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The Mail Herald Sep 17, 1910

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 "Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results il is
unsurpassed.    Price $00.
nterior Publishing Co., Agts.
risiting Cards
Interior Puolishjng'Company
Vol. 16-No. 73
REVELSTOKE. B. C. HUM'. 17, 1910
$2.50 Per Year
Shooting Season
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the Opening Day
Shot Guns, Double Bar- <M Q IID
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PUMP GUNS — Remington,   National,
Loaded   Shells,   Cartridge Belts,
Shooting Coats and Vests.
All the very Latest Models in
Rifles—351, 401, Mauser, Remington Auto, 22-Calibre in all
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd.
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
-Ihe (all ot Sevastopol
good cause, and tho Russians     with
the obstinate courage ol despair. But
the  bravest resistance—ami  it must
'be  aihle.l  that  the  Himsianu    (ought
His Early life as a British Soldier^/'JtrJSt t:'tZ!
koil waa taken, anil the Into of     Se-
bastotiol wan scnleil.  The day closed
The funeral of the late Capt. Wil- ' upon a scone of such horror as his-
linm Smith took place ou Thursday tory has rarely had occasion to re-
aftornoon from the residence of Mr. count. Finding it useless to contin-
J. L, Smith, Campbell avenue. At ue resistance, thc Russians detorm-
llii' express wish of the family, the Ined to abandon tho Southern sido
funeral wus practically private, anil to transport tho remnant of
only  a tew    intimate    friends  being   their army to tho North. Uy   orders loatlon bo requested tn amend section
'present.     The Kev. 0. A. Procunler ol   Prince Qortschakofl,   the   mines 15, Cap. 80, of the bc! l ordinance
read the burial services, ami the wore sprung in every direction; tho by imposing an addition of 10 per
collin, whicli wus covered with llow- town was set on tire in several places cent, per month ol all taxes not
ers ami wreaths, was borne from and utterly destroyed; tho ships in paid hy tho 81st day of December of
tho hearse to the grave by members the harbour were burned or scuttled, jthe yonr in which they aro imposed,
of K.  Co.,  li.M.ll., ns pall    hearers.   nlul  a"  immense  ijuantity  of  provis- j    Land  forfeited  for  taxes—Resolved,
Capt.  Smith  was  born ou Noveni-  ions and military stores were     con- jThat it be recommended     that when
Resolution 'Passed Disapproving
of Home Work
Among the resolutions passed at
tho Convention of 13. 0. Sohool True
tees, held nt Kelowna this week,
Interest on taxes in arrears — Resolved.    That, tlie department of edu-
ber 3rd,  18M,  in Dublin, and entered   sinned.
land   litis
been  forfeited to  the gov-
the Uritish Army in 1S47, retiring in "Al1 niKht long tho lurid glare of ernment for arrears of taxes, the
1877 with the rank of captain. Ho tho burning city illumined the French | government should pRy to the disserved through the Crimean war in aml British lines, and on the morn- jtricts concerned all taxes due.
1855 with the 17th Infantry, being inB of the 9th it waB found that the | Re writing books—Resolved. That
present at the famous siege ot Se- long-coveted prize of the war was the education department bo asked
bastopol, the almost impregnable a lieaP of ruins, that the Russians to furnish a series of writing books
Russian fortress, from February 7tb uaU totally evacuated the town, and for thc use of the schools with tho
till Septembei Sth, including the as- destroyed the bridge of rafts which least possible delay,
sault on tho Grand Redun on Juno they had formed across tbe harbour j Re superintendents and supervisors
18th, when the 17th Infantry BUS- Wltuin the last few weeks in antiei- —Resolved, That the department be
tained very heavy loss. He waB al- I'ation "f tllc inevitable catastrophe, asked to give status un.l financial
so at the evacuation of the town of So *Sreat was tne haste wiUl which aid for the offices of the sitperintend-
Sebastopol on September ith and this operation was eflected, that cuts and supervisors of special sub-
9th, 1855, at the bombardment and tbW left not on'y their dead> but *iects in city schools,
■surrender of the fortress of Kinburn - "Pwards of flve hundred wounded j Home work-Resolved, (a), That
'on October 17th, receiving the silver men amonE the still smoking and pupils under 8 years should not lie
medal and clasp from Her Majesty, burning rubbish. Such, in a few 'given home work, (b)- That above
also the silver medal from the    Sul- wor(ls. is the history of    this     mag | this age care should     be taken      to
tan  of Turkey.    Capt.   Smith      was
niticent achievement—the     news      of   avoid burdening the child   and    that
never wounded,  but had many    close   wnich  uas calls<-'d every gallant heart  in  individual  cases  where the  health
of pupil  is poor,     none should      be
given at all.
Re consolidated schools — Resolved
That a commission of six be appoint
calls. At the end of the Crimean
I war lie was drafted to Canada as
drill instructor to the luutb Prince
of Wales Royal Canadian Regiment,
which was organized and remained
with them until he retired from the
,army after 30 years service.
| The deceased moved from Alder-
shot, ling., in 1878 for London, Ont.,
with his family,  where he resided for
in Great Britain and Franco to
throb with patriotic emotion; , ml
which will cause satisfaction scarcely  less intense  in every  part ol Eu
rope.     And not only in Europe, but ed with  Mr.  Boyce as chairmanl    he
in    Asia,     and    along  the  immense to choose his associates,     to    study
frontier of the Russian empire,     the the matter of the consolidation      of
news of the mighty deed     will     be schools, and to submit a report     to
received with exultation.   The world the next convention; also, that    tbe
has been relieved of an  incubus. Tho department be requested  to make    a
a number of years, coming to    Rev-  drcacl sl'cctre  of Russian aggression |grant towards the expenses of    this
no  longer tills  it  with alarm;      and   commission.
none  remain to deplore or regret the
result, except the friends of tyranny
Continued on Page 2
elstoke ten years ago. His wite,
Lucinila Reade, predeceased him in
ISSli. He leaves four sons und four
daughters to mourn the loss of a
kind      and loving father;—
litlrs. T. J. Barret, Strathmore, Alta.
Mrs. K. L.  Long,  Boston,  Mass.;  J.
L.  Smith, manager CP.R. Telegraph
otlice    of     Revelstoke;   Vi.  C.   Smith,
Detroit, Mich.;  A. G.     Smith, Mem- '    The  reK"lar  meeting  of the      city ,the  idea being to give a more  prac
'phis, Tenn.,    and   Frod   T.      Smith,   council was held last night with      a  tical education.
Mrs.  K.  Colliding,    and    Miss  J.  M.   ful1 board l,resent with the exception |^The    next
Smith, London. Ont
Among other matters presented to
the convention were: The Medical
Inspection of Schools; Agricultural
Education; that teachers should be
allowed to teach pupils to write with
pen and ink, and more attention
should be given to arithmetic and
geography, and less to drawing, etc.
Fall of Sebastopol
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Ollice—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized      -      -     $10,000 000.00
Capital Subscribed - 5.575,000.00
Capital Paid Up 30,000.00
Branches tir Agents nt all principal points in Canada.
Ajronts in Great Britain and United States-London, Kngland,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago-First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle-Seat tie National Bank. Ban Fran-
cisco-Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane-Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and Interest allowed at
current rate tVora date of deposit.   Correspondent e solicited.
Roveistoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Now Is The Time
When you appreciate being able to buy
where you know they are kept cool and
at the right temperature. Our meats are
shipped in twice a week in Refrigerator
Cars and our Cold Storage Plant enables
us to turn them over in Prime Condition.
P.    BURNS   &   Co.
B. C. School Trustees
ol Aid. McCarty. Several cummuni- 'Convention will be held in Vancouv-
cations were disposed of, namely: ,er. Among the important resolut-
Acknowledging with thanks the ions passed, one calls on the govern-
chciitte of $112 from the Revelstoke ment to have lirst aid to the injured
Sawmill Co., for the services of No. taught in the normal schools and
In connection with the death of i fu0 brigade at thc Big Eddy mill another provides for the appoint-
Capt. Vi. Smith, of this city, one of flrc. n|so the government for lire on 'ment of travelling lecturers to speak
the few surviving Crimean veterans, riv(.r |innk mattress; nlso from thc on technical subjects particularly
which occurred last week, we publish Canadian Westlnghouse Co., Smith, udoptcd to the needs of the rural
herewith au account of the " Fall of   Mierry  alld ('base,   re the snipping of  schools.
Sevastopol," the great Russian Fort-   t]lc new machinery. |   Mr. 1), Spencer,    superintendent of
ress in the Crimea, winch appeared .\ by-law was introduced and pass- moral reform, sent the following tele
in the Illustrated London News ol c(i its tlireo readings amending by- J gram to tbe trustees: "I urge special
Sept. 15th, 1855. kindly lent to us |„w No. 15G, being the Water and attention bc given in all schools to
by Vi.   \. Smythe. Electric  light  rates  loan  by-law,  to  alcoholism,     moral    reform an.l eco-
"There is  no  mistake     this    time,   the  effect  that  it  shall  come      into   nomics as preparations for adult cit-
Bebastopol has fallen. The town     is  (urcc juiy 20th, 1910. tzenship and responsibilities.       Con-
a mass of ruins.     Thc itussiau tlect,      The  Tax  Levy  by-law  of lllll)  was   gratulations."
.whose only achievements were to reconsidered anil finally passed and j The election of officers resulted as
overawe Turkey, and.to indict      the   ndopted. follows:   Honorary  president,       Hon.
cowardly massacre of Sinope, has | Aid. MeKinnon pointed out that Ur. Young, minister ol educ ition;
been burned by the victorious Allies, as Mr. Newman's extension of time president, Thomas Lawson, of Kcl-
or sunk by the orders of l'rince had run out in connection with the owna; first vice-president, W. R,
GortscbakoH. At daybreak on the now (|orn, he should be notified to Flumerfelt of Vancouver; Bjcond
5th instant began the terrible bom- this elTcct and finish the work be- [vice-president, 11. J. Barber of Ohll-
bardment—which l'rince Gortschakolf f0re the present council goes out of liwack;, secretary-treasurer, .1. J.
in a despatch to Ins Imperial master   office. Dotigan of Vancouver; executive ciira-
profanely but tersely designates as a Aid. Cowan snid that Mr. New- mittee, John Shaw of Nanalmo, 1).
:"Urc of bell." It wns continued with man had been notified already. lie Mcintosh of Victoria, Dr. W. II.
out cessution the whole ol the day. bad not. produced the bond, coiise- Brydone-Jack of Vancouver and R.
At night a Russian man-of-war in quently the extension till February Barker of South Vancouver,
thc harbour was set on tire by a next wns cancelled. The work could ! A banquet wns tendered thc visit-
shell mi'l burned to tin- wator's edge oaslly bo commoncod now,    ns     the  ors last night by the city     anii its
citizens,   a  pleasant  evening
spent by all present.
Wedding Bells
On   the  lith   the   bombardment      cou- water wns low enough.
tinned.    Un  the 7tb iinotbcr  llussiuu \\.  I.  Ilriggs, city  solicitor,      sug-
tressel  was  destroyed   by  the     Allied gested     forcing     Newman   to       corn-
tire;  and  during  ttie  night  a  violent plots Ihe work  through the engineers
explosion  In  the doomed city      an- nn,i the council decided to do this.
nounesd to tbe French    and   British w.    1.    Briggq read    over a draft
that   the   work   they   had   undertaken proposition   for   the   consolidation   ol
went bravel) on.    When day dawned nil  the city debenture Issues to put
on the Mb Un' dames of a vast con- before the debenture holders, und  if
flagratlon were observed in the very possible to get them to agree to the
centra ol Bebastopol.     *u noon   on change.    This mutter was suggestod
Ilh.*  Bth—a  day   to  be  loiever    mem- by   Mr.  Stein the  Citj   auditor,      ns
orabla ID  th" annuals ol  Europe uud |N.jn,r u saving to the city    In      the
of the world—the long-delayed      and wuy  of sinking  lund.     The  proposal
anxiously-expected assault upon   the as drawn up by Mr. Urlggs, will   be
MalakotI *as ordered by General lJel- forwarded to Mr.  Stein lirst.
issler.     AttackB  were simultaneously |    a   resolution   was  passed  thnt      a
made  by  tbe  French  upon  tho  Care- by-law  lie  Introduced   at  the       next,
ening    Bay   Kcdan   and the Central meeting  repealing  by law    No.    188,
Bastion;  and  by  thc  British       upon the   Flrc  limit  by law,  and    author-
tbe Grand Kcdan.     Thc French wero izing      the      placing      ol      a     new ,
repulsed   Irom  the    Careening       Bay ||re limits on  the  four  blocks at the   wlU  '	
Itedan and  the  Central  Bastion,  and intersection id McKenzie avenue, nnd
thc British     from the Grand Redan, Kjrst Htrcct.
and both suffered scvero loBses.    But 1   The matter ot the plumbing of the
A quiet wedding took plnce Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m., at the residence ot the bride's cousin, Mr. J.
B.   McKenzie,   Second stroet,   between
Miss Margaret. Beaton, of Inverness,
Scotland, and Mr. Murdo McKenzie, I
of    Vancouver. Kev.    Mr.   Melvin j
officiated. Lil tie Miss Jessie Mc '
Gregor   was  maid  of    honor,       while
Kenneth McLean, ol Vancouver, sup- |
ported the groom. Tbo bride look- j
ed very charming in a cream eolienne j
Mr.  and  Mrs.  Murdo McKenzie  left '
on  No.  5  for  Vancouver,  where  they
Where to get your supplies
for the Hunting Season.
Our stock of Guns, Rifles,
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Tents, Camp Stoves, Compasses, Blankets, etc., is
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the glory of tho day was in     nowise   new  school   wns  brought  UP,  it    bo-      j  hl,n,Uy  .|CH||-,.  to express  my  sin-
dimmed  by  th.si*  casualties.        Tbey   i„K  reported   that  the       contractors   ^.^   Um|,kH  t()  ,L| 1  tho kind   friends
but   ihowod   tbe  ilillicnlty  and       the   |,iul not obtnined 11  permit   lor
for their sympathy In     our      recent
peril ol the enterprise, and enhanoed plumbing; alm> that four inch   Pipe" 'bereavement; also to   (.apt. Robert
the splendour ol tlie     ultimate    trl- wcre being put iu  Instead ot six inch
umph,   The assault ol the French up- whioh was contrary to the Bpeclfloa-
oti  the  Malakofl,   brilliantly       made, tions.      It.  wns  no  use  letting      the
and desperately resisted, was entire- plumbing be put In and   then   when
Smith, l<\ Oo., R.M.B., who furnish
ed tho imll bearers, nnd to nil who
sent wreaths.
Tokays choice table grapcH at Mc-
i>- successlul.    They made good then complete have the inspector     come
and  held it  against      tbe along nnd tear It all up again.     it
wbola force thai  Prince Qortschakofl wio*-. decided to soe the school board l,ntyl,,,.Hi
could bring against them. The strug- „nd mi  them t<> have the plumbing .
,-1,     was    band  to hand-the French ,„  ,,,,.„   look at the work. |    New   Heels,   new   Poles,   new   every
lighting with the energy inspired   by'   The accounts wero pabsed and the , thing    tor     the     Unhcrmon at liews
hope anJ the consciousness     ol     u meeting udjourncd. Ui'u8 Btore.
vCj Hearing
g§ Seeing
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I '< c ADaiUlbcvalb
SiTl l*:i'\'<  AT
Jntertor publtsblng Company,
Subscription   Rates
Isolali - I      >- ■-■' * *   Unite* Stauis
: I  .   ...
Hy the rear [through |  *';•■*'
a ;:       •*
U    ■ .'■ : "     '•'"
J ju    KlNl'INU promptly exeoutod at reasoD.
lEBUS-Oanh.   Su [ ,5 utile in mt
(tret Insertion,
ii in Insertion
- linen nmke one
.1  i.i.-.m-*- au
in h   Per  month
-     per    cent*,    nu
,:.* ,l...    I Mid   Ucii-hi
At    ulvortlKomonUi
dot llu u useniutit,
Used A :.,:;.-. m.nil-;
■^     . w ,      . li, Ip w anted, Silimtloiw
v... .,ni.     I caelum
u . u anted, I" wordH or
...   ,1   Hue  lu   lint-.
. ii. ui- inii-t
and Krlda)   ol
etch *■ -"   * **.*')■
,. ,[.,.,. .,*,, ,      . rltod   .*!   '" '"'*'"- J'1
I *  >,:*    :" h'"r
I iui' I   ")   ?amo °
. .., ;,,   publication, Imi
[good fallh.   Uorrwpondenoe
AND 1'lNlv.UAM,
* ■-. I, 111 ll DINO ltk.vm.*
g.Oh.ti.  U. L.
Money io loan.
b-U. = -  MC«. Allll.il
A. M. l'..--auiii
.,  i ranbrook  B.C.
J. a. Harvkx,
Solicitor, etc.
Solicitor for:—
The iaS-U'IiS Bank OS OoMMKBOK,
Thk Molsons Ba.sk, Etc.
Order  early  for delivery Sept.   15th   and
Fir,  Birch,   Pine,  Spruce,   Hemlock
and Cedar Mixed
well led,  well  dressed,  and     j'
looking out  upon tbe    world
,'oiik,   better und  the  number
with  increased.
clear eye:; and merry laughter— mnl
yel bow ts n all done—or are most
ol  ns living on tbc edge   ol a    vol-
The     success   ol     tb,-; yen: s Inlr,
while not  us Ki'cnt as it might huve
been,  duo t" the fnctB tint wc Have
ready to break out tn erupt-  just   mentioned, should  bit un  I neon
live   In   make   it   better  next       yenr,
and wiih un Increased     monihei'uh.p,
pcclally must narrowly watch the
conduct of their own public mon,
lest, for the sake of tomorrow's
peacoi tbey Incur tho risk of renewed
and re-emblttored war the iluy nfter.
If the Czar throw himself upon the
mercy ol >v,s opponents, so be it.
Tin y will know, in such an unexpected contingency bow to be mrecl-
ful to tb > fallen as well us just to
Europe nml to themselves. But of
such a result there ia no immediate
hope. The (V.ar, true to tbc traditionary policy of Ills ilynnsty, will
doubtless continue to oiler a sullen
resistance. lie will still, in all
probability, defy the might ol the
rowers which have humiliated him;
and will still endeavour, by means
of the tricky diplomacy of his clever
friends nt Vienna and elsewhere, to
sow disunion among Ilis opponents,
l'erserveninco—that is the only wise
and merciful policy; uud Perservor-
nnco will, in due time, give the
world a pence that will be worth
having—a pence nobly acquired— solidly guaranteed, and Impossible to
be broken without tho condign punishment of the offender by tho whole
of Buropo."
Ion.        The spirit ol today is appar
cut 1 y   'Take      no   thought   lor       tin
iu,mow, for tin* morrow shall   tnkc the itevelstoke    Agricultural Boclity
thought  for  the  things  oi  itself;   silt- will  have  the solidity  it surely       ilo-
flcient     unto  the  day   is    the      evil serves,
Were it not that Father Bernard
Vaughan, the noted Knglish Jesuit,
who is attending the .Montreal hluc-
haristlc Congress, lias attained the
reputation of being one of tbe most
truthful and eloquent preachers of
the day, bis recent sensational sermon at the Congress might have
been taken as the ravings of a sensational orator, His statement thut
"tbe  Roman Catholic    church      will
Ilie fall of Sevastopol
(Continued Iron; Page 1.)
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Minim; Sutveyor
Box imi, Revklstoku soon    be    in control ol tho country,
through its force of numbers,  t'hrit
C.   W.   0    W. !ian   [eclm(iity   is  lighting  sterile   pag
protestantism is disappearing
tt   e DSHOKSE. Con. -Coin.
JAS. UclKTVKE. Clerl.
Kootenay l.o-igc
No. IS, A  F. -S. A. M.
Mi'iidiiy in ond.
nmuih »i   8  li in.
\ i-n;!!.: liryllireii
,,*■,< r,,r*iiiillj* woh
J. T. POLLU' K. 11 v-l l.u.
I HAS. J. AMAN. Sei ki.i ibv
and the buttle for thc possession ol
the world will soon be narrowed
down t" tlie ltoiiiun Catholic church"
and su on, are mere wi.d ravings.
The Rev. gentleman goes on to say
lalso thai racial production is uii-
:\";i'X, alterably  connected  with  the church
MASONl*;    TEM;   progress,      fhey react on each other.
Hail,',on the third ,\n empty cradle means an empty
church, nn.I the Roman Catholic
Church stands alone in the en.orcein,-nt ol Hod's law in this respoi I.
and the Roman Catholic church al
one docs not complain ol the fail
ing attendance and membership, it
would be impossible tor all denomin
Moot.* "Ty Thgrs-1 a(,iona to adopt  the same methods "1
.lay   evening   m   S>el- ,
kirk Hail nt 8o'clooli keeping up their church membership,
aud tho allegation that all othor
churches except the Roman Catholic
are practically doing their best to
disobey God's liw, is absolutely un
lulled for and unworthy of a priest.
Racial production cannot bo enforced even by a church and lhe Ro-
mau Catholic church is uo better
tiiiin any ol the others in this re
spect, although tbey may have means
to keel* up their membership, which
would not be tolerated by e\ 11)
body. We may admit that race
* de is church suicide to a certain
extent, but mosl churches are do
ing what they think best iu regi
t,. theii cbildreu, and It is beyond
any man's right, be he priest or lay
Meets in I. 0. 0. Y. Hall next to man, to bold out that bis own
1 - -   '',     * H   ise, e\ ry second particular denomination
M  ndav in month.
?Visiting brethren arc
r■■-1 -  7 invited t*' attend,
B - S 1CABEBB1 IQS N'.'i.    J. MATH1K B*
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P-.
No. 'U'.,  Revolstoke, B. C.
M-et-   »ve-v    SVednesday ei-
.. i.l) of   o.icli
. * ■*. ■ *• - 11 Idfell iws Hall
-■ - , - \ [ting Knights
MclXJYi!..'   '     I
Sllue ..   iv    it 1    \ S     '. i   II. "' I *
Mt. Begbie
Via ■ ing   ' rethfen    cordially    wel-
! .   L'LARENI F   11 WiTK.
Re   -   . II. W, Edwards
* .i  the only lawful and  right
( •
':   RICA
In another column  will  bl
few of  the apportionments     bj
Provincial   government     towards   tb,
various     Inll    [airs "1  thi
The grants arc  given   in        i
to thi   pi ize classiiicatii in     [< t      t
present year's exhibitions, ai
tbe membership rolls ol thi
li  will eei
■   thi   .i uni   to    i;    *
^ i  i.
In-.       to eat
*   .        ■
Ioin ibstacb
a:  . ■        \ lavy
ae; if.   I 	
na v j    .
brani b  < I  the    ervb •■   *l the en
nn I a-  3 ich it is tbc duty      o!
npuan.j  i *  ■ *, , . "
to   a-*j.-*=i    by thi ..-    itmosl  i ndi a
•  ,t a  great success      6
'   t service.
Ti      thi c intempl it ve      observi •
• *     •    more    ploaf i
than  the •■    ■ . * ri wd      tl
street.-  ol     Revelstoke on  Baturdaj   has h'-en greatly
r:ety   is  bl
the i * . **.
the lar. et the .
ind it lx
,*i .
*. ,  .     ■
•  ■     . ■
that il
■ i  i •*.
,,, .
r,     th
ii .*
-      I'       *
oke hll lling ol
the Fall Fait, i ; hat
i rcliminary arrant ton nl i :* . thi
lair havo been  eommi n    I too late
ll I      ■*::*..   ..i I ,     I Ll ..    -.1      1   li *
•     Ill *,-,U.I III
.   * -  ngs,     Tl • -'ii
, ....      •   ,.   .  •     ..;
her,*     Neitl ei   «i>.   children  In
^* dbh '.     .1   n*    main iti 11
-.■ii  ib  a  polite  name lor the      re
gulU o! Insufficient food, ha    let Its
Ifnl niark.    Kor tin*    skulkin ■
\ ■  wling denison wh^ seems pecullai
JU   '.Uer   utiw.      BT-WJI'ody       n   m
irtaillng  II    . oal    ui cc ll
ot loo eat * * even now  i     ;et    ■ n
foi   next  yi*in,  and  while  i he Intel
,    the     movoment    is     t ,11   >i
' strike  while  tho  Iron        hoi      an i
i   busy early.      If   the  ptiea      I    I
,*i i* oul bi i 'ii'i  ni" il ii   In lore
• ponlng day of thn tali. '•"■ ate c m
wnccd tbnt thc   results    Would      bu
and wrong, und the enemies of peace
uud justice. ■
"Perhaps by the time this sheet
is published the northern forts of
Sebastopol will be in the possession
of tbe Allies. But if not, their fate
is none the less certain. However,
strong tlie forts may be, however
obstinately the Russians may bc determined, to defend the lust remnant of their insolent power, they
cannot make an effective or a length
end resistance. They aro nut only
defeated and demoralized, but in a
tow days or hours will he hemmed in
on every side. Tbey must either
surrender or be conquered by the
slow process of starvation or the
rapid one of the sword. It is idle
fo Bpeculato ou the next movemont
ot tho Allu-d forces. General Luprnn-
dl, with bis army, have to be dealt
wiih. and the northern forts huve to
be destroyed or taken—il tbey be
imi In the mean time evacuated Iiy a
foe, who is powerless to bold them.
The public—greedy ol victory as it is
—will be content to await the next
evolutions ol the mighty game, certain, ns all are, that tbe Generals
aud doldiers of Prance aud Kngland
are more than equal to their task,
and ilml tbe work so gloriously begun will be still nn.re gloriously com
"I'.ut   ,,ue   thing   tho     public       nnd
i: *   rulers of the i wo nations     mu i
li.' jealously on the/1  guard     Thi   •:■
structiou . ipol in a
I  ace  iii"ienn nt;     tl       is no    more
i...in a "step in tin- right
li   is  not '   an  end  to
the  war.      It   .        t defeat and
not  crippled to the full extent      the
mllicte • .i-i*. iiiiii
.-•■   r*.
..   * *
any    other     po ■
veil as I he  will  to
ire, ai. I pet
i mote,  opportunity.     Un •
franco i annol  light again I
rot iho .*.*'    an I   ■** hi
oi of i heit people; bui they can n [hi
i he  Mu Boviti   pov
cannot  restrain  though;  but,  by  thi
;.,- ol 11*11 "      theii
rn,.i [ot  i ie*   ni*.'* "i ii pi' "
iiiii*i,i   ,..■ ii  ,  they i "I.   .nei they m   '
.   and i iilloli
ai'iiiu* i    11,,  abtt '   "i pit) ileal I
Tho neutral tnui t  bol i al ioli      and
ti"   peoplt ol this country more es
C. H. Ink Passes Away
After a brief but severe illness and
in the prime of life, Charles II. Ink,
foreman of the Nelson Dally News,
and nuo ol the lirst citizens of Nelson, passed over the Great Divide on
Tuesday afternoon, al lhc Kootenay
hake general hospital, where he hnd
been removed from his private residence to undergo a complicated siirg
icnl operation a week ago.
Thc deeensed who has been a resident in Nelson for 211 years, was a
close associate with the late John
Houston and bis varying fortunes in
B. 0., coming first to Donald in
1888, when it wns n t'.l'.R. divisional
point, where the two founded Truth,
ut the time the only newspnpor in
the interior ol B. 0. Mr. Ink is one
of the pioneer newspaper men In tho
province and popular among a huge
Circle of friends. lie wns one of the
b68t shots iii the Nelson gun club,
nud a keen all round spoilsman.
General regret is felt among journalistic and other circles at his death.
Knit    BALE—Typewriter,  Remington
No. C.     Apply  Mail Herald Ollice.
WANTED—Apprentices for Dressmaking.     Apply this ollice.
h'OR SALE   Wnrelioiis iSniellu
Track.    Apply KkVKLhtokk S.wv.mn.i.
For Unpaid Delinquent Taxes in the Revelstoke Assessment District,
Province of British Columbia.
thereby give notice that, on Wednesday, the 12th day of October, A. D., 1910, at the
hour of ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the Court House, Revelstoke, B. C, I shall offer for
sale, at public auction, thc lands in the list hereinafter set out of the persons in the said list
hereinafter set out, for delinquent taxes unpaid by the said pot-sons, on the 31st December,
1909, and for interest, costs and expenses, including the cost of advertising said sale, if not
sooner paid.
list Above Mentioned
Namk hi   l'i i: -un
HliiiltT Dl-'si iiirruiN in*' Plioi'KliTY
\ N 11
Lnl 1 nnd house, Hlk. 1, Town of Arrowhead
27 15
in uu
li 15
li (III
III 20
11\ lies, \ . mill   K
" BII08, Group 1, Kootenay District
111 SI
2 llll
18 05
I 'iiiiiiitigliiiin, Ai i li.
•• 113. Group 1,
on 25
21 95
2 (H)
03 2"
(..iviiKO, I'M. A
•■ 8188,   •■    1,
III no
12 im
2 0(1
168 00
('nitIs, Tiiomns
"  IIIH5,    "   1,
111 tl1)
8 20
8 05
2 (II)
28 In
Kv.n.s, lli'lbeil
»82.-17.    -    1,
III lill
8 05
,1 70
2 III)
28 06
l',ii,i|iii,'i, M..i*\   \
•• 8187,    "   1,
128 mi
11 55
2 00
1 i 1 66
(iill. H, Win, (1
■• 8180,   '•   1,
132 iki
11 85
2 Oil
1 is sr.
1,Million! U, Ch.is, K
" 7. Group 1.             "
320 HU
2 00
111)1 00
Molntotlt Harry
Sotllll Knsl   ', See. I.'i; N, Y..  ', See, 111; .N'.W.
',  Sir. II, T... li'l
mi 00
8 05
2 llll
inn 05
Robertson, K.illuyn
Lot Soil, Group 1, Koolemiv  District..   ....
Iiii nil
12 05
2 00
178 05
Mrl.eoil, Nollllllll l'\
" N'.'H, Group 1, Kootenay District
Mil llll
12 15
2 III)
15J 46
.. 8,)35i      ..   :>
22 SII
1 70
2 111)
2(1 50
■• 80IB,      "   1,
11 25
2 til)
137 25
" 8050,       "    1,
T2 00
(i 50
2 00
SII all
Soulb siil,. of Lot M 111, Group 1, Root. Disl,
llll llll
li 35
2 00
115 35
Lol 8177, Group 1, Kootenay District	
111 Uli
12 05
2 00
168 05
" 8102,      "    1
7 20
2 00
SII 211
•■ 8501,       "     I
ho nu
2 15
2 (10
40 16
•■ 8,")02,       "1          "            "       ..
111 2!)
1  7')
2 110
22 Oil
•' 8503,       '•     1
IS llll
1 HO
2 00
54 80
•• N.-iHI,        "1
1) III)
2 (10
12 35
" 8500,       •■      1
12 nn
(1 50
2 (10
HO 6(1
•• 8511,       "1
lil nu
."> 7."i
2 IH)
71 75
■• 8002,       "1          "           "              	
7 20
2 00
11 80
•■ 7038,       "1
"ll SI)
1 lill
2 00
S3 40
Revelstoke, B.C;, Sept. ;1rd, into.
rtopttlra ol 'ii   i< i' I-  *'*"i ly  e.i   Is I   o ■
Bicycle i'"*1 ' ;':*  work a (peel illy
Ki-tlln.i* '*-    fvi l inv i !:t*i-
*   iiirk.
Fr   ont     Street
Dvrz- L_A^]SriDI
Come and    ,<if^.
Visit the
Here's a woman never   heard o'
Ain't  it   awful—the prevlence o'
Enny woman that don't know
ain't a good wife er mother.
Yours Soapily,
Sept, 27 to Oct. 1st.
Send Your Orders ji THE    MOLSONS    BANK
rum Mil  IB
To the Hndcnumed for
Famous Gait Coal, Dry Cedar
and Hemlock
Rate     Single Fare and
ird for the Round   fire, life and A:ciilent Insurance
"' *i ael,, i Imililinii
_^—__———— ! ii application
W. B. Robertson
menl l.o.tii
Mrs, Hermann McKinney
vp nt Volet, P:no sn'f Orgsn
'  ,,   ■ • mtoi j
Studio:   Second Street
■«B.'<ir.>U'< -M - yilJWJII.'Wiir.V    '1
$8 GO
Ordei       ompl I * Riled
F. McCarty
r In  yntif lul
B :«■..'■. ll
■ -t 'i'f Ol lhl   '
Fly Padr;
kill  (lin in im I, imtnenM   'iimnlitiri ni
i,iini"t he ipproached  Iiy -my   I'tliei
Hy killer.
Capital Paid Up       -       $3,500,000
Rest Fund -    $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in ail the Principal Cities of the World.
At all i.iiinotn!**.    Interest allowod at highobt current r
REVELSYCXE, G. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Clearing Sale of Boys' Suits
4 Suits, Size 22 $3.50 to $4 50 for $2 and $2.50
6 Suite, Size 23 4 00 to   4.75 for   2 and   2.50
4 Suits, Size 24 4.00 to   5.00 for   2 and   2.50
2 Suits, Size 25 3.50 to   5.00 for   2 and    2.50
2 Suits, Size 20 3 50 to   4.00
2 Suits, Sizo 27 3.50
i j 3 piece Suits, 2j to .33, $5 and $0 for $2.75 & $3.50
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Pag* S
■"THE Fit-Reform Creed is—
pay less and dress better.
For years, Fit-Reform has preached the
doctrine of better style, better fabric, better
tailoring, better value.
And Fit-Reform has lived up to its
reputation by giving honest value for the
All you need to know about a Suit is, that
it is a Fit-Reform Suit. /S£*^»v
The name Fit-Reform tells  MJSJ'Im
UK    ii'!.';.",' ;i    •
the whole  story of  better
value for the money. >a
K jfr/'
Sole Agent: in Revelstoke.
Doors, Windows, Mouldings,
Turnings, Etc.
Write for Prices to
Revelstoke Sash & Door Go. Ltd
ALEXANDER LAinD,   General Manaqeh
LONDON, ENCi 2 Lombard Street, E.C.        NEW YORK: 16 Exchange Place
MEXICO CITY: AveniJa San Francisco, No. 50
In addition to lhe offices named above lhe Bank hns branches
in every Province of Canada (including all lhe most important cities)
and in the principal Pacific Coast seaports of tlie United States.
2,1 It is thoroughly equipped for lho handling of collections -und
other banking business in the tonitory covered by these branches.
REV -.'.3TOKE    BRAVCH--A.    H.    ALLEN.    MGR.
Union Hotel
Under New Management
Stewart Macdonald
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie   Avenue
Fruit, Candies, CHgars,Tobacoo.
Meals .'i.r> oentt.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Mmiiificliif.il hf m> omiaai of  bnllclliiin
i*,,i *iii> in lirm of small nt»«ntlH«
null, iiiwo-i prion I"' • ■*' ii
All kind.of liuiHiiiK ""'I I'ln-lerlim
III .I..r* ill, nil
Foote & Pradolini.
All kimls Reasonable Prices
Painting and
Paper Hanging
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Cor. Third St. nnd RoWon Avenu-t
Special  Attention glron   lo   commercial
men   and   (moists.     First-rlasi   sample
looniH. I'mh-i scenery in British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop.
Tinamithing, Repairs,   Hot  Air
Pipe and  Furnace Work
Oonnaught Ave.   -   Rovolstoke
New Line
Stirrup   Attached
F.   B.   WELLS.
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town.   - Revelatoke, B. C.
A N i >
U E A 1) !
Actual compariBon of Extern Catalogue pricep, freight added, with
Kitchen Chairs
Kitchen Cabinet
Dining Table
Dining Chairs
Dresser and Stand
ii       i.       a
Dominion Spring
Child's Cot
Ostermore Mattress
Winnipeg price   Weight Freight Total Howson's Price delivered
50c.             101b.       23c. 73c. " "      70c.
$6.75 1501b. $3.53 $10.72 " " $9.60
10.55 1651b.       3.87 14.42 " " 14.40
88c.             121b.       28c. 1.16 " "        1.20
8.95 1501b.       3.52 12.47 " " 13.00
1.25 1601b.       3.76 15.01 " " 14.00
3.55 601b.       1.41 4.96 " "     5.20
5.33 681b, 1.59 6 94 " " - 7.20
2 40 601b.        1.41 3.81 " " 4.00
5.10 751b.        1.76 6.86 " "     7.20
15.00 " " 16.50
We make our profit by Bhipping in car load lots, 1 hereby saving freight rates. Bring
catalogue giving description of other goods not specified in IhiH list to our store and we
will prove our statements.    Remember we deliver goods and sot up free from breakage.
HOWSON   it  CO     -    REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged and Improved.    KirBt-Claes in every respect.    All modern convenience
Laige Sample Rooms
Rates, $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably   furnished   with   the  choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
X.    ALBERT     STOKE      PROP.
Import direct from country of origin.
REVELSTOKE    led,.  O.
Special Mountain Survey
Winnipeg, Sept. Hi.—Mrs. Parker,
late Hon. Secretary ol the Alpino
Club of Canada, has received a letter
from A. O. Wheeler, the director, out
lining a topographical survey in an
unmapped region, during the month
of September, Mr.  Wheeler writes:
"I am undertaking a special survey expedition into new territory on
behalf of the club and Dr. Longstafl is collaborating with me, and
he is going to publish our joint
map and accounts of the trip on the
English side of the water, while I
take it up on the Canadian and American. This means you see, that
the club is taking up work on its
own account and that the admittedly
greatest explorer and mountaineer
expert in the world, or at least one
of them, is identifying himself with
this lirst initial survey work of the
Canadian Club. This alone speaks
\. umes for the worth of thc Canadian mountains and thc high opinion
In which the lirst mountaineers in
the world hold our Canadian Club.
"Tbe expedition is to the Spill-
macheen mountains lying between
Golden on the north, the Columbia
on tbo cast, the Windermere country
on the south and the Heaver and
Duncan rivers on thc west. I havo
long had envious eyes on this section, as from heights of the Selkirks, ami the Rockies. I hnve seen
great peaks rising there from wide
snowfields. In particular I have
noticed three great towers that rise
Rk   Irom the centre of a snowtield     ami
■  whieh   have   been  spoken   of   by    our
guide  Konrad,  who has noticed them
from  the heights of  the  Rockies and
also by others who have seen    them
as    resembling     three    great fingers
sticking    out of a  snowtield.        The
, 'Three Fingers'  might  prove ail   Appropriate name.      I  have  also    W»n
told  of a  waterfall  here  that    leaps
sheer  1000 feet  into  a  bowl-like Valley. This we are looking for.        Tbe
country  lies adjacent  of the      great
eastern  escarpment of  the    Selkirks,
and  we shall obtain  photographs   of
the Grand Glacier,  the Duncan Glacier and    many    others,  all of which
are almost unknown.  The  whole region has only     been    visited    by the
prospector  or the  hunter;   the    only
map    ol    it   is now in    my pocket,
drawn   by  an  amateur,   the   old-time
guide of Golden,  Manuel  Dainard. In
this    region   also are great      peaks
rising in isolated pyramids from vast
Biiowticlds    and innumerable  glaciers,
and     we     propose to make a photo
^■'graphic  survey  of  it,   providing    the
smoke of the surrounding bush flres,
which is at present very heavy,  will
give us an opportunity."
Don t Miss It
The Eighth Annual
Fruit Fair
Three Days
September 28,29,3D
l'ull nf sin in iscs in Fruit,
Vegetables, Poultry, Mineral
Lumber und district exhibits
$3,000 IN PHIZES
[*earless Aeronaut, wilt make
a balloon Mceniion and Parachute Leap dally.
'1 Ini'*' ladles .iini 2 mrii in
i In ii unparalleled and ro-
lined Bicycle Act.
VARDS   Bngaged   at. nn
i-ni'i iniiiiH I'XppiiM', lately
featured with RlngllngBroe.
iln* iu*iinl iiiinvi'i-, iii long
leaping and canting act .Vj
feel ill the air.
Ln Catellfl and La Folletla
'llii- I'niii and tlir Circus Olrl
Amateur Athletic Sports
under auspices of V.M.C.A,
Di llllng Contetlr, i.*>g Sawing. Log Chopping Contests
and numerous other attrao-
I lulls.
Bl i* I i.iily I'loi'iiiin.
Kxcitrslon Ratos on all Trans-
portal inn lines.
President.       Secretary
r. ii. Box 882, Nelson, li. 0,
Look at this Real Fire Box
It is wide, long, and deep. It has thc coal capacity
that makes cooking easy all over the top—nnd fur
heating the oven su that a large joint roasts perfectly
at the same time. More, it saves fuel and reduces coal
bills, You'll never have to sacrifice your baking for
your cooking on top with this reliable fire box. The
best results are always certain.
Moving Pictures  to-night.
Moving Pictures to-night.
There arc a greal many more exclusive points of merit
ion Kootenay that you must see lo thoroughly understand, The nearest McClary agent will gladly go ov< r
them with you, one by one. Before ymt decide on any
range, write the nearest McClary branch for full par-
tii ui.ns. It will cost only a cent for information that
means money in your pocket, en
^Clary's -
London,     Tol-flDto,      Montreal,      Wiimliief!.      Vancouver.      SI. John, HI!.,      Hamilton,     Calgai
For Sale by Bourne Bros., Revelstoke
fall Fair Grants
Chiefly as a result of suggestions
oflered at the convention held at
Victoria in January last, when the
British Columbia Agricultural Fairs
association was duly organized under the auspices of the department
of agriculture and with an official ol
that denartmeut as permanent secretary, the appointment of provincial government ascistance to the several exhibition associations throughout the province, has this season
been upon a staudard system which
provides in itself guarantee against
the possibility of favoritism or partiality in the allocation of grants.
The system also provides a stimulus
for local fair promoters in doing
their part well, the securing of larger memberships and more adequate
prize lists, meaning sequentially a
targe contribution from the provincial treasury. For the purposes
of grants to the fair associations,
the government included in the estimates of last session a vote of
$511,UUU, of this sum 137,304 was appropriated tuward assisting several
of the larger and more provincial
exhibitions and toward the coBts of
buildings for their various purposes,
leaving a balance of ii:,i" for the
encouragement of thc rural fairs —
those local theatres of keen and fascinating competition which go so far
toward improving the standard of
production conditions in any rural
community. Iu tbe distribution of
this amount to the smaller organized fair associations of thc province,
I consideration has been given to the
prize classification for the present
year's exhibitions, and also the
membership rolls of the interested
societies, the nmoiint allocated to
each association being determined
upon a fair aud equitable  basis.
The  following are  some   of  tbe  B.
('. eities and their fall fair grants:
Vancouver      $10,000.00
Vernon    (debt)        3,000.00
Nelson         1,456.00
Kclowna           459.00
Armstrong          984.00
Revelatoke      367.0fl
Kamloops            864.01)
Summerland       291.00
No oni' who has really studied the
matter can fail to appreciate tbe
Immense usefulness of the much-mal-
Igned country fair, bringing, aa it
does, the producers of the country
together for helpful comparison of
notes and experiences, stimulating
progressive methods and useful
friendly rivalry, and affording opportunity (or observation from time
to tune of the development of tbe
districts from the production standpoint.
The Department ot Agriculture Is
also engaged in distributing assist
mice to the various Farmers' In
stltutes throughout the provlece, of
which thero are about forty-five ln
Uritish Columbia, and receive gov-
rrnment assistance upon a per capita
basis according to the returns sent
hi such as:
Arrow Park, 111 members  152.75
Kamloops,   97 members   48.60
okanagan,  134  members    58.50
Salmon  Arm,  IM members    71.25
Victoria,  110 members   52.50
Advertise io tie ill fieri
Coming Event
Mr. Frederic Clarke and his talented company will be In the city
on Saturday, Oct. 18th, at tbe Bdl-
soii Theatre. Mr. Clarke Is tbe
leading actor on the western stage
today, and bis company are Bret-
class. The Minimum, by Hall CaiDe
will bc put on by Mr. Clarke.
Foil SALB-Just arrived, two ears
of Brst class dry Fir Wood.— Revelstoke General Agencies. Yrrf 4
SAT   MAY,  SEPT,   17TH,   lull)
Their Use a  Good Educative
Discussion on the moving pictures
has lieen largely critical. Reference
has been made to the danger from
lire un.l explosion, and to the moral
.lunger involved In the display of
pictures dealing with crime nnd violence. It is right that these dangers
should be pointed out and as far ns
posslblo  prevented.      Hut   it.   is    also
right that thc many advantages and
possibilities ol the Invention should
be realized.
An Immense Bonrce ol pleasure and
instruction is now opened for tho benefit of children and of persons of
Blender means. The finest dramas,
may be shown, not ol course ns they
would be by living men and women,
but still in such a way ns to enable
the spectator to realize much of their
power and beauty. The most charming and sublime scenery may be displayed. History may bc taught by
pictures with explanations, and it
would be worth while to consider the
Introducti >f    the   method    Into
Mho,,1s uf the country. A year ago
the results of some history examinations woe published; they showed
that thc candidates were not only in
accurate, hUl Ihey bud failed to ol>
tain any grasp of history* The cha
racters were to them mere shadows,
the great movements ol history were
unmeaning. From a series of moving
pictures children could hardly lail to
obtain an Impression that would be
vivid and would leave an idea and a
memory in their minds.
The Salvation Army nnd other organizations have shown bow the mov
ing picture enn tie made to brighten
n religious service and cause thought
Nature study could be promoted by
the marvellous photographs of animal 1 iff thnt are now available, tn
(act an enormous Held is open to
anyone who will study the possibilities ol the moving picture in a constructive rather than a critical
Mining flotations
The high-flyer mine prom..ter is
busy trying to induce the general
public to part with their hard earn
ed money, but he is finding ll In
creasingly bard In British Columbia.
Local capital has Us limitations nnd
as practically everyone has some
real estate to carry it does not
leave a superabundance to be drawn
against. The fad Is thai many
goad mining properties which could
be made to pay well, nre vlrtualb
strangled by the promoters who
don't care ten cents about the bona
tide aspocl of mining, but b nlj
an opportunity to extracl some easj
These     gentlemen    gel   their  lucre
coming and going      First thej
(ut   commission    Irom selling     the
-  * ., tl ■ rei y starving tbe mine   In
the    beginning;     nnd    In i be second
.   they   i'i  I 1
vatereil    l ick   wl - ni '   an
'     iv.       The consequence
■: :,i :, m   ■    *• il    to be lined
tal, ut  having expended the
r. .pin...1, treasury stocl        ceed
ii i< if   ip n.-ii.n t It for
* ■
to res] ond      The flat
It  m .-• ....
1      '      *     ii.;..ii   •
thai       • re
d full l'b"
raetlci       ' I. ■    I  *
- of ii for I * sl
ttve to
te >at ; the
*   timati which
Is not       * real  reven
ent bui
I ortat' lai *  i  In the product I n nnd
trlbnl I    wealth tl
i :»• co mt. .      Legitimate min
■.. * ning   titer
. * ugly depredate i.oom
•■i methods.
©ftanagan GoUeoe
SummetianB, JB.C.
COl/ffSeS   FOR   I'HO  II
I'rep ii -ilor*.    I lii'h   . li'iol.  Two
\ e.ir*   I niverull     Hi ■■■
i lading  Mi-iion iph<' md Tvpi*
writing! I'lsno \ ■
ste i' Id -hi   >■.1111).■
men md ■ oun, women.
Well epulppe'l 1*511111:1 I 1111
I M,l    I 1 ■■'•1 "i'i   * *     1 l'i      1.
lor Calendar 'it'll  furthi 1  |mi
in ul,ii* ii'I'in ••. ili-  i'i lm   •
Kan way time iaole
lho following is iinj uuw uuinuioi'
UUiutublti oi iho (J. i\ K., BUoMuy
luul'-s uf unn ul ami dujJai utru ul
train ui Uovelbtoke.
•No. 1 avrivun 0.u.*>, Ueptu'ta 6:ii5 a.m.
•No. Ui urrivua J:-6 departs 3:46 y.ux,
So\ o utrivoH '1:00, dejmi'ta b'.io y.iu.
.No. ii arrivua  W:36 midnight,      d*
[■•<■'■" l-l<~) uiiduight.
1N0.  UO atl'ivoa  11;UU  a.  in., dopaila
(L1:6U u. in.
Nt>.    6   arrives 7;20, a.m., depart*
:40 a.m.
Loaves   Revelstoke 7:40   a. m., ar-
IVtiS   UoVulutO^Q   4.3U   ji.   ni.
Mails Close
The mails close at Uevelstoke as
Kor eastern  points—It a.  m.      and
p. m.
Kor western points—1:25 p. m, and
:46 p. m.
Kor southern  points—!) a.  m.
City mail boxes are cleared week
days at V:-tS a.m. and 3:15 p. m.,
and Huudnys at 3:15 p. m.
Prompt Settlement
Uevelstoke, 1).  0., Aug. ISth.
•s. Q, Robbins, Msij.,
Agent Uolumbia Fire
Insurance  Co.,  Uevelstoke.
Jear Sir,—
1 have to acknowledge with thanks
cheque o( the Columbia Piro Ins.
Co., for J'JOO.lIU iu settlement of my
claim for loss at Salmon Arm, and
thoroughly appreciate the manner in
whieh this claim was settled
Yours truly,
Itevelstoke  Land  District.
District  ol   West   Kootenay.
Take notice, that II. Vi. Crawford,
of ilerrard, U. 0., occupation engineer, intends lo apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing nl a post planted ten
(hains Irom   tlie  south  east    corner
ol   Kiillnu'i s  pi nptlon,   Lol   7491,
thence   wesl    40 chains along     tbe
south boundary  ol  Lot  7491,  thence
south   20    chains, then i •       I"
lm ins, thence north -"    chains     to
nlnt ol commencement, containing
*'i lures, more or less.
Dated August  ::7th, 1910.
i oi ated by w   Bl  Olenn, Agent.
•     '*:   *
'   *
.u .,,|.   .. dip),
i      l
In lake .1
5,    Pupil     ■   ibing lo   I
. bargi il.
pointed '   leil
H.    Puhlii    |""' formal
om i.*. tl, bui ....  na    ni I    vlll pupil**
be .diii pin ■    *■ itlioul  lh *•'   ob-
i .  her.
'I       1 m.i! .      . in *   * trl    iiimIiIIi*   ol
*.l s :
I ..i * per  min
■   I     !*- '       *    * *       | ..""Ill,
ii     I    nteii	
 nl It   for Iwo IfsHon    | i.
sin pn ii
Ah,.    ,.     ,.■ In    ,    * I.   nl!   pupil*
in. .   f|  in,n,lh    lol     lllr    \ ,.i .ll    iliv'iNiou     ul
mimii lime,
PROP,   V, IH*. il 0,
Dux 157 Telephone Wi.
OF     STEAM  Hi 111.Kit    AND
EXAMINATIONS    for  the position
of  Inspector of  Steam  Hollers    and
Machinery,   under  the   "Steam   Doll
ers   Inspection   Act,   1910,"     Will     I"'
held nt  the     parliament    Buildings,
Victoria, commencing November 7th,
1910, Application  nnd   instrttcttou
forms can be had on application to
the undersigned, to whom tho former
must be returned correctly filled in,
not later than October 34th, 1910,
Salary $1:10.00 per month, Increasing
at thc rntc ol (5.00 per month eaeh
year to a maximum of $180.00.
Chief Inspector of Machinery,
New Westminster, 13. 0.
1st Sept. to Oct. 20.
Dominion  Lands
Railway Belt of British Columbia
Tlie diile Ioi' Ihe coming into fow
of ilie new regulations lias liern
.-Imaged,   A new dui e will bo set later.
Cniil I'liilhi'i* notice no entries lo 1»
irranted in the New Westminster dis
trict and east of Range 13, west nl
sixili meridian Inclusive.
P. G.  KKVl'.S,
OUawa, June 30, 1910.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Nolice is hereby given Iliat Ifldajs
after date hoveof 1, Kim st Ed wai d
Hall, of Hereford, England, occupation luchilect, intcud to npplj lo the
Chief Commissioner of Lauds, forp11-
inission to pnicliiisi' tlie following de-
si'iilu'd lands:
Commencing nt a post planted at
ihe south-west corner of li. J. Hy-
b.iiiis' pre-emption, Qalena Hay, West
Kootenay District, B.C., and niavkid
"Ernest Edward Hub's N. K nuMier
post," thence 40 chains south; thence
:tn i hains west: ihence 20 chaius north;
i lii'iu*,. in ehains easi: i hence -n chains
north) thence 2ii chains east to point
if coiiiiiienci'iui'iit. containing Iu mi
Iiiii seres more or less.
li,onl tbi- I8ih day or June, 1010.
KltNHBT  I'.liWAIlli  II A ll.,
aii^ li ''nd 11. c. II.ill, Agent.
Itevelstoke I.ind Disliict,
Disti ii t of U e-t Koolciiny,
Take nutice lhal   I.  IO. M. Uahrnn i
Arrowhead, B.C., ociupulion Luuilie
man, Intend to apply forpermiKsion i
,nn ihi .* i In following described land
Ciiiiiiiirin in^'  ul   a   post   planted i
the Northwest   coruei   of   Lot   820
e80 i hains wesl I Ihence 110 i halt
ui uh :.i T.   1..  It B70; thence 80 chali
■ isl along ih" lii i T I.  1007(1 lo tl
:.iki-  thorp; Ihence  along   iln'  Inl.
,.*i* -.   p u.i ol * iiinnienceiiient, coi
I fiini hundred and eighty acri
I'.: n\ \ I:: *   McG A Hit AN.
Arrowhead, B.C., June 2Mb. lOlu,
jlj 2112i
N01 [I i
Uevelsti ke Land I lisl i
I listi i.*r of Wesl Kooli n iy,
Take i 1.1
I:    i oeeuput ion.
.) pi*, .ui pei n       ion
ii I on
*   in    MeCul
,i ., in*..- *i   tnnl   ind
i ream    m
so  el
Dated  \ l»IO
i' i*;.
i.,im* I jiih!  i *
U.I :
Intends   i"   app .        n  Ui
pur I
I      **,*
ih,. ng   from  Mi'
.i Ilstanl   ind
direction   from    (Joldstreaiu    maiked
l    -    Ban   in -   North-w       I
th HO   ibalni   Ihence
,*'■   halm     hem e noi Lh WJ   hain
ilii-i,.. west -■" ■ hains  to I he  pi I
* iiiiiiiii nii.iii   containing 940
Mini'' OT   It'll.
I'.n . H. \: ■ n *i M.
lim,,I AngllSl 2nd   1010
MiTK K 1^ HKiil'.li'i DIVRN thai
,,i the meel Ing of Mn* Hoard ol I.li en i
inK i lornnilssfoners for lhn ' III * ol
i:, ,.| toke to he held next ifter Ihe
piilillosllon of iln i" foi   ' i I
if Umi y days, H nib'isigneii   will
ipply to the   'ii'i ll" nd foi p' in	
,,ii lister i"  lohn 'I.  liiiughton and
Clayton Tapplngi  of  Hevi Istoke,  Ihe
, inl liipiiii In 'Use imw  lii'lil by nn' in
n* p.., i ni'i in- promises nl   Revelstoke
known ii* l be Windsor llld.nl.
I I Aug, 2DI li, IHI".
U. J, Uanui rn*
, Local Industry
type and printing machinery.  Our
stock §f  printing papers is large
and well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVlenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
cAccount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents fnr the famous
$60.00 Cash
■m SATURDAY.   SEPT.   17TH,   1910
The Elevator is in perfect
working order the?e days
Take advantage  of  it  to
get to the Bargains in the
Drygoods Department.
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the eitizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
We are giving our Special
atlention to Fresh Fruits.
We can help you if you
are  preserving.     Call  in
and see the assortment.
Fall Cloiliing
The [new Fall Clothing is
here for you. The trend of
popular fancy demands that
we be well dressed.
We are showing just now
a nice assortment of early
Fall Coats and Suits.
Get Hume's prices.
China Specials
Two tables of Fancy and
Useful China and Crockery
going at prices so low that
you can't believe it.
Cream Jugs Spoon Holders
Salt Shakers Fruit Dishes
Baby Plates Salad Bowls
Butter Dishes Teapot Stands
Pickle Dishos Bon Bon Dishes
Fancy Bowls Sugar Bowls
Jewel Cases Pin Trays
and other articles that we
have sorted out from uur
On Sale Saturday
Uur New Tea and Coffee Department at the hack of the storo on
the (1 round Floor, is proving a
convenience. We have a fine
" Hobart" Klectiic Coffee Mill and
can give you genuine steel cut,
ground or pulverized coffee while
you wait.
Fall Millinery
Our Fall Millinery opening
will take place on TUESDAY,
SEPT. 20th, afternoon and
The Hats never were prettier and more ornate than for
the coming season.
The Chanticler vogue and
Paisley effect are very noticeable.
Remember the date of the
Tuesday. Sept. 20th,
Fancy Ribbons
A big lot of the New
Fancys to hand, they are
very greatly used for Sash
Bows, Fancy Bags, etc.
a yar
The fall patterns in
I'i -:i*I.lul
All the new
We are now showing our
new assortment of Maish
Comforts—the latest designs
in silkolene, sateen and silk,
These comforts are known
throughout the country for their
"warmth without weight". Made
by a special process, of thc finest
snow-white cotton, they are the
same downy, fluffy thickness
throughout. No lumps. No thin
Come in and sec our assortment
There is no other comfort made
that wc can recommend as highly.
You will like the Maish coverings, plain and bordered.
Boys Clothing
The Celled Suit
" Lion Brand "
The Boys' early Fall Clothing is arriving. Mothers will
find among these just about
what the boys want this Fall.
The makers have excelled
themselves in pretty styles.
Silk Specials
New Paisley Silks—the supreme idea at present for
Dresses and Trimmings. A
fine ^atin-finished Silk, 22 in.
wide at 75c. per yard.
Fine  Habutai Silk in   the
new Persian patterns. Lovely
Oriental    colorings, 27   in.
wide at 75c. per yard,
20 inch Shot Silk, a decided
novelty for waists, etc., at
only 50c. per yard,
22 inch Satin in the Paisley
Patterns, for trimming and
millinery purposes. A good
bargain at 90c, per yard.
22 inch Tamoline for linings
and Wash Waists, in all colors at 50c. per yard,
Get Them at Hume's
C. B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
Revelstoke and Arrowhead
Fancy Q
Just opening up a car of
Fancy Groceries, and  we are
offering special lines at special
Robertson's Marmalade,   21b.
cans at only 30 cents.
51b. pails Jam at (15 cents.
51bs. Sunbeam Tea $1.75.
31bs. Ceylon Tea *1.00.
31bs. Coffee for $1.00.
Seeded Raisins, 10c. package.'
Canned Pork and Beans 10c
Positively the last shipment
of preserving fruits arrived
to-day, including, Peaches,
Prunes, Plums, Yellow Egg
Plums. Damsons, Lombard
Plums and Pears Don't go
without fruit for the winter.
Get it now at Hume's when
it is cheap.
See our display of Huntley
& Palmer's biscuits just opened up We give our customers the benefit of the money
we save by buying direct. See
the different lines. Fruit
Cakes in 1 and 31b. packages.
you wil
travel in ityle and
comfort. Ever notice
how many traveling men wear
Regal Shoes ? Because they've
found thai Regais look best, fit
easie.it and last longest. That
is why
■re  lhe best   footwear
(or you.    So, drop Into
our  note (or a pur
your Orders! Sei.d tho children
to the .Store ! Dome yourfell, or
have our Cily Traveller call at
your Home for Orders. No Order
too large or too small lor ub to
handle. It pleases ua to see that
Customers get tbe best ol attention.
tttflUI Page «
SATtinn.W,   SEPT.   17TIT,  11)10
Thursday, Sept. 18th, and following days, we will have a display b.v far
ihe most beautiful  showing of Trimmed  Hats  that we have ever exhibited.
Do   not  fail   to  see   the   display.   A   Delightful   Treat
Awaiting You.
New Fall Suits
In newest styles. '20 suits to hand
iy express). Prices range from $18 to
y'li and $25.
New Fall Coats
Ladies' and Misses' New and Stylish Coats, fashionable styles. Just the
coat that is becoming good dressers.
. N. P.. next week will Inaug-
urati   ■ -iy transatlantic ser
vici * Btol and Montreal.
.   uncil lm.*- been passed
• ittawa making Monday, October
1st, Thanksgiving Daj tbis year.
Ii. H. Tt .'111111. Is now lun',     and
mtH Monday,  Sept. 26.
al cabinet j.l»<.t>>     tins
,'. is. Hume .■-  ''"*  will bold their
iening on Tuesday
next,     -•   ■    20th.      The Symi>hony
* stra will be In attendance.
T • lai rossi m itch between the
i iblic an I High schools last night,
was a well contested game BMl re-
e ,:t.*.l in ii draw with » score "I
ai *.. ii goals ii piece.
In the list  ol donations   to     the
R.M.R,  Lal or    Day shoot, published
in our iH.-t   issue, the  name ol  11.  W,
Edwai * ralueil   VIM       was
• inatel; omitted-
A i>arty ol American timber cruis-
umler the guidance ol Qua
Hedstrum, returned this week Irom
an extende I I i ol the Big Bend
country, particularly the area round
(,'anue River.
a hundred men on their way tn
work with full dinnci  , aili. said     n
-  week, nr.  aa .
an indicat.*.*:. ol the Industrial proa  i
.  as e   ii >re "1   automobiles ceding      through      the
•i Three
.,   yesterday  al
- ■>     tank.-.       which
PI i      has
:    •      ■■ .    ,:. .   -       soon aa the till ks
■ verj  low.
-   • I'ai..*.      high
tin  "aeroplane
l| -     • •:.    .lii.i     111
est "i
make     lligbl
..uci.  . • Idea     '■'
. i   like  it    might      Ye
• *.: te 1 hen
Tr.:.* tour ol
Mi tapedla,"
.'.    D. Mat
i    t directors     ol
... my wil
Thi   "
e by F    i;
• '
.   i. .-er j
'■   <
*   •
-.  •        ippi    !•
.,*   • * Tl.'   '
t Hi
Mali   Im
heard hi re In ci
third trai   *    '
in. II laritj
• * Ipeg      i""
•   Ida bai n   ■ iper      a
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so if you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
rtiiitrjmtii Weil teal
The Enderby poultrymen who went
in Kevelstoke last week to take In
the poultry exhibit, came home very
much pleased with the splendid reception accorded them there, Bays tho
Enderby Press. Mr. Brundish, iu
reporting the affair, says: " Wu arrived nt Uevelstoke at li a.m., and
Iiiiiiiii the secretary of the poultry
association waiting at the station
tor us. Mr. Dawson, uf Peachland,
with 38 birds; Mr, Welch, ol Okanagan Landing, with ll lords, and Mr.
Smodloy, of En-derby, with 17 birds,
were the representatives of the
Okanagan district. W. 10. .Edwards,
ol Victoria, was the judge, and gave
the greatest satisfaction, There wero
upwatds of 350 entries, and more
than the usual average of excellent
Iiii*.Is. Tlie association did all that
could be dune for us in every way,
and certainly know how tu entertain
visiting exhibitors. Thoir courtosy
and kindness wen; the great feature
ol uur visit. Okanagan winnings
were: W, llnwsun, Peachland, with
38 entries, I'J lirsts, 11 secuiuls, 1
thirds; total 34. P. W. Welch, Okanagan Landing, '.I entries, ;i Drsts, 2
seiunds, il thirds, I fourth, Q. 11.
Smedley, Enderby, 18 entries, 'J lirsts
5 secuiuls, 3 thirds. Mr. Smedley
v.u.i tha s'lvei cup for the second
time. Mr. Dawson also won specials
Mr. Smedley is highly pleased with
the treatment accorded them by the
association ol Revelstoke and reports
that there will he ninny entries
from that quarter at the next North
era Oknnagan Poultry show.
Your Insurance
Is one. of  the   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd*
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
an exponent   "f thc mnrtinl
ol Scotland."
Strawbei ry Plants   for sail' '*;;i
i n  best   shipping  ben >.   100 i* *i
>i..".'i.     Ipply  next     week     to L-on
er,  Revolstoke, 13   C
II.  Tongkoi,  nn  Ital inn  Inl on • ■■
ployed in the m ■* Mc
Ki n iii   avenue, sustained  a  frnrl n
eg j :* f.*l
ling nil a  scaffolding which  In* h.i
I  himself
C   M. Field is visiting  I ■
taking in the fair this week
V,.  Hornell  returned
from a visit i" eastern poii
I    1.   II   Congn
levin*.  Slcamous,  was a  v sitor     in
\i.    Owl     lhu
Boor, music and rei
will I •
Chanoe of Program To-night
\   rb,m re  in    the    pi     * nmn f
at  tl     K lit   n  Thc
to     all,
■   of  the   re
: .v. li'ib
• ■
tt thi
'  •
1*0 IMS
$1.50 K.
7 OD ll,
1.50 R,
1,00 or
I.DO 01,
.*.* rariet) ni
Bews' DrugStore
Not  Hu no U.I
II ■ ■
•   :
!!• I      A     '.'.
n  tew duy i  in
Mi     i *      i
■   ■ Mr   Welr'i
...        i.-
tb"  i mil       	
the cootlni
Mi   i'   W. .lm ■•. • in. i  '•'
• i''.,it  William, 'mt.   w.-n   in
niy i.n   Monday and  1 the
.   • ,1i   nnd Mi  , A    H    Mien.
Mrs,  .im       nnd Mi      Ml"" are      ;
ers,     Mt     liu       tin    Ini ■ ■•■ Inten ite
■   ,i land  In thi Okanagan    ■ I	
he i« ni   pt   nd  looking over     ioh
Mi       JnrvlH   WM       much
Impressed   with tho nppenrnnce ol
Rcveli toke, anil •*■ n    dollghted with
lho   nrroundlni   dl itrlcl as n Iruit
^lowitiij teutro.
.   •'
gold trimmings. Another was a
lovely Oorday In white swan's down
with bird of Paradise Turbans are
much  to  tho  lure. In  colors,       a
Winsome blue, the Royal blue, black,
all shades of green, old gold and
goldon brown, while mauve, raisin.
malaga grape, pansy, vanilla, etc.,
aro all popular. Flowers are conspicuous by their absence, while
wings, some of enormous size, aig-
rottos, plumes worn drooping over
the crown and i|Uills are the season's novelties. For trimmings, the
occlusive attractions are silver, gold
Oriental, and Egyptian, as well as
Duchess satin, coque feathers, willow
plumes, black chenille and velvet.
Refinement, distinction, and smartness wilhoul too loud effects, aro
the chief characteristics of lhc
Held & Young millinery display this
year. It is Impossible to describe
all the limitless varieties of lovely
creations seen, but lhe whole Is the
most up-to-date of nny year yet,
A large business was done on the
opening day, and the rooms were
crowded,, Many     new  and   pretty
styles for children and the young
Indies arc also shown.
Highly Appreciated
In Enderby, B. C, a beautiful
town situated in the Okanagan valley, dwells Editor Walker, who has
a knack of putting things in a must
happy human way. ilis editorial
remarks on Roberl Meikle and
Frank Lloyd, the entertainers who
appeal* at the Edison Theatre on the
23rd of this month, with the Mciklc
Concert Co., is well worth reading.
"No public entertainers who have
ever visited Bnderby got so close
to the hearts of the music-lovers and
gave such entire satislaction as
Robert Meikle ami Frank Lloyd, ou
their recent visit to the city, As a
singer of the good old Scotch song,
.Meikle gets home lirst; his equal has
never been heard here. He puts
heart and soul into it; be looks it;
he feels it—and he makes it contagious. He makes friends. Whetli
er on the stage or off, whether singing Annie Laurie or passing the
stanes down thc ice to the button,
hi- wicks in and lies close to the
button of your affections. Lloyd
is the fun maker. His singing will
always be remembered by those who
heard it, because he, too, makes you
feel good with yourself and tho world
Why, the lust thine. Llo.'.l did
when they hit this oflii e was to
make our smllcr smile. And lbe
Lm ler Lloyd laughed the heartier
Srr.ilcr smiled, until il became very
funny.     Sinii'T  i*- a long,  lank sack
:'  bones pul  up like a doc      whlcb
we keep  hi our office to climb    over
dodge  around.      He  isn't     much
i" look  at  or to handle, but he has
a heart  as big and warm as he     is
.   and   he  knows   when   to    smile.
>■  en    Lloyd     is  around  is one    of
timi Smiler  knew    it —
of us knew it.    They
ack again  next year."
I Cantaloupes are coming regularly
nt   Mclutyre's.
Six varieties of Safety  Razors,  $1
lo $5.50, at Hews'  Unit;  Store.
! Celery—fresh aiid crisp— Okanagan
grown,  per lb.  inc.—Mclutyre's
! Pishing Tackle-see the new Kelso
Fly, $1.50 n doss., at. Hews' Drug
I Better than ever is our stock of
Perfumes and Toilet preparations.—
i Hews' Drug Store.
1.0.1 Notice
It is especially requested that all
members of Court .Mount. Begbie,
No. 3461, attend at the Belklrk Hull
on Monday evening at. S p.m., to
meet High Chief Ranger Bro. Hand.
Visiting Foresters cordially welcome.
A banquet will bc held at the Union
restaurant later In the evening.
Gentlemen 11.00, ladies free.
C. R.
WANTED  -   A Teacher   for      Halls
Landing   School,   salary    ,ff,().l)0   per
month. Duties to commence on
October loth, applications to bo in
hefore October 1st. I. Day, Becre
tary, Hox  15,   Arrowhead. H.  C.
. limpid Ion of ii"* ni
,    enabled   tl
o| i,real   Britain    tn     gel   n  ooi ocl
len ni how  thi          ■" of
laod in the i iiiicd Kingdom Is dh Id
e„,      ti   i .  believed      thnl   10 000,000
..  .    „>,   nv nod  hj   lev   ■   I linn      *'' I
ni tho     H    10     acrei
in  England i • ai ro     are   In
liie bauds ol ,i5,h'ii, peruoDs
Reid & Vouny's Millinery Opening
■ the pres
tbi   an comes
*.     111111:11   SS.
ite   in
Vol     Cnb a       i'...st..ii
mattei I he
*     .
l„,|..,l„, none   ol     our
to adopl     tl * i ■   ti ■'■'■
rn *i
i  nnd dainty
km'iuIi ieti  ■   Henri in
i. i    '-I  Bolynt   I  '   ii'*1 tt
oti     mc iiii  tho rage    Ono In    pbi
ticular,     wn;   .*i Mario
Ijouioc, iu old gold with oiprey and
In the matter of an Application
for the issue oi a Duplicate Oertlfi
entc of Title to Lot 8, Hlock 4, being part of Sections 27 nnd 84,
Township 22, Range 2, West of the
6th Meridian, Town of Revelstoke,
B. O., Map DUG.
Notice is hereby given that it is
my intention to issue at the expiration of one month after thfl lirst
publication hereof n duplicate ol tho
Certificate of Title to the above
mentioned lot in the name ..f Revol
atoke Land Company', Limited, which
certificate is dated tho mii day ol
April, 1907, and numbered 1.771 A.
District Registrar,
Land   Registry  Office,   Nelson,   H.C,
September 13tb, 1910, S17015
Revelstoke   Land  District.
District  of West Kootenay.
Take notice that W, II. Robertson,
of Revelstoke, occupation, Insurance
agent, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands.
I Commencing at a post planted al
the north cast, corner ol Lot 2772,
running north 40 chains, thence west
■lu chains, thence south 40 chains,
thence east 10 chains to tbe point
of commencement.
Dated  Sept.  6,  1910, S.17-N10.
One Night Only
\'t 'nil'
Edison Theatre
Mr. iobt Meikle
■ :
Mr. Frank Lloyd
Miss Nannie Strachan
Miss NelliP Malcolm
Reserved Seats.   -   75c.
Admission, 50c.
Children.       -       -   25c.
Supper Sale
No. 37
Follow the crowd to-night ami you will find tlu- Store
where you get the besl values in tlrygoods for the least
money.    We are ready for another one of our busy "After
Supper Sales" and the g Is we olter arc seasonable  and
the prices are away down, All these goods ure new and
fresh ami vou save money bv buying NOW. These prices
are good from i p.ni, unlil closing, Come early ami get
your choice oi colors and sizes,
Ladies' Golf Jackets
A new line jusi to hand. They come in tuu with cardinal.
ami grev with myrtle, and you will find them very comfortable and warm.   After Supper Sale Price only .    ...    $2.00
Fall Underwear
We have another lot *>( good Underwear wesold last week
Natural color, high neck and Ions sleeved vests, ankle
length drawers.   Price To-night only, each  25c*
Pretty Cretonnes
A lot of pretty patterns, in all colors.    Regular up to 1/U\
Youi choice to-night of any of them at per yard IO cts.
Blouse Bargains
We are clearing out a l'i;-: lot of our Wash Mouses, There
are all styles nnd prices un to $3.00, They must go tonight, and the} certainly will move at each $1.00
Children's Wool Coats, 65c.
Frills, all new, 5c. each
Corsets, small sizes, 25c. each.
FOR        G   O   O   O
■ WPTT* .•?«—r'V'— 1t.rU
Good  Bread
—and you should insist upon getting tin- l>-'st ai all
times—get out's, Our reputation for good brwid is not
the remit of chance* Out customers are t-ati tied tint
mus is thfl niiisi satisfactory bread they ran buy.
Try It and you will become a regular customer. Our
Orocei ii's are also In kor ping with uur bread.
G. W. Bell
P. O. Box 208
Phone No. 23
Quantity and Quality
General Groceries Farm Produce
Men's Furnishings     Boots and Shoes
McIntyre  «& Son
Orders Delivered.
Phone 93.
Best Lump Coal for Sale, also Furnace
Co        Orders promptly attended to
S. G.  Robbins,
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
ttm*mrxts.iMsr. ■> i n 111   m> — i» 'i mw —i— —— 11
Cummings Transfer Go. Ltd.
Freight and Parcels Promptly Collected and Delivered
Ba-gnge Transferred and General Draying
Furniture and Piano Moving a Specialty
Office   Corner Connaught Avenue and Second Street
Phono 270 REVELSTOKE, B.C.       Night c


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