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 1   "Empire" Typ.
For ense of operation an    . »•■*/
in   results   produoed,   thin   machine I
i» unaurpssfed,   Price—ifOti Caih.
Interior I'ublihingCo.,     -    Agents |
The Mail-Herald
Visiting Cards    ■
Make a Suitable Christinas Gift
Wl l good vai iety at
a i easonable price
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 16   No. 3
$2.50 Per Year
A Clean Up
We have ;t number of odds and ends left
ovei from tlie holiday trade, comprising odd lines
of china in Plates, Fancy Hon Bon Dishes, Baskets, Vases, Fern Tots, Candlesticks and such
like, which wc are putting into
A 25 Cent Window
Pocket Knives
We ,ire .i^oing- to sell io do/en Pocket Knives
ranging in price from 40 cents to 75 cents
For 25 Cents
. M"a
■*' $
*ti ^ ^t-. rt^ rt^ ?.%> ^ xt-, ,-t-, fsf/s) rt-« ftfl m ewl fvN m rstn fwj r^ rtfl f\1h wl f^ (ft) ifc (ft) (ft) (ft)
.un   displ.l)
ll is  hi i-v.
of Scissors  in out
-Opt 1 ei.
l<j   cent
Granite Ware
A number of odd pieces, some slightly damaged, worth Irom 75 cents to $1, also iu our 25
cent window.
Lawrence Hardware (ft, Ltd.
The Nominations—No Contest
in Ward Two
Nominations for mayor, aldormon
mnl Bchool trustees iii tho fortheom
ing i-ivi'- olootioni to tako placo in
this oily tomorrow, woro held Monday
The following geutlemon aro offering
thomsolves for election, thoro being
contests tor every position.:
C, 1 . Lindmark,- Proposed by (i.
liobbs, seconded by J. M, Goblo.
Dr. -i    II.  Hamilton, propoaed     by
H. ITowson, Beoondod by Alex Moltno,
G, Kimborley, proposed by t». liobbs
seconded by .1. M. Gable,
II. 1'. MeKinnon,—Proposed by l(.
D. MoDonald, soeondod by S. .\. Sutherland.
Assenting lo nomination—S. G.
Bobbins, I). A. MoCannoll, A. Foraazzi
•I. li. Thornton, G, Sirinonni, Angelo
Krl Trimble,-—Proposed by M, 1.
Scott, seconded by 11. Loughecd.
Assenting   to    nomination- W.
Sturdy, Tony Long, I-'.. \V. I..- li
Ciaogo, J. It   Thornton,   1   Mi-Li
Colacurcio, Anno lit- fpn.
IV.   HOW   .     I'lo|ios,.,|     In    .1     ll,
seconded bj   A.  Ilobxon.
Assenting In noiniimiion li. Smith
I Guy Barber, V I' Kini-n'ul, .1, I.
Laughton, Win. VI, lii..i-ii.'Y. .1. M.'l.eod
P. McCarthy, proposed by J. ti
Barber, seconded by Vt   I'..  Itobcrtson.
A-si-niinn to iioiniti.iiion \\ 1.. M,.
I ...i.Mini.     S.-ni   I'iscutello,  IV    M.Ih
. A.
..I  \,
'ir.-Hiiii.  I,'   Din
K.     II
wyor,   l'io|„,s.-.l In
omli-il  in   A.  Johnson.
« \KH 111.
U    \\ Vbiuluilllsoll,    |'n.|ii I       In
.1   r.   McKcn/.ic, ne,- led In  11.   inn-
iiinghum  Morris.
V\. Cowan, I'ropused b.\ I 11 Wells
seconded In  A. J. Stone.
Asaenting i«» nomination   J.   V.  I.i-
lie, J. Shaw, Geo. Clough,   liis.lti-i-:li-
l,-.\.  J.  A.  Jamieson, Mrs, J.  Jamie-
eon,  It.  Laughton, W. -I    Law, S. I.e-
Assenting to nomination—11. I-'.. II
Smythe, Amy ('. Srqythe, J, Nelson
■I. Saunderson,     A.  Kabuuuheae,  Mrs
Uovelstoke, ». 0.,
'      Company    will take power at
'two and n quarter pet k, h., but in
1 order that   wo have uninterrupted
supply before   ooutru 1    made will
havo io see both liydi eeloctrio and
' i^ns jilunis are    each capable    ol
maintaining power uninterruptedly
' in order that thoro will !><• no slun
dowp at shops-.
Y. I'   r.l'STKKl).
City Balance Sheet
" At the 1-lu.sitiy mooting of ihe re-
" tiring council today the follow my
" letter was rend from tlio City A11-
* Rovcl toko, H. t'..
January lL'th, '10
'     V mil- Worship und Ueutlemou,
I regret 1 will bu iinnblo to
' have iln- finunciul t'ltemont of the
' t'ity made up in lime lor publicu
' lion in tonight*!* issue of tho Mail-
lli-i-iilil, ns requested bj His Wor
' -hip iln-    Mayor.   I  beg to ropurl
• however, Lhal 1 have made u com
■ plolu audit  of the books Irom I it.
• January to 3lst December, 1009,
' .mil liml everything iu order.
I counted    the cash on hand uud
* found ii  correct, while the Dull e
* ol* iln- \ ni'totlB billili neeoiiuts ho u
' 1 11 vurified bj   ti I'lirtiUcnto from
• 1I1- Mnnng 1  the Holsous Bank.
ymn    ,,liiili,■ 1111 >.
riiiiiii-ii 1  Vi'ioiiui mil,
'.' Oily   Audi lor.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head OtFico   Toronto, Ontario.
Capilal Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Rrannlies   1 Agnntaatall principal points in Canada.
\ifenis in tin-Hi. Britain urul United States—London, England,
Lloyda Hunk, Limited. Chicago—First National Bunk, Ooro Ex-
abange Nat lonal Bunk. Ssattle—Seattle National Bank, SanPran-
i-iseo— \Wlla Pnrgo \ev.idii National Bank. Spokane—Em-liauge
National Bank.
Savings Bank  Department
DepiiMlt-B of $1 Bvn-H upward, reopivedi and lntew»sl allowed at
current rate from datfl of ilepusit.   OorrespniidHDOe nolictted.
Reveistoka Branch   A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
I. Steed, Mrs.      T.
by   Hiis
A.    I
M. Rabouchese
Steed. ^^^^^^^^
VV. V\.  Lefeaux,—Proposed
I.innl, seconded by It. Sawyer.
('.    E.     Gillan,- Proposed by
M. IJ..noil,  .econded by   V    McKao.
It. Tapping,—Proposed li> A. Johnson,   seconded   bj   It.   If.   Sawyer.
I-'. Voting:.- Proposed by A. V Mc ■
Inlyii-. sei-onileil Ji\   A.  Vlrltno.
Mr. Gillan withdrew, so Hint Messrs.
Tapping and Young will be elected by
1,'. II. Sawyer withdrew his name
yesterday ns a candidute for alderman
for No. 2. Ward, so thai I'. MeCarty
and Walter Bews will be returned by
acclamation for tins word.
Corned Beef
It takes a Cook to make
nice Corned Beef. This
meat should be boiled
slow, and when done
take pot and all off the
firo, leaving the corned
beef in its stock until
wanted to send to the
table; any piece left
over to be used cold
should be left in the
stock until cold and then
taken out, put on on a
plate and placed in the
Beefsteak Toast
Chop pieces of the cold
steak very fine; put in
a stew pan with a small
lump of butter- and just
enough water to more
than cover, boil twenty
minutes, then stir in a
well-beaten egg. season
with salt and pepper,
pour over toasted bread
and serve hot.
Pioneer Mining Company
The operations of ihe Pioneer Mill -
ing Company on Freuch Creek nre the
moat successful'for mony years ou this
famous gold producer,   There arc uino-
teen nion fit work under the fore-men*
ship <>/ •'. Bradley. Thoy have crossed
tho old channel with the main drift ■
j und struck n patch <>f rich ground
from which 55 f>/s. were taken find
sent down to Revelstoke at Christmas, and by latest accounts L.r,,,,<l
The Bridge Club met on Lhursdaj
illicit .it the home "i Mi-. A. I Kin
caid for Lho vveekb tournament. After
a pleasant game the daintj supper
was served at wmch the prizes wore
distributed Mr-. It Chinningham
.Munis securing first ladies prize, a
brass jardiniere, and Mr ff, W I in
rence u paper cutter.
The Bridge Club held then weekly
meeting on Monduy night at the home
-«f Mrs. IIa\. on Thin! street. Several
very pleasant hours were spent over
tin- cards, the prizes being won by
Mr«. H. Cunniughatn Morris, a brass
vase; nnd Mr. J. W. Brown, a brass
mounted thermometer. A dainty -up
per and uiuatc concluded a delightful
iin Thursday lasl the ski and Suou
Shoe. Club went for their semi-weekly
tramp, this time taking o different
route from that usually adopted. Tlie
Captain headed the party towards
the Chinaman's gardens at the east
end of the city, several good slides
being negottuted during the (ramp,
thi the return journey the mountains
and echoes rang again with hearty
chorus and song from the merry
young and lusty throats.
Mr. A. II. Allen, manager of Lho
Canadian Hank of Commerce, at K«'\
els toko, who left for tho east on his
holiday trip, was recalled from Port
Arthur to Calgary to take charge of
tho Calgary branch of the bank, dur-
Annual Meeting and [lection ot
'ire Brigade N'o. IT. hold iheir nn |
nitttI mooting on Mondaj night in the
Fire Hall. I hem was ti full attend
nnce of members, Chief W. A. Koote
bolny iu tli" i.huir, Tho Secretary road
the yoarly statement which showed the
affairs of the Brigade to !>«■ in     good
irder; the liuanclal report was also
rend and aeeuptod h>   the brigade.
Willi one exception tho ofucers of
IttOO woro ro-oleclod, *1. A. Dallas re
signing Ids position as Captain of thai
hose owing to his bolug employed at
the power llOUSO, ami GOUSOquently unable to be present on every oocasiou.
The following aro    tho oflioers     for
Chief,   W.  A    Foote.
Assistant  Chief,   G.  li. Brock
Sec-Troas.   0. R. Macdonald.
Assistant  Soc-Ti"ens.« G,   II.  Brock.
('apt. of  floso.-R.  1).  McDonald.
Capt. of Hook and Ladder.—George
Anions lie- itoms of general busi
uoss discussod was the necossity of a
team of horses for lira purpose-. Slate
'Mini 1>\ i-v prii I member w cut to
show thai the nity had speul eousicl-
orable money on InriiiK horaCH for teu-
ming and trucking which could well
have been savikI Ii\ I hi; fit \ having a
toain of its own. Tho horses could
l*r u.ni for fire purposoi <t night and
during the duy bo employed on eity
work A i<'pint reeoiuineuding this
will be  mbmittcd '" the 'ii>     council
ill   an  enrlj   dan-.
II,.-  buys  of   So. J brigade   have d	
a good year*:' work and when oven
they li;i'i- hern railed have always turned out prt'inpih. nnd laekled 11"' fires
in i Im-iin> like way, getting at the
worst of the out break before in\ great
umouul   "i dauger ha    been dono,
\ * i'i \ p;reat deal He|M'iifls on how
u lire is appro whi d, >u >\ unh m ■ ■ c
heart  of tho bla/o    i ie i ;!wd  and   i lu
(lorn \f ingui motl   di u itrou ■   iet»i
in\ uriably necrtte. ' tn n\ *'i \ oeeusi'ji
wheu So ' ha bt-en - ailed out '' im
havo got   lo  work   ii   the right    i mci
iug the absence of tho manager,   Mr.
K"'''   Uowloy,   thoro,    Mr.   Allen   will   remain
in now being    taken out right along.  in cnorgfl 0f (|1(. Calgary brauch until
I Mr.      Rowley's      return  at   the end   ol
January,     when he     will     bo    on ■
To Correspondents
11 U*d    several    duilgei' IU
Local Industries
tii i   the mottt  enterprising   litma
in th 5   ii     lho    Uauudreli Meat
Markol. and sim o Lheii  estnbli ami ul.
comparatively   recently,  Lhej   have cai
ried "it u  lurge and e\ui  gtou i.nr i1" i
ne... and  made   i sin ing  hid     f< >"    ' ho
local  us well  as    lhu outside shipping
trade,   lu   addition lo i.heii already lar
ge  im-,i' I'm-inr    i ii.'\ haw gone in  lar
oieat  business  thoy hai'e gone iu hn
gely for sausage muking,  ami are now
ongaged in     llio    muiiulueturo "i Su
hum, Summer and  Men  rtursi   I'olouj
-:m-:il;• ■ n   fur   l he   suiumui,   a   i hnii>aii<i
pounds of eat h  being  put   up        I nt -ii
saUHOgos are of first eiaas ^uulit)   ami
tiro groat I) 'in demand,
tin vUiting the premises of ihu linn
on \li-Ken/n- Avenue, the MaiUilerald
representative found tho whole machinery at work, showing ih<- rutting,
seasoning, drying, filling and smoking
of countloss sausugev, A. Grauer, one
of tho most skilful sausago makers in
B. C is in charge. Tho Maundrell
Meat Market is perhaps tho only firm
In B. C. who is making a specialty in
this line and also i> curing i.tn own
bams and bacons otc, in fact lho local
store in a small abbaltoir where, u\
or>-thing except the actual killing is
done, bui where everything else, including tho manufacture nf dripping .
tallow rt'., is carried on
Tho late i  machinery   has boon     in-
stalled, and ovorything is ncrupulously
inly tho best meat is
jlean, whil        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ abled to resume his holiday trip     in jod fm  sausages.   1' i- ti'" intent! >i
A Voter in Ward Three that lias tho  tl1" t,,lsl aml wil1 ioin M,s' All,'n    Mt  tho firm to move into largei nnd more
welfare of tho city at heart—Your let-  Toronto,  returning  t<«  Uovelstoke   to |suitabla premise, as  toon ns possibl
ter supporting  Mr. Lindmark's candi-  wiumo duty about   tho end -.i     Foi
dature is to hand but  wo cannot find ,r,mr-v-
space for it in this issue and next   issue will be too lute to answer    your
purpose.—Ed. .M.H.
(Save  Recipes - to
Maundrell Meat Market
Green Hones Chopped for Your Chickens Daily
Start Now ami Help Us to Grow
'Phone 251 P. O. Box 181
. . i	
Police Court
'i   Hum «ar- liroughl before il ity
Police Court Monday oil n didrgo ol
gambling. Information wus laid by
Ibe Chief <if  Police.   A  ploii  of guilty
was made.   Thin won tho si nd lime
Mr. Jackson, J, 1'.. said accused luirl
been before tho Court, previouilj ou
m similar charge being fined R-jr» and
'<>si<; hut an iliut had not acted as a
warning ho sentonoed Ham lo font'
months imprisonment al   Kamloops.
Ii is understood thai this enso "ill
be appealed.
T- Maloney appeared before the Mag-
itrate this morning <>n a charge of no
visible means of support, His cast
was remanded till tomorrow,
To succeed one must sometimes bi
very bold and sometimes very prii
TO BENT:- Furnished Hooin,
and cold Bath, Uol Air, Vpplj
Herald Office
Dominion Lands
I ui;
\i.i:  nm i - i i
leghorns,   brown leghorns and
Island   l.'-d-    All  young  pullets
good layers.   Selling  to make
for fresh stock.
I   Apply, J. MORGAN, fovelitokl
.Mr.  It. .1. Watson,    tnspeotoi "i the
Railway  Bell  for the department     of
Oi.. interior, has decided to move eatd
in Ihe mini- fuluro, and id,   lieadquar ■
hoi   iors will bo ni  Ottawa     1'ho changes
Mail-  in ilia administration     ol tho railway
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H       i..-]I   ma\   r.'.snll   in   Mi.   \\a|son  Iniving
Tu     RliM   ''omi..rinl.lv    fHrnished ""'"' '"llll"""i» rl1" administration of
room-, and board     if required,   noma  tha  ''"' :""1'    '""" tlm" '"' l""1
■•ooking,   A,.,.ly .Mail-IIcrald. <"  present,    fho Miuisl I the Im,.,-
im  i-  working liard on  tho new  tvgu
*'•'     ''"''  lullone vs.)■ ■. li li,. will    hoi llj   put      ill
Ptoco f,,,,.,.  i^jgardiiig   lho ndministrallon  >.l
l In'   railway   ball
During iln- residence of Mr. and Mi
- Iwo spauinls in Hi ii~scl-. i ai    IV nl son and family In  I *••-..-1 - r.. i.. - t r,, - -.
pel,   regular  price  81.0.5,  slouk'taking  Itavo mad.' mnnj   wnrin  friend       who
Kor balance ol this mouth
offering very low pricos in i
carpels. Call and see thoi
llnmi' \- Co.
si.Jin  per yard.    C    R    FTtl
llon'i forgel tho biLr Saturdaj mn
linee, "Caprice," Tlie price for Ihi
matlnoo will bo I-V. and 2Ao., but tin
se.liool  ticket« will  li" distributed,
will regret  to I"
Ij!     ill'   I        d"|        ''"'.
The Allen Players
Mien Players o I"
suee "v^nsrnsTEE
:    .   \
be afraid of
/our shadow
make jx^ood
Son can't casl a sh.i low in tlu dark, .tnd >'00
can't stand tlie liyht unlci   j'ou .tri dressed well.
\\ < can ilrcss you rcH k* is coal you oV8i
with one of cur Blue, BI k, or (ire) Beavci overcoats, It will please vou. We iatisfj nn custom*
cts. We saj "customi - because when .i nian
once lets us   clothe  him   he   becomt   a customei for
A clearing sale ol Bi    ■    and Vouih    0\ crcoatil
Tea |ackets, s'/.es fn        ■       ..    IJ1..S5 to $6.7^
Fit Reform Clothing
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,000
Airanfcftnenta hove
: recently been i
■ t '"'f-ti unciei   '
\hU.h   the   brnnchej
of this Bank
oic able to LsSUi
prniclpal point*
In the follow i
i$ countries:
A untria-Hungary
i ^
Fr itire
Fr'cfa Cochln-China
South Africa
Straits St-Ukm—!■
Great Britain
Gift-, e
Sv.it M-rland
Pei    i
Tui key
West Irdiei           rr?
Faroe Inlands
and flsewhar*
NO   DELAY   IN    ISSUING,          FULL   1
•A.    H.     ALLEN.    MGR.
■■    lill
U's    I'llU'IlL'i'llli'li' Ul     ill"'   I)
I'll   i Ilml-.-.   pl;i\im|   ili...i   npiMiiu^   l>ill
tillilt|l   Uir  liolil   «'i     tlti' |il«> j\l In)   mrlH  I" 11 if'ioil iinilivii.T.   "I
f"i   |(l'' tlio  I',. Iiop'     U| ■
On Siiinriliu nlghi »ill bn prenentod Uucllon, u liiuii > I.i -
in 'iilisnliiti'l)     tho ftninioat  «ido-Bplilltug Intid played with n thoroughl)  dnl had
Icomody tlint Ims ever been written en-1ityle, tlini  ifnvp    Ui" audience confl
titled "Whoso I3«by nre You?" lilrni.-o in thorn M     dist -Uhs plkyvi
u ;i      III.     |>l..
"IHrii\      ill.illl.l
Mis    \..p:.i Col ton, in tlm leading roll,
is a you f i xoepl ional
uui, nml played     her   part with     ei
frame grace .»   well   .   ui ,t brisk nnd
pleating style the
audience.   Mi.  II.   Ii-vinij   Kennedy,  at
leading nuin, made         I u
and  with n  il rong  suppoi
uni     The Allen  l'i i, ci -  ha> e
doeided liii  uiii,  Itevolntoke pi
Ii i- I.. I." hop<
their playii the "Allei mtinue
in  the same     itandard ai  wan   ihown
in   it	
Thn noting ol     l hi w hole i ompany
wo   oarefully carried out, and     tno
I nt will .    'mi  left  the
audiri  •■  im timo   ■•• ■•> ait,    I he
ory and
We   ihould     iudgi Ihe
ni. i.i    li ill be | ■      il ii   11    •■'
thi   ill'.'   ^ntrs.
I ....'liny i» ol Itojll i |r»»| 'tv»uuj
Local Prize Chickens
In  ibo rccout   show of thu  Vaucou-
• i   Poultry  mid    l'ei  btuck Aosociu-
January   4, 5, uud 7   nt
there  were over 6000 birds:
i*l,     J. Morgan, oi tliis     city,
ired  two w id  plan, lor     \Vliit«
I ighorud  .uni  r.i.uk  Polish, his whole
' vliibii   of  luc   white  leghorns,   roos •
cockerels,  puliotB nnd liuus,     and
ne wlnui crested l'ulish being highly
■  nn inliil    Mi*.    Morgan's   chicken
nm in well worth seeing, thers    being
  line specimeuu ol pmo bred fowls.
lhu  In.nl  1'i.nliix     nnd  Pet      gtoeli
\   ii.i'.i i.'i  have  I"-'i   taking   'OBsid
"' ible interc I  iu ihoir work ol     lute,
1  '   '.luont is  ou loot  to      join
It.  0, Poultry  nuil Vet   Stock   As-
iciatifin, whi.-li it brought about will
I greatly Iwnolit our local muiubucs, THE   UIL-llttRYLD. REVELSTOKE, B C,
Z)x nDafi-lbcralb.
publi a   • .-
REVEL.-. i'mM:.  B,   i.
Jntcrtov publtsbtno Company
Subscription   .....
i Ml
tjwu-ter " 1.00
.'   . i ipli) t-xouuti
.:■..   .
1 r.«Jl-
,   |   .
. oBe  in   in
i i . tun
,\W .   .. ■ < N
■ .    . .
," .    ll
■ i
M \\',\ ill   Wl
. I
I   .
.'-.', L  ou mat
, . ■  ■        ' ■    iiiumou	
■   . ■
irri -    ■  to   i . b .i al .■
.%.• t . . It _ -.i -    ulb.    uol       poudi
rtioukt be ont'i.
$25 PER
ARVEY, Hc< A;;, i.i.
0ARB181 Mis, BOL1I I roBB, BTC,
..      ,,;    bimii.U.   . ANK   IH I l.l'IM.  l'.K\ tl.
SIU1.K,   il. 0*
........'J     J .....
ni'.cos  Kevoimoke, H C.   i ranbrooli, li. It.
jko. a. Mot AKii.u
i.  .,..   i .Nl.ll J. A.   .'! \,.\    ..
take, i'n. k b i
li... i.. ii .
Solicitor, etc.
Solicitor i' i:
Ihk Canadian Bank m I ommbki i-.
1HK   MOLSONS   Ha.vK,   l-.ii .
1 IBS! ST.,       KliVKLSTOKE, B,l
Provincial Lauil Sui Vi->
.Viiuinn .-"ii > | J • '
i.nni..'      .. ,.
ll (CKNZIi    A\ KNt I',
UOX  ■"',   Ki- V KI.   t'OKI
i'  ii., \   own    iln-
i Ihe i
i hi    wu
1111 e   I i 111 •
in , i. ('.  P    ..
.      Iloni  Im;
ippl'       i .i      11.i'ir
i«M—Min—- ■■■imiiiiiwbiiwi iiwunsinnsmwi—wwiii^
if i ii ii     iiiiiI
kill    IWO   ll   slillll'
ing  I
lioiuul      iii.- it   i    ihi-   mnl] ini'ii
l     will    lit!    II Ol'Ml    i.i '      in.'Il    11 llii   ll.'l . I'
iiiii'li- |..i>ini'iii-     "n mu uir proportj
i  \\\IH\N  NORTHKKN  MEN   IIEH15   ''""  ''' "'" under such circnni Lnti
\'.    '.                            t'ni "ii in  \"i ''"   hold '"    ■ ll1"'-   '•' i "  ■'"'     lllt'ra
1 ii ..  il   " i   ,""■" ■"' i « r :l " '"'     '""
v               i          k, iiiiiI liiiii Mann wus "'"  ' ""'  ih n   "ill  never I I     inn
expected   iu .un'..-  ni   \ -ii id         i ' "'"'   '"'    li'wnslle   purpum      thai    Im
,|    ■,.. been   nib ili\ hied nnil   -"I'l  'm  lhu      in
i     p. Ii, |     -       11 'I'll I .m.lH.V lerior,  when'  , i  iplo  I «   little nboul
\  |  .. ..  ion ii  with .i       " :'1"1 :""'l : ''"■ """' "'  ''"' Nullil,l
!,.  nm    11 nn         "L" I ''' "     '"   b   mi   i
.  .' nn. ii     ii    "' " !  I'      :"'T"   """•• »nd     In
Iheir  in I H   i   i   I '.  where     il I'1"''1   Knglish  luiv.i  I il n  the buj
will   ci ' \ ulloi .    do\i
ue   llivul :   ■    l : i '■!
UMMU' s.'«i jk^iu. ■. ■-.*»• (s*o. 1 w.*«n»U»l'MS*SftW^...W*MI
,-». .   ■_  I -
V,; ...-i/-' ^ iood Lead
In the Meat Business
Our Ham and Bacon is Un-
equalled and our Fresh
Meats are The Best That can
be had. Fresh and Smoked
Creamery   and    Dairy   Butter
P. Burns cr Co., Ltd.
I  \ i'i.!:  i uli i ul l Mill \.
I nplnin   Arm. 11 "in1.   Iln
ml   propi:. i I i "'i'l' n.      in
i       I'M .ill! f        ilil
|l|-'l\l'»l   (I i i'l     I i I l\   li.
li lohlei I'pper I "liunliiii
:      ■                i-rvi .      hi ii I ry as far
!       .   1,1 le      ...uli      ..I
>:< lileii.    li       i       ...  i     Iho   I'.ma.limi
li'ii    i'il   In      Iho
bom    ■ I.i. li   v  .    iIm-iii in lunch
.iii.l 1'   H lllll.       ll[   I ll.'l. .1 I'M   i I  '...       uli   Iheir
bum I.   fr.ii ii Iii vol   ...       Hint
ALIU.N \   I.i I.i.IU.ii
Al.i III III   I-
V IM ul   VKII    IV     I.IS> I   l.-l"l-l       Ik   I
4 i    ., i       .     .• .....I. --..1 .   r
.   111.   ■   . - V  .'I    11.0-     ,,.   Hl|.
c.  w   o  w
Mountain  View Camp   No   2?9
■ .: ■     i
J    .\l   INII
Koatonay Udec. No. 15, A   f. U A. M.
J  r...
""I i   ol
Foreign Missions
nil   i tii-jil        ■ i   I'i'i
ni   hj    Ihe     \n
|t >    '    ilinnlii i   Im
ill,,  tu   nml  n|i|i. ■    i     i op ot the
'i, . .   ,     i,,,       Mi Hi    ihis     .|i,\
,  iiliu   !. i    i ■   ill    lho
.     , I of Kuu
|...n! II I fi mi    in.'
.   i whi.'h  I In. I   ('..mpiiiiy    ...,',, :. f whi.-'i  i        i ■
,. ,i ..    i li,-   pi-opli'   I eresl
111.1    to
i..-i :    . I  (he spiril
lie I      i       nf     11   the i I  h.
Uu      pivml   of      10 pel
il>     '   l;'-1   ' I"' -   "tippl>
1 ■'   f'"    "!  l"""."il-  roipiiro |{„, .   i .    \.   p , ,   ,„„|   ,|„.   || .i
" '»'   '■■< ' . ; .   .;■   i    .III
■   "" "  i '    "l""- ilml   ih.' pari h "i *Uo i !  Hike Innl  rni-
inniiii ii s| .nn pi
.    ii.i"i"ti  iui, I.   There
fu    ,i    n    ■       |ilm
ink      ivill roiitrilmti i     iMiiie      ii
• in   operate  nl   tin      ;"' n :i,i   uf watei   line     ... - .t th	
re   inleresl   ami  sinkinc   fiinil    of   tin
no    Hi i in Ii       .nm   reqni Mil   to
I    '    i'
GolQium LOf.so.ldated
| ...lilin hi     . .... ... Intiid    i nrnod ?.'),- |
 i  mil  pi .." .:      Urn I
i lir  tni
\ nleliil      ... ..... .   	
.    .   .1 i .. CM,   llll
li '	
iii i    llftel'   I.  nm
ilii   I l;  i in    i.li.
I In'   Will-Ill' |1 ■        lllll      li.i       Ih,
\ our  hns ln>i>n  r i inin [nl   i.\   n  wi uu .
in   lho iiiniiiliii    In   Vim.i
■ il  Tni   i ew   York, nl   nm I'
ll' "i   - ' : he   li.'.il   foi     In  i
J our   'i .        ,   |,llll I,       II   llm   pn. .
rale   ol   im ...     ,, ,,
.  ii"-  I..I..I     in   I III-J  will ox I
•< ,0011,11(11),       II.,     i„i i.-.i u  Mill    run-
1 il 'VI rill   - ■■ ii      i	
IN   OrtPOftATC.U ior.5
aid Up $3,500,000
Best Fund $3 500,000
Has li; in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities <,f the World.
,t .U   ,>r..i-i. In -..     Intoresl nilowccl at highest cuficnt rate
I. 0. Branch, W. iJ. Vi.hU, Manager.
I lir.'O   llili ■     ', ill
IVl   M   I I     !  I   I   i    ■
    It'll    ll l.v   llll .    uf    St.
■   liriili    Vdiniiiistralio ......
'     'In  i..i   p ..,;   j,   „,,,   !!„,      |„.
"iiuion of  telephom ■ I laiy
parly  platlorm that
'    '
Wood Fop laie
(Irders Taken for
liitrly   I irim-iA
Cot In 12, IS, \l or M
Inch Lengths
m.\kki:t   PRICKS
I irst Struct     Hi. 6B.
Mil HI..
ll. ll isl.'l.f  I .1 i llll I.I.
  , l\   ■    . .  i  .. \ .
I     M    .Niil.r,     ili.ll    i.     .11.   I\.    i..t»    '.!..
.   I,'   ■ "ii <■,.-.[. i .    ,i,u ,..l   ...
.        .1    •    i    |> ."   i      .      .      .      |.l.l-l	
....    . ,. ■..   -.,.,    i..|   .
  ■' I  " ■   '   till
.      ..
Your Xm s Gift
1'",      ,1     Si    ll.ll.lt',     S     II     ilil .1   .1
:       ii     Pn    m ii   l-'.i In i,
il    ...,     i ... li i,     S   '. i     . i
I'.i ml,    ill. i      i ' ■   i. i l   ■■'
      ii    11 Huiiiluoiiio
I iiioo ul Furniture \\ i   li.i' e   ■
> ,   .    S ,,i'U
I'  nn' .lini eho ii e i nm   \mi m
l'i,-. in.
R. Howson & Co.
U   \.\   Lis
Taslin'i   ol
then   ta
factory.    Wx
yuur |udgn
Thai  li thfl
fnr    »'i""' ■ •   i
c.   i i        \\ .. ■
best, or we       i't r».   ti
will not sail muFi
In «■-'' I ' "
you   will   I* "•
"full na ror'
, •- ■       i       r r.
bo •
■   ■
Ha v.- pa   ■
m when thi
,. ' -.     ... i
.'.I       '"T.s
i in
'. ..'   " ■
■   tl
•        ..  .   ■ i .'.   i
1      .      ul ir
.    l i h.»   .Us,
. I .      ' I I l l !. . "
Foley   I :■'..-.'     £* '.' ,.
ED   I1JTOIM VV 5    '      I V*NC">UVER
LhftU iiUiu.
The Vernon fire showed the need
i   §f our
The I. si safe '.".i.u-i .ii which you can invest.      Bvery  hotel should
ii. nn .i   Bafelj   to occupants,      Rverj house
I \ K i.
Id ha • one ■ rool
. ,i i , .i   i.  .:
I      I'.I   .     A
i app      tor |
t.'oinmeueiug nt  n  pout  plimted      at i r \
,,  «     ,„  |„    ,, i.^a-«,-^%.-«.-«.'4V%-».-«.%-»»,».'».'%-%.*-t'ft.*%''*'%'%'%<.'%'%''%-'*''*-%^
mi       ~*^
nun.- ..I   I. ■    i"
Only 15c. a foot.    Sample on view here.
Revelstoke. B. C.
I. P.   BiUTH
Q. H.
  I" riii'.nlHiTW— .>SJts^*- .. - 'm.. .m    ,p. — «.m. ii.m.,1 , ^mm^m^
:  nboul  ■■" i Imina l«
Cdc flDail-lbcralb
•S.  IV. . ornoi- ol lot   I ..'■.  Ihoneo north
inilnr)   "i   l..i   IVJs    ;
lo poi i . online
■■i.i.    I" .i. I.--,  i	
 '!    ',!,-
eel   roil  counti \ ol oi
ill-     DEALKRS     I'M Y
.'.;..-;-.   iY, JAN.  i-
■   ■
■   ■ -.
■/ i   i ,RTDK t::     l
*m*   -
Qoui i of ttevision
I    Jnio2i Hotel
ii .< . '   ". i-.i I.., nil elumn nl   bnlldlud
LAY i '   '       " ,rk
ly   impi
.iljly  in
nno   ob
II VV'. il.
ii llili.
I hi
[lie Railway!
ill M' 11 \l    l.'Ji.li
i thi  .
. ,       i   '
, ■        'i
■   ii  i
W. J. I i fhtlan ne, \'\u\>.
Palace Restaurant
Mcf'-niie  Avonuo
11  .'i iilmi i ii.
i i ■-'.''. ■	
i    s-i. . M,
: '.nmiui. - pfVFiv>ni:
l!r|i.iiis nl  till   Linils   miilh    lllil'l-il   HI
r.iri'i li- ami t Inn work n ppeviHlty
Ksllniules -.-iven on nny class
ni work.
Front     Street.
To Trappers
Krtw Furs Be ughb
Oash Prioos Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
A. H. Sing, Proprietor      Exporter of Furs TIIF/MAIL-IIERALD REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Scotch   Whisky
A Genuine highland Whisky.
There arc hundreds of brands of so-called
"Scotch Whisky."
Many of these arc not genuine.
For your health's sake, confine your choice
to standard nrands ; use a whisky of recognized
Watson g Whisky is one of these; distilled
in the Highlands of Scotland -the district
.1. knowl diled to he ihe hest in the world for
whisky distilling,
Wc age our Whisky in Sherry   wood, .ind,
after careful hlcniling,   it is hotllcd   in our iv.irc
house and    sealed   with   an   adhesive    capsule
hearing our name.
L'.verv such bottle carries with it our unqualified jluarantee of purity and quality.
Insist     on
"THREE STAR"    A milJ, thoroughly m.tur.J Scotch.
"NO. 10"     \ full-bodied, richly flivored Scotch.
JAMES WATSON & Co., Limited  -  Dundee.
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Kiiy.il St.11      -I I iiin. liic Rose Flour, Hay,
tii.ii., hi  .in    '.'ii'k.'.i Specialties,   Beans, Peas,
Barley, llicakfist Foods,  Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and i. ittlc 1-Vo I ■ md Medicines.
The Pa ret  Su
E.  VV.  B   PAGfcT
suitably furnished with the choicest ihe
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,    Rates $i a day.    Montlil) rate
J.    .A-LETT^T1      STOJSTE3      PROP.
1 Corner Third 5-& Campbell Ave.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
arc    disposing   of   ttn-ir   . .tire   'stock    •' a
sm.ill   idvance on ivst       It will pav  you to
invfstigati    fhc-ii     prict-s     on     lliamonds
Ji'niri,  Cut   tilassi   "-»!I\»■ i'i.'iri-,   V\'atche>
Doyle and Allum, Limited
■ •
i ■
1 9 1 O
For Mayor
walter bbws
f. Mccarty
ward thru:
Committee Booms-Selkirk Kail—Open daily
To tlie Electorate ot Revelstoke
A \ i'i i largi nunibci ol the rcpiesentatii
zens i>l Ki M-i.-.inl.i having requested me to bo
candidate foi die p.- ition'ol Mayoi of Revelstoke,
sunted upon llic understanding ih it gentlemen in whom
ihe electors would also havi confidence would uiiJcrtake
t.' run as AIdernianic candidates, in Older to ensure the
ekctionol   a  Council   coinpeteui   to deal with ihe serious
•me a
situation confronting ihe cm "
liriciK   iln- object ol
nnsi'll   anil  associates, il
lected, will be
lo face the financial .situation by obtaining a
complete grasp ol the City's finances, and take the citizens
into our confidence by issuing an absolute!) correct and
plain Mai. in., nt so thai the position will be clear to all,
and then take ihe necessary steps to restore the credit oi
the city.
H\ the practice ol tiic strictest economy endeavor
to-reduce a rate ol taxation which is not only becoming a
men.ui- to our own citizens, but, which because of its
n osi unfavorable c< mparison with the rate prevailing in
other cities u here the assessment is no higher, and where
water, light, and power are also municipally owned, and
other advantages of sewerage, cement sidewalks, etc.,
prevail, as m Revelstoke, is at the present tunc prohibiting the investment of outside capital, despite the fact that
Revelstoke has, natural advantages far in excess uf those
of other cities. A fairer method oi valuation is also a
To give a good, clean, progressive administration which shall cuiiiiii.iiid respect throughout the city,
and b\ restoring confidence on ihe outside, lo - the foundation for th it development and prosperity which this'city
h. s the nghl to enjoy.
Finally, I would add that hiving been promised
ihe co-operation of the best and must practical men in this
city uhes. one object is the wellare of Revelstoke regardless of even other consideration, von ma) h. assured
that the council)ou arc asked to elect are prepared to
give you tlie administration which the crisis tve have
reached demands, and on that ground the support oi
their fellow citizens i> solicited.
Faithfully yours,
■irmnmif—Tra tut—iiwtt—m mi in im h ■!■!!■ i ii > ii wii i ii iii
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Kiiliirui'il mnl 1iii|iii'Vim1.     I'irMl-t.liisH in 1'ii'n -respect.     All murium i
I.in-i'i- Maniple Mounts
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B. C.
I You Don't Have To 1
Go outside of Rovolstoke to make ^
your  Real   Estate   Investments. 3
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
I Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents |
W  ffffffffffffffiffWffffffffffffffVflWIfllWfffWfffffOTflfiffl ^
A Grand Institution for Cur
tads to Join
1 Iruul int.'i'r il is 11..11 being 1 nl,.11 ii.
ilin formation of troops nf boy acoiu .
i\    1 li,.   1 oronto Ti'l.'i'i.-iiii    Thore  i
in. n I I.i 11 ritt. ni  long 11   I In' Iiih
lory ..I this wonderful organization
Suffice i. i.. say in.11 1...I11V I l.iiii"
1." ... 1 in ' he 1 1,'i toil Kingdom ,
possess 11 knowledge .11 practical llr-ltl
.' "i 1,   11 In- I. fin nxi Is 1 hill j". •■   ' d
I iv man)      nltliors    >.f matura yeur
111    \l 1 !.■ 1.     in   show 11 publicly   in
appreciation ..I ihu work  bj  his   con
1.-1 1111I11 tori   11 ' - ■■. :.'.  nml   1 li iiiVi
nn"  of   knighih I   upon      lllll      .III.'!
..■..in    t\ li.'i.       I it-Mi  1.. i., 1.11     llailon
1'OVVllll     I II 1.   1 'I     111       11 nil, III'
I.ml.list     h.i it r     1 han he knew ,   koi n
'ii !■ 11  of even I    tin  igh  he  bo     I i i ho
['CHsful iii rupturing  nol      only
11 ml '      nitif   I'liftlaiul in n
II uvoiiii'iil nf .ini if il.'f.'n .'. Inn bo
j ..ml nil thai hf Im ■ enlisted foi the
Berv ico of humanity 1 In- vary [tii I, .if
1 hf  j outh ■  of   Kugland,    A   oolobi i.".|
.Iii i 1. .■ --iiiil,"i live im-  1 In-     In.is
1 ill ui.'li.- v, ..ii in iv have 'In-ill Fifteen mil 1."   And      iti       thi    ki-j u	
which  lladcn I'ovvell  has  struck       to
each   1 roop u  chaplain  i ■  attn lied,  ir-
ir 1 in- ol denomination, in aid and
li.lii ih,' In.i
I ii.'   inn...In.11..11      nn..   1 ,11   ..la       ol
1 I.i ii- 11 ill have |... ..-ili!\   11 gren-
it'r effect ..11 iln- tipgrovi ing gem 1 uiion
I linn .im It.- .• iiin.ii"tl, '..I' .1 i' il! iu-
. llii a'.- unit yi.lli.L ' 'tl ..".ill- 1 li" 1 t'l'v
ideas  in u lii.'li  wc i . i- 1   a-'nii'.      1l-ey
lilt'   SollleU'lllll        ill'lit'il'lll       ]'..'      In-   veiy
reason  lhal   iheir  lein hei      ..-.      iIn in
-s.'lv I-    111    t II III    ill'lit'il'lll.
Urn    l'..i'l.'n-1'iiii.-l   h li.   n   lea      1
..I  il..- iiinsl  wiiinlerfiil   ibilitv   Im   pn
pared   ..      texl      I I..   ■ n   t.'liHi'iuiliirlv
« ril 1.'ii  1I1.11   iln- iitlcnliiin  ..I  boy   m-
j ndull   ..  1 iveled    from   il nun.-in .-
I 1     In   ilil-   hut.I.   I..-   1 1.1	
j pi-iiiciplc    if      have   iibm .-   indicn tc I .
.".. i       hi .111   .       "i\.      a...I   1....   1  .
-I11.11 -      In.ii      1 li."    ii"   I-. It"   laughl.
With    ." ii  11  book  il'" Iciu hei   I..	
a pupil -.l■ .111.. limilli   1.1 i" ..11  1.. his
IIVV I"    etpiippcil    11 III.      1     ' .a liable
.11 III.llll.'I.I ..I  ll." ll.lllll'    I..   I     I.I
" I'.il,.. .nn... mil    . I..-  In.	
I"     ."       Villi    ill ilil    ll "    "Ll     l'       rigid
I.I...II I,III . I... \- I.I * I I.I ll... ,\ II ll 111,
! 11 ' 'i'_"  "i   hiiiniiii   ni."i".      linden
I'oVVell   I.a       ..'ii   III     ..!..■   Iii       . 1.1,1 -
It."     I I.i ;l'l -.    Hall, .'i    Willi     I lull       ]"'n il
« In. li  made   tin   I.""j 1   11." Hi.an.I
ruble   ■■.   • .'      mnl   11.. 1. 11. li..     I ....
.... |j     ll„       ... 1, I    ..I    hi      sliced  ■
ind behind il nil lie-  the fundamental  i.i. a  of religion   llutj   to i Ind,    to
iln-  King, to  lie helplesi   ami  need
im   \  1,null  III I li
IV 1" ..   ..     ■     I.        I lilt'     ,'i"
II .Mil.i'l       fill..    "''    .| Illigll      I"
■I I deed  ilia,  daj   -I Id      Ihe
opportunity   in Iii-   way,    1'  mnj
I li    lit"   I" 1 al   "I   a   1 1   I. 11.
ana skill I: om i he pll ' elnelll If-i ' lie
..'a'.I    dip   "li   I I ,   ul    i I   in.'.',    bi.'   I ll"     at
tempi   It.   itop a  1 Milan.11   ai   the  risk
..1 ih. nt'- limb or lit". I.ni  iln- ..li
iigation n   tlio same.
Vml  even   i he       ' nn  i   call   i hciii.
exercises hu\*o for him a deepei inean
ing, i"i' a- Im lake- a deep Infill
Im il..ml,- il...I for ihe pure fre li ii'
..f another .I.i;..
The casual observer inaj al tirst.
• ■ I.ill lil i1.' difference l.i-ui.-i'ii t-ailel
corps already in "ii- loin n and iln-
newer organi/atior unci nnl discern -
inn 1 he very ' i is i i i he mat ini may
wonder   uhy   the   boys   of   the   Kmpire
lire  mil   nlreadj   being   n hied  in  tho
proper way. lie nill agree thut discipline, ..lie'lieiire, quickness "fluidity
action nre ali-eadj luught in school
rill" 1I11I1-, "iiii.". corps, .-I.-. Dill lie
' li" ' Vl.'.ii real Star1' in n recenl e.li
itniiil has poiulod -an ilie-e virtues
nlouo  11 ill   uevor  achiovo   iln-    -I" ii-cd
I'eslllls,        I'iv "Mini    III.-,   ai.■    anil    aln.i
lulolj essential, but uiiIcsh individual
honor and moral re pom ibillty ..it-
it., li.. 1 results ai" lacking
Too t.l't.ii ihe buy leaving school has
looked  up< a  ;i    ■ .nl.i  coi |ts drill    a-
Upon   In ■   In    t|"    'lull,    a    n. ' •       1'
enncomitn i  school  life, to  be for
g. I l"l.   in    1 In-   ' .a ■•]"       1 ii   I.   ..I'     bilsj
II I'   1    f ly  admitted  now   .In.'.
"'liiall      lilielliti     iiM'lil.il     "I     phy
licalj without     a   linn nndor stratum
"f  nmml   mnl  religious   training full
..jn.11  ..f ih,- it'll   I." I
Suoh   loaohing i-t much    noeded    in
I  nn.'l'la       11 l.el c     l"l"   "b\ il'US      11   i' '"
lea. h.'i lui.l Instructors dwell ..ill.
upon niie nupe.i ol tl." ..i> i Comments up.hi il.e rudeness and incivility
..I young Cnnudn Iuu*.' 1 ii manj  nml
because in the main quite true have
..lien   been      bit lei ly   resented
I ll
il..    '
iii/ i : ■
ii   .nel   Iln
,.|,I X
Stuttz Theatre Company
-   ..-       I healrc i  panj      ...n
.   .   in   Uuvel toko
in   ii   iln. opoim Inin-"
,    ,".. ,.i  the  ".Senator's
\     n ual   Mi.   ami      Mi
■  .. "lll'lll   i        ii Idle
•  ii."   ompai: , e po [ally tho
il lit ried     out  their parts     well.
 h,.n  for "l.ii".. :/   ■'■<   Wr.  'Stun-'  llnmk-
lU ... [t attendance and
li..  points  out  i laiuple,   --' '  !'""  "'   l'"' "'"y   !""
     ' nod,   that enobbisl '      "  ,"'""'1  i,y  Ur'
i done nil in hiH pow
( 11," "i".
1 I'.'.il.    a   ill"  lini     "i   '
, a   I'..
.,   ,     . In
nil     « I.n I.   ill.   "I.I   .Viii-uian |
•NiiIjIo   ..■    ubli ■     well   expre
Vll.l       ill"' III    ilia'   I
Icing  ■,'■■■■■ i.
-.ii  i heir i  he also
a.'■!.... ■    ■ he i ■  i"ij
.   bop«
;li.-in    comfoi La bio,     -Mi".
to make a  return dalo
rt Im .; . o    ovqi   iij* las euvy
■ i, p..i . ■ ■
I- ■ utlluoui ' u'i uuiutau •   . •    if'
b  .'nl   i ead
■■'.:: ■ ■■■
i 'n i.    11,- i posit
.'in.!' ait).  i><!ii!iin^ o n  th-it
thruadwuni I    mi      -i
•-.. i■   ■   ■ ■     .   . ■
tin'   iiiai k   -I   ■  i . ■ .   I I i.vn-
■.hip    th.'     if.    "i    , illoiti   "■ it.,
hidden a.
iVvoldij .-      tui leu .-   Lo    hit on I
political   i. iug ,  !■ idou   l'1 »well    aevoi
I iK'li'-.,       iniji; -■    .,■ .,    - Ii    Ilia
-- mil ■    't,.- ■ I    Ix- UptUg    inv p. •
late   ilif  coi  tituli m   auw 1 •■' '"n   tlio '
it be—in which the iU>< ■   ■
fiilin, tingj   lord ■  and  commoosj    are
■ t [jerfeci I;   blouded  by  ' tradition   and
prei edenl     I-   1      - od   that   1 lie  \>->y-
di  I .u,.uli should road  \hU, fur better
than     the)       liould be i-"i to I
thai  tho     mother "i parliaments     is
through    Amorican     prei     dispn
t hat  1 In1 ni"' ln'i  "i     parliami uts     1 -
ephcnicml   paichmcnl   con  titul ■ ■■
CK1 I'U'n    I'O  AMM M.-.
I'u   ii-.      1 < im -i     iu li.i    h  "'I
,  ppi'll I    Hi' 1! 1'    '■   ■    '    .'   i   r ' ■
.!i alll..,    W lib    ll, ■         I' I       ■ 1 ■
l\    pct'pel 1 nii-'l   on   Ihm   . Lhl     Igl
rl in.-       A 11    o\ it   t /UllUtln Inn.. |
I ii«H    uf   ih  <«xi louce  and   1'   i     well ■
Lin>\> 11   1 Ihii   \*<■■ meinhi 1   ,
t-1 .I,• imii li it. 1. ,i- ■ 1   forms of
l«u Ull'Uj    llUVU        ih lli'-H      ■        -
uboli Ii   1 iii-     I'.n 1 ifii  li   form     lynor-
titu >•,  not  v. ili'ii  I'l'iti reasi"1
iii   ih.-   I>i. 1111..    1 fin  .1     111.       ■   .
II in-nf  evil   1 uinpii       tin   ■ -■ erlw ■;
.lie k,    ih 1 .  ,,1 ■  ,,  ..,.   1, !,    .,      men,
women  "i         1 r  ■ licii
own  Ik'i inii     cutli      nd      Immune, ■ it 1 in:', with i" ' feel    onii nl meat
-1      I    .....
I    1 mini 'I  upfiealii       - 1
Lull ill« . .       it- ■ 1 ;-■.;.     1 • 1
iu  peupli
■ t - ' ., i .,,  .-   villi
laxcd II
nilignunl l,i   1 ti
• .1   ni li.-i .' 1 . .     luiminy    1 lu ■
■ ■     tUH 'I       ■ I..     ■   il
pr ing.
im tnterprislng Uompany
I     "I"
al    uni*.
lenl illiial
"the  I...1
innil.ii' ' tVilhou!     ■■     In   i.       11
ii'.'il'l   bolt.'1    '   \   ia'  > .-
it -  head      propel l>   ivithou
I..   .1!   .I....,   the  n . itei
tii le would 1	
Hud. 11   I'ovvpU'    I I . " I'm
•t'onifmt."    No ......I	
|iietiii-t><      Uni.......     ,,.,...
..Iti a in   [ii'lniis   a."       (tt   In.-.'
I till
prod I   tin   di  Iribulimi
Hates,   undoi ided
tiiony  of    rival,
1   tin     ■
■ ■
pro " ni i"...  111114I11   •..tn 1 •:. 1.-   the  '
in question iiiih the book  illustration,
to tl.'.!.le under v hiel I he    ise ii
question    "ii	
I'.ei in      still,    an    enl.-i rged    h. I in
llliullt   lit-   -I,..'.in     . 0f
..-In...I   house.   «,,   .... I,,,..     aiul
girl  in  fan nl .   mi   hi   know « hat   -nt ■
fcriny   ihej   -" "in i    I Ij    in
No   Seoul   ' III]   a >■   a   li.'.tt mi;   rein    01
"lietk tin hi- horse.   He promises     on
hi-   honor nol   to 'I	
In this ivaj  precepl  and practice gi
together.   Here       i   e« ben   tho     wis
tl'.lll    Of    lilltlell    POW. .'    Is ■ "II.. .,   ,-. ,
tll'lll.      He        sh,,i\
ihing,    tenches inn,    n I.i   it  i.     rfgUt
and  th len   nd • tin
;..-it..nn.1'   "   . • .lm\ .
A   srout   .vho break word    mu-i
!■ ■..■ ■   hi    troop     ul .   ■• .  an..
thei. and  this ni. I      nil
lhal n i" dear,
.-. . uriti".
i    progl amme of   la
,.  in band,   following
;'     a... i-.-s      t.f    the
.    ate "ii  Ui" Nelson
i iilti ai ,   a   i-onsid-
. uni « i    taken' up   on
lot ationa being Nn
......   I ..-mail  Ln.'fk,
il.     lurcttl    .^ecuillie,
i.        LO   Jll'tiUUtU        IU'!
■I im., land,   ihu cuiii|)iii\
.. laole looauon     tor
I   "l l     ItllUl^C',     WlllL'lt
, lion .il lune   aud
river i me muiu     liuu
faemo railway j
iiauu   .■ LruttK faulllu     uuu
propose i ii i.r n   line   uouin
iioin ll
lhu l have i   lued soiuo valu
iln.' ir.. t tlie Ai row Lmseu ond
their   (run     growing and agricultural
..ml..", ti     I. immond *'i^
: ; ■     grown on   Vi
."■ ■   i  .. iu i he oast   and
lottei     ■ . ■    ■ 0 j ifi  describ
• 'i ■ '■•  fruii '.  i the recipients
I. nI . . .
\.jv.   ■   ■   ■ ,        .   .'   Lu put in
""'tin  clem •    "t.  ihu line     ol
.     ....  al   Revel ■
... , lauds 1 -ijiitl
it   .Nukusp ,
An    .   i     •    in.I  I ...,.,,I  i reek,   lho
* ut    ukusp ,
■-  i     ut  <ji ^reiit
.   probable
t aumngj  luuiber-
i' -      ." . tries.
.-  .-. ■!    ■. push
, -ll.-.'t
i h..w-
a..      i        ..
n     will
_ a   .   .i nil growing
"Jim, The Westerner"
. I-;,..u'i. ;
,. drama     " I!'«
,  ',,..   111*.--1   ■
■.il.-li.M..;   lllt.l.'l.llt   fruin
pieces, .i. |n. ....      nn
""   tern   stn  and showed   u
nlhel I    .. in. ■   i    I,.
. -vi-1nt^   (hen      ll-  |.it"   Iting-
- ..    In,ml..  ;-."il
■ "    a- lAjnpm
' 'i  «ii n   ii\   an   ui broki i   in
■"'       'i'l uiin
i . . I..,   n, j,,. '.,■■.       Mi.
■ .   pi...,   . ■
"■ i.i-ii .
V i     ..I Mai)
Law ;•".,   '-li- -   I. : i. .   I'Y'lton   made      a
•  .'l.-ring
1 hih
lad bee
debut   iiet"i"      a     Kevol -. ilicnos
ii uh gri   ' ■       ind her  ipj ■ mu..'
■ remainder "t iln. company's ou-
gugements hore nii. certainly draw
good crowds.
I he advance     notices of the     Alien
i'     ers have not  in  any way     over •
estimated  the < ipnny's ability,   and
their pla;   , io  far, have made    good.
ind the; ill t hat they
"   rigid   in  entud.    I.,   public have deurouslra
ippro . it ion of their work by
{ood  bou .   i.. .      "s...'   wtieu it
i'i  hesitate to show
'      In.. Aliens   .!■    lis tin   ly nigh clues
ever) membei "I the   ompany snowing
pecial merit, their general appeftrance
ind acting being       i  the ix-61, rehued
When  there  are  ten thousand     b tp-ti Ibeii  lupurioire con
'   i"1  girl)    ■"..' .   .'  ida,  pledgi r oi iho bom    known
to fear God,     honoi   the king, upl ading    lays, mi tugu class and
i n charaoler uol usually  tukon   thro
itution, ol) . -tiles   ni
i"'"'1''   '.i.i   il •     n i . .    i lell .
he  west,    lonignl  the grout     doiues-
t.ven it. a  il\, Canada nill have taken    ic dnn.ua Zira is mi iho bill.   Wo i
hei  groale • Btep forward.
ofelj   reoomti      I iln   ll.". uistoke  pub-
..   t" iui"   ...     ..: plays piuduced this
eel   i.ml    i'i   -nil not be disappoiu -
foi   aoldoni   ati.- »* company visited
in il,.' ..in,'ni '..,.. ,       ■;,,. j-,     ins .-Hy nan im... delivered mo goods
.. Gazette ti" appoj    . forma       ■  ihej  have ami mined out all that
Rivise B. C. Stitutrs
ly   un."  n e.| ..I  'tl... «,|
Butlgon, K. C, a.,.1  \   !•   i ,\; ,,.. k. C,
Iii.iiii. inlliieii.e... anil n.'i;lt.s't  i.i propoi  as spocial comuiis iouors under the  .
loaching,     often      indood ii  is to be of Insi    , .;.,,, i„ ,),,,, behalf, to
!'..i..I  doliboratoly  impropor or    (alio vise and consolidate the statutei       t
leaching,    hava been  to blame,     Tho tba province, Osborm     Plunkett    •
average     Canadian    boy    will do tho  named «- commission   .   retnry,
righl   ii  In-  has  boou  Bhovvn  his  duty   ondarj   legislation validating  the pro
and e .pe.iidli   it' ho sooi   others doing   posed  revision  nill -.:    oui •■  be pre ■
Ihe      Sllllle.        Wlli'll    the    tl'OUpS    llf   Ho,,     -ente.l   t..   the   l.u'lse   ,,l    ll
Scouts   nre    found in nvrj    ehool    in sitting,  this boliiti     to n largo extent
Canada ih" masse   "i Canadian "hit formal procedure a- ti,.. i	
tlren    will lie  lho 'nl.i"'!  "i  favorublo gonerol revision "t    ..     I   tuti       wa
.'.11111111.111  from  lisitors. full)  oxploined               ion and    llinn
lii:\ lil.'I'.Mi:  in l\lii\ .1 Vi k led in tho act appearinj   .   chaptei   II
li   i    needless  lo     ".   thai   ile- man ..f ihe legislative in'  ..■'  1909
ivlio kepi  ihe Union Jack  Hying over There ha- been i i .: revision of
Mafoking    has   spared   in.    pains    lo Ihe -tain',"-    h,... 1-...             hi   foi
loach    In     ' ...n    ihe propel   menning midable task of 1
ol  Ihe Hi", ami reverence 'hi"  it   Cmi olidatini     I"  Ihen i
' ol]   i ■  explain   it    mi      I"".    il < i   I
■Igniflcniti-a and  outlines   lho constitu Ju li
lion ol ivhieli ii  i- Ihe outward
visible    .
..->    nnio novollised.
iho special! tweeo the acts aro
pleasing     feature aud preveut     the
nial luiig  tedious     waiu lhat as     u
il" m.;i. ;  iln,     ilioaire going public .
i      company as the Aliens is
-...uni.   iu     Kcvolsioke and will     do
much towards restoring the interest ol
.1  publio in lho     stage, which     has
iered   through   repeated  disappoint-
■ni'.   J.nst night ovory seat      in the
nllery wus tukuu and very fow among
■■ reserved chain wore vacant.    Lot
ii  public have good    muterial     aud
od  tnlont ami  ihey will bo only too
ii-e.l   to gi\o iheir patronage.
Tlio social  and political aspeets    oi T. TClliott, K, C,
lai   review  of M t. UuKen/it:
'     '     "     ■     Vi; nill take pi n-  on
I ...,    I.in    Uth, at 8 p, in.,  Ma
1 lore  Davi .... II    l,   ^ud  stiooi.   Deputy  Ladv
ml, -!"■ u'i commissioner and bavin"     thi uu.ajule'- Sady  Janet Kemp is ex-
valuable asdstancs in the work of R.' ■•mud io be present, all members are
requested   to   attend. THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
:. '-i-jr.'.v-.JiSaai.'iaajeg"
Are going to stay all this week at the Opera House, changing their plays every night
They will present   Margaret
Anglin's great success
A Domestic Comedy in 4 Acts
Watch for further announcements regarding repertoire for balance of week
Prices 25c. 50c. 75c. Seats on sale at Macdonald's Drug Store
Special Bargain Matinee Saturday at 2:30. Prices 15c. and 25c. School Children with Matinee Tickets 10c.
I fS.". .isV.s.l rr.VJii.Bs8Bf
IMP.I li  III vi
■ll" I'l  III.
lali...      Ma
li   ih.,.   the   ll.
■Iter "I   hi-     povvci       All the  I.
|..timet! ...ii,     ua-  .I., infinite
had   lo -ell ami iii   l-asle, and
th" I inupi
tilt    !.
Itiel I'lipolll an
-h.tlll.l   In
.1 .netneli
'tl   fr
'. in.
liie   In
•ll.'.l      1.
..li.  i baric     in
ill    aleI   >. Ill
...  I III'
' . "ll IIIJ
•iral   i.   ...ii.
his  lab,
ma -     ni
ll erae-r     u.
.,   Vli..   Kelt,
-fill   illtliv nl.i
id  Uoniilil  I'.
•ii." of theii -u|i
an.I oi tin ii verv
efforts.    \U   luld
lhat   tin
snnie -half  In    these
..I  ih.- It.'i.t'lii-    io   be
I.   has   I n    sa'u
.i -a. h a measure
Mil ll'K   IS   IIKIiKltv.   i.IV I ■•
ila\-  In.ui  dale  I   intend   t,
.,1   ii,ml.I   I,'ail   lo    I.,
ply   11
ih"    t'hief i
ml-   it
if  land  situated
>f lain
in  oilier   about    Iii"  chain
ap   It,an  m
inferred  llinl     ii    VV I  |;
in.   |.osl   plan!.'
it        IHO
I,"   .lei, in,"ill
.1    I..    III.
ll.'ll-     ch:
llll   "i   \\ ..... I
ail  Si   Ilill
.-l      ..I   pi
i"  1 1'
■ ill ihe   I   ,
well    i nnil  inlere-'       I   vein.
nl   hi- in
id  t.
slip      peo|
.le   In
ipporlitiiitv  i.
...i.liii.ni.   ..!   t
dloitethei   .Iln.
...  think tin
culture     art
irked  I'..     V.   Vudr
s  vv.
i. ih,
rib   I" el
l.f     Hie    "In
nun-.,  ".i-t     l"
null  lu chains,  thence   vvesi
,1-.   .a  lab.
al.'.l    llllll
iuli    .1:
i -■ ilrtinia   . la --"
uf labor  i.
ihi.ii   llii
■ure   toll,
VV 1
river  to poinl ..i com
un -   propel ii
tl  deliirhtfiill.v   i"."l'.".l
I VV   - \VV Mil .1.   I'llivi
vi     Vi
,1   M.
I,, keep   tii.
iidtird of li'
intended      i"
,1,"    -pe.'ial    .1"
llli'lll'l'llll'lll ,
Dated  this    huh dav   oi  lie.
le fu
I., niirht,
in iiirrieiiliure, ...
.1 ilurini;
ei-   |i.in;i.
,f Wetn-I
a....I".I   iiuii
Ml.-    I"   Ih"     in      ||,
n-e   the   Allen   I'laitr-   are
,i,„..    i,,   lain   tun"
,'\    .nlu.'.lli    ii"
I'll        tl
■     '
head,  ha'
I ., .   timbei   limit
I In
h" 11iimIu.'Inm "t" ...
In ineri Inbm i- -.
ill : plueed   I herein   •
ul  l„
iiitinual      i ii
._'i..:ii.'-l  -in."-
'■•' '   dr
.p.-iniic   n
I robobilitj   be operated       inilei   .In trial  i iionieiion "i
'/ira" is
i   th,.   I1."..,
.   Kelt i
ei    Vncli
davliirhl   '■
.la,U.     I'.
lurim,' a  "on-
I..  A.   AMlKI'.U.-
_,;,.      i.bi ilil.-   ponn
.f   ih.
V elm   I.I,    I in "
i Mm
pinelit   n."..a
A   uu
:      '   '  feel   in   ten   hours   i    in it .
II   .ll llllll
.;.....,' i. "
■ .'liiii    i-   llllilillllll
■ilie.l ns  luiiu   ii-   this  system  ol   tin
,,i   ihe   pi,..'nn is   "i   lam.
■I.    ■ ...    ..i.i   ■! ail    ill,      ■'.- '
ll" ...lit llllll
V   pi
I   llllllll        " '        .11.1  I"
,1,'-. I.
li...   rule   role.
I I".   'I      ft.I "I'l       I I
    < ''ll"""-
niii.-e  nill  It.-   I."
n  ii ill h"  ii
iiunlai    ma
half   lini"   I"
inn their mn
li'.n   ami   iiiiprt
ids.    Ihi- bill, ii I under
MlTHT.   IS   Ill'lil'.l'.V  HIV I'.'v    ilml
-land  il   ariuhl.  i- uieiinl   prnnari
li   I.,   si
.lv   ihu-  fi-
ite I  intend
iii in lab,
I      Inn,■
„lef   I'll   I'
t'hiei   I'ol,llili
.,|   I.amis f,.
nf  land  situated
 "-.  ..■ ■,,
.1  liekets
id  -.'.->,„ I
ill  I.,   distribute
mill  plensiire  i"  ihe nrgu ills
if  th,
tllotlt     I III   ell
lilts   up Irom   in..ii 11
Smith Toronto (
.... ,'. _.'.-. i, ■ ■       iVer is  n  di uc
irkel    S.
th"    Itt.ltlel     I.
I|.    ^peiiKllli!
VI,    \N..... I
, ,,      ...le   of
po-t   piano
i  on  uottl,
There will In- mull-ill nn Thursday. January 13th,
Officer Commanding.
ruer ami  mat
Utttl   I'.   A      II..I
111)11   ale
.    I..
id,   .li.i   mil
unlit    lo   i
il', I'l'
for   in.
fill-    Iii    tn,
llllll ll," I
ion.   !ii"tnii"i
post,   then,
I),      ■   lllpi"!
oh ied
>,|  I,, .In nl,.   ii Iiii   ih.
llll   -iiii. lav   nmht  vi i
ludred :h"   h
iduced   with   ih,
llle    III
11  be |.,.. en
i   -nl.'  iilin
. "I.   I'lel alile    ueic
wise lhal,  in a  .'.is
111   ell
...... .   iie-i   In  .haul-,   south       I"
t-oiitaiuing  li','*
,    imiis  nn   I.Tn" in re     concluded  bv
IVIUL    Uni!    Ills
ll        II    Is
tiled     !'■
sellisll.   an
il   thai
order  I" tn
eoniedy  thai   has
•nl..I    vVhns,   Haliv an
been written
, n-eii  from n age  daverv   he  had     ti
thi    play  has  been  | IiicihI
agitate  the     it loin  ol  n
advised  hi-   listeners   t..  I.n
\ .ll!''.
•   i   th"  title
■ it. h pin a-t-     in   Revelstoke
.1,,    I,
all   Ih,
t.. .1
h.tuhl ciuefiillv
acre    in,,, i
III   "In
,r less
llllstllllees,   aii'l   g
ispute  '1
i,le    I
aid   not
I  get   all    ihe
l take
Dated thi-     lutli   da
I tin'.i
.i II nib.
rcunielits  udvuiii'ed b;
the    linn      tlieIn
bt'l     i.
fly High Says Rleriot
nlislii   I
...     a-    It    H..-
■ ■  Suturd
ai  in.
,.1 th- I
".      ...ell
1,-1     ft,
nth Toronto
South Well
. VI i t on 1,1 ie),   ii In,   are.
I        \ oil
.1   an   li
ell   inforiiu'd "ii   the leuiil  us
i nv    ,','..
■ I   ii ha'        ill,
■  ■ .       hi   - at.n.'l
I ■
11.    I
I."   «-:.
iludv   of
.iioiui   reallv   meanl
for tight Hour Day
I   think   i'
ijllt    'nm      I In    ihe
||,|   I.,    in   In"
iv a. iir.iis'iiniM
(i i: iii:i)si'i(nvi.
NOTICE 1^  IIIKIiltV G1VKX   tin
Hi   duj - fr
date 1  intend ti
iv    i .
ilself  llllll
-hold,.      I1
-n.iai.l   am    mis
..i   .nil an. in;
,.|     I.
I  hi"!  I
uinuussiouer    o
■.•I  Inn.I situatei
.to."11   1 In  ■ Into
n|t   tl        mollili      i.i
ll I
tiiuf,     po-t  planted on  north
.1,,-  inirotliicei     "!
I"  ..i VV,„„1
river uud  marked ti.   li
■.   ■■■   .
hurt during an  a-, ens-ior
. .ill    "i    li
in    i lew
. I   think
I ■
ih   |t> .1.
tiller   post,    iheni-
iiii-, em i   in chains,
l<>  .1
III ll
lain        to     VV,„III
vest   toll,
.■ ••   lhat
OIL'     lllel'     I,
-pinni  t,i commencement
close to thi
.: 1. I. •    ■
weii»h   all   th,
1 lien   II,
ni"-   linn	
pla.f n
Haled   Ibis      Imh    ,|,i,   ,,( |),.
inll  ir .
Ion      :' i-  I" -
nil    th"   -lalul.
.!     11",'ll
nf falling
Ifereafti r,  I   I hii k  I lini   I  -hall n<
a-,   a        '    '
above ■ i
it ■ irkiiii!
less    tin
Card of Thank
f. j
Best Year Yet
Pinctiot Fired
i i,i..t I'.
i- Ilia "in   given
lays     niter     ilnie
rpeuter,  intend  lo
nppl.v   i" 'he t'hief Commissi r     of
I . "'I    i",' ihe purchase of ihe follow
lesei i"',I   bind,
commencing ai   a
i"   '   planted  nboiil  2D ehuins boU	
lu.    I'
w I i;
Her anil  nllolll    Ilill el
mills I r..in
Hi uih  ami  ninrke.l  .1.  Prill  S.  \\.
■ni".     post,      them
-1    Ml   clii
■ith -'ti ihu
it.  bank oi W..... I
".. 'he,
'•■     '  l(i
u me;
iiilh   bank   of
i.all   aln.at   so  ,.|,
V     II V
..''I ,ln
..lib   I.
" in laiiiiiie   Kin
1909,   ■..ll"'"I     ."■-'.
•   ..'..'I   I'.".-.
Ihe Alien Players
Open Season for Beaver
■I., io.i. do
a ii...
.1    I'.lill.l.
Socialist Meeting
i ii,..i
li.im,    Vt'eiil
,i «
IX    llll    ,tl I'lll.MI.   i III III   ul'
llltl I I.   II   I III.I  Vll'.l \
In  ll
•   n. . i ..a   ..I
VVIMliM.   I  p   Al   I ".
V'i'l  .   ..I
•|."Inin. '..,1.1  ,,,,,!  [Silvi
; I,.- "
lei   in   hi
nml I
nl   |"I
Oon't Fail to Join the ladies
ai the Maccahees of the World
'  i in    "i  I  irdeiiu, I'.. I
Ioi,  ,
lion j.. i  until   i.iilnlii).
.    1., ,,.
VIII     III  I'l l',\
id     n
i ■•'
il„-   ilcln   ,1a
I .    V
Ih.     Illjuvc    name,I  1
■    ■
,,, ,. "I    I,
anil   c>
in . iter ' la
hold  ii-
now  nt
I'bivt i'',i  "ii
    I        i
.1  April,  A
l i
.      ,'."|L.I        ,,'       a
I".     'I
till   11
■     hi     -  ,
       I"    a! ten,I I,
1'"    " ''' '  I" '
' al       Up! I    ' l!
!"..   I,,   i'l .._ ..
."'.    .'
■I    ,1    ,,  .   i      -    ,,,
■ I   VI,
V     II
■ '
lu ing in
,p"i -tn
,1   I'm
ih" laughl  ii,,I  "II      il,n,.
■■I  \"l
11,. I   the
eh       ,"   Ih.
,„,,     ...   'i..
I     Ih"   Till
I'l1,    II     '
ill] . ..i.i.,,,.. "I ipirits which r-aiis,
.ii    ih,
:.n it tils   "i'|"
to the up|
.,,,.,       ...    .ini   -ai iii^i
ing   ih.ii    ii
worker    "i todav   i.
..,,..,,   i"!'l  llinl   io
I i,.     .
n   "i    i   ......    ".I   "han
.    .   i  hei    bi
„f   Ih.
II, :   '
I    I
'I lied      I im.
l|      v.
.    I
doiii   v. .
illle   Ir
but     In
id    / ,
"U.-hl    \l llll    I I'"   I    . .   .
,1     In   in   111      ll„
the I , ,,,   I,.1"     .1,,'   in,,,
■I'l'     i"";   i      " ill| I    'elm Itil a'
Holed Ihii    !l      Is     all., oinln ,     v
ti . ioim
the!     U
t ry  v. i "   .       	
,,.   ,,1      di inll,ii ■.   llll     ".' '       in       O'      I
..■I'l  oViji   .
i i" lu'ii'" ".'. Mi
ere i piull;     radii ihln und remarl ilili    '
I    ii   ..'
betlei   grnal   impi    m n  mm hinery, nml
\.l  '
■ ll   «
,n   pi" ijilc   I' .
I pern li"1. "   ' ' ■
'i   "i
■ ne '.i,   the Inbi
i ii   ,i
MUS,   VI VMM    111 i K
, iu .,,.1, ,   Vf I
I   ii  I   il     i
i   it  v, di mu ii
I,iu ir, w ho
I nn," addi
i" i  10
'  "Ininliin
111 llic mallei of tlie l.illlil ll"i;isii
Aol uud ill tile inutter of Uu- Tub' l"
tlm S. M. ipiariei of Section 6, Town-
ship 211, Itnngi' li. west of Ibe lilb
iiicriiliiiu (excepl 51) neres and ibe
f\' li. light-of-way) Piuvince of H t'.
\\ beieiiH ibe t'eiiillcaie of Title No.
II.'.i.Vi.i to tlie ii In i ve beiedlliiinents in
I lie inline of Peter Scotl Ins been lost
or ili'Hiinved und application bn- been
innib- to me for n duplicate i hereof:
Nol ice is hereby given ilml a duplicate celt IHcute of title In Ibe above
hereditaments vvill be issued at Ibe
expiration of tbiity days Irom ihe
dale nf Ibe Hint piil.liealii.il hereof
unless in tIn- meantime valid objection
to tbe coniriny is made to rue in
District Itegistiur.
Land Hegisliv Ollicc.
Kainloops, B, t'.
line, 15, I'n'.t Dec IS-lm
Water Notice
N', tit-e is hereby >j,i ■■ r lint mi iipp'i
fill iltll u II be 11,,-itle in tl- l Pail \.'f
lll« "V alee All, HHfl." tn obtain a
lit i-ni-e in ibe Revelstoke Mii i-ioi-I'l
West K' olctiuy District,
[a| I lie name, nihil- »■ nnd nceiitin
I in. nf Ibe apt lieI i V. I |i"!.ili li .•
Ibe fllv  of U' li'ls'..|,f   ll «'
| If I r mi nine; pu po-c-| Kree Minet'-
Certlrlcale No	
|n| The name ol tin- I ike, .-In an. nl
H'-ui-ce |if unnamed, the description i |
a stream Honing oil' Miami lti'Vi-lsloke
in a vul'ey in ii si-i|.|iei'ly iliiecti. u,
and elliplyl  j inin  the 11 let i lewnei a:
a point al'itlll half ll mill' wesl ol tile' ly
('nek bridge.
|t I Tbe point of diversion tit n
pint,l about 2500 fell above sea level
..i. said stream.
|tl| Tin- quantity of water applied
I'm-   |'ii  cubic   feel' i er    second]   ten
"lib e 'eet   t P'   se.-otnl
I   I    T1 e   'bn   'ler     f   'I'"  P "1
ti.it.      Si   it. I.   pi. ■     I    i     . on   f I
wi'b Bridge fit ek.
|  |     l|„.    p , ,, i-  -    on      id '.'li   lb"
M.l   . I   i .    .1.    ll.     Us   ll   |   1. SCI ill"      Hill    1 -
I In- t'otpor lion "I  Hn  ' in of   ll' V'l-
| | The put p"-. s lor nl.i. b tie-
nil.-,   s lo I s."l    II  il    di uss.
| | If lor in in li'li ties i the Ibe
I ttiil niielitb'd  'o  lie   irrig'led. gl  ing
||      If   i Im  mi is   is  lo i I toe
power "i mining pm pi - n .1 -it ibe i Im
place vvbeie tin-n.iei i   I ■ b-  i. I in i.ed
sin.n   u ilui.il ill tliill'l, ii ul il"' dlf-
i'lr. CO   ill      ll illldf    In" il. 'il    point of
.lil "isittti I" (1 p. I' I  of , t. il! Ii	
|j| Aif.i •! (' nun hn,d Intended in
i e  or- up ed  in   ib"   p ' posi ,1 works
A1 om 12 iei-" ,
|k I Tin- notice na ■ p sled i ll ' lu
eighth day   "I    .lain.all .  IDIH,  ind it'-
..lie .1 ion nil' In- inildl' i" ' !"■ i  ni
-nun i ..ii Ibe eigli I. dav of   I'l In lull y,
| | Him Ibe names and addiesses
..I ..in riparian prnpt-iHtit'S m-licen-
,1't'Mili.iiil' Whose hinds ure lil cly In
on .ll..i.tl l.y Ibe pt'ii| osc 1 norks,
ii Iuu ulioii' oi liih.lv I .e . nllii -
(loveiiimt'iil hind US fill as is kiiovvu.
llltl TK A.  I.AWSIIN,
( ity Clerk.
jnii 12 Im Uevelstnke, B.O,
Sotift! ij I ir i el iv !_iv<*>i Liiul til) day h
'i.mi ilnii' I, \\ Unlft'W . iR'cupiitiou,
iiiinn ,  iiUimmI ki "p|il\   i<. Lho     i 'hid
l  ..I       I       ()(      1.innl-.    ll)   |H||vli;i-,p
tl..'    follow ill-    ill'   l li I    hili'l,    B.tUUtGll
    Jim . 1.,'iiMs   in.m  inouih <.l Wood
Kivor  ftiul ii  i - i   plunlod on       oul h
i. ( rivoi   nml iMtiisf.l \\.   Nn.li.'u i
i,\ ilu* Urand ImuU Pacific Branch
Lines t'onipniu will appl) to tin- !\irli,i
iiii*iit ot Canada) ;il iis present si'ssion,
lor ;in Aci Further ivmrmlinK the Ait In-
corroral'niy I Ik* Companv, Chaptei <v> o«
the siaiiiu s <>l M)<\i->, .'s tinuMuled h\ Chapter 86 ol ihe MaluU.** ot  1909, by .luthoi
izillji    l In-   con si 1 ml    o|    Ihe   followillK
addiiional linos of rail wu it;
(il Krom a point on ihe Western M'
vision ot tin- Gran f Trunk Pacific Railway
between the •.■.iM liniit of Range 1^ 'atul
the west limit of Kanjje 17, wi-st of tho
third meridian, thence in a southwesterl)
and westerly direction lo a point
in the vicinity oi Calgary, Alberta,
or io a poini on Ihe lino which
lite Company is authorized, under paragraph 14 ot il.nisv' 11 ot s.tiil Chapter99.
io cousli nol to Cul*far):
t j) Prom a point on iho proposed lino
atontioned in paragraph ti) between the
i-.isi limit of Range 20 and tin- west limit
ol Range 48, west ot Ihe Ihird meridian,
thence in an eastei h and southeast ei ly
direction to Regina or to h point in lite
\ icinity tlteieolj
(3)    Proui .   ...... ^ .1 tin- proposod line
inoi.tii noil in paragraph  l-'t  hei ween the
east limit ol Range -'| and tho   wcsl   limit
I of Range 27i\vest ol iho second meridian!
10 Moose Jaw, or loa point in llic vicinity
, thereoft
14! From it point on iho Western Division of tho Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
between Aitlaml ami Wainwright, thence
1 in an oastotlv and soulhcftslerly direction
; to a point ou tho lino which tho Company
is authorized, under paragraph 1.1 ot'
clause 11 of said Chapter 90, to lu- constructed to BatUcford;
(5,) From Rcg'ma, or a point in tho
vicinity thereof, thence in a southwesterly
and westerly direction 10 Lethbridge. »>r
to a point in the vuinitv of Lelhbridge on
iho lino which iho Company is, under
paragraph 14 of clause n ol said Chaptei
»-)'*. authorised to construct from t.a ^ary
to iho southern boundary ot the Province
of Alberta at or near Coutts.
((>) From a point im tho main lino Ol
iln- \\Ysiem Division between Moose lake
and Tele Jaune ('ache, thence through
iln drainage ol the t learwater River*
Ronaparic Kivor, Solon and Anderson
Lakes and llio l.llloet River or the Sipia-
iiiinIi Kivor, or between the last two
Rivet's, to Vancouver, hi iii.-h Columbia;
authorizing an issue ol bonds to Iheextenl
ot $30,000, a mile iiT the said lines ot
railw <\, numbered (1) to (5) inclusive and
comprising the said lines within what aro
defined by the -aid An as the "Manitoba,
Saskatchewan and Alberta Extensions" 1
authorizing an issue of bonds lo ihe extent
of $50,000.00 a mile of the said fine 01
railway numbered to) and comprising lho
said line within what is defined by the said
Act as iho "British Columbia Extensions)'
uud also amending paragraph 11 of clause
11 of ihe said Aoi, as regards thi southern
terminus ol the lim lh» reby authorized, to
tu' constructed from Regina to the International Kouiu-arv at or near N nh
Ponal '
Dated at Montreal this 29th da) of November, 1909,
dee 2i) nn       Solicitor lor Applicants!
Synopsis of Canadian Homebtead heguLtions
VNV pv .ih' tin Domiui"ii Luiids within tho
RttilWH* H"ii n. I'ii -i, i 1, uii'hi'., nm.v
tin uutiiHSittriut'd by Huy pei nil \\i ■ i> ibd ^^*lH
ImuU ■ l h tn 1 ily,it ma 11 u■»■ 1 viir B yo in nf
hko, i - tlm ''x'fin.nf tM.u-'tuariur ..tcti .a ul  I0U
I ... r.
. 1 In.
Kutri ,1.11-1 be made por ally ■••. tbe Ioi d
laud una - f.-r • tto ili-in- 1 n. niuuh tDi* .hi.a in
BHi'HlQi    Iiuii     l.y   i.n.xj   nm>,  In wever. he
I in ih.ii   oti     Tlaiu  • niniiimu-  i>y   ihe luincr,
5-   tier, -uu daughter, bruLimr or ttlctorulau
i tn.uiuluiK [luinc-ioiiiltir
Ufho homes wader srenulrodto perform tlie
oouultlnufl outiUBOted itiivfwiili uuttei one ol
Lho inllitrt \t\g pious :
j   (l>   Atlensttilx  utbs1 reMdet.co upon and
■ ruiliv.iut.il uf tlm hind in  u .i:t.   your   t-r  tbr-n
1 (2) If lho father (nr mothor, 11 il.e inttiori-
: deeensedi of the homesteader resides upon n
fiirin in the, vicinity nf tlio [and entered f' r, lho
i requirements sate residence may bo sntisflud
1 by sucb i»o*s n rostdluR with tho nuher ut
1    (H)  If tlm settler lias his perm a u out relldenoo
: upon farming land owued t»y blm in iho vicinity nf iiin bumestoad- tho requtromeots bi to
: rrsiiloii'ii limy Im sutll Und   hy   re-itluncn  uiinn
; thesnidUud,
Hix uu-111 (i.,' itotlcf in wrltlup fin hi hi hn immi
in tlm Cnn.mUsinuor nl liotnlnlou Lsnas ai
OttawH "f lutouilui. i<> apply for pntout.
iii\t. -1 ual niiuiiii; rik'ht- may bo loused for
it period nt 1 wi'i.iy-i.M) }iiiir> nt ill) ai.liual
iiu.n.l of II pur aero. Nut more Ibuii 8,IMJfl
acros  .-hall tm leased  to one individual or
' p-iiiy    A royalty at iho rate uf five fonts
par ton shall beiulleotedon tlm morrbnuiahln
vail miiiod.
W. VV, * <)K^
in,p.uy ..t iho uuilsior ni iho imerlor.
N II,   Unanlhorlsoil publluaUou nf this at
vertlnemeut will uni ha paid for.
E.    G.    BURRIDGE
\.     \        . ..lis.I    [XI   I . llll'lni.    s,„|||, |ll
i-battiH,     «'•-!     I"     I'linins,  north   IU
,n    in [ii.ini nl vs.....r 1 ivni. iin'ii'f
(,,ll..\\iu;. bunk ul W I river tn poinl   Tinsmithine, Repairs,   Hot  Air
.,( mm nm nt.  riuilniniiiu   I0U m Pipe and  Furnace Work
11      1.
Dated iln- l"u< tlu   "I Deis.,     IVUU   ; WORK   SHOP
W   ANDREWS, Oonnaught Ave.   -   Revelatokq THEPMAIL-HERALD REVELSTOKE, B. C.
.Miwz^zzizr^T^zzz^^M^^f.i^ ■ n'"i'irnri'"j'j' z^zsrzsuvszi
. '.aa^sasE
■ J-. ..^.UJUI-—
..-:: -.-:    .   i.
•v ■*. ■■•?,/'
We  are  gradually   removing   "in    Drj    G '"'s
stock    Up    -'airs.       Sonic
hip   hnrgitins   in    (.ml i s'
Skirl   i ;
Tnki ' .' ■ ilor.
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke
and surrounding towns and settlements. Our aim is to place before the
purchasing" public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Oi i -.
T. lephone I Tilers.
Send the children to
the atore    Come yourself.
Have our city traveller
call at your home for
K £1 Y* CY
... !
Goats, Skirts
£■ ?&   1
One only   Ladies'  Suit, size   32, skirt 35, in grey and
:      .   ,-N.f green stripe, Tweed, nice   heavy   tvnrrn soil for a
I i   "f'-^-V/ slllilll    lftllv   iil'iil--  	
t> &rs;*"
"%':k-       ^fcC Regular .$15 for $9.50
j'\w\\~\ii  i\\V If °no  "nlv  l'"n ■'•'  >'"-  '''•'  thrown   'tripe cloth,
,/i i  \/'" l)|\/.v     I     >i  | ii.-tM'.-i   sea mi    lyle, well   lined  and thoroughly
tailored, a 	
$25 Suit for $15.00
I   i  ■ y il i      l\<'^( « \ One oul) LuJii      Suil    nut      blui     lri|     i-lo'h, <-ilk
S* vf M '•te.'A *  f\\ lined, should not etav Ion nil  now
If   you hi  ■■! 'I g  I   mi    '       i' S'sirt" wr in    ■ '
a ii i rgniu you' lb          uir: \       'A     .... il
k'rte  up  'o  i               • I   ; hi in on  n
counter lip-stttii
The Skirts thai n«ti illy i'd <•'.< '■• $1 > ive It ive plan ''I
alongside of those, they ire all Panamas, Yoilus,
Wool    I' ,:;■ i ■ ii  .   etc.,    ivt-ll    ivortli    ■■ uui notice.
T ike cl'vaim- .'ml gel a - well -i.i;', nl
We are not giving
away goods nor yet
throwing all our stock
on the counters at half-
price. To tell you the
exact truth we have a
number of lines we are
clearing, and any ot
them are going at a big
bargain. If you can do
with any of the lines
mentioned the price
saving will be worth
while. Very well worth
your while to prospect
around our different
Ladies' Ready-to-
wear Department upstairs.
Tin I.-.(lit- Coats—-il! pood warm cloth coats, mostly
six. p, 34, 30, 38, the price was a Ioi more than
uii.it they   an:   now marked, going now at      .   .
From   $10 to $15
iVi'iity   Dozen   Fancy   Handkerchiefs   (or Ladies, an
assortment   lefl   over   from   Christina nice
election   of   patterns.     ,\i   lhu  price they are a
decidrtl  saving ......
20c. each or 3 for 50c.
.; 200   I'm   Ladies'  Cash-
'■ / '3
'V lucre I lose, all si/,,.,., mixed
■■, lols,   Saxony,   Llama,   nil
j standard   makes,  and    all
J   <   |  I regular   50o.   Iius'i!.       Take
I  elevator   	
■ ; ' \
a   -v- 3 pairs for $1
■      Km
. .....
%     Bed Sheets
/: Jf
'.   '    ^*£"
lH' While ltd
I  tlhli\
twill      extra     heavy
J    mi.Is
wi id -•   yards
lone., ready
tit   in ii, i i i.t    the
■ • . it"i
-        -
.- •-- -
35c. each
Extraordinary Values in Men's Winter Overcoats
Regular Winter I  lata  oi  black  and  gray cloths, up-to-date in everj respect.    A
styli-h coat  lor'uny occasion and   for  any  man.    They come iu 15 and 50 inch
Regular $17.50 and $18, Now $11.50
THE  "MUTO" OVERCOAT- "'!'  »«"■ ' "Muto"
colUr  which can   he changed   f i   it   regular   ulster collar lo II
collar in an instant.    Park hrown and striped tweed.-. rk"t offei
Regular $26, Now $17.00
MEN'S  RUSSIAN  OVERCOATS-"i '    popular ovei
nit*ni ioi nun,      Russian collar, ulsier cut, four deep po kets, boxed l> tlon holes.
Dirk tirown and grey cloths.    Made only in  52  inch lengths    	
Regular $22. Now $13.00
-       ..
Bargains  in  Boys'  Overcoats
It price is an ohjeol we can assist you in accomplishing your aim.     \ll our hoys
overcoats al greatly reduced prices,     \-k t'i see then   wi      •• ii leresi you,
i IIILUIlES'S   RED   RIVER   COATS  ol blue  hUnk»"  cloth, lined   «i
ll.i'in. 1 ..... . II gnlat 151 ". n >w
BOY-1 I'LSTERS ol gray cloth   with  imitation   lamb collar and cufl
rpguUrly ai J6.00, can he houghl now        . . . . |  ,, • ,    i
BOYS' REAL IRISH FRE1ZE REEFERS, dark gray Regular *4 00 for »2.50
BOYS' I'IjSTERS, dark grat cloth, velvet collar Itogu ir prici SU 50, now $4.00
BOYS' Rl'SSlAN I'LSTERS, up-to-date in everj respect, liiith collar, loui
pockets.    Dark and light browns,  Regular $9 coal tor $l>; regulai SH coats for %"
ir "in?
|aW   II
Regular $22, Dow $13
Grocery   Department
Phis is tho lime ol year when you will enjoy a good Fish Dinner,    We carr;  a lull
line  of  Siit  Codfish, Ltbrador   Pat   Herring, Sail   Sea  IV  it. Sail Ma
Salmon and Holland Herring in small keg-.      Don'l forget 113 when you wai
lint Drinks for this cold weather.     Try a bottle of  our Bovi 1 in 2 oz. al 10 cents
I n/. ui 75 Dents; -JO oz ai ifl 25, and Johnson'* Fluid Beel    . 1 ■. al $1.     \ good
drink, a warm drink and a nourishing drink.
Let us quote you prices on Breakfast Foods, the freshest on the market to-day.
Any kind you want, Grape Nuts, Puffed Rice, Cream of Whent, Quaker Oats, Malta
Vita, Force, Toasted Corn Flakes, Shredded Wheat Bisoults. Triscuits, Wheat
Berries, Breakfast liem, Orange Meat, Carnation Wheat Flakes, Barley 1
Wheal Granules, Oatmeal, Rolled Oats. Buckwheat Flour, nn 1 Self-Rising l'uritan
On Friday and Saturduy we will sell   French  String Beans at   16cai 11 .
cans for $1 ini.    Regular price 25 centa a can,    Don't forget to get some    Remem
ber tlie  price   	
15c. a can or 7 cans for $1.     Friday-Saturday THE MAIL-HEHALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Every Purchaser of 50 Cents Worth of Goods
Out of Our Store Gets a Coupon Ticket
This   Ticket   May Draw Any One of Our Grand Prizes
PRIZE   1.     Mackay    Defiance
Sewing Machine, Value $55
This is ;i firs! class ball-bearing, nickle-
plated, 4-drawer machine,
PRIZE 2.   Silver Tea Set Four
Pieces, Value $25.00
PRIZE 3.—Gentleman's Gold-
Filled Case Watch, Open
Face, fully guaranteed.
PRIZE 4.—Mantle Clock with
marbleized Columns.
These Prizes have nol yel arrived from  the manufacturers, but  aro
expected any day ami then will bo pul  on exhibition.    Any
nm' of these Prizes an- well worth having.
The Day for Drawing Prizes Will Be Advertised. Get the Lucky Number
is iii lull swing turning out nothing but tbe best
Bread and Cakes. Try them, they are like tbe
Groceries 1 carry   CANNOT BE HEAT!!
P. 0. BOX 208      CROCER AND BAKER       PHONE 23
►OO-OO-O-OO-OO 0<K>-CKM><HKKK>-0-<K>0 6
11    liorll
.1  i
In j.in
M - ,ons   I',.ink   .iiii    ve   into   il"
mild a.   tomorrow   ufloi-i   ■
\-      ,,    result  "I   il"1  liotul    ■ lian^'
are  going   on,   i:   is
bars in Uevolstokn
■ offering 5c.  I t-s.
IV.   II.   Aliialialn.-ttil  t      loill(    ill
• •i lilting up iln- now  tlrj   l' I
■  mont of tho lirst lloi
ilata.   tV Go's. Btore.
\    McKae ami    IV. A. I     in tot
. se> oral   li' ■■. •     i' ■'     reutij
purposes,    anil     work  will  I
•"ii   us  spring.   <->ia■ 11
Uvei   S200U was  the | -ot-cl;
••ui    dues     for im|' nt go ..ila
■ -in. i  i.n   tlio lasi  few   day .  ii» Iml
ing  liqu a ,   tobacco, ettnued  me il   ul
A .'.tlllljllllfl-,   LUII-l-1 III-    "I     'I       	
I .   aid in ty, aud  J. M    tinlili
■   ii.ipei ting  '!"■ now     leiun  lu-itting
,  ..ui in  ui" i" «   liospitul building nt
.  j   ,.;.   ■..■:  ill  ol   Uf  ll" ini.ii   Hoard.
Ai   tbi    ioi i "i-i   l'i' i;.   ii" ■ I iii|       on
Sundtt)      itigln     uext,    i •■   bilison
j..    ill      aa   .aI'll"--
will ' Irgonizei    I cieaux .
livolul    ll.  I  ai
. .     i" ■        .itlty.
rom  ib
... l-.ii
■il,  anil  will  u '•   t
b. • ■
\   i..   .
';;   ■ '
.       ■. .■ !i    ,,      a    hollll     I "V. I
profit able   tin •    ment.
t   .
.... .   i • iuvi
. a   it\    '. a-    1
,.      in    .
'.    I r i J ■ . J t;.        .
premium <>'.  1*' |wi    i-nt.
i '.-    .Lttatiai  li" • ■ .   .    ol
null   i'l   .11.   ,l"i.n      I i.■■!''. " ■
will  if  I,"lil in   llili chui
After the meel ii .
be spent, ii"
refn i
■   ■!      Will!      1!  •
portunity "I meoting  iln
i;.-.. Mr. Melvin.
Lin Saturdaj   i" ut
begin in the bitten uni
il I
ip tht      partii
don  and 5G  pi
m go to the
ind  a  large number on   '■!
md il* vol!  .
Powei  Age, I
■ .
•.  .    ii,.   entire
: tm   I k,  i
. .a  devoted to    I   i
■ .
.tor 1)0 	
■ . n     11	
i.j.    '. t    r    oi
w ■    pej
.   ,       . i ■.   .,
j 11 Happy New Year J
ii   vuilt im in: \M-;n
\ p| 1!    II        |       \       I    I
Ih mu .1 ; •.. 1010 win ■ il"
pendent upon ntn good
«lihsa   11" i"  would   i >■  no
Inii.' I.. •
|-',,1     ll.t-    !     • Iltllj       I    ■ '
and kind ' our piitroi
during l'.**1 we ara ihankrul
ami extend In mu' and nil A
\..i y Happy New Yi ■
flews'Drugs Stationery Store
SI'.X'I    111 Ml'.   IIUII l<
ll     HI  '■. II.    '     III' M  -
1909   New Year Greetings   1910
Alter the ni'isi successful year I have as yel en
joyed I take great pleasure in thanking my many
customers and friends for their kind patronage
and lake this opportunity of wishing you one ami
and inisi 1 may enjoy the pleasure of serving
you again during the coming year.
Your Insurance
Is   ''in- ill   the   must   important   it'-nis
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look ;itti r this branch of your business
Successors tu Kuicaid & Antieit-on
$26 per ton
No. 1 Timothy Hay $22 per ton
Lowest Prices on Bran, Shorts, & Wheat
General Merchandise Telephone 248
Tin' >"""-  I lo'1   "llisl   ,1"1'  ""'l ul  ii poinl in il a-trrh boundary of
on  W.-.l I.iv   ni'jlii   nl   'I"'  homo      of slu,| |n,   |].||  Nv („.,,.      ,]„■ -am.,   would
Mrs.     H       .1.   tv.,i ..a.    l.i-.iit     tables |„.  ;„,„,..,.,.,,.,| 1)y ,|„,  n..,,.,l,.-,lx   l„,„,,
mail.'  up  'If game ■   tlm  prizes   hoinp ,|;ll>   ,,,-     |,,,   |   |„ |,|,„.t      |.j ,,,,„|, i
won   In    Mi  -    M' I'ail.tlif.   a   . lailll V .ilia-. ..;1>,,.,|V   |„   „   Mrai-llt    II,,,.   (o   inl-l-tl
ami   Mr   Croliyll.   I l'"li>        liin-li. ,|„.  B|,i,|  aaM.Tlx   lioilllduri    oi   llll   llll
li-lY-lnn-m-   Here   :ill-rlVanl>   served. ,!„.,„,.   vvtfsll.,|v   in   a   -hai-lil   lino      I"
Tin-  Ski  nml  Snow   Shoo fluli   held die nortli onu  lornrr of   anl  lol   I. in
their seiniuoikli   trump In -i      nigh I . block   1:1.   tlionoi'  southerly  iitong    tlie
Inking  n  i.aiia down      lho sieop river ..j. h   bounduri      of hu'uI lol   1      in
bunk  iif'i  lho "''I St.  Andrews i-lmivh blm-k   12  lo the  south eusloi-ly  oornor
,,..u.,i i;,tj, ...   i  ulorioiis  sliile, mill honil- of   ..aitl lol   I  in  block   12,  thence soli-
iio: in an-- lho     river lo lho  i'liinwula iherly following lho enslorly boiindiiry
liver mnl lin.-k bj   ihe Rev. W. P. t'ul- of     -..i.i lot   I  in block      12, produced
dor's taii'li. -iniilit'il.i     iu n     strtiighl lino i" lho
On | ,.„,!„.,  :11st  il ii> employees  ihorl.i Umii "' 'I"' nlloj runniug bo-
wev |i,.|tn I  nt  dinner  ul   tho   re- '"   the Northerly boiindiin   of  thai
.i,l,.„ i   Mr.  .iii.l   Mi-.   II.   N Ilium. I'1'" "''     '""tl    inurked "Mill  llosorve"
Utor diiinei   Mi.    Noeilhuin, on  belinll ""  -"i'1 I'1'" *'<■'■'■■   ll'ouoc oustorlj    i..l
of the  -ia;i. in iiit'.l Supl. Duck with liming   tl"' squthorlj   lilnil   of  suid  al-
a   lllilnl    .In—in-  disc  a-   a   token '">     :""1  ''"'      northerl.i   boundary    of
l.tciii  in  ulii-li  ho if  hold     |ij '"i'l  I'1"1   "''  l«»d      inail.,.,1    -Mill   He-
-.'i\f" |titti|ui<f(| eusterl}   in  a  straight
line   in   il iislorli   litiiiliiluli   nf    aid
in Im   llll      thence   northerly,  following
,,,,-v Ihe    -aitl eilslerl}      lioiindiir}     of said
l"l      llll     Itt     th,.        |... 1111     ttt    tnin nott
=   in.mi.      \inl i.n     iho   eanoellalion    "I
hal   I'l'iiitin of -aitl plan 0H2n a       is
'omprised within  lho  following bouii
lai if-,  iiiiineli.   all   lhal   portion      "f
block  "A" uccorilinu     i" said plan
I   ..   mu ' i mi rcieuslO'l ni ii nni'iii g ■ ., .
,., , !,.     . .... „ . 032n marked Heservo tm -ml   'Inn;
ol lie Klectors ol Wind 1 hree toilhr . ,, .      .
myeell »« » candidate lor tbe Council <'"  ll,;" I""" ' M:"" l,ll'co,     '"
board   (or   1910.    I   herewith  ace 11 -I""" "" -""I plan 032a lying east "i
m iniiitttiaii   (or  t.'iiiinciliiiiin   lor   tie a   lino drawn  across  mid  Main  Street
ensuing year and bpg to solicit your ,,i right angles in the loutherly limit
v ito anil ii iliiencc. Iherouf; Irom a point in Baid southerly
W  ABRAHAMSON. |,,„,i   |J7     feet    east  'if  the wostorl}
.,      .   ,       .   .,      i. .n,n liinliiilan   ol  -ni'l   li'l    111-       lllld       nil
Municipal Elections 1910     u,., pom  s,,,,,,.,,.,- m.  .,-
havi    ussciiUhI to Dr.   shewn on said plan 0U2n, lying   south
ii a  lint'   tlrawu across said Somenos
\\ci ai right iniclf- i" iln- westerly
Unit   ihereof,  from  a  poinl  on     Baid    i
woslorl}   limii   l"l   fool  -..mii     "I    iho
it    -tiiiiht-a i corner "i l"i  I  in block  12
ttt  i
i In-ill
Uf   limit   -ftfial   -li.nl   pi -
Im.l a.nl prinled  l.inol  prii
I.hi, to clour,   i     II   Ih  tV  l
Municipal Elections, 1310
We are offering a lot ol* goods suitable to the cold
weather we are having, antl the prices have dropped
lower than the thermometer. We are busy stock-taking
and we have to got a lot of goods out of the way before
we inventory, and will also need the room for the Spring
goods now on the way. Here are some of the prices we
are quoting:-
We have till si/.es both in separate pieces antl combinations. We guarantee these perfectly unshrinkable and
will replace any garment that shrinks We offer them
this   month   at 25 PER CE„T. OFF.
In fine, soft materials, and all sizes, both white and
grey, all selling at 25 PER CENT. OFF
Rare going fast,   They are the Fall Styles and splendid
value at our regular price, but they have to go at once
|[and we are now selling them at HALF PRICE
We have pul on the counter a lol of the best stockings
for boys thai we have ever shown. There are all sizes
from i'. tn L0. If you buy two pair you can take three
pair.    Hurrj up, for they will not stay long at this price.
We have gathered a lot of Remnants. Dress Goods,
Flannelettes, Prints, Ginghams, etc., and have marked
them for quick sale. Come and get your share of them.
in our gift distribution are 1049, ll'»7. 1687, 755, 871,
1572. and 4931. Only the second and fourth have yet
been claimed. Look over your coupons and if you have
any of these numbers, bring them in before Saturday.
Bargains in Ladies' Skirts
Di I nl   lievolstoke, 11.  ('.,  thin
Ini  ol .liiniinn . A.  ll..  I Will,
Vpnroved J. A. I'.
C,   K. lill.l.W
A choice line of Ladies' Winter Skirts,
ju^t the thing for tho cold weather. I.atcM
stiles and shades, at mid-winter prices.
Alterations made to suit customers riejit on
the premises.     Inspection invited.
MRS. A. G. CRICK, First Street
Opposite the Windsor Restaurant
if- nomination
P. II. Yoiii      I!    i iuKd       \     \.
ind, ' ■    Hobin ,11.  Knnpp.
Iiaw, It.     M. Smyil
\ un,  .1    Hull,   II.   M.l nriiiv,  ,1.   It
M.K.      ir.  lv >■. MeKno,   «" """" ' ^M P1"" r,:Wl
I    '.    I'.,,i...     I:    \|  Donald,  -I    Ha. I..
HI   l|   .     \\ l'.t-W-.     II.     I'.l'M-   ,
11    I     M.•Mini.ni.   I'..   A
I      \    Liradloy,  f.   K.  Lilian .
I     Kincaid,   I.   Kilpal
ijm-i \    I    llrookor,
U     \    -i."   '.     Mr      \    Smythc,      Vi.
i .-    II ii .   I     Mi-Curly,  .1.  •).
H    II   P ■-.•!.  II. I'..   Stones
■     \    Stone     I    Shn«.   ■'       \.   I.t-lif .
H    II imilt.ui    I     Un  'oil. i.      I'lt.iiL'li.
lley.  .1      11      Until.!,in.   .1 Mo
ll        ml   M ■       '.I aniif-. in       li
hi. II. I     H   Smi ihe,   Vm>   I
- lornoii,  A.
:    i"     .1     ttalkiT.  11.
\    Mnsivell,      II.    C.
|.   |j   |.|,,ti   service, nut m view nl iln- strong representations that nave been made io  mc bv many citizens,
u    *   Sturdy, thai  I -.InuiKI complete ihe work   of   installing   the new dam   and Power Plant which had been
ll    M, K.,,/1,.. 1). A.     Mi-I. , . •■• ,    ,
u   ,,     i;,.i,,.,,    inaugurated during my term ol oftice, ana the   assurances  ol   support in the election on Thurs-
1 eti-her, .1.  dav,  |.tnnarv  i -,ih,   I have consented to offer you mv services for another term  only
This Power Plant is laying tbc foundation of a Greater Revelstoke, securing the re-
instatemenl of the C. P, R. Shops and other industries, eliminating the lieavy expense of
maintenance hitherto necessary, and making the Power Plant a large revenue producer to the
t ity,  placing its finances in n strong position and relieving the burden of taxation.
The  proposals which  baie   been   made for an  improved water supple,   In   which the C.
P.  U. would contribute sufficient to cover ihe interest and sinking fund of ihe total cost ol   the
il   arc also mosl favorable to ihe City, and if carried oul will practically relieve ns from anyj
liability, and ensure to the City Treasury the full benefit of the increased revenue.
To the Electors of the City of Revelstoke
Ladies and Gentlemen :
h    had   been   my   wish  to  retire from  ihe  Mayoral  Chair after two  years  term   of
id,   II    '   ii
'     il. Clnv, A. N
pi .  «    1     M, 1  iiitfhlin, \\
■'IM,   ' .
"I ll I
Mi       Ml. .    I , lalnl   II..if
I In .. a   Hi,.   It,,,!
11 -.   11
M i     I     I. in   ,       '.t.i  nut  li
 r to il.- ■
...    ll
Mt        I      II     linn
a    M-il.t,
tin    wool
.a  Soleh Ilill, «■i
,'     i,-   i lev   rln
mi'j     I tiiWii
..i    |..,t
,, . I        in 'in.i 111 ■
'I |i<| n
.... .    i:.        '   ■"              '             ■      ■ i !   i"    '"• i"i     "
i . ■   nn     li . , ■     I             .1 .     ..,, II...I
, .       .                                              I . I,,  , .,         V
lirolhni ! '   l" '" "'   ,l'"
M,     u    ll ,,,     nf An i                          ITHKU  I \\\Y.  SO
(rlond    '.i llir  I.ml-   I  I I "  '
Mi    i     li. , I   Mill. .      i    ■ i I'l '" ' "     "'   lhl "   "' " '
     ,. ndli            I                      then   Ioi nl ■ |>|i      wlded lif, Mi                                 I"1 ■
i,ual,, r ji     ho  iii     lean Mi      I., llii led   Ioi
t am UU
I,    i .    an.i,li    I I l|>
I. "it..lai i-   .    Iiamoll .   all    I lull
III     Lit llll     .  .an,.
Heyond the completion of   these  works,  which have been initialed and are nccessarv lo
progress ol  Revelstoke,   I shall,  il  a^.iiu elected, insist on ihe strictest economy in all other
civic expendilures.    This policy, together with ihe increased revenue from the Water and Power
■  .  mil   place   ihe   Cit\    in   such   .1   strong position financially as to ensure a substantial
lion nl taxation during the coining year,
I'' 1 me to lhank you   for   ilic   support   you   have  given me in the strenuous work
which the tm Council has been 1 died upon i" perforin during the past iwo years, in which
Revel tokc has shown more substantial progress than in an\ similai period hitherto, and asking
.1 renewal ol youi  loyal supporl in tins contest,
I remain,
S oui obedient sci i ant,
Revelstoke, B. I ..
lanuan   11 th. 1910,


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