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The Mail Herald Mar 30, 1910

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/   r
Vol. 16 -No. 24
$2.50 Per Year
to Promise
Fell Off Fraight Train in Kicking Government and Others Advise
Horse Canyon
I    -liini'M   IViv)   Uobertson,  .-,  r   P.   R,
brakon    fi    Kenora,   -u-tivii"'!
juries yestcrda.v   bj   slipping  bit  n  em
•I :i Freight  train     in .-liauV ot '
We have just  put in  a
window of genuine
Bargains in
Making a Choice of any
article in the Window
At One Dollar
Among them are a selection of Vases which sold
at from $1.50 to $3.00.
Royal Doulton&, Wedge-
wood Jugs, hand painted
China. All good lines at
Bargain Prices.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
ty ductor M, flrillin, near Holder Caiyon
Ah His  li'l't  ley innl Irt't  ,,rin were caiiphi
eltn under iln- wheels ,-i iln- i-ur ami pvn
■^ ti'iill\      severed  from  the body.       I   e
J unlortunate     man     was  tnken tn ihe
J I'inlili-ii     In.-i-iinl,w Imi sm-i'iimbed
'V lii-  injuries  shorth   after   I  ilii>  morn.
<$> ini:.     Tin- deceased  lived nt. Fort  Wil-
An liuin.     nml had    onlj   been employed
f^p west  for a     few  weeks,     The incpiest
takes place at Golden tomorrow.
Lost in the Big Bend .
•^        Mam  il iy- over due in tin- city fnmi
Ap    French   Creek,   Morris  Fitzgerald,  em-
,*,     ployed  ai      iln-     French Creek  Mil
.«.     company's claim     in the Rig Rend, is
* probabh dead either from exposure to
-r ihe colli or else having been caught
riy tin- in- nn iln- river. li -coins thnt
fj» Fitzgerald Innl urgent private business
An in lievelstoke, and left iln- l-'n-i- i
r,.    Creek  mine on  Thursday,   Feb.  24th.,
* tn come  inin  town.     ll,' intended    tu
■*      i .-i ii in  shortlj   a-   In-  left   all   lii-      be-
-w      liin^inu-   iii  iln-      iiiiii|i.   und   did   not
«$>     oven   l'i'I   lii-   linn-   cheque.   Fitzgei .
An      stilrli'il   nnl       in   a   heuv\    -I. -v.    storm,
and has not been seen oi heard of
sin,-,-. [inquiries have been made ;"
iln-  various camps  up the  llend      bui
In' bus imi  been   n nl   all-   lb'      lias
11,>t  renched Downie, and it  i- po -
thai     In' may have l'-'h-' down  in the
Columbia river in try iln- ice and fallen in. Fitzgerald    was nm   a  vi inexperienced     woodman and  may hu1
In-!   tin'  trail  ami  il   i-  concluded      he
must  have perished -"in.-wli.-ri-.   li      i-
probable lhal  a search party will   b
organise I i" look fm- the  bodj.  I"
..v.,     gornld    wa-     well    known in  tbe
innl   Innl  lllaiu   liiill'l-.
Our Store is well stocked with the materials fur this
necessary work. We carry ALABASTINE and
MURESCO 'he Sanitary Wall Finishes in all colors.
FLOORGLAZE, an excellent enamel for Floors, Oil
Cloth or Furniture.
GRAN ITI NE a hard Varnish that will stand wear.
Oil and Varnish Stains, Furniture Polish.
A full line nl' Sherwin-Williams Paints, Varnishes, Linseed Oil, Handcraft Stains, White Lead, etc.
Brooms, Brushes, Mops, Soap and all kinds of Washing
An At. A' A- rt' A* An A' A'. At An At A' At At At At At At At A' At An At At Ah A' An
Spring Lamb
Beef and
-.   : :■{■    \   VSR
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Revelstoke Gun Club
'llm animal meetinil "■' ihi- Revel-
Btoko Hun Club « i- held on Monday
last wiih i: 1 attendance. The balance -I i  showed  a credit  balance in
iln' bank. The followinc officers were
President   V..  M.  Lawrence.
Vi.,. President   J. Ci. Barber.
St-i■ri'tni-y-  A. -1.   Macdoncll.
Executive Committee—\Y. A- Sturdy,
.1.  Devine, fi.  Blakely.
ll was decided lo hold lhe «■- )
.-lin'il ilil- -.-a-i'ii nn \\i-'ln.--'la> at
5.311 p.m., -■*. birdii beint! the limit,
ih,' lain I'.-i bird Inin.- -mi" as la-i
year, namely  ll-,. tournaments 'de.
Shooting " ill con nei - in Apt il 13,
nnil cinl .ni   \ i_ :'  '
'I'lii. buttons for lhe iivrurejate  ■-
fm- ih a-im  nf  tell  shoots   will     be
given .-main this year for -lasses A.
ami   B.
Nu member will be allowed in i om-
pete or practii-e on lhe grounds until
the  I'.'ii'.i subucriptiou i-  paid up.
The annual -hunt will be held on
July 30th., following Ne
The local dub will join the Intel
mediate Association.
New members joining, will be assigned   I"   '!"■'"   cl i--   li>    Ihi'
Tin- classes consist of:
\ Sturdy. Barber, Macdnnoll, l.nw-
ranee, Skene, McMurtin, M ". if. Mnl-
hollnnd, Ann iron|i. I ppi r
1'. |)r. Sutheriiu I, Urn vi Vyluier,
Devine, I pwis, Brimr«, M ' nt. • ni d
Bl ikely.
Vi. A. Stm '<   hut
ton  for  lOiRi, and   II    Mu
.  H ...    I tl    '   	
II.. pro pel it) of lievel loke i- not
. in .i.'il l>\ 11,i. weall I. nf ii - • iti/ens,
Inn by ilir iin.i'in uni-. with whii'h they
pull inuetlti'i' w Inn uni in i i,n .mi undei I .i.n.   ,   i-    in   I".   a pii- li- -I.       A
in.in with ;i ilii'ii-atnl dollars at hi-
."iniiiaii.l ami a love lor In- lown in
In- lieni i 'an il" more for the upbuild-
iirj ul' it llnin the iiillli'.ii.nri. who
locks up lii- capital and -nap- his
lingers ai home progress, .lust now
the 'pii.-l'niii lhat i- uppermost in the
minds ol the Revelstoke people i-
t-hat of iln' school -iin fur the erection
uf ilm new school building.
Thai iln1 time has arrived torn new
-. hool to cope w ilh tl"' e\ er increasing number of pupils, is generally n.k-
nowledged, and     ;i new school ui     at
least     S i-i i-     will have tu be built
and n -tan mude at once s,. that the
i> lilding can li mpleted before ' llii-
bad weather of th,. Fall nnil Winter
months set in. Tin- matter has been
delayed too long already and a start
should liiiif been made un receipt "i
the promise ol thf handsome donntion
from th'- provincial government. A- it
i- now, tin- two .anii rooms in lhe
presenl school au condemned and
there i- a class located in th" "1,1 St.
Andrews Church, nnd something will
have in I-i- done tn find rooms for "Vie
pupils  -upying the attic rooms before  lull''.
ATTIC  ru\Ti|.M\'F.n.
li i- almost criminal to place children in tin-'- attic rooms, where the
light i- damaging their eyes, ami th«
in-.it ni summer is almost unbearable;
besides it i- contrary to iln- Govern.
in,.in rule lur        children to
1"- un  a  third  (loor;  hen' e   the  rea.-
uf iln--t- i >- being condemned,
t.ii\ I KNMKNT  i.K.WT.
Mist  >>...!•'ihi  s '      '■
grant of slu.iinn     (0 help     in th" new
;i hool, Lai  b>   some m nseusii al dilter- '
.1.■■.- nl opil public,  after vot-
ing for centralising si-ho irned  the
niuiii-y bylaw down. The -.liuu! was
nut built and th'- grant nut issued.
Thi- year i lie grant .- been doubled
tint tin- government have practically
and fairly hintfd that they will nut
renew iln- grain again ii not taken ad-
lage "i ihi- year. Tin- -ity will
have in raise 830,000 as well, which
ha- been stated in tl..- bylaw ntii! voting will In- held "ii April  7th.
i lATi; \i IS \ ! ION   '■!■"   SCHOOLS.
Th.- public vote last year -.vrn' in
favor of ,-i-i:ttali-.'-_ - hoi Is, ami we
'.■ !i..\■■ ihai  ihnl • >'■■■■ '     d oi
governmenl   .-  .a. ■       : ind     :-.il-
\ i.-.., ami endorsed by Sclv       I ■   | tor I
Miller,  -till  i-   ih" ui-i   "i  the i pie, |
Mi-.  Miller i-  a   •"■'■ tig ndvoi-ate     of —          	
central sd 1-ami   dRi-ins thai  schools   ,.lk,  ,,],„,.,,„ April 7th, the mu laj
'""■t"''1 c'ose  togethei   are  fat   less  ex-   ,,.  ,|„, v,,ii,1L, „u the  money bylaws,
pensive m       perati     is  wi I  :,-  being I   The advantage of centralising school        \\.  r.ibson  vi I      last
'■''   I" srovorn   i   the wai   df grad-   are significant,     and nil clear minded   week for , ■ I offei       .:     the
'"'-'•  Block .VJ ble  yet and it   i-   ,..,.,,:,. should weigh  the merits of the   Queens   Hoti i  hi   bel
the intention  of  the  Citj   Council  and   ,„,. sites before casting  their ballots.     |j    .1.,.!...-.
Sel '.      Board     to     purchase      thai
block provided tjie money bylaw ear.
lied   for  :?n,.Vifl,   lhe   i iving  hall
,i ii   the  govei nmenl   payii V
■ h. .ul h  ' In   pi i " appears  high,  ii
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have recently been completed under  which   the   branches
of this bank are able to issue Dtafts on the principal points
in the following countries:
Austria-Hungary Finland Ireland Russia
Belgium Formosa Italy Servia
Brazil France Japan Siam
Bulgaria Fr'ch Cochin-China.  Java South Africa
Ceylon Germany Manchuria Strain Settltaiaata
China Greal Britain Mexico Sweden
Crete Greece Norway Switzerland
Denmark Holland Persia Turkey
Egypt IcrlAti Phillipine Island*    Wesl Indies m
Faroe Is Ian v. lodia Roun.ania and clsewocra
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
$10,000 000.00
Brunches er Agents at all principal points in Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—Londuii, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Com El-
change National Bank, Seattle—Seat tie National Bank, San Kiau-
cisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spukane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest .illined at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Police Court
Plebiscite Decided
III, •> ,                '
.   -      ■
"i   uiu
uexl  .-i--i/.M.
K   Ibbem
\   -I..- iai  nicoting of  i he Citj   l 'oun-
...,,. ii nill be evi •   more,    ml it'  ■'I wiw held on Monda.\  nighl  with    i '■'
thi,. I,!,,l,  ,-  mi  liasml,  the - hool will   full  board prexeul   to discuss tin «'< '   holt.
hi    on  'I In   b;   .      U.      n ■   of   the  proposed  plebi citi   for  the |The ai-i-u-n
■:11L. ,..,,,    l(lv, m.;-' itiou of the new - hool buildim
,l,n (  the  h o I. I    Utcr    olm      .ii ion  tho mnjoiit>     ' '■ mine It to I-   '
I \-ll■ l: i.i: Mil',': of the     Council     wero of tho opinio    Om
thai ild be taken,     i     ibout i lie •
\   I.. f,
- |       M      .  I Ml"   .     .-!
 In lion '. i. ?■ II.  -I,
.. \ -M .11,    -     '   . I    I..
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities ol the World,
At all Brnnohos.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, G. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
The Shaun Aroon
Hn Tuwdny and Wedne.il .  .   Vpril '<
hi 1 fi, the I        I rt
will I,,- |.i"ilu.i-1 under ihe uum
I'ii f lhe     Hi-in.I-   i'    !   '       huivl
Indies in the Si w   Kill I Iw
n good one ■   .■ i he
play     will   In   well    can ied  out.  The
drama i-i"    ol   •     il ton ami pn' hoi
1 . i I  it, n    well n
little love utory.     Al      lh      ; •■
be inleresting.
I    ■   |ili,n  ..f      'I        I ■      I      '     ■ •
,■   M ..I... |1
, iiii,  whili      ith    enti'ii
bi   •   >.
ami tin     - .
II Ml [||        I-I    ■!...
I    IL.   i ree I 1 u all
.    ...    lloUllI ' I ■-:...
.... irrii
M<   ■     li     Vld   'I K.i...  ■
\ d,     i
.. r  Jap,   '   bottle   b
■     ■     ■ il4ltiM
...   taken     "ii -    I hui - .  - , Apri
I'ltn ln--u  '.i   ..in. and i p.... .     al
the City lit
"UIU, i     .   m.ii.iim.       lin ,' .,•■ ny
i ,, ...       .,i   the  t.i. m.ii-i .1      hi ol   t, ii il   i   .  HUH
ihe ity  In.ul .    i
t i        « i      her ii en on bio
.    ii i        v,.    i-       ihe
St. Feters Guild
•  ■ llll   '. »• 'I'      'I  .»" .    , ,.,,.,
I ,       , • l.-l.       ■■! ■  -     - ■'    '.    V. '  ,
,    , Board    bu
...        . ,     - -       hey on
Wllh"'"    !'      " '   lr"V" lei     ion,   Vbroham . !   'I
. ei                 nd tl opinion      ha
I 1                    'I    illKIH
\  pi I m-i ill I- FAIR*
bio   i  .-nn-f.
Vld.  I'- ■'.    'Iiii nol
Thi ..■,:.     hi we 1
'      ii
 ul  i-i
ll- ■ .    ■ , al
i'. ....   Id .
'    Ull .... ii   Ihero  is evei     i     mi    I
ir |   Mr.  Man hnnl   dolii    •
',,( rentrtilimition, nml    In    «       '• "        '  lho \'.M.C\.  Sundn;      oltei
 I  .   .      ■ ■ oinl ing out  the snl I fi ntun I. l'orti
■ ,.■   ,'   i    .. iln   i   te I Ranter nntl ilw greal  truths     thn II.     Cunnii
hottld i.    .      cl '> '■■■''•    i' i  -"I trom  lho los nn nl   thi
whiili ever   ita ihey prefer.  Volins oi    Ri lion, Good  »r>• i-= i»~, Im-liidintj  ■•      , ..
 lecid  i upon by   the  duel!  by Mr. A. G.  Duck nnd     Mi I [) Mr-. K.
i (|    i ,1, i    ;■•■ i ;    . .    i. ii. i...-. i,
1 Page 2.
MMDNKSDAV.   MARCH   30,   1910.
Wit and Humor
Actual Comparison of Eastern Catalogue
Prices, Freight Added, with
Winnipeg price
Howson's Price delivered
Kilchsn Chairs
Kitchen fabinet
"    $9.60
Dining Table
'■     14.40
Dining Chairs
Dresser and Stand
•■     13.00
"     14.00
••      5.20
••      7.20
Dominion Spring
■•     4.00
Child's Cot
■•      7.20
Cstermore Mattress
■•     16.50
A s.-hool boy'-; I'imiposition on "The
ICdilor"  mn as  follows;      "The editor
is       "ii,-       ui       ilie happiesl  boggars
in   llu-   Willi.I.    Hi'   rail   !_'"   lo   llll'   ril-rils
in   iii--  iifteri n  and evening  without
paying a farthing, al-" iiupiests ami
hangings. II.' Im- free tieUots in Ihu
theatres, gets wedding cake I'M senl
in him ainl sometimes geU lit-ked, but
nm often. While other folks have in
li" in bed rally, lhe editor ran sil
up everj nighl ami see all that is going -ni."
\l hen  il      -■" -  in  -'■! i Uiil-   f"i'      an
I'a.ii-r Iiiii i uir duv - alii-r. it's a
mi: lit! Ill-live man w !m "ail look lip,
smile ami blurt right oul: "II,'II...
bill: glad   lo mm .miii!"
HU    I" KM IX INK TI'Mlllil'tlllT.
Young Iii.lv I dare say. Sow, may I
ram h i Kor w Imi pui pose do \ mi uso
thai  ."il of li n your mi,lill,-/
l'ow| 'her    Tlml   lin...   a-   you    ..ill
ii. l.-iili. mi' ih,' for eaUhing entile
ami  horses.
Voting lady I dare -a\. Xow, may I
ask w liai  il,, vnu a-,, tm- haii'/"
We make cur profit by shipping in car load lots,thereby
saving freight rates. Bring catalogue giving description of other
goods not specified in this list to our store and we will prove our
statements. Remember we deliver goods ancTset up free from
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
Eye Opener in Trouble
all   windows.      I'r.   Uogers  demonstrated  iliai   tuberculosis  i-  a  poor man's
ili-,-.-,-,-. and thai  fifty per cent, of the Winnipeg,   March  -".'    Uoberl   C    l-'.il-
adull   population   "f   il oiii.ua   an, ,VH„|S,  Mlitorial   director  anl   prnpric-
'llu.      t'.l'.U.      ai-.-  making  arrange-   oim  the working    la--- die from it. ,,„. ,,,- „  p.,,,,.,. n-hifh      In- has carried
in.'in-  i.i move, their depot   al      Knm-                       .,11 ,lV,.r     t'anadu,     was nrrested  last
loops   I"" feel  back      from ii-  pre I                          GlUSt YBST "'-'"  ""  :' ''''"-"  "'      I"'1'''-1'"1-  •'"'
main   track,  carrying  ii   small   to   iln- B, ,.„„ lUeruttire nml wa- later relensed
posil.on ami     t.i straighten .uu      llu-      N'elson.   Mm' 1.  -"■'    \.  Mai loliald,  ..i   upon  ,l;ii| |if sl ,_      Kdwa*d»,  wl	
water    tank.         This     will enable'the   Winnipeg,                                      week,  i- publi.-ation  i-  known   as   .1,-   Kyo-Ope
compnuy   several   additional       tracks, eiiihusiasti          to   the  prospects      for
tlm- providing apace fur 7"" addition '!"■ year.        Vie  on   lhe  prairie      "ill
al  ,-ai-    in   elfecl   doubling   the  present ial."  even    ;           Mull   m   mu,      can
capacity,  which  i-   inadequate   to    iln- cut,"   im     lid.                       trouble      is
company's grmrini! n f-»f there     a"                                        in  the
Tli,-  new   inin-hiiie  shops   ulii- li      are . .    -.
l" b.. Iiuilt   mi ih.. -iic nf  ili,. "Id ..".al buy.
bunkers,   which   are   I"   lie   turn   down. We     Imvi
\\',l\  h" commodious  anil efpii|iped with loo,   lasl   i
n Tidern   m i liltii i-v.      Sis  ni lhe  stalls, ,-r-ip I
ner,     has i n      treading    upon  legal
ipiicksands  lor some  time bui  slice I-
...I in  keeping .mi  of  trouble will,   ilu-
i lil   IHHV,
Hews and Views
constituting   the   not'tliwesl   wing nf the   oi   casl
roundhouse,   will   be   p die I   down    nnd     I
... .'   ...; ...     i... ■     .,'!m
R.  II.   Vngus, ,,! Montreal.
t.i' the C'.IMI . pn   wl    ■ .     .-
on Saturday In I
He  v. i-   met   be  _	
I lie      '   I'.i:     v,       probab
the      Itevelstoke     to    \
end nf   Vpril, N
:   -   i        I) .-; ii 1. '■    ■
sen ice v       .. ■ ibnui
greatest problem havi
ll, on Saturda.i
F n
f thi
I i
I'r.-nl.-til   Tuft,   in   an   ad li"--   III  I  lit-
ei   Club,
Tor thi lint   n   newspaper
'"'     ni.,..    i i-    a
. furnishes   the f ihey
■ .
Bu t t he
Coiieilian Pacific fly. Co.
Pacific Division
SlWl.KH TENDERS will be received
up to noon "f Monday,   Ith April.  I'HO,
for labor ami material (A) and labor only
I'.- required for erection of tin- following
Ne. 5 Frame Station atChase.
Nn. 7 Frame Station nt Ruskin.
Cold Storage  Building   at Sicamous
frame ainl concrete.
l-'ruit   Packing   House   at    Vernon
frame ami concrete.
I-'ruit I'ncking House at Summerland,
Nn. -'. Frame Freight Sheds at Ke-
lowna, Agassi/. Mission Junction and
No. I Standard Section Houses al
IViinys. Barnes Creek,
Camp l'i. Spuzzuni, Ruby Creek,
Westminster Junction,
No. .; Standard Hunk Houses at Sa-
m u.i-1 Two i Kamloops, Mile -l Thompson Section. Miuiro, Scnilin, Basque,
Toketici I.vtton Wye, Ckaumox, North
Bend, Canip 16, ' Mile 11.-1 Cascade,
Spuzzuni, Ruby Creek, Westminster
Junction and Mile I.i. SllUbwap Section.
X". 1 Bunkhouseat Field.
4-ire Hall and Hose Tower at Revelstoke.
One stall frame engine bouse at New
Plans and specifications can lie seen
ami proposal forms obtained at offices of
Resident Engineers, Nelson and Revelstoke, ami Division Engineer, Vancouver.
Tlii- lowest or any lender not neees-
sarilv accepted.
Division Engineer.
Vancouver, 11. ('.. March If,,  19111.
March J6tli—4t
Great Aerial fight
For Sale or Rent
Eighty acre ranche, about
five miles south of the
City, about 15 acres* under
cultivation. One team of
hones, mower, boiler, rake,
plow, sleigh and wagon
and other farm implements. Terms can be fur-
iiislii-il on  application   to
Revelstoke, B.C.
W5t3r Rights
White Piagt'e
Shoes, \
A Good Line
le Iverijwbepe
lip-tQ-Date Travelling
West Kootenay Steam Laundry
, li. c.
Phone 73.       Office Corner 2nd. St., ant) Mackenzie Ave.
■ ni
Garden Freshness of "SALADA"
Fresh and fragrant from the gardens of the finest tea-
producing country in the world. Ask your grocer for
a package to-day you'll like it.
  Black, Mixed uiul Natural Green, 4Uc, BOo, 60c and 70c per lb. ——
Scotch  Whisky
• —tl 11 ■Hull       JW.-rrami rvnarMisr.Km
Choose Vour Brand Carefully.
A Scotch address on the label docs not
always niian genuine Scotch Whisky in tlie
bottle. 1 here arc many brands trading on li;e
reputation of Scotland s Higlil mis as a whisky
producing country beyond compare brands put
up under fictitious names, and which, tlioneji
bearing Scotch addresses, never saw Scotland
at all, much less tbe Highlands.
Choose as ijoun beverage, a brand wil.-. a
reputation back ol it.
Watsons Scotch Whisk-v has been distilled
in the Highlands of Sci-iljr.il since '.he \car
1815. It is not only a pure, and genuine
Scotch; it is a vVlu-ky exceedingly agrtcable
to the palate. Ibis is due primarily so the
fact that we di-til by the old-fashi ncd Kit
Still method- -slowly, carefully, skilfully.
Moreover, we age our Whisky in Sherry
wood age it for years, until it is thoroughly
matured and mellow to the taste.
insist     on
"THREE STAR"    A mild. thoroughly upturn! Scotch.
"NO. IO" —A Ul-bodieJ. richly ll.vor.J Scotch.
JAMES WATSON & CO., Limited   -   Dundee.
Garden, Field
and Flower
New crop now arriving from our growers in Kngland, Franc.",
Holland, Canada and the United States. All tested as ti
vitality and purity on arrival. The best is good enough for our
customers.   Catalogue free.
Business will be continued at our old stand until May.
After that in new location, which will be announced later.
3010 Westminster Road
VANCOUVER,      -       -      B. C.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are disposing of their entire Stock at a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry, Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Import direct from country of origin.
m'miifm' jPf'uf-^'V'^n^Dict^iBiiiiiriiHiifliiiiiiiiiaiiiiiianspaj .iiiii
'if9iiiiiif\\ ^iJi|?»zri^iiaj|iiHHiiiii wiiiiiniiiaiiaiiiiisii Iiii
piiiHiipi iiui'.iit:>:-.•< ■: -"mnim. ^TmimhimmrmmWii
i-MorjBMiHui; umiitMiiisiKiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiirnaiii!
(Pira .■"A.-'.iW"
foi [*awtu, Parka. Parmi ind Ralli ada.    14,000 mllei ol Page
i ■   -.v in iivr hi Canada,  Oui I'lM) Fences ure bettet than ever.     Gel
booklet. a
' E. G. PRIOR & CO.
VII IOUIA  AND VANCOUVER Fence ud G.lr, in Slock
/f "WEDNESDAY, MAKCII 30, 1910.
ThE mail-herald revelstoke, b. c.
Pmre 3
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Regulations
a NY available Dominion Lauds within Lha
JX Railway Halt in British Columbia, may
do hoiiiii.sieailed hy any person who is tha sole
head nf a family, ur any male 0T6F IH years of
a|fa, tn the axteiitui iiutHiimrtor section of 161)
acren mora or Less,
Entry moat be made personalis at thn local
laud otlloe for tho district in whit'll the land is
situato: Kutry hy proxy may, however, ho
made ou certain rond it ions i>y the father,
Bother, son. daujfhtor, brother or .sister of an
.ntandinti homesteader.
The homoriteiuior i> re-iuirotl U> perforin the
couditious conuactud therewith under one of
the follow inn plan.-' :
(1) At lesst sii months' resit) onen npun and
cultivation of the land in each year for throe
(2) If the father mr mother, if the futlioris
deceased) nf the ImnwHteader resides npi.ua
farm iu the vicinity of the lund entered for, the
requirements as to residence may ho Hatistlod
by such pers'm residing with tne father or
{'.,) If the tattler has his iiermaneut residence
Upon farming lead nwoed by him in the viciu-
ni of his homestead■ the requirements as to
roideut n Tn.ty he -aii.-Hod by rusideuee upon,
the said Uud
8ix mouths uotira in writing should ha ffivnu J
io the Ootnmtftaloner <>! Dominion Lands at ,
Ottawa of Intention to apply for patent.
Coal. •Coal mining rights may he leased for .
a   pnrii»t   uf   ' went >    years   at   au annuel '
rautal of il par acre. Sot more than t\B60
acre- shall he Leased to one individual or
rompau) A royalty at the rata of live cents
par Uiu shall be collected ou thn merchantable
coal mined.
Deputy of the Mini-tar of thn Interior.
N H. Unauthorised publloatlou of this ad
vertisntunnt will not ho Datd for.
eisty duys from date I intend lo apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands for purchase of land situated
•bout 160 chains up from mouth of
Wood River, post planted about 100
chains above mouth of Wood river and
marked E. A. Andrews, S. Vi. corner
post, thenoe north 40' ehuins, east 40
chains, south 10 chains, thence west
following Wood river to poiut of commencement.
Dated this liHh day of December,
1909. E. A.  ANDREWS.
•ixty duys from date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands for purchase of lund situated
about 140 chains up from mouth of
Wood river, |>o-t planted on north
•id* of river and marked P. A. Iled -
•trom, S. E, cornet post, thence north
40 chains, west 40 chains, south 40
chains, ea-t I" chains, containing 160
acres more or Less,
Dated thU 10th duy of December ,
•ixty days from date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands for purchase of lund situated
about 140 chains up from mouth of
Wood river, post planted ou north
•ide of Wood river and marked G. E.
Hedstrom. 5. W. corner post, thence
north 40 chains, east 40 chains, south
40 chains to Wood river, west following river to point of commencement,
containing  160 acres more or less.
Dated thia 10th day of December ,
TAKE NOTICE thnt I Percy narold
Pearse, of Trout Lake, B. C, occupation engineer, intend to apply lor permission to purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the N. W. corner of lot 4728, thence
east -tl chains, thence north '20 chains,
thence west 20 chains more or less to
lake shore, thence south easterly a-
long lake shore nbout 30 chains to the
8. W. corner of lot 4728, thence north
•Jong western boundary of lot 4728
about 10 chains to point of commence-
(cent and containing 40 acres more or
December 18th, 1909.
Revelstoke Land District.
Distiii-t nt Wesl Kootenay,
Take Notice thai I, M, K. Lawson,
uf Revelstoke, housekeeper, Intend to
apply for permission to puroh&ae the
following desci Ibed lands;
Commencing at a postplantedal the
south-easl oorner i l Col 8,668, und
marked "M. K Liiwson's North-weal
Oorner Post"; thence 10chains south;
thence in chains weal; thence 20 chains
north; thence 2n chains easti thence
80chains north to line of Lol B,668;
thence along Baid line to place of com-
iiieii oement,
Daled October I8tb, 1009.
Nov. 17 II.    MINNIE K- I-AWSO.V
\V \\ ITU in ell n practleallj new
Eastman Foldlns Kodak. For p trti-
rnl.,,     ,-. ' "  II Herald ollli -
Notice to Contractors
SEALED TFNDERS, superscribed
''Tender for School Building, Arrow
Park," will be received by the Hon.
the Minister of Public Works up to
and Including the 31st day ol March,
1910, for the orection and completion
of a largo olio-room framo school building in the Vmir Electoral School
Plans, specifications, contrai-t, and
Tonus of tender may be Been on and
'after the Till day of March, 1910, al
the office of the Governmenl Agent at
Nelson;     the office of th,- Government
Agent  at  Revelstoke; the offi if   the
l'ennock. Arrow Park, and at Ihe De-
Secretary of the Sqhool Board, J, N.
partmont ol Public Works, Victoria,
Each proposal must be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque or certificate of    deposit on a ohartered bank
of Canada, made payable to the lion.
the Minister of I'ublic Works, for a
sum equivalent to ten per cent of the
amount of the tender, which shall be
forfeited if the party t lering decline to enter into contract when railed upon to do so, or if Im fail to complete the Rork contracted for. The
cheques or certificates of deposit of
unsuccessful tenderers will be returned
to them upon the execution of the eon-
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on tho forms supplied
signed with the actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes  furnished.
Tho lowest  or any tender not neces- '
aarily  accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Department Public Works,
Victoria. B.C., March 2, 1910.
W. H. Humphreys Leaves
law in the Wilderness "'""""", ""•
i letting  down   lo   the  Ri -i   causes,  2 ■
A licer of the Mounted Police     is factors iire necessary fui      lhe growth       Ul Xnkusp is full of inspiration with The   Ruvelst,
not an cxp in of lhe law; he is   tho of a  town, or for thnl  mailer a  city, !''"' I"'"" '"  "'  holding  it--  lii -t  tinim Snturdii}   night   in   tho  Witidsru   II-;.-I
law   itself.     When   ho  rides  Ilis  cayuse uparl   from     tho  tmtitral   increase     of   »'  '""l   '"'■'  t,lis  ,'"11"11-   fall.  'I'he  tli nl   an    informal  gathering   as   ,   iond-
to foothill  cump or  threads  on  snow- the people who compi-i-i. it,      I'he lii  i   ""'"i-  nre entering  i he spirit   of .,f,   „,   \|,-.  tt.   II.   Humphrey",   'I'"  po-
shoes     lhe     worn  north  trail- of  the essential  is tlml   il   shull  have  uttrai-   ''"' uii'li'i'iak'niL'  with  perfect   vim  and   oular  tan   who  leave,   Revelstoke
ti-up|ier, lieu. -Ind with  the nnihori- lions,  anl    b.v  ullntciions    is   in,-am   eiilhii«iii«m,  und  il  is coulidonllj      ex- i,,  iltki- up  his  new  duties  at   the Go-
ty ol courts.      lie preserves order, I'n hull 'tunities for a newcomer   lo   I""'1"1   '■nnl   lhe   Arrow   l.nk chilli ernmeni   otlires  in \
he  also  makes   arrests;  he  tries  often earn a  good  livelil d, ami  surround-   ''"" "'" '"' a '""-' rreditubli und      ,.-   M   |,in 1|piK|  ,,,,   r)l  .     .,  |
ders  in his own  couris-,1. und  then     os- ings   In   which  he .-.■ nj„>   himself at.   -l neniiine  sin-ecss front   the   Vef.v   start, jn   |(   ,-(.u   „,.M   l.\lo„n   wort),   ,.,,.     -,,i
eorts     ih, man      upon whom sentence tor   the day's  work.      It strie-       the    V  preliminary  pamphlet      has ulfend.v |„.   „.,,,„.,.  ,,,-     the gathering,  oxprcss-
bus lalli-n
a prison ui his own (link-   town  must   hi
iii-i-n   issue
nl   is   now   being    w idelv
inu  regrel  ut  the deput I ire of their es-
ing, when, lhe  lawbreaker may   be   in-   i   it   must  have plun.* of euierlain-   'Wuhitcd  anion--   the growers  nnd  lhe     ()       y(|m     uhi,  h>|    ,„...,    tiii
cnrceriiled for. ten days or ihirt} yours   incut,   sel Is  where  childroi      u       be   general   public      T lates   huve been   S(1U, nm, |if(, n|- ,',;,. ,-,,,,   0l|)(M   .|lii;i|%.
Hack of that  silem, slight, sleel-norved   well      educated,      churches,   recreation   '"'   '"'   "" ' "l"1   7-   "'i.-n-l.-l   nol     ,..   ,,,..iri,,i   ,.,   .,,   .    ,   ,      ...;   ,,,_,„,(
rider  is  tin-  lining   arm  of      England   grounds,   ial   liie  nnd  „   good  -Hi,,-   '" '••"»"'''' »'hh nii>   existing  fair. ,-.,,   f(i|.      Ml.    Humphreys,   md  wis I
and   tin-   whole  of   Canadian   jurispru-   ate,      I'ttl    the  town  has   ili.—..     to      Tll»l  ,l>"     wholesalers and  manufac-   ,nH|   .,„.,,,..  in  hi.  „„„   ^,h„,,,  ,,f  UHp.
ii '0, and whon he speaks, it is as (uie   begin   with,   ii   Would   ho   wi-,-   lo   in-   Inters are wutchinij    levelopmetil   [,.,„„.,
«>' rtly-   ureme enses, w-.hen   ,p,ire  what   i-   luckinc   before   i, starts   ■•'  K«kiW|i js "•■"""m :  >»'  "'"   '-      ,,„     ,„.,,,,,,  .,,      ,     ,, >,,    „„,,,„,
■  >" ' "'""■"'•   "•"  «"'! "I"-"'""  "'  : """"I   ' J   |   „„„  Mr,  II pi .- with   tlmnd.
■  I--- of I- pes an gift,
I he     lal ■     -    ■: ■     ■'   lhe ' riekel
t lul, Im*  b. - ii of greal    ervieo to   Iho
one Mounted Policeman may h
act n~ - lergj m.-in. executioner
lo    iiiii  more i-tt tzeils.
'""       Tin-    nnuli ig\   between  the  low n   and
.In-  inilii id    inri - ImnI   i* vi'ti
iiii,   i -o m 111 \i
■. .   reporl Inj
-.I    tn.-1, tnl   i ravel
nml going, all.  bj   i
exi-elleul   busil
renders are bein;      tlli-d for 11 II-
-1 in li f n   -ihool b;     hi   toveri
menl   .il   Arrow   Pal nut im, tors
All  llii-  I  swear wilhoul nny   mental Tl„-  inen-hui       have
o\,'i-ii piivocntion,   or   iOiTel   resor- goods   thai   people want   lo Inn,      mil
■       «    i. i. i-   t'■   , ;,i  ii, ,i i      "" viewmt!  the ground aith tl-'-   Imi
vation.  So In-lp  me,  l.od,      with these '.'„,- ,,-un  mil      In   the sort  ol plan, the
.:,       ,.,i ,.      .      ,, "' I"-iiil' tin- -  fn eiers,
impressive  words  do  raw   recruits mnl | |,i,, wnnt   to
i-ii//l.sl -oliliii  .-iii.-1   ih,, service of the mon-lu	
sol I   ol   plun
ii. But  n ti ■
I  il
Itev.     Mr,   '
,oi-,. i,|     tho    roj nl  . i" ■ "  in  Hevol-
loko,      ha> oil;      prii' tieall.   -u _ inised
he     whole - lull and  inspim I  euthusi
. ... ( _   ,     nsiu into   -       embei s by   I hi  k<       - I
Mounted  I'olice und  swear fidelity      lo .,-11   has  failed   lo draw   customers, in  I
hi-   Mujesty   King   Etlwnrtl  VII.      It   is -|„.     iruuble wiih    mosl, towns  wl	
ii,,i   prospective  wonlth   that   tempi-  a urowih  i- slow   is  that   they   have   llu
iiimii  to become mt  Empire-builder     in ntti'uctiotis   i ar\    for   stiinulutii
,,,-, , » r       , > 11 11 ,i _ .    ,  , , -     < • i     inin hi ,„,
 '-      '" , ..ii i   untiring  interest   he   \n,,\   in   r,   audit
,   who  has  -i-t tlt-il   nl     Nal     p,  preie hod
ainl}   due  lo  him  thai   rrii ke
lievelstoke  ha* been -•-     popular,  Mr.
tlii- mountain force of greater I aiiadn, immigration,  but   no one know-   thoi
"for liai-d  i-  her  service,  poor hot'pay- They  nre     mere    names on   lhe  map,
ment." They huve never been heard of b\   the
The newly   recruited  constable      gets nittside  public  except   when   they   huve
sixty cents n day,  hi< term ol engage- -,  big  lire  or     murder  or  some  other
menl  i- live years, and lio may     look uiul ,,f disaster,
forwnrd  '.> re-engngemont on a pa}  "I
from     Nl   i" S1.50 a  du}   lo work  up
hi*     lirst    sermnii      ,i      ihe   Vnglicaii
- lini, I-   nn   Sunda\   •■'■ citing   to   an   np-
"       ""    preciutivo    nudienie,      I,-       ,he     lirsl   "'""I'1 '   wa"  aUo " """'  ""''  "
indsomo  gold   nuggel   watch      rlmin
•ni'  in  it-  history,  th.
eld i-\ or\   Siiml
Big Mill Deal
. harm by hi* ■ olleugue* nl the lo nl
piivernmpnl nlliros, nnd Ief 1 nn Sunday
, .i-ln  for  \ irtnria.     Uiu  many  frietids
'    .•!.'   \\ ill   w i -ll   llilil   PVP1T   lllll    PSS,
I. 0. F. Bj
I he   I'ncilic  Coast  1  in I) -   Mill*, one
f  the   large*!  of  ii-  kind   in  the pro-
Tin- lown. like the     merehnnt, must   vinee,  hns imssed into lhe bunds ol n
u.Jvertise  if  il   wants   to  draw   people.   British     Svndi.-ate,     nowh  organised,      l.,-,-i  Saturdin   even!.nR Court   Mi.nut
Uecruits     imi*t    be    between the   ,.  .    , .        . ,'
It  ii   hus the  attractions in  tho     lirsl    uniler the  name .-f  "The  British C unu-   Hegbie I. 0.  P., held a special meeting
place,  advertisine.   will  bring people to  dinn  Lumber Company,  Ltd.'1 when liro.  E.     II.  Murphy, the     hiirli
investigate,  nnd   if   there  are  no  false      For     some lime Ihere has been con-   "Hief  run  ■   ,  addressed      lhe  members
pretences   an  enquirer  becomes   a   citi-   siderablc     spocululioi     as  to  the pro-     n the work of the order.
ag,-- of twenty-two and forty, nctive
men of thoroughly sound constitution,
and possessed of eertilicnlcs of exemplary  character.      They   must   be  abl
For Sale or To Rent
Two 6-roomed houses and 4 acres of
and. Been cultivated for years.     All
Lnds of small fruit. A good location
ust outside ol city limit..—$4,000.00,
Half cash. Will Bell or rent any portion of this property.
A good investment, now is your
weigh not over  173 pounds, and In
encumbered  with  a  wife.
Boosting Western Towns
Eggs tor Hatching
Eggs   for  hatching from  the  following imported pure bred stocn:
S. C. fthode Island lieds.—i'2.00.
Silver Laced VTyandottes,—S2.00
Barred  Plymouth Rocks,—S-2.00
S. 0. Bulf Leghorns,—92.00
Cornish Indian Game,—S'J.OO
White  Crested  Black  Polish,-$2.00
Emden Geese.—J3.0U.
Imperial l'ekin Ducks.—91.75.
Also stock from   the above  for sale
Notice is hereby given that
sixty days after date I, J,
Brill, occupation, carpenter, intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands for the purchase of the follow -
ing described land, commencing at a
post pluntod ubout '20 ehuins south of
Wood River and about 160 chains from
the mouth und marked J, Brill S. W.
comer post, thence west SO chains,
north 20 chains to bank of Wood river, thence following south bank oi
Wood River easterly about SO chains,
thence 'JO chains south to point of
commencement, containing 100 acres,
more or less.
Dated this 10th day of Dec,     1900
G.  E.  Hedstrom, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
Irom date I, Vi. Andrews, occupation,
miner, intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands, to purchase
the following described land, situated
about 200 chains irom mouth of Wood
River and a post plunted on south
side of river and marked W. Andrews
N. E. corner post, thence south 40
ehains, west 40 ehains, north 40
chains to point ol Worn! river, then
following bank of Wood river to point
- f ci tiiuir. -nien-, i ontalning 160 ac -
res mora or leu,
Dated  this   10th day of Dec.      l'Jtl'J
good buaines -.     Team,  h trues     v ig-
Otis,   glei
carry on the same.    For n I
JAS, i.l IGH1 I'V.
I: -  ' toke, B.C.
lull i \     i il a I ,|- i,-i . , ii'-,      >i    hi     ,,' m, , ,     . . . .
'    .              .     .      :,.       ,.    ,. .         ien.      lhal  is the whole q tion n n bnble  purehn      the  e-iiiblislimont. \i,.   M„,.,,|lv   ,. i„, u .,,,  ,,hl« ,., ,.,k. i
to read and write m cither  English or           ,   „        ,            ,         .     ,,   . ,,..,.,,                                     ,   , '   ""'|m>. who i- an  unu   -p   i*. i.
,.       .                            ,               ■ i        ii    nut-hell.      It  resolves  ttsell   uuo      nn British cuintu ,  however,   las sue ded ,„,'„ „i  ,]„. ,„,„.., ,,,.,!  . ,„:,i  rlevelno-
French, understand    horses,  rule well.      ,       . .            ,,                      .   ,                                      .       ,          . -po.e in   ino gteni ann  inpiti  oe\eiop
i        .  . ,   .  ,       , [advertising  problem,     line of the lirst where others fined, and tor an in mi       ,i,.,,   ;„  ,.,!.;„.   .., ,,..  ;„   ,\,,. ,„,,.
measure   up  to  the  minimum  height   of   ,. .                     .   ,                         .         , ,.  .                   ,.        ,, '" ' '    nn.iiig   puui   in   in.   |no
live     feet eight      inehe-   have -,  chest   thmgs essent1"1   '"  'l   loKns P"h,u-lt.v  "ethiiiu   like  »l»im,llli(l,  a   large  p..r-   vin | „,(-, „ loilUw| ,,„,   ,|iat  it
of      tliiriy-r.ve    inches,!'8 Ilm1  y"," be,ieVe.in ■v'"!'' "'""'.    ''"' !'""     '"' whi,-h     ls  '" u"  1"i,il'1 l'usl' was  lhe policy of  Ihe provincial juris-
enthusiustie   over   it.      Live   to   h t payment, the company  was induced  to ,|;,ti,„, ,,,- ,|„, n,.;,.,, ,,, y„cv pBOe with
your town. pari     with      the Yuiicouver holdings, j|;|,  ,,, v, „., , .,
  mill site, building,  stock  on  hand and ...                   .     .    _        ,
Dwelliii..   upon   ilie   Fraternal   and   in-
Costly Hat Pin Scratch cr;:, „:';,,',; :■;;'" ;,,"," --  <<■> > ■•■ "" ■R-
3 '  ■ "' ""  "'"' "   ' '"'       ,       .   ,        Muiphv  showed that  it offered  I
Brussels,     March 2.V-A court      here      n""'" '-  ;' lil'-'   x"" ;" «   ' *• ■''•'''.''"; ,|„. u,'.-i and     soundest      systems     ol
Hie Winnipeg Commercial in ndvoen-    as awarded 82,000 damages to a man presented,     but  the majority oi     the    ra,enml    „0. ,,„,    -t  ;,],ima,,Hi
ting     publicity     tor a city's progress  who waa Winded in one eye bj. a wo. stock     i-    held by British capitalists. llrll  ;„  ,h„  „„„. ,-„,lir„     .,     ,..vl,T„.
si,>'";-                                                           man'- ha.   pin.   II-  was standing     rm Tl'"  improvement    ahi.-h  have      been ^  f| _. ^   „„.,„,„.,.  v,.,. ;  :.„■;„,„.
No ,1...iln there ar,- Inmdreds of cities   the platform     of a street  ear.   which -";h-  ""  '"'     winter    will be earned     1||.,,,.i,  -i,,,,,^!,,,,,,  ,;..    ,.
and  town- in  Canada  that  want      to   stopped  with   a   jerk,  and  caused    the through   to    completion     by   iln-  now-      ^,^         ^ _     w ^ ^ ^ ^     |?
grow a little' faster  lhan if  there were   hjt  pin  to  pierce  his  eye.  The dnma- ' '''"'• ''"''  "   ''   '"'•'l!"'1  '" make   n   |(m   |;   |;    ^,^jnSj  [.;   \i     ix.        ||.
no thought  taken of  Iheir stature, for   ges  were  a 1 equally  against   lhe number of     further ,1 ge<.    Kurt iei }]  Kl„n,.y ',,,„]  ol\K„
a town is not like a man. in that    it   woman abd thenar compnny hi,,- '" .it  ^     ';' ' M       j     . ^    |o(,       „, ,,„.
can help or retard its growth by eon-  ing condemned to pay ?1,000. Canadian Lumber lompnii!   will      ---- -                      ,       ,    ,,
 ] "  quire     :, number oi    oihe,   properties,   company   repaired   to  thu   I mon   I	
 .= nw|  ihe   Wm ._ |nn()(                wU|  b(_ ..,„,,„, „,„.,,. ,',,,. ,.,,... Mi    M Doi i l
 , served a  splendid turkey  supper; ample
justice to   w hi- h   li -.   ing b
plell-lini     -"    I.li    li   ilil     i
flobv Lassie
Kindly Gic Attention
Till we make brief an' hasty mennion
of Sic' a Great and Good Invention
Golden West Washing Powder
'Twill Save Ye Muckle Time an' Splatters
An' Ye May Tend To Other Matters
While Bonnie P.essie Does the Platters:
It Clanes the Things Sa' Aisily.
'Tis Only a Shillin' the Three-Pun-Packet
An' Ye Mun See the Premiums—Lass
strongest  - oneern oi
Criminal Code
The  H.i.  I!,. in i line  to   the
oast  of hi- health,  -aid  how   n
\  lull i- now bef  the (louse     ol  |l;„i |„ , ,,: with his reception in
Commons,    Canada,    n-hieh    contains   UeveUioke     where    he     had mi     old
several    umendmenis    to  tho Criminal    rivnds and made new
Among oilier thin-.- it   [ira\ -I-      that       pH..-il|v   ,;hi.    , f   ...    |.   .  |Ue(    ,|i..
any |iersons  found guilt;   of  recording   ]w,| u.     ,;,,..   a|:,,     ,„,..„... Mr.  and
any bets or wagers on any municipal    Mrs. SIcDonald were .     ■ md    a
campaign, hor-,-    rac    any   contesl   ||imi.,   ,nli.    l)f lhftpks „.„,„,.,, ,,,,,,,
of trial of skill or endurance of     man   fo|,   ;K,  ,„„„.,if ,,   „„|  .[..i,.
or  beast,   or  engages  in   pool   selling,   piwWedi     The oompanv  then
book-making  or  purchasing  oi   selling   ,, :    ,   .  , _   .,.,.. .  „   |elightfu
any      information    intended  to  assist
book-making,  pool  selling, or sells or 	
offers  for  sale any  advertising  matter ..•   .    |_.-_.i,:„»  P-..J
in thi.     connection, is liable to HlQII  LOCOmOtlVB SpeeH
year's imprisonment  and  a  line     not
exceeding one  thousai •', doll - -
The word  "gamine   I -,"   i-   substituted  with   the  won!   ". iming   place"
,wLii h i- intended to cover the gnu
in stocks or met  handisi        mai _in,
nmended in  i he  same mannei   in ano
her section to cover plnyine
ol ihuii'i'. which  i-  nol   alike     favor
able   lo   iill  players   im ludi d
lho players  the banki r or persoi      h
whom      the game  I-      n
against   whom  the pluyei
or In-1. ami include    '
Wit and Humor
First   I outer:      "Well,   '■
through tin- 'leetioi
Y fix will bi ■■'     '';'" '"' i roll "" ': ■■••
year : •■■ ill        i  i I '
often—hi '.  .              makers, am
knov i :          ,   •
h 1                 ■ -■ uj
u .
n   I   ,-
Hie I igli  -| I-  whii h  arc predicted
oi  the     Brennan     moi ■ n ail lead one
■ ■I  with the
I",-'   thnl   the "i-liniM   steam or elee-
e on doiibl '      in '1 -.
li    ins
will     • ■ ■ -■   ■    the  il" ih'.-  i ail.
imi   its     mpnl
rn • ■
• • une 1
have al run-
\   ■    '        n  ,.   i ■ ■
; » a good
I    as
■'-       of
,,,   , .- naintnined
■ . M I
. ■ :    '       <l	
laced '-1
1' i ■
Your,:'! . ■ fc- g
..  „-, •  . . ,    ■ Mm'*' V    fl
"TheTra , , . Ml
tell him, i I bu    ;    •     '. ■  ; ■•.•.; ;.     ■     | -Whi
r," ,,;,:- , .'-,■■'■■'':- K///M
—a bel -■ .• . !i- ■
always si;i bi -
are buill   on hnm      there
"Th sTravd'o      ;   •.    ■.
we have a '•■-    form -: .':■.
ASK YOtn DE J "-' FO ' "  '   "      '
,     .t    In
v     '     fnlhe      i       ,     -   . I il
0     -,      I"    '    ■
,    ,, u        I b'O      i       111
the in ■
,     '
■   --
mothei   by bori    lion, I
MM,   , |
f//////////,       ' M , ,      , ' ,,
o£Saaw^a%iJmfr*mttVit  ".'■■i'  .-','   -  ' ■■■-■■■■, ,,.,
I     1
l Fago  1.
WI-IIM-SIIW .   MAKCII   30,   1010.
Gbc fflaiMbecato
1'tlllLlrillKli SSI-PM-lsi.sY  AND
Jntcrtov ipubltsblng Company
Subscription   Kates
InoludlnB postanu lu I'liitflnnU, United status
.uul I'mi,nlu.
Ily t lie;I'onr lllirii llifll lioslultluul  18.40
iiuii      ■•       "     i.mi
Wlii.rlcl- •• " , "     I.ni-
J in itlN'i'lNU prunlptly oxeoutou at reasonable rates,
I'KH.sis i iwh, -siili-eriiiiuiii,-, puyublu III ml
Legal nnl u-c-lur.-in- por lun- lirsl  in-,, ii iiiii,
.. , eel- i-el' lliu- i III ll ■ ili-e.fielil lli-i'l'l UUI
Ml II, -lieilieill - Nllllllllflcl ll'J lllie-mill	
 llll    .    m i ,i   bllslliu -   ,ui
i." iiii onionl    -' --   per  iii. Ii  pii    i ii.
l'liTel'le.l     pOHl I  ,'-       por       -'III.       H'l-
ililul.ll. Ilillli-. .U.OTI.lc,.-- ,lll'l Pe.llli-,
(WC      e.iell    ill  Urllll
Liinil   iiiiii- -■-   s   -I    All  ulvorllxtunciil •
-lilileel to I 111! nppiHlVlllol I lie lllllllHgUIIIOIIl.
SS llllteil llllll  lei.,1,1,-e.l    \,U. III-.- Ill-,
AK' in tt'iinliid, Help Wiuiitiil, sh n.n nm-
is ,i -,..i. mi imi loii, Vacant, i, loliurs
ss niilud. Mn In - sVuutoil,  l" wunln ur
ll—   Jn ..   cell      i. Iilillnii.il    line    III     ei'lll-.
i luiugo* in ituiidtus "i i ui i 'iin-ii. - i.i ii-1
bo in i-v n ii, in.   I in wlaj  iiiii] i-Vnl.ii   ui
u» ell week  i.i -ec'ltv K'<iiul display,
CORKESl'OKDKKCK Invttod   ou m-iin-i- ol
pUbtlO, II.OH--1.    tiililillllliieil-iilll-   lit   liill
tor  in'i-i   tu- soootiipanled   by   tiaiao of
Several   houses,   Furnished
and   Unfurnished
Dwelling houses from $1275
Building Lots in all parts of
City at prices ranging Irom
$100 up.
REAL   KSTA UO,    I.IKK,   I 1 K I     ANII
I HOT   IN-I'l: \V 1
a new  school building, tlm    eloctors    according lo the provl-   dobonliiros to be made oxocuted     un.l
\nl wl -in  i" uieei ihe expenditure   -ion- of nnd in  iln- manner prostiribod   isstiodi for such sum or sums as     may
a-  provided by   -aid estimate ii  is tie'   hy   lho municipal Clauses Act. he .oc|tiirod for iln- purpose and object
m     .in,-     on iin- pari "i     lho
Mum ipulily   tli,' -mn ol Sid, im.
And   « liere.-i-    il    i     il -,'liieil   expedient
     in- -ii   the   civil  I   ot   lllll    Yllllli-
, ip din     ihe       urn  oi  s:;n,nun,nil      for
-. I,,., I  pui i o- is   iil'oresaltl,
in I  , Itere      lhe  In nl  amount      re-
ipiired  i"  he  raised nniittnlly In special
rule  i.n   pay i"    ilo-    aid  debt   and  in- I
lore- i   ihei'i'iui anil  for crcnlinu.  a   iiv'i
in,.-  [und Im  on) ine  i in.   nid pi in. ipnl   1010
er eis i,   I line ,        nd il ti -                 froii                  the ■■'- - -        I'he  I
writer .mil nei-e-.o-il) fn   publication, but   |,K   I,,.  ii„i   ,!,.„,. |     ,,,,h,.ni   |,nv,. givei bridge ,,; ,1,,, (■,„. .„i| f , i... (>:,,   ,.t  ,,,..
a- ,n uli -.ie,- -.1 giiu.1 run Ii.   Dorrospondouoi   ,.   .,    . "  ""  ' '"I ' '   " ""  ' ".'  '"  "'l
should I i.i                                            Hi   oj -   .   ii.               . i                              • ,.;,. ,i ,.   md ji ;.    In -:     i olslokc in,   tin- purposes ufofesnid, and
-    ee t" ■   i                        opinio!   and •      innplimonl In    .'oioi anient |,,.  ;.  |,,.,,.l,\   authorised   m  borrow   on
iliitlc by his honest ill use llu  I   I'm- '     ■•-- in [),o    rolii  of ihe Municipality   b\   way
  infringemenl  of  <'■ ■■'    lie  rail- nf ilvheniiiroK     liereiniiftoi     iiioiilionod,
IIAUKIHIHIS, SOLICITORS, BTO. T1      x , -.-     .   Tl      .1
,                I In-  New   I..,-..:-   I Ileal      lin ee    a   was    ipunv.          ■ e   in   the  en- ,-.. ,     ....    ..,.,     i„u-,ui-    Hem    limb-
OKncKs:   iMi-Kiii.ii. Bank Building Kevel-           ,                   ,    .        , ,   ,                                                                                               '    pei-ons,    intiy
stoke, Il.e.                           popular resort  during   the  I  i  gine   nnl Iran                            -       m. |„„ii... eorporalc, who may   bo will-
days and      nightl; <   trespass on ol hei     -  - ■      l"',,l"'lt.v '" ing to nilvuttin the vnine as u loan   n
have li     Ihe ordet uhing of I;   to                   fe >um   M|-  m v    n v. |;n,,    ;H    (|,,.
provided      was   ss  ll            lo  the ma           lc . I    by   | plo ....   nil whole lhe     sum  of     Thirls    ilu.ii-ami
some of  ll             lures bell lie  track  and    wilfu en I  tigering (fcm.niiii.Mili   Dollars  and  lo cause     all
1LLIA.U I. BRIGGS                        The film  '  l'i     bine   tin   II ,          I'h.       nib Ik.iiI.Ii  in .,,,,,  .„,„.   .,,  ,;u.,.,|  ,„.   ,,,„|   ,,,-|„.
Head a lirsl  time lho Jiiih     day iiforosaid  nol  nxoooding  howovor     the
of Mni'ell   11)1(1, sum  ol  Four Thou uud  seven   hundred
Road ,| second  iInu-  llm L'lliliduy and  llfty  lSI7.Mi.uiii   Dollars,   Sunn   de-
nl  March  I'.Hn. bontui'os  -hull  In- of the denomination
Head  n   third  time tho SAtli day of tine thousand llollnri  each oxcopt in
of   March,    Illln,   ami   passed   with    Ihe      OIUWI  of      Ol f  -aid  deben lures
lhe   uiuiiiiliioils      eon-eiil   nl       llm svlllull  may   lie for a   le mi     inn  and all
Council. oi   inii dobonlures shall I"-  icalod with
Received  the     assent  nf lho oluc-   tl eal of     lho Cnrpntntlon of the
tors ihe day   of Cily   of   Rovol I like  and   sig I   by   Ihe
Mayor nnd Clock   ihereof,
live  year-   is      for            Reconsidered, adopted  and  I'm.illy il,   The    -aid     debentures  shall bear
il   ,   .       -I  in    mil   .. i     inking lund             pnssed  by   tha Council   lhe lho  dale  ol                                   UUU  ami
-s-.i.i. ii il         ;  ioi li nl .-::.           day  ol                              10111, shall bo payable iu   tsvonty   live years
i           ,-i,-.   .         i .m.nml   of   lhe                                                                        Mayor irom   the   -ahl   dale   ill   lawful   in.nicy   ol
whole   i-iiteulilc   lund   iiithin   lhe   Muni Cily Clerk.      Canada  at      the oil f  the  Molsons
i-ipaliiy   ineluiling   ihe  terrlliiry      coin       TAKK  MUM I'  lhal   lhe above  is a Hank at   Hcvelatoko nforesnid,      which
pri ed   iiithin   il.-   lieveUloke      School   line copy   of  lho proposed bylaw  upon place  of   payment   ahull   be   designated
hi iiiei   fm      li.ol  pin    a., "ill ii     whicli ilu- vote oi lhe Muni, ipulily mil by   the said debenture    nnd  shall havo
revised         ui   roll   i     be taken     nl  lhe     Cily  Clerk's ollleii, attached lo ihem coupon    l.u   tho pay-
si,i,--,-<; ".H                                              i it,   Hull, corner ul Second streol and in.-ni  ol  interest  and  the signature lo
StlW      llll ll ltii;!'     il.,-   Municipal   MeKen/io   \venue,   Itevelstoke,   I'd',   on   Lho    i real      couponi   mnj   bo otthet
Coiiin  I   of    the  I'oi-p.irulion   ol      the   Thursday,   Vpril "lh,  HMO, bolween the written,    pi'lnted,      ntntnpod   or  litho-
i ily   of  lievelstoke in open n i u.m-i-.-    ih..     hour,  nl    II o'clock,  a.m.. and  7 graphed,
soiublcl enact,   us follows:                         o'clock p.m. I.   The   snid   debenture     -hull    beat
I.   h   .liull We lawful for  ih.- Mayor o,,,,-i-   ,    , m^nv interest     al   llm  rate ol  five per  t.
lllll IT.   \    I  \\\S(I\,
Clerk oi'  ilu-  Municipal  Council,
Mono)- to loun.
Oillnus: Hi'viilstoko. II c.   Cranbrook, H, r,
Oko. y. MoOartbb
a. il.   I'lNKll.lM'
J. A. Hauvrv.
Solicitor, etc.
Solicit or fori—
Tuk Canadian Hank oh- Oommerck
(,"i per cent.) per nnnum from the dam
thereof, which  i rest  shall  bo     paiJ
semi-annually   at   the ofliro of  the Molsons Haul,  ai   l.'e-M I i.,l,e aforesaid   in
lawful money  of i anndn on the
.lay   of uul on the
day   ot respeel ivoly   in oaeh
uud     every  year1 ,lunng  the currency
ihereof and  it  shall  be oxpresRod     En
aid debentures  lo b  payable.
,"i.    11   shall   In-  lawful  for  tho Mayor
nf tin-   aid Corporation of Lhe     Cily
,f Rovolstoke io negotinlc and sell the
ui idei ibl.        ■  ■■ •     ■    i '  the  splen-   eiiil,.,.   th  -   the C,  I'   il      mi  .1  really   „njj  llll(l   ,|M,  | |.  (||-   11)(<  •p,.1,asu,.(,|. i
,di'l I'ielii - In       iiiiihI for   my may    ,,f the ('orpoinlion of the ('ily nf Kev- I f{Apnnpn4jnn     nf    j|ip    V.\\y said deben t urea oi    any of thorn     for
;    ,- M'.ke  for   ihe   purposes   uf. ail and    n)V I JjUl flllUll     Ul     HID    UHj    loss   than   par.  but   in   no  case      shall
of Revelstoke
theatre   v -       pel ual   I ,.:   |ge  othei'   thai wn  employes    „ ,. |,  ,|,. M|,„.,,   heivinliei, u-,-   recited,
id   Snlurday   svith   nn   entirely il  il'is  hardly      fail   ' -  '■■   ! "'" t>       ■>,    ||  .||,il   |„. lawful  for  the  Mnvm
'   "' factiires.  Vi      Ii  foi   li  ndbi inpatiy to force ihem   ,„■ l(|i.  _;i j  Cnrp„ration  of  lho     City
FIRST ST.,   -   RBVELBTOKE, B.C.  i„  11,i- mm i  bj   persisting  ii    i ing   ,,:   |;,„.„-.,,,i,„  ,,,    .,„.,. „m. „nmli,.r of I BYLAW   Ml
DOBERT SMITH Tho'prop.,   i Do    nioii   Menl thoir prop debentures to he made exoci I     and!    A I1YI.AW I
lv commissinii      that      lhe      governi    ■
Provincial Land Surveyor,   should   lal ver   ind operate lho pack
Mining Mu veyor   ;„      |:„,,. ,,,- ,,,.. „ ,,„„, ;.  ,h„ ,,....
Is mm. ... ■ ■  i 11 .t-
McKknzik Avknuk,
Railway Activity
the said dobenturos or uni1 of them be
sold for less than ninety two and one-
half per centum oi iln- face value, including the cost of sale and broker-
ago ami all oilier i ary expenses.
issued  for  such  sum  or   sums  n«  m.-ii    ,,i  the City   nl  Itevelstoke lo     rniso bj       ''-   There shall bo levied     and raised
be roipiirod for  ihe purp  and     oh-   way  of deben I uivs   lhe  sum      of   Pour   in each yonr during   the currency     nl
-   uforcsaid   not    'Xceeding   however   Thousand     seven     hundred    and  lifts    tho snid deben lures lhe sum ol      Two
bio the I .up,null.
riinrnntei    ilml      ■    ' '   madn      Then   is   extraordii  ,:-.    i.-tisity       In   ',,„.. f Thirls   Th.,u-.i,,il  fSMI.nOO)   (SIToll.llll)   Dollars  for  the  purposos  ol   hundred nnd  thirty seven  and fifly oi
, REVKLSTOKB      l!   kave oi   , pill     food supply a     lhe   ruilssay   business   nl    lleselstoke.      The   Dolhirs,      Such debenluri-   shall be of   lho Hoard of School Trustees of      lhe
l"»'-'      I"1'"-    «    is considered   traliic is .r.O per cent,  greater than    u   the     ,|,.,„„„„,.,,;,,,,     ,,|   T sand   Cily   of lievelstoke,
AL1UN &  EVE1 i,   I'wenty -  ar ss    ||<L       Dollars    each and all     of;    Whereas   lhe  Hoard   of  Sel ITrils-
un be.llh- I.'IIT "ill| ll.illais for Ihe
aymenl of Inteiosl and One hundred
nd  ihiity   und  fifteen  one  hundredth*
lures -hall  be  sealed      willi    toes  of  the  Cily   of   Hevolstoku      have    SI30.1S)   Hollar-   for   lho   payment  ol
i   ihe  Corporation   of      lhe   in  piu-suanco of  lhe possers granted lo   the said  debl   under  the      said deben-
lYaio "•-. s»   ...............                   11 ii m     i in-   meai                    -   ii miii year ago.   i sveniy   irmn erew-s  nre noss isi| ihiii nil)
■U                                                                   costs   the  pub li  pi       en I running oui of lievelst l-Aerj M   j   (
AHt'HITKlTS                            l(iviM.   |1|e   |iri  .                 .                       _           ; , ,,„. ()^   ^
VANLWVKH am. KksklsT ■„  li. C.   „,,..,.., .     ,.,,- ....   .    ;,,. fll||    ,f!|  wi.rkim.   I., full    u- , u?   „,   |;,.,„|.,,,|„. ,m,|    ,_,„,,   |,,     t|.e   „, ,,,l  by     Section    '.'I'J of  the  "I'ublic    tires by  a  special  rate suffleiont ther,
 n for a l.ii'i; I ■' p. Mavor nnd Clerk thereof.                           "I'ublic'Sel I-   Vet,   11105,"  as re-oil-   tor on all the ratable real property in
io  the pep pr..-       I'he CaniidinnVorth..,-,    , a      ;{.' aiddebe es  shall  bear   aelod by Section    ll'.' ol     the "Public the said Municipality.
» Ixniuli I the dale of                                  llllll and   Schools     Act,   H«W,    Amendment   \'ct.      '■   u   ~1'-''11   '"'  l""'"1   f'"' ''"'  M'"""
ollice,  Revelstoke, svill huve prompt
ism lhat v                                                                                 ud             Ir..in  tlml s|>a]|  ,„,  |myil|,|p  ;„   ,„,-u;v   live year- lilllli." cnusod   lo he prepared   and laid cipnl  Council  ol  the  said   Munioipalltj
"     :'"!"' Irom  the --.i-l date in lawful money of before  iln-   Municipal    i.-il  .-,   detail, to  repurchase  any   ql   tho  said  deben-
Mountain v.ow Cnmp. No. 119                                                                                                                                                      ' Canada   nl   the ollice ..f the     Molsons e.l  estimate ol     the  sums  reiiuitcd   to tares upon  such  terms  as may he ag-
pMe.-.- Second and K..iirih WodowdarsIn                ll.KAN I'l'     \N; -                     H,-,  \l,ll                              '   It     K  n p,nl).   n,   |;,.s,.|.,,,|lt.   ,f,.,«--;ii,I.    wh'n-h meel   siiecial    or extraordinary  exnen- reed  upon  with  the  heal   holder     or
each mont h. in Selkirk H'i)l.   \ isiLiu   Wjod-: ,       ,,f    ili,.      , ,   .     . '.,,,,.-      ,.i .   ,i.    «i™«.     .»
uieu cordially ii,vii,"|iomi,-„d.                            N--«   ll                                                                                                                    '      ' place  ol   payment   -hud   be   designated ses  which may   be legally  incurred    by holders  thereof, either at   lhe time   of
ss   E. p?!10RNE Con.Com.                                                                                                                          ■    my'"   land by the said debentures, and shall have lhe Hoard, and such eslimule has been sale or at  any subsequent   time,     ami
altnclied to ihem coupons for the pay- considered   nnd   finally   approved       by nil debentures     so repurchased     shall
C.   W.   O    W
.l.SS  Mi-INTYRK. Clerk
Kootenay Lodge No.  IS, »  F. tt A   M
.     ■
MlSilM, TKMI'i.l-
H il-    .w« II ,
lhe third Uoadsj
aeh     ii.iiiU,     ,U      B
■i,    '.     I us -■-
--.        ■   -Ini.)    w»
interest,  and  lhe signali
he Couiicil. be forthwith     cancelled    or destroyed
""""   the    interest      ...upon-   may   lie either:    And whereas  iln- -aid estimate   pro-   and   no reissue ol debentures shall   bo
k   written,     printed,     stamped oi   litho- vides   for thu    purchase of additional   mado   inconsequence     of such repur-
ise at Sieaiuou-. fru
it   Kel . Sum '       I Vol
J. T.  I'OI.I."   k   '
I'H.IS. J. AMAN. Si: ,.      ibi
SELKIKK LODGE 12   1.0.0  K
ileal   -.•--.
i lallatl
 Fv ittlug brsi    -
cordially iayited to aitaul.
I.   Th-  sa'ul  debentures   -hall      bear P°'
interest   at   the rale of lis-e pel'     cent, all  rights    in  lhal      portion of Wynne!)
(5 per cent.)   p.-i- annum  from thediite street south of See 1 street  and  ninth, f,  whicli  interest   shall  be      paid ning down  to (.lovernnient   street      bo-
semi-anniialls   ul   th lice of  the Moi-    ween   Blocks  ">S  and 53;   lhc   trijingu-
llli.ck  (52,  op-   chnse.
in-   lhe  presenl   sel I   building and-1   8.    In  this bylaw   the word  "Momi-i-
rights    in lhat     portion of Wynne   pality"  shall  bo deemed  lo extend to
1 include all torritpry and property
ompriscd within the Revelstota
chool  District   and  all  such  property
L    I'UOHW. N.O.
Cold Range Lodge, K of P.
No. 26,   Revelstoke, 8  C.
MEKTS .. i.sv   'SKi'S,.-    ,v.
each month.   i i '.        w,
H»:.    »■.    -       nock
Cnlsbu ■        --
T   P.   SMITH.I    C.
Q. H. BB0CK1 K     if   -:
j. B. a • r
Meet-     ill    I
I l|
11    W
Che n^aiUIT^cra^
topporaiion of the
of He\elsioke
Rank    m   Itevelsloke   aforesaid    in lar piece of  land  bein,'  Hlock 5S  lying   Bhall be linMe  lo      assessment   hcieiin-
lassful  in i   of Canada  on   lhe "  ll"' east   thereol and all  rights      in   der as  provided by Section   12 of   lho
lay  of                           hi I.ui lhe the   lane   running  through'Hlock       153   said   "I'ublic   Schools   Act,   1006,  Am-
|„j   0f                       ,-es| lively   in-each at   a cosl   of SS95U0.00   of     which    the   endment  Acl,   1000."
,„,|     over;     em      during the i-urreiicy I'ovineinl       (iovcinmont      contributes      '■'•   This bylaw it passed shall     lake
[licreof"   in l   it   shall   be expressed      in 1750.111)  leaving 81750 to be raised on   effect  and  come into  force on and af-
,. t,   In- so payable. the pan   of the Municipality!                    ter the Oth day  of April. 1910.
be luss-ftil for .Mayor     of     And     whereas    lo meel   il xpendi- |    10.   This bylaw may be cited for all
irporation  ol  lhe  Citv     ol lure as     provided by  said ostimuto ii   purposes         as      the         " lievelstoke
,,!,.-   to   negotiate  aad   sell    the   is      necessary      that   tho   Municipality   (School   Hoard)  Loan  Bylaw  No	
lei - or   nn- ..I  Ihem     for should raise tho sum of 8-1750.00            1910."
I ,:1 ,,,,.. |„„ i„ ,'„, ,.„se shall lhe And  whereas  ii   is  deemed expedient |    11.   This bylaw shall before lhc Hnal
.:„,!     debent ires     or ans   of them be lo raise upon lho credit of the iluni.-il   passing) thereof receive the assent     of
old for less  than  ninety-two and iuu-   pnlily the sum ol Four   II -and sov-|the   electors    according  lo  the provr
centum of lhe face  value,  in- en  hundred and      lifts   (8-1750.00)   Dol-  nions of and in the manner prescribed
the     cost   ol -..I- and  broker- lars for school purposos ,,s aforesaid,    by the Municipal Clauses Act.
necessary c\-pen-e-. And svherens lhe total amount      re-
,,     Ihere   diall   be   levieil   uud   raised quired to bo raised annually be special
ceni    luring  the  currency      of rate im- paying  lho snid debt   and| inin     uu,  of      I  '.eicst   iheicon    and      for creating      a
tndred   ($1500.00) Dol sinking fund i.a   paying the said prin-
nieni  ,,i intoresl     ami L-ipal debt   within  Iwenly-live yearst   is
-   tssents tsvo  (8S22) f'"'  interesl      8237.50  ami  for  sinking
In   |>n  menl  of  the       aid   ' '     8130.15,     making  a  lotal     ol
lid  debentures by     a *-il"-1'-'-
.„,,,.,-,„  ,,„     „|| |   Ami     whereas    the     amounl  of the
in  lhe   said "ll"1'' ralablo land  ... Iiii    ihe Muniui-
pubis, including  lhe  torrltorj       mprl-
[hc  Munich ""'  svithin  the  Kovolstoko School  Dis-   day ol
,|,|   \| inieipaliti    ""''  ''"'  "'' '  PUrpoBOS, i oding  to
u tie-     I.i i    revised nsscBsmenl  roll     is
 II.,      or !       SOW       IIIKIil.ltllir.    Municipal
Head  a first time  the 26th     day
ol March.   1010.
Road a second time the 26thday
,,t   March,   1910.
Head a third time lhe 'Jfith day
of March and passed svith iheun-
animous consent  ot  lho Council.
U ived tho BSSOnt of lhe elector-   the day ol
Reconsider tl ado| led und finally
passed by  the Council  the
Cits   Clerk.
I'AKI'.  NOTICE   that   tho almvo is a
-      f  Council of tho Corporation     of     ih,-^. ,opv 0f the proposed Bylaw upon
nd all   ' ''.'■  "f Itevelstoke in opon t ting n
I  |„. forth   somblcd en n led a   follows:
I |,    ||   V        bo   lawful   for   lhe   Ma
lo    Thi
1,   ii  friii  in- tawitii nu-     mayor
,, | !,. I,,   ol the Corporation ol  lho City ol  Ite-
toko  for  ihe purpose aforesaid  and
,] ho   i-   hereby    aillh,   ii-ed   lo   borrow    Oil
    lhe - ii-'bi  of ihe Municipality  by way
,  .,, ,,„ m .   ol dobontures     horeinafler   mentioned,
I- . , ,.   from   any   pel -on,   persons,   linn,   body
oi I,...!,,    corporate  who may   I"'  will-
, , ,,■   |, nit to advanco the Banio aa a  loan, a
12 of   Ihf     '"i of  y     not >■■■ • edit  -  in     lho
I1KI.1,     sail   "hole tin   ni   Foul   Thousand  seven  hundred nnd  (illy  (817. U)      Dol-
i    i    - lai    and   i" - a i - all  -u. h     un
raised  n eivetl  to be paid Into  tho
I  md    ol  Ihe Ti       e Col pot'
I ,. , ne,I     fm    il ion  ol   lhe I   '    of  Hi   - I   -.1-.-     for
. In   |,ui pose   if. .i • ■ aid   and   «ith      the
i- object hen inbi fore  i ■
ll    hall  i-i   Inwful  for  lhe   Mayor
ho fin-   of 11 ol lhe      City
which     the    vote ol the  Municipality
will   be  taken   at   the City  Clerk's oflici,
ily   Hall.   .oilier  of  second   street   nml
. Ken/ie     Avenue, Revelstoke, B. 0.
n Thursday  April 7th,  1910, between
the     hours ot     Nine o'clock a.m. anil
Seven  o'clock, p.m.
ch-i-k of the Municipal Council.
Wanted Known
Eggs, or day old chicks trom svhite
Leghorns, brown Leghorns; also
IMioilu Island Reds and White Crest
Black Polish: also a fow dozen Leghorn Pullets,  at  reasonable prices.
Eggs per setting, ?'2 nnd tip.
J, A. MO 110AN,
nnl ol  ol  Hi       ...   :lumbal  of   J',0. Cox 227, Revelstoke, B.C.—8'[ NVI'.DSKSIIAV, MARCH 30,  1010.
T11E mail-herald revelstoke, b. c.
Pftfie ■
If mn- methods suit you
tell others,   If they don't
suit you tell us.    Any criticism  of    our   mode   oi
doing  business   \sill   be
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Mail t Irders.
Telephone ' Irders.
Send   the  children   to
the store.   ' lome yourself,
1 Lisi- our city traveller
Oall   al   your    liniiie   fur
Rajah Silks
Fashion says, We have them.
The novelty weave crisp kind that
is wanted in all the spring colors—
Atuyihyst, Rose, Du Berry, Saxe
nine. Tobique Brown, Wisteria,
Mazerlne Blue, etc. They nro lhe
acoepted novelty lor spring Btreel
svi-itr, tor making the Princess and
lumper dresses
65c. per yard
Ladies' Hose
dependable Cashmere Hose for
ladies. The absolutely seamless
kind. The "Pen Angle" all svool
black cashmere hose. The hose
with the l'en Angle Manufacturing
Co.'a reputation and guarantee behind them.   Tbey will please you
60c. a pair
Ladies' Coats
For Spring. Warm and comfortable! coats to slip on after dispensing with the heavy, cumbersome winter coat. They come in
pretty tweed effects, and the Fawn
covert and Knglish Fancy Worsted
$4.75 to $10
Art Muslin
Colored Art Muslin for draping.
Pretty and fresh as the spring
tlowers. Thev tnakea cheerful decoration, and brighten up the room
after taking dosvn curtains that
have hung all winter.
15c. per yard
Net Waists
New Net Waists, silk lined. The
net svaist stands happily midway
between tbe waist of silk and the
waist of lingerie, with all the dressiness of the one antl the summer
airiness of the other. Fully a
dozen new and distracting styles to
choose from. Pretty styles, just
out of their boxes. Some bave the
new front frill. Several styles have
touches of the new Vanise embroidery. They all have an excellent china silk foundation that
adds  a charming bint of shimmer
$4.50 to $10
The Second Floor'
With that splendid Elevator service the Second Floor has
exceeded our expectations. It has become the great shopping and
meeting place for the Ladies. There is such an abundance of
perfect daylight, and plenty of room, and besides the Rest Room
and other conveniences are proving a great attraction. We are
trying to make it a pleasant place and Home like, where you can
Shop in Comfort and feel at Home. Take advantage of the Rest
Room to meet your friends when down town.
Soft Hats
For Mas
Stiff Hats
Soft hats in all tbe latest
shapes and colors. This season blue and gray shade? are
the strongest in soft hats.
Small shapes are tbe leaders,
but a goodly number of medium shapes will be worn. The
"Trooper" and "Dip" shapes
are still to tbe front
but "Fedoras'" are becoming
more popular. We have them
all in the famous Christy and
Kgerton makes.
Christy's Stiff Hats—The
perfection of the hatter's art.
We have tbe sole agency for
these goods and critical people
have long since discovered
where to get the most satisfactory and stylish hat at a
medium price. This year tlie
styles are very moderate
tending towards small shapes.
Black of course will predominate, but a few brown6 will be
worn.   One price for all
$2J to $3J   Spring Styles
White Muslin
Pretty new specialties in white
muslin underwear. The petticoated
half of the city's population will
soon be blossoming out in the new
spring dresses. With them will
come the need of dainty under-
muslins. Seme fascinating articles
in lingerie skirts, smoothly fitted
and finished dying out around the
feet in tine lace llounces
$1.50 to 7.50
Wall Paper
How about your Wall Paper.
We have part of our new spring
stock on hand and balance will
arrive in a few days.
Our stock includes a nice assortment of the very latest creations
of the decorator's art. We can
assist you in making a selection.
We also stock Sanitas Wall
Coverings, just the thing for bathrooms a.id kitchens,
Cocoa Mats
Special   Sale ol Cocoa MatB on
Thursday and Friday of this week.
Get one.
Pancakes and
Have you tried any of our Puritan Self liaising Flour, or our
Peacock brand of Buckwheat Hour.'
The best for the money. If you
bave not, net some and try it for
your lunch with some of our "Pride
of Canada" Maple Syrup. When
you get Pride of Canada you get
the purest and best.
We are still in the feed market
with Hay, Oat-, Wheat, Shorts.
Chops and Oraoked Corn.
We curry the ISmpress brand.
If you try them onoe you will use
no other. 11 will pay you to do so.
Coffees and Spices,always new and
fresh.       Put   up   in    any sue ymi
want—'in/,, and 4oz,   tin dredges,
"lib. Cut!-, pails, kegB and burn-Is.
Pork & Beans
"Why not cut down the high cost
of living by usitij.' more beans and
less meat, because beans have more
food value than meat. We can
supply you with white, brown and
lima beans, which you can cook at
home. Or we have them canned
and all ready cooked, in Armour's,
Heinz, and Van Camp's
We not only try to win new customers, but we try not to loose any
of our steady ones. By giving our
customers pure, fresh, biscuits we
are bound to bold them. We always carry a full line. We have a
reputation of conducting a pure
food store. Come in and look over
our lines of biscuits—Huntly ,V
Palmer's, Patterson's, Christie's,
and any kind vou want
Canned Fish
Uur customers always buy the
best sardines on the market. That's
why they get them from us. We
carry the best brands made—King
Oscar, Sportsman, I.a Rosa, and
Rozans a la Bodelaise, besides a
large assortment of cheaper lines.
In Canned Lobsters we carry
Maple Leaf, and (lolden Key-
brands,    (iood lobsters always sell.
Crest Brand, Maple Leaf, and L,
Q. Salmon are our leading lines.
Blue Point. Cafe, Pointer and
Kingfisher will catch us in canned
oyster. Nothing nicer than a hot
oyster stew.
Sunkist Oranges
We ure .-bowing a large assort*
mentof the Lun his Sunkist nr.ui.M-
—In threi- sizes and three prioea—
16c, i" ■-. and ' ' per do en, The
moat he ilthl il Orange on the market. Twel -i .'■ Mi'i";" -'"'! ' ;w'"
i imi' stampi entitle you to one ol
Rogers Br - Silver i irange Spoons.
Leave your order before they are
all gone.
The Klevator is the most perfect type of passenger elevator
made. We spared no expense to
get the best and most reliable. All
the safety devices so far produced
you will lind on it. Tbe most
approved automatic safety brake.
The Slater Shoe for Men
This Shoe with its " Sign ol the Slate " and stamped
price is well kuown to everyone. We have just received
two very special lines at special prices. Black
bos calf blucher, medium last, heavy soles, sizes 5} to 11,
width D, E and P.    Price $4.50.
Russia tan, dark, calf; blucher, medium weight—$5.00
You   may   Bnd   a   mistake in
our in mting, let us   know il you
do. We have installed the fineet
ollice system possible and are doing
our utmost ;n keep apace with the
times. Vnu can help up if you let
us know of any mistake that might
'  I
I   ) Tagf n.
A Newspaper Ideal
In mu urliiii' mi  "Somo of  iho   pro
llli-IM-    ■■!    IU   l>'lLr    Mi'WS|i;i|it>|',"     ill    h    Clip,
plt*miMit is- in- hy lhu Oi 1,'iu a I'ic
J'l'.--- tn mark ii- UMh aimi\ el's mi y,
lhe  puhfishurs  mi\ :
" \ in'u -papt't*, in ouv mimls. is nol
liit-irU ;i pun c\ ni ni new -. \ paper
thai i .mi lied to pi\*n nn i<> iln
remlei .'\ .-I \ iliiiiL i hni mn> come
alony in n -fi \ ion tiipplioil b,\ u \\ n-
dioftto i>  noulootinu  "i f lho i hiofosi
DUO   (if    lllo    Mi"' 1     in   pii mil:    liiinlii'M-   of
a   i nl     V   now ipnpoc   pr<tporl,\   llll-
ii,'j ii - ii- 'if iii i lu» fifronl ■■• heme of
Ihim 'nn i h ive i rtiml li mu i hnvo
nn mut* i ■ . : ■ prm iiiilii} in tho
\ nr»\> pn]u*i i i ■ - i ■ ■nm'ni
nf |it'i mtl   oi      !     unioni     l\..i
torinlh   ii   -ImiuI.I  lie n  i     liuinnni-
■|i.     M llii     lint   ii   i    morn    11   i- .in
i ti     ■■      if   ii iiiiini'i . llll   ifl'dM ili   plui P*l ul
ihi li mtl ■ 'I bu 'i"' mon with whioh
Hi.", nml lioui os nml thoii -..ml -
t ill lho   puhlii    Miiii   thus    lu»w
hut   ihoir pai \\\\ ,i>   lo  i onunoroiiil   -u>
A now -|Mi"'i i" bo i prmlui i ii •■ i'l
\ i-rti-iii j nii'ilimn. must be inot'o (hull
a moro pi.I.'1 for inserting ii<lvi>nisini;.
It mu- i lie .in in* iitiiii<>n nf influent.
It. ii ii i   ho     n  pioneer    iu (rood work
nnil      I) ilw u l<  of  iln-  | plo's  liirhts,
h mu i lie n l-'Mili'i of |m-'\ on trust-
The I'm- Pidsh has prospered ns n
business institution beenuse ii has
been :,I.-i'i mmI truthful us a nowspa*
per, irar'.' nnd truatwoi th\ as an
influpnoL1 in ihi-' community."
Inspect G. T. P. Lines
Winnipoc, Muivh 2.1 l\ ... flinmber-
lin, [iriioral mutmirt'r i>T tho Grand
Trunk I'a -ili. . tt ill j»o to IVin.'i' Uu.
pi-i'i parly m»\1 month to in<|)Pot the
iMoji.-- of tho work ihere. I!.' w ill
H|H*nd uboul a month in tho wesl and
will   in> pi   l   nil   pai'ts  nf   tho   *yst*».n.
Investors to be Protected
\[, nnil,.   Man li   2-1     I'li-nii.-r   M. Hi ill.'
llll-     .Itllll'llN'-l':!     llllll     till'    li'llM-lllllll'tll     IS
taking nil |inssihle sirps to tnrmlnuto
iln- i-jii.li-mii      ol  npuriotiH  inlvi'i'tising
fill      Wllil-lt UllSt'l'llpllltllltl     lilllli     IILlflll-
ai'.- i.-M^uiii-il'li-. .-iiul vvliii'h, il i-i-laitii
t-il, Miniiiii, Inn i-i'-ulij in inislt-iiiliii^ in-
I'-iiilini: investor* in llt'itisll I'iiliiliilna
Tlio   mhitiiiii,-ih    i-laini-   liiul    il    has
ll     II    IlIVOI'Uli    ll-il'k    nf   lilllli    ,'iillipitll-
ips llll ill.- nllli-l -ill.- nt I In- llll.- nf
lair, li. .-inn, mii- I- Illi-nisi'lvi'd lis "I'-ri
li-h I ..liiiuliia lm'\ i-i linn-Hi laml- an
|||li-ii--."   a llii, ai-.: li   lli.-\   linvn   li"   iinili-r
i aiiiliii-.-   ill'   i i mi ti.-. I ii ,M   Willi   lllo   itnv
, i '   Tlioii  uni.In   i.|ii.i nnl' ii    lo
-•I I|l Uiu--. |'l lv    .1    -lllliili'llt
liillllll.-r ill pnWi't'. ni .ilim im-\ . .iliil toy
III,Mil- nf llu--,-. lli-llMU IIM Illfl'lllN llll
li i    I III'    I ulllls     irl .   Ill    lal,.-   il|i        run
illl'l-llllli. IIIVII- nl -lallilar'l 'Town
lilllli   .    |,|,i.i.    ill.-in   un    lllo   nml'kl'l    all'l
Oil    III,  ,„    .,1     l",'h    |ni"-
(ii   Into  wooks  a   ntiinhoi'  ot   u :u ihii-j
tiilvtM'tiwliionlH   liavo   li i   Inii-rti-i!    ill
I In- \iiu-. it'jiii |ni-. Ii\ llu- mim-i linii'til
nf iln. |i|.|i\ in....     it tl \ iaing pi-o.|n -i-ii\i-
illvoslot'M    ajaiii-l     ill.--'-   l.ll.-i'    1'opl'osOll
Vnm her tonl no of i ilonincil ndvoi
tisoiiionts, it i- i-liiinii-il. ainl thi- up
plio- i.i ii"' ii .■- afl'Mii ilir jn llriii-l
I "lii'nliia lii-u -]'a|ii-|-- a- Woll, i-i 'hi
(intiotiin oinonl i hnl in suoli-iunl.sui'li
l"'i".|li' hitherto iliilii'.'inl nf lho L'OV-
i-iiiiiii'iii liiiii iv-rr\,'il 'J-'i por oont ol
llu-   land-   l'"i'   pnl'kfi   ainl   pilblif   liliil'l-
iiiLis- This i- defended lij eitinp n
11,ui-" In lho I.ami net by « llii li a
qual'lot inlei'esl in all towimites in the
I provint-e i- reserved by the govern-
ment, bui there is no objignlion llinl
th.. land thus held bnek be utilized lor
parks or otherwise.
Three Sprees Yearly
Ni-u York, Man h 211 "Three times n
year i- nol i"" nf ten i"i n gentleman
in gel intoxicated."
Handed down by SiiiTogntu Nuliln.
ai Jamaica, I.. I., recently, this damp
decision "ill bring joy lo those who
tnko ihi'ir nourishment in liquid form
ami who occnsioiinlly lain- an ovor-
doso, -ay- ih,- 11..... U1 For years thej
have waited for som  in authority in apportion the niimboi' "1 limes
lhe} mighl gel tangled up in iIn-
course <>f n year without being compelled in explain their ronrtuet, mnl
uow      thnl  a     jitdieiiil    rulinn  on  lhe
■ I tion  ha-     cleared the atmosphere
iini  are inclined i" ol r.
Speuking ul lhe i 'iiniidiaii I lul) al
Huston Judge l.ongley, ol the supreme
.iui i ol N'o\ a Soolin, -aiil lhal     Can
nda  «iili  In-'   rival   iiiiiiii'iil   lives,
her initin-n-vK wealth} Holds nnd ([real
I'mliiug indiisli} -hiiul.l bow hor hoad
in n.i nation, Time «ill surely see
her established a- a nation, Iln believed   ih.ii   iiiun-iniiih-  ni' Canadians  i-.n
nivil  a  freer  nail Inlioiiship      wiih
iln- I ni.-I Stales, When, somo year
ago, In- "a- -nu li> ilm Canadian 'lo-
vernmenl to Washington io talk over
ihi- matter hi- argument and his negotiations innl wiih Urn little fnvor.
Van, nations which had boon wont in
laugh ai Canada nnd her nmbitiona
had come to ttvat wiih her mi equal
Must Have Money Now
order   in
ri.mi' il      In-   i n    i'M--i'il    providing
thai  mii\     immigrant, mule nr female,
entei ni.   < anadn,   in lading   also    per-
; nil .hi    tl|       ■": ..ai   :,. •....    i;,,-   \\,. t < i.-r
botween     Man h     I     nnd      tl tnbei   HO,
mu-1  lia\ •■  in  lii- or  hoi   possess
the  tin t  arrival  al   leasl   s-j*.      in
rash  in  addition   in   a   tMa-t,  or suoh
Mini of mi.nr'.   as will  parol
portation   to   tho  said     ■ •    ■
ation in Canada.
li  \-  also  provided   that   ii   the   im-
rniffi nni   is tl       end : imilj    and
i -  a    rmipanted      lv of
euoh  hiinil), he or she inu      I     ■       i
fai! hri '■'.-•
sj.*. for i     '     menih
between   I lie  at
Mllllli i.
.'.|iii\ alt'iil   tn   trai
ptn< e       tin     • * ■
House of Lords
PAS.*   -     UKASI'KI      FOK
l--,-i ,i      Morel   -'
I   "
i ■-"
,'f    I..--
I he voti ■
nl   tl
that '
ho ■
1- -'
Tlie Beginning of Spring
The almanacs are agreed thai the
first da} of spring is the day >ui which
the -nn crosses the equator from tile
south to north Thi- .wan thai da}
was Monday, March JI. nnd Whitakers
almanac, which i- always precise,
says; "March 21st, spring commences, G.33 p in.' The Meterological
ollice ih-i- nol agree wiih the almanacs, li holds thai the three winter
months arc December, Jnniinr} and
February. :'-'"' ,,,;" ''"' spring began
,.ii the lirsl ol Mnrch. Thai  date seems
tn be rathet   - arl}   thif   -•■■'     lor
some ,ii     the     most, bleak nnd wintry
wenther of  thi    year  has  befallen     u-
ii" ,■ • he in t ol March.   Thn old    im-
: hegnn  nn
In   ■     t   I'ebru  - -   and  'unimei   i in    the
■   M     .  ;.   now   quite obsolete    In
-pi-- lier ul ■       '«  ■'!'
rnpi.ll      • ■ d  plnnl     germin ite in
our  ri  ■
■     i      ll
i   i        i
C. P. R.
Easter Holidays
Final Return limit March 3D, 1910
March 25. 26. 28
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
HY-l.AM  MV I to.
\   |U   I  \\\     III    STOP I I' II I1TAIN
l \\l-'s  Ul WIV. TH ROUGH
I'.l.iit'Ks SO, "io & SO. B3.
Whereas  il  i- deemed oNpedienl      to
stop up portioni  ol the lanes as hero-
I hinder described,;
I iln- Municipal Council ol lho Cnrpoi a
! tion ol     lhe   City ol Revelstoke,     in
ii'imn mcetiniz assembled as follows:
1.   That   all   thai   portion  of lhe lane
in  I'.I,,, I,  n ber  Fifty  (Ml)  lying   botween  lho westerly  boundary ol  Rob-
on  Vvenuo ami tho easterly boundary
f Mi-Arthur Avenue ni shown     on   a
plan of pari of the Cil\  of Revelstoke
nnd numbered 0'2(i I.  \N|) nil thnt portion ui lho lane iii  Rlock number l-'if-
ty-threo   t-*nl) lying    between the westerly boundary ol  Wynn Btreet      and
the onsterly boundni-}  ol Pearson St.,
as  shown on a  plan o! part  ol     the
City of Rovolstoke and numbered 636,
bo nnd tho same are hereby undoi* tho
authority    of    Section  56 sub-section
112 of     tlm    •Mimi. ip.il Clauses  lot,"
topped up.
Head n Rrsl limo the 8th day ol
l.-inh.  1916.
Read a second time the 5th day
of March, 1916,
Road a third time and passed
the Sth day of Maroh, 1916 with tlm
unanimous consent oi the Council.
Reconsidered and finally passed
ami adopted b} the Council the IStli
day of March, 1916,
(Signed)     J. II. II Will.TUN.
City Clerk.
1 cortify this is a true copy of     the
By-Law passed by the Council  of   the
City oi Revelstoke, B.C., March 18th.,
City Clerk.
Closing Out Prices
Fruit and Ornamental Trees
llnvinp ilit-) und of our nursery grounds lo be cleaned up
by Way, I nm prepared lo offer special prices on all cash bargains
Splendid ai-eortment of ornamental trees, acclimated stuck,
having been growing on our grounds fur years, from 10c. up.
One of the best selections oi roses in B.C. in all leading
varieties, suitable for i] is section, in good 2-year blooming i-i/ts,
•Joe. each, if-ii por 100, $150 per 1000, smaller ones balf«price,
60,000 fruit tru-s in leading varieties, Let me price your list
10,000 shade trees, in nil sizes and prices.
Greenhouses full ol plants in nil sizes and prices, trom $!1
per 100 j'ots up.
3010 Westminster Road, Vancouver
If  you  want a sure invostment, and one
that wilt stand the closest inspection.write
The Over-Land Financiers Limited,
VANCOUVER,  b  c.      moh 1S-88
Revelstoke Flour and 'Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Coy.
How a Pole Seeks a Job
Y.M.C.A. Campaiqo
\   "• ■■ i- bi  ■*•■   [riven thai an appli-
•   will be made under 1'art V. ol
ffate    Vet,   1909," t.i obtain     a
Revelstoke  Division     ol
H, •■    ■
ind oi   ipa-
Ja --ii S. ffiens,
I  [p iwer ,-md  vege*
■ ition
unnamed,  running
hi !
iub-d    . -imi
•i   w*ifi  'nn^t.- from
Send in your -orders for
this excellent coal
Dry Cedar, 4-Foot
$3.75 Per Cord.
Residences,   Building Luis
Fruit Lands
First Street      Tel 6 B.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Ilie Ptiilostipl
Alljcinds Reasonable Prices
Painting and
Paper Hanging"
Satisfai '.uni riunrantei tl
i   r Third St. and Rob»on Avenue
Jail kind" neatl;   carried 00
: ' Jmii work  -
of w
Front     Street.
0.  T\   •.
" 1!   -   -
■ ■   '■ ;
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged ami Impioved.     Kirnt-CluKK in every reP|iert.     All modern loiiveniencet"
I.ar^c SaiiifiU- Rooms.
Rates, $2.00 per day        SpecialiWeeklyJRates,
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably   furnished   with  the  choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rat".
J.   ALBERT     ST03STE      PEOP.
Shingle Mill for Sale
-,l   , '
It  m li
'l I ii
nd 1
ior day.    Apply to
.    !■, EDS
al  . ■ .i I
: : ■ i   ■ IS
Besl        etii ■ of
PRUIT 1  B  EEJ! '
CO.. 110.
Palace Restaurant
McKcnzie   Avcnuo
Fruit, Candies, Clgars,Tobacco.
Meali 85 cento.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
.  ten   '■    romirji
1 -i-i .   1 . sample
roo       i • 1 -■  In Uritish t lolntu-
lila, ovei lookinx 1 ppei Arrow Luke.
W. J..Lightburne, Prop.
Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot   Air
Pipe and   Furnace  Work
JJnion Hotel
1 1 l.-r N'-m Managemei l
Stewart Macdonald
Uhitr.faRtTirtd fof nil CiUkkfl uf  br.ildiogs
' -I    1 li   -    .   -   , ,;: qaantlllii
1 itthtlowftt prloMforcMh,
ill klndilol bnlldl .- ■ndiplaitulfl)
WORK   SHOP indtrtikw
Connauisht Ave.   -   Revelstoke \ A. PRADOLINI,   •   REVFLST0KL 1
Tap. 1
' -v.   lr^k$>?
'—- MW- -   )J.~»^.i3U..i'-»iJ-"*'Sl*^
Local Industry
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock tf printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVIenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
(Recount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
Canada at Ko.ne
Speaking in London,  \. W, S mil horn
lii'iinnaii of lhu     ' ii'iiml Trunk  Pacific
xni I:
"ll   \-  -nil)  ■.«.tM.'iliiiMi'<  tlml   . unii In
ii-  u\ ri nth orti ied,      1  ilu  nol       think
ii.      li   i^  the siluiilion  initl   ri    ■■
of ('mm In ihni compel ntlentiuii, \i
iln- back ni all these resource*, whii li
in amount nntl extent rend like a fairy
tnle, i* ili" nintfliilleenl i-i'eilil of < an
ikIii, tine firm t.> the tali nl an I I
.thins nf Iuu- irovernmcui antl to hei
matfiiilieent  hnnkin i  n
llll    I MM \ !'l ni'l ii   IMtOHl I  M
!    "In  no pai i\   spii ii   I   t i-. dm-   Hi i,
lain   i.'ali-r   - lull    '      I      I
ninir  whal   *\w      w .11   he  in   ten      ami
iui'hi\       yearn     to   cuine';        Iln
' inini i \   ii    .i   u hole   re ,i     I -jre ,i
ntrontflh,  moral   nnri   mi lerl   I,       which
would  a*. i in<  u\   main- lining
relation*   u uli   ( ;, latin.      W hei
-a'nl  nnri     tli me  n *   reyai I ■   pi it im i ii m
land  fr ado,   I   believe   lh     - oitntn
iiii-   little  country     ii      o  im   i  iwded,
■ nnl uni   n ,i- ihL! populul ion i-   toduj
our problem.     The inen n . i ■ . i     of
i IsIuITm  here      enn only hi         letl
bj   ineren.se of  production nnri   inin -
••■I labor nn     il..- Intnl. Wu li    <       the
I people; there i- Canada; there in ' 'an
ada   llley   have   the   land.
" \ British statesman i- wan Led w lio
will make ii a quentinu of hiph policy
tu transport surplus popul il ii »n w I en
'n mn lind ampin work, One of lhe
solui nni- of i he unemployed tpie.' lini
should lie supplied In ilu- government
ii, (irent Britain, and no -mail, r organisation, seriously taking ii[) this
question ami offering ui <tpend lhe ne
i*essary caditnl by \\ a\ of limn."
Mr. Aiwater wa.s nol t" lie out-done
in  taking      iln-  broad Canadian   view.
How.   In-  asked,   eould       help   being
optimistie in regard to Canada when
ii ua- recalled thai not a (feneration
ago ii was ii collection of disenlegrnt-
ed parts, where as today it was one
homogeneous whole? Of course, as
Mr. Cirilhth reminded the audience inn
later speech, lhe Canada club gatherings an1 hesignedly non-conl io\ ersial
in character, Imt Mr. At water permitted himself to remind the i lub that
Canada today exported more in lhe
United States than t>> Britain; and he
added: "without wishing to touch
upon politics, 1 think thai in this
connection the bonds <»f empire might
with advantage be drawn closer. The
destiny of < 'anada is inextricably
hound up wiili thai of ihi- empire."
He went on to give his support to the
Canadian naval 3chome now before lhe
Dominion parliament,
' Sir Edgar Speyer pleased everyone
by announcing that he sails for Canada iu m fortnight's tune in company
with Sir Robert Perks. Sir Edgar
Speyer is oi f Sir Robert Perks' financial supports in the fieorgiau, Bay
projects      ami      lie modestly  declared
I that as a banker he wished to take a
part, however small, in the onward
progress     which     the  Dominion      was
|making. "Nothing can stop Canada in
her path. The road i- clear and her
progress unimpeded, but next year,
significantly added ihi- prominent English banker, I hope she will not
throw all her plum- lo England at the
sain*- time. Canada will lick creation,
Imi lei her take her lime over it.
(Cheers nnd laughter.) England will
always be glad to furnish the sinews
of war, thai i-. the funds necessnry to
back legil imatc enlerprj ■•■."
tater Cay
I'lii; i III i;c;u:s
Eastei pn ed >Q .. ■ ■ , iietl> ih th*:
city on .- ■ nl lj . ! In- _..- ■ r. -• ival
of all ilir Christiti ' irche H ns tit-
tingly  cell braii d  b liffi i    I    de-
nominai ii m- in ■-]'•■■ i <i>i ■■ i 'e an I
special music,
I  : acr       '       al egei ira    m
■  i ,. .        from I     \\ oi  tvinter
ami \\ inter i- -v mbnlii til of ll • ■ d<*ath
oi   ChrUt,   iii-   de thi    tomb,
n the
bud l he grn        i   t he
held  takiny  on  .. is
fi if     th       . irch
\ ear  bi ■ n ise on il I    !«• of
tlie Christ i ol
■   ■ ■ ■      -ur
faith  boll world* and I e
■ '.'■-     ntr i n K.t-,-
[i'V  Day  wen    i .   ■ 'lu*
.;■.■• ... the balm;    air
and   hi i   ■ ■       ■   ■ lie   peo
ple  out   '■■ nt j     » of   ihe   af-
Lernonu  for   ' '.:' M - i   ' he new
noiiei able,
and  (prim: ■■'■ a-* heralded        thi   ladies
.  ■     i. t.        dame
N ul i re    ev*ell        il though       I
- '  were mil     nd the b       n ndy
to bre i! Un Is
i tself to ■       , ■  ..  I  ■ • 11  i n
the mat. rial      things oming
•iprinc   nnd   , -■-   ; n   tli"   rem    in«      ol
rem   pronii f C hrisl    I
be   ;   t ■' und  n  hap]    i   exis-
lam-e foi   each   an i   all   of That
thought  is siifl ing.
I he churi lies weii   all   ' fith
Mowers, and  special   services  were held.
If oh   ' 'ommunion   wu brated   at
8 in the morning. The morning service was full) choral, ffolj Communion beiug celebrated, n laree number of communicants took pari in the
great   Sacrament*
In the evening the music was excellent, '-li" choir being largelj augmented. The anthem sung as a solo by Mrs
Bews wa- beautiful and wa- rendered
with patheth   sweetness.
The Rev, C, A. Procunier, in both
his sermons dwelt on the festival of
Easter, saying that if the resurrection
of I Ihrisl be not t rue then all our religion is r fraud and of no value. The
resurrection of Chrisl is the great
mainstay of life and leads to eternal
salvation. The preacher urged that
the people put down all strife aid enmity and ihink of the great truths
and lessons of Christ's death and Resurrect ii m.
The Easter services u, re verj fine,
there lieing large ■ ongregations and
beautiful   singing.
Owing to i Ines the pastor was not
able to preach In the morning, but
Rev. Mr, (-alder kindly came to th*;
rescue, and delivered an Eastei sermon
in his usual able manner. Thi pastor
took the pulpit iti the evening ant)
preached on the significance of the
burial and   Resurrection of Christ.
The Horn! decorations, consisting of
dalTodals, white and pink carnations,
house plan; and a whole array '>f
potted liliei. ted  .-. verj  beauti
ful scene. The Sunda) School was well
atteaded ind at four o'clock an inter-
est inu service was held in the church
Poultry Lecture
The depart men I of agriculture at
iVictoria has intimated thai ii has no
{intention of excluding Revelstoke from
I the niijoj menl of the benefit of Mr. A.
.lull, the poulliy exper1' nth ice, and
li.- v. ill mnl ■■ m i in i'ii,. j fi -' a visil
to iln ritj ,i» an eai l> rl lie, and le
tnre  before   i lir   local   poultr; o
in.n.       I,'.-'.. 1   -.: ■     h
pari ii lllai poul
| and 1.1 ■ been ted   in
heinc  ■ m  tied     from Mi    •lul
Coroners Verdict on G. IR.
I     Seattle,     Mai  li    J-    I -
at Wel lii    ii       i    Mm
lives wen
l which while '
in  the H ren I
lhe ti ■   : lace. Tl
j Henrii
lir Hi • Rl
theii    'T' n        needed.     1
imy cen    red    he railway for t
■ ■     ■
New Street Lights
Rpvelntoko \^i!l no lonijer Iw .-\ ii:c
bug" .'iu . ilml i-. n rity illuminated
by  thi ti I   j ptem ol in-
- nml--   put bulb fi--hi -i.,ir-
lor JI iln ivorl 1 like Bre-
llios -i; p-r-lnl frnin trees, The -'lay
ol lhe "fire  bug"  i- p -   in        -1
I. 1  the
itiei       in
_   in-
:  b;    City 1 n   fforlh      M
f . ii
I 'hi    ■ i ■ -.:    - i'
, i   by
- in
■ n
I revi
Tl '.It. no "ii       ■
,i      u mi i  hoti I- in ii--- mountaibi ,->
[■ I'rmlT.      Mn;      '     fa      I   -
1 ..I,- i lutli      inn ■  15th.
I llll '■•
nd Ion the     in-
IJ. P«S8 8.
WEDNESDAY,  MATCCT1  30,  1910.
Strong School Shoes
See Our New Stock   of  Hard  Wearing
Shoes.    Every Pair Warranted
Latest Suitings for Spring Wear
All the Smart Styles and  Good Values
BO UN \i Itevelstnke, U ' Monday,
IU ■ h 2Mb, 1010 Lo Mr. nml Mrs. Vi.
t\ I .aiumers, ol ' lhase, BJ '., a sou.
1,    li,   I'i -i. ii,:lim  photographer,   will
%,e at   (he   Revel  lokc  stu lio tor     ono
»■ , only, commencing Thursday, 31sl
JM.-u  li, and     iv     prepared lo take sit-
itin j ■  in all  the latest  styles. 1!.
',   -■ ■ tinq   ol  the  Supreme  i  :   Ioi
'ith,-   irai        ioi     of    the business      ol
<>oni •-     ,,;      i ■   e, civil  and  criminal,
>\i!l  be held in  iln- eity mi  Mu;   3rd.
A   firm   in   Vain - mver   is   ,-i Iverl
.IK i:,_  mni-hiniM for sah      nd m ■ looking   I ii   up- ill Hero is      a
,! ii   .-    Ioi   some     live man in Revel
I , , i  trees should be -i" ayed in the
Ispi'mu. and you miu get  the chemicals
all   prepared   to  mis  with  wnter      at
M n lonald        Din      Ston    I :■■
Tin,-.    I,,-    -
ithei   rollini     lock toi
fi.']  p. i-oud   pn !   through    here
en   route   tor Vm
Jl'iin■-.   R iperl
i ,      i
if, the on o to
v . - -     hem in ei
Jt   ■     irrei
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing' so if you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
Your Insurance
Is   one of   the   most   important   items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
-, -
. .
■    '
I   On     behalf ui    the  members of  the
fmnih   und friends <■'.  tin        -   Doucnid
,1.  McDonald  I  -., -i.  In thai ;■   ihe | •
pie oi  Hi n-1-tiike «    nobli   work-
lo i    ovi he  hndii     of   the  i i- -
nt  tin    Kneel     I'll! -   illsii ■ ler.        I
-^—————————-——————————^———^———— ■■ .: ir to  I hank  the C   0.
f  tl      " -..   - .      " "" ■    iml   -h-  r-i'l-]'   ' '»•'.      '"'
:"i""'   •    '''   '' "'  "ll"
Rati ",:"  ,h" ":
Mrs. ,1. S. Middleman* is spending a
fi-u  week* ai   Vancouver,
■I. 11. Si-otl  lefl mi Sunday     for    a
visii In lho Const riiies.
II   (',  1'i-inr-lr, ot Cnlgnr.i.     is     the
guesl  of Mr.  and  Mrs.  A.  II.   Ulen.
A. M, I'ool, of Calgary, lias been ap-
pointed   lo  tho  local  stall of  tho   Moi-
| Kx-Muyor C. I-'. Lindmark was in
Ilie city fnr a fe« 11;i\ s iiii- iveek, bin
lefl  again  lasl  night  for Vancouver,
Mr, M ii-diiimld, of the linn uf Mm-
ilim it 111 \. i lilli'l to, coniructors for tho
inenl iralllc brige, lefl on Saturda.x
jiighl   I'm   \ nm miver,
The   F.pworlh   l.eag ?   Ihe   Methn
ili-i i Inn- li iii.-i nn Mondn.N nirIn nl
the home ol (', I-'. I indmnri \ vcri
pie i   un   -,,,-ial   t inn- was spenl.
' 0, \Ih aliatn-i ni. \ Vlirahamson
ami Snmlj Meliae, junior, have lefl fm
N'ew WestmiiiHter, to ent, i I he I . -lum
liia College for a business course.
The     Pinal     rain,- ni   the  Merry-go
round  Wlii-i   Club  was   played   nl   lhe
home ol Mrs,  .1. -I.  Porter, lhe president.      The  aggregate  prize   fnr      the
season  was won  b.v   Mi-.   Ila.\..      Mrs.
Knapp and     Mrs.    Iln\   tied fui      the
prize,  Mrs.   Ila\   winning   in  a  cul      a
handsome nil  glass bowl.  Mr.   I .     IV.
Brndshnw   won  ilu- genlleninn prize,   a
ifollnlain   pen.      Tin- prizes   for   li,,-  e\
leninp  ivere won by M'-. 'llm-. Sturdy,
i,ial  Mr.  i IiIV..id     1 npihnrt.   \fler  re-
fir-lniii-ni- danciitg  was enjoyed I'm    a
 I'lr  nt     hours.      Tin-  evening      wn*
broiighi i,. a close bj exlendine, a
honi li vole ni thank! to the popular
! A veri pleasum fum-tioii iu,,k place
• mi     Saturda)   niglit     ai   iln-  home ni
IMrs. .1. |i. Sibbnld, when fl II.
Humphreys      was     presented     with  a
li.uiil-i'ii let-trie rendini!   lain), by  the
members nf lhe elmii and Surola>
School ni >i. I'eters ihun h. on lii-
departure from Uevelstoke. Mr. Hum
phrei -   has   been   \ en    long ialed
.with iln- choir a- well is being *nper-
iiu,-mi,-in ni iln- Suudai School foi
some iiine, i.tkn^ a keen interest in
lh.- l.o ler, an,I being n en! led memlici
,,f    iln- foi ni-'i. Mi -    ^ii-li J,I  made
lh,-   |u-.--.-iil;il inn.   evpres- inu    i -. t--l   a:
ihi-     departure  and    sayiiiii   lhal   the
good wishes of   ill the i'ii,-n,I- ,.f
Petci - church would go «iiii  him.  Mi.
IIiini|.111-1■ > -   said   he  grea llj
cd their     Kin,In,---  am!    iroutd  always
|keep a uai in spot     in hi-  heart      fui
Revelstoke  ami  his  manj   friends      of
Si.  Peters eongregntion.      Music   nnd
refreshment -    concluded  a   • ci i   - ',- ■ -
uiil-- ,-\ ening,
i \i;n nl' i ll \\l\.-
Easter Neckwear
Come and see ourdisplayof new, nobby
neckwear. We have opened a new lot this
week, ami are showing the season's novelties, in Fancy Collars, Embroidered Collars,
Storks. Jabots, ami Frillings, including a
large range of the Cord Frillings, in white,
colors and gold. Gold leads everything in
Spring trimmings.
Easter Belts
The prettiest we have ever shown. We
bave them in Leather, all colors; Elastic, in
while, brown, navy, black and green, both
plain and steel studded, and in leather and
jet trimmings.    Trices from 25c. to $3.00
Lingerie Dresses and
Our stock of Lingerie Dresses is verj
complete. We have them in white and
colors, beautifully trimmed with lace and
insertion, al prices Erom $4.50 to $22.50
Blouses in all sizes-- Lawn, Mull and
Linen    priced from 90c. to $6.50
You will lind  mu- stuck   the must cum
plete in   town, and many lines that you can
get in  nu other store, while our prices are
the lowest.
-.•nt    home          also thank
Supi,   Rilpntrick  and ollicinls  of   thai
: hi   '   I'.I,' .  >i in  forwarded
\   t .  M.pllWI H.
Sydney, S -'
Spading  foil.--. Turf
.mini  tools,
b nl,.-!
0   irm   I'-i.'-.
-      Flower
Dur Trade is Increasing
Because we study our Customers
and supply the   best goods  obtainable.
G. W. Bell
P. O   Box 208
GROCER & BAKER Phone No. 23
In Easter Novelties
Rabbits Chickens
EgK   Candy   BOXOS
Chocolate Ecu*
Bews" Drug Store
, i
I *
I     I.I.VnMAllK.
la rl   Al I    ■
-I. :
A Full Range of Shoes
i • Ladies, Missus and Children in Black, Tan and
Canvas. All sizes, ami latesl Bl les. Broad and
narrow lasts.   Mosl durable shoe "a the market
Mrs. A. G. Crick,
First Street
List Your Vancouver
North Vancouver Properties
P. O. Box 137 Telephone 4050
BOO   Hastings Stroct Wost,   Vancouver


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