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The Mail Herald Dec 30, 1911

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"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is"
unsurpassed.    Price $60H
Interior Publismng Co., Agts,
Vol. 17-No. 11
4y^ Lcy,'
Visiting Cards
nterior PuDlishing Company
$2.60 Per Year
Plain'  75c.
Nickle Plated $2.00
With Ankle Supports.
 $1.50 to $3.00
Plain Hockey Skates   75c
McCullough's   Racing
Skates $5.50
Nickle-Plated' H o c k e
Skates          1.00 to $5
20 different styles
Ankle Supports
Skate Straps
Skate Screws
Hockey Sticks
Shin Pads
Revelstoke Second Annual
Poultry Show, Jan. 2,3,4
When Birds ol Many Species Will Make Their Debut-Hundreds of Entries Already Made-
Entries Most Be in Hands of Secretary
-   Smythe by Midnight To-Night
Ilcvclstokc's Second  Annual Toul-   January 15 to 19, where it in expect-
try  Show,  wbich will be held at tho  ed  that     fully 0,000    birds will     be
Drill Hall ou January 2nd, 3rd   aud  cooped.
I    A  small  entry  fee  will  be charged
for spectators and it ia to be hoped
mutch producing center of   the     Dominion of Canada and thc orient.
There is big money in matches, the
Dominion Match Co., Ltd., is going
to make it, the reason tbey can
make it and how it is to be made is
something you can see and understand, and that is the sort of pro -
position to invest in. Stock is $10 a
share par value, but as the factory is
advanced tho price ol the stock will
advance with it. For further information call at our demonstration
rooms or on H. Proctor & F. M.
Dlake, special representatives, at tbe
King Edward hotel.
Fiscal Ageut.
ith, promises to bc a record breaker
From all the neighboring towns applications for prize lists have come
In. Among those prominent outsido
poultiymen who aro sending leathered exhibits to this Bhow are Mr.
Waddell of Enderby, Mr. Somerville
of Malakwa and L. M. Johnson ol
tho same place. G. H. Smedley, of
Enderby and Ed. T. Peter of Arm -
strong also tho Hazelmen Poultry
Farm at Enderby, as well as many
The Drill Hall will be well heated
and lighted for this occasion and everything points to next week's poultry show being the beBt ot the kind
held in the interior of thc province.
Up to uoon on Thursday, 150 entries
had been made.
Another instructive and interesting
feature about this poultry show
which should uot be overlooked, Is
the fact that Miss Steward a govern
ment poultry expert, will deliver a
moBt interesting lecture ou cooking,
using fowl for demonstration purposes. She will also lecture on "A
Woman's Experience in the Poultry
iUuBiuess."   Miss Steward, it iti claim
that the towns people will support
tlio enterprise with their presence.
Arrangements have been made with
tlie city for strings of electric lights
to brighten up every corner ul the
Drill Hnll during the evening.
1 ed
The match industry is thc only oue
that declares bigger dividends wheu
other incomes decrease. To make
more money iu hard times is a remarkable prospect, but actually the
condition in the match industry, said
Proctor & Blake, special representatives of the Domlniou Match Co., Ltd
who are stopping at tho King Edward hotel lor a few days. It is a
remarkable fact that in 1893 the Diamond Match Co. of the U. S. paid
tiieir largest dividend on their capit-
iiizatiou of (16,000,0410. Tbe match
industry in the U.S. has been the
most consistent dividend payer that
is know, tbe reason apparently is
when the people economize iu food
clothing and other commodities they
never stop to economize iu matches,
instead tbe women will turn out the
gi.8 tor thev figure that lighting it
with an extra match is cheaper than
Final Returns
The tinal returns of the Enderby
poultry show are just to hand, and
arc as follows, from which it will be
seen that Revelatoke poultrymen
mado a good record at this show.
I R. Smythe—White Rocks, 1st hen,
2nd, hen, 3rd hen, 3rd cock, special
prize for liest pen, special prize for
best pair White Rocks.
■ Barred Rocks—2nd, pullet, 3rd pullet, 2nd priae for Breeding pen.
Bufl Rocks—1st pullet, 2nd cockerel
H. F. MeKinnon—Bufl Leghorns —
2nd cock, 3rd cock, 1st hen, lat cockerel, llrd cockerel, 2nd pullet, special
prize for best Buff Leghorns in tho
F. W. Laing—Ist cockerel, 1st pullet, 2nd pullet, 3rd pullet,  1st pen.
F. Fleotham—Rhode Island Reds —
1st cock, 2nd rock, 1st hen, 1st cockerel, 1st pullet, 3nd, pullet, 3rd pullet, 1st pen.
Silver Laced Wyandottes—1st cock,
2nd hen, let cockerel, 2nd pullet aud
special prize for fowl and pen.
The exhibitors were much pleased
at the good shape birds were returned in.
Imperial B anu of Cana^.. <j>
Head Otnco-Toronto, Ontario. 0
J 72,000,000.00
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
Branches er Agents at all principal points in Canada, O
Agents in Great Britain and Uniti'd Stales—London, England, A
Lloyds Bank, Limited.    Chicago—First Nitional Bank, Corn Kx- Y
change National Bank.   Seattle—Saattlti National Bank,  San Fran- O
Cisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank.    Spokane—Exchange Q
National Bank. I
Savings Bank Department r
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at Y
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited. V
.Reveletoke Branch— A. B. *<,: ieghan, Mgr. °
/letting it burn, thereby using two
matches iustead of one and when tho
»i-Uif bgyi ar« irl1 —- in ',*•-'' Hri**"; they
Sec- stand around and smoke more mat -
over dies than when they are busy at
work aud wheu all other industries
arc closing down, the match industry
is booming. Of course we have an
enormous advantage In undertaking
to pay big dividends to our stock -
holders. Other match industries have
paid enormous dividends using expensive raw materials such as white
pine and inefficient machinery and
methods that make the cost of matches under the very beat circumstances very close to *$3.6H per case. With
our new process we can muke mat -
dies for about $1.50 per case and sell
them to tbe jobber for $4-88 a case, j
our matches sonsists of Hi boxeB of
500 matches in each box that retails
for 5 cents.
In the factory we are building    at
• ue following i '; last issue
of the Successful .yiiuin,    pub -
lisbed at Victoria, tittes us a glimpse of how others see us:
"The prize  list of the     Revelstoke
Poultry   Association's   Winter    show,
lis a tempting one, providing special
prizes of a very liberal nature as well
' as a number of valuable cups.     The
* premium list is arranged to give
special inducements to exhibitors    ln
I the Standard  varieties as amount of
j prize   money  is  governed  by  number
| of entries iu euch variety. The Rovelstoke people have had the reputation
of putting ou a good show aud thc
January Exhibition promises to be
no less attractive than  others    held
under the management of this asso-  New Westminster, with a capacity of  evening was iu evel-V vruy a complete
a carload a day, we will bave a net  success.   The     crowd '<fw   all that
A Presentation
On Sunduy atternoon at tho close
of the Sunday school, Rev. R. J.
Mclntyre receiv?d a surpriBe from the
boys of the J.B.C. They invited him
to visit them for a few minutes, he
supposed they wished advice on some
undertaking, when, much to his surprise, Mr. E. Cameron arose and
made a speech, expressing the good
will, and sympathy of the class ior
bim and Mrs. Mclntyre in their work
"The utmost harmony has prevailed since your coming amongst us and
we desire to present to you and Mrs.
Mclntyro some small token of our
Mr. Mclntyre then accepted a beautiful cut glass fruit disb, assuring
the members of the club, that he and
bis wife would prize tbe gift as a
constant reminder of the feelings that
prompted the giving of it. This is
not the only time the boya, we are
told, have remembered their pastor,
ns loads of wood and sacks of pota-
ti/es will testify.
Xmas Entertsiiiire.it
The Cb'.-istiapB entertainment given
in tbe Methodist .church on Tuesday
Mrs. A,G, Crick, > First Street
Takes   this    opportunity  of   thanking
her patons for 1911 and wish them all a
Eastern Poultry of All Kinds.
Local Milk Fed Turkeys and Chickens
Olympia and Eastern Oysters
Smelts, Shrimps, Crabs
Wholesale and Retail Produce and Meats
Robin Hood Flour Beats Them All
Mib. H. N. Coursier carries i IF iwo flul ptiytB
with ROBIN HCCD FLCUB. The f-reciel pii.e
we offered er.d alio ftr He list lief fitm my
flour. If you want good bread use Robin Hoed—
the flour of quality.
E&.. W. BELL
Phono No. 33
In the Bame publication, Vi. M.
Coatee, Poultry Judge at the Fall
Fairs, speaks of Kevelstoke In the following complimentary  strain:
"Rekolstoke was a big show, running strong iu Standard and utility
breeds. White Leghorns and Buds
were large classes and some good
quality was shown. Browns were
not up to tbe Bulla or Whites. Revel
stoke put up tbe beat display of
Buds exhibited for a long time, both
in Bingle and rote comb. Barred
Hocks brought out Bome nice pullets.
BufT aud White RockB were uot de -
veloped tuough to get a good line on
them. Wyandottes were a good lot,
but iu uo show shape. Rhode Is-
IftDji. Reds were u good entry. Black
Mlnor-ii*,-.**, •nee romb, had three good,
ones. The otllceTS \l_the Revelstoke
show, certainly buudlcu'i'ieir show In
a most business-like munnei (J .
It is not exaggerating to til) .that
the Poultry Sbow next week will be
the biggeBt uud best thut tbis part
ot the country hue ever seen. Owing
to the in.ii [miilii..ii.,i*. ol this paper
on Wednesday, the time for accepting
entries has been extended to Satur -
day evening, December 30tb, at which
'I.ii'* all entries must be iu thc hand
of the .Secretary, Mr. H.M. Smythe,
accompanied by lhc foes set out iu
prize Hit.
Work has been under wny for sever- ,
al  weeks netting the coops lo good
shape and  the exhibition hall  will 1<s
lilted  up  with  the best equipment of
coops In thc provinoe.
A large number of exhibits is expected from the Okanagan valley and
similar number from Grank Forks
district, so thnt competition tn all
varieties is likely to be keen. An the
show will lie judged by score card,
the local fanciers nre figuring tbat
tbey will be in a position to Know
which. If nny, ol their fowln ate el -
■ llklble to compete iit Vuncouver for
y Ibi.
I honors at the grout Provincial fllow
eiirning of more than $1500 a day to
be divided amongst our shareholders.
We are going to display oiir machines in Revelstoke and demonstrate
its wonderful work to the public, it
will be located at Geo. Knight's tail
or shop on First street, and will be
open till ten o'clock each night.
The par value of the stock is |10
pcr share and to give the Investors
of Revelstoko uud vicinity to work
with us, boost, with us and demand
our matches and share in the enormous profits, the J10 allotment ia almost gone and wheu it is gone the
next allotmont will be raised twenty
live per cent nnd the stock will keep
on increasing ns thc construction of
our factory progresses.
Messrs. Proctor & Blake, who aro
special r?presentatlvcs of the Dominion Mutch Co., Ltd., aro stopping at
the King Bdward hotel and who are
connected with and are familiar with
overy detail of our industry, will
gladly answer all questions pertaining to the match Industry. We can
only remain here a few days as wo
have a large territory to cover and
the company wishes to distribute Its
stock throughout this whole prov -
ince. This Is oertaWly the time for
consideration ns the stock should be
worth live times what it ls selling
for In ono yenr.s time, we Invite you
to cnll at our demonstration rooms
and believe your own eyes.
Now, would you like to own stock
In n company that will pay thirty
per cout on thc whole capitalization
and with a possibility of paying teu
times that much In the next few
years, and have it ln an Industry
that you can know all about.If you
are looking for a genuine profit paying industry that you want to bave
an interest tn, come to our demon -
stratlan room at Qeo. Knight's tailor ihop, First Street, and learn nil
ahout tho remarkable new industry
tbat it going to    make B. 0.    tbi
could be desired us the *.:hiin'h was
packed to the doors with1- old and
young, who entered Bympatbvtidilly
in the spirit of it.
The church was beautifully decctat
ed lor the occasion and tbe tree fairly groaned with tbe load of gilts
that hung from trunk and branches.
Thc program consisted of a cantata
"Santa i'lulls' Vision" and was rendered by tbe Sunday school scholars
from tbe little tots up to the members of the Bible classes. Tho little
ones had memorized the whole cau -
tata and sang without paper or book
and they made the church ring with
their cleur happy voices. The choruses were greatly enjoyed by the audience us well as the solo singing of
girls taking their separate parts.
"Tiny little Stars tbat Twinkle,"
was well rendered by tbe "Bunsbioe"
cIubb und "Thc Fairies" looked beau
liiul as they moved in uud out among the sleeping little ones who had
grown tired waiting Hauta's com -
ing. Their slngiug too, was ono ol
ihe features of the program.
There was great excitement when
Santa arrived and sang "Here Am I
from tho Land ol Snow" and entered
luto a dialogue with the little ones.
Tbe tree was quickly stripped and ue
Santa handed out the rilts many u
young heart was made glad.
Commencing with tbe first Sunday
Ol the Now Year, St. John's Sunday
school will adopt thc system ot
Graded Lessons. This scries of lessons has been prepared by the International committee and Ih Intended
to tnke the place of tbe Uniform Les
son system which bas been In use so
many years. Tho purpose of the
Graded I/essons is to meet the spiritual needs of the pupil In each stage
nf his development. The nature of
tbo pupil, nnd tho consequent needs
ol tbo pupil receive lirst consideration.
"A Happy New Year'
We beg to extend
to our many patrons and friends the
Compliments ofthe
Season and wish
them prosperity in
1912 and expressing
to all our sincere
thanks for past
Hardware Dealers     GROCERS     McClary's Stoves
There is One Sure Thing
You are not likely to have a "happy New
Year" unless you have a sound body and a
healthy mind. And health demands good,
wholesome! nourishment—a generous proportion of it in the form of meat
In every season you want the best the
market affords. We have it. And we
keep it in carefully inspected, absolutely
clean and sanitary surroundings.
If you want reliable meats at reasonable prices.   Come and look at our stock.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Distributors for Swift's Products
High Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 251 p. o. Box C
JI Happy and Prosperous
New Year to One and All
Thanking You c>411 for Past Favors
F. G. BEWS,    -   Jeweler and Optician
McRae Mercantile Company, Limited
A cTVlerry Christmas
and a Prosperous New Year
To One and All
McRae Mercantile Company, Limited
■■■BH BATURDAY,    DEC.   80th, 1911,
SATURDAY,   DBO.   3Kb. 1911
Wood for Sale
Mixed Hard Wood, 16-inch $ 7.50
Cedar, 16-inch     6.00
Wellington     11.00 per ton
Briquettes     8.75 per ton
Bankhead Hard Coal expected in a few days
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Gbe ODalMberalfc      Dominion Match Company
Jntetior pulttiabtng Compnny,
J. K. JOHNSON, Manager.
RALPH tl.   SORUTON,  Editor.
ThiB week Hevelstoke is visited by
Messrs. Proctor and Blake, Bpecial
representatives ol the Dominion Match Company, who are giving practical demonstration! In the making of
matches in Gorge Knight's tailor
shop on Kirst stre.'t till 10 o'clock
each night, and the citizens can   oee
Legal    notices m cents per line first ,or themselves that it is a clean cut
insertion,  S ceuts por line      each I , .
„ proposition from the general    m.iite-
eubseiiuent    insertion.       Measure-,
ments Nonparlel (12 lines make!"" °' thc company, which is compos-
one inch.) Store and general .' J ol substantial coast men it would
business announcements $2.50 per' appear to lie oue of thc best   stock
..     -ll...*      haa     ADpr     hl»An        Till t
inch per month,     preferred pos
tions,     25     pcr cent, additional.
Births,  Marriages and Deaths, otc
each insertion.
Land notices JT.o-u. All advertisi
Proposition that has ever been put
i.p to tbe city of Kevelstoke. The
\ ancouver World in speaking ol this
company says:
uveruse- following cloBe upou the purchase
ments subject to the approval of' ul a Bitc tor thc biS <">w factory ot
the management. Wanted and'1"-' Dominion Match Co., 1 td., a
Condensed Advertisements : - contract wae signed lust Saturday for
Agents Wanted. Help Wanted, Sit
uations wanted, Situations Vacant, Teachers Warned, Mechanics
Wanted, 25 -words or less, 25c,
each additional line W cents.
Changes ii. standing advertisements must be in by 9 a. m.
Tuesdtfy and Friday of each week
to secure good display.
CORRESPONDENCE iuvited on matters of public interest. Communications to Editor must be
accompanied by name of writer
not necessarily lor publication,
but as evidence ol good laith.
Correspondence should be brief.
the immediate erection of the build
uigs. The contractors are Beer end
McLellun. who have handled n.any
other large building operations m the
I'nited States. Cambie & Knapp, ar
ciutecta, Vancouver, are making the
plans, wbich will be completed within a few days and on view nt tbe
unices ol tbc Dominion Match Co.,
328 HastingB street, west.
It has been decided to increase the
si/.e ol thc main building, and it will
1 Ue erected two storys iu heignt. me
: hundred by two hundred leet in 6iic
We are clearing out our Healing Stoves
at a great reduction. Nothing ever
shown in the city at such values.
Revelstoke Hardware Co.
Howson Block,   -  MacKenzie Avenue
seeing  it ut the  opera house  Satur-'want to enjoy n New Year's dip. At
.        •  .lt ono o'clock two unknown teams     In-
' During the  afternoon ol Saturday,   tercsted in bowling will play.       At
.Inn  6th,  Mr.  Sanlord Dodge will he  2:30    Mr. Percy F. Gilford,     physical
seen nt a     popular     matinee ln the director,  will bring on his tirst per-
Merchant     of     Venice."     Mntlnee formancc,  viz:
New Year
1.—Cobalt Silver Wand and Drill.
2.—ProM Dropoflsky and his hunch
of Hoodlums on the Mats.
3.—Introducing a new kind ot wrestling.
1.—Imitation of Egyptian Pyramids
5.—Thc Great Maltese Cross.
■S.—A  Case of Punch and Punchim.
7.—Some  Steam  Drlllecs  at  Work.
8.—See  one  Monkey  chase  another.
9.—More Imitations.
10.—Put some wool in your ears for
this number.
11.—A battle to the tiiiish.
Again in the evening another now
comedy  will  be presented.
1.—See our new horse and the nice
Hospital Donations
The Matron ol the hospital wishes '
to thank the following tor thoir kind
ChriBtmas  remembrances to  the    institution.
Mr.  Masson,  one  box  of apples.
Mrs.   J.  Lyons,  1 box Jap  oranges.
Mrs.  Kincaid,  four  quarts  fruit.
W.   Abrahamson,   three  boxes    Jap
P. Burns & Co., one turkey.
Mrs.  W.  H.  Sutherland,  four    bottles ol pickles.
Mrs. E. Corning,  1 box apples.
Mrs. Lnughead,  one quart peaches,
one cake.
Mrs. Uoddard, plcklcB and fruit.
Mrs.   Martin,  fresh  eggs  and  fruit.
Bourne Bros.,  one box apples, two
boxes Jap oranges.
Mr. Hobson, one box apples,       one
box holly.
Mr. Thos. Newell, flowers.
Mrs.  G. MeCarter, 1 box apples.
Mrs.  Porter, 2 qts. Iruit.
Mrs.  Urquhart,  pickles and fruit.
Mr. MeKinnon, one box cigars.
Mrs. H. J. Clark, grapes.
Mrs. Gongard,  fresh eggs.
Mrs. Laughton, oranges and cake.
Mrs.  Dickie, 2 boxes  Jap oranges.
Mrs.  Dwancy,   one  quart  oysters.
0. B. Hume & Co., case ot oranges
Miss Nellie Gardner, chickens, cake,
fruit, candy and nuts.
Mrs.  Manley,  1  qt.  poaches.
Lillian  Pettipiece,  2  qt.  plums.
Mrs. J. J. Woodland, currant bread
Mrs.  Johnston, preserved fruit.
Mrs. Kelly, 1 box of apples.
Mrs.  McEachren, 3 qt.  fruit.
Ladies' Guild, flowers for the pat -
ients, rugs     aud curtains    for     thc
nurses'  rooms.
Uevelstoke Meat  Market,  bacon.
Lawrence Hardware Co., two serving trays, 4 enamelled basins and
sauce pans.
Revelstoke Skating Rink
Frank W. Hopkins, Manager.
Ladies single tickets        - - $4.00
Family ticket, not to exceed 5 members 15.00
Gentlemen's single ticket       - -      6.00
Children's single ticket   - - 3.00
Secure Ticcket Early and Have a Full Season's Skating
There's No Place Like Home
At Christmas
I have  just received a large   assortment of  the latest
designs in electrical fixtures direct from the Factories.
Exceptionally Low Prices Quoted for Cash
inclusive ot Lamps, Shades and installing for
Christmas Only.
I will be open every night during the week and customers
are requested to make selections early to be sure of having
them installed before Christmas.
All kinds of repairs undertaken at any hour of the day or
"A   HAPPY   NEW   YEAR'il    2--Some big men on two poles.
:i —An   otfonint   In   rpncb   thfl  skit
ow we would like to say it t<
you in person, [but we cannot
, I    3.—An attempt to reach tbe Bkies.
How we would like to say it to |   ,._Some hetter nien 0D 01ie poU!.
5.—Sensational   ride  on   the  French
these printed words must take 8ea' _    .,
i    b.—See  the great chain  gang
[oreed gypsum blocks with threproot
. lioorlng, mill construction. This will
make the factory of the Dominion
.Match Co. one ot the haudBomost in
Uritish Columbia. Contemplating the
1'iiormous trade iu matches, the build
iugs are being built in ibe moot approved complete fashion, so that the
capacity ol the plant can easily be
Once  more  we  have arrived  at the   increased  from a carload pcr day  to
■   i    il another year.   How fast time 'everal carloads.
Bye    It Menu but yesterday since we1   Tllc sltc    was inspected last   week
i.y Mr. Win. 11. Parker, tbc Inventor
were  saving  farewell  to thc old  \eur     ,    .. ,       .      ,,    ,
•    ■ i.t    the   wonderful     Parker   process,
191*8 ar.d welcoming Miss 1911, and *,,|lic|, is to ,.„rn tlu. -Jiridends .'inhere it s New Year's eve again, the tne new industry, and Mr. Park ;
bells are ringiag out 13H grown old pronounced the site at Sapperton
snd worn with usage, whilst wc are "'■e"1 '" •*«* "sl>pct' TllPr-
standing,     uats In hand, our minds
hundred by two nunurea ieei iu aiec,
and to be built out ot Ureprool reiu-   the places of the   cheery   Spoken : hear  their  new  song.
r    M..-.B.W1      nlir.*r..-a
St.  Francis    ol    Assisii      Catholic
church, corner of    Fifth   street    and
McKenzie avenue.
Services—On all Sunduys, except
the fourth of each montb. Low mass
with Communion of the Faithful at
8 a.m. High Mass at 10:30 a. in.,
Christian Doctrine for children at
'2:20 p.m. Rosary with Bendiction ol
Tbe Blessed Sacrament 7:30 p.m.
On week days—Holy     MaB3     every
morning at 7:30.      Confessions      are
heard every evening after 7:30      and
and ; in the mornings before Mass.
I.  C. McKen
A. G. DUCK,   - Electrical Store
Day Phone-284 Night Phone, 40
greeting.   Christmas is the sea
son when we are closest to our
Massed   Chorus
8.—Basket Ball.
" --  •■-       Nearing     tho end of    the evening's
fliends,   for   with   each   reniem-  tun n clean game of basket ball will
brance we receive or send, comes'.be<nj0*ed * «>e onlookers.
Alter such a varied program, the
thoughts that from a veritable 'nced of a nice cup of tea and a nice
web   of   memories    and    good i,1'"ce c,t cake t0    so°tn *-he'r nerves
, .  ,       . , ,   T   before   wending  their   wuv   homo  will
wishes which wishes you and  I lpe pn]()yeil   Th„ ,ftdieg of the Y  M
anil your friends and my friends  C.   A.   Auxiliary  have  made  preptii'n-
and our friend's friends until the: t,ons t0 Mnd  H"    u,0Be   fttt,,ndine
. home
whole world a one in the joy
the Christmas season. cents.
Two  line  performances  will  be glv
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices be-
.irotoasi nfiMAkewhere.
Rev.  R.  J.
vices at 11 a.m.
day  school at  2:30  p.fti.
■...„_..     0   ()ny ,51,001 ax. 2'ii) p.m.   nev.  a.
,       in   H,,e    fll)irits  b>   B'vine the   Stapleford, B.A., ol  Columnar. C
o'   needful  at  the  nominal   sum  of   ten   -   •--.. ...- u..
With tho best wishes for  your
I en in the gym for two bits.
three rail transportation lines,   the j happiness and prosperity through
C.P.R., the 11.   0,  Electric nn.l     the j tL t „„_ __j     n    .i       „.!,„,..
lull ol anticipation towards tbe com    , .„ut   Northerll,   whlch   Join     rtt     thJthe "»««»•«  *»fl   «"'    ™   Othei
ig ..'  Miss  1912. 'K te ot the new match factory, which j -v(,ars ot ■v""r lite- a*-T",n we sa. ;
But old 1911 was uot such a sorry  also has a waterway m the Brunette   A HAPPY NEW YEAR.
John Bull
river. It is almost impossible to hnd
anything in the province ol Hntish
Columbia to equal this site for man*
i facturing purposes.
The contractor- are t'> begin work
nt once; orders for the assembling of
materials on the ground have al -
l nuly been given. The contract calls
I r  the expeditious completion of  ibe i
factory, as it is expected that the ' (\,s^ Outfitters for Men Wbo Know
Dominion Mutch Company will be
11'uduciug matches by spring, and
earning dividends for tbe many slock
holders who are now supporting tbe
bome industry by purchasing stock.
! When the factory is completed it is
the  intention  of  the match  company |
■ put all future allotments of stock
fi r  public sale at  a premium    ot at I
ast  50  per  cent,   ol   the  par  value
High School
•' Im par value Is now ten dollars per
' are.
*.*    .[   ibe  fiirt   thnt.   the  stuck
i   irket ,ii Vancouver lias bsen some-
it ■ ;rtng tbe past two mun
,,ide niter all. and belore we throw
ctr aside, to sleep on the dusty shcl
ves uf memory among the other countless past forgotten years of the cy-
vles of time, let us do her juBtice.
Kor tbe year that is past has been
l«nod ol progress aud development,
and on all sides in our city one may
• • -ibstuutial proots that at any
int' .:. Reveletoke, litll was a time
;k and achievement. New stores
Lave     been commenced or completed
neu   nomes have     beeu  bu.lt, streets
and roads have beeu extended and im
proved,   aud  tn      many  other  direct-
.  -~n sol.d   and     permanent progress
.•   wen  made.
l*av-.ng our owu town, and     mir -
'tying the Dominion us a whole,
none  proce-ss along the highway     ul
prospsrttj is even more mantel. Our
country ;.*< no-*  almost spanned     by
two additional great tun.*
nl  railways.   Oui  trade,  la
duct.on and   Immigral on     ital
tr.v'e prool id an nmnxu.t; and    con-
';uu»i progression,  whilst the  profll
and  lod* accounts of great  Cnnaiiiun
linaniJia!       ^	
pay their     tribute to thc     material  cj,^~ technical
welfare   ■ *.   our   land   during   the   past   .   „,.,.;,,,.„
vear.   and   the   llgures are still 	
proving  even  as  the  year uears     its     ',,,,,1,, ,„  ,.,„      .    ,"  ''.'."l","" ,
. •   , '"Is on  the,r   stock   will   be earned
■..umi     Uut  if  this  l'Jll   was    good,
1911 promises to be better still.
The eyes of the world are Increasingly drawn  towards the Dominion, I
and  with the continuing flow ol cap-'    In this age ol     liitht  and frlvctout
ital  into the  western  provinces,    we  amusements it is Indeed  a great re-      .
■shall   be able    to continue  unabated. ' lief  to  bave  an  Opportunity   to     i«e Imvn everything In  full  nwing  tot the
that exploitation ot our great natur-   a  really  xrcat dramatic    mastcrpl«» opening of the new addition    to   the ,
nl  resouices  of soil,  tlsberlea,  mines    wall      played and  properly  produced, present building which tnkri plane un
(iirests,   etc.,   from  which  the  wealth  Tbc  presentation  of  "Kanst"    which New  Year's  Dny  (Monday).
iif  our  people  Is  derived.      Thus tlie   will  lie hwii lure at the opera  house Mr.   .John  McLeod  is  work-In*     Iny
torolng  year     approaches  us radiant   on tbe night ot     Hnturdny, .Ian f.th, and  nighl* to  hnvo the painting done j
with  hope and  promise, and  wc    can   will  be warmly wclconud   I.y  nil lov by  Hnturdny  evening.    All   those    ln-■
welcome her with open arms.               lata ol   the     best forms ol dramatic terested  in  the  welfare oi  the Asso
In a  spirit of thnnkliilnees  we  will   amusement.   Sir      Henry   Irving,    on elation  will have an opportunity    on
ting out the "Uld" and with nil the  being asked whicli great play In    all New Year's Day to i., -.ct tbe buttd
optimism and self confidence bred by  bis repertoire tie Considered had    t.he ing.   Howling alleys will tie o|ieii all
uur past successes, stimulated by the  most merit,    unhesitatingly    replied, day.   Billiard     mum open for visit    (
knowledge ol the matchless resources "Faust."  The great actor produoed ore.   Boys department will  be taken!
nl  mir   province  and   Dominion,      we   tills play more than     one     thousand   Carl ol  uy  the  boys,   Hwlmniing pool
■„.,.„*  i.i ■»—-"----    the  term.
"n.w "t lbe Dominion Match
Till,    ths
ompai     have been almo«t unprnr.-.i
*   ted, "' the manufacturing possiMl
for  dividends  are   eawly   under
l(«T«lsti.k«  high  school  re-upens tor
lhu coming six months' term on m\
day.  January  ith,  with  an  all     day
Ki'Mmnn.    In   view  nl the   .rregulur ,i<
tandanos at kbs high school     during
Bept-smbST   tO    December
teaching irtafl    aaaoVMSS
that in order to write on thi* SXatt
illations    ii   June   nnd   July,   1913, Can
Tlie New  Y *ir'-i  program  at  the
I the biggest, best nml
nii**-t   wonderful picture   ever   ex-
:-''-*..-i-io'.r,   namely:
The  Golden   Wedding
Thi^ I llie   lir-.!   pri*' ■  of
,nuO it il ■    l*nrin  Cinenietogroph
Bxposit ' '0 mul over three
**:'b* t*. are included
*.u ihe
j in*. •   unusual and neu-
ial pii in-- ihai   \ou  bave ever
■utei'i]  by   ' In*   mini
agetucnt to hold >om  attention   (or
minute ol   the  performance
•     an hour.
lie perform un es will lie al        '
" ,,. ni   snd  it  Is
*,*i e
* *ui  tin*
Bev.  K. W
^^^^^^-^^^^—^^^— ioi -
l(!(re, will be the preacher for the day
The Junior choir will sing " When
JestiB Leads" in tho morning. The
Senior choir will sing in tho evening
"Son of My Soul" hy Kdwards, and
by request the beautiful nnthem,
"Hosanna." Epworth League in
charge of the Christian Endeavor department Wednesday evening at 8
o'clock; Junior choir practice Thursday evening; Senior choir practice on
Friday evening. A cordial welcome
awaits the public at all theee
furnished House on 3rd st. To Rent, $20 a Month
Apply for particulars to the undersigned
l'HONK 21ft
Office on Second Street, next to Cummings Transfer Office.
ccounr. o. ,™»  ......„—.*       ^   |or  dmdenai  im.   p^ny   unuer-
"d -1-r»1 -'->"-"<■    •*,:*:  and appreciated, svsn with       R 1   T, 1 ,u "h    sol I
In the Baptist church on Sunduy,
Rev. E. J. 1'have will speak oo the
following subjects: Morning, " It
Thou Sans'tl" Evening, "This year
also." A cordial invitation to every
one to tnis last Sunday's service ol
l'Jll.   Bible school at 2:30 p.m.
Kev. J. W. Stevenson, minister.
Regular services tomorrow at 11 a.
m. and 7::i0 p.m. In the morning the
subject will lie "Daily Strength,"
and in the ovculng, "The Irreparable
Past and the Available future." The
Sunday school will meet at 2:30 p.
in., and as the new graded lesson
li.-lps are tO be distributed, it Is >jf-;
portant that every scholar be -present
Uy requeat the ,UlirMmnB anthems
_.,     _ . L    Ci     M        Tt *lv''" last Hii/i.fny will I* repeated -at
lhe rrices at the otar neverthange  ,, vsni^aarftM, and precodiug the
Ssrviot/Mr.   Wnteon will  give an   or
And Still They Go!
Several Second-Hand Pianos good as new.
Special line ol small goods lor Xmas.
A lusting present is a musical Instrument.
Ask us for any musical Instrument In the world and we can get it.
Revelstoke Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
kiiuwie.igo.   [uvwtore,
difficulty   in   rent
per cent, of the days    school    is
■ i   .lunuiiry   to   June.   l»l», slBOt
.erelor.     ,       ** .umc.ity ,n nu- (( ^ ^ Mtt]y ,mp,msil,,r tr, ,(r,
*;ng and appreciating lust where div   ^ ^ fc|  w)i) ii(t<ln,,  lrMf0tarty
Sir Henry Irvinq's Opinion
Kvery   effort,  is  b»liij;  put forth
i    .,' Ism,   0    my kind
■if-rr will  be  grste/nlly
received \t left st the Hospital  am 'uur
yriU   "Ring in the New,"
limes  In  London  aloue.   Don't miss «.ll be in (food shape for those who
WOOD!       WOOD!
I have 100 Cords of firoen
Birch ford Wood I'or late at
$3.50 per Cord
on thc cars
Canoe i'. 0.
Kun recital. Htmngers and visitors
.hi cordially invit«d to attend all
i bese services.
The best all-round Coal on  the  Market is the Famous
Now that the Btrike is over this Coal can be supplied by
January    (tb  and Sth—Mr. Sanlord
Dodgl In the "Hlght ot Way" on
Friday night. The "Merchant ol
Venice*/1 Hnturdny matinee. Faust,
:iiiiiinliiy  night  in  the  opera house
January  Ifr—Krturn  of Win.  Yule.
January Ifi—The distinguished Kng
lmh Comedian Mr. (*. James Han
Toft in  "The Trivato Secretary,"
January 88—Dixie Jubilee Hlugsrs.
January  ;il»— I'hllhnrmonlc Hoclety eu
January  HI—Mr.   Clifford  l.ane  Druce
in  "Thc Thief."
February 10— "The Bnrrler."
February K—Castle Square Bnter-
t iilnere.
Storm Doors and Windows
IS YOI K HOU8B WARM? Did ymi ever stop to consider thata
siuiill outlay in Storm Windows uiul Doors nt tbis time of year will
make your home more comfortable? You will save the cost nf
windows or doors installed in the suing that it will make in your
fuel bills. Gel your order in Immediately and gel the full benefit
Vou will never regret it. Let us .send our man around and take
the necessary measurements. We will save yon trouble, und you
will sine money   by   pur busing   Ik.iii us.    We manufacture Win-
iIiimh, Doors, Mouldings, Cabinets, Tables, Store and ofllce Fixtures i     F     hing of all kinds.
If you want I,une Cement nml Plaster or paint for inside work,
Kalsomllie or Brushes, plain anil fancy Sheet Cllass, we have il,
nnd can give you the best priees obtainable ill large or small quantities. No order is too small nor no [order too large for us to
bundle. We will gladly furnish you with prices on anything we
Sell or manufacture.
The Revelstoke Sash and Door Factoi^
P, O. Uox Wi 1'honeNo 261 REVELSTOKE, B. (J 8ATURDA/,    DEC,   3(H.h, 1911.
y.\,t)!DAT,   DEC.   'Hth, 1511
or   a
Mr. R. W. Bruhn aud wile are visiting their homo at Salmon Arm.
Mrs. R. Bulmor and daughters Lucy
and Mary, are visiting their old
home at Armstrong.
Mr. F. J. Bosley had a Xmas gath
ering at his home ou Christmas day
and all had a good time as was previously reported.
A most onjoyuble Christmas cele -
Illation took place at the home ol
Mr. IS. W. Erlcson.
Buckingham l'lilace is quite lonely
these days.
There bas beeu a slight error
garding the cold  at Malakwa,
llshed recently,   instead  of the
going down to aero, it seldom
below 30 degrees ubove aero,
tritle below freezing point.
Mr. F. J. Bosley owub u very valuable mare that does considerable
aide-stopping aad from present indi -
cations will uot bc long belore she is
an up-to-date trick animal, comparing favorably with many a trained
circus horse.
We are greuely puzzled since Lloyd
JohuBon returned from Kevelstoke to
know how he acted there. When he
stepped Irom the train he was congratulated for doing the right thing,
but we doubt whether ho did or not.
He is wearing that ear to ear smilo
and says ho Is going back again soon
Wm. Waddel had the misiortune to
lose a purBe containing $15. This is
a Bad loss to this respected lodger ot
the Buckingham.
A card from -Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Kricson Irom Talvelsjo, Sweden, formerly old timerB of Malakwa, wishes
everyone a Merry Xmas and a Happy
New Year.
Jack Mizen has made considerable
improvement on his ranch this fall.
Jack has an A No. 1 ranch, but judg
ing from the smile ho ie carrying ar
ound these days we expect this to be
a sideline compared with his Misses.
He is keeping all this under his hat
but no doubt we will hear before
long that Jack has Btruck it rich.
The work on the river under the
foremanship of Bruhn and Bosley, is
proceeding nioely. The brush Is near
ly all laid for the mattress and the
new channel is well uuder way, bo
we hope to have the river going the
new way in a very few days.
. On Friday night i-1"* annual Christmas concert *be hall
This  vr I   prn -
L      y
The Haley of
The Garden of Eden"
Situated at MALAKWA. B. C.
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,  ard   Extending   between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-20,000 Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
Tharartnr nf Qnil   Bench    Lands,   Clay    Loam   and  Vegetable
Ulldldbltil   Ul   OUII    Mould, while on  Lower Lands  Black Loam
Nn Irri/iatinn   Positively no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
W\) III ICJuiiUII   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
Moderate CliHiate   Zero is  Average Winter Weather.
Pricks of Land Reasonable
For Further Particulars About This Garden Spot of B. C, Watch This Page
of the MAILHERALD tach Week
gram was presented, and organization, so lacking in previous yearB—
was very apparent and appreciated.
The school children, as usual, formed
a large item of the program and their
rendering ol their various pieces was
excellent. Indeed the ladies of Malakwa are to he congratulated on the
results of the childrens work, for
only thoBe who bave endeavored to
instill the art of music iu the infertile and somewhat onstlnate brain of
a child can realize the patience and
handling necessary to produce such a
program that the children treated us
to on Friday night. Santa Claus ap
peared on the soene at midnight and
distributed presents to the little ones
Editor Mail-Herald:
Dear Sir,—In your issue of the
22rd, your correspondent was in error as to the average temperature ol
this valley for winter weather. I do
not think it will average more than
2D degrees, as freezing weather is not
commoo, usually Bolt and mild wca -
ther is experienced here. I do not
know that there is any record, either
government or private. All wo can
give is an estimate aud I think 30
would lie nearer the average than
zero. But to the average mind it
would be hard to couceive that there
could be a climate with a good enow
fall of from 60 to 100 inches that was
bo mild. With no wind, the snow
lay3 as it falls and tbe mild weather
causes it to settle. So it seldom
gets to a greater depth than twenty-
four inches in tbe open. The season
for snow is from Christmas to the
last of January. I have heard frogs
singing up to Christmas day aud I
have picked ripe wild strawberries in
November. Spring opens about April first. Tbo snow melts gradually
with tbe beat of the sun from about
the middle of February and by tbe
middle or last of March is all gone
and the clover and other grasses look
as fresh and green as though they
had really eujoyed their snow cover.
This iB tbe ideal wheat weather, although tbe land is to valuable lor
grain farming, as greater profits can
be realized Irom Iruit .vegetables,
bay, etc. An acre of potatoes will
produce from 10 to 15 tons and usually sell at from 116 to (20 per ton
on car at our station. Timothy bay
yields from two tons to four tons an
acre and tbe average price is about
$20. Cabbage and all root vegetables are very profitable to tha raucber
iu tbe Garden ol Eden Valley.
A special meeting of the city council was held on Wednesday afternoon
at 3 o'clock. There were present,
Mayor Hamilton, aldermen Sibbald,
Lawrence, Barber and Abrahamson.
After the Mayor had called the meet
ing to order Aid. Lawrence moved,
seconded by Aid. Sibbald, thut the
notice of meeting be waived.
The leport of the Sewage committee
was then read, being as follows:
To the Mayor and Council:—
Referring to the prtitlon of tbe
ratepayers in refelence to a change
in tbe sewer assessment, we would
recommend all or one of tbe following three amendments:
1st—Amending tbe Water, Light &
Power Plant as asked for by the rate
payers in their petition.
2nd—To amend Bylaw No. 100 of
1907, allowing tbe substitution of a
rental in lieu of a frontage tax. The
rental being the most equitable and
by far tbe least expensive ln operating, of course it is understood a
guarantee of tbe credit of tbe city
would be required.
3rd.—By amending Sec. 256 by add
Ing Sub-Sec. F. ae follows or by a
rental guaranteed by the credit of tbe
city ln lieu of a frontage tax.
It appears to ua tbat all these amendments should be asked for by a
legislative authority, which would
place the city In a very much better
condition than at present.
(Signed)        J. O. Sibbald.
O.  W. Abrahamson.
Whereupon Aid. Lawrence moved,
seconded hy Aid. Barber, that the
government be asked for special legislation re Sewage for Revelstoke,
nnd also tbat tbey be askod for legislation extending the amount which
a municipality nt largo can expend
upon sewerB without asking for the
assent of the ratepayers.
Aid. Abrnliniiisoii spoke strongly in
favor of having a strong deputation
of buslnoBS men go to Victoria and
present tho mntter to tho Attorney -
General, but aB Aid. Sibbald was
leaving the same day for the coast,
It was considered advisable to leave
the matter In his hands. Aid- Lawrence movod, noconded by Aid. Barber, that the council authorize Aid
Sibbald to bring thiB mat tor to the
attention of tho Attorney-General In
his present visit to the coast.
At tbli meeting lt was learned tbat
Revelstoke had 426 dwelling houses
besides stores and hotel? and the
required amount of money annually
required from the sewerage depart -
ment was approximately $8, 5*10.
Dr. de Van's remale Pills
A rd iii«* t roach regulator: never fails. These
pills are exceedingly powerful in regulating the
generative .""'-ion of tne female system. Refuse
all cheap Imitations. Dr. da Taa'i are sold at
•5 a box, rr three lor $10. Mailed to any address.
The Bcobell Urn* Co., Bt. Catharine ■. Ont.
Half a Block East of McKenzie
For Terms and Particulars apply
D.    R.   McKENZlE
Shilohb Gure
at:JcLly  slop* condha.   cur*i colds* heali
\% throat aad \umi*.      ■   -   •      80 cibU.
SOAP — SOAP — SOAP—The Revelstoke Meat Market bas just opened up a fresh shipment of Swift's
famous soaps, among which arc the
Wool Boap—The Pride soap—the
Laundry soap— toilet soaps also. The
Pride cleaner. The prices for these
soaps are right so don't fail to call
and inspect this great variety before
purchasing your Ohrlstmas Soaps.
Briqulttes     now   In order early. —
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
-• -~.2L ~. "-"":"'■" •    " f'-'''.
Scene from ' Faust "    Sanford Dodge Co. at the
Opera House, Friday and Saturday, Jan. 5-6
TO LET—House on   Second street.—
Rent »15 per month.    Apply Revelstoke General Agencies,  Ltd.
Furnished Five-roomed     bouse   for
rent at once on Fourth street.—H.N.
Coursier. t.c.
WANTED—Offers for new laid eggs,
and fat chickens. Apply, Vickers,
Salmon Arm.
LOST—A Purse containing a sum ol
money, at the C.P.R. depot. Finder
please return samo to Mall-Herald
LOST-On Dec. 10th, between foot ol
Columbia river bridge and Calder's
ranch, ou roadway, one Lady's Fur
1    Mufl.   Reward    J10.     Apply   Mall-
|    Herald  Ollice.
WANTED—A situation aB a housekeeper by middle aged lady. Apply
Mrs. A. Tristram, Gene(al Delivery
RevelBtoke,  B.  O.
A SNAP—If you want a good piano
cheap and on eusy terms. This offer is open for a few dnys only.
Call at A. G. Duck's store on McKenzie  Avenue D.16  2t.
WANTED—Married man seeks work,
office cleaning, furnaces looked after, etc., hy day, week, or contract
For full particulars apply A. P.,
Mall-Herald Office. tt.
fire Alarm Boxes
Signals are given thus: 2 btr Am,
nUrval 5 seconds—4 strokes, Hoi
4. No. of box will also be shown
n Indicator at Firo Hall.
Box No. 14—Corner First street
nd McKenzie avenuo, C. B. Hume
ft Co.
Box No. 15—Corner First street
nd Rokeby avenue,  post office.
Box  No.   16—Corner  Second  street
and  Government  Road  and
Box No.  17—Oorner Third
al   Campbell  avenue,  Globe
•r company.
Bpx No. IS—C.P.R. station
Box No. 24—Corner Flltb street
nd McKeuzie avenue, Catholic
Box No. 25—Corner Sixth street
nd Orton avenue, W. A. Foote.
Box No. 26—Corner Fourth atrcet
nd Townlcy street, corner iouth
Box No.  28—Corner Second    strejrt
nd Robson avenui, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34—Fire Hall No. 1.
Box No.  35—Hospital.
Box No.   36—School.
Box No. 44-Fire Hall No. 1.
Box No. 45—Front.street west,
ear C. P. R. bridge.
Box No. 46—Corner King and
lougias streets, Palace Meat Market.
Box No. 47—Oorner Second and
Vales streets, back ol court house.
Box No. 48—Oorner Third and
flian. streetB, Oowan block.
Signal tor practice—not less tnaa
lx (6) slow strokes.
One (1) Indicates line broktn or
r* out.
Notice is hereby given thut under
nud pursuant to '.be powers of sale
contained in a certaSj Mortgage dated 22nd March, 1902, a'-^ j by Charles Turnross to Lucy Lav>{iud by her
assigned to Patrick Burns Iry Indenture datod 20th March, 1905, there is
offered for sale by tender Lot 1147 in
Group One, Kootenay District, save
and except 10 acres thereof comprised in Certificate of Title No. 11065A,
tho lands offered for sale containing
about 150 acres and being situate
near Trout Lake City in the District
of WeBt Kootenay.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned Solicitors for tbe Mortgagee,
Patrick Burns, will be received up to
nnd including tbo 25th day of November, 1911.
Terms of Bale, cash.
Dated this 3rd day of November,
1911, at Revelstoke, B.C.
Harvey,  MeCarter and Pinkham,
Solicitors lor Patrick Burns,
NOTE—Last dnto on whieh tenders
will be received, 23rd of December,
Navigable Waters Protection Act
R. S. C. Chap. 115,
Notice   is   hereby     given tbat tbe
Gibbons   Lumber   Company,   Limited,
have applied to the Minister of Pub-
lie Works for Canada for permission ,
to construct an Aerial Tramway from
Dominion Timber Bertb     316,     over
the  Columbia  River to connect  with!
a siding of the     Revelstoke and Arrowhead Branch of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, and have de- ,
posited with the Baid     Minister     of
Public Works copies of plans and ds-,
scription   of     site of such   proposed
work,  and have also  deposited  with
the District Registrar of Land Titles
for Kootenay at Nelson, B.C., duplicates of such plans and description of
Dated November 23rd,  1911.
Macdonald,    Honeywell St.   Graham,
Ottawa,   Ont.,     Agents for   G.  8.
MeCarter,  Revelstoke, B. C, Solicitors for  tbe Applicants.  N.25  30d.
In tbe Matter of an Application for
the issue of a duplicate Certificate of
Title to Lot Id, Block 21, being part
of Section 27 and 34, Township 23,
Range 2, West of tbe 6th Meridian,
Town of Revelstoke, Map 636A.
Notioe Is hereby given tbat it is my
i intention  to  Issue  ut  the expiration
| of one month after tbe first publica-
j tion hereof     a duplicate of tbe Oer-
j tiflcate  of Title to  tbe  above    mentioned lot  ln  the name of Fredericka
Tlede,  wbicb Certificate is dated the
16th day of October,  1900, and numbered  6164A.
Dated this Kith day ol November,
1911, Nelson B.O.
District Registrar.
In tbe Matter ol tbe Estate ol Louis
Soderman, deceased.
Notioe is hereby given tnat all
creditors and others having claims
against tbe Estate of Louis Soderman, late of Arrowhead, B. C,
deceased, wbo died at Arrowhead, B.
C, on or about the 9th day of July,
1911, are requested to send to the
undersigned, Solicitors for August
Peterson and Herman Carlson, Executors of the last Will of said deceased, within 60 days from date,
lull particulars of their claims, duly
verified, and that after tbat date the
said Executors will proceed to distribute tbe sard estate amongst those
entitled thereto, regard being bad
only to those olaimi wbich the aaid
Executors shall have then received
Dated November lith, 1911.
Harvey, MeCarter and I'.nkbam,
Solicitors  for  August Peterson    and
Herman   Carlson,   Executors of
tbe Last Will of Deceased.    60d.
It will pay you to
make a call at£j
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -  Revelstoke, B. C.
before buying yonr outfit of working clothes
for the bush. 1 make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shins
Blankets and everything
required inyour business.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice tbat I, Hugo Koch, of
Vancouver, B.C., occupation, traveler
intend to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted
about three-quarters ol a mile north
ol Lot 860 on Arrow Lakes running
west 80 chains, thence north 40 chains
thence east 80 chains, tbence south
40 cbains, along the Lake shore to
point of commencement nnd containing three hundred and twenty acres,
more or less.
Dated November 4th, 1911.
N.18J.13 Pir W. Ogilive Agent
Revelatoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice that I, John A. Stone
of Revelstoke, British Columbia, oc*
cupation hotel-keeper, Intend to apply for permission to purchase tbe
lollowing  described  lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the North West Corner of land applied for to be purchased by W. B.
Robertson and Marked "John A,
Stone's S.W. Corner," thence north
lorty cbains, tbence east forty cbains
thence soutb forty chains, tbence
west forty cbains to the point ol
commencement nnd containing one
hundred and sixty acres more or
Dated lTth  October, Wll.
 Par  James A.  Shields,  Agent.
COMPANIES    ACT,  1910.
Notice ia hereby given that at tbo
expiration ol one month from the
first publication hereof, the Revelstoke Agricultural Boolety, Limited,
intend to apply to the Registrar of
Joint Stock Companies to change tbe
name of the Company to "Western
Turf Association, Limited."
Dated tbis 15th day of November,
1911. N.18.DU8.
Secretary  of aaid  Company.
Leave your orders -for Gait Coal
with W. B. Robertaon or Andy Daf-t
tdfOD, 1 SATURDAY,   DEC.  30th", 1011.
SATURDAY,   DEC.   30th, 1911.
A Trne Christmas Story of Darkest Africa
♦>-»%%■ -v %**.*.•**>"%%■•>'%-%.'*-»•**%'% -%--%**»M»*^.-%"a^.-%* v«v«>«v%«%^
It  «ilS  (.'bristmas 1W2, and it  was  pcated  it over to them,  with  thc rc-
hot. After three years ol bitter strife
South Alrica was ut peace ouce moro
the Boers ol the Back Veldt Karms
were rebuilding their ruined homes,
the last ol thc three hundred thous -
and  fighting,  swearing  British  Tom-
uiark, "it was the witch ol a whito
man, left alone by bis spirits in the
bush, to haunt the Kallir as darkness
came." The Kallir boys all shouted
"Loo" in a teasing way, but Ralph,
on whom the significance ol tho story
was just dawning amid tbe  tangle oi
meys had Bailed from Cape Town (oi Matabelo  words,  called  tbo  narrator
the land Ironl which they came. Dowu over and questioned him sharply.   A
country the hard times which are ihe moment later,   with a few rapid or-
ultermatn ol     every war hud set iu,
retrenchmont  had  come  ou  all  sides,
everyone  was aduibtiug themselves as
i    tbey      could  to the hum  drum
a tye ol jieace.
Along that ribbon of Bteol, the
Cape Government Railway, northward, the battle scarred towns ol
Kimberley aud heroic Muleking, were
nuding it difficult to full back into
the ruts ol routine business. Nowhere was the feeling ol "fed up '
more prevalent than nt Bulawayo.
The ternuc heat "1 tbe hot season
bung like a pull over the commercial
capital of Southern Rhodesia, alter
the stirring times of the past three
years, tb* present Christmas looked
blue and  dreary  indeed.
Three men were sitting, wearily
lounging away the time ou the stoop
. : tut* Pulaoe hotel. The irritability
ol Alrica was upon them, aud they
discussed in excited toues ae to the
best way to spend their Christmas
week vacation. "Look here boys,"
Baid J.tn Wright, late of the I. L.
Horse but at present working as an
amalgamator iu tbe Phoenix Mine.
"I bave come into towu for a holt
day. and a holiday 1 mean to muke.
He are dead here, there is uo use our
hanging around with uothiug to do
but Bweat to death, let ua take a
Cape .ait and go lor a week's shooting trip to Gwaai River, there is
uli kmds ol game out there trom
elephaut to redbuck, nnd il we like
to risk the crocks, we can get a
swim iu tbe river." "Alright," re
plied Jack Lougburst, nnd Ralph
llowlaud, for so his two (rieiids were
named. "We are game, but cut out
the Cape Curt, aud let us take down
our own boys und go by rail, they
can pack nil the grub wc shall need
'.ut a week, we shall only be about
13 mil.-* trom the railroad track.."
Aud Bo it was decided, the bye weekly train lelt tbe lollowing morning.
nnd our three friends, accompanied
by their ooye carrying the blankets
aud grub, with tbe all important
water sack, loaded up iu tbe Railway
Guards canoose, and late that night
were dumped ofl at the little siding.
Tbe  following morning,   with     two
derB, the whole of the boys left iu
camp were marshalled iu front of him
The s-tory wus re-told by the now
startled boy, and thc truth of blB
(right became even clearer. "Macoo-
la Manzio," ih the White Man's corruption of the Matabelo words lor
"Hig Water" and it was clear to
Ralph's mind, thut tbe wordB and the
moans which tbe frightened und superstitious kallir had tukeu for the
witchcraft of a white spirit, ...were
probably the despairing words of
iiiinic wlnteiuuu, who, hunting or loBt
iu the labyrinth ol country rendered
waterless by the lateness ol the sea-
sou's rains, might even now bc dy -
mg ol thii'Bt in the wilderness. Hastily he scribbled a note giving general directions to his friends ou their
i jturn us to what he had left for nnd
which direction he had taken,* uud
leaving one boy to guide them after
bim as soon as they might return,
be plunged with his two black servants into the bush towards the spot
where the previous nighi, the karlir
bad been overtaken by his terrifying
experience. The raw katfir with the
water bug ready tilled, be kept close
by his side, whilst the other native
walked evenly with tneiu through the
thickest  ol the bueh.
Arrived at the point where the ttp-
paiution uud spoken to thc kallir boy
and souudly warning him ol thc con-
■ euuenccs it he ran away, the three
commenced to make u thorough search ot the surrounding country. It
was now tour o'clock in the afternoon, and for nearly two hours the
patty scoured the bush in ever widening circles, but all in vaiu. The
beat that overpowers everything In
Uiesc climates until relieved at intervals by tho welcome rains, was oppressive to the uttermost degree. In
an hour mole the sun would sink aud
the nativeB even il clubbed forward
ny whitemen, would probably sneak
back to camp. Already the boys,
[lightened by the strange tale and
lhe unusual features of their task,
were poiuting to the setting sun. Thc
whiteman redoubled his eflorts, and
bring his rifle Irom time to time in
the hope of being beard by thc one
whom be was convinced was loBt   in
extra  boys picked up from the near-  t^'trackless  bush where every    tree
by kraal,  the hunting party lit their
camp  tire on the banks ot the Gwaai
River. The river was almost dry.
just a succession of muddy pools,
swarming with tbe ii»h crowded into
them by the tall of the waters. The
expected rains were nearly a mouth
over due. and the shooting was lirst
* iass. Nightly the game came down
In big droves to the water, und on
the first day's shoot, three big buck
und a hue antelope were killed and
brought into camp.   Uu the last day
it une of the holiday, two of the
party left early ,u the morning, hop
tug to get a chance at some giant
Tssebe, leaving Ralph, who was suffering from a slight attack of mulur-
lle -quietly at rest.
The heat ol the day was terrific;
towards afternoon the sky took
and hrub     looks tbe sume. be urged
his natives on to greater eflorts.
.lust as the laBt rays ot the sett-
, te sun were sinking across the burnt
dry bush, tbey touud bim. Huddled
nt the root of a great vacum beet-
chi« bUBh, a keen eyed kallir spotted
ii heap of dark, and iu a moment
Hulph was kneeling by his side,
1 ressiug the water bag to his lips.
But it was obvious that the sorely
needed aid had come too late. Tbe
poor fellow was too weak even to
''rink; the precious water poured on
bis mouth and face seemed to revive
1 im tor a brief moment, his lps ea-
s ived in vain to utter Bome vital
worde. then with a shudder his
gaunt frame collapsed In the arms
"f his would be rescuers.  Quietly
 ^^^^^^^^^     on ieverendly his body  was placed on a
c misty appearance, a herald ihat at ,U(ie  htter of grass and  wood    and
lust the drought was about to break . orne |,ack     to the camping ground.
thl     "•   downpour  "f   the  sea- -| |,nt  night the united party  dlieUH
■ r. s  rain.
* I tbe snd aflair around the lire,
t"      Searching  among   his  clothes   they
J  iu  mus-   i.jj (cund a rough diary and a pack-
Even  the Native  boyt- seemed
■sutler  and  iay  latily  talking  _ e , ,._._
iral   "mntabele"   under  the  shade  w.      ...p  wrapped in a coarse dirty hand
place he hud shot at and wound.id, a
big buck, und determined not to loose
his quarry, be hud lol lowed the yamc
up by the blood spoors tor aevrrnl
miles. Inient on the eliase, he pur-
suod his murk until darkuesB, when
to his horror he discovered tbat
whilst bent upou thc object of overtaking his quarry, he hnd become
hopelessly lost in a strunge bush
country. Thut night he rested, and
before sunrise thc following morning
tired and thirsty, he commenced his
hopeless search for the path to the
distant river. All dny long beneath
tho burning Atricuu sun he wandered
through the jungle, and ub night approached, half frantic with thirst and
disappointment, he made hia way to
some rising ground, and climbed thc
tallest tree, in thc hopo ot espying
somethiug which might help him in
his terrible plight. In vain be ewept
tho horizon, nothing was to be seen
in any direction, save the endless
vlow of monotous bush. Descending
the tree, he nut wearily down to rest
tor u few minutes. In bis youth he
hud lived In Kimberley, and the famous blue ground, In which thc prec -
ious stones are lound at that world
renowned diamond storehouse, was
[aml'llar to him. It seemed to his
fevered mind, that he wus back, a
boy ouce more, gazing over the wire
tanglemcnts, at thc great Held of
blue earth lnid out ready for the pul
virisei'B through which it is passed
before the stones are picked out, and
the scenery of his present Bufferings
seemed to blend, in some strange
manner, with his vision of the Kimberley mines. Grouping around in
the gathering dnrkness, be gathered
up n handful of earth, and in the
twilight, ho picked out two stones
which seemed to resemble thc uncut
diamonds ol thc Kimberley Blue, mechanically thrusting same into his
pocket, and pursued by his maddening thirst, he wnndered aimlesBly into the uight, seeking thc water he
was deBtined never to find. After
this, the record, grew almost uuread
able, for three more days of bitter
agony he must have travelled delir-
ous, except (or brief moments of buu
ity, in one of which he had apparently made the last entries in his
diary, whilBt the river which he
sought, grew in his fevered mind to
the "Big Water" whereof he babbled
torth In his wanderings, and it was
these last weak muttcriugs, over-
| lieurd by thc superstitious kaflir,
which lend to his discovery.
The next     dny tbe nutive   bearers
I carried tbe body back to the railway
I and a telegram scut twenty-tour mil-
jca down the track to the nearest of-
illce  by      native  ruuner,   brought      a
smart     Uritish    South    Alrica Company's police corporal with two Bar-
otse trackers post haste to the scene
|The body wus buried, aud the corpor
lal returned to Bulawayo, leaving his
(two     assistants     to locate the dead
man's servant, and pick up from the
natives,  any  fresh  evidence  thc  caBe
might  afford.   The   diary   and   Stone*
found     mi    the     body,  came  in due
course     Into the hands of the Chiel
i Commissioner, and au official test rc-
j vealed tho fact that they  were    very
high  class  diamonds,  of    remarkable
e.f.e and value, worth approximately
fifteen  hundred  pounds,  in thc  rough
mid  uncut.   The officials ol the Char-
{tered Company, as well as Ralph and
bis companions,  made  many fruitless
attempt! through  the police  departments  "f  South  Africa  and the  press
to   locate  the  man's  relatives,      but
without avail,    and     as      "treasure
trove"  the diamonds finally      pa-oed
into  tbe hands of the Crown.        As
tlie  result  of  the j^ilicity   resulting
from these attem-4***. great     interest
was arw,at4QfBtiiigboul the  »ub con-
t.nent,  and J*per.ally  Rhodesia,  con-
eenring   tha   mysterious  m ne      from
which  in  his deiirum the leaf      man
had  picked such  wonderful  eemn     It
was  realised  thu'   -omewbere  in    the
'•wain   or   Somahula  forest      district
»herc the hunter had wnndered, must
l.e a diamond pips   wWak li Alarm
cred   would  make the  tinder  neb    be-
POnd   the   Wildest   dreamH   •■'.   uvanc-e,
und when the genuineness of the
stones wus proven beyond doubt, attempts were made to locate the wonderful field. The great Do Beers Co.
of Kimberley, who control ninety per
cent of the world's output ol rough
commercial diamonds, sent experienced men up from the diamond fields,
with carte blanche us regards ex -
penses, and the promise of huge re-
wurds, if they could locnte the lost
mine. Sir John Willoiighby, ot Wll-
loiigbby's Consolidated " hiinscll
spent eight months thoroughly prospecting the miles ot Somubula country owned by bis syndicate, whilst
numerous private persons wasted
time nnd money on the same errand,
But it wus all iu vain. By a miracle
ns it were, the dark African (orest
hnd given up its dead, but beyond
that nothing ever availed. The secret
ol the lost mine died with its <Ub-
coverer, who himself paid the penalty ol those who heedlessly probe into
the heart of the iincoiiquered bush.
Whether thc dead man lound the
stones during bis wanderings prior
to the tlnul adventure, and in his
fevered brain mixed everything up.in
tbc pages ot the diary, or it he really discovered the wondrous mine under the circumstuncis us be wrote,
will never be known. South Africa
has seen many strange things, the
secrets of its untrodden wilds nre sate
forever, nnd the lost diamond mine,
like the body of its tirst and only
discoverer, is destined to remain undisturbed forever, under thc South -
crn Cross.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootonay.
Take notico tbat I, II. Ileflron, ol
Arrowhead, B, C, occupation Uu3-
inau, Intend io apply for permission
to purchase the tolioiving described
Commencing at a post planted
about tbe south west corner ol Alex.
J. McDonell's application to purchase, thence north SO chaius, theuce
west 10 chaius, th:nce south 80
chains, thence east 40 chains along
lake shore to point ot commncement
containing 'i'2f) acres more or less.
I'er W.F. Ogilive, Agent
Dated thiB 28th day of November,
1911, first iSsUeDeci.
Revelstoke Laud District.
District o( West Kootenay.
Take uotice that 1, Alex. J. McDonell, of Revelstoke, B.C., occupation Hotel Proprietor, intend to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted near
the north west post of Lot 7952, east
of Onpo Horn, near the south west
corner of T. L. 43498, tbence north
SO chains, thence west 80 chains,
tbence south 80 chains, thence east
SO chains, along lake shore to point
of commencement, containing 640
acres more or less.
I'er W.F. Ogilive, Agent
D.itid this 2Sth day ot November,
I'.'l 1. first issue Dec. 2nd.
Revelstoke Land District.
D.stuct of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Rulph Parker,
ol Revelstoke. B. C, occupation hotel
clerk, intend to upply for permission
to  purchase the following     described
I'ommencing at a P°Bt planted near
H.  Heffron's south-west corner, being
the   south west   point   of  Ralph  Parian I.    th* nee  rust   10 chains,
th-ence  north   20  '-i.uins,   tbence  west
10    ohe us,     thence south 20 chains,
nli.ni:  lake  shore   to  point of     com-
men-ement.   containing  forty      acres,
or less.
Dated  this  2.1th  day  of  November,
tier :. |'»r   W.F.   Ogilive,   Agent.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Albortn, the Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories und in a por-
tiou of the Province of British Columbia, may bc leased lor a term ot
twenty-one years at an annual rental ol $1 an acre. Not more than
2,5(111 acres will bc leased to one applicant.
Application for leuso must be made
by the applicant in person to thc
Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
in which the rights applied tor are
in surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal
sub-diviBious ol sections, and in un-
surveyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked out by thc ap -
plicunt  himself.
Euch applicant must be accompanied by a tee ot $5 which will be refunded i( tho rights applied tor aro
not available, but not otherwise. A
royally shall be paid on the merchantable output ol the mine ut the
rute of live cents por ton.
The person operating the miue shall
(urnisb the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay tho
royalty thereon. If thc coal mining
rights arc not being operated, such
returns should bc furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include thc coal turning rights only, but tho lessee may
be permitted to purchuse whatever
available Surface right6 may be considered necessary [or the working of
the mine at the rale ot $10.00 an
For full information application
should bc made to thc Secretary ol
tbo Department ot the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lauds.
W. W.  CORY,
Deputy  Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of
this udvertiBement will not be paid
From Jan. 2nd
All Prices Reduced.
Ladies'    Tailoring   Our
Fit Guaranteed
Opposite Central   Hotel
Neat and Attractive
Wood for Sale
Apply to
Chas. Turnross
Telephone House No. 07
Telephone Camp N i. 2L"
Lato Polish* r of Howson's
Furniture Store
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Pacific Railway
and New Year's
Fare and One-Third fop the
Bound Trip
Between   All Station)
Port Arthur to Vancouver and
Going Dates December 21, 1911
to January 1, 1912
Pltial Kelurn Limit, Jan. Mil, 1912
I'or  further particulars apply to
nearest A^ent, or to
District Passenger Agent
Calgary, Alberta
Lessons in Painting and Drawing
Oils and Water Colors
Miss Wrigley, holder ol South Ken-
siugton (England) An Master's 'Cerlifi-
Bute, Group I. l*irsl-i lass t'erlilic-vcs
for Still Lite* Painting! Ornament Paint'
iuu iu monochrome (oils); drawingfrem
llic Antique; Modelling in i lay Irom the
Winner ot National Hook Prizes for
Inteiior iu this and Pigirrc iu Oils.
A class forming for junior pupils on
Saturday afternoon.
Por terms apply to
fare Mrs. ll.iggeu.
One two or four seat l'ord Runabout,
Motor and chassis In first class order,
leather upholstery almost as good as
new. Wants possibly $100 spent on it
for new water cooler ami a lyre or two
then the machine would be us -<ood as
new. Will take {200 cash for it here,
with lumps, pumps and lubricating oil.
II you want n machine don't miss this
snap.    Address
B. 1'.  DREW,
Camborne, B. C.
Drop Card in''
Fresh Milk For Sale
Box 691, - Revelstoke
Yi';ii*7!w!y  l'!l™tllWs,
so there is yet a change
to redeem yoursolf more
Canong's Chocolates
tl e finest in the Land
40 years experience.
B. C: Wholesale Agents
Special Sale of House
Plants and Ferns
for Christmas Week, including:
rs, Hot Air, Plp«
and Furnaco work
Oonnaught Ave.  -   Revelstoko
SELKIRK      LODUE  12,  1.  O.  O. V.
Meeta every     Thursday evening   in
1 Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock.      Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
J.   S.  HOOLEY,   N.  G.
JA8.  MATHIE],  Secretary. ___
COURT     MT.     BEQBIE.   No. »«1.
OF I. O. P.
Meeta in I. O. O. F. Hall next   to
Tapping's Opera  House  every  eocond
and fourth Monday in month. Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
Q. W. BELL, O. 11.
WM.  B.  CAMERON,  Rec.-Bec.
O. W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 22*
Meets Second    and     Fourth Wednesdays    In each month ln    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting Woodmen arc
cordially Invited to attend
H. W. BUWAHDS, Cos. Com.
great teak tree. Ralph sal idly
•■leanini; his gun, und snitches *■! thr
natives conversation drifted into h.s
•urn. Une of the raw nulivee from
'hs kraal, dSTotd alike of clothes as
"f EngUch, wan doing most of the
talking, and as it usual with the
Kaftii r. DTttMUonalUt, bis talk viiia
"f Wives and witchery The KstlTSS
•'. Uatabeiand, has ouly two inter,
••it** .n Ul* «ri»es and wttet doctors
The former cnttitut»- h.n wsaiii,
whilst the feur pl the latt«r li 'hi-
treutest terror ol hit days. No (SB
'..ne Matabsls will stay out after
iluri. 'u tb* veldt, uDle-js accompanied or absolutely otdered hy hie white
master, on whom thc angsr ..f tbe
.vitrh would fnll. Thc native who
was making 'he present conversation
was very earnest, and ns the talk
crew   more  interesting,   Hulph,      who
:nt I       lh'   Kaffir   line".   Inlrlj
well,  lnid iiRids his     Run and     rrept
i|iuetly   nearei   to listen.
In vivid language, with many a
shudder, 'he bojl was clpluining how
•he previous evening, caught in the
falling dusk  as he hurried  behind the
i TChiet.   The   package  contained two
.rty  discolored  pieces  of  substance,
*  appearance  resembling  nothing SO
as a pair ot glass pebles.    The
il ary,   written   In  a  icrewling    hand
I pieces     '       in   paper,   unfolded    a
•ory   wh.rli   ii   would   be difficult    to!
I'n: th*  history  of  the  rO
isntir Iiurk Hub Continent.
Th.'      dead      BUM,   n   native  ol the
•;.   Dutch   blood   in
,;. to     Rhodssia
>ur,  und     bud lived  there
lie free   n trammelled life   of   the hun-
i and tradei . 'he irtldsrn*** 4*
am* liscane scare* lo th* upper
aintry,  01    " /  the  unpreeed
t-ntsd dr\ uason, iimi Voldgorf,   lor
irh wns hm name, bad mude liix wuy
' 'Wards the river  Gwaai  some mity
lite* "(t Late In li"*-ciul<er the
hunter, who had lost count ol tha
■ layn diirniK  tiiri live  months  trecknii;
through the up country, bad isK   a
. inily kaiiir kraal, headquarters ot
1 bad Bsbol*, With four days provl*
ions and lib native, tn route for th*
liver Gwaai, intending to proceed
do»n the bank* ol the stream to the
rest of the  party to camp,  one nnd   railway,
ii half mllM uwuj'. laden with the , tin his second day out, wtiilnt OSOin
buck, he had heard the witches cry- nig to avoid the heal ol the day, ue
lng"MaCOoU .Mnnzle" and monnlng had decided to do a little shooting,
nft t him, «ff the path in the hush, and net out, leaving his hoy hetnnd
All Knfllrs, enpeelally educated Kaf- nt the camping place, Intending to
t rs, nre linrn, but this hoy was a return and continue his Journey r.v
lnw nutive, nnd the others failed to erwnrds, in thl 'ool of the •jvsntu,-.
Ipugh  lum "tit  ol his story.   lie re-  Ahout two miles    from    his resting *
Is a protection and guarantee
against alum which is found in
the low priced baking powders.
To be on the safe tide when buying
baking powder, examine the label and
take only a brand shown to be made
from Cream of Tartar.
House Plants in Bloom
Begonias, Cyclamen,    "
Primula's Primroses, etc.
Asparagus Sprengui
Asparagus Plumusas
Boston, etc.
Cut Flowers including Roses, Carnations and Chrysanthemums
These are equal i<> anything grown in Western Canada,
Mnke your selections early as the supply is limited.
T.    NEWAL, Phone 295
' in enhouse— i ■ > > yard iwcst ol I* ur nross' livery barn.
Have Been Used With Success
lour generations have improved them until they have no
Keep ynur horse*, cuttle and other stock insured by having on hand a supply of Pottle's Remedies.
Sold in Revelstoko by ARMSTRONG & CO.
GOLD RANQB LODGE,      K. ol   P.,
NO. 26,  REVHLHTOKE,  B.  0.
Muotu  evory   Wednesday  except   ths
Tliird Wsdnssdajr ol each month     tn
Oddlellows' Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting KnigbU are cordlallj invited.
O. H. BROUK, K. ol R. * S.
St. ol r.
IvOOTUNAY     LODGE, No. i5 A. V.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MASONIC TKMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
no the Third Monday In each month
at ll n. iu. Visiting brethren are
< nnliaHy welcoino.
W. B. ROBERTSON, Secretary.
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Bank  Ilulliling  Rtvsl-
stoke, B. O.
Money to Loan.
Olllces—Revelstoke,    D.    <*.,     Md
Cranbrook, B. O.
'leo. 8. MeCarter,
\. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
Provincial  Lnnd  Ruveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
BOX    106.    riKVKll.HTOKU).
W .      H.      WALLAHB
A It 0 H I T B t: Ti
P. 0. Uox 146, Revelstoke, B.C.
, SATURDAY,   DEC.   81HI1, 1911.
the :ul^i:l,-:k:e:r,.ajlj:d, revelstoke
y.v.' I'.DAY,   DBC.   ^th, 1011
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, -   $8,000,000
With its larpe number of branches, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Bank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rates. Rates will be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on all countries of the world, drawn in sterling-,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any other foreign currency,
can be negotiated at The Canadian Bank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
Our Doctors Anii-Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is filling a long felt wantand its waterproof qualities are standing the test.
We carry a full line of thc famous Pene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoe Repairers,
Harness Makers
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund    - -    $4 600,000
Has 83 Branches iu Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World,
At all Branohes.
lnt«r«st allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, 8. C. Branch, VV. H. PRATT Manager.
Smokers' Supplies for X;nas
The oltl reliable How lias lhe largest ai'il lies< line uf Smokers'
Supplies ever ill tlie Cily, uiul our prices ure right. Fifty brands
of cigars to choose from. Trice from $1.10 per 1-ox up; not made
Irsm scrap either.
Local Items of Interest
From Dur Own Correspondents.
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. O'Karrell, who
1 have  lieeu at the Hot Springs   hotel
I Halcyon lor the past iwo weeks, lelt
\ on Friday for  Vancouver,  where they
will     spend     Christmas,  going cast
from  there to Montreal.    Mr.  O'Far-
rell     during  liiB visit here predicted
' that  the      Kootenays  would  witness
I the     most prosperous times  in  1912
'that     they have ever known.     That
the  Bilvcr lead  industry  would     at -
tain  immense  proportions and    that
' gold  mining  in  HoBsland and  in  the
Sheep Creek  district     would surpass
all previous records.   He  predictB    a
great and prosperous future for    the
fruit industry around the Arrow and
I Kootenuy lakes.     He    also    predicts
that Arrow  Lakes and Halcyon     ln
' particular  wonld one day  hecome the
I play ground of the people of tho In-
j land empire as well as of the prairie
Many visitors to Halcyon prei ious
to the holiday season are dispersing
to ho with their families. With tbe
exception V a few rheumatic patients
who are left to enjoy thc ChrUtina*-
season with the popular management
I Mr. A. 8. Sutherland ot Hevelstoke
spent ten days at Halcyon. Mrs. J.
13. and Mrs. C. \V. Lester are also
registered from Oresoent  Valley.
' Mrs. M. 1). McKce, of Grand Forks
who has been here getting the benefit
of this wonderful water, returned
home Friday fully restored.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Reed of Eholt,
Bpcnt two weeks here during Mr.
Reed's vacation. Mr. Reed, who has
uot been here for two years, declares
the water never gets cool, he Buds
it beneticial at all times.
Mr. R. A. Johnston, thc C.l'.R.
telegraph agent here is expected hack
today from Kelowna, where he has
been lor the past six weeks ou *.i
much  needed vucation.
No Other Hosiery
Offers This-
Foot-clothing that fits with absolute perfection, for\
' reasons you will readily see if you'll glance at the'
picture here . . . the only hose made that is permanently shaped to the foot and leg, and that is both
Seamless and Snug-Fitting
You would not think of buying hose with a seam up the front
of  the led ... . wouldn't  that he  udly  and uncomfortable?
Probably you  buy  the kind  with  a seam up the back only
because y«u  didn't  know   there was a kind free from  that
discomfort  and  unslghtllness.    There is,  however.   You
1 cun get the better kind in any weight  or color  if you
buy hosiery made by
Penmans   Limited
Paris • Canada
Underwear,    Sweaters,    Hosiery
'White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant—Short Order
W. C. BATCHELOR, cTWanager.
.nnd the subjects read easily and naturally.
For thc keen interest shown by the
Children in their studies every credit
Is due to MrB. Hybum, who posses'
s:s the necessary ability and tact to
teach and guide the juvonils' minds
in a way best, suited to draw out
the best that is in them.
A pleiipnnt feature of the afternoon's proceedings was the distribution of prizes for quality of marks
gained by the pupils. The prizes in
most cases took the form of books
of a most handsome and instructive
kind and were greatly appreciated by
the successful ones.
I Members of the school board then
addressed a few words to the school
children and expressed thenwlvea as
much gratillcd with thc very evident
advancement shown in all their stud-
ii s, and all in the good conduct of
lhe  school.
1 With the usual dispersal of the sea
Son's compliments and the singing of
the National Anthem, the school
brokeup for the holidays.
Meerschaum Pin*
Calatr *
"^.00 to $10.00
^ lin.
Uur siock   of   Calabash   l'i)
crop being a failure this year and quailfj   ,
Briar l'ipes in cases from $1.00 up.
Ask fur thc famous 11. B. B.   brand.   Even  Jiipe   is  guauli
Cigar and Cigaretie lloldeis, Cases and Lighters, Pouches,
Ash Trays and Pipe Kacks. Tell us what you want and wc will
suit you. If you cannot call, phone 37 and goods will be sent to
your home for approval.    Buy early while stock is complete.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
^;od tttinCH
i the Arrowhead
u  visit to his
rauid op-
^.slon ot   a
/ogram,    eus-
jfhe children of
' school,  to pay
Sauj","nflioUB     little
■many "
clients  in   Arrowhead.   He   did
Everybody knows him, he will
tell you that the whiskeys we ate
Rilling arc the best. Call nnd bo
convinced. No household should
be wilhoul n supply of our Harvey's Special Scotch Nhlskeyi our
Frapln Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
3U yeai b old or Blackberry Brandy |
for Medicinal purpose!. Our stock
of choice Wines und Liquors of all
kinds hii' unexcelled. Sold hy all
the leading hut ils, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Dealer* In Puro Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Clgarsttes
Wait for no man or woman. Don't get
McKenzie Avenue, Revelatoke
come hy the long chimney whicli
Captain McKillop himself hud Bet up
but like the roysteriug old gentleman he is, he actually shot up the
town and entering the Presbyterian
church in a moat boisterous manner
proceeded taking toys and trinkets oil
the large Christmas tree and hand
them gaily round to the delighted
youngsters. Certainly children never
earned their gifts more worthily.
Their singiag and reciting had elicited round alter round ol applause
from their parents and friends. Mr.
Montague presided at the organ and
was presented through the medium
of Santa Claus with a solid gold ring
and a small but eloquent address expressing the appreciation felt lor
his work for the church and Sunday
The program included a patriotic
6ong hy the minister Mr. Smith who
possesses a very pleasing voice. Mrs
Vaughan sustained her reputation as
un accomplished vocalist by her Bplen
did rendition of the old favorite,
"Killurney." A rousing quartette
was given hy Miss Grant, Mrs. Vaughan, Mr.  Smith and Mr. Fisher.
Every child present contributed to
the entertainment and all displayed
aa eagerness and enthusiasm which
must have fired even a lar more critical audience than had collected to
hear them. Eagerness aud a desire
to excel may not always imply ability to achieve, hut at least they go
a very long »ay in exciting and eliciting approval. This manifestation
of good old Santa Claus will be a
red letter day in tbe memories of
many little boyB and girls in Arrowhead.
The banquet given to Wm. Hunter,
was a great success. Prominent men
we bbw there were B. K. Chipman of
Kaslo; M. McLean, Silverton; T.
Abriel, Nakusp; B. Conway, Apple
Grove and many other prominent
men along the river. A. A. Burton
occupied the chair and Ralph Islip
was toast master. The toast of the
"King" was responded to by the
chairman, Messrs Huhurt and Conway with musicnl honors; Public
Works, Mr. McLean and E. E. Chip-
man; Our Memlier, E. A.. Schraia and
T. Abriel. To which Mr. Hunter responded in able terms. A telegram
wus read from F. G. Fauquier from
Nelson, regretting his inability to at
tend, owing to stress of business.
Trade nnd Commerce was responded
to by Arthur Deminway of Arrow
l'urk and R. L. June of Burton; Agriculture by J. H. McCormack, and
11. H. Robson, and responded to by
Mr. Hunter; Lumbering and Mining,
hy by Mr. R. Stevens and Mr. R.
Stevens and J. Marshall; The Ladies
hy Ralph Islip and W. Scbaler, with
honors; Old TimerB hy 8. Walker and
Capt. Sanderson; New ComerB, hy
R. Hamilton and W. Malcolm. The
Press waa responded to by A. Me-
Other, who sat down to llBten to An
nie Laurie and chorus aa expounded
by W. H. Robson. Songs were also glveu hy Sam Reed, Arthur Hemingway, W. H. Robson, and Jas.
Prough. A Bplendid set ol courses
was placed on the table by the Kootenay hotel proprietor. "The best
ever" was the unanimous verdict ol
old timers and now comers. We flatter ourselves now in Burton that we
can put up the best feed nnd the beat
music of any place on the river and
we will live in hopes of a good time
next year. Thc banquet was brought
to i close hy the singing ol the
National anthem.
MIsb McLuughlin is recovering from
her illnesB and     will bc around     to
guide thc     kidies in tlicir ChriBtmas
tree stunts.
Burtou social exchanges say lhat
"WUb of good-nature" will be iu
future discouuted at the hunk of
Jack Marshall will use hii ncftlCM)
team ot black mareB luggiug for Sid
Lcary  ut  Gleudinuing's this  winter.
til. A. Childs, H. Humilton and M.
Malcolm are spending a few days inspecting the neighborhood, no doubt
to  their satisfaction uud ours.
Y.   A.   McUaulty   is <.pending  u lew
I days here in the interests     of     the
Hdgewood Lumber Co.
!    Mrs.  Wm. McClcllun    arrived from
' Hamly,     Sask.,   and will make   her
' homo here aloug with her  husband.
I    Burtou City, is on thc iucrcuBc and
we are glad to notice  its  increasing
Mrs. E. Lahay returned Irom Nelson in time to reap the honor oi the
Lndie8'  Aid basket social.
The debate at the school house is
postponed uutil further notice.
Tbe basket Bocial at A. A. Burton's home was very succeasful from
a financial point, something like WM
being raised iu aid of church funds.
Some of the baskets made as much
us $').76. Credit is due to Mr. Mc.
Dougnll and Mrs. Huhurt for their
energy in tho refreshment department
and also MessrB. Reed and Prough fcr
their vocal and instrumental items,
ulso to Mrs. Oscar Sunntrom, who
gave one of her hest songs. Altogether it waB the hest social ever
held in Burton and the cloud over
the new kirk is rapidly getting smaller which by the way is now out of
the hands of the builders and is a
Strictly Fiist Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props. .
Enlarged  and Improved.    Firat-Class in every respect.    All modern convenience!
Large Sample Room*.
Rate* $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rat^s $t a day.    Monthly rate.
T.    ALBKRT     STOSTIE      FPtOT3.
Special Attention given to coinmercla'
iren and tourists. First-class samph
rooms. Finest scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Ar«;v. Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and Birds
F. 0. Box 31, Revelstoke
Fresh Groceries, Vegetables and Fruit
Order now your winter's supply
Best on the Market
D. GALL1CANO, 2nd Street, Near Railroad Track
An evening ol special interest to
parents and friends of thc Bchool
children, in the shape of the school j
■^(Closing for the Christmas vacatiou.
took place on Friday lust, the 22nd
lust. The usual examination of pup.
ils work was conducted throughout
the day. In the afternoon the board
of trustees, parents and friends were
present, who viewed samples ol the
pupils work. All expressed themselves as greatly surprised at the
progress made during the past term.
Writen exercises were particularly
well done mid the memorized poetry
ul the Junior grade wns excellent.
Worthy ol note, too, were the read -
Ing exercises of the intermediate and
J senior grndes, tbe expression    points
being attended tu wltb due emphasis
Sold by Hobson & Company, Revelstoke
Union   Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly rates to be arranged.       Meal Tickets. -'1 meals for $h.llf)
A   1". LEVESQUE, Proprietor
. . . IWtnbsor Ibotcl IRestaurant . . .
European plan
flbontblg JSoaiB
(©pen Dav ant> "Htflbt
flDcal etchers, $6.00
Xaugbton & Gapping, Ipvops. 'JffiffiS'
Electric Restorer for Men
PtlOSphonol IMlWM tverr nerve in the body
r ,,., to Id proper teosioa ; restore*
rim and vitality. Premature decay and all aeiual
weakness trailed at ence. Hwipho«ol will
make you ■ new man. Price $8 ft box, or two for
15. Mailed to any address. The Sootwll Diua
Co.. It, Cftihftrlnef, Onl.
Sold at Macdomald'i Drag Btore.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Agent  for  Flexlume   Electrics
Rrsldencn (lor. Brd St. and Iiobsonare
Shop in Alley back of I*:. J. Hourne's
Store, First Street
Fruit Lands
(ialena Hay lnnd* in parcels ol
10 or 20 acres or en bloc. Correspondence invited.
John Shaw, Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at Manning's.
All kinds of machine needles
H. MANNING,  Agent.
Packed in
60 ♦  q pound
In commemoration ol tlie cotonMloft of
Kinf decree V,'* RUd-fwaya*1 b*' Q rut on lhc
market a cr nation tin cl a in*"l pictureiqua
a-i J eaqmwtc dCMcn, bearing eaccliei,; i Drt-raHt
of King tleorjje V, -pueen Mary snd the I'Hmo
ol Walea. Special pane'., have been d'-'.'i'n''*!
representing Canada. India, Africa. Au-ttralu
ar. 1 N'ew ■*.'..*-.'
Only a' .nlM number btc r been iaip-uteJ.
Price ailu. (or one poun.1 tin,.
At Ki.l i-l...*...
Half a Block East of McKenzie
I'or Tei ms and Particular***, apply
D.    R.   McKENZlE
Silcklr  atop* rowdh..   ear., colds,  k
• Ikraal tat tmmit.      .   .   .      ta SATURDAY,    DEC.   3f>th, 1911.
BATURDAY,    DEC.   30th, 1911.
See the Hit of New York " The  Right-of-Way.'
Revelstoke Opera House
Two Nights Only and Special Matinee
Saturday at 2:30 p. m.
COMING!     The   Great   Dramatic    Society   Event
of the Entire Season
Supported By
And an Excellent Company will present his New Canadian Flay
Dramatized by Eugene Presbrey from Sir Gilbert Parker's Hook
Come and See the Questions Answered
Saturday Matinee   „ fy   pgg   Qf   jgg ..
SalJanay6K,i8ht    " FAUST "
Elaborate Scenic Production - Elegant Costumes
Wonderful Electrical Effects
A Guaranteed Attraction Crowded Houses Everywhere
A Few Facts About Matches
Priees—Night, 50c. and 75c, Reserved Seats, $1. Matinee, Children, 25c, Adults, 50e,
SECURE YOUR£SEATS EARLY.  .Nov* On Sale at  Macdonald's Drug Store
A New Departure
Mr. Snnford Dodge, so lung idcnli-
'.'1 with ths classic drama, has sec
Ufed "The Right ol Way" for thin
season. Tins is a dramatization ol
Sir ililt.ert Parker's lieaiitiful novel
■ y Eugene Presbrey. It was origin
«lly produced nt Wallnck's theatre.
New \,.rk Oity Iiy Kluw & Krlanger
and is one ol the most powerful
dramas ot modem times. The characters ol Charley  Steele, the brilli -
mil criminal lawyer; Joe I'orl uguis,
hin French Canadian friend; Rosalie
Kveiiturcl, the rose of the mountain,
und many of the other roles are already stage classics. Not to have
seen this wonderful play is to miss
soeing one ol the world's greatest
modern  dramatic creations.
Mr. Dodge will present this play
at the opera house on Friday night,
January fttb. Thc scale of prices
will be made such that everyone who
deBires.  may attend.
the Interior. Islands which may occur iu bodies ol water withiu this
berth arc excluded.
The timber on this berth must be
removed w-ithin three years Irom the
date of sale, after which purchaser's
right to cut shall cease.
A license will not lie issued until
the full amount of the purchase price
and the ground rental for the first
yenr have hecn paid.
The conditions ol payment, rate of
rental,   etc.,   are  contained    iu     the
division IG, suction 3, containing au
area ol .21 ol a square mile, more
ior less, as shown ou plan of survey
thereof approved by the (Surveyor
lieneral, Juno 12th, 1911, nnd ol re
cord in the Timber and Grazing
; Branch ol the Department of tbc lu
tcrior. Islands whicli may occur iu
bodies ol water within this berth are
The timber on this berth must be
removed within three years from the
!date of sale, after which the pur
ichaser's right to cut shall  cease.
A license will not be issued until
I the lull amount of the purchase price
Irfnfl the ground rental for tho first
j year have heea paid.
The conditions ot payment, rate of
[rental, etc., are contained in the Tim
'ber Regulations, a copy ol which
I may be secured on application to the
'undersigned or t.o the Crown Timber
! Agent at Kamloops. A blue print
showing thc location of the berth
will be furnished on application.
Department of thc Interior,
nttawa,  November 30, 1911.
The Bracken Scene       Sandford Dodj;e< ■
Opera lin ise, Friday and Saturday, jar. 51
It  wat  Uret   repoitcd thut   last   Ki,
■ a>*     night u  * *. iu irdered
three men .11 a nloon at Neleon, it
now appeal* that two men known ae
• .iie.  a   Barton and  John  LeTual
were  ihot   In  the      MauLiitten ealo.iti
1.1st   Friday night  «t .\eisou by     a
man named Balsom, whose con:
we herewith publish:
"With my own free will and  *
without (ear or favor, 1 make    the
following  statement:
"Last evening 1 went to the Man
h.itun sal 1. :i tout l" *i" p.m. and
stayed 'here until 2 ... m. During
thai tune 1 was having drinks, sing
lag, etc., until about 2 a.m.
"At  that  time  most   ..f  tl,.   follow!
left   and   I   was  lelt  with  Uurton  and
bis   1 k   (LeTual;.    I   nskf'd   Uurton
to lend me {10,     but lie would not,
tad   then   left.
"I   went  outside  unci      waited  Until
ll .1   the Cook  went  out.   I     then
ent inside and broke open the dooi
* 1   gof   ahout  four  ">r  five      dollars
from  the  till.    I  then  tried  to  brenk
.pen   the   sale   with   an   axe.    I   could
■ t   do lt.
"While  I  was  trying to  do It  Bar-
I'.n came in     To get out pf it 1 bred
at bim nrst.   1 lired at the en** and
at barton.
"The  next  thiug  1 knew   wa
police coming in.
1    1'jiind    befure  I  Mt  tbat     the
"-•lb  men  were  .lead
BaUom  has  been  committed
■   magistrate  nt  Nelson      to
tand ial at the next cce.rt  of
ompeti:.' j ii isdi tion
The r.ght to cut timher under license 011 Berth No. 541, comprising the
(oUowing lands in tbe province of
llntisb Columbia, will be ollered at
public auction nt the upset price of
{3,746.00, including cost of survey, at
r ni* 61 Regulation*, a OOPJ Of which 2 ..'clock P.M., on Wednesday, the
may 1* secured ',n application to the 2Ktb February, l'*>12, at the otlice of
undersigned or to lbe frown Timlier tb" Dominion Timber Agent at Kam-
Agent    at.     Kamloops.    A   blue  print   loops.—
ill "Faust
1 and 'itii
The r.ght to cut timber under lie-
en he on berth No. 54.1, compris*. .
following lands In the Province of
uritish Columbia, will be offered at
public auction at tbe upset price of
193.00, including cost of (urvey, at.
j '.dock p, M., on Wednesday, the
123th February, PJ1-, at the ofllce of
the Dominion Timber Agent, at Kam-
Tlmbi 1    Bei th   Wo. 548, situate In
the Province "f British Oolumbia, In
Township 2.1, Range 21, West of the
rah Meridian, comprising that por
tion of the Mouth West, quarter ol
Section 26 lying West <>f the Colum
Ida River, containing an area of ,28
of 11 square mile, as hIiowb on plun
ot survey thereol approved hy th»
Surveyor lieneral, June lk!lh l'Jll,
and of recoi d in tho Timber und
Grazing Branch ot the Dejmi tment of
ng    the    location    of  the  berth
rnlsbed on application.
P,   O,   KEYKH,
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa      ivember 80, 1*11
ii    0\ BRING DOM1
Timbei  Berth No. Ml, situate     in
.toinice of britinh Colombia, In
I •   and  M,   Range  21,   and
isbjp ...   lunge 30,  Wesl   of    the
Sth Hi outlining an area   of
rs   mile,  as  shown      on
plan >   thereof  approved    by
■yr    General,     June   Uth,
snd of record in the Timbei and
Qraxlng Branch of the  Depai tment ol
tbt   Interior.    Islands   which  may  oc
CUr    IH -    of      Watei     Willi.ll      this
art excluded.
r'ne Unbar on Una berth must be
removed within three years from the
liter   which   tbe   put
issr's right to rat shall "'hm.
The   right  I"  cut   'iml.er wiil   not    I*  Issued   until
,1:  comprising tbe  the lull amount o! the purchase price
following   lands   ill   the   Province      ,,f   and   the  ground   lental   for   the     lirst
Brll sh ' ■. un 1 1.1.   .i.ii  be ollered    at  year have been paid.
pulilir    mu'tion  nt  the  upset  pi .re  ,,l      The conditions  Of payment.,   rntn of
', including 'ost of survey, at rental, «t< , are contained la the Tim-
2 o'clock p. M., on Wednesday, tht bw Regulations, a copy of which
.:hhi February, 1912, at. tba office   of may be iscured od application to the
the Dominion Timber Agent, al Kam     Undersigned  or   to  the  Ciown  Timber
 I" Agraf  nt    Kamloops,     A   blue print
Timbei  Berth, Sr,.  .:.   jiuia^e in 1 showing   the   locution of the   berth
the Provinw  ol British Columbia, in  will bi furnished on application.
Township   *■. Kange Bl, Wi *' ol tbe p. 0, kkyeh,
ith   d.nii.01, comprising Legal Hub Secretary
divlsl mi 1. 2 and   7, of   section 10,  Department of tbe interior,
and the North ( cha*iis ol Logal Bub     Ottawu, November 110, i»j|.
Few people realize that the Canadian People burn up
a Fortune in Matches every day. The daily consumption
is over eight carloads, or 288,000,000 matches lighted
every 24 hours!
The United States uses over sixty
carloads every duy, 20 of which ar»
manufactured in foreign countries
and imported into tho States. Canada is now importing matches from
Sweden und Japan, notwithstanding
there is a duty ot 25 pcr cent, on every cubc. There are various reasons
for this, mainly white cork pine,
which is thc only wood that can bo
used with the dye process, is very
scarce and expensive and tho demand
is greater than tho Canadian manufacturers can Bupply.
China haB no wood availablu lor
match sticks, therefore buys from
Japan over $2,800,000 worth ot mat
ches m per year. From Japan and
Swed"on Hongkong buys $1,300,000,
Singapore $175,000, and Korea $150,-
000. There is a very bitter feeling bc
tweeu the Chinese and Japanese, and
ot New Westminster, B. C, is able
to manufacture matches for a loss
cost under the New Parker Process
than the Japanese, this company will
handle tho Oriental trade.
Wonderful Patent
The Dominion Match Co., Ltd., has
been formed for the purpose ot taking over tho letter patents, processes
and formulas of C. J. Tucker, and
associates of Tacoma, Wash., U.S.A.
CANADA for the manufacture and
sale ot matches under a NEW IMPROVED process, which has been
recently most thoroughly demonstrnt
ed in the United States, to be far
superior and much cheaper thau anything! ol its character heretofore man
ufactured hy the so-called MATCH
TRUST or independent companies,
and  which will  immediately revolut
ionize the match industry throughout
the ENTIRE WORLD. Millions of
dollars have boen spent in trying to
perfect a machiuc that would cut
mutch-sticks from raw, cheap material, such as ccttonwood, alder, spruoe
hemlock, iispen, baBBWood, linwood,
etc., and at the same time eliminate
the great amount ot expense ot hand
labor heretofore necessary. The
match manufacturer oquipped with
such a machine would be ln a posi -
tion to manufacture matches for at
least ono-third less than any other
process, and he could therelore drive
all competitors practically out of the
Mr. Parker's Great Achievement
Mr. Parker, who is at proBent the
superintendent of tho Pacillc Coast
Match Co., of Tacoma, Washington,
and for nineteen yeurs an experienced
mutch maker was one of the many
inventors to work along these lines,
Aftor many years of patient toil and
at au enormous expense to himBelt
and trioinli-^^ni^-nicceedcd in PER-
•■Ki'TlJ^ .   fetafctL... is
work automatically that has heretofore taken seven operators, thereby
meeting every requirement of the
match manufacturer. Tho many economies effected bv this new process
will enable the Dominion Match Co.
to manufacture matches-here in Canada at* approximately 40 per cent less
than they can !>c manufactured under
any other Bystem. Under this new
green log from the forest
ind made into
.elve hours
use in
■g has to be thor-
efore cutting. This
twelve months,
Comparative Statement
Controlled  by  Dominion   Match  Co.,
Controlled   by    Diamond Match    Co.
and E. B. Eddy.
Cost of     match cutter   $250.00
Cost of Match cutter   $12,000.00
Weight   C00- lbs.
Weight    15 tons
Length   6 feet
Length      125 feet
Capacity   6000
Capacity     4000
Material    necessury,    alder    cotton-
Material   necessary—white    pine only
wood, etc.
Cost of raw material   $8.00
Labor required each machine     1
Cost  of    labor,    each  machine  $1.50
to $2.00.
Power     to operate    1    horse   power
Systom of     packing   Machine
Capital  stock     $1,000,000
Cost of   ruw    material ... $liO to $90
Labor required per machine   6
Cost ot labor, each machine   $18
Power lo operate ... .
System of packing
Capital  stock   	
5 horse power
  hand labor
Plan of Organization
The Dominion Match Company Limited is a corporation, organized and
existing by virtue of the laws of
Uritish Columbia, with an authorized capital sloci ot $1,(100,UUU, divided into 1UO,000 shares of thc par
value of $10 each, fully paid and nonassessable. Charles J. Tucker, president; Alfred E. White, director; Wm.
H. Parker, director; Charles D.
Bridges, director; Ray Thompson,
director and C. L. Ooddlng.
The purpose of the organization
was tho acquisition of certain letters
patent for tbe Dominion ol Canada
from Mr. Wm. H. Parker. The said
patonts are known ns Parker'B Continuous  ProoeBK.
Pursunnt to this plnn the company
has Issued to Mr. Parker in full pay
ment of these patents and match
formulas, which are valued at tlve
million dollars, forty thousand shares
of  Its  cnpll.nl  stock.
Forty thousand shares of the stock
bun lieen subscribed lur by an underwriting syntllonte to build a factory
and equip with theso Parker's Continuous  machines  and  other  machin
ery and equipment incidental to the
manufacturing of matches, with a
capacity of one car load ol matches
of five hundred cuses, ot one groBs
each pcr day, so that after payment
of patents and formulas, factory
buildings und cqipment, there will
remain $200,000 of its capital stock
to bc used as a working capital
It is also the plan ot this company
to torm subsidiary companies within
the Dominion ol Canada and retain
the control ol thc stock ol the same
and build udditioual lactories in, for
example, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Quebec and elsewhere, as deemed advisable all of which subsidiary
compunios will pay an enormous dividend to the Dominion Match Co.,
in addition to the largo profit that
will unquestionably be derived from
from the Now  Westminster factory.
The mutch cutting machine is being
demonstrated at Geo. Knight's Tailor shop lBt street at RevelBtoke, B.
C. If only tor your own education
you shouldn't miss seeing thiB wonderful machine making matcbsticlui
at the rate of a million per day.
Shares are selling at par   $10 per Share-and can   be
subscribed for at Demonstration Rooms.
Special Representatives:   PROCTOR & BLAKE
For Dominion Match Co. BATUHDAY,    DEC.   30th, 1911.
THE  lS/Lj&JlJLa-ttttTl^.Tj1D,   REVELSTOKE
S.\.T. HDAY,   DEC.   Vith, 1911
Bargains in Fancy Goods
See the New Cash Carrier
AY, JANUARY 2,1912
No need to quote prices here, but come expecting bargains, you will not be disappointed.   We wish to demonstrate our ability to give you GE SUINE BARGAINS.   So come and look us over.
Saturday Night Specials in Dry Goods Department
r\ r*  PER CENT reduction on
mml^J   all ladies'Fancy" Collars,
Jabots, Fancy  Handkerchiefs, Hand  Bags.
EACH-cA lot of
Child's Furr on a
table for easy* choosing at
$1.00 each
Ladies' Dresses in black
and   colors, some   good
ones, voiles, panamas, etc.
$20 to $27.50 Dresses all at
SEE the table of handsome
Irish Linens in drawn work
and embroidered pieces
They are marked down.   Some
very" nice pieces from 25c to $1.00
The real moccasin weather has arrived
and if you wish to do any snow shoeing, now
is the time to buy. There is nothing so light
and warm on the feet for all kinds of out-door
winter sport. Our lines are all made from
choice deer skins sewed in the most thorough
manner by experts.
Hoys, sizes 11 to 13, price $1.50 per pair
Women's sizes 1 to 6, price.... 1.75 pcr pair
Men's, sizes 6 to 12, price. . . i-^.oo per pair
Men's, 16-in. leg, sizes 6 to 12, 3.50 per pair
Men's Winter Caps
Hither for work or for dress wear about
town, we can supply ) .mr needs in warm
Neat Blue and Brown Peak Caps, cither
with fur or knit hands to pull over
ears,  prices $1.25 and $1.50
Men's Heather Working Caps with fur
pull down. Very light and serviceable, price each    1.50
Men's Blue Melton Working Cap., with
cither fur or knit pull down. Neat
and attracti ve, price each    1.50
Men's Jaeger Wool Caps with   full   pull
down and vizor, price each    1.25
Boy's OWrcoat Bargains
We are clearing out all our Boy's Overcoats at prices that will make you iHed them.
They are all statulad styles and of extra good
quality, this season's purchases.
Blue Beaver Reefer Extra line workmanship and quality, sizes 26, price $3.50
Blue   Beaver   Reefers  -Same  as  above.
Sizes 30 to 33, price   4.00
Small Boy's Irish Freize Reefers Well
lined, extra heavy, sizes 21 to 24,
price    2.50
Grey   Cloth    Ulster—High   collar,    full
length,  price    3.50
Grey Stripe Tweed Overcoat—Full length
velvet collar, sizes 30 to 32,  price.. 4.50
Heavy Tweed Ulster—Heavy storm collar, brown stripe, size 35, price. . . .  5.50
Brown Tweed Ulster Storm collar,
double breasted, sizes 28 and 29,
price    5.00
Brown   Tweed   lister    Same  as above,
size 30, price   6.00
Stripe Tweed Reefers    Double   breasted,
heavy weight, sizes 31 to 33,  price.  5.00
A clean up of
Fancy Silk Net
and Lace Waists
All our fancy waists worth from
$6.50 to $8,50, on sale at . . $3.90
Groceries and Crockery Department
Mince Meat
I low about your mince pies for New
Year's dinner? We have just the mince meat
you want. Heinz's pure mince meat in bu'k,
VV'agstalT's in 5-lb cans, at $1.00, and Hm-
press in 6-lb pails aj $1.00 and 12-lb pails at
$1.90. You are not too late yet for mince
pies. Make them New Year's day. They
are the only thing ^served hot these cold win-
tcry days.
Wc still have a small quantity of cooking fruits left for your New Year's dinner.
Raisins, currants, peels, figs, dates and Sultanas, also a full line of oranges, lemons, bananas, table raisins and nuts. Sec the large,
fresh pineapples at only 50c each, the largest
and finest pineapples we have ever shown.
^^^^^      ISCUltS
Sec our side window for Huntley and
Palmer's Old Country Biscuits. When you
get Huntley and Palmer's you get first class
goods, noted for their excellent quality and
absolute purity. We have thc whole list of
over fifteen different kinds at prices ranging
from 25c to 75c per pound.
Fresh G
We have some new lines arriving every
day, so that we can assure you cf fresh goods
at any time. We have celery and sweet potatoes arriving today.    Order early.
Come to the store and see thc good things
wc have. You will want something. l,et us
show you a few articles that you don't see
every day. Ask us for things you imagine
we don't have. You may not be able to get
down yourself, send the children or telephone
We aim to please the litile ones as well as the
older folks. Special attention given to telephone orders.
We have just opened up a large assortment ol Toilet Soaps that wc can sell at a
price that will surprise you. See our Hotel
Soap in gross boxes at only $3.00 pcr gross,
For the size and quality of this soap it cannot
be duplicated. Get some of our large cakes
of Olive Oil, Cucumber, Glycerine, Castile
and Oatmeal Soap at 50c for one dozen. If
you never had a bargain you can get it here
in Soap.
Compliments of the Season Extended
C. B. HUME & CO., Ltd.
> BATORDAY,    DEC.   afttli. nil.
SATUIUHY,   DKC.   30th, 1911.
New Year's Bargain Sale
Girls' Winter Coats
Six onh Girls' Winter Coats, all this sea-
Bon's styles, Sizes, 8, 10, 12 and 14 years
Sale Prices $4.50 to $5 Each
If you need a coat for any  of the above
ages you cannot afford to overlook these.
Ladies' Dressing Gowns
Made   from   Eiderdown.     Sale   Price
Fancy Wrapperettes.    Sale Price      $10
Sale Prices on all
Men's  Goods
"Men's Winter Overcoats—Sale Price, $10
Men's  Youths'   and  Boys'   Suits,   odd
Trousers,  House Coats,    Men's   Underclothing.
Ladies' Tweed Costumes
1 Grev Serge Suit, Size 36 $10
1 Black Serge Suit, Size 3G  $10
6 only Tweed Suits, Size 34, 36,   and  38.
Reg. $25 and $30.   On.Saleiat        $16.50
Furs     Furs    Furs
One only,  Pony  Coat.    Reg.   J95.    Sale
$70.    1 only, French Seal Set.   Reg. '170.
Sale Price, $50.    1   only  Astrakhan Set.
Reg. $48.     Sale Price,                        $2*5.
Chllds Sets—(Irey Persian Lamb.
Ladies"   Sable   Stoles   Ladies'   Isabella
Fox, Ladies'Marmot stoles.    Price ranging 1'rom $3 up.    The above are all new.
This Sale  includes everything in
our Entire Stock.    Come Early and
get first choice.
cylll our Millinery going  at  Half
Price at this Sale.
L._ /
Owing to luck ot space the hotel
arrivals ol this week will have to
remain over until our next issue.
Mr, ami Mrs. II. P. H.iy entertained B number ol* friends on Wednesday
evening at their home, Willow Creek,
In honor ol their brother-in-law, Mr.
J. A. Mel/cnnan, lute ot Mobile, Ala
bama. A most enjoyable time' was
spent with music and dancing.
Mt. Begbie Division 422, O.l.A. to
the B. ot L.B., at the regular meot-
ing on Friday, Dec. 22nd, entertained
the Brotherhood ol Locomotives Engineers, together with their families.
It being Mrs. I,, Patrick's 25th anniversary of her wedding* The ladles
presented Mrs. Patrick with a silver
flowor pot set iu a beautiful cutglass
jardtnere, wishing her many more
happy   anniversai-lcs.
Thc obituary notice of thc lntc
1 harles Oustave Abrahamsou will ap
rear in our next issue. Boing crowded out this week owing to it having
reached the ollice altar we had gone
to press.
Mr. W. M. Lawrence received a
handsome Xmas box In the form ot a
framed birds eye view ol the city ot
Uevelstoke. it was presented by the
stall ot the Lawrence Hardware Co,
and is highly prized hy the head ot
this prosperous  lirm.
1 Say—Do not  hesitate about     Investing   ll    Vancouver   through  u lirm ,
that has a reputation st stake.—Lo-
teaur—Kevelstoke  and   Vancouver.
Mr. Tourner spent his Christmas |
vacation   in   Nelson.
Mrs. Bruce Lawson will not receive ;
on  Thursday.  Jan.  4th.
lir. McPherson o! Arrow bend, spent i
Christmas  in  Hevelstoke.
Mr Holmes "I the Dominion Sawmills,  returned todny from  Seattle.
W. Banting, merchant at Edgewood
il  visiting  old friends  in  the city.
W. H. MeVity will leave today for
Toronto where he will remain a few
G, s. Mei .iter lett tlie tore part
of this week ->n a busiaoss trip to
Bt   Paul.
Mr. Moore, ol lhe Molson's Dank
stall, spent Christmas at his home
ut  Calgary.
Mr. EC. A. Haggen. an old townsmen and now of Victoria. waB In the
c-.ty lot  Xmas.
j. D.  Sibbald   left on   Wednesday
for   V.-.ne.uiver.    He   will   be  gone  [or
*  .t  ten  days.
All curlers are requested t" attend
a meeting In the City Hall tonight.
Saturday, Dec. .i'.'tb at s p.m.
Remember — Nerval Baptie. the
world's champiou Bkater, will be at
tbe nuk Monday atternoon and evening. See his ad elsewhere in this
issue, also posters and dodgers.
On Wednesday afternoon the child-
ten "f St. John's Sunday school
were treated to their annual sleigh
: ,de. Four large sleighs were requir
ed ed t" carry the members ot the
Sunday school, who turned out ovei
« hundred strong. With the blowing
o' horns and singing ol sougs the
merry crowd passed through the city
and out into tbe country by way of
i irth atre t Aftei a drive of sev-
* - i* miles. passing tbe McDunnei
ranch,  they re-.urned to the city    by
,\   ol Mt   Begbie school. Tbe wenth
.1  uud the  children    their-
,        ■ the    outing.     When
returned to the hurch they
' ind that the teachers and friends
I ,.i **»cr. busy preparing .i treat tor
then:. Thl ascnieut of the church
«,is decorated    and   th*.*
■*•:• loaded with good things
After the lofe nd* the children •. ri
ready I istice       the    delicious
suppet  awaiting them, Hud in ;i very
'..t m.;..'"- the]  ■■*•> re seated around
■   tastefully arrang .*u
. ng  the ho!   collet        I  the dainty
lb-fort leaving lot hoov
child wai prewnted  i ig en
• •• •     /ind   fruit*    All      I     '
ray fee ij  bpd spent one
ays of s happj
'In. tin.is   we«k.
We have in stock everything that you require for your
Xnms Cakes, Pudding* tind Mince Meat, AU fresh
mid ^ooilt including New Raisins, Currants, Peels,
KigS) Dales   Nuts, etc,
NEW DRIED FRUITS All our New Dried
Kruits havo arrived and ihey are certainly nice, They
consist ol Apricots, Peaches, Prunes, Figs, Pearu and
MacKenzie Avenue
We nre offering for sale MD) Shares of Dominion Trust Stock
ut $90.0(1 n share.
This is on excellent investment  paying  from s to Id per
cent, on money  anil  will   be  accepted  as  collateral
security at any Bunk.
Price of Stuck will advance after first of year.
Mrs.   J,   P.   McLennan   will  not   re-]
ccive ou New Year's Day.
Mr. R. Davis of the Big Kddy. returned to Winlow on Tuesday morning.
Mr. nud Mrs. Harold Manning, "f
Calgary, arc spending tbe.r \tn.is
'..ication In the city.
We art glad to report that Mis-;
Frances Lawson is rapidly Improving
[rom  her recent   sudden   illness.
A dispatch received this week states
that James Lawrence pawed four out
ui   live examinations   at   McGill   Uni
The Board ol Trade will meet tor
the dispatch ol business on Thursday
nett, January 4th, at 8 I'm In the
Cit)   Hnll.
The Misses l.llackt*rg are home
from normal school spending the
.Ninas vacation with theo mother on
8 icond street.
Mrs. H.   J.  Mc8 Mia    M *'.
,ms  left   fol   Spokane   on      Thursday
Mrs.      McSorley    will  vis I  her sons
Cecil and  Johnny,  who are  in college
nt the Inland city
The ollicers and inemlwi*-
iLodge, l.o.OF. and members ■•!
'Xaoml .Rebecca Lodge, are re, - -
to be present on Thursday evening.
|.lan. 4th. A joint Installation and
■ dai evening. Visiting sister* and
i-ethren  cordially invited.
In response   to   a    number of re-
• choir of st. Johns Pres-
terlan church will repent the spe'-
l mufir al the rvenlng terries nest
inday.   "Naiartth"   will   ih-    sung,
' Mr    llalph   Lawrence   taking  the  Mlo
nd     the    lull      rhifir      will       render
' "ht ike."   There  will «1so
.  ..ii organ ree tal    el *
r*   Cf
Mr. and Mrs. \\ . M. Knos wish to
thank their many friends for their
kindness during their recent bereavement.
Mr. Taylor of the Dominion 8aw -
mii ll-*-. t'ompany unci Mrs. Taylor, returned this week from Xmas lioli -
Haying at Calgary,
Mr, Frank Mclntyre. brother ol
Kev. K. .i. Mclntyra, spent Xmas
with Ins brother and has since returned to Salmon Arm.
Tbe Muil-tlerabl stall ure indented
to the MeKinnon Cigar Store for a
I'll nut man present In tlie form of a
ioi  of  high  grade cigars.
A meeting of the citj voters in
Ward three will lie held on Tuesday,
evening, January Snd, In Mo 1 Fire
Hall,  ti pal aflairi.
A. I'.  U u4  Wednesday
on a Bve weeks mt to Hull, bis
old home ft Is ufi'. years sines Mr.
Level ,- mf ■ old bome
Jam                           ■ '   Mr       ud
Mi-    w    v    l.swreneo arrived a few
MeG4U I'n-.verntty and
in  spending  th»   Xmas vacation  wth
Ins  par»nrn
attention!   * * -
is I time
has   ! • • •   lm, hour.
Don't overlook  this
death occurred m     ^at.r.
■'   Ml ■     -     A     Su". tlir,   whi*
until three months ago had made her
home   In   Hevelstoke  for  n   number   oi
years.    Tb"  dSCeaMd      lad]   eume    U)
tn.s   City   toorteen   yents     ago     from
Brgt      8 iflolk,     Kngland.       ul
which  town sin*  had  l>e«n  th* mayor
RM   ten   years  and   wae  the
-I     W.   HmyMie        She
il seven  boj
irirl Im loss
Before    you    start    out    Shopping,
don't    fait     to   read this column,
which is bristling with pointers for
the bargain seeker.
See the first class program at the
Edison  tonight.
Coursier has tho kind of coal that
cooks like.
Dry wood for mile, cedar and lir
mixed.—Cummlngs Transfer Co.
See the first class program at the
Edison   tonight.
All the pictures at the Star
theatre are passed by the Ontario
Censor Board, which is tho most
strict of its kind in  America.
Heat, cleanliness, economy aud
comfort in Coursier's coal.
Don't forget the special New Year's
matinee at the Star.
Coal! Coa'l I! Coal!'!—Are you pre
pared for a cold snap, if not try our
Pensylvania Hard Coal or Lethbridge
Coal. A supply on band, S. G. Hob-
bins,  Phone 60.
First class program tonight ut tho
Edison theatre.
If you haven't seen the new line of
pictures at the Star you do not know
wiint you are missing.
The program ut thc Star is changed  every day.
If you follow the crowd you will
arrive nt the Star theatre.
Do your pipes choke up with soot.'
Clean them out then burn Coursier's
coal and hnve no more trouble.
First class program tonight at tlie
Kdison theatre.
Baggage delivered, furniture and
pianoB moved, prompt and careful
delivery  Cummings Transfer Co.
Matinee nt Edison theatre on
Mr. J. E. Watson, B nch.lor in
Music, classes in piano ) 1'iyin*.- and
voice training commences J.i i, f.tli.
Hevelstoke Philharmonic Soci'.'ty —
Practices in connection w*ith above
society will be resumed on Tuesday,
Jan. 2nd. All intending to become
members  are requested  to  l>e present
Matinee at Edison theatre on
 ■   '
Card of Thanks.
Mrs. Charles Uustave Abrahamson
and brothers of the deceased, wish to
express their hearty thanks to the.
Citizens ol Hevelstoke and Fire Brigade No. 1 anil 2, also the fri'.'nds
who attetnlod the funeral and assisted tho bereaved family in their
Gold     Range    Lodge,    Knights   ol
Pythias, will hold their regular meeting on Friday, January 5th, 1912, instead ol Wednesday evening.
By Order
G. H. BROCK,  K. of R.S.
Januarj 5th and 6th—Mr. Sanford
Dodge in the "Right ol Way" on
Friday uight. The "Merchant of
Venice," Saturday matinee. Faust,
Saturday  night  in  the opera house
January 10—Return of Wm.  Yule.
smythe-At Vancouver, B. ('.,   on
•     Kfa   ol      December.   1911,   Mrs.
H     W    Smytbe,   w.dow   of   the    late
*    Smythe,  alderburgb,
-itt.'ik. England.
LeBBAU—Al   Reveletoke,  U   C,    on
lay the 26th inst,  Pati ick    M
LeBean, aged tn months,     infant
' Mr    ,i-i I   Mrs.  I.    I'    LeBes I,
I'        It-rtwccn  Fourth  street.  nn*l
tai   ''   *••    ■   gentli n
Ring    Finder win re
saving same     al
tlie  Office   of   the   Cummtnge  Trans
i   f»r Company
WAS'TKli A girl or woman to da
general bouat work Apply .it the
m.i,: HeraM Ofllce.
Norval Baptie
Will be at the
at 2:30 in the afternoon and s
o'clock In the evening
and will give a wonderful exhibition of
The public will be allowed on lhe
ice (or skating between the performances.
will be iu attcn.|,,nce
Admission, Adults, -
lvink wilH
May 1912 Brirg You All Kinds of  Prosperity
You can save money this year by purchasing at
this Store, and still more in the year that is
ahead of us. We begin our Stock-Taking next
week and there are lots of lines that we must
clear out.
Pine new Winter Coats in the new materials and
latest styles, now sellinjr at $10,  $12 and $15.
Warm, serviceable' Coats, full length,  at $5.00
Girls* Coats at $2.50, 14.00 and *5.00 each.
Made of the best Beehive wool. All colors, V
neck knit in one piece, only $3.00. High neck
with collar, $4.00 each. Just what you need for
Black Jersey, Brown and Cardinal Corduroy—
 75c. per pair
McLennan C& Co.
We wish to extend to you our sincere
appreciation for your kind patronage
and liberal assistance during the year
1911 and sincerely wish you a pleasant
and a prosperous New Year.
Yours very truly,
M A Happy and Prosperous
New Year to All"
Xmas Novelties in All Men's Wants
Such as Pirns A 'ash's Irinh Poplin
[if?. Men's Sweater f'oatn. Dressing
Gowns ami Siiiokinjr Jackets,
Sole Agents for Fit-Reform Clothing
and Pool Rite Shoes.
t_A c7Werry~ Christmas
Another year is now upon us,
and we take pleasure in thanking
our patrons for the liberal share of
business extended to us since opening our branch office here and in
extending to all the compliments
of the Yuletide Season.
A Happy New Year'
E. G. FOLEY, Manager, MacKenzie Avenue


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