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The Mail Herald Dec 23, 1911

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 "Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operacion and
perfection in results it, is™
unsurpassed.     Price $C  ' .
Interior Pubbsnmg Co., Ag
); Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 17-No. 102
$2.50 Per Year
Cut Glass
8" Berry Howl, - $4 to $10
Bon Bon Dishes, $1.50 up
Water Jugs,     -      6.50 up
Cruets, - S1 ■ -J5 to #4.00
Cake Plates, 4.00 to O.00
Fern Dishes,   j.50 to   4.00
For the Boys
Brass Goods
Candlesticks, a^ets to $2.00
Sin .ll Kettle, - - .soe
Vases,   Irom J?,'.00 to ,$4.00
Vases, - -.sets to $5,011
Cake Plates, 75CtS to $3.00
Cups and Saucers, 50c to $,s
llie Various Parts ol Mother
Coosa's Contingent of (oldsters Cleverly Acted
Many were the
lU'i'i'iiitiiin hcanl
iciic..'  passed mit
expressions ol apsis the large attd-
ut the Kdison thea
tre un
on    by
Tuesday evening,    alter at-
the      cantata,     " Mother
\iBit to Bairta Claus," giv-
the     .Siiiuluy  school  ol      St.
Presbyterian church,   livery
at. Francis    of    Assisii      Catholic
church, corner ol    Fifth   street   aud
McKenzie avenue.
Services—On    all    Sundays, except
tho lourth of each month
with Communion ol the
8 a.m.     High Mass at
Christian   Doctrine
2:30 p.m.   Rosary
The blessed
.   Low mass
Faithful    at
10:30 a. m„
tor children     at
with bendiction ol
Sacrament 7:30 p.m.
Ou week days—Holy     Mass     every
morning  ut 7:30.      Confessions      are
heard every evening after 7:30      and
lu the mornings before Mass.
J.  O.  McKenzie,  P.  P.
one ol the performers from thc small
est tot to old Santa Claus himself
did his or her part most creditably.
Tho costumes were most becoming
and sonic of them very beautiful, adding greatly to the attractiveness of
thc cantata. Thc sight that greeted
tbo eye when over eighty children
were grouped ou the stage for the j
linul choruses, wus oue uot soon to I
lie  forgotten.
It is a dillicult task tu select those
worthy ol speeial mention as all did
so well, but as ter as space will permit, mention might be made of some
of those who took thc leading parts.
Miss Jeannie Little, as Mother Goose
acted her part ably, entering into
thc spirit of the diflerent situations
most admirably. Thc sweet voice ot
little Klsie Frey as Ihe Little Bird
that Tills, delighted thc audience,
while Little Boy Blue, in the person
of John MeKinnon, looked nnd uctcd
his part well. The Jolly Beggars
sang in their own characteristic style, under the leadership of Tommy
McRae. Douglas Abrahamson took
the part of Old Doctor Foster, and
sang well. Thc entrance ot the Woman iu tbe Shoe, with her children
pulling tlle shoe, while two of them
occupied plstces inside it, greatly delighted the audience. Miss Inn Brown
iim the Old Woman, sang "I have so
Many Worries" in a most pleasing
manner * ' *hn children loined in
■ me  old     King
The services in   the     Presbyterian
church next Sunday     will be appropriate to tbc season.   At all services
the music will be ol a special nature
and thc spirit of Christmas will pre- j *-imD
vade all the exercises.   In tbc   alter- j""
noon the     S.   S.  will hold a special i
song service,  when  lu addition to the |
i bristmas hymns by lhe school, solos ,
\. ill  bc suug  by  Mauter Willie  Little I
mid Mr. A. Thomson, aud Miss lreno
Kimberley  will sing Luther's Christmas   Lullaby.   Short,   addresses    will
ba given by Mr. A. E. Miller and Mr
iilliam  Lawrence.   This service     is
open to all who wish to attend.     In
the  evening  the  loilo.wing    suug  scr-
uee  will  bc  rendereu'*—Anthem,  "Na-
zareth" by Clounod, with solo by Mr
Ralph    Lawreucc;     also     Maunder's
l liristisina Awake for solo and chorus
Organ   recital   l/cforc  evening  service
Arrangements are Being Completed by Hon. Martin Burrell, Ninister of Agriculture
Ottawa, Dec. 21. — Arrangements
are being completed hy Hon. Mar tli n
Burrell, minister of agriculture, lor
tlie holding ot a fruit convention in
Ottawa early in the new year. The
gathering will be a large one and will
he representative ot tbc Iruit grow -
ing interests of nil Canada, various
associations and administrative bur-
Thc convention will be held Bome
in February, and there will lie In
connection with it a fruit exhibition
which promises to bc something better thnn any fruit display ever belore
seen in this country, Inasmuch as it
will represent the best results in every branch ot the industry, an far as
the season will allow.
A convention somewhat on these
lines was held in 1005, but next
year's will be upon much broader
lines and morn comprehensive in its
The reorganization of the fruit section of the agricultural department
will probably be postponed until the
ideas of tbe convention arc heard,—
Uev.    R.     J.     Mclntyre,       pastor,
I iiristmas services on Sunday at    11
a.m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school at
"2:iu p.m.     Sermons appropriate
Opera House Leased
Messrs.   Mitchell
just closed a deal
% ImperiaS Bank of Canada
0 Head Office-     ^^^^^^^^^
9 Capital Subscribed
JJ Capital Faid Up
Total Assets,
-Toronto, Ontario.
3 72,000,000.00
part was la*,
as a splendid
ily applauded. 1 ie *-*jlo, "Ul> I go
to Sweep the Sky." was sucg by
Lillian Hayward. who acted the part
ol The Old Woman in the Basket and
her quaint costume and sweet voice
made a pleasing impression. Rufus
Stune, us i'eter Pumpkin  Kutar car-
^^^^—^^^^-^^^^ to
the occasion will be preached. In thc
morning the Junior ihoir will sing
' Ulory in thc Highest." In thc evening a service of song will be given,
i bristmas hymns will be sung. The
choir will render two nnthems, "Ho-
suina" and "Rejoice the Lord is
Come." "Nazareth" will be sung by
a quartette, and Mrs. l'agdin will
crown and >inR a contralto solo. Tuesday even
.low." Thip i»K at S o'clock a cantata "Santa
e Little, who ClauB' Vision" and Christmas treo
md was heat"--- Wl" l)e given by the school. Wednesday at 8 p.m., "Mock City Council"
iv ill be held under tbe auspices of the
Kpworth League; Thursday evening,
Junior choir practice; Friday evening
Senior choir practice. A cordial welcome awaits the public at all these
S'l'viees  ol  tbe church.
Branches nr Agents at all principal points in Canada,
Agents iu Great Kritnin and United fl ii.es—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Ex-
change National Batik. Seattle—Snattta National Bank, Sun Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevad.i National Bauk. -Spokane—Exchange
:> ationa! Bank.
Savings Bank Departmont
Deposits of $1 and upward, nicnived, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit,   Correspondence solicited.
Rovolstoko Branch- A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Useful Xmas Presents
at Reasonable Prices
Mrs. A, G, Crick, • First Street
Eastern Poultry of All Kinds.
Local Milk Fed Turkeys and Chickens
Olympia and Eastern Oysters
Smelts, Shrimps, Crabs
Wholesale and Retail Produce and Meats
Robin Hood Flour Beats Them All
Mrs. 11. N. Coursier carries off iwo fusi inizis
with KOH1N HOOD H.OUK.   The special prize
we offered and alto for Ihe I c st loaf fi<m any
Hour.    If you wiint |[< od bn ; d use Robin Hoctl-
the flour of quality.
P. O   Bom 1208
Phone No. 23
ricd his wife in tbe historic pumpkin j
on  Ins head,  and spoke his lines dis-'
tinctly.   The characters,  Jack Spratt
nnd   Wife  were  represented  by     Jnck
Lifting and     Florence  McLean,      who
sang  n duett  with good effect.      The
part  of Tom,  thc  Piper's son,      was
well taken by Fred Burveon and iva-
tlie  subject   ot n  tine  quartette      nnd
chorus.   Miss  Irene    Kimberley   made
a charming Bo Beep both in appearance and in  her     sinking,  and    also
took thc  part  of  North  Wind.  Lizzie
Miller dressed as Mary Contrary sang |
a sweet     (!-erman   Lullaby and   also
took part in  the     Lullaby quartette
with Annie McLean, Inn Brown    and
Irene  Kimberley.   Tbis latter had    a
very pleasing eflect as the children of
the shoe sat in a group on the stage
with only a dim  light  burning.  Miss
Mullet  was  well  represented   by  Miss
Viola  Crowe  in  a  beautiful  costume,
and  Mrs. Santa Claus who welcomed
the  Mother 'loose party  had  a good
substitute  in   Miss   McEachern,   while
Santa Claus waa just himself.
1    Of  tin ise     wbo  took   part  in      the
choruses the following took  representative  parts:—The  stuts  were,  Tina
McGregor, Myrtle Hamilton, Kuphem
ia     Scott, Tllley   Frey,  Klsic Frey, !
Myrtle slum. Muriel Laing, Dorothy.
' Mackinriit, Kathleen Sutherland, Ber
tba    Nelson;      Snow    Fairies,   Agnes
Sutherland,   .Marguerite   Brown, Hosic
Nichols,  Florence  Cooke,   Kdith  Muc-
kiiiiot, Dorothy Laing, Catherine MeKinnon, Elizabeth Tapping, Mnrgaret
McLeod,  .lolly Beggars, Tommy    Mc-
Rae,  nicn  Urquhart,  Bon  McGregor,
Arthur      Young,   Douglas   Hedstrom;
Brownies,   Qeo.   Donaldson,     Kdmund
Kincaid,  Felix  Edwards,  Harry  Our-
vcon,     Clarence     Lyons.    Burroughs
Scott,  S.  W.  Cameron,   Hobt.   Shaw;
Black Birds, Thomas Iiochard, Lionel
l.niiig,  Ernest Fwy, Gordon  Young,
Robt.   Scott,  Cecil   Kimberley,   Robt.
McKinney,      Jas.  Hlair;  Dolls,     (Ira
Corning,        Annie    Jenkins,    Marion
Grant,    Jeannie    Fyfe, fully Blair,
Jessie Docharil,  Florence     Hamilton,
Margaret     Nicholson,  Evelyn Laing;
Heralds,      Rodgers  Jenkins,      Krnest
MeKinnon, Jas. Calder, w. Blair, (1.
Bruce;  Children  in  the     Shoe,    Jean
Edwards,  Phyllis     Edwards,    Fernie
Edwatds,      Bruee Gibbons,   Lawrence
Gibbons,     Carrol  Armstrong,  WHH«
Black,  E,  Scott,  T.  McGregor;  Open-
In:;  chorus,   Leonora  Edwards,   Bella
Laughton,   Lily  Abrnhnmsnti,   Murgar
11  Wilson,     Jessie McGregor, Esther
Abrahamson,     "The Start and   tho
Snow   Fairies."
Rev. C. A. l'rocuuier, rector. Advent, fourth Sunday, the following is
." list of services:*—8 a.m. Holy Communion; 11 a.m., Matins; 7:111) p. in*,
Evensong. On Christmas Day their
Will  be Holy  Communion at 8    a.  in.
and After Matins at 11 a.m. Appropriate music will be rendered for this
great festival.
On Christmas Sunday iu lhc Baptist church the pastor, Rev. E. J.
Chave will speak ou the lollowing
subjects:—Morning, "The Uniqueness
of the Advent." Edening, "Thc
Christmas Spirit and other Spirits."
Tho choir will render thc following
special music:—Morning anthem, "Tbo
Massage to the Nations"; evening anthem "Hail Thou Long Expected
Jesus." Solo. "Nazareth.-' Biblo
school and young inch's cluss at 2:30
p.m. A conliiil welcome extended to
cieryoue, sti augers especially welcome.
and Uyrncll havo
with Mr. Tapping
whereby they take over the managc-
n: out ot the opera houso lor a number of years and by so doing they
are enabled to run thc Edison as a
strictly  moving  picture house.
It is their intention to do all in
their power to make it comfortable
and to assist in every way they can
to make iheir many patroiiB feel that
they have had the worth of their
money and assure those who like
good clean moving pictures tbat tbe
Edison has nothing else on but pictures.
They wish to impress upon the
minds ol the citizens ol Revelstoke
the fact that they intend to run in
the future as in the past nothing but
lirst class pictures. They run all of
their pictures over before the public
see them, so that anything that is
not tit and proper for ladles, gentlemen and children to see will not be
put on. They can also assure their
patrons that the pictures put on in
the Edison are second to none in tho
I They request the Mail-Herald to
announce through the columns ol
their valuable paper that they wish
the citizens of Revelstoke one and
all a Merry Christmas and a Happy
New Year.
Dainty Sugars and Creams, Nut Bowls, Card Trays,
Pickle and Butler Dishes, Cake Trays, Rogers Bros.
1847 Knives, Forks and Spoons.
Sheffield Carving Sets in eases two to seven pieces,
Child's Sets, Fish Sets, Pocket Knives. 15U varieties,
Safety Razors, Razor Strops, Scissors in sets, Shaving
Brushes, Skates, etc., etc.
Very pretty Vases, Bowls, Candlesticks, etc.
New Designs in Fern Dishes, Bowls, Bonbons, Knife
Rests, Salt and Peppers, Tumblers, Sugar and Creams
Decanters, Wine Glasses, etc.
A large assortment of Vases, Plates, Pitchers etc,, in
Limoges, Wedgewood ar.d other makes, Tea sets, Dinner sets, Chamber sets, Jardinieres, Teapots. All
these have to be sold before we move into our new
store, and prices are put right down accordingly.
Our Grocery Department is well stocked with new
season's Fruits, Peels, Nuts, Choice Fruits, Vegetables
Potted Meats in glass, finest brands of Canned Goods,
Huntly & Palmer, Carr, Christie Biscuits and Cakes,
Webb, Frys Cadbury Chocolates, Nut Bar and splendid line of Candies.
We have a very large stock of Roasters, Bake Pans,
Cake Tins, Jelly Dishes, Saucepans, in fact everything
necessary to get up a Christmas or any other dinner,
and we shall be pleased to have you call at our store
and see all the good things we have to sell.
Hardware Dealers      GROCERS     McClary's Stoves
Baptist S.S. Entertainment
On Tuesday evening tho
Christmas concert wns given
Haptist   Sunday   school.   The
Christmas Tree
On Tuesday evening the Christmas
tree and entertainment of the Met bo
diet church Sunday school will be
given in tbc church. The scholars
will render a cantata "Santa ClauB'
Vision." lt begins with tho children
rejoicing because ol the return of
ChriBtmas and reaches a climax when
Santa Claus appeal' "" the platform
and sings a solo, after which he will
present a gilt of sonic kind to the
Parents are invited to come with
their children and make it an enjoy
able evening for the family. No
charge will bc made at the door, but
B collection will bo taken up uome-
timc  during  the evening.
by the
waB very prettily decorated with evergreens and Hags and in place ol
the usual Christmas troe, a special
feature was added. After a Bplendid
program of cboruseB, songs and recitations by the children, thc presents
were distributed. A tent had been
erected ou the plnttorm and Santa
ClaiiB came bounding out by thc door
followed by two little lied Indians.
Thc Indians were introduced by San
ta Clans as "Red Sky" and Illng-in-
the-lacc," whom lie brought along to
distribute the presents. The Indians
and Santa created a great deal of
laughter and merriment tor the children. The whole entertainment relief! s much credit on thc touchers,
who hnd the sumo in charge. A real
good offering was received, which will
be iiHod for tho extennion of the Sun
day school  library.
I Superintendent Howson thanked thc
'parents and Irlends for their co-operation during the past vear in keep
Ing up the attendance and interest iii
the school. Larger hopes aro anticipated  than over  lor the New  Year.
Xmas Poultry
Place Your Orders for Prime   Fresh
Killed   Turkeys, Geese,  Ducks
and Chickens
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Distributors for Swift's Products
High Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 251 •»• O. Bok C
Christmas Jewelry
On Wednesday eveniug,
Hoiiliold and Miss Nellie
quietly murrlcd ln tho
Church.   Mr.  Duncan  H.
us    groomsman     and
Mr. J. IS.
Young, were
Kraser aited
Miss i Hindu
Young sister of thc bride wns brides
tnald. The ceremony wus perlormed
by Uev, J. W. Stevenson, M.A., In
the presence of only the Immediate
friends of the young couple. Mr. and
Mrs. Honlleld, after spending a short
honeymoon in the city, will make
thoir homo lu Comaplix, U, (J,
Skating Christmas
Manager Hopkins of the Bkating
rink says that if the present weather
continues he will undoubtedly have
good skating on Monday atternoon
next, ChriBtmas Day. Have you got
your  season  ticket  yet.
Nums Gifu.   Having
it is m your disposal,
Now is the lime to niskc your selections ol
completed mir assortment ol Christmas slock,
prices .ire ressonsble, consistent willi Quality.
We have a very select line o( Ladles'   Broodies,   Necklets,   Bracelets,
Diamond Kings. Hat Pins, Umbrellas, Hand Hag-.
A nice, i linn itoc'i ol Silverware and Cut Class.
Wc soiiiit lour patronage and guarantee satisfaction.
F. G. BEWS,    -   Jeweler and Optician
Three Men Killed
A  Nb^ro killed three white men
a    bar   l-oom    tight  last  night
Nelson.   P rticulura later on.
McRae Mercantile Company, Limited
A c^Vlerry Christmas
and a  Prosperous New Year
To One and All
McRae Mercantile Company, Limited SATURDAY,   DEC.   23rd,   1911.
SATURDAY,  DEC.   23rd,   1911.
BRIQUETTES are now in stuck; Hani Coal expected
about the middle of December. Prices are as
Broken $10.50 per ton
Egg    10.50 per ton
Stove    10.50 per ton
Briquettes     8.75 per ton
Wellington      11.00 per ton
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
the ADaiUlberalfc
! ent at  Vancouver is taking steps to
place   tlie  Airow lakes freight service
upon a sound aud satisfactory  basis,
will  bu received with gratitude by the
merchants  of  Hevelstoke,    aud     the
JntettOr pttbltSblnfl COmpaHE, residents along  the lakes.   With this
Limited good     news,    also comes the  iutelli-
j. K, JullNSuN, Manager.      | Kance tbat somothing definite will be
RALPH '*■*   SCROTON,  Editor. ] done early in   the   New   Year as re-
n~~- = " * garde the inauguration ol the     long
ADVERTISING  IIATKS. i ded      mail  -ervice  on  the    Arrow
j hike boats.
If  these  two     Improvements     are
thoroughly  carried  out,  a   BUbstant-
! ii 1   iH'iii'lit   will   accrue  to  the,   busi -
! ms*.  men  of lievelstoke
We are clearing out our Heating Stoves
at a great reduction. Nothing ever
shown in the city at such values.
Legal    notices 10  cents per line Gist j
insertion,  i rents per liue      each |
suusenuent    insertion.       .Measurements   Nonparlel   (12   Hues     make;
one iucli.1       Store and      general
Revelstoke Hardware Go.
L, I M I T E I)
Howson Block,    -   MacKenzie Avenue
Wc quite agree with one ol the judges who stated that he would have
liked to have been able to present
prizes to all ot the contestants.
Miss     Moran      treated  her subject
'•'Early   Days   in    Uritish  Columbia,"
an efficient  remarkably well, and taken altogeth
business   annoiiucuiuuts  i2.'oD  per
mail   service   will      ennble   them      to
inch per month. Preferred posi-j1"'1'!' >" d°** touch with their luke
Uons, 25 per cent. addiUonal. »»«te customers, and n prompt freight
Uirths Marriages aud Deaths, 50c |service from this distributive point,
each insertion. wiU f'**.c-li-tatl'     the filling of   orders
and lead to a greater volume of trade
Laud notices $7.60. All advertisements subject to the approval ot
the management. Wanted and
Condensed Advertisements : --
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
Uations wanted, Situations Va
cant. Teachers Wauted, Mechanics
Vlanted. 115 «ords or less, 25c,
each additional lino 10 cents.
Changes il standing advertisements must be in by 9 a. ni.
Tuesday and Friday of each week
to secure good display.
CORRESPONDENCE invited on matters o'. public interest. Communications to Editor must be
arccrnpan.ed by name ol writer
not necessarily lor publication,
but as evidence of good faith..
Correspondence  should  be  brief.
The Arrow lakes points are grow -
Ing in size and Importance, and a
careful nursing of the business now,
will 1* repaid fifty fold in the near
future as the volume ol their requlco
ments keep pace with the rapid set-
tl ment and development of that productive  district.
SATURDAY,  DEC.  23rd.   1911.
riiyh School Oratorial Contest
The general opinion ol thc audience
that assembled last Friday night at
the Kdison theatre to hear the competition among the budding orators
of the high school, seems to bc oue
of general surprise at the all roitud
merit displayed by both tbc girls
nud boys iu their style und delivery.
The subjects were very well ehoseu,
and the way they were worked out
mid presented would huve done credit to uot a tew public speukers wc
huve beard. Tbe prizes ou the boys
side were won by Lcou Coursier and
bred Fraser; and on the girls side,
i y Gladys Urquhart and Kate Simmons.
Considerable diliiculty was no doubt
xperlenced by the judges In deciding
cr we must congratulate  Miss    Mac-
How we woulil like to say it to
you in person, but we cannot:
these printed words must take
the places of the cheery spoken
greeting, ChriBtmas is the season when we are closest to our
friends, for with each remembrance we receive or send, comes
thoughts that from a veritable
web of memories and good
wishes which wishes yuu and 1
ami your friends and my friends
and our fi iend's friends until the
whole world is one in the joy if
the Christmas season.
Hotel arrivuls for part of week end
ing Ueccmber 2lst:
F.  Rowcll,  Comaplix.
C. H. Paul—Comaplix.
H. Heffner, Arrowhead.
Geo. M. Davie, Kelowna.
W. McClurc, Fort. William.
It is the eve "i Christmas throughout the civilized world, and espec
ially   wherever  tbe  English  language
la  spoken,  fitting preparations    hai,*        ( |m,nl  l.sl„.,,alh   wl,,„  we
been made to celebrate, with all tbe ,un8lder ,-.,.,*, ,, WM tll, Ms, at.
old fashioned vigor and enthusiasm, | .mpl| [or ,„.,„.(,,.,,ly all who took
the great festival of the     yeur,     ou     irl
Monday,   Christmas   Hay.   .:.   millions      ^ th(J   b(Jya      HaroU    ,;,„,:,„*.
ol homes, alike in lordly mansion and aBd  Vni Fra8et  wwe     ,„„i,,u;.,,, iiy       With the best wishes  for   your
.11  the  humble eoltage, re-united fain- j   ,      .     ,  ..     ,,ti„„K  .,,  nivln   nml  Am.   i • i '.     .1 .1
• i.i head oi tue othcis ,u stju .mu ac   happiness and prosperity through
ilies     will   gather     round the  laden
.  to jo.u  in  tbe carols,  and eat
the   Christmas   lure;   Whilst   In   many
a   far  oil  country.mld   Ante  snows,   li(.y   weU  preaencea  gpeech  on
and under thc blazing tropic sun. thc  CanadiBn Nlivul Question,  and ll ffas
i nerally conceded tnat the others
« ould have to make au extraordinary showing to best him, which they
ii d, but by u very few points which
were lost by  turn cbielly owiug to    a
.i.-ery,   but  fell   behind a  few   points
iu their subject matter,  aw. d Tap   I « next year and al
I ping sturted the  ball rolling  with  a   years of yOUT life, Bgai
-  and      daiighurs ol the old laud
sill      meet    together,  to enjoy  their
Christmus pudding, and sing the old
bome  eongs.   Kor  ever  since  thc tld-
•'.   Lieut  joy   were   told    to    the
11.   HefliK'inian,  Arrowhead
W.  Mahouey, Calgary.
Handa,  Vancouver.
Spratt,  Creston.
Right,   Sandon.
W, Maboney,  Calgary.
P.  Tbolideau,   Clan   William.
T. Fobbi, Clan William.
M.   Lawler,   Clan  William.
H.  Cameron,  Winnipeg.
Mrs. Aldcrton,  Crngalie.
A.   Vickercsse,  Nanaimo.
Hotel arrivals for     part ol
ending Decei ber 21.it;
R.  J.  Lewis,  Vancouver.
J. B.  Calster,  Bdmonton,
ll. Rowe,   ' rrowhead,
Cl Butcher,  Winnipeg.
A.  Hiekson,  Laura,  Sask.
S,  HiCkBOO and  wife,  Laura,
C. 11.  Vi'.'.'.s, Kamloops.
Jat-   Wilson, Nelson.
P.  Didrikson,   Vancouver.
.1. A. Mitchell and wife, Vancouver
J. D.  Young, Vancouver.
J.  M.  Steaves and wife,  Nelson,
•j. Moniz,  Arrowhead.
.1   11. Dawson, Winnipeg.
• I    B.  Stephen  and wife,  Vancouver
W,   W.   Bradley,  Nelson.
11.  Mci'hee,  Vancouver.
11.  Fleming,   Vancouuer.
T.   Hendricks,   Vancouver.
Arrivals  foi   part  ol      week  ending
the 82nd mst
T.  Philips, Calgary.
It,  McDonald, Vancouver.
er,  Buskat 1
E   1 m km.,,oi.
■I   l.'i*.-'.i' .,  Kamloops.
McKinney,  Van  stiver.
Don  Easto     Elko
1.   Hei:. .I.-ii.   Chase.
'■ -*i'T-
-** Igh,  <',*ilgary.
IrTOW  Lake.
Intermediate fourth reader—L.
Campbell, E. MeKinnon, R, Calder,
rf.  (Iallicano,  M. Ringer.
Low fourth reader—R. Tappiug, M.
Flectham, M. Matz, E. Bruce, J.
High third reader—J. Twecdale, M.
Lawrence, M. Whittakcr, 11. Oalder,
3. Manning.
Low third reader—M. Simmonds,
A. Sutherland, P. Lonzo, P. Dunn,
S. Turk.
High second reader—B. Scott, H.
Robinson, J. Bourne, (L. Maley, 1).
Hedstrom),  H.  Bradshaw.
Low second reader—B. Davis, M.
Goodwin, B. Williamson, I. McCaul-
ay, C. Johnson,
High lirst reader—I. Morgan, V.
Abrahamson, M. Hamilton, K, Sutherland, O. Payne.
Low first reader—M. Bell, W. lluuu,
J.  MeKinnon,  M.  Daniels,  C.  Lyons.
High second primer—G. Barraclough, E. Jolifte J. McRae, O. Abrahamson,   A.   KiTillimiif
Low second primer—G. Trimble, T.
Gordon, G. Carlson, J. Bell, W.
High first primer—A. Bourne, C.
llochard, G. Williamson, T. Maddeu,
R, Upper.
Low first primer—A. McRae, W,
Cressman, S. Burridge, E. Mino, A.
High second reader—D. Porta, P.at
Skene, T. Comozzi, P. Porta, D. Mackenrot.
Low second reader—G. Porter, B,
Hay,  N. Goch,  0. Hunt,  D.  Laing.
High      lirst     reader—E.  Frey,    J.
j Smith, 0. Laughcad, 1). Rushford, T.
Low first reader—M. Laing, L.
Beech, B. Carlson, M. Caucellicre, R.
High second primer—IS. Frey, J.
Crawford, T. Jackson, IS. Comozzi,
J. Moran.
Low second primer—IS. McDonell,
ii. Donaldson, IS. McCleneghan, D.
Purvis,  J. Beech.
High lirst primer—,1. Carmichael,
p. D >naldson, J. Miller, H. Porter,
C.  Kimberley.
Low lirst primer—R. Rowlett, 1).
Kilpatrick, R. Lawrence, A. Corning,
.1.  Rowlett,  L. Pradolini.
Revelstoke Skating Rink
Frank W. Hopkins, Manager.
Ladies single tickets        - - $4.00
Family ticket, not to exceed 5 members 15.00
Gentlemen's single ticket       - -      6.00
Children's single ticket   - - 3.00
Secure Ticcket Early and Have a Full Season's Skating
There's No Place Like Home
At Christmas
Thc right  to cut timber uuder lie-
em;* oh Berth No
' ioiiowno   land
liritlsh i uiu
' .*• iblic aucti  3
| *'1'I3.UU,   ini''
• 2   c'cl"* *
.Mth yebruary.
the Dominion Tun 'er Agent at  Kam
1 have  just received a large  assortment of  the latest
designs in electrical fixtures direct from the Factories.
Exceptionally Low Prices Quoted for Cash
inclusive ot Lamps, Shades and installing for
Christmas Only.
1 will ba o|ion every night during the week and customers
are requested to make selections early to be sure of having
them installed before Christmas.
All kinds of repairs undertaken at any hour of lhe day or
A. G. DUCK,   - Electrical Store
Day Phone-284 - Night Phone, 40
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Go., Revelstoke, B. C.
ring  shepherds,  tbe     annivers- ■, lgW uerVousaess which impeded his
■   tbat day has     been observed I pronunciation and  deliver*..  Weshall
.*   ol toasting and good cheer. ' hour   (njn]      Tapplng   Bgalo
•   tbi   last  nill  be lor-j JohuSon ^aerce.l  ,;,,„!,,   ;,„   „,
the g  m    ot good fellow - i [iy 8t}.k, uml Uuiguag,    H
■  prevailing spirit of ^though more entertaining thi
the   .'.arm   (ithl.rB   W1UJ   uot   „,,   broa)j   but   uilMl
■■■'■     suinmei     sun into   many   a       UB learned something about     tbe
•  '-'"  ""'   "'''■  "''  ""'   Indians   ol  B.   C.   Irom  bun.   9
real      sill  thus    i  I u ned  ovei
John Bull
Cash Ourtitter'. for Men Who K  «f
Uisposed to think thnl LSOB
90 the tirst pluc.'    by sheer
.rk   with  bis sublect,   New  Devi
i. muLs .n Bcientlflo Botany, Ioi
told   hat in* iiiinii' a*, mists
Public School Honor r oil
oi   tbe   Revelstoke
tbe montb ol De-
; "Mown:—
■   1 u. BOHOOL
!.        br. bl uih*'h     I,.
lay,    '.    fount,    M.
teellent  subject
t wm pi' •'■ ""■
bei bis subject matter or langua
ITold Gordon and  Fred   I*'
iin ul  oi inm  in style
lit he won  bj  a point
'■   ,, mt   ol   bis  COI I SI '
■  i iti   • *'i and     li ■
' o.' this timelj ■
. -  'tl.a.i.
.* * In
tbe ci     led i    I i     ■   ■ *
Uw gn tits,    to
»hom Christmas Willi •    want
siekJH ss  and  u
•ite safe .n saying that .,» .,
' i >ii l i i Istmas  « 11 be s bollda) Umi
".' genu ■••■   ■ njoymi nt.     ri
■ '      ""m-"' ""1 *+"
.      m tbis  provlnw  ..I British Co ,     th€ „thflH   ,ha lpok,
tba put year bas been a pros . ,,„    „     *    ,   ition and   clearness
•   one and we cm enUr ungrud ■ .,,   ....            .    ,, t„ ,iny      Thll,
ginglj   upon  lhe mund  ol  Christmas   , „  , ,„,,,, pMtin( ,
Itoke,   In  u  thousand   r,,in(l ;,ll(1 ,  . ,,„ ,,„.
bapp)      homes,  tbe twinkling lights  ||atform,   pe ill  tor the train
win     gleam    ipon scenes of warmth ing thoy have                   Brock gave   li""
..u.i   comfort,     whilst  In everj  cup   ..„i,.M*,   0I i *   .,„ utol  "' M"1'1'
board ami on everj  table, ihun will * ,,,i    »,,rk     n I             .  *,., •    xbe
lie I'lenty and  to spare      The    iia.it i'onservation  of (jm   i*,,,*
year has treated ua kindly, tb* future wm hi.mew but,  nei           i. me    Pro
..- rosy wltb the promise of a contio-]cuniei did not dlsplaj    ,n* tbe name
nance of prosperity.   Bo lei  us bmI c ifflprebenstvenesa   In   ibe treatment
■lull care   away,     and   bidding bye nl her subject "Wondei   of the West"
* tpeetationa
tl     :...':,     -   Iffi    Cl
the girls May Field should  ti.Ht
msirtlon; I",  altb [b    ,; . ,  |11(„„.s ,„
1.1 v»
Wishes to Buy baby.
San   Pi i'i     '"      :        11
day to lind *'  baby (or her bu
i nt  f<"   '
she said, to hu .*'  an inlan
boy, wiin  liiin* • . r halr.M
■ '    out   tO   wek   lur
At the     Kim i y build
[very Little Movement
Has ii Meaning dli Its Ov*n
At lhe Jiiar Theatre
-■ Cloud
I rtian fortune Telltr
tittle Shoes
Wanting n Hat tor WtddinK Pay
A Wostorn Doelor's Peril
nHir.er anil Gentleman
Her Father's ISM'StCy
, Ihe Dinubn
coti^s be bygone, set out with     tbe  that   some   of   tbe   othei    did  irttb  [n'°™atlon  '' thapoMi ii  r,olnn 3ka.8i
•-•■ttleii will to Joyously partake   the  theirs1  bul  hei  language and     style
|ilensiue«  of   this  festive  time.    It   in   were    particularly    good      A      I
'be eye of rhristmus, ami  to all our   more  attention   to  empbMls   nill   no
friends mid readers, wc wish the com doubt develop with practice and she
plements    of     the season,   "A   Merry ' should be able to bold  Ini   own with
ObrtetmM, and a Bright and   1'ros- all comai; very shortly,
pcroiis New  Year." |   Wc did not envy  the  ludgen    tln-ir
  .lask In ploklng out tin* iii'iil iw,, mnl  nnd miiki
Ths news conveyed in oux last imiii' awarding Brsl and wcond iiIiumh tor  he
that  tbe i'.i'.It.  General Kreiybt An-  tbi count must have run very olose    ron
io where   ihe might  go to negotiate
' f   fm   tbe baby,   Aftot n   consultation
"HimiiiIh directed  bei   to ihe  No
tm |an 'inin'     i in*    present 11 to  i*
i rumpietii surprise i" hei   husband
imllh and His lumllari/
tin di
Manning's toj    at w  open, sail
youi  choice enl It     Wc will
|i"H ll     **l   I i ml lion     oi     Hi*   lnnd
"'"''•     "r *in  ol  i lirlnliim   i i,"i will  Ik   ri itefully
|,I"",M"'    '"   ' "•"' "■"■'' '"'   receivedH li In   Hospital   ill    '
'Iiiiiii:* tlii    week.
Timber Berth No. 513, situate iu
the Frovlni . ol British Columbia, in
Township 2ii, Itangc 21, West of tbe
5th Meridian, comprislug that portion of the South West quarter of
Seotlon .'16 lying West of the Columbia itivcr, containing an area of .22
ul a square mile, us shown on plan
ol survey thereof approved by tbo
Surveyor General, June imh 1311,
and ut record in the Timber and
Grazing Branch ol the Department of
tbe Interior. Islands which may occur in bodies ol water withiu this
berth are excluded.
Tbe timber on tbis berth must be
removed withiu three years from the
date of sale, after which purchaser's
right to cut shall ceuse.
A license will not bc issued until
the lull amount oi tbe purchase price
ami   the  ground   rental   for  the     lirst
real bave boen paid.
The conditions ol payment, rate ol
etc.,   arc  contained    in      thc
['nn1 i*r Regulations, a copy of which
may  be   ccured ou appUoutiion to the
indersigned or to the Crown Timber
Vgent    at    Kamloopa.   A  blue  piint
ihowii •    iln*    loiat.ion    of tbe berth
will be furnished on application.
•'(  the   Interior,
••.■■■.■i'ii * ;io, l'Jll.
-mi i i,*.   given  that    uuder
and pursuant  to the powers ol salu
*  a ii'i imn  Mortgage dui
itarcb,  i 'a.:, made by Ohur
roSS   lo   LUCy   Law and by Inl
■*   lii. n k    llnrns by   Inden-
. .1. d   .'"Hi   Mm ill,   1908,   linn* i
"i nab' by tendei  Lot n 17 in
One,   Kootenay  District,  Have
,,i   im in ii*k tbereol compi la
■ritOeate of Title No. 11066 \.
imin oiiered fm   lale containing
in   mmi    i bi ing situate
: i o  Troul  Lake Oity In tbe iiiHtnct
V  lv»Ht  Kootenuy.
i ndi i     addressed   to tbe   under
Ign 'i     lol Ioi tors foi   ths Mortgagee,
I'atrick linriiH,  will t,e received up to
uni Including tbe Hth day of Hovsm
l'"i ma  of sale, 8Mb.
llili"! Hum .Inl rlny of Noveuil.ii,
I'lll,   at    IN-vHxtokc,   11 0.
Harvey, MoOarter and Pinkham,
Hollrltors  lor  Patrick   lliirn>,
NO  i    LmI date on which lenders
win    i.c received,   n.ini of Deoember,
■ J-lL!__UiSHLB
Winch   ind 16-inch lengths
furnished house on 3rd st. To Rent, $20 a Month
Apply for particulars to the undersigned
l'lli IN l*: 276
Office on Second Street, next to Cummings Transfer Office.
And Still  They Go!
Several Second-Hand I'iiuio.s Rood as new.
Special line of small goods (or Kniue.
A lasilni; presenl is a musical instrument.
Ask us for any inii-.ii al Instrument In the world and ac call iM it.
Revelstoke Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
The best all-round Coal on  the Market is the Famous
Lethbridqe Coal:
Now that tlie strike is over this Coal can be supplied by
s. (;. in > i tl HNS,  - FIRST STREET
Storm  Doors and Windows
is Vol H nm si'. WARM?   hiii wm .ni* stop io consider that a
null 0UtU)  in Stoi in WiinloHs iiiiiI Doors iit lliis lime ot yenr will
main* your lionic more comfortable? Vou will save the mst ol
iiiinlims oi iloors Installed in lbe saving lhat ii will malie in your
fuel lull-., i.i-i vnu ordei in iniiiiciliau-li* nnil get the lull benefit
Vou nill nivi'i regrei It. i.i*t ussend our nmn around and tain*
iln* uecessari meaxurenieuts We will wveyon trouble, nnd you
will save itionii i>\ ian basing from us. VVe manufacture Win.
iious, Doors, Mouldings, Usbtnets, Tables, Store and Ofllce l-'ix-
inii s       I'     inn;; oi .ill kinds.
If you "anl Liuu* i'i nn ni and I'lastel oi palm (oi insidi work,
KiiKomitii* or BrushcH, plain ami t.i ii i > Sheet Glass, we have it,
nnil i .in [{Ive you the best prices obtsinaule in Isrgt "r small quan-
liius No,mii i is too sihhIi nor no(order tiKi large lor us to
handle.   We nill gladly (urnlih you with prices on anything we
Sell "i m mill.H lute.
The Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
I', ii.  Uox 2').i
l'i "ii.   I
i;i*.\TI.STtiKI*.. II. 0,
U     -
. SATURDAY,  DEC.  23rd,   1911.
SATURDAY,  DEC.  23rd.  1911.
R. W. Bruhn und wife, P. J. Bos-
Joy and wile and J. H. Johnson,
went to Itevelstoke last Thursday.
Mrs. A. 8. Alderton and Mrs, Kyle
paid Itevelstoke a visit last Tuesday.
To the settler the garden ot Edeu
valley oilers great inducements, as
the land can be had at reasonable
figures from I35.1K) per acre up, while
it is also easily cleared, having been
logged off and burnt over. The
laud in its wild state is generally
self seeded, growing timothy and ied
clover as well as white clover in
As there are probably 500 people
iu this valley there ls a splendid opening for a neat hotel here. A doctor would also do well, while for a
portable mill and a shingle mill there
is a grand opening, us there is any
amount of water power at hand,
from numerous mountain streams.
That "The Garden of Edeu" cau
produce good fruit of all kinds, can
be proved by a visit to some ot the
farms, notably those of Mr. A. 8.
Haycock, who has a young orchard
ol 800 trees, while J. H. Johusou
has 4000 apple grafts, he bas also
ordered 6000 for next spring. Mr.
Eric Ericson has a nice orchard of
apples, plums, etc., aud Mr. A.
llagmstrum has the commencement
of a very nioo orchard and E. IS,
Soruerville has several hundred trees
Besides these there are several or -
cliards planted years ago ou thc
ranch of B. Lebmans and Mrs. L.
Loftus also at Mr. Wipers farm.
During 1910, sixty enrs ol hay
vegetables, wood aud other produce
were shipped from Malakwa.
LaBt year R. W. Bruhn raised apples twelve inches in circumference,
while potatoes weighing 4 and 4 lbs.
arc a common occurance. Musk uud
water melons have been grown by
J. H. Johnson, to immense sizes,
while on this same farm corn 14 feet
high has been grown, while tomatoes
ripcu In great profusiou.
Fruit  and   vegetables  are  uot    tho
only products that cau be grown in
the Garden of Edeu,  as tobacco     Is
The Valley of
The Garden of Eden"
Situated at MALAKWA, B. C.
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,  and   Extending   between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land~2°>000 Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
fhararW nf Snil   Bench   Lands,  Clay   Loam   and Vegetable
Ullcll aMul   Ul   oUll    Mould, while on  Lower Lands Black Loam
Mn Irri/iatinn    Positively no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
\W II i lydliuil   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for  Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
Moderate Ciilliate   Zero is  Average Winter Weather.
Pricks of Land Rhasonablk
For Further Particulars About This Garden Spot of F3. C, Watch This Page
of the MAIL-HERALD Each Week
also grown ivitb great success. Mr.
J. H. Johnson intends to plant this
fragrant weed next spring.
The Garden ol Eden will this season send birds tn tbe Revelstoke poul
try  show  tho  tirst  week   iu  January.
Black raepnerry canes last season
grow to a length of (rom 12 to 16
leet in one season, while celery two
feet high, crisp and delicious, were
grown on the (arm of J. H. Johnson
Editor Mail-Herald:
Dear Sir,—The Garden of Eden
Valley, did you ever hear of it, it is
oue of British Columbia's tinesl valleys. The Eagle river runs its en
tire length through this valley 'rom
Three Valley lake to Shuswap lake,
during the salmon season it is
tuirly gorged with these beauties.
The main line ol the CP.R. runs the
entire length of the valley. It is noted for its tine mountain scenery
streams, water falls, lakes ,etc, rich
soil, fine timber and the home of the
clover and timothy grasses, it grows
everywhere iu tact it is the only wild
grass that grows on the bench or
highland. All small fruits grow in
abundance, apples, plums, pears,
cherries, can also bc grown success -
fully. The climate iB delightful, do
you want to live where thc wiud
don't blow, i[ you do come to the
Uurden of Eden valley where you
cau leave your potatoes lu the ground
all winter, ulso carrots, parsnips
etc., where you don't have to irrigate, where you get more of God's
richest blessings thuu anywhere ou
earth. Plenty of fuel, pure soft water, tine air and plenty ot moisture to
mature all kinds of crops. There is
also an attraction lor the sportsmen in lishing and hunting, bear,
deer, carriboo roam the mountain
sides and fur bearing animals, such
us heaver, otter, martin, fisher, lynx
nnd ninny smaller animals abound in
this vicinity. Verily it is thc Garden ol Eden. Something for every -
body, government bind for thc poor
man, lands lor investments aud
lunds for happy homes. The opportunities aro great for business men,
home seekers and others. The Prst
stage of development has just begun
now is your chance,  ■ ome early.
Malakwa,  Dec.  'ii, 1911.
A number Irom Nakusp atteuded
the bazaar held at East Arrow Park
the Kev. Mr. Phillimore conveying
them there In his launch. All re -
port a pleasant time.
Thc children of tbe Presbyterian
church Sunday school arc preparing
for a ChristmaB tree entertainment
to be held in the opera house on
Thursday Dec.  21st.
D. T. Bulger attended court in Itevelstoke, Mr. Bulger as secretary of
the Nakusp hospital board, represent
ed the hospital in a case for nonpayment of hospital fees and medical
attendance against W. Dennis. Judgment for the hospital in lull with
costs wus given. ...
Tho Nukusp orchestru are engaged
to play for tbe hockey club bull at
Kdgewood on Dec. 20th.
Tho lollowing  ohicers ol  thc  K.   of
P., were elected for the ensuing term:
C. C—C. B. Hamburg.
.\. C—J. M. Smith.
Prelate—Rev.  A.   Wilkie.
M. of P.—C. Buesnel.
M.  of  E.— th.  Hudson.
K.  R.  S.—J. Sucddoii.
M.  A.- P.   Uucsucl.
M. W.—M. Morrison.
0. G.—J. McDouguld.
1, O.—W.  Pester.
An enjoyable social was held at the
raucha ol J. S. Morrison on Monday
evening. Mr. Morrison conveying a
load out in  his sleigh,
The Quadrille cluh Is organizing
and will open their scasou tbe first
week in   January,
Nukusp wan startled on Saturday
last to hear that a man had at
tempted to commit suicide. Upon investigation it was discovered that a
man named Frank Joiihoii, a Swede,
employed on tbe C.P.It. citra gaug,
had cut his throat. Dr. Mokhihuu
was nil led and the man was taken
to thc hospital where be ih now re
rovering. Tlm victim is undoubtedly
Unbalanced Irom the ellvcts ol too
much liquor,
I,. F. McDougald spent n lew days
In  lleveletoke.
Miss Doris Edwards, who has boon
attending All Hallows college at
Yale,  Is homo lor  lhc viiratlon.
W.  L.   I'addeii,  ol thu utullou stall,
left on Sunday to spend the vacation
! at bis home in Vernon.
A. 0. Yoder, manager lor Lindsay
Bros., will spend the Christmas holidays in Spokane.
Notices arc posted In Nnkusp lor a
real  old bard  times  ball  on Dec.  2a,
11911, -.akusp opera house, got
ten up by the young men of the
town, who promise to eclipse any-
tuiug ever put ou iu B.C. Thc invita
tions are general and thc proceeds
are to be given to helping one of the
churches with a neat New Year gilt.
A large turnout is expected by the
towu iolk, besideB trom a distance up
and down the river. Many are expected to be present. The dress, al-
i hough cleau and neat, will be for
the ladies iu what might be called
masquerade and will comprise, portly and neat kitchen maids, nurses,
house wives, old spinning wheel Jennie, etc. Imported gowns from Paris
are barred. The gentlemen will represent thc old time turmer, with u
patch or two on tbc unmentionable
parts ot their trousers, thc Bailor,
thc army and all professions iu llle
of a hundred years ago,      So     that
| the mothers may attend, arrangements arc to be made by setting oil
a corner in tho bull room for a nur-
sery which will be carpeted with
straw and all kinds of toys to amuse
the kiddies. Feeding bottles and
goals milk will be suupllcd 'reo ol
charge. The best ol music will lie
supplied (or dancing, including tbe
old violin nud hobo. To call oil thc
square dances wliicb will be woll rv-
prCBcntcd on the program, Iree grab
and lots ot tuu will bc the feuturc of
tbe evening. The admission for tbe
hobo hus been placed at ll.OH, for
their ladies foiir-b'is. Dou't miss the
tun. Gontlemen appearing in full
drcsB will be fined y,.W) each, payable
ou demand,    hlveryonc must be there.
The past wock bus liocn a busy one
(or the Women's Institute ol this
town. On Wednesday ultcrnoon, the
annual mooting was held at tbc home
ot Mrs. It. \l.i.io. and tbc following
officers olected for the coming year:—
President—Mrs. 11. A. Quance.
Vice-Pros.—Mrs.   L.F.   McDougald.
Hri'Treus.—MIsh Abriel   ire-elected.)
Directors—Mrs.   Gregory,   Mrs.   ion
dner, MrH.  Stephenson, Mr-. Carlson,
Mrs. G.  Jordan. Mrs.   Herridge.
Tbo address given by tho retiring
president, Mrs. L. !•' McDougald. In
eluded a review of the work done
dining lho pnflt year, and valuable
suggestions (or future work of the
Institute.    Thc     members did  then
best to retain Mrs. McDougald as
president lor thc coming year. Alter
unwillingly accepting her resignation
they hnd the satisfaction of voting
her In as vicc-uresideiit. A pleasing
feature of the meeting was the presence of Mrs. J. K. Kilby ot Nelson,
wbo is on the nddising board of the
Women's Institute tor ihe Kootenays
Mrs. Kilby, in well chosen words,
gave a short address complimenting
the ladies upon thc success of the in-
sitution and the good work they had
unhertaken, etc., nfter which the
meeting adjourned. The membership
roll of the Institution tor thc past
year numbers thirty-six. On Thurs -
day afternoon Miss Bessie Liaing6ton
of the Boston School of Science and
New York school of cookery, gave an
interesting talk on the classification
of foods, the cooking of meats, etc.
Refreshments were serv'M by thc
ladies of the Inttitute. Ou Fridny
atternoon and evening      Miss Living-
' ston demonstrated the cooking of
soups, sauces, omelets, etc. The attendance  at  all   these  meetiugs    was
i particularly  good,   thc  gentlemen  at-
' tending on Friday evening, and all
enjoyed a taste ot the good things
prepared by Misa Livingston. Tbc
meetings were held in the opera house
where Messrs. Wugstul! and Vestrup
very kindly installed a range to be
used  during  thc  meeting  for  demou-
'stratum purposes. From here Miss
Livingston goes to Trail.
ter mile runner and is bent on guin-
ing tbc pole, it would be wise for a
man who is not so fast to let him
have it aud thereby let him set the
pace and after the Quarter you are
in a better position to keep a quick
paoe uud make the sprint at the finish.
Strategy has to be used and il ut
all possible, you should know how
your opponents run and must dis-
tiibutc your strength over the race
so as to counteract as far as possibla
those of other competitors.
it would be unwise for a slow man
to try and gain thc pole or the lead
at the start, because a fast miiu
could run him oil his teet. By letting
tlie faster man set the pace tho slow
man would have an easier time in
the first quarter mile because tbero
is no need of giving much thought
to jour gait.
lt is a good thing to attend all
the championship, meets or any other
that cau bc attended, tlniB giving
you a chance lo study the methods
Ol   other   runners.
WAxN ted
The One-Half Mile Rim
With the change from the quarter
I mile to the halt mile run. speed becomes of much less importance and
' endurance becomes an absolute necessity.
Some cross country running dining
the winter combined with some good
' gymiiusium work for the upper purt
|ol tbc hody, ie thc liest preparation
tor the running season. It iu very
Important that the runner should
'pay strict atteution to good form,
'and to thc manner of striding, thc
knees should be carried fairly high
and thc runner should run on tbe
ball of his foot. Now, while a loug
stride is desirable the runner should
take care not to acquire an exaggerated style. Thc Btyle -hould be natural and comfortable and the runner shoiiid lie able to sprint when cal
led upon to do so. The heels should
not lie raised too high, as it tends
to waste energy and develop a slow
slyle. I'actiis should be used in running tlle halt mile. For Instance if
a man ou the outside Is a last qiiur-
LOST-On Dec. 10th, between foot of
Columbia river bridge and Calder'K
ranch, on roadway, one Lady's Fur
Muff. Reward }10. Apply Mail-
Herald  Office.
Furnished Five-roomed house for
rent nt once on Fourth street.—H.N.
Coursier. t.c.
WANTED—oners lor new laid oggs,
and fat chickens \pply, Vickers,
Salmon Arm.
LOST—A Puree oontaining a sum ot
money, at thc O.P.R. depot. Finder
please return same to Mall-Herald
WANTED—A situation as H hutise-
keopcr by middle aged lady. Apply
Mrs. A. Tristram, Gcnctal Delivery
Revolstoke,  B.  O.
TO LET—House on Si'cond street.—
Rent J1.1 per month. Apply itovel-
stoke  General  Agencies,  Ltd.
WANTED—Married man seeks work,
Office cleaning, furnnccB looked after, etc., by day, week, or contract
For full particulars apply A. P.,
Mall-Herald  Office. tt,
A SNAP—If you want a good piano
cheap and on easy terms. This offer Is open for a few days only.
Call at A. Cl. Duck's store on McKenzie   Avenue D.16   2t.
Moving pictures tonight.
Uevelstoke Laud  District.
Bistrict of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, H. Hcrtron, ol
Arrowhead, B. C, occupation Lins-
man, intend lo apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted
about the south west corner of Alex.
J. McDonell s application to purchase, thence north SU chaius, theuce
west 10 chuius, thunce soutb 81)
chains, theuce east 40 chains along
lake Bhore to point ol commencement
containing 320 acres more or less. ,
Per W.F. Ogilive, Agentj
Datod  this  28th  day  of  November, i
1911, firsl issueDcc2.
Itevelstoke Lund District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Alex. J. McDonell, of RevelBtoke, B.C., occupation Hotel Proprietor, intend to apply for permission to purobase the
following  described lunds.
Commencing nt a Post planted near
thc north west post ol 1/ot 7952, east;
I of Oape  Horn,   near  thc south    west
corner of T. L. 43198,  tbence     north i
80     ehains,      thenco  west  80  chains,!
thenco south  80 chnins,  thence    enst
80 chains,  along  lake shore  to point
of     commencement,     containing  G40
acres moro or less.
Pcr W.F. Ogilive, Agent
Dated this 28th duy of November,
1011, first issue Dec. 2nd.
Revelstoko Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take  notice  that  I,   Ralph  Parker, j
of Revelstoke, II. 0., occupation hotel \
clerk,  Intend to apply for permission I
to  purchase the (ollowing     described
Commencing at n  post planted near
II.  I I'll  * south west corner, being
thc Houth-wcsl point of Ralph I'm
ker's land, thence east 10 chains,
tbence north 21) chains, tbence west
40 chains, thenco south 20 chains,
along lake shore to point of com-
meiiieinent,, containing (orty acres,
more or  lesB.
Dated   this  28th  day  of  November,
Dec.2, I'er W.F.  Ogilive,  Agent.
Navigable Waters Protection Act
K. S. C. Chap. 115.
Notice    is    hereby     givcu tbat the
Uibbons   Lumber   Company,   Limited,
have applied  to the Minister of Public  Works lor  Cauada for  permission
to construct an Aerial Tramway from
Dominion Timber  Berth     316,      over
the  Columbia  River  to counect  with
a siding  of the     Kevclsioko. and  Arrowhead Branch of the Canadian Pa
cillc  Railway  Company, and  have deposited with  the said     Minister     oi
Public Works copies of plans and description   of     site of such   proposed
work,  and  have  also  deposited  with
the Distiict Registrar of Land Titles
for Kootenay at Nelson, B.C., duplicates ot such plans and description of
Dated  November 23rd,  1911.
Macdonald,    Honeywell &   Graham,
Ottawa,   Ont.,     Agents for    G.  S.
MeCarter,  Revelstoke, B. C,  Solicitors for  the Applicants.   N.25  30d.
In the Matter ot an Application for
the issue ot a duplicate Certilicate of
Title to Lot 111, Block 21, being part
of Section 27 and 34, Township 23,
Range 2, West of the 0th Meridian,
Town ot Revelstoko, Map C3GA.
Notice is hereby given that it Ib my
intention to Issue at tbe expiration
of one month after the lirst publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of Title to the above mentioned lot In tbo name ol Fredericka
Tledc, which Certificate is dated the
loth day of October, 190b, and numbered   6164A.
Duted this Uth day of November,
1911,  Nelson B.C.
 District Registrar.
Rovelstoke  Land  District.
District of West Kootenay,
Tuke notice that I, Hugo Koch, ol
Vancouver, B.C., occupation, traveler
intend to apply tor permission to
purchase *tbe following described
Iu ibe Matter of the Estate of Louis
Soderman, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all
creditors aud others having claims
against the Estate of Louis Soderman, late of Arrowhead, B. C,
deceased, who died at Arrowhead, B.
C, on or aboul the nth day of July,
1911, are requested to send to the
undersigned, Solicitors for August
Peterson and Herman Carlson, Executors of the last Will of said deceased, within 60 days from date,
full particulars of their claims, duly
verified, and that after that date the
said ExecutorB will proceed to distribute the said estate amongst those
entitled thereto, regard being had
only to those claims which tbe said
Executors shall bave then received
Dated November lith, 1911.
Harvey, McC-arter and P.nkbum,
Solicitors  for  August   Peterson    and
Herman    Carlson,    Executors of
tbe Last Will of Deceased.    60d,
at a post planted
about three-quarters of a mile north
ol Lot 8(.o on Arrow I^ikes running
west 80 chains, thence north 40 chains
ihence east so chains, thenoe south
40 chains, along the Lake shore to
point of commencement and containing three hundred and twenty acres,
more or less.
Datod November ith, 1911.
N.18J.18 rer W. Ogilive Agent
Revelstoko Land District.
District ol West Kootenay,
Take notice thut I, John A. 8touC
o( Revelstoke, British Columbiu, occupation hotel-keeper, intend to apply tor permission to purchase the
(ollowing  described  lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the North West Corner ol land applied lor to be purchased by W. B.
Robertson and Marked "John A.
Stone's S.W. Corner," thence north
forty ehuins, them* east lorty chaius
thence south (orty chainB, thence
west (orty chains to the point ot
commeuoement and containing one
hundrod and sixty acres more or
Dated  17th October,  1911.
Per  James A.  Shields,  Agent.
COMPANIES    ACT,  1910,
Notice >s hereby given thut at thfl
expiration ol one montb (rom the
first publication hereof, the Rcvel-
| stoke Agricultural Society, Limited,
i intend to apply to thc Registrar of
I Joint Stock Companies to change ths
I name ol the Company to "Western
! Turt Association, Limited."
I Dated tbis 15th day of November,
1911. N.18,Dfl8.
Secretary  of  said  Company.
Leave your orders for Gait Coal
with W. B. Robertson or Andy Dav,
Eft,*,. SATURDAY, DEC.  2-lr.l,  1911,
SATURDAY, DEC.  88rd,  1911.
The spirit of Xmas is abroad: everybody happy. This Store has ready for you a magnificent stock of the worlds best
Gents Furnishings most suitable for gifts for men and boys. It is the best stocked and best arranged Men s Store m the
City. It is the best Store, that is best prepared to assist you in solving the Gift Question, and never before have we been
so well equipped to serve you.
Silk Hose and Tie to Match
Appropriately     boxed     for
Ninas Gift tii\ ini;.      1 l.nul-
bome shades of tan,   purj Ic.
grev .inJ navy,
Per Box--$1.7 5
Fitted Suit Cases and Grips
Beautiful fitted suit eases in
in solid leather and fancy
leathers, specially titled with
all the necessary toilet accessories i'or either lady or gentleman. These are specially
Suit Cases $17.50, 25.00, 35.00
Club Bags, $ 15,00, 20.00
cTVlen's Knitted Scarfs
In navy,   grey,   myrtle   and
50c, 65c. and 75c
Boys Suits at Half Price
I'or ihe Xmas week we are
offering am' of our Boys
Suits at Half I'i ice. Our
stock is complete and a full
ranee of si/.cs
cTVtep's Combination Sets
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Arm Hands, in  fancy boxes.
$1.50 to $2.75
Initial and Plain Handkerchiefs
Large size, white, hemstitched
65c and 75c
Men's Silk Souvenir
SOc, 65c, 7bc
Men's Ties in Xmas
Boxes at 50c.
lhc greatest Tie value we
ever offered. Kach 'lie in a
pretty Xmas box in all thc
colors that men and boys of
taste would wear.      100 only
Price, 50c
Men's Fancy Suspenders
up   iii    Xmas   boxes
75c, $1, $1.50
cTVTen's House Coats
We ar° proud of them, and
not without reason. Our stock
is bigger and better than we
have ever gathered before.
Correct in every detail, and
made from materials correct
in style and fabric- Prices
$7 to 20.00
Boy's Silk Handkerchiefs
in a big assortment of pretty
35c each, 3 for Sl.oo
Men's Fancy Arm Bands
35c, 50c, 75c, $1.00
Kid Glove:-
Wool lined, tan,
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Grey Suede Gloves
Dent's and Towne's make,
Lined and unlined
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Fur Lined Gloves
Mocha, Townes, a pair
$1.75, 2.00, 3.00
cTVlen's Bath Robes
Splendidly made, heavy bath
robes, all wool, excellent assortment of colors, all si/.cs
$12, 13.50, 15.00, 20.00
Up-to-Date Gents' and Boys Furnishers and Fitters
■!■'■   I'll  —I
cTVlacKenzie  Avenue, Revelstoke, B. C.     .*
 -" " a ' ^y
■ ilMBn —Mtt<
Virtues of the Onion     MISS WRIGLEY
(Continued (row Page Six.)
.-  the roosters can beat bim t"
...  mouse    ■■ i >   time.   Tbej   Man    see
tbeni in among tbe stalks as soon us
■  *   .-■..       - removed and they never
them  '** get  into the open.
a dive at them   and
get th m    *..tli their beaks every
line.   Then tbey swallow  them    ami
•*.;;.. ii. alderman alter
ting a
1.11.1.    HYSE    ASP HIS  RED  HEN.
a  1  j.m cutting bay. tha
■ i'.ia.l    tbat
I'm;,   ol      eggS, 1
■    ■   *    ■ ggs   and     put
etting hen they would
* gl '       Tn* y 'ini,    !■"•
".    •     *.*     .* hadn't      a
\-  soon     as
s tbi     ■! nyard tb.'
'   '   *: *.    .-*
ore 1 .liter-
.   ■   ■ ■    •■      I   tell
: .- man, then
pari ■   ■ *        mm< in
Ind there is
' ■'   * QUrSI      .**.■ I J
rear thai the g
•   -  .* * *"i   .* nfter
n mixed     vith i
every  way
io thi       11 fi
■ ii II ily*-.*   and
..*■**■;      .mm .* to town
■ be     "I'l i' il     hi'n
"i   *   a  nest under the
'■■    - .■  mighty  saving
man.  ) "ii   li * .v       When   hi   gl I
be ;* ' -   *  iioscl ig lull "1 "at
.iii li nd th     tal     ont tli:
hen.   >be  picks  up nil thc    oats
iii.it th * hoi     * 'fi'' i'i and Ilill makes
•vn   dinner   on   tlie City     gin    lays
i,.i him..'
Tin* talk id thc old-tlmcr convinc-
. ! me that If a in.ni went alter it,
tie could gel cniiught Information
about hrns t" till a book, all of
* h would he new to expert poul-
trymen. Still he could throw no
.it ..n the question. "How old it. a
middle-aged hen.'" I wonder If anyone else rnn.'
Onions are reall;   Bweeteneri ol ths
breath after  the  local  effects     haw
ised  away,  as  they  correct  st.nn
neb disorders and  cany "tl the    accumulated     poisons     oi the Bystem,
They provide a  til I  purifier that  all
may  freely  use.  and '1" perfect  work
.a constipation troubles. As u verml
luge   the  onion   cannot   be  Burps
and eaten raw wi 1 nfteti'i heek .
lent cold In tin* head.   One small on-
"ii eaten  before retiring every  night
s a well-known doctor's prescript
oi   numerous atfections of the  I
and is highly recommended for sleep
lessness.   It nets on the nerves in a
.-aotbiiiK  way,   without   the   injui
.'ilects of tbe druirs often applied. The
heart ot the onion heated and placed
in the ear will  often  relieve  the  air
■ my nf ear ache, while the Byrui
duced  from sprinkling a Bltced onion
.vith  sugar anil   baking  11
work wonders In a croupy child.   Bx
Lessons in Painting and Drawing
Oils and Water Colors
t'oursier's uew supply ol sem
coul  will   give  lota  of   heat
.•li      and     is    Ire    from
moke. 2t.
M - - t\ * ijjli       holder of   South   Ki n-
■a   i nglanil   Ar    Master -  ■• erti6-
* . ip I       First-l lass  I ■■:'*'
lor Still nl I'aint
■ fr  tt*.
Modelling in    la; li
Into .o: in OiU
.'\ cl
^       Mrs.]
One twifl^H ^■^■^^H^^B
.      *    -   • 1 - .11 *   UP • ■-    il
ll   I*..  OKI
Neat and Attractive
Ladies' Tailoring
Fit Guaranteed
! Hand-Painted Cups, Saucers
i  Fine Japan China Tea Sets
IVI AIL ■ H ERALD low ertown
Opposite Cential   Hotel
Special Sale of House
Plants and Ferns
for Christmas Week, including:
nn* iti .km .,* settled and    Coursler
illy of the kind ol coal that
(looks like coming in. t.
House Plants in Bloom
l;.'^*,* ...     I yclamen,
< 'iiii-r.iri.i s
< lir'. hi thi mum -
, Primroses, etc.
A paragus Sprengui
A iparagua Plumosas
Huston, etc.
Is a protection and guarantee
against alum which is found in
the low priced baking powders.
To be on the safe tide when buying
baking powder, examine the label and
take only a brand shown to be made
from Cream of Tartar.
Cut flowers including Roses, Carnations and Chrysanthemums
.* ,rr i '■ ■ [rown in Western  < ana-da,
M.ik'- your   eli lhe lupply is limited.
T.    NEWAL, Phone 295
G ii    tr— ioo yards west ol  I irnross li\ ery 1> ini.
Pacific Railway
and New Year's
Fare and One-Third for the
Bound Trip
Retween  All Stations
I'orl Arthur lo Vancouver nnd
Going Dates December 21, 1911
to January 1, 1912
filial Return Limit, Jan. Sth, 1912
I'or further particulars apply to
nearest *\n<'iit, or to
Distiict Passeuger Agent
Calgary, Alberta
SELKIRK     LODGE 12,  1.  O.  O. F.
Meets every     Thursday evening   in
.Selkirk Hall  at  8  o'clock.      Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
J.  S. HOOLEY,   N.  G.
.IAS.   MATHIE,   Secretary. __
COURT     MT.      BEGBIE,    No. 8161.
OF I. O. F.
Meets In I. 0.  O.  F. Hall next   to
Tapping's Opera  House  every  second
and fourth Monday  iu  month.  Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
G. W. BELL, C. B.
WM.   8.   CAMERON,   Rec.-Sec.
O. W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
MeetB Second   and     Fourth Wednesdays    in each  month  in    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting   Woodmen  arc
cordially Invited to atlend
H. W. EDWARDS, Coa. Com.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Have Been Used With Success
Four generations have Improved them until thoy have no
Keep vour horses, cattle nnd other stock insured by having on hand h supply of Pottle's Remedies.
Sold in Revelstoke by ARMSTRONG & CO
OonnnuEht Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Wood for Sale
Apply to
Chas. Turnross
IVIni'ii u e llnui-'i No. 07
Tt;li?l>bouv i,iu"l* ifa 215
MeetB every  Wednesday except   ths
Third Wednesday ol each month     in
! Oddlellows' Hall at 8 o'clock.  Vlslt-
i ing Knights are cordially invited.
J. Y.  8IMPSON, O. C.
ll. H. BROCK, K. ot R. * S.
M. o( F.
KOOTKNAY     LODGE,  No.  ;5 A.  F.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held lu MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddlellows1 Hall
ou the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. in. Visiting brethren un
cordially  welcome.
W. B.  ROBERTSON, Secretary.
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial   Hank   Building  Revelstoke, B. O.
Money to Loan.
Olllces—Revelatoke,    R.    O.,     anrl
Cranbrook, B. V.
Goo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey,
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
Provlnolal Land  Suveyor,
Mining Hm-voynr,
BOX   1(M>.    RRVIlt .STOKE
P. 0. Uox 146, RmUtoktj 8,0i SATURDAY,   DEC.   23rd,   1911.
SATURDAY. DEC.  2*Iid,  Wll.
ALEXANDER  LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, -   $8,000,000
With its larfje number of branches, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Hank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rates. Rates will be quoted on
A.: mi
Cheques and drafts on all countries of tlie world, drawn in sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any other foreign currency,
can be negotiated at The Canadian Bank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
Our Doctors Anii=Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This lust is filling a long felt want antl its waterproof qualities are standing the test.
We carry a full line of the famous Penc-
tang Shoe pack anil all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoe Repairers, Saddlers Harness Makers
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund    - -    $4 600,000
Has 83 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highost current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
THAT is the name, an-d
below is the trademark,
you are to look for next
time  you buy underwear.
Your size in any garment
with that trademark will
fit perfectly, will outwear
ordinary underwear, will
not shrink. Yet you pay
nothing extra for this
extra value; and you get our
Guarantee of " money back
if you can fairly claim it."
Made at Paris in Canada,
by PENMANS Limited. „
Smokers' Supplies for Xmas
The old reliable now lms lhe largest and best line ol Smokers'
Supplies ever iii the ("it;, and our prices nre right. Fifty brands
of cigars to choose (rom. Price fn m SU Oper box up; not made
Irsin scrap either.
Meerschaum  Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes from $3.50 Up
Our siock   ol   Calabash   Pipes  is  smnll  on  accounl  of  llic.
crop being a failuie this year anil qualitv ]ioor.
Briar Pipes in case- from $1.00 up.
Ask for the famous II. B. B. brand. Ever}' pipe is guaranteed.
Cigar and Cigarette Holdeis, Cases and Lighters, Pouches,
Ash Trays and Pipe Racks. Tell us what you want and we will
suit vou. If vou cannot call, phone 37 and goods will be sent to
vour home I'or approval.    Buy early while stock is complete.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Everybody knows him, he will
tell you lhat Ihe whiskeys we are
selling are the best, ('nil and lie
convinced. No household should
be without a supply of c tir Harvey's Speolal Scotch Whiskey) our
Frapln Liqueur Brandy, giiaiante.)d
BOyeais old or Blackberry Brandy,
for Medicinal purposes. Our stork
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
kinds are unexcelled. Sold by all
the leading hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Dealers In Purs Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
Wait for no man or woman. Don't get
McKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke
Taken in Cy Poiltryiren We
He Seeks for Information-
Stories of Knowing (hicks
"Mow old Is a middle-aged lien'.'"
writes Peter McArthur from his retreat at lCklrid, in tli-c heart ol rural
Ontario.   Then lie continues:
You needn't bo afraid to answer.
There is no catch about it. 1 am
honestly asking lor information.
One duy a friend told me lie had
sonic liens to sell. Wishing to up-
pear interested and to make conversation,  I asked:
"How old are they?"
"Oh, just middle-aged,"  he  replied.
That brought mc up with a jerk. I
thought 1 knew quite u lot about
hens, but that answer stumped mc.
Of course, I didn't lot on to him that
I was so ignorant. I just said, "Ah
indeed," or something like that, and
chunged the subject. Then I began
to question people quietly, but 1
could lind  no one  who could  make u
j decent guess at the age ot a middle-
aged hen. As time past I asked move
boldly, but could get no light, ami
now I am shamelessly asking tbe
question in public, [eeling sure thnt
the mujority ol people are just as ignorant as I am.
The books on hens to which I have
access tell just how long It is proOt-
! able  to  keep hens,  and  ut  whut  age
; they should  be  tinned  over    to    the
I boarding-house keepers,  but they give
no hint of the uge a lieu might reach
II allowed to run her course in good
. health. I beard of one hen that lived nine years after she had been
bought as a safe und reliable hatcher
but there is no knowing how old   she
I wns at the time of purchase.     Possi-
j bly the information I am liiiutiiin lor
is practical  value,  but  I should real-
'■ !y like to know just what age can be
attained by  a     clean-living    hen    of
I cureful habits. I doubt very much i!
any of the hen expert** who think
they know thc hen from beak to gizzard can give me the right answer
While        questioning       poultrymen
about their hens, in the hope that I
' could learn something about the age
question.   1 got a lot of other inlor-
' m-ation that is not to he found in the
1 books. If it is of no other use, it mny
teach some of   us humility for   wc   are
Altogether too apt to think we know-
all about a subject when nil we have
is a working knowledge.
"A chicken gets to know its mother before it comes out of the shell."
suid an old-timer in all seriousness.
Tbc inde   laughter   with   winch Ma
statement was greeted roused Ills
"You think that is funny, don't
you Why don't you come at me
with the old question, 'which is thc
chicken's mother, the hen thnt lays
the  egg,   or  the  lien   that  hatches  it
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Order now your winter's supply
Best on the Market
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-   -  ■ * ~ — ■   ■
out:' Y'ou put iu a lot ol your lime
at nature study, but just because
' hens arc under your nose all the time
you know nothing about them, Ho
you know why a rooster crows at
| night?"
1 confessed my ignorance.
"Well, you needn't feel badly about
I it. There isn't a scientist in the whole
llot who can make even u deccut
guess at it. Crowing at. night seems
to contradict the story ot evolution.
Wo ono cun figure out what good it
does, and every fool knows that it
tells all tbc crcuturcs that prey ou
the chickens just where they are
roosting. It is u wonder the whole
race of jungle fowl wusn't killed oil
before men tamed tlioni and took
ihem into their barnyards. And in
i-pite of all tbe strange tilings about
hens thc best papers can do is to ask
'Why is a hen?" or 'Why does a hcu
cross the road'." or some such fool
(|iiestio"n as that. Lots oi people havo
studied the hen, und yet the hen, as
a hen, is us much unknown as tho
wildest bird of the woods."
Having reduced me to submission,
ihe old-timer returned to his original
"It you know anything about hens
you would know that what I said
about a chicken learning to know its
mother while still in the shell is tho
straight truth. Even Incubator chickens get to know the person who is attending the incubator before they
iome out of the shell."
He paused defiantly, but finding
Ihut there wus no opposition he resumed  his tale.
"Lots ol times I have had hall a
dozen cluckers bring out their :hlck-
<ns in the sume bouse ou the same
day. When I would go iu among ttem
tbey would naturally get mixed up,
but it would take only a few minu -
lis [or them all to get straightened
out again. Just a few clucke f.om
the old hens and lhe Mixed up en <K-
viis would separate into groups. If
one happened to run to the wing
hen he would begin to -peop.i ccp" at
the top of his voice. You collid see
.it once that he knew he h.ul made a
mistake, and it wouldn't be long I r-
fone the old hen he wns vi-nting would
peck at him nnd tell bim I j bo on
his way. You Or I couldn't t'.'i tinpe
llully chickens apart, hut tne hens
that hutched them could -Ml every
time. Although a ben will r.o'. notice
il she loses some of her chickens, sat
nill raise a rumpus ut once If you
try to give her some that ilo nov. I e-
loag to her. To get back to what *e
were talking about, if a ihick'n can
tell the cluck of its own raot'nT from
the clucking ol a lot of othir hens
just after it gets out of the chotl ho>v
could ii lenrn to know her voice except by getting used to it while Mill
In thc shell? Chickens are cftrn
awake and 'peeping' a souple o! <! <ys
before they come out, anl >oU enn
hear their mothers crooning ei.d
clucking to them just tho game ,s
they do after they are hat-iied. Theft)
are thincs that you can lind out fi r
yourself by making a careful stv.-y of
some of my old hens Instead ol nature faking."
"But what you said about incubator chickens is pretty still," 1 protested.
"tt mny seem like that to you, but
lt is perfectly straight, I have nt-
ti'iiiled to many an incubator of chickens and  ns a mattei   of course  kept
ou tulking to the old ludy while Urn
ing the eggs uud regulating the heat.
Well, sir, those incubator chickens
are never afraid ol mc, but will
'peep, peep' when I am around just as
■if 1 were their mother, but they will
run into the brooders aud hide if a
Stranger appears. They will do this
Irom the time tbey come out ol the
shell, and the only wuy I cun account
for it iB that they lenrned to know
my voice while they were still In ihe
Seeing that I was swallowing every
thing that he hud to say, he went on:
"t)o you happen to know that n
hen bas a self-locking grip ou the
roost when bIio goes to sleep at night?
When a hen bends her knees her toes
cloBe of themselves. You can observe
that at any time if you watch a hen
when she is walking and stepping
high. The benefit of that is that
when a ben bends her knees and settles down on the roost her toes have
a grip that will not let go, however
soundly she sleeps. She must straighten herself up before she can let go
her hold. That is why it is so hurd to
pull alien oil ihe roost at night and
why she squawks so much if you
try it."
"1 don't know whether scientists
class hens as birds of prey or not, but
I am sure they arc iu some way related to the hawks. A hen will kill
young birds or little animals and cat
them, just tike any hawk. You know
thoBe big bruhmu roosters I have iu
tho coop beside tne cornfield? Well,
every time I go and take up a shock
of corn or go do some husking they
always follow me and thcro isn't a
i ghost of a show for a mouBe to get
awuy.   The collie dog goes with   me
(Continued on l'age Three.)
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Y.M.C.A. gymnasium on New Year's
day, There will tie nn afternoon nnd
evening performance, the tickets will
be 25 cents for both ufternoon and
evening. Refreshments will be served
bj thc Indies nt 10 cents each person
after the basket bull gnme. Now is
the time to see what the boys are
doin;. besides having a good hearty
A change in tbe order ot the Men's
meeting 16 to l-e made on Sunday,
Dec. 24th. A good old fashioned song
strvic* :.- I" tnke the place of the
regular service. Songs that mother
• • m ■-ill be sung. In addit
i"ii to Hum. there will be solos by
Mrs. Bews Mrs. Cameron nnd Mr
Davis Mr. Giflord will have charge
ol rhe service. All men are Invited
to th.F Bong service, it only lasts for
an ln"ir. Com" and pick out your
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SATURDAY,   DEO.   23rd,   1911.
Tue right iu cut limber uuder license uu berth No. all, comprising tue
luaovMug luuus iu tne Province oi
Hiit.su uoluniuia, will he ollered at
puunc auction at tue upset price o,
■»J,ii*,."", including cost ol survey, at
2 o cioct, r..M., ou Weunesuay, the
-lu iM.iuiiiy, r.ii», at tue uiuee oi
tue Donnniou 'limber Ageul .tl Kam
iinii-i.'.' Berth No. J41, Bituate n
llic ii ounce ol lir.tish Columbia, in
Townsuips u and 2b, Range tl, uuu
'lowusnip ..,, Range 2U, West oi the
■ilu iiieriuiau, ontaimng nn area oi
.k. ol it square mile, us shown on
iu an ol survey tliereol approved by
tne eurveyoi General, June 12th,
Wn, .uiu ". imoi.hi ,ii the Timber anu
Grazing Branch of the Department oi
tne interior, Islands which may oc
cur .u bodies ol water within this
bertn  are excluded.
ine timber on uus bertb must be
removed w.thin three veins from the
'..ii,' oi salt , after wnich the pur
chaser -  i ghi   to cut  sii.iii ceaae.
A license will uot be Issued until
the lull amount *•: the purchase price
una the ground rental lor ihe inst
yeai   iiave   been  paid.
Tbe conditions of payment, rule of
rental, etc., ari contained In the Tim
Oer Regulations, s copy ••.' which
mn> ■ secured on application to the
undersigned • i to tbe Crown Timber
Agent at Kamloops. A blue prim
showing tbe location ol tbe bertb
will i.e lurnlsbed on application.
!• ,ial tment ol ue Interior,
Ottawa, November 2t), 1911.
ik.i.s    SALE OK TIMBER
i..\ Mis
right to cm     mhei   under lie-
' 12, comprising tbe
in  tbe  I'ii.-. .i.ii
a    will  :■: ollered    at
il •:     ipsei prici
•»■ " -  * ■ st ol sin vey,   at
I   I*.  M .  ou    Wednesday, the
(12,    '  ': ■  ollice    ol
er Agent   ul Kam
, si-
Tim ■     Bertb,  No,  :i:,    sit ial
tin* Proi m     *.;  Hi itisb ■ olumbia, in
Ti *• **-i. ;   :■,  Itai ge ...  Weal  ol tbi
.'*.    '■' mpi - ; .*  Legal a .*
and the Noi tb *   Legal H *
d.vibiua li.,   ft Ctlon '        ve;    an
area n! .21  uf  a  square  mile,    m. *i ••
■oi   lest,   as  shown   un I
'  ■ approved   :*, .: rejrot
General,  J uni   Uth,  l5ll,  and
coil   .I.    the     Timber    and Hi
Brant !i   ■! tbe Department ul the lo
tern:     Islandi   which   may   occui   In
tei   i.n.,ii t bia bei th are
The t.i... . this bertb must be
removed with Irom the
date oi sale,  after     wbich the    pur
chasers right t" '-ut  snail cease.
A license w.n nui * Issued until
tue full amount uf ibe purobase price
and the ground rental fui ibe lirst
year  have  been  paid.
The conditions ul payment, .'ate u',
teiital. etc.. nre contained In the Tim
ber Regulations, a eopy ol wbich
may ire secured on application to tin*
Undersigned oi t" the Crown Timber
Agent at Kamloops. A blue print
■bowing the location of the berth
will be furnished on application.
bepaltmenl  <>f the interior,
Ottawa, November an, 1911.
aul.l.1*.   .In***.,     i.ijl...   mri>.   fiat,   heal,
is tkrest sad !»»<••     • ■  •     «l> e«w
Corporation of thc City of
Voters' List 1912
Henderson, Pete.
Hobbs, Geo.   It.
| Hobbs,   Mrs.   J.   M.
Hooloy, l''.
lloszuuskl,  Mike
Hoyluud,  It.
Humphreys, Miss C. M
Hyland,   Hobt.
Halliday,   I).   H.
Hayward, A. bl,
Hope,   Tom
llulm,   A.  E.
Inncs,  A.  M.
Jenkins,   J.  W.
Johnson,   E.   J.
Johnson,  J.
Johnson, J. A.
Aineley, P, 0,
Aldridge,  Joseph
Allen,  10.  1''.
Amato,  Joe.
Anderson, J.  t2j
Armstrong,   Mrs.   A
Armstrong, W.  J.
Austin, Chas.  L.
Adams,   II.
Alexander, David
Astbury,  Thos.
Hafaro, Frank
Bilker,   Mrs.   K.
Barnes, Geo.
Barron,  lloni.
liciuley, Mrs. M. E
Beech,   Thos.
Bell,  Miss A.  M.
Beiuschi, Dom.
Benjamin, H. B.
Bellnskl,  J.
Blackberg,   A.
Bocm,  Mike
Boyd,  Wnltcr
ilii.vie,   John
i.i . 1,-1'les.'.  Mrs. A.
Bregolese, B.
iiuii, w. l'.
Brown, 0. C.
Brown, F. Wm.
Bruce, Hugh
Bruce, Mrs. M.
B.ucKlock, ll. Ii.
Bailard, li. J.
Baynes, H. L.
Hell,  Geo.   13.
Bell,  Dugnld
Blair,   Wm.
Brudsbaw, T. W.
Brown, Win. J.
Buuynn, Johu
Uumeron, li. 0.
Cameron, Vi.  S.
aiicelliere,   A.
Carlson,   Johu
Carlson,   Swan
Caracul, A.
Carmichael,  Jas.
t asciato, Mis.  J.
Casciato, D.
t'asciato,   R.
Catlen, L.
Cuilen, J.
Chamberlain, Tbos.
Colacurclo, Muria
Colacurclo, 0.
Colacurclo, F,
Colacurclo, A.
Colarco, G.
Colarco.  K.
Comozzi, S.
Comozzi,   Teresa
Copeland, R.  H.
Cu, eland,  T.
i !oi ling,  Kd.
Corning, Mrs. J.
Corson,  .Mrs.  A.
i '• rson, Frank
Coiigblan, Mrs. H. E.
Cocorochlo,  P.
Crowe, S. S.
'nming, H.   P.
Cameron, E.  C.
Campbell, J. A.
i'ui pouter,  Hy.
Ctillinson.  A.   J.
Cotterell, Chas. A.
Cunuiugham,  C.  B\
Duim,  Joe.
Damoer,  N.
liamoer, Mrs. M.
D'Arcangelo,   F.
D'Arcangelo, G.
Daniels, A. G.
Davidson, Andy
Deblas,   Joe.
Decorpo, Dom.
Defeo,  Nuzio
Defeo, G.
Bl '•  ",  Angelo
Deteo,  Annabel
Del   '.  Joseph
I" ' o, P.
i P.ilmei
Dei i,  Mrs. 1.
I"     ir,   Mis    A.   A.
Do all.  Jas.
U Hubs.
D    lop,   Jas
Da    II,  R   n
En >anls. Geo   w
fi tt    i
Kit  *in
Fl I   her.   .1
Fleming,   Mis    N
Fi      mh*.,,  c
Fui co,  I'.
Fuoco,  Louis
Fin CO,  Mrs.   It.
Fui  .i,  Lulgl.
V  , c.
    II. II
Faint, Ed.
GaUicano, D *m
GaUicano, II i riii.i
Gullicano, V.
GaUicano, E.
Garland,  John
Camel,   II, I',.
Gibson, Thus.
Guliln,   Lulgl
Griflin, M. T.
Grow, A. G.
Gulletto, Jns.
Gr/zio, Angelo
Colder, Wm,
Hamilton, Wm.
UeUlteliVVt   ii   lit
Property Owner
Property Owner
Keegau,  Mrs. II. W.
Kennedy,  J.  D. "
Keuwiird,  All.
Kimherly,  Geo.
KiuikniBki, M.
lino wit OU,   Mrs.   E.
Knox,  John
Kecgan, H. W. tluiiso Holder
l.ani.'ina,   I'. Property  owner
Lamana,   S.
House Holder Laughead,  H,
" ii        I l.aiiglienil,   Mrs.   M.
" l.aurenti,   F.
Property owner Laurent!,  it*
" "     Lapolssluskl,  A.
" "   : Lefeaux, W, M.
'•      Lewis,  Thus. " "
Lewis, F. II. " "
" u      Long,  Tuny " "
• '    'Lonzo,   Mrs.   M.   C.
• • ' Lonzo, Joseph " " I
Lundell, A. F. " " j
Lundell, Chas. E.             " "    j
Seiillioriic,  A.
Simpson,  J. T.
Stntz, Ml
Stevenson,   Geo
Stevens,  M.  D,
Swanson,  A.
Sweet,  J.  W.
Tnylor, Hon
Taylor,  Mrs.
Terrln, A.
Thompson,  R.  J.
Torak,   Andrew
Treut,  C.   J.
Thompson, A. W.
Thomson,  Allan,
Urquhart,  0. D.  A.
Uniuhart,   R.
Urquhart, J. S.
I "glow, E.  J.
Wadman, Mubel
Wadman, T.
Wales, Isabella
Westman, Peter
Williamson,  Geo
Wilson,  H.   S.
Wlsnor, 11
Woodruff,  it. T.
Wnlkden,  It.
Wilson,  A.  0.
Wilson, J. L.
Young, F.
House  Holder
Property Owner
Kincaid, A.  E.
Knii'ht, Geo.   H.
Kerrigan,  M.
Lace,  A.  F.  H.
Lawson, B.  A.
Laing,   F.   W.
Laughton,   John
Law. Mrs.  W.  J
Lawler, M. 0.
Lawrence,   Mrs.
Lee, Mrs,
Lindmark, C.  F.
Lund,   Mrs.  Gus.
Lynch, F.  J.
Lyons,   J
Lldy,  M.
Mil hell,  li
House  Holder
Property  Owner
W.   M.
W.   M.
T.   J.
A.  C.
Mrs.  A.
W, M.
Mrs.   A.
House Holder
Property Owner
House Holder
; to bi  Holder
Lyon.  J.
Little,  T.  E.
Lachaiice,   E.   W.
Laughlan, H. 0.
Lapworth, J. J.
Lea, W. T.
Lee, A. E.
Lee,   Mrs.   A.   E.
Madiliiloiii,   II.
Malloy, Miss A.
Manley,   J.  V.
Marcheson, A.
Mathie,  Mrs.  L.
Mickeljohn, Geo.
Mensing,  Oarl,
Micieli,  Teresa
Micieli,   Horn.
Miller,   A.   E.
Miller,  C.   •'.
Moran, Mrs. J.
Property Owner ' MorK"»-   tsaac'
,, ,.      Mathie,   Jas.
,,    | Maxwell,   J.  A.
,,    'Miller,  W,
„   ;Moaae, S. B.
,, ,,      Murray,  D,   J.
McCarty,   Mrs.   F,
McDonald, R. I).
McDougall,   J.  D.
,, ,,     McGinnis,  Jas.
,, ,,      McGuire,   Mrs,   J.
,, ,,      McGregor,  A.
,, ,,      McKenzie,  W. E.
,,      Mackenrot,   E,   A.
,, ,,      MeKinnon. H. F.
,, ,,      McKinuon,  D.   J.
,,      MeKinnon. Mrs. I).
McLauchlln,   w.   E.
McLean,  D.   II
McLeod,  D.
,, ,,      McLeod.  John,
McRae, Mrs.  a.
McRae, K, G.
McDonald, R. J.
Mclntyre,  R,   I..
.Mclsaac,   M.
McLean,  W.  0.
North, i has.
Norlierg, o.
Newsome,  Clms.
Nicholson,  J.  M.
Nlcholsi n   .1.  D.
 jOsborne,   W.   E.
Overton.   M
,, Pagdin,  Thos.
., ,, Palmer, J
, Palmer,   Mrs    J.   D
Property Owner   ''Hrtli'   A    N*
Patrick,   I.
„    ! Patrick.  Mrs.  M.  B.
Pettipiece, Mrs   M M
Peetlplece, .1. H
PblppS,   Mrs.   A    K
'r scate '*    9am
p.illHck,   .1.   T.
,, ,.     Pontuei . a
,, ,,     i' i'.i. Thompson
idollnl,   Anselmu
Pradolini,   ArcMile,
,, ,,     Practico,  Dom,
Pi irtico   B
,, ,,       inm...   Z
,,       Pigs:'*'
,, ii     ■ 1' '!'- *
,, ,. , Pun Is    i    ii.
.. ; Paterson,  0
,, .< jl'arkei     P
,, ii Robertson,  P.
Hui.se Holder RoMnson,   i    n
,. I Robinson,   Fred
Hmlgers.  .1    R
^^^^^^      Knote,   T    I
,,              ,,       Itoss,  ViiiII.
,.             .,      Robson,  .1.  c
,i     Rutherford,   I
,, H ' Ross,  Geo
" "     Banelverino,  Joe
" "       Sehnfli'i    Mrs    !•'
"       Scott,  Walter
" "     Serrianni,   i
House Holder '■ S.munni.   AiigusMi"
"        "        Serrianni, 0,
Mirrlanm,   P.
Slmone, li   de
Sine, F   E.
Smith,  8.
Skldiirk.  M.
Somes.  Pred
Blrrlannl, Ud.
Snpiirit.n, F.
Saparitn,   ,11
Shaw, Geo.  ii.
Bpi ,*u'ge, Mrs. G, M.
Stneev,   MrH.   K.
SqunrehrlggB,  ll.
Ht.iinly, Thus.
Slliiier, Mrs. M.
House Holder
Anderson, Chas. E.     Property Owner
Armstrong,   Willis   J, "
Armstrong,  Mrs.  S.
Austin,   Ed.   K.
Bain,   Mrs.   T.   W.
Barber, J. Guy
Burr,   Mill-tin   L.
Barraclough,   13,
Bell, G. W.
Hews,   Walter, " "
Bews,   H.   J. ....
Bingham,   John
Bongard, Ed.
Bourne, Mrs. F.
W.   I
Property Owner
J.   J.
House  Mo'iler
Property   Owner
II.,11-* 1'. ;. ,-r
Prop *rt v
•rty  owner
I'i uperty
Property Owner
Property Own»r
Burrldge, E. <
Bnln, T. W.
Btitrhclor, Wm.  C
Bell,  W.  H.
Bent,  Percy
Brooker, A. G.
llrund,  D.  W.
Caley, John
Cnrr,   Mrs.   H.
Clark,   Mrs.   B.
Clark,   Geo.   M.
Corley,   MisB  M.
Cook,   Henry
Corley, Mrs.  B.
Cowan,   Wm.
Gowle, A.
Crick,  Mrs.  A
Crick, A.  G.
Cross,   A.   E.
Cumming,   H.
Crowe. S. S.
Cutler,  H.
Cronyn, F.  E.
Calder, J. D.
Camp,  F.   F.
Conners, Wm.
Davidson, Andy
lliekey,   Wm.   J.
Downs,  Mrs. Susan
Donaldson,  w. B.
Dunn,  Wm.
Dolan,  P.
Ounii, J.   [..
I' mean,   David
Buck.  A.   G.
Duckworth, F
Ewing.   Fred.
Fleming, Wm.
Flinitt.   Mrs.   y,
.  Mrs.   W.
Foote, w.  A.
Fraser, Dan C,
Fretz,  Frank  H.
Fulton, Hon. F.
Garland, J. w,
.   Jas.   M.
Gordon, Mrs   M
',**p!..ii.   K.
Cordon.  W     I
Gould,  Julin
(    H,
,    K     M
Grimes, Mrs   M.
"i.  tt    P..
Greenwood! A.
',-„••      Set.
Gillan.   (     K
M * h
i *
Hum**.     '
Hume,   I     H
I    H
Hume,   P.    M
..  Ft
Hean!,   R.   W,
■m.   J.
Howson,  i.
i. '
st, c.
II..rm II    W
Hume,    lark
.1*,III   Hl,||.     I)
lohnson,  Blgfrled
JolHlh, 0
Junes,   Mrs.   M
Jones,  Oliver,
Junes,  Andrew
Johnson,   C,
Keliie.  Mrs.   M.A.
Kilpatrick, Mrs. Thos
Kilpatrick,  Thos.
Kincaid, M(e, M,
KliiOHld,   l    E.
i' napp, Geo,  I).
Kincaid, A. E.
House Holder
Property Owner
House Holder
Property Owner
House Holder
Pioperty Owner
Property Owner
Property Owner
II"*  Hul'ler
III.   Property Owner
*    M    K       "
House   Holder
propel tj  "
Mathie,  Jns.
Miller,  Geo
Matheson,   J.   E.
Muhony,   J.
Morris,  G.   A.
Moir, Ohas,
Murray,   Wni.
Munro,  J. S.  H.
Mulholland,   H.
MeCarter,  G.  S.
MeCarter,  Miss E.
MeCarter,  Katie 0.
McOarty,  Frnnk
McCarty,  Mary
McClenegan, A. B.
Macdonald, C. R.
' McDonell, A. J.
McDonald, Mrs. M. E. J
McEachern,   Neil
Mclntyre,   John
Mclntyre,  Jns.
McKenzie,  D*  H.
MeKinnon,  J. t).
MeKinnon,   Mrs.   Ruth
MeKinnon.   II.   F.
McLean,   E.   H.   8,
Mi Lean,   Angus
McMahon, Sum.
McMillnn,  J.  A.
McHuiy, Mrs. M.
McSorley,  H.  J.
McSorley,   John
MeVity, Mrs. B. C.
MeCarter, G. S.
i MeCarter, G. S.
| McClenegan, A.  B.
Mcltae, Alex.
Mcltae, Alex.
Mclinc, Alex.
McRae, Alex.
MeCarter, Geo. (Sr.)
McArthur,   H.   H.
McDonald, A. D.
Mclutyre,  R.  J.
Mcintosh,  W.  J.
MeKinnon,  Leo.
MeKinnon,  C. W.
McLeod, Norman
McLeod, K. S.
Mcl.ennon,  J. P.
McMorney,  Wm.
McMillan,  Frank,
MeVity,   H.   H.
North,  W.
Osborue,  L.
j Paget,  0.  B.
Puget, MiBB E.
Parry,  H.  M,
Perks, J. V.
Pratt,  W.  II.
Perks,  J.   V.
Probyn,   L.
Ramsay, R. H.
Bobbins, S. G.
i Hoeser, Fred.
I Ross,  Mrs.  J.
Robertson, W. B.
Robbins,  S.  G.
Reeve, 1'. B,
Hewcastlc, W. J. "
Rose, A. E.
Ross,  Angus House
Samson,   J. Property
Sawyer,  R. "
Snwyer,  Henry "
Scott,  Mat  J. "
Shearer,  W.  G.
'■ Sibbald,   J.   D.
Skene,   Chas.  R. "
Skene,  Mrs.   0.   R.
Smith,   J.   L.
Smith,   R.
Smythe,  11.  M.
Sneddon,  J. "
Sutherland,  Dr.  W.  H.
Sutherland,   Lilian   M.       "
Sutherland,   Sam "
Sweeney,   \l .  (', "
Blbbald, J. D,
Btokes, W. R. ll.
Smith, J.  K.
the, w. A.
Ihurman,  J.
' i wood,   w.
Bpurgeon, 8,  ,1.
•rt,    W.   L.
mh,   lv   F.
.'    C
Taylor,   *l,   E,
Telfei    .1    T.
I    E,   F.
T.i,".     V    VI.
u."       l'i auk
*  '■ b,  J.  C.
Mark      I     H
WellB.  F    11.
While,   J.   If.
tt iHiaa.    C      J.
v, llson, Alhei t
w llloughby, Hoy,
A gent
Property Owner
llo.ise  Holder
Property Owner
Home Holder
Property   Owner
Holdi r
Abrahamson,  Jobn     Property iiwner
Uirabamson,  Ohns, " "
ifunwe  Holder
Property riwn«r
ll. W.
Ma nhn in sou
A la aliamsoii
Arkley, May
Allen, Wm.
alltllll, E. M.
\nderson, ,f. iNu.
Vndsnon,   August
Armstrong,  J,  H.
Atkins, B. R.
Atkins,   Mrs.  Mary
Armstrong,  W. D.
Heck,  11.   1).
Beck,  John,
Hlackmore,  It.   L,   A.
Bradley,  E.  A.
llradiey, Mrs. Mae
Brown, Wni.
Brown,  B.L.
Hull.   John
Burn,   Wm.
Baylies,  E.  G.   J.
Culey,   Hobt.
Caley,   Mrs.  J.
Calder,  MrB.  A.  11.
Calder,  W.  C.
Carlson, A. J.
Carlson, Mrs.  A. G.
Clark,   H.   J.
Olough, Geo.
Coursier,   MrB.  H
Coursier, II. N.
Coiillln,  Mrs.  A.  A.
Crcssman,  Mrs.  J. B.
Craig,  Andrew
Corley, T.   11.
Cressmau, J. B.
Cowan,  II.   M.
Durliisliire,  J.
Devine, J. J.
Davis, 0. P.
Doll,   J.   L.
Dowdb,  Thos.
Dow,   Alec.
Deteo, Alfonso
Edwards,  Ed.
Edwnrds,   Thos.
Edwards, Mrs. Addie
Elson,   Mrs.   W.
Evans, G. A. E.
Field,  Chas.  M.
Field,  Mrs.  L.  A.
Fleethnm,  Mrs.  M.
Forbes,  W.  A.
Fleetham, F.
Gillian,   J.
Gibbons, Hand
Goepel, W.  J.
(lowing,  Art.  G.
Gi'anut.,   A.
Graiiat,   0.
Green, R. W.
Graham, Ed. A.
Gordon, 0, W.
Howe, A.  J.
Hack,  Mrs.  A.
Haggen,   Mrs.   A.
Haggen,  R.
Hnll,   Miss  M.   A.   L.
Hedstrom, Gus.
llenrick, B. M.
Holten,  Chas.
Holten,  MrB.   C.
Horobin,   Mrs.   E.   A.
Horobin,  W.  H.
Hillmnn,  A.
Hull,  Bert
Hyntt,  Mrs.  M.
Jnmieson,  Mrs. A.
Johnson,  Arthur
Johnson,  MrB.   A.
Johnson,  Gus.
Jollitle,  W.  H.
Julian,  Mrs.   F.
Jnmieson, "Ins.
Kngawn, Jennie
Kennedy,  Mrs.  M.
Kennedy,  J.  P.
King,   Wm.
Kilson, A.
Lune,  Berta
Laughton,   R.
Law,  W.  J.
Lawson, Mrs. M
Lawson,  B.  A.
Leslie,  J. A.
Levesque,  E.   E.
Lidy, Chas.
Lund,  Gus.
Levesque,  A.  I'.
Lee, John
Mara,   J.
Maddocks, A. R.
Maddocks,  E.
Mickleson,  J.   E.
Mitchell, 0. W.
Mitchell,  Delia
Morgan,   J.
Morgan,  Mrs.   R.
Morris,   Mrs.Janet
Morris, Mrs. Alice
Morris, H. C.
Murphy,  P.
Morris,  Wm.
McCarthy,  1).
McCarthy, Miss J.
MeBean, E.
McDonald,  8.
McKenzie,  J.  B.
McKenzie,  J.  H.
McKinney,  Mrp.  H.
McLean,  J.  K.
McMahon,   Mrs.   S.
McMahon, W.
McOrae,  Alex.
McKne, A.
McKinney,   11.
McPherson,   11.
Needham, J. ll.
Needham,   Sam.
Needham, Mrs. M.
Needham,   T.   K.
Nelson,   J.
Nagle,  G.   fl.
Orr,  Mrs.  C.
Orton,  Mrs.  A.
Oflord, F.
Payne, Mrs. E. R.
Pcrrin,  Jules
Perrlilinl, J.
Perry,   A.   W.
Peterson, p. A.
Peterson, p. R.
Perks, Mrs. J. V,
Pienril, Mrs. F. A.
Pool, W. B.
Pradolini, 0,
Pratt,   W.   H.
Paterson, J.  M.
Procunler, C.  A.
Rabonchese,   LoU*S
rtalif uchese,  A.
Haboiichese.   Mrs
Hossm,  GaitOD,
Huiissell,  Thos.
Bobbins, 9. 0.
House Holder
Property Owner
House  Holder
property Owner
House  Holder
Property  Owner
House Holder
Property Owner
House Holder
Property Owner
Houso Holder
Property Owner
House Holder
Property  Owner
House  Holder
Property   Owner
Property Owner
House Holder
Property Owner
House Holder
Property Owner
House Holder
Property Owner
House Holder
Pioperty Owner
ii ti
Property Owner
House Holder
Pioperty    Owner
House  Holder
Property  Owner
Itoynolds, II. R.
Sain,  Henry
Saiinderson,  J.
Scott,  .1.  B.
Scott,   Mrs.   E.
Sieglricd,   H.
Shaw,  J.
Shaw, MrB.  Julia
Smythe,   MrB.   8.  A.
Spuulding,  A. E.
Smythe,  H.  E. R.
Sibbald, Mrs. A. R. H
Simmons,  Elsie
Skinner,  Mrs.  E.
Smith, Mrs. M. A.
Smythe, Mrs. A. 0.
Spurling,  Mrs. A. L.
Steed,  Mrs.  T.
Steed, Thos.
Stonei,   II.  B.
Stono, Mrs. A. L.
Stone,  J.  A.
Sutherland,   J.   P.
Sweeney,   John,
Shaw,  Geo.
Stopford,  E.  li.
Stewart, R. J.
Tapping,   R.
Taylor, T. E. L.
Terry, Fred.
Tomlinson, W.  J.
Trimble,  Ed.
Turner,  J.  A.
Turnross,  Mrs.  E.
Thompson,   Win.
Walsh, T.
West,  Agnes 	
Willis, Francis, E. " "
Woodrow,  J. I. "
Walker,  Jits. House  Holder
List of persons in Rovelstoke
School District, but outside ol tho
Municipality, who arc entitled to
vote at tho election for thc said
School District during  tho year 1912:
House Holder
Property  Owner
House  Holder
Property Ownor
Amato,  Joe
Bell, G.  W.
Ucrnrducci, A.
Bain, Mrs. T. W.
DouiKc,  Mis.  John
Ciibrini,   Frances.
Cameron,  T.  W.-
Comozzi,   Joseph
Campbell, D.  R.
Carlson,  Swun.
Catlen, Luigi
clarkc, Joe.
Clelland,   Jas.
Colbeck,  H.
Caiiudlicre, A.
Colla,  Bruna
Colla,   Sato
Colpitts,  R.  D.
Copeland,  R.  R.
Crawford,  Jamleao
Cretelll, Joseph
llilamossi,  R.
Doyle, R. N.
Doyle, Mrs. M. C,
Falsetto, F.
Fagnelli,  G.
Ferguson, D.
Fittont, D.
Fosccca,  C.
Forde, J. I1.
Fraser, Fred
Freeman, J. M.  P.
Fromcy,  E.  C.
Fuoco,  Dom.
Fuoco,  Guiscppc
Fuoco,  Mike
Fuoco,   Philip
Gaman,  B.  F.
Goch,  Mike
Gooch, Clarence.
Graner,  A.  G.
Graner,  H.  G.
Guzzi,  Angelo
Haner,   Jas.
Hamilton,  Wm.
Hansen,   A.  A.  G.
Howson, R.
Jnhelka, Chas.
Julian,  MrB.  A.
Julian, Mrs. F.
Kemster,  Henry
Levesque, P.
Lundell,  A.  F.
Lozsl, Dom.
Laurenti,  Felix.
I.aliiann,   S.
Lindmark,  C. F.
Leslie, W. W.
LeBlane, Louis
Laforme, Geo.
Maddocks,   Art.  R.
Maley, .Job
Main,   John  A.
Marino,  1'.
Martin, Mrs.  Surah.
Mcnotti,  M.
Menotli,  P.
Miller,  It.
Miller, A. E.
Murton, J. H.
Marcheson,  Angelo
Mulholland, H.
McEachern,  A.
McEachern,  N,  A.
Mcintosh,  Dan
Mclntyre,   Jas.
Mclnerncy,   Wm.
MeKinnon,  H.
Mcltne, A.
McSorley, P,
McDonald,  M.  E.  R
Pottrufl, W. H.
Needham,  Sam
Notley,  J.  L.
Palmer, Chas.
PcterBon,  P.  R,
Picard,   Ed.
Pisocreti, N.
Pontuso,  A.
Pollock,  J.  T.
Porter,   J.  J.
Porter, T.  H.  M.
Perks, Mrs.  J.  V.
Pugsley,   John
Pottrufl, W. H.
Purgato, A.
Ruhbitt,  David
Rannlio, a.
Ringer,  John
Scarino,   J.
Shardlow, Mrs. L.
Singer, Wm.
Scrriunni,  Ed.
Serrianni,  Dom.
Skinner,  Mrs. Thos
Smith,  Samuel
Smith, W.  E.
Sproat,  G.  M.
Tapping,   R.
Tyson, Wm.'
Upper, Mrs.  8.
Urquhart,  H.
Watson, W. G.
Wilson, Thos. V.
Wilson,  Mrs.  M.
1, James Henry Hamilton, Mayor
of the City ol Revelstoke, hereby
certify that the Court of Revision
duly appointed by the Council to
revise the Voters' List of the snid
City hnve met und considered this
list and I hereby certify that this is
a correct list of persons entitled to
vote nt Municipal Elections in tbe
City of Revelstoko for the year 1912
passed by such Court of Revision.
Duted Dec. llth,  1911. Mayor.
Moving  pictures at  the Edison tonight.
SOAP — SOAP — SOAP—The Hevelstoke Meat Market has just opeu-
eil up a fresh shipment ot Swift's
famous soaPB, among which aro the
Wool Soap—The Pride soap—tho
Laundry soap—toilet soaps nlso. Tho
Pride cleaner. The prices for these
soapB are right so don't, fail to call
anil iuspect this great variety before
pun basing your Christmas Simps.
Briqulttes    now   in order early. •—
RevelBtoke General Agencies, Ltd.
>E*ntj   Moving pictures at the  EJuou   ii SATURDAY,   DEC.   23rd,   1911.
SATURDAY,   DEC.   titt,   1911.      .
Shop Early, only 6 days
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. 3. flume S Co.. limited
See the New Cash Carrier
II    - I li       1 1"!
■■■■■■■■ in' mmfmChlkm
.  £
T&a thank you all for the
wplenctic business you have
enabled us to build.
The Holiday Trade especially has been beyond our expectations.
Just to show your not forgotten,
Here's a hearty word of cheer,
Wishing you a Merry Christmas
And a bright and glad New Year.
___________________________mm^_______m B ITTRDAY,   DEC.   iiti,   IOU.
SATUIflDAY.   DEC.   23rd,   1911.
—    — ...      _,
Christmas Gifts—Acceptable Presents
Mens Department
Ladies Pony Fur Coats 52-in. long $90
Isabella Fox set
Men's Christmas Ties
Plain  Poplin and  Pancv Silks,  four-
in-hand and splcnil d variety ol colors
Persian Lamb set
Fancy* Suspenders
Astrachan set
Fancy* Combination Sets
Mar Seal set
Suspenders, Armlets ami Garters
Persian Lamb Paw set
Separate Armlets
Black Coney set
Cuff Buttons
Ladies Fancy Waists
Fancy* cTVlufflcn;
Fancy Back Combs and  Barrett
Silk Handkerchiefs
Fancy Collars and F'ancy Belts
House Coafs
Fancy Xmas Umbrellas
Suit Cases and Trunks
and Boy's Sweaters
Linen Tailored Waists
Dressing Gowns
Ladies Mantles and Suit Department
Ladies Kid Gloves, lined and unlined
Kid Gloves
"     Umbrellas
Tie Pins
Caledonian Society Meeting
The first annual general meeting vl.
HevelHtoke Caledonian Sooloty,    was     Mr, umi Mrs, F. Maunder nnd two
held  on  Wednesday   uiglit   111   Selkirk   children  nre  spending  the  Ohrlstmas
GILOHRIST—At Arrowhead, U. <'..
mi the U»th inst, to Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Gilchrist, a daughter,
McCl-.ENEGHA.N- -At    Revelstoke,   11.
C, on the I'M li inst, to Mr. and Mrs
A.  B.  McCleneghan,  a  daughter.
GIBSON—At   RevelBtoke,  11.  C,     on
the 20th Inst   to Mr. and Mrs.    K.
M.  G-ibSon,  n sun*
n\|iiiiv Ioi  \ mir
haw in sioi'k rvorylhing l Iui I umi n
at Cakes, I'mlriinpN  .uul  Min'ee  Moni.    All  fresh
tfnotl.   tiH'luiliuj; Now   Raisins,  Currant**,   Peels,
liv4*.   IX'llM    Xn!
FRUITS    Ail our   Now   Dried
|*'i nil -. have -ii rived mul i hoy are eertninly nieo.    Tlu y
•onsisl of AprVots, I'oaol os, Prunes. Mgs, Pears uiul
\ppl."..   OUR   GOODS   ARE THE   BEST
MacKenzie Avenue
the society to he in a flourishing c6n
illtion in membership and finances.
The arrangements for celebrating
Burns' night are progressing and the
entertainment will be up to the
standard at excellence usually associated with the society.
'I'lie [ollowing officers were elected
:or 1IH2:
President—Wm M, Lawrence.
Vice  President-.I.   B,   McKcnziof
See.-Trcas.—Wm.  s.  Oameron.
Hxocutlve l.'oiiiniittei'—.1. II. Ken,
A. M. tnnes, n. Bell,
Trustees -.1. II. Scott, J.M. Kollte,
C.   It.   MoDonald,
Anilitoi's-J. Carmichael, Thomson
Oui;,  R.   Miller.
Old Timers Attention!
As Mr. Tapping is retiring trom
the opera house (or n period ol flve
years, he has klndlj  ollered the   free
use  iif   it.   for  any   ovoning   before
January 1st next, to the old timers
of  Itevelstoke for an annual  reunion.
11 is now up i" the nl'l timers ol
Revelstoke to say whether or not
they will take advantage "1 Mr.
Tapping's offer.
The Christmas week just, before the
end of the old year would be a K'"°d
time to hold a grand reunion*—what
do you suy old timers.
ABRAHAMSON—At Revelstoke, B.C.
on Thursday the LMst December,
1911, Charles. Gustavc Abrahamson
aged "im years. Born nenr Veners
borg, Sweden in 1856. Funeral will
take pluce from the Central hotel, |
Front street at 2:M) p.m. on Sunday, the Jltli inst. Friends ami
acquaiutaacee please accept this
We arc ofFerin^ for sale 30 i Shares <•! Dominion Trust  Stock
al $9il.',(.t share.
This is
offer i iik for sale 30 i Shares
al $91'.' (i .i share.
an  excellent  investment   paying   frnm
cent, on money and  will  I »• accepted
Becurity at nny Hunk.
Price ol Stock will advance lifter first
to   in  per
-  collateral
The dance ol the Ladies'  Auxiliary    Mr.   E,   Cameron    will" he  nominated
*.' ll. of R.T. has been pastponed.        tor mayor,  on the ticket ol a closed
town,   ami   Mr.   Trevor  Davies,      the
A    Bplendid    Christmas -wvlcs^of  caudi'date for anopen town.   A joiiit
. 1 rfay—l'o not htBltate ahout Investing In Vancouver through a Arm
that haB a reputation at stnkc.—Le-
feaux—Rsvelstoke   and   Vancouver.
Hand GibboUB left  today on a Imsi
trip  to  Arrowhead.  __^^^^^^^^^^    ^^^^^^^^^       ^^^
__\ The  Sunday       cbool  ol   St.   John's ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Mr. W. McRae aud  Mrs. McRae, of  church  will   hold  their  annual  Bleigh Police at the  K.lison,  prices  10 and
(ilengary, Ont., are in the cits  ou a   ,„|,. ,.n Wednesday afternoon of nest 15 cents.
town   \ sit   to  their   brothers  M.-ssrs.   Alex.   w,.ek.    Sleighs   will   leave   the   church       Ladies hefore buying their new hats
ing  is  being  prepared by  the choir
ihe   Methodist   chinch  for  Sunday
public meeting (campaign) will folio
Then  the elect,mi.
Mrs.  Mun ay Hume  Will  not  receive'
■■•.  Wednesday the 27ih inst.
JI Sprate of Creston, was In
nn Wednesday lasl "ii business.
Hefore you stall, out Shopping,
I don't fail to read this column,
j which is bristling with pointers for
I    the bargain seeker.
i    Coursier is gettini; In a stock     tit
semi hard smokeless coal. 2t.
I    Tay  Books  at  Macdonald's     drug
A line large coul heating stove for
rale cheap at Manning's store.
|    Hulls any size at Macdonald's drug
itoie  on  the  corner.
The Star changes its program every day.
Three line moms to rent, for light
housekeeping, call at Manning' store.
!    Hocking    horses    at      Macdonald's
Drug  Store.
Remember   the   special   Ohrlstmas
matinee at the Star.
Christmas Day matinee at the Kdison theatre commencing at 2:30 p.
m. Hood program.
■ The strike iB settled and Coursier
hae a supply of the kind ol coal that
cooks like coming in. t.
Nice boxes of notepaper and envel-
upes tixi'd up for Christmas, all prices
at   Macdonald's drug store.
Come  and  see  the  N.   W,   Mounted
McRae and   IC.  ll.  .McRae.
Mr. F. M.  llilisoti  leaves on Mondaj
Afier  the  • bristmas  holidays, then
ty elections.   But ohl you dark r,ight for Calgary,  where he will    re-
horse. , ,;„ tor a month in charge ol     the   maa ,,v'' u°ve«^' '    ■■- expected that
W.  Bradley, provincial assessor Canadian  Bank   „| Commerce   branch   "»" «* '.<" • *** '»<
jSSSI>^H .     ...     ... 'Irei,  .uul   ara lie  .trcomiiiiuliitnin     has
at  Nelson, paid Hevelstoke a  visit  on '"   that  city
T . ■.-*!.iy   last.
at   2:30 and  alter  the  ride all      will   „hould    see  the    latest  l'aris,  Herlin
return  to  the church  where  refresh -  and  London fashions at the Star.
ments will  be Berved and the Christ
Remember tho     McRae    Mercantile
Belling  hoy- suits today and
tonight .it exactly half price.
■   ■   llradiey,   provincial  assessor| l".'inadian  Bank     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^^H i.e.'ii proviiled.   The teachers    of    the      More   Italian-Turkish   war   pictures
The management   ol the atar theu-   school   wHl  accompany  tbe  part ' Star for   Tuesday
p.  c   Ainslie    general  Inspector at:tie  wishes all   the citiseus  "i   Revel     itti   **. to the coml **f   night.
Jaw, is visiting « th bis tarn-  stoke a*=  well as the strangers  with-  the
ily  tor Uiristmas. ! ,n our gates a  tterrj   Xjnas and
■r    u,     ,     ■        t      u Happi   New   Year.
T.   Hendnciis of     Vancouver,    was
among   the  many   outside  visitors  in
the c.ty on Wednesday.
  level     Been a   prairie
A m, t. ,. pTom   flre, come to the     Bdison to night,
sed and   15  cents.
W. ll.  Robertson    left last evenim: ext      xbe  Stai   theatre  will  run a    con-
r     Winnipeg     where he will spend   *'                    ' o'clock. The  tlnuous performance from 2:30 to 3:30
Mi.  I:   Davis of Wlnlow,  Is spend
; thi   * i    itmas  holidays with his
Ij   at  the Big  Eddy.
1     D.  H ;•• ets  to  leave  the
rt of next week on a ten days
the coaet.
Mi    in I Mrs   A   J   McDonell,     of
onablej—Apply  Mrs.
R   'I ■*■*, ml delivery,   Rev
elatoke, B. C.
' .•■   Hotel   Revelstoke,   leave tonight', „.   .       _.>  ,
a     "">i.*.i   h.on. Wash., and  is  progressing verj
ivorably.    She      hopes    to   be
with her husband nud fri. i
in a holiday trip t,. the coast.
It  . -  with regret that  wi
He  will return next week  meei.ng will be in t-   Christina
\ young lady wants .-.. wing bj  the
'■   ■ ■ .. person   do
,,,„       i: •    ,*.*,  .,l the    newest
..*,,,        *| ],..,. '   for  ynur friend    en
... *  ...   ,t  Macdonald's   drug
.ind   *-i>eri'i
The     Ski      Cluh  have  .
I cleared a run of aboul  two mile
Mount  Hevelstoke  above  town.   This
club is growing  rapidly the men
- .ii' unu  being over a dozen.
Mrs.  (Ieorge  Laforn
underwent  an  operation   it   Be
announce  the illness  of  Mrs.  Smythe ,"'" rcnr-
■■.i.i! postmistress at  Malakwa.      Hand  Gibbons   returned   '•'■■
enlng frnm a week's ■ ■*' p
indary He saj - Green•■■■ *
enlx  are  qu ■
• ttlement of the  itrlke whii
■ ami ■      *■''
Ab  was  stated  In  uur last issue tie-
Herald follow ng  I hi   ;•>,,' I    *
-i  vear. will   n  ordei  to give
stall a  vacation,  will  dispei  ■
'h''    Wi*.|l;i*s.!,,y    ISBi.'     I   the   J7t li   Hint t
the Wednesday Issue ol the      It    : ie   meeting of    the Kpworth   •' "
8rd  of  January   next,  after then  the   I eagi n  Wedm   laj     reming in   the
■   will    l.c     published   regular';,! church,  al   the nomination      «
eon ;    Annual
* i in   weekly a** beretofi ire.
nee ting li i  l he "Mock i    .  i ouncll'
i npplj  "I semi hard
■ it    of  heat,  will last
well     and    is    [ree   from     ga     md
lllr,HI- 2t.
lick up
.**'ir friend,  give them
to   i  lournal  **i
ilaedonald'a drug
■ m  up tor  *.
I " will
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs.
Ilayman  died on Tuesday evening.
Mrs. .1. Dewberg is very ill with
t.onsilitis, wc hope she will he better
Mr, Hartley is preparing a sermon
fm Christinas morning at 11 o'clock.
it is to he especially for the children,  but everyone  will  lie  welcome.
Mr, Olarksow, provincial constable,
Is being transferred lo Atholmar In
the Windermere and will leave tor
his  new  charge  as  soon  ns   his   re,ief
Mr, Gordon Kidney is in llaiikhead
relieving his brother, from there he
will go on to Toronto to spend the
Christinas holidays with his mother
and  sisters.
Public Schools Attendance
The   attendance   at   the      public
schools for December was as follows:
. "nual Bohool, Uiv. 1....2U 88.6H   II |
 11....2o U'iO      d'
   111...80 87.17   in
 IV...II 84.73   ll
 V*.... 11 84.14   1'2
 VI...81 81)88   18
 VII..23 81.8       7
 Vlll HI 80.31    18
Totals 250 84.42 IUM
Silkirk  School  Div. I...42 8088   22
 II... Hi 112.1(1   2tf
 111..87 hit IS   Sl
 IV.. M0 D3.08   21
 V     Hti ili.71    111
Clearance of Mas Goods
('nun: To-Night and u'ct the presents you forgot to
get at clearance prices. We do not want to carry them
over and you can get a lot for very little money.
See lur 25c and 58c. Tables
Articles worth twice the money—a collection of the
"lovelies."   Big values—but they mvst be cleared out.
Bargains in Ladies'  Coats
Bargains in Girls' Coats
Bargains in Furs
Bargains in Oinen and Lace  Pieces
Bargains All Along the Line.
McLennan C& Co.
. TOmfcsor Ibotel IRcstaurant
European iplan
Monthly? .i6oa:t»
Open f>av> and 1Miiil.it
Men l tilcfeets, $0.00
Totals I'l     0 2
l/ivisian 11. of Central school
the Nelson Shield for the month, j
making a percentage of 16.03 in pun- i
duality and pogulurity. Division IV
of Selkirk school wins the shield
a   percentage  of   '.Hi.48.
:;::|cILauol)to)t & Xrappino, Props. *ffi£ffi
High School Attendance
I'ollowilig is the alteiiil.'iik'f at lhc
I'e elitoke High School for the moiilli
o' December, as compiled 1»\ tlie Principal of lbe .scljcol, Miss J. J. Mat'Keii/ii■:
Empress .Brand 2d oz. botiio thoicets Mixed
I'ickles or Chow-Chow.     Ter Lottie 20c
Pint Bottles of Walnut Pickles 10c
High school, Div. I
Div. 11.
2U      7    87.S
- 2 1^0'
'Mi     '.)   81 M4
Hold    Range
Pythias, will I,
lire   'i,n;_-!lt
Now Books tor Xmas Gifts
The Singrer ot the Kootenay ll .-
FollowtnR ol the Star. .    I 50
Case of Richard Meynoll
Mi • IJuini'lu    Wai '
Ma-^y Mittthorn	
i .c. Bai Mi i nit lm m
The Money  Moon    Pariiol
Life Ever astlng   Corelli..       1.25
The Fourth Watch   i .1; 1.2
Adventures In Contentment   1.2S
Boy's Own. Clrl's Own, Soout
Book and   Chums, .. , h.    Jno
Chatter Box          1.00
An Unbroken lino of the most
Up-To-Date  Fancy Goods
collected from ihe Worlcf's
Best Markets, Irolutllng
Several hundred dlfforent lines
In khr.ny CoodS
Pni'lsiun Ivory and White Celluloid Cootls
Vantlnes, Krlumen and Tollot
Cclshn, Wisteria nnd Lotus
Fine Leather Bags, Card Canes
I'uiiMin, elu.
Waterman and 8wan Fountain
Xims Novelties in All Men's Wants
■ .i   Pima i<- ' ash's Iriih Poplin
Tics. Men's Sweater Coats, Dn
Gowns Bnd Smoking Jackets.
Sole Agents for Fit-Reform Clothing
and Foot-Rite Shoes.
^A oyVlerry* Christmas
Another year is now upon us,
and we take pleasure in thanking
our patrons for the liberal share of
business extended to us since opening our branch office here and in
extending to all the compliments
of the Yuletide Season.
A Happy New Year*
E, Q. FOLEY, Manager, MacKenzie Avenue


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