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The Mail Herald Jan 25, 1911

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 "Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $60.
Interior Publismng^Co., Agts.y
Th*3* Mai
Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 17-No.   6
$2.50 Per Year
Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Ott'ico   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
5 S30.000.00
Branches «ir Agents at all principal points inJOanada.
Agents in Oreat Britain and United St.vteB—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Ex-
chiiige National Rank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank, Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch -A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Engineer in Charge for Smith, Kerry & Chace
Expresses Strong Opinions on Dilly-dallyings—
Contractors Would Work if Bonused.
>l?HvieMt^t*-l-*H^k*?K'f+-!--Mek-K-^ |   f
! •'• . -l-
'$     A   telegram   received   In' -i-
• the   Mail - 11 erald   from -\-
■ Vernon,   l>. C,  states  that %
|: Charles  M.   Field  and liis
rink from this city, won the
m game   for    iho   Henderson t
jjj Cup, and Wednesday nighl +
•1- tliuv  played   in   the semi- *
* final of the Grand Challenge. $
■t--t-+.ri--i--i--i--:--i--i--t- •:■•:• •!•■;• -i-:- -i-i-i-h-
Mr. II. H. Ewing, the cnKlncer In
Charge at the construction of the
new power plant, representing Smith,
Kerry & Chace, without any mincing
ol matters at all, gave it as hisopin-
lon at a meeting of the council last
night, that tho delays at the plant
ure due almost solely to tho dilly-
daHyings anil desultory work ol Mr.
.Newman and his entire gang.
"There seems to be no organisation there," said Mr. Swing. "They
are losing money on thc job and ii
looks as' if they want to lose money
on it. My opinion is that if* you
want Mr. Newmun to finish the job
up quickly, which I am suie could lie
done within the next lour or flve
weeks, the only way to get it done
ia for the council to humor him. If
you were to offer him say live or ten
per cent, over his contract price I
am pretty sure Mr. Newmun could
get to work and finish the job in
short order."
Mr. Ewing did not throw out this
hint to the council with the sugges -
tionthat tho council act upon it, but
rather to illustrate th2 point in
question tbat it is possible to complete the work belore the spring 'fresh
ets come to occasion additional work
and additional expense. If Mr. Newman does not do this and things run
along as they are now the spring
freshets will bo hero first and the
same troubles will be experienced again as have been experienced before,
was Mr. Ewing's opinion.
"If you attempt to use force or
inflict the penalty clause on Mr. New
man he will still dilly-dally along
and it would be hard to say just
when the work would be done. It
looks to me as if he is anxious (or
high water and would be glad to see
it come and put the plant in the
same position it was be.'ore. Mr.
Newman seems to think he has the
whip handle and can go along and
do things just as he hasbcen doing.
The Mayor — Well, Mr. Ewing, it
looks to you as if Mr. Newman has
been slack in his work?
Mr. Ewing—Well, I dor't consider
that the work has been done out
there as it should have been done.
If the work had been don? as it
should have been done In the spring
there would be no monkeying now. 1
have advised him as to what I con -
sidered the proper way to do certain
things and he bus apparently acquiesced in my opinions, Intl. then he
goes to work and docs things in hie
own and an entirely different manner
with the results ns you seo them.
During his absence I have written to
him repeatedly, but you might as
well talk to the wall for he pays no
attention to my communications and
puts things oil day hy day.
In confirmation of thia statement,
Mr. Ewing cited instances which warranted his making them. Tin: men
take their time al their work nn 1
don't seem to care how it goes nl, ng
Thc man with tbe wheelbarrow, wus
to Mr. Ewing's mind, the only work
man there worthy of his hire, for lie
attends strictly to his business of
wheeling gravel and will run over
anybody who happens to be in his
Aid. MeKinnon-What do you menu
by Mr. Newman thinking be holds the
whip handle ?
Mr. Ewing—Well, ho has the gravel
the cement and all the appliances in
use there, and without him thc city
has nothing.
MeKinnon—Don't you think tho infliction of the penalty clause" would
make him attend to his work.
Ewing—Yes, but you will get no
benefit from it. He has nil tho appliances there.
The concreting of thc piers Mr.
Ewing thought should take no more
than 3 or 4 days, but at the present
rate of going it would tako three
weekB. At which the mayor remarked that he could see no excuse why a
fours days' job should take three
I The upBhot of Ihe whole matter
[ was that Mr. Ewing advised the
council to in-ist that Mr. Newman
remained by the terms of thc contract and spends two-thirds of his
time personally supervising the work
nnd accordingly a motion, moved by
MeKinnon  and    Barber,    was  passed |
unanimously to send a telegram to
Newman explaining the situation and
requesting him to return at oneo to
personally attend to the work.
Mr. McKinnon's parting remark to
the council was that Mr. Newman
should have been cut oil at the waist
last summer.
Considerable other work was don i
at this meeting, but owing to the
rush to get to press this will necessarily be held over for next issue.
Will Mean Big Asset to Revalstoke
anil Result in an ncreased
The Dominion Saw Mills and Lumber Ltd., are today moving their
head olllces from Three Valley to
Revelstoke, the company having recently passed the necessarj authority
tor that purpose. This means ii
change of much Importance lo the
city Inasmuch as it will add a very
considerable number ol people to our
permanent population, tho whole
business and executive st. II being
centred here, The office w 11 be in
charge of Mr. Oordingly th) account
anl of the company, and tor the pres
nit will bo located on McK inzie Ave.
two doors south of thi Imperial
Hnnk, in temporary quarte s pending
the construction of their : ne new
office building which will lie erected
enrly ill the spring just, us soon ns
the snmv has disappeared. Branch
unices of the company will naVe to
be maintained at Three Vi by.Taft,
Comaplix, Nelson and disc d ■, at all
ol which points, including tevelstoko
the company have saw m 111.
It will be remembered that the
company acquired tbc v ills and
limber limits of no less thm live of
the largesl concerns In th • Interior,
namely, The Mundy Lumber Co., The
Hood Lumber Co., Th Bowman
Lumber Co., The Yah' Columbia
Lumber Oo. an.l the Hovel toke Saw
Mill company, thus acquiring over
•lilfl square miles of the tin st timbei'
Ui the province, and six sc v mills of
large capacity. All these companies
whose limits were so acquired were
the pioneer lumber comp nies in
their respective districts, and in
selecting their timber had a large
territory to select, from, and it may
fairly be assumed thnt th v selected
the best situated timber that was
thtn available and tributary to their
several plants. It is repoi i thai
the company have sccinul control of
two or three more of Ihe largest
plants in the Interior with immense
timber holdings, nnd that these
plants will be operated under the
management of thc In,sin -is staff
Continued ou  lust pi ;c
p. &wns & Company. £,td.
20 Per Cent. Discount Sale
Is Now in Full Swing and Includes
Everything in Stock
Mrs. A. G. Crick, First Street
Grocery Specials
For week Winning January 22nd :
Pears, Peaches, Apricots anil Cherries, preserved in
heavy syrtip, per:? Hi, tin   oOc
Jelly Powders, any flavor, I! packets for 2oc
Throe lh. Sacks of Rice Flour, per sack -^e
John Mclntyre Sr Son
J. G. Barber was Elected President with a Strong Executive
at His Back.
At a meeting oi the Gun Club held
at the Revelstoke Club on Monday
evening the report of the secretary
for the past year waB read and the
officers for the year l'Jll were elected as follows:
J. G. Barber, president; W. A.
Sturdy, vice-presidmt; A. J. Mac-
Donell, secretary. Executive, J.
Devine,  Munroe and  Mulholland.
The secretary's report noted the
past year was a prosperous one despite the fact that the elub was a
little behind as far as finances were
concerned. The Hunters' Arms tro -
phy which wns competed for last
year was won by W. A. Sturdy with
A. J. MacDonell second. Class A for
buttons was also won by W. A.
Sturdy anl A. J. MacDonell second,
while Class B was won by S. H. Mun
roe with J. Devine second.
All arrangements tor the weekly
shoot for 1911 were left to the executive, and it was decided by motion to form a league with Calgary,
Nelson. Revelstoke and probably
Revelstoke Dramatic Club offered
to put on a Ehow tor the benefit ol
the Gun Club and the offer was accepted. This will be put on at the
Edison theatre In the near future.
The prospects for lull were lore -
ousted as looking exceidin.-ly prosperous for the club, a large number
having signified their Ihtcntion ot
loing. Arrangements are being made
fnr fixing up thc grounds of thc
club od McKenzie avenue.
The school board wants a suitable name for its new sell,ml nn I Is willing to pay for it. Here is a cbancn for some one to make hii iself famous and at tbe same time win a priaa of .$5,011 nnd a year's subscription
free to thc Mail-Herald.
At the meeting of the school board of Monday, this and .ho dividing of the city into school districts were the principal topics discussed
and the matter of selecting a name for the new school was lei to the
suggestions of the public. Of course it must be understood that while the
public arc at liberty to suggest any name they please, the school hoard
does not necessarily bind itself to accept nny one ol them. Tint all of
the names selected will be rejected, however, by the board is I.i. lily improbable, and consequently someone will eome in for the $.".n*j and
tbe subscription.
The matter was brought up by W. A. .Sturdy in the form ,,f a question
to the board as to what name would be must applicable tu lhe new
school, and immediately Ihe board suggested that thc public ie invited
to participate In thc naming of It. The suggestion wan a hapi - one, nn.l
one in which every member of the board heartily concurred. The Mail-
Herald was invited to give the mailer whatever publicity was deemed
fitting, and not only do we deem it fl subject for n front page article but
so heartily are in sympathy witli lhe schenie that » I Immediately attach a year's subscription to the live-dollars to bc given away by the
board for the name ultimately accepted. There are scores ol names
that might be selected; names of prominent pimple who have been
mostly instrumental in the Inauguration of the new school; names of
people who are old timers here and have seen the city grow from infancy
to Its present proportions; nan.es of politicians who have be, n or are
now in the vicinity nnd have become famous; names of local mmm
tains, rivers, streams, streets or parks; names of (ormer schuol trus
tees who have taken an exceptional terest in school matters, or a thous
and and one other suggestions might bo thrown out. Bul Hun ib.'so arc
only suggestions and it Is up to lhe public to choose whatever name they
see fit.
The school will be opened on Feb. 1st, and citizens wishing to take a
hand in tho naming of this new school arc nsked to scn.l in their
suggestions just as early as possible, This it is advisable to do, an
the sender of the first letter opened ci titalning the name chosen by the
board will be awarded the prize, These letters will ol course lie opened just as soon aB received. Every communication on the subject must
bc sealed and mailed to Thos. Bradshaw, secretary of the school board,
Revelstoke, 11. 0,, and must be' in the hands of the secretary by 12
o'clock noon on the 30th day of January, 1911, Contestants are only
allowed to suggest one name each, and are requested to give in a short
and pithy manner his or ber reason: [oi Considering the name selected
as the most suitable for the     new   Bchool.
Now let everybody take a hand in HiiH matter mnl see that the school
hoard hns the blggeBt tlmo of its existence selecting a desirable numo
Irom the multitude that aro sent iu.
Bourne Bros.
Bourne Bros.
Groceries,    Hardware.    Flour and  Feed
te a
No uncertain!y about the Fort of Roast you are
getting if you buy it from up. We sell only
the Choicest Meats in the very best condition,
and ftuurantee to give -atisfaction at all times.
Sausage nnd Cooked MeatF a Specialty.
Swift's Premier Hami and Bacon. Coast
Sealed OyMerc    Silver I.naf Lard.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
High Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 251
P. O. Box 181
Then a cup of BELL BLEND TEA
will refresh you, with its bright, spicy flavor,
and fragrance.    Sold in lib. lead packages.
PRICE  35C,   40C,   50C.
P. O   Box 208
Phone No. 23
West Must Not Look to the East
for Its future Supply
Montreal, .Ian. 21.—The dearth ol
school teachers, ever a live topic in
the rural district* ot the countiy,
bidsfair to Income even more acute
In the near luture on account of tbe
legislation foreshadowed by Sir Lom-
er Gonin at the opening of the Quebec legislature concerning advancement "I educational projects ln toe
province of Quebec. Sir Lomer says
tnat special inducements are to be
tlere.l f.jr th? engagement ot male
teachers by the different school
boards, nnl that, in this way, he
hopes t" l« able to sec education in
the cniintry parishes equal that of
the cities. At present aa soon as a
school teacher procures a diploma he
or -at invariably moves    westward,
Sir Lomer says now that be will
have work for them to do near borne
nnd that tbc expanding West must
look elsewhere for its supply.
The speech trom the TbroM also
contained another announcement of
considerable interest to the whole of
f'anada. It was that the government
had pledged itself to the furtherance
of the good roads movement, and
thnt large sums of money would be
asked to build up end maintain public highways.
Guy Barber Is Alderman
A nomination held on Tuesday to
fill the vacancy caused by the Inability of Roy Macdonald t" qualify (or
the position, resulted in the nomination and election of J. Guy Barber
to the aldermanic board. Mr. Barber
took his seat at the board at Tues«
day evening's meeting.
Wild West Pictures nut wwk, WEDNESDAY, JAN. 25TH, 191'.
ttbc flDatMbevalfc
>.i.li;.*a\ ai'
REVil.aluKE.  il.   0.
interior publtebmg ttompanBi
Legal notices lu cunts per line lirst
Insertion, 0 cents per line each
subsequent msertiou. Measurements Nonpariel HU lines mako
one inch.; Store and general
business announcements $2.50 pet
inch per month. Preferred petitions, 25 per cent, additional,
births, .Marriages and Deaths, 5l)c
each  insertion.
Land notices $7.50, All advertisements subject to the approval ui
the management. Wanted anu
Condensed      Advertisements i —
Agents Wanted, Help  Wanted, Sil
uatlons wanted,    Situations   Va
cant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanica
Wanted, 25 words or    less,   2',e.,
each      additional      line  lu  cents.
Changes     In   Btanding advertise
ments   must   be   in    by u a, m.
*   esday and Friday ol each week
to  al   ire  gi * i display.
CORRESPONDENCE invited uu mat
:        ters  ul  public     interest.        Communications to  Editor must      be
accompanied    by    name  of  wrltOI
necessarily   fur   publication,
evidence of good faith,
-nl   partly
Something You Ought to Have at Home
been use     M ss   Kit'ki        I   |
u atrnn iei  to l.heui,   Bul  tl i
,*i   h    Itatc     ii .'ini:.     lor  Ll *
(some     swear, others mei  Ij  ti1
thai   VII is K uni- Is ,i  i -    *
Ken,  for  th i  Wrstmin iters  wad
iin i    li.'no .1  th ■ pride ■    lhe
scoring  eleven   goal     ,vli le  the
could only tally a I, ne i ne,
Ai the performance of n Stubborn
Cinder,*il:i on the evi n n i ol the big
day, Miss Kirke and li i company
played to a cai aclty house, all tho
lacrosse players nnil mi ny <"! th i
officials he n • h ir guests.
li n \
il     in
In llu* Mi    i ul  tin
T   .1
S ' c i   , ■■ i . * *■
i or   nml other-* h vii
| llir I*.-   ,   I   lm  T
I;. .    -   ike, II C., il **
I   J ihn
*..   I lull   .ill  I Till
ci.iiiii- ngnins
I  h ih,   In e.   oi
I... ll       D le.    ''II 'I
h i'*"J : petr
'    "'"■   land
'.,,   Mm'
!v iliuii
ini','-i rn
il, wii
Revelstoke  Land District.
District ol West Kootenay.
•i'nli" Notice that 1, John V. Perks
il Uevelstoke, It. C, occupation,
Steward, intend to apply lor a
Ucenso   to     prospect for conl     and
dale  full   purtli'iil •<■
duly  vended, ami thai
Correspondence should be brief.
Including  postage  tu  England,  Unit
ed States and Canada.
By the year (.through postoffice)  *$2.jt,
JuB PRINTING promptly executed
at reasonable rates.
TERMS—Cash. Subscriptions payable in advance.
Zbc HDaillbevaU)
tions of
■ity. outsi
,*w  public
The * ; i aing "I the new school on
February 1st, while not the ollicial
ing, will nevertheless be an epoch
marking cent, the significance ol
which cannot be passed over lightly,
Heretofore this city hm- been a one
city or lather a big town,
it.- educational Inctl
building. Hut now she
tins and la reaching
^^^^^^^^ ethods. The ever-increasing number ot children has made
a demand upon the city that the
school board of this and previous
years has -wisely seen fit     to     meet.
tutions in one
has    outgrown
out   to city      met
iting no small ii noitnt In doveloping
ti, ii.-, healthy n nded yoi ng cltl«
■us. and all of which arc nianifesta-
Increasing prosperity. This
e of the V..M.I'.A. has
Institutions fostering the
inini' proclivities, imt the      time
I conic   however   when  she        has
f them judging by the Inter
*.-'     now     taken   in    clean    athletics.
i'h -l c are,  however, a     considerable
lumber    of     private    organizations
A'hich  are  doing a  good  work  keep-
ng alive  a  healthy  sporting     spirit,
in*l each nn,l  every one of them    de
lerves encouragement.     If this paper
lad Its own way it would close every
ton*   tor   two   or   three   hours    every
Ime there came along a good  lm*- ■
mil match In the summer time, or a
food   curling     mutch   in  the  winter
ime. It   would   be  worth       whil ■.
t   won],I   give  our   business   men       a
cider and more hopeful  view of life,
ind nothing would delight us    more
han   to  see   the   bleachers  of       some
iihlic park filled in the summertime
'ithperspirlng business     men throw
m; their hats in the air and rooting
ike blue blazes for the team of their
hoice.      This  town  is  full   "I    | 1
.ports and we feel like slapping them
II the buck   OVery  time   we   meet   til'in
n.l telling them to "go right to It."
Ve wanl hockey, golf, the hunt, curing, basketball, football, tennis, box'
ng and a host of other sports. The
■ditor of this paper is notmuch good
il any of these but be Is sport en
nii'il to take a goodlicking whin it
omee to him and "I guess that's
!Oln'  some."
graph oiliees or Mr. Smith's own system is wrong. No delivery boy
should be allowed to address mi en
\ elope containing an Important telegram—in fact if this is allowed we
sec im object whatever in having the
envelope addressed at all, As to our
term "local business men," we might
say is Justice to Mr, Smith that the
complaint   of  .Mr.   Field   Is   the  only
Tin Gooils Condei;
startling ann it n :emenl Is made
. Underhill, city medical h inlth
of Vancouver, thai dm in ■: Ih
jvrai' 1910, his department condemn * I
several thouMiin 1 tins of preserved
I fruit and meats which were meanl li r
'human consumption and lhat pi
j iy if the officials had not
promptly in many Instances
Would h ive iren a number of
mosl desired of all things."
I    The
by in
th in
co ■■:
III  Sill ■*iio*i*. ll     or     li'i'O       0
il A igiito, lllll)   *i    i*,| tired
*     •        Ulld   :   I tin ■! S   i *   llll *
ll'.H   .III   II   .I.i: * - nml     '1 I I
i irk, A iln ri' m i* x nml    id
IOI  id l lie !'.- iltl  "I hllill ll   IH   '
ill l'i l ,|.y * I.,
of III* I   i'llll*; _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Iti r th ii il ,*<■ t in inii! Administratrix mil Administrator will proceid
n distil'mc llii; siiiil i-stiite auiuugst
: lioae i ntitli il tlii'i* I" ri gtird boiuc
liml only to those cln nm i I which Bai i
Ailnu 'i-l*i nl riv and .'.il'nini-t i': lei
shall Iui vi: tiicii ii c ivi 'l notice.
I),I'd Jauuarj IU ti. lllll Jl\ IH Id
Hahvky, MoCaktkii St I'inkham,
Solicitors Inr M irth-i ,hun* Join >
and Thomas Kilputrick, Admin
islralrix ami Administrator ol
iln  K*t ite   ! mid deci aned.
on  the  followillg   described
I    Commencing     al    a    post  planted
annul, three miles South of     Arrow-
bead,  11. I'., and on the south side of
Cranberry  Creek  and  opposite      thu
'mouth ui s.nd Creek; thence     north
80     chn.ns,    thenco    east 8*1)  chains,
thence South SO chains,  thenco   west
8*t) chains, In all IHO acres.
Dated  this Hth day  ol  Dec,  1910.
John V. Perks, Locator.
Per J. O. Bradley, Agent.
lievelstoke  Laud  District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take  notice  that  Oeorge  A.   Stewart, of Rev'elstoLo, B.C., occupation
gentleman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the south west comer ot lot 7965,
marked O.A.8. north west poBt,
thence cast 4U cbains, thcico toJih
nix chuius to the north cast corner
of lot H4-U7, theuce west 25 chains to
the north west coiner of lot 8407,
.hence south 34 chains, thenco west
15 chains, thence north 40 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated Dec. loth, 1910.
Buffalo Hill
Buffalo Hill
[Mel ires  ll 'Nl   week,
!•:, i   rei   ii vi  week.
Field   is   the
one  received so far.   The term
usi ,1 only as a general one and
regret  its* misapplication.—Ed.
Samaria Cured Him, nnd Ho Helpa
A. man  who li   i
In   uwl'Ul '
31      , ..  lUglll     ll     '*'
ti     spiril   "i liu
,    uth    i :■ ■ ii ■
 unarm    l.u
i . •..
i\ Hi    you    llU'USi
li Ins,   also   * in '. *
tin Friday night a lirsl class program of moving pictures will be put
omit the Edisi n theal re for one
n cl;t onlj * 'i h ' program will in
elude besides lirst class story pic.
lures, the weekly ralhe's Gazette No
*.:,. This Ciasiette contains world
news of a week as follows: Sllfferag-
et to riots ai Westminster, l.on.l, n.
The Sultan of Turkey and his Fleet.
The I'.H.A. Naval Squadron, King
oi Italy and Italian Hoy Scouts,
Floods near Paris, Great Fire near
i Irnvi -ham,   Football,  etc.
*,*> n,.
S.i n
ill   :   ..
HUI    I!
n   lu   In
*    I' >
Iv,  and
*.     I   in
ro n w il i' 11
*      on      11      ll *
Vou ii
. * * 11    U I - 11    1.1
.    M ly w ll i
IT* .
*!    |'|   ||
*      *
lis   1   tl
uh  ili'iii
■ll    |    I'l-,.
ml whn
In the Matti r • I tin' K la I "I Align I
.1.iiiii- m, del i .-■ 'I
Nm ice is In n !>y giv n tl'nl all end
ItOI -    llllll I    IM'*       1*1,1 HIM    ll
the l'.-i ite * i  \ugtiii Johiisoii,  I
Revel   "t..   H. c . ii.*.* s.ii. « li,
lit Kcvi'ls!   lie on ■ I nl IHU   ll
ol Septt in'.'.-, IDIO, ,.i
send to 11 iiii,:,*- ■ i,
William H Uol" rtwiit,
tu 0
 8 h d.iv
11H iin il to
-. Lei tors foi
Vi'ilii'.i-ll"!   t
in ,
la ■;
■ i ;
.:   . *
US    :
:   *
■.    I
r   w oi
of the Estate "I n iiii di t ea*t tl n ii hiu
(KI duj s Innii ihu ■ lull particulars i I
their claims, dn y vi r li ii, hull that
after thai date t he 'aid Adniinistiatir
will proceed tn .*; *i i il ute i he *-.'i'i
estate uniong-'t iln si uiititlui tlieieto
regard being I. id m ly 'o I hu u chiin
oi which eaid Ail > ii ial i iti r . I. :l
have then received ' nt:ep.
lhu..I January Kill . It'll.
llAIIA l \     MC     I'M     ll   A    I'l-. I.ll IM,
So'ii iiori- for \\ il'iam ll. li     ei I-
eon, Uluiini t: ■    t ol  iln' I'"   ute
Revolstoke  Hand District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take Nonce that I, 10. M. Allum.
of Itevelstoke, H. 0., occupation,
jeweller, Intend lo apply lor a license to prospect fur coal and petroleum on   the  lollowiug  described lands
Commencing at a post planted
n* onl. [mile Irotu lower wagon bridge
on Cranberry Creek in a Bouth-eatt-
cily direction [rom the said bridge
i.u.i on tho South siile of the Creek,
and about throe miles South-westerly of Arrowhead, H. ('., thenco easl
btl chains, thence north sn chans,
thence west su chains, thence south
, c chains, in all 640 acres.
Dated this Mlb day of Dec, 1910,
13, M, Allum, Locator,
Per J. U. Bradley, Agent.
CEO.  A.
Per F.
W. Terry, Agent.
,i ,a
• *i ."it,
li   can
■    I
..   i
in   i*   ii   ic  hum il  with
i   with  nr  with-
and *i;  February  1st  we will
- thools, in a different section
tbe city, instead ol one,
This means thnt the city has out -
grown bei   -■■ i dling  t lothes und    is
:.     ng i   it  Into .:.dependence   nnd
ig the stat - '■: ii * Ity in od-
al matters as -he has    don.',
loing in "ther lines.       These
two   BCh
of the city into school *i
which the board at its last meeting
undertook. In future elections this
may make a difference, lor both dis
tricts will o doubt be clamoring foi
suitable and adequate representi
Whether thi
on at fast meeting of the boai I,
k wise one and I illy adapted to   th.
re  llrementa,    I *   will    tell,
but as a staru: n ithing, in our ; i
menl n better. Ni
doubt as time • a son
mer.*-  to thia *n may be     it*
quired,  and thi I  board     ■   i
nt   all   '        It .'-*':■   .i -   it   i-
will gladly com   ler 1
and act they dei m It to
the best ■  the     city     at
\: '  *' • li        • f i iggei
tions it • Mail
Herai'l   ti to  the    ar
t.cle  * n out  fl   • '     .*.'•     ailing      '■■
■ ■   ■        [<        name lor the   nev
■•■ Wter     al   there is
tr..n..- in ,- name, and ,t was a
el Idea   if Mr
l<'ar.i a-  a  wl take  tb)
nfl lence   an I .■
nam:ti.'     i '    the    new  sch ioi
*.-■ .        by
,. ■        ■ to I
we  fl      ■'• re
TheMail-Herald    Ioi     D
make any      * ■ •  "
on this aul ■■  '    *    ■    ng thi
thoroughly < ai *
matter in hai 1 al
miirht havi been a
•Rhat irksome  task  fol   thi
boa; I.
In ti"' division of the cty no ■
.   ,., tl '   who
fault and think it should  have  been
♦his   way  or   !• '    '   '«
lief of this paper ;'■ ■'  I
•  they i.'-'ouirht
*,'    :'l bllC.    *■»')
occasion no pulling    aia't "i     the
• [rom the west,   Tbis eity -should
te liki • family and pull     1"-
gethei   all   the    time.   "Everybody
. ly  else"  should be
the motto ol the city.
Then* are 10,000 lazy husbands sup
lorted  by  their  wives  in  New  York.
•lext thiiii.' these wives will be want
ng to vote.
If the president  of a bank
ii'ti  cooked  statements tor
■ ithoiit  discovering their
inny i: ivernmi nt  Inspectors
e needed to
if   Canadian
WOlll I
■-lire  t '..let'-
■  fraud''
l,,w   many
I ask you?
Mr.  \ erville's  eight I
I'tM'iis  working  upon      Goveri
mtracts  has been so am n *
:ie   working   man's   friend.
ickenzle King, as
hal   the  eighl h iur  -v-;* :*
pplj  where   t is aln
■   was before.   The work
icky in having such leg
l uji to then.
litoi   Mail-Herald:
vhich  »*■
Pacing oil the ball in a Minto Cup
match at      Q in's park.   New    V. c *
minster, is considered an honor   nol
to  be lightly  granted.   Charlie Welsh
lleib  Ryall,  Fred  Lynsh,   "Biscuits"   '*
:■* eh ,  Ales  Tli iiiuill an I  other offlc
,.-ils and   staunch     supporters of the
Salmon  Bellies discuss the    question
gravely tor days before arriving at a'
decision, and  whn in doubt       they
compromise on "Dick McBrlde," premier of the province.      The premier
has    placed  the rubber  between    the
-i icks of the centre mi n  i ■■■, ice'      at
Minto     Cup  gami       Ll   il Governor
Paterson  has officiated  once,        and
three      provincial    cab,net     min
', ,'. ■ a     ited * n oci a*-.' ns.  Joe Lal-
f i   ii :*, vail, ■ '* *   :i >    il   a ■
ted the i  yeai   he
■   'iials and '
m.ii t. rs.   Then I
. - trim  SeRsj   La
■ ■
iii'l, ia
llilil     uf
it her.
■u'i* :    In
:     lit
i I'ltvil
in  .ui,:
.  1
i i
'I      even
s a .lis
'I'he     ii
. *.   i
, '
ll '
l  :i
' ': .
* :*. - s     .mil
Ih   ;    mn-:
I   I I
ol I he - - :*i di i'f ised
l.ni* i
lii tir Matierol llie Et
It 13. Itiyt is, dec
Not ice is Li I. It;
it"i.- nnd ■ '' • ■- lisvii ,
Estali of linns' l; 11
Mn!..!. vn, H  '■ , '"•   i-'
KrVcl.:.*!,     .11  '  •      ;     ,,*
.11 I   lill
I   Er ii-
thnl a
ll.iMH        1 '
ll,    Wll         ' I
    IT h '
ii   in,l
md   ll ■■
iiiiiii,n hu
i.   use    	
I * >i    over   leu   ye   ra.
If you know '        i need lim
:        I**
0 IC you havi ; ther nr
drink, in ip
him      ■ '   hlms If     W   ii   i
A  I Iti E TKIAL PACK '<li: ol  Si*
miui.i   Prescript nn,  « Ith  I Islet, gl\ ■
Ing full partlcul . pri ■
etc.,  " ill   he sent al     lutel
1 ostj n ■'■    ii   ri*        ii'iiK'd   puck '   ■
anyone  asking  for  ii  nud ,n.   il   *.. *. •
this   paper.     ' 'orresi   ■' -■, ' o
confidi       il      W   leti               Tl
mi * I.i    !:■  :l!*   ! * .    I  '■    .1    '      . :,    * '!l:,m-
berA,    ior Ian     s:.,   Ti ronl        Can i.la.
it      Macdonald,
Druggist, Revelstoke.
ol Hiivint i r,   LIUU,   are   n nuiri d   t,
si'fd to tin III ii*■:- •■■■■,■ Solit'itiU - ll
ll.ivid I, Uiv i . mil It c*i rt, It. . - i
A'.lmiiiisini'ii*.. I : lie ii.tiii , I *-.n
lb , C'l-i ,1, *>, i'llll!   i'l    '     . i    ll    til    l':*t'
Inii particulars ol i huir claim ", .Inii
vc lie I, nn.l tii it alter th it il > th
said v (iii'in isi r i tm s will proceed t.ij
dial riliutt! I he said e-t >ti amni'ttsl
tho-i' cii'illi d t In I* " n* vi I. i g h nl
only to those cl lima of wl.vli 8'iil
Ailmmis'i utora shall I, ive tbeu ri:
I'l'iveu noti *
D.iici! Jantntry IIUI,. 1911.
llAKVI V, McCaII i : II & I'lM-ii >M
s Hei'      ;      D.viil   I,    Iluy  ea
:.      ,    I,    I'M      1 ll  IV     *'  ,      A ■'•lillli —
It.llOl-     I.l      till!      Kstlltl'     I'l      'Hi  *
d,c     * * J11 60.1
WakeQold, Helen, Colorado, Dot
1.-7, San Juan, Delta aud Marguer
ne mineral claims, situate in the
Iiurdeau Mining Division ol West
I'.ooietiay. Where located:—uu Mohawk  Creek.
take notice that I, A. ll. Green,
in iiii.: as agont tor John It. Henry,
. pocial i-i iv Ai .ini s l erliiirate No.
,,-,'■, intend, sixty days from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining He-
■ co, dei for ii Certificate of Improve-
in in.,, tor tho purpose of obtaining
a iiown Grant of the above claims.
And further lake notico that action
inini Bection 37, must be commenced
| bcioro the Issuance ol such Certificate
.,  ol   lini'ii",cull nts.
Dated this 20th day of October, A.
It,  1910.
A. 11. Green,
Nov. Htlth Nelson, B.C.
:.     'ill     c   Ll
,    sit
In tbn Matter.,' ih   li- ute  .*( Jumc
A   tl ".** ■*. ih i	
Nol ■- n tint all i
it" a ami ol     * - t -\ i   _ ■ ' * * a i
• !.,* Eetale of James A   Via     i, lae ol
i    . . I,   who   ilii-d   at
Hi v. letoki mi or -, h ut the   1 i h   dss
Nov nil.   .   1010,   ..."   !■ qiiiied   lo
KuuTl'lNAV     LODGE,  No. 15 A.  F.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held In MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p, m. Visiting brethren are
cordially   welcome.
W.  H. ROBERTSON, Secretary.
Frai L
Cl   IT'-'
un li !■-••* i il *s> licitots   lor I
-' i r ■■ I.   i*.     '''
I,   wiih'i        ■   "
-   * :   tin ir i
-■■ ■ i *'-.   md   'li      nl ■ i   si;i,KIllK
* utrij » iii   pro
■ i I    to   il; :',l'ii       *-  id     isl.'ti';     Meets ev
'..  i "-' o "■    , , ;,- i   I thereto rt gard   Selkirk  Hnll  at S
nu  ■ nly   to   Ihnae   claims  ol "
'  - .nl Executrix   hall   have then
fed     tici
lutiil .li   nary ID 1 . I"U
II.mivi v. V'cCauti ii it Pinkham,
J   Sarah   E,   Magee,
Executrix i f thi    Lust   Will   i I
dice..*.   I, .III  (10.1
12,  1- O. O. F
Thursday evening   in
  clock.     Visiting
brethren  cordially  invited.
K. il,  MeRAE, N. G.
JAS.  MAT111K,   Secretary.
RevelBtoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tuke notice that Mary Aun llain,
of Kevelstoke, It. O., occupation mar
.ied woman, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the lollowiug
described lunds.
Oommenelng at a post planted at
ihe north west corner of T.L. or lot
iii-MI, and marked M.A.B south cast
■orncr post, thenco west ahout 80
, hains to the east lino of lot 7065,
hence north about 40 chains to tbo
i.akc foreshore, thence along said
shore line in a north easterly direction about eighty chaius, and thenco
south about 80 chaius to point of
Dated Dec. l'Jth, 1010.
Per F. W. Terry, Agent.
Kevelstoke  Laud  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice  thut Thomas Hope,  of
nei elstoke, B.  C, occupation     \ttii
e'oieiiian,   intends   to  apply   'or    permission to purchase the following do
scribed lauds.
Commencing at a post planted
about hall a mile in a southerly dir-
jctlon from lot 7585 and by the
north cast corner of It. Kvnns' l-io-
omption, marked T.H. i orth w. bt
coiner post, theuce south 40' chains,
ihence eust 2U chaius, thenoo torch
III chains, thenco west 'JO clla'.m to
point ot commencement.
Dated Dec. lith, 1010.
I'or F. W. Terry, Agent.
Kevelstoke  Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tuke uotico that Abraham Ake-
uurst, ol Nuiiield, England, occupation, 1'it Foreman, intends to apply
ior permission to purchase the lodow
.ny described lands.
Commencing at a post plunttd
about half n mile In a northerly direction from lot tilio north west coiner post and marked A.A. south wist
corner post, thencu east aboit to
chains to tho line of lot Soio
iKennlo) thenco north abjjt 40
chuius to the uorth west corner of
•ot 8085, thence east about 20 chains
io the south west coruer of lol 758"),
ihence north to the Lake snori,
iheuce about 80 chuius westerly fcl-
lowlng ulong the Lake shore line urd
theuce south about 40 cbains to  tha
po.nt of commencement.
Dated Dec.  19th  ,1010.
Per F. W. Terry, Agent.
John Shaw. Agent.
■ 816 Arrowhe
Direct Lorn the Vamouv.;! Opera House
It should
rcfci rei
It must lie a source of
1*. those who lin-.'  'heir hearts       In
i .'a*, athli' ' i to  tee so many   tine
organ  latiot In   -1■■ »i-1 -1'< legraph
.itks, each pi whit* is contrli- tbM lbe sjritom ol tin ll'.it.   toll
.,*■!     I :.:■ ■   not had
> to myself I d
* *
ind   o     nil
*J   I.   SMITH,
ft would in
Mi   i-'.'-. :        i*
the event  ol nn I   I
fur, but  thi   explan il li n i   no Inl *
gat I on of the cln  m itancc    and    If
the  litili   puhlii ' ts    in
lessening th* pooslhll
tal *    o" 'ii ii     i. 'i    ■ i. ..f
flee,  ttun we con ulei   n I snrvlci
hns Ih*i'ii doll,   lho public uli     Imtth
|,,.     not   m ,,lum   uh ■     ■ i       "hoy"
ll     lo     Wll  :    11      ! *      . "I     l|
opcratoi     ii     Ihi       mei
A Stubborn
■   I. nil  Disl .i*- .
Wesl   k    ti
ist Wl       Ki li rt« dy,
| parion. Spec-
:i     1     ■ ■■!■*.!.•■   |- ■
'  .    ill-
, pool   plant '.I   *i
■   - corner   ol   Lul   501111
li   I. * .    ■     ll     Wl   i
mpi ion   No   262,
i:  lo -I   i c ■ ,   bi 8
to Lol
I      Ml    ,',
! | ::i " ri,,',
i    , ii,, 11
\.   i l.
NO. 26, REVELSTOKE, 11. 0.
Meets every Wednesday except the
Third Wcln ..lay ot each month iu
Oddfellows' Hall at 8 o'clock. Visit-
ing Knights are cordially  invited.
ii. a. Mcdonald, o. c.
U. II. BROCK, K. ol H. & 8.
M. of V.
40 0
497 Timw In Cl
Z'i) . N, Y.
I level
l;     i' .      aa I
II    C,
BBOBIB,   No* :i«i
ti.  F.  Hull next   to
Han ey,
in I. Q	
Tapping's 11; 11 n House every second
an i i" .1 tu Monday In month. Visit-
Ing brethren cordially welcomed.
U, W, lllll,I., 0. It.
WM.  B,  i'AM Kin in, Roc.-Bec,
PRICKS:   Fin flve paws,
Next flve rows,     :
Balance Lower Floor,
ilil    76 Dents
, i
11   ' .K   VIOLIN,   I'l i .
! .,     • i
'    red,
tt '.Vl'iili    i   . .
i,..ii   as
. li'Hiiiici mm,I      Reply   Mall Hi raid
('. W. ii. W.
Van   (amp,   No.  2W
I  ul   and     Fourth Wedn-M'
days    in each  month In    Selkirk
Hall,    \ lali i";' Woodmen nro
ally nn ii.-ii to attend
W, lv OSBORNE, Con. Com.
J ■■ I, McINTYRB, Clerk.
Kevelstoke  Land District.
District of  West Kootenay.
Tuke notice that I, J. II. Selkirk,
of Vancouver, occupation, real estate
iioiii, intend to apply for permission to purchase thc following described lands.
Commencing at a post plant rd 20
chains west of tho 8.B.O. of L. 75tij
thence south 40 chains, thence eust
10 chains, theuce south 40 chains,
thenco enst 40 chains, thence north
IU chains, thenco east 10 chains,
tlum-.: northllO chaius, thenco vest
IU chains, thence south HO cbains,
thence  west  2U  chains  lo  point.      of
commencement, contuin.ng 440 i.nn.
Dated Dec. 23, 8'JIU
Dcc.il Per  It.   Smith,  Agent.
Kevelstoke  Lund  District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take Notice that I, A. W. Thompson, of RevelBtoke, 11. 0., occupation
Hotel Clerk, intend to apply for a
license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on tho following described
i "nun. in u.i- at a post planted
about three miles South oi Arrow-
li'inl, II. l'., and on the south aide of
Cranberry creek nnd opposite     tho
noiilh of said Creek; thence north SO
•"hains, thenco west 80 chains, thonre
outh 80 chains, thence east 10 chains
n all 640 in-i i'h.
Dated this Hth day of Dec, 1910.
A. W. Thompson, Locator.
Per J. 0. Bradley, Agent.
Vi.     II.    V,   \ 1, L A C B ,
A ll r II I T E OT
Uox M, Hcvel-'toke.B.C.
Plans  B iiciitmns  pii'pBi
r nil rlimscs of buildings,
Ktc. Dtnught'ug and Blue Print
Teacher of Voice, I'lnnn nml Organ
"Miplls  prepared  lor Toronto  Conservatory of   Music.      Local (laminations.
•illDl-J* SECOND UTMEJST, Wednesday, jan. 2dth, wii)
Buffalo Bill and Pawnee Bill-
The Wild West and far East
Buffalo Bill organized his Wild West
Show at Omaha In 1SS2. He has
toured the world with it, playing he-
lore* all the crowned heads of Europe
—the most successful engagement was
In England at Sarin's Court. It is
estimated that the exhibition roomed nearly 1,IK>0,(Mill in a season.
Pawnee Dill (Major Uordon W. I.il-
lie) became a partner in 190II and
contributed the Far East Division.
The lirst joint engagement was played at Madison Square Garden in t'JO'J
The show carries 1,000 men, women,
nnd horses.
The grand entry shows the representatives of different nations headed
by the only and original Buflalo Bill.
The tirst group are the Russian Cos-
sneks, formerly of the Czar's Imperial Army. The Cingalese follow, and
these in turn are followed by the Jap
nnose. Every nation Is represented
by it's riders. The Indians that you
see are from the Piuey Ridge reservation. Th'y are Ogallala Sioux headed by Chiel Iron Tail. The Japanese
nre led by Yoga Gatsumul and the
mounted soldiers are Irom the Sixth
U.S. Cavalry. The Mexicans are
headed by Mexican Joe, the greatest
lariat thrower in the world.
Colonel Cody makes his famous
introductory speech: "Ladies and
gentlemen, permit me to Introduce to
you a Congress of Rough Riders of
the World." Col. Cody is riding a
white horse during the bronco bust-
rig contest. These horses are all Wild
and on the plains are called " Out -
laws." Ida St. Clair is the woman
riding a Pinto. This lady recently
won the bronco busting contest of
the world  at  Laramie,  Wyoming.
George Johnson shows how the lariat is thrown. Harry Jones. the
young fellow just mounting a bucking bronco is only sixteen years old,
nud is considered one ol the best
riders in the West. He is on the left
side of the Arena. Cy Compton, in
white slinps. is the  Cowboy Chiel.
The I'nited States Cavalry show
thrilling feats of horseman-hip. The
leader astride of four horses dashes
on bare back around the arena.
These manouvers are taught at West
Point. Delvin's Zouaves with Capt.
Delvin dressed In white. These young
men come Irom the very best families—they are taught military tactics
by Captain Delvin and usually find
commissi-, ns in foreign armies. The
drills they execute are most difficult
and require months nl hard training
to learn. In times of actual war but
little of the drills are ever used, however, the wall scaling that you will
note at the end of the drill is exciting. This has been used extensively
In diflerent conflicts and played a
hig part in the Boxer uprising it
Pekin, China,  some  years ago.
Wild West Demonstration—In tin:
scene are gathered almost the rutin
forces of the Wild West—Far East.
Buflalo Bill is standing in near tin
center. At his left is Pawnee Bill'.
These two men own and control thi
greatest wild west-far east exhibition
ever conceived. The occasion for thn
demonstration was the presentatioi
of a $5,000 silver service set to Paw
nee Bill. (Major Gordon W. Lillie
on his Hist marriage anniversary
Major Lillie is seen shaking hand
with Charles Vi. Thompson, who for
nearly 30 years was genernl manage
ol the Barnum and  Bailey circus.
In this picture nearly every nntiot
on the globe is represented— east,
west, north and south havo theii
sons here. On the central platform
Is seen Johnny Baker (Buffalo Bill':
foBtcr son and champion marksman
of the world.) A little to the left
etands Ray Thompson, the greatest
horse trainer this country has evei
produced. Rhoda Royal of Royal's
circus is nenrby. Rossi, the only
man who has ever trained elephants
to play musical instruments, is
stnnding on the lower platform.
Commodore Harry Wilson Is the ban .
some gentlemnn stnn ling on the right
of Ool. Cody. Surrounding Majoi
Lillie and Col. Cody nre the exccii
live stall. Thc Indinns on the lower
right hand side are headed hy Iron
Tail, Chief ,,t the Ogallala Sioux,
along with Hen Americnn Horse, Sam
Lone Bear, and muny other prominent Warriors. The cowboys with
their chiel Cy Compton are hnving
a  little fun.
Reel No. 2—The Cingalese Ilancors
nre n peculiar tribe of people from
Ceylon. They live in little huts
when travelling with the show, eat
their own peculiar dishes, and nlway.i
dress In nntive cosl nines, or any ■
thinir they run get from a slrny cl..-
thcslin,'. The dances they give have
never been successfully  Imitated,
The Dahomlans came from  the dark
Mt pnrt of Africa nml look  It.    They
marry young nnd  live long.
The Russian Oossacks are the mosl
daredevil      horsemen      ill  lhe  world.
Aiiii-t iiiilin have   never  successfully im
tinted  Ihem.     They ride In  all  posi
tloni   lhe  favorite   one   when   ill       n
liiiltle charge ll to stand in the sad
die,  swinging swords  from  right    to
letl.   These  men  at   one time  were  n
part ot lhe Osar'S army.
The      Vial.nm     Aciohal I  nre no toil
lm iuu ling, somersault    work     and
liiinuni  pyramid  bui.ding   These  boj i
are 1111,11* I  from itifntiev      lo      Iheir
work.   L'sually, when about lourteuu
years old they arc sent to     diflerent 1
parts of the world to enter thentri - i
cal or circus life.   A bul Hamid  Elto- I
ro is the only youngster in the world
who can do three somersaults     com
pleto in thc air arising     from      the
natural ground.
Rhoda Royal's School of liaui 1
horses—32 in number* These animi 1 1
are trained to do everything hut talk
Mrs. Royal is seen in the center, sin*
is a very accomplished  horsewoman. ;
Mile. Bartlk with her JIO.OOO whil 1
Arabian Stallion enters now. This
horse and the eleven dogs were trained by the lady herself.
The Japanese Troupe of acrobats
came directly trom Tokio where for
several years th"y appeared weekly
>y royal command before the Em
peror of Japan. There are 95 members of the troupe. Notice in lhc
background the duelling match between two  Jnpanesc soldiers.
Rossi's Musical Elephants— The
inly ones in the world which are
trained to piny 1 n musical instruments. Niii'veai ol time and pat-
ii nee were reipiit 'd to tench these
animals. Blgnor Afford Itossi is
seen standing on the elephants had
waving an American Hag.
The Thompsons—Bay nnl Minnie
These are the two greatest horse-
trainers In the world. Hay Thompson is riding Joe Bailey the finest
educated horse in existence. Minnie
Thompson is riding Virgie T. a
thoroughbred race horse and is the
only woman in the .world who rides
a plunging horse without a bridle,
Keel No, 2—The next, scene represents the prairie under n scorching
sun. Buflalo Bill takes n drink, and
gives his famous charge .,, drink. Tin'
boys and girls are out lor a .lay of
lun. Note the old Prairie Schuon 1
It was in just such as this that the
early settlers crossed the plaint 111
'III. Buffalo Bill, at lh'- age of tl,
is the only mnn in the world who
enn shoot glass balls while mounted
on a galloping horse. Mexican Joe
demonstrates the use of the lariat.
Notice how he ropes three horses .it
one time. Buflalo Bill pursuing thc
inly wild herd of buffaloes in captivity. Iu thc early days the great
SCo'Ul won the title of "Buflalo Bill"
by killing thousands of those will
animals which were used for loci hy
the early railroad builders in th
Far  West.
In 18611—The great battle o! Sum -
mitSprings was fought. (The scene
now before you.) The Americnn soldiers were led by Gen. Eugene A.
Oarr with Buffalo Bill ns chief 0'
the scouts. The savages were headed
by the tierce Indian Chief Yellow H.,
and the scene being enacted presents
the night before the battle. Sentries
are posted. The tepees or tented
houses are simply a large piece of
canvas stretched over poles. You
will notice that thc women do most
of the hard work while the men look
on. On the march the Indians attacked a white settlers enravnn, killing all except two women whom
they captured. They celebrate the
ovent by a ghost dance. Buffalo Bill
while on a scouting expedition picked up the trail, finding n white woman's s-hoe. He reported back to
the General and nn attack wns planned. For many hours soldiers and
Indians fought desperately. The In-
lians at last being forced to retreat.
Yellow Hand, however, hnd a person-
il grudge to settle with Buflalo It II
md challenged him to a rifle duel.
Cody accepted. The two mounted on
iwi'ft horses rode tow.-r.l each other.
Yellow Hand tired tirst but missed.
tody's rifle barked and the redskin
oppled from his horse, shot through
the heart.
The Final Salute—The great exhi-
lition is about over—All the dlffer-
>nt nations dash in the Arena and
:ather around—the sturdy old scut
luffalo Bill (Colonel Cody) rides in
and bids you a final "good-bye."
The films illustrating this Icctlin
vlll be given nt the Edison theatre.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Local Option Convention
At    the      Executive  nnd    Advisory
Council  meeting held  111  the      offices
of thc Local Option  League,    it  wai
decided thut the next convention will
,e  held  in  the city  of Vancouver,  on
Thursday nnd  Friday.   Feb.   In     . .,
17th. The place of meeting at l'enle:
Hnll.       It     is     expected     a     large
number  of   delegates   will   be   present
A review of thc work will be    me le
a thorough discussion of the "''.nulla Temperance Act" nnd its
defeats and  the decision of a future
Policy  in regard  to the  Local Option
movement and a  full and comprehem
Ive scheme on the Temperance qu >s
tn n  will   be outlined,    Every  mi m ■'
1 I   .very   Local   Option   League       anl
w.i'.t. Union, with every worker an.l
supp, 11 ir ol  the  work  ,-nn  be „ dele
gate, if duly certlfit 1   to this   con
ventioli.   The   usual       railway       and
tout rates are arrai
Members ol Mo intaln View Camp,
■A'.H.W., nre hercliy  requested  to    at
tend the Installation Meeting tonight
January Uth, nt BeHtlrk Hall
in     overelgi
J,   McINTMlK.  Clerk.
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoko
With tho rink skipped hy Knight nevar having lo4 one of Lhe
four game* cried, and that by Hamilton having won both its
games pinyeil, it looks, now that ihe c mpeiitions ate nenrinn the
s-euii-liuals, us though there will he n Hying finish, In lhn Cilgary
Foote. Knight nml Hamilton have reached the Beuii-final while
tbe winner of the Mrlntyre-Edwards game «ill probably reaoh
that singe to night. For the Burns cup lio-e has reached Ihe s mi-
linals. and Hamilton and II ie lor the Fquittble, Some good plays
were made the pnst week, but lhe cups belong to any ol the rinks
in the neuit-linnl i-tuge.
I iB anticipated lhal reverul lluvelstoke rinks will journey tn
Golden bonspiel next week lo 1 ik part in ihe com poll ions there.
A rink t-kipped by Iviiglii has at least decided to go.
The games and scores iu the local competitions fo far are ap
follows :
March 15, V.M.C.A.  vs.  ,1.11.
March  17, Businessmen  vs. 1
March 'JO, Dent's v«. C.P.R.
March  22, Y.M.C.A.   vs.   Col
March 24, J.B.C, vs.  Dent's,
Manh 2i, Businessmen vs, V
March 29, J.B.C, vs. t'.l'.U.
Rae ....
'>   I
IU   I
I..'   I
. a 1
s 1
.... 6
id in
.    14
Kniirhl ...
I'. BURNS .'*. CO. ill'
I"   I
0   1
10 1
11 I
li   I
11   1
8   (
I"   I
Mclntyre      5
Rose    15
Knight ..  ..
Owner* of properties with cornices
ovei hanging the sidewnlks 'r mi which
the snow will drop raiiii retiiivp tbe
snow as it in a danger to the Public.
im IS 21 Citv Clerk.
Kevelstoke LtnJ District.
District oi West Kootenay.
Take notice that 11. W. Crawford,
ol lierrard, B. C, occupation engineer, intends to apply for permis-
... a to purcl ase the following de-
srnb"d lands:
Commencing at a post planted ten
chains from the south east corner of
Kullmer'a Pre-emption, Lot 7491,
thence west 40 chains alone the south
botinlary ot Lot 7491, thence south
Jo chains, thence cast 411 chains,
thence north 20 cbains to point ol
commencement. Containing eighty
acres more or less. Located by,
Dated December 2nd,  1910.
Grrporation of the City
of Revelstoke
Notice i« liereby givpn that owing
to tha WHtpr power being closed off
m d heing emirrly dependent on the
(inn Engine the Power wi 1 be turned
on at 1 p m. lill fi p m , nml the Light
(r *m 1 p in. till 7 a.m. Until lurther
B.  A.  LAWSON',
jan lu 'JI City 0 'rk.
Itevelstoke  Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Silas Maddock
Brook, of Lethbndge, occupation,
Merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase thc following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the south east corner of ot 704,1,
and marked S.M.B north west post,
thence south 40 chains, thence east
t1 chains, thence noetb 40 chains,
thence west 40 chains tu point of
Hated Dec.  16th, 1910.
Per F. Vi. Terry, Agent.
Tlir above is a picture of William
Bull, a commercial traveller who 'lis
appeared mysteriously in Uritish Columbia In October last. Any information with reference to his disappearance will be rewarded on same
'being sent to Harvey, MeCarter anl
Pinkham. barristers, Uevelstoke, B.C.
Edwards     Id   1
4 I
Ij    I
5 I
Id  I
Hamilton     13
Edwards       8
M. liiin.'
Foote S
I I.nirlU":
"     I
one rink of cutlers, conceded lo be
the pick of the curling fraternity in
this city, left ■ n Sunday for Vernon,
ll. C, to attend the annual bonspiel
at that place and will no dm.fit lirmg
back with them some of the honors
of that event. The team canslsts ol
Messrs. J. It. Stewart. Chas. M.
Field, K.  .Smith anl Croiiyu.
The lirst ninlih of the second hull
of the Y.M.C.A. bowling series was
played at that Institution's alleys on
Monday night with thc Corley an.l
Dent bouses In opposition. The contestants on both sides were not in
the best of trim, nnd while not in
traducing record scons, the bowling
was exceedingly consistent, mil all
games were exceedingly close. The
Corley house won out from the Dent
boys by a majority of 188 pins, but
the lecislon hns not been finally given them ns ihere were only lour mem
ben of each team present. The decision will be awarded aftei anothei
membi 1 of each bouse meets In dual
combat. The representatives who
will play oil the game will probably
be Munroe for the Corley house and
Rose h.i the Dent b iu -*. The team
:,n I scorers were as follows
Knight      IM   171   132 IC,
I -ch     138   171   li," 4C9
Waters   91    91   116 297
Stone  IS2   l-'T   KM 879
The  basket   ball   came   11  the   Inter
mediate  league,    Monday  night,    he
tween   the  Corley   team  and       Bruce,
was won by Bruce, the score was  >.i
to 16 in lavor of Bruce.
in lh,' jii r league Moil lay  after
n 1  the Cubs 1  over the Plratos
.11 a game of  basket    ball    with      a
scon* of 12 to  In.
The Leader Corps will mool Friday
HI:' lit   al   '.1   o'clock   tO   begin   pi mil.
ing for the spring exhibition.
The bowling schedule for the sec
on.I part of tho "i -M.C.A. has been
mn b I. as follows.
Jan.  85', J.II.11.   vs.   Buslnesi mi u,
Jan. 27.  Y.M.C.A.  vs.   I) 'g.
Jan.  Mil.  Corley's  vs.  C.P.R.
Feb.  I, J.B.C. vs.  Dent's.
Feb. .1, Businessmen vs. Y.M.C.A.
Feb. 6, C.P.R.  VS.  Dent's.
Feb.  8,   J.B.B.   is    Corley's.
*   b,   In, Businessmen vs.  Dent's.
13, Y.M.C.A vs. Corley's,
I.'.,   C I'.I!    VS,   -I.II.C.
iiiisiiii smell vs. Corley's,
Y.M.C.A.  vh.  Dent's.
c.p.H. vs. Businessmen,
J.B.C. vs. Y.M.O. \
Corley's vs. C.P.H.
J.B.C, vs. Businessmen,
March 8, Dent's vs. Corley's.
March 6, C.P.R. vs, y.M.C.A.
March *, Businessmen vs. Dent's,
March   It:.   .MIC.   vH.   CoHoy'S.
Manh   111,   C.P.H.   vs.    BuSlncB 1	
Feb. 22,
Feb. U,
Feb. -'7,
March  I,
Fire Alarm Boxes
Box No. 14—Corner First street
and McKenzie avenue, C. 13. Hume
& Co.
Box No. 15—Corner FirBt street
nd Rokeby  avenue, post oltice.
Dox  No.   16—Corner   Second  street
and  (lin eminent  Road  and       Opera
It use.
Box No.  17—Corner Third
a I   Campbell   avenue,   Globe
w company.
Box No.  18—C.P.R.  station.
Box No. 24—Corner Fifth Btreet
nd Mi Kin. 1.' avenue, Catholic
Box No. 25—Corner Sixth b'.ieet
nd Orton avenue,  W.  A.  Foote.
Box  No.   26—Corner   Fourth  street
ud Townley street,    coruer     south
.   Box No. 28—Corner Second   slre.-t
nd Hobson avenue,  Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34—Fire Hall  No. 2.
Uol  No.   35—Hospital.
Box No. 36—School.
Box No. 44—Firo Hall No.  1.
Box No. 45—Front street wu,l.
car 0.   P. 11.  bridge.
Box No. 46—Corner King and
loiiglas HtrectB, palace Meat Market.
Box No. 47—Coruer Second nnd
Vales streets,   back  of  court house.
Box No. 48—Corner Third aid
JhiiH.  streets.  Cowan  block.
This Old Gentlemen
Cured of Rheumatism
By One Box of GIN  PILLS
Yarmouth, s.s.
"I have been lwtliert-'l with Rheumatism for the past year and have taken
t good many different kind--.of medicine
jnd lounil no rcluf for it.
One dav a friend advised me to trv
GIN TILLS, and after taking one box
of them, I felt like a new man, 1
thought I would write you a few lines
to let you know how thankful I am for
the relief they gave tne, and would
advise all siiffcrers Irom Rheumatism to
Wm. Cohty,
Don't bother with liniments and -so-
called "Moo-d purifiers". They won't
help your kidneys—and Rheumatism is
caused by weak, strained or irritated
kidneys. The only possible way to cure
Rheumatism, istocurethekidneys, GIN
PILLS will do this as nothing el.-e will.
Take GIN PILLS NOW and be free
from Rheumatism this winter, soc. »
box—6 for fl.50—anil money promptly
refunded if \ou are not satisfied.
Order from us if vour dealer does not
handle GIN PILLS. Sample box sent
free on request. National Drag and
Chemical Co., DeptW,     Torouto.   57
MntHif«rttir»i)   for  Ah  tlMHl Of    ti    ' I tn.h'l
Fm -mI« in l*nn <>r imiill i)f*nnttiUi
hi 1 ii" lows *i prleei foreiih
Al) kind*of lmiMiiitf nod pU wring
m dor* 111< in
Foote & Pradolini.
IlK Vl
ll card ...
it son
181   868 507 I5GII
11-1   111. 106 xv,
...lis   100 Hi 386
. h.i   liil 'ii, 889
•1,   lir, 128 M6
M6   i'l 187 1487
Wild West Picture   no*! week
Wii.i West I'lctiii ■   next weed
Wild west Pictures uut week.
Two   othei    matches arc scheduled
balance of the week   one    ,,n
Wednesda; night, .1 M.i'. vs, fiuslni      R
Men. nn 1 on Friday nighl   I m.c, \   |
Doors, Windows, Mouldings,
M. is, Etc.
Write for P • ~cs to
Revelstoke Sash & Door Co. Ltd
vs. Dent's,
Itevelstoke Land District
District of West Kooteuay.
Tnke Notice thut I, D. McCarthy,
"f Itevelstoke, li. C., occupation,
Contractor, intend to apply for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum ou tbc following described
Commencing at a post planted
about three miles South of Arrowhead, B. C, and on the South side
ol Cranberry Creek and opposite tbc
mouth of said creek; thence east SO
chains, thence south SO .bans, thence
west SO chains, thence north 80
chains, in all  1, t" acres.
Dated this  Hth day of  Dec,  1910,
D. McCarthy, Locator.
Per  J. 0. Bradley, Agent.
lu the Matter ot the Estate ot
Eleanor  N,  Tapping,  deceased.
Pursuant to the directions of His
Honor Judge Forin, Local Judge of
•he Supreme Court, Sealed Tenders
will lie received by the undersigned
up to and including the 23rd January
IUU, tor the purchase ot an undivided one half interest in and to Lots
One and Two in Block Twelve, Plan
C86, Revelstoke.
Dated this 6th January, 1911.
w. e. Mclaughlin.
Deputy Registrar Supreme
tt. Court, Revelstoke, B. C.
Revelstoke Land District.
District  of  West Kooteuay.
Take notice that James Peters, of
Nutfield, England, occupation, brick
layer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the south west corner ot lot 8686,
and marked E.J.P. south east corner
post, thence west twenty chains,
thence north forty chains, thence
east twenty chains, thence south forty chains to point of commencement.
Dated  December 21th,  1910.
Dec31        Per Fred,  C. Terry,  Agent.
Revelstoke  Land  District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take Notice that I, A. J. McDonell
of Revelstoke, U. C, occupation,
Hotel Proprietor, intend to apply
for a license to pruspcet for coal and
petroleum on the following described
I lands.
Commencing at a post planted
about three miles South of Arrowhead, B. C, and on tho south siln
"i Cranberry Creek and opposite the
mouth of i-a.d Creek; thence west 80
chains, theuce south SO chuns, thence
eii-i M' chains, thence north 80 chains
111  nil  1,lu acres.
Dated this  14th day of Dec.   1910,
A.  J.  McDonell,  Locatoi.
Per J. U. Bradley,  Agent.
Revelstoke Land  District
District   ul  West   Kootenay.
Take notice thnt I, Mury Selkirk,
of Vancouver, occupation, innmed
woman, intends to imply tor permission to purchase the following
described lands.
Commencing at n posl planted at
the N. K. Corner ol Lol Bl 10 u.i.,
und marked M, B.'s 8, K Corner,
tl. nee north sii cbains, thence west
"u chains, thenco south 10 chnins,
thence  out   20   chains,   thence     south
40    chains,   thence   east 50   chains
to poinl   nl commence! it,    contain-
log 180 in res,
Dated January 'ith, r.>n.
Per O. P. Smith, Agent.
For Sale
12  lloom   House,    Furnished 1
'tii'slile for Hnomii g II'ti.«p, near
CPR. Shops. A Itnrgmr). For
|inrikular» »|n>ly lo
W, B. ROBERTSON, tkie nyc^iai-igiER^.LiD,  eevelsto±e
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund    - •    $4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohee.    Inter-eat allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Having purchased the business formerly carried on  by   K.   A.
Spring we are prepared to execute all orders promptly.
Boot and Ihoe Repairers, Saddlers Harness Maker*
LOOK!        LOOK        AND        READ!
Actual comparison of Eastern Catalogue prices, freight added, with
Kitchen Chairs
Kitchen Cabinet
Dining Table
Dining Chairs
Dresser and Stand
Winnipeg price
2 40
Freight Total    Howson's Price delivered
23c. 73c.        «          "       70c.
$3.53 $10.72      "          " $9.60
3.87 14.42      "          " 14.40
28c. 1.16      "          "       1.20
3 52 12.47      "          " 13.00
3.76 15.01       "          " 14.00
1.41 4.96       "          " 5.20
1.59 6 94       "          " 7.20
1.41 3.81       "          " 4.00
1.76 6.86      "          " 7.20
" 16.50
Dominion Spring
Child's Cot
Ostermore Mattress
We make our profit by shipping in car load lots, thereby saving freight rates. Bring
catalogue giving description of other goods not specified in thiB list to our store and we
will prove our statements.    Remember we deliver goods and set up free from breakage.
R.   HOWSON   &   CO      -    REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Under New Management.
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
The C.reatest Health Resort on the Continent
Natural Hot Water, 124 negre"*; ol Ilea
Natural Hot Water in Hatlis.    O        All Year
Rates from $12 to $15 Fer Week
The Largest Stock; of Smokers'
Supplies in the Interior
We are the ri^ht people to do business with.
We are carrying an especially good line this
Come in and we will show you that present
for hubby, father or brother that was worrying
The Cigar & Pipe Business is Our Business
and we know it like a book, and you get the
benefit of our information.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
r————  1
Cummings Transfer Co. Ltd.
Freight and Parcels Promptly Collected and Delivered
Baggage Transferred and General Draying
Furniture and Piano Moving a Specialty
Office—Corner Connaught Avenue and Second Street
Phon. 276 REVELSTOKE, B.C.       Night oaii ti
Our Wines are Bottl d
onlv after the) have settled and
mellowed in the barrel. Hold a
plasn of our 8panlah Port up to
the litflit und see how absolutely
clear it is, Same way with our
Liquor*. Not a trace of anything
but pure liquor in any bottle we
sell. Better have some in the
house. They are. as valuable In
case of sickness, as they are de*
llghtflll to those in health. Our
goods can be purchased Irom any
of tie Leading Hotels by the
glass or bottle, or from our Warehouse by lhe case. Imported and
bottled by
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers ard Dealers In Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars ond Clgarottes
suitably   furnished   with  the choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
proved.    Fitst-Class in every respoct.    All modern convenience*
Larue .Sample Rooms.
Rat * $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.	
Still in Business
We are Headquarters for
Pacific Coasl Tested Seeds
ami Roses.Shrub?,Chinese,
Japan, Frenchand Holland
Bulbs and Ornamentals,
also Implements, Bee Supplies. Spray Pumps, Fertilizers and small fruits.
Catalogue Free.
3011 Westminster Road
A. R. McDougall,    -   Manafjer
Special Attention glten  to  commercial
men   and   tourists.    Flret-oles.   sampl.
rooms. Finest scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upi'" Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop.
Carriage and Sign
shop In alley! back >t E. J. Bourne's
.'.,i... First Btreet
First   Ci&«» Work  Qua antecd
Prices Reasonable
Residence I •■■   8rd St. ■<■■ I Robeonane
Rovelstoke  Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Hazel 1'oye of
Nelson, B. C, occupation Spinster,
Intend to apply for permission to
purchase tbe (ollowing described
Commencing at a post plane! at
the 8. W. corner of Lot ll'M, thence
cast 20 chains, thence houth 20
chains, thence wesl 20 chains, more
or lcass to lake shore, then:e following the lake shore in a northerly direction to point of commoaeemeut,,
containing 40 acres more jr liars.
A. V. Luc:is, Ayr.t.
Dated Nov.  14, 1310. ;>'.2l>
In the matter of an application for
the issue of a duplicate Certilicate ol
Title to an undivided i of lot 4HD,
Group 1, except 19 4-10 acres.
Notice is hereby given that It Is
my Intention to issue at the expiration of one month after the lirst pub
lieation hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to the above men
tioned lands in the name ol Thomae
Kilpatrick, which Certificate la dated
the 26th February, 1907, mi I number
ed 6612A.
Samuel K. Roe,
District Registrar.
Land Registry Office, Nelson, B.C.,
November 3rd, 1910.
Revelatoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Effie Toye, o'
Nelson, B. C, occupation Spinster,
intend to apply for permission to
purchase the following tluBClhed
Commencing at a post piouted
about 8tl chains south of tha S. W.
corner of Lot 1139, thence cast 2t'
chains, theuce north 60 chains, thence
west 20 chaius more orless to lake
shore, thence following the lake
shore in a southerly direction to
Point of commencement, containing
120 acres more or less
A. V. Lucas, A cent.
Dated Nov.  14, 1910. N.26
Good Coal and Wood for Sale
LETHHKIPGK    Hest .Screened Lump Coal.
DRY WOOD    Hemlock and Kir, cut  lost winter. In   length"   to
suit purchaser.     1 «lll have a itOOl on hand al all Huns.
Ali orders promptly attended to,
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L, President
E.    G.    BURRIDQE
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Connaught Awe.   -   Revelstoke
New Line
Stirrup   Attached
F.   B.   WELLS.
Fn- Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -  Revelstoke, B C
Send Your Orders
Tm tie      *   let  '• ' "I   '"r
Famous Gait Coal
Hay, Oats, Wheat,Bran
and Shorts
' o i'i ;      ■ nr   McKenzie Ave,
CAPITAL -  $10,000,000
REST, • $7,000,000
With it< l.irpe number of branrliev a^nts «"'' correspondent*, The
Canadan Bank of Commerce is ahlc In cited collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rater Rate, will bc quoted on
Cheque* and draft* nn all countries of thc world, drawn In Merlinp,
francs mark*, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any other foreiKn currency,
can be negotiated at Tbe Canadian Bank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
fire, life and Accident Insurance
iMill partli ulari nl »e!ort 'mil'! "j
lots given upon applicatlol
Order* lefl   at   llili   office   l"t   lin»
ami iftaln, promptly Attended to
W. B. Robertson
C,trnt Weil I'etiiialieiil l/mll
Company Agent >
... .•   Inland   1-leds,   oa*
.  nr ,, j ll.au ami j Pul
f ■ ng     lai < ock and III
an.l ,li :.;■   ,1'jim to      OUI Kail
Bum  ai* now  laying. A
,iart   rH'ht   ID He'll*.
I    lievine.
.1 M.I-       LAN   KKN mid Blldei     foi
nali-, t ■ i, cheap        Tbomai
Plill.i*  , :   H,    II     '
.    BB v    001 Ion .)„;,
I,er,       |,.r       » f, i.hi»ap        'I Iimihi**
I,on,', ,,„.    I!      '
WANTKIi v , l| nn' agtOI to write
Vnu Ino'.ntn'.i in t.bl District., om/
gi "'I    lirO'l'K.r     ne«d   apply Ig
toil     partli ,iarH with credentials,
gOOd     OOmmlMlOn. Applications
to Ii" lorwai led  to     A.  I,. (ardln,
50s,      Don -ion   Trust   Building,
Vancouver,   It,  0.
Foil UAI,11 Piano now nt railway
wl fit 11in ni'ni hern will lie rnirrlllreO
tor HS5H, oash, Never hern used.
Lady 'inn'*i. to keep It. Apply
In llrBi Instance Mrs. Mungenm.
'imn, (oliiiiiliia street, Vancouver.
fl. C.
Revelstoke Land District.
District ol Weat Kootenay.
Take notice that William Brown, ol
Kevelstoke, B. 0., occupation, Clerk,
intends to apply Ior permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted at
the north weBt corner of lot 6140,
marked W. B. south west corner post
thence cast 40 chains, thence north
40 chains, thence west 411 chains,
thence south 40 chains to point oi
Dntod Dec. 13th,  1910,
Ter F. W. Terry, Agent.
Itevelstoke  Land   District.
Dtatrlet ol Wc«t Kootenay.
Take notice that. Mary Cornelius
Brook, ol I/othbridge, occupation,
married woman, int-ntu's to apply for
permission to purchase the (ollowing
described lauds,
Commenclnf at n post planted at
'he eouth nml roi ner ol lot 7045,
marked U.O.B. Bi.rth east corner
pout, theme west 40 rhalns to the
line ol lol, 2453, thence aouth along
Mid line ahout 40 chains lo the line
Ol lot WOO, Ihence kbhI. 40 chnins
along    said    line,   Ihetini  north      40
■ ilium! to point, ot commenoement,
Dated !*<■. 16th, IWO,
ivr K. W. Terry, Agent.
Hiipiilm  of  all   kind'   ninlly  dune
Blcyole ami (inn work sS|Kiclslty
Kstimstes gfvpn on sny class
of work
Front      Street.
Loss to Canada Over Three Million Dollars, says Dealer
Montreal, Jan. 23.—"During 1910
something like 17,000,000 dozen eggs
were allowed to spoil, mind you, in
this country because of carelessness,
and irregular methods of marketing,
while at the same time the prices of
reasonably fresh eggs were climbing
steadily up and even at the highest
prices, Montrealers found it difficult
to get a proper supply."
Mr. John A. Gunn, head of the
important wholesale produce timi of
iinnn, Langlolu &. Co., and president
of the Montreal Produce Merchants'
Association, has matde a particular
study of the egg and poultry industry of this country and has several
plans for thc betterment of that
trade. In an interview he made tbe
abovo amazing statement, and 4eclar
ed that he had gleaned the figures
irom his own personal investigations
also expressing the conviction that
they were moro conservative than
"As the average prico of eggs is
twenty cents a dozen, this works out
at $3,400,000 lost to the country,
through the slipshod methods which
aro at present in operation."
Tho egg production of Canada (or
tbe year, Mr. Gunn showed, was
something like 1*20,000,000 dozen. Of
this number the avoidable Iobs was
at least 17 per cent.
"The trouble is principally with the
producer and tho country dealer,"
said Mr. Guno. "As things are now,
so long as the Bhell is on, most anything is an egg. Tho farmer who
i nlo'ii tbe trouble to market his eggs
while they arc fresh gets little or no
credit for hiB trouble, since the country storekeeper is indiflerent how
.ong the eggs remain in his store or
under what conditions they ere »1-
towed to remain there. As a reBult
Canada, which produces millions of
jggs every mouth, is an importer of
•ggs, when sho should havo a largo
and profitable export business in
The remedy, Mr. Uunn says, is iu
thc standardization of eggs along
similar lines to the standardization of
Apples and other farm products."The
annual value of tho poultry and egg
business of the country approximates
$48,000,000. Surely a business of
this size should be looked after by
the government, its quality maintained, und in this case Improved."
As a preliminary, Mr. Gunn wants to
make it a criminal oflence to knowingly market bad eggs.
Three lives were lost when the British freight steamer Parisian was
burned at sea.
It has hecn decided to reorganize
the engineering department ol Vancouver and appoint a supervising engineer.
Forty miners were killed outright
owing to the outbreak of fire in a
Silesia mine, near Berlin, Germany.
Patrick Gagnon sustained a fracture ot the skull by falling Irom the
steps of tbe Astor hotel, Vancouver
It Is nnuounccd that the cruisers ol
lhe Bristol type will be sent to the
Pacific coast.
A company has been formed to
place IW.OOO sheep on Graham iBland.
Thc Hudson Bay Company has decided to erect a large block in Vernon, B. C.
Two Toronto men wero killed in a
railway collision on  the Soo line.
A Pan Asiastic movement designed
to unite tho whole continent nan
been started ln Japan.
The Japanese government is taking
severe measures for tho suppression
of Socialism.
An experiment of sending wireless
moBsagcs from an aeroplane was successfully made at Sao Krandsco.
Wireless calls indicate tbat the
lishing steamer Chicago IB in distress "il Vancouver Island,
Contracts  have  been  let -for the
Vancouver Island section of the C.N.
It.  and  construction  work  will be
hurried forward.
SclentlBti nt Mount WilBon solar
observatory, California, believe that
they arc on the era ot valuable
scientific dlBcuvorles,
A madman armed with a razor
railed 00 Uir Thomas Llpton at his
country place In Kngland, but was
overpowered by a ruse.
David Wilson of Hamilton was
Hituck by ,i train at a crossing and
instantly killed.
Knglish and American capital is
Interacted In the establishment of an
electric amelter at Chat Falls.
Kmpire Typewriter ribbons for sale
at Mall-Hcrnld office.
If your typewriter ribbon is old
and worn let Us replace it with a
frenti one. Every ribbon le guaranteed. Mall-Herald Office, agente (or
Empire Typewriter.
Is Anxious to Recover Old Timber Limits for Re-forestation
Toronto, Jan. 24.—One of the biggest problems facing the province of
Ontario today is the -question of how
the crown may reserve or acquire, in
whole or in part, the timber lands
which passed under license many
yearB ago, and are still under license
though the timber bought when the
cutting rights wore disposed of, has
long since been marketed.
Sales in recent years are subject
to a time limit, but sales of twenty-
iive| thirty, or fifty yearB ago contained no such provision, and present
holders of these limits many of which
aro cut out and fit only for reaflores-
tatlon, claim that as long as they
pay tho ground rent, a purely nominal charge of 1-3 per square mile
each year, they should be permitted
to bold those old limits in perpetuity
and thus reap the advantage and
benefit of growth, notwithstanding
the fact that the land on which the
timber grows IxelongB to the province
and is vested in the Crown, and tho
added fact that thc timber has in
most cnm-H long since been cut away.
Tbo contention ot the Crown is that
legally these licenses could be terminated at the end of any license year.
Some time ago a deputation (rom
the Canadian Lumbermen's Association waited upon the Minister of
Lands, Forests and Mines. It is
stated that the lumbermen (ell back
upon their old contention of perpetual rights, whereat the minister quietly suggested the possibility of being
obliged to raise the ground rent to
about $200 a mile, and tbe imposing
of a size limit below which it would
be illegal to cut.
It is asserted that Hon. Mr. Cochrane made the statement that as the
province owned tho land, and the
purchasers of the limits never bought
the small Html, which was not in existence at tbe time of tbe original
sales, the people of the province had
a right to expect a half interest In
theso limits at thc end ofthirty years
of reafforestation.
There Would be no Social Evil In
Montreal if Recorder were Woman
Montreal, Jan. 24.—Mrs. John H.
Roberts, wife o( tho secretary of the
Dominion Alliance, and who is ber -
self a prominent leader in many of
tbe numerous women's temperance
promoting organizations in Montreal
advocated at tho meeting of the Women's Christian Temperance Union
tome extremely stern measures Tor
the suppression not only of the white
slave trntlic, whicli she declared ex -
Isted here to a terrible extent, end
was carried on with the most impudent ease, but also for the total uup-
iression of the social evil.
Incidentally, Mrs. Roberts treated
Mr. Recorder Dupuis to a Bevere
.onguc lashing, declaring that some
of his proposed moral reforms were
incentives to immorality and said
that il a woman were recorder in
Montreal, the white slave traffic
•vould not exist here a month.
"How 1b this traffic carried on? "
MrB. Roberts aBked. "There are men
who make it their business to ensnare
iirls, to betray them, and then to
sell them to keepers ot houses ot ill
lame. The country girl coming to
the city for employment, tho servant
girl, crushed as sho otten ia by the
colorless life she leads, and the drudgery and the denial ol the ordiaary
social relationships; the girl who
works in a store or in a (aotory for
what are often starvation wages —
theso form tho material out of which
white slaves are made.
"An acquaintance struck up on a
railway train; a chance meeting in a
dance ball or a cheap theater, often
tbe sell-introduction on the street
gives the hunter a chance to run
down hie quarry. An invitation to
supper at a city or road hotel flat -
t.ers the girl. An apparently Innocent
glasi ol wine contains the drug that
deadens ucnslhi.lty and the girl wakes
up in a brothel, ruined and enslavedi
The sordid story ol the poor Mkhaud
girl, whose fate has shocked tbe tity,
reveals the ease with which this fotfl
work is done and proves that aooie
men are vile enough to do it,
"A woman sitting In the re«rlei,,e
chair would speedily make hoUaee ol
llMame unprofitable and that le tLe
best way to kill them. She would
mote out to the men who at. di»ro»-
ered ln such places by our Motility
Squad the same treatment a. that
now accorded the girls—only more
so. Their names would be published,
Jail instead of fines would ne their
portion and their photographe would
bo taken and exposed. The salvatloh
of tho fallen woman depends upr.n the
reclamation ol the lallen man first
and tho only way to straighten him
up Is to make him pay the penalty
for the sin whoee punishment woman
has hnd to bear alone hitherto."
Finally Mrs. RobertB presented en
eloquent plea lor better wagee (or
women employees, which she declared should equal man'e p»y for tnaa'e
work, and lor better treatment (ot
donieetic eervaate. i THE   ^AirXHIErR^LID,   REVELSTOKE
WEDNESDAY,   JAN. 25TH, 1911
January Bargains
In All Departments
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. ftume Si Co.. limited
Mail   or    Telephone    your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.    Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
A Great Snap in
Boys* Overcoats
We are closing out our line of Boys'
Winter Overcoats at prices which it will
pay you to investigate. Some of these
lines are away below cost, and all are in
first-class condition.
Full Length Overcoat-Gray stripe
tweed, velvet collar, sizes 34 and 35.
Regular $9 now $5.25.
Same style as above, sizes 30 to 33.
Regular $7, now $4.50.
Same as above, size 29 only. Regular
$6.50, now $4.
Full Length Overcoat—Dark stripe
tweed, high Prussian collar; sizes 34 and
35.   Regular $9, now $5.25.
Same as above, size 29. Regular
$7.50, now $4.50.
Full length overcoat—brown tweed,
high Cossack collar, sizes 30 and 31.
Regular $11, now $6.25.
Full length overcoat—Gray cloth,
sizes 24, 26. 30.    Regular $5, now $3.
Boys' Pea Jackets-Heavy stripe
tweed, a beauty, sizes 30 to 34. Regular
$7.50, now $4.25.
Same as above, size 28. Regular $6,
now $3.50.
Boys' Pea Jackets-Heavy blue beaver
cloth, double breasted, sizes 28 to 32.
Regular $6, now $4.
Same as above, sizes 23 to 26. Regular $4.50, now $3.25.
Boys' Reefers—Heavy gray frieze,
sizes 21 to 24.   Regular $4, now $2.50.
Coffee and Tea
Are you getting the value for your
money in your Teas and Coffees. Try a
pound of our Mocha and Java wnole roast
Coffee and you will be satisfied that you
have received full value for your money.
In this department our customers demand
the best, and by the increase in our sales,
we know we satisfy their demand.
Always a special value of 3 lbs-
of Coffee or 3 lbs. of Black Tea in bulk
Dry Goods Department
Second Floor
Take   thc   Elevator
We will not boast in print of our January
Bargains, but respectfully invite you in to look
them over.
The Remnant Pile has been built high with
Odds and Ends for Bargain Selling. Remnants of
almost anything by the yard, Come and look
the pile over.
While Bed Spreads
Thirty only White Bed
Spreads or Counterpanes
pure white, in large sizes,
will give you one-third off
the price. There is a particularly good one at now
Ladies' Hose
Still a few dozen of
those all wool Cashmere
Hose, seamless at 35c. per
pair, or
3 pair for $1
Get It at Hume s
Canned Fruits
Your stock of home made
fruits getting low ? We
have received a few days
ago from the east a full
car of canned fruits and
vegetables put up b.v
Christian, Fretz & Bros.,
of Vineland, Ontario, in
sanitary cans and are of
the best quality. When
you get Vineland brand
you are getting near to the
fruit that mother used to
make. The car includes
raspberries, strawberries,
plums, peaches, pears and
cherries, in fruits, and
tomatoes, corn, peas and
beans, in vegetables. Do
not forget Vineland brand.
Fruit and Candy
Come in and inspect
our Fruit and Candy. A
large and varied stock to
choose from.
Towel Clearance
Twenty dozen Towels-
Honeycomb, Linen, Turkish Bath in White and
Colors. You can have all
you want at only each
Ladies and Misses
Five Ladies and Misses
$15 to $20 suits. They will
surely sell at the bargain
Take the Elevatoi
Furs Reduced
All Furs will be reduced
this week. You can get
one-third the price back.
Thus a $10 fur will cost
Silk Underskirts
A clean up of our Fancy
English Moireen Silk Underskirts or Petticoats, all
colors and Black. Beautifully made skirts, and the
price now is a strong attraction. They sold at
$7.50 to $9.50. You can
select yours at
Get It at Hume's
Drygoods Dept.
Second Floor
If you want to make a
pudding in less time than
it takes to eat it, by Quick
Tapioca, Quick Custard or
Quick Chocolate. It requires no soaking and in
fifteen minutes a delicious
pudding can be made all
ready to serve. Once you
try it you will use it all the
year around.
Hay and Feed
Anocher car of hay and
a car of mixed feed just
received. We can save
you money on feed if you
give us a chance to quote
you prices. The best timothy hay, re-clcaned oals
and|wheat. first-class bran,
shorts and chops.
Get It at Hume's
See our snap in this line
for Friday and Saturday.
For the benefit of our
customers we are offering
on those two days pint
bottles of mixed and Chow
Chow pickles ut only 20c.
per bottle, and quart bottles of mixed and Chow-
Chow at 40 cents. These
are all new and fresh
goods. Get them while
they are on special sale.
Hand Cleaners
Ten cases of the fam-
aus Boss hand cleaner on
special Bargain Hale on
Tuesday and Wednestlay
of next week, Jan. 10th
and llth, at only 10c per
can. This cleaner compares with "Snap," which
is sold at 20c per can.
Felt Slippers at
a Bargain
Just now when you need them we will
put about one hundred and twenty-five
pairs of Ladies' Felt Slippers on the Bargain Table. They are all this seasons
goods and all "in first class condition; they
comprise some of our choicest lines of
Felt and Velvet Juliettes.
Ladies' sizes 3 to 7, regular price
$1.75, Sale Price 95c. per pair.
A small line of Children's and Misses
Felt Slippers will be cleared at 35c. per pr.
Hats at a Price
We have gone through our hat stock
and taken out all broken lines These
comprise some of the nobbiest of the present season's blocks. Without regard to
cost they will all be put on the bargain
table at one price. All colors and shapes
in both Soft and Stiff Hats. Sizes 6§ to 71
Commencing   Wednesday
the price will be
$1.50 Each
Get Hume s Prices
Breakfast Foods
You always want a nice cereal for
Breakfast during this winter weather. We
are always ready to cater to thc public
with all the Breakfast Foods on the
market. If you want it ready for use we
have Malta Vita, Puffed Rice, Grape Nut,
Wheat Berries, Shreaded Wheat Hiscuita,
Toasted Corn Flakes, Orange Meat and
Biscuits, and if you want food to cook we
have Quaker Rolled Oata, Cream of Wheat
Pettijohn's Breakfast Gem, Carnation
Wheat Flakes, Cornmeal, Wheat Ground
and Rolled Oats. All the purest and finished goods on the market.
C B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
Revelstoke and Arrowhead
Watch the Windows
for Special Linea
During January
January Clearing Prices
Ladies' Coats
Ladies' High Grade   Imported Coals,  $2o,
Sale   Piic ■'. $10.   $19..1    ones [or 812.   $10
"Mrs foi'   $11.
Furs for Everybody
All new this season, in fact h  few of those
Furs arrived too late fur Xmaa.     One Bel of
Isabella Kox, regular $75, now $50: I  sol  nf
Isabella Sable, tegular $35, new $22.     1  set
ol Marmot, regular $111, now $111.     Marmot
Stoli    $3.1    $0 and -Sin.
.Misses Urey Persian Lamb C> liai.    Regular
$7,50.   Now $4.
Misses Grey  Persian  Lamb .Mull'.   Regular
$0.50.    Now $4,
Turnbull's Natural Wool, I.a lies Vests and
diawets at 90c.each.
Ladies  Heavy  Ribbed   UmV rwear al  35c,
l'nll range of Children's l'ml rwrnr al  Sale
Men's heavy Con ts.   Rogutar $18.   Now $12,
Good Overcoat, $11.60.   Now $7.
Boys Overcoats and Heefers all to dear at
Sale Prices.
Velvet Cord Coats
To lit children from 3 to 5,   Sale Price$2..IO.
Misses Heavy Coats
Kegu'ai* Piiee, $7..">0.    Now $1.
Ladies Hosiery
20 dozen more Ladles' Cashmere Hose—40c.
Sale Price-   I pairs for SI.
Blankets! Blankets!
.Insi iii hand 30 pahs white  blankets priced
al SI. SO, ST..".11 and SI" per pair.
Come to Our Clearing Sale.     Bargains here
I'm* everybody.
1911 Diaries
A complete range of
Office and Pocket
Diaries, all sizes and
prices.   See them at
Macdonald's Drug Store
Prescriptions Filled Promptly
We have just rece'ved a shipment ol White Clover Honev pul up in
live Hi. cans, whicli we will guarantee to be absolutely Pure Honey,
mnl as ti is is the season for honey v.e would advise you to try thia il
yoa wish to net the genuine aitic e.
The name "Wngstalte speaks for itself in regard to quality. We have
a lull assortment oi this Pine Jam including Str.iul erry. Raspberry,
Peach. Plum, Black Currant ami Ap icot.j
A. HOBSON,        Baker and Grocer.
Butla:.' Hill Pictures next week.
J. Keruachan of Salmon Arm, is
in the city  this  week  on  business.
Mr. an.l Mrs. T. Somes returned
this week Irom their honeymoon trip
The nurses at the hospital will not
receive Friday the 27th.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Doyle are visitors With Mr. and Mrs. A.J.McDonell
Mrs.  J. B, Cressmnn returned    last
week from a month's visit to friends
in Vancouver.
Ja-. H. Murie. advertising manager of the Vancouver World, wns in
tbe city today.
Miss Mullens arrived in the city
Tuesday morning to accept a position in the hospital here.
Mrs. W.J. Law, who has been visiting frier..is at Veruou since Christmas, returned home Saturday ni^ht.
Yesterday was the anniversary of
the birth ol ' Bobble" Burns, nn.l his
adm.rers all over the world eelebrat-
1.'. the event.
Mr. an 1 Mrs. C. P. Lindmark lift
on Tuesday morning lor the east,
where the;, ■.-. . gi ne a week or
ten days.
v.   .'*■■ ■ mi    aspector 1.:
the C.P.R.  mar:  line Irom ffim
to     Van i in the city
M.i*'.    Juarrle, of Vi uh
takes t.-.e place   •; Mr. F< r
dent        . Rev -
■   -:e,  arrive .
O,  -    '•'
'.eft tl ness   an I
pleat ire tl Cli vclan '.
Crtt *. v  will      I'
■■    No. 21      I
'   1   v . :  ■■ am      Pel
*      '
. *   *    . ■ •.   >
At Hud      rlan .*      ;■'
. :.   Silver   l-a'e 1   K
of four   bird
three   ,*: .■• • rettj     '..
Is one of tha most import,
ant items in your business
will look after this branch   of
the business for you.
Kjootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Successors to Kincaid 4 Anderson
Where to Send Vour Children to
School alter Feb. I.-Medical
'  Health Officer Appointed.
The division of thc city into school
districts occupied considerable ot the
time of tho school board on Mon,lay
night, and totally an agreement was
arrived at, which seemed equitable
an.l thoroughly satisfactory to the
board, With thc assistance of R.D.
(.'oliiitts, the principal of Central
school, a motion covering the matter was drawn up and carried as follows:
Moved by W. A. Sturdy,     seconded
by K.H. Young,  that school  districts
lie established as follows:—thut      nil
children   in   grades  low  second   render
nnd lower,  residing on McKenzie  Av.
both  sides,  nnd east and  on      Sixth
St.  wesl   of McKenzie avenue,  attend
at  new school,  that  all children      in
grades higher  than low second  reader,    residing      on    McKenzie  avenue,
both sides, or east and all     ch ldren
in all  grades  residing west    ol      McKenzie avenue  and  including      those
north ol C.P.R. main line at present
Central  school.   That    Miss    Christie
bc put   in charge of new school    with
title  of  vice-principal  at  nu   increase
of   salary  of   815 per month,      with
charge  of  discipline  and    supervision
of rooms and  buildings and with  th?
understanding that grading of pupils
shall  be  under  the supervision  uf th?
principal of Central school.  That the
Misses  Currie,   Noilly  and   Paget    he
assistants  to Miss Christie.    That in
Central school classes will be as follows.      Mr.    Colpitts,  Mr.  McDonald
and Miss  Mel'linlen will  he in charge
of same classes as nl  present,      that
Miss  Hurt-is will  have charge of class
I  with    low      third and high  second
readers.    Miss  MeCallum  will       have
lass Ti with high nnd  low second renders.     Miss  Kinney will have    class
ii with     high   and low lirst renders.
Miss Hyatt will  hnve class 7      with
high and low second primer.       Miss
Eaton will have charge     temporarily
pnny will be in tbc hands of Mr. S.
A Mundy who will shortly bring his
family here and those of his company
directors in B.C. are Messrs. A^lex.
McRao ol this eity, and Mr. W. K.
Hodges of Vancouver.
Capital Flows In
Montreal, Jan. 23.—The enormous
Inflow of capital from diflerent parts
of the globe, but particularly from
the land of John Hull, shows no
sign of cessation and with the dcvel-
ipment of our own great resources
keeping on apace it looks as though
the preachment ol the Bull element
ought not to be far wrong, even if
it does appear a littlu over-enthusiastic to the moderate man in the
Canadian Credit Strong
Montreal, .Ian. 24.—Several things
Iiave occured within the past few
months to give additional strength
to Canadian credit abroad and nothing could have been liner in that respect than thc recent demonstration
of the wonderful earn ng Capacity of
ilio Canadian Pacific Railwny as
shown by the decision of the directors within the past few dnys to
place the stock on a 10 per cent, dividend  basis.
Wild West Pictures nest week
C. Temple and 'l'. w . Lowi    n a
lechanics ol the C.P.R. at Winnipeg,
ad s. Phipps, occupying the
OSitli ii   at   Vancouver,   were
'ity over Weill's,!.iy.
Hot Water Bottles
For the Colli Weather
,-f   ge, !■■-' ■ -   ol
■*,   Rubber,
Chc9t   Protectors   and
Chamois Vests
Bews' Drug Store
Next Hi    *    I
Ther,   will   he  ,*i •
t the Edison theatre Batur laj
th.' sparkling come I
i       Racket."      I
. n I Mc.
ni. Fridaj   nighl  ol  this
R.M.R Club wil.
.rill  hall  "i    Sei  ■
': .sic  and  a  t; I  Ho I
.amission      j: * I
commences at 9 o'clock.
John   Mclntyi
-: iwn  from the  farm at   N
a splendid team
.very  rig  ot I "    -     '
.vill  ;.    .    *.
ati* ns .,  sn. iri   lei verj
Mr. W, M. Lawrence    I the
nee Hardwa
i i.y his pb
M. ' .
I a *oi
:. '    *    -
Mr      Mi
a short pithy
'.i    ■, ■   •
As the re* ..it of a
the ,cr at the i a*   i h le ikatln ■
i.     Mi.   R.W.D ■ oui.,
nan       I P.H aid u
I     Mi
■ i
' ,. I   t,,   lh
'a!   an I   * i       :      '
ol the full Mr. Harris had i
i I fai
\i n •
John    i
day evening la rt i     mis in *'i
iation waa i iten led to u*"-   J, w.
Stevi n *■ i,   li   \ . oi i .  ., at n to
accept the iki lornti vh'e Rev
M   0,  Mill  li '; Ito
t  wns I"i   i v *. *    h Rev,
Mr, McQueen In IMtn 11 in, * n I for
II I!    al    i'l I;-* :.   '  tefi
Th* Jeai l       at the
on theal ' I  "   ■ ' la]
■  ■
if class  X  with  high and  low
'Phis  motion   ol  course  does       not
apply    to    present, grading    in      the
ichool,  but  as  the  grading  will    ap
near In Saturday's paper.
It   was   decided   that      Mr.   Colpitts
hould be  present at  the opening    of
he new school  to assist in explain -
.ng  to  any   who  aie  not  iiuite  clear
.a the subject as to the boundaries
of the school districts, and to see ns |
iar  as   possible   that   children  attend i
lie schi.ol  to  which  they  are assign-
■ \ hy the   above   motion.     Mr. cr
■ •- promised to da so,
i In in,an n of      Sturdy and      Iliad*
-haw   Misses   Mel'halen.   Currie       and
Baton   were  ■.•iveti   increases  of  salary
Another  motion appointed  Dr.   Sutherland  medical  health  officer    at       a
tated   salary. ,
Tbe d vision of the city into school
ets  will  give Central  school  an
attendance of 278 and the new school
177, a -Old school—Class 1.
9   I, 12: .".. 42; 6,     3*<;
I    - Totai »78.     New school
.   ;.     . 13; i. 49. Total
'ere   present  and       it
meet aunin     Monday
ied Irom i a
lumber of Cases Disposed o!
Doubled that of any Similar
Period Previous.
Chief of Police 11. M* I'arry has
issued the following synopsis of the
various cases which during 1910 came
belore the  Police  Magistrate. Thc
number of cases which during IMO
more than doubled those of previous
years Indicates that the police this
year have had a busy time and have
been particularly attentive to their
duties. The doubling ol this number
docs not mean that the city is twice
:.s wicked as heretofore, as a large
percentage of the cases came from
outside   places.
As  indicated   there   have   been a
number "I serious cases, but as they
have all been exploited in this paper
at the time of their occurrence there
:s little need of comment on that
score. The table speaks for itself.
The eases are as follows: .
Drunk  und   disorderly  	
Disorderly    conduct  ou street	
Theft  from  person   	
\ssault   occasioning  bodily  harm
Common assgult 	
Selling liquor without license
Tin  Horn    gambling  	
Carrying  offensive   weapons 	
Keeping a gaming house 	
Frequenting  a   gaming  house     12
Harboring  a  vicious dog      1
Obtaining money, false pretences     3
I Loitering    tat  night)       3
Indecent  assault    II
Peddling without a license     3
Highway robbery      2
Unnatural    oflcnecs    3
i Attempted   murder    2
I Wounding    2
iTrospassing     4
Wilful    damage   1
Master  &   Servants  Act     1
Defusing to aid an officer   1
Receiving stolen  property    1
School  Act     1
■vrrested for other towns   3
. «G
. 118
. 3S
..   11
..   7
..   9
..   1
Parole System Successful
it. ,,(
i ome i Into pnst h      had rh-o
I the church at Ki ' nl n  Ont,
Would Not Accept Salaries
inn !•
time b
■ i, ■ nit.' i     ■ the elf.   M :
'nii. ■ i k      if
fI> ",'   Ml    ll,at    Mic'i     * .
n -   .• .' *
li ni
I*.   I,   ri Mnn  wn
I ,n*   i.iii i   *.       dai ■'*
JMoving Pictures tonight Thursday
■i.., ntain ■   at thn city.
tbi *' re be   the
mployet -    d!    labor  in  the
man;       I ■*   employees
•     :   .     Hi.*  .■       ii,    i tinmen
Item mi i  a here   ich ioi
■ ■ npany'i
mi ti     will
■ th tbe
* •
■ *-,
• ■■   l
Total   53*
Kiii-s Collected during year ,.$3,676.80
Transient   licenses  collected...     880.06
Weigh  fees.  8936 loads      39&.0O
Pound  Ices,   since   July           (1.00
Qrand  total
Prison  labor.
• i, .      i,
i,i i'.i
he     I'tnil
,.ii t,
■ i..        111,'jniv   . r,   nutlet
nnfMturM    n «i
■ *    *    n|i
|k oi i,*,|
lhal   i rrup fntlnn     In
nil nol iflei i
Hi,* '..iiii'ioi 'a operation   In tl It
iei   p,|   l,v   llieni
rhe local mRotftmcDt ut tba   tutu I
Moving Pictures tonight Thursday
R -vNTHSD   '■!* lot  a e work,     no
Ipplj   Mail Herald >Mii <
UniTai" inn at   r: i.-.np theatre
11 . inenl
fl V. I r.i,      ',, n. i it i      -,i   inn No
iVppl)   to Mrs.      J*      T.
I.n-1 Hv a little girl, Irom hei
p. ckii i,* ok, |60l I) iu bunk bill'
hetwei ti 0   B,   Hmne'a  more  «m'
' ib. Ihi>I  night abOtlt .1 IUI p.ni
rhe floder will be rewarded on   re
turning tbe money loO it. Hutno't
Important Notice!!
Owing to delay on lhe Railroad, " The Stubborn Cinderella" will not bf able
In appear before Friday
Evening tl tbr Opera
Every day adds to the volume of satisfied
customers. No sale wc have ever had has
given such universal satisfaction. Many
lines we were anxious lo move arc getting
very low, and the rem tinders have had a
cut to clear ihem out. Remember, this sale
is not on winter goods alone, but covers all
lines, Come and sre the prices we are
making,    They will please you.
Vassar Shoes
Do you wanl a pair of serviceable shoes, made of
the best grade of leather, by the best workmen,
m the laic cuts ? If you do, come and sec our
showing in "Vassar" Shoes, bals. snd Oxfords,
in Patent Dongola and Uox Calf. We arc
making sweeping reductions on them and can lit
your purse and foot.
Ribbon Sale
Come and sec thc values wc arc offering in taffeta
and satin ribbons. Sec he different lots at 5c,
10c, 15c. and j,sc. per yard,
This is the season thai you will need embroideries ami you cannot afford to overlook thc
wonderful bargains we arc offering in the finest
edgings and insertions. We have all widths al
prices that will move them quickly.
We are clearing out thc balance of our Cardigans
ai less thancost. Ladies sizes, $1.25, Children's
sizes, $1.10.    Just  what you  need for the deep
Coats!    Coats!
We are having a great run on our coats, and it
is lillie wonder. fust think, vour pick of our
Children's Coats for t?j. Ladies' lasl season's
styles, $2.50 and $7.50 for this season's styles.
Lome and get your share ofthe bargains.
4MB^ -•l.r..^ff'^yJl^tiaW^C^^,?^y^^
Your Winter Oi/ercoat or Suit
If you haven't purchased litem yet you
had better come and look at our large
and complete assortment. We can suit
the most fastidious in thc clothing line.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Reform Clothing
Foot-Rite Shoe
Men's Dressy Winter Suits
At Sharp Clearance Reduction
Our entire stuck of Fine Suits and Overcoats are
reduced for Immediate clearing.
Regular   12 Suits   $ 8 50
Regular $15 Suits       $10 00
Regular $20 Suits  $15 00
Regular $25 Suits     $19 00
Regular $30 Suits $24 00
McRao Mercantile Company, Limited
I he Style Shop for Men and Boys Who Know      H	
1 ; , j
Wll.I,I \M   I.   ItlllCI'.H,
Untn tii, Solicitor, Btt I'ruvincial  Lnnd  Buveyof,
BollMton   lm     It"    1 niiii'iiiin Hnnk t Mining Surveyor,
nl Commerce, The HdUodi Dunk, l*;n«lnoerlng
K1HBT BTRBBT   •   Rlttlltokt, li.C. I30X   110,   nEVELSTOKB,


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