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 . s
'" Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation antl
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $G0l
Interior Publismng^Co., Ag's.
' to
^siting Cards
Interior PuDlishiny Company
"''r* iV  ffi. ^'■' -J'
Vol. 17-No. 23
$2.E0 Per Year
%(Sm Maukcvisi
Lawrence Hardware Co. LU
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada |
Head oi+ioo - Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized      - $10,000,000.00
Capital Subscribed            - 5,575,000.00
Capital Paid Up              -      ■ 5 330,000.00
Reserve       ...      - 5,5ou,j00.00 g
Branches ft Agents at all principal points in^Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago- First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Hank. S.atile—Settle National Bank, Sin Francisco-Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Kxchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of ?l anil upward, received, and interest allowed at
current raU> from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
ATurn 0,-er of Thirteen Votes
Would Have Capsized Both—
Merchants Favored Measures
For   the    Bylaw  162
Against the Bylaw  €2
Spoiled Ballots     l
Total vote cant 225'
Majority [or Hylaw 99.
For the   Bylaw  168
Against the Bylaw  661
Spoiled Ballots     1
Total    vote cast   225
Majority tor the Bylaw 91.
Both money bylaws granting the
city council thc sum ol $50,000 for
the completion ot the power plant,
anil $9,000 for purchasing road machinery for permanent roads were
given the approval of tho people on
Monday last when one of the hest
votes ever polled on money bylaws In
the history of the city was cast.
It is estimated that the total number of property owners eligible to
vote on money bylaws is between 40O
and 500, but as a general rule little
interest is taken, and the total number of votes cast rarely exceeds 150.
The interest taken in this last, poll
was largely brought about by the
peculiar circumstances which necessitated the poll. There were hard
workers on both sides, but as a general rule the merchants of the city
voted as a unit in favor of both bylaws, while the adverse vote was
largely attributed to the Italian element which came in bunches at ofl
hours, and presumably voted against
the bylaws.
The large vote, as said before, has
rarely been exceeded in the city, the
only instance on record in late years
being the poll for the granting of
the initial amount for the building
of the power dam. At that poll
there were 281 votes cast, 208 ot
these being in favor of expending
the money, while 71 were averse to
it and there were two spoiled ballots
As it was the bylaws on Monday,
had a very narrow sijueak, the margin in the tirst bylaw being only 27
nnd in the latter case 23. Three fifths
of a majority were necessary to carry these monetary bylaws, and while
there wa> actually a large majority
in favor of granting the borrowing
powers to the city, the legitimate
margin was but the 27. It can be
easily seen that had fourteen of
those twenty-sevch votes been turned
over the bylaw would have lieen
Now that the power plant bylaw
has been assented to the city will
be in a position to treat with the
C.P.R. in the matter of furnishing
power to its shops.
Indication That General Election
Will Be Held Soon
Oltnwn, March 27.—There is tho
very best authority lor the statement that Hon. Clifford Sltton will
enter the lists against tho minister
of railways, Hon. Ceo. P, Graham,
in thc Brockvillo district at the next,
general election. Semi-official Information to this ottcct wus secured
this morning. It confirms tbe story
printed several days ago, that Mr.
Sltton was anxious to contoat the
Brockvillo riding with Mr. Graham,
In parliamentary circles It is generally conceded that Mr. Sifton will
give Mr. Graham a hard run.
p. gums & Company. £.td.
Ladies' Dress Skirts
A  Shipment just arrived from the East.
Also Ladies' White Dresses,
Mrs. A,G, Crick, / First Street
Buy Groceries at Mclntyre s
Maple Syrup, Eastern, in bulk, per quart jar    ... 65c
I'mi i fur iiiii cakes or puddings, etc., per packet 26c
Wliiir Beans, small, clear, per lb.. 7c
English Plum Pudding, pur 1 ll>. tin u.v
Orders delivered tn nil parts of City.   Phone DS
John Mclntyre Sr Son
Cow Puncher Has Ifeen Arrested
in Connection With Deed-
Excitement Is High
Stittler, Alta., March 27.— Billy
Whitford, a cow-puncher, baa i"cn
i in connection with th' murder "I William Lannox, the rancher
who wan shot to death an he sat
chatting with two neighbor* in a
lonely tittle >liark twelve milcH mirth
nl St.-ttli'i  mi Thur-dny night last.
I.iii o •* iiii 1 riutiir. the two meii
who  wart  tirst   arrested,    have    both
been rtleaMd. Hicitomont ildll runi
high over th.' tragic event   nnd   the
nuni is the Hole topic ,.1 converse -
tmn in the whole coiintrysi.le. Thc
inquest whiih was opened on Siitur-
ilay iiy Dr. Donovan, thc coroner,
was adjourned (or a week.
H.H. Corsan Will Be "fit Home"
in the Water Friday
Mr. II. U. Corsan the expert swimming instructor from New York, who
is teaching both men nml hoys the
art of swimming in tl« Y.M.C.A.
pool this week will give a very interesting exhibition Friday evening,
March 31st. I'rotcssor Corsan will
demonstrate many different kinds of
strokes, fancy diving and swimming.
The exhibition will begin promptly
at 8 o'clock. Professor Corsan
formerly had charge of Uncle Barn's
soldiers and sailors both in
Brooklyn, N.Y., and Norfolk, Virginia, navy yards, where he taught
hundreds of men of the army and
navy not only how to swim hut the
line points of the art. The Association will not be able to handle a
very large crowd at the exhibition
and there will be admission tickets
issued given to interested parties on
application at the Association office.
The exhibition will be for men only
and no boys under 18 will he admitted.
In this exhibition Mr. Coi'san will
show how tbc natives ot Congo swim
ou their backs with their feet lirst,
holding spears iu their mouths, with
liuih hands and feet tied he will
make his way gracefully through the
water.. He will also demonstrate
how Monte Holbein swam through
the Kii.'li li .'in,niii'li to within half
a mile of the French coast and also
how he swam fifty miles consecutively through the Thames river. Another interesting demonstration will
be the Schafer method of resuscitation, which has been adopted by the
World's Medical Congress and which
is as useful in case of smoke and gas
suffocation, as in drownng. The
Professor will remain in the city (or
the remainder of the week. The program for Fridny will consist of the
following numbers: Australian crawl,
three styles, trudgeon, revolving or
spiral stroke. English arm on right
side. One-two-threc stroke ion left
side). Swimming with left leg apd
left arm only, on back, single 6over
arm, on hack alternate overarm(two
styles)' double overarm, overlapping
overarm, double alternate, broad
■broke on back, also sailor fashion,
steam boat, swimming backwards,
si.li* underarm (on rithcr side), march, ng, sculling, thrco styles, racing
lu,linn style, propellor and torpedo,
bicycle, spinning and cartwheel, waltzing, log rolling ami submarine,
crab, leathering and racers turn, imitation of a porpoise, swimming with
the hands and feet tied, life saving,
release, rescue and resuscitation, un-
iiiiini-il fancy stunts, fancy diving, demonstration of correct breathing
; method. Explanation ol nil strokes
nml questions,
I Many enquiries bave lifen made at
the office uh regards thc expenses ot
inn [Ing M, n.n. I'orsan to Ravel-
stoke.     Bach liii'iil Association bears
11 ipensa,  and  tlmsc  who nre  diH-
i"   -I   tn  contribute can  do so       by
sending same to secretary y.M.C.A.
.Many      Contributions      have  already
been received.
Nelson,  B.  C.,  March  M.—That the I
Arrow     lakes will  in nil  probability
be open for navigation  by Hi.turday
UXI  Ml the     stntenimt  mule     by
Captain •'• 0. (lore,    superintendent
if the lake and river service   ol   the '
i'.r.li .  Inst  night.     In this     event
toe const  train will resume its regu- j
lar schedule,  both leaving and      ar-'
*i i,nr tb   evening.    At
i res nl      BoaM   i ■'■  •     ■ i     are  lieing
conveyed by main line at Reveletoke
via    the      Sii,enn    lake    and N'akusp
Although  the  water has not
■ iy much, in the Arrow lakes
tin* ice is going a»i,y rapidly,    ami
the boats will lie able to get through j
about tbc first ol next month. |
Breaks Leg and Remains Alone in
Agony for 40 Hours
Nelson, B. H., Mnrcb 28.- While
building a gate half a mile from his
shuck, Daniel RobinsoU, a mnihor,
ol QuteUui, broke bis leg on Saturday afterno(,n. He dragged himself
home and endured Intense agony alone till found Monday by Frank
Souoya, n neighbor. His log was
black, he was then nearly dc'mcnti'd
'umi I'll*" nml wns on the point of
committing suicide. He Was taken
in ihe hospital at Nelson tonight,
lie  had      been   tony   hourH    without
im ni or water,    lie is a native    of
Ontario. ■
Waist Factory Proves Awful fire
Trap-Girls Perish By Suffocation or Crushed to Death
New York, March 2ij.--One hundred
and forty-eight persons, nino-tcnths
of them girls from the Kast Hide,
were crushed to death on Iho pavo-
iiiciils, .smothered in smoke nnd shl'iv
e.liil I,, a crisp in a factory lire yesterday afternoon in the worst disaster New York has known since the
steamship General Slocum was burned to the water's edge off North
lliiillii'is island in MM. One hundred
and fully-one bodies hnd been recovered from the ruins at midnight
and seven of the 41) injured had died
in hospitals. This, it is believed, com
pletes the list of dead, most ot whom
are unidentified. Grief-crazed relatives besieged the morgue as the bodies were laid out.
Nearly all, if not all of the victims
were employed by the Triangle Wnist
company on the eighth, ninth and
tenth floors of a 10-story building at
'i'.i Washington place, on the western
fringe of the downtown wholesale
clothing district. The partners of
the lirm, Isaac Harris and Max
Blanck, escaped unsciatched from thc
ollice on the tenth floor, carrying
with them over an adjoining roof
Blanck's two young daughters and
a governess. There was no outside
esoape on the  building.
How the lire Btarted will perhaps
never be known. A corner on the
eighth floor was its point of origin,
and the three upper fl„ors were only
swept. On the ninth floor fifty bodies were found, 63 or more persons
crushed to death by jumping and
more than 30' clogged the elevator
shaft. The loss to property will
not exceed J 100,000*.
Train of Empty Passenger Coaches
and Colonist Train Meet on
CP.R. Main Line
Port Arthur, Ont., March 25.—Two
are known to be dead, one is missing
one fatally injured and three or four
others seriously injured as the result of a collision early this morn -
ing between two trains on the C.P.
It. one mile east of Schreiber, at
what is known as "Blue Jay" siding.
The trains in collision were one of
empty passenger coaches being sent
east to handle thc immigration traffic and a colonist train of settlers'
effects from eastern Ontario. The two
came together at a point where it
wns impossible for tho engineers to
sec each other until within a distance of three hundred feel, and as
both were running at a high rate ot
sliced, the impact was such as to
completely demolished both engines
besides two coaches and two box
Immediately following tho collision
the wrcckago to(Jk lire, adding to the
difficulty of rescue work aud probably i-ausiug tho death of C. M. Bank,
train porter on thc cast bound, who
is among the missing.
A Salvation Army officer, is also
among the missing and tears arc entertained that he, too is dead.
T. li. Robinson, ol Newmarket,
Ont,, going west with oight horses
ami farm supplies,  loBt everything.
Fireman Burgess was burned to a
crisp in  tho  trip.
Calgary, March 'iff.—June 3 will be
observed us King George's birthday
iu place ol Muy 21, as was tbo case
last year, according to militia orders just received at head iiuarters
of M. I). No. 13. These orders also
state that:
Ills Majesty King Gcorgo V. has
been pleased to order that his birthday he observed on thc actual anniversary, June 3rd, instead of May 21
nd was the case in Canada during
the reign of his father.
London,  March M,—Colliding      toi
day In the Knglish Channel ln a
iliiise log, the French steamer Bord-
cauvlllo and the Hcotch steamer IrlB
Brook, were so badly damaged that
both sunk within a '"*' minutes.
The crews und passengers of both
vessels were got Into thc boats with
difficulty and within a short time
were picked up by other vesnels Called by wireless to tbe scene ot ' the
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Codlings, Whitefish, Finnan
Haddie, Pickled Mackerel, Lock-
iver Herring, Pickled Herring,
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Robin Hood Flour
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Phone No. 23
a. a
Lots in^City of Vancouver
Gymnastic Exhibition
i m Monday evening, April Iut, the
.'itli annual gymnastic exhibition will
be lii'l.l m th« gymnasium of the Y.
M.C.A,    The Mating capacity ib Hm-
iti',1 to thn'P hundred and lot over
three hundred tickets will bc Hold,
every purchaser ol a ticket is assured a go,.d Wat. There will be many
ni'w nnd interesting numbers on the
program that have never been witnessed In lievelstoke before, including gymnastic feats of every description, fani y diving on the mats, thru'
bo-ftpf, rings of tire, over chairs, turn
tiling of a high class order, funny
clowns In new and comic stunts,
gymnastic dancing, graceful and fun
ny, Herman f ilk dancing, never seen
before in Kevelstoke, Swedish danc -
ing, as seen in the hamlets of Sweden, pyramids, strung as the pyramids
"f Kgypt, built In the twinkling ol
nn rye. Thoro will Iw many other
interesting number*- also. Good miiB-
ic will la- provided. The admission
is 25c for everybody. First number
will begin at I o'clock sharp.
A new stock ot kodaks, camera*,
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( WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29,  1911
Gbc ADaiMbcralb
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Legal notices lu ceuts per Imo first
insertion, !> cents per line each
■subsequent insertion. Mcasure-
inenls .N,'iii'iiin*l {.l'i lines make
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business announcements (2.50 per
inch per mouth. 1'referred positions, tb per cent, additional.
Dirths, Marriages aud Deaths, 5l>c
each insertion.
Land notices t~.50. All advertisements subject to the approval ol
the management. Wauled and
Condensed Advertisements : -—
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, fc)it
uations wanted, Situations Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
Wauled, 25 words or less, 25c,
each additiuual line 10 ceuts.
Changes u. standing advertisements must be in by !) a. in.
Tuesday and Friday ot uucb week
to secure good  display.
CORRESPONDENCE Invited on matters ol public interest. Communications to Editor must lie
accompanied by name ol writer
not necessarily for publication,
but as evidence ot good faith.
Correspondence should be brief.
Including postage  to England,   L'nit
ed States and Canada.
Dy the year itbrough postoflice.1 $2.50
JUB PRINTING promptly executed
at reasonable rates.
TERMS—Cash. Subscriptions payable iu advance.
£be flDaillberatf)
Lelt to lhe degression ol the piop-
erty owners the money bylaws it on
Monday met with the approval ol a
majority sufficient to carry them
both, yet with such a narrow murgm
that a little organized eflort on the
part ot the opponents would have
meant ignoble deteat. Had the bylaw for the *50,UOO for the completion ol the power plant been defeated
and it would have required a turnover ot but thirteen or so votes to accomplish this, the city would have
been in a very uneviable position. It
would have been in thj possession of
n power plant not paid lor and with
no money to pay for it; the city's
credit would have been impaired and
it might have placed the city in the
limelight as a corporation that refused to pay its just debts. The
money would have had to come immediately from somewhere, nnd in
the long run would have hn.l to
i-ome from the pockets of the People
with added interest anJ additional
expense entailed by litigation which
might have ensued. So looking the
whole thing b iiiarely In the lace the
people acted wisely in voting the
money to pay for the plant-
The question as to whether the bylaw should be voted for or against
had its pros and cons of course, but
ihe argument of the welfare of the
city happily prevailed to such a preponderating extent as t0 pass the
bylaw, and tlie Mail-Herald rejoices
in the decision ol the property own -
ers. However, it must be said that
these *ho took occasion to vote
against the bylaw had just and good
reasou= lur bo doiug. The money
bad beeu spent witbout their approval which is in every way contrary to
;u intent of the municipal act, and
the building ol the plant hn,! been attended by many and various slipshod methods '.hat no doubt had the
tendency to incur righteous indignation and ire. The people must be
allowed to rule, and ignor.n-f this
right came verj nearly placini: the
■city in a Very peculiar predicament.
A turnover ot thirteen votes would
have done this and every one oi the
council tioard ol I'l Wi Ul then
have had t*. take hi- -hn:.
,-i • ii- b    • tli    block  eyi      that
tbe city wo iW    ,, t   n elved
The condit .'.-•    i,  rwpi' ■
to the completion of the power plant
were  excepi.     ..       i ■■    plant       *■ a
but half  finishe I  when I
money  origins   .    ., ted   petei id out
The then co tbat  an ap
peal to thi ■        view ol      the
contiii *••. * u ; rating lelaya and
miamanagement, would bave been
flatly turned down, ami It »ns either spend the money legitimately or
■have a liai.' baked powei plant
then hand?. Considering tbat the
■bylaw pa-sed "t> Monday It might
fierhaps tie considered that tbe council of 1910 t. i k the wiser course In
runniag tb:* chances, but ove> timt
of course does n.t exonerate Hum
from blame. The criterion that was
justly due theui tor spending thc
money without the mandate of the
people is still due them, nnd the voting of the money fails to absolve
-tbem in the least. The very narrow squeak winch this bylaw had
should n'-t ri a strong deterrent
should the council ever lind itself ln
such a predicament in the future.
. ^his upending of money for      pur-
•   .*VI
For 30 Days Only
5-Roomed House
$1,250   CASH
with Bathroom Complete hikI
I'urnacoi centrally locttlcd on
Kirsi Street for
Centrally   Located   on    First
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sale for
If you are looking for  a  house  cull  ami   wr
may help you secure ono of these properties on
The Revs/stoke General Agencies, Ltd.
poses lor winch it is not legitimately
Intended la a relic ol backwoods legislation that should be relegated to
backwoods towns and n ,i adopted m
cities such n« this where modern methods prevail nnd ratepayers know
the meaning ol nn act n- well, or
perhaps better, than the councillors
The city council now hns Ilus $r*u.
|>'H> in their hands, Looking to
the best interests ol the city the
Mail-Herald gave the affirmation ol
the bylaw its moral support as the
citizens afterwards did, but this must
not be construed us the policy this
paper will always assume on such
ijiiestions. The rights of licitizrns
must be safeguarded, and it this city
council or auy other council wishes
to escape criticism these monetary
questions must be submitted for the
approval of the property owners before one penny is touched.
But anyway the mon.'y is now in
the hands of the council and it is to
be hoped, that with their recent unpleasant experiences they Will learn
the wisdom of looking before thoy
leap and not subject both themselves
thc citizens nnd the reputation of
the city to such imminent risks ns
in  the past.
gained   his sight.      This  minimis  the
opinion ol ninny „ lending authority
ibnt marriage Is an eye-opener,
Four ladies nre to hold up the
Queen's train al thc coronation, tf
Ihey require any pointer about holding up trains Ihey enn npply to our
Hill  Miner.—Montreal  Herald.
Alderman Abi'ahamsoti'e pet bylaw for $9,COO to purchase rouJ machinery hnd thc same narrow squeak
that the power bylaw had- This, of
course, cannot bc construed that
any considerable portion ol the property owners arc averse to the principle of permanent road making.
Kather it must bc taken ns ft criterion that the confidence of the people
in the ability of the council to handle the money to the best advantage
is somewhat shaky. Nobody can
blame them tor this.
The council, however, in tbe light
of their cxiiericnce with their prcvi -
ous experiment in estimates and bylaws, wisely added n considerable
sum 'for contingencies over nn.l above
the absolute necessities lor road
making machinery, so tbat the chances of them exceeding the amount ol
the sum granted by the bylaw Is
.small. For this J9,00fl the p ople
will naturally look ,'nr some permanent improvement in the streets m
♦he very near future. The council
can easily "show them" by pickm*.-
out the worst spots tirst and exhibiting just what can be done with new
and  improved  road  machinery.
Sow that the  snow  la rapidly disappearing,     the tilth   and accumula-
tlons In back yards and lanes     that
has been  hidden away by  its c. at
wime tm  the past several     moi
is beginning to declare Itself in   m
uncertain manner,     This garbage   is
a  constant source  ot  discomfiture  to
those in  its  immedia'e vicinity,  ait:
■ •( disease  ami eSedemic to  the  city
at     large.      No     doubt as  -*,i*n m.
weather  permits  the  city   e
will see to it that all accumulations
are  remove kly   as   pos.-i    '
but one or two officials cannot. get
oround the city in a day or a week,
anl in that week r two 'he mischief may Ik" dune. It woijld be well
;• i the citizens themselves to 'ake a
hand in the  maUi*i   as
ly as possible to th<
individual   back   .. ai -I-   an I   * Sill
■ i.*   , -     mui
tbe -i ir,,,: .       By tbe    way,
,n ,,r*ier ta give tin* movement add
*   *
d,, loi the citj co mell t,
li , . up" day '     Suspend
nefl ,     if     necessary,   inr a few
aaI  lei   us have one of
must, cleanly cities on the continent,
And once having secured that      let
ee ti    t thai   ■ ■* keep it     dean
ih   Ah,,ie year round.
Crarbage breeds Dies, and llles
llsease V  Hy caught  ,,n s     swill
barrel carr c» t 500,000 bacteria,"
lu. ''. i. If>>.<■ iti, .'. bo ih invos-
' gal -i • the typhoid epidemic al ' H
ta" ii nn I !,<■ arid. -"There ia greal
risk nf the tvpln,id epidemic aasum -
mc   enormous   pn.portions   with     the
coming nl warm weather and Mies."
The same applies to Revelatoke as
well as Ottawa, Ioi hr. Hewitt. 81
plains that, Infant mortality, aa well
as trphui'l fever, is largely due to
these pests, which breed mostly in
■-tnhle refiiRC, ■earbage nml insanitapy
A Philadelphia mlnistet who h-as
been blind lor years waa mnn ied recently, and shortly aftei wards     f»-
An Attractive Field for Weil-
Placed Capital—The Opening
of New fields
Now that the advent of spring IS
near, a great many people a''c asking
themselves and their friends what is
going lo happen in the mining world
of Uritish Columbia, The great increase of population during th? past
few years and the tremendous Influx
of capital has had the ellcct ot inspiring eonlidence again in nil natural resources. Those who will like to
remember the early mining experience
peel of speculation is coming to lie
bettor understood and even the man
mi the Inside is beginning to recognize that lhe promotion business is
not ji success unless the subject Ihere
ol has Mime demonstrated value. As
a mat ler of fact the opening up of
properties by syndicates or develop -
mini companies preliminary to ask-
ng the general public to subscribe
t.„ a slock flotation would seem to
oflcr tho great safeguard to the BUb-
queiil. course of development. There
is n wide scope in British Columbia
today for such companies and if they
arc guided by the best scientille advice and business intelligence thi're
Is no reason why they should not bc
ns profitable as those operating In
other quarters  of  the  world.        One.
stitutcs another good reason why
brains and Capital are so in.lispcna -
able to success here. As an instance of such methods it is only
necessary to instnino thc Consoli'd-
ntcd Mining and Smelling l'o., ol
Trail, which operates the smelter
ami last year treated over fc.OOO.OOO
tons of ore; the Granby Co., of
Phoentz; B. 0. Copper Co., of Greenwood. These aro all powerful corporations nnd furnish nearly all tho
copper output of the province. They
do not confine their mining, operations to one place but purchase mines
wherever their engineers consider advisable, the result being that they
now have a grip on most of the proven properties of the province. This
signifies    one      important,  fact,   viz.,
thing is tolerably certain that there that thc existence of payable ore is
will he lew undeveloped properties widespread and that it only requires
winch will respond to the ofioits of the right methods to immeasurably
everyday non-personal liability pro- increase the present output. The
motion which issues treasury stock most Important question before the
at 10 or 12 cents on tbe dollnr and i whole province now is the attraction
gives half the stock away to the ol more outside capital to assist in
vendors and promotors, who, when developing these resources. .So far
the nominal pool is broken knock the ' the Uritish market has been busy
bottom out of the treasury. It is with South Africa. Australia and
true that there may be exceptions to lother localities where tree gold is
this  rule  but  in  such     cases  nature j the  principal  consideration. However,
Creek continues to hold the attention. All thc mines in this camp
have made good on their merits and
a strong revival ot interest is to bo
expected, especially as it is expected
that. English capital will bc shortly
introduced to undertake developments on a larger scale. Most ot thu
operating companies hero arc proprietary in nature.
The discoveries of rich gold values
at Steamboat Mt. near the International line lasl. tall indicate quite a
little excitement ihis season and developments here will he watched with
keen interest as it is comparatively
close to Vancouver. Up to the present not sufficient work has been performed to definitely form fixed opinions but the indications arc ot a favorable character.
During IMO B, 0. produced W',680,-
505 worth ot gold; %l,Wi,Wb of silver; $1,Ml), 1100 of lead; •$1,,J72,&I» of
copper; $181,000 ot zinc, a total of
$i;l,5'.i'.i,,W5 of metals. Besides lhis
there were mined 2.S0O,<)<)<) tons of
coal valued at. $9,900,000; £14,000
tons of coke were produced valued at
f 1,-884,ODD and $1,200,ODO worth of
building materials, making „ grand
total ot mineral products for the
year of fM,M8<,6Q6'. This is a respectable sum but it is merely a
fraction of what the province is cap
aide ol producing when developed to
Its capacity.—W. Ullphant Bell in
Canadian Finanoe.
I'hrlstinnin, March 87.—Miss Rog-
stad, the lirst woman to represent a
constituency In the Bbortlilng, lias
made her maiden speech belore that
body. She Is n school teacher, and
represents one ot the Chrlstiania.
seats mado vacant by the resignation
of    Gen.      Urutllo,     president ot tho
: Storthing, who was compelled t0 retire temporarily iu order to assist in
the work of reorganizing thc army.
I The entire assembly rose when Miss
liogstad began her speech. She aaid
that the day would bc a memorable
one, ns it was the first time a woman
had over participated in thc discussion of the nation's Parliament   nnd
: predicted that the movement for
political     enfranchisement of women
j was hound to succeed and would result in muuy reforms.
The Doukbobour settlement nt Url,-
Hnnt has guaranteed to supply the
C.P.R, this yenr with lOO.OlW railway ties. The. ranchers of tha Arrow LnkcH, who have lormed a union
lor the purpose of making ties, telegraph posts and fence posts, will
supply ahout 1*S>,000 ties. The railway's policy is to purchase as many
lies as possible from the ranchorB, as
it assists them ill clearing their land
properly and enables theso pioneers
to soon become producers of fruit
and other produce.
At UO  per
has exposed enough payable ore to
has been particularly generous and
convince without the expenditure of
much capital or time, or those dir -
ectiug thc work have been gifted
with second sight and superior Intelligence.     Neither ot these agencies
of Vancouver, which iu reality never j oan enter into a business proposition
amounted to any serious occupation,! This province measures about 1,000
aro now in a small minority. The miles '" length by about 350 miles in
future belongs to the     present     and  breadth and contains roughly 375,000'
the class of men who have eon!        '     s*ii*are miles.     At least 350,000 miles
ed to the  growth   if  tbU city      are   ,,, thjB territory  can     be said      to
ly to seek re , _ _ _ ,  .„.
emprise  mineral   hearing       country,
long as the cists of In-
■ :■. t her |
. r „    .,      ... v, „ „       ei„. t only supei   '-ially nt. thnt
tier* f.      y '
it!rae-    n th .-.tor i
same      time
fan   rank    ■  • in
ii at.
the limit of production in this dir -
ectlon is always contracting and the
margin ot profit continually becoming less, so that the peculiar cluims
ul II. 0. cannot much longer bc
doubted if old country mining men
once turned to U. C. and prosecuted
their investigations systematically
they would find profitable scope for
the investment of their money. They
would find here a Government in
sympathy with their aims, a country
1-deal for the most part lor inexpensive mining, ample timber ut a nominal cost and water.power going to
waste. it would be difficult to duplicate these advantages in any other part of the world.
This coming summer will see a
great amount of activity in several
new directions. First ia importance
perhaps is the Hazelton district at
the head of the Skeena River, which
will s0on bc tapped by the main line
of the G.T.P. from Prince Rupert. If
half the statements aro only   partial-
No man ever made
working for a salary-
week the hoy thinks that in a few
years when he gets i'Xt a week be
will be nblc to save money for a
rainy dny. lint the time comes
when he is earning the $'2i, a week
nnd he is Bpending every cent ol it
and more too  perhaps.
It is money that makes money un.l
it all depends upon  ihe nature
the  investment to  which  money
fortune by |shareholders In oil stocks and as yet
but a beginning has been made. There
are still Immense fortunes to be amassed in that territory.
A Uritish Columbia syndicate recently got next, to this enormous
yield of liquid wealth in California,
and decided not only to get into the
game itself but also to let the investing public iulo lhe deal. They
of resolved themselves into the Can&dl-
IsJ an Pacific Oil Co.,  Ltd., and decided
put as to bow rapidly it increases.
Some men invest in mining stocks,
some iu bank stocks, sonic in busi -
ness, while others put their money
Into a biink to earn its little three
or four per cent. There are however
wise men, whose experience we should
profit by, who have made their millions in a little judicious speculation
in oil  and  oil stocks. .lolin       1).
Rockefeller is a living exponent of
tho fact that there is money in oil.
He started Into the game when he
was you.ng, invested judiciously here
and there, made his profits, invested
again nnd again and today he is
pre-eminently the oil king, and many
times a millionaire.
We can't all expect to duplicate the
business career of John ll., but there
ly true concerning this district, an-' arc thousands of others who have
other Slocan should be involved' made th.'ms.'lves independently rich
.'rom the present beginnings. The ores i in ,*, similar manner.
ace rich silver lead associated with Oil is n natural product of Mother
grey copper nnd while iio deep work-1 Rarth, nnil once the location is se-
ings  have yet  been  undertaken,  it is  cured  lhat Is sure of producing    this
tbat noc but ll. 0. Investors should
be let In on the proposition. Seven
hundred and -forty acres were secured right in the hoart of the oil producing territory, and for the exploitation of this wonderful Held called
for the issue ol stock to the amount
of $10,1100. So impressed is the B.
0. public with the certainty of enormous profits that almost the whole
ot the stock his already been snapped up, and now that a well is withiu a few hundred feet of completion
excitement is becoming  intense.
The company does not ask tor any
investment without investigation,
but sends a man from the vicinity in
whicli they are issuing stock to look
into the proposition and satisfy him-'
sell that it is a legitimate pioPosi -
tion. From this section Mr. A. K.
Kincaid was sent and so imbued was.
he with the prospects of huge profits tbat he immediately invested
heavily in the stock. "Twelve wells
wero  brought  in  there a day  by  tbe
believed,     owing     to   the  favorable   liquid  wealth,   there  is  no  limit    to   Sante Fc syndicate," he said,     "and
formation In     which the veins      are the wealth that can bc piled up. Mil-
found,     that     they will persist     in iions upon  millions  have been    made ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
depth.      A number of the  prominent from the investing of     a few  paltry'wonderful sites I over saw ln my life
groups ot claims have been     bonded thousands, and  the tale will be    re-   it was a well l«ing brought in which
within  a
quarter of a  mile of  our
I saw one of the      most
mininu'   ventures
* I        . ■  ■
tne        In   tbe
en regard while
■ mpamet
■apltal bas
which  had  nevei of
b«m consequent y  neglected.    Smelt-
tput   of
■■" ,llflt "'■ ■,,; pment,
their estimate of     mining „nd need
den    and thi
ol winch certainly Hot     more     than
ii ospecte-d,   the most
..re of these facts It is no cxaggeiii-
•   r.  ■■ ■   B.C.   possesses the
grcates' undeveloped conn
try  in tl excepting      perhaps
a  wonderful      en-
*   I  eventually    prove
.,v of in biatrial life
,r. h   i iei ■    ■       n ,i     ap-
lopulatlon is   small
entered  m  the      big
lived  in
tho maelsti  •■     ' real estate  popula-
■ • omi ■      development of Canada as a who •    Foreign
* iriliels
mi mei**'
Canadian  Pacific Oil Co. Ltd.'s Derrick al work in the Midway Oil Fields, California,
with Midway Premier Gusher in the distance
. ne
* ,i
i 1 a i -:
•    ■
: , * '.-:
iarge scale and
t,, outside capital  and  a  big  rush  is
hi  i be  .in ing.     tmly     the
absence ol  transportation     facilities
i,   * i'i-'I  this locality from   op-
ii     more rapidly in the past
poated  time amd time again till old ' flowed     day    in   oud day out 14,000
Mother  Barth  has  been depleted    ol hands of crude oil per day.
her natural wealth—If she over   will "Kvcry investor in our company,"
I,,,, ho explained, "has tho privilege      of
A few miles (rom  llakcrvllle,    Cal., purchasing tho name amount of stock
there   ne  thousands  of acres of land after the first well is brought in    as
The Portland  I anal 'amp is      now ' literal.   Boaked  in  crude      petroleum he held before, B0 that an exception-
veil     established after „ period     of worth  variously from fl.76 to %2   a al chance lu given those who get in
,,  due  to  tb'   -'"'k     Jobbing barrel,     Walls there flow     naturally on lhe ground lloor.     Our lirst well
enterprise,     Thii    i,  baa  been  re    once thej  arc bored, and am   known which Ib now in thc drilling, is down
,. i that will devolop Into a     lnw   '" >"'1'1 fl'",n "l'mj<l to 2"'s0° barrels , 2«0O feet and as the normal     depth
camp wiih  perhaps several big  a day.     This oil territory runs     In
01 tin  t 'In   H.'I chit is the |streaks from a mile to many miles in
'most, promising and already arrange-j Width i n I  anywhere  within this ter-
nl    are being  made by the      rail- |ril,ory     there are being struck daily
,,,,   to handle  the output   of ore    as , wells   which   literally   gush   forth  cil\,
■   „., the in"   *    completed ■   fai iThe whole countryside there is   wild
:,.' mine,  which  will  be by      the   with excitement over the many    rich
1st   of   duly.      The    Portland   Canal   Btrikes    hat hnve  been made,       pipe
Co.,  of local origin,  is another well-   lines an'  thn-nrting. the  fields,    tanks
known     property nt  present occupied   and  receiving  reservoirs    are     lieing
of wells In that vicinity is 11300 (cot
it is expected that any day word may
bc received of a wonderful strike and
the subscription books will he closed."
Mr. W. H. Welsh a representative
of thc Canadian Pacific Oil Co., Ltd.
whose offices are in Vancouver and
whose directors all live in B. C, Is
nt the offices of the Kootenay      Ag-
gnining    practirnl experience     in  built or dug    through tbe territory, ; cncleB,  where he will iBsue a limited
Le Roi Mine No. 2, at Rogsland, one of the most promising
Mines in British Columbia
ImtQlng  methods.      There are  a num-
| her  of other  properties     which  bavo
yet to bc heard from.
In tba fret-millini   zone,      Sbssp
■ and syndicates are declaring their
Cainiugs away up in the millions. In
tbc past six m nibs no less than
|i-i,'.i"j'j,i'-*   bave been divided among
number of shares to those interest-oil.
TO     LET-Two light bouse keeping
ruome.    Apply t0 tbis Office, THE   MA.Hj-HEH-A.UD,    HE*V3±lIliSTOK:E
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAiriD, Geneiial Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, - $7,000,000
of The Canadian Hank of Commerce will receive deposits of $i and
upwards, on which interest is allowed at current rates. There is no
delay in withdrawing thc whole or any portion of the deposit. Small
deposits nre welcomed. 234
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, to be
operated by any one ol the number or hy Ihe survivor. A joint account
of this kind saves expense in establishing the ownership of the money
after death, and is especially useful when a man desires to provide for
his wife, or for others depending upon him, in the event of liis death.
ff£l/£LS7C>i£    ERAtXCH-- F   M. GIBSON. MGR
The Famous Leckie Loggers' Hoots and our own
make a ways in .stock. See our Pack Straps aud
Pack Sacks.
Boot and Shoo Repairers,
Saddlers Harness Makers
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund    - -    &4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World,
At all Branches.     Intercut allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Under New Management.
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
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c in \ nn ul.      No I i i II I i   il   .i-l 1 lllll
11* villi i,t a ni| | Ij 11 i in tar-
iiji 11 ii 11 i> i -11 vhliliyj i iii
Fri pin iiiii tvr Eitntfy, num itud
:,|i unit* i li   ii   Kiel tent tirrcy
in Mt ild :i nl | i ' 11 *-' • I i i i' 111*,
i I 11 i ii i  \\  i 11 : i i   1 qui nil nil
I ii ili i,n ai i .vi i Hi il.     Si hi I \ nil    1
till   li inlil i   1 i til), ll ll li | I i I e
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.,
Importer* Mil Boaters In rum Wines, liquet s, Cigar* nnd cigarstt-ss
A Symposium of What is Happening in
All Parts of. the World \
Revelstoke, u. c.
ill as successor to Judge Walker In
the northern division ot the eastern
Judicial district  ot  Manitoba.
Initial steps are lieing taken to establish n tobacco growing industry
nt Militarily.
Hinco Jan- li nearly two million * l'remier Scott, ol Saskatchewan,
acres ol land have been sold in thc left Regina tor Victoria, D. C, to
Peace River district, over 500,000 ot interview Premier McDridc on inter -
which  have     changed hand-  through   provincial mattera.
suitably   furnished   with   tin   choicest  thi
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Winnipeg renl estate dealers.
Senator Cummins of Iowa wants
the reciprocity agreement amended
as he claims it discriminates against
the United States farmer.
Jt hus been announced that the
(irand Trunk Pacific railway will con
struct CrCO miles of main lino und
branches this year.
Two hoys made a daring escape
from the Industrial scho(,l nt Port-
ago la Prairie, and hove not yet
hei ii recaptured,
An association known as thc Western Canada Fair Managers associa,
tion, wus formed iu Hcgina last
Thursday  night.
At  the
a  number
were made.
annual sitting ol the Pres-
mission hoard Ht Totonto,
ol western     appointments
Hon. J. A. Calder presented bis
budget, statement in the Saskatchc -
wan legislature, showing the i province to be on a sound financial  basis
Flat      racing   bus  been   begun       in
at Lincoln, 0. Hib-
won thc Lincolnshire
Eugluud,     und
iicrt'B Mercutlo
63       "AI il HERE SHICE l^lMi:
fl   J   HfillPV NllPSftPifiS @  ^ 5? Interest""5
111, 0.  llCllljf tflll&ClICO  x. nntW.amnfflW*
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nipeg, on G.T.P. Ky
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pcraraiura credited m'lhlf
on saving deposits (|M-
k upward) subject to Vith-
drdwal br cheque & *
■• /*■*-*■.»
Four firemen were killed and ono
fatally injured when the roof ot a
burning factory in Milwaukee collapsed.
Trade in the Canadian west continues active being stimulated by -activities    in    railway      construe! ion.
Thc Diaz cabinet in Mexico has resigned, but tbe president lias not yet
accepted or rejected the resignations.
Thc mounted Police arc investigating a case of attempted murder in
the Uuflalo Lake district in Alberta.
Wch-tern Canada is strongly in
or  of reciprocity according to
vote taken by thc Free Press.
Tbe February bank report indicates
great business expansion in tbe Dominion.
The C.P.R. will build seven hundred miles of railway fence this year.
In thc house of commons Premier
Asiiuith said that the government
will not consider the representation
ol tbe dominions on the board of
The Winnipeg health department
has been notified by a resident of
Kildonan that the Hed River iu that
district is literally full of dead tisb
of various kinds.
0. W. St. John, prominent lu sport
Ing circles and a well-known: lawyer,
will shortly leave lor Vancouver to
enter business there.
Trade returns Ior eleven months of
the present fiscal year Bhow a big increase over thc same period in tho
previous year.
It is announced in connection with
the Regina winter fair that a live
stock commissioner will be appointed for Saskatchewan.
Owing to the large number of golt
links laid out in the west a proposal
iH on foot to form a Western Golf
Premier Laurier, in a message to
supporters in Toronto, expresses the
opinion that the new trade policy ia
a winner.
Owing to the anti-racing legislation in New York state the Jockey
club has decided to cancel many trie
At Iirandou, Man.
land disallowed tbe
Mayor Fleming.
Judge  Cumber-
proteet    against
Vustraliu feai^ au Oriental invaa -
ion as a result of Japanese pouring
into the islands of the Pacific.
It is said that C.8C0 negroes in
Oklahoma are desirous of settling in
tbe Canadian west.
Winnipeg real estate Bales reported
in one day aggregate MOO.OOO.
on time depositor-
Spmonflis & over. *
We hwest vnonq fcrrtienta
in first mortgages 5 60 a
general financial buainess.
We want YJur saving accnt
Sifyou are not saving +
?;■&• malicaRy, * * ■* *
Commence MOW With Us.
+ + + caaityliamlled —
"YoTTcan send by Draff,
Pout Office * G^press
Order or Rr^bterecT^^
 I H  Letter & withdrawals
can bcmadiT* ♦-***-1?*
**aiy way you wiah.
Hon.  Robert Rogers, speaking
Toronto,   declared  the  leaders  of
grain   growers are    misleading
farmers in regard to the
Alberta Consumers Will Suffer-
Will pt Wort March 31st
I t'algary, Alta., March 2-1.—The conference between the representatives of
tbe Mine Owners' association and ot
District No. IS t'nited Mine Workern
of Ameri'a was definitely declared oil
when the session was resumed this
aftei n0on. The companies and their
employees, alter wrestling with the
prooleras of open and closed 6 shop,
check-oil system, and discrimination
for weeks, bave finally decided tbat
they cannot come to terms. A strike
of coal miners *,f Alberta is now
certain. The men will go out on the
night of March Sl, when theis present agreement with the operators expires. Tbis means tbat what is ex-
Premier Whitney, in tbe Ontario Pected will be the biggest strike In
legislature, killed the Woman's Suf- thc h'story of Alberta will be com-
frage bill introduced by Allau dtud- fenced on April 1, and tbe end ot it
l)()lmc- i-  simply a matter  of conjecture. It
. might be for a week; it will      more
The     Central Alberta Railway has   probably be six weeks, and it might
let contracts for one hundred     miles   last six months,
at a cost ot two and a half
Tbe lord mayor of London has offered to head a movement to obtain
an expression of public opinion on
tbe  question of arbitration.
The case of Private Thomas AlUn,
found guilty of murder at Victoria,
will come bciorc the supreme court
at Ottawa,
Ware Responsible
RcfertiT^ * * *
or to anyone ia *
Write uoaWityay
M GaiiibiiStreet",
\&i\co\iwr B.C.
of  line
million dollnrs ^^^^^^^^^
The Ottawa authorities will give
cflect to thc military reforms sug-
gesti'.l i„ the report of General
Harold Cox, speaking at London,
of reciprocity said that thc I'nited
States |icoplc arc tired ot protection
Many commendations of tbc reciprocity pact have b«*cn received by
llic Dominion government.
It is reported at London that War
.Secretary Haldane will bc elevated
to the house of laords.
Germany has launched ati flmt turbine warship. It bns been numcd tbu
No one knows nnd
though thc miners and tho operators
will suffer to a considerable extent,
yet tbc public will suffer tbe most.
There is little coal stored In tho
It is not going too far to state
that if tbe strike lasts two months
there will not be any coal to be
obtained excepting tbat provided by
the vciy small mines run by iode
ipendeut owners. There arc
; companies allected. There are 164
mines working in Alberta, and these
mines produced a total of 3,<W6,00O
| tons of coal in 1910. Of this amount
the companies' association produced
something like 2,SOO,000 ton8. This
■howi that little help can bc expected from the small independent operators in case ot a fuel famine.
C.P/. Timetable
No. 1, arrives     6:45 a.m.,  departs
7:00 n.m.
No. 'It, arrives C 65 p.m., departs,
7:15 p.m.
No. 2, arrives 12:80 midnight,      de-
iiiIh 12:45  midnight.
No. 96, arrives 8:45 a.m., departs,
f:05 a. in.
South train leaves Revelatoke at 9
a. m., arrives Revelstoke 5:25 p.m.
The branch of the Hank of Ottawa
nl Kinistino was rubbed of 16,000.
Tens of thousands of settlers are
expected to take up home sto-ads in
Western Ciiiin.la this year, and it is
expected the number of land seekers
will be double that of la«t year.
Tho Winnipeg Electric Railway is
cDdoavoring to secure a new clause
in Its charter which will give tbc
company absolute runtrol of tbe
light, heat nnd power of the city.
Representatives of terminal elevator Interests entered a protest against a clause of tb" proposed grain
bill hefore a committee of the Canadian senate yesterday.
R.  S.  Lake. qu'Appelle, spoke on
the  reciprocity    proposals    in tbc
house of commons.     He Bald he bad
not decided which wny  to vote on
the question.
Judge George 1'aterson wa» sworn  tern sections April i
Washington,   D.  C,  Match  25.—My
lairt  bulletin  gave forecasts of      disturbance lo cross the continent      w
I to  87,  warm    wave  2& to 26,      cool
, wave 25 to 27.     Tbis will be a very
I Important disturbance east of merid-
I inn  IKt.      It  will   Inaugurate a    great
high temperature  wave, the      storm*
' will  lie unusually severe, rains      will
In- concentrated and heavy at a   few
points  in the March  rain licit      and
th.     will   be  tbe   beginning    ot       tbe
! breakup of thc March rain licit heretofore depended.
I Next disturbance will reach Pacific
coast about March 28, cross the Pacific ulope by the close of 29, great
central valleys 30 to AprH 1, eartrrn
sections April 2. Warm wave will
cross tbe Pacific slope about March
M, treat nntral x-alleys .10, eastern
!.<Ttio*nn April 1. Cool wave will
cross tbc Pacific slop* about Marcti
81, great central valleys April 2, can- WEDNESDAY, March 29, l'.ui
■*-■* -^%%%%•».-»■%.%»■».-* v^%'V».m.%'*a%ix%%-%. %^.u %»-*%.-»
first dn'it'ii' of ihe
Summer Bports for  Revolstoke this  ball in th
yuii arc on the verge ol a great festival Judging Irom tbo nmount of In
terest     thnt is  being displayod      in
them     at    pt-'-.- ni.     The lootballers
are becoming agitated with the   dis-
century lms been groat or little, ao
cording t,, what that widely discuss
eil, Hi-\itill'. ninl, to tho average pal
roll  of   the   game,   mysterious       term
is made to apply,     Definitions     are
'i'lie Roanoke Oluh ol tho Virginia
league has signed pitcher Prank
Russell, brother ol     " LoKj "
Russell,   Oonnle Mack's $12,000 beauty,
One ol Charlie liiyilcn's, Doe.White,
of   the   While  Sox,   is  I hi i'ui cued   Willi
housoraald's knee Irom playing on   u
Bcruh team,
appearance of the winter's buow, and ■ raanj umi their limits vague,
baseballers an*  getting fidgety      to |   By lar the   greatest    development
feel tbe bat, and handle the ball   on   has been in th*   oope ol the     Inside
the cornei lots which aro last drying  baseball  itself,  in other words, what
oy.     Altogether a bumper season is   was covered by that clonk ten or   a
anticipated.     The  sports  arc   begin    dozen  years     ago  Ins since  become
ning ti   organize and when tlioy   do  "outBlde"  baseball,  while the inside
get there * unething will surely he n   siuti of today Is something   entirely
d   .        Probably In a week or two  diflerent.
■   ■.*. eball   - a "ii «iii open, and it!   H only the visible, tangible tnanl
ther permits th,* old familiar cry   testations,     In   the   lorm ol actual
ol "Slide!     "Slldel" or "Oh      you  plays, are to ho considered ns inside
bonefaea II" will be tchoelng Irom
ever; | larter ol the city. At the
V.M.C.A. probably ono "i two tool
ball tennis will be massed, while the
cltlzei i oi ' ho i own hook are or
ganizlng .*,  Blmllar  team,     in  baBo-
ball  at   least   m,x   or  eighl   lentils  nre
iii the formative period and with
these pitted against each other lot n
seasi n'e lun some lively -port may
be looked lor, The business men
will have a tenni ol their own. tho
sports :. 11 ime's store will have a
local nine, the Corley House is organizing, the t'.l'.U. hoys Will form
nn aggregation, the s.s. Juniors
will pick out their best un.l go to it.
the Intermediates promise to get into the game and one or two teams
from     lower town will he organized,
baseball there hus hecn littlu produced in n docade, Signs hei ween
players were ns numerous ns now,
perhaps more «o, ton yours ago. The
III.ill.       the   llll   Hill   nil.   the   pllclloul
to ro I ih a runner, and such tricks
wero practiced way hack in the nineteenth century, and were considered
u part of Inside baseball then. To*
daj  they are not.
The evolution nt defence tor each
particular piny or nick bus hecn a
marked feature ol tho progress ol
ih.* gamo in the lust fow years, and
Umi has been bo last that what the
modem ball player talks of ns the
Inside stufl is another science altogether.
Perhaps it can ho best described ns
the apotheosis ol the double cross.
Had Been Courting Imprisonment
for Years-Sold a Lot of
Worthless Marconi Stock
G*eo, ll. Munroe, the wizard of tho
wireless stock, who hns drawn three
years In the United Btates Federal
prison ni Atlanta, tin., and by
whose operations n largo number ol
Uevelstoke t'itlSOnB were victimized,
hns hn,I a various and Interesting
career. He is woll known In lin.in*
clal circles nnd bus visited all th,*
principal cities ol tho Canadian west
besides maintaining agencies ln the
west, winch disposed nl considerable
-lock io people who still have it on
iheii- bun.Is. tine ol his imiiii'is
named Robertson, it will bo reinem
bored hired tho opera house some
tew years ago and raked In thous
ands oi dollars Irom unsuspecting
vlnt nus.
Munroe Is u man of
years ol ag*.', and was
about lifty
horn on u
farm near the city of Montreal. Naturally neat  and  trim  in appearance,
Altogether     the   outlook tor B sum
mer'a sport is Indeed very bright, baseball today means making tho
It le almost certain that the stoves other fellow think that you are
will give the hoys a chance either going to do a thing one way and
by early closing or a regular half doing tho opposite. "Keep them croa
holiday .hiring  the summer months,    sed" is the muttered    command     of
the fo.xy   manager whose nun      have
I the  oilier   team   on   th
Tho successful application of inside always well dressed and well set up,
he naturally drifted Inlo Montreal,
the nearest homo city, und there in
duo course became the full fledged
proprietor of a gentleman's furnish -
The V.M.C.A. gut a bad drubbing
at the hands of the Corley House mi
thc howling alleys this week,
score being 308 pins In favor of
I    rlej   House  as follows:—
run. "Vie
crossed them there" is tho cheerful
chirp ol the players to each other on
ihe bench when a run or two or three
ing   stole.
Munroe bad the gcnuls of n financier and Ins gravitation into the atmosphere of the curb was to he ex -
i'i'cie.1. iiis career thoro was spec
tacular.     Ihs connections     extended
ies, the stock ol tho United States
Shoe .shilling company, known ns the
"ho,,i lilnek trust," nml tho promotion uf real estate court conoatn of
tho Sovereign ite,,ity company. Ill
September, mm. tho federal grand
im v Indicted Munroe ou th- charge
ol using the inuiis iu a scheme to defraud.
M -ne spent ,1 month iii Winnipeg
six yOal'B ago in connection with sel
ling wireless stock,      Me hire.I B hall
tor u month, whero   domoustrgtli ns
"I wireless were given daily, nud 11
grenl  ileal   of  stock   sold   whicli     Was
never delivered, Ahout is months
ago he visited Calgary in connection
with the Berna Motor anh Taxieab
i'o. Munroe wns d liberal spender;
in fact be went, nwny beyond tho
limit,   nn.l   to all bis patrons   ollere.l
iiii'iii libations oi wlno,
A pathetic case hns lately come to
lii'iu. An elderly woman, for years
one of the Bocloty ladlos in a fair
Ci n v.iinn city and thoit) hi to be
wealthy, lms through unfortunate ln
vestments fallen upon hard lin >b, and
lhe silliness of her case is     increased
by the terrible lad lhal she lms
he, n Btrloken down by un Incurable
iiisease. During her prosperous yoara
-he thought bul  little ol tho future,
and n  large port ti ( her     in io ne
«ns spent iii kcoping up appearances,"   Now,  poi n I less ami      borne.
10 s, she must seek admission to
some place of refuge; her frloacls oi
yesterday know hot no more. Such
cases as these should callso young
wago-earnors t0 appreciate the fact
that  they   may  escape  smh  u  fate   if
they are but willing to take advantage of tba Canadian Ciovurnment Annuities scheme, lor  hy  invest,ng  with
the Oovernmeut but a small porlion of their weekiy wages Ib-y .an
provide an Income to begin at 56 or
later that will insure thom Indepi n.l
Hue nn.l happiness no matter how
long they live. Hive tho matter
your   most   serious   consideration   un.l
11 you desire lurther particulars on
the subject these mux be obtalnod on
application to your postmaster, into ihe Buperlnti n lenl of Qovi inmi nt
Annuities,  Ottawa,  to     whom      all
COURT OF kmimun
Assessment 1911
given that the Court of Revision
I of the Assessment of 1!»11 will be
hold in thf Citv Hall, Revelstoke,
B. ('., mi Tuesday, April 18th,
lull, at 7 o'clock, p.m.
Bruce A. Lawson,
City Clerk.
Eggs for Hatching
Rhode Island Red.
Silver-luccil Wyandotte uud Bud l.i-j
lioin. per selling, - J.nu.
I'.nitk'ii goose eggs. SOc. each.
Pekill duel B (11 eggs) sJ.nii.
1 lay old ducklings.
I lax obi cllii'l.s ;i specially.
Write or Plume III.
New Grove Im in. KeveUlokc.
KOOTENAY     LODQB,  No.  Yo A.  P.
uud A. M.
Regular meetings are bold in MASONIC tiomh,i<:, Oddfollowa' Hall
on the Third Monday in each month
nt 8 p. in. Vlsiliug brethren are
cordially welcome,
W,  B. ROBERTSON,  Socrotnry.
SELKIRK     LODQB  12, 1,  O. u. V.
Meets every Thursday evening In
Weill irk Hnll at h o'clock, Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
K. ci. McRAIS, N. Ci.
•IAS. MATH110, Becretary,
OOURT     MT.     HBGBIB,   No. 8161.
Meets iu I. O. 0, 1*'. Hall next to
Tapping's Opera House every second
nml lourth Monday In month. Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
ti. W. BELL, 0. It.
WM.  B. CAMERON,  lice.-Hoc
GOLD KANGE LODGE,      K. of    P.,
Nt).  Mj,   Unix ELSTOKE,   II.   0.
Meets  every   WodUOBday   except    the
Third WodnoBday ol each month in
Oddfellows' Hall at 8 o'clock, Visit
ing Knights me cordially invited.
J. Y. SIMPSON, e. C.
tl. 11. BROCK, K. ol it. & 8.
M. uf If,
Eggs tor Hatching
have     hcen Bcored by un unexpected   to the city of New Ymk, and it was   fetters go free of posta e,
 141   IDS
 124   157
 Ul   118
Munroe   ...
 134     »G
129   1G7
ti62   646
Y.   tt, 0, A.
Mitchell  ...
 98    loll
Thomson  ...
 LH   12'.l
 US    IID
Fewiugs   ...
 94    llll
  99   168
ami versatile attack. One docs nol
bear that should [rom tlie coaching
lines ami not one m u hundred of
the spectators probably has u de
tuut!■ Idea ol how or why a spceilic
result was accomplished.
not lung before Munroe was rated
ns a millionaire, The lirm of Manioc iV* Munroe secured such a credit
in New York cily that for a period
tbey were receiving from one of the
bun'is advances on stink speculations
at the rate of $50,0*00 a day*
Un one occasion George tl. engaged
a special train, and took a number
It is not probable that Jack Juhu- 0[ New York's most prominent I.n
21)55 son will set foot on Kngland's shores ancicrs clear across the continent to
.lack has litigation awaiting him in examine a mine that he was exploit
thai country, atul he canUut escape ing, They were royally entertained.
unless be or some one digs down and ,\t the time that wireless telegraphy
pays out B large sum of money. The was Impressing use',: on the Imagina
probabilities ol Johnson  paying   are
53l>   CIW   b!7
Now that the snow is a thing of
the past, anxl Spring, with uli her
out-iinor charms, will soon be ui
bloom, the cry ol tbe baseball coach
xvill seem BWeeter than ever hefore
Perhaps there are many of our read
remote.      so  that be Is  unlikely      to
cross the Atlantic unless ,t  is t,,  go
    to snme other country,   Hugh   Mcln -
U47 t„.sh. however, hns set his heart on
having Johnson, ami it may bc that
be will get nrouiiii tbe difficulty, As
fur as Lan_- is concerned, be killed
himself in England when he fouled
l.iiii.ri,.i.1. It is the second offence
oi the kind the Australian bus committed in that country, \ Few weeks
ago he Bti ' .i I in :.:iu.* , ■..nan
while the lattei  waa on tbe ••*... r.  It
■ :- who do not know the origin     of ls thought tho tern:
great game. A baseball (an   bus ministered to the white man
figured it out Hiub;   The devil     xvas "'>' Burns and Jail. J n Au
■ucber.     He coached    Eve llail" L,n'   ted a lasting eflect     on
when  A *   lirst, and Adam  when u"-''   wh°  *""  "<»v   '■"■'
L,; stole eecond,     When Ike met   Re-.whlt8 ra,in''i hu|v "
bee a   at the well   she    was walk.in; 	
with     the  pitcher.     Samson    struck
out a good  many  when be beat    the
Philistines,     Moeee    made   ins List     The    Nal
hit when he slew the Egyptian. Cain ship wiU be held at
mad* a base hit  when he slew am. gon, Max    - ;,,,
Abraham    sacrificed.     The    prodigal pices ol tbe  Mulkrou,
made a :<    rd home run.    Dax.d wUs to the  Sporting Edlti i
a gu0d thrower,  and Moses shut out Frank Bai ■
tbc Egyptians at the Red Sea.    The ly daatri ■ •
game  xvas  called ofl when  the    Hood that  I
came on account o! wet g*
of    the
■'. ■   A nit)  t ok
place in Artnsti   ng - b i     last Tues-  • .
day  nizLt      when  the the
Merritt      ttl ■ •     ilo    lot  the     en-
.- ling > ■.     were chosen —
is: v       • ■      nt, 1'.' v v,...
Mi. .- a
Trm    I.:     -,
M    '    llec.
Pl i:,ir,
lion of the people Munroe t„ok up
tbis security and it Is here that
the Irregularities seem to have commenced which landed him In prison.
The ghost of i.n lellvei •■'. Marc nl
wireless securities pursued lum Irom
the metropolis tbat be loved so well
lie was compelle the Unit
ed Sti ne to i    i.u'i.i   D I
ing ih.,* pi ,moth n * ; the Barlett
Mines   Berna Ts -tarsal
In Toronto, Munroe apparent
an : wa
■ '
i, in oi, i
property, which *
IP irtlai *
■ •
ed states that bai
Fire Alarm Boxes
Signals are given thus: 2 s'.r xe-i,
uterval 5 seconds-4 strokes, liox
4. No. of box will also bo tliown
n indicator at Pire Hall.
Box No. 14—Oorner first street
and McKenzie avenue, O. B. Hume
& Co.
Box No. 15—Corner First Btreet
nd  llokeby  avenue,  post ollice.
Box   No.   10—Corner   Second   street
and  tioverniueut  Road  aud
it use.
Box  No.  17—Corner Third
n I   Campbell  avenue,   Globe
cr compauy.
Box No.  18—C.P.R.  stution.
Box    No. 24—Corner    Fifth
nd      McKenzie      avenue,
Boi No. 25—Corner Sixth sueet
nd Orton avenue,  Vi.  A.  Foote.
Box No. 26—Corner Fourth street
nd Townley street, corner south
Boi  No.  28—Corner  Second    street
nd  Robson avenue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No.  JI—Fire Hall No. 2.
Bux  No.   3.'—Hospital.
Boi No. Mii—School.
Box No. 44—Fire Hall No. 1.
No,  45—Front street      wet.
ear C. P. R. bridge.
Bui No. 46—Corner King und
)ougla8 streets, Palace Meat Market.
Box No. 47—Corner Second and
Vales  streets, back ot court house.
IS—Corner    Third      and
;has.  suets,  Cowan  block.
practice—not  leas  ti.an
li (6)        ■•  strokes.
One II; i licates line hros so or
re out.
Pen,  headed by
\ .llliouw I    l''ll.
\\ bite Leghorns No, I
lirsl prize cock,
is hu- 15; $8 lor
Nu, 2 Pen, headed by a largo white bird
Irom li.ist. 1)12.0U tor 15; ».Ou
tor Ji».
Lull Leghorns   S. C. K. I.
lm lv. .-liiii (or30.
John J. Devine
Revelstoke, B. C.
Revelstoke  Laud  Distiict.
District ol West Kootenuy
Take     notice     lhat    t lai
SchoCk,   ot   Mount   .loy,   Pa.
tuni coal merchant, Intends
for     permission to purchase
lowing described lands:—
Commencing at a Posl pit nted 20
chains south of the south easl corn
er of lot 7636; thence north 8il
chains, thence east 40 chains, more
or less to the line of ihe
l,.iKes Lumber Company's
limit 4'32J2, thence BOUtb 60
ih nee west 20 chains, thonce
2U chains, thence wcsi 20 chains,
more or less to place oi commencement.
Dated March 24th.   1911.
Ed.  McOagbran,  Agent.
i nee    H.
to apply
the fol-
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Meets Second    und      Fourth   Wcilues
days    in  each 'month  in     Solkll'k
iinil.     Visaing Woodmen are
cordially Invited  to uliend
11.  Vi. EDWARDS, Con. Coin.
James MclNi'VaE, Clerk.
Barrlstors,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Bauk Bunding Revelstoke, B. C.
Mouey to Loan.
unices—Rovelstoke,    11.    0.,     and
Cranbrook, B. C.
Ceo. S. MeCarter,
A.  JM.  Pinkham, J.  A.  Harvey,
itevelstoke, Cranbrook
Provincial Land Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
Teacher ot Voice, Piano and urgan
Pupils  prepared  Ior Toronto  Conservatory  ol    Music.       Local  examinations.
<M (••Ji*/-, rimt Driinkn — Cannot
a- Curi-ii Exploded.
\     ■   i.
r. .11- LOU
*    • ■ tan.
It       -
tion   at
.Merritt th.- >ear.
.   ■
the     M   • trail
111    tie
I * x      *       is in tbi
M0 only
GET Bl * '.
i must    *  all right
•■ill     be
'   ■
treel    .i'i*
all   tbe ol tin I will i     ;*, itrl      lm i
elements  bavt    boa
,   ■
Iron .-. th*   * ty   ip '    tht       n enl
Un* only organisation which hai
vet    ever, meoteil IU existence being
the  tl Ti tn.,-  'nth .
d get ■■ oii'e and ai
.    n'l   work  a* It is  the  In
on   "f   the   Mail Herald   to   bou-l
every :- [ftlmate aporl thia year, anil
we Would like to see every one of
them get an ev.n stmt. It will not
be inn« before the teni ■ courts will
be  gett.nir       n   ihape,  nnd  mcnnr/ii
tion sh ,,i I- ma li before actual
pla; ti ■ commences,
The divelopmenl of indoor
irm        * K,    tin *
. ■■    ias   thai hi
leasl   IJ',     games     for  the
Tho  Ye .   „ L.ieiii  tot
cits working in Qeorfflft, The   way
they have been   b   i Ing ap tb
lars is brutal,
lie,,i    Dicker is doing great   stick
work   with  lhe C'nnla nml  looks g00d
for the regulai  horth in ceot.n' field
'" ■
• v
'        refore all the e„H
lei lot h'tn to victimize the comn
Munroe   took   the    aentence
Th.* M ii roe in m lot   "*•  i *,i   y,.„i,
In stop
■ •
Sealed  Tenders are  invited  ior  the
erection of Six thulets of hwiss design  at the C.  P,   ti.   Swiss  Village,
"riuelxveiss" near Goldm, B, C.
flans and Specifications may      bu
obtained on application to the undersigned.      All  applications  must      bc
accompanied hy a certified cheque for
*'. which will be returned on the
receipt  of   bona  lide   ten,lei'   and    the
return of tlie plnns and specifications
Tenders     are to bo delivered     not
later  than 9 a.m. mi Saturday, April
1st,  iui, addressed to
Manager,    Irrigation,     Alberta
and  B.  C.  Lands, Canadian l'u
Hiuiwuy Company, Calgary
Mi.el In.
The lowest or uny tender Dot neoes
sunly accepted.
l Or  J C. MorrlbOlt) iMl*   Coo. M   Croon
Vancouver and Suburban
lioul Estate
Coijuitlain Acreage and
Luis a specially
Spe, i.il .in-.il.ni, gtvoil lu Mail oriturd or Inquli Ion
no 'i uumintun I rust uiu-g., vunoouvur,B.t;.
Mm   ':
i   if
A fui i   ntlM   I'M KAMI
maris,  with  Uookli    c p
■-•        llreetli nn.        ■ itlm inl Ms,
-    He.,   -vlll  l,e H. Ill   In il   |       I I
*    i*
■ rmpondi '   •
'•i"   ' ■''.   Iiim,cl    ndential    The trial pneksge alnne h'm
ry.' in Wall   tree!
Suii.ie,|iientiy II confidential,     Write to-day    The 8a
Manage)  FranV Chance o( the Ouhs advertised broadcam     throiig-Ji     the maris  liemsdy 0o., Depl    19-49   Ool
believes tbat ho hai picked up a *<«   malls  ofloi   ol sal of the stook      i norn Porontn    Oanadn      Mso
llOl   .11   I'ltehel   Tlilley   who   eollll'S flom    til 0    \l,|i|„aii.   I lillllil inll   nill    DDglish IOI    Balo   :**,    0,    IL    Miu'd'-n*, id     l '.
the Nashville L'ily league. Marconi    jrifjilfw {fltfntpb twmi'uu |J»tj Revel iulw, B, 0,
it,- hard H   Trm man,   li 11 ai sd,     All
. * aim   "i     de
above     deceased,
it   il   Trueman, latelj carrying     on
rapbet  al      True
mini's I Ueorgla    street,
un I who died ai st   Paul's hospital,
i * ,,  ai ■.    1911,
ai *■ i •■■ 11.i■ ■ t i"   * mi the pai tlculars
thersof  to   *     and nil  porsons      In
lebted hi  liable to tbe above     de
• i io pay ihe mn
•*■ inei    ot  llabill
■ v. t,, us thi i. on "i  be
I  tbe Ms! March, 1911,
The Dominion Ti isl Co., Ltd.
Dominion Trusl Building,
Vancouver, B.O.
Bowling Schedule
M;n' h 2", Businessmen ve, Y.M.C.A
Mmeh   19,   .1.11,1  .   VS.   I'.I'.R.
Shihh's Gure
fit. mi u.i and luua..
oljji, h
li mil.
in the .Mutter of lbe listate ol
i lioin.*, . mcMahon, deceased:
Notice is hereby given mat all
creditors and others having claims
against the Estate ol Thomas McMahon, lute oi Uevelstoke, IS. C, do-
ceaaed, who died at Kevcistoie on or
uuoui the lull duy ol November, l'JIU
are riHiuesie.l to send to tlie under-
Signed Solicitors tor Donald luein-
tosu, Executor ol thc lust will ol
said deceased, within uu days from
date, lull particulars ol their claims,
only veniied, and that alter that
dale the suid Uxocutor will proceed
to distribute the suid estate amongst
uiusc entitled thereto, regard .be.Uo
had  only  tu those claims  ot       WUlCU
said Executor shall have  iheu     received notice.
Dated  March 15th,  l'Jll.
Solicitors ot Donald Mcintosh,
Executor of  the Lust WIU
Revelstoke Land District.
District  ol   West Kootenay.
Tunc notice Uiul lhe i auudiun Pu
i ilie Railway Company mtcuds to
ii.'ply ior permission lo leasu lb.
lollOWing ue illiied lands;
i .iiumiiieing al a post planted ou
the * hole line ol Upper Arrow Luke,
suul ,'osl bearing Soulh it degrees
We i .i distance ol iii feut liom ihe
Soulh Ifiast corner ul Block 4'J of tbe
registei    I   luwu site of     Nukusp,    111
Lot .i     u. l Arrowhead, und     dis
nui,   II, nee   Westerly      ulung      sum
h.ue lin* a disti.ncc ul  .jSuU leot to
ii  point     laid  point bearing South 4i
'!■ I''"      '■•  t  n distance ui 86i    leet
trom  tl,    lleud  block ol  South      leg
of Nakusp Wye, tbence south into the
Waters  ol   I ppor  Arrow   Lake a distance ol Sin; leet, thincc Easterly aud
I'm i,,ie.   tu the  Shore  line  of      said
lake u distance of JtiOU  feet,      thence
North u distunce of &WJ feet to true
o, commencement,    containing
'fl - acn   more or lessf
Dated February 9th, tan.
The Canadian Pacillc Railway Com-
1'iiiif,     Per K   Vi. llati'inaa.     Local
Right ol ^ay and Lfiisc Ageut, Van |
Rovelstoke  Land District.
District ol WeBt Kiiiitcniiy.
Tuku notico that 11. M. llickH, ol
ilreenwiunl, II. (*., occupation lalior-
or, itiU'ii.Is to apply lor permission
to purchase llu lollowing described
Commencing nt n post plunted on
Iln* north shoie ol Trout Lake, abuut
three nnd three ijiiui'tef miles west
Irom tbo town of (lerinid, adjacent
to S.E. Curlier ol Lot 7M0, thence 80
cbains east., tbence iK) chains south,
or to lake sliure. thenco 80 chains
west, or following lake shoro to
point uf commencement,
Haled February 4th,  l'Jll.
Revelstoke I,nun ijistrict.
HiHlrict uf Wesl Kouttnuy.
Take iiolico that Curueue Cornish
Kennedy ol Revelstoko, occupation,
iiiurriiiii woman, intends tu apply lur
permission to purchuse lho lollowing
described luudu.
commencing ut a post plumed
aiioiit 4U chuius in u southerly direction (rum tho south west comer ul
Lut 6414, ih-joco west 40 chains,
thenco suutb «i chains thenco cast
•in chains to the west shore ol Upper
Arrow Lake, theuco north along tho
lake shore to point oi commencement
containing uiiout lwj ucius.
lint id January loth, 1911. ...
i'er M.  Cludy, Agenl.
CertlQcato ol Improvements,
Liud iiund Mineral olaim, situated
.n ilie Trout Luke Milling Division ul
H di Kootonay Dlstriot. Wuorb located:— .vt head ol bevon Mile Creek
.m.i adjoiu.n^ tlio vwuslow Mineral
1'aae Notice that i, O.B.N. Wiliuc,
.iei.il;; as agent lur Liruce While, b'.
id.u. iJ_.i„i,,i, v.iiiiam lieiinett, f. tti.
i . ailitiii, und Nettie uavoy, b', M.
xj. ^lo. u-i»iiiii, inteiui Hixiy days (rom
date iicitoi, io upply lo the Miuiug
uccoHiei- ior a uertincato ol liu-
lnoxeui.Uis, lur Lhc purpuso ot oo-
ta.ning tt Crown uruut oi thc auovu
Aud  lurther  tuke notice  thut      action, under section it, must bc commenced betore tbe Issuance ol   bucU
x ei'iiucato ui Improvements.
uaied Ninth day of Mutch, l'Jll.
O.  li. N.  W1LKIE, B.C. L.S.
Trout Lake, B. C.
Revelstoke  Lund  district.
District  of  West  Kooteuay.
Take notice that i.umi H. Reynolds, ol Revelstoke, li. C, occupation clerk, Intends io apply lor permission to purchuse the fol.ow.ug
described  lunds:
Commencing ut a Post plunted at
lhe south west comer of Lot ,81b,
llieuce eust hii* chaius, theuce soutu
o ehuins to thc Uuitb east corner
oi Lut i*ii43, thence ulung line oi
suid Lot, 4U chains, west 40 chains
south aud 2U cuuins West to line of
Lot iiiii., thence ulung line uf suid
Lot 4U chuius aud 'in chains west to
tue north west corner, thence auout
o chains north to place ol commenco-
Duted Mutch 1st, ilill.
Ageut  John  Suhw.
Revelstoke Laud District
District of  West Kooieuay.
Tako notice thut 1, Mary Selkirk,
of Vancouver, occupution, married
woman, Intends to apply for permission to purchuse lho lollowiug
described lunds.
Commencing at a post planted at
tho N. K. Oorner ot Lot tilt) u.i.,
und marked M. S.'s s. E, Corner,
theuce uoitb Mj chains, thonco west
50 chuius, thence south 40 cbains,
theuce cast 'ill chaius, theuco south
40 chains, thenco cast 50 chains
to poiut ot couinicui euivnt, containing 480 acres.
Dated January 3th,  1911.
Per O. P. Smith. Agent.
Reveletoke L.md DiBtriot.
Disirict ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that William Kennedy,
ol Uevelstoko, U. C, ocouparion, Spec-
mi Countable, Intend! to apply lor per-
niibnioii lo puicliBoe lilt; lollowiug de-
ncribid laiuln.
Commencing at a pout planted nt
im; south-east oorner of Lot 601111,
hence north 41) cIimiib, thence west
lit) chums lo prt-t-mptiou No. 262,
hence north 40 elision, thence eust 80
eintiiiH, theuce routh (in chains to Lot
No BD45, tiience wesl 40oliuinB, theuce
Bimili 16 obulns to Lot Nu. llilil, thence
.Xlpl 20 I'liiilli.i lu pulllt Ol    l IIIIIIIIL'III'C-
I).iud Jiiiiiiiiix 7ib, lllll.
\\ 11.1,1AM  KENNEIiV.
Per 1   VV. Bain, Agent.
Affords superior educational adxau-
~t*ig< •*.. Handsome new buck building,
„moilern equipment, extenslvegrouncfi,
i lasses graded In accordance With Ilia
•Jj.i huoU   Ihrougfaoul     ihis    Province,
_ i cuiipli I. Mimic and An Dcpartmsnis.
Special courses in Shorthand, Tj'pu>
xxiiiing iiiiii Hook'keeping   Particular
attention nix,*,,  t., rennemenl oi inun-
lii i- and i ui mi i Knglish.
I I KM*  ,x|i'lil.K,x II,
For i iuojilu. l, AUJr.su The Ag.ilomy. THE!   MAIL-HERALD,    EBVELSTOKE
WEDNESDAY, March 29, ion
Watch   window  for   Big
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. Hume S Co.. /Limited
Mai!    or    Telephone    your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.    Sentl the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
Black Sateen Underskirts
Well made, durable shirts.
These are every seam welted
down in all the lengths. They
are a mixed lot, worth $2 to $3.
You can pick them up
Friday $1.50 each
Yardage Goods Bargain
300 yards of yardage goods,
Fancy Flannelettes, 1'rints,
Ginghams, Muslins, etc. You
will find them special out on a
table, gather what you want at
this bargain harvest at per yard
Friday only 10c.
New Japan Taffetta
Thirty colors, 27 inches wide at
50c a yard. Such a rainbow of
dazzlingly beautiful color has
rarely been seen on Revelstoke
counters for waists, for slip linings, for dresses, the price is
attractive at per yard
Kiddies Spring Coats
''Bench tailored goods" for
little girls and bovs, swell little
"toppers" in Tweeds, Cords,
and Shepherd's Checks. Look
them up when in the drygoods
department. The prices are
moderate, around
Shepherd's Cheeks
Ulack and white shepherd's
checks, all serges, all kinds, all
prices. 10 patterns at 25c. a
yard; others at 50c. a yard; still
others at 75c*, and a dandy that
is full a yard and a half wide, all
wool, "old country goods" at
$1.50 per^yard
Take the Elevator
Tis not the clothes that
proclaim the lady, but they
help, inasmuch as fine feathers
make fine birds, you cannot
help associating good clothes
with prosperity, and really now
we all want to look and feel
A woman who respects her
clothes and makes her clothes
respectable, is pretty sure to
command respect from the
We have often been asked
by different ladies: " Why
don't you have some of those
nice dresses we see in the city
stores." We have them now
and only await the opportunity
of showing them to you.
Special display THU RSDAY,
March 30th. Second Floor.
Take Elevator.
Dress $25
This smart frock is developed
in finest all wool black voile
elaborately trimmed with rat tail
braid, skirt round corner panier
effect, close fitted, modified hobble. There are fine touches on
these costumes that are foreign
to the local dressmaker.  See this
At $25
Shirt Waist Bargains
Friday Bargain-300 waists,
see the window, dainty muslin
waists, tucked mull waists,pretty
colored shirt waists, tailored shirt
waists in this lot. No need to
say anything about them, they
are a parallel to any Friday bargain we ever had. They will be
on sale
Friday at 90c. each
Take the Elevator
Ham Lais Tea
With our Ram Lais Tea we get
action all along the line. This
tempting, fairy-like tea has a
charm wholly its own, and is so
delicious in flavor that it is fast
taking the place of other brands.
If you use it you will want no
other.  You wont forget the name
Ham   Lais
We have just received direct
from the old country a large shipment of crockery and are now in
a position to quote prices on all
white-ware to hotels and private
houses. White toilet sets, jugs,
platters, cups and saucers, bowls,
plates, vegetable dishes, and side
dishes, all at the lowest prices.
Ladies' Hose
Penman's Pen-Angle Hose for
ladies, "The Lady Fair" sold
across Canada at a standard
price, is all wool, absolutely
seamless. Your money back for
every pair that goes wrong.
Can be purchased at Hume's at
Ladies' Suits
Every procession must of necessity have a "leader" and all
in line bear a reflex of that
leadership. Our leadership in
ladies suits is recognized this
year, as is very well attested by
the great number of suits we
have sold. On Thursday we are
having a special show of ladies'
outer Karments. You had better
have a look, the prices are from
$15 to $25
Selected Seeds
The few bare spots of earth
suggest to us the time of sowing
and planting. In a few days you
will all be digging and cultivating
whatever space you can spare in
your back yards for the season's
vegetables, and your front lawns
will soon be suggesting to you the
need of flowers. We are prepared
to fill all your orders for garden
and flower seeds. We buy the
best selected seeds on the market.
Garden and Flower Seeds in bulk
and packages. Timothy seed,
White and Red Clover Seed, Lawn
grass seed.   All pure seeds.
Carpet and Drapery Department
Showing Many Hew Arrivals
During the past week we have been busy placing in stock
the finest assortment of new Spring house furnishings ever
offered to the Revelstoke public. Courteous salesmen to
show you through, whether you wish to buy now or later.
Lace Curtains and
Curtain Goods
We are showing a very
choice range of these goods
in White, Ivory, Ecru and
Arab. Fine Battenberg and
Irish point curtains. Madras
muslin in creams and colored
effects suitable for curtains
or draperies. Choice Bim-
galo and Egyptian cluny nets,
plain and colored scrims.
Direct importation from the
Scotch mills.
See our Special Display
Carpet Squares
and Hugs
Our stock includes the very
newest patterns, in Axtnin-
ster, Wiltons, Brussels, Ta-
pestrys and Velvets. See the
new pro-Brussels rugs for
bedrooms and living rooms.
Can't be beat at the prices:
$12, $14, $16, $17.50
Floor Oil Cloths and
We are just taking in stock
our new spring assortment of
Floor Oilcloths. Printed and
Inlaid Linoleum, imported
direct from Scotland, in G,
9, and 12ft. wide goods. A
choice range in the newest
Window Shades
If you are building or furnishing your home, the matter of Shades is a matter of
importance from a view of
artistic appearance and general utility. We carry in
stock the regular sizes, and
are prepared to make to order shades any size, See the
Lancaster shade cloth, plain
cream, green and combination colors, does not crack or
pinhole. A very desirable
shade at reasonable prices.
Christys Hats
We have the sole agency
for these celebrated hats,
and this season we can assure our customers their
wants will be better looked
after than ever.
A full line of up-to-date
STIFF HATS in black and
brown. All the latest blocks
in "Our Feather Weight"
quality. You can't go astray
on these, they are always up
to the  minute  in  style and
Soft hats, also Christys' in
all the latest shades of gray,
slate, bronze, brown, green,
and 1 lack. We have them in
Fedoras, Dip3 and telescopes
We telescope any hat to the
desired height crown while
you wait.
Spring House Cleaning
This is the time for special activity in household requirements. '
There'll be the demand, see that
you have what you need. We
have the stock that's right, at
right prices- Brushes—stone,
scrub, shoe and hand. Brooms,
mops, clothes pins, washboards,
Cotton clothes lines, pails, tubs,
and a full stock of soaps, washing powders and silver polishes.
Our stock of Olives is now
complete—80 oz. bottles $1.75;
quart sealers 85c, 12 oz bottles
50c, 8oz. bottles 35c Stuffed
Olives in tomato, and peppers at
60c, and nut olives at 35c This
is the season of the year when
you want Olives, and we have
made our prices so low that you
cannot be without them.
The Famous Lion Brand Boys Clothing
Let your boy respect his clothes
and make his clothes respect him.
At this season of the year every
boy commences to look for a new
suit. He feels like it. Put him into
a cheap ill-fitting suit antl his pleasure in that suit vanishes. He feels
it. But put that same boy into a
swell-fitting, up-to-date Lion Brand
suit of the College type and his
spirits go up. He feels it, because
he knows it is right.
The College suit is two-piece,
double-breasted. Neat bloomer
knickers, with self belt. They come
in soft and hard finish worsteds, all
the new shades. Also in neat serviceable tweeds in gray and brown.
PRICES.-   $6.50. $7, $7.50. $9
Don't forget our Lion Brand
odd knickeas; double seats, double
knees.    Bloomers a specialty.
PRICES :    50c. to $1.50 per pair
Soft Collar Shirt Bargain
Just a shirt bargain, but it will make you
stop. Crepe shirts with soft collars attached,
blue, white and champagne, solid colors
Regular Price $1.50—Until the end of the week 80c. each n
WEDNESDAY, MMH'll tt,  L911
the imijlil-iiieir.a.ilxx revelstoke
Millinery! Millinery!
New anivals by Express of Fashionable Hats
the   Latest  Eastern  Spring  Styles.    We  invite
your inspection of this new consignment.
Roiuombor tbe Boys'  Brigade   oon FERTILITY in BOOS,
■i-i-1-1    in   the opora  house  tomorrow 	
night, "Don't  leed your hens any     wore
■i'h,' iii'ut Houso boardors hold almoat, boel scrap, or cut grenu bono
dunce In Selkirk Hnll on Monday (hnn yuU h(lV1, to koep thom laying,
ovi ning last at which n spli ndld time
la reportod.
a ri'i'i'i'ticii will i"' given in St,
John's Proabyterlnn ohuroh to tha
now     pastor, Rov, J, W, Btovonson,
,,n Tuesday evening noxl ■
Steamer Sechelt Sinks With All
On Board
Victoria, March -'■">. •Caught In n
berrlHc gale ot wind blowing from
Uu' Bouthwest, and ihe tremendous
oross hinih stlrrod up bj tho winds,
tho little stoamor Becholt, oporated
i,y iln' British Columbia Bhlpplng
Company, uapslssed yesterday altoi
noon  ui  Race  Rocks  Passage,    while
on Iiim- regular nm trom tins city i.
Romember Umi  Bvory  tlmo a hen Ib
stimulated . roaotlon will occur."
This was llir advlco ul l'ml'. W.ll,
Graham, nf lho Ontario Agi Iculturnl
College, Uuolph, in the members ol
ihi' Toronto Poultry ABBoolatlon n1
thoir lm.I. regular monthly  mooting,
"Fertility in Eggs" was the   sub
lii'i. ul tlm discourse mul Proi. Gra
ham quoted experiment alter oxporl
nii'iii, in show that ii meat   diol    li
luiiitiil  tu sliuw  Uh   eHeots upon      i
flock sooner in- later In ilm Intertill-
ty  nr     iiiiliali'lmliillty  ,,f  tin     OggB,
Briefly, tin' profosBor put it this way:
"I'lii'  lani'ii'i   ul  today  is mil    Killing Un' same big hatchos thai    the
farmer used to got twenty years ago
'On il;*' othor lm n.l.  Hie (armor     ol
twenty yoars ago 'lid nnl  got     any
i in winter, BUi Ii iih wo 'In tn lay.
I Wily','"
Tho oxplan ition nf this was     up
I Our New Ores
oko, ami an Hi" tllanstor oeeurrt
..  pan ally  dlsco\ orod ,-it   Hi i
_        BORN
ASTBURY On Baturday, March
35th, to Mr. and Mr*. Thomas Asl
bury, a son.
Mrs.  W.   A.  Morris will  nut      ro
ii-iv,* Saturday, April 1st.
Mis. a. B. McClenaghen win
receive Knday next the Hist.
J. Ken, A. Carnegie and C,
nedj   left -, esterilay for  Sicamolis.
Mrs, P. B. Lewis, nf Vancouver,
;■ vlBlting with frienils m  the city.
Mr. i'ui,n Campbell, chiel ot pnlic-
*.i| tins district, was in the city tins
Mrs. Alvin Urquhart will not receive Monday, April 3rd, nor again
this season.
Mr. C. A. Barnum ivturiie-d to tbe
city yesterday Irom a business trip
to coast cities.
Mr. (.'. P. landmark letumed on
Monday     morning    trom a imsmi'sr
trip  to coast cities.
Tile Methoihst church i-bmr will
give a concert in the church ua
Good Friday night, April  Hth.
SleiRhni: this week gave place tu
wheeling, the ,-nuw having rapidly
disappeared daring the pnst few
The city has been served with     a
writ nil liehalt <-f Julius Cashato and
the pump     episode.     The   city     will
tight tbe case
Mike   Hnrak
Wi have just received u shipment ol White Clover IIonc\ put up iu
five Ib, inns, which wc will gutininUc to bc absolutely Pure Honey,
and as ii i-, is the season lor honey we would advise you to try ibi.i il
yon wish to get tlu genuine article.
The name "WogstnlTe speaks (or itsrlf iu regard toquality. We have
a full assortment ol ihis Pure Jain including Strawberry, Raspberry,
Peach. Plum, Black Cutrant uiul Apricot.
A. HOBSON,       Baker and Grocer.
bo said, whan experiments with twel
ve dlliorenl pen i wore trio I. each tod
a diflerent ration, Llmltod beol
scrap, unlimited beol scrap, greon
bona in various yuantitles and Irosh
meat wero nil tried, Ono pen was
led no animal lood whatever. Ai the
i-n.I   Ol   tin-   lest,   the   "nu   nii'llt"   pen
was lowest in number ol oggs;   tho
meat   led ones varying slightly    bul
all  woll ahead ol tins one pen     ol
lowls, lii lialchiiliility tho " n i
pnwecless  tu   render   the  slightest as-   "K'"t"  l,inU lod »"  "' hor8j     Thfl
Blstance owing to tho conditions   ol '",Ms ^oelvlng must moat laid low
est batchable eggs,
Without the Bllghtes! winning tho
lives ol the twenty-lour passougoi-B
and live members "f the crew who
wen- supposed lu have lu-i n aboard
ai ih*' time have been blotted out,
although the exact numlier ol those
drowned    has nol „s yet been asoor
Indians   residing   In   the   vicinity    of
tho Raco wltnosBcd the tragedy,
which they slate happened at flve
o'clock iu the afternoon, They   were
The new .stun- is strong on new goods this season.
The latest arrivals include one of tho prettiest lol ol
the newesl materials and colorings in Dress Goods
that we have ever shown, All the new weavesi all
tin- new colorings arc here, and all in single suit
lengths, no ttoo alike. You must see them to appreciate lhe beauty of texture and coloring,
You will Iinil our stock of Trimmings and Buttons very complete and up-to-date.
Our    Dressmaking   Department   in  charge of
Miss Li rant, can give you complete satisfaction.
the weather,    several ol the natives
manned une nf lli'ir canoes, and alter rowing for s,'vcihI hours, dining
whioh time their lives were Imperilled many times, reached the Willi,nu
Head quarantine station bringing I
the lirst news 0I the foundering     of March SO—Boys' Brigade, lirst
the vessel.
Is one of the most import'
ant items in your business
will look after this branch   of
the business for you.
Kjootenay Agencies. Ltd.
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
mini Concert at opera bouse.
April    11 — Concert    In     Methodist
church under auspices     ot     the
April 17.—master High Tea at Metb
odist church.
April 18—Ladies' Auxiliary to tho n*
nl  H. T.    Danco in Opera House.
April 21—Musical entertainment     al
St. Peter's church.
May £3.—Knights ol Pythias Hall.
A meeting ol lhe Football association was held lasl ulghl  in tho V.M.
O.A.  parlors at which  tbe [allowing
uiliccrs were elected  lor  the yi-iu-.-■■
Dr. J. II.  Hamilton  -Hon. Pi rs.
,1. Lyons—President,
H.  MeKinnon—Hon.  Pres.
P. W. Btone   Vice Pres,
It   was decided t,, send  a  team   to
Golden on Good Friday to play    the !
aggregation    there   provided    Golden j
will guarantee suiiicirnt irf the     ex-
peuses to warrant this action ou the j
part ot the local tcum.
An application will be made t0 thc   EB8B,  case  	
V.M.C.A.      to secure   their    practice   B888, fresh 	
grounds lor the n-st.  two weeks   un-   °*6gBi new laid 	
til  the      snow      is  nit   the   recreation    Butter,     dairy   	
grounds, .Butter, creamery 	
The meeting adjourned to meet ag- Potatoes     per     inu* Ihs
nin Tuesday evening  when an execu-1 Oarrots     per    IM lbs.
tive will bo appointed and the   linnl   "heat
decision   arrived   at regarding     the , "'its.
trip to Golden
  "80 |
.;ir,c. to 4tic. I
 [.  2.75 I
per  100  lhB i'i to  W.85
per 100 lbs  %1M to *2 |
Cauliflowers  each 25c.
To secure a properly fitting dress you mu si have
,i good fitting corset. We carry a large line of the
celebrated I). & A. Corset. There are nunc betterat
the price, Thc new 'I.i Diva" is one oi thc very
latest models and uiil be found exceedingly comfortable, ,*nivin*t; the figure the required shape, without
binding. l-ixti-.i long hip, medium bust with draw
string, and six hese supporters. We carry a great
mam styles in all sizes, from 75c. up.
Brassiere Corset Covers
in all sizes.
At  ihe last  meeting ol the     Board A complete 'han-              ;ram will
if Directors oi the V.M.C.A.,  II  waa be  given at  the Edts-on theatre Fri -
agreed to issue .*,  summer     member- laj  night and
an   Austrian,   brought   ship  ticket   at   a  Bpeclal  ran-  to    in-
The   itevelstoke   Agencies   this   week!     Tens -f  thousands nf Settlers      are
o, [and  lM teet     ^re   expected to take up hope sleds   ,,,
',„ K.rst street west  to Dr. McLean.  Western Canada this year, and   it is
Tbe  Uevelstoke  Laml  Company    also  expected  the number of laud seekers
„  number  uf  sales, ,   I will be double that ol last year.
.MlKe    niutn.,   nu   ,.,..,...
0 the hospital Irom Arrowhead sun- elitde all summer Bports smh as base
inn*.-      fmni   typhoid   lever,   died   on
Sunday morning.
On Sunday afternoon at 3:46, Rev.
Mr. Smith, newly appointed pastor
ot the Baptist church will address
tbi   J     ■ J men at the V.M.C.A.
i'al   Murphy  has  lieen      discharged
Irom     the hospital ns convalescent
bas been retired by the Provin
cial government on a pension.
H   A.  Faulkner and     B,  H*  Reid
tl   ol  Arrowhead, have been      aP
nted commissioners for taking affidavits in the Supreme co\irt.
The usual weekly half holiday     ot
ihe      storekeepers  and clerks 1 !  K, 1
owna, commences this year ,,n Thursday,   April   6th   ,,nd   continues
i ictober 26th,
Wm. Allen. (Merer man n-  the Bow
man  l.umU-r  ('* .'s  mill    dted  ut  the
•■ •-■    n     Sni lay last. !r.*m
typb •.! Ie\-r c ntracted .,•  tbe camp
Ml.   AllU had    ■   :.     '
'. r two weeks      T ■    * were
-:..pl<-l fast.
A     meet ■*.     la    V.M.C.A   men
>,*»ra   ni      ' -vili be
'... : y rli 7, in   th<>
\--     •*. triors.     Bai
m.i'*-    will bi
mn ■        • ■ 0 \..
-   * •     •:   ■ I entering
di   .. .        ivi      their entry in    efi   (
Vpril 7th
ball, tootball, bowling on th
wimming, etc
Mr.  and  Mrs,   Locke and s.ui     are
up     their
li nee  ;n   Ayana.   \ 1 m n  dist
whi taking a     fruit
II   G   Garnet  has purchased     Mr.,ra
Fletcher's farm     ou thi
estate t to see I an!
Mrs, Garner has takei
di n e  there.      Mr. Gai
vote in- time t0 thi
an-l vegetablee
Mr. Robert 'i'.i  ;
returned to the city M
four months' tr ,
Mt   Tai ping is m *
the east  I il has
■ *
love lor Revelsti -
vantni ■      ' *
Mr. Tn;
Is   eantile  Co,
* . *
1 ine
■ bb      award d       to
■ n-e,    will
sing seta :-     ■
,1 mu. large ol
.*: will    he   11:11 le        '   '
I; ■;,: Ing   ■   11
charged        , owei     rates    1 ai
'.cal Engineer,
ibout A New Suit
Made to Order
Our Spring Samples Cor Suits and
Spring Overcoats just arrived.
We guarantee a perfect lit. style
and w-wll tailored garments at
fair and honest prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Rctorm Clothing
Foot-Rite Shoe
„ . Revelstoke to swim.
may not be a fault   most likely it isn't.    A;
is a hard strain on the physical machinery,
par every Spring.    Lack of fresh air   lack
he winter months when spenl m
vitality of f people oul ol     * y below
: ,    lack "i sunshine   these   n    1    mg  tne
aBnEd ^dideAof Pot*ssiumA It contains IOO dosesfor $1.00.
Oatgary,     March   '.1     Thai advice
,,i in,* department ol
,  in Ottawa iik to whethoi Jaoh
i-,.!, *,*,,*,* ol death lor the
.,   ,,'  t .I* *i   Peach Is to i"""
on  Vpril i-   "i to "e granted e   <•
until alter the trial ol Thom
„;     Mitchell     Robertson,   the   man
n convicted him, wan
■i*l *,   Itftted   linn   »i",n Bl-     Tl,lrt
r,.i|iieflt  was '»nt   inine  time litter tbe
ol   Kink,  nnd  a reply      is
expected  al  any  time this week,
ti,„    Oentral Alberta Rallwaj  '
let contracts lor nne hundred    miles
ul hue al  a Cost ol two and a luill
million dollars.
Sew Spring Creations in
l.ii your Inu this Spring have thai air and expression that bespeaks for your taste and familiarity
with fashion. You can depend upon uur 1911 hats
for just that perfection of style, all telling of the
touch oi .skilful workmen, Our stock consists of the
besl makers.
Stetson's,  Hawes Von Gal, Royalty
Bonnington and Redmond
Prices: $2.25 to 95.00
McRae Mercantile Co., Ltd.
The Style Shop for Men and Boys Who Know .
&..   ■■-—■■     ■       ■   i- ■ 1 mW
WANTED— Housemaid to do general
hnu e work.     Apply to Mrs.      W.
1:. ilt.
TO LET- Two lurnlshi I i "ins, and
bat li. 11 i"ntinl part ot city. Apply P.  0.  Dox 765, City.
WANTED—Girl     fur     general   houso
wnrk.      Apply  Mall-Herald Office.
TO     RENT—Blghl roomed     modern
house. Ktill size cellar and attic-
Avatlable April 1st, at $30.00 per
month. Apply HcvelBtoke Um-rral
Agencies, Ltd.


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