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The Mail Herald Oct 14, 1911

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 r- -~\
"Empire" Ty^writer
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $00 j
Interior Publisnmg Co., Agis.,
Visiting Cards
Interior Puolishing Company
Vol. 17-No. 81
TOOLS COST no more than poor tools,  with
Lawrence Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Offloe—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized ■             $10,000,000.00
Capital Subscribed -          6,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up -      -      5.944 278.00
Reserve        - 5,944278.00
Branches or Adepts at all principal points in'1 Lunula.
Agents in Grnai Britain and ILiitea States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—Kirst National Bank, Corn Hx-
change National Bank. S»»ttl*—S.-attlo National Bank, San Pran-
ciico—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bauk. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Dft^'-ttnant
One Man Killed, another Falally
Injured—Trunk said to have
Contained Photo Supplies
Lacombe, Oct. IJ—One man dead;
another seriously injured; the 0. P.
R, baggage room completely wreck-
i'ii, bhe station badly -damaged, were
some of the disasters which accompanied an explosion in a trunk stored
ni lhc railway baggage ruoni lust
The ilciul man it) B.P. McLeod, local baggageman, who succumbed to
his injuries early this morning. His
assistant. Blckfopd, was also seriously hurt, hut it is impossible to say
what lho outcome will be until it is
learned whether he is Injured internally or not.
The trunk whicli caused all tbe trou
ble was a small slued, inoflensive look
ing affair, which it is said was owned hy Harry R. Neine and Harry
I.pine, wbo came from Edmonton on
the 17:1(1 train. They hnve been nr
rested and are charged with carrying
explosives. They were before the coroner's jury tin's morning and the case
has hern adjourned until next Friday
morning at 1*0 o'clock at the request
of the police.
The two men now in custody say
that all they had in the trunk was
flashlight powder and photographic
The trunk came off the train from
the north at 17:30 and was placed in
the baggage room. Aft?r the train
from the south had come in at 19
o'clock, McLeod had occasion to move
some of the trunks, and when he
dropped the trunk on the floor the explosion followed. McLeod received the
full force of the explosion and was
picked up from the wreckage of th?
baggage room in a very serious condition. He was removed to the hospital where his death occurred at 5:45
tbis morn'ng. Both his legs were almost completely blown off. He was
unmarried and a native of the maritime provinces.
$2.50 Per Year
ity to judge of the scenic beauties of
Vancouver mil  the surrounding    districts.   A  bureau of Information will
also likely be established  in tlie con.
ventioti   rooms,   where   the  trips  taken  hy the visitors can be kept,    track
of ami Information such as the sights
Which  nee especially  sought  and  features  of special  interest noted      and
given   tbe   proper  attention.  The  own
ers of automobiles in the city     will
be asked to co operate with the hoard
of  school   trustees  and   give  ttie  use
of their cars to thc visiting commit
tee during  tbe  term  of  the conven
It   is  expected   that   nearly      three
hundred      will    sit down to tbe ban
quet,   invitations   to   which   have    already  been  sent  to  thc  minister    of
. lucatli n, the superintendent of education,  the     mayors  of    Vancouver,
North   Vancouver  and   South       Van-
i*i hi ver,  the local     members    of   the
board  of  school   trustees,   the      past
members,  representatives of Hastings
nnd II.L.  HOI,  all  school  principals of
lhe city,  supervisors of s.hm.ls,    all
reeves and  their secretaries,  all mem
hers  of school   boards  in  this     dis -
trict and  their secretaries,   BirChas.
llibbert  Tapper,      Mr.   W.  N.   (irillin,
school  hoard  solicitors,   City      Clerk
McQueen  and  Comptroller 0.  P. Bald
win.   The  wives  of  all   those  invited
v.-ill he included in ths Invitation, as
well  as all  of the visiting delegates.
Additional   names will  he added     to
'■tie banquet list Irom time to time.
Revelstoke Birds Entered i,i tirc
World's Competition*
Cowan, lupper, and Bob Green
Mentioned as likely to Receive Appointments
Ottawa,   (let.   l.'l—According   to   the
act governing  the    provinces  of    Alberta and Saskatchewan  111  1905      it
was provided that  representation    of
these provinces  may  he  increased  to
four each after the next decennial con
sus  and  similar  provision   was  made
for CManitobn.    The Borden govern
ment intends to give this 'Increase to
six  senators  to the  prairie  provinces
and  also an  increase of three senat -
ors in British Oolumbia, this making
a total number op seven new senators
from   the  west,  making  21,   which     is
the  same number allotted  respectively to Ontario, Quebec and the  Marl-
time  provinces.  Tbe  increase will enable  the government  to reward  some
of the many aspirants for favors. Por
British Columbia th    nntrrs of Q.H.
Cowan and .Sir Charles Hibbert Tapper of Vancouver,    and    Hon.  Robt.
Green of Victoria, have already been
proposed.   Por  Alberta    the defeated
Conservative  candidates  Hurron  and
Magrnth  are  likely  to  be taken  care
of as well as Lake, of Assitiiboia and
Haggart   in  Winnipeg,  the latter  being rewarded for giving up his s?a*t
to Hon. Robert Rogers.
Deposits of JI and upward, reoeivini, aud  interest allowed at
rent rate from d-ite of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. a. MuCIeneghan, Mgr.    5
A nice range of warm underwear, all
sizes, in the best woolens of English
and Canadian makes.
Mrs. A, G, Crick, • First Street
Robin Hood Flour Beats Them All
Mrs. H. N. Coursier carries o(F two first prizes
with KOHIN HOOD FLOOR. The special prize
we offered and also for the best loaf from any
Hour. If you wanl good bread use Robin Hood—
the flour of quality.
P. O. Box 208     QROOER & BAKER    Phono No. 23
Sheriff Law has Exciting Experience with Wild deer
While  out   Hsbing  down   tbe  Arrow
Lakes tbis  week  Sheriff W.  J.    Law,
reports having had a most unique ex
perience and   a very   narrow and lucky
escape in nn escapade     with a large
outlaw    buck   deer.       Early in   tbe
morning Mr. Law was sitting   on    a
rock at tbe edge of the water     with
his lishing rod  in his hand   when all
ol a     sudden a big buck  deer sprang
from   the  bush   which   was  in      close
proximity to the water,  and charged
I tbe sheriff,   knocking  him  into     the
Icy water.   On rising to bis feet ag-
i nin the' sheriff found tbe animal coming at bim  again  with both     front
feet in the air ami [Striking for    his
breast.   With  considerable  presence of
mind  Mr.   Law  threw  his  hands     in
front of him  anil giving them nn out
ward sweep separated  the  limbs     of
the deer, wbich came down  over both
wrists an.l severely skinned them. Hy
this action man and deer     were     in
close embrace anil both  in tbc water.
Tbe sheriff then  realising that something  must      be  done ns the  animal
was  apparently desperate,      grappled
with    him     nnd succeeded  in holding
the  animal's  head   unner  water     (or
BOtne time.   The chilling effect of the
water,  however,  on  the  sh'.'rifl,    who
has been  ill  for some time and    thc
terrific struggle  which  he bad    with
iln- animal, liml considerably fatigued him and In* decided that it     wat
besl   to  let   the   leer gohrfoie he could
drag him nut   into deep water or get
the best   of Iiim   in liis.leatb struggle.
This  he .lid ami  murh to tbe       surprise  an.l   pleasure  of  the   sheriff the
fin inn I   shook   bis  stubby   little     tail
nnd  meandered  back  into the      hush
from  whence be came.
old experienced hunters say that it
is very seldom that a deer will attack a man in this manner without
nny provocation whatever, but they
explain that probably this outlaw
had become practically made owing to
the persecutions of the younger males
in the herd whicli bad mastered him
and  driwn  him  from  their company.
Ullen Players Open Tuesday
A     shipment ol six pullets    leaves
Uevelstoke  this  afternoi n  by express
io enter the world-wide    competition
in tbe Egg-laying contest which commences  on  Friday,  October  20th  and
will      lie     held    In    the    Exhibition
grounds   at   Vancouver.   The   contest
will last for one year from    Octolier
20th, with  nothing but pullets hatch-
id in the year 1911 being eligible for
So far as known only one poultry
fancier  at  Kevelstoke  has  summoned
courage     enough  to make an  entry.
Mr.  F.  W.  Laing, after successes    in
the exhibition  classes has entered 6a
pen of his Rose Comb Buff    Leghorn
pullets and he says that if hi-s birds
do  not  win   out  there  will   be  somo
other birds with remarkably high egg
laying records in tbe contests
Shipment  of  egg-layers  have    been
received at Vancouver during the past
week   from   Australia  and   New  Zea -
lnnd to enter in  the contest.
There  will   be  prizes for  the      two
ii decent  classes  of birds  known     as
the Weight variety and tha Non-
Weight variety, so that the active
little Leghorn will not be allowed to
mpete against the slow nnd deliberate Plymouih Rocks and Orpingtons.
The Vancouver Exhibition Association extended nn invitation to the; Everything is booming at tha Y
provincial government and to the ||0W Kvery da8fl is increa9iDB ln
British Columbia Poultry Association n,lml.,,rB. There i8 room tor morc
for them to select a representative, mcI] in thc Bu9iM8S Men'B ciaB8. If
vho w'illactin conjunction with Mr. |he men wh<) are fceHnR d()Wn anil
U.S. Rolstou in keeping tabs on tbe m|.t wouW ^ ar()Un|, to bhe Kym
e-gs laid. Mr. .I.E. Terry, poultry ex (.*.lss twice a weck| yo|1 woUld forgel,
pert,  was chosen  by the government, j .[U  .ll||iut  v,)l|r worries ami  B0 .vbout
The birds will be divided into sets fom bU8tae8s with greater vim. The
of six and every morning nn equal , j.jiysi(.al Erector is now in a posi-
amount of food will be given to each t|(>n t() nmk(, a pnyBical measurement
pen.   The eggs laid     will  be counted   u, M wh() enter the Kym claM8B, A|)
■ ry  day  and  the     bird  responsible j |loilltments  cun   be  made  and  mens -
will  be credited.   Thc market    value   uremelrtg taken  in   private  room  up.
if tbe eggs will  also lw taken,       so'.„i request.
On Tuesday evening, thc popular
Allen Players o|K-n their two weeks
engagement at the Edison theatre,
presenting " The Lion and the
Mouse" for tbeir initial performance
The Allen Players have always l>een
especial favorites umong Revelstoke
audiences, and the many improvements in thc company this season
will be greatly appreciated by all
The addition of the Royal Hungarian Quartette is hound to find favor
and will undoubtedly be acclaimed by
all as a first-class aggregation.
Besides the Hungarian Quartette,
Manager Allen has secured several
vocalists, including Dillie Boucher, a
soloist of some note. During their
engagement, here the Allen Players
will change their plays every night,
and there will also he the usual popular priced Matinees on Saturday afternoons.
I Miss Verna Felton will lie seen in n
number of new roles this season, and
special mention should also be made
n; her beautiful wardrobe. among
which     is a duplicate of the  famous
Coronation flown, wbich wns shipped
out from England.
We have a l;irge stcn k of HeUt-
Oak, Sunbeam Oak, Hot Blast
Airtight ami other heaters,
with specially heavy grates
ami Hmngs, at prices to suit
ail. Our shipment <»f Kootenay arnl Sask-Alta Ranges is
also due and we will be able to
rill uJ] orders.
Hay, Flour and Feed
Just unloaded a ear of Royal
Household Floor, one of Oats,
Wheat and Mill Peed ami one
of Timothy Hav.
Choice Groceries
Fruits and Vegetables
Stoves, Plumbing
Your last chance to get good quality
Green Tomatoes.    Per lb. -       3c.
Special Price on quantity.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Distributors for Swift's Products
Coast Sealed Oysters Smoked and Fresh Salmon
Smoked and Fresh Halibut Kippers Bloaters
Herrings Wild  Ducks
Brookfield Extra Creamery Butter
Sweet Clover Creamery Butter
Meadow Sweet Dairy Butter       Cold Spring Dairy Butter
Chr>ice Fresh Killed Beef, Pork, Mutton, Lamb
Swiii*' Premium Hams, Bacon, Leaf Lard
Revelstoke Meat Market Ltd.
II n:ii    Ci   . ..-   \t •». '
Phone 2S1
Class Meat
p. o.
Box 181
Ihut the hen laying the hest during
lho Winter months, when eggs nre sell
ing around seventy-live cents per will
1).' given a preference.
Arrow Lake Mail Service
The persistent  efforts of the hoard
if trndo to have a railway mnil service Inaugurated on the Arrow Lakes
steamers have been somewhat, doubt
inl in iheii* effects up until recently,.
hut the prospects lor microns look
il.'i'iih'dly rosy nl present. It will
he remembered thai early In the
spring the Pott Office Department ad
vised that the service would lie pro-
v.d.d as sunn  as  the necessary      ac-1
commodatlon  was established,     but
Wednesday evening last a basket
hnll meeting wns held. It was -decided to adopt the constitution ami
bylaws presented to govern the league. EToUr members were appointed
In secure names ot prospective player*! and report, at. the neit meeting
tu be held Wednesday uexl, and they
in turn choose their players from a
list. * .ii I. I in hy the committee ill
four.   The    ohject Is to   give     every
member who wants to    piny basket
hall a chance.
The   Hoys'   Bible   class   begins   Siln-
diy      morning  at   III o'clock.      Kvery
hoy wdlcome.   Rending room is   the
place of meeting.
Sunday   afternoon   the   l-t-cv.     .1.   (!.
Bhearer of Toronto will address   the
Tailored Suits and Overcoats
Hundreds of them here, liv far the largest
Assortment we have ever offered in the
City. No matter what tlie
prepared to pay there is a
coat fieri- to meet it.  The)
lit and cloth.
price you are
Suit or Over-
have the stvle,
Convention of Schooi Trustees
Preparal Ions (or the el *M h annual
convention of t1'*     British Columbia
Association of School Truster's which
is to he held at V'ancouuer on Nov.
!, t nnd Hi. are progressing rapidly,
■>iys   the   News Advertiser.
A number ol excursions have been
arranged in ordsi that th! viuiting
delegates may have a good opportun
Hint for some reason best, known to men at 8:45. Instrumental duct:—
the railway officials concerned, notli I'. Samson und S. Humphreys, Solo
ing bus heen done up to thc present,   ist:- Mr.   I'l.  Cameron.   Kvery  man in
Recently the matter was taken up Itevelstoke ought to keep that, hour
with Mr. Thomas Hhaiighnessey. by open and como and iisslnt, us in mnk-
the Honrd of Trade and Mr. (reorge ing this meeting the lies! yet. 8:48
Hury wrote the Honrd of Trade that l.o 4:48, All men welcome.
the matter had been referred to him , To the working boys of Uevelstoke
hv Sir Thomas. The secretary of the —If any of the boys would like to
Hoard received yesterday a letter study bookkeeping, arithmetic, pen-
fiom Mr. Ilury  reading:— | iii.inship,  or any other subject,  make
"Referring further to my letter of ii known to the nocretary.
the 28rd ultimo., in connection with1 Messrs. Foote and I'riidollni ore
mail service on tbe Arrow Lakes. I rushing the work of the new uddit, -
am mnking thc DeoerSary arrange- Ion, thus making It possible to have
ments to hnve the nocommodution re the use of the entire building this
quired by thc Post Ofllce Dcpnrtment   year.
provided on lhe Aitow Lakes steam-' Ono of the best bowling matches of
ers, so lhat the mall service you dc- the season took place IhhI Wednes-
eire should be arranged in  the near   dny evening between  the  Dsspatohen
Men's  Furnishers
1964;   Business  Men,  ltw<
Despatebers of co pins.
• lam     (..r
«nd    .the Business Men—Dispatchers.
Royal Welsh Ladies' Choir
Attendant  upon   the   visits  of
Royal   Welsh  Ladles'  Ofaoir nre  Ijene-
III-  thnt arc,  both  directly and      indirectly,      incalculable   in  their  value
in more ways than one. Foremost
among these is ihe inspiration of the
music—an Inspiration that wakens
talents and pleasures winch were
hitherto dormant in the listener: and
mice   awakened, these  attributes    will
make an Incessant demand <ipon the
individual adertcd to cultivate his
talent und to OSSUage h!» craving for
the higher pleasures of life. Thc general musical education    disseminated
by the ladies' choir is also of such a
kind  that     will   iwrmaoently  benefit
the  general   public,   musical  und  oth-
rwisc.  To miss a  concert given    by
Welsh  Indies  is just like slipping
thc I a notch in the wheel o' musical   pro
greet. One needs n..t persuade tbe
really musical man or woman to go
and listen to the cbolr, but it is thc
duty of every musical American to
persuade the Indifferent public to go
^nd  hen- tbe     Royal      Welsh l.iuMes'
Obolr whenever it comes their way
They owe that miicb to nrt nnd education, nnd to the ladles who sacrifice tbc love of home to tour In a\
distant land for tbe love of art. SB"
courage your friends to hear tWs
most wonnerful singing party at tbe
Bdison theatre Usfldfy night nest,
t SATtrafiAY,   OCTODKR  U,  1511.
SATURDAY,  OCTOBER   14,   1911.
Fuel for Winter
Pittsburg Anthracite Coal $16 per ton
Wellington Soft Coal $11
WOOD   3 ricks to cord
16 inch mixed  hard wood $7.50 a cord
4 foot Cedar - $6.25
Order your supply early to be sure
of Fuel for the Winter
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Ci c fiDatl*1beiald
S.t rURUAY .\r
REVELS, f OKE.  B.   C.
Jntcrlor iSubUabing Company.
St .^-
uk ri&aUlberaU)
The exportation of pulpwood in a
raw form Irom Canada Into tha
United States ..- increasing yearly,
unj by just >o much as this is bo
. * '.m.! i.i I >s ■ thi* benefits to lie
derived from manufacture and tli ■
increased value ol raw products. Th •
Forestry Branch of the Departmcn
of ilie Interior has oompiled Btati.-
tics showing tbat over a million and
n half cords "f pulpwood were cut in
Cana I i luring llllfi, worth n *,,i ly
nine mi a • ight hundred thouaan 1
dollars. Over sixty per cent ol Ihis
ami mt was nl * it ol Oanndn with
..-.it further laboi l>eing expended on
I Tbe United Htates anutaeturcJ
it Into pulp .m.i paper. From United Ma.- Forest Products Bulletins,
ii is seen that approximately two
filths of th- pulpwood Importtd by
that country r manufactured Int *
mechanit'il pulp, and three-fifths int i
sulphite pulp, an.l that a cord ol
wool produces on,' ton of mechanical
pulp or one-halt ton of chemical pulp
This means that ot tha niii' hundred
and forty-three thousand cords of
Canadian pulpwood sent inlo the
United States In 1910, three hundred
and seventy-seven thousand tons of
mechanical pulp and two hundred and
eighty-three thousand tons of cheml
cal pulp was made. The value of this
pulp, for which Canada received six
million, two hnn.Ire.1 and ten Hums -
and dollars as pulpwood, was over
thirteen and n half million dollars
at lhe average prices paiil in 1910
hy United Stales importers of pulpwood. Thus Canada .li'l not get one
half thc amount she would have received if all pulpwood were converted
Into pulp on Canadian soil. As the
United States does not export two
per cent of what it imports, a certain anil steady market would he
found for all the wood pulp of Canadian production'.
un what he says will probably he
the last voyage but one he will ever
make across tbe Atlantic, Lord
Strathcona, arrived in New vc,i-k the
other day, uli liis way from Kngland
to Him Dominion. As the veteran
peer, standing on the deck ol the
giant Mauretania, viewed the unfolding parorama of skyscrapers and
great bridges, looming oxer the inner
hay of the American metropolis, he
grew reminiscent and recalled how
it had once taken him 42 days to
make the journey he had just made
iu four an.l a half.
It is more than three Bcore yearB
since Strathcona made his maiden
trip across the seas in an old packet
ship and in that time, tha world,
awaking  from its centuries of  inert
ia had evolved most of those electrical gnd engineering wonders which
make for present day efficiency and
enable us to do in one hour what
formerly look us twenty to accomplish. It. is true Stephenson anl
Watt iu England and Cooper in the
United States had put forth theif
first steam locomotives, Fultcn hia
river steamboat, Murdock, the Scot,
illumination hy gas, and Morse an'
Wheats tone their systems of tele
graph. Though crude and primitive,
those inventions, which gave a new
impetus to civilization, set men
thinking and lired their imagination
as nothing frnm the beginning o!
lime had dune before.
Contrasted with Uie ninety days
taken by the Pilgrims to make the
trip iu the Mayflower from England
lo Cape Cod in 1020', the three mon
Ilis spent in negotiating his way from
London to Uni ti more by lhe original
John .la'oh Ui t and tha el la.,
lays required by Hen Franklin to go
from New York to Francs, Lord
-:■ i at hernia's voyage of forty two
days marked as important and epoch
making a step in the world's evolti
tion as does his mure recent four day
voyage, though he probably did not
suspect  it.
In the time ie took him to make
his forty two day journey acroos the
Atlantic, Jayer-Schmldt, n Paris
journalist recently circled the globe
for his newspaper. Thus, that, wliicb
challenged our admiration and wonder last, yeai- or yesterday. to-day
commands but passing notice. From
the sailing ship to the steamship was
i long stride and likewise the transition from the stage coach and the
pony express to the steam railroad.
The land operated telegraph, with its
limitation of fifteen words a minute,
which brought the remotest corner of
lhe world imo instant touch with the
•entrcs of civilization and destroyed
the natural isolation of nations and
communities, wonderful in its day
.■oil generoblcn, like the original
steamship and locomotive, now seems
immature compared to the lOiifl
words a minute t.clepost system of
automatic telegraphy which transmits*) over one wire as much as Morse
sent, over sixty-five and at a traction
.f the expense. Wellington at Water-1
loo bivoucked by candle light, and
li'loren v Nightingale, thc "Angel of,
the Crimea" ministered to the 1981
survivors of the Light Brigade— tha
noble Win—of Balaclava by oil lamp, j
"Polis", in the Transval, shaped his
'nmpaign hy gas. and Togo, the ua-,
val hero of the Japanese-Russian war
recently a visitor to the Dominion, >
hy   electric  light.
Practically    all    ol    these changes
have come  to pass in the life time of i
Strathcona.    In   meditating   on   them,!
as he looks back to the lirst of    the
Is a protection and guarantee
against alum which is found in
the low priced baking powders.
To be on the safe side when buying
baking powder, examine the label and
take only a brand shown to be made
from Cream of Tartar.
Avoid disappointment and order your Coal
nov-v.    I have on hand
100 trans-Atlantic trips he has mad'
in the last CO years, truly can h.>
felicitate with the world and say.
this  is an age worth  while.
Lacrosse, Wis., (let. lo* -The Black
river flood which wiped out the business section of Black River, Falls,
Friday and Saturday, now spreads
over the entire Mississippi Valley extending from the Minnesota to thc
Wisconsin bluffs, by merging with
the larger river nine miles north of
Thousands ol acres are Inundated
Tbe Mississippi is dotted with wreck-
Une thousand acres of the Hudson
Bay reservation in tlie heart of Edmonton, constituting the biggest an I
most valuable tract of land ever sub
divided in the Dominion of Canada,
is to he surveyed at once. Drlscoll i\
Knight, surveyors of Kdmonton, 'have
just received instructions from the
company's land commissioner in Winnipeg to do this work. This huge
tract of land, lying in the centre of
the eity has beta a great detriment
to rapid development in tbe western
part of Kdmonton.
An entire new program  at thc E'd-
ison theatre tonight.
October 16—Royal Welsh Choir, at
the  Kdison theatre.
Oct, IT to 28.—Thc return of the
popular Company, the Allen Players and Miss Verna Felton, at tbe
Kdison theatre.
Nov. 30—-Mark Hamburg tbe great
Russian Pianist, at the Edison
Dec. 18—C.P. Walker presents the Wm
Yule company in the Rivals, nt tb
Kdison theatre.
Ian. 10—Return of Wm. Yule & Co.,
in  Domhey  & Hon,  Edison  theatre.
Jan. 26—The famous Ferguson's Jubilee .Singers considered the best col
ored concert company on the road.
Kdison   theatre.
Feb. '2fi—Thc Castlesquare Knter-
tainers in high class concert at the
Kdison theatre.
.1. 11. Horner, a conductor in the
icrvicc of the Canadian I'acilic railway, was committed for trial at Kd.
monton yesterday on two charges
of theft to the amount, of fid cents
each. These amounts arc alleged to
he excess fares which lie collected on
tbe run between Calgary and Kdmon-
lon. Tbe trial will take place at
Kdmonton on the 17th inst.—Calgary
Your Electric Fixtures
If they go wrong, don't worry, but just
Phone to No. 284 in the day
or No. 40 at Night
and they will immediately be attended to. There is
nothing we can't do in this line as years of experience
with electrical machinery has given us an insight into
the business that could not be obtained etherwise.
Don't swear when the lights go out.   Let us do that
for you.
A. G. DUCK,   -   General Manager
Store and Office, Old Howson Block
Player Pianos, Pianos and Organs
Our reputation is well knowii (or square dealing.
We can give you better  prices,   better quality,  than  any
other bouse in tbe trade.
WHY ?   Call anil we will prove Ibis statement up to the
Revelstoke Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
Y, OCT. 17th
Presenting a repertoire of the very latest dramatic
successes, opening with
" The Lion and The Mouse"
Don't Fail to Hear the
Royal Hungarian Quartette
Late of Henry W Savage's famous
" Merry Widow Company "
Admission:   25c., 50., 75c,
Seats now on sale at C. R. Macdonald's Drug Store
jf. SATURDAY,   OCTOBER  14,   1911.
SATURDAY.   OCTOBER   14,   1911.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, -   $8,000,000
With its large number of branches, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Bank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rates. Rates will be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on all countries of the world, drawn in sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any other foreign currency,
can be negotiated al The Canadian Bank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
The leather that goes into our shoes and the
men who make them ran always be depended
upon. That's why our customers are always
Our harness is the very best. Dusters,
Whips, Trunks, Suit Cases. All leather goods
always in stock.   Call and see our goods.
Boot and Shoe Repairer*,
Harness Madera
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund •    $4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Brnnohee.    Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
But is always cool at the greatest health resort on
the American Continent
The Ideal Plae-e to spend the Summer Holidays.     Natural
Uot Water Baths, 121 degrees of heat.
Rales from $ 12 to $ 15 Fer Week
Write us for particulars.    W.M.  Boyd, Manager
Have the Best!     It Pays!
You can get the best of
Everything in the line of
At the Reliable Headquarters ]
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Kvi'ivl'inly knows bim, he will
tell you that Ihe whiskeys we air
■Piling are the hest. Call and be
i Duvlnoed, No household should
be without a supply of our Harvey's Special Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapln Mqustir Brandy, guaranteed
.'Ki j-i-n in old or Blaokborry Brandy f
for Medicinal purposes. Our stock
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
kinds are unexcelled. Sold hy ill
the leading holel*-, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Dealers In Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
The Coldstream Estate Nurseries
Have a very fine assortment of FRUIT TREKS
Ornamental and Shade  Trees and Shrubs
Budded   Stock   a   Specialty
All trees offered for sale are grown in our own Nurseries
on the Coldstream   Estate
II. D. Curry, Geo. Matheson,
General Agent, Local Agent,
Vernon, 3, C, Revelttoke, B, C
Daredevil Air Man wiil make Hazardous Flight over Rocky
Mountains in few Weeks
Uenrgo M. Ellis, liirilmun, daredevil, is determined to make the
Rocky Mountain eagles ashamed of
themselves. For some weeks he has
been busy with arrangements for a,
flight Irom Vancouver to Calgary.
Three times be has virtually trampled tbe mountain ranges along the
line of tbe Canadian Paciflc, picking
out landing spots, investigating air
currents. He knows the altitudes be
will bave to make, tbe distance be
will have to maintain tbeni. He bas
mapped out a route lor the most
daredivel bird stunt ever yet attempted  by   human  biped.
Possessed ol courage, knowledge of
the game ami the skytrail he must
travel, Ellis ought to eome over. If
be 'docs not, he coolly avers, he will
make n good meal (or a mountain
Arrangements will be made for carrying a few parcels of mail, *and other private messages. Aviator Ellis
will shortly leave for Chicago to attend to tlie final (ouches to the machine. He will use either the latest
model Wright or a Curtiss!
The latest Curtiss design is a flexible fan tail, short control, single sur
face machine, equipped with a CO h.p
8-cyclinder Hall-Short motor. This
is probably the machine he will ride.
It is the same motor used by Curtiss
on his famous Hudson river flight,
and in fact, by all the Curtiss champions.
The machine when thoroughly tested anil rigged, will be shipped direct
to Calgary by express, where an exhibition trial fight will be made.
Then it will go at once to Vancouver for the big get away. The machine should be in Calgary withia 10
days  or  two  weeks at the  latest.
Aviator Ellis is a Canadian, and
this is to be an all-Canadian flight.
If he gets this far he will soar on
across the prairies toward Montreal,
wibhtbe idea of capturin; the Hearst
$50,000 prize and winning for Canada
the honor of tbe first cross continent
Bon voyage birdman, daredevil.
May the Gods that control tha sky,
not resent the intrusion. If you come
across, yours is the lat of the land.
—Calgary News-Telegram.
culinary operation? with the wa$b
tub; cunfu}e$ the garments of customer? with tbo$e of Morphea?, and
mixe? up night and day—all in hi?
in?atiable greed for the Almighty
He pay? but little into the public
treasury, anil !e?? for laundry machinery; ?tnm*.',ly object? to a laundry tax, and ha? no mucbee u?ee for
civili??d win?, lie shirk? the Fact-
ui'ie? Act all he can, and finally retire? to China a very rich man.
Anil thi? i? tbe poor (?) bent-hern
gentleman with whom Sunday ?chool
teacher? ?ympathi?c, but whom white
laiinderer? nnnth«'mati?e a*$ unfair
competitor? and an unde?isable citizen.—Copied from the Canadian Laundry man.
Until Released by Wonderful Sa-
t     maiia Prescription
Liquor itU up Inflammation and lr-
' rltatlon  of the stomach and weakens
the lurvm.      The eteady sr periodical
iM[.u*,,i   drinker    la often    forced    to
| 'irlnk even acalnit h'->   rill br hia unnatural physio..1 condition.
Samaria Prescription atop* the craving, etoadles the nerves, builds up the
general health and make* drink actually distasteful and nauMous. It
In tasteless and odorless, and can be
given with or without the knowUdf*
"i tha patient.
I Thouaandi of Caaadla homu have
bean saved from misery and dl«»race
by eome devoted i it*, mother or
daughter through thia wonderful Canadian remedy. The money formerly
wasted ln drink hai reatsr** happiness, home oomfoiu, education aed
reapaot to the famlUea formerly ln
want and despair.
Read the following, one of the numerous unaoilolted testimonials received: i
" 1 can never tmmaj you for your
remedy. It Is worth More than life
to me. Ily husband haa been offered
liquor several times, kut would net
touch It He aaid It had ao charm for
him now. May Ood'a oholce blaiitngn
ever rest on you, and yours, are my
prayers ever. No one knows It hu!
i bono who have tried It. As aooa as I
can I will aee ethers that I know
would live anything to itea their husband! from drink. I will give them
your addrean.
" Mrs. * v Dewiatan, Alta."
(Name withheld on request.)
Now-. If you know of any family
needing thia remedy, tell (hn about
it. If you hnve any Men* er relative who has formed or m forming
the drink habit, help htm to release
himself from Iti awful elu takes. ia-
marla Prescription Ig need by Phyul-
clana and Hospital*. 4
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Emma Foster,
of RossUnd, B. C, Intend to apply
for permission to purchase the lollowing described lands:
Commencing ut a post planted at
or near the South East corner of
Lot 8178, theuce south ft) chains,
west 80 chains, north 80 chains and
eust 80 chains to point ol commence,
ment and containing 640 acres, more
or less.
Dated August Uth,  1911.
EMMA   FOSTER,   Applicant.
James Fisher, Agent.
Revelstoke Lund District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, William 11 Mc-
Wh'irter, of Ymir, B. 0,, occupation
Lumberman, intend to apply :_r permission to purcbase tbe following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
the East shore of MoBijuito La-ti ut
or near the North-west corner ol Lot
8402, lieing the South Wcs,t corner,
tbence running north 80 cilaina rjrng
the shore of said lake, th'inoe tifbt
40 chains, south 80 chains an', wtst
40 chains to point of conim.mcement,
and containing 320 acres, n ore or
Dated August llth, 1911.
James Fisher, Agent.
maris Prescription, with Weklet, giving full particular* testimeolala. prioe,
no.,  will he sent absolutely free aad
postpaid In plats tmimi »aakaa* to
anyone ashing tor il aad BMaUentaa
this paper. »  OfflMMJdjMo **er*4tr
confidential. Write to-day. The Samaria Remedy Co., Dept. 46-49, Col-
norne St., Toronto, Canada, Alao
for Sale by C. R. Macdonald, Druggist, Reveletoke, B. C.
Broadview  (Fractional)  L.   H.   an
Indiana Mineral  Claims, situate      in
the  Trout  Lake  Mining  Division    of
West Kootenay District.
I    Where looatsd:—On  Great  Northern
j    TAKE    NOTICE   that I,  O.  B.   N.
I Wiikie,  acting as agent for the Ohio
Mines      Development      Co.,   Limited,
Free     Miner's      Certificate   Numnber
D25597,   intend,   sixty      days       from
date hereof,  to apply to the Mining
Recorder  for a      Certificate  of    Im-
' provements,   for  the  purpose  ol    obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action
under section 37, must be commenced
hefore the issuance of such Certilicate
of Improvements.
Dated this 17th day of August,
0.  B.  N. WILKIE,
Trout Lake. B. C.
Largest Company in the West
The Allen Players now comprises 20
people, which makes this popular
Stock company the largest in the
The great, success of the company
during the past three seasons induced Manager Allen to enlarge his company this BeiLKon nn.l also to .id*'
some features which he was sure
would appeal to the people, and Iw
appreciated by all his patrons.
The Royal Hungarian Quartette
were secured at great ei|>ense, aud
ns  they  ure the  only .n, animation  of
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that sixty days after
date Dominion Sawmills and I.uin-
ler Ltd., of Revelstoke, B. 0., a
Lumber Company intend to apply to
the Minister of Lands for permission
to purchase C-M0) Two hundrtd and
forty acres of land described us follows:
Commencing at a post planted 2
chains south from the South East
corner of Pearsons Pre-Emptlon, Lot
"092, Group One, Kootenay District
and marked "D. S. M. & L. Ltd.,'
Smith West Corner Post," thence1
north 60 cbains, thence east 40
chains, thence south 60 chains, thence
west 40 chains to the point of commencement.
Dated this Sth day of August, 1911.
Dominion Sawmills & Lumber, Ltd.
Ag.19-60     By  James England, Agent
Miss Verm felton
their kind on the American continent
they are undoubtedly a feature that
should bc beard by all lovers ol high
class music.
The repertoire ol the company this
season is lar superior to that of any
previous Benson, and there are sevcr-j
al new members in the company who
will be recognized as stars on their
first appearance. New scenery will tire
used for each production and the
standard already set by this com
pany  will  be  upheld  throughout.
The Allen Players open bore on
Tuesday, Oct. 17th, for nn engagement of two weeks, opening with
The Lion and the Mouse," n rrrog
ni-*»ed  New York success.
The Chink and The Dollar
Apparently, the Chink'! motto it
to make at many dollar! .1* po!!lblo
tpi-nil a! lew n! poitible and take
the remainder bome to China, und
there po!e at a great "I am", He
combine)   but.nett     with    pltalure;
LIQUOR  ACT,   1910.
Notice is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, application will lie made to the Superintendent of Provincial polico for
renewal of the hotel license to sell
liiiuor by retail in the hotel known
as tbe Halcyon Hot Springs hotel,
situute nt Halcyon, in the Province
of British Columbia.
Dated  this  28th duy  ol  BijptO a ier,
Mil. n**dj.
WILLIAM   BOYD,   Applicant.
R.    M.    R.  NOTICE.
The Annual Inspection of F Compnny, Rocky Mountain Rangers, will
be held on Wednesday, October 18th,
in Drill Hall. Company Drills will
he be.d twice weekly, on Monday and
Thursdny evenings, until after Inspection.
RevelBtoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notioe that I, Mabel Ralston,
of Harrisonburg, Virginia, occupation School Teacher, intend to ap
ply for permission to purchase the
following  described  lands:
Commencing at a post planted ad
jacent to the North East Corner of
Lot 9323, being tbe South West Corner; thence running north 80 chains,
cu6t 80 cbains. soutb 80 chains and
west fti chains to point ol commencement and containing 640 acres more
or less.
Dated  August  9th,   1911.
James Fisher, Agent.
Hevelstoke   Land   District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, William R.
Reid, of Arrowhead, B. C, occupa -
tion, merchant, intends to apply for
permission to purchase Ihe following
described  lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
Angus McKay's South West Corner
Post, Lot 501, and running north 40
(hains, thence west 40 chaias, thenoe
south 40 ehuins, tbence east 40
chains to point of comm'.'ncement,
containing  IUI)  acres,  more  or  less.
Dated   August  '.'3rd,   1911.
TO LET—House on Third street near
C.P.R. Shop. Apply Revelstoke
General  Agencies t.c.
HOUSE TO LET—Revelstoko General
TO RENT—Farm, one mile and a
qunrtcr from the city. Apply to
Mrs.  Stacey,  Filth Btreet.
WANTED—A Servant girl, general
home work in small family. Apply
Mrs.   .1.   11.   Mr line,  First  sti re.    21
WANTED—Table Boarders In private
home at reasonable terms. Apply
Mall-Herald Ollice. Oil, 4t.
WANTED—Man and wile to occupy
furnished rooms. Suitable companions for a lady. Apply tn P.O.
Box 243,  Revelstoke.
Moving pictures at Bdison tbcatro
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and Birds
P. 0. Box 31, Revelstoke
Buy your Sash and Doors at Home
Our goods cannot he beaten outside for price or quality. Now
is the time to get ynur Storm Sash antl Doors. We have them
in all siy.es. l'repare now hefore the Winter sets in. Our
Factory is working full time ami we make everytiiing" in
woodwork, Sash and Doors, Mouldings, Staircase, Church,
Office, Bar and Hotel Fixtures, Turnings of every description.
We also keep a large stock of Fancy and Plain Glass and
Builders* Supplies on hand. Prompt delivery, good service
and courteous treatmeut that's our motto. A trial order is
solicited from you.
The Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
Gl'U. I).   SHAW,
I We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. llowson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged   and Improved.
First-Class in every respect.
Large .Sample Rooms.
All modern convenience*
Rates $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Ratea
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a dav.    Monthly rate.
J.    ALBERT     RTOTSTTJ]      JP.ROT3.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Satisfaction guaranteed
Agent  for  Flexlume   Electric
ReRidpnop Cor. 3rd Si   and Rolwon a *. t
Shop in Alley back of K. J. Bourne's
Store, l-'irst Street
Special Attention given to commercial
men and tourists. First-class sample
rooms. Finest scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop
It will pay you to
make a. call at
P.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
before buying yonr outfit ot working dollies
for the bush. I make a
specialty ol Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
required inyour business.
).& T.Bell's,   Doctors'   Special   and
Kct'd's    Cushion    Shoes,     Mcl'licrsou's
Trainmen's Bhoesi and dress shoes of all
kinds, all of which arc I'liion made.
Slniifirlil's ami high grade BnglilL
Underwear,    Kvcrything lhat the logger
requires for comfort. Chippewi 1 alls
Driving Shoes and Shoe l'acks.
Howson's Hlock Kevelstoke, H.C.
Cash and One Trice
Make  your  date  for  Coursler'B  ve
vuum bouse cleaning.
Fruit Lands
(ialena Hay lands in ptrcelc of
10 or 20 acres or en bloc. Corren-
pondeoce invited.
John Shaw, Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
14 Villa Lots
Close to Revelstoke
From 2 to 7 teres Each
Very Suitable for Market
Gardening.    This proper-
is   cleared.      For Prices
and Terms apply to
Real Fstate and Insurance
Corner McKenzie Awe. and 2nd St.
Under the direction of the Sisters of
the Holy Names of JeMis and Mary.
Fi sl Class Hoarding and   Day School.
Primary and Grammar Grades.
State Accredited High School
Advanced Normal Course of two vcars
accredited by the Stale of   Washington.
State Diplomas conferred.
Music anj Art Sludio.
Write to Sister Superior for rear look
Spokane, Washington
Packed fn
60 <  a pound
Io commemoration of thc coronation of
Kin* t.e rye V," Kidgways" bare put un the
marcel a coronation tin of a mott picturesque
and eiquititt design, Ocarina, eacctlcm t-ortrattf
of King (storge \ , i>ueen Mary ami the l'rince
of Walei. Special panels have been designed
representing Canada, India, Africa, Aubtrali*
and Sew jBitand.
Only a nTrnted number have hcen impoiicd.
1'fit.e GOc. (or one j...uml tn
Kevelstoke Lund District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notico that I, Amie Treglown
of Patterson, B. 0., occupation, married woman, Intend to apply for permission to piirrbnse tbe following de-
serilted  lands:
Commencing «t a pont planted
ahout Ten (li)) chains Bast of the
South West corner ot Lot UTO, being the North Bast corner; tbence
south 80 chains, west 80 ..hains,
north 80 chains nnd east 80 chains,
to point ol commencement and con
taining G40 acres moro or less.
Dated  August  llth,   1911.
AMIE TRBOLOWN,   Applicant.
James Fisher, Ajeut.
Al  It- -I Miup-b.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosphonol restores orerr nerre is the bcxly
ilm .nrl  ......      li .      w j ....
rim tod rlulllj.  Premature decay and all aelual
wealneis  srerled at onre.    PhMphnol »|||
—I -——      t. - »■ • »**i«      m I     V'M   T m    ■*ipiisani      Will
r.*"./1^ *. "•w m,n' Trice Meboi.ortwo tor
fi. Mailed to anr .Mr.... fh*» token Dru
''a., tl. Cathnrlnoi. Ont.
ailed to an? addrr
t.CMharlnee. Oi	
Sold at Macdonald's Drug Btore.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
dnyn after the date of thc firm pub
Mention hereof, the iimlermtinM will
make an application to the Board of
Licensing Commissioners for ths City
of Revelatoke lor permission to transfer to A. P, I/evesqne, of Reveletoke,
B. ('.. the license to sell liquors by
retail nl the Hotel premises at Revelstoke known ae thc  Union   Hotel.
Dated tbis 21st September,  1911!
Wi. Levtttju-e  & Wnlili, BATTTBDAV, OCTnnKr. U, mi.
SATURDAY,   OCTOBER   14,   1911.
The underwear
without a fault
New Colonization Han to Bring
Settlers ta tiie Province
now under way
Col.  A,  1).  Davidson,  land commix-
sentatlve, Mr. A.S. Goodeve,     would
"It  is  v. ry  pleasing I" l:e able to  have    been    honored.      Mr.  Goodeve
say  that   our monetary  leases     from   would  have  nia.le an  excellent cabin-
asslstlns this class of 6,'ttler to come  et minister, Oorr'ng as they do from
adjoin ng  l'ml*-*!;! lencles  with'    much
In British Colum,iu li.tvV !.*e_>n very
small, I met" a ly a m sii; l* I* qu n -
lily when compared with Ihs splendid result*' achieved," sii I Col. I) iv
i'.lsiui. in tlhcuttsiug ih*.' pinna for t've
two new rn'iin*'.s. "Th bo iii n wc
havi' lu om lit nil h* iv.■ all proved a
very desirable c1r-s nl settlers, mil
having tli -ir families wi h l/liem t'l.y
in common, it was, however, out of
live in iation that both he an.l Mr.
flurrall should have 1 .■-.<. n given seats
l*n the c i!*.*in-I, .'ilil'o !';li there ran lis
im i|ucati( n Ilia! if they had come
a-iim .1 *' *i*rni ;* ovl'ifes Hi.".* would
li-'li to.'luy be ni ui-.t'is ol the crown
Mr,  Borden,  however,  apparently  n-
s.iiiii'i*  nf   the   Canadian   Ni.itlii'iu ra'.l   the   wan l.'l'-lust   nf'ber   working   a   f.'\
way, and  president of the     Western   weeks as the a\ ra-?e l-achelor   work
ire mil so universally afflicted    with  alines  fully  tlie importanca of       the
i  '•■"■'•   department of agriculture ami be bo-
Cnl. Davidson,  win
Pile   Father   i.f   thc
CannJa Lumber company,  who is al-   man who tins n
so known as "Tae Father ol the Am    west."
erlcan  invasion,"  is now  planning a
I'-iviirhCa null ian  colonization   scheme
for     Hntisli Columbia that promlBos
in  result   in     bringing  a  very  farge
class ni desirable Bottlers to this pro
Tins coll. nr/at iin Bchome is not.    in
iln- nature of an experiment, for there
family til's    in    tlie   |
h is I
\ nu iii
n called
in       In
toil from his followers the man
l quallno I fm* tli it partli ular port
Much as Him people of Kootenuy
may   Iiave   desired   lo  see  their  mem*
vasion,"  owing   I"  Ins  efforts  lo  gel   ivr so'ect-d  in      Uritish    Colnmbla'i
li .,,1
Don't think that people
don't judge you by
your clothes.
Will    vmi    kindly   tell   us   how
else   they   can   judge  yen ?
Thev see more ct" your clothes than of
anything else.
And naturally, they will form most of their
opinion from  what they see the   most of.
These who are always to thc front in style
nml appearance, wear Fit-Reform Suits, as
a matter ot course. ^i
ih.* ti.li   , i di isa* islled American far
inci's settled  i n Hie  rii li wii at   Inn I
of tin' inii'iiiw.-i-i,    was tli • first     t.i
i-i'  Him     possiliilil i.'s nf    th it   gn a
tracl   n" i*
■s already  one  flourishing  colony    uf   a  special train away buck in Iln* imh*
KimimIi c I bin  lumbermen  of Cover  ly  eighties, loaded  it   up with  prom-
US families over at  the Fraser river   'ii nt. capitalists,  newspaper men ami
mills  i.f  Him  Wi'-Iitii  Camilla   I'own-   practical farmers from all llic prlnci-
company, i" hear witness to llic sun    "al sections of 'In'   tmerlcnn r.mi Id'o
cess ".' Cul. Davidson's plans.      When   west ami  lui"i-M   them  up to  Mmn
il «as ilrnl announced  lhal Col. Dav-1 tobn ami tlu northwest  as his guests
i.lsnn   planned   lo   bring  nut.  a    large   under  no obligation  bill   -imply      to
numlier  ol  BOlccted    French-Canadian   speak uf the country  as Ihey saw   'it,
lumbermen,  with  their families,     all   is an    o'*t rcr-e t **l    nl well     known  Oct.  1
,ls uf dui' predictions regarding talc. That, started tlio rush Cmimhi-
the doubtful outcome uf the venture wards, They have been coming ever
wire  made    hy   promin.nl   llnnnctera,   .'-lice.
win. endeavored to throw cold water1 lint behind Hi' Irn.-in- mil uf all
mi the project. Hut. Him result lias these Fr-noll Onn I au settlers there
amply justified tli' predictions made is a shrew,! move on the part of iiv
iiy Col. Davidson, who probably lias Canadian Northern railway officials
.lune more thin any other single west to assist in colonizing thc province,
em man to induce new settlers to , so that later on there will he reven-
e.ime  to  Hi.'  west.     Tbe  lir.-t      con- ■ ue  for the road.—Vancouver World.
tingent of ahnut lifty families of care j	
fully  selected  French-Canadian*;  from
the Uatinenu an.l     Ottawa    districts j   ■      j'   ..   j«,,Sj},,   '. inlj-i*)i|] IT;
have heen sn well satisfied with
i-pi-esentutive In lho o.tMnot, they
join with Mr. Goodeve in congratu -
I'liu: Mr. Burrell and their neigh.
has of Vale Cariboo upon the honor
How li ■ chartered whioh has hecn conferred upon him
and  through him  upon  them by the
of  ihe government. — Nelson
fZTtl B. C's Cabinet Fepresentativs
Revelstoke Plumbing, Heating & Sheet Metal Co.
;• -•■• ■  i.t Saiiilnn work, Kleclric Lighting, llol
-■    ni Heating ami all kinds ol  sheet   Metal
i -   Watt r i ]*.- t*-. eti*.
ii*** on git .a toall oidcrs.
See Our Slum Room en Connaught Avenue
Uox i*;
treatment nnd conditions nt the BYa- Few, if any, of Premier Borden's
see Mills thai they have written hack cabinet selections will meet Willi
and heen instrumental In inducing more general approval than that of
many of Iheir trie ids to conn' out, Mr. Mm t'n Burrell to whose charge
until now thereare over 150 families he has assigned the important port-
there, making up Ihe population of folio ol minister ol agriculture. Not
in Industrial town of n arly one only is lion. Mr. Bun ell known to
i-.housnnd. The heads of these families tie „ mall ofthe very highest type
were all hardy Canadians or French- but. he is himself an expert in agri-
Oanadians who were engaged in lum- culture, and In addition is a polished
bering operations in the east. They and llupnt speaker and a man of ex-
have built themselves handsome little ceptlonal executive ability. He
homos, of a type vastly superior    I
October 18—Royal Welsh Choir,     at
the   Bdison   theatre.
to 28.—Tho return of the
popular ('ompany, the Allen Players and Miss Vernn Kelton, at the
Kdison  theatre.
Nov. llll—Mark Hamburg the great
Russian Pianist, at the Kdison
Dec. 18—O.P. Walker presents the Wm
Yule company in the Rivals, at th
Edison theatre.
Ian. 10—Return of Wm.   Yule & Co.,
in Dombey &  Son,   Bdison  theatre.
Jan. 2C—The famous Ferguson's Jubilee Sinners considered the hest col
ored concert company on the road.
Kdison   theatre.
Feb. 'Hi—The Casllesqunre Entertainers in high class concert at the
Bdison theatre.
Labor Scarce at Regina
whose representative in tbe cabinet
Mr. Burrell will he particularly, the
premier's choice will give geii'Tnl sat
Isf-actlon and nowhere mire than in
Kootenay. In saying this it must he
frankly admitted that the people of
Kootenay had hopes that their repre-
those  usually  occupied  by  mill work-   proud   to  have   as n member  of
ers.    The   company   supplies them ! cabinet
with  lumber  at n very  reduced  rale,
nl  L'ivestliMii   practical!)   an f reasonable time to  nay hack the hill.
Willi the success attending the es
tahlishment of this colony in mind.
Col, Davidson is now arranging ta
bring ont between fifty and one hundred selected families to establish a
ti'w colony at the Columbia River
Lumber company's recently enlarged
■nill at Golden. Another colony of
between 5(1 and IM families Is to be
established in the vicinity of the com
im.uv's |>ig lumber camp in th ■ Com
,,v valley. Already trnsl i n em
.ii-iiii •  fur  Cot.   Davids m  ate sl.*.!
....    | ,,,, n Que'iei
desirous  of  com »*'   west.       I
■...i..*.   thai   lin    n ■■■
n the m.ism ol i lie ■      i.
iei   MIHb will     > a.l  pted
ii :  u ' t-l?<
■i* n
• r.     •     •   •    *.   .*.
Regina, Ocl, 12—Labor of all -sorts
s at a premium and a shortage    of
's   ini'ii   is very  general  in  all lines.      In
man  whom  nny   premier  might    he   the city   builders  and  eontrnotors  on
"'s I improvements  are  an.vioUs  lo get as
much  work iik possible completed be-
To the people of  British Columbia, | fore  the free/cup,  while  in  tha coun
try threshers are keen to make up
for lost time. Tbe result is that skil
led labor is at a premium, the rates
for   the   latter   being  especially   high.
Moving   pictures  nt   Kdison  theatre
Welsh Ladies' Choir. Ivlison Thoatro, Monday ni^ht
Just received,   fresh  from Italy, Ore carina'.! of ri-K>;i;e Macaroni
Choice Groceries always in  bloc k
D. GALLICANO, 2nd street, Near Railroad Traik
c*^   •**». tmt .m*t*>s?z3v '
■-•hrVfLSTOKE   OPF.tfA   HOUGH*
lilMNll !' ''■'''   '  'MSI ' ' ,    !i : : '.
i i ll i'.'s i,; *   v - ■   ■     LUM '*: KNl'l    -
Grand Dance  Wednesday, Octobei   I   th, 1911
Do You Want Windows, Doers, and finding
;.   .      ■ ■ ■   rjni    !' la-fi
WE  CAN   SAVi:  YOU   MO.iEV I.   ..1
i * . | ,   ..   '    ■
i * I     , ii-nai*- "f  nil  Mi <,*'■■
I                    il *,*, :■     .*    i   : ■■*   nml   v in
iu„.i. ,i, . i ■    Mt ils, • ic    '.'■''   iri ''•■'•    * *    lu   ■' * ' '    '■«'<;.
,.,„ ■ |*; •*    1,1       ' iugli i, ; itli, • ■■ VVrjl   .'■"  I " *
S. C. SMITH LUMBER CO., Vernon, B. C.
Mr. Hurry Cornell, loudii.g man \silh Tho Allen PlayeWi Edliotl Theatre, Tuesday, Oct. 17th
Fire Alarm Boxes
Signals are given thus: 2 btrj'tei,
uterval 5 seconds—4 strokes, Hoi
4. No. of box will also be shown
n   indicator   at  Fire  Hnll.
I'-lltlfl  IIKIOADB NO.  TWO.
Box No. 14—Oorner KirBt street
jhI McKeuzie avenue, O. B. Hume
& Oo.
Hoi No. If,-Corner First Btreet
ml   llokeby   avenue,  post  otlice.
Box   No.   ll',—Corner   Second   street
nnd  Government  Hoad  and       opera
Box No. 17—Oorner Third street
nl Campbell avenue, Globe 1 .timer company.
Box No.  ID—O.P.R.  station.
Box No. 21--Oornor Filth street
nd McKeuzie avenue, Catholic
Box No. 25—Oorner Sixth street
nd Orton avenue, W. A. Foote.
Box No. 26—Corner Fourth stroet
ud Townley street, corner south
Boi No. 28—Corner Second slro.it
ud Hobson avenue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34—Fire Hall No. 3.
Box  No.   35—Hospital.
Box No.   36—Bchool.
Box No. 44—Fire Hall No. 1.
Box No. 45—Front street wedt.
ear C.  P. R. bridge.
Box No. 46—Oorner King and
louglas streets, Palace Meat Market.
Box No. 47—Corner Second and
Vales streets,  back ol court bonne.
Box No. 48—Corner Third ri.i1
.'bus. streetB,  Cowan block.
Signal for practice—not Ipsb than
lx (G) slow strokes.
One (1) indicates line broken or
re out.
No. 3 arrives at 6 a.m., leaves at
6:20 a.m.
No. 1 arrives at 3:15 p.m., leaves
at 3:35 p.m.
No.  13,   Seattle  train,  arriveB      at
4:35 p.m.,  leaves at 4:45 p.m.
No. 14, Seattle train, arrives at
7:15 a.m., leaves 7:36 a.m.
No. 2 arrives at 11:40 a.m., leaves
.it 12 o'clock noon.
No. 4 arrives at 12:45 a.m., leaves
at 12:55 a.m.
South train leaves Revelstoke at
7:35 a.m., arriving back at 4:15 p.m.,
connecting here with No. 13.
Makes Hair Grow
0. R. Macdonald has an invigoia-
tor that will grow hair or money
The lime to take care of your hair
is whin you luvo hair to take cure
If your hair is getting thin, gradually falling out, it cannot lie long
before the spot appears.
Thc greatest remedy to stop the
hair from falling is SALVIA, the
Oreat American Hair Grower, Ui'Bt
discovered iu Kngland. SALVIA furnishes nourishment to the hair roots
and acts so quickly that people are
And remember, it destroyes the
Dandrufi g«rm, the little pest that
saps the life that should go to the
hair from  the roots.
SALVIA is sold by 0. U. Macdonald under a positive guarantee to
cure Dandruff, stop Falling Hair and
Itching Scalp in ten days, or money
back, A large bottle costs SOc. The
word "SALVIA" tLatin for sage) is
on every  bottle.
Monday, October the !10th is the
date of the turkey supper at the
Give comfort anil case
without encrifice of
style.  The variety of
models meets every
wouiuti s requirements. 1 holiest stores
Sell tin-in.
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
Notice is hereby given that on the
tirst day of December next, applica-*
tian will bc made to the Superintendent of Provlnolal Police for
renewal of bhe hotel license to sell
liiiuor by retail ill the hotel known
us the Union hotel, situate at Arrowhead, in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 9th day of October, 1911.
W.J.   LIGHTBURNE,   Applicant.
Notice is hereby given that, on the
lirst day of December next, application will he. made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police lor
renewal of the hotel license to Bell
liquor hy retail In the hotel knowii
as the Hotel Queens situate at Comaplix, jn th-o Province of British
Dated this 9th day of October, 1911
J.   H.   YOUNO,   Applicant.
LIQUOR ACT,   1910.
Notice is hereby given that, on the
tirst day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of1 Provincial Police for
renewal of the holel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the St. Leon hotel, situate at St.
Leon, in the Province ot British
Dated this 28th day ol September,
1911. 3U,!s.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kooteuay.
Take notice that James A. Shields,
of Itevelstoke, British Oolumbia, occupation, Packer, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the follow
ing described lauds:
Commeuciug at a post planted at
the South West Corner of Lot 27731,
Group 1, West Kootenay District, B.
C, and marked "James A. Shields'
South EaBt Corner Post," thence
west about twenty chains more or
less to the south-east corner of Lot
2712, Croup I, thence north 40 chains
thence east 20 chains more or less to
thc north-west corner ol Ivot 27-73,
thcniH! south 40 chains to point of
commencement, and containing 80
acres more or less.
Dated August 29th, 1911.
Andrew   Kitson,   Agent.
LIQUOR  ACT,   1910.
Notice is hereby given that, on the
tirst day of December next, application will be made to the Supcria-
tendent of Provincial Police for
renewal of tlie hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
us the Lakeview hotel, situate at
Arrowhead, in the Province of British  Oolumbia.
Dated this 2nd day of October, 1911
CHAPMAN  & IRWIN,   Applicants,
LIQUOR  ACT,   11110.
Notice is hereby g>ivcn that, on tbe
lirst day of December next, application will lie made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for
renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Criterion hotel, situate at
Oamborne, In the Province of British
Dated this llth day of October, 1911
W.   S.   RENNIK,   Applicant.
LIQUOR    ACT,  1910.
Notice is hereby given that, on the
lirst day of December next, application will he made to the Superiu -
t.endant of Provincial Police for
renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
asthe Eva Hotel, situate at Camborne, in the Province of British Co-
Dati-d this lllt.li day of October, 1911
H.   G.   WARE,   Applicant.
We want all sufferers from Kiilnrv
snd BUdder Troubles, l,nmc Back anil
Rheumatism, to test GIN PILLS, snd
see for themselves that GIN PILLS will
really cure all these troubles.
tf your Kidneys sre weak—if It pains
you to urinate—if yonr back aches—if
hands snd feel are crippled with Rlirn
autism—give GIN PII,!/S » chance to
prove that they will relieve you snd
core you. It won't cost you • cent. You
don't have to bay them. Simply write
us for a free sample.
"A abort time «go, I received » free
sample of GIN PILLS whicli I have
taken with each food effects that I herewith enclose joe for » box of them. I
believe GIN PILLS are just the thing*
for mt" Rjcmas.ti Hamt.ym,
Frkwch Rivm.
GIN PILLS are so called because they
contain the medicinal principle of
Juniper berries, the essential principle of
Gin, but do not contain alcohol. 30c. a
box — 6 for $2.50 — at dealers, end
(usrmntecd to^ivesatisfaction or money
refunded. Sample box free if you write
ui. National Drag end ChMMCnl Co.,
IMT*. W,     Toraafe u
The original
ain Pills made by
National Drugand
Chemical Co. of
Canada Limited,
Toronto, are sold
only la thia tea.
I SATURDAY,   OCTOBER  li,   1911.
SATURDAY,  OCTOBER  14,  1911.
Local Industry
We oMAIL-HERALD has new
type and printing machinery.  Our
stock sf  printing papers is large
and well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTHenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
c/4ccount Forms Ball Programs
Wedding Sttaionery Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms     Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
Revelstoke  Land  Distrjct.
D.strict ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, D. H. Reynolds
ol Riivt'lstoke, li. C, occupation,
Clerk, intend to apply lor permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted at
the South West Corner ol Lot 781S,
anil marked B, R. Reynolds North
West Corner l'ost, thence east 80
chains to the South West Corner of
T. L. (11*1:1, theuce soulh about 41)0
feet to tbe North Bast Coiner of
Lot 70*4.'!, thence along line of Lot
7043 forty chains, west 40 chnins
south and 20* chains west to line of
Lot 2112, thence along line of lot
2112 10 chains nortll and 21) chains
north and 20 ciiains west to the
North West Corner, thence north
about 4-ao feet to the place of commencement, containing 1(10 acres,
more or less.
Duted September 2,ritli,  l'Jll.
LIQUOR  ACT,   llllll.
Notice is hereby given that, ,ou the
tirst day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for
renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Beaton hotel, siluateat Beaton, in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 28th day ot September,
I9ii. :in*is.
H.  NELLIS,   Applicant.
Lessons in Painting and Drawing
Oils and Water Colors
Miss Wrigley, bolder ol Soutli Kensington (England) An Master's Cerlifi-
bate, (.iroup 1. First-**, lass Certifici es
for Siill I,iie Painting; Ornament Painting in monochrome (.oils); drawing from
tlie Antique; Modelling in i lav from the
Winner of National Book Prizes for
Interior ill Oils anil Figure in Oi.s.
A class forming (or junior pupils on
Saturday afternoon.
For terms apply to
Care Mrs. Haggen.
Wood for Safe
First class wood, any desired length and in any quantity can be had by leaving
an order at S. McMahon's
blacksmith shop.
Phoi c No. 87
The Pacific Terminal Port of the
Canadian Northern Railway
Ollicial announcement is maile that the
townsite lots will be ou sale within sixty-
days An was the same in Prince Rupert
record prices wiil reign, some say
$15000 to $20000 per lot. The lots
nearest to what will be the highest
priced railway lots are those across the
road belonging to us. They are big 50
feet by 164 feet lots to a 20 foot lane,
anil are about 301) yards ofl tbe water
front. Prices now asked are only from
M5C0 up willi 3 year terms. These
show opportunities for greatest quick
profits ever ollered ill the country. No
private subdivision in tbis Terminal can
ever be so close as ours. Remember
the highest prices at the sale will set
the value to our lots. We recommend
speedy action as onlv aliont fifty lots
remain unsold. Ask for maps ami
prices.   Sole agents —
The Selwyn Investment Company.Ltd.
311 Dominion Trust Bldg. Vanoouver.B.C.
This lm Banner (lie fjr Frsak
Metrical Displays
The summer of l'Jll will bo down
In history as one uf the most remark
able seasons on record in respect ol
freakish electrical displays and the
havoc wrought by them.
(lue of the oddest instances occurred during the excessive heat, wave iu
July, in a board lug house in Monric-
ell-o, lowu. Sixty gttects were sitting
at the table when the electrical visitor came down through the roof and
entered without ceremony every room
iu the house, singeing the hair and
scorching the scalps of twenty-two
men and women diners, lt did little
or no other damage. It woke u
young woman out of her sleep by
tearing a hole in the wall beside ber
pillow, It didn't touch the bed, and
the late sleepers, us distinguished
from ibe early birds, who had already got up aud wen' moving about
escaped bodily  injury.
In Jersey, Sussex county, N. Y.,
the. lightning storm robbed oue farmer ol his entilre herd of twenty-two
swinu and another farmer of his stud
horses. Iu Canaan, Conn, Miss
June Decker, a deal woman ot sixty,
had her power ol hearing, as
it. were, miraculously restored. To
get to Mrs. l>ecker the current had
to shatter a number of rafters, tear
through two Moors, and wreck windows and frames before dealing the
seeming fatal stroke. After recover -
ing from unconsciousness and easing
ber soreness and lameness she discovered that for the lirst time in
many years, she could plainly hear
the ordinary tones of speech.
Lightning altered still more remarkably the domestic arrangements
of a family in Columbus, Ohio, when
it gave back lo Mrs. Jonatnan Drake
hor voice. Two years before she baJ
lost her speech as the result of paralysis of the vocal cords. But when
on July 20, the lightning Hash and
the heavens roured. Mrs. Drake gave
utterance to a loud scream and the
manner of it surprised the good lady-
even more than it did her iriends and
neighbors, ln a short while she was
able to speak as well as ever.
Lightning in a telephone booth is
a new peril ol tbe age. A Hai'tiord
mun was killed in this manner recently. He had stayed late in the
office where he was employed aud bad
gone iuto tbe booth to telephone.
Next morning when the otner em -
ployees came and opcu.d the door ol
tbe booth, they found the nody stonl
ing stark and rigid at tuj instrument
bis left hand still clutching the receiver and his lips still close to the
mouthpiece. According to the theory
of tbe medical examiner, he bud been
instantly killed by a current of light
ning that had Hashed in through the
private telephone wire he hud been
Most wonderful perhaps of all light
ning pranks was the recent attack on
miners working 2,533' feet under
ground in the passageway of the
Hudson river aqueduct tunnel. Lightning casualties in mines, though not
frequent, are not uncommon. The
intake of air from the surface above
sometimes acts as ready conductor,
or the current descends the metal
cable by means o< which the elevator
cage is operated. The horror ot the
possible stroke is increased tenfold by I
the d„nger ol its touching oil the explosives tbat are used in blasting.
Down one of the shafts of tbe great
aqueduct, near Cornwall on Hudson,
on July 21, plunged the bolt, tirst
following the elevator cable, then
ripping its way through a steel car
at the bottom and dividing into two
currents each of which came rolliug
and hissing down the railway tracks
ol the east and west tunnels, respectively.
Two workmen stood at the head of
the west tunnel engag>d in blasting.
Oue of them had his back to the
shaft and was in thc act of dropping
a stick of dynamite into a hole.   The
bolt passed through his feet with a
slight shock, made a connection
through h.s feet with a luse wire in
his bund and exploded the stick of
dynamite. A vast mass of rock was
torn up hy the impromptu Wast, and
both men were hurled great distances,
sustain.ng terrinlc injuries. The marvel ol it all was that they weren't
instantly killed by tbis extraordinary
coming together of unchained lightning and high power explosive.
The other half ol the current, that
whu careering along the east pas-
Sttgeway of the tunnel, gave even less
account of itself. It shocked twenty-
live men likewise preparing lor dynamite blasts, but strange  to   say did
,t loiich any of the explosives and
left its badly frightened victims practically   unharmed.
Murderer Barricades House
Paplneauville, I', q., Oct. 12—A
murder is reported hue yesterday iu
a settlement named Doileuii in Pon-
sonby township when Kelix Diouiu, a
fanner, is said to have shot an unknown man on ins farm. The defeased was evidently a stranger in the
neighborhood, which is 25 miles away
from any railroad. Tlie alleged murderer has barricaded biinseli In his
house, where he has ample arms and
ammunition aud threatens to kill any
one  who interferes  with  him.
Four witnessej saw the shooting,
but no one could reoovtr the body ou
account of the murderer's threats.
Mayor Tess.er of Po-nsonby notified
Sheriff Wright ol Hull and asked for
assistance. Detective Mct'askill of
Montreal was calbnl for and a party
left for the scene of the rounder from
this place  by road.
Asks Government to Settle Strike
Acting ou bis own behalf aud without the authorization or approval of
the Mine Operators' Association, Mr.
O.P. Hill, former president and general manager of the Hillcrest Collieries, Limited, of liillcrest, Alta., has
appealed to tbe Dominion government to intervene with the object of
securing an early settlement of tho
coalminers' strike in the Crow's Nest
district  and  Southern Alberta.
Mr. Hiil, who now resides in Montreal, and who is still a shareholder
iu the company he organised, is at
the Hotel Vancouver. He sent a priv
ate despatch last night to Premier
Borden ut Ottawa stating that one
week of personal observation had coa
vinced him that conditions in the
Crow's Nest district resulting (rom
the strike were simply appalling.
Mr. Hill pointed out that a continuance of the strike with winter approaching would involve serious hard
ship and suflenng to hundreds of
thousands ol people in Eastern British Columbia and tbe prairie provinces. The hope was also expressed
that tbe new minister ol labor would
tind some means of afleeting a speedy
settlement of tbe dispute and it possible, induce the strikers to return to
work with a guarantee that their
grievances, if any, would be fully investigated and remedied.
The Golden Opportunity
Among the persons who have recently made provision fur o.-d age
when it comes are two sisters, aged
respectively ii and 24 years. Toey
have purchased from the Canadian
Government a Last Survivor Annuity, that is an Annuity wbich will
give them together an income of
$600 a year so long as they both
live, ami to be continued to the survivor so long as she lives. The cost
of this Annuity, fS,643.6S, bud been
invested ut 5 per cent. ami bad
brought in less than I1H5.U0 unnual-
ly, with the difficulty and unnoyaDCe
of reinvestment. The Annuity becomes payable when the younger sis
ler attains the age of 55, and shoukl
bulb die liefore thut time the purchase money will be refunded to their
heirs with three per cent, compound
interest. Buch is now earning ber
own living, und the sum paid is tbe
fruit of their labors for unuml-er ot
years They were thus able the Iwt-
ter to .iiq.i-e.iate their aplendid opportunity. A card of enquiry addressed to the Superintendent ol lanadi-
aii lloveiuriient Annuities, Ottuwa,
will secure for you auy information
yoU  desire  uu  tbe subject.
fort George Reserve Purchased
In connection  with  the  purchase ol
the IuJiuu Ik-serve at Port (leoige by
ti,,- i.ijnd Trunk Pacific Railway, it
is anOOUttCSd thut the i-otllpnny is to
puy IIno,iion cash io tbe Iudiaus, hall
of tlie sum to In* divided among tbe
natives affected and the remainder to
be held by the Domiuion government
iu trust lor them, In addition, tha
railway agrees to build u house lor
every head ol a lamily vacating tlie
ii'sei ve. These houses will lie erected
on rithei ol the two n aii.y reserves,
Choice of winch resis with the lndi -
ini. Tbe COtnpaU) will olso erect a
church md priest's house on each
.,( tho two reserve, to whicli tbe In
diaiis move. Thc sum of |1(HK) is to
be given to the Indians to pay for
ttie removal of bodies trom graves on
the va'-ated reserves to cemeteries to
i stabHabed at other points.
■Soloists of Royal Welsh Choir, Edison Theatre,  Monday Night
K. ue mi-1     the Auction Hale Tusa-
day,  Oct.   17tb.-D.  H.   Il»« ■» fcouse,
Kiitb street.
"A SATURDAY,   OCTOBER  14,  1911.
SATURDAY,  OCTOBER  14,  1911.
Provincial Elections Act
Reveisldke tlettoral District
Take notice that I have received
objections m writing to the retention
of the following names on the Register of Voters for the Revelatoke Electoral District on the grounds stated below.
And take notice thut at a Court
of Revision to be held on the (.th
duy ui November, 1911, at Court
House Kevelstoke at 11 o'clock in
tbe forenoon, I shall hear and determine the Baid objections, and unless such named persons or some
other Provincial voter on their behalf sal me that such objections
are not well founded, I shall strike
such names oil said Register.
Dated tbis llih day ol October, 1911
Registrar ol Voters.
S5S     Lepard,  Herbert,  Camborne.
Mi7     Levesque, E., Goldfields.
I iii     Liver,   Wm.   J.,  Arrowhead.
5-.1     Livingstone,   K.,   Arrowhead.
887    Loftus, I'eter, Comaplix.
Logan,   Chipinan,   Hevelstoke.
Lortie,   Joseph,   Arrowhead.
Lux, George, (loldtields.
Lux, Thos. T., Beaton.
Macdonald,  M., Arrowhead.
Macfetrldge,  Thos.,   Arrowhead.
MacOregor,   K.,  Camborne.
Maloney, W. P., Kevelstoke.
Marsaw,  Fred, Comaplix,
Marsaw, Joe, Comaplix.
Martin,   Andrew,   Wigwam.
Martin,  Henry,  Galena  Buy.
Masson,   John   «.,   Hevelstoke.
Kellett,  Harry, C.oldlields.
The  following   persons
absent  from   the  District
r '
4 A
5' 4
■ -
. (*
Abey, Frank Thos,
Ackert. Herbert A
Albury, Arthur (1.
Allen, Alf. Harris,
Amey, Melville E.,
Andrews.   Edward,
are   repoi ted
.,   Comaplix.
Answon,   James,   Comaplix.
Auguston,  Peter  J.,  Kevelstoke.
Backstrom.   Fred.,   Revelstoke
Bailie,  Hugh,  Comaplix. j
Bailie,  Hugh,  Comaplix.
Balloch, D.R., Comaplix.
Barnes,   Robert  (1.,   Arrowhead.
Barr,   Wylie   D.,   Pingston Creek
Batista,   Vittonl,  Hevelstoke.      ,
Bayes.  Melville,   Arrowhead.
Belt,  Ceo.  F.   Revelstoke.
Boardman,   Jas.   10.,   Comaplix.
Bod well,  I.  N.,  Kevelstoke.
Boggs,  Arthur W,, 2 Arrowhead
Hoggs,   Harry,   Arrowhead.
Bonser,   Thos.   Alf.,   Kevelstoke.
Bradshaw,   William.   Wigwamf
H:cm,.:.ssm.   '!'..   Kevelstoke.
Brown,  Frederick.  Comaplix.
Buckley,   John,   Kevelstoke.
Builock,  Blan.  K.,  Arrowhead.
Burdon.  Fred.   IV.,   Arrowhead.
Callahan.  Alfred,   Wigwam. ,
Caprebitie,   Ll,  Kevelstoke.
Carlson,   Anton,   Revelstoke.
Cashato,  Giacinto,    Hevelstoke.
Clark.  Jns.  ('has.,   Glacier.
Clark,  Wm.   P., Glacier.
Cole.   I'eter,   Arrowhead.
Cook,   Maurice   J.,   Arrowhead.
Cooper,  Robert,  St.  l,eou.
CoUlts,   David,   Arrowhead.
Cioss,   Jas.   Wm..  Revelstoke.
Deielice,   Carmine,   Revelstoke.
DiLullo,  Angelo,  Hevelstoke.
Dunbar,  David  J.,  Beaton.
Dunne,   Patrick,   Comaplix.
Edwards,  Albert,  Comaplix.
Elsdon, Clement,    Arrowhead,
Elsdon,   Leonard,   Arrowhead.
Eiiiiis,   William   T.,   Comaplix.
Ennis, George,  St,  l^-ou
Erskini. I >bai les, Arrowhead.
Esplon.  Jos.   H.,  Beaton.
Fan.  I'eter  M.,   Arrowhead.
Fenwick.  Chas.   H.,  Comaplix,
Ferguson,   Duncan,     Revelstoke.
r • •_• isi :.     0 tm an,   Kevelstoke.
Fitxpatrick,  Pat.  1... Revelstoke
Fletcher.   Peter,  Camborne.
Flood,   John   J..   Arrowhead.
Faisett.1.   Ciemard,   Hevelstoke.
•-.   Charles,   Arrowhead.
Forrest.  John, Wigwam.
Fraser, Frank, Wigwam.
Fraser,   Walter.   Arrowhead.
Fra-er.  James AL,  Arrowhead.
Fraser,  William,  Wigwam.
Fl tser,   James.  Revelstoke.
Galanti,  Luig     Kevelstoke.
Gallagher,  John, Comaplix.
Gamester    Daniel,  Arrowhead.
Gawley,  I hesley,  Galena  Bay.
■ .*■ c*.  John  W .  Wigwam.
.  w.,  Arrowhead.
' lilm ■." ■    Anthony,  (,,011111111.
Gill, Robert  R.,  Arrowhead
Go Iwtn,  ' * ai li -    !:■ :--' t"ke.
0    Comaplix.
' lo --■:     Horace, G     Ri ve
Ol   ' F   .1).  .•■        '   all
',„■  •    v,     am,   \: 1 * whea I,
Hacking,  James   1 omapl \
it. . irson,   d*->hn,  Arrowhead,
Halt,  Stool*)   a
Haner   '■-   \    !<«■■ letoke.
Hansen   ''hr..-. Camb
Hanson   Henry,  Revelatoke
Hannon,   Joseph,  f'amborne.
ii  :*■'.*    Ulan,  Wigwam.
Harri     Jobn, Comaplix.
Hartmai    Ja oh '".     Arrowhead
HasU '■    W     am <;.. Camboi ue
Henry. George, Comaplix.
Hepburn. John I) . Comaplix.
Hogg, William  B.,  Comaplix.
Humpston, Wm.  J.,  Revelstoke
Irwin. James. Comaplix. 6
lsener. FreemanW.  Rr. ky Point,
Johnson.  Hans.   Wucwam.
Jordon,  Grover  0.,   Revelstoke
Keaya,   Howard.   Revelstoke.
Keiler,  William,  Wltrwam.
Kennedy, Fred, Camborne,
Kennedy,  Thos.   I,.,   ('ami,ome
Kn.ipp.   G, .    !).,  Revelstoke.
Konner,   John.  Galena Hay.
Lafortune,  Him,  Revelstoke.
La flame,  Victor,  Benton.
Lnnirrell.   Lindsay,   Arrowhead
Lnngridce.  B,  0.,  Arrowhead.
I<atka. Joseph. Arrowhead.
Lawson.   Charles.   Goldfields.
Leake   H   P . Ravalstoke,
Lecroix. Frank.  Arrowhead.
' 971
1 HI. 4
I is I
13 5 5
I in.-*
I 12*"i
I 150
! 1.",::
1 li'.7
I 168
14.-; 6
' 1691
1 l.i'.K
li iJ
11 ii
in ;
1 67
, 171.1
•1 lu-
Mel vi 11,  M. G.,
Morgan,  B. U.,
Mortscn, W. 10.
Morris Geo. II.,
Morrison,  John
,  Wigwam.
Mullen,  Wm.  B.B.,  Arrowhead.
Murray,   Ellas  J.,  Arrowhead.
Murray,  Robert,  Arrowhead.
McBrlde,   Robert,   Arrowhead,
McCartney,  J.H.,  Fostall creek.
McOrtmmon,  ll., Galena Bay.
McEachern,   A.D.,   Arrowhead.
McFnii.-uni,  George,  Comaplix.
Mclnnis,  John, Comaplix,
McKarachor,  F.,  Comaplix,
McKennan, P. G., Comaplix.
McLennan,  Gordon,  Camborae,
McLennan,   A.   L.,   Kevelstoke.
McMorris,   Arthur,   Galena  Bay.
McPhail,   Angus,   Itevelstoke.
McPhee,  Daniel,  Galena Bay.
Naecrente,   Philip,   Revelstoke.
Nastasem, J, Kevelstoke.
Nicholson,   Thos.   II.,   Comaplix.
Ulsou,   Charlie,   Wigwam.
O'Neill, C. 11., Camborne,
Pearson, Thos.  .If,  Beaton.
Peers,  John  A.,  Cnmborne.
Porrett, A. F.,  Beaton.
Pipes, Esward P., Comaplix.
Porter,  Carl, St.  Leon.
Proulx, (Ivila,  Kevelstoke.
Purgato,   Antonio,   Kevelstoke.
RnKiielli,  Marine, Kevelstoke,
Reighley,  James, Hevelstoke.
Kiley,   ().,   Goldlields.
Robinson,   K.w.l'.,   Revelstoke.
Robinson, Alex.  Wigwam,
Rogers, Robert, Camborne.
Rogers,   John, Arrowhead.
Koss,  W.  IV., Camborne.
Roy,   Arthur,  Goldfields.
Russell,  Walter, Camborne.
Ryan,  Walter,  Beaton.
Salter,  E.  Wm.,  Arrowhead.
Schwartz,   A.,   Revelstoke.
Scott,   dohu,   Comaplix.
Sellers,  John, Comaplix.
Sherwood, G.   11.,  Arrowhead.
Shields,   Geo.  D.,  Beaton
Sinclair,  Donald, Comnplix.
Singer,   Geo.   K.,   Kevelstoke.
Bkilling,   John,  Arrowhead.
Spocht,   Jacob,   Revelstoke.
Specht,  H.   .).,  Revelstoke.
Spring,  Ed.  A..  Hevelstoke.
Smith,  Harry,  Comaplix.
Switzer,  B.  P..  Arrowhead.
Tampayna,  Felice,   Revelstoke.
'Pennant.  Walter,   Arrowhead.
Thibault,   Jos.,   Pingston   Creek
Thomas.  Alf. C...   Arrowhead.
Thompson,   T.B.,   Arrowhead.
Thompson.   Bert.   Arrowhead,
Thome,  David  .1..  Camborne.
Thoriif.  Edward .1. Camborne,
Tinklier,  John.  Arrowhead.
Touringney,  Hector,  Beaton.
Turner.   Hurry.   Arrowhead.
Tye.  Henry  J.,  Arrowhead.
Wincent,  A.,  Arrowhead
Wisrentin.  G.,  Revelstoke.
Walter,   Walter   P..   Comaplix.
Ward. Joseph, Galena Hay.
Ward,  Wylie R.  Revelstoke.
Ware, Oharles, Arrowhead.
Watson, R.J., Revelstoke,
Watson, Jos, P., Revel toke
West,   Oliver   J..   Hevelstoke.
Wilke,   Hiiluis.   Gal ma   Bay.
Williamson    1    W .   Vrrowhead.
Winter-. Wm. C,  Beaton,
Wlthrow, Fred  M., Goldfields.
Witter.  Andrew 1: .  Beaton.
Wood,  Edward,  Comaplix,
Woods.  Bd ''Ids.
Zaczki.wskii  Paul,  Galena  Bay
Zinch, Winton, Arrowhead,
(ollowing  names   are   repi
Med German beoloyist Declares
Fuel Reserves are Increasing
Faster than Consumption
In 1-05 the publication ol the "The
Coal  Question"   lirst   attracted       the
attention  ol  alarmists  to  the       conceivable exhaustion  of    tlie      world's
coal  supplks,  says  the  Mining     and I
Engineering     World.   Coal     at that |
time was the world's leading     com-1
mercial  fuel,   oil  and  gus,  bydro-el-
cctric   power, etc.,   were  not even con*
cive.I  ot  among  the   power  users    or:
those  days;  nor  Jul  practical    minds'
conceive augbt but the best grades of I
COal   as   iiiinalile   anil   salable.       It   is
easy to see, therefore, how the question ol coal exhaustion uml conserve
tion should have arouse,l considerable
anxiety. But modern conservation
does not date (rom tins beginning.
s-.ith the Increased use ol the so-cal-l
led lower grades of coal    of     tho*****-
■ lays   111  gnu   works,   in   electric   powei
plains,    vessels,   etc ,    with    111.'       dis
covcry ol new coal  fields;  with     the
increasing use of hydro-electric  pow
ei. -as .ui.1 crude '"i. the coal ex
Imustion Mine soon died out; tbis,
t. .-inie ol a Him . mushroom -
tike expansion n coal consumption
the world over.
'lbe gigantic  growth in th*       on
sumption ol coal     eauw 1    Profeasoi
Kin/ Freeh   the leading gc
Germany,  to revive Uh n    of
This   was
H -.- :.   w.U   Mir
coal  1' ...       ted "  pub-
stimulu      r. -  - the
with   • ire or less '
* *
ph r
up Hi'- in
the ... '       •
•   - number   •*
takin        ■
■ iture
Sin b      11 ipill   • 'V
,    . le   of
the    quasi *
.1   fnliir.'
' lumptlon   Tbej
allow for ' '""■*
... .    . 1    the
■■•■nl  ■   io       ,  ■     • I
l,v   lbe  .1 'I. •,'. "I v   nl   iii- i    lleblK.
I,V    'Ie* el..|.iim * '
ly  1,iirii'il to I..* nun Mt    by  Impi     '
mi nt lioll 1        .-■'   |il rxlili   '
other burn
previously Inl *t Ioi oi   vori fi 1 le
■^■^■^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ nf iin*
Min Beatrice Ungford with ibe Koysl | «ouroM ol hurt ami soerg;       1    oH
ami i:»s. in ii**' 1*■ tn'   power   wave
125     iiim.
,.11 the list
J..I111, Revelst
iWlng   per-' ■
rep 1 ■•. i
17! '
'. let.      I.. ■:. -    1 '-itli 11 ■
Ul.  Wm .  Revel I
1 in   ton Cre >k
Mclntyre   Dan     Revelatoke.
M     in*.-  Bddj
William   \     I'onmpln
'.■-. ik ns   Duni        Revel t"ke
\\ elafa 1.min". Choir, I'.tllson 1 heatrt
Motida;. Oetobei l'>ib
more, they have been, are being, and
will continue to be, so increasing;
and what is still more, the rate of
increase of the coal resources in its
bearing on the future exceeds the
rale of increase in coal consumption.
What the world really needs on tbe
conservation question is reliable and
ollicial statistics, complied, let us say j
every twenty years or oftener. Such I
BbatlBtlcts would show the rate of increase In our coal resources or fuel t
reserves, in tbe world's iron ore supplies, etc., and would not leave such
statistics to tlle personal vagaries ol
different authors.
It. is, therefore, of special sigaili-
canje to the coal conservation question  that in
Ten Members of New Government
will be Nominated Oct. 25—
House Meets Nov. 15
Ottawa,   Oct.    11—The   cabinet   pot
down to business  this morning.    The
dates for the nominations of 10 min-
isttrs  were fixed  for Oct. 'ifi. No op-
U2 the congress of tho   position  is expected.  In the cases of
world's geologists, to he held in
Toronto, will assemble statistics of
tlie nations' coal resources as sutimit
the nations' coal resources us submit.
and others. It will Ik? remembered
thnt the last International geological
congress,   held   In   Stockholm  in   l'JIO,
Hon. F. Cochrane, W. T. White, Hon
It. Rogers and Hon. J, IJ. Ilazen, for
whom seats are still to bo found and
Martin Burrel, who has not arrived,
the dates are left open. Mr. Burrel
will  l>e sworn  in  personally    by    the
compiled similar figures lor the    iron   Bake ol Connnugbt.
rite treasury board has l.-een appointed and consists of W.T. White,
chairman; Hon. Geo. Foster, Cochrane, F. D. Monk, C.J. Doberty and
Hon.  R.  HoK-ers.
ore resources of the world. That con
greaa laid to rent tlie hugahoo of
possible exhaustion of iron ore sup -
plies  in  tlie  discernible future.      The
ci n rress  at   Toronto   will   apparently   	
do tbc same for coal.  Hut  the Rreat-1 	
esl set vie,, of such statistical compil- j Ottawa, Oct. 11—The new parlia -
at oik will lie in their enabling fut- ment will probably bc called for the
nr.* generations to authoritatively despatch o* business on Nov. lfith.
•ti, tbe conservation question by This is on Weancsdny and the cus-
predse figures "f pnst. present and t'un is for anew parliament to be cal
future increase- in our coal and fu.'l led together for a Wednesday. Tlie
-it.plies ta well as in our coal and sissioti will be short, probably run-
nsumptlon, n ng only  a lew  days over a month,
  and  will  lie  devoted  to  the  passing
1 of supply,
is      the      After the expiration  of llll days the
at    the   members  will  he entitled to their full
j indemnity.
Monday,  October tbe 30th
I ,:.*   .;  tbe  turkey supper
v M CA.
In  Your Kitchen
Saves 20% on Coal
It is a wonderful patent rf<-vi< <, tl.r Oxford Economizer, and ii licensed
fur use only on
^p^and RANGES
. f lulatOf keeps i - oven at a given temperature. No
• s flue but bad odors, staam and itnoke.
Ihr hi. It held for .-it attention   ready for immediate use—
and ail thii labor, lim   j I >,y simply turning tbe crank.
Div d»d Or*n FIu« Strip > ,u have even bakiiiK, because of
' red by thii <xpert arrangement,
.i'!e.|   with  strong,
intrrliK king teeth f af re-
a turn.    In appear
ance, in detail, of finlih
and deilgn Dm Cheecullor
ii an ornament ai well t,
* ■ i iny kitchen.i
Th» Ranr;e here r»;e
i      ■  i      1 ',i ier r.ur-
nry-Orfor.l. ■ f • very v,rt
fi.r  •    • .•  purpow,  <li.-
II ilnor.
Ileal'  the  date  in  mind,  Oct.
Turkey *8uji|ier at Y.M.C.A.
iin 1 IulnI  power, "li     the ii e of cen  I
; lini     powei      i.iii '   the    inui"
nn.ulii.  ,iii*l  in othil   Wa .    ui '.      "'ii
I coal rwourcN br Increased,    What m
awrence naruware Lompany,
In tbe Matter of the Estate of dames
K. Long, deceased.
Notice is hereby i;i.eu that all
creditors and olheis Having claims
agaiust the Estate of James E.
Long, late of Revelstoke, B. 0., deceased, who d.ed at Kevelstoke on or
about the 12th day of June, 1911,
are requested to send to tlie tinder-
oigned, Solicitors for Rev. 0. A.
Procunler, Executor of the last will
of said deceased, within till days from
date, full particulars of their claims,
duly verified, and that after that
date the said Execdtor will proceed
to distribute the said estate amongst
those entitled thereto, regard being
hud only to those claims of which
said Executor shall have then received notice.
Dated August 16th, 1911.
Solicitor for Rev. C. A. Procunier,
Executor of tho last will of
Itevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Nettie H. Piatt
of Hosslaud, B. C, occupation
Housekeeper, intend to apply for
permission to purchase tbc following
described  lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the South East Corner of
Lot 7900; tbence south 40 chains,
west 40 chains, north 40 chains and
east 40 chains to point of commencement, and containing 160 acres more
or less.
Dated August 10th.  1911.
NETTIE  H.  PLATT,  Applicant.
James Fisher, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat I, William Rumley,
of Pattersou, B. C, occupation Lumberman, intend to apply lor permission to purcbase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted adjacent to the North East corner of
Lot 9323, being the South East Corner; thence running north 80 chains,
west 60 chains, south 10 chains, east
40 chains, south 40 chains and east
20 chains to the point of commencement and containing 480 acres, more
or less.
Dated  August 9th,  1911.
WILLIAM   RUMLEY,  Applicant.
James Fisher, Agent.
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
Notice is heeeby given that, on the
tirst day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for
renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel knowii
as the City holel, s.tuate at Arrowhead, in the province of British Columbia.
Dated this 4th day of October, 1911
JOHN CALEY, Applicant.
Hevelstoke Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Fredrick
William Vipond, of Nakusp, B. C,
occupation foreman, intends to apply tor permission to puicliase the
following  described  lands:
Commencing at a post planted 120
chains south of N. Ifl. Corner ol T.L.
41274, thence soutb 80 chains, (hence
east about 30 chains to Arrow Lake
thence north along Lake aliout 80
chains, tbence west about 20 chains
to point of commencement, contain -
ing about 200 acres  more or less.
Dated September  13,  1911.
Hep.23-No.22        E.R.  Vipond,  Agent.
Revelstoko Land DiBtrict.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1 Edward Russell
Vipond, of Nakusp, B. C, occupation
Contractor, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described  lands:
Commencing at a post planted 40
chains south of N. K. Corner of T.L.
41274, thence south 80 cbains, (hence
east about Ud chains, to Arrow Lake
thence north along Lake about M)
Chain,, thence wesl, about. 2 chains to
point of commencement, containing
about.   Illt)  acres,   more  or  less.
Dated September  lit,  1911.
Sept. 23-Nov.  22.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of Went Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Otho Ralston,
• >f Harrisonburg, Virginia, occupation
House Decorator, Intend to apply for
ptrmlsalon to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at. a post planted
il" ut   two anl a baJMl)  miles in a
South .*.*   i.i I*,     .luiii     from    the
South West corner of Lot 932»; lieing the North West corner, thence
m'.hiii: south 80 chains, east 80
chains, north 8>l chains, and
west 80 chains to point of commencement, and containing 640 acres more
or less.
Dated. August 12tb, 1911.
OTHO  RALSTON,  Applicant.
Jaoie, Fisher. Agent.
.li  A.   V.
un.l A. M.
Regular meetings are held iu MaS-
UNIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on tbe Third Monday in each mouth
at 8 p. m. ViBiting brethren ara
cordially welcome.
W. H. ROBERTSON, Secretary.
SELKIRK     LODUE  12,  1.  O.  0. V.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Halt at H o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
J.   S. HOOLEY,  N.  G.
JAS.  MATH1E,  Secretary.
MT.      DElililE,
OF 1. O. F.
No.  Mtl.
MeetB in I. IX 0. F. Hall next to
Tapping's Opera House every second
and fourth Monday iu month. Visiting brethren cordially  welcomed.
G. W. BELL, C. R.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,   Bee. Bee.
GOLD RANGE LODUE,      K.  of    P..
NO.  26,   HKVKLHTOlvE,  B.   0.
Meets (very Wednesday except   tha
Third Wednesday of eaoh month     in
oddfellow.' Hall at t o'clock.  Visiting Knights ar, cordially invited.
J. X. SIMPSON, 0. 0.
Q. U. BROCK, K. ol R. * ».
M. of r.
0. W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. Ml.
Meets Second   and     Fourth Wednesdays    lit each month in    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS, Coa. Com.
Barristers,   Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial bank  Building  Reveletoke, B. C.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Revelstoke.    B.   0.,     and
Cranbrook, 11. 0.
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
a. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey,
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
Provincial Land Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
Box. 282, Revelstoke.
Plans and     Specilications prepared
ior     all   Classes     of buildings, Etc.
Draughting aud Blue Printing.
Revelstoke  Land  District.
District  of  West Kootenay.
Take notice thai. bid. McGaghrai.,
ot Arrowhead, B. U., occupation
i.timlienuaii, intends to apply lor per
mission to lease tue lollowing de-
scrineU lands lor mariile ami lime
,,uarryiug purposes.
Commencing at a post planted
about two miles south of Pingston
creek Mill and marked "E. Mcliagh-
i.in .* South i'I.imi -vomer", theuce
weBt 40 ciiains, tbence north 40
chains, theuce east 4(1 chains, more
or less to the lake shore, tbence
south ulong the lake shore 4(1 chaius
more or less to the point ol commencement, containing 160 acres
more or less.
Dated   Aug.   22,   1911, 8.6-N.8
Revelstoke Land DiBtrict.
District of West Kooteuay.
Take notice that I, Charles Stmllcr
Ol Nakusp, B. C, occupation Loger,
intends lo apply for permission to
purchase the following described lands
l ommeuciug' at a pout planted at
lhe North EaHt Corner of T.L. 41274,
■ hence soutb 40 chains, theuce eust
about 2 chains to Arrow Luke, thenoe
along Arrow Lake to point of commencement, containing 40 acres more
or less.
Dated September '2Mi, 1911.
E, H. Vipond, Agent
LiyUOR  ACT,   1910.
Notice is hereby given that, on the
lii ut day of December D0XI, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police lor
renewal of the holel license to sell
liquor by retuil ln tbc hotel known
as the Glacier House, sltuat at Glacier, in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 28th day ol September,
1911. iiu.ls.
Canadian  Pacillc  Railway  Company,
LIQUOR  ACT,   1910.
Notice Is hereby Kiven tbat, ,on the
lirst day of December next, appllca
tion will lie made to tbe Superintendent of Provincial Police for
renewal of the holel license to Bell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
aB the Lardeau hotel, situate at
Comaplix, in the Provinoe of British
Dated iln * 28th day ol September,
1911. iOit.
HUSSELL    M.   EVANS,    Applicant,
** I
SATURDAY,   OCTOBER   14.   1911.
See special window displays
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. 2- fame Si Co.. £imited
Mail    or    Telephone    your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.     Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
J?c Dry Goods Department m%
New Tarns
for ihe Children
Navy or Garnet Felt Tam 35c.
Large Navy or Red Tarns 50c.
II    j£100
Patent Leather Brown or Black 75c
Children s Coats
A bunch of Children's Coats,
some Bear Cloth for Infants and
Cloth Coats for Children of 5 and
6 years for
Friday Bargains
This is a good season for Friday
Bargains, about 100 odd pieces
of Women's Underwear, natural
colors and white, a mixed lot but
every piece a bargain at 50c. per
Separate Skirts
A clean up of Women's'separate
top skirts. No use to go into details
here. Come in and look them over,
there is a good Friday Bargain for
you in this lot
-n^rooghy •rtiwii
L-' Stitched -*
with Silk
$4.90 Each
Little Girls Skirts
Nice navy blue kilted skirt made
on a waist for little girls, 2 to 8 years
lined all through $1.25 to $1,85
Cashmere Jerseys, all colors to
wear with the skirts $1 to $1.50
House Furnishing Dept
Carpet Squares
We have just taken in stock a
lot of the famous Schuman Axminster
Squares. Oriental and conventional
designs. Also small rugs. These
are exceptional values and very
pleasing effects.
How about draperies for your archway and windows. We have a choice
line of heavy mercerized Madras,
Brockelelle Silk, Silk Tapestry, all
suitable for archways and over
Tapestry Portieres in reds, greens
and mixed effects.
Heavy Reversible Velour in red,
green and old gold, as well as all
wool basket weave wrepps, suitable
for stencilling. Colors - Red, Green
and Brown.
Curtain Poles and Fixtures
Window Blinds and Fixtures
Eiderdown and Lambs
Wool Comforters
These are by far the choicest
goods on the market at the price.
Choice Eiderdown Comforters,
covered with best English Sateen,
quilted and ventilated, choice bordered effects.
Same cover with pure white carded Lambs Wool, light and warm.
Yon wjil do well to examine these
Wall  Papers
Now is the time to buy wall paper.
You can brighten up a dingy room
for the winter at very little cost.
All our papers are this season's
goods, and can be relied upon for
quality and good taste.
Complete Range of Linoleums
and Floor Oilaloths
Tlie Young
Man's Suit
Slater Shoe for Fall
Heavy, wet weather shoes, which make
life comfortable during the wet weather,
are the standard for the present season.
Neat, effective lasts made up in calf and
velour have just arrived. All Goodyear
welted, guaranteed against imperfections.
Prices $4 to $7
Have you seen the new and
nobby tweeds made up in this
style. It is designed especially
for young men of erect, athletic
figure. Full chested, broad
shouldered coat; trousers half
pear Come in brown and grey
effects. Also in blue and black
serges and vicunas.
Prices $25 to $30
" Tub. Seal or Certainty
•Goonrcan W'tli.t Acwk
The above cut represents our Cruiser's
Shoe, made either in green, elk or brown
moose-   Prices * 10 and $12.
Knickers for Boys
Lion Brand'
Double seats, double knees, reinforced
seams. Made either in plain or knicker
bottoms. The best knickers for the money
in the world. Fine, hand woven worsteds
and clean nobby patterns in tweeds. We
have all sizes from 22 to 35.
50c. to $1.75 per pair
m% High Class Groceries v<
You make no mistake when you
order a box of the famous Macintosh
Red apples. We have just received
a full car of this brand besides a car
of mixed varieties and are now in a
position to handle the apple trade to
the fullest extent. See our corner
window for apples.
Maple  Syrup  and
What is better in the cold evenings
than a few hot pancakes made from
I'ure Buckwheat Flour, with l'ure
Maple Syrup. We carry McNally's
Pure Syrup made from the sap of
the Maples in New Brunswick. If
you have never used it you have
missed a treat. Try a can and be
convinced that you can get the pure
goods in McNally's.
Get Hume's Prices on Groceries
Cups and Saucers
We are owning up a big range of
Japanese Cups and Saucers in the
newest and latest designs which we
will have on sale this week at a price
that will meet the approval of all our
customers- We can suit every one
from the Baby to Grandpa. Don't
fail to see our display.
Fall house-cleaning is here again
and we can promise any woman that
with the soaps we carry she will
save herself heaps of work and lots
of time and discomfort. We have
them all and also a large stock of
Soaps, Brooms, Scrub Brushes, Tubs,
Pails, Washing Powders, and in fact
all the necessary goods for the housewife in the house-cleaning season.
Look in and ask for our prices on
all kinds of Feed, such as Hay, Oats,
Wheat, Bran, Shorts, Flour and
Meal. We are now unloading a car
of mixed feed and can save you
money on your purchases.
Hume's for Choice Groceries PATTRDAY.   OCTOBER   14,   1911.
SATURDAY,  OCTOBER   11,  1911.
Smart Fall Millinery
Special shipment by Express iliis morning including
NEW PATTERN HATS the latest models from the
East.    Our Millinery Department is always up-to-date,
New Fall Coats
New Fall Suits
We arc   showing  the  greatest
varietv of Coats  ever  brought
For   Ladies,   ill    Tweeds.     We
are showing  ihe production of
three diflerent Factories,    You
together at anv one   season   by
may depend  upon   ihe   newest
u.- before.
st) les.
Prices—$14,   $18,   $22.50   and   $25    Kach
$20.00 to $25.00 Each
Messrs. R. McDonald and J. T.
Wadman are on n  visit to the coast.
Mr,   !'.  W.   Stone lefl  this mornin;;
f< r Oaigary to join th*; st.ilf   ol    the i
Cilgary Daily Herald.
Mr.ami Mrs. ('. 11. Hume and fam- I
ily lelt on Tuesday on a visit to the !
Mr. .lack Martin, with lhe "White;
Slave Trafflc" moving pictures, is at ■
the   Bdison theatre  tonight.
Mrs. Ritchie of Victoria, who has
In en a guest of Mrs. T. Downs for
the past two months left forhcr hum,)
cm Tuesday.
Mrs. (1. Ralph hawren *6, McKenzie
avenue, will receive on Monday, del,,
llth, and mi lhe third Monday nf
each month throughout the season.
The Star, picture theatre, opens on
Monday. Messrs. Munro an.l Smyth*?
are the owners and will he open every  night.
Interest in Hie forthcoming municipal election is in evidence. Two or
three well-known citizens arc prospective candid.ill's for   the  mavorality
Miss E, 1,. U'augh, vvlio has lien
with the ('. I'd Hun..* & i'n. for lh.'
past six months, left yesterday for
New Westminster to take charge oi
the   read*, to wear   department   of     .1 ■
■ - f.
• '.. -&m,
Auction Sale
Imttll &  Co.
I . ■ .:■ -   at   tl *  Edison  to-
c. rer
Reserve ::*••     date—Kovember 25th,
1911—Local Vaudeville.
li. M. Rai      \ . 'l on Bale, Tuesday
i K'T.   ITtii at   1 .:*'■ I  p.m.  sharp.
Mrs.   I).   McDonald,   who   lias     been
-.r.n * bar mother  In  Montana    i""'1
the pait two i..*.r.:li-.  returned home
**n  Thui -*. .'.
Mr. E *:•   k i'ii >•■ Malakwa, i-i
.n th.*' city    '  laj  ■ :.  '    ::*■ home from
- ■    : ii   *.' *:. :     he   has      i.e n   visitin;
tor the : ast  tbrci   moi th .
Premier     Whitney    has   announced
•   il   thi ■ .- aeral    elections
will  !*• her  the first  or    Bee
.... *. December
Mis. .1. M. Anderson, Second street
will   ■ :    Wednesdnj       i I    i
noon, CM 18th  an*      alterwi    1-*
on the  tirst  Thursday  ot each month
Th.1 Auction  S.i i   ,i household furniture at li.  M.  Rae's  residence,    on
In order tn get lho best results from your chickens
you must provide lhe best foods available, as without these egg producing foods you certainly do not
get Hip best results. Try our Beef Scrap* Oyster
Shell Grit, Crushed Bone or Alfalfa Meal.
FEED—We also carry a full stock of Hay, Oats,
Wheat, Barley, Corn, Chop, Bran and Shorts.
A. HOBSON,        Baker and G ocer.
Look At This
We have ninety cords of good, clean, dry cedar in 14 and
Ki inch lengths. We also have cedar, fir and hemlock
mixed.   Get your orders in early for immediate delivery.
There will he a    meeting   of    th,'
I Ki'velstokt' I'ale.Ionian Society   on the
! 2.1th of this  month.   All  wishing    to
enroll   will   please  attend.    A       good
musical program has been got up lor
the evening.
Mr. Alexander Urnucy, one of th.*
best known pioneers ol Northern Ontario, being among the lirst to settle
in Muskoka district with his family,
died of paralysis at Nortll Uny on
Saturday, aged 7*11 years. Mr. llran-
ey was an uncle of Mr. A. Johnson,
of the Mall-Herald.
Tbe White Slave Traffic pictures at
tlie Edison theatre last evening where
tlie most startling and sensational
pictures ever shown in Hevelstoke.
They are shown in two series— three
thousand feet in each series, and it
takes nearly one hour and a half to
view them. The same pictures where
shown in Toronto for fourteen weeks
Winnipeg for three, and now are on
their way to Vancouver. If you
miss viewing them you miss viewing
a treat. In the theatre on Saturday
evening for the last time.
Ftfth   Btreet,   will      immence  .n  Tues-   piANO POR SAI.F. -in first class cm ,     Howson 41- Co. keep a furnituiv poi
I ,\.  Oct.  17th, at   1:30  p.in.  sharp.
Mr    W ,: . *     .*.   •**' m in   . !   tb       \i
i.  ■ :    i lo.'s   mill   at      \i
row-bee ...t  .:;!*• th     hon
.    .' -d iy  night    Buffering
•. **     i
n it ioe to Ho -Why wor-
■ * oking a  turkey dinner for
.-   -.*.,'. in  the  Ladies  Aux-
•iie   V.M.C.A.      arc  serving
ne al * *  at  thi   'i .M CA.
i ni*
Mr. T.  H   Duni *     machinis:
'■        Co.,was
nute to his
i     1     'lhe     Arrow
.   -   i clot       tl.. .i   iii.il   for   H'-tiii.-   Will
dltion,   terms   ivasotialdc.   apply   t" l*her   in   their   employ  -old   furniture
Mis.   II.   M.   Hue.   Fifth street. made  like new.
Don't forget tlie  Auction  Bale    of Mrs.  Bruce A.  Lawson held :l most
household   furniture,  Tues,lay    alter successful  "ai  home" on  Tuesday al
noon   next,   commencing   1:80  o'clock lernoon  "i  tli.-  week,  when  her dau
harp—D.M,  Rae's     residence,    Fifth Kilter, Miss Frances Lawson, made ber
Mr.  .1.  l..  Mahood, advance '  ;*  ■
* i.i ilive "■  ihe  Allen  Players i-    in
lie .'ny  making  ai ran-cm. nts  for   n
.wn   weeks   engagement   commencii^g
ii 'st Tuesday.
■l.  1*1. Thompson, I he . *;'
l.u*  to society and helped tu rei
,.   in- w ith Inr mother,  a  large num
It.  ('. CHUKUH.
St.   Francis    of    Assisii       Catholic
church, corner of    Fifth    street    and
McKeuzie avenue.
|    Services—On   'all    Sundays,  except
the fourth of each month.   Low mass
I -.vith Communion ot the Faithful    at
8 a.m.      High  Mass at     111:30 a.   m.,
Christian    Doctrine    for children      at
2 ,mi  p.m.    Rosary  with  Bendiction ol
The blessed  Sncrament 7:30 p.m.
Un week days—Holy      Mass     every
morning at 7:80.     Confessions      aro
[■em bouse "ii Wedn-a daj  n ixt. Tic
ets $1.1)0 per couple.   Three reels of
At   ■ '  week Miss '■
• Rev '-i"k.'      was
I..   Fr. .tag,   Ol
ii   by the Re\
friends    ol
. . exten 1
, vmIi.ii .,
Ml     .1
lv w.ii-  *..  Mus   Bad
I .*i   ..I  guests .ml  "id  friends      The   neard ,,vpr>' evening after 7:30      and
ten   ti fui   nnl artistic, in its    in  the mornings la-fore  .Mass.
J.  F. MrNHII., P.P.
..ii   li.**.    ivaa  presided '   "
:.y     Mr<    MeCarter  an!  Mrs     31w, METHODI8T OHUROH.
1U .-.   R.   J     M   llltyre,   pastor.     Sel-
-   I:   *. n.     subject     "Fishers    ol
Men '; 2  ■• p.m., Sunday school; 7.:t*J
iubject     "'il.e    Power   oi   the
*'*    nei i.i;.   evening   at    8
,'ortb League will hold
i   Mil  be in charge of
Department;     Friday
.\ ii.l.' ,n   tlM'   draw,li. Law
ra house,  i.- giving n  dance at    th.' •*,     t>er
.in 1  Mrs    Mi [jenflnn.
\t treet   last
. iged    ;.*
iat     in
irr.v in ""' C'tj  "" Vie *   isday, ..nl ,,,,   M(.K.n
-vill assume *
at '
i *r   .in 1      * ,-i.       .1
• hurch  ,i  wi *k   from  I   mon o«      Mr
*   *
ian,  mid   a
■   |i       | i      |  *i niUHical
lloth  *i- Mr
■ ii  h i- h.i l   .   n.i.     expei
n I  Ri
: rutie- I.T a man  "f   '
.' i* CO I
*   , ■      : ■
i .   ■
Ty   pl *
I'. t ■:   :
:n  Int :
,il,t   | . pei
*    ■
.-   uh  western   Moni ma
i  *■
■ ,     ' i'  , '     ii.iI.- from I-,,m
i.    . •    n     with tl
en I     ■   '   *   'i ■*
■   • i       i and
f     i>  j* I
ny    tbe
.• I ...ii
trice ui NbWbpaper Rises
Household Furniture
Kitchen Range. 4 hole.
He'ater, coal or wood
Raymond Sewing Machine
Three complete Bedroom ^'ets
Dining room table and chairs.
Sectional Bookcase.
Pictures,  Carpets,   Beds, Mat-
Iresses,   rarlor Chairs, Rockers,
Fancy  Tables,   Kitchen   Chairs
md   Table,     Kitchen   Utensils,
Dishes, Toilet Sets, House Plants,
'tc , etc., all in good condition.
Tuesday, Cct. 17
commencing 1:30 p m.
U L), M. Rae's Residence, 5th Street
!!. Manning, ■ Auctioneer
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For S le or Hire
by the month at Manning's.
All kinds of machine needles
H.  MANNING,   Agent.
.Starting Sat. Oct. 14th and every
Saturday and Monday
Watches, Jewelry, cto.
Howson's cash prices of furniture
compare favorably with eastern catalogue prires freight adilei!—eome anil
we will liRiire it out with you.
Fancy Work Materials
We are ready to supply your needs in materials
for Fancy Work for the Christmas season. Almost anything that you will need you will find
here and we have novelties arriving every week.
We make a specialty of Stamped Linens of all
kinds, and can stamp anything you may require.
We have'some very pretty designs in Figured Bucks and
a lot of new designs for towel ends, pillow cases, etc.
We can give you any si/.e in these from 4 inch to 24 inch
and a lot in matched patterns for Luncheon Sets.
Work Bags, Cushion Tops, Collar Bags, Shaving Pads,
Photo Frames, and a host of other articles, stamped and
tinted, ready to embroider.
Belding'B Silks in Rope, Royal and Filo, Peri Lusta,
1). M, C, Silkine and Klostersilk, in white and colors, Berlin, Shetland Floss, Saxony and Ice Wools, Hoops, Needles,
etc, etc]
oMcLennan C&> Co.
Monday, Oct. 16
Positively The Most Remarkable Singing Organization in the World
"The Welsh Choir is magnificent,  they are perfectly splendid, and you may say lsaid so."—-Mklba
PRICES:   -   $1.50. and $1.00
Seats on sale at Macdonald's Drug Store
The C. N. R. Centre of Central Saskatchewan
*!,*,      A  cordial
l tu  the     public
I I'.i*' ■ ..I \N   CHURCH.
111.:..     U'I
*'i   i row   al   eleven
Rev.   .1. a.
I    !**.I,i. ,   wiil       oc-
.*    ii tt, ami
*       . I. I1IM.--.II,'      11.
., tei noon. The
,*. A**I
-!-            * •*,, all
,., Is)    K-bOOl   Mil I
*. . * .    I
;• ...it:on   i   '!•  run
, . I  I, ■
,.\|M   '      111'*,    t 1».
-    ■ ,1.1 11«
* .-.*;       w-ill
■ hi niiirl,
* i
■i    I ■ •    ■
mows   DH
Vii stoui:
i-             died   1       '
N'*t.    .    ,   i     1             i
l              1:rf n. lun-.   ''.'      • ' '
.iimI .
;■ i '
* »•♦
l,,r n>ld in tlii' head     -' i   per
llayilll     1 in -i"H.ii ''ll -ili
ji.u *.ai'»*
II,ii Im li      I   i                '*.**..
Is, iiii. 1      * . li 1          **   1,II...Ill
THOMAS Menthol Liniment
1 IIIU'    mim       1 I.UMI,           *  1
tin  IUT
hu , ., .11, iii  rubbing  "il  lor
I i|i r.i .     ii.*    lm i.
Boeton < "■■'    *''''k                    ' ' "
rbeuiiutii   pain   oi   n dm In
Mi.   Bi iton *  Liok Hi 'ii<
v,, r*: . ■         c. and 50c. bottlei
. *   ,    .i
Dure; Stori:
\Ii     lai
in n     Nil       \ifi'
ii* ii
I1IMII      ||i      I   '.M      ',       \l     I \
.,,,.11.,     win,
;.,,..,'   I,,',  .
"   """
Willi    II.
Htire i *   '** AriHn pu    no,
,*„,,   ,.,,..               * ,,        Re     itoki i   I In the  lio«, krrtln tlwi
luring  i in   pi   nnl    ae on    The  Rl it i  plen     •- ti p to OalMorn
i,   v,    Pui i   iiim   !,.in*.iim      * few da wn '■"* mi n
i    who  wil  appeal   In    MK                  h ill *. Vi Hn    dl mpi*
,,i i hnn hi                 * *   ■■" H ' li maoh :  back
,, n •   in I..I,mi   'Mii    'iin' "Mimi*   .' i" Seattle and found In the   afc 'i"
i,i*i ,,,„    ,,,   \i, ii,,1,,i  ' unci it    i'n . I**   *i. boi mi , * Hi   money
We know of no better chance of making a good substantial profit
on a small investment than a purchase of Kindersley Lots to-day. This
new Saskatchewan town on the C. N. It. line, 125 miles west of Saskatoon and 200 miles east of Calgary, oilers a rare opportunity. It is
situateil in the heart of a magnificent agricultural district just being developed* Seventy steam ploughing outfits have been in operation there
all summer. The C. N. R, are making Kindersley a railroad centre, the
same as the C. P. R. did of Calgary in the early days. They have now a
nine stall Roundhouse, large Freight Yards, a handsome station, with
four bianch lines in course of construction. This means they intend
making Kindersley a great, distributing centre, and its advancement will
be rapid. Although only a little over a year old, they have over 700 of a
population. See our window fur pictures of this new town. Come in
and we can show you pamphlets and letters trom their board of trade
',min i,uur all we say of Kindersley. Our sub-division called "Rosedale"
is located only a few blocks Irom the station, adjoining the Roundhouse
ami Yards, and we can guarantee it lo be a money-maker, A large
number of lots already sold, Price only 190 a Lot; corners $20 extra.
Terms   $10 a lol down and 16 a month for the balance.
Nm    ."illi.   Bvcret.1   Kemp   iml"'
(,,, ,    I'V*      i ih      II*.     ll    M ill!    'I'l.i.li'lr
tpl ,1   'Hii,   mm.I   llu'       « I   ,i,,*I,m*hI,„I
, r, |0 ,, *■ ,*. \M ..I ii. * it oncer ti,
encepl the Bi t, will In glvoti in 111 I
i: i. *'U tUcntrc.
mi'l iin Mm,,in n  " i ni* •■nn-
■-innl     *, i.ui hn iiiiui'* t..    How»on
In   lit   I   iil'lm!   li'l" I     'll '   ' I.n
Wo have a bargain in a good house on Second Street.
A genuine Snap in 3 lots on Second Street,   See Us About It.
£   t
E. G. Foley, Manager
Mackenzie Avenue


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