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The Mail Herald Jul 12, 1911

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 "Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation andR
perfection in  results  it is
unsurpassed.     Price $60l|
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Vol. 17—No. 54
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Phono No. 23
There is no question, I think I can
safely say, since Confederation, that
has taken a hold of the people ol
Canada like this one ol reciprocity,
said Mr. A. S. Goodeve on Monday
niirlit, when he addressed a large audience in the opera house, in which
was interspersed a goodly number of
ladies. The ladies are all interested,
and rightly so said tho speaker, as
it is a subject which vitally aflects
every home and every mother. When
two men, without the mandate of
the people, undertake to barter away
the birthright of the people then it
is time the mothers took a hand. Mr,
Templeman says the Conservatives
are just beating the big drum and
waviug the old flag, but Mr. Goodeve uskrd why we should not still
wave the good old Union Jack. It
had been good enough for our forefathers who fought and died under it
und lie saw no reason why we should
be ashamed of it.
Mr, Goodeve dealt with the subject
under three heanings and in a most
impassioned appeal supported his
statements with statistics to show
that Irom every viewpoint reciprocity
was not what Canadians desired nor
what would work altogether in the
interests of the country.
Looking at the question in a
cold-blooded business wuy or as a
matter of dollars and cents the speaker characterized the much boasted
$90,000,000 market to the south of us
as a purely mythical market. I ask
every one of you to forget for awhile
party affiliations and look upon yourselves just as Canadians, and if in
the presentation of facts I cannot
convince you that reciprocity will not
be detrimental to yourself and to
Canada then you can Btand for it but
if on the other hand you deeideothvr-
wise then I ask you to oppose it in
every form.
The Liliernls say,  look at the $90,-
000,001) market to the south    of   us.
Hut look at it I ask of you too. Last
year we Imported  good to the  value
of $228,000,000 and exported $112,000,-
nllii worth.     Did the United      States
take all     this output from Canada?
No!     Of this total th,' Mother Country took $7*0,000,000 worth, while only nine per cent, of our products went
to the United States, eighty per cent
of our lield products went to      England and  twenty per cent went     to
other countries.     Out of this twenty
per cent only four per cent went   to
the United  States.      And  yet,      Mr.
Goodeve said, the promoters   of this
reciprocity pact want thiB -great commercial chauge  to get rid of 20 per-,
per cent of our natural productB. Of
natural  products  we bought      from
them goods to the value of $30,000,-
000; they took from us goods valued
at $17,000,000.      In one Industry al -
one thiB     province    imported nearly
$14,000,000  worth,  all  of which      we
Bhould get from the prairie provinces
Take thc bacon and hog products alone.     Of lard we imported $1,337,887
worth, while the United States took
from  us  $2500      worth;  wc  imported
bacon and sides to th,. value of over
a million dollars, while the   U.     S.
took from us a paltry $14,000 worth.
Take  the  fruit   market.      We      are
all awnre that to the cast, of us there
arf three  great      prairie      provinces,
which   .wing to their geographical sit
uation  and   climat.'  conditions,    will
never be able to raise any kind      of
fruit In any     appreciable iiuantlties.
The United States looks jealously at
these provinces and says, "wc   must
remove that duty and get that fruit
market."      So they Bend up to Canada get     two men to go down      to
Wiishington,  stack  their carda      and
say "you give us free admission     of
our fruit and we will give you a free
Bah  market."      In apples alone   last
year we  imported  $1,210,000      worth
while the U. S. tooo from us $20,000
ami this in the fnce of the fact that
the duty per barrel coming into Canii la li ~', cents par barrel and   only
in rents Into the United States. Uist
feat  we  raised  [our  and  a half million dollars worth of fruit  and      of
this  amount   the  United  States  took
only |1S,000 worth.     In     eggs     tbe
I     ■  ,1   States  Bent   us  2.708.000 do!;.,
ulnrli  w.ii al>..ut  28 times more than
were sent   in  Irom  Canada    to      the
Dnited  St.ites, and  this in a face    of
i   lulj  of three rents [ier dozen.
Mr. Qoodtv* in the house pointed
nut to Mr. Fielding and the Premier
that lfl opening this market to tbe
United St.ites and in making the
reriprociiy part, they were letting in
12 other nations to rnmpote with ub,
.in.l   getting   absolutely  nothing       In
return.    It otber wordi tbey    wen
pitting each Canadian farmer against
fifty foreign foes,
For years rough lumber had been
allowed free into Canada. The U. S.
has a surplus and taking off the American duty would make no dill'erence
whatever as the United States has
a surplus of that commodity, ' but
they take good care to shut out the
manufactured products. As regards
our pulp woods. Mr. Goodeve pointed out that for years and years Canada has been trying to induce capital to commence the manufacture of
paper in this country. The answer
has always been "wc cannot afford to
until you get the population to warrant us the market for our products.
But lately tliey have been coming -in
ami have invested much money. When
word of this pait first- reached the
public these men protested saying
that if thc pact went through that
all their savings of a lifetime would
be destroyed. Sir Wilfrid Laurier
calmly replied to this: —"You are
too late gentlemen."
Are we come to this, Mr. Goodeve asked that we a great nation,
areto he dominated by two men?
Quebec, he said, gets $4{ a cord for
its pulp wood which is shipped across    the line    to  be     manufactured
Continued     »n   page 2.
City Council Meet in Special
Session to Discuss Matter
The city council met last night in
special session to consider the redemption of $»,0llO of its own debentures from thc Royal. Financial Corporation Co. There were | resent
Aids. Abrahamson, Sibbald, MciCin
non, and Lawrence, with Mayor II \m
ilt on  in the chair.
Mayor Hamilton expressed Himself
as strongly in favor of the purchase
of these debentures, but Aid. MeKinnon who hud been doing some flouring on the matter could uot see just
where the city would come out any
.ilii.ulin  the transaction,
A motion fathered by Aldi
bald and Abrahamson that the
chase of the $9,000 worth of ,lo>
ures would be satisfactory to
council and that particulars jt
said debentures 1k> secured from
Royal Financial Corporation Oo.
fore final acceptance was turned
but was followed by an amendment
from Aids. MeKinnon and Lawrence,
that the purchase be laid over till
next Friday night and particulars be
secured before dealing with cue matter.
The vote for the amendment found
a split of two and two, the mover
and seconder being in favor of it and
tbe  remaining two  objecting.
It was consequently up to the Mayor to put in the casting vote, and
he explained that while favoring the
original motion yet for the sake of
further discussion and to allow oth
er members of the council who were
not present a chance to express their
opinions on the subject, he would declare the amendment carried.
Declares It to be a Phase of
the Church's Bid for Supremacy
In a most masterful and straighfor-
ward manner Rev.  R. J. Mclntyre on
Sunday night iu the Methodist church
preached to the local Orange order
which marched in a body to the
church, on thc subjoct of the Intolerant* of the Roman Catholic church
and its claim to supremacy.
The Ne Temere decree, which marked one phaso of the church's presumed infallibility, he pulled to pieces in
a most merciless manner, explaining
of course, at the outset that he -did
not wish his audience in anyway to
suppose that the remarks were -direct
ed personally towards any person or
set of persons. It was the chinch
and its teachings he objected to. He
admitted the right of any church to
make laws ami inflict, penalties so
long as these did not interfere with
the civil rights of its members or
adherents, but when they conflicted
with     the civil  rights of any person
New Dominion Government Office
Contract Being Figured On
Plans for the new poet ofllce have
arrived in the city ami being figured
hy local contractors. Thc plans call
for a building with a frontage of 40
feet nnd a depth of 72 feet and besides being a poBt ollico the building
will have ample room for every government ollicial in the city, including
the timher ollicial and his otlice
The structure will lie two stories in
height, of pressed brick and stixne;
will have front, side and back entrances, and modern in every particular. Thc front entrance will lie
approached by a lligbt ol stone steps.
Mr. Henderson, Dominion architect,
will be In the city on Saturday to
decide the exact location In regard
to tlie lot. It is thought one of
the local contractors will get the
contract, which will be awarded on
July 24th,
At the residence ol her daughter,
Mrs. .1. H. McDonald, of Seattle,
Wash., tbe death orcurrod of Mrs.
Lidlu A. Trimble, beloved wife of J.
A. Trimble of Vancouver. Deceased
wns a slater of Mia. M. Pettipiece of
tbis city, where she was well and fav
orably known to a large circle of
friends. For a number of years Mrs.
Trimble lived in Calgary and Bdmon-
tun where she made a largo number
Ol frieiKlH, In whom she became attached b.v her cheery disposition nml
(too-tin of charity. Tho funeral was
held In Vancouver on Monday morning nt 10 o'clock.
then he claimed it was time to call
a halt. In launching the Temere decree of marriage rights upon the
world Mr. Mclntyre held that the
Roman Catholic church says its law
is superior to the civil laws, aud
that is putting itself in open conflict
with the State. Mr. Mclntyre traced the history of the rhurch in a partial manner iu regard to its claim
to supremacy. Its history is written
in debauchery, immorality, 'bloodshed
and intolerence; its leaders havo at
times been the greatest of sensualists
its popes have been dragged down hy.
ttie meanest ot sins and its bishops
have followed in their wake until the
censure of the world has hecn heaped
upon their heads and the foundations
of the church have, been shaken to
the point of wrecking the whole struc
Hy deception the adherents of the
church have been misled and forced
to believe untruths, while one Ib almost, letl to beiicve, he asserted, that
the Scripture and certain parts of
the history of the church have been
withheld from tlie people lest they
should learn the truth and be convinced.   .
Some two or three weeks ago Mr.
Mclntyre preached a sermon on the
Ne Temere decree, but by request he
gave a synopsis of the sermon on
Sunday night. The Ne Temere decree, he said, had been formulated at
the Council of Trent, and out of the
2!)5 who signed the decree there were
but one Englishman and three Irishmen present. This was centuries ago
and yet despite the protestations of
this Englishman, thiB unholy und abominable law was foisted on the
world. In other words, people of
other lands nnd ages have legislated
for this day and age. The intolerance
and arrogance of the church and its
prelates is expressed in the very decree itself, wheu in one article it declares that no person must seek to
interpret the meaning of thc Act with
out the consent of the Pope.
The Italian criminal code has uttered its condemnation of such drastic legislation hy inserting In it
code that "if any ecclcsinst Interfere
with any marniage law which tlio
State says is valid, he is liable to
imprisonment und the loss ot fats
status in the church.
Mr. Mclntyre declared that he was
at one with the sister churches ln tho
matter of mixed marriages. Like our
neighbors wc do not approve of mixed marriages; wc seek to discourage
Ihem, but if every denomination were
to deClftre as the Roman Catholics
have done that no other minister but
those of its own denomination    were
legally entitled to perform tho mar
riuge ceremony, then wil ness thc terrible Hlnte ol society that would fol
low. The world would be thrown in
lo a state of chaos. The Ne Temen
decree teaches one to violate th
most sacred vow that mortal can
make, it opens the door to immoral
ily and deception. Hy tho terms ot
the decree it is legal according to the
church to go through n mock marriage, and iinle-s certain conditions
that the Church of Home says you
must, comply with, are complied with
then you ran desert the unsuspecting
female party to the marriage and
laugh  al   her susceptibility.
The Ne Temere declares ils church
nml Its priests absolute; it. declares
a Protestant to be a nonentity and
less Hum nothing; it o|>ens the door
to Clandestine marriages. In clause 8
ot the decree it Is declared thnt pro
vnled a priest cannot he secured the
parties to the marriage may hy mutual agreement in tlm prcscmie of witnesses become man and wife. If, however, a Protestant min-lstor Is present
then the marriage Is Invalid.       This
Ten mon arc working at the marble
quarry uw ku&o,
p —"——sj
Stoves! Ranges!
McClary's Stoves
Kootenay Ranges
Saskalta Ranges
Sunshine Furnaces
Enamel and Tinware
We can supply your
wants in the above lines
with the best Goods made
in Canada.
Sherwin Williams Paints, Oils, Varnishes, etc. It
pays to use Rood Paints.    We sell them.
Fishing Tackle, Rifles. Shot Guns, Ammunition and
other Sporting Goods. We are leaders in thesp. and also
carry a very large stock of General Hardware, Tools of all
kinds, etc.
Harness, Whips, Horse Blankets, Lup Robes.
Crockery and Glassware.
Creamery gutter
P. gums & Company. £td.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd
Distributors for Swift's Products
All our choice fresh killed
Beef, Pork, Mutton, Veal,
Lamb and Poultry are kept
inj our new Cold Storage
Cooling rooms and displayed
in the shop for sale in Refrigerating Glass Counters
and Window. We handle
nothing but Swift's Government inspected meats, silver
leaf lard, Premium hams &
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Phone 251
P. O. Box 181
(Continued 0n I'aje Six.)
"HIB tatlTiira VOICC"
Rtlilttltrt f. It,, [trft c/Agr,,*;i.n,
We have been appointed wholesale distributors
for Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia
of the famous
Victor and Berliner Gramophones
and Victor Records
Dealers in these goods can now purchase F.
0. B. Revelstoke and save excessive freight.
Over 5,(1(10 different records in stock,   including everything from Grand Oi>era to Ragtime.
Gramophones from $.'!1 to $125.   The famous
Victrola from $1<KJ to$800,
Dealers wanted, liberal discounts and terms.
Write for Catalogs and full particulars.
Cbe nDaiuibcvalfc
published wednesday ano
Saturday at
revelstoke. 11. c.
Jntertoc ipubUablno Company,
Legal notices 10 cents per line first
insertion, 5 ceuts per liuu each
iubsenuent insertion. Measurements Nonpancl (.12 lines make
one inch.j Store and general
business announcements $2.50 put
inch per month. Preferred positions, 25 per cent, additional.
Births, Marriages aud Deaths, 50c
each insertion.
Land notices -J7.50-. All advertise
ments subject to the approval ol
tbe management, Wanted and
\ ■:. lensed Advertisements : —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
Uat.ons wanted, Situations Va
cant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
Waned, 25 words or less, 25c.
each aJJitioual line 10 cents.
Changes il standing advertise
ments must bo iu by 'J a. ni.
Tuesday and Friday ol each week
to secure good display.
CORRESPONDENCE invited ou matters of public interest. Communications to Editor must be
accompanied by name ut writei
not necessarily Ior publication,
but as evidence ol good fnitli
Correspondence should  be  brief.
Including  postage to England,  United States aud Canuda.
By tbe year (.through postotilce)  |8.5<
JOB     PRINTING promptly executed
at reasonable rates.
TERMS—Cash.      Subscriptions    pay
able in advance.
Zbc flDatllberalb
A recent case in one ol the smaller
towns of the Interior wherein a person convicted of a violation of the
Bush Fires Act—in having utilized
lire in land clearing without lirst bc
curing the necessary permit in this
behalf—pleaded ignorance ol the law
and escaped, upon conviction, with n
warning from the bench, may be tuk
en as an ol d le boo for the benellt
ol rural magistrates and .ustlces ..[
the pe .*.* throughout the province. It
is no unusual thing lor these minor
Ig - to exceed their jiiris.i.'t Ion,
and tins is what was done iu the
case ,n question. Kor the benefit ol
all magistrates and peace officers, as
well as to the general public. ,i may
be stated thut no judge In the land
bas powei upon a conviction being
record< I an.ior the Hush Pires Act
to e\ * ich discretion as to    re
lieve the convicted party ol the pay
ment ui the penalty. The law pre
scribes a minimum fine >>( fifty dol
lars. ai must be Imposed. Any
BUspenBion ol sentence may only be
legally permitted with the express
concurrence and authorization ol the
attorney-general's department.
When we remember tbat it is the
little drop ol water continuously lal
g that wears away the roek, we
wondei tbat the citj council does nol
iret busy and renew the log
-.va.** .*.-;■
dam.     Fully a week ago  this boom
..■••:. • tn a conl
S Wng
; re iing       ■■*■.**.
ail --.  '   ■   lam,     Thi y ap] ear l
■ * ■        r harm        •   com
mo liflerently.        '*.
this tii ■•■• *  engaged
U;.-.: . tl       n     t the dam
a: I all i ba I >me m re . *.
(■Dm:**;    I  wn  to  -w.il  the      a
ted at
. :        tt ma)
'   *. II      ■'      S  .. * * ds t .
con .    ■     ■ m       In*
*   * .   •   bai   *•••■'.
• •      * tady al
It it « llttli
■ . the •      •   • • .
■•  *
• * -*•■ .
■•'   .( th .* •■ r.i. *
N o w I     ■   '  ■
■  *
, .„:.-.   i m    ui log   maj    ■   *
abovi   ■ vn to do
to  tbi     ■ • i, and
is not ' ' ' *■■ ■ ■ ■ ■'■' th oi
Down Saalt Ste Marie,     Oni
some time ago a  woman  named An
e-elina  v.,;* ditana murdered  hei
*. it I,   There is m, denying I at fad
the j was guilty and the
judtv passed the death sentence. f,w-
.-•ibly be lid his duty in Imposing tbe
death But the women   of
America have debated the subject of
the sentenci ind h ive pel itrionod the
Minister <•! Justice to stay the »en-
tence until a eblld, which is expected,
Is born and bave dee,ded to ask for a
jm»d<-.n. These      American   women
have now passe,; the petition along
i    * anadian     wotni n hi '. nre askln
them to sign it very largely*    Wlmt
If you insure with us you
insure with some of the
oldest and strongest companies in the world.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Insurance of All Kinds
man or woman will not approve the
petition? it does seem too cruel.
li is not much to lorego tins life
if we have nothing here to love aud
le.,ve behind. What is moro loved
t lm ii a new-horn child? What moro
heartless, more Vicious, more barbarous than to tear a mother away
(rom her mw-horn child and exact
llle at n rope's end to compensate
justice for the killini; of a depraved
husband who heat her, threatened her
life, cursed her. made life a hell on
earth tor ber, and would have force,
her Into white slavery to earn money
for his debaucheries. A prominent,
physician down in New York has offered in give his life In place of the
condemned woman, will you not at
least sign a petition asking for mercy'.' Mercy argues, pleads against
the justice of capital punishment in
tlii- ease. The desk of the Governor
General   Is  load.'d   with   letters   petit -
toning lor pardon. Why not add
yours.' A hand of women In this
city are circulating the petition. I'ut
your name to the list and help save
two lives.
Ask for Certain Concessions from
CP.R. id Meet Demands
At the meeting of the coast and
mountain lumber manufacturers held
Here on Monday of last week. at
Which   there   Was   a   large   attell.lane,*,
the  principal  business under  discus
sain   was  a   proposal   whicli   lhe  mall-
afactineis are  making to  llie ('alia.liiin Pacific  Uailway,  requesting     that
they withhold until November 1st the
collection ol freight  charges on lumber shipments made between now  nnd
the middle of September,     Owing to
ihe magnllloeni  crop prospects     und
the certainty  ol a  tremendou    move
ment in coal      mmediatelj  lollowing
the settlement  .*;  th*,- strike   in    the
('rows' Nest  Pass, ii shortage of can
for tbe movement  of lum
Is  regarded as  mevil nd      the
concession aski e mnnii
■ ■ ny is v
a view  to encouraging pr
to   ,nt a-.pate  their   fall   requi 6
n.i order immi
available. The man I
pact   have   aer
ing the deulers     N
ill order
lie ol Septi n
; at  the ue   I
■ ■    ick ol    tra
to new territol
by brand
the late      * I
ug shipping
e* mm
A ver r strong pies
•  •
• * * * i,.
* ■
■    |
I   ■    i   lai *  ; '
.mm  th *   •
I        ire In  Cai
.     • I*,.. .*     the  i
rbe mounts      in
•   .*   ■
i   ■
■   mai kel,   ,n ;  ti,.*-.
(Continued  (rom  Page 1.)
the   •*■ •   m	
Pei *       * ig i atelier
il   pei   day.
'!".■:*'* -,,.*■ i the I ith of
Henry Cantln In  Abbotsforcl,
Que *hm|     ,*,,„,*    i,,  i, ,-*,. .,      irf,r,t.
o-ai  lai tot. .    i   ihi ii iImo.
At Trail tbo Hoy Scouts have built
a bridge across George Creek
Several sawmllln haw* already hem
binncd in ii. c. tins summer.
Tho two e'LP' - things, which ale
SWCI lues and  light.—Swift,
there. When it is transformed Into
chemical pulp it is worth Irom $40 to
-$fiil a cord, and when Into paper it is
worth from $75 to $100 a cord. The
American gets $95.50 out ol this and
wo the original owners, the producers
of the original commodity get $4-1,
I bell you this boasted $90,000,000 is
purely a myth.
In the years 1854-56, Mr. Goodeve
contended that reciprocity would have
been a good thing for Canada. Then
wo needed it. We had no railroads,
and no means of transportation or
developing our resources, but .-ondI
lions have changed now. During war
times we prospered because our products were much in demand and good
places pievallod, but in 18CC when
the wars were over the I'nited States
found they had to pay u big war
lobt, so they shut us out and tried
to force Canada to com, to them.
ButFederation came lirst and hound
us together and Canada flourished,
Then big transcontinentals tluni; their
big bands ol steel across our continent and we flourished still more, till
now- we lind nil classes of people read} to eome and cast in their lot
With US. Then it is thnl these people to the south ol us say. "We
would come it-, now under the terms
you lirst offered u.s. Today no land
i- s,, prosperous as Canada, and
shall we cive it away now. Gradually
the wave ••! prosperity has been rais-
ing higher and higher, our golden
Iiel.ls have earned untold Wealth, our
Forests have teemed with dollars. We
are pi nud ol them all, and itistly so,
but just at the height ol our pes
p,-i ny these two men go down to
Washington awl attempt to bartei
uwaj  ou•■■ birthright
President  Taft   has said    "we    are
to tbe  parting uf the ways."
Speaking   lefo e I  •    -i     elated l ress
■       ■
ann-oxnl ion  tn
i he s.uii        ■ must
a •  up (or-
w 11      become '
■ •
n Is
■   *.
■   '
■      •
- *
•     i
power Mr. Goodeve contended, that
certain men havo enriched themselves
in the prairie provinces and yet the
bill -became law. So it you want n
grazing lease or a mineral claim on
the east of the Itoi ki.s you must go
i" the Minister ol the Interior and
liny his favor. It is just such administration that keeps Immigration
away from Canada,
Another question was that ol Asiatic Immigration. Sir Wilfrid Laurier says Ite has always stood for a
white B, 0., but despite this be has
permitted Japan to dictate her own
Immigration policy for Canada, and
thus Japan is getting greater concessions than our own Uritish Immigrants, Notwithstanding the pledges ol Sir Wilfrid L/aurler, he permitted the Minister ol Agriculture to
state that he was considering the
granting ol tile same concessions to
The eight bom labor bill Introduced by Verville and which every year
he allows to ^o to tbe graveyard,
was again Introduced. In its original form hundreds of thousands ol
copies were sent oui to laborers and
labor unions and were approved of.
llut no sooner did it come up again
in the house than tlie government
proceeded to kill the bill by a series
Ol amendments and thereby deceive
the laboring men. Not only did
they do this against the protests of
the opposition, but they had ten
cords     of      reports      filled  with nice
s| rlics printed hefore hand and sent
out to the people. In its amended
form the bill was not in any way
what tbe people had commended and
sothe public was grossly 'deceived and
a large amount ol money was spent
illegally. Mr. Goodeve characterized
this as an action against all const! -
tutional usage.
On the platform with Mr, Goodeve was lion. Thos. Taylor, who in
a brief speech introduced the speaker
ol the evening and pointed to him as
one of the coming great parliamentarians of Canada. Mr. Taylor took
the occasion to thank the decors [or
returning him to the house us their
representative at last election and
pointed out that Kevelstoke was being handsomely treated by the gov -
ernment at  Victoria.
Mayor Hamilton extended a welcome to the speakers on behalf of the
city. ,H, McDonald was chairman,
and seated on the platform were 0.
Holten, V. Young, P. Hooley, Jas.
Armstrong, W, A. Sturdy and D,
Ottawa, July 8.—A feature of the
financial statement ol the Dominion
tor tbe first quarter of the current
fiscal year is the customs showing —
an increase of two and a half mil-
ions for three months. If this is
maintained it will mean an increase
of ten millions for tbe year and fcKng
tlie customs revenue for twelve mon
thus uf. to the exceptional sum of
$80,000,000. The gross revenue for
the quarter Bhows an increase of
early three millions, totalling $29,-
239,*B+6; the expenditure on the consolidated fund, $8,935,000, an Increase of $102,625, and the capital expenditure $2,303,730, a decrease of
full Hope's Outfit Eound at the
Home of Priest
Italy, July 8—The court
ind jury who ,,re hearinc the trial of
the i 'an charged with the mur-
1 luoccolo and his wife.
today with nn examln-
and persona] belong-
'!■** ait t hoi 11 ies at the
*■ •  .'.i.t.  the  priest
luardlan Angel     of
hi i nne of the defendant , n i
Ufano   and   his     as
• it   irre bed bbey wew
n       *,f
ii »d     of
* lilt        of
•      ted   Vlfono '*      escape
■   »
.   *
e   * tl    H,
.',,*■ |
the  Inti
' II".nn  of  natural       re
Goo i      tbat
pi '■ * led they comply  with   i  certain
* i        ". w uter
I ..'hi        i     I        m  *m, |
Ml     fioo I'*- 0   [11 nlr.I   H *     nee   many
ol the    go * i uni' nt   membei .
with i.mi      inn     in the i." ■ ol o.
expression of     opinion the   mim at,*.
gol  up ami aaid "I um asking     no
nn.re    powi |*    ii,,,,|   Kl.  |llr ,     .,| , ^
had," .ind lhe bill  went bbrough with
thut clause in It,    it la under   that
n   '.' B
-I hy
: ...   II   .*!
•n of
,• the eommim eotiowi
.»   la      nm
1 to
■'Ml    MM     ■       I
■  ,,m *   ffecta    ■*.*• i*
found hundred     lettet i     li om
■  i ■*  Mir'i  official :  of      the
mpi nnon- timi     money
pi""'   '■ I   hem ii'i'd not I* en reeoi .*.,i
Vccoi im."     to Ha* .'Uni'*. the i'1-ies-t
-' * I  **i   •   I im brlb-M *o
'   ifflcei : iii order to obtain Hg*M
•etiti'! *      .. convicted criminals with
whom  he  was associated,  ttliezpec-
i"l Oui'  the revelations along     this
Una will b« scaudsloui,
'In Wyoming," one ol the tineat.
productions ol the present day will
he seen here at lhe opera house on
Wednesday, July 12th. Perhaps not
since "The Virginian" has tbe stage
been offered a hero nt once so human
so manly and so irresistahle as Mr.
Mack's "Hob Uickards." The glorl
lied cowboy has appeared in fiction,
and stage again and again with his
sombrero and his wild antics with a
six-shooter. The tiling about Mr.
Mack's cowboy, that has appealed so
forcefully is that he is real. He is
a man. He does some things that
society does not sanction as proper;
but his instincts are sound, his heart
is big, he is generous and .honorable,
and a man to be trusted with a Woman, lie has lived the wild, elemental life of his kind, but he knows
and loves the better way when he
sees it.
Victoria, July, 111.—Professor U. W.
Thatcher, the distinguished specialist in soil physics, has been retained
by the Provincial Department. o
Agriculture to give a series of practical lectures under Farmers' Institute allspices, having associated with
him in these meetings ns ■demonstrators anil CO-lecturers Mr. J.F. Carpenter, Mr. 1). Middloton and Mr, B,
Hoy of the horticulturists' branch.
The dates as at present arranged for
Hie series of meetings are in abstract as follows: July 21, Cedar
Hill, evening;* July 28, Cowichan, afternoon and evening; July 29, Nanaimo, afternoon; July 31, Aldcgrove,
afternoon and evening; August 1,
Hammond, afternoon; August 2, Wal-
hacliin, evening; August 11, Salmon
Arm, afternoon and evening; August
I, Armstrong, evening; August C,
Penticton, evening; August 7. Kelow-
nn. (Ellison) evening; August !l, Revelstoke. evening; August 10, Nakusp,
afternoon and evening; August 11,
Huston, evening; August 12, Arrow
Park, evening.
A   Hutch  bank  is to be established
n  Calgary, Alta.
Wed., July 12th
11.  K.  PIERCE & CO.
Offer il»c Great American Play
A comedy-drama of Western
Ranch Life, in four long,
laughing acts.
Positively the original production.
Popular Prices
July 19-20
I *      * frnm Australia on n tom
ol ihe world
IN   \i i.l si IN  DALY'S
I   on,mi*. I "line Opeia
30 ■-. CHILDREN - 30
I   , , , ( hikl   nn   Willi
rj   \rti»i *. t hild
Reserved Seats, ■ $1
Admission,   ■    75c.
Seal  Sale *n Macilonnld'a
t . I Irug Store • r
A Word of Warning
lis only a matter of days now until the unsold porlion of the 50 cent, issue of the British
Pacific Coal Company, Ltd. shares have been
taken or withdrawn from the market and the next
issue offered at 75 cents or $1.00 per share.
Trustee T. R. Morrow, so well and favorably
known, absolutely guarantees that the next issue
will not be offered at less than 75 cents per share
and that in all probability the price will be $1.00
per share since the development work of the property" fully justifies such a price.
The British Pacific Coal Co., Ltd. controls
8.320 acres of coal land on Skidgate Harbor,
Graham Island, only 80 miles from Prince Rupert
City, the Pacific terminus ot that great transcontinental Railway, the Grand Trunk Pacific.
The property has been reported on by six
mineral coal engineers, all who have unconditionally declared the coal to be anthracite of the first
quality and present in large quantities. One seam
alone contains 36,000,000 tons, and there are six
seams in the property. In less than six months
time the coal will be offered on the local market.
Buy shares at 50c. today. In a few days you
make 25c. per share profit. You can buy" 100
shares with $10 cash down, balance in 3 monthly
payments of equal proportion. Address your
applic alion and make cheques payable to the Trustee. T. R. MORROW, at office ot British Pacific
Coal Co., 124 Hastings St., West, Vancouver.
Mr. S. L. Bryant is in Revelstoke
at King Edward Hotel in the interests of Mr. T.  R. Morrow, Trustee.
Houses Moved and Remodelled
General Carpentry and Repair Work a
Specialty. Orders will receive prompt
J. H. IVHacBain
Phone 58
P. O. Box 112
Shaw's Sash and Door Factory
Manufacturers of Sash and Doors, Mouldings
and all kinds of Woodwork.
Get vour Screen Doors and Windows made to
G. 2). Shatov,   -    Vroprietor
Photos! Photos! Photos!
Get your Photos at the TRUEMAN STUDIO and
be satisfied. ALL WORK GUARANTEED.
It will be your own fault if you accept anything
that does not fully pleasu you.
Baby Photos a Specialty
Developing and Printing for Amateurs. Prices
Right,    See me hefore sending work out of town.
A. D. Tourner
Trueman Studio
Over Macdonald's Drug Store
High-Priced, But Worth the Price
Cidl ami M.-C them.    I.i't us n'ne you the  reason
why they are the be»t that money can buy.
Edison Phonographs ■ Victor Gramophones
Agent for Gourlay. Winter &Ix.>eniing's
Gnerhard Heintzman and other noted
makers of Canada's finest pianos.
cr.  :b i :n~ & h: .a. :m: ;
the: mail-herald, revelstoke
WEDNE8DAY, JULY 12, 1911.
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000 REST, -   $8,000,000
With its large number of branches, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Bank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rates. Rates will be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on all countries of the world, drawn in sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any other foreign currency,
can be negotiated at The Canadian Bank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
The leather that goes into our shoes and the
men who make them can always be depended
upon. That's why our customers are always
Our harness is the very best. Dusters,
Whips, Trunks, Suit Cases. All leather goods
always in stock.   Call and see our goods.
Boot and Shoe Repairers, Saddlers Harness Makers
We Carry a complete stock of Furniture,
Carpets, Linoleums, Oilcloths, Etc. Get our
prices before purchasing elsewhere.
Pian to Chart Air Currents, land
and Sky Marks tor Benefit ot
brought about there are the results
ol h metiru,! lor which the critics
have offered no substitute. Tbe result is tbat, alth ugh grubs und
moths still appear, tbe trees are
thriving anil the foliage is (airly well
preserved. In other parts of the
province rattling branches picked
bare of green are an evidence ol the
inroads ol tbe insects and tbe in -
anility or lack of co-operation of
tbe communities to cope with tbe
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged   and Improved.    First-Clans in every respect.    AU modern convenience!
Lame Sample Koomn.
Rati s 452.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund    - ■    $4400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohos.    Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably   furnished   with  the  choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rat?.s $i a day.    Monthly rate.
X.    ALBERT     ST035TH]      PROF.
E.   G.    BURRI^E
Under New Management.
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
The Greatest Health Resort on the Continent
Natural Hot Water, 124 Degree of Hea
Natural Hot Water in Baths.    O    D All Year
Rates from $12 to $15 Per Week
It will pay you to
make a, call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
before buying yoni nut-
fit of working clothes
for the bush. I make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
required in your business.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Oonnaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Have the Best!     It Pays!
You can get the best of
Everything in the line of
At the Reliable Headquarters
For Sale
25 foot Lot and  House, Third Street
Three Lots on Second Street, near the
new Post Ofllce, $1200.
House and Lot near Y.M.C.A., $31">0.
Two   lots  and   House, Third   Street,
House and Lot, First Street, near the
new l'ost Office, $2100.
>5 feet on Sixth Street, $700.
50 feet on Victoria Road, $550.
12 Rnom House, Second Street, 50-foot
lot, $4500.
And other first-class values,
Call and investigate
W. B. Robertson
Great West Permanent Loan
I Company Agency
Let me paint your house right. I ilo
nothing but first-class work. Quality
considered my price is low. The best
materials used and work done when
promised. Try me on your interior
decorating. My work is guaranteed to
SIGN8—1 can furnish vou with any
kind you want.      Glass, brass, tin, cloth
■ wood.    Get my prices.
Carriage and Wagon Painting at my
shop in alley back of K. J. Bourne's
Store, l-'irst Street.
Residence Oor. 3rd St. and Robson a ve
Pacific Coast
Tested Seeds
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Arriving daily our new and
fresh slock of Seeds, grown
under contract by the hoot
grower* jn all parts of the
world. Seeds that will give
you the best results. One trial
will convince you. Also a full
line of garden requisites, Implements of all kinds; Bee
Supplies Sprayers, Spray, and
a full line of Chick Feeds and
Donkey's remedies, Press the
button, we will do the rest.
Fruit Lands M-J- M^ Nursepies
3011 Westminster Road
our Business is
fl P0ST/1L,6iVIMG
MUl TWtt
shouip you have my
321 Gamble Street,
^aixcouver B.C.^|
Montreal, July IO.—That areial geography may shortly assume a    place
witli the other text  books now    employed in schools is suggested by thc
fact that the tirst     ollicial air maps
ever prepared iu this country are now
being  drawn and chartered here. The
task is an enormous oue and      when
completed    will    provide   maps    and
charts undreamed of a lew years ago.
Some idea ol the scope o! this    new
aerial  geography      may    lie gathered
from the fact that it will show      all
thc air currents and air  routes      of
this country most favorable to aeronauts.      Landmarks,   including       not
nly  lakes and  mountains, but    also
the distinguishing night lights of thc
diflerent cities,  will  bc explained    in
footnotes on sections of the map just
as buoys ami lighthou»es are explained  iu footnotes on ocean charts.
Lighthouses too will be shown aud
' it is     proposed to construct a series
of inland     lighthouses     as has been
done in Germany for the guidance ol
llyers.      Sectional  maps showing different air routes or diflerent sections
oi the country ure also to tie     made
These  will  bc  printed  on long strips
1 ol  parchment and      lixed    to rollers.
The rollers in turn will  lie lixed in a
p.'rmanent place in the airship      just
as a  ship's Compass is.     As the airmen pass over each part ol the country they will thus bc enabled to identify'it without moving in their    Beat
by merely unrolling the map.    These
sectional   maps   will   represent    areas
about ten miles wide, thus making an
' allowance Ioi- the aviator being blown
oil his course.     Altogether the coming  of the air  age,  among  its many
other results,  may revolutionize    the
study of geography.
Thirty Thousand to Date This
Tbat flve years of discord is      tbe
price   of  ultimate   marital  happiness,
is the judgment  of a Superior Court
justice  just  rendered.      No  mope  in-
: opportune  time  could  have  been  selected   for   the   rendering  of   tbis   gloomy  opinion since  marriages at tbis
] time of year aro more numerous than
I at any other  season.      However,  the
j dire pronouncement of the learned of-
ticial  seems  to  have  bad little  effect
since Gupid continues  to  lie just    as
busy      aa ever.      "In  my    opinion,"
said  the court  "it  takes about    live
years (or the ordinary couple  to  become accustomed  and     adapted      to
eaoh otlier before they can live      together congenially.      In  other   words
it takes that time for* them to over-
,100k OM another's faults." The court
also upset tbe prevalent notion that
B legal separation is meant to <l;v.de
the man umi wife for all time by declaring "nothing of tlie kind. This
decree to live apart often han the
effect of forcing the separated man
and wife to appreciate each other's
company.      They   call   unite." Ap
parently in view of these learned opinions matrimony ts still more of a
lottery than even pessimists haw
pictured It.
Galena Bay lands in parcels of
10 or 20 acres or en bloc. Correspondence invited.
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
3011 Westminster Road
A. R. McDougall,    -   Manager
Vancouver. B. 0.
Everybody knows him, he will
tell you that the whiskeys we are
sidling are the hest. tall and he
Convinced. No household should
be without a supply of i ur Harvey's Special Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapln Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
'Ml years old or Blackberry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our stock
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
kinds are unexcelled. Sold hy all
the leading hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers art) Dealers in Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars ami Cigarettes
The Coldstream Estate Nurseries
Haven very fine assortment ol lrRUIT TREES
Ornamental and Shade Trees and Shrubs
Budded   Stock   a   Specialty
All trees offered for sale are grown in our own  Nurseries
on the Coldstream Estate
V. D. Curry, Geo. Matheson,
' '    -' Local Agent,
Revelstoke, B. C
John Lee
Drygoods Store
Dressmaking and Jewelry
Rand-Painted Chins, Kai-
tan Chairs, and fancy
tilings, Battenburg Iled
Spreads, Shams, Scarfs for
Dressers, etc,
Removed lo oppoiitC   side
of   Street   irom   Central
Price. Raatonabl-a      P 0, Bo. 203
Front St . Lower Town, Revelstoke
Repairs  of  all  kinds   neiilly dine
Bicycle and (Inn work a specialty
Estimates given on any class
of work
Front       Street.
Special Attention given to commercial
men and louiists. Kirst-class MBipll
rooms. Fines! scenery in British Columbia, overlook ing Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop
General Agent,
Vtrnon, B, C,
ManafiLetnrtd for ali eiminii ot   bulldtugt
For ialfl in \nrut, t>r "mull i|Pnnt.itie?t
at tha lowa-it j>ric«H for nmh
AH '• .i ■:   of bi     Hub nnd pln*terftifi
Foote & Pradolini,
Affords mipcrlni educational advantage* Handsome new brick building,
modern equipment, extensive grounds.
Classes graded in accordance with lhe
■schools Ihroughoul ihis Province,
Complete Musii snd An Departments.
Snr.-ial courses ii> Shorthand, jype-
wrltlng and Book-keeping, Particular
attention given I .refinement ol manners and correct English.
For Prospeotus. Atltlrsss The Aoidemy.
We want all sufferers from Kidney
and Bladder Treublea, I..our Hack anil
Rheumatism, to test GIN I'lI.I.S, and
•ee (or themselves that GIN l'i I.I.S wi',1
really cure all these troubles.
II your Kidneyi are weak—if it pains
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ds and feel sre crippled with Rheumatism—Rive GIN PIL,I„S » chance to
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believe GIN PILI£ sre just the thinp
forme." Eiciiavk Hami.vn,
1'skj.i ii Rivaa.
OIK PILI^sresocslled Iwcaosethry
contain the medicinal principle of
Juniper berries, the essential principle of
Gin, hut do not contain alcohol. 50c. a
box — 6 for (2.50 — at dealers, and
guaranteed to glvesatisfartion or money
refunded. Sample box free if you write
ns. National Drag and Chemical Co.,
Dept. W ,    Torn** U
The original
(iln Pills made by
National Drugand
Chemical Co. of
Canada Limited,
Toronto, are told
only In this boa.
Speculation  is rife  in financial  and
commercial  circles us to tbe meaning
I Of  the heavy  buying   which  him  been
'taking place recently <•( the bonds of
the   Amalgamated   Asbestos   lorpora-
tion.   (Juebec    as  1-   Known,  produces
nearly ninety  percent of the      whole
I asbestos supply .if the world, nnd is
I one of the      provinces most   valuable
assets.     Bflorla bave lieen made time
and again to obtain all of the      output ami an even  more determined effort   is  apparently    being  n*>w   made.
The buying is  lieing done quietly and
appears to emanate  from the  1'nite.l
states, ihe city ot Philadelphia     in
particular.    It muy  be that this      Is
another attempt of tlie wily Yankee
to get  bis grip on  another of Cana
te'l national her:tag's, or it may l>e
that it   ih  merely a movement  .-n the
part ..I thoes on tbi Instdi to   buy
up .mi the    strength ol   information
■animIi leads them to believe    that    a
I"."in is diw 111 the  industry.
Victoria,  July  10.—An analysis   of
tbe  caused  operating  to  produce forest lires,  by which to date  the citizens  of  British Columbia  have       lost
probably   130,000,000— last  yea-   alone
tho direct loss and cost of protection
aggregated    JS29,916.00—shows      that
next  to carelessness  with  camp-fires,
similarly criminal carelessness    n  the
operation  "I  donkey engines in   lodging camps i*- largely re6ponsibl>*    (or
the yearly worse than waste. In connection with  this  particular phi, -a of
the lamentable     carelessness      wh.ch
has proven and is proving so expensive to tbe people of British Columbia
it would lie well indeed for everyone
in any way Identified with the lumbering  industry to ncte what the legally   prescribed   regulations   are which
govern  the operation of donkey    engines in logging camps.     These read
as follows:
Any person or persons using or operating a donkey engine ln connexion with logging operations shall sea
that all brush ami inflammable matter is removed for a space of not less
than fifty (60) feet on all sides thereof.
There shall be available at each
donkey engine in use during thc dry
season a supply o! water of not less
than lour hundred (400) gallons such
amount to be obtainable at all times
therein; together with twelve (IS)
large galvanized-iron buckets to b 1
kept exclusively tor fire-protection
purposes, and in a convenient position therefor;
There shall also be available and
kept solely lor fire-protection purposes six tS) good shovels and three
(3) good mattocks, and located in a
suitable position therefor;
In addition to the above, there
shall be available at such donkey engine a suitable hand pump, to be
maintained in good working order,
and in readiness for an emergency.
It shull be the duty of the owner
or operator of each donkey engine
to maintain a watchman in the vicinity thereof during such time a* the
same is under tire and there is any
possibility of lire spreading from suoh
A spark arrester shall be placed on
tbe top ol the smoke stack ol each
donkey engine. The arester shall be
constructed with a good strong sieei
or iron Irame firmly fastened to tbe
top of the stack. Tlie ribs shall be
clone enough together to prevent the
wire from falling in or collapsing
Tbe cover of the arrester shall bo
woven wire ol a dimension of not less
than No. 16 B.W.G., having tweuty-
n\" squares to the square inch iu
mesh. The top of the arrester to be
not less than three times the area of
the top 1/ the smoke stack, and at
lea-it eighteen inches above the top
j Attention to these commonsense
rules am) their rigid observance will
go far toward at least reducing materially  the annual  forest fire waste
WANTKD I'oailion an HoUMk-teptr
to bachelor ot widower, or on lai in
II work is not too heavy. Apply
English, this otlice.
WANTKD - -TO   sell   tent,   lDft.XlMt.
M'l'iv Wm, 1 Koottna} steam Latin
dry, tt.
TO LBT—Furolibed Dooms. Oornei
ObarlM and Second Btreots. lire,
V. W. Westaway. It.
Along    the eon I ol     the
province of -ynebec then an     some
conspicuous   lemonstretioM  *n cnto
moly.   There   are  examples   nf    what
the grui.s and moths will ,io if   Mt
atone, irtat bappene if the publi.- authorities  interfere     with  thom      ami
what the natural beauties ol 'he (or-
1   te COUl I  i"   al this time of thc year
nniler   favorable  Cond-itlOM,   I'cperty
along  'be  St    lMwrvnre  and  Ottawa.
laC  valuable  ami   as  snrionsly  Invaded
as any part of th«' province,  is again
nn  object  lesson    for  tho supporter*
■nd i-ntic-s ol ilie province's policy to
virl   thi   insect  situation.   There   tlw>
umtnet residents hnvr roms forward
again in n pnhllr spirited way     and
M   lllie-rally   toward   the   checking
<*'  llie moth-.   Irrespective of  owner -
allip 1 if tlie mlent'i.l woo-dlandH   Kvrry
Hung l| lieing done that science and
practical      experience  fan   command
aud thc conditions that have
"In Wyoming,"     which comes
tho opera house Wedneeday,  July 12,
ia,  without doubt, the best play Mr.
Wdlard Muck ever wrote, the Btorj
interesting throughout the entire four
acts and there is not a moment from
the     rise to the fall of tbe     curtain
wheu the  interest of     the   spectator
tlagv.   The characters all  taken from
life and  are a correct portrayal      1A
t!,i  |«-ople wbo go to make   up     the
.1.habitants  of  the  state  from  whirl
the  play   takes  its  name.  The  n jix
ui.J  incident    ar.. laid   in the benutl
lul  Big  Horn  Volley,  the center      ol
interest  lieing  thc ranch  of a      well-
to-do   cattleman.      The     pictttresqi.'i
'scenery ll all painted from     skctsb"..,
made on the    spot, hy the    eminent
painter.   Mr. O. W. Wegner, and suet"
' has been lbe success of the painter In
rcprodu'ing  the  same,  that one    oat
almost  feel  tlie aroma  of  the  cat
and  sage  bush,  und lmogiti the    inhaling ot the dry, choking nlkali dust.
"ln Wyoming"  is an American pity,
and will live long iu the hearU      o(
American theatre-goers.
Mr.  J V. Forde, provincial government engineer  arrived  this  morning
and met  J.  P.   Shaw,  H.P.P.,    Wm.
White, road superintendent    for   this
district, .--*>.[>:   Graham uf the (.'.P.R.
and Mr. I^aug, road superintendent-of
the OkanagU branch.      Mr.    Forde'a
visit  la lor the     purpose  of looking
over the lle>l bridge with tbe idea of
I arranging  for  the  Immediate      con-
-tnicti',11 o( the new bridge that     is
■'tiare  it   and  also  to  look    into
the mutter of tbc improvement      at
j Ttnr 1  avenue  from  Columbia    itreet
to Nivola Road.—Kamloops Sentinel*, WEDNESDAY,  JULY 12, 1911.
WEDNKSDAY,  JULY 12, 1911.
in thc clumps of small firs.
That  night  tbe  camplire blazed between two big fir trees that crowned
Vancouver Province Representatives Seeking First-Hand
Information About Country
It was the "swag und the billy
again" for all who wished to make
the final hundred mile stage between
yuesnel and Fort George last week,
for the brown swollen Fraser swirled
past, heedless of thc comings and
goings ol men, and tlu- steamer "It.
X." lay snug ai her moorings at
.Many were the atones of the new
countrj lying Up north, beard as one
waited .:. yuesnel lor tbc boat to
lum! loose. They were none "f them
oalculateJ to inspire the erstwhile en
thusiast ***.;:. courage aud small won
der am- .- •:. it those (ainl of'heart—
or possibly ol weak purses, withdrew
from chasing fortune in tin- much ad
verti-.M i*.; Dorado ol tin* north and
turneJ their faces again towards Ashcroft.
There were Donald McBaln, an.l
Audy Gibson, stalwart teamsters of
several years Canadian experience. A
pre-emption somewhere round Fori
George am! work between whiles was
their objective, llotb had left Vic
toria lull of high holies, but here,
where disappinted returning ones
mingled with new arrivals, u gloom
settled over  them.
"Everybody in Victoria is hot on
Fort George," Bai-d Andy. "We're only the first of a big crowd. Down
there we read tbat tbere waslots of
« iK and laud t" be bad up around
Kelt George, inu it don't look like
it here."
rio back tiny went. Tbc auto fare
between Ashcroft and yucsuel is $35.
Tha round trip irotu Ashcroft alone
would Kii'.ck a bole iu $100 — which
to ,i « rking man means much. And
yet "ii the whole tbey were right to
draw ba k. From tin- knowledge i"
be gained by a tramp along the hundred-milt trail and two days' acquain
tance with South Kort George it is
fair to come to that conclusion. Tins
country in the "pinion ol the careful
;*= rather one for thc man ot moderate means rather than tor him of tbe
empty p irsi.
There was also a gallant gentleman from Chilliwack, originally from
uvc: : .. who ,-t"i<d wide-legged,
to set "il bis black woolly chaps —
as tbe imien took the ferry across
the Fraser (rom yuesnel.
"I'm going   nt" Hint Salmon River
country," he said, Hue t""k biju f"i
a  cowboy and envied  lum  bis      roan
-■ ,    i-   *i-ith   :"i,-iii-ad     la-lit    into
improvised "tump lines" and pack on
back >-.. tiit tn,* overland route hy
the telegraph trail t" Fort George.
Six ni QOUgh "ii tlml Sun
lay evening tnd tin* tirst camp was
pitched ,,t Four Mile Creek. Neil
lay *i long lead] i ... ot twenty
ni.it gl •    thc    wayfarers      to
ek. But there were others
on the tra.; I'm.*, bearded in,mi wbo
had  '■> tbe  way  Irom  11 icel
ton were the ti;.-t to enter. "Nothln'
I - :■ il Fi ' George, boyl" was the
reesi - imparted by tin- onlj
communicative uiemlier of the party
a chat  with a road  gang at noon
several subjects
He of I . bar    |: ■
poui: ; • . plain the
rest.* Canada's   population
"The*.      • .*. -;   :: ition     com]
have -       ••■•   em all travelling
maybi -.11    strike
•      day.      Anyway
rough unro
ll th     -in.,:':   i* -j.l.ir.
•   „ ■
•   '■ its Dakot
•*.:*■:    i
suke.l    for
• •'
,.'» . won
he.    H
tor n -.-..,
up was I
count   i the
roilli'- ... ■! J
the   C *:';■■-    Ii'i I   laclc-
I in-     gl i
• tlmbl    nterm'u .     . *m   I I
Blackwatei ^ ilh • I •
v.b ,-'i . *• ( ■ bj tbi telegraph
Doe i travi llei headlong to
a well ooi«    reet-bouee   picture-,
•*• i •,*, me wooden bridge which *
.-pans tbe river.
Coronation Day'i rreetingn was   <A\
wee-P'og cloudi and a two and a tialt
mile pull uphill, bul thoughts of Vnn-
tt'i crowds maklog holiday mndo
t!,   |i irt«-Mii mile ' ink-"" to Poncho '
lake Mem Aort   In plaeea ituhs now
,;. wed "•twepii thc "'•■:. DOW and
tfcen came a memory ol -Hunlry I'ark
Tenders will be received up to July
Vancouver, July 7.—An important 15th, 1911, for the erection of a statin; steep slope to the lake. Around, step towards the ending of the strike tion at Taft, D. C, for Oanadian
the woods stood wet and somber. A in the building trades will be taken Pacific Railway Company, rlans and
solitary eagle screamed from a drip- by the independent contractors who specifications can be hnd at office
ping sky, us the toast of the King have agreed that il the present con- of the undersigned,
was duly honored. iterances with the strikers should  fall, | M  . K. McQIIARRIE
The next day's murch, especially arblbation will be resorted to. There
lhe latter end of it, contaius some was almost n riot amongst the strik-
I trail whicli it is good to have behind ers last night when a thousand men
ione. To squelch iu mud-boles, while gained an entrance to the exhibition
great toads drag their slow bodies grounds where they burned non-union
ifrom the path, is not all fun and life men in effigy. They were proceeding
can be Infinitely more enjoyable than to create a disturbance when a force
It is to him, vainly tights tlie assail- of police arrived and hustled them
ing hordes of black-ily nnd mosquito | OUt.
that swarm from marsh  and thicket
The notices that "the northern country is all right" become more fre-
(jiiont here, as though the wayfarer
needed cheering over the adverse trail
A thunderstorm soaked the tent in
lbe night, making an unwelcome addition of Beveral  pounds of water to
Winnipeg, July 6.—After e .n nib's
arbitration and conferences trouble
has again developed between the Canadian Pacific mil its machinists, i.p
no settlement can  'ne arrived at    be-
the pack. Hut  ten miles wero covered , tween   the  company  and  delegates  of
tbc men. There is talk of a strike
in railroad circles, and disinterested
parties affirm that a general ■.ai'-.out
of all machinists and allied trades
between the Great Lakes and the Pacific   coast   appears   inevitable.
in tbe cool warni, and twelve miles
lioin Kort George loomed up a con
struclion inmp and badly it is needed  there, ton.
"Tbis country puzzles me to know
what good it is," said a one-time
landsceker.   "Beneath   tins   tup  soil, !
which is "lily a few* inches deep, wc
always como into the clay you see
there." He pointed to something
wliicb looked like good brick-making
material. "That is called 'silts', the
river lefl. it here sometime, and tbey
claim that once exposed lo the weather it will grow anything. The trees
seldom bave n taproot into it; they
just spread out their roots along the
lop, as you've seen them do over
"I'm not  a knocker," said another,
"but I was up in tbe Nechaco colintrv
looking for a pre-emption.     I'd read  Sl"'",vi1  h-v  J'  ('' DuBt'  the box offlre
about   the  prairie   meadows  and   pea-  Pm"',ls, established   have   never   been
vine,   but all   I could  find  was    little
Seats are now on sale at Macdon -
aid's drug store for the Royal Lilliputian Opera Co.'s production oP'San
Toy." This is one of the successful
comic operas iti the modern times.
It ran for two' solid years at Daly's
theatre, London, England, and the
tremendous hit ot the piece at Daly's
theatre, New York, brought to the
lata Augiistin Daly fame and fortune.
With the passing of Mr. Daly, the
American   rights   of   tne   piece       were
marsh bottoms similar to those here.
Yes, Ihere were people up there, but
tbey are generally bidding down their
pre-emptions to sell them when the
railway comes through."
"The country's all right." added
yel another. "There's good land out
by West lake, which you have just
passed. It's pitchy though and we've
.mt to wait for development."
Nearly all the men In these camps
came here originally to settle on land
but say that they found tbe liest of
it   gobbled  up by  the  big companies.
sclipsud. When one takes into consideration the fact thai tbe "Merry
Widow," "Madam Sherry" and the
"Chocolate Soldier" followed closely mi the heels of "San Toy", It
would not be fair to the clever children of ihe Royal Lilliputian Opera
Company to say their performances
would favorably compare with that
i.f the adult organization, however,
the Canadian managers are being con
blnually beseiged by iheir patrons to
Becune return bookings of the Royal
Lilliputian Opera Company. The
company   consists  of   thirty       clever
Resident Engineer.
Itevelstoke,  July 5, 1911. t.df
,.i;:i*..    f.txtfM
There is no man In this town
who can sell pure milk al I l
quarts for a dollar and make a
living at it. lie not deceived!
Pure milk mav be sold a few
limes until you become a steady
customer, after that, look out for
what you get.
Yours truly,
A. G. Carlson,
Wesl End Dairy.
Revelstoke, July io, 1911.
Packed in
60 <   a pound
In commemoration of the coronation of
King George V/' Ridjjways" have put on thc
market a enronatiun tin ol a most picturesque
and exquisite design, bearinc excellent portraits
of King (.ieorRe V, Queen Slary and tlie Prince
of Wales. Special panels have been designed
representing Canada, India, Africa, Australia
and New Valand.
Only a (united number have been impoitcd.
I'riceGOc. for one pound tins.
At Bent Shops*
iKi"*,«i cr#w w«*i
Toy."     Baby Grace plays Wun Lung,
the Chinaman.     Louise Condon      is
July lull an.l 20bta is the dates selected for this city.
'11    IM
17   t
•ll. *I1.'S
Port r.i
*.  I*:-,*
Thi iv
in 1
t"n   dis
N,",v  potatoes appeared In
.linn' 22,
1 'resti
cluh thia summer.
ed a water wheel.
Now tor lurk ,,I anything better they y"'1"^1'"'*'  ■»** the ^able      dir-
heve taken tho only  work offering.    |ecfcK>n  '"     Modanl     Sim"son Ho^'
,.,.. 1, ...   ..      11        ......    Pearl      I'nrlvle, a     miss of fourteen
Its a shame,    said a stalwart Oa
, ,,„„ ,.      .,   , .,      ,    summer.-;,  has tlio title role in    "San
nncliun.   'They advertise that there s
ivork lien- for a man to do ami there
is none, There are throe government
road-pangs here employing ahout lifty
,,      ,.       ,,...    ,   *,.. ,  parts are iii capable hands. The com
mon   111  all a  very  little  building  ami
,, .,,    , ,,   .1     ,      1     pany carries Its own orchestra ami It
the   two sawmill*-   have all  the  hands
., ,     . ,   , assisis materially.
they want.  A man coming to lake up
lund  lieio,  il he ran  find  It,    Bhould
have enough monoy  to keep trim the
lirst yeai at least. He needs-- say.
aboul  |2,000."
On again, till by a reek H man was
seen cooking his mid-day snack.
"Tt-iiik," ho Bald, an 1 iflered liis inl
ly. "I walk from l'i nee Rupi 1
live himdn d miles. I promised job
here. Fort George, no work." \n*l
the lonely foreigner turned bis* (ace
sadly southwards.
Port George Is getting very near
now and whon it is but sil miles
snow clad peaks o Ibou rangef
Then  tin* 1
uway .1 glimpse
burned clay vail ecte
mi patch
1 iver one more hill an
grO«   iiii* k   aif.i
sceod -
gnd     So il
'   •
K .1 *
m.le trail    IS t.
an*l ..
•a  Province.
Clean Milk!
Get your Milkman to produce a Government Certificate like the following:
No. 1930
Contagious Disease (Animal) Act
Grade  B. Certificate
This is to certify that I
have inspected the premises
and herd of T. Lewis, cf
Revelstoke. The premises
do not strictly conform to the
condition set forth in the
'standard,' and the herd has
been tested for tuberculosis
once a year and has been
found free from that disease.
Remarks :   Cows  are  in
good shape and milk handled
in a sanitary manner.
(Signed)     Dr. B. R. ILSLEY,
July 3rd, 1911.        Inspector.
Note :—The only fault with
the premises is that while
the "standard" calls for
Nil) cubic feet of space for
each animal, whereas our
stable only contains a little
over 700 cubic feet for
each animal.
Revelstoke  Laud  District.
District ot  West  Kootenay.
Tako notice that t, K. Smith, of
Uevelstoke, occupablan, B. C. Land
.Surveyor, inteini to apply for permission to purcuaBB tbe following described lands.
Commencing ut a post planted on
the shore ol .Shelter Buy at tbe north
end of Arrow Lukes at au angle of
L 8110.1, nnil marked 11. Smith's
Angle Corner l'ost, theuce north 40
chaius more or less to a post of Lot
811Q.1.) thence west 20 chains, thence
south till chains, theuce eaBt 40
chains more or less te the shore of
Shelter Iluy, thence north along tbe
isuid shore to thc point of commencement, containing 160 acres more or
Dated April 13th, 1911.
H. W. Edwards
Pioneer Taxidermist
of The Kootenai
/ xvas the first that ever burst
Into this silent land,
To mount the head of ear ibou
Or grizzly bear so grand.
Bear Rugs Mounted
P   O. Box 31
Fruit and Vegetable
Boxes and Crates
Our Box Factory is now running ami
we art1 in a position to supply all kinds
of fruit anil vegetable boxes ami crates.
Those who have not already sent us
iheir orders should do sr, al once as they
are coining iu fast, and we would like to
deliver all orders in j-;t,(Ul time* Our
boxes are equal to auy on the market
aud prices can be had on application to
S. McMahon, Kevelstoke, or to
Salmon Arm, B. C.
Milk sold in Bottles at 11
quarts for $1: Hotels 25 cents
per gallon.
\i \;
■ i ti*:
. ■   .   - i
..in . by  Dan
•l      for
I:  an   I !.•
;■ .i tment ..i ■
■'•• '■
rl   .ii*i*n received
i.i inai* i. nl thi   illegal .n I fraud,
•   *   •. ,i i, be taken I
thi   ;"■' i" 'i atoi * > o ai count   In    the
I 1,111,11.1, || ' io.ik*
aii   ..In*:, illy   ami  fully     pro
. **i" i fi : ml nal code ol ''a
(Ventral  Bowser,
i* *, ii.*:  that  Iim proposed to
visit with tin*   * vere il  penall       to]
nia- ,-mity ui 11,     often '■ in   British
t'i Inmbia   hiring  I       tenure ..I  offlOS,
The  hist   mini*  to  in* made  In  anv
proeecutloni would neceiMrlly if in
looat-i  Mosin, Oroenwalt mil stevons
uud tbib may uot  bc uu euay to do.
St. Leon
Hot Springs
Hot mineral baths especially recommended for invalids ami those in need of
toning up.
Rxclusive baths provided for ladies. 2d
Private Rooms handsomely litted up.
Kates $2 per dav. Special Rate for
weekly visitors.
Plants for Sale
Strawberry Plants
$1.00 Per Hundred
\\.   II.   POTRUFF
Phone 56
Revslstokt i,anil District,
et ol  ffe»1   Kootenay.
'lake   noI ni-   that.   Mane   Scott,     of
ii li , occupation married
woman, Intends to apply lot per
mission to purchase ths following de
• i ibed ImijiIh.
n ,i*i- ai a post planted one
'.all  mil.-   /.• a   li mn   Iln*  S W.   I 'onier
i i.ot    ■ 11".    ami running north   III
hains, *"*.i 80 chains,      south    nu
cbains   easl  BO   chains to   point    ol
commencement, being ihe B, ID, I lot n
•■I* i.f Mai a* Bi .,t i 's location, contain
10   I' ' * m  more or lend.
Dsted   I I'll  April,  nil.
m in im .i   ii. Feeney, kgmi
Ocrtiticate  of Improvement.
Wakelielil, Helta, Colorado, Del
Norte, Del Key, .win Juan, Delta,
aud Marguerite Mineral Claimu, Bit
iiuii* in the Lardeau Mining Division
oi West Kooteuay DiBtrict. Where
located:—on Mohawk  Creek.
Take Notice that I, A. H. Ureeu,
acting aB agtm tor John R. He»ry,
Special Free Miner's Certilicate No.
;i.Mu, intend, Bixty days from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improve
ments, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown Grants of the above claims.
And further taite notice that action
under section Hi, must be commcnceJ
belore tbt issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 2U,h day of October, A.
D., 1910.
Hevelstoke  Laud District.
District of hest Kooteuay.
Take uotice that Marie beott, ol
Nelson, D. C, occupation murrieu
woman, inteiius to apply for permission to pin i ii.i.,e the following de
scribed lauds.
Commencing at a post planted 80
chuius west Horn the S.W. Coruer o.
Lot 8148 uud liiiiuiug north 80 chuius
eust 80 chuius, south 80 chains, west
80 cbains to point of commencement,
beiug Marie Scott's South Wost Corner Post.
Dated May 15 tb, 1911.
Per J. H.  Feeuey, Agent.
lievelstoke  Laud  District.
District ol \iusi Ivooteuny.
Tuke uotice tnat W. D. McArthur,
of Nelson, H. c, occupation timbei
cruiser, iuteudH to apply for permis
siau to putuibi.il aie ,,.Mowing de
scribed ia.. . -
Commencing ut a post planted u
N. K. Coruer oi Lut SUS planted ai
uorth 80 i-n.i.n *, wesl 80 cliuiub
south 80 chains, eust 80 eliaius to
poiut uf commencement, being S, K.
Coiner ol Vv. u. McArtuur s location
uud continuing iho acres mure ur lr;..
Duted lath A,,i,l, l'Jll.
dantkl William mcarthur.
M.10-00 J. H. Keeney, Ageui
The Cowboy with "In Wyoming " Opera House To-night
(TOR   B A I.l'i     Sil lo*.nn* I   tlOUSt,     new,
Fourth itreel,  lum cu ih    nil I    bai
am *   ,* i ij   m iiii.iy  Instalments,
Apply J   11   Ueadei. \ trnon, li. 0.
TO      ItKNT   Mr  f,,r  Hair,  nix loomed
house on P'ourtta itreet, new      Apply *i   ii. Reader, Fourth    street,
M    |     .1
WANTRD \ tiiinii .m.i two h.ihIi
and door iin'n for Kevelstoke Ha«h
and Door Factory. 3t.
Revelstoke Lund  District.
District of   West Kootenuy.
TalM notice mat Heury 11. MeVity,
ol Rovelstoke, li. C, occupation, ac
cuuutuut, inii mm*, tu Mi'!''.* lur permission lo purcuase tUe following Ue-
seriped laud,
Commeuciug ut a post plauted
uu tbe eust bauk ol tbe
Columbia river at tbe uoi'tb-east
corner ol Lot *.,hia, Uroup Oue, Ko
oleuay District, and m.unci! "Henry
11. McVity's South West Cornel
Post," theuce east 40 cbuins, thence
uorth 80 chains, tbence west 40
ehuins nunc ur less to the eust hank
ol the i nliiiii*a., river; theuce south
along the eust bauk ol the Columbia
river 80 chains mure ur less tu the
poinl. uf Ciilnniciiociiicnl , cuutuiUlUg
221} acres, more or less.
Dated May 10th, 1911.
Per Charles Robbius,    Ageut.
Revelstoke  Land  District.
District of  West  Kootenay.
Take notice mil Kilitli ti. MeVity,
ol id elstoke, B.C., occupation married   worn- n.   Intend!   to   apply       lol
permlsslo   to purchase the   lollowing
described land,
Commencing at a post planted ou
the east hank of the Columbia river
so chains north from the North West
Corner ol Lot »8olA, Qroup One, Kootenay Distiict, and marked "Edith
(J. McVity's .South West Corner
I'ohI," tbence cast 40 chains, thence
noi In hu chains, thence west 40
more or  less to the east  hank of the
Columbia river; tbence south   along
Lhe  en i   lmnk  .,[  ihe  Columbia river
ho i im i ms more orless to the   point
*.f commencement,    containing     'iw
.ni,*. moic or Ichm.
Dated May  ll.lh,  l'Jll.
Per   Charles   Robbins,    Agent.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren an»
cordially welcome.
W.  B.  ROBERTSON,  Secretary.
SELKIRK      LODOE  IH,   1.  0.  O.  F.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
K. G. McRAE, N. G.
JAS.  MATHIB,   Secretary.
COURT      MT.      BEG1I1E,    No.  S461.
OF I.  O. F.
Meets In I. a 0. F. Hall next to
Tapping's Opera House every second
and fourth Monday in month. Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
G. W. BELL, C. R.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,  Rec.-Sec.
GOLD RANGE LODGE,      K. of    P.,
NO.   26,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   O.
Meets every  Wednesday except   tbe
Third  Wednesday of eacb month      in
Oddfellows'  Hall at 8 o'clock.  Visit-
im   Knights are cordially Invited.
G. H. BROOK, K. of R. & 8.
M. of F.
0. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Meets Second   and     Fourth Wednesdays    in each  mouth  in    Selkirk
Hall.      ViBiting   Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS, Com. Com.
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Bank Building Reveletoke, B. C.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Rovelstoke,   B.   0.,     and
Cranbrook, it. O.
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey,
RevelBtoke, Cranbrook
Provincial Land  Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
BOX   106,
Corouation Y.K.I), and North Star
Mineral Claims, situate in the 'l'i mit
Luke Miuiug Division uf West Koote-
aay District. Whore located:—On
Rapid Creek.
Take notice that I, O. B. N. Wilkie
acting as ageat for Cutler Thomas,
Porter of Spukaue, Wash., U. S. A.,
Free Miner's Oertiflcate No. B 94976,
tuteud, sixty days from date hereof,
'■» apply tu the Mining Recorder for
a Certilicate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crowa Grant
of tbe above claims.
Aud further take notice that action
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance uf such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated Ltaia 27th day of April,  1911.
COR BALE—Two lots 33ft. In North
Vancouver, .I'i'.i cash each. Apply
0,  Hilton,  Second street.
Plain needlework, machining, In-
fauts' long and short clothe*. etc.
—Apply this Office. It,
Revelstoke  Laud  District.
District of West Kooteuay.
Take uotice that Lydia A. Wick, of
Nelson, ll. C, occupation married
woman, iuteuds to upply for permission tu purcbase tbe following described la mis.
Commencing ut a post planted 10
hains south  from  S.E,    Corner    ot
iiiiIimi limit 'I8'J8 und on tbe wot
side of tbe South Fork of Fosthall
Creek six miles weBt of Upper Arrow
Lake aud running nortll 80 chains,
ast NO chains, south 80 chains and
west 80 cbains to point of commencement, being tbe S. W. Corner of
Lydia Wick's location containing 640
acici more or less.
Dated 12th April, l'Jll.
M.10-110 J. H. Feeney, Agent
Kevelstoke  Land  DiBtrict.
District of Wcet Kootenay.
Take noth-e tbat (I. H. Rrott, of
Nelson, B. 0„ occupation, Agent, 1n
tends to apply (or permission to purchase tbc follow described lands.
Commencing at a poHt planted 80
chains from N. W. Corner of Lot 814g
and running north 80 cbuins, west 80
chains, south 80 chains, east 80
chains to point of commencement, being tbo S. K. Corner of G. G.
Scott's location, containing 640 acres
more or less.
Haled 12th April, 1011,
si'ukamc, Wash.
CataloKiu' and Kates on Application.
Addreii;    Sister Bufirioh.
:i WEDNESDAY,  JULY 12, 1911.
the: ^.A-IL-hezr-A-Lid, bevelstoke
WEDNESDAY, Jt'LY 12, 1911.
IA..    J
See special window displays.
Mail or Telephone your
orders. Have our Traveller
call. Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order  too large or too
small for us to handle.
Men's Suit Snaps
We have on our shelves a number of our highest class suits which
we must clear this month. They
are all lonesome ones, no two alike.
When all of a line sells but one suit
we cannot afford to keep that one
on the shelf, hence our great reduction on these lines.
These are our best grade of
20th Century brand goods and such
is the quality of material and workmanship that we challenge comparison with the best tailored garments
in Canada. Only two prices for this
sale and these prices it will pay you
to investigate.
Regular $24 to $28 suits for $15
Regular $28 to $34 suits for $20
Watch our First Street Window
Straw tlit Basins
Owing to the cold and rainy
season we are compelled to get rid
of a large portion of our straw hat
stock at prices which will astonish
you. Every straw hat marked
down, and they were all good values
at the regular prices.
Men's Canvas Hats, Boaters,
Soft Straws, and Brazils at
50c. each
Men's Rice Straws and Tuscans
$1 each
Men's high grade Soft Rim
Boaters and Telescope Brazils at
$1.50 each
Children's Canvas and Soft
Straw Hats at
65c. each
Lilly White Corset Covers
Semi-ready, lovely white,
made to shape, beautifully embroidered, made in Switzerland,
popular prices
75c, $1, $1.50
Summer Dresses
Still a few lovely summer
Muslin Dresses developed in
Marquisette and dainty muslin elaborately triumed with
fine Valenciennes Luces and
Insertions. A look at these
dainty creations is well worth
$5 to $25
Pretty Nightgowns of line
sheer nainsook, cambrics,
prettily trimmed with lace
and insertions
$1 to $5
Corset Covers
Dainty made up corset covers, fine lace and insertion trim
50c.. 75c. $ I. $1.50
Drawers of fine cambrics
nainsooks and sheer muslins
at from
50c. to $3
Lovely white petticoats in
pure white cambric and muslin at
$1 to $5
Fancy White Muslin
BOO yards of Fancy White
Muslin. See the window-
Make nice frilled curtains,
etc. This is a 15c. line, get
what you need early Friday
at per yard
7 l-2c,
White Bath Eoweb
A splendid large white
bath towel, very heavy Turkish towel, see this to realize
the value, at each
Bargains in Laces
A  clearing lot of  laces-
Net Laces,   Vals,   Torchons,
Knglish Thread  Laces, 25 to
SOc. goods, Friday at
Waists and Blouses
A table of Waists and
Blauses, all kinds, all sizes,
to clear atj
Spool Cotton
Standard Spool  Cotton on
Friday only at 40c. a dozen or
3 Spools for 10c.
Bias filled (orsets
Made in a new way and representing more downright comfort and
satisfaction than has heretofore
seemed possible. The new models
are made to correspond with authentic Paris fashions, combining style
and service to an unusual degree.
The Bias Filled principle insures exceptional comfort and resiliency,
adapting  itself to  every movement
of the body, and appealing with particular emphasis to large women.
If you have never tried a Bias Filled
Corset you are missing a genuine
Get menu at Home's
Four neat lines of Iron Beds, white
enamel, brass trimmings, diagonal
copper wire and woven wire springs
to fit all beds. Health brand mattresses, the best medium and low
price mattress on the market.
Jap Matting Square bargains
Size 9x10,  regular $4.00,  now $2.50
"   <)x9 "       $2.50      •'   *1.65
"   3x9 "        85c.      "       50c
Special in Bath Mats
Yamaska   washable   bath    mats,
dainty   colors   in   blue   and   white,
green and white,  pink and white,
red and white.
Size 18x36, regular 11.76, now $1.25
" 27x54 " $3.2-') " $2 50
These are positively the best Bath
Mats on the market.
Spool Cotton
3 spools 10c.   1 dozen 40c.
s an
A choice assortment of Nairn's
Cork Carpets and Inlaid Linoleums,
the best goods procurable. Fine floral and black designs, for dining room
and kitchen-
Printed Linoleums in pretty floral
patterns, suitable for upstairs, halls
and bedrooms, in blues, French greys
fawns and reds.
Pro Brussels Rugs
In order to introduce this splendid
neu Bedroom rug we are offering a
limited numlier al the lollowing prices
Size2Jx3yds. Keg. 811 BO now 110.00
" 3x3yds. " $14.00 " $1200
" 3x3iyds " H6.00 " $1426
These squares all come in Brussels
pal terns, colors greens, old rose, reds
and French greys. A rug that will
stand gtiod hard wear.
Preserving Fruit
Fruit will be scarce this season and
it will pay you to put in a stock at your
earliest convenience. Strawberries are
now on the market and the other fruits
will be here in a few days. Leave your
orders early antl insure delivery.
Fruit Jars
This is the season of the year when
you need now 1'iiiit  .lars.    If  you   will
let us show you the good qualities of
the CROWN FRUIT JAR you will understand why it has won such distinction amongst the public. Tho host can't
be beaten and the CROWN JAR is par
excellence the finest on the market.
The magic furniture polish. The
easiest used and most satisfactory
furniture polish on the market.
50c. a bottle, op 8 fbp $1 T=
Get Your Preserving
Fruits at Humes
Hot Weather Groceries
This is the season of the year when
appetites need coaxing and when the
housewife finds herself in a quanadry
as to what she will serve in order to
please the palates of those for whom
she supplies foods. Let us suggest a
few tilings for you:—Corn Flakes,
Shredded Wheat and Crape Nuts for
breakfast. Picnic brawn, Lamb'sTongue
in glass jars, Sardines, Sockeye Salmon,
Herring in Tomato Sauce, Lobsters in
Jib. ami lib. cans. Watermelon, Cante-
loup, Bananas, Oranges, and all kinds
sf Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.
Corn Starch
When you are making Pancakes,
you can make them lighter and much
more tasty if you use Corn Starch in
your Hour. Try this and be convinced
of the very delicious taste. You will
appreciate the suggestion — Benson's
and Canada Corn Starch in Ub.packages
Hume's for Good Groceries WEDNESDAY,  JULY 12, 1911.
WEDNESDAY,  JULY 12, 1911.
Bargains at Clearing Sale Prices
Ladies' Skirts
Women's   White   Duck    Skirts.
Regular   $2.50  and  $3.00   Now
Waists! Waists!
Colored House Waists, made Irom
good washing Prints. On Sale at
White Dresses
Sizes 16, 17 and   18 years.
Price, $3.50.
Tiro Imperial  Oil  Oo,  is  putting  In
a warehouse at Merritt.
St.  Peter's   Ladies'  Guild   will
1-Piece Dresses
Trimmed with Lace and Insertion
Good values at $5.    Now $3.00.
One lot, regular   $1.50  to   $2.00
each.   Your choice for $1.00
Ladies' Oxfords
in Tans.    Regular $3; now $2.25.
Slippers for Children
Odd lot of Children's  Slippers at
less than cost.
A Igusl        — The  Flower
Ranch at   Edison theatre.
Sept.     —Allen  PlayerB
at  K'.;*-* ;. theatre,
Bept.  19, 20—Juvenile Bostonlan
the   Bdison  theatre.
Oct.   lv—   Uoyal   Welsh   Choir,
turn engagement at Bdison
Dec.     —Dixie  Jubilee     Singers
Bdison theatre.
 CaBBells  Square
Edison theatre.
warm weather
deliver to you
tlv ol all kinds
•1" sure  a   trial
Why suffer with the heat during the
doing your own baking when we will
every day Fresh Bread, Cakes and Pas
and as quality is our motto, we fei
order will mean a steady customer.
Lettuce, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Green onions.
Strawberries, Cherries, Cocoanuts, Pineapples,
Oranges, l.i-inons, Grupe Fruit, Bananas, As we
buy these in small quantities you will always find
them fresh and good,
A. HOBSON,      Baker and Grocer.
Fancy   work   and   culinary       tables,
Monday     the 17th at the      Howson
r.  by  the  Ladies ol  the    Roman
I      Hand ill   attendance
Mrs. W. A. Sturdy with tier three
children left last week tor Winnipeg,
fut a visit of three or tour mouths
with friends and  relatives.
Mrs. P.  Hooley  returned from    the
Const   with   her   .laughter   Miss
who bas     heen     attending
school at Vancouver.
The moun Bin and coast Lumbermen
will meet aga : in Calgary onFrWay
to consult '.v.th tbe C P.R. regarding
the   , *   ' freight rates.
i.  s mpson, in-n.  Evans,
il ft um Comaplix, came
ith train iast night    to
take ,n the excursion to Salmon Arm
iiKla;   *':i ■ 'pen I ., day with the boys
D, H   liam Templeman and     Dr,
■ ".ark  passed  through  the city      on
■ *   way  to  Nelson      t.>
ting in th*     Interes ts   ol
TbeConservativi    VBsociatloi    ■:   the
-.irk Hall lor tbe
om. winch     will
■ ■•.*. v: reading
mat'* •■    .*.        •     ipen sev-
ind is free to all.
■  •    ilcLaurin,
city, bul
IN ■ ty oi
Mon     * (fay to Vld In
.:.    '   nun.
n SI       i) [am
Revelstoke     ti i a
it  ■   H ime   ■•
ran'' .-'■* ;• .:*•'   t
■   rd ,;.   ': am   '
Mi-    G    i I    I.. a r •'   *
'  *
■   '
Mr   ind   '■:       Q •'
'   ' Miss
* : . -hi*
Ion ■■'.
"■ ■   part
Fruit Lands
Situated in the beautiful Windermere district. This
country will be in direct communication with Cal-
ou completion ofthe Kooteuay Central, making
distance of 255 miles, or one night's run. There
doubt will be the nearest fruit lands to the
Plans ate now tiled in this ollice
and we will be glad to furnish prices and terms lr-
intending purchasers.
a dist
without a <
prairie   market.
their annual garden party Tuesday
The Misses Lawson of North Vancouver, are ViBiting with friends in
the city.
Tin- Methodists, Presbyterians and
Baptists will picnic to Albert Canyon on
Wednesday next, Inly 19th,
Mrs. R. H. Urquhart will not receive Thursday the Pith, nor again
until September.
Mr. 0, V. Lindmark has purchased
an automobile. Tins makes flve or
six in the city.
Mr. A, Craig aud family returned lo
their home at Trout hake this morning
altera week's visil to Mrs. W. Tomlinson on Second Street.
The marriage ii, announced ol Oliver
J. Wesl to Blizabeth Mart Wutsou, the
event having taken place near Burks
Pails. Ont., on Julv 5th.
Remember the Methodist Sunday
school picnic ou Jul} 19th. The place
will lie announced later in these columns.
Mr. J. M. Doyle, district manager
of tbe P. Burns Co., who headquarters arc in Calgary, was a visitor to
the city  this week  on business.
Fire Wood, IG inch, $5.r.O per cord,
0. o. D. unless otherwise arranged.—
Order ait Cummings Transfer Co., or
Sawyer Bros.
Owing to the Tact that all the tenders
on the new MeKinnon Hlock were not
ready, the opening of ilu* tenders bus
been postponed lill Thursday evening at
s o'clock.
All information, warrants and badges
with regard to the Baden-Powell Boy
Scouts iu the Province can be secured
by applying to Hon T. R. Heueage,
Vernon Buildings, Victoria, B* C.
The Bdison theatre will he dosed tonight, but will be open again to-morrow
(Thursday) evening wheu tne program
of Tuesday night will he repeated, i in
Friday there will be a splendid new
St. Peter's Sunday school picnic
will he held on Saturday next 15th
inst. Conveyances will he at tbe
church at '.1:30 to take the children to
Columbia Park. Parents will kindly
provide refreshments lor the children.
Fire \V0od, IG inch, $5.80 per cord.
c.o.D. unless    otherwise arranged.—
Order at  Cummings Transfer Co.    or
Sawyer Bros.
Muyor Hamilton returned home
from the coast on Tuesday, where
he  bad  been      on  husincss   connected
with the consolidation bylaw. He reports everything as having gone
through satisfactorily, and nothing
now lacking hut tbc signature ol the
Attorney General which wiil lie obtained as soon as he arrives in Victoria.
(Continued from Page One.)
Kjootenay .Agencies. Ltd.
City Clerk  B.   V Lawson
witli an attack m'I lumbago
Moving pictui es nl
It is i - ■ mated
■ •;  -.iini* :   * '.;.(.
he     betwe
Don I  :■*: get  Mi nday 1 sale
.*[ work, culinary  table,   -
and  ice  cream  at
Band in   ittei
Foi the tax rati
I ily   1 *
evening,   ice ci '-.un    and
lebt   n
Richards, tlie  man  wii,i  was com-
n, nei   (or  trial  by  Magistrate Ham-
llton  "ii a charge of forgery, was
brought   hef.ire   Judge   Wilson last.
nighl fm hearing, and was sentenced
iiumtlis in Kamloops jail for
the offence. Tins is the man who
the forged el k on a bartender m one '.' tiie hotels in lower
latter the decree does not state in so
many words, but the intent is there,
for the marriage is declared void even though the witnesses be present,
even though the agreement is there.
The very presence ol the Protest ant
minister invalidates the wholo transaction.
If you happen to have hcen baptised
in the Roman Catholic church then
you must he married by a Roman
Catholic priest says the decree. It
claims to he the only church having
the right to administer the sacra-
ments, and marriage is a sacrament.
The object of lhc decree is simply and
solely to crush, suppress and mm
ind obeisance to its masters and
The Ne Temere decree simply brings
out what lias hecn taught, for years
and years hy the Roman Catholic
church—and that is thnl there is no
salvation outside lhe church of Home
It makes itself superior in every other church, It i- the only church.
After a study of the Scriptures and
history Mr. Mclntyre could not force
himself to place one tittle of confidence in the church's assumption.
Both of these he was led to believe,
were purposely withheld from the
people lest they learn the truth.
During his study of thc Scriptures
ho was, on the contrary. Impressed
with tbe total absenoo of any refer -
dice to the Church of Home,; in Revolutions seven churches are mentioned; history asserts a large number of
churches, while in the sixth century,
Pope Gregory himself asserted tbat
any man in his day who claimed to
|yc the real head of the church would
be termed an Anti-Christ. Pope Gregory himself denied any such right to
any such claim.
'Phe Church of Rome claims it. is
based on the rock I'eter, hut any
foundation the church has must he
Infallible, Peter fell most griev-
ioiisly, the Scriptures assert. When
Christ was asked who should he thc
lirst in the Kingdom of Heaven he
took a little child and declared thai
he who would he lirst in the* Kingdom
of Heaven must become as one of
those. Repentance and salvation can
only he had hy faith iu Jeeiis Christ.
That the Church of Rome is nn the
true rock the preacher denied emphatically. The gates ,if Hell prevailed against Peter, and he fell. Th«
Church of Home fell and is not ou
the true rock. In one hundred and
fifty years, lifty popes loll and fell
grieviously, and thc rhurch degenerated. Its right to the claim of Apostolic is preposterous and misleading.
Tho service uli through was a most
bright anil interesting one, the choir
rendering an excellent selection, and
a solo of extraordinary excellence he-
Ing rendered hv Mr. Cartwrigbt of
the Oartwrlght Co.
It is cheaper to buy Underwear here than
it is to make it yourself. Tbc prices make
you wonder which was free, tbe material or
the labor, anil yet both are lbe best tbat call
lie procured.
Tbis week we bave sonic exceptional
values in tbe best muslin and cambric underwear, with fine lace and embtoidery trimming.
Every article in our large stock is reduced in price. Gowns, Corset Covers, Princess Slips, Drawers, etc., from the lowest
price to the most expensive.
Wash Dresses and Blouses
We are making specially low prices on the
balance of our Wash Dresses and Blouses.
Good Oinghain and Percale house dresses at
$1.65, SJ and 52.75. Lawn Drosses Irom $5.25
up. We have some extra bargains in blouses
both while and colored iu the large sizes.
Come and sec them.
Save Your Horses!
Provender is dear and so is horse flesh, but light running
wagons and buggies are cheap.
Tlie evolution ol lbe l'aiin and Road Vehicles has kept pace
with modern science and now we are offering
All Spring-Steel Wagons
ling running gear just
•d   wagon.    Thev  run
as   cheap as
lighter   alld
fitted oui with perfect roller-hen
the old-fashioned wooden   frame
easier and wear longer*
Those who purchased tbeni are our most satisfied customers.
Vou don't have to take ofl' the wheels lo grease them; they are
dust proof caps aud carry a much heavier load than the ordinary
A lull supply of buggies of lbe newest makes also garden and
farm implements, ask us about tbeni,
First Street, West, Opposite Post Office
trate    Ham
i .i*, mi   * -
[ drunt
The i
Roman Cal
• lb*** , *
T *
■ *
■•..-fr. Hi
i mm 11
•* *
** '
. •
Hamilton last  ntghi  report-
ucil  that be had  been in
conversation  with Dr. Pagan at    the
Plans for a big undertaking, which
has in view ihe establishing of a new
canal between Montreal, Lake Cham-
plam aiid New York have been placed
before the Department of Public
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ : Works at Ottawa for approval by
iv   of    the   Mr   ,.    u   Hervey of Montreal ,,n be-
'''"" f      •'        A*   half of  the Lake Champlain and    thc
mi:  John McDonald at the Bt   Lawrence Shipping compnny.     A
tarium. In th        ••   *i  ,.w.lv„ ,,„,,     wilt,,rWay ,s   proposed.
OVlnclal   Health   oflSc    „nd   the scheme  will  involve  the COB-
•*, w.,s liable for his gtructlon of twenty-one miles of new
• I   io -in.   of the oth- (..,„,,!  through  the  counties  of Cham-
The mayor informed     him bly, St. John's and Lapralrle.
would Tin. works will start  at  Kryer's Is-
'   McDon                   v   were land,   flve  or  six   mileB   below       St.
How About A New Suit
Made to Order
Our Spring Samples for Suits antl
Spring Overcoats just arrived.
We guarantee a perfect fit, style
and well tailored garments at
fair uul honest prices.
id  no right
m    in  the   Inst '   '    •      ii
John's and terminate at      I.onguciiil,
pposlte   Montreal.      The      estimated
cost  does not  appear from the plans,
hut will l,n up in the millions.
Canadian Representative Visits
f tiis City
Port   St.      .lames   is  distant
miles from Poll  Ceurge.
Th"re   was   cheese
c.ick 20 years ago.
factory   in   Chilli
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fii-Retorm Clothing
Foot-Rite Shoe
from     'pe
P    BKNVS'  drug stork
Fresh Haida Chocolates
Tutti Frutti
Vanilla. Etc.
75 Cts. per
Fresh  Turkish Delight
40c. per Ib.
birqn Bottles Raspberry
Vinegar—50c. Each
Take a Kodak With You
nn vour Summer vacation
A lull utoi l il** is on bund.
Ask   for   .i   l';l l    catalogue.
Kodak    lilm ..      New    V'elvcl
Green Paper,
One Pound of Paper  anil
75 Envelopes for
Revelstoke Land Dlatricl
■   '       i ia;
i m:i    o iin i    thai   I. Samuel  \v.
i n.nriaonburg, Virgfnii u
• liotograplm    uiti nd*.  to  Bpplj
lor  j,ci nn* -.ion lo pun I i.i se tin   following
i oniini in ing .0 .i |"m I   planted  adja
,   I'lll    lol I   I  III  IH   I    ol   I   **> II*
•' i   io , halm;
*    ,    '     1*'   ,   i l  ■ * IJ In     po|l|t
ol  commencement   and  containing   I2U
91 I,   .  mi  ■
^\Mi l-.l. «   K ILI i' ■'■
• i    \yi lit.
w v
•,„   i •. Mi
M     ,* I |
aa it
* ■   ra
i   bi *■ •••   *'"""''
..    i,ni   tho
I'm .* ' owe, all
,..   earn   iIh-ip     thoroughbred hoar three montha
mil   Reliable   Heal   K t.,t,  In in
itattve io act as     Salw
I*.I    Hie   sale   of   1,1 Hid Tl llllk
iinil wa v  Co.'a townalU    A
mportafH i ty *t ■   neil     lo
I'rrnne   Pulpit       Keferenoet  renuli
^i    Addreea P, 0   Boi ■•      * • >..i
,. I:   i
a, i   ,    leavi   ii* ,i
■ometl 'i '*'" lol   '■* th •'   ""
may   be   (]U    *   .md  nl'"'   '
• ii m  ,, ,     . ;il„,,i ty    pi 'mc   it
sell.   Mi    Longatafl would like •
■■x i.imi     ' 11,.* im i>* to     'om
.i,,*  looal  corps,    not
1 im* i oihicmii.,i with
it. bul in nrdei thai lie m»y bu kept
iu touch with the movement
ll   0,
y Mtm   i,   Mai tm, Bioamoua,
Boys' Clothing at Half Price
They  Consist of the  Balance
Of Our Spring Stock
Double-breasted Suits, Norfolk Suits,
Sailor Suits, 4 to 16 years, with the
swagger effect of Men's wear, broad
shoulders ami Ispels of the college man,
the libera] cut of front and wide set of
buttons in all the new patterns and
McRae Mercantile Co.. £td.
Jlw Jtyle Jhop for Men and Boys is)ho Know
I.i;        Tent.   14X10,   in     good
■   ,|*.      I,i|,|,,p  floor     Apply    F.  W.'
• ,v      m, ,*nd    in*, t,  Rett,  4th
house past   school.
TO   l,KT   Km in Im i   ll* MM.      Apply
Mim   K   tt    tti.l.iway,  Second    St.,
w,»t, fourth house from ichool.
Revelstoke Plumbing. Heating & Sheet Metal Co.
,  tiiniite, tfven f"> Sanitary work, Blectrlc Wghting. Hot
■■   Water? Steam Heating and all klnde ol Sheet Metal
Baths, Uvatorlea, Water t insets, etc.
Prompt attention given to all order*.
See Show Room Next Week on Connaught Ave
Phone V
H<n inl


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