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The Mail Herald Feb 22, 1911

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y> y^
"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $00.
nterior Publisnmg'.Co., Agts
Vineiil Ubrar,
^yisiling Cards
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 17—No. 13
$2.50 Per Year
i   a    1 WE
Consult With Merchants and Announce Their
Verdict Dn What Newly-Laid Eggs Shall Bring
Each Week-When is an Egg a Fresh Egg?
Hardware Co. Ltd
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Ot^c-a— Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
5 S30.000.00
5,530, jOO.00
Branches nr A|;riitfl nl nil principal points in^Camida.
ARents in Great, Britain anil United Suites—London, Kngland,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn hx-
change National Bank. -Seattle—S.-attie National Bank, 9au Francisco -Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Pigs is pigs and eggs is eggs, but
llie questions that worried thc Rev- j
elstoke Poultry Association at tha
meeting held on Thucsday evening
were, whtn Hoes r.n egg cease to be
a fresl egg and why Bhould one set
of fresh eggs tuing more than another set ot fresh eggs. Some held the
opinion that an egg live days after
laying was not a trcsh egg, some
that three days was the limitation ot j
freshness, others that one week was
the limit, and another declared that
he had eaten eggs that day that were
laid last November and were as good
as eggs laid that very day. As to
why some fresh eggs brought mure
than others, Mr. Hobson and Mr.
Bourne who were both present at the
meeting, explained that the price ot
eggs fluctuated according to the sup-
ply and demnnd, and that eggs sold I
at one hour might be worth from ten
to fifteen cents more than sold nn
hour earlier or vice versa. If they
explained, there were plenty of eggs
on the market the price would go
down, but if on the other hand there
were no eggs available they would
have to pay whatever the producer
demanded or else let their customers
go without the dainty embyro for
their morning meal.
The meeting was railed, as l'rewi -
dent MeKinnon explained, to arrange
some 6mcth.7il whereby every producer could get the same price for
his or her eggs, and at thc same
time do no injustice or wurk no hard
ship to the local merchant. The idea
of the association was. of course, to
get the very beat price available,
taking into consideration the Quality
of the article produced. It was obviously unfair, he contended, that
the local producers eggs which could
be guaranteed as absolutely new laid
should be sold at the same price ns
eggs which were shipped in in cases,
and could not he so guaranteed, an.l
it was as obviously unfair that lone
producer should be paid tin or fifteen
cents less thnn another producer for
the same quality of eggs on the same
dny. Some method had to be devised whereby the producer could know
just what his eggs were worth.
It was pointed out that in    some
places a regular clearing house method wns used where eggs wero collected and sold out to every appll -
cant at the same price. That, worked
out satisfactorily, hut the poultry
business in Revelstoke being as yet
in its infancy could not be regulated
thus. It would require considerable
expense to adopt that plan. Another
was the advertising of the price of
really new laid eggs.
Messrs Hoiirne and Hobson explained that eggs produced here and guaranteed as strictly new laid always
brought trom five to ten cents more
than eggs shipped in. They found
that people were willing to pay the
price. Of course there was very little in the business conducted that
way, and it was only by !>nying for
the eggs in produce that they were
worth handling at all.
President. MeKinnon had found,
however, that two parties had the
same day sold fresh eggs to different
parties at 75 cents and Ml cents a
dozen respectively and while putting
tbe merchants in a bad light it had
also worked a hardship on the producers. There should be some method to obviate this confliction of interests.
After much discussion which in the
end only arrived at the starting
point, that eggs sometimes were sold
to ililf?rent merchants at diflerent
prices, it was moved by Parsons and
si'conded by Stark that a committee
consisting of Messrs. I.aing, MeKinnon and Smythe bc nppointed to
get market quotation of eggs biweekly after consultations with merchants handling them and sec that
same quotations were published in
thc Mail-Herald. This will be done.
An audit committee " imposed ot
Messrs. Lning, Fleetham and Stark
was appointed to prepare a report of
the association's financial standing
to forward to the II. ('. Poultry Association from which nn annual grant
is received.
Election  of officers for  the current
yenr resulted as follows:—Hon. Pres.,
11. F. MeKinnon, President, J.
Devine; vice-president, F. W. Laing.
sec.-trens., It. M. Symthe; executive
committre, F. Flectham, J. Mathie,
and B.  W.  B.  Paget.
Power Next Week—Perhaps
Work atthe power plant,
is progressing favorably.
Thc bulk head fits perfectly, but owing to the dynamiting occasioned by the
former recalcitrant bulk
head having to be blown
out, there is considerable
leakage of water. Efforts
are being made, and apparently successfully, to
cement in behind the bulk
head. This is being done
by instalments, leaving
ample room for the water
to How through during the
operation. When the final
aperture is reached stop
logs will be called into
service to stop all leakages
and then the water will be
turned into the flume.
This is promised for Saturday, but allowing the contractors the usual amount
of grace on their promises
it will probably be some
time next week before the
power is available. The
ubiquitous " perhaps "
which has always been a
potent factor in the power
plant must still be req* is'-
tioned and again we say
Perhaps the power will
be on next week.
p. gums & Company. £td.
A nice assortment just put in stock, including
everything in UndergarmentSi all sizes. Come
in and see this assortment    Prices right.
Mrs. A. G. Crick, First Street
January Contributed One Thousand less Than Preceding i
Receipts-from water, lirht and pow
cr for the month ol January tell behind approximately J1.0OO over pro-
ceditiK monthB, Thr sum may lie
moro than thin or it may bo less, .
as so Inr the books have not boon
finally made up at tbe eity hall. It
may safely be aMSrtod that this
thousand dollar dellnquence has been
occasioned hy the absence ot light
and power during certain portions of
the month. Eight dnys of the month
ol January the city wns in total
darknesB as fnr as electric light was
concerned, and every wheel stopped
as far as power was concerned, and
as the proceeds from light and power are variously estimated at from
{100 to 1125 per day this shortage of
receipts can easily be accounted tor.
The usual receipts in this department each month are betwein four
nnd five thousand dollars* I m Mon-
.lay, whiph wns the last day of the
month which admits of the public
taking advantage of tbc 20 per cent.
discount, some JliXX) or JltOO rolled
into the city's treasury. ThiB mini
was paid approximacely one third in
actual currency to about two-thirds
in cheques.
Canned Goods
Owing- to the scarcity of garden vegetables and
the continuous dwindling away oi home preserved fruits, you are at a loss what to have.
Well, wi- can assist you most economically.   Try
our peas, coin or tomatoes.   Each tin full of
the  vegetables,    Orders delivered  promptly.
John Mclntyre Sr Son
An entire new program will bo ,ut
on at tho K.liHi.n . n Friday nnd Hnt-
urday. The picture comedy entitled
"The Temlorf,,..t Parson and his
capture ot a band ol Cattle Thieves"
w.il he one of tho Matures, Another
feature will Iw the splendid Ciimody
"Poetical Jane." as presented by
Moving Pictures at the  lidisui)  Theatre It* night.
Architect King says Work is
Done According to Specifications and Works Satisfactorily
Al ii special meeting of the School
Board held last night the report ot
the contractors Messrs. Footo nnd
Pradollnl, on thc completion of tho
1 Strathcona school wns received, but
inasmuch as the board had not yet,
seen the plans for the beating plnnt
I it was decided to hold over the Issuing ol the certificates for payment
till such time as the board was satis
Bed the work hnd been done according to specifications. All members ol
tho board were present, the architect W. King and W. A. Footo also
being in attendance. H. Cunningham
Mollis was in thc clinic.
Mr. Footo when Baked lor a statement as to tho progress made on the
new building said that tho work was
practically all completed with thc
exception of the painting ot the outside porches. He had gone over the
whole structure carelully and hnd
seen that all doors . windows, etc.,
fitted correctly and lhat every detail
was carried out according to the
The . him hum. raised tho question
ol the unsatisfactory operation of
the steam heating plant, pointing out
that as fnr as the board could ascertain, this wns not as gooil aa it
should  lie.
Mr. King declined that there was
nothing whatever wrong with It and
was rather inclined to blame the
janitor for not handi'flg the plant.
properly. Mr. King maintained that
he had seen the planl Installed, and
that tho work had been done according to the specifications nnd was
working woll. The cliairmnn nskflil
where the plans were, ns he did Dot
believe thnt nny ol the present board
bad even seen them,   Mr.  King ssid
that he could got a copy of them, 11
necessary, and when this wns done
the board  could go  over  thc    plant.
W. A. Sturdy pointed out that ns
tbe hoard had employed nn architect
it was up to him to sec that thc
plant was in working order, and
should be lett in his hands.
T. W. Bradshnw didn't agree with
this, saying that it the plant was no
good, the school board could not
pass on  it.
The chairman voiced a like opinion
snying that the hoard would lie acting very unwisely in accepting the
plnnt ns it stood without previously
seeing the plans nnd satisfying themselves thnt it had been put in nccord
ing to the specifications. If, however, tbis Was so and the installation had been done as per speciflca -
tion, the board could do nothing else
thnn accept the plnnt, whether it
wns adequate for thc building or
The board were mum mous, however, that they could not accept the
plant until the plans bad hcen procured nnd tho work thoroughly inspected and a resolution wns passed
thai Mr. King procure a copy of th-
plnns at onco nnd as soon ns this
is done the board will go carefully
into tho matter and get to thc bottom of thc trouble. In connection
with the completion of the school,
tho cliairmnn was of the opinion thnt.
It was necessary to the whole school
hoard to make nn ottieial inspection
of the entire building ns soon as possible in company with the architect,
and if everything was found satlsfac
lory and the work carried out accord
Ing to contract, tho contractors
should he granted thoir certificate for
the money due to them Icsb ney
drawback for work not approved of
by llio lioanl. It wns finally decided
that the inspection should bo mado
today at 8:46.
Several matters in the way of supplies, etc., for the school wore taken
up and thc necessary action taken..
One Important Item liroiight forward by the chairman was the «ug-
gestion that tho hoard make a trial
Of tho now sanitary paper towels,
now   being  used   in  the  schools In j
Toronto, which could ho bought very |
cheaply and would lio more sanitary *
than thc promiscuous using ol the;
ordinary towels. Ho snid that he
bad asked MesBrs. C. B. Hume & Co. i
to procure some aa samples and It
satisfactory the hoard might possibly '
adopt them.
Tbo passing of the several bills  including   Installation  changes of elec- j
trie fixtures by the city, ln the new .
school, closed the mooting.
El 4
it   I
< I.
Jams, Jellies
We have a larpe -quan"
tity of Crosse & Black-
well's and Lipton's Jams
and Jellies in 4 and 7 lb.
tins antl 1 lb. glass jars
that we want to move
this month.
We are making a reduction of from 20 to 30
per cent, on the above
high class goods.
Ontario Honey in 1 lb. Glass Jars, at 25c.
Pure Maple Syrup.    Buckwheat Flour.
New L aid Eggs.    Ontario Pea- Fed Bacon.
Fruits and Vegetables.
Hay, Oats, Wheat, Barley, Beans, Shorts, ele.
Bourne Bros.
Groceries,    Hardware.   Flour and Feed f
5         - -     -. fi
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Crushed Bone and Beef Scraps
for Your Poultry
Fresh Ground
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Ihi,ii Ci tss Mim Purveyors
Phone 251
P. O. Box 181
Housewife's Favorite Braods
Robin Hood Flour
Jacob's Dublin Biscuits
Bell Blend Tea
Bell's No. 1 Java and Mocha Coffee
P. O.  Box 208
Phone No. 23
tn 3
■ ?»
9 rr
CD   ■—•«
-J     .2
Curlers Free
Curlers will he admitted (rco to
the race moot at tbo rink tonight
only mi preeeotatloo ol curling tick-
Remember  HoWlOn'l  Furniture  hi: '.
Carpel Removal snio m March, all
the present stork mint   go.
The Revelstoke Orcheetra will (urn
Ish the music Inr tho I,.   A. to thill. o( L.M. dance Krulny night 6 at j
Selkirk Hall.
Aftei nmsiiltatlon with tho mer-
ehnnts of the city the Revelstoke
Poultry Association has arrived at
the following market prices of dairy
nn. garden produce, Those market
quotation! will hereafter be a regular
fent'ne ol thii paper.
Bggl, oaae, 40c, per dozen, eggs fresh
... per dolen; now laid, 75c i-er
il../. n: butter, dairy, :i(ic. per lh,;
butter, creamery, 35c. to 40c. per
lb.; potat-o-es, $2 per cwt.; ral>lxiir».
none quoted; parsnip*, tt per rwt.,
carrote. $4 per rwt ; cauliflower, 25c.
each;  sprouts,  R5r.  per  lb.
Ugrtsg I'Ktwes tonight,
A same of hookey, that sport
which claims . ne of the foremost
places among winter sports all over
I'linaila will be played on the rink
tomorrow afternoon at 8:80. The
oppoeing tennis will tie a visiting
team ni oddfellows from Salmon Arm
an.l a team composed of local Odd-
lellows, Fifteen ••( the Salmon Arm
will arrive In this city tomor-
!(-.( morning, and m the eveniag, after wbfllng away the time at hockey
n the afternoon, will confer degrees
at the lodge room and afterwards
■-it down to a banquet. A Jolly tlmo
is looked forward to among the three
 'tMtJi	 'I'l CE    JVL A. I I ,   i U<: R,/\ l , I >,     I \.h! V .!•: i .-WTO K E3
Che ADalMbcrato
Jntertot ipubUsblng Company.
Le^al notices ju cents per line Brst
insertion, 5 cents per hue each
subsequent Insertion, Measurements Nonpariel il2 lines make
one inch.j S'.uie uud general
business announcements $2.50 pei
inch per mouth. Preferred positions, .'0 per cent, additional.
Births, .Marriages and Deaths, SOc
each insertion.
Laud notices <7.5o. All advertisements suoject to  the approval  ol
the  management.      Wauled      aud
i   mdeneed       Advertisements   ;   —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
uationa wanted,    Situations    Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
■ *.. > i *.    ,*!*   less,    25c,
: litional     line  1-0 cents,
landing advei 11 e
in ist   be   in    hj  '.i a.  m.
. .in i*'i daj  ol • mii week
si   ire  good di play,
.    RR1    i   iNUENi i:   uvlted on mai
ti*:= uf public     interest.       Com-
municationa to Editoi  must      he
accompanied    bj    muni' ol writer
not   necessarily   for   publication,
,   :     as    evidence ol good  faith,
Correspondence  should  be  brief.
"BanK/icad Hard Coal
Wellington Soft Coal
Always on Hand
Briquettes,   and   Furnace,  Egg, Stove
and  Nut Sizes.
Revelstoke  General Agencies, Ltd.
Real Estate and Insurance
Including postage  to England,  Unit
ed States and Canada.
By the year (.through postoffice) ii.'M
Job    PRINTING promptly executed
at reasonable rates.
TERMS—Cash.     Subscriptions    payable in advance.
Cbe flDaMberatt)
IVEDNESDA}    i- BU    I2ND,  1911
. :   .ill I  ti.i'.v   tell
*     . .*       . ive  will lune      ii
,-cry own on which      to
ra ch as iki    To tell the
the cditoi   doesn't know  much
■   the  game,   lie got  Into      thc
u-nni*   ■        iea   >n a little bit, but in
. . i  ol the number of young curlers
. ■ iui ng     dining     tbo
summer  to  bloom  next   winter.       we
nre  willing  to  tell  all  we  know      of
. ame.       U we said before,     we
-  know  much by experience,  but
wc res i. so here goes -
.-  it  a  wonderful game.       It
: by   eight   men.   four   on   n
■   ip rting    goods     required
m to each     player, n  Pair
ks, n "Tam-o'Shanter," a tape
measun   an I a bottle of Scotch,     It
: by doctors lor     ex-
■:..•  chest   an.l  thc  head.      It
"roarin'  game" be-
i a . • the ] *,!>.: -  roar      so
much  when  they nre     getting      the
t.   The game was  Invented
Scotland  when  Kilts  were in  then
infanci .
le is called a
rt foi   ikipper,  and    the
garni    -  playi I  in col I storage   Th ■
*■   - called     a
by     the
prooln ..: liamentary
of ice about
ns 1     •   * *    *   ■ .*.,: -old  baby    can
walk -.  \    .i      of
. ircli.-   - di awn io I hi
, •
• :  t'ne
•    • ttt digs
•   ■        i hole g   *-■■ tbi     Ice
al  ' res i      throw
■   ■
■   ■ i.- ■   ■ f      his
ee to his
Igyef  shove.*; uway       a
•rock . th       ill aboul  half
way        * .      He turns tn   a
nr. lie I
thu*    *    . •   the   irder ol    tht
u*.    -       ■ ■ Heating     the
i   .  •       • he wants 1     plaj
i ■  l       ace h 1
: liai are lying with n thn rings, ll ire
; where tho game, like crlbbngc, dc
p nIs upon tho coi ntiiig. Thc mnn
v. lm can count tin* mosl rock «Ith-
. ul getting bawled oul goes nnil pegs
i . .ii the cribbagc board on tho
A bonspiel Is a curling potlach. H
lasts aboul as long ns n camp meeting, and s mmcrs nnd boils alternate
ly. A honsplo,, like the tire wagon,
! nkos ;.i 'rr.Icnei. ol lill other business
I n: in,*l is n compound word, bon
h dng short lor "bonne," mean in in
French a servant or un old maid,
,. id Bpicl being n colloquial chunk ..;
- 'ang, meaning n i oeal eruption     Is-
ilng Irom the main gash iu the face
Hence bonspiel,  honnc'spicl, or b  lol
*,r cackling  by n bunch of old  maids.
This  interpretation  Is    substantiated
in h    pinster terms as "Draw the
T ic, lei   tho Broom," and      "Lei
['or Curl."
In    tho    meantime   "Has   Anybody
l   sre Seen  Kelly-"'
Hid. Abrahamson Draws Attention
of Press to Mis-statement
I    !! CULPRIT ifi t2il i
Draws Six Months for llagrancy,
but Mi !;e:io!is Charge
Siiculd have been Laid
i * io lho Boor
\i   tli
.*     Ill:  I     111. , I    ll.'    Ill     I ill'
Alderman   \brahn
n   t.
itati mi ni   made
Tin .« ing her li mil
iiiiii     face  dow ii ■■ *
of  tho  polico station,  nl  tbe
i mu. sobbing as il  hor li wl
i.icnk,   a  seventeen year old
I iri  lb,,.«  i he clt) ■■ Into
Bternal Ion and en ated a most dram
nt ir Bcone on Monda) . >. ning when
..ho heard the Bonl nice of ;:\ months'
in Kamloops jail meted out lo h ir
brother, Tonl Sorokosltn,
Tho little girl, t.ii 11. i  .*■ i looking
nn.I woll dressed, look tho Bonti see
i.nu b moi e sortou * than .Ii.l her
hi il ii ir, who with in al depression
i ..in..-.. .1  i in noil i *   '    .i    soon
ml in i'  was     ■   nl,  and      alter
t'ommiiiiiciil ing  in  hi    * » u   Inn imi
lho  re   ill   ..(  ili.   ■    .1   to  hh   sh tci .
i to    I he      cell
.* -   ' *       *.. *:       cone ol
i b ■ .n .. *   .... op,     Th    ti mi ,,i, ., , ,i
ed   in   .tun. ni,, :i■•    earn
. sonicl ime! n  few  days ul
i m * ami  som i imo    u   wook  or two,
ml   her   Ire     nl   app' n aueo  on  th i
'  cots   v. il b  illllen nl       Polish      men
*i tracti il   Hn*  nl l* in ii n  ol      tin'
1' Ul) Bid FINES.
.1 \, i....::. :i ci niiiui. iiii i ravel
l*i ol I Iii Iti .-.* i'i... an I 'n. II :li linn
v* in i.-.ti ii tot lie police coiirl on Sal
urday chargi .1 « Ith doing husin iss
in the city without the necessary
license. In examinal Ion Mr. I .mure
pl i.l*! i in r.'.nr ■ ol i lie law in that
i bui Ignorance wns no ox-
. . : nd he paid the full cosl ot
the lla n-i' Sf.it, together with $25 for
• peral In • fl ithoul a licen io ami $2.50
costs ol i-oiii'i.
in  iin ng  Henry   lInn * n $50     nml
en i * nml  i liroo moni lis  In inii     for
t In  hoi n  gambling,   Mat;! il rate i*'.. it
.      ii..... • ,i ii  dl ipoi ii i. ii  to eradicate
ev II   *i ■•'"  tin   citj   II  il   l.iy      in
powei   to do lb      nxproi bc I
lb • intent on ol how Ing no h nii nei
■ :* itover to this elTi nee, n the
, tin c, nn I |u .'in I* i io deal bovi re
■ i * ml Iut itrc * ilTondci'H which
■nl hi nppi Hi' IipIoi b in The Impn
i mi  uf tbo  lhn •-  m  ni ii     n     jail
;■ ni   .      ide l   i he  . Bonder
nlsrd      ; **   leave   I li"   ril i     wil hill
*'.*1. Till!    I'll.'    mu*.    )';.i.l      Mild
It   i Ian    ii Is ii,, more h re.
I'lll-:     Aiil,ll     i TUi.iill'i
I'm inn  ii i'liu* in,i,I dolt
Wi' siller mini' to spare,
Tho mi lil bioiui coat  Is puic
The  dii  in*,* burstcn' sn ii
n.mc ower mucklo coal      nn'
Tho hIioH Is unco hare.
Hit  I'm prayln' for the dnys
When  ill.   frost   Is  i' tho nil'.
The wife mlsca's me tae tho (oik,
The bniinii's sny   I'm  dnft.
Hit  thore's nne curlin'
When  the   went bet's  warm  an' saft
in' »'  tho sunn,Is  lhal  Clod bus gi'en.
Thole's nano sue sweet t.nc  nie,
\     ll Im ii   tho   bonny   channel stnno
Gangs roarin1 tae the too,
wi' withered alrms an' crooklt'back.
That  anco wns Btrolghl  an' Strang,
\u tremblln' limbs, an1 blighted een,
I canna bide for lang.
mt sol my fool tipo' tho Ice,
M)   nun'  lipo'   the slnin-.
\n' |■airted youth au' I shall moot
Por nne short  'oor again.
Iii view ol Btar chamber methods
n iopte.I by certain publ c bo lies, nol
a ily the city council, board of ti nil •
an I public library board, tho throi
i. ■■ ipapcrs of Rcginn have decide I
t. publish no news emanating Irom
ti.ise bodies. The present city conn
c I started in by closing committee
meetings to reporters,  merely hand
 nt such report of proceedings as
the) wished published. This has
been found most unsatisfactory from
n public standpoint and rather thnn
publish the censored reports thc pup
ers have decided to Ignore the coun-
■ I'b proceedings entirely.
There arc a number ol   ways of ex
Tossing one's feelings towards    any
'hlng thai  aggravates a person     by
ts persistency, but the editor oi the
Free     '.'reus     at     Pernlc     has   the
n cest way of expressing Ins indignn
tion at the Immense tall ol snow tins
year.   He says ns follows:—
"We    don't  tik.-   to be conl Inu
;i irping on  tins snow question
... Mcrci   down  rrom In n-* i
ibtruding on the seen oof
... back of the coal collar ■■■
rsi8tence  thai   it      will   hi
', nsldered in tbe abstract   snow mn;
i,* nil right.  but  c nsidei * I  In
pper of  the  rool     ' mei
ncubus An   ine
ii  must be thrown ofl bed
ales irdi
"As all  ol  ti.'' snow ci m
" * heavens  11   is only     < n*
:   .* ortbo.ii «
ms tic i
reg   .-■
her  place   being   scr pl
• .* to snow.   Snow falls
.-.   The gravity of thi
. -
ace it fulls. Fi
thin a foot ol ■■
ry  -. rious I it     hei    l  ■
ny farther  than  within  tei
ground on ai count    I
neath,   it   becomes  mon
.... . . i
- ng sentlnx I t
.   the  i ar.  ..n n  flat
■    ■        i '...-- ** the
mail  of  the  ba''k  it  expie
owsbli     *. : placed throe   eel
■ left     * . ■    •::**•
. I
the  Mail Herald   thai   Mr.      Ni wninn
had  presented  nn account  ol   •
1 *  for ext '*,i      I to main! nn * i      thai
many items wore uol extras   at    all,
: n.l ir i..-,i i'i** 1*1... ■   to innl..- the cor
l'i cl iotl. I'lll.'l't llllnlely    tile   ,'ici oi nl
bu* some time buck had been in the
hands ol Mr. I Inlltior, bul v *■ here
v. Ith present il to thc public for peril.ml.   ' Up lo     ,   n  number    ol      thc
H nii   ni■   n 'i  oxlrn i, I illy    clork
i   ploii  :■■■  i hat   i he items ol  ■***''
.-■-. i:i'.,n|  .iii.l   -v,■■!.!.:i  .!.. not    come
i ■ tier this  head.   'I Ife nggr ■:.* i
tbesi       in    would reduce
the amount ol the extras to a mere
oi -i.l.-tnl I lowcver,  hi re  I -      tho
in .'i nnl   in   dctnil:—
Statement    of   \s lesl    nnd   I.inbili
'. **i  ,.ii  Contrnct   up  to  .Inn    I.   1911
Kxtrn    cement      usi .1    in    I 2
iibl)       i ni
'.■.'. ments *:.\
■ as u.i 11
ft   .i .'.
I ill)    I'Diieenh il,
Ol I* 11     1*11*1
ni     ..
.*:*i.i   . * * *   : 	
ho lirsl
Tin                *  ...*..: Isl r*..i.       ■ ■*.    *ll.i
... i*    • li**   [ol innl   nn 111 ran  •   I ill
ii      u.i i I", idi need ■*"■  the  in nrinn
t ion   ■* i ■ ■ n nn 1    ; I       made lhal
Tin ii   gio  ine   lill   ntlltl 	
Aniiln i    oui* tno stan'
Am c   mnn-  a   blythcsotiic  enl lent
w r the i ■ "in ... my linn';
\n'  «ben the  pntrtln1 shot   Is played.
I'll  lay mo Boon mi' d01'.
\n' through tlio narrow port my soul
:...*ill rest  upo' the tec.
i: iu h
i liar
i i
il   *
litis!   him  i.n I
. ircumstnnl ial
have earn   i
than  « .
ed      thai     i ie
.ii ,*,i .,**,
,i  m  * b    more
|.'ll Tl 111 i'l .
nt    .;.;:;"
Id  nei* cenl
•     Instructed by
I II ■ 12    barrels
il.' -I ■ ^
i i i
168 11
i 6,152.48
Excavation,  lieing  pari      cs
tilllnt*..  of  new      IllmlC       in
eluded  in    May  estimates
bul    not   paid      %    368.81
Timber     supplied    city  Irom
March  to   Vpril an I 0 Ked
\.  (I.   Ii  IS.42
Manilla      rope    sup].lied  city
lbs,  at  20 cents 6.00
fit)'     ise of    tools, barrow,
car, shovels,  hammer drill        23 I 0
In n    for      drift     bolts    nnd   •
Don   ling city     mi       iccoui
* . ■* :  ;    mi al   al
ol   lumbei
mi   .i
i **. mbei
ll iv *    lll'l 11    i.i.;    ,
bncl    I   ii* by ni   i
li n i     ... lm li  in
lu imi■ i   ing   ''
trati       '■' ...i cr   ,*
i li.u  * 111;
hut that  In   ci
■i ii        *   ...i ;•■   * I. have   111   n
. *   *       m.    "V*.     '  .       ib ..*.u
' ri ■.■ :n* I  for th    Irtitl    .  * i   hul
i vnu*   corrected     intent I      li
b ,*. .-• f. li myself foi tn 1 a ■
.mi...I you for ppritirj B.v lb
.1   nee   oi   . I '.'■■ ..Ily       yi ili
ow u evi-di in'i' ) mi brought  | oui
from  '*■*    'i i" -.  look  liei   lo a    place
. ll   to  sny   the   lea.. I    *. ;■      ..(       .*.
on 11 le  dial un.l  tried    to
pei  'in lo hor to   itaj   I hei o     ae i  *
:,      *.. * ii  *.    Vou  tin      Inken
tor to tin* home ol n man an I
toy 1 here kn iw ng th it       d b n
m u  resorted  then    nnd     b)      *  * i
own  ev, lence  yo    liavi     tayod
your sisti r yourself.,       I    eon
ler yoi   a  moi I licahlc cl	
i' and       it woi *   - n.;   i ower
i   the full
li *    Icmnnded
from  time to tin
;       i intbs
Tt •■ mai    ■
in    ict her
*v      i   ■ ■    i
ite  nd
lice win
Mail Herald
Unci      ■■•! .      Ill    :   .1 I.e. . i..11    nl I ll le
..    Pohi unry   I Hth,  I* adi l   "Does      ;,
...  pxisl "    i   appears    to    mc
It ii  * ...   iii.l;  [dual  cea  bold  up    a
ll-jli I   tin    wii)    Mr.   Newman
i      ....    . ;■:       b iV,    ho   HtlS
'i    ,t   .     'on.    ; he      cil i ens
1 I    llold    l .    .        UU       '..    I '.''.I   1
.   the  ■    i   thai    ;       mil   tbe
 *< 1 alone thai  he i    treating with
mpl, I ,' citi.'.ei     i'i. .*'
■   .     ; *...    otinci'l
.■ei 1 li *   ,o.   .*'; aid I.. mnke n move.
iiiiii  ,i!* **  like i " .*. -'    « li..   n      is,
*    ii   *.* h-n  hi    (Mi iiiiui'  .    bill
foi   light  and pow ir i i    ubmll tod and
dm     not   i *.y  It,   thai   It.  Is
.   ,..i      |i   *i   ivn     ;•   cil      *    ■*
■ ■* ii   be  •*,*, ould  nn.I   him toll  In
'i . in I ...           i Iml       - nine   ill
il -ell   « ill   I nlr.*!	
: toke,  Fob   20th.
s Feiton c^ Artiste
Lumbermen's Officers
The retail .umbermi n ol Wi Btern
i '.in i.ln .it i heir I wontictll aiinual
convention In Winnipeg Inst week,
conducting their business behind clos
e.l doors, elected th iir olllcors with
th" .■•..epiii ii of secretary nnd treas-
wlneli will bo left to the new
l oni-.l of directors, ns follows:-
i i *** dent, w . W. Ireland, Cai herrj,
\ * * iireii lent. Vi. W. Davidson,
' i ii . Jaw; directors 11, 13 Spraguo
.■.n I 11. F, Robertson, Winnipeg; O,
!•'.. Davidson, Maul ton; 0, Fraser,
i-.' nun, A. N. Shaw, Kim Crock; J,
I'lnyfalr, Bnldtir; I'l, E. Pinch, Strath
bi, J, l! Robson, Troborne; A. B.
K-H ii, Melita;   \.  J.  Robs, Unity; C,
Baker,   M c  Jaw;      II.  K.   Moilickc,
I'* n lum; W, i 'hi pcnier, Vorkton; M.
".i. Watrous; C. Campbell, Forget
,.i i  W    Blliam J.  i iiitlook.
Railwey iiolile for Hre
ni  lho
in    in
hy    the
.' .
n  living
i n   Mon lay,   ilnn li   13th,  the   Ulcn
\'.'i* i .*, ii    i 'anada't*  favorit o
r* will he .n  Rovelstoke for
a  return    ngn   ment    nud   will       no
t    i .*    welcomed    wll li      record
 i    .,•   i lie  el.In-, n  i beatre.     The
company has n splendid repertoire of
I'itl : lendid cast
,* ii 1  l.u.:. orac si *'n iry.     Tho  Saska
to ti  ('apital   siiis  regarding      Miss
,i .      Felton,  who   plays   the  title
rl   in  "Mi r ily  Mary  Ann >"
■ Miss   Vei nn   Felti n   .    an  artiste.
** n ' irard *i n ; mii  of the
merest   actresses on  tho    American I I'cnil largely it]
ptage, but  Inst nighl    ho proved     to   uct Ion.
ol Hi     city   tbi   she  was
nil   t hat   n i ii    ;i B  ol   :..'i-     and
.    i   led fresh  laurels to hoi
■iiv 'it ion,       nud       in
"Merely   Mar)    inne"  sho  scored on ■
it   triumphs cut known
.* -  folks    ..f      this
ni    ii   r ,    Fcbi   17    Rcsponsi
hilit) for I In* greal flrc "ii  the  Nelson
nn I  Foi i  Shcppnrd 111 f the Great
Northern Hallway last duly was tlxed
upon the railway company by u ver-
i..t given nl the dose of n (our dnys
trial of the action In the case of K.
II. Clarkson versus the Nelson nu I
Port siicppai'd Railway, which was
tried here In ...re Justice Morrison,
nn I n speii;,I Jury. Liability hnvini;
boon lixeil, the case now goeB to the
spring sittings of the supreme court
to 11 x damages, The plaintIB claims
;n excess of half a million dollars,
.ni    oilier claims aggregating prob-
I        lie
,-i' i 1
over another  half milli.
tbo result
Uevelstoko Luua tiiotl'ict.
District of Went. Kooti-uay.
Tako notice Hint Uoreeno Cornish
Kennedy ol Rovelstoke, occupation,
marriod woman, intends to apply for
permission io purchase the following
described lunds.
Commencing at u post, planted
about io chains tu a southerly direction from thc south west coiner of
Lot 5*114, Ibeoco west 10 chains,
thence south 40 chains thenco cast
in chains to the west shore of Upper
Arrow Lako, thonce north along thu
lake shore to point ol commencement
containing ubout.  160 acres.
Dated January  19th, 1911.  ...
Per M. Grady, Agent.
Kevelstoke  Land  District
Dlstriot ot West Kootenay.
Tako notice that .1, Mary Selkirk,
of Vancouver, occupation, married
woman, intends to apply Ior permission to purchuse the following
uescribed lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the N. E. Corner of Lot HMD ii.l.,
nml marked M. S.'s S. E. Corner,
Ihence north .SO chains, tbence west.
,n chain.;, thence south 1(1 chains,
thence east 20 chains, theuce soiilb
io chains, thence east 50 chains
to point of commencement, containing ISO acres.
Dated January '.Ub,  1911,
Per O. P. Smith, Agent.
lievelstoke Land District.
District  ol  West Kooteuay.
rake u dice, that James Peters, ol
Nutttold, England, occupation, brick
layer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the south west corner ol lot 868*5,
nud uiurkcd K.J.I', south cast corner
pnst, ihence west twenty chain..,
thenco north forty chains, thenco
east twenty chains, thence south forty chains to point ol commencement.
Dated December 2*1th, 1910.
Dcc.il        Per Fred,  C. Terry,  Agent.
KOOTENAY     LODGE, No. 15 A.  K.
-nd   A.   M.
Regular    meetings are held In MAS
uMi- TEMPLE,    Oddfellows'     Hall
on  the Third  Monday  in each  month
at 8  p.  ni.      Visiting brethren      are
cordially  welcome.
' y.
*   ras ii fai orite Irom
curtain, and  the
the   appreciation
'.* I    . iii.l Is. The
;  seen     here
ny moons "
Property .or Sale
Calgai y ol the     Grand
I mini*,  tho lii^i  prairie dlvlB
nd the       t;  tho tunc   to
est    :. ton ii   ..- right at the
'nrt: lots   nt.     Milson
ii *:- -. terms, you
.  *.     ..u     the
... r  and   will  double      your
.i  i Ime   ..vei*     m
Full particulars     from
■ ii Poini ' . Mclntyre
I wish to express my .sincere thanks
j ;.. ibe many Irlends of Revelstoke for
 ysolf and children in our groat loss
, i ... a loving husband nnd father, to
Sup!. T. Kilpatrick and C.P.R. officials for lieautlful floral tributes, to
the different Fraternal societies, the
Pythian Sisters ami Rebekah Indues,
for the kind messages of sympathy
and the beautiful wreaths. Singed,
II .ny,   Feb.   17th.
TllO Shut Waist. Dam
ies' Auxiliary to II. ol
n chl  at Selkirk  Hall,
' of the  Lad
L.E.   Friday
All lots in Revelstoke, Vancouvor,
Victoria and New Westminster cities,
nnd in Port Mann subdivision, fur
sale by ('has. M. Field. have been
personally Inspected by him.      t.c
Movin r Plcl urcs tonight.
. *     ■
to  the ri ith I
,,,...      . . *-   .
ofl 1 ttoi ■   "
I ,rmlo
. *      * * * * ■
t.   CresL
I '   OH   nil I  llii
■i      •   : * * *
mn:   ,       * •    - liro  ii
..   r.^t   thi ll onl    >l  the    i..h.
'i ..m    i.i.      .. I   .
• - lo a ii    iti pi*.in' ii * *  it
■     •   leet and umplty-ump lnchei
■ w* ■■:■   the 11. ;. want
•   "Well .layed      r!"      .        »h
■ *   . •-•ai.    I i ler    hi
.. 'My.   !■  i
as in
. ■ i ol thii • .* •• - on lor tw
mally the)  stop pii y-
••       .; •  'In    ii'imbei  of     rockf^lJ   Moving Picture* tonight
\   i lm .. roll *  ■        thii
Ing i
ret ty  warm s '       bV
:  that ml      n't r.i noi. i **
Thc (V.ni   won'l   . i •■ ,.i.     nine    to
rry i     *   ' ■ iml iml     . *   olutlons
'or n while.   All hi kid     have    the
■■ii ii
nn;  building
..-in-i  ■ nn.i ei,-i.i   .*  i. ■■ i,   ho ei ■ e.l
I  tvitlnn  tho i nil l hore    is
**  i in.i   In   Hevelsl i       i ■■■■
SELKIRK      LODCE  12,   1.   0.   O.  F.
Meets every Thursday evening In
Selkirk Hnll nt H o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
K. IJ,  Mi KAIi, N. I'..      '
JAS. MATHIK, Secretary.
UOLD RANGE LODGE,      K. of    P.,
NO. 86,  REVELSTOKE,  B.  C.
Meets  every   Wednesday  except    the
Third Wednesday ol each month in
Oddfellows' Hall at s o'clock. Visit-
ing Knights arc  cordially  invited.
.1.   V.   SIMI'SON,  O.  C.
U. 11. BROOK, K. ol R. &. S.
M. of V.
Moots iu I. 0 0. !•'. Hnll next to
Tapping's Opera House every second
and fourth Monday in mouth. Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
Q, w. BELL, C, It.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,   Rec. Sec.
C.  W.  O.  W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
.Meets Second    and     Fourth Wednesdays    in each  month  in    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting  Woodmen are
cordially invited to aliond
ll.  W.  EDWARDS,  Con.  Coin.
MR.    R .    T .    W I L S O N.
STUDIO-Music Storo,    McKenzie   Avenue.
TKRM8- 'Elementary, under 12 years
of age, T5 cents per    lesson.     Ovor
12 years ol age, $1.00.       Advanced,
■*1.25   per   lesson.       Lcssous three-
i|iiarters ol an hour, onco or twice
weekly, as desired.
Teacher of Voice,  Piano and Organ
Pupils  prepared  for  Toronto  Conservatory ot    Music.      Local examinations.
Si-'-nr from the Third ,\. i of
li rl
■' -; here aboul March Sth.
C.P.P. Timetable
arrives     6:15  a.in
No.   1
7'.05 a.m.
No.   '.17,
7:1.". p.m.
No. 3, arrives 12:;ih midnight,
nils 12:45 midnight.
No.  96, arrives f*:*i5 a.m.,  departs,
a   ii ii. m.
South  train leaves  Revelstoko at 9
ii   in., arrives Revolstoke ."1:25 p.m.
^^^^^^^^       departs
arrives  6:5."  p.m.,  departs,
Movlng  Pictures nt  the  Kilisou Thf
atre to-night. WEDNESDAY, FEB. 22ND, 1911
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reseive Fund     - •    $4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Brnnohea.
Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, 8. C. Branch, W. N. PRATT Manager.
Having purchased llic business formerly enirk-il uu In   li
Spring iu* nre prepared to execute uli orders promptly.
Boot and Shoe Repairers, Saddlers Harness Makers
Under New Management. Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
The Greatest Health Resort on the
Natural Hot Water, l.'l Degree
Natural Hot Water in Hgtlis.   0
..i   Hen
All  Yi-.ir
Rates from $ 12 to $15 Fer Week
Revelstoke, B. C
£   A Symposium of What is Happening in
t All Parts of the World J
I    As an aftermath of the incident at
An   Important  resolution  was  niov- .   .___   ,*.     _„_•■_..•,„
"' ,    , , x      'the  conference  between  the  members
u< thc Victoria city council and    the
private bills committee of the legie -
lature the other day on the Oak Bay
water  lull,  when  the mayor      spoke
of thc city barrister as a. man     who
did     not possess a practical know-
cd in the Saskatchewan legislature
iiy Attorney-General Turgeon. The
province will ask thc Dominion government to hand over all lauds not
required for homestead purposes with
nil  timlier and minerals on the same.
suitably   furnished   with   the  choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,    Rates $i a 'Jay.    Monthly rate.
J.   '.ALBERT     RTOISTE      PROP,
Largest Stock"" of Smokers'
Supplies in the Interior
good    line
We arc the right people to do
We arc carrying an especia
Lome in and wc vvill show von lliat present
for hubby, father or brother thai was worrying
The Cigar & Pipe Business is Our Business
and we know ii like a book,
benefit of our information.
t   Uie
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
proved.    KiisiClass in everv respoct.    All lorn eonvonlsnue
Larue Rumple Rooms.
$2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke. B.C.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air,
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Carriage and Sign
simp in alley. Iiack [of Ii. J. Bourne's
store, First Street.
First   Class Work Guaranteed.
Prices Reasonable
New Line
Stirrup  Attached
F.   B.    WELLS
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
Residence Cur. Hnl Ht. atiil Kolisonau
Pacific Coast
Tested Seeds
Have your architect prepare your plans for
your new building early and gel my figures on
your work.
An' to lm fouml in abundance In
our lines of WINKS, LIQUORS,
etc. Our bottled goods aro a
pleasure In anticipation and a joy
In realization, 'liny air the best
that is lini I lul, iiiii in llavor,
delicate ii> the fastidious palate
and ii'iifi-liing at all times. Prices
lowest in thr Interior and our
swift delivery of all ciders ia
becond to nine in lhe Dominion.
rhe Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers ard Dealers in Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
Inside Lots for Sale at
Arriving daily nut new a'ld
fresh Htin'k of Seeds, grown
iiiul'i' contract by thu lie*-t
glowers in all parts nf the
World. Heedo llmt will give
yiut tlie best lesnliii. One trial
will convince you. Ainu a full
l!neof gatdeu requisites, lm-
plfinenis nf all kind ; Bee
Siip|ilie-*, Sprayers,Horny, and
a full line of I Iiii k Feeds and
Cnnki-i's remedies. Press the
button, we « ill do the rest.
M.   J.  HENRY
3011 Westminster Road
A. K. McDougall,    -   Manager
TO LHT—■ Seven Hooineil Houso on
Third Htrcot, Including hath room,
hot an,l rold wator, olectrlc lights,
un.l furnace. Close to C.P.R. shops
Apply to I.. Oashatto, Third St.
BSTRAYBD—On Saturday. A Bull
Terrier Pup, brown spot around
left eye and ear. Advise the Mail-
Herald Oflice.
RANTED—Woman to cook in hotel,
wages $60 per month. Apply .1. H.
Young, Comaplix, B. C.
WANTED—Men and Women to ionrn
barber trade; tn'y eight weeks ie-
quired; stay as long as you v ish
lor one tuition; tools given with
each scholarship; heHt school in
Canada; situatians or locations
furnished; catalogue mailed free;
write for particulars.—Moler System College, 609 Centre street,
Calgary, Alta.
Siihhb Cure
qu.cMy clops cowfhs.   euros colli*.  HenU
tlu) throat and lunds.       -   .   •      23 e.-ttt..
fR fJiiJi
<Sawtour Money,
*(2.T72Pience Mow!
We want everyone to kow
fijat we are paying ~
c~4% klcrestr^
perarmuro crc3itc3 mMy
on savings deposits ($1-
k upward) subject towh.
drawal br cheque
The Liberal opposition in the Manitoba legislature claims credit for
tbc progressive work ol the Hoblin
government. The premier announces
his early retirement from public life.
Hugh Guthrie replied to Hon. Geo.
E. Foster iu the bouse ol commons
He said there was not one real objection  to  thc reciprocity  agreement.
Interesting evidence was given at
the resumed inquest into the deaths
ol Jack Brsklne and "Babe" Adams
at Tabor.
The Canadian Pacific Railway propose spending $IV,(XX),000 in Toronto,
Improving its property there.
Senator Lodge will likely be selected to tuke charge of the reciprocity
bill in the senate.
Alumni ot Queen's University declare against degree-conferring powers for denominational colleges.
Oaltiniorc physicians now use luke
warm water as an anaesthetic in
operations  (or appendicitis.
Speaking in Chicago, James J. Hill
said reciprocity would mean higher
prices for Canadian wheat.
A tine specimen of heaver was seen
in thc Assisiboinc river within thc
city limits of Winnipeg.
Thc Board of Wesley college sets
forth its reasons for seeking degrec-
conferriiig powers.
giving Ran
ican fair.
Taft   has  signed   the   bill
Francisco the Pan-Amer-
Firsl Diviiional  Point  Wpsi
nipeg, on Q.T.P. Ity.
.f   Win
some  i .1 ii nl
iii   Revelstoke
W. B. Robertson
Great West Permanent I."
Company Agency
SIR EDMUND WALKER,  C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
AKRU* HKAD, ti. t.
Special Attention given lo eomineroia
men and tourists. Flrtt-clasi sampl.
rooms. Finest scenery in British Columbia, overlooking I'pper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop.
Hay, Oats, Wheat, Bran
and Shorts
Mann'Actnrtd for ah chi^m of   biHdfijfft
For Mil* in \nru4 nr ,-mnll iji'Htitities
at tlio 1(*>w*h.4l prlrn forc&ih
All kiiiti- of bolMlog and plastering
Foote & Pradolini.
CAPITAL, -  $10,000,000
kVitli its large number of branches, agents
Canadian Hunk of Commerce is able lo ell
he world promptly and at re.isoii.ilde rates,
REST, - $7,000,000
mid correspondents, The
:l ciillei-iiiiii- throughout
K.iii -   n ill b«  quoted  oil
hcqncs nml drafts nn f
rancs, mink-, lire, krone
un bc negotiated at The I
I countries of ihr world, drawn in sterling,
, florins, roubles or any othei foreign cui rency,
111.ul i.i n Bank of Commerce at reasonable rates.
■F. M. G/SSO/V, MOR.
.Mi k\ ii ie  We,
sn Stki i i
Tllljtli 8TBEBT
Fruit Land:
run Lam
i > ilenn   li.i v   Isnii
In nr 20 in rw nr en
pnndenoe inv iiid,
■ in
p-rri'l*-' nf
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
Kep.iirn   ol   nil   kind*   neatly  d .lie
Licyrle and (inn work a-pttcinlty
Estimates iilTen OP any olass
of work
Front       Street.
And Tak* Mrs. Rlpley'i Advice
I/Ots of women ure suffering tortures
with their Kicks, when Ihey need tint
do so. Mrs. Ripley bad such frightful
pains in her back that the could not do
her housework. She tells how she
cured herself.     WjU,UMSDAt,B EAST.
"I cannot refrain from writing you
about the benefits I have received from
taking GIN PILLS. I sufTcriiiK drcud.
fully with my hark and have suffered
with it for twenty years, I tried rvn lathing but got no relief, until I bought
GIN PILL9, 1 have taken six boxes of
GIN PILLS and now I have not the
sign of sn ache or pain iu my hack, I
sui now 48 years of age and feel as well
as I ever did in mr life. There is
nothing that can hold a place with GIN
PILI.S for curing Pain In Tbe Back to
which women are subject."
Mas. Mii.i.ANiia P. Ripi.hv.
Try GIN PILLS at our exjiense.
Write for free sample box. Healers
sell GIN PILLS at 50c a box-6 for fi-an
and money refunded if they f«il to cure.
National Drug and Chemical Co,, Dejn
W*,    Toronto. u
on time i
b% kcrcsr^
Sijnnoiitb & over.
Wc invest moncj' for flienlo
in first mortgagesSdoa
general IfcanciaUusincsa
We mn\Yom saving accnt
Sifyou are not saving +
Now Willi Uj
+ ±j$ easily han3k3 —
v   memsend by Draff,
0  Post Office + 6j<pras
(3  Orhcr or Rcaislere-3"-^
better & willidrawab
can be wade *'<•-«■"? -►
- - any way you wish.
Pope Pius X. is Buffering (rom t
slight attack of influenza.
H.  Horace  Wiltshire,     whose writ
Inge appeared under the signature of
"Thc Flaneur" in thc Mail and Em
pirc, ie dead.
A "Made iu Canada" exhibition
will bc held in Vancouver Irom June
l'.th to June 22nd.
Official returns submitted to Construction, a paper for builders, from
twenty cities located In every province and section of the Dominion,
record an aggregate total lor permits issuod tn 1H10, which amounted
I to JIM,1.29,432, as against $64,509,620
in the year 190*9. This represents an
average gain of 45 per cent.
Huron Alliert Rothschild, bead of
the Austrian branch of thc Rothschild house, is dead. He was born
in 1843.
Thc Supreme court of Topeka, Kan.
h.'ld the new liquor law constitutional. The law prohibits the sale of
liquor for medical or mccbauical
The Mayor irf
salary of JliOO a
Refer 1
or lo au/one in *
us about & to-ty
f ?! Tf
321 Cambie Street,
Vancouver B.C. o
C.P.P. Timetable
arrives     C:45 a.m.,  departs
No. 1,
I'M a.m
No. 97
7:15 p.m.
No. 3. arrives 13:80 midnight.
arts 12.45 midnight.
No. 96, arrive! X.K a.m., depnrts,
»:05 n. in.
South train lenvcs Rovelstoko at 9
•. ffl., arrives Itevelstoke 5:25 p.m.
arrives 6 55 p.m.,  departs,
I'riiico Ru|>ert has dispensed with
its city solicitor, and pays (or its
leijal advico on thc European plan.
The liiiuor license fur the Bart-
lett hotel nt Nelson has been revoked. Selling liiiuor after hours and
selling to interdicted persons was
thc reason.
P. 1). Shnntz, traveller for ,1 Y.
Qrlffin & Co., Kdmuiiton, died in th?
Fernie hospital at 12 o'clock on Friday night.
The Royal Commission concerning
the smuggling of Chinese into Cana-
dn has terminated in Victoria. It
has shown that less than ten merchants landed between 1804 and 1907,
but that since then the number landed  at  Vancouver was 648.
Twetity-soven oi the rrew belonging
to the dredge of the International
Wrecking Co.. were drowned at Mo-
bolic,  Ala.
The north wall ol the Narrs luuld-
Ing in Winnipeg fell last week crashing into the foundation ot tho new
Hank of Comtnerre building. One
woman was hurt seriously.
Another election In lireat Uritaln
Is anticipated belore the Coronation.
I.luyds is issuing policies against the
Robert Ross, n resident of Toronto
for thirty-two years,  is dead.
Malcolm Mcfiillis, a sub contractor on the C.N.H., near Hope, after
having shaved bimmlf. drew the
nharp razor across his throat thus
committing siiici.li: ..n Monday morning last.
The small  poi  quarantine nt    Mis
sion  City   was  raised   last  Saturday
In Calgary taxes are paid on 150,-
HOO.OOO worth nl pn.perty.
Kernie is economising
down its police force.
ledge of waterworks matters," the
later, W. J. Taylor, K.C., has handed his resignation to the city counoil
add World News Add World News vv
In the Dritish house of commoms,
Mir Edward tirey denied that the
Uritish ambassador at Washington
had been active in negotiating the
reciprocity  agreement.
A strong delegation waited in Premier Roblin to press for a referendum on the abolishment o< the bar in
Manitoba, and received promises of
For forging receipts of expenses,
Herbert Thomas, a R. N. W. M. P.
constable, was sentenced to a year's
imprisonment at EJdmonton.
The alumni ot Manitoba college
passed a resolution against degree-
conferring powers for any institution
but thc university.
The Kaiser has recovered from his
recent illness, and will attend the
unveiling of the memorial to Queen
Victoria in London.
Opponents of the McCall reciprocity bill will conduct a filibuster campaign to delay the measure in the
I'nited States senate.
A bitter attack on Commander
I'eary was made in the house of representatives at  Washington.
The explosion of 300 pounds of
dynamite in a Cobalt mine caused
the death of one of the workmen.
A bill of particulars bas been
drawn up specifying the alleged corrupt practices of Mayor Evans, of
There is a marked unrest in labor
circles in Australia and numerous
strikes have taken place.
The British house of cuiumoni will
devote all its time between now
and easter in the veto bill.
Samuel Gompers asks for 11,000,-
DM in Los Angeles for thc maintea-
ance of organized labor.
A four-year-old child died yesterday at Morden after eating pills.
Another invasion of rats threatens
the city of Winnipeg.
Chilliwack will have a brass band
this year. It already hss two newspapers.
by     cutting
Salmon were never so scarce in
tho Fraser river as at present.
At tbe corner of King and Younge
streets in Toronto, the C.P.R. wiil
put up a steel building sixteen stories high.
In 1910 thc police made 1300 arrests in Regina. The cops do not
sleep in tbat prairio city of 17,000
Jamc6 Boycc died in Barkerville
last month. He kept hotel in that
town and had mined m the Cariboo
district for 49 years.
A. E. Taylor, local manager ot
the Bank of Montreal, in Enderby,
was recently married to Miss L.
Nicholson of Ottawa.
The raising of deer for commercial
purposes is to bc tried in the States.
High fences are the principal article*
rei Hired.
There are 27 settlers at Griscombe
I'.Ttagc all clamoring for a poat-
oftiee and some means of getting mall
nt least twice a year.
During 1910. nearly a million dollars were expended in improving land
along the Columbia river, between
Rossburg and Nortbport.
This summer 2,000 teams will be
hauling supplies along the route oi
the Grand Trunk Pacific railway between Prairie Creek and Tete Jaune
• ache.
The Kettle V»l|«y tributary to
Grand Korku, will have a general Irrigation scheme this summer. Tbe
water will be raised from thc river
by electric pumps.
Everett Aldrich, an actor, fell against a hot stove in Macleod and
burned hi* cheek. Then he had tbo
misfortune to get frozen and bad to
remain in the hospital for several
In order to settle the foothills in
Chilliwack, a scheme is mooted to
build a colonization wagon road at
an expense of $40,000. The altitude
"f the foothills is from 400 to 1,000
Hart you tried hriqnsttes yet fa
your cook stove or open Are place?
Tbe Revelstoke General Agendo*,
Ltd.,  have them aiw*y* for sale. t:h:3Ii  mail-hebald,   revs    ■■   >
hi   *,-.     -^1 t^a.l-JfthaMS*.•***■ K*'■*—*M»
■^ %*%%<%%*%-»%-*-» >%t>v%^%-*•%•*.'*%'%■-i**1" *-•*-■* v?
4,-%. %%.%-%%% %-%f>«^*v«. %%■%■%'%.-%.•«>*.«• «nw<v a ^'Bk *tn»-a %-<
.    ■ n*i      .i.    in th    an    I.
:. : ni
mi to
■   ri,..     Rai
.-..** ■ ollgh
: .   -        papei    .* I     **'
■  :.k,  skipped
.   .*.... tt out witl   1!..' I
.:  . cipnl rink, skipped bj
...    • of tli.* challengi
,,: bottles .*!   -" ..l stiff
,Yhat bei -in-*   ol     Hi*-
inly knowi    foi   It  It
,* none ol the nn mbers
■ ,*. '        '1 li
played      to
1 ii * *       * . ii .iik, skip
.   b *•■**.       ,t      ,-i
■        . *,
■     * ig on    ili.
•   *,      . ■ ,       i oi • ■
tin      other
Ioi      n
being rap
mny     In*
.....     The
....       oul     nit'-1
i.  *      Bcotchmtn,
.   • api *.:!  probab
ly B | .,    will  lie doing
...   ....     mil the winners
challengi      ' "    the
...    i  .   tail ly well
-    tirred up     this
. . * !.       '      I...    I      ' .IUI1 ill'   II
,l * Harvey, ili'* L- iiiacluiis New
*, orkei . wlu> manage* i iwen Moran;
the English l litweight, gives this
uin.jii,* description ol Knuckoul
Brown, ih i ai tei n slugger, whu did
si nsatioiial things to Ad, ft'ol -., I
"To i .iv iimi Mr, K. 0. r.i own is an
■ ... to the boys who confront bltn
In i... i in * puts it mildly. II is a
cr.se ol guess from tha time tho lirst
:     Laps,     Mr. K, U, Brown is the
, i , the other follow must d i
* | the guessing. Brown standB with
right leg and right arm oxteuded
i, :, left list In- carrl is in hind him, nl
., ,,-i entirely out ol sight. 11 would
i* * hard t.. heat  thi    I ii
• I*. |e, imt  Mi.   i-.. 0. in..'Mi got
eyed.    Nov*
Ihrowers aro  hei i  at   ii
open. Canadian nnks ha
Scotland and     lioatcn  their cUoicesI
i ,... .'.i rink i .....ich curlers Inne ■
j,.inn*'yi'il lo I'anii.ln an.l 1'.-' 0 ■!<■
leated but somo of Iln* Royal Oale
.1. iiia Curling club aro going to show
Umi .ii ice an.I conditions thoy know
i In \ are superior lo all, an.l t hey
have selected Baull as iln* spot w hei o
iii v   .i.n mr.■i  anj fink that  is will
ii ■ I**   .. against tli*.in.     So curling
will boom,
 I .   -        ;*.     P.  J, Mack, oi
-* i*1 *,....  i;.  *   ,           lilu *'       the
I                   i,*i*i    Fi i   i,.* im.*
lain          i lay morn
i.> nl.. hrai Corley in a game ot
1 ask,.; hall at tlio V.M.C.A, on Mi n
llaj n ilil by a si*,ui. oi I'.U lo ll'.. 'I'lii'
I ii  was without any special feature.
* ..* handling ol      tha
I   , hallengers and "Is"    to
ng ti ems     a
tati    that ii tin  Ottawa
at i.*i* to .'in- game
*il. nil ..f ili *     chall ers,
-   it the ti    tei onl    nil..-  the
■ *      i* .'ii am1'  Ioi   Hn
*   .  championship,
oath   -anii. will   have
•■ i ■ leal ire . bul  11 all
uf i re to bi   playi i     tins
the teams intend playing
i   ce, I h    plan     looks
■   ■   most  feasible ol any     that
... ated    i"   .lali.       ' d
■   •   * ittawas  may          inu*
;    risk the Satti nal Hockey associa-
• gc l.y taking a chance   on
Iden death aflair.     In this case,
s*.   thc two last      .Iml
who   wai    i.i   the nan i Ime
and     Ontario    l'i..  li
.*,.;; bavi  l until tin*
;.        :. sl    Dei embel    Ill toi **        se-
ty to battle     lor
i  i  *   .
New   York,   Pel     2      The  adoption
and    tin*
; thi1  umpires were      the
Unite l lorn   at a meet
.   g nai   League ol      l'i"
: ■*-.   :: *.    Be
*     ■   ■
tomorrow i
•: •     appoiated      as
.   Vi;l
A      !•'.
tit ..1
■ *>y  a  club
after th
nlso ag
Bl -.
■ ■ '
ii pugilistic   ,•,,, |
II  nn ■ bottci • I1 ■  '    " ,;    '"'-1     N"v-   low i
then, can yo i bent  that lor   a   com
nnl i. ii ■
|.',,]l ***.. in - aro   ome ul tl *■     ch  Ice
■        ii oui an  Intoi i'h '•'■      with
Brown   mot hei   oi I io     II [liter.
In    ,..|     i.ai     niy  ho    hns dropped
j in in mj apron,     i give him   $2
a week     to   BPend.   We do not  ki **
,*,   in Hi * : ii nee V'ali ntinc i
.     a  lighter.   IL-  takes  me      o I
i   hi* ni am  soda     He  is a      goo I
■ *,y.   Wii. a  I am siik he sei ubs    th *
.    ,    .u.i   *,i.i  lie ,  il..*  illi he i,   Hn-  Ifft
nd i    ii..i   Irish.     'I'l1" only    Irish
about  him i    Irii h stew.  1   dn
n il    worry when  he Is II Imn ;.        I
i ,.,-   h* will w ii       I sil  up l"1  him,
n i ns i i a;- iln' fight is over   ho
me nnd  glvi * me the  money.
*.i* his first  light   he got  ■;-'.  but   ho
•i ■; brought  home ns nun li as     $s;*u
*i one ni [hi   unci
a majority ol 69 pins tho J.B.
■ni .lown to defoal to the C, P.
iwllng team pn Mon,lay nighl,,
ital scores standing Z>fffl to
The score In detail is   ns fol-
,:i.i IM,   IS  THE   VU'S.
Tho .-.lu mn  clubs  I'.i in  one  of  thc
nmst  picturesque   lighl    to hi    iei n in
i   \ |p   .a wintci. Vi iik thou
i'.o    I lilankcl   nil    tn   ■ h *i ' • I	
 ' -nail..*i    .oi I huge white mitts
they    go   through    tho snow covered
* .midlands  iirro...   the white     moiin
. ,n -l..| siialiy  in Single llle, per
i ,ps lifts    liiling ali ii *     nftci      thd
.1 *i   in ii in* Norwegian fashion,  In
I  *,i. it ,   ii  .ai Ictj ol thc old game
.*,  "follow  youi  leader," lor      what
■ does ili * others ai o expi cted      to
I ..   So il ho comes lo a li l| e     and
imps oil all are supposed to leap.
iim jumping wua the sins is nol bo
Directors cl 1
ilin Present Annual Report-
Large Percentage ol Cores
The annual raporl * : * I ol
directors oi Tran |uilh Ban tur.um,
pr.'s. n.i'.i at the annual meeting ol
the court of governors of the Brlti i
Columbia Anti-Tuberculosis Society,
li .|i! ai Victoria on Fob. U , contain
nl somo interest in stai 1st les i eial
Ivo to the light be n wo toil In thi i
;.r,o iin-i' against tin lierculo *
By a majority ol 69 inns tho J.B.      I'ho report Btnte   that  dm ng    tha
year  work  to   Uie  umo  nl   ol      -v I     .
was   done    to    tho     hitlklin js     and
rounds  al   Tranqiillle.   in   the  tin n
Ishing o.    i he new   I Iln ■      great
a -isistance was lent hj  tho     \ li toria
society   through  Mrs,   SI .... i   Robin -
i * ii.       Mi i.   Wilkin . n,       nnd       Ml   .
lirllttths;  hy  the  Vnu toiivi v    a *. lol j . '
through  Mrs,  Herhoi I   lb i    i n I   '
i in*, i  Procter; by  the  \ ictoi In  J un
ior Antl-Tuherculosis  Society,  Twcn
ty live bedrooms were lurnishi d al  u
coBt ol     $150     im Ii.   'in* ai j   i   om
wero in. a ihed  by societies anil Indl
viduals and nine moi c ha\ a bo n i ro
iniscd,   Tho  iollov in •  i .  a   list,      of
those who havo turnii h id     r loms;
I Vancouver   Auxilinry   Society,       lour
rooms; Now     Wi    m n tor     Society,
lour  looms;   Van.**,  vol   Senior  Society, throe rooms; Ivu   lonp    .- odd >.
i.j*i   658   i*'.1    SK08   two rooms;  Saanleh     Society,      on-
ri om;  Hi ticati Sin .. ly,    uttc      room;
Surrey  Society,  . n ■  room;      Coinox
Society, one room   Revel itoko s iei
ety, one room;  '■ uni ouvcr Local  t'n
n n Chi li i ian  End   ivor,  one      room;
Mrs. C,   R,   Tool. a    ,** , m   in.I $ ill
I'.-r yeai ; Mrs, 1*'. S. I ai nnrd, i n ■
room; Mrs. Will., |.. r, one room;
Mrs.Fll  li    11 I*,   i ,  on: ro tn   li
an I   Mrs.   II.   Hclnii'.-.. n,     i no  room;
Mr.  .1.   \   .Mara, i na i   **in.  Mr.      II.
loii   ono room   .    n,   ll.    :     * .1.
. n *   i .** i,.;    \,   ii       i     h      .,.*.*.,*
A.  Dalgloish and A. Calloway,     on ■
ro nn.
The cosl  paid fur fin n Lure  in    th i
n "*v  building to ilato Ai
I ast  JCOCO i *    . i. . i. i  I,,     com
-a  Pacific hi  liini li  Columbia   pletc the equipment.
Tho report says:  "During the yeai
Th *   In
. *
nl ;
..ii i
*,    .  ■     ii,*:
• *
ll   :     ll
i i
I, .
"1*   St'Il
: . .   , .    . .!
:    .
II   .*...
.*■■.  I    lll'l
....  II.
i   .,  .i   I   I '
In ili* Mnili i    . .ii.* 1    ,.   .  . i    I'n i i.
li   B   |i, yi -it. (In
N ti u is lu-ii-liy givui ill cieil
I     ■   md others h  i'n     I'hiimi   o*   in.*t
'.'.-Ml.  nf   10  ni'-1   ii   U   li .y ms, I lie ol
Ii.l        I,   li    tl., i'l   ■■■.**• it,    n Ilo Ilil 'I   III
IU vi     oke nn ol    li in   ihe   11 li   da)
.   l'i       llllll,     :>!.'     1   l|i llllll     >0
,   .1       Iii  m'l it ,.i*    S   i.i'. is  Ioi
• nil I.. :'*;...*    nil I   *    il    II :,.
Bill ill'     I*'    I       I '     i- I   I!
* i'i iim d, wn bin tin   il •■*,*-   fn iii   di  e
I'll I purl icnl  I     i li* i' rl.inn-, ilu ,
,    I .a. ni.d ih it alloi    i.. .' a •       il
•■lid   \lli*  li. -   I .ins     u i  I     |.*.*l*. Ill     III
I; i ii iii i* i he .-Mil i si .ii.* inn... i*-t
li i , i,i .; led thtii'to :i*. hi i In i y. Innl
inly ti   III .     line   nl    tt **irli   u.i id
Vtlniinisti  lore bIkiII   have   i in u   re
i ni. .1 ... ■. .*
listed .i.i. a,n lu"   1011
llAKVI v. Mol'AltTI il rt:  I IN It II AM,
S     1    ilotr   (iii      I'lll      I,       Hi     IB
III il   I,   III i I     lliu mm,    Ai'inllli--
i iiiii.i -i   i I    11*.*    i:*I.i.    i I    -iiiii
,i   '. .ki miii
C. P, It.
. .*         	
Daniels   „ .
.1.   II.  C,
S.  Snmsoii  . .
.. 138
'   11   '  *.     oil     	
1 12
1         .* n    *n   ...
. red
f ,1
Cmstruction Work on C. W. I
Section in B. C. Inau^ura'ed
Victoi in,  Feb.  I ?,   In tlu rsc ol
in nddrcss dellvci ctl ti duj *" ''' "" ''
inn with tin* formal ceremonies of
tnin n; the lirst soil oi the Vancouver Isiand bccI ion ol the Ci n i I
in North tii Pacilic limlw ,y, the
Premier, Hon. II. McBridc, stated
lhat all  sections   ol   tii *     i 'anadlan
. . I   Cilll    In
,..*...    * **     llUUI     ill
Llii nl
..... ll" I I
ht-en suve.l irom n i*
...       . ■ ■* ■ • i ■. * i        ...
. .   i i
,*. i.. n   i ■ i. ..*.*. * 1    ■   ■ .;.
 lias    ru .    ...., |.;-
,    i.l.        .. :.: . uud
1 L'SpyCl    to      '. ;..        I'lllll 111
ii nm nui *;.   , :.n
lien I   Ilia  I'liil,'Wll      **       ol a
mn    .ti.     i*i>-
*. tin*.I:
I      :n     level    !*;■:>*   1     . > .....
i   un            11   Is   *,i*, * i ; 11   i ,   i-i-
ln    ll.' .       Ml         .:**!.;i in!     llllH      	
llll    V
|   it   I ii.l   •    *
h I tu   now,      lu j   ll u
i*i i r  resl   .ai   \ i.n.  a in!   ...
i'ii\era   evei      N    kn   **.
■* *   ii   .. hnvo  li'li .1 n.     \.; b.   ii  i .*,  ]
a   I   m ni   i * .   ...     *       ■    ii     i     lunnv
u *.ni.!     ii.* unyi Iilng iu s Iietr hus-
I n ni**   i hluU.    1    will   give
iini* bUdress.
'• Mrs.  !. . -.. ivlntnn    Vita."
. -... iti.-   ivltl '*. I !   * a   re ] a      .
Nov***-*,   If   vou   km.w   of   sny   I'unlly
 * I . :..'    **     '*       them    .      ni
ii.       I *.   .*.   havi    my   friend   or  rela-
. ■ ! Is  torin I n u
liahlt,   help  him   to  release
hlmsi If : i* 'in  Its n      il c ' i
i'l i     **! :     I     IH     ll     II
A  l-'Kl :: Till VI, PACK \(
maria   Pi i...   Iptlon, with   h
full pnrticulai
etc.,   vvill  be  seni  absolu *       i. *.   nnd
post] *        i  plait    leal' ■    to
for tt ainl   mentioning
his  i>*: * ■       Corresp * *       -redly
conn lini..*,!       v, rite  to-day.  The  Sa-
*   ■
; ii ne  Si*. 11 r n ...    Ci n ida.
■     **
1st,  Rovt      ,   **,  B,  C,
EtiSJureaBssuanneiRj -■
— ild be under ci ul rncl w uh u t w-.-l-
vo or eighteen months at the latest,
ml that this province's portions ol
lho new transcontinental railway
would be completed and ready      for
*•   RK  ■'
ay ns it lo,,ks. anii the end is often   operation  before the expiry  ol  thre
. .innl ia the i now  hanks, for unless   i,*:,* .
Dd I
* * ■ ■
i       ro lo St
•     tt] :'.■■   the eastl
■ rn.
•   ag *.,
i.   DCS al t    I
* ii     :-it i.i Ion lor    '
•. * lub crept
• *.   vbes Jm k Olee oi
... wiUi  Tb>   Ra
•   *i,  t.       ■... I 'iriaa Jol
..ll.-O   ft ihM
*   •   !!..-.*.      II       H
* •  * .      i ,  wai  not     •"'
i  got atlons      wi "
i ..nn
''    i
, i,* |g verj ire oi his li ot ng tho
ng, narrow woo lei       '
;*   till 11   Willi. I I    wai n I. *       anil
j on go. With the sk ne can ro
.-it hard biiow at a vol y  ra
. t wh. ti he strikes a pati h ol the
iwly fallen snow it is s cat * ol
low to be      n      "i   any  miuul *   I ll
may   - nk  away   With   him,
But it Is healthful as well as     in*
: .* an i    i he     wont, n      have
' un.I that  they rfeed a I
.ti'.l i*vi n  in this i.n in of
ami  some evi n
* :    Sl
■ *     *
* tbe
■ i.n.   Th
ceremony  wn •   ;*
Tho ollicial
will twist   ...i  i,v  Lieutenant-Governor
tides tin- Premier
, r ■-. ill.    Hon.   Price  EH
raylor, Hon   «   H   Ro   , Hon,
\    |.',.  McPhlllips, .. some
three  hundred  ol   \an50uvcr   I
*   pi    , 1 ■*, citizens.       The
*    -
the city.
ninety one  cases were     1 reatt 1      In
Tranquille. Over *ll per cent, oi th
coses were iu ad u    ed      ta ;e.       It
;.. .1 thnt a ch in; e will be m
this year nnd thai  a sei aratc Ini 1  -
t ition will la* r laiiin u,.,i (or     such
01 the  incipient  cai -*;  tro
ll    * btained «ore emlni ni i        1
1 'i y,   in..1  ,* *  pei   .* in.   h
' H'1".       *     titn apparent!      cure.l
.;. -   .   *    ...   .
lo.S  per cent,  im    ***        Vmong the
*    :
wore    Im-
ii  •■ nt.  i.niit, roved nn I
-' '■ per cent.
EI:".   G<
Manufacturer' of   L
Ladies S
Ati I *.    oi ■ ,;*.     1 ham, "
Muslin,  and   T; hey
1  .    ■ ■ 1
' '
....   ' ■
I   .
,*•   ...i'ii! '
ni. 1  ■ hi   ■■ inti 1   sports     1 f
.  to th
mo '
in ad : • there will      lie
1   * * -   * * ■
ted      I a 1 '* an 1
Can i.ln.   'I I lho   be  1   -
. .11,1 :n i* con       over to n k I
all comei    at   llnnfl      In      Hcotlnn 1
i .,1  bo I cm i*n •      lone In    011M001
i,k.,   and these   *■* ittl b     - tone
I.i'    Viitti     -   - ■  i.   aa' ol Augiu-l
.loliiiHoii, di ccuai il.
Nolioe is hen by givi n thnt nil on il
1    1  o|     .. -    1,:i\ Ml"   1 liill,.*-  11!' IIII-.I
!■       .....  I    \ .pi,.!   JllllllS    11,    IH tl   o
I.l V ....     I     I    . .1. 1 .   .*-. il,   « In. (Ul II
.: 1;. vi nti k" . .    r ill iui   1 ho 8 li il. y
> 1  1 in 1 • .,  11)10,   an    11 i|*i'i. il   li
■ II    ll    1 . *   lilllli I.- 1 : 1 ll   S   1 '"in f-    Iui
l\ 1! inn   H  lioli r so  .    iiim 1 i-nat 1
■* 1' i   I*     11 ie ol 1 lid il-1*. ii-- '1.     1 ii I.l
ill .1 Ht- iimi   llali    lull    purl !i*:i!llS    III
.     ol.. 110-. 01. y   \i ritii ll,   aiil    I iml
It' r I liai ilin 11 r -.it.I Adiiiiuirtiiitoi
.1 1  I  prill'l nl    Ml    ili-t 1 iini,-    lla*    s iii!
...   11 umi.1-. i 1 ii .*-..   1 1.1 it i il   * heietu
:■ gard i * i* - Ind     Ij    ot I  claims
!   wIiii h   .-. id    Wlmii im I..lot   - li .11
luivc then ret'i ii nl not ce,
Iiiiui Januarj LOtli, 1911.
II tttVEY   MC " A l.r I- 1; &  i'lNKH iM,
.- .",' no.* (or V\ tl :.* ill It :. en*
POM, Ail'iiini-tiiit..i of ilir I ta'i
... the •  ul .'  nil. .111 (ilia
lie;,*, [U CF.EBIIUr.S
.    '■:     *   1  * 1   . ..1     I*,-!., 1*   . i   Johl
1     I      ,*■..*, i  .* 1 11
N     a*,   l- li   * ■   ■;. IT) llllll. all I 1. ii
ol -   11 1! ol li. f    ,i\ .   * mn *i,   !
1 1  I'.-'sii ■■•  I   h .   '.'  ,1   hus,   la e   ul
.    . *   ' C    I'      ,' .    ,1.     .   ll   ,    ,1   ,*,!
at f iosmous .- uh nt t  e  11 i. 1! 13
l    ,*\        ;      I-      .     I     i  ll' I I      l|     I",.,I        I.. --.I.l!
.   iir 11111I1 ■■ uiu ■-. .-  ...... -  nr   M.i
llll     ila.1   Join s nnil     ' I xi   it, a.-     i\ . j. 1 I
nl.. 1   1    mir x  n.il    'i.ln n i-'rit-
...    : 1:.. 1*... nti nl b iid ili ci asi d, with
,:*■■*    (,,mi  il..ri-  i.iii   particul ire
*   1   r   ii*..-*, duly  v, 1 ill il, ind 1 nnl
! . ■ 11,at iini* 1 'a    cniil   A lu inii tr»-
v   nd  Adn inini 1- '■*.   iml   1 root'i ,1
1 it iut ri  uli thi   : * ..1   estate  sinoiigbl
1 : a .   it     I ! 1 1 ■ 'o     n-i. nnl     liillij..
.1 only tn 1 In se cla in*- "I « hn h o.in
y.,|.i 1   i»i i   i, \    ai ii     Ail,1 11 ietratoi
I have 11 i'1'ii 1     li   .
11 ml *i ii 11 * :* .i'.;!! .111 (Hid
Ham i v. '.- .i'i 1, 11 A- lixKiMM.
.-,, n 1 ; *.,*! 1 i- Man li 1 .Lii ■ .I'm s
and 'i'h mas Kilpatrick, \dmiti
i-n* • * a nml Adiuii isi in'iii if
ll,    ,*   *    .     , ■ ...i ,1, tu a , 1.
'. , the Matter ol   h   B- at    ol  Jan c
A   M..*.' i*, di ■■ a*-! il.
Si t,ieu   • lie .iy nu  11   ha   all en '.
I      *     ,     *  I* *.\ II  -J  clll    '■ ■     1. lill-'
le ..  1 in - \  M...* c, I	
i.'.basi , i*   I   , dn i*■■-■ il,   wliu   di, il   in
L.'l* I     ol    01   nii   III   I he     I I' 11     day
1  .Nm, no 1,,   Uilu,  ai*   1. quin .1   i.
, 1 he u      ;..i *-** lienors   In
I*'.       l.,*..      ,    I.V 1*11    ,1.\   Ol    I IH-   li   Sl
■ lii   „i '   *..    ,- .'.    nil lt*ii   (l'i li  ys
n   iln't'   Iii'l   pinicnlni.1   11   thi ii
itj, d,   a. .1     hal    after
, *;.»ii  11 ,* fiiid Bi * cul 1 n i> ill   pro
.. i .|    I..    ili-tiilni.|.    1 hi     s ,|||     |.| 1   11*
.i-i 1 in.*-!. 1 ntilled lli'i'i in n .uaiil
iiiii. Innl    >    to   iln.if   claims   oi
.1 ni-.-ii Miid I-'.mi'.ui 1 i.t rliml   bavu iLtu
l'i i'  r.i d notice.
Dated January 10 h, 1011,
li .MlVI'.Y.   I'r.  A i.l I II ,*.-   PlNKIIAtl
.-* .. *, i.*.*   1 f    S.u.ih    !*'.     Magee
lv\i I'.ittix , ( tlio   Lum   Will   1 I
tl.*,*. tisi'd. .Ill (Md
ItcveUioke Laud  Uisiriot.
1 * -; 1 n-i 1*1 Wi il Komi nay.
Tase nolice lhal William  Kennedy,
■ i lit iilr-tok., li. 0., n cupaiion, Spec-
'   mptllh 1 .   nn uds !n apply ior per-
nu i.* 1 uichaei lbe following de-
o*l|... ll   llll ll**.
1   iiiti i'iii 1111 al '• \i .-I   p'anted   n'
I   1   -     ! Il-l I.-1    CUl 111 1    ol    I.i*   60U0,
h in ■• nm 11. *ln tsliaine,   tbence   wen
;.i   cl ai a.*-   to   |,n -1 m ptiun   No. '2l'i'.'..
■ if :n 1 1 nil, 111 11, ..in b, ibeucu east SC
n.nii.>, 1 in-i .. roil'li lift chains to   Lot
0 ilil In * . ■ w* - -to chains,theuce
sin ii 1 .'ich 11.s 1. 1...I No. II8U, tbence
, eel 20 .     .a   1.. pn,, o; commence-
II,llll    la       1    7   il,   101 1
I *    I'  W, Uniu, A^cnt.
ian 1 Dial rn 1.
D   tricl  ol  Wi   ;   imi**: ay.
..in .■ ihai. tin. Canadian Pa
Ra .-.   Oompanj   Intends      to
    ii*   lease     tho
ribed land
1 '...nm in ing at a posl planted   on
h.*   li.i 0 lino ul Upper Ai row   Lake;
ii 1 posi  i.a, ing South 11    d grees
*     : 224   ll  ll    i I   ili ■
oul li 1... 1 corner ..1 Block 49 ot the
.•  ol    Nakusp,    in
.1  ....  1..   1   \; 1 t'whead, and     dis
, lei; il.        -      bi ly     ah ng     sui.i
.   i.*   I n    a   .li  t. n ie   ol   3860  leet  to
poinl;   aid point beai in   Bouth il
,,   ll itanco ol Km    leet
..in  ih.   1 iinil block ol Bouth     leg
if Nakusp Wye; th. nee south Into th
;   Upper Airo...*  Lake n die-
.,   ti. n     1 , iterly and
■    11     Bl   ;.   Ill I      snid
..t,     th 11 ■
...uh a d   tanc * oi BOO leet to true
■   1  ,    conta ning
.     ith   I'm.
1 a   1 1.1,   i.:*n 1 acl <■ Railway Com
11.      i*. 1   K.  Vi. Batemaa,     Local
1  0 Agent, Van*
RovolBtoko  Land  district,
District ui IVest Kootenay,
Take notice that Mary Ann Hum,
.,, Ri voh toke, B. ( ,, occupation mar
. iod woman, Inti nds to apply tor
permission to purchase lIic lollowing
described  Ian.is.
1'..,,.1.a*.i* ,11,, at a post planted ttt
iln* north westj corner oi T.L. or lot
ilin, ami marked M.A.U south east
corner pust, thence west about 8U
chains to llie east line ol lot 7'.iCC>,
ihence north about 40 chains to tho
1 like foreshore, thenco uiuug said
shoro lino in a nurth easterly direo-
t.011 tiliout eighty chains, and thinco
t-o,it.h about su chains to point ol
11,11, ii Dec, r.nh, 11110.
I'n- V. Vi. Tuny, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
District oi  VU'al Kootenuy.
111..1. notico that Thoutus Hope, ot
1,1,,.1..ion., 11. u., occupation Vsrd
i*01 I'm,.11, intends to apply or pi.i-
1..........a 10 purchase the loiiuwiu^ no
* 1 ....<! Inu.is.
1 ommuncing ut a post iila.i'.id
about lim tt mile in a suutnerty dil-
* . n n irom iut i!),i*j and by iho
north* innl. corner of it. hi vans' j.io-
1..0 11,111, tnaratd T.ll. i.or'.h Wtbt
LOtuor post, thence south -ill anains,
1.1 nee east .:.. chains, thouwe *.,.'i*.li
m uhaitis, lliuncc west '^*J I'luuj tu
point ol commencement,
.luted Dec. ii'th, TJ1U.
Per li'. W. Terry, Agent.
Rovelstoko  Lund iiialrict.
uistrtct ui West Kootenay.
 0  uutlce  .hat Abtubum      Ake-
n... , 01 Nutneld, i.u„ian.i, occupation, pit foreman, intends to upply
...1 permission to purchase tha lodow
.iia .niaVfiUvd lauds.
Uommonctng ut a post pluutvil
ttaout halt a unio iu a northerly direction trom kn. iiim uorth wost coin-
■'1 l'ml ,.u , iii.il*l*a.d A.A. aulltil '.vi .-L
..■iiii- pusi, lutuui) oast aiioii to
* nn us to tuu lun.. ot lot iiiiii
i,..ui.iin*j Ut. uuu uorth aluat 40
.a,1.na tu thu north west corujr oi
ioc Suii, thenco eaBt about ... ihaiuj
to the south west uo,n.r oi lot 708"),
ili.u.u north to tlio l^iiUo biur*:,
theuce auout 80 chains westerly kl-
luwing along thu Lake shore huo iu d
ihence souta auout IU chuius to the
1 uiul ui coiiiiuouceuiunt.
Uutod Dec.  VJth ,11110.
Per F. w. Terry, Agent.
rtovolstoke   Lund   District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, J. 11. Selkirk,
ol Vancouver, occupation, icul cstuto
agent, inuud to upply lor permission to purchase iho following do-
1 cribed lauds.
Commenciug at a post planted 20
uliitins west oi tbu ti.l'i.C. ot L. 75S5
thence south 10 chains, tbvnco eust
HJ chains, thenco south lu thuius,
ibunco oast lu chains, tlunco north
.u chains, thenco oust 10 cha.ns,
thence nortbuO chains, th, nee vest
40 chaius, thence south -U chains,
thence west 2u chuius to point ot
commencement, contain.n^ 440 acres.
Dutt-d Due. 23, 831U
Dec31 I'or R.  Bmith,  Ai;o.it.
Revelstoke  Land  District.
District oi West Kootenuy.
Take notice that William Urown, oi
Revelstoko, ll. O., occupation, Ulork,
lutunds to apply for permission to
purchase thu following descriheu
Comineining lit a post planted at
the north west corner oi lot 61*10,
marked W. IJ. south west corner post
ihinuc cast iu chains, thuuue uorth
•ili chains, thuiito west 411 chains,
thence south 4u chuius to po.nt ol
Dated Due. 10th, 1910.
Per P. Wi. Tuny,  Agent.
RevelBtoke Land District.
District ui Wist Kootenay.
Take notice that lloorgo A. Stewart, oi Rev'elstoke, B.C., occupation
gentleman, intends to apply Ior permission to purchase the lollowing do-
,* 1 tin-il lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the south wist corner ul lot 7005,
marked Ci.A.S. uonh west post,
Uicnco cast 40 chains, theiuo tol.h
six chains to the north east corner
oi lot 8407, thence west 20 chains to
lliu north west coiner of lot 81U7,
thence south 34 chains, thence west
1 1 chains, thence north 40 chains to
I oint of commencement.
Dated Dec. ltth, 1910.
Pur V. W. Terry,  Agent.
Barristers, .solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial  Bank Building Revel-
stoke, B. O,
Money to Loan.
OIBci     Ri ■* il toko,   B.   O.,    and
Cranbrook, U. C.
Ceo,   '*. MeCarter,
■\. M.  Pinkham, J. A. Hnrvt'y,
Revelstoke, Crauhrook
/ WEDNESDAY, FEB, -J2ND, 191*1
February Bargains
In All Departments
Mail or Telephone your
orders. Have our Traveller
call. Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
This week we will giva you an opjortunity lo
buy those sprint; Shoes at a price, <bi the table
will he shown about fifty pairs of Children's Shoes
at a bargain. Box calf, vici kid, bluck, tun, lace und
button, all will be here. You cun't makeu mistake
any shoe on tlio table will cost you linlf as much
more any place else. Sizes l! lo I O.l. These shoes
sold regularly at $1.25 to $'_' per pair.
Price Until Saturday Night
Only 95c. Per Pair
We absolutely will   not   send   out
Bargain Shoes on Approval
About twenty Hoy.'-' Suit? will be sold nt less
than cost this week. They are all " Lion Brand."
All lirst class Tweeds and Worsteds that will insure
your boy futisfactory appearance and wear. Hon't
be afraid to ask for them. It costs you nothing to
examine them thoroughly.   Sizes '21 to ill).
Price Unhl Saturday Night Only
$2.95 each
Kindly do not ask us to send these suits out on
approval as we will be compelled to refuse
"ur new samples of Men's Suitings for Spring
have just come to hand. We invite your inspection,
These Suits and Overcoats me "20th Century Bench
Tailored." You know what that means in ijuality of
goods and workmanship. We wish to inform you
that this year our range of special measure scratches
comprises over 500 samples, and is made up of the
newest Tweeds and Worsteds. We guarantee to lit
you perfectly. Special measures can be procured in
two weeks from date of order.
Prices $23 to $36
Our New Dry Goods and
Ready-to-Wear Departments extend a hearty invitation to you
to come in and look us over.
We have been busy re-arranging our stock and passing in
"Ne\. Goods, and while we are not
in ship-shape yet, still we are able
to give you extra good service
and a better selection than has
ever been shown before.
Swiss Embroidery
I'.x I inordinary values in
:-iviss Embroideries oo sale ou
Friday, fee Mi-Keozie Avenue
window. (let here early and
g'-t tiie best selection. 1100
yards at a Friday Bargain
price of
10c. per yard
Maine Silks
A whole lot nf new patt< ms
anil colorings, 'J7 inch, goods,
pure Bilk and made lo wear.
II  nd-ome designs, at only
75c.  per yard
New Neckwear
New Keck Fixings fol lars
Jabots, Ties, Scarves. There
are some pretty creations
among them, and lhe price is
verj reasonable.
35c. to $1
School Umbrellas
Children's School I'mhrrdlas
line and strong, nice size for
tbe children, at
Lawns, Nainsooks
A job lot of Lawn and Nainsooks go on sale Thursday
morning. All new, fresh goods
antl you can have all yen want
of them at
15c. per yard
New Rions
A line lot of new, crisp, Taffetas. I inches wide, all colors,
nice for Bows, Sashes, etc., at
lOc. per yard
ies' Skirts
20 Ladies'Skirts —You will
have to look them over, there
is sure a bargain ir you need a
bargain at
Cambric Shirting
Knglish Cambric Shirting,
3(1 inches wide, pure finish,
line, even, plain weave, the
nicest shirting for fine wear at
35c. per yard
Why not buy the brand of Baking Powder that
you know will please you. No other article is of
more importance to you than baking powder. You
want it good, pure and cheap. That's the way you
get it when you huy Price's, (ioz., 12oz., 2Mb. and
51b. cans.     No loss, no spoilage, no trouble in Price's.
We have just received a large shipment of new
fruil. Tie celebrated Sunkist Oranges in four different sizes and prices. These are all navel oranges and
Lew stock. Also a full line of IIrape-fruit, Lemons
and Bananas. You will find our stock of winter
app es the largest and best assortment in tbe city.
On these chilly evenings you will feel better for a
li (.tie syrup on your pancakes or bread. We have tbe
best assortment for you to choose from.—Corn ^yrup,
a very tasty and clear syrup, in '..'Ih., 51b , and 101b.,
cans; Imperial Maple Syrup in quarts, J gallons and
gallon cans ; Lyle's Golden Syrup in "Jib. cans; Pride
of Canada, the PURE MAPLE Syrup in quart bottles-
Java Cane and Honey Drips.
In this department we are always able to quote
prices. We are in a position to Iill from the smallest
to the largest orders. Always a new stock of Swift's
Premium B.icon on hand. La.d in "lb., .Mb., lOlb.i
and 201b, pails. Minee Meat, Butter and EggB always in stock.
Two more cars of Feed just arrived. The best
quality on the market to-day. Timothy Hay No. 1,
Dairy Chops, Wheat, Shorts, Bran, Flatted Oats,
Cracked Corn and No. 1 White Oats.
Just the thing for the working man; needy
made coat shirts. They wear, they fit, they look
neat and attractive. Dark blue only, but it won't
$1.50 Each
Dry Goods Department
Second Floor
Take  the   Elevator
C. B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
Revelstoke and Arrowhead
Watch the Windows
for Special Lines
During February 'j.'±ii£i  _M:.A.iiJ-±-£_tiJ-tri^-XJr)J   :j ih v
jSI'OK i i:
WEDNESDAY, FEB. 22N1), mil
New Spring Goods
IL IIUI ■■——Wtt MMWW^.1*
Embroideries and Laces.
New  All-Over Nets.
Nainsook, India Linen, Mad-
apolin, Long Cloths.
Boots and Shoes
Indian    Head,    Fancy   White   Muslin,
I,men Suiting,  Rellicour Suiting, Check and
Zeph) rs.
English Gingham
A   nice  lim   .ii   12! Ce. per yard,    Warranted fast colors.
Fifteen Cases New Spring Styles.
Men's ram ous Striders.
Hoys' and Misses' Ironclad.
For Misses
Boots for Misses Patent Calf, Box
Calf anil Vici Kill.    Sizes 3 '*.., 4, 4 1-2, 5.
For Children
In small children's sizes we have a lull
range. Come in and look around our shoe
depart ment and inspect our line Stock ol
, *  ' : *-;ts'**)   "-■■ ■
itsiha •:
F. f^aaklcsok [icals With
Feb. .- -Race Mi *■* at Rink.
Fi -,* .1, B. C, Concert  111 the
Methodist church.
Feb. 24—Ladies'  Ami to  tbe B.   j
, I i..l-:.  shin  Waist Dance at Bel-
kirk Hall.
Allen 1'layi ra,   Ed .* Q  theatre,      un II
March Uth.
I.O.O.F.  At  Home, opera house,    on  .
March 10th.
March   17- St.  Patrick's  Day    entertainment under auspices oi ladles   —
, : R. C. church.
April IS—Ladies'  Auxiliary to thc U.
ol 11. T.   Dance 111 Opera House.
, 21—Musical entertainment     al
Peter's church.
We have just rece veel b shipment of White Clover Honev put up in
five lb. cans, which we will guarantee lo lie absolutely Pure Honey,
iimi ;i- t is is the seas.ni for honey we would advise you to tr> thia if
you wish to get llic genuine article.
Tin iiiiii- "WagstnlTe speaks for itsell in rej>aril to quality. We have
ii full assortment "I this Pure Jinn ui.hulini,' Strawberry, Raspberry,
Peach. Plum. Bluck Currant ami Apricot, j
Baker and G'occr.
izations in Address Mm
Builders' Exchange in WinnipEg
At   t.li;. Canadian Nat lonal  Asso :la
l ion ot Builders' l-'.   Imn ;es   held    in
w Innl peg laBt     wi ok nii    Interi     a
paper  was contributed by  P.      Mac
klssok  on  (mpresi ions aud   Romln ■
ci ni-.*.*; d! 1 he M.'i.-i.'i  Buildei.
As he grew tilili'i Mr. Macklssok
said, he began to Icel thnt they lm .1
been accustomed to ovor estimate
their ov 11 Importance. In the earlj
eighties he had nurds his way Irom
Glasgow in this country, It boing
thought by him tlu n that a visil t..
America wns necessary to equip him
pit o a 1 ompeti nl joi * nej man. Ai
ter further Intel ** I n pi rBunal rem
11 * uce . h * ..-.:*■ ! ih* opinion
1 hal 11ados nui. n m ivould soon bc
a thing of I.ln' pnsl. ll was no lonn
ir n :-.- u-.-ini I- ,.: .... i ney, Notwlth-
sl iinling the old Uieorj thai 1 force
in. remedy tiie unions were cocr
. Ing 1 heir \ lew •-. nnd adopting
throughout an antagonistic attitude
Den hi ■ Iui lb ir with the relat Ion ol
master builders with ai chil icts,     he
held thnl  the rclal 1 hip • as invar
lably bai monious, i.i  1 liei ■    wa
. type ol ari hitcct who was a ci'01 ; h
„   1 .'..*, n  n  gi nt.l.'in. n and  ,*i      poaci
*  Ono other poinl which Mr. Mai' I     :
a  i hn 1 imprcai ■■ I il -soil  upi n      hi-n
was '"I hat  In coi    1 re ion  of     tlie
snouijoua     ,-i|i 'pt?t| | ui| . q    11 u
!  amount ot ftgur 11: be has to do, the
..I 1 he times, ni* a Ml tie    ahead     ol
I  constant   keepln ■ ol h m   li   abrcasl
ih .in.  th ■  worn  and     respoi 1
lie undei took,   i  do not   th n'.      tb.
ordinary contractor i    sufficiently re
I muneratcd,      Wherein  does   the  rem
*'.ly-       Will    Hi- pros nl      li rational
I out-throat   system be ci ntln ied?     11
-0 whi .'"
at   the  link  al-
tei  the races.
Si 1 pro ;ram al tl    Bdison theatre
*. and Saturday.
Vancouver,      Is
•    • Ui .-. J. Caloj.
Thc nurses al  the hi spltal will re
ceived  on   Kriiliv-   next.  Feb.  -4th.
Mr.  Sell  McEachern "f  Edmonton,
,   rents In tbc city.
Thi  races at ti e 1 ink tonight  pro
the event ol the season.
The Y.M.C.A.  will h dd another o!
;: amps on    Friday
.  -• '
r* the IS late ol   the
;.. a   •    •■■    1     i| 1   E    lanci   In the
;irk Hall.
It   - that tl     assi ■ inu nt
-,  lor tbe yeai 191*1
*   -      day night.
Is one of the most import'
ant items in your business
will look after  this branch   of
the business for you.
Kootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Successes to Kmtaid & Anderson
Treaty Wii! Nat Stop Development 0? Railways ir. Canada
Sir William Macki
di nt ol the Cana lii
way, m a r.T. nl nl
on the reciprocity a
"When 1 first hi ai 1
iy agreement betwec
be i'n te 1 Stati • 1
1.iisi It. as 1 lid n
 1 goi ■  tl
my objectii ns have
aisle, the prosl-
n Sorthern rail
[•view in I...11 Ion
. reement, Bald :
ol the reciproc
n Canada and
was dead ag-
it   th nk 11 woul 1
Canada.       But
Iiy  Mr.  Fleli
I. .en    mi!  ;ate !
Mrs.   G.   M.   Allum   will   not   :... .
Miss  Smith,  ..*   (1
1      city  th I   Mi
'   . .   McCarthy, tor a lew d
A carl.'ml . ' s ts bi
•  Installed  in  the  Sew  1
mmcrce btilldin - by J. P
and lat
t   un  in a
-   aits coi
;.,.. ext nt.
"As I now understan 1 the    m it!*
.   ....;:    ... no  treaty   but   concm
* *. nl rie ,
■ in* 1 in* i> ■
lat    ■ Should  n.       it;
' ■   ' a I  a  Can
irllament   ••-■ th a about
*   1. , treaty
rn to make the     new
trary is n 1 Id     al-
1'.. In I .   * -i •    can
pictures that eases in do   Boi
r' I   at
Mr.  Mclnt; *        I address    the
mei*; I
I-    as not yel led    efinit • mk Bklpped by C
poned V M.C.A. ban-
f ih..   asso
cat   n -    new ling at      Cran
■ .
■    :i  and  City  ofBi
mt  in a   mate
R,   Mi
:■  1 lint night.   T * 	
ii'i -ii n      '   ■     n 1 c
wiiisuers Revel in soni] Hits oi
• ; uuer.   The n       1       r.      ■      n
Popular Conic Dpara
- * ■
lor a
\ deapatel
at  Harry   *
■   -.
hy th    . ■ ■    ■■ ■     eel tl
: * ■    met ting    '    1 h mmls
j    1. ■'.-
• - a
...      ling-1 •       ■:-
that   1
■ ■
> •      :.
'. :•
ma; 1 1   ■
Hill '•*•*      'I '   '
Bews' Drug Store
tALl.v   CARDS    (many    ItylOl
J'.urr PADS
Bows' Drug Store
•  1   ...
imembi retj     thai  tl
*     '
1, * .
tb. .....
'      •   .        .'
, brtggs and i*     1     kip       Pi 1
1 .im     O'l b.*„'**       Mitchell,   M
i   Donald and R..     kip)
>,   i'i..* .-')'.*,. rah ■   refined  ■• ■ '■
.,1    :*.*.' *     ...       '
.1 to fl full 1  ■  the BJdl 11 n ih
and thi li 1   *.
awaj  ahi   .   lhc a. Ilocrc. The .
■iiii.h I   ng  B
Inti       ■ I .'".ii     ' n
dance     novcll     0 an 1   •
playing iu lb.  m I l uiihiu ' roan
ch fai
ards to I be
nnd   I
vlll  n iw    be
*   the big
Gooil Old Game flow On Easy
eet for a Time at Lezat
—Concert a Success
"*v   1 ho succci  till  culmiiial i' 11      Ol
-!,.* ■   1 ;ket    1 Hub con ieit nn 1   donee
:i     * . i iso on Mi inday e' en
11 ; tlie club .'iu 1. bed  tlietr coffer 1 to
bi   ■ *. . ni  ol about   •'    an I     as     a
■ 111 *■** . 1. .      .   now  pi .i'i icully     m
:   *     ■.    L fi)   .. i im   ..i  lea1 I ■   Thi 1
is not lo ■■     '   ' b     11 tiro      pi o*
:    uf tho cntei talnmi nt   we.' 1 01.ly
. -, fi ir, n    a mai * ei    oi     loci       h -
■;:   ..     .: i  10 '*.*.      I     lltlib
it«l to lbe 1     i'h     * '* :' '., '.
'...;...hich,  bowc    * ,     .     * n
I   ,ii ;.. tl   .  . ,*, 11 lil 111 .* ;   in  con
.1 *.*! Ion  .... 11,  I li    .. iticoi     11       .:*. ... •-
, r  ...  II   l.o :'*'.:■   lhal   the dub      is
a1 irely   Indep ndenl   . [  furth 1     con
. ,     for thc * . 1 11 *..
■ nn ..  ai 1    11.    n *   bul   rather
Imi   iui   p..   1 bo ....I look  for     nny
.1     *:i    11    *(T    li*..! ed ' 1I1 111
h iko ol   ''' '     ' oinli :'   .'■  ar.    I'l*... n
iraph in il  ■     Ulii enl   1 |U p    1 he
■iri in  a  11  li    roynl 1 nd Bilch
.    th ic   i    'I'ves, 1    1 n I,.; way
rom 1 he old country; the plaj * * ai e
1 ling up n line con III Ion, an I the
public lm .* conl ribiiti il no little in
',1 iir way by thc Undid enci ru 0
11 'nl which ih *y lin ,'e meted out to
lu club the pnsl few. weeks, and to
-. inch they have contrih il ed hi n 1
omclji      i n .a. ially  in  .nl    ol      the
ime.   Tali n *   I hese  Llii 11   *    con
. dei atinn il 1 1 afo to Bay thai 1 e
■■ cketi ■    Lhi    * ■ a;.  backed us    thoy
I * in 1 1, 1 n '. j path I ically
:.y iln* public ill •. ' 1 to 'i hi
ii avely for lh * honor ot tl * * I toke,
n i 11 li nl ally bi ng home mi cb ol
h" sil*,*, 1 1 hnl may be bun 1 for com-
,;i ion.    Ainl i.  ■* 1  ham e 1 li j      do
II 1 ,*, in ml In ,. ivill 11 the apt
.,*.ii   .*■ , a ■ ,1, , li *   , ■      ni  the con-
: 1   di   ,1..  ni "Fall   like   .  Soldier
.     11 ... 1 *,..* ih   :.n 1  that  tlie lab nl
al  1.!.  concoi 1   **. *   all local and contrails, a very good      pro
*    -   n'..umi ■  much      that       was
ncrl tori om liven, 1 nd  .1.      to-
■ ; .ir with the dam > vhii li follow -.1
. nn .ri. 1 math ol ih . 11. rl, was
ivi li  «. rth  the     price ...  nd 1
Thc local contributoi    to this     program,  together  with  their     ab lit le
as ontcrta nei    are all well known t.i
1. no rl pie ol     Revel-
■ ■   and  no contrlbut Ion ii Dm   our
p "i is n cessai y on tl   "•     •>■..-,     and
ain  ...'  th ir  contributing
il anj mi -
.i.i. .ii * 11 our pari.     Bc     it
■*.i,l, li**. *    it     ich     .* 11 foi in id
hi ■ or her fund Ion . n t he     pi ogram
,1 the ent ire sat isfact ion  * I     those
.  Bent.
be del    hi       * , n     «b cb *  llowi '■
,1 , *    . abou I
ind the    tccllcni
1   , n i  v.. ll  drci se I  lloor      ci n-
te -ni  In  whn li  , alnments
.'; .*■:. I  '        will  be iii'ld   by
In '.-!'■.   1 b *     in 1 r     mi
,   * dub     con
I dam     11 the I       *   will   be
ynonymouB with the anticipation of
   line     time.        Some mention
.* ■   11   ■■ prise of 1 ho
(•llih  in atlona   both    inside
v. i  n itside the op ra  ho ise.     Both
ate   and handsome   as   they
*. re, the;   di I a.. : towai 1 - mak
ippi ar as      it
.    port man'       concert.
hoping the     cricketers     mny
■ill live long and be happy.
..I!   . .   •• ,1, -
ond Hand Ht. ini
I I*.  * .,     :     II* II
■  *   I
*       *
.'     I'll.Ill   11     ■
of the en
•        IM
I'll 1 ...
..     ' mils  today  al
1    Ibi    1st In   this
bai   1 . li -   cndll      ih**
.    . 'Winn    .i'h uj
* . n-.ti*.     Mi,1.1 .a • I Ionic,"  "1'ilt 1 HIT
'    1.I.11 "
■     .l.i/i..    Hay.''
1 i.     iim.   ,:., 1 i,"
1. Lottery,"
"i 1,'  Motoi
Soldier," now
The .
'   ; the   n a
I'l .        *      • and     which
ere,        Mr.
1     in 1
Ion     of
■   ...     ol       bin
let with
in a.
■i ., \.
.- R,
11 in a
V.M.I    I
1 1 1.   1 '
1 B.O,
,i  *     ...
,-.   THE
Great Shoe Sale
This is the Big "SHOE WEEK " nl our
Store, We carry two of the best linos that you
can get, "EMPRESS" and "Vassar," and wc
are going 10 clear out a lol nl* them nt a hi;-;- reduction. Ti i'.*.- ;ur iill new, some of them just to
hand, and this is your opportunity to lil yourself
out for spring.
$4.50 Shoe for $3.50. Our full line of
$4.60 shoes in Bals and Oxfords. There arc Patent Colt, line Box Calf and Dongola. All the best
looking and most comfortable ksts. Now all at
one price—$8.50.
$4.00 Shoes for $3.00. All kinds in ibis lot
tno. Vmi cannot find better value for your money
in any store for $4.00, but we arc selling" them at
$3.50 Shoes for $2.75. The range at this
price is not so large, but they arc all nice, serviceable shoes and you vvill find them grand valne
at $2.75,
See Our $2.50 Shoes. We have gathered
up all the broken sizes in our bluck. There arc
Bals. and Oxfords, in black, tan, chocolate and
ox-blood: Thev sold from &3.00 to $4.50. Vour
choice for $2.50.
See Ihe lines in our window. We guarantee every
pair we sell. These are all branded goods and
mosl of tlu'in with the price stamped on thc solo.
low ioot I lew Suit
lade to Order
Our Spring Samples CorSuitsand
Spring Overcoats just arrived.
We guarantee a perfect fit, stylo
and well tailored garments at
fair and honest prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Retorm Clothing
Fool-Rile Shoe
I Shoe Snap ef importance
li is not often that high quality shoes are
available ut low prices, but owing to the fad
that our Spring lines are due to arrive any
day, wc must dispose of most of our past
sea ion's stock.
They consist nf kid, patent, gun metal.
velour, vici kid with patent top,  which sold
*, $5.50 antl $6,
We are clearing the odd
lot for $3.75
McRao Mercantile Company, Limited
I lie Si', Ic Shop for Men and Boys Who Know
Bite. i       I'rovincinl  Laml   Rnvcyor,
: * 1    .' ii.iM.linn   Unntt Mining  Sin ' ' wr
i.l  * The  MdIbhiii Hunk,
-    Utc.-eUtoke, B.C
BOX   Ut,   N&VVUnORX,


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