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The Mail Herald Jul 13, 1912

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6 Imperial Bank of Canada %
Q Heart Ot+ioo- Toronto, Ontario. V
Capital Subscribed -          6,000,000.00 9
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Nutiouul Ban.*.. .
Savings Bank Department 9
Deposit* of 81 and upward, received, and Interest allowed at J?
current rale from date nl deponlt.    Corieupoadencc solicited, O
Reve.stoke Eranch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr. I
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rhonn No. 23
TUe  Revelstoke  Progress  Cluh  held
their  regular    Executive  meeting    on
Tuesday  evening  Inst,       i me   twentj
members  being presenl  when buslni
i iniMiH'i'.l nl   S 35 p.m.
Presidunl Dr. Hamilton took tho
,; . i Secretary w. ll. Hoi ibin read
minutes ol the previoui meeting and
which were adopted.
Tl i    coi resp md ni i   pass
od  bi tween Mr. B. It. Atlcins and Mr,
IMiit, C.P.R, pass iiim i   supei inti a ■
ent, ro ihe scenic and tourisl attrac
i s  of  Revelstoke,  with  Bpecial  refer* im m  to the scenic auto run.I   and:
Mounl   Revelstoke  Alpine Park,    wns
pul   in .1.1.1 ■ ead  by  Mr.  B.H. Atkins,!
on reuucsl  liuin the chairman.
An unanimous voce ol thanks to
Mr. A i klus im li s .-ii , .. [ul '..'ni.. on
bei ni the club as a itlined iu tbe
oi bj oiug, was llii'ii tendered aud
suitable acknowledged.
A request was roud from the Sec
retary ol Revelstoke City Rand ai :
ing the support ol tlie club in the
endi avors lieing made to Becurc a
new imn.1 stand.
Mr. Cordon— I do not think wo
should press the council to go to
any expense and suggest this mattei
be referred to the Olvic Improve
ments committe ■ toi consideration,
and report, and I muke a motion to
tbat ellect.
.May..r Sutherland—I might say
tbat as regards tbe city council, we
laid this in.atcr over because wo have
at present no place to put Biime, and
v.m do not w:>h to build ,i stand un.l
tbi n havi' t.i remove It. Thc city
wlll, we hope, shortly be in a position to build a fitting city beadquar-
tei , and j.- thought until that time
came we would postpone all temper-
ary buildings, as the city headquarters would be tbe proper place t"
build tins band stand. *\m have to
watch the dollars and cents tbis year
the council were not in a position to
do a iy1 king this j ear.
Mr. Lyons—Could wo not  hav
certs and  take up subscriptions     al
the ionceits to pay  for a band mI.iii.i
i 11.
ol tbi city ball.
Mr. Howson.—Did not we build the
band stand In rront of the hotel, by
public subscription and bow was
same broken up.
Mot.mi carried and matter refi
to the Civic Improvement comm
Many   Bio mum   wen      ..: iii.lt. .1     all.i
read over by tbe Becretary.
Mr.  i.y.ms—These     will huve to lie
• mt. by a committee.
Mr, Urooker—1  move ..    comn
ol  three       ne     appointed   I"     r i
these Blogans and makea recomi
■ ment.
Messrs, B.  R. Atkini.    R. 1 lowsi u,
. .,, ,   inti
mi tee;  Mr.   m     chairman.
Uecretar)   Horobin   ft'i
the anno iui i mi nts Ln  tbe pai	
i .i.i..   tourist   .
.■ml  i hould  send  a
ntiei   •. p . i iation,
I 'I .  M... w   U     nn nil..
the C.P.H. oi gunizlng
.Mi. I., i.,a.ii.n .rn.i be i'i mii..-M.i i	
a day.
Mi.    Horobin   l    understand     thai
from ;:..   Hi i  ■ ith tbe C,
l'.H. al   H ral
alokc.  lx i ...-..,  i al|.,; j   and   . ancou
th ways.
lhat     ...     .,.; ,,l „|,
Many date "-.   ■ .    . nt. i tain
Mr. Peters, i,. ai
Irom Mi.   Usber,  wbo will,  we  bopo,
fliortly  inin,   to  ,• i   the    Alpine
I ai»   ai  . ol      the
Ohairman Han o I  ■  o
report  that  our Ottawa  rtpresenta
live,     Mr. h.  p, Green,  will shortlj
defray  advertising expenses  realising
B. it. Atkins then made his report
iv the Oolumbia River as a grain
route, ainl the Oaigary Panama Oon
ference. The United States have al -
ready Bpent a lot of money in .in
proving the Columbia river naviga -
tion, and tbis wus my main argu -
ment before tbe convention.
Owing to contusion re the program
i was handicapped and compelled io
Bandwlch In my tnlk nt na Inopportune moment. I wns put on the resolutions committee, but 1 brought
my resolution directly hefore t lie eon
wni nm, as lhe committee had already
turned down several  resolutionul
Myresoluiions were referred to the
committee after 1 hud thus obtained
sunn: twenty live minutes discussion
on  Hevelstoke and Panama.
The scope of ibe resolutions adopted by the convention was afterwards
oxl inl.'.l to Include the Rovelstoke—
i aiiaiiiii route. All the subsequent
speakers referred in some manner to
the Revelstoke Columbia River Grain
II there is u market at Portland for
wheat then it. will subsequently pay
to develop tbis (heap water route to
oci an porl and world market, via
The convention before adjourning,
put Dr. Hamilton upon the permanent   executive   of   the convention.
The report was received with tic -
clamation and a vote of thanks.
Mr. Lyons—i consider the scheme
outlined by Mr. Atkins to bring
good men from outside Into our city
to enlarge our idea and broaden our
minds  a good  one.
It. Howson—] consider before wc
adjourn something Bhould be done to
protect Mount Revelstoke against
further tires which mii;ht destroy the
foliage growing up there, which Is an
asset  and an ornament to the city.
It.  Gordon—Botore we close I think
..•■ should consider some way of get-
tlng  more  work out ol our commit
tees, ur ei.se arrange to elect     new
Mr. Lyons- uur committees ars falling down, no reports tonight out of
Mr. Gordon—Something will have
to be done to gel inure members in
to bear these reports, similar to
those presented by Mr. Atkins. The
committees must i;rl busy and work
and public enthusiasm must be stun
ii. it. Atkins— I notice the iJtikc of
Connaught has anlteneryin the press
. i ..-ive is uuiilted irom same.
ii we aie imi In the tour ,we should
omothlng to welcome such a dis
tingulsbed person on his passing
thi ough.
'Ibis Bhould  be attended to bj   tho
cltj  council and we are prepared   to
,i   a  Progress Club.
G.    \. .    I....     Ce   COUld   I'll    a   lot      of
ol this thing ii it
Could be arranged.
1    :.iiii.iii     Hamilton Tins  mattei
.iill be discus ed al lhe uexl  meeting
Meeting adjourned .it 10 30 p.m.
I   . ■ .■ hi i meel  tbe mere
bers ol tins
!   Ohairman Hamilton   VI o 1 bave to
D   the    way
pitallt)  extended in ihe    Brit
.sh   M.,vi:     tvers.
.:! .
R.  G . road  com
unit"   !• |   ilounl   Revel
I he.I
woik and  will submit  a  H ial   repoi I
.n aboul   tan d .
Ml ■    M' ll.,,      I'm'     I        ; iiiiii, t I . 0
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      A r   wi.    I'l.tnpellcil   to   i.iii   ..I!       the
,     „ , r. it
Music btore, McKenzie Ave.
Sheet Music and all kinds of
Small cJMu ileal Goods
Call and Inspect^
iiiuilaicr hulillla
.'letoi.... .i ll) ' Hon. William H.
.... . n.i.s jn.,i returned from a two
...' trip io the i''ort George coun
u.., where be wenl Ioi tbe pui poi ol
,.'. ing oul i ii. laud in order to de
.iim,a- what should be tbe lutmu
, olic)  I.   tbe novel ami nl  lu connect
...11    * i, h    tbO     .i I' lenient   ol    I ii.it    le
luuu   Yelllowllcail   Past,"   mi) 8 Mr
"while   w,.  ,.i i Ivi .1 on   Juno  19,
■ ■I Tete .laiui'  i'mii.,   approximately
hit)'   miles,   lh,'   COUntr)    IH   exllelinh
i ugged,  the i' ii, .I   rlvci    ig     oon
lined ,n a mu i .,:'■  valloy and surroun
.lill   hy  SPWS   ol   lhi:   in.nil   Inure 04   I In
Rocky Mountains. The vulley and
also iim slope oi ihe mountains   aie
11 in: ..I. .1 witii ..pi in., lodge pole i o
and some Douglas Di (Tiro, howevei
bus dostroyod most <>f ihe matured
timher in Ihis Motion, lhc only body
ni merchantable timber available borne, a Btrlp lying along tba south tide
nl Mm. ■■ ,,ii,| Vellowhiail lakes. Duly
a  small   portion  of Hum  hody  ol  Inn
hm  whieh ik about fifteen miles long
and u imll: wiiie, n covored hy iImh
.uni... .nnl thore are lovorul open
Ingi   in-11- im  iiiiui.Mi.il.: operations,
"l In   lhe   not III   Hide   nl   MOOH   lake.
ami ui  the junction ol Grand Porks
i i . 'II    Wll h   lhe   [eraser,   ihere   ale   Hev
i ial   thousand  ai res of  luud  oapabli
.ii,vi,iimi.   i ii'h'i  irrigation  iins
laml could be mndo i" produce good
i"..]'   ..! i.,'.    Then   la an abundant
ipp . .   i 'ii'iili'.ii      pur
lh.       i,inin i   only   teaehCH      ii
little ifloic thuu balf-wujp to the tops
of the mountains, which contain
many glaciers, and waterfalls from
glacial streams.
"Mount. Robson, more than 14,000
feet high, is a conspicuous landmark
This whole region is oue of picturesque beauty und as it possesses pruc-
ticully no timher or agricultural land
it might well ho considered from the
standpoint of a provincial or nat.ou
ul park, if proper provision is made
fm the development of the miuerul
possibilities which are suid to exist,
"The real valloy ol tbe Prasor river begins at. Tete Jaune Cache. It
averages four or live miles iu width
to its confluence with the Bear river,
a distance of 136 miles. This nnllcy
Consists  ,.f n  series  of   bcnrhcH,      the
oil of whicli is almost uniformly of
a clayej nature. Originally it was
entirely covered with a heavy stand
of spruce, balsam, cedar, Cottonwood
and birch, but lires huve denuded
most of the valley for a distance of
ahout liftv miles from the Cache
This valley contains, in my opinion,
good opportunities tor dairying and
lhe production of hay and perhaps
oilier agricultural products.
"Below the junction of the Fraser
and the Bear rivers, the valley becomes in places ten or lifteen miles
wide. The Bear, the Willow, the
north fork of the Fraser, or Uiu Salmon, and thc Little Salmon rivers
also at different points run througb
valleys whicli are said to possess agricultural possibilities. As with the
Fraser valley, however, they are generally covered with a heavy growth
of timber, This circumstances makes
tin- immediate disposition of these
lands n difficult problem. The timber
is without douht u most valuable re
source to this region, and lbe Grand
Trunk Pacific railway will give it an
unexcelled market in Alberta. At
the same time, everything possible
should bc done to promote the agricultural development of tlle region.
The land which has been burnt over
COUld he opened for settlement as
soon as the chain surveys nre com -
pleted, which 1 expect will ba hy the
end of Ibis year. Those ureas which
licar timber running over fillOO feet to
the acre could not under the law be
sold or oflVred for pre-emption, llut
undoubtedly there are many tracts of
laud in the heavily timbered rejrions
to whicli I hnvo referred which do not
bear .10000 feot to thc acre on each
quarter section, nnd these can be
nia.le available to settlement either
by pre-emption or auction sales, if
such policy should be found to bc the
besl  in the public interest.
"In order to locate such tracts nt
the earliest possible moment ihcfor-
estiy department has already lieen iu
structed to cruise lhe whole of this
land during the present season, ho
that more detailed information on
the subject ma,\ he at hand as soon
as possible! Iu Ihe meantime the depart ment would not be justified in entertaining any applications in the
territory I hnve referred to. I can
not speak too strongly of Its immense
possibilities in    regard    to  timber.
While no detailed estimates have Ireen
made, I believe there arc easily twenty-five billion leet, of spruce, cotton-
wood, cedar, iir, lurch and balsam,
besides a va i amount of cord wood,
of poplar which will bc available for
lumber, paper pulp and wood using
industries in the watershed of the
Frasei river above the mouth ol tbe
Nacbaco, whieh empties Into the
Fraser at Fort Qeorge. As soon as
much of the land on whieh this tun
her stands can ho used for agriculture after the timher is removed, ov-
ery effort ihould be made to promote
tbe development oi tho industries
whieh will use this timber. Tn this
'■inl il is my Intention bo have ii special Investigation made by exports
into tlio iiih'h to which this timber
can he put, particularly the sprues,
birch, cottonwood  and  poplar,   and
the markets In which these products
i,hi be Sold, It is certain that if
papei   iirpulp,  hiiw,  fin nit na- or other
nulls manufacturing wood Into mai
testable products cun be located along
the line of the Grand Trunk Pacific
.ii   thin   vulley   lb,,   m-l I Iiim   will       bo
greatly helped, since the sale of the
timber from tin li lots would provide
D     tO I hnl   the   land,   llliil   a  vast
ii.i'.iiii-  would otherwise hi burned,"
Weekly Cun Club Shoot
II    0    22    22
"    2    I'l    ,'t
"    ii    .'1     21
A. I'm slum
1..                       "    1    11    IS
VV. 1	
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i VI \T   2
II    1    llroke    'i    !3
H.n'.i I
"   4      "      JI   23
..   2      ,,       ..   u
\,   1   l)|    I.M.
1            "   7               IJ   24
\\   .       1    ..Ml'
"   l       "      ii   ■
The He.ii
i ! hoi I'owdei   Co   lun do
llilleil il enl
1 mednl for our Totirnanii nt
Julj  llii    !
'■III   nml   ,10th   li i    llu   hie,h
.nn.oi in in
11 nge of  lbe   imn tinnietil  foi
tllOSC     slim
'inu:  Dead  Shot   Powder   a
m I  lock
"i .dl iln   populai  loadi will
In   lm   ' ;i .
nn Hu- grounds.
A. j. McDoni ll.
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• SATURDAY.  JTL.Y Uth.  1912
BATURDAY,  JULY 13th, 1912.
House for sale on Connaught Avenue
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Modern Plumbing and Bathroom
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Che flDafU-lbevalb
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apply at the residence ot J. K.
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chocoluics has jiiBt arrived at il.e
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modern residence  tor sale cheap    H
N. Coursier.
Wash Baby Ribbons, for undorweai
18 vIm. pieces, only iOc, at M Len
Something should certainly be
done along the lines advocated
by Mr, R. Gordon, vice-president
of the Revelstoke Progress Club,
to encourage a more general
interest in the aims and objects
of that organization and also to
keep alive the interest of the
rank and file in the Progress
Club itself.
In our opinion the club has to
guard against certain inherent
tendencies which are constantly
mitigating against the welfare of
the organization. For instance,
the work of the club is too much
confined among the active members of thc executive, there is
becoming apparent a disposition
towards the formation of an Old
Guard on whom the work which
should be spread nut among the
general membership, is increasingly devolving; the executive
meetings are in danger of becoming a mere gathering of a
few same old faces.
In our opinion, these meetings
and all other public meetings in
Revelstoke. surfer from kick of Wash Muslins
business management. They ••' McLennan's
never commence until about half
to three-quarters of an hour after
the appointed time, and drag
wear;!;, along until a late hour in
the evening. There is no reason
why the Pn gress Club, and all
other bodies, cannot get together sharp on time, pass
rapidly and intelligently through
the business and adjourn within I   see the itevelstoke Hordwon
at the most, an hour.   The average man gets I   ed of sitting for d
eetingSi and many
members are prevented from
attending at all.
The    Progress   Club    sl.'
certain.) '" frequent re
unions of :b<.- general men
short, lively, businesi
.    is    what   the public
tl ■ .    lon't get   that. |
the;- s • ■     ntempt or dis-■
or    indiffi n
■  ; ibiic i
long re kill
ing ■
-. ng  vast  :•'■■' ines  for pro-
as ting ovi i
hall' an ho .r fil
ted, column long editorials
are never read, longengagei
are strictly prohibited by all wise
girls,    ar.d     verbose    political
speeches an- at a discount.
The public bodies of Revelatoke must move witl, tin' Tin.. B,
ii they fail to do so, ami subsequently have reason to complain
of public indifference, the fault
Jies entirely with themselves and
their obsolete method of procedure.
only   ler    pel   yard,
Howson's Furniture  Sale starts on
July  13th.
Wash Belt    peal "
al  McLennan's
Four nn.l Bight acres i'ii I
il s    i
s.-»   Howson's furoituri
Saturday,  Julj
Cement Sidewalks,
Notice is hereby given that the
Municipal Council ui tlie Corpora -
tion uf the City uf ltevelstuke, iuteuds tu undertake th,' construction
of Concrete Sidewalks, Curbs aud
Crossings uu and along
I,—Tho Soutb Side uf First Streot
from i'im ISnsI boundary of Orton
Avenue to ihi' Wesl boundary uf Rob-
sun Avenue, together «i'ii all necessary  crossings.
2.—Along the North Side ui First
Street from tin' blast boundary uf
Orton  Aveuue tu the Wesl   boundary
ui   McArthui   Av.i ,    together  with
all ueccssary crossingi.
8.—Along Ihe North Sid,' uf Second strcol fi  iln'    East  boundary
,,f oi ton Avenue to tbe WeBt boundary u.' Railway Avenue, together with
all  necessary crossings,
l.—Along the North Side ol First
Street from Him Easl boundary ul
Doyle Avenue tu the Bast boundary
ol Wynn Street together with all the
necessary crossings.
5.—Along the West Side uf orton
Avenue fn in lhe Suuth boundary of
Kirut Street tu Hie North boundary
of the lane, with n crossing un tho
said  lune.
li.—Along Victoria Road from the
West boundary of McKenzie Aveuue
to the Kast boundary of Connaught
Avenue, together witli all necessary
7.—Along the Kast Side of Con -
naught Avenue rrom Him Suuth boundary of Victoria Road tu the boundary of Second Street, together with
nil  necessary   crossings.
8,—Along lhi' South Side uf Seventh Street trom the Kast boundary of
McKenzie Avenue to the West boundary ul Vermin Avenue, together with
uil  necessary  crossings.
9.—Along tin' South Side ol Second
Street from the Kast boundary of
McKenzie Avenue tu the West boundary uf Railway Avenue, together
with nil necessary crossings.
10.—Along the Kast Side uf McArthur Avenue from the North boundary uf Second Street to the Suuth
boundary uf First Street, together
with all   necessary  crossings.
According to specifications and estimates prepared by the City Engineer appointed fur the purpose, mul to
the expense ur cost ihereof
upon the lun.l or real property abutting   un   th.'   parts  uf  such   su  ■   a
abov ntioned, and i" !,.■ benefitted i In iv j and thai ., statement
ihowing th" land ur r.'iil property
liable tu pay Him assessment therefor
.im i ; i.m m ,ines nf Hie owners thereof
is ' .'   .is  they  can  if obtained,    to-
.1 es
t,m.it. e City Bn     ■ •     ind the
proposi.:  assessment  .nnl i
m .-; ihe i •
tbe Cil
'   '
I      It Is Jll most Over     f
Only a few more days of our sale and our
store will be closed up. If you want to get
your share of our bargains you will have to
come soon. We have cleared up a lot of odd
lines, but there are iots of good things left
yet, and we want to clear them out. Come
here and save money.
Linen Tarns. Straw Hats
Here is something k(,(,,1 and
duck and chmnbray, in white
to 60c       ....
Tains in linen,
1 colors. Regular up
Ladies   Underwear
We arc offering Real Bargains in this line. Corset
Covers and Drawers in cambric ami nainsook, nicely
trimmed, (rom 30c. Princess Slips, only $2,00, Skirts,
lace of embroidery trimmed, fiom 85c.
Wash Dresses
The renewed warm weather lias brought a new demand
fur these, and we have a nice assortment both in white
and colored. The styles nre new nml the prices very
tempting       ....      FROM $1.60 UP
Shoe Savings
Wc havi- two of tin.* best tines made in tlu- Km press for
women and tht* Classic for children, livery pair is
guaranteed, and we have made a substantial reduction
on ail lines. It will pay you to lay in a sioek at this
| McLennan SrCo. 1
400 Cords of First-Class Hemlock and Cedar for
Summer   Delivery,   16-inch,   18-inch  and  4-foot
Order by Telephone No. b2.
Tonka Farm     -    W. C. CALDER
Sash, Doors, Mouldings' Turnings
We are in the manufacturing business of
Sash. Doors, Mouldings, Turnings, Show
Cases, Office and Bar Fixtures, Screen
Doors and Windows made to order and all
kinds of repair work done in good order.
We have a full line of building supplies, lime
cement, plaster, Hard Wall Finish, bricks,
Sewer Pipe, Plaster Plaster Board, Roofing
eJTVletal, Lath and all kinds of Glass, Oils,
Paints, Varnish, all colors and tints.
Much pleasure in quoting anything in the
Building Line,
P. O. Box 295, Revelstoke, B. C
perty   owners   being   56,-81316  anil   by
the eity at large J5.2S4.97.
Any objection tu tbe proposed undertaking ami assessment therefore
shull be made by petition tu the city
coiimil within fifteen ilnys from the
date hereof. The persons entitled to
petition, lieing the owners of the
land  aflected  thereby.
City Clerk.
Dated   at   Hevelstoke,   li.   C,   July
ird,  TJ12.
ltevelstuke Lund District.
District   ul   West   Kooteuuy.
Nutiee is hereby given thut I, AJe-
liii.i S. UluuJiu, of Huleyun, li. C,
uecunatiou Shipwright, mtend to a,i-
ply lur permission tu purchuse the
lollowiug desenbeu land:
Coiumeueiug  at a  pust   planted    20
• itli and   lu chains west Irum
the  .~uutli  blast  Corner  ol  Lot  71)72,
liroup  One,   Kootenay  District,      and
marked  'A    .-.    BloBdin s North "ast
Corner i lence soutb 10 cbuins,
..ins,   theuce  n rth
■at Jn i.'biiins more
, .mt ul commeu.'e -
ment, ant) containing i<J acres, more
or less.
.. 'i. June, .
AOBLA.RO b. blondin.
PUBLIC    NOTICK   is hereby given
thut the   Oanadian   1'ucitic   Railway
cumpuny    did    deposit  iu    the  Land
Registry   otlice iu the City uf Kamloops on  thc  Sth  duy   of  November,
iiiii, uuder No. 993 i'lan, i'lunle uuu
ilooK uf Reference of   proposed spur
to  be  constructed  by   tbe  said Coiu-
puuy irom its    muiu   lum   ut     Mile
iiuuid   U.i  uear   tue      town  ul   Biea-
uious,   theuce   running   .Nuitheiiy   ana
•Nuiiu-westeny   ucruss   lue   buutn-eusi.
.\uilu east   aud   iNurih-wcsl   quarters,
section J,    iuwnship a,      it.iiibe a,
nest   ul   the      bth  liutiul  Meridian,
thence  tVesteny ucruss lots looo una
jja,  uruup 1,  ivumluops jjivisiuu    Oi
uue  District  uear  Sicuruuiis iu    the
li ounce ul  liruish  i ..iiini.na,   tu   lhe
premises ui tbo Columbia River Lum-
i.i   i ompany,  uud  that   luiny  days
utter  tuis  iiunce  or  us suuu      there-
alter as ihe application cuu be hearu
tue     .. ......ii  I'uciiic  uailway   Cum •
puuy iuteuds to upply to the buuiu
ul lluuwuy Cemmuisiuncis lur cuuu-
uu lur uuihunty tu construct lhe
uioresuid spur.
Dated the 12th duy  of  Juue, l'J12.
Local Right of  Wuy
and Leuse  Ageut,
Cuna'liuu   Pacific   Railway Company,
Vancouver,  B.  C.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
General Mutineer Assistant General Mnnafier
CAPITAL, $15,000,000
REST, $12,500,000
Interest at the current rate i.s allowed on all deposits of $1 and
upwards. Careful attention is f;iven to every account Small accounts
are welcomed.     Accounts may he opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may be opened In llie names of two or more persons,
withdrawals to be made by any one of them or by the survivor. g_.
<*«* n^
impn»\ ing \nur
ll     I.l .    .1...     iA
(    .iiuii.iii  farmers  will
fm h P in our big
\ \'
/      '■
RevelBtoke  Land O'striot.
!   Mstrict uf Vtc.tt Kootenay.
i "M notice that    Hardest    /iuui!
er, i if  Uineapolls, Minntacta, oc-
. iim Clerk,  Intends to apply lor
permission  to purchase iho following
' ommenolug at a p'jst planted   all
•■• -.1   i urnel   ul   Lot  bl li
i.i   i.,   Hi' Lee   west
in cbains,    tbence    soutb ll  cbtvlni,
'    I"      liiiuiiH  to      point ol
ii i    containing     nu
■    ■     "iii.   1918,
i     Uinl.K   MAYI'.H.
Our Doctors Anti-Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is filling a loiip felt want and its waterproof qualities are standing the test.
We carry a full line of the famous Pene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoe Repairers, Saddlers Harness Makers
Pretty Patterns
The Wall Papers we want you to sec
arc strictly ihis senson'« productions
rhcy are unquestionably superior in
beauty oi design and artistic coloring
In any \vr  haw   ever   shown,   01   ilml
you can see elsewhere,
It should noi be difficult lo induce
you to examine Ihem. Will you do ho
soon ?
A New Short Order Restaurant and Ealing House
Only  White.Cooks   Employed
Have had 15 years experience as a caterer J
In un  How* t on a furnl
tun and Oarpei  Sale whicli pleated
nnil Hutmiii*! theli  manj customers.—
This -iii- w.n Iai ■   '   ' thai In vhI
ii,h.   Ci dm and   "   thi  stock vu the
Uili i'l tni* iiK'titti
■.ir there will be rhr-
"i   . .
■   ni nl  ■ '   ■ ..   i   ,   if      \\ ii ■.
. Hi'ii 1-,iim lv  little  renr-n'
1       .   ■
•    ■
I I           ,
1 ...    ,
1      < .           ,    ..         r
'...   '
' '
p|   ye
IT COSTS NOTHING ■■ ■    ,    ■
\      i . .     >
.V'.t.t thf I ,rtn.'     i ftfl     ■
fl        Im f,
• " ' <
'     '' '"v    kddttu Publicity M«n«««f.
Canada  Cement  Company   Limited,  503  Herald  Bldg.,
• mii IB.
stoki   Land District.
■    *«l  KiiuUimy.
bat i Alice Hiiiiiiiiii, i
. h.i .., occupation tlari ■% t
itsnd   io Hi'i'iy ioi inii ui,
,. J   i.,i»:   lliu   lolIovviliK      iIoh
I   at it  post   |,I,.ni'.i    on
• irth nt...i.r oi 'i i out  Lake aimui
40 chain    nt  •  umi  /.n    chains noi tb
iVsirl   i oi in i   oi Lot
"     ■ ISl    -ii   Milium,        tlu'in:..
- ,       tl ' " '•    Went    'iti
inm   io    ihore ot Troul
i.iiki',  m:   cbains     more    or  I'Hh    to
A ■ niifin-i. imtnl,  and    ron
•   ibout in ncriiH more oi lei,.
DatSd    IHII,   il/,y   ,,f   .\l,,y    fll'i.
M.K'li   HII,I,MAN,
Imi   I .mu ii   lllllinhi.   Agent
J Ruguldr $5.25 Meal Ticket for five Dollars.
%, J. Pappos (ind J. Chitsas,     ■    Proprietors
mA MacKonile Avenue, Rcvolstoka, B, O
KOR HAI.I'l House mi,I I.ol on Con
naught Avenue, one-ball block from
i'n: i     Btraot.   Price,   HMO,   easy
Il'l IIIH.
bouhlt house to rent an Kn»t St.,
Unity dollars ner month. Apply
i:i ".• Istoke Uaneral Agsw h'h, Ltd.
WANTED   furnished  bouse,    central,
"iiiiniiii' im   iiiinii family, no chil
'iuui.   Writs  Mall Herald,   l |
i iiiiiiii'n'n Lace sorkH. tan or white
I "    i'ii I'uir, ut MiU'Uuua a
i'iii:i'.      Boys and Oirls, sell ^i ai
tides    al  IOc, cai b and receive   a
really usolul fountain pen free, •
Writ)  Di'. hi Supplj  i lo., Dept. hIx,
Vernon, B.O,
TO LBT   Modern bouse on McKenzie
Avenue,  vacant  June 16th,     Apply
The     lievelstoke    U^uti'al   AgCDClVS,
KOH BALEe-Bookcase Writing desk.
Apply AHbh McKenzie, at Mrs.
Sulder's, Third atrct.
Ki m BALB—Several loads of light
knulling wood. Apply to Ibncl-
Htuke ausb unit Door Factory.
Kolt BALS—A modern trn-roomeil
hpuse, situated on Third street,
lievidHloke,   iu   hurt  rctrlibuitiul  dis-
triot. Inspeotlon Invited, Apply
to Mr. w. Snider, Third e'i.eet,
Revelstoks. fl. 0.
WANTBD—Live aucnts  lor  iiiiickeeFI-
mg novelty nl invuluublo UBOfulnesv
Write f.0. Uox 13, Vernon, B.t, SATURDAY,   JULY  13th,  1012.
SATURDAY,  JULY 13th, Ills;
Parties desiring information regarding tbe Valley of tho Garden ol
Eden, can obtuin same tree ot charge
by writing to Mr. J. H. Johnson,
Malakwa,   B.   0.
Come to
• 5*^GW,
eft' >Ot
The Valley of
"The Garden of Eden"
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,  and   Extending   between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land—so-000 Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
f harartar nf Qnil   Bench   Lands,   Clay   Loam   and Vegetable
UlldldMtil   Ul   OUII   Mould, while on Lower Lands Black Loam
Nn  Irri/i ilinn   Positively no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
Ill)  li I KjullOII   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
ModCfdtG ClinidtC   Freezing is Average Winter Weather.
Prices of Land Reasonable
For Further Particulars About This Garden Spot of B. C, Watch This Page
of the MAIL-HERALD Each Week
. . It Might Be Cold. .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our.record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Union  Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly ami monthly rates to be arranged.      Meal Tickets, 21 meals (or J6.U0
A. P. LBVBSQUB, Proprietor
Laughton (& Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
Strictly First Class
Rooms Single, cn Suite
and with Bath
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
J.   ALBEET     STOHSriE      IFPtOIP.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlargod   and Improved.    First-Class in every reBpect.    All modern convenience!
Large Sample Rooms.
Ratca $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke\ B.C.
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant—Short Order
W. C.  BATCHELOR,       -       c^VIanager.
Advertise B. C.
Victoria, July 8—Mr. W.J. Brund-
rith, who has lie^n appointed to tuke
eharpc of    the extensive    exhibition
work which the province is undcrtak
iiij; this summer at the different fairs
and expositions in thc principal cities of the Dominion, is already on his
way to Winnipeg,  where the Canadi
an industrial exhibition ls to tak«
place on July 10 to 20. An assistant
exhiliition commissioner and a general assistant are also being appointed
to aid Mr. Brandrith in his enorm -
mis and responsible task, and with
the extra appropriation voted by tbe
povemraent for this purpole a special
effort is being made to bring before
the eyes of the people the wealth and
resources  of  Uritish  Columbig.
Basic Principle
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Designs Box 51
Phone 295
Hpeclal Attention given to commercial
men and tonrlstf. Kir«t-ilas« sample
rooms. Finest scenery in British Columbia, overlooking I'pper Arrow Lake.
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
W. J. Lightburne, Prop Phone 42 -   Night Phone 85
Wherever You Can Wash Your Face
You Can Shave With The
IiIJLJLiEjI  latj  Razor
It mailers little where you are, if you want a shave and have a
With It, .'.having Is not a ticklish task, to be performed circumspectly on
solid footing. Wherever there's water, soap and a towel you can enjoy a
safe, clean, quick GILLETTE shave.
That's why the GILLETTE Safety Razor 13 the standard equipment of
tho men who frequent Pullmans—the trusty friend on shipboard—and an
essential part of the camping outfit or the vacation grip.
The GILLETTE Is always ready (no stropping, no honing), always
keen. It shaves as no other razor can shave, because It Is the only razor
which can bc adjusted to suit any beard and any face.
Ask your Jeweler, Druggist or Hardvare Dealer to ahov you the
Sl.ndi.rd Sets $5.00. Pocket F-ditio., JR.OO to $6J».
Combination Sett, $6.50 up, 375
The New Gillette Bldg.,      .      Montreal.
Vancouver, July t,—lion. T.W, I'to-
ther-, wbo was appointed iniuister ol
lubur     last     October,  is .spending a
1 large portion ul hi* summer vacation
in  studying  tbe   labor  Conditions    in
1 western i aua.iu. He lelt Ottawa ou
June   17   and   proceeded  through      to
' Vancouver Inland, where he .pent the
greater portion ol the week at * >c-
tona aud .Nanaimo. Thc iu.uu-t.i
■rent down into tbe mines at '.he
latter point aud lutcr addressed the
turners, tie arrived in Vancouver th..
'ill a representative of the Lo , u.sl
be a.ji-i that hm presenl ti.,. uad
uutbiug to Uo with pontics. li.
wanted to meet the labours oui Leie
auu discuss conditions win num.
At present be was giud to say i,an*
ii.la wus practically Iree trom .i.m.i
disturbance*, When be leu ut.awa
there wus ouly oue case belore Ills'
department, thai reieiivd lo the Inverness colliery in .Nova scotia.
Mr. Cruthcrs declared tbat while
CunudiuD laour legislation wai not
perfect it nioikeu agr.at advance in
the methods ut vieai.ng with aiaui.li.
al disputes. Its basic principle was
publicity,    Une*   a U.spiile   was      well
ventilated u.e weight ol public uwu-
ioii generaU) compelled a lali settlement.
"At preseut lhu law applies only
lu public utilities,' continued Ml.
I lulliela. ' I wuuid ue .11 luvul id ea.
lend.iig .In pluvieiuus lu private,
turns. 1! Ui.s *.ie dune, it wuu.u
be ii gleat lait'.i In presetving ,u
Uusir.al peace. 1 read a ruuiui ll al
the Uritish guvel nmenl uughl iuimiI
a bill alter uie i_»uud.uu ael. liuw
over, 1 have uulhiug      utliciall)
ttbuul it."
Asked il there was auytbmg iu Uie
iuiiioi .'turn Juwu eust tbat the naval
pulley ul lbe government wuuld take
tbe tursi ul contributing a euuple ol
tiieuUuuughls to tbe uiulhei Country
.Mi. CrotMUf said iiulliing had yet
been deUuitcly decided. An announce
meni ul the government'! plan would
nui likely I.f made until alter tlie
house met  in Ultawa in the annum.
WANTBD—Teacher  Ior   Mount  Uegblu
public   schuol.   Apply    11.  dinythe,
See. Trans.    Salary,   .itii  per  uiuuth
NUTICK—Any parlies who huve sub
•cubed lor  tbe      Mail lleiald,   dutiug
lhu  rK*Ot      vot.ng  euiitesl, uud whu
are nol receiving  the paper reguluily
are requested      tu communicate  witlv
liHitor, at once,  as ths mailing Us'..
are uow  beiug  reviatd. SATURDAY,  JULY  l.;th.  1912
the mail-heeald; revelstoke
Live Monoplanes
Tlie  problem   ol   how    small    birds
able i" manage long fight    [i om
trie    exercised   the    nun.Is
for eentui les.  The lirsl
irate   Infoi mat ion
on thi was    the   late  1 lerr
Gatke, . . ..ui.I  of
lir cl   route     of
gral .      tin...   devoted     to
.'. ■ iter .11 the Str-
to  verily for    him-
.- .:  i-      . .'.:. .a  had  until  theii
esi apt
For install   .  he  pointed out    lhat
it    ..  often    Hew    very
..   ..    m is   12,1 ■     It,
.. ivet   two miles I abovi   ,        gi ound,
I'hat 1 f at     grout beight has
bj    ast; ■ inomei s
.■ irds tljing     across
muou at  a height ol
.   .   ...mm    proli
t only by a thi
i swift ili]
I   he  uccotii '
ids  were never
tbi   countrii .
vint .     immei
For  ii pointed    out
throal    which    « ntet
...  Scandinavia,
in  any  ol  the
ol  route   Italy
Cireece, -   many,
...  .ii    Heligoland
i ame   u ks,    aud  were
tired ■■      also they always
'  " He  thought   ii
pro .    ■
the pi .       ir,  and   by     thins
■  miles .ui    hour
i and in
-   ■
,   . •-.   i:      Uril
. in.   money  to n
;     thi     sttidj   of
■ of i chedulcs
.   ,- ■
tl annually at
t light '. ■       gh manj    facts
were  I thi   observations
ire    almost      entirely
. onditions.    In
thai    tl ily
. I tally  Been
il tiallj      failed, I
I       ■ .   . ed    oi    held
back • g that birds oh
\      - ■ passagi     are i nco inteicd
. ..-;      i   in   other     places
illy found.
In Denmark   ind Germany oinitholo
-•   ' tpei mi iitinc     by
nd having those that
are caiiL-ht returned t" the address
^' •  : on the aluminum band placed on
! the bird's leg.   In this way the hah
,i:,l  iii ■; at ion,  speed  nnd  direct
.,;  "  -in  nnil  other fads nre dli
Storks   have given  the most
.,  nits from ringing. Wilhoul
excel i    n  all    torks  that   have    been
recovei   I  In  i lie  tlrsl   autumn    after
ringini   liml  travelled in a duo Bouth
erly •!   ectlon.
From    Hungary    to  Palestine     no
!    irds have been  procured,  but
l'i om   i   ili'sl Iiim   l'o.ll'   have     been     re -
turned,  from     Alexandria  one,     Blue
Nil,.  ,, Victoria  Nyaiiza one,    anil
no fewer than seven from tho Trans
vanl, Natal, Basutoland, iie.. while
ol the Hungarian storks (marked by
the Hungarian office) no fewer than
17 have heen recorded [i'om the various localities in  South  Africa.   It is
there!  practically  certain  thai   the
North Herman ami Hungarian storks
travel southeast to Palestine ami
then m .Ium south io South  Africa.
It lm; been furthei proved that t he
io.,;..i- i . of 1 hose ol tallied in Bpring
on tin' return journey returned to
within a Imw miles uf their home. As
i  i'.ii■ I>   tlio  acl ual   distance  ami  age
   i liesc ringed Iui.Is, t wo of
them when nine months old were
shut   .'    f'l     t ,UI II   mil ■:   fi oiu     ; boil
■ i!,'.] mim, and one young one in an
t .nn i ravelled ovor !"■< miles in t wo
•lav   .
Tb. iv is st ill one point left to lie
further investigated. How do birds
liiul their way? So far as ive are
awn re only one experiment has been
made on these lines. Tins was car
11' .1 oui by l'i. Watson, un Vmerii an
who took some tenia from t heii
on a rocky  ii let   tu ar t he    coast      ol
Florida.   Having  m.n ki .1  11 ,   lie re
lease.I them nl si n about  800 miles to
the  nortll  nl  Hum   home,  und  several
hundred   miles   norl h    if   i hi lr  normal
Tlie  birds,   therefore,      being
liberated nl   iou, « Iiii lier neither t lit J
not   tl inci   tora  had  over    In for
it   would  si i m  that   they  could
n.'l   find   til -il   Any  back.      Vet   in the
ol :■ fi w     days a  fnir propor
tion h.i.I returned   to their Island bome
The experience is c Tlninly conclusive
as showing thut  some birds have Him
:   ol  orientation  ami  of    rinding
theii   way  without the    uni    ol    any
I..ii Imurks or  inherited  knowledge,
Seal,.I Ten.Uu- uddresBed to tha
undersigned and endorsed on tue eu
ve10j M "Tender tor the construction
ol a residence ior me Supei Intel) i 'til
,., the Ifixperimonial stai.on ,,i. in-
vi iu., im, mar Athulmer, B.C.," will
I m roi eivcd up io i p.m., on the First
nuy oi .i. t, J •'■'■■ '"'' Liie Bovenil
worus and muteiiuis retiulred iu Hi.'
i immi ion of a residence lor tho -Supai ■
Intendetii ol the klxporlmoutal bta -
Hon at Invermere, near Athalmer,
li.  C.
. llcaiians and plans ean bo Been
on upi Uoal ion to Mr. Uuncau Auder-
sou,  Athalmer, B.O.
i'.u, h i. nu.t must he accompunled
hj aii a,-,' 'I'l.'.l mIim.iuc on a chartered
bank, payable to the. honourable tho
Mlnlstot "i Vgru ulture, e iuul to ton
per '-eni ol I lu whole anu uul ol Him
tin.ler, which choifue will I"' forfeits I
u the Individual or company sending
it decline ■ to entet into u contract
..inin Ll put tin.un or tails to com
plete Hi.- i uilding.
i m |i, o i ui mh doi ■■ not I,uni it-
smii t,, ucccj i Hie lowesl "i anj ten
Newspapers   publishing   this   adver
tisemonl   without   authority   will   not
he   paid.
\. I.. JARVIS,
\     ..iuui   liMj.ii! y   \l,u..mi i ,  an I
Secretary of Agriculture,
Department   of  Agriculture,
Ottawa,   20  .lune,   1912,
1 For a  Lice ■ e h     .   e nlul  use Vtater
Not i,e i„  hereby  (riven  thai   Jumo
| A. ShieldB, oi Itevelstoke, li.i'., will
apply I'om a heeli.e 1" lake ami UBS
Fifteen (.15) Minor s inches of Water
out of Caribou Creek, which (lows In
a somberly dire Lion I broil] h '1 ,m
her Limits ,;:,,;,;: ami I302G, and empties into Downie I'reek about twu
miles from the Columbia river. The
water will be diverted at u point
about one and a hall miles norili of
Downie Creek trail and will be use.I
for domestic purposes on tho laud
described us Oertiflcate of purchase
413 Kevelstoke Lund DiBtrict,
This notico wus posted on the
ground on tlio 1th day uf Juno, 1912
Tho application will he Bled Ln the
ollico of tho Water Recorder, Hevel -
stoke, B.O, Objections may be lile.l
with the uaid Water Recorder or with
the Comptroller ol Water Rights,
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
JAMBS A. SHIIilLDS, Applicant
Hy  Andrew  Ivltson,  Agent
LIQUOR  ACT  1910,
Notico  is  hereby  given  that thirty
I days after date hereof, it is my  In
trillion  to make application  to    the
Superintendent  of   Provincial   Police,
tor the grant  ofa licouse for the sale
I of liquor bj  retail in ami upon   the
premises known ns the  St.  Leon Huul, situated at St. Leon Hot. springs
B.C.,   upon  the  lan.is     described as
Lot Nu.  1139.
Dated  this  27th  day   of   June,   1912.
July   11,   i.:,   I.'i   Kineniiieolui   Pictur
u    i lie Tubai.  Kmpn bs  Theaere.
July   lii   Hob   Fitzsimmons   Co.,     al
the  Knii'i. .-s Thontrei
I ■ night    ICmpress Theatre
■' i Km-
lu the matter ol the Estate of Wil
li.im Herbert Jollifle, deceased:
Notice is hereby given that, all
creditors und others having claims
against the klstatc ol ft'illiam Herbert Jollifle, late Bevel itoke, B.C.
deceased, who died al Revelstoke on
or ai out t be lith day of June, 1912,
are required to semi to tho undersigned Sola,tors for CharloB Jollifle
Administrator ol the Estate uf said
deceased, within UO .la>s from date
full particulars ol their claims, duly
verilied, un.l that after that date tbe
said Administrator will proceed to
Jistrlbutt the said Kstate amongst
those entitled thereto regard being
bad only to those claims of which
said Administrator Bhall have then
, ,1   notice.
Hale,I   July   6th,   I'll:.
Harvey,   Mcl'ai'ter ami   Pinkham,
la   I'll ii-l. >s     JolllffO,     Ail-
of the Kstate   of   the
-m ■! di' mu ied. I "'iv l.
V, wi'Kti a competent gtrl tor
house woik, three in family. Apply
Mail 1 lei aid Office.
Sewing Machines
A nice new stuck of Sinp-
cr and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For S-ile or Hire
by the month at Manning's.
All kinds uf machine needles
H. MANNING,   Agent.
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads  and Birds
P.e.Bcx 31, Revelstcke
E.   Q.    BURR*DG£
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
OonnnugM  Ave.   -   Revolstoke
*-      .    .      a...   ■■a.atfi
"      i
The Range is the Soul of     5 K    hen
The modern housewife knows the important
part the range plays iii llie household economy. She
knows how vitally important il liminate trom
the kitchen all possible work, worry end waste,
And the range is th? soul ol  !'•- ...    Its
influence i: felt every lay nnd all dn> ; ntire
The Gurney-Oxford Range i»;> strong advocate
of modem household economy.    Not only Ho«*i it
cook and bake  without  disappoint
but it is a positive infl  eni    for econom/      ll
less coal    it requires lass attention    it  conserves
Modern woman i work modrrn
rivrht. »rd I
drafts by on
the    ioremot.
l  t.i
at      ..    . .1 r.i      tl.ili: ■
Hevelstoke /hardware Co.
Notico is hereby given that William
Blair Robertson, ol Revelatoke, 13.(J.
will apply lur aliconsoto take und
uso iln) lifteen Miners inches of water
out ut Cariboo Creek, whicli Hows in
u southerly direction through T. ll.
39373 and T. It. 43026, and empties
Into Downie Oreek, aboul two miles
from its mouth, Columbin Uiver.'lho
water will he diverted al n point li
miles north ol liownie Creek, and
will be used tor domestic purposes
on the lnnd described as Lot 10499,
Revelstoko Land  District.
This notice was posted ou Lhe
ground on the ith dny ol June, 1912.
The application will be lile.l in the
ofllce of the Waler Recorder at Hevelstoke,  I).  C.
Objections      may    he   lil ed   with  the
snul    Water    Recorder  or  with    the
Comptroller ol  Watei   Rights,     l'nr'
Lament Buildings,  Victoria,  B.O.
Per Andrew Kitson. Auunt.
Corporation ol (he City
of Revelstoke
Public Notice is hereby given Unit
it is absolutely necessary that disorders of ii suspicious nature be reported to Dr. McLean, Oily M idlCal
Health Ollicer or other physic.am,
as soon us known, IftlUurs to do thiu
is a punishable offence.
By  Ord'r,
City Olerk.
Hamsters,   Bollcltors,   Etc.
Imperial  Hank  Dull ling  Revel-
•toki, B. C.
M»noy to Loan.
Olllcea—Revelstoke,    11.    0.,     aad
Cranbrook, B. U.
Geo.  S. MeCarter,
A.  M.  Pinkham, J. A.  Harvey
Rovelstoke, Craubrook
Provincial  Land  Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
W .      H.      WALLACE
P. O. Doi  1 Iti, Revelstoke, B.C.
No.   m,    ROYAL    TEMPLARS    UK
• I'ty   -nd   and   ltii   Thursdays
ui      Oddlellows    Hall,    at IS  o'clock.
Templars ars cordiully in -
v.teii t'l sttsnd.
v.. H, Ml Nsun, ,s. 0,
a.  li. TOURNER, it. S.
KOOTENAY      LODGE,  No.  .6 A.  K.
and   A.   M.
i- a ilai     meetings ars bald in MAS
ONU    i HSMPLE,     Oddfellows'      Hall
on the Third  Monday In eaeb month
in       YiHiting brethren      are
•   ■   welcome.
•v   THOMSON, W. M.
•v.   H   ROBERTSON, Becretary.
Ml       BBOBIB,    No. Mtl.
OF I. 0. W.
.    a   I.  0.  0.   K.   Hall  ueil    to
, - i ■• i j second
donday m monUi,  Visit
. i >rdlall|  *.,' anted.
'.   a   BELL, 0. H.
v,M.  ri.  i AMBRON,  Reo.-Bec.
•     Vi.  li.   w.
. ie*   lainp,   No,   i'ii
■      ■     . ,        Mill tin.,, I ., . ,
.    in •■nii,  month  lo    Selkirk
Hall -   Ing   ■•   id   in art
i ',i lially ,tf. 'ft • ■■ attend
i    ai.uim i   i i i„„
BLK IRK      LODOE  12,  I   0.  0   K.
' 't evening   m
Selkirk  Hall at I • lilting
ii   BOI  li'ill/   in ■   '■!
11 M  . ilill
BOLD RANGE LODGE,      h   of   P.,
Meets irery  ffednesdaj ncept   tbe
Third   Wednraday nt men  tnontk      iu
■!■»■■    Hall  at  »  i. i inrk.   Villi
m» Knights »r» eordJally invited
i,   tt   GARLAND   I .  I
O. H. BROCK, K.  ol R. * S.
M. eif.
Smoker's Supplies
Thr old reliable nov has llic largest and besl line of Smokers'
Supplies evei in the City, nnil our priees are right. Fifty brands
of cigars to choose from. Price from $1.00per box up; not made
lism scrap either,
Meerschaum Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes Irom $3.50 Up
Uur simk   of  Calabash   Pipes  is small  on  account  ol  the
crop beiug a failure this year and quality poor.
Briar Pipes in eases from $1.UU up.
Ask for the famous 11. B, B. brand, Every pipe is guaranteed.
Cigar and Cigarette Holders, Cases and Lighters, Pouches,
Ash Troys and Pipe Racks. Tell us wind you want anil we will
suit vnu. If you cannot call, phone 37 and goods will be sent lo
your home foi approval.    I'uy early while Block is complete.
IcKinnon's Gipr Store
Everybody knows him, he will
tell yon that llie whiskeys we are
Bulling are the best.    Gall and be
loiivinei'il. No linusehold should
be without s supply of our Harvey's Special Scotch Whiskey; our
Frupln Liqueur Drttndy, guaranteed
HU years old or Blackberry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our stock
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
kinds nve unexcelled. Sold by all
the leading hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers anl Dealers in I uro Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
Fresh Imported Groceries
D. GaUicano, Second Street
—i ——i -*
Montreal Quebec Liverpool
Largest & Finest Steamersf rom Canada
New S.S. Laurentic, 15,000 Tons Each
New S. S. Megantic
Sails June 22, July 20, Auff. 17. July 6, August 3, Augujt 31
one-class il ii Cabin service.
Twin-Screw S. S. Teutonic      Twin-Screw S. S. Canada
SUl feel long, In.oihi horsepower 514 feet long
Sails July 13, Aug. 10, Sept. 7. June 29, July 27, August 24
Company's Offices, 019, Second Avo., Neap Cherry St., Seattle
INty'.l'uKATtD   1855
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
1906 lyn
I 8,000,000 * 4,000,000
3,000.000 1,111)0,000
23,677,780 85,042,81]
27.467,090 38,854,801
88,000,192 48,237,284
Hns 83 Branches In Cunncla. anil Aumt:, umi Correspondents in all
the Principul lilies in the World.
Intorest allowed at hlKheet uurrent rate.
Revelstoko branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
Reserve   -
Loans and Investments
Total Assets
Fruit Lands
I la lens Bay lnmls in parcels ol
Id or 20 acres or en lilou. Corres-
pondence Invited,
John Shaw. Agent
Box6lb Arrowhead
■ ■
Agent  for  Flexitime   Electric
Shop In Cui [Yansfi
Builliiritf, tjcwnd Strwt
Dr. J. C. Morrison
Posl On nlu. it,-.i 'bicago^Unlverslty
Speclalt)    All   Porcelain  and
inst Crown HriiliMjf Wink
Cor. Granville and Robson Ms.
Van* Oliver
(Her liai i .sou's Drug Ston*
Phone s»'\
It will pay you to
;"~"    make a call at
P.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Kevelstoke, B. C
litl'irrjinvinv' .1'inr onl
nt   nf work Ing   clothes
for tlir bosh,    I  makr ■
speclalt) ni LogiriDg
Siiix"-. Pants. Sox, Sim''
Blankets and everything
riiiuimlinyour buuucii SATURDAY,   JULY 13th,  1912.
SATURDAY,  JL'LV  Uth,  1313.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. Jtume Si Co.. limited
Classy Shoes in newest designs
at a minimum cost for maximum wear.
1,000 Pairs of Hose
Ladies' Fancy Cashmere, all sizes. Regular
$1.00. Ladies' Fancy Cotton. Regular 75c.
Ladies' Plain Cotton, Regular Price, 50c.
These are all in perfect condition. An immense bargain at	
25c. Per Pair
Clearance of Wash Good:
1,000 yards of Linens, Muslins, Fancy Cottons, etc., a clearance of all our Fancy
Wash Goods. No use to describe these.
Come antl S^e. They are 35c to SOc. goods.
All at one price	
Per Yard 25c.
100 Children's Garments
Aprons, Waists, Dresses, Blouses. A cleanup of Print and Gingham Wash Garments.
All at	
50 Cents
Ladies' Muslin Waist;
A new lot of Ladies' Fancy White Muslin
Waists; some of the finest we have ever yet
shown, with the New Square Dutch Neck,
short and long sleeves. A real Bargain at
Children's Wash D
A Table of Children's Wash Dresses, all new,
this season's goods; fit little girls from 1 to
7 years. Some of those cute French and
German dresses that we were selling at $2.00
and $2.50.   All going now at	
$1.25 Each
Dresses for Young Girls
Another lot of Dresses for girls from 5 to 16
years. Linens, Percoles, Prints, etc. All the
best in the store in this pile at 	
$1.90 Each
Groceries and Crockery Department
Fresh Strawberries and all other Fresh Fruits and
Vegetables Arriving Daily
Men's Working Clothes
We make a specialty of good working clothes for men. When we say GOOD we
mean the kind that wear and give comfort. Let us show you Mr. Working-
man that it pays to see us before buying. All we ask is a full opportunity
to introduce our lines to your notice.
Now is the Season for Home Preserving
See Us about your Fruits, Fruit Jars and all
accessories* They are here for your
inspection, in all convenient sizes,
A Large Stock for You to Choose From
China and Glassware
In this Department we are ready to serve your wants. You will be looking
around for a suitable wedding gift for your friends who are about to join the
largest society" in the world, and you will find it here among our Cut Glass, Fancy
China, Glassware, Tea Sets and the thousand and one pretty" things in our stock.
Men's Working Trousers
Grey English Whip Cord; wears like iron; full
fashioned, buttons hand sewn, two hip pocketa.
Price- $3.50 Per Pair
Striped Worsted—Neat and serviceable. A line
which will give you the most wear for the least
Price—$2.50 per pair
PURE WOOL TWEED-The genuine Halifax,
medium weight.
Price—$3.50 per pair
BROWN CORDUROY-Made from the best of
English materials, peg top, cuff bottoms, belt
straps.   You can't wear them out.
Price—$4 and $4.50 per pair
fronts and seats, belt straps, flap pockets.
Price, $2.50 per pair
KHAKI TROUSERS Light and durable, full
peg top, cuffs at bottom, belt straps. Just the
thing for hard work in warm weather.
Price, $2.50 per pair
KHAKI TROUSERS-Very light weight, belt
straps, full sized and roomy.
Price, $1.75 per pair
The Slater Shoe
For the workingman who desires comfort and
durability we recommend our Slater Congress
BOX CALF, two-piece vamp, plain toes. Made
to fit the foot.
Price--$5.00 per pair
STORM CALF-One-piece vamp and upper;
Viscolized sole, Goodyear welted. A shoe with
many years of favor behind it.
Price, $6.00 per pair
Union Made Gloves
A special   that should interest you.   A well
made gauntlet that fits.
Price, 75 Cents per pair
Carhartt Overalls
We have the Sole Agency in this citv for these
Overalls and we grant superiority to none.
Made on full patterns with an idea to comfort.
The very best of American demin. Union
Made—by the first firm in America to grant the
eight hour day. You will be interested the
moment you see them.
Price, $2.75 Per Suit
This Department has everything that you will require to make your home bright and cheerful for summer, and now is the time
to look over and make your selections, at prices that will suit your wants, from a well assorted stock of Wall Paper from the
best manufacturers in the east, Rugs and Carpets from Germany, England and Eastern Canada at prices from $ for a 9x9 Union
Rug to the very best that can be had and in all sizes.
Lace and Lace Curtains
We have lhe largest assortment in the city, most of wh ch
arc imported by ourselves direct from England, enabling us to
sell at a price that wives you the middleman's profit.
Scrims- by the yard or make into curtains, a good assortment
MadrM—We have both colored and white in very dainty designs, from 20c per yard up.
Linoleums and Floor Cloths
A good assortment of Nairn's printed and inlaid in patterns
to suit every taste at prices that are lower than can be offered
again owing to the advance in raw material.
Beds and Bedding
We also stock a full line of beds, mattresses, blankets, comforts and pillows.
Bargains for This Week Only
We are offering a special reduction in Japanese Rugs 9x12
at $;5.20; 2Jx5ft $1.25- 8x6ft $1.95. Everything in that line
will go at bargain prices.
Anything not mentioned  that you want call  in and
ask for it, we will be sure to have it if in this line. BATURDAY,  .H'LY  13th,  1912.
SAT11I.DAV.  JULY 1311), 1912.
All good washing cloths	
Sale Price—-65c
Trimmed with Lace and Insertion
Regular $1.50 and 52 lines	
Sale Price    $1.00
I adii b'   White   Muslin    l-piece
Dresses,     Regular $5 and $6.00.
Sale Price-$2.50
Regular   Price   25c.    and    30c.
Sale Price    15c
Regular $2,00 and $2.50 Lines.
Sale Price    $1.25
Sale Price -12 'Ac
Ladies'   Summer   Knit   Under-
Sale Price-25c
Ladies'   Tan Oxfords.    Regular
$2.75 and $3.25 lines
Sale Price- $1.50
Odd lines of Ladies' Pattern Leather Slippers
Keg.  bl and $4.50.        Sale Price  $2.0°
Odd Lines of Children's Slippers and Oxfords - Sale Price to Clear.
Rr_ -   - -   nlvdi sired al   ' The
Mrs n  i is  returned  (rom
a   |   ri to St. I.i on II il Springs
iie near C.
lotel.—H. N. Coursii ■.
■. i [ Vancouvei   was 'loinu
ss here on Tl   rsday.
!■•.]!   Corsoi    'i Kam oops, paid Rev-
j \ ~it the middle  of  this
Miss   Roi erts   and family,   Imi.
•   ihe   Kins  Edward   thi-
Rev. '   I    5te\ enson, B, I)., returned
. • k from   .i  v.,, atiou   in;, tc   lid-
Mr-. McKinney is   proti I  ol   hei   lal-
entt • >1> stand  ti
In theii    ppi
Waller Crews  of Devil's Lake,  Ninth
Dako: .. ':. is beet ess here
Miss Vi Armau nig. and
Miw   M Gillivroy.    Greenwood,    were
< aj  .. »t
\V. H   Davi  ■ ol Vatirom  i
':■:  \\\\ of the tei initial
■ lorn I     Uevi'1
u ten       - •• rsi three
[r, c -. i Mis
M, | Un   v. M. C.  '..
service in
VI rch anil v        ive an
In the
(    ■ •■]   l>»
Rev. Mi   I
Owing to  tin    facl
Hera l.u i
I  i
■ ■ .. ■ net
As lhe lime lms an ivctl \\ lien you must do your seeding, we wtsli
i<> draw your nt tent ion tn the fact that our seeds are ..ll fresh and
new stock not riiv old ones lefi to sluflf off. our Onion sets are
the best, either the Dutch Set or tin- Multipliers.
FLOUR AND FEED We have just unloaded one car <>!" Purity
I* lour, One Car of No, 1 Timothy Hay. One Car Peedi including o.tts. whole or crushed, Wheat, Barley, Com, Bran, Shorts
ami (Imps. Ifyou require any ol these, let us quote you prices.
We Can Save Vnu Money.
MacKenzie Avenue
You Who Are Constantly Travelling
What Protection Have You in Case of ACCIDENT By Sea or Land?
Drop in and we will  explain  our Improved Gold   Bond
Accident I'olicy, double liability, only costing $30 n year,
i'.j nlife alld $10,000 double liability, paying £25.00
weekly indemnity,
linos to he givon to any other railway, except thai line be from the
eastern to the wcistern boundaries ot
the city, and nol trom the North Arm
of the inlet  on tl ast   to Hollyburn
on the west, the delegation pointed
out that tho minister of railways at
Ottawa, hail evidently misunderstood
what was said to him when he was
interviewed hy the city's representatives.
He had, on behalf ol the city, refused to approve ol the route map
submitted him unless it wns given
over the entire line. Through thc explanation thus ollered, it is therefore
probable that things will be strnigh-
tened out, and that the proposed line
will be constructed within a short
Tho West Vancouver council do not
desire that uny railways entering
their municipality should do so ex
cept on the right-of-way granted to
the C.P.R, or rather on one-right-of
way only, whicli practically means
that of- the C.P.R. provided it be
built first.
Thus it appears that tho minister
of railways' decision concerning the
granting of the way ovei the entire
line, will hold good after the O.P.R,
Milters the City unless it passes out
of the eastern side ol the municipali- ,
ty   of   West   Vancouvei.
in commission, sailing on the waters
of the Atlantic and the Pacific, on
the Great Lakes, and In the inland
waters ot  Brit isli  Columbia,
Iii 1866 the locomotives numbered
33C, as against I.S IT, in 11112; there
were 7,n;!*> freight cars in 18SC, and
112,488 today, with large orders for
both kinds of equipment, And so it is
witli the sleepers and diners and parlor and first-class passenger ears.
There is an equally marked increase
in these cars, Its observation cars
have own invaded Austria, where
they ate operated on the state railway of that country.
The earnings, too, show a remarkable growth, lu 1886 the gross earnings amounted to $8,368,493, and the
net earnings to $3,226,2-17. Tne gross
earnings have grown lo over $120,000-
800, and the net OarnlngB to over
With Its steamship, telegraph, ex
press and hotel systems, tbe company
has also established a natural re
sources department, which looks after
il- lands and irrigation schemes and
mining interests and business oppor
(unities   that   are   ever   opeulng   along
the road, and tbis department is also
making o complete register of all
business and openings along thu line
I the C.P.R.   'i'h impany  builds
We have a few Screens, Doors and Windows left
at Prices never before offered to the public. Owing
to large shipments of Hardware coming in daily,
we are obliged to sell these at a sacrifice to make
room, and, as well, it is a pleasure to us to give our
patrons a chance to buy at less than Eastern prices.
Mi-. McKinney is announcing llie
re-opening - t "The Studio" Augusl I lh
in a ilaitit) booklet from our press.
On Saturday afternoon lasl  n  Ihjs   nl
Bia '■• Tartarian cherries, grown in  Kev
elstoke,   was   banded   inlo   lbe   Mvn
Hi i,m.,'oiiicr lmi some unknown friend.
Tin- weal v editor found tbeni ni
beauiiful i spi Clancy u]>oti his -V-k win n
nal        ■ r pi
ceeiUil   to   sample
tlle   works   !"'i man
stall      \\! ilsl    eng iged   ill   th
'..i-k, several  ol   "in   tm-;    -
spotted   llie   juice   running
round llu- corners  ol   hi*  it
-.'.on.l in the ill i
'oined in   the
lew     remaining     wen-    then
Tho wen- pronoutu •
rie- ever lusted   almost -r.i;.
Fanner  t'.ih
. -    ilil
-   ■
■      ■
es w i- in tl ■
Head-On Collision
fl Model Home
Meadow Lnke Farm  at  Craigellacliie,
tin- home "I Mr. and   Mr-. A. S.   Abler-
iw surpa	
II   lbe   district   (or   tlle   phi
uoiiK'iuil display "1 garden   produi e      \
lulillowei ■ •■■
ul.     To thi
Line Coming Through
Redistribution Bill
Ottawa, July 10—Prom the present
plans, the governmenl will introduce
and put through at the next session
of Parliament the Redistribution bill
based upon the new census. It is pro
liable that the bill, after being presented will he referred to Bpecial
committee of the House. Wheu the
last Redistribution bill wus before the
House, not a great deal of opposition
was encountered outside the committee.
Thia tune it may be different, as
the Blast will lose ten or twelve seats
to the West, and tbere is a striking
similarity iu the population of constituencies ill the list ol those liable
to lose repeesentatiou. ln the say of
which will remain, and wblcb will be
wiped out, will be a somewhat deli-
cgte task for the committee and the
House. The bill will be passed next
session beyond a doubt, as In view ol
the important, matters of policy lo
be determined the government mighl
possibly consider an election advii
able before the parliamentary term
hus expired.
l'i inner l-'li-iuminu' of New Hruns
wick hus written to the Dominion
and Provincial governments asking
that an Inter-provincial conference be
held In the autumn. As a result of the
latest census, which haa made u
change In the unit of representation,
the province down i>>- the sea m the
natural order ol things stands to los?
a fen      members,   Mr.   Clemming    is
anxious  to    have a conference  bei	
ttie details of the Redistribution liill
ari  decided un. He will probably propose  in "irreducible minimum" of re
oi   the Maritime prov-
and   will  doubtless  receive    tbe
■ ■-. .is ot Nova Seo
i Prince Edward  island.
u   to  this    plan
• from tbe west.
First Transcontinental
iri ago the  transcon
tbe C.P.  R.
m   ter -
ly, and the
nai velloua
P     H.
-       .' of
its own locomotives ami cars
large shops located at ililTel'-nl
ties on its lines; it looks after
welfare of its 80,000 employees,
tablisbes V.M.C.A. institutions,
ganiznl a pension department
which employees after ten years' service upon reaching tho age of sixty-
live, can retire on not less than $20
a  month.
Durbar in Kinemacolor
When King George of England went
to India last December to be crowned
tbere as Kmperor of that country, one ol
his greatest delights was lo take an hour
or two away from the burden of the
days ceremonial and ride out into the
country on what is known as the "Taxi-
cab of India."
Tbr Taxlcab of India does not run oil
whirls nor does it require a plentiful
supply of gasoline, though it has its
regular chauffeur.
Hundreds of these Interesting episodes
in-shown in tiie Kinemacolor Durbar
pictures which have caught the fancy of
Xew York and which are lieing exhibited
at the New York  theatre  at   the   Sl. -50
scale of prices, to crowded houses
To-night you are fortunate enough to
be able to witness the same program
at tlie Empress Theatre in l\iis eity at
the lollowing prices, with a matinee:
Children, 15c. (Matinee) General Admission, -'-V. livening l'rices, l.V. 25c.,
50c., and a few seats reserved at 75c.
Screen Doors, Regular $3.00 Now $2.15
» " "      2.25 Now     1.65
» ■•      2.00 Mow     1.45
« •• «      1.75 Now    1.35
Screen Windows. Reg.. .30c Now.. 20c
,35c   ... Now...250
" •• "        45c Now... 35c
Complete with Springs, Hinges. Door Pull, Hooks and Eyes
Come Early. They Can't Last Long
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd
Agents for Minerva Paints and Chancellor
Ranges—the best on the market
WANTBD — A competent girl for
house work, three in family. Apply
Mail-Herald Ollice.
POR SALE hour Scotch collie pups.
Apply tn W, <'.. Watson, east of the
Rallwav Station.
July llth, 12th, 13th—Two Matinees
Direct from Seals Theatre, London, Mug.
<_A Thrilling, Brilliant Reproduction in Nature's Own
Glowing Colors of the Scenes and Incidents Attending
the Gorgeous Oriental Pageant at Delhi, when King
George and Queen Mary of England Were Recently
Proclaimed Emperor and Empress of India.
Shewn before their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Connaugh
mul Princess Patricia of Oonnaught.
Matinee—Children, 15c. Gen. c/ldmission, 25c
Prices   Night Performance, 16c. 25c. SOc.     A few at 75c.
Fly Pads
Fly Coils
Smart Clothing for Summer Months
i>i-.ki;\ i il-1  HA ! -      ■   ■
Wl-     I i ( IAI i/l-    in   Wen     Shin
Late ' ■ and
Drop , '
'   I patterns t<> suit thi
Fit-Reform Clothing        Sletnon  Rati Fool-Rile Shoei
Others Are Making Money!   Why Not You ?
Just read of a few instances of how successful our clients have licen in recent
investments recommended by us. Wc made for one Revelstoke man in live
weeks on
A Cash Outlay of $375; A Net Profit of $475
Another client, investing 120, made a net profit of $100 in four weeks, and
two other men in six weeks on an outlay of $285 each, made a net profit of $265
each.    We have made i^ood money for the Kevelstoke businessmen.
last week we sold oul the balance of our 175 dollar lots in   Moose Jaw and
have secured a few more closer in at the original price c( $200 each,   which  our
manager, who has jusi returned from Moose Jaw, informs us is at  hast $50
• market value.   Two new railroads, locating in the ea«l  end,  are causing
■ advances and «<■ are expecting a Ihk price advance very shortly.
These Lots are Only One and a Quarter of a Mile East of Post Office.
They Are Recommended By Us As a Bargain
AT   $200  EACH
We Can Make Money for You if You Buy Here
Terms,-0ne Fifth Down, Balance Over 18 Months
Local Agency, Home Loan and Contract Co.
E. G  FOLEY, Manager, MacKenzie Avenue


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