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The Mail Herald Jun 19, 1912

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/■——"■ >
"Empire Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Trice $601
Interior Publismng Co., Agts.i
Great Trize Voting Contest Soon O-der.        Vote Early, Late and Often.
The Mail-Herald
Vol. 18-No.
$2.50 Per Year
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New Goods, Sterling Silver Deposit Goods.
Many Handsome Articles at Reasonable Prices
Sugar and Cream Sets.     Water Pitchers.     Vases
Baskets, Liquor Sets, t-herbet Glasses
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"L   Vs," the world's best
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Watt   'ets
Soup Tureens
Butter Dishes. Candlesticks
Berry Sets
Candleabras, 2 or •"> lights.
Wine Sets
Berry Dishes, Spoons
Bon Bon Dishes
Nappies, Knife Rests
Fish Sets
Knives and Forks
Cabinets of Tableware
Comports, Vases
Carving Sets in Pearl
Cake Plates.   Pitchers
Carvers in handsome cases
Jars, etc., etc.
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Electric Lamps, Irons, Stoves, Toasters, Chandeliers
Carpet Sweepers, Vacuum Cleaners, Motor Washing Machine, Steel Range, Line, Kitchen Utensils, Jardinieres,
Brass Vases, Candlesticks, Fern Pots, Clocks, Smokers'
Sets, Tea Gongs, Candleabras.
0 <>CKXM>0<><><><>0-CK><><K><H^
" Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Otfioo   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed -          6,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up -      -      6,000,00u.00
Reserve        ... -        6,000,000.00
Total Assets, $72,000,000.00
enta at all principal points in.Canada,
t, Britain and United States—London, England,
ed.     Chicago ■ Fu-ol   National Bank,  Corn Ex-
Brancbeti or Agents at all princif
Agents in Great Hi"
Lloyde Bank, LiuiiLed.
change National Bank. Seattle—Sunt tie National Bank, San Francisco—Wella Fargo Nevada National Bauk Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of 91 aud upward,  received, aud interest allowed at
current rate from dato of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Reveletoke Branch -A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Children's Sandals
Children's Romeo Sandals
S1ZKS, 4 to lo J
Three and Four Straps
Mrs. A, G, Crick, * First Street
will refresh vou willi its   bright,   iplcy
flavor nml (rsgrancy,    bold ill  1  Hi.
lcwl packages,
35c, 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
P   O   Bok 208            GROCER & BAKER            Phono No. 23
Second Period Closes Next Saturday Night, 9 p.m.
-Fifty Dollars in Gold to be Awarded Candidate Who Turns in Most Money Between June
10th and That Time.- Contest Closes Two
Weeks From Next Saturday
Sheet Music und all kinds ol
Small cTHusical Go«nl.
Cull and Inspect
Music Store, McKenzie Ave,
-M--I- -l-H-M-r
I   FREE    $850 Player Piano. ;
I Trip  to  New   York  and J
Seaside   Vacation   for   a +
Party  of   Two,    $600 j;
# in Gold.
I    FREE-One Upright Grand
FREE—Four Solitiare Dia- \
mond Rings.
FREE    Four Elgin or Wai. j
tham Gold Watches.
Miss Blanche McCarty bnrt the lead
a- the candidates pass the nve-erghth
polo in the Mail Herald's great race,
hut :- closely pressed by her rivals.
Just what will happen on the home
atretch time alone can tell. Some
energetic contestant can with the exercise ot their ahility and a iittlc hus
tline; , ra-s under the wire on July
6th, and he declared the winner ol
iCOO.UO in gold or u player  piano.
Incline a listening ear while we
whisper to you. Here is a chnnce to
coa\ a smile, some pleasant news to
you. Don't tham that because this
game is nearly lour weeks gone now
there is not u chance to see your
name away up with number one BOW,
A little humpiog done real quick with
energy redundant, will sure enanle
you to lick the rest o( them. 1'ou've
eiery chance to make a g.t, and sei
the world a singing your praises, if
you route u hit and just a lew votes
uring in. The colitesi man has doped it out and is in sore trouble lor
one hundred bucks In ten year combination subs, would make the leader
woi,ide. Vou would hardly tbiliK it
but It's true, that just tms sum In
cush sir, would boost your cnances
to the blue gild send
smash      sir.   Une'
worth, that's all ol (at long term
subscriptions, would cuuse a lot ol
them  to fall and   bring   you   beu.-dic -
nun.   o, Imi.     a highiaiutiu chance,
tiie  kind   you cuu't  pns»   up  man.   ou
July   tth      to      dance  aud  Sing,   u'i.i
drink  to victory's cup  man
"Say," Haul the    contest managei
this morning, "Say. 1 have some
startling   intelligence   today."
"About player pianos'" We Inquii
,-.i in tones ,,f hops,
"Aw nn, nix on tbat player piano
stull, sa) if J oil CUIl't get youi apol
Ogy  bu a  iniiid  oil tbem      ivory  keys
i.i  Sti minutes, I'll ask the boss to
give   ium  a   in.ni      elf can  think      of
more than dm tiring at a time,     Uo
you   g.'l  that '"
" Yw," we sid m inly, "the thou
gbt "f being separated (rom that
piano "i thai ill hundred in gold is
too boi t I ite > si,ier."
"Alright, '  the com est   managei ron
turned, lingering the thin spot on the
top "I li-  bead,  where excessive think
Ing bai worn sway the alfalfa, "Now
Bit up and iak, notice, I want you
to put it up to these H»e wires that
one hundred dollars worth of the
right  k.nd oi lubscrlptlons, will put
tbe candidate who can hustle them
in. right on the top of the list. Ich
1 ^ on don'l say " We replied aghast
1.11 ible tidings,
"1 do ia)       answered tbc contest
managei  who era   terribly worked up
about    •       1 I ,1   is jusi   what   I'm say
ing. On hundred dotlari worth of
big suhscrlptiioni «ill place ■ new
lamHdati  right   la  line lot tbe    big
Kil'lirc   H   "Ut    fill    yourself."
We bi '   noi  v, i \  , i  ,,t  ii|oii lag,
.  ii.mi   ii■, idi i 'imi the conteei
in.in ie.m i |ght    and   that   on,'   hun
lollai    wlll pui  sny ne* oandl
,'  tbt   bt ad oi tbe list
"111    lh,     ...n,   ill,|    mt   tell    you    Vel.
. don'l i.ini tin  tu nt prist
th' !• -lit   ,-i .nm   |      (,,,
th,  part)  >i im ' I in st
'in iii.t wt a.iiu t wi will now,Tbere
l i ixj: I are nlso four Nolituire diamond ring
•r'i-*r*r.*r; .....
Crop Conditions Promising
Winnipeg,   June   16—Generally    Sue
Is the summing up  ot  all   conditions
of the crop as shown by lhe weekly
report of agents of the C.P.R. The
Cloudy and cool weather of last, week
h id no apparent ettcct on crop conditions and the slight traces of (rost on
tlle nights of June 5 and ('. left no
damage. The general average height
of wheat is seven inches. Some heavy
winds are reported on the Larive
Hiver  and  Kstevan  suctions   hut  they
£ and the     gold     watched.   No   more Climc ut a time     when the     growth
space. However. we must have the
countersign, "Hustle, keep on hustling nnd  th,n  hustle some more."
Vou  may   long for all   the  prizes,
That  the  Mail-Herald's  giving free,
You  may   guess  and  make  surmises,
As to final victory.
You may dream of welcome Inu ''lla
Where your  flag of  victory  Moats,
Hut you'll never win a  piano
If you don't turn iu the V»lc3.
You  may  speculate  on   this  thing.
You may make a guess on tha.".
But when thc others nre hustling
Why  should you  be standing   ,'..
Make a noise like something   lolng,
Get thc other peoples goat,
Hut you'll   never play   thnt p'.aro
If you don't turn m the votes.
There are two pianos, diamond nags
gnd  watches, |
Prizes     that are good to hear and
All  for  you  if  you will   hustle,
And  they  come  to  you  free. j
"But remember," say- the wise chap,
You  have  got to shed   your  coats,   ,
Holl  up your sleeves and  keep :i digging,
If you wiint to get the votes,
would  i|c  least nlTected.
Rain is needed in some sections o[
Alberta within the next week or so
but there is nothing approaching a
drought. Some damage by cutworms
is reported iu the Maclcod, Alder -
syde and Crows' Nest sections, and
at Huron it. was necessary to resow
four per cent of the acreage. Thc
weather eil ttie present week has been
line and favorable.
Oh, You Cupid!
Although rumors have been current for some weeks regarding thc
likelihood of it "-erlly happening this
report was nctiiully made good early
this morning, when Mr. I'. R. Mac
donald, the pioneer druggist of Revelstoke alld Miss Mae Corley, were
united in the bonds of mntrimony.
Thc ceremony wns performed at the
residence ol tbe bride's mother, which
was tastefully decorated for the oc -
caaion, the Rev. Mr. Procunier per -
forming  the ceremony.
Only a few immediate friends of thc
contracting  parties  witnessed  the  '«r
Subscription Prices
All over the civilized world the
prices of subscriptions to papers are
Insufficient. Thc present prices put
our newspapers on au unsound basis,
both morally and physically because
they are obliged to pay more (or
their par r than tbey can sell it for
when it is printed. Thus they eome
to depend upou then advertising to
mnke enough profit to OOVel the losses on tlicir circulation, (in this
basis thc one cent daily becomes an
Immoral thing. It means that the
editor leans too much upon his advertising aiid the Inference, of course
i.s that he must be mole or less eon
trolled by his advertisers. Uy charging enough for lhe paper, so that a
profit iw made Independently of the
advertising, undoubtedly the editor
would he placed on a more independent   basis.
Miss May Manning, Mr. John Com
mon, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Horribin.
ami Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Stewart,
comprised a pnrty who spent Sunday
a I Alliert Canyon. Thc party wus
treated to a sumptuous dinner at
the home of Mayor 0. Carlson, visited thc (Jorge, hot springs uud diflerent places cf interest. They reporl
an exceptionally good time and declare Albert Cunyon au ideal spot
for recreation or game. Mr. .1. For
rest, one of the local residents, hus
twelve black bear to his credit this
emony.    Tbe      bridesmaid    was    Mi-s
Blanche McOarty, while R. G. Brook- Important  to anglers—II  you  wish
er support.il  the groom. <■"  bave  the  secret  trnde  formula  to
After  the ceremony  the happy  con- procure minnows for angling  and get
ili, iest to'p'e    left on thc  south train for  a lake design for the best minnow traps yet
ndied    dollars \ "'P "outh. amid showers of nee. The devised, enclose Ke,  und  these      will
Mail Herald   wishes   them   much   hup- be sent  by thc Niitioiiul Formula Co
pitiess during their wedded life. 11'JO P.O. Bo\ Victoria, B.C.
to Revelstoke's Possibilities iit the Head uf Columbia
Kiver Navigation-big Conference at Calgary
The Nelson  v«s ..( a couple     ol eastern BrtMeo Oolumbia drawn (rom
days  ago,  speaking editorially   ol  the   every   section  ol   this  territory'    Why
,   .   , .... not get  logetbei   in this mattei  and
Panama ( snal ( onfereuce at Culgury . .    ..
show   the   people   of   Alberta   and     tlle
•*'• party of British businessmen who will
"The decision ol the Nei  loard  |„. ,„ Calgary al tho tune ol tbs con
..i trade that  thai   body should    be [arencc tbai Kootenay and tbe Boun
represented    .!■ the    Panama Uanal  ,|,lly 1(l ,,„ tbe map, and very   much
conference t" be beld at Oaigary tbe „,, >••
j latter pan ,a ilus m b is on, ,   n ,„„ i„. readily seen that the Nei
| winch tbere will be g< ral    agree    „,,„ , |ll(. a>.,i...i i,,i theli  progn
ment.   Tbe     Importance to   alberta  „■,,,„„„ Ittl.i thoroughly allw to   tbt
and British Oolumbia oi tbs compls   iituatlon oi tbs Importance oi     thi
Ition oi tin  Panama Oanal must    be Columbia Wvei  Panama Oanal route
realised by all who have made   uny  („ Hie whoi,  ,,i Lhe Kootenays.
study of transportation mattei 'oil   i„ order to play it« part  in   tins
the   lieighl   lutes  i|iiestion.      The   ol,    game,   Itevelstoke   should      send      at
ject   o|   the   conference 'algary     M   least    twenty live   delegates     to     the
to  discuss  how   best  to take  advant
ugc of the  Opportunities of   trade development  wiueh ihe completion     of
the Panama Oanal win oiler the two
provinces In question,
"llut   Nelson   mul   the   Nelson   board
of  trade    should      not     attempt   and
should noi ie i peetod to    represent
ihe  whole  ol      si,iiiiii aslei n      British
Columbia in ihi. mattei    if possible
Calagty conference, Imagine the Importance  to Itevelstoke al the     hoad
ol navigation on tbi Columbia Rival
to   have  Huh  '.eb,'llle  .olopled. This
city    should     not   overlook  this     in
portent conference and while, three
delegates would undoubtedly do ail
thej could, tbere is always strength
in numbers,    The delegate! Irom Rev
ebtoke   lo   Ihis   big   ii'iif' nlu i   at  l 'nl
every board ol trade and municipal! 'gary would carry gnat     weight and
ty   In   the   leuiti.i)   mention,.d   Hhoiild   would  have an OPPorl t>   of  mixing
is, rspresentsd    al  tbi   lortbeoi ■ with the Ualgarj  and othei   outeldi
meeting in Oaigary, business nun and  exchanging Ideas,
'    "The    suggestion      has    been   mud.'   which  eould   not   hell I   tesnlt   Iiii
thai a mim'iiii sleeping cat i„. arrang orably to thii Mi)    it can be poinl
ed   for   li    (In    Nei  unites   wl lend i-,|  out   to  oui   piallie  lielgllbotH.  Ihut
to Calgarj  io attend the au j wbereaa w(, buy most oi out supplies
linul   ,.in,unci   l„ii    which   will    bl       in IUOh   „h   hay.   oais.   linul .    hllttcl    and
progresi nt tbe mom Mmc ns tbe pro ,,■■,-   (rom tbt markets oi the middle
posed confei    Whal  I   thi  mattei provinces, thai  tbey In turn   should
*iih making tbis a Kootenaj     and buy Kootenay lumbei  and Iruit,    si
U darj cai  In wblcb will travol to mud                le    v>.  want oui prs
On  plan   "i meeting an intnusla lt< irii  cousin   I i, a- ,i wire   plaj  bail
[aggregation ,,|     boosters foi  toutb wtiU uy aloug, buniatsslinss,
Oil and Gasoline Stoves
Meat Safes
See our window of thcse poods. Just what you
want for the hot weather.
For the next two weeks we will sell these Meat
Safes at the low price of %',l. 75. Absolutely vermin proof.    Every one a bargain.
Our stock of Oil Stoves is complete. .Just what
you want for a quick meal.     Call and See Them.
NEWS AT McIntyre's
Granite Cement (or men,lini; j*,:.. per packet
Carbolb Soap, Taylor's,  four bars
5having"Stick, Taylor's, per stick
Six cakes ol oatmeal and lettuceSoap
Fancy Box, three cakes, Tailors June Rose Soap
Shipments of New Groceries Arriving Dailj
John McIntyre es. son
First Street. Telephone No. 93
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
To Get the Best Results
^Bk      "*r
From Your Garden
|     ^*SW*^nji|g
IA      aVfflr*        *""  Lit
V\ ~<&*Gffi*tti
Revelstoke Meat Market Idt.
sh,omiil ., iplsodld assort inenl n( fine
•I -biit- in p'.un ,in,l  pleated
bosom,   plain   whiten,    blue  ihamhray*
in-1 nan) itripeeffects in n e,.ii.i\i ,,[
ni thai mil make choosing easy,
Bonn   b.'., double lofl  colliri msde
..I aamt msterial wbich are verj popular
thii   SI    ,S'.1I
McRae Mercantile Co.
Prize Eggs for
Early Hatching
11 >i<  ha i.i: ii^
IG. Woodland
E. P. Mclean
Best Strain of Brown Leghorns, single and Rose Comb,
and    Partridge    Wyandotte
P.O.   BOX   181 WEDNESDAY.   JTJNE  1!'.  1912.
WEDNESDAY,   JUNE  19,  1912,
Are You Insured Against
Accidents and Illness
IF   NOT.   WHY   NOT—It is your duty both to yourselves ami your dependents.
Call and see us.    We shall be pleased to point out the benefits to be derived from these policies.
Special double indemnity clause quarantine indemnity clause
and all illnesses insured against.
London and Lancashire Accident Co.
Railway Passengers Assurance Co.
Ocean Accident Corporation.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Zbc flDaiMbcratfc
Jntctlot lpuiutsbtiifl (tompanSi
J.  K.  J0HN80N,  Manager.
RALPH  ti.   BCRUTUN,   Kditor.
WEDNESDAY,   JUNE  19,   1912
Vancouver ie the only city  so lar,
that  is     opposed  to the     Columbia
Rivet       ite   and this Is only frura a
;....-.•    •;  view,     They concede
that we have -i fat  cheaper  rat • na-l
tbat  we have the     means ol quicker
isportation   than   they  have,     but
contend that the Columbia River  is ice  bound for the larger    por-
tion  ol   the year.   Tbis  ol course is
ouly  nonsense,  hut   the  people  of Rev
elstoke  and   -..strict  can  readily   s>ce
that   Vancouver  baa  to  have     sume
argument   to  offset our adranatageB,
nly thine that they
. in fall uack on.
To the people who aie not acquain
■ -   :. . .itoke .uul district,  we
might   say  that  the  Columbia  River
Ij   covered  with ice  tor     about
a  month  in  ihe  year,  aud  with  very
little expense this can    ne remedied,
lid   very   much like
■ east   ten   delegates      from
the city council, Board ol Trade and
Progress clul, attend  the  very      un -
[erence     about to tuke
place  in  Calgary and we understand
that there 'is an ex ursion rate of   a
single fare  lor  the  round  trip     and
i   —.'iy  we ni.ci (  .-•    ., lowei    ral i
-.  taking .. cat.
This     matter    .should  not   be ovei
■   n •■■■  .■■'   -■• pt taken to
leli gal   ■;.  to Calgary.
;-'..-.-                   i   ,i Sti gai   .ii yei
.   "' tiir pi igress club
V   '■ f of 1 - Ve i  are as
:.   ■'■ :Sl"k' .■•                sal
"   "Revelstoke,   the    land
if E leu. ' "Revelstoke
the get      ' ■ nbia," ' Rev 'Istoke,
Interior,"     "Revel
stok(       Ree    reel    an'.    Railways "
Wati     i:- ■•• ■•  -■    Irow,"     "Revel
It   ■..    I  .-   W   kl , Kevelstoke
Havi   .        -nt in
•  •   • • •■   n liroi-
-     -- ,   well   to  take
I .'  -       g to have Hia
.- •   . me sort
.-   • •       jl    when  thej
ty thu tall. Re\
.- tbroui
continues on along the llrnt leg ol
the bm iiiii back to a point about IJ
miles cast •,.' the C.P.R. hotel. The
firsl leg of the switch hack of this
road is 3J miles in length and ;it
the end of the switch buck there is an
elevation of three hundred feet above
According to present indications,
there will be a good formation to
work In and the highest grade ou the
road  will  not excede eight    er cent.
Lentral School Baseball League
This league, whieh was started In
May, hus just finished with one ol
the most exciting games of tlle season, when the Colts and Spittires
(lushed, and if there is anything in a
name there was something doing.
The game started with both teams
even for ihe tirst two innings, then
the Colt, began to get careless, think
ing that the Spitfires were au easy
lot, but the Spittires began to pH«
Up the score. Tlle Colls thought
thei hud better keep up their repu -
tatlon, so they got down io business
and in the last inning they made 5
runs, whieh made them victors by u
score of 7 to 5.
The following is tbe standing of the
Maroons—Played 6, wou 2, lost  l.
Colts—Played   6,   won  ti,  lost 0.
Rustlers—Played ii,  won l, lost 5.
Spitfires—Played 6, won u, lost i.
V.M.C.A. Boys Camp
■ •- .    ',
time l
■•  ■
t 81
.     .   •   .
n foi  '■" lajo
.1 itf  I,      A.
.    ru ISt   ha'."
' .    i tb, so thai
Baal pre) made.   Any
Information can    •   bad Irom  Ml    I
y   Giflord   .i  Mr,  Allan Thomson.
Th; | (oi
der     propel    i
will       tie in cb ■'     ■ -  '
physical lir«--t•.- Inj boy In tbe
rity  mny   go  wbo?e age  runs Irom  10
to IS,     if - "m • at nun'" i  over  IC
jreaT* Witbei to go, here Wlll ■ ,•,
extra camp lot (heir benefit, bul
there must  be l11 who wish to t<
Dominion Lands Settlement
Shuswap, .lune 17—Mr. S. Maber
has arrived from uttawa uud hns vis
Uud Mr. J.l'. Bhaw, M.P.P.. al Shus
wup. The whole situation was gone
over before Mr. Maber departed tot
the Wesmiuster district, He will Im
occupied there for the next s,» week-
ami will then return to Kamloops,
where be expects to put in five or
six weeks more.   As Mr. Shaw    tated
"if   the   people   interested   ui   govern
menl lauds will possess themselves
foi about two or three month.- the)
may rest assured that the question
will  be settled,  and,  no doubt,  settl
ed to  ihe  best  advantage ol il i
t.ie public, giving due consideration
to all parties—lumbermen, squatters
and  all  others eoneei ue.i
"One   thing   bus  already   been   deiin
■ tcl\      determined    upon,"    said   Ml
Shaw,    "That  is thai the b
will consisi of not less thai
ev ept perbapa in Bome i ire inst >
when   the land  ia contiguous ti
ies.    These   ease-    will     be   ileal!    w.tli
on the,r individual merits
"Mr,  Maber  is carefully  going ovei
the  ground and  making „   ;,
vestigatlon    as   nearly   aa    poesi
When  i^ return,  to Ottawa  be    will
make bit  repi ri  to the     D<
of thc Interloi     Vnd upi n tl
will   depend   alm.,-t   entirelj   tbe    fu-
tnre  regulations  regarding
tbe railway   belt..1
'    is  well   known,  Mi     II i
leeplj    , ,.•  ted
the public  lands foi    omi
Tne   luestioi       , momenta
•   • greal  mai j
io  w.n   bi
' apph
■I pareni     reason      \    , result
I'd!    Mi
I    ■
■'■'   "''i  mak<   bl    i port    First     be
'■"■■        I I those ■
■  nment    lands,   dealing
'•   lo   lao;
timbei   bertha    Aftei   •   ,>    „•
r ike   ip  tbe  mattei   • •
■''■ "    land     i ompanles  Interested
with s vies to arriving „. B   .    •
regarding  the    entries in  the timber
'■•Mils    i
months is twenty cents n burrel,
West Ot the Lakes, and ten cents east
—representing an enormous saving to
the cement consumers in Western
Vote Schedule
Now in Effect
This    schedule    is    for   contestants
who    secure     subscriptions for  both
Mail-Herald and Cauadiun Home
Journal from one party. This sched
uie does not decrease:
1 year  % 2.50       3000 votes
2 years    7.00       75O0 votes
3 yeurs  10.50     15000 votes
4 years  11.00     30000 votes
5 years  17.00     50000 votes
10 years  35.00   125000 votes
2nd Period,  June S to June 22.
1 year  i 2.50   1C0O votes
2 years    5.00  looo votes
3 years     7.50     B0OO votes
4 years  10.imi   liiOOO votes
5 years  12.50  25000 votes
10 years  25.no  COOOO voteB
Public Schools Attendance
The     attendance     at    thc   pul
schools  for May.   was  as follows:
i.t     8
a. •     fi.
Central Sel
ool, Div. 1 '-'ii
08.83   11
"  11....88
fi.'i.l3   20
"  III.. 21
87.2H     1)
"   IV... 10
88.1)5   12
"   V....3(1
I'L* 7(1    17
"  VI ..30
(KI IW    18
•• VII..88
flfl 24    15
" Villus
03 88   17
112.57 111
.Si-lkiik   School  Div. 1...32 H5 12 2(1
 II.    Ill SI).(II 12
 III..86 88(12 II)
 IV.. 37 Sil.:t2 —
 V     UH 83.57 12
 VI    80 80.13 11
Totals 2l)."i   8813   SO
The Nelson shield is retained by
Division One of Central school, with
a percentage of 98.47 iu punctuality
nnd regularity. Division Two of Selkirk school wius the shield with a
percentage  of  D6.24.
Mount Revelstoke Motor Road
ivi. Trimble, Sopt, of (Joveromeot
loads,   who  man  in  town     yesterday.
gave thf Mall-Herald scribe some
g,,,,d tjewi regarding the progress bell .• inadi a (tb tie motoi road on
Mounl   Revelstoki     Hi    a) i   the road
ll'.ui ts in near     Malay's    garden and
Cement Again Reduced
Kor the second  time within a  pei
■■I  "f six  months, a reduction     ol
ten   rents  per   liliriel   iii   (.hi.   prion     of
Portland ot ment has been am,'' mce I
i\  iiie (an,i,in Clement company,
Tins latent decrease is effective iw
Molding to tn, Company's announce
menl. ai all points in Unnada, wesl
of   tlie  Lakca.
A previous reduction ol ten cents
per burrel was made lust November,
bo Ihut  thc total drop lu the laBt six
Exhibition Commissioner Here
W.J. Brandrith, exhibition couimis
sioner ol B.C., and C.P. McHardy of
N'elson, were in the city last Thursday on their way to Salmon Arm to
attend a meeting of the Board of
Horticulture at that town. Mr. Mellaril} being a member ol the Board
of Horticulturist* for the Kootenuy.
Mr, Brandrith has been travelling Ior
the past lour weeks and has visited
all the fruit growing sections ,,f B.
c. He says that In his 21 years resi
dence In the province     he has never
seen   such    bountiful    fruit   CCOpB,    Mr.
Brandrith bas bei-n arranging lot
rrttit exhibits from all the fruit sec
tions of B.C. to lie ou display .t( the
big fall fairs east ol British Columbia, the varioua places and dates be
Ing  .is  follows •
Winnipeg, July I" to !0; Brandon,
July 20 t,, 36; Regina, July 2'nb to
August ■ 9 i- satoi n, \ ig • to '■".
Bdmonton    Aug   12 to 16;     Toronto,
Aug,   H   tO   Sept      '.       l.,,i: | sept
' th t..    •
Mr. Bra ■
tented ■■-•
feira        .      • .
raspberries e.
red and  wl
•■  fru.ts
i ime n  Law-
ent thi
..    .
•   •
i    -  ■
Mcdill Eianiriaiijfli
. ,,.,
..un nal ■■.
..I    tbe
' ll ,.:■■   ...
'• l    Tomlins n, H
i ."I,,      \ hraban
I i.   pass     .
McMahon, M.M .
Theoretical, In
, irade IV,—Co
Hell,  \., luiKs,  Brown,  R   p n
Grade \     Bradshav
in,ii, Brock, M.,   :   I ■ • ■        Mi'i.'iin.
A ,   pass
WAT I'', It     NOTK !■',
Notice la hereby  given     that,   SO
days aftei   date  I   intend   to apply   to
th,' Water Commissioner lor Twenty
Miners' inches ,,f Water to bt taken
fiom  llnvlH Creek, and  lo bo used fur
Irrigation purpose! on the lollowing
described lnnd pari ol tba rt. w.
One-quarter Section ■!'■. Township 20,
Kange 29, w., r.t.ii Meridian, north ol
Arrowhoad, B, t'l
Dated this .Hi dny of May 1:112,
ETTA C, ilAI'ill
1 iTi it", ■'!', .i*. ct. .j-. .1. l't. it. it*, t'l, ,1*1 ,Ti 1T1 iTi 1T11T1 i'ii 1T1 i'ii ili 1T11 l'i 1T1iTi
t iy iij,i iij,i tp \p 1^,11 ■j,! 1 ■j.i iji itf tp iff hi 1 ■j.i ni ij.1 iff I'J,' 14,' 'j? 'f.' 'V Kff 'X' 'V
Closing Out
We have decided to close out our business
in Revelstoke, antl intend to dispose of all
the stock vve possibly can in the next 30
Right now, at the beginning of the Summer
season, you will be able to supply your hot
weather needs at remarkably low prices,
and you will find some splendid bargains.
Watch   Our  Windows
Watch Our Advertisements
Sash, Doors, Mouldings' Turnings
We are in the manufacturing business of
Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Turnings, Show
Cases, Office and Bar Fixtures, Screen
Doors and Windows made to order and all
kinds of repair work done in good order.
We have a full line of building supplies, lime
cement, plaster, Hard Wall Finish, bricks,
Sewer Pipe, Plaster Plaster Board, Roofing
cTWetal, Lath and all kinds of Glass, Oils,
Paints, Varnish, all colors and tints.
Much pleasure in quoting anything in the
Building Line.
P. O. Box 295, Revelstoke, B. C.
See the values we are offering in Shoes.
All the balance of our Canvas Oxfords antl
Pumps and Tennis Shoes at
Only £1.25 a Pair
Special Prices on all Empress and Classic
Shoes, A lot of odd sizes in Empress Shoes
$1.00 per Pair
Do not lose this opportunity to save money
McLennan SrCo.
People of Revelstoke, Do Not Be Downhearted
We have the Resources. Capital will come to us
In the time of Peace, Prepare for War.
Now is the time to place money in Revelstoke.
Do not wait for the coming raise.
Call and See Me Before Investing.
m$$*m**m>*&k*$$*W>Wtf&*&  SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES.
Standing of Candidates
Miss Blanche McCarty  ,560,000
Miss Olga  Human  337,000
Miss Edith Cooke  335i5oo
Miss Klsie Hooley  308,000
Miss Eva I lay  280,000
Miss Cyndrene Matz  277,000
Mrs. W. Ci. Kile, Craigellache, B. C  202,000
Mrs. Alderton, Taft, H. C  70,000
Miss Mable I lenderson  04,000
Miss Jennie Wells, Golden, B.C  55,000
Mi. V.. li. Woo J land  52,000
,\li>-i Irene Genelle, Nakusp, H.C  5,000
Miss Bertha Evans  5,000
Wills, Title Deeds, Mortgages, Insurance Policies
or other valuables in one of these boxes
- \;.K     IP    MINERAL   ( LAIMS.
I  Weil   Ki nic
..        lo.e.
Fran*  McAulaj   ,t   u«atnc«    Mine*,
i.iii , ■       ■       1
.    .... . ... iti 1 ■      dined,
1   Littuility.j
li. a
Liability, j
...ni tu lue judgement
al/uve   .1.
June  , '■. ■   therein
.      tflVlill
,'.,i    ...
Beati ..    ■    ,
I. ill.. ,   :
grab menl        -
•    ■   I
ind   murlie'I
pert}     -af''      1 ■
■ ....
ii   i  , ..n the i'tii
'Uy 1 if  .1 ii,.>.   i ua,
. ■■ ■ ■■    ■
ewarily Vm nei   p
lnri   nl   l),c   ;,, .,,,,.,   j    *,||   ....   | ,
'.11    application     to    W     1    Brlgga,
Plaintiff!  80II1 Itor,   Reveletolu    D 1
''it"'! .,   ol ,Vl.iy.   I'll I
w    k    Mi LAI dli,IN.
Deputy Reglttrai   '  .unt.y ' oui 1,
Reveletoke, 11   0
Klret.  i!Him  Mny  8,   Iweeki
will be celebrated in
grand fashion than
ever before nt
Armstrong, July I
Aeroplane Flight
Two flight! I»v  Aviator st.uk
in his Wright Hi-plan*'. 75 ll, p,
H e\ limler,
l-usi .AMi.'pl.iiiM   Klighl   In   llu1
\ mi non (!. Kelowna
Enderbj i*. Armstrong
1,. m^iii' (..inn-     Kclowna  *!.
Horse Racing
n .trong
Grand Ball
Special Train tj ___
il.  .11     in .1.
...i   .. I. e! Kelow na
tore can retui 11
.1       .llll'    '    clinic.
Krai .hm   mi'l    1 ime
IM   .1     Al'l'k.
Our Doctors Anti-Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is filling a long felt want and its waterproof qualities are standing the test.
We carry a full line of the famous Pene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and 8hoe Repairere,
Harness Makers
Thr Wall Papers we  wanl   yon  to  Bee
are strictly iIiIn season\ productions
Ilu'vaiv uiii|ii»'sii((iial»l^ Nupcrior in
beaut) ol deyign unj art tut ic coloring
to an* we have   ever  shown,   or that
you ran see elsewhere.
It should uoi he difficult to induce
you to examine them. Will \oudo so
soon ?
W        A New Short Order Restaurant and Eating House        •»
Only   White .Cooks   Employed &
W Have had 15 years experience as a caterer 5
•f. Regular $5.25 Meal ticket for live Dollars. jl
Tin' time Ioi rei olv log tentlei here
in hai bei ii i ttended tu Augutl I H.
l;',;miry Ofllce,
m.vci,  U.C.,
iff.  Mny,   HI.:
i.m   tii/-    mattei ol s certain agree
.; ial< and puretaaae '.I     i.uu
14,  is, ,i   >.i nnil i\ in    nui,ii,vi iion
i:   ,  Lots 30 and  31   In  SulwMvlelon
,i    ■, md W in BubdiTts
Ion     li   ,  lllmk    I      .    liM.h ,, I    bot   ii/ I.i
Ultj ol ', aneouvei, dated Ith .July,
ntered Into ity und between
Win,.i,i, f v'aa Antwerp, ol tbe oni
pari ,h i iii,,m.iH U Wlleon "I the
"i in ' , hi i, and in tlm matter ol ■
certain Agreement ol Hale and Pur
' ii f Lot 31, in .IiiIhIivihIiim "ll",
in.nk  151,  District  l.ui  Jt.lii.     ilnteil
'i i i ii tobei. 188 I, littered Into i>y
umi inHween ffllHam K. Van Antwerp
..' Hn une innl nml Siiih'I Cmryer n(
Mim othei part,
Wboioai     ■atltiaotory   prool     nl
JJ J. Pappus and J. Chitsas.
■•■uuAcnxiii Mvunuu, ««.volatoke, b, v
Proprietors J
breach ol convenants and ol re-entry
and recovery of     puhbchmId-u     by tbc
registered owner,
Cat Iii'l Hit  I.   II.   Man*.hi.
lum been  produced to tbu  Registrar
nml Bled in lIiih niiiii.
Notico  im  biimliy   uivrn   tbut,  at tno
. x rn .it i. in  ui  thirty  ,i.i}a  ii"i"    tbe I
date ni service hereof, 1 himii cancel I
the    registration nl   the sard agree-1
im ni   upon  the registers oi tbiu ol-;
in ••,   in   pursuance   ol   Hectiou   IM)     of '
tbo  "l/uud Rsgletry Act"     a reinint (
iii wbioh section i« endorsed hereon.
IilBtnrt ItngiHtrnr. |
To Thomas K. Wilson, Youel Currycr '
The iiiHinri  Rsgistrai  Iihh directed
tbut the above notice im served     by
liiiiiln'iiin'ii  HiMii'i'l  fur "Uu tuuntU in1
a Kootenuy uewspapci. j
Hevelstoke Lund Distiict.
Diutnct ol West Kootenuy,
Tuke notice tbut I Alice Hillmun,
ol tiorrurd, D.C, occupation Murrls.l
Woman, inteuUs to apply (or permi*-
Hion to imi Mli.'usi' tbc lollowing doB-
crlbed landB:
Commencing at u pout planted on
tbc North shore o[ Trout Lake about
40 chains weat and 20 cbuliiB north
(rom the North West (Joiner ol Lot
7S0ti, tbeucc eust 20 chnins, thenco
south 2b chains, thencc West 20
cbuins or less lo shore ol Trout
Lake, 20 chainB more or less to
point of commencement, and cou -
I inning about 40 acres more or less.
Dated llftb doy of May 1M2.
1 m.i   l.au i   Hillumu.  Agent, WEDNESDAY,   JUNE  19,  1912.
Wednesday, june 19, 19m.
To the Candidate in the Mail-Herald's Contest
Who turns in the most money on Subscriptions
between June 10th and June 22nd, at 9 p. m.
New Candidate has equal chance with regulars.   Only business turned in between
above dates will be counted.
Enter Your Name and Work for Special Prize
i v^%%-»'%*'»'V%"e>*^-%%%%'* '%^'%'%*'*%*%^'%.*."•,*■%.*%•% -%.^-%.*.-%■%., i
$1,800 Voting Contest
I   desire  to  make  the
nomination :
Nominated  by
NOTE Thi. nomination blank m icood for 1,000 froo vote.
Only ono nomination wlll bo aeooptod for oaeh candldato
Tho namo. of per.ons making; nomination, will not bo di-
Please send me detailed information concerning the Mail-Herald's $1,800 CONTEST
and the method to be pursued to win one of the
many valuable prizes.
Tolephono No
a «r%%A*«nV»%%%%%«r%%%%%i %/W%*% -%■ V%^^%%%%%%%%%^%^%^. *
This Player Piano is One of the Optional Prizes in the MAIL-HERALD'S
Great Prize Voting Contest, and is now on Exhibitinn at The Revelstoke Music Store.
un WEDNESDAY, JUKE 19, 1912.
the 3vn^.iL-i3:E!n^r,r), ^zevzezlstoietie
Wednesday, jonb w, rm-
Hon Richard McBride lms Bignifled
b:» acceptance ol the Invitation to
open the Calgary exhibition on June
The  Canadian
ol   une nml
Northern  Railway's
halt million si«r
Thai nl an outstanding Indebtedness ' I $800,000 to tho Farmers Hank
proba ily only $182,000 could lie collected, was the statement mado by
Mr. Goorgo T. Olarkson, assignee, al
the Inquiry before Commissioner Hit'
Wm. Meredith. Ordinary obligations
to  the  hank  totalled $718,-884.     Th
London, June 13—An ollicial
nouncement was made tonight ol the
King's birthday honors, Redmond
Paten Roblin, premier ol Manitoba,
and Richard McBride, preml r ol British Columbia, are made Knig-hl Cum
menders ot the Ordor ol st. Michael
and St. George, while John McDougald, ot lhe department of customs,
and   Prof.  .lames Melville  McGoun, of
m- commissioner  uf  the  Ionian
was in lm tin- grand master and tha
order was directed to consist ol 11!
been knights grand crosses, twenty
knights commanders and twonty-ftvc
cavaliers or companions.
After the repudiation of tbe British
protectorate of the Ionian islands, tho
order was placed on a new basis, r.nd
by letters paten! of 1SC8 and 1877 it
was extended, and provided fm- such
if  "the  natural  horn subjects   >l  Hi
I vu    mil    iiiiiii,     louiiiL-ll    .Il-,.:,i'l. I II,'
ling  i per cent, perpetual  debentures  total   lose  through  bad  debts  woul l
een     i lerwtitten  in   London it   likely     I.e $639,40".     A  very     lur.-e
,. amount    of   bills     Iobs, Mr, Clari.s.ui
  tated, .ni being n ked lor un explanation,  wa,- ilue in absolute mlsmun -
the department of mines, are created Grown o!  tho United  Kingdom as may
' thc same order.            have-held or shall hold high and cod
Bph '    '  ■ 	
companions of ^^^^
Joseph   Diihus,  late chief jns
nf   liiliMltial   olliee-
it bin   Wis   Majesty's
MI,   A «
man iminen
Chicago   fflieat   pit
!  i in i
m iml "i a.
has a&ain cl
severs      indn     I housand  Joll irs
Maj   wheat.
0l| ll
,i-l I
i    Poll,
Rev. I'.. .1, Mclntyi i vaa to h ive
rom Revelstoke ti tne
coast ij the Btationing committee ol
the Methodist onlerence this yesr,
but a num cr ol telegrams ol r.-n teat
were  -•   - - in  I: • •.,..-, oke  i n I  he
was allowed  to i-.ma.n anothoi   terra
Coi. .s. Hughes, Minister ol m. .i.a
has :■ ee.-. . a cal ie from Minister
ol Militia Bit rce, ol \.. tl alia, thai
the cadets of Vancouver, who will
v.s.; Australia, w.ll be given a state
welcome by the Commonwealth Gov
*lng up the Iimi. G. IO
i-i 's dctormlna1 li n to s cur.- a in i
fui tnity of federal slat-;.- tics, th ■ can
met     lms appointed an niter doparl
in 'ntal     committee   ' us,,ler ih.
•sent   position   of  overlapping  au.l |
devise some uniform plan ol s'atist
ies which will prevent duplicates and
which will be authoritative. The
committee is enmposed of Mr. Richard Grlgg, superintendent ol com
mercial agencies, as chairman; li 11.
Godtrey, W, A, Warne, J. It. Bi'stol
It.   H.  Coates and Prof, Adam  Short!
iw   raging
\ au
San ifoi :    ■    Et .ii. ,  .,    'io.cr
sentenced    j    J i Ige Mclnues
couver. last  week, to two years tn U5j whlch  ,lav0
i " i'.v
,-i I  111'Ml
Pi r.
I av is
Disastrous  forest   Bt
l M.e swept the countrt   fi r
tance  of    ll"    mil b  In , w e.i
i ire and Tele Jaune Cache
upper  Pruser  Rivoi.     Pour
camps .md four engineci.-   cai
the   Grand  Trunk   i'acilli     w
and     two     nn n.i tu, U
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  _    sprung   up   on     1 li ■
■':--   :-'  ■■'■■      ■   td»in8  ■'   " '"■*""  01   way  line lune l,.ea wi],-l oue.     Men
s- " ona  • '' :-'''""' "'•' r'8«'  to      l-lfrom  the railway  constru tun rami',
Evans has aln .-i>  served  t cms   fo, j1|aM.  ,„.,„ lighting  thc lire.
similar < ■.-.-. :.. in     Winnipeg 	
The Evening Free Press ciuims to
have authority ior t.i ■ ■> ..t in .rt
that ihe kings 1 irtliday hnn rs
which in all probability will he an -
nounoed on .Cue 2 th, will Include
1 the Right Hon. lt. L. Borden, Hon.
Richard McBrlde Premier ol British
Columbia, and Hon. it. P. Roblin,
Premier of    Manitoba.       The    Free
I'res   also  slates that   a   COUpli      ol
chief justices  an.l one   or   two      lieu
tenant-governors will   also    be   in
t,- .u
and New Westminsber,
l    Iding     stat..-tic- from fo
Canadian  cities  for  the    tirst
mouths ol this year tot..i  o.—r flu,-
000,000      Toronto i- flrst     with »'.,-
90;     Winnipeg, $6,000,40 .    v. an
couver,  nearly  {5,000,uOO;      .Montreal.
$3,760,000;   Bdmonton,  $3,S00,0U0; Victoria,  $3,300,000;     South  Vancouver,
nearly  $1,000  11
Stripped  "f gun and cartridge  brll,
; horse missing, the lifeless    body
ol Mounted     Policeman    Frank     sn.
Dartes, ol     Brooks,   with a     bullet
thi    gfa  bis heart, w.,.. found     lying
The female house fly lays from 12(1
to IM) eggs al a time, ami these
mature In two weeks. Under favorable conditions the descendants of a
single pair will number millions in
three months, Therefore all housekeepers should commence using
early in tin- season, and thus cut off
n large proportion of the summer
Commencing  nuguot  i-i.   two inm-1
senger  trains and  two freights dally
AugUBt   l-t,   two  Pas
nil  two freights
.ver the C.N.R. between Westminster
onthe trail last Thursday   night  two and  Hope w,„  ,,,  „,  operatlon,     lt
"»"" sou' 'I Southesk.        iwo l8    understood    that the C.N.R. has
' ~ ■ :"-''»  *«« »«■««    |.ii.i-I,.,s-.m    Greal   Northern    read
ed and are now in jail. ,,„„,,,„   a,,,,,,,.,;,,,,,  and   Coalhrook,
and  between  New  Westminster     and
:' the    >':""""-'   ""'■.Ha.eimer...     B, tins   purchase     tbe
:t  ol St.  Paul  fi  Tacoma c.N.R. will have „ through    line   to
mI"">J    -   Tacoma,     on Mew  Westminster,    vis     Port   Mam.
:   >'<»"■" Mtl   The  Great  Northern  will  hav.    run
mated at  $85S,0t        Although    tb,,,-1,,,,,, Hghu over the C. N.lt. I  to
SlH   Rli IIAKl)   Ml I'llII'K
Manitoba,   is created  knight   bachelor colonial   possessions,  and  in    reward
and   William   Henry   Walker,   ol      the for sen lees   rendered   to bhe Crown   in
external  department  has been admit- relation to tbe foreign affairs of thc
ted to the  Imperial service order. empire.
I    The  im.st   distinguished     Order    ol It  is  now  limited
St. Michael and St. George was lound Knights grand cross,
eb i.y  the prince recent,    afterwards knights commanders aud six hundred
George  IV.,  In  1818,  In commemora- companions,
tion ol the British protectorate ot the; Sir  Richard McBrlde wiib bom    In
Ionian  islands,  "lor native   ol     the New  Westminster,  B.C.,  in  1x70; ed-
loniini  Islands and ..t tha island    of ucaled in the public and high schools
Malta and  its dependencies    and tor of tbat town and Dalhousle university
such other subjects ot Ma Maje-ty as Halifax;  took  his  1..1..H. degree     In
maj   hold high and confidential Bitua 1890 and   admitted   to  the    bar      in
t ons  ,n the  Mediterranean. British Columbia in 180B; prime mln-
Ry   statute   of   1832  the   lord    high Istei   ol   British   Columbia  Bince 1903.
to one hundred
three     ttuudred
;,:•-. ivi     ....   ,,   li ii. n     men
. - . arts teet ol tbe plant, there
u.,s barely tim< to ring an alarm le
f- re  tbt   dames  Hashed ovei   i.i ■    tu
;.:■   -. li     I  tbe  mill.
■ ucial
Hope,   there
\ . fi  B.
ti   conned   with  the  V
Negotiations    hav,' been opened by
tbc    Canadian    Governmenl
through the   Trade    and    Commerce
Department with the Imperial    tio\
normal ernment in England   with av
ser vie
ted at  victor,,, has havt„g  the  British  ,
■;-t  u<  *«!»*■« rate    with  the  Canadian  offlc
This extension has been made by thesis in   extending the trade   ,f    Can
Meet me  at  the  S.iv.
I owl"
" ,
■ ns.
Big i
j l—Kor     one    week, National
Stock  Company,  Empress  theatre.
g     Mildred Opera
Empress  theatre.
itoke Hardware Co.'s
-   in  screen
i e by some
r in
ada.      Th .
.    .    .  ,.k..........   nun',.-.i   ..ui   t.v   m.'C
*' a Qeorge  E.  Foster for    th,
for  .be preparation    ., these    puas rganisation   -r  th,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       Meat  et-.-s'-    .'   11. »
important     ■   .     - ■     ■
| the programme mai | m..n
•   -   Iney on
and     Liy-
doe'-;  pi ■ I tbe British I   D
it  .-> loej    "'
•    i ut.
'  ■ -.-.jt 1,
• - . ■
Fire of uni
.-.   .       -  .'.
tbe I .m:;er ..i tbe
iim-.   saa carri, ,
the  .  - . ,:    ,
I" Harold   ,• I    •
-    ■
rltb  thi •
thcliffe, and
!, ■ • I.   I
Bun .
'■  i ..--•.
Tire a.i rl medal   rl th,
• iety ol Arts baa b,
the approval ••; tti. ]*■*
■■    i.t;
'. : jervici     • pr.ivjng
railway   ' "inti.  •■    i     ■
re .-..;■     .    veil -i-
■ "itri. ■■ ' Ml ada
and  ottasr parts  ol  tbi   Bl I lh  1 tr.
Muy   honors     "ill   he   showered
upon the Prince ol Wales when     be
ii-   ht» fi*r!iti-"Titli  blrtbdni      on
June .'3rd.   It is understood that  ht
will  In'  pnjmotWj  ',' tne rank nf I eu
tfnan'  in  Ihf navy    and    r CelVej     a
ri.rntii    I OD 'If  mmy.   ti ring   ten)
ittacbed to tbe I Ith     Ilus-
r,rs until iuch tlm< n»   tbi      10th
n rtturn jroui iodiM,
tuture ,i fai  mon   itr ct    •
- islon  ol    trade
■  —
• -   .ia.
The promts
in   thr  Mav
• ■
■   .
month     .ui      • . ■ i.
' ■
two m ■
19 for tbi
: ly to   B. S.
.   | en, B.C.
rt, K.'ti/ie
■     it   Mrs
WATER    FOB    LAW ■  •
ty Water ma td I
tc, bets •      .
■ . n,   an i • to  ip.m.
This Order will
an I   aii   oiler Iers   prose
By Order,
BRUCE  A  l.AW.-iu.v
Cit|  Clerk.
>■■ .   i ■ ■ I :    endorsed n
lag '  will  lie rwedve      .   tbe  undei
signed   miII   - ■' >,.in>    ,i ilj   ».»!■   12
O'clock   noon    for   I'l'itnlnii.'   Work   t'l
lb.'     ij'i. mi,     \ i.ii'iii,   II  IJrll -I    id I.
ti.'ti-, Revelsfoke, li C.
Bpeolflcatlons, etc,, nay be obtain
i-i! upon application.
\ cert I Bod choquo lor Bv, poi cent.
of the Amount to accompany each
tender. The lowosi or nny tende,
not   necflisarlly accepted.
,i,   Uox 111., Hevclftoke,    JJ. 0.
li lil.ic NOTICE is hereby Riven
that tho Canadian Pac.Bc Railway
company did depoBlt in tiie ljalid
ltegistry Unice in tae City of Kamloops on the Sth day of November,
1911, under No. 993 Plan, Prolile and
Book of Reference ol proposed spur
tu lie constructed hy thc said Company from its main line at Mile
Board 13.S near bhe lown nf Sica
inoiis, thence running Northerly ami
North-westerly acnus the South-east
.North-cast and North-west nuaitjrs.
Section 1, Township ^'2, K..n;c .'>,
West, of the lith Iiii,ial Meridian,
thence Westerly across lols 1035 anl
588, Group 1, Kamloops Division o.
Vii'e District near Sieainoi s In Hi'
Province of Briblsh Columbia, bo tho
premises of ihe Columbia River Lumber Company, and that thirty days
aft r this notice or as soon ili r>
alter  as  bhe application  can   lie hearl
the Canadian i'acilic  Railway  Company  Intends to apply  to the Board
of Railway Commissioners tor Oanada for authority to     construct     the
aforesaid spur.
Dated bhe  12th  day  of  June,  1918.
!•:. W. BATBMAN,
Local Right of Way
and  Lease  Agenb,
Canadian   Pacitic   Railway Company,
Vancouver,   13.  C.
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
Notice is hereby given that, ou the
15th day oi June next, application
will be made bo tho Superintendent
nl I'rovincinl Police tor tbe grant ol
a license (or the Bale ot liquor by
retail in and upon the promises
known as Humbert Hotel, Blbuated
near Hevelstoke, B.C., upon the lands
described  as  Lob  1,  Illock   A,      Plan
1 Hid llii. H ll  i'i \ , I Miii, 1' 12.
Rosorio  Dcslmolne,   Applicant.
Itevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tuko nobico tbat 1, Elisabeth
Hannah, of itossland, U.C., occupation Married Women, intend to apply for permission to purchase t^e
[ollowing described lauds:
Oommenelng at a post planted
about 8,1 chains north of the North-
West Corner of Lot 81112, thenco 80
chains south, ISO chains eact, 80
chains south, 30 c.ia.ns las'-, 80
point of commencement and contain
Ing 240 acres more or less.
Dated this 2Gth  of April,  1912.
John  W,  Han nab,  Agent.
The  qualifying
Third-class Clerks,
Stenographers  will
following     places,
examinations for
J uaior Clerks anil
bo held ab tbo
commencing    ou
Scalea   Teuuors   iui.lres--.eil
uuuerslgnod, an.l   endorsed
lor Whan at Boswell, B.C.,'
received at this omuo until
on  Tuesday,   July  2,   11112,
lievelstoke   Land   Di.-.Ir:  t.
District  of  West  Kootenay.
Take notice that Kuriea; Adolf
.Miner, of Mlneapolls, Minneacta, occupation Clerk, intends to apply for
permission to purchase ilie foil living
described land!:
Commencing at a MMSt piantsd at
the North-west Corner ol Lot ■-. 115
thence   north   +0   chains,   tli'ice   west
in chains,    thence    south If chains,
thence east li)     cbains to      point ot
commencement   and    containing      ItiO
acres more or lees.
Dated  June 10th,  1918.
For a   License to  take  and   use Water
Notice is hereby given tbat lames
A. Shields, of Revelstoke, U.C., will
apply torn license to lake ami use
Fifteen tliii Miner's inches of water
out of Caribou Creek, which tlows in
a southerly direction through Tim -
licr Limits 'S'.i'ii:i and 48086, and empties Into Downie Creek about two
miles from the Columbia river. Thc
water will be diverted at a point
about one and a halt miles north of
Downie Creek trail and will be used
foi domestic purposes on the land
described as Certificate of purchase
113  Rovelstoke Land District.
Thm      notice     was    posted  on  the
to      tht
'    Will    lll'l   p.   m.,
^^^^^^^ f,,r      thi
construction ul a 1'ile Dent Whuri at
IK'S.lCll, Di WnlOII ol rtouou, ivooie
nay  District,  D.C.
Plans, siiecilicutions and lorm oi
lontract can be si ea and forma Ol
bender obtained m this Doparl nun.
auu at the onicis of tl. A. Keefer,
HiSq., District Engineer, New West
minster, B.C., aim ou application to
cue Postmaster at Victoria, D.C.
Persons tenuonug arc notlued Hint
tenders will not l.o considered unleBs
made ou the printed tortus supplied,
and signed with the.r actual signatures, stutiug their occupations and
places ol residence. In the case ol
lirms, tbe actual signature, the na -
mre of the ocuupablou, and place ol
residence of each member of the firm
must  be given.
Each tender must lie accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bauk, payable to thc order of the
Honourable the Minister of Public
Hoiks, equal to ten pcr cent (10 p.
C.) oi tne amount of tbe tender,
which wm ne forfeited if tue person
tendering decline to enter iuto u
contract when called upou to do Bo,
or fail to complete the work contracted Ior. If the tendor be not accepted the cheque will  bc returned.
The Department docB not bind itself to accept tbe lowest or any tender.
Ily  order,
Department ot i'ublic Works,
Ottawa,  May  30,  1912.
Newspapers will not be     paid     lot
this advertisement  if  tbey  insert    it
without   authority   [rom   the   Depart
June  Sth  lab  issue.
Tuesday, thc 2nd July next;—Arm-
strong, Chilliwack, Cumberland, Dun
cau, Goldon, Grand Forks, Kamloops
Kaslo, Kelowna, Ladysmith, Nauai-
mo, Nelson, Now Westminster, I'oaeh-
laud, l'rince Rupert, Penbicbon, Revelstoke, Rossland, Salmon Arm,Summerland,   Vancouvor,  and  Victoria.
Candidates must be Dritish sub -
jects between bbe ages of 21 and 30,
if for Third-class Clerks, and between 16 and 21, if for Junior Clerks
or Stenographers,
Applications will nob bo aecepbed
if received later than the 15th June
next. Ib...
Soction 7 of bhe "Civil Service Acb"
provides that temporary clerks aud
stenographers, who have not been
regularly appointed by Order in
Council, must pass this examination
Registrar, Civil Service,
lab issuo May 8bh.
Tue nejit examination for tho entry
oi ...uai Cadets will nc held at ian
c.wuiiiiiuuou cutre oi tno Utvil bur
vivo e,oiiiuiib...iou iu .Na.cuiuOi- I'jti',
,,aronts or guardians ol tnceitdlug
eliminate kiioiii.i apply to bhe u^c-
icuiry, oi.tl service Couiin .j f,
Uttawu, Ior euuj papers uoioro In,
oclouu' next.
' ..a.ii.i.lies must be botwuen ilu
ages ol H and lo ou 1st uelooer.r.'iJ
cadets ure trained for appointment,
as (Juicers iu tue Naval Service, tue
course ut the College beiug two yeuis
followed by oue year iu a Training
cruiser, alter winch Cadobs ue luted Midshipmen.
Furbher details cau  be obtained ou
application  to undersigned.
Deputy   Minister,  Department
of the Naval  Service.
Department ot  the  Naval  Service,
Otbawa, May libh, 1912.
Sealed Tenders addressed to the
undersigned, and endor-od "Tender
tor Wharf at Needles, D.C.", will ue
received  ab bhis otlice  ualil  4  p.  in..
ground on  tbe  Ith   lay ot June, 1912 on Thursday,  July 1th, 1912, for tho
ipplication  will   be  tiled ln    the construction of a Pile Bent Wharl at
lamt   in tm ,
tbe Wat r Recorder,  Revel -
toke,   B.C       HI.j.i'ions  may   I.e  liled
rith tbe    aid Water Recorder or with
tbe Comptroller    ol     Water     Rights,
Build aga,   Victoria,  B.O.
JAMES   v BHIELD8, Applicant
II.   Audi, '.i   Kltaon,  Agent
ii   it.,i.i" i
v ii tot Hot nless M i I.-- ss
I jo upwards. Kiii'M a i-i,. m -
Irom     |19 50     upwards    R,
Music   Btore.   McKenzie  Avaniin.
mi n MiH Johnson, pupil ol a
Millar, P.R, \ M., London, is prapar
ed to ink'' n limited number ol pup
ils for liilt'iiti ia in is ' Km '"im i
apply at, tin, mi leiiiii of .1. K.
Johnson.  Illst house  wesl  ol tht  I"1"
pitul, Kn st ttrett.
Houn: irnitiire
exlcns ' Irei
-   ig  .li.i,
om '       2 spring
i     n.un i
upholster -d
carpi I in-   Apply to Mi
tn,it  William
tsou, ol  Rafelstoke, D.c.
to    tase   .'111
'■ si    .i   mi■ Inches ol watei
I'K       * II,I II     Hows    III
,.,   li.i ,,.,ii  through  T,   B,
i   i    i:   i ;n ii.  ,,',,i  empties
abou    two miles
olumbia iii vci. 'i be
.'■•I   * .11   be 'lini bad  nl   ,i   point   11
■ ii "i Downie cic'k,    and
un,-it,i     purposes
la   .   lescrlbad  as  Lob 10499,
toke i,mi i District.
st..i  on     tho
i ie  ll    da) "'   I ii
d a,ii be ni''i    rn   the
Watei   Hei Ol del    il   R,
■    ii  t;.
in ,v    I.,   i I .i   erlth Hi-
.'. .i.i    n.iordsi   ",   Wltb    tin.
'■ .mptrollei  ■■( W tbei   Rights,     lur
; .' t  Buildings,  Victoria,  B.C
i   i  Andrew Kit on,   \ sni
Electric Restorer for Men
Pho»phonol'r'!",r"',"r""1''"" '
 K '" n< propsf tsasl is 11' it rsi
Arrow      Lak.
Needles,   Division  of
of  Kootenuy, D.C.        ^^^^^^^^^
Plans, specifications and lorm of
contract can be seen anj forms of
tender obtained at this Department,
and at the otlices of C. C. WorstjlJ,
Ksq., District Engineer, New Westminster, D.C, mid on application to
bhe Postmaster at Needles, D J , aud
\ ii'tiiria,   B.O.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders Will not he con o.l-i- ,1 unless
made  on   the  punted   forms  supplied,
and signed  with their actu il ■■,. '.a -
tm is,   .staling   their   occupation!   and
places of residence. In the eaae of
Urms, ibe actual signature, the nut-
ure ol tin1 occupation, and pltce   i.l
un'  of  each   member  of   tlloCiUl
must  be given.
Each lender must be aoci ipaniol
by iin accepted cheque on aciurt.c'ni
bank, payable to the orier ol toe
Honourable the Mlnistor ol Public
Works, equal to ten i>cr coat (10 p
i i "! the amount of ttie bendtr,
wbich will be forfeited ,1 the person
' ing decline to outer Into a con-
ii "i win ii called upon to do so, or
fall to complete tin' work contracted
Ioi ii ihe tender be not accepted
tin  cheque will be returned.
i in- depai ini' ni <i", s not lnnd .is. ii
t" accept   tl"' lowest  or any Under.
By ordei
in Pin tini'tit   of  Public  Works,
Ottawa, June .",, 1912,
Newspapers    will    not be paid for
«lm mnl vitality.  IVmatiire tie, ,iv snd Sil ., *....
"'•I'ir.fl ,"<l rhnanlionnl   . 11 i p^p^p^pj^i^i^H
, ,  . .mike j .a« n«iv ",ii   Pi  ' iiii'ft.i-rtwf im  "iili'i'.it authority from the Dcnutt
,.       ,.,  -i, ,    i     ,   ,     i,,n   hall   t»'   sJsUjdtosflvsddlsM   ThsleeMUDraf  —  r *"
'•-      Dluck,  ocxt  'lo"i   t'liiill  bail  (jj n,Catharines.Ool.
this advertisement if they Insert
tut  an t h
Vv \ I'KK   NOTICO..
Notice is hereby given that Willis
John Armstrong, of Itevelstoke, tt.
C, will apply lor a license to take
auil use six (t.) miners inches of water out of Mill Creek, which Hows tu
soutb-easterly direction through
Section 29, Township 2u, Ruuge 2,
West ot tae bth Meridan, and empties iuto Tonca Watha river, acar
Dig Eddy, B.C.. Tho water will bo
diverted at 200 feet above C. P. It.
track and will be used for irrigation
purposes ou thc laud described as ib
acres, pari oectiou 29, township 'ti,
range 2, west of ith Meridan.
ThiB nobice was posted on the
ground ou the llth day of April, 1912
The application will be filed in the
"iin-e oi the Water Itecomcr at Revelstoke, Bf O.
ui'ji-i uon„ may  be liled  with     tbe
said     Water      Recorder  or  with the
Comptroller  of  Water  RightB,    Par -
liamcut Duildiugs,  Victoria, B.  C.
Applicant,  ...
Examinations [or the position of
inspectors of Steam-boilers and Ma -
chincry, under the "Stcum-boilcrs inspection Act," will bo held at bhe
Parliament Building's, Victoria, commencing May Llth, 1912. Application
and instruction forms can lie had on
application to tbo underBlgned, to
whom the former must be returned
corrocbly Ullcd ln, nob luter thau May
1st, 1912. Salary, ¥130 per montb, in
creasing $5 per month per annum to
u maximum ol (180 pcr montb.
Chief Inspector  of  Machinery,
New Westminster, D.C.
RevelBtoko Laud District.
District of West Kootenay
Take notice (bat Luna A. Blondin,
of Halcyon, B. C, occupation tuar-
lied woman, iuteuds to upply for permission to purchase tho fo.loAiuc
described land:
Commeuciug at a posb planted oo
the South Boundary sixty chains west
of the south-east corner of Lot 7072;
theuco Month 20 chains, theuce essl
I" chuius, bhence north 20 chains,
to suid south bouudury uf Lot 7072.
tbence west aloug aaid boundary 40
chaiUB more or less to point ot loto-
mencemeut, containing 80 acres mor*
or less
Dated March llth, 1912.
Laua A. Bloudin,
Hugh Patinaoa, Agea'i
♦ ' WEDNESDAY,  JUNfi 19,  1911
WEDNESDAY,   JUNE  IH,   1912.
Parties desiring information regarding the Valley of tho Garden ol
Eden, can obtain same free of chargo
by writing to Mr. J. II. Johnson,
Malakwa,   B.   C.
Something of the growing import -
ance and popularity of Malakwa may
lie seen Irom the fact that several
aprreciativc references to our Valley
appear in tbe May issue of "The
Presbyterian Record" wbich is tho
ollicial organ of the Canadian Presbyterian church, and is published at
Montreal and circulated from Kast
to West throughout the entire length
and breadth of Canada. Alter describing the districts of Three Valley
ami  Taft,   our  contemporary   says
"Next ive come to Mala wa, the
only extensive (arming district on
the field. From the station, you sen
nothing but stumps and stones, and
if you happen to pass through thc
station when the young folks were
out in force, yuu would wonder
where they all came from an.l what
they did for a living in thc barren-
looking place, but il you go a quarter  of a mile  from  the  station,      you
le Valley uf
"The Garden of Eden"
Just 32 Miles West  of   Revelstoke,  ard   Extending   between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-2o.ooo Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
rharortar nf  Qnil   Bench   Lands,   Clay    Loam   and  Vegetable
UlldldUei   Ul   OUII   Mould, while on Lower Lands Black Loam
Nn li tm itinn    Positively no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
liU  IE I KjtlllOII   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
ModerdtC Climate   Freezing is  Average Winter Weather.
Prices of Land Reasonable
For Further Particulars About This Garden Spot of B. C, Watch This Page
of the MAIL-HERALD Each Week
will be surprised to see large stretches of thc lined meadow lands, neatly
fenced and showing a heavy crop of
hay, potatoes, turnips, cabbage, lars
mps, celery, -trawlierrieB (lnj almost
auy  product you can think  of.
There arc about thirty families settled here anh they are just at the
beginning of things. Aud again tla'
Tact faces thc church. They ari- at
tbe beginning of things materially
anil socially. Tbey are also at tho
beginning of things spiritually—or the
opposite. They are, on the whole, re
ligioua people. Quite a number ure
Bwede—honest, hard workers and
clean livers; some arc Canadian some
American,   some   Knglish   and   Scotch
Malakwa is perhaps the most encouraging of all our stations. It is
the only place which admits of ei
tensive [arming operations. The future of this point is very hopeful.
M"-l of the BCbtllTB arc here to stay
and make this thoir bome. other*
would sell out at any  moment.
Uut whether the people come or go
it is certain that this Utile valley
will open up nii'l lie the home of a
numlier of families. Only recently an
Knglish gentleman with a family of
five boys anil one girl came to the
place. The boys are all married and
inlend buying land in Malakwa, Tbis
family, ami indeed thc most of the
thirty inld families settled here are
deeply interested in church affair?.
. . It Might Be Cold. .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Ourjrecord of cures]
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Union   Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly snd monthly rates to be arranged.       Meal Tickets, 21 meals for J6.U0
A. P, LEVESQUE, Proprietor
Laughton C& Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan °
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
H, J. McSORLEY, Proprietor.
Strictly First Class
Rooms Single, cn Suite
and with  Bath
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarned   and Improved.    First-Class in every respect.    All modern conveniences.
Large Sample Houms.
Rateo 452.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
sssbuss—e»— OPEN  NIGHT AND DAY ===== Ij
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant—Short Order
W. C. BATCHELOR,        -       (^Manager.
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
resigns Eoy 51 Phone 295
AK...,'.VHKAI>, B. 0,
Spec'tl Attention given to commercial
mm si.! ICOlisU. First-das* Hsmplr
rooms. Finest menrry in Uritish Colnm-
bla, overlooking l'pi*r Arrow Lake.
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
W. J. Lightburne, Prop Phone 42 -   Night Phone 85
Coal mining rights of tbe Dominion
iu Munitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, tbe Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, mu; be leased lor a term ol
. ui nty ..nc years at an annual rental of il an acre. Not more than
2,5611 ucres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for lease must be made
by the applicant in perBou to the
Ageut or Sub-Agent of the district
iu which tbe rights applied for are
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal
subdivisions ot sectious, and in un
surveyed territory the tract applied
for shull be staked out by tbe ap -
plicant  himself.
Each applicant must bo accompanied by a fee ol %6 wbich will be refunded if the rights applied lor are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of tho mine at the
rate of live cente per ton.
Tbo person operating tbo mine shall
furnish tbo Agont with sworn returns
accounting lor the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If tbe coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
Tbe leaso will Include the coal mia-
lug rights only, but the lessee muy
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of $10.00 an
For full Information application
should lie mado to the Secretary of
tbo Department of tho Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
Doputy  Minister of tho Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized publication ot
this advertisement will not be paid
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable Piencli rcRuUt'ir; never [till. These
pill* nre eiccedingly powerful tn regulating tho
gfiieratlve portion ol tlie female lantern. Kef use
all cheap Imltatmnii. Dr. da ▼»■'• are told at
IB a hm, or three ior 110. Mailed to any addreM.
The iMfcell Drug Co.. Bt* Catharines, Ont.
Act Governing Speed
" A great deal of niisupprehin-ion
is manifest among motorist /csyect -
ing the powers held Iiy municipalities
in regulating trurlic and tbe m.is,..ig
of bylaws providing a speed '.. u •• in
tbeir particular localities," sail .1
motor cuthii-iust toduy. "It .s not
generally known thut there IS i,ul>
one act governing sp^-eJ limits uiu.
that act is the one pus-i.-l ly tbe
legislature, making one lii'eeci luj.it
throughout the whole o: British ''•■
The Motor Truffle Regul.ttljn -•■ t
of l'Jll provides that iui cars o. uli
travel ut u rate not exceeding ten
miles uu hour upon an; highway
withiu tbe city, town or village or
upon any highway outside tie city
at a greater rate of speed tbi'n ttten
rt-tivc miles an hour, and :n wut uol
country not more than twel.'C mihs
un hour. This is thc only act uuder
which tbc police ure allowed 'o lon-
vict u moionst und auy byl IW passed by a municipality, ttl'.i-b Is contrary to this uct, is inoperative.
There is u provision mude iu this
uct, however, which allows ,t municipality u certain license in regulating
tbo speed limits at ccrtaiu Hours ol
the day on certain roads wheic tests
arc  allowed.
Kor tbe guidance of motorist* thc
following act, passed by thc legislature lust year, will de&M the exact
powers held by municipalities "No
motor shall tic run or driven upon
any lughwny within any city, town
or villuge ut a greater rate of speed
thuu ten miles an hour, or upon any
highway outside of uny 'ity, town
or village at a greuter speed than
twenty-live mile.- pcr hour in un open
country uud twelve miles per hour
iu  uny   wooded  country,"
The lollowiug section uf tb'.- act is
the only one which empowers local
councils to act in the matter. "Provided that the coun.-il of any muni
cipality may by bylaw Bet npurt any
portion of any highway within thc
municipality un whlcb motors may
be driven at any higher rate "f "peed
than hereinbefore limited for tbe
purpose of testing motors and may
PttHs bylaws for regulating and i ■ v
crning thc cue ol any such portions . f
highway  for the   purpose aforesaid. '
Bach municipality, however, his
the power of providing and enforcing
bylaws  regulating truffle  and   motor-
on highways In every respect   a"e us
to  the  rulcHof  the  r,„M|  and  rate    of
Thc members of ibe Vancouver Au
tomobile Club have a grie.anfla
against the Point Cray council in the
wuy iu which it is alleged tbe council
Is attempting to regulate tratbc Bud
enforcing bylaws contrary to tbe pio
viuciul uct. in the opinion ol tbu
members the rate ol ten m'!e3 an
hour is too slow and n is ;bjiiM;jt
by many tuat a greuter rate ot speed
sbuiilu  lie ullowed.
During the past month several sum
mouses have been issued ,,sa,:-si
local motorists for infiingemtut ol
the Provincial Motor Act and Marly
u hundred bave been lined in tb;
police court. According to the pcl.ee
a large percentage of thc motorists
are unfamiliar with thc requirements
of the act.
Chief ot Police Chamberlain s'.uted
that if all motorists would get a cupu
of the act they would save themselves
a considerable amotiut (if trouble as
well as expense.
As far as can be judged by ci>bcs
which come before ine magistrates
the charges against motorists arc not
as a rule serious, fuses of exceeding
thc speed limit arc uiore thc rule thuu
tbe exception, but, on account o! the
fact ihat the Motor Act i- dnkuown
to large numbers, automobile drivars
gre living  brought up by  tbe police.
The motor act provides that uli
tars shall have their numbers painted
iu figures of not less thun uu mcb in
sine, ou thc glues of each o< tbe side
lamps, aud also that the numiier
shall be placed in u conspicuous position ou thc front uud rear ol thc
car with a bright light shining to
make   it   eusily   distinguishable.
dome of tbe motorists who huve
licvn charged during tbo week pleaded thut they were unaware of thc
regulation respecting side lamps, but
thut tbeir uumbers were conspicuous
ly displayed ou  the Iront and rear.
Regarding tb. speed limit, tbcro
are severul  motor mcu who urge that
ten miles an hour is an unreasonable
limit. A motorist who was charged
in  the court  last  week,     stated     to
Magistrate Bouth that it was almost
impossible for a driver tu k.-ep to Union mile limit. "1 will take you fur
I rule iu my car," he said, "and soo
if you do  not  agree with me."
Another driver who was charged,
duikly hinted that His Worship wain agreement with the grievance ol
tlie motorists ami that ten miles was
a hardship on drivers, The mngis
trace pointed out, however, that it
was hm duty  to administer and Dot
make  tbe  law
Unless the     Motor act ia repealed
ten  mll<"--   wlll  continue to bl   the pud;
fur  city   uutumoeilcK.—province, tfEDNESDAY,  JUKE 19,  1912
WEDNESDAY,   JUNE  11.   1912.
lit. M W Inslow, B.S a . it,i\ im mi
Horticulturist.) i
The verj favorable weather which
has occurred throughout tbc bloom
ing season In all the fruit districts
of tbe lit,vine,- has favored tbe sec
tmg of avers large percentage ol the
blossoms. There are very few trees
which will not have all tbe Irutt th y
ean carry, uuj probably the major
ity o! tbem will havi more thuu
they can carry with profit, Tbis
brings up tbt- question ol the thinning of fruit, ,i practice weil recog
nised the States to the soiitu ol
us, but not yet generally  understood!
. .. it Uritish Columbia. A .lis
cuasion ol the methods and result- ol
I b , !. ag is al ;: ■ pi eseot i ino very
ler, 1 ecause the work
must ie indertaken .u the veiy near
! iture.
lu di i issing i he que Iou of thinning, we admit that a tree may set
more fruit than it can possible bring
to perfection, as the fruit-grower understands perfection. Nature caies
notb.ug !ur the fruit except us an aid
tu produ-v seed; tlie orchardist caies
nothing foi seeds except as tbey ure
necessary to the production ul (nut.
We wish each tree to carry all the
trust .t can bring to commercial perfection,   and  no  mule.
At tbc same time, the tree must
tllakv new vegetative growth consist
ent with  its  age and the  variety.
The third requisite is that it should
also lurm enough fruit-spurs for a
simiiar crop in the following ysur.
Tbis ideal is the foundation of our
orchard practice,
When the tree Is fulfilling these
three requirements it is performing
its maximum duty to tbe ownerf If
it fails sho.-1 in an. one of tbeni, he
is nut getting his maximum ol profit
e.tber immediate ui prospective, trom
HOW   I'ui-:.-   THINNING   HELP 1
Phi i in oval of sume ol the fruit
at an early stage in its growth helps
materially towards securing the mux
iraum duty of the tree m certain debt).u  ways.
ili The average Blue ol the fruil
on tbe ticst, le increased; this is tbe
most obvious result ul tbiumng.
Threes overburdened with fruit produce a greut.-i percentage ol No. i
apples. The Increase In size of tbe
remaindei glter tbe tirst oi second
picking! ol Bartlett pears is made,
is a striking instance ol the Increase
in sue when the Dumber ol fruits is
ti; Tbe li u.i boi ne is more uni -
lorn In sise and shape, tin the over-
. I -.i trei i here is much variation
in si.e. an i. especially were two oi
mure Jruits :ein,,,!, on a spur, tbey
an ...; ., Ji ii Bhape as well. The
li ■ I side  bli Bsorns ol the
clustei many varieties     much
diflerent om tb ■-, from the centre
blossom, usually being Hatter in
-    . ■    ..-  ,. considerable Ion
ger stem Uniformity in size and
■-■..,.-> ant  essential     ol
Cummerc-.ai  |>erfeet,un.
t-Ji Tht eoloi is materially better
ed. mori u, and i imes earlier,
Tbe    remarkable     increase   In i oloi
w~. '■■     ■ ire wben a first picking    is
oum  beu-, ig tn        ul
even  l u   varieties,  su h     as
Jonathan ner, furnishes stri
k.ng mat I •  -. point   While
i ■ seemslargely related to sun -
shine, It .- ., well known lact tbat
vl .. is ied tree tbe (ru.; bai
le-a - :• ii uveal)
1       ted ai     :_ acquired.
soil ji moisture or planl
not   to   their  si/.c,   the   removal     ol
fruits   leaves   n   much   grcatel   supply '
of plant-food for the  balance ol  the
'crop, fol  the growth ol the trees nud
,in  the soil.
illi    The  tree  is  less  liable  lo   win
'lei Injury, The ripening ol the heavy
crop drains the vitality ol the tree,
so lea. ing it in poor shape tu .vit.h -
stand the winter. Trees bearing mo
derate crops for which tbere is a i
adequate supply of plant-food utnl nn
adequate supply ol moisture buvc
sufficient vitality to ripen the crop,
and to ripen the trui-t-buds and uow
shoots  as   well.
(12) one of the most important
results of thinning is that the trees
will bear u larger and more uniform
crop the following year. The tend -
eney towards biennial bearing 's materially reduced, much depending In
this,  however,  on llie  variety.
For  various reasons,  then, thinning'
helps   materially   to   secure   the    n i\
iiiiiiiii  duty  from the  tree.
• ■ ■   '    •    -     free)        llseas
'. luse  wormy    ..
,  -      . .
any ...:,.,    .-.      - rem ved at  tbu.
ning timi
moist regions, 1
I when fully grov
■ thi i  • ,.■     :    ...' jt.,.'.
■1,    ".     :.
drop] ing    'i ; u thai
of   ■:        ■'   .:.•      .|   1 .'.        ..   I-      I]
lallj  i.a ill   to d tn    .': ■ '
are    left pur.      I'reuiii.:
>iog .    .   i .te to the
Ins     ■     il tbi • - - ipplj
i-i ' mon
it distrib :•• ,    in : ti.    le a vei
preventing      the
break.ag  down  uf  trees.
■ .'i The i ast of p eking .- educed
COD ll i sbl | -.nd tbe labor ol pick
Ing tl dl v. led iin-re ... j, , ..,.[ the
season.  Tl mpi t mm  advan
tage where the -apply t< labor ,t d--
fie.ent in picking-time, Coats ol
grading   and   pack.ng  are also    much
(10)   Less fertiii-y is removed from
the  soil.    A   tun  of apples  takes  out
approximately l.llb. of nitrogen, i.i,
It), of potash, and O.b It), of phoBpnor
ir acid. A ton of pears removes the
■ants amount of nitrogen and about
<u 'i ii* much of the other elements
The seeds take the great bulk of
these amounts, tbe pulp oi bhe Iruit
taking but a smiill portion. Ae lhl
ipuinber r>( seeds ll roughly In propol
l.-.'l  tp  tht  BUfflbtX t'l  ul'j'lvs,      uuu
A.-, si.iiii as the crop can be dol r
ined and the supply ol labor pei
its, thinning Bhould be commenced,
tart with those varieties which uro
most advanced, Generally apples, pe
ars, and peaches are thinned     whet,
about tbe sine of u hickory nut, ui.d
Ibe thinning should be completed before tbey ure more thuu double that
size.tin tbc various plums ibe tt rk
should be commenced as soon its pus
Bible alter the dropping, familiarly
known us "the June drop," 's over.
Apricots, cherries, and crab-upples
are not usually tin ned by L'Oild, ,,c-
Cause the crop which tbey are to
bear is a reasonably certain quantity
and cuu be controlled to a givat.i t x
tent thuu in the larger Iruits by proper pruning, Tbe Italian prune and
tbe peach plum are not usuuily thinned, because normally the set ul fruit
of   these   varieties  is  not  greal      en -
ougb to warrant tbe expenditure.
To set rule- for    thinning is   oven
i m  dillicult   than  to  set  rules    foi
pruning, The fruit-grower musl d,.
termine tor himsell just bow m cn
crop the tree will be abb- to an...
.Much depends on tbe variety. lue
age of tbe tree, ,ts vitality, tbe soil
cultivation, climate and district, i u
der equal conditions llu Wiuusap amy
he thinned to, say, 5 uii-b.-s, where
tbe Jonathan would be thinned tu c
or 7, und the Northern spy tu .<. lu
climates such us that of Vancouver
Island, where uu Irrigation is available, and the rainfall averages abuut
hall au inch per month during the
summer seusou, or one tilth that ol
the average Ontario district, all varieties are tbinned to a greater dis
lame thuu in districts ol greater
rainfall or where irrigation is avail
able, lu tbis distrlci it is advisable
to tli,n many crops, tbe wbole ol
wbich could i.e cam. 'i to advantage
undei othei conditions. Unheal tbi oi
diseased ireee should nol be expected
to grow as great a load as those ,11
perfect health, while trees making en
tensive grow ih ma)   very   well  be nl
lowed   to   taut    milch   moll    Ulan   a,
elage  llws      undei       tbe  same COttdl
t llillH
">    rule which is practised     to
-ome   extent    tlie   growl
the conditions and determines
many   Luxes   ,,1 fr mt   tie   Uee    Shoul I
earn.   it  it a Bmall  mattei   tbi
determine   how     many     fruits I
Vnotber rule which might   -
in connection with tbe pn i
iS to   llllll   p
inch,-,  peacbi
apples, j tu 7   i,  .
the earl)     ,   ■
ihould be left  oo an)   I
ind   with  these  eai
of  tbe crop  m iy bi
picking  aud   tb.
'    '
Ig.    On  slender
-   man)   . ,. li
u     British
thin t.
Ill   , •
•     . •      ■
;      the ."•• i   cornea  out  tlrM'
-   i
■     ' •   blossoms
t the time of I
o ich large)   I
-. i
tbe tree, Is tbo I I
•.I   item li
bettei  Ioi     pai king and fol  apl I
anci    alts.
Fruil ipun trai v great ■    n 	
vitality; thi   besl    pun bear the   •
tbs wcakei   iptu •    hould   i
• -n a chance to develop
ones  before next  • mrs erop,
In   tbe   production   of   fury      fruit,
thinning pays, and pays weil        it,
means mueil m tbt aisuranoi of crop
of only     high dial     Irull     H Is  noi
likelv to in- of value unless tno   ,,,
chard is richi in the matters -.f vai
lety,  fertility, cul tl Val      pruning
nml spraying; ii li nol likely (o give
good returns unless tbe bigh-claii ai
tide produced is properly packed and
marketed by businesslike methods,
thinning is au essential feature ol the
new orchard-culture,
Present Indications arc thai thia
year will see the largest, crop of tree-
Iruits British Columbia bas yet bad.
Throughout the province from Vancouver Island to tho Kootenays the
apple, prune, peach, Bear and plum
trees have been full of blossom, and
and there lias been nu loss from trust,
or unfavorable weather. Most of the
trees nre certain to have a heavy
luud ot fruit, of which very much
will bo undersized unless thinning is
practised, it is hoped that fruitgrowers will grasp tbe situation
rightly. Tbe prices [or utidersized
fruit are never very remunerative. It
is always tlie good, large, perfect
Units that, bring paying returns. This
year tbe difference in price between
fancy ami low-grade fruit will be emphasized, Large yields of fruit are
promised Id Ontario, In the Middle
States, Colorado, California, Mon
tuna, Idaho, Oregon and Washington
as well as Id iiritisb Columbia. Tbe
North western States, in fact, have
the bumper crop of tlicir history and
tbey look to the Canadian prairies
to buy a great deal of it, as times
are good in Canada, while money Is
scarce In the United states. This
means thnt there will be plenty ot
poor fruit for sale in uur markets
without nny from Uritish Columbia,
and the returns tor this cIiism of fruit
ure bound to be low. Neither do the
canneries want small fruit; there
is uu money 111 pie peaches for ouy
one. Kvery grower should resolve
tbat he will not grow any peaches
smaller thau"90's." Any shipper
knows that there will be no market
for the small stulT, and that even
In the earliest varieties we can grow
returns wlll be unsatisfactory for the
small grades. Fortunately there is
no good reason why any grower
Bhould have any percentage of the
small   si/es   lo   market.
It is unlikely that any fruit-grower will thin too much; it is quite
certain thai most growers will not
thin enough. While tbe average man
may   know      about   thinning,   he      is
short the nerve necessary to    carry
it otlt. Most of the growers in British Columbia have not yet had en -
ough experience to realize the difference in piolits on lurge and sniull
sizes. Those men who see ibe situation clearly and who recognise the
fundamental necessity lor adequate
thinning should use their Influence by
getting their neighbors to tuke it
Gold Medal,
London, 1911
l.'fltS.llltlGlt.'IIMDM Train HX-mN
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[Ridgways  has made   it  the
[favorite beverage of connoisseurs!
all over the world.
All   111,, li   i la-.-. Oroltf.
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Ottawa, .lune 8—Victoria, B.C. is
the pluce, and September I, 5, and (i
the tun,- selected lor holding the
next convention of the Canadian For
entry Association. The secretary,
Mi, .lames l.awl.-r. of Ottawa, is BOW
engaged In arranging the details
with Hon. w. It Koss, Minister ol
Lands, and Mi. .lohn Hendry. ol
Vancouver, tbe President ol tbe As
s.iciation. The convention is being
held thir. time upon the invitation ot
tbe Government ol tbe Province, and
Hon Richard McBrlde is enthusiast
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Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. tfume # Co.. limited
Classy Shoes in newest designs
at a minimum cost for maximum wear.
Honan Silk
oO inches wide, all colors. This is
the best quality of Raw Silk that can
be hatl and is in great demand.
Guaranteed at per yard	
85 Cents
White Muslins
Are a feature this season in the
plain Lawns, Mulls, Linens, etc., also
the fancy patterns, in spots, checks,
stripes, etc., from_
I5c. to 5oc
White Indian Head
Very popu.ar,- takes the place of
linen. Easily washed, and will not
crush, and has a better appearance
than Duck or any of the other white
plain cottons, at	
25c. and 30c
Ladies* Silk Boot Hose
With Lisle foot, any color,  black,
tan, sky pink, etc., at
75c. Per Pair
House Dresses
This is the senson that the housewife is put to task to find something
cool to wear and at the same time
be trim and tidy. This showing of
neat House Dresses will please; they
have the style to them	
$1.50 to $3.50
Little Darling Hose
For the little tots, all wool,  pink,
blue, cardinal, black, tan—all sizes.
35c. or 3 pairs for $1.00
Prints and Ginghams
New lot of Old Country Prints
and Ginghams, good washers, and
with the strong wearing qualities of
the Old Land materials. A splendid
line of colors and designs
25c per yard
Nurse Suitings
A wear-resisting cotton material
for children's and ladies' wash
dresses; comes in those line hairline stripes and plain, perfect colors
30 inches wide at
20c per yard
Groceries and Crockery Department
Fresh Strawberries and all other Fresh Fruits and
Vegetables arriving daily.
White Bedding
Nothing so cool these hot   nights
as pure, clean white bedding.
FULL   SIXK  SHEETS  plain  or
twill hemmed and wel I made at. . . .
Each $1.00, $1.25
Pillow Slips
PILLOW SLIPS-Pure snowy-
white cambric finish, made of Knglish circular pi|low cotton, all sizes,
25c and 30
Fashionable Footwear
Fifty cases of Grape Nuts, Corn Flakes
and Post Toasties just arrived. We are offering l'ost Toasties and Corn Flakes at only
10c per package
which makes as cheap and refreshing a meal
as you would care to eat. Watch for our window display of these goods.
You don't want to wear yourself out over
the cook stove these days. Come in and get
some of our dclicasics in meats in glas.s jars
and cases. Chicken and tongue, chicken
breasts, ox tongue, lambs tongue, roast and
boiled mutton, roast and corned beef, lunch
tongue and chipped beef.
All Pure Food Goods
In this department we are ready to serve
your wants. You will be looking around for
a suitable wedding gift for your friends who
arc about to join the largest society in the
in the world, and you will find it here amoung
our Cut Glass, fancy China, Glassware, Tea
Sets, Dinner Sets, Toilet Sets and the thousand and one pretty things in our stock.
We are now showing a large assortment of
Summer Drinks. Lemonade Powder, Welch's
Grape Juice in half pints and quarts, Rose
Lime Juice in pints and quarts, Montserat Lime
Juice in 1 pint and 1 quart bottles, Nabob Lime
Juice in pints and quarts. Cider from the land
of Evangeline, and Pine Apple Juice, the best
that can be had.
In placing our line of Toilet Soaps on sale
we know that we are giving you value for
your money in quality and quantity. Here
are some of our lines:
Pure Castile Soap in 3-lb bars at 45c
Pure Castile Soap in D.-lb bars at 25c
Pure Castile Soap.4-oz cakes 60c per doz.
Olive Oil, Cucumber and Glycerine
Soaps in 4-oz. bars at .... 60c per doz.
All the fancy Soaps on the market of
3 cakes to each box at prices from
 25c to $1.00 per box
Right now is the Oxford Season, when you wish to keep cool and comfortable. Our line is complete
in style and size. Let us introduce to you the new lasts in our Regais and Slaters. Lasts that will
not slip at the heel or gap across the instep, because they are made on Oxford lasts to fit the foot.
Regal Black King Calf—Four hole lace, medium
toe,  Goodyear welt. Price   $4.00
Regal Black Calf-Roundup toe, four hole lace,
medium weight   . ..Price $4.50
Regal Black Calf-Bump toe, the latest in short
vamps Price—$5,00
Regal Tan Calf- Climax toe,   right up to the
minute      Price-$5.00
Regal Tan Calf—Roundup    toe,    short   vamp,
Goodyear welt sole, medium heel
Price, $5.00
Russia Tan Calf—Short vamp, medium toe and
heel, Goodyear welt,   heavy sole
Regal Patent Colt   Fovr  eyelet   tie,   medium
sole and   heel Price—$5.00
Slater Tan Calf—One of the real new   ones.
Easy and comfortable with the shost vamp.
I'rice- $5.00
Slater Vici Kid—Broad toe, low heel, made for
bomfort and wear Price   $5.00
Ladies' Oxford Bargains
ANOTHER FRIDAY SHOE BARGAIN—By now you know what these Bargains mean. Every
time it is a genuine snap. Friday morning you will find another. Right now, whan vou need them,
we will put on the table an assortment of Ladirs' Oxfords. Broken lines in all sizes. For Friday
and Saturday only the price will be
$1.95 Per Pair
This Department has everything that you will require to make your home bright and cheerful for summer, and now is the time
to look over and make your selections, at prices that will suit your wants, from a well assorted stock of Wall Paper from the
best manufacturers in the east, Rugs and Carpets from Germany, England and Eastern Canada at prices from $5 for a 9x9 Union
Rug to the very best that can be had and in all sizes.
Lace and Lace Curtains
We have the largest assortment in the city, most of which
are Imported by ourselves direct from England, enabling us to
sell at a price thnt saves you the middleman's profit.
Scrims—by the yard or make into curtains, a good assortment
Madras—We have both colored and white in very dainty designs, from 20c per yard up.
Linoleums and Floor Cloths
A good assortment of Nairn's printed and inlaid in patterns
to suit every taste at prices that are lower than can be offered
again owing to the advance in raw material.
Beds and Bedding
We also stock a full line of beds, mattresses, blankets, comforts and pillows.
Bargains for This Week Only
We are offering a special reduction in Japanese Rugs 0x12
at $3.20; 2)x5ft 11.26' 3x6ft $1.05. Everything in that line
will go at bargain prices.
Anything not mentioned  that you want call  in and
ask for it, we will be sure to have it if in this line. wepn'f.shay, JUNE 19, 1912
WHlDNlSSDAY,   JUNE  10, 1912.
Here   is   an   opportunity  of   buying your  Muslin
Underwear at Special  Sale  Prices
Women's cTWuslin Drawers.
Women's oMuslin Combinations
Women's Muslin Corset Covers
Women's cTHuslin Princess Slips
Women's Petticoats
Embroidery Needs
Swiss Cambric and Fine Nainsook
Edges and Insertions,  Flouncing,
Bargains, Bargains
Throughout   Our   Entire   Stock.
Call in and see what we have in
store for you at Cut Prices.
Call in and  look  over the Special
Prices for this Sale.
Vote Schedule
Now in Effect
This BChedulo is (or contestants
who secure subscriptions (or hotli
Mall-Herald and Oanadian Home
Journal from one party. Tbis ached
uie does nut decrease:
1    year  \ 3.50       30U0 votes
•i    yearn    7.00       7500 votes
3 ycurs  10.SO     15000 votes
4 years  11.011     30000 votes
5 years  17.0(1     50000 votes
10 years  35.00   125000 votes
2nd Period,  dune 8 to June 22.
1 year  ? 2.50   1000 votes
2 years    5.00    4000 votes
3 years    7.50     8000 votes
4 yours  10.00   1CO0O votes
5 years  12.50  25000 votes
10 years  25.110  liOOOO votes
L.rthui   Evai -  ol  Beaton,  B.C.,    is
• ,,   eil v  ..j, ,i   in]H;n.->s  t rip.
i. ■ - h -in     Vou cannot  lie    n
the   Mail-Herald's     tcsl
inless > ■ u di ►.
Mr. W.  I.  UriggG  leturned on Wed-
in  ii   business trip    to  the
, I
Mrs,   Bi .-. Mi. ii mc visit-
g   elativei       Wi stmiusti i   for    tlie
.    ■ ■,
Mre   Hi  •-•■:.  will    noi    receive    on
xt th    21sl Insl ,  nor again
■ ■ •:   notice.
Mrs.  Vi.   \    Fooi,   will  not   receive
un  Friday,  June 21st,  noi   .main till
•    . i
M,  M lormerlj   ..f Washing-
■ iken  over  the dining room
ol thi -     i..acl.
The "Sugai   Uowl"  Ice cream  pur
-  ,,:•     now    i implete.     Tlie  i*m
nosl  up to date soda tountain lu
tbe city.    \   i -'   aVill  surprise yuu.
\ Id        - ,ue     requested     to
-■  ■    ■   Hall  on  Sundnj   .a
■ lock sharp,
i ratio    services nt  the
H,          .' • upres
, :   o   Re\
• ■:                       -    , .,',   ea
■    •
• ■
Tl,,      t.,
imii  ■ •■     np
.' I
•   T.ilt
- '
■   ■
t tbi     King
.\v tlu- time has arrived when you must tl<> your seeding, we wish
u> draw your attention lo tht' fact that our set<is are all fresh ami
new stock not any "l'i ones lefl to sluft off. Our union sits art*
ilu- host, either tlu- Dutch Set or tlu- Multipliers.
FLOUR AND FEED We have just unloaded om- vac of Purity
Flour. One Car of No, I Timothy Hay, One Car l*eed. includ-
injj Oats, whole or crushed, Wheat, Barley, Corn, Bran, Shorts
and '"hops. If you require any nf these, let us quote you prices.
We tan Save Vou Money.
MacKenzie Avenue
Holy Communion every Sunday
morning nt 8 u.in., and utter morning prayer on the lirst Sunduy in
each Mouth.
Rev. C. A. Procunler, rector. Matins at 11 a.m. nnd Evensong at 7:3<l
p.m., every Sunday. Litany On the
Second Sunday, uud the Ante-Corn -
muniou un the Third Sunday alter
Matins. Sunday school overy Sunday at 2:30 p.m. Choir practice on
Fridays at 8 p.m.
Rev.  R.  J.   Mclntyre,  pastor.    Services on Sunday ut  11 a.m.  and 7:311
p.m.;  Sunduy school and  Young Peo-
j pie's Bible classes at 'J:3U p.m.; Wednesday at s p.m., Epworth League
meeting; Friday evening,  Junior uud
I Senior choir  practice.   A  cordial wel-
! come awaits  the public ut all    these
| services.
You Who Are Constantly Travelling
What Protection Have You in Case of ACCIDENT By 6ca or Land ?
Drop in and we will  explain  our  Improved Gold  Bond
Accident Policy* double liability, only costing $30 a year,
$5,01 nlife and glO.OOU double liability, paying #5,UU
weekh indemnity,
Mrs. Jack Hume »ill nol i ec lv on
Thursday, June 20th n i ng i n i.n
tl    uctolier.
m      r   BlfurJ, ol the
ithe  I'.'i   rtuv
! Cal car j   th.s  week
tail of
-,...    I ••   o
Stan i     Mi
Ki v. Istoki      In v(i »
lerj   mem In r thi
.  il
Mi      v     ■       \
, <    \    Carlson &   i'i
Ki • •
thi   M.i    Hei
II    •■
Mr.  Hail)
M ,: |
perl '      •
The  Sunday   school  i-onference  will
•   ulilressod th,> evening al the Pre*
byterlan  church  and  tomorrow  even
at the Metho list church, by Rev.
.1 Wl   Willi ittison,   und   Ml    J.S,   Fin
,m ouver.    \;i  Sunday school
-M    t
\    I, Lummei
Cine   Muck   west ol   McKeuzie uvenue
ion Second street.   Rev. B. J. Chavc,
111.  A.,  pastor.   Sunday services      at
' 11a.m.  aud 7:30 p.m.;  Sunduy school
and adult Uible classes at 8:30 p.m.;
..Monday at 8 p.m., Young People's
..Meeting; Wednesday at 8 p.m., church
jrrnycr Meeting. A cordial invitation
\ extended    to  all  services.   Strangers
mude welcome.
St. Francis of Assisii Catholic
church, coruer of Fitth street and
McKenzie aveuue.
Services-On all Sundays, except
tbe fourth ol each month. I.ow muss
with Communion ol the Faithful at
» a.m. High Muss at 10.30 a. m.,
Christian Doctrine for children nt
2 :'.(i p.m. Rosary with Bendiction of
Tbe Blessed Bacrement 7:30 p.m.
On week days—Holy Muss every
morning at 7:80. Confessions are
heard every evening after 7:3(1 nnd
in the mornings before Mass.
J.  C.  McKenzie.  P.  P.
Ret     .1.    Vi.    Stevenson,    minister
services on    Sunday at   li
p.m.; Sun,lay   school
Bible classes ut  2:30 p.m.
prayet   meeting on Wcdiies-
■  , in    Hearty  congregatlon-
.   at ; special mutic by   the
Strangers and are ha
tha services.
, rtred Immediately
■   -.i'.'i    .il
elp   ,n   all   depart
New Time Table
Oo June 2nd, a new ('.P.R. time
table came into eflect for the sum -
mer, changing the hours ol arrival
and departure ol ilie trains, which
are as follows:
No. Arrive Leave
3    5:65     11.15
1    15:35    16:65
13   1(J:40   l7o.k
No  Arrive  Leave
4   24:45    24:55
14    7:20    7:40
2   11:55   12:15
Arrives 15:30,  leaves 7:40 a.m.
The candidate iu a voting cont'st
ivbo does not know in advance wh.it
lhe vote schedule will be up to tlle
very lust minute of the contest, im
uo guarantee that he will get a
square deal. The hard work of practically the entire campaign might be
destroyed by a change m tha vote
schedule the lust few dnys i.l Uiu con
test. Feur of this action ofte.'i de -
ters people from becoming oobtiMt
Those who contemplate enw.ing the
Mail-Herald's contest have Information in advance regarding the m te
allowance for subscriptions covtii'g
the entire contest, and huve lhe pio-
mise of the Mail-Herald thut the
vote schedule that hus been ; ii.T'sli-
ed will not be altered at .my time
under any pretext.
Candidates can receive v. ies only
by collecting subscriptions for the
Mail-Herald nud the Oan.id.nii Home
Journal, The vote schedule |U'):sh-
ed will prevail without c.i.iu;;e, thru-
out thc contest, except t'je twc.ty
pcr cent reduction whicn wiil be nu.i!c
at the end of each period.
The Mall-Herald    guarantees     His
promise.   At   no time   luring the U u
test will  the  published  voto  s'hedule
be changed under uny pretext   cr by
any device or contrivance.
Signed     J. K. Jo'KHon,
R. tl. Seruton,
•H-.-t-.+.+.+.-lt-M-+-!-!• -I--H- -H-+.-l-;+.+.*
Dig Bend travellers please take notice that my  place at  Carnes Creek,
on   Dig  llend  Trail,  has  lieen  closed
Dated  June  ith,   1912.
K.   OF  P.   NOTIOB,
A Special Meeting of Cold Range
Lodge, No. 2i„ will he h«-M on Wednesday evening, June 20th, nt s p,
m. Speeial Business. Elect n ol
We have a few Screens, Doors and Windows left
at Prices never before offered to the public. Owing
to large shipments of Hardware coming in daily,
we are obliged to sell these at a sacrifice to make
room, and, as well, it is a pleasure to us to give our
patrons a chance to buy at less than Eastern prices.
Screen Doors, Regular $3.00 Now $2.15
2.25 Now     1.65
2.00 Now     1.45
        1.75 Now     1.35
Screen Windows, Reg...30c Now...20c
35c Now... 25c
    45c Now... 35c
Complete with Springs, Hinges. Door Pull, Hooks and Eyes
Come Early, They Can't Last Long
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd.
Agents for Minerva^Paints and Chancellor
Ranges—the best on the market
JUNE 29th, 1912
PRICES,   -    -   75-$1.00-$1.50
Week of June 24th *
Macdonald's Drug Stnrc
BEWS'  imrc; stork
; Dttll It   I
i. ■
WHI Known Bunks
at 75c. Each     3 for $2
■' The  Ulvei Horde
I r<
Tin i n '
Smart Clothing for Summer  Months
DF I'l. .    Wll    hi I   HATS
it. i
Wl-   M'l l IAI I'/l
in when i i
i id | titlioua.
Fil-Rrfortn Clothing StrHon  H.ih Fool-Rilf Shoe*.
Others Are Making Money!   Why Not You?
Just -cad of a few instances of how successful our clients have been in recent
investments recommended by us.    We   made for  one   Revelstoke  man   ,n  five
weeks on
A Cash Outlay of $375; A Net Profit of $475
Another client, investing tao, made a net profit of $.00 in four weeks, and
twoo.her men in six weeks on an outlay of $285 each, made a nei profit ol ¥263
eaeh.    We have made good money for lh eRevelstoke businessmen.
Last week wc sold out thc balance of our 17s dollar lots in Moose Jaw and
have ccurcd a few more closer inai thc original p.ice of $200 each, which our
■.ale-, manager, who has just returned irom Moose Jaw, informs us is at least $50
indci market value. Two new railroads, locating in the cast end, aie causing
lug advances and »c ate expecting a big price advance very shortly.
These Lots arc Only One and a Quarter of a Mile East r-f Post Office.
They Arc Recommended By Us As a Bargain
AT   $200  EACH
We Can Make Money for You if You Buy Here
Terms,-0ne Fifth Down, Balance Over 18 Months
Local Agency, Home Loan nnd C<>ntrnct Co.
L. U  FOLEY, Manager, MiieKenzio Avenuo


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