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The Mail Herald Feb 7, 1912

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*4Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $601
Interior Publismng Co., Ayts.
The Mail-Hepald
c feb 10 wrcj  vVisiting Cards
\i- >-
Interior Publishing Company
$2.50 Per Year
Baskets, $2.25 and $3. Vases, $1.25
Salt Dishes, 75c. Olive Dishes, $1.50
Candlesticks, $3. $4.        Puff Boxes. $2.50 $3.50
Sugar and
$2 per pair
Arrived too late
for the Holiday
Manufacture rs
have Riven us a
less than cost
price to clear
them out.
1 and 2 Quart
$3. $5.50   $6
Whiskey Bottles. .
 $6 Each
Whiskey Glasses	
 $15  per  Dozen
Sherbet Glasses	
$12 and $15 per Dozen
Rose   Vases	
 $1.50 Each
A Beautiful Line for Card Prizes
Has Been Assured in the Provincial House-All
Portions of British Columbia to Bs Bens-
fitted—Wiil Be a Year of Prosperity
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Ot+ico   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
Branches nt Ay.cm- at all principal points in Canada. i_l
Amenta in Great Britain  and United Stated—London, England, A
Lloyds Bank, Limited.     Chicago- Kirst  National Bank,  Corn Ex- ▼
change National Bank.   Seattle—baattlo National Bank,  San Fran- O
oisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank.    Spokane—Exchange A
National Bank. ^
Victoria, B.C., Fob. t—During the
course ol the continuation ol the debate, Premier McBride m an address
ol over au hour's duration, look oc-
cubMon to assure the leader ol thc op
position that his fears, as expressed
earlier in the afternoon that, the gov
ernment would lie found remiss iu
safeguarding thc iutereBtB of thc
people of British Columbia tn the
matter of proposed legislation this
session, were quite groundless. Thc
premier, without in any wuy disclos-
ing the dctuils of the policy ol thc
government on the question of railway development, declared that when
the railwav legislation wns brought
down it would bc found that thc interests ol both the mainland of thc
province nnd Vuncouver island had
been  equally cared  for,
He announced that tbc railway policy of the government would be laid
down on such broad guage lines that
nil portion of British Oolumbia
would be benefited and ol the judg -
ment of thc people on this mntter he
bad every confidence.
Mr. McBride also dealt with the
land dolicy of the government ns it
bud been culled into question by the
member lor Alberni. Mr. Brewster,
The latter had declared that thc government had no land policy, that it
hud bevn forced with the necessity of
either adopting the poliey of the Lib
crals in this connection or doing
without one, nnd had chosen the lat
ter alternative.
The premier refused this suggestion
und, amid tbc applause of the house
demonstrated that the actions ot the
government in regard to the throwing of tbe land of the province open
to settlement hud been all that could
be desired from the point of view of
those desirous of going on. the land.
Mr. McBride stated that the policy of
the government hnd been in the matter of lands, as in all other mutters,
to confer the benefits of legislation
on all the people, irrespective of their
affiliations, and declared that while
be hail never gone over the list of
land advertisements he had licen informed that even more Liberals than
Conservatives might be found taking
up land, and that even Socialists
might be very well represented.
I Tbe opening report of the royal
commission on taxation was referred
to by the premier, who pointed out
that when iu 1H04 lt had been lound
necessary to ask the fnrmers ol British Columbia for heavier contrilm -
tions to the treasury, they hud lib
erally responded because they recog-
ni/,ed the great need of placing the
Unances of the province on a sound
basis. Subsequently it had been
found possible to reduce taxation
and as a result of thc investigation
of the commission on taxation Inst
year it, might be found that further
reductions might be advisable. He
promised the bonne that every consideration would I* given to the
recommendations the commission
would make in its report and that
legislation of a Character which could
not fail to meet the wishes of the
people ol British Columbia would
Mr. Brewster resumed (he adjourned debute on thc address in
reply to the speech Irom thc throne.
He criticised the speech us not containing the forecast of legislation
which would be of benefit to the people "i British Columbiu. lie declared
the speech contained no reference to
lhe adoption by the government of a
land policy and he adversely criticis-
"d the government for having last
year by means of an order in council
increased the price ol crown lands.
The member Ior Alberni expressed thc
opinion that the people of the province had last year been forced to
1 ny$14,0UO,(ino [or imported agricul -
tural products because the policy ol
the government, he said, had permit
ted speculators to remove all rcnlly
accessible agricultural lands from the
possibility ol development by actual
s*?ttlers. In the opinion ot Mr. Brewster a recommendation might bc expected from the royal commission on
taxation that the poll tax should lie
abolished. He also said he thought
the commission would urge the removal of thc tax on improvements,
and he declined that if the government had in the past been in earnest
n its desire to pass the Natal net,
ii could now be introduced and plnc-
. .1 on the statutes, and it might bc
sent to Ottawa without fenr of disallowance there because there were
"no bad grits" in power at the federal capital. Thc debate was ad -
journed by T. E. Tisdale ol Vancouver.—Ex.
Officers Elected fop 1912—Preparing fara SuccesfuK Winter
Show at lievelstoke
I'resident J. J. Devine took thc
chair of thc annual meeting of the
Itevelstoke Poultry and Bet Stock
Association in tlie city hall Tuesday
night, Feb. Cth, calling thc meeting
to order at 8:30 p.m. Some twelve
members were present.
Vice President Laing read thc minutes of thc last annual meeting held
February 19, 1911, which were adopted  as read.
Tbc election of officers, president,
vico president, secretary, treasurer,
und executive consisting of three
members, resulted us lollows:
Hou.  President—J.  J. Devine.
President—K. W. Laing.
Vice President—J. Mathie.
Sec.TreaB.—R.  Smythe.
Executive—F. Fleetham, E. J.
Woodman,   H.   Siegfried.
The minutes of Inst genernl meet -
ing held Thursduy, November lith,
were rend nud adopted.
The secretary-treasurer's report
on financial statement for tho year
1911, shows totul receipts of |399.76
nnd  expenses  ol J-WO.OO.
On motion an audit committee were
appointed to certify thc financial report and prepare statement for thc
B.  0.   Poultry  Ascociutlon.
The uunual B. C. Poultry show for
1912 will bc held in Victoria in Jan,
By motion it wus decided thut nil
oiitstunding accounts bc puid and
the treasurer was instructed accord -
F.ight new members were uuuniui-
oiisly elected
Mr. It. -Smythe brought up tho mat
ter of members joining the B.C. Association, and urged that all mem -
hers should make up their minds to
do so.
The matter of a judge for the wlu-
ier show was discussed, the matter
of comparison or score card systems
of judging was left over until next
meeting. Judge Edwards was invited to nrt again as judge of the winter show.
The meeting adjourned at  10:3(>p.ni.
Curlers Make Good
Savings Bank Department
    ._ and upward, received, and interest allowed at  V
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited. O
Deposits of
Revolstoke Branch - A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.    Y
r i
Clearing Out at Cost Price
Bargains for Old and Young in
Ladies' and Children's Wear
Mrs. A,G, Crick, * First Street
Fruit Growers.
Market Gardeners.
Lawn Owners
and Ranchers
Should use BURNS* ANIMAL FERTILIZER to obtain
the best results from the soil.
Get the latest descriptive booklet
FROM antl place your orders WITH
Wholesale and Retail Produce and Meats
will refresh you witli Its bright, uplcj
ll.ivor mul fragraiicy- Bold iu l Ib.
ii'iul packages.
Price, 35c, 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
P. O* Box 208
Phono No. 23
The Handsomest in the West—
Thoroughly Complete With
Modern Equipment
MeKinnon     Bros,    arc   now    doing
business  In  their  new  bluck  opposite
the former location on Kirst street.
Tbis block  is une ol the best in    the
city anil also une of the best in the
interior ol B.C. Tbe structure Is three
storeys Inch,  the  basement beinc entirely set apart  ns  n thorough  moil-
em    mid     up-to-date bowling  alley. '
The alley is u regulation alley  being
a   Brunswick  Balke continuous  So.   1
ol   three   alleys.   The  ceiling  ol    the
howling alley  js a  modem  wood llbre
roof  an.l  the     alley  is steam  heated
throughout   and  a lilicral  supply     of
easy   chairs for  spectators  are      provided.   This   bowling   alley   Iiiih     lieen
pronounced  by  bowling experts,    the
best  alley  in  the   interior  ol  B.    C, |
outside   ol      Vancouver.   Thc  wcoml
floor of this hlock is set apart ns    a .
Ctgftr store ir  the Iront and a gigantic pool room iu the rear.   The cigar !
store is heavily stocked with the best j
brands   of   cigars   and   tobaccos,   and !
is equipped  with  specially  madei|Uar-
ter cut oak zinc lined Mumidore eases  to     keep  the  tobacco    moint nnd j
unitary, The pool room li equipped
w.th ten big tabid eighl of which
are pool and two billiard tables. Thc
ceiling of this pool room is metallic
ol .irtis'-.r designs, lighted with i\m.- '
enl "1 elcotric glohes erf a new lighting system. Easy chairs surround
the   pool  room  on all  sides.
The third floor of this handsome
block hns seven distm. t compartments   -upplied   with   hoi   and      cold I
*■* itei mid laboratory and b*th room
and     tbe    building is steam    heated '
throughout    Th.:-   block is    9.' (.*. t
with a (ran tag* ol HI feel     on
Kirst street    It  hue u metal     iuol
and is n concrete structure with a
pressed hrick front. Thc barber shop
ol Morgan nnd Bodic occupies the
west corner of this block.
This block is one of thc main attractions ot Kirst street.
That enterprising lirm thc Bourne
Bros, uro now comfortably installed
In their new block on Kirst street.
The tedious task of moving their
i irge itork of groceries and hard -
wnre lasted several days. Thc new
Idock which Is concrete with a front
of hrlc' veneering is Rfl leet long and
!"i ft. iu width, with an elegant cellar the lull lite ol the building. On
thc west side of this spacious store,
comfortable otlices are installed giv-
Ing ample room for tho clerical staff
of this establishment. The store
proper is set apart for hardware nnd
groceries, the east side being the
hardware side while the wesl side of
the store is the grocery department.
The upstairs of this block is at pres
ml used as a ware room. hut. Inter
on will he set apart Into offices in
the front  and  rooms in thc rear.
The building throughout Is lin'
proof, having a metal roof and is
thoroughly modern and in all re
IpeoU I lirst class block. With such
blocks as the Bourne Illock and the
MeKinnon Block, nearly opposite on
tlie same street, Kirst. street is coming to the front with leaps and
bound-. In their new premises tbe
Boume Bros have ample room to
display an immense Htock und are In
a position to cope with their rapidly
increasing  business.
The following dispatch wa9 received hy Mr. 0. B. Hume from Vernon,
just ns vve were going to press, which
shows tbat thc Revelstoke curlers ure
'giving ,i good account ol themselves
1 at Vernon:
| Vernon,  B.C.,  Keb. 7th,
0. B. Hume, Revelstoke.
I   Won  live games and  piuyed  6even.
in one  Until  now.   Smith wou      llvo
'and played eight, in two semi finals
now.   Ice   heavy.
R.  Snuarcbrlggs.
A persistent rumor is current this
week to the effect Mini one of the
bachelor curlers attending the Ver -
non bonspiel will bring buck with
him a bride. Color is given to this
report from the [aCl that a local
minister wns in the parly hy a pre-
in inurement. Klnhorate preparations
are liHur mndc (or nn old fashloiiMl
serenade when the happy couple return home lu anticipation of t.hlt
report proving correct, thc Mall ■
Herald extendi the usual eongratti
bitiNiis to 'he  happy couple  nnd wish
II tbeni u lung and hopj'j wedded life
C. P. R. Stoff Changes
Winnipeg, Keb. (<— J. T. Arundel,
who hus been Oanadian I'acilic gen-
'crnl superintendent in Winnipeg, was
today officially transferred to Toronto to become general suuerintcnd -
int  there.
K. K.  Busteed, formerly  superintendent at Vancouver,     will lie geucrul
superintendent  at   Winnipeg,   when his
'health  will  permit..   In the meantime
I).   C.   Coleman,   formerly  superinten-
' dent, at  N'elson,  now     superintendent
l ol  car service.  Is     appointed  acting
general   superintendent  at     Winnipeg
■ to discharge  the duties  Mr.  Busteed
I will  later  handle,   These  arc  official.
Mitchell and Company are clearing
land with a vengeance on their 700
acre estate, part of which is already
subdivided and planted witli fruit
.Mr. Davidson has also had a lot of
Iruit trees planted mid will have some
more next spring. Ills ranch ls lieau
tilully  situated  on  .Shuswnp  lake.
The fruit Industry is being cxtctis
Ivcly prosecuted nt  Notch Ilill  by the
mnny ranchers mid  in a few  years it
will  lie n strong rival  to the famous
llknnagiin   vnlley.
| Verj little land is now available
for settlement al. 01 near Notch Ilill
except on the fnr side of Lake Minis
Large game of nil kind tire plentiful here, in the spring the liear Is n
cntntnOfl visitor, while the lynx and
wolves, we, like thl poor, always
have  with  us.   Kishmg  ot      all  kinds
is exeellenl and in fact this partlcu-
i.H    »'i  molt  properly termed
! the anglers paradlie,
Dealers in Hardware of All Kir.ds.
Guns, Ammunition,  Harness,   Hcrse  Blankets.  Vthipe
Stoves, Ranges, Enamel end Tinware
Paints, Oil,  Varnish, Etc.
Crockery and Glassware
Plumbing, Heating
We are prepared to undertake any work in this line
Groceries, Fruit Vegetables
A Very large stock of Fresh and Up-to-Date
Carried in This Department
Hay, Grain and Feed
Agents for McClary's Famous Steves, Sherwin-
Williams Paint Co., Canadian Oil
Companies, Ltd.
We pay special attention to Mail Orders and Shipping
to Outside Points.
BIG REMOVAL SALE ON during month of January
Hardware Dealers     GROCERS     McClary's Stoves
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
l^^^s, Wholesale
*j-w   Extra Creamery     '
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
January Clearance Sale
Wc arc offering all of our high Kra^c  winter stock at
Men'*- hr.iv; ribbed L'ndenreei SOc anil 65c       Pleece lined I'nderwear SOc
Boy'i Underwear at   HAI,I' PR1UB.    This includes inch high class   lines
as SUnfiekl'i and Turnbull's.
Boy'i Sails ..I HAM-  PRICE.
We ha\e ISO pair of Men's High Grade Shoes, ContUUng of all si/es,which
regular!) sold ior fSiSOaod fj.oo. now telling lor M 65.
Ho*, s Seh'iol Shoes, all sizes, sale price f 1.85.
Sec our Windows and Bargain Tables for Snaps
McRae Mercantile Company, Limited
In Cents 16-Size Thin Model
American Adjusted Watches
15-Jcwel Nicklc Movement in 20-year filled ease
7-Jewel       " in 20-year filled case
7-Jewel (?ood nickle case
These are not cheaply constructed watches,   but are
adjusted and fully guaranteed.    Call and inspect.
$16 00
12 00
7 00
Jeweller       J?    Q,   BEWS       °Ptician WEDNESDAY,   FEB.   7th,   1912.
WEDNESDAY, FEB,  7th,  1912
Coal and Wood
Orders will now be accepted for Bankhead Hurd
Coal, Furnace si/.e. as it :s now in stock.
Rankhead Hard Coal. Furnace Size, per ton. . .  $10.50
Briquettes, per ton     8.75
Wellington, Soft Coal, per ton    11.00
c^Mixed Hardwood, 16-inch, per cord     7.50
Cedar. 16-inch     6.25
Baled Oat Hay at $17 per ton.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
wiih the hear dance, by request.
Many speeches, Koine eloquent^ ami
some mon' eloquent, were made ilur-
Che flfcaiUlbevalfc
• iruum AT
ough to attempt such nu Idiotic task
as armed  intervention  in  Ireland, is
on  the face of     it. ridiculous.       Thc
little job ot sinking the  British uuvy
REVELBTOKE. B. C. ,„„,,!  Iu„   bc accomplished  hv      the
SlUCtlOl' BMllUlybtllfl COimiany, mere     application ol    windy     lodge
Umltod iniom  talk,  and  the  British infnntry-
J. K. Johnson, Manager.      1 „-..,-, .in,| the Royal Irish constabul-
KALPH   G.   SCRUTON,   Editor, j. ry   can   safely   be   eoiinted   upon     to
ADVERTISING HATES. make short, work ol the bludgeon car
Legal    notices 1« ceuts per line first! '• lng  rioters  who  might,  succeed    in
insertion, b cents per hue     each  making Rood  their  threats to Inter
•ubaeiiutut    insert.ou.       Measure-; '■''<'  in   [ns*i   Politics.
In thc meantime our advlcu
meuts Nonparlel 112 hues make
one luch.j       Btore and     general
I'.smeeo   iniUoi.uteuit'Uls   ,2.bl)  per
inch per moiiih. Preferred posi-
tlone, - * ier cent, additional.
Births. Marriages and Deaths, 5i>c
CH'-b insertion.
hand notices $7..in. All advertisement* subject to thc approval ot
the management. Wanted and
Condensed Advertisements : —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
uations wauted, Situations Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
Wauled, 2b -words or less, 25c,
each additional lino lu cents.
Changes it standing advertise
ments must be in by 'J a. tn.
Tuesday and Friday ol each week
to Becure good display.
CORRESPONDENCE iuvited ou matters o! public interest. Communications to Editor must be
accompanied by name ol writer
m.t necessarily lor pubheatiou,
but as evidence of good laitb.
Correspondence should be brief.
Inctudinr  postage to England, Uuit-
cd Siatef and Canada.
By thf year i through postoflicel  $11.50
to t'n
* nadians Is to show their good sense
I by minding their own business;     we
'have troubles  enough   Ol      our      own
| without   embittering   our   national life
by wilfully importing the    miserable
disputes of Pope and Preacher, which
I nre a disgrace  to Christianity,    and
the ruination of Ireland.
WEDNESDAY,  FEB.  7th,  1912.
Elsewhere      ■   tbis  Issue  1*111     he
il  statement   uf
ness year  "f insurance
[real  West  L f*     ^~
.-.   i *omp inj.  among the     out -
stan : tures of the report    tbe
*   mpany i  surplus earned  In  1911   js
(442,074,   while the  .uu
■ .* (..n-i* at tb**
ol  !ast   year      «.,*-  (67,9119,   i'.i
■ ft'esi i. fi   tssurano  Com
t pi ogressivc
doing  busi-
todaj       Mill.    11.
Mi Vitt trlcl   managei   il   K vel
ji  •
Many Visiting Rinks Contested-
local Men Win Honors
Golden. B.C., Feb. 4—At least one
of thr most successful and enjoyable
i! not the largest attended, bonspiel
ever held in tlolden was that which
terminated lust eveniug nnd was
wound up by B smoker tn honor of
tae visiting curlers. Among the visiting curlers were two rinks trom Wil
mer. skipped by Stalker and Bennett
respectively; two trom Kelowna,
skipped by Fraser and Gaddls, and
one Irom Calgary, skipped by I'ink
ham. Five Golden rinks took part
iu the competitions, skipped hy Bheii
!"ck. Henderson, Warren, Buckham
nml   Howe*-.
The honors of the bospiel probably
go to Sheirlock, whose rink carried
ofl the Grand Challenge and the
t|ii, .(Irand Aggregate and uas Becond In
ine Hums only being defeated In this
competition hy that almost [nvtnc
Ible Stalkei   i nk  of  Wilmei Tin*
O'Brien  trophy  was  won  hy  Henderson and bis rink pf veterans. Gaddls
of  Kelowna  being  second       In      the
i onsolatiou the Fraser rink of Kelo-
v na  took  first   place  and      Backhaul
- icond.   The "booby"  prize stay.-   ■,
11 olden.
Throughout  the  spiel great  .. I
...-  taken  In  the games,  and c
cirllng  was  not  uncommoi    Tl
.* is ii   excellent     condition    th
•■   t"  Archie   Lang
The following pupils of lhe Revel -
Btoke public schools have earned pro-
mot ma as n result of their work during the term just closed. Names are
arranged In order of merit. Pupils
whose names are bracketed are equal
in rank.
Intermediate Fourth Reader to
High Fourth Header—E. MeKinnon,
E. Bradshaw, *S, (Iallicano, V. Jolilfe
M. Ringer, I,. Campbell, 0. Peterson
H. Calder, V. Hoiii'iie. T. Bain, C,
Corson, K. Hregoliss, il. Cocorochlo.
Recommended—W.   Smythe,   M,   Clay,
I. Dunlop, G,  Urquhart.
Low Fourth Header to Intermediate
Fourth Reader—M, Fleotham, it.
Tapping. M. Mat/.. .1. Laing, G.
Tomlinson. II. Lyttle, A. McLean, E.
Hruce, M. Wilson. E, Johnson, D,
Maddoloni, \. Robinson, Recom
mended—T.  Lee,
High Third Header to Low Fourth
Reader M. Lawrence, M. Wh-tttike.r.
dl ('aider, T. Morris) J. Bobbins,
L. Morgan, s. Manning, 1. Clough,
D, Rushford. M, Armstrong, J, i
Tweeddaie. D. MeCarter, J, Patrick,
T. McRae. A. Fraser. Recommended
- M. Jolitle. J, Marohesan, C. McLennan,  ,1.  Lawler.
Low Third  to High Thir.l--M.Sini
monds,  H.  Tomlinson,  S.  Turk.    P. I
Dunn, A. Corson, iP. Lon/o, A. Sulli
erlaiid,   A.   Lundell,   M.   Johnson,   D.
(hiring, ii. Laughton,    G. Oampbell,
II. Lawrence,  L. Amato, (.',.  Jackson, i
ll. stone, A. Burrldge, G. Bruce, M,
llowson. Vi Smith, G, Davis. N.
I'icard. H. Fraser, M. Brown. S.
McMahon, A. Leslie, p, Ringer, 0.
Peterson, V. GaUicano, V. Morgan,
A.  Jackson,    J. Tweeddaie.   Recom
ond i'rimer—ii.  Purvis,  J* Beech,  E, two places is handicapped because ol
Mci'lMiieghan, G.  Donaldson,  V,  llool Lhc  bad  load,   particularly   in  South
cy,   It.  Bell,   L,  Morrison,   li,   McArth- Vancouver.    Build a roud that will be
ur,  Hi.  Young,  Walter  Hughes, i eqtl- a  pleasure to trnvej ami  you  will see
lul,  Mary (huh,  A. Oaliardi. .1. Fuoco ,i   string   of   automobiles   and     horse
L.   King,  E.  Macdonell. vehicles  going     to antl  from     these
I    High   First   Primer   to   Low   Becond cities at. all hours of  tho day.
I Primer— H.  Porter,  (F. Daiialdson, O.      "The  existence of such u road     as
'Kimberley,i  J. Millar.  F.  I'agdln,  A. wo plan will     mean this:    Vancouver
: Irwin,   I).   Colllson,      P,   Lonzo,       R. nnd  Westminster are  now   twelve mil
iLirianni,   J.  Crctelli.   D.  Southworlh, es apart, but every   year will seo tbis
|R. Fittante,  ,i. Carmichaol, M. Blair distance shortened  by  one mile     at
11. Donaldson, A. Colllson, 0, MiciclU eaeh end, once this road Is built, tn
R.   Micielli,   U.  (ioodwia.      i('.  Defoe, six   years,   or   less,   these   two    town-
It.  Trimble,I   L.   Stacy,  I'.   Bishop, G, Will   be   practically   one   big  city   with
King,   J,   Cancelliere,   J.   Blair,       11, u   busy   stream  of      traffic  Stretching
Morgan,   Recommended—P,      Harton over King George Avenue, from Has
11. Briggs,  J. Siriantii. tings street, Vancouver, to Columbia
Low      Kirst   Primer   to   High   First street,   Westminster.
Primer—i R.   Lawrence.   Ii.  Kilpatrick, I    "Land   values along   this  road   will
Macdenrot,   R.  Turk,)   R.  Rowlett Increase   15 to  TO per rent.  as. a    re
Corning,  J,  Rowlett,  V,  Polleek.i suit   of  Ihis  improvement.    1      know
Robinson, a. Rowlett, lv Norberg this will be the case because my long
Ballard,  (i.  Blackwell,     P.  Dean, experience In the real estate business
Llmozkl,   IS,   Smith,   Fred   Skene, bas taught, mc Unit there is  nothing
Potrufl,  w. Crawford,  M. McRae, that will so quickly bring lnnd     to
Pradolini, N. Porta, D. Mclntyre,
Harris, A. Desimone, F. Trimble,
I'ristette. Recommended—,1. Pan-
tuse, B. Robbins, J. Ringer, N. McArthur,   J.  McRae.
Its  proper  figure
good   roads."
as  the  existence  ol
Gourlay Piancs Gourlay Angelus Players
High Priced, But Worth the Price
pl-.iv i,ne ol the master pieces for
me anil let
fur yoursolvi
our noted Violin:
m* anv other
. Mandolins, Gullnrs, Banjos and Accordcons
We arc sole ageiiis (or lhc Century Edition at IOc,
Revelstoke Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
Have Been Used With Success
The fall Fairs
The following are the
dates ..[ Fall
L'I  to
IT t.o
Cowlchan       Sopt, 20 to :'i
Comox   Oct. 1   to 2
N. and S.  Saaaieh    Oct,   I  to a
Alberni  Sept.  13
Kent      Sept.  12 and hi
Mission        Sept.    24   and 85
Coquitlam   Sept :I1
House Furniture
Second Street opposite
Presbyterian Church
Tuesday, Feb. 20th
mended—I  Kimberley.   \V.   IHough.   J.
McCarty, J, McLeod,  1). McGregor,
(nigh Secon,I to Low Third - How
ard Bradshaw, ll. Scott, n. Robin
son, Douglas Hedstrom. J. McGregor
l.. Maley. .1. Bourne, B. McMahon,
L. Edwards, T. Maley. Recommended—U. Shaw, W. Nelson.
Low Second to High Second— A.
Parker, E. Tapping, I. McCauley, F.
McDonald, L, Hobson. C. Davis, M.
Goodwin, D. Garland. It. Williamson
■ ll. Bradshaw, J. Calder,) t. McGregor, L, Bongard, (E. Williamson,
A. Daniels, i c. Johnson, tL. Good -
Win, C. MeKinnon, i (1. Field. Wong
Sing. A. Fleetham. F. Cooke. D.
Bruce, s. Needham. Recommended
-  R,  Abrahamson. C.  Stone.
High First t.o Low Second l Mot
Ban, V, Abrahamson, M. Hamilton,
V. Madden, S. Nurman. K. Slither -
land, ll. Gordon, L. Lilly, I".. Mc
Malum, F. iiourne, v. Caley. Recommended   A.   Mainprlze, W,  McRae.  R.
Low First to High Fust -M. Bell,
G. (ampbell. c. Lyons. W. Dunn, N.
Bruce, M. Daniels J. MeKinnon, M.
Shaw,   iv.   Whittakei
High Second Primer to Low First
Readei G, Barraclough, v.. JoUH .
\    Needham, l J   Madden and D, Sleg
fried        \    \ ii imeon  and  D,   Hoi
tei   *   ;    McRae    \    Co leffln,  F.   Edwards,  R. McKinney.
Lo«   Second  Primer  tu  High   -<*
on!   ri imer   B.   Bradshaw    J     r„ .
• ■wan.   W.
. -.-
0   Trimble   A   Davis    ■   Jul  erland,
■    Ma  ipi   i   .,* ■ Lbrahami
Maple   Ridge
Chilliwack  ....
... Cepl
Sept.  :
2b and
I'.I to
i:  and
j Kamloops   	
  Sepl     2!i
    Sept.   II  and   12
   Sept,   Is I" 2<l
Arrow  Lakes   Ool    1 and b
Vernon   Sept. lm to 26
Armstrong  Oct.  16 and  17
Kelowna       Sept.      26  and   27
Salmon Arm  Sept. 1!7 and 2S
Summerlund   Ort.  30 uud  31
1 I'he 1 in ilium* consists of Dressers,
Sinuils, iron nml llrnss Bedsteads,
Springs und Mattresses like new, Side-
i "*inl. Kxteusion tabic und diners, Solid
i lak Morris ( hair, Bed Lounge, an *s il.n
duck. A liuriie) Oxford Kuugc, Art
Souvcnii Hi mer, Belgium I'lie i urpcts
mul ( HI -v loth, I'nrlor Tables, Kitchen
uietiiils .uni host ol iiim usclul house
hold effects lo numerous to mention,
This is a great opiwrtunif,   in parties
intending ti* ■ n ■ ti i - ti (inu homt  *
Lverythiny Sold wilhout Reserve
Imin Mrs. Mcltunuld,
Four generations have improved them until they Iiave no
Keep your horses, cattle and other stock insured by having on hand a supply of Pottie's Remedies.
in Revelstoke by ARMSTRONG & CO
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Designs Box 51
Phone 295
ikr instructs
Vancouver  Au|
North Vancouver   	
Central   I'ark  ...        Sept.
Delta     Sept.
Surrej   Si *     	
Langley .	
Richmond             ...   Sept.  26
New Westminster     (let
10 I" IV
. Sept. 7
12 and  12
Jll and JI
Sepl. L't
Sept.   2b
16 nnd Jii
1 to .'•
21,    ROYAL    TEMPLARS    OF
Meets   every   2nd   ami
in     Oddfellows   Hall,
\ isit,iik   Templars   are
> ited to attend,
it  * o'clock,
ordiallv    ill -
lt.   S.
Cranbrook   Sept.     18     and  l't j
Nolson „. ..,  Sept.  JI  t,, 25
(ha,,,| Porks  Scpi. 2*6 to :i7
Kaslo .,..,         (),.t    15
Grecnwoo 1
New   Dei ve;
Dslla  ('....la
. Sepl
J"   and   JI
jr. to 26
Sept     .KI
JI   and   25
Illt.  J
I lei     :;.i
■       *
tental >f tbe 1     tier nl
hi    i •; . Iiousi   last Mond i * i." •
.   .      The      varlOJB  ul tors
j  parts about equally  .*.*
-;   . *.;., :.,    ':....*      ■. IS    Weil
.* •       .   i preciativi
•    ■ .       .-,*■'*
.*   , • ■   -
•: i * ! •   Ighl     '
n       • .      •      ■    *
,i.      *     .       *    ■      * .-   * . •
. -     •    ■ '    i .. wiil
Unit thai
■  .      a     .
■ ■  .    ,,.. * -    give thi
ttrae the iuture tbi
• in  up*.:
'■a.'*   '
■ r -*+■
n ihe curat    ■;   : * *  »»:
■' .m, - '
heart I men.   anil   ;ur.i     .-
-i'i.h.i tele ui lim   ip
i it the eon)
ii  tu.
\l oi       :■ ivolved  tbe
tnattl rtance
tbi   rori ■   an afford i" let mi*i. ^uai
i   tome     people reap the fruit*     */  distribution
the.r follya, 'T leaving them to Ms*
;n their own J«l*e.   Unfortunateij s
deHberste attempt ta .'"'int; mude .,
r, rtnin   '|iiHrt*T*.   to  tolit  tbe   trouh
les  "I  Irishmen  mi   to   the   public     ol
Canada, and mul" ntfqthed     mischief
moegen at-    Inflamio-g (bin cocivtrj
Wltb statement:, <.( the.r  IfltenttOtf I"
Iran Canadians Into tbe dirty   wee*
nf  Irish   politic**.
We     I."i"   these frothy    individuals
,',et  that  Goidei   genen
it wants   | hei    I  wants   I   Thi
* rs summed ap thi
: assed ^n   n a tew
"We   had   the   time   of   nm   I
viil   i'ui i.   'ft   big  tl
* 'St    jreai    '
A bonspiel ut Uolden  e
■ omplete   *> thou-t  i^us  Pinkham    -1* I
Much  Mei.i I i algal ■
. '.      ,,    '.       A    I I.        •  i'm-     . I'.i
I loward  i III land,   E.  1
i*  *      - ■    -*      UK   Pi . -•.*,
,i imei   -ami- ah lata g
I W.  R,  i ii    S
,.-  i a    their •    -
.-.-     ■ || , i:
*.*',.■   •    ■
11 se    s
* ... . t thi
C. Di T
Primer-— -     ■
Madden        M
.'■■■'    *
-i 'IP nil.
!..  *   Tl
1/   Macki
r   *   ■■.,,*
* '-        '     ,!*,
'*      ..
*"■    hi*'*'      n    H ,,,,.     K    I
ond   Res  *
Will Ask King George
h    C, Feb   J.
•   h - m.i eet)   King Ueorge oftlc
■ :.    thl       I 'alia .1.au
■ Van-
WeatmiDstei   fas    i
■   il innual
'*'*■*   .•   -.   .i.n*
HULKIKK     LUDUK  12,   1,  0,   O.  F.
Meets every     Thursday evening   in
Selkirk Hall at K o'clock.      Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
J. a. HOOLEY, N. G.
JAS.  MATH1K,   Secretary.
COURT     MT.     BK-JUlh;,   No. 3461.
OK 1.  O.  t\
Meets in 1. a O. K. Hall next   to
Tapping'B Opera  House  every  second
and  loiirth  Monday  in  mouth.  Visiting  ini* i hi on cordially  welcomed.
O. W. BELL, U. K.
WM.   8.  CAMERON,  Rec.-Sec.
C. W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. I'ii
Meets Second    and     Kouith Wednes
days    in euch  month  in    Selkirk
Hall.     ViHiiing  Woodmen arc
cordially invited to attend
H. W. KDWAKDB, Coa. Cm.
.'il.li RANGE LODGE,      K. ol    P.,
NU.   21,,   HEVELSTOKE,   B.   C.
Meets every  Wednesday  except    the
Third Wednesday ol each month      id
Oddfellows' Hull at n o'clock.  Visit
,ng Knights nre cordially invited.
G    »    UARLAND, V   ('
G. H. BROCK.  K.  ol U. * B.
U. of F.
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
W e .ne specialUiuK in nil varieties ill Season
"I Cul Flower*, uur showing is unsurpassed.
Conn* and Inspect for yourself.
W. ll. 1'OTTKiT'T, Manager.
On South Road, Half a Mile from Town
Ht    of   CUM
ll .,.
.•    ■      We couldn't
.   *  id t      ■'   te | i  I. * * • i
■i ■ ..     * , i.       iiii
*.-•,.■.'.■ -       ■
rinks wm. in) gel j   ittendi raM s
ot' ng   . n i '•*--      I'    \   Barren ably
Iled    '■ '   i"i.*  ol  i iiniiiii.il     ,uul    bbe
'   i!,     pi Ires   ii*..*>'    the '
. r'.,,*-     proll I      '*,*' I.'* I
...la in. i.'i.  envloui    During tbs
m"i.*-i  ti   i*   .^tieiM eti   the energetic
seeretni y of • i.   11-oidi.. ■ |uh  '** *■
etli.i ts wn    i irgel |   i .•■ ....  ,„,  •
| a*    on iplel    read   two i onunu-n i *
tions .'.'"'ii  ll   G   r.it .h   M   P   r
and  Hugh tiiiplon ot  Hand   respecl
,yel>    wishing  the i-u/lMptel     micci h
Harry     Moore,   fl    A,   Bradiej    Mr
Tcnnaot,  OavJ Bowos,   Mi    Jobnsnn,
Mi     Mail.i-lb   ami   oC'iim   ( trlhtltflll
 .*  taken  seriously . i" |
,,   ti ,-   two hundred tbouaand    w   to the program of g*9Bgs, Instrumenl
i linnd  oi   even  in-o     lnn..lri'd   a!   selections,   nud  Gun  I'lnkhnin   si I
**    lOUUd   foi'lish     ■»■   Hufb   Mcl,e(.i(l   lavo.ii'il   Mil      .i'1'HTice
•    B    M
**   *:      a
'.    Hunt    K   Mackenrot    i.   M
l:    Ha;
High  Fil '
Reader   li    H
•HI    I  * |
..,•■    i    Vfurrn       *    i.. - •*. i
Frej     r    Btant     F
!■    ' * ' ib   1!   Kenward    J    I
mmended   H   Huithes
Low  Firsl   Readi Firm
Reailei    i.   Bi ii a   i... ■ ,■
VI    McMahon,    IM    Ports    F   Turk,.
i*'   ' '.it:-,,i,   i.,   a h * ,.*:    j
re   ii   McLean    i   Patrlct   i    i **i
/■■      i*;    i lali , i*       i> ,   , -,
II    l.in Itanrk
Miirti  -Jiimi'l ri.hm    ■    .
lli'a.b'l*    K    I'l   i      I     eif,,       K    U.i
moszl    K   Cashato    I    .iHeksofi
llu ' aid.  ii.  Mnckenrol   .1 flrawforrt,
!■'   Mi Carty, K. Sei.tt.  \    Oall	
II.    Ilelllii, a.    t'     I,mm      \     I   , • *, ,i, ,      i
ii   *   ii . il   ';.iii,i **..,,
'*    i: llaril    B    I *   mil I
I,'"    Si*e..ii,|   l'i,i,i,.|    t0   ||
• ,.*
[f ■ •
Ufflees  Retrelatoke,
   ,-i  MeOtrUr,
A.  VI. I'lnkliain,
.i A.  F
an.l A. M.
Regular meetings aie held |q MAS*
ONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
ou Lhs Third Monday iu each month
ai v isiting brethren are
cordially  welcome.
«   THOMSON,  W, M
■», ii   ROBERTSON, Becretary.
llsriistriM,   BollCltOM
Imperial Hnnk  Building
stoke, II. 0.
Money to l.oau
,,!   tl
■nhja i     ii    thi
■  i    "■       I      i  "li    Haul
will s" qulpkl;
*  hetwsen tl I
I Vnncouvei  nud Wi   tmln ti     *
Istence ..i , i i,.,i,i ., i .,,.,, t|„,K,
 toe ■        U. thi   iresenl
time     ."niuu ai*"'i bei
A.   Haivey
Pro    neisl   Land   Huveyor,
Mining Hurviiy.ir.
MeKBNZIH avh.,
liox   111*.   REVELBTOKE
l-   ii
v\ \ i. i, \ c k
A Kill I T R '
Boi Hi.. Revilitoke, B.< *
The Great-West Life Assurance Company
Enils Nineteenth Business Year with $67,969,432
ol Insurance in Force
The following were prominent fcuturct
unipnnv 'a iiiost Buccesstul year.
il the  Business (or  l'»l!
lilTcctivc field-work and a witlc ilcuimitl for prolituble Life
liiMirancc, gave a total ol Applications Received $18,031,0*0
This large Business and the  persistence of well-satisfied
Pul icy holders, produced a Cain for the Yoar ol $II,044,30S
Tin- SURPLUS earned In 1911 was $442,074
Tho INVESTMENTS again cai a over 7 per cent, without a dollar lost
ami ni ihe must acceptable Becuritien.
\ careful selection of risks ami nood fortune, sgaiu result in a
nm i favorable MORTALITY, shout 511 per cent, oi the "expected."
iccordillg lo the liovei'tiiucut tables.
economy consistent -with thoroughuess and enterprise uas sgatu
kepi tin* EXPENSE RATES hm.
All oonduoing tosuooeis In the first aim ofthe
Groat-West Life Assurance Company, to Provide
Sound Proteoilon  at  Lowest Cost    and    with
Highost Profits to Policy holders.
is, wiih   increasing   success.   Tlle   C.real-W'est    Life   has
doiug since 1892.
\sl, Iiii ilu* "Report for 1911"   to ho issued
TM .',''now in pinii,   showing results to Thc
bul ** *•*.
ihorlly   ami for ' Profits
Great-West Life Policy-
H. H. MeVity,
District Mgr., Revelstoke, B.C.
KE  DISTRICT—8«« our List of
Hpeeials foi  February, read on   and
make  a   note  of   It.    Storm saah  and
i -   u Idtngi nnd turnings ol all
kind.,     kitchen tablet, stools     and
• t      "lliee  ib'HkH,   Stools,  and   til -
eablneta,   drawers,   cupboards,
ihelving,     oountei  t"pc,   ihowcasee,
lani'v      window kIiinh,  paint,  variiish,
Kalaomlne, roolfngs and building pa-
.   all       at     speeial   priced. IJeKt
WotkniuiiHiiip.  sniMfaetion  guarante
ed. See ns if you arc contemplating
huiiding ii house, store or doing any
ollice repnirs in the spring, or adding an addition of any kind to ycnii
present building. You will profit hy
our wide experience and nave money.
We give estimates freely on all kinds
of constructional work. Your cfi-
quiriei     arc     solicited.    Ail    orders'
promptly attended to. The Hcvef -
Ktokc Sash & Door Factory, P, <>.
Uox l»5, Geo. D. Shaw, Prop.,'Phone:
No. 261.
The Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
l . 0  '-"X i95 OEO   I'   SHAW, Prop,
I'hrinc No  JS! WEDNESDAY, FEB, 7th, 1!H2,
WEDNESDAY,  FEB,  7tb,  1912
. . . It Might Be Cold ■ .
It is always hot in the plunge n I  Halcyon  Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal wati rs are the most wonderfulI health restorer on the Contini nt. Our.record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verilied by our gratified patii ns. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easj of access, —the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished i'or comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor, -        Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
■■■ —— OPEN NIGHT AND DAY"-         D
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant-Short Order
Strictly First Class
Rooms Single, on Suite
and with Bath
Cent nil Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Btiisrgmi  and Improved.    Flrat«ClaasIn e»ery respect    All modern convenience!
Largo 8antple Itooms.
Rat o $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
snit;-il?lv   furnished   with   the  choicest the
market affordr,.      Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
•J     ^JiBEET     STOISTEJ      JPPtOF
\\cM l> sml in" mii: ^ I.'''- "• 1* iuwiikh!.       Meal Tickets  21 mculii [oi J6.1W
first stki:i:t. Ki.vr.i.sToKi:, n. < .
\   I'. i.i*;\ i>i_M li, Propricior
Mr, McCarter's letter referred to
Water, Light uiul  rfewer committee,
A schedule of cheap rates for merchants ami others whn were desirous
of lighting up their windowB ironting
the street by a separate switch to
he turned off hy the police at midnight, and the wiring to he done hy
thc Kctailcrs, was recommended hy
the  Vi. &  L.  committee.
The Vi. & L. committee reported
that u comparison ol the rates for
linht charged In K-amloopB, Nelson,
ami RevelBtoke, Bhowod that the
liphts were at present cheaper in
Hevelstoke than any ot the towns
named, and no reduction can he made
nt present.
A letter Irom the Minister of Works
was read wherein the Provincial government have generously made a
grant of JtlWfl towards the cost of
lighting the bridge provided the specl
llcations are adhered to as approved.
The council unanimously accepted
this oiler and Instructed thnt an ex.
presBlon of their thanks bs included
with the letter of acceptance.
The minutes of Vi. & L. committee
held  January  26th, were approved,
Mayor Sutherland—ThiB mattei of
the opening of C'onnnuglit uvenue.
should he referred to the works com
irnttee, to get in touch with the
government engineer so that the
grade can he arranged and the Do -
minion government will then proceed
with lhe wharf. This work cun then
bo included In the rtiinates of the
The l'uhiic Works committee were
Instructed t" go Into the matter accordingly,
Mayor Sutherland -The mai tor nf
electric signs Bhould also he referred
to the w. -A:- I., committee,
Muyor Sutherland—There is the
matter ol the re>iuesi for s grant of
(760 to the Hoard ol Trade for publicity purposes.
This matter is referred to tho Finance commit tec.
Aid. Abrahamson—1 think wc Bhould
lind out what benefit we have received from pnst appropriations of this
Aid. McSorley—We are just starting
In uud have all knulB ol opportunity
to dole money out.
Mayor Sutherland—We shull have
other requests, there are two Conventions, etc. We shall have to he
sparing In thes* votes.
Aid. Howson -I mnke a motion thnt
the council a- a whole sit ns a committee at the call of the mayor, und
that we nil confer with the bonds of
departments in the employ of thc
City with n view to un increased ef-
ficlency and a decrease of expend! -
tares In  the city work
We should examine the facilities we
have in connection with the work
t'l he done, the otlice of the city hall
should be remodelled, which can be
'lone  at   a      -mall      expense,   and   we
should get together nnd at the commencement of our year. we should
determine to cut our expenses down
and get our efficiency keyed up.
Aid. Abrahams..!! I -tiMiinly support this motion.—Carried unanlm -
Mayor Sutherland—Wp shnll have
to take up the estimates at aii early
dnte and tbe city clerk is Instructed
ti* make an estimate of revenues and
interest      rlinrirrs.ctc..      and    submit
•anu  to the Finance committee. The
basil  of assi'-Kment   »ill   bc  on      the
last  year  basis.
The mooting adjourned  at   IL' p.m.
(irentcst  numlier  present     Ill
Least  number   present  17
Highest   No,   in  use   to  date     HI
Number  of  monthly   reports      ... 19
Sadie .Mill*-, Teacher,
High School Attendance
following ia the attendance ut ihe
Reveletoke Hitfb School for the montli
uf January, ns compiled h\ Lhc l'riucl
pal "f ihejschool, Miss J. J, MacKenzie:
rt      * * t
■Z - i x
■5       a =
*?       3 0       £
-; L.   ^ 5,
High Bchool, Div. I.  ..   W HI Nil 71
• Div. 11...   10 7 1(4 26
Totals — —	
35 17 UI.68
Public Schools Attendance
The      attendance    at    lhe      public
schools  for  January  wns as  follows:
Central School, Div. I....31 Dl.ia 111
••         "        "II... .20 si.mi io
 III...42 IH.7S 21
 IV...40 811.17 18
 V.... 10 89,37 IH
 VI...80 86 HI 16
••  VII ..2(1 sii sl 13
 Vlll HI si 70 10
,.2611   87.78 116
Selkirk   .School  Div, I  ..40 84.02 21
 II.     II [10.10 IS
 III..37 10.74 2.1
"    IV..|H3 S880 12
"    V.  .33 83.76 13
Totals   180   s  Oi   IHI
Division 111. of Central school wins
the Nelson Shield, milking a percentage of 96.48 In punctuality and repii
larity. Division 111. ol Selkirk
Bchool wins the Shield with a percentage  ol  9-1.87.
February  14—Valentines  Danco,  under CHrls Auxiliary of the Hospital
February     20—Philharmonic   Society
February   22—J.   B,   C.   Conceit.   Opera House.
Nbruary 2G—Castle    Square   Entertainers.
Animal     Rugs,   Game!
Heads and  Birds
P. D. Box 31, Revelstoke
SIR EDMUND WA».KER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER  LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL - $10,000,000
REST, -   $8,000,000
Empire   Typewriter
Slightly Used
Apply - Mail-Herald
Wood for Sale
Apply io
Chas. Turnross
lYleiilione House Ko. 97
Telephone (Ininf So. 215
With its largo number of branches, agents ami correspondents, Tlie
Canadian Hank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rate. Rates will be quoted on
A .'in
A reserpatlon ol tortile vnlley lunJ
in now open In Mexico. Homesteads
Free. Only requirement is to have
ve acres nl bananas planted within
five years! An authorized company
will plnnt the bananas and market
them on shares, Your share should
bring (20U per ncrc annuafly. The
Jantha Plantation Co., Block 2(W!i,
Pittsburgh, Pa., U.S.A., distribute
Mexican laml in the U.S. nnd ('uua.la
Write for particulars. You need nol
go to Mexico. t.c.
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
Cheques and drafts ou all countries of the world, drawn in sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any oilier foreign currency,
can be negotiated at The Canadian Hank ol Commers e at reasonable rates.
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
Capital                                       * 3,000,000 * 4,0(10,000
Reserve 3,000000 -1.(0 MMio
Deposits       -       -       -                23,677,730 35,042,311
Loans and Investments         -      27.457,090 38,854,80]
Total Assets        -      -      -        33,090,192 48,237,284
Has 83 Branches in Canada, antl Agents nnd Correspondents In all
the Prinolpal Cities In the World.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
Revelstoke Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
Our Doctors Anli-Septlc Slice is Proving a Winner
This last is filling along felt want and its waterproof qualities aie standing the test.
We carry a full line of the famous Ptr.e-
tang Shoe jn.ck and all kinds of rubbei footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoe Repairers, Saddlers Harness Bakers
. . . IQUnbeor Ibotel IRcstauvant . . .
European! IMan
/ftvutiMv Boart
open s>av an& Wtflbt
m>e;ii delicti?, W.00
Xauobton & Gappino. ptops. from steed
AKIill'VHKAP. ». f.
«i,ociol Attention JN'.n l" commerotai
men anil tourists, fltfl"•!»"» M»pl»
rooms. Finest scencrr <•■ I5*iti«h Columbia, overlooking Upper Art"'" i^"
W.J. Lightburne, Prop
Fruit Lands
Galena Bay landnjo parcels of
10 or 20 acre* or en bloc. l-orres-
pondnnoe Invited,
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
A nice new stock of Sinir-
J.P.SUTHERLANDl   erand WheelerWilsonSew-
w nip Machines
For Sale or Hire
liv Ihe month  at MmiiiIiik's
All kinds (if machine needles
S.iti.sfnclion Riiariiiitceil
Agent  (or  Flpxlumc  Electric
IN'sldeinc Cm. Rid St. i) hi I Jlnlisnnarc
Shop in   Vlll *. I'ii k "( I    J   It.oujiie'.*
.sti.ti". liist Street
Sewing Machines
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty!
Phone 42  -   Night IM.nnc K5 H.  MANNING.   Agent.
Following is the monthly report nt
!■'.fl,I  public  srlnml  tor the month  ol
January, 1(11
prescribed tchool days      is
Days sciiiiui was iii melon 16
Totul dally attendance     nm
Total iirtnrti attendance  2U.5
Average dally  attendance  14.53
Average actual  attendance  M.lrt
l'lipile actually  attending ,.,     17
Boye ...     8
C.lrls  .      ...     9
Greatest number preeenl           ic
Leasl numlier preeenl      12
Hlgfaeet   Ko,   in   tide  to date 23
Number  ol  mnntlilv  reports      ... 6
Tardiness  nl  pupiln     .'.
Visitors to school                4
Rai CHauec I ol Aitiric t been etrict-
I)   obeerved ?     Yph.  Have nil     the
rule*! and rcRiilatioiii been observed ?
1 hereby certify  to the correctness
of the above Information,
Mary   AUfUnta   Hunter.   Teachet.
Report "I Albert Canyon publ e
school fnr tin* ninutli uf January,
Prceeeibed tehooi   Iihk          18
p gn si hi mi min in aeeeion      in
Total dally attendance     384
Tut«i    net uni attendance IM I
Average   daMy   nttendsnee    18.65
Average iieiuni attendance     18.47
loiptiK .ot.ii.im*,- dnrtng montb       19
: ti,,*,.- ttteadiag      to
•Utrls attending         :i
Samaria Cured Him, and He Helps
A man who hn.s been released frnm
■ht; awful cr.i\ni|.-s uf drink, and wtinne
losi thnuftlu Is to n-c'P ottaera, ■ h"•*■*-.a
tb.* spirit nf trui* brotherhood and
philanthropy. Head his letter:
j nc .-amaria Kemedy l'o.. Toronto,
i lit.:
v. nl you plews-e send me book on
dun... alio circular* reiauut; to vour
*.,..i.iii rented) :or ihe drink habli '
I wi.-ri to liktid iheat io a trlend wbo
Is ii' m« '.•■ ruin through drink. y.,,i
v»iii ri'inemi'er itmt I have lakii; voir
remedy, and I tlml It a,I you ri.-iliu It
in lm. I never ll'ink ot tu'.::r.; .-r
■n-inii 5iiotiK dtinl*. in am way, at ill
,!,.<,.,     Tor   li    lias    |.*f|   me.      t   cannot
.■*,*., loo hishi; oi .'ion* wonderful
i.*   *:      You may uso m. name (n any
u . . i "U wlall Tu puhlii.
, li. Lllywhllc, uriitden. Ontario."
s.oii.iria Preaertptlon la tasteless
umi odorless, and dissolves Instnntlj
In tea or coffee, or ran be mixed with
loud, ii can bo KiM'ti wiih or wlth-
oui the patients knowledge. It re-
ino\**» the craving for drink, builds up
■ to* system and restores the nerves.
lu'ini*. become! distasteful anl "»en
nauseous. '
I'rlnk Is a disease, not a crime. One
drink "f whiskey always Invites another. The inflamed nerves and
stomach create  n  craving that  must
ellher be fiatinrleil l\v more whiskey or
removed hy scientific treatment like
Bamarls Prescription. Samaria Prescription haa been in regular and sue-
cessful use by Physician* and tlnapl-
lals   for   ovsr   ten   yearn.
If you know of any family needing
Samaria Prescription, tell them about
It. If you have a husband, father or
friend that la drifting Inlo drink, help
him save himself.    Write tn-dnv.
A lllll TRIAL PACKAGE Ot Samaria Prescription, with booklet, giving fall particular!,, testimonials, price,
etc., will )■« sent absolutely free and
poilpaJd la plain staled ptekage tu
anyone asking for It and mentioning
this  paper.   |Corrsspond«nce  sacredlv
confidential.   Write  todny.      The   Sn
marl.t Rcmciiy Co., Dept. 46-49,  Col
borne street, Toronto, Canada, Also
fur sale  by  t\   R,  Macdonald,   Drug-
pist, Revelstoko, B. 0.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A tcbalile Hemli regulstoi. lu'ver hoi**. Tltf!»e
pllll are eKrcclillltlv pnwctliil in nRiilaling tlia
Kntrstive p'Ttinn nl ti>c femalfl lyitem, Kebme
nil rlieup biiiiaiinii*,. Dr. da Vao'a are told «t
I.'. *, ban, or three l"r 110. Mailed In anv ndilren.
Tha SestMll Ural Co., Rt, Cathsrlnea, "oi.
Late Polisher of Howson's
Fumitui't) Store
Repolishes.   Makes Old furniture
Estimates Freely Given.
Drop Card in Post Office
Public Notice ia hereby (oven that
it. is absolutely necessary that disorders of a suspicious nature be reported to Dr. McLean. City Medical
Health Officer or other physicians,
,*.s suul! us known. Failure to dn this
Is a punishable oflence.
n>- Ord' r.
City Clerk.
fl ANTED—Girl for General House
Work. Must be good plain cook.—
Apply  Mrs.   Sine.   Sixth  street.
WANTED—Situation in lumbei' ollice
ns stenographer and invoice clerk;
thoroughly experienced; uli refer -
once. Apply, Boi 914, Mail-Herald
Office,   Hevelstoke.
WANTED—Oilers for new laid eggs,
and lat chickens. Apply, Vickers,
Salmon Arm.
WANTED—A girl or woman to do
general house work.—Apply at the
Mail-Hcruld   Office.
KOK SALE—About 150 tons of baled
green feed, nlso a quantity  i :  'i'nii
othy hay.   Por prices write, N.E.
Sparks, MHnerton, Alta.     :it. J.hi
nut BALE—Modern nine-room house
all Improvements, and fifty loot lot
fronting Thud street, three doors
from Methodist church. Apply to
Al. .1. Scott,  Uox **i7. it.
POR salk Young, smart dollvory
tonm. Por particulars write A.
Haggstrom, Malakwa, It. c
Kou     BALE—Electrical    Machinery,
Two 2bmi Light Generators In lirst
class working order, complete with
exciters, meters, belts, etc. Will be
•uiil singly or together, A simp lor
u town, sawmill, etc., contemplating Installing an electric light plain
No reasonable oiler refused. ...lull
particulars on app leal Ion to iio •
North, Siipci Intendent ol 151 * il i ical
Department, City ol Revelstoke,
Itevelstoke B.C.,   Jan 27th,  l»12.
Kevelstoke  Laad   District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, Hurry I.
Laudry ol Rossland, B, C, occupation, mining, intends to upply foi pel
mission to purchase the lollowing described lunds.
Commencing nl, a post planted
about 1(1 chains west of the Southwest Cornet of Lot ki4s. thence north
•III    'imiii.'.      Ihence     went  B0  chains,
thence suuth   111 chains,      thence east
SO chains to point of commencement
containing 320 acres more or less,
Dated December,  uth,  Mil.
1st Is. Jaa.G    Per 1). Fisher, Agent.
Smoker1 s Supplies
Tbc old reliable now has tin lar^ st nnd 1 esi line o! Smokers'
Supplies ever in the Cily, mul our prices are  right,    l
of cigars to choose from.    Price from Sl.CUper box up;   noi made
frsui scrap either.
Meerschaum  Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes from $3.50 Up
(.im siock   nl  Calabash   Pipes  i-  small  on   account  ol  the
crop being a failure this vein ainl '|iiulit>  poor.
1*rim I'ipes in cases Irom $1.00 up.
Ask (or the famous II. B. B. brand, Everj pipe is guaranteed.
Cigar aud Cigarclie llolileis, Cisea and Lighters. V lies,
Ash Trnys and l'ipe Racks. Tell us what you mint and \w will
suit vnu. If you cannot call, phone 37 antl goods ttill bc ^itl to
youi home forapproval.    Buy earl) while Mock i- complete.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Everybody knows bim, he will
tell you ihut the whiskeys we are
silling ate llie best. Call and be
roovinced. No household should
he without a supply of inr Harvey's Special Scotch Whiskey) our
Frapin liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
:iti veins old or BlacVbcrry Brandy^
im Medicinal purpose*. Our stock
nf choice Wines aid Liquet* of all
kind- Hie unexcelled. Sold by all
: be ll sdipg hotels, nr teh photie
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers ar (I Doalers In Puro Wlnis, liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
Our Livery is equipped with Ihe fust hot sea and
ti-k's*   We also deliver express and baggage to any
part of the city.  Heavy and light teaming a specialty
( 0AL AM> \\( 0D FOR SALE
F. McCarty, Proprietor
Phone Uol
Shifohb Gure
nm. Uiv  tlopi rundh*,   ntrrn  colds,   hrnli
ihf Ibrpal and lund*.       •   •   ■      2<1 ceota.
Fresh Groceries, Vegetables and Fruit
Order now your winter's supply
Best on the Market
GALLICANO, 2nd Street. Near Railroad Track
J « EDNESDAY,  FEB,  Tth. 1918.
WEDNESDAY,  FEB.   Tth,   1012.
',' , I,
Edeu val
.*.!'.   |,nl-
, lays, whicl
:       *    iiiiii,„l,ly   ..l
: ho i. *m *    Tlio
irvesl  is     sl artiug «ith    i ho
* *.:    imi hi   vallcj * while
*,,l,t,     ..   fCW    I'M
...ui" theli   loh     uud
..  theii  dally trull  when eggs woro
il  * hi   hm. -I Itj  ol them pro
to take *i in.nn needed roat.  1
t tbi      *   * **  ml    i       '•"
icttel  nppioctated latci  on.
|. ,  you  ovei     think  ol    tbc  miiuj
stii .i    hen.     Bhe
. ci   work, will deliver     hor
iruit  .I*, ording  to what you five hoi
elf   I ,,*,, , ..     ; I..I..U1
,. i j, ., bi *""i ol  j '.ii,.* chlcka
ling ovei  with love and  iell
... hei   br I first and self ftfiei
i* ,.;.    ...  pi rfcctlon
.   .       mid  as  u   hustler     in
i .    ii*u  equals.
■   rever,    thc  poultry  business    is
mlng a growing industry iu this
*.   Mike  Lm "ti  rn  Cralgellacbie,
is "in' ol the toremoBl ol that place,
real  pride In Bhowiug vis
.    lm  ■   Uoi l. in their      com-
•    mh rt, is.   ii.   Lehman    alBo
*   im,*  Hock ol   Black   Mm..teas.II.
hei --,  * i   Malakwa   bought      150
• .      ii. in L. M.  Johnson,     which
maki 300 "i   moro foi thii
.■ ork,   li.  K. Somerville has
.. line bunch of  Vi bite  Loghoi ni ,  •*•' '
or     moro,      Mi.  Somci villi   carried
uway Bomo of the  prizes al   tho  [tov
..iiv Bbow  "ii 3rd "f ,Ian.
, ;     in* i   also raising somo      fine
Mn    I..   Dempsey  has n  nice
. ck, and many othei * have smaller
tun* ol  the facts wortl tiug,    Is
that ther,* has hecn no dtBeases us
yet to Interfere with the successful
raising ol poultry, which loands great
iragement to this pleasant and
profitable industry.
toi   Mail Herald:-
Dear Sir,—It   ecms  absurd thai oui
irrespondeut   should   place  out   avei-
. -
^ ■
■■■■*■■ £<l§
The Valley of
The Garden of Eden"
Situated at MALAKWA, B. C.
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,   and   Extending   between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-20,000 Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
rinmpiA!' /vf' Ca'.!   Bench   Lands,   Clay   Loam   and Vegetable
UiaiaClei   OT OOll   Mould, while on	
Lower Lands Black Loam
Nn liTEriTtinn   Pos'tive'y no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
lul III HjUliUll   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for  Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
Modern Glilliate   Freezing is  Average Winter Weather.
Prices of land Reasonable
For Further Particulars About This Garden Spot of B. C, Watch This Page
of tiie MAIL-HERALD fach Week
1 .rrjiK jshibjuss. ■sm.inttmi^ta.
uge temperature down us low ns
freezing. It. must bc that he either
has no mcunu ol tailing the average
or else Ms thermometer is of thc ISC
variety. If tlie people will jog thoir
memories a little thoy will remember
that wc had live or nix days, of* freezing weather In November, practically nouo in December, nud about li!
111 January, ol which eight or nine
were bolow zero. The last two weeks
of January have been almost to thc
boiling point, and arc ranking great,
advances against King Snow, and
Irom now on 40 above will bo a
chilly day in thc "Gnrdon of Kden."
Foremen's Bruhn and llosley, will
leuvu next, week with their crews for
Uowie to put in the bridge across
thc Eaglo river, which will give us
direct connection with Sicamous.
Sottlcr Two.
Alrcudy enquiries ahout conditions
nt Malakwa in the Garden ol Edeu,
arc arriving from all directions, one
letter just to band Irom Vancouver,
is asking many questions about this
section tor fruit and poultry raising,
while another enquiry from far ofl
Dawson City wishoB to know tho true
conditions regarding an opoulng for
a large general store. This enquiry
corueB from a party who has made a
fortune in thc Yukon nnd is looking
for an ideal climate where a steady
quiet business can bo maintained. He
does uot expect to make a fortune
out of his store ut Malakwa, but
will bc content with paying expenses
or a little better lor the first year
or so. Another enquiry comes Irom
far oft Nova Scotia, Irom a man with
a large family of daughters. The
head ot tbis home has means and
wautB to know what chance there Is
(or his securing a block of at least
■100 acres. He has live daughters nnd
wants to Improve and then bequeath
a. block of land to each child when
she marries or at his dcmlBC. Tbis
gentleman in used to hard work and
wants strictly wild lnnd, und has
means to hire all the available lab -
orers to help to clear it. He figures
if thc enquiries he hai made are favorable in selling his extensive hold -
ings down by tho Atlantic nnd moving to the Garden of Eden this coming summer.
J. H. Johnson was among Kden
ranchers tn Revelstoke on Tuesday
Lloyd Johnson spent several days
in ltovelstoke last week.
Ilie Pettipiece Case
to jaill    Say
Four nurses
table Sun
They  art  over  .1    years
lavi   votes in the
Tbi J verj   glad that   the man
....    .
I ' than any other man
men on a
. lality  .'. th men,  wa
■   . s
■ .: ough
ie sl     I       but   mi a
ild    not
1  t
■  •      .*.       Pla
■  ■    ollow-
S their mount
■  '
■ .
'   I to   break u
•    lore li
day mi  which  the general strike was  in  open  in
.vi ,   ..in 11.-t    liill   say ' ,-.i   1' **;   and
; * ■      .nu,*.    'I'lii*   write!   ati I   '■ tilt    *
meeting. He Is not n  union man,   iui funds.
ba.l  been in\ I * Ben1.    and ■       ■  ■
uot by  Pettipiece, aB the public  might     . the Bame an *,.-
surmise.      * en aa    to
~i Fresh Milk For Sale
whether  th illow
, ,l ti, r.-main,     and   *    *
i om, 1     thn
.*.   which   Was   COmpOS
tl n     111
the citj and who could by I
pen then
1   ••
'   il
n this crl
.   - .■;       it a
Tl   y say that It
I in tl       ilunl
11 the pari
and   - ■ .. **i
ng pa) cheques
Satui '  tor faithful labor i"ii
•   1 .'      ca ti ied  to
and every mem
..:  ol the *■'.* •■ itlve committee "I the
met .a Labor hull ot the
lablc Thursday befoir the Mon-
J.   H.   MeVety   pri
c '.it.   r, ton   tm' mi *
at  that m
■   ■
- ral
H il   mii  back   ti   thi
I '       *       :     I '      '       *
[I .
11 a       all
'      *
H   t tie   eond
:   111.
*■   1      m ani
: i I
i'l ,■■!     ' *      ' * : : Ike '   :
'  *■   ' he 'i 1 .if    and  I. i   I oun
ii   . :   ■ 100  pel      in*
thai * could earn at i,
11 itli with Iti 7j hour 'lay, and no
man ever worked hnrdei noi put In
* bom e In 1 bc endi avoi to earn
such a stipend, When tho strike hnd
run Beveral weoks and tbe fund mt\
commencing to run low.    Pettipiece,
•    '
O   B
Now Held the Fort
in Rcelstoke
A lai of Dainty
i a 1-pound, one-
and three-
Th? Finest in the Land
[ian   cJTVIade
For Your Seeds
Ornamentals 5* Fruits
r i THE
Henry Seed end Nurseries
Box 691, - Revelstoke
Hevelstoke Laud District.
District of West Kooteuay.
Take notice that I, burrows Henry
Kothwell of NukuBp, 13. 0., occupation gentleman, intends to apply tor
permission to purchase the following
described lauds:
Commeucing at a post plauted 40
chains south ol the North-eust Oorner of T. L. 11274, thence south 80
chains, theuce east about 20 chaiua,
tn Arrow Lakes, thenco uorth along
Lake about ill chains, theuce weat
about 2 chains to poiut ot commence
ment, containing about 100 acreB,
more or less.
Dated  December 2'Jtli,  1911.
Burrows   Henry   Rothwell.
Edward  ltusKOll  Vipond,  Anont.
.1 au. 6th lust issue.
E.    Q.    BURRJOGE
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnac-a w/orh
Cnnnaug^t   Ave Rovol»'nl<n
Packivl In
SO<   a pound
n - - ■
• -.tuke Laud District.
let nl West Kootenay.
Tuke notice that I Horutio Leverne
iwell  "(  Nakusp, li.  0.,  occupation   lunik   manager,   intends  to      ap-
permisslon to purchuse    thej
wing described lauds;
mmenclng at a pust planted 12<>
K- Ma ill, Proprietor ,,„„,,„ H„,,ti, „j the North-eaBt com-
l    I.    11271,      tbence Bouth    80
* at,   tbence east  about  20  cbains,
tn  Arrow   Lake,   tbence uorth    ulong:
Lake  about 80 Chains,  tbence     west
chains to point of     com -
ment,     containing   about   200
more or less.
Dm', .  Di ember 29th, 1911.
Horatio  Leverene Kothwell.
Edward  itm-meil Vipond, Ancnt.
I .'in.   Uli
IU to
call ?it
*    . Exporter
!,   I'..  C.
'    "T-   '
r '.ul
I make >
ii -I everything
re     i       * ■ m.i itislness
ShiM's Gure
Siiiekly.ntiipN oonftha, care****, •.-obis, hcnln
iv  ilirnni nnd   Iiiii*«. •   -   -   ia oran
Notice m hereby -riven  that thirty
il.iyn after date application will be
made to tbe Superintendent ol I'ro-
vlneinl Police f"r t.he tiiimfci ol the
llcsnte lm tbe Halo ot liquor by retuil in and iipon tha premises knowii
un ttin City Hotel situated at Arrow
bead, British Columbia, from John
('uie*. to Robert Caley "f Arrowhead
Dated this Kb day of January 1H12
Juu 10 let issue      Holder of License
Coul miuiug rights of the Domiuion
iu Muuitoba, Saskatchewan aud Al
berta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories and in a portion of the Proviuce of British Columbia, may be leased lor a term of
tweuty-one years at an annuul rental of il au acre. Not more than
::,.u.ii acres will be leased to oue applicant.
Application lor lease must bc made
by the upplicant iu person to the
Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
iu which the rightB applied for are
In surveyed territory tbe lund must
be described by sections, or legal
nub iliviiiioiiB of BectlouB, aud ln uu*
surveyed territory tho tract applied
for shall be staked out by the ap -
plicant himself.
Each applicant must bo accompanied by a tee ot $5 which will be refunded If the rights applied for aro
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shull be paid on the mer-
chuntuble output of the mine at tbe
rate of five cents per ton.
The perm .n operuting tho mine shall
liirnit,h tlie Agent with sworn returns
accounting for thc full quantity of
merchantable coul mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If tbe coal mining
righto are not being operuted, such
returns Bhould be furnished ut loast
onco a year.
The lease will Include tho coal mia-
ing right* only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be con-
aidered necessary for the working of
tbc mine at the rate of 110.00 an
Kor full Information application
Bhould lie made to the Secrotary of
tho Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion  Lands.
Deputy  Minister of the Interior.
N.H.—Unauthorized publication of
Una ndvertlaement will not be paid
Electric Restorer for Men
Phncnhnnol restore* every nerve In the body
rowpiwnui ,„ ((> pr„per ,en,iun . ^.i**,,,,
tlm and vitality. Premature decay and all **rxnal
weakness ftvtrled at .rice. Fhotphoaol will
make yon ft new man. Price VI. bo«. or two lol
ii. Mailed lo any address The Boob-ell Dl uj
Co., St. CMhartnaa. Ont.
Sold at Macdonald's Drug Ston.
lu the Mutter ot au Application
for tho issue of u Duplicute '- i*,.*i.i -
eate oi Title to all minerals p.et -
ious uud base (save coal and pro-
troleumj under Lots 5325 ">ew
York" Miuerul Cluim, 5320 ' rtostua"
Minerul Claim, 5327 "Chicugo" Miuerul Cluim, .i,iJS "Montreal'' Miuei-
n! Cluim, 532U "Sau Francisco" Miuerul Cluim, 51130 "Kairview" Mineral
Claim, 5331 "Metropolitan Fractiou"
.Mineral Cluim und 5332 "Chicugo
Fraction" Miuerul Claim, all la
Croup  1,  Kootenay District.
Notice is hereby given that .t ls
my iutentiou to issue at the expiration of oue month utter tho hrst pui,
licatiou hereof a Duplicate 'I tbe
Certilicate ol Title to thc ubovo
mentioned lots iu the name ol The
Metropolitan Gold aud Silver Miuiu*;
Company of Lardeau, B.C., Ltd.(Nou
Personal Liability) which CertiBcatu
is dated tho i Oth day of July, fJuti,
at 10:20 u.m. aud numbered 5U22A.
Nclsou, B. 0., 8th January,  1912.
lBt iisue J.20 District Registrar.
In the Matter ot an Application for
the isBue of a Duplicate Oertiflcate ol
Title to Lots 8 and 9, Block 1, Towu
of Arrowhead, being part of Distriet
Lot 184, Group 1, Map 631.
Notice is hereby given that it is
my intention to isBue ut toe expiration of ono month after tho flrst publication hereof a Duplicate of tho
Certilicate of Title to the above mentioned lots in the name of Barney L.
Plumton, which Certilicate is dated
the 15th day of January, 1909, at
9:30 a.m., and numbered lOOVJA.
Nelson,  B.C.,  8th  January,  1912.
1st iss.  Jan 17       District Registrar,
LIQUOR AOT,  1910.
Notice iB hereby given that 30 daye
after date application will be mado
to tbe Board of License Commis-
sioners for thc transfer of the license
Ior the sale of liquor by retail in and
upon the premises known as the
City Hotel, situated at Kevelatoke,
in the province of Briti-sh Columbia,
from Robert Caley to John Caley of
J 20 1st iss. Holder o! License,
..! WEDNESDAY, FED. 7lb,  1912
WEDNKSIIAY,   FED   7th.  1912.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. S- t*um* ■* Co.. .Cimiled
See the New Cash Carrier
February, and almost Spring,   New goods are beginning to show, and we never had a finer assortment or more comprehensive showing than now
New Hair Barretts
and Baudeaus
in tortoise shell, etc. A nice,
bright collection of Spring 1912
Ideas in Hair Ornaments
25c to $2.50
Special Sale ol White
Muslin and Cambric
A clean up of a lot of lines at
IOc per yard
Misses Skirts
length  30 to 36,  in navy  blue
cloths, serges, tweeds, etc.
at $2.40
Ladies Warm Underwear
in natural colors, all sizes, vests
and drawers.   Special at
35c or 3 pieces for $1
500 yards ol Cheffon
and Colored Nets
going on sale Thursday at a price
that ought to hustle them out at
25c per yard
Lovely   New English
Pure white, soft, lofty finish at
20c per yard
Groceries and Crockery Department
Heintzs India Relish
Vou will lind this relish one o( the best
on the market, lt is prepared from only thc
finest ingredients and in every stage of manufacture due care is taken to ensure its perfect
purity, lt has a pleasing flavor, and when
once you try it you will use no other.
Pickles and Pickles
Sec our display of Ficklca in the front of
our Grocery Department. We cany only the
best grades and can always give you a good,
reliable brand. Crosse & Blackwell's ill half-
pints, pints and quarts; Stephen's, Rowat's,
Heinz's, Gillard's, Swan and   Victoria Cross.
Boss Hand Cleaner
i Boss, the   famous   hand-cleaner,   dirt de
stroyer and skin preserver, will bc on sale on
Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 5th and 6th at
such a low price tha, everyone will want to bc
thc lirst to make a purchase.    Just think of it,
3 cans for only 25 cents
Be sure you get in on this bargain. TWO
Mens Furnishings, Boots and Shoes
We are putting on the BARGAIN TABLE all the remainder of our
lines of women's and children's Felt Slippers. They must be cleared out at once
and we consider the prices will do it in short order. Don't wait until your size is
all sold out.    Come at once.
Never before in our business career bate
we shown such an assortment of Olives as at
thc present time. We have them all, from the
green .stage to the ripe. Olives stuffed with
Nuts, Olives stuffed with Tomatoes, Olives
sniffed with Peppers, Olives in oil, plain Olives in all si/e bottles, ranging in price from
35 cents to $1.25 per bottle
Fussell's Cream
Have you tried any of Fussell's Cream—
(thc whipping cream)? This time of year
when fresh milk is hard to gel, Fussell's
Cream will fill tbc bill. A pure, rich, thick,
eating cream, suitable for any dish you care to
make, put up in key-opening, sterilised cans.
Tbc Lenten Season will be here before
very long and we arc looking ahead a little
and stocking up with the best varieties of Fish
lhat could be procured, We will offer none
but tbc kind that HAS satisfied and WILL
satisfy. Our stock is lirst class, choice and
wholesome and comprise Finnan I laddie,
Kippers, Salmon Bellies, Mackerel, Labrador
Fat Herring and Dry Codfish.
Canned Vegetables
This is the season of the year for Canned
Vegetables. If you eat more vegetables you
will feel the better for it. Our Canned 1'eas,
Com, Beans, Tomatoes and Pumpkins are the
best brand on the market. Green goods and
dry vegetables arc scarce and high in price,
\\hile the canned goods arc jusi as good and
very much cheaper.
See our display" of French Peas,
oMushrooms and c/4sparagras in glass
bottles, Beets, c_/4sparagras and Succotash in cans.
Ladies Slippers
LADIKS' JL'LIETTES in various colors
and shades of velvet, and felt. Every pair
sewn, no tacks or rough scams. Perfectly
flexible and easy on the foot. Regular $1.75
values, and
wool and plaid felts, regular $1.50 values
zAny Pair 95 cents
Children's and Misses' Slippers
A missed line of ankle strap felts that wc are
not going to carry over. You will never be
able to beat them for value.
Price 25 cents a pair
Misses' Felt Slippers
both in Jaeger pure wool and fancy Juliettes.
Nobby little shoes that arc comfortable and
dressy for house wear,
Price 75 cents a pair
Children's Slippers
in p'aid felt, cither with ankle strap or without
You   cannot  duplicate   ihem   for  double  the
Price 35 cents a pair
tA real genuine Snap, just the one you may* be looking for, At any* rate you can't afford
to pass it up. All our odd lines of men's Soft Felt Hats of the present season are on the
table at a price that ought to move them off.
This price will convince you—$1.50 Each
A few lines that will interest the housekeeper
who is prepairing for early* spring house cleaning.
These lines are extra special in value and will not
last long at the prices.
Japanese Mats Kjeal B«rKains, 4x7, $1.75
4x12 at $3.00 each
Union Squares Al1 sizes-a11 colors
and combinatious
You can't get  away from the values we are
offering in these.   Call and see them; the prices
are away below actual cost.
Our new lines of Wall Papers have just
been put in stock and we can assure the public that never has such a complete line of artistic papers been shown in the city. Rich
and artistic but at prices that will surprise
you by their cheapness. Now is the time to
see them while the lines are all unbroken.
We import direct from the manufacturer in
the Old Country and can supply* you with the
best article for the least money. Our patterns are
all new and bright. Just compare these prices
with any you may* have
A QUALITY—Inlaid, the best  that is on  the
market, at $1.40 per square yard.
*D QUALITY—In a wide range of patterns
at $1.20 per square yard
/"^QUALITY -In attractive new patterns
at 90 cents per square yard
C. B. HUME & CO., Ltd. WEDNESDAY,  TKH   Tth,  1912
WEDNESDAY, EE13, Tlii,  1912,
New Yecar's Bargain Sale
Girls' Wipter Coats
Six onlj Girls' Winter fonts, nil this sea
son's styles, Sizes, 8, 1", 12 aid L4 years
Sale Prices $4,50 to $5 Each
[f you need a coat lor any of the above
apes you cannot afford to overlook these.
Ladies' Tweed Costumes
I (,:-,". Serge Suit, Size 36, WO
! Black Serge Suit, Size 36 WO
ii oi ;*. Tweed Suits, Size 34, 36, and 38.
I;,**.  if25and p30.   On Saleat W5.5U
•.   1(1)5.   Salt
* i*, only, Pony Coat, Reji
$.70 1 only, French Sea! Set, Keg. *70.
Sale Price, **>0. 1 only Astrachan Set.
Reg  *4&    Sale Price, 25.
Chllds Sets—Grey Persian Lamb.
Ladies'  Sable   Stoles   Ladies    Isabella
Fox, Ladies'Marmot stoles.    I'nee ranging from *3 up.    The above are alj  new.
Ladies' Dressing Gowns
Made   front   Eiderdown.
Fancy Wrapperettes.
Sale  Price
. -14.50
Sale Price       $10
Sale Prices on all
Men's  Goods
Men's Winter Overcoats—Sale Price, WO
Men's Youths' and Hoys' Suits, odd
Trousers, House Coats, Men's Underclothing.
This Sale includes everything in
our Entire Slock. Come Early and
get first choice.
c^All our Millinery going at Hall'
Price at this Sale.
fisherman ol tin- province would be
allowed to sell Ills llsli whwever he
plonBod and In the irmrket which
gate him tho greatest money.
inu ing  the tiohnt i tho tiueutlon,
which wns pfeclpltuted i>> H, l'*''">
. nts ol Oomox-Atlin, II was Bhown
thai the poachers ol tlio coast wero
depleting the fisheries ol British Co
lumbia. ll. ll. Stovena of Vancouver
dr?w attention lo u nerlous coudltlon
of nilairs. A lew years alto, there
wero 10,000 white lishermen al the
ci ast. Today there nre "*r>* [ow and
there ware In,onu Japanese lishermen
Tho whole Industry was In the bands
ol nn alien raco, a serious condition
ol affairs and one iiKtiinsl which lint
Ish Oolumbia  vigorously  pvotosted.
Tho Immigration policy of tlir Lib
oral government uud the farming ol
i|m> iisiiii',' licenses were largely responsible for  presbnt  conditions.
H iX.SOK VI Kevelsl •• U '' "
. | ,. .-•,,, ■ ,Bt the nii Inst. 11.
H , . ped ia yours    Youngest
,.   Mrs   i . Hanson
-.,   :., Feau* oin'iit  \ ancouver pro
,   mi   i" the winst Tournament on i
i   night un.l win the prize.
EM   Edwards left lot Prince Ru| ■
-  : laj evening Inst
.1. M.  Kelli.  returned last  Momlnj
from   ,i trip t" t!i»    Ol i
Tin   R ■* Istoki  Caledonian Bi
w ii  ...       toi  l-m  in  Belklrk  Hull at
5 p.m.
r peratoi  here lor some
.   ■   •   ., glerred to G4ai
■ •
,\- an   taking u greal  inter
• -    in the Y.M.i'. v. swimming da -
■ on mem ers on     Saturdaj
Ti "it and suppei
■ tbe    J   1>.   I'.- ol the Methodist
"     , •   Monday evening Inst   wns
■  -
Tl •   La lies   liml  .*•>  ol  si    John -
i  |
Mi     i    1'   McLennan,     on
*,.**.■. Hmi
*, Siitui'daj next
tn postponed till the    ar-
•  ■     :  Mi-.  Hal
' mn.
\    H   T ....
ol   '• .
• iking   a
■ • the
rt.     Oi t 1
■ l. Uavidi
n   * .
Jnbn -
■  .
• it I'eopteV Sodet
i *. .■ fvrn
• ■
Pt      l
•   ■• ••
•* * -  tram
• •  ' . •      Th -
'    "M.
Pure White Clover Hciliei in - lb. Cans.    Tbis is
will  find awfulh nieeiil ibis season of tlie year.
HOME-MADE JAM    In pin'*-,oul quarts, gins
absolutely pure nml well put up,
SYRUPS   Pure MgpleSyrup in bottles ur cans,
unlet; to bi ih. best.
w hicli vve guar-
MacKenzie Avenue
lliicsts aro arriving dully from fai
and nenr. The house al present is
(mii'iI to iis full accommodation. The
cottages are now being lixed up to
accommodate the guests,
A   few   parlies   tool*.   .1   II,imp   up   lo
the has,n where the hoi  water lenves
the ground this week.
Charles Macintosh nnd wile and
daughter, ol Sl. Catherines, Ont.,
nee here lor n few months or so to
tnke the treatment u'hich tins water
is so noted for all over the world.
Mr. \. It. Allan of New York, representing the linn of the Knapp Co.,
expects to spend a few weeks al the
spring  hotel.
.lames Kvans, thc popular rancher
"f Snlmou Aim. arrived on the down
boat  yesterday,
Before you start, out Shopping,
don't tall to read this column,
which is bristling with pointers tor
the bargain seeker.
Oh you  "IMhi Ditrbiu*.
Apply   t,
,0 let near Central schopl.
ll. N. Courslor.
Remember the
at 7 p.m.
Don'l   fail   to   Bee
.111" tonight at tin
See Ithe   lievelstoke
Cut Flowers. Phono
Round-up" starts
'   the   "Delhi   Hm*
Nurseries    for
16. 1. c.
If   yoll   do   nol   see   the
mi will regrot it.
'Hound up
Mi.   Ki.'iieli   ,,[   SiIvmi t,m,
few  days ago.
unveil   a
Wow   ntoul  lasl year's  resolution   iu  retfurd to fiiitldiiig?    Do  you
intent)  lo build that home or noi      If so, don*1 wnii   until all our
most   desirable i"1--  arc gone, but -m i  bus) and secure one before
;>1 in ■   ,'!\ ant 1 -
The ladies ol the Alter s.uiety  ul U  enforce the law    \  roi    '  will   he
the Catholic church will held a whiel ,,,*-,.■■., C(j ,,, ,„. ,,|BCCI| ,„ „.,,;,, ,|u,
tournament  In St. Frances Hall,    on [om,n(, „,„„„,.,.
Prida]. Feb. 9th, commencing n   - Id
'    , , ,,    , I be    ili'p.ll'l llU'lit     will    ,*,:
ihai p   Hand-one' pi Ices will be aw
ud.'.l to the winons     Vdmission lee l'"'1"    foi the construction ul a vei
*   cents each ""''  '" usi thc    Usblng
e.'.ists ,.f the  province .m*l  to     pn
*..*,    ■• on    of curlers
rem smuggling.
lift  last  sunduy lo,   I    ,i      ■    take      ,,, the „,      . .
„  tbe  big  bonspiel    The lust  team,
know. '
*   th,  R   l ppei  and  J.
i;.  lint
known   na  i lt.it-       Mai im
ami  consists o
M    FleW,  li   tlquarebriggs
il.   .1    Mclntyn     Untng  to thi
that tin   rink was  burnt   In  I
Tli. weather here It again turning
sofi   and  the  snow  again   will      soon
be gone,
Mr. Kerrigan and wile of Hi** King
Kdward   hotel   RevelBtoke,   leaves  to
.lev   for   Uevelstoke  alter  an   absence
..f ,i w self Bpeut here
^lis. William II..yd expects to go
into tlie turkey ana geese business on
h large scale this coming summer as
die had such good luck last summer.
il. *.'. Itioldi and wile of Portage
La Prairie, are here for a week or
ten days. Mr. Qrobb is one of the
leading  business men ol thai city.
It K. Cole, retired train master ..!
RevelBtoke, arrived yesterday.
\ndy  Daly   of  RoBsland, one "1 tbo
old timi'is of that ilistnei is here.
\ iiig dance it is reported will bo
hi Id here very shortly.
li. & A. CoraetB, odd lines to cloar
only JI  u pan   at   McLennan's,     'it.
Tho  "Round up" .it   the  star    to
nighl and Thursday night,
Special bargains in wash blouses ut
McLennan's, 2t.
Don'l forget that Howson's Sale
if Carpet- is still one. Come In nnd
ihoose before thfl slock is picked over
It will only cosl you 15 cents to
see the only real Delhi Durbar pictures tottight.
Kmpcess Shoes, regular $1 und (5,
lliils. Oxfords ami rumps. Your
choice  for  $3  at   McLennan's.      Ut..
Not one red Iml three reels ol lhe
great "Delhi Durbar" at' the Kdison
tonight  and  tomorrow night, .
Have that rough lloor covered with
llowson ii Co.'s linoleum and lloor
oils and save all that extra hard
work  in  scrubbing  the  wood   Hoor,
Excellent mus,.- by McMuhoii's Ul ■
chestru at the Sl. Valentine's Dance
Drill Hall, Feb,  L4th.
llowson fi Co, have the largeBl
stock of wail p.ipci iu the city; boo
:lieir Btoek before purchasing else
*' here,
Si. Valentine's Dance In tbo Drill
Hull, Keb. nth, given by the Cud's
Hospital  Auxiliary.
Moving  pit
a  the  I'M.sou  to
■   ■
i ,,it ol   hi   leaeon, I ■
■ *
ime honurs   it  tl
•   in unmeet     '.   '!.
' ikanattan   ' The •
•* ■  •
To Protect Fisheries
i ■
•• ■ i
•*,    i mai
w h u is ;it the
We are proud of our Store because it is a successful
Hardware Store,
You do not " fork over all your money to us for
poor goods, bul pay us only a reasonable price for thc
best hardware made."
When   you   want   Hardware,   remember   we've
got it.
Come and look !    We like lookers I
I lowson  fi  Co.'s cli i ko
pleased to show   you  their
house furnishings whether
to  buy  or not,
tuck    of
.11 cllOO80
Don'l forget the grand opening ol
W. Parry's Auction Mart, Becond
street.      west,    February   10th  noxt.
Sale  commences at 2:30 p.m.
llowson -.-v Co. have the goods you
want after spring cleaning; come in
and Inspect our most complete housi
furnishing Une in the city.
Revelstoki; Hardware Co., ltd.
llowson Block
Financial Statement, Dec. 31st. 1911
l.lAlill.lTH'.S '
Government  P,| osit *   5000 00
"   accrued int.       Hi "-
Hills Kr.cn '1*!.              lliU  ■"'
i illi.,* luiiiitiiic,'*. Kquipinenl s*;" '"
I ire Maps and Plans	
Sun L- Permanent      	
Licence Pei s I unexpired I ■
Cash in Agent b Hands     1"*        I
Cash on Hand and in Hank -28733 80
Subscribed i npital subject  to
Call      I«4»i i »0
Capital Stock paid up $ 31,794 Si
Horn, lor Ine  Losses   unadjusted        -ss-' ''••'
Losses adjusted, due and un-
paid  ..... None
• i'ii  Due  other   Companies    nnd
iuu in     agents for Commission...
Reserve (or  unearned   premiums (govm't st.uiilanli 34946 i'1
Ralanci Revenue Account  ■ 181 Is i S
\,t Surplus  14715 i 68
si.l'l KITV I OR I'OMON   lldl,lll'l.
$240,475 39
,$232,933 65
MUSIC   Miss Johnson, pupil of A.
! Miller, K.II.A.M., London, is prepared  to take a limited number of pupils for tuition in music.   Kor terms
,    ,      . ,    , ,       aiuilv lit     thc      residence ot  ,1.    K.
Neat,    com ortablo furnished house  "i i '-v ,,,,„.,„«
,      ,,.   ,      .„„,..    ...   Johnson, lirst  hons.'  west of the hos-
,  i t   ,,,,   Fourth  Btreet.   Applj    'o
tpital,   First  street.
IM.  N.  Courslor,
l-'iilf BALK   Cmiii Gniniphono, cheap,
.md two dozen     records.   A. Fyfo,
Mull Herald.
•    be mi1.1   • ■ '
■*.e.  th
■     .
Edison Theatre
ant] Thursday  Night
Delhi Diifltif
■ .
Usual Prices-IOc 15c
A glance at the map will show you that Edmonton must be the logical
distributing centre for the Great Peace River Country and Northern
, B C covering a territory hundreds of miles square now being opened up
by the Canadian Northern and Grand Trunk Pacific Railroads.
Industries are now heading towards this coming commercii
the railway development this year will he enormous, lh
are putting in their Shops there and the C. Pi R. are spei
$3,000,000 in the City alone. Everything points to a rec
year   for   L912  and   Realty   values   will   rapidly advance.
Our Subdivision there called
35 to $2 L.uti
New Stocks if Feedmf  Bottles
Nipples   and   .Soothers «f
Eyery Description
$1.25 P,r lb. Pacbgi
[n all kii
inrising Gov
for mot   I
-hoesof all kiruN and ai all pi
s   located   but  2'.
les from post office,
manding   a    mag-
liticent view of the Sas-
:hewan river, nnd from its
inient and  pleasant situ-
rlll in the near future be
of building activity, and
be worth double its present
short time.    Lots are now on
$30 Down and Balance Over 18 Months
We have for sale a few Bpeciallj Belected lots in Port Mann, thc western
terminus of the C. N. l; . al -1275 each, with a cash payment down of!7&.
Over a million and a half dollars have hecn invested in Port Mann during
the last three weeks, and these lots whicli adjoin the townsite will more
than double as soon a> the '. N. K. Townsite is put on the market in
March.   Get in on (ids bargain at once for B quick clean up.
E.G. FOLEY, Manager, MacKenzie Avenuo


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