i.i-i ' In wbleh-
-eui until read] i" i" serveeL
A Mean Holiday Smrit
Po not gs ' br miiihs giving.
•   Is untliing more despicable thnn
to work ofr the imck numbers or the
•,1ft* on tin girl «i e
"ii...-.is sverythlng anu spend a small
fortt ii" on those who can 6pend on
Chriatmat   Evs.
lhe ho«r ot lime wntre tne froet's sray
in rantartlc eiimnur llesi
A ai;.^n ..t uclu ". wa k-'a»ir ns white
\ great - at.t
irth inatiua.   antn an    •>« rmniied
•ti : ttas oil  i with mustg icr'ii^<i
I he re     •  • a wills rlag.
I\ telle   Up   m   Ilea     .1.   .-.    I. ell
The sace owli on Him. sweet
I'nmss swelltar. em ev^i eofL
The meases* lllsl through  the channel
By chHDeXini lima  met   nnir.ie.
Hut seer th* umi as tne tale that came
Tbe shepherd man among.
Whirs tba mistletoe and the laurel bough
And the holly mi '   \ are twined,
Wh*r* th* h««rt!i i rs ii-mni u In ancient dreama.
OS* as* Is out in -laa.
Aa   tn   modem   dteains   th*   hearth   flr*
•*. under tb* "•"••"nl aim.
Th* ramlars aim «s th*  tower tonrus*
Itu a r**o* aad Ood ■ g-od will.
'•• Man  I'lislmera
The Orinoco.
Tbe river Orluoen has  more trlbo-
.    Hum ID) other river.   The total
'   r is put at 2.500, Including 489
• streams.
X Riy*.
X rays, dttcovered In 18f>5 by Prnfes-
:eint«cn. Were N called by lilm tie-
cause "x" Is the symbol used In nlge-
brul'nl  calculitlons  for au  unknown
quaiiUty. SATURDAY,    HEt-EMnnn  21   A'l.
the 3^cjk.TxJ-i=rai=t^r.r>, revelstokb
SlTUIUUY.    UMlIHMIlKlt   »  llll
,.,i, 11        Mii'Im
lh« iiyin.
..... mn
HI   te)   15 . 'Ill-     Ullet
...       .11   till-'   I'llll!'.
.. ,i   gnnif  being
• •    i: .■ game will
i     |  ,  evening al  • M,
will   lie
. un  .ei   il 45
..il   iu  the
'•'.     i    1' .L-.i n,  Mr,
..... ...  give
rio consist-
in '.  Dnpla
•  ■ e\ ...
it tb    beel   yet,
cil ■    a Ivi tod.
Lsent  houi,
37ln ktMil MeeL.ng
■ nth     annual  General
'..- .      .    .       ,,l  Tn,-
.       iln   Board
r   1 11'.use,     IIIM)
,l,i ictobet
, ing called the
lei   .     tested Mr. w.
H. Oral ai   tiecr< tntj.    a il
.il  im,i.l      the
-  ■ ■ g the n .-ci ing,
:  em       Mi'-   'ge
Bpragge to
act a een
.    ,,...!.   Ml .
. . the Annual    re
port       ' iIIowb
.    tie i'oui      Olrectore    have
.   " ..'liiire-
•- eventh   '..niiniil
Report T..      Mi    oi     B ink and
Stati ment sition on 30th
ib .....iy      ill-
creasi lemaad for
I ddring thc year
Tb-      ■ ter providing f"i
.;'m:..:.:.-•     • i; ensei      and   bad    tnd
...... inl  t.e it 84,779,35
After     ;•....... nt   ol     Ll  pei  i-ent. In
. i  len Is   writing ofl $66,
5l5.fi ■ ■ mistb, .-inii Bub-
bct ; Pension Fund   &e .
transferred t,, the
K- -- . fund ling It t M roo.000.
!'•   '■ a    •■ m.i add
ed to i'r..-.; and Loss Account, making it »:■:-.■-.ij ,,i ere
Dm •--• the yea   Brani   ee hnve :,ccn
openc:     llt     , ,... i .,. ,\   „
Mi ..;:• .;. ..- Bi i u I \ renne, aiiel ut
Viile • ; . a (Blue Boi tets); whilst
our Brajch hi Dashwood unt.. boa
been closed.
Besides .  . itenttons
.a tbi. our Ua -. ......ding.
iu REASON fiirt MM
Christmas Don'ts
Don't 1mv« the cost msrk on presents.
Don't let Christmas giving deteriorate info a tra<*.
Don t   lat   money   dominate
Christina*, giving.
Don t embarrass yourself by giving
Bore thu yon ca> afford.
Don c expect to receive as much ai
yon t »e, as the odds are on the dis-
Dent acquire yonr Ynletlde heron
the fun mt Christmas actually begins.
No Christmas Is ftiitlUea when tho celebrant Is filled fnll.
Doat bo the first to tell a child then
Is no Santa Claus. If yon have to Us
about it lie, and He ss attractively as
your education will permit
Don't eat yonr Christmas dinner tn •
restaurant if yon csn find any old home
that yon may eat It In, for a Christmas dinner te a home Is worth two la
the tmiii.
Don't let yonr Christmas go by with-
•nt giving eome aort ot preeenl te a
ehllC Tho excuse thst yon know no
children will not suffice. Ton can know
plenty of tham between now and the
iay of day*.
Don't decide to abstain from giving
Jost because yon cannot afford expen-
alve presents. The thooghtfnlness ot
your gift, tho Interest yon tako fa
those to whom yen give, are tbe principal things. The Intrinsic valne of
yonr gift conntn very little.
Don't give things because they aro
cheap and make a big ekow fer the
money. An a rule, It la a dangerous
thing to pick np a lot of all aorta of
things at bargain sslee for ChriBtmas
presents. If you do there Is always
ths temptation to make Inappropriate
EMPRESS THKATRK, JAN  1st and 2 d 1913
No tramp or marching armlei,
No banners naming far;
A lamp within a aubla,
Antl In tha aky a star.
t'hetr hymns of peace and glarinese
lo -ai ii, th* angele Drought;
I heir "Ulorla In k,xc«lsis"
To earth ths angela taught
Whan In the lowly mangei
i'h* holy mother roalit
In letmei adoration
liar Bab* of Heaven laid.
Dora lowly in the darkneaa.
*-'• i non* ao poor aa na,
I'he, i ii tie children of th* poor
HI* T*ry own mail be
No rush of hostll* armlet.
But lust ths huddling sheep,
Th* anceli alnging of th* Christ
And all th* world silMp.
No fam* of conqtiarlns bannera.
No leglona aent afar;
A lamp within a stable.
And In th* iky ■ star.
-Margaret & Bangatar hi Collier a
NOTICE   i-   l"Ti'liv   en-en   thnt!
tli-Vim t nl liivi-ii'ti   mul   Aii|im ]
tlMlot llie   "A—eat-tnetll    Acl"   m-il
nhlic Beh ".' A-" for the Reve
sink A--i i"-tii"ni Diftriol, re-(not
log the m-siimnr, rolls fnr lhi
yfur 1918, will he I i-ld h.o fnllnw.;
Coun limine, Revelstoke, B C, ot
MONDAY, the 23rd ■!«>• nf D <■
Pinlier. 1912, ill Id oVli rk in thi
tlm Governnoen Ulii
'.. on FRIDAY ili-
of I >-.•..., I. r. 1912 m
in tin1 afternoon.
I).|...l nl   R"\'«|a.trtk
erahfr 30tb, 1912
I fm1 oil nl If the party rendering dii'llno
tu euier into nontrtiot when i-ull.-il
iipne tu do so, nr If he fuil to complete
I Hie wn k CnlitrmU rd for. The olioqitpa
ni riTtilli'Hiea of d"|i">il of Uimu ri'-R.
I'ui ti'iiili'icis will Iw i,unfiled to I hem
ui on 'lie ixi'i'iilioii of tli.i oi uil i iui.
T. nili't-s will tml hr i iioMil.-t-i'tl ii -
h's*. niadai oul on llii- fotniH supplied,
"Igncl Iiy tl'e au> mil slgtiiituve m In
ii'iuli" or, antl eiu-los'il in Lhe envelope" furnished,
Korius i f leii'lef run lie oh'allied
f■ iitu the Government. Agents hi Van-
iilivir. Niw WYhIIi insli i', Iti'Vi-h-toti.
nnil Nelson, mul Hie Dejiniliuent of
Pnlillc WorkB, Victeiiiit
Th ■ lowest or nny fender not neces*
.ijii'ily at'cep'i'il.
J. M. (iitiiii'rit,
Puhlio Wovka !• iiatiiieef,
Ptlhllr Weiikn I) iimi | nii'iii. Vol i uiu,
H    ('  .   SMI   N.l.l'ei.ll."',   1H12
Ki.<i i,m..rH .„ 11 •■   4
X Statement oi racta BackeJ fy
a d.roiiy Guarantee.
» lion.  In <
I ■
■ •
an. ,
. li
• ■
rat;       •     .    .
i.     .
CftNftDA S    BEST
Van Pei
feet ion    18    f,  Design,  I
ami Durability.
i       parisoi    Hltl :n-n i-
tuen'-     ll)    -
•i'i... • 1 'A
OOMBf    II ll	
»vei suffi'ts 1 V    »T| || ||
Let lis ihoW   y
method of     mtl
the f'i'inila".' ii "I thnl pure
ol to::" • "   ■      '     Dd In  tl      Ifl w.
Hav ine opem rl * trarernom on
McKei ele Ave., I i • elstoke,
for the "-iie of • or |i i. >- llodl I
tbe -npei vision of it 'ni llinghnm and II. 0. Rodeo, we
respectfully tequesl the public to rail and eiminii'
Tlie Reweombe Piano Co., Ltd.
Ren Istoke, B, C,
Heidu*w   wdPetorj  Jorogo. 0 n
Hindu Children.
Hindu children ure remarkable for
their precocity. Mnny of them ars
skillful workmen at an ago when children of America tire learning the alphabet A boy ot seven may be n skillful woodcarver. whllo some of tne
handsomest ruj;s arc woven by children not yet in their teen*
Iron Rult.
To reiuovo Iron rust ssturatn spot
with lemon Juice, then rover with salt
Let -tmiii In sun for several hours.
or o solution of hydrochloric add uuy
be used.
Triali For Animals.
Old documents ot the middle aces
tell us of numerous eases wnere iml-
null were put on trial for serious offenses charged againat them, tor example. In 1370 three cowe were tru-d
fur hiving killed a boy The whole
h»rd wore arrested is accomplices.
All were discharged but the irullty
three, these being condemned to be executed The seutenre was pronounced
by Uie Duke of Burgundy.
Broken Glass.
Broken glass lias a msrket Sob.* of
It is ground ln line pewderllke psrtl-
'les ard nsed for various porpot* \«
••ther times It Is remelted snd mide
Into new glass objects.
Velvet Is manufactured by piac'ng la
tbe loom rows of very short thread* »1
the material designed to be rmpinyd.
hother cotton or silk. Thee* sm then
.u;ht. up by f!>.- • mas tarei-ds ln ths
■■-   ik and fusti-ioil in am'h a wiy
that H-.r fleecy onda present thsmselves
ill on one side ot ths f». -<■■
■ saksts sf D' r' •*.
Save ths gripe bsilreti to DU with
dainties ind ies what •harming Christmas gifts can be mads Una th* basket* with dark green ttaane paper and
dli them with oraages. red spplsa.
nnts. clusters ot rslilni, flgs, ditns.
grtpei ind csndv Smill glimes ef
jsily, homemsds cookiei, tndtvMlnsl
mines plea or plum pnddligs idd tn
tbe nine.
Ts ths Cynics.
ChrlStmi* r.-imee But O-.'* •  T**V
Uo oot mils a lost of it
Til s anion of good eh«*r.
cyntos apslf tn* net nt tt
Now s reeplta   bii*t r*po*».
taet us male 're pelt at It
Draws our raa*< whit wsss
Chnstmaa. wa ar* ktist et It
Chrtitmae eome* but «no* s yser.
L'hlieren lore the salt et It
Mew a m*asai* glad w* haar,
Hurkin to • -■ e«t of tt
Imt good wlll and wish** kind
And your lovt, th* b**t nf tt.
If wsTs poor—well, n*v*r mint.
Iaiugh w* will and last ot It
Chrlstmi* enmis but one* s r**'-
Money'i nnt th* t**t of it
Hasrii una* ean help lid chier.
Christ hi* made the bast et It
WhataofTer ro hefall.
•orrows or the r*tt of It
»^*rry Chrlitmsa com** to III
Bv*n thos* WBO leu of It
-Mew ferk TKM*
Local Industry
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
c^Vlenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
c^-ccount Forms Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms    Tags, Etc
We cTVlAIL-HERALD has new
type and printing machinery. Our
stock if  printing papers is large
and well selected.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
REVELSTOKE, B. C. tUTUnriAY,    OKOKMUfilt 21  1912
3A1     il' \'i      DECEMBER  ll   1912
A Bargain in Black Silk Petticoats, Pure
Silk, all sizes at	
Still a Fine Stock of Gloves, Fancy Hose
Fancy Collars, Fancy Jabots, Scarves,
etc., all in Fancy Boxes, a nice assortment to choose from in our Drygoods
Groceries and Crockery Department
Toy Bargains
There will be Bargains in Toys & Fancy
Goods up till the last minute of selling on
Christmas Eve. Several Tables of Novelties at	
25 Cents
A new lot oi" Silk Waists.—all the new
ideas in Fancy Blouses. Silk and Lace
$5 to $10
Specials, - Beginning Friday
Until Xmas Eve
Mixed Candy, per lb      IOC
Creams and Jelly Mixtures, per Ib      35e
Twenty per cent, off Mooreroft Ware  and all
brass goods.
$12 Dinner Sets, at $'«
$,S Tea Sets, at $4-75
New Olives, Heine's Duchess, 6 oz. bottles;
('■old Seal Stuffed, Nut Stuffed, Nabob, »5 o/.
bottles, Crosse & Blackwell's Queen, pint
bottles, Ripe Olives in tins.
MacLaren's—small and medium sized jars.
Stilton Cheese by the lb.; Canadian by the Ib.;
Limbcrger, by thc block; Comembert, by the
Candied  Cherries.   Candied  Assorted   Fruits.
Pine Apple, Citron, Lemon and Orange.
Noel's   Preserved   Fruits;    Preserved   Figs,
Cherries Preserved in Maraschina in half pt.,
pint and quart bottles,  Preserved Pine Apple.
Xmas Crackers ... . i.sc, and $i per box
Jap Oranges, Navel Oranges, Grapes,  Apples
Pigs, Table Raisins,  Dates.
and the best that's made
NEILSON'S CHOCOLATES—In boxes from 25c.
to 93.SO per box, and also in bulk and 5c. bars.
i-lb. boxes.
G. B. CHOCOLATES—-Hall  and   one   pound   boxes
and also in bulk.
A large assortment of Barley Candies, Jellies, Gum
Drops, Creams, Carmels and Mixed Candy, and
a large variety of fancy boxes.
California   Walnuts,    Greenoblos   Walnuts,    Pecan,
Filberts, Almonds, Brazil, Peanuts, Chestnuts. Shelled
Almonds, Walnuts and Peanuts.
Xmas Slippers
We have them for men, women and children. Let us show our Felt lines at prices which will
suit any pocket book and any taste. Leather Houso Slippers for men a specialty, at a wide range
of prices and in many different styles.   A glance at our shoe window will repay you.
House Furnishings
To make- the home attractive and comfortable is the aim of all, more so
at Christmas. If you wish to give the impression of Home, Sweet Home
to yourselves and children, a cozy welcome to your friends, you cannot
do better than get one or more of our new rui-s, of which we have a new
and select assortment, from $2.50 to $8.00 in all colors. They make a
very Acceptable Gift.
Xmas Gifts (or Men
1)0 NOT LKLAY :— Even yet we can show you all lines unbroken, antl with an increased staff
we can supply your needs at onee. A glance at the following list may help you : -Men's Sus-
pender Sets, Armlets, Armlet and Garter Sets, Fancy Rose. Hose, Tie and Garter Sets, Hand-
chief and Tie Sets, Mulllers. Collar Boxes, Tie Hangers, Sweater Coata. A full range of all in
Fancy Xmas Boxes.
Men s Neckti
The largest range ami the mosl up-to
put up In a separate fancylbox
•dale styles and patterns ever shown in the City.
PRICES, 50t   TO $3.00
Each tie
Boys Clothing
To fit any boy, and just like hia "Dad's."   Om
prices are dead right and backed by tin1 Lion
Brand label,   Let us show vou that Xmas Suit
or Overcoat.
Trunks and Bags
can give you just whal   you  want n'i  matter
what the style or price may be
 PB1CES, $3.75 to $40
Men's Handkerchiefs
Linen, silk and excelda handkerchiefs; cither
fancy or initialed. Put ap in boxes of any
quantity PB1CES, IOc. ro $1.50 Each
Men s Overcoats
The Ideal Xmas Gift. All in the Famous 20th
Century Brand. New styles and cloths. All
sizes.   PRICES, $is to $35
Tir-III] JVilA.T.r.-J^JiJ.Hj^.LlJ,  K.    VELSTOKE
SATUfttAV,    Ill-It'KM II Kit   21   1M'2
If you arc thinking of Giving- Jinything
Inspect Our .     ck of Useful Prcscn s
Linen Table i overs and Na]   ins to
Fancy Down Com ioi iers
Ladies' and dent's Gift Umbrellas
Ladii :   - Di
I    Pi
Lacti.vs' Fancy Baits,   Hi nt
I .     iweater C'.;
Ladi .■' ■   .: icil .■ ' ■
rrunks, Ba.   .
Sail .,..-..' r
. nu .,,        , a|
Spe -   Prices
en's Xmas Gift Goods
Fancy Ties.     Fancy Hosiery
Fancy Sets.—Suit Cases and Bays
Fancy Suspenders. Gloves. Hdkfs.
Umbi-ellds, Cuff Buttons. St«ck Pins.
Hats. Caps, Mufflers, Arm Braids, Etc.
Men's and 3oys' Overcoats,
Shop Early! Don'l Wail!
I'lii'ist iiiiih  si'iA'iei'-   iii   si.   Peter's
. Iiuie'li  .in-  ,i.   lollow :   Holy ( um-
lilllllieen ill S   a.m.,   .'lllll   lll'trl'.   llllllills
nl II ii.iii, There "ill ho iippi-optiato
hymns und nn niithem hy I't'iinraei',
" l''oi- linn Non is limn," u ill In' tendered lij llle ohoit'e
nu   Sunday   lu     Methodist chureh,
Xmus Borvlcoi will he bold with Bpecial music, morning and oponlug
Bong     service at    7.30 p. m., Xiuhh
hymns ,  and     the     [ollowing Bpecial
hell     lC
LadleB trio "Brightesl  and BoBt"
Duet hy .Mrs. I), nt and Miss Davis
Solo "The Star of Uetlilehoin by Mr.
Thomas Pagdto,   The public ure cordially invited.
un Wednesday ovening ai  Co'clock,
.Mi, Thomaa 11 Little and Miss Ohrlst
lelnd A.   Pagdin, wore united in marriage at this Methodist parsonage by
Rev,   If.    .1.     Mclntyre,   They intond
tailing up iTsiiii'ii.'i' an.l living in   the
city,   The     public     Join   In  wishing
Hi'.'iii a long nn.l happy married life,  '■
In Him  Baptist     church ou  Sunday
uoxt  the   Pastor     Nov. ID,  J.  CUave
will speak iih follows
Morning:—"A     Christmas story     un'
Btratghl  Hues"   a chalk talk to    the'
mm ...,:iim    "Christmus Joy"
! ilii.e,!   I'liiiHtiuas     hymns und  music
I wlll be provided.   .\ cordial welcome
i to all.
tsmeammmmnmmi   ■
i   •   .
.  i'
I    -
■ .
. -   '
. i.
... • .      ■
Let Us Heip Vou With Your
Xmas Baking
e |'u il I*i      ire i'ii' \. ill., i in i nudity.
... •   ,
llm  1'.iuu I' ddin i   em   li [rom nn Old   linglisli   itccipc,
wbicb b.i ■ en .i itislaction.
...•.r   U*   VOUH    PASTRY    ORDER    Out   mince  pies are
md illdli uiu i! si es.
■ Help ua ' e.i   ordt'i's   t iilu-r  ir
.NrlN   I'll klt'K,
i 111   I   l;.-e    .-   m
■   '
in Cln i se
I,)  u.r p III il
t'l-.lllliel'lli   .  . I- .
Huntley .V Palmer's lilscuits
Cui i ,i i"..i.i-v Biscuits Iu car-
I -.
Robert noon (Inn ul.ih- Hon-
li ns,
('eni nn's     Milk      t 'liiei! tie
\\ al.".^.   tInoculate,  ilinger,
ll ] . . .     I   I,   ..        Sm-    I.    r.
('III J -I..Ill/eel     |-'|uil ■     ..I     .ill
Suls. Table ':
1 ' 'i..1.e4   i,     HanauitH,.
lil-.ipi   I i 'in. lil'lipt's.
IE   U
• .*..s»j^r -
The J. Gould Case
li has been decided by a joint committee, that three Revelstoke Banks
bo requested to recelvo subscriptions
duiug the Xmus Season, on behalf of
,i (un.l fur the assistance nf Mrs.
Gould, whose circumstances were detailed In a leading article in the last.
issue' of this panel'. It is possible
llut the Engineers Society mul the
OddfellowB, will unofficially make a
subsuntlul donation to the (und,' re
presenting the contributions by in-
I dividual members of thoso great
The public are requested to muke
payments direct into tho fund at tne
C. B. Hume & Co.
The show windows of tills Ml; stoin
this Xmas are truly n wonder to he'
hold. (Mie window devoted to high
ulass groceries present* an appetizing
appearance. Here from the street
tin- housewife ean -ce nearly overy
ni'i-osnry for lhe Xinas cooking,
uexl comes tin- .shoe window whore
nil kinds of make- anil si/.es of -In..-
are on display. The third window is
devoted to dry goods nnd ladies' apparel. In ibis window a verita1 le
millinery exists in itself' Ladies
dresses and other goods too numerous
to mention are there. These ihroe
big w imh iw- are artistically decorated
willi holly .uul other foliage giving
the whole display it really brilliant
appearance. limit li i lo cull ami se.i
-iuui wiudows for yourself.       .uiv.
Buy in l&oelstoke SZattwS
Kootenay Agencies, Limited
Baptist S. S. Christmas Tree
'I'h-  in a   lit lys    i \. ' -i nil i ' i hi . al
■i     >      bi tain I y ti ne
i In Ltii.pl i it chin ch m.i
pai ke .i ii ; a interested listenei - >• the
In  S in.i.iy   i   put ,,n
Santa CIm       IJ
'■ • ■.■     i e— nl
'I'-l e        ipll   IlllllllV
Ul     » uh .ii mi i
i   .III  -     I    llllll,  -     elll     ,l||  I
i -' n.   it
11 8.
bU5iN£55 iDCMS
Tho ilcntli Ol Wm. Cl. l'i'Uipiece,
whieh occurred ou Wednesday aftei'.
noon. Dee. llth, lenioved from OUT
midst ono ol Revelstoke's most populai  young ini'ii.
William Pottlploce, better known aa
"Hilly", was a native of Ontario,
linviiur been horn in Ollnda ICssok.
County, in tho year 1SS2. Iii 18110
his parents moved west, and after a
lew   yourB   in    Alberta,   finally  settled
in Rovolatofa), where tho deceased at.
tended school, The no.\l low years
were Bpont by the late Mr. Pettipiece
lu Boeing the west, and he worked
tor some time, In the well known
Silver Oup  and   Nel.iie  1,.   Milii'H      nt
Ferguson,   In   1903, ho returned     to
lo It.'velstiike, und entered the service of tho O.P.R.   He workod in the
ineebnnical  ilepai-tnnnt  fur four yearn,
wiu'ii he was promoted to the posi
linn ol traveling flroman, with head-
quartoiB at Rovelstoko. In 19M he
married .Miss     Kitchen ul Hespoler,
While acting ns rotary engineer on
ih.- inini enow siielc ai Rogers Pass
m tho   spring ho contracted a heavy
cull.       which       set.tied   on   Ilis   lungs,
from which he never fully recovered,
Botno mouths later, he went, to
Tranqulllc, where be took nine- mouths
troatmeni In the Sanitarium thore.
Later, he resided m Kamloops, and
was ou the loud to recovery, when
a relapse set in, from which he never recovered.
in August of this year he returned
In Revelsloke and Irom tbat time
was almost entirely conllned to his
bed. I
Three  weeks ago,      tubercular  men
ilngltls ol  the      brain  set in,  leaving
him    unconscious     and  undoubtedly]
hastening the end.
Por  many  years  tbo  deceased    wus'
prominently connected  with,  and     a
member     of tho B. ol !•■ P. and E.,l
and waa     tiiiauciul secretary ol  thai
Order for several  years.
The 1. 0. o. P. wl which be was a
iticinhiT, and the 11. of Li. P. and E.|
bail charge of tbe funeral,whieh v as
belli frojn the residence on fourth
street. at ill.lill p Dec llllll.. Hev.
it .1. Mclntyre officiating, Thj jall-
bcarers, chosen from the above orders
wore ,\. Mai'l.e'an, K. i. McRao, W.'
McCulIoUgh, ll. Hulliday, W. Mer-
I ean, and  ,T,   Dunlop.
Ily bis bright mul kindly dlsposi-
tiun Hilly won bis way into; the
hearts ol both old and young and
bis intimate friends will long remember his patience and cheerfulness,
while enduring the keen Buffering,
which fell te.. h.s lot previous to h";
untimely death.
Deceased leaves a wife, lather, -ix
brut hers and two sisters besides a
host of nt her rclatiacs and friends
are left to mourn bis loss.
■ a
Carving Sets
Beg.|$8.tl0 for $0.75
" 7,50 " 0.00
" 0.50 " a 'Si
" 0.110 ■' I g.,
"   '_'.7.'i   "    1,30
Pocket Knife
Pearl Handles
85c, to $2 00
Child's lliu. in 70c,
Ladles'50a. in $l,o<)
Celluoid Handle
Regular OH.iHI
Now $:;.i.m
These iuu just a
lew of lhc many
HA ItOAl NS we
are now olVering.
Villi: ,M()NKV will have
a big reach In Our Hardware
stoic. Only a few dimes or a
few Dollars at most will buy
n most suitable present, wbicb
the nne who nets it, will ap-
Starting Saturday   Night
December  14th
We nre tilling our 0HNT15H
WINDOW WITH BARGAINS never ti tie ted to the
public in Ibis city before al.
this tltne,
We will put away  any article vmi choose till Ninas Eve.
from $4 to $5
We   are   Headquarters   for
Community Silverware
Child's Sets
Knives, Forks nnd
Pearl - - $1.00
Hone - - 'liie.
Steel     -     -      BOo.
Guaranteed— from
35c, to $1,00
Electric Irons
Guaranteed for lu
years, $-1.60
AVanicur Sits
from $1.75
to $6.00
Come in and See
thc rest of thc
gi_ja_H      *
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
Card of Thanks
The members of Kire Hiigwle No. I
hereby extend Ihele hearty thanks
to tba Revelsloke O.icbeslra for the
excellent music rendered al their l'il'tb
Annual Ball, Dec. llth, Also tu lhe
Citizens, who helped to make it sneb
a success by their patronage,
Binned on behalf of !•'. II. No. |.
Tims. S'i'Li'ii, Secretary.
•.,.1 H . We arc tbe solo agents in
Uevelstoke for the celebrated Gait
Coal. 11 urns all night and does not
choke the stove pipoe. Revelstoko
General  Agencies. Ltd.
Importer of
Irish Linens
Dauiask, Sheeting, I'illow
Linens,   fancy l.incn
Goods, &c, 8sc.
New sbipuicnt of Small
Kaney Linens
Mrs. Thompson Porter
G. B.
'The Finest in the Land'
Sold by all Dealers
Who Know tiood Goods
\mas Fancy Boxes
Now On Sale
Christmas Shopping at Bws' lirug Store
i tn v    ■•nny
i e ,i   m.i) AND YOl    i
w»*?.w *Krdm.    m- .1 »w Mrrar tr ~w
bIi ij ■ ■
WINTKR si ii , and t   ibiKlUeVH
• i  I In
ATTKN'I ION -        • |,ii)   i.
V'Ur   Hill     "    ' II. •    i ilfl
Fit-Reform Clothing Siiison  li-il. Fool-Kile Shoes
mm* ii nm i mmm w» ■ d i ' |j»pwn'p")
is the most talked ol City m the Interior of British Columhia
lust now. Outsiders from all directions am ^ettiny wise to the
movement on here and we Iiave had enquiries not only tor good
realty tuns, but also lor vacant stores to tent, which shows
thai some people aie awake to the fact that there are b*» things
in store for Revelstoke this coming year, Values are steadily
increasing and several of our listings have been advanced dur-
.ng the last few days.
Now Is the Time to Buy
Km I eel ir Seventh Street, well locaied $1500
100 Feet on Eighth Street, a map at                1300
Four Lol       ">■  enth Street, under market    due each 350
cJTVIodern House fc   ale on Second St. 1800
Modern House for sale on Third Street          2200
Modern House, Lot 50x LOO, Fifth Street    .2550
Wi i.r. • several excellent lots foi nic on rirbt Street,
West, all |0 feet frontage, from $,;5o to $550. These
prices are good fur .short time only.
J. B. Watson Realty Company
E. Ot FOLEY, Manager, MacKenzie Avenue
Local Agency, American Casualty Co.
n   11        M^ ipf


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