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The Mail Herald Jan 25, 1913

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 "Kevelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Alps."
The Mail-Herald
Vol. lb
RhlA E .8TOKB. B. C. JAN 25, 1913
$2.60 Per Yea
Progress Club Meeting Divided on Best Course to Hopt—Members Voice
Opinions-Decide to Await Further Advices—Another Meeting
be Called. ■HHHHH
The Revelstoke Progress  Club met' >
in special meeting on Thursday evening at thhe City Hall at 8 p.m.
In the absence oi President F. M.
Qibson, Vice-President J. D. Sibbald
ir., occupied the chiair.
Some tweaty members were present
when the meeting came to order at
8:30 p.m., but later on tbis number
whs increased to some fifty members
and others.
Ohairman J.D. Sibbald, jr.,—As you
nre all aware, this special meeting of
tbc Progress Cluh was called to discuss ihe matter of the railway from
the North.   This meeting is now open
Mr. J. 1). Sibbald, sr..—I presume
that this meting ha- been called on
u-count of something I said at th-?'
Inst Board of Trade meeting. It was'
decided thnt the matter of the Big
llend Railway should come before a
larger number of people.
Thia country has for    'a number of
year6 been promised railways fro.n the
south  and we need  one  badly     from
the north.   Wo all know that     there
is timber    enough in the north     to
keep  one  railway  runn'ng for thirty
years;     ther.: is land and     minerals,
making a very large freight, and mak |
ing it possible for the railway crossing  three transcontinental lines,     to
act as a feeder to these transcontinental roads, that is the G.T.P.,    thc I
C.N.R., and tha     C.P.Ry.   Bach     of,
these roads cro.-ses the river, only be-j
Befitting the country touched upon for
a few miles, and leaving large quant- j
illes of land lying between these lines I
whieh should bc tapped.
T was in London last Bpring,     andj
some  parties came  to mc  in  relation!
to a     railway     proposition.   I
them I did not come over with
proposition,     but     I thought I knew
something which might  he what they
I drafted a road from Tete Ja'uUe
Cache down to Northport in Washin;-
ton. We went into the matter. I
took those parties to see the British
Columbia representative in. Loudon,
and Mr. Turner said he did not be -
lieve there was a better one in the
province   of  British   Columbia-   After
• The     Annual     Meeting of the
• Revelstoke     Board    of     Trade
• postponed  from    January   21st,
• will be held on   Thursday even-
• ing, January 3Cth, at 7:30 p,m.
• in the City Hall, for co.isidera-
•^tion of the Annual Report, Hlec-
• of officers and ordinary business
to take the matter up, und that the
only thing to do was to bring it before the government during tho present session, Now you know all about
the subject, and it will he left to you
lo deal with.
Mr. Chairman, gentlemen, I do not
know that I know very much aboul
thc subject, yo l all know a commit -
tee waited last year upon the government, also know what was done at
that time, and now wc learn that
there will be some more legislation
i ome In from the government on railway questions. The matter was dis -
cussed by thc Board of Trade, and we
did not think it was tt sufficiently
strong meeting to lake the matter up
I am sure we are all deeply interested
in tbc opening up of the Big Bend.
I ast year wh n we went down we
bad great deal of censure because
we did not go until too late, and the
1 roposition is. if we are going to
taketbe matter up this year with the
government, wc should con-ider aad
do so early.
We might discuss the matter, and
perhaps a resolution might be framed, and sent down, I do not think it
would do any harm to either send a
resolution or delegation, just to remind them that we still mean busi -
ness in regard to the Big Bend Railway.
I have no message, or any information on tbe subject.
J. D. Sibbald, sr.—Had wc any information as to what is goiag on in
the present bill we might be able to
discuss it, I had a message which led
told'n,e *° believe that we might have
orVy| known by this time today what wa
in the bill, 1 haw, however, received
r.o further information.
A. J. McDonell—When will the bill
be brought down.
J.D. Sibbald—It was expected that
we might he able to find out whether
this railway wa- in the rresent bill
or not. but we have received no further information. Mr. T. Kilpatrick
is down in Victoria now, and I under
stand was approa'hed on th; matter
through trunk lines, by asking the
trunk lines to build the road and help
ing the- road down the Big Bend as
they have done in other places. We
would like to see something brought
down in tbe legislature regarding th^
Big Bend Railway
A. J.—McDonell—I do not think our
trip to Victoria did harm. I would
be in favor o! asking the government
ior what we have been already promised, we gain nothing here by .-itting
a. a McCleneghan.
It was not my intention to say anything, 1 am a little in the dark in
regard to this meeting. Personally I
feel it would do no harm to ask th-
Hon. Thomas Taylor of Mr. McBride
i! there is any prosrect o' a subsidy
being granted to aline of railway
down  the Big Bend, we should couple
ourselves with no particular line. We 	
expert and hope that the C.P.Ry. will Names Of Promoters
he making developments and spending
large sums of money in this city and
district during the next three years.
It is possible, anl the C.P.R. might
themselves contemplate coming down
the Big Bend. I am personally strong
ly opposed however, to the sending
down to the government, of a resolution which might contain anything in
the nature of a threat or demand. I
think we would be well advised if wa
-ent a letter to the Hon. Thomas
Taylor, asking ii there is anything in
store for us during the coming scs -
Chairman—The idea would be to
Eubsidis? any line which would come
down the Big Bend.
W. H. Horobin—Of course wc must
not lose fight of th? fact that there
i- now before the Dominion House an
application for a chart -r dowa the
Big Bend.
Mr. J.D. Sibbald, er.—I have here a
i. tier from Premier McBride, in which
he requests that we will keep the mat
action 1 would like this Progress club
to take would be a letter probably to
Mi. Taj lor.
Af J. McDonell—I would li'.te to see
a resolution sent down fro this
Progress Club, not a delegation, just
to kivp it before the government.
The amendment was thin put to the
meeting and declared carried by 14
votes to 8.
Secretary Horobin—1 ihink it would
1 e advisable immediately upon re -
ceipt of this iirforma'ticn, to Call a
special meeting we cau notify the mem
bers through th" press. I
After some further desultry discus -
sion, the meeting terminated at 11
p. m.
-: Election New Officers.—Resolutions of Confidence
in McBride Government, Hon. Ilus. Taylor md
R. f. Green, M. P,-President's Report Shows
Continued Progress.—Enthusiastic Meeting.
^^^^^^^ Clauses
of Bill Introduced Ottawa
House—Particulars of Cap-
i'alization—Head Office at
Below we print for lhe immediate
information of Mail-Herald readers,
the full text of the first clauses of the
Act of Incorporation of tbe Wetaski -
win, Yellowhead and Revelstoke Railway Company.
Tbis contains the names of the parties making the aPplicatioa, and will
doubtless be read wiih the greatest
interest by all.
The clauses quoted conta'n the vital portions of the act, the balanco being occupied with the usual Limited
Liability Clauses.
Tbe annual meeting ot the Revel -
stoke Conservative Association was
held in Selkirk Hall at 7:46 la-t
Thursday evening. Tbe hall was well
filled with Conservatives. Pnslduit
Rand Gibbons occupied the chair,
while W. R. Reid of Arrowhead, vi™
president oi th> Ccniral Conservative
Asfociation, occupied a si at on the
After culling the meeting to order
President Gibbous spoke referring to
the unavoidable absenc.t from ths
meeting of Hon. Thos. Taylor, who
had been prevented from being present
by unavoidable circumstances. The
Minister of Public Works bad always
made it a point to l>e present at the=e
annual meetings in thi past and hei
regretted very much that he was not
here this evening. At thc name of
Hon. Thos. Taylor there was loud
and prolonged cheers.
Preside nt Gihbons then stated lhat
owing to the fact that there was another important meeting the same
evening he would confine his report to
three heads:
First—The unanimous return of oar
member last March.
Second—The election of Mr. R. F.
I'.reen to the Federal house.
Third—And th- annual convention
at Revelstoke which did this city a
great deal of good. All who attended stating that they hai been well
ir. ated.— Loud applause.
Mr. Gibbons continued in part   as
follows—My term of office has expired
when handing over tbe rein-* of offlc<>.
1 wi-h to express my sincere     thanks
to all tbe officers of thu Association.
(specially to Mr.  J.   H.    Armstrong,
vice-president of the Association, who
has proved more than equal to    the
Whereas a petition has been present-   task before himf   He    has carried on
ed praying that it be enacted as bere   the work   in my abssnee ia a   highly
inafter set forth, and  it is expedient   satisfactory manner. —Loud applause.
to grant the prayer of the said peti-1    President Gibbons then stated that
thin';.     we
ibis we further discussed the matter,
and ahout that time came in thc proposition of a to" being charged thru'
Panama, for wheat taken outside the
United States. I appeared that if
tbis road could be cut to the point
were demonstrated, it could join   the
before he left for the i oast.
R.   Gordon—I  have  no  information
1 that would be of any use to the meeting tonight.   Taking  the matter as I
; size it up.  I would consider any   ae-
I tion on the part of the Progress Club
at the present time would be very ill
advised.   La-t  -prir.g wc had „ strik
er.R. or Canadian Northern,       and
place wheat at Portland, Oregon, and
carry same in American bottoms thru   in<? "ample of what not  to do, and
tha Panama at a Saving of four cents1I «*»•-     wi*h thp experience   in our
per bushel for wheat.   Thc matter ap'
pealed to them, and tbey wished to
know if they .ould obtain a charter
and if the governui. nt would do ths
same for them a- for others.
Mr. McBride was In London, and
be stated to rae there he had some arrangement wiih thi> Canadian North
which would nol allow of him doing
anything for another road. I took
these parties to him and be told them
exactly the same thing excepting that
he said "hc might be able to know in
July whether any change would
made in the program, as he expected
to commence work then on a survey
down the river, and he told the parlies they would have to put up a deposit within thirty days, and they expressed their willingness to do so and
they would have their surveyors on
the ground within that  time.
We have not got anything done at
all on the Big Hind Road up to the
present moment, and T think a- expressed to me the other day I met
parlies nnd men who nre in sympathy
willi the government and they snid it
wns up to the people of Rev.Istoke
Ui get that railway started, and that
the government having arrangements
with the Oanadian Northern, that the
with the	
minds at the present lime we would
l>e worse than th ■ proverbial mill" to
repeat thj fame thing. The pioposal
as I undersiand it is to tend a del" -
gation to Victoria to demand of the'
government the construction of a
railway between the liues of the C.N.
R. and thv G.T.P. now being con -
Btructed, and Revelstoke'. Any of us
that have seen anything at aU about
the construction of railway^ In Western Canada know that it i= not a
good thing to run what is a mere
spur road between two trunk lines. It
is only a matter of time until the
trunk road- will cither kill that road
or own it my opinion is that we must
wait until one of the trunk lines buiid
the road
Mr. C B. Hum.—I have not yet
lieen able to see what harm was don.'
by the delegation which went to the
coast la-t yeai. We are not trying to
force anjiiody.it la a que-tion of asking, anl tho-e who ask, generally receive. The government themselves
have already re. ognized the Big B.-nd
Railway, by mentioning same in spee
.lies from the platform, an.l also thru
Premier McBride addressing he delegation at Vi toria. We propose that
ih.- govi   ' ■ ho .1.1  do  -nmcihine
ter before him, 1 ho not
(ould do better than send
down  ihere.
I take exception to thai, Mr. Sib -
I aid has a letter personally addressed
to himself, but there certainly is no
request on record from thc Premier
io thiB Progress Club asking us to
keep thi- matter heroic him.
Mr. J. D. Sibbald, sr.— I move a
resolution "That as information was
expected to be available from Victor
ia in relation to the railway proposition, but wTiie-h information is not to
band and in order to decide upon
Fome line of action, that thia iiveting
te adjourned until Saturday evening
at 8 p.m." Sce-onded by Mr. A. J.
Mr. Theo. Wadman—I move un amendment "That the secretary le in -
gt rue ted to write the Hon. rhouin •
Taylor in regard to ibe matter an.l
that Mr. T. Kilpatiick who is now at
the coa-t, be requested to have un
interview with the Premier." Bee -
ended by Mr. H. J. McSorley.
Mr. McSorley—In seconding that resolution of course we have a lot of
different opinions as to what we
Ft ould and should not do. We have
had a Progress Club for something
like a Vear now. and I think we have
cone a lot of good for the city. 1
think that pos-itdy my idea ol
thing along thi- line would possibly
be ., letter to Mr. Taylor, and I consider we have a lot of workto do
in this club, and I do not think we
should take up matters i oncerning
which there is such 0 diflcrencs of opinion, too strongly. 1 do not like
the idea of resolutions or action from
tion: Therefore His Majesty, by and
with the advica and consent of the
Senate and House of Commons of Canada, enacts as lollows:—
1. George Benjamin Campbell, ag -
ent, Jobn Peter Gross, real estate agent, Anthony S. Roscmoll, miae owner, Olal Herman Anderson, mine owner, Duncan MaeRach-ru, miller, Harris ilium, manufacturer, und William
James Loggic, barrister at law, aU
of the citv of Wetaskiwin, in the province of Alberta, together with such
persons as become share holder- in the
company, are hereby incorporated under thc name of "The Wetaskiwin,
Yellowhead nnd Revelstoke Railway
Compnny,'' hereinafter called the Com
The persons named in section 1 af
tin- ct an constituted pioviional
directors of the Company.
9. Th - capital stoic of tbe Company -hull bS one million dollars. No
one call thereon Mi-ill exceed ten per
tent on thj shares iubtcrlb"d.
.'. Tip lu a I ofllce of the Company I
shall he at lhe cily of Wetaskiwin. I
in the province of Alberta.
6. The annual meeting of the share
holdei'H shall be held on the s-cond
Tuesday  in   September.
7. Thc  numlier   Of      director    shall
be not less thnn live nor more    than
nine, one or more or  whom may    bo'
paid dticctors.
8. The Company may lay out eon-'
Htriict and operate u railway, of the
gang" o( four feet eight and one ball
inches, from n point in tbe province
of Alberta, at or near the town of
Lhivdininsti-r;thcnce in ,t Westerly and
south-westerly direction crossing the
Grnnk Trunk Pacific Railwny at or
near Viking: thence conl Inning in a
we terly and south-westerly   direction
the next order of business was th--
election of officers, whieh resulted as
Hon. Presidi nts—Hon. R.L. Borden
K.C.,  M.P.;  Sir Richard McBride,
Hou. Vice Presidents—Hon. Thos.
Taylor, M.P.P.; R,F. Gr.vn, M.P.
President—Jas. H. Armstrong.
1st  Vice-Pres.—Robert  8quarebriggs
2nd Vice-Pres.   A. G. Brooker.
3rd Vice-Pres.—A. E. Kincaid.
4th Vice-Pre-.—B. R. Blacklock.
Secretary—R. D. Twi-edie,
Treasurei—C. B.  Hume.
Tho old Executive were re-elected.
When President Armstrong waa duly elected he ns-umed the chair amid
loud  applause,  former President Gib
bons retiring to a    6 a*    la th* aud-"
When it came to electing the Sec-
r.'tary, R. D. McDonald nominated the
tresi-ni Secretary Theo. Wadman, referring to him a- the old stand by —
which nomination was made unanimous, lloevcr, Mr. Wadman declined
to acppt offlie again, he said:—I ap.
predate very much the nominating
me for tb> seventh time of *our Association during my six years ol of-
fie-e I bave always tried to work in
the interests of tbe Association, but
I feel that under present conditions ,
bein? a government tmployee, I cannot consi>tcntly a,< t as secretary to
thi-, association, but, will give all as-
-istan.se possible to the newly elected officers and to my succes or.
Thank.ng yoa mc and all for the
kind words expressed towards me. I
trust you will a c« pt my request t' at
a new   retary t.e appointed.
Pre-ident Armstrong then reque-tel
that a vote of th.-.nks by a standing
vote be tendered to Mr. Wadman,
whieh wa; carried unanimously amid
loud and prolonged applause.
Mr. Twi-edie was then electa-d ^crctary by a unanimous vote.
President Armstrong as w. 11 a3
other members expressed their unwillingness to lose the old secretary, but
all finally agre d that he should r.ot
be press.-d in tha matter furth-r.
. The former executive loiumittee was
re-elected with the addition of pas:
other-. Vote- of thanks were th?n
tendered to former president Rani
Gihbons and Treasurer F. McCarty.
The me.'tiug rassed a strong r.'-c -
lution expressing .xplie-it conidicca
in .Sir Ri.-hard M Bride, Hou. Thomas
Taylor and R. F. Green, M.P.
Nearly all th- newly elected offi ers
and retiring officers .made short and
appropriau- speeche- whil-- votes ut
thanks to th- prominent ret ring officer- were passed.
The meeting throughout was the acme of harmony and enthusiasm anl
but for the fact that another important meeting in the city ent the pro
feedings -hort, . mue-b more bus.ness
would have b'Cn done.
This annual m<?eting was mark-'.
foi the great enthu-iasm displayed,
and for ths unity in which the work
was put  through.
President Armstiong stated that in
view of the other nvetin» and as
many per-ons now in the hall wanted
to attend it. it had been decided to
dispense with ih- u-ual rcfreshrnrt. -
and spece-hes and thus the annual
meeting for 1SU3 of the Revel toke
(\ n—i vative Association was brought
tn ;i    lose.
t.i-kiwin,   tl'iti e  in  a westerly  direction     to    ih..     Saskatchewan   River;
tben.e westerly following the valley of
ibe Brareau River, oi  -uch other val
ley  a-  may  he  found  pra tical   to    or
n .ii ib.- head waters of tbe Braieau
River; thence in a north west rly dir
c.    on down the  Rocky  Riv. r valley,
Ol h olh.-r course ai may   !»• • fo md
feasible, to thc Yellowhead pass    or
■ uch other pass ai may be found pra
tical; thenee in a  westerly and south-
wc ii-ily direction  to the bead watei
of the Canoe River in the prov
Brii iih Columbia; thence down thi val
ley of the Canoe River, or iu h oth
ei   vnlley  us  mav   be found  pr..
to     th.- junction  of the Canoe  Run
with the    Columbia    River; thence
down Mi" Colombia Rlvsr valley   to
the city of Revel.toke in the province
oi Uritish Columbia,
tbe Progress Club, very strongly put i crossing tbe Canadian Pnoiflc Railway
rpon a matter U' to the liest method hetwe.n tbe towns of (lhalon and
ot handling that which there is snh Pawlf thencc ln a westerly and tOUtb
a difference     in our ideus.     The only   westerly direction to lbs city ol W«-
Get  yo'H   iiinidings cleaned  of snow
that   projects  over  the  sidewalks  be-
(i nn-  women  or rhildicn aie  kil-
le-d or some noble son of the i„ii \t
s.iit inlo etermity bj ,, glancing blow
from Rome Icicle or chunk of snow. A
Word  to the wise  ,«  sufficient.
At   th-  Vi. totia   poultry  -how   b*U
Jan. 21  io 24. Canada's largo-t -how
the  R- ve!-:o';e  poultry  fancier-   mud-?
another goo J showing.   The show  hav
ng over 6,1   I < n tries.
Silver Penciled Rock -F. So nes,
rock,   Is',  h n.   1st.
Iiufl Rocks —Roy Smytbe, hen 1st
Barred Ro ks—J. Shaw, cock, 3rd.
BIIver Laced Wyandottes—F. Fleet'
bum. ■ ■. !■  1 '.  hi n 3rd.
Rose Comb Bufl Leghorn-—F. W.
Laing,  i    award   except l-t cock.
K. w. I.a n_- ■ : ths Revel-toke Poultry  Association      was mad.- president
,,:   h ■ B.C. Po iltry .\--o iation      at
Screened Furnace, per ton $10.50
Egg '•      $10.50
Stove        "      $10.50
Screened Lump, per ton $9.50
Nut "      _ $7.50
We can recommend the Gait Nut Coal very highly
for your kitchen range,
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
•i UiN O. ,«iiiH\u>. Pres.
1). SIHH.U.I),  JR , Si:c.
The steamers Kootenay and Minto,
are -till running regularly to West
Rolcon without difficulty. The dredging of tho Narrows has given a dsar
channel for navigation and owing
to the moderate temperature o,f. tho
winter so far, thure has been no'
trouble with ice. Tho only delays
have been waiting for tho train at
Nakusp making the up-boat a couple
of hours late tm several occasions.
Mr. Heffrcn is spending a lew days
here an.l reports the laud on both
sides of the Columbia river, has been
all talon up and a great many set -
tiers have moved In during the last
six  months.
Work was. prosecuted all last summer and fall on the government road
on tb - west side of the river and next
spring conn ction will be made with
Arrowhead by a bridge at Hall- l.nnd
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Odd lines to clear, in a
large range of patterns.
Sizes 15 to 17J, but not
in all patterns. Reg.
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Coats, black or Khaki,
leather bound pockets.
cyVIinister of Agriculture, Hon. Price Ellison, Discusses Progress of Industry. -Land Settlement; Fruit Raising;
Poultry; Dairying.
The past year bas wi
v .-.hstandinj Ftr,' :•■■•■
trary, a gratifyin: tier
■ .tilemtn; n 'b - pio.
erally ra a rl-ultur i:
Many n w - tth
e'M'    S    el.
to tlie
i- m-
a-e in     land
. m, an i  gen-
pro luctlon,
arri ei    an I
taken ui1 land  i
tri -ts uf     tbe
there bft-   I   ■
outlying     di--
i. e.   Especially
si ady stream oi im
migration to our r.. ir :li ui Ian Is. Ow
ing, however, to thi vi ;y rapid trie,w-
th of o'.'.r cotiFt cities, a:.-a- oi 1 in 1
adjoin na- them, v.h.-h a f-w yea's
aajo were de otcd to agricultural pursuits. Lave been acquired by investors
and subdivided Into small holdings
for  rc-iden ,:,1     purjos?-.    Tli
ttdi'tion <-■'. afairs wh'ch Is only natural nnd to It expected. 'I'h • ■ hange
bow,-v-r., hi- I.. , ■■ udd nly upon
it-, that increase a produ tum on
turn laDds lurtb'T a8eld ha- no', lie-n
- .:' ot i. r.i; 1 tn oTsel ih- lo s
Which   has    a., t:  I ia e   lv   lh.-   fUbd'lV-
isics oi     ands     ■ ■ 11 iguous t.i     mu
The \iast '.i.e- b le  '  cn B v 1 >  tav
orable • r     0    ill eropi     I lay       ., :,!
grain w r.  evf,   . nallj   heavy ail ov
er th    I r vii, ■    .,- :  .,- ., r lie     ivera
harv.-it.^ .:. .•   ■. condition.
Ruo" crop*  wei      \    lent,  : ut  owing  t<   tl ■ ■    -i reuse in acreage
plant d     • ■ .■   ■•   have   .him
.. ■-   prices.
The fc...: ,-. . straoi
: •   ■ h •     1 1
L iW  wr.   ;■  -..| ally   1,.     la It
(He   : :      ... in marketing
and    distributing  the  fru.t.    giowert
ry   pri   s.   It    is
I that th<           -.  in.,  pail
■ 1    » 1    i         RfOWeM,
0 ute 1 ' ;. •, . ■ •
-    r.. at ..!•.    Th re  is
l- r ..; ovei produ ■ -
' •)'-.     :   ■ .-  - , th.. V    are
■:■'.    -..    '.        - tioi tbe
The  poult •
tbe P
'b «  y .r
■ ■..:.■• rl--   ■   ■
n    .
■   ■
. - :
Information will bc given to the general public in due course in this re
spe t, through a departmental bulla
lin. Considering the phy-ical difficulties with wbich farmers have to contend in this Province, due to thi- cost
ol clearing our huth lands and the!
high 1 rice and difficulty of securing
BUitable farm help, thc progress ot
agriculture hns been satisfactory and
returns, wh n they have been com-
lilf.1. will show a material increase
over ir.'i-eding years. Ths Depart-
mini i- i-nd avoring in every way pos
-illi- in supply the increasing de -
maud fur information, and expert ad-
use necessitated ly the rapid settl-
menl  »f th.' Pro .-'11100.
Demonstration work aloni; the dif-
termt lines of farming is lieing contemplated b.v ihi' Department, and ll
i- anliipatcl that ibis policy, when
it i- fully carried out, will prove of
great value 10 thos- who are making
their living off the land.
Agriculture i-i the basic industry
of nn.' country, nnl every legitimate
.'fui" will In. made to fo-ter nnd develop ihi- Important Industry, and
thereby in-rcaac agricultural pio lue-
' 011 There too large an amount
e.f money Bent out of the Province for
•1 ult-ural products, whieh tb" Province can raise to good advantagj.
There are good opportunities in a:
rictlltllre fot -pen of the right elas ,
who have knowledge of th? subject.
Market conditions arc mo-t FavoraM:
and je.1,1 tinuncial return-: should be
j those who conduct their far
min: operations along correct and
s i ntific  lines.
From the Outlook     Edltl
\.   orii   r\
The Arrow Lakes Lumber Company
is expected to start its mills at Arrow
h ael a- ko n as the -rasou open-.
They have n large quantity of logs on
hand and with their tramway at Gal-
1 n.i Uny t li -y .an keep the mill running full   time.
Th re is a possibility of a pulp
mill heing established, Expert; cruised the iivcr [or pulp wood la-t fnll,
and found an abundant supply hut no
possible ]ila e to hold logs above Arrowhead.
Mr. Waddington of Galena Bay was
here yesterday and reported that noth
.'ng has ever len beard o' Andrew
Ward, the old-timer, who disappeared
la-t September
Mt. and Mrs. L. H. Congreve and
family, of Bii-amoiis, spent H couple of
('ays here la-t week.
k More Titjfa
Montreal, Jan. 23—Tights arc to he
banished from the stage and constern-
atlon reign- among the theatre' managers of Montreal. Police officials ion
Armed the' news this afternoon anl
within th- next tew days managers
will receive th • ollicial o d'-r that no
performer must appear on the stago
in tiirhts. Th" orel.-r not only strikes
the hurl, s uie bou-?- hut it also hits
the high class uptown theatres. Xo
more can chorus uirls in musical com
.-.ly .-ii.-ii tbeir eait a garments and ap
pear in tights, bathing suits and other  tight   lit tn ■ app I.
Mrs.  Edward Kennedy,  of Merlden,
Conn..   I" years old, was advised by
ber Physician to try Dr. MarteU's Fe !
! ! so with wonderful !
ils  of  others  would'
»nj  the Jam .   "a yMra the standard!
LOST ' -   w. nue  ,ir Firai
ivenlng,     a
i. K.nd- r   plca-e  re -
1 at  ibe  '.' .
RevelBtoke Land Ditrict.
District of West Kootenay.
Tuke notice that I, Robert Arther
Mossman of Nakusp, 13. C, occupa-,
tion Medical Practitioner, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the.
following  described  land:
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe N. W. Corner of Lot 9123
Thencc West 40 chains th ucc South
40 chains thence East 40 chains
thence North 30 chains to the point
of commencement and contalng 1C0
acres more or less.
Dated November 30th 1312
Robert  Arther  Mossman.
1st issuo Dec. 14th
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at Manning's.
All kinds of machine needles
H. MANNING.   Agent.
We have just rec.eivr-I a large shipment of Trunks
and Valises of uil kinds.
HATS Wc have on display a very large assortment of lints, nil
shapes and sizes; fro::) thc Famous Stetson to the Buckley
WINTER SUITS AND UNDERWEAR Por men, all different kinds,
OVERSHOES AND FOOTWEAR-A  nice line,  all sizes.
ATTENTION    Revelstoke wive and  mothers   Hefore   buying
your husband or sou a Xmas Gift,  call and inspect our large stock.
Fit-Reform Clothing Stetson Hats Foot-Rite Shoes
Fruit   Land;
Galena Bay lands in parcels ot
10 or 20 acrew or en bloc. Correspondence invited.
John Shaw. Agent
Box 616 Arrowhead
Buy Real Estate in lievelstoke
These   lots  are  4-10 of   an acre and are beautifully situated in
the west end.
The  prioe,  $300, means   thai von are BOUND to tnako niouej
on them.
The terms are so eas; that y,u can pay for  tbem without  any
'ores t ry
in '. -   ei n ■
- ..
A      DS   ti)
9 CffLOO
Tha Department
. -.-    .
  : •
a. 1     •b-   i..v..
tl    Hoi        • Bran h and
Hon       -     •   Branch   with
*;■• rt ■' •   th     b  ael   ..!
.   vnlufeMe     ' •■    work hn- be,.n
through    •     •     bolt Province,
he .iv.'V'.Tt 1.tt -   .,( farming,    by
o(tic..aii, ..' -,h.   Department,       ;-i
(. n»: thi  underlying prindpb     ■.:
Itura, ,,nd demonstrating       to
\ ■
1 • - •  •
'h» New   i    .
. thn Now
r from the
•   ■
.  v. laon, of the Department
* .  ,.,n 'ei '!'■■
ilm ■  ..f Louisiana,    rani
v. ralth   <,f   tiii.   ■
' . e •
10 1 t its 199
■enn  .1   ic   ,.• -
tate ■•' n
p 1 md refore I   .
H      '       '■ vv..• h . (Helen!    pro
lion ol   :. md   '"•
' ;    ...■■'. 1.  ■•'   the pre avA
LH Us Loan
You lh*1 Money
farmeri and Irull growers how    n. '.■,,. |
may, by th- adoption ol eorrcd  m ''     ln ""' 'a0e "f "■ """'h
1 bods, iecon  „ n ixlmum prodm-tlon ■ cultural itoyelopmsnt than
from tbeir land. ■'■'■     hould    1 mam nn Importanl
STATISTICS. '      ,;th"
Complete   ■■■■   ■ Tbe Forest Branch win do ll    ul
carding  Arr<v,c.   tind   production    has "'" '  to awl ;     notTSttpoBdsnt   in se-
i^en t=*rnr«d   !t tbi   D pa ti ml aod curing information on low iry topics
In Bu)
c. s.
' aexcelled in Tone, t^uility,   1',-r-
n "i   Scale,   Design,   bMnista
■ 11 -ahiii' j.
narisoti   m illi    other   inst I'll-
menl wi 1 es   to 1 mphasiaa
\ 1 li ii makes Ihe NEW-
1   )MBE uul  pre iini-
u     how   y mr •   1 lush e
ell        hIiM-Ii      is
pure ipialily
ill- New
In Men's Furnishing Department
Rubbers, Sox, Tweed Pants, Heavy Top Shirts,
etc., reduced to cost. ....
John Mclntyre & Son
First Street.
Telephone No. 93
"in on
1   I..In.
II      \w
I       lie
..Swift's Specialties..
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Tin1 Newnillbe Piano Dn., Ltd.
■■■ ,
1 ' iss, 30    years    tbc
•    «<1       He   I     I-'. IIIIMMlnil
-ei i.y physicians,   v<.r Roman', au
ments, Or. Mariel's female iMln,   at
fOUI <lniKi(ist.
• >
«iil refresh yon with its bright, spicy
flavor mid (ragrancy. Sold in 1 lb.
laad packages.
Price, 35c., 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
P.  O    BOX  208
Phono NO. 2a SATURDAY, JANUARY 25, 1913
It makes no difference which way the cTVlunicipal Elections go,
the future of Revelstoke is assured, and our City is going ahead this
year as never before. Outside capital is already heading our way"
and property values are gradually increasing. Appoint yourself an
" Investigation Committee" of one, Mr, Investor, and take advantage
of some of these snaps.   For a limited time only we can offer:—
100 Fed on 7th Street g2VS $1250
100 Feet on 8th Street gStt^ $1200
50 Feet on McKenzie Av. gli A Snap
Modern Honse, 4th St. S££st $2200
Modern House. 2nd St. trast $1800
A good assortment of West End Property, $300
per Lot and up,.
few Baths Taken
London, Jan. 23—The receat revelation that a certain parish in Notting
Hill possesses only ons hath lo its
six thousand inhabitants has led to
the discovery that there are other dis
■| diets in London where bathing facilities are conspicuous by their absence.
Thu , in the borough of Dermondsey
with 19,000 housns and a population
of 130,000, only 121 housts are fitted
with bathrooms and most of these
are in drinking houses, The medical
officer of health for Toplar, another
thickly populated district, jocularly
declares that he "never heard of such
a thing as a bath," in his borough,
while the borough of Stepney la no
better off.
In many instances where enlightened
landlords have Installed baths in the
homes of the working classes, they
have be: n loo'led upon by tbc tenants
iu the light of la'mntalile waste of
A Lambeth borough councillor states that in forty houses erected for
the use of workingmen an Inspeition
shows lhat on'y :-ix houses were th-
baths used for purposes of ablution.
In every other ease the bathroom was
utilized as a coat ro un or for the
reception of rubbish and lumber. There
were even cases in which thc baths
were used as homes -for ducks or
• B. Wataon Realty Company
R. R. COLE, Manager, MacKenzie Avenue
Local Agency, American Casualty Co.
j' tawa, or to the Agent or Bub-Agent
I \ of Dominion LandB.
ll.l  Water   Bottle.    A   1   quart  Red
Special value in a   Hot  Water   Home,    a   i.   qr.au  nc.   Rubber
guaranteed bottle     $1.75
I hamoisand Red Felt Chest Protectors, Bach      $1.50
Rexall (berry Cough Cure 35c, 50c., $1.00
Rexall Wine or Cod Liver nil $1.00
Rexall  Hypophosphites—(the  best   tonic  we can recommend)
Rexall Beef, Iron and Wine   $1.00
All Rexall preparation guarauleee to give satisfaction or  we will
return your money.
Ladies' Shoes Going at Cost
Now is your chance to get Shoes at
Bargain Prices. Sale will only last
for a tew days. Come now and get
your choice at this Bargain Sale.
Notice  is  hereby  given  that ni
ing?. of the Provincial Labour    Com-
mi.-sion will be held at the following
1 places:—
l    Kamloops —  Wednesday,      January
I 22nd, Courthouse,  10 a.m. |
I    Salmon Arm — Thursday,  January
Revel-toke— Friday,   January  24th,
Courthouse, 10 a.m.
Other     meetings will be announced
later. i
The  Commission  will  hear evidence
on all matter affecting labour     i on -
ditions  in the  Province.   All persons
interested are invited to be present.
F.  R.  Hi SAMARA,
Secretary. 1st le. J.6 Ct.
Public I     0 p p merit
Ths government will introduce this
session a bill to create a department
or public bealth. Hon. Dr. Roche,
Minister of Interior, has for years
been interested in national problems
of health, and the work of preparing
a bill has been placed in his hands
nnd the hands of Hon. Martin Burrell, Minister of Agriculture, under
whose department the present branch
of public be.i! h lies. At present the
several departments are undertaking
different bran lies of public bealth
work, and the work is naturally done
in a more or less haphazard manner.
For instance quarantine is loo'.ced after by th? Minister of Agriculture, the
inspection of Immigrants is handled
ly the Minister rf Interior, and th?
lure fcols act is administered by the
Minister of In'nnl Revenue.
While ih^ scope of the bill has not
yet b. en definitely settled, some of
the fields of work which it is proposed to allot to the new depa-tment.
and wbich Dr. Ro -he is considering,
are thc following: Sanitary advice to
municipalities, qu.iran ine, th- health
of employees of public works, the coi-
ic ling of v;ial statistics, the adulteration of fool, the sanitary and medical side of Indian affairs, the medical
inspection of immigrants, the operation of sick sa'iien's and marine hos-
pita's and the supervision of a National Bacteriological Laboratory at
ieet", Ottawa.
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd
To Clean the  Soot from
Stove Pipes and Chimney
Imp" Soot
15c. Package
for one Week
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
I January Clearance Sale
A few of the prices that are bringing
Crowds to Our Store.
Boys' Suits, values up to $G.50	
January Sale Price $1.'J5
Boys'Suits, values up to $8.50	
January Sale Price $2.1)5
Men's Overcoats, values up to -S22    	
January Sale Price $1U.(J5
Men's Suits, values up to $15 	
January Sale Price $7.90
Men's Shoes, values up to $3.50	
Jahuary Sale Price  fl.90
MW\¥  i of Seats
Ottawa, .Tan. 23—In thc senate, Sen
ator Oloran a^ked "if it is the inten.
tion of the go/eminent to press thc
measure mentioned in the speech from
the throne for a general represcnta -
tion in the Benate without making due
provision concurrently for tho adequate representation of the increased
population ol Canada, in the bouse of
Hon. Mr. Lougheed, the government
leader, replied "yes."
Senator Clorafl was told that the
government had under consideration
tho question of filling the' vacatit sol-
icitnr generalship.
Coal mining rights of the Domiuion
in Munitoba, Saskatchewan uud Alberta, tho Yukon Territory, the
North west Territories ami in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased lor u term of
twenty-one years at au annual rental of .1 an acre. Not more than
2,501) acres will be leused to one applicant.
Application fur lease iiitial be minle
by the applicant in pel son to tho
AKent or bub-Agent of the district
in which tho right* applied for are
Tho lease will include the coal mia-
lug rights only, but the lessee muy
be permitted to     purchase whuUver
available surface rights may be considered necessary for tbe working ol
the miuo at tho rate of $10.00 an
In surveyed territory tbo land must
be described by sections, or legal
sub-dlvisioni of sections, and in un-
surveyed territory the tract appliod
for shall be stake 1 out, uy the ap -
plicant himself.
Each applicant must bo accompanied by a fee of %b which will be refunded if the rights upplied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on tho merchantable output of the mine at the
rate ol five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Ageut with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity ol
merchantable coul mined and pay the
royalty thereon, if the coal mining
rights are not being operated, sucb
returns should be furnished ut least
once a year.
Por full Information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior,   Ot-
Itevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, Samuel James
Harlow, occupation, Farmer, intends
to apply for permission to purchase
tbo following described lands:
Commencing at a post plautc.l at
thc North West Corner of Lot 9323,
thence west 40 cbaini, thence south
in cha'.bt, thonce east -10 cbains,
thence north 4m chains t.} point ol
commencement and containing 1 CO
acres  more or  less.
Dated  October  2Cth,   1912.
Britisl! Columbia Bills
6     McRae Mercantile Co.     %
jl The Kevelstoke Home of Societ\   Brand I loll   - vs.
V and U.S. I'eter.- Overalls V
0<H>0<>CK><H><><><>^0<K><>0<>-CK><> OOO-6
p 0<K>0000<H>OOK>0<H>0-0-00-0<>C--00 Q
% Imperial Bank of Canada *
Q Hoad Office— Toronto, Ontario. ^^
0 Capital Subscribed           - 6,000,000.00 j
1 Capital Paid Up             -      - 6,620,00^.00 '
5|5 Reserve       .... 6,620,000.00
0 Total Assets,       -      - $72,000,^00.00
Branches or Agents at all principal points in^Oanada,
Agents in Oreat Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicagc-Fiiet National Lank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seat tie National Bank, Sin Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bauk, Spokane— hxctiange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, James Sneddon
of Nakusp. B.C., occupation, Gentleman, iatends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post plunted at
the North East Corner ol Lot 8800,
thence north 20 chains, thence west
20 chains, thence south 20 ehuins,
thenco east 20 chains to place of com
intneement, containing 40 acres moro
or less.
Dated October 3rd, 1912.
1st Issue Nov. Cth
Ottawa,   Jan,   2.1   TWO  HiitiKb     Co
lumbia bills cxtenling the time     for
the construction ui ra'lways were report.-,! i.v ih- railway committee   ol
the Hou i- ol Commons, this     morn-
l ing,  Both .-;t<i j«i  In  lhe name i.f    Mr.1
J. I).   Taylor, of    New Westminster.1
The charier ni the Kootenay and Ar-'
rowhead   liu     was exi nded (or two
years   and   am Inn iiy   given   to     build
trom Hen anl to arrowhead, In the
cisc ut tbe British Columbia Southern Railway tbe time for con iructlon
of branch lines from Tobacco Plain '
tn Sel un .nnl Martin Creek and from
Michel to KananaRkls was extended
for two years.
4—Arrives   24:46,   Departs
14—Arrives    7:20,   Departs
7: 111
2—Arrives   11:65,   Departs
3—Arrives    d:48,   Departs
1 -Arrives    lck,   Doparts
13—Arrives  18;1!>,  Departs
Arrives 15:40, leaves 7:45 a.m
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at   V
current rate from date of deposit,   Correspondence solid u i Ct
Revelstoko Branch-A. BaKoGisntJ-shar,, jut,..    i
Vases, Bowls, Comports,        £
Manufactured by "Libby"
^%.-%.-%MV^,^».e%.%.«>V%.-%.^%.'%  V-%^,-%,-%,'%,'%. ■%.■<. ■V%-V'%, ?'
No ma'tor wbeiber it is a high grade Razor made ol th • very finest Sheffield Steel, with Fancy Handle or the latest Safety Razor, wc
bave It. Wh n yo.i want a reliable, absolutely guaranteed Ha/or—
(.Mr Hoo-Koo Razor, mad
spe -
Carbo Magn tie Razors, tho old
ially  for us,  sold  under gu..
r liable,  $2.25;  also thj choice of
Ehs'lielda  besl   brands from $1.00
,r.  12.00 is a prize.
up.   Bolters Clauds and oth ts.
Over twenty style- to fhooo tro.n, an.l at prices to suit any pocket
From 15 cents to $7.,r>0. Gillette, Auto Strap, Gam, Every-Rcady,
Keen-Kutter, Claus'-, Yankee.  Arnold, End r nnl many o'hers.
is salable. Thus the rule ol advertising your propetty until it is sold is
a safe and prudent one. Ot course the
best time to begin is now—and, as
suggested, the only time to stop is
when vour sale is made.
The infant city of Sorouto, neitlcd
away at the head of Shuswap Lake,
Just three miles fiom Notch Hill, is
growing rapidly. In addition to sev-
ei al new buildings in course of construction the townsite company are
now erecting a general store building.
It is expected tbat this new fown-
-ito will mnke an ideal pleasure resort as Shuswap Lake fish and game
■„i'f famous.
A Montreal syndicate have recently
purchased large tracts of fruit lands
ie ar So'onio and will subdivide same
into fi and 10 acre plots.
A general rush of settlors is expected ln tbc Notch Hill district with tho
opening of Bpring. As tbe fami ol
thin lo a'iiy for farm produce, butter
an 1 eggs etc., Ii-is spread thousands
of miles east and is a1 ting as a draw
ing i ard to attract the truly Indus-
tious settler, anddjd to thi-- thc low
price of land wbich i an now be proem ed at from $10 to $200 per acre,
appears to be an added inducement to
Eastern farmers io cast In iheir lot
In tbis new and famous sce'tion of
British Columbia.
til A R R I E D .
elr i ci o-i January 2lird, by tbe Pas-
<<>■. Re •. j. r. MacKmzie, Miss
lio ana Margaret  GaUicano, to Mr.'
I'lll i   O    \ ie'lL'O.
Special Prices all over the Store.
Ladies' Pony Coats
Regular Price, $120.    Sale Price. $7.^
Furs!   Furs!
All our Furs to be cleared out  at  less
than manufacturer's prices.
Call in and examine our
Stock and Prices. It will
pay you. Buy here while
Our Sale lasts.
Ladies' Suits
Sizes 32,   34,   36,    38.    MaJe   from
Tweeds, Velvets an.i Sjrges.
Coats and Suits
Boys' Keefer Coats $3.00
Boys' Overcoats         $3-50
Men's Suits $7.50
Men's Overcoats $8.00
£ e (Ji)a\ii*'d)ccalb
q '-)    >. ;.;>\-r.-">\Y  AND
. . I.S    .»HB.   li.   C.
jntcciof ftuittUbmo Company
I,   nltod
J    K.  JOHNSON. Manager.
id t .uu
- xTL'r.I'A'-      : aN'VARV  25    1 113
Following th< meeting bcl 1 "'>
Thursday 1 •'■ ' '■ [ull> reported in
this issue,  ..'. .ei    '• ublishing tor gencr
a) Lo  ■ rtain vi al    lauscs
oi tht- Art!    -     ' In orporation undei
irhlch 'i.i  ; ari   - b      id il 1   W ta
win,   Yelli wl   a ■   in 1   R n sto ■  Hail
Vfay, are making tl 	
tha So I for a chart 1.
.        nai t"
I rint tl • -     Ithl    appiica! • 1
,ro« hi   before
:   whic'j       ('.mi
ion wh   ''     wi
■   li    lal
..- ai-tual  pro
■:.    • ■  ..' ;•
he ai
:._•   th
•- ;
r      Womtilppcil an u (.'oil in i i. .na.
To worsbij) a dead American a? a
end, to mabe a pilgrimage to hia
shrine, to hrar tales of tbe miracles
enacted then—all tbis is possible in
China, where n Joss-house stands ore.
the grave ot Frederick T. Ward, whe
created the Ever Victorious Army Lo
wbich Gordon afterward orrcd h'.j
Ward, Ibe Yanfcee snldler of fortune;
was the only foreigner ever deified in
China. He won tbis sacred regard li?
his military genius, for to him mon
than to any ctlior indivltlr.nl was dU8
the crushing of the Taeping rebellion—
that bloody convulsion which for
years devested the richest provinces ol
China and cost millions of lives.
He was lioni iu Rnlcm, .Mass.. in I823j
and from boyhood rough) .1 sporate m'-
venttires. Balked of a West l'oiut edu.
ration, be went to .-ca. At ibe outbreak
of the Crimean war hc Joined 'lio
French army, but after hi.-: ai rival nt
tbe front he bad a quarrel with liis i.u-
perior ollicer aud was allowed lo re«
After taking pan in Walker's filibustering expedition r iln Nicaragua, ho
Bhlpped as a sailor on a vessel bound
lor China.
He reached Shanghai In isr.O. Tbo
city was lu a panic Chung IVaug, tbo
•■if tin 'i a' "ins Generals, bad
reached Sung Kalsg, eighteen riles
sway, Tin foreign powers were doln-j
nothing. In despair tin- merchants ot
(Shanghai proclaimed a rewnrd of $200,-
i " lo anv body of foreigners who
1 drive tilt Tacpings trom Suujj
V.     s.
■    0 tbo chiel
1 conn acl
1 fo 1
'     '
'    '
'I ; teginni
January / th, 1913
Doors Open at 7:45 pm. Sharp
",1    lllfl
and i;i
bed on
■ back
ited    »e ..-ii
. lm-
uu hi
■  ■ lie eity,
.1  b mdred  tu
- .
Wbik- lv.-„'s art in ."'. 1 <!'. :it.iikI, and the price liijcli, is the time to
iry so:n.-of our 1. • ; otucers, such as Crusheil Hones, Oyster Shell,
('.iit. Reel Scrap, i .,,,!,i Meal, ('.rains of all kinds, including
Wheat, I5.nl'.;   Oats, Corn.
.OUR    FEF.D    STOCK    is   also  complete   with    Way,    bran,
Shorts, oi! Cil 1, l.in-i -. i Meal, etc.
AGENTS FOR PURITY FLOUR We art - >ie ageul*
( >r I'urili  Flour,      Sine Im iml ami Metier Dread).
ALTel. 41
A  Hobson
First Street, kevelstoke,  Tel. No. 22
Choice Groceries,   Fruit,    Vegetables
Hay. Feed and Poultry Supplies
Heating Stoves
Kootenay Ranges
Saskalta Ranges
Sunshine Furnaces
Hardware and  Sporting Goods
We are off< d discounts off all Crockery,
(Jlass and Silverware during month of .January.
First St. Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Plumbing                Heating                Tinsmithing
y^                           Spi         f    tion Paid to Mail < Irdei s
\A,    i    ,.-..*.    ...  ., , i ..          4r
Plei Gall   .-ji
Order i will  ha  ■
prompl attentio
• •     •   ■
r   .'   I."-
n/.ie Avi .'
A. Davidson, "&
•A.     I'Aill,"!
Auctioneer <hkI Valuer
P. 0. MX 356
D. Ci;
i;mny 102nd, Hr... R. M.
n., Iiet; 1" iiiiii .i.i.. e '
li mi ilu- -n.l. ami  Itb   I'. .I,,.       i •
January 10th. and 24th, 1913.
February 14th    "   28th.     "
March Uth.
ii   28th.     "
April 11th.
"   25th.    "
r.i. Music l'v t Ity Band. Wi      1    1    oui
. R. Dance Committee
C. H. Brock. Chairman.
n here    | [uli 1. iei -. li e.   Pi i fi    I     inllneu
■  i    a Trial.     "We
page Frvm
During January There
Wiil be Plenty of Bargains Displayed in This
Store, Watch for Them
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. &. /(ume & Co.. limited
Watch Our Windows for
Special Lines and- Bargains During Jannary.
Look at Price Tickets.-
Bargains in Dry goods Department
Big Reduction in Furs
All our Fura go on at a Big R3duction.   We have   a
few choice sets in Persian Lamb, Cub Bear,   White
Thibet, etc.   You can buy these now at a discount
New Lot of Wools Just In
All colors, in Eiderdown, with the (Big Thick Wools).
All colors. in  Double Berlin; all colors in Shetland
Floss; all colors in Saxony wools.
10 Ladies Coats
Go on Sale this week at $10.00 Each.   They are all
good Coats, worth up to $20.    Only a limited lot left
in sizes 34, 36 and 88.   Everyone a Bargain al	
Made-to-Measure Suits
LAI'IES,   Come in and  look over our   Made-to-
Measuae Suit propositions.    We have put out about
30 Perfect-Fitting Suits since going into it a month
ago, and we would like to submit samples and prices
to you.
Ladies' White Aprons
A nice lot of Ladies' White Aprons in long lengths,
nicely trimmed, Bib and Strap over shoulder.    They
art.' worth 75c.    Now                           	
50 Cents
Remnants!   Remnants!   Remnants!
Still lots of Remnants.    We are into Our Annual
Stock-Taking and come across odd lots and ends we
are anxious to clear, so we put thom on the Remnant
Counter at	
A Big Lot of Fancy Linens
Runners, Table Cloths, Doylies, Scarfs, Tray Cloths.
These are slightly soiled.    All at	
ens Furnishing Department
January Bargains
MEN'S HATS ON SALE   -A full table ol the
!' -t huts lhc market affords, ;it prices which you
■ iflbrdtomiss.   They are all CHRYSTY'S
11 ili .-..fi   and  stiff styles.    All  the  present
*-■..   m's shape •    nd shades.    You can get your
size in man) different lines.    Don't  put   it  oil —
thi . a iii'l List long at the price.    Regular Prices
;   i from $j to $', 50
Men's Overcoat Bargains
Women's Shoe Sale
Don't forget that this  is  your opportunity to
buy first-class Coats at a price way below anything on  the market.    All  are   20th Century
Brand, and all are guaranteed perfect in workmanship and fit.
MEN'S GREY OR BLACK COAT--Fourty-four or
fifty inches long.    Velvet collars.   SALE PRICE—
MEN'S   ULSTERS  in gray  or  brown.    Full  fifty
inches length.    Three way convertible collar.   Either
double or single breasted          SALE PRICE   $17.00
MEN'S RAGLAN COATS-New Raglan shoulder:
fifty inches long. Browns and Grays.   A serviceable,
dressy coat.   SALE PRICE,  Each  $19.00
Don't forget that we are still running
a  Sale  of  Women's   Boots.   Three
Large Lots  of High   Class Shoes at
prices which must sell them.     Take
a look at the Bargain Table.
Prices, 95c, $2.35. $3.15 Per Pair
Our* Grocery and Crockery" Department
Large Assortment of Pickles
Fresh arrival of New Goods direct from England
Mixed Pints      }5C
Chow Chow     35c
Onions     35c
Girkins     35c
t rossand Black wel Is Indian Mangoe Chutney
Ou.irts 85c
Fancy Sweei per bottle     40c
Stephen's Gloucester Pickles
surr: Mixed half pints joc
x  eet Spiced Girkins pints  40c
Sour Mixed, pints  25c
50 oz  40c
C hou Chow  pints  25c
tioKl Medal   White onions  35c
"Bovril    for a Cold Weather Drink
The right thing tor " Zero Weather." Have it in the House
Served Hot. It Prevents Colds. We have a new, c!eanstoek
recently arrived.
Bovril,  4 oz.   hot tics. ...
Bovril, 2 oz. hot ties	
Bovril I
.Johnson's !
.1 25
Sl 00
C e\ B Celebrated Spani h ^ueen Olii
C .V B lunU't Pow der, bottle
half pint-- 40, pints, 75c
   1 .Sc
Specials for Friday and Saturday
CLAKK'S SOUPS  ,. per tin
PREPARED ICINGS    10 Cenu Per Package
BURLINGTON KETCHUP                 ...1   ^- Pcr Package
The Outlook for 1913.—Cnntinued Development and Prosperity.—-Revival   in    Provincial   Mining    Industry.
Coming Year Will Break All Records of B. C. Production anl Progress.
,.,. plen   "    in ,,.--,iuu to youi   wonderful   tuccess  whieh ha< attended
.    ,,  bii ! message lo the - "»' <"' lh« deep mining ventures such
i       ■'   c ilumbia on     tbe
. e«  \. ai on which we
an tlu- ' Standard" and the' "Rambler
Carl-boo,')    furni-h    good grounds fen
believing   lhat  there'  will     be similar
-whai  extension* in many other parts of the
,_    ■ leta li !  statement   given district.
I i   a   ;::i . i dealt     The Copper mine* of Grand   Forks,
, Governmental  depart- """mx am1 Greenwood hav,- kepi  up
their  marvellous  production an J    the
\ •     pitome of 1 hat ,       , , .,      .a
( ranby smelter u ex lending us aotiv-
1 ■"      '.;.•. Into thc Northern sections ol the
prosper- frovlnpe.   The many discoveries       of
.. tlvi     and   copper anei  galena  ore matte' at  diff-
-. ih  the en.'!   erent  points in Northern litiu-<ii Col
wort     entailed by umbia  justify  lhe expectation     that,
an unprecedented a.^ the various ore bodies art  explolt-
p nsp. ity in this ed,  new  mining camps will  be estab-
. •  • lished and the near    future   will   s.-e
I [oi   continued    pros   metalliferous     mining     carried on In
■   |   .,'.:.'   se      anything these new sections een a large scale.
!.   b it.   our nai      Coal     mining     is slill  the banner
jourci    an   being developed by  I ranch of  the mining  industry,       lt
■   ente prise   .vith     Gove nment    onl nues :,, expand year by year tiiul-
..  wni h   I bclievi    o be    lhe Ing o   upation for many thousands of
pri ucccs fully  opening men  and  ensuring  adequate   fuel   sup-
.■,..■ countrj    Thi    ■ 11 continue 111<■   for alt purposes.
b    : ,ii . t! ivcmmenl,     Many m-\\  discoveries of coal    have
[have tb ti   lead.     A    been made during tbe recent       years
.   ■   ■ ition  li  this nnd  while extensive development    has
..-,:;.      • tb  unrivalled heen conBncd to the     Southern por-
ie-ouri e      ncc-ssible tions of the province, wc may reason-
!  preside, ably expe I  with the advent of trans-
1 ih'ril gen rally coa- portation facilities in. tho Nortli that
that tl        real   pi   Mem     ha- operating min s will !>m established at
t.-ly, and that   the many  points,
ady beginning t.,     be     "'•'•  tho  whole  I think  l  ma>   fairly
felt. bj  thai ih.an •hin;-' and prosperous as
ii "lr..'  lhat   1  should ■ <'•■ oui  other industries, such nf lum-
messagc a refereni eiing,  agriculture and  fisheries,    tbL'
■•   over which  I  pri    li    mining  Industry  i-  in no sense     less
ndustry Is forging ahead  prosperous ami  shows  every indicat -
..'   t greatei rati   lhan toi manj years Ion ol being on the eve ol a very gen
j.ast.   TIil'  figures  jusi   compiled     by    Ine and wlde-spreftd revival.
the Provin-ial  Mine an     l! is not necessary for     mo io say
inen . ■       pro    ">at t'1" Capital Oity of Victoria and
—   r.   ••.      ..,:,,!, f(i:  ti,.. and Vancouver Island as a whole will
■.-(■:,-   - 1912 reaching   the have a full share of     tho advantage
'-•■;. ;ute of $3   000,000  accruing from   mch general  prosper!
"!. n -     •  revival in lhe in-  ty as prevail' in     Uriiisli Oolumbia.
-■•v. The recent  consummation of the gov-
The mines of the Slocan as wel   as  frnm nt  railwaj   poll ■   n   announ ed
r Kool . lii m  ■''  ' and  thi   assurance     of
to :h» :-.::■ "ol  n ■ ■'• • ikwnter, docks, nnd   bai
creased ] Th se con (it-   ;"       W>rka     will unable Victoria to
' to 1 ni-nt     of  C°P demands    of
large ai isl    ..,    .     ' nd commern  and will assured
ly  lead  l'o stil i   i ipendltures
n the future.
■  ..-   thi    i
toi  • ■.'•
ledge gleaned by our representative.
I do not mean that there will only
he one Technical school in Victoria,'
1 am instancing theNarmal School as
an example of what we will do as far
as Victoria is concern,-d. The work
that is being carried on in Vancouver
under the supervision of the Vancoa-
vi'i School Board on these lines will
no douht form ibe nucleus oi the Technical School for Vancouver.
The coming year promises very
much in educational lines, but while
it is promising, the vesfoaslbillties
are also increasing, The Department
at tunes finds it difficult to cope with
the situation in a new country, de -
velopmcnt proceeds -o vapidly that we
cannot always fee), that we are keeping ji.t'c with it. Wc nre firm believ-
crs, however, in the optimistic spirit
of the West; and we feel that the reputation which ihe Educational eastern
of British Columbia has won dut-in;r
the past thirty years will continue to
grow a- hefore. and a-^ before, be
founded upon real merit.
As regards the University, work
; progressing as rapidly as pos-ible.
The piani have been accepted and
are being worked upon. We hope in
thc early spring to begin active con-
biruction of the buildings. Thc site is
to he emlarged, and we feel that by
Ihis timo next year such substantial
progress will have len made as will
show tint th • University of British
Columbia is an actual faci and does
not, as would appear to he th-> ease
in the past; e'.xist only on paper—Out
lc.ok Edition Victoria Week.
Write Ideas for Moving Picture Plays
You Can Write Photo Plays and Earn
$25.00 or more Weekly.
If you have ideas—if. you can THINK -we will show youthc secrets of this fascinating new profession.   Positively no experience or literary excellence necessary, No "flowery language" is wanted.
The demand for photoplays is practically unlimited. The big film manufacturers arc "moving
heaven and earth' in their attempts to get enough good plots to supply the ever increasing demand.
They are offering $100 and more, for single scenarios or written ideas.
"We have received many letters from the film manufacturers, such as VITAORAl'H, KDISON,
urging us to send photoplays to them. We want more writers and we'll gladly teach you the secrets
of success.
We are selling photoplays written by people who "never before wrote a line for
Perhaps we can do thc same for you. If yon can think of only one good iden every week, and
will write it out as directed by us, and it sells fur only $25, a low figure.
You will Earn $100 monthly for Spare Time Work
_ -^-«-aa t^V^   Send your name and address at once for free copy of our Illustrated Look,
J."4   f^ FiK   "Moving Picture Play writing."
Don't hesitate.   Don't argue.   Write NOW and learn just whal tliis new profession may mean for
you and yonr future,
NATIONAL AUTHORS' INSTITUTE,   :    1543 Broadway, New York City
of p,-.      .     •   ••• ■
;'.i"-l>   bi
'  -
1 ■ ' the
Says GIN  PILLS Are Good  For
Pain  In The Back
HEN your grocer
tells you he uses a
certain tea in his
own home, you
feel | r -lty sure it's
g 1 tea.
And when a ;
minent druggist
takes i'.IN I'lI.I.S
for his ow :: I'.;lcU-
ncbe, vou can feel
qniu- sure there is
nothing else quite so good.
Winnipeg, May 19th, 1912.
•'In the autumn of 1911, I suffered
with a continual pain iu the back.   As
a  druggist,   I  tried   various remedies
•.vitheiut anv apparent results.    Having
s. ild GIN l'i t,LS for a number of ye er
■   e-re must bc g.eo.l in them,
■ ..■ th      J     woul ! not increas •
o fast     ! litem a f.tir trial and
Up- re find to be good".
r.iN  PH '.veil  earned  the
h .insist-;, as well a-
For years
relieving the vain of
,m 1    changing
• . into  strong,   supple
iuu ami
. when
■t 5 • .
1 m  tie]    > '• if they
. nto.
Barristers,   Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Rank Building  Reveletoke, B. O.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Revelstoke,    B.   O..     a»d
Cranbrook. B. O.
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
MOOSE No. 10S5
Meets every first and third Tuesday in Oddfe.lows Hall. Visiting
brethern  cordially invited to  attend.
G. R. Lawrence,   Dictator.
E. Edwards, Secretary.
KOOTENAY      LODGE.  No.  '.5  A.  F
aad A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren ar*
'. cordially welcome.
A. G. BROOKER, Secretary.
The Revelstoke Boot, Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
The style, the workmanship and wear
And comfort born of every pair;
Of 20th Century welts that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold the old.
o. w. o. w.
Mountain View Camp. No.  Ul
Meets Second    and     Fourth  Wednee
days    in  each  month  in    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woodmen  ar«
cordially invited to attonri
A.   J.  WOODLAND,   Con.   Com
JAMES   McINTYRE.   ftlerk
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
1901) 1911
Capital       ....       if .3,000,000 * 4,000,000
Reserve 3.000.000 4,000,000
Deposits      ....        23,677,730 35,042,311
Loans and Investments          -      27.457,090 38,854,801
Total Assets        -       -       -        33,090,192 48,237,284
Has 83 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents in all
the Principal Cities In the World.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
Revelstoke Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
Progress ct  1912 Reviewed by  Hon. H. E. Young. —Gr    |
Increase in Provincial School Population.—Un:-..
to Open ;n 1914.
■ ■ .-.
ii    thi   E
■    ■
Studio at City  Hotel J
COURT     MT.     BEGH1E,   No.  X4fl.
OF I. O. F.
Meete in I. O. O. F. Hall next   to
Tapping'! Opera House  every  second
and  fourth   Monday  in  month    Visiting  brethren cordially  welcomud
H.   V.  MORGAN,  O.  R.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,   Rue.-See.
'  TH.
1          .    i     . -        ■ ■    •.
8ELKIRK      LODGE  12,   1.  O    O.  F.
Meete every     Thursday evening   in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock.     Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
JOHN l.VON      N.  G.
JA3.  MATHIE,  Sec.
RANOH LODOB,      K. oT   P..
NO.  16,   RBVBLBTOKB,  H.   O.
Ifettl evnry  We(ln->ilay  eirei.t    the
a Is ■   .' tach    ion! h      in
■   Hsll »•   ■ Visit-
.    i   . - r Invited
V   w. TBR1
□   H   BROCK, K. of H. a B.
y ,,t r
. ■ -
In ■ ■..
: 1912
'   1   fir,- ,
'      -
Mon of the .-.'     •
' D    ' •   1 •        '   wv f<v!
"it   i- fsr si altera in
'one tn"i we sre on
the threbold ion In the Pro
vlnci    Tbe '■
'iir      Dl
..'     tie        RO '    '
'      '
.    ! ,
lbe ..   i e|,    ,,
• i   i,
men to lbs    Ba t
■ nl ions,      o
■ ben tbe Dominion repoi i i
■ -I   i.    hn I lie   ii     , o II Ion     to
■ id van! ,,'•■.  nol onlj ol lhal  re-
j  e,e '       e.   ,•     ;J    ,,      ,f    | |,,      |  ,    |    I,,,.    I    |(|
Rich in all the
elements that go to
make 0ood flour.
x  *»n_ Ja    'a. i i.
will make you a m
constant user of Ll
The die Lumber (ompany, Ltd.
Dealers in
Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Cement,
Plaster, Tap and Building Paper
Al Doors and Mouldings.
£. Mcllmoyh, Agent
Phone 254.        Third Street. West
More Bread and Better Bread
H \!,F. OF citnw. TIMBER
Bosled Tendi n will iin rtooivi
lh" Minnie i ,,' Lattdl oot later than
noon on thi Brd iiay ol March, 1916,
f'ei tbi purchase ief lioensei Nor. XI,
m r estimated at l,-
. 10,000 i" 80,00 I (set, and :iio,o<)0
feel I1. M resptctirely, togsfcbsr with
■3,000 railway tVoa and polea trom
e land iiiljoining Adams l.aku,
Katnloopi i '.nt i let.
Particular!  ol  Chief  Forester,   Victoria, B.O, lvt lue. N.3o 3m.
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -  Revelstoke, B. C
before buying yonr outfit of working clothe
for the huah. I make r
epccwlly of I.oK^injf
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Bnlrts
Blankets ami e-v-erylhiiig
roguireil in your Imsiuets SATURDAY, JANUARY 25, 1913
High Class Residential and Day Schools
A. B. Tait, Esij., M. A., Principal
The staff of Masters in Langara is
aa exceptionally strong one.
Boys prepared for the matriculation examinations of Oanadian
universities or for the entrance examination of the Royal Military
College, Kingston.
Careful supervision of the pupils
in their games as well as in their
Special attention paid to the development of character.
Applications for admission should he made at once to
Dr. E. D. McLaren,   1497  Pendrell  Street,   Vancouver
Mish Marharet Koss,   Principal
The   most rr.odern buildings and
most efficient stall' of all the giris'
schools of the Dominion.
Kach mistress a specialist iu  her
own department.
Regular training in gymnastics by
a competent mistress.
Both schools are under .tlie management of "Western Residential
Schools. Limited." Winter Term
opens Tuesday, 7th .January,  19K1.
B. C.
Are you wanting any Electrical Work Done ?
If so, call at the Revelstoke Plumbing C~&
Sheet   Metal  Co.'s Store, Connaught Avenue.
I'boue JS1
Night Phone 4<)
P. 0.  Uox 4i9
Howson C&, Co., Ltd.
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson C&> Co., Ltd.
Then take advantage of an exceptional oppootunity. Call
at BINGHAM'S MUSIC STORE and inspect our stock of
Mandolins, Violins, Guitars, Accordeons, Piccolos, Flutes,
Multi-Flutes, Harmonicas, Sheet Music, Albums, etc.
EDISON PHONOGRAPHS and VICTOR GRAMOPHONES. Also 500 Edison Records selling at 45c, (usual
price, 65c.) and a good selection of Blue Seal Unbreakable
Records at 65c. Good stock of Player Rolls. Selling at next
1o cost price to clear.   Come Early and Get First Choice.
MacKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke.     Phone 2G2.
Sash, Doors, Mouldings' Turning
W   are in the manufacturing business
Sash,  Doors, Mouldings,  Turnings. Show
Cases,   Office  and  Bar   Fixtures,   Storm
Doors and Windows made to order and all
kinds of repair work done in good order.
We have a full line of building supplies, lime
cement, plaster, LHard Wall Finish, bricks,
Sewer Pipe, Plaster Plaster Board, Roofing
cTWetal, Lath and all kinds of Glass, Oils,
Paints, Varnish, all colors and tints.
Much pleasure in quoting anything in the
Building Line.
P. O. Box 295, Revelstoke, B. C.
Patronize your own color by sending all your washing
your blankets in early to avoid the rush.
Bachelors, try our collars.
We have just installed a new collar machine which is
bound to please.
Phone 80
. . It Miqht Be Cold. .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Union  Hotel
RATES,     .     $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly anil monthly rates to be arranged.       Meal Tickets, 21 meals for J6.00
A. P. LEVESQUE, Proprietor
Laughton C& Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
//       H, J. McSOFLLY, Frcprielcr.    \^/
Strictly: First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Clgarr     Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Central Hotel I
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all
L-u    respects. I H
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pips
and Furnace work
Oonnsufht Av*.  •  Rovelstoko
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42 -   Night Phone 85
Hon. Thomas Taylor Outlines Plans for 1913-Vast Expenditures throughout British Columbia—Railway
Construction Vancouver Island and cTWainland—Revelstoke Court House to be Completed.
At no time in th' history ol the'
West lias th.- future held out more
promise' foi British Columbia than at
the present. The year 1313 should be
lhe Banner Year for this province.
The railway construction now undei'
way on the Mainland nnd Vancouvei
Island should be nearing completion,
by the close oi 1913. The Canadian
Northern Pacific with main lin* on
Vancouver Island and Mainland ;ln 1
bransh"S will approximate 850 miles;
thc Pacillc Great Eastern from Van
■ oiiver to Fort George, +50 miles; the
Grand Trunk Pacific, 780; the Keltla
Valley, u.'.ft; tho Canadian Pacific Rail
way extension on the Island an.l
branches on the Mainland will approx
imate 175 miles, to say nothing .>:
th.' double traoklng oi the main iin'
trom Vancouver to Alberta. The Victoria. Van'Oliver & Eastern will also
make considerable extensions to its
line west of Princeton. All told au
additional mileage of 2600 miles ol
railroad will be well advance.! and the
greater portion completed by the end
of 1913
To keep pace with tho railroad development ii will !>.■ necessary to open up contiguous agricultural :ands
for settlement, as well a- to further
ext<nl main roads now being buill
und to maintain those already con
structed. Tt is hoped that the main
road up thi North Thompson River
ean be push d forward towards the
Alberta boundary and the survey in
connection with th' trana-provincial
road in thr neighborhood ol Kootenay
Lake completed. The construction of
ihe link on thi< ron 1 irom Hop.' to
Princeton during the last season has
been well advanced nnd with the *>erk
already well organised uuder the -u-
gineering surveillance of Messrs. Cleveland & Cameron, .• ivi 1 engineer!* of
Vancouver, ihj work will progress ra-
rldly in 1113 Then, too, th- road
from Windermere in the Columbia val
ley via .Sinclair and Vermillion Pa—
to Banff, which ha- i.e. n in charge ol
Messrs. Haflner & Wur telle will lie
push il through ns expeditiously as
possible. The work of opening up
Strathcona I'ark reserve by wagOD
road from t'ampbill River to Buttles
Bake is now in progress und a    -ul.-
stantial mileage will hav. been <om-
plete.l ley the close ol 1919, thus per*-
mitting of more economical operate..:- by Col. n.H. Thomson, C. B..
i-n.l h s stafl r.i the. development ot
ihi- natural pleasure ground. Tha
N'orthem and Central interior nsfc
i . .v :b closest consideration a*
agricultural settlements are ad-
i ng very rapidly. Ho also must a.
sj st     ., ic    Roi'   be ma le :u ihe open
■   ip of Van ouver Island by   main
. particularly •■>> thj north   and
W( -: coi   - -
The CO-t uf l Igo ..-jnsi ruction will
undoubtedly be ;ar in exces- of any
previous year and will Include Beveral
steel structures.
The building program Is also a m,rt
. \ msivt one a'lei amongst the moro
prominent buildings contemplated mas
I., mentioned th Normal Sche.iol ami
Jail here, as .veil a- the completion
of thc office and library wings of tba
Parliament Building--. A Court house
;:nJ Lan.l Registry oSice for Prince
Rupert in k.e>ping with the require?
m»Dts afld advancing progress d thia
portberfl metropolis must be provided
for. Coming to Vatvouvi-r it will lie
found necessary to increase ihe ac-
commod ition of tht. present Court
Hi -■ building by the erection of am
additional wing. Th" Burnaby Prison
Farm should reach completion antf
substantial progress made upon the
Industrial Hone for Giris. Tin Hon.
flu Min i of Education's plan- for
the University are v.>-il advaiiecdaml
.; .s hoped thai th< ..^tract for som^
iei the buildings may lie .<mered into
In 'he' early spi ag Cither large buildings nearing completion are theM?n
ial Institute and e,ut buildings at
Coquitiam; th' Vernon Court House,
and :1ip Revelstoke Governuunt buildings.
Th? above is but a very brie! (ore-
ast '.j.   of the important     work
■ y the Public Works
Department during th> coming year ,
and the program calls for a large
expenditure ol public money, which,
il s hoped, will be the means of aiding nio-t mate really in advancement
and levriopment oi th- provinoe during 1913.—From Outlook Edition ol
•   • ..  Week.
Hon. W. R. Ross Optimistic for British Columbia.—Forestry Branch Work.--Conservation of Resources.—
Dry Farming for Cariboo.---Out for Results in 1913..
In th.' Department of Lands *■•■ are t.ik.n    much e.f the arrears of  their
going aii..     re ults   lo 1918.     Much work in the nature of disputed water
ba   be d accomplished along the lines i'"v.le,cs.    For 1913, it is hop-a to
, . -:'-  '•■     .'.;:-::■..,.,   ol all retnaiu-
..f     .en..-     ..ee.l.a'.ve-.r     e.l     IhA    (Pl'ft:! efeifl   .       .
of new endeavor in iho several bran'
.;        Itestj   •:     Ms  nn-.ure,   I'unnje.t.,^
ches of the department .his year, but  ,.. .y, Mtur„ n„. fftJ. rCft,.lungi    anJ-
for ih.' most pait we are breaking in tl tlem al n...kes much for   the
new     ground, and it  is     during 1913   "" ■'    9  a ■!  stability  .if thc agricul-
tli.it tb- result, w.ii    i stabUahed,     ■ '
i . au   a. ,   L 'B the matter of lund settlement      .
when ai-;,,'. "  th   rOiliparariv.lv h-aVj tohto*,    &
viL-.e-. ei- survej program has been-ar
cost .d operation «e will show,     on aloBg tlK. ,,,„,, of rai,Wayfl ,,n
tb- credit e-.eb'   ubstantial saving   ,- tction     assuring   surveyed
the administration e.; prsviousl;   a Isndi   n advance of the coming    of
eertalned natural     resourcei  recently m' .     .. l a star! bai lxvn    mado
determined by sri.ntine' reseaich .       pig  with tho semi-arid    !.,     ,
In the K.eti t Branch, In which our ol fn..-,,0 ri.\ i.niooet.
expene    are heavier than in Wll but \- ., result ..; Investigation   mads
les    Hi.ui ni I'M", ii .ain be nonMen 1912     fficlei     lias I n     .1 ■
:        • ried that th : di -^    i  ■■ h irill ■ ■•     . •■              the    mv) tion   thai
rar more than pa}  ets way,  no   ■ Ca   '• •■ and  Lillooet there       am
iy producing an immediate incn ■ .:.,,-. thousands of acres,
ih.. public revenue greater than    th ... rn. application ol
meres a in expenditure, but :,l-.i   in drj          ■ ■     thods, can be conveit-
its fur mor.; important work .,: insur* •■!  ent,,  proi b        'nm-.
ing thc f.e.M.t area   .n-.iinst th    ti-.e Wl   ■      •   • 0nl   has been made in
hazard, nnd safeguarding   he       mniu    lhi   •■ on of the advantage   ol
stay e,f the Provincial Treasury—the 'ley :.irN:.:n.- ,t ;* .ipected that i>.-
Fore ue   rev.nne    which nln-ady   am- ••',  1918 the Department
i.unis ... two ati<' tlnr. iiianer. mil. will have •■ tabli-hed to th • satlsfa'; -
lion* a year Kite.-tn.- organisation i ' ■ ■■■ yone the praoticabiUty of
has produced a remarkable >-heapening Ml dry land farming in several
in the .o-t ,,f lighting forest  tir.-s a    ; I tin  province,
compared with previous yenrs. This  is but  ..n-->   .f  -evernl matterq
It tii. Waler Branch gratifying pro ' t impo I anoe to the agricultural
gress hn- be.n mads, Ki'1.1 InveStifS-(f ntere#tS of itue province that will re-
tiieii has iie reuse,l greatly tbs DUmbei C Ive th attention of the Lands l)e-
of known water pow.t^, nnd the wid« Partment during the coming year, tent.
pn.nl development of th. province •, •• explains my meaning when I stata
uie their rapid utllltation an,) there- thn' we .,r<- out for results In 1913.
by then      Contribution    n   be   publlO sfi   {^ R093
"'v"1'""!' I   Prom Outlook edition oi   Viettnia
'ih   watei  Board   bave atio under- Week,
•*-%/«v%/tv% % -«*%^v«*>%*
4,-% %%.*%% %% % %<*-%-%'%<•/"■*
Mrs. L Morrison of Vernon
visitor iu the city.
F. G. Bews returned a few day- ago
fr m n visit to the coast cities.
t'.uy Barber has returned from    the
Halcyon Hot Spnngs.
P. Hean.  of  Sicamous,   was trail- -
k ting business here Wednesday.
S, Mills of New Westminster, came
it   from the west Wednesday last.
Life Story of the Great Italian
Detective in Motion Pictures
On Wednesday last one of the most
exciting games of the season took
place on the gym floor, when the Pirates and Smokes elashid in basketball
From the Rtart to finish it was fast.
On the    whole it was 0     good clean
In this story we have a most ro
markable unfolding of clever and dar-' game,the only fouls being made was
ing detective work on the part of advancing. By winning that game
New York's most skilled secret servi.'u the Pirates have got the league, al-
offlcer the late lamented Lieutenant though there is chance for the Pirates
Petrosino.   While on tho other   hand   to pet beat yet.
we sec revealed the plots and counter-1 The schedule will be finished in 3
plots of a society whoso name has week-:, whin a new schedule v*lll be
he-come a synonym for all that is drawn up for those who wish to play
terrible among a certain element of All games will be played on Wedue^-
the community. We speak of the in-'days. All members desirous of play-
famous Black Hand. I jng are requested to hand in     their
In the filming of tbis story wu arc   name's to the Physical Director.
Tbe Methodist church Sunday -chool   at first introduced to the renowned de '
tective, meeting him among the den-l Blble ^^-The Bible Classes are
hen* of th.' underworld. Here we be-,we11 »lu'llded. Juniors Sunday morn-
hold the fearlessness of the man and ln« at l0 o'clock, taught by the Phys
the terror of hale his name and pres-, ical 1)ilv-l°''' ^"e is U on the roll,
bad  ,
sleigh r le last Thursday even-
R   Simpson, ol Arrowhead, was doing business In  town   the     middle  of
mess iu town  tue     m.ciuie 0, .q ^    ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^   ,,,,,  room for raore.   Men.g dro„     ,Q
the wcek' | another angle.   A little child is being   Bib.le cl**B' M°nd*y evening at 7 p.m.
F.  E. Bradshaw ,.: Vancouver, was   maltreated by a wretched old rag pic-   l0 "' aiteudunee.
noticed among the many coast visit -  ker.   The heart of the great detective|    gunaay afternoon meeting for men-
or= lie te.wn this week.
present time most opportune for to
add to our numbers, and after a few
pointed remarks, suggested the follow
ing changes:—Hon. President, Mr. T.
Kilpatrick; President, Mr. R. Howson;
first vice-president, Mr. J.M. McKay;
Second vice president, J. Lyons; Treas
Mr. T. Bradshaw; Recording Sec, R.
Gordon. Also that Messrs! M. 8cott,
J. Hopgood and A. Mclntyre bo
placed on tbe board.
The above was carried unanimously
after which Mr. J.M. McKay in a
few words outlined thc feuture work
of the CP.B. and pointed out the
requirements in Y.M.C.A. work in
connection therewith. j
Improvements are still the order of
the day at the Y., and the members
are requested to invite their friends
to the association, and to enlist them '
as members, so as to keep our Association in a flourishing condition. the
success of the Association depends an
the interest of its members, both fin-'
nncially and socially. Watch for thc
next issue.
Rev. Father McKenzie went lo Golden th.' middle of the week and will
return ;n a few day-.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Nadeau, Miss
M. Nadeau and R. Roy M. Thomson,
all o! Three Valley wer.- Revelstoko
visitors 'he middle of this week.
is deeply ton. hed by the sufferings of Evory Smu,av afternoon from 3i45 to
the little one and he goes out of his 4 .,- R m,.eting ia held for the wel-
way to adjust her wrongs, visiting on fare of m,.n Next Sunday afurnoon,
tbe head of her scoundrelly old fatb- the Rev. E, j, Chave will Bpeak and
er, tor such the old rag picker proves Mr Thomson will sing. ...
to  be,   well-merited  punishment      fori
his atrocious conduct. Bowling—The bowling alley- are in
But now we come to the crux     of   gn'at demand, a league game is play-
thls -tory, araund which     gravitates   ed  every evening  commencing  at     8
a -cries oi" ihe     most  startling inci-'p.m.  Members not    entered    in     the
Mr   ■ nd Mrs   Murray Hume on their  dents—incidents that are   terribly re-. league have an opportunity of bowl-
recent coast trip took in the opening   "1Utic  »nd fagic.   Now it comes to   ing -from 4 to 8 p.m.
ol -he House on the lfth inst at Vie-   l««» ^  «• ^rtatn banker, one An-|    On Wednesday evening the C. P. R.
i touio Loren/o, has been marked as a   Played St.  Johns, which resulted in a
victim by  this awful  band of     law •   victory for fhe C.P.R. 2 to 1.       The
Mrs.Bruce  Lawson    will  receive  on   breakers.   Finding that he has notifi-   largest single game bowled on the al-
Thursday, 30th  January and not  on  ed the poli'-c of their     black-mailing   leys/total pins 873, was bowled by the
the first Thursday In February     aud   threats,  they meet to decide ou   his   C.P.R.
Miss  McConnell will receive With her.   executioner.   Among  tbo»e present  in C. P. R.
| ihe' secret     meeting gathered tor the  Lyons     141
Mrs.   Nettle formerly  oi R' velstoke,   diabolical  purpose  mentioned,   is    no   Alexander    145
and  now  a    resident  oi      Vancouver,   less a per-onnge than thc rag picker,   Copeland  156
sent eighteen pounds of choice   candy   whoso name, by the way is Giuseppi,   Wood 160
to  an  organization  ot   the  Methodist _ and on him the lot falls for the' com-   Lk'o  126
rhurch h. re.
This morning at six .."t-i.... k. :, snow
x'.id- 150 teet long, occurred nt Clan
William. It will tak.' -ome time to
clear the track. bul it i- expected
traffle- will be resumed be for" night.
Fd. McGregor, the expert meat cut
ter of the R»velS'ok" Meat Market and
Jack Kerr, the well-known plumber ,
of the Lawrence Hardware Co.. leave
tomorrow on a three months trip to
In the baptist church on Sunday,
tbe pastor, Rev. B. J. Ciiave, will
speak un the following subjects: —
Morning. 'The Paradox of Sacrifice";
evening, "Christian Citizenship." Sunday -chool and adult Bible cluas at
ii 30 p.m. A cordial welcome to all.
704      873
Total   72S
Ainslie   125
John-'tone    115
Munro   134
Bezley    157
Roberts  135
Total  666      773      638
mission of the dastardly crime. Short
' iy thereafter thc banker meets his
doom in a most mysterious manner,
and the Chief of Police of New York
dee ides thai ihere is only one man
who can unravel the dark me-hes in
wbich th' crime is hidden and that
man is Lieutenant Petrosino.
I The clever detective is soon on tho
Job. His argus eyes take in th.' min-,
ute detail    o!    the gha>tly deed gnd!
there comes to him as a reward of an ; Directors Y.M.C.A. Meet—One of the
indefatigable Bearch only a scrap of largest attended meetings of the board
cloth on which is sewn a peculiar but ot diree-tors of the R.R.Y.M.C.A., was
ion. But that is an all sufficient tind held last Tuesday evening in the
t< i on it we see Mm build a wonder- board room. Present were Messrs. J.
fui theory. We Bee him retrace, step M- McKay, Supt. C.P.R.; M. K. Mc-
by step, the footprints of the assass- Quarrie, R. Howson, W. Bews. J.
in. W. s,e him in his wouderiul dis- Bourne, W. Lawrence, J.Q. MeKinnon
guises enter int.) the vtry inner circle- J- M- Paterson, G. S. Paton, W.
of the terribly and malign Brack Hand Pratt, C. R. Macdonald, T. Bradshaw
—and finally ire see him led on by his H. B. Benjamin, P.. Gordon, p. F.
The children of Maty o! th Catho-| powerful intuition until at last he Giflord, W. II. Wallace, a. Thomson,
lie church will hold the annual shrove   fits the button,  witb its scrap       ot   Becretary.
Tuesday entertainment on     February   cloth, on lhe coat from whi-h ie was'    »  sumptuous  ' ist was   pr.ad    by
in  St.  Fran-is  Hall.   An enjoy- torn and fastens the crime on it- ow-   tbe  ladies    ar.d  was partaken  of    by
r.Me     musical     program is assured,  ner, the infamous rag picker. Glusop-   'be Directors at 6:16.   A beany vote
There will  al-c   be drill.    •■    tations.'Pi-    But unexpectedly  the  tabb-s    ar< -J tendered  to th.' ladies.
etc., by th-  little folks    1 hould   turned on the bold detective and    he   Busine .- of importance was then trana
is struck down from behind, and   the  acted,    v Flnan e Committee wa^ ap-
pleadings of     the rae   piker'    little   pointed to present  a seheme to     the
.girl saved him from immediate death   members of the    Asso-iation Citizens
wellery    emporium,   *bo is; But hi   doom wa   sealed, nevertheless        •■       •'  the entire    indebtedness
a prosperous business man      °* The arch plotters put Ms unconscious' Association,   which has been
■    .        :es \   a friend   in body into a sack and betool     - rried by 1        inks!       ie last six
Revelstoke, that four years ago     h* selvci Io th<  :.- pur !   ' "'•   Another
I   rehased  twe   io-.s in   Saskatche* „ l5  checkmate!      th« that   of placing a
i     fi '•■   .-    •   ently sold them   toi   [jtti,   ,-,- -   ,n e more the lobby,   thia
00.   He ttas purchased itral ■    . I   with Mr   Law   -,-   •     find
.ted s:t-  .:. Bassano and •..  I erect tbey ,1a8h mt!ii,        . -   - Mr. I
"'■ •'•'    b.m-tJ' . -    -   the  nick
ived. * ' "'—'
clutches ' •••;■    '  '"'"    '    ''• 1'1-''
Engs among   in ong
- ' '
'  •    '
'.own «o th
led a
t fail 1       '-nd.
\. T. Connolly, lv... o! the j   Guj
enrieet I rea |
.   at   11  a
-    •
: ! it    S
-     I
.    -.     .-  :    ■    ■   .
til are invit
.   -  -
With the Masons
T- • Pal ■  ■   •      i'.' •
'     a*. Toronto, ha
Special to the Mail-Herald, per 0.
M.F ield, secretary Revelstoko Curling Club, up to noon today, January
24th, the results are:
Cliand Challenge Cup and tirst prize
won by Mr. Jaekson skip, of Vtrnon.
Second prize won by Mr. Dill of
Henderson Cup and Gist prize won
by Dill of Knderby.
Second prizes won by Lang, skip of
Okanagan Cup and first pri7.es won
by Little skip,  of Armstrong.
Sec iml prize-* won by Macdonald
skip, of Vernon.
Burn- Cup—To be played between
ihe nine Vernon Rinks.
Consolation Cup—To be played of!
between four  Vernon rinks.
Malkin Cup—Winner of Dill , Enderby. and Thompson, Armstrong, plays
Jaekson of V.rnon for the cup.
Kelly Dougln- Cup—Winner of Lang
Vernon, and W. H. Smith, Vernon,
plays winner of Dill Enderby an 1
Jackson, Vernon, for the cup.
B.N.A. Tobacco Cup—In thc semifinals in this event. Dill of Enderby,
plays Little of Armstrong, In this
event there occurred a very excitin;
and close game, between loams cap -
tain.'d by Macdonald of Vernon, and
CM. Field of Rovelstoke. Mr. Field,
havinc no team from Revelstoke pick
ed up three local boys of Vernon, two
of whom had only started ctirliag this
year, and entered his team in the con
test. After winning one round, the
team lost the other game only by the
last stone thrown by Macdonald, al
th.' seventh end the score stood Macdonald ten, Field nine; at the eleventh end, Macdonald 10. Field 11; and
finally Macdonald 12 to Field's 11. In
In this eonto-t the Macionald team
was made up nf four skips, namely
Me-srs. H. Lang, W.A. Lang, Earl
McGaw and Macdonald. The ice is
fir-t rla-- nn.l weather ideal today,
with five degrees of fros'.
The Revelstoke players, two or
three rinks are expected to leave on
Jan. 2f,th Saturday night, midnieht,
to participate in the Gold-n bonspi-l
wbich op.-ns Monday morn:ng, the 27
It sound   ..ut of pla.e to be   mentioning autoing in midwinter,  but    I
lie  that the people of
I Dg forward anxiously
ef the auto    road
Letweei      Rev    tok<   and theli     own
ind thn'  in the   piing thoy will
pe. dy
■ ..ik,   which  wlll
en fact
Mrs. Ross Donaldson, will receive
on  Tuesday    afternoon,   Jan.  26th.
Inspector Denton has just completed
his semi-annual inspection of our city
Mrs. P, 0. Aiuslie has been confined to her houso for two weeks witb
the grippe,
Miss Trenc Procunier has quite    recovered  her health  and  resumed clas- [
ses at the Normal school, Vancouver. I
Mr. Curveon has recovered rapidly
since his operation and expects to be
out of the hospital in a few days.
Mrs. John Palmer, who was progressing nicely aftor leaving the hospital, is quite ill ayjain with the
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Hume returned home Tuesday, both greatly benefitted in health by a month's visit to
the coast cities.
Mr. J, p. Sutherland is treating
himself to a few compulsory holidays
this week on account of a severely
sprained shoulder.
Mr. and Mrs. Sbeppherd entertained
a largv- party to cards ai the residence
of Mr. Alf Urquhart, Fifth street, on
Friday evming.
Mr. Mallin-on has been transferred
from here to Nel-on to till tha position vacated by Mat Scott. He left
here Wednesday.
Mrs. Ferris bas returned from California.   Mr. Ferris, superintendent   of.
tank construction     here,  met her en \
route at Tacoma.
A number of changes have been made
in the Central school atafl this month. Miss McPhalcn is away to California visiting her mother. Her position is taken by Mr. Myles, a graduate of Kalamazoo university, Michigan. Miss Robertson, is promoted,
and Miss Cora E. Smith from Canor&
Sask., appointed to the primary room
Mies Piene from Vancouver, is iti,
churge of Grade IV. Miss Robinson,
has been transferred fiom tbe Selkirk
school to the Central.
The ladies of the Methodist church
held a tea and sale of cooking Thursday afternoon antl evening at thei
homo of Mrs. Lindmark. Both financially and socially the affair was very
successful. Mrs. Downs presided over
the "home-cooking" table', where
the display was so attractive that it
was all disposed of in short order,.
Mrs. E. Davis, and Ws. Lee waited
upon ihe guests with tea, delicious
brown bread ami cake, while Miss
Muriel Lindmark with ft Victrola, entertained them with some superb selections from Caruso, Schuinan-Heiiick
Gadski, and other first-class artists.
In the evening the young people haii
a slcighride, ending up at Mrs. landmarks for refreshments and games.
Aid. McCambly Dead
Lethbridge, Alta., Jan. 28—Alderman W.J.-MeCambly Buttered a stroke*
of paralysis while driving bis engine,
attach vl to the Spokane flyer thru'
tho Crows Nest yesterday. He was
brought honi" bore and died last
night. Alderman McCambly entered
rolitits at the last election when he
polled the highest vote ever recorded
in Lelhbridr,o.
Tbe late Mr. M.'Oambly Is a cousin
of Mr. A. Johnson of the Mail Heralil
'   '
■  •    - th* (irand   .
- .,'.  Ireland and Scotiarrl    to      His    mortal ■   • now   T'' '     W
••.   .    i   bs early part oi   1913.' t to the 1 '' ' -laldhave
Ian through to    »'
' Tb place yo
i -  arranged , ■ .* om<
-     •      White siar Line for an   In-    Mr rn<,    T)i() ,|forv o(    b ,,,  ,,1(> atetxhsUvt I brary  by
teresting and unusual tour to the old  , ..,. man again * -. band e.f ot
..n.rj. '*hose    sturnlm   deeds  ire tl • continuing.   Mr. O. ^
Th- parly will leave on the Teuton-' mfamou"  nf their  kind   MM     jn   Hall
.     May 3rd and land at Que. nstown,' b:  lorj     o ten
ipSCtel arrnng.'mcnt with tha e.,m
I hev   'i
Ihs    the  ns
i.any.   The points to be visited      in-  "'"   'r-  ><"•••-'    and
rh.de ' B    -'V. aiengarlfl, Kiliar-   "•'■"' the    Society ol    the
Bind   Hand     And  thus .lo   •    honoi '■'•       '  !
leeds e,f dar  r'.' mlttoe, ■ r-tact
m this  vender    n member of Hm NeMon
ness,  Cbetter,  BtraUord,  Kenil.'.oith,  ' ■'    '' working slnglt -;'   Mr   R ap
London,  Paris, Loudon     ftKnl"     '"' I ''•    '     ' "'■ '•'"•   and W* for-1 P011H«1 ns our rcpi •' New
♦ hen Liverpool lo eoni :'       the ther add thnt this visualization    will   bu ' , Few
Teuton!  ,  .Tun"  Hth,  Quebet   anl Mon-1 on   the   mun"   nf   Lieuten      on   thl
ney, Dublin.    Belfast, Ayr,   OlMgow,
Edinb'irtrh,  Melroet,   Keswick,   l/a:n
ington,  3rasmero,  Windermere, Bour-
,int   pstro
ll.'l.l        e,f       th \ '   „ -'it       t||.
Chief Oinsmore Dead
Ian   28   I     \      |i,n
I dlstrl(     Ued at tbs
 1 las'
t and h .rt trouble
I •■      and
rltb |
Brll Ish  '   il imbia for
-•   'e lie   for     ibis
Wm a number      of
, .    |   •
■ up '■•' pi r,..  Rupert
Din moi.
■ . (     work
e,ward   te'
[   UP        ilis
DWO i\     Ife        «urviv
«m|     l,V    I
Ths funeral     win in ehargi  oi tb
0 ni I'eiitiit. ■ ler In which   hi
i   ardent    vorkei   having  r^iaraio
of Ihs arrat
Miss Eraser is temporary matron of
the hospital until a permanent     appointment shall  be    made on the re-1
turn of the superintendent. Dr. Suth-
Miss Christie, principal of Selkirk
S'hool, returned on Tuesday from
Manitoba, whither .-Iim had been summoned two weeks earlier by her sister's severe illness.
Mr. and Mrs. Trueman, bWore leaving for Rogers Pass, gave a farewell
sleighride party to a number of
friends on Wednesday evening, followed by a jolly time at the bouse.
The Missionary Society of St.
John's chun-h will hold the annual election of officers next Tuesday at 3
p.m., in the church, when all members
are invited lo be present.
Tbe Ladies Auxiliary to the Y.M.C
A.. ontertainM the board of directors
to supper ln the Association rooms,
on Tuesday evening! As usual, the
menu was all that could be desired.
Mr. Ted Whyte, ftn old-timer and
first-class trapshot of Rovcl*toke, was
in town Wednesday, renewing anquain
tances. Mr. Whyte Is travelling for
thc Dupont Powder Co., from Ottawa
to the coast.
A party of the teachers, after wrestling for several hours with detail^ of
equipment, managed to enjoy a Bhort
frolic on snowshoes. Friday evening,
arriving at Mrs. Dent's for refresh -
meats aliout 10 p.m.
Mr. Mat Bcott, U being welcomed
back by old friends in his new capacity aq master trechanic of the shops.
Mrs. Scott and family will arrive
shot tly from Nelson and ln thc meantime Mr. Scott i- staying at tho King
Edward. ,
Mr-   \i Payne's sunduy school .lass
bad on.' of the jollie-i aleigbridea   of
thc s.-ason Tuesday evening, arriving
tin.illy.     happy  and hungry,  at      tho
home of  Mr-   K.  Laing.   There    they (
■ined by Rev.  J.  A. Stovonson. I
Ml     Stevenson, Mr. ami Mrs. Nemor, J
Ml     I!'is- anel   ...nic others, and    the
balance ot the evening was onjoyably
spent      in B    Bible   alphabet contest
ti    Jobn1    church held their annual
meeting on WMii'May evening wiih n
record attendance.  The business part
of the ptogrnm wns much slmplilled
by the fact that all reports had lieen
pt inl'tl 1 til o neat pamphlet foim and
'b . oirculated among the audience,
When liiisltipss wa    llnl died, Mr. W.M.
Lawrence, ohairman foi the evening,
took the opportunity oi very heartily
ei'ilntlng Mr. ami  Mrs.  Stevon-
■on on ibe eteeUnt woik th"y   have
I 1 this year, especially no-
nm-.nr    the rotui people
Tbem were   trongly endor-
td by the a'idienee. Th« remainder
of the evening was then spent fn sociable Int. r.'our*" assisted by ten. cof-
t'e'f. "einelwiches and e*k»
Rovelstoke, R. C, Jan, 32nd, 1918.
Editor Mail-Herald—
Dear Sir,—The appearance and general "get.up" of your issue of thir
date is certainly a very marked Improvement over anything we huve had
in Rovelstoke hiucc I havo been a resident and I am sure your hundreds ol
readers will appreciate it, as I u-sure ■
you I do.—Keep up the good work.
Yours sincei ely,
A Treatment That Costs Nothing
If It Fails
We want you to try three large hot
ties ef Rexall "98" Hair Tonic on our
Personal guarantee tlmt the trial will
not cost you a penuy if it does not
give you absolute satisfaction. That's
proof of our faith in this remedy and
it should indisputably demonstrate
tbat we know what we are talkiug
about when wc say that Rexall "93"
Hair Tonic will retard baldness, over
come scalp and hair ailments, and it
any human agency can accomplish,
this result, it mny be relied upon to
promote u new growth of hair.
Remember, we are basing our state
ments upon what haa already licen ac
compllshed by tbe use o. ••:;!"
Hair Tonic, and we have thc ri«ht tc
assume tbat what it has done for
thousands of others it will do for you
in any event you cannot lose anything by giving it a ti.nl on our liberal guarantee. Two sizes, 60c. and
H.oo. Remember, you can obtain
Rexall Remedies In this community
only at our store. Walter Dews' drug
I store, the Rexall Store.
WANTED-B) an experienced colored
women, employment ss took ot
chambermaid. —Mr-. C. R. Murphy
'Phone 299. City.
WANTED—Nursing, apply to Mrs. McDonald. First street Four doors
. , t  Of  Yf.M.C.A.
WANTED—Two to four rooms for
light hou-c keeping purposes. Apply to W. H. PIIcher, Revelstoke.
WANTKII    Hell     Boy.
Hotel   Uevelstoke.
Apply   fo    Unit.
FOR HALE—An agreement for sab
for $l,f,00 due in a few month", foi
further particulars apply nt tbi
Mail Herald  ofllce.
WANTED—A young girl about 11
years of age to help in boms for
Board and privilege of attending
school, also room to rent to one ot
two ladles. Mr«. C..I. Treat, Flftl
direct,   Fast.


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