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ci.reil by
Antiseptic Throat Pastilles
25c. a box at
The Mail-
'    . K
Clean Healthy Teeth
Hews' Pharmacal Tooth  I'uwtler
caii4.-. Present - and Hardens tbe (iunis
Price 25 cents
Vol. 12.-No. 50
liEVELSTOKE. il C. PEBEUARY 10, 11106
$2.50 Per Year
Ynu will he figuring on
your new Spring Suit. Let
us solve the problem for
yoll 1 his time. Our new
spring samples are here.
We can tako your measure
mul have your suit hern in
plenty uf tinm for tlio
spring weather.
We are supplying most
ol the good dressers in
town with their Clothing.
Why not you?
Bargains in
Men's Boots
Twenty Pairs of Men's Boots
and Shoes—a mixed lot, light
and heavy, $3 and 14 boots in
this basket, going now at
Men's Wear
A Big Bunch of Men's Fine Cambric Shirt,
These are worth $1.50, nice new patterns
stripes and small figures, stiff bosom
Per Shirt 75c.
Two or Three Men's Reefers, double breasted
Heavy Beaver Cloth, $9 Coat for   -     -        $4.00
Children's & Ladies' Wear
A Basket of Children's Underwear, Shirts
and Drawers, all sizes, nice, warm,
fleecy stuff • - each 25c.
Twelve Silk Waists, lovely goods, Black,
Cream, Pule Blue, nicely made, lace
trimmed. These ure $4.50 and $5.00
waists, your choice on Monday for   -   - $2.50
The Place to get Your Breakfast Foods
g lb. tacks I1.4K, R Oats   86o
IU Ib.   "   Graham flour     .bio
10 Ib,   "   Corn Meal   -   -   30o
(lib.    "   Wheat Granules   30o
6 lb.    "   Meata    -   -   •   30c
Shredded Whole Wheat Biscuits
16c. l'okg.
Cream ol Wheat     •  25c.   "
Force   -     -     -      15c.   "
Malta Vita  •     ■     15c.   "
8.R.B. Wheat Flour    30c.   "
Grape Nuts     •     3 Pokg. 50c
Wheatine "     "
B.Gem    -     -     -   "     "
Malt Breakfast Food 15c. paekage.   Quaker Oats 15c. package.
100 lbs. Best Mount Royal Flour $2.90
100 lbs, Royal Household $3.00
C.B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Kriiin our own corrcspcinliiiil,
Mr, Lorno Fraser wot in town last
It, J, Park, returned Tuesday Irom
a visit to li'ieiid, in Seattle.
Mr. W. W. Frarcr, SocrelnryTreasurer of the Airoivheiid Lumber Company, has retu:..eil lo hi home in
Mauitohi, after spending a few weeks
at the mill.
Mr Travis,, of tlie Kootenay Engineering Works, Nelson, waB in town
this week.
AC.P.It. barge carrying six e.nr,
being towed tn A iiiwliend by llie s.s.
Kootenny, sunk near Halcyon.
Our eka'crs are still enjoying the
cold weatl.or and iinonlighl evenings,
The congrigiiliui' nf All Sninl,
Chun h un- planning tu e lehule St.
Piit'ick't Day with n grin ul i ncert.
There uppers In be n eeiuei y of
(logs in Tin, o Valley, if nor , dgh-
bors in Ihe vicinity will only specif)
tlie size-, 0,,1,1-s, ape*, etc., required,
w.'. lhii k their want* din lie supplied
from Arrowhead, as there is certainly
no dearth of the faithful animals here.
There will be services in belli
churches Sunday.
From Our Own Correspondent.
The late Mr. MoNaught, J. P., cl
Halcyon, was well known here, hu
wus an este nnil friend and Fclinul-
ninti ol tin- townsman Walter Scott,
J. P. and mining roc rder   f  Nakusp.
Our heartfelt sympathy ie extended
to 1' ». McNaught in her sad affliction.
On Wednesday morning a barge of
loaded car, upset at the slip and the
C. P, R. meu are engaged in ilthing
for Illty cases of eggs and other merchandise.
Miss Williams, of Kdgewood, is
spending a few days in town, tlie guest
of Mrs. F. W. Jordan.
Born, nt New Denvorjon Feb. Oth,
to the wife of Fred Wentley, of Nakusp,
a daughter.
Tlie perlormance given by the
Dramatic Club on Wednesday evening
la,t, was a huge success, those taking
part all doing remarkably well.
Now for the Masquerade ball on
Feb. 14th.
Premier Absent Owing to Illness
of Brother
VICTORIA, Feb. 10,—In the House
Friday, Garden rose to a question ol
privilege, characterizing lho Victoria
Time, report ol tho Kuien Island invest Igation as a liuse misrepresentation.
lie denied there having been any
attempt' to burke Iho inquiry, and
said all witnesses necessary could be
called. It ia only a question of the
order in which thoy should bo heard.
Mast of the afternoon wns spent In
ooiuniitteo nn the bund Registry  Act.
Owing io Illness of hisbrothor, Hon
Meliiide was iilisent ull day. W,
MoBride, of Port Gulol\on, was operated on for abscess on the lung,. The
surgeons cut nwny one rib in an
endeavor io locate it, but could not
lind it, The condition of the patient
1, seriutis and the Premier is nl, his
brother's bedside.
Return of C. F. Lindmark.
C. F, Lindmark returned this morning Irom Victoria. While theio be
sltiv the Government regarding cu-
operatiou with the city in building a
guo. here which could be jointly con
ducted by the city und Provincial
Government, thus saving much of the
expense to each body of maintaining a
separate organization.
lle also introduced the mutter ol an
isolation hospital and is satielied the
Government will do the right thing in
this ns well, He speaks in high terms
of the courtesy he met with from the
Government in disouss'ng the-e matters and believes t!;c-e project, will he
carried out in a way which will give
general satisfaction. Mr. Taylor, M
P.P., is working hard on both matters
a, well ns other thing, in the interest
of the city and district.
From mu .nvii corrcaponilent.
The long continued thaw came tu
nn end during tlie early hours of
Sunday last. The glass has since
been down to 4 degrees above,
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mr,. Mellvuiiie on Friday last.
Mrs. E. Erikson spent a couple ol
days in Revelstoke last week.
Messrs Bossley nnd Bruhn nre busy
getting out some thousands of fence
In spite uf statement, of C, P. R.
engineers tlie track is not straight at
this point. They might enquire tlie
degree ol the curve between the station
building and bridge 33-2. The B. C.
Government have laid out money nil
the road that lead, to the lerry on
south side of truck, and which oroi.se,
ju,t beside station. Surely this w^'ld
constitute it a legal crossing. In &nj
ease with regard to the whistling sun ly
jule 31 (a) will apply.
The following game,  have   been
plsyed in the local competition! since
our last issue:
Calgary Cup—
Foote 13, Brown 10.
Roe 10, MoRae 9.
Smith 16, McCarter 14.
Kincaid 10, Smith 9.
Rae 10, Foott 9.
Bum, Cup—
Rae 12, Brock 6.
Dallas 11, Smith 9.
Jackson 9, Dallas 8.
Equitable Cup-
Upper 16, Dallas 5.
Jackson 14, Smith 12.
Green Curlers-
Bourne 6, Pollock 3.
The game, scheduled (or to-night
nt 8 o'olock tre ;
Burn, Cup—
McRac v McCarter, (No. 1 ice),
Equitable Cup-
Brown v Kincaid, (No. 2 ice).
Fancy Dress Carnival.
The fancy dress carnival at the
rink wns well attended last night and
was very successful.    Some ol the
costume, were splendid though it iva»
expected there would have been more
ladies in fairy dress.   Mesdiinic, H.
A.  Brown and J. M. Doyle, Messrs
Ronnie and J. Guy Burlier wore the
judge,.   The following were the costume, :
Mr,. E, Edwards, Carnation Pink.
Mis, Brundrett. Free Press.
"   Berta Brown, Daughter of the
"  Roman, Summer.
"  Annie Palmer, School Girl.
"  Foote, Canada,
"   Minnie Dunne, Italiun Peasant
"   Johnson, China Lady.
"   M, Buck, Dancing Girl.
"   Ciilemau, Hockey Girl.
Cecil Buck, Dully Perkins,
Gordon Anthony, Coon.
Willie Kniix, Coon.
A. McCarter, Brownie,
1). McCarter, Ghost.
C. MoKIdd, Rhube.
Laurence Sutherland, Ooon,
11. Haw«, Pat Murphy.
B. Dickey, Jap Clown.
E. Smith, Dtitchy.
Albert Stone, Gont ot Kith Century.
O. Mason, Uncle Jo,h.
R, Donaldson, Clown,
John Dougall, Canadian  Bushman.
Sidney Rodbini, French Lady, Bicyclist.
Kenneth Mclliie, Romeo.
H. C. Laugh Ian, Mephiato.
VV. Veith, Sailor Boy.
A. MoRae, Man from Glengiry.
F, Bourne, Drummer Boy.
D. A. McDonald, Oriental Costume,
C. Wood,, Highland Laddie.
The prize, lor lanoy costume were
awarded a, follows;—Ladies', Mr,, E.
E. Edward,; Comical, Mi„ Johnson;
Girls', Mis, Foote; Comical, Mi„
Gentleman, C. Wood,, Highland
Laddie; Comical, C. McKidd, Rhube;
Boy',, A. McCarter, Brownie; Cecil
Buck, Dolly Perkins.
New Railway -World's Biggest
Battleship —.6. T. Pacific
Terminus Named-Big Railway Contract -Crow's Nest
Coal Co's Profits-Mine Explosion-Revolt in Natal.
Ottawa, Feb. 10.—Kettle River
Valley Railway will apply next testion
to extend its line frum Midway to
Hcdley along Twenty Mile Creek, and
a branch to Pentioton,
Portsmouth, Fob. 10.—1 be mnnstei
battleship Dreiulniitight was launched
to-day hy King Edward. When finished it will have cost over seven million
dollars. The Dioadnnught is the
largest and most powerful battleship
of the world's navies.
Montreal, Feb. 10.—Prince Rupert
will In- the mime of the Grand Trunk
I'ncilic Railway tfl'ininusiii B. C. The
name wa, Btiggeslod by Miss E. M.
.Mucllniinld.uf Winnipeg, who receives
the prize uf $250. Mrs. John Ormo, of
Bonne Ohere, nnd Mr. II. Kirkvvood, uf
Copper Olide, Ontario, however eaoh
receive $20. Bulb ol the latter suggested the inline "Port Rupert," hut
tho company preferred the first inline
iiltbiiiigli it exceeded the ten letter
The Canadian Pacific Railway has
closed a contract with the Dominion
Steel Cur Company lor oonstruotiou nf
500 s'eel drop bottom goncolas to be
used on the Crow's Nest Pass seel ion.
These will be the lirst steel curs ever
built in Canada.
Toronto, Feb. 111.—The annual
meeting of the Crow's Nest Puss Coal
Company wits held on Friday. The
report showed a net profit ol $4!l7,-
8118.118 on the year's operation,
Ottawa, Feb, 10.—Tlio election ni
Victoria is on March 6th; nomination! February 27th.
Vancouver, Feb. Mi.—Joe Martin
denies the report that he will run in
Thurmond, W. Va., Feb. 10.—Fifteen
miners are still misting and believed
to be in a -shaft of Parallel mine
where a gas explosion occurred.
Eleven have been taken out ulivo and
six dead.
PlKTEKMAItlTZIIUltU, Natal, Fob. 10—
The collection of pull tux from unlives
near Riohmond led tu trouble which it
is feared will spread and possibly do-
velup into nu ugly native uprising.
Armed natives have resisted. Martial
law will be declared.
Tbe police reiuforcoments have
found bodies ol six soldiers who were
reported missing The men had been
stubbed to death.
Capetown, Cape Colony, Feb, 10.—
The demand, ol colored inhabitants of
Transvaal and Orange River colonies
fur full political right! are becoming
more insistent. An African culured
political nsioointlon representing all
Suuth Africa, is preparing a monster
petition to King Edward, aeklng lor
all political right, onjojed by whites.
London, Feb. ID,—According to a
despatch Irom Malta, lour British
cruisers will snun lm  withdrawn  from
the Mediterranean Hoot and futir
buttlchip, frum tho Atlantic Heel.
and ull sent tu the North sen. Tlie
Daily Mail explains the reduction ol
tho Mediterranean Heet due to the
Anglo-French entente, and says it is
not unlikely France will follow Uri-
taiu's example,
Bourne Bros.
Dealers in  Groceries,   Hardware,   Stoves,
Harness, Hay, Flour Peed, Etc.
Our sales of QUAKER BRAND canned fruits
and vegetables increase daily. They are the only first
grade canned goods in Revelstoke and people will have
Brandon Flour $2,75 per 100 lbs.
Creamery Butter in bulk, 28c. per Ib.
Try Our 40c, Teas and Fresh Ground Coffees,
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings.
Ready-Made Clothing.
Upital Authorized, $4,000,000   Capital Paid Cp,«3 600,000.   Rest, 13 300,000.
Head Office, Toronto, Ontario.
EBranohas in tho Northwest Territories, Mauitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
And the following points in British Columbia: Cranbrook, Golden,
Nelson, Revelstoke, Trout Lako, Arrowhead, Vancouver and Victoria.
T. R Merritt, President.       D. R. Wilkie, Vice-President and General Manager,
E. Hait, AssistaiitlGenorul Manager.   W. Moffat, Chief Inspector.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C —A General Banking Business Transacted
Savings Departmout-Deposits Received aud Interest Allowed.
Drafts sold available iu all parts uf Canada, United States and Europe,
special attention given to collections. A. E. Phipps, Manager
Incorporated by Act of Parliament. 1835.
Wm. MOLSON Maqphbrson, Pics. S. H. SWING,, Viee-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything iu wny of banking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice n year nt current rules on Savins? Bank
W. II. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
.     HOCKEY.
City v. O. I', it.
On Wednesday night mint her mutch
was played between the City and
O. P, R. team,. It was an exciting
game. In the first half the 0 IMI.
scored two point, against tlie city's
In the second half tho cily men
played a better game, scoring four
point, against two by the C.l'.R.team.
The total Bcore was: City 5; C.I'.H.
Dunne and Barber wore put on the
lenco for rough playing, ll. McDonald wa, roleroe and It. M. Doyle acted
a, timekeeper.
StockTaking Cash Sale
To reduce our large stock we will give most
iti .Vi . fi .1*, iti iti jti KB iti it, iti M -"I*- M, -*- -**1- -"I*- -^- ■** **- -t-- .i
\ 7'+' '4.' '4.' '4* 4- '4- 4* 4- 4- 4- 4- J- * 4- V V V V X Z *
Havo vmi overlooked our offer ol English Enamelled
 I steel Ware?  All our stock uf AU'MINT.M GOUD.s,
Do you think thai we advertise thi* merchandise at cost
only to bring you Inlo tho Store und sell at the tamo old
Whon we sny soiling at cott, we mean at coat,
Every merchant overstocks in  some lines anticipating
linger business, and we havo a number of enamelled and
steel Saucepans, Ten Kettles und Aluminum Kitchen Utensils whieli must go to make room for .Vow Spiing Goods.
During our Stock-taking Season these goods will lx- offered
at t.'nst Price,
Lawrence Hardware Go., Ltd.
Mail Orders Promptly attended to
1T1 i't, itt iti iti iti iti iti 1T1 iti 1T11T1 iT. 1T1 it. it..'
IF'J1 >l' ">'}' 'l> 'l' KP 'I' ™> ij.1 i|i 14,1 iji i|i Hit
P. 0. Box 1S1
Turns out $6,000 Gold Brick.
It is stated the gold brick Irom tht
January crushing of tho Eva mine
waa $5,000 and another $1,000 ol concentrates, or $0,000 in all.
E. A. Bradley, who recently went
oust, bus sold his claims un French
Creek tu tho American Mining Company and is returning to Revelstokt,
Ottawa, Feb. 3.—The Toronto
Globe editorially emphtsise, tha urgent nted for better protection of
vessels entering the Strait of Juan de
Fuct and other gateway, to our
Pacific Coaet, The Dominion, it tayt,
must take more active means lor protecting thi, traffic before the marine
insurance companies impoio a pro
tective tariff agtintt u, in the shape
ol heavy ratet,
1 If Given a Trial
mi-v ' reti
Ceylon Natural GREEN Tea wiil prove its
superiority over all Japan Teas.
Lead Pocket, only - Mc Mr and  COc   per Ib.    By ull   (Irocera.
vernnco. I hope your cxcollen'-v' returned to tho county, would re-1
won't be offended with me. Hut I sumo his lecturet on llio Wednesday
was wondering in general, whether evening following, llr. Urlmshaw
tlio Lord really did nialvo all tho pen- looked at Jacqueline, to nole how
plo upon earth, and in particular, sh" would receive this news, Poor
whether lie made you. nnd if so, fur .lucko hud boon under Marian's good
whnt insiTiilnlile reason lln did it " Influences for the week previous, aud
"Vou are an Impertinent million, I was, in her fitful and uncertain way,
But, liy the suiiils, 1 will huvo nn "trying to be good." ''As an ox-
answer to my question, and know porimcnt to please you, Marian," sho
what you wero thinking ot while gat t said, "and lo see how it will lining in that mirror." swor." Poor elf! Bo slio culled tiji
"Sorry (he lirst explanation didn't no, 'also, provoking smile of Joy, lo
please vour eminence. But now llrll° Orm frantic, but heard the
'honor bright!' I'll till ynu what I m'ws "■ Thurston's arrival with tlio
was thinking of. i wns thinking-- outward calmness that wus porlcclly
thinking how oxcossivelyiprctty I um. truo .to lho perfect Inward indiiiei-
| Nnvv, loll tho truth, nud shame   the oca.
•vi/j, v»J,
Cr, The Strange Disappearance
uld gentloninn, Hid you over, In n'l
your life, too such a beautiful, ba-
witching, tantalizing, onsunt'lng fnco
uii iniue is?"
"I think I never suvv sueh a tool'"
"lienllyV     Then your holiness nev-
. , or looked nt yourself in u   mlrrnrl
<? | never behold 'your natural fnco in a
£   glass!' never suvv 'what niiiiiner    ol
! mull' vi,u nre,
I   "By St. Peter I I will not bo    In-
! sidled, and dishonored, und delied In
'. this outrageous maimer.  I swoar   1
will have your thoughts, if 1    have
lo pluc'l thorn from your heart."
!   "Who-cw! Well, if 1 didn't  always
; think thought wns free, tuny 1 never
bo nil interesting young widow, und
! captivate Thurston Wlllcoxon."
j    "You iinpuile.nl.,    audacious, ahull
I   "Chlng n. ring a ring chum choo!
is keen, pallid l!
ok upun. '\n(l |
mis mndo 'jy f
iW^AAAAA>W-A-\* VVVW^VW*A(VVWi/V,>AA(*^^ >
CHAPTEH XX.—(Continued)       jits   round,  polished   forohead,    Us
"And now,  I ask  you, how    you mocking   eyes,
1 curls, its pupil,,.»  „  -
tulnnt littlo lips-hut contemplating, hor head liko a tambourine, ns   she
.She hus grown guarded—that is u
very bad sign—t   shall  watch   hn
closer,1' muttered   Grim behind   his [i
closed tenth.   And whon the profes- ir f
went homo thut duy, his keen, pallid
fiii-o wns frightful to lun
many were tho   common
the dispersing congregation,
From I hut Sunday to the following
Wodnosday, not uno word was Bpoken
of Thurston Wlllcoxon or his locturc,
Hut on Wodnosday morning' l»r. Grim
shaw entered tlio parlor, where One
I'lielinn llngci'e'd alone, gazing out nl
the window, and going up to i„-i
siilo, astonished her beyond moasuic
by spenking in u calm, kind tone,
and snying:
i "uacqiiolina, ynu hnvo been loi.
much confined to tho house laleiv.
Vou are languid. Vou must go out
moro. Mr. Wlllcoxon lectures tnis
evening. Perhaps you would like tn
hear hint,.   If so, I withdraw my tor-
could prevent if;
"I shall not he required to prevent
such an ail, Thurston, us such a ore
'r can take placo.   You spca
And a hio ring turn larky!
Its   tunny, dancing j sung the elf, dancing ubout.   toblntt, mer prohlbltlon  whlch WM pwnnp
curls, lis piquant littlo nose, or po- | thn hollows and mw™MnS lt_ oven j ((||) lm|,.h| nnd , bcg yQU wjl, t(|U( w
your own inclinations, If thoy   lm,
you to go."
You should hnvo seen Jacko's eyes
and eyebrow,! tho former were ililu*-
(iipiieity, while.
tho    latter    were    elevated to their
highest    altitude.      The professor',
as though a magic gin*:*, far   down c danced.
the vista ol her childhood—chlldlin >tl     "He still, you termagant. Be still,
scarcely  past,   yet   in   Its   strong! you lunatic, or I'll have jou put in a
only  to try  vour Marian's faith   „rjsra,OT>    """.■   *m     "   '"' ."""''*  ir..Sm» cited tlie oxasieralo.   antt oyeprowsi tlio i
ten ,,„r-i,o h „,-„ ,„,,.,( „..„„,*,. inrt.. contrast to the present, seeming  so, slrait-jackctl    uiul the oxasperaio.l e(, U) Umr ulmost
rn-: professor,
temper—both are proof aaainst ioetp,   „      ,   , , ,  ,,   ,
I think.    Hitherto   you have fined i ,l,s,"nl" <im; »"",u»rai!' '»"'    .';  ''-     ....    ,.   ,,,„„..
with the young lady's alieetions  ior j miniscence ol Us days resembled more       I h,.v
mere onnui nnd thuughtlessnnss, 1 do!
said   .lucko, (Iron-
vague   dream   of a pro-oxlstonce, ping tho bellows and sidling up    to CJ,ebrowa      ,.   ki;„lu,ll together, and
. ,.      . , i. i.i...    : „l,nnitl,,in-     **^, *...'. .-j'-mi,<.lir--~     .v *-'
bcliovol  but, now thut some, of   the
than u rational recollection of a put
evil consequences have been suggest*  "} ',""' """"' ",   ""
ed to your mind,  you will abandon  J£*° ™ ™ndo£» .„ (,uli,, ,,. - highsll.j,iM.      You can t help it
-'"• 1'- '"   'M  :...,   ..i.u   folding a book, but tho Primer, any moro than Thurston
Suddonly ho Wlllcoxon enn    help being handsome
ni, „,  i wheedling, mock-sympatho-, hl w „        ,oum|  ,l9  h„ „
f-°-1-1-°-wl I continued:
Poor  lie   niuuner
favorable    opportunity  oi  breaking \
of! the acquaintance,"
"And breaking her heart—who
knows' But suppose now that I
should prefer to marry her und tako
her with mo?"
"Nay, of course, I cannot for un
lnstr-nl suppose such a thing."
"Hut in s|>iti- i.i all your warnings
wero sueh no event about to take
"In such nn exigency I should divulge, uiir marriage."
"You would?'"
"Assuredly! How can yon possibly
doubt it? Much an event would
abrogate   my obligations to Bllonco,
occupied   with
reading ilacquollna.
broke Into hot' brown study by   ex-land attractive on Magnus Apollo.
claiming: i    "It was ot him,    then, ynu    were
"I should like to know what you j thinking, minion? 1 knew it! I
aro doing, nnd how long you Intend;know It!" oxclulmod tho professoi,
to remain standing lief,,re that starting lip, throwing down his bno.c
g|.,ss " uml paring- the lloor.
"Oh, indeed! should you?" mocked     "Bear it like a man!" said  Jacko,
.Incko. startled   out of her reverie j wllh solemnity.
vet. Instantly remembering to be pr,-     "You admit it, then.  Vou—vou—
v0|,i„g, I   " 'Unprincipled lemule.'    There!   I
"What were vou doing, and—-"    ] have helped you to tho'words.     And
"Looking at myself In the glass, now, if you will be molo-dramatic
t0 bo sure. ' you should grip up your hair   with
"Don't cut off my question. If yii hulh hands, and stride up and down
please.  1 wns going on to Inquire uf the floor and vociferate,
The lationallanufactomg Co.
til tv-nnatyna East.
St. Joint, H.O.,    8herbrooke Que,    London, Oat.,
Nov. Waetatlnsttr, B.C.
Calgary, Alborta'
.ir the way they do il In tlio plays.
Madam, your iinportinonco is
v liig beyond tuffcraiico. 1 cannot
tiro It."
,   .,.,..„.   ..,   , h/'t what you wero thinking so profound-1 distraction! perdition!   or any othet
poslte duty of speaWng " i fr-    knA ™"am' m n!is""" ' ^M wo^ y°.' '"" ■- -"■ -°.*i ™ '
"1 judged you   would reason so,"     "Madam, ii you   ploasi
he sn-d   bitterly : knows, 1 paid heavy enough Ior my
-But,' dear Thurston, of what   are ™w dignity, ond   don't   intend    In gn
you talking?  01 tho event of   your  abnle ono degroo of It.   So  if   you  01 .„
doing un Unprincipled act I Impos-i-  cull mo miss again,    11 get some one,      lhat s n mlghlj gi      ,...-'-
!,':-   dear Thurston! and lorovor lm-  who loves mo to call you 'mil.  Bo- li
p05fiiljl0|" sides, I'd have   yoll    tn know,  I ui
■ '.   , equally impossible, fair saint,  very proud ot it.  Ain't ynu,
that y,™ should divulge our marriago Sw._0«»! ?»^ ■ ., ,    ^^ „„,„,,,„
"I'll commit sulcldo
ni'.'.i any chance oi .proving it. .M.i
rian. tho minister that married us
h.ic sailed as a missionary to Farther India. And I only have the certificate of our marriage, You cunnol
prove it."
"1 shall    not   need   to prove    it,
Ti ::-■- n.   .Now that I have awaken
vou can't cure it,
St. Mary!  1  will    hear this
too? longer
Grim! ain't   you a proud and     "rhen I'm afraid you'll   hnv,
hapiiy mnn to be married
Jucko, tauntingly. ,      ,     ■    ,
"Yuu jibe!   Yuu ilo so wiih a pur-1     'That's you!   '■      ■    "•■
thoughts ns you siouii beforo    that
mirror "
"I myself have an engagement at
Loonnrdtown this afternoon, vvhii-n
will detain mo all night, and therefore shall not be ablu to escort you;
but Mm. WuUgh, who is going, wi'l
doubtless dike ynu under her charm'.
Would you like to go?"
"I hnu already intended to go,'
replied Jacqueline, without relaxing
a niiisele of her lace.
Tho professor nodded und left the
Soon alter, Jacqtlolinn sought iter
inini y, whom she found in tho pantry, mixing miui'o-meut.
"1 sav, aunty——"
"Woll, Lapwing?' ,      "a- Am- wit uwuai'i'iM.      'solvation wilhoul sympathy Is torturo
"When Satan turns saint, suspicion! — bill llie Chinese, seem 10 like lo be ob
is snfo, is it not? Curious Chinese Customs as Sei  Forth served working,   eating,   ur whatever
"Whnt do you menu, Lapwing?" |,y Hardy. they nre doing
"Why, lust now the professor enme ]   The mourning color In China Is whito
lo mo, politely apologizod lor b-s Mr. H'U'dys new book John China- ana ml black, and lho Chinoso must
Into rudeness, and proposod Unit I mon ol Home suys of Chliicso customs: thtailc n while elolli upon n dlnner-lable
should go with you to hear Mr. Will- 'When we llrsl come lo China all us dismal us we would ti labia covered
coxen's lecture, while he. thn profes- Ihlngi scent to l.-o upsido down, and il willi black crono. When foreigners
sor, goes lo Loonardtown to fullill is llio Uliexpeclcd only Ihnl happens, come llrsl lo China 11 icy nollee Hint
un engagement, i su>, aunty, '! Mceliil" n friend, u Chinese shakes hi.-' e en weor pellltoals nnd women Irou-
suil',' a plot, don't you?" own  hnnd   and not  llm  bund of hi3 sets,   As u inallor of fact, Imtli sexes
"1 don't know what to mako of it, friend, which ia more smillnry limn is war those last,   only Hie peasant wn-
Lapwing.  Are ynu going?' our  custom.    If ho  wauls  u man lo men foreigners   most sco do not havo
"Of courso 1 am; 1 always intend- keen away, be makes the same move- either n pelllcnal or ti frock, bul only u
od to." ' men! of his hnnd which we mako when 1 ng Jncltel; und Ibe lilerary mnn, that
>u moro was said at the lime.       we wish him lo come lo us.  lle laughs i- lo sn'-' the gonllcman of China, ul-
       ...                                                                                           Immediately after dinner Br, (irim- \\H?n he announces the (leillll nl n re- vvnvs wears a wnislconl over Ids   eonl,
oso.  But it shell not avail you,   I very well to   wear bomi ti/.ine    tins   :] ^. nnit,,Vij his   horgi)| ullli Sityi,1%, la [V(1| a„a „ ciiineso bride cries nl her nnd not under ns wo do.   We use our
eniunil to know Ihe subjecl ol your | cold weather.   !'ie.i,.e ,i„ .1 at^once  ^ )h< wm   g0Jng |(1 j^unm-ut;,,,.,! wo'lding.     |f you go inlo the olliee ol hnnds In play    baltlodoi'0 and Shultle-
nml should not bo buck till the noxt nn European whose hnl Is on his head conk: tho Chinese   hnvo no hnlllcdoro
day, sot forth. he will line il off; if you go lo where a nnd kick lho shuttlecock.   I! u British
(To be i/ontlnued). CYnose is sllllntl wllh Ills cup on Ihu boy is puttied, sny, In dolnp n sum, ho
 ♦  lnl)lc |n [font ol htm. he will put on die scralchos his head,   Iml u Chinoso hoy
HF, \V-\sN"T IP TO MUCH. !cnp.   A servunl In   China should wait nicks off a shoo and scralchos n foil.
In an Irish com! recently an old man al labia wilh his cap on.  At a Chinese Chinoso hahlcs are carted not In front
i Into Ihe w'tnest box nnd be- entertainment Hie   post of honor is nt lo lho arms of llieir mother,, bul upon
la tits.lt blind he wenl too lha lell und nol  at the I'lghl, ns wllh their bucks.
too, If you're going to, ,' r 1 should,
rather bo oul ol deep mourning b. .
■ Uy    tnven, l   wi!! pa; you    fori
this ' i
"Any time al your convonloncc, It.
Grim '. iw! And I shall bo ready    to
give you a recoil I  in full uj       the
said tho ■ If,  ri ; ig      "Anv-
01 ll l.l'' '
Sow, nono but a half madman likr
o': '■' ..-'-l.r-iVlit.sT knoii'tha't"vun Clriin would havo gravely made sin-,
will not further risk tho pence of a demand, or exposed himself_ lo such
that confiding girl. Come! tako mv n rebuff aa it deserved. Jocko look-
hai I and let us return, Wo must ed at him quizzically.
!. . too, lor there is rain in that1 "Hem!" she answered, demurely.
,1,,..,,; j "I'm suro I'm so awestnekon,   ynu-    -"
Thurston-plqued that he could not worship, that I can scarcefy find the thins;ose ■ '"'-;..   '   - .^ „,".„.,, , ,p iil0 sl„;,,,.' -,,.,. ,„,, tt-.ii-y In   ours, i
her more-for under her calmjuso of my tongue to obey your   re- j "; g ;.'.   |    ■    »» ,    ,,    ,      _ ,  ,  , , ,._. m u ,0 ,,„, with soup nnd rice. Al h, -■„• ,!.,■■- are
:   "lekcg ftc^nrarert'
in   more
mscs   than one  oii-l "*-
II it is n dinner il will begin con-
with   dessert, nnd end
and unruffled face be could not see
tl bleeding heart—arose sullonlv.
drew her hnnd within his arm and
led her forth,
Ind is ihey went the wind arose,
end the storm clouds drove over tlio
si • : lowered and darkened around
Marian urged him to walk fast ou
ac it ol tho approaching tempest,
and the anxiety tlie family nt tho
cotti .-•• would tool upon her accoun'.
Thoy hurried onward, but just ns
the; :--.. :hed the nel jhborhood "i Old
1 . ds a terrible storm ol hail nn,l
snow burst upon the earth.
It was us much as they could do
mako any progress It rward, nr
to keep themselves v on   llieir
lied up; in China cuts are, ul lensl Hiuse
our antipodes
Mnko your common dolly work an
Instructor In divine things, Fill up Ihe
nioosill'Q ol vour daily llio with nil thai
—That's what a prom it; en1
druggist said oi Scott's
Emulsion a short time
ago. As a rule we don't
use or refer to testimonials-
in addressing the public,
but the above remark aiK:
t        jiil'   1   |!|    I'M,'    UlC    IHH    'id   V.'IH     Ullli Jirin.".     iuo'.mv.w.     ti.    v....... |	
17   '  .,     ,    - „ . . .. ,, ,, ,,„ ,,.. ,,, | with regard, lo position on lho globe, moosuro ol your daily llio will, nil Ihnl
ear sir, there     i     ture to    t de       Is    '.  f ^ M'my 8°°"; but thev are. our  opposltet   In almost Ha puro nnd good nnd true, nnd liioxc
wed this   ever ■■ -   . '   ."..,,,...,       ..        cvrn- iiu,„ghi iund nol.  Our shoes ore lowly   temporal   Ihlngs  shall   ho, by
•■.■,..■,.■'.,':,.,,. nil bineke-ed. the Chinese wliilen   Ihu Cvl's blessing, us ibe llrsl rounds ot a
"       '    5 to hoar : ' I ac  and tnebbi b_ |add    ,,c.K|li     ,rom „„,,,,, lo hMvmi
'■"■   v'-'-;' -'•"■'--'■   - 'i piungir-u similar expressions are   ho ■'
through the norm, amid tin « rent Jncn        i   from      Ing lo   '
■•  ,l . „   „,l   ....; ,i i.i.n.. ' mono   e,v   nf-»n    111    eoni-i
i      |-da; lid, and
hand a   	
said ii     nd whal
has over been ■- -
indisputa Han
......   n   : i al '■ ■■., nevra
boon q [ht—that ■
been qui
lilt of   n
,-r than i ,'ei
have been glad I
il's all 1
ttiiiijer    Cropi   of  Better You should know the exact Chicken raising a very easy
Grain.  Clean, lartje Seed    weidht of everything you    and simple way of addiufj
• ■■ ttiinn; made so often in connec i, r.    .   .....    ,  „ . , ■
'"tion with Scott's Emulsion    ' • ■;
for I ■■•■- t wenl   i'W
that they are worthy  of i»-i       ■ -     ■   •        	
, ,r- Wi      -. lo  - I	
occasional   note,    from ,,, ,        ,,• ,, ..-,-r-,., - -,-,-,
Increases the Yield 20%.       buy and sell.   It pays.
to the farm's cash profits.
en ikini ol ' - Iry trees n thi for-
!-• and ti-'.' r' h ■ w I ti 'I .'il
ii. ,! tbo I i■; est, '-' i . in', o '
.. . hi the M ■'.•; ol  i i Iii d  ■ b ling
Iilng      \ ;  ■     hot tl ro iq t   .   ,
ht    ,   :■    Shi   ii i  led lire thi   ily  lillancV 10 Of
-i -r-.   St Mtt '     ■      ■ '   '      : ' '' m.  wl
aSc L,luwo ever the    him of thi    i   ir   Ind i id
7"-!7"'":'V;:". ■' ::;.,-"r' Emulsion offers a reliable
ib   ■   ird o   child    ,.  ..    ilnrl m, _ _        , hod to "annoy   Grim
"'■'  ''■"" a™ yo   u»r means of remedying im
is  Miriam",       -   ii wm proper and weak develop
wandering    In     •  rhl   aril  -„^..i.    _, ,   ..;„.. i^.,.i. rlrt,-l,
.,  „;;,,, ,..„,:,   .   ment, restoring lost uesn
u •
ia' ■
: . i plague the Ogro"
■ , tu  i .  mi tlvi
..rn, (nr, truth '', '      ' ir,-l
very Iill le i tho rot
his subjecl t   in,'I utu pen!
,.  . '. ..-    |ng In yi "■•-      - ih   d her I
ment, restoring
inn dropped  Thurst,       rn  and vitality, and repairing
ind     .-  ed 1,1 todly orward throi-gn ■ r »
«r, in   tho direction ol   tho Waste.     1 tie   action  01   ,      K .. .,,,.  ,],„ ;,,,,, nxod  '-.'
voh . crying, "Hero I am, my i! ir.   c.    ,,,      t*      i  •
,.   mvtrcasure-heralam.    Wheli^COttS    Lmtll'.-.ion    IS    110
'■     : Vy 'I1'";   "''''. : " ';",';'' more of a secret than the
night?   she naked, at ,ho found  the ,
d .,  hall perishing with cold    nnd  composition (it  UlC  Emul-
ivet, and caught and strained her  lot   , ,,     ,ir.    ,   .,   ,
,.,     ,.,. .sion itself.   V.hat it does
■•'"' i.i-'ii.n-i ■.,-..-«■ ,'„-,. ii-vii it doe   thn.ugh nourish-
I-,   a '.    and    the   wind shook    (hi ^*
I   isu so hard, nml I could not sleep meat-—the kind of noudsll-
i:, tho warm bed while you were o,.l , ,        .
In tho sttfrra   So I stole softlv down ment  that cannot   tie  OD-
; ?&■ -j&rA™™-talned in ordinaryfood-
it - * moment tho child   caught, No system is too weak or
sight "I Thurston Btnndlng with liii i .  ,.     .     , ,   .      0     ,,,
face hail  mufftod ir, his cloak,   a delicate to retain bcotts
i     2 to 1*0 Btrongely recognized un- r*ml.i.i..       i antl,.,r ^^.,1
dor similar   circumstances In   nt'er | emulsion ttnu gataer gOOU
from it.
years    Then she did not know   him,
but Inquired i
"Who is that, M.iriun?"
" \ friend, dear, who camo   honiel
with inc.  Omul-night, i Ir."
And bo dismissing Thurston, lie
»-nll ed rapidly away, Sho hurried
with Miriam to tho house.
l IIAi'Ti.U XXI,
Sans Soucl ttood before the parlor
i or, | azlng Into it, teeing—nut.
(be reflected Imago of h» own elfish
if ■ ■  or pretty, wlMi'ng '',,ce. with
W- will tend vou t
Minple fru.
R. .lift'!,! Hi. ,-i I'.. In (li.
tie,, 1,1. I'M I, i,n th. wr.ppt.
al..../ b*ltL ol BmiiUlo,, r"„
Toronto, Oat.
jO-. and Jl; til treffbU.
dp -v.' I CO to M b-jrfi.
per hour,
CltuM vThttt BrtjTlBOtbr.Clortr, Bllltt,
ihe : ghty fancy 11 ■'■■  .•■■'■'  ■
ho        ,;,.a   tho Ir ■''    ' '    etwe
Mi-.,   Waugh and Pr. Grlmshau
dacqucllnn was magnotlMd, ami
scarcely took her - "• Irom thi
,,....:.,.;• il irlng lie- ii h ii" ,,l tho ill,
course Mrs Waugh wo, ol „ too
much Interested to notice her companions     Grim was agonized
1-oBllll   nt   II,"    whole   nf   which   WOt       Jtp.i'   ,-,!   r,,n't r,l.*l.
that after thoy  nil got home,    Dr      ''     '    ""     "
Grimshaw—to uso n common but
graphic phrase-"put bis fool down"
upon ih„ resolution to prevent ,Inr-
(picilna', fiiluro attendance at the, lectures. Whetber he W'li'lbl hnvo BUC-
ccoded In keoplrtg her away is   verv
ti,' •   n :'.e/, i"...t, i'-w. li.;.;.-, ' nm -t;uJ ..il  "' ;'[; ,"n,<Vl!i''
Lar« FTopper, BcrrwFeea M^lirn-ir'iiaiH
Cepaclty 2,060 lbs,
Ydii fiGSd ii fwio on your furni, for ovorf
tinnww.llun y"it ihftkt) i< by wolglil nnd you
-I.unlil know IIk; t sunt wtlirht ol o^urylhiiii;
you bur and Mil,
The Chatham Farm Senlo u nunln In throo
h'vl -J. Td« Munracy of orery Chatliam Farm
Hi ,lo lnjpmranteei! by Lho t '.unuliuu (Jovcrn-
ment BVorrl Itatnam I rm Roalolniolu wiih
(iniiictfi'ii Qovernoitfot (nflpootord t'oniiicato
of A'i'UMioy.
Kfory . hat Iiinn [I'nrmPoolo l^iv nuftll TfUck,
Ju • drop tho lover anil n i tvolgpt or wcai ou»
, omeon tha knlfni ifiOHotthoncnloa.
We rend thli Rcalo lo any farmer on roootpb
ii (unit Bnycuh down,
No, J-1M Cgl
No. l-m tyi-
Poultry falsing pays,
I'QOplo who mil yon ihnl IbeM U no monoy In
uri'l lli'i inoi.l !ll»-'i"iiM(!riiniif l.i^iiji'iit. ■ ■■ .- ,      , , -     ■
Wphaveal-inktliHi I'-llinlUlniul ll. which mhinp: i-Mi:Ich may havo trloil loinako monoy
[-"»byu»ing FollinK lu'iw«hliaUli"
AtSutii■ witi£u  intfliwTni d SuU ii w' ^ ^xrl-wl »" Mud lo yon on roocjptofa I" M.o hUBloeiw by ping bo ting muMtott-
Mjfn»von1yoi   '^       * port OftrdWuTyour name ami luhlt^. cm, and 't.eymi^.UflWolllwvotMUllooiita
■BjSlft ^ dJMUi -do ^ m.     CHATHAM SEPARATOR      fa«^
m";'-;. -tr^niwid rM.lH. gnrflng wo flMBM^aPKmPWOm "my* wfcctly»mlHucc*SH«fBlly.
..,,      ,      ru-,- ,.i   ni.wHi   »iiu    . i-.-ii-■-,   Ki"....n   ""/
1 n     ttiinyrff'im flnMl-iewl tOOOUIWgrt-U), H-;rwfH-«
OjabinM -ir/i
Works nanlly find Btoootbly,
plinly with Ingenni'v.
The'"hit'*'tm KanniHg .Mill will pnyforltMlf
ovfir awl otot in ono year, it li the groaUrt
e^finriiiiiwrand profit, IdilldOT On the fai in. II
en*i:ir'''i Mggnr cropi of bettor amlo.
If It wcro not. tho .»r*,t It ffoaTd not now he In
two on hnndretlii of thnuaandj of fniii.H In
Canada and ITalted BtatOB,   Fiimlnhcd with
doubtful,  Ink! not n  romftrkanly   in-   or without MaKKlng A(.la'-iunont, UdfWed,
clement Boason o( voathor net In, ond  rmre awar»s- BlffM BWBrfjiit WorM'e
lofltotl n fortnlglit, leaving thn road,      ...  *	
nonrly    inipnssnlilfl   for    two    Othor
hair, Ht. LofllBi i'.m Amerlran, Ittitiele:
"World'H Fair,  PmW,   mnoot   Toronto,
.    .   , , Winnipeg, ffnllfiu, Charlfilon, BaVMimh
WGOkB.   Ami just M trnvrdinir;     wafl       nnd .liikaonrlllo.
getting to bopoiBlWBiJhuwtM wmi-j wtiym*-tofnm\mmt<Ufa&n
y-lll",.   I ,.l I:, III''I,„,,
cnxen wns called   to llnlliiniire,
his grnndfnther'a   business, nnd wm
absent a lortnlght,    Hn, altogethci,
six weeks hnd ponied without   ,lnr-
qiitllna'a lindlng nn opportunity   to
defy Dr. flrlinslinw by nltendlng  (he
lectiireH flgnlnsl. Ids content,
At the end nf thut limn, on Sun
day morning, It wns announced Ir
tht church that Mr. Wilkoxcn hnvllg
lliey ilu il|i*r("otly anil mici'Cmifllll)',
Tlio poultry Inislnctw, nropprly conducted,
pay, far Dttttr than unr ul hor biwlnoss ror tho
iii.uutit,,(tin" i,i„1 money invested.
'IlioitHinulu of pouttfy-ralBow-raen imil wo-
mnn til over (lainula ninl llm Ualtoil Slnli*,-
luivr pioveil totnelraatlifaoltOB I hnt ii In print-
iii,iii fo ,-.,i.i I'liltlni with Uu,ilull 1,1,iii Inou-
ll„l„|-iil|,l |l|l„»ltl.
Tlm Cli.llinm Ineubatai and Bromler In hon-
e"Ily ,/instriieli'il. Tliert in nn IiiiiiiIiiik about
ii. Bverrloohpf material Is thoroughly lostta,
llmiiuielilinl.liolltonrltht principles, Ibti In-
.-iXiuiii In i,,rf",-t, tlii-riemutter Icllablo, und
tlie w.i ImuuuUp the bgnt.
Tho ('li.iiliam Incnl.il/ir and Brooder is
.lm rl. a. well a. ioientlfliiln cunitt-iicllon-e,
ifniiiHn cr girl can opomtw tho runclilno lu llieir
leisure, niontntii.
Ftr ittiriilln| Ott, Fran Whut.
Wn send tho Chntluun Kiuuilnir Mill In nny
f-jlnflrou rtOttptOt hi. tiriliir, hIkiii-i,, without ml.     ".    ,',. j    7    ..■■■...■ »v... •■*■.
•ny oaill down, mul llio ino,)! llbnml lei -nu of Tht, solmilld «f,1.00 JtPMtttl *«a*WJJ
Oor propMltlon li tklll Wewlll «hlp you the
Chatb.n Incabator und llroodor, (relgbt pre-
paid, and
You Pay No Cash Until Altar
(i".tn perfectly, nnil I, mluplwl tn nn other pur- lOQB Harvaal.
.H«o. ltleliiifl.peneaWe to every prodiicerol »™" """"•
Wnrrn cot Pimwuuns nml Free Hook, llienii jjmlne In oomlilnatlou, anil N'OTIllSO     ?onil f.r ourliiind.om-lylllM^UJ Iwoklot
UowttMakeliullM.iiiitolWlnd." CAN TaKK ITH l'MCK. entitled, "Horr to Make Money Out otCblta*''
'    W»naii«applyyeui|iilntlyrr,imiiiirdl,lrlhiitln:rw«roh.inMttCilgtry,Brandon, lt*glii». Wlanlpeg, New Weitmlinter,BX.,Montwal,
Halifax, ( Inithiuii.   l-'uei orlnn nil iiviiiam, hnt., uml n> riinir, Mien, tl,
Shippers should see Ihnl Ihe coops nre
in p.ind condition befoi'e using, so Hint
Ihey arc nol liable lo como apart while
In transit, us Ihoy nre roughly handled
somotlmcs, Tho coops should nlso be
high enough lo allow whatever kind ol
poultry Is shipped i in enough lo stand
up,   how coons should nol be used, it
not ulono being cruel, iiiil a greal dcul
j of poultry i.i Insl every jear by sufloctt-
I liun.
!   Do not ovorcrowd tho coopa, Pulling
j loo much Sloclt 111 n coop nt nny lime 's
i wrong, imi in hoi weather especially do
nnl crowd loo' much slock inlo n coop.
Coops oflcn arrive wllh a good detil il
I dead slock.   Do mil blame the conilnls-
I sion mcrcliani lor heavy slirlnltogo nr
j poullry smolbered In Irnnslt   through
i carelessness in overcrowding coops.
|   In li-il vvenlber do nol put more lhnn
100 pounds of live old liens In u regit-
Iur coop; in cold weather   aboul   130
i pounds 111 regular .size coups.  Of spring
| chickens,   when small   about 50 to CO
pounds and largo 70 lo !.H) pounds,
Keep dillerenl slock separata ns much
us possible,
Spring chickens weighing less lhnn
ouo pound should nol be shipped, as
Ihoy become a drug on lira nuirkel.
Pound uml one-hull to two-pound chickens sell best, und Inler In llie season
jver two-pound weights nre preferred.
!n the early spring, when chickens first
mine in. some small chickens will sell,
Iml as soon as chickens begin lo bo
pleniilul, Ihen lite smull ones nre not
Attention Is also culled lo Ihe fuel Hint
dmIv-feiilliered ducks are nol as desirable ns llm while-leiilliered, chiefly for
llie reason Ihal Ihey do nnl dress out ns
while nnd clean ns tlio while-leathered
Poullry should be shipped so ns 'o
arrive on llie murkol from Tuesday la
Friday. Receipts generally Increase toward llie end of Ibe week, nnd Ihere Is
enough cnrrlcd-ovcr slock on bund Sul-
iinlay lo supply lln. demand, Merchants,
rather llnui curry stock over Sunday,
would sell nl a sacrlllce, ns lho stocK,
when In coops, loses considerably In
weight by shrinkage, und dues not appear fresh nnd bright. Besides, Monday
Is usually a pom' day lo sell poultry.
i'ngs willi Hie liiiine of llie commission niei'i'liiuil nnd Ihe shipper should
be Incited on Ihe end ol lira coops. Tuck
two lags, one oil eneh end, so Ihal if
ono gels deslroyed llie oilier is likely lo
remiiiii nil rlghl. Never lack llio log on
llie hips of llie coops. He sure, nnd write
your name nnd address on llie big;
nllnnvise, Iho commission merchant receiving your shipment could nol loll lo
whom or where lo send llie pay Ior Ihe
if biilleriiiiiiiers who ure churning the
cream from lira farm herd would try
the following method ol sailing and
working bulter, I feel sure limy would
never go bnck to llieir old methods
ngain. Churn ul a Icmpcraluro which
will ensure the buller coming in granules, say iii! In 01 degrees. \Jfc, n barrel
churn .suys a writer, or ul least one
Hint lurns end over end. Whin Ihe buller breaks add n handful ol sail or a
couplo ol quails nl good brine, and lum
lho churn a lew limes more. This
will cause the buller lo rise to lira surface of Ibe buttermilk boiler, nnd lira
soporailon from lho buttermilk will ho
more cumpletc. Draw oil buttermilk
and wash lira buller as usual, being
ciireliil lo keep tho granules perfect ny
having llie wider nol over iii degrees.
Drain, Ihen add lira sail necessary, dls-
Irlbutlng it evenly over the surlaco ot
lira buller, turning Hie churn from side
lo side for this purpose, Heplaco .lie
cover nnd revolve I lie churn slowly for
Iwo mimdes or even I," . Take off llm
cover, nnd wilh the ladle eul Hie lumps
of butler apart, for the granules will
have uniled; roplaco cover and revolve
ns bciore. The In ino should lm drained
oil in Hie meantime. Allow the buller
lo stand ii fow moments while you
press il into shape in u buller bowl ir
in n printer, or it may bo pocked right
i iiiln crocks. No further winking will
lm found necessary, If properly (lone
Ibe buller will be worked Jttsl rigid, no
mollies or streaks appearing, 11 dees
nwny wllh n great deal of labor In reworking nfier il becomes hard. The
wider hns used this method a number
of years in mailing butter Ior private
tainllles nl a fancy price.
'lira cull polaloes, cabbages ami oilier
unnltractlvo orllcles thai cannot i.e
marketed are jusl a, valuable for lood
us funds ol ibe bosl Quality, Thoro is
no holier or cheaper food for ducks and
geeso Hiaii turnip*, These may Im
cooked or wil Inlo liiin slices ond ted
raw. When feeding such foods ns turnip*, cai'i'ols, heels, or polaloes, bran
and corntncul mny be sprinkled over
llieni Willi iiilviiiilnge, Cabbage bends
may be placed in llie yard lo be picked
in pieces by Ihe hens, and tho small
heads are ns highly relished by llieni
OS are those Ihnl lire salable,
ih,. farmer is Ibe mosl Independent
of Ihe working classes. The man llkbig
Itis business is mosl likely lo bo successful,
Farm wages nre likely lo rise, Our
young men go inlo town where Ihey
'simply live on what Ihey think it gen-
oral job, or Ihoy go west to curve, out n
homestead and u fortune for themselves,
notation in crops is the llrsl requisite
lo modern farming,
If n eominunlly is noted lor lbs Inferior
farm animals you are sure lo find ils
(arm operations conducted on the some
In Europe people have lira advantage
over us In Ihe parcel post Ior marketing
their products. They hove a noilon
lhat the mails should be run Ior tlio benefit of the people rnlhcr than for Hint ol
the express companies. In Ormany a
ten-pound package ol buller can be sent
forty-six miles for six rents. Over lira
distance Ihe cost Is twelve cenls, in
Switzerland Ihe some weight enn lie
carried for tight cenls, and its delivery
,'1 +.I..I^..{....+.J.+.J.H.W..H.]....,H,.M,
•H-J J-l..^t-.H4-H-M--H-14H-l'
That there is no royal road lo relief
from rhoinnatlsm was proved afresh ll
oilier day liy on April grandmother^
who lind emerged Irlumpbanlly lu
henllli from a shin of helplessness "n
whioh she bud nol been able to fasten
her clullics or do her own hair. "How
did ynu do il?" site was asked. And she
answered by lira one wind, "Diet." Hr.
Loydcn, nt Berlin, who is Ihe leading
aulhoiiiy nn rheumatism iu Europe, declares Hnd wliilc ynu never can eradicate ll, yuu cni, control ll by exercise in
Ihe open air, much buslling about, nnd
hearty nnd toijuenl meals from which
most nl lira thiol's appearing in llie
ordinary bill of faro tire lelt out.
OI meals yuu must deny yoursoll
heavy, dark flesh. Under lids head i<
Itemized mutton, venison, gooso, ami
anything Mint is eul oil a pig. Devote
yourself lo chicken, lamb, game, sweet-
broads, and llm mute delicate (tali, when
slmplv cooked nnd served without rich
sauces. Avoid lobsters and every tried
fish, bul enjoy lobsters and clams,
OI vogolables never touch lomalncs,
cucumbers, nnd all salads thai have n
vlnognr dressing tor nn Inadequate
slomnoh is busy manufacturing more
acid ilian llie system can endure. Est
lightly nl potatoes, dried beans, or pens,
and raw onions, but indulge freely n
green beans, nnd carrots, turnips, ami
well-conked greens. For nil lira slareh
ynu need rice is Ihe proper source if
supply. An abundance nf well-cooked
rice is worth till llie bread and beans
(mil polaloes pul together.
Strawberries, raw poors, and raw apples are cut oil Irmn Ihe rheumatic, also
grant! and orange juice, but Ihere is a
divine healing qunllly lound in Hie acid
ol lemons and limes. There is but one
sentence lo cover lho use nf sugar—and
thai is, don't eal il in any form Wliol-
soever, Almosl as sweeping a denunciation is made nf all liquids, except wider
mul milk, Cuftee, lea. beer, clarel, port,
und champagne nclliig as n sort of
poison nn llie rheumatic system.
Six months ol this diel was all lira
treatment followed by this young-old
lady, who declared herself lo be as go id
ns new, except lhat sho look four or live
limes o day if she fell llie least twinge
a few drops of nil ol wlntergreen.
Aboul this she had made Iho discovery
timl there nre Iwo grades ol dillerenl
efllcncy, one ot the manufactured and
one llie real, lira toiler being Hie only
one which was really helpful.
Supcrsllllous   delicts  In  Sumo  Cases
Seem to Prove True.
\V. \V. Skoal (lives an Interesting account nl the regalia of Solangoro
Among them is it trumpet which 110 on
may loucb except Ihe reigning Sudan
and the helr-apparcnl. Any one else
touching il will be struck wllh illness
Mr. Skoal was anxious lo examine Hies,
things, and one day Hie Hajnh Muduh
allowed lilm lo lake the sacred trumpet
Inlo his hands. "1 thought nothing
more, of lira mailer," suys Mr, Skoal,
"but, by what was really a very curious
coincidence, wllhln a few days I win
seined with a sharp attack of nniliiriu
Influenzal which obliged mo lo leave llie
dislricl. The report of my Indisposition
appears lo have iiiude u profound impression, nnd a Malay, who probably
Ihouglll himsell Indebted to mc lor some
nsslsinnce, vowed to offer sacrifice al
the shrine ol a local saint for my rccov*
cry." Mr. Skoal bad lo attend a ban
quel al Ihe taint's tomb In gralllude lor
in* merciful Intervention,
In Sarawak persons nl Ihe Milnnau
tribe havo a practice of depositing
largo leaf, peculiarly tolded, nl lira sp
whore an accident bus happened,
conciliate llm powers of evil, A man
hurl himself In llm Rajah's garden, and
some Milaiinus employed Ihere hastened
lo perform lho ceremony ot proplllalloii,
Tbo present luijah, Sir Charles Brooke,
tells whnt followed in his "Ten Yours in
Sarawak." lie disliked lo see Ihls litter
on lira palh, and lold lira gardeners in
remove ll. Bul tho Mllanuus said Ural
Ihe arm ot any ono touching the leal
would swell. So lira Rajah throw i
twny himsell—nnd Iwo days afterward!
he hnd a painful swelling in his arm
which lasted a (orlnighl.
In llie "Journal of lira Indian Archipelago" Is a narrative of Jonathan
Rlggs' ascent ol Cunning Danka, hi
Java, 'lira lop of that mountain is supposed In be Ihe sile of Paradise, and llm
Japanese believe Ihal il lira local Hnjnh
permits any stranger lo climb II a llgcr
will devour him, A day or Iwo after
Mr. Rlggs' fenl a tiger killed Iwo oi the
Rajah's children.
lie Echoes n Statement Made by Thousand, of lira People of Ihe Prairies.
Giroux, Man., Hec.  LS (Special).
—Mr. I'hilius   Normandcau, n   well-
known   resident of this place, is one
| of   thousands   of   Munilohnns   who
11 Is lho casiesl thing in lira world lo have tumid relief from lira pains und
fall Inlo a fashion ol semi-lnvnlldism, ■ aches   of Kidney Ulseaso In  Dodd s
and lo declare  oneself nol   up to the Kidney Pills.    Mr. Normandoau   is
mark, when one has slept badly,   or always ready to say a good word for
The Coupons are the samo as cash because they can be exchanged for Toilet Soaps
for which you have to pay out money every week.
for notlii"g.
Read circular in every package, or write us for Premium LisL
A gift is of lib'e value if it consist, of something you have no use for.
In exchange for Sunlight Soup Coupons you can get something you need and line
every day.
Lover Bi-olhura EUmltoJ. Toronto, Canada
What   Is    Going on in tho Highlands and Low'ands of
Auld *?e itia.
Ur. John MacdnnnUl bus been np-
The Berlin Police Practice a Plan e!
r,er!in, Germany, hns made elaborate
arrangements lo suppress any popular
demonstration thnl may bo contemplated against lho Government,
Owing lo lira offecls of Hie Russian
revolutionary movement upon lira Socialists ol Germany, llio cily lias been
pointed medical officer for Inverness-j divided inlo   square   sections, by the
shire. ' organization of which lira police could
l.iout.   John  Macfadyon,   of   tlio pul down effectually nny attempt by a
, Cabul-Kanihihar vet-
Oovan police,
eran, is dead.
James Hums, n   Splon KoP veto-
nn, of tho Scottish UH.es,
drowned nt Gal.ish.lcls,
mob !o march toward   llie   Emperor
lalncii and Hie Government olliees.
The plan of campaign is rehearsed ns
was found often as feslive occasions   attract Im-
■ mense crowds lo lho centre of Berlin.
"What lnloreste.il me mosl In my Ira-
t'OlS," said Helipad;, "was lira mummy
of n queen I saw In Egypt."
"Wonderful, eh?" asked his friend,
"Yes, it's wonderful Imw liny could
make a woman dry up and slay tljal
The flr-ntost Tonic I, "Ferrdvlm." It Is
pteaiant in taste nml oiintatiu ju-it tlio nourish-
incut ,iu,l atr-iiiiUi-iifviii^ qtnlitiei Hint am nood
r'bylrnie who am sick ,-*u,1 weakly.
Lawyer! "I really hope I don'l annoy
you willi all llioso questions?" Fair
Client; "Nol al alt. I'm used to it. I
have a six-year-old Son."
Suffer tin More-.—Thero nre thousand!
w-iiii livo miserable lives  becnuso    ily-
MC        I   II,-,   ,,'nlice   In   .liennsi,,,,   n!   |h»   W"'1   elllllB   Hie   (nullities   mill   shallows
i.lll nl the police in disposing ol lilt!|u.-ciEtto,ico wllh  tho cloud of depression,
One wny to dispel I lie Vapor, Hint he-
Bet the victims of tiiis ibsoriler ia to
virtler thorn a course of Purmolco's Vegetable bills, which me among the ho,*i
vegetable, pills known, bohig ousy to
tuko nml are innsi efi'n'.iuanuH in tlicir
action.     A  trial   ol llitiui  win   prove
A child four years of aire has ben On such occasions   Ihe   extraordinary
burned to death in Dundee while trying to light a cigarette. I crowds,   which ihey   drive, block by
A sawmill near Pitlochry, the pro-' block, oul inlo the suburbs, has been
pcrty of Captain Butter, (.'.MU., nf Commented upon. One side ol etch
Faskally, hits boon totally destroyed organized square is lell open, and this
ijy nro, is always lira side facing llio suburbs,
A rolndeor has boon born in Cook's so thnt the   crowd may drill   in thatjtf
circus at  Edinburgh.   It is suid   lo  direction,
bo lho only   one over born in   tho    In the caso of a popular uprising, lho     «w n  Vl.iu       ,  cot birched   in
British Isles. I fourth side of each square would bo left school [0.uayy „Y°S ,„a u didn't
Tho subscriptions   for the   Queen open or closed, according lo the gravity liurt,,      ,.j.u, cdrtalnl*   hove
Victoria School   nnd   Memorial   to! of lho slluation, „    been'crying?" "6h. I wanted to   1
Scottish Sailors and Soldiers amount    » il became necessary lo suppress lho t,    t    h|*
to £43,267. r's'nB by lira mosl severe mcusures, llio
lle-ry Wntson, a Shettleston hoy, I fourth sldo of each square coud lo
agod seven, fell down a hot air I'ue closed, so Ihnl lira rebels wllhln il would
In a Glasgow factory and was scorch-1 bo enclosed wllhln Inpenelrablo lines nf
od so that Ira dlod, ' j "''° "nd ;'!co'' nm' co"'d be shot down
A  Glasgow   strike,   lhat  of tho | or bayoneted lo the last man,
Our Honest Belief
II that wi have brought
As near PERFFXTION as modern methods   and
COMPARISON with other brands.
materials   will permit,
that lilts it above Ino
Pedlar's 'Osliawa' STEEL Shingles
QalranUed nr pu.it.toil. Most durable aiel economical cireria; for R.eflni er Sldlne (or
lt»i*ciice<, Ilo',,...*■-, Hants, lilevalor., Si-ins, Chi .rches. Poult « House., vrb . etc.
Ha liar to lay aot will latt longer liun »ey other c ,rorin*. chose*' than wood ahinjlo. or
■lato. No experience nacesnr". * hammer and ml,, are the only tools require,!. Iti.
sonilhxra»iioaliiBlisial,!slaol. All" Corruj.L-d Iron, Pilnled „r (i.lu.n I 0, in shuts
us Inches long, iir. n and Embossed OUIiui. V Crio. ti Heeling. iono tfUfui or
IW-itln;', Si,li„it ami Collin* i in all grates. Thoutanda ot buildia-s thnunh the Ooa,ini.u ar.
covered wtthunr s!,a„t Moul Heeds, untitle, thorn
Semi ill your order I vr as many iqus rcj (-Isld (eeli a. you roqaire t v orer your new or old
■ -   The very best reeling (or this ctuutt. We can supply E.ve Tronill, all aliel.
huli.tiiii-            .,
Cotiugalcdjir Plain Roued, Ci-nducor I ipes, Sh ci' lilbows, .*pik-». lubel.
We ara tbe largest concern of the kind under tho Brittss dag.  Bsubltshed IML
invested tiSO.OUO.tlO.
Write To Say lor Catalogue No H R and Fret tampltl.
•WES23   I»:»3:DI..AJa   S»BOE»X.3H,
0'TA»-a, CUT.      I      TOnoNlO OUT.      I      VAKC00VH, It.
4'J.l Siiasii tt.     I       (1 Venae t!       I       ,1, reader II.
—— I
707 Orals; tt.
out ut it.'
I wanted to   let
n lillle pleasure
over-eaten, or worked too hard. Numbers ol people do nol work hard enough,
Willi the result Hud they suffer trom
ennui, which, In itself, leads lo disease.
I! .should be considered one of life's
solemn duties lo keep well II one can,
and disease should be considered n grcai
misfortune.   To be hall-well is to be
tho comedy that brought back    his
"Yes, 1 enn tell you Dodd's Kidnev
Tills mudc a cure of me," be says.
"1 had   Kidney   Diseaso for   three
plumbers, after .lasting 20 woc-s,
lms collapsed, the men having agreed
to rosumo work on the old terms.
Provost Symon, Dufftown, Ins Intimated his retirement Ircrr. - (lie
Town Council, of w.ncn be has been
a member for tlie past -111 -ears.
Tbo Lerwick School Board i-as an-
poinlod Aliss Dcssic K. Mitchell, nf
Kinross, us teacher of cookery in the
Cent'al School at n salary of i75.
The crow of lho Scotch herring
boat, No, 31fl, from Kirkcaldy, o rood £170 liy ono night's fishing, Thev
lime   iur
: discovered
some ono
Experimenting.—There's no i
experimenting when you've
lliai you ure u victim (it
form or anothor ol kidney
Lay lwld   of   lira ireatment
tin.t thousands have pinned Iheir mill.
I,i nnd has cured quickly and pcriiian-
Tho Great Northern Railway Com- enlly. South American Kidney Cure
,,u... . , " running a inagnilicen; slnnds pre-eminent in Ibe world of
I'ourtec'ii-h'ulif' night train from St. medicine os lira kidney sufferer's tru-
Paul to Winnipeg. This now tram, osl friend.—02
"The Winnipeg Limited," is ono   of
Young Men of Canada
Nothing will pay von so well, and no school can
ili, to woll for yen ns the old succosslul
We can place son „l our graduates in GOOO
■'ITUA'IION'S duriiiK llio Incoming y»ar. Wo
,11,1 il tlii.i rear ami cm il" It aniin. 'I hu Is tlio
,1,1 roli-il,lo oellogo ol Canada, established n
lean, 26 years under |in.*onl pnnrlpj,1.  Over
im fmiluatos ln>uccesslul business UIo.  lry
It10!:. O.U.IAUIII-*. PaiKCIPAt,
C, ll. Uollego, Hamilton, Ont
V M.;c. A. Building).	
Bargain List of Farms
mailed free. ALF. BROWN,
Dept. K, Pictcn, Ont:
years.   At times I got so bad I cffubl brought 80,000   herrings into  Scar
hardly attend tn my work
just   five   boxen   of   llodil'i
1   took
K idiii-y
halt-equipped for the bailie ol life, lo be puis and my pains nnd aches are all
only half-ready lo do one's share of lira! gOM0 &nA . can worK ua Woll ua m).
daily  task.    People who are hnlf-woll j body.  To anybody who has trouble
are. seldom In goad spirits, and their
melancholy acls as a-wc-1 blanket on the
good cheer of others.
When it cannot be helped, Ihis state
of things nuist be acccpied, When d
can, to yield lo il Ls almost a sin.
with their Kidneys nil 1 call say ii
'use Dodd's Kidney Pills,' "
Dodd's Kidney Pills always euro
sick Kidneys. With well Kidneys you
can't havo Bright s Disease, Diabetes,
Dropsy, Rheumatism, or any ot lho-n
other fearful and fatal diseases that
spring from sick Kidneys.
Hero are some of lira mottoes which
are said to be held by lira Portuguese
Queen;—Keep out ot doors all you can.
Breulho outdoor air, live in II. revel hi
It. Don't shut yourself up. Build your
house sn lhat your air supply Is good.
Throw away your portieres and bric-a-
brac, IJnn'i have useless trifles around.
Have a favorite form of exercise, and
make llie mosl of It. Ride horseback, if
you can; cycle il you cannot gel ahorse;,
do sonielhlug-anylhlng-to set out in crelgns it is douhllul which musl bo
lho open air, Don't get fat. Fat is an I considered Ihe most unlucky name
incubus which weighs vou down. Fat but il is probable thnl lohn Is llie name
Is lira sign ot over-lndulgenco. Fat of ill omen, says London Tit-Bits,
makes vou old ond ugly. Fat keeps you! For instance, John of Engluud has
from being lithe, young nnd blooming., always been branded as on Inlamo.is
Don't ovor-ent. Drink iiltle, nnd lot it I monarch, a character which ho hardly
be pure. Don't lry lo dress loo much, deserved; slill il was his lm-l.. ,l"i.:t
Yel dress as well as you nre able*-wear
everything lo make yourself lovely.
Many Monurchs llrnrinr, il Mel   Wilh
It Is strange how good or bad tortuno
seems lo attend certain names; an 1
litis is Ihe more marked In die persons
of royally, on account ol llieir conspicuous position, than In the ease uf
the ordinary individual.    Among SOV-
lira very finest in lho Northwest. It
is equipped with lho newest and best
compartment library observation
cars mosl luxuriously furnished and
lira comfort of the passenger is catered to in every detail. This (ruin has
already mndo a name ior itself for
running right on limo and connections aro made at Winnipeg for n'l
[mints in tho Canadian Northwest.
Until this service was instituted tho
trip was of eighteen to twenty hours
duration. It is now possible to reach
Roberts, ni:ed "(',, a Winnipeg bv way of Ure.nd Trunk to
and residing at 1 HI Chicago anil North Western lo St.
l'nul In practically tho same time ns
by Canadian l'ncil.c direct. This
riiutu possesses lho ndtlcd interest nf
n day in either Chicago or St. Paul,
with less time wasted iu day traVell
.lack: "I ;
calling on Miss
"Don't nsk inc.
y, Jim, why aren't you
Jones nny mora?" iim:
Jack,   The reason is n>
Mr. James Avon Clvde, K. ('., has
been nppolntcd Solicitor-General for
Scotland, In room ,-f Mr, K. T. Sal-
veson, K.C., who bus been raised to
tho bench.
John Miller
grocer, single,
Aikenhcnd road, GovanMH, committed suicide by cutting his throat with
a ruioi'.
The Clyde patternmakers, who originally domandod nn a'dvanco of n
halfpenny per hour, have occcplo'lnn
imine'inlo advance of a farming, | 'Jim uniform excellence of the Crun'rt
and rcsumod work. iTrunk service lo Chicago is loo well
News hns reached Aberdeen of tlie known to need any comment and too
dentil at littlo.-nyo ol Professor much cannot bo said of tho eloganco
Thomas Kyd, who graduated Master' 0f ine oquipment of tho "Northwos-
of Arts at Mnrltchal Oo!Uge and Uni- torn Lfmltod" run by tbo Chicago
vorslty en fur back as 1848. : „nd   Northwestern  Railway between
Mrs. Simpson of Hun*, died thee Chicago and St. Paul. Theso western
n tow days ago, agod 101 years and roads enn givo many a pointer to
month,  she remembered seeing.'the older ones in lira cast In looking
The only cure lor obesity is self-denial
passongers comfort,
I    Tulk iii cheap, but don't go to
; lawyer wllh this idea.
wl-oii n o,irl of 11, the si reals w'.irh   ttft0r th,
proclaimed the victory of Waterloo   |
Mr. William Paul, who bos tind olj
Coatbridge, was for over forty years
tho largest potato buyer in lira west
of Scotland. In purstian e of his
trade be travelled all over Scotland. |   Worms   derange   the    whole  system.
Tho number of     visitors   to    the  Bother Oravtt' Worn,. Bxter lator ilo-
„       .   i .       .   ni ...   , i„ «„   it,„  ranges   worms   nml given rest tn    tlio
Bums' Shrine at Alloway is on  the ,un?rer,   i,, 0„iy ,.„,la -- colUs t0 t,.v
of Franco wns captured by lira   BIouk Increase.  Tho past years' visitors to in uud be convinced.
Prince, who, hy the way, was nol, llnj lho cottage numbered nii,!iO'i, as cum-1
hero wo have been laughl lo consld ir
paced with 60,258   for the previous
Mr. Davis Wilson, general manager |
of    the   tflydosdalo Bank, Glasgow
him, but a very unscrupulous ruffian.
John Bnllnl of Scotland hns been despised by bis fellow countrymen u-
,,! cause he   pandered   loo   much io lira
in diet, combined with plenty of Ihe ng'il gngtlsh.
exercise Anyone can reduce Ids or her;   naber'l III. ol Scotland changed   his
sjclghl by leaving oil all starchy foods,Lame (,.om i,lhn, |,„t p,,,, m i,lL,|; Otlho] intnaser of tho Clydos'dalo Bank
such ns bread,  potatoes,  farinaceous n-rao clun,, l0 him.   i)in,|ns ys {iw.\   n °B    ,,.ltl.k.-: pholan     rol)l.m,
foods, and never tnuclung buller. null;, |ilni, \K wn-   worried   to lira verge "I1
eggs,   cream,  pastry, or  sweets, re- despair  by  his  brother, Hie Duke r,|
marks n good authority.  A glass of ln>l' Alhimv.   Ho was himself a crlpplo.hls
waler should bo drunk morning and eldest son was starved to (loath In prl-
liusband—"Don't you il-inli I! would no
ie; well lo save the money for a rainy
Wife  "Good gracious, no! I cnn'l go
lias resigned,  lie has been connected j shopping on a rainy day
with Scou-li banking for I fty years,
for 1,1 year, ,,( which ho bus   bcci
night.   Breakfast iiuisl consist ol weak 80n, and Ills youngest, wl
n on a vov-
aplurod hy   lho
lied ul it broken
tea, on apple, and biscuits made cl jm p, Franc
bran. Dinner, fish, chicken, or two English. Robort 111
slices nl ment wilhoul fal, green vege- heart.
tables, and fruit wilhoul sugar. Ono John I, of Rulraiiiia wns blind! lohn
cup ol afternoon ten and it bran biscuit. I., p0po, was imprisoned by Alarm
Supper, dsli and an apple, One glass of King of Hie Gollis, and Pope John X,
clarel may be drunk afler dinner. _ Was driven from Rome by Guy, lluka
  " o, Tuscany, lohn XL. Pope, was supposed to havo been poisoned by I'',
I brother Alberto, who kopl idm a prls-
Afler the hnnds have been in water oner In llm Lateran, John XIV. al,,
Ihey should always be thoroughly dried Idled in prison Irom poison or slnrvn-
wllh a soil.towel. Ihon common oatmeal lion, John XIV. ascended Ihe papal
well rubbed inlo llieni. A bowlful ol lira throne nfter Hie murder (it HnnltfiCc
teller should be kepi in a convonloni and wns forced lo lice lo Tuscan;,
place lor Ibis purpose. Regularly tp-j where bo died of [ever. Nor was
plir.d, il will usually keep lho bunds do- John XVI. more fortunate, for he was
Ughltully soft and while. Warm gloves | dubbed lira "Anti-Pope." and niter n
or mittens siiould always ha worn when I varied career, which lasted "only eleven
tho bands must be exposed to the wea- months, he was brblally tortured anJ
llrar, and Ibe bands should never be Ihon (.'unsigned lo a dungeon, whence
allowod lo become thoroughly chilled.   I he never emerged alive.
r I   John I. nf   Constantinople was no's-
.„,.,...,,,., oiicd; .lubii II. was lilllcil while   boar]
,"rtl'"1" hunting; nnd John III. was dethroned,
Keep up your vilnlily and ynu will his eyes wore put mil. nnd ho wns rnsl
novor know disease nf any kind.    No Inlo prison, where Ira died.   John I, -,f|
disease con   exist where  there is anjCoslhe was killed  by a lull from ,n
ubiindanco of pure lilood,   To gel
Episcopalian clcr yman, ubout sl.itv
yenis of ng,', who bus ro ided nl
Lochgollho-id for tho past thrr-o
years, suddenly ox,' Irod on the railway platform al Maybole.
(in the arrival ol a train from For'
far nt II inl,'.' bin a! ii nr s were
noticed i n lho onglne, En ui y wn,
Instituted and it was discovered that
u mnn had been knot-'.nil down and
killed at tho Stannorgatc,
The precentors of tho town churchm
ol st. Andrews, Glasgow, nnd Dun
in inline inch recoivo nu annual Gov
crnmont pension of Hn ,i year, 'i'lic.-e
annuities  onto   from   every ancient
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times, and
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"IjOok here! I found two stone, :n
tho milk-can yesterday!" "I'm not
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Till I-'lltC. Produced br Wit.-h n-re! «h.n.
■om- n.,1 wi-;-, Meethol a., (oantl in "To. n & I.*
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"Our  minlsler  gtve  the -.-   nisi ,
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wnedlcswllh ut [■,,;. ,;,,..'.    r«l els
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"Yuu    ure  so  awful   sloiv aooit
overythlng," said his employer.
Vou do in-' nn Injustice," respond
rd  tbo clerk.  "There   la ono thing, house,"
Little .lack—"Whul did papa menu
by saying that ho was tlie captain ol
this ship?"
Mn—"Ob! Hint is only bis wny  ot
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necessary auiiiiinl, eal nutritious I I;
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Iur   eliilniliiii   Unit   iiiuiiiirclis   sb'idld
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that I am not slow about.'
"1 shuiild   bo   delighted to    hear
*. on name   it," sneered   tho proprie*
"Well," sold tho dork slowly, "no-
tared    as quick a,    I
.lllllgo:   "If I lei vim nd Ibis lime, will
yuu prnml tc ii"1 11 I'omo linel ngnln?"
Prisoner: "Yes, sir, The luot Is, I
didn't could VOlunhll'll) Ihis lima."
PAiiitillLV CARE,
".-*,) your daughter I* having her voice
"Well." antwered lho perent, "Hint's
llie way her mother and (he girl put j|,
Ilul, between you nnd me, I engaged a
professor In the ho|ie ol gelling ,1
Little ,luck—"If pu Is captain, then
what are you?"
Ma—"Well, I suppose I. mn tbo
Mtllo Jack—"Oh, yei; nnd then I
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Ma—"The compass? why lho cun.-
Littlo   .Tack—"Why,  thn   cantata
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Hut, by tho saints, I v,ill havo nn
answer to m> question, and know
what yuu woro thinking of while go?.
ine- iu thai mirror "
Influences fur tho week provlous, aud
' was, in her liu'iil and uncertain way,
"trying to be good." "As an experiment to please yoli, Marian," sho
naid, "and to sen how it will answer."   Poor elf!   So sho called   up
rry the lirst explanation didn't'"" 'also, provoking smile of joy, to
plonso your cuilnonco.      Hut    now   "rlvo Clrini  frantic, but heard    the
! <v\'\r\A^^^^AW«^^■\^^rVV\^^^^
Milan Mavfleld}
Cr, Tlie Strange Disappearance
rW^iAAAAAN^A-Vi '^^^A/^A,vVV^^^VV*v^A(,>AA^^lVVV<^A^\, >
CHAPTER XX,-(Contlnued)
"And now, I a.-,k you, how yuu
could prevent it?"
"I shall uoi be required to prevent
such an act, Thurston, ns sueh a ore
novor can take plneo Vou s|-eu,-. so
oi,!.-. tu try your .Marian s faith ur
temper—both nre proof against JottP,
1 Ihink. Hitherto you have trluod
with the young lady's alioctlons for
mere onnul and thoughtlessness, 1 do
believo! but, now thut soino of the
evil consequences have been suggested lu your mind, you wiil abandon
such perilous pastime. You uro go-
ing iu I'rai.ee soon—that tvill bo a
fat rablo opportunity uf breaking
of! tho acquaintance,"
"Anl breaking her heart—who
hn-,-. s'P Hut suppose now that 1
should prefer to marry her and tako
her wiih mo?"
"Say, of course, I ennnnt for un
lnste.iit suppose such a tiling."
"Hut in spite of ull vour warnings
were such un event about to take
"In such an exigency I should dl-
vulgo our marriage"
"You would? '
"Assuredly! How can you possibly
doubt it? Such an event would
abrogato my obligations io slloncu,
ami would impose upon ma tbe op-
posite ,-luty uf speaking."
"1 judged yuu would reason su,"
he said, bitterly.
"Hut, dear Thurston, of what arc
you talking? 01 (he event of your
doing nn unprincipled net! Impos-i-
ble, dear Thurston! and forever lin-
I' taiblal"
' Ai ! equally Impossible, (nir sain\
thai you should divulge our inarriago
with any chance of proving it. Mu
rian. tho minister that married us
has sailed as a missionary tu Farther India. And I only have the certificate of our marriage. Yuu cannot
prove it."
"I shall not need to prove it,
Ti ui ti -. Now that I havo awaken
ed your thoughts, I know that yuu
will not further risk the peace of
that confiding girl. Come! toko my
hai I and let us return. Wo must
hi . too, for there is rain in that
Thurston—piqued that he could not
tr ■■ her more—for under her calm,
and unruffled lace ho could not see
th" bleeding heart—arose sullonlv.
drew her hand within his arm and
led her forth.
And is they went tho wind arose,
ai the -' inn clouds drove over too
,1 -■ ... r ••; and darkened around
Marian urged him to walk fust uu
a-- it of tho approaching tempest,
ar Ihe anxiety the family nt tho
i- tti .-■ would f-.-.'l upon her account.
.,-■ Lurried onward, but just ns
thoy reached lho neighborhood ol Old
Fields a terrible storm of boil on,l
snow burst upon tho earth,
It was as much aa tbey could do
t i mako any progress I rward, or
even to ke-.-p tko:::.M',..- -,- on their
feel While struggling ,.: ,t pim h •
bl ■ through the itorm, amid tl ■-:
i ii -- of th- wii d and tlio rattling
ol ' ii hail, and tl ■• . rai kling and
i:■ ikit. '.; tho di.- ti ■ - '. the lor-
i si . the n I m ' and all ]
th .; tbo ■    ; ■ '   Marian's c'
laugl ■ the sound ol - - 111 d wailing
!•■ : . bing A pang I tl ro igo
her heart. Sho list
—at . then In the pn u >t I th sti rm
th .: i ., child cryl .. "XI .
V ■ ! I ih! v.h- :e are you, M:>r
It ..s MJrlara « volci! It .wn,
y, vi ii dcring    in     nighl
i K-arcli ol i. i    ole ed i    * ■
Ma h ■. dr ippcd Thurat am
ai : .,,*i blindly forward throi rn
ti..- ■ ,r. in tho directii ■ -f tho
voieo, i Ing, ifero I am, my d ir.
ii l my- treasure—here 1 at Wh tl
l ■ 'i ty baby oul tin* bitlei
nighl ■ ' -lie naked, as she found the
ill p ii, hing -.- r)i cold and
wot, and caught und strained le-r lo
l.-.i I     in.
" ' . ihe hull and snow camo d iwu
i , j •, and tho wlad .*s,o-,k tl,,
I ■-.- so hard, and I could nut sleop.
In tbo warm bed while yuu were o-.i ■
li lho .-'orm. So I stole softly down !
to : nd you. r.'on't go again, Marian.;
1 lovo you so—oh! I lovo you so!"
At this moment tho ehilii caught
sight of Thurston standing with hit
lace hall muffled In his cloak, A
fig n to I* strangely recognized un-
i. tr ilmllar circum lances in nl'er
years Thon she did not know him,
I,.'   uquircd :
• v.i o is that, M.iriun?"
"A friend, dear, who came horut
v.i'ii i      Good-night, i Ir,"
And so dismissing Thurston, ho!
walked rapidly away. Sho hurried I
with Miriam to lho house
Sam -loud siood before lho parlor
ii'.-,,.-. [razing   Intn   it, seeing—nut
I its round, polished forehead, ils
mocking eyes, its sunny, dancing
curls, its piquant little nose, or po-
| tula nt littlo lips—but contemplating,
us though n magic glass, far down
: tho vista of her childhood—childhu id
i scarcely past, yet in Its strong
I contrast, to tho present, seeming su
'■ distant, dim, und unreal, thut hor n-
minisceni-e ,,f tin days resembled inure
' a vague dream of n pro-oxl.itonco,
j than a rational recollection of a pan
of her actual life on earth. Poor
I Jacko wan wondering "If I bo I?'
I Grim sat ia u leathern chair, et
i tho farthest extremity of Ihe room
I occupied with holding a book, but
! reading .Incquolina. Suddonly lie
j broke into her brown study by ex-
i claiming:
"I should like to know what you
are doing, ami how long ynu   intend
Hut now
honor bright!' I'll tell you whnt I
wna thinking of. I was thinking—
thinking huW excessively,pretty I am.
Now, tell tho tiiil.li, nnd shiuiio the
old gentleman, Did you ever, In n'l
your life, sco such a bountiful, bo-
witching, tuiiliili/.ing, ensnaring fncii
ui, mine is?"
j "I think 1 never saw sueh a tool!"
I "lieally? Then your holiness novor looked nt yoursoll in a mirror'
! never behold 'your natural fnco in a
Ir-lnss!' never n:iw 'whnt manner ul
' iiiiiii' yuu are.
j -Ily St. 1'oterl 1 will nut be In.
' suited, uml dishonored, und delicti in
j this outrageous manner. I swear I
will havo your thoughts, if 1 have
lu pluc'i thorn from your heart."
"Whe-ew! \\,ll. if I didn't always
' think thought wus free, may I never
; l,o an Interesting young widow, anil
I captivate Thurston Wlllcoxon."
"You impudent,    audacious, aluui
I    "Chlng a ring a ring chum chool
And a bio ring Iuin larky!"
sang Ihe elf, dancing ubout.   soblng
thu bellows nnd nourishing it   over
j her head liko a tambourine ns  she
: danced.
j   "He still, you termagant, Ho still,
news of Thurston s arrival wiih tho
outward calmness that wus perfectly
truo In lho perfect inward indiiier-
"She has grown guarded—that is u
very liiul sign—I ahull watch hu
closor," muttered Grim behind his
closed leoth. AiiiI when tlie profossor
went homo Uiul day, Ills hem, pallid
faco was frightful in look upun. \nd
many wcro tho comments mndo by
the dlsporsliig congregation.
From Unit Sunday tn the following
Wodncsday, not nno word wns spoken
of Thurston WJIIooxen ur his lecture,
Hut un Wednesday moriiiug Dr. Grim
sluvw entered Un, parlor, whoro One
qiieliini lingered alone, gazing out ol
Ihe Window, uud going up to l„-i
side, astonished her beyond mousuro
by speaking in a culm, kind tonu,
and saying:
"•incquolliia, you have beon lo..
much eniilineil to tho house lalelv.
Vou are languid. You must go out
more. Air. Wlllcoxon lectures thib
evening. Perhaps you would li o t,,
hear him,, if so, I withdraw my termer prohibition, which was, perhaps
too harsh, mid 1 beg you will folicw
your own Inclinations, if tbey loai
you to go."
You should have seen dncko's eyes
vou lunatic, or I'll have yuu put in u,      .       , , ,,    , , , ,
strait-jacket!" cried the exasperated  aid eyel n,«s! the fur,,,::,- were il.l.i
, : ed to llieir utmost    capac ty, win
professor. | .,
"Poor  fellow!" said  Jacko, drop*'L
ping the bellows and sidling up    lo
before     that
of her
to    ro
"Oh, indeed! should
Jacko. startled    out
yet. instantly romemborlng to bo pr,
"What wero you doing, and "
"Looking at myself iu the
to bo sure.
"Don't cut oil' my question, ii y > i
please. I. was going on lu Inquire of
what you were thinking su profoundly,    And madam, or miss—"
"Madam, ii yuu please! tho dear;
knows, I paid heavy enough fur my
new dignity, ni.d don't intend tn
nbnlo uno dogl'OO of It. So if ,v,-'i
call mo miss ngain. I'll get some one
who loves ran to cnll yuu out! II,--'
aides, I'd have yuu to know, lin
very proud uf it. Ain't you, ton?
Sny, Grim! ain't ynu a proud uiul
huppy man to bo married?" asked
Jucfco, tauntingly.
"Ynu jibe!   Sou do su with a purpose   Hut it shall not avail vou.   I;
demand to know (he subject ,-.f your |
thoughts as yuu stood boforo   thn*.
Now, nunc but a half madman likr
Grim wnuld have gravely mado sue i
a demand, ur exposed hiir.se!,' M such
a rebuff us it deserved. Jacko limbed at him quizzically.
"lb.m:" she ausworod, demurely.
"I'm sure I'm so awestrlckon, your
worship, that I can scare, fy Ond thn
use ot my tongue to obey your   re-
hini in a wheedling, mock-sympnlhn-
tic manner, "i'-o-u-r f-o-l-l-o-wl
don'l get excited nnd go into thu
highsh-il.es. Vuu can t help il ii
you're ugly and repulsive ns Time in
the Primer, any mure than Thurston
.Wlllcoxon can help being handsome
nnd attractive on Magnus Apollo.
"It was uf him,    tlinn, yuu    were,... ■
thinking,    mini"..'/      I knew it!     l| W^"^u.,!^i° £!7.
knew it!"    exclaimed    tho professoi,
starling up, throwing down his boo.;
and pacing the lloor.
nid   Jacko,
latter were elevated lo Iheir
highest altitude Tho professor's
eyebrows were knotted together, nnd
his eyes sought Ihe ground, us he
"1 myself have nn engagement nt
Loonnrdtown this afternoon, whirn
wiil detain mo all night, und therefore shall nut be iilih; to escort you;
but Mrs. Waugh, who is going, wi'l
doubtless take vuu under her charge.
1  htiu already  intended to   go,'
replied Jacqueline, without relaxing
You—- on-
.'    There!
r.ur ■
ii.  r,
', ted Image of In*- own
,,.- pretty, ivibli'ng '-,ce.
druggist said of Scolt's
Emulsion a short tim.;
ago. As a rule we don't
use or refer to testimonial
in addressing the public,
but the above remark anri
similar eipressions are
made so often in con net
tion with Scott's Emulsion
that the} are worthy of
occasional note. From
infancy to old age Scott s
Emulsion oilers a reliable
means of remedying improper and weak development, restoring lost flesh
and vitality, and repairing
waste. The action <A
Scott's Emulsion is no
more of a secret than the
composition of the Emulsion itself. What it does
it does through nourishment—the kind of nourishment that cannot be obtained in ordinary food.
No system is too weak or
delicate to retain Scott's
Emulsion and gather good
from it.
We will send you a
i.niiple fru.
B.Hfftgilt this yl'luM Intti.
for,,, ol . I .I..11, on Ih' Ttttpftl
d t.uy b.ttl. .1 BmuUen you
Toronto, Oat.
'/.'.. .ed Jl; ill .-...bit.
Bear it like a maul'
wiih solemnity.
"Vuu admit it, then.
" 'Unprincipled female
have helped you lo tho'words. And
HOW, if you will lie iiieln-drumatii:
you should grip up your hair with
iiuth hands, and stride up nnd down
the Hour anil vociferate, 'Confusion!
distraction! perdition!' nr any other
awful words yuu can think of. That's
the ivr.y (hey do it in the plays. '
"Jmdam, your impertinence is
growing beyond sufferance 1 cannot
endure il."
"That's n mighty great pity, now,
fur you can't cure it,"
"St. .Mary! I will bear Ihls n»
"Then I'm afraid you'll    liuv
■I'll commit suicide"
■'Thai's yuu! Dol I should
very well to wear bomha/.ino
cold weather, Ploaso do it at
tn,,, if you're going to, ,' if 1 should
rather bo nut oi deep mourning b. |
"Ily heaven, 1 wiil pay yuu fur
"Any time at your convonlonec, Iir.
Grlmshawl Ami 1 Bhall ba,i ly ' ■
givo ; ■"! a :■•■■-: *   i:.  (ill  ■■, tho
snof   -aid ih„ elf, rising.     "Anv-
thti:: . -. ■ ia   mv line this morning,
Hi- Grimshaw? Givo mo a coll  whcn|
you como my way!   i    tall be mu
ol   .   I for y,     patro  ig«,'    be i
tin I,  iurtseyl incing
townn   tl -   ■    "Hy the a i
..,'..     :,        a - | ,      de
llverod thi i   evci    : ' ■ ■.
coxen     Go      m ti «r  ! t am!
...       I kissed I
;  .-   K
f crazy!   1
saul it,      I what ■•
.  ,   -   I that Grim
I   - d thai
it Highly ■
•    that
vent Jacqueline
uro  t| ■■   the   ' qiicatioi
! ■ ..r-   .■     rent (
'■ ■■!••    ,    PO ' '      '
nt al
f Jocqu
tho latte
■ ';,,'■
-   ■
i and utti
pocket er ■ -i '    i <   '
i:,.    Iio-.,   ■ ' '..,' I    .■-,'■
' ■ .   , .....
; ,        ,■       he froni
Mrs   '•''. n h  ! Dr   Grin
i tl   ui   ...■     .      .      ■   - ■   .
..   "
during thi    I de of 'he din-
course   Mi     ffaui:,   wot tl o    too
m ti h Internstod to notice b. r   i .-,,
ponlnns.    Grim wn, agonized     I ho
result, nl the   whole of whli •   ■■ nt
lhii after they  all got home.    l>r
Grimshaw—to   uso n   common    but,
graphic libra,'—"put his fool down"
upon the resoiul Ion (,, prevm I Jai
qiielina't: futiiro ottendanco at the Ice-
tun*   Wholl '■!■  ho  would ha' o sue-
ccoilod In keeping her away Is    vcrv
doubtful, hnd not a remarkably  Inclement season ,,f weather ,el In, and
latlod n fnrt.nlrrht, leaving the road.I
nearly Impastablt for two othor
weeks And Just as traveling wna [
getting lo be possible; Tbilisi,,n Wlllcoxon una called in Baltimore, on
his grandfather's   huslncss, nnd was
absent n fortnight,    Bo, altogothei,
six weeks had passed wlllmiit.   .Ine- j
qtitllna's finding nn opportunity   In j
rlefy lit- (Irifiiihnw by attending the
lectures against hi. consent.
At lho end uf thnt time, on Sun I
day morning, II, was   announced    Ir
tht church that Mr. WIHcoXtn having
a muscle of her face.
Tho professor nodded und loft tho
Soon after, Jacquollna Bought nor
aunty, whom she found in the pantry, mixing mlneo-mcat,
"1 say, aunty——"
"Well, Lapwing? '
"When Sntuii turns saint, suspicion
is snfo, is it nut?
"What do yen mean, Lapwing?"
"Why, just nuw the professor camo
to me, politely npoiogizod fur his
Into rudeness, and proposed Hint 1
luiiild go with you to hear Mr. Will-
|pi^H»»9S0lil!! IN
The NationalManufactnplog Co.
HEAD oincs Alia factor eh
iti E. iniiiyno cast.
St. Johns, N.D.,    Shorbrcakt Quo.,     London, Ont,     Calgary, Alberta1
Naw Wattmlnster, B.C.
THEY AHIi OWOPPOSITl-S.       !snmuon w|lhou| syrnpo|hy ,s tol,lm,0,
Curious Chinese Customs ns Sei  Forth ^vc^vo.Eg0 ""'" '" "^ '° " ""
by Hardy. ■ they are doing"
.   ,,    „,. The. mourning color in China is while
look John Chlnn- „„, nnl bM( „,„, ,,„ CMnm
eaiing,   ur whatever
Mr. Ilnrdy's
man al Homo suys of Chinese customs: [Wv,h „ wh|to c]olh „,,„„ „ dinner-inble
when we   llrsl come lo China   all as dismal as we would a lublo covered
coxen's led ure, whiln Iio, Um profos- (hings seem lo l.o upside down, and il wilh black   crdno,     When foreigners
sor, goes to Lconar'dtown to fulllll
uu engagement, r suv, aunty, T
sniff a plot, don't you?"
"1 don't know what to make ol il,
Lapwing.   Are you going?'
"Of courso I nm; 1 always Intended to."
No moro wns said at tbe time.
Immediately after dinucr Hr. Grlm-
is the unexpected   only Ihal happena. come   llrsl lo  China   Ihey nnliec ihal
Meeting n friend, a Chinese shakes hi,' ,, en wear pellfconls and women Iriiu-
own   hand   and nnl   Ibe   band of his set's.   As a mailer of fuel, both sexes
friend, which is more sanilary Hum is war these last,   only Ihe peasant wn-
our  custom.    If he  wants  a man lo men torolgrrers   mast see do not hnve
k,(",v away, he makes the same move- either a pelllcnnl or u frock, but orilv a
men! of his hand which wo make when 1 ng jacket; and lho literary man, that
we wish him lo come In us.  lie laughs is io sav Ihe gonlloman nf China, nl-
\\li--n he announces tlm death of a re- wnvs wears a walslcoal over his' coal,
sbaw ordered his    horso, and saying la ive, and a Chinese bride cries al her and not under as wo do.   We use our
that be was   going to Leonardtown woddlng.    if yuu go inlo Ihe olliee ot hands lo play    battlodoro and sbultle-
and should not bo back till the next an liuropean whose hoi Is on his head cock; the Chinese   have no halllodoro
set forth.
(To be
In an Irish court recently an old man
I Into Ihe witness box and bc-
ag old ..::■.. i ;.: le blind he wenl Ino
far In more - lhnn one and
-. -,' going up lho slab's that led
lo Ihe box r. runted llrose Had led to the
: •    ■
i -    Ige  took   the
he will lake il off; if yon go to where a and kick tho shulllccoclc.   II n British
Cinris" is silling wilh his enp on the boy is puzzled, say, in doing a .sum, he
lublo iu front nf him. ho will put on Iho scralchos his bead,   but a Chinese buy
cop,   A sorvanl in   China should wait nicks olf a shoe and scralchos a foil,
a! labia wilh his cap on.  Al a Chinese Chinese babies ar" carried nu! in front
entertainment Ihe  post of honor is at in lho arms of llieir mothers, bul upon
"   let! und nol   nl the light, ns with Iheir backs.
If il Is n dinner i! will login con-
trnry to   ours, with   dessert, (ind end
with soup and rice.   At home dogs nre
lied up; In China eats nre, at leasl Ihose
mislako   good belonging lo boat people.
|   The Chinese ure no! nl our nidipudes
A 1'1,'ni" DAILY LIFE,
Make your romiiioii dally work an
inslruclor in divine things, Fill up lho
measure of your daily life Willi all Ilia
,.  n| |, be, my gn I - wnn regards lo position on llie globe,
bul lit,-'.' are our   opposllcs   In almost;is pure and good and true, and Ihesc
... || n :-.- was Ihe re- evcl'.v Ihoughl and ael.   Our shoes are lowly   temporal   things   shall   bo, hy
m .',-. and mebbe "I1 blackened, Hie Chinese whiten   Ihu God's blessing, us iho,first rounds of a
I sides ot lho soles if Ihclrs.   To us ob- Indder reaching from eurili lo heaven.
lY'iiiicr Cropn of Better You should know the exact Chicken raislnij a very easy
Grain. Clean, Lnrije Seed weifjht of everything you and simple way o£ acldinij
Increases Ihe Yield 20%.      buy and sell.   It pays. to the farm's cash profits.
Capacity (0 to 90 btttfe.
p'.r hour.
Capacity 2.080 lbs.
ion RMfj ii f-Vjiif) on vour farm, for pvory
tram wtton y»u |.,ak.> j, by vvolglit nml you
.lild know the QXMt weight ot ovurytbiiiir
you iniyiiri'l tell,
Tbe ('.i.iiii.wn Kiirm Boalota piado In threo
',:     TbenccnracyofoTflryChfttl Form
HnnloWt('i.iniii.',-,| 1-v lln- C.u.iwtjnn (iovcrn-
ment, Kvnrl liathnm i  mi BoaleUiold with
( Hfimliiiii UOVOrODIODt IfUpOCtor'i ('CUiliCJilo
jii.t drop the lover and no vi-nUtU', orwoar utu
oflrmeon tbo knife odeoa of tho Hcnloe,
We ran? th la Scale toanyfameron receipt)
oAih down.
riMnn '■' heat, Rye, 1 imotby, Clorer. Millet,
Oati -i   .*.    ,....,••* Beana.Con. tall MJilf order attonoo without any
mm u,)'- ''"> dimI Ifberal LennHofnayraoni
La j' nopper.Scrtw ?'--\ M«iiyrfritatwl. we Jiavd a book thai UMauaoout It, which
All ator preveoti i ogyaOg fid duuibulei we "ill mnatl to (wml in ynu on niwiptofu In tho 1
grunevonl:  <i -tmb. port ontu with your name and nddi
lAvr*v Baoe kcfl^ lereetu oleu no other	
mill tin- i
Kfi'l -chain ind a-JJamahte aide f.Ktn (tbfM
li ii nreena and Hd'lW, jfrwllnfr any-
Itnrufft'itn QneHaeedtoooanieairraiD- Beretai
Jap i    ••!  '-ni •, met
Bavei lereentngi foi feed.
•Vorka eaatly and noootbly, cojiibinef *,lm-
ptlclty with InceimPr.
'Jhaf'tm-Mfn KaiiniugMlll Will pay foi it -Hf
ovor an<l over ia one year, It If the greatefl
•oonomUser *i'i proflboollder on Hi-i faun, li
eni'ir^t Mggf-r crop* of bette/ arafft.
If it were not thu lir^r, It iroiild nHnow t»^ In
mn on Ihi rid rod* of Lhoniandfl of funni frt
run-viiv and uutw Btatea. rnnilmeal with
or without Mn>/i(irig AUv ninont, w dealrnd.
PRI7I AWARW nigheet awarda at World'a
Fair, Ht. I,onU; I'.in AniarUan, BoUalol
World'* Fair. Parlr-, nMftf| TOTOflUJ,
Wlnnlpeff. Hajlfax, Charleston, Havaarmh
and .Irtokoonvllle,
QUAttANTRft Kvry mill gnarfintfad for fl/t
year^. l.iitliivllrrHmo.
Wn *ond the f'hatham fanning Mill to any
farmer ourBoalpLof lilnonlor, al,oiiT, wiihont
any '.mIi down, ami Llm i\-<> 1/ uI»t.-i inritMof
pay in out.
•120 Igga
Poultry raising payn,
People who loll yon thnt thero Is no money In
iiii -:ni.r '-l.ii !■■..■( muy luivu iru -I to Hi.iki! money
in tho miitlnesflb? uolng poiting heiiaaahateht
t:\t\, .a.-1 ltii)yiniL'htr...v.(iNliiivn tried to Ifjcjiito
Id initio in lin' cal>h.u'0 piiU'h.  iho bunl«
Fi, Stparntln| Oati Fran Wheat.
Tl,'. "itl-nilM ,l,',i„ .-torair. wheat from
in', i,.-if.,-'ly, nnil 1. fulnpttiil to nu other pur-
i'„,„   It I. I'l'll.imnsfilile tu every urwlii'-i-r nf
WniTB pna PiriTictcm nml Free Book, IIictu irnjni In anmlitiiutloti, nnd NOTIIINO
"llnsr In Mul* llollur, „■„.„( Waul." CAN TAK K ITH 1'bAiR
'    Went,i ,,'i|,,,i,- ynu nulokl? frum nttr rllsl.rlliul,ln:r vrtirohaiiKiiat OalfatT. Brandon, ltes/inn, Wltuilpeg, N„v. Weitmlnster, U.C., Montreal,
Ifnllfas, I Imlliiiiii.    I'liiliirliwiitilMriuji, OUT,, mul Ditkoit, Mien. 61,
. ,fnl Is bili.yi-L'us. . 	
lun,,,!',-,' ilm Is oiib'lns-i'il, Tlint's llm Inisincss
r,f tlm Chatham tacubttor nml Broodtr, and
they dn iliiorfcctly anil Hiicccsufidl)-.
Tlio poultry business, nroporly conilm-lcl,
pay, far better than uny o, hor biiKlnoo-i fur tho
uiBiiunt of tin „ and moucy InveHtt-d,
'lliousflinls of iinnltrj-rslscrn -mon anil women nil over Canada nml ihe United Hiale.—
luive in overt tu (heir put llfaotlOB I hat ll Is jiredt-
olilo io mo ', ohlokd with tho Cbiithnm laeu-
bulor ninl rtroodir.
TliuClmlliiini Ineiibntoj and Brooder Is honestly oonslruoted. There Is no hiunnuff ubout
It. Is very Inch itfTitiilcrlal Is tlioroiinhly tested,
tlm liiii'-lilnols lailltoii i itilit principles, tbo in-
-,i:.ii,m la i» rfect, (la-rtuoiuetei- tollnblo, und
the wtrkniiuislilp the host.
The Chiilism Iaoubator and nrooder Is
elmpl. as well al iqlintitloln eonsliitciion- ti
womsn or girl oaa oporat. the machine in their
leisure moaitnti,
Otir proposition Is this: We will ship you tbe
Cliftihun laotbiter und lirooilnr, freight pre.
|ald, aid
Yon Pay No Cath Until After
ifrOS Ilarveal.
J-'",,'! f.r our hnndsomrly Illustrated booklet
oatttled," How to Mi.ka Money Out of Cblaks.''
Shippers should see llinl Ihe coops are
in g.ind condition bofoi'e using, so lhat
Ihey ure nol liable lo como apart while
In transit, as Ihoy are roughly handled
somollmos, The coops should uisu be
high enough lo nllow whnlevor kind of
poultry Is shipped room enough lo stand
up. Low coons should not bo used, it
not iilnne being cruel, hul n great deal
nf poultry is lost every year by sulfooa-
Ilu nnl ovorcrowd Hie coops. Pulling
loo much stock In n coup at nny lime 's
wrong, bul In hot wealhor especially do
not crowd loo' much stock into a coop.
Coops often arrive wilh u good deal if
dead slock, Ho not blame the I'omluls-
sion merchant tor heavy shrinkage or
poultry sniolhored lu transit through
carelessness In overcrowding coops.
In hoi wealhor do mil pul moro lhnn
100 pounds of live old hens in u regular ooop; in cold wealhcr about ISO
pounds In regular size coons. Ol spring
chickens, when small about 50 lo t'O
pounds and large TO lo 50 pounds.
Keep dillerenl slock soparaio as much
as possible.
Spring Chickens weighing less tlinn
ono pound should not be shipped, as
Ihey become a drug on llio market.
Pound and one-bnll lo two-pound chickens sell best, und Idler in Hie season
ovor two-pound wolglils are preferred.
!n lite early spring, when chickens first
r-ditio in, some small chickens will sell,
lull ns sunn as chickens begin lo be
plentiful, Ihen the small ones are nol
Allenlion is also called to Ihe fact lhat
dark-feathered ducks arc not as dcslr-
able as lho wllito-tealhorod, childly for
Hie reason Hud Ihoy do nol dress oul as
while and clean ns lho while-feathered
Poullry should be shipped so as 'o
arrive on Ihe niarkcl from Tuesday li
Friday, nocelpls generally Increase toward die end of Ihu week, nnd Ihere Is
enough cniTied-ovcr slock ou hand Saturday to supply Ilia demand. Merchants,
rather lhnn carry slock over Sunday,
would sell at a sncrillce, as the slock,
when In coops, loses considerably In
weight by shrinkage, und dues nnl op-
pear fresh and bright. Bosldes, Monday
is usually ,-i poor day lo sell poullry.
Tags wllh the name ol Hie commission mercbanl and Hie shipper should
be Incited on Ihe end of lho coops. Tack
Iwo lugs, one on each end, so licit if
one gels deslroyod the oilier is likely lo
remain all right. Never lack lho lag on
Ihe lops of lho coops, lie sure and wrile
your name and address on Ihe lag;
olhrrwi.*,,, llie commission merchant receiving your shipment could nol leil to
whom or where lo send Hie pay lor lho
MAKING lillTTI-ll.
If bullei'innkcrs who are churning Ihe
cream frum lho farm herd wnuld try
tho following method ot sailing and
working buller, I feel sure Ihoy wnuld
never go back to (holr old meihods
again. Churn al a leinporaluro which
will ensure lho buller coming iu granules, say 112 lo til degrees. Use a barrel
churn ,snys a v. filer, or III leasl one
thai lurilS end river end. When Hie buller breaks add a handful ol sail or a
couplo uf quurls of good brine, and Inrn
Ilu: churn n few limes more. This
will cause Ihe buller to rise lo Ihe surface of Hie, buttermilk bolter, and lho
scporellon from Iho buttermilk will ho
more complete. Draw off buliernillk
and wash lho buller ns usual, lining
careful to keep lho granules porfoet ny
having lho waler nol over li;' degrees.
Drain, Ihen add lho salt necessary, ills-
li'ibuling it evenly ever Ihe surfaco of
lho bulter, turning lho churn from side
lo side lor this purpose, Heplnco '.he
covin- and revolve Hie churn slowly for
Iwo minutes or even le.' . Take oil tho
cover, and wilh Ihe Indlo cut die lumps
o! buller apart, fur bu granules will
havo united; replace cover and revolve
as belore. Tho lu ine should lm drained
off iu Ihe meantime. Allow lho buller
lo stand a fow momenta while you
press il into shape in a buller bowl' ir
in a printer, or it may bo pocked right
inlo crocks. No further working will
he found necessary. If properiy done
llie buller will be worked just right, no
mollies or streaks appearing, ll does
away wllh a great deal of labor in reworking after it becomes hard. Tlio
writer has used Ihis melhod a number
of years in molting buller tor private
families al a fancy price.
The cull polaloes, cabbages and oilier
unattractive article, lhat cannot i.e
marketed nre jusl as valuable for food
as funds of ihe host niiollly, There is
no boiler or cheaper food for ducks anil
,;,',--,,, Hiaii lurnljis. Theso may bo
culled nr eul Into Ililn slice, und fed
raw.   When feeding such I Is as lm--
nips, carrots, beets, or polaloes, bran
and continual mny be sprinkled over
llieni wllh (iilv'iiiibige. pibbago heads
i.iay be ploccd III Ihe yard lo bo picked
lo pieces by lho hens, and llio small
In mis nre os highly relished by lliem
as are those Ihal are soluble.
Tin- farmer Is (lie mend Independent
ul tho working classes. The man liking
his business is mosl likoly lu be successful,
Farm wages are likely In rise, Our
young men go into town where Ihey
simply live oil what Ihey think a general Job, or Ihey go west to carve mil. n
homeslcad and u fortune Ior Hiem-
Potniion in crops is Hie first requlsllo
to modern (arming,
If a communlly is nolcd lor lb< Inferior
farm animals yuu arc sure fo find lis
(arm npersllons conducted on tlio same
In Europe people have the advantage
over us In the parcel posl lor marketing
tholr products. They have a notion
that the nuils should be run for the benefit of the people rnlhcr than lor thai of
tho express companies. In Germany a
len-pound package of buller can be sent
forty-six miles for six cenls, Over lln
dislsnce the cost Is twelve cenls. In
Switzerland Hie same wclglil can it
carried for eight cents, and IU delivery
assured. ..
+ Ml --K-W+-H -H-H -i-H-H"H
Thai there is no royal road lo relli'l
from I'hoiimatlsm was proved afresh lho
other day by an April grandmother^
who had emerged triumphantly lo
honllh from a shle of helplessness 'n
Which she had nol been able to fasten
her clothes or do Iter own hair, "Huvv
did you do il?" she was asked. And she
answered by lho one word, "Diet." iir.
I.eydcn, ul Berlin, who is Ilia leading
authority on rheumatism in Europe declares lind while yoll never can et-adi
cido It, you can control ll by exorcise ii
Hi,- open air, much bustling aboul, ant
bearly and toqiienl meals from which
mosl ul ihe things   appearing in ihe
ordinary bill ol lain ore lefi out,
of meals yuu musl deny yoursoll
heavy, dark flesh, Under Ihls bead i
Itemized mutton, venison, goose, and
anything Hint is eul oil n pig, Dovolc
yourself In chicken, lomb, game, sweetbreads, nnd Ihu more dollcalo flsh, when
simply cooked end served without rich
sauces. Avoid lobsters and every fried
fish, but enjiiy lobsters and clams,
OI vegetables never touch tomatoes,
cucumbers, and all salads Ihal have a
vlnognr dressing for un Inadequate
slomoch is busy manufacturing moro
mid llian lho system can endure. Eal
lighlly ul polaloes, dried beans, or peas,
and raw onions, bul indulge freely n
green beans, and carrols, turnips, and
woli-cooked greens, i'or all Ihe storob
ynu need rice Is die proper source if
supply. An abundance of well-cooked
rice is worth all the bread and beans
nnd polaloes put together.
Strawberries, raw pears, and raw apples arc cut off from Ihe rheumatic, nlso
grain: and orange juice, bul Ihere is a
divuie healing quality lound in Ihe acid
of lemons and ilmes.  There is bid one
SiipiTsiiiiuiis  I'.eiieis in Homo Cases
Seem lo Prove True.
\V. W, Skent gives an Interesting account nl lho regalia ol Solangoro.
Among litem Is a Irumpol which no one
may lunch except lho reigning Sultan
and tho holr-iippnrrnl. Any ono else
touching li will be struok with Illness,
Mr, si.t-ni was anxious lo exomlno Ihoso
tilings, and one day lho Hajah Mudali
allowed lilm lo tako the sacred trumpet
Into Ills hands. "I thought nothing
more of Ihu miillor," suys Mr. Skoal,
"bul, by what was really a very curious
coincidence, wllhln a few days I was
seized willi a sharp attack of malarial
Influenzai which obliged mo lo leave llio
dlslrloi, Tbe roport of my Indisposition
appears lo have mado a profound Impression, nml a Malay, who probably
lliouglll himsell Indebted lo mc Iur some
nsslslance, vowed lo oiler snerillco al
llie shrine ol n local saint for my recovery," Mr. Slieal had lo nllend a banquet al die salnl's Ininh in gratitude lor
his merciful Intervention,
In Sarawak persons ol lho Milanaii
Irihe have n practice, of doposlling a
large leaf, peculiarly loldcl, nl Ihe spot
whore an accident has happened, lu
conciliate Ibe powers ol evil. A man
hurt himself In Ilu: Rajah's garden, and
some Mlliinnus employed lltero hasioncd
lo perform die ceremony ol propitiation,
The present Rajah, Sir Charles Brooke,
tells whal followed In his "Ton Yours in
Sarawak." lie disliked to see Ibis llllei1
on Ibe pa!h, and told llie gardeners lo
remove II. Hut tlio Mllnniuis said Ihal
Ihe arm of any one touching llio lea!
would swell. So Hie Rajah threw i,
tway himself—nnd Iwo days ttllcrwarls
he had a painful swelling In his arm,
which lasted a fortnight.
In llie "Journal of lho Indian Archi-
pclngo" Is n narralive of Jonathan
Rlggs' oscenl ol Gunning Dnnku, hi
Java. The lop of that mountain is supposed lo bo Hie sile of Paradise, and Ihe
Japanese believe lhat il llio local Itnjnh
permits any strongor lo climb II o llgcr
will devour him.   A day or Iwo oiler
Gifts of Toi
sentence lo cover llio use of sugar—audi Mr. Rlggs' feal a tiger killed two of tho
Ihal is, don'l eal il In any form whal- Rajah's children,
soever. Almost as sweeping a denunciation is made of all liquids, except wider
and milk, coffee, ico, beer, clarel, port,
und champagne acilng as a sort oi
poison on llio rheumatic system.
Six months ol this die! was all the
treatment fulluwed hy this young-old
lady, who declared herself lo be as gold
ns now, except ihal sho look lour or live
times a day il she fell lho leasl twinge
a lew drops of   oil   ol   wlntergreen,
A! uu! Ihis sho bad made Hie discovery I 	
that Ihere aro two grades of different L  ,.,        g| ,      , „ ,  b  T|
OuTcocy, ono of lho nienuloolurod ami
sands of the I'roplo ol the Prairies.
Giroux, liun., lice. 18.—(Special).
—.Mr. 1'hilius iXonnundeau, n well-
known resident of this place, is one
of thousands of Manitobans who
have lound relief from (ho pains und
The Coupons are the same as rash because they can be exchanged for Toilet Soaps
for which you have to pay out money every week.
for nothrg.
Read circular in every package, or write us for Premium LisL
A gi't is of lif'e value if it consist, of something you havo no use for.
In exchange for Sunlight Snap Coupons you can get something you need and usa
every day.
Lover Brothura SUmltoJ, Toronto, Ctmiid.*,
Our Honest Belief
As near PERFECTION as modern methods   ■: !   < :■■■
line COMPARISON wilh other brands.
lOlcrlal,   will permit,
that lilts it above Ino
What   Is    Going on in tbo High-
lauds and Lo-ictiiidj of
Auld Se ilia.
"Whal Inlercslcd mc mosl lu my travels," said Henpeck, "was the mummy
uf a queen I saw In Egypt."
"Wonderful, nli'.'" asked his friend.
"Yes. It's wonderful hnvv Ihey could
make a woman dry up and slay tljal
The Berlin Police Practice a Plan ul
Berlin, Germany, has made elaborate
orrangomonls lo suppress any popular
demonsirailon Ihnl may be contemplated againsl llie Government,
Owing lo llie ofteels of the Russian
revolutionary movement upon llio. So-
Iir. John Maedonald lms been ap
pointed niodicul officer for In.erness
shiro. | organization of which llie p"!ieo could
l.iout. .John Macfndyon, of the' put down effectually any nllompt by a
Oovan police, a Cabul-Kandahar vet- mob lo march toward tho Emperor's
eruii, Is dend. palacn and Ihe Government offices.
Janes Hums, n Snion Knp veto:--' The plan ot campaign is rehearsed as
an, of the Scottish Kibes, was found often as festive occasions atlracl lm-
drowned at Galashiels, ; menso crowds lo Hie centre of Berlin,
A child four years of age has boon On such occasions Ihe extraordinary
burned lo death in Dundeo whilo try-, skill of llie police In disposing nt lho
Ing to lijiht n cigarette. crowds,   which Ihoy   drive, block by
A sawmill noir Pitlochry, the pro-'block, oul inlo llie suburbs, bus hem
pert} of Captain Bulter, I'.MC, of commented upon.    One side of etch
Paskally, has been totullv destroyed organized square is loll open, and Ihls I vusrotablci   pills   known, boiiig cusy   tu
bv lire. is always Ihe side toeing llie suburbs, '"J," lliul ,", !"',sl ,oDlftt,lolL8.„!n  tl,oir
A reindeer has been born in Cook's'so lhat the   crowd may drill   in thatjE'"'    * """  "' """" *""   vnn
circus at Edinburgh.  It is suid   to direction,
ho tho only    ono ever born in    tho,    In Hie case of a popular uprising, lho
liritish Isles. I fourth side of eacli square wnuld bo left
The  subscriptions  for the    Queen open or closed, according to Ihe gravity j"*u'!T
Victoria SchOol   and   Memorial    to; of llio slluallon,
The Orrn(cst Tonic Is'Terrovim." Tt Is
cialisls ,-,f (lei-miiuv Ibe nl'lv has be.-n ' pleaiar.'. in tasleaml contains just tlie nourish-
CinusiS 01 UeillUlll.V, UK. CUV lias, nun ' ,U1,I -.tnii-itlh-Klviu-, qnilil.e. Unit are need-
llvldod into   square   sections, by the ,a„yHnve vtUo aro sick aud weakly.
Lawyer: "I really hope I don'l annoy
you wilh all Ihe.sn questions?" Fair
Client: "Not at all. I'm used to it. 1
have a six-year-old son."
.Suffer no Mor,:.—Tlicro nre tlioiisanib
wlto livo miserable lives because ,ly-
pepsin dulls tin- faculties nail shadows
t'.visiiuico iv-iih tho clout! uf depression.
Dim vi'ny to dispel Hie vapors that besot t.ttc victims of tliis ihsorrlcr is to
srilcr thorn a cuiuse of Purmoleo'B Vou,.'-
tublo bills, which are among the iic.-i
Scottish Sailors and Soldiers amount'    If it became necessary to suppress the
to £43,20*
'Well, Fritz, you  got birched    in
school to-day?"     "Yes, but It didn't
"But you  certainly   have
ecu crying?" "Oh, I wanted to   let
Pedlar's 'Oshawa' STEEL Shingles
* Birwrmistsiiiiin.ai ■■    t     i »
tlal-anlsod or painted. Most ,],ir:ilil. and oconomlca! oaTlrla, Iir Reefing nr Sldia, lor
Residence., lloo.i*., Ilarns, filevators, -Sl-ir.s, Ch trches. Poult * house., vr b., etc.
Jisilerti, lay and will last longer than any other env.ritt|. cheap*- lhau wooil shiiylo. or
slatu. No exnorfunco noeeuary. Ahammortatlinjjy are the only tool! required. Ills
•eial-liirdaued liifili ,iale st.of. All,, Corru^.l.-d l?oo, Palmed ur dahlia I 0. In IMetl
im Inches lonj, Bra e, and Bmboued Cilia,,, V enn. ed Voeiinz. Mtoampiiol
u>idn>, Htrllug un 1 Gelling! lu all unelss. Thousands ol building, ttari.ugli the Du»lni,u ar.
euvoreu wilh our St,*,,', Mot.! (l„o.li, lo-kln, tbotu
Send In your onlor hr OS nun" squares (lOllO (Ht) a. J",i require ticiferyour new or old
building, The very bast nwllna lor thU ouatita. We oan supply Bav. Trough, all lliel,
Cerrugaledjir Plain Mound, Conductor, ip.s.sh ti'Blbowl, tplktl, luaei.
Wo are llio 1,,-,:-,t ooncorn ol (bo kind unler tho Britis* a.i;. I'.-i ioli,:,«l isti. Capital
invested $,,0,000.00.
Write To Day for Catalogue No It R and Fret Samples.
0'TA»'a, CUT       I      TttOMTO 0»T.
433 Sussex ct.     1        6, Vonae 0'.
1,7 Orals; tt
II, Niitir It.
the teacher   huvo   a liitle pleasure
. rising by Ihe mosl severe measures, lln, .    ( :|
lTo-ry Watson,  tt Shotllcstcn hoy,I fourth sldo of each square   coud   l:ej       °
acod seven  fell down a  hot uir Cue closed, so thai Ihe rebels wllhln II.would ....
to a Obi^ovXZy and was scorch-' be enclosed within Inpenelrable lines ,.f!. '"""cy   Evperimenlinfj.-Thei'O's   no
i fire and steel, and could be shol down
cd so thnt be (lied.
A   Glasgow   strike,   thnt   of tha or bayoneted lu the la.sl man
plumbors, after   .lasting 20   wees, |  _j	
has collapsed, the men having agreed
to i-csiiniu work on tile uld terras.
Provost Symon. Uulitown, his   intimated   his   retirement   from    th.*
Iini,:   luc   oxpciiinenllng when you've
discovered   Ihal  you   arc u victim of
some one   form or anothor  of kidney
disease.   Lay hold  of  lho ifcalment
Ihal thousands have pinned Iheir lailh
lu and lias cured quickly nnd perman-
Tho flreat Northern Railway Com- cnlly.    South American Kidney   Curo
,,nny is now   running a tuagntllCoiH slnnils   pre-eiiiiiunt   in Ihe   world   of
I'own Council,^ of vv.ncn ho has been   four!eon-hour night    train from   St. medicine as Ilu:   kidney sufferer's tru
one ll:e real, Iho latter being llio only
one which was really helpful.
I! Is Ihe easiest thing in Hie world lo
fall Into a taslilon of seini-invalldlsm, I aches   of Kidney Disease in   Dodd s j n member for the past dli years. Pttul to Winnipeg.    This new tram, osl fiiend.—02
iiial lo declare   oneself not   up to the Kidney Pills,    Mr. Notrnandcau    Is    Tho Lerwick School Board has an- "The Wilininoa Limited *' is one  of
mark, wiien one has slept badly,   or always ready to —• -       ...,.- ..i.     .....      ,..,,.   ,  . , ,,                          ■-   ■        •
ovcr-calon, or worked loo hard.   Num- tho remedy that
Ill's nl people do nut work hard enough, health
wilh th,   result  Ihal they suffer from -yes, l can tell vou Dodd's Kidnev
eiinii:. Whioh, in itself, lends lo disease, ppig   mu(|0 „ gure 0f m0p" ho savs.
I! should be considered rmo of life's
Young Men of Canada
(let a BU8DCRSS «r SHOHTHAN U education.
Nntliini! "hi pay vou »o woll, and no sclio-jl can
d„ so woU (or )-,,u us tlm old aucuosslul
Wo can plate Mi) „l our graduates in GOOO
SITUATIONS limine llio incinnu- roar.   Wo
illil it lliis your ami cm ilo It asain.   This Is llio
ild roli-ililu ciilloi'.o ,,( IMnail.i, estalillsliad 11
i»ars HO years under present principal, Ovor
Ml) graduates ln>ucco*sful buitnese life. Try
lil°K. a.U.bAilHKK, PalKClMI,
C. B, llollego, Hai.-iilti.il, Ont
V M.;c. A. Bulldlnss.
say ii good word for  pointed Miss Bcssio K. Mitchell,   of the very finest in Iho .Northwest.   II     ,..,,..    ,,,   ,,,v   ,,„.   ..,,,„ nron,, „
brought bnck    his  KinroOT, ns teacher of cookery in the  is equipped with tho newest and best! Jl „„' „r, ... :..•,','',,,,,,;;,',   {,
P„„i,„l   o..l,rinl   nt   „   ml .i-,r   ,.f   I -ft . ... . ■ i.-ll HU;  Ui    il Iv, Jot i\S li l\   I IQU'f      ,M
        Contial Schoo  at a salary of C-,5.    compartment    library      observation  „-,„„.? „,. _„  ,0„h    ,,-L „ * n ,„
Tho crow   of    the Scotch herring cr.es uiosi luxuriously furnished and
bout, No. 34.-0, from Kirkcaldy, orn-  (i,„ comfort of the passenger is eater
'!'!  ... .   ,    '. a.       .        .      .
I! should be oonsiaereu one ot IIIos -i had Kidney Dlsoaso for throe ed £170 by one night's Ashing. Thev od to in every detail. This train has
solemn dull.'.* to keep well II one con, yonrs, At times I got so bad I cCulu brought 80,000 herrings into Scar- a\naay mfta„ a name for Itself for
""-V ;v:':s!'.'!'K .l»-1':n»-i!l1';,roJ aBr" -hardly attend to my work.  I   took  borough, running   right   on timo and connec-
1    !
i.v, ■
. w
ij- aren 1
i reason
is a
'fortune. To be hall-well is to be. j just nvo boxes ol Dodd's Kidney
half-equipped for llie bollle ol llfo, to bo j>|Ua and my pains and aches ore all
only half-ready lo do ones share u[ the gone and 1 can worn us woll as an*~
daily bask. People who uro half-wall I body. To anybody who bus trouble
are seldom In good spirits, and their Witii their lvidnoys nil 1 caii say is
melancholy acts as a-wet blanket on the -usu Uo(|(1's Kidney Pills,"'
good cheer of others.
When il cannot be helped, Ihis slate
ol things nuist be accepted. When ii
can, to yield lo il is almost a sill.
Dodd's Kidney Pills always cure
sick Kidneys. With well Kidneys you
can't have Bright s Disease, Dlnbcles,
Dropsy, Rheumatism, or any of lho-n
other fearful nnd fatal diseases that
spring from sick Kidneys.
Many Mnmirchs llenrinii it Met   Willi
ll Is strange how good or bad lorUiilo
seems to atientl   ccrlain names;    anl
I!,re aro seme of Ihe mottoes which
mv said to be held by Ihe Portuguese
Queen:—Keep oul ol doors all you can.
Breathe outdoor air, live In i!, revel in
II. Iirrn't shut yourself up. Iluild your
house so lhat your uir supply Is good,
Throw away your portieres and bric-a-
brac. Don'l hnvo useless trifles around. ■ this Is llio more marked In Ihe persons
Have a favorite form of exercise, and I el royally, on account of their cn:i-
make the mosl of il. Ride horseback, If spietious position, lhnn In Hie ease of
vou can; cycle il you cannot gel a horso; 'ho ordinary individual. Among sov-
do soniblhing—anything—to get out in crclgns il is doiiblfiil which musl lie
llie open air, Don'Ujel tat. Pat is an considered <hc most unlucky name
incubus which Mm vou down, l-'at but H Is probable that John Is Ibe name
is Ihe sign ol over-indulgence. Eal;of ill omen, says London Tit-Bits,
makes you old and ugly, Eul keeps you! Eor instance, John of England nas
from being lithe, young and blooming.
Don't over-oat. Drink lillle, and let it
be pure. Don't try to dress too much.
Vcl dress as well ns you are able- wear
everything to make yourself lovely.
A lady writes: "1 was enabled lo rc-
iimio tlio i-urtis, mot an.-l brand,, bv
lho use ul Jlullovvay's Corn Curo.1'
Others who have tried il have tho sumo
ng   rig!
Mr. dames Avon Civile, K. ('.. h,,s  tlons nro mndo at Winnipeg for   u'l
been appointed Solicitor-General   for  points in tho Canadian Northwest.
Scotland, in room of Mr. E, T. Hal-     ijiit,|| this service was instituted the
veson, K.C., who lms been raised to  trip was of eighteen to twenty hours
"in bench. duration.   It is now possible to reach
John Miller Roberts, aged no, a Winnipeg bv way of Grand Trunk to
grocer, single, •and residing at Wil, Chicago and North Western to St.
Alkenhcnd road, GovanMll, committ- paul |n practically tho sumo time as
od suicide by cutting his throat with by Canadian l'ncb.c direct. This
a razor. . route possesses lho nddcil interest nf
The Clyde patternmakers, who or- „ day in either Chicago or St. Paul,
iginnlly demanded an advance of n with less time wasted In day travell
halfpenny per hour, have ncc-piclan |ng,
iniine dele   advance   of  a farthing, j   Tlio uniform oxcollenco of tho GrnnH
and resumed work. i Trunk service to Chicago is too well
News has reached Aberdeen of the known tn need any comment and too
death    nl_   Ilulo. uyo   ot    Professor much cannot bo said of thu elegance
Thomas Kyd, who graduated Waster  of the equipment of the ".Nurliiwes-' jr-Srn'iysisr'witii~ iii'sti-ucLionSiTim-'T cm'ii-
of Arts at Maiischnl Co 1 go and L'ni-; tern Limited'    run by tho   Chiceno   I1'81"  '"""" c1"'"'   describing  the   most
l-At-alt,.   ..a   (,.,.   1-ncl-   „,-   fS.ll* '' I      \-   ...1. , ,i'-, ,   ', BUCCOSSftl     I riSI ILUPIlt    ill    tlm   vvurli!.     ro-
lorslty rs lar bncn as XB4H.             . „nd   Northwestern   liailway between  conunondod by tho Ministry and uiidors-
Mrs.   Simpson oi Banff, died there Chicago and St. Paul. Theso wostcrn	
n few days ago, aged 101 years nnd  roads  can   give  many a pointer to
o"o month.   She romemborod seeing. 1 'the older ones in Ihe east In looking
when n girl of U, the si reals w'.ich   ttftcr the passongors comfort;
proclaimed the victory of Waterloo   |
Mr. William Paul, who bus died all  +	
Coatbridge, wns fur over forty year
Talk is cheap, but don't go to  a
the largest potato buyer in the west lawyer villi this idea.
of Scotland.    In piirsuanco of   his 	
trade be travelled all over Sco'tlard.     Worms   derange    the   whole   system.
Tho number of     visitors   to    the   Mother Graves' Worm Rxtormlnator ilu-
Bums' shrine at Alloway is on  the ™"£. ff?["only""oStSaVi!5
Wn iter—"Two sausages for Hen
Dieibuber." Landlord—"Only give
him one; lie is already intoxicate I,
and sees everything double." Waiter
—"I've already seen after that. Ilo
ordered four."
Their  complete   borne cure.   Post
free to readers of this paper.
For limited period only.
A handsome  lllustrntoil treatise, giv-
: lllg full ddilCl'llitlnn c:  J'lu'll!!iiili.sm nnd
tl   by   llllltlit'al   num.   'I lus   highly
Btructivo book vi us wrlttnn by 'w. li.
Vena, a geiitlonian who has inudo n
study ol timsr ,,, .eases. The pivfuco is
by r- m-nibiutn ,,( tin. University of
Wurtzburg. Henri postal to-ilny and
.vou will rocelvo the book free by ro-
turn.—Address, The Veno Drug Co., 2-1
King  St,   ilcst,   'I'tironlu
lest   tn     the
Coats  lo
The only curo lor obeslly Is stlt-denlal
In diet, combined willi plcnly of lho right j.-J|"n|'|S|'|
oxerclso. Anyone can reduce Ids or hor;   rioberl III. of Scotland changed
always been   brmnled („i on Intnmo.is
monarch, n characler which ho hardly
aosorvodj still il was his luck.   John
of Franco was captured by lho   Black Increase.  Tho past years' visitors to j TCtti'itl' bo" uonvilicoilT
Prince, who, by the way, was nol lie ihu cottage numborod 88,809, as coin-1 ——
lioro wo have been laughl lo consldir pared with 60,268 tor the previous1   Husband—"Don'lyou think it would lie
him, but a very unscrupulous ruman. yoar, j";; well to save lho money for a rainy
John Bnliol of Scotland has been   de- ' Mr. Davis Wilson, general manager day?"
splsed by his fellow countrymen    u- of   the   fflydesdnio Bonk, Glasgow,!   Wife—"Good gracious, no! I can't go
cause ho   pandered   loo   much to llie has resigned,  He has been connected shopping on ii rainy day.'"
] with Scotch banking lor Ilfty years,! 	
1,1 for 15 yeurs of which bo bus    been!   Dr. Agnew's Ohilnienl Cures Piles.—
_ l
0+»>S+)HiH«+O+O*l>+v+&-f '
i    —     $
rt Tlili ii tlio SflMon nf tho yc\r wlian VO1' 0
X noeil t'» use every juociutijn with yout ^
X at.ick.   ity tha 1110 .»f ynr T
¥       SiOJK TONIC       +
wand otltor remediel you barn the bsit w
T guarantee „l lioiltlt t-, your stoclt. y.
^    Valuable Advice Free     y
rt Uso It au,l become yuur own retetluary «
f surgo.iu. J
V Tbe VITtaiHARV 6PECIAIT1( CO., limited 0
I     516 Db'XDAS ST., TOBONTO, ON ('.    X
Bargain List of Farms
mailed free. ALF. BROWN,
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ream Telegraphy
Great opportunities In Ihe U. S. |-,r
Canadians as telegraph operators. 30
to 50 p. C. higher salaries. Positions fof
all graduates. Send hr free catalogue.
Del, Tel. A- Ily. School, Delroll, Mich.
^^ »,,i U e.n-ni   Tlti.U.^KI.itr »Uh IS. ^^
tW< i,W'.l.si,.'. t| -y I .ol V. n. lute  O.Vl*(T
attrH. los lit, Mintritl,
weight by leaving oil all starchy foods, I nBme f,.01M John, but lite ill luck of lhoI manager ol the Olydes'dalo llan'i.       Ilchlng, Bleeding aud Blind Piles. Com-
namo clung lo hint.    During his life-
, The Ki-v. Pati-ic; I'iielno, ii relii-oi' toil hi one application, It cures in
er, mill,, ||lne \K wil3 worried I" Ihe verge of Episcopalian clcr yman, ubout si iv Ihroo lo six nlgbls, 11 cures all skin
cow, re- despair  by  his  brolhor, Hie Duke ot years of age, who has   roTded   al diseases in young and old.   A i edy
such as hrtad, potatoes, farlnoceoiii
foods, und never touching butler, mllli
eggs,  cream,  pastry, or  swe
mailis ii good aiithoriiy.  A glass ol hoi Alluinv.   lie was himself a cripple,hisI LMhirol'lho'°i(T for    iho nu'-t    I'-iv: beyond compore,"and il never fails. Yi
wilier should bo drunk morning and c,d0S| Bon wM i[mei ,„ nMlh ,„ prl<       «    d(|  ,       ,   , <   lU,    „. ,.u.|,, ra
lllght,   Rri'-akfnsl mu    conelll of weak .„„, m„| h|, yoma{< whcn n|l 0 ,-oy- „-oy platform a- UaVI ole. 	
lea, on a|,|'l,.'  and   bisctns,..ado  if,,,,,,, lo |.',,,1MC,,  wB, ,,l|,|UIV(i ,,,..    p,,..    „' „          . ,   , ; {   ,   ,       p „,. MmnM  -y,,,,',,, ,,„, „,„ sor,
,',     ,,    Lu ' E T',1"'"1'1" noticed en tho engine,   En ul y we, tlnuallngly);  "No, bul yon mighl ask
tables, and Irull wilhoul sugar,   (hie     oln   , 0  nulieiula was blind: John    ,si|tutrd end it was discovered that   raUicr."
cup ot afternoon lea nnd a bran biscuit, i., p„,,c.  was   Imprisoned by Alarlc    ", „,    „  , ,!, '„„-■.,i d ,- ,    ,,i 	
Supper, J,h and anappe, One glass of K,ng ol lho  Colli,, and p..,- John X. j^eS »-theStannorfal
clarel may bo drunk alter dinner.   _   \m, drtKa ,,,„, no,,,,, |,y City,   Dukol   \hl ^Zoxl of the town churcho*
  o, Tuscany,   John XI., Pope, was tup- D| s>.   indrows, (Ilatgow, nnd Dun
CURE POR CHAPPED HANDS        P"'!,'1 '"I"1'''',1"'1'11 poisoned by    Is termllno each rccolvo an anuual Gov
'       brullier  Alberlo, who kopl him a plis- crnraoril pension of £8 a yoar. Thoso
Aflor the hands have been In waler|oner in lho Lateron,   John XIV,   oho ?,mii';,"; t'ntc   fron
"When a man has a birthday," says a
mala philosopher, "he lakes a day off,
When n woman has one sho lakes it
couple of years off."
No Reasonable n.n oxliocti lo euro a nonW(.
Id c„l,l in a da)-, lint tltno aotl /.llotti Lung;
im-iara ivill „ier„om» tbo cuid ami stave
oil r >u-umptit,n. Onugn wltlci-ase and lungs bo
uaound a i a now dollar.
Father   (meditating    on     time's
chances)—"Ah, yes, the fashion of
liiin world pnssoth away!" Daughter
—"Indeed, il does, papa. 1 shall
want a new hat next week."
Nu Alcohol In It,—Alcohol or nny
other volatile mutter whl, it would tin-,
pair Btrougtli by uvanorallon dues not
it, uny BllllilO Baler intu tho ii'iinufnetoro
o( Pr. Thomta' l-aleitil,: Oil, Nor ilu !
cllinnllc cliaiiaeB affect It, it Is ns s„r-
vlcoali). In lho Anitlc t'lrclo ns in the
Torrid /','jiio, i„',l,ui,n muio tisoful in the
higliar latilniloB, whoro mon Is more
Buujaut io cotdi from exposure to iho
Binks—"II you're worried so much
about your dc-bls. why don't you join a
'don't worry club'?"
Jinks—"I did, and lound thai mosl n|
my creditors belonged lo Hie same club!"
A Recognized Regulator.—To brine (be
dlgcsiiv-o organs Into symmetrical working is tho uint of nliytjiclanfl when they
nml a patient nurlcring Irom stomachic j
irregularities, atul (or this ,,nri„tse the) '
can proRcriba iiotblno better Hum l'ar-1
mi-leo's Vegetuble l'ills. which will    b« i
lieuiil a plcurant medicine ol sur,,,-:-
vli-tiii in bringing tho refractory organ,
liiin subjection uud restoring them    t,
normal action, In which condition mnv
am ihoy perform their dunes proporlj,
POOR, 111"!' HAPPY.
Il is bolter lo hear a baby crying In
lho kitchen than to hear a French i oodle
barking in Hie parlor,
To discern anil deal immediately irltn
caiiic, and overcome tlinn, nil hor Hum
to battlo with effect, alter the dlsoaso The lalesl Official   l',-!iil'li:i t'aivv lh.lt
bos  loriiri-ii  a lodgniont, is   i.h„ chlo ii,,,.,   „,., innpnn   „i„.:n„„ „„,i t,vi,,-n
uini oi  Uio inodlcnl   man,  nml  Hloklo'i, """    '"    l"'-"    sllline- and  1011,11711
aiiil-i'iii,siiiii|,ti-.., Svi-np   Is   tho result llllddlllsl lomplos llii'nllgliuiil Japan, in
. 1'' i'llt'<,"l,1i-i'i.'|.v, "'"''ii Ul|s I'liruciiiiir atiiiition I,,   1,112   Christian  cliurclics
overv  aneiee    ''tie.    At lbe hrst i,|,|„.iruiiei! n( n i-(, , .      ,   ,,        ,   .     ,       , , ,^    >,<■    ,-, ,
ihe H),u|, will bo round a matt tOtlmt on(l """''' |,l!lcfl!< "' W018|||P'   ll"' shln'
remoiiy,    urrestliig    iljvolopmont   and In and l!uilii!iisl prlosls number 81,188
80 and 7:l,'.'7(i respectively, while lho inln-
Islers nl niiier rellglnns are in.oas  in
Ihey should always In thoroughly dried|died In prison Irom poison or siarvn-' timet  nnd  In tacl   Heir urieiu
wllh n sofl.lowol, then common oatmeal lion.   John  XIV. pseended   Hie pajvili fohcoiten,
woll rubbed Inlo llieni. A bowlful ol lho throne after  lho  murder  ifllonlfnce ' i,	
laller should bo kept In n convenient' and   was   forced lo   lleo   lo Tuscan;,
place for lids purpose.   Regularly ap- where  ho died  oi (ever.    Nor   was'       ilt'ICK Ai' SOMETfllicO.
piled, It will usually keep tho hands do-John XVI. more forlunale, for he was]   A ,.|,.,a; tt.a8 tilschargod. ll" asko-J
liglilfiilly soil and while.   Warm gloves]dubbed Iho   "Anli-Pope," nnd afler   n tho n-ason."
or mlllens should always bo worn whent varied career, whioh loslcd-only eleven!   „you   „,.,, so nuf,,|   b]0lv aoo'itlthls ship?
lho hands must be exposed to llio WeO- months, he was   briilally tortured and        .,,,,.;• saW ,,is „ ,oyc,,        j   Mar...'01l| lhat is m)lv ,„„ way  0,
Dior, and the hands should never be| Ihen conslgin'd In a dungeon, whence|   "y0u do mo an Injustice," respond- saying that be  Is the   lwd of the
romerly,    urresllng    rlevulonmoiit
i|,t-,j,lily lioiillng the iiKei.u-il purls
thut tho aihhunt dlxappoars.
,    Littlo Jaelc—"What did papa menu
liy snying that he wus tbo Captain of
I ,1 ;,.   .I......"
allowed lo beconic thoroughly chilled.   Ihe never emorgod Olive
ed  tbo  vl'i-k.   ''Th'ero   Is ono tiling
|  John I, of Constonllnoplo was pos-i thot , m noi slmv about,"
Med; John II. was killed white   boar    ... shollld   i,o doiigbtod to   hear
 himting; and John II, was delhroned, . u nanie  it/- sn,,(.red lho proprlo.
Keep up ynur vlliihly and you will Ihi* eves were pul mil. and lie was easl ;
nover know disease ol any kind    No'iiib, inisnii, when) lie died   John i. -,fI   ,;m., bM th0 clcrk slowl   „no.
disease can   exist where   there Is nn Caslilo   was killed   by n lull from ,iii,(|v Clllet  Urcll   M nulok at   I
nbundaiiro ol pure lilnnd.   To gel Ihe horse.    This is only   a portion of Ibe       '..
neiesinry niiitiunl. oal nuli'lllou, food, iong lis! ol unlucky Johns, but it will
lo eiiciiliile II perfi cily, take proper ex-i serve lu sh„w thai Ihere Is good reason
,,in,c; in purify II, gel. fresh air and siiii-Ifur   claiming   that   monarch,   should
Rhino.   If " perleellv lu'iillhy euiidilinn'nvnld Hie name, ll Ihey possibly can.
,,f Ihe skin QXlalfl uud iiii even leilt|ieru
• siirfiu
uf I
nf llii! Isidy is iiiain-
Idliiad, ii is Impossible to  colon cold,
1,,,1,1-v- tiler biilh.s lllkoil every dl y will
ii„ imieli'ipwarda producing lho lonnori
is i|.'T inini and oxerclso llm lotler,
In.l:'. ■   "II I lei Villi Ild this Illll,-. will
vnn pi'omi ie iml i, ,mii ,■ imi i again?"
Prisoner;    "Yes,   sir,    The   fact Is, I
'lain I Colli, vuliiiilui'il) Hm I line"
I'.ViiilillLY CARE.
"So your daughter is having hor voice
"Wtlli" answered Ihe perenl, "Hint's
the way her molher and Ihe girl put II.
Ilul. between you and me, 1 engaged a
protestor In the ho|ie ol gelling ,1
Little ,1 nek—"If pa is captain, then
whnt aro you?"
Mn—"Well, 1 suppose I um thn
Mttlo .Tack—"Oh, yei; mid then I
must bo tho compass 1"
Ma—"The compassV Why tho coni-
Littlo Jack—"Why, thn ('npl.ui!
und pilot ure always lmxing the compass, you know!"
It is bettor to buy n cottage for
cash (ban a mansion ou the Instalment plan.
number, Including ill foreign mission-
i mm
Jost a Word of caution; Where th. .Via is
ttoslroyed by bums ur Bcaldl .]>y.\y Weaicr'.
I', rst. irouiedlutoly : the sooner ll,. bettor,
Daughter—"Momma, II 1 must
writo to Mr. Bray ubout Ids extortionate bill, Bhould I any, 'lienr Mr
.Bray'?" Mamma—"Certainly, under
tbo circumstances.''
Dr.   Agnow's   Cnlnrrhol    Powder.
Ilev. W. II. Main, pastor ,.( lho Bapllsl
Emanuel Church, Biiffal t, ■ -, ip
lesllmony Ior and is a firm bciievcr n
Dr. Agnew'a Catarrhal Powder, Ho !,",
tried many kinds of remedies ■,'..,':' il
avail. "Alter using Hr. Agnew's Cat ir-
rhai Powder I was bencfllled al once,*'
nr,, bis words, ll li a v. ndorful n Tl-
edy,   fid cents.—05
"Mr. Linger spends   n great  deal
nf limo with yon, Molly," snid Miss
Klttlsh in Miss Frocks. "Yes, but
Hint's all be dues spend."
UnnllgM foin li belter than otker lor.ri,
tit ll but wlei nnd in the Snnligbt wi;.
Boy Sjiibjlit Seip ut follow diricUotui
Three type* at loosl aro observable In
Hie Soulli ol Ireland—first the dark
Italian looking Celt, also lound in Devon; secondly, lite lall, ycHuw-ltaired
Danish type, and, thirdly, the aboriginal
Aryan of lho Volga, wllh red or auburn
hair and blue or green eyes, who may
also bo lound in Cornwall, The dark
aquiline typo ol Wales differs considerably Irom that of the Irish, and Ihe
Irish language Is nearer akin lo Cornish
than lo Welsh. Tlie Iradi'lonal Irishman nl caricatures is not often seen m
lho Soulli, though litis lypVj is nut unknown even among Hie upper classes,
The soft tooluret and bright eyes ol the
modest peasant women present many
vorielles nf beauty, and the mingled
race of Cork and Kerry-fairer, as a
rule than thai of Ilia fur west—It ns
vigorous as any in Scotland or in Yorkshire,—'BlaCkWOOd'S Magazine'
i Illll
I HUM   t.vii jOm'-.!-
Tha Strongest
and bo3t
yittut) mrr-d1*) in
C a n i & m, I) o \ t j
veUlit. dirk f-r»T
mixture mamtfic-
tii-e4 from j<u.-e
Nora Hc*.»a wo-L
Tlifj c'uth i- kbpt
DO to (ho lii;ljfi<t
btaU'l\f(f (»f •ioel«
liy the St, Cwiz
woollen Milh Co:,
Ltd., Newport, N.
S. Tlu» patiti
are kept by the
fejidtagct itiiiewof
tha Dotuinir-li. H
you cannut kocure
tbou write
OjlUHO 0*
.-■I  enclo.o I2MS
with wHbt and le-
XI      Pair, which will be
'uf.     tlelirei.d   to   you
srj|&e| p**tat'0 paid any.
l*wh.r. in Canada,
except the Vidua*
"Look hero! I lound two s'ones in
the milk can yeslerday!" "I'm not
surprised, ma'am. Tho water is very-
low just now in Iho pond where lb)
cows drin',:."
Tlw niltc. Produced by Wilrh Haul when
•oni- med with Menthol a. found in "Tin Dai'
Menthol  I'i.,tor are tntb- iu*.|pc*l, it boiiuj a
IpKbtO tor: M' .....-.'. mi .ol n.uralnia.
"Our minister gave llio organist a
greal blowing up. "What did llio
organist do -reslgnl" "No, he gave thu
organ one,"
\ ('.i*i,i-i ol Pearl,,—Dr. Von Slan't
Pim p| • Tablets would provo a
groal toltce to Ihe dishcortened dvs-
I pi .! ho '-, 'i;,i bul lest iheir po-
1 They'-ro vorllablo gems in pre.
veiiitnji ihe seating of stomach dltordert
by aid ng tn,l sTliuiilatlng dlgotiion—
iv of ihese hcallh "pearls" In a hot,
and Ihey cost 33 cenls, Recommended
by mosl en Inonl physicians.—64
Cuttomor—"And Is thi, chair renllv
an niuioiic pi.-c,, of furnituro?" Dealer—"Antique, madam?   There',   no
rioul-t about Hint. Why, it wus to
worm-eaten when I bought It, that
I have bud tu hnvo a new bnck, n
new seat, and thi'm new legs niado
for it!"
Cash or Cure
11 ShU's Co-mmr/jon Cure bill t9 curt
your Cold or Ccugd, yo-j get b-.ck ill you
paid for il.   You tie tare ol i Cure oi
II il wasn't a line cure, tl.ii of a would
nol be made.
Can anyt'aing be hirer >
If you hive a Cold, Cough, or any dueiw
el the Throat, Limp or Air Ptnaget, try
Iir. per liolll*.   AH delicts |-lara»tec it.
IsSlK NO. tl-«.
.--   I4V-,      I   k
Bargains! Bargains!
Jlfter StocK-TaKjng.
Remnants and Ends ofierinj^ less than Cost,
This is Our House-Cleaning Time.
All-Wool Tweed,   Reg, SI, $4,130,   Now $1.75,
Nnl ii Suil iii Ilu- lot thnl did nnl cos! inure In
turn out,   Size* -l\ In 20,
BOYS' REEFERS selling al $1.60,
MEN'S OVERCOATS ill Jiisl wholesale prices.
All Wind skirls nl  jusi half price—$8.00-
N'uw $1.5(1.
SEE OUR BARCAIN TABLE Yiiur money will go
further nl Ibis Store jusl now lhnn ever
before '	
<*Reid (& Young.
For Stock-Taking Sale
We are selling for a few days  Books, Perfumes,
Photo Frames, Vases and a thousand other things
The Canada Drug & Book Co.'y,
Local and General.
Some case, of measles are reported
in the city.
-Next meeting uf tlie li. C. Fruit
Growers Convention will he held at
The C. P. K. Telegraphs have had
the telephone re-instated at the
telegraph office.
Aid. Tupping got 336 signature, to
tho petition against unrestricted side
of patent medicines which ho circulated.
Mr. Wilson, Supt., C.P.R. Telegraphs, will be in Revelstoke next
week to arrange for the new telegraph
-Gfu-Je iu 08 toil(~-^en'zi6 Ave.
A. Padilano has arranged to import
, plant lor making cement blocks nnd
ha, arranged to build two bouse, of
cement blocks on First Street east.
News was received in the city this
week of the sudden death of Dr.
White at Crossfield, Alta. Dr. White
was formerly associated with Dr,
Brett in the Sanitarium at Banff.
Aid. Trimble and F. B. Well, have
been appointed Licensing Commissioner, for the city of Revelstoke, and
Aid. Howson and Willis J. Armstrong
Police Commissioner, for the city.
The attempt to establish two newspaper, in a small city has failed at
Rossland just as it did at Nelsun. The
Star, established as a Liberal paper in
Rossland a few month, ago has ceased
Mrs Jone6 and Mrs. Jackson,
mother-in-law anil wife of tiie man
Jackson who na, poisoned in Vancouver at Christmas, wore sentenced
to 12 aud 9 months imprisonment
respectively nn charges of perjury.
Mr,. June, cursed the judge ami all
concerned in her proieoution,
While playing with a revolver al
Walla Walla, Morbett Giiggs, aged
bitten, slut nml seriously wounded
hi, brother Eugene, aged twelve.
The bullet .-truck the boy on the end
leaving in 11)00 for Everett. He leaves
n wile and two children, Etuuiett nnd
Elaine to mourn his loss.
W. A. Foote hns in hand the building of a warehouse on the spur fur C.
F. Paget. The warehouse is till feet in
length and will be used fur storing
lime nnd building materials with a
warehouse Iur Mason and llisoli
We draw the attention ul parents to
the fact that the law requites theni to
advise teachers ol an outbreak of
measles or othor infectious disease in
their home, within eighteen hours,
failing which tbey are liable to a
penalty up  to  $1011     No  children
must attend  school  Ir    u  home
Yvhere such diseases hnve been prevalent without a medical certificate
that there is no further danger of
(leorge H. Munroe, a member of the
firm of Munroe at Munroe, broker, of
Marconi Wireless fame, ha, been
arrested on an order brought by-
United State, Senator Warren Miller
to recover $'25,000. Munroe, who suid
be had it complete defence to the suit,
promptly furnished $15,000 hail and
was released. Miller sets forth defendant obtained $25,000 from him by
false representations in regard to the
conditions of the Montreal & Boston
Mining A- Smelting company.
The school trustees submitted to the
city council the following estimates
for the ensuing year:
Your worship and gentleman: the
board of school trustees respectfully
submit their estimates ol expenditure
fur tlie carrying on of the school, for
tbe current year us follows:
Teachers salaries	
"   additional
$ 8,480 00
Janitor (both lohools) .
Fuel (both eohools) ..
Stationery and supplies,
Clearing blook 5n	
School ground, and trees
of the in.'se, and lodged in llie throat
William J, Brown, of 2606Lombard Flylo plate black boar
Avenue,  Everett,  Wash., died at hi,! Incidental,
home on January 31,t, from  blood. "'
poisoning   caused   by  a    malignant
carbuncle.    He turt'ercd a very pain
ful illness for ll: days,     Mr    Drown
was» former resident ol Revelitoke
A Perfect Tasteless Compound of
Cod Liver Oil, Malt
& Hypophosphites
M Cross Drug (o.
760 00
1)0 00
750 oo
760 no
lm 100
300 00
360 00
200 00
Vi 00
in 136 on
Total, public bcIiou
lllllll    ■« 11001..
Principal', salary .$ 1,50(10(1
Repairs, supplies, incidental     '200 00
Additional teacher-I months
"        furniture	
Total, high tohool
Grand tot
■100 (10
150 00
2-160 (X)
Business Locals.
Nothing better than "Our Special."
HowBons Furniture Sale continues.
Fresh Eggs at C. B. Hume & Cu'e.
60c. per dozen.
Ivanhoe, English Classics, at Bews'
Drug Store.
Now is your time to Furnish cheap.
Don't wait until the spring rush commence,. Big discount on nil goods.
John E. Wood, the Furniture Store.
CIGARS you like to sniuke at
prices that don't burn, at BROWN'S.
Valentines, fancy and comic, at
Bews' Drug Store.
Please, every smoker—the "Marca
It will pay you to get prices at
Howsou's Furniture Sale.
Clearance Sale of Pipes and Smokers' Stipplic, at Brown's Cigar Store.
New Souvenir Post Cards at Bewt'
Drug Stort.
Now is the time to get that (,dd
Parlor chair cheap, at Howson', Sale.
25 burs of real good laundry snap
for $1.00 atC. B.Hume & Co',.
Try our modo-tu-onler Corset,,
most satisfactory. Apply to Mrs. J.
R. Robinson.    ' Feb. 10-21.
Discount on Iron beds, large assortment, pretty design,, at Huwsun's.
Bean Guessing Contest for a Cots
of Pipe, at Brown's Cigar Store.
0. B. Hume & Co', store i, the
place for Jelly Powders, 10c. a package.
Everything in Smokers' supplies at
Cost fur the next 15 days at Brown',
Cigar Store.
Special discounts ior cash on all
line,during February. Call in and get
our prices.    Bourne Bros.
Great clearance sale of Furniture,
We have to make room fur spring
stock. We will give you a big discount
on anything yuu may require. John
E. Wood, the Furniture Store.
Overstocked with Pipes.   Pouohet,
Cigar nnd Cigarette Holders. (>••
Etc., at Brown's Cigar Store.
There is much in merit, but ol two
storei of equal merit the one that
does tlie best advertising will do the
most bu.iness.
Ont Third Oft" Everything in
Smoker,' Supplies lor the next Fifteen
Days at Brown', Cigar Store
The Revelstoke Steam Laundry "ill
open for busine,, on Fob. 15th. 1'. 0.
address, box 283. Persons wishing
the laundry rig to call will oblige by
mailing ns a |«,«tcard giving addreat,
when laundry work will Is- called ior
and delivered
.Vow |g the time [,,r Heel Ten,
son's is the best, we have
18 ot, bottles.
2  ot, jar,	
■I   117.. tin,	
2  OZ Ht». Buvril	
I   .,/ 	
AtC  II. lliiine.V Oo'l,
$ 1(10
On Thursday night a match will Ui
played between the City and   Rocky
Mountain Ranger teams, Afterseveral
contests them i, considerable rivalry
lietwoen the two teams, each of which
will be out fur blood un thi, occasion,
This new game it a very popular one.
A dance will be held at tbo Opera
$I2,MS5 00'Houtt after the game.
1-3 OFF
1-3 OFF
The largest stock of Smokers' Supplies in
the Interior at One-Third Less than Regular
Prices lor the next Fifteen Days. Meerschaum Pipes, Briar Pipes, Gold and Silver
Mounted Pipes, Cigar and Cigarette Cases,
Cigar and Cigarette Holders, Tobacco
Pouches, Tobacco Jars, Turkish Hookas, etc
1-3 OFF  tsuphonin.,96   1-3 OFF
Regular meeting last night, All
It. Gordon reported 17 hours lighting lust at powerhouse by slush ice.
Tlie school esti ma tea were submitted
and showed an increase ul $1000 over
hist year.
The city clerk said tbe government
wore still holding $800 tlie trutleet
-Wined to be due.
The mayor remarked that meant
the city might be called on Ior another $1000 extra in addition to the
increase already Stated.
G. Leiiibke's application for longer
poles waa referred to F. W. and L.
Premier McBride wrote stating the
question of providing a lock-up lor the
city would receive attention.
Secretary Tuberculosis Association
asking city to appoint delegate to conference to discuss best means o|
eradicating consumption.
Aid. Abrahamson said steps were
taken in European countries to provide hospitals for consumptive, so as
to isolate them and protect the public
Irom contagion. The tame step,
should be taken in Canada and
strictly enforced.
Aid, Howson urged Dominion inspection of dairy stock against tuberculosis.
On suggestion of Aid. Abrahamson
it was resolved to appoint Dr. Fagan,
provincial health officer, to represent
the city at the convention and urge
mean, of isolating persons suffering
from consumption with a view to preventing spread ot the disease.
Aid. Tapping moved for a reduction
iu light rates, Aid. Abrahamson
seconding pro forma.
The mover said when tlie bylaw
wa, put to the people for purchasing
the light plant it was understood the
rate, would be reduced. The city
made a profit of $15,000 from light
last yoar and could do with lee, profit.
The present high rate, caused people
to put in ncetyltiie gat and use lamp,,
causing increased fire risks.
Tlie mayor considered it promature
to reduce the light rates till the committee, had gone into city affairs.
There were about 100 meters not yet
put in, and they had work to do on
the dam which would cost $5000.
When all the meter, were in a reduction could be made.
Aid. Abrahamton agretd with the
mayor, and considered tht matter
could stand over till fall. Hi, firm
was probably the largest consumer of
light in the city.
Aid. Caley asked il Aid. Tapping
proposed lowering tbe light rate, and
raising the real estate taxes.
Aid. Trimble urged waiting till the
estimates were all in before making a
reduction. If people used their light
properly they could have no complaint.
Aid. Tapping said tlie meter rate,
in Calgary and Westminster were
much lower than in Revelstoke.
Aid. Abrahamson laid if the rite
were reduced the tares must be increased.
The city clerk said they would have
t», lace the matters nf isolation
hospital, look-up, Qreely Creek road
within city limit,, installation of
electric |">vv,-r, auxiliary stenin plant,
in,-reined education, thi, year.
Aid. 11 "iv loo suul tbey did nut want
to be tun hasty it, ,-hopping down the
The motion wn, lost.
It was resolved to ruler tht matter
to the Finance, Fire, Water and Light
Committee! lor contlderttlon and re
Aid. Palmer asked when tin Work*
Committee would  get down tu work'!
The mayor said tbey usually did not
report till spring.
Aid. Trimble asked whether the
bylaw required ladi'ers to top of two
storey building, ' Such w mid be useful In case ol fire. Snob a bylaw
should Is: enforced if possible,.
Aid. Trimble asked where they
could get the bylaw ?
Aid. Abrahamton said tht bylaw,
Bhould be printed up tu (late. As it
was nn nno could got a copy nf the by
laws. Theso should I* In inch shape
tbey could be got, by anyone requiring
them. These bylaw, should be mi
sale to people requiring theni at a
price to cover the cost, uf printing.
The city bad some louse c tplei printed
but thty hnd never been bound or put
together and showing the amendment!,   Each alderman for untune
should have a copy uf the bylaw,
governing the city.
Aid. Palmer considered this a good
Tlie mayor suggested the bylaw
committee g, into the matter and
report ut next meeting, It was a
very good suggestion.
Aid. Tapping said he would like to
see Hume action taken as suggested by
the .Maii.-1Ikiiai.ii to secure the present railway bridge over the Columbia
rivii for a traffic bridge in the event
of the C. P. It. building a steel bridge,
Aid. Caley eaid there wa, good land
there for settler, and nu effort ,110111(1
be made in the matter,
Aid. Ahrahaintoii said ihe Dominion
and Provincial government, should be
asked to take action in the matter.
Social and Personal
Theodore Ludgate weut to the coast
this week to consult an ear specialist.
On medical advice It. Samson i,
taking hi, wile east on a trip for the
benefit of her health.
Gen. Supt. R. M. Marpole spent
today in the city on hie way to the
Field railway convention.
On Tuesday afternoon at 8 p. m, a
meeting will be held at the City Hall
of the Y.M.C.A. Ladies' Guild, which
is being organized to promote tlie
interests of the Y. M. C. A. All ladie,
interested in Y. M. C. A, work are
requested to attend.
On Saturday, 17th inst, a complimentary concert will be tendered to
W, H. Humphrie,. An excellent
programme hia been prepared. Mr.
Humphries has always been so ready
aud willing to help at any entertainment in the city that this complimentary concert should tie well
An enjoyable at home was given at
the residence of Mrs. F. B. Lewis on
McKenzie Avenue Wednesday evening,
at which about fifty guest, enjoyed
the hospitality of their host and
hostees. Progressive whist took up
the earlier part ol tlie evening, at
which prizes were won Oy Meedames
Holten and Elson and Messrs. Watt
and Allum. After lunch was served
the spacious parlort were cleared and
dancing was enjoyed for the rest of
the evening. Among out ol town
guests were noticed Mr,, and Mis,
Mundy, Three Valley, Mr,. Risteen,
Vancouver and othert.
St. Andrew's—The annual meeting
of St. Andrew't Presbyterian church
held on Wednesday evening last, wa,
attended by a large number ol member, and adherent,. The report,
presented were very encouraging and
showed a most successful year't work,
The congregation closed the year free
from debt, and the large congregation,
at botli the morning and evening
services make the outlook Ior 1906
very bright. Special tributes of praise
were paid to the Ladies' Aid, which
under its able President, Mrs. H.
Bruce, ha, rendered the highest kind
ol service to the congregation. The
Sabbath school, too, wa, highly com
pliniented. V. Anderson wa, elected
a member of the Board of Manager, in
place uf R. Armstrong, who i, out of
the city at present.
When all the bushiest hud lieen
disposed uf a short musical programme
was curried out, after which refresh
ment, were ,erved.
Sunday,Feb. 11th, 11 a.m., "The
Men Whom Jesus Chose." 7.30 p.m.,
"The Olte ol the Ethopian aud the
Tlie Basket Social undertlieampice,
of St. Andrew', Ladie,' Aid, on tlie
Pith inst., will be held in Selkirk
Mktiiiiiust—Potior Rev, (!. II. M.
Sutherland,—The ohuroh having boon
relighted and the new opera chair, all
being in place, tin: services will par
take nf the nature of t re-opening
Morning subject, "What an Improved
Church Demands." P. M. ttihjtct,
"JetUl the Only Alternative" Anthem, "Christian the Morn Breaks
Sweetly O'er  Thee,"    Solo by Mr,,
Dent. Anthem,''Gloria in Fields."
Literary meeting ol the Epworth
League on Monday evening at 8 p. in.,
the subject fur study being the reading
oourse hook "Canada."
Knox—Rev..I. It, Roberlton, B. A.,
pastor, The usual Sunday service,
will lie held nt 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m.
Tbe Sunday Hchool meet, at 2,30 p.m.
and the Prayer Meeting on Wednesday night tt 8 o'clock. Sunday morn,
ing subject: "Penonal Christian
Influence," Evening subject: "The
Highest, Calling in Life." The ordination and induction of the newly
elected older,, Mossr,. T. A. Lewi, and
tj, M. Clnrk, will take place during
tht tveniag Mrvict.
Theodore Ludgate's Views.
To» Province man at Vancouver,
Theodore Ludgate said:
'Men are very source, especially
millbaiuls, We are paying pretty
high wages for some good men, and
the cheapest wo can get even common
laborers for i, $3 a day. The lai(,e
amount of railway construction going
ou, botli in Nicola Valley and nn the
other side of the line, i, responsible
for the scarcity of labor,
"The Northwest market ? Well, that
all depends nn the coast an J mountain
millmen. II the lumbermen all stand
together and maintain an equable
schedule of price,, tin Canadian, oati
prevent any of the American lumbermen marketing any ol their product
in the Northwett. It til depend, on
the crop,.
"Immigration to the Northwest, I
believe, will be very heavy thit year. I
have been informed by a prominent
Government official that 200,000 immigrants are expected to arrive in the
Northwest this year. If thi, estimate
i, anywhere near correct, British Columbia will be called on to contribute
a large share in the way of supplies to
that part ol Canada."
" Chick," the mountain waif, which
will tie produced ,t the Opera Home
Tuetday, Feb. 20th, by the Melrose
Stock Co., i, a drama ol unusual merit
and hold, one interested Irom tbe
time the curtain rises on the first act
until the last, and one feel, that a
lesson to humanity hat been letrned
—never to be forgotten. Mr. Melrose
ha, secured some of the best talent in
the city and will spare neither time or
expense to make this, "hi, first dramatic production in Kevelstoke," t
grand success. Mr,. Melrose will
play the part ol" Chick," the mountain wtif, in which character she has
successfully appeared in most of Ihe
largest cities in the country. Mr.
Melrose will handle the leading comedy roll, which he has also played
many timet, and we feel aitured that
with their combined experience and
ability, the play will be first claw in
every respect. Numerous specialties
will be introduced throughout the
action of the play, and alto between
the acts, making the show a continuous performance.
A free dance will be given afterward, and a good time i, attured til
who attend.
CT P. R. will Enter Similkameen
Accumulating proof of the C. P. It',
I Intention, lo construct n railway
through the Similkaineeu leaves little
ground for further doubt or conjecture.
Emissaries of lhat company are
known to have been in Princeton and
along the surveyed route ol the V. V.,
il E. on secret mission, recently.
Engineers laid off the Nicola branch
have been ordered to report in tin
field witli crew, in three week,.
The assembling ol men and material
at Okanagan Lauding lor the building
ol two large scow, and a tug for the C.
P. R. to convey railway construction
tupplie, and machinery to Ptntioton
i, evidently the beginning of the
great race Ior the Similkameen. Some
phenomenal railway building may be
expected next summer.
Grading on the Nicola branch i,
about done, only a lew men being retained to finish up.
The Granby smelter ot British
Columbia i, the largest concern ol it,
class in Canada, and the second largest in the world, being only exceeded
in capacity by that of the Amalgamated Smelter Co., Aimcnndta.
Mr Cornell, M. K., representing New
York capitalists, wa, in Kevrlatokc
yesterday on hit wny to Field to examine the Monarch mine.
Builders Strike at Lake Louise.
The following hat leen received from
Laggan, Alta.:
The carpenters, mason,, laborer,
and others, working on Lake Louise
Chalet, art on strike. Noticet have
been tent to Winnipeg Calgary, Banff,
etc., to warn men who may be hired
at those points for Laggan, not to
agree under union rules, viz;—Carpenter,, 36c.; Maaon,, 36c; Laborer,
20c.; per hour.
Superintendent, J. C. O'Leary, of
C.P.R, hotel construction, promised
action in seven day, from Jan. 29th,
hut nothing wa, done, hence tht
Proposition to Cholroform them.
Startling it the plan advanced hy
Miss L. Graham Crozitr, a sociologist
of New York, for the "toientiiic relief"
ol New York't poor children,
"ll something i, not done to relieve
tlie (uttering ol the poor," she i,
quoted a, laying, "I crave the permission ot New York to allow me lo
mercifully administer chloroform to
tlie sixty thousand or seventy tlmi-iaud
children who are ,o hopelessly htndi
capped by the misfortune of their
TTit C. P. R. has decided to plant
large quantities of young trees at
various point, along itt prairie lines to
eupply it, own tie, and fence pott,.
A Montreal teltgram ity,: "It
ha, boon about decided by the Canadian Pacilic management that tht
comptny't double daily train service
will be returned at the beginning of
McKentic tnd Mann and the Grand
Trunk are lighting over the right-of-
way ol the James Bay Railway at
Toronto, tin Grand Trunk hiving
blocked the eroding.
Patronize home   industry— imokt
Revelitoke Cigar,.
"Cosmos"—The Maii.-Hehai.d cannot be used as a mean, of publishing
personal scandal and your letter it
" Reform "—The statement, you
make art, on the information we have,
untrue, and even il they wero true the
matter i, one lor the police and not
for ventilation through the column,
ol a newspaper. If we published your
letter the proprietor, of the hotel
concerned could prosecute Iwth you
and u, for libel.
We  beg to ttndtr our   heartfelt
thankt to the kind friends who to ably
assisted in our lire here,
Geo. Chapman.
Geo. Newman.
Buys a 4-Roamed Cottage,
newly built, woodshed and
x 100 Lot on Eighth Street.   Revelstoke Insurance Agency Limited.
SECOND STREET Residence, conveniently situated for railway men,
two-storey dwelling of 0 rooms, A
Snap—$1,000. Revelstoke Insurance
Agency, Limited.
of 5th Sheet and Orton Avenue, 9
rooms, hot and cold water baths and
other conveniences; front loom finished in white enamel. Handsome,
imposing residence, constructed of
the Very liest materials, $1500 will
handle this exceptional opportunity.
Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd,
(Ife'lC t\(\ P''1' Annum will protect
'TPltJ.UU yoli against any sickness
or accident no uritler what your occupation may lie, Revelstoke Insurance
Agency, Limited.
Y10T1CI5 i, 1Mb) (Iran that thirl- dayi
11 after d>t. w. int.ua to apply to lb* Hon.
Calif Commltiloner ot Lands mo Worki (or a
■ptciil Hon.. to out tail earry away tlmbii
from thi fiilliiwlm deicrl bed lands:
1. Ciuniii.Dclui at a poll planted about Iwo
mill, wilt from Bannock Point ot Vpptr Arrow bit. aud markid "B. B. L. Co'l loollillll
Miliar poll," tbiacl nu-th SO chaini, theaie
wail ,u chaini, thmiii wulh so chaini, thwea
list 80 cltliui to point of commencement.
2. Commencing tt a post planted aboul
tbria inil.. will from Bannock Point on Upper
Arrow Lake aud marked "H, B. L. Co'l aolltb-
o.it corner post," thence north K chaini,
llieune wast IW chains, Ibauca auutli Ml chilm,
llieura eit.i 80 obitlm tu point of commence ■
Fab. Iini, HUM.
1-HIRTY DAYS after data wa intend to
.   apply to the I'ommimlouer ol Lands and .
Wtn-ki for a special llcenie to cut and carry
away timber from the following: described
1, Commencing at a post planted at the
north-east comer of K. Jc 8„ Blook MO, and
marked " Big llenil Lumber Company'. South-
east Corner Poat," Ihence north 100 chains,
theuce west 10 chains; thence soutli ltd chain.;
thenco east 10 ohains to point of commencement.
li. Commencing at a post plauted about one
mile north from the nortb-weit corner of K.
and 8„ Hlock, SOU, and marked " Bit lli-nd
Lumber Company's South-oast Corner Post,"
thence north tl chaini; thence weit 80 chains:
Ihence aouth SI chains; thence east SO chains
to point of commencement,
a. CommeiicliiK at a poet planted about one
mile north from the north-west corner of K.
and H„ Block 860, and marked " Big Bend
Lumber Company s Northeast Corner Poet,"
thence west 80 ohains; thence aouth SO chaini;
thence east BO chains: thence north 80 chaini:
to point of commencement.
Bis Bind Lumsir Company, Ltd,
Jan. 28th, WO,. MF
FOR 8ALE-Lot on Second Street,
cleared and fenced.  Price $300.
Apply Mail-Hkkai.ii office.
WANTKD-A girl not over 25 to
do general home work. Wage,
|90 per month. Must be good wnrker.
Apply at this office.
OR SALE-Second-hand safe, apply at this office.
TxURNISHED ROOM to let, over
I1 office of Mail-Herald. Apply kit
thi, office or to R, Tapping, -f+tv+T-fHT + iH-r-fT+TTTT
♦ T+lT + *l+-fT4-TTTTTi*-fT*fft
Andrew Warrender w
—cold,   dollberale,   pltl
as a bard nian
less. And he
looked il lo-day, Tho cold sunlight,
forcing its way through the dirty windows of his olilco, showed his lace, rugged and determined, nnd bard ns Iron,
money, nnd then, child—Ihen you will there is something wrong somewhere came back nnd look Philip away.
■f j marry some great man—you, with and I musl see you. I must iter" (i-.nn When Iho man-servant returned ll was
■f'your beauly, will marry someone wor-lyour own lips (he reason why you re- n very leclile old man who put up llis
T'lhy nl you—and of this ninney." (use to marry me.  It was sign.d "Phil- hands to him.
Ji   Bulb pul down Ihe papers slowly. All lp Cowell," and was dated Hie day af-    "Help   me up,   Cochrane,"   ho said,
* Iho color had died (com her face no .v ter   Andrew   Warrender   had   |os,ed "and loll me all aboul Miss Unlit. Take
and her eyes looked strange and wild, j Iiulh's letter—a year ago. j me inlo |ho dining-room.    Oh,
He folded il up again nnd llv-n look- ■Urad ' nm"
cd round dully like a man -.vhrse ;i.bl
has gone. Then he rose lo lbs feel and
wenl slowly from Ihe room.
Upstairs nullt sal listlessly before Ih'
fire. Andrew hesitaicd before be iv.nl
up to her.   The slghl of her wn.lo I
This money!1' she repealed with
while lips, "is all this niuncy really
"Yes, yes, child—ours I Mine and
yours I'1
"But I don't undersland—we have
always been so poor—so dreadfully
"That wns part of my plan, child.
One cannot grow rich wilhoul care,
and il people had known I was not as
pour as I seemed I could not have sa,--
tt was his poverty perhaps, lhat made 0,| s„ carefully. You will be able lo
bun so morose; Ihe loss ol Ins wifo choose your husband from the best -
years and years ago, possibly, Ihal Vou will he able In do as vou like. You
made him so bitter against llfo; and Ilia .si,uii ohooso Irom the besl of then,
nn.vlely lo provide   lor his only child, tiuili."
perhaps, Hint mado him shul himself t «| jlavo chosen;" lho words burstfrom
up, away from all friends and neigh- niilh'e dry lips. "I have chosen Phil-
tors, In his olliee, where he pored over ip," she sold,
the books and counted, and reckoned, | Andrew Warrender sin red at her.
and calculated pounds, shillings, and i Then lie roused himself nnd took nstep
Pence, towards hor.   "Yes-yes, you Hunk   so
Peoplo said dial if he loved any wo-1 now. child," he said, "but when you
man living ill lho world il w-.s 'tu'eel away—when wo gel to London
daughter Ruth,  Ilul be did nol show tt everything will look different."
He stood, benl and white Irom long
poring over papers, by Ins desk, looking id her villi bis hard, grey eyes; and
there was no sign of love in them now.
"Whal do you say'.'" he asked in    a
Her gesture startled him.   She ilu
oul her hands, her face dark and sei.
"I have chosen," sho said, harshly;
"and I have chosen Philip now and forever. Nolliing can make any difference.
The money you havo saved 1 hate and
slow, hoarse "voice.' "Say il again."      will not touch.   Oh, If we were   poor
She looked al him Willi her head u> ?.s ' I'mughl, and he was a beggar ,n
liilcd and surprise in her pretty eves. Illi0 P|llor, ' should choose him.   And
"1 thought you knew," she said uu oven Ihougll you are rich I slid choose
steadily.  "I—I bought vou would—yon I ""'"P.-'
would expect   him lo speak.   He nasi   Andrew  had  dropped back   in   his
loved me so long, nnd I—" c''„.'r'
"And yuu—" said Andrew Warren-', ,'ou do not know whal you aro
dei-. talking about, child," he said, harshly,
"And I have loved him. loo," she sold "Y3U lmvo no1 m"7-c» what It means,
simply, jond you   must think.    An heiress,
"So vou Ihlnk vou love Philip Co- vou m'c' ™nrwl IM,Ty a man earning
will'.'"'he asked. |"vo pcunds a week.   And besides
"I do; I'iiiiovv'l do." cried Ruth, with Pi" lhinli philiP will marry you now?"
Iho color deepening iu her checks. She! ' am "ol nn heiress," she said, in a
won! a little closer lo the old man. "Fa- 1UCW> hollrs<! voicc- "T|1C money is
•her, vou musl know—you must havo "'1| mino- ' wil1 no' have il. I only
guessed. He has been hero so often, wnnl '1|,ll|P- ' w,lnl- '5 le is wa wei-
and iie was onlv wailing unlil Ihey be'°re, nnd I want him and nil vmir
made him manager of his department ",ollt>y' ol'' ' t'lve ll ll11 l,ncl< l0 i'""-
before ho spoke. Oh; falhor, vou can'l, fr'11""*'- willingly—If you will only give
mean thai vou objeel to him?" I"": Philip,'
"Object?" Andrew sal uuright. "Ot! Andrew looked very grey. He twist
course I objeel," lie cried. "You are10"1 his. lingers uncertainly together, but
nol going lo throw yourself nwav on a1"*!" was hard and his lips set.
innn like Philip Cowell. Why, whnt Is1, 'ou m toolish; vml hnve »0' rea-
he? A clerk, and no more, 'it is fully ,iZ™ lh,,l.'s -vel-" lle said, "nnd you sny
In Ihink of It." •"' u lllive already written and accepted
"Why—why, ho Is taking five pounds
» week al least," she said. "Oh. father |
I hale to think of Ihe money, but—but
—five pounds a weekl"
He said nolliing Iur n moment. Ho
was watching her, curiously, calculating, thinking,
"From a worldly point ot view, he is
a splendid match for me." she wenl on,
unsteadily; "better, even Ihan Dick;
"Su Dick Sinclair has been proposing
"Yes," she said, "lie—he wrote In me
She choked llie lump In her throat
"The letter is upstairs," she said in a
tow voice. "1-1 could nol posl il unlil I had spoken to you. And the one
tr. Dick is lliore, too. I wrote lo him
al the same lime."
Andrew nodded, placing his hand
li avily upon her shoulder.
"Before you posl Iho letters go and
think," ho said. "Wall before you post
She shook her head.
"II won't make any difference,"   'lie'
   same post, and-l have replied|mhh„"},  sM]  always feel the same.
to llieni both. The letters aro upstairs, °,n ,," ."", !no,"''V oomes between us  I
hul I couldn't posl them unlil
lod you,"'
''Ah! ynu will nol
a! any   rale,  child.   You
Ili k   Sinclair nor   for Philip   Cowell.
They are neither of llieni good enough.
Five pounds a week!   Bali!     Let lilm
offer you fitly, and Ihen we'd see."
Ru!h fell back a lillle, wllh her eves
fixed   nervously on her   falher's face.
I,,,,] I shah give il up for him.'
|   Andrew   lurnod   avvny and   wailed
post one of Ihein I lis c"'"v>i lo !"?„,°,-n(i  .[ her footsteps
(is she passed inlo Ihe oilier pari of tin
house: Ihen, wilh quick, light steps be
| mounted tho stairs to her room. On a
jlable  lay the  two letters,    lie picked
them un quickly and read llieni over,
t'lhey wore sllll open, unsealed, and al
the sight of Ihem his face grew sudden-
II-w strangely he talked! Fitly pounds!'\' swiftly harder still.   Here was his
Why. slio had never seen even live
puiiii is logelher In the whole of her life
and he tallied as if il were nothing!
The man pul him in nn easy
and produced a dcconlcr.
j  "Mi*s   Ruih  is quite well, sir,"  hi
I said: "only   wanting you again,   sir
| thai  bad."
I   "Wanting me?"
I   "Why. yes. sir,   She's mortal anxi
Rulh luiiied anl   nn
seemed lo rouse all Ihe ugly pain nl h!si01|8 ab(iul -,   aml lws hcm ovr,r
heart, nnd he pnj up an unslea.lv ha i.i, sjn0(, you 'v(,llL„
Andrew closed his eyes to shut had;
a lear dial iiircotehcd, nnd il was while
his eyes were slid closed thai a pair of
arms were Ihrust about his neck anl
his breast
out her hand.
"1 am sorry to bo so stup,1" die
said. "Oh. I am afraid I ha/) disappointed you. l.ul 1—1 can'! hem It."
"No—no, child."
"Perhaps afler lho winter has cone -
when llie season comes-1 si,ad he nli
right, I daresay balls and c- needs
will wake me up. I think I am inly
silly, anl am certain Ihu! Ibe I t.-'i r
thinks Hi-re is nolliing llio mailer wllh
me. Rn! when we gel through these
h irrlblo lugs—"
"Rulh. would you like to go bock lo
Mlddieborough?" ho asked, suddenly.
She turned, slartod and rose to her
"To Mlddieborough?" she cried. "Oh.
nn. no. father—not there. Oh. dun l
g„ there.   1 never wnnl to see i! again.
I hope—I pray—oh, lather, don't let me
gi back there again."
"Why?" he asked, and hor eyes wild
with fear, frightened him.
'Vou know why," she said huskily.
"Oh you know, 1 dure not risk seeing
Philip or anyone belonging to him
ogain. He never answered my lelbi'i
Yuu know how I wailed—those days
before—before wo came away."
Did he nol know? llis face grew set
nnd drawn. Heaven forgive lilm tor
acllng as lie had done! He know omy
loo well. Dul lie thought Ihal his money and London wonid wipe out all
Ihal.   And it hod not!
She had turned lo Ihe fire again.
"You know 1 wrote ogain; you posted
i! your-elf nnd no answer came. An.I
then—ond then you heard lhat he lin.l
thrown up Ids liertb at a moment's no-
lice and gone, and no one knew whore,
Afler thai Mlddlehornugh was hateful,"
Andrew Warrender held his breath
for n   moment.   lighting with himself.
II was hard work. Tlie tiling ho lind
le tell her would cure her. bul she
might hale him forever. For a mo-
men1 he almost fell ho would rather lei
her die than feel her hotrod. Ho had
lovei her SO in his queer way. II was
nol for his own sake ihal he had sole1
cd and struggled and piled up in e.'-y,
bul for hers; to givo her a posili.iu
amongsl the best peoplo in London —
lo make her happy. And il was killing
her!   lie braced himself up.
"You Hinugli! Ihal Philip had played
wilh you?" he said, unsteadily.
"Who! else was I lo Ihink?" she
cried, "lie. no doubt knew he was going; no doubt had made all his plans
he clasped his round Ihe girl he had
"Now I havo brought him book—forgive," be said.
!!ul llu'li had already dono so.—London Tit-Hits.
Interesting Gossip About Some   Prominent People.
It is said of Lord Curzon of Kedln-
ston that (luring tbo whole timo he
has been in India acting us v ic rov
bo has hover worked less than fourteen hours a day.
The Empress of Japan is nn adept
performer on me Koto, n kind of
large zither. It is an Instrument
which is iniicli played '.nd very popular in .Japan.
Tho Sirdar, Sir Reginald Wingate,
is nn excellent linguist, n, cubing, bo-
sides several European languages,
Arabic and Hindustani. One of his
favorito hobbles is tlio colic tion of
Dervish weapons, which he hoops iu a
small museum nt bis Scottish estate.
Senor Pedro Alvarndo, tho mining
king of Mexico, is to erect a monument in memory of his lute wife
which will he of marble and two t ins
of solid silver. A steel fi'utnc v. ill :e
erected around tho grave to guard
the monument. The o taut of Al-
varado's mine is 8100,000 wee ly,
When he discovered it he was working for Toe a day.
King Edward's lucky n"mlur is U.
Both bis parents were born In 18111;
he was born on a Pth; his man Inge
took place in iho year (ill, ivr.ich
numbers added the one to tho other
make U; his reign commenced in
1801; he wus (o have been con-nod
on the 27th, which ligurcn added together mnko W; nnd he was nit ally
crowned on August 11th.
The lato Signor Taaiagnn, in s.it-.-
of his lavish generosity, menaced tn
amass n larger fortune than any s ng-
er of Ids time, with pei-hups t:.e single exception of J enn de licsz c. Beginning life ns a courier, ho left honied him SI,000,00(1, most of which
is bequeathed to his only daughter,
to whom ho was devotedly attach,-J.
going  to the pour    of
al tils louse i
beforehand. I bad heard Ihnl Ihere are Uja residue
somo men like Ihal, who win a girl's' Vnreso.
love jnsl for Ihe fun of It, but I nover    Jiiss Greta Greig, B.A., LI..II., tho
believed il until then.   And Philip—his first  Australian   young  lady to he
Idler secerned so irue-1 could nol   be- e«Hed to.tho liar, is uf Scottish birth
Rib of Beef a la Marseillaise. --- Remove Ihe hones from a rib of bed. Put
four tablcspoonfuls of oil Inlo a saucepan, sd on a good (Ire. When hot
pul in Iho meal. Then salt and pepper,
cover, and let cook slowly for two
hairs. Serve with Hie following sauce:
Fry In oil two or threo onions sliced
Hi n. When browned udd'lwo table-
spooptuls nf vlnogor, n small leasponn-
till of miis'ni',1. sail, pepper, and a half
pim of bouillon. Replace il by lho
sauce. Ho I for a few minutes, pour
over Ihe merit and serve.
Beef Tongue Boasted.—Wash the
tongue an I sleep ll In boiling waler
lung enough lo allow lho skin lo become loose ami bo scraped off costly.
Wlio'i scraped and freed from gristle
pul ii In boiling water wllh soil, pep-
prr, one good sized carrot, Iwo onions,
Iwo hay "leaves, Iwo doves or gallic,
nn-! Iwo sha!!,,ls. Roil four hours.
Take il mil and Iol It get cold. Lard
I! wi'h thin slrips of pork and bake in
Ihe oven (or Ihree-qunrlers of an hour.
Serve wilh a sauce plquanle, a puree
or a la Jardiniere
Calfs Liver Smite.—Put, a good sized
piece of buller in a Irving pan over n
brighl fire. When Ihe buller is ho! put
in slice! liver and brown quickly on
both sides, Sprinkle Willi sail and
pepper. Remove the pan from llio (Ire
and arrange lho liver on a dish. Then
return lho pan lo Ihe fire and lo ihe
gi'iivv iii It add iwo lahlespoonfuls cf
vieegrr. Scrape the bollom of llio pan
and lei boil. Pour over Ihe liver and
serve wi'h chopped parsley on Ihe Ion.
Like kidneys, liver saule should nnl
cook loo long; eiglil inimiles aro suf-
i Escalnnes of Veal.—Slice some veal
Ciillels In .nieces four inches square
and half on Inch thick. Ileal some
buller In Ihe frvlng nan and pul In Ihe
meal. Brown mi holh sides. Pour nut
Ihe buller and re-dace il by a quarter
of n nl"! of bouillon: mil in sail. pep.
per flnolv chnnped chives, and parsley.
Cnnk slowly for half nn hour and serve.
Spaghelll.—T'n boll spaghetti grasn
Hi-* given qii'inlilv In vour hnnd, put
Ih,' end: down Into hollina waler and
as Ihey snflen press genllv unlll llio
whole lentlii is in Ihe waler: loll rapidly for lively minutes. Drain and
blanch in cold waler, The small Tint-
lan 'iisles used fur sunns nre usually
cuke-l a few moments In waler. Ihen
drained and finished in ihe simp. A
half nnip'd will ho siifPcionl In serve
Six persons. The Unbans conk II fur
Iwonly minutes In waler, Ihen finish
Hie cooking in stock.
Spaghelll in Cheese Shell.—Alter Ibe
ecnlre Irs been scnoped from aplnojj-
To revive leather.—Chairs and sofa*
upholstered with leather will lost much
lunger and relain a very much in Her
oppearanco if Iho leather is regularly
revived with llie following mixture, for
I! cleans lho leather, and at lho same
lime soilens il and prevents Ils cracking. Take one pari ol besl vim gar,
and two pails of boiled i:- seed oil,and
shake well together, Api ly a lillle en
a sod rag, and aiterwards polish wllh
a sill, duster or an uld chamois leather.
He sure lo hnvo an easy lounge or
chair in llie kitchen, where you may
spoiu. lho fow wailing moments between lie's, os il were, In rest, if you
cannol afford lo buy a being,' espechl-
Ily for Ihal purpose, mako ono. This
is easily dune. Get two long boxes
from Ihe dry goods store; placo Ihem
end lo end am! nail logelher,   Make a
jmaltrossand (Illll wilh desired maia-l-
ids. Shredded shrucks are clean and
excellent, fiver Ibis drill,!: any kind ol
cover In suil lho fancy.   Be sure to pel
| something   thai  can   bo washed and
i Ironed, Red and white bed licking is
pretty and durable, nnd never fades.
and when laundered looks as good as
new. Make a pillow lo match. Now
while yuu aro watching llie cakes,
bread, pies, and Ihe like, remember
Ihere is your lounge. Rest. Do nol
sny you have no lime. Yuu have lo
wait for your baking lo brown. Why
nol rest while yuu wail? Yuu will be
surprised how much retreshment you
will gain even frum one minute's re-
IiimiIu-' imon Ihis Improvised lounging quarter,
Successful nnd happy home-making
has I eon and will continue to l.e an into, osiing   problem.      A   writer gives
I lorlh Ihe following suggestions;
! Irani lo govern yoursoll and ie
gentle and patient.
j Guard your tempers, especially In
soosons of lll-beallh,   Irritation,    nnd
Lille    Our»n    Victoria's    Destiny    was
Foretold - Whal Gipsy Lr» Told
Miss Dallas-Yorke.
The late Queen Victoria had cans,
to believe io fortune-telling, fur her
destiny was truly foretold by a gipsy
at Broadstaira whon sho was a girl.
The fortune-teller in question was
'Mother Mad don," who made her
living by telling fortunes at the seaside till she died, many yeurs after
the Queen hud come to tlie throne.
Sho told the Princess Victoria that
alio would marry Prince Allien, and
that one duy a descendant of hers
would rule- over an European Empire
out then create I, which, ol co r.-o,
came true in tlie case of the Gorman
Empire rulod by her grandson tho
Many people will remember (lipsv
Lee. tbo famous fortiino-tel'cr of
Brighton, England. On one occasion
Miss Dalias-Yorke went up to her to
have her future outlined, and was
told that In later years she would
The possibility of this coming true
was so remote that the girl laughed
heartily whon sho heard it and fur-
got all aboot it. Not lung afterwards, however, she met the present
Duke of Portland ut a co, n ry railway station, and hu fell in love with
ami married her. Then the prophecy
wns recn Lal lo her mind, nnd tha
Duchess sent Gipsy Lee a satin gown.
When Mine. Modjeska was a girl of
fifteen she chanced to be in the King
Theatre nt Viei.na, when a gipsy
came up to her and o'lured to tell
her fortuno, saying:     "You-are    so
lievc— Oil, I did nnl believe until I
heard he had gone.  Th°n I knew."
Andrew stood quile sllll.
"Bul suppose ho had not made any
plans of Ihe kind, suppose he wenl be
cause he thought you had played Willi
him; suppose somebody slopped Ihe letters between you. and Ihon—met him
and talked and lold him Hint yoi had
been playing with him—whal Ihen'"'
but Melbourne has been her homo
from childhood. Two of her sisters
are in practice as doctors and a tl inl
is a University tutor. She su.vs
she does not intend seeking criminal
business, and will only undertake it
in certain special cases, preferring
common law, Cipiity, and pro.atc
Signor Caruso, tho famous   tenor.
nnce. Willi benl head ho listened
for a moment, Then quickly lie changed Ihe letters, lie glanced at die one She was facing him, Wildly, hor lace| although always wishing to become
Thev wore horribly poor-so "boor>to Dlc,< M he dl(l s°, and was satisfied, dcnlhly while, her eyes blazing, An- a professional Binger, studied en-
1lr.il thev often sal in the dork for s"° hiwl begun without any heading, draw's heart seemed lo have grown glneorlng whon ho was a youth. Sub-
hours logelher lo save lho gas- so noor ns lho"^' slle ,l!"' ,1nl kn°wn whal h\sW "ml co|d in his hrensl. This sequently he served in tho artillery.
thai 'he had sometimes on bitter win ',0' " "'""''' cl° I"'10 as well for Phil- treatment Ihe doctor had recommend-. Ho was perpetually singing, howe-cr,
let' nights cricri from sheer hunger anl i|',,n'l f(11', l11'*' ?' ™ rn',sinff hor'   Shc was mm,n«i aml whon' tl'" •m''"? T,' ,a, c,le ''at''
weariness; and yet how her father scat ■ '    kn<Av llow ,0 sav "i" she had ''-' llt'' "gun- hul il was killing him!   i oil teacher expressed a highly favora-
fed ul Ihe idea of live pounds a week!   wtlllen,   "I cannot marry you.   1   am|   "Father!   What are ynu saying?" she' bio opinion of tbo quality of his io cc
"Bul, father," she said  almost under sn"'v "  J,°"  "lol|f-'hl I  cared In that cried.   "Whal do you mean?   Who — ho abandonod   engineering forthwith
her breath "live pounds'is such a lot  way"   ' nover mennl ln lc' vml thlmc whi could have betrayed us?" land devoted himself to opera, sign >r
And   we  are  so   poor-so dreadfully'"in1,  ' hnim >'mi will lake Ibis as llnal    Slowly. Jerkily,   his fingers fumbled Caruso, by-the-byo, Is a very gl.to',1
-   ""•' " ' ■" '  ' ■   ■■ - :-- l:   ■-   '   ' ■■■ ; •■'   ■-'  ' "■-■ '-' ' black-and-white artist,
The Khedive of Egypt is one of lho
I potentates who have profited—both
her morally and financially—from iho
Ilo protection of Britain. In addition to
die bis annual grant of *,100,000, bo ban
pounds ami more—much more—as f1""'s for|is'cps below, lie came ouli would fall, bill sho did not. The doc-j amassed an enormous private forlun.)
much as you liko child—os much as '"sl '" llm(', nn(1 ,ncl 'lor nl 'ho lop ol 'np's remedy was inking rapid effect.-in the management of which he bus
you like. 'Look'  The limo has   come        Rln'l's' "e 'll'''' ""' p,lilins l(,|!cr- I1""1 tli0 opportunity, as well us  the
1 mennl to wuil for vour Iweiilv-dist "P""1|,r- H Is no use thinking," shej "" was I who belroyod you." ho sold, tendency, to bo a good deal thriftier
birthday, bul I had heller show- ynu „ft^', lJ,l'eBa"11'M*!.)I;, ',',' m going to posl I Slowly. "I changed lho loiters you'than his predecessor. Not only in hu
now, lo put lho! silly folly oul of your'""
pn-.r. .      f.	
The  queer  hard look  died from his My ,rlRl1 ls !mtle UP' nml nothing you
face.   A strange softness look Its place:0",", Bay.°T. ?°.MH n"M' "'"
and he rose and wenl slowly towards I „ ,   C, „"     . Ihn e'Welopc, addressed
her. , ".'o Phlhp and Ihen scaled Ihem holh.
and will nol allompt lo sec me again.! in his pocket and closed round lho 'tit
"I did." he said.
She fell   bnck.  her  hands  to
throat, and bis   eyes .grew keen.
"Ruth," he said, "you shall havo five']'10 ,V0I'V momenl he did so he heard'hesllaled   for a   moment, fearing
llie teller lo Philip.'
head onco ond forever.   Come here and , '" ,"'°, 'l,"" "8h! of lilc lftl|Jing his
so, mlml i i,„„n dm,,, („,. ,.„,,» i 'nee looked very hard.
Yuu can give them lo ine lo    post
you like," bo said slillly; "I'm going
Andrew Warrender's lingers shook:
lillle as Ihey closed over thorn
lie doporled,
and then
sec what I hnve done Ior you
She followed him slowly. He had
moved back lo his desk and was Inking
liom bis pookel a bunch nf keys, lle
soleiicd one and filled ll into his drawer and Ihen drew it open.
"Look. Bulh-look," ho said. "Look
nl a'l these."
Inside lay a qunnlily of papers all
lied wilh red lape Into nenl bundles. Ho
look up one nf ihem and began lo .in
lie It, llis fingers trembled wilh im !bought his furniture, his carriages and
pallonce, and il seemed a long minute hoi'tes, and ho had his servants and
tn' Ibilh before he thrusl It Into her OVorylhlng he had said he would-ovcn
hands nl lost, Then with uncompre-j Ih" grand lady lo bring Hulli out and
(lending eyes she began lo road. Inlrpducc her lb   Society, nnd yet ho
TIlO words the figures. Jumbled Ihem- i""1  f"ilcd.
selves together In hor brain. So many'   Ho Blood Wllh his hand on Ihe ban-
thousands ol pounds made hor   head '"'' r,f "'! '"'" door looking oul.
had wrlllen, pulling Hie ono to Dick, a monogamist and a tnototalor, but
Snelair in Ihe envelone Ior Philip, and it is said that be does not smoke—
ro*led Ihnl, and Ihen I wenl lo see not even nn Egyptian cigarette! Ilo
Dick. I told him ynu lind senl me, and gels up al six every morning, and
lie aceeiiled my slaiement, and so Lean (alb in six languages.
got rid of lh"in both. Now 1 am going j Tbe story of how Sir Qcorgo'Koke-
io-nlghl In lind Philip and bring him| wlch left Oxford is amusing, lie was
Ir you. I .slin'nT como buck unlil I find at Halllol and rose there to Ihe highball, however long II bikes, | shall est eminence" as nn oarsman'and n
Jusl have lime to see my lawyer before■ rackct-playor. But be hud no taste
I t'n (ind lo arrange for you to havo for chapel, and during his lent term
whatever money you wnni, and if I never once put In an nttondance. Tlio
lateen his house In Kensington,"and had I,,nn'1 r""r; l)"t:lt' 5'°" wl" kl,ow ' can't result was Hint tho Duns ,ont him
  In,,! him." down for three days.    This annoyed
"FalhciT' She Ilmii.' oul hor hauls him su much that be shook tha dust
and plunged Inwards him, hut she WTs of Oxford for ever oil bis foot, with
week and the remedy wns sovere. She; drew his   "caution" money, which
It was a year
er.   Andrew    had
real.    Andrew had   his   hands full r.f
nepers,    Ills eyes were eager, gll6lei
"Do ynu understand, Ruth?" bo said.
"Do    you   undersland,   child?
fell headlong, Andrew waited only a
momonl lo place hor on a conch and
Ihon wen! oul.
II took Ihroo months exactly, and
lo ihem holh ll was like ihroo years.
I' was early in the year when Andrew
stood on the stop al lost, leaning heov-
Al Ihe lollinn of Ihe flight ol slops a
doctor was gelling into his brougham,
The door bunged as he drove off,   Yd
 Andrew Wan'oiidcr   slill   stood   there,
Tl,, Sp' Willi the doctor's words ringing In his I'I.- on Philip's arm.
thousands   of pounds nre niliie-niiiieij'',lis- "Bul—but—will she be abl,
Whal paper Is that you havo?   The Al    "Absolutely nothing tho nialler-wan! at Ihis   limo?" Philip asked,
Bayswalcr   Building Soeiely.     I have "' Vitality, dial Is all.   Give her somo llilsl leu o'clock.   "They muy
two  thousand  pounds  in   that—two' Interest In llfo and she wllUbe oil right.
thousand pounds al eight per cent. And, she will die II you don't, and nothing
tills- look   id   Ihls — eight   thousand el»e will save her.   Rouse her- make
pounds In   Ihal;   and they are initio-I hor want lo live-that Is all."
-mine-mine!    Do   you   undersland,    H° went bark slowly nnd sn,' down,
Hulli? I am not a poor man, bul rich- lnoUng   dully    round    Ihe   gorge, us
rich enough lo buy up men liko Philip I room.  Upstairs lay Rulh- ill of n pro-
Cowell and Dick Sinclair.   Rich enough plalnl thai   no doctor could cut Mil,
lc buy an estate like Sir John I.
wick's, If | chose. Rich enough to buy
ill half n! tltlg town. Ah, Rulh, than
done Ihis lor youl I have saved and
slrlvcn and struggled for years — for
you. Aral now—well, you are nearly
Iwcnlyrno, and a monlh or two won1!
make any difference. We will leave
this placo al once for London. We can
soon arrange our plans, and Ihen you
dial! lake a position worthy of you,
child. The money will do everything.
We will lmvo a house In Kensington
nno nf Hie bod, I have though! il all
mil, I know of ono now. Wi< will
have it grand hnuse- canioges and
horses sorvnuls and overyllilng, ,\v
will col foiito grand lady lu bring yon
Out—that also   run he arranged  with
dying, perhaps, bocaipo she did nrtctre
niiniil life, because all \\.is wealth nil
London could nol give !he Ihuig' she
craved for!
Andrew's bands trembled upon the
arms of his chair. His foce that people
had said was bard had grown old, Tho
bitter set (il lho lips, the cold light m
i,ls eyes, Ihe pitiless meanness had
gone Irom lilm, leaving him a feeble
old man face to face with Iho failure if
his life, lie had put all bis wealth al
llnlh's feel and ll was killing her!
Slowly he looked round, and ihon bo
look frum bis pocket a loiter. II looked
yellow and ditty. The envelope w
torn and Iho Ink was faded. Ilo si 'end
it out.
"Dearest, I can't  accept your loiter,
•Thoy?   Who?"
"The people she Is living wilh," said
Philip. You did not tell me wind she
was doing. 1 Ihoughl she was living
a! home wilh ynu. and had no Idea sho
was In a grand placo 111(0 lids. Is sho
a governess or—"
"Wail," said ■ Andrew. When lho
door opened tic stepped bock, and It
was Philip who asked for her,
The man servant made way for him
to enter, and then slaiicd when bo
sow his master. Andrew mado him a
quick sign and the man understood.
"I'll wuit here In tbe hall," Andrew
said, as the servant disappeared lo
tell Ruth. "You see her alone first,
Philip thought he understood.
"She will forgive you as I did," ho
said; "bid. oh, how hungry I am for
ihe sight ol her face. What an age Ihe
man Is away. Ohl If Ihey don't let me
see her? Arc Ihoy nice people she Is
wilh? And what It sho-governes, or
Before Andrew hid replied Ihe   man
amounted to $ioo, oil lho college
hooks, und went to spend It in feusl-
Ing In London, Thus hn returned to
his parents without having taken a
Lord   ltudstock   bus   been for up.
, winds of twenty years an enthusiastic   lay preacher,  and   has, in his
I ovangollstio tours, been In o cry
lo seo us quarter of tbe world. Nome llve-und-
11 was twenty years ago he had a successful
mission in itusslii, preaching, nl
course, In English to tho members of
tho cultured classes, who are well acquainted with our tongue. Lord
ltudstock, who had a distinguished
University career—ho is a Halllol
man—In a very oiirnest nnd forcible
speaker, He eonflnos his work exclusively tu the religious world. Although a peer of the realm, lie Is not,
n Lord ol Parliament, and has accordingly no scut in lho House of
Lords. Ho Is the holder of nn Iricn
peerage, conferred on his grandfather,
a distinguished admiral, In 1800, for
a naval victory oft the coast of
Lagos In 17117.
Little Boy (lo policeman): "Ohl sir.
there is uu awful iighi going on around
the cornor." Policeman! "Who's lighting?" Utile Buy: "My falhcr and mi,,.
Iher man." Policeman! "How lung
have Ihey been at It?" Lillle liny: "Oh,
hull an hour." Policeman: "Hut why
didn't yuu como before?"  Lima Bov:
"Why. D0CMI80 dad was gelling the besl
of it'up lo live minutes ago."
pie or l-'dntn choose, save Iho shell for
Vv servlnit of snnnhelll, Roll tho sna-
plielll. drain, blanch and drain again,
Twlsl |! iiroiiod lho Inside of llie
eheo*c shell: mnko a half ninl of cream
sniteo and nonr il rnrefully over Ihe
snnmVIII. Sinn,I Ihe shell' on n pleee
of pa- or in lho ho'lom of a baklncdlsh
and hake In a moderate qulel; oven !lf-
teen or lowo"!" minutes. Dish on a
nan'-'n and send nl once to lho table
If handled corefullv Ihe shell mnv be
used ogain, The chee*:e shell Imparls
a delicious Pavor (o this most tasteful and sigblly dish.
They or,; beautiful to lho eye and delicious li. Ihe taste, and were evolved
f on whal was originally a simple
cream pie recipe. This Is Ihe way to
moke thom.
Break Ihreo eggs aid carefully place
whiles and yolks in seporolo bowls.
Fur the gold pie bent die yolks very
lb h! wilh Ihree tablespoons gronulal-
ed sugar.   Add one nnd one-half cups
i rich milk and ii'suspicion of sail.   In-
i dividual tastes differ nud Ihe mixture
should be lasted at Ihis singe and if
nil considered svveel enough, more
surar may le added. Line Iwo pie Hns
with go-id pastry, iill wllh the cuslard,
grille nutmeg over the lops and bake in
! ii slow nven.
, For Ihe silver nie first pour one and
ono hall cups nviv\ cream into a bowl,
add threo  tablosnoons sugar or more,
ii desired, and allow il lo dissolve white
die whiles of llie eggs are bcnlon In a
dish, which is large enough to hold not
only the whiles, but Ihe cream als/i.
; R, id Ihe whiles, lo which n "nlnoh" of
I sail has been added, unlll slilf, limn
fiii'r slowly over llieni Hie cream and
sugar, beating hard all ihe while. Rni
\n minute longer, when lho mlxltti'o
may ho poured Inlo iwo poslry-llncd
Hns, snrlnklod with nulmog and baki.1
in n slew oven,
Rehire roasting pork score the   skin
wllh a knife.   Baste conslnnlly   whia
roasting, imtl serve Willi apple satire,
Tu remove pnlni stains h windows
moisten n lillle common soda, and lay
|l on the spols, Inking great care lhat
N does not touch the palnlcd Window
Irniui's; In a short lime wash it off. nml
Ihe paint will be found to he lOOSOnod,
Riilhlng lho eyes several limes a day
in cold waler makes Ihem brighl and I
proally helps lu preserve Ilu: sigh! to1
extreme uld age. When any .'iiilislano-t
OS got Inlo llie eye. syringe grnlly wllh I
lukewarm waler Iill free ol Ihem.
For Whooping Cough. -Ileal logolh-!
er one ounce of honey, ono oiinee ,|
1'OSlOI' oil. and llie Juice of a lemon,The!
dose Is a loospooniul every four hours.
Hints about Eggs.- Boiled oggswhhhl
libera lo lho shell are fresh, A gojil
egg will sink In wnler. Slate oggsaro
glossy and smooth of shell. Tlm shell
of a fresh egg lms a llmoliko surface.
A boiled egg Which Is done and dries
quickly on Ihe shell when Inlion frnni
lho pan Is fresh. If packed In bran
a king time, eggs acquire a nuisly
Hero Is a losl (or buller, so simple
Ihal any housewife can pul II into successful prOClICO, A clean piece nl White
paper is smeared wilh a lillle of lho
misncclcd buller. The papor Is Ihon
rolled up and sei on lire. II llie buller
Is pure, lho siinil uf Ihe burni paper
is rnllier plcOSnnl, hnl Hi" ndor Is dls-
llnclly tallowy if lho lm lor Is wholly
or In purl niudo of animal fits.
trouble, and soften thorn by prayer anil beautiful that I feel sure you must
a sense of your own shortcomings and have a britht future waiting for
errors. I you." The glil agreed, and was toll
Remember Hint, valuable ns Is the'she would one day wear a coronet;
gill of speech, silence is often more .but two years after she marrt-d hor
valuable. I guardian,  M.    Modjeska,   so   there
Do nol expeel Inn much from others, seemed no chance of the prophecv babul remember thai we should forbear Ing fuimied. When tbey had been
and forgive as we often desire forbear-1 married only four years, however,
once and forgiveness ourselves. j her husband died,   and subsequently
Never retort e sharp or angry word. <h< great atlm-n married Count
11 Is llio second word that makes tho i Chlopowskl, thus tUlfilllng the nu-
ouarrel. , gory so strangely mado
Beware of lho first disagreement.
Leant lo speak in o gentle tone   rf
v"'',p- I   The great actress   Eleunurn    Duso
f.rarn lo sny kind and pleasant had her futuru prophesied by her
things whenever opportunity offers,       own  mother  under peculiar circum-
Sludy Ihe characters of each, end stances. When the child was but a
sympathize wilh all In Iheir (roubles, fow days old she wns put into n
however small. crystal basket to bo tak.n to Venire
Avoid moods and pels and fits of to be christened. The procession was
sulklness, ; headed by    a pries!,   and   presently
Learn to deny yourself and prefer they were astonished to sec (he
OlhOI'S, j guard of Austrian soldiers then occu-
Rowere of meddlers and lale-beerers. pyiog Venetia turn out ami present
Never conceive n had motive if a arms to the basket, believing it to
good one is conceivable. j contains the   relics   of   some   dead
Re gentle and firm wllh children.     I saint.
Do lint allow your children lo le "Soldiers presenling arms to in-,
nwny from homo ul nighl without; child, nnd la peasant!" exclaimed
knowing whore Ihoy are. rinse's mother.   "Then she will have
D) not say anything In Iheir heating n great future and will be admire!
which you do nol wish Ihem lo repeal,  by   Kings   and   Uueciis."    Tlie old
Beware of correcting them
Itilant or angry manner,
Several   Countries of   Europe Funds!
lady did not live to sec her prophecy
fulfilled, tor she died when her daughter was but fourteen.
Mn"i. Camot, the widow of lho
murdered President of France, hus
I in her possession a small Indian idol
which has n curious story attached
to it. When her husband was Minister of tho Interior, wiih no thought
of ever becoming President, a friend
who had just returned from In 'in
gave him the idol, but warned    him
In London theio is the London
Schools Dinner Association, a iri-
vale charity, which gave in one year
a hundred and ten thousand free din-  lhai ,!:'" 'effend attached io the relic
ners to tho cliiiui-en    of the    board   "as thai tho owner wuiild attain tho
lichuols.   This syti-ni  relics on   the
application  of  the parent, und   the
power of n monarch and
Indeed, there was cnuso to believo
thai there was something in the
legend, for the idol hnd belonged to
the dynasty ol Khiidiiirno, all of
whom hud perished in lho manner
described. As everyone knows, this
wns exactly the manner of death that
fell to the lot ol President Camot.
One of tho most remarkable predictions ever ninile wns thet uttered by
nn old blind pedlar ol whom n Yorkshire stnble-boy bought Bome cheap
article oul of charity. "Look me in
tho face,'' sail! the man, nnd the bov
did su. "I foresoo that you will some
day rise to great power and will to
the belpmnie of Princes," said ihu
.^j]  pedior us it by inspiration.
The bid was so amused liy the re-
iiinrk thai ho told his friends, who
nicknamed him Grand Duke In consequence But the must remarkable
thing is Hint the boy, uf'.ir being re
lict result is said to be that the parents whoso children most deserve tho
dinners do not apply.
In Belgium, Switzerland (except
Zurich), Venice and some oilier Italian cities, the same plan is carried
out, except thnt those pri.at! char
ities aro lurgily subsidized by tho
lo Milan and some French cities
the meals nre given und paid lor bv
the municipality, but only to thoso
and investigation being most compll
catod after tho usual manlier of Continental officialism,
The famous Cantlncs Scholairos of
Paris provide mo. Is of excellent quality to nil who desire them, at
charge of three sous per dinner.
mission is by ticket; those wio satisfy (ho authorities that they cannot
pay for tlio tickets got them [ice
and there is no dlllorcnco in tho appearance of Hie free    ticket and   the
pay one.  The plan Is said to work  spoctlvoly   n   jockey, then vact   to
woll, though hero    again Ihere    are   ''"' "llko °' Lucon, rose lo be Minis-
uf Finance to tho Duchy of Par-
la short, lie wns no other thun
great Baron Word.
shrinking souls who can neither pay  'cr
the throe nuns nor bring themtclvos '""
to ask fur ni l
111 ul  least    ono town—tho Italb.n
Vercooll—all tho school chl droit  ore
foil, and that at the expense of
whiiie commune
Swallows   ('.mid   no! Iliimewaril
Unlll Aided.
The must curious OlinBhouio In England is si. Mary's Hospital oi Chlches-
let'. There eiglil old ladies live actually Iii llio chinch, which Is a line old
building doling from 1080,   II wns ,„,. nipuggiod   onward,   bill   nn
plnally a i onottery, but when Queen Swilwrland mailer, grow w
A pretty story comes (rein Lucerne,
Switzerland, Tills year. Ihe swallows,
wl. le pursuing llieir aiilumn migration
b, UlO SOUlh, wore overtaken by unusually Inolemenl wealhor. Sllll they
rem lung
rse,   lor
Elizabeth ( UlO 0 visit there she turn- Intense COld prevailed, and Ihe iiiotm-
erl it lulu nn almshouse, l„ endure -i*,' ,,,,„, „Ver which Ihe birds must   pass
long as almhouiet oxlsl, Tho old Lero covered wiih snow. The hi He
ladles have two neat little rooms each I creatures seemed lo havo Insl heart, tor
down  ihe sides or lho  main church they parched In melancholy rows up-
wllh Window, looking mil on Ihe gf on lne telegraph   wires 011(1 elsewhere
den. rhoy have each a coal supply, a M numbed and helpless Unit thev
kileheii range, water and gas. Al one V/€W costly eiiiiglil bv tbe hand. The
end of llie Church Is lie chnnd, where Ornlonologlcol Soeiely ol Lucerne .,•-
dally   services are   hold.    The  choir I ^,irilzp(| a   band of   rescuer-, and Pie
stalls nre hcaullfully-carvcd oak, the
original souls Ihal the monks use I.
The church stands In o quiet little
Tim Brazilian Chamber ol Commerce
has dOVOled llie handsome sum nl Hi,-
llKi.Omi as a prize lo bo given lo Ibe
Scientist win) shall discover a really em
during modioli for iho cure ol cancer.
An hitornollonal committee is io be
formed, consisting of Iwo mombcrt of
llie Medical Academy In BIO Janeiro
and of lour eminent pathologists chot-
en   Irom   London,   Paris  and Rome.
These six genllenien will ml as the
jury iu tin case ol awarding the prize
were collected from oil par!,
ot th" hike district*, and (ifler having
been led ond tended were despolchoa
b a common con ire suitably warmed,
where Ihey wore kepi some days lo
restore tholr exhausted atrengih, Finally Hie birds wore sent In crates by
train over the long and perilous %
Ooihard pass to Chlasso on lho Italian
frontier, accompanied by a request
thai lho station master Ihere would
give litem their liberty.
"Mamma, leachor wN.ppo! o boy today for whispering In scnoof." "well,
ihui -vas right," "Bui mamma, he hoi
Icred ten limeo as lo .0 a, he whispered.' THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C,
Constructed on the broadest and most advanced idei
with .ill the perfection of constructional detail
Is recognized io-ilay as the musical standard of Canada) possessing as
ii does, features and characteristics, endorsed nol only by musicians everywhere, but all persons ol unprejudiced musical ability who instantly recognize its exquisirc qualities and givo ii Ihoir unstinted praise,
For purity of lone and power, combined with a perfect action and
poetical touch, tin' NORDHEIMER PIANO is distinguished to an
exceptional degree Can he had for a very lillle mon' than llio so many
inferior makes that arc being sold hi this city, Vou may own ono of those
pianos tn making a small payment down ami the balance on terms to suit,
Call or write to the Agents lor Eastern British Columbia,
Including postage to England,   totted States
and (.'anuria.
By tbe year [through postoffloe]   K,fiO
Half             1.60
Quarter"       " "          1.00
Legal notices 10 cents per line first insertion,
5 cents per line each subsequent insertion.
Measurement! Nonpariel (1- linos make one
inch). Store and general business announcement a ?2..V) per inch per month.
Preferred positions, 25 per cent nd*
ditionnl, Births, Marriages and Deaths,
50c, each Insertion. All advertisement*
subject to the approval of thu maniigeuient.
Wanted nnd Condensed Advertisements1,—
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Situations
wanted, Situations Vacant, Tcachcru
Wanted, Mechanics Wanted, 10 words or
less 2oc„ cacti additional line 10 cents.
Changes in standing advertisements must
be in oy 9 a, m. Tuesday und Kridny of
each week to secure good display,
JOB PRINTING promptly executed at reasonable rates.
TERMS—Cash,   Subscriptions payable In ad*
CORRBSPONDKNOE invited on matters of
public Interest Coiniuuniealions to Kdi-
tor must be Accompanied bv name of
writer, not necessarily for publication, but
M evidence of good faith. Correspondence
should be brief.
McKenzie Avenue.
Money to loan.
Office*: Revelstoke, B. 0,1 Kort Steele, B. C.
Geo. 8. Mi-Carter,
A, M. Finkham.
Kevelstoke, 1). O,
J. A. Harvey,
Kort Steele, B. C,
J. M. Scott l.L.H.
W, I. BrlRKS,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
Money to Loan
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Mining Engineer,
(Mem. American Institute Mining Engineer)
Canadian Mining Institute.)
Revelstoke, B. C.
Examination of and reports on Mineral Properties a Specialty.
Agent for Canadian Metal Company, buyers
of zinc ores.
FinancialsM-Utance given owners and prospectors to operate and develop
approved properties.
Ube fl&alMberalb
" 1 would . . . tftme-'-I) tirlvi-.- them for
their good to order thin paper to be punctually
eerrerl up. and lo be looke-1 upon a.- ii pari of
tbe waeriUloane.'-ADDiAON.
Th, lint annual repurt ol tht
Britiih Columbia Game U'ardsn fur
niiha, interesting reading uml tuggta
lion, lor the better pretirvttion ol the
big gatnt cl th, province. The wurit
tntmy ol gamo at preient is th,
Indian, and no tlm, ibould bt lott in
placing the Indian in the same
potitkic at tht other reildtntt ol the
province a, regard, the game lawi.
Tbe lyittm of appointing rangen is t
good one. md slnuld be .--tended,
•rhili the strict enlorcement ol good
game law, by tbe mtgiitrate, fill give
tht warden, tbe tupport they re,|iur».
In it, U'lirut attraction, British
Columbia lead, the world. rjubiidiary
to the attractions whioh nature ha,
provided, a country well atocktd with
game ttiord, special inducement, to
•core, o| tboutand, ol ptople Irom til
parti ol the world who are liberal
(pander,. Tht ijueition ol game
prcervation therefore come, burnt to
thi, province very clotely. More than
thtt, no effort should bt spared to
improve the tithing, in tht stream,
ind like, of the province. Every
tourilt aiiocittion thoiild Income t
mistioner to dock tht ttri'iim, and
lake, in  its  stction  with trout and
should be used lo supply tlio millions
of fry which could he thus distributed.
The Dominion Government ha,
recognised the value ol thn tourist
trallic to this country by tho attention
given and expenditure mndo on th
National Park. Thnt expenditure is
repaying itsell tenfold by the large
tourist traffic it i, now attracting nnd
the large expenditure of tourist, in
the mountains. The stocking of the
stream, and river, with tish is second
only to the development ot the
National Park and tbe Dominion
Government might therefore reasonably be expected to give it, aid to this
Another thing—East and West
Kootenny abound in slough, on tho
creek,, lake, nnd rivers which might
be made favorite resorts for leathered
game by the introducing ol wild rice,
which ha, made the fur north the
great feeding grounds for this class of
game. It is admittedly difficult to
acclimatise wilil rice, bm the difficulty
consist, in carrying the seed from nnc
point to another. Experts arc now
agreed, however, that il the seed i,
packed iu clay and kept moist it can
be done, if the wild rice wore introduced on the headwaters of tho Columbia River lor instance it would
find it, way into the sloughs almigtbe
whole counc ol the river nnil these
would become great feeding grounds
for wild fowl. This i, work which the
Dominion or Provincial Government
might well take up Indeed the importance ol the tourist buainc-SB to
British Columbia is sufficiently important to warrant the Government in
doing what bus been done in New
Zealand for instance—establish a
tourist department and lend the
whole foice of the government to advertising and developing the tourist
attractions of the country, including
the stocking ol stream, with lish,
acclimatising wild rice and other
food, likely to make the water wastes
of the province a resort of wild fowl,
and in every other way that seem,
expedient promote what can be i
a means of employment for thousand,
of guides, hotel-keepers, paokers, and
other accompaniments of tourist
service such as is enjoyed in Swit/.er
land, Norway and New Zealand.
other (ry overy tpring, and the Do- 	
minion Government fish  batclierit,' afforded thi, afternoon when the Uill
Victoria, B. 0., Feb. J.—The bill of
Mr. Hawthornthwaite (N'aniiinioj to
(Hi. Kit, Hon DEPOSIT
from   ir"-'W   to   -I'll) passed its teennd
raiding this afternoon by a mixed
vote of 18 to 15,   a number ol mem-
ben on both sides ol tlie House were
absent it the time, and n rumpus i,
expected in Committee A consider-
able amount ol discussi ,n took pblCI
over the measure, those opposing it.
holding very strongly tint A man who
cannot—or who*e friend, ciinnnt for
him—find a sum as $2(10 deposit, is
scarcely the sort of person IH to be
intrusted with th<: administration ol
tho affairs ol a vast and wealthy pro-
vim:,'. It is being bluntly put that
the temptations which would enme
before such a man—poor, nnd sudd,inly given a voice in the handling of
more money than he hns cvor dreamt
of and greater destinies thun his mind
could ever bo capable of nrlwpiatnly
grasping—would be certain tn prove
too much for either hi, intogrity to
resist or hi, mental capacity to (lea
with. The bill will most probably be
defeated on its third reading.
oft meaaure pawing the House unanimously and without a iliasenting
voico, on  it, second   reading,  wi,
■■■(-'. k | !»r the establishment uf a University
iu this province, and the Bill respect
ing Mcliill College, both passed In
speaking to the two measures, 11
Mr. Fulton, Minister ol Education
stated that n benefactor in ihoomi
had promised to support I lie project
by giving $5,000 n yeir towards It,
(Applause.) Student,, he continued,
would be able to take two year. In
Science and Arts, and could finish at
Mcliill, and in chemistry and biology
could lay the foundation ol a medical
oourse, and the same in other science,
(General applause.)
(illicit BDSINKBS,
Gardon (Vancouver) Introduced e
measure to amend the False Creek
loreshore Act, which passed its first
The bill ol Mr. l'rice Ellison (Vor-
non) relating to telephones—extended
reference to which was made in this
correspondence on Saturday—passed
its first reading.
The Dewdney Relief Uill and the
Act to amend the Assessment Act
both passed their third readings.
Victoria, B. C, Feb. 7.—One really
never knows when trouble will come.
In Monday's correspondence approving reference was made to the pleasing
unanimity with which
and the Mcliill Bill passed their second
readings. Having slept over the matter, however, several of the members
saw much in it to dislike.
Stuart Henderson (Yale) started
the ball almost before the chsiiman—
Brown, of Greenwood,—had got into
his scat. Tho member from Aslicroft
objected to the measure because no
provision was made for the provincial
government to nominate to tbe board
of governor,. Ho further took the
stand that graduates should have a
voice in the matter.
Hon. Mr. Fulton begged the member for Yale to observe that, aa there
was no proposal before the House for
Government aid, there was no grounds
on which to insist Ior Government
representation beyond the minister
and superintendent of education.
Mr. Henderson replied by advancing
the theory that, as the Government
wos making this a provincial institution by putting this legislation forward, tbe province therefore should
have some voice in its control.
Hawthornthwaite (Nanaimu) agreed
with the member for Yale because he
was ol the opinion that, if aid wa, not
sought for now, it would be later.
Tbe Attorney-General thought the
bill went quite as far as win necessary
at present.
J. A. Maedonald (Rossland) thought
the bill was a private bill in all intents
and purposes.
Hon. Mr. Fulton pointed out that
the present measure did not stand in
the way of a provincial act.
Hon. Mr. McBride asked the member ior Yale if he would be kind
enough to outline hi, proposed mode
of proceeilur, in electing a representative board of governor,, as the method
provided for by the present measure
had hetn found to answer perfectly in
the case ol hospital boards and similar
R Hall (Victoria) dashed into the
"I have my doubt, aboot thit bill,'
he remarked, ''it i, drawn by a very
fine band. I think I detect the line
Italian hand of the Prtsident
of the Council." (Roars of
laughter.) "If we endorse this bill
now. we may find later thut other in
stitutions ol learning art- barred out,"
The Premier assured tt, ■ Hulite there
was no monopoly, but McGIII had
made the only overture ol the kind
over received by the province, and the
Government felt it was their duty to
accept it. The dour was left wide
open lor all other unlvtrsltie,
Mr. Hull said he didn't mean to say
anything against Mt:Oill.liut he didn't
Want the province to be tied up.
Mr. Cotton ,aid the bill was practically a private one, but its Importance
had so impressed the Government
that, they hud decided to make it a
Government measure. He anticipated
no future difficulty a, there ivai no
monopoly and no exclusive support.
Hawthornthwaite (Nanaiino) said
he was nut, at all satisfied, and proceeded to treat, the House to adii-
(plitition on the beauties ol Socialism,
whon the grim form ol his adversary,
John Oliver, of Delta, rose to a point
of order. frosted for a decision,
Chairman Brown said he of Ntnaimo
wa, wandering from the point and
iiiusn't, do it.
,1. A, Maedonald (Rossland) moved
an amendment to clause 8 of tho Bill
to the effect that McOill University
should only take o»or control of high
school education with the specific
consent ol the Ueut-Governor in I Patronise home
council lirst obtained  in each case.' Knvclstoko Oigars,
lie also in-,veil that instead uf the
words "Itivyal Institutions ol Learning," "MoGill University" should he
Hon. Messrs. Cotton and Fulton
agreed to this.
Mr. MeXivtin (Victoria) olijeciod to
the bill as In,- believed it injurious to
the priuuiples uf reipouslble government.
The Committee rose and reported
The Kuieii Island special committee
met at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning.
All members were present. J. T.
Garden was appointed chairman, and
Dr, Young (Atliu) secretary, Only
Mr, McKay, draughtsman ol the
Lauds and Works Department, was
examined, he proving the map produced, showing Kuien Island and the
land, in question.
At the request of Premier McBride,
the committee was adjourned till
Thursday of this week to permit him
to be present.
The adjourned committee on the
now famous "Aot respecting the Use
and Manufacture within British Columbia, of Timber cut on Lands of the
Crown," was tbe principal item on today's bi.l of fare. There is a considerable amount of bitter feeling over the
opposition which this very necessary
measure iB receiving. There it no
doubt that, as pointed out by Mr.
Bowser, of Vancouver, the adoption of
a similar measure by the lite Sir
Oliver Mowat in Ontario saved the
lumber industry in that province from
The debate in committee this afternoon was a very long and heated one.
Bowser (Vancouver) made a splendid
speech in the cut-and-slash style.
John Houston, who does not like
Mr. Bowser, paid the Vancouver
representative, the compliment of one
of hi, most savagely personal attack,
—in which he waB followed by Maedonald (Rossland) Pattenon (Islands)
and Olivei (Delta), afl ol whom hid
suffered from the tongue of the third
member lor Vancouver.
Oliver, who tpoke last, woke up
Hawthornthwaite, who warmly criticised the member for Delta.
An extensive and rather cleverly
worded amendment in three clauses,
produced by the leader of tht Opposition, and practically amounting to
an annulment of the measure or the
alternative of encumbering it with
expensive tnd intricate legislative
machinery, wa, the principal centre
of strife, and was the tint amendment
put to the House by the chairman. It
met with defeat.
Mr. Oliver's original amendment in
favour of the exemption of din-piles
and railway-tie,, previously referred
to in tbi, correspondence, was Ihen
put to the committee by the chairman, and defeated.
Mr. Hawthornthwaite', amendment
to nullify the entire object of the bill
by exempting the hand-loggers from
it, provisions, was then put tnd lost
by 21 to 11.
The Chief Commissioner then in-
troducad an amendment, providing
that the new measure should not apply
east of tht 121 at meridian.
Brown (Greenwood; atkei! that the
Committee rile and repor. progress,
in order that be mignt take a look at
the map. His request wa, endorsed
dy hi, leader, and assented to by the
Chief Commltiloner,and the Committee rose and reported progress.
Bill (No, 68) "An Act to incorporate
the liritish Columbia Northern am!
Alaska Hallway Company," passed
through committee with the change
that, instead  ol being bonded at $46,-
000 per mile, it wa* bonded »t 186,000
per mile.
Tht itel to incorporate tht Aihcrofk,
Harkerville v Kort (leorge Railway (!„,
pasB,-,| its second reading, an did the
Act to Incorpoittt the Bella Ooolt A
Fraser Lake Railway Co., and the act
to incorporate the Southern Okanagan
Railway Co.
Tbe act to amend tbe "Lightning
Creek Gold  Gravels A   Drainage Co,
(Ltd I.by.j Act, 1886," also patted its
second reading, tlm Attorney-General
remarking that he would  move certain amendment, in Committee.
Thn House, adjourned at 4 80 p.in,
Tub Man in tiik GaLLUbT,
Value of Advertising,
A leading American morchant was
asked I
"Do you find it necessary to advertise ?'
He replied : " 'Wo certainly do,
There is no such thing at advertising
too much as long as it is giotl advertising. If our customers dn make
objections to our advertising, it is just
beoaUSO they don't know the game."
industry— smoke
NOTICE ut hereby fttven thnt thirty days after
date I intend lu apply tu the lion. Chief
Conmiitixiuiiernf Lands ami Works, far a special
licciMi' to cut and earry sway timber from tlie
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at tlie North
went corner of tlio O. p, H. Block, No. HiS, near
mouth of Mosquito Creek, anil ruwiiiur 40 chain*
went, tlience 100 chain* Houlh, thence 40 chains
oust, thence tut) Chains north tu place of cum
ine net'nioi it.
Hated .hm. 21th,
mi ii.
OTH'K IS HKKI.BY UIVKN that thirty
.   days after datu 1 intend (o apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands aud works for a
special license to cut and curry away timber
from tlie following iWribod lauds in West
kootenay District I—
Cull) in unci n j( at u pout marked "0, It. Kirk's
iiiuili oust corner post," phiutuil at the mirth casi
corner of Limber limit timi and about one and mie-
Imlf miles [mm Itliml Hay mi tlie iiurtli arm of
Arrow Luke, thence north Mu chains, theiicu went
I'iOchahia, tiioncu Hulltll 40 i-lin.ni, tlu-uee mint sn
ilmJiH, thence south m chain.., thence east 40
chiiins tn point of commencement.
Dated Jaiiy, liOtli, law.
C. 11. K1HK.
VJOTK'E is hereby pi vou ttiat thirty days
ll afterdate we intend to apply to tho Chid
Commissioner of Lands aud Works for siiociul
license to cut aud carry away timber from tlio
following duscrihnd lauds.
Commencing at a post markod Bowman
Lumber Co., Ltd. N. E. Corner post, SH miles
uorth-west ofllauuock Poiut; thence aouth 80
ehains; wost80chains; north 80 chains; east
80 chains to point of commencement.
NOTICE 13 HKItEBY QIVKN that thirty
days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special license to out and carry away timber
from the following described lands :—
Commencing at a post planted about four
miles south of Cape Horu on Upper Arrow
Lake and marked " Hit Bend Lumber Com*
Sany's north-west corner post," thence east
) chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to point
of cuminoncemeut.
Dated January 7th, 1905.
days after date we intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and works for a
special license to cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands I—
Commencing at a post planted at the northwest corner of K. and 8. Block 860 on the
west side of Upper Arrow Lake and marked
" Big Bend Lumber Company's south-west
corner post," thence north 160 chains, thence
east40 chains, theuce south 160 chains, tlionco
west 40 chains to point of commencement.
Jau. 7th, 1906. MfUl
daysafter dato we intond to apply to tlu
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for h
special license to cut and carry away timber
from tlio following described lands:—
Commencing at a poet planted on the west
side of the north fork of Fosthall Creek and
about two and one-quarter miles above the
forkts and marked " Big Bend Lumber Company's Southwest Corner Post," thence north
160 chains, thence west 10 chains, Ihence soutli
160 chains, thence east 40 chains lo point of
No. J.
Commencing at a post planted on the cant
side of the north fork of Hist hull Creek about
one and one-half miles above tbo forks and
marked "Hig Bend Lumber Company's Southwest cornor post, thenco north 160 chains,
thonco cast 40 chains, thence south I fin chains,
thence wost 40 chains to point of commencement
No. 3.
Commencing at a post planted about one-half
mile from the west bank of the north fork of
Fosthall Creek and about one mile above the
forks and marked " Big Bend Lumber Company's Southeast Corner Post," thenco north
160 chains, thenoe west 40 chains, thence south
160 chains, thence east 40 chains to point of
No. 4.
Commencing at a post planted about one half
mile from the west hank of the north fork of
Fosthall Creek aud about four miles above tho
forks and marked "Big Bend Lumbor Company's Northeast Comer Post," thonco west 80
chains, thence south 80 ohains, thence east 80
chains, thence north 80 chains to point of commencement.
Arrowhead, B.C.,
Jan. 23,1906. 255 f28
I'ftiular meetings are held in the
Oddlelluws Mall on the Third Friday of each mouth, al b p tn. sharp.
Vl-itlnn brethren cordlalh invited
 ■       R. J, TACUKRT, Hee.-Ser.
Meet* on first Tuesday of every month, In
I. O.O. I''. Hal I.
K. J.TAt...BKT,KHl,
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 86, Roielstoke, I. C.
In oddfellows' Hall at u
O'clock Visiting Kulghts are
cordially invited.
Kootenay Lodge No. 15 A F, A A.M.
The menhir meetings aro held in the
Mnnunlu     Temple,
tin- third Monday In
each month at >
p,tn. Visiting brethren cordially wel
C. A. PKOCUNIKK, Skorktary.
Meets everrThurtda<
evening liiOddFellows
Hall at 8 o'clock
1 Visiting brethren cor
dially Invited to al
Society and Church Concerts.
For terms write Box 704,
Rerelstoke, B. 0.
Open Air Rink
W. G. Watson's open air rink
is now open: Ice injfoocl shape
Kiigageiiicnls accepted for At-
Houiea &a. Theory Lemons a
specialty. Pupils now enrolled (or
the new year.
Alphonsus De Feo
Lessons 50c. Each.
Given al Mr. Dominic Uallicono,
near Station.
Music supplied at "At Homes" and
If in want of
Hay, Vegetables
I       writejfor prices to
HlLE. Griffiths
a j ||Malakwa, b- c-
NOTICE Is hereby given that 30 days after
dale I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
license to cut and carry away Umber from the
following described lands situated on the east
side of Upper Arrow Lake lu West Kootenay
districts-Commencing at a post marked "Bert
Blyth's South West Corner Post," planted
about IJ miles north of Halcyon Hot Springs
and about 1 of a mile from Lake shore; thenoe
cast 80 chains; thence north 89 chains; thence
wost 80 chains; thence soath 80 chains to point
of commencement.
January 2,1906. _^__
NOTICK is hereby given that (30 days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special license to cut and carry away timber from
the following described lands situated on the
east side of the Upper Arrow Lake In West
Kootenay dlstrlct:-
No. 1.
Commencing at a post marked " Hert Blyth's
Northwest Corner Post," planted on George
Boyd's en stern boundary and about 100 chains
north of hts southeast comer; thence south 80
chains; thenco east 80 chains; theuce north 80
chains; ihence west 80 chains to point of commencement.
No. 2.
('miunmiclng at a post marked " Hurt Blyth'
South West Corner Post," planted on George
lloyd's Eastern Boundary, and about 16b chains
non h of his south-east comer; thence north 80
chains; thence east 80 chains; thence south 80
ohains; tlience west 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dee  118th, 190ft,
Notice ii lierehy given thai su application
will he mft'lc to the Legislative assembly of
tbe Province ol liritish Columbia, at its next
 (or an Act to lueorimrate a rmnpany to
U: called "The Kamloops and Yellow Head
I'ahf Railway Company, wllh power to con-
struct, ecftiip and operate a line of railway
from it point at or nenr Kamloops, (hence
running tn a northerly direction following
(he valfeys ol the North Thompson river, ibe
Canoe river and McLctiuan's creek to a point
at or near Tele Jamie Cache In tho Province
ol uritnii colmnhla with all nuch powers as
may I*- Decenary ind expedient for the con-
■truotlon and operation of said line of Railway
and with power to purchase and develop and
convey over ilu Right of Way, olcelrle power,
a ml to toll and dinirlhul.! the same within the
said Province ol IIMIIhIi Celumhla, and with
iif-wcr to a<quire and o|iera(R sleain hunt* and
[flrriei in connOCtion with the Railway, and
w Ith povi er to cited a junction with any line
Of railway lo he constructed from tlie south to
s point at or m*ar Kamloops, or with the can-
fl'Ilan 1'aelile Hallway at thai point and also
with any rallwav coming westward through
the Yellow Head Pass.
Dated at Vancouver, liritish Columbia, this
/ith day nl Decemher, A.D., l9"o.
Royal Hank chambers, Vancouver,
liritish Columbia,
dll-fiw Solicitors for Applicants,
W. Flemings
Meat Market
Orders lor Heel and Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and small goods
will receive prompt attention.
I have el in-led a permanent Wood
Yard on Third street. With my past
experience I hope to be in a position
to satisfy all requiienicnt, of customer*,, Dry rordwnod kept in stock and
supplied in any lengths at, reduced
price,for cash,
i *p t*p rnn (Wl fjl fp ff/l fp fjMW fj-fyt
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Palo
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Richard' R. Copeland
Mantles, Shelving, Storm  Doors, etc
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
Third Street East,
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tea Mrrloea
Cane Chain
Flower Pots
Umbrella Standi
Lunch Basket*
Smoking Jacket.
Flne.t atook ot candle, and fruits In town.
Front Strttt, Revelttokt
Important Notice!!
announce to the ladiai and gentlemen ol Kev-el-
itoke that they hare made arrangement, with
Walter Bern, Phm. B., Drugglat, and will hold
dally demonstration, (or two week., commencing
MONDAY, FSB I regarding treatment ol till
Hair and Scalp.
They reanectiully invite everyone to call aud
consult with them. Come and ... the Long,
Beautiful Hair,irownbythe uta ol the t.v.n
tuth.rland Slatera' Hair Orow.r and
Hair and Scalp Olaantr. Canadian Head
Office, It Colborne Street, Toronto, 1. II. Bailey,
Foreign Manager.
Mr,. II.J. Ha.ibury Managrcas.
First-Class Table,
Private Dining Boxes.
Larue Dlnlngroom lor
Banquets, Suppem, Sit.
Furnished Rooms To Let.
Nurseries, Greenhouses & Seed Houses
SEEDS. New crop now In sunk and ou test
In our greenhouses. Ask four men-hunt for
them In sealed packages. If lie does not handle
them wo will mall 5(1 assorted. 61- packets of
vegetable and dower seeds lour owi. selection,
.iiiliihlo for II. C. gardons) for fl.uu. Special
prices on your hulk seeds.
MENTAL TIIEE8 now ready (or spring
I'.xiru nlcestiiok of two and three-year Apple
Trees ut. f 2H.ui per 11X1, f 180.0(1 per 1.00(1; May-
Hard l'luini, f 1.00 cm-li; Italian Prune, two-
year, flue, I25.IK) per luu; Sugar Prune, two
year, Hue, pi.im i ,-r 100,
Full list of othor stock at regular prlco.. No
iiipi-nsii,   loss or delay  of  fumigation
Let mo price your list imforii plaoing your
(Jrcenlioiiso Plants, 1'lur Work, Bee Supplies,
Fruit Packnuiw, Kertlllnra, eto.
Af.  J.  HENRY
NOTICK is hereby niven that 80 days after date
we Intend to apply to tlie Hon. The Chief
ComniisslimerofLaiKls and Works for a (Special
LlMlUfl to cut and carry away timber from the
following dcscrihi'd hunts.
Cciinmuiicitig nt a post planted nn the north side
nf Cariboo Creek about three quarters of a mite
east of linitnii City Tnwnsite, and marked " the
V, Oi I,- en's, north west corner post" and thence
runningea|t 00 chains, south wi chains, west bo
iliaiiis, imrth 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated nt Nakusp, B. C, Jan. 10th, 1008.
OTICE  is  hereby given   that   ..   __,.
''  "Intend to apply to the Honor-
   ...           _       SO   days
Hfter date I Intend to apply tothe Honor-
Je the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to ent and carry
away timber from the following described
lands, situated in West Kootenay District:
Commencing at a post planted about one
mile north of Halcyon Hot Springs and about
" mile from <>rrow Lake, and marked''Bert
Jvth'n north.west corner post,' thenco south
Mchains, thence east Wl chains, thence north
lOebalns, thenee west 160 chains to point of
Dated January lftth, 1906.
Jas. I. Woodrow,
Rttall Dealer In*.
Fish and Game in Season.
ill orderi promptly filled.
Corner   Dougla
andKIng straits
Bankhead Coal
-     I!
Egg Size Delvered
tove u      " i
Nut    "       " i
, |
Orders   left   at   P.      j
Burns   &  Company's
Office will receive most    !'
, I    prompt attention. < t
P        —       II
; F. McCarty, Agent.:
I '444444444444444444444444
The Money Saving
Work Saving Soap
Thai', Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Ltrgett
Snap Factory west of Winnipeg. Home cleaning tnd
washing nre easy with ilshelp.
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give lor
Roval Crown Wrappers. Send
lor it—Free—Also try the
Royal Saop Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C. THE MAIL-HERaTJ),« REVELSTOKE, 11, C.
Opinion of a Good Authority.
In order to utuaiu an expert opinion
upon Ibe very impoittnt tiibjrrtol
"How and why a municipality should
tdv.nise," the Trade Gazette called
upon Mr. \V. T. Itohson, the head ol
the advertising department nl the
Canadian Pacilic Railway.
The first question we asked was,
"Should municipalities advertise';"
Mr. Robson replied, "Certainly, they
should; lhat i, il they are alive to the
benefit ol advertising."
"Suppose you owned a municipality
would you advertise f"
"Most iiiuri'dly 1 would, just a, 1
should tdvtrtise my own bminei,."
"But a n unicipality i, net a business."
"No, unfortunately, judging by the
usual way their buiiuei, i, conducted
"Now, will you pleaie tell mebrielly
just how a municipality should advertise ?"
"Well, in the first place let me say
—I have a very high regard lor the
local newspaper.   Too often its good
work lor the municipality  i, overlooked—a, week alter week it devote,
valuable apace grati, for the benefit
ol the community in which it i, lo
cated, and like man)- other blessings,
it, value, by the unthinking, i, not
recognized.   The trouble with municipalities i, divided effort; there i, not
united action in any one dirrtion
II the place has some exceptional advantages, such as location (or m,.nu-
ftcturing, scenery, water power, fishing, hunting, or it a holiday retort,
local jealousy may easily  interfere
with the development, because the
people do not tee that il the merchant,, hotel keeper,, or any othtr
claa, is helped, the benefit must circulate among the community.    Then
good streets, neat dwelling, and store,,
til tdd attrtctivenett, and are good
advertising; but frequently you will
notice the worst rotds and building,
right round the ttation, where they
can be easily teen by every one psss
ing through by train, which i, something no business firm will tolerate, il
they were looking lorcustomers. Make
your place attractive, otherwite you
cannot reasonably expect to   draw
butiuett.    Unfortunately,   in most
placet the work ol exploiting the village or town it left to t very few
public-spirited men, who carry tht
load, while other, profit by their la-
bon.    I  think every  municipality
should hoist the work over to thtir
merchants, and call  it t board of
Trade, or Tourists' Association, or any
Other name.  The whole municipality
receives the benefit, then why not put
tht burdtn where it rightly belong,,
upon til the municipality.  The men
who have charge ol thit work should
have their printing done by  local
printtrt, and avoid the    travelling
fakirs, who come aloug with special
editions of writt-upt in foreign paper,.
If you have an attractive town oi
villsgt, tend photo, and descriptive
matter to your local railroad aud
steamboat companies.   They are always interested in their territory, and
it is to their interest to unite their
tffortt with yours to make your advantages known to the world.   It is
these simple things which cost little
that tre tht most important; united
effort by public-spirited officials; a
reasonable sum of money lor etpendi
ture; some special advantage,, to ad-
vertitt, whioh il you have not—well,
my advice it to alwayt makt the best
ol what you have tnd never ruu down
your own village or town at long at
you tre a retident ol it, but talk ill
good point! tnd endeavor to mtnd ill
bid fortune,.    I notice Toronto hid
the opinion of three New York advertising men at to tbt belt methods lo
adopt to advertite the attraction, ol
thttoity.  Oneol them, Mr. S. Keith
Evtnt, tpoke of the good work done in
thit direetion by Dallat, Textt, a city
ol 75,000 population, where only about
•even months ago there was a conference of business men, the Council, the
Board ot Trtdt, and other association,,
the outcome ol whioh wat the formation ol a "160,000" club, the idea being
to inorettt tbe population to that
figun within five yeare.   The organization planned  the expenditure of
|60,000 a year lor live yean, and
adopted the "follow up" tyttem ol
advtrtiting.   At a remit of their first
advertitmg in four applicationi they
got 1,730 enquiries, and haveilretdy
teoured five branchei ol manufacturing industries."
Let your friondt in other parts see
something oi your distriot hy sending
them    " Picturesque    Revelstoke."
'i Price fl. !
NOTICK Is hereby given that,80 iluysafter
date, I iutond to apply to tl 'i Honorable
thu Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works
foriiHiiecial license to cut unci carry i.way I im*
bur from the following described hmdr :—
Nn. l. Commencing nt a post planted on iho 1
ncirlh sidu of Smith Creole, aboul BCvenmtlos
Palllser Rlvoi', thence oast 80 elm Ins,
thenco north SO chains, thence west 80 chains, 1
ilii'in'D Houth 80 chains to place of commencement,
Located the 1st duy uf January, 1900.
No. 2. Commencing at a post planted on tho
wost sldo of Smith Creek, uhotit ten miles from
Palllser River, thence north 40 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thonco south 40 chains, thenoe
oast 80 chains tu place of couuaoiicuineiit.
Located ttie 1st day of January, I.*"..
No. 3. Commencing titn pusl planted OH the
west side of Smith Creole about ton mi bis from
I'allher River, thenco 10 chains west, lliencn .sn
chains soutli, llioncu 10 clmins nasi, thenco SO
ehains north to i>lucu of eommonoomout,
Located tho 1st duy of January. 11KNI,
No. 4. Ciiiuiiiiiiicingui.il post planted on tho
west bunk of Smith Crock, about nine miles
from I'lilli-er River, I huuen 40 chaiu-i we-l,
thenco KiO chains soutli, thonco ft) chains oust,
Ihence llio chains north to placo of commence*
Locntod the 4th day of January, 1900.
No, 5. Commencing nt a post plnntod on the
east bank of Smith Creek, ubout eight miles
from PalUser River, thonco SO chains east,
theuce 80 ehalus north, thence 80 chains west,
theuce 80 ohains south to place of commencement.
Located the 4th duy of January, 1906,
No, 6.  Commencing at a nust plnntod nn the
east bank of Pnlllser River about six miles
from the mouth nnd ubout two milos from the
river, theuce south 40 chains, theuce east llio
chains, thenco north 40chains, theuce west 160
chaius to place of commencement.
Located the 6th day of January, 1906.
Uf Per Walter Nixon, Agent.
No. 7,  Commonciug nt a ixist iilnnlod on tho
oast side of PalUser Hiver. about six miles
from the month and two milos from the river,
theuce north 40 chains, thence oust bid chain-*,
thonco south 40 chaius, thouce west 160 clmins
to place of commencement.
Located the 6th day of January, 1906.
24f Por Walter Nixon, Agent.
No. 8. Commencing ut a host plnntod on the
east bank of Pnlllser River, about six miles
from the mouth, tlience south 40 chains, thence
east 160 chains, tlience uortli 40 chains, thence
west 160 chaius to place of commencement.
Located the 6th day of January, 1906.
Ut Por Walter Nixon. Agent.
No. fl.  Commencing ata post planted on tbe
west bank of Palllser river, nbout six miles
from the mouth, thenco 40 chains west, thouce
80 chains south, theuce 40 chit ins nast, thenco 80
chains north to place of commoucemel.
Located the 6th day of Jauuary, 11KH1,
24f .   Por.Walter Nixon, Agent.
bus reopened u
mi M,K"i yi,. Avenue.
Open Day and Night First-Class Sen
VTOTICE iujhereby given that, 30 days after
1\ date,H intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
license to cut and carry nwny timber from the
following described lands situated ou west
side of Upper Arrow Lake in West Kootenny
1. Commencing at a post marked "Robert
.Sanderson's uortli oast corner," and planted on a
blazed line running east from Pliunton Creek and
crossing the divide about two nines west of Sanderson's lime kiln, thence south 80 chains, thonce
west 80 chains, tlience north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains to point of commencement.
3. Commencing at a pest marked "H- S, smith
eastcorner," ami planted about LO chains west of
post described in first location, thence north BP
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence south 81
chains, thonco east 80 chains to point of com'
Dated this 21st day of January, WW.
Halcyon, It. C.
Gait Coal
Iteilii'ilinn niiide for large quantities.
Delivered to any part of the cily.
Orders left tit tlie Lawrence Hardware
Store, or at Sniythe's Tobacco
Store, promptly attended to.
200 Cords Wood
$400 per Two-Rick Cord.
Dealers in FRUITS
A Dealer who
sells a man...
is assured of his good-will
and future trade. They are
Union made, and guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction
and long service,
Our other lines equally as
good are    	
For sale retail by all Dealers,
Wholesale by
Wm. J. McMaster & Sons,
Sold       ,
on 3   v
Your money returned
il not satisfied in every il-ay,
is electrically temfrredand
hollow ground in us own
peciliar way.   With
ordinary careful   x-wx^  «.„,«>'
use, it will hold ^M/   ."*?*
IU .edge for ^^T JBft,1*!
Iw h..Ty bwd. * ••
"Carbo-Matrnelic" Elastic Cushion Strops, $1,00.
Free booklet "Hints lo Shivers."
Mado of "Griffon-' Hiuor Stool. They
bold nn edge longer than any knife
made,  Full Assortment, All Btylos,
Lawrence Hardware Co.
is made in
sizes for
It's ii grand school boot, a
splendid fall boot, a gnat business man'B boot. It fits like a
glove, and is a stylish-looking
boot, too, as heavy boots go,
being made from No. 1 quality
hox call leather with a heavy
sole, it will wear like iron. For
sale by all good retail shoe men.
J. LECKIE CO., Ltd.,
MANUrAClurilTj   IJY
Kurtz's Pioiioor Cigar Factory
;hr, Cordova St., W,
VANCOUVER, -  -  E. C,
i4 mUt So
a/tul ^ed^fuX
47i*vn/u, -fv-irm&n/ Sam of 4,
6nA one, Altf/U.^Lei£o%ra J?
Union ftotel Restaurant
Mrs. IVIcKitrick, Manageress.
Open al all hours.
Meal Tickets Issued.
Short Orders tastefully served,
Rates Moderate
A large variety
of Glasses always
kept in stock here
Try a pair on
—wo guarantee a
perfect fit.
If you require
anything in Jewelry
it is here for you,
A complete stock
7j of ihe right class
T^ of goods.
J. GUY BARBER,   - Jeweller, Optician
i,Tt it; ■ tl it* tji iti iti i't*! tTi ''I'- ■"**■ it. i't. i'1'i it* {tt At itx ."tt iti tii ttt .fi tf 1 if 111*1
I*1** \p \(." W '4.'"' *X" '41' Vt? 'I* *I7 *+"t''+ *I* + *X w + ♦ + m* '•> *
The Leading Merchant Tailors
Don't order a Suit because it is cheap. Order it
because it will be becoming, fashionable, durable and
comfortable. The best is the cheapest. We make the J *
best, In making a Suit we give advice when wanted and J'
we accept advice when a customer desires to give it. ^ w
Every now and then you are confronted with the 11
question, " Who's Your Tailor"—Cresssman & Morrison, +*
of course. ♦ ♦
Cressman & Morrison     <»
*. a-1!*, lis .Ti A .♦. A |gt A*t A i'i*. t*Yt At .*K .♦. j¥* ."K «♦■ »♦■ .♦. .♦■ .♦. A .♦. ■♦« ■' v
? T. Tf* +* rXT "I? \L• X" "X" X"'"X' "X" TT'-I* 4. A "X1 "X" w w TT 'X""X XT 1*
Houses and Lots
Scott & Potts
g HALP-T0f1B5 "M jIMlPP^
Wholesale and Retail
....  Meat Merchants.
Head Office, Abattoir and Gold Storage :
^a^Calgary, Alberta
Everything a gentleman wants in the line of tailoring.
Our stock is new and up-to date.
Pressing and cleaning promptly attended to.
First Street, Opposite Union Hotel, Revelstoke.
Style and Grace in
Rubber Footwear
Maple Leaf City Rubbers are made over loot form
lusts that follow exactly the shoe models.
They are the acme of perfection in stylish Rubber
Ladies ask your dealer to  show  you   the  new
" Calve" and " Melba " designs with Cuban Heels,
or the new "Lily" and "Rose" niodelu  ior
French Heels.
They are just a bit more graceful and oh io than
anything you have seen before.
Vancouver, B. O.        -        Selling Agents.
Import direct from Country of origin.
(Under   New   Management)
B.   C
First-clas accommodation for travellers.
Best brands of Wines, Spirits, and
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery of pnrceln, baggage,
etc, to any part of the Chy.
Any Kind of Transferring
W. J.  UGHTBURNE, Manager.
Best Firewood in the City.
Shipment of Chinese Canaries Juet re*
Mined  Prices from SI to 15 each
and Copyright!
iilitnlniiil In all (Hiiinlrit,.*.
I obtained In all ot
Registered Patent Attorney
Meohanlcal Atlorni,)- and Kiifrlnoor,
Room 3, Kalriluld .Hlock, (Iranvllln nl„ near 1'.()
A postoord will secure an ovunlniraiinolnb
ment lor .nose who cannot cull during ino day
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new management nf
IlAitiiY MuIntosii,  Hoffman  House
X cyon are lho most curative In lho
world. A perfect, natutat remedy foi
all Neivous and Museulnr disease,,
Liver, Kidney and 8loinac.li ailments
and Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
for "That Tired Peeling," Special
rates on all hunts and trams, Two
mails ai rive and dcpait every day,
Teleiri'ii h communication with all
marts of the world.
TEHMS-$12 tn $18 per week,   Fur
further particulars apply in
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrctu Lake. B, C.
RATES   $1  AND   $150  PER   DAY
Central Hotel
aa--,   REVELSTOKE, B. O.
Newly built,     First-class in every respect,    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rate, $1.50 per Day, Special. Weekly Rate,.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Queens ftotel
Best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to^*~]
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this*-^
CHIEF YOUNG,        -        -       Proprietor
Hack Service to any part of the City at all
hours. Rigs equipped for Sleighing Parties.
First class Single and double Rigs. Express
drayingand Transferring. Saddle and Pack
horses for hire. All kinds of job work undertaken.   Wood for sale.
Stable and  Residence   Ppone 41
Hack Stand
mm». •',n..•-*«»>.''
The torm sociology was made popular by Horhert Sinner. To lilm it
Blood for a collection ol laits almiit
bocI ty, arranged In nn orderly exhibit. Sociology wns n,,t a sclonco
tn llio pri-s,nt acceptation of the
word. A science cannot bo, ns u
might have heon a generation ago,
purely descriptive. It must lie explanatory, It is not enough to su.v
that things nro so mid so, A reason
must ie given why thoy ure so an-l
not otherwise. Natural history was
onco ranked ns ,-, science, it described tho exisiing groups ol living
11 ,.-■* it did i.oi Book to oxpla'i)
tin, evolution ol bjiocIcs. Biology li-ei
taken its place, tor biology is curious
to account   lor   every   existing ta'lt,
even llio Itself.  Si cor Ignored    ni
first, as Iio it-.ii, u, il later, nne iir-
portant group ol tacts, the domest'e
relations, uml whon ho tried to rectify this iniii.-tl omission ho mornly
toil!- ,1 another oxhll it, without con
nccting It vitally with tho oih-jr
furls ho lui'l assembled,
Prol, Albion IV. Small in his work
on "General Sociology" presents the
claim of latter-day sociology to lie
considered a science It no longer
professes lo study the structure ol
society, because the word "structure" suggests parts ol a whole at
rest in relation to each other, while
society is considered now ns an organism In n state of growth and
change. The new definition of sociology is "(he science of the social process," All fuels which concern the
evolution of society from primitive
conditions, and which Illustrate the
present tendencies of human activity
are a part of the material of sociology, but not the whole of it. The correlation ol facts is the essoin "nil
thing, without which the exposition
of them can never be consider it
Sociology Is not to be thought of
ns a convenient term to include relating to human life which cannot
easily be included in tho older
sciences, such as history, politics,
economy, or anthropology. It
more than any of these, for it embraces them all, or, better, it takes
the finished product oi these sciences,
odds the iilliiniite deductions ol
psychology, philosophy, and many
other branches of human learning,
and tries to formulate from tlie laws
lhat have been in force in the pusl
a rule of conduct for the future. The
home, prlmltlvo political institutions,
tho antagonistic interests in states,
the machinery of charity, reform und
punishment, amusement, religion,
education, ami the promotion n!
health nre phases of life which ore
studied by sociologists. The proli-
l,--ni which sociology   reaches is: "In
t I
I   Fashion   I
| I
?   Hints.      t
T ?
* v
Mi-l-M-M-M•:•■! •!"!-I-H •H-l-H'
Evcryono musl havo nollccd the revival
nl llie scallop ns n dress dccoi'fillon, soys
d fashion aulhorlly In lho .New York
Post. Many ei lho handsomest broad-
clolli slreel gowns nre llitts dccoraled,
llie effect given being one ol grncotlll
lludlness, Lei no one regard u scallope.1
gown us economical, The scallops have
In he bound hy hnnd, an endless proceeding, nnd ono which adds materially
in Hie tailor's bill, On strictly tailored
gowns Hie Scallops nre usually bound
wiih the dross material, bul often Hie
color ut lho binding Is n contrast, Puis
adding In lho elaborateness oi llm el-
feci. Tnlfeln, snlin, uml velvet arc also
used, A very good model In n scalloped
gown was a dark red chllton broadclolli
mndo wllh n very lung coal, really nn
over-dress, since lho effect of llio costume
wns princess, The skirl wus cut In n
circular shape, very daring ul the hem,
which wns trimmed wilh a scalloped
The princess oer-dress wns eul in
long points buck nnd front, wllh Iwo
box pleuis on llie sides, llie pleuls disappearing in mysterious (usliion nt lho
top, leaving llie gown quite smooth and
plain over Ihe vvnisl und hips, This
over-dress or pcplum wns trimmed wllh
a scolloped band about Iwo inches
wide, the band simply outlining tho garment, Anolher scalloped bund trimmed
llie wnisl, outlining n sort ol a bolero,
buck und fronl. The sleeves were glgot,
ending nt Ihe elbow In a cull tormed of
(our rows of llie scolloped bunding.
Simple ns Hie description sounds, the
gown wns really very elaborate, llio
scallops giving il a Huffy nnd airy up-
pcarance which wns very slrlklng,
Willi il were worn furs of shining black
fox, a smtill neckpiece, nnd uu enormous
pillow muff.
Another scalloped gown wns of preen
broadclolli, In combination wllh heavy
black snlin. The gown was n princess
wilh n short bolero, one of Ihe mosl
fashionable models of Ihe season,
skirl wus the usual circular, smooth
over Ihe hips, nnd very wide nl llio hem.
The fronl of the skirl hud two shaped
gores over-sewn, forming a double
pnno. These were unlrimincd. hut lho
main body of ihe skirl lind a wide
shaped flounce headed by large scollops,
eul in fnncy, pointed shape. Between
_ j ench scallop wns u half diamond ol
black snlin willi a slight embroidery,
decoration in green und gold. Tlio upper purl ol Ihe skirl wns liiiiiined Willi
u simulated long pointed jnckcl, scalloped nl lho edges, a hand of block snlin
being laid under Hie scallops. The bolero was li'immed In match Ihls, and
Ihere wns nlso n shawl collar ot black
-.ii I ii i. The bolero closed wllh largo
black snlin billions ovor a narrow
walslcoal of embroidered snlin. The
elbow sleeves were finished wilh n
gniinllel cuff ot scallops over black
satin, nnd iwo ruffles ot green chiffon.
Long blnck gloves were worn.
Even Ihln gowns are trimmed wilh
scallops,    One sees   chiffon, net, nnd
I othor delicate   fabrics   scalloped   ond
I bound willi the llghlesl of ribbons or
il cannot be denied Ihnl Ihe mosl effective spnls nro brown, black, dark blue,
or grey, lied, green, or purple ones nre
fill- from becoming, us n rule, nnd ns for
Ihe shepherds plaids they Increase llie
size of tlie feel, und that is enough io
sny of ihem, since the modern woman
lms n sufficiently largo foot already. -\l
the Horse Show patent lenlhor low
sines wllh heels of pnle blue or setii-lel
leather were rather startling. They nre
in line wilh lho numerous funey slippers
uud slioes which ore offered In lho
shops. Tholr variety Is very groat, from
indent lenllier pumps, imlrii,lined suve
Ior it convenient bow, ol dull black ribbon, lo elaborately bonded nnd Irlmmed
suede und snlin affairs wilh rosettes ir
Iiivvm of satin nnd clllflon; A prelly
sllppor, which comes in black caslor ur
bronze Kid, hns n round loo. a very
high lie, I, nud a low-Clll viiiup. A liny
beaded bow Irlms lho slipper. Ihe viunp
ot which is further ornamented with n
how nnd ends worked on liia kid !n
liny brighl bends, Tlie price Is SO. A
snlin slipper, which comes in blnck ninl
colors is Iriniined wllh u huge Plcrrol
rnselle of lullo odged Willi n line lino nf
bends. This slipper in while sulin nnd
gold bonds is very attractive.
Can he none Now  In Seventeen flays
Insieail ol Nine Mouths.
Count von (lot/en, the Governor
of German Knst Africa, has mado a
journey to Victoria Njnn a nnd
around Ihe great la'c, which In ii!s-
tniioo covered und Hie circumnavigation of the tako much resembles
Stanley's journey in 1875. Hut tho
two journeys are In other r«-Ej cits
wonderfully different,
It look Stanley   nine months mil
six dnvfi from the lime he left the Indian Ocean to roach the bike, rlrc.iinc
liaviguto   it,  and   attain   Hi
town of the King of Uganda
1 HOME. 1
vk VJg
lloreliound   Candy  for  Coughs and
Colds. — t#.ip   one   lablespooniul   ')!
arlod hoivii.iittiii  in one-hull cupful ol
wuler.   Strain   nnd add ono pint   ')!
sugar und one   tablespootilul ol vino-
gar.  Iinil wilhoul stirring, lost in cold
wuler,  and   pour  into buttered pons
when lirillle.    it   mny also be |iulleil
while, liko molasses candy.
I'ululu   Soup.—Put on polnloes altar
paring, in plenty   ol water, according
io Ihe number In lie served.   Crop uml
mid S0I110 celery- Ihe kind vou got Ihnl «WII0plng II   Willi n   hrnnni dipped In
looks like parsley und comes tor about SQl1 -1'"1 water, slinking well to remove
live conts u bunch,  If vou cannot gdi'1" ,urpiii« waler,   The broom should
'be dump um! mil wot, Use dump earth
!,, remove tho dust when carpels nro
To Mend Tnhle l.lnon—Always ih
Ihls before sending II. In Ihe wash,
Provide yourself wilh flourishing col-
Ion in dillerenl sizes, according In lite
fineness or   coarseness   ol your linen.
pul Ihem In a shallow dish Hint enn
go on llie lalile. put a lltllo clurilN
buller over Ihem und hnke in a lint
oven for Iwelvo or fifteen ininiiles,
haste wllh a lillle buller and wuler
and servo.
To clean a while fell hat, brush it
over carefully willi a paslo mndo oi
magnesia mixed wllh cold water. Dry
thoroughly, Ihen brush oil. If lho lull
is very much soiled. Iwo or Ihroo applications tuny he nocossary,
How lo Clean While Furs.- Thlsenn
be done ul home very nicely and Ino?-
pensively by using magnesia, A quarter o( a pound will clean ono Iur, Pul
Hie magnesia in a largo, clean pun nnd
thoroughly rub II Inlo Hie fur, Ihen woll
slmke nud brush II.
Brighton the  colors In n carpel   * v
her will do, but the lirst Insli
r. Do nol pul In loo much, as ,t
will be loo strong. While your polnloes mul celery are boiling, chop some
onions line nud brown in buller lo u
llghl brown.   Add lo llie buller   an I
onions, when brown, Hour lor illlcltO'l-
Ing,    When done  sol   Ihls   mixture
aside unlil needed.  When tho potatoes ,Pu,stQ "- PipCl' "' s,,i,r lir|!"'r over
■ -. ' .   11,-,!.,      /,. .       II., 1      H. , fill        1 1       .   .   1   . ,*...]
nro done pour off Ihe wnler inlo a
bowl and mash llm polnloes. Pour
water bnck Inlo the kelllo nnd put llie
onions und Hour In.   Uso no menl.
Jellied Tonguo,—Boll u Iresh tonguo
slowly, willi herbs, und vegetables
hole on llie rlghl liiiiul sldo, nnd Ihen
diirn very carefully wllh llio flourishing
thread on the wrong. Tlio darn should
roach hall an inch beyond lho |,-nr r.n
nil sides, and Ihe crossing must livery neatly nml accurately dono.     II
flavor It. Let cool In waler it Is boiled * |,enlly mmT satisfactory lo in-ml
In. Skin nud slice thin, Pul inlo i ™« I'1"™ Mmv Uiey roach Ihu hole
dish, one pint  ot  Ihe liquor, one lea- sta*f°. ,mu '0'res far less Iim.
Leather-covered chairs, when dull
ond shabby-looking, mny bo, gre-uiy
improved in appearance !.',' t.-ing
brushed over with die wn,i.) i| nn eiy.
Lenllier portmanteaus und luniks i my
be [routed In Ihe sumo wa/,
An excellent wrinkle.—For Inrgo
slums which slip nt Hie heel glue a shaped piece of veivot to llie inside hollom
and side of Ihe heel, nnd il will cling
le lho slocking.
Huvo You Tried Tills?—Tho quickest
 jand best way lo clean plono-koys Is lo
ate of which wwespenUit'iri'rei:'cr-!sugnr. one cup" boii'i'iig" wnler, one slick i r".|'. ""''J1 wilh, n,'w lllilk tll|,M lJl,lish
man stations on tho shores. Ho wns'cinnamon. Boll together, remove jWl " " (lr-v' 8o1, (l"slw- We Hunk our
hack in Mombasa, on tho IndianIslick, Dissolve lour lablespoontuls ot\mV m°m ™ ™, pleased with tlie
0 can, Just threo wee's a tor he had arrowroot, or cornstarch, In ono-fourthI n.PPearanco of ihe keys II thoy lry
left Zanzibar for his Inland journey.!cup ol cold wnler.   Four lahlespoonlul;
spoonful nt veal, or beef gravy, ono
loaspoonful of kitchen bouquet, Iwo
lablespoontuls of vinegar; ndd two
ounces of golalill which hns been soaked liulf nn hour in u cup of cold water,
c.li'i f \ Pour over all one pint of boiling wall the!let-. Strain when gelalln is dissolved
north shore. The lime iciuircd hv When slightly slid scl slices ol hard
Count von Got en, however, to boiled egg around a mold. Fill In wile
reach the lake, entirely clrcumnav1- slices of longuo and jelly unlil firm,
gato It and arrive In Uganda, within Turn oul, garnish, nnd slice when
a fow miles of the point where Stan-1 served,
ley enUi-ed    it,  was seventeen days.     Hot   Chocolate Sauce.-One cup    of:
grated   chocolate   In onc-hulf cup   J
milk.  Boil together live minutes.
Spoon   Corn   Bread.—Olio   cup    if
common! (pul In pudding dish In-whlch
il Is lo he   served),   one tnblospoonlul
lord, n pinch ol sail,   Scald wiih boiling wnler inlo a Ihiek bolter,   Add 'he
thi>  contrary, mndo his | IJOalcn yolk of   one egg, mixed    Willi
journey  in a woll    op-|hnlI cup of sweet milk, one tcaspoon'lll
powder.  Thin tlio bailer   wllh
milk   unlil   us linn   ns sponge
Stanley mado the journey through
.!!,'','| the jungle, scores of porters can'..ing
his baggage on their herds, nnd i-te
or seven miles a day was good work.
Sometimes he was delayed for wee s
while parleying with cl ie.'s for i er-
mission to cross llieir territory. Von
Goli-en, on
pointed train und wns only two days I bakin
in reaching llio   lake.     The actual|sweet
Laundry Mini.—To glnze collars nnl
cuffs you need a proper polishing iron
one wilh a rounded surface faced willi
steel, Iron each collar unlil quite dry,
Lay on n hoard covered Willi one
thickness nf calico only. Hub over
wilh a clean rng squeezed mil of cold
wnler, nnd iron quickly willi your polishing Iron, pressing hard, The iron
should be moderately hot.
pots and slnlns on Silk,—To remove
time „.'   travel, in fad, was  oiilvlcako,  lastly  lho beaten  while 6r ll-ol^13.^ stains from stlh without Inju
twenty-four hours, for trains on tho egg. Hnke nnd serve wilh n spoon. "•'- '",• color Ink,- live pounds (.1
Uganda railroad do not yet travel in Old-fashioned Pumpkin Pla-Soleot ™.l°- «™ sl* P«-Is " <""" wellpoun-
tho night lime. ' a pumpkin of n rich r-ingo color, out dc.,, M   !"-".'," *hmi ll,""''   lin'l1'
made his way around  the1 It In Iwo nnd Hike oul  seeds. Then ™' ')"'"' ll, lnl?, " TOf' lo   T"1
tho lake  iu small    louts cut Into slices, peel Ihinly, scrape   rn™1™1 '" usl"? lho ral-,lu™ m.s  h,
rowod by li
limes lho lives of tho whole party
were imperilled by storms that camo
near swamping the boats. Hut the
German Governor stepped from the
I ruin nt Port Florence to the deck
of u line and swift littlo steamer that
carried him clear around tho lake,
lie describes tbo steam voyage ns
one of llis plcasantcst experiences  In
men.   Several lho inner Wires, nnd cut Hie slices Inlo
mndo  worm,   Ihon  wash the stained
three-inch   pieces.
kclllc  villi about
Put It inlo u
n cupful of ll
forgo Paris, and leave lo dry.
A frli
Now und then Slnnlev was attacked by Islanders in Ihe lake, who hud and ginger to teste
never heard ot white nun before and molasses Is  liked, I
How lo cut glass.—Glass enn he cut
iter. Set il on lho bnck of lho stove! .'"'"J1" »'Itamoml, nnd the wny is very
end cover closely so Hint Ihe steam fin,ipl<\ 1)iri n |,KW, nf sln",,1" aw'
muy draw onl die juices of lho pump- hoi "' ? ,f "0»" ' . reasonably dry
kin. Simmer tor five or six hours jii- licn lio "; firing lightly around Ihe
III lender, sweol nnd nearly dry; then e ,, °.n ,he '!"." of C,","1B' ,lmldl :i
rub ihe pulp through a colander, Men-'J,","1''' '" "', !lrln?' "",1 lel l,burn "''
.-nre the pulp, nnd for every cupful nl-' 'ho,1,ra , "' t,l", burning siring will
low one cupful of rich milk, one well T ", ,"-, ?",SS, '.n his 'm"'1'1'',1'1"'
beaten egg. a lillle sail, sugar, nulineg1'1"™'  VVhllo U_.!_s hot plunge lho gins
the actual present condition of  tho|sn|-,  These gowns ore usuolly flounced
American people, for instance, whut until Ihey look liko delightful remirils-
general purposes   nnd what    specie! I <Lmos "' J      '
programs are necessary in   order  to
satisfy the conditions of thai   stago
of the process in which we Iinil   ourselves?"    If sociology is adequate to
tho task, if ii can   formulate   with
scientific absolute accuracy tlie solution of the problem, it is entitled to
rank not only as   a   science but as
the most important of sciences.
ll Ihe ll-ivor of "l"lcr WRlor' lelllnS ni" n™ R°  lllJi'i
on w0" '" thc C,b0W' S0 "10IV wl" he   ""
were bet o„ the destruction of the|t" part molosses and part sugar.-Some ?{b,,R,lon  when ,h0  plnss  is sll'uck'
explorer's parly.  Many parsons still pumpkins nre much sweeter lhnn olh
Ihe glass
remeiu' '                 ....,,...,,.'..        .lie
raised   n     . ........ ,,     ,,.    .   ,	
''•'""• o! s-;::l"^ s fight with the na-1" l)<" oven and Ihe rim of llie crust ir:'"* T,",,,'      k°S|f5 *S ,?'„ Z«u
I   tlvt - -.    :      f I nd     .'-'   I ict apl I" bum before lho pie is sulHcienl-0   ■ '^n and si    el,!         ninl Iv
i  is. nol   ,.   ;.,, ; nf hln nartv   . mil I  ly baked, II is n good plnn lo lieu! Ihe ""Si1?",!™ R Pi?11- Ilfl » mn(1= W
free   hnnd strike
i .    .| .   ,     , i ,    .     , ",,,-.'i   me   line of culling,   giving   n
tho hue nnd cry that  was ''■*■    '"''l! '" a   deep pie plate   lined „„.-,,,  ci,„„„ ctr„t.„ „.m, ?J,„ i..„ n»
England  when the  nojvs with pastry.   As pumpkin pics roquiro 19uiPk« slln.rp slro,te wllh any long flat
! Eugenie. A while figured nel gown .
mndo wilh nn aecordcon-plealcd skii
of while m - isselln i de sole,   tho   net|'s, not n  man ol  hia part;    , oul
forming llie long over-dress.  This havocs                  ad not used  his
! :.: estlve ct un old-fashioned poll .• "■
•■■:■<•. except Ihal it was trimn - I -. m the C ■    ■. ■; ■                   ■:.,,
Hire,-   voluminous   scalloped  I '                         I nt the thn    Gei -
im ',i ■■ allop hound wi t green         i -        '        '                ted and A
over-dress v,     long on the I Ital of Brii          . da   « th   .""v"'       '   : """»■-"'«!'• »»» w»
looked a- II m lolled after      -     i r,ti and  lire)      -      !'. -e fosti
Tccli tallsm Is the latest blow
leveled at the Russian government.
The boycotting ol vodka has been
ordered by tho Workman's alliance
cot because ol dislike ol it but because ii contributes greatly to the
)•-. mucs The re eipts from taxes
on the sale of spirits amount to
about $265 000,1 00 a year out of u
t •„: (rdlu y revenue , I $988,000 -
i -'. Tho w ■:.-.; v.:,.. : , pS o-it
i:' the ■■ '!!..-. shop i    ■ al tl.e
expense ■' lho    ,v, -iimei:   'li.'- only
qui Hi n h  ■■■■:. ther thi  I- ycotl  -. n
be   .'.-.. .'., : ed   for   any length   ol
i me   Ti.' fli relnn pei lanl  Is    fonJ
,-f strong drink,   Ii - has found in it
almost the only i ,., ■
It will bi  I otter for H i   '.-.,   po
:. - - and   v.mk,,: m :.   |f tl -     ,- in
alt tain   They wl I havo n
with which   to   I,... I'-.   I, ol   - hli
they must   havo need   T e o    hnvt
l- en ,o many ttrike, durli;, thc !., I
(,-vv months that otic wonder,   ci .,-
tl.e wage workors have to llv,    on.
The liquor appetite Is so strong thu!
11 tho vodka boycott shall be mnli
tinned it will im necessary    t„ give
lho Russians credit   lor moro    I ill
,  ntrol and fixity of   purpose   thun
hn i: of other races would !,o likely to
display under similar clrcumstancci.
ii  ■
i    ■
-i Btikol-n
tb.it  a   G Gel
hi   .      .-.'■■ :      tl .-   "' '
a lily,   Tlio d
front, and wns bound   wllh   a   I
band of grc
niching ol |
Anol her   old
live! Is narrow plaiting,   In the carlyh I
sevi nties gowns ■ ■ '■ years he g t   tl -.
dozi      nil dozenst nt In
ruflli > of plaitlngs.  We are i
up • all rl      In si .. re kless I ctoria Nyai
nowadays, bul llie   na .... throu,
il is a good plan lo hcol Ihe
mixture scalding hoi before turning it
inlo (he pie plates,
!-'-.      Mu I r.. ---.   Chop ono quart
ii a lillle lemon juice.   Mix
il i-  - hard boiled eggs wiih
Iv i row , ■ ■ -. illr in a plnl of  bread
crumbs   and a   tablespoon ol   l-''"-'-r,
. - wllh Iho mlxtun uu I
. br, id , rumbs und blls   of
1 ' ■ unlil woll browned.
Broil     n   Too I.-Use   only   large
peel und eul off ihe lower
f the    talks,   wash, drain   on
. -i on wilh .-all uml pepper,
- ver a   ii- ible grl llron over   n
a regular gluss culler.
-4) ,
huvobeen revived nnd n
cisely where Ihey  -  .
tribes, waa   - ■,
I fu ill monl
UAN 01
re nnd   baste willi oil.
bull '!'
It must be a sourer MYSTERIOUS MAN 01  l.l,Illll-.
: ■ ihlon ible Ihal ■■    ., ll                                    —
Hi,- figure have changed, nd I     I     Enallshmnn   Who lla, Taken up   Ili-
t  i,  olid 111 Reslden slnnd nl II nn. ,     '    '...„'."''
.,,,... ew unlll lender, ihlctten
,   ■ ;,, | I   -                 m the CelebM, In tin                         ' madi         I   Instock
I         to - ,     .
'   p ur melted
■   '        ti :
. h   Mu hro ins, — Pro-
(1     eak, ( it  U In
iii. ■ n i .■ ■■ in bul
- - pan,   Add n | Inl
-  .
A Persian Cat Was Fond nl Playing
Hull  A i)-tt| Invented Games
tor liinisell.
nlon mny be usil
Nee 01 'i '    '       .     Croqiiels.
imlf pint of mushrooms lor l.-n
:               .             ' lock If you have
boat a bronzed ' lour tablespoons ni
,, Metil" !.-,!„,., |.      ■ ■  .    ' ! '     '        !
' :       mil down     V pi
-.'■'.      I
nes . re enlly | d in I ■■ l-'lgnru
Mod lho lady sv, I
Thn rase of Josephine Varlllo   has
{reated n good deal of Interest I-,
'aris. Six yetirs ugo, in reaontniont
nt ii sentence ol Imprisonment, she,
vowed she would novor speak Again.
She kept thnt vow, and recently the
doctors discovered that she had actually become dumb,
Mis. Wantarknowe-"1 should like to
Jmow, Mr. W'„ why you nre ,,, cross
when I ask questions, S irely you don't
|!„nl: I hnve idle curiosity?"
Mr. W,—"dreol Scott, 'no! Yours is
tho most perniciously active, wide-awake,
sleepless, energetic ciirloslly ll was ever
u,j- falc lo Bcowilcr."
■ .'' -                                  Chop lho mush
' •■  i   , - ,
":■„"   ;-                          "                        ^   merchant ol M . lie,   ,n,l    -
... (I
Oil, M . . . ' .      '
,,,.,.,. '                                     lueltet.    Ro
■ : ' '"; ,,':;'' ', ' .    ".           '                            ll '         -      ■             ru i     ad
■■'.:''.'. ,-ing,
"'II will llrsl ol nil be necessary lo define humor, for il is evident dial the
humor of n dog or ot a cat cannot no
sueh ni depends on tricks of speech.
These lillle animals mnko serious efforks
lo undersland our language, which compare very favorably wllh Ihe small progress we hnve mndo In llie comprehension of IlK-irs, hul Ihoir modes of communication nre by no nienns confined lo
nrlli iiliile sounds. II is only necessary
I lo v.ni, h attentively a coupie ol cats
speaking logelher lo discover how vnri-
en ore lliolr means of conveying their
meanings. Words. In loci, nro Ihe pro-
duel ol Iho ncllon ol certain muscles In
relation lo appropriate Bounding mechanism, ond Ihey appeal lo only one sens,-.
Tin -mall animals do nol confine Iheir
oxpn "ii lo Hu ■' muscles; Ihey use a
,   ■   tried combination ol many niiiicu-
■ movi nl' und Ihoy appeal lo sev-
," ,i si ii I-,  touch, nnd alghl, ns well us
Ing,   i do ii"1 mean lo Imply Ihal
herein Ihi y I i tt an ndvanlngo over us,
I i ||i - u ,■ ,,i speech I, relatively at con-
enlcnl ii  thi u c ul monej In lho ploci
t bar! write, Irlhiir lynch In Lou-
d m Daily Ni - i,
"We mu ' however, seek generalized
ghl ol sly
Another  change  of  the line I   ,b
served.    Bell, arc 'dun'   and       ll I
-.- nhonl  ,   ii'   illon ol  dip in tronl
This i'i'.", ilu-   liort-wsltied and long
limbed ,::,'■ I i hloh I, cou ilder i d
able ] i it nl present, This I  In oppo
Hon i" lho b-'.-oi pole in;'-, ■   .-     In
no wnisl at all, The prince i skli    ml
shorl bolero j i  --: glvo ll I   i. rid ol
figure exactly the rigid i linnrjo,    tl
only slender  women with   smi p
wear these i inilols becomingly, sn ihe
long, straight lines nre preset
Col i, i . loth spnl. ai" v ru , ... ■
deal, cspc, lolly with pslcnl : itlim
shoes, which everyone knows nro -., -
cold Ihlngs, The spnls go tar lownrd's
supplying necessary wnrmlh, and nre
besides nn nddlllnn lo lho toilet. H ',
possible lo gel tpni* lo molch ulinosl
any shade ol tho lashlonahlc col in , bill
ii in
Ihe "Pnii       li " t   i     ■  ' llm   ■  ■
'.,■;.'' . ' :   I 1
'   '
■:..--!'■ ed Imli tl ,,i and cm    ■ ■   I
•    I     ■        I 111  slot ' ■ i     . '
. hid   ,
in ■
hi olh,
I hi
Ihnl II
god.  i
. "     '       ' .  ■;
..      II" lold ,M lull
..    ,., | ", thai    i„-
,    .   ,■
Hul Ihe Ei      i |   ',,1-   - ci
(nol     and    Ild     i       [n ■    - ..., I
"'   .' nd  up Iml
 -"I I    ll ■■ men   -1
ii-     '   hit   ell n mnn   f 14
,.i dark ..
■ i
Which '. Inil) ivert'd vll
i " im, . believed b.v Hi
lo be ■ hnrin I iigalDBl ill i i
IlKlllgl    h..'i.    ■ ., I   !
.ear     he     liSll     lm 11   un     .   '
pellc'd i" pro eon ■   Ids genliisthn
ol   l!,,i h,- mighl live   Bul nl Insl „ rich lady,
i : ,liu i ad hoped Ihal lm would man >■
ii ystih', her  died ol a broken henrl, 1 ■■ ■ i,i■■,,i,
nail     in ■ in,i   i" r   fnrlunn,    l-'orlhwllh he
Ishook "-,' ,i".-i -,( London off I,;, tenl,
For fix months thn Engll lunsii lived leaving behind lilm, he Imped forever,
on ih,- slores lle-.v broiighl wilh litem. Id.* tinappi'tClBllvo native Imid.
"I e • (on ei,'. if a limn rushes oul lo
- . , , hm and has lo return (or his
■ ' ' ugi. ll ii if ha misses lho 'bus
lij i iii; lown a oeilar und breaking
Ids nenl .-.I do not laugh, unless, in-
t|, nd ir ,ii , ol humor Is exaggerated
i ■  ,n,i ■-,. i, out  "uimienis ni human-
"Reasoning Unit, ond seeking lor o
lyplnol example, Indnpendnnl of Ihe lonn
ol expression, I lind il In Hie (rich ol a
inidi boy v ho lies Hie coal-lall, ol hi,
., hoolmnsler le lho, hair and enjoyi In*
disconcerN look when lie rises, Studying animals, ihen, nnd looking mil Ior
manifestation, of Ihls kind, I am Inclined lO believe Ihnl. holh ,-u|, and dog.',
bill especially (Iocs, havo ll keen sense
oi humor, nnd dollghl In Ils exeivlsr,
Is ii inl-,. when we speak ot lho Intelligent -- ni animals, we Ihink ol Iheir per-
furtiiuiu-e nl various   Irak.", wo   have.
laughl llieni, bul we ought In study
llieir natural ways and Iheir own amusing sullies, Tlio Irlck-dog bears lho
sume relation to tho natural dug as Ihe
stage Irishman lo ihe genuine lliboriilnii,
'"I wns once ihe possessor ol a beautiful lillle Persian oat, willi whom wo
used lo play ul limes wllh hull games,
Sho entered into these wiih grral gusto,
und soiuotlmcs when Ihere wns nothing
sllrrlng she would appear carrying Hie
bull in her inoiilh. Then she would ley
il nl lite feel of on.' ot lis who seemed
Inclined for n game, und, looking up
Willi an iiirh expression, she wnuld
aland ready lo begin. The ship-dash ox
plnnallon ol ucls like Ihoso ns 'instinct'
is, of course, ridiculous; Ihoiigh even in
HlOSO OttSOS whoro il does apply II Is el
host but a covet' for our Ignorance -l
deeper oxplnnnlions.
'"Now, play jiself involves n certain
sonso ol Inini,ir, bul certain ollioi manifestations v.,-re niOI'O precise, Kill y
used lo play on Hie biileony -Tills win:
111 Paris and when she wanted In come
in she would stand mi tier hind legs und
scratch fiercely nl llie window wllh nn
assumed look ol nxcllcd alarm Ihnl reminded one ,,I n cnrlcaiuro of Louis
Wain's, When sho entered ! wnuld
generally hike her on my shoulder 'o
hoar her purr.
ns I wns rending. I heard lho fniiiillnr
scratching, and, looking round, louiul
her standing In her nlliludo ot greal
anxiety. I went lo lho whldoyy nnd
opened II, nnd sho mode a step forward,
Iml, when 1 tried 1° pick her up sho lurnod
round und rim up lho balcony looking
In-hind her shoulder mid wilh n king!)
all over hor taco. She enjoyed Ihu! joke
'"The cut hns been loss observed lhnn
llio dog even by those thinkers liko
Romanes nnd W'uiidl. of Gorinuny, who
have given much ollontlon to llie subjecl.
The eul Is, 111 fuel, generally misunderstand nnd biiiily Irenled, hul whon well
treated she displays lho mosl nllmcllvc
traits. Your cat is a veritable moral
barometer thai tells lho character ol her
'"The dog is moro dcmonslratlvc in
his displays. Terriers especially ure
humorists, but lho dachshund is a born
vug. iii liiul In' has lho ndvnntago,,[
npiieai'iinco. llis long, low body, Ids
crooked legs, nnd hanging ours, his re-
murkablo changes of shape nnd attitude,
nid him grouily. 'Ihen ho hns, like nil
grral comic actors, something in bin
taco Ihui sliows him eul mil for lho pari,
II is nol lliut he looks frolicsome. On
lho contrary, his aspect in repose is
llm! ot medllallon and judicial calm.
Ho has Hint, .serious regard Ihnl one finds
in lho famous comedians—Toolo or
Coquolln Cadet. II is Hint background
which throws his drollery Inlo reiki
when lie lels himself go.
"'All theso qualities are especially
marked in my own dog, in honor of
whoso proud iincnge Ihe name of 'ller-
nnndo Corloz,' wns boslowod, In I'uris,
where he wns well known, he was called
familiarly by his friends, Nando.
" 'Nando hns u love for sheer fun, nnil
ho hns practically Invented, or, nl lens!
NEWS        EY       MAIL        1-EOM
Happenings   in    the Emerald Islt
of Interest to Irish-
The kelp lutrvest on the west Clara
coast, which for Various reasons declined for Severn! years, iuin rocontiy
proved once more a prolltaolu one.
At Bnllyklsluli, near Lltnorluk
.1 unci Imi, Coimiy Tlppornry, on tho
24th ull. a farmer, namod Ityan, wus
kin,eked down and killed by u motor
Mis, Aiiiiln Valley, who went Irom
Dublin to attend lover putlonts In
Oiighterard Union, died Irom (hn ills'
i-niie, coiilrncleil vvhllo in tlio ill.s-
chnrge o( her ilulies.
Caroline Martin, lour yeurs old,
hns died at Belfast, Irom alcohnllo
poisoning. She drank the onil 0
colli,aits of n liollle of whiskey (taring Um absence ol Let- paronls,
At Bnllymona railway station Miss
Ll.'ile Martin narrowly escaped bo*
Ing killed vvhllo crossing thu lino, A
tiny or two tiller she died, and thero
are strong' suspicions of poisoning,
The death is announced at Gram-
ensile, County Donegal, of Captain
llllchael JI'Lnu'.lilln, aged HI years,
formorly commodore of the Laird lino
of sletimers, belwoen Londonderry
and Glasgow,
John W. Wright, aged 28, a mod-
Icnl student al Queen's College, Belfast, died suddenly of diabetic, coma
after workljig hard on medical ox,
aiiiinatioiis for a degree from tho
lio.viil Dublin University.
An Irish iniii) reformer. In tbo
course of it lecture nt liurnlov, spoko
of whiskey ns "thut stiill which goes
down one's throat liko a torchlight
procession," n remark which created
a roar of prolonged laughter.
Al Dublin City Sessions, David
liol,iiiiiii, quay laborer, obtained a
decree for ,1-15 damages against tho
Dublin Dockyard Company for per-
soiiiil injuries sustained by lulling lain the hold ol' a vessel while In
their employ menl.
lit connection with Sir Ponnlil Cur-
rio's oiler of 12(1,000 to Quean's Col-
lego, Belfast, provided Ihui a sin,'-
lnr sum bo subscribed hy local ell'ort,
liev. llr. Hamilton, president of tho
college, announces Hint thn money
received nnioiinls to £14,181.
A farmer mimed (Ileus,in iv-us sot
upon on the high road at Thurlos,
near Clontno!, by Iwo men, who robbed him of .121. One of tho assailants threatened the farmer with an
opon knife. 'Two men huvo been accused, nnd are in custody,
The tenants on Ihe O'llrlon eslnlo
In the northern part of County
Longford, once controlled by Colonel
Hopping, hnve purchased their holdings on tonus of twenty years' purchase on first-term rents, and tvven-
ly-one and a hall years' purchase on
loveloped.   certain gi is for himself, second-torm rents.
At Ihe sume linic. ho hns on abiding A doputntlon consisllng of inllnen-
tonr ot lho whip, and ol cold water, but Hal members   of the Irish Forestry,
especially of Ihe water.    One  of   lho Society, and Introduced by tho Right
games lo which lie lliinks lie is onlllled non. Lord Castletown, walled   ujion
Is In bile my shins on Iho way to Hie, the Chiel Secretary in Dublin in   or-
bnlli, but il I can reach lo n gluss  it dec to lny before him n draft scheme
wnler, Nando makes n boll, nnd seems
lo roll down stairs in lln- rapid movements of Ills sinuous body. Ills affected
look of terror is comedy
"'Nando wus occasionally whipped
when ho wns young for various crimes
and misdemeanors Incidental lo his ago
nnd Inexperience, And alter n whipping
ho used lo iniike slrnighl lor his bowl
of dog-biscuit, which wns nlwoys loll
for lilm, In satisfying his appelllo ho
forgot Hie pangs of his chnsllsemcnl.
Hul us lie grew older ho developed n curious trail, lie hnd found Ihe whipping;
so good un appollzor Ihal ho used lo refuse lo go lo his dinner llll warned by n
casilgallon. 'llio whip was like an ap-
erllii which lho boiilovurder hikes ns n
matter of course before repairing lo his
sumptuous repast.
"'Accordingly, if Nando wore hungry
ho would start lo bark till lie gol his
whipping, or, al least, lite simulacrum
nf such, und Ihen he would go peaceably lo llis bowl. Tho bowl ctiino lo ho
regarded. Ihercfore, ns a soil of Abulia.
While Cullng he wns out of danger of
ii cut. lie often look ndvnnlngc of Ihi
soinlimos even, one mighl think, slrnli
lllg the privilege. Thus when visitors
were present Nando often though! Ill t,
mnko himself obnoxious by burking.
This wns for pure mischief, bid some-
limes ho wenl so far us lo oxlinusl sym
pnlliy. Then, Willi apologies 1 would
precipitate myself oul of lho room lo
seek llio whip, bid on my return Nando
would 1)0 found qniolly standing at llis
bowl, apparently Immersed In his food,
except Ihnl ho would casi n glance over
his shoulder, Inimitable in ils effrontery,
its coolness, nnd Ils oppreolollon of ihe
siliiulion. Ilo never slopped over In lho
bowl, I hnvo boon lold, llll Ihe Insl ino-
monl. 11 Ihe principle ot relncnrnalioii
were Into, If Ihoso lillle dogs really come
from Egypt, I should Imagine him lo
havo been n rare joslcf of lho days of
Ihe Plolcmlei
for the nli'oreslnlion of Ireland under Slate control.
A shocking tragedy, which is nt
present surrounded. In mystery, occurred nt Ihe lio.viil Hospital, Kit-
inninhnin, Dublin, Sergeant Major
Waiigli being found dead under re-
inni-knlilo circumstances. It, is ho-
liovod that alter setting lire *o
books nnd documents he committed
A sad fatnlity took place nt IVInd-
gates, County Wicklow, when a little boy of four yours, son of n farmer named Chapman, wns burned to
death. The child was playing in a
stable containing n quantity of
straw and it is believed that the littlo fellow must have I't a match
and dropped it among the straw.
At the Dublin City Sessions, before tlie Hon. the llecorder, Julia
Butler seed Anno Murphy to rocovn-
damage's for the loss of the eye of
the child, which was picked out bv
a game cock belonging to tbe defendant. Evidence wus given to tlie effect thnt the cock had pecked fici.
oilier children about the face, cans-
ling them to blood, The Recorder
awarded £18 with costs.
Tho young lions presented by rlis
Majesty Cue King to the Dublin Zoo
in Phoenix Park, hnvo arrived. At
present they nre placed In a cn?«
next one of lho young Dublin llo'is,
nnd they nre quite ut linnie already
and eager for play. Theso lions, just
arrived direct from Africa, have boon
accustomed lo gambol about tho
compound ol a unlive king, by whim
they were presented to King Edward.
"Now," said tho groat detective,
"if you show me whoro lho burglars
got into your shop, I will seo if .'
can find some clue.
"In n moment," said tho proprietor, "I mil wiirking at something a
litt'o moro Important lhnn a ciuo-
liunt just now. Take a sent." And
lho merchant continued bis writing
Its  follows!
"Tlio burglar who broke into
l-'randd's shop last night, aad stole a
idlk hut, a pair of gent's French caH
skin boots, a lur-trinimed overcoat,
a black morning-suit, and two suits
of silk underwear, was a black-heiirt-
ed Villain and n scoundrel ol tho
doopest dyo, but, wiilmll. a
mun whose judgment cannot be cnl1-
,-d Into question. He knew where
to go when lie wanted lho lines*,
elothing thn market affords."
"Jacob," ho said to the bookkeeper, "send a copy of Ihis Io a1!
Ihe papers, und toll thorn I want it
printed in big blnck type, to occupy
hall a column, to-morrow morning.
Now, Mr. Hawkeyc, I am at you,-
There oro limes when llie voltage ol
a wasp seemingly exceeds lhat ol u Ion
horsepower dynamo.
Mrs. Smith—Oh, dear, I'm com-
plotoly worn out! 1 wus up more
thun half the night with n toothache,
MI'S. Jones-Thai's too bad. Did
ynu go to tho dentist this inornliiii?
Mrs. Smith—Oh, my, no! It wet
my husband's looth that ached.
Mrs. Vlck-Senn had discharged her
"i shnll not give you a character,
either," she said.
"Yo haven't nnny to spare, inumt"
shrilly responded tho cook, Pouncing
out of tho house.
Pat—"The throuble wld Dugnn Is ho
litis no backbone."
Mike-'Tullli lie hns backbone enough
if he'd only bring It to lho fronl."
"Thai coal looks shabby," remnrked
Hicks In his Intimate friend Ihe pnel;
"why don't you hnve It turned?" "Do
y,vf ihink Ihis cool hns three sides?"
iissCd the Impecunious one sadly; nml
nolliing more wns snld on Iho subject.
Mrs. Ann—"I ordered a new dress
pnltern here yesterday, to be sent.
1 wonder if It has been cut yet?"
Shopwalker—"Certainly not, nvid.im.
The assistant said you hadn't boil
in yet to chnngo your mind."
Eve Induced Adam lo eal. iM ho, look
to drink ol hi, own accord.


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