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2.V. nnd fiUe. per bottle.
Prepared and sold only by
The Mail
'   fa
.    —-AT—
Druggist and stationer
VoL 12,-No. 48
$2.50 Per Year
1        Jj
' )"*{
1               i
v *wl
jlw   ■
HDv * ft
i&t JLVv'J
You will ho figuring on
your new Spring Suit. Let
us solve tho problem for
you this timo. Our now
spring samples aro here.
We can take your measure
anil have your suit hero in
plenty of time for tlio
spring weather.
We are supplying most
of the good dressers in
town with their Clothing.
Why not you?
Bargains in
Men's Boots
Twenty Pairs of Men's Boots
and Shoes—a mixed lot, light
and heavy, $3 and $4 boots in
this basket, going now at
Men's Wear
A Big Bunch of Men's Fine Cambric Shirts
These are worth $1.50, nice new patterns
stripes and small figures, stiff bosom
Per Shirt 75c.
Two or Three Men's Reefers, double breasted
Heavy Heaver Cloth, $11 Coat for   -     -        $4.00
Childi en's & Ladies' Wear
A Basket of Children's Underwear, Shirts
and Drawers,  all  sizes, nice, warm,
fleecy stuff each 25c.
Twelve Children's Coats, nice little affaire.
We have sold them right along for $4.50
and $5, you can have one now for   -   -
Ladies' nice warm Dressing Sacques, you
must see these to know anything about
them, $3.50 line lor
llere is the Biggest f 1.(10 worth
ol Canned Good, in B. C. We
will mix thorn up lor you—II
tin, ol Corn for $1.00; 0 tin, of
Pea, for $1.00; II tin, of Beans
Ior $1.00; 7 tins ul Tomatoes
for $1.00; 8 tin, of Pumpkins
for $1.00; 6 tin, ol Strawberries
for $1.00; 6 tin, ol Raspberries
lor $1.00; 6 tin, ol Plum, for
$1.00; 5 tin, ol Peaches, Peare,
Pineapple,, $1.00.
100 lbs. Best Mount Royal Flour $2.90
100 lbs, Royal Household $3.00.
Queen City Catsup, per Bottle—20c.
Rowat's Pickles, per Bottle, 20c.
C.B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Revelstoke Steam Laundry.
Early in February will ,ee llie
inauguration of un important new
industry in Revelstoke in the shape ol
the Revclstoko Stenin Laundry. The
location ol the laundry i, south ul
the Itovoletoke Wine nnd Spirit Do',,
warehouses. The building formerly
used a, the Reveletoke Brewery and
enlarged for the purpose. The
machinery is nearly all in place anil
iiof the mosl complete and up-to-date
The pin tit includes n lurge steam
mangle, in iiiiifiicturt-'! I y the Hogon
mainiliieiiiiin: company Thi,machine is so nicely ildjllstod th.it it can lie
turned by hand, The big steel rollers
will he ii.i'.uu-l with lull, and tho
rullrr, iiiuscl su ii, to polish both
side, ,in iiitsnoou-'y, This machine
iaonp'il-leof turning out 1"),000 piece,
in ad ly of ten hours. Its adjustment
i, sn line a sheet of tissue piper could
be pissed through it witho::'. beiig
tu 11.
Then there is a steam heated machine for dressing collars anil cull'-, a d
ihis will turn out the work with tlie
highest possible finish.
There are two big washing machines
made by the Empire Laundry I'", of
lioston, Muss. These machines make
n triple revolution cacli wny, the
motion being automatic rotary reversing, with the motion of these machine,
tin re i, no danger of ciothii.e; beconi
ing worn, tangled or torn.
I, done by n ci iili'ifugal dryir,
which does me work thoroughly,
without pressure or friction, and
avoids the damage to or breaking ul
A big vertical boiler, made by Orr
and Saiidbower, of Reading, l'enn ,
will generate the steam for power and
heating Hie machine, and drying
room. This boiler lias 30 horse power
capacity. Tlie power will be supplied
by a 15 horse power engine. Thi,
part of the plant will be Bet on concrete basement.
Another ingenious machine is the
machine for starching collars aud cull's,
its action ensuring the thorough
sousing of the article, with the starch.
Is a splendidly arranged device.
The floor is a mass of steam pipes and
the washed clothing is suspended on
long travelling racks which run out
and in on overhead tracks. A Ian
draws off the damp air, thus keeping
up a constant circulation of fresh air
through the clothing in ihe drying
room from which the clothing comes
out in '20 minutes.
Will be done by hand, but the tyler
ironing macliines installed will enable
this brunch of the work to he done
quickly und well and free from pros
sure likely to damage the clothing.
The laundry will be run on casli
principle,, tickets being supplied to
customers on same plan as bread and
milk ticket,. A specialty will be
made ol family washing. A moderate
price list will be maintained. A
delivery rig will be put on, with tree
collection and delivery.
The laundry will be conducted by
the Revelstoke Laundry Company,
consisting entirely of local capital.
K. Crick is president, J, duy Burlier,
secretary-treasurer, and J. .McNiven,
who ha, hnd many year, experience
in the laundry builneis, will be manager In charge of the laundry, Mr,,
McNiven will take care ul the ladies
department. Only white labor will
be employed and about a dozen lunula
will lie required to operate the laundry.
We wish the promotcra of the enterprise all success, and hope the steam
laundry will have the beet support of
the citizen, of Kevelstoke.
London, Feb. 1 —A scheme has been
perfected under which Lord Rothschild, at his own expense, will send
two hundred families to Canada,
Fifty of these families will leave England February 13. The scheme forms
a basis for the solution of the problem
regarding the unemployed ot Great
Britain. The immigrants will be provided with clothe, and food, the cost
of their passages, situation, on their
arrival, and turns ol money to guard
against emergencies. The total cost
Ior each adult i, £10, which must be
repaid in instalments. It is expected
that when the fund shall have been
repaid that two hundred additional
families will be sent to Canada under
the iiimu plan. Agents have made investigation, and report that there are
opening, in Canada lor 10,000 respect
able adults.
Nothing better than "Our Special."
Annual Meeting and Election
of Officers,
The annual meeting ol tho Board ol
Trade wa, held in the City Hall on
Monday evening. Present: A. E.
Phipps, president, in Hit) chnir, Messrs.
Atkins, llowson, Hew,, Lindmark,
Lawrence, Lowis, Pratt, O'Brien, Jaok-
son and H. Floyd, secretary.
The election ol ollicers for tho ensuing year was then made with the
following results: Chas. F. Liiul-
mare, President; F. 11. Lewis, Vice-
President; II. Floyd, Secretiiry-Treas.
Executive committee: Messrs. Pratt,
O'Brien, Phipps, Lawrence, Iloivsun,
MoCarter, Bows, Kilpatrick and
Mr. Jatt'ray wa, elected a new member.
Moved by F. B. Lewis, seconded by
M. J. O'Brien, "That this Board having considered the memorial from the
Trout Lako Trade, Committee relative to tlie application of the Arrowhead and Kootenay Railway Company
lor an extension ol their charter, are
of opinion that said Charter should
nut be extended unless the Company
gives a satisfactory guarantee that the
railway will be successfully completed
to Arrowhead within a reasonable
time, and that copy of this resolution
be ,eut to the Public Works depart-
mentof tlie Dominion Government."—
Moved by M. .1. O'Brien, seconded
by W. M. Lawrence, "That this Hoard
appoint tlie President, C.F. Lindmark,
a delegate to interview the Provincial
Government with reference to joint
action on tlie part ol the Government
and the City in buildim; a look-up to
be used by prisoner, in charge ol the
Government and City respectively and
endeavour to secure an appropriation
for that purpose in tho estimates."—
Moved by F. B. Lewis, seconded by
If. Howson, ''That this Board appoint
C. F. Lindmark, the president, ils
delegate to interview the Provincial
Government with reference to joint
action on tlie part of tho Government,
the Hospital Directors ami llm Council
of this city to hu'.'<] i -, Isolation
Hospital fur llm use of Government
and City patient,."—Carried,
'^lie Deputy Minister of the Interior
acknowledged the receipt of a letter
from the-Buard with tlie request fur
Mr. Wheeler to explore the mountain,
mirth uf tlm city.
Tlie Board of Trade, under the
presidency ol Mr. Phipps. did good
work lor this city ami district last
year, which will no doubt be extended
and enlarged upon for the new year
in the hand, of the capable executive
just elected.
C. P. R. Limited will make
Fast Time.
MONTREAL, Feb. 1.—The Canadian
Pacilic, beginning next March, will
send a limited train across the continent in 72 hours, uniting off 24 hours.
More local trains will be operated so
that Hie limited can lie devoted entirely to through business.
From Winnipeg to Calgary any
speed can be maintained, also from
Ottawa to North Bay.
Knox—Rev. .1. R. Robertson, II. A,,
pastor. Usual services nt 11 a. in.
und 7 30 p. m. Sunday School at 2.30.
Tho pastur will preach at both services. Morning subject. "Tempted
as we arc." livening subject: "A
Law of Nature and of Grace." The
weekly Prayer meeting on Wednesday
St. Andrew's—II a, m., "A Tested
Saviour," 7.110 p. in., "As the Seed su
tlio Harvest,"
The annual congregational meeting
ol St, Andrew's chinch will be held in
the church on Wiilnusilay evening
next, the 7th inst. The intuiting will
take thu form uf a sociable. Tho
Ladies Aid am providing refreshments
and a progriiiiiiii'ol music nud recitations will also l„- provided. All
members ami friends of Hie congregation aro cordially invited.
Methodist—Tlie sacrament of the
Lord's supper will be administered at
the morning service, Mrs. Creelman
w'll sing the favorite uf tho revival
hymns of the Torrey and Alexander
meetings iu tho east, entitled "Tell
Mother I'll ho There," Subject for
evening : "A Vision of Heaven." It
i, expected that, the re-opening
service, will be held in the church a
week Irom Sunday and a concert held
on the following Tuesday.
The government soized $14,000worth
ol the Hundson's Bay Company Iur,
enroutc to England Irom New Ontario
point, near Konora, a, heaver and
otter fur, were in the consignment.
Thee animal, cannot lie killed lor
four year,. One-third ol the consignment wa, cuiiliscnlo.il.
Fifty Persons Seriously Injured
in Riot at Paris - Woman's
Suffrage Bill Defeated—Lady
Strathcona's Generosity.
ToKtO, Fell. 3,—M. Oillll, leader of
the Progressive Parly whoso question
to the War Minister regarding the
liritish army, nnd which caused su
great a stir in England, authorizes tlie
explanation that he hnd not the
slightest intention ol giving oll'euso.
His only nuitivc was "thu sincere
desire to help u noble ally in effecting
a most difficult but inilispcnsible
Paris, Fob. 3.-Over fifty persons
were scriuusly injured and many
others hurt during rioting yesterday
when the Roman Catholics sought to
prevent the government from taking
inventories ol Hie churches under the
new Church and State Law. Firemen
used water in toroing an entrance to
the churches and the defenders retorted by throwing cayenne pepper in the
attackers eyes.
Ottawa, Feb. 3.—Tho Grand Trunk
1'nciiic have asked for tenders for the
construction of a lino from Touchstone
Hills to Edmonton. The Government
calls for tenders for 250 miles from
Winnipeg east, and for ISO miles Irom
Quebec west,
Victoria, Feb. 3,—The Woman',
Suffrage Bill was dcieated in tlie
House yesterday.
Midway and Vernon Railway Bill
passed second mailing.
London, Feb. 3—Balfour and Chamberlain dined together last night but
tailed to roach accord whereby Bulluur
cnulil retain the leadership by swallowing tho whole fiscal progi'iininio. W,
11. Long is talked nf ns leader of th*
Unionists new,
New York, Feb. 3.—A Panama
despatch says the cable communications with Buenaventura, Columbia,
are interrupted. An earthquake is
rumored to have destroyed a city.
Paris, Feb. 3.—It is announced
thut the Count and Countess of Honi
de Castellainc have parted and legal
separation will follow. The Countess
was Aiiua Gould.
London, Feb. 3.—Lady Stratlicnna
has donated fifty thousand dollars to
the Queen's fund for the assistance of
the unemployed. Most ol this will be
expended in assisting workmen emigration.
New York, Feb. 3.—The building
trades union have dually decided to
trikc in sympathy with the house.
smiths' union. This means Unit
many hundred thousand men will be
Ottawa, Feb. 3.—The Grand Trunk
Pacific branch company is tiBking for
Incorporation to build lines to connect with transcontinental line,.
Among twenty-three branches proposed is ono from Vancouver to
junction with the Northern 4 Oniineca
Hallway, another is from the north
cud of Vancouver Island alung the
west cniist to ) lotOl'la, They will alio
build blanches lo Calgary, Batllefurd.
midon. Region and Hudson Hay.
In the lire at G. T. Chapiiuin's store
at Arrowhead, thu mails in the post
ollico portion were destroyed. The
fire was one of the hottest known for
the size of the building, even the iron
nails in tho store being melted and
fused. The contents ol thu safe wero
badly charred. The post ollicu inspector, Mr. Greenfield, collected the
charred remains of tlio postal notes
which were in tlie sale. The insurance
of the building, owned by Mr. Newman, was $2,000, not $3,000 as wc
stated. Mr, Chapman intends re-opcu-
ing the store ns sunn a, lie can get a
building and get in a fresh supply of
The insurance adjuster, A. E. Richardson, went to Arrowhead on the
beginning of the week to get particulars of the stock dostroyed and adjust
the losses,
The curlers returned last night
from tho Golden bonspiel and report
having had a royal time, being alnmil
killed with kindness liy the good people ol Golden. H. A, Brown's rink
took second place iu Hie Grand Challenge event, and Dr. Sutherland's rink
won tho Consolation.
want the best.
Christies'   Biscuits,  Webb's,   Fry's and   Robertson's
Chocolates, Chase and Sanborne Coffee,
Tetley's Teas, etc.
i •"--)
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings.
Ready-Made Clothing.
Capital Anthorlwd,KOQQ,000   Capital Paid Up, 13500,000,  Rest. $3500,000.
Head Olliee, Toronto, Ontario.
JBrancliOB in the Northwest Territories, Manitoba, Ontario and ynebee.
Ami tho following points in British Columbiat Cranbrook. Oolaen,
Nelson, Bevelstoke, Troat Lake- Arrowhead, Vancouver and Victoria.
T. It Mbbbitt, Prosideut.       D. It. WlLKtB, Vice-President and Ueuaral Manager.
E. HAY, Asslstant,Genera. Manager.   W. Moffat, Chief Inst-ecior.
Revelstoke Branch, B, C—A General Banking Business Transacted
Savings DepHrtmont-DeiMisitri Received and Interest Allowed.
Drafts sold avttilnhlo in all parti of ('anada. United State? aud Europe.
Special attention given to collections, A. E, Phipps, Manager
lucoriKirntfld by Act of Parliament, 1&55.
Wm, Molbon MAOPHERSON, Prcs. S. H, BWDTO, Vice-Pres.
JAMBS Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way nf banking business transact*d without un*
necessary delay.
Interest credited twice a year al current rates on Savings Bank
W. H, PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
StockTakingCash Sale
To reduce our large stock we will give most
Howson's furniture 8l Carpet Store
.Vi it, it. i't*, i't, .'i'i itx if i ,f i iii tti iTi iTi iTi iTi iTi rfi itt iTi tti itt it, *♦. ■♦■ ■♦»
'T'fT'fVrTo    I   f    X    X    X    X   X   XX WW Ml III IM IJ" *
♦ ♦
lliivo vou overlooked
and Steel Waro?  All our stock of ALUMINUM GOODS,
Hn you think thai, we advertise this merchandise at cost
only to bring you Into the Store and sell at the same old
price ?  MIT A HIT !  COME IN AND SHE 1!
When tve say selling at coat, we menu at cost.
Every merchant overstocks in some lines anticipating
Itil'get' business, ami we have .1 number of enamelled and
steel Saucepans, Tea, Kettles and Aluminum Kitchen Utensils which must go to make room for New .Spring Goods.
During our Stock-Taking .Season these goods will be offered
ul Cost Price.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd. I
Mail Order, Promptly attended to.        P.O. Box 181>tiZ3 4 f
iTt *Ti it, ,T, iT. iT. »Ti iT. .T» iTi
r -X' 'X' "X' 'X X *w «F X X X
Eomoxton, Jan. 31,—A dttperate
oaee of niicide occurred at the Imperial hotel Saturday night. G, Arthur
Ball, a well known young man of the
city, taking his own life in what appeared to be the most deliberate manner. Ho cut hi, wrist and hi, thrust
and wa, dead when iouiiil a few minute, after the deed was committed, He
wa, a native of Gait, Out.
Tbe Maii-Herald will be delivered
to any part ol the city, or mailed to
any addret, within the postal union
lor 12.50 per annum, payable Id advance. The clubbing arrangement*
with other paper, will remain in lore*
lor those who prefer to have their
fuUorlptiun, ttiat way. «+H-H-l-W-W"H-i-«HH-M-H'
$ I
?   Fashion   J
Hints.      t
*-H l-i- * H -M-i-H-l- r-Mri-H •■*
TEE l-'llt HAT,
Thi- inoM becoming headgear "I lho
seati n I- id,' iur lint. 'I't'"' soft poll
mingling In it-, cosy warmth wilh
the lightest ol summer flowers and
furbelows set) od ii loir In,'' ii" no
Other l-'i ol millinery tan, and when
nun I* here, surolj >t Is Hot'- Iur
Iur I
Foremost among the new crenllon,
in fur headgear Is the largu hat
built ,i.'n--ly u! Bonio Bllky skin.
Not only Is the genuine pell used for
tins purposv, but in every modish
efleels Imitation Iur clotb Is employed with ba-.V'a and tails ol real Iur,
An extremely smart Instance ol
the totter stylo is a wido-brimmed
hat with large flat crown covered
wiih the silkiest grey beaver cloth,
Graduated ful.ls of white rliifton lino
ihe flaring peaked brim end a band
ol while fox completes (he upper
edge. Raised high on n bandeau a!
the bark, tho hat is pitched well
over Hie face, while u long while ostrich illume rising from tho bark of
the crown falls coquottlshly on Iho
-offurc. This particular style ol hat
is suited in evening as well (is daytime wear, bul demands particularly
striking features in lho woman
whom it becomes.
Wore simple and youthful i
brcru   shape, built   entirely
ihilla.     Porcelain   blue  v,
bon Is bunched in loop:
lull-blown    while rose.
loses nestling in velvet leaves trim
the ti'unt ol lb" crown,
Not soon to be forgotten by the
woman who loves real loco Is a
[ragllo chnpenu in lho wordrobo ol
a young debutante. A wldu bonl
brim Is buill of genuine rose point
luce with a slender, slanting bow
ol the same lace gracing the front
slightly to tho left side. Genulno
ermine forms a round hnl crown,
whllo tiny erinlno lails Interlwlno
with llie luii' bow. Itestlug al iho
centro nl the bow is n tinsel orchid,
nml another nestles nl the lm-l.
amldsl gradunted layers nl pleated
white lullc, ft while uigret Juts
mil Miurily nt Hi,- lelt side.
Combining tullii with I'u' gives
exquisitely dainty ollocls Tullo
ruche, ol nil sorts appear with Iur
hnls nml pelerines, In fuel, ill"
mi lii's   themselves look very    much
lil npos.    Noteworthy  is mi- With
lull gathering of mile aboul Hie
neck anil Iwo copes ol dillerenl
widths in shaped accoi'dlon-plealeil
lulle, ih,- lower capo reaching to Iho
shoulder line. Printed nl'cpo dn chine
scarfs nlso combine rhnrniingly tvitli
fur  ikpleccs and form draped bows
ni llie back ol fur hnls.
day some 60,000 Hank of England
notes of varying value are printed,
from (he comparatively humble hut
popular liver to the rare nml majestic Jll.iioii note. In addition, lho
same machinal print ninny thousands of postal orders ns well. Four
machines prim lho latter, each (timing out 1,200 shoots nn hour, mul
ihe paper is of such a size ihal ten
poslal orders nro printed nn oach
sh,-,-!. So it happens ihni in actual
practlco an average of nboui -100,-
IKKI orders ol all denominations are
struck nli every tiny liy Ibe four mn-
cliiiu". When all lho machines are
nt work they rust 1111,000,000 Into
the currency In n single hour.
One trade cunslsts ol dealing In
accidents, due innn who lu engaged
In ihls trade, Frederick Charles llot-
tlebury, has sought daiuagos for ul-
loged uccldonts agalrisl un lower
(h;ni t.wenty-ouo |„'i-s,,ns nud corporations in tii,' course ,,1 three yeurs,
|according to tho evidence Ihe police
gave nl the (llil Itttilc.v. His tweuly-
socond alleiupl came lo an uiifnrlu-
! mite conclusion, because the    judge
a soiii-
of I'llill-
velvct rib-
nround a
The   latter
Swiss Dogs Are Trained as Smugglers, and Do Their Work
Inflicted    n sentence
hard   labor.     He w
of  six   mo
is lold fo
future  he  must  light
ft s, in, ulini slmiln
• Irnil"  is
which   Is   carried   i
n    by   Cli
Brown, who was re,
onl iv   sent
prison for his trade.
This man
adonis the under side ol Iho left
brim, nnd emphasizes the inimitable
dark and light markings ol this
elegant pelt. While velvet ribbon
surrounds the crown and forms n
large how precisely ul the centre ol
th- front.
One other popular stylo ol large
hat, ii" mushroom shape, is employed extensively as a fur model,
Wry choice among tlm offerings of
nn exclusive Iur house is a hat of
chinchilla in lho inverted saucer
shape willi loose sacquc coat to
match, ft bed ol vclvcl geranium
flow,!—not the rounding clusl
blossoms, lint lho Individual (lowers
—tills in ilie top of the crown, and
another bunch mni-ses itsell charmingly at the si,!,- of lie bandeau. An
Alsatian bow of rose velvet ribbon
niih steel buckle spreads across the
back and harmonizes with tho stoel-
trimmed rose velvet rosels on the
coat. In place of lh<- geraniums,
sh,,!-; feathers or feather rosels are
emplnyed to cover the top ol llio
mushroom fur hnls and to till in the
,1, j, rurve of the brim,
Vii'h lirim abruptly tilted, n large
hnt in pale green f„lt virtually gives
the effect of a small toque, ft wide
band ol richly dyed sable forms the
very high crown. Hie height being
accentuated hy ribbon that rises at
the (r,p. Plastered til the side ol
the sharply upturned brim on Ihe
lelt, bror.ze-grccn ostrich tips cover
the entire space, while a shorter
trim ,-n Ihe opposite siile is lucked
up by a head of sn!,!,-.
In ihe realm ol lho season's smart
1oi|H,-s. however, is where Iur up-
peors largely. Itenrarkably unique
n a i uluu, with high cone-shaped
crown nnd circular upstanding brim.
And si iii more unique is lho fact
that it is built of young Alderney
ckln Light-brown velvel pipes tho
brim, which is concealed beneath
lolils ,.( liberty smin in whito lliut I
terminate   in   n long, stiff, clerical
how  I,'   l|i„  Ilo:,'.     Prln i Wales
estrnh tips ol downy whiteness trim
the led side,
A fetching li'He model win, mink
trimmings suggests a lovely hut for
One of the most peculiar trades
Imaginable is that of the manufacture of instruments of torture,
These ore manufactured in large
quantities in Birmingham nnd other
towns, nnd they can be bought in
London, In the catalogue of lho
firm who trade in London can bo
found llie prices of disciplines of
knolled cords and steel, of hair
shlrls, and of crosses with protruding spikes, Although sm-h things j tho Wnrah l|
in tho Iwcnllclh century nitty sound
strangely mediaeval, yel the trade
in theni proves ihnl there is n decided wanl for such articles,
Birmingham nlso carries on ihe peculiar trailo of Idol-making Large
quantities of idols are made for sale
in Africa, In addition Ihere is Hie
manufacture of man-lraps, those terrible engines 7-1 inches long Irom end
to end nml aboul ll (eel high. Theso
f! will catch n mini above the knees,
ami i' requires two men lo si i the
traps owing to n strong spring which
is fixed at cither end, Any person
ciinghl in one of these traps is nn-
lui-iilly held n close prisoner
A curious industry is ihni ol pull- [Thirty choc
ing Hie hair oul of rabbit skins. ,in,i |turned out
rled about with him o supply of
crusts, nnil when lie observed a likely-looking giver coming nloiig lie
dropped a piece of bread lo the
ground. Then he would pick up Ihe
crust and devour il ravenously. II
was seldom thai this dodge failed lo
touch the heart of pily. and to bring
forth n contribution.
Another I rn ilo is that ot professional bailer. Evidence of the existence of ibis trade camo oul us a
sequel 111 llie flight of a Swiss
charged wiih burglary. A mon,
llni'iieti Itotlo, had been bail for
him lo llie extent ol $250, mil al
Sii-r-i Police Court,
London, ho wns ordered lo pay Iho
$250. ft police soi-geiuit slut,-I Hint
Hollo wns u professional bailor, and
went bail for people who got into
trouble in the West-end.
Another man al West Ham was
described as a "tracer." This man
wns in tie- employ of a furniture
dealer, and his duties v.vr- io trace
out  cuslo rs whose   weekly    pny-
int-nis wero overdue. Men who follow Ihls trade of tracing either sleze
the goods or lalie Hie amount lhat
is ..wing when they iniiunge lo run
Hi,- tiiiin to earth.
A very remunerative trude is Hm'
oi designer to tin- Rosier Egg trade.
Inie    makers this   year
i  $200,000 worth of
Went Over Arctic Ice With ft Team
to Get Help for His
Some, tearless while man is in nil
probability preparing at this time
to dike one of llie longest, loneliest
and most arduous Journeys imaginable, fur ihe purpose nf conveying
lo Hie outside world news of bis
companions on board Hie whalers
Icebound in tho Arctic north or
Bering Straits, When several whale
ships were obliged lo winter in the
Arctic eight yeurs ago, end ihe pro-
sped of shod nil ions disquieted (lie
crows, two seiiui-'ii, Tilion uml Walker, started mn on dillerenl routes
io carry Ihu story ul their comrades' plight io civilization, lloiibt-
luss Um snme plan will be followed
this year,
Few people have any concepl inn ol
Ihe nuignilude of the undertaking
voluntarily assumed by these men.
line ol ihe two wns Charles IL
Walker, third mule ol Ihe ship Oreo.
Between November 1, 1897, nnd
some time in Mny, 1808, he traveled a distance estimated at 11,200
miles, almost without rest, In-hind a
dog sled, most of the lime wilhoul
human companion.
Fur more lhnn 2,.riOO miles he
traveled over ihe frozen surface of
the great rivers o! tho interior. He
wns practically
ut a time al several singes of his
journey. Nothing bul the necessity
that the condition1 of the frozen
whaling fleet, should be reported led
him to attempt (he nip; nothing
but un iron constitution, unyielding
zeal and good fortune enabled him
to light his way through constant
peril to safely. His own account of
his exploil was substantially as follows;
"William Urydr-ii, supcrcorgo ot
tho Oreo, and mon in chnrgo of Ihe
Phcrson, the nearest Hudson Hay
Company's post. Traveling on the
river was, of course, easier than
nlong the const line. The, Umber
kept oil the fierce wind to a certain
extent nnd lessened
"The snow on the hard surface ol
the frozen river intide excellent
traveling, nnd wo covered Hie distance between posts—'150 miles— In
sixleen days. We had more grub at
tills stage than on llie lirsl relay,
for nt. Herschel 1 was offered everything I needed, hul on accounl of
llie distance we were compelled to
depend somewhat on gome short en
"At Fort Mcl'herson 1 senl buck
the Indians nnd started on alone,
1 hnd loiters to thu Hudson's Buy
Company agents, and only look
enough food lo last me notwecu
"From Fori McPliei'BOIl I wenl
across couutry on (he Hudson's liny
Company trail lo old Fori Hood
Hope, on the Mackenzie river. Tho
distance wns 800 miles, nnd I entered it in fourteen days. Provisions
got. rather short before flood Hope
was reached, but I did not suiter
"The sollluilo of tho long Journey
through the timber nnd up the snow
covered Mackenzie was awful. I
could cut down a few trees ut night,
build u lire nnd go to sleep. Thank
heaven, i could sleepl
"Thero were ninny wild animals of
various sorts, hut 1 had no unpleasant experience Willi them. The
sighl of n traveler passing through
(heir stamping ground !:i Ihe dead
of winter was too unexpected u
happening for litem to mako any
"Upon reaching Fort Hood Hope
1 wns received in royal fashion by
llie company's ngenl, who provided
me with provisions suflleiont to carry me to the next stallion. Fori Norman, 20(1 miles farther up Ihe river.
I encountered bad, very bud, weather on that slrctch, mid ii look mo
nine iluys to mako il.
"At Fort Norman unolher supply
nf food wns forthcoming. The nexl j
ng company s finances nt loint \sMian wns -,.-,„., |,lgiPy, mo miles
Harrow, came to me on November |!istnnt u ,ook „„, ,,i„nt lIoys l0
1st with Ihe proposition of making Lmh „,„, ,.,„„„„
the trip io San I'ranclsco. lle mid „Vnm {ilm (u ,,or( almi,B0„ wns
ino thnl Hu; safely ol Ihe onlli-o ft B|mjial. .u|stanC0l but having hotter
company depended on gelling cor- wcathor I covered il in seven days,
tain information lo ihe ollleinls nl Tlw ,ftst ))()St nu ,ho Mnukl,u/.iu was
that place. | ,,-,„.,    providence,    175 miles above
"'Furl Simpson.      I reached it  in 0J
lo i
Whether    I  went
Herschel    Island    or wesiwaru    l0 Idnvs
Point Hope for my provision supply ,   ,'.A'f|(M. a       , ,.,,,, , M,. gomW„,0
for the trip   made   Utile difference. L ,as( |U.(1.i|m B     ,„„„ ,„ ,hc!
Ihe question, would I go.' Mackenzie river dislricl and crossed
K1"' " iMr,i ,n:'""1' "' ''" "'''io the Athabasca river,   The   Hudson's Buy Company's post ul
milking il  Into Iho fell that is us
in (ho mnnufacture of ordinary bo
It liuis     The best  kinds
require more rabbit fur than the inferior, while lho bluer Iho hair tlm
move suitable it is (or the purpose.
First  of nil llio rabbit  skins    are
dried, and the hnir is pulled oul b.t
n stall of ghls.   This Huffy stuff  Is
[then   t rent oil   by a patent process
j which makes it  into a sort, ni felt.
In such manufactories dogs and fer-
ordcr to cope with
ore extretn-'ly    fond
1 | Easier  eggs
-[thing   like
factories   if
ti salary of
whal ii pro
blch  weigh,-,!
hnls  these
• in-  draw
•    .hi
ill,(it in
It nulu
ne    of
ll uill
le this
mouth of Ihe Hay river was the
one si ruck
I'OtS ore kejil ii
the nils, which
of rabbit skins.
One trade is
conversion of i
buns Many
have tin
loops  ol
concerned wilh the
ip hnls  into     nose-
liscarded  silk    hats
brims removed, nnd   nfter
siring are added they form
excellent uoschogs tor eoslermnngers
There is n trade which is conn > -
rd in llie niiiiiul'nctiii-,' of noil' ■. an ■
colllns for t-itts. These coffins nre
jwvll-iiindo boxes lilted Willi locks
and keys, and are lined Inside with
whit,- cotton-wool, Lovecs ol animals mako such trades fairly remunerative.
One of llm most gruesomi   - <
Another probably profllable trade
is thai which is carried on nl Soulh-
Witt-k, There Severn] people hire out
silk skirls, lints and leathers to
eoslermoiigers'   "Indies"   simply    for
>       I,.!: fi'l  ii       ,1c.-I I"        i   - 0 11    ill    ii '■'■
ii:,,     Pern tin's Weeklv.
TIME 1-A'i'l GIL
Two lillle squirrels, oul  in Ihe sun.
Ono gathered  nuls,   ihe  other    had
"T mo    enough    yet,     l-.is  - onstanl
"St -r   ,-   •, : , '     ,ii ■  ,i. "..-■
«., i.
'It was a hard mailer to decide,
bul finally I said I would ninko lho
attempt. The eastern roulo to
Herschel Island nnd llien up the
Mackenzie nnd down Ihe Athabasca
river seemed to mo lite most practicable route. After reaching 1 lersch-, 11 was bul 8(1 miles from Fort Pro-
el Island I could get enough food, valence, anil 1 mode lho distance in
I thought, in Inst mo until 1 should two days.
reach  tho  I'u-st  Hudson's Hoy  Com-     "Then I pushed on lo Forth llcso-
jinny   post.    aiuJ    from (here on    I inlion, wiping out Iho 85 miles    111
ooiiid follow  Hn- line ol posts   (hat j two oilier days.      The dog:
stretched    through    tho   Norlhwi-si
had gum- wesl   lo Poinl
none of IIS knew  how he
I sel, cled live dogs from
nl Point  Barrow, nnd,
irk, found two Indians
child, wl       i
il S   lilt,',
.   .-. .
him ' -
mi h   ri
i   -'Tilion
nope   inn
hnd fined.
the loi. pack
'after much t
who would accompany mo
tirst Hudson's Bay Coinpnny'i
They were young fellows, aud
■\,,   provisions   could   be
from the Point Barrow hoard
supply    Ihere was    too limited    injtween McMurrny and tho company's
ilnw ,.i   ill,- mniu  mouths   lo   feed post on J.uc Lu Illeho in nine days.
in,,1   ih,,   many    long mouths Hint j   "From   Hint   point to Edmonton
ist  elapse before aid from mil side  wns ihe enslesl
could be , vi" led   to arrive—so w,
.1  dei id, il ;,,   i : our tvuy through ',,
II   srhel   Island,    080 miles    away
..   K we saw    game,    nnd the  Indium
.     e
u-. •    . ll
-I  ,n -I
tl    ■
the 6
loft    fr
Stole    I-
I    who hns a shod straight  era
,-e    of    squirrel of eliinchilln   'lv
iii    last  jear,    ft  thi
laid on ,t boat-shaped
; js thnl of laming soldi
glue.       At     Holland .- .,
inch I manufactory   al    wmcli   ore lal dei   Ot
iur.  cargoes of animal and human boi
ban Irome, lo form almost a   poinl |desll I for conversion Into i in    ll
in front.     Curving around lo    Ihe lis "'n'"'1 ,h;"  n ,'"'""' '''"'
Lai '■   - ne end passes through n slii
in thi  other, both i nd, being wires
to stand   out perl I ,  III •■ n smart
bow    'il i Ir ineelli g poinl  It    ron-
,e,-i]ni     benealh    .-,    large,   square
bu 1.        ft    vi   to   '
rosi-i : III In Ihe ,pa, -
al Ihe , ..'!■
ol ll- fill   ■'' If   •■    "
. m " . • pace
under  tl.e 1. '..   ,,-   H
l.o ,         Hut
with  equally rhnrin i.
..fled   white
lulle   ,  '!   i     .'..--
rvo    iho
,,( lies,, l,oi!e" cum,- from  ih,-     Far
Eastern hnt Uelields,  and  il   is   even
nsserled   ilini   ing-   i I  lln  -
,i,lie red io lllcm,
The iiniii,,lilies Iur..' now
ed,     and     forbidden     the
IV' IglltS    I"   I"-    UIlll I'll     I'XCC)
i. .'.:    , wing Iii the dm vi  l,
publi,  health.     'll,- men "  ■
engaged    In the Work me in
extra i.i',"'.
,,,,,. 'A    fairly    pny ni     I adi
A ism,i,-ii   which i'        b to    i" "hldi '■ h 'i"'1"1 In mn
popular   ', ■:.  "    '■     I       i  I"'"   smugglers.
''-.:■ |
lie    '.
,1  late
,: ...   ■
iol ing II.
If we did
■- .-,-.,- and
\l\\ Missive
mc   lireud  ninl
nip. I found
every few miles,
(once, 175 miles
Edmonton I led
went on to i
150,000,000 Square Feet ol   Lumber  Will be Cut This
Tin, advantages of a timer country
to the new settler nre almost ine.'ili-
liiiible. The attractiveness of tho
great pi-itirios of the west cannot he
gninsaiil, and the poetical touch ol
the plow turning the virgin soil is
quite ftiniilini-. The clearing of Hie
hind, however, in New Ontario in not
attended wiih any great hardships,
nnd with Hie continual demand lor
railway lies, telegraph und telephone
poles, much ol llie objection In II,"
labor ol clearing the iniids is eliminated. The Hot I lor receives a good
price lor Ihe ties uiul poles, nnd the
lumbor camps iu Hie winter uud Hie
sawmills ni oilier seasons of the
year furnish him with plenty of employment mid nlso create a market
for everything he enn grow.
In the Ituiny Hiver Valley uluno
(here ore many millions oi acres ol
wooded country, The sawmills of
Ituiny lllver, Fort Francos, Kcowalln
and Keiioru give employment lo
tlimiEunds ol men. In this volley it
is estimated Hint 150,000,000 sqllaro
feet will he cut this year. The Rainy
lllver Lumber Compuny Is pvar illy a Miniieiipnlis concern, with a
niugnilicent mill at (he Town of
Hnlny River, This is a thriving
town of nearly 2500 on the line of
Ibe Canadian Northern. Four years
ago the present lownsite was only
bush. And today the resident wh)
was (here three years ugo is pointed
out as
The town possesses Iwo excellent
hotels, o Iwi'iity-live-lhoiisiind-iliillac
Bchool-house, huudsoine stores, and
Ihere, (on, is located the Canadian
milling concern of Hie Hul Portage
Lumber t'omnpny. Tho daily oulp it
ol the Ituiny River Company runs
us high as ■1()(l,0(i(l fool. Fur inlion
nml miles the sides of Hn- Rainy
lllver ore piled wilh lugs. It wns estimated ll lew weeks ugo Hint tllOl'O
were 100,01)0,000 IM ol log limber
on Hie river, awaiting the saws.
In Ihls sn    Ituiny River district
the Pigeon River Company ol Port
ArlhUr haVu a force of 000 men in
their lumber camps every winter nnil
iu their mills ul Pud Arthur limy
give employment to a large number
ol men. They ileal entirely wilh
Manitoba und Hn- West, and are recognized ns ii dominant factor In the
sell lenient of llm greal West.
Lumber camps along tbo Soo
brunch of the CP.lt. arc gimliiully
working buck from tho linn of the
railway, bill ihere are several thousand men nl work now, all ot whom
liiul steady employment In Ihe mills
during thu rest of the year. Wages
ore high, bul ii is Impossible! H'is
senson In gel siillicieni men for lho
camps.   Tho   lumbermen    complain
i tliui the harvest excursions tu Iho
Northwest tnke thousands ol  young
I men from Ontario, nnd they can only
get employment ihere (or about two
months In the year, while tho seltlur
in N, iv Ontario g,-is steady work llm
[year ni'ouiul, ii he wants It, at hi„'b
A startling estimate wus
mndo the other day by u prominent
lumberman, who figured Ihnl in a
district of less Hum 100 squiiic-
niih-s iiioiuid Blind lllver there wet
The Eddy Bros., with n mill on Blind
River mid limits further back, employ some .150" men-       The    Cook
port of the whole Lumber Company, lho Morgan Liiim-
posts nml missions I,,,,, Company,    iho Georgian    Buy
and I made tho ills-,i.uiuher Company, Moure ti Macdo.t-
, In six days, At j,,!,! imti llio»('nriiy Lumber liompunv
my dog (earn nnd ; in Hiis dislricl each employ from *t"0
•ientlle us fnsl as I in, soil men, Then, loo, there urn
Thomas Wigg.  lho Byments,   Lovu-
standing   lho   trip excellently   and
were getting a fair supply of food.
"It look nearly live days to reach
Fort Smiib, 180 miles nearer homo.
Then thero enme a long Jump of 2eu
miles in Fori McMurry, al Urn mould
of lho Cloarwntor river.    I perforin-|tt'*?'s
lo Ihe led  Hint  siuge in six days—remark-
post, ably quick lime, everything consid-
good lured.      This    wns Hie Ins!  stopping
placo on tho Athabasca, although I
spared continued down thai, stream a long
— the distance, covering tho Hm miles ho
of    en
.       '
.    I
'   I
:,     lu
,■ -im ,ed out
h  wn-  snow-
owing nearly all the
ihe const     This
unduly Ion,   foi wo
, ..      iho deep
udenl   'i i,-'
■    ,,  depth "' 'mm
-,; ■        .,. -        and liiul
"Tin-re were few Incidents in Hie
trip, long us il uns. ll wus simply
Iiniii work, und lots of il. Fallowing n sled drown by live husky dogs
nl ibe inl,  ,,( (i t 11(1 to (ill   miles
per dny is no snap. 1 would not
jundertnke onolhor ll'lp like thai one
for a torn	
"I sun. red i, greal deal lor   lack
of mod on tin way up ihe Athabasca mul tlm Mackenzie,    H  wai
mosl    Impossible   tn  carry enougl:
(,,od  i"    biislnln sell ond dog;
bind & Co. and many others in ib'S
comparatively small dlBtrlcl. Tho
lloiith (i Shannon Lumber Complin"
of lliscotiisiiig ond tlw mills ami
camps nroiind Oarlter employ sovorul
hundred men.
In the   1'eiiiisknniing dislricl     are
greal cniiips, somo ul whom give employment    m  thousands ol men, so
tin,t    Iho  Importance  of thu groat
'.',[. i lumber camps of New Ontario cnniiot
, .„„|.',,i. ' ,-nsilv In,   overrsl hunted,   nud    will
«o     ii  lho rapid entry ol railways Ihrough
' the country  Ihoy lunilsh n splendid
tho wholesaler of lho cost
higher ibis year lhnn ever
girl the remalndi r ol ll ., ,. .
I, ha' • rollni and , ol Hn
i ui t ticket or het - ni or Iur,
on; ,' irge pi la i .. ni , . Hi lati
pelt. Hull! , i'i- Ij • i ;!. ;.,. very
little trimming adorn, Ih, hnl. a
sin- ;-■ brilliani bucklo ut i, itton
.,r. g, perhaps, to t lo |i |i I wl or
apongl, d ipiills dlrei 11}   In fronl  or
In covolici ,lyh  ol  Ihi le   Largo
beadwork buttons will
in thi, wny.
For more dressy Wi
osprcy, bird of parndls
lho leathered tribe In
perch Jauntily on these
ban,.     On   a   Frenchy
-.: '  'I    '■. rn
Ihe do
ol,    'I ■
'.. ,
,, '1,111
ih   -       i
anln •'
lahle i-c "'  acn      tin   froiitii-i      il
Ih, v .rn  also •. n ;.' lo d  llngn
il.   dl li .''ii'" In twei n  Italian    end
s-.,     unllorii ■      Muring ihe    lm
(hn    months no law, r than 270   nl Tl
[these   SwIrs  smuggling   dogs   have
,1,,-n     -hoi     by    llollnn    Fronl   r   1
An unique trade Is Ihnl ol   pi inl
;.- un i li
'.,, i„   „..,,,i  ii r Bank ol Km land nol
lhii   ni
i',' . i, of Hi   two would
,, uther of
white, will
all-fur lur-
reallon of
moleskin, loops of blue linsel ribbon filled in a hollow space nl Ihe
back, ft sllvoi bin kle pinned the
end ol ,i blui! quill Just where the
brim nl I he hnl turned up and In to
give it polated trl  effect, lire-'.-.-
black hai» In broadtail show many
variations ol lho trlcorn shnpo and
aie let oil by H'.icnii-e gin buckle
and gilt braids.
More elaborate still are Ihe hnls
ot tlascl cloth and Inn forming n
background h-r (alls, hands nnd
beads ol Iur, nml rendered extremely
dainty by gatherings ol Valenclennei
lace, Tlio example In quasi Ion show,
r simple, circular shnpo covered
•.iilt silver , loth, the crown being
concculed under pro cess lace ft
wide band of sable bordered unit
,,..ii, lace encircles Ihe ■• den ol the
.ruwn, and Iw,, sable lalb loll ,,i,-i
the hall al (he buck.    Silver llnsiil
I !
■   ,
-   ll
pOI 'I --I        ■    111     •
and ' I bund
-   ii,
..!.]   ull
.    i   .     ',.
.,,. I ..     ill
look out the I nil thi
flirrylng It In om    led
..,   lined
I",r: ,f ll
,11 r :    i'   i ul
.,.,,:       IVe ;,, lied    ,,:
blindly   ■     igl   Lhi    n i    at il t old
il  Ih'
■'   ' ,.    '!., Illll I     I ' "
Co'    llni-rn arrived ,,n Her
,.!.■■   . ui,   iii,| wlie i th,
,!,.  t„|  i.     .- ,
llm Pi Whaling *
i ,,i     .,.,   , 11,      ,    i     -    ,      ,
, uno ,,1   the longer singes between .
pOHll Til"    lltllo    g     I    killed ! <""rM  '"
I"'I "' ' I»|,,llll-V' l'"1 ' nUHho!M IE "mid an uxperl bu-! -ei.
ou iii limes wllh mi amply Blomncn |     ,   '
rather than la Inl a nine lo liun
11,,. ! I, 0 oi |n -,! -. 'ere Ihoi • n, the
■ . i ilii'.iie] Island, bill forlu-
nutnlj    I ,' utenniil   -In i ■ Is's    rescuo
I..,, ly reached Ilu      and relieved
Ihe   - II ml     iief    Ihe   refugeu,
, ,n,,,  ,,, u, tunl •■ no -vi i'u -a
i".  i ;
Italian  Family Violin
Rob', Deception.
make his  SHO mul $85 per   month,
while bush leiinislers coniiiiiinil 1100
io $i.",ii n month, board Included ior
men and loams. The men In camps
nre itell looked ufter ana well   led,
The discomforts   of even  lite   Vein's
ago me heard of no longer. Tho faro
Is ii hoi,'some nnd llio food has to be
well  cooked.      Ill   some   rumps  the
 ,k    is    I'm,I mi high un 1100    ii
month. Tho osllmutod eul ol lumber
nt the mills ol New Ontario for the
or,,-, ni vein- forma u lurge proportion
„l (ho  iota!    ouipill of ,15(1,000,11111
the   ll
■   '.' ,,
lldllll        Illll       d       ■:   ,    1          I'l'l
II      le
h-nln       I  wn    ol.ii-.',
Illll,  .11
i   Hie  Indian    it H'n  in
,■1   1 ,
end   r
II,. ..
mill I'.e Inn     llllli
tie Wi
Illll llll'
inrted I," ■.    but
i,     mi
..    -..,.
nl         liu-ni     ei (1
|0    lie'       l„H      illipl'lll'H
"1 ll
Ill II. 1-
lie!   Is l.iii.l  1  il, , hied lo
go  III,
II,e   |'l
-1   liliT   III   loll       Mc
. i   I i  I',., 1, i 11,i, :i morel t
,      mm   ,ii   l iiscuny, wunl i
-,,   Itu   la mi  ic- ne -    in
i|„, idetl lo sell to In He- I'zur's iliiinin-
,, the ns ,,voiiiiioi, ,,l Hie Kin-
l„,,,,   M,..,iidi i  II   his relatives   ro-
 i un , otvi ul loin I rocourao
i,, ihe iiiilhui'llle, "lictied  rely lho
,,i,, ,„, fluii In, lool "disappeared"
having been i' win llioiighl. coml'i'o-
mtsi'd in Hu    n, .,- Inatlon  of    'ne
\  nHi , li loin"' oi   lho
llnldl     i,o„di     v en- Vlslloll
I,     ,,   ll.lI,  «l Hi'- ""'"il hitu'i'lf  to
i,,. i .ei,,, ll-ldiiii ',,,!,,„iy could
reeogiii/e him, leu be gave such eit-
eiimslanll ,l detail • concerning his
llleltlll)   tl .it nil 'i,i»|'i,'loiiH ,,l Ins be-]
      up.,.,,',   iitiii-.hed    nnd he
ell ,-d ivith open ,u ins lle de
nded io mi.l.e his i,bode iii Snnl'mi-
, i, ,, . .not nu, henrll.t well umed lie
I,),, ft li.m , iil/,,i^
|'o the Hiirpi 1,0 "i everybody, (lie
piniidi'i Enrico Baldlnl wns the other
dny arrested ,ts n clever swindler
mimed I'oillll'llllllnl, "wanted" by the
pnllee     'I In- tueinbci', oi Ihe Baldlnl
f.llldh     ninl oilier    resident:: of    Sllll
L'lisclano i.ii'eiiuniisly oppolc'd his
iini-sl, un he had won greal popular-
sqliuro (eel, nud Hie work lu be dune
this tvliller in lln- great i ips Is tu
IsiV: iinil  ,"' ll""1'1'' "'"' "' "l"il "'1R ",t''1"1'1
d Insl  year.
"It   :„'
uu hnpr
' "I   kin lit   il
'"Ihnl musl
ins lo uu-,'' snid Mrs. Old-
thnl In these dnys there is
(or Hie mini wliu lucks Inl-
lull him
idled    her hostess.
e reason why Joi*
nli wonderful success,
nil inled In soinolhlng
every week."
Minor Poet—"And when you
read my poem weren't you all
Editor—"No, I wiisn t, but
poem wns,"
itv. He still refuses to say how ho
became acquainted wiih tho 'detail,
iiiticerning Enrico lloldlnl and his
family, Which ensured him such a
Mi-dlul welcome ia Baa Casciaao,
Hairless    Rabbits,    Dogs    Which
Never Bark, Crow, With no
Real rats are conn,ion enough on
most ships, bul the "rat," lines hy
which .sailurs roach the rigging hove
nothing In do with the thievish rodents, Nor, as uny sailor will tell
you, will "culling" the anchor help
to catch them. "Catting" In this
sense Is nothing else but. "catching,",
otherwise seizing up.
H is really reniurkablo what a
number ul animals exist which never
owned hide or fur. One could almfl.t
slock n nieiingerie with them. Tlw
minor is particularly fond of these
technical animals. For Instance, he
uses a "gug" lo fasten iluwu Ihe
tram lines along which lho coal tubs
travel, H is n sort of steel spike,
short und very strong.
Tlie miner's "eul," on the other
bund, is a lump of soft but tenacious
clay with which u "shot" or explo-
sivn charge is lamped home. When
u wire ItuillagO rope breaks its ravelled ends invariably become twisted
into n tangled mass, which the underground worker terms u "hedgehog."
"Crows" in a coal mine grow no
leathern, but ure a term for a poo''
kind ol coal hardly worlh llm trouble
of cutting; lint "peacocks" is n inline
for a much better quality, which is
distinguished by n peculiar rainbo'v
iridescence. Home of this loiter cool
shows small round spols not unlike
ihe circles
In Scotland there is found a variety
known ns "parrot" cool.
Sometimes  when   nl    wurk in his
"stall," the chamber frum the wnl.s
ol which he is culling Ihe black diamonds, llie  miner    finds a "horse.",
This Invariably annoys him Intensely
ond more especially   il he Is  doing
piecework, lor a "horse,"  in    coalmining parlance, is u great iiiusb of
useless stone or    ruck which usually
hus lu bo blasted awny before  work
con proceed.   A "bull" Is another animal which the miner nn! unnatural)}'
delesls, for the term is applied tu  o
shnl   which bus blown out—that   is
gone off wilhoul bringing down    the
coal l.liol  it was   liieiml  lo, causing
much waste ol timo mul I rouble.
A part of tlie nxle of u lull of cowe
! goes by the inline of a "cod," wbi'e
lisli-hend"   is a tool in  Ircqtienl
j use in connection with Hie big pumps
! which keep o colliery clear uf wat."'.
j A "goose" is mi appliance which au-
; lonuiticnliy   stops    runaway trucks,
and a "crab" is a part of u windlass.
| Even inserts figure among Ihe miner's zoological collection, Ior be hns
li "butterfly" vnlve nnil a
lie  may nlso    use Ihe heavy mullet ■
'.known'as a "beetle," though this is.
W0 lielieve more commonly employe I
j above   ground   for   (he   purpose of
i driving splitting wedges into logs of
I wood.
j Sonieliinei! Ihe engineer's classification seems In Ihe naturalist's  mi'i'l
; queer, lo suy Ihe leas! of it, for, according In   him,   Ihe "monkey"    is
i nothing but a big Iiinn of "beetle."
It Is, in Ind, u great weight used
wilh blnck and tackle Ior pounding
piles lulu llm ground, und sometimes
■ for breaking up old iron, You will
see a monkey in almost any shipbuilding yard.
lu the same placo you will certainly discover n "crane," an npplini' o
loo well known by sight to require
uny description here. In railway
shops electric cranes nre common,
mm in ihe same placo you wil1
doubless ihnl plenty ul "fish plaice."
These nre llm flat plates ol iron used
to clump logelher Iwo rails.
On board uny steamer we shall
find a "dnnkey" engine, but for a
"mule" wn niiisl visit n woollen or
cotton factory. H is a machine used
in spinning yarn.
It is rather dillicidl lo suy why a
certain form of sen-wall Is known a"
a 'mole," for a mole is entirely a
luiiil niiiinnl. H is much more cusv
to understand why the great nloel
prow   of a   battleship is called   s
I "riuii." II is so evidently moaat loi
j    Among every    curpontor'S    posscs-
| sions will be found u "rabbit" plane,
though Hi,- derivation of the torn,
seems mysterious to a degree. Equally ho Is the reason why another
form of Bin same tool Is
j Tlie  Stork   Exchange  "bull"  Is   a
 eh less technical creature.     Pro-
I Bimuilily he tosses shines high ill llm
|nir while tlm "hour" makes great of*
i fort, to hug them and bring   Hum
j to earth again.    Nor would anyouo
I hnt'e to   think    mice why the    do-
j nothing director ol some "wild-cat"
I company Is called a "guinea-pig."
|   A bachelor assembly is often known
us a "stag" party; but Hint a lumbering,       nntiqniili'd      Inur-wheeler
should be culled n "fly" seems an Insult tu aiiyune's common sense.
Alcohol is distilled by moans of u
"worm," while raw iron poured Into
a sund mould becomes a "pig."
Tho technical "tiger," tho small
boy who hangs on behind n dog-
cai't, mny be less alarming than lho
genulno nrtieici but lho "eul" which
.luck gels when he bus misbehaved
himself is u cruel und lilting crea-
Finally nnd perhaps oddest of nil
of these technical creatures is tho
"nuigple" on n target, which uppeu s
to have no connection tilth the impudent bird of thai namo,
Clean windows with a flannel dipped in paralBn, and polish with a
clean duster, il Imparts ll line pal*
ish, ond warns off flies.
Lemon coffee Is delirious. Rub ench
side ol a lump ol sugar on the rind
ol a lemon, and pour on the coffee <a
tho ordluary way.
Imitation Irostod glus, iB mado by
dissolving in a littlo hot tinier as
much Epson ,ult, a, it will absorb.
Paint the glass Willi the wnlci'
whilst it i, warm, si
4 i.
Mr. Hubert TiKl.i, landlord  of the
Cat and Cradle, Little Follow, wus
thought o' something o' the sort
myself," ho said, "but I don't reckon anything short of a death certificate ami apholygraph o' the tomb-
stone'd satisfy 'cr. You see, wo-
nien are a bit suspicious, and know-
in' this one gctlin' nn for twelve
months without sayin' anything
about 'ivvin' lost a wile, she might
fancy thnt I wasn't altogelher certain nliuut it."
"Well, Robert," suiihsl Mr. Barker, "Hint's a mailer what, ought
evidently in trouble. He stood ](„ be easy to get, over. While you're
looking out ul iho window ol the inventlii' a wilo you may Jest as well
bar-parlor, drumming his lingers on |pitch a tule uf a Boa-voyago for the
the wire blind und sighing furious- j benefit of 'er 'enlth, ond a ship what
ly. I Went down with all 'nuds and every
pussengcr, your Into lamented boln1
among 'em. There couldn't be 110
iii|iiii-ies for a tombstono and so on
Tiffin pulled away vigorously at
his pipe (or a minute or two, then
lm rose Irom his cliuir nnd shook his
friend solemnly by the bund. "I
thought ii anybody could find out
a way It'd bo you. Jim," he said.
"First Hiing to-morrotl I'll run up
and see 'ur."
And long alter eleven o'clock had
stiuck and the lights were turned
out In the bar, Tillln end his lollow-
conspirator snl making inioads into
the On! and Cradle's stuck ol cigai's
and concocting a plausible story of
a former Mrs. Tiflin, who went down
in the good ship Bustard off tho
Canaries, leaving a sorrowing   Iuib-
"Hnnrti what's amiss with
lately, Bub," come the remark Irom
u customer who, with n friend, wus
eiigiigi'il In n giiuio of dominoes,
"Time wns when yon used to lake
a lieni.l and moke yourself sociable,
hut since you begun lo hike un in
tcrest iu post-olllce work you've
been a leg Tar wot blanket."
"And time was," rejoined Mr.
Tiflin, "when people minded iheir
own business nnd kep' silly remarks
lo themselves."
The retort on the tongue-tip ol the
gentleman thus reprimanded wns Interrupted by the appoarance in Hie
doorway of a chubby-faced, honey-
looking man, who bode llie company
ii cherry good evening.
"Tillln about'.'" lie asked.
One nf tho domlno-plnycrs jerked |
his thumb in tho direction ol tlm bend to mourn her loss nud eventu-
landlord, who appeared to bo so | ally to seek consolation at the
engrossed with thoughts of weighty hands ol the one woman capable of
matters us to bo unconscious of Ihe giving it, in the person ol the post-
ihiibby man's anivnl. mistress of Lillle Follow.
"Why, Robert, old fellow.': said j Jtobort Tiflin appeared at, break-
tlie stranger, heartily, os he walked fast next, morning with a clean-
across the room ami slapped the shaven (ace, a while roue in his hut-
landliinl on Ihe buck, "ain't you ton-hole, nnd some sigiiB of nerv-
got   a   welcoine for   an old friend, ousness,
eh'.'" "I've been Ihinkin'," observed Mr.
"Blcsl if it ain't .'im Barker!" [Barker, as he helped himself to a
gasped Mr. Tiffin, turning round and second hum rasher, which his friend,
holding out his hand. "Boon think-'in face of the ordeal before him,
in' ,,' you this lust hour, Jim. found too much for his appetite—
'iingnl if I 'ndn't. I'd jest mode up I'm been Ihinkin', if you 'ad the
my mind to drop you a line and ask 'likeness ol any young girl by you,
you to inn down Ior n day or two." you might slip it. iu your pocket. As
"And since I've saved you the you said Inst nighl, women arc a
ppstngo, and it's n stiffish walk from trifle suspicious, and anything like
the station—" Mr. Barker observ- that'll 'dp you if she gets askin'
ed, glancing nt the shining beer- questions, Hut whatever you do,
engine pulls. Idon't hum   and ha nbout the ship-
"'ilon't mention it, Jim," inter- wreck. You've got it nil pat, ain't
rupled Tiflin, brightly; "some ns  it you?"
used to be, 1 s'pose?" |   "You drilled it into me Insl night
Mr. Barker nodded. "Don't 'old so," was Hie reply, "that I reckon
ihe gluss too far off ihe spoilt. Hob- 1 could tell the tain backwards. It's
erl " lie laughed, "Too much froth a good idea about Ibe likeness; you
don'l suit my complexion. And 'ow can't be too careful," and when the
are things goin''?" agitated Tillln was ready lo set out
Tillin's fnco clouded, "That's-for Ihe post-ulllce his friend noticed
flint I wonted to see you about, that a portrait of Hm wldow-
■ li:i.." lie replied;  "trade ain't    to |supplanted     Lizzie     was    missing
from it accustomed placo mi
the mantel-shelf, "Now I'm oil,
Jim." announced the landlord, hold-
In, out his hand,    "Wish me   luck,
the clncv. "A sight o' Ihe future
Mrs. T.'ll make the journey seem
all the shorter; but no tryin' to cut
me out, mind, Jim. 'Em's the fifty
pounds to mend Lizzie's broken 'eart
with, and if you can arrange things Bmoothin
for anything less I should like you
to buy a keepsake wilh what's left
over in memory o' thn lirst Mrs. Tiffin who wenl down in (he Hustnrd
off Ihu Cannrlos"! and the landlord
Willi a hearty laugh, pushed his
friend over Hie step wilh a final remark to Ihe effect that Mr. Barker
was nol to suppose the purchase of
u penny stomp entitled him to
Squeeze the hand of lho lady behind
Ihe counter.
Thoro was no need for the obliging
Barker to expend even a halfpenny
to obtain a sight, of his friend's
promised wife, for the lady In question happened to be Inking advantage of a slock ton minutes to sun
herself on Ihe doorstep.
"It's never you, James?" she
gasped, when Iho gentleman on his
way to Barslaple stopped In mute
Burprlso as he caught sighi of her.
"Ameliii!" exclaimed Mr. Barker,
recovering his speech. "Well, I never! Fancy me meelin' yon in Little
Follow alter 'untin' for you everywhere this last two years!"
"Hunting fur me, James! Why?"
"Can't you guesB why, Amelia?"
was 1he reply. "Weren't we    sweet
hearts from tho timo wo went to
school together till we 'ad a silly
quarrel about not.hin', and I married
in a lit o' temper, and yuu mado another man 'oppy? I started luokin'
for you when I found myself free
ngain und 'card you'd lost your
'ushand. Ihinkin' nnd 'opinin'—"
"You're too late, James," said
the lady, with the suspicion of a
"Don't tell me you've taken another 'usband, Amelia," pleaded Mr.
"No, James; not yel," the lady
replied, blushing becomingly,
"Why, you never mean to say that
you're the Lillle Pol low postmistress?" groaned her old sweetheart,
as the thought struck him that his
zeal on his friend's behalf had proved his own undoing.
"I'm sending In my resignation tonight," answered Ihe lady, "I've
prjinisod to gel married in two
months' time."
"But you'll change your mind,
Amelia," urged Mr. Barker. "Say
you've mado a mistake; say—"
No,   Joiiies,"   interrupted     the
postmistress,    "I won't deny    that
ly. He found tho landlord of the
Cat nnd Cradle eagerly awaiting bis
"Managed it Al, Hubert" he declared, "Wanted a little bit o'
down at first, ol course;
but the filly pounds did it. She'M
set your mind at rest 'ersul! in a
minute or so. Nothin' would salis-
fy 'er hut that sho must come buck
with me and 'ave a look at tho future Mrs. T. 'Must be a wonderful
woman iliat'd make Robert anxious
to get married,' Blie says, 'and I'm
goin' to treat myself to a sight o'
'ci.' So she's just culled in the
post-olliii! while I come si might on
to prepare you, liko.
"What!" shouted Tiffin. "Lizxin
here? And in the post-office, of ull
"Where's the 'arm, Robert?
Where's the 'arm?;' asked Mr. Ilur-
" 'Ann!" came the answer, wilh a
groan. "I ain't bhimin' you, Jim,
mind, but I reckon by Ibis lime the
fat's In the lire. It was Lizzie's
likoness I left down there this
morula'; it was Lizzie's fnco she wns
cryin' over. It was Lizzie who's
supposed lo 'a' gone down in tho
Bustard and left mo broken-'euried;
that's where Ihe 'arm comes in!"
Jim Barker's expression wus indicative ol profound sorrow. "If
Hull's the case, and the postmistress
4.++++++++++++).++++++++ nais,. or boiled Baled dressing, mask-
'appens to 'ave recognized 'ur," he
observed, "it siviiib to me, Robert,
that you'vo come across n 'urdle
what ynu can'l jump. You're cornered, anyway. If you own up that
you're u single man the widder'U
cry off, and if yon stick to the lost
wife tale there's Lizz.ie ond 'er likeness to upset it. It's Fate, Robert, depend upon It, ond who knoWB
but what il's best after ull, eh?"
"Fate!" began Tillln savagely,
A whistle Irom his friend interrupted him. Mr., Barker, looking
down tlio street, hud caught sight
of Lizzie and Ihe postmistress hurrying towards thu Cut and Cradle.
"It's all up!" he exclaimed, "Here
they como! I shall never forgive
myself, old man, never. It's my
blunderln ways what's led up to il.
I Bhall always kick myself to think
live robbed an old friend of a couple o' sweethearts, to suy nothing
o' the fifty pounds Lizzie got. I'm
off, Robert; I. daren't face 'em, and
Hint's the truth."
"IV—what am I lo do?" gasped
Tiflin. Don't leave ino in a 'ole,
Jim, there's a good fellow."
" 'Aug iti   i'u see you   through,
be grumbled at, nnd my 'ealth's all
right, but—"
" 'Old 'urd a minute, Robert, 'old
'aid," ond llm ohllbby mnn held  up
his hand "I guessed there was Imate."
si niethiii' wrong Ihe moment I saw j Mr. Bni'ker made a comical at-
you, and if you wns to ask me I tempt to invest his ruddy features
should s.iy you'd ,oin,, lo llie con- with a serious expression, "(loud
elusion thnt ii's time you was mar- luck, old chap," he said, grasping
rieil.   Ain't I right, now?" tho,outstretched   hand; "but   don't
The landlord    lifted up the pewter .your conscience smile ynu a bit  to
into 'go and stuff u poor widder   woman
"You up wilh tales u' thlngB what never
of 'append!  eh, Robert?"
if I'd seen you yesterday things [Hobort, "declared Mr. Barker, in a
mighi have been different; but, an il sudden access of bravery, "If you'll
is. I've given my word, and 1 must hn guided by me you'll slip into Hie
lioep it." back parlor thero and I'll send l.lz-
Tlm business Mr. Barker hud in U'o in lo you. Make it up wilh 'er,
hand was suddenly culled to mind. I Robert, uml save your money. I'll
"I'm ull lo Bnrstaplo now," he suid, [talk over llie widder if I 'avo to
looking at his watch, "but I shall |sacrifice myself to do It. It'll be a
bo buck ngain to-night. 1 ain't tak- tough Job, hut you won't be able to
In' your answer as final, Amelia. ,sny later on that your friend didn't
P'r'iips by to-morrow somethingTl! do wluil 'o could for you, 'Ere they
crop up m make ynu think differ- pl'ol Quick'"
bar-flap and Invited Mr. Barker
his unvote room at the back,
ain't    golo'    away    to-night,
course? ' he usked.
"And not to-morrow, if you
All's    fair
know," replied
love,  Jim,
rifl'm, gaily, as
put up with nm. Why, it must he [set off down the street of Little Pot-
ilnse on two years since I've seen Mow, leaving his friend nnd advisor
you, Wasn't I right about what j pulling away at the rod-waxed
wns ihe mailer. Robert?" imouthpiece of a church-warden pipe
Mr. Tillln sighed. "Never know on lho front steps ol the Cut nnd
such o fellow ns you, .Iim," he de- Cradle, prepared tn nliend lo the
limed.    "You've guessed right  lirst |wnnts of any    early morning euslo-
"So you've mado up your mind
to matry Lizzie after all?" smiled
his friend. "You'd look proper silly
if. after wuilin' nil this time, she
fnncied someone else, wouldn't you?"
'!'!],' landloiil plucked nervously   at
the fringe of bis while apron,    "It iinvited    Hie local  poslmnn nnd    a
don't  'nppon lo be Lizzie," he   ad-1 s(ranger, who Were being greatly on-
ntilteil. rather shamefacedly. kortablcd   by his   deputy   with    a
A whistle came from Mr. Barker, 'horsey story, to call Ior just whnt-
"When there's two 'onoysucklcs to (ever they fancied. "Mornln's like
one li,-.','; he remarked, "It's npi to this uHvoys give mc a lit o' goncros*
lead lo trouble.    I can well    under-1 ity '"he remarked, wilh a wink    ut
It was a very quid end thoughtful Mr. Barker who journeyed from
Little Potlow to Borstaplu. As he
sat iu a corner seat, filling ihe carriage With tobacco smoke, his loyalty to Robert Tillln nnd bis love for
his old BWeelheurt held a battle royul for mastery; and il was not until his destination was reached that
loyally finally went under, nnd a
scheme of compromise was evolved
as a slave lo a conscience which insisted on pricking, despite the frequent application of Mr. Tillin's own
dictum thnl "'All's fair in love."
"It's rough on Robert, I'll own,"
he told   himself,   "but 'e'll    admit
when it's over and done will! thnl 1
let. 'im down ns gentle as 1 could." I
And  whiii    Ihe return journey was
For one second (he landlord host-
taied. "It's your only chance; Robert," urged Mr. Barker, hurriedly.
"You enn'! pick and choose. In the
eyes of Ihe law widdei'B are the some
us goods, and it's, a stitllsb penalty
for tryin' to obtain 'em by false
pretences." Then, ns the click of the
latch was heard, Robert Tiflin dived
under (he countvrflnp, leaving his
self-socrilicing friend Biirler tn meet
the ludiea
Two months    later there was    a
[double wedding in Little Follow.
j   "Fancy Mr. and Mrs. Tifiin   going
who   should chaiiei! lo honor     "It's rough on Robert, I'll own,"  through     llie    ceremony    u   second
the house with a call. he told   himself,   "but 'e'll    admit itime," remarked Mrs. Anielin Barker
Exactly mi hour Inter Mr     Robert Iwhen it's over and done With Hint 1  to her husband.
Tillln, with   o broad smile on    his j let 'im down ns gentle ns 1 could."     ""lis a little bil  funny," replied
face, walked   lirtskiv up the street, And when    the return journey wns :Mr. Barker, wilh a smile, "hul Rob-
mul, humming   matches of   "Annlo ombnrked upon he wns accompanied ort nnd Lizzie both thought it'd bo
Laurie," stepped imo the bar    and i by  thn young lady  whoso portrait [butter,   You see, Lizzie ain't gut the
I had lhat morning been left   by his slightest recollection o' the first."-
friend 'Tillln in possession of the Lit-  London Til-Bits,
tie Potlow postmistress,
"Now,   be cnrelul,   Lizzie,"     en-
Joined her escort, when, ihe journey
over, thoy mine in sight of the post-
oflice.    "In you go, mul while you're
boln' served you must lake partic'lar j
rail' that tho lady be'lnd the  conn-!
tor gets a gnod view of your    fin-
If 1 ain't mistaken, she'll Btart ask
no end o' I'liunv questions,
mind's   got   in be a period """ "1"^  Hun subject,  which uro ultimo vou found 'reeling  considerable   nttenllon   from
seiciilillo source, its well ns from ineiii-
ll    ,r   II...   II....nl   I.....,!..       ll:.
be ',-lpin' me keep the Cut. and ready tlion she did thai tule, And from Hm wreck o' the lliislurd, oil
Cradle. We've never been leally en- what's mere, she's promised lo be'Ihe Canaries. You mustn't romcin-
guged, ns you mny say, und I reek* Mrs. Robed Tillln. You should 'aVolbor your mime even. She'll Iii you
on if   she'd  'ml    the pick between, |'eord me describe Ihal  Ihere    ship-
Chicken in Rico—Chop fine enough
left uviir poultry lo Iill a small cup,
cook a cup of rice, scusnn it wi'h
soil, und a generous spoonful uf butter. If you hove a little Block it is
better lo finish it off by simmering
gently iu it. Mold the ricu ill CU|Ib
nnd scoop out n little of Hie inside.
Mix tho chopped chicken wilh n lillle
cold gravy or il you bnven't this,
mnkii a sauce by browning a littlo
grated onion in two tablcspoonfuls ol
butter and thicken It with a tabic-
spnniiful nf flour. Add to Ibis stock,
milk oc strained tomato ns most convenient, or if thero Is a small quantity of the chicken gravy, add It to
the white suuee instead of the tomato, Mix only a lillle of the Bam:
wilh Ihe chicken, pile it lightly int.)
the rico cups, sprinkle bread crumbs,
over it, aad brown for n minute under llm broiler or in the oven. Serve
with Hie rest of the sauce dipped
nroiind thrin.
Hash in linked Polatoes.—A small
quantity of almost tiny kind of meat
is required for this dish. Choose half
n dozen round potatoes of equal size,
wash them perfectly clean, and bake.
Cut, each one in two, scoop out the
interior bout it until smooth ami
light, with salt, pepper, ono oun'.o
of butler, nnd the yolk of nn egg to
every three potatoes. Put u spoonful of the prepared potato Into each
half skin, then a Bpoontul ol the finely minced ond seasoned meat, and
pile up with the potato. Put in the.
ovun pile up until the tops are bruwn
and bake quickly.
Fish With Mayonnaise.—Tills is a
good way of employing an almost Infinitesimal quantity uf lish. First,
place in little china or paper ramekins a layer ol broken lettuce, lightly dressed with oil, vinegar, pepper,
and salt. Next add u layer of niirc-
ed cold boiled potato, nlso marinated
wilh oil and vinegar. On this place
a littlo heap nf link,*.! salmon, whilj-
lish, trout, lobster, or crab. Put a
tenspoonful of mayonnalso on top,
and garnish with a Bluffed olive.
Pens in Carrot Cups.—Scrape  cur
ing Ihe top nicely. Garnish the
dish with sprays of carrots' own
graceful und pretty leaves, wilh here'HOW
nnd Ihere a small red pepper, or line
the bowl wilh lettuce leaves ns for
other salads.
A Fine is Imposed if a Man Does
Not Vote, and Some Com,
Long Distance,.
It's nice lo know about them even
if one cannot afford to own many of in some ports of Switzerland tho
tho wonderful new kitehon inventions, people vote nil together aad at
'They are coming our way and they onM |,v showing their hands, says
are making everybody happy. ThoiO tho Churchman. The Undesgemeinile
is tlm hollow-glass rolling pin filled [is the name given to the system of
with ico for pastry, Thoro Is a high votlng practised in several cantons
metal rnck which holds six pies, one in „„. (;,.„„„„ ,,„, „f Switzerland,
above the other, ul
several inches apart,
(adorable spaco in the
account of   a  stout
a distance ot
'this Bnves c.m-
pantry, mid on
lin mile al    the
and election day Is the lost Sunday
in April, This form ol voting is lho
oldest in Switzerland.
t,,|,, in.,! In- ,-i,-.,l\ „.,,-,,,I ir,,-,, |,|,i, I Mure than 10,000 people may be
l„ placo, gathered,  in  Ihe  big  market  place.
There nre labia and pastry shelves Some ol Ihe men have come twenty
covered with plato glass or marble, or thirty miles to vote; for every
Prying puns of aluminum lake tho man of voting age is lined if he
placo of iron. The saucepans ore in!does not report at the voting place,
blue mid while onamol, and the dish* Every voter carries a aword, olicn
pan ond sink ore of tbe same waro, of antique ami beautiful pattern,
dark blue preferably. 'Ibis sword serv.-s merely as a badge
Almost as attractive are the var- to Indicate that the bearer is a
lous carthon dlBhos now so much used peaceful voter, ami it is usually
in cooking tboso altractlvo lillle bak- tarried in ihe hand, strapped up
ers and casseroles nnd ramekins of with an umbrella. Tbe yellow plat-
chocolate-brown, creamy white in-' form on which the candidates stand
Bide. 'Hie Jars fur sugnr and salt j8 n|H0 decorated with two hugu
como In blue  and   while porcelain. | Bwords.
with the names painted und burnt un !
their surface. |
Among tile newest things for kiteh-
Defore     Hie     voting    begins, and
while lite voters are assvmbling, an
.escort    of halberdiers parades three
".!.Us.,!.a!'''?"^™hlt'h,,"'ll.'il.n,.l0,n!^tinll'8   around    the market    soAiaro
lelt want, is the sieve nr colander
which stands by itself. Never dots'
ono so fully realize the limitations
of two hnnds until one tries tn pour |
out hot jelly or soup frum a big ket-!
Ho into a wobbly sieve or hag. |
'llio latest is a sectional frying pan |happen
and Hie band plays.    These halwr-
diers aud    ihe    sherii.'B wear particolored    costumes in the colors    uf
their cantons, anil when, as in   Ihe
case of Geneva, the cantonal   colors
to be scarlet and yellow, the
divided through Ih- middle so   that'"*"1' }> TCr-v ff«.v. hut in Appeiizoll
one   mav Cook   two   things at    ihe: the colors are black and white,   and
snmo time nver one griddle.  Divided therefore not so striking,
ice cream freezers make two flavors THE CEREMONY
I ol cream.    There are strotvlmrrv hul-1
| lors, pineapple eye snips, raisin BCed- -" the particular election under Conors, individual planks Ior fish, which slderation began with a solemn
are small enough to be served on anarch of the dtgnltnrles from the
dinner plate, churns for whipping house where they had been waiting
cream and machines lor kneading to the platform. Then followed the
bread und stirring cake. Some ot;singing of ihe Appenzoll hymns and
(hose things nre Inexpensive. It is the long address by ihe Landman*!,
interesting to rend aboul  them any-1 during which every man removed his
hat. After Hie address there was a
silent prayer ol hall a minute, and
then ihe vol ing began. The men lo
be voted for happened to be oflio-rs
who already served and who    were
To sterilize   milk,   place it  in    a
botIlo and close tho neck with a plug | ^j (or   re-election.     The   name ol
rots, slicing on tbe bottom so   I
i lore
hey or cotton-wool,    I'm the bottle in. a cacj, candidate was called out    by
'  '"" " herill ill a voice that was    al
most, if not quite, u roar.       Ti,-'n
lime ilm    ipieslion,  "Will vou    ro-
will    Btand up, and   cut off to the! '<* S° saucepan, A I .the latter   wHn|t!ll,
height of  snu.ll   cups,     Cook bothUold water, and bring ,t to    o in,
tops und ends until tender and chop! I"1""-    s"' " »slu« "* ''"ol slowl'V'
tho  smaller  pieces or cut them    in
A very   good  way to prevent the   |,in,
irons   from    sticking   to   starched!
dice. Add cream to canned peas from "71S '.""' "•"•'"••is ."' B, ,"„ "No ouo moved, but at the qucs-
Which you have washed off the juice, I (hl"t'« '«, "> «*- un a piece of   bees- L,        ..„,„ „,„,.,„„ hjm?„    „
or to a "left, over" of peas, and w«x '•> l,tt""".' and 'ub "",,"",' T'lsen of hands wenl up on the instant-
thicken it. Add the chopped carrots' '"r'*"-" "slnB >1-. ™3 l'l",h'"i "';."!nnd so it was in even- case. .Such
nnd   servo   them   in tho stem on08|B1VM ll ,w'» mo° <-loss l" ""' ,v     ;absolu(c   unanimity   was reln-shing
which you have hollowed out. ™' ,, .   ]
Lamb  in   Coqtillles.-These    littlo   ,To lost     ,c   l'"n J ')   H penlm .
shells mny be served hot or cold, and ^1^,1" o^ Ze o tool" V" thcir ""»' »»<1 k'*w wh'" "'">
an, delicious    in   combination   with, *"£ 1»W> and expo    to tlu.   u ^^ ^
cold lamb.   Chop the meat line   and!N» «ttC» «-,»0 .J'!1, 1,,,,','L ,,'i ,,,. each man, but one ol ihe judges hod
ito sec.
Apparently there wa*
into parties.    'Hie    people
[No trace will bo  left if   iho turpen-
'■'■ >  M '  -"""" »"« ^onm'loreSi'lu," fb:lpaper°"wm|uM In October and his place    was
In, greasy. I10 *"' "Bed; so alter the others had
sink.been confirmed the I.omlmann called
with some nspic jelly or a cup
gelatin which you have molded, wiih
some well seasoned stock.   Linn   the
shells with cucumber pickle chopped
line, put In the meat and jelly,
sprinkle with chopped mint and
tenspoonful 01 muyortntiise.
sliiiid you not feeling partic'lar comfortable,  Robert; but,  'ang it   all,
11 ain't 'nidly fair to ihe girl, is It,
"I don'l think l.lzzle'd fret much,"
his friends,
"Well?" Inquired lhat worthy,
when the Iwo customers, having
availed themselves ol tho landlord's
n\ ilul ion, hud departed.
"night   ns    ruin,  Jim," answered
ihal   is   the   Opinion   ol   Kir   Oliver
Sir Oliver Lodge,   Ihe famous scientist, is the Inlesi to attempt a reconcile-
-itliin between science mul religion. lie is
I,,,! i delivering n series ol loe.lures in  l.on-
I'cplled Mr. Tiffin.    "My idea In ihnl !   "Right   ns    rnln, Jim," answered your   mind's   got
,lie's jest as 'iippy keopln' 'ouso lor Mr.    Tiffin,      "A     'angry    porch blank up   to   tho
'cr undo nt Barslaplo as she would",, Idn'l V swallowed u worm more!yourself thu one and only survivor I. ,.,,,,,     , ,     ,     ,,
me  keep   tho Cut and: ,-endy than she did ihal talc,    Audi from lho wreck ,,' ihe Bustard,    oil' '." '      '. ''}?',""^ ;,' , |s, "J"1,',8
'to never been leally nn*Ll,o,'. ,.„. >.  ..„,. Ill,,,  IW-,,-i„s      Vnn  mn.ln'l   ,-,.„,,.„,- \ I!1'*1 .V1'".'! """ . Is " B^°"8..POl'SOnttl*
s Hm other party
wnniun,   ynu si-c
say. fifty   pounds
for Hu- cash quick
Worried about, ll',
She's   a    w idder
Mr, Barker shook his head, "Fun
ny cillle, widilers," ho observed.
"You  Wouldn't   cull   'er  fiinnv     If
iu 'niiily?"
nnd ino she'd go hvreck, Jim, you   should, really.
It nln't 'er l'mireckoii you'd a-bocn Jolly proud
your pupil,"
"Portrait come
Mr. Barker.
"Ij'lt  'er cryin'
was Hint touched
l,'-nighl     She's u leg lm- stunner. I ifm
. l.i
ily it will   persist ciiiillniittlly,   nller
, , , v.Ind is I'lilled ilenlli mny rejoin llie litfi,.
up with one .hut 11 surprise yon, you ',,,. ,,.,.^.,riIlluy „, wl|teh „ ,,„.„„„ ,„/'
s,,' il she dnni.    You 11 be    savin   lif„ ln U|(, DX|s|onMi
Robert   Ally   pounds   il everything .   „| Hilnlc," Bold Sir Oliver, Indlcnllng
goes right,   but  mum's ihe   w.iru ills l)uuy. "Hint litis a Wt ol Ilorhoro
when you see 'im, mind you." for sevcnly year, or perhaps less, ond
|  The poatmlBlros wns engaged   la h,i-m Ihnl will i-cjnln lis larger self,   I
i,-i- II, .Iim,   she !making up Ihe dny's .•lceoiinls when shall Ihen Hud I hiite it lurge memory
Yuu shall boo 'ar 11 he young lady walked in uml usk,ii \m „ iHrgor personam) nllogcllioi',    I
Cream ol 001017 soup.
Roast veal. Baked egg-plant,
Potato croquettes. Stuffed peppers.
Wafers;     Cheese.
Apple dumplings. Hard sauce.
Roost Veal—The best part for
roasting is lho tenderloin or kidney
part. Liko all while meats, veal
needs to be thoroughly cooked, and
Bhould never be served rare. Sprlnk'o
Easily and quickly n kitchen
ny bo cleaned thus;—Pour two or for nominations from the crowd
j threo lablespoonfuls of paraffin Into Every man has the right to noroin-
sink, then with 11 small cloth dipped\ate any one he pleases, who is a
into it rub briskly round the sides citizen and resident ot the canton.
and bottom. Rinse down, and nil,So from out the crowd nn„ heard
grease and  dirt will  have gone.      J names culled.
A cheap sale for meat and other 1 N„w nnd then a would-be wit
perishables can bo made from a would propose a name lhat raised 11
wooden hox, obtainable for n tow )aug)j-tj)Ut in the main the nominat-
cents from a grocer. Nail a plow[|ng was serious enough. When
of perforated zinc over one side of som0 hal[ ,|0/4,„ Bma had Leea
box after taking away tha wood, and dioson thoy were read aloud and
fix ft Binnll door will) leather for proposed for Vote uiie by one. At
binges. each name ihere ran,,- a sprinkling of
To ensure health for children   give n.|n,N 0vcr thn crowd till the   name
them plenty of milk, plenty of flan- al.,.ira|    ,h„.  „,„ raajority ol    lho
ne], plenty of air, and let them hiive
plenty of sleep, und I hey will seldom
if ever, nil anything,    That is, milk |
tho veal to be roasted with salt and \x n,0 |,ost diet, they must he warm
pepper    and  spread (he top thinly hy clothed,   must bo much   nut    oil
with   butler.   Cook   slowly.     Threo door, mid must be allowed to sh-ep-
Pounds nl vinl will require about ono 0n until limy ntvukeii nf their    nc
hour io cook.    Servo with the gravy cord. i
iu n souce dish. Gravy left over, q,,, mak0 nn oil dove burn well
when cold, makes a Jelly, which can| thorougl.v deau nnd refill every
be served Ihe nexl day with Ihe cold I tlino alter using. If yuu allow , i!'
menl. nmi ,|ji-t   t„  accumulate in it it Isl
Baked Egg Plant.—Baked egg plant sm,0  to   smell   unpleasantly    when
should he dropped Into boiling snli-J lighted.    Don't cut Ihe wick, but rub,
id wuler mid boiled nnlil it leds ton-Lp; tho charred parts wiih a nig or reputing
dor on   proBfiwc—ubout  twenty-live! „;,,,.„ „|   na1)cj-.    Always mm    (he
t-otvd h.ul evidently fixed upon, and
linn tamo Ihe same unmistakable
upraising ol hnnds in such numbers
Unit Uu-re was absolutely no doubt
ns lo who was elected, and bis election was declared at one- ,-y the
After all   ihe officers were ol - led
he ..anilinaiin look the call, of uf.
lice, and then tlm whole croud, raining their right hands, look
"harp W|ek down   im
leaving |i(,.|„ jt „gttin,
Chop '
il well, j
ore  going    ti
minutes,   Halve it   with
knife, scoop out each conic
Ihe sides about nn inch thick.
the portion ttiketi oul, season
uud mix wilh il, an equal qii.iulily L-—-   a,,steatiAN ANIMAL
of Alio stain crumbs or part crumbs WJUSB  AiibiKAi-iAN animal.
nnd Mune chopped cold bncoa. Ilollll „   .       _       ~    ,,.,
lho halves, dot Iho top ol each   wiih! Natives Huvo Superstitious   Fear
blls of butter, mul brown in 11 quick] of the Platypus.
tid ihe formula in con-
"rt, as it was rend from lho platform. If any of lho officers wish
[to re.ign, the resign.11 ions must bo
Voted on: and Ihen the question Is,
"Will you accept thesv roelgua-
tlona?" If the vote is in tlw nega-
'tivo officer, must continue to a rve,
whether they wish 10 or not, .is
this service, though very slightly
pnid, 1* as obligatory e.r, is tl.,- *...»-
shillings-worth    ot  hnlipeuir.
you wns lo see    'er," declared    tho'don't  licllolo  there's a   'iipplcr mail 1 Stamps,       Dim     glance      nl      Hie
landlord,      waxing      enthusiastic. In all ihe country ihim me." [stranger's features wus sufficient   in
"Sim's nil what n woman ought inl Jim Darker held up a linger warn* bring a look of amazement lo hor
he, only she's got llm i.i. ti into 'er, ingiy. ''fjpcUkln' for myself," he de- own luce, nnd to cause her ',,, eliilh
'end thai wldders ain't got any dared, "I always wait till I'm car- al Hn- countor for support,
right t" marry bachelors, and It's|tain I've finished 11 Job boforo I feel] "A shlllingstvor— nli! Excuso
(hul tyllht keeps me from iiskin' 'cr properly 'appy, You're only 'alf-Jnie," she gasped, 'but your face!
lo cluinge 'cr inline lo Tillln. If I wny through yet, 'Ow are you goin' j Il's very rude of me, I know, but
'oppelied 10 lm a widower, same nsjini about Lizzie'.'" you   didn't   have a  slsler   by Hie
yourself,  I'd go straight up to 'erl   "Well,    Jim," replied   Hie   land- na I 'ISffln-Mrs. Iloherl Tiffin—
oise lo-niglii.    und il'd be twenty 1 lord, "you've 'olpod um so far, audi din you''"
pounds to 11 bud ha'penny she'd Bay 11 wns Ihinkin' p'r'aps ynu Wouldn't    Lizzie shook her head, mil    In   n
mind niniiln' over to Bnretable and Btylo thai (Ild ercdll lo uiipll and
gctlin' 'er to give me my discharge, master alike repeated Hu-story wiih
un you mighl Bay, I'm Willi,,' to Which Mr Barker had mado her 1,-t-
pity any I lllii|i up to llfty pounds lor tor-porfeel during Hi,- ride from
il, nnd.  ns  I    lold yuu before,    il 1 llarstupky.
[don'l    Blrlke   me there'll lie    much     "My door,   il's providential,    mul
try    in 'iliilli'iiliy    Whal (lo yon say'.'    you,nothing shod ol It"  exclaimed   tho
'yes,' bul ns il. is I nln't got 'nil a
chance unless yen am 'dp nu- in
work It  soioe'iiw,"
"Wiint Inn lo go nml see
Iry io convince the lndy
Idea's wrong, el,?"
"You might ,ie:,l n'l well
iini, 11 hfllllcsblp wiih 11 pea-shunter, Jim," replied Tiflin, mournfully.
"Tnlk (n 'n- about anything due
uml she's open to argument, Iml
she's look iqi Ihls 'ere mni'i'lllgo
question an a kind oi pel  'ohliy, uiul
elm ain't to Iiii shook off It."
"If Hull's Hie enso, ih,, only thing
I enn tlllnll of Is lit dig up 11 wife,"
mu need Mr Barker,   "Sinn li.-in'
loti'iilenlliil like, nml Inlk Willi 11
tremble In your voice aboul  in early
1 Tinge  end   n   beieuveineiit,   ulinl
iiiis, I yon fo Ihnl you 'nvon'i 'ml
the 'end In menl loll II In fore, 'mv
would Uiul du?"
I could cali'li lho twelve o'doak train
and g"i lm, 1  ', ro lo-nlghl easy,    1
;a"o 1
l-.IIUW    II
get  n wink
■p till    I
101, uml Hint's tbe fuel,
ninl, I ni|,|„'" I i„,
' You'll 'lite pleiily ll'  I
'IV landlord ifo-m-ed lo Sn iium, ,|p (J10 iiosl-olil n yoi
«ihu|   doiibllul on   ,ht pnliil,,    "|'« u„, »li„li,i,," mid TUlin,
Use   I,I
I hero's
sliol or
'appy 1
Inn you
,11 ate
I   ,110
Mr.    I
bout    innkin
laughed    Mr.   Darker,    "II
1111} belli   ion    eppi'll  III  tli-.nl
pTsillll'd  I  si,ml 1,1,1}   lie loo
oblige,    If 'Iwns   anyone,
II ,1.  I should id, n't Hie
postmistress when
ended.   "Why, do you know,   your
husband   I, living   within two hundred   yards   ,,f   ihls   very   house,
"Husband!"   oil ,1
p, I'pleV- i   1 1)1  e
"Husband, dear,"
fliislenil lllthi i\,'lorn
er ut
11 Bpccillnllng nf course, bill I
[Bpeeiiliillng wiih some ruiison Ior ninl,
Ing Ihoso iwsoi'llons, though II would
lloke loo hug lo evpiniii whni my
ground, nre,"
Sir Oliver wus Diked whether in his
Ioplnlun inim existed only on this
'I'lulli. nml wholher llie sun nnd llio
slurs nnil nil the universe exisl fur lln
I'lUelll nf litis glulie, us wns ni'giieil liy
llr, Wallace,
I Sir Oliver replied Ihnl Dr. Wnlliieo
j liked In hold 11 minority view, nud in
[Ihls respect lie eei'lninly did hold the
ilnlnoi'lly view, Wherever scientist,
probed ni" ihis plunol ihoy found life,
"So I oxpeel," lie continued, "Ihal if we
pi-ope iuin oilier porta of Ihe universe
-we sludl nlso Iinil life of ,01110 kind.   II
1 depends on whnl  you mean, by mnn,
We mighi iml  liiul beings wilh noses
smiled Peppers.—II uny cold meat
I'i'iiiiiiii-. Irom Suliirdiiy chop nnd use
il, well seasoned mul mellowed wilh
moiled dripping or buiier, ns 11 stuffing for Ihe peppers fur dinner; otherwise colli hominy or rice or stale
I,rend finely 1-1 iiltilili.il muy be used.
Chopped parsley, onion, curry, nr
ulher meanings mny lie added al
pleasure, and cadi 1,11.. 1 popper
loppod wilh 11 half leiispnoiiliil
bullet'. When llie oven is hot it 's
well lo pour a lillle stuck In the
linking pun, but do nol have il over
hull nu inch In depth.
mg ihe only alternative lot- the uu*
happy candidate being tu leave lho
In   He-   vol |ng,   when   Iheie   ... 1   *
a   dO'llil   lis   lo   lho   Vole,   Hi"  vole 1
me marched In front of lho platform In funis ond coin,!,-;
After   the   vole   lor officer,, Ihe
question   , f changing   il„  lilu-
g, I"itin l.v-
0. tl
  In Inuli
r ttuy     10
Ibuming ul
Mr   Barker
,101 kill ii),   I he
narration wan. land Ave lingers 011 Iheir howls liko our-
solves, 11 Is linpi'ohnhlo Uml in the universe we nrfl Hie highest Ihal exlsl.iuid
ll is iinrefure probnblo Uml olhers exist somewhere,
lie ruiitiniieil llinl worlds liiiejit be
unoccupied for long periods like our
own globe, Besides mistakes mighl
nrise in oilier ways, Astronomers -In
Mnrs looking nl our eiirlh would probably sny it tvns Ion wet In be inhabited;
II wns nearly nil wider.
"Hid ion ever Icy lo ride llie hi -icle,
Cant,  lliiriuielosj"
"Hu lui think,'1 limited Ihe old sail-
11 ihe mount Inn hnd'or. "ihnl 1 would Im found aboard a
sired chuckling hug,- crall Ihnl hud ils ruddor iu fTonii"
lliu   thought of her   narrow
"nnd if you'll mil jusi two
, I'll slq, ,,n my I10t.net and
on lo bin, III,)} fmi,}, the
pool iiiiiii lias been looking on lilni-
sell 11*  11   « ni, 11,1   ll.i-    lost    > hr-*.-
Cni'i'iils nre a greal skin lienutilier
anil should he served frequently.
linked Carrots,—Cut young carrots
in dice; place 111 11 linking dish, sprln-|h|,un:
kiing each layer wilh a little salt
and pepper and pulling here nnd
Ihere bits of butter, Cover the whole
With milk. Set the dish Into u pun]
containing hot wator nnd bake till
tender. When Ihoy havo become soft
cover ihe tup with bread crumbs and
blls of butler and brown It,
Carrots In Cream.—Scrape the cur-
rots; cut Into Bllces or Btrlps; pul
into n Banco pail with plenty of water und a spoonful of suit. Boll
slowly. When lender drain; add 0
loblespoonful of butter, Into which
0 little flour has been rubbed, peppor
nnd Bolt, If neeessnr.V; Insl of ull Ihe
ci'i'oin. Let ii boll JiibI long enough
In cook the flour, Serve hoi, Tin'
bllller and flour muy be (millled, hut
they will be needed If milk is    usnl
Instead nl cream,
Carrol Hala.il,—Slice cold bulled
One ui (ho oddest ol the many
queer and unique creatures thnl Inhabit the nnilpodcan wild, is an animal about tho shape and sue ,,1 n,*
American raccoon, lie is nol a ci,r-
Insiiy bocnuso ho reicmbles tho ,-o,,n
mul lives in Australia, where nil nature Is topsy-turvy, bul because ol a
I'i'iiiiii'kulili hul,it tho lemnlo of thi"
species bus of In} ing eggs uiul hatch. Hon
,j I Ing I hem after iho manner ol bird,
is!Tliis   queer egg-lnying   niiiinnl,    th
ii.I "iil.v creature of tho kind on  earth,land unanimously voted d
as far ns   lho   zoologists know,   is reason why the people or
culled Ihe platypus,   ll  Inhabits th -
deep forests ol Ihe river bottoms   ol
both   Aust alia   nnd New Zealand,
and, it   Is   said,    bus   ninny of tho
charoclcrlsUcs which distinguish tho
beuver tribe,  Tho platypus is nol  a
common  animal
salt] Bcarcer becaiii
1h.1t lho governim 11 utighl It
carried on in a more modern losli-
Ion, was 1,,ought  up, and i [illy
lied with their present lorm ol ,-1
ernment is thai, while thev hud expended largo Minis in public    work
with,ml raising   th, taxes lu    any
way, ihe public debt of tho canton
(here an' places in Switzerland ihnl
even in ils iiatlvt can b-'iisi belter lhnn ihis. In Stein
is   yearly becoming „,„ ki-,. in u,,. people nol only havo
of the wm- which lho ,,„   taxes   to pay, but on Ihe cor.-
nntivcs tvnge ngninsi it on account ,,.„n.  cac|, c|tjfc„ ITO,ives nn annuel  Us   peculiar   egg hiving  habits.
Thoy hove a Bupcrstllloirs dread of
Um harmless Utile animal because its
habits deviate sn widely from those,
generally noted In fur-covered, four
fooled creatures, (heir hatred nf Iti
being so groat Hint no band, whether composed ol half a dozen or one
hundred families, will seiiie in the
vicinity ul a lake or stream until j
the young men "benl llie bush" nnd|
kill every platypus Unit con In
ul dividend from ihe communal pro
perly.    Naturally citizenship in this
placo is bard to acquire.
The whole business of (he annual
vote was Bellied io nboul nn hour,
nnd alter a f,-w final words from the
Lmidinani! the people scattered to
,-eok refreshment,
illcllor "I say. doctor, whi arc you
alwoy, 1 mining us lawyer, dovw!"
Um-ior (dryly) "Well, your prdewlon
doesn't make ongels nl men. doo, 117"
solicit r "villi 1 wink)- "Whi no!
V11 eeilalnly Iniu 'he tdtnninje ol
u« Ihere. doctor.*1
Him   Inl Ihe  bull)       Whal r,
complexion MIm I'oni liley bus.
Hot    Vis,     Tlinl's 1,111   Ihinij in    herI
hnnr.   She always buy. the be:,!   re-    Mail parlor ornament, in- priVnbly
und mix  them with luuyoii- gai'dll',1 ot cuttl io caiiid bOClVUt lln.i ar, ujL THE MAII.HERALD, REVEISTOKE, B.C
Hargaitu! Hargainrl
Jlftcr J~tecK.-TaKfng.
Remnants and Muds ottering less than Cost.
This is Our House-Cleaning Time.
All-Wool Tweed, Rog. $4, 94.60, Now 81.75.
Not a Suit in tlio Iol thai did nol cosl moro Iii
turn out.  Si/.es 21 to 80,
al $1.60.
list wholesale prices,
il just. Imlf price—$8.00—
All Woo! Skirls
Now $1.60.
SEE OUR BARCAIN TABLE- Your money will gu
further at litis Store just now than ever
tKlleid (& Young.
For Stock-Taking Sale
We arc selling for a few days Hooks, Perfumes,
Photo Frames, Vases and a thousand other things
j The Canada Drug & Book Co.'y,
Local and General.
Hear Stanley Adams at the Opera
House tonight.
Seeding operations nre In lull blast
in Southern Alberta,
A treat lor music lovers at the
Opera House tonight.
Don't fail to hear Madame Langley
at the Opera House tonight.
Tlie management uf the rink intend
holding a carnival at un early date.
Major Rowling, of Vancouver, will
conduct a special meeting in the S. A.
Hall, Monday night.   All are invited.
Tlie Basket Sociable of the Ladies
Aid oi St. Andrew's will he held in tlie
Selkirk Hall dfi Monday evening the
19th inet.
The Amateur Dramatic Club are
arranging to give another production
of that fine old Irish drama tbe "Colleen Bawn," about the end of this
All ladies interested in Y. M. C. A,
work are cordially invited to attend a
meeting to be held in the City Hall
on Friday evening, Feb. 9th at 8 p. in,
Object to organise a Y. M. C. A. Guild
Sibbald 4 Field, C.P.R. land agents,
have recited authority from the C.l'.K,
land department to place four more
block, of lot, ut Arrowhead on tbe
market, the survey, and plans having
been completed.
Cecil Ward, repreienting British
capitalists, formerly ol Kamloops, and
well known in the Kootenays, ha,
bought half a million acies ol land
between Edmonton and Battleford (or
Colonization purposes,
J B. Clements, a waiter on the Ill-
fated Valencia and who lo«t bis lift
with so many others in the and dis-
otter that overtook that vessel, wns a
brother of J. 11. Clement,' druggist
of-Kiis city.—Kamloops Sentinel.
A special meeting will be conducted
in the Salvation Army barracks. I,y
Otpt, Davey ol 0»lgary, on Tuesday,
Feb. 6th, On Wednesday, the 7th,
the dipt, will conduct a lantern ser-
vie, entitled "From Workhouse to
Mansion,"  Allan- welcomi.
The bowling alley ami billiard table,
lor the Y, M C. A. bate arrived Tin-
bowling alley la the Until built, it
weights 11,000 lbs, and is 70 ft, long.
When laid there will not ha a drier
alley on the American continent. At
offer of a high monthly rent,
already been made for the  lease
Social and Personal
Business Locals.
Patronize homo industry— smoke
Kevelstoke Cigars.
Be sure and go to hear Stanley Adams
at the Opera House, Sunday afternoon
at 3.30 o'olook.
Please, every smoker—the "Marca
Don't miss the Sacred Concert in the
Opera House tomorrow, Sunday, 3.30
p. m.
BROWN SAYS:-You want to
enioke in this world, not in the next.
Now i, the time for rubber boots, a
full line of Misses and ladies at C, B.
Hume & Co.
E. A. Hiiggen, of the Maii,-Hi:uai,i>,
is at Golden on u business trip.
Chits. F. Lindmark lelt Inst night
on a business trip to Victoria.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hector, formerly
of Nakusp, aro now resident of Vancouver.
T. H. Dunne is at Nakusp this wiok
painting scenery for the Nakusp
Dramatio Club.
Jack Ennest, formerly ol Camborne,
is in charge of one ol Ihe rich mines
of Cobalt, Out.
F. H. Corson, C. P. R. engineer of
Rogers Pass, is in tlie city this week
on a visit to hi, family.
J. V. Perks loaves tonight for
Seattle and Portland mid Irom there
will go direct to Now York en route to
England. Mr. Perks will return about
the 18th of May.
The K. M. R. dunce next Wednesday
will be one of the beet yet. lie there.
Don't forget the time, place and subject. Time, 9 p. m. sharp, place.
Drill Hull, subject, dancing, with lull
bund accompaniment,
Han Alton, formerly of the C. P. K.
B. and B. department, is at present
over in Australia in the interests ol a
Vancouver wooden water pipe eon
cern. He expects to be buck in I aiiailn
in February or March.—Calgary Herald.
Samuel liluniberger, B. A.. M.D.
was a passenger from the east, on
Thursday and the guest ol Rev. J. H,
and Mrs. Robinson. Mr. Blutuberger
goes to Arrowhead to take charge of
the Presbyterian congregation there
succeeding Rev. Mr. Simpson, who returned to Alberta.
lin Saturday afternoon Mrs. A. V.
Anders,,n gave a must enjoyable " at
home" nt her residence on McKenzie
Ave. There was a large attendance,
The feature ,,f the afternoon wa, the
Iterary contest, and the prizes wev
won as follows: 1st, Mrs. B. K. Atknu;
•ind, Mrs. .1. M. Scott; 3rd, Mrs. A. E.
The lirst wedding In Knox church
was solemnized on Wednesday at 12.801
a.in. The Ret. KoberLou officiating.
The contracting parties being Mr.
Teetzel of Nelson, and Miss Grace   K
Love oi Vancouver, formerly ill St,
Thomas.  Ontario.    The   Bride  wn,
has'supported by Mia, K, Mansoti ol Bevel
( It | stoke, while Dr. Smith, alio of Revel-
CIGAItS you like to smoke at
prices that don't bum, at BROWN'S.
Men's boot, $2.20, Misses boots
$1.30, childrcns boots IIOc See these
bargains at C. B. Humei Co.', Ltd.
Be sure and hear Madame Langley',
wonderful violin playing at the Sacred
Concort In the Opera House, Sunday
afternoon at 3.30. p.m.
Don't scold competitors because
they are getting lot, of business.
Study to improve your advertising
and your methods and thereby divert
more business tu your own direction,
and above all see to your advertising
in tbe Maii.-Hkkaui.
A grand sacred concert will I* given
in tbe Opera Home tomorrow, Sunday
afternoon, bj Madame Langley, Miss
Meggy and 'Mr. Stanley Adam*. It
will he a treat to all music lovers in
Revelstoke nud no doubt the In,use
will be crowded to the duirs. A
popular sacred copcert to suit
but the committee ol the association
will   retain   it,  control   within   the
"There is so much bad In the best ol us
Aud su much good in the worst of us,
That it scarcely behooves tbe most olus
To talk about the rest ol us."
Red Cross Druf
,l,,ke, performed the duties SB groomsman, The happy couple were tbe
recipient! of many liandionie presents
including a beautiful bible |irnsenti:d
by Itev. Robertson on behalf of the.
Knox ohuroh, as a token ol the lirst
marriage ceremony performed in thnt
edifice. Mr. nnd Mrs, Teetzel left on
Thursday morning's train Iur Nelson
where they will in the future reside.
Let your friend, in other parts nee
something of your district by sending
them " Picturesque Itevelstoko."
Price |1.
The basketball watch played at the
Armory Thursday night between the
Militia team and City was a i •• ily
contested game resulting in a victory
for tbe city by a wore „l 2'I to 18.
The line up was as follow- City—C.
P. Latham. T. Button, W. A.Smythe,
C. Kerloot, Q Knight. Militia—Dr,
Morrison, F. Cameron, J.Mullhollaiid,
A. Fisher, D. A, McDonald.
Preparations are lieing made for the
nexl mutch to I* played in tbe Opera
House, n v;i,,d game Is guaranteed,
There will be u dunce at the oonclution
of this popular indoor ^anie. Further
particular, will be given in a later
fudgt Form rendered an Important
decision Wednesday, The C. P. It,
lias been In the habit ol ret,iii,iiig
$6 .no on each garnishee summons In
the ease uf Kane v. ('addon  the $6,00
was held out of the defendant by the
garnishees.      The  defendant    was
successful in the suit and .1. M.  Scott.
acting on behalf of the defendant,
applied for an order (er tbe refund ol
the $6.00 so held out, The judge
ordered $8.60  thereof to be  refunded
by the garnishee, to the defendant
and tbe other $1,60 tu lie paid by tho
plaintiff to the defendant.
,     • *» •      ■
Messrs. Herrichs and Pace are about
to open tboir workshop in   Kevelstoke
for the manufacture of exhaust plant*
tor sawmills. They have now nine
contracts to carry through this 10*101
anil have atut east for workmen.
A Publicity Campaign Started
by Tourist Association.
A meeting of the Tourist Association was hold in tlie city hall on Wednesday evening to consider tlie best
iiieiina of advertising this city and
district. There wero present: T.
Kilpatrick in the chair, uud Meas.s.
H.Floyd,A. MoRae, M, J. O'Brien,
Chas. F. landmark, F. B. Lewis, ,1, (1.
Maedonald, C. tt. MiicDonald, W. II.
Pratt, H. ,). McSorley, E. L. Klnman
and A. Johnson. A communication
wa, read Irom II. R, Atkins asking tlie
association to subscribe tor 600 copies
ol tlie Nelson Daily News containing
a special article ol the resources ot
this district. After some discussion it
wus deemed advisable to refuse the
Daily New, proposition. A communication from A. O. Wheeler asking the
co-operation of tho Association to assist in the formation nf an Alpine
Club, particulars of which bate
appeared in the local papers recently,
it was the wish of the Association to
help in the formation ol the Alpine
Club, and the meeting resolved to do
all possible to assist the project by
enlisting the aid ol all the members, both associate and active,
A list will be started at once when
the citizens generally will be asked to
co-operate in it, formation.
The question of issuing an illustrated pamphlet Ior distribution
throughout tho cast was under discussion lor some time and Messrs. T.
Kilpatrick, Chas. F, Lindmark and A.
Johnson were appointed a committee
to make all necessary arrangements
for the publication ol the same at once.
The question of building a trail to the
top of Mount Victoria waB discussed,
and a resolution passed asking the cooperation of Thos. Taylor, M. P. P.,
for Revelstoke in a request to tlio
government, for a grant ot $500 towards the construction of the same.
The Tourist Asiociation then adjourned and a meeting ol the Board of
Trade, with President Lindmark in
the chair, was held when the above
resolution was endorsed. Messrs. A.
Mcttae, E. L. Kinman and II. J. McSorley were then elected members of
the Board of Trade.
A Rare Treat for Music Lovers
—New Program.
The concert given at the Opera
House last evening liy the English
Concert Company, was it rare treat.
This company is without doubt tlie
best of its kind that has ever been
heard in the city. The company
deserves a bumper house tonight.
Madame Langley, violinist, was particularly line iu all her selections. She
has played at all principal concerts
and festivals in London, notably tlie
Peace Festivals at the Crystal Palace
before 86,000 people. She is by far
the best violinist that has ever played
to a Revelstoke audience.
Miss Myrtle Meggy, who acconi
pauied Madame Langley and Mr
Stanley Adams, is without a doubt Ibe
cleverest pianist that has ever visited
this eity. She charmed her audience
with bet wonderful playing,
Mr.Stanley Adams, barit.ne, pus-
testes a voice ol unusual beauty, and
tins COUpled with ti I le.rough kllinv
ledge uf its control ami great powers
,,f Interpretation, accounts for the
success in pleating bis bearers.
Thit company deserves a bumper
bouse tonight. The audience was
small last night owing to several social
functions in the city,
Two Applications Before the
Two application, lor new hotels for
Kevelstoke aro before the Licensing
Commissioners. One is put in by F.
McOarty lor a hotel opposite the oily
hull, at corner of Second Street and
McKenzie Avenue, The other application is liy 11. A. Brown and
associates for a hotel on the site of the
old Union Hotel on First Street. The
plan, ol the latter ihow a line throe-
storey building, with 47 bedrooms,
parlors and sitting rooms, commercial,
sample and dining rooms. The sample room, aro lo bu built witli removable partitions to allow ol a large
bauqiif tting hall lor special occasions.
Tho dining room is designed to seat
80 people at table.
It the proposed licensing bill bo-
comes law no more hotel license,
could be granted in a city like Kevelstoke tor some years.
Presentation of Prizes at the
High School.
The capacity ol the High School
building was taxed last night by parents and friends of the city schools to
witness the presentation of certificate,
and prizes to the students successful
at the recent entrance examination.
The certificates were presented by Mr,
Miller, the recipients being Missel
Maud Beck and Hazel Buck and
Masters Fred Berger and Jack Sibbald.
The gold medal was presented by the
donor, Rev. C. A. Procunier, to Miss
Maud Beck, whose diligence was
highly praised; while a live dollar gold
piece was presented hy Chief Bain to
Master Jack Sibbald, who obtained
the highest marks in Arithmetic.
Mr. A. Mcltae, chairman ol the
School Board presided. Addresses
were made by Mayor MacLeod, Rev.
Mr. Sutherland, Rev. Mr. Robertson,
Truitee, Floyd, Coursier and Doyle,
Mr. Sissons, Mr. Pollock, Mr. Bennett
and Mr. Fraser.
A very enjoyable musical program
was given by the student,. It consisted ol a piano duet hy the Misses
Cider, piano solo, by Miss Frances
Paget and Miss Isabel Crawford, a
vocal duet by Miss Pearl Robinson
and Mist Maud Hyatt and vocal solos
by Miss Katie Sutherland and Matter
Jack Sibbald.
Excellent speeches and music made
tlie evening a very successful one, and
the interest of the people of Revelstoke
in their schools was much commented
upon. After the singing of God Save
the King, refreshments were served by
the students and a very pleasant social
half hour was spent.
I'Kini Our Own I'ori-e-l'iilitlt'iil.
Gen. Mortimer, a former locomotive
foreman here who is now in tlie Nil-
son shops, passed through hero a few
days ago on a trip to Revelstoke.
J. Caddeu is oil' on a business trip to
A. Nicholas has built an addition to
his li irber simp and intends going Into I be butcher business.
P. Malcolm ha, gone to Coinaplix.
Geo. Singer is away on a trip to
Mr. Farrow, an employee ol the Y.
C. L. Co. has moved his wife and
family hero.
The Dramatio Club will give their
performance on the evening of Feb.
7th. Ml. Dunne, ol Kevelstoke, it
here at present painting scenery tor
the Club.
T. Abricl i, at present away inspecting work being done at tho Ad
venture mine,
FOR SALE-Lol on Second Street,
cleared and  foiled.   Price $300.
Apply MAII.-HKKAU) olliee.
WANTED   A girl not over 26 to
do general house work. Wages
Must bo good worker
Apply at this office.
$80 nor month.
IOR NALK--A Piano and Player
Apply P. O. Box 187, Revelstoke.  .
ANTED-Sitiiiitlon in Hardware
or General .Store, good salesman and stock keeper. Married.
Could invest roiiio capital, Write
Box 1278, Calgary, Alt,,. IS
One Si't'iiiul Ham) Singer Suwliiic    Machine,
One Second Hand Wllliiinm' Sowing Machine.
Out'   Itnymond   Sowing Machine, practically
Ono Wiiii7.frMowing Mnchlne
Vim mn bare these limchhien nt your own
 Hngur Agent, BjWjjstojtg
Resolutions Discussed at
Opening Meeting.
The eighth annual meeting of the
associated Boards ol Trade ol Bastera
British Columbia convened at Cranbrook Wednesday afternoon. Among
matters discussed were the following:
From the Nolson board—(1) Asking
the provincial government to enforce
Fruit Mark,' Act at Vancouver; (2)
for better preservation ol lorests from
fire; (3) lor a duty of at least 20 pi r
cent on zinc and its products: (4) import duty1 on pig lead and it, product,
when bounty expire,.
From the executive of tho associated
boardB—For a dominion department
of mines presided over by a representative from British Columbia.
From the Fcrnie bourd—(1) For
right to operate municipal telephones
(2) lor paid lire warden,; (3) for a road
up the Flathead valley.
The Trail b-jard—(1) For an exteu-
sion of time ol the Lead Bounty Act;
(2) asking Dominion government to
purohase gold and silver at Trail.
From the Kaslo board—(1) For a
structural survey ol Ainsworth, Trout
Lake and Slocan mining camp,; (2)
for immediate construction of C. P. K.
line from Arrowhead to Oerrtrd; (3)
for appointment of additional fruit
peat inspector,-, (4) for aid for railway
and tramway lines in Duncan river
valley and in valley of the soutli fork
of Kaslo river; (5) to bring all railways
under jurisdiction ol railway commissions; (6) to stop midnight itaking
ot mineral claim,.
. days after dato I intend to imply to llio
('hiof Commissioner of Land* and Works for a
npoolAl license to out and carry away timbor
from tho following described fnudu in Went
kootenay District :-
On n in en c inn nt n piiHt marked "(I, It. Kirk's
Houth i'iwI corner post-," planted nt thu north east
comer of tImber limit 4001 nml altmit one ami one-
Imlf miles (nun Hlinil Bay on the north arm of
Arrow Jjike. thence north hi chains, thenco went
1211 chain!*, tlience south 40 chains, thence east 80
chaini, thence smith 40 din Inn, thence enst io
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Jany. Willi, inns,
C. It. K1KK.
VfOTK'K is hereby Riven that, 30 days after
il dstOtJI intend to apply to the (Jhiof i"om-
missimmr of Lands and Works fornspwiiil
license to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands situated on west
side of Upper Arrow Lake in West Kim tunny
district :-
t. OnmiiiencinK at a post marked "Hubert
Snndcr.Him'ri iinrth vast corner," and planted on a
blazed Hue running east from Pliigaton Creek nml
crossing the divide about two milts west of Nan-
derson's lime kiln, thence smith SO chains, themr
west HU chains, tlience north SO chains, thence
east 80 chains to point of i-imiineiicunient.
2. Commencing at a post marked "It. S. smith
enst corner," and planted about in clmins wesl if
post descrliied in first location, thence north SO
chains, thence west B0 chains, thence south B0
chains, thence east 80 chains to (mint of commencement.
Dated this 21st day of January, 1000.
Halcyon, B. C.
•atesSklE aSaSBStt
Society and Church Concerts.
For terms write Box 704,
Revelstoke, B. C.
OR SALE—Second-hand safe, apply at this office.
The Maii.-IIekai.i) give, advertiser,
a guaranteed circulation ot 2,600 a
White Eng.iel. Setter Puppy (bitch)
one ear and also eyes marked with
brown, aged 7 months.
Second Street.
Tenders for a License to Gut Timber
on Dominion Lands In the Province of British Columbia.
(JKALK1) TKNDKUS addressed to the Timber
tO nnd Mines Branch, Department of the Interior, and marked on the envelope "Tender for Tim-
Iwr Berth No. 457," will Iw rercWed at this
Department until noon un Wednesday, the 28th
day of February, looti, for a license to cut timber
ou Berth No. 457, eomprinini; Seclimm 19, HO nnd 31,
In Township 22, itange 8; the Kast half of Section
21, Section 25, the Kibit half of Section it. the
Kftfit Imlf of Section 28 and the Weal half and the
South Knst (luurter of Section .15, in Township 22,
I.antic 4; also Section 2 South of Three Valley
Lake, and Section 10, North of C. 1», Railway
Bight of Wny, iu Township 2:i, Hang* 4, all West '
of the 0th Meridian, and containing an area of 7,11*
square miles, more or less.
The regulations muter which a license will be
Issued, also printed forms of lender and envelope,
may )hj obtained at this Department or at the
oftire of the Or* wil Timber Agent at New Westminster,
Kncli tender must lie accompanied hy an necept-
ed cheque on a chartered hunk In favour of the
Deputy of the Minister of the Interim', for tbe
amount of the Iwinw which Ihe applicant In prepared to pay for a license,
No tender by telegraph will be entertained,
Department of Ihe Interior.
Ottawa, .lauuary 19th, 1B06.
Kroni 11,11 own ' ,,ru-|,,in,l,-nt.
M,*s McKiin.oii of Kevelstoke is lb
guest of ,\,rs T. I.mlgate,
Mr Wood of Reid and Vounffl *l"re
in Kevelstoke returned there last
Tnttday, alter spending t week at
their Arrowhead branch.
Mis,   Ttngley   lias been engaged as
iialitsnl in tin- post,.nice.
llr. Morrison is  at  the  Lake View
Mi. C. Brown aftS in town Thursday
The jieople ol Arrowhead were given
a treat Thursday evening iu the form
ol a si 1-.ie.,- in ibe Presbyterian ohuroh
conducted by Itev. r. il. M. Sutherland of Kevelstoke. It was (be lirst
service held in tbe 1'resbytnriaii church
this yenr and was well attended.     Mr.
Butberland't discourse was most interesting and effective.
liev. Mr. Johnston will bold  service
in Nakusp on .Sunday morning next
and in Arrowhead in the evening,
A car ol Hour arrived here thi, week
Irom the Medicine Hat Milling Co.
Although both mill, havo iliscon
tinned sawing lor the winter, our
town is by no mean, at a stand-,till,
Wo expect to ,eo a number ol now
buildings erected in the near future.
Mr. Cuiuphnll lias already begun building a bouse near tbo Imperial Hank.
With tbe ipcroasc of business and
having ken appointed post master,
Mr. MoOaghran lias found it necessary
tn build a new store. He ha, purchased the vacant lot between hit,
present store and tbe Imperial Hank
lor this purpose.
.A oust of paint lms much improved
tbo appeal anon ol Willis' drug ItOtO,
Special Bargains
for the Next 2 Weeks
iTOCK-TAKJMU in the Old tieorge Store is now over aud under New Management, and to stir
up a little excitement we have decided to offer some Special Bargains lor the next two weeks:
Flannelette Reg. Price H*. for He.
I'liiiinsletie  Reg. Price 26c, lor 20c.
Frenoh Flannels,.. .Reg. Price (Hie. for 46c.
Dress Tweeds 50 in. wide, $100... .lor 75c.
Plaids, all wool, 11.00 for 76c..
Dress Hoods, Melton 25c for 20c.
Dress (ioials, llarrettc .,20 per cont. diso't.
Fanoy Stripe Hilks Reg. 36c. for 26c.
Hlock Collars Hog. 35c. for 20c.
Stock Collars  Reg. 15c —2 for 15c,
Hilkine.   Reg. Klc. per yd,. ..5yd,, for 25c.
Crochet Cotton,   Reg.  10c I lor 26c.
Knitting Cotton, Reg. 10c 4 for 25c.
Corset, $1,211 per pair lortKJc.
(only a lew odd sine, left,)
Black sateen blouses. Reg. $1,511. Now $1.10
lllk Bitten Hkirts $1.75c Now 1.45
Children,' Pur Cap,.   Reg. DOa ..Now (Klc.
Utiles' Jacket,, 1 only, $15 Ior$V
 $20 for $12
" $18,60.. (or $8,50
"      $8.00.. for $5.00
Ladies' Jackets 1 only $12 for $7
ii        "            " $9.00.. for $6.60
" $1      ..lor $9.50
" $7.53...lor $4.75
  $18.00.-.for $9.00
30 percent, discount off all Fur,,   Vou
will save money by buying now.
Way's Mulders.   Reg. 60c for35c.
Men's Braces  Only 25c. per pair.
Men', Herman Sox. Reg. 75c for 50c.
Men's German Sox.   Reg. $1 for 75c.
Men', German Box.   Reg. $1.25... .for OOo.
Overcoat, $25  lor$17
Overcoat, $12 50 for $8.00
Overcoats $15.00 for $10.00
Overcoat, $18.00  lor $10.00
Kindly pay u, a call and inspect our
good,. We will be pleased to show you
through our Store whether you buy or
not, We want you to make thit your Dry-
goods Home in the future. Your money
back if you are not satisfied with your purchase providing tbe good, are returned in
a reasonable time alter purchaee.
( Most Acceptable Christmas Gift
Kxuclly like cut. Frames sluunclily
built of solid link, bund curved and
polished, filled tvilb largo reverslblo
velour oushloiio, bosl qiiniity in assort*
ml colors. Tin' design is mnv und nf
splendid proportions, broad und com-
lorlablo hook, is odjusloblo in tour po-
sdi,nis, willi brass   iiiljiisling rod ami
mounted on eusy running oeslers, A
Morris Choir uf cquul
value cannot be purchased olsowhcro for less Iiinn
$1(1,50. Our Bperlol price
Send for Our Large liluatt-ated
Conlolnlng nearly mm llluatrollona nl nowc8l designs lu fiirnilure fur llm
hoiiio uiul showing a saving of from id lu :m per cent, un purchases of
homo needs.   Free tor lho asking,
City Hall Square, Toronto, Canada,
0 Tiff />•
Or, The Strange Disappearance
CHAPTER  XVliL-(Conllnuod).
And (lms, while Jncqtiellnn fiinciet
she hnd n new admirer, Dr, Grim-
shnw Icorod Hint lm hod a new rival,
nnd Ihe holy fathers hoped they hnd
n new convort—Thurston laughed nt
the vanity of Hi,, elf, the Jealousy of
the Ogre,   nnd Ilu
liny  nole about
turned Hi
Timid  me    Ihoi     Hole,  minium!"
suid    Ur.    (Ii-imsliiuv,   in   curt and
husky tones, us, with stern brow, he
stood before hor,
"No, sir! il. wus mil  Intended   foi-
gulliblllty of   th.> you." she suid. niurklugly.
Ily Ihe demons, 1 know! Hnnd il
priests—and sough! only escape from
tlm haunting memory of Morion, nnd here!"
found ii no!. And finally, bored "Don't swear bOr get angry!
und eimulod beyond endurance, ho Both are unbecoming n professor!"
cusl ubout for i, plan by which to said the elf. with mocking gravity,
hasten his union with Marian. Per- "Perdition! will you give il up'.'"
Imps il wns only Unit neighborhood [stomped the doctor, in I'm}',
slin was afraid of, he thought—per- "'Perdition,' no;" mocked the
hops in some other place sin- would  fnlry,
l„t less   scrupulous    Satan hod  no|   "Hnnd   il here, 1 command   yo''.
whispered this thought
ed the
,oner     whispered
Thurston's ear than Im
design of spending the ensuing    autumn in Paris—and of making   Marian his companion while ihere.   Fired with this new idea and this   new   ,
hope, he sat down and wrote Iter -
few  lines—without address or signa-
turo—ns follows:
madam!" cried lho professor, trying
in compose   himself and recover his
"Command nwuy—T like to    hear
you.    Command u rcgl nt, if you
, like!" snitl the elf.
"Hive il up!" thundered the pro-
lessor, losing bis slight hold upon
"Dearest, forgive till the past,    ll   "Couldn't do It, sir," sold .lucko,
was mad und blind.   1 hovo a   plan' gravely.
'" secure  ni     once  ourhapplness.il   "'i Is an appointment
Meet me iii the Mossy del! this even
ing. i.nd let mu rtpKiiil n fit     votir
Having written this note. Thurston scarcely knew how to gel ii nl
once inin .Mniiiin's bands. Tu put it
iuin Hie villoge post-office wns
you  impit-
'    laughed
lonl !  Hand it her
• Nol   ns y,,u know
.lucko. tauntingly    slinking il   over
her bend.
Ho made a rush to cntch It.
She sprang nimbly nwuy, uud clap-
I'i'!!'..''l""l tho paper Into her mouth,
-   I" ' I" ,       ,i ........I      I    „.!,,    l„„.   I.
,|..  i   nu overtook and caught her by the
ii in  m,i arm, und shaking her roughly,   ux-
1 claimed, under his bralh;
"WhOl'il is it? IVhut, have yon
dune with it? You exasperating, unprincipled llltlo wrotch. where is il .*'
" TOcllO nnfiTS fere?' " mumbled Uu
Imp, chewing up the paper, nnd keeping her lips light.
■ (live it, tlio! give it me! or I'll Im
ilio death of you. you diabolical lit,
lie—!"    Iie    exclaimed,    hoarsely.
pose it   tn lho pi-yiiu.
Nancy Skamp.  To s<
Fields,   by    o   inossonger,    wns sti!'.
mora Imzurdous.  To slip it mli, Ma-
Ciiiii's own hnnd. he would hove    to
Willi  the who],- week until   Sunday
-ui"! Hi light  nol  l,e able to do
in unobserved.
Finally, after much thought,
lolerinlncd, without admitting
"If hit" bis full confidence, lo
inisl the delivery of the note
He   therefore   copied
siuallesl space, rolled it
nnd look ii wiih him vv
i , Luckonoiigh;
He spenl the win,!,- afternoon nt
•lie n'mhslon bouse, wilhoul having
nn opportunity to   slip it into   the
present, thnl good woman being in
the buck parlor, sitting nt one end of
ill- sofn nud making o pillow of her
lop I'm- the eon,rn,,,lor,.'., head, whirl
she     eoillbell      SnporlflCally,       Willi !,
stretched nl iill length, he look his
afternoon nap. Um Mary 1,'iiisemi
ivos Ihere.   quietly knotting u toilu! |
there   sclllne'^?', i^'f'T n",   V'Hir doctor will tell yoll what
(nolo, siottun,"  behind n book   Unit   * -
Impoverished soil, like impov*
fertiliser, A cliemiHt by annlyz-
jihg tlie soil can tell you what
fertilizer to use for different
' products.
If your blood is impoverished
nnd a book   thai
la rend, und lusnii.
I ni ilncquel
s   book   for    .1
muttering mi
wenl mil   uml
he wus protending t
•nd word or lotik or lone or gesture
of Thurston or Jacqueline, win, talked mul laughed and flllTed nnd Jested,
ns If Ihere wns no one ,.|<e iu Ihe
world Iml themselves.
\1 lust ii lillle negro opi'iiired ut
Hie door lo summon Mrs. [,'Olscu'l
i,i give out supper, mid .Mary arose
uud left the room.
'Hi., in-ofessor so,,i,I
inn from  llio top ol I
. II1 lln  while,   mill  Ihen
Txc'ii.e.    got  iqi   und
I -it litem iiliuie logelher.
That was u very common I rick
tho doctor's lately, uml in, ono could I
imagine why lie did il.
"It is e. ruse, u (nip, Uu- grim
•idiot! lo see what we will sey to
each ulher behind hi* bock. nit. I'd
dose liun! I .insl wish Thurston
would kiss mi'! I ilo so!" thought
,liic,|iielinu. "Thurston," und the
.-If loiuiud Inward her cnmpiiiiinu, uml
begun lo be ns belt itching us she
know how.
Did Thurston wus nut thinking of
.liic,|iieliuu's mischief, I hough Without intending il lm played dlrect'v
into Imr hnnds.
Rising, he look his hnl, und saying
Hut! Ids witching lit Ilu cousin had
beguiled him Into breaking one oil-
gogeinonl already, advanced to ink,'
leani of her.
".Iiisqtieliiin," he sold, lutverlng bis
voice, nud slipping lho note for
Marian Into her hand, "muy I ask
yon Iii deliver litis to Miss Mil}bold,
when no one Is by?"
A look ol surprise mul perplexity,
followed liy it mul of Intelligence, Was
iter iiiiBtver.
And Thurston, wilh a grateful
smile, raised hor hand lu his lin,',
took I,'uve nml doporlud.
"I wonder whal ii Is all about? I
e,ml,I easily um nisi mul road il.
but I would mil do so for n king,
djui'    suid .In,k,► l„ hcnnill as llm
you need to fertilize it and give
it the rich, red corpuscles" that
are lucking in il. It may be you
need a tonic, but mon- likely you
need a concentrated fat food,
and fut is the element lacking
in your system,
There is no fut: food that is
:SO easily digested uud assimilated as i
Scott's Emulsion
of Cod Liver Oil
It will nourish and strengthen
the body avIicii milk and cream
fail to do it. Scott's Emulsion
is always the same; always
palatable and always beneficial
where the body is wasting from
any cause, either in children
or adults.
W$ will und you i umple free.
He sure that this picture in tlio fur in ui n
label Is on tho wrapper
ot every bull leal Kami-
siun yoli buy.
Toronto, HI.
BOo, and 11.00,
All UrugguiU.
slinking her    as if im   would    have
shaken hor breath out.
lint .luck,i hud finished chewing up
tho pupor, and she swallowed   lho
pulp wilh an ellurt lhat nearly clink,
ed her, anil then opening her mouth,
und Inflating   her chest, gave voice
in u succession of piercing  shrieks, I
that brought llio whole family rush-!
Ing Into llm room, and obliged  the!
professor lo   relax    his hold,    aad
slnnil like n delected culprit,
For thero was the commodore roused up from his sleep, with his gru.
hair nml board standing onl nil
ways, like llie picture of the sun ln|
nn almanac, And Ihere was Mr...
Waugh, wilh llm great-tooth cooib
In lm- hand, And Mary L'Osleoti,
willi the poatry koys, Ami the male,
Maria, with tho wooden liny of flour
on her bond, And i'cslus, wilh n
bug ,,f iinul in his hands, And oil
wilh their eyes „,ul ours nml mouth.
ugiipe wiih amazement mul Inquiry.
"In tlm lie mi's name, whnt's He
matter? What tlio d-l's broke loos,?
Is Ihe house on lire again?" vndfei-
nled Ihe commodore, seeing Uiul nn
one else spoke; "what's oil this
about, Niien Orlmshaw?"
"Ask your pretty niece, nil'!" said
the professor, sternly, turning away.
"Oh, il's ynu, is il, ynu lillle lo'.-
ningiiiit yoll? (Ih, you're a honey-
coolor. What havo you been doing
now, Imp?" cried the old man, turning fiercely lo Jncqucllna. "Answer
nie, you lillle vixen!—whal does all
Ihis menu?"
"Heller ask 'the gentlemanly professor' why he seized nnd nearly
shook ilm head nil' my shoulders mul
Ibe breath out of my bosom!" snid
ilacquollna, hall-crying, hall-laughing.
The ciiminniliro turned furiously toward (Irini. Slinking a woman's
bend oil Imr shoulders, und breath j
out of her body, in his house, did i
not suit his Ideas of gallantry at a'l.
"By heaven! nre you mud, sir?
Wliu 1. have you been doing? 1 net.,!-
laid Ihe weight of my hand on Jnr-
qnelino in all my life, wild as she
hits driven me ul. limes. Explain I
your brutality, sir."
"It wns to force from her hnnd nj
paper    which she    has   swallowed." |
said Dr. Orimsliatv, with stern cold
ness regarding the group.
"Swallowed! swallowed!" shrieked
Mrs. Waugh, rushing toward Jacqueline, mul seizing one of her arms,
ami gazing in her face, thinking of
poisons uml of Jocko's frequent
threats of suicide. "Swallowed!
swallowed! Where did she gel il?
Who procured it for her? What was
il? "li, run for the doctor, somebody. What ore you nil standing
like you were thunderstruck fo.■>
Dr. Orlmshnw, si art n boy on horse-
bock Immediately for a physician.
Tell him lo tell llie doctor tii bring
a stomach pump wilh him. Yuu lm I
better go yourself. Oh, hasten; not
a slnglo moment is lo be losi. Joe.
qiielina. my door, do you begin tn
feel side? Ho you feel a burning in
your throat nnd stomach? Oh, mv
dear childl how came you lu do suck
a rush act?"
dacko broke into a loud laugh,
"Oh! crazy! crazy! il is something
Ihnl affects Imr brain she hns takoa
(Ih! Dr. Crimsliuiv, how can yo I
have the heart to stand there and
not go? Probably opium."
Joel:,, laughed till the tears ra i
down hor cheeks—never, since her
marriage, had Jucko laughed so
"Oh, hr. Orlmshnw! Don't you s.e
she is gelling worse and worse. How
con you have the hear! to stand
there- nnd not go for a physician'1"
said Mrs. Waugh, while llnry L'-
Oiseou looked oil, mule with terror,
ami the commodore stood with his
lui eyes protruding nearly to burst-
"(!o. oh, go, Dr. Orimshawl" insisted Mrs, Waugh,
"I assure you ;i is not uecessicy, I
madam," suid the profossor, tviini
stern scorn.
"There is no danger, aunty. II
but,n't liiken nny poison since Ij
took it dose of Grim before the al-
tnr!" said .lucko, through her lours
uud- laughter.
"What havo ynu token, then, un-!
fortunate child?"
"I bot'e swallowed ou assignation,"
.suid Ihe elf, us grave as a Judge.
"A what?" exclaimed nil, in a
"An assignation," repented Jnek,,
wilh owl-like calmness and solcn-
"Whoi in the namo ol common
sens,, do you mean, my dear?" Inquired Mrs. Waugh, while Ihe com
iiiiidore und Mnry L'Oiseau look.id
llm astonishment thoy did nol speak.
"Pray explain yourself, my love."
"He—says—I—swallowed—nn — assignation— whole!" repeated .lacqui-
linu, with distinct emphasis, Her
auditor, looked from ono to another
in perplexity.
"I se,. Uiul I shall havo i„ ,•>.-
plain the disagreeable affair," sal ■
the profossor, coming forward, mul
addressing himself in tho conunodor
"As if I would t"ll you even if I
could. Hut 1 couldn't tell you even
if 1 would. Haven't tho least idea
what Slid, of a nole it was, frum a
note uf music to n 'note of
band,' because I hud to stvnl-
lotv il us I swallowed Ihe Ogre
ut. Ihe church—witliiint looking nt.
il. And il. is jus! ns Indigestible!
I feel It like n bullet in my throat
yet!" And Hint, wns oil Ihe snlisloc-
lion  they could gel  out nf Jock,,.
"I should mil. wonder if you Inn!
been milking o fool nl yourself,
Niti-e." nulil llm commodore, ivltu
seeineil Inclined lo blow up both
"I I'.ope. sir," said Ibe profes-or,
«HIi  greal    assumption of dignity,
"thnl  you  now see Ihe necessity   of
forbidding ihnl    Impertinent   young
COXCOmb  the house,"
"Shall   do   nothing   of tho sort,
(iriln. Thurston has no more iilen
of fulling in love Willi Hill'- ■lucko
lhnn he hns wilh her mother or
lleiirii'tln, not ii bil more." And then
lho commodore happening lo turn his
ni tent ion to lho two gaping nogroos,
wilh ii flourish of his stick soul then
about their business, mul left lho
Tho next evening Thurston ropii'---
od to the mossy dell In the expoctn-
tiou of seeing Marian, who, of course
did not make her oppoaronco.
'The morning otter, filled wilh ilis
appointment nml mortifying conjecture us lo llm cause nf her non-ap-
poaraiico, Thurston presented him-
.self before ilacquollna ut. Luckenoiigh.
Ho happened to find her nli,tie. With
ull hor playfulness nf character, ihe
poor fairy had too much solf-respoit
to reluti! Hie scene to which sin- hnd
boon exposed the day before. So
she coniontcd herself wilh snying:
"I found no opportunity of delivering your nol!', Thurston, und su 1
thought  il  best lo destroy il."
"I thank you. Under llm circumstances Ihnl. wus best," replied Ih"
young man, much relieved. When li ■
reached home, be sat down and mole
o long mid eloquent epistle, Imploring Marian's forgiveness for his rashness and folly, assuring her of hi.-;
continued lovo and admiration;
speaking of the impassibility of living longer without her society—informing her of his intention to go
to Paris, and proposing Ihnl sue
should either precede or follow him
thither, and join him in lhat cily.
II. was her duty, he urged, lo follow
her husband,
The following Sunday, after church,
Marian placed her answer in his
hands. The loiter was clinrncleristi-
of her—clear, firm, frank and truthful.  It concluded thust
"Were 1 to do as you desire me—
leave home clandestinely, precede or
follow you to Paris and join you
there, suspicion and calumny would
There is aTreat in Store for You !0K m m}m ™
Ceylon Green Tea, because it is infinitely
superior to the finest Japan Tea.
40c, 50c and 60c per Ib,     BY ALL Q30CERS.
SEIigrl-tiss'fc ■A.-waX'-dL Sifc. ^oxi.-kt-j, 1904
Blue Fox Ruff
pursue nu-—obloquy would rest upon;
my'memory. All thoso things 1 could j
hour, were ii necessary in a good j
cause; but here il is not necessary,
and would be wrung. Ilul I speak
not ol myself—I ought not, indeed,,
to do so-'-nor of Edith, whoso bond
would ho bowed in humiliation and
sorrow—nor of littlo Miriam, whoso
heart would be half broken by such a
desertion. Bul. I speak for tho cause
of mortality and religion hero in lids
neighborhood, where ive find ourselves
placed by hcavon, and whoro wo must
exercise much Influence for good or
evil. Wait patiently for (hose happy
yeurs. thai tho flying days are
speeding on toward iis-lbose happy
yeurs, when you shnl! look bock   to
Think or it. a lKf.ullf.il l.iitT of Hlno Vox, lho tncl
fiiililuiiiiblu fnr wnrn, clvm ubwilulrljr in" Hnrh an
nlT<ir wm newer inmli Woir. The only v nn-n we can
nfjuiil lo do It in lint wn urrininH fur tin**-* hninlw.nia
FurinJiinitf Hie dull im», ii ii, llie siiimiiht nnd c,t tlifm
lir'illf nt cmt. Tbo Uulf n 11 Cuius lottff, tn nly fl
4 lncnw vrliln, mule if th-i Imidtomnt Bltin f«t lfur,
vrry ru li, norland ftiilTy. It I ■ wariiily |,vM>-,l. lined wttli
tlio imiii" Rliihl'iof Ulill nml (iiii.iiii"i,!i"l v til fmir long
tillvor Mini r, x iilin. Hu'bi hltitUcrlr-0 r- r Imi Dei it
l,-!.ili)lrt:"ii|;ivi'li!.W;.]r, niitl Ynu <  ll Cttltw. eOSy*.   Jmt
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Picture Post-Cards
(o».llat til-.ami,, runt,t<oi,"l., The aw iMaiittftilt,
t:„l„r«l. iillllm nen, nml ..ll llie, Inl MliM. Su,!,.»
„! p ,rl„ Ity iv,,, iipv.-r „IT-,,,,| l„,t,,:i> t„ tie v.'on „, .ml
nirl, DfCaaada   Vou coutda'l l, )■ aiiulila. la th. r„T
SIiiitiUnitvionlUlu'il, IIiIiit, I.ii,„-t,'I nil,,ftnt„,r
Myli-li, ami lrm'-n,t,,'i, It wo,-! "".t )'"n ' m- '-oil- Wilt.
IMiy.   W„ trim! y,,i nii-l ■ III" I'lu.i. 1'o.i-Canl.
1, i,l;i,il. Clllllllll. Ill,„, I,'-   .,   Tunislu
Ihis trying lillle, nnd thank Clod tor
trials and temptations passed safely
through, Hu mil. urge mo again upon
litis subject, lle excellent, Thurston,
be noble, be god-like, us you can be,
if yail will; it is in you. Be true to
your highest idenl und you will be
iill these. Ohl if yon knew how
your Marian's heart craves to bow
itself boforo truo god-like excellence!"
(To be Continued.)
There Is nothing so tiresome ns a
woman who is vain of her beauty—
unless it is u mnn who is vain of
what he Is pleased lo call his brains.
Thurston Wlllcoxun was hoc
afternoon oil a visit to yolll !
sir. tn taking leavo ho allppod
.or hnnd a smnli nolo, which,!
1 demandod, she refused to let
•■And vory properly, too. Wlmt
right hud you lo mako such a 'do*
mand?' " said Mrs. Waugh, Indignantly.
"I was not addressing my I'cmai'Kp
to you, umdain," retorted the pro*
'•Thnt will not keep mo from making a running commentary up m
them, howi-viT," responded tho lariv.
"Hold your tongue, tlcnriatla, Qo
on, Xace, l swear you aro pimu^h
to drive a peaceable- mnn mud between you," suid the commodore,
bringing his .stick down emphatically,
■Well, what next?"
"On    my   attempting  to tako it!
from her she put it In her mouth and
swallowed it."
"Veal nnd then he seized me and
shook nii«. as if I hud been n llno-
hearlng little plum live in harvest
■Ami served you nuM, i begin to
think, .Mm   little limb, you,    What
was it you had. you liltlu hussy?"
"An assignation, he says, and    hr
ought tti know—being a professor.'
"Don't  mock Us, Minx!     Toll   us
instant 1,\   what  were tho contents of
that uutc?"
THE SETTING HEN-Her failures
have discouraged many a poultry raiser.
You can make money
raising chicks ia the right
way—lots of tt.
No ono doubts I hat there Is money in rtttfttng
ehlckcub wil h a food Incubator and Hrootler.
Users of tin) ('Imthftm Incubator anil Urooder
hare all motlo inonojr. If yon still cllntf to tho
old itlca that you can miecebPfully run u poultry
biitilne:« uuhig the lieu an a batcher, wo would
liko to reason with you.
In tho first placo, wo can prove to you thnt
your actual oaaU loss In CtfKS, which llio lit) hens
should lay dtirlnf* tbo time you keep them
hatclilnjr and brnodliiff, will bo enough to pay
for a Chatham Inoubtilor and Uruoilcr lu llvo
or :,i k hatohos, lo oay nothlug whatever of tho
Inrftor and Iwtter results atlahied by the uso
of tho Chatham incubator and Brooder.
If yon allow a hen to w>t, you hue at least
eight; weeks of laying (threo weeks hatching
and IWo W00KS taking caro of lho chickens), or
say In tho olght WqoTcS sho would lay at least
tlireo down oggS, l/)tthoChathani Incubator
on tbe hutohiii&whilo tiiolieu goes on lay hit;
Our No, 8 Incubator will hatoh as many eggs
tin twenty netiing hens, and do it belief. Now,
bore U a quest ion iu arithmetic :--
If you keep SO hons from laying
for H wcokrt, bow much rash do
* you Ioso if e.icb ben would havo
laid 8 dosen cirK**. and eggs aro
worth 13 cunts per dozen /    Aih $0.00.
Therefore, when tbe Chatham Incubator U
bald, ngtlio number of eggs lhat twenty hon.-t
would hatch, His reiilly earning hi oasji for ynu
? 19,00, buldofl pruiiui'iiigfiir your profit ohfokH
iy tho wholottalo, ami hcitiK really to do thu
Niunti thing over again tbo mimical ouch butch
Han't you lain!., therefore, thnt il pays to
keep thn In-ill laying nnd lot tho t'bulham
Incubator do tho Imieblng/J
Thoro uro many other reasons why Ihe
Chatham In-'itlnUir and Unioiler ouleluhiej
tbo ho! ting hen.
Tho lifti kMi whon blio Ih randy, The t'lml-
ham Inrubnfor Ih always ready. Ily I'lmam.,:
to take off a batch at tbo right tinn*. yiminuy
havo plenty of bnillcm to m\\l when broilers
aro scarco and prloei at the ton notch, If you
dopf-ml on Uiii hen, your t-UWV* will grow to
iji'iiilcHJii-', when every oilier hen's oliloks uro
being mui'keled, nnd when the prlco Is not no
The hen la a careless tuol hoi', often loading her
chicks anionjfst wetgrn»s bushes, aud in places
whoro rats nan confiscate her young.
Tho Chatham liroutler behaves Ilsolf, In a
perfect mother and very rarely lo^es a chick,
and Is nol Infested with life.
Altogether, there is absolutely nr, reasonable
reason for continuing the iu>o of a hen us a
hatcher ond every reason why you should
hn vi) a Chut hum Incubator nnd IJroucler.
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Small Premises Sufficient
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onor comes in,
If yon are in oarnost, wo will Bofc you up in
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down. If wo wein nol sure that tbo Chatham
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vnnr part you ure sure to make money, wo
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j-'Ki'.Uiiir PREPAID
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Till Alter 1906 Harvest
0(,'niir»e,lf>-iiiiliiiviili,lai,f mom, aiiiiniiili "Qoalleoion,- Ynur No. 1 Iiioiibijtor li nil
tlio better, hut many a mini anil woman an right. 1 nm iieifoet.ly i,iili»lleil with it, Will
carrying on HbiiiTiiH.Iiil nml ptoatulu, uoultry ,,0t, ,v larffor nuo from ynu uoxt yunr, II, M,
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Every Farirer Should
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.-tlnto-t every (iii-mor "!;,-,'l" In :'.-." bllt.wlil!.
bo known thut there I. u < eil'iln iiinoui-.l "I protll
In llicbiialne.-u, oven whon lottluu il take inra
of Itself, fciv luinnii i lira n»iirn ot now mu, h
lliiiyiiralii.'lni;on'i-yyii'i-liy not Betting into
tho poultry Ira-lnc. Ill .-ucli u tiny M lo uuko
roal money out'of il. ,„ ,
The -cuing hi-ii ai u hatohcr will never l,e n
Oommcrclol auccsw, 11, r bu-inei I. to lay
cBBsioid she «lionl,l lm kept at It. The only
ivny tn riiisn oblolM („r iirulii li lo boirin rlmt,
brfii8lulllnira Chatham InoubatornndBnmder.
Willi Niteli n iiiiiehlno you cm bcsiu lint, lung
on n I irgn w-iilo nl uny time „ ,,  ,
You o.in only Eft win cro|, oiT font r.i-ldt 111
n soar, but wl'li n Chatham Inoubator end
llro,i,li.'rnii,I,,i'Jiiiiiry ullontlon, joii.ciiti nnso
chlckcia front early Fin-tag until winter and
huvo a crone vory month, 'Ibliikufiil
lluilon low mriiiwi l-ivii Ui-,",-.-,1 lOBI
thci-iilHiilolieviiltlie|,i,ii!:;y hns,: ,--.-i,i„lr:i,o
found lhii branch ol farming no ptolllnble that
i,l,ey Inn u installed «voral rb.-.'i...ni iuouba.
li,r«nn,lllr„„:lii.i aftor trying tho flrd,
I'crhnii, vou tlilnk Ilul il roqulrci i groal
llouloftlllleol-.ltTI-llili-ll III U'lllllii'lll Know.
Icilgn in |.,i|,i,chlckcnl with a i liutlmni In u.
baler uiul lln,,«l--r. If ao, yon nr. greatly inU-
tiilii-ii. Your wife ,,r daughter ran attend t«
ibe maobliio and look n(t,-r tlio clili ki n, ulil,-
nut liiii.Ti'ei-iiig ii-ith tholr rwrulnr homcbold
Tbo market U alwaj i good una pit. . mo
lllllll Iur.. Tie, il, lieili'l ;.»i«n>- Ino.i. nl
llin luppljr :,n,l ul • ortalit lime* „( llio yen* you
can jirnein .,!ly gel any price you caretoo»k mr
inm,( brolli i-.. With;, i bfttbam larubfttw and
Ilromler y,ei enn -t -:; lialohlllg al th, iiiiiii
limn in bring l!.,i clilckolu to inntkejablo
lirolloi, iil„-:i tlio Buppl) I* vo-y low and tbe
price, u jr,lliit.'!y I'lii1'. l'bl. >n-i' ould never
,)•> villi li.ii.;ni lint. >..M ..
Wokiinw Uml there I-men, y In tbe pnnllry
bit-lue i f„revi'ry fjlrUli i Who Will «» ulaiill tl
right. All you have to do Is to get a ( holbain
llioutintornnd llroodernnd atari li. Hut prr-
liiijn yoli arc not prooarcd Juit n„iv to iponil
Ilu'lie,liny.  Thill, ivliy Wfl link,' ll,o vpocisl
We know Micro Is money in raising chickens.
Wo know lho rhath.iiii incubator and
Mraodnr hits noeiptal.
Wo know ihal with anyMAiottablo effort on
your part, you cannot but mako money out of
[lio Chatham incubator and liroo-icr,
Wo know Ihal we mado a similar offor lait
year and that In ovary rai*o the panne, ts were
mot ohcorfullyand pr^rnptly. nn<l th.'tt in many
onsos money wns acoompnmed by letters ex-
[imsslng satisfaction,
Thorofore, uu have no hesitation hi milling
tills pro|Josillfin lu every hnitc-t, caruest man
or woaiaii who may wl-li to mid to their yearly
 '" ■ ":"-     ■     "   - ■ ■■ '    ' *  id
ui ii "in iii i n un ,i.,i.i ni'ti iuiuihifuiiii  ■
profiti wilh a muull expenditure of timo
This really means that WO will setyOUUpln
irucanraisopoultrypromaoiy. n^Ti;7i"ftii'i.lShr""f"imt¥s nwimx'rmVrt lho PO^wbusInesS ho that y-m can make
But to mako money quickly, you must got BjSSKhi ITS iCtmita lfiuS%%& nW W'U\f/"'"thfl ",,,n\ "I'H S*.kin«f,,r
wnyfromthooldiileaoftrylnttodobufliunsH tbroolialU.cs. U,H,FWMINa,l laLtsUUe, Unt,   u siaulo rent from ynu mil il after l!"i Imrvr-t
•  ■ •       *" ■    ■       "■"■"    'l--"' ■"'■' '"'"'■    if wo knew of a fair or oner, we would nuxo it
yurd can raise poultry profitably,
  ' kly,:
with'Betting hons us htttcjiors,, You'muVtgeU    (lonjlemon.-j hart never scon an jiieiibator
Chatham Ineubnlor and Hroodor. until I recflvofl yours, I wns ploaiod aniUur.
To enable everybody to get a fair start In I he prised to not over B0 per quit,, and the chickens
right way in tho poultry bUBtllOBS, we make aro all (strong ami healthy.   A child court
a vory special offer which II. Is worth your operate machine successfully, JAS. DAV, Itath-
while to Investigate. well, Man."
Wo can supply yon qutokly from our distributing warehouses nt Calgary, Brandon, Reglna
Halifax, Chatham, Factories at Ubatium, Ont., and Dktiioit, Miuii. »
II HU KIll'W HI il iiurcruiHT. ni' ITDUIU QUUtfl li.
Write us a post card with your name and
nddrcflMurtwc will-win! yo-i fu il partlCtllarA fts
well ns our beautifully Illustrated hook. " Ilnw
to mako money out of ohleks,' Write to-day
to Chatham,
Winnipeg, Now Weitmltutcr, !..'■. .V,.nirenL
Let us quote you prices on a good Fanning Mill or good Farm Scaii.
One Bridegroom Rushes Past   thi
Church at Sixty Miles   an
11 must bo very disconcerting to u
bridegroom to liml himself on hi,
wedding morn being carried at e.v
press spood through tho station at
which ho Bhould alight to Join hi,
brido at lho altar.
Such was tho experience ,,t o young
Londoner a shorl timo ago limine,
arranged lo bo marriotl ul Roinforrt,
he eiiii-reil Hie Cromer cxpross at
Liverpool Street, n few minutes ul'.ei
nine in tin- morning, tindor tho iin-
pressioii Hint. i( stopped at his ilo,-
iiniii inn.
To hi* horror,   however, ho found
in due course thai tho train wa, actually running through Romford, nnl
iluit ii  he tins to lie married   ihal
\ day he would havo lo stop al   nil
I costs,   He accordingly gavo ll in-
i iiniiilciitioii cord n vigorous pull, and
tho oxproiis was brought lo n stai d-
' still us quickly as possible,
At once alighting, the young man
handed his card to lho guard, eic-
plalnlng thut us he liiul arranged (■'
In, iiiiirtieil nt Romford thai morning
he could not afford the lime to go on
lo Cromer. X,, doubt lln- urgency of
tho business in hand saved him fro; t
llio usual consequence* of pulling tho
communication cord.
! Vet-} different, and, perhaps, --til!
more awkward was tho lix in which
a young bridegroom al New llrltain,
I Connecticut, found himself on his up-
polnted mnrrlngo nwrn. While ho
waa putting lho lust touches to his
I toilet fur tho auspicious occasion, his
father quite unwittingly locked him
in his drosslng-room and went oil lo
ihe ceremony, fully believing lhat his
son hiul gone before.
Hut tho bridegroom was, ol course,
not in evidence, and, while the bridn
wus on (he verge ol hysterics, tho
whole town was searched wilhoul result, ll was nol until search win
mndo at Hi" young man's home tlw.
his prison-house was discovered, and
lie only appeared on the scene Just i.i
Iiinn lo save tlie girl of his choice
from nit,i- collapse.
A bachelors' club al Williamsburg
N.Y., was i-cspoiislblo for placing one
of its members In n very pe ul ar
predicament. The other member,
were very much incensed when they
I -ami that ho had decided to marry,
and an oluborato plot was hau-h.d
to kidnap him before the ceremony
could take place
His wedding clothes they rulhles-':-
destroyed, and he himself Ihey badly
knocked about, until a doi.-rinieeil
effort made to effect hi* rescue tins
|happily crowned wilh success, lis
appearance at tho altar, honrovo-,
suffered considerably ia effect from
the absence of his festive attire
Ilul li,- did i ol eul .-'ich a ludicrous Gguro us did ii'ioilu-r vvo'il-.!-',,!
Benedict. Joso I'riile. ul Uraftoo,
Wesl Virginia, had an nnnt name,:
Mrs, I'hilomcua Grant, with who'i*
he lived, and who, on learning ol lu-
Intended marriage, determined thai
il should not tal.e place. Accordingly, tvhllo the unsuspecting uephon
was taking bis halh on the wedding
I morn, sho quietly made "if with hi,
| wedding suit, which was spread oul
on the lied in his room, and hid it.
(in discovering his lo*.-. Trill,- wn.,
frantic, Jmt not to bo turned from
his purpose.
Hunting   about   for   some kind ol
j .ulistilute.s, he found in a closet   t
red flannel undershirt, a pair of nu-
cieut corduroy trousers, .1 discarded
I pair    of   slippers, but nu stockings,
I and a fur-trimmed overcoat. HaMes-..
lho proceedod in this grotesquo altir,
j to  the   justice's office,   trnero   hi,
, bride awaited hint, uml where he wa,
received with shrieks "f laughter.
Hut he wa*   duly   united    to    hll
sweetheart   although    never had   a
bridegrooai before lns-n married   in
such exiraiirdinaiy garb. Finding .sii
had been outwitted, Frllle's aunt nf-
leiw.inis reslored the hidden cloth-s,
Somotvhat similar lactic, were   resorted lo in order   lo j,i-.-v,-tit    the
marriaga <>f a girl nt Trinity Chiirca,
I-'.itI.--, oi- oi Hie suburlis of   Manchester,  England.    As she did    ant
imi!.,- her duo appearance at tho u'.-
iiir. Hi,, in id,-niitoiii I,,.-'.one alarmist
anil went ;n scorch ol I T
(in arriving iu her lionic In Queen
Street, h„ found thai Ihe brido  had
I n   locked   iu llio  houio  by    I"'
mother, who was bltterl.t iipposod tn
tbe match 'I'u make nssuranio
duubty sure, she had also pawned Ihe
j wcddlng*drouj and lho eaUliip,  '
'ti po!,.-. roan unlj extort tl ,ra I at
a ileolarallon ol hor I nllllty
|     The   ,!:llnsel   v.is,   1-.....   I'd      llll    lew
I determined than hoi mother, and, of.
ler sev -rnl fruitless   nttci pis,    ,ne
sOrceedod In uscApIng through ;, '-ck
j vviiadnw   arrayed   In   i- r   ordinary
' cloth •-.   and,   ninnlng   on   to the
! church, was   happily   mai led aflei
nil   Tho mother, a widow, was vigorously   hooted   by a largo   crotvl
which was attracted l,t tho proceed-
i Ing,
I'AIO-.MTAIj opposition
placed a young bride In n very nwk
ward position at a littlo fishing vll-
I Inge in "•• l-'te oI Man Hi" contracting parties wcro William Poy'u
ond ,i Mli - lline't. lho fuiIn r of tho
| Inltoi la-lug so avoi ■" lo iheir union
lhat iiu went lho length nl having
his daughter arrested on the charge
,,f stealing her sister's hat lu wear
on Hi" auspicious occasion.
'lie poor girl was actually locked
up Iur lho night, bul noxl morning
h„r father imi* Induced to withdraw
lho proscciitlun.  His opposition was,
lioiief- ;■ i ni an end, lor hu  put
iu an uPl   -i mi ■■ at the rhitrch in ;,
1,0   ll   -   .i   '-■   fr.niie  of  II,iieI.        Illlt
Hie ilo.u* mis   barri ,l ngnli -'    him
u-iil Hi,.- ceremony aai  -- througll
wi'luiiit Inlerriiptioii A, he left
Hie church ttlili his wife the hrldi -
u'l-iioin could nol help exulting ovei
ih„ lie.'.iii, l parent, eviiniinin-,
"Sim's my Bropor-'y now] nea titling." • THE MAIL-HERALD, KEVELSTOKE, B. C.
Constructed on the broadest und mosl advanced ideas and
with ill tho perfection of constructional detail
I- recognized to-day a* llio onislcal standard of Canada, possossiug us
it dee*, features and characteristics, oodorsod nol only by musicians every-
where, bul all persons ol unprejudiced musical ability who Inslnnlly rccog-
iii/i- ils oxqulslre qualities and give ii lliolr unsllnleil praise,
For purity of tone and power, combined willi n norfecl nctlon and
poetical louch, lho NORDHEIMER PIANO is distinguished lo an
exceptional degree, Can bo hud for a very Utile more than llio so many
inferior makes thai arc being sold In this cily, You may own one of lliese
pianos In making ;i small paymeul down and the balanca on terms lo suit.
Call or wrilo lo the Agenls lor Eastern Ihiiish Columblii.
Hbe toaiUfteralo.
Including po-tage to Knghiiul. United Stales
,  l.su
.. 1.110
nnil Canada.
Bv llie year ltlirtiiigli|,ostollk'i'|.
Half ;
Quarter "
Lead notice, 10 cents per lino llrsl Insertion,
Scents per line cac-li siil,sc,|iicnt insertion.
Measurement, Monparlol 112 lines make one
iuclil. Store ami mineral business an-
nounii-nieiiis *1S) per nn-li per month.
Preferred positions, 2.', per cent, ail-
ditional. Birth*, Marriages anil Deaths.
SJo each Insertion. AH advertisement.
subject ni iho niiiiriiviil o( the management.
Wanted and Condensed Advortlspmonle:—
Agents Wanted, Help Wonted, Situations
wanted, Situations Vacant, Teachers
Wauled, Mechanics Wanted, 10 words or
lc*.- 13c.. each additional lino 10 coals.
Changes in standing advertisement* must
oe in by 9 a. m. Tuesday and Iriday ol
each week to secure good display.	
JOB PRINTING promptly executed at reasonable rales.
TEBUS-Cash. Subscriptions payable In od;
CORRESPONDENCE invited on matters of
public interest. Communications to fcdl-
tor must be accompanied by name of
writer, not necessarily Ior publication, but
a* evidence ol good faith, Correspondence
should be brief.
McKenzie Avenue.
Omcts: Imi'Eiual Bask Block. Rbvbi-
Money lo loan.
Offices llevelstoke, B. 0.1 Kort Steele, B. C.
Deo. S. McCiKTsn,
A. M. PisKiiAxi, J. A. Harvey,      .
Kevelstoke, B. C. 1'orl Steele, H. C.
J. M. Scott 1X.11. W. 1. Brings.
barristers, solicitous, etc.
Money to Loan
i3c1l1citors.for molsons bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Mining Engineer,
iMem. A-nerloan lnstilule Mining Engineers)
Canadian Mining Institute.)
Revelstoke, B. 0,
Examination of and reports on Mineral Properties a Specialty.
Agent (or C'anadiau Metal Company, buyers
ol zinc ores,
Financial Assistance given owners and prospectors to operate nnil develop
approved properties,
has been estimated that in 1904
travellers abroad Irom the United
State, alone spent $1(10,000,000 in
foreign hinds, and a conference of
western business men was called at
Salt Lake City to discuss ways and
mean, of diverting part of this outlay
into American channels. Canada is
next door neighbour to the States,
and British Columbia is tlie show
ground of Canada. To this province
then a large proportion of this tourist
trallic and expenditure should be
We regret to hear of the most disgraceful vandalism at the rink, and
the police should spare no effort to
discover and prosecute the perpetrators
even if a detective hag to be employed
to catch them. Tlie wanton smashing of windows is an old complaint,
but lately the electric light wires have
been cut, the large lamps hoisted up
and ihe connections destroyed, and
other serious damage done. The boys
and youths who do damage ot that
kind will grow up a menace to the
community unleBS such malicious
conduct is nipped in the head and the
offenders made an example of.
Zbc flDaiWberalb
■• 1 would . . . carue-ily advise thftm for
'.heir good to order ihi- paper to b( punctually
■trveo up. and to be looted upon h- a pari ot
ibe lea tqoipaga —Aodhok.
An effort should I* made to improve the intellectual call! re ol Revel.
stoke, and nothing would d i I .ore to
this end than a well-conducted public
debating society, mock parliament or
aucceii club. Such an institution
Would cuuae a desire lor reading ami
study ol subject, coining up for discussion, would promote readint-i, of
8|>«ecli and expression, and would have
a generally elevating effect on the
l*ople ol the city.
A telegram from Washington state,
the United States government refused
to authorise their revenue cutter, to
recover the Iodic, of the wrecked
Valencia unless the etianiihip company would pay the cost. II thia report be true it is a disgrace to that
government, and no more mercenary
or cold-blooded action could lie at the
door ot any public ndininiatration.
The Valencia wia an American
steamer and it was the duty ol the
American government to spare no
reasonable effort or expense to
minimi,, the cruel circumstance, attending the a-.vliil disaster,
We have done our utmost to urgo
the value ol tbe tourist trallic to the
district and the necessity ol promoting it by every legitimate miaus.    It
The qaestion of reduction of electric
light rates in Revelstoke is attracting
great attention and the idea meets
with universal approbation. M. .1.
O'Brien, who was Mayor when the
city took over the water and light-
plant, considers tlie net cost to the
cily of electric light to be ubout 7c. a,
against 17c, the meter rate charged
for it, so that a reduction to 12c.
would still leave a big margin of pro-
lit. H. A. Brown, the lote Mayor,
considers tlie rates can be safely
reduced by 25 to 30 per cent. Tlie
reduction uf into, has been discussed
iu the council for the last two years
and it WaB understood it should be
done when meters were installed
throughout the city, and the new
plant was in operation. These conditions are practically fulfilled, and
the time for reduction of light rates
has come.
Could Sink the German Fleet
Remarkable illustrations of the
immense lighting power ul the Dreadnought, the new type of battleship
now under construction at. Portsmouth
are given by the engineer. Ten years
ago the Majestic type, were tlie finest
slops iii the world; to-day there is no
question that tho Dreadnought could
lie at ten thousand yards and sink a
licet ol   Majesties   as   easily   as   the
Japanese fleet sank the Russians at
"Indeed, the Majettiot would practically be unable to reply, their gun,
not king nally effective much over
6,000 yard,.   Later   ship,   tvoulil,   ,,l
course, be better off, but it is probably
no exaggeration to say that the Dreadnought COUld light ii couple of the
latest King Edward type and come
out best. Incidentally she could
probably tackle tho entire Guriuan
fleet single-handed, and 10 is a guarantee ol peace. It should be remembered, however, that Germany Is preparing to build similar ships; that
.Inpun lias two iii hand; that the
United states contemplates a couple,
and that France bus plans lor three.
Whim these ships are all afloat the
existing battleships will hardly count."
(Inneral Booth is about to undertake another ol hi, world-girdling
journeys, He will proceed Irom London direct to Canada, crossing the
continent via tbe CI'.It., and sailing
Irom Vancouver for Japan on the C.
P. R. Empress of China, scheduled to
leave on Monday, February HI.
Tho Salvation Army leadei purposes
making a prolonged stay in Japan, at
he has declared the time is nigh when
a great religious awakening ol tho
Japanese people will attiact the attention of all Christian nation,. Tho
veteran leader hope to give tlie Salvation Army work there an impetus
by hi, presence and advioc.
Gives His Views on Railway
Rates and Accidents.
C. M. Hay,, general manager uf the
Grand Trunk, speaking at Toronto,
discussed the question ol rates, and
gave figures to show that railway
transportation in America is now tlie
cheapest, in the world. At tho same
time he asked if Canadians could expect as low rates with our limited
mileage and population a, were
granted with tlie greater mileage und
population ot the United States, inci
dentally he referred to tho pressure
the railway managers experience for
costly improvements on the one hand
and Ior lower rates on tho other, witli
at the same time the necessity of paying interest on the investment. He
therefore urged his hearers not to do
anything to prejudice tlie interest, of
the railway,, who are so dependent on
foreign capital for their  investment,.
Mr. Hays said:—"No other country
enjoys anywhere near what thecitizen,
of this country are getting iu tlie way
of transportation and it, cost. It
mean, tnat you are paying about one-
third what you would pay if you lived
in England, the rate, from such statistics as we can get, being approximately two cent, and two mills per ton
mile. You are paying a little leBS
than one-half what you would pay if
you lived in Germany, the rate there
being one cent and five mills per ton
mile. You are paying about one-hall
what you would pay if you lived in
France, ihe rate there being 1.4 cent,
per ton mile while your average rate
is—and I say it with regret a, a railway manager—(laughter)—seven mills.
So that in the matter ol cost there can
be no real good complaint made.
" Mr. Hays took up the character ol
the service and observed that railway
managers sometimes get the credit of
being as heartless a, anyone living,
They were all shocked at the terrible
accidents which sometime, occurred.
The impression went abroad that they
were reckless of life, and no proper
precautions were taken. The record,
of the accident insurance companies
showed that of the total number of
accidents occurring 28 per cent, occurred to pedestrians, 18 per cent, to
people at their own homes, 18 percent,
in connection with the use uf vehicle,
and animals, and only 5 per cent in
connection with the operation of railway,. If they thought of the numberless trains that left their terminal daily
and reached their destination safely,
and multiplied that by the number of
employee, on the road over which
they pass, any one uf whom could
cause an accident, they could justify
the comparison often made that more
people are killed by falling out of
windows than by railway trains. Tlie
only requisite in connection with railway improvements was that the company earn the interest on the money
Slattle, Jan. 30.—Testifying before
the United States inspectors, during
the Valencia investigation this morning, Cornelius Allison, the oldest paa-
senger among the aurvivore, threw an
ugly light on the attitude of those
survivors, who, after getting ashore,
apparently ieft those on board the
wreck to their late. Allison atrongly
denounced both the survivor, and the
masters ol vessels for not making a
greater effort to save those on board
the wreck.
He states that when be waa picked
up by tlie Toptka there wai no "heavy
sea" running, or what lie considered a
heavy tea. He testified that be did
not consider any storm to tie prevailing during the time while the
Valencia was on the rocks.
He sharply criticized those of the
volunteer crew who landed irsar Cape
little in iiiiaUwairt McCarthy's boat.
Allison,ays the men alter sending
word of the disaster to tbe outside
world should have made their way to
the scene ol the wreck, lie dwelt ,,n
the fact that bad any on, reached the
line ailiut ashore all would have been
saved. Ilu the Valencia, all was in
readiness to rig a buoy in east tlie line
was found by any one on shore.
'Every one seemed to shun US," he
said. "All seemed to lie alrnul to help
or attempt to help the children who
wore facing death. All those who
succeeded in getting ashore immediately went on". Vessels un the
sea stood oil ami made no attempt to
lower a boat. In the morning alter
the last raft bad put off from th,
Valencia,   thoro   was   no  great   sea
"There might have been some excuse lor the ljueen not coming In
closer, but there wa, a tug alongside
ol her that did not come any closer
Hum tlio large veiscl,
"It all looked wrong to me—all
wrong. I think it a mistake to lettbe
boat, go.
"Had they been held on the vessel,
and I think that waa Hie captain's intention, all would likely havo got
ashore. That is the phase of tlie circumstances that load, me to believe
thoy were not tlio higher olllcer, of
the ship who gave tlie order to lower
away the boats."
Hiicocn breed, siiccom. Tho ads
that exhale tho spirit of success aro
tho ads that pave the way to success,
nnd the beat medium in which to
impress your auccet, i, the Mail-
Prince Arthur of Coniiaught and
party will arrive at the cna«t Irom the
Orient about tlie middle ol March and
proceed east, over the C. P. R. The
Iol towing nre tlie members ol the
H. R. II. Prince Arthur (il Con-
naught, K G., G.C.V.O., etc.
Tho Lord Redesdale, K.C.V.O., C.I!.
Admiral Sir Edward Seymour, G. C.
11,0. M.
General Sir Thomas Kelly Kenny,
G. 0. B.
Colonel Arthur Davidson, G. C. B
Mr. W. M. lumpsum
Captain W. F. G. Wyndliani, Equerry to H.R. II.
There are still a few copies left of
the Christina, edition of the Kootenay Mail, the finest illustrated
paper ever published in Revelstuke.
Price 50 cents, Order before supply is
exhausted. Interior Publishing Company, Revelstoke, B.C.
Chief Co
.   day* after date I Intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands :-
Commencing at a [tost planted about four
miles .;»uih uf Cape Horn ou Upper Arrow
Lake uud marked "lllg Uoiul Lumber Com-
PHiiy's north-west corner post," theuce east
W chains, Ihence smith SO uliuius, thence
west sii cliiiins, theuce north 80 chains to jx>Iut
of cmnuienctitueut.
i>.iini .iiin.i.u) nli, m>.
The Money Saving
Work Saving Soap
That's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west ol Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washing are easy with its help.
And the money saving i, the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give Ior
Royal Crown Wrappers. Send
for it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
NOTICK is hereby given that -HO days after date
we Intend to apply to the Hon. The Chief
Commissioner ol Lands anil Works for a special
License to cut and carry away timber from the
following described land's.
Commencing at a post planted on tlie north side
uf Cariboo Creek about three quarters of a mile
east of IJurton City Tmvnsitu, and marked " the
Y. C. L. Co's. north west corner post" and thence
running east 80 chains, south 80 chains, west 80
chains, north 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated at Nakusp, B. C, Jan, 19th, 1006.
OTICE Is horeby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for n special license to cut and carry
away timber from the following described
lands, situated in West Kootenay District:
Commencing at a post planted about one
mile north of Halcyon Hot Springs and about
'i mile from -rrow Lake, and marked''Bert
Blyth's north .west comer post,' thence south
10 chains, thence east 160 chains, thence north
io chains, thence west 160 chains to point of
Datod January 18th, 1906.
NOTICE is hereby given thnt, 30 days after
date, I intend to apply to tU Honorable
the Chief Commissioner of Lnuds and Works
for a special license to cut and carry away tinr
ber from the following described lnncV:—
No.1. CummmiciiiK at a post planted on the
north side ol Smith Creek, about soren miles
from Palliser River, thence east W chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence south SO chains to place of commence'
Located the hi day of January, 1908,
No. - Commencing at a post planted on the
west side of Smith Creek, about ten miles from
Pulliser River, thenco north W chains, thence
w»*i 80 chains, thence south 40 ehalus, tlience
ea.it 80 chains to place of commencement.
Located the 1st day of January, 1906.
No. 3. Commencing at a pst planted on the
west tide of Smith Creek about ten miles from
Pallher River, thence 40 chains west, theuce 80
chains aodth, thence 40 chains east, thence 80
chair,* north to plticeof commencement.
Lncatf I the 1st day of January. 1908.
No. 4. Commencing utu post planted on the
welt bank of Smith Creek, about nine miles
from Palliser Kiver. thence 40 chains west,
ihence 180 chain- tooth, thence 40 chaius east,
thence 160 chain- north to placo of commencement.
Located the Ith day of January, 1906.
No S I ommeiiriitK at a post planted on the
en-l baiilc of Smith 'rook, about aifftit miles
from I'ulli-er River, thence *) chain* east,
theOCO tt Ohihli north, thence 80 chains we-<t.
itienre*) chain- -outli to place of commencement
UxUtOd the U!i dip of January, 1906.
No  'J    * lonmmelog at a post planted on the
ea I   bank  of  Nlh-er  Hirer about-ii mil
from thi' mouth -tu I iboot two mile-- from the
river, thenoe Mjuth to ebatoi, thence ea»t ion
dm In v then™ north W ohaloa, thfloofl mottlB)
iilo in plant) of ooDiniDofliniDt
LoMUtl the I'lli I ij of Jmitiary, 1900.
Hf Per Welter Nimn. Agent
Nn   ,    i qmmencInK It I pott planted on the
let ifdl uf  Palli-er Kiver. about «li mile**
from the month lOd two mil*-. from the river,
tlif-iice north I" OlltlOt,  thence east IWlchalh-,
otoee with W uhaln   tbeue f»tlWeu«ni
Lo place of cutiitiiHiireiiiiJiil
l/rf-iited the Ota day of January, 1906,
J If Per Walter Niion. Agent.
No, t,   I ommeoeiog at a pOSl  planted on the
ua-t lunik of Pal)i-ter  River, about   -.ii mile"
from the moult., thence -/mth « chain , thence
ci i l-'fi'-i.it :n   '.li'!-..". north 40 cliain.i, thence
wrM 16ft r.hii in- to place of niiiinieiiceiiieiit.
Located the Hlh day nf January. ItfH
>M Per Waller NIlOO. Ag«Uti
No y Commencing Mta pOit pi an led on the
went bank of Palli.-er river, about <ij< mile*
from ihe month, thODOS Wl chair,', wait, thence
Wflhauii onth thiMiMJOflhilniMit,tnraMM
chains north to place of coimnnncnmel
I/meted th« 6th day of January, 1906,
•>\f pur Walter Nixon, Agent
Notice In hereby if I vim lhat Krank Julian,
nf itevRlrilokn, H, C„ Lumberman, by flbM
dated mrd DiwmbeT. 1006, iw-dgncd to William
H Pratt, of KuveMiikft, ■-■ 0.i Hunknr, In
trunt for the iH-neilt of the orcdlUira of nalfl
Krank Julian all IiIh real and penviiinl nro*
porty, erudite and effect*, whioh may be sMwd
and mid Moor nxeiuitlon
CrMitoriaro renulroo to mm to iho under
signed on or iHifori! Mi" :tl*t. January, IMI, dm
I Ionian duly vci'lnnd of tlmlr olftlmi and of
the security. If any, held by thorn.
A Mooting of tho CredllorH of said Debtor
will Iw bold at, tbaoflloe of Harvey, MoCartor
and Plnkhain, Imperial Hank Block, Heyol-
atoko, H. C, on Iho 12th day of January, 1006,
at throe p.m., for nlvina of direction.* with
roforonnc W tbo dwpwU of the nnUlo.
Dated this 87th day of Doooirdier, lflOA
Solicitor for the AhsIkmo.
. . days afterdate we Intend to apply to the
Chief CouiiniHsloncr of Lands and Works for a
special license tu inl uml carry uway timber
from the following described lauds |—
Commencing nt a post planted at tbe north
west corner of K. und S. Block sun ou the
west aide of Upper Arrow Luke and marked
"Big Bern) Lumber Company's south-west
corner post," thenco north 160 chain--, thence
.mst 40 chain-, thenco south 160 chains, theuce
west 40 chains to point of .•uinmeucemeul.
Jan. 7th, 1900. 52(16
days uf ter dale wc Intend lu apply tot h.<
Chief Commissioner of l.tiidsand Works fori,
special license to cut and curry away HuiIhu
from the following dcscrilu'd lauds:
Cniiiinriicing at a posl planted ou llm west
aide of (he north fork of Kosihall Creek and
about two and onu-tiunrter miles above the
forks and marked "Big Bond Lumber Com-
trnny'H Southwest Corner Post," thenco north
Q0 chains, thence west lu chains, thence south
160 chains, thence ensl 40 chains to point of
No. 2,
Commencing at a posl planted on the east
side of the north fork of Eosthnll Creek ulwul
one nud one-half miles above the forks and
marked "Hig Bend Lumber Company's Southwest corner post, thonco north 100 chains,
theuce east 10 chains, thence south 160 chains,
thence west to chains to point of commencement.
No. 3.
Commencing at a post planted aboul one half
mile from the west bank of the north fork of
Kostlmll Creek and about one mile above the
forks and marked " Big Bond Lumltur Company's Southeast Corner Post," theuce north
160 chains, thonco west 40 chains, thence south
160 chains, thence oast 10 chains to point of
No. 4.
Commencing at a post planted about one half
mile from the west hank of the north fork of
Eosthall Creek and about four miles above the
forks nnd marked "Big Bond Lumber Com
pany's Northeast Corner Post," thence west 80
chaius, thenco south 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thonco north 80 chains to point of com
Arrowhead, B.G.,
Jan23.1M6. 255128
THIRTY DAYS after date we intend to
apply to tbe Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special licenso to cut and carry
away timbor from the following described
1. Commencing at a post planted at tho
north-east corner of K. & S„ Block 860, and
marked " Big Bend Lumber Company's Southeast Corner Post," thence north 160 chains,
thenco west 40 chains; thence south 160 chains;
thenco oast 10 chains to point of commence
2. Commencing at a post planted about one
mile north from the north-west corner of K.
and S„ Block, 860. and marked " Big Bond
Lumber Company's South-east Corner Post,"
thence north HO chains; thence west 80 chains;
thence south 80 chains; thence cost 80 chains
to point of commencement. y t.
3. Commencing at a post planted about ono
mile north from the norlh-wost comer of K.
and K„ Block 860, and marked " Big Bend
Lumber Company's North-east Corner Post,"
thence west 80chains; ihenco south 80 chains;
thenco east 80 chain*: thonco north 80 chains:
to point of commencement.
Big Benii Lumhek Company, Ltd.!
Dec. 28th, 1906, 26 K
NOTICK is liorebj given that JOtlars after
date I intend to apply to the Chid Com-
inianioner of Lands and work, for a apoclal
license to cut and carry away timbor (roni tho
following described lands situated on the cast
sido of Upper Arrow Lako In West Kootenay
diatrlctl-ComlMinclliK at l post marked Bert
lllyth's South Wost Corner Port, planted
about 1! miles north of Halcyon Hot, Springs
and about j of a mile Irom Lake ahore; thence
cast SO chains: thenct north »i chains: thence
west 80 chains; thence south 80 chains to point
ol commencement. BKRT BLYTH.
January i, 1806.
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special license Ui cut and carry away tlmter Irom
he following described lands afcasttd o^M*e
east sldo of the Upper Arrow Lake In West
Kootenay diatrioti-
Commenclng at a poat marked " Ilert Blyth's
Northwest Corner Post," PjanUd »a OmbJ,
lloyd's eastern boundary and about 100J*tjua
northolliisaontheaat corner: thence aoiithao
i-hoins: thence cost 80 chains: theno, north 80
chains: thenco west 80 chains to point of commencement.
Commencing at a poat marked "Bert Blyt-h'
Soul h West Corner Post," plant*} 0» Oforge
lloyd's Baalern Boundary, and about WoosJns
norl li ot his south-east corner: thence north ao
chains; thonce coat *l chains; thenoe aouthSO
chains; thenco weit 80 ohalna to point ol commencement.
Dec. mh, 1903.
Notice Is hereby given that in application
wil?* raid, io the, Uiialstlve..wM
Ih, I'rovlnce ot British Columbia, at III ne«t
session lor an Act to liKOTporBta • •Mf>V*UW
\x Billed "The Kimlooiii and Yellow Held
PISS Hallway Cloiapauy.f with PO«rMP*'
strni-l, equip and operate allneol railway
(on a point .1 or near K.mloojia, hence
running In « northerly directum lollow ng
livallfyi of the North Thompaoj river, the
Canot river.ml MrUnnan's creek to a point
»t,,riu-.r'l'i'leJ.uii<' Cache In the Province
,,[ liritish Columbia illll ilHuch povvora M
di be ntoeuiry apd ejpjj&tal Wai"*
itfuoUon ami oparation ol s.ld lino of Rail way
and ullli sower I" purchase and develop mil
mm 'Ver it. iiniii rn nt,;Wi»
wow toll and ,ll«lrlbnle the same with n lie
",mViiimiii I Hrltlah OelooWt, mi will
Dowir oKouIre toooperttt (Wsratoausaq
S," 1,-s n, ',,.11.,'i'llu.i wilh Ihe Hallw.y, and
i, nt, power i" I'SX'l a Junction wilh any MM
,1rat uav lo bt nonitr lettd Irom b< son III In
I point slot in-ar KsslMpa, or * ith li, Otn-
Xn Pacific Hallway.I thai point»»'„■"
uill, any rallwav milling wnalivanl Ihrungli
ll,|. Yellow lll-Krl Pans, ,       ,,     ,. ,
i„„-,i.i vnn wr, Brlllah Columbia, litis
iiit, ,.ay „i December, a.h., im.
Hoyal Bank Clumbers, Vani'iiuver,
llrlllali i'uI"ml,I".
,ll,.i;w Sulli'lliirs lor Appllc.nls.
Mra. II. J. Ila.iliiiry MainiKreas.
First-Class Table.
Privale Dining Boxes.
UntDlolMloon lor
llaiii|a.la, Happen, sta.
Furnished Rooms To Let.
Regular meetings ire hold In the
(iildlclUiwa Hall on ihe Third Friday ot each month, at 8 p. in. sharp.
Visiting brethren runllall. Invited
J a.aiiIIKSON.W. ,M
R. J. TAUGKRT, Kec.-Se,'.
Marts on Pint Tuesday ul every inoiilh, In
I. II. O. P. Hall.
Cold Range Lodge, K. ol P.,
No. IS, Re»elstokt, I. C.
111 l),l,ll,-ll,nv*' Hill >t s
O'clock Visiting Kulglns .re
cordially invited,
stewaut Mcdonald, k, m k. ,v s.
II. A. BROWS, M. ol F
Kootenav Lodan No. IS A F,* A.M.
Thu regular meeting- are held In the
Ma-imlc Temple,
Kill Fallows Hall.on
the third Monday In
ttiui'li month at s
1p.m. Vlsltlngbreth-
run cordially wel
Hall at 8 o'clock
(Visiting brethren cor
dlally invited Ui al
II. MACDIINAI.D, N.U.        J. MATH1K, Sue
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Order, lor Bee! and Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and until goods
will receive prompt attention.
I have Btnrted A permanent Wood
Yard on Third street. With mv past
experience 1 hope to lie in a position
to satisfy all if quii omenta nf customers. Dry cnnliviMid kept in stuck and
supplied in any lengths nt reduced
prices for cash.
Richard' R. Copeland
Revelstoke Assessment District.
Notice is h.raliy given, in arciinlinci with
Ih. statutes, that Provincial Revnnll. T.l, and
all usressed taus anil Income Tai, bishskI
and levied under th. Assessment Act and
Hineuilnieuta, are now due aud payable for the
year 111").
All tales collectlbl. for th. Revelstok.
As9«ssin.u. Ulslrict are due aud payable at my
ulllce, situute at the Court House, Kevelstoke,
B.C. This nolle., lu terinsof law, Is equivalent to a paraoual deuiuiid by me tu all parsons
liable (or taxes,
llatad at Rev.lstolje. 11. C, this 22nd day of
January, 111)
Deputy Assessor A Collector,
JSt-lin    Itevelsloke Assessment District.
Open Air Rink
W. G. Watson's open air rink
is now open: Ice in good shape
Engagements accepted lor At*
HomeB Ac. Theory Iiwsons* a
specialty. Pupils now enrolled lor
the new year.
Alphonsus De Feo
Lessons 50c. Each.
Given at Mr. Dominic Gallicono,
near Station.
Music supplied at "At Homes" and
II yoli want the above *e can •
supply y„u willi anything in this •
line.I *
! White and Brown Bread
Soone and Buns
• •
• — s
t Dances anil Private Parties Catered To. •
• Full Stuck ul Eirellent Candies.! •
• S
:a.e. bennison, :
• 'Mackenzie Avenue. •
Muntlpd, Shelving, Storm Doors,
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
Third Street East,
|» iWffclWrmrjprJ.rjjlpjjarmfflrjlfjjll I
j ^^iSu^l^^kM^JMri&^lSii   i
Important Notice!!
tlVIN  WTHMUND  tltTtRt beg to
announce to the ladies and gentlemen ol Bevel.
aloke that they have made arrangements with
Walter Bews, Pliui. B., Druggist, ami will hold
daily demonstration.' (or two weeks, nmimenclng
MONDAY. FIS S regarding treatment of the
Hair and Scalp.
They respeetf idly Invite .reryone to call and
.onault with them. Come and see the Long,
Beautiful Hair, grown by the use of the t.v.n
Suth.risnd litter.* Hslr Qrowar snd
Hair and Scalp Cl*an.r. Canadian lleiul
office, 11 Colborne street, Toronto, J. II. Bailey,
Foreign Manager.
NOTICE Is hereby kIv.ii tint Woag (Jiuing Is
no lunger Uanigir of thi partu.rship
llrm lioreUilure carried on by us tb» undesigned us General Marrbauls iu th. City ol
Heviilstulie under th. llrm num. of (Junng
Chung Lee, the said partnership havlug twan
,tlss„l,e,l this day, All d.bts owing to said
partnership are to lie paid Ui Wong HlutTuek
nt tho former plane ul business of said Hrni at
Hiivelsluke. uud all elalms aguliist th. said
partnership ar. to b. urmmtid within tan
days from ihe dlt. h.reol to th. laid Wong
HlngTiiek by whom the same will 1* atttlaal.
WllNll WAR
Witness i O. B. McCarter.
Uatwl this Hit, Decmber, 1,0..
Doctor Veterinary Science.
Gradual, Ontario Veterinary College, year 1811
, treat, all diseases of domestic animals, III-
ploma can ho aeon In Bews' Drug HUiro. I am
no frnud or Importer travelling around the
oounlry rlctlmtalng tho public. I haveal
manner of Inatramenta for performing Surgical
Operation, and Dentlttry on all anlmala.
Tweoly-four years practical experience.
Residence—Lower Town, Revelstoke.
Nurseries, Greenhouses & Seed Houses
HKKIIH. Now crop now In sUsik and on test.
In our greenhouses. Ask rour merchant for
litem in sealed packages. If he doea not handle
llieni wc will mall 40 assorted. 6c packets ol
vegetable and (lower aeeds (our owi. selection,
suitable for II. 0, ganlimsl for SI .On.   Special
T?rM'^n AND OltNA-
MENTAL TREES now ready for spring
shipment. .,. .    ,
Kxtra nice stock ol two and three-year Af-ple
TreeaatS».0»perl(», Slr».«i por f.000; Bay-
nard Plumi, 11.011 each i Italian Prune, two-
year, nne, K6.0I) per MOi Sugar t'ran., two-
year. Sue, too.?) l«r 100.
Full list of other stock at regular prlora. No
expense,  lo«s or delay ol fumigation   or
"Letme price your list before placing your
° Greenhouse Plant* Flor Work, Bw Suppllei,
m. jThbnry
If in want of
write for prices to
|L. E. Griffiths
|Malak\va, b. c.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.  B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
TemwrvtOM Flow* Pa*,
Plata. Umbrella BU-S,
BalMs Luooh Bukrt.    ,
CueClwIn binoklna-Jacket.
fiSlkwohiel, Mbfltcst.
Finest stock of oandlea and fruits In town.
Front Slrttt, Revelstok*
Jas. I. Woodrow,
Retail Dealer In*.
Fish and Game in Season.
All order, promptly tilled.
REVELSTOKE,  B. C, aurilingatnlt.
Bankhead Goal
00000000000000000000000m j
8.50 ;
; Egg Size Delvered
tovo "
Nut    "
Office will receive most
*    prompt attention.
F, McCarty, Agent.
Orders   left  at
Burns  & Company's
c THEMATLHERALD, revelstoke, b.c.
Their Wealth and Protection.
James Leamy, of New Westminster,
li. C, Dominion crown tinilier agent
lor British Oolumliia, wn, in Winnipeg returning from the forestry con-
vtution held iu Ottawa under the
auspices of the Dominion government
Mr. Leaiuy it deeply interested in tlie
preservation of the great forest, of
Britieh Columbia, and is deairous ol
teeming the enactment ol stridor
law, with regard to the retting out ul
Urea by hunter,, settlers and others.
He said to the Free Press:
" The present system ol the employment ol lire rangers tor the protection
ol the forest, of tho west against
devastation by fire wa, inaugural ed
four year, ago, and lias proven very
successful and satisfactory. We cannot prevent all tires, but wo prevent
and put out a great many and have
aaved vast quantities of valuable
timber Irom destruction The diatrict
over which tl.e government exercises
supervision is 400 mile, long and fill
miles wide. This area is divided into
eight diatrict,, each ol which is iu
charge ot a tire ranger, who lias the
power to engage any amount ot help
nece„»ry to extinguish or to prevent
forest contLgntinns,
"Oneol the ihingt we are a.king
lor at the pre.-eut time ii a close season
lor tires. There is a portion of the
year when • lire once start, d will work
incalculable damage. We arc asking
tor a law forbidding any resident or
visitor to the country to set out a fire
during thit period.
"We must tlio bring pressure to
bear upon magistrate,, to lead them
to enlorceexisting laws, and also Ihe
new legislation which we hope to
"There is no region in the world
which ha, an equal amount of timber
on aame space which British Columbia has. Our resources in this respect
are unequalled tnywhere, and stepa
cannot be taken too toon to preserve
and gutrd thit great natural inheritance.
"The nationa ol Europe are taking
atept to grow foreets—planting trees
which will not be cut (or a hundred
years. All we are required to do is to
preserve and protect what we already
have, and to prevent the groat forests
of the country from being burned, aa
the remit ol thecareleitnett of settlers
or hunters."
tainly the best building ot it, character
in the Riding.
"Much credit is due our member,
Mr. Taylor for his exertion, und slick
to-it-iveuess, for in the present linan-
cial state of tlie province—a oouditlon tujCarthj
now happily passing away under the
present regime—it was u hard task to
make the powers that lm in Victoria,
pass along the needful appropriation
lor the building."
alter dute we Intend to nmily to the Chief
i'..iiiiiii-,sitiii()riif Lands mid \\,irkrf for rtpuciul
license to cut and carry nwuy timber from the
folic.wine described lands.
CiiinmeiicitiK nt it post nmrked Uowmati
Lumber To., Ltd, N. E. Corner i»0ht, -14 miles
north-west of'UiuiiKick Point; tlionco soutli 80
chums; west 8(1 chili lm; norlli 80 cliiiins; oust
Mii'lmiu- to point of commencement.
NOTICE is hereby given (hat thirty days
after «li.to 1 it,tun,! to apply tt> tlie Board
of Uctuslnallomiolsalnnors(,,r tlm Revelstoke
Licensing Disi rid [„ru transfer „( my license
fur ili„ linni.l  I',.i.'i. Nakuap, tn Slillcohm
'   atieiry.B. C,
Gait Coal
Iteiliii-lioii made (or largo quantities,
Delivered to any part of tho city.
Orders lel't at ihe Lawrence Hardware
Store,   or  ut   SinytlieV Tobacco
Stoic, promptly attended to.
200 Cords Wood
NOTICK is horebi- glvou that, SI dim nftor
date, wo Iutond to apply to tho Chief Com,
tnissioiier uf Luuds anil works for u  -pcciul
license tu cut and curry nwuy timber friini lho
fnlluwilig described  Inn,Is:
Starting at a post plutitod ut thu north wo-l
curuor of It. uleiiilenniug's preemption, situ-
ntt-,1 nu the north sidu of tho Columbia Uivor
about H', miles heluw llpiier Arrow Lake aud
marked V.C.L. (Jo.'a tlpiair South West I 'timer
Post, theuce uurth 40 chains, thenco oast ItHI
chains, thence south 40 chains, theuce wost 111
chains to point of commencement.
Niunsp, B.C., Due. ftth, 1IIK, I2CI
('HI'TiI'-icate ok impuovk.mi.nts.
Standard, Monitor, Yellow Jacket, llcathc
Hell. Denver Fraction, Contractor, Wlnno-I
bago, I.X.I; Fraction, H.X.I.. Practlnn,
Iron Bill Fraction, Iron Hill,Criterion
Black Hear, U.X.L, Iracilnn. Iron cheat
Rutte Fraction, Dowulo Fraction .itinera
Situate in the Rcvclslnkc Mining Division of
Kuotenay District,
Where located:-At Standard llasln,Rig Bend.
Take notice that I. R. Smith, Free Miner's
Certificate No Rssj'il, acting ib agent tor The
Prince Mining and Development Campany,
Limited Liability, Free Miner's ortuicalc No.
Bsms, Intend, sixty days from the date hereiil
to applv to the Mining Recorder (or a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Orantol the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
aectiou ,7. must be commenced before the
Issuance ot such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 24th day ol November. A.D., 1903.
$4.00 per Two-Rick Cord.
NOTICK is hereby given that tho undersigned have submitted to llio Lieutenant
Governor in Council a proposal, under the
provisions of the "Rivera and Streams Act,"
for clearing and removing of obstiuctions from
Jordan Kivtr, West, Kootenay, and for making
tho same tit for rafting and driving thereon of
log-, timber, lumber, raft-sand crafts, nnd for
wt ing and delivering logs and timber brought,
down said river, mid for attaching booms to tho
A Great Contributor to Canada
..........-—»*f ..-
Nova Scotia hu done more than
her thtre in the way ol contributing
Irom among her tont men whose names
stand high in Canadian history. And
not tlone in the public life of the
country but in every line of tctivity
have Novt Scotitn, made themselves
lelt throughout the Dominion. They
tre an energetic folk, on land and set
—and they tre to be found on til the
ttven MtB. In their own province
they are building up a record ol progress snd prosperity which is rapidly
bringing Novt Scotia forward at t
land ot multiform activities in the
development ol her great and varied
natural resource,. The Bluenote pro-
vinct lit, entered upon a new era.
A ttriking allowing ol Nova Scotia',
progress during the year 1905 is made
in thi special progress i„ue ol thtt
enterpriting paper, the Halifax
Chronicle, which itandt in the front
rank of tht newspapers ol Canada.
All the vtriout department, of Nova
Bcotian industry and trade are dealt
with in thit admirably prepared i„ue
ot tht Chroniclc-f-the coal industry,
Ibe irtn ore and other minerals, the
steel Industry, the fisheries, the manufacture!, the shipping, tbe agricultural products, the products ol the forest,
and Ihe general trade of the provinot.
< The total products ol Nova Scotia for
I tht pott year amounted to $94,(170,000
a total whioh eclipses all previous
Manufacture, head the Hat, with a
total of 142,000,000; and the other
major industries upon which the province's economic structure real a—
agriculture, mining, the (iaheric, and
lumbering — shared in the g.neral
expansion ol prosperity. Nova Scotia
is fortunate in the diversity ol its
resources and in its situation; and
there Is every indication that its
development and progress will go on
increasing.—Free Press.
erecting and maintaining booms for liolilin
ihoro of said river and l.'oln niliiiuli ver for said
Tho lands to bo affected by said work are
Crown lands.
The rate of tolls proposed to Iw charged arc
such as may bo fixed by thu Judge of tho
County Court of Kootenay.
Dated the 9th January, 11,16.
'    ' has reopened a
on McKenzie Avenue.
Open Dsy and Night. First-Class Service
Kurtz's Pioneer Cigar Factory
:148, Cordova St„ W.
VANCOUVER, -   -   B, C.
oi tttlud' So
Of SkvMA4l4s'
/trutyfuu <iwm&n/ Saa4 of l>
Jewry MLrwJ&ds />u*v&; c/^ru ^nt<iLcLaSto.
owe, wdJ-/uiu .fjt^7uMthfv6#(:
Union ftotel Restaurant
Mrs. McKitrick, Manageress.
Open at all hours.
Meal Tickets Issued.
Short Orders tastefully served,
Rates Moderate
A large variety
of Glasses always
kept in stock here
Try a pair on
—wo guarantee a
perfect fit.
It you require
anything in Jewelry
il is here for you,
A complete slock
/ of the right class
iQ of goods.
J. GUY BARBER,   - Jeweller, Optician
Ll   NllliWl Illll      V*    IIVIHIIVVIlO
jj k
The Leading Merchant Tailors
Houses and Lots
Dealers in FRUITS
on 3
Your money returned^
il not satisfied in every way.
becnuse the "Carbo-Mapietic"
it tleetricalfy Itw^erufwi
hulluw ground in us own
peculiar way.   With
ordinary careful
use, it will ho!
tU edge for
New Record Office.
"The new government building just
completed by the Provincial government, says tbe Miner, is quite an
acquisition to the town tnd it in every
respect a structure to be proud ol,
Besides tbe Mining Btoorder's office
there are two uili'lly conttruoted cells,
to thtt in future when tn alcoholic
wave strikes town there will be tome
plsct to put dliturbtn oi tht pttot.
There It tlio a kitchen where those
who take up their abode lor t lew dtye
can cook their own meals.
"Tho whole building Is mutt solidly
constructed, hat t stone foundation
snd it pit-ttretl throughout. II ie
well lighted sod ventilated and is cor-
A Dealer who
sells a man...
Pair In  $150
AthtTUH  ™
for hewy burdifc ••
"Carbo-Magnetic" Elastic Cushion Strops, $1.00.
free booklet "Hints to Shaven."
Motleof "Gritroii-' Itnzor Steel. They
hold nn edge longer thun any knife
Dilute.  Full iisr-ortment,   Allstylei*.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Scott & Potts
Everything a gentleman wants in the line of tailoring.
Our stock is new and up-to date.
Pressing and cleaning promptly attended to.
First Street, Opposite Union Hotel, Revelstoke.
Don't order a Suit because it is cheap.   Order it Y
because it will be becoming, fashionable, durable and
comfortable.   The best is the cheapest.   We make the
best.   In making a Suit we give advice when wanted and
we accept advice when a customer desires to give it.
Every now and then you are confronted with the «; L
question, " Who's YourTailor"—Cresssman & Morrison, f »
of course. i f
Cressman & Morrison     f
N if, /fr- ("fa ,fi A*, »*K ."fr. At ."h A't .i*a .fr. .fr. .fr. A t*tt t*
m^MJ^ ^I-1C-ETCHi^G3/^^Va>.couveia.&.c.
Wholesale and Retail
....  Meat Merchants.
Head Office, Abattoir and Gold Storage :
■ss^ss.-'Oalgary, Alberta
iii assured of his good-will
and future trade. Thoy are
Union made, and guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction
and long service.
Our other lines equally as
good are    	
For sale retail by all Dealers.
Wlllll.KHAI.K   BY
Wm. J. McMaster & Sons,
is made-in
sizes for
Maple Leaf
Rubber Footwear
Maple Leaf Rubbers are made from Pure Para
Rubber, over all styles and sizes of footform lasts.
They Look Well; Fit Well and Wear Well;
Are Stylish, Neat and Durable.
For Sale by all good shoe dealers.
Vancouver, D. C, Selling Agents.
Import direct from Country of origin.
(Under   New   Management)
LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   C.
It's a grand school boot, a
splendid fall boot, a great limine, mans boot. It lit, like a
glove, and i, a stylish-looking
boot, too, as heavy boots go,
being made Irom No. 1 quality
box call leather with a heavy
tole, it will wear like iron. For
sale by all good retail shoe men.
J. LECKIE CO., Ltd.,
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery of psreols, liaifljuijo,
eto,, In any purl of thn City,
Any Rind of Transferring
Best Firewood in the City.
Shipment of Chinese Canaries Just received  Prices from 11 to SB eaoh
Front Street, Revelstoke
and Copyright!
obtainod in nil eoutitrloH,
I uliUilii.nl In all o
Registered Patent Attorney
Mi'i'.liiiiilniil Attorney snd KiiKlnoor.
Room !l, Kiilrllnlil;llliKik, arnuvllloat., nonr IM)
A inikli'iinl will aooiiro nu iivoiiIiik iiiiiiiiIiiIi
iimnt for .now ivlio ennnotcall iIiii.uk tho day
W. J.   UCHTBURNE, Manager.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new management nl'
llAiuiY McIntiihh, Hoffman House
rnllK MBD10AL WATOlts of Hal.
J. i-viiit inn ilm iiiuhi curative in the
world. A perfeiit, iiiii.niiil reinmly for
all Neiviuw und iMiiii-iiiui- diseases.
Liver. Kidney nnd Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on nil boats anil trains. Two
iiialls aii'ive mul depart every dny.
Telegro h communication with all
marts of the world,
TBRHB-112 to (18 per week,   Fur
further particular, apply to
llAltliY MolNTOBH
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotu LaKt, V, C.
First-clas accommodation for travellers.
Best brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
Central Hotel
Newly built,    First-class in every respect.   All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rate, $1.60 per Day, Speciat.Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords, Host Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day,   Monthly rate,
Queen s ftotel
Rest brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to,.
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this"
CHIEF YOUNG,        -        -        Proprietor
Hack Service to any part of the City at all
hours. Rigs equipped for Sleighing Parties.
First class Single and double Rigs. Express
draying and Transferring. Saddle and Pack
horses for hire. All kinds of job work undertaken.   Wood for sale.
Stablb and Residence  Ppone 41
Hack Stand
 MM * :• :-i -k •-,••: -t :-i»i -w-i -w i "H-K
•M-H-H-W -•!••?-!- !•! -W-W-l-H"»•*
Although ii ii tin? (unction ol llio
pi ys,ii ,ui to Indicato lho gcnoral nature ol ilio noiii'isliiiii'iil to lie given
to Ills pntlenl llio responsibility lor
■ii   proper i" dh g nl the sick person
. Ives almost entirely on llio
nurse, and on her tad and Juilgmenl
■: tccoss of lho tlvulluelll will
,1 .pei -I. liven when tho food Is cor-
i , iiy prepared, inucli ntti ntlon to
the n anner ol service Is requislto In
order io make ll leiiipling to the Invalid,
Muring Illness lho things ihal na-
Btimuliite tho appetite, such
u- Iresh nlr nnd exercise, aro entirely lacking, bo that every possible menus um*! lie n*, il to render
the ; l-.i ol looil us agreeable as possible, Chlel in ii. ,i. i these is the core
ol llio nioiiili nml tongue, Unless
th, ■ aro kept scrupulously clean by
il,.. uso ol cleansing lotions, parti-
i: .1 i rnicnting food nro retained,
um! give rise to much discomfort.
This is especially true ol mill,, the
administration of which should always be followed liy a cleansing ol
the tonguo with somo such preparation os n mixture of ei|Uul parts ot
glycorin, lemon-juice and water up-
plied with n eul niti swab.
Before hriiu ing in the meal the
room should have beon put in order
ns much ns possible, lho pnllonl's
hands and Inco sponged off, nml tin
bedelolhcs mul pillows freshly arranged. The tray itself should be
U cl .-il Willi tin- protliest cliinti, the
whitest and troshest linen uiul tho
brightest silver tho household
boosts/ Very small purl ions only
should be set before a sick person,
for in ihis way n grcalet- amount is
likely in be onion lhnn if tlio weak
nppc ilo is nppiilleil by tho slgl** of
well-filled plates.
In giving liquids to polltf.., un-
nblii -., sit up, Hie hond sli„n!,l bo
raised by slipping the bund miller
the pillow, instead of directly under
Ihe head, ns in this way tho position is loss constrained and swallowing Is oaslor. The conventional elck-
I■''.'"!-■ with nozzles nre usually dls-
li1 id liy patients, and in most cases
t!;.id- inn bo taken without much
effort through e benl glass tube or
from n tumbler only u, iliird full.
Here again the patient should not
bo presented with more than ho is
likely to drink, ns ii shk person
feels n certain satisfaction In cuni-
pletely (implying liis glass.
II is ofien n difficult, question to
ri, de whether or not to waken a
sleeping pa!i,-nt for food. In most
ii-,'. it is belter to Walt, but often
a s; lerer may bo roused sulllcienlly
i" take a few swallows, nnd yet be
able i" drop oil aguln and sleep nil
lho more soundly for having received tlio nouslshment,
Till: WAV TO KI3RP VnliM.'.
K—|,   In   the   sunlight;   nothing
■ il    or sweet  grows or ripens
in ii.,- darkness,
V . id fear of all lis varied forms
of expression. It I* llm greatest
en my of the human race.
Avoid txeossos of ull kinds; Ihoy
nru Injurious The long llfo musl
be a temperate, regular life.
[lun'l livo lo eat, bul eal to live,
Many of our ills nre due in overeat n . to eating lho wrong tilings,
end to irregular eating.
i'.m't nllow yourself to think on
your birthday lhat you nro a year
ul i.i- nnd so much nearer llie end.
N'ever look on lho dork side; tako
miiiiij views ot avorytliing. A sunny
ll inglit drive, away the shadows,
II ,i child; live simply and naliir-
a .. and keep clear ol onl ingllng
,,   Hr.ct-s  -iii'l  complications  ot    nil
livale     the    spirit   ol    con-
i iitnn nl: all 'I  - " lew  and d! ittt-
i I ii -.rn   I i-iutj    oi •■ i trrows    pro-
■ iv to til
n a habit ol  ihi',wing ,,if '„,.-
,'olog to i" i al in tht, ul! ili"
■ and anxl tic,   ol lho da;   Bl
x    . io '      in po -.',!'  ■ fiusa
i     inl R'eor and i- nr or depi ve 'o i
III \! Ill IS  \ llvl'.IT
III tltll   |,     !■'.' .;.    ,   '   illll   -til ,'     , I
;      ; right       If wi      '  mi ,    tho
,     -  liabil  -.1 ..-.  , hull havo
- .-■ I, |    . ,i ..      ...
., , on litlm   | ly and men
i good ■ ■      ihll i '-'I
neflts (1,-rli        • ■   I
p      ......     ;l (fill    i .,     i    •     v|l|
In no leinplal Ion ' i fall hn Into
•;.., old habll i    Clel   .. u I
.  ithlng proper.)     It I   Jusl a,
•■ .,  lo breatl :■    p I ,
|.,i.,i Iho lung, nnd II tl ... :',ll ,,(
nn n often 'I'u" [ lho ilu i you
lhii    if It,
n tl  good i"- il nl  liubl -, aro n it
all      ih..    inenlo   li ih I     mm I   bo
..,!     It you  in,- in llie habit
nlfclng about   ovary   llltlo    III,
;.   i or ii,-!-,.-  si,,p it iii i ,   and
health  Instead     Speak kindly
■ir body, think thai nvory  or-
.   . |, in i"if cl  ardor, doing    Its
•...,:. naturally     Don'l think    lhat
, have io    I'll somebody    ovury
your head ai hes, or your hearl
    ,,i  your stomach refusoa
■ . -j „,iiii- horrid food yuu havo
11  . i upon it    Thoro ar, *n many
things to (alii aboul
AN Al lliolilll
;        i  Hi, Put's itili!, nli,I- ,'Mini-
ld ■,   Pat, who had   I n run down
by ,ii auto)—"Madam, I loar your
h-.-.' mil is dead "
Pat    (feebly) -   S'o, I alnt'l   doad
■ .-I."
p -     Wile—' Hush, iv, the gtntle-
i   ■      Mow,  hotter  thun you."
In .In,,' tllOlM ii i,n ,inl,III nil (he
',,..,. . ol Which i,pen ul line,', ,ri tl
l.i li (1 tlrvVo "i ,i ivaml, and tiny
oil, all 'n'li'.'i' together,
Will Find a Certain Cure   in   tho
Use of Dr. Williams Pink Fills.
lilii'iiinulism is a disease of the
blood, Every doctor now admits
this to be tin- fact. Doctors used to
think Hint rhi'iiiiintism was brought
on by colds in the joints und nius-
t-li's. Nuw they know thut cold never
started the disease—cold only se's
the pains going- Hhoumatisru enn
only be cured by curing lho bud
blood which causes it. Dr, Williams'
Pink Pill, iihva.vs cures rheumntisn-,
1,,'caiis,- thoy actually muko new,
rich rod blood, which drives out the
puis,,n,nis in-ill-, loosens lho stiffened
nchlng Joints and muscles nnd ro-
stores tho rheumatic sufferor in
health and happiness. Hi. Williams'
Pink Pills liuve rui'i'd rheumatic stif-
ferors, somo of thorn when they woi'3
nlmosl hopeless cripples. Air. T, II
Smith, Cnlodonla, (int., says:—"Fur
a iniiiilii'i- of years 1 wus lindly troubled with rheumatism, and was s-
crippled I could scarcely do uny
work. I tried quite u number ol
medlclnos, but they did nol help mo.
Then I saw llr. Williams' Pink Pills
advertised ns u cure for this trouble,
aud got n supply. After 1 had tnkon
u few boxes 1 sau Ihoy woro helping
ni!'. nnd I continued taking the pills
throughout the winter, and nm now
completely cured. 1 have since worked out of doors in cold weather wilhoul a rout, and did not fool even a
twinge  of the  trouble."
If you ore Buffering from any riii-
ouso due to bud blood or disordered
norvos, Dr, Williams' Pink Pills will
cure you, because they make now
rich blood, which goes right to the
root of the dlsonso and drives it
from the system. That is why llr.
Williams' Pink Pills cure such troubles ns anaemia, Indigestion, palpitation of the heart, neuralgia, headaches and backuches, kidney nnd
liver troubles, St. Vitus Dance, paralysis, and llie special secret nil-
nienis uf girlhood and womanhood.
Ilul. only tlio genuine [tills run ilu
Ihis and these always hnvo llio full
name "Ur. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People." on lho wrapper around
each box. Sold by Medicine dealers
everywhere, or sent by mall III fif!
cents a box or six boxes for SH.tiO
by writing the Dr. Williams Medicine,
Co., Brockvlllc, (inl.
Thn eslale of the Countess of War
wick, in Essex, possesses a most!
unique feature. In ono part of Ihe
grounds Is what is known ns the
"Siiakesjiearii Horde!'." This Include'
every flower, shrub, and vegetable
menli,,tied 111 lho works of Shakes-1
poaro. Tho collodion comprises over;
two hundred species, and every specimen   Is   labelled,   not   ullly   with     ils
botanic name, but also with tho
quotation from the piny in which It
is mentioned. Altogether il is ni
quite unique reproduction of the gulden mul lloi-iil history of tho sixteenth coulury. This extensive collection does nol include, olthor llio
forgel-iiie-nol, the, holly-hock, thel
fox-glove, or the llly-ot-the-vullev;
for students of Shnkospenro will luck
In vain for mention ol theso favorite
llovvers in Ihe whole of his work,,
Elephants,    Lions, Deer,  Gigantic
Baboons and Little Apes in
Tlie Earl of Warwick, bis brother,
t'tll'l. Cieville, nnd Col. Palt.is.in
have started from Loudon for Uganda for a big game shooting oxpo'll-
tlon, which will lie of several months'
This is by no means the first ox-
perlenco the Earl will have hud with
big giiiiin shooting, for ho has
brought down tigers in India, and
bus shot the "grizzly" on tlie Rocky
Mountains, Cnpt. Clrovlllo is one nf
tho host shots of the day, while (!,i!
Pnllison Is n big gaiiui hunter of re-
It is to the latter that tho ar
rangomouts of tho expedition havo
been entrusted, uml in oxplalni.l
them before starling he laughed nt
Ihe Idea Ihnl the perils which he and
his companions wero going to face
would be Vory dreadful or that tho
harships would be over great.
"As a matter of fact," he sail,
"wo shall take tilings us comfortably
us wo can. From Mombassa wo
shall go up to Nairobi, which is ns
fur as the rail will tako us.
"Seven years ago when 1 was there,
Nairobi wns simply a patch of desert
bind, now it is a cily with 10,000 inhabitants, and Ihere are a number of
while officials.
"We shall use Nairobi as our headquarters, and make various expeditions from there.
"Some of the country is. of course,
penetrable thicket, but we shall avoid
this and make for the hills and plains
which are really beautiful, and literally alive with big game of all kinds
Nowhere on earth, Indeed, can so
much big game be found.
"Thero are herds of olophnnts
plenty of lions, giraffes, endless deer,
and gigantic baboons lhat wander
about, followed by an attendant
army of small monkeys, whom they
"Our prospects'.' Well, that is hard
to say. There Is a large element oi
luck iu giiine hunting, Night aftor
night one muy hear lions roaring nil
around the camp, and yet not. see
one for weeks togother, I have
known men go 111 search of lions for
months, and never catch sight of one.
On tlie other liiind, one muy bag a
couple In tho courso of an afternoon.
"As wo reckon about twenty porters to each of us, wo slinll number
nil told about sixty. I dure say we
muy find our way to spots where no
whito mini lias ever yet been, and
come across many of llie numerous
in.live tribes. 1 suppose that altogether we shall lie away live months.
by the dealer
from whom
you buy Sunlight Soap if
you find criy
came for
Sunlight Soap is better
than other soaps, but is
best when used in the
Sunlight way.
reward will
perncn wbe
proves that
contains any
chemicals er
any form ot
Wilhoul ever drinking
I^SHUUBamttgtlBSMB OTStts*
Tea is lo die Wilhoul knowing (he full joy or LIVING. Why miss lie
SATISFACTION or sipping a hm cup of ihis FRAGRANT, REFRESHING
drink ?
Duly Ono Bent Toa.   Blue Elt>tlQn'» It.
Lady, or o.-il'.
F-EREE TO "S"0"U"!
Ail jou will rseolve	
; 12 niri|(l nud  13 TtilmblM {Ouf 1908 pattern*) nutlej of Ileal Aluminium
a dd rein, i
k ox  Ait
*!,,» |HT"»!  COt-
tit VuttT tilWIC*
Hnti-l ill yrv
uii.ui.: 12 Rl.... -  ----- .- -.-■■-      . 	
Tlirv nro Im-*,,'if till;   ruiuimlleiJ In  colouri. iml embossed witlt   ilia !..„..
" l/ii.'iifi.' '■ (,'on<i link,"etc.   Tbflf tn lightm- aud teufhar ilua real ailwcsitlmi sold ti
l/ti, mul uafiir Intnl.-.!.
Brll 111.HI mllnln. al Sn.nU «tli, m-kln, ,1.4, .ttoi.tliur, which (urv.nl to,,,, anl
w, mil .,-1,1 y.,,, .1 .,„.o, u. „ ir.iinl. . Ma,nincenl Lcvur Wmoh, kiisimo*,,-! fori
-Wl,, „, "-1,.-'' I'r.'.onli of llllh-clai, J.w.llery, wliiuh iou can Mine, It.ia our 11.1.
OOLD A 00., No. 3, Tht IVnlrfi Hum, Oolanwi Creaocnt, tonilon, W., England,
Equally ^ood with hard or soft water.
Iiomr Brothers .Limited, Toronto
Teething is generally accompanied
by nervousness, irritability nml
stomach disorder,, which may leal;
to serious consequences if not promptly treat id. Uaby's Own Tablets Is
the best medicine   in ihe world    lot-
 thing children   They allay tho in-'
lluinuiQlion in ihe lender swoollen
gums, correct tho disordered Btotn-
ach, nnd help the U'elh ihrun^h pala-
lessly. Mrs. T Nutt, Itayill ll tl,
nnl., so;- "liy bobj -, ii.ere,l terrl
lily while teeilni!!,. but a - 5, 'i- i- I
begun givim; him Llaby's Own Tui*-
lets lie improved in every way uml 1-
now a bright healthy child " Th,-
Tablets al*o i-ure colic constipat! m
diari'iiiien. Indigestion, Blmplo - 11
amI destroy worms I It ,y are guor
anteei! to contain not one particle of
opiate ,,i- harmful drugs, nod may be
giv"ii   with equal     -■ - ul re ill    1
ih, v.- I.,,rn babj 0 ■ Ihe -.v"!l grown
child,   Sold by nil di- igj Ists 01    ,e '
by  moil  ,il   ".', 1 "i -   :i   l|0, Wl It
ing llio Hi   Williams   Medi    ' 0
Hrockvllle, Out,
 —♦ —
Deaths by Burning in London Attracts Attention.
Tlio liritish Home Offic,.- authorities
nre collecting statistics us to tie
number of deaths caused by tin- wearing of llm,neletto clothing, with n
view 1,1 legislation on the subject.
Wynno Baxter, East London i-nro-i-
er, made this annoiu i-ment at an in-
quest  ci: 'erning the i!".i!h i.i   Doro
Zullo, Oi" '•' Ife ".' irtisl     Mi,: wns
combing her hair n front ot the li re
when her iiiiiii!..."'.- dressing gown
was set alight, an i Bhe died irom hor
Tho c ironor, ni',-!' mentioning the
official notion which was being taken,
commented on tho peril arising from
in,) wearing of flannelette, and said
llio number of f.,-.,: coses seemed  to
\       ilar ' , iso ',! ,is.-.'ii was   also
' the Prcsl     1 oroner,
■   throe year > old, dying owing
.:..   .,     tl
III   '. :.;     . ■
■      1: .' n„ a',,:n of flnnn-'i i"
ianm     to larked   tho   coroner
is merely a name,   ond
'-..'.:'■■ -.Ill II
more dangerous 1 -  fi,;.
:,..   .    .- , -,.:     cotton clol
Draconic    Sentence  Imposed    on
Two  Soldiers.
A draconlc sentence has been passed liy a I'oni't-iinii-lial silting at Cob-
Ion*, Germany, on two rillemen, who,
dressed in civilian clothes, lho better
to avoid recognition, hnd slipped out
of their quarters and, under cover of
darkness, gone lo 11 village restaurant, where they knew would I nd a
certain non-commissioned olllcer,
against whom they bore a grudge.
Seeing him silling inside, they throw
a stoneware pitcher and 11 piece of
wood through the window at him,
though without doing any injury.
The court-martial found the accused guilty of participation in a military revolt, and sentenced one to six
years' Imprisonment ami degradation
und the other to livo years' ha"!
labor, expulsion Irom llie army an I
live yeurs' loss of all civil rights. No
allowance wus made for the elev»ii
mon!hs -he men had been in custody
awaiting trial.
The seiilence has created great, astonishment, and is compared Willi
tne clemency so frequently shown by
eourts-m;irtla! lo non-commissioned
officers proved guilty of treating privates with gross brutaillty.
Wan    Marries Two   Rich  Women
and Spends Fortuns.
ily   ii,,,   ni iv '   ui   n i ted
Vi.it-il, who "i"" d    in 11        .1   ■ ■
nt Paris, t-'i'n ' I Ul
Hoi      ' ■    I   '     ,'..'" "'li,, n
man 1        1 !'"    i",       i"" ii
"- .. </ i
li.- in -,i       -    .1 ".' '1
with ts.l.fatn      .     ■ .,
ho In ■!   ; mil her 11 nml di let' ' I
her    'Ih.,  wil... ;i  did    llol   pt ,."
i mi     I, ,1    niliMil. 'I   1, 1    Willi      ill
tiiiiiing 11 divorce,
\ mid th. led 111 i   '
second alio In ,1 ; - woman ivllli
tlB.O'if)   Whon ho 1 ad obi 1I1 d   '■
money lm dc erted i.i 1 wit", who, lii<„
II" lirst, did nol  pro 01   1,   I   n, but
obtained a divorce,
\ 1.1 ni pr I"' I 1"'..'., ..   eureh for
11 third vli inn. led in,miikInl" 11
young nun,, Llm v.,-I! to do    \ Iscounl
Kina I flu \ lllofontnlne, applied to
I,:, ,"■. !■ -- fur ,1 i-.ii" \ I"id "in- Oil
mi i 1 ii'i iilueed In ni,",' ns n very
wealthy young lodj. nml tho \ N
count li'.-'-;im" onamored i.i hor, \
marriage was arranged, nnd VI ird
Induced the \ Iscounl. to hand him
$10,000 nml j.welry t,, tl,- value of
lloloro ili„ wedding 'on1,1 tako placo
hovevi-r,  certain   Information   um
corning ihe girl camo in tl 111 "f
lie, \ 1 mount, nnd ho broke off llie
match nnd askoil lor Hie return of
lm. a, y   Palling in obtain   this,
lie applied   1,1   lln;  poll"-,   lili'l    \ iill
i,!,ii in:, nlaco woro arreted on
charge, ol fraud nml conspiracy lu
Pi-'I Burgeon—Havo you saved
yon- inan'l
,'.;,,i-n: d Wurgl, 11 No, Illll I'Vo ';:,', ,
iiil Id. ui'i'i.ielu.
It Is as Dangerous as the Tobacco
or Whisky 11 -
' ■.- ■ ■ 1.-.!,'" :, , mi "1 in
and I, llnbli lo   end the
in, or her long home 1; Iho
tod   1        i,i'i.'.
lib nr lu   .i-.i   and   nd ou
11,1       ii   .rn, it,.
once a \
.    .       n ni'.....,,
"I hi,vu  ."■"  -    : it u
. mil        - :
murh In recent years frot
tneiits ■ hi i, I ' 1  ■    1 ■
dll-eetly due I,, '!-,.. pm.,,,„  In th.
'    - e,  .'"'ii  ,. torpid '    r end Indl-
■ ■■   '"'",   villi,I    :.•   '  ....   .... ,d	
|i    -   ."1    llll    111 ,     I
' i he y    1. ■ 1       ... in .■ .:
II   I'oulil l"'"'  1 -  ' rnpldly iutl   1
ter 1 drni :  my coffi ,  md  . ,   h I   "
le,rii.iil  ,1-.,  I' .- col	
•-"ii ,1 li -     my   ; ivoutd go .is
high as i;:.' heal   to th, minute  ','.
family were groal 1 ul id al   my I
rondltion ninl at la 1. mother 1 -i
Bunded ni" i„ begin Iho uso of Pos
I im Pood Coffcri
"I  ..,.'..   ui, Uu   old coffee   ,--,' reli
anil   uhsi In'-1 ,   and 11 a'le Posl tn
in-,- ..i" 1 "i ■ I..-.,-,"...   riii.   ., ,.
months ugo, md nli ny Ills, the In
digestion,  Inactive llvor und rickntv
heai 1 a,'.'",. i'i,-." p 1 1 1 ., mil
in-.' 1 omplexlon has hncomo , -■ ir ond
nuliii'iil. 'llie Improvement sol In
vory  .",,11 afler 1 mud" tie chpngi
jllst   IIS   !U„,II   II I   III"  I'',if""   |"ii     ,!,   llll.I
time to work ,,',i oi my ayi I  n
"My liii'.lmnd lln - nl- 0 been    I'linl,1
lii'ii,.nii,,l by Hi" 1,.-,' ,,( I'i -i'i,1, 	
it. lm,I Hint n Bluiplo bi'enkfii I .mli
I'm! um, is nn satisfying nnd   more
nil i-llit'iiing   Iiniii   ll Id   hr-avlvr
ni,..,! wn ii'ied lo llll " ".i'i' 11 Ihor
kind ol roll",'." Niini" g|i tui l,v
Po.'iiiun Ho , H.iHle Ureal .  Mich
There's 11 reason,     Read Hie lillle
|,,i„|;,   "The  llollll  lo  IVellville,"     in
They Brought Back His Strength
When he Could Neither Rest nor
Winnipeg, Man.. Dec. d.—(Spociali,
—Mr. Hen RalTcrty, tho well-known
C.P.R. engineer, whose home is nt
17."i Maple .street, is ono Winnipeg
mnn who swears by liodd's Kidney
"Long hour, on the engine anl ilm
mental strain broke down my constitution," Mr. Unl'ierly says. "My
berk gave nut. entirely T'lrrible,
shuip, cutting pains followed .1110
anothor, Hi! I felt 1 wns being sliced
away piecemeal. I would com-1 in
I,-",I in death from n run. Mv sole
desire would be to get rest and
sleep, and they were the very things
I could nol g,-i. Finally I hn I to
lay oil -.'.-■,rl
■ Then I started to lake Heel's
1. li n P II.. and tin- first nighl aftor
using He :,, I slept soundly. In three
day, I threw away the hell I have
- oars Dodd's Kidney i'i!1:,
' trod mo."
'  "        '. ■•• , Ion ' 0, - iifi ir is
i,,..     .    - , the human body?
Angel Child—"Aunt Daisy, what
is meant by 'a fictitious character'?"
Aunt Daisy—"That means one thut
is mndo up, dear."
Angel Child—"Oh, yes! Then you're
a fictitious character, aren't you,
Ii a dos; tilt-a yon ilon't be scared. Ii.itlie tlio
wimn.l intli 11 util water ninl cover it willi n ototli
mi which Wen'or's Cointi! Iiu bci'ii frooly
Hlirti.ul. Tlio derate roliovos tlio |iain oallsod liy
tlio atius of ln,outs.
Toucher—Willie,   what    animal    Is
web footed?
Wi llio—Tho spider.
Lillle hul Soiirrhinn. - llr. Vnn
Sinn's Pineapple Tablets (ire not big
j nauseous doses lhat contain Injurious
; drugs or iiiircolics —they nre the pure
VCgOlablc pepsin — llie ineilicilllil OX-
trnct from Ihis luscious trull, und the
lliiblcls nre prepared In ns pnlalnblo
fnrni as the fruit ilself. They cure indigestion.   CO in a box, 115 cents.—50
Competition Is the lite of trade
from thu viewpoint of tho buyer
Many inherit weak lungs, nnil us disease usually assnils thn wonkost point,
theso pci-.ioiiH uro continually expnsmt
to attacks of cold und pulmonary ills-
turhancus. Tho speedy uso of Uicklo'H
Aiiti-L'onsuinptii'o Syrup will bo (ouiid
a nrovontlvo nnd a prolcc,,ion, strongth-
ening llio orgiins so tluit thuy are not
so I,iililn to ileruiigoincut (com exposure
or iiluiijil utniosplioric eliiuiges. Uickle'u
Syrup Is encap and good.
Cashier (coughing)—Pardon me, 1
didn't catch your lust ntinie.
Ethel (blushing)—I huveiiT caught
it yet, myself.
A mnn often makes allowances for
his wife, but not always in the form
of a weekly stipend,
Easily and Quickly for Your Church
A or %9 oriyotiior 2f> purposo! II0 rCSSK
Bond Ul1nUofc^;^H^*h..(llllyBIw)ol, cjmrt'li nml ixuitor, or olhcrsnb- ,
ijc!jnnuivoHlllr'ki)ro,luoa toeotliar, hi bt-aut-Iful bull-tnr.u, oulOO I
tuiii itu'tinin TitAV-c, iTAii, ruiorr.H, uihk hloitkhs orCilJtH-1
Ilia.'. iiMcjI one cirtiSHortril; Qi<iiicslt:t<!.,l('ltctuliudlrcct(>d. MMio 1
ti'ia-aifui, nubtilo Bouveulm. Yourself ami follow workeni can I
quickly Ei'll atSSoowh.   ,.   m   I
KEEP S30.C0, SEND US $20.00 "^W^Wla;Wo'
SO KOM'Y RKOnRE, I* JirimCI. but IIH.00 ftimeptoU tla.ll will,
„nl„r. BatlafaBtlonraarutoed. One ,a,„plo anil booklet 'How to
Sl^lioMonty" EilO In VIOO) free. Atlillttoii.*.!B»mpli-«ICnonieli. Abovo
:u-,:-i":< na tulvertlilna eouveatn (or laereliautB, at,,.. „„nio prt,-o.
yOl'NCi    Ml N     HI    CANADA   AM)
;.' i Ilualneia or Shorthand cducalion
...       ,    ■      ., -i.'ii.  ,t i ii ,
i     i well Ior yoli ii, Hn'
, ti l Mill iii-ll
I un nli    business   liol
leg, „l llnmlllon,     V      in p    • .'"
Itniip    in go .'I ,11(1,1 on,
, . ■ .   v, •   d -I
,  '        tr ami i an il   II nfinln   I'hl,
; ■ i of I anoda,
■'. year, undei
:.>'<  ! . i I :
«'. I   .'I ' .1    I  .  iii     .   . .'■'     i'lv
ii.   Write
li. I-;, i.u.i vi.iiiiK, Principal,
('.. H, , ollege   l!"     '    Oul,
Y. M, i.   V  i: -:.,   •
Till-; IIKTOI i   '"I ITI  "'
v in"; '.-i riiirrt,    i.
. ,.■ in -      '   •■' ii' ron
Il'l .    Ill  Ihe    li I    Ihe
, ■, ...     I-,   raj
1 uiily ',,'   lo lln l-l Ih ' will-
; |    ||      ,-i    .     .'.-;■ ll .(
"v. tii .im ,n       i p.- '...' liar
'■i nr ' '.      !'. .   ..    i
"      '■
rii'j I        r  in    ully liiul   i    ' 'I
chuiii-i! i,i reloi'l    '.'    n ii'i,i'lv ', -■
' ,i |iu; (ho Iur} ii-' ' ilu  i-. ■"!
io irny, llils lima .-1 n 11 nli r til I Hire
li   :      iill        'ili r     '   ill.I',".-.
i i com i ""i " p mmI "i 'i I
I:,, li,.  "Mny l ii     v -ii In I'cppnl \ mi
in ii word '  I'll rn i ■   n -  li 11ii*i-fl
I did   in,l   qui!    rule   In il    ill
in ."
Heighten rni'cn lid1' yeni' vlnlilod a
profit ol about £1,200, which will
piisn into iim corporation troa mry
A Qs'.ck Recovery Irom Paver ninl all lick-
nea, i. alway. tlie ease when " Verroftm" tlw
best tonic ii u-„'l. It bnilil., it Ntre:i*tln,na, It
"be, now life.  Try It.
Willie—"Father, what's a spendthrift?" Father—"A man who
spends a groat deal of money lool-
ishly." Willie—"Then Is a man who
lends money foolishly a Icudthrlft?"
You ennnot l,o happy whtlo you huvo
corns. Tlu'ti ill, nnl. iloluy in getting a
Iml lie of Hullinviiy'H Corn Cure. It
remove, nil kind, of corns without
pain.    Pailiuo with it is unknown.
When Ihe COOlcillg-SCllOOl graduates
casts tier breail upon Ihe waters sho
hopp.i ll will return to her in the
shape of a wedding cake.
Iheir  complete   home euro.   Post
free to readors ot this paper.
For limited period only.
A handaorna lllualrated trentiso. giving foil doacrilitlon o' llhoumallan, nnd
I'nriiiysifl, will, liistructlnns fur a coin-
p|eiH liunin euro, describing llio must
luccuriifui trontutflnt In Hm world, rn-
commendcil ny tbo Ministry and otulora-
ed l,.v m.iluuil mnn. Tills lilgbly In-
■tructlvi I,,,ok waa -/rltton by W. II.
j Vuno, a ffoiilloinan who l,us maitn* a
,tu,iy ,,( Ihaio dlaeasei. Tha prnftca I.
j l,y it giiidnnlo i,( (ho tln!vi!|-!.ll.y of
: IViirt./l.nrn Men,I |,i„itftl to-ilny and
y„n wttt rofialva tha bonk free by re*
(urn Aii,li,',!i. Tha vano Unit Og., 'li
Kii,||   St,   i.r.l.   Iiionlo
MAKIM; UP I'ull LOST iTMlii,
Mi * Tuiiijn.v-.Viiii can't linaglno
how lonvenieiii i find it io havo   a
I tolophono   ill   llie   hi        I   rJoil'l   see
how v.e over managed to get  along
lv,ll",ilt   ll
II, r lluliblllld   Yes,  I run Imagine,
.wiih,,ui nn. iroublo, In,w i-onvonl-
"tii '."■-, find ii I tried nine times to
ell .'" i.|, In 'liiv, uml every lime
yoll Wi-re busy talking lo somebody
It', ihe insl draw Hint, breaks tlio
benli  iinouiil..
"What have you in Ihe shape of
cucumbers?" asked llie would-be eus-
(oiiier, ns he entered the grocery.
"Nothing but Imtinnns, sir," an-
Kwered the new clerk.
Help your children lo grow atrong
nnd ret,list, l-y ciiuuteriiclhig anything
thut causes ill-hpiillh.    Olio grout 1'iiliM!
nt IIU'  iii children  is worniu.     H,i-
i-tovo llieni with Molhor Clravea' Wuini
l'Jxleriuhiiitor.    ll novor (nils.
Thn value of all kinds of fish landed in England and Wales in one year
is over $83,000,000, mul the nunibur
of men and boys employed over in -
Impossible' to Find.  A piaster onual to "Tlio
11, it I." Montliol, "oratdoiuhoi! tUimgoquula It.
! ,1 yard nil int.',' plaster..  M,,il.,,l un rot'eipt i,f
pi-i'-i-.  Il.ivii Jebav,-i-oiii-,, Co,, M-illtroal-
I   All men   hive an Inhoronl  ubilily
Ilo niiike mistakes.
I Ruby Humors, — Ur. Agiuvv's Olnt-
iiiienl siiollii's, quiels, nml elleels quick
mid effective ciiroS in nil .'-kin oi'iipllons
COlllilloil hi bidiy during leelhing Iim,-,
II is harmless in lln' hair ill rases of
Scald llninl, mul cures Eczema. Snli
Rheum nud nil skin Diseases ot oldet
people,  115 cents, -   55
In the palm of. Ihe hand thero an-
2,500 pores lo the square inch. If
these pores Wero nulled end lo onl
they would measure about live miles.
The Luxury ot :i Bound throat and robust lunn,
1.1 int.it koonlv onjayeil by t,oi,|,hi nli,,, li.aviui;
aulloi-Bil from a "lltil,, ell. you know," have
been roseuuil (rem misery rout iiantior by Allon'i
l.uu* llalmuu.
When you write to a nun rend
your Id tn- over carefully, then mall
it, when jou write to u woiiinn read
it over threo limes. Ihon burn ii.
A Utiro (or Kliciiuuitisn,.—TI,n irtrti-
slim u( uric ni-ld lulu (he hluoll lessel.i
is a frnitfiil cmiso n( rhoumallu pains
This Irregularity Is uwtng to a deiaiiB-
,-,l nnd unlicnllliy cotldltlun of (lm liver.
Anyuno BUhjocf in this painful affei-ilnn
will (iml a remedy In l'nriuelei-'s Voiro-
table Hill,. Tholr iiciiun upon tho
kidnoya l.s pronuuiiretl nnd musl bencn-
ciul and by restoring lietiltby uitinn,
tlioy correct Intjiurltios in tho blood.
A bee thai works only by nighl in
to bu found in Ihe jungles of Judi:-.
It Is un unusually largo Insect, llio
combs being often iill. lung by lit
Bl'ltjlit's  llisnise        Insilliiius!  ili'i'ep.
live! relentless! lm* lolled hundreds ,,f
trials hy meiUcnl srleiieo In nlom Ihollite
ol Ils ravages - mul nol unli! S :ii!!i
AiiieriiMii Kidney Cure proved bej'oiiil
doubt ils power lo Itil'ii hunk llie Nile,
wns Ihere n gleam ul 'iitjllniig hul dr
spuir fur llie vlclllll of llii-i dread I'uiiu
of kidney disease.—51
l'AY 01,11 scoitl.s.
"Mr.   Deeply,"  said   the  hosloss.
"won't you obligo us with oiiu nioi-e
song-.'"   "lih, really!"    replied    th.-
eiuitieiil. Vocallsl, "llie hour Is   lute.
I'm nlriild my singing will    illsturU I
tho   neighbors."   "Never mind   thnl  I
They've   gul   a dug whose   howling I
disturbs ,100 nl nighl,"
Iinpurltloi In  lho  blood,- Whon    (Ita
action of thu l.ld,,,-ya t ume* tiii|iiiiii,ri :
Impurities In Dm blond uro ehuiii.l, aura i
in I. II, iv, nii.i I'l'iiorul (lurtliuQinonl ul
(ho svstnin I'tisiios. I'uriueliiu'u Vi'go-
Inhlu Pills will regulate, tho kldliay,, io
thnl Ihoy will nialtiliilii healthy urlien
siul ni-i'vunl llm ciiiii|,lli„tlnna wl.k-li
ci-iliiinly coma vvbon thoro In dai'nngo-
tiiiint ul theso di'lli'ntii orguns. As n
roaloriitlvo llioae I'llll nro In tho llrat
II. Homellmos happens Ihnl u nuiok
nnd lowly girl becomes u sli'dnuoil,
Praottcil Every day Lesaon, on
For75ti, post IllUI
Boi 42'i. (T.;t'.h:»t'i,Ol t
rea MANUFMTURE||1 ______
-7"7 King luti-ia*, Suvouto
l.tllllvS'ililiI MEN'8 KHII nn,l FI'lll.lNUl)
t'OAT,-i. KvorylhlnglnFura, Hand for catalog*
RAW FURS ru?};?.:o_,ii1.lrtprlo•9■somI
LADIES'       #
Ot_ b, iton, parfKlly by oar Franer, Prooeu. Tn II
tairiiH hM-hioah n vi isc e>,
| FAR!
X Wo am appoint luff oris ilriigxist or ;v;ont v
Y in o*ery town nr Tiili»ira &1I nvnr Cinatlii for ♦
T tho Halo nl our r»mediii... .Yo treat mccon-i- -)%
*0 fully lloraiw, OaltlB, Shfop, llngH nnil x
'*.. r.niltry, Yitutii; Col-- witli naval luui juint X
w cliioaso. t
+   Our Free Advlcci and C(,upiin System X
)C( will l-ilorent ynti. Write tor Hit of remn- 4;
^ tllfti aiiiliieari-itt'.'joiii'y. tin st'ink-breeilfir Q
O can know too inuai about thu iliso.i '«* It i.i X
X iiniinal.s am sulijtii-t tn. X
6 The VCTEfllNARY SPECIALTY 00., Lhnlltiri ♦
X     6S« DUN1JAS ST., TOKONTO, ONI'.     g
, lrimtlvo,Lalt-iJ.U|itoD«to
tntl Authoritative. So other gilt
will ,o often he a romlndur of tho giver.
?380 iniges, -000 illustratior.e. Recently
enlarged with 25.000 now words, a now
Qntluir, and niw Biographical Dicllon-
nry. odlted hv W, 'I- Horria, l'b.D., LL.ll.,
U. I! Coaimlesloner of Education. Grand
Prl20,Worl_'a Fiir.Bfc Louis. Oat tho Best.
V,',,l«lof-,C,.li.,'l"Uiliii!l.,o.rr. L,:i:-..to'.„,i.bri,lL-
ti,i,i,„ ll..,'.l,r..|n,'ri.ml'np.arflliorj,. Itl'li-iij,,.."I
tlilte for"Olctloaary Wrinkles" Fie,.
p. ft C. MEKBIAM CO., BprloitltU, Uua.
Sunlight loip 1, bittor than ottir loipi,
bnt ii best when niod la tho Sunhtht way.
I  Buy eanllakt Soap tni follow dlnotlont.
'I understood you lo sny,
plained the home seeker,  "that
huiiuii was a brownntone front."
"Oh, no,"   replied tho slick    real-
I estate iniin, "I merely sub! It wus 'a
| brown trout.' "
j    "Huh!   It'i    nothing    but   plustnr
i painted,"
I    "True,     but—»n—It's    all      htnd
With s look ol interns lactates os
hi, face th, young man lltsPts Isto
the parlor,
"Well," queried the uiloui maid,
| "what did papa soy?''
I "Words cannot oxprets If,* antwor.
I oil the youth, oa be hurrltdly crawl-
I ed Into' ill, overcoat, ."but hit Mrf U,
i Burnt |avt tat a pain."-
"And jfet," said Ihe professo'-,
struggling with u burnt and blacken-
ed steak of unusual toughness, which
(lm cook-lady bud Just brought iu,
"Ihey uny vvonuiiis work is novel'
The World Is I'ull u( I'nlna.-Tlio ochoi
and pulns iim' nlllli't. llllllilliilty ,i,,i
tunny ninl t'onitnnt. arising rrom i,
iini!'iini!" nf indliitliiftiiiiiiiihl,! cioel,'!.
hut In tlio iiiiiii] i,wing In ninu'i nug-
ligflii'o In tolling em-,) ni llll health. I'i'
Ilu,inns' l-'.i-l,nitric (III was tho murium! nl ti universal cry for hoinii Bjiecl*
lie which would fipoorilly relievo pnln,
nml ll. liun lllfoil Its mission io a rt-
mai'kulilu ,I, p,i,ii-
In I'rein-e, mil of every I.ono In-
luiblliints, 1311 ure old people nl
inini' lhnn   sixty    years,   iol against
setenl.v-Iliruo in Kiigluiul  I i...v,-ii'y
Iiinn iu liei'inaiiy.
lin' Slonini'll's "Weal or Wool", Tlw
sliuuneli Is Ihe eenlre Irom which, from
III,! slliiidpi-iinl ,,f henllli, How, "v. ill "I'
vviie." A lioulthy sloiiineli llll' ui- p-r-
feet digesllon -- poi'fcel tllKeslion
tnenns strong nml steady norvn centi'ot
-strong nerve contrcs lyieuini good clr
ciihillon. rich blood mul gund henllli.
Soulli American Nervlho ninkes nml
keeps llie stomach I'lghl,—52
Sealskin shoes for dogs un- um lu
In Labrador, The dogs nlt-iehofl lo
Sledges trnV'i-1 nt great upend ov'e,
tho roiiKh Ice, und BOliw proluclloil
for the feel  is nocossary,
Dear Mother
Your little one, are I comtint CM it
Fill and Wintoj weilher. Th?/ will
catch cold. Do you know iboul Shiloh'i
Cniumprion Cure, the Lunj Tonic, and
what it nu dona In ,o many} ll ii uld
to be the only leliible remedy lor oH
cokshi of tha air pm.gr, in children.
Ili) ib»lutely liannleu ind plraunt to
sot. Iliasuarulae-llocuieoryuiic ,,1-mey
ii Mirttd. TU (rice ii 25c. per buttles,
stiaMoWUtilnrnerliciaiKll |-|
Bj, rimedy should be in tvity hout-lnlrl
mn: no. i. oi.


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